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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 15 (May 8, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
May 8, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Finance Fanfare Cpl. Eddie 0' Hearn is the only Gremlin we know who can park a quid of tobacco in his while eating G.I. chow. -J1vt. Walter. McGuf'fee, recent ly 'of the in'fantry nas j o1ned _the Finance Dept. here. "I've looked far. and wide," says "for a rugged outfit, and at last I've fmmd it." : that the COITIIl\IDications is attached to Finance, Bopby Costigan is a new lingo. "ZZA," he'"'hollers, "'Z:ZA." Lt. Howard (and Mrs Howard has through in the beSt of tradition-a 7 pound girl on pay day. "Just my luck," sighs Lt. Howard, "the Feqeral Reserve Bank has to send the money a day late. n One of the Frencl"lnen on the field asked us, "What means this, 'Take it easy'?" It was a little,hard to explain but we managed to get the -point across. Well, tell next week-ta.Jre it easy. -Sgt. Felix lecn Many lJ mlln has mlJde lJ monkey out of himself in rellching for the wronA 1 imb. THE TYN T /Sgt. Earl Boutwell stepped into the limelight again this week as a r.esul.t of his ear splitting ''Tentshut!' at the_ 69th pep meeting on Wednesday. (Those nearby corrmented tha t Earl was in unusually 'good voice1 -that night. It 5 in the air that a new squadrop. will soon be formed, and enough, not one G.I. 'haS a.S yet JUt through a requet for transfer to the new upit. (When recently, Pvt. Joe Doakes expert "China Clipper" pilot with over hours experience, replied, "I don't mind over the courses once a week, but I never planned to' make i t my career.") Sgts. Witham zmdPonzio, the OrdnB(!c;e' s challenge to Pearson and came through with two fhoice items this week. They rellJte the story that their !incomparable Chris Chris tina has taken to chllsing the clerks in Li 11-ilJn Kilpatrick's, the lex; Ill women's llPPllrel shop. COLONEL'S WIFE JOINS AN ARHY COLONEL'S WIFE became a private in the women's army recently at Dallas, Te,as. She is Mrs. Elizabeth Haas, shown above taking the oath an auxiliary in the Women's Army Auxi.liary Cqr.P's The oath is being aciministered by Captain George E. Bushong, WAAC enrollment officer at Oa lias under the command of Colonel Claude K. Rhinehart, district army recruiting officer. Observing is Mrs. Haas' husband Lieut. Colonel William R. Haas, Medical Corps, of Camp Barkeley, who came to the recruiting office especially to see his wife enr olled in the WAAC. "It's the finest place I know for her to be o f service to her country during this national emerge n cy Col onel Haas said. Chrls;entered the shop one dlly recently llnd lJfter blushing lJnd loosening his collar, blurted out thlJt he ... would like to se

Page 3 french Here Vaneuaro. lfR ARE ELIGIBILITY RQUIRHNTS F0.9. .fREE LEGAL AID CLINIC Of Others Who'Ll AElHr SPEC/ALIZ.0 TRAINING PROGRAH :IS FORMED TO ASSIST Train in U.S.. SOLDIERS, EMPLOYEES The War Dept. Bureau of Pub2. Evidence that the best lic Relations today' released Of interest to all enlisted interests of the Army would be To Advise Individuals About the infonnation that 3:> French IT'en at TyndaJ 1 Field are the served by further training in Their legal Rights in soldiers and one officer who revised eligibility require-the ASTP. Strict Confidence were freed fran the Nazi yoke ments in the Army Specialized 3. If under 22 years of age, when the U.S. invaded North Training Program for the train-the soldier must have at least Establishnerit of a legal aid Africa have arrived at this ing of Army specialists which a high school education, or clinic, to give free advice on gtmnery school for training. .will give mor e merii an opportuits equivalent. legal matters to s;oldiers and A lieutenant and the 20 men \1.fty to receive -this college 4. If 22 years of age or to civilian employ'ees living on with him here fled France. atra:tning. Dver, the soldier must have at the post, was ?Jlnounced last head of the Nazi army in June, Under the new set-up, those least a year of college worlc, week at Post Headquarters. 