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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target national war fund edition
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target:
b national war fund edition
n (1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
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food for medical supplie the scorched hina; assistance dreds of thousands refugees affi I iated war funds. Tyndall Field has been called upon to give fit cies for health, and extent of chance to contri raised wherever Ameri philan i rst, to determine the nature see that everybody has a an d third, to send the sums on time. These aims of the federation Lead to but one quickly, as our Allies and thei greatTYNDALL FIELD. PANAMA CITY. FLA.


THE TYNDALL TARGET TYNDALL FIELD PERSONNEL ASKED TO GIVE ONE DAY'S SALARY TO NATIONAL WA R FUND! ONE DAYrS PAY MEANS LITTLE BUT IT CAN DO MUCH GOOD One day's pay--the amount you will be asked to give to the National War Fund--may seem like a lot of money to some people. But the chances are they are who never THE PRESIDENT REOUESTS YOUR AID THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON FLIER WHO BOMBED TOKYO TELLS OF CHINA RELIEF needed the help of others. TO W.E HEADS OF ALL DEPARTMENTS, ESTABLISHMENTS, AND One day's pay amounts to AGENCIES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: An example of the work which will be done by the money you give to the National War FUnd is described by Capt. Ted Law son, one of the Doolittle fliers who bombed Japan, in his book, "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo." 1 ess than one third of one per..cent of your annual salary. Americans have a habit of giv ing much more than that away to people who need it much less than the refugees from Japanese and Nazi oppression. Once again the citizenship is to be approached with a request for contributions to the National and Com munity War Funds. I ask all persons in authority in offices of the Federal Government throughout the United States to extend their full cooperation to the local for this cause. Such cooperation logically includes both the organization of effective solicitation and the subsequent setting up of an Captain Lawson was aided by facilities and personnel which were made. availa1>le by United China Relief, one of the agencies which will benefit from the war fund drive. Here is a quotation from his book: the National War Fund you can help shorten the war by contributing aid to the people who have given quate collection method for the convenience of those so much for. the cause of who wish to make subscriptions on an installment basfreedom and who ask so 11 tiS. Near the of the settlement the stretcher bear ers stopped, They carried us into the patio ot a cleanlooking little building some China Relief posters stuck on the surrounding walls. tl e in return. The agencies Inc 1 uded in 1 oca 1 war funds aff i 1 i a ted Thedollaryougivewillwith the National War Fund include three types of take care of the family of service which are: firstly, those dedicated to the sane French, Czechoslovak or aid and comfort of our armed forces at home and aBelgian soldier who is fight-ing with American, British and Russian annies against the Nazis, or will save the family of sane Chinese soldier fight ing the Japanese. Your money will the starving people of Norway, Italy and other countries which 11 ave been overrun and stripped by the Nazis. It will make the conquest of Europe easier in many ways and bring peace to the world more quickly. As an example of what your money can do, a table based on. past administration shows: That 2 S cent s w i 11 s upp 1 y a refugee family with bread for a we That SO cents will enable a refugee to have a doily Portion of soup for a month, That $ 1 w i l l buy a p a i r of warm gloves to protect a refugee child during the severe European winter. That $2 will send a pack a ge w i t h to i l e t art i c l e s :,, a ewing kit, a pocket knife, puttees and ci garets to a soldier fighting at the front. That will provide a refugee with A warm blanket, That $5 will feed an un dernourished refugee child broad; secondly, those devoted to the assistance of our allies both in occupied and unoccupied territories; and thirdly, those services which are included in local welfare and community chests. To each in anxious to do his part to support these tensive services one advantage is obvious; he can make one pledge to cover these essential welfare needs for the coming year. 'We Eel t better a iter the Chinese nurses had washed us with hot water. The man in charge of the dressing station c am e i n t h a t n i g h t I w a s glad. I felt so 1 ow about so many things, 'I told him I had passed up the collection for China Re-1 ie f more times than I had contributed. I told him I was so damned sorry I could cry. Maybe I did. He smiled there in the dim room. I ask all (federal) employes to remember, when are approached for their contributions, that this is an opportunity through sac.rifice to reach their friends and neighbors at home and our men and women in service, and also to carry a message to the farflung fronts which are our shield. 'Don't,' he said. 'Your money went a long way. Try to sleep, for two weeks, That $10 will clothe a refugee child for the t e r. That $15 will rehabili tate a citizen released from Fascist internment Camps in Spain North Afric.a. That $25 will clothe an dul t refugee for the win t-e r, That $100 will outfit with garments a hospital unit for r e f u gees 'I kept thinking of those brave, tireless and loyal men and women who picked us up af ter our crashes, carried us on their backs, fed us, nursed us back to health and got us away.' 17 AGENCIES IN NATIONAL WAR FUND Here is a list of the 17 agencies which have been selected for membership in. the Nati.:mal War Fund, with the amounts each will receive if the total fund of 125 million dollars is collected: USO, $61,127,000i United Seamen's Service, $4,125,000i War Pris oners Aid, $2,3aJ,OOOi Russian War Relief, $10, 155,000i United China Relief, $9, 873, ooo; British War Relief Society, $5, 698, OOOi Greek War Relief Association, $5,122,000; Polish War Relief, $3,750,000i United Yugoslav Relief F\md, $2,238, ooo; French Relief F\md, $2, 183"" ooo; Belgian War Relief Society, $325,000i United Czechoslovak Re lief, $234,000i Queen Wilhelmina FUnd, $200,006i Norwegian Relief, $2JO, OOOi Friends of Luxembourg, $121, ooo; Refugee Relief Trustees, $2, 809, ooo; U. S. Ccrnmi t tee for Care of Ehropean Children, $812, (X)().


