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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 35 (September 25, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
September 25, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Page 2 T HE "TYNDALL TARGET YUBLISHED ON SATURDAYS m TlR SPECIAL SERVICE OFJi1CE FOR PEn !QfflEL OF 111E AAF fl..EXIILE GUN NERY PISNiA CITY, FLA. Cbpy Prepared Under Of Public Relati ons Offi cer. Lt.Col. J ack L. Randolph Special Service Officer: Capt. Owen 0. Freeman Public Relations Officer: Lt. William B Pratt Photographic Officer: C apt. J.A. Dickerman Staff: SjSgt. Arnold Milgaten, Sgt .. Saul S a m i o f, Sgt. Nei 1 Pooser. Cpl. Harry Bardi Art Wor k : SjSgt. Frank Horn, Sgt. Marshall Goodman, SjSgt. Fred Slade. Photography & Reproduction: MjSgt. W. Busby, TjSgt.W. Cas,;e, TjSgt. l' Yi tchell, SjSgt. F. churchi l, SjSgt. d. Neit,:e-rt, Sgt. D. Levinson, Cpl. L. Shaw,. SjSgt. J: Montgomery, SjSgt. R. Keough, SjSgt. J webster, Sgt. p. Terry, Sgt. J. Yarsick, Cpl. E. Tackett, Pvt. W. Daniels, Pfc. lL C.n-e. T h e T 7 nd a 1 1 T a r g e t r e c e i v e s aaterial supplied b7 CP paper Service, W a r Dept., -205 E. 42nd St., NYC. Credited aay not be republished prior perais s n fro C!IS "VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER" we 1n the AAF have a vested interest 1n Major Alexander P. seversky's book, "Victory Through Air Power." or v:1tal concern to all Americans, especially does it concern us en g aged in the grim business or pushing the war on to its close. As the a1 r arm or the service, it 1s natural !or us to !all in solid alignment with seversky's exposition or the ruture trems or aviation. The truth inherent 1n h1S, claim, has basis and premise in aerial warrare as 1t is being cond ue ted today. It i s a p rophetic eye that .thts d i stinguished airman has cast upon the ruture. A bas-relie! conc ept or what 1s to come, for actually his e nv1sion1ngs project but slightly rrom the background or : what is happening in thi s year o r A. D. 1943. Let us briefly review the early days or the present conflict. Dur ing the dark days when t h e suez Canal was being spoken or as Hitler's new swimming pool and ln this cr1t1eal period when all that stood betwee n Marshall Romme l and Egypt were the ancient Gods or the Pharoahs. t h e great birds or the Lurtwarre were enjoying the uninterrupted flight or homing pigeons. In the cold gray or the desert dawn t h ey woul d tdke-orr with their messages ror Britain and delivery was assured. A desert strewn with blasted motor vehicles and afire With the prec1 au8ness or ruel attestes to the accuracy or Goering's bombermen. But in Britain there is room !or miracles, and with DUn kirk tucked safel y away, the United Kingdom set out to establish another. SUP.Dlles began streaming ln. From the Holy Land came JTilch needed pharmaceuticals, bandages, Zeiss precision instruments, oiland ollne and the m any things necessary ror the carrying on or war; and rrom Amerlca spewed rrom the assanbly lines or production, carne the major part or the miracle -tanks and planes planes Once equallza t io n w1 th the Lur twa! re had been .established, the race or our armies was turned toward the west. The Allied Air Force was o ne or the imponderables that collided w1 th German inv1nc1b111 ty and drove it out or bounds. The homing pigeons fled betore the American eagle which screamed its defianc e through the skies and literally tore them apart with the lightning or fleet P-40's and the awakening thunder or giant Liber ators. The flight or Rommel's Afrika Korps was over. The Battle ror Egypt came to its expected end on the little finger or Cap Bon, that l _a,ys 1n the Mediterranean victory. through air power. -In EUrope o u r war wagers had not been idll!. 'Acting 1n concert ln round-the-clock the raiders or the Allied Air Forces were Visiting Germany_ and the o ccupied countries w1tn telling regularity. Bombs away over D usseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin (The Berlin that would never be bombed, boasted Goering). By the ton, were the amalgams or d isintegration being injected into the gross arteries or German industrial might, so t hat no longer does the Rhenish city or C ologne hum w1 t h the b usiness or war, and on the Baltic, 15 a mass or rock and rubble t hat once was t he great city or Hamburg. v1ctory through air power. It was systematic bom.bing tha. t knocked Hamburg out or the war; no land attackers stormed her gates, no sortie arose rrom the sea the power that obl1 terated the city or Hamburg CC!llle solely rrom the air Is it then inconsistent when viewed in the light or the present, to discover the parallel that exists betwe e n Major seversky's project ions and the rapid sc i ence o r aviation? Let theut who doubt the tremendous acceleration that air machines will receive 1n the next rew Years join h ands with the skeptics at Kitty Hawk some rorty years ago. For the planes or seversk.y1 s design are no lightl y looked at myths. The originals are now 1n the air the Flying Fortress, the Britis h Lancaster, and the rate or destruction has already been de-termined by Hamburg. A revolutionarY departure from the present limited orientation o the aerial gun-mount, a wealth or increment in engine power and a s-tartling increase in fly1n'g range that will enable us to step up the tempo or attack o n the global-based n erve centers or the enemy, 1s the total or Major severaky's briefing or the aerial warfare or the ruture and we have only to scan the'sk1es rrom whence they will come ,RVictory Through Air Power. GENTLEMEN PRESENT? the CiviL War at a fashionable social in after dinner one of the ux:z.tched the ladies leave the 'roam, then he looked around and said, 'Wow that' the ladies hcwe left .the room, I've a story.'' "Yes, they've replied a quiet voice, "but the-re are present.'' Ev.eryone l ooked at the speaker. It !<.Jas hardbitten U.S. Grant,, soldier, no sissy, real general. Flannelmouth's face was red. 0 f all the habits whiCh cheaPen and a man, foultalk is one which the A17_1ly s.eems to breed and popularize. The saddest about a filthy joke is its refusal to die. It Passes from mind to mind and from to tong-u e and from soul to soul. It 1 s and rottirw, but it takes a long time to die. It goes about its Z

25 1943 'fHE U ALL T CIVILIAN EMPLOYES URGED MOT TO LET UP IN THIRD WAR LOAN DRIVE 110ESK PILOTS" CONGRATULATE SILVER WING WINNER "Civilian Elnp loyees of Tyndall Field are urged to keep up the pace they have set in the present War Bond campaign. There is' no time for slack in this 'Back the Attack' drive," stated Lt. George { Lasker, War Boros Officer, in conunenting on the results thus far on the T/F War Bond Lt. Lasker praised the -work of department War Bond represen tr atives in behalf of the present campaign. In arldi tion to those mentioned last week, the following representatives are also do ing a great job: Florence Canter, Civilian Personnel Dept.; Fuller assisted by Thompson in QM Dept.; Sydney Riley, Signal Office; and Mildred Gainey, Military Personnel Sec tion. Figures released as of Septem ber 13, 1943, show the following department percentages: A.A.F., T/F A.G.O. \ledical Ordnance % Partie i P at ion 66.3% 68.8 62.5 48. 1 % Gross Pay 7.6% 9. 2 6.3 4.3 SONGBIRDS ANSWER WAC GLEE CLUB CALL T/F PERSONNEL CAN SEND "SMOKES" OVERSEAS AT REDUCED RATES "Thank A Yank With A Carton 0 r More" is the slogan of one of the nation's leading tobacco firms who on Tuesday, September 28, begin a ten-dey sales on Tyndall Field which will per mit the field's civilian al mil itary to send a carton of smokes to our fighting men overseas at the special rate of Urtuer the mus1ca1 guidance or N/b Missal, Post band-leader, Wac. $.ro. The offer works this way-At plans for a Glee Club are rapidly\ every sales counter on Tynrlall' assuming form. Assisting Mr.l Field where cigarettes are sold Missal are Lt. Gwen Clymer, Wac. there will be a coin box promin C.O., and Lt. Mildred Gee, Wac' ently displayed to receive your Executive Officer. half a dollar. For each four-The Glee Clubbers have a .wealth bit piece you contril:ute, a carof talent to choose from, nor is ton of cigarettes will be sent to this talent coofined to the realm a Yank overseas with your name of the voice, as tliere are severanrl address provided at all sales al members with fine backgrounds on it as the donor. T/F's "MERRY-GO-ROUND" BREAKS DOWN Tyndall Field was temporarU y "marooned" from Panama City for a few hoors Friday when the East bridge drawspan while the span was open for a boat to pass through. Several fortunate, o r unfortun ate -depending on the point of view -Gls and officers were stranded in town until .late in the day, when lMrlqnen managed to get the drawspan closed for traf'fic. Fol." the next few days while permanent repairs are being made the bridg-e will be closed to hil!Jlway traf'fic between the hours of 9 am 1l A.M. and 6 aril 8 P.M. WACS AND "HOLLOWERS" GET PIANOS in dancing am acting. A musical ffiank coupons for your name and No .longetthe talented debut is -promised very shortly. Pasz:e 3 OUR FROI/T A Vega "Ventura" Gets A Tuning-Up of equal importance with the training of gunnersis the efficient maintenance of the p 1 anes they fly. Safety In the air can only be assured by careful checking of the planes before they leave the ground. our front cover this week Is a behind the scenes shot of an Vega "Ventura," getting a 600 hour engine check. That's M/Sgt. Will lam D Hathaway of the Bluebl rds In the foreground w I t h h I s 'rep o r t sheetL The other Bluebirds hovering over the ship are M/Sgt. A 1 bert G. Wooten, Sgt. John P. Gafford and Clinton R. McNeece, Louis Bor ghese and Don Smith. To avoid possible criticism by the Audubon Bird Society's ornlthol.oglsts-the mechanic crouching to the left of the Is S/Sgt. John D. Cole man of the Canaries. WHAT'S DOING NEXT WEEK SlJIIDAY 10:30 A.M. Track Meet the Post Athletic Field. 