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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 18 (May 29, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
May 29, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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2 dj -::T::ARG::1 Tyndall I Pl.JR..ISHEl:l SATIJRDAYS BY mE !ii'ECIAL SERVICES SECITCN FOR PERSQ\lNEl.. OF mE AAF FLEXHLE <1NNERY SOIOOL, 1YNDAIL FIELD, FLORIDA. Service Officer: Co.pt. Owen 0. Freean 0 ff icer: Lt. Dicteran Public Officer: Lt. II.B. Edi S,;t. Arnold R. lfilgaten, S,;t. Saul Salof, Pfc. "ell Pooser, Pvt. P.lf. "lcklee Art Work: '1'/S,;t. o. Ledbetter and Cpl. lfarsball Goodan. Col. Leland S. Stranlithan and Reproduction: T/Sst. 11. Castle, 8/SI!t. J. Sgt. S. Upchurch, Cpl. 11. Grout, Cpl. 0. !leit'Zert, P'ft. L. Shaw, 8/SI!t. J. lfontgogi.r,., 8/Sgt. R. Keoul!h, 811t. P. T

May 29, 1943 BOB HOPE SHOW HERE IS CANCELLED DUE TO CROWDED SCHEDULE Appearance of Radio Comedian Is Called Off; Was Expected Thursday .Cancellation of' a sche

p 4 THE PINNEY AnTES au YARDBIRD Ey Pvt. BILL PINNEY The ole Yardbird has bin sort uv used up this weak. Last weak i slippet off frum Posing as the Inquiring Report-wurk o n sick call an the man slappet sum er we went ou t thi s week and ask-drops in rna eyes an they bin so 0t uv fockus ed some representative girls o n the field the followi.rlg question I wint bak agin ter see iffn he hadnt put 1n qu ote If you went o'..it w ith a sol-the wrong stuff fur blue eyes an whilst I dier and he made (and that's as far as we could get.) We were wuz settin aroun waitin lookin at the purty g oing. t o ask about him making seckerterrys em sweat in ot the little blonde m ore money and all that stuff. Maybe i t was t h e look in our eye, nurse ter cum aftur cole drinks frum the moo r u s bei:J.g married o r s omething. shine on account uv it is a mi ty big pleas h o w can S i Upchurch get t o fimsh his q uest1ons and we ure ter look at sech a purty lady1 I met up can't? with wun uv. rna ole gud buddies who is n S o We decided t o f orget w o men and talk ab ou t something else we pill roller by profeshun an a bull an Clap dcn't knew anything ab out. shooter by trade an since i is allus admired We see w here Prirne Min,;i.ster Churchill has appealed t o the a man whut deevotes a larje porshun uv his Italian people to get ou t o f the life ter bull an crap shoot in (even iff'n he / I I / IDISPENSARYI fur army an not the pill rollers evun tho war. N othing has astounded u s as mc;ch since the University o f Flcr is c1 pill roller) i set around an swapped rida announced it was giving up lies with him for a while. He found ot in a f ootball f o r the duration. Italy being in the war is just very shawt time that i wuz aboot the best like Florida being in the Southavyator that evur hit florryda an nine eastern c onference. T h e Itali -ians have been about as muc h o f othur states included an that the only rees-a t hreat t o the w orld as the on I wuznt flyin a PSl rite now is on ac "Fighting Gators" were t o Notre Dame. All t h e Italians being in count uv there aint no vacancies opin fur a the war meant was that Muss olini I is had rna doubts aboot that on several ockashuns. Him an a bunch uv his frinds put me in a roundshaped deel1 maid me put rna haid down an turned me around lickety split in all di fieren t di reck shuns at the same time an thin stoppet reel kwik like o n jurked rna haid up. Ch deer Lawd. Ma haid wint round c o'Jld make s peeches from a bal -majur n owhur (uv coarse the only times I c cny and Flo rida had a f ootball evur bin higher than hi.mtin eggs in a hay team s o Sam E utz could have a loft wuz on the ferrys wheel at the county c ol= in the T imes Union From his bal c ony overloo k i n g fare). whatever it overlooks old Mush Jest whin i figgered I had him aboot snowed Meath used t c spout off his mo..tth ab ou t what Italy would do he axed me iffn i had evur bin in a barrynee t o France, Englan d and t h e United chair an I sayed sho tite kwik. Uv coarse maid the hole thing so eckstreemly sad wuz an round an i seen a hole regiment uv pi rollers an the walls wuz whizzin aroun like/ I had jest drink a kwart uv Loosyanna moonshine an thin i figgered iff1n I didnt want ter unsanitize the horsepital I bettur git on the outside and that's what I did. 1tlhut States. and then t h e y jumped o n Etb:opia and folded u p When C oach I hadnt nevt:Ir heard uv but wun kind uv chore the fack that all those purty seckerterrys Chc;rchill sent :im s ome reserves. whut wuz run by the gov'mint an thats the an that purty blond nurse wuz awatchin the And Sammy Lsed t o write reams and. reams ab out what the "Fightkind that the state used ter have a tendency hole thing an besides that rna eyes was so ing Gators" were going t o d o t o d 1 t dadgummed messed up the capt i ng sayed I wud Georgia. Georgia Tech and Auburn ter plase my ol ur re a 1ves evur wunce 1n a and t h e n R ollins C ollege would while an wh in he axed me iff 1 n i felt 1 ike hafto ware glasses--jest like a clerk. Sad1 jwnp on the Gators and whip 'ern settin in it ani t old him sho on account uv aint it? WellJ I reckon i better be again'. s o mething t o n othing. Yessir, Italy getting ou t o f I figgered the MP's did all the eckseecootin The Yardbird (Number one) t h e war will cause abou t as much o f a stir internationally as that r ipple that wen t unheard through the sports real m when o f F l o r iaa announced 1 t was g1v1 ng -...:.p f ootball f o r t he durati o n Personally we think the Florida announceme n t was made back in 1 9 1 7 and t hey just g o t aro und t o releasing it t o the press. I Bluebirds What S/Sgt. in the 349th donated !i!ty dollars back h ome for the purpose o! build ing a new church. Ask StSgt. C A. Thomas. Th e boys in the barracks have c reated a new fad. While c leanin g the barrack s Friday night the y discovered that the porches whe n wet becam e s lick a s ice. Needless t o say, the porc hes were utilized as sliding ponds in all three barracks A e w of the men had water !igbts ; howev er, nothing was broken and the ex ces s e nergy brought our scor e up 10 points on Saturday's inspect ion. Hats ott t o the J M and Ord nance who nipped u s in our firs t bowling games. But the rest o f the squadron s shouldn't sell us short, we have a surprise coming u p o r our next competition. The entire squadron b ids farewell t o Senor Cpl Lopez and Pvt. Mille r Lopez made our day r oom the best on the field and the n made the J M the next best. Hi s e xcited English wi 11 be sorely missed by the boys. Miller, one of the better barrac k orderlies, will b e hard to replace. Good lnck to b oth o! you from the squadron. l A pinch hi tter l The policy o f exposing a male squadron clerk t o the wiles o f his femal e cou.Uterpart at Pers onne l p r oved s uccessful until last Saturday. After 12 m onths o f close asso c i ationb the Guardians' S/Sgt. Harold Price popped the q ues tion t o Tyndallette Gertrude S pradley--th e ceremony took place last Saturday. S-2's T jSgt. Earl Boutwell has at last laid legitimate claim to t he 1 i me 1i g h t He no t on 1 y d i rected the rescue of a drowning woman, but he topped that by bringing the victim back to con sciousness by expert application of the prone pressure method of resuscitation. The rescue took place early this week and as a tribute to Boutwell's modesty we'll bet that only a few of his immediate friends know about his act. We understand that over at Fersonne l t here is a m ovement afoo t t o g room Tyndallette Kitty as a s u c cesso r t o Clara Barton and F l orence Nigh tingale. I n fact judging fro m n ewspaper reports1 Miss S afar's long list o f char1tabl e efforts on o f GT' s will s oo n be read int o t h e C o ngressiona l Record. Tyndall"s 1 lyric writer, Cpl. Sam Marotta of the Guard ian5, reports that his latest ballad, 'I Heard Your Tears,' has already been played several times over the networks. Sam 5ays he ha5n' t hear.d from the publisher yet, but he expects the number of copies sold to fall just short of Wilkie's 'One World' In the "Miscellany" department we have the it em about Pvt. Clause of the Gunnerrnakers who wrote home to his wife that he had a broken leg and then walked down to the Post Office to mail the letter. The little wornan found out it wasn't so through the Red Cross. Lt. A.C. (Air Corps) Miller has been appointed commander of Flight Group II, according to a self-appointed scribe from that unit who signs himself as 'The Eye.' However, what the 'Eye' didn't tell us is that Lt. Miller and the Mrs. expect a little pi lot several months hence. Sgt. Charles Laubly of the Medics is one o f the Target's most able squ ad.ron scribes and as an example o f t h e esteem in which h e is held, we cite the f ollo wing incident: Laubly is no w o n DS in Atlanta, b u t prior t o his departure he prepared enough advance ccpy for the Medics t o take care o r the time he would be away. However, one o f his fello w Med:cs was not aware o f Laubly's sense o f responsibility f o r his job, and sent u s in a SeJlarate "squad ron scribbling. The payoff was t hat this anonymous scribbler signed the letter "Charles Laubly," probably forgetting that the envelope would carry a Panama City date mark and that we were very familiar wi tn Laubly's scrawl. We have been told that the 69th's Lt. Aylor recently visit ed his sweetheart, from Texas, in New Orleans. The report is that everyone had a grand time, including the gal's mother, who came along, presumably. for the ride P1c. Irving stabinsky had a rather awkward time of it this past week-end. His sister came down from Tallahassee for a visit and the introductions went like this: ... I'd like to have you meet my sister, SERGEANT Sara Stabinsky." (Tli.e young lady is a WAAC stationed at Dale Mabry. ) Congratulations were being re ceived all week by Tyndall's sec ond ranking staff sergeant, Fred erick W. Gilmore. Everyone con cedes that he played a great gam< even if he didn't get beyond first base. Coach 'Hardrock' Stone also came in for a share of the applause for his valuable 'moral support.' The game was halted when the opposition (Betty-_To Temple)-had to leave Tyndall in order to keep a wedding date in New orleans. Game time: 4 weeks, 3 days. Umpires: Liles, Edwards. Re-cap: No runs, 1 h1t (a scorcher out at Panama Beach), no errors (as far as we could see).


