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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 41 (November 7, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
November 7, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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I I [ I Vol. 1 No. 41 Air Forces Gunnery School, T,yndall PLA N E S LEAVE FIEL D IN EMERGENCY TEST A generation has slipped away since Fort Pierce Fiorida, bade good-bye to Frank B. Tyndall, whose marksmanship in the skie s over St. Uihiel won him a commission in 1918, and tor whom this Field was named. Now, twenty-tour years later, Fort Pierce is again sending h e r na t i ve sons into world conflictthis t ime to win a lasting peace. Fittingly, many of the sturdy Florida town's younge r sons come to Tyndal l Field to enlist in the service ot their coun try. Above are pictured three of the most recent t o volunteers (L to R.)" Billy Richar. dson 19; Pvt. Richard Black, of the Recruiting Office; J. w. Hucks, Jr., 18 ; and Joseph Turner, 18. 'l'YliDALL P'IBLD OPDS RADIO SCHOOL The Post Communication s Office was turned a school room last week as Lt. Russ o and his statt b egan to train twenty Tyndall men in the science ot radio operation and maintenance. These men are being put through a stiff sixweek c o urse, atter whic h they will r e liev e the short-handed staff now need-ed t o operate .. our larger planes. \ down the hatches and take ottS" This was the phrase that echoed up and down flying lineyes terday as Colonel Maxwell ordered all ships in flying commission to leave the Field tor points north. The order was t he result of reports that bad weather might be heading this way. The Colonel issued the order at ap proximately 3s30 P.JI. an d within seven ty minutes, all but three ot the planes commissione d tor flying wer e o n their way All pilots were previously r e quested t o be on the alert and when the call came, were ready for immediate take-orr. Details and assigu.-nts were smoothly handled by KajorsBades and Wilson and Lt. Richards. Meanwhile, the ground cre1rs were stripping the "line" o t all movable equipment,.and at SsOO P.K., Tyndall's flight line was ready tor action". I t was shortly atter 9 s00 P that C o lonel Maxwell relaxed his vigilance at Post O perations. The last unreport e d ship radioed its safe arrival, and t h e Field's first mass plane evacuation was completed ......


YOUR MOTHER'S PRAYING A Rriest once met an old Spanish mother who asked him to pray for her bullfighter son. And when the priest met the bullfighter himself, leaning against a tree, dressed in silver and black, smoking his cigarette, the priest wondered and asked him if he were not excited, were he not afraid about the morrow and the bull. "Why, no," said the bullfighter, "why should I be afraid?" "But the bull might gore you. That should scare you enough." 110h,no111 said the bullfighter. He stamped out his cigarette and grinned, "Amigo. Padre, my friend. That bull, he has no mother to pray for him, yes?" HORSE SENSE A horse can't pull while kicking. This fact I merely mention. And he can't kick while pulling, Which is my chief contention. Let's imitate the good old horse And lead a life that's fitting; Just pull an honest load, and then There'll be no time for "Most of our failures can be traced to the superstition that other people are not so smart as we are." "A. self-made man is usually a horrible example of unskilled labor." "I refuse to be an atheist. There's no future in it." -st. Thomas Moore SUNDAY 8:00A.M. --Mass ... Chaplain Finnerty 9:00 A. M. --Protestant Sunday School 10:00 A.M. --Morning Worship ... Chapla in Wester 11:15 A.M. --Mass ... Chaplain Finnerty SUNDAY EVENING 8:00P.M. --Evening Worshi p ... Chaplain Wester TUESDAY 7:00P.M ............. Fellowship Club 6:30 P.M ........... Instruction Class WEDNESDAY 6:30 P.M ........... October Devotions 7:30 P.M ............ Bible Study Hour IlllmSW: 6:30 P.M ........... Instruction Class ruUAY 6:30 P.M ............. Jewish Services


