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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 16 (May 15, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
May 15, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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2 Special Service Officer: Capt. Owen o. Photographic Officer: Lt. Diekeraan Public Relation Officer: Lt. w.B. Pratt Editorial St,.ff: S&t .t.rnel 1. !.lsaton Sst. Saul Saaiof, Pfe. Retl Pooser, Pvt. P.. lfiekles Ar( Work: 'f/8&t. o. Ledbetter and Cpl. Karahall Conrnanding Col. Lel,.nd s. Stranathan Photography tmd Repnxiucti on: W. Castle, 8/Sgt. J. Kitchell, Sst. s. Upchurch, Cpl. W Oreut, Cpl. G. lfel.tz ert, Pt. L. Shaw, 8/Sst. J. Kontsoaery, S/Sat. R. Sst. p. 'farry, Sr;t. J. Karatek, 1/BIIt. J. Webater, P'ft. w. Daniels, Cpl. E. Tackett, Pte. H. Care The Tyndall 'faraet receives supplied by paper Ser'fiee, W

May 15 1943 THE TYNDAlL TARGET 3 BO B HOPE STARS OF HIS RADIO SHOW TO APPEAR IN PERSON HERE IN NEA R FUTURE Performance rn Hour-Long Probably to Be New Hangar Bob Hope and the stars of his weekly radio show will appear in person at Tyndall Field soon. With luscious Frances Langford, zanies Jerry Co lonna and Vera Vague, and Skinny Ennis and his orchestra. the comedian supreme of the screen and radlo will stage a one-hour performance for Tyndall personnel The show probably will be presented in the new hangar. Hope and t he others in his show are currently makin g a tour of service establishment s in this area. Announcement of his forthcoming appear ance here was made by the Special Ser vice Office. No exac t .date has been set : the show here, but it is FILM OF MONTGOMERY'S MARCH ACROSS AFRICA TO BE SHOWN AT POST THEATER k1 that h e will come here fO.L.l.) Wl,._ Ga. visit to Atlanta, The show probably wi 11 b e h eld in the new hangar here because the Post Theater woul'Ci The picturization of General Montgomery's victorious march in t of Marshal Remmel' s Afr ika Korps is scheduled to be shown at the Post Theater next Sunday and Monday, May 23 and 24. not be enough to accomo-Bob Hope and Adm j rers date the huge throng of "Deser t Victory, "as the film is titled, will be part of the movie fare for those two days. However, field authorities recormnend that the pic ture be seen by as many Tyndall m en as possible. The accompanying feature is "A Stranger in Town. NEW Ll EtJTE NANT HERE IS V(.rERAN ARMY Lt. Col.Arthur D Wood, QMC, a veteran of the first World War wi.th a service record ciating. from 19i6, has reported for duty here. Col Wood is a native of New York staie but has lived Danbury, Conn., for the past 24 years. As a sergeant, he saw service on the Mexican border in 1916. Later he attended the Plattsburg Officer ,!Training Camp and was cormds sioned a lieutenant in the infantry i n 1917. H e saw service wi t h the AEF in the St. Mihiel and Verdun sectors and in the Meuse-A..rp: omle offensive. i e was com. missioned a first lieutenant in the field artillery of the Guard in 1ffi0 nnd wus pror.1oted thronr:h the various rra.des to his present rank. He was called into active service li'ebrnary 24, 1911. In Danbury, he was chief accountan t and office manager of the Mallory Hat Company. expected. The show here is expected to be staged within the nex t two weeks. Further details will be announced later. Hope will be seen in the celluloid versi"on, too, He's at the Post theater this week in the movie "Road to Morocco." CAPT. GENE RA Y-"fCND, FORMER FILH STA/1, VISITS TYND.4LL Capt. Raymond, the former movie star, visited Tyndall Field Sunday and took a swim at the bathing: beach. Capt. :Raymond has been serv. ing in Great Britain as an A.tV!' intelligence officer. After spending the night in the BOQ, h e left for Califor nia whe-re he will visit his wife, singer Jeann ette Macdon ald. NEW FIRST AID kiTS FOR TYNDALL PLANES New, sealed first aid kits recently have been installe d in all Tyndall Field planes for use in case of e mergency. Of:f'icers warned that O}Je.D ing the kits 1mder any but em erg ency is an offense JAlnishab I e by st.mmary court martial OFF LIM ITS Mattie's Tavern in Panama City has been placed off limits to military personnel, Post Headquarters announced this week. HAJOR STATIONED HERE NOW IS A "JACK OF ALL TRADES" IN SPORTS WORLD A snorts "Jack of all trac' ,es is Jlarrison R. (Ji!J1m.v ) ,Johnstom, who r.ecently came here. He's got a fine r:olfing rec ard: r\ aJTla teur cnampi on ln 1929 ; l'.S. Open medalist :in 1927,We stern champion in 1924, Minnesota titleholder from 1921 to 1928 Minnesota Open champ for three years and a member of six u.s. Walker Cup teams. In tennis, he was quarterfinalist in the Western Open at the age of 17. He's an expert marksman with machine gun, pistol and rifle and in skeet shootlng recently had a run of 246 out of a possible 250. At the age of Jol"m-'Vew Diving Board For the Beach A n e w diving board h as been purchased for Tyndall's beac h area and the pier on which i t will be placed is now unde r construction. The Special S ervice Office, wrich made the a nnounc e m ent, a call for more life gnards. All applicants are to report to Captam 0.0. Freeman in buildjng 208, adjoining t h e PX. Th e -pier f o r the board is b eing co nstruc ted by m embers of Lt. Hunn' s lifesaving squ ad. ston was t e boxing protege of Mike and l'omrny Gibbons, famed mittmen of boxing circles. As additional r.ohbies, he -plays squash, walks tne slack wire hunts fishes, sails and skis. During his school days at St. Paul Academy he was captain of the tennis, baseball, hockey, swimmin g and fancy diving teams. MaJor Johnston serv8d overseas as a lieutenant in a ma chine outfit in World War r. Pis home is in Minneapolis. H e has two children-a son who recently entered the Naval Air Corps and a daughter. He came here from Turner, Field, Ga., where he 'fi6.S Spe cial service officer. MOVIE TO AID EMERGENCY RELIEF A benefit movie to raise funds for the Army Emergency R elief will be stageri at the Post Theater W e dnesdaJ. Half of the net prufi t will be turned ove r to the relief furrl, which is used to assist soldiers' n eedy families. The show will be a double feature, C hatterbox," starring Judy C anova, Joe E. Brown and R ose mar y Lane, and "Th e lvlantrap," with Ilenry Stev enson a n d Lloyd Corrigan.


