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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 46 (December 12, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
December 12, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Vol. 1 Bo. 46 Army Air Forces Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, Fl&., Dec. 12, 1942 :i VOTE TODAY FOR ''MISS TYNDALL FIELD" : LT. COL. RANDOLPH TO ASsmm DUTIES AS OPERATIONS EXEC UPOI COLOBBL' S RETURN Lt. Colonel Jack L. Randolph, who arrived at Tyndall this week from the Columbus, Mississippi, Flying School, has been assigned as the new Post Op erations Executive. He will assume that duty upon the return of Colonel Warren A. Maxwell. Since his arrival here, Lt. Col. Randolph has been acting-Post Commander in Colonel Maxwell's absence. The Field's new Lt. Colonel is a na tive of Oregon. He is thirty-four years old, and rose to his present rank from that of a private oYer a six year period. He is a rated pilot and combat observer. n TARGET" FLASHES NEW HOURS FOR POST LIBRARY ANNOUNCED 9:00 A.M. 10:00 P.K. 011 WEEmAYS 1:00 P.M. 10:00 P.M. ON SUNDAYS LATE SATURDAY NITE SHOff TO BE "TRIED OUT" BY POST THEATRE TONITE 11,00 P.M. -ADDED FEATURE, "Football Thrills of '41 CAMEL CARAVAN SHOW HERE MONDAY NITE, DECEMBER 14TH, POST TBEATRE TWO SHOWS 6:30 P.M. and 8,30 P.K. NEXT CAMEL SHOW WILL BE HERE MONDAY, DECEUBER 28TH S/SGT. STEPHEN ("LOTHARIO) CULLEN OF THE "WHHTE FLASHES" lW.KS DOWN THE "AISLE" TONITE. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BRIDE ABD GROQIU DLISTED liD OILY ARB ELIGIBLE TO CAST BALLOT I:& "TARGET" SPOlfSORED CONTEST There 111 be no taxia waiting to take you to the polls, fellas, but every effort will be made to facilitate the voting in the "Miss Tyndall Field" contest which begins today. For the men who will find it inconvenient to reach the boxes, the first ser geants of each squadron have been asked to appoint either their squadron re porter or their mail clerk to receive all ballots and turn them in to the "TARGET". Ballot boxes will be found at both the Main and Line Exchanges, at the Post Theatre and at Post Headquarters. Extra ballots will be distributed to the squadrons, but the men are again reminded to vote only once each week. Signatures on ballots will be carerul ly checked against squadron rosters. Voters are also cautioned against "persuasion" by first sergeants to Tote for certain candidates. All that is asked is that you vote for the girl whom you think most deserves the title Tyndall Field". In addition to their photographs in the 4"x6" portraits of each week's candidates will be displayed near the ballot box in the soda foun tain department of the Main Exchange. Candidates entered thus far are' Misses Kitty Safar, Gertrude Spradley, Pauline McLain. Ruby Carswell, Evaa Atkinson, Josephine Grimsley, Dorothy Stutts, Polly Wyant, Alma Ca thrall, Jeanne Mclelvin, Lois Carlos, Anita (Continued on SPORTS page)


Some people get tonsilitis, some get appendicitis, and some "queer eggs" get Kick-itis. If you have tonsilitis, it will give you a pain in the throat. If you have appendicitis, it will give you a pain in the abdomen. If you have Kick itis, YOU will give everybody else a pain in the neck. "There is a crack in eyerything that God made," said Emerson, and we know another fact to be equally true -some people see only the cracks and nothing else. When Mr. Beans Kick-itis finds a fault in something or in somebody it makes him happy. If he had to admit that something is just right, he would be disappointed, and feel very unhappy because then he would have nothing to criticize, nothing to complain about --and nothing to talk about. Let a group of enthusiastic men try to do something constructive -BeEms Kick-itis will throw cold water on it by dragging out suspicion, doubts and pes simism, It gives him joy, some queer kind of pleasure, and a sense of importance to do it. He will not "pitch in'' with you, but pitch at you and your ideas. "So-nnd-sos a swell guy, isn't he? He's got lots the ball. Swell char acter. Fine personality." "Aw nuts," croaks Bean Kick-i tis. "Guys like that may look good from a dis tance but look at him closely --he's only a hand-shaker and a back-slapper." Beans Kick-itis never meets a man half-way, anything, never gives you a fair break. Like an loves" to pick flaws (not flowers) in characters. be happy even in heaven, (if he ever gets there) to kick about. never gives anyone credit for old hen (old maid) he ''simply Poor Beans Kick-itis, he won't because he won't find anything Cure for Kick-itis 1) .Constant cheerfulness -don't be afraid to smile and make others smile. 2) Learn to see the good points in people's characters --everybody has many of them. Remember, only one Person was perfect, and He died on the Cross. SUNDAY BsOO A.M uasa 9s00 A.K Protestant Sunday School 9ll5 A.M MassRecruit Detachment lOsOO A.M Protestant Worship lls15 A.M Mass 2s00 P.M Colored Worship Service 3s00 P.M Recruit Wnrship 7s00 P.M Evening Worship TUESDAY 6J30 P.M Instruction Class 7s00 P.M Fellowship Club WEDNESDAY 6a30 A.M Mass 12s30 P.M Noon-Day Devotions 6s30 P.M Catholic Novena Devotions 7s00 P.K Protestant Choir THURSDAY 6s30 A.M Mass 6s30 P.M Instruction Class FRIDAY 6130 A.M Masa 6s00 P.M Jewish Service SATURDAY 6a30 A.M Y&ss 6s30 P.M Confessions


