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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 20 (June 12, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
June 12, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Page 2 PUBLISHED SATURDAYS BY THE SPECIAL SERVICES SECTION FOR PERSON NEL OF THE AAF FLEXIBLE GUNNERY SCHOOL, TYNDALL FIELD, FLORIDA. Copy Prepared Under Supervision of Public Relations Officer Special Service Officer: Corrrnanding: Capt. Owen o. Freeman Col. Leland S. Stranathan Photographic Officer: Public Relations Officer: Lt. J.A. Dickerman Lt. William B. Pratt Editorizli Staff: Sgt. Arnold Milgaten, Sgt. Saul Samiof, Pfc. Neil Pooser, Pvt. P.H. Nickles. Art Work: T /Sgt. Oral Ledbetter, S /Sgt. Fred H. Slade, Cpl. Marshall Goodman. photography and Reproduction: M/Sgt. W. Busby, T /Sgt. W. Castle, S /Sgt. J. Mitchell, Sgt. F. Churchill, Sgt. S. Upchurch, Cpl. W. Grout, Sgt. G. Neitzert, Pvt. L. Shaw, S /Sgt. J. Montgomery, S/Sgt. R. Keough, Sgt. p, Terry, Sgt. J. Marsick, S /Sgt. J. Webster, Pvt. W. Daniels, Cpl. E. Tackett, Pfc. H Care, Pvt. R. Chapman. The Tyndal< Targe t receives aterial supplied by Camp Newspaper ServIce, War Dept., 205 E. 42nd St., N.Y. C. Crerlited ate rial Y not be republished without prior perlsslon from Camp News,pnper Service. A TRIBUTE A recent issue of the Target contained a description of the generosity and cooperativeness of two sergeants who donated and installed an excellent public address system in the Recreation Hall. 'l'hat such an unusual gesture is worthy of commendation obvious. The contribution of those two men may s 'erve as a concrete example of fine spirit. There are, on this field, several other men whose toward providing more recreation for their fellow soldiers has been of equal value. Their work has been in the abstract but its worth to the field is of great importance. We mention but five men today, but we feel that additional names will be newsworthy in the near future. Sgts. Boileau, Leon, Pullman, Reinitz and Pvt. Paquin have been doing a real job for Tyndall Field for the past few months. They appear in the Special Service Office during their free time, daily, seeking jobs to ao so that the entire field may benefit. No job seems too small or too big for them. These men are constantly ready to step into any job that is requested of them. Regardless of the type of the task, their enthusiastic willingness comply is most gratifying. These five men appear to have the interest of the field constantly in mind, as is shown by the many worthwhile suggestions they have to the Special Service Office. Perhaps they will never be able to point to an article and state that they donated or built it, but they have given and built a lot in general morale that has been of inestimable value t9 the men of the field. A PIIDI''S REPLY TJ THE "GINNER'S VON" (The following poem, answering the famous 'Gun n e r s Vow p r i n t e d i n s m a 1 1 t yp e, was written by Mrs. R.M. Smith, Jr., wife of,. Tyndall Field pilot.) I wished to ne n pile< You may call me just a chauffeur) And you along with But let me make this clear: B ut ir we all pilots Y our life depends upon "James" handsJ Where would the Air Force be? A flier without fear. It takes GUTS to be a gunner, I t takes BRAINS to be a pilotJ To sit out in the tail, Ready judgment) steady hand. When the Wesserschaits are coain' The p lane keeps humming through the skyJ And the slogs begin to wail The pilot s in commandJ The pilot's just a chauffeur, The gunner's just a watchdog) It's his job to fly the plane, THough thatTs important too. But we who do the righting Let no man mock the other's jobJ Though we aay not get the faae. We all have work to do. It" we all aust gunners, The crew must work together And But Then let us aake this bet, we'll win through never doubtwell be the best da.an' gunners d o n t call me just a chauffeur) That have lert this station yet! O r J I swear J I' 11 "wring you out 1" PRAYER IN TINE OF WAk God our Father, aLL-merciful. and almifhty, look down on this strife-tom world to rrant us and all nations a true, rifhteous peace! Because of our mul ttpl ied sins we are not WJrthy to ask Thee for this blessinf; yet we come before Thee, our Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, our only Savior, and, trustinf in His blood-boufht pardon, beseech vtctory, accord.inf to Thy will, peace accordinf to Thy love. We therefore ask Thee to destroy the evil plans of selfish, unbelievinf men who promote affression and seek personal or national Profitthroufh bloodshed. Restrain all fleshly hatreds and evil passions. Direct our thoufhts alonf the path of love! Particularly do we entreat Thee: Protect all Christian younf men called to the colors, who daily meet danreran land, tn the air, on the sea! Keep them in Christ! Show them that they fifht net only afainst powerful enemtes from without, but also against treacherous foes from within, and teach them that with Jesus as their Savior they ha:ve His assurance, "Lo, I am wtth you always, even unto the end of the world! 11 If it be Thy rracwus pur/Jose, preserve their dear ones at home, and when the conflict is over, brinf these defenders of the nation back to their familtes, safe in body and sound in soul! Hear us, and in the name of our Savior, 11the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world, 11 have mercy upon us! .Grant us Thy peace! Amen. SUNDAY 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:00 11:00 7:30 A.M ......... Mass A.M .... Protestant Sun day School A.M ... Gunners Mass at Theatre A.M .. protestant Wor ship Service A.M Gunners Ft"otestant Service at Theatre P.M .. Evening Worship TUESDAY 7:30 P.M Fellowship Cl ub WEDNESDAY 12:15 P.M .. Protestant Wor7:30 FRIDAY ship Service P.M ... Choir Rehearsal 7:30 P.M Jewish Service No week-day Catholic Servic-es until further notice. I


,Tune 12, 194;3 THE TYNJWL TARGET Page3 CANARIES, GUNNERMAKERS CONTEST LEADERS STRICT UNIFORM REGULATIONS ISSUED GRAPH SHOWS INSURANCE STAND(NGS TWO SQUADRONS AT TOP PFRCENTAGE OF HEN HOLDIN G POLICIES IN TWO DIVISIONS OF Canaries %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%J>%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 98 SA l E STAND I N GS But LowCut Shoes to Be Allowed at Bowling A.lleys, Post Dances New directives pertaining to the correct dress and conduct of enlisted persomel and setting forth regulations now being enforced by military po lice, who are inspecting men leaving and arriving at the Post, were issued last week. Directives were received by tffi Crnmmd.irg Officer fran both the F1 ying Training Command and the AAF Southeast Training Center, and the information contained in them was relayed on to unit CO 1anders and department heads who were told to see that the men under them complied with the rules. The regul ati ens said in part: 'Enlisted personnel will be permitted to wear only items of t uniforms 'as issued' or identical in material and design to those issued .... No deviation from these. requirements is authorized.' The directive listed 11 deficiences which have been noticed among the men a.nd cited them for correction. Finance &: Comm. 30th Venturas White Flashes GunnermakeriJ. 907 th QM Zebras Bluebirds Cloud Hoppers Ordnance 69th Redbirds Medics 965th QM Apalachicola SiA. -Weather Guardians AAF Band Boat Company Gunnermakers .tlluebirds Canaries Venturas Cloudhoppers ordnance White Flas hes 69th Zebras Fin. Comm One was the wearing of low-cut o r other non-issue shoes., An official source implied that such shoes may be worn at the Post bowling alleys, where rubber c$=$100) soles are prohibitea, or ($=$10) cta:nces on the post. RUt no preme n t uf the activities which are jnsuected. The inspectors will be respons ible on1y to their commanding officers. In summing up his letter on the creation of the new section, Brig. General Welsh stated that The primary objective of all air inspectors is to improve training and technical effi ciency. PiLOT, STUGENT Pfc. Josepp Yurich, st;udent gunner, and Lt. William A. Finney, nilot, were l dlled when their plan e crashed into t h e water near St. George Island l _ast Monday afternoon. pfc. yurich is a native of lanesville, Ohio, and Gooding, Idaho is listed as the home of Lt. Finney. ----ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION one of the many ulans non the fire by t h e s s. Office js a proposed round table discussion to b e held at the Rec Hall in the near future Principal par ticipants in the discussion will be Sgts. Wright and Coburn bemedaled gunners w ho recent] y re turne d from combat. A concerted effort to stamp out the circulation of rounn robin," .r group newsletters," among Army personnel is current! y be i.ng made by the War Department to prevent vital military i.nforma.tion from reaching enemy agents. The round-robin" might be termed a third cousin of the once-popular chain letter. It usually is originated by the office gangn back h ome, sent to a former employe now in service, who reads its several co11111uni cations, adds one of his own, then forwardS the letter to the serviceman whose name aouears next on the accomoanying list Before the mailing cycle 1s .completed, a comp lete f i l e of vital military information will hav e been comoilerl. War Department studies of sucn letters reveal that the techni cal! ties o f training of mul tipie units, specific duties of individuals, future movements, exact locations of inrljviduals un its, ann the technical aspects of our own and e nem y weapons are freely rliscussed. The War Department pointed out that if of these letters should reach the hands of an en emy agent, it would g1ve him in cne convenient v o l 1rne the complete outline of a large-scale troop movement or details of the development of new and secret combat tehhniques.