12:45 P.M. Music .Hour at Post Theater. WO Missal comnentator. YOODAY 12:30 P.M. Squadron A&R Re presentatives Meeting Athletic Office. 6:30 & 8:30 P.M USO SHOW "Thanks Loads" at Post Theater. (Regular Infermatian Taase program p oct.paned one week. ) 7:00 P,M, -Movies at Station Hospital. 8:30 P.M. t:iqu,aQron.. Movies at Receiying nJESDAY 5:30P.M. Regularly scheduled volley ball games. 8:00 P.M. Weekly Dance at USO. 'I" IF Band broa.dca.&t over WILP. 8:00P.M. -Movies at Colore d Rec Hall. !f:oo P.M. Movi.,s at R.,ceiving Sq)..ladron -"Desert Victory." WEnlESDAY 12:30 P.M. Non Com MeetiDQ at Post Library. 7:00P.M. w.,.,kl y Vari.,ty Show at Receiving Pool. 7:30P.M.-WDLP Tyndall news. 8:30P.M -Radio broadcast WILP, T/F Radio .Pleyb.ouse. over TIJURSDAY 6:30P.M.Radio Workshop pO!riod, 7: 00 P .II. at Station Hospital. 8: 0 0 P, M Re gu 1 a r dance at Rec Hall. broadcast over. 'W:PIP we.,kly GI T/F Band A recent adrlition, in form of address will be provided at all fingers of Tyndall's Wacs end of l new piano, enables the Wacs to. sales counters, and th-esecouthe men at Skunk Hollow be forced -hold their practises on Monday pons will be attached to the to strum tunes on hard surfaced nites in their own Recreation cartons of smokes going. over-tables or desks, for on Monday, i seas to the Wac and Skunk Hollow day 8:00P.M. w.,.,kly color ed <3I dance at Colored Rec Hill. 8:30P.M. Movies at Receiving Sq)..l&lran. Room from 18ro to 19ro. Twenty..._ __ -------------t r rooms, went one (each) (slil!Jl tly) three Wac songbirrls attended last Mondl!.ys rehearsal and Cpls. Al-: uso cup PRESENTS used piano. 1'\1"1 .;TJVl'lv The two "88' s were purchased bena: Kulinsky and Ruth Diers were Flash Varl ety" Revue .I -#' by Special Service funds tu. ter appointerl secretary and librarian "Thanks Loads II they were "rliscovered" and nrerespectively. .served" by W/0 J, Missal while on The club is still open to youfl!: h Long On Laug 5 a recent. trip to Pensacola. nightingales and W/O Missal' s plans for the future, promise ftm SONGS! DANCES! GIRLS! Beg, borrow or steai a copy of for the choristers. So come Cast of .tsroamiay Big-Timers : the "Skunk Holler," new weekly you Wac coloraturas, get into the' Non., Sept, 27 Post 1'heater "for, about and by Skunk Hollow sing, and show what talent lurks: 2 SJKJWS 6:3U a:Jd8:00 P.M.! men!" behinci those Jd:Hlld,_ UJ):!.fQryt.s .-...-:--. 5:30P.M. R.,gularly s ch.,dulO!d v olley ball games. 7:.30 P.M. Boxing bouts at R.,. ceiving Pool. 8:00 P.M. Movies at Co1or.,d Rec Hall. :oo P.M. Hospital. 8: 30 P M. Sq)..lai:lron. SAnJRDAY Movies at Stat ion Movi.,s at Receiving.


4 QUESTION: (ASKED OF INS TRUc TORS OF THE P o s T AfRPLANE M ECHANIC'S SCHOOL) I N YOUR COURS E OF INSTRUC TION, WHAT P O I N T DO Y08 ALWAYS 1-\EAV I L Y? Interviews and Photos By SGT. DAN LEVINSON S/SG!. BURL COI, NOOIC; Decatur, ILL. "The praper 111ethod of perf a nning maintenance 1J.XYI'" k and th.e fact that th.e safety oj the plane and its c rew is th.eir responsibility. II S/SG!. f.TLLIAN PERKINS, Panaa City, 1'la. "The 111ost imPortant Point I want 111y m .en to keep in mind is 'Be sure you what you're doing before yo'fl.'undertake any taJrk on any part of a plane. 1 S/SGf. JAMBS A. PARKS, GfeenviL le, Niss. "Once m y sttW.ents are familiar with the fu11lla.ment a ls, I impress the11 with the fact that there is no margin f01" cadessness wh.ile working on a Plane." S / SGf. JlfliiL L. IXJN 011AT, NcCCY!Ab, Miss. "Take no ch.ances be always of llhat n doing! Xr. LA/iREKCg B IIORLET, K01"folk, Va. -"On the subject o/ hydrattlics, I impress my students with the importanc e of thoroughly understanding the principle of h)draulic systems and the difj units." THE TYNPfoLL TABGET As I P. f. c. IT NOW AND FOREVER The Smolensk gate has been cracked open by the Red Army and all that remains now, is !or the RUssians to pull out the pickets (dead or alive) and storm through the breach. some day, Russ ian fighters will redden the little white gate around Berchtesgaden .that Hitler has pain ted with 'Dutch Bay' white lead and in tfiit ''moment wrn the good citizens or Rotterdam be avenge d. Two divisions c Marshall P:i.etro Badoglio's have succeeded in freeing Sardinia from the Nazis grasp. An islam. a day keeps the away, say the jubilant Italians, with the wine of their flrst victory sweet on their lips. The Nazis who were forced to evacuate Sardinia in fa'-"Dr of the smaller islAnd of COrsica, wil.l find no asyltllli there. For French patriots and Italian troops have occupied the Corsican port of Aj accio, birth of Napoleon, and it will rot be the first time that the "Little Corporal's ghost has routed the enemy. Aptly named Finschaven, this Japanese air field one or the last remaining bases on the Huon GUlf, was the target earlier this week, !or 16 tons or explosives personally delivered by bombers or Lt. Gen. George C. Kinney's .FHth Air Force. In retaliation, the ethnological equivalents or the 'Origin of the Species' raided the Allied base at Darwin,' Australia,i without appreciable .result. A:ny day now, a Yankee nam. ed su11,1 van is going to d rap an egg .on the Gilberts that will splatter squarely on the Mikado's addled pate up. At last Germany's secret weapon comes to light. It is none other tban that unbenevolent despot Benito Mussolini, formerly Der .Feuhrer' s number Clle whip-cracker. It is Hitler's dark nesign to em ploy the great bag of winn (Ill Duce), to puff up the rleflaten egos of German paratroopers, who are their shins these. days on the rough stones of Naples, while tryinj!; for a landing in Northern Italy. .J.b....J.l.,Jt... Nqrth Africa-Filling out an application for dependents' aid, a colored soldier answered "no" to the question of whether he had any dependents. "You're married, aren't you, Sam?" asked an officer puzzled. "Yassah," the soldier. replied. "But she ain't dependable." MY FAVORITE Miss Margaret Palmer, of Kansas City, Mo., Is the young lady with the winsome smile pictured above. Th e photograph is the property of lst/Sgt. Alfred Nelson of Squadron B, who recentlv returned from furlough with better than a prom ise that Mis Palmer' wi 11 pose for cameramen In the near future only as Mrs. Alfred Nelson. On the basis of numerous reports which have come our way we judge Sgt. Nelson to be an exception to the general conception that all "top-kicks" have reserved seats in the torrid region. He's 25 years old and calls Berwyn, 111., his home town. Prior to entering the service in September, 191t0. the sergeant spent a great deal of time on the stage and on the air' waves in amateur and professional dramatizations. Here at Tyndall he has been active in the several field sponsored radio shows of the past and Is a member In good standing of the present Playhouse troupe. Nelson tells us that although Margaret Is an apt dlctaphone operato r and stenographer, he d oesn't lntendtospo/1 the beauty of Panama City for her by allowing her to work if and when he can persuade her to visit here following their marriage. Nelson arrived here from Galveston, Tex., w here he was on submarine patro 1 duty, in June, After several months as an instructor with the department of training, Nelson's ability J handle men by the "Go srow but wield a big stick" method earned him a position as acting "top-kick" of the Bees Earlv this summer, the sergeant's grade became "official" and ev since we've been sitting back and .watching him fight off the tendancy to "chew," wh lch usua 11 y overta.kes ai 1 lozenge bearers. News From Your Own Home Town Baltimore (CNS) -Marshall Spearman thought he could avoid induction into the Army by eating his draft card. It didn't w ork. He was fined $10 in police court for disturbing the peace. Cambridge, Mass. (CNS)--Harvard College undergraduates have threatened to strike for more and better food. Contend ing that their chow has reached an all-time low they are clamoring for sandwi ches of cream .cheese, peanut butter and jelly. Charlotte, N C. (CNS)-A girl had a date with a young man and he failed to show up. The next day h e called and explained. He got married instead. Chicago (CNS)-A commercial h i gh school here has a n ew course which includes instruction for gals in the a pplic atio n of l eg makeup. Denver, Col. (CNS)-A Chi cago woman walk i ng against a red light was stoppe d by a cop. She the n called him a hayseed and sa id they didn't have "hick". p e d estrian reg ul a tions like that in the Windy City. She was fined $30 in city court. Naugatuck, Conn. (CNS) Gasoline rationing has stopped speeding motorists here but Po lice Chief John Gormley still isn' t satisfied HP. has ordered that galloping of horses down Main Street has got to stop. Salt Lake City (CNS) Tillie Coletti was walking home across a bridge one night when the headJi.ghts of' an oncoming car startled her into falling into the river. "The man driving the car got out and started l ooking for me," said T-illie, "but I felt silly I waited under the until he left." San Francisco (CNS)-Six tall and shapely showgirls took off their street clothes the pther day and p1cketed Office of Price Administration headquarters in scanties, wearing this placal d : "Short Stockings are Shocking." They wanted the OPA to recog nize the plight of tall girls who cannot get long stockings. Trenton, N J; (CNS)-Some one swiped a police radio car from the police garage here but he abandoned it on a side street a little while later when its radio blare d forth with the broadcast o f an alarm reporting its theft.


