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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 27 (July 31, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
July 31, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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., .. Jul 1943 THE TYNDAIJ., TARGET Page 3 Physical Tests to Begin Soon ; W H A T A WAY TO SPEND A HONE YHOON! Men to Be Put In Fitness Groups The first series of tests to determine the p hysical fitness of m embers of the permanent p ersonnel of Tyndall F ield w ill begin ab out Aug 15, it was armounce d this w eek. The t ests will be aimed at placing the men i n various fitness groups and advancing *hem thro ugh physical t r aining from l o wer to hig h e r brackets Such t ests are already i n effect arnon students a t the field. A ccording to adyance dop e the t ests will consist o f determining h o w many chin-ups a gc:::' can d o how man y push-ups h e is cap able o f and how long i t r equires h i m to negotiate such things as a 300 yard shuttle race ance he wHl be classified. PHOTO OF TYN D ALL GUNNER TO APPEAR O N YANK'S FRONT COVER A photogr a p h o f a Tyndal l Fie l d g u n n e r t a k e n by S/Sgt. John E. Mit chell o f thi s f i eld's photog raphi c section, will app e a r o n the f r o n t cove r of the Aug ust 1 6 issu e of Y a nk, pop ul a r Army weekl y To beg:i.n the tests every man will be required to perform the sam e tasks. Men with double chins will not get credit f o r double the amount of pull-ups the y perform and those unable to comple t e the 300 yard run in the one hour period wili not be allowed to finish the following day, but nust stay overtime. Yan k s s taff notified the Public R e l a t ions office o f t he s i g n a l hono r ear l y thi s w e e k photog r a ph wh ich shows S/Sgt. Gar l and M o o r e o f t h e ARDELLA SIMMONS According to plan the men will perform in pairs with one keep i n g score for the other. After three month s those still able will b e given a second test to G un n e r make r s b e h ind a .50 cal. machine gun, wa s take n by S/Sgt. M itchell several weeks -------Tyndall Waac, Soldier W ed, S h e Gets KP determi n e w h a t improve m ent, if ago. a n y t h e y h a v e shown. The ath-T he P o s t E xcaange a nnounced Cupid entered tre Tyndall Field letic p erform ance of each man t WAAC barracl

4 'LIMITED S ERVICE' CLASSIFICATIO N T O BE ABOLISHED r:,r, ... ,j,-, .. 1 \ 11:.:. ''H' ,,f L'IJJj..:)t1d Jlli'Jl ;1 ... "Jillliftd .'t'l'\'it' t1 \\jJJ )lp tJ,,,Ji..:lHd !1,. rlJ, \11 1 1\ll i ..:ttd llll'll \ld\\ ];! :-;:-:i lit d JiJtJil .. d ..:,rYir t w}l.,:-:1' indie:tl t' 111:11 t}\1,\ 1}41 lltl t 11JI1t l t'll!Tt 'llt lllt' llt:l] :1111i Joill""i:li :11\d : lr i"' pliy -i,:lil.l <[ll:llili[ l'tlllll'dlttl 1\llllllt.'r:-: ttf lqJlj:-:(t1d lllPII WlJII do It! lllt't'l t'lllTl'lll piJy:-o:it :tJ :'[:1\Jcl:tl'ti:-' rttl" C:> lll'l":il lniliLII, 111 t Jdi.l",it:IJ i"l'!:IIIl"t Il l tHIt \\ itt ht t lll 11111t rlit'ir :dti lir_ -l;ill. i lllt :tt T it>d ''" jq l't'l'lll'd:--:. 1 IIIJII:IJitiIilnd e ttl n:;:;ut't' rl!n t til e .. J e ma d e U lll.1 "s d i reoy friend says that women and radios are just alike. Just try, said he, to P,et what you want when you want it. To sum it all 11p, four good reasons for Soldiers' Deposit: her e are onening a l. Th e deposits are convenient. The soldier mak-es hjs deposit through his compa n y commander by pciyroll cieduction. He noesn't have to worry about checks o r orrlers. 2. The deposits able investment. interest. are a profitThey pay 4% 3. The money is available. Th e soldier gets back every cen t o f his investment plus interest wnen n e is r11schargerl. Deposits may be withdrawn any time in case of emergency with the approval o f t h e battalion or regi.mental c om mander. 4. The money is safe. No creci itor may touch solciier deposits a nn the money may not b e assigned to anyone else. -CNS. .'r!cuty a covpl e who "thought t h'=!y we r e stuck on each other we r e onl y plastered.


