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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 23 (July 3, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
July 3, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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p :.. 4 -" .... -. :/:; '. I :;J;1 j -. :. .' > ':' -.. Pu&.ISBBD SATURDAYS BY THE SP.CIAL SERVICJ;S POR PERSON JaL OF THE AIJ FLEXIBLE GUNNERY SCHOOL, TYNDALL FIELI,l, PLOJtlt>A. CopJ pr.;p.-ted Under Supervision of. Publ"ic;Relation1 Officer Special CottrniJndiitg: Capt. Owe'ft O.'::,Fre-an S. Stranatha n Photolr:IIPiaie PubHc R-elationa Officer: Lt. J ., Lt, Willi-B Pr.at t ..... Editoril' Stlif:f;''.Sgt. Arnold'llilcaten, Sat Saul Sajof, Cpl. Neil Pooser, P.to P.R. Nickles. .,._ Art Work: ora' l S/Sgt. Fred H. Slade, Cpl. llan.,_ll Goodman ; ., Photogri!Piry ilnd Reprocilction: 111/Sgt. W. Bu1b.y, T/S&t I. Ca1tle, S/S&t J Mitchell, : S&t F. Oturchill, Sgt, s. Upchurch, Cpl W. Crout. ,Ci. Neit ... rt, Pvt L. Shaw, S/S&t J. llont'COIIIery, S/S&t R. P < .Terry, Set J llauicli: S/Sat. J Webater, Pvt. W. Danieh,"'QII, E. 'Tackett, Pfc. H. Care; Pvt. R. Chapman. The rjnitall'Taraet receive supplied ll)' Caap Rpaper Service, war Dept., aoe B. 4and st., lf.T.C. Credited satertal aa)' not be wttllout prior p o .raiaelon rro a Caajl (fewsp'Oper se.rvice. RECOMMENDED READiNG Some advice, or rather a friendly suggestion to th.,e otficer and enliiited personnel of Tyndall Field, is o f FORCE, of fici&!:. j mo'nthl,y publication of the iin1 t'ecf states Amy .Forces.. .. Several hundred copies of the magazin e are shipped to thHi tield. each month and made available via the Special Service Officer. through the various squadron reading rooms' ; Just the titles of articles in a recent issue make romance itself. Contents of the June issue, for in : Advice From a Veteran tor.,, Every Fighter Pi lot; The of Short. y Gordon Belly Turret Gunner; Factors in Hitting the Silk'From' High Altitude; Life in Kid-Africa; Why it pa:ys 'to_ understand proper. use of oxygen, and so on. The point is that here is an otticial publication of the Air Forces, issued at considerable expense to better intorm you ot your job and its many problems. And, its a thoroughly masculine magazine ably edited and presenting its reading,material in inter est-provoking style. It isnt a production of ama teurs aft4 tts chock tull ot A-1 art. rts more on the serious side--no cheesecake--but aerial wartare is a serious business and that the topic in which it specializes. tou wont go wrong reading it, anyway. The point THE AKERICAN'S CREED "Breathes there a. ma.n with soul so dea.d, who never to himself ha.th sa.id, this is my own, my native land." ---SCOTT I believe in the United States of America., as a. fovernment of the People, by the people, for the People; whose just Powers are derived from the consent of the fOVerned; a democracy in a ret>u.blic; a sovereifn nation of many sovereifn states; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice and humanity for which American patriots sacrif iced their lives a.nd fortunes. I therefore believe it i s my duty to my country to love it, to support its constitution, to obey its constitution, obey its laws, to respect its fLaf a.nd to defend it afainst enemJes. The American's Creed by WiLLiam Tyler Pafe was adopted by a.n Act. ef Confress, April 6 1Q18 8: 00 A. M .. Mass 9:00 A.M protestant day School 10:00 A.M ounners Mass at Theatre 10:00 A.M protestant wor ship Service 11:00 A.M. .ounners protestant service at Theatre 11: 15 A.M Mass 7:30 P.M Evening worship MONDAY 5: 30 p.}1 I I I. I M8SS TUESDAY 6:30 PM Mass 7:30 p.M .. Fellowsh1p Club WEDNESDAY 12:15 p.M protestant worship service 5:30 PM .............. Mass 7:30 PMChoir Rehearsal THURSDAY 5: 30 p, M Mass FRIDAY 5:30 PM .. Mass 7:30 PM .. Jewish 'Service SATURDAY ,: 6z30 PMMass 7:00 PM Conressions (Also, the Chaplain will hear conressions anytime he iQ present at the Chapel) ot thie e4itor1al il to call your attention to publ1c&t1on and let you be the judge ot its merits. tou will not be d11a1Jl'o1nted. OUR COMBAT SPIRIT A commendation tor the oombat epirit or Air Forces men now overleat, written by General BH Arnold, is containe4 in the ourrent Air Foro magazine. General Arnold, AAF Commanding General, wrote the tribute atter returning trom a flight to the war theatere. It tollowes The outtttndJnf Jmpr111Jon ftJned durJnf my vl1Jt to the AlrJctn, IJddle B11t tnd 11r B11tern thtr ww th1t every younf oiiJcer md 111lJeted combet cretr .,.,.,., lvd the ul:mo1t con/Jtnce Jn hJm11ll, Jn hl lellw end Jn the equipment he ueJnf eo ellectJvely, BYery AJr 1orcee men preptrlnf lor oombt hould ftln Jncrd ln1pJrttJon !ram the eupreme coniJdence tnd llfhtJnf Plrlt ol our comrd over n,o,. frho hw loufh t the .,.,y hve no doubt 11 to the out come ol thl r. Comb1t or member c1n meet 1ny enemy on equ1l terma, They prl theJr equJpment and would, not exchnf typ ol Jrpln Their Jnten loytlty tnd mututl J1 everywhere PPrtnt. z proudly .commend the florJoua camb1t 1plrlt ol AJr tore llfhtln men over TheJr tdmlrtbl tmPl thould Jn1pJre every oiiJcer tnd enlltd mtn to n l nd frtr en lor the chtllenflnf t11k &hetd. Fire at No. Jl the JCipCI Not at No. 21 It's the RussiCin nile Mltaublahl 98, Cl low-wing light L -18, Cl low-wing, single-seat tighter bomber and rtconnalaaance plane powered by an In-line engine. The powered by a radial engine. It has wings are swept back slightly on l. a long cigar a hap ed fu11la;e. The the l eading edges and swept forI ed;ea of both the winga and the ward sharply on the trailing edges tallp'lane taper to rounded tlpa. The to rounded tips. Leading edges of landing gear I a flxed and It haa a the tailplane are swept back and alngle fln and rudd er. the trailing edges are rounded. 1 Ceurte1y Harcourt, lraca l Co., publl1her1 Aircraft lpottar1, by Le1ter Ott.


