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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 13 (April 24, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
April 24, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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r Tyn da-11--"--': / -I _T_a_r_g_e __ t_ PUBLISHED SATURDAYS BY THE SPECIAL SERVICES SECTION FOR PERSON NEL OF THE AAF FLEXIBLE GUNNERY SCHOOL, TYNDALL FIELD, Special Service Officer: Capt. Owen 0. Freeman Photographic Officer: Lt. J. A. Dickerman Public Relations Officer: l.t. W.B. Pratt Editorial Staff: Sgt. Arnold H. Mi lgaten, Sgt. Saul Semiof, Pfc. Neil Pooser, Pvt. P.M. Nickles Art Work: S /Sgt. 0, Ledbetter and Cpl. Marshall Goodman. Commanding: Col. Leland S. Stranathan Photograph Reproduction: T /Sgt. W. Castle, S /Sgt. J. Mitchell, Sgt. S. Upchurch, Cpl. W. Grout, Cpl. G. Neitz-ert, Sgt. F. Churchill, S /Sgt. R. Keough, Sgt. P. Terry, Sgt. J. Marsick, Cpl. E. Tackett, P f c J. Ravens c r of t Pv t W. Daniels, Pvt. L. Shaw.S;::;gt. J. Webster The Tyndall Target receives material supplied by Camp Newspape r Service, War Dept., E. 42nd St., N.Y.C, The credited material may not be republished without permission from C.N.S. THE NEW TARGET This, as you must have noticed, is a new and different Target. We hope you like it. We've added a lot of new features. We're trying to get more news in the paper. 1 re going to use more p ictures henceforth. And we've enlarged the paper size. This, being the first new-style issue, was put out only after a lot of perspiration had poured over the staff's collective brow. There were numerous mechanical problems which had to be solved. And so if you find a few boners please bear with us until things are running smoothly, which we believe will b e soon. We want to record the births and marriages and deaths, the squadron parties, t he promotions, the sports events. And we hope to give you information on what Tyndall Field graduates are doing in the war theatres. We intend to print authoritative dope on how new law s and regulations affect the G.I. Some of the stuff that we will print, we'll confess right now, will be swiped from other publications. We'll give the other publications full cred i t of course but if we see a cartoon, a joke, or something else that we think you d like i n another cam p p aper we intend to "borrow" it for the Target. As for our own stuff, we have several new, to the Target, features to entertain you. The long-popular "Taler" will co ntinue with the latest "dirt about you and you r fello w man, or woman a s the case may be. Speaking of wome n, as who doesn't, we hope to toss 1n a pictur e of a nice-looking one now and then. If you're just a Pfc., we have g i ven you an opportunity to r aise hell with somebody We have on our staff P M Nickles, a nice guy who is just a private and can t talk back to an ybo d y Nick will be on hand bright and early Monday morning to receive all com plaints in his new job a s whippin g boy. Seriously though, we earnestly invite your com ment s pro o r co n. If you don't like the new Target or some particular feature of it, tell the editorial staff a bout it. And if you do like it---we won't ob if you tell everybody about it. Interviews by SAM! OF Photos by lJPGlURCH THIS WEEK1S QUESTION: 1100 YOU OBJECT TO YOUR GIRL BACK HOME GOING OUT WITH OTHER MEN?" THE ANSWERS: SGT. WILLI A/rl M. FIINES, Sifnal CorjJs Office: "I don't have a back home. But he satd if he did have one he wouldn't object to her out once in a while. XT. JAMES H. 01GHAD'f, Personnel Office: "No, I wouldn't object. I don't think she ex pects me to sit around the barracks all the time nor that she would want me to sit at home." S l XT. FR.4NK FIORN, Draftinf Department: "No.' Wouldn't it make a lot of difference if I did? Bestdes I'd consider it a comPliment. S!SGT. GEORGE Fl. FOSTER, Sisrnal Office: "I wouldn't object to her out now and then to a dance or an invitation to a party. PAGE TI\D Pinney Antes By BILL PINNEY Well, we've been through the induction center, have coorple ted our basic training: and have been given an assignment by the Army. After 30 years service we vlan to retire if they have made a soldier of us. Our basic training sergeant says it will take considerably longer. "If," the sarge told us at Fort EusU s, "the Army had just l,ooo guys like you we'd lose this war." 'If,' we told the sarge at Fort Eustis, 'the enemy didn't have one man like you we would n't be at war.' For that we done the manual of arms with a mop for 3 days. We started out in the artill ery and trained to fight as 1 infantrymen by day and anti aircraftmen at night. They called us the "Moonlight Cav alry." Now we are at Tyndall Field and they tell us it's a Flex-ible Gunnery School. Up at Fort Eustis they took the at titude that only the men were flexible. To prove H, they strapped a pack across our back and took a window off our front. They cut our gross tonnag e from 188 to 1 56 and reduced our circum ference from 38 to 32. Theyl even had us touching tne floor with 8Ur hands .without bending our lmees. They put corns in our hands and took creaks out of our joints. And it is sure nice not to have to wait for someone else to tell you you need a shoe shine. Our Front Cover This week's cover comes from the vohuninous scrapbook of Si Upchurch of the TJn dall Field Base Photo Section. The photogenic mcdel is Miss Jo Ellen Vickers, of the Personnel department. Miss Vickers is a native of Panama City and has been a civilian attache at the post since June of last year.


