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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 42 (November 14, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
November 14, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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. 1 : Vol. 1 No. 42 Army Air Forces Gunnery Schoo l T yndall Field. Fla., Nov. 14, 1942 WAR SEC1Y. STIMSON PRAISES S.E.A.A.F.T.C. Student Detachment Commander, MAJOR HENRY H. HUNTER. whose promotion was announced early this week. V/SGT. ANDREW POSTLEWAITE Tyndall 1 s Chief Armorer. has just been appointed a 1st LIEUTENANT in the A.u.s. SEIDS THANICS TO MA.JOR GElf'L. YOUNT FOR COURTESIES EXTENDED HIM ON RECENT TOUR Major General Ralph Royce, Commanding G eneral of the SEAAFTC, has forwarded to all Posts 'under his command a copy of the letter received by him from Maj. Gen'l. Barton K. Y oun t e .G. of the AAF Flying Training Command. The letter follows : dear General R oyc es The following i s a n extract from a letter recently received from the Honorable Henry L Stimson. Secretary of Wars "You greatly help ed me in obtaining an understanding of the magnificent work which is being d one by you and your Command in the t raining of the Air Corps and the progress and development. which is being so rapidly made. I hope you will extend to the members of your Command my appreciation for the many courtesies extended to me on the occasion of this tour, as well as my congratulations to all ranks." It gives me great pleasure to quote this letter to you, and to thank you for the very important part you and your Command played in entertaining the Secretary of War and i n demonstrating to him the efficienc y of the Flying Training Command. BARTON K. YOUNT Maj. Genl., u.s.A. Commanding General Royce, i n his letter to Col. w. A Maxwell stated s The outstand ing manner in which yo u and the members of your Command aid e d a matter of great pride and gra tification to me."


"A man saida 'I h av e been waiting ten years to get even with So-and-so, and no w I ha ve my chance.' Another remarked: 'That fellow double-crossed me once, an d I will make him reg ret it if it takes me the rest of my life.' "Each or them was really sayinga 'I am a little man.' For if biography and history teach us anything it is that big men have almost always refused to poison their spirits with vindictiveness and hate. "Napoleon was by no meaus an ideal character, but he had superb indifference to personal animosity. When someone his judgement in appointing one of his critics to an important office, Napoleon expressed surprise. 'What do I care what he thinks of me,' he demanded, 'as long as he can do the work?' "Abraham Lincoln amazed the nation by putting into his cabinet his foremost political adversaries. As Secretary of War he chose Stanton, who had sneeringly characterized him as a clown and a gorilla. He made Seward Secretary of State, knowing well that Seward regarded himself as much the abler man. Chase, his Secretary of t he Treasury, used his cabinet influence to promote his own chances for the Presidential nomination. It meant nothing to Lincoln so long as Chase kept the c onfide nce of the country and did his work well When llcClelland snubbed him brutally, and Lincoln was urged to replace him, he replieds 'I will hold McClelland's horse if only he will give us victories.' "In the Bible is this sentence& 'Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.' A certain prop ortion of men feel that they must help the Lord in his task of repayment that otherwise He will get behind in His work. So they nurse p ersonal injuries; t he y harbor resentment, and accept every opportunity to denounce and criticize. "These are never big men. Big men are too busy." !lliDAX 8:00 A. M. --Mass ... Chaplain Finnerty 9: 00 A. M. --Protestant Sunday School 1 0: 00 A.M. --Morn ing Worship .... C haplain Weste r 11: 15 A.M. --Mas s ... Chaplain Finnerty SUNI!AY EYEN!NG 8:00P.M. --E v e n ing Worship ... Chaplain Wester Chaplain E G. !!!ESUAY 7:0o P.M ............ Fellowship Club 6:30 P.M ........... Instruction Class WEDNESUAY 6:00 P.M ........... Evening Devotions 7:30 P.M .... ...... .. Bible Study Hour THllRSQAI 6:30 P.M .......... Instruction Class EE!QAX 6:30 P.M ............. Jewish Services


Lt. Col. James R. Luper, previously ported in the "TARGET" to be leaving the Miami Beach Training Command, has received a change of orders and will remain at Lts. Rooks, Morrison and Phillips who were "so happily" leaving for Ft. Myers, were in reality "so happily" leaving for Ft. Worth Lt. Frank T. Gaston, one of our more popular Medical Officers, has just returned from a course at the Medical Officer's Gas Sch ool Lt. Sherrard may not bet on the ponies, but he's certainly "playing the field here" And does anybody know the name of the Lt. who dedicates a number to Tyndallette Ruth Brock daily over WDLP? Lt. Col. Hyndman took a several day leave of absence last week, but came in every afternoon "to check on the Boys111 Mrs. Steele, Lt. Col. Jenkins' girl Friday, has begged us to announce that she will no longer be held responsible for irresponsible rumors rumored