fair week, in more ways Our at the Bay tell ua that Thursday nite brought out many o"' T"'Dd 11' s officers an d their .. Major Howe l l a nd son ar to tRv "all the rides", .. i C lo.,'3: giving direction tn ide inea And as a barometez : po r y, our leadi ng barrister r t)' o:;. c u t.ographed foto from the s -Ch'tl. i. o.J ly Dolly" Down at the "lin ", al party was still the '"i?. con7er tion. With Major e and Lt. Chi lds the r a Post Oper ation s cou d orgRnize its own b and They wer e J scaring away the spooks l a s AY aite Perhaps we could :. i.t. Curry to pla y trum-pet w e hF.w.r ;, 'as n cknamed "Harry James a n"' "Ho Lips" in primary -he blew the bugle Lt. Marshall has taken ove r the leisure time of' S2's Miss Gammon. Looks like a mutua l exchange. Alab ama' s defeet last week sent many a staunc h rooter reeling. )(iss (Nurse) Skinner, of Ward at the hospital. was among most disappointed stal warts, but t ok her loss with a smile. long distance phone call from Hartford, Conn. sent a heart flying last week. The cardiac "solo" was taken by Miss (Nurse) Wilson -the dis Lt.???? The "line folks" wer e sorry to see Lts. Rocks, Morrison and Phillips leave for Ft. Hyers, who seemed so happy about the whole thing. captain Wiseman reports that last week's showing of "Desperate Journey" at the Poet Pictu r e House, broke all previous attendance records congratulations of the week go to former Cap tain Wilkins, Provost Marsh all, who now sports the gold leaf The "TARGMI' Staff' and Post Personnel extend their sympathy to P.R.O. Captain Ammon Mc Clellan, who will be confined to a hospital bed for a month or so du e to injuries sustained in a landing accident last week at Marianna All ptlots got checked out in a new type of plane last week -the little ones that swing around on long chains at the County Fair. ------------------------tory o r the week& a "vi d tor h l'e t'rids.y, and one the Field' negro chauffeurs drove up to Po;t. H e a dquarters in ;r.ad haste to catch a glimpse of the guest. When to d t the person he lreS seeking had j r;;t .&ft, the Corporal dashed out, and in "':" fxcit ement, hopped into and -c... :way n 'ill!. WJP S Staff Car, his park d in front of :t was a full half-hour before Sgt. Sissom could ocate the chauffeur and 1:1atte s to status quo One of the more welcome sights is that seeing Otho Cronk, of the Old wi t h Sergeant tripes on his sleevea. It aenbng it, butfew have deserved th m more sjsgt. Ralph Boyes 1 know bet t r n t ime. He placed all his "eggs in one basket". And the bottom dropped out when Sinkwich of' Georgia torpedoed Alabama The most important event of' the social season at Fall River, Mass., will take place ee weeks hence, when Tyndall's own Pf--. Ray Barrette, (Major Howell's "aee-: -the-hole") enters into the holy state of matrimony with Miss Uarion A. of' that city Photo's Cpl. Si Upchurch has left for furlough. Plans to spend all his time fixing up his scrap-book -judging from what we've seen, it will be an album to end all a1 bums The boys in the message center hope that sweaters are here to stay Nell Smith, of Captain McC:ol lough's office, took all of' her prizes in dishes during her tripsto the fair. Is this an omen? sgt. Joe E. Minton, of' the 8oth Service Group, writes us that they are now "vacationing" it up at Columbia S.c. He says that mess kits are the order of' the day and that Tyndall was never like this I At staff Sergeant McKaig's chicken party, we hear that "Ring Around the Rosie" was the featured tragedy of the week is the story of the retreshments for the dance last night at the "Rec" Hall which remained at the mess hall. However, the Special Service Officer has announced that the un-refreshed soldiers and their partners will be doubly refreshed if'they attend next week. /tdvz-


Published every Saturday by the Special Service Section, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Captain w. H. W iseman COMMANDING Col. w. A. Maxwell EDITOR Sgt. Arnold Milgaten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sgt. Sau l Samiof ASST'S TO S. S. OFFICER Corp. Sam D. Melson Corp. William B. Pratt Pvt. Neil v. Pooser COLUMNISTS The Yardbird and NEWS EDITOR Corp. James Freeman REPRODUCTION STAFF M/Sgt. Woodrow w. Busby Corp. Francis Churchill Sgt. John Webste r The Taler PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman ART WORE: Corp. Roger Keough Pfc. Price Terry S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Pvt. Marshall Goodman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF S/Sgt. William Castle Corp. Silas G. Upchurch Pvt. Everett Tackett TYNDALL TOPICS It seems