APRIL 24, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET P A G E 3 GALA BEACH OPENING PLANNED FOR NEXT SUNDAY HERE'S PROGRAM FOR 8ASTER SERVICES AT CHAPEL TOMORROW Six Different Services 4re Announced by Chap lains' Office Program for the special Eas services to be cond11cted > the Post Chapel and Theatre tomorrow were announced last week b y the chaplain's office. Th e schedule of services for tomorrow was announced as follows: 8 A.M., CathoUc Mass. 9 A.M., Protestant Stmday School. 10 A.M., Protestant Easter Service 11:15 A.M., Mass. Catholic High Catholic Mass for Gunners SUCCINCT REMARKS "Every officer and every enlisted man of Tyndall Field w ill intensify his ef-forts to become a true soldier after reading the nBvs dispatches of the Japanese murder of our Army Air Fac es men." LELAND S. STRANATHA. N Colonel, Air Corps Commanding Officer 110PEN HOUSE" AT uso CLUB TOMORROW; MEN, FRIENDS, FAMILIES ARE INVITED Panama City civic leaders will be conducted in the Post will be present at an Ea<>ter theatr e a t 10 A M and Protes-"open house" for s ervice J'Tlen, nt Sei'Vice for Gunners will their friends and faJ'Tlilie s to-b e conducted there at 11 A .M. morrow at the l 'SO Club. PVT. BILL PINNEY TO 'viRITE WEEKLY COLUMN FOR TARGET ComnancUng Officers of all service units in this vicinity have been invited to speak. The program, to b e from 2 to Pv t ollPi who used 3P.M., willinclud e s o n g _sby :Jl nney, to write pungent ccmnents about things in general for the PC News-Herald, has i oi ned the FRO and will write a weekly column for the Target. His first "Pin'Y Antes" colllnn e ovrosi te page s11e. a-n-pears oil in this isCHAPLAIN WESTER Chaplain 3rooks H. West e r w a s promoted to the rank of cant a i n last week. the Methodist c hoir. George Logue, president of the PC Chambe r Commerce, is to be prog ram chairman. 'vlayor H.G. Fannin and City Manage r C.E. Swank have been invite d Chaplains Brooks IVest e r and W .L. Mcinnis will delive r E3.S-ter mess ages. JOINS TARGET STAFF Pfc. Neil Pooser, of Public Relations, has joined t h e Tar get staff and is l a r g ely responsible for the new type of publication. For ten years a n e wspaperman, he was city editor of the Daytona Beac h NewsJournal whe n he enl:l s ted. to Be Soldier Girls Newly Guests at Swim Spot Improved Plans for a gal a forma l opening o n Sunday, May 2, of Tyndall Fiel d s bathing beach, n ewly equipped with b ath hous es, showers, athleti c fac1lit1es, b e a c b umbrellas and othe r 1mprove m e n t s w e r e announced today by the Special Services Officer. l1nde r the direction of Lt. R.E Hun n t h e b each has been made into a b athing spot whic h the SS Office swears is as ;::ood as t h e striT' o f sand i n fro n t o f Beac h s $35 a d a J R o n e y Plaza Hot el. Bath house s with showers h a v e been built for m e n a01d women. Di ving are h eing constructecl, and beach umhrPllas w; l l he a VAi !able. The r e will be facilitie s for l, deck tennis, softball, ,L::'a l hj_, paddle t ennis, basketball, boxing and ho r s e shoes. Footballs, a pun chin g bag, medicine b alls and othe r equi r ment will b e a v a 1 l::tble L:i fegu a rds will h a v e charge of the equipm e n t A week from tomorrow, a f ew busloads of Victorettes a n d Tyndallettes will leav e the uso Club in rc And come t o the field as gt test s o f the soldie rs. "1<111eth e r they UJre the visit is Ll'fl to you," the SS Office said. "If they do like it, they will return und e r t h eir s team to l end thej_r charJ'Tl to wha t mi g h t oth erwise b e a comp a r a tive l y dull Sun day I f a nybodr has an ideas to rroduc e m o r e :f\m frcxn 011r big natu r a l asset, t ell i t to Spe cial Service. A little enthu siasm w ell-tirred and planned, should r r od uce a beach right This is an example of the in our bacl

nar1es If ycu've wondered why our outfit is called the "Canaries" just attend next Friday's Rec Hall dance. We'll be hosts, with our most stmming boys as lovely Earl Carroll Beauties. If anyone wonders how such a bevy of performers was accunu lated, here's how. At induction stations the men were liD wise enough to give their hobbies such as singing, dancing, playing the piano, etc. The dope remains on their service records. Our performers will be sing ing not only fortheir supner but also for their lives and freedom. Capt. Canzoneri has threatened dire consequences for any man who fails to per fonn in the capac1 ty he put in his service record. His crime will be fraudulent enlistment. -Cpl. ,Joe Mastroenj ........ I ... COLUMN-"Andonthe first day of the Mary cometh early, tdzen it u,as yet dark unto the sepulchre: and she saw the stone taken away from the sepulchre. She therefore, and cometh to 51 mon Peter, and to the other disciple !