originating from her. We know exactly how she feels Lt. Berg is in mourning. Special orders from Washlngton have separated him from his classic crate, affectionately known to all the men on the line as the "SWamp Angel". we will always remember how his face 11 t up when he was finally given permission to fly the 0-47 in the recent em ergency evacuation Capt. Ammon McClel lan has been transferred to the General Hospital at Maxwell Field This column misses the "inside" information which he frequently furnished us. Lt. Bigbee has come down from Maxwell Field to pinch-hit for the Captain Lt. Zemo is up from Miami to relieve Captain Wiseman as Spec ial Services Officer. Captain Wiseman 1s finally getting his post with the Dept. of Training Major Carnahan satiated the curious at Post Hqrs. by explaining that his new contraption was a gas alaro gong This is probably the first time the veteran trooper ever got the "gong" TyndalletteQUinnell Herndon is expected to recover her "savoir faire" before next mid-week. She said she didn't do it for a lark And we hear that the B-17 is a hand y thing to have around Even tho Thanksgiving will soon be here, we still can't talk turkey, and BOYS and GIRLS, there's SO much MORE we could sayl Cosmopo Weiss of Ordnance, who has just left' on furlough. It is questionable whether he will visit his "true love" ln Chicago; his home in Indiana, an old girl friend in Dothan, Alabama; a "cousin" in Dayton Ohio; a nurse in Miami, Fla., or whether he will consider a business tour of the SEAAFTC and adjoining states. To be on the safe side, the Orderly Room has obtained a World Atlas for reference in case it is necessary to contact Sgt. Weiss in his absence. "Thumb" fun, eh kidl Ken Witham also gets credit for reportin_g the best "crack" of the week, to wit, T/5 Davis to Ordnance Dispatchers "Have you got a special body?" Dispatchers "I'll pull off and you can see", he replied, as he started to unbutton his coveralls. HEARTS AND FLOWERS SF..CTION c lst/Sgt. _,J. T. Lee of the 111lustangs11 is affianced t

TYNDALL e TARGET Published every Saturday by the Special Service Section, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Captain 19'. H. Wiseman COMMANDING Col. w. A Maxwell EDITOR Sgt. Arnold Milgaten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sgt. Saul Samiof ASST'S TO S. S. OFFICER Corp. Sam D. Melson Corp. William B. Pratt Pvt. Neil M. Poose r COLUMNISTS The Yardbird and NEWS EDITOR Corp. James Freeman REPRODUCTION STAFF JI/Sgt. Woodrow w. Busby Corp Francis Churchill Sgt. John Webster The Taler PHOTOGRAPHIC O FFICER Lt. Joseph A. D ickerman Corp. Roger Keough Pfc. Price Terry ART WORK S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Pvt. Marshall Goodman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF S/Sgt. William Castle e Corp. Silas G. Upchurch Pvt. Everett Tackett YNDALL TOPICS The War Department has announced that Thanksgiving Day, November 26, will be jus t another 11G.I.11 day. However, the Post Mess has decided that the men at T yndall shall be able to "taste the difference". A seven-course meal, comple te from sou p to nuts,. will be served at no on on that day-with two or three types of dessert at the finale. Post Mess is also preparing a souvenir m enu to.be distributed at the meal The m enu will carr;r a "Thanksgiving" them e and will include photographs of the mess halls and Post Mess personnel. The souvenir is being put out through the cooperation of tho Drafting Reproduction Departments, and present plans, call for it to be printed in several different colors. ''Home was never like this" and we have an idea that the folks at home would enjoy receiving a copy of that menu via the mails. The daily 11NEW'S BULLETINS" which suddenl y made their appearance on Thursday noon are one of the best innovations to hit this Field in a long time. Lt. Walter Hickey, who had seen similar bulleti n s issued at Maxwell Field, suggested to a member of the Public Relations s t aff that we pu t one out here. The idea was submitted to Colonel W.A. Max well and he immediately appro v e d it. Arrangements were then speedily m ad e with the Panama City "News-Herald for the telephoning of the latest news to the Field, an d now the Public Relations Office is twice daily distributing news bulletins t o aid Tyndall's personnel to keep up with the fast moving ev ents of today's battle fronts. Perhaps the girls at the PX lunchcounter aren't experienced "countermen", and perhaps they do play favorites, and maybe they do refuse to wait o n y ou if you don't happen to be standing at their "section" of the counter, but boys, they can singl We suspect that the recently installed "juke box" has been responsible for the transition from parrots to silver-throated canaries. If you happen to catch an 8:30 P.M. bus f rom the Field, you can relax and listen to the nation's top song s as only a PX quintet can render them. Their repertoire includes such mel od ies as "Remember Pearl Harbor","Mexicali Rose" and "Somebody Else ". Our only complaint is that they put too much enthusiasm into "From the Halls of Montezuma" 1 Someone should teach them the word s to the Air Corps song.


