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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 48 (December 25, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
December 25, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
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THE CHRIST OF CHRISTMAS "And it came to pass, that in those days there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that the whole world would be enrolled. This enrolling was first made by Cyrinus, the governo r or Syria. And all went to be enrolled, everyone into his awn city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth into Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem: because he was of the house and family of David, to be enrolled with Mary his espoused wife, who was with child. And it came to pass, that when they were there, her days were accomplished, that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. "And there were in the same country shepherds watching, and keeping the night watches over their flock. And behold an angel ot the Lord stood by them, and the brightness of God shown round about them; and they feared a great fear. And the angel said to thema 'Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tid ings of great joy, that shall be to all people; for, this day, is born to you a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David. And this shall be a sign unto you. You shall find the infant wrapped in clothes, and laying in a manger.' "And sudd 'enly there was with the angel a multi tude of the heavenly army, praising God, and sayinga 'Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.' "And it came to pass, after the angels departed from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to anothera 'Let us go over to Bethlehem, and let us see this word that has come to pass, which the Lord hath showed to us.' And they came with haste; and they found Mary and Joseph, and the infant lying in the manger. And se.eing, they understood of the word that had been spoken to them concerning this child. And all that heard, wondered; and at those things that were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these words, pondering them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God, for all the things they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them." (St. Luke II, 1-20) The Chaplains take this opportunity to wish. the entire personnel of this post, both military and civilian, a very merry Christmas. We pray thattheblessings of this holy season may descend upon you and your families. Chaplain Finnerty and Chaplain Wester SCHEDULE OF SERVICES Midnight Masa l2s00 midnight Mass asoo A.K. Protestant Worship Service lOaOO A.K. Mass llsl5 A.M. I '


A This week we celebrate t he second Christmas of ou war. the jungles and plains and deserts, bris.tle with guns, and the star the Wise Men saw gl ams down on a world in conflict. To some it may seem that the season has lost it meaning--that its message o f peace on earth good will to men, has been destroyed by t h e cannon and the bombs. The contrary is true. With war around us, what peace means. We can see now, if we did not before, that what we bad is worth keep i ng no matter h much it may cost or how long it may take. Aa on no other. mas, do we treasure all for which this season standee e never before, can we resolve with the New Year to win and preserve these things for ou r s e l ves and our children. You here, are celebrating Christmas as members of a great body of men-a brotherhood of those who fight for what they beli eve in. All ove r the world, on the train ing grounds of America and at the far outposts of Africa and the South Pa cific men at war are observing this day o f peace. Not perh a p s w ith the usual Yuletide festivi ties, but eve r ywhere with a keener determination that ther e s hall be other Christmas e s for us and for those e cherish. Out of war must come rlctory. come peace-the p e ace that Chr i stmas To you, a nd e ac h of you, I wish mas and a victori o u s New Year. With '!r:' ctcry vrl.ll symboljzos. ope-fillGd Chr:-Corps


MISS NELL CARTER 2No WEEK WINNER IETHERLANDS AERIAL GOflNERT STUDENT IS AWARDED DUTCH FLYING CROSS G. H. Paalman. Vaandrig. (which is the highest grade an enlisted man in the Dutch Arrrry can attain), received notice by telegram last that he was to be awarded the Dutch Flying Cross tor his heroic performance in a B-10 at Singapore. The Tyndall gunner left here for Jackson Mississippi, on Monday, where he was presented with the medal by General L. H. Van Oyen. At the same ceremony a posthumous award or the same medal was made to the late Lt. Van Erkel, formerly an instructor at Jackson, and a pilot of the B-10. The Lieutenant died in a plane crash several weeks ago. Vaandrig Paalman and his crew in the B-10 were credited with sinking one Jap cruiser. two Jap transports, and two Jap planes on December, 1941. The same B-10 aided Paalman's escape from Java the day after that island fell into the hands of the TWO BOWL GAMES WILL BE HEARD OVER WDLP THROUGH COURTESY OF LOCAL LAUNDRY (By Pvt. Sam Melson) The Christmas present of A.H. ltrus-e. owner of the Domestic Laundry, to the personnel of Tyndall Field will be the broadcast of two of the Bawl football games New Year's afternoon. The Cotton Bowl, featuring Georgia Tech and Texas U. will launch the pro gram at 2:00 P.M., to be followed by the Rose Bowl affair in which Georgia University plays the University of California at Los Angeles. WDLP wi 11 carry both programs under arrangements made by Kr. Kruse with Vergil Evans, manager of the local station. In event that one of the games run over into the other, highlights will be given to keep the listening audience tully informed at all times. LINE EXCHANGE CAIDIDATE BECCIIES SECOND COITEST FIJI'ALIST BY LARGE MAJORITY Kiss Nell Carter "steamrollered" to Tic.tory in the second week of the "Miss Tyndall Field" Cantest. Early returns on the balloting saw three candidates battling closely tor the lead. But as the voting ended at 2s00 P.M. on Wed nesday, it was evident that the "Line PX" entry had piled up a commanding lead over her two competitors. The number of votes cast exceeded last week's total, but despite this, Miss Carter coasted to Tictory by alA most two hundred tallies. It see.ma as though the P.l balloting barrage was geared to nothing short of complete conquest. Kiss Kitty Safar, Miss Polly llcLain and Kiss Mary c. Garrett finished up closely the voting, but it would have taken their combined total to have defeated Viss Carter by any sort of a margin. In a week that was marked by the ap pearance of organized campaigning, it seems that the effort brought forth results, tor one candidate at least. As the contest goes into its third and next-to-last week, Tyndall's enlisted men are once more r eminded that e all votes must be cast before 2,00 P.M. on Wednesday. "RHYTHM REVIEW", TUESDAY NIGHT TYNDALL RADIO SHOI TO FEATURE "1942 II .The Army Air Forces Hero of the Year" and a renew of important events at Tyndall 1942 will be the highlights or the Field's weekly radio a how on Tuesc!ay, December 29th. The progrss. sponsored by the P.R. Office, is heard eaoh Tuesday at TaOO P.M. over WDLP. Cpl. Dale Barton, capably guide the show, aQDOUQces that t.hia Tuesday e B.evi,.." will alto feature auic bf the "Rhythm Pilots" with 1fiOCe.U br ht. Jim Conitt aD4 ..... Jeamae Prtee.


