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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 26 (July 24, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
July 24, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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VOL2 IL-, u NQ.26


2 Tvndall PVBLISHED SATURDAYS BY THE SPECIAL SERVICES SECTION FOR PERSONNEL OF THE AAF FLEXIBLE GUNNERY SCHOOL, PANAMA CITY. FLORIDA. Copy Prepared Under Supervision of Public Relations Officer. Command inA: Cnl. Leland S. St ranathan Special Service Officer: Capt. Owen 0. Freeman Public Relations Officer: Lt. William B. Pratt Photosraphic Officer: Lt. J. A. Editorial Staff: Sgt. Arnold Milgaten, Sgt. Saul Saminf, Cpl. Neil Pooser, Pfc. Harry Bardi Art Work: T ;Sgt. Oral Ledbetter, S jSgt. Fred H. Slade, Cpl. Marshall Goodman. Photosraphy and M /Sgt. W Busby, S / Sgt. J. Mit chell, Sgt. F. Churchill, Sgt. Silas Upchurch, Sgt. G Neitzert, Pvt. L Shaw, S jSgt. ]. Montgomery, S jSgt. R. Keough, Sgt. P. Terry, Sgt. J. Marsick, S j S gt. J. Webs t e r Pvt. W. Den i e I s Cp I. E. Tackett, Pfc. H. Cere. Tyndall oatrlal supplied by Camp p aper ServIce, ll'ar 2 00 E o 42nd St .. N.Y.C. Crdttd lal oay not be rpubl!sh d nith out prior Camp Servlet. A NEW SPOHT TI1e Army created of a storm in the intercollegiate sports world whe n it pro-. hibited cadets and other sold-THE TYNDALL TARGET .. .. 2:. TH-E L_ ____ A PRAYER TO HAKE US BETTBR AHERICANS Give me a good digestion, Lord, A n d a l s o s o m e t h i n g to d i g e s t. G iv e me a healthy body, Lord, With sense t o keev it at its best. G iv e me a healthy mind, good Lord, To keeo the good and rmre in sight, Which seeing sin, is not ovoalled, But finds a way t o set it right Give me a mind that is not bor ed, That does not whimoer, whine, o r sigh. Don't me worry overmuch About.that fuss y thing called "I". Give me a sense of humor, Lord, Give me the g rac e t o see a joke. Let me get hanoiness from life And T)OSS it on to other folk. 1 ers at colleges froTn partici_:: J N::'A y WED Nt::':::'AY pating in intercollegiate 8 : 00 A x ............... Mass 12:15 !'. M .. worts 9:CO A.M .... ?rotestant S un -shtr-se:;ce football and other s uch spor s choo l 5 : 30 P M ............... Mass the Training Command 1 0 : 00 A M .... Mass at 7:30 P.M .... Theater THURSDAY has come through with a sports : o :OO A M .... Frotestant wor5 :30 F.M ............... Mass event which can do a good .Job 8hi;: Service F'RIDAY ll:OC A M .. Gunner5 Prose.3tant 5 : 30 F .:-! ............... Mass of replacing football, basket3e!'":1:::'= at 7 : 30 P M ..... .:-ewlsh SeniC' ball and other inter-school 11 : 1 5 A.M. U.TURDAY 7 :3C M .... Wo:--sh:p 5:30 P.M ............... Mass contests. MON:hy 7:00 P.M ........ WHAT FEATURE OF I"HE T4RGET DC YOU LIKE BEST? Interviews and Photos Fy SGT. S I UPCHURCH S!SGT. ERNST SOLOMON, NCOIC Offic.zrs1 Fersonne l: "Goodman' s cartoon. It a way t.he Gi' s g .... ipes, gripes tha7: we can t ourseLves. 1 like ::o So. Ty"'"ldalL 7alrs :>.,..a _i'f11ii..l ......... :J .. '' SISGT. DOJGLAS WADSWORTH, Assistant Major, ; U take ca:L. a"'"!.i Joodwanr:; cartoon. : 'd. !o tic::u -ps o: and activities on f i eLd." Th e first o f these events 5:30 "'.M ............... !ir,::-. s (AL:o, thP Chap l ain 'Nlll TUSSCAY hea::conress1ons anytime he 10' A/IE h'ILLIAM:J, Exchange : was h eld at Tyndall Field 5:3C P M Mass t t th l) 7:30 ? M .... F'ellowsh! o Club pre::oen a e ape I think I hke 'As a GI Sees 1 as t weekend. It was the g:t.11r: t be s t ;,; hi L 6 111 y s 6 c 0 n d n e r y contest among the na-1 :hoLe is 'J.Ir Ji'a'.Jn .... de Photo'." tion's six flexible gunnery schoo l s \\hile the spectators at the shoots a re, by limited in number the rivalry amon g -the contestants can b e just as g reat as tha t between two college teams. These contests will help to whet the inte rest o f gunne r y students and will make therr work harder. And the r1 valry should make the entire personnel a t the gun school s take mor e pride in the s that theJ turn out. And somehow 1t looks 1 t WOitld be a lot more fun t o f'i a deadly mach 1 ne gun from a plane a t a c loth taraet than 1 t would t o make a 12-yard run a round l eft E:nd. 'I can't marry him mother. H e is a n atheist and does n o t helieve in hell.' Mother: .'rlarry him my dear: be tween us we v. i II conv i nee him that he is SGT. KriCZNIA12Ak. .... S\LVE' STAle FOR GALLANTY 1N AC\lON IN NORTH A"FI21CA ... DESPITE PAINFUL H K'EMAl NED W ITH tiiS PL-ATOON. SGT. BAKER, "Goodman' s cartoon and 'As a GI It' 3ut I .,.;:ad the. ll..hoL:: 7:hing." CFL. ESTELLE N RYAN, Fost Legal Gjjie : I Like Goodman s ca7toon jo1 its And often the ChapLain's Co! somi good r e a ding i n it--, uch a:; the Lette.,. which was t rin t ed. in the last t1. iSSUS."


