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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 25 (July 17, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
July 17, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Page 2 THE TYNDALL T .1\RGET PUBLISHED SATURDAYS BY THE SPECIAL SERVICES SECTION FOR PERSONNEL OF THE AAF FLEXIBLE GUNNERY SCHOOL, TYNDALL FIELD, FLORIDA Copy Prepared Under Supervision of Public Officer Special Service Officer: Commanding: Capt. Owen. 0. Freeman Col. Leland S o Stranathan Photographic Officer: Public Relations Officer: Lt. J.A. Dickerman Lt. William B. Pratt Editorial Staff: Sgt. Arnold Milgaten, Sgt. Saul Samiof, Cpl. Neil Pooser, Pvt. F.Ho Nickles. Art Work: TjSgt. Oral Ledbetter, SjSgt. Fred H. Slade, Cpl. Marshall Goodman. Photography and Reproduction: MjSgt. W. Busby, TjSgt. w. Castle, SjSgt. J. Mitchell, Sgt. F. Churchill, Sgt. Silas Upchurch, Cpl. W. Grout, Sgt. Go Nei tzert, Pvt. L. Shaw, SjSgt. ]o Mont gomery, SjSgt. R. Keough, Sgt. P. Terry, Sgt. J. Marsick, SjSgt. J, Webster, Pvt. W Daniels, Cplo E. Tackett, Pfc. H. Care, pvt. R, Chapman. This is a continuation of the Letter pubLtshed Last week: "Last, and most important, about his religion. Teach him both by word and example to love Jesus Christ and the pattern God-man. Then leave him free. Don't force his religion in any way, especially if he has brains.. There are bound to be in The Tyndall Target reeeiwes terial supplied by Caap NeWspaper Ser-vice war D ept., 2011 E und st., K.Y.Co credited uterial uy not be these coming years rapid developments in Christian thought. Let republished without prlor_pertssi<,n fro Caap Newspaper Service. him go his way .and do n o t be pained or shocked so long as he his love to Jesus Christ. Never force him in any way. YOU'RE THE BOSS, MECHANIC Only teach him c onstantly that a gentleman must give, not get, An Army Air Forces mechanic comes to know a lot of must serve, and not be served. "I think that is all. Kiss him for me and give him my bless"bosses." It works like that all the way down the ing, and when he is old enough, tell him my life story as you line. Sure, you want to do a good job if it's only would tell it, knowing that I tried hard most of the time to to keep out of trouble. do right, and when I sinned I was sorry in my heart, as I am But it goes further than that. own boss. You're the only one who what you've put into your effort. You're also your really knows just It's true that someone will come along behind you and check you. That's natural. Someone with more experience and, perhaps, a wider knowledge will either pass or reject the job you've done. But he won't know how much heart has gone into that job, how much care and how much mental alertness. That's where you come in. That's the ground on which you've got to judge yourself, decide whether you've succeeded or failedm your mission-in short, be your own boss. You, the mechanic, may sometimes fail to realize the power you wield. You may forget that a single small mistake on your part can mean a flight plan straight to Tragedy. You may lose sight of the fact that,every twist of a bolt, every turn of a screw on every flying line of the Allied Nations is important to Victory. And maybe there won't be anyone around to remind you. You may not think of it until you see the crash ambulance head for the field. If you mak e that sjngle small mistake it's a hundred-to-one bet nobody will trace it directly to you. But you'll have yourself to live with and yourselr to blame. now. "I don't believe I am going to be killed, but I don't know, and anyway, I am content, so long as God can comfort you." .SUNDAY' 8: 00 A. M .............. Mass 9:00 A-MProtestant Sunday School 10: 00 A.M ... Gunners Mass at Theatre 10:00 A.M .... protestant worship Service 11:00 A.M .. Gunners protestant Service at Theatre 11:15 A.M ............... Mass 7:30P-M .Evening worship MONDAY 5: 30 p, M ............... Mass TUESDAY 5:30 P.M .............. -Mass 7:30 P-M.. Club Morning Report WEDNESDAY 12:15 P.M .... protestant Worship Service 5:30 P-M ............... Mass 7:30 P-MChoir Rehearsal THURSDAY 5: 30 p. M ............. Mass FRIDAY 5:30 P-M .............. Mass 7: 30 P-l'f ..... Jewish Service 3ATURDAY 5:30 P-M ... .......... Mass 7:00 PM ...... Confessions (Also, the Chaplain will hear confessions anytime he is at the Chapel) LT. MEL'f1N KIMBALL (BELOW), GROUN OED INSIDE JAP LINES ABOUT 1 MILE. FROM ENI:-MY HQ, WAS RESCUED BY .I.T. IRA M. SUSSKV(RtGHT) ... A LIGHT 1QAINING-PLANE: WAS USED ... ATT FINALL'T GOT OFF TH GQOUNV., TOJO SCHNOZ Z.O.t..A /


July 17, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 3 !COMBAT, NOT WINGS, MAKE A GUNNER, SPEAKERS DECLARE I CHAMP GUNNERS FROM 6 SCHOOLS WEEKEND I TO COMPETE HERE THIS M/Sgt. Older Makes Prin cipal Address at Grad uation Exercises "Your silver wings do Jt make you an aerial gunner; it's only INTER-SCHOOL TOURNAMENT IN GUNNERY EVENTS IS FIRST OF SERIES; THREE MEN FROM EACH SCHOOL after you have successfully -put Eighteen aerial gunners, the best in their classes to use in c001bat those fundamen.in the six Training Command gunnery schools, were tals which you learned here that .here today to compete in a two-day inter-school tour )OU can call yourself" a quali-nament which will include contests in all types of fied aerial gunner. This was the thought that was repeated shotgun and machine-gun firing. again and again by. the speakers The event here is the first of a series EverY. at the graduation of Class 43-28 fourth week, the best three gunners at each school on Tuesday. will be selected to take part in one of the tournaM/Sgt. Harold K. Older, veteran rr===============iJ men ts, of the AAF in the Hawaiian secRepresentatives from Kingman tor, was the principal speaker. LAFF OF THE WEEK Field in Arizona, Harlingen and The sergeant, himself a member CAMP BLANDING, Fla. (CNS) -A Laredo in Texas, Fort Myers, and of the graduating class, stressed trainee came upon an MP r.eLas Vegas in New Mexico will be the inlJorta.nce of punctuality and splendent in his summer uniform here this weekem to compete with "The h habit of a white pith helmet, starchhannony. men w o are Tymall' s best. f 1 fl i e d khaki and the rest of the ually late or c asses or Y n g Representing Tyndall Field in missions in training will finr! costume ordinarily seen on this week's contest willbe three i t 1 t African explorers. that they aren t go ng o as outstanding gunners from class d 1 said the trainee: or. Livlong in ccmbat." Sgt. 01 er a so 43-28, who were graduated earlier i ingston, I presume? placed a great deal of emphas s said ttie MP: I dont get. in the week. ()le alternate from on close cooperation among crew it. each school also will be selected members. He advised his class-to replace any contestant who may mates to "know your fellow crew NEW INSIGNIA ADOPTED be unable to cA,gent," "Ziegfeld Gi r]," "Underground," Reunion,Ran dom Harvest," "Chetniks, Dia mond Frontier, and.calling Dr. Gillesuie. Before fili.lS, Dorn traveled ex tensively as a stage actor. Ole of his tours took him to The Netherlands East "Inl.ies and Dutch colonies. He is the son of a s hipbuilder and was born i n Scheveningen, Hollam. He mast erert the English language by studying some 200 Americnn films and 20 plays while iii "England. His aupearanc.e here is being S"J)ODSored