QUESTION (ASKE D OF WAAC1S): HOW DO YOU F EEL ABOUT W EA RING A .SERVI C E UNIFORM A T ALL T IMES? Interviews and Photos By SGr. ST UPCJIURGI NABLE A. PICKE.'ff, acting first sergeant, Decatur, "We consider wearing our uniform both a and an honor. Beca use we are soL diers and all fighting for the purpose we are natur aLly uniform i n spirit." IAONI BIENET, suppLy serg e ant, Newark, 0 hi o 11 I '111 proud of my uniform and gLad we don1t wear 'civvies' for .the duration and six months. This :s the onLy hat I'Ve ever had that I Liked. CiviLians have troubLe picking theirs. I didn't. 11 KNNA L. R6ID, sergeant, San Ange L o Tex. "I feel the same way Sgt. Beeney do e s about the unifor and I to be a mess sergeant for serving food is one of t h e most iportant works in the ary. 11 lfHEL I. SIOWA, auxiliary, Richond, Ya. I like the service and a proud of Y unifor. I especia l l y Like the hospitality of J vndaLL !i.e La THE TYNDAlL T ARGEr YARDBI The ole Yardbird has sho had a rugged end. I sho is. Twu u v rna gud buddies an a cle timer invi tid me ter go on a in trip. Now i aint s o much o n settin aroun with a fistfull uv wurms sweatin fish o t but knowin thim three soljers like I do i wuz purty sho that there wud be a gud deal u v drinkin likker roun an aboot an whut with it cost in seven bucks a kwart an me brok e i jest nacherly packed up a cupple u v extry sacks u v bull durham an eesed along. Everthing wint along mi ty fine till we to the lake an thin rna jinx startid wurkin dubble time. The dadgummed bote rnoter wint on the bl inkJ an wun uv the bates leeked sumthin awfulJ an a lite shower cum up an the ole timer w u z a dippin ot wu tur an it startid fill in up an befo We knowed it t: 1 e dadgummed tote sunk an we lost the ole minner bucket that he bawt on mancovers bak ih 1927 an he griped,so dadgum med much i dove fur it with all rna close on a n got hung on a root aboo t fifteen foot under watur an left a gud deal uv-ma pants there fur the fish ter blink at. We made up a bet aboot Ketchin the m ost fish evun iff1n it wuz raini n so dadgummed hard we cudnt see eech othur. They ranked me ot uv t h e gud bote an we padduled off reel kwik like on account uv the winnur wuz gonna git a fore dollur pint fur a prize. Af tur paddlin aboot tin miles i hadnt so bad i bawt a 1ocui citizins string fur a dollur an a kwartur an as he padduled off he sayed I w u d uv had mo but three othur soljers jest cleened me ot a half hour ago. I didnt win the prize. Gone are the days when we could look at the signature of a Gmmermaker squadron scribbling and come across WSudway, or Taylor. The pres ent GM reporter is an anonymous. "Greely" for all practical purposes. However, never in the short history of the Target has its staff been e xposed to such a barrage of abuse as is now at it by the GM's Peek-' er, the name he chdsen t o guard against recognition and to insure anonyndty. Most of his tirades have been as the result of editing his material by us, including deletion of som e items. While some of his complaints are justi {iable, especially when we acci dentally omitted h1s entire column several weeks ago, we must oomi t that his efforts Urus far have not equalled those of the better scribes from other squadrons. However, if for nothing else, -. admire the Peelrer for his pel' severence. He still keeps on writing--both his scribblings and vituperative letters to the "management." We hope that some day soon his literary efforts wHl take a turn for the better because such perseverence should not be denied and neither should the hope and confidence being Not only thatJ but ma hands got all blistured a n rna bull g o t wet an I got mad an t hey got tight o n the likker. I cant win-but it sho i s fun tryin. Well, I reckon i1d better be agoiri. that placed in him by fellow Gunner makers. Among the many fishing parties. that must have been enjoyed this. past week end, we are particular ly regretful of having missed the one which Captain McCullough took. We don't want to spoil a detailed description of this trip which appears elsewhere in this week's issue, but we understand that the Captain turned arotmd in' his boat to relfCh f.-Jr a SBllclwi ch and when next seen was holding said sandwich four inches abo v e the water. (The only part of tre captain that was visible, however, was the hand that was hold ing the sandwich--the rest was under: wa ter. And under the heading of "Once i n a Lifetime! must certainly be listed Sunday's Rec Hall reopen It was a combination of a GI' s dream and a PXette' s night-mare. i. The only untoward incident to reach our ears was the report on tre private w ho was forced to take three bottles of beer and two cigars; And when h e found he couldn't give them away, finish ed the brews, smoked the cigars and left the Rec Hall just be the explosion. We went .back again Moooay night --The to look at the hall under less crowded conditions and we are convinced that empty seats on buses headed for town will be more common now that the white elephant on the Gulf has been into a buey bee, ... Lt. Col. Eades andLt. McKin-sey recently returned from a flight to Fort Worth and on their way back, we understand, their theme song, 'Deep in the Heart of Texas,' almost beclme a real i ty. "' As indisputable proof that age of miracles isn't over, we poi.nt out that the 69th won the E flag for last Saturday's inspection. Cpl. Ray Barrette is blfCk from his somewhat extended fUrlough. He refuses to corrmi t hims.el f as to whether Ev.ERYTYING is still under control. The only rna t ter thLI t causes us to lift our eyebrow is that letters are beg1nn1ng to arrive ad dressed to SGT. Ray Barrette-and that not only ttrkes the ctrke but also pennits the cockroaches on the table to eat the crumbs.


