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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 17 (May 22, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
May 22, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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22, 1913 TirE TYNDALL TARGET BEER BAR, SODA FOUNTAIN FOR RECREATION HALL VETERAN JAP-FIGHTERS HERE AS INSTRUCTORS Cafeteria Counter, New Address System Included Improvement Program Public In Extensive alterations including instalJation of a bee r bar, soda fountain and cafeteria counter are underway n.t Tyndall Field's Recreation Hall. R e c Hall activities have been cancelled until the improve ments n.re completed. The work probably will be finished about the first of next month. A fullJ equipped stage for the presentatio n o f dramatic and other shows also is being built. The n e w stage will have mod ern lip:hting facilities and a new curtain. A public address system donated by two Tyndall enlisted men also is bein12;_ installed. The food, soft drink and beer bars are being installed by the Post Exchange and will be operated under its super vision. The new stap:e is be-ing constructed b y the Post Enj!ineers. Two Tyndall G/'s Donate Public Address System To Recreation Hall Two GI's walked into t h e Special Service Office last week and 'donated a complete public address system to the Recreation Hall. The men, Sgt. War ren Durthaler and S /Sgt. J. Carda mone of the Zebras, made their offer to Captain Owen Freeman and it was several fT1 inutes before the Captain was conv i need that the men were not joking and that they actually had a sound system which they wished to donate and ins tall. when the Rec Hall is reopen ed, the weeldy dances will be Two aerial gunners who learned their job the hard way--in on Thursday evenings instead Inasmuch as the present public address system at the hall is not adequate, its replacefTient b y a fTiore power ful so1md apnaratus will add greatly to the imp rovements now being made to the building on the Gulf. actual combat--have arrived at Tyndall Field to serve as ins-of Frida;ys as in the past, the tructors. They are S/Sgt. Lewis Coburn and Sgt. Lonnie Wright, Special Service Office announabcve, who received numerous medals for their part in the ced. fighting in Hawaii, the Philippines, Java, Borneo, the Coral The hall will be '!100 per-Sea the Solomon Islands and New Guinea. (Story on Pages.) cent off-limits to persons in ------------------------------1 s wiTUTiing at tire," the SS Of-RELATIVE OF GENERAL DOOLITLE TAKING TYNDALL GUNERY COURSE; HE'S HAD AN ADVENTUROUS LIFE James H. Doolittle, Member oj Class 43-22, in Merchant Marine 7 Years The name of Doolittle has become a lef!end to the average because of the exploits and heroic deeds of Brig. Gen. James Jl. Doolittle. But in gunner y school here there is another Doolittle, a r elative of the fmned flier, who has had -plenty of adventfice said. -----FREE HA TERN.4L CARE FOR G!'S WIVES PLANNED Free maternal care for wives and infant children of enlisted men of the last four grades is being arranged by the children's Bureau of the Departm ent of Labor. An announcement from Wash-. ington said the Children's The two sergeants have spent fT!ost of their free time during the past wee!< instal ling the new set, which a lso has a record player attachment. Both men have received letters of commendation from Col. L.S. Stranathan, Post Commander, for their action. Bureau is arranging through POST CLEANERS OFFER sPEEDIER state public health depar t ures or his own. ments for wives of enlisted CLEANING, REPAIRING SERVICE to receive care at civ-ilian hospitals. Application One day service for dry forms will soon be made avail-cleaning jobs, upon special able through state and local request, is the latest achealth and welfare agencies, comodation to be offered by the Red Cross, and local phys-the post cleaners. Also, icians participating in t h e the management announced that H e is Pfc. J 8JT1es M. Dooli t tl e, !"efTlber of class 43-22, whose father js a second cousin of the hero of the of icebergs i.n the vicinity, the captain of the shi-r would not give the go-ahead signal 1mtH dawn. ToVyo raid. During his seven years in :lefor e entering: the Army, the Merchant Marine he had the Pfc. Doolittle was a licensed engineer i.n the Merchant \1ar ine, traveling to all parts of the world battJing storms, fires and e nemy submarines. He was in the \ierchant \1arine for seven years before he finally into the Army Ai.r Forces. ) Onc e wh iJ e on convoy in the :aribhean, seven of the ships of his fleet were sunk bJ : sub marines and Doolittle's lill'ncd to port at New Orleans, badly leaking froll' a to!Jiedo hit. Duringa voya)2'e in the NorU1 A .tlantic, the shin he was on narrowly ndssed an iceberg-::md wac; forced to drojl tt.nchor for the ni f!ht. The t ernnerat11r e of the water in whic h they had been sailinp: dropjled from 42 to degrees in 10 fTlinutes. of the dange r usunl storms and fires to con tend with, each addin7 a jlage tc"the ron,ance that is the st.f,ry of the sea. DoolittJe returned to civvilian life to work on transportati.on problefTls and final ly entered the Ai. r Forces. He was sent to Lowry Field,C'olo., where he took the course of training in bombardment arm amen t. At Denartll'en t of Tra..ining officers said, he has shown deterll'ination and aca defTlic proficiency to fnrther the name of his fWT'ous rela-tive. He has never met his !l'ore f8JT1ous relative, the war hav inv nrevented a nat ionaJ Doolittle family reunion whi.ch had been sche<..lul ed for thi s ;year. program. same day service may be had on NO DATE SET YET all minor r epair work in their A definite date has not been tailor shop located in the set yet for the forthcoming __ __ appearance here of Bob !lope ur Front Cover tmd his radio show. However, notification is expected momentarily from the show's man ager. Army Sergeant, Sergeant Army--It's All the Same in His Case It is all very confusing, but Sergeant Army is a n Army sergeant. Sergeant Army started out as an Army private. When he began the aerial gunnery course here he was Private First Class Army. Upon graduation h e becnme eant Army. His full nane is Sergeant Gerald]. Army, son of Mrs. Fre d H'. A rmy, of Millbur y Mass. fhis week's cover photo sub ject is Cpl. Charles Hower, a member of class 43-21. Hop-per came to Tyndall after graduating from the Aircraft school at Gulf'port, Miss. His home is in Gadsden, Ala.