by USO Calllp AAF TO GET I 15,000 NEW PLANES NEXT YEAR Tyndall's WACs ably demonstrated last Tuesday evening that they weren't going to take a back seat when it came to matching wits with enlisted men. The girls downed the bandsmen 1 n the thi rrt edition of the nouul ar "Inf'orma tion Tease" by a score of 19-13. ON THE FIELD EXPLAIN THEIR OUT I ES WASHINGTON-Tlli! Army Air Forces The usual large aurlience was on han:l. at the Rec Hall to watch the WACs, represented by Cpls. Ryan, Bleam, Knecht and Pvt. Bialkin, emerge victorious over Sgt:s. Thay er and Mosier, Cpl. Petrie and Pfc. Barthalcrnew of the band. The Special Service Of'fice announced that until further notice the current events and general knowlerlge quiz will be helrl on Momay evenings at 8 P.M. A quartet of G. I.'s from the lderlical will owose a squad of i\viation Cadets this Monday night. Weekly round-table discussions in which members of the 907th (Jol detacrment hear talks by speakers from other organizations are being held "in order tQ command mutual respect for diff'erent branches of the service, ann to create better war output." The idea was originaterl by Acting First Sergeant Clarence Mit chell, and is becoming more and more POPUlar with the non-ccmnis sionerl officers of the organiza tion. The non-manrtatory series of orientation lectures boasts a 100 percent attenrlance recorrl thus far. The pro11:rams are held ly at 7 P.M. Wednesdays in the dayroom of the Typical speakers have been Chaplain Brooks H. Wes .ter, who during the coming fiscal year related little known facts about yea:r will be increased by U5,()(X) ,the duties of a chaplain; lda.J. rew airplanes, Gen. Henry H. Daniel p, Worse, Post Ad.minis-nold told the House Civil Service t raUve Inspector, rlescr the cOIIJIIi t tee. duties of his office, and Ma.1. This will be encompassed in a Samuel D. Mitchell, Ordnance Of-: $36 billion procurement program, ficer, who discussed the rleton-inch.rling aircral't engires, spare atioo of bombs anrl other Ordnance uart.s and other equipment. activ1 ty. After the guest has T o carry out this progrMl, Gerr lecturerl ror an hour, a round-e ral Arnold added, Air Forces table "question and answer" fon.un are nasking for approximately is held-a period which has ere56 ,000 arlrlitional civilian per atd much interest amon11: the sonnel, or a total ot 3tt6,000 to QY: men. be used in our Nelr! operations The lectures, it was uointerl for the coming Nscal year. out by Lt. Jack Golclsmi th, CO, Th e J\1 r Forces, he added, are assist the men in tmderstandin,g.lseeldng to make the utmost use of the recessity ror nrutual respect I civilian personnel in order to f h d t 1 ti and release fighting men ror front or eac u y, organ.za on lire duty. man.


QJES. I I ON: 'M-t AT COULD tiE P'RO:" VtDED THAT WOULD MAKE THE HOURS YOU HAVE TO SPEND IN THE HOSPITAL MORE PLEASANT? (ASKED OF PATIENTS IN THE STATION. HOSPITAL.) interviews and Photos By SGT. SI UPCHURCH ----,. PVT. AL 1i.7'_;, Redbirds: "ALthough the nurses, officers and ward boys make thangs as pLeasant as possibLe jof' us, I b e Lie ve t hat an ad e-. quate PI for the .Patients is dejini te Ly needed." C PL. ALDIS NARfHALER, liest Union, Niss.; Squadron E: "We g e t pf'etty LoneLy hef'e and occasionaL visits by fyndaLLettes wouLd THE TYNDALL TARGET MY FAVORITE PHOTO unusual and interesting photographs will be accepted ror f!Ub1 ication in this department. Anyone desiring to submit such a photo is requested to call at the Target office i n Post Head-' quarters, or telephone 2189. Polling more than 50% of the 1349 votes cast, Edith. Htmter, of the Post Signal Office, for.md herself elected 'Miss Tyndall Field' in the final balloting on January 21 of t his year. Miss, IHtmter has been a native of Panm1a City for the past few years, and' was one o f the first telephone operators to be employed on on this field. EIGn' BALL Ive had lots of luckBut it s all been badSince I got in the Army. I had a fight with Dame ,, Fortune :And it drives me almost balmy. Its been so awful It s gone fran bad to worse. I deal the cards) I throw the diceJ But on me is a curse. If th ey would take a woman fairJ And cut her in two real neatJ I would end up with the half That alMJ.ys wants to eat. "E" Squad ron I' TRIBUI'E When you walk along) your heart in songJ And glance up in the skyJ You see the flag in wave. But its not flying high; The die is castJ the flagrs half mast For same poor soul thats flow flown away Just give a thought) which costs you naught) To the price he had t o pay. 'If you take a pause), it s not because The picture is the favorite of Tyndall's 'man about town,' He was a major or a colonel) T/Sgt. Johnny 'Chris' Christina of Ordnance. 'Chris' left But just the fact-he did his Tyndall early this week for cadet training, after 18 months of act .faithful service for the Ordnance Company in Capt. Burkhart's May he have peace eternal. ersonnel Section. 'Chris' hails from Indianapolis, Ind., and while here proved Some mother's woman's himself proficient not only as a clerk and as Miss Hr.m ter' s manJ 'protector,' but also earned his nickname as 'lucky' for his A sister's loving brotherperformance with a table tennis paddle, basketball shots. and ; Has done his part with all softball prC!wess. his hea:r:t For this land and no other. ''E" Y A N K W I Z I 0 PO I NTS EACH Squadron f By BOB HAWK Quixnuter "THANKS TO THE YANKS" Saturdays, C I S 6o 7 0 7 0 -Bo Bo 90 90 100 Fair Good Excellent !itperiof' Answers on Pag e 5. 4. You what a driver's ,license and a marriage licanse are. Wl}a._t_ d.s. _poetic license? 5. I am going to give you a PVT. JOE I s GAS MASK A storage place was 3oeys mask For candy) cake and fruit. He found it was the proper sizeJ For every purpose it did suit. But when he tried to don the mask It wasn 1 t worth a hoot. Some straps were loose and same were tight; He could have worn it for a boot bf'eak the onotony." t. If your shoos get wet, f;,. it better to let them dry at room temperature or to place them before an open fire so they will dry more quickly? .,, 2. If your best girl was g o:tng word and you are t o make three more words of different meanings by arlding letters to it. For ex ample, car: carrot, caress, carol, etc. Your word is "pan. 11 --C. N.S. to marry another man and you went to the wedding, and while little girls were strewing rose petals in front of the bride you threw a b81,lana peel in her path would you get better results 1f the in side of the banana peeling were uo or if the inside were down? 3; To keep frcxn crying when yo'u 6. If you sit on a see saw with a person who is much heavier than you are, should you sit.near the 'center or near the end -1n order .to balance properly? When you hear a man speak of his honesty, give him a trial; When you hear a woman speak of, her virtue, make a late dat'e. you bake it, walk it on a leash or embroi r!P.r 1 t ? 9 Can birds distinguish one. color another? PVf. SNI!H HJHORNEY, CoLumbus, Ohio, QH: "Nore chips for the poker gCl1les wouk! ease the situation a bit." &re peeling onions, would it be to put salt on the onions, hold them under :water, or grease the knife? 7. Is nearer 20 per cent, 40 _per cent or 60 per cent of the average large daily newspaper de voted to B. If you had a pippin, would to. Who won lasting fame in baseball by going to bat in a pinch and fail1ng to hit ball?