1940, arrl went to Africa to selected for advanced training one year of mathematics .' Legal Aid Officer is Captain .1 oin French forces there. Wheh may go in their grade at at college level. If a man ; Gabriel Powers, who also is the Germans took over that time of selection, but soldiers I 'can speak a foreign language Courts and Boards Officer. part of Africa, they were with sent to basic schools !11USt go ;profusely, however, the year Soldiers and resident civil French units which were disas seventh graders. Non-com-: of mathematics is not required. ians who need legal armed. missioned officers have the ASlP units have already been on of all kinds niay With the landing of .Amer1can option of accepting reduction '13stablished at the following consult the clinic 1s staff of' troops around Oran and Casa-or returning to troops, institutions: Massaclrusetts experienced atwrneys free of blanca, the men were +'reed but privates and privates first Institute of Technology; Rut-. charge. and are now the -,;uard of class mU.st go to a specialized gers 'New York lliiversity' Captain Powers pointed out Frenchnen Y h J will train in school if selected. J?rincet(n, Virginia .that the serv.ice was compa.ra-the U.S. and fight with the The present general eligibi-nic Institute, Georgia School ble to the free medical and French Air Force later. lity requirements announced by ,of Technoi9gy, Purdue, West dental service that: the Army The men here saw some action .the War I>epartment are: ; Michj_gan, gives to its personnel. when the French resisted the 1. A score of 115 or better Minnesota, Oregon State Members of the clinic staff' Nazis in Africa, but the re-in the Army General Classifi-lege, and the tural and_ will not take cases to court sistance lasted only abrut 10 cation Mech. College of Texas. for trial but will advise the days. 'individuals concerned as to The new French srudents were flu t Thi !11 B EXTRA COPIES rc THE D .LL what they may do legally 'to at Casablanca when the Amerineanes e rearcs vr A solve their problems. cans landed. Later they went OPen Wishing Bridge TARGET NON AVAILABLE Captain Powers stressed.the to Oran, from where they sail-1n response to the increased fact that the relationship ed to the United States. All Coin Box demand for the new Target the between clinic clients and of the men here have families The "meanest thief" has inmmiber of copies printed has personnel will be of strict in France and have not heard vaded Tyndall Field. been boosted. ;confidence, exactly as i s the from them since they evacuate' d Monday night he stooped to a Each organization will re. relationship between civilian their homeland. They are anxiiew low level when he broke ceive a propOrtional increase attorneys and their clients. ious to complete the gurmery dpen the coin container on the in its share of the Targets. Captain Power:s 1 assistants course here and go back into "Wishing Bridge", the romantic In addition, any G.I. or of-are Lt. H.M. Fagin, Sgt. Steve action against the Axis. little structure on the walk ficer desiring extra copies of Truchan, Cpl. Carl Hinrnelf'arb, Pfc. George A. Lavoie, whose between Headquarters building. the paper f'or ma.il:!ng pl!'poses, Cpl. M orris Lieberman, and hane is in Springfield, Mass., and the PX. may obtain than at the Targe:t Pvt. Jack Sperry, alloof wh001 and who speaks French fluent-No on e knows how much the office 1ri Post Headquarters. have had extensive. legal ex-ly; will go through the gunnery thief stole from the families perience. course with the Frenclinen as of soldiers. That is, no one an instructor and interpreter. except the thief. It 1 s his CIGARS GIVE WAY TO STAMPS ON (?)DAY .t>THER 'S DAY PHONE CALLS fOST LIBRARY NOW RECEIVES OTHER CAMP NEWSPAPERS Publications from more than one hurxlred am f'if'ty military tmits in the United States are now available f'or reading at the R>st Library. These camp publications are received by The Tyndall Target en an exchange basis and iri turn are being sent over to the library f'or Tyrrlall men who have friends or relatives. 1n the service and wish to check the papers for possible news of them secret and no doubt he 1 s the only man wl;lo cruld carry it An idea which originated in TOinorroW is Mother 1 s Day, and and still face his man. the mind of Sgt. Saul Samio f countless soldiers on this lOOney dr.opped into the 11 t tle a member of the editorial staff 1>ost will be making long-discoin box on the bridge goes to of the Tyndall Target, is ex(tance telephcne calls to extend the Army Emergency Reliefftmd. pected to give added :impetus greetings to man's best friend Every soldier and most civil:-; to the sale of' War Stamps. at :.. his Mother. ians. know the AER and what it this field in the near future. Officials of the Southern stands It 1s an age old custom among Bell Teleph

