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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 47 (December 19, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
December 19, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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t I' -Vol. 1 JJo. Army Air Forces Gwmel-y School, 'l'yndall Field, ll&., Dec. 19 741 BALLOTS CAST IN 1sr WEEK'S VOTING CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES AT TYNDALL FIELD While many of Tyndall's men may be Dreaming of a White Christmas" in vain, the Yuletide parties being plan ned for this coming week should pro vide ample for our "Snow sick Yankees". In addition to the numerous depart parties that will be held, the Specj:al Service Office ann' ouncea that the affair of the week will be held on Wednesday evening, at 8s30 P.M. in the Recreation Hall. There will be no adMission charge for this dance and all enlisted men are invited to attend. The "Victor ettes" will be there and refreshments and entertainment will be offered. The "Reo" Hall will be decorated in keeping with the Christmas theme. On Saturday, December 26th, Chaplain Finnerty announced that there will be a special party for the children of military and civilian personnel. Parents are asked t o have their children on the Post at 3tl5 P.M. so that they can ride down to the line at 3s30 to meet Santa Claus aQ he arrives by plane. After meeting Santa, the ch3ldren will be taken to the Post Theatre, where Santa will be their host at 4,00 P.M. Gifts and goodies will be distributed to all. SPECIAL CHRISTMAS CHAPEL SERVICES Midnight Mass 12s00 P.K. A.M. Protestant Worship lOaOO A.M. llaRa .... ,. .................... llc16 A.JI. KISS JOSEPHIBB GRDIILI! BIIDGIB VICTOR BY 15 VOTES rpma! IlK'S BALLOTIIIJ It was close,-.-, oloaer than ticipated. cCIIf'ortable 18&4, & rally, a tie8 and then aoroas the tape' leading by litteen votea, was th play by play description ot lisa Joae phine Grimslq' a victory oTer the eipt other first week o&Ddi1ates in the "Miss Tyndall Field" Contest The three candidates hottest on the heels of the finalist Headquarters candidate were Miss Mabel Silva, Miss Fay Williams a nd Miss Lucille Baggett. It has come to the attention of the "TARGET" that the men are still not certain of the voting procedure. We therefore Hill repeat that, "Every man is expected to vote once each week for one of the nine oe.ndida"te'S pictured that week.'' The girl receiving the highest number of votes each week will be entered in the finals, at which time the of Tyndall will select one r:: those four gi,rls .. for their fill8.l cho; ce as "Miss Tyndall Field". Pictures of this week's candidates appear in this issu e and also, 4"xe photographs r:: the contestants are dis played in the soda fountain section of the Main Exchange. In order that all ballots may be thoroughly checked in time to announce each week's winner on Saturday all votes must be cast before 2s00 P.)(. on Wednesday of each week. This ia a change from the original plan to have balloting continue through to Friday of each week. VOTE EARLY! VOTE ONCE EACH WEEKS


A MOTHER'S PRAYER God, Father of Freedom, look after that b oy of mine, wherever he may be. Walk in upon him. Keep his mind stayed on Thee Talk with him during the silent watches of the night, and spur him to bravery whenever called upon to face the cruel foe. Transfer my prayer to his heart, that he mey know the lingering love I have bequeathed to him as an everlasting gift. Keep my boy contented and inspired by the never-dying faith in his Mother's God. He is my gift to freedom. May that Freedom forever remain God. Through lonely and confusing hours and the long days of a hopeful Victory, keep his spirit high and his purpose unwavering. To my country, and to world 0 Heavenly Father, have I bequeathed this boy of mine. He is my choicest t reasure. Take care of him, God. Keep him in health and sustain him under e \ e r y possible circumstance of I once warmod him, God, under my heart. .ou warm him anew under his shelter and under the stars. Touch him with my smi l e of cheer and comfort, and my full confidence in his every braTe pursuit. Silent and alone, I pray, God, but I am only one of millions of Mothers whose prayers stream day and night to you. This is our Gethsemane. Lead us victoriously through it, God. And lead that boy of mine through his. Fail him notand may he not fail you, his coun try, no r the Mother who bore' him. God. PRAYER FOR A SOLDIER I am a soldier. This, Lord, is my task' To march, to fight, to lie in wait .1: 0 kill. Yet killing, this, Lord, do I ask: Let me not hate! War needs not hate. Lord, let me deend My freedom's great and glorious estate With ev'ry weapon that my strength can lendSave only hate! Sin let me hate. Sin let me fight till death Giving my life, if need, sin to placate; But for the sinner, beg I with sinful breath, Save me from hate! Let me go forth and share the fierce attack Early at dawn, at at dark, and late; If I should fall, if triumphing come back-Let me not hate! That's all,