"SIGNALlERS" It i s reported that "Nate" Chernoff donned his spectacles for one of the "Girlie" shows at the Fair. It must have been a darned good show, for this was the first time that Chernoff has been seen wearing glasses. Just where is the location of this phenomena l display of feminine epidermis, and please, may I bor row your glasses? Mr. Chernoff? Pfc. Yell took a three-day pass and "took unto himself" a wife. Congratula tions! It looks like Montgomery is the place to head when one gets a pass. Panasuk and Potts are back with us af ter three months of schooling in Chicago. Panasuk learned a brand new polka plus several things pertaining to the maintenance of the Automatic Telephone Sys tem. Potts is a but reluctant to talk about the extra-curricular activity at Chicago, but he too has a head filled with theory as to just how that System should operate. Brozanski, who is up at Camp Crowder, Mo., writes that he has found a nearby town not frequented by soldiers, and loaded with women. I knew he'd find something like that. Hey, S/Sgt. Blazak of Finance, did I hear you say you wanted to "pay off" at Camp Crowder? -Sgt. Wm. 11. Hines "QUEEMCOS" C: ongratulations to Sgt. Mitchell, who finally let Rosemary talk him into "death do us part". The cigars were good too. A certain Sergeant in the Q.M. Office won' t admit that he goes to "Port" on week-ends, but we know better. Don't blam e him,either. A welcome is extended to Sgt. Porter, who is now back with the boys. Soon there'll be another little Porter, and the expectant papa is quite proud. Best of luck to the boys who have gone to Apalachicola. -Pre. Albert Rubin "BROWNIES" luckiest fellow in the squadron is S/Sgt. "Booger" Powell. He averaged oD.e statue pe r night on his trips to the Fair. How did you do it, Now that S/Sgt. Mcintosh has his car, he has picked up speed -his constant "date" is a secret-so he thinksl Con gratulations are in order for Sgt. Larkin and Pfc. Gorman, who were recently appointed aviation cadets. -Cpl. Hakeem "THE GUARDIANS" Heartiest and most sincere congratulations to our Commanding Officer, the former Captain John M. Wilkins, who last week was promoted to the r ank of Major MAJOR JOHN M. WILKINS, Post Provost Marshall and Commanding Officer of "The Guardians". The Major is anative of Alabama and was assigned to Tyndall Field in December, 1941 I Sgt. Charles Bernard, Champion Cavity Beater, claims to be the roughest, toughest Sergeant of them all in fact, he eats "Krunchies" for breakfast. Additional congratulations are in order for the recipients of the latest deluge of ratings Wish a drop would fall on this poor scribe And now Sgt. M. Chil ders has taken that step t o the altar. Best of luck to you on your matrimonial venture, Sergeant1 NOTES FROM THE GUARDS' SCRAPBOOKs The guard squadron is co mposed of a conglomeration of boys from different walks of life. We now have in our midst boys who have been traffic cops, policemen, truck drivers, fingerprint men, photographers, reporters, cooks and waiters. The guard squadron was originally com posed of many old timers who are no longer with us, and was called the 69th Air Base Squadron. Robert Endsley, now a 1st Lieutenant, was the outfit's first sergeant. Later, the name was changed to the 66th Materiel,and then back again


to the 69th with Marshall Hoskins, now at OCS, as first sergeant, and now, under its. present nrume, it is being capably guided by lst/Sgt. P. M. O'Niel, with Sergeant Morris as clerk. Incidentally, Sergeant Morris has been the squadron's clerk since January, 1942. As the Guard Squadron, we are responsible for the security of the Field. We have been called upon to fight brush fires, guard planes, patrol the beach, and even pull K.P. all without a whimper, always willing to do our share. The (ouch) M.P.'s also belong to this squadron. They are really good fellows at heart, even though at times they appear to be rough or brusque. The M.P.'s usually get the full cooperation from the boys in town, and realize and appreciate that fact. They want the boys to have a good time, and only step in when that "good time" gets too boisterous. And there you have the Guard Squad ron. -Cpl. Sam Marotta "MUSTANGS" congratulations to the seventeen newly created Staff Sergeants Sgt. Paquin, back from the record-breaking recruiting tour, states that sales of War Bonds in which they participated, also reached record proportions. Taxi privileges to the barracks are definitely, a break for out outfit, as we are strictly a zebra far.m. And no cracks about horsefaces, please we are proud of our Pvt. Goodman, who consistently turns out those belly-laugh cartoons for this paper. Lt. Shields, our c.o., was quite pl..; eased