We hear that our Canadian trained pilots had a tele phone party the other night At least that waJ the GEBERAL idea Person nel'a Christmas party was well attended and highly enjoyable, and e?en the presence of numerous lea't'es and bars couldn't atop T/Sgt. Stone from being the "hit" of the party. S t o n e and his "G-IIan" mask had to share top billing with Major Howell's bow and arrow set with which the Major chased Captain Burkhar t from here to there The usually unruffled Lt. Kelinsey dropped and broke a sherry glass at the O.C. the other night. He was charged I .25 for the breakage, but is reported to have collected doubl e indemnity Major Clarvoe found himself in a "dratt" last week when priorities claimed the windows he was planning to use for his new home. They were needed for another project on the Field One of the best ruses w e ve heard of is the story that Lt. Gen'l Eisenhower sent one of his order lies to purchase woolen underwear just before he began the African campaign The X-KAS spirit c ertainly was noticeable around Post Hq. Captain SilT& was seen skipping about, and Lt. Bigbee was observed humming to himself at his desk. (The P.R.O. staff have nick-name d him "Santa" -and for a good reason) Miss Grace Osment of the Field's Red Cross Office and Lt. Sizoo of the Neth erlands Det achment scooped the column by getting married without notifying us. We wish them both the best of luck and happiness And that wasn't a trans-oceanic telephone conversation, it was just Uajor Haw ell speak ing to Capt. Burkhart over the inter-office communication setwe didn't miss a word at this end of the conversation Medics write that Lt. Peav,y, exSgt. Major is somewhere in England, and alumn i (now Lts.) Mathews, Iory, Marsh and are pleased with their new work The former Sgt. "Buck" Timberlake, this paper's first editor, has been promoted to 1st Lt., and is now in North Africa. sjsgt. "Buster" Ienton, former artist for the "tARGET" met him there. i'lho says it isn't a small world? weve also received a letter from Lt. Arthur Edwards, who is now at lliami. The forme r Classification S/Sgt. has asked that he be permitted to cast a vote tor Miss Kabel Silva, (a lat week candidate) in the "Kiss Tyndall Field" Contest. He sends a Kerry Chr i stma s to all and asks us to announce that h e has an extra ticket for the Orange Bowl t o offer anyone from Tyndall, who can make the game. .And we understaDd there are mor e ways than one to land a B-3,. Q.M. reports its Christmas dance as having been a gala atfair-"with drinks (soft), mu sic, evening gowns, and things which ha't'e been only sweet memories to many of us f o r some time now." It sounds like a picture we once saw Pfc. Rubin also tells us that electric lawn mowers (razors) are ruinin g the peaceful status quo at b.1 interfering with favorite radio program. T/Sgt. McKey and sjsgt. Gilmore are still hunting tor suitable No ia r e quired And B.G. Backer of the "lebras was the author of that "Simmons Bed pome that adorned our "Jest Jokin'" pa ge last week Sgt. Charles Laubly of the Medi ca would like to get in touch with anyone interested in teaching or share i n learning and reviewing mathematics. (Algebra thru Calculus). And he isn't kidding either Laubly wri tea that Capt. Handy is now taking bids (b,y the pound) on his "ear" Franza was complaining that perhaps h e was n't using the right soap-since he didn't seem to have much luck with the girls at that moment. Pvt. Sperry, late s t legal "eaglet" retorted that Joe ought to try using "soft-soap". He doesn't know, Joe, d oes he? sjsgt. Mcintosh was one of t h e many G.I.'s who had to fill out a ballo t before he could get a Sunday pass. Some of these "Miss Tyndall Field" candidates won' t s top at anything-and we admire them for i t Pfc. Ed Strong asks "Who takes the loss when a soldier, upon receiving his laundry, finds that he has "outgrown" his clothes? Let us know, Ed, .if you ever find outwe've got fiye pairs of socks that look ver,r untamil iar Strong notified us that Sgt. Davis o f "The Cloud Hoppers" plana an weddin g He says that Davis has requested that t h e boys not sing carols his ap a rtm en t And Pte. Pease of the "Static Chasers" is quoted as saying that he got a big kick out of "sliding home". It was a pretty squeeze play, we thought, Pease SfSgt. Morin received an electric perculator as a gift and same of the "Blue Birds" h a v e f ormed a Breakfast Club. All that t he y n e e d is the coffee. Who So fierce is the competition for clean barracks at the Flashes" that rivals have begun to "lift" other's mops. One barracks posted the following sign, "Anyon e caught stealing mops at night will alao b e f o un d there in the morning." Upnn being praised for the excellent job that his men wer e d o ing, U/Sgt. Lamaraglia of the Ocdnanc e Am munition Section blushed, and replied, "It's really nothing, confidentially we link." fk{Jor-