Lt. Walter J. McKinsey, one of leading "desk pilots", went out for tar get practice l,at week and helped some one else get a high score. He was shooting at the wrong target Lt. Col. Jack Randolph came to Tyndall on Wednes day, and since we're not sure which position will be his upon the return of Col. Maxwell-we can't tell you any more, except that he became the acting-Field c.o. on his arrival And then there was the sergeant who called us and asked, "who is the Commanding Officer today? Lt. Berg ,strolled down the line the other day to take up a plane on a routine firing mission. He saw "G.I.'s in the rear of his plane, waved to them, got in the front cock-pit and took off. Ap proaching the target, he gave the signal to commence firing. .Ro action. He turn ed to his passengers and pointed to the target. His passengers waved back at him quite pleasantly. Once more he approached the target waved his hand in that direction, once more he was greeted with a courteous wave on the part of his passengers. Lt. Berg brought his plane dawn and angrily turned to the two "G. I.'s" and deman' ded an explanation. "No ammunition," said one, and when Lt. Berg politely informed them that gunners took care of their own ammunition, the other replied, "but we're only recruits and someone said that if we came down here we'd be able to get a ride" And who is it that Lt. "My nervel" Fargoa is always imagining htmself engaged to? Mr. Howell intends to leave soon on one of his many leaves. Incidentally now that his "kid" brother was recently commissioned a Lt. dawn at Miami, Mr. Howell is the lowest ranking member of the Howell family. (Which includes one Colonel that we know of) Fourth Communications welcomes ita new c.o., Lt. wm. H. Stephans The non-coms over at Kess #1 were non-plussed when they saw three qf the Field 1 s four Lt. Colonels din1ilg there the other noon And what's this about the B.O.Q. going to the dogs in a bigger than ever way1 Lil Jell Smith told us the one about the colored llammy who, when asked where her son in the ser vice was, replied, "He's at Hallelujah, 30 miles from the Pearly Gates We know when to stop. S/Sgt. Bagwell took Personnel's Louise Solomons out on a date and he returned to the Field minus his "silver wings". "Routine flight" must have been Bagwell' a comment Then there's the member of the "Buzz Bugs" (4th Communications to you furriners) who, after listening all afternoon to an instructor's advice about "It's always an empty gun that kills a person, never a loaded one," visited one of P.C.'a shooting galleries. When his firearm refused to go off, he plaeed.his finger across the muzzle of the gun in an attempt to set the trigger off; he was successful, but it almost cost him a finger-which goes to show you that an instructor should be listened to, for he may be right And Sgt. "Hair-Trigger" Dugan of the "cfoud Hoppers" has taken to shooting tommy-guns instead of the well-known bull Pte. Mabel and Pvt. Himmelfarb went "dined out" at one of the P.C.'s drug stores the other night. They used the occasion to try out their "lines" on the junior-misses.who are em ployed as waitresses. a hit!" they as they received their orders in record time .Sgt. Sam Schun, able "Zebras" reporter and D.T. instructor, has left us for a course at the new Ft. Myers school The P. C. News Herald carried a story in its "Our Town" column concerning the difficulties that the civilian population has in obtaining food. It hinted that week-end chow at Tyndall would be the thing. Needless to say, the item raised several eyebrows SfSgt. Foster of Signal, after twenty months of service, has finally taken off on his first furlough. Someone should have gone along with him-things have changed these past twenty months Ken Stitt, former lstjSgt. of the "Redbirds" just received his gold bars Somewhere, a Tyndall man is wearing a halo. This particular fugitive from Diogenes received $5.00 too much in change after a PX purchase-and returned it. All of it The Yardbird writes that he will be ready for his first "solo" shortly And the Personnel Section is planning on having its own Christmas paTty. S7Sgt. Reginald McKaig will have the leading role H.Q.'s "Ace" Barrette is back from furlough-married. You could almost feel him "take over". 7 "BUY WAR BOKDS TOP THAT lQ% BY NEW YEAR'S!"