COMES AND STILL NO FLYING CAPTAINS AT TY}IDALL. (All the Lts. we know would be glad to shoulder the burden) Colonel Ja!axwell returned from the West on \'iednesday, and the game of "Who is C.O. today?" is ove r Bars replaced stripes this week on a scale as 25 o f ou r flying sergeants were appointed Flight Officers. Due to circumstances definitely beyond control, we cannot make any further statement on the subject A good evening' s entertainment at the Officer's Club is a concert by the "Irish Thrush" Monogan -better still if he is accompanied by 11S trummer" Des P or tes, who, we unde rstand, has 11her11 "com iTJg 'roun d the lJlountain" from ten 'til on a borrowed guitar Belated con gro.tulatinns to Captuin Gundla ch on his recent promotion (Any officer expect in(; a pr-omotion is asked t o contact the "TA ... l:lGET''-w0 111 help the m "swaa t") And wo hear that Jean Anderson and Alma Ca. thrall were feuding the other dlly, with the result the. t now nei th<::r wi 11 fi 11 the other 1 s X-V.AS stocking Miss Fay Mercer of the Signal Office was promoted to chief operator last Monday, and we're just as happy about it as she is One o f our reporters on the "line" has left us on a me.tter of policy And we will miss Virginia Clark Lt. Tannen and Nurse Cofield are rooting for bigger and better camp shows. Lt. Tannen has changed to Camels, while the supply lasts Lt. B'lil"Y ha::.: that look o f relief now that his only worries are thoAe of the Medics Unit Supply It is very that we are obliged correct one of the nation's leading but N.Y.'s "P.M." erroneously printed that Lt. Hank Greenberg "reported for duty yesterdayand will be assigned to duty with Lt. Harbin Lawson". Lt. Greenberg 1 s visit here was cf the inspection type We hear that m any o f the Field's officers did not see eye to eye with the Gas Rationing Beard' 1:1 decision And then there's the PX girl who, as the orders came thick and fast, said, "I wish I had a ten-track mind". A weary voice from the counter came back wi t:t:, "A one-track one help". Our statistics on PX service are' 80% of the girls are trying, 10% are getting results, and we haven't the slightest idea what happened to the other 10%. note with pleasure the mid-month promottons of Cpls. Hagan and Colleran to the grade of Sergeant WHY C O J s GET GRAY HAIR: Pvt. Steve Colquitt of the "Red Birds'' was given a pass t o go into town on Saturday, and when h e returned on Monday, he claimed he thought that the pass was good from Sat. to Monday. F oolish child That was Pvt. Max Eisen stadt of the "69ers" who was given that warm welcome by Lt. Greenberg on his arrival here. They are old friends ar.d neighbors. (Max's brother is Har r y Eisenstadt, pit cher fortheClevelan d InMans) We hoar "Wit" Ostrenko of the is going all out in his campaign t o have "Dream Girl" Helen Monk elected "Mis:o Tyndall Field11 "Wi t11 is operating on a scale, according to reporter Bill Hines, and threatened the most impossible abuse to anyone who does not cast his ballot for 11Dream Girl" Why oh why, do those tough, hardbi tten Transient Aircraft men fight to see who i s going to read the latest "Love first? (Half of them are married men, tool!) The instru .ctors hope that the graduation parties being given by the graduating gunners do not stop. (The way to man's heart is through his stomach and apparently the way to good grades is through the srune channels) Cpl. Davis of the "Zebrastt is a n im;tructor with the D. of T., and a graduate of Armorer's school, but upon getting ready for t he hunting season. he purchased 300 rounds of' shells that wouldn't fit his own J.ittle "22" ... Pvt. John ( NMI) Sperry, who just reported t o Tyndall, has the unusual ability to tell yon immediately the number of let t'3rs in any given word and to spell that word backwards in any of three languages. He speaks five. (Wnat can y ou do?) And we wer e just told that Sgt. Dwight Boileau finally got his lst rocker Who is this Sgt. Mund who has been "snowed" by a girl who can sing "I Get a Kick out of You" in Pig If they w ed, they'll have a prett y good start, as she already has a piano, refrigerator and baby bed 'The "Guardians" claim that they are becoming "acutely shoe-shine conscious" And we doubt ii' any Tyndall rumor ever attained tile speed of the one that roarerl thro ug h rhursday. fn-/aivr.._


TYNDALL TARGET Published every Saturday by the Special Service Section, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Captain W. H. Wiseman COMMANDING Col. w. A. Maxwell EDITOR Sgt. Arnold Milgaten DEPARTMENT OF TRAINING REPRODUCTION STAFF M/Sgt. Woodrow w. Busby S/Sgt. Henry D. Vest Corp. Francis Churchill Sgt. John Webster COLUMNISTS The "Yardbird (A/C Billy Grout) and ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sgt. Saul Samiof NEWS EDITOR Corp. James Freeman The "Taler'' PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A Dickerman Sgt. James Montgomery Corp R oge r Keough Pfc. Price Terry Pfc. John Marsick ART WORK S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Corp Frank Horn PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF S/Sgt. William 8astle S/Sgt. John Mitchell Corp. Silas Upchurch Pfc. Everett Tackett Pfc. A. A. Loudis Pvt. Marshall Goodman TYNDALL TOPICS The appointments of American trained sergeant-pilots to the rank of Flight Officers has up quite a bit of COL1ment. We believe that an explanation as to why Canadian trained sergeant-pilots were not included in the promotions is in order. We checked with several of the most reliable source s on the Field and from them we learned at; The original legislation for the appointment of sergeant-pilots to the rank of Flight Officer s omitted any mention of the status of Canadian trained pilots. However, Army Air Forces officials, from