July 17, 1943 NEW EQUIPMENT TO BE INSTALLED IN MESS HALLS Capt. A.G. Casey, post mess officer, recently returned from a tour of several uir bases in the Southeast area. The chief purpose,of the trip was to ob serve the methods being used by other fields to overcome the all illllortant problem of food supply. In c011100nting on the outlook of meat supply for this field, Capt. Casey stated that wThe quantity of beef available in this locality will be increased, but I believe that the supply of poultry will continue to be non-existent. w As far as fruit and -,egetables are concerned, the Capt. stressed the fact that the supply made available by Capt. Brunner and. his staff far exceeded the origiml expectations and that with favorable climatic conditions, an even greater quantity can be e:q:ec ted from the garden units on the field. In addition to a successful solution of t.h food supply pro blem, the Mess Office is also loold.ng forward to the arrival of new equipment which will rae1u.auu TilE TYND.AL:J:, T ARGF:I' HERE} S HAP OF S I d'l L Y TO HELP YOU FOL L Otl tiAR IE tiS SICILY 0 \ ... ., .. ,ts 0 l'i Here's a map of Sicily, showing cities, to help you the c..,aign there. The shaded area shows, approximately, wftere the Allies are in control as indicated in ,reas dispatches. The map was prepared by Pfc. Harry Bard i of the Target staff. Bluebirds Squadron F Looking over the squadron area ty good, Cpl. List. Just don' t run Well, boys, that wu good in-ilitate service in the mess halls the pa:st couple of weeks, it looks out of lumbe r because I'm afraid if spe.ction last week and 430 had and. enable the preparation of a pretty neat with the grass coming .yo u did the fellows that don't get t.he beat barracks. As a reward greater variety of i terns. I so green. T o the fellows that made any hahgars would be kind of dis-(or was it more 0 f a Penalty) More silverware ani deep fryers' this possible, a hearty thanks, and appointed. We didn't fare so bad in they aot the extreme pleuure of a trip into Panama City. There for potatoes and fish are among, we hope your life ambition comes the bowling games Monday night, wasn't much difference, however, the equipment scheduled to be. true as landscape artists. taking two out of three games from between the beat barracks and the received. Accomodations for the Well it has finally happened. The the 39th. One of the gam3s was worat as they were all in aood fellows in the squadron have been won by a two pin margin, with the shape. Now the idea is t o keep students will be enlarged wi .th waiting for this moment for suc h good support of Cpl. Zimmerman, them that way. the completion of' the new mess a long time .. Sgts. Bailey and our anchor rran. We got a new addition to the hall now being erected in sttrlent Russo spent the W011Jkebd on the V. L Davis seems to be heading.squadron room staff a detachment area. post because of a little rnisshap in into something nice from the looks few days a go when a 1 itt 1 e pup h 1 t b the inspecial Saturday, I guess the of things, because almost every was found stranded under Lt. Dar-"T ere sn t any dou t, w con-veaux's car. At this writing Lt. law of averages has finally caught night the nose o f his car heads toeluded Capt. Casey, "that with Berner was contempl,ting the idea .UP with them. wards the housing project. the new equipment, the inaugura-of training the dog for the WA. Those clothes hangers look pret-Sgt. W. R. Dufrane. b d t tion of a penna.nent mess organiYou men are a out rea Y o ,prove your worth as gunners of zation, and the anticipated 1m-G Dentists Treat Natives the Army Air Corps. In a week or ) provelll!nt in tre food supply, the so you wi 11 climb into a plane service and food in our mess with a machine gun in your handa and five weeks training in your halls will be equal to the best minds. If you were alert you'll in the AAF." hit that target b e cause you'll b e CHAMP GUNNERS HERE FOR TOURNAMENT ( Continued Page 3) ber_13 and 14, 43-49 at Laredo December 11 and 12. Then, the following month, the tournament will return to Tyndall anrl start the cycle all over In charge of the tournament here is Cant. Graydon Hubbard, Range Officer. Only enlisted flexible gunnery graduates are eligible All team ) members and the alternate will be from the same graduating class. Prizes will go to the tnp in-dividual and runner-up in each event, top team in each event (one for each member), top highoverall individual and runner-up (the meet champion), and top h1.gh-overau team (one for each member). No practice rounds will be allowed in the events. Representing Tynda] l Field in the tournament are Dee Atkinson J.D. Brooks, Jr., and Dale M. Carson, with Wayne H. Mcintyre as alternate. All are sergeants. Signal Corps Photo Army dentists toke their best skill and equipment to the far corn&rs of the earth in this global war to care for natives as well as yordbirds. The natives on our side con help us a lot-on the other side they con harm us plenty. Kind is one way of getting and keeping _.hem on our team. Here Lt. John Campbell administers to a Kaneko in New Caledonia as Sgt. Edward G. Matkins look$ on. able to put into use all that accumulated knowledae which ed pretty dry at the time. It's not too late to pick up some of the important thinas you might have missed. Above all keep a clear head, and know what you are doing at all times. Remember that the target you're shootina at may someday b e a 'Me sse u chmidt. or aZero. l:iappy fel lows YAMKWIZ ANSWERS 1. They should be allowed to dry at room temperature. Direct heat dries them out too DII.ICh and makes them stiff. 2. If the inside is down. 3. Hold the on1oi'J!I urrler water. 4. Deviation from fact or rule pennitted writers and artists for the sake of an effect. /5. Panhandle, pancake pantry, pandemonitun, pane, panic, pana cea, pants, panel, etc. 6. Near the end. 7. Nearer 40 per cent. (Approx. 38 per cent advertising; 62 per cent news). a. Balre it; a pippin is an apple. (Also a highly adldred. or very admirable person or thuw. 9. Yes. Most or the can distinguish more lues than ht.Ran beings can. have fin.s t color vision). 10. Caaey.