Pa.ge4 BILL WOJLD PERMIT PA'M:NTS THREE AHEAD M:asure Would Provide Aid For h Selected for Overseas Duty If you are lucky enough to be s elected for overseas duty, you'll have no finance troubles upon embarking because o f a bill recently approved by the Senate Affairs ConTnittee in Washington. The bill would permit the War and Navy Departments to pay salaries up to three i n advance to men ordered to duty outside the United States. Ljkewise travel expenses could be paid as much as a year in advance. The War Department says that it is its intention, if the bill is passed, to authorize the advance payment of pay rolls for the current month for all units when the embarkations of such units occur during the l atter part of the month, and that in cases where it is anticipated that it will be difficult to pay men regularly at their overseas stations, they might be paid even further ahead. Previously, it has been the to pay men about to be sent abroad that part of their month's salary which has been served, but this procedure has been unhandy for bookkeeping. Another bill introduced in House would credit overseas duty as doubletime when figuring longevity pay Tyndall's Navy The QM Boat Company -popu1 arly known as Tyndall s Navy, is rapidly growing up under the supervision of the Harbor Boat Officer, Captain Herman Gundlach, Jr. From a couple of tents pitc:l'r e d on the shore of the near the salvage dump, the company has expanded till it n o w boasts a dozen boats ranging from 18 to 100 feet in l ength and excellent docking and boathouse facilities situ ated near the west gate. Chatter: The sailing soldiers of this outfit are hard at work putting our new 104 foot uatrol boat in shape The {dyllic location of our barracks seems to arouse do mestic inclinations in our group because no less than five of the 27 GI 's h e r e are sweating out furloughs that will see them embark on the stormy oceans of matrimony. 2ver since this outfit began taking part in the weekly com petitive inspections we have been gigged for not having a d_ay And on two occasions this discrepancy has cost us the coveted pennant. In spite of the small nunber of men in our outfit and the spacious and well equipped barracks, plans are being formulated for a day ro001. When the plans becane a reality we will give any outfit a run for its money. -Cpl. flavin The ole Yardbi rd has had a purty ruff time this weak. I got invited at ter the beech ter a beech party an got hooked up with a rite purty gurl who wuz all most wearin a bathin soot an whin she menchuned gittin a littel sun I sayed sho rite kwik like on account uv I aint nevur found nothin. kwite as injoyable as layin at on the beech with amity purty gurl who is all most wearin a bathin soot. But I hadn't ought ter uv dun it. I got plum blisstured all the way frum rna ears ter rna ankles--on both sides. This Florryda sun sho does play fur keeps. I'd do it agin, tho. Since i is bin ailin an havin ter stay in purty close, there jest aint nothin much happened unushual so i aint got nuthin ter gripe aboot eck sept that since the PX dont sell Bull Durham no mo i is had ter git rna gud buddy from carrylina ter order sum frum hfs bruther whut wurks 1n the factry. And thin whin I wint on sick call ter git ot uv a detale the pill roller slapped sum drops in ma eyes an i aint seen nothin since, an i had ter salvage wun pare uv rna blue coverhalls. I sho did hate ter do that on account uv them ole fade d tore up close is aboot all I is got ter sho that I aint a rekrute. I did git the oportoonity ter tell off a rekrute, tho. He's married an his ole lady is eckspectin an he cant g i t a furlow ter go home whi n the little kid cums an he wuz sho agripin aboot not seein his ole lady fur the past six munths. I tole him rite kwik that he wuz dang sho lucky on account uv my sister Slutsie aint seen hur ole man in a yeer an a half and she jest give burth ter twins. Now that is trooly sad. Well, I reckon I better be again. --The Yardbird (No. one) Mild mannered Webb Banks, veteran squadron clerk for the Cloud Hoppers, provided us with the heartiest chuckle in weeks when he went over to one of the notion counters in the Post Ex change and asked the startled sales girl "What have you got that a man would like?" Banks was only seeking a suitable birthday gift for a friend, but the PXette was no clairvoyant and turned sharply on her heels and walked away! or less a "Frencn leave." ln doubtedly we will hear more about "L'Affaire Barrette" up on his return. "sweating" was not in vain. Apalachicola scr.ibes report that many pilots at that sta tion are doing a heap of wish ful thinking and are getting A pre-view of GI styles for 1944 presented week Post Hq The fashion show under the supervision of Major T.B. with Lt. ]esse Nimocks as the model. A undershirt the only garment modeled, and W/0 Howell was the principal spes tator. No sales were made. Tyndall's "Cholly Knicker bocker" left us for furlough last week, but there is a general feeling that it was more A.C. Croley, the 'Read and "d f th t b"l Oth f h p 1 rJ. o e1r au omo 1. es. -Relax' man (o t e ensaco 8ers not so hopeful of getting of course) has let t f d th b rans ers are oJ.n5 e uy1.n5 us in on some vital stat1.st1cs (S d 1 'k d t f oun s 1 e a 5 oo spo or concerning the proceeds der1ved d 1 t ) a use car o from the sale of h1s papers. He Al A 1 h rd b so pa ac comes wo that he averages a out 'th t Th d M 13 th a on urs ay, ay e $75 a the hard way, and gunners there broke buys wJ th the proceeds a $ their previous station record war bond weekly. He has two for rounds fired by one grou1 sons in service, one of them, .in one day. They upped it by a sergeant, be1ng a veteran of 26 800 rounds. the !l'orth African campaign. And speaking of the N. AfriASt

May 22, 1943 Guardians Cupid made a wholesale round up of the boys during the last week by ensnaring in matrimonial bonds Pvts. A. Snyder, H. Schreiber, J. Flasick, and T. Jessup. Pvt. H. (Polar Bear) Schreiber was the only Guardian who brought back his wife from up Nawth. The rest of the newly weds left their spouses home. W e extend our heartiest congratulations to the Class A allotment boys. We also venture to say that bachelorhood is destined for an early grave in this Sqdn. Our men again made all concerned oroud of the work that they accomplished in acquiring 10 extra points in last Saturday's inspectiont. Keen up the point gaining and we will have the flag by next time. Incidentally, we have had no end of ceaseless ribbing on this scribe's new (\Vet) Gabardine suit. Never again. ODDS AND EDNS: Pvts. Sou thard and L. Edwards seem to have earned a berth on the post team and we're proud of them. There seems to be an u n swing in in s u ran c e buy in g lately. Next to bonds, it's the best thing for your fam ily ... And now Sgt. Leo Petchik seems to complain of gremlins in his motorcycle. Couldn't you see the fence, Leo? ... Fam i liar downtown scene: Pvts. Mullaney and Martinelli trying to 'divvy up' a girl. .. Cpl. Hyde brings back a tale of woe from his three-day pass .. And Pvt. Duggan still dreams of a girl whose initials are Vera. MAN OF THE WEE"K: S g t John Moose from North Carolina. Moose is a dependable sergeant of the guard and performs his duties in a highly satisfactory manner. He always has the respect of all his men when going about the tedious task of working as sergeant of the guard. John is a veritable jitterbug when off duty, and likes to listen to swing music as interpreted hy Tommy Dor sey. -Col. Sam Marotta Flashes Having removed the Miss. mud from his shoes after returning from his furlough, lstj6gt. Pollard is back to take up his duties. Furthermore, he claims to be ready to resume his so CiaL program at the Embassy. What an endless source of Vi tality! Our good-will ambassadors to the Cuba Cabins are laying a foundation of lasting friend Ship between this field and that colony. Our appreciation to TjSgt. Darrah and Sj6gt. Onnstede for their farsighted diplomacy. S /Sgt. Hough was seen in a local night club last Saturday evening. Why the splurge? Is he looking rorward to Kathleen or is he just tired of shootIng pool? Our static chaser, 6/Sgt. Wiley, has taken up temporary residence at Skunk Hollow in order to qualify for a hunting license and to learn recognition other than air craft. He said he felt like a 6/Sgt. in recruit boots (It's not necessary for him to inquire "what's cookin' he's familiar with the next day's m enu.) O u r loss is the 69th's gain. Sgt. P Lawrence _left us for the so called "rugged squadron. The cause for the Sgt.'s sudden developement of ruggedness 1s a mystery to us all Good luck, Paul. S/6gt. w. Solomon '!'HE TYNDAlL j' ARGET TWO GUNNERS BACK FROM FIGHTING JAPS ARRIVE AT TYNDALL FOR DUTY AS INSTRUCTORS Two Hen Now Here Have Accounted For Hare Than a Score Of Japanese Planes Finance FanJare Cpl. Orion Ro'bert s has. taken over the Supply Sgt's job lockJ sockJ cotton) khaki) a n d b a r r e 1 T-Day was celebrated at the Finance I:::et. with the a -rrival of Pfc. Tremoulet and Privates Tylutki and Travis, from MacD i 11. Pfc. Mart'in Sutterer of Can munications was on the leQit stage in St. Louis. Sutterer is at present rehearsing with the Post Drama Group in Journey's End. His lines come Two aer1' al gunners who have knocked more than a tnppingly to the tongue) rut for some ironic reason the score of Japanese planes out of the sky have ar-last two times in which his rived at Tyndall Field to serve as gunnery instruct-name appeared in official orderst rte was listed as STUTors. TER R. One of them was at Pearl Harbor whep the Japs made "01ly fo11r daysJ" the Fin-their "sneak" attack. The other was in the Philippines at the a nc e yo rdbi rd goes a round start of the war. Both have seen plenty of action in the muttering to himself