Tyndall target

Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 22 (June 26, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
June 26, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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June 26. 1943 WAAC CADRE HERE INCREASED; "WAGS FOR C.G. ARR1VE SAt. TRAIN Both WAGS and the WAAC' s ed panama City Wednesday a fternoon. THE TYNDALL -TARGET 42 NOR ltAACS AIR I VE TO HAlE TYiDAl.L THEIR HOHf Page 3 VrnRAN CDifRS SlMSS adornments befor e alighting 'information f o r the direction ot tion Army in pan8llla City had were attacking the field, Their and span appearance a r t illery tire. V olunteered a service to sew on he ran to get a liiBChine gtm. lt'fbe won n1.111e rous comments. from l)er-SUccessful will, after insignias, mend sox, annament chief' (who still dido' t sons who chanced to be a t the 12 w eeks be allllointed shirts and other .clothing of' li19n realize what was going on) tried station. s taf'f' sergeants and b e rated o f' this. l)O&t. to me sign out for the anal-With the arrivai of' the new l:l,aiso n f o r fiu t y w1 th the Clothing IIIU8t be clea.n before nition, o the sergeant said. contingent, there now a r e 63 Air organic Observatio n Units of' being lef't at. the of'tice ot ChapWhile in a hangar, out of' WAAC's in all at Tyndall. Many t he AAF. lain Wester 011 l(ondays. It will a window, a stick ot boaltJB str:uct of' the new grollll a r e classed a s Th e eligibility requirements r'etume d on Wednesdays. All the building, be l$4ftld. Wright clerical hel-p and will rel)lace include a t l east 60 hours fiying articles lllist be marJred with the tried to give firet aid to the soldiers, releasing the latte r time within .the 12 months nameof' tbe soldier. fi1"1111y attachinjured but when a second stick for combat duty. ceding date of' fttJ'Plication, or ed lind DUSt be left at ttJe Office. struck be 11;0t out. Enroute to Tyndall aboar d four graduation f'l>Oiil CAA War Training before 4:30 p. ii. on Wednesda)'s. Sgt. Coburn, who was at Clarlr t rucks, the WAAC' s se,ng their Service Liaison.C ourse within 12 Fi ld in th pbili ..... ines aid men may call throughout day e e ,..,.. s new. parlez-Vous, a mont hs date of' applicato obtain mended articles. the men and officers there Jrnew completely l)rl n t able ditty of' tion. the tta ... ....._4 .. (""'t Soldiers l\lhould C()()ll81'ate in a c" .. ............. '6 auuu e.._ man y stanzas. Sgt. Bowen, p r om-. ,persornel wno hav e been eliminobserving hours collection and hours 'before it took place, but ised to tYll8 it f o r publication. ated from "'revious aviation cadet th. t ldn' t d thi ,.. retuPn.ing ot clothing to show a wecou o any. ng I h e r e is also due at Tynd a l l a i c trai i i ti r r e w n ng o r av a on of the service vol-about .it. shortly B one O!f the t rained canstuden.t training (Army, Navy', Tho J be 1 t d unteered by the Salvation A.ray, se &'PS lillY s an eye ines f o r duty with the military; Marine C orps o r Coast Guard) III&Y wester said. and they li&Y be abort, but boy, ice. Due to being incorrect-apply. they're tough, Sgt. Cdlum said. ly adv ised that the dogs w e r e tiyou bear stories about their bad for Lt. Valentine D a y eyesight, b .ut there's nothing and M/Sgt. Curtis Bull met the OUR FRO.IT COVER wrong with their fidQg, and train yestefday to take charge tbere's nothing with their o f the tour-legged soldiers, only nying, either. ADl thpee Zeroes to learn tha t thi s shil)men t was have got P.lenty or t:lrepower ... i ntended for the Coast patro l But both of' thea expressed omcer. fiaenee 'toa.t Allerican ruera "MEMPHIS BELLE" WITH ORIGINAL CREW TO VISIT TYNDALL I N J ULY Major Lor.en Bryan Tynda 11 s sub-Depot commander, receive d word this week from Army service command Headquarters that the "Memphis Belle, famed fly.lng fortress, will !l,rrive here for a : three d .ay visit on July 29 The plahe, veteran of more than 100 suc cessful bqmbing raids over Europe, will be flown here by jtsorig'inal crew. Mor e information concerning the im : pending visit will be announced at a 1 e.ter date. Left: The puss of Mussollni spurs ,on obstacle course aspir a nts on the torturous physical training course adjoining the fll ght I i ne. on the front cover. may be seen two other ca ricatures that go a long way In spurring on falterer s on' the same cou rae. R ight: Sgt. Woociy Mueller of the Cloud Hoppers, whose hand painted the I ikenesses of the Axis' barber shop (cutthroat) trio." The o r iginal idea for the drawings were suggested by Lt. D av id Godbold, Tra ining Officer o f Area 13 could tbe Jape. Sgt. Wright was wounded while aboard a B-17 i'n a figllt with f'wr Zeroes near 1.ae, NeW Guinea, and Sgt. Coburn was wotmded during a strafing raid o n tbe base where be was etatiomd.. BATTLE OF WITS T h e Finance quiz kids a r e scheduled to meet the Gunner maker mental giants on Tuesday .night In the Rec Hall The. in fanmatlon tease wilt be the f'lrst of similar contests. Sgt. Reinitz. wilT 'be t h e Clifton Fad.imani o-'f the1 program, w hich will begi n at 8 :00 PM


4 THE TYNDALL TARGET QJESTION: 11HAVE YOU FOUND ANY OCCUPATION IN Y OUR ARMY CAREER THA T YOU I'.OULD LIKE T O CONTINUE IN C I VILIAN LIFE." Interviews and Photos By SGT. DAN LEVINSON The ole Yardbird had a purty plessant weekend this time. I wuz lucky enuff ter gi t rna hands on a purty gud brand an i eesed down ter long beech ter see iffn I cud amaze a few feernale shipyard wurkers. But it is a strange thing a boot me. A man with a fase like mine cant amaze er im press nobudy. At least thats whut the furst eighteen wimmin that i aproched tole me. DIRIY GERTIE Dirty Gertie from BizerteJ Hid a rrouse-trap in her. skirteJ Tied it to her krtee-cap purtyJ Baited it with Fleur-de-FlirteJ Ma:le her toy friends fingers hurty) Made her toy friends rrost alerty. She was voted in BizerteJ 'Miss Latrine for Nineteenthirty. -Camp Newspaper Service So i tuk rna bottul an set down in wun uv the picknick houses ter think aboot croolties uv the wurld an also ter look at the p1_1rty wimmin on the beech on account uv I sho do like to look at a purty wimmen evun if they wont have nuthin ter do with me. I sho wuz lonesome. I gess i wuz CPL. :JLYDE E. SAVARY, pi SaLesaboot as lonesome an ill at ro011 Manager: "Yes and no. At f;reo:ent :'m doing t h e sa11e work eese as a clerk amongst a i did in civiLian Life-but this bunch uv soljers. exte-rien.ce wilL be very he. LpfuL Thin heer cum a bunch u v ole ladies) fussin yellin an carryin boxes uv grub an napkins an papur plates an funny papurs an jest dang neer run me at uv the littel picknick house. In they did shove me cleen ovur inter wun cornur. Thin they startid settin ot the chow aboot the time their ole men got there. Aftur a lot uv hollerin aboot f the antsJ the sand in the pickH/SGT. JOHNNY fARR, tnance Det