Jillle 12, 1943 THE TYNDAU, TARGET Page 5 ALL PERSONNEL TO TAKE FITNESS TESTS WAAC DETACHMENT KEEPS BUSY IN FIRST WEEK They Scrub Buildings by Day, Dance With GI1s by Night It was a busy first week here for two WAAC officers and a dozen lnrolled members who arrived here a week ago 'l'hursday. During the daytime, the enrolled members were busy scrubbing the buildings in the WAAC area, setting up their mess hall which is to be opened when the rest of the company arrives and policing the area. The officers were busy with the innumerable administrative Pups Go Overseas. New AAF Regulation Requires Three-Part Physical Examination A training memorandum outlining periodical physical fitness tests for all personnel, both pennanent party and students, soon will be to .unit ccmmniers, Capt. Emrett F. Singleton, V/CTORETTES GUESTS AT REC DANCE THURSDAY Plam Enl Trainirg Officer, dis this A P.! W AAF regulation requires that tests be given periodically to the physical fitness of AAF personnel. The panama City victorettes Th e tests to be given are des-will be the guests of T yndall cribed in the regulation, and Field enlisted men at the regconsist of a battery of three ular weekly dance on Thursday, items--sit-ups, pull-ups and a Sll1J7E Y.'INS $2 June 17. The g i rl s w i 11 be in 300-yard shuttle run. The test A Waac auxiliary was $2 formal dress. is applicable to all age groups. richer today because two Tyn-Although the food bar will' Designed to meZJsure the physi-dall Field captain s had agreed be open at the Rec Hall affair, cal fitness of individuZJls ZJnd they would give a dollar bill it was announced that beer will' to meZJsure the effectiveness of apiece to the first waac who !?old on that evening. _j the physical trZJining progrZJm, saluted them. The Rec Hall was officially the tests ZJre to be given to The honors fell to Auxiliary re-opened last Sunday as more students scmetime during the lZJst Gladys Fairbanks, a first cook than 1,000 Gl 'Sand th1!i r two weeks of their trZJining and in Tyndall's WAAC detachment, friends thronged the hall and to permBnen t party personnel on who gave a snappy salute to the enjoyed the free refrestvnents. or about the following dates: two officers as they drove by on Thursday the Tyndallettes February 15, MZJY 15, August 1 5 her in a car. were the guests of the Gf'S at ZJnd November 15. The two officers stopped the the first resumption of the Cards will be kept for each car and handed the surprised weekly dances. irrlividual, recording his scores waac the one-dollar bills, ex-in the tests and showing his im-plaining their agreement. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ARRIVE, provement from one date to the Their action more o r less next. corresponded to the custom that REC HALL SOON TO BE READY For the sit-up tests, the prevails at ocs, whe r e brandFOR T/F CCl.ORED TROOPS irrlividulil will lie en the grwnrl, new officers prese n t the first hands behind his head with finGI to salute them with a dol-Long awaited musical instru-gers interlaced, and with a part-lar. ments for Tyndall's colored GI's ner holding his legs at the arrived this week arrl W10 Missal, ankles The subj ct th lifts details connected with prepara-1 e en band director, intends to lose his trunk u wa d t hi hi tions for forming a new company. u. s. Navy Pharo P r ouc ng s po time in seeking out talent right elbow to the left knee and By night, the Waacs were being These two spaniel pups take to for his proposed swing Jband. then lowers the trunk so that the swamped with demands for dates. overseas duty with a relish They Already organized is a drum, head touches the gr0unrt. He con-They attended the Rec Hall openare christened WAAC and WAVE and bugle corps which made its tinues without rest .... alternat-ing last Sunday, the Rec Hall and they made the trip from Seattle first public appearance at re-ing the left elbow to the right dance Thursday night and were to "somewhere in Alaska"' with treat Friday night. The members knee and the right elbow to the guests of the Guard squadron at h I of the corps have been t rainin left '-ee. He scores one point t t i t eir owner, Lt. R G. Hot of the e. "" a par y l a s n ght. The Waacs under Sgts. Wilson, Henderson for each sit-up. are allowed to entertain specif-Navy on a patrol aircraft rescue and Brandenburg of the Post "Pllll-ups require the subject ic male guests at their dayroom; ...,l"' b o..;q_t._.,.... ___ ...,... __ ....,..-.,.-,...,.........,.... Band. to chin himself on a horizontal otffirwise the WAAC area is off Construction work on the new bar, receiving one point for each limits. combination Chapel and Rec Hall pull-up. "He is not permitted to '!be Waacs, lilre male meniJers of She's Helen Carrs.' for the colored boys is almost kick, to swing or to rest," the the permanent party, arise at is she on a park completed and Mr. Missal be-regulation states. 15 A.M. daJ.ly and have reveille lieves he can get his swing band The shuttle run involves run-at 5: 30 An hour's drill from. Up to sixteen lf boy is <1 Boy in the groove in time for the ning bZJck ZJTld forth over a lane 5:30 to 6:30 starts their day. Scout. After thZJt he's ZJ girl formal opening of the new build60 yards long and six feet wide, The detachment holds its own scout. ing. rounding stZJkes at each end of retreat formation at the WAAcr==-=--------------.L.......:;;:.__ _____________ -1 the llJTle. The runner, the regu-area daily at 5:t5 INSTRUCTORS' COURSE IN AUTOMOTIVE CARE' lation states, 'should pace the Members ot the detachment went race to finish in .!lt1 'ZJll-out' to church services 1n a bocty last 0 PERAT 1 ON STARTED BY ORDNANCE DEPT. state. Stmday, the Catholics attendirw; Tffi regulation states that if And dissatisfied In an attemot to correlate in-those receiving certificates of satisfactory results