TYNDALL Published e very Saturd a y by the Special Service Sec tion., AAFGS, Tyndall Fi eld, Fla. SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Lt. Nicholas N Zemo COMMANDING Col. W. A. Maxwell EDITOR Sgt. Arnold Milgaten DEPARTMENT OF TRAINING REPRODUCTION STAFF H/Sgt. Woodrow W. Busby S/Sgt. Henry D. Vest Corp. Francis Churchill Sgt. John Webste r COLUMNISTS The 11Yardbird11 tAlC Billy Grout) and ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sgt. Saul Samiof N E W S E DITOR Corp. James Freeman The 11Taler11 PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman Sgt. James Montgomery Corp. Roger Keough Pfc. Price Terry Pfc. John Marsick ART WORK S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Pvt. Marshall Goodman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF S/Sgt. William Castle e S/Sgt. John Mitchell Pfc. Everett Tackett Pfc. A. A Loudis Corp. Silas Upchurch TYNDALL TOPICS A corporal whom we consider a very good friend of o urs approached us the day and asked if we wrote the "editorials" in the "TARGET". Ready for anything, we replied, "yes11 Well, instead of giving us an neating out", it seems that he wanted us t o share i n the pleasure o f n recent discovery of his. He had just returned from the second of two trips to the Field's Dental Clinic, where he haa some very intricate work done on his "molars". H e couldn't quite contain h i s e nthusiasm as he related how, on both occasions from two differe n t dental officers, he received expert and painless attention. From what we could g ather the corporal's greatest amazemen t was at the discovery that suc h service was available on the Fie l d If ouch is the case, then there mus t be many more Tyn dall G.I.'s who probably don't know that they have nthin "walking" distance, the best there is i n dental serviceand all for free. We didn' t learn the "hard w ay" about our "drillers"-but we did let one at Eglin work on us last year. He gave us the most painless yanking we've ever had, and since then we've always had a warm spot in our hearts for dentists. We're aLnost looking forward to our first tooth-ache at We've been r e ce i ving quite a few letters for our "Rugg e stion Box" but the sudden increttse in the quantity of A the S quadron Scribblings" has taken up mos t of the available space in the past few issues, and w e've been unable to print as many as we'd like to. The last tw o issues of the "TARGET" contained sixteen pa ges, which is the largest we've ever put outand we still had m o r b material that merited publication. This increase in size, and the that one of our staff of three was away on has been r e sponsible for the "TARGET" reac hing you s e v eral days late during the past month. Fro. now on, we see no reason vny it shouldn't "reach the newstands" on Saturdays. Occasionally, of course, the Repro duction Dept. may find itself filled up with ."rush" orders, and this may delay the "TARGET"-But remember, gentle readers, "C'est la guerre"S


"GUARDIANS" wish to welcome Lts. Preston and Philpot to the Lt. Preston is to assume duties as Assistant Provost Marshall and Lt. Philpot is our new supply officer. The day room looks like Grand Central Station with the new furniture. or perha ps the impression is gained because of the great number of pretty gals that come there to be finger-printed and "mugged". Our basketball team is getting a Httle practice in between guard shifts Pvt. Lake looks like a comer Our Bond sales are soaring and most of the credit for our showing should go to our glibtongued salesman, Sgt. Paul Hamilton. Keep up the buying, boys, and we'll soon have the Axis crying! Most of the boys returning from furlough are walking around with faces a la "Buster Keaton". Can it be that their sadness is due to the return itinerary? SURPRISE OF THE WEFX' No "Guardian" tripped to the altar this past week. Dan Cupid must be slipping Pfc. Diaz went on his first binge and now his hat won't fit his head. He's suffering from "Pink Elephantitis". They're calling Sgt. Beidel and T/5 Turner the "Mechanized Armorer" and the "Mechanized C.Q." respectively Pvt. W. S. Mitchell is still bereaving the loss of two Men" which he placed on the nose of Georgia Tech And the Guard Happy boys are now wondering if the P.X. girls are adm1r.ing them because of their garrison hats or the coming Tyndall Field" eontest? Sgt. Hammonds recently sent a telegram to a miss fromAlabama-supposedly 200 words long. I guess where love is concerned, the purse is blind. In conclusion, we started the phrase, the body"? want to know who "Whoop, they found -Cpl. Sam Marotta "BROWNIES" )\ fter looking at some of the Day Rooms on the Field. there is a whale of a job for someone to do on ours. If anyone has any suggestions as to what could be done, let's hear about it. A mural painting would do the trick. The squadron lost one of its old. old t imers this week. Sgt. Harry W alker left us under. sealed oraers and we all wish him the best of luck wherever he may be. During the past week, there have been so many whistles between the hours of 5 A.M and 8 .A.M., that one of our brighter-lights has suggested that we have them colored so that they may be easily distinguished. Here's hoping that Sgt. Rickert has a Merry Christmas in Hollywood. Do you still want that Furlough, Al? It is requested by the Post Office that you please pick