June 26, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Rugged ? 69th Guardians Big news of i.ne week: M ;sgt. Stone finally got up nerve to negotiate the rope hurdle on the obstacle course. With considerable "talking support" from Gilmore, Grady and Boutwell (the sissies) Stone went over the ditch just like Tarzan. Ask. c ed to make a statement for the press, he said: "Nothing to it (PUFF!)." We made a decided improvement r n our inspection last week, but it still hasn' t reached the desired heights necessary to acquire that "Flag." We still can win the flag if we just set our hearts (and elbow grease) to it. nsoup TO NUTS" IS USC CAMP SHOW OFFERING TO TYNDALL FIELD Gl 'S ON TUESDAY. JULY 6 Through special permission fran the War Rationing Board and with the aid of eight lovely gals, Camp Shows, Inc: has notified the Special Service Office that their next free show at Tyndall Field, nsoup To NUts, n will be overflowing with We want to express our thanks to Maj. Hunter for his efforts on behalf of the men of thili organization dur r ' her knee-length pants for full l e ngth tTousers with no reason give n ,althoug-h w e must admit that she presented a rather ludtcrous in the "just-bt>low-the knee" style ... Waac's have bee n seen reconnoitering in the immediate vicinity of the Sub-Depot ar<>a. Does it mean that we are t o have some stationed down h eTe? One of 'em carrie d a pair of headphones, so guess we'd bette r check this matter with M. 0. Kittle of the Signal section. What says you. Kit? ... Seve r .9.l of the Engineering lads have signed up on the new voluntary enlistment plan. Under this new plan. t h e voluntary inductee will know that he is headed foT an agree-. able "verseas base and that h e will be do ing the same. work as he is doing here. Chances for promotion are good, too ... The guards at the. hangar have have been r eplaced by civi li a n s, a ll armed, of course, with the prol)er credenti>tls. ,-'ley are capably pPrformin:::their duties, f easing soldiers for duty elsewher e ... .vo weeks ago we blithely mentioned that Lt. James .J. M cHugh, Jr.. whose home is In Carrollton. Mi chigan, had bP e n transferred here from Louisia n a. Somehow or other the item never "broke" Into print. Anyway; w e are gl.9.d to have him with us. is serving as AssistantEngineering Officer W e also w elcome more new emnloyees t o the Sub-Denot: Margstret K Duren. Fra nces R. Pulle n, and Martha E Deason t o A Pro R epairs; Evelvn B. Boucher. Ferrell C Padgett, Snmh S. W. Mr.Keev er, and Ghdys 0. Odom to the Parach'lte d e partment: Erma S Davi s to th!' n P I {iepartment in and MiTlam A Morales, and M yrtle E Townsend to the Supply rtepartment Our thanks to Mvron K B elyou of the for donating 12 small arbor vitae s hrnbs which been set out on machine shop ecrounds. Yes. and th,, zinni.as a r e bloomingarounrl behinrl de. partment, t oo. Suc h domesticity! -I. M. Roche. Venl:uras standard ltJ.lSical ins trwnents, but 5: 00 p. M also bicycle vacuum cleanone day they look at its teeth; ers, etc. A unique feature of the next day they look at its ; This week will see fellows like th:ls act is the playing of the then they take its picture; tell Fair, youngberg, Von Drehl, Free-it that it must be in every n!te mysterious instrwnent, the "therb i i man, and Foley all departing for Y 11: ro; nspect t as a tni t on specialist train!ng in their re-amin," of which there are only Saturday; exercise it every mornspective channels of lrnowledge. four in this conntry. Electric-ing at 5:00 A.M. to keep it fit; Speaking of the working class, ally operated, the perforner feed it three tines a day to lreep let s not forget pfc. Lunsford, duces nrusic by simply. waving his it alive; put G. I shoes on it to as he is the Mediator currently hands over the instrument. Indress it up; give it ten-cent working in the orderly room. In terested soldiers &.re invited to beers to it happy; it other words he :f1 ts the happy try to figure out "what makes it in a serial number to make sure meditun 8!00Jl!; the 100n who come to click." of it. What is it? Why, it's a him for information, regardless of its source. From morning to Well, in parting, remenber-The late evening, this fellow is conf"ellow is secretly working on best way to keep out of trouble something new in the scientific i stantly on the go, carrying out s to stay.clear of it." I'll the traditions that make this Air world and parts to further be hiding from you. -The peeker his exper:l.!oont. Did you make the Corps of ours what it is today. necessary contacts, ShortY??? 1---------------------------INTERESTING PEOPLE: Capt. r..eI Wish I Had A Rupp: Force, C0011111Ulding ON'icer of the Since the ban on visiting the Venturas, hails from the rugged, radio shop unless on official rough, and ready state known as business has been enforced., we Kentucky. Whenever the Capt. all wonder how our hero, Rupp has starts one of" his f'amous yarns, been progress'ing with the -pert his voice giving out in cool, clear, honest conversation, hold-little Waac? His last reply from ing one s interest like some mag-her went sonething like this, "Go ic banner waving in 'the skies out with you, why you JIIJSt be out overhead. you actually visualize of your mind, if you had one in yourself right there in the middle the first -place, secondly I put of operations. up with static eight hours a day, PX '!WINS: Gre-gory and Graham, and besides I don't feel like inseparable boys who never fail hearing dnymore the rest of the to chalk up at-least a couple of night." Too bad Rupp, you great of" hours daily in the pX. The big ladies I1IU'lo -little men keep a log book on FLAsH! FLASH! Word just arrived time spent in this establishthat Gainey !mows Gain ment. Bet they have more time ey), has just been made Master -per man than any individual on, Sergeant. Congratulations, son, the :field. it has been a long time coming. SHORTY AUSTIN: Wonder where S/Sgt. Rickert also ran in the "Shorty spent his em-rent three-money making Tech out of the deal day pass? Seems like the little. -Sgt. MUrphy Bluebirds We hope that pvt. Feldman has a pleasant journey on his way to cadets and also hope that he comes back a second lieutenant If Sgt. Middleton doesn't stop teasing pfc. about the five kinds of water that make a car there's going to be a feud. Remember gentlemen, pvt. Guff ey. isn' t just working in the Day Room for the fUn of" it, so when you play a grure of pool, make him chase you all over the squadron to have your ticket punched, he enjoys a little p.T. once in a while. It was good to hear that we won all three games in bowling on Monday night. Even thoogh we did win by a furfei t, the fel lows still had to roll the games. -Sgt. w. R. Duf'rane