bewilSouthwest Pacific and both wear nunerous medals. dered, "And I get my laun-dry oack." They've spent more than a year battling the Japs in the Weather report--Dunder-skies over Hawaii, the Philippines, New Guinea, Java and the heads followed closely by the Solomon Islands. ------------------tFourth of Julrt. The 11.ying gunnery instructMEN ON FURLOUGH CAN t ---Sgt. etix Leon ors, who are in a posttion to (.If-""""'---u-=-=::Bi GET EXTRA GA.S NOW \ fl {\ l T I n ))J Members of the armed forces 1 u v I Jj 'em flying" when the chips are ,,:;, 1 of Niagara Falls, N.Y., and tain five gallons of gasoline down, are S/Sgt. Lewis Coburn, on leave or furlough may ob-;: Sgt. Lonnie Wright, of North for "personal errands" for ....... ,_.,.,. P which no other means of trans'l" """"' p OS r latte, Neb. The two men are credited of-portation are available, press dispatches reported last week. SATIJRDAY, MAY 22 fici ally with 16 planes shot 'Squadron Leader X' d d h b bl d Under the plan annmmced by own an ot ers pro a Y esEric Portman, Beatrice l'adey h d the OPA, a man or wanan in the troyed. Both .ave recovere SUN., M \.r-q:-:: '..... '-.,! 'l";;;j' .. :';:, )'i -_.-y.l


Pfc. H M. Care Corp. E. Tackett 1st Lt. J. A. Dickerman Sgt. J M a rsick S /Sgt. J. A. Webster Sgt. F. P. Churchill S /Sgt. J. M. Montgomery Sgt. p. T erry S /Sgt. R. F. Keough Pvt. w. E. Daniels Pvt. L. A. Shaw


Page 7 H" 0' CONNOR JA"iES "IRIS correc;.pondertt Arrlersen on a Saturday night --par-ticularly last Saturday night? Andersen was standing in the center of the Apalach main drag and traffic was halted for a full half hour while citizens waited for Andersen to change to "green." S/Sgto James B. Powell ought to be reprimanded about. running around town barefooted. "Copyrighted Material Someone should remind him that he isn't back on the Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" After Marr got his pin back, sane MP carne a.long and carried the lovely lass off for a stroll through the park. Better get on the ball, Archie. Something to notice is the broad smile being sported by Sgt. Demeter D Zahas since his return frcro furlough. He is the latest addition to the Inspection Department. Could the smile be caused by the new j ob, or by the dame he bought called on her fairly late and quietly let himself into her wigwam. She looked at him and smiled and aaid softly, "Apple latcha cola," Ani so the place has been known to this day as "Apalachicola." Sgt. Evans (The Mad lover) : "Buckshot, do you really like that girl?" Sgt. "Buckshot" Gallaway: "Like her! Why man, I'd walk barefooted on a barbed wire fence from here to Chattanooga just to see the lcu.mdry wagon that takes her clothes away!" Chatter Our new hangar looks more like a hangar every day. Those contractors are certainly going to town. T/Sgt. Anderson already has his new cap and we can hardly wait to christen it in the new hBXIgar with a coke bottle. Oh my, yes, Andy must wear the cap while the ceremony is in progress. S/Sgt. "Bugger" Powell has written a new song entitled, "I Have To Wait Until Satur day Night Blues." It seems the new dress for on his way real baby.) He doesn't like to Chicago? He won't buy a pal to fish, either. plane will not take off with that some power bey0nd his th t ff 0 f control moved his girl to e gas cu o ne o our T new "Zoot" pilots found that allahassee in great haste and the only time he can see her a brew to cover his thirst and yet he'll go out and spend a T t Get double saw-buck on a dress! Garge L. hts It makes us feel out recently when he tried to i S t d 1 ht d now s on a ur ay n g an good to hear some-take off w1th h1s fuel selectS d P Bu ,. "Of ,. tn ays. oor gge_. Boss, Sinclair Sgt. Sinclair one say that w or valve 1n the f posi reen 1g & "Pop" goes to Tyn-have the best page in the Tar-tion. Overheard on the beach: dall Field get. However-, we really be-"Is that bird a gull?" every day for parts. Is it lieve that thos:e shutter cHckTo Johnny'Suratt is a '1Now how can I tell from love or is it parts? He ers at T/F have been right on e A fine chap and will here whether it's a gull or walked around the house four the well-known beam in "shoot-make a good officboy?" times before getting up enough ing" the covers and our hats are er, but we remember the day---------------nerve to knock __ he s only off to them. hen he thought Rudybegger was a radio crooner --he still been going with her for six months. After all, he's no Ford Gets Nod Who is it that hinks Manual Labor is a "wolf" like some guys. Over Movies brings his girl can diplomat. Sgt. Joe Sinclair was re-to the Post Th-he Mystery Our grapevine tap cently observed to be in a eater and then prefers the dark Is Solved has finally yiel very "griping" mood. Why? seclusion of his Ford? What a ed the answer t Well, it seems the chureh was Place to park! Oh, all right, "How come Apalachicola?" The closed and so was the