July 3, 1943 YOUTHS TO "OPEN HOUSEW IS TO BOOST INTEREST IN CADET PROGRAM Tyndall "Field's flight line will be the site of an nonen heusen for all prospective aviation cadets and their friends here tomorrers of the atrl ience may answer questions which stump the contestants and if a -correct answer is volunteered, a bottle of beer will be awarded.


Q.JESTION: WAS THE M)ST MEMORABLE FOURTH OF JULY YOUIVE EVER SPENT? II and Photos By SGJ'. ezoR(E NE ITZI!'RT SGt. IRA SOLONOI, Beaver latts, fa.; Squadron A ins troctcw: "I dont think Ill ever forget last f ourth --I s ade final for Y sarriage on the 15th to the gat on MY PHOTO (This is the third appearance of the Target's newest feature. A nyone desiring to submit his favorite photo for publication is welcome to do so.) Lt. Walter J McKinsey, Statistical Officer, is the proud possessor of this week's favorite photo. Lt. MqKinsey's ac quaintance with Miss Katharine Hepburn is not confined to a photograph alone, as he met the stage and screen star in Indianapolis several years ago at the opening of 'The phila delphia Story, the play which skyrocketed Miss Hepburn back to fame after movie magnates believed she was through. The picture which Miss Hepburn presented to Lt. McKinsey was lost in a tropical storm here last summer. However, the lit!utenant was shown the above photo by an unknown B .ff l ., y GI recently, and through devious methods, obtained same. AUI. HELEN ROACHE, u a o, ; Office of the Dif"ecto-r of flying: one of the most popular and respected officers on the post, this coluan should be sent to the Editors, Tyndall Target, post Headquarters. A TIRED LAMENT \..e are always able to 'WUlk Tho were never able to talk To the men driving cars. We walk from the Club to the line' You will admit it takes plenty of time HailJ To the men driving cars. They will look at us as they drive by With a glance ever so sly, HailJ To the men driving cars. Rides are scarce these days, The men who stopped have gone other ways. HailJ To the men driving cars. -Tiredly Yours All Wslkedout ---''1HAT1 S li'IERICA." I met tv.o crops todayIn a friendly sort of v.ay. Here -for a stayJ Fran places far c:w:J.y. Knight and Cbl:um they ooJ JUst reglar fellows) seeJ But with it allJ youll agree) Ho.v they ve fought to be free. "Last 1ouf"th of Juty, which I Lt. McKinsey hails from Chicago, Illinois. Previous to his spent with 11y boy frierld at Point Army career he was connected with several large department Avi11 on the Canadian side of Lake stores as a research director. He was assigned to Tyndall if"ie, 1a1s cef"tainLy o ne of the Field in June, 1942. and shortly thereafter set up the field' s HeroesJ shucks) not they sost enjoyabLe fouf"ths Ive ever 1-f_i_r_s_t_s_ta _tl_s_t_l_c a l d _e_p_a_r_t_m_e_n_t_._ They clont feel that way. had." Ask thantheyll just fn{ A.l.c. GRACE BIALKIK, PortLand, Oregon; Libr-arian: "I had just hose after an extended to Satt Lake City last yeaf", and I 1<.0s so glad to be back. the fact that I returned on the of July onLy sad e e sof"e of the joy of being ho!ae." 3Gf. JILLARD LANBIRf, Opetousas, LoubiaM; Gimner: "(}n July IJ, l91Jl, I to a celebration at Iaf!Lan, Loublana, an4 had a rip.. -"''f"tinr Uu. I stiLl get a bit tdleMvef" I f"ecat L one of concessions. fhis booth ofjef"ing a to anyon e couLd catch theif" tf"eased pig/, rnasmuch as in the past two weelrs w e have had but one request t o continUe this column w e believe that .the petition of the field's ranking staff sergeant, Frederick Gilmore, should be honored. Comparable only to the Fort ltYers shipment of last Spring 'III!IS this week s exodus of those 1)mdall men who brlfVed the rains l!ftlC1 sl11lC1 here in January, 42 Barracks are pock-marked with spaces where familiar cots once stood --hangers are swinging idly on the racks where once they were burdened with khakis and o.n.s --the daily cleaning ebores will be divided 81110ng fewer En -and the chow lines will be shorter Mlii1Y of our number have left, more "ill follow soon. Perhaps some "ill be sent h ere to take their place, for the Anny maintains that no man is irreplaceable. We M>n' t argue the point, but the 'Joe w ho slept in the b.mk next to yours, lflld tlte 'Jim' you went to town with, to be forgotten so soon by the men who remain. boys who left Tyndt. _ll duJo-1qs the last 14 days were for the most part the fellows who ulayed an import81lt role in the growth of this field from its infant stage. Their names are far too mnnerous to mention but they are inscribed 1n indelible ink on the inside cover of a book entitled, Wfyndall Field AAF .Flexible Gun nery Sdlool." LOOSE ENDS: An unofficial statement by one who should know revealed that to there have been 10 births in the new depend en t s ward. None were twins or triplets Few are the trials lfl1d tribulation9 you 6t the PX soda fountain section these days. Either they have 'Vinilla or they don't. (1he latest word at the cause for the hike in the price of the crelJill is that the girls hlfVe been clips. Will someone please check that?) The only casualty resul from the recent excessive downpours was that suffered by the orderly room porch 11t Skunk Hollow where, the story tM> subnarines cr11shed into the steps the for their 'mother ship. l).lcky v.asn t their clay. It 1 s the m::mner of rren they be J That so sincerely i..rTIJ!:I;lssed me. I salute with my mightJ Tho gunners ncmld Corum and Wright. -A Navy Chap IUJN--D__..,.T_R...,.ri?.,... Were going there, but were coming back; Every man that sails away. For the ru11et nrus t -to make you dust; Have your name on it -but nay; And the piece of shell -you ride to he11 Must have your A. S.N. inscribed And the poison fumes your lung consumes Must know just where you hide, I111 make a vow-the day I leave To came back across the foam .Safe and sound-of life and limb To end my days -at home. -pvt, W. Squadron F She: 'I have to keep in shape. I'm a model and I hVe to watch my figure. Pvt: 'Forget about your filfure. There is no use in both of us watching it.