Page 6 THE TYNDALL TARGET NEWS FROM THE Squadron D Squadron E This past week has seen ..several "Help! Help! Help! Please help c h a nges in o u r up and comin g Squadmer Something has hold of me!" ron. We wish to welcome our new came the blood curdling screams c. 0., Lt. William J Cleary, formerfrom a very well known Instructor. Iy adjutant of the squadron. We Accompanying his boit 'erous exclaha\'e taken up part of his spirit of mations were the "timely" contor "stick-to-itiveness" and adopted it tions. It seems that S /Sgt. Alper to we are undertaking was having a very unusual case of in t h e making of gunners and good the "snakes ," and I mean snakes. soldiers Following his Leadership least that' s what he thought it was. will make the o ld saying, "a good (Couldn't have been his own hand, mold makes a good pattern" and could it?) Not only did he awaken v.ith him at our head we are cer-his room-mates, but also two other t ai n to stay the best squadron in barracks! Ah me, what a night, the Student Group. Bidding Capt. what a gallery, and was his face V. W. Kingman, our old c : 0., fare-red! "Mas Alper is still trying to we ll was indeed a hard task, as we figure it out. had come to know and respect his "Eager Beaver" A / C Dizmore is quiet efficient ways through long as-,doing his darndest to keep "F:. O ." soci ation with him in the Department : A / C Murray Doran "on the ball." of Training. Will he succeed? We wonder why Squadron F EVENT OF THE WEEK: The Graduation party at the recreation h a ll Monday night. THINGS WORTH SEEING: S /Sgt. Bl a h a jitter-bugging with a WAAC. CHARACTER OF THE WEEK: Sgt. Townsend, for obvious reasons. This past week has seen the coming of a new class and the passing of an old. 43 -25 had a good old American sendoff with lots of beer, sandwiches, and strictly grade A entertainment. Incidentally the jam session during intermission featuring piano, drums, trumpet, and clarinet was one of the finest bits of melody heard by this sribe since the civilian days of Benny Goodman. A few congratulations are in order for several members of our squadron who were upped a grade or two last week. F ormerly S jSgt., now M /Sgt. Willcut, S jSgt. Phillips, and S /Sgt. will please stand and take a bow. In addition to a new C. 0. we had A / C Longstreet is no anxious to Lt. Elvin C. Sayre join our group as contact a pawn-dealer of late. A / C Adjutant. Lt. M. J. Converse, and De w i cki is staying up nights with Lt. Lowell E Green have also joined the .problem of making the sound of our organizatron as flight instructors; Greetings to the new men of class machine gun fire more appealing taking the place of Lt. Carl J. Miller, the. musical ear. From the hole in 1331. From now on until gradua-present adjutant of the 40th and of tion this column will b e addressed to the wall, the prairie mice must Lt. Arthur W Goldstein, present ad-had a field day. It seems as though you. We're counting on you men to jutant of the 446th. Lt. Irving Co"A /C's like to take their physical keep the column going, so dig up he n has also left us to become offi-plenty of "dirt" about your room-exercises at 11:30 P M.-especially in charge of turrets. down at the beach. mates and friends and bring it into \\' e had a new bridegroom added the orderly room. to the ranks of the Instructors when Why does S ;Sgt. Garber make a It' s going to be a tough SIX weeks, Sgt. J im Murphy took the big step dash to the mail-room daily? Could fellows. Many times you'll get dislast Saturday evening. The cere-it be those daily seven letters from couraged and downhearted. But ap-, mony t oo k place at the First Meth-the red-head? Sgt. Spinny, who proximately 85 classes have gone I odist Church in Panama City with spent a year down in Panama, keeps through the same brand of "hell" so Sgt. Finis Snowden and First Sgt. turning his head whenever he sees a far, so that shows that it can be Thompson keeping Murphy in one girl with a dark tan. That stuff done. There will be plenty of griping piece and at o n e place until after h e doesn't wash off, John. Sgt. Kay.er about chow, night classes, calisthenis finally a happy man as well as the ics, no time for showers, formatio11s, was married. Mrs. Murphy is the former Miss L eo l a Bocks, of Holland, rest of the boys. Kayer's girl pro-and early reveille; "but that's all part Mich. Congratulati ons, folks, and posed to him and he accepted. In-of the supreme test to determine lots of happiness. structor's please notice-If any diffi-whether you can take it. It's a sol-Last Saturday saw the initiatlu" cult questions arise in regard to rna-dier's privilege to gripe, and we'd of inter-squadron students softball chine guns consult Sgt. Carroll. His think there was something wrong games w h e n we soundly trounced decisions are based on experience with men who didn't gripe, but let's Squadron F to the tune of 3-0. We gathered at Armor school. (Ask keep on the ball, regardless of how t oo k the game in easy fashion even Pfc. Sergeant). Factory-Corporal we feel about this, that, and the Squadron A After five weeks of unpardonable suff!!ring, with the indignity of Skunk Hollow thrown in,. Squadron A's fledglings have finally taken wing. They are beginning to learn about their malfunctions the hard way. T jSgt. Newell C Cross spent a frantic two hours this fuorii.ing, desperately trying to dig up some first sergeant stripes. However, it didn't take our supply long to get that rocker on, in fact the minute the special order hit the field, thr.,:::_<;! it was, i n all its glory. Fast woi'lt S jSgt. Pauley. The boys spent several hours trying to console Sgt. Russell, who i9 lost without his "Rugged Rangers." They left him behind when they left for Apalach. Maybe they thought it would be more peaceful without you, Sergeant? Squadron A will miss its glamour boy, Sgt: J H. Cobb, who has left for ocs: We can only say, may his -. success in aircraft hunting be a good as his hunting on the Dixie Sherman Roof, and we mean hunt ing A couple of issues ago, we noticed the Cadet reporter commenting on a friendly controversy with music, being carried on between our squadron and the "wild blue yonder boys." We would like to give credit to Pvt. Robert E. Schmidt, our "Amen" soloist, o n the class ic verse: "The flying gadgets never the range, They do all their shooting post exchange." go on in the And i f you think he is kidding, try 3.nd get a coke during a "break." Squadron C th ht 't t h f' t 'Wine has had the sad experience, ::>ther thing, and not let it throw us. oug 1 was e 1rs time that This week saw the beginning of u b I d t th t while marching a platoon, that he is QUESTION OF THE WEEK; ::> r oys P aye oge er as a earn. skeet shooting at the range_ ,ll for the W d b St d t G 1 the only one out of step. Why doesn't Hugh marry the girl? e were e Y u en unner Cp men of this