WOMAN SERGEANT TELLS HOW GIFTS HELP THE RUSSIANS Fighting every step of the way millions of Russians had to fall back before the enemy, sufferin g from war wounds, starvation, disease and ex-po sure. They left nothing for the !}xis forces, but as the tide of war turns, they are returning to devastation. Services to rehabilitate them cane from Russj an War Re lief, a member agency of the National War Ftmd. A wanan sergeant in the Russian Army writes her gratitude for the work done by the relief organization: 'I am one of many women who carry your gifts of cigarets, chooolate and knitted clothing to our guerilla fighters at the front. Their families are grateful for the clothing that comes also. Millions of us have been driven from our home regions and traveled on foot, by truck, by rail and by horse to new regions. We b .reak ground for new homes with your tools, We plant new gardens with your seed, and we keep up our hope with your friendship. Behind are our homes, hospitals, nurseries and schools, in ruins. As we return we are building new on ruins of the old. 'You r gifts are a proof that America is with us. It oblig es us to be stronger, to fight harder. 'As for me, in the cold nights my hands in your warm gloves will be firmer on the wheel of the truck. I am used to cold but your gift warms me and my heart. I press your hand. DURING convalescence at St. Alban's Naval Ho.spital on returning from Guadalcanal, Sgt. Barney Ross, U.S.M.C., former world'a Ughtweight and welterweight champion, was visited by high school pupils, bringing h1m a scrapbook and a pair of wooder. shower sandals made at their school for the USO. USO, a participant of the National War Funda united war chest of war related appealr.-encourages such activities aa providing recreational and comfort articles for service men, an ex,. cellent outlet for teen-age energy. Though they've gambled with death in the performance of their duty these merchant seamen can't forget the sea, even on a Here they are recupe11ating at one of the many rest centers which the United Seamen's Service, a member agency of the National War Fund, maintains here and abroad, in cooperation with the Wall ShiDDine: Administration. WAR FUND MONEY GOES TO AID PRISONERS IN ENEMY CAMPS The War Prisoners Aid is one of the agencies which receives funds from fue National War Fund. Wllat the prisoners think of War Prisoners Aid is told in this letter from an Allied soldier in a Nazi prison camp: to thank you very much for a parcel containing drawing books, 12 bottles of India ink, 12 drawing pencils, char coal pencils, paints, fixative, mapping pens, gramophone need les, etc., which have arrived. How deeply my men here apprec iate all your efforts to ob tain those articles for us through your Y.M.C.A. repre sentative. This year we held two remarkably successful ex hibitions. Your most recent gift has supplied enough ma terial to keep these men oc cupied for many months now and has paved the way for more ex hibitions to brighten and raise the standard of this life of waiting. 'Your previous gifts are still well-used and appreciat ed: the indispensable type writer, the musical instru ments, the pi an o accordion, the sports gear, the hymn books, bibles and library books.' NATIONAL WAR FUNt> * THREE FRONTS ONE CAUSE HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD GIVE EX-SPORTSWRITER JIHHY CANNON WRITES ABOUT HOW USO HELPS THE SERVICE HAN How much should you give to the National War Fund? The accompanying table, showing base pay and the daily pay of the enlisted grades,. should be your guide when you are asked to contribute to this worthy cause. RANK BASE PAY DAILY PAY Private $50 $1 .67 Private F i r st Class 54 I. 80 Corporal 66 2.20 Sergeant 78 2.60 Staff Sergeant 96 3,20 Tech. Sergeant I 14 3.80 Master Sergeant 138 4.60 Sgt. Jinmy Carmon was a New a cup of coffee and a desk to rk city sportswriter before write a letter on. They have his neighbors said "Greetcla:sses where guys can do, in ings!" t!-eir off-duty hours, what Here he writes about the they did home at their United Service Organizations-jobs. the USO--one of the National 'They throw darn:es and .par-War FUnd member agencies: tiec. They have gyms, relig-, The USO don' t give you a ious services. All these are Guggenheim fellowship or an small things, I guess, but a X card, but they get a guy a soldier will tell you how imshov.er bath when he's ditty, portant they are to a guy who and a place to shave himself. came to the lJ::xJ because he was 'They get him a lBUgh in the lonely or hungry or dirty o r shows they put on and music to unshaven or tightened up with dream to in concert halls and the blues.'




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