July 3, 1943 W AC-tivit:ies Two of the ten radio girls, on their first day at Tyndall, ques tioned their we1come to the field when, while walking past the gar den across from the WAAC Company Mess Hall, saw luscious ripe tomatoes being thrown at them. Soon enough, however, they real ized that the tomatoes were being given to them through the generosity of the gardener. Now, they occasionally stop by to get a tomato or time to sniff the scent of the roses. Soldiers, but ladies still, and we like flowers. THE TYNDAlL TARGET YA

NEWS FROM THE Squadron E ci,ara were definitely pouring down on the squadron this paat week eapecially from the first serceant'a office. Congratulation are extended to the former T/S1t. C.S. Hafer upon his promo tlon to maater. A/C'a wer. e certainly exhibit ing aome,of their unusual talents lately! It seems that they thoucht the landscaping needed a little improvement around the barraekal They even went to the trouble of building a new boardwalk. Tbata it boys! YoiJ've gotten into the swing of thincs here at Tyndall Tech. Not at No. J I It's the u s. Republic P-43, often referred to as the "Lancer." Paints of recognition: low wing monoplane with full dihedral; leading edges of wings tapered slightly to rounded tip; trailing edge of wings and elevator e llipti cal; leading edge of tail plane tapered sharply. Landing gear retracts inward. Blast No. 21" It's the Japanese Navy two-seater fighting plane, Type 98 "S." This low wing monoplane is equipped with a single radial engine and has a semi retractable landing _gear. Note that the trailing edge of the very slight dihedral wing forms part of an ellopse. Also that the J .,ading edge of the tail plane is tapered and the trailing edge of elevators are rounded. Squadron 8 I One of our student gunners grad :uating this week, Master Sergeant I';Tathan Spiegler, has had seven and a half years in the Army and 3,000 hours in the air as crew chief and radio man. In civilian life, Sgt. Spiegler was doing experimental work for RCA. UpoJ1 advice of officials of that comp:auy, he entered the Army to go to school at Fort Monmouth, N. J., where he was graduated with a superior rating, receiving and sending code at the rate of 50 words a min ute. He was assigned as personal radio man to a high-ranking Air Force of ficer and has been on several good will missions to Central and South America. One of his proudest possessions in a letter he received from the Presi dent of the United States commend ;ing him for heroism in evacuating tcivilians from earthquake-torn Chile Another proud possession is his ;Picture album, containing more than 2,000 interesting and unusual photo graphs from the interiors of Central and South America. Now di11ing up bhe weekly digs and dirt. Everytime A/C Cock rill opens his eyes in class there is a broom waiting for him. Who waa the gadget that skipped reveille formation the other morn ing and ade the huge opening in the ceiling? Could the student officers be peeved cadets for singing the Second Lieuten ants Are At It Again. If not, why were they halted by a passing field official and requested to aing The Air Cadets Are At It Again. Kenrich's gal friend is no sand hog, but is working under pressure! Braggart A/C Kaplan doeant mention his shooting score anymore! Could it be that the buck he lost to Kirschaum has quieted him down. If A/C Bur atein keeps up with .those hot lettera, we vouch he will be married by proxy. Doran, shhh, he' a atill an eager beaver, Hea atill wondering how Dixmore eked out four points to beat him in the -laat ex8111. Who s face was red? AjC Kaplan's heart was in hia mouth while out on one of the ranges, we wonder if it was due to trigger itch. A/C Pat Healy wishes he would get a slice of his own cake. Better put in an other order, Pat me boy. He holds a permanent technical sergeant rating and a temporary 1--------------------r-----------------..... master rating. He's been in eight What sgt. stood at a corner in Panama City and asked the passing girls if they were from Weatern Union? Can anyone identify the young lady that was walking with Qpl. Moley and Pfc. Livingston in Panama City? Waa Windys Sunday night date a real WAAC Of fleer or was he just lciddinv The boys would like to know. Miller Todd isn't like the rest of the boys as he gets blottod on three bottles of 'Rec Hall Beer. Will someone tell Bruce Ryan he'd have to have bugs in the head in stead of where he had them in order to get in Section 8 The boys of Squadron E still think that the boys in Squadron F are a bunch of Jerks regardleas of laat weeks incident. No personal reflections, 'fellows. Squadron A Squadron A spent a busy week-end biddi11g farewell to the class 43-26 and welcoming in the class of 43-32, and a fine looking group of men they are, even if they do say so them selves. The instructors also spent a hectic two days "boning" up on their rets. We now have quite a little group of "turret specialists" in Squadron A. Some fun, eh fellows? To the class of 43-32 -You will' Jl;lend the next six weeks with us. will b e times when the going IS but remember your instructQI: is trying to turn out the best gunners he can and the things he does, though they may