July 24, 1943 FORT MYERS OUTFIT IS TYNDALL 5TH IN MEET HERE High-Ranking Officers Among Spectators At Event In the first of a series of competitive contests conducted among teams of the Air Forces Gunnery Schools here the team from Zachry Field, Laredo, bested five other sc-hool outfits. The Texas school team won over teams from Buckingham Field, Fort Myers, Fla.; the Harlingen, Tex., Gunnery School; the Las Vegas, Nevada, base; Tyndall Field and the Kingman, Ari-z., school. The teams finished in that order after two days of competition of events including all phases of gunnery training. The events from skeet shooting on regular ranges to air-to air firing at aerial tow tar gets. In the skeet shoot the Laredo team took first place with a score of 222 with Las secrod with 2"21. ThB Harlingen team had 206 for third place, with Buckingham Field fourth with 193, Tyndall Field fifth with 192, B.nd Kingman sixth with 123. In firing from moving bases the Laredo team took another first with a 189 score. Las Vegas was second with 184 and Myers nosed out Tyndall Field for third, 174 to 173. Harlingen was fifth and Kingman sixth. In the thi rct event, moving tar get competition, Fort Myers cap tured first with a score of 168 with Harlingen second with 165 and Laredo third with 134. King man with 121, Las Vegas with 102 8.00 Tyndall Fiel d with 92 finished in that order. The three man team from Buckingham Field took the calibre 00 machine gun stripping contest. Assembling their weapons in a total time nf 2: 1!'\: 49. In air-to-air firing at towed aerial targets t .hP. team f'lonm Las (Continued on Page 4) FAMOUS SYMPHONY ON RECORD PROGRAM A rare treat is in store for Tyndall's music lovers at tomorrow afternoon's "Encore Rour." W/0 Joshua Missal, who super vises the 1 p, M. hour of music, announced that Leopold Stokowski1s recording of Shostakovi tch' s 5th Symphony has been select.ed for Sunday's Post Theater nvsic&l interlude. Shostakovitch's 5th Symphony is famed for its vopularity with members of the armed forces. performed, its tempo and mood has quickly taken hold of the audience and sustatnAd the ten&lon unt.ll the last note has died 8Yfay. The Stokowski recording was made with the Philadelphia Sym phony Orchestra. THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 3 WINS FIRST GUNNERY TOURNEY Yanks "Chute the Works" on Sicily Signal Radio Photo by Camp Newspaper Service Lt. Col. C. W. Kouns was the first officer t o bail out into the inky black ness just before dawn when the United Nations forces invaded Sicily Saturday July 10. He was fol lowed by enlisted men of his unit. They were part of a force which took the western e nd of the island. During the fligh t to the objective the paratroopers' n e r ves were com pletely re laxed. Some them slept soundly un til just before the com mand to jump. THIS WEEK'S COVER SGT. MORTIMER IS CHOSEN 'GUNNER OF HIS CLASS' Major Johns ton Is Speaker At Graduat ion Of 43-29 "Dete rm ina tf o n nerves of steel, B.nd good old AllleriC8.II guts are the ingredients necessary to bring back victory," declared Ma_j or Harrison R. Jolmston, stu dent commB.ndB.nt, at the gradua tion exercises of Class 43-29 on Moniay. The ma._j o r also brought to tht. attention of his audience t0q increased improtB.nce of the gtm ner now that more B.Ild more bomb ers are bein g sent out on mis sions without fighter escort. Lt. William J, Cleary, com manding officer of Squadron "D", was chairman of the ceremonies. Praising the excellent record of the class, Lt. Cleary gave due credit to the instructors, both flight and section, for their part in graduating this, "the best class of gunners ever to leave Squadron D. Chosen as "Gunner of the Class" was Sgt. Wyndham G. Mortimer, of Dayton Ohio Sgt. Mortimer wes one of the dozen men of the class who, because of their ootstaming records, were selected to remain BAND TO BE FEATURED IN THEATER PROGRAM Forming the cover of this at Tyndall as instructors. week's Target are the member s The third class of French gun"Just Music," a novelty proof the six gunnery teams whic h ners to graduate from this field gram arranged under the super-competed here last weekend in were members of 43-29, B.nd their vision of the Special Service the first inter-school aerial commander, Lt. Guy Lepeu, ex Office, will be presented at the gunnery tournament pressed gratification for the enPost Theater on Monday night in Reading a-la-timepiece, at thusiastic cooperation being givlieu of the second showing of the 1 o'clock is the outfit tram en to the men of his unit by the regular m::>vie fare. Kingm an Field. Tyndall's men soldiers of Tyniall Field in parThe music of the Tyndall Field are at the 3 o'clock spot. At ticular B.nd the u.s. Army in gen Band will be featured, with spec-5 0 clock you see the team from eral. ial numbers by both the concert 1 The fiual sneaker on the nr