Tyndall Field to are aware of the situation and every effort is being made to correct that legislation as soon as possible. We hope the "sweating" will be short for our sergeants who their wings in the North 9 and that they too wi 11 soon trade their stripes for bars. An explanation is also d1..e on tile laundry situation. The return of finished laundry to several of the Field's squadrons was delayed two and a half weeks, causing, in addition to an over abu ndance of griping, some of the boys to invest their Christmas surplus in clothing necessities. At first we suspected that it was just an attempt by the "higher-ups" to acquaint us "G.I.'s" with some of the ha.rdships of civilian life in wartime. Just to be sure, howe'Ver, we cl1ecked with Q.M.'s Lt. Avery (Laundry Officer) and he informed us that the delay was caused by (a). The Tallahassae laundry being overburdened. (b), The new system which requires that laundry be sorted before leaving the Field and upon its return. (c) The shor<:age of "G.I. 's" to do the sorting. The task of sorting several thousand articles of clothing, clean or otherwise, is not whe.t we would call 11soft pickings'', so we're not going t o "take our business elsewhere". Instead, we'll hope that on Christmas morn, every "G.I." who looks in his stocking will find a ).aundi,"'ycomplete and ready to 11DUX11 his 11undies"I A touch of Christmas has been a dded to the Post Theatre by way of new stage curtains. A salute to Captain William H. Wiseman, who was responsible for their purchase and installation.


B "STATIC CHASERS" ULLETIN! All "Chasers" had a busy Sunday and Monday d ue to the fact that the Control Tower was off t h e air ( power failure). This meant that the frequencies in the had t.o be c hAnged to communicate with the Control ship-pron to! Not once, but several times. Con gratulations, moll, on t h e fine j ob We want to caution all men about pro fanity over the air. That' s t : .1e unpardonable sin. Remember, quite a f'ew folks short wave sets in these here parts and it's not much of a t a s k t o t une you in so, be keerful whe n you're battin' the breeze. T/Sgt. MacLaren hasn't been heard f rom yet. He's on furlough, soakin g up that good ol' North Carolina climate Wonder if "roll call" Oi"i ginated f rom "rolling out of bed"? Extra credit goes to Sgt. D .B. Berry, who, in addition to regular duties as Squadron Radio Chief and Instructor in the Radio School, is acting-N.C.O. in charge of the Post Communications, in the absence of T/Sgt. MacLaren. Nice work, Brad. The following m e n h a ve completed the Post Radi o Cou r s e and have nor taken their placea on the "line" as student operators s Sgt. L.E. Smit h Pfc. J.H. Strange, a nd Pvts D.A. Comatock, W.S. Creamer J S Paslawr --1, R.H. Bryan, J. Kuklis A Shalton, u.L. Commander, C.H Casey and truly. Any red faces at Scott F ield? Attenti on all radio men! You'll find some very i n teresting reading on page "Air Forces News Letter", in the article entitled "You Can't Ride A Beam I n Combat" VY73, Roger closing up shop -Pfc. J. MacLaren "ZEBRAS" llhe new r e -grassing project, under the supervision o f Lt. promises to make us positively the most beautiful s quadron on the Field Our wandering TopXick, J.T. Lee, the Louisiana Lover, has torn himself away from HER arms and is now b a ck in the fold. These new 30-day "Off Limit" restrictions are just the thing to eliminate "mornings afte r", the b oys say we wi.sh the best of luck and g o od X -ma s Cheer to the group who left our squadro n f o r rt. Myers. We especially will misb former brilliant "TARGET" Sgt. Sam Schun Sgt. Clayton, who was acting lst/Sgt. during Lee's absence, did a with the cooperation of the boy s S/Sgt. McDonald. of the instructors group, is displaying his new promotion stripes which he says he earned--we wonder. Pfe. Prinzback and Ritchie, his assistant plan to requisition a truck to haul the heavy Christmas mail What was the reason for all of our boys staying in the squadron s.rea over the past week-elld? Could it be that they were restricted? A welcorae to all the boys cetming off furlough And what S/Sgt. in Sight ing and Harmonization vas once known as "Water liose Harry" and is now kncmn e.s "Greasy Ike"? Could it be that has been reading the hair oil ads? -Pf'o. Bernard Backer U -"n>ALA CHATTER" nder the able supervision l'.lld direc tion of Lto Lucian Manzi,. our Post is rapidly into a thing of beauty. We're removing all the underbrush, and Needs, and white-washing the trees, an1 planting roses in various spots on the, Field. Lt. Gable paid ue a brief visit last week Wonder who the individual llFS.S, who, when asked how he liked his eggs, replied, "one up and one down"! Joaquin Baustin ("Walki.ng the Floor ever you") happens to be a very versatile fellow. He speaks three languages and loves long names. He claims th:!.s all started back in the Philippines. Hope somebody take s over Wdil& I'm cuperating in the be back on the job soon. -sg' .: .J. llurphy I "69ers" (RUGGED?) t is only fitting that should start off with a farewell salute to three of the swellest fellows we ever had. the pleasure of soldiering with, Sgt. Mont' and Cpls. Doris and Ozog. The best of luck to you, fellows. If anyone is interested in a conserva tive newspaper, Pvt. Coe (n) is taking subscriptions for the Moni tor". It has a very good comic section, and S/Sgt. John Mitchell l'ecommends it to all readers.