TYNDALL TARGE T Published eve ry Saturday by the Special Service Section, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Lt. Nicholas N. Zemo COMMANDING Col. W. A. Maxwell EDITOR Sgt. Arnold Milgaten DEPARTMEWT OF TRAINING REPRODUCTION STAFF M/Sgt. Woodrow W. Busby S/Sgt. Henry D. Vest Corp. Francis Churchill Sgt. John Webster COLUMNISTS The "Yardbird" lAIC Billy Grout) and ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sgt. Saul Samiof NEWS EDITOR Corp. James Freeman The "Taler" PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dick erman Sgt James Montgomery Corp. Roger Keough Pfc. Price Terry Pfc. John Marsick Pfc. Everett Tackett Pfc. A. A. Loudis ART WORK S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Pvt. Marshall Goodman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF S/Sgt. William Castle S/Sgt. John Mitchell Corp. Silas Upchurch TYNDALL TOPICS: A SOLDIER'S CHRISTMAS LIST What do I want for Christmas? You ask me to send you my list A stroll through the park, Your caress in the dark. The thrill of the last time we kissed. Vfuat do I want for Christmas? The moons of last summer will do. rmat gift can you send i'ihy just recommend me To spend all this lifetime with you. What do I want for Christmas? The love of my fellow men, Sweet laughter and mirth And peace on the earth. Our armies back home once again. What do I want for Christmas? It's easy to make my reply, Just the freedom to roam Through the hills I call home It's worth more than all money can buy. Pvt. M. Richard Diller (Eglin Field, Fla.) Just about a year ago today, Tyndall Field was "formally occupied" by "in vading forces" from the Panama City Recreation Camp. On Christmas Day, 1941, these men entered Mess Hall #1 for the first official meal at Tyndall. It was a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings-an appropriate christening for a mess hall which has since served over 1,000 meals. This then, was the beginning of civilization at Tyndall Field. From mess kits and raking sand, we've advanced to metal trays and planting grass seed. In almost every instance it has been a case of going forNard. However, we regret to say, some of us are beginning to forget that cleanliness and neatness are still the im portant cri terions of the good soldier. The "TARGET'S" suggestion column recently carried the reminder that butts of cigarettes are being very carelessly. thrown away, instead of of them in receptacles or by tearing the paper, scattering the tobacco an d rolling the paper in a small ball. Let's start the New Year right by observing the lessons we learned while in recruit training. especially where neatness is concerned.