Septe111be r 2ti 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page r; go again With hits arid bits !rom here and there at 'l'ynaall Tech News while it is news, hot orr the presses or the PRO We'll wager tbat Lt. McDaniels (PT Dept.} is gnashing his teeth. His wife's name was called at the O!!icers Bingo Party last week: she wasn't there, so Major Fowler walked orr with the $$$ Sf Sgt. Louis Coburn, he with the string ar service stripes (purple heart, D. F. C., overseas medals, etc.) arrived at T/F' )ror a rive-day stay, and he'll assist the Signal Corps cameramen in t their movie work. Lou was formerly with the 40th Group. New PRO secretary is Mrs. Nell Carr. Her hubby, a starr, is Ed Carr, the photographer_ Lt. Broome has been relieved as ore or the O!!icers Mess. He is being replaced by Capt. Dozier G. Pettigrew From the 907th QMC comes news that T/4 James S. Miller has reported !rom Turner Field, Ga. Lt. Goldsmith and the Q)1 lads welcome ya, Jim Capt. Wiseman has been relieved as CO or the 446th, replaced by Lt. Robert Bridgeford. Big changes every day! Wac Cpl. Helen MacNamara, a true daughter or Erin, used, to sing with several name bands. And attractive, tog! "This Is the Army" premiere will have a stage show preceeding the movie-reatur1ng the Band and special guests, with the initial ap;_)earance or the nruch touted Glee Club From the Water Plant comes the announcement the $64 question or the w _eek: The i rormula or sea water 1s CH20, and an example or hard water 1s lee. It's a lie, says Mr. Koon .... Ex-Wac Dot San:>a.. strolling the streets in PC. She looked nice 1n her white blouse and pUrple skirt (fashion note) Tyndall Tech is proud or its record as a )leader in sending men "over there" as gunners. one or the most 1m records was made by a Tyndall grad: S{Sgt. Cli!r Wherley, the 16 year-old lad recently discharged rrom the service arter being awarded the D. F. c. and other medals. New radio show recorded this week by the band. Don't mlss it, it's a sweli show. Mr. Missal is a capable leader PT won't seem the without Pistol Packin' Cotton Tabor. He's getting a CDD and w 111 work in the Sh1p;rards Have you seen the model or Con !uclua in HQ? It is the work or Pvt. Bill Mahoney, rormer prores $lonii sculptor: Nomination ror the prettiest hair at Tyndail Fiel.d -Mary Helen Monk, or the Signal orrrce; a most attractive red head. From the pen or a Vassar senior: A prosylete is a woman or the streets. And her statement in a Zoology exam: A grasshopper passes through all lire stages between infancy and adu1tery. And that's all ror .this week, but remember, 1 t' s Bonds or Bunds. Take _your pick,_ soldier. T/F Gls IN STAGE SHOW FOR "THIS JS THE ARMY" Tentative plans for a thirtyiminute stage show preceeding the premiere showing of Irving Berlin's "This is the Army" at the Ritz Theater, Panama City, on October, 11, were announcecl this week at Tyndall Field. full net receipts for the showing of the Warner Brothers' motion picture goes to the Army Flnergency Relief fund, The stage show iS scheduled to feature such Tyndall Fieln talent as the 308th Air Forces Band, under the direction of W/0 Joshua Missal; vocal solos' by S/Sgt. Dwight Boileau and Cpl. Helen MacNamara; the newly 30-voice Tyndall Field Glee Club, led by Mr. Mfs-salf' arid. otherspe;.: acts, There will be several Tyndall Field high-ranking. officers who will also. appear on the program, describing the ex-. cellent work being accomplished by Anny Emergency Relief. The stage program, announced and directed by S/Sgt. Stflve Libby, radio director at Tyndall Field, will be a "bouus" for Panama City "First Nighters. 11: Mr. Bud Davis, manager of the Ritz Theater, said that all sP-ats ; will be reserved, am that tickets' would be available for sale in a few days, CHECK RETURNED BEFORE OWNER IS AWARE OF LOSS Shades of lJiogenes! Sgt. Gordon Strom of the Royal Netherlands Detachment liteFally grabbed the proverbial liUT!P of Diogenes and used it to light his way to the Post Finance Office 1 as t wednesday afterroon. Str001 chanced upon an uncashed check in the amount of $55.10 While strolling back to his bai' 'racks from the flight line, and lost no time in. getting to the Finance Office where he turned the check over to Capt. Emory Shofner, Post Finance Officer. The check was made payable to a Will Price, llld Capt. Sho:f're r soon identified Price as being on the payrolls of the Area Engineer's department as a janitor. Through the effor t:s of Miss Coulter of that department, Price was contac ted and as ked if he had lost his check. Almost positive that. such was not the case, Price dug into his bill-fold only to dis cover that the check was missing! Thus, within sixty minutes, the valuable check was lost, found and reblmed before the owner was aware of his loss. 'Unclaimed pari-mutuel winnings at race tracks in Illinois go to a fund for rehabilitation for disabled veterans of the present war. POST OFFICE OFFERS MAILING PACKAQES OVERSEAS LEGEND BEHIND WAC lfSIGNIA EXPLAINED BY T JF STUDENT Of GREEK MYTHOLOGY Only 91 days to Xmas roail s Pallas that overseas package now. Athena have witb t.be ACs? If: Here are a few do's md dortt' s this were the $Sf qtill8 whitt on Christmas gift 1181ling to the would your anewer be? Sorry soldier overseas, furnished by brother, but tllat'. r the AAF Post Office. The head of Pallas Overseas Xmas packages for nen the-official 1Jw1gnia and women in servi nust be mil-X t is wom by ofr:t. re and en ed mt later th October be-listed lilte with a fore the eoo of September if posslight differe occurring in sible, to ensure elivery on time. colll!ltruction. '!he insignia for Packages cannot weigh more than officeJ"S 1 aut-out of tbe helld five pOlUlds, When apped, cannot of Pa wberea tbe inmeasure more than t nche.s--innia for enli-sted personnel 1 ength and 36 inches in length shows the bead of Pallas Athena and girth c001bined. super1lllposed er should be on trates at the end of winter and the third line and the Port Post' the vintage. 1 master through lllhich the -package In the reign of Crecops, both is routed should be ro the fourth Poseidcn and Athena ccntended for line, the possession or Athens. The For wrapping, a strong -packing gocis resolved _that whiehever of box is reconmended. If the pack-them produced a usefUl age contaiits various snall items, tonnrtals s h(D'ld each of these !lllst be wrapped Poseidon struck the grotmd with separately, comple .tely and thor-his tT iden t and s traigh twa:f.: a r c oughly protected so that no danger horse appeare(!. Athena to contents cr to handlers occurs. planted the oUve. '1he gods g&Ve Note that postage nust be ftllly the city to the goddess frau wh(Jil prepaid. it was called !thenae. 'Reniemfler, citly 91 days .pic; Delbyck


Page "6 THE TYNDALL TARGET NEWS F .ROM THE Ask any fellow in Squadron B h ow i t fee l s to be a G ypsy. We: mo\ ed again t his wee k for the sixty-, umpth time. We can no w pack and b e ready to move at the drop of a barracks bag. Sgt. Kenneth Auge has set scime kind of a record in writing his wife o\er 550 letters in his first year: :in the army. This surely proves that marriage i s an institution, b t who wants to live in an institution? PX Be Bee, with the big blue eyes, is the current flame In my heart, said Cpl. N ick Ammadio when asked for his contribution for this week's article. Yo u' ve heard of the gruesome two some, but have you ever heard of the three musty beers? Andy, Pinney a n d Dimp l es. They can be fo\lhd every night with their tongu-es hang ing out jealo u s!y in their eyes, sit ting in front of the 343rd (Beer Hall). Poor littl e WAAC's LOST AXD FOUND Lost: One stool belonging to Sgt. Dorey. Finder please return 11:nd place in latrine so the Sergeant can shave again. (Th e mirrors are so hieh in our new barracks). Found: One beautif ul girl in Florida State Women' s College by Sgt. Bako. Owner please do not try to get same back, as h e won't give this .one up Lost: A pair of Cpl.. stripes by Cpl. Silvers. To P. F. C. Ryr, n: We are all sweating out t ho.t furlough with