seem wrong you, are for your own good Give h1m your wlfole-hearted cooperation and your stay at Tyndall will made much easier. We all wish good-luck through school. Squadron F The "Boston Bombshell," Cpl. De laney, is back again from furlough and once -again his familiar voice rings above the clatter of the coke bottles as he announces "business is business." We've heard a lot about six-rhan football teams and as yet have. not seen this innovation. But Cpl. John M. Wilkerson was an all-state right end on a six-man squad in Oklahorna. We like the "military manner" of the new W AAC group which march es by Squadron F singing the "Strip Polka" with gestures. One passerby remarked, "Well, I've seen everything now," but he was wrong. First came the Dutchmen, then the French, then the Cadets, then t.b.e Waacs and finally, we understand, after only a year and a half of activ ,ity, Tyndall Field is going to the dogs. That new ruling abotit neckties is a very welcome change, but news reaches us that tj'le ties must be kept on your person -at all times. In other words we wear them in the _rear,' right pocket, now, fello's. Kadet Kapers Here are some recent convers(\-. tions hereabouts: Big Little Deal IKichincoe): "Let's go over and meet those Wa.acs." Little Big Deal (Cogger): "Let's. sit tjght and play hard to get." Mis Deal (Casey): "Let's have another round of beer.'' PERSONALITIES:.. "Peg Leg''' Hartman, the man who went to breakfast. The first shillalah ever to cu .fro m Ireland was whittled from A C Duff Hanafy's family tree. Duffy's post war aims are the revival of Tammany Hall, nickel beer and free lunch. -A/ C "Gabby" Ha-lpern : Headline in the Beacon, Hempstead, N.Y. 'GI NURSES WEAR PANTS: O!l.,Y. Skunk Hollow Well, here it is another week at the ole Skunk Hollow. We do believe tbat the Gulf has moved up to, and through, the Skunk Hollow area. Several subs and large fish have been sighted off one end of the ordjrly rdom porch. Capt. Rummel has thought several times of bringing his boat but decided the waves were too large and couldn't attempt it. It seems that the ole Hollow is the resting place of the perman ent personnel; SO men from Tyn dall Field were assigned here to go through school at the rate of three a week. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, does anyone have any ABC or T for S/Sgt. Kempner and his olds as he averages ten to the mile in that nest little job of his Pfc. Shellnut has finally arrived from the Dept. of Training and will no longer be able to snow that little de-icer, Miss Fay Pfc. Vickers left our little Hollow for Patterson Field, Ohio. .r.. Sgt-. George (Worrybi rd) Carter has a new job in the squadron as chief clerk, and believe me it's a job here in this squadron T/Sgt. Dison was made first ser geant. Congratulations, Dison. Of course he looks like a Zebra, butthen they seem to fit his sleeve just right. Squadron C The students of Flight Four, had their first good view of the mighty metropolis of Panama City Saturday night. TjSgt. Horn is going around muttering never again (not til the next time)T/Sgt. Hall, They sold -us a two-bit steak for a buck and a quarter (they saw you coming, men) SjSgt. Lateen, At that price, they must hav!! sold me the glass too, (he'still has it). SjSgt. Juneau was seen cutting the rug on the USO dance floor. Gargantua was seen taking in a blood and thundeL western. and later seen with the Navy! (howa al;>oot that) From now on, Barracks 4 will be .,knowna The House of Hangovers! -Pv.t. Ivan Hallock airplane accidents, but flying is his "one love" and he always comes ba.ck for more. Recent changes in our officer perSQnnel: Lt. David H Goldbold, Jr., adjutant and supply officer; Lt. Wil bur B Baptist, flight instructor; Lt. Russell J. Hertz, flight instn-1ctor. -Sgt. E Leber. Squadron D Squadron D--;Tojo's jinx-is slight'ly off the beam these days in the landscaping around the area. What's the matter, boys, too many Waac to distract you? Speaking of Waacs, the students, believe it or not, seem to be making better headway than the permanent party. Thompson and Ma:rx excluded, of course. Sgts. Blanchard and Morgan were taking a stz:oll the other day and they stopped in to say hello. From. the looks of things they'll soon be in the pink and back to work. It's been too long to have you boys away, so hurry out of the hospital. Blanchard did have a strange light in his eye, though, when we saw him. All he say was, "That does it! From now on I bleed for no one. They can see the chaplain.'' We wonder what he meant. Sgt. Sol Haber finally came back, although in bad shape. He took unto himself a life partner and we wonder when the new boss will fol low him down. For a change, the students actual .ly enjoyed a class here. No fooling, the class in Tactics as given by Sgts. Wright and Coburn mad,e the students quiet to the point of rever ence as they listened wide-eyed to the first-hand information. Cpl. ToiTf Murphy, Section 15, was indeed a pleasant surprise to the topkick. They both were inducted together up in Yankeeland and are neighbors. They haven't seen each since that day and Murphy : he took Thompson home after they ,sampled "Joisey Beer" together. .Was it 3.2?