squadron anci despite Joseph Parsons who shot them ..... ---------tthe fact that many had not previous-the p late so fast that even our Cpl. Squadron 8 ly fired a shotgun the -scores were S c ull had trouble holding them. surprisingly good. P itcher Parsons has a long record Buc k Sgt. Marty Tobolsky finally And boys, w hen you hear chat whis Most of the fellows had the priv-. as a softball pitcher, having pitched got w hat he was sweating out for tie blo wing, come a-running, because ilege of tending the traps, and any for the Macon All-Stars and the the past 10 months. Cigars are in your acting first sergeant is the real one who has performed this task Meridian All-Stars of his home town order. It's now S ;Sgt. Tobolsky. McCoy now. can well understand its unpleasantin Macon, Mississippi. We have given 8ongrats and such stuff to the oth-Among the regular customers of ness. To say that those traphouses Sq uadron F the c hance for revenge er members of the squadron who the southwest corner of the new were hot is putting it mildly, and and have a full nine inning game ar-made the jump, namely Sgt. B. E Recreation H all, Sgt. Dan Wedge is the onl y pastime available is scanranged fo r Saturday, June 19 Steel e and Supply Sgt. H. A Sapp. conspiCuous by his absence. (Inves-ning the autographs and pictures on tigation shows that h e is sweatin g t h e wall and adding your name to and saving for his forthcoming fur-the list of victims. Kadet: Kapers Our ball team won its first bait game from Squadr o n D, but faile d to r e peat in a r eturn gam e in w hi c h we had our wings clippe d Both games were c lose with the pitc h ers taking most of the lim elight. We anxiousl y await the third contest. A / C Willie Jackson i s sweatin g out the stork. ETA: g raduation day. Here's hoping he gets the opportunity o f visiting his w if e before leaving f o r navigation school. Sou lheast Headqu arte r s reveals navigation trainin g will b e forthcom iRg 12 week s soon e r tha n anticipated. Lt. Col. Moseley's prediction has come. true. We have finally s h e l ved that in f a mous 12-gauge shotgun. The wee!{ o f moving base s h ooti n g was the last of that cannon. Sighs of r e lief have supplanted the grunts and groans. Our battered bictops with their colorful "Picasso patterns" are something to behold. Our next en :ounter with gun s will b e 50 and 30 calibres on the moving target range. (They'd bette r put armor plate o n that pilotless jeep.) It should settle a l ong-debated subject : "Will A / C Akula's sonorous voice be audible above the din of the roaring 50s." A j C Pop Gregory had a swell gift for Father's Day. His wife and twoyear-old son came down from Binningham to spend t h e weeken d with him. Mascots w ill be given away free to t h e first seven to appl y. Seven pot ential hunting dogs were born b e neath our barracks. The pedigree of the hounds is unquestionable. Also unknown. A / C S Halpern. Iough.) Pfc. Edward J Day, a well-liked The lifeguards want to know to enthusiastic soldier of this sqaudron, one Pfc. Dave Silver that the s harks learned this week that a slight phyin these waters are of a very delicate sica! defect would prevent him from species, so-o-o-o, "Indigestible" Silbe coming an aerial gunner. "Irish" ve r, stop annoyin g our fishy (the boys call him) wanted very friends. much to be a gunner and no one That guy walking around on his can say h e did not try. Whateve heels moaning and gawking is Sgt. hi s next task is, his friends wisl. Harry Borbst. Poor boy just re-him luc k in performing it. turned from furlough where h e did Group 4 of thts squadron is Ieav : :me of those "I do" jobs with his o l d ing its mark on the place. This sc h oo l-girl sweetie from Pa. week the students and instructors These noises you h ea r coming p lanted a group of young pine trees from Barracks 414 ever y night are in front of their barracks, which won caused b y Sgt. Speakma n a nd his the title as "best in squadron C" wind instrument. Can a fellow rer \ last week. l y learn to play a trumpet by mail ::>rder lessons, S ergeant? Well, fellows, o n e more academi<: week and t h e real thing wi ll be hereair-to-air firin g This i s the real test a n d the one t h a t will prove if you're an aerial gunner. From you r past record, we think yo u have what it takes-intestina l fortitude. THE AWFUL TRUTH Lt. (entering orderly room): 'How long have you been workinlt in this office, clerk?' Clerk: 'Ever since I saw you coming in the dbor, sir.' /


Maj. L.A. Bryao Capt. J. H Nelson Capt. J.C. Bristle 2Dd Lt. J .J. McHugh, Jr. Znd Lt. J. Shapiro G. L Trawick


pa e 8 THE TYNDALL TARGET Miss Grace Woodham, pretty worker in Tyndall's parachute shop, is pictured making an adjustment on a "s3at-type" harness. CONSTANT CHECKING AND SKILLED CARE KEEPS CHUTES ALWAYS READY He was a new officer in the Air Corps--a merchantman from civilian life serving in on administrative job. He'd never teen up in a plane. Then one day on urgent call from a superior officer half n

Billowing in the updraft of electric fans, these parachutes i n the drying room are examined by C.G. Ehlers, civilian parachute rigger a t Tyndall. Mildew is the great enemy of silk, and chutes must be aired and thoroughly d r ied every 60 days. to use an ship. Traveling in an a:ivoncEd training plane1 he and his pilot fought a heavy headwind from the time they took off. As night caught up with them they wer e over a woodland far from their tirst stop1 with no landing fields of any sort nearby. ally1 with only eight minutes of gasoline left in the emptying hour-glass of flight1 the pilot interphoned his passenger that they had the choice of a crash or of bailing out. "Do I have to jump? the pas senger called b:lck "Imnedi ately1 the pilot ord ered. Gingerly1 the officer shoved the hood back over hirn 1 un strapped his safety belt and cl irnl:;ed oo t on to the wing. Then1 with a "Here1s hoping" l ook 1 he dived into the night and pulled the ripcord. In a few minutes he landed on his b:lck or there abouts on a lumber road through the woods and walked to the nearest town. Meanwhi le, his pilot had bailed out1 missed the road and scratched to a stop in a pine tree The next day they telegraphed the heme field-it was Tyndall for the names of the workers who had packed their parachutes. Shortly afterward1 gifts were on their way to the two civilian employes who had done the job That f requently happens whe n someon e has t o use a chute. Suppose you had been a senger in that plane and had bee n told to jump into nothing You1d have hoped and perhaps prayed that your parachute was all right. But it youd ever seen the elaborate care that each para chute receives--at least those furnished by the N.r Forces to the men --you 1d have, jumped with a lot more confidence. For instance1 at Tyndall