<.'hom Jesus Loved, and saith to them: they have taken au,ay the Lord out of the sepul chre, and know not where they have laid him. "Peter therefore 111ent out, and that other disciple, and they came to the sepulchre. And they both ran tofether, and that other disciple did outn,ln Peter, and came first to the sepulchre. And when he stePPed dou,rrz, he saw the lin en cloths L yinf: but yet he lraPt up into one Place. Then that other disciPLe also tt'f!nt tn, came first to the sepulohre: and he saw and believed. For as yet they knew not the sen Pture, that he must nse a in from the decul.. The disciples therefore departed arain to their home. But Mary stood at the sePulchre without, weePinf. Now as she u,as weePinf, she stepped and looked into the sePulchre : and she saw the ttuo cmrels in white, sitting one at the head, and one at the feet, where the body of Jesus had been laid. They say to her: Woman, why weepest thou? She saith to them: Because they have taken away my Lord; and I know not where they have laid him. "When she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing; and she knew not that it was Jesus. Jesus saith to her: Woman, why weePest thou? Whom seekest thou? She thinking it was the fardener, saith to him: Sir if thou hast tak en him hence, tell me where tlzou hast laid him: atzd I .rill take him awiy Jesus saith to her: Nary She, tuminr saith to him: Rabboni (which is to say, Master). Jesus saith to he do not touch me, for I am not yet ascended to my Father: But to my brethren, and to them: I ascend to my Father and to your Father, to my G od and your C'70d. Nar y .l.fardalen cometh and teLleth the disciples: I have seen the Lord, and these thinfs he said to me. .......... [ t;, .d-;t! -" 1 SUNDAY 8:00 A.M ............... Mass 9:00 A.M .... Protestant Sun-day School. 1 0:00 A.M .... Gunners Mass at Theatre. 1 0:00 A.M ... Protestant Wor ship Service. 11: 00 A.Ml. .. Gunners Protestant Service. 11:15 A.M ............... Mass ? :00 P.M .... Evening W orsh'ip '!'UESDAY 5:30 P.M ............... Mass 6:30 P.M .. Instruction Class 7:00 P.M .... Fello wship Clu b WEDNESDAY 12:15 P.M Service. 5:30 P.M ............ Mass ?:00 P.M ... Choir Rehearsal THURSDAY 5:30 P.M ........... Mass 6:30 P.M .. Instruction Class FFIDAY 5:30 P.M ............. Mass 6:30 P.M .... Jewish Service SATURDAY 5:30P.M ........... Mass 7:00 P.M ....... Confession s PAGE FDUR. Now that the Target's changed apPearance, the se no interference, the rhym:lng 'l'aler has joined the staff. we hope that we can stand the gaff of writing a column every week so please forgive if they sometimes reek. First to erstwhile Lt. HILL, DON K., there's just one thing we'd like to say. All the gang csn wait for you .to set the wedding date. Don't let pos1 tlon make you afra1d, you can use the salary she gets patd. Cantain SINGlETON of volley ball fame will never again be the same. !1e plays the garne with all he's g!)t, and bel lieve me, brother, he's got a lot. But soon he won't be able to play at all if they keep mistaking hms head for a ball. Captain 'GARDENER' .has c{one it again by offering a successful prayer for ra1n. ll e th1nk that now he should tour the land, since rainmakers are 1n great demand. Mr. HONELL coorplains the PX is without a model he calls a "Stylish Stout." Lt. AYIDR complains they can't get him a model known as "Thoroughly Thin." To Captain KEISER we give a suggestion, one that will also improve the two officers' digestion. Convince the food ration that it s only fair to give Lt. AYlOR Mr. HCMEIL' S share! A psrti.ng shot before we go: A lot of our readers know the name of the author of this sonnet. If think It ( me, you're wrong, doggonit. The rumor is quite unfound ed, and was spitefully star ted by a gremlin we grounded * The "Great One", S/Sgt. WilLIAM HAKEEM of the Venturas, con-tinued his bid for headline monopolization by the tipping system in the PX. His "friends" claim he ordered a hamburger and coke and told the PXette to keep the change from the dollar bill. (Or, service at any price!) Two veteran squadron reporters for the Target are enjoying a respite from their typewriters. Sgt. ED STRONG of the Cloud Hoppers has taken off on furlough to Providence, R.I., and Cpl. A.]. SNEAD, Bluebird live-wire, said to pals with 'traveling papers' in his hand. Cpl. RICHARD PANASUK of Signal says "tain' t so, pointing to the lone chevron that still adorns his sleeve ... And now that we have both a latmdry ani a dry cleaner on the post, the G.I.'s have their choice of sliding into a t'T"'-=-..... pair of .khaki trousers W1 th, or without a shoe-hom. IDWLING SCORES TO DATE Won Lost Won Lost D 5 1 B 3 3 C 4 2 A 0 6 Mrs. Berner made a him score of 201, a league recoru. Mrs. Stranathan has been elected president, Mrs. Miller vice president, Mrs. Bristle secretary, Mrs. Hyndman treasurer. The executive cOO!llittee will be composed of the officers and the chairmen of the auxiliary clubs, including the Bri9-ge, Homecraft_, Bowi:Ing, Book and Music Cluos. Major Miller spqke to the club and outlined plans for the new dependents ward' and the part that we as members of the Women's Club will play. When the training classes for ward duty begin there will be a special buliet:ln with all information. The success of this new proiect will depend on the cooperatiqn of all officers' wives. ):: The Brigge Club had its first luncheon & tournament April 6. Mrs. Randol ph.) Mrs Yost & Mrs. Fowler were nostesses. Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Yotmgbe:r'g & Mrs. Miller won prizes. was chairman Tues's first proJect to make hook rugs. ':: ::: ):: The Music Club met at Mrs. 's & heard a recording of Ravel's "Daphnis & Chloe." ::: ::: Shhh--Strictly Confidential: Ask Mrs. Myers how she & the Captain enjoyed the $40 fish dinner ... Was it a bee that hit Mrs. Silva in the eye? Wonde' why Mai or Miller's mad TUcker blush? Could be Tucker knows Mrs. Lascertainly sports goodlook clothes now that She's refrom New York Anybody can step on Mrs. DeTreville's toes now. She won't mind a bit, they're stuffed with pa-' We re glad to welcome Shields & Mrs. Burgess inbowl We wish a special welcome to NimOcks who was one of Targette originators Mrs. Nelson is back with us after getting a beautiful tan in Miami Anniversaries s hould come arcund more often if they were all. celebrated as Lt. ana Mrs. Bailey did theirs