HORTON CRACKS IP, EVANS EXERCISES RESTRAINT sit. William C. Norton, former-. ly a maintenance man, is now work ing as a flight chief, He and S/Sgt. nBooger powell they're really going to get this place non the ball." They also keep tab on "PT" time -that's why /they're so well liked.by all the boys. The dance at the new hangar was a huge success, and one of the most im:>ortant reasons why 1 t was so is because Sgt. W.A. Evans didn't waltz around the floor or sing with the band, Let's have more of these dances --in the harigar. They' re enjoyed by all, ttieyi re great mrale boosters and they certainly break the monotony. Mi\..10 R PROBLtM What will SjSgt. ncrashn Elliott do if he ever is sent to combat? Gene is w orried about it 'lecause shoold he be s ent a way he /Nould have to leave his motorcycle ("Old Faithful ) here in the u.S. -and without his 1 cycle he would be lost -es-pecia11y on a JOO<>nlit M 1 S I AY EG, HOLTON AND KOONTZ flOW did 8 /Sgt. ll(;lru clrit yisia veg and S_Aigt. Ben Holton receive the nickname of Dunkirque?" They both refuse to enlighten us sjsgt. Donald o. Koontz of the tech department certainly nsweated rut" his fUrlough. 'His latest difficulty is the of for the .trip home, He is a native of Itt41ana .and he remarked the other day that he had a wonderfUl dream .one night. He dreamt that the chair man of the ration board wall!ed up and presented. him tb a carton of gas cOU"pOns. Does anyme have any extra coupoos that they would 11 ke to donate to 'tbe cause? -SOMElli iNG NEw Some thing new has been added to the Line Engineering off1ce.and it's none other than that well-known personage, Cpl. oliver. Bolivar Lindsey (ex-Cpl. Lindsey' of orderly room fame). pvt. Lindsey recently returned t'rom an extended furlough during which he had na hot time." He also added that he kinda wishes he hadn't gone. C IV I L1 AN EMPLOYES Very little has been said in the Target about our civilian employes. The excellent work they have been doing here de serves some recognition, and now is as goOd a time as any to pass out the orchids. Merely as. a matter of fo1'111 we wUl start those who work )fell-known ball. .,!n headquarters. .AI thrugh there ODDS AND EJIDS are only four, they are the-Who is that buck sergeant that work of a do21en. First there is worn in the departMiss Georgia Calloway, secretary ment and goes around singing to the C011111aming Officer, AdjuSweet Eloise all day tan t, Assistant Adjutant, yess Sgt. H 8 Miller has withdrawn officer, physical Training Of-from towing targets and has taken fleer and Sergeant-wa.1or' s Assisto window shopping at the jewelry tant. Next comes MrB Emily onstores ... Cpl. Brawner has been ley, a hard working yomg lady in saae secret calls of late the message center, central, file to Ap&laeh. se comes into the roan and headquarters supply. We Line Engineering off'ioe, picks uo have one more female employe, the phone, says, "()utside, and Miss JUdy Grace (Tropical Solend-then steals off to a comer. All or) Harrison, chief cook and we have ever been able to hear is bottle washer of the orderly Elsie, room. With all her repor ts, '-==.:_-----:--:--:-:::---rosters and regulations to keep 'LoM a ten,' .said the corpin order she is kept pcetty busy. oral as corporals sanetimes do. 1 Sure, said the private as Lastly, and by no ess important is Ira Longernecker, lnl!lly a sucker has done before him. _,, 'But remember,' he added, this who, in addition to his duties as janitor at headquarters is only until pqdwy.' has taken upon himself .the task The corporal turned a vivid red. of beautifying the grounds adja'You'll your money. But cent to the building. Ii'lowers for cripes sake stop hounding am plants used are fUmishe-d at me.' his own expense, planted and carWe hope you haven't ed fo' r on h i s own tinie; 1We want .the little farm girl who always him to know that w e apProeciate went out with city Fellers be-i::'ause the farm hands were too his efforts. Next week the SlK)tUght will be rough. turned on the personnel of Air It's still said the mellf'les t mllf'l Corps Sup'l)ly Also, we might add in the world is the ventriloquist that yrs, Hilda Dtmn, our switchwh o thro ws his v o ice under the l :JOard operator is ever 0! the old bed. TYNDALL TOM MY ..... .. LEDBETTER THERE IT IS-OUR OBJECTIVE ... WHEN WE F\NISH HEREADOLPH WILL HAVE PLENTY OF l-\EADACH


Page 8 THE TYNDAlL TARGEI' PATROLS CENTERFIELD PASTURES FOR TORNADOES RED CAPS DQt.IN NAPIER, FLORIDA OPEN GOLF CHAHP 6-2; WILL PLAY AT MAR I ANNA SUNDAY The uost colored team traveled to Dothan last Slmday and showed the Na-pier Field nine a f'ew diamond tricks in handing them a 6-2 Weaks was on the mormd for the Jed CalJs, working effectively in lbdting the ovwsition to 4 hits. He wa5 headed for a shutout rmtil the ninth when errors by Ranctle and Dawkins -permitted two enemy nms across the plate. Leftf'ielder Mayo was the big gun for the Red Ca-ps with 3 hits in f'ive tries. Davis, first base man, was credited with the long hit of the gatre, a dooble. '!he Tyndall team will play away S(Sgt. Eddie Hatonak of t he Medics ispictured above with his during the weekend. They are favorite war club. Whil e a n average at the plate, scheduled to meet the Marianna Eddie's forte is fie lding. He has a reputation for makina the nine in the third game of their hard ones look easy and He is a native of "hffl!e and hone" series. grift, Pa., and P .layed ball with that state's semi-pro champ ions in 1939 and 19qQ. GM AND OM BOWLERS TIED FOR FIRST; 69th DROPS 3 Com-petition in Tyndall's GI bowling league contil"l.led to tm.t c h the tetiperature as the Gunnerma.ker anl Quartermaster pin tren remained even up at the close of the weekis bowling. The thud that echoed f'rom the alleys last Tuesday was the 6 9th keglers turrilling down from their f1 rs t place tie to the depths of' the fifth position. The s mooth Zebras shut their e ars to the bench 1ocl 11 3 :a 181 Busb y 18 1 II 313 !eaa !'lora&e: second place honors with the Medics. The QM team kept their highranking perch by virtue of a f'o rfei t by the squadron C team, which has notified the league of its witlxlrawal. Until last Monday, the Cloud Hovper quinte t had high ho-pes of cli mbing to the top with weekly t wo-out-of-three victories, but the Gunnermal