Field i O expert parachute v.orkers de vote their entire time to wash ing1 repairing and repacking the big billowing umbrellas for the gunners and fliers These work e r s know that a life depends upon every fold they mnke whe n they handle chutes. rf they make one mistake) somebody else may pay for it. That is why the packers are super-careful. In fact1 so thoroug h is the Army in protecting its men who may have to take to the silk that a complete life history is kept on each one of the big canopies. At Tyndall1 C.G. Ehlers) civilian parachute rig ger) can tell you everything about every chute from the time it left the factory. Army authorities say the life of a parachute is seven years or iOO jumpS 1 but many are con denned long beJore that because of immersion in salt water1 serious damage or other causes. parachutes may never be used and the great majority of them seldan are) rut all of them are cared for as tf they were to save a life the next time out. A chute is subject to detailed) periodic inspection and testing from the date it is completed until it is discarded. The great enemy of parachute Page 9 silk-especially in moist climates--is mildew. To prevent the format ion of these f ungi> every parachute must l::e unpacked and aired at least once every 6; days. After unpacking, parachutes are suspended at full length from the ceiling of a tow e r adjoining the workshop. Electric fans blow a const ant stream of air toward them. Army regulations require eight hours of this treatment to remove every trace of moisture. After drying1 pa rachutes are cleaned) repai re::i. whm necessary 1 and repacked packing is the most important operation and it takes a skilled operator from one to oo hoors to canplete the job. Each fold of silk and each strand of cord must be in its proper place. packers work at lon g narrow tables with the chute stretched out full length. After being properly folde::i1 a typi:cal parachute1 containing more than gJ yards of silk1 must fit neatly into a pack about i! feet square and eight inches deep NapthQ.>. lene f lakes are scattered tween each fold to prevent form ation of milcie.. When the parachute has been packed and the ripcord properly adjusted1 a metal seal bearing the packer1S number is attached. That1S his signature of safety. The chute is then returned t o its proper squadron) reedy t o l::e snapped on by pilots and student gunners in their doily flights. Chutes are also drop-tested every 24 months until they are four years old and o nc e a year thereafter. The test is made b( placing a chute attached to a D.)-pound dunmy in the bombbays :Jf a plane. When the b:lys swing apen 1 the dunmy drops out. An autanatic device pulls the rip cord at the proper time. They ten a swry in the pam chute department about this drop testing. hi Air Cbrps captain1 notEd for his impati e nce with routine para chute checks 1 was about to start on a hop t o the West coast. The day before the f!ight1 his co pilot infonne::i him that his pam chute v.as ove rdue for drop-testing and in need of checking and repacking. Against a b:lr rage of protests1 the ccr-pilot finally persuaded the captain to leave his own chute behind and take one that had recently been overhauled. A week later, the original chute) with several others) was taken up for drop-testing. The dumny dropped like a ston e and the parachute never did open more than half-way. Investigation revealed the silk had become heavily mil..:. dewed1 and the captain sheep ishly recalled that a couple of before his pack had been exposed to a heavy rain. He had completely forgotten about it-rut the parachute Sect ion hadn It forgotten its job of testin g That 1 s why Amr'{ Air Forces men ba.i l out with conf idmce when they have to give up their ship. As they say from exper ience, "The:r;-e1s saf ety in silk."


_Page 10 THE TYNDALL TARGET "These soldiers! Stood up again!" 6A;SC "I understand he's YANK's ace photographer." "I hear that lomf!rrow they're issuing us all ftame throwers." ....... and every inch a gentleman!" "I think we're nearing the North Pole." ---'==========-==----"""-r--"Tell him to pull over just once morethen run him off the road."


Joe (Pfc. Classification) Andrews is really quite an improtant character around post head quarters. Without him a mechanic might be a telephone operator, a radio man might be an annorer arrl a clerk might be working in the ordnance shops painting ammuni tion. Joe has to keep them all in the proper-positions. He's welcome to that mess of headaches. Troubador John p. Knotts, formerly with Communications, is busy as a bee thinking up a new and "Le-.;ter way of memorizing the revised editions of the GI DeweyDecimal files. However, a great deal of his time is spent making eyes and singing love_songs to our new little cherub, Emily onley. Last, but not least, there is Jim O'Connor, better kno -wn as "Irishn, He is, of course, our well-known Target correspondent here at Apalach. Incidentally, Jim isn't writing this particular paragraph and we intend to let his hair down. "Irishn spends his nleisuren time lazily dreaming about his little cupcake up in Boston. He eats, sleeps, drinks (no Zombies) and lives "Alice,n I might also add that at one time our erstwhile friend was c .ontemplating the matrimonial step. We wonder what his heartless love could have said that would have caused him to change or postpone his plans? please, Alice, if you ever get to read this and understand what I mean, relieve .Jim of his miser ies. Well, that's all for now and. perhaps Jim will be able to a yimge this disertation at a later date PRODUCT I ON DEPARTMENT NOW that ole' "AlJPlescratchn .has a f'ew eager beaver pilots we are once again assuming,our old_ title as "The Backbone of' Tyndall Field,n "Herky Berky,n the most eager beaver that ever hit A-palach, is doing a bit of Signal Corps work in his spare time Sgt. Leslie Kirk, the chief dispatcher, was wont to have a lot of' trouble getting his pilots into the air until Capt Des partes presented him with a long black snake whip. Now he outranks every pilot on the post. (For fUrther information consult Lt. nDocn FUrey or Sgt. 01 Coonor. Sgt. nRogern and his buddy, Sgt. "Dodgern have our tower oscillating on a very resonant fre quency The reason for F/O nCon stant Speed" Morris' down the runway has at long last been made public. He used to be a bouncer in a night -club Switches of'f. ABUSING THE-PRIVILEGES OF WEARING FATIGUES The boys who live of'f the post and work on the line had a ly nice set-up-they could come to w<;>rk in f{ltigue coveralls they didn't get out of the c .l!