you and we hope that little Ryan, Jr., the first, whom you -have never seen, l ooks like h i s Pop, you hand some thing, yo u Once again a grueling six weeks 1s over and a new batch of damn good gunn ers are on the way to g ive the Axi s h ell. Good lu ck men! Squadron D KNOW 'EH ALL AND I .,llll;&nif, '0' ;llOPTTAt. or "lf"Z o.zaz '61 a.z rn rds 6 luru;l/117. Bd '81 .za;'llrJMafi s uoo'ldAL 'l ,lu.;snw, '91 e.zqooe.zry. 6d '9 ;uoq.zepun'l.f., liJ sr r ''0' ri/OOflJf '#'1 'a;JflN, '#' >fMJ1 H, at d 'r 'BBrif Quietly, without fear, Pte. G l nrr '06W 'tr ounbsow t took the I aiit IStOp that brought him ''1 rl to the chair. Should h e get Into t t t---------;._ __ _;';._.....,,..... _______ .'1 Squadron C Cp!s Rye, Dremann, and Sgt. Buumhauer became real "eager beav ers" last Saturday night when they took part in the bond rally parade. They "rode" on the back of a weap .ons carrier. One wouldn't believe it, but Pfc. Johnson and Kirfoot are really a bunch .of radio bugs. They go around' talking to one another in code lai).guage ... SjSgt. Theriout wants everyone. to knciw that he is the of ficial "Chow Master" now that he takes the students to and from chow. John Hartman stayed in last 'Clay and waited for the gals from Florada, Alabama. He is still singing the blu es since they showed him up ... Pfc. Amecangiol, "the marathon runner," keeps in trim by chas ing-the WACs nightly ... Was it Pfc. Fales who fried to get in the gate with a cigar instead of his pass? The MP's hav e plenty of sympathy. We understand that Pfc. Court is going to be a pretty spiffy when he gets those sergeant stripes. It so happens that he has his eye on one of those officer suits. Why doesn't someone tell Pfc. Je .. rome Durwin, of St. Louis, Mo., that St. Louis is a city and not a state? ... We wonder why the boys of section thirty-three have been studying Military Courtesy so diligently of late? ... Is Pfc. Kraft's coveralls actually ripped that bad or is he trying something new in the way of strip-teasing? Who was the Cadet official that was "reamed" by an M. P for parkJ ing his car incorrectly in front of the Cadet orderly room? There was a "rip snortin' time in room five of barracks 409 when Sipple passed his turret and machine gun test. Won't some one give Cadet Farrar a break and sing for him in forma tion? ... Since Cadet MacLead hau a preview of Panama City, he will be able. to act as guide for the rest of the Cadets on their first open post. Everytime the Cadets go over the. obstacle course they wonder what Lt. Lawson will do with the five foo t square empty space in the middie of the course. without resllltancll or llhould bo m&ko that Is In evidence all week 'at tor a last de11pcrato attempt to ellcape 1 .matlon suddenl y dlsnppears and in The que11tion aoomoa to take hours' Jts place ill the rockin' and rollin to be oeci ded in hill mind but at Iaiit jive routines of a lleasoned jitter he. sat down. Bolt uprlt:rht otarlng .'bu g. Imagine hill surprllle when he straight ahead, trylnr not to think, "cut" hill llOCtlon lnlltructor, s;sgt. he saw hill destroyer com in g noaror Snowdon, who 11tood away from An to him. Thill couldn't be true. Tho ldorHon and watched while he con long month11 that ho had tai{On to 'tortod hill tramo Into the whirling maiH l thlngll go well would IJoon be dorvl}lh broakll of tho jive and roll: for n aught 11.nd hlg hll.rd worl( would Nood!OI!Il to llay AndorliO mll.rc.hCIII A1 p r ad i c hd, F liBh t 4 copp e d Cadet Alexander boasts that the tho Squadron Flas for the fourth Hurricane is a snap for him to fly c:onaocutivo week, Hats off to .. Room-mates Cadet Decker and the men in that fl isht. Bagoff are having a tough time exb e or no ava.ll. What wall tho UI!O with hill flllfht now. of trying--trying to bo lndlvldutl.llll That look of roller on tho bachelor tic? Tho Army ha.tl othllr ldot1.11 11.nd ln11tructor11' 111 bocaullo the you conformed, that Wll.ll tho ordor. lovllr ot thll outfit, Sit. Morga.n, left Before h o know It wall over, he look tor DoLand, Florida. SorlouHIY ed down c.nd 11aw hili blonde lookli Morgan will be mii!Hed In tho llquad carelesRly strewn aroun d thll bar ron and hill conHtructlvo ldoo.11 for ber's chair. His "zodtli u lt" haircut tho newly formed lnHtructors'. C1ub had gon e tho way of all un Arm'y w.oro a help in ato.rtlng It off on the hairdos a nd he reached up and r ight toot. carefully fingered' tho ehort cloao to Wo wonder It llOftlipoko n S/Sgt. the scalp q. I. bob that WIHI In ltll Coc!l Smith, of tho Tallahaasee place. Requlscat lm pacem, "zoot-Smiths, really did find a new h o.rt suit." ;throb on thteo day pallS over There a tale going around tho tho last week end? From the am!le Squadron that the current gunner and happy attitude that was on hill o! the week, Pvt. Anderson, face when he r turned, we would is quite a hepstor, to u11e the par tlllnk 10 and althou g h he won't talk, lance of those In the know. It Heems the old saying of "S!Ienco g ives con that on Thur11day evening, the limp ,flCnt" ill being a pplied to hie Fllsh t 3 of Squadron C wi 11 al-plaining why they were stood up WIIYI be indebted to Pfc, Brancon last Saturday night in Panama City. for hh wonderful job of paintin g 1----------------tha f U sht 1 emblem. Crew Chief11 Pfc, Stevenson of Fli&ht 2, can proflight any ship on the line in 3 minutea. Cheora: The men of the Squad ron wiah the followins a apeedy recovery from their lllneueal S&t Jack1on, Sst. Palmentieri, Pvta. Sylvia, Line, Rissin, Man dol and Pfca, Findell and Breck, Alumnao: Hore in our midst, we aro proud to have former stars from In.diana Univoralty, Whl.le Pvt. Cowan waa a nome on tho sridiron for himulf, Cpl. Shelby waa 1tarrins in his own right, 111 11 Trumpe teo r, with h ou1 Marching Hundred, Sugge1tione: How about putting 10me of the enlieted men' sta tionary on aale in the Coffee Shop In phce of aome of the c heap literature now on sale? What's Wrong?: Last week a ce r t a in so 1 d i e r' ( HA) was out drinking with a charming young lady, s o he thought. Long about. the time when all good gunners decide to get down to buainess, (HA), he suggested that he and hi B g i rl take a s t ro 11 in the moonlight. The girl replied by asking, 'What squadron are you from?'' With a rang with pride he declared, 'Squadron C, ; 'Whereupon the girl immedi ately left. Church: The Catholic Mass is offered for the intentions of all Aerial Gunners and Students. On Sunday the 26th eight o'clock Mam will be offered espedall.y for Squadron C students. All Catho lics are urged to attend and receive Holy Communion in a body. Remember, 8 A,M. Sept, 26th. Pfc, Ray Adams


September 25, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET .. for m a tion at skunk hoi low A STUDENT GUNNER SKETCHES EARLY PHASES OF TRAINING Pvt. Ion Paleologue is one or those rare perso ns who were born and raised in Manhattan s Greenwich Village and have turned out t o be competent artists. Ion (pronounced 11yahn") i s 32, and according to his record, is a professional artist and sceni c designer. His greatest thr!ll in the field of art was his 1-year nation-wide tour with 11The Army War S bow as chief scenic designer !or the Quartermaster exhibit. Prior to this assignment, Ion received ac claim ror his landscape designing or the General Motors Futurearna at the recent New York World' s Fair. Paleo logue enlisted in August, 1942, for glider pilot training. He was called to active service in April, and sent to Waco, Tex., for advanced liaison training-having previously completed a civilian pilot training course at Pittsburgh. Two weeks berore graduation he was washed o ut and was sen t to TYndall for aerial g unnery traini ng. Through an i tern !rom his squadron s scribbling we learned or his ability with the pen and bruSh and asked him t o sketch several phases of gunnery training ror Target readers. He kindly obliged, and the Target is proud to present this first contribution or art by a student gunner. range 'shorty' mansfield _,. w... turret dni I -harmonizing --::;" ""? It T \ '\ \ \ / sel f-portral t ...