July 31, 1943 At hour and a half and there will be frantic calls to Milwaukee and Munich, but the vats there will have been emptied in 20 minutes by the nearest armored divisions. / THE TYNDALL TARGET will go seriously into its wine p eriod. By 6:30 the first argument about who won the war will have begun and 2500 Americans, Chinese, British, Australians, Russians, French, Greeks, Czechoslovaks,and Cubans will be under treatment for Page 5 Th e MP' s will have mysteriously disappeared from the streets and will b e discovered three days later huddling in air raid shelters. Fifteen Americans led by a T-5 will drive up to Berchdesgaden in an amphibious jeep, ropes in their hands, only to find that 10,000,000 Germans had assembled there in an o rderlY manner and cut A. Hitler in to 10,000,000 exactly equal parts. Three thousand P-38 pilots will solemnly swear at 7 o'clock nev e r to travel again by anything more rapid than the Erie Railroad and nev e r to go up rrore than three stories in any building. At dusk a party o f soldiers will be seen off the coast of Africa on a raft mad e of oil barrels, sailing strongly toward Hoboken. Eleven hundred and fifteen soldiers on the verge o f marriage to native girls, will decide they can hold out for another couple of months, and will say, "Let's not do anything rash" in French, Arabic, Chinese and Hindustani. Second lieutenants will suddenly become very polite to privates from their home towns whose fathers own good businesses there. An unspecified number of top sergeants will tear o f f their stripes so that they can J o i n in the singing at the bars without fear of death. At the Signal Corps o.c.s., at th, N.J., the class that was to have been graduated the following Thursday will be c on fined to barracks for having cheered once in a manner not befitting officers and gentlemen, they heard the news that the H wash in celebration and their wives will not recognize them and one of them will be bitten by his own d og. -Four full infantry divisions with 15 per cent extra strength for casualties, will be conceived between the hours of 8 and midnight with the West still to be heard from. In a park in Munich, a young lance /"corporal who was thought to be crazy t by his mates will get up on a soap box and declare that the Gennan Army was never really beaten, it was be l trayed from behind by a large Tlillllber / of Esldmos lffio had insidiously wormed 1 their way into key positions in the 1 German government. The listepers will appl8lld wildly. By 11 o'clock the next morning all IIIIIII!Bthe aspirin will be


p e 6 NEWS Squadro n A The instructors. after s neaking in a little practice on the side. have m-et thei r first exam and phase c qeck All reports seem to show tha t the boys h e l d up their end and the moral e has risen g\eatly Pfc. Drake takes the h onors for t h e rema : k of the week. Pfc. Drake, seeir,g the Poo l squariron's new guidon with its large P a t the retreat, ,, a s heard t o remark, "Gosh, I never knew t here were so many pri.;oners on the fie ld!" The students a r e sharpening up their sch o oling eye in prepar ation to u phold the honor of o l d Tyndall "Tech" in the coming meet at Kingm a n Fie ld A rizona. Squadron A shoul d be abl e to put a team in there that will go p laces. W ell, a ll o f us that have to stay b ehind w ill be rootin g for the home team. We welcome Lt. Frank M Lugo to Squadro n D. Lt. Lugo is replacing I L t. J a m e s Harrison, w h o w ill be connec t e d \\'ith the Pool squ adron's ad ministra ti o n. Good luck to b oth ;f yo u! vy e sav. the initiating of semiweekly retreat t h is week and it has come t o be a well organized formation and one of the finest on t h e fie l d Althou g h t h e student p a rade g r ound is really h ot. the beauty of _the f ormation and its meanin g makes up for t h e h o t tootsies." THE FROM THE All good things are worth repeat t ing-so we repeat. We won the Sat urday rnorning inspection again with a "96." All Squadrons take note' How about some competition? Cigars were in order Friday s o out they came as our C 0., Firs t Lt. B. A Steen exchanged his gold bars for silver ones Congratulations, Lieut. S g t. J. Bentz has been replaced by' Sgt. Choquette as the Squadron "Beau Brumme ll. Tha t G. I. shirt with the tab collar and neat pleat.s "dood" it. Why does our mail orderly, J a m e s "Irish" Dola n, report for work every m orning with a BIG smile on his face? Can it b e because his wife is dow n from New York? P v t. R. C. To!"ian i s bac k from ASTP. They didn't have w h a t "Charlie" wanted or v ice versa. We hooe h e i s here to stay a s h e is a popula r f e llow in the Squadron. (He types all the passes.) Cpl. Boogie Woogie" Ammaddi6 displayed his talents last Friday and M onday night. Friday i t was fo r the b o y s in t h e hospita l and Monday for the musical varie t y s h o w N i c k can rea ll y beat a piano but don't take Our word for it; ask someon e who Squadron C "SfJU!'jiU9 U'!'liq has heard him play. pUll SU!J AJUaAa SEll.