to us that the folks of Panama City greatly underestimate the appreciation of beauty possessed by the men of Tyndall Field. To back up this statement we present the following incidents Miss Mildred Penton, a member of the senior class at the Bay County High School, was a candidate for the title of "Sanior Queen"and following a natural course for the procurement of votes, had a portrait photograph of herself placed in various Pa nama City eateries. One such photograph was placed on the counter of the Splendid Cafe on HarrisonAvenue. near Fifth Street. It would follow, in the natural course of events, that a photograph of such a comely subject would not remain stationary unless nailed down or. bolted. And, just such a thin g happened. The framed portrait of Miss Penton disappeared from the Splendid Cafe one day last week. Employees of the cafe are prone to believe that the "lifting" was done by a member of this Field-percentages lead us to the same conclusion. So, in all probability, a Tyndall man now has a picture of the "Senior Queen" for Miss Penton won the honor in the final voting. BUT, the photograph that is missing belongs t o her mother-it was an especially good portrait -and her mother has asked us to aid her in obtaining its return. As far as we know, there hasn't been any reward offered, and we don't think that there ought to behowever, if the photograph is turned in to this office,we might be able to arrange for an introduction to Miss Penton -what more could one ask? Of late, there has been much comment on the Field concerning the-improvement of the food at Mess Hall #1. Credit to1 the "New Deal" has gone mostly to Lt. c. Bro ome, who, no doubt, is greatly res ponsible. We are inclined to believe, howev er, tha t Lt. Broome, if given the opportulii ty to publicly say so, would give ample credit to his staff of mess sergeants, cook s and K. P s for their part in the "mess hall metamorphisis". Pvt. Ben Johnson was recently inducted into the service and was stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas. He had applied for a cam mission in the Signal Corps, and was "sweating it out". He was on K.P. duty when notified of its approval. Was there ever a neater example of the proverbial jump from the "frying pan into the fire"?


"BROWNIES" The entire squadron extends a belated welcome to Lt. Lyman ou r nsw Adjutant. Not mentioning any name3, bu t a certai n supply "sergeant" a certain squadron, nicknam ed thP mnies" had the whole bunch of u s edg$ until the 1st Sergeant finally d ug; cl.r::rl'm and gave him his furlough papers-----here's hoping he has a good time --h e sure did sweat it out t The happy look on b oth Koontz's and Pvt. Kiel iacs .::; ; result of both o f their a.rri vir:.t; in town. Whenever you see your sure to find Cpl Hammett and 8pl. Hartely not too far Larkin and Sgt. Cafmyer Sgt. WAlker a came right up and deliberately tripped h:un last Saturda,Y night??? S/Sgt. Has h has been appointed A & R represenati ve for the squadron. AJ:ly questions or requests y=u fellows may have regarding sports, equ ipment, o r the like, he will be only too glad to handle. Cpl J. J. Freeman "STATIC We regret the loss o L-':. L o y zim, our assistant Communications Officer, t o the Appalachicola Sub-Gnod luck T. .. ieutenent. Deepest sympe.t!::r to r,-:'Jr Truman Kirby, who is on an eme rgem.cy 5 day leave because of the serious ill:::J.ess of Mrs. Kirby Pfc. Daughtry is "sweat in<; out" (besides other thinga) a .furlough. S/Sgt. Cozza, who has been i n the Air I''orce 4 -tock his -,-.-end hop today. e all t'1 .... :.1 we !lea= about para chutes? Sgt. W1ley has been admitted to the Station Hospital to have his tonsils removed Hurry and get well, Sgt. Pfc. Cannizzaro plans to get a folding cot for all trips in the future to Jackson, r.!iss.:.ssipp.i. What private is learning how to "tune up" headsets? -Pfc. James M. MacLaren "BLUEBIRDS" This week the greeting is bestowed u pon m en c ame u p to JOl n us from the Recruit L' .,tachment. We wan t you t o feel at home. The best of luck to the men who left, for Air Corp s Technical Schools last Mon day. They are a swell bunch and we all know they are going to do a bang-up jot and come back as very learned It is with the greatest of that we say our squadron laads tho field in the highest maintenance record