HERE AND THERE received his monthly package from the "Port of Lonely Hearts" and it's a-' mazing how with rationing going, )on, the package contained so many spices "Mo-Hair" TRCM BITAS confided to friends recently that,his chief ambition after the Wl).r is ended is to take a trip around the world. JOE claims such a journey would be educational. (Get a transfer to the Navy, JOE, it'll b e cheaper.) "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" Whenever the fellows on the line become tired, irritable, or just generally disgUsted, they trip over to Air Corps Supply where there are three little "wrens" who do much to ... boost the morale And i t is ccmnon belief around these here parts that VAN BlAINE RUSSElL, better known as "VAN Bll.JTO", missed his vocation by a country mile in not establishinr; himself in the publicity de partment of the Air Corps rather than in the grmmd crew. ext;J.Leu J.v::s lOCaJ.J.'[;Y J.S .J.J.Jre '[;ryJ.ng '[;O probably just Sgt. SlAUGHTER squeeze blood from a turnip. trying to get some flying time And should you ever b y sane in on the squadron's new motor-mishap find a room it's equivcycle. elant to firrling four good It was a quiet night on the tires on your Christmas tree. NEW HANGAR The hangar that fuel storage dump an d the G. I. (For further information on the Post Engineers guarding it was lost in dream;; the subject check with ROBlEY are now constructing is sched-of days in Brooklyn. When the D. EVANS) uled to be completed by the O.D. approached, he was chalfirst of June. Signs of activ-lenged and advanced in the ity during the past few weeks proper manner, as has been done have been most encouraging as lrundreds of tiJres before. After :the fourrla.tion is almost fin-: the usual question of "How's ished and perhaps the hangar everything going?",the O.D. itself will be compl eted ahead asked, "Suppose you saw a bat of schedule. tleship coming through the BARS? Master Sergeant PASS -WATERS is a very busy man these days. He's getting all his papers i n order before sencf:l,ng them :in with his application for a corrrnissicn. We o n the line feel that if anyone can make it, he will. PASSWATERS has put in twenty-eight years with the same branch of ser-The new hangar will relieve woods over there, what would the congestion at night line you do?" "Change my brand of inspections and a.1so give the liquor, Sir!", was the prompt boys protection from the eli-' reply. The O.D. gulped "Carvice, and few are the parts of matic conditions. (Beautiful ry on," and beat a hasty rethe world he has not touched. t is through his stomach. She has undertaken t h e .1 ob of wi.rming "Lobster Hea,d" HilL, "Mo-Hair" TllfltffiiTAS, Herr Von SCHRCEDER, fugitive from a mes sage center, and last but not least, Gentleman JIM C.ARIHITER. Liz is also quite a b.tg abrut reading -believe she belongs to three or fom-"Book-of-the Month" clubs. SABOTEUR Since Cpl. CcnffiOD has been sperrling his spare time in Port St. Joe the fishing business there has ta ken a turn for the worse. it seems that the fishing wcrnen of the town claim that with COONROO 'S presence in toMl, there is no need to fish any more. (HGmpering the War effort COONRrn?) "GREMLIN" OIL Pvt. McCOY went over to the Air Corp s Supply the other night trying to find some "Gremlin" Oil. Gpl. HEATHE g ave him the proper specifications, but Mc COY didn't have much success. The civilian employ e e also was stumped and called Ass't. Line Chief T/Sgt. ANDERSON for fur t her specifications and part numbers. (Won't they ever learn?) 1--'My boy friend grand, but I think all men are trying somet ime. Gal 2-'All the time, dearie, the time: Joe: 'How did you eve, get ridof that' oldhagyouused to run aroun d with?' Moe: I married her.' Florida!) treat. HEADQUARTERS Favorite pastime of would-be husbands here is house hunting. Trying to find a room in this In vile sits Private THE WAY TO A Miss LIZ CALIAife, GUN TOTERS If ":m a r e eveJ startled by an olive-drab figure streaking by on me of the Apalach thoroughMAN'S WAY of Post Head-H h 1 e w 1st ed at the captain's quarters believes wife. in the old proverb that the quickest way to win a man's He who hesitates is 1 as t


ERWIN RUDOLPH, four-time world's champion of pocket billiards,visitedTyndall Field last week under the auspices of the Special Service Section and demonstrated to "Sharks" and minnows alike, that there is little that canNOT be done with a cue ball PAGE SIX