{ "8C6 I uf puli[Otl Uf Sgt. Don ''Baldy" Wedge has re-turned from hi s furlough with m atri-Composed of 17!? r adar operators oop::>rl ur S'!'l.{ a pew ssay l.fdJOprJH mania! int.P.ntions after spending 1 5 f rom Boca R aton F"ie ld and over 100 alJ+ sr S'!'l[J. .Jai.{Fla M pue a ::>uessreuuo::>a.J days with his o n e and only Jeannie. gradu a t e s of armorer's sch oo l at Juor .Joj Prsn osre si :Jll?ru pue ,{ep e The t ables are reversed and new L owrv F ie ld, c lass 43 34 of squadron se AJ 1edr::>u! .1d pa sn O I I :3/f u'euJ.J a o al.{+ s! +I c; 'ON J.Y mild the instruc tors are sweatin g it out C reached t h e h a lf-wa y m ark instead of the students. Namel y t h e The r e is a rumor that o n e o f us test taken last M onday night. has had fi\ e mi ; JUtes t o himself in See Pvt. Garden in Barracks 4ZO the past three wee1ene week s in a r ow. Gordon Whi 1 and Ed. Smith did the front terrace 'fl se 'S+UO.Jj parJTY JJ'fl uo pasn and the word "free on, the other t6 l a ndscapin g Because of a side AJ 'ON l.Y have room for the name of the per-' b e t with fli ght four's officer Lt. son you're writing to Leather-R a lj1h Putnam of flight two owes impressiv e I write home ... "Is mess lunged Angelo Terresi and Albert o everyon e i n the winning fli ght a.. on Sunday ser g e ant kidding?" "The o nl'y Russo lead the endless stanzas of "colwn" f o r flight fore h e l e J.\'e s fo r Nash v ill e Tenn., pie on sunday, always first to church a n d go throug h for seconds. four, including the verses t hat arjm't. t o b e assigned t o flying duty. Music addict Johnnie Q u aranta I d on't give a damn about sec-in any hymn book ... Art Sabu, thE! What's this a bout our c elebrated' is in the same boa t as h i s co lleagueonds, a ll I want is firsts." "I life o.f the party in flight two, is piaro pl a y er's girl trouble Seems Morelli; experi e nce is the best hear the chaplain's gettin g so many bucking for permanent par:-y song like M a ri o More lli of that red-ho t aP.d only-teacher ... Ah youth! p h o n e ca.lls about chow that he's go-leader down Skunk H ollow. m etroj)oli s -BloomLel d, N. J.-can t Wonder where I. McDonald spends i n g t o apply for Cook's and Baker's Tard Belcher is a ll burned up m a nage h i s love life as easil y a s h e all his f ree tiine? (????) ... Seems sch ool." "I thought civilians were about his one-and-only s reaction to can t h e o l d 88 With his f as-like h e gets lost and is very myster-g i v in g up f ood for so!C!iers. "We that cadet deal ... Art Richards cinating grin, s mi l i n g Ed. Mawhin-ious about his study of the nomen: can a lways buy plenty of hard candy still gets those wonderful l etters n e y w ill brighten u o our c lass picture clature of some local ... or, a h and life s avers u p the PX." from Phyllis in Delray Beach Ed tomor r o w Bob Boughto n doesn't draft board ... Cpl. Knott, the b lond W h e n they count the number of "Little Eagle" Lewi s, w h o Wai; bom care w h a t c o l o a girl's h air is a s from the l and of L. A made men fo r f ield rations they must di-with a rifle instead of a silver spoon long a s it's blond Last on any917r in the M G. exam ... The y v id e b y two. "I'm goin g on sick in his hand, is burning up the r ange b o dy's hit par a d e : "I'x e Been Worksure learn English fast these days call f or:_ m alnutrition." ... "Just b e -Streck us McKelvey likes the ing on the R::tilroad." Cpl. P ica playi!lg the lone wol f cause .,;;e' r e goin g to f l y t hey don't eunhemistically-na m e "conditionim; LITERATURE pEPT.: AI M e and h ov:ling -at the PX. h a v e to feed us like b irds." circle to well tha t h e does it on SunGovern better not get those letters Bill K l eindeinst has a good. slightNOTES FROM THE BACK OF A day. to B ettie i n Boston a n d M ary in l y used engagement ring fo r sale T s CARD: P a nama City wouldn't If any of you C -1V'en have stuff Manh attan mixe d up Bud Dill is c heap It' s a case o f the Nav y b e b a d if t hey didn't stick a buck for this thing jus t tear off the top going t o r:etit;on fo r a c o u p l e o f att a l

July 31, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 7 GETS CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL GENERAL ORDERS WAR D EPARTMENT NO. 38 washington 25r D .C., 12 July 1943 I I. Awar d of Medal of direction of the President, (( der the provisions of the act o f Congress approved 9 July l.;c_ .:J18 (Bull. 43, liD, 1918), a Medal of Honor was awarded by the War Department in the name of Congress to the following-named enlisted man : Sergeant Maynard H. Smith (Army serial No. 36523097), Air Corps, Unite d States Army. For conspicuous gallantry and ln trepidity in action above and beyond the call of duty. The aircraft of which Sergeant Smith was a gun ner was subjected to intense enemy antiaircraft fire and determined fighter airplane attacks while returning from a mission over enemy occupied continental Europe on 1 May 1943. The airplane was hit several times by antiaircraft fire and cannon shells of the. fighter airplanes, two of the crew were seriously wounded, the aircraft's oxygen system