The Yardbird T h e o l e Yardbird has sho bin put thru the mill this weak ani feels m ity used up t oo. I i s d un got anothur haid aik besides ma fust sgt. now in the fawm uv ma flyin instruktur. He s ho is amity peekulyur feller. Whin we i s the g r o un he is j est as plessant an s o s habu l as a center pup, but great day, whi n we g oes up h e sho d oe s chainge kwik. H e l ets littel things worry him to m uc h an git h i m all upset an irritatid. I tells him they aint but wun thing ter be skeere d uv an thats the grou n but i has a hard time konvinsin him. Bin tryin ter get h i m ter let me take t hat o l e areplain up by maself but he wudnt hear uv it atall a n whin i wud menchun it he wud sull u p an wudnt have nuthin ter do with me fur kwi t e sum timeactin reel hu rt. Well, yisti ddy, we tako off ter practise me up o n sum uv t h a t cordnashun s tuff an he tole m e ter do jest like i wantid an boy I s h o give him a ride. M a l oop the loops wuz purty, i nevur got lost a n i pulled hur ot evu r spin she vdnt inter e n used both wheels ter land on. whin i got her s topped h e crawled ot reel shaky like aholdin hisself up on the wing an sayed, Well ya walk e d away frum that wun! Boy, i is seen sum reckless m en but the only way ya cud be recklesser i s fur ya ter be biggur. Ya is aboot the wurst thret t e r human s aftee i is evur seen an i jest aint gointer ride with ya agin o n accoun t uv i v alyues ma l i f e to much. Frum now on ya will jest hafter do it by yaself. I cain t teech ya nuthin-take hur up Grea t Day, ma nees buckled, an m a mouf drapped opin an felt awful d r y an ma adims appul vlin t d own aroun ma belt buckul e.n i didnt feel so gud on accoU11t u v i had jest bin po ppin o f f ter make him think i wuz brave an devul dont cair bu t I crawled rite bak i n f o rsin a big bride groom smile an t ook cff an landid without wrackin it, an whi n i managed ter git bofe feet on the g u d ole groun agin he smilin an joki n an feelin rite mer ry, an he even give ma a chew off'n his two bit plug S e e whut i meens whin I says he is peekulyur? M erry Christmas, Gud Buddies. I sho hopes eech an evu r wun uv yall has a mit y pleasant an injoyabul wun ani ain t jest a burdin. Reckin i d better be agoin----The Yardbird (No 1 ) LEDB ETTER


0 "SIGNALIERS" u r "Di ck'' Powell is the most "waitingest '' He is impatiently waiting t o get his furlough papers, after which h e intends to accompan y a c e rtain Miss down the well-known aisle. G o o d luck, boy! H ope y ou know what you're d oing, tho o M/Sgt. Blackmon and "Jas Bo Jr. S im m s are hereby challenged to a five-game series of pool, at anytime, and anyplace by Hiues and Cannon. Failure to a ccept this challenge will result i n o u r thinki ng that you d o not play as well as you have hinted that you do. T h e s t akes-? Well, how about the b e s t chicken or steak dinner that b u y in Panama City? Jf -.i'. accept the challenge, get n touch with manag e r Cannon, of the ines and Cann o n combine Miss Monk of the Wester n Union has a very rabid fan i n "Wit" Ostrenko. He is op e rating on a tremendous scale to g e t votes for his favorite i n the Miss Tyndall Field" contest. He has threatened the most imp ossitle physical abuse to a n yone w h o does not cast his ballot f o r "Dream Girl". Drake and Deloach f rom Apalach, were up t o see us last week They were i n fine shape, loo k ing none the worse for their service i n tte A palachicola woods. -Sgt. William. Hines T "BUZZ BUGS" here are several new arriva l s in our namely, Pvt. Martin Rogers, and his pal, T im Hurst (who s t icks to him like glue), Pvt. David R nd P vt. Joe Alferi ("Little ,Joe" w e call him ) who has along to needle us, you see, he's one of the big needle and thread men from s o and sew. They all seem to hav the makings of good r adio men, any way. Incidentally, the radi o stati on is getting so -.:rcw ..... J. .;3 e day a .:"ta.t on e n eeds a shoe-horn to get in the joi--, I mean, station We exten d hearty cong ratulations t o Pvt. O s c a r Ki ng on his ascendancy to the r ank of Private, First Class Operator Gerald Tobin is n o w to be addressed as "Sergeant" Tobin. Cpl. Warren Z elmer and Pvt. Frank Hof fer are doing a fine job as stud en t operators I could say the same for myself} under the able direction of Sgts. Allen and Erwin Pfc. Joe Green Pvt. E J. Miller are doing a swell job i n the tow er, betwee n arguments. Martin R o gers got that letter f rom Fort Worth and is s miling a g ainhe even play e d the