M 29 1943 Squadron A Nearly every class at Tyndall boasts among its number several interesting personalities. After a little research, we found that ours is no exception. Among our Brooklyn boys, the name of Pvt. Vito Rubino stands o u t. A 1 i g h t wei g h t 1 eat her pusher of the first water, Rubino won the Diamond Belt Title and the New York State amateur championship in 19 35, and in the foltowi ng year, turned professional .. As a pro, he met such top 1fiight men as Tippy Larkin and ,Freddy Ar-cher in prelims at Madison Sq_uare Garden. In 1937, Rubino worked out with Lou Ambers in preparation for Ambers' successful title shot at Tony Canzoneri. In the future Rubino hopes to use his slight build and fighting instincts twirling a lower ball. We feel that with his past record, he' 11 be one of the lads to put Tojo on the canvas for the count. Of course, we have our "char acters" as does any other outfit. However, only Class 4 3-26 has Pfc. Harold J. Grossman. Actually a "backstage" baby, Grossman has been in. show business since childhood, doing juve n i le parts wit h his parents at the age of three; Since that time, he has had numerous associations wit h prominent )people in the entertainment field. As "emcee" at new york's Ubangi he made the acquaintance of several celebti ties notably Zero Mostel and Hazel Scott, with whan h e worked in .. t!ie "Broadw-ay .. s-how, "Craz' y AN THE TYNDAlL TAffiEI' AS A CIVILIAN SEES IT. liE.RE /// ,, c;ve A D l1 'f0 U o r<=' "'" ,n&irudo; I'LL Flf?E. T/-ll 5 GUN THt VA.Y I PLEA5E. SEE -tE E Page5 -Squadron D Well, sections 25-82 gave been leading Lt. Goldstein's boys around by the nose ... tough lock they won't catch up to ns ..... and we know they are really in for a snow job when the results of our air-to-air firing at Apaiacbicoia are tallied next week. We are in for quite a treat, I hear, when our CO gets his tactics room off the drafting board and into actual production in our day room. The CO and adjutant are strict ly on the beam. An unbeatable combination in administration, and as designers, painters and What's their union des1gnation? Along wtth the carpentry dept., a glad hand should also be extended to the boys who are working around the squadron in their spare time. On Sunday, I mean. Pte. Matese, Pte. Bose are indeed student gunners who are to be looked up to with the noted improvements around the orderly room already. Some of the other dormant talent should come--to the fore and express itself. Pvt. Altieri is quite an artist as well as a draftsman. It he can use a gun the way he pushes a drawing pencil and brush around we can look forward to a string of campaign ribbons on his tunic. All in favor should let him kriow your appreciation in making this squadron the best on the field. Now, if along with the rest of the improvements around here, we could learn to sing in formation, we'd be the Iast word. We must concede the singing merits to the French, however. Tyndall's Navy With the Heat." Later he bad a part with Joe 0' Keefe in "On 0 o the Beam." A true comedian, when asked ------------------BILGE-WATER about nis recent accomplish-The romautic t1tle of ments, his reply was, "Ten Here's how a civilian artist sees the woes and troubles of a epistle came as an inspiration them I have just completed a sue J{ndall gunnery instructor. The artist is Tot Silva of Tampa, to yonr co-rrespondent as he was cessful week in the Receiving h l d k t h f k" d h 1 tt in the process of removing a six a.1 w o always 1nc u es as e c o some 1n 1n IS e ers h 1 f d" f 1 Snuadron with S/Sgt Cherry in h F t t mont s accumu at1on o 1rt, )le "Skunk Hollow Serenade." 1--t::o:.......:h.:..:...l ___ =--1 oil and water from the inner bot-d' F s d c tom of onr largest beat. Squadron 8 Compliments to Lts. Stein and D10rsay for their capable handling of class 43-20's party. Really swe 11. Hidden talent was found amo ng the instructors of the squadron. Kerr or Cros by? Bouq_uets to the Post or-'chestra for its hot Two weks up in the Smoky Mountains made a wreck of S/Sgt. Tom Hagen. Was i,t a or a combat assignment, Tom? Have any trouble with the revenooers? "Ye Gods-Annihilate but space and time, and make two !overs happy." Or, iii language we can understand ourself, bow is Sgt. Dan Wedge going to vi.si t his little heart throb on a three-day pass now that she has moved to Miami? "He smelled the battle afar off ... Be patient, Pfc. Hartman, you' lJ get _!h_ere ....Q.P.lL Our heads are still ringing with the praises our new CO, Lt. Mendelson, bestowed upon his charges_ We hope you weren' t kidding, Lt_ Not boasting or anything like that, but we bet all those hot shot gunners who have been making a name for th.emselves of late io combat were turned out by Squadron B instructors. Squadron E We no longer kn &r whet her we are nursing students or otherwise. Added to our. newest roll are four pups and a kitten, all mothered by a fiery little fox terrier which bas no respect for rank nor the usual canine-feline rule which says the two can not get along together. Lt. Ralph D. Putnam, squadron adjutant, was nearly eaten up ron qua ron If any of you boys wish to get Squadron F wo n the 1nspection GREETINGS: To Class 43-28, which in real physical condition just crawl arouna the water pipes, among the student squadrons we have high hopes will surpass fuel lines and electrical con-on Saturday, May 22. all previous proteges. duits located in the bottom of Fbohyass. noNolt esos nethoafn GREETINGS: fTo Llt. I.H.bEdelmdan, our vest pocket battleship. I'm our newest acu ty mem er, a J-sure that no obstacle course them is a "Smythe." Five are in utant and supply officer, we will ho-Id any terrors after that the same section, and Sgt. lvelcome you, Sir, and we know ordeal. Pistone, their instructor, al-that the instructor to whom you ways gets an answer when he issued the Pte chevrons will. Another barracks is being erec. -asks a question of Smith. soon be able to wear them as he ted in a clearing chopped and dng F's now is very much on the ball. out of the forest primeval in the Robert E. Lee, of Louisville, GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES: To rear of our present abode. More is a great-great-great etc. (he Lt. Herman Cook, on his latest old sea dogs may be expected when these new quarters arp fomplete. lost track) grandson of the bi_e: stell in lif.e, by walking S S B h famous Robert E. Lee. Lee is a down the aisle of happiness w"ith upply gt. aum as oeen in a dyed-in-the-wool-southerner, the hand of Miss Dolores Ann Kern paze since he returned from his h h 1 Wh 1 'le on leave 1 n Berkel e .y, furlough during which he tied the w ose ancestors ave a ways H lived in the south. He also Calif. Good luck, Lt. Cook, be-proverbial knot. e doesn't show h b th H V g cause we know that you w1 -11 be any signs of snapping out of it as a. ro er, arry, ser 1 n for days to come either. Best in the Arm.y in Australia, who toeing the line fran now on. wishes from all the boys, Baom. was named .after General Lee's SALUTATIONS: To Class 43-21, Our new and largest craft will father, Light-Horse Harry Lee. of whom we ha.ve many, pleasant soon be due for a trial rnn so The other day in the squad-memories, especially the "Beer there may be news of that next ron orderly room someone Bust" and the gala graduation boooght up the subject of bowl-which included our first for iog. During the conversation, th e !amous Frenchmen. Lt. Pfc's Dela.ne y and La Chance in-Langelei of the French Army timated they were pretty good. heartened the French lads by Lt. Berner, the CO, thought them with his talk, maybe the officers were pretty 1n their native tongue, to good, too" so a challenge match greater victories. Sgt. Lonnie resulted. Mgr. Delaney set up Wright gave his version of the an elimination system for all many events that ocprospects for his team, and the cured during encountering officers are plenty worried. the enemy overLae, New Guinea. Thursday night will come the Many of the boys left the exshowdown. The