shot out, and several vital control ca.'Jles severed when intense fires were ignited simultaneously in the radio compartment and waist sections. The situation berne so acute that three of the crew bailed out into the com rative sa1 ety of the sea. Sergeant Smith, then on his first combat mission, to fight the fire by himself, administered first-aid to the wounded. tail gunner, ma'nned the waist guns, tm d f ought the intense flames alternately. The escaping oxygen fanned the fire to such intense heat that the ammunition in the radio compartment beg?n to explode, the radio, gun mount, and camera were melted, and the compartment completely gutted. Sergeant Smith threw the exploding ammunition overboard, fought the fire until all the firefighting aids were exhausted, manned the workable guns until the enemy fighters were driven away,. further administered first-aid to his wounded comrade, and then by wrapping himself in protecting cloth, completely ex tinguished the fire by hand. This soldier's gallantry in undaunted bravery, and loyalty to his aircraft. and fellow crew members without regard for his own personal safety, i.s an in$piration to the armed forces of the United States. Residence at enlistment: Caro, Michigan. AT POST THEATER DEANNA DURBIN who is the star of the film "Hers To Hold," playing at the Post Theater W ednesd ay and Thursday of next week. ---Squadron F Here it IS, the Airto-A1 r Firing Squadron D Well, we're all i n the 39th F.G.T.G. Week for stude n t s of Squadron F. but w here the 39th is only heaven Some of the men have never been in knows and don't ask the orderl y the air be fore. but don't let that get r oom because b y t h e time they get you down, f ella s : keep up the good throug h explaining yo u w ill think it work that you h a ve been doing for is a secret org"aniz .ation or some thin'. the last fe w weeks. A ll of you deBut we are just about in squadron D serve to win' the coveted w in g s and but r;ermanently and somehow we'll we are all hopin g t hat our students miss. goin g up to the 40th and all obtain tha t goal. old 39th for the numerous lectures, Our instt u c tors showed that they gas drills, and the l o n g payrolls. We can do othe r things besides teach a r e going to like this deal and are gunnery. They took on the instruc s ure it will work out all to our bene-tors of squadron E the other night; fit. Another step to making the a las. we hate t o m ention the score-, permanent party's job more compact it was a run-a -way for the instruc and unde r one organiz ation, directly tors from squadron F. T hey are ready unde r the Dept. of Training. to U1.ke on any o t her squadrJns that We sent a team of graduate gun-fe el that the y c a n g ive them some n e r s to Ft. Myers to compete against competition team and even tho' they didn't Gunner of the Weelc was Pvt. J ohn DEADI.INEI DEADLINE! bring home the bacon there was a G. Fish, who showed that h e has the bit o f consolation in knowing tha t it qualifications to be one of the t opwas decidedly close and not over un-notchers to be chosen for this h onor. til the f in a l match was recorded. Our mail man, Pfc. Johnson, sure S /Sgt. Rothenburg won the skeet likes to hear the words, ''When is match with 83 broken birds out of mail call There i s no s leep for the 100 and the team total for the Mov-weary, Brother Johnson' in g Base Skeet Shoot was taken by At last we are a ll assigned to our Tyndall Class 43 -29 The four boys squadron F, but how about the l a un gave a good account of themse lves.. dry situation, Sergeant? We all and we are proud of S ;Sgt. Rothen-wonder w here we can borrow a bur g, Sgts. Dunn, Lembre, Mortime r c l othes lin e to h ang out our clothes, even tho' they didn't win the meet. as it looks like t h ere w ill be plenty Ove r t h e week end we might have of washing to b e done this coming lo s t the matc h a t Ft. Myers but we Sunday. ATTENTION WAACs: gained two new first l ieutenants .. have yo u an extra clothes line? Yes sirree we now have sweated the Part of our students are doing C 0. and Adjutant, First ,lAs. Cleary their f iring at Apalachicola this and Sayre respectively to that little week. We a ll hope that they all s1l ve r b a r: vVe've been e x pectin g it have a good firing score v,rhile there. and knew it would only be a matter We are a ll g l a d to see that Lt. of tim e and sweating but it came Gambe r, one of our Flight Instructhro u g h while Lt. Cleary was a t Ft tors. i s back on the job again after Myers sheepherding our shoot team b e in g i n the hospital for a few days. and Lt. Sayr e was on leave. Very Congratulations are extended' to you pleasant surprise <:!nd a welcomed one on your re::;ent promotion, and we to, r eturn to and we wish for them sure enjoyed the cigars. both continued success and advance-New asJditions to our souanro,., are ment up the ladder of bars. now the instru c t ors who are with the Some how with our living in one Free Frenc h. They are doing a b arrack s. down in 437, we feel a bit swell job of showing the French how marooned from the orderly room and to be P,"Unners. We wonder if thethe w h is tl es. We a r e proving that get any free time, that they would old adage of "live a l o n e and like it," tearh Cpl. Bater a few words of and are doing well even though didn't do so well in inspection last and somehow for the last few mo )j Saturday. Having three quarters of ings i t seems as though the bike our class li v in g a t the Cadet Detch -must have had a flat because we've ment and just us disjoined up at 437 been self-sufficient tq get up oul:' should m a l-:e the job easier for t h e sel-es. But as Sgt. Murphy would boys in the Orderly Room but the say, "We're all 'broom-mates, we po o r C Q has to get on his bicycl e sweep together'. "Dust us t o o