Page 6 TflE TYNDAlL TARGET NEWS FROM THE Squadron D Six men \ \h o h a \'e been stationed in Dutch Giana on t h e coast of South America for the last 1R months ha\e reported t o thi s squad r on for aerial gunnery training. The men. all of w hom have had three years senice i n the AAF. a r e Sgts. \ '\'. i\fortimer of Dayton, Ohio; F. Lundstrom and J. V a u ghn of G:u y. Ind .. and P\ts. L McAllister of l\Ionsen. Pa .. F. Knight of Endicott, :--1. Y., and L. Di ll ow. Their composite stor y of life iii their for mer base fo llows: "Our base was a small isl and, nothing but sand surrounded on a ll sides b y the de:1se jungle. The tempera ture on the runways averaged 135 degrees. and 'there ain' t no s h ade.' Wander into the jungles for 1 00 y ... rds and a searching pany would have to go out for you. The food was all dehydrated, and the water strongl y c hlo!inat ed. For entertainment, we had a post theatre and w h e n we left the USO was j ust about finding u with their tra\eling s hows. We had a ni ce non-com cl ub and a fair PX. A swimming pool and n e w the3tre were on the way w h e n we left." "For feminine companioshi p one couldn't be choosy. The white wom en were practically non-existant, al though those who wore bars wer e s ometimes fortunate: The rest of the outfit had to rel y on the fri endliness of the natives. Asked how Tyndall looked to them, \\'i thou t hesitation they replied: "Brother, if you didn't have a n y milk or fresh vegetables for 1 8 months you'd sure like the chow. And bar acl\s' Man. wha t privacy after s leeping with 40 other GI's i n a prefabricated hut, and latrines with h o t water righ t in the building." What they like best, though, is that after successful completio n of t h e gunnery course, they w ill have the opportunity to get their l ongawaited furlough s and t hen .. a crack at t h e D ____ N B. Squadron C For the last week, Sgt. L H. eorge-better known as "Grandpa" -has be e n waddling a r o und lik e a t h a t has hi t hi g h center. Grandpa will tell yo u that the heat rash doesn't hesitat e to throw a low punc h Moral : Eat your salt tab l e ts. A man who sweats shoul d, normal l y take one salt pill per meal-so the authorities say-but the boys in the squadron have been taking two pills per dose in order to con1pensate for the extra sweating in the chow lin es. Fiery-eyed little Sgt. T J Allan. w h o has a short head of hair as red as a ro o kie's sunburned nose, had a little difficulty in turret maintenance this week. Desiring that the instru c to r repeat a phrase, he blurted out."Hey, bud. come again. will yo u?" What's the definition fo r fixing a c rack?" Upon b eing straightened out on the question, Allan scratched his head. "Aw, hell'" h e said, "I've known tha t si n ce 10 B. C. I didn't get w hat yo u was driving at." H e started to chew his ever present chewing gum contentedly. "Well, what the blazes do yo u mean B. C.?" the instructor queried. "Oh that? That's Befor e Conscription!" BETTER BUCKLE DOWN, BOYS This little written dissertation is directed solely to the aerial gunnery students now at Tyndall Field, and it's a bit of sage advice that all of you had b ette r heed if you ever want to kiss your sweetheart again. have reached the Target that most of you students deem to think you're at Tyndall tor a lark-and that, as a whole, you're just a great big of lazy loafers. Now that may sound cute but actually it is anything but cute. It's a downright shame and downright is a much milder adjective than properly should be used. You men are American citizens. You are a part of America's armed forces. As members of the Army Air Forces it has become your duty to undergo aerial gunnery training, and you should realize your responsibility and assume your task as any good soldier should obey a n order. It is common knowledge that a lot of horse-play-too much of it--goes on in the classrooms of Tyndall Field. It costs thousands o f dollars to give each of you the train i n g course you are now taking. It is a properly constructed training course as has been proved by the merit of the gunners it has produced. Many Tyndall graduates have flamed to glory shooting down Axis p lanes. Your training here is the first phase of the education the Army Air Forces are striving to give you so that you will be a worthwhile gunner. If you don't get those rudiments here then you'll have trouble assimilating the later advanced features of the training. W h e n your advanced training is completed, you will b e assigned--in all likelihood--as a member of a bomber crew. You will man one of its calibr& machine guns. The safety of the lives of other member s of the crew as well as your own life will depend upon your knowledge and skill, A mechanic whose mind isn't on his job isn't much good as a mechanic. You men .won't be such hot gunners if you don't buckle down and make a more serious effort to absorb what is being offered to you here. Frankly, the worry about those of you who are trying to fool your way throug h the course here isn 1 t so much for your own safety.. We're thinking about those other lives you will endanger--maybe murder--if you fail t o know what to do and how to do it in the emer-gencies too far It is you certainly will face sometime in the not future. quoted from high authorities that aerial gunKadel: Kapers The first session on the skeet r ange was dominated by sore shoulders. I, f o r o n e had a big six out of 2 5 bl asts from that infernal cannon. Alibi ... raised in Brooklyn, where a gun is a concealed weapon As a result of a purge of the ar tists, 10 of our boys are enjoying their leisure time in the vicinity of their barracks. (Plus one week of l atrine policing.) Think of the mon ey they'ii save. (Wh a t money?) Cadet G ardne r although in his home staW. is still 650 miles from his home in Key West. A / C Hafer, formerly of the 104th Cavalry of Pennsylvania, who re turned from furlou g h with a four inc h gash in his cranium, claime d h e fell off a horse. From t h e comments on his saxophone playing, his scalp is again in imminent danger of being c1eased. Either hi s sax must g o or his roommate A / C H a ll w ill go to section 8 I nomina-t e A / C "Shorty" H nder son to sit in on the "Informatior Please" program. H e received 100 per cent on the first week s exaLiina tion. He m issed out o n his second with only a 99. What's the matter, Henderson ? Got a blonde on your mind? "Big Stoop" Kichincoe didn't l ast very long in the pressure c hamber. First it was Casey now it's "Big Stoop.'' Bigger they are the harder t hey fa!) A / C S. H a lpern. Squadron 8 Squadron B dood it again. For the second time in four weeks. Y es, we ,won the. inspection Satu rday with a :new high .of 97 per cent, thanks to the cooperation of 1st;Sgt. A. J. Nelson, c hiefs Sgts. Bob Steele Marty Tobolsky, Bron Tuzin and Vi Domieka apd, of course, our potenti a l gunners wi thout whom this would not have been possible. In fact, Sat urday was a big day all around for us. Lt. :Bert A. Steen, who has been attached to squadron B for quite some time in variou s capaciti es, was !made our new CO. He already has done much for the squadron and its instructors and we are rea ll y looking forward to a successful career under his guidance. Cpl. Bob Allard a t this time would like it made known that he stands ready and w illing to advise a n y mem bers of this squadron in matters con' n e rs will win the war, for without them our bombers Cf:!rning romance and such stuff. Ofcould never ace omp l ish their missions. ficially he will be known as the "Miss Yes, you' d better buckle down, boys. As ---------------------------------+soon a s he chooses one of t h e three Squadron F damsels that have been chasing him of late (so he claims) he will start editing his "Advice to the Lovelorn." Squadron F men a lreapy are, sweat in g out air-to-air f iring, the para mount test before gradua ti o n. Some of the boys have h a d some c lose calls, but they're in t h e g roove now. The rumor of a squadron party has kept them plugging, too. By the way, that party is not a rumor any longer. Plans are already laid for a big toot. Seve r a l of the more "rusty" member s wer e seen a t the Rec Hall Sunday lim b ering up their elbows. ::o it is expected that every one will be in fine fettle b y t h e big night. Have yo u heard t h e stor y on Sgt. "Torchy" O'Brien'? It seems tha t while h e was on his way home on furlough, h e set his hair on fire try ing to light a cigarette. The n he prac tically gave himself a concussion beating out the fire! The uncertainties of life are many -however we at "F" are always sure of one thing. Every day that t e lephone is going to ring (it's usuall y about 5:30) and a sweet femininP. voice is going to ask, "Is Sgt. there?" He doesn't get much pri "Be kind to your four-bearing friends f.or a dog may he somebody's mother,': or "love me, love my dog,'' is the battle cry of our first sergeant. As soon as "Muggsy" le arns t o blow a whistle he will be promoted from CQ checker-uppe r to chief clerk ... What now, Sgt. Benz? The new or der is here. Zoot su-its with real pleat R are definitely out fo r the du ration. vacy in the orderly room, especially 1---------------------------w hen the CO stops an instructor's meeting so the whole gang can (Continued on Next Page.) Boss: 'No, I'm BfrBid you won't do. wouldn't?' 'Did I SBy I


June ron F 11'o-a Page heckle him. A PERSONALITY: Our top-kick, lstjSgt. Willcut, is an army man1 from way back. He's in his eighth year. He's served from Tyndall to Honolulu and has at times shown preference for the hoss cavalry, He rules with an iron hand, but the boys write him back after they leave and thank him for setting them straight. He'll give you a scare with his gruff voicE! when he answers the phone, but he really .doesn't mean !t. Of ning he is convinced-uniforms were' fiever made for women. (He's real' ly sweating out that Waac in the or derly room!). He likes to hunt fish, but usually doesn't have for it ... takes his job. too He lives in PC with Mrs. Willcut page7 Squacfron1 i 'rh13 week ends up a swell course !or all or our ru ture combat crewmen !rom this Squad ron which gives us all a little more pride 1n ourselves and our branch or the service. However, the six weeks course 1s only another small item 1n the Army careers or several or the boys. T(Sgt. Errico had lots or !lying time, on !lying patrols 1n South America and the Carr1bean sector, be!ore coming here !or gunnery prior to his assignment with a bombardment group. T(Sgt. Letus smith entered the Army a rew years ago via the radio way, spending a couple or years at Ellington Field, Tex., teaching cadets the mystery or radio. our two Boston boys, Sgt. Fer-two little Willcuts. The future? He's an army man-he'll stay in the ser-, vice-wouldn't be mad if he transferred to the neighborhood F t N Jl rett1 and Cpl. Newell, were with lte a 0. Its the Nazi Foclte-Wulf Fw. 189, a high winQ, twin engiM the Armored Forces upon start-. monoplane. Points of recognition are: outer sections of wing tapered to rounded tipt1 ing their Army li! e three years the twin engines are set forward of the transparent nose; the cabin extends behind ago at Fort Devens. Or course ,Sioux Falls, S D. the trailing edge of the wings; both edges of the tailpiane are untapered; and no one could r 0 r get the In ..1 .tailplane is set between the thin twin tqil booms '!antry with Sgt, Stuart around as 1t still is his !1rst love, I!Jrk k u ,, -Not at No. 2! It's our fameus Lockheed P-38, a twin engine, single ,Just as 1t W!LS three ye _ars ago.l 3 Uta riO 0W fighter. Wings of the P.-38 are to narrow rounded tips. The cockpit (BY the way Stuart thin!ts they sktinkHollow isstfi acenttr ahead of the engines but does not extend behind the trailing edge of the wings. The should add the .AT-6A to the Airor action with those !our tailplane, set between the twin tail booms, has rounded tips and the edges ar.a not. cra!t Recognition course or mi!.Yed monoplaned mosqu1 toes a ll: Note. the bulges on the booms. be 1 t was the t w o tow target prac tis 1r..g the 1 r crash dJ ves pilots who suggested 1 t.) with telling errect, espec1$UY H aiiyone se e s sonie'th1ng-wi:lfz (1t IS a ,Jangling plano, Some or the fellows still on the poor p.p. 1n thelr by, you'll know 1t s Joe looking an<1 maybe someone has a good prerer to talk about their c1vless -huts. And too, t!le t1 ,., ror the man. one), group singing, bathing 111an 11!e instead or Army caralong about sun-up, come in ror A Tynaall F1ela (but under the showers onlY),... eers and we sort or envy the ex1lbreak!ast on the slumbering call it "Skunk Hollow when 1111 .Just one big happy and contented periences o!---J1mmy Byrnes d1r/J1tants. First call is not ev.n was at one time the home or a. group whose ravorite and persis-ecti:1g his orchestraat Ch1cagos necessary down here; the t'lles well-known Fox? tent question seems to be: Hotel Stephens, Ray Stuart at get here long before the 1st( A student sweating out as-: c1Q L s.tart.M.RooL .. Sar:&e? MOV1etone News, -Adams scoring a Sgt. s1gnment to class was hear. d -SKUNK HOLLER ODE touchdown against Duke, Norman Sgt. Kempner has mor e troubles remark, "It looks like the only Way down yonder 1n Skunk Holler, 'Williams as a purchasing agent -remember his car .(wreck)? Well,. answer we can expect is: Skunk, o.M. Rummel He will roller, .ror Vul tee Aircrart, TEX" Arm-the man that was going to !lx 11;; stay down 1n your hollow. Welch and Cherry think theyre strongs 9,000 acre !arm ln took orr like a wild Indian with A most versatile conglomera-tough, Texas plus h1sathletlc career wheel, ,tire, ,Jack, pump and tion 1s invading Skunk Hollow But the men that have the at Texas A & M. -pvt. w. xuegge paid in advance ro.!' t!langing guitars,, sturr. TYNDALL TOM MY ...... ToM AND JUDD,(A FROM AN AMERICAN ESCAPEFROM A G-ERMAN U-BOAT 5ASE IN NORTH AFRICA AND FINO WAY TO AN AMERICAN AIR (>N THE MAINLAND. THERE JUDD JOINS THE ARMY AND TOM 15. tS$UE-O FLYIN<7 CLOTHES. THEY UP A FRIENDSHIP WITN A STAFf: 5ER"' &EANT NAMED MIKE Q'AU.\6-HER. WHILE TALK IS &OIN<7 O N OF AN EXPECTED [7 OVER ENt;MY TERRITORY, A GIRL REPORTE-R ENTERS CAMP. SHE TO &ATHER NEWS------ER, SAY, THE Fl 'ST 56-T SAl D FER ME TO TELL YO'ALL TO RE PO'T TO THE WRIT A' &AL I NITE SIX. 'NEED AN AIDE,ErENE'L, TO CARRY NOTES-HOW 'BOUT SOME COLOErN LEDBETTER PERHAPS IF I THE 6lASSES, THEY WOUlD THINK I LOOKED ... PR\ER? WELL,-IF IM 601N6l0 BE HERE, I MAY AS WELL TRY TO PLEASE THE PERSONNEL. WHAI DO YOU THIN\\ .SERG-EAN\