h armon i c a the other eve ning. your common-tator, Walter W'in s hield Jr., will cease firing for the present, h u t we'll b e around again next week so have your sights set on us--Remember 7318 -Pvt. H. Garrett ''Q.M. Q UIPS" fhe entire Quartermaster C orps extends most hearty con gratulation s to Captain Herman Gundls.c h Jr. on h i s promotion from the rank of. lst L i e utenant We all hop e that Pvt. Bill Vatavuk, who recently too k unto himself a bride, will be very h a p py. Who 1 s next, "fe won der? Local gos s ip: The Army finally Bill Lamb S g t Ramey will be back om furlough this we6k Sgt McBeth, C p Hofherr and T en Eyck a nd Pvt. Leonar .' are just leaving: on t h e i r "vacation" o Miss Mann is back S gt. Fulton i s spending his spare time in sewing chevrons on his blue denims. He's working hard on his new job, too, because he says he d oesn't want to ge t t oo R usty. Everyone in the Q.M. offices is looki ng forward t o the pre-X-mas dance t o be given on Decembe r 22, a t t h e Ly nn Haven Countr y Club -Pfe. A Rubm 0 "RED BIRD S ur bs .sketball players, S/Sgt. Donald (Atlas) Di xo n Sgt. W. C. Hunter, Cpl. Steinberg, and Pvts. Lamon a n d Gencarelli are g etting in the pink o f c onditi on f o r their next game T h e bes t o f luck, boys. lst/Sgt. Heidema writes us f rom the W i ndy City of Chicago tha t he is having a swell time and it' s snow he has to plo-w thr ough now, instead of sand. C.O L t Francis Keirn, the Mrs., Franci s I V will be spending the holidays in Canada. W e all wi s h them a very enjoyable Christmas and a H a pp y New Year. S / Sg;t. L. Wort h better known as "Short C u t or, around payday, "Shoot a Quail'' did s o m e fin e shooting t}is past payday. And if his mar k s man hip impr ov e s any, Supply Sgt. Juneau will have to issue him another foot locker. Vincen t Del Ponte


Who was that private who attended a party recently and awoke the following morning with M/Sgt. chevrons and oh, such a headache! It seems that Pvt. Duke Miller is the only man with whom the above private can harmonize. The cheerfulness in the supply room can be traced directly to the promotion of John Colleran to and the visit of Artie Mealor's wife. Now if something would only happen to Pvt. Willie Burns We would like to have gestions for a new name since by the next issue the newly selected name. some more sug for our column we hope to use Cpl. Vance Edwards has left on furlough and we aren't the only ones who think that he will return incorporated. -Pfc. Gould "ORDi'lOTES" If any mention is made of a company pedestrian knocking over a bicycle and throwing its rider into a brush pile, let it be known here that it was entirely accidental and unavoidable. Several of the boys gayly set forth on Tuesday for their various furlough destinations, looking forward to the end of their fiftsen days when they could come back to duty. $ $ $ floated around the other day when Sgt. Christina and lst/Sgt. Ridulph tangled at table tennis. Sgt. Christina treated to cokes after the Ken L a Witham 0 "BROWNIES" u1 perty last Friday night was a swell affair and I think that everyono will agree that the steaks were the finest that they ever had. How 'boot +-.hnt. Cpl. Hakeem? Not enough credit can go to Capt. Hinchman, Lt. BoulJuc, S/Sgts. Murphy, Young, Miss Lindquist and the rest of the staff for their part in the party. We were honored by having Lt. Colonll Randolph in on us and after an in troduc.ion by Lt. Lyman, Col. Randolph made a brief address in which he commen ted on the fine Sfirit and which was displayed the gang. All in all, it was a great evening and we are all looking forward to the next one. It can't come too soon. We were finally presented with a pingpong table. Up to press time, we still weren't able to find out the donor, but whoever is responsible. accept the sincere thanks of the entire squadron. We lost another of our old timers the other day, when, much to his Ralph Heath found himself on the Apalach shirping list. Good luck, Ralph, but don't forget to come back e.nd see us once i n a while. After all. you're not going to far away. Cpl. Hammett and S/Sgt. Geick would like to know who fools with the alarm clock wheneverthe boys are on C.Q. Per haps it's the Gremlins, boys! It 1 s amazing what wond'3:rful service Cpl. W inkler gets at the P.X. Haven't you learned yet Wink, not to pay for anything before you get it??? That's all. brother. -Cpl. J.J. Freeman "MEDICWOES" s;/Sgt. Dean's furlough was quite a success far as concerned. Same one