at being able to present all those hundreds and hundreds of dollars to the united charities fund Ah, what blissfullness is S/Sgt. Culver's since he has taken the matrimonial road to joyl And Pfc. Mulcahy is back from furlough with tall tales of conquest some of our boys have become intensely religious. They're praying that the Glen will be put back within bounds. Our Non-Com meeting was a huge success 'with definite big doings slated for the near future The comparative ease with which three-day passes are being secured has brought great joy to the outfit, and the boys wish to thank those responsible for this windfall Pfc. Craven is ham-/. -f![ptlt .. mering himself into squadron popularity with his excellent carpentry And mail clerk Baker reports that squadron War Bond sales are zooming. Our Day Room, a thing of beauty and a joy forever, is to be wired for sound via a new juke box. Swing it, boysl -Sgt. Sam Schun "ORDNOTES" SQUADRON JOTTINGS, There' a Pfc. Joe Gentilquore who finds himself most unpopular with the "Lady Drivers" at the wash-rack And Pfc. Snow has received a batch of telegrams congratulating him on his recent promotion to "PFC." (Some one pulling your leg, Snow?) T/4 Grant and T/5 Spain have decided on separate rations Also, T/5 Latini is back from a long stay in the hospital, and M/Sgt. Burnett is back from school at Lansing, which clears the slate. -sjsgt. Ken Witham (Ed's. Notes For further ''ORDNOTES", see the "TALER'S" page). A "FINANCE FANFARE" strange new malady has reared its ugly head, "telephonitis11 Cpl. Joe Cap piello called his girl friend via long distance telephone recently. When he finished speaking, the operator out in and said, "That will be $34.00 additional please!" When Joe "came to", he was heard to mutter weakly, "Who says talk is cheap?" M/Sgt. Dick Underwood is off to Duke University to learn the gentle art of wearin& gold bars .Cpl. Frank Totten has been recommended for the Finance School at Wake Forest College. N.c. \Vhenever we see Pvt. Orion Roberts we are reminded of the "night-school" kid who used to cheat in an astronomy exam by looking out of the window. Orion, (everyone calls him "Si"), worked on the "Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph" in civilian life. "And who," asked Finance's own yardbird, "are the other six wonders of the world?" -Cpl. Felix Leon II BLUEBIRDS II Congratulations are in line for First Sergeant V.D. Rahm.whose wife gave birth to a 7 pound, 2 baby girl on Nov ember 6, 1942, at 12,00 A.M. Mother and


baby are doing fine, but the father is advised to sew the buttons on his shirt a little stauncher to provide for expan sion. If you want an "El Ropo" cigar, the line forms to the right. Our S/Sgt. H.)(. 01 son is suffering from a shook which he acquired when his home state, Wisconsin, was beaten to the tune of 6-0 by Iowa. We bid good-bye to the boys who are leaving for Apalachicola. We are also losing some of our planes along with them, much to our sorrow. Some of the boys had a pretty good time at the Fair from the rumors that are go ing around. What happened there that would not happen in Boston? Perhaps Pfc's. Middleton or Padgett could en lighten us. That, "Crime Does Not Pay", is a very true saying, as a glance at the change in the signature of this columnist will reveal Everyone is waiting for s/sgt. Chope to get in the groove again. He seems to have developed a mysterious ail ment in his back recently. -Ex-Cpl. Snead "69TH STUFF" lf he fellows in the squadron extend a hearty welcome to the two new officers recently assigned to our outfit. Pvt. John w. Aydellotte has been ap pointed as assistant squadron athletic director. Let's give him our cooperation and turn out winning teams for all events Tragedy or the week was the loss ot front "molars" by Sgt. J. Lesher. He now has a slight lisp. (Tho thorry, John) It has finally been revealed that Pvt. J. Ritter has aspirations on becoming one of those daring Commandos. (Jun ior or senior?). The purpose of this column is to air the news of the 69th, personal or gener al. However, unless the rest of you fel lows that I don't know give me a little news about yourselves or your buddies, I won't be able to include anything of personal interest to you. So please, if you have any news or humor, give it to the mail orderly or myself. -Pfc. Maurice Gould "RED BIRDS" The "Red Birds" are very blue this week. Our ace reporter, Pfc. Vincent Del Ponte, has taken a two-week vacation (with pay), and has left a miserable squadron clerk stranded with the column. Best wishes from the boys, "Ace", sniff, sniff. 