court we won't tell; but we know! ay we heard it was that back house. How old was she, Joe? in the old Indian days the word Sgt. Passwaters remarked the Gas-less Take--off We have some "cola" meant "door" or "flap" other day that he would run for of the best to a Now in those days president in '44 but he hasn't aerial engineers and some darn there was a great chief known as kissed a baby in a long, long, good. maintenance men, but it is "Apple" w ho was awfully sweet on time. (He must have meant a a well-known fact that an air-a certain squaw. One night he "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content ALWAYS COME TO ATTENTION TO SALUTE DON'T HAVE YOUR HAND It-t YOUR POCKET-STANO ERECT AND GIVE A SNAPPY SALUTE/ Available from Commercial News Providers"


e 8 WAR DEPT. WARNS ABUSE OF FREE BE STOPPED If abuse of the free rre.iling continues, changes in the rules rra y result, the War Departwent recently announced. Despite the ruling that free mail privilege is applicable only to personal mail, including post cards, men and their families have tried to send packages, announcement cards and other mail in violation of that order. Another violation is the use of free mail by former business men to carry on thetr business. Th e ruling, according to the War Department circular, states that the name of the sender, his grade, the designation of the service to which he belongs, and the word "free" must be in the h andwriting of the sender. Greeting cards, such as Day cards, are ac ceptahle free of The free mail prjvilege does not apply to air mail, r e gistered, insured or C.O.U. mail, parcels or packge s newspapers, prjntect or m jmeo gra phed materials, cards, e x ce-pttng the nos tcard size and l etters of Officer's Clubs and other organizations. THE TYNDALL TARGET Ordnoi:es The company roster reads like KING JAMES' ENGLISH READER these days with its collection of names, adjectives nouns and VERBAS. Just turn' the PAGE and you'll find a BOX to sit on; AKE AKIN, who are not at all tll; a GREENLEAF BUSH; a CASSEL. in the WOODS; VESSELS to rtde in EROOKS to sai 1 on; a HARE is not a rabbit; a SIMOO, but not simple; a SHEPHERD without a flock; a WAITE,who cooks a COOK who doesn t. not a bird, and GIBSON is definitely not one of the girls. You can find TARR listed. Also 10\l.LF calls, HAMMERS, prickly EURRS, lamp WICXS War etc. there are words of description as KEEN, T / 4 Pappas enjoys the calis thenics so much these days that when someone turned the lights on in his room at 10:30 PM he roll e d out of bed, began dressing and said to the other fellows, 'Come on, boys, let's get going,' and was duly informed by irate roommates that he had several hours wait. Then Sgt. Vessels bought a hard-to-get pair of sh6es and found on reaching his barracks they were both for left .. Miss Huddleston, typing a list of teleohone numbers, included her ov.n and added: 'Do not disturb before 9:30 on Sundays which reminds us that she' can't be reached until 1:30 AM on most weekdays ... Congratulations to Pfc. and Mrs. Motschman on that boy born on May 15. A letter frorr Lt. Gilmore our former CO, reported tha t he was in Casablanca recently, and that T / 3 Shepoard was with him. SGT. T. 0 LI'!TLE S/SGT. E. B. HCXJRE The t w o men pictured above are in charge of the Ordnance Machine Shop They do everything from making rivets for machi n e gun plates t o rebuilding a shotgun, machine gun or 37 mm. cannon Guns which ordinarily wou ld have to be shipped back to arsenals for re pair are now fixed in the machine shop, saving any1vhere f r o m a few days to severa I weeks. The equipment is of the oest and run by men who know their jobs. Tools are made, guns repaired 11nd Ordnance machines kept in running cond ition. In fact they can do anything from opening a can of sardine s t o w e lding a suit of armor if the need arises. Sgt. Moore i s m arried and comes from Cleveland, Ohio. He definitely wants i t known that he's from Cleveland, and doesn't care whet h e r Ohio is mentioned or not. Mrs. Moore also comes from there If I the women look as pretty as she does t h e n w e d I ike to go to Cleveland Sgt. Little calls Alabama his home and has been a member of thi s compan y s inc e its organization a yea r and half ago at Eglin Field, where everyone was a private and future clerks, armorer s and Officers spent the days scraping and p ai nting bombs wit h the lucky ones sorting ammunition TYNDALL TOMMY ... LEDBETTO ELL,----LONQ-S YAWL FEEL 'AT WAY 'BOUT IT. I MAY A'S WELL SAY, IT CAN B-E-lOOK AS IF YAWl COULP 6fT BACK TO E STATE