LEAVES OF BRASS Forme r Ca-pt MITCH ElL i s back from hfs leav e and i s o n very n o n c h a lantly with t hose leaves s h i n i n g in the sun. Con g ratulation s f rom the boys, Sir. T / 3 LANGE writes A-pal a chicol a that Western films are free to the students ther e The only catch i s t hat aft e r the show they all have to g o back and -pi c k u-p the scra:p b rass! 5 A .M. ORGY The m e n believe couldn't it whe n ORO NOTES PAGE SEVEN Cloud hoppers 1 11-p, W e f1nal l y won t h e "E" F lag fellows, n o w how about ke eping it i n the squadro n ? Lt. HOGAN, ROnERT J extends congratulation s to the personnel for their fine s h owi n g Eve r since these in specti o n s have taken p lace we've always scored over 90% and what we've do n e o nce w e can a l ways do again. GOIDVATER s o l oed njcel y for t h e office r s stag party last week Hjs numb e r was received w 1 th great apnlause. W e're taki np: his wor d for i t they wer e informed that cal isbecau s e w e w e r en't there thenics woul d start at 5 Sgt. 1 \ 000Y M T J ELlER and T /Sgt. (Eve n a respectable rooste r RAY JESKE a r e ''infanticina t -wouldn' t crow t hat early i n ing" Cpl. NOlM-l was swe ating the Thus f a r t here Pictured above are the sergeants in of I inking the his tugs at t h e last techhaven t been any serious cascal 30 and .50 ammunition used in the aerial gunners nical i nspection. Kee-p w orry ualities exce-ptin g Cpl. lEN a t this Post. These men have under their supervision the cal. ing liJ.:e that, NOlAN, a ml you HARD, who after finishing, r e .30 and .50 autom atic link ing machin e s that considerably lesse n 'll have to b e scr e wi n g ;your marked: "&:ly, do I feel good!", the work now being done by the twenty men in this section of hat on. .Ask T /Sgt. CHJIDERS and the n f ainted. the a mmunition department. a bout the scen e r y at the P e l i FR()vl THE Ask Sgt. BURNETT to The ammunition is brought from storage in sealed metal boxes. can P a r k Ball Fi eld W e hav e SQUADRON do h i s impe rsonation The boxes are opened and the cartridge s removed from thei r n't decided wheth e r w e s hould of a far m boy i n the p a pe-r cases. As the cartridges are fed into the automatic o r call S/Sgt. SANFILIPPO "Blotto" big city. He has a lso w ritt en hand operated link ing machines, a tracer is injected with every o r "Josle". Anyhoo, h e pulle d 'i,".->' to the War D epartme n t for per-fifth round. In these linking cartridges are the s w an act last Saturmlssion to camouflage his con-forced into met al I inks to form the I 00 f.c). und, 50 round, or day night. Wonde r who the vertibl e with s nappy red and other type belts desired by the Department o f Training. These goose ... white sidewalls. No answe r belts are then conveyed .to the painting sect ion for p ainting in SHAW r e winds 1 1 S thai ': has been received to date. any or all of the eight possible colors. Bon d allotments h a v e t a ken a The n ther e was the Pfc. who The only rei ief these ammunition section boy s g e t is whe n dse t"ice going, m en. wen t i nto t h e PX and asked the notice arrives that a carload of ammunit'ion already linked is &i Strong Flashes g irls who w o r k t here if they on the w a y. Sgt. "BJ ih" Bl i zn i k ha i Is from Chic ago and has wouldn t con t r i butetothe FUnd been with the Ordnanc e Company since M ay "Blitz" is for Old Gene r a l s who have died also the big gun of the outfit's bowlin g team. T/3 Bennett is while horseback riding i n Cena Charleston, South Carol ina boy, but at present is resi d A hearty w elcom e 1 s ex tended t o our new Engineer 1 n g Offj c er, 11re doing Lt. L. HOOVER. Although he D j u ben s k i hac:;n' t mad e any Republ 1 can prot r a l Pa r k ... And w h o is the lit-ing in P anama C i ty with Mrs. Bennett. tle girl at McCr o r y s that m ade Among the other men in the ammunition s .ection who Sgt. Bliznik escort h e r hane? exceptional work are Cappiello, and T/ f $ Leffel, m f ses o f two p lanes to e v e r y crew chief, he did exrress his TYNDALL TOM MY....... LEDBETTER desir e todoe v e rythingpossibl8 to l{eep the boy s happy as -Sgts. W i t ham and Po nzio and Butzloff. heretofore, and the boys dts played the i r eager n e s s to coope rate t o the fullest. Tho u gh Lt. FAnGO is n o long e r connected with the sgHadron i n any official cap ac ity, the warm ties of h a v e n o t been severed by any Specia l Orders. Hls daily vj s its to the outfit is the proof. The social e v e nts ln our out fit are worthy of front nage n ews in any m o r a l e bu1 lder pub-1 1 catlon. 111e affair at the Dlxie Sherman recently seemed t o be on e of the r e f e rred to i n "Why D o n t We Do This Ofte n ?" A vote of thani