0 .And speaking of furloughs. s/sgt. Christensen is happy once again. We realize it was a very hard sweat--and, incidentally, thanks very much for re minding us. Thanks be to the Cross-countries--many boys are once again finding out how the other half lives Why worry about dessert, the "Red Birds" have a watermelon patch-but they ain't tellin' where. The War Bond drive is on in this or ganization. The money involved in the purchase of War Bonds is a saving to the individual, and on a greater scale, the saving of a nation. Let's all put our best foot forward in the purchasing of War Bonds, so that we can continue to put our best foot forward forever, with out worrying about it being clipped off by some barbarian. Let's "KEEP 'Dl TYPING" WAR BONDS! -S/Sgt. a. Duda "STATIC CHASERS" This column will be under par, the communications' reporter, Pfc. MacLaren is in the hospital with leg. Here's hoping he comes out much more than just a nub. since Jimmy a bum with Post Communications received their uew code tables and already have them wired up. This, and a little much needed hea. t, will enable the "Chasers" to do better in their radio school Incidentally, t.he "Staticers" are getting quite a bit ot flying experience via cross-country flights, aided of course by this awful ( ly nice) Florida weather. Those storms that were reported due this way must have been propaganda put out by the Califor nia Chamber of Commerce. Who was the Radio man from this Field, who, in Columbus, Miss., walked aronnd all afternoon with hi s/sarachute on lLi s back? -VY 73 S Sgt. D. MaoLal"en "MEEICWOES" llhat near riot over at our mess hall the other day was caused by Sgt. Mullins when he remarked, "I think I'll cake seconds on this coffee cake&" Competition for isolationist honors has narrowed down to two departments, the laboratory and the low pressure chamber Seenat B'way & 42nd (on a 3-day pass) was Pfc. Green and that woman at mystery,


MEDICWOES -cont. Lulu our Sue Mosely has just returned from honeymoon. She is now Mrs. Twit chell The object of envy for the men of the Detachment is that Hot Springs trip given to S/Sgt. Gering. We wonder why Sgt. Davison is spending his fifteen day furlough at same place? s/sgt. Bittner has been in the uppe r air for t.he past week. Cpl. Tarr says that the office of the Flight Surgeon has only one gripea They have no news for this column. -Sgt. Charles s. Laubly "GUNNER IUXERS" lrhe rejuvenation process has made the rounds of the personnel on the Field, and has finally hit the "Blackbirds". We herewith serve notice toall concerned and to posterity ae well, that in the future we will be known aa the "GUNNER MAKERS". This be dedicated to the sole purpose of bringing into the light the new and repartee ot the squad ron. In view of the taot that our old reliable, Sgt. Statile, baa been hospi talized, we will make a feeble attempt to oarry oD without We are all lookinfo t o his epee d y return. llt/Sgt. Lloyd He rayl o r hal just re turned from furlough, and it looks as though "something new has been added". He admits going to North Carolina, but will not disclose any facts concerning his secret visit to "Shangri-La". Lt. A.C. Miller left for Indianapolis on Monday, ani will be away for two weeks. In the meantime, we welcome the presence or-captain Reeds. Salley, who is acting as our c.o Brothers Tucker and Cofer are on the "alert" these days-someone is going to get a furlough. Big Jim Myers, from Pennsylvania, is "sweating out" o.c.s. The physicaltraining area is a good place to do that "sweating" too Brothera Mash, Snoddy, Wannarka and Griffin bloasomed forth with awaited and wel l deserved Staff Sergeant ratings The flight sys tem will take the boys over the hurdles for a tew weeks Ever ybody is busier than the proverbial "Bee", S/sgt. Ralph Boyes whose addreu 11 #2, Station Hospita l", is looking tor one of those money making machines. He lost all but his flim.y nite ahirt on the Alabama-Georgia game. Theee southern Boyes are hard to oonvince were all grateful to 8/Sgt. Ledbetter for .hh oon tribution to the squ adron. You'll see it lOOn. Sgt. Budway NOW, L.OOK, TOM DON'T && 1\ANK DOI!SM'T WITH MV C!rAL DIDN' T EVEN COME TO THE DANCe TONITE:WONDilll. WHV'? l