ia now wearing a little er.tra weight on the third finger of the le!'t hand. Nice going, Now it's bootleg mail The lew pressure boys E..re beginning to wonder if they are a promised land Tne holiday3eascn see lot of Medics in Pennsylvania. The time tables have been checked and re-checked for the pe.st two weeks. We hope tnat Cpl. Ellis has better luck e t selling those Sugar Bowl tickets than he at getting his part of the news stl'aight in the 11Medicwoos". We wonder if S/Sgt. our little dear from 1Jni t Supply, Sgt o Kul.ac, are going to le&d double lives whe n th$y return from f...1rlough? Tllen there was the T/Sgt. that addressed o. postcard to himself. That new barber shop is very nice indeed, but 1fh3n is the barber coming dawn for businesa? All we need now is a P.X. We hope that Sgts. Volk (o! Ginn.) and Davidfion, Cpl. and Pvt. Pruett have good luck at hous e hunting. It seems that th8 ahipyarda still have preference. We all envy that little 5200 mile jaunt of Pfc. Hanna and Pvt. Eickma.n. How did you g6t the gas, boys?


T/Sgt. Keltner is another of the Medics who will be exposed to Atlanta while attending school at Fort McPherson 18 months service is a long time without a furlough. The authority down here is Tennessee's Freddy Dawson. The night shift men over at the Dental Clinic are still wondering why the power wasn't turned on Monday during the day shift. -Sgt. Charles Laubly W "FINANCE FANFARE" hen Monday night rolled around, we duly dusted off our bagpipes and reeled up to the Post Theatre, for we heard that the "Camel's Were Cnming". The Camels were there and peeled off a mean hunk of sweet potato, as Pvt. Roberts can testify. We told you not to sit in the first row, Orion. But the man is stubborn. Came the second show, and there's Orion still in the first row. "They don't have many debutantes in efferson City, Mo.," said Pvt. Tolivar ranklin, "But if those in the show are a fair sample, I'm for 'em." The consensus of opinion among the Finance Drama Critics Circle was that the show was one of the best of the present season. One member's vote was recorded as in doubt, as he kept making noises like an old sow with nine little pigs. As the strains of the finale rang out, the audience slowly sauntered through the exits, puffing on their favorite brand. You guessed it, Sir Walter Morris! -Sgt. Felix Leon BELIEVE IT OR NOT! (By Pvt. Ted Meltzer, PGR.O.) The age of courtesy is not dead--as a group of patriotic Panama City residents proved several Saturdays ago. Two buck privates in search of a haircut entered a barber shop crowded with civilians. Being privates in the Army, they have become experts in the art of waiting, so they settled down philosophically to await their turn. Soon, one of the barbers released his customer and said "Next!" Not one of the civilians moved. Finally, one of the soldiers got the drift and walked happily to the empty chair. When the next barber finished with his customer, the other private got his chair. The shock was only momentary, and both boys are now resting quietly. JEWISH MEN AT TYNDALL HAVE SPIRITUAL LEADER IN PVT. BILL:TARAGIN OF BALTIMORE Bill Taragin left Latvia in 1929 to join his parents in U.S.A. Bill's folks had moved to Baltimore in 1927, "t Bill at that time attending the Riga (Latvia) Theological Seminary and chose to finish his studies there. He entered the Seminary in 1924 to begin an intensive study of the Talmud (Hebrew Philosophy). Bill ,inducted int o the Army in Au-gust .-,of this yea'fr:::j and arrived at Tyn dall in September. However, before being allowed to mingle with the "common folk", Bill did his stretch at "Skunk Hollow", (the name fondly attached to Tyndall's Recruit Area) Shortly after his completion of recruit training, Bill found himself more or less appointed as the official Jewish Spiritual Leader with the mutual consent of Chaplains Finnerty and Wester and the local Jewish Welfare Board. Pvt. Taragin is no newcomer when it comes to guiding Jewish groups as he had bui 1 t up and was at the head of the Adath Bnei Israel Congregation in Baltimore at the time of his induction. In addition to conducting Jewish Ser vices each Friday evening at 6:30P.M., Pvt. Taragin also has a beginner's Heb rew Class at 7:00 P.K. on Mondays and a Bible Class on Thursdays at the same time. W "CLOUD HOPPERS" ell, we lost some good men this past week, Sgts. Dugan, Doyle, Conner and Cpl. Dengler. There'll not be another Dugan around for a long time--he will be missed by who knew him. We know that wherever he goes he'll give a good account of himself, and that goes for the other boys, too. Cpl. Misiaveg collects precious wood for a hobby, so ask him about the girl in Fort Worth who also collects wood Too bad about S/Sgt. Nogulich losing his brand new clothes in that fire in town ; he was all set to go home as a flight lieutenant. (Continued on back page) A PRESENT WlTH A FUTURE WA-R 90N1).S