1943 lliE TYNDALL TARGET Four departments of Sub-De pot Fngineering, Administration, Wood Shop, Fabric and Welding and the Personnel' and Training department of Sub Depot Headquarters now have 100% payroll bond deductions, These above 10% of the individual earnings in each of the four Engineering depart ments, with Mr. Frank Campi si's Wood Shop ranking highest with 12%. Harold M. Brock and James L. Smith of the electric shop are proudly displaying their cer11The successful man l en"'thens his stride when he discovers tificates from Sperry Gyro5 scope. Yessir, the two went the signoost hos deceived him; the foUure l.ool?s for a nloce to all the way to New York for a five week course and, in add-sit dam. ition to obtaining first hand Edison didn't sit dam and give un when his first efforts to knowledge of the gyroscope, find on e(rectiue filament (or the carbon incandescent lamn met they managed to take in most I' of the sights. Smith, a true with failure. He lengthened his stride! He corboni.zed even; 'cawn bred' Southerner, was conceivable thing-fish line, cardboard, tissue naner, thread. duly impressed by his first visit north. However, Brock He sent men to China, JOTJan, South America, Asia, Jamaica, Ceya 'damyankee' and no stranger lon and Burma in search of fibers and grasses to be tested in to the big city, admitted that he yearneOrld never miiiieSeAND THAT: What this hears from those who looR. for a nlace to stt da.vn. Lengthen Sub-Depot needs is more and your stride! 11 better grass to keep down fly ing sand and reduce sun glare, Pitifully but hopefully, the grass which has been set out struggles to survive. Jewish services will be continued as usual each eve ning at 7: 3) PM in the Post Chapel. Truman Kirby of the Signal Section, in a carefully guard-. ed statement hinted that he may plant some zinnies and pe tunias around his 'lawn' when and if said 'lawn. reaches ma-turity. We'll be waiting and SUNDAY watching! 8:00 A.M ............ ; .. If you haven't been getting 9:00A.M ... Protestant Sunyour additions correctly, you day School. should call in Hutson, 1 0:00 A.M ... Gunners Mass at office appliance repair man, Theatre. -a.ho has just returned from a 10:00 A.M ... Protestant Warcalculator machine ins true-ship Service. tion and repair school in At11:00 A.M ... Gunners Protest! H ant Service. ants. e can make your cal-11:15 A M cu 1 a t o r do e v e r y t h i n g bu t 7 : GO .. '" .. Mass WttlN!:SDAY 12:15 P.M Civilian Service. 5:30P.M ........ Mase P.M .. Choir Rehearsal THURSDAY 5:30P.M ............... Mass R:30 P.M.:Instruction Class FFIDAY 5:30 P.M ............... Mass 6:30P.M ..... Jewish Service THREE EN L I STED t-EN TO EACH TWO SEAlS ON TROOP TRAINS Page 9 Effective immediately, it w .1ll be three Enlisted Men to each two seats in a day coach on troop trains, the War De partment announced in a ,change, dated April 26, to AR 55-130. If modern reclining chairs are provided, then the car may be filled to per cent of capacity. .These requirements be ovarlooked, however, "if the military situation in either case dictate s otherwise." Smile, you Gunners -smile. Rugged 1 69t:h Official open1ng of the squadron's new softball diamond took place Monday night in a hard-fought 11-inning 6-6 tie with the 343rd. The boys looked mighty good, and the team shows promise of develooing into a winner. Truchan pitched a mean curve to shut out the heavy hitters. Foster pounded into the bleachers (or where the bleachers would be if there were any.) Foley, Dolan anr Beznosks were in excellent form on the bases, with Edwards, Clamp, Luoica, Eisenstat and Durant effectively covering the outfield positions. It has come to our attention that Sgts. Pfoltner, Gay and Meserve have been giving lessons in the fine art of roller skating. The fact that they are taking rneals from the pf_ would indicnte that their technique involves a good deal of sitting down. The latest fad (a beauty t rea tmen t known as The Blush of Innocence, or, How to appear perpetually embarrassed) has many enthusiastic followers in this outfit. What they say: 'You too can a beautiful set of blisters' (S/Sgt. Wadsworth); 'Cooked, fried, baked or stewed, there's nothing like it' (T/Sgt. Boutwell); 'I don't believe in doing anything in a half-haked manner (ouch!)' (T/Sgt.Stone); 'All aglow again.,, '(M/Sgt. Eoone.) talk to you. P.M .... Worship H. B. Mays, along with sev'T'UESDAY Cl dh eral others, has received his 5 :30 P.l-' .. ........... Mass SATURDAY OU OpperS 'Greetings. His pals are 6:30P.M .. Instruction Class 5:30 P.M .............. .Mass Promo t i n g him on a r ll.n k 8 1---7-:_m_ _P-,:.,..M_. _._._._F_e_l_l_o_'W'S_h_i..:.p:..._C_l_u_b-t"----7-:_oo __ P_._M_._._._._._._._._c_o_n_f_e_s_s_i_o_n_s-t "Fat her T ime J ones i s tryday basis and hope to have B d 8 ing to put Brad Berry o n the back from furlough it was t bt d B hl'm a full-fledged, four star an ov s an narro w. erry A learned that it was a case of t k' rr b t h 'll general by the time he arrives Ey now most of you readers may s 0P smo ln"' u e 'tied notes. Yeo, he uo and d h t rrbte rr in camp. At ease, General! -of BAND BOX know of the fame nee muc mores ral" nln" R W ,.,__. of the baseball team that em-'got hitched, as they say out, especially