4 BEING THE SAD HISTORY OF HAROTTA 'S NEW GABARDINE SUIT T&rget Correspondent Glee A-Wooin' With au YARDBI shun ter save deah me on account uv i don 1 t want ter kill no American--not even a civilyun Thin there wuz a grate confooshun all ovur the plase an me an the rest of thim fellers wint round an By Cpl. SAM MA'IDITA round An while we wuz goin round an purchasedaDaw gabar-round deah me had dun clumb bak onter dine suit, (lchald, of course)' k h. f f I dee .ided to attempt a bit of the peer an I had ter knoc 1m o a-par idr ttsof'a.t.ng" via -paying my g in : respects to my cupcake. ,, Well, by the time i had got enuff flI reached her heme just in tin an deesided ter pull a retreet that time to see her sister and her wud make that feller in Afrika look brot.her-in-18Jf (a draft dodger) like a rekru te, there wuz only, three uv come out of the front door. thim fellers left but the heck uv it I greeted them with a frosty h h hello and went in and yelled wuz they wuz in between me an t e s ore. for my tantalizing gal. .. They got me. They me a boot a She greeted me w ith one of -=hundred foot up in the air an as i wuz those "cat-that-sv;allowed-theGreat Day, the ole yard bird has had comin down I seen a captin cum runnin a hard time this weak keepin hisself ot down the peer aktin reel ecksited like d e r which inmediately stopped uv the gardhoose and in frindly reela-an thin i hit that dadgummed oshun-squaling-presunably fr

. May 15' 1943 I ENTERTAINMENT FOO YOJ I IS OF NEW DRAMATIC eet on s da s h new c uu ee a e tTyndall band. belles. \\hat about those gals un Y uc ful surprise and treat is in Th.e afternoon "serenade in Pa.? big blisters! His partners' t f Tyndall S Cpl.Negich and Pfc. \ Iazur, are s ore or men. till, tour" as the hoys in the band That fruit salesman has been th all in favor .of that fun spot ere 1s a desire on the part call it, has not only captured found a n d has sold all his of the south. of all parties concerned not the fancy of the gunnery stu-grape.frui t. Come one, come all! Pfc. to keep the group restrictt.d dents, but that of headquarters The sport of kings is the Pruett will have a lJUblic burn-to a definite m.nnber and so and personnel as well. new interest of one L'pl. Nebe-ing of all those letters fr'om will welcc::ne the attendance of Introducing a new note in lek. We trust that he has been Atlanta. GI i t t thoroughly c onditioned. Pvt. Tonti has been complainthn eres Make cer-band music, the Tyndall band Pfc. Jim Phillip's chief ing about his name not appear-aln at your Sqt,Iadron is plays not onl y military march-gripe down here is that no one ing in the Target. His latest well t=epresented. es, but popular tunes also. ever answers the telephone. bid for the headlines occured This is a call for talent Add to this the white sun hel-The last straw was reached on his last visit to Atlanta. o f all kinds: actors, dancers, mets (part of the new attire whe n 62D was restric-Sgt. I.aSalvia promised to get singers, instrumentalists, M. to be worn soon)., their new ted. Each man pays a certain a date for Tonti, but when they ,C.'s,. imitators, comedians, director V/0 Missal, and their rotund person to take his turn arrived the girls were gone; t t chn' j S as barracks orderly. Comes Did that stop them?' No! e lClans, ugglers, snappy dnnn-majo'r, gt. Jack .Saturday inspection and 620 They fouYJ.d themselves a free g rope walkers,fire-eaters Wilson, and you have the "new" fails miserably The man that party at Ausley. Now Tonti and barkers. T/F band, morale builder par is paid for the job cannot doesn't want a date on his If you are interested and excellence. poss1bly get the restriction. next trip. have something to offer, see The Tyndall bandsman puts in Captain Freeman at the Special a day cOmparable to the most 1 G cJ Service Office at your earliest strenuous in the Army. After Uar 18nS convenience. breakfast at 6:30 A.M. he must Our squadron showed an im-home on one of his frequent prepar e his quarters for ins-provement of ten points in three-dp.y passe.,s ... Let's fol pection by 7, at which. time last Saturday's inspection and low their example and buy more CANARIES STAGE TOP-NOTCH SHOW FOR FRIDAY DANCE i A Night at Earl Cc.rroll's" was presented by the Canaries at last Friday's Rec Hall dance, much to the pleasure of ,the unusually large audience. 