Page 6 THE TYNDALL T ARGET NEWS FROM THE Squadron D Squadron B QUICK! WHAT ARE THEY? Percentage-wise, the Wombac her Squad r o n 1:::-29 \\"inds up its career family of Iowa Ci t y, Iowa, is just in squadrm: D. this week and when a bout as a ll-out for t h e war effort the results of the air -to-air firing as any family could be. Out of sevare in \\"e ,-,-'11 see new records writ-e n boys and three girls, five of the t e n into che pages of the class. boys are in the armed forces and the Acade micaEy tliis has been one or other two are Iowa farmers. A / C the best c'asses that h,as passed R alph F Wombacher represents the through tl1e squadron with only f amily at Tynda ll Field, being a three failu es and the minimum of member of Class 43 33, squadron B. physical d :squalifications. Quite a Now finishing his second week of record, tal:ing into consideration a gunnery, Cadet Wombacher, came to starting p(!rsonnel of 320 students Tyndall with S elman Field's Class' and i t is a record of which to be 43-15 which recently was graduated proud. from the navigation pre-flight s chool The nan:e of Cessna has com e to at Monroe, La. I n the army since be a b y-Y: ord in aviation and in Januar y of this year, he received Class -1.3-2) we have a member of basic training a t Jefferson B a r that family of airplane manufacturr'acks, Mo., and was classified for ers and d esigners. Pfc. Noel Ces-navigation training at Nashville, sna. 11 is the nephew of T enn. Clyde CesJna, of t h e Cessna Air-Before signing up with the Air craft of Wichita, Kan-Corps, Cadet Wombacher was a de-. sas. Young Cessna has been accept-partment head for Sears, Roebuck. ed j,or aviation cadets and is comH e studied liberal arts at the Uni plP.ting the flexible gunnery course versity of Iowa where h e starred on. wi his class this week, and will the track team. In hig h school h e lea\e this station for cadet training. was c3.ptain of the football team and In private life Cessna flew ships de-also a trackman and basketball play-. signed by his uncle' s firm and like e r. He has been married for three the Air Master" and "Cessyears. n a Crane" best. Prior to his entry For the aviation cadets in squadNOT AT NO. 1 -It is the famous British 'Spitfire.' with the Hurricane the honor of saving Britain. It is a :single place high altitude fighter. It inline engine, low elliptical wing, single fin and rudder Bnd retract able landing gear. into the f.rmed Forces, Cessna was ron B last week was a long, hard, FIRE AT NO, 2 -It is the ME 109F, Standard night and day studying f o r his doctor' s degree and h o t uneventful one. Here are some fighter, consider the backbone of the German single engine was taking his pre-med course at of the few things that happened: fighter force. Has evenly tapered wings, high riding tailKansas .St:lte. John Marchetti and Bob Loy were plane. Along with Cessna, good news just about t h e only ones who could r-----------------------------------came t h is week to Sgt. Bob Lott communicate with the Fre n chmen. w h e n he was informed t hat he will Loy t alked in French and Marc hetti be leavin G for air cadets and that had conversation with a few w h o he is AAF U at this writing. At the could tmderstand his brand of back Squadron E rate that our instructors are being yard Italian. Heads up" was t h e most familiar accepted for higher training in other Where' s Pulli? Tha t was a ques-phrase this past week fo r the boys branches of the Deoartment of tion his classmates were asking in the squadr o n. The new tower Training Cadets it -;,._,on't b e long about Dominic Pulli whenever dass ranges gave us a slight taste of com before we will have an entire n e w was about ready to start. And Pulli bat conditions, and. to put the realispersonnel, but we don't mind losing could usuall y be found in the sawed tic touch to it there were even "cas men to b:gger and better jobs. off turret and tail plane assembly ualties." Sgt. "Crash" Mills was That a l!\'ertisement for Pepsodent right outside turret classroom, spend-right i n the thic k of things whG n h e Tooth Paste exhibited on the beam-, ing his last few moments playing received a butchered wrist from one ing map of Pfc. Allison Maye is due around this interesting mec hanism. of the "deadly" pigeons. Better luck: t o the f2.ct that our hard luck Mervin Pelton, one of the men next time' "Gla m o r Boy" has reeeived word who wore dark glasses to c lass. got A j C Dismore certainly is burning that his temporary ailment has "himself appointed major in charge up the columns weekly and is still c leared u;:> and that he will get hii of l atrine. Edward (Tonto) Noyes wondering where the publi city is one and onl y wish. No, Murphy, it is still bragging about that 201 he coming f rom. Come o n men, tell isn't a date with Miss Tynda ll Field, recorded in bowling the other night. him! Now "Dizzy the rest of I altho' that's not a bad idea), but A comedian who gets plenty of ,your feiiO'A' "gadgets" want to know Aviator Maye is going to get his l a u ghs with his ozen-faced re-w hat happ ened on your first trip to. chance t o be an Army pilot. Maye marks in class is Rod O'Connor. the towe r range-one out of ten: had a n unfortunate accident while 'some say he talks and looks a bit Coul d it b e t hat you were so eager sweating out shipment to cadets and like Leslie Howard. No one !mows to practice at turret drill? ... A / C for a w!: ile it looked bad for him who will be appointed "gunner of the Aurnsburger really must be "whistle. but that is all c leared up now and week," but Red Reardon has been happy" t o have obtained the name h e i s f ull y accepted again. "Aviator" -seen walking around with his left of "Whi s tl eburger." He must have i s just t !1e monocker for Maye. In s hould e r held higher than t).is right, been slight l y off the beam. or else c i v ili a n life Maye rolled up a total of strength ening it up perhaps to sup-there was too much cotton in his 3 8 0 solo h ours and can t ell you of port the weight of any medals he ears o u t on the Malfunction Rangfw hair ra.s1ng near-accidents while may w in the oth e r day when a projectile left flying fc.rmations with his buddies Whenever it rains Dick Lorber h a s the m izzle o f his gun before the or up aro u:1d Roanoke and Winston-no. raincoat to wear, but he has a der was g iven to fire Those SaJem. His one desire is to get back goo d story to g-J with ito r with"Gremlins" a r e at it again! Probabat the contro ls and get a c hance to out it. H e w ill tell you how h e sent l y the biggest shoc k o f the week meet up with some of his p als anll it t o the l aundry at Nashville and was when A / C B l a ker was fou'nd acgive tht Japs h ell. Good luc k., neve r got it bac k tually working out on the Malfunc"Gla m o r Boy!" t ion Range. I do believe wonders This v:ee k saw the arriva l of the t------------------; neve r cease' B y the way Blake' r, necessar: 1 material to overhaul our t h e boys a r e wonderin g what hap pool tab e and it is anothe r step to. bids for renovation ana equipm ent. pens to your sprained ankle when: m aking our Day Room more homey This wee k we got a dozen new c ues. the order is given, "Now wal k to the and r e laxing. Sgt. Keplan saw the cloth, new pockets, side rubbers. truc k s. A ; C H a-man had to go beat up pool table colle cting dust chalk, !:rand new billiard b alls, rac k to town last Sunday to square things and di r l in the back room of the and mi::;cellaneous equipment to do up with "Miss Panama City." One Rec H al: and with a n eye to the futhe ove:haul j o b, thanks to Capt. a t a time boy! Two's a crowd in ture of Lhe squadron commandeered Freema:1. Now all we have to do that kind of bu!:;iness A / C Healy a truc k and presto it was in our is have "Cue B all" Snowden and has a new occupa ti on now. A flip squadron. ::'-

July17: 1943 THE TARGET Page 7 THE MEMPHIS BELLE The hero--or heroine--of 25 combat missions over Europe) the Flying Fortress Memphis Belle and her crew will visit Tyndall Field nn August 5 Gunnery students will hear talks by the Belle's gunners) who have shot down eight Nazi planes in the European theater. The Memphi s Belle is the first Fortress to return from Europe under its own power. Arrangements for her visit here were made by Maj. L.A. Bryan) Sub-J:epot Ccllm:mding Officer. Two ot the gunners are pictured on this week's cover. They are Casimer (Baby) NastalJ Detroit) Mich and S/Sgt. Clarence E. Winchell, Oak Park, Ill. Merc1Pers of the Belle's crew are Capt. Robert Morgan, .Asheville, N.C., pilot; Capt. Vincent Henderson, Texas, bombardier; Capt. Cnarles Leighton, E. Lansing, Mich., navigator; Capt. James Verinis, New Haven, Conn., co-pilot; Sgt. Robert Hansan, Garfield, wash., and gunners Sgt. Casimer Nostal, Detroit; Sgt. Clarence Winchell, Oak Park, Ill., Sgt. Harola wch, Green Bay, Wis. ; Sgt John Q.linlan, Yonkers, N.Y.; Sgt. Scott, Altoona, Po Through unpredictable English weather, over beautiful English fields) the Memphis Belle flew going and returning from 25 missions to Europe. The ''Memphis Belle)" a long-limbed lass) adorns the nose of the Fortress by the same name. Lt. Gen. Jacob L. Devers) commanding general of Americun forces in the European Theater of Operations, wishes Godspeed to Oapt. Morgan at the start of her flight home. Back at an airport in the united States) t h e Memphis Belle rests) protected by a guard.


l' age 8 -------::::__ T A"'.::tT.<. FoR.T for"lolO.I,I'(y. -When y get the proper interval drop yer arms! "By the way Jenkins, how d you make with your date last night? "Have you got your basic field manual handy?1 "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" "H e gets 'em-with t he sugar he brings from the mess hall! Well, h asked for on e of those G.l. haircut s' and I give her one!"