en the line Our donation to the Community Chest is also at the 100% mark. The party we had last .... day was swell and a good time was had by all. ( T'"( cooks did a good job O! ths chickcr.) Latest news from the '1roms.nce11 sector iB that local boy, Pvt. Armstrong, has just married his childhood sweetheart. Both are from Panama City. Our lst Sgt., V.D. Rahm, is expecting a blessed event in a few weeks. -Cpl. A.J, Cnead "MEDICWOES" You have heard of enlisted men ing things" out. For the past two wel'lka Captain Vernocy has been waiting for a certain WEl have heard the.t it is a boy. Congratulations, Captain! Sgt. Rawls' local draft board is wondering why he d oosn't send in his questionnaire. We wonderifNick will like the Army Nurse Miss Sk in.."ler is wonder if her team, Alabama. ;vi ll win a football game again Scenes in Barraclcs 6l9c Cpl Sciullo and Nabelek checking ove r the latest photos from Berwyn, Ill .L"c; Bailey was the happiest man et the h spital last week when Lt.. Holland repo t ed for duty. He's help1.ng with trative duties in the Ine Medics beer party must h ve been quit..: r success. It seems that a few fellows played a Jittle football after ward and someone must have made a goa 1 line stand in Sgt. Matonak's, Kulas' and Volks' room The "goo d will to pati.ent91 contest this pas t week was won by non0 other than P.fc. Calvin Q-reen The hospital staff welcomes the return of Capt. Jackson from Maxwell Field, and the add ition of Lts. Sprafka and Woodworth Treatment at physiotherapy has picked U? recently since so many of our fellows have been sitting in the section alotte;c'. them at the Post Theatre You ree.iJ.y ge t a goo d stiff neck by trying to loot:: around the corner t.h9 st ge to ser the screen. -Sgt, <'narbs s. Ls. 1bJ.y


"WHITE FLASHES" Our squadron had the honor of having a "WHITE FLASH" on display at the County Fair. T/Sgt. Stewart was detailed to take good care of the plane, which i s undoubtedly a rare privilege for any mechanic. One of our most eligible bachelors is being led from the fold this we aren't allowed t o tell his name, but his initials are "Prof" Dunaway. All the "Sunday Morning" quarterbacks are letting the parleys at the pool hall take all their money. -BY Monday morning they are really moaning and groaning. They absolutely still cannot see yet how Georgia beat Alabarna.-S/Sgt. M.E. Gibson "FINANCE FANFARE" The chief claim to distinction of Han nibal, Mo., is the fact that Pvt. Edmund O'Hearn was born there. Mark Twain hail ed from that city, too. When PFC. Frank Totten was returning from furlough, the bus he was riding on, broke down. Most of the passengers were mechanics, en route to'an airfield. They tinkered around, but no soap. Out stepped Financier Totten, took off his white gloves, lifted the hood, gave a deft flip nf the and the bus continued on its merry way. The Financiers won their first tour nament defeating the 932nd Guard Squadron 9 to 2. Pvt. Tom Small, who held at different times, every office in the Colorado State Organization of the National Association of Letter Carriers, is the new Finance mail orderly. Tom says he misses the old pack mtile he used to ridearound on, to deliver the mail in the Colorado hills. 11My watch .stopped, I didn't know lights were supposed to be out." -Cpl. Felix Leon "RUGGED 69TH" We take this opportunity to welcome to the squadron our new Adjutant, Lt. Haskins, and say so long to our old Adjutant, Lt. Eadie. G ood luck t o you both, on your new jobs And last, but not least, welcome to those 4 flying Ser geants, who have been members of the "69th11 for the past week That was Cpl. Foley who came back from a "hop" to Tam pa, a wee bit green under the gills (Sanething he ate no doubt) Well, the Eagle smiled Saturday again and a s one soldier remarked, "The taking pile was bigger than the giving one." Pvt. Nick Gospoderc has conceded the fact that he will henceforth be known as "Gaspipe". Pfc. Lark Morgan who has been humming the "Wedding March" is on a 3 day pass and the odds are even that he becomes a breadwinner. The squadron had a real shindig Wednesday eve and you would think this was the Wolf Squadron the way the chicken was devoured Pvt. Wilbur Chaulker is the only one we know who has had K.P. agree with him (5 lbs. gained) With Pfc. Mabel handing out cigars for honorable