July 3, 1943 .THE 'roillAlL TAR!iJ PageJ! FORT ONE OF STRONGEST ARMY TEAMS TO BE FOE Southard, Flanagan to S har e M ound Duties In Twin Bill One of the s,trongest baseball teams at the Columbus, Ga., Army post, the F ort Benning Rifles, will arrive at Tyndall next Sat; urday to engage the Tornadoes in a twin bill. The Fort Benning team, which 1s touted as one of the best A1'111y Here is the inner cordon of the Fort Benning Rifles baseball team, which is scheduled to meet teams in the south, does not the Tornadoes here in a double header next week-end. From left to right, the players are: limit its roster to enlisted men 'Cpl. Carroli Gazzaro, shortstop; Cpls. Francis Whalen and James Carney, second basemen; Cpl. only, having several officers .James C. Smithers, shortstop; Sgt. Charles Coley, who alternates at first base and the out sprinkled throughout its line-field; Lt. William C. Andrews, former Kitty League star, catcher; Cpl. Paul A. Sorrels, former up. Texas Christian baseballer, third base. Chief among the Benning bar-The first of the two games will be played on Saturday and will begin at 3:00 P.M. Sunday's wearers is Captain William Besc ontest will start at z:oo P.M. Both contests will be played on the athletic field in the rear singer, who was under contract .of. the Post Exchange. to the New York Giants before 1 31, and Johnny Rizzo, who played uED I CS ORDNANCE 1 N tering the Army. The captain is G-the out(ield for pittsburgh, 1'1 not only one of the team's most c CLI N Philadelphia and Brooklyn, are TIE FOR FIRST PLACE dependable hurlers, but also I R teammates now at the Norman (Okla.) Naval Station. Recently, waves a potent bat. He is the their team won two out of three With the present leading Rifles slugger with a from the Waco (Texas) weather playing a large part in B. A. of 429 Field team managed by Lt. Bud1 e the delay, Tyndall 1 s inter-squarl Tebbetts who used to for Anotffir meniler in g ooo standing B A 5 E s Detroit. .. Baseball experts are ronsoftball tournament finally cntheFort Benning pitching staff already looking for the rookie reached the quarterway mark last is Lt. Jack Weston. Lt. Weston of the year--and it's a tough week. Results to date show the is well known to southern baseMajor League manager s are hav-job. Last year that pesky kid Medic and Ordnance softballers ing troubles these days. pesky of the Boston Red Sox was ball fans-as a former flinger for Some of them can't find nine general!y picked as the outstand-tie for first place with records the New Orleans Pelicans. good men to put on the field at ing freshman, although he receive .of 5 wins against no losses. Norman Southard and Johnny one time. others can't find nine ed plenty of co111>etition from Tex Should the nuch speculated upon men, good, bad, or just plain Hughson, Red Sox hurler, or John-Flanagan will share the double terrible. Things got so bad re-ny Beazley, Cardinal righthander-reorganization of squadrons take header mound chores for the cently that Frank Frisch, manager and World Series hero, each of nlace and break up the various Tornadoes. of the Pittsburgh pirates, start-whom won 22 games-. .In 1941 the teams, tffi SPecial Service ON'1ce TYNDALL OFFICERS WIN OVER MARIANNA, 14-1 Pounding the ball to all cor ners of the field, the Tyndall officers easily downed the Mari-, anna Air Base officers atMari-. anna last Saturday afternoon by a 14 to 1 count. It was the eighth straight win of the sea-. son f o r the locals. The attack OQ the Marianna hurlers was led .by the three Tyn dall outfielders. Lt. Me-' Daniel and Lt. Edelman made foJlr hits apiece, w hile Lt. Gibson, who rourrled out the outer patrol, connected safely t hree times. Lt. Drong owski, Tyndall backstop, contributed two home runs to the victory, while Lt. Johnso n played. rutstanding defensive ball. Lt. Joe G l asser c ontinued to hurl his usual steady brand Qf ball as he chalked uri w .in number eigbt. H e allo wed seven ed h1 ts, but was never in serious trouble. ed working out at third. Frisch rookie of the year was Pistol hadn't played for five years and pete Reiser of Brooklyn, who led nlansto stage a three game series he looked. like Bernard Shaw div-the National League in battif}g, petween the Medics and Ordnance ing for a celery stalk. But two runs, hits, total bases and hot-nines and award the softball Pittsburgh fans, geared to war-dogs consumed per nine-inning time economy, took the tolerant game Back in 1940, the _t6p trCJPhy to the Wi11Jer, view as they say in the stands rookie was peewe-e Reese, also of Standings as of and watched Frankie dive. Who's Brooklyn, who showed experts more that guy? one of them said. sparkle in the short field than .'Looks pretty good. yeah said they could find in a full case of the other one skeptically. But Larry Macphail's best press coop can he go to his right?' It's ... This year's