F.M ARE WA P.NED NOT TO WEAR G.C..MEDAJ. lJNl.ESS AUTHORIZED New Regulations tor Wearing Ribbon Not In Effect Yet Enlisted men are reminded that they rrrust not wear the Good Crnduct Medal 1mless it has been awarded to them by their CO's President Roosev elt's recent order to revise the rules for awardiT1,Q" the medal has not J 'et be e n acted upon by the Army, ::md until appropriate mHitary orders are issued its wearing is tmauthorj zed except unde r the existing regulations. V.hen the new regulations are issued, they wi 11 provide for the medal to b e awarded to enlis ted men ''who on or after 27 August 1940 had or shall h ave honorably completed 3 year' s active Federal military service, or who after 7 Decemb e r 19'1-1 had or shall hav e honorab l y served on e year of active Federal mHitary service while the L.S. is at war." The information is f'rom the Army & < T oumal. Guardians Our best wishes this week go t o Pfc. B. BRElAND who recently acCJU1red a d enendent--a wife. If this t r end towards matriPAGE EIGHT mony conUnues much longer the and talented, thR Six Starle t s race USO-Camn Sl1rxL1.S' b r eezu musical nresentotion, THE bachelors jn the squadron will FUN PARADE, u1ith. toe, precision and acrrr-tan routines lj)hich are saUd cUc/:?s. Errch of the si>. soon form a "S elf Preservation girls al. sn does a srecialtl/ of her O/Jm r,1ith rert Anita Lane toRinrp on extra ba.v fnr her excent Club." ionalll! (ine ton The!!'ll be .see n nt U1e Post Theat r e r)TJ &Jt u rdou, Nau 1. (Storr; on Felicitations to S gt. ELMER 3 ) a future WAVE o r WAAC several T h 1/a db d s z ..... wee ks ago .. CTJL I

PATTER Now that something new has been added in the concrete fonn of a ping pong table, the company day room has become more popular than ever before. The occasion was celebrated in true QM fashion Saturday night at which ren the doors w ere swinging. Now that the revue ls over, many a girl at home is being given the proverbial air since the boys got a peep at J .B. KING, of Virginia, doing a Gypsy Rose lee that would have put even Margie Hart back in the bush leagues. And DAVEY SAVINO, corporal, delivered a beautiful senron Panama City's new naval base on the evils of drink -so is scheduled to open scme time beautiful, in fact, his erst-this month, but Panama City while bosom companion, Muscles has nothing on Tyndall Field. ANDREWS, also corporal, has Here at Tyndall, there is a worn off again for two days. naval base that is all Army. ayday can't be that close) Ever since the flat sandy AD PATTER T/3gr PAUL HEMSOTH wastes along Highway 98 mush-sacrificed his be-roomed into an ultra-modern loved Bungalow to the War fund bu..c:;y air base, a small group Campaign last week T /4th C. of G. I. sailors have manned a WRENN, who will go down :in his-fleet of crash boats, prepared tory as the only man who can day and night to answer any get a girl to meet him more emergency on the waves involthan half way, tangled with a ving aircraft. Only in the cow last week over squatters last few weeks, however, has rights on Floridian highways. the Tyndall Navy come of age. The boys had several dis-With a new home, a new org-tinguished guests for lunch anization, new equipment, and last Sunday in the persons of added personnel, Tyndall's own several representatives ofthe Navy now sails a salty fleet ighting Fre nch and Von Hegel, of 20 craft; a far cry from fc. with medal s, gi r 1 friend. the original on e Its new ) Cpl. Leonardi got a chance home, seen from the West Gate, to brush up on his French and is a modern barracks with built V on Hegel on his technique. in mess hall and a three-slip T /5th FRANCIS PAT-boat house alongside' the 100 BARRY & RICK CURRAN, of the foot dock. This is the latr HENTSCHKE Hahvawd drawl and of the QM boat company. suspicious dreams, The Boat Company was activ-would have it !mown that he is a ted on March 1st of this year, on the wagon after aiding and with Colonel C.J. Moore as its abedding (accent on the BED) spiritual navigator, and Cap the well-known Hague man-Pfc. tain Herman Gundlach, Jr., as (note) Pfc. JOHN JOSEPH BARRY, Company Ccmnander. Assisting Jr., romance man who specialCaptain Gundlach is First Serizes in Ancient Age and a rare geant R.L. Mi.lls, who was trans-Tennessee brew. Pvt. FREDDY HENTSCHKE was ripped by the flat foot of fate last week when his girl came to town ani he couldn't. And if you should wake up in the Marie one night and see a pair of gleaming eyes through the key-hole, don't hide your head under the nillow-that's not Winchell -that's ALL. A Stamp today? A Bond this week? Talk it over--not with the guy next door, but with yourself. HOW TO SALUTE// SALUTE CORRECTLY RAISE THE RIGHT HAND SMARTLY UNTIL THE TI P OF THE FOREFINGER TOUCHES THE LOWER PART OF THE HEAD DRESS-ABOVE A NO SLIGHTLY TO THE RIGHT OF THE RIGHT EYETHUMB AND FINGERS E X TENDED AND JOINED-PALM TO THE LEFTUPPER ARM HORIZONTA L-FOREARM AT A 4 5' ANGLE-HAND AND WRIST STRAIGHT ferred from Eglin Field in the days when Tyndall was still in its infancy Sgt. Mills' orig?Jlal cadre of nine men, most of whom served on the docks and boats since January of 1942, has been joined by new personnel chosen by the War Department for their nautical experience. Alon g with these soldiers, there are several civilians, familiar with the coastal and local waterways, who man several of the craft. Many of the enlisted men of the Company are former seafarers. Pvt. Sam Burns sailed the waters of Boston Harbor, Cpl. Harry Remmert operated small craft in the naval service, and Pvt. Ancon a went to sea for the Coast Guard's Geodetic Survey. PAGE Rugged ? 69t:h J uclgi ng from what we've been told, S /Sgt. JCE GAY'S move m ents are kept und e r close observation by a certain truckdriver -of the "weaker'' sex. As a matt e r of fact, they say that she requires GAY to sig:n a c h ec k s heet whe n not present for duty. One o f the first of the "sumner'' season has been rerorted. Pvt. JA.