;====------== I "BOILERMAIERS" was featured at the Persian Room of "Joe furloughs the best news the Greek's" where he played a command 8this year! Phil Vance is leaving for performance before the Hobos' convention. home tomorrow, and he says he'll give (They're still out gunning for him). the little lady THE RING. Congratula-Cuddlebottom believes that the best tiona, Phill Tom Yosferand Si Yoye will book ever written is "The House With 7 also have a white Christmas. Save us a Gables", and who are we to argue wi -th piece of turkey, boys. one who knows? And T/5 Sheboygan, 'tis Marty Gottlieb, one of our new addi-rumored, wears stripes Cl1 his long johns. tiona, is getting an unusual X-Mas pres Say it isn't so. ent. He'll pull K.P. on Christmas Day. We extend thanks to Lt. Roberts for .Cpl. wm. J. Higbee the great job he did in rejuvenating our .... day room, and to Mrs. Terry, wife of T/3 "THE 69TH" (RUGGED?) Terry, for her excellent work on the new elcome to the 69th, Lt. Chrissman. -Sgt. Ponzio you, our adjutant, and to all the new men, we extend a warm "hello". "ZEBRAS" Pte. Snapp told us last weekthat after fe. Clarence "Boyer" Lehman is toting a seven day "tour" of K .P. at the Student 0 a sparkling diamond engagement ring Mess, a man is fit for foreign service.. around in his jeans. He plansto slip it S/Sgt. Cherry returned from furlough on the lily white finger of his dream all smiles, for it is now S/Sgt. and Mrs. girl (Miss Grace Young, of Norvern, Mo.) C. Congrats, Sargel ADdPfe. Smissman comes furlough. His room-mates have came back from the cold, cold North with already gone into mourning for the bach-a suitcase fUllof that "kosher" baloney. elor-soon-not-to-be. (Stoeldng up for the duration, no doubt). S/.Sgt. Blanton "Rabbit Track" Owens With all the packages that the mail is testing that old axiom about "two orderly is bringing us these days, the living as cheaply as one", by becoming name of "Santa Claus Ritter" would be a benedict at Ocala, Fla And Sgt. Grif more appropriatethan, "Hey!" Does any-fin is looking chipper than a blue jay body know if Sgt. Samiof really works these days now that his wife has come every night??? And to think that Pvts. up from Lakeland to do the cooking. Bill Hoge and Russ Andrews get paid for Sgt. Martin will soon be the sharpening the pencils of the charming proud pop of a bouncing baby. Don't Misses at Operations. forget the cigars, I certainly do enjoy Though a little late, congratulations them, pop Cpl. George Davis, (the old are in order for lst/Sgt. Newsom, whoae Memphis Mudcat) was a junior patrollead-rankwas recently officially (with money) er in his local scout troop. Ben Schul-confirmed Due to the tremendous cotze, lst/Sgt. of Sqdn. C was a senior operation by the squadron on suggesting patrol leader of the same troop. His a new name for tbis column, your reporscout training probably explains Davis' ter will drinkthe ooke and the name will military bearing. remain the same. Sooooo, A Verry Sgt. John F. Harrington is an X-word to you all. -Pre. Maurice Gould puzzle fan, and is looking for harder puzzles to solve Our day room is being "ORDNOTES" improved every week. Those newly paintwe started to meu with the Q.M., ed walls certainly brighten up the atare popping all over the pla-Pre. G. B. Backer ce-the food is that good. The only B ........ \41$$! casualtywas Cpl. Pappas, who, when asked 0 ''GUARDIANS" if he wanted a second helping, promptly est wishes and congratulati'ona to our fainted. 8lst/Sgt., P.V. O'Neil and :t.trs. O'Jleil Tuesday night was the night of our or-n their recent addition to the family. ganization's Christmas party, and it was Incidentally, it's a boy, {"Jr."), and a "beaut". K/Sgt. Burnett played the the stogies were passed out bythe dozen. guitar with olose.harmoEcy" by the company Also, eongrats to Pfc. Wiltse, whore-aa T/Sgt. Witham went through his famous cently entered into wedlock with 1be for-dance, "The Death of a Faun". Sgt. Wit mer Kiss Erma Lee Smith of Blountstown. ham has played in all the Boston Clip Who was that "Guardian" who was re-Joints, and before entering the Army, he strieted several weeks ago and is now