Page 4 THE TYNDALL TARGET -, pHOTO SECOII.IO, TYNDAll 5TH Anyo n e desiri n g to submit a photo for use-in this. section of t h e Target may do so by calling at the Target off 1 c e 1 n Post f N MEET HERE Headquarters or by telephoning an; member of the staff at 2189. (Continued jra. Page 3) vegas took first with a 408 total with Harlingen second with 385 and Laredo third with 355. Tyndall Field was fourth with 330, Fort fifth with 297 and :UYJ?1118l1 sixth with 284. Spectators included such high ranking officers as Brig. Gen. Martinus Stenseth, Commanding General of the 36th Training Wing; and Brig. Gen. James Williams, Commanding General of the 29th Training Col. George E Henry, Commanding the McCarran Field unit; Lt. Col. Richard R Waugh, Buckingham Field's Cormnan der; Lt. Col. Douglas Keeney, McCarran F!.eld; Ma.1ors R.W. !sac-This is the picture that all Tyndall Field has been waiting son and Lawson Clary, Jr.' re-for these past few weeks. 1 t is the unposed -for photograph of presenting Kingma. Field; Capt. a former lumberjack, cafe operator, theatre usher and manager, E.s. Watson, McCarran; and Lts. veterinarian's assistant, butcher and poultry dealer, pots and John w. Stanley, Buckingham; Ken-pans sa 1 esmSn, newspaper c i rcu 1 at ion assistant, hat sa 1 e sman, neth G. Maule, Harlingen; W.D. minstrel star, and dishwasher, who has called Troy, New Reis, Kingman; and John B. WallHollywood, Palm Springs, and Avalon (Catalina l.sland), Callfor ace, Laredo The officers w ere. nia his "home t o wn" at some time .or other durtng the last dewelcomed by Lt. Col. Jack L Thi' s "babe-in-the-woodsw pictured above is the sixRandolph, Corrmander of Tindall months-old likeness of one of Tyndall's most loquacious, but Field. harmless, wolves, whose 180 lbs. of brawn and. bra.ins are con-It was interestirw; to note that centrated daily on the main Vari-typer upon whtch IS typed most the only two left-banders in the_ o f the Target's weekly copy. competition were Tyndall men; The innocent-looking, angelic-like, tot above, is, of course, Sgts. Da}e M. Larson and Dee none other than that veteran Target staff member, Sgt. .Saul Atkinson. Samiof. Self-touted as a "man of mystery," Samiof The event, originated by the broke down and gave us some intimate details of his I l:e. Flying Training Conrnand, was the He was born in Troy, New York where he remained unt1l reach1ng first in a series of gunnery comthe ripe age o f 18. Aner that, life began for. the petitions to be held monthly at Saul. "I went directly to Hollywood, after my etghteenth birth various schools, Tyndall being day,a said Saul, "because things were getting 'too hot' in upchosen as the s:ite of the initial state New York." 1111tch. Lt. Col. Jack L. Randolph Due to the necessity of conserving space, we cannot even bewas well satisfied with the cond f n d t n "S y' gintorelatethedozensupon ozenso 1nc1ens 1n. s test, as a whole, and anticipates colorful adolescent career. Suffice to say, Saul IS with us Bill TO PROVIDE EDUCATION FUNDS IS INTRODUCED A bill which would provide funds to 'service me. n and women after the war so that they may continue their education in trairtfng schools and colleges has been introduced in the Senate. The measure, which was referre<' to the Conmrl t tee on Education ano Labor calls for the allocation of funds to be loaned t o any male o r female person who since December 7, 1941, has served in the armed forces of the United States, or in any auxiliary o f the armed forces of the United States or as a merchant seaman, and has received an honorable discharge, o r honorable release from such service. The loans would be for payment of living expenses of the students and their dependents, not to exceed $1,200 a year. Tuition fees, books and supplies would be -paid for directly by the government. The loans for living expenses will be made without collateral, will bear one percent annual in terest, and be repayable in 10 eQUal installments. If the person receiving the loan receives a certificate from the educational institution he attends showing that he or s h e shown good faHh and diligence in his work, only half of the amo1.11t borrowed will have to be paid back. The bill was introduced b y Senato r Pepper of Florida. Abetter luck for theTyMall men now, despite numerous stories, pro and con, w e still believe he next time." is single. As far as we know, the closest he ever came to mar-We take a great deal of pride Capt. Graydon D. Hubbard, dir f l b b ht in our squadron area which is now Rugged 69i:h r 1 age was the da. y one of his girl friends rom A a ama roug d h fl ector of ground was colorfully landscape w1 t ower her father along "for the ride." beds in each barracks yard, shrubs