\-IES MORGM "Andalusia Kid" R.o\.RRE'I has learned to respect the Florida sun. Can it be tha t ;.,'B\S0\1 has donated his auto mobile to amateur m echanics for bcxiy-building experiments? The Rase Flight Crew has adopted a constructive hobby. During their spare time the boys assemble model airplanes and hang them from the ceil in,g. Very satisfactory progress is being made on the Squadron Athletic Area, althoug h more men a r e n eeded to h elp out. So far, the work has been done by about 5 % of the squadron. There is still muc h to be done and those wish:Lng to donate an hour or so of their time are asked to report daily, except Saturday and Sunday, to Sgt. SAISIRUM at the Orderly Room at 6:00p.M. Vent:uras The oppasition was a little too stron,rz: on the Pool and Pin.e: Pong fronts last week. Cpl. KNEREL and Pv ts FAIRECHIO and FAIRCHilD with the cues, and S/Sgt. EAST and Cpl. BlACK with paddles, did their best but it wasn't good We wer e victorious at horse-The COOlllany's equipnent,from a 104 foot rescue yacht to shoes' however with WOOspeedy swamp gliders, is of lEY and COX and Cpl. STEWART the most modern and efficient pi tchin,e: the ringers obtainable. Its mm h ave the S,e:t. PATTERSON is b ac k off a experience or are being trained in capacities that would be the envy of a ny true sailor. Th e wary pilots who fly the waters of St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf m ay rest at ease with a life-buoy like T;yndall's Boat Company on guard. 0 HAPPY DAY! Pfc. William C. Norris, who has been w:l th the Public Re l attons Office for six rronths, received an age-limit" dis char,e:e this week Md left for New York cit y to. resume his advertising and pubUctty nro fession. Norris will work in the licity division of the Treasury Dept. War Savings 8taff in New York. M en pre fer well-formed women to the well-informed. 3-day pass. H e looks ----. Could it be that his wife is in town? -Pfc. luns ford G. I.'S POEM Life is so stale-No V-mail .... No female. WMC'S POEM Life is so stale-No mail. ... No male. CR.OSSWOFil PliZZIE MS\\'ER Reprinted from fl. Wood (Mo.) News


PAGE TEN TYNDALL TORNADOES .-.TO PLAY NAVY TOMORROW OFFICERS TEAM WINS OVER PANAMA CITY BY SEVEN TO FOUR TF Souod Still Looking For Talent From Among Officers DeSPite lack of-practice, the Office r s baseball tearr showed definite -promis e last W e dnesday night as it easily trounced the h i g hl:, touted PC Pelicans, 7-4, a t Pelican Park. After building up a 6-0 lead in the first four frames, the Officers t oo k thtngs easy, with the r esult the Pels 111anaged to t ally four tm-important rtms in the closing innings. Lt. Stan Drongowski is busy arranging an attractive s chedule f o r his t eam and announced that the starting lineup is far fran settled. Any Officer o n the field possessing baseball ability i s urged to re rort to the next practice ses-sion. Bluebirds Sgt. "NICK" J. RlSSO, our su-per-dure r mail carrie r whose motto is "Rain, snow, h ail, s leet, cold or hot, the mail rmzst go thru," is swe ating out a 3-day p ass f o r Easte r so he can visit that brunett e in City, La \l"e wish the b est of luck to HB\'ITI CALI.El\rnER who is l eaving the outfit for "destin ation t mkn o wn." CALI.Et\DER has bee n a line ch i e f in our squadr o n for ove r a yea.r and h e has always rated "tons" with the PEnSO\ ALI TIES : S /Sgt. WALTER ('. CIIOF was born and r aised i n C l e v eland, Ohio. H e left his iob as a dental technician to Join the AJ.IJi' in January, 1!:141. Although a g raduate of the w elding s chool at Chanute, C H Offi 1 s n o w holding down. the supplJ roan. H e is married t o "Pebble With the D ark B rown Eyes," the pretty little ex !l1aH carr1 e r fran Port St. Joe C HOF likes ice c r eam, Dett y Grab l e and His pet Jj s like 1 s turnip greens. -Cpl. A.J. Snead BOWLING LEAGUE STANDINGS Team IV. L. 19 5 '!ED1CS ............ 1 6 8 fil.'i\r"R\IAJ\IJling alleys. lHe knocked down just one pin on that roll.) Watching him are, left to right, Col. "Mocre, Lt. Col. Hyndman, Capt. Gundlach, Lt. Col. Eades and Capt. Keiser. G. I. GOLF MEET TOMORROW If the heavens don't open up with a day of rain such as. f ell last Sunday, the enlisted man's golf tournament sponsored by the Spe c i a l Services Of fice and the PC Country Club will b e TJla J :ed tomorrow. Cpl. Si Moye of SS and Bob Ford, pro at the club, are co operating on the arrangements. Entrants will b e naired with 11artne r s who shoot about their same scores. YANK QFIZ ANSWERS 1. All 3 sL accm ents are cru c 2 & A party at which pays hls own way b An in f c rrna hasty o r sccreL departure get a n gi Y 3 \-:h!nese 4 T oro 1 s a fighting bull ot a N e w Zealand T orso ls t h e human trunk. 5 Reverie i s a day dream. Re-;elll e l s a 1st/S gt s dream. 6 Fo:-!. y 7. :Cn c.y rt::ur. 8 11n 100 (Actually 1 in90). 9 Because t h e y have mor e s ub c u Laneous rat. 10 veronica Lake. TYNDALL BASEBAll. NINE PLAYS SECTION BASE ON NEW FIELD AT TWO P.M. Team Goes to Marianna Next Week to Play AB Team There Tyndall Field's baseball Tornadoes will TJlay an outfi.t fran the recently-commjssioned Naval Section Base at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. The g;ame, the second of the season for the Tyndall nine, will b e played on the newl y buH t dJarnond in the rea r of the Post Exchange. The Tornadoes defeated an outfit from the Shjpyard, by 9 to 3, in their game of the season. Last. Sunday' s schedule d game with Na11ier Field Dothan was rained out. On May 2, a week from tomor row' the local team will go to Marianna. 