keeping his shoes in a "dazzling" condition? And why are they calling Cpl. Artal the "Tag lid"? Pfc. "Yankee" Simonson is still trying to "get something" on Sgt. See. (Sgt. See was once a gumshoe) Sgt. Dodd on active duty w1 th the main gate Our champion letter-writer, -Sgt. "Rugged" Bernard, must be slipping. The "News Herald" did not print his torrid letter concerning our chow castles. -Cpl. Sam Marotta 0 "BROWNIES" he "Brownies" received a Christmas Greeting Card from their former "topkick", signed, "Lieutenant and Mrs. Bayard Littell. So many men have filed applications for various schools that lst/Sgt. Barbier is actually going nuts questions as to am I going, and where am I going?". In order that he may have a quiet Christmas, the lowdown i a that he doesn't know any more about it than you do. Now that we have a ping-pong table, how 'boot having a tournament to determine the squadron champion? All fellows interested, please let me know and we'll draw up a schedule. A very Kerry Christmas to each and every one of you. -cpl. J. J. Freeman \ill![ "WHITE FLASHES" Christmas around the corner, our Oday room has been appropriately deorated. Much credit should go to Pvt. "Strick" Strickland for the excellent job. Truthfully, with a day room like that I don't believe old "St. Nick'' could possibly pass us up. At least we're going to hang up our stockings, IF the laundry comes back in time. Pfc. Gowland reports that the squadron football team is in line for the Sand Bowl, having defeated the "Brownies" in their first game Sgt. "Crash" Whittington took the "big step". Congratula tions, Whit and rrAy all your troubles be little ones It's a pleasure to note the splendid maintenance record the line has hung up so far this month. Let's keep it up and hope thatthe "Gremlins" don't read this. There has been quite a feud between barracks to see which one was the cleanest and neatest Is it true that a fel low must have Christmas Spirits to get the Christmas Spirit? -S/Sgt. G. "FINANCE FANFARE" We won't have a white Christmas, There'll be no snow or holly seen. But our old Finance Department Will help to make it green. Actually, the old Finance Dept. had plenty of holly, and a tree--and as Popeye is wont to say, "Presinks", for every member of the detachment. Highlight of the ceremonies was a song, "Heil in der Furber's Face." It was rendered by Pfc. Art Schneider, who just rendered it to pieces "There ain't no Santa Claus," says Sgt. Joe Cappiello. "I hang up a sock Christmas eve, and when I wake up, it's just as dirty as the nite before." Two of the younger yardbirds who expressed doubts as to the existence of S. Claus, were excused by Lt. Shofner and were permitted to go dawn to the line to see him arrive by plane. And finally, though we're filled with "peace on earth, good will toward men", it shouldn't happen to a dog what we want to happen to Adolph, Kusso, Tojo, and all they stand for. -Sgt. Felix Leon :r t hen there was the patient on sick call Owho threw a nickel down on the pharmacy counter and asked for a coke! Pfc. St. Clair has just discovered that all A.M. students have to be expert gunners, too. We wish him luck on that exam over at Eglin That fellow of fiction, non-fiction and belles-letters at the hospital is Pfc. Calvin "Golden Boy" Green, E.K. in charge of the new library. Keep up the good work, Calvin. The Kedics had a taste of revenge on Saturday when Pfc. Pecus scored a touch down and Cpl. J.L. Smith blocked a kick as they beat the Ordnance on our field, 8-0. We hope to do better on the basketball court next time. Those Yuletide decorations down here certainly lend to a merrier holiday season. Snow would complete the picture. (You can't have everything, Laubly. -the Ed.). About the "Taler's" comment concerning service at the PX, we figure that "date talk" ranks 95% of the time. Personally, i some of us want to get something to eat! We all hope that Pte. Dave Robinson will soon leave the hospital ward. He has had quite a siege And Pvt. Pruett was seen walking towards the barracks with his em mess tray. (Love?) -Sgt. Laubly