officer in charge of the fir trees here and there, Field team. S/Sgt. Campbell, with his Ceriter: Sgt. Bert F. Jordan, son white picket fence, and a fine The complete list of competi-wife El'tla Ruth lives at Harlin-of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Jordan, of thick stand of grass. Particular tors include three team members gen, S/Sgt. Richard T Moss, Lake Villa, Ill.; Sgt. Albert v. credit for this w o rk goes to three hard-working buddies: Sgt. S al-and an alternate for each base. wife, Thelma M., Harlingen; and Baumann, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.V. strum, Pvt. Turner and Pvt. Clamp. Tyndall Field, Panama City, alternate Sgt. StanleyR. Gordon, Baun:ann, West MacPherson Highway, Sgt. Salstrum directs the care F1a., Army Air Forces Southeast Jr., sonofldr andMrs. Stanley Fremont, Ohio; Sgt. Edward w. and maintenance of the entire T i i C t S t J D R G d '611 Fi h p d R d Dailey. son of Mr. and Mrs. E.X. area, while Pvt. Turner, of the ra n ng en er. g or on, o s on oa' Greenhouse, prqvides us with Brooks, Jr., son of !itr. and Mrs. Ridgewood, N.Y. Dailey, 1110 S. LaBrea Ave., plants and sets, f e rtilizer and J D. Brooks, Cleveland, Okla.; McCarran Field, Las Vegas, Nev., Inglewood, Calif.; and alternate plenty of good advice about landDee Atkinson son of Mrs. A. West Coast Air Force Training Sgt. Warren Henderson, son of Mr. seeping. Pvt. clamp builds and 19 th St Tus and Mrs. Walter R. Henderson of paints fences, walk s and arbors. AtJrinson, 3 E. 4 con, Center: Sgt. Patrick McHugh, We want to take this opportunity Ariz.; Sgt. DaleM. Larson, son son of Mr. and Mrs. B.H. McHugh Nol"'ll8ll, Irrl. to com mend you fellows on the of Mr. anrl Mrs. C. !f, Larson, 1522 o f 1111 -Ash, Pelly, Tex.; Sgt. Scoring of uoints in the events fine job you are doing. w .i""'USta St., Spokane, Wash.; i was on the basis of one -point for 'Wid come b:ack' to S/Sgt Win Edward Dugan son of Mrs. Marn e gard, Cpl. Franze and Pfc. Coe. and alternate S,e:t. Wayne H. MacDugan, 1583 Church St., Indians, first place, twofor second, three Once you get sand in your shoes, Intyre, son of Mr. and Mrs Will Pa.; Sgt. Marcell D. Durbin, for third, etc. In the overall fell as, yo u always come back to Macintyre of Wellington, Kan. wife, Evelyn, 709 E. 9th St., total Laredo with 13 points was Tyndall. Buckingham Field, Fort Myers, i d and 1 t t i th 14 d What happened to Joe Blow, ou r Munce, In.; a terna e Sg first; Fort Myers w secon 'banty' rooster, is an unsolved F1a., Anny Ai T Forces Southeast Harold S. Clark, whose wife Doris, and Las Vegas and Harlingen tied myste'ry. The fact that he crows Training Center: Sgt. Martin resides at 5942 Theodosia, :St. for third with 15 each. Tyndall lustily_each morning somewhere in Hollis, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. l.ouis Mo.. Field was fifth with 21 and King-the vicinity of the WAC barracks leads to any number of interest Hollis, 4330 Lazart1 ::it., Chatum-Kingman Field, Kingman, Ariz.J,. was sixth with 27. ing speculations. It may be that ooga, Term.; Sgt. Eugene Bucki, West Coast Air Forces Training High individual scorer of the Sgt. Pickett was i n need of an sonofWr. and Mrs. Jom L. Buck!, Center: Sgt. Robert Grabowski, meet was Sgt. Russell E. Jones, alarm clock; or perhaps Joe just 264 Holly St., Buffalo N. y,; whose sister, Mrs. Wm. McLain, of Buckingham Field. One of the got lonesome for a bit of f emi n-ine companionship. Sgt. Russell E. Jones, son of Mr. lives a t 1331 Florence St.,_ outstanding performances of the Like the city postman w h o goes and Mrs. Wm. E. Jones, Sout'b Evansville, Ind.; Sgt. Don It. meet, was by Sgt. Wayne )d. Mac-for a hike on his day off, we Road Orange, Mass.; and alterPetrie, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.P. rntyre, of Tyndall Field, whore-have known Sgt. Balluff, our f motion picture projectionist. to nate Sgt. LK. Irwin, son o !dr. Petrie, ofEncinidas, Calif.; Sgt. assembled a calibre ,5() machine spend an eve ning off by going to and Mrs. J, H. Irwin, Kerrville, Chas. R. Parkhill, son o f Mr. and gun while blindfolded in the the .movies. Tenn. Mrs. c. R. Parkhill, Oto, Iowa; amazing time of 27 minutes, 55 -------Harlingen Aerial Gurmery School, and alternate Sgt. Ray England, seconds. Sgt. Macintyre, howMP: What IW!re you doing chasing Harlingen, Tex., Gulf Goast Air whose wife He1en, lives at 805 ever, was an alternate tearn those lromen?' Fbrce Training Center: Sgt. Cut'Cedar St., Kansas City, Mo. ber and his time was not counted Dogface: 'Enjoying my constitutis Kinney, whose wife, Zachry Field, Laredo, Tex., in competition. Each three man tional rjghts--li fe, liberty and lives at Route i., Waco, Tex.; Gulf Coast Air Force Training team also had one alternate. the Pursuit of happiness!'