Page 8 THE TYNDALL TARGET MILLER, BIANCO STAR LEA D TOURNEY KEGLERS I OM, 69TH MEN GET HIGHEST SCORES tN BOWt MEET High Men Get Prizes From Special Service Office Never dropping below 191 in h1s six tournament games, Pfc. Harry Miller of Quartermaster won tov honors in the most imvortant event of the Tyndall "Oven" last Thursday night. Miller, mechanical man" of the high-vowered QM quintet, hails from Shoemakersville, Pa. His six-game total was 1231 for an average of 205. He also took first place in the three-game bracket with a total of 629 for for 'a 210 average. Pfc. Gus Bianco, G. I. manager of the Tyndall bowling alleys and mainstay of too 69th kegling team, rolled the highest game of the tourney with 231 vins in his f1fth try. Runners-up to Miller in the high-average department were Clll John Hnylka, QM; Cvl. Max Senkine, Medics; Sgt. Frank Auri gemma, Ordnance; and Pfc. Josevh Kolezar; Ordnance. All of the above named men were recivients of vrizes furnished by the Special Service Office, under w hose ausvices the tournament was staged. QUARTERMASTER FIVE Above: Pfc. Harry Miller o f cLINCHES CROWN the QM bowling quintet whose 1231 pins in 6 game$ was tops in the recent Special Service bowling competition Miller also took first place in the high-three-game division. Below: Pfc. Gus Bianco, G.!. manager of the Tyndall alleys, whose 231 score in his 5th game was tie highest single game rolled in the tourney. Fihishing ahead of the ing GlJ!rennaker keglers by 5 full the Quartermaster quintet clinched the first half crown in the Tyndall G.r. bowling laB t Mon::lay evening. Tied for third vlace were the 69th and Ordnance 11in men, with records of 21-12. While the !69th has been in the first divi-. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" IN KEG LING TOURNEY CONGRA TS, JOEl First Serveant Sam Ridulph (left) of Ordnance congratulates Sgt. Joe Cappiello, whose hurling brought the Ordnance men th Tyndall softball crown. Cappiello captained the Ordmen in their double win over the softballers in the playoffs. Ridulph also played a vital part in the 5-2 finale with a home run. Incidentally, Sgt. Ridulph left Tyndall last week for aviation cadet training. QUARTERMASTER 28 GUNNERNAKERS 23 5 10 12 POST' 6911{ ................ .... 21 ORII'IANCE :............ 21 ZEBRAS 20 YEDICS ..... 20 12 Saturday, Double Feature TWO CLOUD 18 13 TICKETS TO LONDON and YANKS AHOY 13 Michele Morgan-Alan Curtis, Wil lS liam Tracy-Joe Sawyer-Marjorie 15 Woodworth. BLUEBIRDS........... 18 .. 12 21 LEAD LEAGUE Paced by Lt. Jack Goldsmith, the QM keglers tovvled the BOQ 508 pin men the undefeated ranks in the officers' bowling loov last Friday night. By win ning two of its three games with tbe 508 team, the QM quintet drew up to the mark with a 6-6 count. Meanwhile, the MDQ bowlers won 3 by forfeit f'Jo0111 tre 009 aggre gation to cU.mb into a first place tie with tre 008 men. Sun ,Mon., WHAT'S BUZZIN', COUS IN?, Ann Miller-John Hubbard-Ed die (Rochester) Anderson. Tuesday, USO CAMP SHOW Wed. ,Thur., HERS TO HOLD, Deanna Durbin, Joseph Cotton. Friday, THE FALCXJN IN DANGER, Tom Conway, Jean Brooks. S!!turc:!_a_y, Dou_ble .feature,_ GET GOINU wo GOOD LUCK MR. YATES, Grace McDonald-Robert Paige, Claire Trevor-Edgar Buchasan R/ TZ Sun., Mon., WHITE SAVAGE, Maria Montez, John Hall, Sabu. Tues., Wed., BACKGROUND TO DANG ER, George Raft, Sidney Green street. The PX quintet climbed into a tie for second vlace by virtue of their trilJ).e win over the OrdThurs.' Fri. EDGE OF DARKNESS, Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan. l)llllee men Saturday, ROBINHOOD OF THE RANGE. HAJOR LEAGUE STAI(OJNGS Charles Starrett \ 1nrough Thorsday, July 29-) AMERI CAN LEAGUE W L P ct. NEW YORK 54 34 .614 DETROIT 44 43 .506 CHICAGO ...... 45 43 .511 CLEVELAND 44 44 .500 WASHINGTON ..... 46 47 .495 ST. LOUIS ... .. 42 44 488 BOSTON ...... 43 46 .483 PHILADELPHIA 37 54 .407 NATIONAL LEAGJE w L Pet. ST. UXJIS 59 30 663 PITTSBURGH so 39 .562 BROOKLYN 52 42 553 CINCINNATI 46 44 511 CHICAGO 43 47 .478 PHILADELPHIA .... 41 53 .436 BOSTON 36 49 429 NEW YORK .. .. 34 57 424 PAN AHA :sun., Mon., NIGIIT PLANE FROM CHUNGKING, Robert Preston-Ellen Dr ew. Tuesday, THE MAN IN THE TRUNK, Lynne R oberts, Geor ge Holmee. Wednesday, ICELAND, Sonja Henie John Payne. Thurs. Fri., DAYS OF OLD CHEY ENNE, Donald 'R ed Barry.