GI's say they'll ercises with a new incentive bet their three-day passes--Lt. to combat the foe. Col. Stran Berner says "We shall see what athan, Lt. Col. Randolph, Lt. we shall see. Col. Eades.and Major Fox were _______ -. ___ guests at the graduation by the diminuti,ve CJ!)lllle ne approached the kenner the other day. The parent seems to worry more about the kitten than she does her pups, possibly due to the fact that in spite of her best efforts she can not get the kitten to eat. At the present rate we will soon be in the dog business, rather the gunnery. exercises LATE FLA S HES: What favorite first sergeant obtained a two day pass for that much needed rest cure? ... What sergeant instructor, after what Flight Lt. gave his w ishes that all his instructors would obtain the well known and very well tor GI haircut, had his 1 ip_ against his protest, cleanshaven. .time. --Cpl. Flavin Cloud hoppers The Yankee gang came back from furlough recently. Main event was the wedding of S/ Sgt. Robert Cook to Miss Emma Skri vanek. Cpl. Stewart wit nessed the ceremony and was well pleased with the refreshments. Cp 1 No 1 an z i g g e d w i t b h is tray a t the mess hall when be should have zagged. He says before his cop bit the floor he was putting his rank and serial number on the dotted line. S;Sgt. Aldridge requested a late pass to visit visiting re latives; it's r _omoreq, his CO s a w h i m i n t o w n w i t h t be tollc:s." John claims they were the Borlapps -cousins of his. -Sgt. Ed.Strong




Ml.y 29 1943 THE TYNDALL T.AnGEI' Q M MOTOR POOL VITAL COG IN TYNDALL MACHINERY FOOD, EQUIPMENT AND PERSONNEL CARRIED 8Y OM TRUCKS Lack of Transportation Facilities Puts Heavy Load On Trucking System Unheralded and unsung, yet a vi tal cog in the machinery Which makes Tyndall Field one of the most efficient overat e d stations in the AAFSETC is the Motor Pool conducted by Lt. Theophil C. Polakiewicz of the Quartermaster Corps. To say that the responsibility of keeping the very lifelines or Tyndall Field open lies on the shoulders of Lt. Polakiewicz and his aides would be putting mildly. Its very location makes Tyndall one of the most diffi cult in this section of the country to bring supplies into, as it .I.S situated 13 miles from Panama Citi and eight miles from the nearest railhead. The only way food supplies can be brought here, and the only way these same supplies can be sent to Apalachlcola, o u r s u b b a s e i s b y t ru c k convoy. Other war essen-. tlals, such as ammunition and clothing, are also brought in by trucks. Clothing is taken to Marianna .for salvage, tires and spare parts are true ked from Camp R ucker; mall 1s picked up and delivered, personnel i s transported and food 1s delivered by trucks, all kept at the QuartP.rmaster Motor Pool. To handle these numerou s du ties, Lt. Polak1ewicz needs a right hand man, and has a capabl e one "n Monroe Branning, principal dispatcher. Mr. B ran n i n g a m a n w h o has ha. d considerable experience in the trucking business, is called the straw boss of the dispatchers. Serving under Mr. Branning are the dispatchers Cpl. Fisch, recentlY transferred here from Apalachicola; Tf5gr Hank Cur ran, Pfcs Von Hegel, Zall and Barry, all of the 907th Q uar'. START/ NG THE OAY' S WORK Lt. Polakiewicz, officer in charge of the Quartermaster Mot-' or Pool, is giving instructions for the day to T/5 Francis Curran, dispatcher, and Pvt. Fred. Hentschke, truclanaster THEY ALSO SERVE Doing ,their part in the war effort are the six young ladies pictured above. They serve as drivers of staff cars, recons" and, when necessary, can handle larger vehicles. Complaints about their driving are few and far between, according to officials of the Motor Pool. P e 6-A Guardians After contemplating marriage !or several months, S/Sgt. H D. Price, personnel clerk, bas took unto himself a wife, Miss Gertrude Sp radley. They w ere m arried a t the First Baptist Church in P. C. The marriage i n c i d e n t a 1 1 y 1 e f t S I S g t Cartwright without a barracks m a t e The boys are still befuddled at the rapid service that they have been receiving from the QM laundry It just can't be true! Most o! the boys will soon b e qualified firemen after falling out t o fight three fires in one day.' But the boys like it ever we acquired those new squirt g uns. 1 Twas refreshing indeed to see Cpl. S Keyes a nd M. B Diaz squirting water all o ver the place. QUI Z KORNER: got lost on the way to Perry' and worrie d his companion sick by by stopping every five minutes and looking at the sign posts? ... Who wants a tb ree day pass to visit the Mardi Gras city an d d o e s n t '" an t b i s g i r 1 back borne to know about it.Incidentally, be's the o n e who believes in "Pickin g them younL t r e a t in g t b em r o u g h a n d no t telling them a darn thing." S H : T b e stork i s b over in g feverishly over the homes of S g t. H. .H u l l i n s a nd S g t. C Dodd. Eoth a r e anxiously shopping for diaper s and safety pins And I s t/Sgt. O'Neil's youn g 1 un says, DA DA now, MAN OF THE WEEK: Pvt. Nonnan Southard bails from Long I sland, New Yor k. He lives with his wife i n P C. Norman is a bard worker and one of the ne a test soldiers in the outfit. He was under coatract to one of the m a j or l e a g u e f arms and h a d a promising career as a pitcher before his entrance into the Army. He now plays for the Pos t team and bas pitched several good After the war jou might see him in the uniform of a Cub or a G iant. Cpl. Sam Marotta 22 TYNDALL GI1S LEAVE FOR KEESLER TO BEGIN TRAINING AS CADETS termaster Detachment and Mr. Twenty-two Tyndall GI's selectHarmon, a civilian. ed f o r cadet training Between them, these men ans-have departed for l{eesler Field, wer an average. of 200 tel ephone Biloxi, Miss., where they will calls dally, dnd work in three receive preliminary training. shifts, covering 2 4 hours The men chosen f o r training as Calls for future runs are en-pilots, b ombardiers, o r navigat-tered on the ledger for the ors are: date and time wanted, but whe n S /Sgts. Charles R Carnes, Wilma car, truck or other veh. lcle erE. Herring, Clarence L Har'-is needed immediately, a driver rington, Bill M. Madsden, Glen from among the group wal tlng at E. Mills, John W. Scriven, Wil-the door 1s summoned. The liam H. West; Sgts. R obert E. name, truck number and des-Bartlett, Samuel C. Hansen,Jr., tlnation, as well as other A FAH/L/AR SIGHT Burt Gordon; Cpls. Salvadore C. pertinent 1nrormat1on 1s re-: Merlo, Howard D Wilson; Pfcs. corded on the Dally D ispatch: Truck convoys are an important part in any (;amp but here at Junious B uffingto n Timothy o Record, and a trip ticket for Tyndall Fleld, eight and a half miles from the nearest rail-Hurst, Russell C. J ohnson, Kenthe truck issUed. Upon com -neth M. Levtow, Bruce R. Lockpletion of the trip, the mil-head, truck convoys can be seen every hour transporting food wood, Marvin A. Pennington, Seyeage, as well as the gas a n d and materials to and from this station. m our Tabacoff Pvts. Normand G.A. oil consumption, is noted. DesRosiers, bonald P. Dillard, With the exception of a few localities before t h e draft law jobs that aren t assigned to Ralph Holman. c 1vil1ans the drivers are was passed. someon e else. She issues all m embers of the Quartermaster The drivers straw boss is the driving permits, keeps the (Aviation Service) Detachment the Truckmaster, Pvt. Fred Hen-files of all trips, gas, oil and the Aviation Squadron. tschke, who, for t h e past 13 and mileage records, in addi Some of these men, like firemonths, has had the simple tion to her other duties, too men, are always on call, and respo ns1bl1ity of knowing pra.c-numero u s to mention. She also if a motorcycle is needed for ticallY everything about every serves as secretary to the patrol, in case of an emer-truck in the Motor Pool. In Motor Pool Officer. gency shipment arriving or addition, 1t is his job to make There are e i ght other young leaving, or the Autocar wreck-frequent spot c