up your Christmas packages early. For your benefit they are staying open until 9 P.K. every night so that you will be sure to get your gifts. Let s help them out by calling for them as quickly as possible. Ever since S/Sgt. "Pappy" Furr has been using S/Sgt. Mcintosh's car, there is no holding the old boy---what do you say nPap"? We have never seen Cpl. Hakeem in such a happier-snappier mood---could it be that he still believes two can live as cheaply as one? -Cpl. J.J. Freeman "CANARIES" appeared to have enjoyed himself at the squadron party. Sgt. Roths child did himself quite proud in urging the men to take part in the many sports activities on the Field. The boys were honored and all agog over the presence of our Engineer Offi cer's charming three-months old daughter who dropped in to say "hello". We trust she approved of us Rumors are around that Sgt. Esposito is having furlough trouble. He has our sympathy S/Sgt. Ragland has purchased a new alr.rm clock. Sgts. Rountree. Monari and Young are considering severing ties with this outfit. We certainly will miss them. "And a little child shall lead them." murmured S/Sgt. Leach last Friday nite,I wonder why? Since Saturday's inspection, Barracks #3 has been 'Puying a quantity of blitz cloth. We suggest that the skipper wear dark glasses when next inspecting that Barracks. With the hope that Cpl. Frady's preflight on the typewriter proved satisfactory, we close this chatter for another week. -T/Sgt. Fishbaugh P.S. -Pfc. Wells dislikes Marines (?).


"MEDICWOES" C pl. Maxwell and Pvt. Fanning will give a second thought before accepting a "free" ride again. After they had en joyed a nice lift the other day they thanked the driver, but much to their surprise he piped up, "Thanksl, this is a taxi, soldiers. That will cost you two bits." We were a bit startled to see the bus ses came our way, but now that we see them run on schedule down here every night we find that it is appreciated. The Post Transportation Officer and the Panama City Transit Company deserve a vote of thanks. Red "The Flame" Tarr has left us for a few weeks to attend the Flight Surgeon's Assistant School at Randolph Field. His duties as A. & R. representative are taken over by Pfc. Senkinc. The hospital staff. welcomes the addi tion of Capts. E.E. Hammonds and Leon Schultz. Capt. Gaston almost pulled "Regula tions" on Sgt. Terrell the other day, but he had a second look at the suit ot whites he was wearing and decided that it wasn't a zoot suit. We wonder if Cpl. Glenn scored a few hits on that deer hunt recently? Or was it a dear hunt, Glenn? Sgt. "G.I." Cherney is continuing to follow the precedent established by a former colleague. sjsgt. Labry found out why the barbers of Atlanta laugh when a soldier asks for a haircut. -Sgt. Charles Laubly "SIGNALlERS" to Tyndall, Lta. Redel, Meek, and Noble. We hope you enjoy your stay at Tyndall, and the best of luck in your work At long last Staff Sergeant Foster has taken off on furlough. He has been in the Army twenty months, and this, be lieve it or not, is his first furlough. Foster, you have a pile of lost time to make up. "Danny" Blumer left for New York after a great deal of worrying about bus and train schedules. He looked very worried over the week-end, but blossomed out with a broad grin when things finally turned out the way he had hoped they would. The Misses Monk, and Hunter ara repre senting the Signal Office in the contest to pick "Miss Tyndall Field". The Editor forbids my using the Target for any "com mercial plugs" therefore all I can say, is good luck, and may the best girl win. It is too bad that we have such a small Detachment. There are only twenty-seven votes, and I hate to say it, but you can't count on all of them. -Sgt. William M. Hines "Q.M. QUIPS" \Ale are all glad to note that Pvt. Red Alford is finally getting over his Thanksgiving "daze". We hope in the future that he will be able to get to bed a little more quietly. This week's riddle: What girl from Dothan had a nervous breakdown when a certain party entered the Quartermaster ,., Office. It seems that Sergeant Porter learned it the hard way, i.e., that three is a crowd, especially when three are trying to sit on one seat. -Pre. Albert s. Rubin "RED BIRDS" The steak supper given us at Mess Hall No. 1 was a great success. There wasn't a man who attended that didn't praise the swell food and drinks that were served. The morale of the Squadron was helped plenty by this affair. We wish to thank Capt. Hinchman. S/Sgt. Murphy, Sgt. Johnson, Cpl. Bosley and Pvts. Maning Crawford, Moore, Casterair, Dudick. Leined, Doyle and Miss Lindquist for ,., making the occasion possible. S/Sgt. Barney Duda reports that the sale of War Bonds in the past week was the greatest yet. Pvt. Cavallaro hit a new high by purchasing a $100 bond. Them numbers 7-11 must be doing wonders for him. First Sgt. Heidema has left us for a furlough. Well Sgt., have a good time but don't forget you told us that you were going to take a muoh needed rest. Pfc. Casey always said he would never stay up later than 12:00 Midnight. Well the enexpected happened. He was called upon to take over the Charge of Quarters job one night. He still says he would rather see the sun set than rise. Don't forget Casey, your in the army now. -Pre. Vincent Del Ponte "BUY WAR BONDS -TOP THAT 10% BY NEW YEAR'S!"