-r be tween home and the field). Well, some wise bird had to take advantage of' Headquarters' good nature and began to roam around town in fatigue clothes, We have no certain proof' as to who the nknotheadn was who messed up the deal but it was indeed a lousy trick to to the rest of us. Now, we have to come to wor k in Class A's, change : (no lockers to kee-p our unif'orm in) and work all day in fatigues, take p T ., (with no time to take a shower) then put our unif'orm on after getting dirty at p,T, and wear them home. Some people have no consideration for others why can't they get the guy Who is the cause of this, punish him and let the guys go who are trying to do the right thing??? CREEPING lliR(}TTLE? Did you ever see a throttle creep? pvt. Roscoe nAil ,'\meri cann Deckard came the L:lne Engineering office the other day and reported that the throttle on his plane was creeping. To the rescue went T/Sgt Suratt and his maintenance crew. Shortly afterwards Deckard said, nwell, Sarge, you fixed it all right, she don't cree-p no mo, but the throttle. stlll moves forwards and back ward,s.n Page 11. o'CONNOR MES "IRISH" JA, t correc;iXJrtdert 'FURLOUGH CHA TIER We proudly welcome back from furlough pvts. Lester and Lambert. We learned from reliable sources that Lester had time to -plant the cro-p of pots-. toes' on his f'atner's farm, which is more than most of us accom-plish on our fUrloughs. Clutching those coveted n vaca. tion papers,n three men recently turned their faces northward to. Delaware and pennsylvania. Have a good time, pvts. Burke, Moran ani aess, but then ho w could you all hel-p bUt have some fun up in God's countrY? ELECTRICAL GENIUS nShort Circuitn Holcombe, one of the more popul"ar boys on the line, hopes somea.ay to have millions of -plugs, connecters, sock'ets, and a complete supply of general electric equipment. With this, he claims to invent something that will be of great value to the modem WQI'ld. Who can tell? Edison started out ib a small Ytay. WATERLOO Napoleon has his Waterloo, and pfcs. Romero and Liles had their' Port St. Joe, It was nice while it lasted, but was it worth it-, boys?? BRAWNER DANCED Willi LICilT HEART AT GALA HANGAR OPENING The new hangar was opened i n a, way that must have suited every GI The .dance, w i th music by the T/F orchestra and girls through the courtesy of the commtUlity of Apalachicola, w as really big time. Cpl. Brawner must have been one of the ha-ppiest GI' s in at tendance, though, because for a change, it didn't cost him any thing. At the last dan ce he got .stuck for $6.00 one of' the boys suggested using the hangar f'or all social !1-f'fai rs and let T/F cant inue to pull our engine changes--nice work if' we can get i t SU.RATT OFF 10 A/C TRAINING T/Sgt. Johnnie Suratt is no w 1!-n aviation cadet. He left here two weeks ago and eventually hopes to become a bomber pilot. His parting words were, So lmg, boys, next time you hear of' me you will hear that "Johnnie Got A Zero,n At this one of' the line engineering mechanics piped up with, nDon' t worry son, you'll probably be back here chauffeur ing gunners." 'Where' s Pvt. McGooch? Q:>l. AIIU. Sgt. 'Whatcha mean, Ali'OL? Q:>l. After wmen or 1 i quo r. "Copyrigtited Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers"


page 12 THE TYNDALL TARGET OM KEGlERS TAKE 3 FROM GUNNERMAKERS; 69tH ALSO MAKES CLEAN SWEEP TO CLIMB INTO THREE-WAY TIE FOR TOP HONORS GM, QM and 69th Keglers Make League Three Cornered Fight The champion Quartermaster bowlers recovered sufficiently from their double defeat by the 69th last week to come back and win their three-game match on Monday with the hitherto league leading Gunnennakers. The triple win by the QM pin men coupled with the 69th1s clean sweep of their series with the Redbirds resulted in the three teans the week w1 th with records of 14 wins against four defeats. Facing tough opposition for the first time in many weells the Gtmnermakers, who had previously lost but one game, couldn1 t match the uace set by the bowlers. Harry Miller, Quart.ermas ter "mechanical man led the way for. his team with scores of' 184, 198 and 201 for a 583 total. Kottke, Gy captain started off with two good games of 222 and 207 but fell off fn the finale with 147 pins f o r a total of 1578 The Fighting ooth," with their sights set on the league crown, continued their successful "wa r of nervesw on their opponents and took three straight from the Red birds to climb up with the leaders. yeanwhile, the highly touted Zebras and a revived Medic team kept themselves within hailing distance o f the top with clean sweeps from the Canaries and White Flashes,. respectively. The Zebras w o n their trio o n a f orfeit by Capt. Canzoneri's men. The ordnance bowlers retained their newly won fourth place spot by taking two out of three from the Cloud Hopuers. The Bluebirds advanced into f1 f'th place by virtue of a forfeit by the Squad ron C bowlers. HOW they stand: W L Ounnerakere !.!!'r 14 ,& 69th ..................... 14 4 Que.rtore.ster 14 4 Zebras ................... 13 G lledies ................... 13 G JENK I MS SHUTS OOT MAR I ANNA MIME. AS POST COLORED TEAM WINS, IH) By PFC. H. WILLIS yarianna1s Aviation Squadron was defeated here last Stmday by a score of 4-Q This was the second victory for the local colored ball team, Marianna having been defeated on their own grotmds yay g. Randle started the ror the local clUb with a single his first time up. Dawld.ns brought him in with a two base hit, and the Red C&l>S were never threaten ed :from then on. However, yari anna showed a great improvement in team play since they were defeated by T/F earlier in the sea-son. The Red Caps have an open date for Sunday. Box score: ss AB R H 4 0 2 11&)'0, lf 4 0 1 Randle, 2b 4 1 2 D awkins, c 4 1 1 Blackaont 3b 4 0 1 White, c 4 0 0 EngliSh, rt 3 1 1 Davis, 1b 3 0 0 Jenkins, p 3 1 1 To tale 33 4 9 BASE AB R H 4 0 0 Bornes, lf 4 0 0 11 arshall, c t 4 0 0 J&Ckson, 3b 4 0 1 Walle.ee, ss 4 0 2 Thoapson, c 3 0 0 Robinson, rt 3 0 0 poge, 1b 4 0 3 HU son, p 3 0 0 Te.lbert, c 0 0 0 Tote.ls 33 0 6 Two be.se-hits: D&llkins. Stolen bases. Randle, Blaekaon. Winning pitcher: Jenkins. LOsing itch-er: HUdson. uapires: Denn II e.nd Jting. Tiae: 1: 31! Cloud Hoppers ............ 11 7 1----------------1 ordnanee 10 a Bluebirds................ 8 10 White Fle.shes.. .. .. .. .. 6 12 R edbirds 3 16 Canaries 1 17 Squadron C ............... 1 17 B0Q TEAMS TIE FOR OFFICERS' KEGliNG LOOP LEAD paced DY.Lt. Georgeson, the 508 bowlers took two o f their three games with the ro9 OOQ uin men last Friday to tie for first place honors with that team. The IIKlQ squad won their three games with the PX keglers to re main in second while the QM bowlers won from ordnance to tighten their h old on the third slot. Individual highs, each team: Ooldsaith (QII) 221, 11!9, 196-1!71! Riehardson (O) 162, 167, 148-467 LUdW1& (609) 181, 184, 191!-1!60 Oeorseaon (1!08) 196, 192, 187-1!71> LUIO (IIOQ) 178, 182, 180-620 Ward (pi) 148, 177, 222-1!41! AVIATION ALL-STARS CH GORDOC JmNS