July 24, 1943 TYNDALL LIBRARY GETS 39000 NEW BOOKS ( Continued from Page 3) the past two months, Lt. Moore believed that it will be necessary to close "shop" for one or two weeks in order to complete the extensive alterations, which also includes a new linoleum floor. At present, the staff is busily engaged. in cataloguing the 3,000 new books which were purchased by the 4th Service COil11lB11d fr001 more than fifty leading publishers. I n addition to setting aside a section of the library for lounging and a music corner, t here will also be available six new writing desks. / / BERING SEA PACIFIC OCEAN >"'@.._E*'i,J -==g> Army Air Force bombers struck the islands ot Japan proper 0 E s,_l this week. A force of Liberators, operating, it was believed, A either from Attu o r Amchitka, in the Aleutians, bombed the Jap base of Paramushiro, sometimes called the Japanese Pearl Harbor, at the northern tip_ of the Kurile peninsula whi c h extends northward from Japan. This map drawn by Pfc. Harry Bard i of '" the Target staff, shows the location of Par

Page 6 THE TYNDALL TAR GET NEWS FROM THE Squadron A Squadr on A is now resting its rag nenes after a hectic o f m o,i n g the squadron. We are n o \\ more or less comfortabl y settled in o u r ne\\ b a rrack s formerly occupi e d by Squadron B. e\'en though it did l o\\ er the morale of our acting C 0 Lt. Harr ison. and se,eral first s e r g eants considerrbly. It \\as \\ i t h deep regret we left our o l d first sergeant to the of t h e Cadets. but !mowing Sgt. Cross \\ e feel s u r e h e can carry on. Our ne\\ first Sgt. S Sgt. Tl:omoson, will ha,e q uite a time keeping h is ,arious s q uadons str a ight now that Squad r o n s A and D ha,e been p u t together. The hovs of Squadron A have at l ast fe l t the buck of t h e cal. .50 on t h e m a l f unction range this week. The stu de nts a r e now beginning to feel m o r e lil

July 24, 1 943 THE TYNDAlL TARGET Page 7 Kapers Squ adron D TYNDALL HERO BUYS BONDS: DAD JOINS HIH PORT ARTHUR, 7--S/Sgt. Patrick M. Boudreau x of Port Arthur has been awarded the Purple Hea r t and Air Medal a s a gunner and radio opera tor on an Army B25 Mitchell bomb e r i n operations against the Japanese in the Far East. .A:.j C Mik e 1 Myr o n ) Selker is t h e hepi:Jiest hep-cat of t hem a ll. W hen h e isn't beating f urious rhythm o n a desk or a c hair he's hummin g a n e w arrar.gement o r whistlin g a new m e l ody h e has dreamed up. The. oth e r nigh t, after an inspiring ant1-N?-Z l movi e, he sat up almost unt1l dawn composin g a ne,, patriotic numbe r. W ell, T o jo's j i n x h a s h a d a busy week Sunda y afternoon we move d in t o the a rea occupied by squadron B w h i c h w e' r e s h aring with squad r o n A. Squadro n B is now w h ere D used t o b e. Just t r y t e l ephoning and see w h a t answe !s. Mess?? ? ? worse tha n the g reat flo o d. T h e n e w class starte d M onday, 4335 It' s composed o f o n e flight of e n liste d m e n and three flights o f cad e t s He was wounded in action last Dec. 27 w hile on a bombin g mission against Mengmao, Burma, and was decorated by Maj. Gen Claire L. Chennault, commander of the 14th Air Force in China His citation said he remained at his gun station, despite shrapnel wounds in the legs, until his plane had accomplished its mission and returned to its base. He had participated a few days before in two devastatin& raids on Lashio, Burma, from a base in China. One was in daylight Dec. 20 and the other at night Dec 22, the first night raid ordered by Chennault after the Oct. 2S. attack on Hong Kong Boudreaux is now serving with the 10th Air Force in India. His award of the Air Medal was ."announced July 5. 'He has sent me as much as $2, 200 at one time to bu y war bonds with,. the father said. 'I buy in his name a n d mine. With my mone y I buy bonds in my name and his I am helping him to fight all I can.' Boudreaux enlisted in the Atmy Air Forces Aug. 3, 1940, an d was trained at Lowry Field, Colo., and Scott Field, Ill. as a radio operator. He won his wings as an aerial gunner at Tyn1 dall Field, Fla., and was sent to China last suiTI71er. ----TRACKS' GETS NINE NAZIS IN BRAVE tiGHT LONDON--(AP)--The Flying Fortress 'Wab bit Tracks' shot down nine German fighters out of a swarm of 25 which riddled it full of holes in a running ha_lf-hour battle Saturday in the American raid on France. 'Wabbit Tracks' limped back to its base without a single crewman hurt, the Eighth United States Air Force stated" The Fortress was piloted by C apt. Walter E. Flagg, Susanville, Calif. It was forced to figh. t it out with a Focke-Wul f when its No. 1 engine failed fou r miles above France, compell ing it to turn away from its targets. The dogfights continued across the channel almost to the English coast, and Flagg brought in the ship with more than 500 bullet holes in its wings, fuselage, tail and engines. 'f guess those ferries were waiting for easy meat like us to show up,' Flagg said as he climbed out of the sieve. 