hecks, in order women working at t h e mot o r pool, er is needed at the scene of to make repairs when needed. most of t hem engaged as drivers an accident, these m e n are He also leads most of the con-of either staff cars or re routed out of bed, regardless voys and he conducts, with Pfc. conns." Despl te their feminof the hour. Whenever possible Zall, periodic instruction inity, these girls are all ex a driver is assigned to a par-courses for the drlvers. pert drivers and complaints ticular truck or car, on which The art used expression about them are few and far be h e performs first echelon main-" C herchez la Femme, takes on tween. t,enance. It is interesting to a new meaning when applied at The Air Forces have a s l ogan, n ote here that many of the men the Motor Pool. Most prominent "Keep em Flying, and the who now spend most of their among the ladles employed there phrase used time a nd time again time at the wheel of a G. I., i s Dixie Porter, who, as s h e by Lt. Polakiewlcz and his co were never outside their own modestly puts it, has all the -hart s is Keep e m Rolling. OOSSW)RJ) PUZZlE SOWI'ION A L L 7' A 13 u J E S' 1Z e It 1< 1Z E lf-1 4 T IYl 4 12 J H ,4 L L A I D 12 f1 L L v; (). 1.: R. N E 12 v II Jl 1( (}. 12 0 (i; v:: 6 72. -r (! lij _g I 112 {&2 La () w L( us 0 !% (Y1 I 0 0 A-IV\ E 12. tC It ;U () 12. e (} 0 N 1/j fJ 6 T E 1) 6 p 4 12 T FcJ 0 D


I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I You can still be an AVIATION CADET I a If you want to fight for your country in the air, where there's need for your skill and daring-if you want to be ready for a future career in aviation-the opportunity is still open to you. 1 If you are 18 to 26 years old, i !1Clusive, and have not yet been called for induction under Selective Service, you may apply at once at the nearest Aviation Cadet Examining Board to take your physical and mental examinations. No school or college credits are required. If you pass the examinations and are found acceptable, you w ill be given a letter to the Armed Forces Induction Station requesting your assign ment to the Army Air Forces upon induction. You may then volunteer for induction through local Selective Service Board. After induction you will be assigned for preparatory training, upon completion of which you will r ec eive your appointment as an Aviation Cadet and have an opportunity to become a Bombardier, Navigator or Pilot-one of the "Three Mus-2 If vou have already been called for in-duction, you cannot apply direct for Aviation Cadet training. But, if you are assigned to the Army, you have the same opportunity open to every soldier, 18 to 26 years old, inclusive, to apply for Aviation Cadet training after you are in the ranks. 3 If you are 17 but not yet J 8, you can go now to your Aviation Cadet Examining Board and volunteer for enlistment in the Air Corps Cadet Enlisted Reserve. Air Corps Enlisted Reservists are called to active duty for pre-flight training at the end of the first school semester after reaching the age of 18. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS MADE WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE JOINT ARMY-NAVY PERSONNEL BOARD. Write to The Adjutant General of the Army, Washington, D. C., for booklet entitled "A Yiation Cadet Training for the Army Air Forces." I L-U.S. A y m111&!" = = Go to the nearest Aviation Cadet Examining Board (see list of audresses on the back of this leaflet) and find out if you are qualified to become an Aviation Cadet. You may also obtain information at any United States Army Recruiting Station. There i s one in the Post Office or the Federal Building in nearly every imp6rtant city or town.


CH?ERATIONS Taking a hint from SOB STORY Line Engineering, a wailing wall has been installed in the pilot's room of post operations under the supervision of F/0 Klassen. This wall is for the use of pilots who have wearied of, playing the ancient and honorable game of "switch," and wish to bless someone else with their woes. The wall is especially dedicated to F/0 Hendricks who is continually wailing with no just cause. : :: l.": DPERAT IONS We regret the depal'-SOB STORY ture of our Ordnance Officer, Lt. M:U ton J. Drain. At the same time we welcome his replacement, Lt. Denver w. Kinney. Until recently we have had a fairly serious labor shortage; however, the addition of Pfc. Francis Rave and Pvt. Mattis Schesley, III, seens to have filled the gap. CHATTER Pfc. Naive, who is allergic to hill billy music (?), comes to work every morning with bags under h.is eyes,. canplaining "I haven't slept a wink all night-that damn hill billy stuff is driving me nuts! If it isn't Joe Sinclair at 5:00A.M., it's that Grand Ole Opry at 10:00 P.M.! -What's a guy gonna do? According to Daily Bulletin No. 116, dated May 19, no one but a graduate gunner may wear "Crew Member" -wings on this field. That's really too bad, especially for Cpl. Coonrod --he dotes on 'em. Some of the boys say that they don't want a furlough now because they can't wear their wings home. It is kind of tough -First they "freeze" the ratings and now they refrigerate the wearing of wings As they would say in Russia, it's "toughke." M/Sgt. Passwaters is quj te proud of his caps (mechanic's) that he had made in the Philip pines. He also had some chevrons made of the sarre material while in Manila. Recently, we were discussing various fields and which one we'd rather be stationed at, and "Pop" said "Make mine Manila! OOOooo! are in order for S/Sgt. Vanwelsanare on his marriage last week. He is already experiencing a serious o'CONNOR u[S "IRISH" J A!1 "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" problem of married life. Is there anyone who can tell Van where he might pick up an apartment? F/0 "Th e Shadow" Utes, the fa-a-ast AT-6 pilot of this station has at last succumbed to the disease known as B-l7Fitis. His combat choice was fighters, so take heed all you fa-a-ast AT-6 pilots. :;:: 1,: ::! SNORING TO Barracks #1, with VICTORY an all-star team, claims they have the champion snorers of all time Sgt. Strong gets gol.ng with a nol.se worse than the 5:30A.M. siren and much less pleasant. Sgt. Norton comes U: wl.th a hig h alto someth l.ng l1ke a frog with Pvt. B. Thompson completes their bl.d for the crown with a roll very much l]ke the movies would have you believe the drums go at one of Hitler's executions. However, all of the above mentioned masters of the nasal roar are overshadowed by Pvt. Butterworth who has a rippling rhythm effect whl.ch would have put Shep Fields to shame eve n in his best days. The barracks will back this quartette against anything in the service. They also have a second-string team which they will back against any amateur aggre_g-ation. ... .,. .,. PHiLOSOPHER Moses, the gentl eman o'f color who sweeps out the buildings on the line, is quite a sage. His lalest words of wisdom are that a gunnery student's dream of heaven j s an ever-sharp pencil and five miles of clean latrine walls. Another one of his recent observations was, "If'n de big bosses knowed dese boys on de line lak ah do, den dere' ould be MORE STRIPES seen aroun' here." Moses, we are really on your : :: SAFE-GUARDING We lmow that THE WAACS T/F is making great preparations for a WAAC outfit and this is causing much consternation h e r e at Apalach. If a detachment of WAACs 1s sent to this love-starved post, who is gol. n g to protect them? It has been s uggested that we have a canpetent ,e;u ard lllli t and we aren' t questionl.n g the fact that the guards could keep rest of' the camp at bay. TI. 1 only question in our minds is ;'!{) will pro teet the poor girL from the GUARDS? F / 0 Bvy" Wilson has turned over a new leaf and l.s well on the way to recovery under t h e careful guidance of F/0 Spaararen. Lt. Efinger brought his better half down frcrn Wisconsin and she is now residi.n,g in the capitol city, Tallanassee The Lt. will undoubtedly to stretch a local clearance a long way every week e nd. Lt. "Herky" Bercik carre back off leave with that far away look in his eye. The poor fellow 1 s 1n love and can't eve n get a local The byword at Apalach is still, "L2I3 or not L2B!" MUST SERVE 6 MONTHS TO GET TECHNICIAN BADGES Students graduating from mechanic schools will have to wal.t six month s before they will be el]gible to receive their silver technician whl.ch will identl.fy them as Army Air Forces technicl.ans, according tn an advance copy of Amy Regulation 600 80. This new in Army Re gulations states that the requirements for eligibility to receive the badge are that the graduate of a speclalist school must hav e carrpleted sl.x months of actual service in the Army Air Forces duty re quired of the technician. Or_g-anization and detachment commanders will inl. tiate request for the award of the badges. TI1e cmrnanding officer of the llllit must certify that the miruillliTTl reouirerr.ents have bee n met by the application for the award. A requisl.tion for the number of badges will be submitted with each request for awards. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers"