57 TURN our FJfty -seven candidates f o r the T;F Negro baseball tearn turned out for the first meet ing last week. Present TJlans call for only 15 players, indicating that there'll b e some hot competjtion for positions. G a'Ttes have been scheduled as follows: Mad ann a here, Jtme 20 & 2"i, there, 9 and July 4; Eglin Field there, May 2. Pr:t ctice sess j ons are being supervised by S/Sgt. Daniel and Pvt. :Cawki ns of the Avialtion Squadron. MOVIES FOR THIS WEEK --POST THEATRE April 24 "Wake Island" Brian Ddrilevy Robert Preston SUN., MON., April 25-26 "Hello, 'Frisco, Hello" Alice Faye John Payne TUBSDAY, April 27 "Corregidor" Otto Kruger Blissa L andis WED:, April 28 "Night -Plane from Chungking" Robert Preston Ellen Drew THURSDAY, FRIDAY, April 29-30 "Happy Go Lucky" Mary Martin Dick Pow ell RITZ PANAMA SATURDAY, April 24 "Riders o f the Northwest Mounted" Hayden Ade l e Mara SUNDAY, HONDAY, April 25-26 "It Ain't H ay Abbott and Costello TUES!:'AY, WEDNESDAY, Apri 1 27-28 "Plying Fortress" R i chard Greene Carla L eh m ann THURSDAY, FRIDAY, April 29-30 "In Which lie Serve Noe l Coward Celia Johnson S A TU I< nAY, May 1 "Sagebrush Law" Tim Holt Joan Barclay SATURDAY, April 24 "Man from Montana" Johnny Mack Brown Fuzzy Knight SUNDAY, MONDAY, Auri 1 25-26 "Rtiythm of the-Islands Alla n Jones Jane Frazee TUF.SDAY, April 27 "Th e Mummy s Tomb" Lon Chaney Dic k Foran WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, April 2 8-29 "Tarzan's New York Adventure" J o hnny Weissmuller FRIDAY, SATURDAY, April 30, Hay 1 "Mar s h a l of Mesa City" George 0 Brie n


l .. ( .(_ -. YANKWIZ By BOB HAWK Quizmster "THANKS TO THE YANKS" Saturdays, C B 5 1. I am going to make three statements about Iceland and you are to tell me which of :nem is true : a. It is about 400 miles from Scotland. b. Its Atlantic harbors rarely freeze to the exclusion of shipping. c. The interior tableland is largely a barren grassless desert. 2. What is meant by the ex-pressions Dutch Treat French Leave To get one's Irish up? 3. What language is spoken py the largest m.unber of people? (It isn't English, which is second.) 4. What is the difference between a toro and a torso? 5. What is the difference --. : .... 10 POINTS EACH 60 70 fair 70 -80 Good. 80 9 0 Excellent 90 100 Superior ANSWERS on Page 10 between reverie and reveille? 6. Is the speed of a highly trained boxer's punch nearer 10, 20 or 40 miles an hour? 7. let's say that you were born in 1900 and celebrated your birthday yesterday. How many birthdays have you had? 8. Eve .ry time there birth in the U.S., are chances nearer 1 in 100, 500 or 1 in 1 ,000 that will be born? is .a the 1 in twins 9. Why can women swimners withstand exposure to cold water better than men? 10. Here is a description of a movie her? ... actress. Can you name With flowing locks Her gaze she blocks, And cuts in half The sight she hath. 1 2 J 4 s 7 u 12 1) )J. 15 17 18 19 21 22 2) 216 27 28 )I '')Ia JS )6 )8 )9 41 42 43 !Answers on Page Nine. I DOWN ACROSS l-Where "Maggie's 24-The end of the Drawers'' are on draft the line 25-This will hold 6-USO brings them water often 26-Brother, you're 11-We're gonna raise in it! a commotion 28--What Hitler' s across the . subjects work 12-0ne of N apo-under leon's generals 31-Thls is a gyp 13-What an ocs graduate usually (abbrev. 1 becomes 33-Tomorrow (abbrev.l (abbrev. ) 14-What sentries 34-lnebrlated Dopes don't do on duty (abbrev.) 16-The army's bible 35-The DSC is a (abbrev. l coveted one 17-Backward soldier 37-Regimental (abbrev.) Orders (abbrev ) marks 38-When democraCy 20-Man with more will die than one stripe 40-The Army speaks (abbrev.) one all its own 21-What Sgt. York 42-This Brigadier was wilh a rifle General com-23-The Germans manded the claimed they ERTC sank her, but 43-What the Jap she came back ambassadors to sting them weren't on o!\1 A SUIIDAY AFTElNOON 1-Th1s town has a swell USO 2-Lt. Clark Gable is the Army's most famous one 3--A compass direction (abbrev.) 4-Chloracetophe-none is a bad one 5-First thing you do in the army 6-A n1ixed up mess 7-How most drill s ergeants say "one" 8-Qrganized Reserves (abbrev.) 9-They're n o t such wacky soldiers! 10-Something you do t o a razor 15-Engineering Feats T e r rifit: (abbrev.) 18-A W a r ..... a day keeps the Axis at bay PA fW m:.E'lEN ..., l b 29 )7 )l 20-Important item s on payroll s 22-Introduci n g Fearl ess Yahootie (abbrev.) 23-We're going all out" to win it! 25-Pos t Commander. Ft. Wood, Mo. 26-What Hitler's been doing rapidly recentlY 27Popular cowboy comic s trip c harkind of bomb 29-What y o u call the guy who's u sua11y i n charge 30--Undesirabl e kind of p igeon 32-\Ve r e a s i t was 35--Thev m a k e the AnTiy 36-Hitler' s f avorite weapo n 39-Camp L e e i s i n this state (abbrev l 41-Nav;v Veterans

\ .. ... I ';: \ .. .., 1 .... _. r ; I l I j f t r. \ l 1,. /


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