A ll i es Batter scene, too. Polish uvuer:, General MacArthur holds a few ashore on the fonner French will have retaken the Ukrain-htmdred. island of Corsica, ian terri tory which has been Nothing has been decided a-by some Americans, and aided in Gennan hams for so long. bout what to do with the !talNazi Gate In a reverse application of the wheeling principle which the Germans developed primar ily as a method of striking at France through Holland arrl Bel gium, the Nazis have swtmg shut a gate dividing northern and southern Italy. by the Italian garrison there Escape paths from the Crime-. ian prisoners now that an arnr .began tossing the 12,000 Ger-an pe,ninsula have been batter-istice has been signed with mans stationed on the island ed, and many Germans may be Italy. into the sea. entrapped t:nere Navy Now Has Italian troops to9k Sardinia 14, 000 Ships with little The Prisoners of War The Navy made a repo'rt on two islands 'est of the central Total 140, 000 its expansion. The hinge of the gate is at Naples. Fr001 there it extends east across italy to a point s001ewhat north of Bari on the part of the Italian peninsula We have 100,000 German and In the_ past three years, the will -be of strategic import40,000 Italian prisoners of sea ann has grown to more than ance. They form good bases. war in America, says Maj. Gen. fourteen thousand ships, of from which to strike at south-Allen w. Gullion, provost marfiye million tons. Adriatic coast, a seaport now ern France and northwestern shal general. And completion of those ves-in British hands. Italy. He reported last week tha,t sels already planned will put The Americans are battering Rabaul Next on there are only 93 the Navy's strength at 18,000 at the hinge of the gate so MacArthur' 5 List POW's in this country, but ships. effectively that the battle of Rabaul, ruost iinportant of Salerno has become the battle Japan's southwest Pacific basof Naples. es, is the newest objective General Clark's Fifth Army for General MacArthur's planes tussled mightily last week with and men. the German troops solidly dug This fine harbor is on New into the rocky mountains of Britain island, northeast o( Salerro. New Guinea, where the .American American soldiers rea.ched and Australian troops have done points where they could look a good job of exterminating down on the once-gay Italian. J aps and have occupied. the port of Naples. bases of Lae and Salamaua. The German s began to do a Japanese airdromes on Bou-job of destruction on the city. gainville island )lave been There were great fires. The shaken by heavy air bombard Nazis sank 31 ships in Naples ments as the Air. Force began harbor, blocking the berths the preparations for a grourrl where the Allies might have assault on Rabaul. been able to land men and mat-Allied ground troops landed erials. Demolition squads were near Finsch'hafen--60 miles doing their best to put the northeast or Lae Captllre of city into such condition that Finschhafen would give the it would be of minimum value Allies a g<;)od springboard for to the Allies when it is fin-the attack on New Britain. ally captured. There were raids on enemyThe Germans, as might be ex-held territory in the Gilbert pected, ve':lted their anger on Island area by an American the citizens. Thousands of carrier task force which colresidents of Naples were re-laborated with land-based Army ported s1 ain for violation of and Navy and bombers. Nazi curfew regulations in the city. The Return of Meanwhile, the rugged British smashed at the gate farther in land, trying to batter down the barrier which stands between the Allies and Italy's air ports and industrial cities in the northern part of the pen insula. Up in northeastern Italy and northwestern Yugoslavia, pat _riots were engaged in tter guerilla warfare with the Ger mans, sniping valimrtly at the occupation armies of the Nazis. French commandoes entered The Native The Russians have come back to their one-time metropolis of Kiev. They are so close to that city, fourth largest in Russia, that the Russian soldiers can see people walking 'on the streets there. Srrolensk, too, was almost in the hands of the Russians; Emo lerisk, once the key to the German attack and defense lines on the eastern front. The Russians have only slightly more than 150 more miles to go before they will reach the City of Oreadful Night THERE is a real City of Dreadful !';light-and the bomber crews of the Army Air Forces soon shall know it well. The charts of Berlin are spread; the courses to Berlin are plotted; our comrades of the RAF have marked the path with flare and bomb; we are going to visit the Nazi capital by night and by day Death shall come to the City of Death at long last. Have we forgotten that here in Berlin, seven years ago, Truth died on a pyre of sacred books? Do-we remember that Honor died here when Hitler's stormtroops marched into Czecho Slovakia? The crucifixion of Faith began in this city as jail doors opened for Pastor Niemoeller. Then followed the bombing of Rotterdam and on that day-in Berlin-the Christlike grace we call Pity was dead. Prague Warsaw ... Paris Belgrade ... Athens were swept into German darkness. These cities knew tears and misery unspeakable; in Berlin there was a smug and gloating calm. Nazi trumpets jibed at Poland; Nazi flags danced in the sad air above Norway Berlin had become the stony tomb of every ideal which Christianity reveres Its people turned their stupid faces to Goebbels, Goering, Himmler and Hitler. Remorse died last-but in this city Remorse is dead. Remember all this you men of the Fortresses and Lib erators. Warsaw still lives for courage and Paris for hu manity; Prague stirs alive with its dream of freedom and little Athens is named _.;ith love and sorrow by good men everywhere. But Berlin this great charnel this lair of bullies this satannic altar to war has c hosen death So let it die. Let the great bombs dig its grave both wide a nd deep In letters of fire may its epitaph be: "Here stood a city that hated Mankind and mocked their God -From AAF Blue Network Broad cnst "Wiugs to Victo!('


IN REPLY TO YOUR LETTER, SOLDIER You asked how things are going here at home. Whether \Ye're in this thing with you ... up to the hilt. And how you'll find things when you come back. Pre.tty plain Engli s h son, when you wrote, : U.S.A. had damn well better be what we're fighting for when we return." Most of us feel just that way about it. And we're talking about the same things. The big job of helping you get this fight over with ... fast. That comes first. And let no one tell you that isn't the grim resohe in the heart of every real American over this n ation. Millions of hands will keep on working to THE TYNDALL TARGET THE SATURDAY EVENING POST deliYer into your hands a safer, harder fighting plane ... a faster, surer motor ... a stronger ship ... a better gun ... until your enemy and ours is silenced. But what then? Well, son, we give it back to you in plain. English. If the brains and hands and skill that have organized and produced so successfully for death and d estr uc tion canno t turn with equal skill to the bigger work of peace-then we shall have hopelessl y failed ourselves as well as you. It's pretty simple, isn't it, the thin g you want when this is done. A job-n o t charity. The privilege of returning to your place in a free man's world. This reward you will haYe earned, soldier-a reward we are working to guarantee you the unfettered opportunity to build the kind of a life you want to livewhen you come back. The Saturvloy Evening POST Number .4.4 in a u ... of adDertistmt'KLa apptarino reoularlJJ in Tlu Saturday Poal


Waller Tra i ners Simulate Actual Battle Conditions 'l For Student Gunners Here are some scenes taken on one of the Waller Trainers, the latest devices adopted by the Army Air Forces for training aerial gunners. The Waller Trainers at Tyndall Field give students the nearest approach to actual combat co.nditions it is possible to Through five focus ed on a huge 40 foot screen the gunners are subject to attack by fighter planes while defending a bomber One of the scenes snows the control operator at hil electrically operated boa r d The operator is in com munica tion with each of the four gunners in his. traine r and in front of him is a device which records the num ber o f rounds each student fires, the number of hi t s sea red and the number of bursts fIred. In another scene the four gunners are shown with their guns focused on the scr een during an "atta ck." The guns are electrically operated and simulate operations of caliber .50 machine guns even to the recoil when the triggers are pulled. Tne lone gunner shown In another scene has his head phones plugged in for communica t ion with the control operator 11nd Is ready for an attack wn ich may come from any dl rection. The o ther scene shows one of the attackin g fighters as It veered away from the bomber after approa c hin g