8 0 "GUNNER MAKERS" To "THE CLOUD HOPPERS" ere's a hearty to the new looks like the race for that Miss Omembers of the squadron who recently frQQ the hangar has developed into a rrived from "Skunk Hollow". We hope w -away for the Sgt. Hunter. But don't you'll like your new home. worry, Cpl. Weeks, there are some nice THINGS WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE: Sgt. To-girls back in Maine. bolsky as best man at Sgt. Clausen's Sgt. Davis is to be wedded on Christwedding; Sgt. Statile back in circula-mas Day. The entire squadron has been tion in P.C.; A few more buses running invited by Sgt. Bullard to Davis' apart-between the Field and P.C.; Max Woods, ment for supper. PX checks will be ac-Pfc., U.S.A., keep quiet after lights cepted The next time Sgt. Herring goes out and let the rest of the men sleep; on a XC to Ft. Worth, he should remember Who "Hank" Chapman voted for in the "l&iss to bring his sex appeal with him. LetField" Contest, Sgts. Nuebauer ters are all right, but even Misiaveg and Bressler around town a little more. did well. The day room is not quite finished, My brother is sending me a box of snow but it won't be long, now. We would like for Christmas, and all Yankees can have to see the "park" finiehed soon too, so a look for nothing. Rebels. 25 cents. that we can "throw" that party there has Cpl. Coleman spent a very uneventful been so much talk about. Saturday nite under a table at the O.Q. Congrats to S/Sgt. Snoddy, who recently It has gotten so that whenever he goes slipped up to Macon and took unto him-there, one of the waitresses out self a wife. Best of luck to you, Jack. under his table. (He once complained -S/Sgt. Steve Blankenship about getting his trousers dirty.) ...-.:__. .......... e That's all for now, except, lst/Sgt. \A/ "THE CANARIES" Robert "G.I." Kelly wishes everyone a take this opportunity to wish the Merry Christmas. -Pfc. Ed Strong of luck to Sgts. Monari, Roun0 tl'ee, Young, Esposito, Halpin and Sil eo "RED BIRDS" vers, who have been transferred to Salt vt. Fredrick J. Hughes gave quite an Lake City. The outfit they go to wi 11 exhi bi ti on of marksmanship on the be as proud of them as we were. ranges, the other day. With a pistol he We were sorry to lose our "Inspector", scored 96 out of a 100 at 15 yds.; 45 namely, T/Sgt. Fewell, who went on temout of 50 at 25 yds.; and with a tommy porary D.S. to Arcadia, Fla. Apalach gun he scored 18 hits in 18 tries, at 50 claimed four of our men when Pfcs. Gist, yards Congratulations, "Deadeye". Onley and Merrill and Pvt. Thomas left Pvt. Cavallaro, our mail clerk, has for there last week. peen doing a job at handling the We're happy that our c.o., Lt. Weis tremendous amount of extra X-Mas traffic. got the chance to leave on his well-deWe welcome baok Cpls. Grissom and Damserved "furlough". During his absence, ski, who have completed a course at the Lt. Bridgeford is capably guiding the Turret Service School in St. Louis And outfit. Pfc. Stopczy writes us from Detroit that This reporter observed Sgt. Roths-he won't have to dream about a white child taking out old Age" Security in -Pre. Vincent Del Ponte the form of War Bonds. We hope to see 0 ... : iJW a all of our men following suit. How about "STATIC it, men? See T/Sgt. Pesnell, he won't Ulad to see Pvt. luklis back on the job bi. te you. 0 after his recent stay in the hospital. Gossip has it that Cpl. Smith has delao, our sympathies go to Pvt. Bryan, veloped a fondness for "late at nite" who is on "duty" this week. Well, we calls Our C.Q. seems to be "on the caught it once tor nine days straight at ball" lately T/Sgt. Fishbaugh is about No. 3 Pvt. Wolter has been elevated to leave the happy "Canaries" for a to the status of "operator" And Pfc. blonde. (His Wife). Cannizzaro is nursing a new cigarette With the hope that the Armorer Chief lighter-a gift from his wife on their will keep his hands off of Cpl. Frady's first anniversary Holiday greetings to typewriter, I'll close this chatter. all the boys--and to the girls, -88. T/Sgt. Fishbaugh Pfc. llacLaren


Grea t Day, the ole Yardbird has sho bin used up this weak. Fur sum reason er othur it is eoueedinly har-d ter fly a areplain, it sho is. an whin yall cums ter think aboot it there aint but wun thing ya got ter wurry aboot, an thats the groun. Ter tell the truth rna instrukter does mos uv the wurryin. He claims i must be mad with him an tryin ter git him eligibul fur a shave an a twelv gun saloot an thin i grins an makes ot like I bin doin all thim crasy things on a purpus s but I aint. i oaint help it. Thei r aint as minny uv us tellers heer now as there iff'n yall nose whut I meena an i is aho bin sweatin thees folks ot ter deeside ter let me stay awhile longer. I keeps jest as soehabul as i kin an tries ter konvinse everbody that i thinks this is a mity nise plase an that I sho wants ter stay but they is pawur ful hard to pull a snow job on sumtimes. Yestiddy i bawt my instrukter a sody pop an a candy bor an give him a niokul ter put in the Jook box but i still aint got h i m inter whut wud be eesily reckonized as a pleasant mude. Sho is hard ter pleese, aint he? Gud Buddies, this heer is the time uv the yeer whin a man is supposed ter smile at fust sgts. an do whut the corpruls tells him an kind uv forsaik his own happiness othur tolkes. I sho hopes eeoh an evur wun uv yall has a pleasant hollerday an injoys his self ter the fullist eckstint. i thinks uv yall oftin an it is all ways with a hole lot uv sentermint attached. So, Kerry Christmas, Good Buddies, and a New Year that is filled with pleasure and lets sweat it out to have that big holiday we're all praying for.----------The Yardbird (No. 1) CBRISTIU.S 'l'HOUGHTS All -r Christmaa shopping's over. All .y worries are laid to rest. I'a not much at playing Santa, But with my means I'n done my best. There were presents tor my mother, MY sisters and my dad. There were greetings tor the best-pals Anyone ever had. At Chr iStmas time we'll all sing out The carols loud and low And in the streets there be heard Sleigh bells tinkling on .the snow. 'Tis the 8pir1t ot Christmas That again and again Fills our thoughta with dreama or haae and loye tor tellow men. In this world ot war torn nationa -In thil ot araored might, Freedom's men will find their peace In the ageless' calm ot silent Sgt. J'ord Etheridge (Craig Field, Ala.) Come all re children And more than ner betor Buy Bonds tor Chri s'baas And keep bqJing more and morel Badine l:elley (Sub Depot) CHABUTB FIELD SOLDIER REP'USES PAY BUT FID.LLY IWVESTS U BEST--BOlDS! PTt. Kathiaa Brantner, an AAF trainee a t Chanute Field, did not abow up on pay day to collect his "lettuce". When asked why the ahow of inditferenc'8 towarda the precious green, Brantner replied, -why ahquld I call tor it? I don't smoke, drink or gamble and I don't haTe aQT dependents." otticiala persuaded him to accept hi 1 pq and bu7 War Bonds. JIBB miS TOUR Dl' TEAR'S USOLU'l'IOI-II'VBST II liAR BOlDS '1'0 IJISURE VIC'l'ORT ABD SHOJl'l'D THB 1WU AI8IIR8 TO t?t?f GDBR&La Yukon, 2000 ailea; Copper (two-thirds) and ZiDO (one-third); John Banoook a Prance, a 1itt trom the people. GBOGBAPHYa On the border between At ghaniatan and India; 7800 miles; Ger aaJq' aDd Italy. SPORTSa Comelius JlcGillicuddyJ Sir Kaloola CampbellJ Jeaae Owens(wcm tour 1old medala)J 1896 at Athena. ADRICU BistOJlT 1 Jabn Adams seocmd Preaident waa tatber ot JOhn Qaincy Adau Preaidenta Andrew Jobnsona Pitty-aiza The Bill ot Rigbta. 11Bl'1' BA 11 !Ill POLLCJrDG II C