"BOILERMAKERS" the Finance got generous and paid off in something other than money when it presented a Ping Pong table to the Band; it was fine of them and has given us a start in organizing our Day Room. Our Dance Band came thru Monday evening by giving a fine performance at the usa Camp Show at the Post Theatre. The boys never saw the music before but they just played what was put before them and they did a fine job. CHASERS" ours truly is back in circulation again Had time to catch up on some sleep and attend church services over the week-end. Pfc. Cannizzaro is off on an extended X.C., and in coveralls of all thingsl Maybe next 'time he 1 ll remember to take his class "A" uniform along. Our new code table has been completed in the Post Radio School. It is divided off into individual sections with a set of keys for each student. Procedure in struction is under the able direction of Sgt. Bradley Berry, who really makes radio interesting, because of his clear and complete instructing. Good luck to the new students who show a great deal of interest in radio In terest says Lt. Russo, is really the hardest part of radio. If your interested you'll find a way to learn!! We hear Sgt Wiley sometimes sleeps as long as fifty minutes on week-end nigh:ts. Also hear his days on furlough are num bered-to be divided between goingto his homJ in High Point, N.C. and St. Louis, Missouri, where he will visit his uncle's sister' s cousin's, brother, who, in cidentally is a good friend of the Sgt. Sgt. Smith, a very efficient clerk for Post Communications, has been leading the class in radio procedure. Sgt. Ber ry has one eye on this promising radio operator and one eye on T/Sgt. MacLaren, who wants to keep Smith as clerk Will let you know which one talks the faster. -Pfc. James MacLaren M "69ers11 (RUGGED?) rs. Karl Snowberger, charming wife of the Statistical Dept. mainstay, livened P.C. with her visit here recently. Also, on the marital front, Pvt. Ernest Harris last week said "Yes" to a Miss and now there are two Harris'. T/Sgt. Stone claims that had he had another pay day in his jeans, he would have returned from his leave with an ap plication for separate rations Billy, our Eagle, is overdue on his AWOL. (Come home Billy, all is forgiven} Anybody have any suggestions for a better name for our column? Send the.m in to me and the one who sends in the best will be awarded a coke Most of our men went on that Chemical Warfare drill, and oh haw, they cried! Sgt. Yancey recently visited Pensacola' and since his return he has taken a lik ing to sailors. Wonder why? And what was the reason for Cpl. Fout's happy mood a couple of Saturdays ago? -Pre. M. Gould "ZEBRAS" Jr. T. Lee is on a well earned, long a waited furlough. His shoes are being capably filled by Acting lst/Sgt. (10 year Coast Guard man) Clayton. Prinzbach, the "Personality Boy" ia now running the sugar reports. (Mail Clerk) Au revoir to Sgts. Albert, Oppert and Herring who leave for a P.G. instructor's course at Ft. Myers No, the day room is not on fire, it's just the new paint job 1 sgt. Chenal has a legitimate beef because of his rationed stuff. Sgt. Blaha got ten packages in seven days Flanagan of Supply is haunting the Ritz box office Sgt. Fonda is bringing down a family of three from New York. -Sgt. Sam Schun "CLOUD HOPPERS" 'vJ e saw a picture of S/Sgt. Nogulich dressed in a He was the headwaiter at the "Greasy Spoon" in Middletown, Pa. s/sgt. Beedy wants t o know if S/Sgt Guidry wants some transition training T/Sgt. "Father TimeR Jones is now the official drill leader. He starts them, anyway I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. They say he has taken up jitterbugging, jumping as tho he had fluid drive in his joints. We all wish S/Sgt. Banks the best of, luck on his recent marriage. (Also on the newly married list is pure little me). (Congratulations, Edfrom this Ed) sjsgt. "Crash" Bagwell claims h didn't get the "brakes" on the line, es pecially when brakes were dragging. Sergeants Childers and Clear will miss the B-17; and now that they have normal sleeping hours there 1 s no excuse tor com ing home late wonder how much lst/ Sgt. Kelly "cleared" on that Georgia U. victory? -Pre. Ed Strong