;fuen the pi tot c f a pl one needs a ,adio he usuallY needs it badlY and onlY wnen it daesnt wo>< does he ,eati< just now vital such a piece of eQuipment iS. Ai'ptane ,adioS must be fect condition at all times. p,od ated bY the Qua>te>maste> Depa>tment, in the ,ange estimation ,ange, in c>ash t>ucted h' as post com-munication office> That same dOY a maste> se>geant, one ]'\au>ice Be,tha""'e, at so ,epa> ted fa> dutY. Then sgt. Be'thaume iS noW a captain and ,ecentlY teft Tyndall field faT anoth' statio At the time ct Russo ,epo'ted he>e the'e we> on-lY th'ee planes on the field Since then the communication office has east o f the g>owth of 'tyndall Field ;fuen ct Russo ,epo>ted the'e was no ,adiO shOP on the and tittle eQuipment sgt. Be,thaume was made n o n c ommissioned office> in chO'ge. H and ct. Russo and a sce went to wo>< TheY set up a ,0dio shop, installed eQuipment in the flight tawe> and ,,ansmitte>S th>ee miles and in5talted ,emote cont>ol equipment which pe>mits cut ting on and 0f f the t>ansmitte>S f>om the towe> r n addition the communications staff installed a ,adio schoo l with ct. staPP as office> in chO'ge. The school was opened in MO'ch of t942 and continued fa> one yea>, tu>ning out fou' classes. pTactical ,adiO maintoinance, ope>ating and code was taught. l Lt. StapP is noW past com,nun i co ti ons office> at BucKingham field, ft. 1'\Ye>S, flo.l it was 9'ganictes mo'e efo f i cientlY unde> two g >ouP communication section The o,gani and signal sub-section of the s6th Sub-Depot, which alsO maintains ,adia eQuipment. The o>ganioiect bY ct. Russo capt. Noble and Maio' ,,yon t o c onse've eQuipment, and du>ing the eight monthS it has been in ope>ation has wa>k'd ve>Y satisfactorilY The'e h ave been cases in which ,adio played a vital pa>t, in {act was ,esponsible fa> the saving of lives a t Tyndall field rnst>uction we>e given to men in disabled ai>ptanes which saved them {>om a c,ash tanding. p,od in the case of accident it i ,esponsible fa> dispatching aid to the scene and in ,naom the scene o f accidents whiCh assist in treatment of victims An almost unsung outfit has been the ,adia communications depa>tment. But it is vital td ape>ations of the field and to the safetY of the {lying pe>s onnel. 1st Lt A .]. Russo .pl. D.A. Pvt. c. p..,c,


t A.J. Russo 2nd Lt. W.V. Freeman S j Sgt. G.P. Daughtry S;Sgt. J.K. Shank SjSgt. J.J. Cannizzaro S j Sgt. L.E. Smith Sgt. L.A. Pease Cpl. B.W. Shearon D. A 1stock Cpl. R.L. Howard Pfc. J.S. Paslawski Pfc. C.W. Smith Pfc. B.J. Hull Pvt. C Syfrett Pvt. N.J. Andrews Pvt. P.J. Russo Pvt. D.W. Pearson Pvt. A.S. Shelton p,<. G.E. Menges Pvt. C. Syfrett, Mr. Vopat S jSgt. B.D. Berry, S/Sgt. G.P. Daughtry