( Fate isn t doin g right by Mel 0t t t h e hard trying manager. o f the New Y o r k Giants. His line up has such sluggers as Er:-,ie M aynard yet t h e clu b i s res ting n the bot t o m rung of t h e a l League ladde r We can remem ber when Lombardi and Medwick to gether c m ld strike terror ir:to h e arts o f opposin g pitchers. !1eJ certa inly deserves a better fate t h a n bein g at the h e lm o f a last team. R e m em ber Ben Hogan, golf's leading mon e y c ollector i n 1941 and 194 2? W e ll, h e s n ow s hoot i n g for a n e w prize t h e gol d >ar s of a second lieuten a n t in t h e A rmy A i r Forces. Hogan, a sergeant w h o has been statione d at t h e Fort Worth Army Air Field i n Texas left last week for i a mi to ente r OCS. * Seem s as i f talk was rip e at the start o f t :: e baseball season among the experts a.rcd moguls ho w t h e y would have t o c]ose down due t o poor atten d a nce. Now it bee n t h e c r owds u p to the present time, h av e only been five per cent b e low t h e previous mar k T hese baseball men don't know ho w l u cky the y are. Have you e v e r seen Monk Maz n i c k i former Boston C ollege a n d Chicago Bear s star, thr e a d his way thr o u gh a b r oken fie l d ? W ell, until you do, f e llows, yo u haven' t s e e n anything. It was announced arli e r this week that Maznicki i l l do n h i s m o leskins f o r the College A l l Stars on August 2 5 to play qinst t h e Washington Redsk l n s a t Northwest ern's D y c h e Stadium Maz nicki i s eligibl for the gam e because h e is now enlisted i n the N avy' s V-5 p ro g r a m. He'll g i v e the S k i n s plenty of troub le. Here s a l i t t l e i ncident worth relating. The Phillies, sensa tions o f the National League a t t h e s tart of the season, acquir e d Howard Ans o n Bruc e U nion Colleg e T H E TYNDALL TARGET Page 9 track c0aci, as a trai ner. I n a rece:.t g a!"le, Sct,ool boy R owe was se:-. t to pinc h hit wi t h t h e bases Joaded, and s mack e d a bagger. Everyor:e we n t wild on the ber.ch except Bruce. HE WAS SOUND What od ds will you give us that he does n 1 t land wit h Brookl)n befor e t h e end o f t h e seaso::? The B rave. s received a n othe r tough break last week when J ohnny McCar thy, har d hitting and clever fiel d i n g firs t sacker, smashe d his ankl e while sliding h ome a gainst the Chicago Cubs. McCarth y w a s the spark-plug o f the boys f rom Beantow n a n d his loss wi 1 1 seri ousl y hamper the S t e n ge l men in t h eir battl e for a f irst divisi on berth. GOLFERS IN AT LYNN WEEKEND MAJOR JOHNSTON AMONG STARS TO COMPETE IN TOURNAMENT Florida Titleholder and F o rmer Alabama King Are Entered The greatest golfing c ompeti tion ever staged in this vicinit y will take place tomorrow at t h e Panama Country Club in Lynn Haven. Open to all service men anrl c ivilians, the "play in flight" tournamen t will get unde r w a y at 9 A M G .I. transporta tio n to the Country C l u b for Tyn dall men will leave the Persormel building at 8 A.M. Bob Ford, loca l golf pro stressed the f a c t t hat all golf enthusiasts, regardless o f their ability, will be matched with nlayers of equal caliber. TORNADO LIVE WIRE Entrance fee for the tourne y Pictured a bove i s Sgt. Ray Eve n his severest critics now is $2 which includes luncheori Tarr of the Med i cs. Aside admit t hat Gunde r Haegg s wift served at the clubhouse. Clubs fro m his abi 1 ity to deliver as Swede is a cra c k ,r.tiler, an d j ust a pinch hitter, T arr i s best will be available at the course. a b ou t the best t hat ever Laced or" k nown as one o f t h e To rnadoes' a s ho e He p r oved t his last SatAll proceeds will go directly to leading hustle rs. d d ad the u.s. o. f\md. A t f. 1 d 11 ur a y m g!'.t at Harvar St 1um in n ou 1 e e r or 1 g 1na y, go o d old Massachusetts w h e n h e An unusually large field is ex-RaY has seen act i o n i n the shattered t h e n ation's mile mark pecten. The championshin flight Tornado outfie l d infield and by covering the distance i n will probably include such shot-on the mou nd, and w i 11 no 4 :05. 3 H i s time s naved 1 4 secmakers as Major Jinmy Hohn ston, doubt be seen behind the plate ond s off t h e nine-year-old United former National Amateur Champion; before the s e a s on is over. States mark made byGlenn Cunn i ngLt. Wilford Galbraith, U.s.c.G., Like most Medics, Pennsylham Alabarna.OpenCharnpion; Pvt. Louis vania is T a r r s native state. Booward, Florida Amateur Champ-His home town is E x crt, Pa. THE !3F.S T PROTECTI ON from n dayli g h t ;li r r;1id i:; t o li e fbt o n t h e ground < Jr in : 1 ditch. :;h e l l h o l e o r shado \\' cmd n o t I F Dt-:TAI LED ON lookout duty b e sun t o \\'ectators are invited to watch the play. ----BASEBALL MEET BEGINS MONDAY After three weeks of practic e competition, Tyndall's i n tersquadron baseball tourname n t is scheduled t o begin next Monday afternoon. Also due to begin soon i s the second half of squadron softball Remember the girl who climbe d the ladder of success wrong by wron Tyndall' s Torn a does will r e turn to acti o n today, following a two week l a y -off, against t h e undefeate