1 S/Sgt, Rothschild directed the extravaganza and he and his fellow "chorines" earned high commendation from both Captain Canxoneri, their c.o., Captain Freeman, Special Service Officer. Cpl. Maestroni, t h e squadron's scribe, repmrts that the common o f "Hey, Yardbird!" w fii be chat;1ged to "Hey, Baldy!" by t h e next inspection. It seems the boys have had their flowing tresses at t w o successive inspections. he falls out for PT. we ought to keep up the g oo d and mor e bonds! At 9:30 the band begins its work. :'he boys are taki.1g on Your scribe was seen worldng rehearsal for concert. This a new interest in keeping the as an MP last Saturday night session lasts until 11:30 with ba!'racks neat and there's a by two members of the T a rget about five minutes off for a good chance that we may take staff and they both had the smoke. first place in the next insrune comnent to make ,"I didn't The "serenade tour" begins spection. thinkyouhadit in you, Sam." at 1:15 P.M. aDd is usually The Cne-e. Month Club" roster (Ed. note: Erudite Sam Marotta completed in one hour. 1 Ipon which was issued last week armed with a night stick and their return to the barracks, created quite a stir. Man:,r an MP band was truly a refreshthe band getS ready for glee Canplained becaUSe they Weren It irtg Sight.) club or dance band rehearsals. selected as "charter" members, THE MAN OF THE WEEK: The'se last until 4:ooP.M. and others because their names Our selection this week is when tne bandsman is given were left out entire ly. Bowing T /5gr. R.M. Hyde of Winter forty minutes to prepare for to pop. 1lar dwand, we are addPark. In pre-war days, Hyde the RetPeat Parade. The eveing the following new members sang with a five-piece band, ning s bevin at R :OO to our roster: Sgt. T. Mar-specializing L ; hill-billy p M. with the dance band per_ shall, S /Sgt. L. Coffee, F\1 ts. swing tunes He plays a g:ui t-forming at v arious field funcH. Eopley and N. M e mendez. ar and will sing at a mcment's tions. PERCOLATING FRATIIE: notice. Recently the l5-piece dance Congratulations go to Pfc. Hyde is an armorer and knows band put on jts own show at Paul Yeagley. for his ptuchase his guns pre"tty well. !lis Port st. Joe for a Bond Rally of a $100 war bond last week. quie t affability has won him which netted over $5 ,000 in The same for Sgt. 'Jarshall who many staunch, friends. bond s a les. bought a $1j)OO war bond while -Cpl. Sam


POSTAL .POSTAGE SHOTS .,.J:-'-"; --. __.:..:..--:::....-----., --------M r:. D.D. --------Postmaster ./ ...... ------------..--------Cpl. I d Cpl. Sister Cpl. Griffin l ; I (, 1


May 15, 1943 ORO NOTES Ah! Spring. When Spring is in the air a ymmg man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts he's _had all winter. Among those have felt the touch of spring love caress their fevered brows are Yannantuooo and Bliznik. They have wandered off on a three-day pass to commune with nature and any other dish that's handy. For. any information about dunking doughnuts, Cpl. Condran is ready and willing to serve scientific facts on the subject. He has figured out the weight of a ga-dink,. (it has something to do with shining through the hoJes of a pure bull. Anyway, Condran,, dink you very much. On Sunday last the Ordnance t basketball team was presented with a gleaming trophy for. .their outstanding work on the court a.S the top-notch basket-. ball quintet of Tyndall Field. : Congratulations to all you members of the team, and to the restof you fellows, let's get a few rriore like it. TARGET 7 /HPORTANT COGS I T/4 fuvtd Davis T/5 Claude EdeRer Pictured above are the parts clerks of the Ordnance Garage T he Ordnance Garage is perhaps one of t h e most important units on this post. T r uly, transactions would be slower withou t the fleet of vehicles we hav e fo r transportation o f supplies and personnel. Sgt. Davis and Cpl. Edeker are the the end !!'en, of this fleet, as it is paper work that beg1nsany transaction. The installment of a spark-plug, a motor, a window glass, must Finance Fanfare first begin with the requisitioning of those parts. There are doughnut) the number of dinks per man or woman. He claims it's as scientific as an Einstein theory but to our rmscientific ears it sounds like Cpl. Schaefer has been in great demand ever since his quotation on the swimming attire of the Tyndallettes. So far he has received twentythree phone calls from admiring females praising him on his observing eye, two offers to Judge beauty contests, and a letter from his girl telli ng him to stay in the barracks. -Sgts. Witham and Ponzio Preparations are under way for the big SNAFU party at the. Rec Hall on May 28. Your hosts ladeez and gents: -Finance, Communications, Signal and Elsa Maxwell. Pf'c. John Cummins Communi cations Isaac Walton, has evoived a new method of polic-1 ng the front lawn. Cummins spends his spare time flycasting for cigarette butts and other obJects that "don't groe and ain't nailed down." N o that's not the chant of the auctioneer, Pfc. Joe Alfiero singing in the shower. S gt. Frank Totten, just back from the Army Finance School, gave us the lowdo w n on