GENERAL: (5 pcinte each) l. What state in the United States has the per square mile? 2. Where did the of the Light Brigade take place? 3. Who first flew the English Chan nel? 4 vVhat were the names of Columbus's three ships? GEOGRAPHY: (5 points each) L What country is at the foot of the Balkan Peninsula? 2. Name the range of mountains that separate Siberia from European Russia? 3. What n on-American countryw clos est geographically to North YARDBIRD'S BUCK.PRIVATE'S NON-cOM'S OFFICER'S SPORTS' (5 points each) 0 30 30 G O 60 90 90 99 1. Who was known as "The father o f American football"? 2 What is a chukker? 3 How ma y m e n are there or. a Rugby f ootball team? 4. a bowler scores three hundred haw many balls does he bowl? HISTORY: (5 points each) l. INhere was the first p ermanent Eng lish col ony in America founded? 2. Who succeede d Abraham Lincoln as President of' the United States? 3. Who was the youngest President of the United States? 4. Who was the first Vice-President of the United States? WHAT HAVE THE FOLLOWING IN COMMON? (4 points 1. Robert H. Kelley. Samuel J. Ridulph. Vincent D. Ra.hm. 2. Glenn Hunter. Lunt. James Rennie. 4. Mel Hein. 5. Iliad. Clint Frank. Cliff Battles. Odyssey. Paradise Lost. OF ______________ __ MY CHOICE FOR ---'MISS TYNDALL (CANDIDATE'S NAME) (CANDrDATE'S DEPT.) {VOTERS SIGNATURE, ENLISTED MEN ONLY ) (SQUAURONl (SERIAL NUMBER) 3. Bryant Grant Sidney Wood. George Lott. 6. Richleieu. Mercier.. Newman. IELD" IS Please f old ballots and deposit them in ballot boxes located at Post Theat re, Post Headquarters Mai n PX,




LT. HANK GREENBERG INSPECTS TYNDALL'S PHYSICAL TRAINING ACTIVITIZS Lt. Henry Greenberg, former home-run king of the American League, visited Tyndall Field last The Lieutenant, as a member of the AAFFTC Physical Training Department came here to inspect the s physical training activities and facilities. He was favorably impressed with the rugged physical training program set up by Tyndall's P.T. department for gunnery students. This program devotes 28 out of 32 hours to and conditioning. Lt. was es. pecially interested in, and commended our famed .obstacle course. He stat6d that "It embodies every phase of conditioning, including gymnastics and bar facilities." He asked that a com plet s diagram of the facilities be aent to FTC Headquarters. The husky "big leaguer" was also pleased with other phases of physical training in the course, such as crosscountry running, combative activities and work with heavy balls. OVERCONFIDENT "69TH" BOWLERS BOW TO SUPERIOR "GUNNER MAKERS" PIN MEN Last Monday night, the high-flying "GunneT Makers" again proved that they were not going to stand short on anything, least of all, on good bowling. They iook on the "Rugged" (?) 69th in a challenge match and went back to the Field that night with a "three out of three" score tucked under their belts. Despite the i'act that lst/Sgt. Lloyd H. Taylor of the kept th"J 1169ers" were willing to concede ( ai'ter the third game 1 of' course) that Lt. Miller's boys certainly had something on tne ball. It waDn't just a question of two or three good men, for the G.M.s used thirteen men and seven of them bowled 160 or better. Pvt. Kottke, who gave a remarkable exhibition of' control in the G.M.s' first game the Finance Wizards two weeks ago, could do no better than a mars 171 175 in the tl."fo games he bowled on Monday. The high ma.n for the G .M.s was CpL Jarnowski. In the middle game he came through witn a surprising 181. Inci that second game practically presented to the "Gunner kers" by CpL Churchill and Sgt. Milgaten of the "69ers 11 when they failed to get sufficient "wood" on their sp ares. 1 'he 69th lost the game by seven pins. Pvt. Gus Bianco continued to lead the "Rugged" (?)keglers with a high score of 184 in the first game. Pvt. Fraser also came through with a pectable average of 166 for the three grunes. Last year's champion Quartermaster pin men will go into action for the first time this season when they meet the 1169ers" on Monday, From what we could gather, Cpl. only lem is to pick out the best of the fifteen men who have asked to