HIS CAR'S LIKE S/Sgt. James BENNY'S MAXWELL -Powell is a fairly nice looking chap when he JUts on his new "zoot" tmiforrn with two pairs of pants He's having .....-rouble with his car (it resribles Jack Benny's Maxwell) He installed a new tire on it and now it won't run. He remarked the other day that if it doesn't "snap out ofit" soon he might start running on the rim:; again. Incidentally, Booger is getting married the lOth of May. He won't talk as to who the girl is. WANTS TO BE T/Sgt. Frank c. CUB CRtw CHIEF c has Gordon .Johnston has a new landing strip and .also a plane to go with it. The plane is an IJ1-=.B (a monstrous ship used.by AAF for observation lJUI'POSeS, etc.) Well, Zinmerman has requested transfer to the camp--he .opes to beccrne cre w chie f on the 4-cylinder job--almost as good as b eing crew chief on a glider, eh Frank? At.f31TION: TO T /Sgt.JohnnyH. BE MOTCR COP Kid) Sur-at is r eally going for this PT in a big way-he rides his bicycle to and fran work. His ambitio n afte r the war is to be a F1.a state motorcycle cop. Well, that's one man who'll be in florida after the war, anyway NO MORE ORDERS PfC, Naive, that FR(}.1 HIS GIRL WAAC man has filled out his papers for OC8---his girl is a WAAC sergeant, so Herman s ays he's tired of taking orders from a dame. )) S HE AFTER s/Sg t Eugene uiRLS OR FOOD? Elliott is a real "killer" with the girls in Apalach. Most every Sunday you'il find him riding around with several pretty damsels. Some stuff. He also eats the same people out of house and home with all tnose ration points and stuff. ,:c MURPHY G

-----.. --------------------_----, ---. ---_...._ ----.I


.i Guardians We extend our somewhat b e lated congratulations to our squadron adjutant on his hav ing acquired another silve r sliver. It's Presto n now. A note of welcome is ex t ended to Lt. Bonk who i s b a c k from a short leave to t h e Windy City. Idle bant.er: T/5 Leto i s now known as Flying Leto, due to an episode that occurre d at the Armory We have it that. T/Sgt. Price and Sgt. Sis s o m are contemplating matrimony in the very near future .. A new club is being formulated i n this Sqdn., named the "One-aMonth" Club. It's for Guard ians who go home on a threeday pass once a month Chart er members a r e M.B. Diaz, Cpl. G. H elms, S/Sgt. P. R yan, T/5 V. Leto and Cpl. R.M. Hyde .. T/5 Mashburn is still carrying the torch for Miss B. Jones of Personnel. Why not g1 ve him a break, Bernice??? Who trie d to snow a yotmg PC girl going to St. Pete, but she m elted the snow right awa y ? Man of the Week: Our man this week is another boy T/5 Nilo Nilo use d to work at the Waldorf Astoria and at Miami Beach s best restaurants. H e is known for h j s ability as a "cuis:ine" and can prepare man y a tasty dish des nite the face that h e is an MP uptown. His b est wooing jobs a r e d u e to the fact that he has a v e r y heavy Castillian accent. :-lilo hopes to go into the restaurant business when he goe s back to civilian life. -Cpl. Sam Marotta Venl:uras Down on the in Lt. Liddon's office the ymmg lady's face turned a flaming red, she jumped up, knocked a book off the desk and took off like a P-38--all because someon e mentioned S /Sgt. Ca ftneyer' s name. "Hake e m the Great" attended the Bay Hi g h conce r t at the USO Sunday aft ernoon. H e w a s seen not listening to the music but calmly l)layjn g with a plume on the majorette s hat. Vallet is a bit per p lexed. He is trying to fig ure out how the Frenchme n get along so well with the girls He says, "The y can't talk En,f! lish,, and the girls can't talk French. Sti 11, one Fre nchm an will walk down the street with five girls." He's willing to, be an so Frenchm e n take note. Sgt. Worley took the fina l step this past Sunday. Both he and the Mrs. have the best wishes of the entire outfit. M a n of the Hour: T /Sgt. H erb ert M Mcintosh. Sgt. Mcin:_ tosh enlisted in January, 1941, and has been assigned to t his m:ganization since March 1941 He is a graduate of ..AJ,f S c h oo l at Chanute Field. During hj s time in the organization h e has acted as squadron clerk and at on e time wru: a cting first sere;eant. Sgt. Mcmtosh 6 f e e t t all, hasbrown wavy hair, a dark, neat