RED + CROSS Surgical dressings claas will meet a s usual on Monday, December 28th. A new quota of dressings has arrived, so we'll have plenty with which to work. The regular Red Cross sewing and knitting groups will not meet on Mon day, December 28th. The regular meetings will be resumed on Monday, Jan uary 4th. Here's hoping, that with the short vacation, everyone will come back with renewed vim and vigor, and full of "new s and views" on Santa BOWLING NEWS / The bowli ng league committee wants to remind you that the new tournament starts on Tuesday, January 5th at 2c00 P.M. Every team member should be pre sent, and all substitutes are urged to come also. Tell your friends about this tournament. The rules which were set up at the luncheon will be reviewed for the benefit of newcomers. Sh-hh-STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Krs. Thorpe, late of Panama City is fast becoming a Globe-trotter --Her friends will be glad to know she has settled on New York for the holidays, but will be back :in Philadelphia shortly. She and Capt. Thorpe say they' have apartments in three cities now anyone interested can take their pick. Regret to say that our hearty congrat ulations and best wishes to Mrs. Shof ner and Dianne were omitted from our last edition-coming late makes them no less sinceret!.Capt. and Mrs. Bristle are sporting a real live Christ mas tree from the North in their liv ing roomnot a toy one, eitherMany are the.comings and goings during the holiday season, Mrs. Noble and son Bunny, coming all the way from cold, snowy Nebraska to join our circle Capt. and Mrs. Detreville going home (Glenville) for Christmas.Lt. and Mrs. Barbour flying to Los Angeles Mrs. Price ("silver wings") holidaying in big ol' New Yawk.


GENERAL: (5 points each) 1. Whose signature on the Declaration of Independence was so large that his name has been synonymous with signatures ever since? 2. Where did the Statue of Liberty come from? :3. Brass i s composed of what two metals? 4. !That is the longest river in Alaska? SPORTS: (5 points each) 1. What is Connie Mack's real name? 2. Who brok e the five year speed re cord for motor boat racing held by Gar Wood? :3. Name the American negro who waa No. 1 hero of the 1936 Olympics at Berlin? 4. Where and when were the first Modern Olympic Games held? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-GCIM' S OFFICER'S GEOGRAPHYs (5 points each) 1. Where is the Khyber Pass? 0 30 30 su 60 i!O 90 99 2. What two countries does the Brenner Pass divide? :3. Give within 1. 000 miles the amount by which the Panama Canal shortens the trip by water from New York to San Francisco? AMERICAN HISTORYs (5 points each) 1. What father and son have both bee n Presidents of the United States? 2. Give within ten the number of men who signed the Declaration of Independence'/ 3. Against what President of the United States were impeachment charges brought? 4. What name is sometimes given the first ten amendments of the Constitution of the United States? WHAT HAVE THE FOLLCNI'ING IN COI.D&Oll? ( 4 points each) 1. Remington. Royal. Smith. 4. Jack Roper. John Lewis. Benny Leonard. 2. Basil James. Eddie Arcaro. Don Y.eade. 5. Kargaret Kitchell. George Eliot. Dorothy Parker. OF ______________ __ 3. John Farrell. Joe Kirkwood. McDonald Smith. 6. Teaberry. Bubble. Pepsin. MY CHOICE FOR TYNDALL FIELD" (CANDIDATE'S NAME) (CANDIDATE'S DEPT.} (VOTERS SIGNATURE, ENLISTED MEN ONLY) (SQUAURONJ (SERIAL NUMBER) Please fold ballots and deposit them in ballot at Post Theatre Post Headquarters, Main PX, !RANK I