'With that amount of lead coming our way, I just sort o f figured France was a good place to get the hell out of.' Crossing the channel on the way home, the pilot kept the bomber just above the water so the enemy fighters, coming at him from all sides, could not get a shot in from below. Seven members of the 'Wabbit Tracks' crew were credited with shooting down the nine Nazi planes. Sgt. Budd R. Schmidt, Brewster, Wash., tail gunner, and Sgt. William E. Morgan, Flint, Mich., radio operator, each got two Focke-Wul fs, Other German fell to Lt Robert T. Milliken, Adrian, Mich., bomba dier; Lt. Merle Hamilton, Orchard, Neb., navigato r ; Sgt. John F. Wagner, Cleveland, left waist gunner: Sg t Berndon W. Christensen, Corning, Pa., top turret gunner; and Sgt. John Solinski, Cleveland, ball twrret tunner. TAIL-GUNNER GOT FOE IN OWN DEATH CRASH \BY TO THE NEW YORK TIMES) ALLIED HEADQUARTERS IN NORTH AFRICA, June 14--A literal c ase of going down fighting was related here today of Bn American tail-gunner who kept blazing away at his enemy until he got him seconds before the American plane itself crashed in fla mes The action occurred on Monday during 8 raid on one of the satellite fields at Gerbini. The gunner of another B-26 med ium bomber returned to tell the story. 'I saw the B-26 in distress with its right engine on fir e and its bomb bay blazing,' he said. 'It was headed towar d the ground with a Macchi 202 on his tail. I watched it all the way down and saw the tail guns firing constantly to the last. The B-26 crashed with a terrific explosion and the Macchi w ent down in about the same place. 'That tail-gunner surely accounted fo r an enemy aircraft before he died.' Sounds pretty good, too. Mike i s i n the cadet detachme n t of. Squadron B, C lass 43 33 H e cam e : h e r e t hree week s ago with t h e g r oup of st:1dent navi gat01:s w h o f i n i s hed p r e fl i g h t at Selman Field,' Monr oe, La. 1 W hen you hear some p a rticularly good saxopho n e o r c l a r i n e t j iv e caminofrom Barracks 412, t h a t s M i k e i t o u t Or i f yo u h appe n to b e i n 't. h e PX eatin g a strawb erry sundae a n d t h e g u y across from y o u beat s r a gtime o n t h e counte r o r or d e r s in double talk, t hat's Mike i n ac t i o n. O n e of t hese days you' ll hear : him wit]). the Post D a nce Band They've asked him t o ... i n on a jam session sometime. H e h a il s f rom C l e\e and, Ohio, t his d i minutive, versatile, b a ld ing musi c ian. His fi r s t public appearance paid) was made at t h e a g e of 1li w h e n h e played p a r t of the Paganini. Co ncerto on h is violin. A chil d p rodigy, M ike was' lead e r o f t h e S ilver s Templ e Symphony Orc hest r a t h e same year Mike Selker has played with man y name bands in many p a -rts of t h e c ountry. H e has made a m ovie s hort and h a s been heard o n r a d i o p r o g r a m s with t h e Fitch Band Wagon,: B o b Hope, R e d S kelton and Judy G a r lao d Some of the b ands you've heard M il'e p l a y with i nclude S ammy Kaye, Blu e Barron E ddie L e Baron, R u s::;. Mor g a n Paul W h iteman, Emersom Gill and Sammy Watkins. Often h e h a s sat i n w i t h t h e best in t h e bus( n ess whe n the y wer e in C level and. R emember W i n ;v Mannone? Bob. Allan? L e e Gordon ? Mike h a s played with t hem all and more he can't remember. If you like music and d i g this sort of j i v e you ll underst and hew he plays b y the fo llowing. His h o t sax ophone sounds just lik e C hao Berry ; h e can a l s o play sweet like t h e o l d Eddi e Duchin sty l e i f y o u like that sort of stuff. Mike's clar i n e t (and take i t from u s, i t s mell o w ) i s s o m e w h a t like Woody Herm a n's -you know, t h e b and t h a t p lays t h e blue s. B u t som e of t h e boys w!1o c l aim t o know about t h e s e things say it s ounds lik e Pee W e e Russell or some t imes Irv ing Fazzol a. T a k e it f r o m u s, i t s terrifi c w h a tever it's l i k e His vi o lin, if yo u are still with us, is strictly Joe V enuti. Solid, broth e r, sol id. That's a b out a ll t h ere i s to t ell a b o u t m usic i a n S ell

THE TYNDALL TARGET BOWLERS TO COMPETE IN OPEN TOURNAMENT 20 LEAGUE LEADERS INVITED TO TAKE PART IN MEET Play for Individual Prizes Begins Wednesday The 20 leading bowlers of Tyndall's G.I. kegling league have been invited to partici'pate in an "open" competition sponsored by the Special Service Office rmder the supervision of Lt. Stanley Drongowsld and Pfc. Gus Bianco. The bowlers will be selected according to their averages at the end of the first half of the league. Under present plarJ5, the bowlers named will compete in groups of five, each man bowling six games. Wednesday evening of this week res been a.nnotmCed as the opening day of hostilities. Prizes will be awarded for the foll honors by wresting two from the Cloud Hoppers. Hnw they !'!tan:i: Quarteraaster Gunneraakera 23 Zebras .................. 20 69th ..................... 19 L 7 10 11 l(edics ..... ; ........... 19 11 Cloud Hoppers 18 12 ordnance ... .1. .......... 18 12 Bluebirde ............... Redbirds............... 9 21 White Flasheo 9 21 Venturas ,.. 