mustache, brown eyes and a wond erful personality. H e hails from North Carolina and h e IS SINGlE. -1st/Sgt. A.J. Ba r bier VETERAN QM SERGEANT LEAVES FOR CAMP LEE A man's wortn to his community in civil life or to his organization in military life is usually measured by the ldnd of memory he lea v e s behind. The void that T /Sgt. Nolan T. Ashby has created in Tyndall's QM Detach:nen t is a g r e a t one. His leaving for O.C.S. a t Camp Lee, Virg inia, has created a gap that will be difficult to bridge. Sgt. is a soldier of the old school, having enlist ed in the Army back in February, 1928. His first assignment was with the Field Artillery at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. He served the r e for three years before being transferred to Schofield Barracks, lu. After a three-year h i tch o n the Pacific Island post, Ash b y returned to the "States" for an assignment with the Air Corps at Barksdale Field, La. He was with the Ai r Corps tw o years before transferring to tl1e Quartermaster Corps on the same field, and has been a QM man eve r since. H e arrived at TJ-ndall in January, 1942. In the discharge of his duties a s first sergeant of his detachment Sgt. Ashby was able to draw on his vast store of experiences, and they h a v e stood him in good stead upon many occasions. He has the rare ability of reaching his men without comprom ise using dis.cipHne only when absol u te-O .C.S. BOUND T!Sgt. NoLan T. Ashby l y necessary. So well did h e 1md e rstand his men, and so capable was his appeal to them, tha t a searc:h of the records fail to reveal a sing l e courts martial case under his administr ation. We believe, along with the board of officers who mad e his appointment to O.C.S. possible that Sgt. Ashby will m a ke a fine officer. We wish him all the good fortune in his future assignments. QH CORPS STILL HAKING 11UNWR I TTEN H ISTORY11 When the valiant defende r s of Corregidor fell back from the mainland to that island fortification to a glorious chapter in American history, another chapter had already been written in a. fig urative s ense, a chapter that will never fini its way into matt er: his tory Tha t unprinted and forgotten chapte r was written by the Quartermaste r C orps of the U S Army And today the Corps i s s till making "histor y that will n e v e r be p rinted." Whe n G en. MacArtlmr and his d e f enders o f the Philippines f ell back to C orregidor they fcxmd a f o rtification carrp lete with all the equipnent and e ssen t j a l to a prolonged sie g e Their of the island was made possibl e by what they found. But let's look into the s t o r y af why the y found what was necessary for their valiant d e f ense of "the r ock." It's th e same o l d story. The ( ,1M Corps had been tD Corregidor long before MacArthur and his men. And t.hey f o nni n o haven. They found only an island. It was the} r duty to stock the island w:i'.::1 equipnent nt!cessary for the cl<:>fense that made history Just to give you an idea what the 4.\f personnel does, theJ tak e car e of 2,066 different items. Believe it o r not, they carry 224 different sizes o f shoes. Othe r items incltrle: Enough clothing and bedding t o clothe and bed a citJ of 8,l)()() "(lOTUlation and large stores of 1s sue of kitch e n equ i pren t The smallest and cheapest i tern on the QM list is a 1" needl e costing a total of 1/3 o f on e c ent. The largest i t ern is a 101 ft. boat costing mor e than $100,000. And the records on that need l e a r e just as much trouble as the records o n that boat. MOVIES FOR THIS WEEK --POST THEATRE-May 8 J Escaped fro m the Gestapo' Dean Jagger Nary Brian SUNDAY, MONDAY, 9 -10. 'White Savage' !>'aria tez J on Hat t TUESDAY M a y 11 WEDNESDAY, May 1 2 THURSD AY FRIDAY, 'Springtime in the Rockies' 'Rhythm of the Islands' 'Air Raid Warden' May 1 3 1 4 'Edge of D arkness' Betty Grable John liayne A t a n Jones J ane frazee L aure t and Hardy Errot flynn Ann ... -+ +. RITZ PANAMA -t SUNDAY, MONDAY, May 9-10 'The Desperadoes' Randolph Scott G lenn f ord TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY. May 11-12 'Tennessee J ohnson' Van Hefli n Rut h Hussey THURSDAY, FRIDAY, May 'Aerial Gunner' 13-14 '5UNDAY. MOND A Y Ma y 9-10 Wh o Done It' Abbott and Costetto TUESDAY. May 11 'The Falcon' s Brother George Sanders Tom Con1ua'V WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY 'Crossroads' May 1 2-13 t -+ + Hedy !,amarr SATUFf\AY, 1 5 FRIDAY, SATURDAY. M a y 14-1 S ** 'Hop o y S e rves A Writ' 'Maske d Rider' Witliam !3oyd A>tiy Clyde Johnny /o'ac k Brown Chester florris Ri::chard Arlen lt'ittia"' P owelL