p 8 Medicwoes Those corsage boys of last week were joined by that snper promenader, Sgt. Scnllio. Pte. Saudone has at last come into his own. A si!ication down here him in the hospital barber shop. We nnderstand that San done is expecting an addition to the family the latter part of June. Congratnlationel 1i;; know of one officer patient that is most happy to see Pvt. Sam Lane retnrn from his furlough. Sgts. Mullins and Terrell are reading, "I Found Africa" and "Congo Song. Incidentally, these men have applied for OCS! Cpl. Fitl and McDermott can be seen any going through their manual. We can't imagine why Sgt. Daniels went to church in Mill ville this past Sunday. T/Sgt. Matonak is a quiet man these days after attending a certain beach party. Come, come, Casanova! Sgt. Davison is sweating o nt ASTPwe hope he'll make it. Attention, fellows. An or-derly Retreat for this Detacbm en t is he Id t b is way: The NCO in charge gives "Dress Right-Dress, then he gives "ready FRONT." He does not ask the Sgt. Major if be wants to do anything whiie the men are at Dress Right Dress.' The men are at attention now. The. Commissioned Officer in charge then gives "Parade REST." The bng Ie rs sound o:iof. Upon completion of this the officer does an about !ace and calls the Detachment to attention. He then gives "Present-ARMS" and at this time the Sgt. Ma jor and the NCO in charge present arms. The offi{;er does an abont face and presents"arms ( Salntes in this case ) The buglers sound of!, and at the last note the officer gives "Order ARMS" after he execnted order arms and abont The officer then gives this command to the NCO in charge e.nd the latter then dismisses the Detachment. We haven't been away from training so long that we for get -how to execute the most beautiful li! it is dane right) ceremony of the day. THE TI.."ND TARGEJ' THE CHAPEL The Chapel stands as a silent but eloquent witness to the presence of Almifhty God in our world today and at this base. It undertakes to make the Unseen Seen, the Dnknown Real, the Hoped-for a Present Fact. Its sPire, pointinf upward, symbol izes the never-ceasinf search of the soul for God. Its altar, ever open for man's worship, invites the penitent heart to con secration and spiritual renewal. Its Holy Bible, sPread wtde for revealinf truth, provides assurance and hope to fearfUl and doubtinf souls. Let the Chapel become a vital part of your while stationed at the base. Utilize its privilefes for worship, for meditJtion, for consultation and for fellowship to the fullest of your ability. The bravest and best soldier is one who has faith and confidence in Someone better and biffer than hi.;zself. The words of Lt. Getzeral Sir W.G. S ]):Jbbie, hero of ihe island of Hal ta, Actinf Gave mar and Commander-in-Chief of that val iant band of men who have endured so much, are worthy to be remembered and emulated by ever-y soldier: "To serve God and to follow Him is a very real and practi cal thinf in the Anny. The help that He is also very real and practical, as I have proved times without number. I COULD NOT FACE LIFE WITHOUT HIH. Those who are tryinf to live 'Without Him little know what they are missinf. It is no small thinf to known that all the past has been forfiven. that help .from the hands of the Almifhty God is available for the pres sent, and that the whole future for eternity is assured. 11 "I HAVE SET THE LORD ALWAYS BEFORE ME: BECAUSE HE IS AT MY RIGHT HAND, I SHALL NOT BE MOVED. SUNDAY WEDNESDAY 8:00 A'.M ... Mass 12:15 P.M .. ciu.:.lan Worship 9:00 A.M Protestant Sun-Service The Sub-Depot Engineering Department recently received a letter of commendation from Captain H Myers, armament officer, through Major Wm. P. Kevan, director of flying, ex pressing the appreciation of the armament section for the cooperation rendered by the En g in e e r i n g D ep t. i n t b e d eseigning, manufacture and repair of armament equipment. Specific mention was made of the effort of Captain J. C. Bdstle, engineering officer, to cut red tape to the minimum. Also mentioned were Harold Dill, general foreman of the engineering shops; George F. Love, foreman of the machine sh0p; L. R. Bechtel, sheet metal foreman; and Frank Campisi, foreman of the woodworking shop. It is estimated that this cooperation has increased the efficiency of the aerial gunnery equipment here and at Apalachicola by approximately 30$, thns enabling this station to fire more rounds per aircraft than any gunnery school in the country. Mr. J. B. Story, persounel and training officer of the Sub-Depot, announced last week the appointment of Mr. I.M Roche and Miss Lila Childs as instructors to the Snb-Depot Civilian Training which is to be inaugnrated .here in accordance with A. S. regulations. "Ronald, go get the mail," "Ronald, check the baskets," "Ronald, run this stencil." All day long it1 s Ronald do this and Ronald do that. Ronald is the messenger boy for Engineering and one of the unsung (as yet) heroes of the war. Rain or shine, hot or cold, he can be seen scurrying hither, thither and yon, per forming a thousand and one menial tasks. Only a messenge: boy. Bnt has anyone ever stopped_ to consider jnst what a messenger boy has to do and contend with? In addition to Ronald Howze, the Sub-Depot has two o ther messengers, T. Russ, Jr. and William Clemmo. ns, and the duties they do each day are too numerons to be set down in print, but suffice to say,:they are far from easy. -I. M. Roche Then the Acting First Sgt. of the 25th Altitude ing unit went ont for Retreat with his cap on backwards. day School. 5:30 P.M .... Mass S b D 1 e ent1re u-epot Joins iO:OO A.M; Gunners Mass at 7:00 P.M .. Choir Rehearsal in wishing a speedy recovery Once in a lifetime: Cpl. Fitl was handed his furlough the other dny mnch to his sur_prise-he had asked for it some time in June! Theater. for its commanding officer, 10:00.A.M ... Protestant WorTHURSDAY Major L.A Bryan, who was the ship Service. 5:30 P.M ..... Mass "victim of an appendectomy 11:00 A.M Gunners Protest-5:30 P.M Instruction Class ant Service. FRIDAY last Friday. Reports to date are. very goo<4 and we all hope --Sgt. C. S. Laubly 11:15 A.M. .Mass 5:30 P.M. .Mass that he will be with us very 7:00 P.M Evening Wo-rship 6 :30 P.M ... Jewish Service soon Gunner Makers TUESDAY We bid farewell to Lt. H.L. 5:30 P.M ............... Mass SATURDAY Jacob, who bas been trans6:30 P.M Instructton Class 5:30 P M ..... Mass' ferred to another station. We 7:00 P.M .... F'ellowslllp Club 7:00 P.M ........ Confessions all shall miss him. Always An o t be r week is be re and s 0 ri en dl Y and anxious to help is the bot Florida summer sun. personnel. their own, spoken in their own solve any of the numerons and WhewLast Sunday evening the There are few who have a inimitable way, are: perplexing problems with which Gnnnermaker bunch looked as tougher job than these men who MacDonald"Hallo, Semmy." the Sub-Dep-ot employees con-would, a basket of ripe rise at all hours of the day Landis"No, I had this sto-fronted him, he had gained tomatoes. About Thursday they or night to make sure that mach before I got in the army." the admiration and respect of began to peel. I had a lot of something is at the mess hall Gerhskowi.tzsports, all who knew him. Our best t p d !or you when you pass thrn how go b y you, no?" wishes go with him. un r1 ay n1ght. The guys ir h h R -B.J. Davenport my bay are all bathers.. t at c ow 1 i ne. Who do you eagan -"Too many prof i 1 _, Open letter to Captain Salthink is responsible!or those eers in Panama." !-:;================; ley: "Sir, your new boat is three meals a day? Who's the Griffin "Ain't it the beautiful, especially the four muscle behind that roast beef t r nth?" inches which remain abp_ve wa-yon ate yesterday, and those Adorno -"Look Sarg, had to ter on a calm day. Now I "seconcs" and "thirds" on co!-work 1 ate ... wouldn't want the captain to fee that yon can have at any -"The bump in my think that we were under the meal you desire? I t1 s all bed isn't my barracks bag. No that the new boat done by the boys who sweat in kidding! resembled a sieve in the Mess Hall 112. Next time you Horn-"Don't tell me that, s 1 i g h t e s t de g r e e, b u t c o n f i pass t h r u t h e c how 1 i n e, ask boY dentially, Sir, will it hold yourself, "Wonld I trade jobs water--out? May we take the with him?" Don't gripe, they liberty of suggesting a name are doing their best. !or this streamlined craft... Woo!, woof Sgt. Tayior has. "THE SPONGE?" a pet which he is rearing to. lie' d like to depart !rom the become the squadron's mascot. whimsical for a moment to di-The first thing that our pooch recta few words of praise to is learning, and it's a "must". som e deserving men of this and for all potential" mascots, is other organizations. Who are how to be a good chow hound. they? The cooks, my friend, The boy$ in lime lite THE PEEKER __ ...;....., __ 'Ah burnt mah lips on a dish of hot chocolate.' 'Yeah man. Ah knows her.' a girl looks good in a bathing suit, a man usually looks good too. REMOVE YOUR PIPE, CIGAR OR CIGARETTE WHEN SALUTING. NEVER SALUTE YOUR MOUTH !!! --


M 29 1943 THE Rugged 69t:h Ordnotes ERVISE REPAIRS When an emergency arises, it's a knowledge of what to do, and the presence of mind to do .it, which mark a lead-er and a good soldier. The s e qualities were admirably d em onstrated by T / S gt. Earl Boutwell in a recent real-life drama in which a woman, having rescue d a drowning boy, herself we n t unde r in the bay near Victory Circle. Sgt. Boutwell directed her resoue by boat and revived her by artificial respiration. T h at s on f! a b o u t R o s ie t be Riveter might well apply to Pvt. Zeke Eberhard of the ordnance garage. He has eyes only for a local dish who rivets all day at the sl :pyard. Seems that Zeke f!pes about sineinf! w ith that rive ter influence, "RR -R-Rosie the R-R-R -Riveter." With June approalthing (and we mean the month) the m e n are getting nuptial ideas_ What the thoug h t of separate rations won't Sgt. Knowles i s all set to take the plunge on June 19, while a certain first three grader liith Staff Sergeant OOWARD McDONALD Sergeant HENRY HOEY Y h d h b a picturesq ue vocabulary is about ou ve e a r t e story a out In the transportat1 0n of sup-th 1 f t bl t o embark on the idea that two e gir o ques Iona e sanity 1 h 1 plt"e9 and personnel at any Army h h d d k ? Th can I ve as c eap y as one. w 0 oar e panca es ey say '" fiedd, many trucks and cars with John Sansone it's ladies' ne were witness the other night bathing suits. t o a bowling match between the are required. To carry out S Ordnance officers. Tch! tch! this program successfully, a u 1 king in his "tent" and conf 1 e e t 0 f we 11-equ 1 nped and e 1 1 1 h a sad affair. After careful obtemp at1ng t e scarcity of good h operated veh1" cles are essent1. al. h k M I S t F' h f p servat1on we ave these suggestwO IS Y,_ g hiS e r o ost ion s to make which might increase To comolete this nrogram a gaperatiC1ns was eard to say: rage with skilled mechan1'cs "Sherman was right, war i s hell". their scores: Ill Use two balls_ 'Th h t h d 1 121 Wave a dollar bill at the p i n is necessary. ouf no t e ar ent over boy. 131 Take u p golf.. If this Sgts. McDonald and Hoey are type, w isper bas it that Sgt. 1n charge of the Ordnance '>nd So l f B k column isn't writ ten next week, omon I S wooing one o ur -and 3rd echelon garaaes. The1 r b t B'dd. H b have patience, we' l continue as ar s 1 Ies e as even work is to supervise and accomptake n to shining h i s shoes. soon as we get out 0 the jug !ish the many necessary repairs Finding the 5: 30 AM exerc ise Our congratulations to Cpl. to motor vehicles needed WI. th d c 1 C l and Mrs S igmund, who were re-session Ina equate, p ayton transportation requirements as k b b h f cently married. 't/O r s out o n t e eac o an high as at this statin<1. w b h d Cl Sgt. Burnett does not like to evening. at s t e ope, aySgt. Hoey i:. a New Jersey boy ton? Can you really get tan by have bi11 name mentioned in print v.ho attended school at Aberdeen. the li. abt o f the moon? so p lease Sgt. Burnett we WI.ll do He came to Tyndall Field w1'th the A d t 1 1 our utmost in the future to see ccor lDg o a snoop In new s -detachment from Eglin Field. gathering gremlin! Cpl. Honey that Sgt. Burnett's name is not While o n furlough in December, has been checking on train con-mentioned. I s that okay wi tb after at tending an automotive nections for New York City yo u, Sgt. Burnett? school in New York, he married Wouldn't be planning to slip off -Sgts. Ponzi o a home town girl and they live on a little trip, would yo u Bill? in Panana City. Cpl. Garcia, they say, bas his 1------------------t Sgt. Mci:bnald is from Hast-hat in the ring for Mayor of Port ings, Mich., and he also took s J Suspicious Gal: Look h ere, t. oe. soldier, w hat's your object-an Aberdeen automotive course. We suspect that S/Sgt. "Slick" ive?' Mac is rather quiet l::.ut always Hearn comes from a long lin e of G I. 'on the ball.' He came here b d F p k d .. : 'In the words of Roos-orse tra ers. Irs t a ac ar l from Napier Field in May of (something Sherma n overlooked) eve t and Churchill-----un-1942. and no w a sporty Ford. conditional surrender. p 9 Band Box Tbe band's daily parades have now stre t c hed so much that we walk. e ight miles a day. Try this some time with a 36-pound bass born o n your shoulder. (We have no pic-colos'.) Newest stop of tbe 111atinee p rogr am is a t the main intersection where we play, a t tbe request o f tbe Department of Training, to give tbe marching stude nts a "musical lift" back to after noon c lasse8. All this plu s t be usual PT. The band took tbe Ordnance into camp by 3 to 2 in a practice game. We ve picked a spot in tbe orderly room for tbe t rophy. Brown Bombers .. Pte. Lewis M. Sessoms came back from his furlough a few days ahead of time. The fellows are wonderi ng why be r eturned so soon. I s it that a certain little "cutie" h e r e in Panama City has taken his mind from his worries back home. The squadron nad a large numbe r out o n Sunday to see the gam e between Tyndall's colored baseball team and Eglin Field, the first mal game we have bad on our new diamond. Everyone enjoyed the game even if we did lose. The squadron seems to think that Pvt. William H. Smalls will be out for the crown i n the swimming tournament and i n my estimation he' s going for it all right. Prett y tough competition for Sgt. T h ompson. The fellows enjoyed another dance Saturday night at the U .S. 0. club -Cpl. Marvin Carter TYNDALL TOM MY ...... HOURS LATER THE COLONEL'S PLANE IS SEEN BREAKIN6 THRU AND HEADING DOWN-HERE COMES THE ANNIE LETS 60 FELL.A.S, SNAP TO. WE MUSTN'T KEEP THOSE JERRIES OR WHATEVE!i: THEY ARE WAlliN' TOO LON&. THE COLONEL' IN A HURRY, I KNOW. YUP, IT's HEAH AGIN, OL' MAN HAS MA{7E 'NO THER ONE OF H i S HO AS SHO AS MY NAMES MIKE &ALL A0H EA WE'LL MAKE A RAID ON AN. ENEMY BASE. HE'Ll DO IT EV 'R't TIME, S A HELP ME-.