pormds, shillings, pence and other denominations of foreign currency. "I sye, Frank old bean,could I touch you for two quid and a bob?" "If they've got that stuff for breakfast again, DON 'T wake mel" -Sgt. F.Leon TYNDALL TOM MY ...... thousands of spare parts to be ordered and to be had in stock ready for installation b y our mechanics in an ailing t;uckor passenger car, to put them b ack into serviceable condition. Cpl. Edeker is our liason m a n making weekly trips into Ala bama for exchange parts, and parts for dead! ine vehicles. There is also the work of storing, tabulating and recording Poach part; the local purchase of needed items; the issuing and recording of any part used on a specific vehicle. The government depends on records since appropriations are made from national consolidations of these records. S]t. Dav i G is a naU ve of Knoxv iII e, Tennessee, is married and lives in Panama City. He has a fine tenor voice and is heard occasi onally over WDLP. He is active in church affairs in P.C., conducting a Sunday School class, as does Mrs. Davis. Cpl. Edeker is from Jay, Florid a, and has been with us since N ovember, He1 s not married, but there is a girl in Graceville. LEDBETTER


Pa e 8 TH DID YOU .KNOW THAT: The average soldier writes and receives three times as many letters as he did in civilian life, according to Camp Newspaper Servtce Dutch flower growers have given the name "Spitfire" to a new tulip variety, despite a strict ban any popular use of any English naroe Chinese soldiers aJ"e described by a New York Times foreign correspondent as "ragged but He points out that an observer finds it their fighting qualities by appearance,thaL they look like the "ragamuffins" Washington had, but they keep right on killing Japs. Paper underwear may be the next war item. Word comes from the Arctic that American forces in the far north have used paper unmentionables to supplement the regular GI underwear issue. The garments are thrown away after one or two wearings. ) .. .. "Cherchez la femme 11 has taken on a new meaning for the Germans in Paris and other French cities where women are becoming increasingly active in the anti-Nazi resistance movementJ according to information from that enemy-occupied country A million lighters which require no fuel and give off no flame are being sent to soldiers overseas. They are eal descendants of the long-wicked lighters used by soldiers.of World War 1. The device consists of a chemically impregnated wick about a foot long, a holder and a flint. The wick, when ignited by a spark from the flint, glows but does not flame. Wind only makes it glow more and light. all the better. FINANCE, WITH 100 PERCENT SIGNED UP, TOPS FIELD IN TWO DIVISIONS OF INSURANCE CONTEST The Finance Department, with 1eofo of its personnel carrying Government insurance, leads all other units of Tyndall Field in two div:tsions: the percentage of persormel with policies and the average amount of policies. The armouncement of the standing of units as of last week was made by Lt. George Lasker, War Bond and Insurance Officer. Lt. Lasker also announced that the contest among units and 11dalesmen11 would continue. In a contest recently in the Gunnermakers which ended April '30, a total of $578,000 was writ ten. Winners among 11 sales were & ;Sgt. William A. Oiler, who Nrote $144,000, T /Sgt. Denneth R. Dyson, with $100,000. In percentage of personnel carrying G. I. policies the 4Ul Communications group ranks second with .1 and the Aviation group with 94.7 is iP third place. In the listing of the aver age amount of policies carried h personnel, the Finance De taChment, with all personnel insured, shows a aver age of $7 ,529. Seet.l'ld are the Zebras with $7,290 and third is the Communications group w1 th $.6,009. 7br 'percentate ot insured pe!"sonnel :Is shown by the newly organized Quarter11aster lr1 th M.4%. The SMalleBt average value of oolieies carried is in the Si_g--rnal Detachnent with an average of $3;765 per policy. The aim of the present cam paign is to have every service man carry the maximum amount of $10,000 for protection of his family. Cloud hoppers We regret losing three vital men for places where their services are more necessary. They are S/Sgts. Htmter, ful lard and Beletz. Considered tops as mechanics as well as fine men, their loss will be sorely felt. We wish them all the luck in the world. Lt. Hogan figures we ended up, on top in horse-shoes, bil liards, and third in ping pong. fla tch rur baseball and soft-ball teams! Sgt. Davis sure looks cute in his blue athletic trunks. He's taking P1' so that he won't take fran any of his crew. Sgt. Sanfilippo 1s sweating out the ride to San Jose, Cal. He gets off :ran Francisco ar<1 then travels home by