July 17 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Pa e 9 Cellar-Flier$ GETS 4WARD FOR PERFECT ATTENDANCE Canaries July 9, we had what will probably The 25th Altitude Training Unit, turn out to be our last squadron familiarly known around the area party. The W AAC's were invited and as the "Pressure Chamber," is hap-they turne d out in mass. Everyone py to add its contribution to this. seemed to have a grand and glorious and forthcoming issues of the Tar-time despite the absenc e of beer and get. 13ut we feel that with all the the presence of Coca-Cola. The Tyn"high flying" going on around here, dall Field orchestra was on hand to both during and after duty hours, give out the jive. As always they some of it should b e "aired." were on the ball; and all in all it The entire unit is wondering when was a bang-up party. the Medics take their P-T. Maybe. The squadron is stepping out in they have their own private hour, .style these days with an additional "or it seems they are usually -standautomobile. One of our staff ser_;hg by smiling broadly whil e we are geants has just returned from doing much enjoyed furlough with a two Pvt. Rassmussen has it all figured cockpit convertible job. out how he is about to move into The men of our radio department the housing project. That P-X cutie are for the first time enjoying their might have something to say about Roy H. Groome, aircraft mechanic, 86th Sub-Depot, is shown work, now that the WAAC's have 1t. accepting a $25 War Savings Bond in the hangar on July 2, when taken over. By the way, boys, how Cpl. Mike K. got a free ride home his name was drawn from the pool of e111ployes' na11es who have does it feel to have a little life from town the other night. It a ll had no absences for any reason during June. The Sub-Depot around the shop? happe: :ed when h e showed a train Welfare Association will present a bond each 1110nth to some per-I am sure that all the fellows feel schedLle inste'ad of a pass. son whose name appears among those who have not been away from as I do about our loss of Sergeant About the best one we've heard their duties during the preceding month.. Hall and Cpl. !Peppy) Mastreni be-yet i the story of what happened ------...,;_-----------------------------1 mg transferred. The squadron real-when S /Sgt. Sciullo's girl friend re-B b ly lost two swell fellows. cently came down I or rather started rown Om ers The squadron is now the proud down) to visit him. It seems that The morning report shows quite a w hen Pvts. Arthur King and Wey-possessor of a piano. The piano was on the train enroute she became few entries since I wrote this col-mon Strong accepted their discharggiven to the squadron by Cpl. Joe rathe: attached to a sailor. In fact, umn a week before last. so I'll try e3 becauf;le of age. Now we've got Mastroeni. We are sorry that Jthe feeling was so mutual that on to bring you up to date. The squad-to repla,ce a darn good orderly and had to leave before we had a chance arrive.! here she could not keep it ron was glad to welcome Major a P. X. clerk. to thank him ip person. Again we from Ernie. Now he is on the make Fleming back from s ick leave. He The crowd keeps trying, and the are m Joe's debt. 1.gain 'seems very chipper after a little scores are respectable, but we sti11 -Pvt. Mims Esquire, ) Pvts. Mortimer and Kircher think rest. have to win the weekly inspection they have it all over the o ld c rew And the addition of Pvts. Fuller, award. Wish we could get some There was the soldier here. Well, maybe they have; they Jones, Green and Jackson to S ;Sgt. of those inspectors who pass out who joined the Artiilery. The have already spent a delightful af-Fox' mess crew s hould result in 97's over here. f i r s t week he w ro t e home: terno::Jn with the office of secretary further imp10vements to the menu. Pvt. Roy Stocks left this past.. See act ion already. Spent and her sister, which is more than All of the boys have just graduatec.P week for Lawson GeneraL The C. the old crew can boast. from Cooks & Bakers' school, and 0. is hoping that he can be restore.d. all afternoon shell peas.' Cm1gratu!ations to T ;Sgt. Hill we want them to feel that, they are to duty, but the whole sub-Now they're sweatand Sgt. Mason for the recent a<;!dia part of the gang. ject seems to be the basis of a bet ers. Two points are required. tion to their stripes. Speaking of the mess hall. Li eut. b etween Major Fleming and Captain What is the sudden interes.t.down Dickerman had the job of inspecting Hammonde. Oh, well, Atlanta is a out a combination ot unfavor a bl e town that lures Sgt. Mason into the our neighbors last Sunday. Through nice town. weather a.nd some volunteer h?.:. city so often? Until recently h e some mistake, it seems that the The new "Rec Hall" is pretty near-ters will probably result in the "L'rarel:v ever got in. Lieutenant landed in the 30th Avia-l y finished, and we hope that there. letion of watermelon. The entire unit is "sweating it lion m'ess hall, had a nice meal. and is some truth to the latrinogram that. Add things we'd like to see in the out" with our esteemed adjutant for wrote up a very glowing report on there will be a party to P. X.-some heat rash powder. Sorr:e that silver bar we thing h e ought the 965th Quartermaster mess. AI-dedicate the new building. We.'ve of the boys, and especially the cooJR4L OF -rn6' GUARD IN MlY CASE NOT COVERED INSTIWCTIOIJG... @