mention in the "TARGET", what can we expec t on his next promotion????? Who is that young lady Sgt. Pflotner refuses to talk about but blushes so nicely upon the mention of her????? ADD NOTES: Sergeant Robert Hearn just got back from furlough-says he could.n' t resist the call or the typewriter keys Speaking ot furloughs, the #1 Supply Sergeant ot the Field, Cpl. John Colleran, is casting a nostalgic eye in the direction ot "Joisey" City. -Pvt. Gould "ORDNOTES" Congratulations to Sgts Richardson Christina and Limbaugh for their Tech. 3rd Grade promotions, and to the others who "made" various promotions. The Ordnance collection of nearly all types of small arms and ammunition used in training at this post was an impressive array at the Bay County Fair. Sgt. Cin dric, T/5 Mahonchak and Pfc. Jesse had charge of the display. Sorry to have Lt. Hutchinson leave for unknown points. L t Drain joined us last week and will join the Appalachicola Detachment soon. SQUADRON JOTTINGS1 Say "PX" Jones, that's a nice rehearsal for a mustache T/5 Moore is bringing his wife back'with him, and will live with Pvt. and Mrs. Close Question1 When is sjsgt. Lamuraglia going to ask for separate rations? Answer: Next week Did T/5 Ratley leave late on his furlough because of a blonde who lives in Panama City? A most impressive sight is the spirit with which the compan y falls out at roll call!; Any mention made in last week's column about the Alabama football team is hereby rescinded.. -s/sgt. Kenneth L Witham


"CANARIES" We welcome S/Sgt. Owens and Corpo rals Pouraine and Tweedy_ who have just come back from furlough. The y look a little worse for wear and tear, so we know t ha t they must have had a g o od time. Cpl. Poursine has a certain glitte r in his eyes, and Cpl Tweedy came back s i nging, Else is Taking My P lace" w e wonde r why? Good luck to the boys who left us f o r a brief sojourn at the various technical schools. We were glad to h av e yo u with us, and we're looking forward to the time when you'll be with us again. We hear that the "inspector i sn't doing too mu0h driving these days s e ems there is a rubber shortage-that's tough on S/Sgt. we trust t hat Sgt. Dieterich is enjoying those chicken dinners we have been buying for him A lso, we woiitler why he shaved his "tooth brush" ott? The yells and cheers you have been hearing the past week have bee n due to the appearance of a gate near the water toweTchanging the distanc e from the equadron to the "line" from a h i ke" to a "stroll". Thanks to the Commanding Officer. Junior's doing a fine job during the absence of lst/Sgt. Twitohell, but i t's cutting down on nite life Sgt. Ander son seems to have enjoyed himself l Lst Saturday night Sgt. Bradbury has at last found "Our Nell", bu t we're not telling where we hop e Pi'c. Mcintyre makes up his mind ab o u t the "Little Lady" If the cry for m ore mail do esn't abate somewhat, Pfc. Lee will fin d h im self writing letters t o lonely s oldiers. -Sgt. D.T. Rountree ANSWERS TO 1? ? GENERALs You gain a daYJ C harlea G. Dawea, John N. Garne r (former) and Henr y c. Wallace (present); Longer than a mileJ china. ARMY1 A skeleton crew of men able to perform the duties of any unitJ "Yr." J Between 10 andl6 minutes, no longer than 15. GEOGRAPHY Jefferson City; A volcano in Mexico; Separates Tasmania from the S.E. tip of Australia; Tuloma River. SPORTS a Skiing; Johnny Van De )leer J Chess; Berlin, Germany, in 1936. YOUR VOCABULARY 1 Small tool J L ight food J Two wheeled cart; Raw recruit; Covering for the leg; Dance SIRGBAn' HARRY IIULLIB'S is the first member of Tyndall's Guard Squadr on to have his picture in the "TARGET" We can't figure out how come these original "69ers" have been keeping ou t of the range of our cameras, because they have a host of good men in their ranks, and Sergeant Mullins is one of them. Harry hails from Crossett, Arkansas, and has been in the service since January 24, He came to Tyndall on December 24, 1941, and his prese n t as signment bears the impressive title of "Sergeant of the Sentry Boxes". Miss Ellla Weller came down to P anama City from Ohio this summer, for a s hort visit. She didn't know she woul d meet Harry Mullins, but she did, on her second da y here-and she hasn't returned to Ohio yet, for she's been Mrs. Harry Mullins since October lOth.