horse. -Sgt. Ed Strong l SUNtAY A HYHN FOR THOSE WHO FLY BY J ,J. WILLARD I We pray Thee, Lord, Thou who art wise, Be Thou our fliers' guide; Keen steady, Lord, their shins that rise, And nilot them across the skies; With them, 0 Lord, abide. II Direct them as they wing their flight; Protect them, Lord, we nray; Let them not wonder from Thy sight, But through the darkness of the night, Go with them all the way. I II If storm and strife they must endure, Surround them with Thy care; Be near and make their safety sure, Defend them, Lord, and keeo secure Our fliers in the air. IV We oray Thee, Lord, Thou art on high, S Sustain our men who dare; Give strength to them who (or us fly, And follow them with Thine own eye; Hear, Lord, for them our nray'r. WI:DlaSDAY. 8:00 A.M .............. Man 12:15 P.M Civilian WorahJp Servic(), 9:00 A.M .... Sun day School. 10:00 A.M .... at Theatre. 10:00 A.M .... Protestant Worship Service. 11:00 A.MI. Gunners nt Service. 11:15 A.M Mass ?:00 P.M Evenine TUKSDAY 5:3:> P.M ............... Masl!l 6:30 P.M .. Class ?:00 P. M ... :ll'ello'WIIhip Club 5:30 P.M .. Haall 7:00 P:M .. Choir. THtffiSDAY 5:30P.M ............... Mass tl:30 P.M.; Instruction .Class PRlDAY 5:30P.M l'fass 6:30 . Jewish Service SATURDAY5: 30 P. M Mass 7:00 P.M ...... I


GUN At almost every "bull TOTERS session" there is a .. heated discussion o n the ''Duration of the Duration." Fred "Gloomy" Cox insists that are in for a gocxl. 18 y ears. s state ment made tears come to Baldoni's eyes. And Charlie Ward s favorite prediction i s that the last shot will b e fired the day he turns in his overcoat for salvage. Sgt. Sanderson has just ac quiied a nother fugitive from the-scrap drive. If he continues to trade and dicke r perhaps someday he will have the of a car Sanderson, Cole and Ward of the town patroi have, with their keen judgement and firm, yet courteous handling of all situations, earned the resPect and adrnj_rati.on of-everyone on He post. ::: MO-HAIR CAN PLAY ON CAT GUT It seems that there is no end to t h e accomplishments of T /Sgt. Joe "Mo-Hair" Trom bitas. The latest of his talents to come to light is his ability to dra w a bow across the string s of a violin. Joe was a .first violinist in his high sch oo l orchestra and intends to r eturn to the mu...c; i c world after t h e war. FriendS believe he will b e ready for a Ca.rnagie H all recital very shortly after the. "duration." .,. .. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" upper. Opintons ex-pressed by the rnen of the court a r e nec 'essarily censored. .,. BEST PI.CTURE OF THE YEAR. hire o.f tpe A vote was tal

10 THE TYNDALL TARGET Brown Bombers 1 Vent:uras We had a l arge number of men i t try in attendance at the USO Mothgame ended n rue s 0 -book fashion. The Venturas er's day program last Sunday. as instructors, I'd sure hate were playing the Bluebirds. There was some grunilling about You now have a new corres-to be a Jap when they finish I t was. the iast half of t}).e the way the first sergeant an-pondent. Watc h out for me, with a group of students. last inning with two men nounced that "They'd be there, friends. I'm not going to By way cf diversion, here and the tieing runs on second or else." They were there, pull any p.mches. If I see it are a few famous words. We'll and third for the oppooition. Furloughs are being issued b d b d i ld If t t o the men who 1 oined un in or h ear it, good or a u -try hauling sane n wee y. The count on the bat er was \'o vember and spirits are pretty dy, i Vs going to be printed. you hear any of them in the two and two, and on the next high. It is probably b,ecause If it gets you in a jam, you dark, you' 11 know who stuck pitch the batter "st8pped into of this t hat there aren t so won't know whose shoulder to the knife in your back. it." The baJ.l went sailing in spending their cry on. If it gives you a MulLins: "I just don't have the direction of Panama City, gre"enbacks in Panama City. boost, good. I'm all for it. the time." but with the crack of the bat Pvt. Edwar d McNa:.r popped up I might be behind that latrine Cacherto: ; Aw, whatta ya S/Sgt. (DiMaggio) Youngberg door, a bell hop at the Dixie-mean?'1 t k -ff aft 1 t out of nowhere to take the 11 oo o er dr. 1 Mo. i Sherman, .or the ,little bar-Taylor:" "Good deal.. As tre ball began to descend squa on poo crown. re n-tender at Sloppy Mike's. Terry: Gotta da,,te w1th a girl the fans sat breathless until formally, yours truly has been Every man in the outfit has ton1ght Joe? f awa rded the table tennis title 'n ... they heard the solid "thud' o by the adjutant, as the result been restricted, you might say. Bress.ler: a l.tttle some-l eather meeting leather. The of a series of games. (I do Why? The laundry