Page 10 THE TYNDALL TARGET EDW RDS LEADS T ORNADOES IN 8 TO 2 VICTOR Y GETS 3 HITS fN AT BAT AGAINST BENNING NINE F lanagan and Davis Hold Rifles to 2 H i t s In G8.llle Here LarMllJin' Lou Edwards left a h ospital bed l a s t Saturday to lead the Tornadoes t o an 8-2 triumph over the highly touted Fort Berming Rtfies nine. Edwards, with his aiUng ankle well taped, slammed oot three hits in his f'our times at bat and also twiee crossed the plate -personally. Joe Flanagan started on the moond for the Tornadoes and re c eived credit for the victory,. although relieved b y B ill Davis in the sh:th. Flanagan allowed the Benning te8:&1 two rtmS on two hits during his stay on the 1110tl1d while Davis held the enemy batters hitless for the last three. innings. STARS IN RELIEF ROL E "YER OUT/In Clyde Didier, s c r allllY Tornadc Sgt. William Davis of the Sgt. Donald {Duck) Shaw, ve-backstop, also contrib uted great-Z ebras, who rei ieved Tornado t eran arbitrator for Tornado ly to the Tyndall cause with 3 Flanagan in the 6th i n -g a m e s i s caught by the camera-hits in five trips to the lllate. ning of last Saturday's gam e man in a typical pose. Shaw 508 BOWlERS STILL LEAD IN OFFICERS' BOWLING LOOP Boosting a record of 6 straight wins against no losses, the 508 bowlers continued to set the -pace in the second half of Tyndall's officer kegling league. The latest victims of the 508 llin men were the Ordnance quintet who drOJllJed three to the leaders on Friday, July 9. Restill!; in second lllace are the MOQ bowlers with a 4-2 count. 1he QM team tool< two of the three ganes at the last meeting between these two squads to climb into third lllace. Lt. Ward and his Post Exchange keglers scored the upset of the week when they SWelJt their three game series with the first half winne!S, the 009 BOQ quintet. Imividual highs, each team: Ward, (PX) 196, 154, 180 530 Day, (509) 167, 154, 180 501 Hinch'n ({jl) 181, 222, 180 -583 Harley, Ol)Q) 173, 189, 173 -535 Daly (508) 166, 170, 179 -515 Kenney, (ORD) 180, 205, 163 548 Callt. WilliamBessingerllitched Davis finished the contest b y hails f rom Philadelphia, where tee entire game f o r the Rifles, blanking the Benning men in he has b.een umpiring sand-lot givinu up 13 hits. St: 'Where' ve you been all ..., both the "Hits and Runs and industrial league games 5 &mday morning showers made the columns. for more than 15 years. morning?' diamond unfi"t for use f o r what KP: 'Filling the salt shakwa5 t o have been the second game ers like you told me to, Sgt. between the tw o te811JS, Sgt: 'All that time? Tomorro w the Tornadoes will RED CAPS 'fl 1 N FROM QM LEAD BOOSTED KP: 'Yep, it ain't easy pour-meet the local Naval Base nine oo ing salt through them little the -post athletic field. The MARIANNA I N TO 3 FULL GAMES holes.' game will begin a t 2 p,y,, B RMIIIII O .lB R 8 GazEaro, 3 b 3 1 0 Wrisbt, rf :a 0 0 Sorrels, 88 3 0 0 Struekl, e f 4 0 1 Berr7, 1b 4 0 0 lf 3 0 0 R oza e i 0 0 B ae b 2b 3 0 0 Beaolnser, p 4 0 0 1 0 0 3 1 1 Totals 3 1 2 2 t Batted f o r II right i n llt b R c>aak in IHb .I.B R 8 II 1 3 B usby, 3 b II 1 1 Brown, 2b II 1 1 X dwardo, tr 4 2 a B ine e, 88 4 1 0 Manderson, c r 4 1 2 Jaelcrel lf 1 0 0 Cootisan, 1 b 4 0 1 Flana,an, p 2 0 0 T arr 2 0 1 Oa1'iO 0 2 1 0 Rheea 1 0' 1 T otal s 3 9 8 13 t Batted r o r J a ckrel in lith. Batted for B!UINO T n DALL 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 2 0 0 1 2 1 -8 HAJOR LEAGUE S T ANDINGS (Ao o f Friday, AMER1 CAN LEAaJE New York Detroit w .. hinaton . Chicaao . St. Louio .. .. Cleveland ... Booton ........ Philadelphia .... NATIONAL LEAaJE St. Lo uis .... B rook l yn .... P ittoburah .. C i ncinnatt i Phi !adelphia Booton .... Chi caao .... New York .... July 16) W L 4 3 20 38 25 4 1 37 3 6 3 6 36 37 35 39 35 40 3 4 4 4 L 4 8 25 47 34 39 35 39 38 3 5 4 2 32 4 0 34 43 30 47 Pet. 589 .521 5:ZO 500 493 473 467 4 36 Pet. 662 580 524 510 449 .444 439 398 ScrallllY Verma White, Red C all c enterfielder, came through with a resounding trillle in the 14th inning to give the Tyndall men a well-earned victory in t heir game against the Marianna Avia tion team here last Sunday. White's drive brought home third baseman Blackmon with the run that broke a 1-1 tie. Weaks starred on the mound for the Red Calls, str i king out 12 enemy However h e was relieved in the ninth for a ll inch hitter and Jenldns took over the mound chores. The latter fanned four and was credited with the win The g ame was scoreless until the seventh when Marianna tallied their lone run on a sing le, fly out and double, The Tyndall men evened the score in their half of the stretch frame on two singles arrl a fly out. In the 13 games lllayed this season, Red CallS hav e emerg victorirus in 11. '!he two de feats w e r e at the hands of t h e E g l i n and .Napier Field nines, but have since been avenged i n return games Weaks leads the R erl Cap n ing e r s with a record o f seven wins against t w o losses. Jenk ins is undefeated in the three g a mes has appeared and Baskett has a t and 0 record. This Sunday the Red Cap s will meet the strong Bainbridge Avia tion nine here. The game to start at 2:30 P.w. Clll Johnny Hnylka, recently returned from furlough, llaced the IJd b o wlers to a trillle win over the Redbirds and thereby boost t h e Q M lead t o three full games. Only two more weeks of tournam ent lllay remain in the first half of the t1 tion. The Gunne rmalrers kellt them selves i n the running by taldng a threeg ame series from the Medics. Back into third lllace bounced the "Fighting 69th" keglers by virtue of a three game forfeit and the t w o out of three loss by the Zeb ras at the hands of the Bluebirds. A forfeit by the White F1.ashes to the Cloud HO!JllE!r quintet boost ed latter into fourth place, ooe game a way from the Medics a.rrl Zebras, who are tied for the third slot. Ordnance also benefited by a forfeit and rose above the .500 mark to tighte n their grill on seventh olace. Due to the lUITI:!r ous forfeits, -plans are mderway to play the second half of the tournament with an e i ght team l eague. Any organization desiring to e nter a team in the second half s hould contact Pfc. Gus Bianco, league supervisor, at the bowling alleys. HOW THXY S T AND: W L Quarteraast e r ...... 23 4 Gunneraaker s 2 0 7 69th_ ... ......... -. 19 8 Z ebras ........ ... 18 9 11 e d I e . 18 9 C l o u d H oppers .... 17 10 ordnance ..... ........ 111 12 Blueb i rds ........ 13 14 f "W.-:::qp O.VJ E .. . POST Saturday, 'WINGS OVER THE PACIF IC,' Inez Cooper, Edward Norris. Sun. -Mon., 'MR. LUCKY,' Cary Grant, Loraine Day. Tuesday, 'SPITFIRE,' Leslie Howard, David Niven. Wed. -Thur., 'HIT THE ICE,' Abbott and Cootello. Friday, ''mE YOUNGEST PROFESS! (I(, Virginia Weidler, E. Arnold R I Tl Sun.-Mon., 'Olina,' Loretta Young, Alan Ladd. Tues. thru Fri. The Human Comedy, Mickey Rooney, Frank Morgan. Late Show Wed., 'Johnny Doughboy,' Withers. Saturday, 'Idaho, Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnett. Late Show Sat., 'Pilot No. 5,' Franchot Tone, Marsha Hunt. PANAHA Sun. -Mon., 'Chatterbox,' Joe E. Brown, Judy Canova. Tuesday, 'Power of the Press,' Guy Kibbee, Gloria Dickson. Wed.-Thur., 'Footlight Serenade,' John Pyne, Betty Grable. Fri. -Sat., 'Prairie Law, George O'Brien, Virainia Vale.