29 Squadron c............. 29 OFFICERS, NAVY TEAHS PLAY TO lD-10 TIE In a wild and woolly game, the Tyndall Field Officers were held to a 10-10 tie by the Navy last Wednesday night in a Panama City League enc01.mter played at Pelican Park. The tie was a "moral victory" for the Navy who are cellar dwellers in the league, as the Off icers are in first place and expected an easy triumph. Two rrms in the first frame and two more in the second, sent the Officers away to an early 4-0 lead, but the Navy counted five times in the third and went ahead. Pormd ing the ball to all corners of the lot, the Officers tallied six more times in the following two innings and appeared headed for an easy victory. In the last frame, wi'th one out, the Navy exl}loded and pushed three runs across to knot the count. For the Officers, Lt. Greg Greene with three hits, Lts. Joe Glasser, Norm Gross, Jim Bailey and Moe Freeman w1 th two. safe bingles apiece, wet'{' outstanding. The Officers made 13 hits, but were charged with nearly as many errors. Tomorrow afternoon, the locals play at Eglin Field. INTER-SQUADRON BASEBALL BEGINS THIS WEEK Inter-squadron baseball com petit1on will be inaugurated this week, with six teams scheduled to meet in three contests on various field diamonds. RED CAPS WIN OVER BAINBRIDGE, 7-ij By CPL. HAZEL The Bainbri.dge Aviation nine were the latest victims of Tyndall's high-fiying Red Caps In their game here last Sunday, the Red Caps connected for e'ight hits .whic h were converted into 7 rrms and gave the T/F team a 7-4 victory. Jenkins again starrerl on mormd for the Red Caps, out 14 enemy allowing 3 hits for a total of 4 runs. Blackmon, Red Call third base'-. man, started the T/F scoring when he singled on his second trip to I the plate and scored soon afterwards on blows by his mates. Tomorrow, the Reef Caps w 111 meet the Marianna Aviation nine here. The game is scheduled to begin at 2:30P.M. Box score: HELD AB Ii. R II 1 2 II a yo, lf 0 0 Bla!'kao!l, 3b II 1 1 Martinez, c 4 0 1 White, cf 1 0 0 Harrison, 2b 3 1 1 English, rf 4 0 1 Davie, 1b 4 1 1 Mathews, cf 4 1 0 Jenkins, p 4 2 1 Totals 39 7 8 BAINBRIDGE A B R H Smith, ss 4 0 0 McLaughlen, lf 1 0 0 Nunnally, lf 3 0 1 Smith, II. C cf 4 0 1 Roebuck, 3b 4 0 0 Buseh, 1b 2 0 0 Porter, 1b 2 1 0 Johnson, 2b 4 0 0 Holmes, rf 4 1 0 Porhaa, c 3 1 1 Mc((reary, p 3 1 0 Totals 34 4 3 Three base hits: Randle. Two base hits: Randle, lla.rtinez, Davis, Jenkins. Stolen bases:. Blackmon 2, Harrison 1, Davis 1, Mathews 1. Base on balls: J enkins. MCCreary. Strikeouts: Jenkins 14, Ward, (PX) 202, 143, 133 -478 Wonogan (QW) 162, 149, tl16 The three games, as announced by the Post Athletic Officer, are: McCreary 1. Left on base: Red Cafs a, Bainbridge 1. Winning pi eher: Jenkins. Losing pitcher: McCreary, Uapires: Johnson and. IICPhil, Tiae 1;110. Kenney, (Ord) t76, 176, 162 Row THEY STAND W L BOQ ................. 9 G WOQ ...................... 7 2 Qw ........................ 4 PX. ..................... 3 6 BOQ ... 2 7 ORDNANCE ................. 2 7 'We man1cur1sts are luckier than most girls.' 'Because we have so many men at our fingertips?' 'No; because we always know where their hands are.' Med.ics vs: OOth Monday (at Medics) Q.M. vs. GM's-Thursday (Post athletic area) Redbirds vs. Ordnance Fri. (Ordnance diamond) [ Adtit icm/ Stx>rts Page 51


July !?A, 19


p 1 0 Cellar Flier$ Bluebirds Our squadron has finally turned glamorous. Sgt. and Cpl. List just returned from having their profiles put up in the win dow of a photo studio uptown. The next thing that probably will happen is, they will be modeling for one of the clothing stores in Panama City. This information was received from Sgt. Middleton, so what happens from here out will be strictly off the record. We have received word that Pvt. Wadden has been calling the WAC barracks almost regularly now for the past coupld of weeks. Rumor has it that he has been trying to get the job of hostess. Be care f u l Wadden, they might be good at throwing bottles. If Sgt. Rahm doesn't do some thing about that little incident that he and another fellow were talkin g about concerning a cer tain girl, s h e might get married before anything comes of it. The bowling team came out pretty good Tuesday night, taking 2 out o f 3 games from the 348th. Keep that up fellow, and you w on't stand short of first place very long. I n this little space I would like t o c ongratulate PFC. Shine o n his promotion. Watch out, fellows, he's a big man now and 111 i g h t t r y to pu 11 so me of that ran k stuff on you. You never can tel l what these Bostonians will do next. -Sgt. W.R. Dufrane THE TYNDALL TARGE T WAAC Relieves a Male Technician ;... -'b' .. '' ,. -"Quite a recoil, ain't it? Medicwoes Cioudhoppers Cpl, Stewart spent a ve-ry dull birthday on the post, no money and no beer. He just turned eighteen, he says, but Dippr e claims he voted for F.D. Roose velt for governor of New York. What well-known junior m echanic hopes to jump from Pvt. to Cpl? S/Sgt. Sanfilippo is posting a reward for the persons who pu t the assorted sand in his bunk; maybe it was to get even for the crabs, Tony. Sgt. Bourgeois is back from Denver. He left a couple of pounds there. Cpl. -Nolan is known to have quite a knack fo r riding with the big macaroni men. Whic h do you best, the Ford or the Pontiac, Nolan? We hope T/Sgt. Desjardins meets Frank Beletz at Denver. If and when you see him Wally, give him our very best. If Sgt. Goldwater keeps wearing" the same coveralls the boys are going to install an exhaust it the back. Congratulations to Sgt. and Mrs. Schreiner w h o have a new addition to the family. S/Sgt. Cook enjoyed a pleasan t week-end in Jacksonville. Wait unti 1 the cross country to Mexi c o comes up, tl!ere will be two grass widows in Victory Circle. That is all fo r now, except high praise has been made of Sgt. Dodd's hammack to his wife's chicen Dippre. Of course you must have heard the one about the little 'Moron' "Ailo cut off his arms so he oould plmr oiano by ear. \