RED +CROSS The surgical dressings class sta ted ott with a bang two weeks ago. The work is very interesting and easy to do. Mrs. Hinchman. the instructor, explains the method very clearly. for those who have never done the work before. (She can really fold em, too!) This class meets Monday mornings from 9 to 12. at the Red Cross Headquarters and you are urged to come and spend as much time as you can spare. For you who have already contributed their efforts, it will interest you to know that their bandages have been very highly commended for quantityand neatness. In the past few weeks. the production in knitting has been very good. but the Red Cross urges that this quota be finished by December 13. In order to accomplish this. we need the help of everyone. If you can't come and spend Monday afternoons at the Red Cross-. call Mr a. Wilkins who wi 11 get you the instructions and yarn for you to work on at home. If you don t know hOW' to knit, Mrs. Maxwell will be glad to teach you. There must be lots of new girls who don't know about Red Cross meetings, so we ask each one of you to be responsible for telling your friends. The sewing groupu working on printed cotton nightgowns, and when those are finished. they will make children's pinaforesG These garments ars all attractive and easy to make, and for those girls who are not experienced seamstresses, there is always plenty of basting to be done. We are cutting our own garments, and need vol unteers to help us in this work. There is also an auxiliary group that meets on Thursday mornings, under the direction of Mrs. Newman and Mrs. Fow ler, for those who have small children are not able to work on Monday at ternoons. The meetings are held at Mrs. Newman's on llacArthur at 9a30 A.U. Everyone is welcome. A4Ei BC7NLING NEWS (/ v::::.--The new bowling league is proving to be a great deal of fun, and the tournament is half over. It has given everyone an opportunity to meet lots of new giTls. It's still not too late to get in the tournament, as we need substitutes and replacements for those who have had to drop out. If you are a bowler, or would like to -riarn, please don't wait for a formal invrti tion. Just come on down to the Gulf Bowling Center on Tuesday or Friday at 2a00 sharp. The competition is really something this year. If you don't believe it. just come down and listen to the deafening roars for the latest "strike". BOWLIN G RESULTS TO DATE Won Lost Mrs. Thorpe's team -A-9 5 Mrs. Bryan's -c-8 6 Mrs. Hearn's -F-8 6 Mrs. Howell's -E-6 8 Mrs. Silva's -D-6 8 )(rs. Bristle's -B-5 9 Watch our next edition for the latest upsets. SHH111, STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL We heard th.at Mrs. Rawson had lunch at the Officer's mess last Wednesday. We that she will remember November 11th and not because it's Armistice DayMrs. Long was heard to say at bawling the other day-"Oh, I just got a tire, or a spare, or somethingL" Mesdames Maxwell, Howell, Wilson and Detreville visited Santa Claus in Mont gomery this weekIs it true that Mrs. Price may have a very exciting new role to play?Mrso Maxwell just doesn't hear about the dances on Saturday nights, sometimesVrs. Hearn and Mrs. Hinchman really have a good system ror relaxation before bowlingMrs. Ber ner seems to do her best bowling on Saturday afternoonsWe hope Mra.Br,r an will be well soon, and able to join us. The;


ARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-cOM'S OFFICER'S 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 99 GENERAL: (5 points each) SPORTSs (5 points each) 1. In an American house would a for eign sovereign or the President of the u.s. be given precedence? 1. Match the names in the left-hand column to the sport with which they are associated in the right-hand col-2. Who among the ancient people had the first maps? umn. Frankie Albert Tony Canzoneri Pete Zaharias Ralph Greenleaf Wrestling Football 3. What is called the "ship of the desert"? Pocket Billiards Boxing 4. How long does it take for the earth to make one rotation? GEOGRAPHYa (5 points each) ARMYa (5 points each) 1. Who is the first Air Force Officer to hold a major Area Command? 1. Is the Caspian Sea a fresh or a salt water lake? 2. Who did General Marshall choose to fill the Hawaiian Command? 3. Major Gen. Thomas T. Handy holds an important Army position. What is it? 1. 4. 2. Where is the Denmark Strait? 3. What is the capital ot N. Carolina? 4. What is the capital of Switzerland? Haddock is a 2. a. food fish. b. awing. c. large tree. Hawser is a s. a. butterfly. b. large rope. c. archway. YOUR VOCABULARY (4 points each) Hamlet is a a. young pig. b. tack hammer. c. 1i ttle village. Heliotrope is a a. bicycle. b. flower. c. printing machine. Across 1. Kipling character 4. JOHN H. DOE, Captain, -.-. 6. Only girls can be one-usually as the result of a "snow job" 8. Royal Omen {Abbr.) 9. Pre-fixed charges for gas, electric, etc., also, the status of a girl with her "beau" 10. The 13th and 14th letters of the alphabet 11. Service Commands were formerly called "Corps -----". 12. "Over or Short" as used by Lt. McKinsey 13. The ''Washington, D.c." of the years B.c. 15. Resort 17. Yale alumni 18. The "Yankees'" league 3. Hamper is a a. bird. b. large basket. c. window shade. 6. Holstein is a a. breed of cattle. b. piano. c. part of a radi.o. Across -cont. 19. Many an E.M. and Officer are tryL1g e to do this to an apartment 20. Everybody Down -r:-rt has a tail, it flies, and there is a string attached 2. We all have one, sometime or other 3. A "China Clipper's" hangar 4. He who maintains the guns 5. To extend sympathy 6. Most' courageous 7. Royal Army of Rome 14. SHE of the "GUMPS" 16. Anybody who'll loan you money