June 26, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 13 TORNADOES SPLIT TWIN BILL WITH ELLYSON WIN SATURDAY'S 3-RUN RALLY IN TORNADOES 8 CONTEST 6 2; ELLYSON'S ON SUNDAY DEFEATS 7 Flanagan Wins First Edwards, Matonak and Brown Hit Hard TYNDALL OFFICER3 WIN 6th STRA I GfT l.EAQJE GAME Nipping several potential rallies by their with air tight fielding, the Officers chalked up their sixth straight win in the panama City League last Monday night by ing the W aiJ'IIfrigh t Ship Builders, CIRCLING-I:h.e BASES 2-1 at pelican park. J hrm Fl in hi fi t the ---" f r Lt Joe Glasser was again on There are 155 Amerlcan League 0 y anagan, s rs appearance on muuuu 0 ball players in the armed forces, the Tornadoes in over a month, downed the Ellyson Field nine the mound for the winners and with 87 in the Army; 58 i n the in their first of two games here last week-end by a score of turned in another fine perfornrNavy; seven in the COast Guard; ance, He allOifed seven scattered one (Lt. Ted Lyons) in the )la-6-2 and kept his opponents in check rine COrps and two (Phil llarchilThe T/F men 'hold a 2 MID lead going into the ninth in the most of the day. Lt. Dave Mendon of Philadelphia and Joe Krakaukas of Cleveland in the Royal seccnd game, but three walks by delson at third base was the out-Canadian Air Force By position Southard, a single, and loose SINKS NAVY IN 1ST. standing star o f the game. In there are 3 0 outfielders,_ 50 inplaying by the infield allowed the first inning, with runners on fielders, 58 pitchers and 17 catchers In the first World three enemy---.runs across the plate first and second, he started a War, the American League had 144 to give th_'1 tars an s-7 victory. lightning fast double -play to re-boys in uniform Herman Franks, Herman Franks, former catcher tire the side, and in the last who perfor...,d in excellent style for the Brooklyn Dodgers and no w inning, when the Ship Builders for the Ellyson Field team against _our Tornadoes last weekend, hopes a lieutenant, j. g., in the Navy, loaded the bases with only one t 0 return to the big 1 e ague s captained and coached the Elly-out, hepersonally retired the after the war Despite his funny son team. There is little doubt next two batter s with diffii!Ult antics against the Tornadoes, he catches of high pop-ups. showed enough to warrant another that Franks will remember his chance with any major or minor two-qay stay at Tyndall for some Lt Stan Drongowski was the league club,. He really has a time to come. His grandstanding batting star with three hits in first class throwing arm, and as many trill'! to the plate. This can zip that old apple around tactics pleased the s-pectators with the best of them Johnny no end, despite their constant afternoon, the officers travelled Murphy of the New York Yankees ex-pressions of disapprtWal at to the Marianna Air Base to oppose (Ol' Grandma to you) is one o f his actions. the officers renresenting that the main reasons why t h e New field. York Yankees are perched on top Flanagan, whose arm went bad the American League Appearearly last ITIOnth, seemed to have ity to ntal)(a to a Tyndall bat-ing only in relief roles, he has won seven games The Great recovered enough of his "stuff" ter. Busby w aited out the next Lakes Navy baseball team is so to be counted on as a regular two -pitches and then with the good that the major leaguers are starter along with Southard for count even he slashed the next starting to gang up on it The best players on the White Sox the Tornadoes. Johnny's control ball through short to score Did-and Senator rosters will get towas better than fair in that he ier and give Tyndall the lead. ge the r to p 1 a y the Sa i 1 or s in issued but three uasses in his The tar s went down in order in Chicago June ao ... Judging from the record, Great Lakes could do seven innings on the ITIOillld, The the eighth while the Tornadoes right well against either leagues eight hits he allowed were well added another tally and llpl)ll.rent-all-star outfit. scattered anrl he had good suoly asewed up the game. Unfor-1----------------------uort from the f:lelders. Cpl. Johnny "Joe" Flanagan of tWllltely for the Tornadoes, such F runks started Weaver on the the who PItched the Torwas not the case. Southard _seem mound for Ellyson, but he was nadoes to Victory in theIr first ed to have the situation well in switched to thi-rd base in the of two games with Ellyson Field hand when he struclfout the first thirrl inning after successive here I ast week-end. man to face him in the top of the doubles by Dirtier and Hines. "Joe" is a native of Concord, ninth. However the portsider Kierner succeeded weaver on Mass., and played semi-pro ball su:idenly weakened and -passed the the monnd but lasted only two at Greenwood, S.C., before j()ln-next man who reached second when innings, at which time Franlfs ing the Army. Hines dro-pued Brown's throw on himself strode to the pitch-1----------------la fielder's choice. With two oo Tyndall hurling staff, was the d er' s box amid good-natured rib-an one out, Weaver singlerl to obvious of coaches Dronbing from the stands. bring the pair in and tie the FRANKS AND WEAVER STAR gaJ;.Teki and BQsby, while "Jtmior score. Southard then walked the Birr too)( the JOOtni for Ellyson. Although a backsto-n by trade, next two men and Weaver crossed p The pensacola team got off to Franks gave a good performance a four run lead -in their first the plate with what -proved to be on the hill. He gave u-p two the nargin of victory, on an in two innings, but T/F came bac)( hits and allowed one run,_ but the field out. in their half of the second with important tallies had been made 3 runs and then in the third, TYNDAtL RALLY FAILS and the Tyndall team won a well-Edwards doubled to bring Hines In Tyndall's half of the mnth, earned 6-2 contest. The Ellyson in with the tying run. Hines and Eklwards, the first two star climaxed hisbrief pitching Ellyson broke the tie with a batters, flied out. Red" Tarr assignment by whiffing Lou Ed-run in the fourth and held the was sent in to pinch hit for wards, Tornado slugger, for the lead tmtil the seventh when Eddie Rheems, who had re-placed Mender final Tyndall out. Matonak singled -and Didier sac-son in left field. Tarr came playing honors for the visitors rificed him to second. -Edwards through with a single to keep were shared by Franks and Weaver. then connected for another two the game alive and Brown pranptly Although switched to the thir d baser to even the score. With singled to send Tarr t o third. saclf early in the first game, two outs and Edwards on second, With the tying and winning runS Weaver performed with the ease the bOilrd of strategy decided to on base, it was decided to send and grace of a major leaguer. lJUt in a i>incn hitter for yanderin a pinch hitter for S edmak_ He was a dangerous man at th!'! son. This was it. Lt. D r ongowski nlate, getting five hits in his 'BUZZ' HITS IN PINCH scanned the players in the dug-nine times at bat. After a brief conference, out and finally motioned for ELLYSON TAKES LEAD IN 2ND GAME On Snnday the two teams took the field again; the Tornadoes honing to make it two-in-a-row and avenge their double defeat of several weeks ago, and Ellyson looking for an even split, Lefty Southard, bacl