July 24, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 11 onY/ By BOB HAWK 1. You finn honey bees in a hive anct bumble bees in a nest. Where would you finct sea bees? 2. Which one of these actors was born in the United States: Melvyn Douglas, George Brent, Cary Grant? 3. Is a prairie dog more closely related to a coyote, a sheep do g or a squirrel? .., 'I .. _.: tile Savers.-.. first Aid an 1 man ts conscious and not wounded m the stomach, throat or mouth, you may give him something to drink If you try to help a wounded man do not get excited. Act quickly, and keep bystanders away. Y ANKW I Z ANSWERS 1. In the Navy. On any front. They are the men enlisted in the construction battalion who bnilrl he arlvance and mobile bases. 2. Melvyn Douglas; he was born in Macon, Cary Grant was born in Englanrl, and George Brent in 3. A squirrel. They are both rortents or gnawing animals. 4, To get a haircut,, It's .just a fancy name for a barber shan. fi, Wear it. It is a Snanish American cloak like a blanket, with a slit in the mirlrlle for the head. 6. Hassock: a seat or stuffen cushion. Cossack: .a Rnssian (they live in the Stenpes renowne0 as great fighters ann cavalrymen.) 7. An airplane. (From "Salurlos Amigoe") 8." Yes. Th e largest selling shoe sizes ten years ago were f'ive and five and 11. half. Today seven's anrl seven ann a 1al f' s are solrl. 9. One or more cards cteal t to the table which go by lot or as d r ewa rrl for successful binning to one of the players. 10. Cabbage means to steal or pilfer (also to form a head like a cabbage.) Carrot is a verb userl in connection wit.h f\t r ann means to treat it chemically to i mnr ove the felting quality. l!'e rlov e about 30 ,000 feet ann all my sins flashed. before me. It was so interestinR I made the pilot go back and do it eight times rrore. 4 For what nurpose waul n a person be ant to go into a "ton sorial narlor?" If someone gave you a poncho, whuld you rirle it, wear it or eat it? 6. What's the rlifference between a hassock and a Cossaclr? 7. In the Walt Disney pictures, Dumbo is an elephant and Bambi is a deer. What is Perlro? 8. Has the size o f American women's feet increaser'! nuring the past ten years? 9. In a earn game, what is a wirlow? 10. Which of these names of vegetables is also a verb: celery, cabbage, carrot? "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" THE \-1 ow H 0 U N o 1 \ /0


unners of thf! Week 0 PFC. -WILLIE WONG Squadr o n A Born in Bakersville, Calif., of Cll.inese parents ... Graduated from Gardena High School, Los Angeles, !934 ... Attended radio engineering schoo l in Chicago ana was independent radio mechanic in ian life .. Entered Army December !8, i94i .... in !44th Infantry in Texas. Parents owned about 400 acres rice land near Shanghai Japs took over, all records were lost or burned ... His desire is to get war o ve r soon as possibla so he can help rehabilitate Olina and also get hi a land back. Has brother in Medica l Corps who has been in Alaska for past two years. SGT. WYNDHAN G. /t!ORTIHER Squadron D Says states mighty nice place to see a-fter three and a ii.alf years in foreign service .... Was stationed in PanamaJ TrinidadJ Dutch Guiana .. Entered Army after graduation from high school .. i0i6 Oakridge Drive, Dayton, Ohio 23 years old. Got air mechanic training at Caribberu. Air SchoolJ from which he was graduated-in December !940. S I SGT. !if. P SIMONS Squadron B Native of Johns Island, seven minutes from Charleston,. S.C .... Stationed here since field first opened, December 24, i94i .... Was in 349th as crew chief and mechanic on line .... Been in Army 30 months is 2i years old. He's been stationed at Maxwell ChanuteJ Eglin Fields, Mississippi Institute of Aeronautics at Jackson and at B-25 specialist school in Inglewood, Calif. Worked in maintenance hangar for several months. PVT. DAVID J. MARTIN, JR. Squadron E Heme at 2559 'til. 19th St., Philadelphta .... Has been in the Army for -14 roonths Is 22 years old After basic training at Miami Beaeh, attended AM school at Lincoln, Neb .... 'Ihen attended Allison Engine School in in IndianapolisJ Ind .. Stationed at Langley Field, Va., and Mitchell FieldJ N.Y., as mechanic. Was mechanic installing engines at Newark Shipbuilding CbrporationJ Camden, N.J.J before entering Army. 0 0 PFC. CALVIN H. FLEI'CHR Squadron In Army for two years and six months .... Home is in StilwellJ Oklahoma, where he was all-conference high school foottpll player and won medal for being outstanding athlete in high school. .. Has traveled around in the Army .. been stationed Miami Beach in Headquarters Squadron,. MP at BlythevilleJ Ark.J Maxwell F where he was flying sergeant student Fort Hamilton, N.Y.J Borinquen Field in Puerto Rico for one year, Fort Moultrie in Charleston, Got basic training at Barksdale FieldJ La Came here from armament school at Lowry Field, Denver, Colorado. PFC. RJBERT R. SHORTS Squadron F Cbme here from Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron at Richmond, Va. 'Where he wae in technical inspector' office .... In Army !6 months .. Home town: Erie, Pa. J ii:O West 22nd St ... 26 years old. Was foranan for Lord Manufacturing Company making mountings for planes for three years before entering Army .. Drill press operator before that. .. Got basic training Langley Field, Va., from there to Richmond last July ... Attended PM school at Seymour Johnson FieldJ N.C.J then to Richmond where he worked on line. 0


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