crop of Cpl. Max Baer now. And it's Cpl.: kisses has been kind of skimpy. Buddy Baer, too. The two big Most of the rookies who totboys have been promof;ed. Max, tered into the big league trainformer world's heavyweight champ-ing camps this past spring had to ion, and Buddy who fought Joe tuck their long white beards int.o Louis twice, are stationed at their jerseys to take a full cut the Sacrai!ll!ntO (Cal:) Air Service at the ball. one of them was Al Command where they're teaching Simmons, aged 40, and another one AAF ground crews how to wrestle was Fat Freddie Fitzsimmons, aged and box :Frank Carideo, star 41 Most talked about of the quarterback on Knute Rockne's younger rookie generation this last team and backfield coach at season is Jesse Flores, a sad the State university of Iowa, faced Mexican potato farmer, who reported last Tuesday at th e has won a basket of ball games Naval Aviation Training Station, for the philadelphia Athletics. Quonset Point, Rhode .Dick Wakefield and Joe Hoover, Carideo already has been sworn both of Detroit, have been imipto the Navy with the rank of pressive to date. over in the Lt; j g, Char ley Ge lbe rt, National League, the IJriz'e rookie Cardinal shortstop in. 1930 and ackage is a fel_low named Stanky. w L PCT. lledics !I 0 1. 000 0 rdn ance !I 0 1.000 69th 4 1 0 0 Ounne raakers 4 1 Q.ll. 3 2 diOO 1 1 2 3 Fin. & Band 1 2 4oth 1 3 21:0 344th 1 3 2110 a11oth 0 2 0 343rd 0 3 0 44&th 0 3 0 0 34!lth 0 s 000 who playa second base Cubs. Stanky, whose name rhymes with Hanky, was voted the valuable minor league player last year when he batted for yil waukee. If he hits 343 for ,Chicago, Manager Jimmy Wilson will dance a polish mazurka from Wrigley Field to the Loop .And that the man said when he finished his five cent cigar brings us t'o the end of th.l rope. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers"


Page 10 THE TYNDAlL TARGEl' Guardians SKETCH SHOWS WHY.DIH-OUT IS NECESSARY The wedding bug has definitely bitten the Guardians, but definitely! Sgt. John L Sissom repeated the marriage vows last Saturd,ay 'l.t the Panama City Baptist church, and Pvt. Ed. Clancy took unto himself a wi fe W..hile, on furl ough, the culmina tion of a five year romance. Our. best -Wishes tQ the two couples. 1f this marriage rush continues there w ill be no class A passes Iefi: in the squadron. Incidentially, the canines that T /Sgt. R. Turne r is training at school won't be shipped to the Guardians until "Red" completes his course. Turner will then proceed to train the. guards on the art of handling the canines whil e walking a post. We To the many people who grumble about the present blackout regulations, the above sketch shows are anxiously awaiting his return. b tl b Cpls John w. Mashburn and N. why it is absolutely necessary that everyone who 1 ives near the waterfront o edien y o serves Menedez are contemplating putting a 11 dim-out ru 1 es. on a musical comedy with original The sketch, by B.O Bjorklund of the Sub-Depot Engineering paint shop, shows how easy it is musical scores. The plot, songs, and to silhouette a vessel against the "skyglow" of a town or city near the water, thereby giving jokes wi ll be origina l but the pilfer-the 1 u rk i ng enemy sub an exce 11 ent opportunity to get in a torpedo. mg of a few musty jokes from Joe Bjorklund, for patriotic purposes, has t urned his sketch over t o the local Office of Civil-Miller's book w ill be excused. ian Defense in the hopes that it can be ef feet i ve 1 y used in their drive t o enforce existing And now Pfc. Steve Thomas h;J..S Port st. Joe under control and _____ r----------------------------------trying to inviegle Pvt. Joe Perrotta RECORD COllECT I Qt.! into joining h is nefarious schemes. For shame, Steve! 'PRES EN TED TO fIELD BANTER: We hear from reliable sources that the love bug has struck Cpl. R. A. and that he spends a ll of h is spare time at St. Andrews .. And that Lts. V. Day and Philpot are great shakes as "boar" hunters! Cpl. C. Calloway, and Pvts. Har" vey and Ludlum are back driving a couple of trucks from Sebring and are gomg about extolling the won derful panoramas of Southern Flori da. (We told them so. ) MAN OF THE WEEK: Pfc. Clar ence Butcher, born in the Bayou country of Louisiana, is our man of the week. C l are;1ce has the distinction of being one of the few persons who has f1ve brothe-rs in the service fou r of whom are overseas. and Thomas are in Australia; Her man and Albert in Africa and Trini" dad, and Roy in Texas. Butcher i s more than proud of his kin but the happiest of the family is his mother who Is proud of the part that her sons are playing in the war effort "Butch" used to be a bus driver back home but is now the Guardians' sup ply clerk and i s well liked by every-' one. Incidentall y Max Butcher th Ph Irate's pitchin g star, is alf brother. Cpl. Sam Marotta. Brow n Bombers For the past week, Pvt. F. (Continued jf'om Page 3) nel for individual library rowing, Owen o. Freeman, custodian of the. records, announced. They are being carefull y sorted and filed to avoid confusion in indexing. There are tw o albums of 12 records each, consisting of such tunes as Gershwin's nRhapsody in Bluen, by Kostelanetz and Alec Wagner's nTannhausern; Bach' s nToccatta and Fuguen; the various Nocturnes; Madame Butterfly; La Boheme; Carmen; and many others, featuring such favorites as Leopold Stokowski's Philadelphia Orchestra, Sir Thomas Beecham's London Orchestra, Felix ner and the Vienna Orchestra. Plans are be1ng formulated to lend the library in individual books to anyone on the the