GEBERAL1 (5 points each) 1. What English author is frequently referred to as G.B.S.T 2. Give within ten years, the date Washington became the capitol of the United Sta teaT s. What kind of rock ia woven into cloth? 4. What has become of the Leviathan, former flagship of the United States Line aT GEOGRAPHY& (5 points each) 1. is a 1jordT 2. What i a the capital Eire (Irish Free State)? 3. In what general section of the United Sta tea w.a land acquired through the "Gadsden Purchase"? 4. What ia the largest city in Canada! YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-cOM'S OFFICER'S SPORTS& (5 points each) 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 99 1. What name is ur.ed to designate the rower (a) nearest to and (b) far thest from the coxswain of an eight .oared shell? 2. Did either the American or Nat ional League batting champion of 1942 play in this years World Series? 3. Name the two kinds of ..:'ouls which occur in basketball? 4. Who succeeded Jess Willard as world's heavy-weight boxing champion? ARMY HISTORY& (5 points each) 1. What American General met defeat, losing every man, before Sitting Bull at Little Big Horn? 2. Who were the opposing generals at the Battle of Gettysburg? s. Where did Washington assume command of the American A:rmy, July 3, 1775? WHAT HAVE THE FOLLOWIIG IN COIOION? (4 points each) 1. James Montgomery 7lagg. 2. John Roach. 3. John Tyler. Rutherford Hayes. Chester Arthur. Franklin Pierce. Boward Chandler Christy. Bill Cook. Charles Dana Gibson. Shorty Green. Harrison Fisher. Billy Burch. 4. John MaBefield. Robert Bridges. William Alfred Austin. 5. Leopold Stokowski. Arthur Bodanalcy. Walter Damrosch. Serge roussevitzky. WEEK OF--------6. Alec Templeton. Percy Grainger. Harold Bauer. Rudolph Ganz. MY CHOICE FOR TYNDALL FIELD" {CANDIDATE'S NAME) (CANDrDAtEl DEPT.) {VOTERS SIGNATURE, ENLISTED MEN ONLY) !RANK I (SQUAIJRON) (SERIAL NUMBER) Please fold ballots and deposit them in ballot boxes located at Post Theatre, Post Headquarters, Main PX,




RED+ CROSS Welcome to Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Barrow Mrs. Symons, and Mrs. Lasker, newcomers to our Monday afternoon meetings. A cordial invitation is extended to all Army wives to come i n and knit, o r learn to knit from o ne of several instructors. There are still ple n t y of Navy scarfs to be completed for the present quota, and they're lots of fun and very easy to work on. The Surgical Dressings class, under the competent instruction of Mrs. Hinchman, is proud of their record this past week. At the Monday morning meeting, 500 dressings were completed by thi s group. This is the highest number made at one meeting to date. But that record should be increased, and can be, easily, if more people will contribute a small part of their time. The work is easy and gives everyone an opportunity for meeting old friends and new. We want to urge everyone to come to the Red Cross Headquarters on Monday mornings from 9 to 12, and give what time you can to a very valuable pa r t of the Red Cross program. e 0 ;;. 1 / )\: //1 -c= .c;> '= c_ 6 ....--= BOWLING NEWS The climax of the bowling t ournament was a delicious luncheon at M r s Maxwel l s home. The food was furnished by t h e losing teams, and the winning team, namely Mrs. Bryan, Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Detreville, Mrs. Barbour, and Mrs. Smith, were presented with prizes of de f ense stamps. Reluctant farewells were made to Mrs. Thorpe, the retiring chairman, who has been transferred to ano t her post. At the business meeting following t he l uncheon, new officers and captains were elected, and new teams drawn out o f a hat. The chairman -Mrs. Wilson, co-chairman -Mrs. Hinchman, secretarytreasurer Mrs. Detreville, co-secretary -Mrs. Smith. THE TEAMS ARE AS FOLLOWS 1 Mrs Maxwell (C) Mrs. Wiseman (C) Mrs. Wilson Mrs. Smith Mrs. Weis M r s Berner (C) M r s Schrock Mrs. Gibson Mrs. Russo Mrs. Eades Mrs. Graham Mrs. Silva Mrs. Long (C) Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Sommervell Hinchman Symons Mrs. Wilkins (C) Mrs. Detreville Mrs. Barbour Mrs. Hearn Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Brua Bryan Bristle Howell (C) SUBSTITUTES: Mrs. Wilkinson Mrs. Youngberg Mrs. Rawson Mrs. Fox Mrs. Singleton Mrs. Boucher Mrs. Barrows Mrs. Lasker Mrs. Joy Mrs. Mitchell ..S hhh / .5trici:ly Confidential What lucky officer's wife bought a pairofNYLON hose,andwherel??huMrs. Myers walking, and not because of gas rationingA thrill in store for the officer's wives when they see their husbands in review o n SundayListen to Mrs. Price singing on the Tyndall Field Rhythm Revue every Tuesday at 7:00 P.M.Mrs. Silva and Mrs. Russo giving out with harmony on Christmas Carols, above the humming of sewing machines at Red CrossHorticulturing at Beacon Beach, Mrs. Brua' s green grass, Mrs. Long's banana tree, Mrs Hyndman's "very hot" red peppers First day after gas rationing, Mrs. Eades huffing and puffing from her bicyc l e trip to townMrs. Lasker finding relief from a local hotel, housekeeping at the Carnahan's, while the latter are away on detached serviceFLASH! Bright RED pajamas on MacArthurOfficers' wives seen "Hullabalooing" on Monday