THE TYNDAlL T.AFnEl' The search is on for the guy who is responsible for all those rumors around Line Engineering. Sample rumor: "I heard all out to Alaska tomorrow_" Also, "I hear we're getting 100 WAACs next week," or, "I heard everybody is going to b e red-lined this month. This stuff g oe s on a ll day and night and it's high time we put an end, to Anyone knowing the w hereabouts of this rumo r monger i;:; requested to call Line Engineering immediately and the n make way for a lynchif1g party. stumped that they don't know whether they're coming or going. Also, he uses a Varga (of Esquire fame) deck of cards and the boys are usually busy matching the pictures o n the back of the cards and forge t what they're playin g Just think of what we could do with a deck of Petty cards' THE __ .. .:..s Were the fighting gunners of the ai rJ Fighting oer landJ sea and everywhere. We 11 never qui. t J till the Axis is lickedJ For we 1 re the fighting gunners of the air. Famous sayings of the Line .l!;ngi neering Dept.: On the cover of the Tyndall Target dated May 29, 194 3, there is a p icture of a n AT-6A and a very mce looking "chick"-but the Target made a boner. How? Take a look at the airplane-n o w tell me, did you ever see an AT-6A with the step, the carburetor air s coop or the stencil of we will fight the foeJ rmtil M ;Sgt. Passwaters-"That's what I say." the type, model and series ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE AIRPLANE? he wonts no moreJ Knock down his planes in fiery flamesJ T / Sgt. Anderson-"What's your trouble s bubbles?" p. c::c;t Powell-"Buy me a co k e:" s ;sgt. Elliott-"Yea, boy!" Here at A p a lach all our AT.... A's have the markings on the left side, as are the steps. Perhaps the photo section made the boner. Anyhow, the photograph was made from the right side facing the airplane, but they couldn't get it to flt the cover right so they had to switc h it around. Get on the ball boys! Until no Axis plane is left in the air. Sgc. Coon-"Who's got two els f o r a d ime ? Pvt. Zupic i c k -"Darnn this K. P .' T /Sgt. Suratt-"Who in the hell has b ee n in my lunc h?" Cpl. Brawner-"Can I have a 3-day pass?" Pvt. Deckard-"How come I'm on K. P again ? I just pulled it day be fore yesterday!" P fc Herm a n (Darrel F. Zanuck) Naive. fo rmerl y of t h e L.E. O., is now the head man a t the Post Theatre. Herman reall y has the right idea about offi ce work-he works in s horts. We're trying to put thiS deal over now in the L.E.O. It was so hot down here t h e other day that the l ine c hief was asked to turn all the airpla nes around and use t h e propellers for fans. (Th e idea worked, but we're missing two buildings.) T ;Sgt. George W. "Two-bits, Hit me" Baber is still cleaning. up at his favo rite pastimeblackjac k. George gets the poor boys so excited and Gunner Makers (Editor's note: Several phone calls have b een received concerning the apparent error committed by th e staff on the cover of the May 29th Target, to say nothin g of t h e numer-. ous oral criticisms-and as a full ex planation we offer the following facts: The photograph was taken by able Sgt. Si Upchurch, who was in all probability too bus:' : concentrating on getting a good pic: ure to keep in mind which corner of the page Miss Temple's face would be in. (When the time ca:me to line up the photograph with the front page titles, the titles covered M iss Tem ple's visage. HoweYer, the "on the ball" reproduction staff reversed the negative so the desired results could be obtained and the figure of Miss Temple would not be denied to the men of T yndall and Apal ar.h.)_ Bluebirds I see s ;Sgt. Mullins has purcnased O u r squadron had a pretty good a c hest v.ig Ltj Crumrine is. turnout at t h e Recreation Hall Sun-r:earning to be a gunner so he can. day. Even Sgt Michael was there ee the world and a ll its troubl(!lj so it must have been a good time thro ugh a ringsight like his men d o had by all. .. Capt. S a lley is h Qldi n g the "fort' I see w h ere Sgt. Thurman is back down alone Ask S /Sgt. Hicks from school and in f ull swing again. what the latest fashi o n s are in Give them a little time and he and wear-any kind o f underwear. He Sgt. Thomas w ill take over P v t. Me carries samples with him at the odd-Carty' s job i n the day r oom. That's est times ... Pfc. Hazen our own where most of their time is spent. pony expressman, has a sweet little Sgt. Nick Russo isn't d oing so bad 'dish in Port St. Joe. Next t ime you with his bowling. Just keep that go to St. Joe, Joe, let me know and u p, N i ck, and we'll take tha t league I'll spar e you a little of my lady-get-. like nothing. For bullets wili be their menuJ death their fare. Were the fighting gunners of the airJ Fighting the Japs and Naxis wherever they be. Fighting for our freedom and libertyJ For were the fighting gun ners of the air. -Cpl. Sam Guardians AERIAL G.lNNEt< (The author or this poem, rora erly a aeaber or squadrbn C and a graduate or class 43-21. is now a student in yiaai Beach OCS The limitless skies my !::order .. The. ocean deep I roamJ The mountain tops and the valleysJ Qf these I have made my home. And I ride aloft in my chariot Deep into the enemy's landsJ And I guard its precious cargo: From the guns of their roving bands. I'll see the ship home safelyJ Let the foe strike if he dareJ For I know my guns and their powerJ I 1 ve earned the ''Wings" thaf I wear. I'm sure of each shot that is fired.J I'm proud of my skill to camrrcnd Safe passage home for our bombers In this struggle to free our land. ter perfume. It's called "After PERSONALITIES: Sgt. James M. Dark. ... T ;Sgt. Ledbetter has been Watkin s w : 3 born on December 12, wondering w hether to hock t.'la t 1919, in the town of Garland, Ala. In. lady's diamond h e bought back to the his youthful days h e worked as -sg.t. Roy Lewis jewe l e r w h o sold it to h im, dispose textile worker.. He joined the Air. of it to a local lass, or send it to Corps on Jul y 10, 1942 He has at-Squadron C Calif. We understand he's finally detended two AAF schools-mechanics or 1HE INtlTRlx:'IOl

June 12, 1943 BELIEVING THAT a.chuckle now and then is good for the digestion, improves the scalp and makes hot, long days seem, perhaps, a I ittle shorter, the Target on this page presents a few cartoons drawn by artists stationed at other Army posts. Perhaps you already have seen some of them. Anyway, we still think they are funny. ( ; ..... r;:> 0 'V e "What's this rumor abo "Did you find it hard getting a size 36 ?" Page 11


TARGEJ' CLOUD HOPPERS NOSE OUT Q. Me IN TRACK MEET ALDERETTE CAPTURES TWO FIRSTS AND SECOND TO TAKE TOP HONORS Curtis Helps Out by Taking First, Second; Gunner Stars, Too With pfc. Macran Alderette capturing two first and a second, the Cloud Hoppers nosed out the QM athletes to take tap honors in Sunday's track and field Treet. Alderette, who was the winner of the recent cross-country run, p 1 aced ri r s t in the 2 20 ya rct ..,G_U_N_N_E_R_u_A_K_E_R_B_OW_l_I_N_,..._G--dash and running broad jum-p and 1"1 second in the mHe run. 1 S curtis, with a fi rst i n the TEAM SWEEPS SER E 00 yard dash and a second in TO REMA 1 N ON TOP the 100 yard dash, along with Faulkner and Worden also conpaced by Al Loudis, the Guntributed greatly to the Cloud nerTOO.ker keglers swept their_ Hopper victory. three-game series with Squadron Cpl. Charles Ames, a gunner C to remain in first place by a from Squadron A, gave a good ao1 garre margin. The Quartermaster count of himself by taking the pin men irept the race close with 100 yard dash, placing s econd in a triple win over a mediocre Can the 50 yard run, fourth in the ary squad. The latter team has running broad jump and lost most of its stars through fifth in the high transfers and D. S. over forty-five GI' s were enMeanwhile, close oehind the tered in the various events, re-QM' s are the Cloud Hoppers and oresenti ng ten d:J. fferent squad-69th keglers with rec-ords of 9 rons. Results: 100 yd. dash Ames, Sq. A; Cur tis Cloud Hoppers; Stach ler, Sq. F: S enkinc, Me dics. (10:3) mile run -Faulkner, C. H.: Alderette, C.H.: Ostrenko, Signal: G onzales, Gunner-makers. (Sm 40s) 220 yd. dash Alderette, C.H.; Go n z a 1 e s GM: T r i v e t t e (24:5) 5 0 yd. dash Curtis, C.H.; Ames Sq. A; Stachler, Sq. F; Kulikowski, Medics. (5:5) Running broad jump -Alderette, C. H. ; Cu r t i s C. H. ; Mille r Ames, Sq. A. ( 17' ') High jump Gregory, QM; Brown, Ordnance; Fau Ikner, C. H.; Mitchell, <;,!. (5' S") Discus Brown, Ordnance; Moore, Sq. C; Mitchell, Maxwell, Medics. (108' 1") Shot put-Maxwell, Medics; Brown, Ordnance; Berquest, Sq. C; Mitchell, QM. (39' 1C") 4<\0 yd. relay -Cloud Hoppers (Worden, Faulkner, Curtis and Alderette); (Triv ette, Simpkins, Miller and Jones). S<;UADRON Clou d Hoppers ......... Quartennaste r ........ loled ics .............. Ordnance ....... ....... Gunne r mak e r s ........ Signa 1 ......... .... Guardi-ans ..... ....... PTS. 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 509ers t 161!, 11!7-467 !Iiller (QII) 162, 11!6, U!6-484 l"e lice r ( C ) 1 8 0 1 3 3 1 !I 1 4 2 2 Ziaa&n (BB) 1l!O, 1137 168-49!1 Bianco (69) 210, 191, 194-1!95 wcoertt (II) 176, 148, 176-!IOO Bubp (CH) 180, 1111, 18!!-496 How they stand: w L Ounneraalcers 11 Quartera&ster 10 2 69th..................... 9 3 Cloud Roppera ... 9 3 Jledics................... 7 11 Zebras................... 7 11 White Flashes............ 8 6 0 rdnance................. o "I Bluebirds 3 9 Redbird!l................. 3 9 Canaries... .............. 11 S quad ron C .. 11 'I'm Roi n g to see what's behind this,' said the cop as he oinched ,the fan dancer. SCENES FROM LAST SUN DAY'S TRACK A N D FIELD MEET: Top 1 ett: Pfc. Maclan Alderette, Cloud Hoppers; Cpl. Francis Jones, QM; and Sgt. Mike Gonzales of the Gunne rmakers get set for the star t o f the 220 yard dash The event was w on by Alderette in and .5 seconds. Top right: Maclan Alderette demonstrates his versatility by also taking Jst place in the broad jump His two "firsts" and a second were highly instrumental in the Cloud Hopper victory. Bottom left: Pfc. Phillip B rown of Ordnance is caught by cameraman Johnny Meissner as he prepares to make his try for the shot put event. Brown won second place behind Cpl. Maxwell of the Medics whose heave of 39' 10" took top honors. Bottom right: The s Sgt. Charles Mitchell makes his bid in the high jump. However, another QM jumper, Cpl. William Gregory took the blue ribbon in this event with a leap of 5'5_". (Photos by S/Sgt. John Meissner) TWO COLORED TEAMS CONTINUE WINNING WAYS BY DEFEATING NAPIER AND JINKS NINES By CPL MARVIN CARI'ER Both the post colored team and the Aviation All-Stars continued their winning ways with triumphs over the NRpier Field and Jinks Tiger nines last Slmday. Playing before a near capacity crowd here on the field, t h e post team eked out an B-7 win over the Dothan team when shortstop Harrison connected for a resounding triple with two men on base in the last of the sixth. Weaks was again on the moun d f'or Tyndall and seemed to have difficulty settling down until the fifth, when he regained his form and held the visitors in check for the remainder of the game. Rightfielder Mayo began the scoring for T/F in the second when he doubled to left field anrl came home minutes later on hits by teammates. Weaks allowed sixteen hits but with the aid of good fielding was able to hold the enemy to seven runs while the Tyndall men combed a pair of Napier moundsmen for the same number of base knocks. Meanwhile, in Panama City, the rampaging All-Stars were tussling with the Jinks Tigers whom they finally succumbed by a 7-3 score. Gorham and White shared the pitching chores, allowing six hits. However, loose play-: ing by teammates permitted the Jinks to make the score close. A triple by Sanders in the last of the eighth was the winning blow for the Aviation men. Tomorrow, the post team travels to Dothan to meet the Napier team in a return game while the take on the Bay Harbor aggregation here on the field.