G ENERAL1 (5 points each) GEOGRAPHYs (5 points each) 0 3 0 30 60 60 -: 9 0 90 99 1 In travelling from San F rancisco to Australia, do you g a i n a day or lose a day? 1. The Capital o f Missouri is Kansas C ity, S t Louis, or Jefferson 2. What is P opocatepetle and i n what coun try may i t b e found? 2 Name three Vice-Presidents of t he United States who are still living? 3. Where is t he Bass Strait located? 3. A nautical mil e is; longer than, short e r than; or the same as a statuate mile? 4. I s Murmansk o n the Volg a River, Ar ctic Ocean, or Tuloma River? 4. In what country i s a Yuan a mone tary unit of exc h ang e ? SPORTSs (5 points each) With what sport would you associ ate the "herringbone" step? ARMY ( 5 p oints each) 1 What is a cadre? 2. When a man is attending OCS, how i s he a ddressed by his superiors? 2. Name t he pitcher who pitched two no-hit-no-run games within five days? 3. With which of these sports do you a ssociate Samuel Reshevesky; Bowling Chess, Bridg e Tennis Basketball? 3 Haw l o ng should a tourniquet be kept on any part o f t he body? 4. When and where wer e the last 1 Gimlet is a 2. a. car a b beetle b. c small tool c. 4. Galoot is a 5. a bird a. b. overshoe b. c raw recruit c. THIS ONE'S ON THE HOUSE Olympi c Games played? YOUR VOCABULARY (4 po ints each) Gruel is a flower light f ood tree Gaiter i s a leather covering for the leg gem ACROS S 1. A minstrel s how was pre sented for its benefit-it's 3. 6. the Army man's f riend in time o f need 4. The gree n l i ght signal means --1 6 ----and kicking 8. The direction in which something a lways comes --" 9. What girls are usually hand e d 10. No time ( abbr.) 11. Metric s y stem measure o f liquid 12 Native Infantry (abbr.) 13. That whi c h usually bo unc e s back from a cliff 15. Governor ( a bb r ) a. b c. a b c. Gig is a desk d og two -wheel ed cart Gavot is a dance glass tie clasp ACROSS -cont. 17. Occasionally, a man will be ridden out o n a ----18. Civil Engiheer (abbr. ) 19. Snow veh icle 20. A pe r so n w i t h asinine qualities DOWN -r:-Am not (bad English) 2. For----and ----3 Those held back for an emer gency 4. Our purpos e is to train 'em 5. A t y p e of illusion 6 ALLTOLD 7. Long Island Institute (abbr. ) 14. T o hasten away 16. Where many of our best men hav e gone (abbr.)