over on the th1ng fo: the 11Wife. You b allgame was over and the Ven) Th other side of the road has put know h?w 1t turas had won, 12-10. hate to brag. Sgt. ompson us on a "once a month basis. Our fnend furlough-Just in case sane of our men has just about decided that We send e m but never get 'em ed home carrymg the torch for wondering why there is he'll go out for the swimmin g back. a little Miss. But it must glowing brightness around championship if there is any Who:s the wise guy that nut have rained. The torch went the supply room and why the organized canpeU tion in that the rake behind. the latrine o';lt. You'se &UYS on the range supply sergeant heets you with sport. He really gets along door and had Pvt. Bushey's w1th Pop bette stay a smile instead of the usual out at the beach. false c.hoppe r in repair for a o the stra1ght and n rrow \ow that we all have at least n a. ".'hats yousf' trouble?", the week? It wasn't funny. He There s a week s KP hanging i th t he just return-six months i n the service, percarrie d straws to the mess over the head of the first of>-nnd he didn't haps a review of the activities hall with him until they were fender. b k aJ. Th M i of the squadron s personnel "bucked" back. It looks like this is about come ac one. e rs s might be in o rder. Well } we've A few of our boys have been aiL "You can, t lick a J ap by here and there have been some had m e n building some obstacle running around loose selling li kin' a spoon in the PX1 changes made. courses (for which the students Nothing personal., but why is insurance. If those guys are you / kne in particular aren't thanking as efficient with their duties -The Peeker T Sgt. Hendr en, who never w us), and then there's the. t what an overnight pass was, c rowd working with Capt. BrunWh=Le Flashes Bluebirds beginning to lead the squadron ner on landscaping and victory in requests for such passes? p:arde ning. Between the duties of Su-pply This week, we welcome our DS THE MAN OF THE HOUR: T/Sgt. c::001e of the boys are helping Sergean t and temporary Top men from Keesler Field, Miss. James. H. Fannin. The sergeant out the QM troops as truck kick, S/Sgt. Thrasher is a We hope they have a lcng stay. is the squadron line chief and drivers, a few are on

May 15 19!;3 Band Box YOUR FACE WITH YOUR HAND OR liVE "TRICK' SALUTES Lt:ARN TO SALUTE ,ROPERLY/ THE TYNDAlL TARGET Zebras --POST THEATRE 'Assignment in Brittany' fierre Aumont Susan -+ SUN, MON. MAY 1 6 -1 7 S 1 i g h t 1 y D a n g e r o u s Lana Turner Robert 1oung -+ TUESDAY, MAY 1 8 R o a d t o M o r o c c o Crosby Hope Lafl'our -+ MAY 19 DOUBLE FEATURE 'Chatterbox' Judy Canova Joe E. Brown 'The Mantrap' llenry Stevenson,Ltoyd + THURS.,FRU.,MAY 2 .0-21 'Reap the Wild Wind' Fautette Godd.rH"d, Ray ,Vittand RITZ PANAMA -f SUNDAY, MONDAY, MAY 115-17 lmmo r t a 1 S e r g e a r. t Henry fonda, Maureen O'Hara TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 'Forever and a Day' Cha"rtes Laughton, Mer te Oberon THURSDAY, FRIDAY, MAY 20-21 'Shadow of a Doubt' MacDonald Carey, Patricia Corlinge SATURDAY MAY 22 'Saddles and Sagebrush' I>ub Tay tor, Ann Savage SUNDAY, MONDAY M A Y 1 6 -1 7 'City Without Wornen' Linda Darne tl, ldga'l'" Buchanan TUESDAY MAY 1 8 'United We Stand' (Newsreel History) WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, MAY l9, 20 'HowGreen Was My Vallo.y' Walter Pidgeon, Maureen 0 'Rara FRIDAY, SATURDAY NAY 21-22 '1\'e t of Te x 11 s Dave O'Brien, Ji111 Kewi ll -+ t + -+


Pa e 12 LEADS TORNADOES TODAY Shortstop Hines of the Signal iers was selected by Coach Stan 1 ey J. Drongowsk i to act as the Tornadoes' fiel' d general in their game tod3y against the nine. The wi 11 be played on the Tyndall athletic field and is scheduled to begin at 3:00P.M. TOONADCI:S SCCRE 9-6 V I CTffiY OVER CCWANDCI:S &xltha.rd, Davis Give up 7 Hits; Face Marian na fure Troay Acting captain P aul Brow n blaste d out three hits in five trips to the p late l ast Sunday t o lead his wate s to a 8-6 over the C a mp Gordon Johnson Commandoes. It was the Tyndall Tornadoe s fourth win i n six tries and, according to Coach Stanley J. Drongows.ki, the boys put o n the i r best performance of t h e s eason. The box score: TYNDALL Mat o nek;. c f Bro'n, :Lb Laughlin, c Hines, ss Sedmen, 1 b .Tackr el, r f Ander son, 3b Edwards, lf Flanigan, lf Sou therd, o Davis, o T otals Smith, 2b R e v e l !o, cf Kie l, 3h Cuzzio, 1 b Perham, ss Uptmor, c Sawtuccu, If Rokicki, rf D e Ang e lo, r f Kosy, p Tohil l p AB R H E 4 0 0 0 5 3 3 0 4 2 1 0 5 1 0 0 4 1 1 0 4 1 2 0 5 0 1 0 3 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 37 9 9 2 1\E R H E 4 0 0 0 5 1 1 0 5 3 2 2 4 1 1 0 4 0 1 0 4 0 1 3 2 1 1 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 36 6 