This, my dear "Dogfaces," is the_ introduction to a new department in the Target. Its purpose is to explain the mysterious mechanism that makes a mess hall click. The main reason for, this department is to create a good understanding between the men who eat in the mess halls and those of us who toil(who threw that)there. Incidently we hope to replace the "killer gleam" in your eyes with the look of kindly friendship whenever a cook or mess sergeant appears on the horizon. We cooks are also human, the same as you, with the same desires, ambitions, habits, loves, hates and the ability to make mistakes. (Hear! Hear!) So please bear with us in this momentous and precedent-shattering piece of writing. Inasmuch as this covers one the most important functions in life (makes us seem important when we put it that way) It makt good reading. So here goes------------First of all the mess halls are, and always have been, open to any constructive criticism or suggestions, providing the person making the suggestions does't state them behind clenched teeth, with a grenade in one han

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS This is the notice served on the Post Personnel that rrom this date hencerorth therewill be a "Question and Answer" department in this column. Now, we don't claim to be a combination or Mayo Brothers Dorothy Dix and the Quiz Kids, but we will do our best on just about any question and particularly those pertaining to roods, mess hall and Horne Economics. No question medical or legal advice will be considered. In sending in your question all you have to do is orr the top or your barracks, write your question and sign your name and then break it over the head or the nearest mess sergeant. or to do it the hard way, you can write the question out on a slip or paper sign your name and squadron and turn it in to the rirst cook that you may meet either in or outside the mess hall. Your question will be considered and ir judged to be enlightening we will publish it with your signature in the earliest possible edition of the Tyndall Target. S end in your questions, boys, and remember that humorous questions will be appreciated as much as the serious type. Q. What kind of meat is perferred by Americans? A. A survey shows that beef is first in favor with pork second. Q. Are there any special btain foods A. No. Brain cells apparently use the same kinds of food materials as other living cells do. The best way to feed the brain well is to keep the body in good health. Q. Did the Italians invent spighetti? A. No. History reveals that the credit goes to the Chinese. Q. What food is used most widly? A. Rice is more grown and ; more widely used than any other food stuff. CAPT .... WHY IN >!* YOU ON K.P. PEELING POTATOES AGAIN? K.P ..... FOR USING PROFANITY, SIR. .--


Camp Newspaper Service Clip Sheet (No. 16) "Corsage for PFC Muldoon." "Sir, I'd like to put in for OCS. 45) IF YOU LIKE YOUR CHKISTMAS EVE. 6LONPE WITH NICE, POINTED FINGER.NAIL-5-THEN A G. r.,,GgEETING Bwvma.., AND TERRY a,nd_ t:/tQ. PIR.ATE5 '' 'Tm afraid I'm going to have to gig you. private. Your hairs too long



WHAT 1 WANT CHRISTAf.o4s/''.l POST THEATER SATURDAY, December 25 HSilver QueenH George Brent Priscilla Lane SUNDAY, MONDAY, December 27-28 "You Were Never Lovelier" Fred Astaire Rita Hayworth TUESDAY, December 29 "I Married A Witch" Frederic March Veronica Lake WEDNESDAY, December 30 "Underground Agent" Leslie Brooks Bruce Bennet t THURSDAY, FRIDAY, Dec. 31, Jan. 1 T hunde r Birds" G e ne Tierney Preston Foster R l T Z SUNDAY, MONDAY, December 27-28 "Thunder Birds" Gene Tierney Preston Fos t e r TUES., WED., THURS., Decemb e 29-3 0-31 "'Who Done It" Abbott and Costello LATE SHOW THURSDAY NIGHT "A Night to RemeMber" Loretta Young Brian Aherne FRIDAY, January 1 "A Night to Loretta Young Brian Aherne SATURDAY, January 2 "Pardon My Guns" Charles Starrett LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT HGentlem.an JimH Errol Flynn Alexis Smith PANAMA----. SUNDAY, MONDAY, December 27-26 "l.ing long" Robert Armstrong TUESDAY, December 29 "Prime Minister" Diana Wynyard John Gielgud WEDNESDAY, December 30 "Murder in the Big House" Barton llacLan e THURSDAY, December 31 "Paper Bullets" Joan W oodbury Jack LaRue LATE SHOW THURSDAY NIGHT "Devil Bat" Bela Lugosi FRIDAY, SATURDAY, January 1-2 "Texas Terror" Don (Red) Barry r


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