swinging those uulnn down in Memphis. (That's automobile deals ... There are-8 B b snates from the E:and, but how where that certain someone is f b ll l b rown Om ers many of you are aware that n t any Slgn s o a a c u from. (Upan being interviewed yet. W o r k schedules seem t o The squadron had at irne at there is another group of John said, 'Two can live as be the main cause ... We're won-th Uso d p ct 'Addicts' in the Band? Yes,. f e ance 1n anama 1 Y cheapl'!Y as one--i one doesnt dering if Cpl. "Crooner" StewSaturday night. The rhythm there are; these fiends est.' John is eating, so that art is doing any swinging with was strictl y good, and every-thrive on volleyball! Zooks, leaves us to wonder. the S .alvation Army back in one was a regular hepcat. but theylove the stuff! Right And while we're on the sub-Mamar oneck. All three street What a t i me! now they're quite happy and ject of furloughs ... most of us lights (Stewart too) have been Baseball Manag e r S/Sgt. W.K. quite thankful, too, for the try to get our furloughs as lit since he g o t home ... Pvt. D aniel s h ows signs of falling clay that was laid on the o .ften as oossible (every six Calhoun is having foo t troubin love with a certain little courts ofPhys. Trng. Area 2, months if we're lucky) but le and the consensus is that cutie. I f he goes through When Pfc. John Vance came T /Sgt. Coultrap, assistant S/Sgt. Chauncey keeps him on with his plan, I'm giving thel-----------------tbandleader, took off on his them all day ... Cpl. Nolan ask-Sarge my wi.shes. I won-more because i t s been taken first furlough in three years ed us if we beard about the d e r ... ? And the top kick away. Yeah, just as theweath-last Friday. Both he and Sam who sprinkled his victory gar seems to be in the same state er turns hot, n o more beer in Sirianni started out after den with alcohol: seems he of m enta l confus ion but w ith the PX. Not tha t we can blame playing a concert-broadcast wanted t o raise stewed toma whom I can't find out. Won-the beer for Pfc. H.H. Will is' with the band at the Bay Coun-toes ... You don't have t o be-der what h e and Daniel will gain in weight. He's a real ty high school. Sgt. lieve it but I was not telling decide? ( It's my turn to won-c how h o und is visiting liP in Ohio while my troubles t o Chaplain Fin-d e r because they had m e all The ballclu b's new uniforms Sgt. Sarn is probably digging nerty in front o f the P ost married off a few weeks ago. were worn yesterday for the up coal in rennsylvsnia. Theater. He was telling me A good many of the f ellows first time. Jus t about a llthe FI. .l\SHII The first league his w oes ... Sgts. Dippre and got away o n furlough, say1ng men who weren't out on pass ballgame is nicely tu.;:ked in Keelty claim S /Sgt. B o b Fair goodbye to PC for 15 days The watched the Post team p lay a the bag. Or should we say is q uite the concrete layer ... squadro n gave the fellows a bunch from the squadron when Eand Eox? The Band swung out Just because you g o t a ring quick getaway and hope f o r a the Aviation Squadron from Eg-to the tune of a 7 to 5 vic-around your neck don't thin k fast return. lin disappointed. tory over the 344th. you're a racetrack, Bob. The gang can t cry ; n it any -Cpl. Marvin Carter ---Pfcs. Stein & Bartholomew -Sgt. Ed Strong


Page 10 THE TYNDALL TARGET TYNDALL OFFICERS TAKE 1ST GAHE IN USO TWILIGHT TORNAOOES TO TANGLE Pictured above are the members of Tyndall's Officer baseball team who won their opening last Monday night by a score of The tea m is scheduled to p lay again Friday night at the Pelican Ball Park. Time: 5:30 P .M. Standing, left to right, are Lts. Johnson, Cleary, Edelman, WITH ELLYSON AT PENSACOLA Play Air Base Team There; Down Mari anna, 14-4 Fresh from their 14-4 tri unph over Marianna last Satur day, the Tyndall Tornadoes traveled to Pensacola today to take on the Ellyson Field nine in the first of two games scheduled with that teaiJl for the week-end. Pfc. Norman Southard of the Guardians is slated to take the mound in the opener for the with S/Sgt. William Davis handling Sun day s pitching assignment. Coach Drongowski announced early this week that Sgt. Clyde Didier, canable backstop, was his choice as teaiJl captain for ... ,__"' '?:ames against Ellyson. TORNADO FIELD GENERAL Sgt. Clyde Didier of the Gunnermakers was named by Coach Drongowski to act as fi(:]d captain of the Tornadoes in their games J ast Saturday and Sunday against the Ellyson Field nine. The games were played at the Pensacola Haval Station field. In their game against Marianna last Saturday, the (team captain); Captain Dang! er, P ; and Lt. Lasker. ing are Lts. Gibson, Gross, McDaniel, Drongowski and Mendelson. Missing from the picture are Lts. Glasser and Bailey. nadoes evened their score with TRACK AND FIELD DAY TO that team by blasting out a BE HELD JUNE 5 ------------------------------------------------------------i