_ B THE TYNDAlL TARGEI' NOVEL CRAFT HELPS TO PROTECT OUR HEN 'SWAMP GLIDERS. BORROWED FROM EVERGLADES FROG HU, 1TERS, USED 'fO SAVE F Ll ERS FORCED DOWN INSHALLOW WATER From frog hunters of the Florida Everglades and the swamp country of Louisiana, the Army Air Forces got an idea which has and will in future save the lives of fliers forced down ,in shallow water and in swampy places. maintain a small "navy" and The Air Forces at Tyndall Field the c.xidest craft :in the "fleet" are the "sw<111p gliders," frail looking craft which skim over Canaries the surface and can operate in Of course we've all been as 11 ttle as two inches of told otherwise, but this anny water. life differs but little fran "Swamp Gliders" were first that which existed years before p.1t into use by frog lnmters of us dcrmed khald. and were later used by o t 1 We still have our golfers' ball players, sun bathers, and prospectors in the swampy reeven a gro;up of playboys ccm.:.. gicns al eng the Texas and Louposed of" S/Sgts. Bradbury, Pal isiana coasts. The Army adopt-. mer, Rothschild, Dieterich and ed them for use in reaching &nith, Sgt. Pearson and a few planes forced down in swampy others areas ar.d shallow water. They These gay fellows insist on staying out at the hangar all can g o where no other boat can nigbt, and then come hare and arrl even reach places where man l01.mge ccrnfortably about the cannot travel afoot. air-cooled barracks until the Though frail-looking in ap-afternorn. After their la.mg pearance, the Army's "Swamp ing period they all excited Gliders" are sturdy craft, con-about a game called Calisthenstructed of plywood arourrl ics," whatever that is. Boy! What a life! strong oak frames. They are Smleone just butted in to wide enoogh to allow freedom say that the boys have to work of rrovement aboard and can when they go up to tre hangar. safely carry more than half a dozen men. They are powered by 65 horsepower Lfcoming airplane engines which drive pro pellers fran the rear, pushing the glider alcng the surface at a top speed of 40 miles an hour. :But what difference does that maJre? Even trough our ball diamond project has folded up there is no need for too much dejection. We have our newly canpleted volley ball and tennis courts, and you fellows certainly ought to take advantage of these facilities whenever possible. -Cpl. Joe (Peppy) Mastroeni The gliders malre up part of a fleet of boats which is maintained for the rescue of fliers who may be forced dC11m in the Sub-Depot: waters surrounding Tyndall. The craft range in size fran The second War Savings Bond the gliders to sea-going con-drive within the Sub-Depot is contirruing with more applica verted yachts up to 100 feet tions caning in daily for payin length. roll deducticns. Two $1,000 The rescue boat company here b oods were purchased for cash is operated urrler the direc-by Edwin L. Goodhue of the Suption af the Quartennaster, )Vith ply Dept., in addition to tmse C t H G--'' h J issued by payroll deductions. ap erman wii..U.ac r'' as Let's all buy more bonds.

Pnge 10 ACT/ NG CAPTAIN OF TYNDALL NINE S/ Sgt Pau I A. Brown ef the Gunnermakers was named by Lt. S.J. Drongowski to lead the Tyndall Tornadoes when they takethe field tomorrow against the Carabelle Commandos. Time: 2:10P.M. TYNDA.LL ToRNADOES FACE CARABE LLE C(}.f.1ANDffi HERE T()iffiR()I Cross-Country Run_. Band l:us ic and Awards Also on Program After a w eek of intensi v e practic e Tyndall's high-fiying baseball squad hav e t h eir guns prirr.ed and s i ghts set for a direct hit against the Cara "beHe Ccmnandos whom they meet tomorrow on the Tyndal l Field di3Jllond. The fray will b e the sixth on the schedule of the Tornadoes and the y will b e seeking their fourth v ictory of the young season. Tmrorrow's game will mark the official opening of Tyn dall s manmoth athletic field and as part of the ceremonies, Major William P K evan will throw out the first b all. The Post Band will play. Also on the program is the much heralded cross-country run, and the presentatio n of various atliletic awards to the winning squadrons. Lt. Stanley J. Drongowski, coach of the Tornadoes, has an the following for Sunday's game: S/Sgt. Metonic, CF S/.';gt Brown 28 S/Sgt. laughlin, C Sgt. Hines SS S/'Sgt. Anderson 3B Pfc. Sedmak, :lB Sgt. Jackeral, IF Sgt. Landry, RF Cpl. Flanagan, P Alternates: Sgt, Didier, C; Cpl. Tarr, 3B; Pfc. Balliet, lB; Sgt. Davis, RF; Pfc. South a.rd, P; S/Sgt. Mullins, P; Sgt. Cofer, P. POST COLORED TEAM PLAYS Tyndall's colored baseball team will officially open its season tomorr0.w in a game with the Marianna Air Base at that team's field. Pvt. Baskett is slated to ta...lre the roound for the Tyndall men with Pvt. Dawkins as his battery oote. S/Sgt. Daniel and Dawkins are the coaches. T i lE TY!