p e 10 THE TYNDAlL TARGET TYNDALL WEAKENS IN NINTH TO LET ELLYSON FIELD SCORE FOUR RUNS AND WIN BY TORNADOES PLAY COAST GUARD TOMORROW Local Nine, off to Good Start With Four Runs in First Frame, Unable to Stop Late Rally; Lose Second Game by 6 to 5 Score Despite their building up of a four-run lead in the first inning of their opener against Ellyson Field last Saturday, the Tyndall Tornadoes weakened in the ninth to allow four runs to cross the plate and thereby lost the game, Matonak began the scoring for Tyndall men in the first when he reached base on a walk, and crossed the plate several min utes later on successive singles by Brown and Edwards. Jackrel, the sixth man up, walked, filling the bases. Then Sedmak, the first baseman, promptly doubled and three more !"un s were scored to bring the inning's total to four. However, after this barrage, Higdon, the Ellyson pitcher, settled down and held the Tornadoes score less for the remainder of the gsme. Meanwhile, Davis held the Pensacola nine in check until COAST GUARD HERE TOMORROW Coach Stanley Drongowski an nounced that the Tornadoes w ould attempt to get on the path again tomorrow in a game against the local Coast Guard n1ne. Johnny Nocheck, forrrer Toronto hurler, is scheduled to take the mound foi the C(Jast Guardsmen, while Southard or D a v i s will do the flinging for t h e Tornadoes. The game will be on Tyndall's new athletic field. It will begin at 2 P.M. the fifth when they scored a lone run on an error, walk and sl ngJ e. Stl 11 holding a three run lead, the Tornadoes played good ball until the ninth when three singles, a walk and a wild pitch brought in four runs for Ellyson and spoiled a four hit mcnurl performance by Davis. On Sunday the two teams took the field again and played through the nine innings in continual rain. In this game both teams scored two runs in ALL-STARS DEFEAT LYNN HAVEN, 16-7 A star-studded of ball players from the Avia tion Squadron, exclusive of the members of the regular post colored team, thoroughly trounced the Lynn Haven Tigers in a game between the two teams last Stmday. Because of wet grounds the game was slow and numerous er rors were COTfllll it ted. However the dampness didn't hinder the Tyndall men at the pi ate as they banged out 16 hits which they converted into a like number of runs. The sluggers were paced by Pfc. John A. San der s who connected for the only home nm of the Lonnle Gorham was the win ning pitcher for the Tyndall team, giving up eight hits and seven nms. The AJ 1-Stars, under the competent managership of Cpl. Ernest Lupoe, are scheduled to meet the Lynn Haven team 1n a double header tomorrow here on the field with the f1 rst game starting at 1:00 p.M. 111-Star box score Dupree, tb Jernigan, so Cartwright, 3b Gill. 2b Leon, cr Pettaway, If Sanders, rr Qdos, c Dennis, p Gorha, p Con!eoy, p H R 3 1 2 2 33 3 4 2 1 2 1 2 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 16 16 the early innings and then waited for the ninth to tmload their power. The Tornadoes began their blasting in the top half of the frame as Hines walked, Edwards singled and both were advanced by Jackrel' s one baser, with Hines scoring. Sedmak then singled sending home Edwards and advancing Jackrel to third Anderson next up, grounded out as Jackrel scampered across the plate with the third run of the innh.._ .. Southard returned to the mound as Ellyson came up for their final turn at the plate. He, like Davis, had yielded but four hits in the past eight innings bYt weakened as he walked the first two men to face him. He tightened up a bit and caused the next man to po-p up to second, but Wolfe, Smith and Kerner, the next trio of Ellyson batsmen came through with singles to bring 1n two runs and then two more runners crossed the plate as Jackrel allowed the ball to pass through his legs into deep left field. 1st gaae TYNDALL AB R H Natonak, cf 3 1 0 Didier, c 0 0 0 Brown, 2b 3 1 2 Hines, ss 4 0 0 Ed.:ards, rf 4 1 1 Jaclcrel, lf 3 1 1 Sed11ak, 1b 4 0 1 Anderson, 3b 3 0 0 4 0 0 33 4 5 ELLYSON Zorich, 1b 4 1 l S ovanski, l f 2 0 0 Weaver, 3b 4 1 1 Franks, c 4 0 1 Long, ,. f 4 0 0 Scott, 86 2 0 0 Donofrio, 2b 4 1 0 Wolfe, cf 2 1 0 Higdon, p 3 1 1 Totals 29 5 4 2nd T YI!DALL AB R R II atonal\, cf 4 0 0 Didier, c 4 1 0 Brown, 2b 4 0 1 Rines, ss 2 2 1 Edwards, rf 4 1 3 JacJcrel, lf 4 1 1 Sed ale, 1b 4 2 Anderson, 3b 4 I! 0 Southard, p 2 0 0 Totals 32 0 8 ELLYSO"N Spellaan, 31> 4 0 0 Donofrio, 2b 4 1 1 SavonsJci, rr 3 1 1 Scott, ss 3 1 2 Zorich, 1 f 2 1 0 Franks, c 3 0 1 Wolfe, cf 3 1 0 Saith, 1b 4 1 1 Kerner, p 3 0 1 Totals 29 6 7 ORDNANCE TOPS FIELD IN INTER-SQUADRON EVENTS With the first quarter over, a tabulation of the results of inter-squadron competition 1n basketball, pocket billiards, horseshoes, table tennis and the cross-country run, show that Ordnance leads the field with a score of 65 points. Close behind the Ordnance men are the Gunnennakers w1 th a total of with the Cloun Hoppers nestling in the third slot with 56 poin-ts. Below are listed the squadron standings as released by the Special Service Office: Squadron ORDNANCE ..... GUNNERWAKERS ...... CLOUD HOPPERS ....... FAND, FI. 4 SIO!lAL ... 0"(; !RDI AilS ...... IIEDICS ............ 69TH ............... BLUEBIRDS ........... WHITE FLASHES ...... VEIITURAS ........ CANARIES .......... ZEBRAS. .......... QUARTERII!STERS ....... Points 60 611; 06 IH 001; 41 34 28 271; 24 24 191; 121; TnRNADO OUTFIELDER SGT. ABE JACKREL OF THE MEDICS WHO I S SLATED TO PATROL ONE OF THE OUTER PASTURES FOR LT. 0RONGOWSKI rs MEN IN THEIR GAME AGAINST THELOCN..CoAST GUARDs MEN HERE TOMORROW. GAME TIME: 2:00 P.M. MEDICS, GUNNERMAKERS LEAD BOWLING LOOP With Cpls. Max Senkinc and Al Kocur leading the way, the Medic bowlers swept their three game ser1es with the Squadron C Keglers and jumped into a tie for first place with the Gunne rrnake rs. Both teams have a record of five wins against one loss. Senkinc bowled the highest single game of the evening when he turned in a 215 for his second game. HOwever, the score of 248 rolled last week by the Zebra's Richu still stands as the season's highest individual mark. The Medics also broke the single game team high when they bowled 904 in their second game. A new three game team high was set the Zebras with a total p1 nnage of 2548 The individual high three-game series for the evening was made by Koleszar of Ordnance who totalled 585 for his three games. This week's results: Ql! 1, Cloudhoppers 2; Can aries Q, 69th 3; Ordnance 2, Bluebirds 1 ; lledics 3, Squad ron C o; Redbirds o, Zebras 3; Oil's 3, White Flashes O Individual highs, each Hnylka (QII) 172, 179, 199-550 Oretart (CH) 188, 191, 1615-11114 Dianco (69) 104, 180, 212-046 Cruz (C) 175, 191, 100-1116 l(.oleszar (0) 211, 203, 171-11815 Ru6so (BB) 201, 184, 105-540 Kocur (II) 160, 179, !60-009 Bernhard (SC) 156, 133, 174-463 Holcob (RB) 142, 109, 142-443 Green (Zl 180 176 213-069 Olenik ('IfF) 1S8, 179, 123-490 Laudis (Gil) 168, 176, 196-1140 MEDICS, ORDNANCE LEAD SOFTBALL LEAGUE The murderers row" of the Ordnance and Medics softball teams continued to keep their squadrons on top as the league enters its third week of com petition. Only four of the seven games scheduled for the week were played off, the other three have been postponed to a later date. Second week results: Zebras 10, White !'lashes 4. Ordnance 6, t. lledics 13, 69th 2. Redbirds 111, Guardians o. Fi-Sig-Band vs. Cloud Hoppers Gunnerak:ers vs. CanariesO Qll vs. Bluebirds postponed. COLORED TEAM BOWS TO EGLIN IN OVERTIME GAME BY 11-9 By PFC. HAZEL WilLIS Althdugh outhit by the Tyndall team, the Eglin Field Aviation Squadron managed to eke out a 11-10 triumph in ten innings in their game here last Sunday. It was the Tyndall team'. s second game of the season and while hitting well, the boys showed a lack of practice by committing light errors. The biggest explosion of htts came in the fourth frame when the Eglin men batted around. The teams will meet in a re turn game tomorrow afternoon at Eglin Field. Box score: TYNDALL AB R H E Harrison, 2b 0 2 0 1 White, 1 f 5 1 3 2 Bla.ck11on, 3b 5 1 1 1 Randle, ss II 2 3 0 Dawlci ns, c 4 2 3 0 Fox, rf 2 0 1 1 Davis, 1b 0 1 2 1 Jenkins, cr 2 0 1 1 English, cf 3 0 2 1 Baskett, p 4 0 0 0 3 1 3 0 43 10 24 8 EGLIN FIELD AB R H E Towns end, 3b 0 0 2 1 Barfield, rf 3 3 0 R. All en, lf 5 2 3 0 Brown, c 4 0 2 0 Harris, 2b 0 1 2 0 Robinson, 1b 4 2 4 2 S a it h, ss 4 1 2 1 Warren, p 4 1 3 0 Lee, cf 3 1 2 1 Fall, ll 1 0 0 0 Moore, rf 2 0 0 0 Total 42 11 23 5 Two-base hits: 1, Black:!lon 1, Davis 1. Three-base hits: R,ndle 1 Homeruns: Dawicins 1 Stolen base: Harrison 1, Blackson 1. Double plays: lllackaon to Harrison. Winning Pitcher: .Warren. Umpire: Arthur King. nlf. O.VJ E S ( t-t! 0 1< POST SATIJRDAY, MAY 29 'Holiday Inn' Bing Crosby, fred A3taire SUN., MAY 30-31 'This Land Is Mine Laughton, 01Hara, Sanders TIJESDAY, JUNE 1 'Tonight We Raid Calaig' John Sutton, Annabella WEnlESDAY, JUNE 2 DOUBLE FI!U'URE 'Go od Morning Dennis 01Keete, L. Albritten 'Redhead From Manhattan' L ttpe Velez 'IHURS. FRI. J'JNE 3'My l'riend Flicka' Roddy McDowell, Preston foster R 1 rz SUN-. Ma-l MAY 3031 'Hello, Frisco -Alice laye, Jack Oakie IDES. WED. I JUNE 1-2 '!ssignment in Brittany' Pierre Aumont, Susan Peters THURS. I FRI JUNE 3-4 'Flight for Freedom' Ros. Russell, fred MacMurray SA1URDAY, JUNE 5 'The Avenging Rider' Tim Holt, Cliff Edwards PANAHA SUN., MAY 30-31 'Margin for Error Joan Bennett, Hilton Berle TIJESDAY, JUI'IE 1 'Dr. Kildare's Victory' Lew Ayres, Lionel Barry-more WED. THURS., JUNE 2-3 'Remember the Day' Claudette Colbert, John Fayn e FRI., SAT., JUNE 4-5 'Overland Stage Coach' Bob Livingston


May 29 1943 T H E TYNDAlL TAJtG THIS WEEK'S CROSSWORD P UZZLE I 2 3 Lt. II (2... L!j 1'-f I / 17 ; q zo :J( 2.4 12-F-2q [// 3 1 t:0 13.3 3'-3 7 LtD L( t.t] A cross !-Britain i s ours 24-What appetites 5---What Hitler do in the Army gives the people 25-Engineer Trainof Europe ing Replacement 1-Yo u often Center (ab.) march to this in drilling 28-What officers are 2-\Ve'll soon have often called to -all the 30-Aiaskan rec. hall barracks 31-A warrior (obs.) 3-This G eneral commands our 33-This organizaArmy tion is doing a 5-Shoulder Arms lot for service (ab.l m e n 6-Half an idea 35-Beginnin g of 7-0ur campaign militarism will be -out' 36-Double nothing till the Axis is 37-You're proud to -in' be one 8-Greeting Engi40-Ft. Stevens is in neer Recruits this State (a b.) 42-Littl e l e tter 9-Wha t the rookie 43-What the Japs who asked for a decided to do 30-day furlough from A ttu and was Al!attu 2-What a snow 44-Wh a t soldiers soldier travel s think of mos t on often D o w n 1-What Americans !J-What a soldier are doing to the i s often a t teeth lO-A brigadi e r gen.: 2-Hc reports the era! wear s this squad at revei l l e 14-T h e Cavalry 3-Caterpillar's uses this J01 fuel back end 18-Your letters 4--Short years fro m this party 5-Russian sea are u s u a ll y 6 -The Navy tells signed XXXXX time with these 20-Johnny Dough-7-Maj. G en. Fred-boy found one e rick E.-in Ireland 8-Beginning of selecti v e service 21-VictOIy-Winning Infantry (ab.) 3-What Napoleon 32-0ur Army is a kept his powder far cry froin in what it was in 6-Kind of g renade days of-7-The Army has 34-Army messages -many new are -by the words since the start of the war 9-This dame is Axis (ab.) always running 38-Importan t around the post branch of the o-In telligence Army (ab.) Observes Radi-39-What first ser-cals (a b.) geants don't !-There's a n Arm y u sually do w hen pos t named after they give orders this VJ'orld War 41-Enlisted person-general nel (ab.) : : : r"i-'-' !- ..,..., >' ,;... <" 1'/ ; "-i>,J?--.:--/ ..... 1 -.::;;0>' I /t.JY-fl ... .i-Don't t r y to reVIVe a n unconc i o u s s q h wounded man. Keep him uie t stop h is b leeding, and keep lffi war m Q c. "' /, (":) "-, Liquids shoul d n ever be p oured n t o a wounde d man's mouth if J h c e IS unconsci o u s a s they m a y h o k e him. <0 7 Cj 10 1 6 1 8 23 2 7 30 tij 135 f!Z. '-l'f CH A R GE CD C) (!) (; -. r Cf;f' ( 1 ,:" .M. 0 )-41 1\ I // 1:. -', 1:00 A.M. '\.._ /7/ ;_/' 4 'r '-"\" 0 r ( 71?'\ \ () 7 / -.. /3:00 A.M. @ --------ff I 4-:59-!i. A M -; OF Page 11 ( I /}' "NOt" QUARTERS




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