_P ag:e 10 Guardians dtlf!'S ,ill be assisting som e o f our gu e. These men. in t urn, \\'il l train :>onH' of the squadron per:>o:mel in t h e h:1rid ling of clogs. P ost Engineer s a r e nO\\' building the !'en nels b ehind 308 and 309 T h e dogs are n o t t o become f riendly to and 1ice 1e rsa. so the c h a nces a r e they ,.,o n 't enjoy the p ri1i!eges of our day room. First Lieucenant Valentine D8':, no11 Thanl's for t h e crgar s, Captain. The Orcerly Room gan g THE TARGET FIFTEEN NURSES' AIDES ARE GRADUATED raised the ceiling 11ith a reF' ft f .. 'ton SJ:e:lt an eight clay lea\e at should seen t h e m a t thit''Beach comes with inhalation-but the ex-level.' It was a different type h is h ome in Baltimore. He's picked Sunda:o-. Fro:n all ac.-:0tmts they hala tion goes ssszzzzssss' "bar" than some of them were used up man:ne11 ideas at t h e school and \\'e:e a ll right with four gals Our commanding Officer sings the to and the pipe was more than no doubt will put the necessary ones t and a car\. Army Air Corps song en Francai: s ankle high. And they found t.he to use in th!s squadron. Welcome Congni.tulations to First Lieuten-Like an ordinary Army yardbird, a. sit-up more difficult than tne back. ant B a l, e r. o u r a d jutant, o n his reWAAC C orpora l after hearing the ones they harl performed "with a' Cpl. C h a rles A. Calloway left last cent pl'Omotion. The cigars were Me'em made comment: "Good 8.C sick friend." ,,eel f o r Army Specialized Training. fine. cent Lieutenant." (Not non-respect-The following starnards for men H e ,,iii probably follow a course in Lot of the guys h a ':e been comfully Lt. Yates-your voice. did well, in various groups are expected to :l! i liLa r v Go1ernment. Calloway is plainingo f t h e beer shortage at the too.) be set for Tyndall Field men: one of the old non-coms in the Rec H a ll. Maybe if it could be ar. -The two adio girls w h o stood by 18 to 2 5 years 0 f age: Si t !'qu::rclron and men expect him to do ranged t o keep :Matalik, Mazur, Tus-'the ship r a .irl' as it pulled in-the n ups, 65; pull-ups, 12; 300 yard ,,.ell at ASTP. p1t. Anthon y M. can and Kulikowski away, there 'questioned i n their minds, the duties run 45 seconds Pirciano and p1t. George F. Grandy woul d b e enough for everybody. of o:J.e ta11, ,Aanc!some c i vilian who 25 t u 30 years of age: 50 sit-Th, 2-th d b t h t C 1 .. .,. ups, 10 pull-ups, 300 yard run, 1.rc the ne\\'cst bridegrooms i n the e ::J sen s es WIS es o p. climbed otit while they waited to 50 seconds. "(Jllildl'On married last \\'eelc ConMihal. who i s confined due to illness. climb in almost colla:r,secl when they 30 to 35 years of age: 40 sit<;rfltu! a tions. and \\'he r e are t h e c iV\'e hope you 're on the job again learned, h ours later, t h a t the civilian ups, eight pull-ups, 300 yard run 0 55 seconds. T S g t. H arold D. Price was s on. v.ras Phillip Dorn. lost to the 69th i n the shuffle l.ast Durham says h e has not had a Dorn caused flutters in the car35 to 40 years 0 f age: 30 sitk ups, six pull-ups, 300 yard run, we I; Cpl. William M. Clements i s clrin in three v:eek s I His money diac region of the feminine physique 65 seconds. a member of the .3-IHh S c h o o l Squad" didn't last long last rayclay). the p.m. h e visited with us. But we 40 to 45 years of age: :lO sitr o n no\\'. Good lu c k in your new Ste,ens must ha\e reall y liked her ;wonde r what caused the gentleman ups, four pull-ups, 300 yard run. at the d a nce Tuesday night. In fact, :who escorted the celebrity to our day 70 9econds. Brown Bombers \\'c extend our some11hat belated cnngralulntinns to our squadron aclttfi;Jnl nn h is h a1irrg accnrirecl his ,fi,cr. It's Firs t Lieu t. O'Donnell lilt\\' 1 lC' is r loing e\erything rossibl e tn l\C<'Jl the as h ereto ; ... <'. IIH' bo. 1s cl!srJla:o-eci t h 0ir to nr>'1C:atc to th fullest. Ot!l hr st ,,ish s this ,,eel' go to Pn. \\'. C r:r1 "h o recently :1cq uired a \ \'Jfe I f Lh's t rewl to\\':Hds m atri('Onlinues much lnnger t h e har hrlors in t h e squ a d r o n \\'il l soon f o r m a "Self Prescnation Club. A ne,, riPla i 1 .i!S seen marching Ito a fo rmi!lion ditcctecl t o \\' ard "that" shnw ill t h e 'C. S. 0. Club. Sgt. Thr:11nsr n scn cd as p lil toon ll:r d<'r with S1;t. T<>hias a s ri ght guide. Thei r <'-' ,s h a d a strain e d 1""1 w hC'n thr1 rcLttrned a courJle f h r,u r s latrr '\ext L in re b o 1s ,;et r n thr frr,nt \\'hr, \\':iS l': c ll-lu1m;n r igar,.,_1< :1L Lhc r S. 0. club? \\ ''J111k r if hC' ,,f all those .!.!: 1 nltr-s. Sg-t. I J IIs,,n, ''LiLL'e D:l\'.'s,,n has blln S \ \ 'C:at i ng '>Ul L hC: :tni \ a l of his S f >'IIIS<. lr!lf(h ll> Lh< rliSI'I IIlJfntt of h;, rr;,l ];s T I 17. f Jc : n :'II rs. To hi s, f tl; wc. l l >lrrr Tobby is l H:Cp 111).; liS 3.S a "friend of his I N C I N THE MATERNITY WARD? a helpful agency for your bene ll'ife." Now you t e ll o n e. The Robert Taylor reached b y fit. SE't. Hill was out Sunday with a 11. 