\DAlL T.t>J1GET CPLS. HNYLKA AND KOCUR HONCRED BY TARGET LEAQJE KEGLERS Last year's champion Quartermaster keglers proved conclusively their right to wear the crown as they emerged the victors in both the first and second halves of the Tyndall Target Bowling League Pictured above are a number of the league bowlers who voted Cpl. Johnny Hnylka (ldt, kneeling) honorary captain of the All-League Team, and Cpl. AI Kocur (right, kneeling) who was selected as t::e mosf valuable man t o his team. Hnylka is the captain of the Quartermaster bowlers while Kocur did yeoman work for the second place winners, the Medics. ALI.r-LEAGl.JE SELFrl'IONS 1st team Cpl. Johnny Hnyl ka -QM Cpl. AI KocurMt-dics Sgt. Louis Kottke GM Cpl. George Usher QM T/Sgt. R Costigan -Fin. 2nd team S/Sgt. Harry Van Kuren -GM Cpl. Dom Lentl ie -Q M Pfc. Gus Bianc o -69th S/Sgt. F. Cappiello Ord. Pfc. Harry Mi I ler -QM FI NAL LEAGUE STANDINGS W L Q U ARTERMAST):RS MEDICS........ 21 G UNN ERMAK ERS 17 B a n d 6 9 13 w 69TH 13 FINANCE. ........ ... 9 ORDNANCE............ 6 L 17 21 May 8, 1.943 RUN ENTRY sjSgt. Mike Gonzales wi II represent the Gunnermakers in their bid for the track trophy which wil I be awarded to the winning squadron of the crosscountry run being staged to morrow. At least twenty entries from seven s quadrons wi II compete in the mile and a half race. The Special Service Office has announced that the stnrt and finish of the race will take place at the home plate of the new field. Time: 2 : l U P.M. OFFICERS WIN OVER SHIPYARD BASEBALL TEAM BY 4 TO 3 With Captain Dangler the -pitching and b atting star, the Offjcers' baseball team won a 4 t o 3 victory over the first shift. team from the Wainwright Shipyard a t P elican Park Tuesday night. NEW LEAGUE TO BE FffiMED AT MEETING MONDAY W ill the E jnspectio n flag b e properly cared for? Th at's All squadrcns Jesiring to FAVCR BASEBAlL CONTINUING what t h e AAF band 1 wants to ente r teams in the p r opo sed F ifty-nine percent of .the kn ow. Each evening aft e r f or-bowling league a r e requested Ameri can people think that warmal retreat a grolip of str ong to s e n d representatives to t h e time baseball shruld be con D emocrats fro m the South, (N. le"01'e mee ti..,ot hat will be tin ed d h 28 Carolina, t o b e f'Xact ) would '"'b- ., u as contraste wit play "Di x i e as the muc h cov-held on Monday night at the p ercent who thought it should eted flag was l o w e r e d and put field bowling alleys. b e stooped, while 13 percent a w a y for the night. Truthful-Sch edules and rules will b e w ere illld ecide d according to a ly, can any other organizatioo discussed at the meeting. It recent Gallup poll in the 48 show such affection toward the will begin at 6:00 P.M. states. flag? (Insrcting officers' '1s-.=::;;---:----...... p l ease note. II ......... 1 Ji Jinwn C i f f th i i t ._I. t)ERS 250 MOM =UJ on e p an s u AD I CA 'TIL xfN!!L s eems to be having trouble SQ -with some carrpose s but not with Shubert. In fac t here he S ICK AND TIRED OF ? practically rings the Belle. ., \17UIIJ!IIiS ourr (We can supply n e r address up-I on three h ours' notice ) .. C pl. William Moye, known formerly for his fine rendit i on s of "I'll G e t By" and "The Saints," is a real h ero now. His winning o f the golf tourn amen t last week is some thing happens oo c e in a lifet ime ( The Band is proudly d isplaying the pe.wn ticket for the trophy on the btliletin board between the hours of 8 and 5) Ie.st week the dance band really hao. a full sched ule: M:>nday night for the stu dents at the Rec Hall, Tuesday at the UOO, Thursday at Port Sa:lnt Joe where the Bond rally they played for sold over $5 200 Friday at the Rec Hall, Saturday a doubleheader, first at the two USO shows at the theater, then to the Officers Cltio. E'OEM To buy more Bonds, we all should yearn, And put more Jap ashes in an u rn. -Cpl. Sam Marotta end wdJr_ a.. I kORPORALS' -It.l"TS WITH .. FORI-RD .. AND )II!LT/" IIITTAatMDna/ om the Robina Field News