j The Yardbird S The ole Yardbird is feelin a littel bettur than purty rite now. uv coarse its kind uv chilly whin the win starts a whuppin aroun an thees boys are sort uv combindin in there ackshuns towurds me an evurtime I gits a Bull Durham half way rolled a bell rings an i has te1 hussle an ma gurl wrote me fur the .rust time in tuw munths a tellin me that whut she wantid fur Crismus wuz on page aity wun in the Seers Robuk cattulog. It wuz a big box full uv drawurs with lookin glasses an a speshul binch tar set on an only cost a hunder an fawty nine dollurs an niny ait cints. Now iff'n they wuz ter sind the purty gurl whut wuz settin on the binch primpin all undressed up so apealin i mite konsidur buyin it-----fur ma own use, but like it stands I reckin Scarmelia is goin ter be dissypintid whin she jest gits a pitcher uv maself without all them meduls on rna chase whut i bin braggin aboot. I is bin doin arite smart bit uv flyin or rathur i awt ter say ma instrukter bin doin it. These instrukters is mity narrered mindid perp o Whin i st&rts ter do a flip the air ?lain starts spinnin purty rapid an whin i fergits which way home is an whin i land ah use jest wun wheel an a wing an whin we is practisin forsed landins an i cuts off the switch instid uv the throttul at aboot fifty feet ovur nothin but ruff cuntry, they sho do git irritatid considerabul. i jest tells thim not to wurry on account uv we is both got lots uv inshuranse an there is a gud fifty fifty chanse that we will cum ot alive but they keeps right on a frettin. Well, I reckin i'd better be agoin----------The Yardbird (No. 1)


TYIDALL SPORT SLANTS The enlisted men still seem to rule the roost at Tyndall as far as sports activities are concerned. Down at the hospital softball diamond last Satur day, the E.M.'s batted their way to a 7-4 victory over the Officers. While Cpl. Maxwell (no relation) pitched a good game, Capt. Dee of the losers claimed that if the Officers had only bunted through Senk:inc, they would have had a better score. Ordnance reports that the Kedics didn't quite make the same showing on the basketball court as they did on the diamond. The Ordmen took their measure last week by a score of 18-12. "The game was quiet and no arguments ensued, although the referee quit at the half. The last half was refereed by a representative of each team, and from the score, the Ordnance man was the biEger of the two." How the mighty have fallen! The once haughty Finan.ce bowling "Wizards" received their sec ond consecutive setback of the seaso n on Wednesday when a group of curve artists from the "Gunner Kakers" took a two out of three. lst/Sgt. Taylor tells us that M/Sgt. Dick Underwood dropped out at the third game and the Finance men put in Mrs. (S/Sgt.) Bobby Costigan in his place. (The Finance boys won that ga me). Pte. Louis Irottke turned in the best scores of the evening tor the "Gunner Makers", with Bresler, Laudis, Adamec and Craumer also doing well. "MISS TYNDALL FIELD" (Cont.) Sorrentino, Jean Huddleston, Marguerite Wilson, Caroline Crawford, Mabel Silva and Mary C. Vc:trnight. Nellie Carter, Carrie Bryant, Mary H. Monk, Sidney Riley, Edith Hunter, Louise Solomons, Grace Osment, Lucille Baggett, Stella Strock, Fay Williams, Mary Garrett, Evelyn Russ, Mabel Flem ing, rate Belson, Margaret Cox, Eloise Nolan, Mrs. Marvel Larsen and Mrs. Dorothy Loftin. "BRaRWIES" VARY USUAL MESS HALL PARTY Last night, the "Brownies" sta g e d their first mess hLU party since their arrival at Tyndall. Having observed the successes of the parties given by other squadrons, the "Brownies" determined to give their boys the same, with a little extra added. The chief purpose of the party was to get all the boys together at one time, and for a few hours forget their routine duties and relaxwith enter tainment, brew and steaks. Under the supervision of Lt. Lyman, the Squadron Adjutant, the members of the arrangement committee, headed by lst/Sgt. Barbier and Cpl. Jimmy Free man, really cooked up a grand affair. In addition to the foodstuffs, there were the lilting hill-billy songs as only Pfc. Coveleski and Pvt. Semonkoski (harmonic and guitar, respectively) could render them. The boys were extremely grateful t o Captain Hinchman and his start, (especially the mess hall staff) tor their important part in the party's success Guests of honor were: Captain and Mrs. Burkhart, Captain Hinchman, Lt. and Mrs. Reid, Lt. Lasker, Lt. Blair, Lt. and Mrs. Boulduc, Lt. KeKinse y and Lt. Tracey. Lt. Lyman was the V aster of Ceremonies for the evening. ANSWERS TO ????? GENERAL: George -Bernard Shaw; 1800; Asbestos; Sold to a British Company for scrap in 1938. SPORTS: (a) Stroke, (b) Bow; No; Technical and Personal; William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey. GEOGRAPHY 1 A long narrow arm of the sea between high cliffs, as in Norway; Dublin; Southwest; Montreal. JJWY HISTORY: George Custer; Robert G. Meade and Robert E. Lee; Cambridge, Mass. WHAT HAVE THE FOLLOtriNG IN CCidMON 1 1. Illustrators; 2. Hockey players; 3. Fonaer Presidents of the United States; 4. Poet-Laureates of England; 5. Symphony orchestra conductors; 6 Concert pianists.