July 17, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET I SQUADRON SOFTBALL MEET GETS T CH ER S IN SOFTBALL P LA Y-OF FS CIRClfNG-I:h.e BASES Remember Tuffy Leemans, sensa tional back of the New York Giants professional football team? Well, the Army rejected him because of defective hearing. He suffered a brain concussion in a game against the Chicago Bears last October, and impaired the hearing of his left ear. W ith rrost of the pro stars now in uni form, Tuffy will be a handy man for the Giants when the opening kickoff takes place a few months hence. Another baseball immortal has apparently reached the end of the road. Vernon 'Lefty' Gomez, who won six world series games without a defeat for the New York Yankees probably has hurled his last major league 2ame. The colorful Gomez was given his outright release by the Washington Senators last week. Previous to his tryout with the Senators, he had been with the Boston Braves and Phillies, this year, but failed to make the grade. THERE Al Schacht, cloWD prince o f baseball, goes abroad in August to entertain ... Lyn Lary, former major league shortstop is employed at the Bell Aircraft Plant, Buffalo, N.Y ... Third member of the St. Louis Browns to be rejected by the Army within a week is Catcher Frankie Hayes. The other two placed. in the 4-F classification were Shortstop Vern Step hens and First Baseman George M GQuinn Dan Howley, who used to manage theSt. Louis Browns, will conr duct a baseball school at Fenway Park fnr the Boston Red Sox. L*ke All young and ambitious fellow.s, )3ill Cox, ne'w owner of the amazilog Philadelphia Ph ill ies, doesn't hesitate to speak his mind. It won't be long, however, before he learns that the fiery type of criticism he recently levelled at Ford Fli-ck, president of the National League, boomer-:::-:-=---::r-LEFT:. Sgt. Eugene Maxwejl 'Fresno, Cal if., whom the Medics are counting on to hurl them Into the Tyndall softball championship. Pfc. Sam star Ordnance flinger, who with his tw1n brother Ben as h1s battery mate wi 11 attempt to bring the 1 trophy to the Ordna n ce dayroom. angs. One often obtains better results by quieter if le.ss direct methods. It now be in order, since Danny Litwhiler has started hit ting in vigo r ous fashion, for the experts to change their tune and claim they were right in first place when they said the Cards got the better o f that deal with the Phils. In a recent statement, OWDer Bill Cox gave the reasons why he felt the Phil lies had made a good trade, and one of the points he cited was a certain weakness Li twhiler had at the plate. It seems as if some of the other clubs have n't learned it yet. Baseball's 'jinxed' uniform has finally been retired. It was originally worn by Pitcher Monty Strattonof the Chicago White Sox. He lost a leg in a hunting accident. The Sox sent the uni form fo their Longview, Texas, farm team. Th e pitcher who donned the suit broke his leg in the opening game. The uniform was then inherited by the minor league club's shortstop. His batting average slumped from .300 to 110. It was then passed on to pitcher w ho proceeded to lose five straight games. The club ordered the put out of circulation. USO BENEFIT GOLF TOURNEY TO BE HELD AUG. I All golfers in this vicinity, includtng enlisted men, officers and civilians, are invited to partici-pate in the USO benefit golf tournament to be held at the Panama Country Club on sUnday, August 1. The competition will be under the supervision of Bob Ford, golf pro, and Cpl Si M oye Tyndall's leading golf enthusiast. The tournament will be played in flights, with prizes going to all wimers. Under the "flight" system, all golfers, regardless of caliber, will have an equal chance at the X-WORD PUZZLE SOLUTION Page 11 UNDER WAY MEDICS AND IN SECOND GAME THIS AFTERNOON Third Game--l! Necessary-To Be Played Tomorrow Afternoon With the first of their three game series already in the re cords, the Medic and Ordnance softball meet again this afternoon in their second con test to deterndne t1)e champion of the inter-squadron toumsment. Yesterday's game was -played m the Medics' diamond and at 30 P.M. today the two teams will neet on the athletic field across fran the Ordnance day roun. Should a third game be neces sary it will -played off as part of a double-header tCITIOrrOif afternoon on the post athletic field. The winning team will re ceive the gold athletic in addition to recognition as the fielc'l chiUlDions. Sgt. Eugene Maxwe 11 and Ya:x Senkinc will be the battery for the hospital rren while Pf'cs. Sam and Ben Knepper will do the pitch ing and backstop respec tively, for the Ordnance squad. Sunday's contest, if scheduled, will begin at 2:00 P.M. numerrus prizes to be awarded. No pre-qualifying score will be .necessary for prospective en trants. All that is required is the approximate score which should be turned in to Bob FOrd at the Club or to Si Moye at the 69th day r (){Ill. The entrance fee is $2 with clubs and luncheon furnished. Proceeds beyon1 expenses will go to the USO f\Jrrl. Arrangements are under way t o provide GI transportation, which will leave the Persor11el building at 8 A.M. BOXING NOTICE A l l m e n interested in attend in g boxin g instruc t ion classes are asked to report to the Post Athletic Field at 5:30 wednes day afternoon D aily worko ut s wil l b e held at the same time from then annou nced.


Page 12 Guardians Most of the bovs have acquired a deep sun tan e\er. since P. T became a must. Besides that they have also receiYed a few bumps and scratches sjnce Lt. V Day has been instruct 'them or. the art of subduing a brawler in the quietest and most efficient manner DL1Ssible. In other words. lessons in the art o f JUDO. The beer situation has become so acute that we ha,e had no less than seYenty-fi,e requests t o tell the editor about the medicinal and alimentary qualities of beer. So the best thing to do is to get the boys some beer and let them drown their s orrows. THE TYNDALL TARGET NEW STYLE WAIST-GUN WINDOW W AC-i:ivit:ies This week. for lack of the unusual we give an imaginary W AAC's dad the spotlight;: Dear Daughter: Your mom is very busy like all women these days and asks me to write you for ller. She's 3.n air raid spotter and in a: fitst aid A..triit now, and. she is also workmg. two afternoons a week in a war factory, which keeps her pretty occupied ex cept when s{le is not ragging me a bout keeping weeds out of the Vier tory garden. She is also readinb folders about the WAFC, or Women's Auxiliary Ferry Service which she .thinks has something to do with \V e still ha,en't that musical p lay burn and seen any part of ferryboats. She always. liked riding that Cpls. Mash-o n ferryboats.. ,,ere cor.templatI have passed my VDW (voluntary ing on promo ting. Incidentally. your dish washer) test, your mother says, scrib e will furnish the lyrics and and am now a regular for the dura-music all o riginall. Old style plexiglass window is shown on the left. Mote the tion. I am also doing well in the s Sgt. s See ,as planning to take curves around the hole f(lr the gun 11ount socket. Mew style is HTC (housework training corps) and in the Stage Door Canteen while in shown on the right. Mote the smooth surface around the gun will complete my basic in a few New York. but h e was just going mount socket. days. The only requirement for get-there for food. Just like a G I.1-----------------. ting into t:Qe VDW and HTC is that always thinking about food. a man may be too old for combat BAXTER: T .5Gr H Wilkinson. ENGLISH FOOD 1DULL DESJGN NEW 'fl:fNDOW FOR andpassanaptitudetesttoproveif and p,ts. E. Starling. L Walding, "'A. I ST-GUN h e is any good around the house. and B. B. Stetson are all going BUT ADEQUATE 1 I can cook, hake, mend, make beds steady and are seriously planning to any everything now and do not mind middle aisle it in the very near fu-In a letter received on this L. R. Bechtel, foreman or the it. What g-ets me is that I am alone ture ... Lt. John R. Philpot is gof"ield by T /Sgt. Donald G. Mac-sheet metal shou at the S6th Subso muc h now with you in the ing to school soon and will have to WA_ -ACs and mom in almost every-,..