June 12, 1943 .,Page 13 ((LEFTY" SOUTHARD'S 3 HITIEI< SINKS NAVY 8'( 6-l STAR PORTSIDER STRIKES OUT IN CONTEST Tyndall Lefthander Allows One Run On Three Hits Behind the pitching of Norman Southard, Tyndall's Tornadoes batted out a 6-1 victory over the Panama City Naval Section teem last Sunday. Southard was never in trouble, allowing but one hit, a triple, nntil the last inning when the tars managed to get one run on a walk and two s1ngles. That the portsider was in excellent form is demonstrated by the box score which shows a toal of 14 strike-outs to his credit. He was at his best in the second, third and fifth innings when he retired the opposit1on aone_.two three11 via the "K" route. Edwards again paced the Tyndall batsmen with two hits in four trips to tne plate, but the biggest blow of the was 'Hdier' s two rnn homer in the sixth. M/Sgt. Woodrow Busby, who has assumed the TOrnado coaching du-ties, held down second base in the absence of paul Brown. When asked for a corrment on the game, Busby said, "The boys are beginning to play good ball and if our pitching keeps up we're goOFFICERS WIN THEIR FOURTH STRAIGHT Lt. Jimmy Glasser pitched the. fyndall Officer nine to its fourth straight win in the USO Twilight League last Sunday. Their opponents, the panama City pelicans, .were the of four double plays and lost by a score of 5-1 The quartet of double plays. were all started by Lt. Greg Greene, holding down the second sack. In write-ups of previouS vic"'. tories, the Target has tally given credit for the mo\IDd work to Capt. Jack Dangler, act-' ually the team's catcher Jinlny Glasser has done all of the. Tyn dall hurling. WINS FOR TORNADOES WHAT THE SPORTS WOXJ.trJ EXCERPTS FROH IS SAYING Columns of LeadinR SPorts Writers Tne Right Slant on Wright cnalky Wrig-ht is a refreshing-ly frank citizen whom the Jacobe Beach sunbathers would describe as a "character." He likes classical music and Shakespeare and he doesn't like fig-hting. He has made several hundred thousand dollars out of the art :of fisticuffing and expects to wind up without a cent in his jeans. like watch it. If Joe Louis was fig-hting Jack Dell!' sey across the street I wouldn't even bother to go. The one-time world featherweight champion was found in Mike Jacobs's office, solemnly Pte. Norman Southard Qf smoking a cigar, which was ex-the Guardians, former pittraordinary enough. Fig-hters "No one is gonna hurt me in the ring any more. I know all there is to know about boxing. You'll never find me making" those strategic moves just t o look pretty. Not I believe that it's better to be a live c oward than a dead hero. They're n o t gonna say that Chalky Wright could absorb punishment and start holdingbenefits for me.'' cher for the Mayfield, Ky., usually don't smoke on Browns turned in the best 15 When 1:.ue .J.oni ring career oi. Chalky finally peters out, if ever, he doesn't know what he ;.,i.ll do. "I don't know n othing except fig-hting, he said, "but I"d really like to be in the show business. I want t o be like Canada Lee and not one of those struggling actors. N one of that for me. mound per forma nc e 0 f the .the eve of fig-hts. Between puffs .season 1 ast SJJnday when he he was sadly stating that hed 1 imited the Base team love to have a g-lass of beer. t c three hits and one run. Hedhavewhiskedrig-ht out and Southard is a native of had it, too, if it were not for lnnwood, Long Island, and the fact that he was overweig-ht was under contract to the and trying to dry out. St. Lou i s Browns at the h trme of his induction in '"Have you ever been t irstY?" the fall of he asked. "I haven't had any in two days. I'd settle ing to be a very LOUgu team to, for a g-lass of water, but I'd beat." really prefer beer. I don't "I'm all right now as l ong" as I can stay o n top. You know what Damon Runyon said: 'If you hang around guys with long money.' But then, I suppose I'd spend it. Money never meant anything to me except t o spend." The box score know why. I don't like beer. TYNDALL Hines, ss Didier, c Rheea, cf Davis, # Landry, (") Edwards, rf Busby-, 2b Sedalc, 1b Anderson, 3b Ell! s li' Southard, p Tarr Totals NAVAL BASE Lloyd, 3b Lavoie, ss perry, cf Doyle, c Chualey, rf wattma.n, lb O'Brien, 2b Taylor, lf Corne&u, p Totals # Batted for () Batted Batted NAVAL-BASE TORNADOES for for AB n H 3 0 0 4 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 2 3 0 1 3 0 1 2 2 0 2 1 3 1 0 0 27 6 7 AB R H 3 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 1 2 0 3 0 0 0 2 3 0 0 2 0 0 2 o 0 24 1 3 Rhee in 4th. Davis in 6th. Ellis in 5th. 0 u 0 0 0 0 1 -1 21002 -6 But when you're training" you g-et the craziest yens for things which don't ordinarily appeal to YOU. "I :ion''t get any run out of ARTHUR DALEY fighting" any more. I don't even New York Times Kinnick Expressed OPinion of American Youth The obits o n great kid, had as soon as the Nile Kinnick, remembered somewar got personal. thing he said men he received When wars come it is popular the Reisman trophy two years to scoff at the thing-s the before Pearl Harbor; sports Wbrld holds dear. The: "I'm glad I've done my warring" titles, the trophies, the champon the .gridirons of the Middle; ionships, the goals. And yet West instead. of on the battle-,these things stand for life for fields of.Europe. I believe that liberty, for health of mind and nearly every football player in body. the country would rather win a Destruction and death wasn't .varsity letter than the Croix de Nile Kinnick s realm. A dozen Guerre, Kinnick said at the fine careers awaited him, for he time.. was a brilliant scholar as well wa.s as an outstandingfootball play to 1n act1on 1n er. But when the chips were serv1ce of his country. When 1 t. down he was in there laying his became our wc.r it became his war,. life on the stop a fight for he typified the intellig-ent, he didnt start. healthy American boys Hho were -BOB cnNSIDINE ready and willing to give every-International News Service