total of 17 hits, one of them TYNDALL COLORED TEAM CLASHES WITH a homer b y Centerfielder Ma tonak, good for 14 runs. The biggest explosion came in the second inning when the Tyndall crossed the plate six OUTFIT FROM EGLIN By Pfc. l-L.1.ZEL WilLIS i\l thou,(!h orif:>:inally sched ule d for last SundaJ, the .!!arne h tween the T,vndaJ l color erl t e<:ur a ntl t he E',glin Field nine wi 11 be nlo.yed to!llorro w after n oo n a t F1 e l d The T.mrl all men w e r e noUfi cd last S a turda.v .:tfternoon tha t the Eglin Field team w ould he unable to make the trip In li. e u of this schedule d a gwe with t h e avi a U o n Gr oun d i a mond r11en and demonstrated a g reat deal of now e r with a 12-:=i victor y The Post was cantajn erl II' ill i e Danie l with f:leru rfo rrl D awkjns coaching fron' behinrl the nlate. AP'on v t h spectat ors who enjoyed the game w e r e rol. 1.. Post Corrmandcr, C w t ain 011e n Freema n, Spe c.:i<:ll S e r vjcc Officer n.ncl \!r. llun !low ell. assistant Post 1\rl.iutant. box score P r t_ A .'-1 H.Ji",....i .,. '"1 2> J r i 1 111 r rr. 1 :P o '-. o J.. l.' :.' ... I:"' ( r AB 5 5 5 5 R ; ;) 1 J H 2 J J 0 FIELD 0 1:J Jenki ns cf Bao kc:tt, Tot a 1 < A VIATION SQDN McL:an, :?J 4 5 ..2 42 AB 1 3 11 1 3 11 2 1 2 2 2 .?._ 1 2 R 0 0 3 3 1 18 H times on four hits, MeanQ while, Southard and Davis llln2 i ted the lvlariann a batsmen to 8 hits and 4 runs. E R nod e 2 :J M t he v s s s Dup r eo-, 1 J En91 i h Jb Dougl a s<:, 1b Wo'lt::-n cf 1 f S 1 c mr, n 1 f C.HtNright, rf P e : t a "y r f Ha.rr::ll; c M ayc, c Jo;nni 5 p p T (!t ::_ 1 S 1 2 3 33 1 0 0 0 0 G 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 1 0 2 1 1 10 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 J 1 0 11 1 0 .Q 1 5 T:.o Fox and B lockms n Th r er: basP. h its: Sto l e n bases: Dav i s narrison. winning o itcher, Ba'i<'2tt. Umpire : Arthur K i ng T i m'=': 2 : 0 5 INTER-SQUADRON SOFTBALL LEAGUE UNDER WAY The inter-squadr o n softball leag-u e go t off to a flying: BROWN TOPS TORNADO BATTERS WITH .409 PERCENTAGE Brown, wich nine hits in 22 trips to the nlate, leads the T;,mdall Tornado batting list with a p ercentage of .409, according to figures release d by Coach Stanley Drongowski. Second on the list is Didier with a percentage of 392 in 1 8 times at bat. Hines is third with 350 in 2) trips. The percentages follow: PLAYER AB R H P C T. Bro.., n 22 7 9 -409 Didi e r 1 B 5 7 3 9 2 H i nes 20 8 .350 Jackre l 2 1 2 7 -333 Mc:tonak 2 1 6 5 23 8 S:::dmak 23 2 5 213 A nde rson 1 7 3 3 .177 Grubard 0 1 1.000 Davis 5 0 2 .1100 J --------------------4 star t last "'onday with the Ordna nce, Quartermaster and i c ten.ms showi n.! a g reat de

May 22 l94a THIS WEEK'S X-WORD Acrou 1. Army camp in Missouri B Communication 15. Distress of conscience 16 Alloys used in making cheap 17. meaning "out of" 18. Leaping animal 19 Sour 20. Part o .he Bible: ab. 21. :.:Sranch of the service 23. Aim 25. Witness 21>. Be agreeable to 28. Spike of corn 29. Certain 30. Ireland 31. Exists 32. What? 34. Er1glish trolley. 35. Derricks for stowing cargo 37. 39. Toward 40 Ahead 41. Resumption 46. Account books 51. Arabl;m militarY cornn1ander 52. Myself 53. Article 54. Fencing sword 55 Advance guarda 56. Head covering 58. Prevalent x'!r:;ezass point 64 Wort!)less dog 65. Our old sun god 66. Part of the ear 67. Back of the ned< 69 Chemic&! symbol 70. Dyer 72. Small things 74 Traps for catch Ing ej!IS 75. Long seats Down 1. These look well 10 Angry jn pants 11. Occupy a chair 2 Rook.ie 12. Public ;mnounce3. Mysttcal Hindu ment 4 archaic 13. Prosser's title 5. to ad-6. Brother of .Jacob vance through 7. What we shall 24. He may have exact from Hitler been in the last 8. How we traveled war in the old days 25 East Indian fer-9. Epochs beverage 27. Seesaws 29. Bee's weapon 31. That is: ab. 33. Pronoun 36. Solemn promise 38. Grow sleepy 41. Opposite 42. Issue forth 43. Baseba11 team 44 When the bugler blows reveille: a b. 45. Welcome ar-rivals from home 46. Bewails 47. "rype measure 48. Heroic tale 49. War victim 50 Prophetess 57. Near 60. meaning 61. What we do not do to the e nemy 62. Scarce 63. Roasting stake 66. What you do not give your superior officers 68 Small sa1amander 71. Man's nickname 73. POSi tion: ab. Answers on Page 10. A truck should never be parked with the windshield uncovered. Any reflection is liable to attract the wrong kind of visitors. Avoid gathering in groups. The dispersion of men insures longer life for a ll. 'lllE TYNDAlL TARGET ell PUZZLii (No. 12) "I tell you madam, this is not the Triangle Diaper Service."


tkt f4n lavzd "_ YOUR 8-Ut INSURBNCENRT ONRlSERV CE l FE NSURRNCE \\ 60'>' oH SoY -t 1 ToOK S;.R.V\C' Ln:e: 1 S\40\.n.D \\\\ ... '-'!!' ""'"s ....... -.-"' .,.,.c, ........... ,c..a. ""-Vtolt'T ......... ......... "(.. .. .. \o. ... NO PHYSICAL EXAMINATION REQUI.t\ED-Me,


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