September 25, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGE!' P.a e ."f Test That Toughness Of Glass Protects B 24 Gunner One or the quest ions most !requen tly -asked aerial gunners returned !rom combat !s, "How bullet proor is the big glass that protects B-24 tall gunners?" From an AAF' Training Command's mobile training unit at Lowry Field, Colo., last week carne a partial answer. It came in the rorrn or a !irst-hand story told to a member or the public relations section at Lowry Field by two sergeants attached to the mobile training unit, who, back. in December, i942, conducted an informal and unorricial. ;est at the ArmY Air Base at Alamgordo, N.M. 1 The two sergeants, TjSgt. Jul1an c. Teigen, Kenyan, Minn., and S I S gt. Reuben H. Call, Colrain, Mass. had had many an argument about the relative protection arrorded by the bullet proor glass behind which a B-24 gunner operates. One day a B-24, on a routine training nighb, crashed near their base. They heard about ft, and immediately removed the big sheet or glass !rom the tail or the wrecked plane. It was in perrect shape with only a corner slightly chi ppeci. Measuring the glass they round it to be 22 inches high by 19 inches wide by 2 and 3/18 inches thick. "Its !i ve layers were ground !lawlessly," said one or the sergeants, "and you could look through it w1 th perfect Vi'31on." Soliciting the aid or the armament chie! or one or the squadrons at the base, an un-named sergeant, they immedi atelY set up the test. Out to the !iring range went the three researchers. They placed the glass in a vertical position so the projectiles would hit head on. Then, they withdrew to a !iring point one hundred yards distant. using both 30 arid 50 cal. rree !iring machine guns, provided by ,:-"Is she your benefic'f.,-y?" _/..;' : i &Jr,.J. ,1[\' I .,. Chow Line .,. :he annaroent chief, they started blasting away. \1..= t First shot was a 30 cal. tracer projectile. It made a one-haH Now that the mess men are takot' We,ll ing regular P T there are frequent I've'. tWo of m:-s. ,"very own 'It seems inch dent in the glass and ricocheted back over their heads. Teigen, debates regarding who's best at cerjust at meal or a t the of who had always claiwe d the glass was bullet proor, shouted, "I told tain spots. To settle all disputes clea.ning up, my chief Gremlins, Sgts. you so!" Call, the disbeliever, said, "Just a minute, buddy--wa1t'll let's a.Jl get signed up with Cpl. Kne Cyphet and Candelboro will pull up we try this one." He thereupon let ny.with a :30 cai. bali probel, who is organizing a softball and with a truck load of suppUes and at j ectile. It plowed into the glass three-quarters or an inch. Its bowling team, and if we can get a the top of their sweet voic e s yell for jacket disintegrated and splattered like mud. team in any other SJ:orts, let's do so: the K. P. pusher to have their truck Amazed by the resistance or the glass, the men swung the cal. 50 The entire squadron joins in wish-, unloa.ded on the double. ing s ;sgt. Mancinelli a speedy r.ethat F.!lst Sgt. Barbier has gun into position and !ired a. 50 cal. tracer projectile. 'Ibis en.covery and quick return to duty: .. billiard players, tered about three-quarters or an inch and ricocheted slightly. Next, Same goes for Private Dees ... ha.-ve'' taken to playing they !ired a cal. .50 ball projectile, and when it smashed into the mess halls were proud to have; .' fts .... ce:.n it be glass it about one inch. their guest this ... .. got a convinced by this time that the glass had ple.nty or guts and could Iiams, on ec tour of mspectwn. -In-. 1.the sl\tfird stand the real "rtreworks, the researchers loaded with 50 <;il.l. ar-cidentally the General seem. ed pl&aS Pfc. rnour piercing ammunition. Now the test had reached the critical ed, we're happy to say. cez:. .h WAC, stage. The enemy uses armour piercing ammunition. On every mission At the Post danc e this week, Pvt. Higgenbotham and Pvt. Co g'gf !ls is I the big bombers absorb a certain amount or it. A single projectile seemed to have had a s w ell t ime hear, or is it :Jullt a rumori was !.i.red. It screamed into the target, shed its jacket in the !lrst holding hands, and not with each -Pvt. Falato. lay,er or glass, pierced clear through,. and stopped with al;>out one------------..L.--.------------hal! inch protruding on the other side. This surp,rised all three sergeants and heartened them to go "the limit" in an e rror' t to discover v.hat it would take to really srnash jthe giass. They loaded the gun 'wfth three armour piercing and two ball projectiles They. were !ired alternately in a single burst. This burst was too much ror the stout hearted glass. The projectiles carved a jagged hole about two inches in diameter. At this point, Teigen and Call relt that they-had settled their ar(9.lJllent. Without much protesting !rom can, they agreed on the con clusion that the glass protecting the tall gunner on a B-24 is re latively sare rrorn 30' and 50 cal. machine gun !ire. To support their stat!3lJient they point to the ronowing !actors: (1) Few hits in combat will be head on as was the case in the test. (2) The glass has ricochet qualities. (3) Chances or being subjected to concen tr!l-ted !Ire on one spot on the glass during combat are very, ver,v remote. (4) Chances or betng subjected to concan tra ted !ire on one -spot !rom the d1 stance used in the test 100 yards-are even more remote. Sgts. Tet'gen and Call teach !ull ma'in tenance or. power turrets to ground creW.s and !light maintenance to !light crews. They are attached Co a B-24 mobile training unit. Both are graduates or the Lowry Field power turret school. Humorous sequel-tQ the story occurred when the sergeants shipped the glass back to p ower turret authorities at Lowry l!:i eld. They packed 1t 'in a case an'd markea it "Glass. Fragile. Handle with care. n The case arrived at the sub-depot at Lowry. curious o!!lcials saw its markings and shook it slightly. The pulverized glass made a slight noise. They opened the case and that the glass wasn't in gootl shape. They .Prepared to sue the railroad, but turret school o!!1cers, on being in!orrned that the glass had arrived, explained the breakage. "BACK THE ATTACK!" BUY W/\R BONDS-'' To The Men Of cola We Bequeath ... .. .. Speak to us with reverence, look uPon ,us ror we are that happy little band or men who, 'by reason of exceptional Skill With !irearas, to J'ni the dQS O! our aerial gunnery training on the ba.ppy mltitlll.g To those who remained behind at TYndall extend1our CQ.P dolences. In time the wounds will heal and away 1) I peace be on you. To this class !rom Apalachicola. !a lUt a tehder .. memories; McCUllen losing the cover group on the 'plash lil1. 1on. sii.:cy-er try .. !ng to s .ettle his stomach w1 th the Readel'' s D1&f'att McCullen ex per!lllent!ng with the h18h speed sw1 tch and the out-let ... Zint !!ring both 'barrels at 1,0()$. on the paracllutae, .. 'DOdO Buc)mt serotet1fA McGhiHen or t1me Bulkhead" Schultz getting out O:t the WrOii, g S!d:e or and battering his way towards the t.a 1 : :t charging Wydra's !1ngers.,. Scharrer tr11ng to load h1a luns dUM.n. g a mod1!1ed slow roll and strangling 1n the ammun1t1on 'oel:t s ee;ib1.cn 10 waiting in l1ne ror the pail ... west eount!.ng 74 hous 1n tt. f e j : Jrget and getting ' l ... credJ:t ror e ... Mccullen--MAMMA, THAT MAN'S HERE A-GAIN! There was the Beer Party, Mr. LevendoskY the'B, n / mntn.ous tater and the bed-wreclt1ng; Sgt. Ora.y seeking marital advice !rom "the Mail Orderly and the anuseat!ng 'behaviour or the Mail Ordernv and Mr. west. !n the Day Room which drove Lt. Luge out into the Sgt. Manas being picked up by the M.P. s-cir course, he wasnt wrong. Enou8b or that; we l w1 th the entire personn.el or Apalachicola aur proround gratitude and appreciation ror making our sta7 there one or the or!ghtest spots !n our cadet To Lt. Fr!idman our a !nearest thankS ror his generous e !forts on our be halt &nd to Lt. Lugo we orrer our deepest respect and apoiog1es !or the distress we have 1ntl1eted on him. We .s1ve ;rou a toast, To APalachicola, Hail, Farewell: You. -A/C Cli'l\ift\ A, .. rd


Pa e 8 THE TYNDALL TARGET. ... Ha, ha, the QM fimi.ll y has. a pooi portedly wed week t o a locai Students And Permanent Compete In Track Meet Party Men Tomorrow tuble and the Day Room has taken belle but as usual it turned out tcr l'f\.,;..da.il I S second trac k Md field meet Will get under Way on a ll the appearance of Smoky Joe's. be only a fishing trip ... there is ... ,u Billiard Palace Pvt. Fredd;,r really something fishy going on there tOOJOrrow morning at 10: 3) on the Post Athl.et ic Field with Hentschke, recently demoted to the ... will bear watching The horrmore than 100 Gis expected to compete for the numerou s exalted position' of .bus driver, reoruble Joseph McDonnell, late turned .from P. c. after a hecticof Apalach and N Y.'s Deadend, has and individual medals to be awarded. weekend in the Marie ... what was been broke for two weeks now, The Special Service Office stressed the fact that the meet that statement about more sequently the pots in the local poker is open to both permanent party and student gunners Per romance"? ... Cpl. Fra.11cis Patrick games have diminished to a mere; Currun, everybody's friend and. fifty bucks or so. manent party ren will be entered accoroing to squadrons, Whil e neighbor and friend of the. family, It is rumored by one and all con-student gunners may e nter as teams Ot' as individuals. deftly evaded the clutches of the law .cerned that plans are underway to, In addition to trophies for winning teans and medals to in-last