"MAL'FUNCTION S AYs:'wE DIDNT BUY THESE GUNS FOR A DANCE OR A SONG SO DONT BE A .JERK' AND ASSEMBLE 'EM WRONG." Army interviewer 1 (Making up inductee's record. "What nationality are you?" Inductee: "Half Scotch." Interviewer: 11And the other half?" Inductee1 "Soda." Mary : fresh Mary: "Bob was just burning last night." "And what did you do?" "I put him out!" to get "Everybody is crazy over me," said the inmate or the first floor of the insane asylum. He (asking a riddle): is it you have so many friends?" Shes "I give up." Not a neckers Not a petter; Now I wish I'd never met 'er.


SUGGESTION BOX Dear Editor, Possibly my few words may never reach print, but I have at least one sugges tion that, in my opinion would impro ve the appearance of the Field. That is, to discontinue the practice of carelessly tossing cigarette butts and mat ches ove r the grounds After all it's so very easy upon finishing a cigarette to simply rip same down the middle, scatter the shreds and roll the paper between the thumb and index fingerall in about two seconds. As for matches, when a match is struck the box is always closer to the person who struck it than is the ground. At Fort Bragg (unless the new Army has changed things around) the abo ve is compulsary. They seemed to have an unwritten rule, "A place for every thing and everything in it's place. That included trash as well as uniforms and equipment. -Pre. J. M. MacLaren FINANCE NOTES ON A USO SHOW If all the members of the Finance Dept. who claim to have sat in the first row of the show last Monday night wer e laid end to end, there would be a line stretching outsi de of the limits of the SEAAFTC-----and the Southeast stops just a few feet below Labrador. "Can't understand it," grinned T/Sgt. Johnny Farr arterthe first show, "Best business we've had in weeks." "Art and beauty," said Sgt. Joe Cap piello. "I have been a patron of the dramah for years." "As for me," said Cpl. Bob Amis, "I liketo sit in the barracks and play a good game of checkers. Besides I just broke my glasses." Even Tom Astle conceded, "It wasn't Boston, but it was all right." Although Pvt. Balliett hasn't as yet started buying flowers, he looks like our coming stage-door Johnny. -Fl. POST SATURDAY, December 12 "Nightmare" Brian Donlevy Diana Barrymore SUNDAY, MONDAY, December 13-14 "Forest Rangers" Paulette Goddard Fred MacMurray TUESDAY, December 15 "sherlock Holmes Secret Weapon" Nigel Bruce Basil Rathbone WEDNESDAY, December 16 "'Neath Brooklyn Bridge" The East Side Kids THURSDAY, FRIDAY, December 17-18 "l'iho Done It" Abbot t and Costello .-------Rl TZ SUNDAY, UONDAY, December 13-14 "Desperate Journey" Errol Flynn Ronald Reagan TUESDAY, December 15 "Henry Aldrich Editor" Jimmy Lydon Charlie Smith WEDNESDAY, December 16 "Smith of Minnesota" Arline Judge Bruce Smit h THURSDAY, FRIDAY, December 17-18 "Tales of Manhattan" Rita Hayworth Charles Boyer SATURDAY, December 19 "Tornado in the Saddle" Russell Hayden Bob Wills LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT "You Can't Escape Forever" George Brent Brenda Marshall SUNDAY, MONDAY, December 13-14 "The Postman Didn't Rin g" Richard Travis Brenda Joyce TUESDAY, December 15 "Vlhispering Ghost" Milton Berle Branda Joyce WEDNESDAY, December 16 "Kathleen" Shirley Temple THURSDAY, December 17 Victory" Lew Ayres Lionel Barrymore FRIDAY, SATURDAY, December 18-19 "Rolling Westward" Don (Red) Barry J i ; .. I i


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