The ole Yardbird is feelin purty gud rite now an i is jest bin give a hole hour ter do as I pleese, as long as i stay rite in my room, dont smoke shave, shine my shoes, or rite enny letters. I is to study fur a final zamminashun aboot the Navy. Jest how cum a man in the Air Corps is supposed ter know aboot boats is a puzzul ter me. I aint nevur had no deesire ter be no sailor an I dont nevur intind ter be wun. I is had that notion evur since the boys whut is got charge of Pinsycola tole me severul things wun with geschurs. I is dun slipped down ter the latrine an is settin in the cawnur uv the shower a rollin a bull durham, an seein as how I is in sech a fittin plase ter give ot sum reel dope an racks i is at peece with the wurld. They give a danae hear oncet a munth an they is got a eskort buro i n conneckshun. A feller jest fills ot a kard statin his kwalifioashuns an in a fuw daze he g.its a note sayin he is ter take Miss Osgooldy er Mill Malfude on gooseberry street. Now i sho wants ter state that I aint nevur bin called a USO wolf an i hope I nevur has ter trubble sech a convenchenuble orgynizashun, but since the fust sgt. infawmed me that nobody evur wuz dissapinted with the gurl they pulled ot uv the box an that each feller wuz respeckfully eekspectid ter attend the graduashun hop instid uv easin in ter town an drinkin brew & shutin pool an havin a reel injoyabul evenin, i filled ot ma kard an pitchured sumthin buck toothed, "thin", an shovelfooted, whut bubbled an spluttured aboot the deevinelimenade. Well, whin the time cum i called at the home uv Kiss Joosipky an rung the bell, an the purtiest littel creeehur cum the do an axed me in. she sho wuz bootiful-cute as a baby cutwurm, an I thawt ter maself that the Majur er Curnel whut cum ter see hur wuz the luckiest white man on erth. Whin I got thru gulpin an blinkin I axed hur iff'n hur sistur Lilacs wuz reddy an she give me a smile that wud make enny soljur go ovur the hill with out his oonchunse beginnin ter hurt, an sayed reel sweet an soft, I'm Lilacs, if you just sit down i'll be with you in just a minute. Boy, I wuz sho reddy ter sit down. Ma knees wuz shakin like the time I made the OD march thru a 15 foot mud hole befo I reokonized him. Well, we sho had a mity gud time, i akted purfek, seoh as not drinkin but 2 cups uv punch, a n dancin with the old lady whut wuz shaperone, an she (i mean Lilacs) made me promis ter rite ter hur whin I leave necks weak, an i sho is. I is gointer sho keep in tech with the purty littel gurl, an not make hur suffur at all. Well-, I reckin i'd better be agoin----------The Yardbird (No. 1) "APALA-cHATTER" COMPLETE ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM OFFERED The general topic of discussion here TO TYNDALL COLORED TROOPS BY u.s.o. CUJB is, is Tyndall Field". Rumor has Under the direction of Mrs. Frankie it that Tyndall is now located in ApalaPerry, the local u.s.a. Club for Colored ohicola. If that is so, then what hap-Troops has a 7-day schedule or activities pened to the Tyndall Field that used to that includes everything from choir prac-be near Panama City? Among the newest tice to Bingo parties. arrivals are s/Sgts. Abshire and ZimmerThe "Silver Tone Four" and the Army man, from QM and the "Flashes", res-Wives Chorus provide the musical enter-pectively The newly organized Non-Com tainment on Monday, Friday and Sunday Club already boasts of fifty-five memevenings. Pinochle Instruction, QUiz z be r s lstjSgt. Carpenter is President, Nites, Auto-Bridge, Game Nites, Whis t S/Sgt. Elliot, Vice-President; S/Sgt. Tourneys with prizes to the winners, ReT rombitas, ligious Counsel, and refreshments are a-Passwaters is our adviser and counselor. mong the activities offered. Whi c h o ne of our Inspectors is a prominent member of the Port of Lonely Hearts? s/sgt. Elliot seems to be belle-shy. Could it be the one from Chapman High, at Apalachicola? "Super man" Pinion is our phys-ed instructorb u t loves his "bunk fatigue"l M/Sgt. Wright a nd the Mrs. are expecting the stork, and are wishing for a boy. -SPECIAL NOTICEAnyone interested in taking part in Radio Dramatics is invi tad to come to t he u.s.o. on Mondays or Thursdays at 8s00 P.M. Ask for Mrs. Silva or S/Sgt. Alfred Nelson. Captain Sllva, Ass tt. Post Adjutant, will also be glad to answer any questions.