Sunday night with his blarney throw a cordon of MP's around the. L gilted tongue. Rec Hall Monday. night when the dividual winners, a trcphy Will be awarded to the aitstanding Tony Direnzo, latest addition. QM Quiz Kids mutch wits with thel athlete of the day. to .the Brown boys at the Motnr WAC Savants. ._ ,_..The QM plans to b Cap 0 0 F Lt h B Pool has developed a new romancei field a glamor My_ quartet with a Judges for the meet will e t. reeman, system to the extent that he can new strategy since ail' are very proLavson, Lt. Stan l e y Lt. D. G. Moore and Sgt Berry. now burn the can.d le at both ,ends ficient in the art" of "Snowing" The fallowing are the events listed for the ueet: and in the middle,. too ; witness: Cpl. P L.C .. Leonardi, shining light his S a turdr:. y night and Sunday af-of the PropertS ection, promises, 100 yard dash 440 yard telay temoon d ates with a "Number great things are in the offing if his 22o :yard dash 8 80 yard relay Pleaser" and every ot,her night with team-m::::tes can stay sober enough 440 yard dash High Jump a Wacster. to reach the Rec H::::ll stage. Cpl. Dom Lentlie, scion of the fa Oh yeah, the lineup: 1st base, 1 mile run __ B...;r;_o;;.,.;.;a_d_..;J_ u,;...m_..p _______ mous Lent!ie family of Voorheesville, Samky Ackerman, mathematician. Albany County, N. Y has as his extraordinary and former associate CPL. CARTER WINS AVIATION guest over the month-end another with A. Einstein (Ackerman and native of Voorhees v ille who is at-Einstein, Women's Foundations); 2nd TABLE TENH IS CROWN tendin g gunner y school it has base, Pfc. James Joseph McDonnel, been noted in higher circles that Cpl. about w.hom too much hc.s been said Cpl. Marvin Carter blasted his Zulu Glaster is getting veddy, veddy 3;lready; and none othe r ihan the way through four tough oppooents j e a lous becr:.use of this situation original quiz kiddie himse lf, P. MnrCpl. John M. Naples, Chic;l.go's gift. gatroyd Zali, refugee .-,f Lowell, last Saturday night to retai11 his to the armed forces, .is nurturing a Mass. and escapee from the Post title as table tennis champion o :f blow to the heart suffered Friday Motor Pool, man of a ll v orlr, rather: the Aviatiro Squarlron. night, the cause of which is unde of a family, and general all c.round Cpl .. William Baker, P:fc Hazel termined as this goes to press. GFU watch it WACics, h ere they and Pvt. Joe Pitts also. Leo Pfe. ; was come : that' s all!_ ------.... :finishe

s 1943 T THE LULL BEFORE THE STORH Pvt. Al Ragusa (left) shakes hands with Cpl. Agustin (right) prior to trading blows in the first of the fourteen bouts held last Friday night at the Receiving Pool Sgt. Mel Altis, T/F Boxing Instructor, is shown (center) giving the boys his "blessings." Ragusa, of Hew York city, weighing 175 lbs., was the A rro who wei hed i at I 65 1 bs. hai 1 s from Pasadena Cal. 1 500 SKUNK HOLLOWERS HOWL APPROVAL AT FIRST BOXING CARD; PERMANENT PARTY MEN TO BOX ON MONDAY NIGHTS, BEGINNING More than five hnndred "residents" of Skunk Hollow we treated to a fourteen match ooxing card last Friday nil!.ht when 28 of their number donned gloves and "mixed it up" in threeround bouts. It was all in fun for both the spectators and the participants as the pugilists took to the ring with little or no preliminary training. Sgt. Mel Altis, appointed to supervise Tyndall's boxing program, reports that the boys put on a great p g A LEFT TO THE JAW! '"' Pvt. Hector Sapien, of Los Angeles, Cal., takes one on the jaw from Pvt. Bob Blasingame of So. Carolina. Sapien is a ring veteran of many amateur and professional bouts and the blow he is shown receiving from Blasingame did not deter him from blasting through t o win over his opponent, who had a i5 lb. advantage. Sapien tips the scales at 1 25, while Blasingame Is In the II.Ul lb. class rt is reported that outstanding figures in three sports will soon be drafted !or government washington officials are contem pla t tng draftin g baseball, hock e y, and basketball stars. These men will not b e members or the armed rorces, but will travel in this country and allied bases and the "Y" o r '{ale. There's one ror Ripley to ponder over. exhibit"ion. r-------..----------1 overseas presenting their talents Have you notice d the sensa tional race going onbetween Wally M oses of the Chicago White Sox an d .George Case o f the Washington Senators for the base 11 teal championship of the American League? Up.to last Sunday's games, Moses 1MII out in front with 45 atolen sacks to his credit, but Caae wasright o n his heels with 44. This 'pers.onal cha1rf1ionship battll' promises to be a one right up t o the final day. It's a funny thing the race is s o close because while Caee is batting the apple at a .286 clip, M oses is only hitting .248. The bouts are to be a weeldy feature at the "Hollow" -every Friday evening. Meanwhile, boxing for the men of the Receiving Pool will be given daily, except Saturday and Sun nay, at 4 P.M. With the approaching cool weather, a boxing program for permanent party personnel has already been scheduled. All Gis who to learn the finer points of self. defense are urged to sign up for boxing instructim periods to be held at 8 A.M. and 2 P.M. daily except Saturrlay anrt Sunday at Area #2, anrl at 10 A.M. on the Line physical training area. Enlisted men interesterl in at tending the ring sessims are requested to tum their name, rank and squadron number in to the Special Service Office. The ses sions will be held in conjunction with the daily P.T. periorls. Regular Monday evening bouts for permanent party men are schertuled to begin October 4. The following men participated in the bouts staged at Skunk Hol low last Friday evening. Agustin Arroyo, Al RagMsa, Alton Johnson, Jotm Leinen, R. Mit chell, D. Rositano, Johri Harper, Harvey Gordon, Robert Blasingame, Hector Sapien, P. Burrell ann J Foreman. Don Gloglio, Eddie Barrett, Bob Erickson, Martin Marco, Jim Dickerson, Don Dayton, Lee Anrlerson Dan O'Connor, Dick Evinger, Jim ror the benerit or the warriors. Ols en, Allie PalJrer, Bob Sheridan,. Although these athletes will not Ertdie Philo, Rick Moreno, John take part in actual battles or West anrt Gene LaScottie. other military duties, they'll be T/F GOLFERS MEET NATC SEXTET HERE SUNDAY A sextet of Tyndall Field golfers will meet a team from the Naval Aviation Training Center af Pensacola in a team rna tch at the Panama Cotmtry Club at Lynn Haven Stmdey The Tyndall par chasers will be seeking revenge for a to-8 defeat they suffered at the hams of the Naval linkmen on the NATC course at Pensacola last Sunclay. 'fl:le Air Forces team is canposed of Sgts. Si Moye, Gilbert McCrary, Fren Larson anrt Ken Craumer ann Pvts. Louis Broward and H arry Bishop. Pvt. Browarrl was low scorer at Pensacola with a 76 for the par 72 Navy course. TENNIS TOURNAMENT FOR STUDENT GUNNERS Tynnlill1s student gunners will get. the first crack the fieln' s new tennis courts when they in open competition &mnay, Oct. 10. The tournament is open only to the field's. sttJ.rlent )l;ltnners ann is schedulert to begin at 10 A.M. There will be no "doubles" com petition, only "singles." subjec't to call, and will go wherever the war Department decides. It will be the Yanks and Carda again in this season's baseball classic, the World Series. The first three will be played in New York, atarting october 5, with the remaining contests in St. L ouis. We expect the Mc Carthymen to gain sweet revenge for last season's dismal showing, and whip the Cards in a five game series. our hero no.ne other. than C harley 'Wensloff, young southpaw hurler of the Yanks. He has what Jt takes to stop the Cards. Incidentally, the Yankees have set a new record this season by hitting into 157 double plays, :but all these seem to do is to lull the other fello w into a sense o f false security. Last saturday in t h e ya l e B owl wayne Johnson or the Eli carried the ball on the first play, s urrered a broke n neck, and was carried orr the field. Last season, this same J ohnson was Harvard's scar back, and gave yale many an x i o u s mome nts during the ann ual game between the two rivals. Despite his injury, however, JOhnson will receive his letter at the end or the current s eason, according to yale orricials, and will be the first man in history ever to win t h e "H n or Ha :rvard Still on the subject o r racing, it's hard to say who's behind it, but the knock is being put on the Florida horse season, but hard. The rollowing item appear ed in The Blood HOrse magazine concerning allotment o r racing dates to Hialeah and Troptcal parks: "The granting or dates does not insure a winter season in Florida. ManY of the hotels taken over by the armed rorces in t he Miami neighborhood have be e n vacated, and apparently there will be no difficulty about housing winter visitors. But the transportation si tuation, whiCh c losed Tropical p ark before the end or its first meeting last season, and preven \-ed the opening or Hialeah park. is still critical a l tho ugh there have been many indications that the pleasure driving ban in the Eastern States may soon be lifted, Even ir it is lifted, there is no more guar antee that it will not be issued again than there was last winter, that if the ope n they will do so with Mr. I ekes hanging over them."