J\.l&.y 8 1 943 Medicwoes The first one to return from furlough gets all the gravy as far as rumors are concerned, but before the juiciest are offered he is asked: "Did yro get ?", "How was the weather?", "Does she still ?", and then the well-lmown "Have you heard?"-Ah CivilizatiCI1! Why do others keep score an your passes and furloughs? Just who was the first to return? .A..ren t passes a fascinatin,g hobby? s;sgt. GehriJl?; was OOis on favorite for staying to see the Derby, but returned to the home grotmds under the wire and t h e best he could do was to listen to the Catmt Fleet victory over the radio. Cpl. Volk was another to disappoint a few .. he rf'+--_rrned on time, too! Vol :.culd have used a few days. These competitions reall y bring out the hidden talents Capt. Gas ton is quite a h ouse keeper S gt. Smith, "Little D al!son," has b een sweating ou t the arrival of his much to the dis comfort af barracks 620. "Dear Mrs. Smith, please, come quickly, Smitty is keeping us awake! Sgt. Mullins says that this bit isn't news but history. It ha:ppened while returniJl?; from furlough Quite a corresponde nce fias since been directed toward Cocoa Beach, F1a., and the results must be good be cause Mull ins is three-day-passing there soon, but in the canpany of discourager Cpl. Maxwell. Capt. Gaston's current question: "Are you getting married soon?" He says that this is the season when men start thinldng abcut what the girls have b een thinldn g of all year. A n e w d etail was seen mar ching in a formation directed toward "that". show at the Post Theatr e Sgt. Sni th served as platoon leader with Cpl. Max l'!ell as right guide. Their eyes had a strained look when they r eturned a coup l e of hours l a t er. Next time, boys, get in the front row! Famous "ro manc e words: "You Love Me, but ycu won't admit it!" Who was that well-lmown fruit salesman at one of the local night spots. We wonder if he disposed of all those grape fruit. -Sgt. C.S. Laubly Zebr as Now that S /Sgt. Ritter's broken finger is well on the way t o recov e ry, the SQft ball team should really go to to1'1'!1. ( Sanecne carrnented that Ri t ter' s poo l playing has inrJrov e d i n spite of or because of his fractured digit -and we're inclined to agree.) Charles Reinares, that jam handy man, is still sweating out that third stripe -and now that he expects the Mrs. down, the sweatin,g has become more pro :fuse. We're root in' for you, Charley. Once in a very, very great whi l e the IMPOSSIBLE happens. It happened orlly a few days ago, when the Zebras beat the unbeatabl e Ounnerm a k e r p i n g po n g team! -S/SgL Franklin THE TYNDAlL TARGET p 9 FRQM THE We are to SQUADRON note that three of our men won hpnors in the recent G. I. golf tourna ment. lst/Sgt. took the prize in the first flight, with Hoefs as and Knepper was nosed cut t;or Silver Cup. The contestants 1n the intersquadron canpeti tion." c1p1 also' take. a bow for their triumphs in all events. The ooly thing lacking now is a little concentration on our bowling for the new tournament scheduled to begin shortly. It's ont. of the cellar or bust\ The men in barrackS #3 have been moving so much that 9-nokey Stanley is thinldng of equipping his bed with wheels whlle the other men are muscle-botmd fran heaving foot lockers about. Sgt. Weiss is working on a plan whereas all. one will hav e to do is ring. for room service -or, Shangri Ia ala G.I. ::: BEACH With Y9nnantuono and BANTER Schaefe r leading the parade, half the amnu nition section went to the beach for the grand opening to gape at the a.ssorted batJ1.ing beauties. Schaefer comes fran the frozen north where it's too cold to use swirmling at tire. In fact, when he took his annual bath last week he fotmd a pair of G. I. pants he had given up for lost. For Schaefer's comment on the Tyndallettes in their abbreviated togs, consult the Tale r column. Then there's the story of the worm who wanted to join the army so he could be in the ap ple core. Rotten joke, eh! Well anyway, it's seedy. (Sgts. Wi than; and Pa1Zio) ORDNOTES The men i n the rogue's gallery picture above ,are the 6.1. personnel of the Post Ordnance Office. Beginn ing from left