TYNDALL SPORT SLANTS Traditional rivals are scheduled to meet o n the bowling alleys this week end as the Champion Q.v. Keglers take on t he Finance Pin Men in a challenge match. Men on the Field who were here last March may recall that it was the Q.M. b oy s who came up from third place in the league to topple the then leading F inance bowlers into third place and win the Field crown. T he never did get over their defeat, and their refusal to admit that they were soundly trounced has resulted in the Q.M. Keglers challenging them to an outside match. Our money still is on the Q.K. boys despite the tact that we respect the hook s and curves ot Costigan; Bla&ak, Underwood et al. T he boys trom Apalach report that the enliste d men downed the officers in a recent basketball game by a score of 19-2. That "2" leads us to believe t hat the officers didn't have th 1r sights properly adjusted, or else they w ere just trying to make the boys at the Sub-Base feel good. The "Gunner Makers" have announced that, without pu lling 81:1 punches, they h ave just about t. e best baseball team on the Post. They claim that Steve Blankenship and Rank Chapman are "ac complished" diamond experts, possess ing plenty of previous Manager Martin Tobolsky has oiled the gears and the old ball club will get going this Sunday. It nny ron has any inflated ideas about their baseball team, the "Gunner Makers" have officia lly challenged any and all com ers. Phone #2158 and ask tor Sgt. Taylor o r Tabolsky. From what we can gather, the center of activity for softball at Tyndall seem s to be down at the hospital area. It seems that enthusiasm is so high down t here, that on one occasion the Uadical Officers loaned their "star" diamond performer, Lt. Maxwell, to the opposing B.O.Q. team and w ou nd up on the tail end of a rather lopsided score. Lately, however, the Medic. has taken cognizance of their foolhardi ness and have kept Lt. Maxwell where h e belongs and in their last game defeated the B.O.Quers by a score of 12-6 Lt. Harbin L. Lawson r eports thAt last Sunda y brought out a large number of would-be archf're, and is pleased A with the thought that this equipment is finally getting into "ac tion". The bows are ot 45 lb. "caliber", and an afternoon ot "arching them will develop "Atlas" muscles in no time. GENERALs Egyptians; SPORTS: .ANSW'ERS TO '??? A foreign sovereign; A cames; One day. i Albert FoQtball Canr.oneri Boxing P .. e Zaharias Wrestling !h R a ph Greenleaf Pocket BilliaJds GIOGBAPHY s A salt water lake; Be'b.reen Iceland and Greenland; Raleigh; Bern. A ARMfs Lt. Gen'l. Frank :M. Andrews ; Gen' 1. Delos C. Emmons; Head s the ( teneral Staff's Operation Division. YOUR VOCABULARY: A; C ; B ; B ; B; A ANSWERS TO LAST WEEK'S "X"-tfORD PUZZLE


.. l 11MAL' FUNCTION SAYS,11NEVER HANDLE YOUR GUN LIKE A R CANE OR YOU MIGHT, BY CHANCE,BLOW OUT YOUR Stenoa "I'd like to work in your office." Big Shots "Okay, baby, I'll make you a proposition." Steno a ''Say, wait' 11 I get the job firstl'' A NEW ''STUDENT'' ARRIVES Sweets' "You can t come in my bedroom, dear, but I'll come out in a jiffy." Yardbird: "Fine, will it be the pink one?" 1st japanese: "Why doesn't Yti Suti commit hara-kiri?" 2nd japanese: "He ain t got 1he guts." Visitors "Are you the Executive Offi cer? I'm Mrs. Carlton. I have a grandson serving here in your army." Ex. 0. a "Yes, Madam. He's away on leave just now attending your funeral. 11 Boy a ''Hello." Girl: Boy: "Oh, welL''


"YAH 'CBRP'!'S GROUNDHOG BADGEc A new silver badge has been authorized for technicians and mechanics in the Air Forces. The badge will go to 24 types or enlisted personnel who have been in the Air Forces six months or more. 1b get the badge, you have to be a graduate or an authorized course in technical training or show your stuff in one or the 24 specialities. DISTINCTION c One of our men who is do ing meritorious service as a latrine orderly in London writes that the sign on the rest-room door of the Finance Office there readsa "For offi cers an d ladies." SATURDAY, November 14 "Stand By All Networks" Florence Rice John Beal SUNDAY, MONDAY, November 15-16 "The Major and the Minor" Ginger Roger s Ray Milland MEET THE SUCCESS FAMILY The father of success is WORK. The mother of success is AMBITION. The oldest son is -COMMON son. Same ot the older boys are THOROUGHNESS, ENTHUSIASM, and COOPERATION. The oldest daughter is CHARACTER. Some of the sisters are CHEERFULLNESS, LOYALTY, COORTESY, CARE, ECONOMY, and SINC ERITY. The baby is OPPORTUNITY. Get acquainted with the "old man" and yo u will be able to get along pretty well with the rest of the family. "Aircraft Workers Manual". TUESDAY, November 17 "Madam Spy" Constance Bennett WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, November 1 8 -19 "Manila Calling" Lloyd Nola n Carole Landis FRIDAY, November 20 "Strictly in t he Groove" Mary Healy Richard Davie s RITZ PANAMA SUNDAY, MONDAY, November 15-16 SUNDAY, JIONDAY, November 15-16 "Forest Rangers" Paulette Goddard Fred MacMurray "MY Favorite Spy" Kay Kyser Ellen Drew TUESDAY, November 17 "Laug h Your Blues Away" Margaret Lindsay Bert Gordon TUESDAY, November 17 WEDNESDAY, November 18 "Top Sergeant" "Moonlight in Havana" Don Terry Leo Carrillo Allan Jones Jane Frazee THURSDAY, FRIDAY, November 19-20 "Seve n Sweethearts" Van Heflin Kathryn Grayson SATURDAY, November 21 "Omaha Trail" James Craig Dean Jagger LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT Against Mrs. Hadley" Fay Bainter Edward Arnold WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, N ovember 18-19 "Shadow of the Thin Man" William Powell Myrna Loy FRIDAY, SATURDAY, November 20-21 "Prairie Pals" Art Davis Bill Boyd I j-, I


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