7 5 T h e T yndall nine faces the \1ar1.a nn a Air Base s quad this afternoo n on the n e w atl1leti c field in t he rear o f t h e PX. Ther e hasn t been any gawe s c h edule d f o r t h e T ornadoes tanorrow; h o w e v e r the Spe cial S ervj c c Office annmmce d that the B1u ehirds baseb all t eaJ'l will mee t a sel ecte d fro m the <; tude n t gunn e r s i n a c h a.l l eng;e c o ntest. The fray will tak e place on the post athletic field and will begin at 2:30. THETYNDAlL TARGET GET ON YOU8 HARK! Fifteen entrants in last Sunday's cross-coun t ry 3re show n just before the start of the r ace in which only nine crossed the finish line. Pfc Alderette, Cloud Hopper le;other-lunger, outsprinted the field to cross the finish line first and bring the coveted trophy to the Cloud Hopper s day room. (Alderette may be seen on the extreme right.) The pace for the mile and a half run was set by Lt Phillip Leibowitz, form e r collegiate track star, who prov ed that h e hasn't lost his stride by convincingly setting the p ace throughout the entire race. The nine Gl's who crossedthefinish line are Pfc Alde rette, Cloud Hoppers ; S/Sgt. G onz ales, Gunner m a kers; Cpl. Ostrenko, Signal Corps; S /Sgt. Dowland, White Flash e s ; Pfc. Fulghum, Cloud Hoppers; Cpl. Senkinc, "1ed i cs ; Pfc. r.)onze\13, Cloud Hopoers; Pfc. Brown Ordnance; and Cpl. \ '1illiams Ordn a nce. THE WJNNAH/ P1c. M aclan Alderet t e tr1gnt1 shows a winning srni le for the photographer after "bringing horne the b acon, (the tnck .trophy, in this ca s e ) for the C l o u d Hoppe rs. Alderette i s shown handing the trophy over t o Lt. Tim o t h y F. S'luadro n INTER-SQUAD RON SOFTBALL LEAGUE BEGINS MONDAY; FOURTEEN TEAMS ENTERED Pfc. Ald'3rP.tte, S/Sgt. Gonzales and CpL Ostrenko were aword ed medals for placing first, second And t hird respective l y Fourteen t earr6 are scheduled to mee t in the opening week of ..._..--------------w----------------1 t h e Tyndall Fiel d Inter-Squru:iPOST COLCI?ED TEAH RaJTES HARIANNA IN SEASCJ1 OPENER, 16-1 By Pfc. HAZEL i V ILLIS Resplendent in t h eir b r a n d new colorful uniforms, Tyn dall's Colore d nine b attered the \ { arianna Air B a s e t eam t o a 1 6-1 defea t last Sunday at the field. It was the Tyndall t e a m' s openi nf.Y blast of the season, mdso powerfUl w e r e the salvos from t h e T yndall batsme n that the game was called at the e nd of the sixth inning b;y rm.ltn a l consent. As the scoring column i ndi c a t es, the r e w e r e sev e r a l errors coomitte d b;y both s ides, hut regardless o f the football sco r e the p-ame was well p layed, especJally in the earlie r innings. Th e bigg-est explo sion of hits came in the thi r d canto whe n the Tyndall m e n bat t e d aroun d The box score : 1YNDAI.L Harrison, s s 1\hite, 1f Blackmon;. 3b Randle, :Lb Iltwkins, c Fox, r f fuglis h rf Davis, 1h lenkins, cf l3askett, p IVo r rison, p Weaks, p Total M<\RIANNA 3 b Harris, 2b Jones, lf E r aham, s s Pope, l b Holt, rf Carbitt, c funcls, cf Parnes, p Total AE R H 5 4 3 5 3 3 5 2 3 5 2 3 5 1 2 3 1 2 2 0 1 5 1 4 4 1 2 2 1 2 2 0 1 0 0 0 43 1 6 is A E R H 4 0 1 2 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 1 2 0 1 2 0 2 2 0 0 4 0 0 l 0 0 2 0 1 5 E 3 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 6 E 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 4 Two-base hits : 'A11i t e E lack n ,on, RBnOwsk:i, c ; Glasser p; lask er, o r J o hnson lb; Ecle lTPa n 2 b ; D a n g l er, ss; 11e nclelson, 3b; \ ;c D anie l lf; Griss, cf, and C leary, r f Lt. Ed e lman i s f i e l d c a p t a i n of t h e t eam a n d Lt. B .A. Gib son i.s b u s:iness m a n a)!er. ke t t Davi s 1. \\'inning pitcher, Weaks. Umpire : Arthur King Time: 1:40. Toworrow t h e pos t Colo r e d teaJn will meet t h e E glin Field qrg regatio n h e r e o n the i r n e w eli nmond. Th e game will begin a t 2 :00P.M. a n d will b e the f:i r s t e v e r o n the r e ce ntly c c m p leted hall f i eld. OWT CEliS' IF AGUE 'ill IE FDR'vfffi All offi c e r s d e siring to e n t e r t e ams in a c on temp late d bow l i n g l eague a r e ask e d to sen d r e p r esentatives to the m e e ting a t the Tyndall B owling A J leys on Monday at 7 :30 P.M. ron Softball Tournament begin ing Monday, 'hy 17. Th e s c hedule was released by the Spec i a l Servtce Office on Tuesda y a n d calls for three g awes t o be played on and two on Wednesday a n d Thursday. First week pairings: Monday, Ma 17 Clou d Hop p e r s ;s. 69th Venturas vs. Fin, Signal & Band Redbirds vs. Medics W ednesday May 19 B luebirds vs. Cffdnance Canarie s vs. Guardians 1l1 u r s dey, May 20 White flashe s VS. QlartennastE Z ebras vs. Gunnermakers N EfT' ll N G LEA G U E F MEtJ FCRMED As a r e sult of t h e meeting h e l d last Monday nig ht, a new bowling f o r enlisted m e n h a s been forme d and play will b e g i n o n Monday, May 12. T eam c a p t ains f rom 12 field units atte n d e d the meeting and disc u s s e d t h e schedule and rules gov e rning t h e competition. Six teams will play each M o nday and 1 u e sday eve nin g Th e leagu e will b divided into h a l ves, with 11 3 game matc h e s c arrprising each h alf. Those s quadron s who have e n tere d teams i n the league are: O rdnance M edics, S quadron C, Redbirds, Zebras, Gunnermakers, C l oud H opp e rs, Quartermaste r and Blue Birds. P a p a Moses shot a skunk, Mama Moses fried a hunk, Baby Moses a t e a c h u nk, Holy Moses h o w i t stunk:


15, 19:1:3 THE TYNDAlL TARGET P e 12 I I 0 PO I NTS EACH "HUBERT" by Snyder By BOB HAWK Qui::mster "THANKS TO THE YANKS" S'aturdavs, C B S 6o 70 708o So 90 Fair Good Excellent 90 100 Superio; A-NSWERS on Page I 0 1 How many of these ther north--Minnesota, Maine about dogs are true: or Washington? a. sane dogs have eyelasres. b. s orne dogs are born with short tails. c. some dogs have jnduction nunber s 2. Cinder ella's fairy godmother turned a rat into a fat, jolly coachman. What did she turn the six lizards into? 3. How many V' s are there between the outer points of a five pointed star? 7. It's correct to say that a man talks slowly. Is it also correct to say that a man talks bigly? 8. If the affections of a were wavering between a handscme Naval officer and an equally handsane Army officer, and she want e d to get married and continue her service as a W A VE, which prospective hus b a would be automati:caliy eli. 'ted? 1. Do men and wanen have the 9. che difference ;:,arne number of they between currying a chiclren and h ave their full ccmplement? currying a horse? 5. How" many jitneys are there 10. Give within two the num-in two bits? b er of Presidents who were 6. \ Vhich state exterrls far-bachelors? I THIS IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Sir. she wants an invitation to t his 'P e rmanent Party' she" s heard a b c u t." L-----------------------


11JHAT OUR GRADUATE "Gunners Are == As Bomber Jumped By Jap Fighter Planes" By THOBURN WIANT A U.S.-1IEAVY BOMBER BASE SOMEWHERE I N INDIA Apri'l 11. (Delayed)--(APJ--When an American bomber plane is jump e d by the Japanese fighters that prowl the skies over Burma gunners instantly beco m e the most important men aboard. The lives of all aboard depend on them. They must s hoot down the enemy. Keep him out of range, or else Because of the skill of the gun ners aboard these bombers there have been very few "or else" occasions over Burma. American gunne r s were at their best recently in a 55-minute battle that started over Ming l a d o n airdrome in t h e heavily-defended Rangoon area. Four U.S. heavy bomb ers scored hits on two of the airdromes three iunways. Shortly after they headed for home, they were jumped by 14 enemy fighters. Three of the enemy p lanes were destroyed, four probably destroyed and four damaged. No on e on the American planes was wounded. Only one of the bombers was damaged slightly. Five of the gunners who par ticipated in that battle'were Staff Sergeants William Snapka, 26 of Gradford, Tex.; Willia m Stein..: kellner, 23, of Oshkosh, Wis.; William Hufn all, 23, of Houston, Tex.; Jack Houston, 23, of Cleveland, Miss.; and James Demos, 21, of Cas per, Kyo. They were on the sam e plane, manning the w aist, top turret belly and tail guns. "I saw some of the 'planes take off a few seconds befo.re.we.reached the target," Snapka said. "They wer. e on u s five minutes later. The next 55 minutes were the busiest I've e v e r put in. Those Japs made pass after pass at us, one plane right after a nother. So metimes, they came at u s in p a i r s '' Steinkeller spoke up, "One came in so close I could count the rivets on his p l ant. I could have hit some of the others with my shoe--so you can imagine what I did to them with my guns!" Their plane was the one slightly damaged, Fou r shots went through the rear, missing Snapka, as well as Huffnall, Houston and Demos. They were c redited with destroying one of the enemy fighters and damagin g some of the others. That's just a sample of what Ame rican gunners have done. There are many more. Other gunners in this operating over Burma include: Tec hnical Sergeant Edward J. Charlet, 2 4 New Orleans, L a.; and Staff Sergeant Ed>tard R. Bodell, 23, Pawtucket, R. L Radio-gunners. Joseph V. Leblanc, 27, New Or leans ; and Staff Sergeant Roy A. 22, Blackoak, Ark. A eria l Gunners Staff Sgt. Marvin E. Varnado, 23, Baton R6uge, L a.; Charles E. ers, 23, Flowery Branch, Ga.; Nathan L Wall, 28, Summerfield, Fla. GUNNE RS ARE DOING


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