borrower being for their normal care. The Sunday afternoon.programs at the Post '..'heater will be started on July 11, under the control of Warrant. OfficerJoshua Missal, leader of the Tyndall Field Band. Mr. Mis _sal will act as a nDeems Taylor, n telling a brief story of each individual selectionr-Flashes Wortham, better k n own as Dad has been waddlin g around l ike a duck that has hit .high center. Dad will tell you that the h eat Two of ou r most popular White hash doesn t he si tate to throw 8 Flashes, n amely T /Sgt:;. Rowe and 1 ow punch. Moral: Eat your salt Franks, have taken over the Rec tabl.ets and stand at ease. A man Hall. By pulling their rank on that who sweats shou-ld, no rmally take 1cute '!ittl e Pfc. behind the counter. one salt pill per meal so the 1they always manage to get the 1ast authorities say, but the boys in ,few colq bottles of beer. Sgts. w ill the squadron have been taking two pills per dose i n order to comb e sgts. pensate for the extra sweating t h e boys of our squadron 'are to in the chow 1 i ne. b e commended for the big attendance The fellows enjoyed Count Doby at the Rec H a ll last Saturday nig ht. and his Rhythm of Swing down at A similar showing at a gas drill the USO Club on the 27th. The formation would please Lt. Goldsquadron is on the ball all right stein immense l y. with a last Saturday, but Best of luck to.T;Sgt. Graham, we're sweating out that flag. Cpl. Lupoe 8 bragging about the and Cpl. Thompso n who are leavin g squadro.n' s ball club not losing a ror. a long but glorious trek that w ill game reminds some of the gang eventually reward them w ith a pair th.at t he Red Caps have taken the of silver pilot's wings. Sgt. Darrah squadron c'lub twice, even if they s ays h e won't mind drilling, prov id were listed as practice games. ing he doesn' t have to do it alone -Q:>l. Marvin Carter and not on t h e main street-. Wife (to drunken .lvsband): DetJr Sgts. Rowe and Otto nomina t e 1 e t' s /10 to bed. Skinny Elkins a s the guy w h o maRes HusbtJnd: 'Might just lJS well, "Betting Jack Doyle" look like a 1' 11 clJtch hell when I get. home piker. anywey S ;Sgt. Wm. SoJornon WAAC STATIONED HERE WAS AT PEARL HARBOR WHEN JAPS ATTACKED She was born i n Honolulu, Ha waii, and she was in a Honolulu hospital on the tragic December 7, in 1941 Such, briefly, is the history of Cpl. Genevieve Rodrigues, a member of the WAAC Detachment here. Born 27 years ago the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.c. Rodrigues, of Windward, Oahu, T.H., Miss Rodrigues graduated from Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu in 1935, then attended the University of Hawaii for. two years, where she majored in psychology. In college she was active in all sports, such as tennis, volley ball, s wimming, and riding. Her are of Portugese and French descent, and the corporal speaks Portugese "As well as I do she says. After leaving college, she worked in the psychology sectjon of an institution for socially maladjusted girls, anrl later at Bellows Field, where she became the first civilian to publish an army On the fatal December 7, Cpl. was in a about five miles from Pearl Harbor with a case of undulantfever. At 7: 55 in the while eating b reakfast, she heard the sound of and bombs dropping all around the hospital. nwe all thought at first it was the planes from Hicl

JUl_y 3. 1943 By BOB HAWK Qlli&lllllr ''THANKS TO .THE YANKS" Sat11rdays, C I S 1 The skins of how: any' of these are used for maldng shoes horses, reptiles, sheep fish, COWS? 2 In the bird kingdo; who does most of the sing1ngthe male birds, o r the 3 you can think something, but is it correct to say you un-think something? .. 4o Suppose you brought oo.e a dozen eggs from the store and were going to put them in the refrigerator. Would they keep better if you washed them before putting them in or if you put them in w1 thout washing tball? If you say a person is pllllllly, do you that she is just peachyw or that sbe is full ofprunes? 6 Why does rinsing a white linen article 1n bluing make it look whiter instead of blue? AVOID OUTSTANDING landmarks such as lone trees, ro cks or fence corners when seeking cover. Such are easily picked bag always use the faucet. Never dip the cup into the baa nor drink by put ting your mouth .to the faucet. YANKWIZ ANSWERS 1 All five ot tb-. 2 The tMles. 3 yes, it is pe rho tl.r ooP rect.. It 1118ans to obanp JOUP mind about something 01' to 'PUt something out ot your lllDd.. 4 I r you l)Ut th in wi tbout washing them. Washina NIIOVee part of the proteotiw and makes the egg 110re IUbjeet to deterioration. you mean that abe ie juet peachy-it 1119ans that a pereon is very desit"&ble. 6 Because the bluing when properly used just counteract.. tbeJellowish tinge and ettecte a b anced ren.eotlon ot all tQe colors1 tOO. giving the a-ppe&Pance or white. 7 NO 8 yes. A black ol' melanic sheep may occur in any breed. g. Because they won calces aa prizes. to. Batty, batter, batterr, battle, battleax, battleground, baton, batman, battalion. 10 POUTS EACH 6o-?O 7c-8o 8o 90 QO-100 Fair Good &eel lent the Red Cross? 8 you know tbe nursery rhYJ116 l!aa black sheep. Are there really an;y black sheep? 9 IB a cakvftlk so called because the original walked wit:h calces on their heads, won as a 'prize for fancy walliing or 'because tbey moved like dab of 10 i goq to g1,ve you a word .and you are to ke ore words of dif't81'ellt 'aeaniilgs by adding lettere to Jt. exaJIIl)le' car: carrot, caress' carol. 'lhe wol'd u bat. THE ''NE w



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