to right are Pfc. Alfred Strege of Wisconsin, mail clerk and stock record clerk. Next is Pfc. James Snodgrass, who times goes wild keeping his memorandum receipt accounts sfraight. To Snodgrass' left is Pfc. Phillip Brown of Arizona, : Mgtor Transportation stock record clerk. Next is M/Sgt. John Ratley from Alabama, chief clerk of Property Office, married the father of a five months old girl. Standing alongside Ratley is T/3 Williaft1 Ponzio, who hails from Long Island, N.Y. He is assistant to the chief clerk, and handles the shipping tickets and requisitions. Last in line is lst/Sgt. Kenneth W itham of Vermont, sergeant-major and in charge of procurement authorities. Seated are S/Sgt. Frank Parker, an Alabamian, chief clerk of Motor Transportatior>, and T/3 Louis Weiss of Indiana, in charge of local purchases of parts and equipment necessary for the of the Ordnance Garage. The men of this office all have a vital job in keeping property and administrative records in order; issuing and receiving the many varied properties necessary to operate the department and to operate and maintain the vast amount of O r dnance equipment used on the post. Through this office go the records of guns, vehicles, parts of vehicles, and ammunition used in trainin..g the aerial gunners. (Pfcs. Waller and Towle, not pictured above, andfour civilian employees complete the present office force.) BONDS/ I TYNDALL TOM MY ...... LED ThE COMPLETES 11S MISSION AND THE GERMAN MSE IS LEFT IN SMOLDERING RUINS-ANOTHER AFRICAN O&STAClE HUR.DLEO-


1943 THIS WEEK'S X-WORD PUZZLE Acro11 1. Discontinue 5. Young branch 10. Wings 14. Assam silk worm 5 Is sullen Wander 17. Healthy 18. Main artery 19. Scold 20. Bird 22. Commissions 24. worm 25. Malictous burning 26. Braids 29. Duplicate 30. Yawning 34. Delivers a blow 35. Passing fashion 36. Amphitheaters 37. Busy insect ::S. Deposit 39 Of the man 40. Of it 41. Mariners 43 Gushing flow 44. A beseechin& 45. Slipped up 46. Age 47. Verse collectively: poetic 48. Commissioner 50. Conveyance 51. Unexpected good luck us 59. Misleads 61. Ireland 62. Glacial snow 63. Delete 64. LocatiOn 65. Parrot-like birds 66 Slight depres sions 67. Killed Down 1. Plies the needle 2 M igrate cross-country 3 Greasy 4 Beds 5 Boxes 6. Dress fastener 7 Possessive pronoun 8. Aquatic mammals 9. Russian rulers 10. Adjust 11. Give use of 36 Islet 38 Shelf 39. Fowl 42. Child' s disease 43 Tittle Own 1, Tolerate Play on words ... C&.me to a close 12. Desirous 13 Fish 21. Silly fool 23. Bellows 25. Help 26. Aspect 27. Steamship 28. Rose oil 29. Cove 31. Feeble-minded 32 Head tops 33 Composition 35 Enthusiast 50 Foundations 51. Cheek: ZoolotlY 52. Done with 53. Prima Donna 54 Remainder 55. Seed protector 56. Quote 57. Was aware of so. Cooking dish Reprinted from The Kelly Field (Tex.) Weekly ANSWERS 'lD QUIZ 1. Soup, apples, cake. 2. Photography. 3. Virginia Dale, Marjorie Reynolds, Paulette Goddard, Rita Haywortl1, Eleanor Powell, Joan Fontaine, Joan Crawford. '* Harlan Stone. 5. Unlimited authority. 6. Male turkey. 7. It means that he is worthy. of respect. 8. Miss M:l.ldred McAfee -Lt. Carmander 34 years More glib. Zoo Visitor: 'Where are the monkeys?' Keeper: 'They're in the back making love-.' Visitor: 'Would they come for peanuts?' Keeper: 'Would you?' He: 'There' s a certain reason why I love you.' She: 'My goodness: He: 'Don't be absurd.' TVN.DALL.t OF -DO OR. DIE w" WI Z By BOB HAWK Quh:mtter "THANKS TO THE YANKS" Saturdays, C I S 1. If you were an a diet of Vichysoisse, Northern Spies and Lady Fingers, what would yru be eating? 2. In which of these fields is the most silver used---dentistry, jewelry or photo graphy? 3. Name two other dancing partners that Fred Astaire has had in the movies besides Gin ger Rogers? 4. Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Ccurt? 5. If I gave yru carte blanche, what would I be giving you? 6. A rooster is a male chicken; what is a "Tan"? 11 7. If I tell you that sane body is redout able, does that mean that he is filled with drubts, that he is not to be trusted, or that he is worthy of respect? 8. Who is the Carmanding Officer of the WAVEs? 9. Give within three years the, average age of all movie actresses? 10. If scrneCI'1e arney Stone, :is becane luckier, richer? kissed the Blhe supposed to more glib or IT'S .IT ILL TH' .SAME OI.D .STCR.Y!"




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