-La.ren and his brother Pvt n,......t and Ivan Kramer assistant th h revert from "gigs to books" mg, t e solitude is beginning tc. What Guardian is rushing "Paula of MacLaren, indirectly from an foreman, have receivec:i favorable me. I sit alone so much the PX" off her feet and is trying to aunt, Mrs. Dorothy Pitts, in c0111mnt from the a1'111o8111ent section waiting f o r your mother to come convince her that he's better than a Englarxl; the followf'or their idea of a change in de-home and pay some attention to the civilian? ... Pvts. Joseph Schrader infoMMtion may be of interest to ,1 -;ig:n on the B-34 airplane waisthouse. and E Ace are trying to get Conthe "Target" readers. We quote gut window. Did you know Rags was quitting gress t o pass a bill giving G. L's two frm the letter: Due to the compOliDd curves in me, too? The pooch was about my furloughs e\ery month. And ever 'It really is heartening that onl y companion, but h e is acting since Pvt. R. Dmernoy's missus .the original glass window, the pretty b elligerently lately and I have the 'll'ar has taken such a hopeful I i i 1- came down t o P. C .. Robert has for.gtnner s V s on was .J.llu ted, Urus a fiunch he is trying to get into the s aken his friends and the PX com-turn and that the offensive is -preventing him fran firing at all D.D. S !Dogs for D efense Service). pletely ... P\ts. J Perrotta and H all on our side. It really must angles. The new style windOW' as Tha t will leave me and the cat at S chreiber's wives are to be in P C. be Hell in Germany no'll'adays in designed by Bechtel and Kramer, home regularl y. soon to c heck o n their husbands' ac-.the round-the-c1 ockbombing. I ith Well we men musn't b eef. W e w __ tts flat surface, tivities ... And Pvt. W. Smith. of don t envy them as they certain-1 i 11V\d1 I mu_st all be little home builders these the mmnPr s v sion n a d the famous Blue Room. is confronted .,.--ays, I suppo s e and keep the home ly asked for it and it's be f t st the new wi--'ow b y a serious problem these days: '" num r 0 e s ,.., 'fires burning w h ile the womenfolks h th to read their propaganda no., has to be s,.,.,rior to the t k' n e er to eat -and sleep or to sleep "P are a mg care of the war. Ev'ery and eat. 'll'hich says we started it. The old, and it is so in time ikickalittleyourmothersays :\1. -\::\ OF THE WEEK: Sgt. Clar-. German people must have very design that it can be installed that I should remember that the i c e Taunto n hails from Alexandar short memories if they've for-in a B-34 airplane (both sides) women today are keeping us men City. Ala. and is 26 years old. Clarice gotten ho., elated they were when i from slavery under the Axis, and we h iJL __ me. as been in the army about 30 they were told London was burn-This 1s not the first improveshould keep our traps shut and get months and is one of the most effieing and almost razed to the nent that these two nen have made o n W i t h the dishes. ient men in the Guardians. His duAround. Everything_ is goin g a ll right. I ties came under the classification of on airplane .equi-pment. They rehaven't been able to use the car for d t 'Our rations remain about the 1 t hed 1 to u Y sergeant and these duties are cent y at ac an acctllll.l a r en two weeks, the bus line has suspend-performed with the maximum of same and we are quite used to the retum hydraulic line of the ed. our butcher sells only jowls and efficie ncy. His wife and baby daugh-them and they keep us quite fit. tow target reel of the AT-,6A ail'-_ kidneys with now and then a little ter live in Panama City but a r e an-It is difficult to vary one's -plane. This device equalize. s the trrpe, a n d t here i s a milk strike. An-xiously waiting f o r the day to re-menu as I dare say you heard other training plane hit the barn last t t AI -pressure in the line and relieves urn exandar City, Ala. Sgt. Mrs. Roosevelt 'Our food was week. The cutworms are in the to-T aunton d t k the backward surge on the line t 1 use o wor ll'i a textil e m?.. o P ants, the' beans have a bli'ght f t b rather dull but quite adequate.' d h t the b 11m1 ac o r y efore coming in the Army. an on t e mo or, re Y e of so_me kind and I got poison ivy -Cpl. Sam Marotta. bed in 'the Orderly Room and not ating lines and reducing-weedmg the beets Flashes With scheduled reorganiza ti o n of our squadr o n. rumors are created fast and furious. Most of them o riginating in othe r than the s leeping q uart ers. The most popu l a r and most h oiJed fo r is the plan whi c h calls for the co nsolidatio n of our squadr o n with the WAACs. C pl. W alke r h a d a n opptrunity t o find out whether "absen c e r e a ll y m a kes the heart grow fonder." H e s p ent a q u i e t a n d restful weekend with the boys. F o r a pastime c hecked o n t ht: C Q e ery h a l f LO.Jt. F o r a gift next Christmas he's going to ask Santa t o b : him a bulletin board with extra bi g lettering o n it. The sme ll o f cut grass. around the barra c k s may b e attributed by Pvt. O'Neal's extracuricular activities. A fine showin g o f squadro n spirit Mr. 0':--!eal. The most perpl e xed r-eo pl e in the organizatio n a r e t h e C Q. s w h o can' t figure o u t t h e presenc e o f a being allowed to sleep in it. The excessive motor wear. _Well, take care of yourself in the only reason might b e fo r the over-While at Douglas Aircraft, Mr. Dimpled Dragoons, and your mothei worked c lerks' convenience. Bechtel received two certificates says to remember to wear yom T o Sgt. l\1atz. Panama City is as of award for new ideas, one for rubbers w hen you drill in wet grass good a p lace a s the Stage Door Canind Also she wants to know if vou hav his iqJrovement on a spring w -h teen For it is there h e found his enoug blankets for COOL NIGHTS lovel y excuse for the regular v isits er, the uatent rights which he If n o t she w ill send you one off m ) in rain o r shine. He never pictured now holds, and one for his im-bed. Florida to b e almost as fruitful a -provemen t on a bond-allowance place as Cinc in nati. chart. :-; ;':gt. \Vill i -:.m Solomo n T.he teacher was testing the knowledge of the kindergarten class. Placing a half on the desk, she asked sharp1 y, What is i t? A small voice, that of a first sergeant's youngster, rang out the back row, 'Tails!.'--------------Two little girls were sitting on the curb in front of a house. 'My sister's going to get married tomorrow.' 'Yeah?' 'Yup. ',She's upstairs now getting her torso ready. Medicwoes We had a visitor other evening, and it can't be said that he was welcome. That little pole kitty must have heard that we had a lot of gas masks down here and deicded to borrow one t n escape his enemy the paper mill. To get a way from it all quite a few of fellows have bee n volunteering for the 'grass the dew berry season is over, or didn't you know? The complaint department is now open: 1. We wonder if it would be too much trouble for the bus drivers to tell us when they going to mak e the trip around the field Your affectionate DAD. at 10 on Sunday evening? We wonder what the attraction is out the Shipyard way for the 'Lethargy Kid' Cpl. McMurtrie almost night last weeki What is this strange power that Cpl. Senkinc seems to have over the local belles? He claims that he gets letters from one of them, and that he has never seen her! That regular visitor to Ward 4, S gt. 'Rearick, is back on the job once again. The of his visitations has'gone home torecover from that operation. Pfc. Sandone wasn't tobe trusted Tuesday morning as he was cutting hair. The Sandones ar;, now the proud parents of a daugh Congratulations. -s;Sgt. c.s. Laubly )'


Jul THIS WEEK'S XWORD ACROSS 1-Limbs JG-U we want to 5-The Yankee ones remember ... new_ Harbor, we Glory Across the .Tap obstacle course 31-See 3D-Across 13-Ft. Meade 1s 1n 33-Before this State 35-Half the NaVY 15-0verambitious is here aggressors (ab. ) 3&-Hlf'J.f ahot 16-Army Service 37-This Is playing Cab.) a major role in 17-lie manages the the current war N Y. G!snts of uniform working recently abed 16-Castor oil comes U-How goldbricks in big ones like to be Cab.) at\er Pearl 24-Poker term Harbor enlisted 44-Clothing men become don't affect the officers (ab. ) Army much DOWN 1-The Yanks at Midway smashed one for everything y6u do in the Army 3-What you'd like to do to Musso llnl's pan 4-We should watch out for hlln at all times 5-The opposite of this is this 6-'J:be Army makes gla'nts out 'em 7-Thls Fort Is In California 6-Kind of uniform (ab.) 6-You're In the Army now, you're not behind the .... 1G-Thls makes Army communications official 14-Thls goes with 26-Cr .. pshooter' s Angeles delight 18-It's often policed 3G-Soup Ingredient In the Army 31-Tiers 2G-Kind of sign 32-At the crest Hitler' s getting 34-Sgt, .J ,oe Louis is from the Allies the Army' s best 21-Enthuslastlc man in this Enginee;-ing 37-Ft. McClellan is Gompames (ab.) II\ this State (ab.) 38--Flt backwards col'{llllands the 38--. ., sweet as A A F. llPPle dderl 27-Fiying Fortresses fl......()rpnbed )Beare good ones RnM (lib. Reprinted from Ft. Wood, (Mo.) News SOLUTI .ON ON PAGE 11.SLEEPING IN the field with out a cot, spread your J raiilcoat over your improvised bed. This will prevent the ground dampness from chilling your body AVOID ALL UNNECESSARY move ment while obse1'1(ing. It may disclose your position to the enemy. TRE T PUZZLE "They set him up that way for dress inspectiononc e he moves. his ;t.,wrl!<=k!"


. 1 ne 1 AU6.10t.h FOA fiPPi/Cf/TION FQ/1 N-1/T/ONI/L .._ -:. : .. SEAVICE LIFE /NSitli-HNCE (J}' PHYS/Cf/L EX-RMIN-IJTION


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