The ole y ardbird is jest aboot cum ter the pint whur nothin dont happin much. Ecksusin small missillanyous itims sech as this hear kontrary weather rainin ever time I puts on a c l ean uniform, walkin a hour ever ni te fur sli te missdemenurs, havin classes, drilling in a awful mileetery fashun at every oppurtoonity, 3 miles a day fur kalistheniks, at dress twicet a week, havin ma recurds all messed up an takin shots ever wensdy mawin.(The pill roller looks powful syropathetik but he still jabs jest as hard), ketchin guard dooty the nite aftur sendin ma ovurcoat ter the cleaners, snowin a terribul purity gurl at the USO Club an havin hur spring a husban on me by surprise My phissicul direktor, buyin me a cupple uv gabberdine kaki uneeforms with flaps an straps an holes fur insignya an havin the order ter cmn ot ter start warin 0 D's, havin ter git a hair cut evur Fridy, regardless uv whethur er not i is planned on ennything speshul, on havin ter shine ma shoes befoe evur which is aboot 1 5 times a day, I aint got no thin much ter gripe aboot. Good Buddies, all the news I get from Tyndall is usually a week o l d I don't feel like writing at present because I just learned that one of my best friends has answered his last call. What foolish, weak words and thoughts I can think o f now could ne ver ex press my feelings at this time. No man will ever compose a fitting e pitap h for my dear friend, Will Barrios. ----------The Yardbird (No. 1) BUT No w.l BliY IIONDG WAR BONOS OFFICE -PERSONNEL BLDG. COME IN. YOU 50'(S THAT Al\t HEI\E WALK IN AND JOIN THE FUN. ( HM-ML OO K A T THAT LITTLE HAY SEED, 501\TA CUTE/) I I HAIN'T OOT TIME, MTTA DO SOME REAPIN' W11H A CUTE LIHLE S10MPIN1 PAI\TNH. -


A REPORtER'S NOTES ON AN A. & R. MEETING We read in Wednesday's Daily Bulletin that there would be a meeting of all A. & R. Representatives on Thursday night at 6,30 P.M. at the "Rae" Hall. We made a mental note at the time that we would take time off and attend the meeting We almost forgot about it, and got down ther e twenty minutes late we expected to find at least fifteen or twenty men present, and were rather disappointed upon d iscovering that only five organizations were represented We were disap pointed for several reasons. First of all, we're one of those guys whose work involves a l o t of "desk fatigue" and we're l o o king forward to "throwing" a few e lbows on the basketball court; also, we're one of t he few who know how much Lt. Lawson h a s put into his A. & R. pro g ram and how desperately anxious he is to make it successful; and lastly, but not leastly, we know that the fellows on t he Field who might have the free time to participate won't get a chance to because no one in their outfit had enough interest to see to it that an A. & R. n on-com was sent to the meeting. At the meeting we saw the B irds'" Pfc. Madden and Cpl. Clark; the Finance's Cpl. Leon; "Brownies" Cpl. Balk; Medic's Cpl. Tarr; the "Old Timers 1 Pvt. Lam bert; and, we were told, the ''White Flashes'" Cpl. Olsen had phoned to let them know he couldn't make it. Each of these men impressed us as being capable and eager to get things started in their squt..dronsbut nothing could be done because all the representatives weren't there to arrange for the best time that the teams could meet We left the meeting thinking that in each of the outfits not represented, someone was not "on the ball" and every man on the Field was the loser for it ARCHERY The A. & R. Office announces that fifteen sets of bows (45 lbs.) and arrows are available for use to the men on the Field. Instruction will be provided upon request. Call at the "Reo" Hall. GOLF Mr. Bob Ford, Golf Pro at the Panama Country Club, announces that a one day golf tourney will be held on Sun., Nov ember 8th. Match play, flights of eight. Drawing at 10:30 A.M., entrance fee of $2.00, dinner included. 1. 93 2ND GUARD INTER-SQUADRON SCHEDULE FOR ALL COMPETITIONS 2. FINANCE DET 3 .. 856TH SIGNAL 4. 350TH F.G .T.S. 5. 348TH F .G.T.S. 6. 44 8TH F.G T.S 1. 446TH F.G.T.S. 8. 344TH F.G.T.S. WINNER 9. 349TH F.G.T.S. 10. 447TH F.G.T.S. -11. MEDICAL DET. 12. 851ST ORDNANCE 13. 907TH Q. M. I 14. 69TH BASE HDQ. 15. 343RD F.G.T.S. 16. A.A.F. BAND I I