page 14 THE TYNDALL TARGET Band Box 1 N POST THEATER FILM Brown Bombers For too past few SUndays, mem-Well, tbe oosth is still on the bers of the squadronhave taken go, world111; as bard as ever, but all prizes offered at the uso we wonder bow 10111; they can keep for various card games. English goi111;. '1'he old band seeJIIS to be and Carter teamed up to take falling apart. They have been bingo honors, and the tst/Sgt. loosing quite a few men lately. continues to be choosey about Tbe first three and mst 1Japortpartners so that oo lreeps on Winant men lost were Cpl. Ned Betts9 ning at whist .. f1 rst sax player in the dance your reporter isn1 t on the ball band, who started back to college, in reportihg at this late date, then trey lost Cpl. Sii(Oye, first but Blackmon and Yotmg, accomtrombone player, and Cpl. Bill panying the post Red Caps to Barnes, first tnbllpet player 1n F.glin Field on May ao, just about too dance baoi. ran off with all the honors at a Now comes word from the band little track meet up there. that Wednesday two of the lead Blackmon is very pleased with his trumpet players will return to cigarette lighter, thanlr you. college. They are pfc. paul Seems to be the birthday IIX)nth Rollins and pfc. J8111es Cockrell. around here. Sgt. ThoqJson gave Also, Phil Vance and Jack Wilson a party on the fifteenth, and are waiting to go into A/C train-while the tstjSgt. attained the ing and expect to leave soon. ripe old age of 28 on the 23rd, Jiany Connif is waiting to go to he claimed oo couldn't throw one ocs, too. At this rate what is tmtil the eagle scremned again. W/O yissal going to do for a Late again in mentfoning it, band? If anyore bas any suggestbut on May 10 we lost-ten men to ions that might settle our prob-FrJnces Langford, glamorous a Signal Service at LBng-lem, turn them into pfc. Stein singing favorite of radio and ley Field, va. The ten included or Barthowmew, writers of the the screen, is featured In Unl-_ Sammy Graves, a member of the Band Box. versa.l's "Cowboy In Manhattan." original cadre oore. Sone of the We see that pfc. Bartholmew The picture Is scheduled to be others got a break in that the has returned f'rom his loJ1!; alfaitshown at the Post Theater next field is 1n the vicinity of their ed furlough, and what did he do homes. but bring the little wife with Sunday and Monday. About tenmore over age nen arehim. We welcome her and hope she l--------------1 sweating out their discharge and likes the nice warm cl illlate of early 1n the season. Due to the tryi111; to get tooir applicaticns stmny Florida. loss of men they can be forgiven, in before the end of the month, Well, the 3J8th dance band made but we hope sonething will happen so that the present strength, a anotoor trin to Apalachicola Mon-that will put them back in the considerable reduction from the day night to play for the-GI 1 s original 275, is expected to go there. we hope they enjoyed the The band welcones two new men down still IIX)re. dance. into the organization who arrived We extend best wishes and The field has probably been a little over a week ago. They hopes for a speedy recovery to wondering what has happened to are pvts. Albano and Siciliano Major Fleming who has been ill the 308th' s sof'tball team that who came into theband from Miami. these past few days. gave a good acctthlt of themselves -Sgt. Tilton -Cpl. Marvih Carter. TYNDALL TOM MY ...... ) LETTERS TO THE EO/TOR The Ed1 tors: Will the obnoxious gent who wrote the editorial on grits, placi111; tooir orig1natim. on the_ southerners, please note thar 1' grits have been proved as de-finitely not a typical southern dish. The majority of rebels never tasted grits before getting into the service. 'l'h!s was proved by interviewing a number of good in Squadron c. By now, it should be general information that grits was orig inated by the Spartans, who in cluded this food in their diet because it built strong,-large men who llere needed as warriors. In Greek legend is the famous wrestler Antaeus who was always victorious as lo'l!; as he touched the earth. He is one of the world's greatest characters, trained on a diet consisting ot a grit, honey and fruit. Thus the assumption-that grits are known as a typically southern dish has been vigor ously refuted by a hand-picked committee of dyed-in-the-wool nrebelS" of Squadron C. -A Representative LEDBETTER


June 26, 1943 THE YNDALL T ARG T page 15' YANKWIZ By BOB HAWK Quizmtr "THANKS TO THE YANKS" Sa tu C I S 1 How many bones have you in your leg from the knee to the ankle? 2 Give within three pounds the weight of a black bear at the tine it is born. 3 Is it possible for a man 10 POINTS EACH 6o 70 Fatr 70 -Bo Good Bo 90 EXcelLent 90 100 Superior 7 Are identical twins both boys, both girls or can they be mixed-i.e., one boy and one girl? B What is the difference between a person who is dogged and a person who is cowed? who never marries to be a groCIII? 9 If you ate a t;ypical Contin-ental breakfast every morning, 4 A hammer, a drum and an which of these foods would not vil are all found in what part of be incltrled orange juice, rolls the human body? and chocolate? 5 Why is it that when making a picture, actresses usually have to get up earlier than the actors? 6 Which would be more tender hi te from a piece of meat that had been cut with the grain or across the grain? DO NOT SHOV E your s un gogg l es up on your h e lm e t w h en not in us e It's a handy place to keep them-but the reflection make s an ideal bulls-eye for the enemy. YANKWIZ ANSWERS 1 Two. 2 The conmon black bear weighs less than a pound when it is born. 3 yes a servant in charge of horses is a grocrn. 4 They are'all,found in the ear. 5 Because their make-up takes longer; usually they have to ave their hair done every morn6 The bite that has been cut across the grain. 7 They are always both boys or both girls. B Dogged: obstinately determined, tenacious. Cowed: Frightened, depress ed with fear, abashed, daunted, terrified. 9 orange juice. Continental breakfast consists of rolls, coffee or chocolate and marmalade. 10 TUrtleneck: on a sweater. Bottleneck: on a production line. Littleneck: on a plate in a restaurant or in the sand or mud on the Atlantic Coast. 10 Where would you be apt to firxl a turtleneck, a bottleneck, {lJld a 11. ttlenecl



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