try out i'or the team. This may be the last challenge match before the beginning of league bowling, as fourof the squadrons, Finance, G.M.s and the 69th are seeking two or four other organizations to a team in the Any squadron desiring to enter a team in the proposed bowling leagna is asked to contact the "TARGET" ately, either by (#2137) or by letter. ANSWERS TO ????? GENERAL: Rhode Island; Balaklava, Russ5.a; Loui.s l3leriot, in 1909; Nina. Pinta, Santa Maria. SPORTS: Walter Camp; given to a period of play in polo; 15; 12. GEOGRAPHY: Greece; Ural; Russi a1 (in Asia). AMERICAN HISTORY: Jamestown, Va. 1607; Andrew Johnson; Theodore Roosevelt,42; John Adams. WHAT lU. VE THE FOLLOWING IN COMMON? s 1. lst/Sgts. at Tyndall Field; 2. Actors; 3. Tennis Players; 4. Football Players; 5. Epic Poems; 6. Car dinals of the Roman Catholic Churcho


J MAr'FUNCTION SAYS;'STOW YOUR GUNS I N THE 'BUBBLE' WHEN ABOUT ifO LA.ND OR YOU'll. DRAG YOUR 'SCHNOz' IN THE FLORIDA SAND: In this contest of Bea.u<:;y-I too, have entered my Cutie. And no matter how tha judge-s decideI'li still want her to be my brido. It's not for Love, or Dough I Wed-It's for Class "A" pass and a 11Si.Ir.mons11 Bedl Holes in doughnuts are supposed to be eaten with ghost-toasties and evapor ated milk. This billing was seen on a theatre in Macon, Ga.1 "They Die d With Their Boots Ou and Shorts.''. Sign in a latrines "The rum ors emanating from this latrine do not necessc.rj ly express the opi.nio n s of the Orderlies". Recruit: have you got to eat, Cook?" Cook: "I ain't got to eat it-you got to eat it!"


"CLOUD HOPPERS" -(Continued) We notice that Cpl. Shaw is getting a "Stenographert s Spread"; a little drilling would streamline that waistline. The entire squadron has cooperated to make our bond drive a success. Keep it up, boys, and when the war is over we'll eash them in at the "Old Quaker" -so Sgt. DesJardins says And Cpl. Coleman claims that he was not vaccinated with a phonograph needle. Sgt. "Polly" Guidry and T/Sgt. Jones look like a father and son team, only G uidry generally slides back like a ship which has just been hit by a bottle of champagn e or Imperial Pvt. Jones is joining the Lonely Hearts Club. Sergeant Tony "The Barber" Sanfilippo is thinking seriously of cutting hair again. There's no profit in Tech supply and I'll vouch for that! That's all for now, except, keep up that good WAR BOND work! -Pre Ed Strong SATURDAY, December 19 Walt Disney Special Feature SUNDAY, MONDAY, Decembe r 20-21 "George Washington Slept Here" Jack Benny Ann Sheridan Here's members Hollow". new home. "GUNNER MA.K ERS 11 a hearty "Welcorn e" to the new of the Squadron from "Skunk We hope you will like your The Squadron's bowling team is shap ing nicely. Sgt. Taylor is holding tryouts so all of you "ex pros11 see him. We have the best basketball team on the Field, so why not have the best bowling team too? THINGS VVE WOULD LIKE TO Sgt. Tobolsky as the best man at Sgt. Clausen's wedding Sgt. Statile back in circulation again in ?anama City A few more buses running between the Field and P.C Max Woods (P.F.C.,U. S.A.) keep quiet after lights out and let the rest of the men in the room sleep Who "Hank" Chapman voted for in the Miss Tyndall Field Contest Sgts. Neubauer and Bressler around t c lffi a little more. -Sgt. Blankenship TUESDAY, December 22 "One of Our Aircraft is Missing" Hugh Williams Eric Portman WEDNESDAY, December 23 "Anay Surgeon" Jane Wyatt James Ellison THURSDAY, FRIDAY, December 24-25 "Seven Days Leave" Victor Mature Ball ....----R I T Z SUNDAY, MONDAY, December 20-21 "Springtime in the Rockies" Betty Grable John Payne TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, December 22-23 "You Can't Escape Forever" George Brent Brenda Marshall THURSDAY, Decsmber 24 "Behind the 8 Ball" Ritz Brothers FRIDAY, December 25 "Strictly in the Groove" Leon Errol Mary Healey SATURDAY, 26 "Bells of Capistrano" Gene Autry Smiley Burnette LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT "Who Done It" Abbott and Costello PANAMA SUNDAY, MONDAY, December 20-21 "Gunga Din" Cary Grant Douglas Fairbanks I Jr. TUESDAY, December 22 "Mexican Spitfires Elephant" Lupe Velez Leon Errol WEDNESDAY, December 23 "Moonlight Masquerade" Betty Kean Eddie Foy Jr. THURSDAY, December 24 "Sherlock Holmes In Voice of Terror" Basil Rathbone Nigel Bruce FRIDAY, December 25 "S treet of Chance' Burgess Meredith Claire Trevor SATURDAY, December 26 "Oklahoma Terror" Tim McCoy -


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