. When a fellow breaks a date with a girl he usually has to. When a girl a date, she usually has two. Sgt. Boutwell sayss-Some of the girls are wearing shoes with small bell attached. The short skirt must be losing its power A daughter was Mary Anna Pounds That's why she liked to play around. St. Peters "How did you get here?" Highlander, sir, I was told to toss grenades, so I took one out and pulled the pin, but I couldn't get myself to throw away $24.49 worth of gur 'ment property." It isn't necessary for a girl to put on a skimpy bathing suit to plunge in to the Sea of Matrimony, but it will enabl her to pu t more men on her w ad ing list. Yardbirds "She was arrested b e cause her balloon dance was too daring." Sgt.s "You mean she went beyond h erself?" Y .B.' "No, just beyond her balloon1" FUNCTION SAYS, 11 IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEAD OR YOUR BEHIND STAY IN BACK OF THE FIRING LINE.11 PAY-DAY-OA THE (i .. STRIP-TEASE

ARMY SPECIALIST CORPS ABOLISHED -NEW ALASL\N HIGHWAY TO OPEN NOVEMBER 15TH The Army Specialist Corps, which had inducted approximately 1,300 men was abolished the War Department announced, and all future commission s directly from civili an lite will be given in the Specialist Reserve until the men commissioned have completed a course ot military training. The change was made, the War Department said$ because it was found inadvisable in the interest of efficiency, uniformity of operations, discipline and the avoidance of duplication of effort to have two services. War Secretary Stimson reported the Alcan Highway is now open to trucks carrying munitions and materials to troops in Alaska f or its entire length of 1,671 miles. Formal opening will probably take place November 15, he said. POST SATL"RDAY, November 7 "The Falcon's Brother" George Sanders Tom Conway S U!IDAY, MONDAY, November 8-9 "My Sister Eileen" Rosalind Russell Brian Aherne FOR YARDBIRDS OBLY Selecting draftees tor the branch of 3ervice tor which they are best fitted was most difficult in the case of the hillbilly who was so dumb he could only count to ten. did you place him?" "We sent him around to different camps to referee boxing bouts." "Your eyes look bad. I see signs of liver trouble o r anemia, and I fear chronic nervous affliction. "Look a t my other eye, Doc. This on e is glass. CAPTAINs ''Why didn't you salute me yesterday?" PRIVATEs "I didn't see you, sir." CAPTAINs "Good I was afraid you were mad at m e ." THEATER (Courtesy of "ROBIN'S CALL") TUESDAY, November 10 "Girl Trouble" Don Ameche Joan Bennett WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, November "Flying Tigers" John Wayne John Carroll FRIDAY, November 13 "You Can't Escape Forever" George Brent Brenda Marshall RITZ S UNDAY, HONDAY, November 8-9 "A Yank at Eton" Mickey Rooney Edmund Gwenn TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, November 10-11 "Big Street" Henry Fonda Lucille Ball THl"RSDAY, FRIDAY, November 12-13 'Her e We Go Again" Edgar Bergen Charlie McCarthy SATURDAY, November 14 "Pirates of the Prairie" Tim Holt LATE SI!O\V SATURDAY NIGHT "Spirit of Stanford" Frankie A lbert PANAMA SUNDAY, MOND$\Y, November 8 9 "Pardon My Sarong" Abbott and Costello TUESDAY, November 10 "Su icide Squadron" Ant o n Walbrook Sally Gray l'IE!lllESDAY, November ll "Dr. Broa d way" MacDon a l d Carey Jean Phillips THURSDAY, November 1 2 "The Feminine T ouch" Rosalind Russell Melvyn Douglas FRIDAY, SATURDAY, November 13-14 "Phantom Plainsman" Three Mesquiteers t


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