Page 14 THE TYNDAlL TARGET RELIGIOUS MOVIE AT POST THEATER JUNE 22-29 The men of Tyndall Field are in for a religious treat between Jtme 22 and J tme 29, because the Chaplain's Office has arranged for a special showing of a sound motion picture, "The World of Tomorrow durifll; those dates. The World of is the story of the Bible, and Chaplain Wester urged ell men of all d enominations to be present at the Tyndall Field showings on June 27 at 7:30 The pic ture w i 11 be shown in the Chape1 and at the First Baptist Church in Panama City on Wednesd a y eve niJ112:, June 23 ---Zebras T h e openlng o r t h e Recre& .ion Hall was alm ost a lst;Sg ts. dream--everybody at the same p l ace a t the same :lme. After a rew bottles J f beer a piece and aide d by this Flori d a heat Sgts. Myers Co nnor s Berry, Manake e and HOlt had a sudden desire to g o swimming. So in they w e n t khak ies a n d all. Sgt. Lake was rig h t l n h1s g lor,y, s i tting a t a table surrounded by ice cream sundaes. What i s this about Cpl. Goodman going to the Recreation Hall i n fati g u es, c o u ldn t g e t any ice c r e am, s o h e hi-jacked a cup from a small child. r s that a mustache that are trying to grow S avage? y o u c an t f oo l us, w e still kno w i t s y ou. Redbirds W e ll the Redbirds ride aga in After a p r olonged absence of several weeks, this outfit finally make s the deadline. We will endeavor in the near future to continu e our literary right as long as the "Hays office" ap proves. This squadron, as you know, is responsibl e for keeping t hose red-nosed jobs that roost o n the group o n e end of ti).e ramp in the blue as much as possibl e The organization also contains a number of two-target operators. those automatons w h o sojourn into that w ild blue yonder dail y rnl additio n, we have quite a few boys sporti n g t hat h ange-n"l!oworking the s wing shift, you know w h ere: Some of t h e things that ate puzz ling us are. "Why are t h e boys in barracks 348 so intent in keeping thei r rear window s spotless? Could it b e that they are going a little Waccy? W hat is the se::ret t o "Atlas Maid ,enswoon" Baldwin' s success? Per haps it's his build. When is Cpl. Lutz, the squadron painter, going to cease his artistL:: offerings? Whe n he run s out of walls? \.Vha t were a gtoup of ambitious young m e n do in g in front o f t h e squ adro n orderly room Sund a y m orn at 8 ? \Veil t hey weren't answering mail c a ll! IT C A:\"'T HAPPE;'\ HERE: lOOr:> attendance at r o ll-c a ll. flag w a v in g in the breeze. unrestri cted a rea behi n d the BOX VOYAGE: T o "Sneeze" Harris who l eft t h e organi =?:atio n to become a r ah-ra h b ov. T o FLESH GORDON SAYS ... E very man is :-eal.ly pu:cing out 0 1 1 o u r S a turday lnspecLi ons. And this splendid ccoperac i o n o n everyone' s par: :s telling o n t h e weekly grade. Keep l L up, and w e ll Nin c ha: nag b ack yet. S (Sgt. Cpl. "Whitey Fulk w h o recei\. :ed his I==========:;:===::==:==::============== 0\er-age disc h arge after pi lin g-up hund r eds o f h ours i!l the ai r string mg t a rgets for lincl e Sam. MOVIES FOR THIS FWT WEEK SATURDAY, JUNE 12 "Panama Hattie" Ann Sothern, Red Skelton SUH., MOH., JUNE "Crash Dive" Tyro ne Power, Anne Baxter TUESDAY, JUNE 15 "Buck s kin Frontier" Ric hard Dtx, Jane W yatt WEDNESDAY, JUHE 16 "Swing Your P artner" Lulubelle and Scotty, Vera Vague "Gildersleeve's Bad Day" Harol d Peary, Jane Darwell THUR., FRI. JUNE 17-18 "Ox Bow Incident" H enry Fonda, Mary Beth H ughes RITZ M ON., JUNE "Lady o f Burlesque"B arbara Stanw y ck TUES., WED., JUNE 15-16 "Meanest Ma. n in the !rlorl d" Jack Benny, Pnset lla Lane LATE WEDNESDAY Good Mor nir.g Judge Dennis O Keefe, Loutse Albritton THUR., FRI., JUNE 17-18 "Reap the Wild Wind" "Hear t o f the Golden PauLette Goddard, Ray Mtlland SATURDAY, JUNE 19 West Roy Rogers, "Gabby" gayes LATE SHOW SATURDAY "Flying Tigers" Joh n Wayne, John CarroLl PAN AHA SUN., M ON., JUNE Margaret" Robert Young Laratne Day TUESDAY, JUNE 15 "Journey for "Mounta in RhythM" "My Gal Sal" "Kid Rides Again Jt'eaver Brothers and E Lvt ry WED., THUR. JUNE 16-17 R t t a H ayworth, Vtctor Mature CaroLe Landis FRI., SAT., JUNE 18-19 Buster Crabbe THE SECRET NOBODY TOLD Todzw a man is studying ... t iny bits MJd pieces, those seemingly harmless scraps of information from all parts of the country: The wiFe of a shipping clerk to a friend on a bus: 'We're staying home. Al's tired. H e shipped 80 cases of quinine to t h e Army today. (Quinine jo.,.. the An!ly, the t.,-opi"cs, eh? And 8 0 cases mean s a Lot of men. Inte.,-esting.) 'Paratroopers inoculated ... (Must1v e b e e n inoculated once bejo.,-e--why again? Expecting to encounte.,-. t.,-opicaL diseases pe.,-haps?) A man in a movie lobby talking about neighbor's s o n ... being trained in coast invasion tactics in Texas ... neighbor hasn't heard fro m son lately. (Hasn t hea1"'d Lately maybe ne's sailed) A said her John Wycowski had sailed. A girl asked a friend, Stella WYcowski, if she'd heard from her brother lately. Stella W. replied, 'Yes, he's in Texas .,.;it h the 29th Infantry. (So the 29 t h of Texas has sailed and anothe.,-soldie.,in Texas with speciaL invasion t.,-aining seems to ha ve sailed, too. Looks Like one and the sam e thing. One di ; ,is ion of t.,-o o p s sailing quinine.shipped pa1"'at.,-oope1"'s inoculated could they be going to one of ou.,-t.,-opicaL islands pe1"'-: haps? ... Must b e soon ... can't teLL which one ... but it has to be one of these s i x.) And so the WDrd goes out. And in that carefully planned attack--about which nobody talked ... very much--many of our ships are sunk ... our men are throRn back into the sea by numerically superior for6es ... our paratroopers and planes are caught b y enemy fighters; THAT'S HOW ENEMY AGENTS IIORK IN 171IS WAR. YOU DON'T HAVE TO.K/'lJW A BIG SECRET TO GIVE A BIG SECRET AWAY REMEMBER THIS RULE: If you HEAR it from someone, don't it. If you SEE it yourself, don't repeat it. But--if you READ it in a newspaper or magazine or HEAR it on the radio, then it1s public" property and you may talk about it.


YANKWIZ By BOB HAWK Quizmlr "THANKS TO THE YANKS" Saturday, C II S t. On a bright sunny day when vou walk into a dark movie theatre, do the pupils of your eyes become larger or smaller? 2 "Trust can be use

for that TtNSE MOMENT .. 0 u


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