6 Our curiosity is greatly whet" c a mg ... 17wasamazedtohearour ted by the secretive manner in reall y good looking g irl. H e said it C Q say she was Marlene Deitrich. which Bob Donlin slips off every \\as a b liad dat e. It undoubtedly night to make a call on Beach "as. too, o r you neve r would have ?. 69 h Drive. got her. Sarge' .. 1:_ He 'done' it again, folk, Sgt. Seagl e ne\er has "dat.l:'s," but '' That horse tr..adin' T / S gt. w heseemstoalwayshave._mappoint Some o f;:the boys in the Squaa-runs tiTe payroll section as a ment" do\\'ntO\\'n. Bu no ro11 are why the quessidelin'e, re.turf)ei:l''from a Georgia ti-.on o'ur>unofficl a l.. h 1' k b 1 doubt. fAre you kidding?.) >< "' pass w1t a s 1c ca ro et 1n ti tie, ed '

July 31, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET 0/1 Y By BOB HAWK 1. If someon e gave you a percheron, would you put i t in a cage, hitch it to a plow or perch it on a whatnot? 2. Do WAVES receive the same pay as the 111E!J1 of corresponding rank in the Navy? 3. My friend from Brooklyn is always telling me about F oist broken--the large one or the small one? 9. What's the difference between a hurdy gurdy and a hurly burly? 10. Is the oldest subway system in the United States located i n New York? Avenue. Oi' course what he's 1---------------trying to say is "First." But is there such a word in the dictionary as "foist?" 4. How many floating ribs do you have? 5. Which usually get their teeth first--boys or girls? 6. Does shivering help you get warmer? 7. Which of these fruits has the largest percentage o f sugar it--the apple, the banana, watermelon? 8. If you knocked two fine watches off a table on to the floor, a large pocket watch and and a small lady' s wrist watch, which would be more apt to get YANKWI Z ANSWERS 'UO'lSOH UJ SJ H 'ON '01. 'UJ.l O'l s 11 OStv 'UOJS11JUOO '.1110.1dn :li.1.1nq Al.lnH :ilup.jSlJ 11as daap UJ AA11aq UJ 1n11q pasn SSBlPUlM .10 11 '1aaqM 11 '11JU.IOJJ111J UI 11IOJSnw 11 SJ A:p.1n:il A:p.1nH '6 'Ua>jO.lq a.111 a.1ow pu11 1111J .1ap.1114 a.111 .la:il.1111 a:il.1111 'B "'fo61. -91. !11U11U11q L ouon -11TnO.lJ:.> 'sax g 'Sl.IH) g S.IJ11d oM,L v "l11aq:.> auJnual3 s11 s11 snOJ.lnds JJO ss11d !w111d sU1law 'sax '& sax 'MOld 11 "1. Page 11 SICK CALL ..


Gunners of tl1e Week PFC. JOHN B. STOUDT Squadron A 0 Born in BrooKlynJ N.Y.J but calls N oberthJ Po.J h o m e G raduated from Tome prep SchoolJ MorylondJ in i938; went to wo r k in Maintenance Deportment of pennsylvania Railroad. At Tome PrepJ he played basketball and baseball ... wa s named captain of the quintet. Entered army July 7J i942. Originally in the 1nronrryJ he was and sent t o AAF a rm a ment school. From there he was sent to Tyndall for gunnery course. SISGT. PETER LIASHEK Squadron D Come here f rom Lowry FieldJ Co l o ... born N J ... En-listed i937 With the 33 r d Infon-try ... Served' in Conal Zo n e and m ost Central America n RepublicsJ c o n s t r u c t i n g a i r f i e 1 d s and blo::ing trails for new airdr omes. Returned to civilian life in MorchJ i940 J and went to work for Dupont Inc. at KeorneyJ N.J. Reenlisted Dec. 27J i940J a n d was assigned to Keesler Field. TISGT. HEVRY C. SIMMONS Squadron B KonoJ KentuckyJ is the locale of Squadron B s "Gunner of the Week." following his graduation from the Kono High helped his parent s on their form and then become a furnitur e esmon. He entered the army November i3J i940J and is a graduate of Chanute' s Mechanic's School and the Camouflage School a t Mitchell F ieldJ N.Y. SGT. MAX L. KAYER Squadron E Arrived here from the 3rd Service Squadron at tte Leesbur g Army Air BoseJ F l o.J where he was on air mechanic. He also has received training as o n army aircraft s heetmetcl worker ... Is a native of Vo.J In civilian life he worked in his pore!l t s bakery .. 0 Is 20 years old a n d has 2 years o f a rmy ser-vice to his record. CPL. RALPH S RICKETSON Squadron C A graduate of the AAF' s Ad vanced Radio Operator's and Mechanic' s SchoolsJ he entered the army as on aviation cadet on May 8 J i942 ... Was attending Boston's Northeastern University at the time. A native of ToutonJ Moss.J where his parents reside at i Edwards Ave. J the corporal hod hopes of winning pilot's wings. HoweverJ p reliminary classification tests nullified him for pilot training. old. He is 20 years PVT. JOHN G. FISH Squadron F Squadron F' s gunner o f the week has hod six months of service in the Army ... Comes f rom LoncosterJ Po ... Was on aviation cadet previous to his grrivo l her e for the gunnery course. Until entering the AAFJ he worked as on e n gine repairman a t the MiddletownJ Po.J Air Depot. He is i9 years old.


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