. Page 10 THE TYNDALL TARGET MUSICtAHS WANTED! Due to tne numerous functions Squadron F requiring tlle services or the Post SQUADRON FLASHES:. Sergeant Band, there is a pressing need Thomas W'"-S a "bit confused the othror the organization of another er day when the Reicken twin,_s, EI IDUS i group to help r 111 the liott and Dan, took turns asking assignjnents. l).im the same questions. You'd betGis with musical experience who ter tag them, Tommy, so that you. i th cn:n tell them apart M ;Sgt. Hoare interested in playing w a1 mer Leith became our new student dance band during of! hours arej squadron commander last week urgently requested to can Sgts. Try through these: .WiecSi M o y e or Bill Barnes at #3245. zorck,_ Wieringa, Wizowatz, Pazaro. ... poules, Tjapkes, Vsetecka and ZalRugged ? 69t:h R A I N Y NIGHT CHATTER: During t h e hard rain last Mond2.y night, the boys i n room 10 of Barracks 302 wer e in the mids t of a very hot disc u s s io n : p o litics, drafting of fathe r s, gold bric kers, essentia l and nonessentia l worke r s -to enumerate a few of t hem. With lights out and the pitte r p atter of the rain it was most enjoyabl e t o listen to the 2-rgument s pro and c o n Out of t h e d arkness appeared Phil Goodman our favorite movie projectionis t There w a s a lull ahd then a shus h-and o n e o f the boys-quick on t h e trigger -quipped, "Here ,comes t h e Ph a ntom of the Opera." This w ill p r obably help enlighten P h i l w h o still i s in a quandry as to rvhy t h e boys wer e i n <:.n uproar. Gunner Maker s CHITCHAT: Firs t S g t Taylor seems to be in a stat e of bewilderment ever s ince having b een accused, and I do mean accused, of being thi s col umn's forme r scribe. The truth w ill out, and b e i t know n that your w riter's pre d ecessor, known as the "Peeker ," was Tec h Sgt. Ledbetter, now with 2. c oml;lat bombardment unit, a n d understood to be living the li fe o f R eilly. Sgt. Dave Davidson of .the Phase Check Department, l eft on his furlough Monday and from h eresay, one wou ld expect him to spend most of his time looking out of train and bus wi ndows duri n g the course of his extensive p e regrinations; his itinerary-Kentucky, Idaho and Ok lahoma. Sgt. "Gene" Stack h a s that "I tl\ink I'll appl y for a three day pass" look in h is eyes a g ain . Sgt. Crofts, w i t h h o p e in his h eart and ambition i n his soul f o r a career in radio after t h e duration, is said to have a f in e t a l ent f o r whistling." S taff Sgt. G e orge Neville, recently returne d f r o m a furloug h, was asked for '"light to a c i garette by your scr;be-his hands quivered like the last spasm s of a d ying fish. ewski. They sound like the lineup. of the F ordham or Notre Dame football teams instead of students in our squadron Heinrich, Walters, West, Dean, Lee, Schumacher, Sini.! mons, they aren' t the 'famous baseball pkyers of the big leagues, but more of our students.-. In 11 recent' survey of men from .each flight, it's the consensus of opinion that gi friends and automobiles are missed most from civilian life; standing in lines, getting up too early for reveille, too much red tap.!i, and irregular pay are the chief gripes; furloughs, swell buddies that are made, mail call, and being on your own are the things th2:t are appreciated the most lly the men. Believe it or not, an the boys like the chow here and. their impressions of Tyndall Field are best expressed. by Pfc. D. W. Bartholomew who thinks 'that "it's one of the best enlisted man's posts in the Air Force." To further quote Pfc. Bartholomew's "I _think that the Tyndall Target is a nne ennsted man' s newspaper. Also, the personnel of Tyndall is more for the enlisted man than any other field I h r,ve yet contacted. Could I but add to my Army record this item 'Graduate of Tyndall Field School' it would in my estimation be complete.'' That's a fine spirit, Don, and we know that you can't help being a super gunner with this attituqe. Cpl. Wayne R. W eber reflects the true American spirit wjth his following note: "I hav e the best Mom ahd Dad rJive. Also have a brother in the Army Air Forces. My pos't Army life has been nothing but pleasant experiences and I really think Army life will make a man out of you. I hope to live up to Squadron :If's ideals and make a gooq_ gunner, for this is one schooi i would give anything to make. My goal since1 enlistment in the Army has b .een, 'to be an Aerin:l Gunner_..:_ ln p art)ng, we wish to thanK Pfc. Bartholomew, Cpl. Webe, Pfc. Weeks, T ;Sgt. Tibbles, and Pfc. Kutel for t h eir co-operation in this column. Whit:e Flashes INSTRUCTORS' NOTES. Hi Folks:, we ca.ii this the 'From Time to Time' Column. (You will hear from us---'From Time to Time. ) Well lads and lassies we were. glad to hear that y'all enjoyed our opening brawl held at the 'Wreck' Hall recently. The bouquets are still comin g in and our backs are practically broken from takin' bows, but pour it onwe love it. Hear tell that the 25 or 30 Stalwarts that came over from 'Officer's Row' to pay us a 'short visit' and stayed for thedur ajion had a grand time. You're a ways welcome, Sirs. Now get ready for the grand surprise---that affair was just a little squeak compared to the great big noise you'll hear sometime during the last week of October. Yes, lads and lassies, the Instructors' Club of Tyndall. Field will hold their first Annual Halloween Costume Ball with a door prize 'for the best costum ed gal to be selected by the Entertainment Committee. So come on gals your thinking caps on, grip your scissors firmly in your right hand, get that gleam in your eye and start cut tin' (and I 'don't mean rugs, either). Don't forget folks, watch for the date and details in our next From Time to Time Column, The Flaming Bomb It appears that the Armament' Shop is a terrifically busy place since Lt. Robert T Birney took over the position of Armament Officer. The Ordnance sends the right man to school. Pfc. Joe Simon received the highest grades in the entire Machinists School while stationed at Camp Holabird, Md. Joe was offered an instructor' s job, but declined it. Asst. Mes Sgt., Pfc. Cirecllo asks the 64 cent question? What P v t .. with initials S C. eats eight frank& at one meal? What T / 3 makes an attempt to eat six meals eac h day? FILE 13-Sgt. D Little has been spe.nding his present spare time dreaming of a 30 d2:y farm furlough: instead of thinking about the women "Chowderhead" Dowd mentioned having won an official Brown Belt for proficiency in Ji-jit-su We understand a certain T / 5 whistled (accidently) at the girls while driving a truck. Does he know yet that an officer then (accidently) took his license number? . True lov e was shown when Hershoff postponed his furlough till he was positive 2-s to where HIS WAC is being stationed : 'l'tl.t!; COMICAL. PUN_:At a Kumor Room party Pvt. Brooks states Medicwoes A man of limited patience is this Cpl. Senkinc and if people continue to ask those silly questions when they already know the answer Max< is going to break a lot of ears. Such questions as: "Isn't themail in yet?" and "Do I have a package?" and "Will you let me know when it comes in?" are enough to try anyone's patience. After spending two frantic hours chasing a mouse around his room, Sgt. Luketich gave .up and went to bed. Upon waking he soon discovered that the little fellow had spent the night in bed with him. Is it getting as bad as this for the Medfcs ? One of our dispensary boys must be trying a new angle on the PC belles. He was seen jumping on the side of a very nice blue sports roadster-object: a blonde. We wonder how many Speedy gets that way. The. Medics movie house presented the regular Saturday morning horse opera this past week, but with more interest than usual. It was the first time we had seen that good looking music lover and lover, Romance, on the screen. Such a resemblance! Now we cn:n see why he is runner-up for best looking man at the Dental Clinic. Why is "Gene Raymond" sporting those fancy blue garters these days? When are some of you going to get into the Army? It is becoming a joke around here now that a certain few at last received disciplinary action 2:nd immediately feel as if they are being prosecuted. 'There were a few more out at inspection last time and those n eophytes were heard trying to tell the r egulars how things should be d one. We would still like to s e e the d a y that one certain man stands any formation. ......----. POST Sa tu rd ay ::iOMEUIIE TO REMEMBER, Mabel Paige, John Craven, Sun ; .on., 'DESTROYER,' Edward G. Robinson, Glenn Tuesday, 'ADVENTURES OF A ROOKIE, Wally Brown, Margaret Landry, Wed., Thur., 'BEST FOOT FORWARD, LucilJ e Ball, Virginia Wei.dler. Friday, 'THE FALLEN SPARROW, John Garfield, Maureen O'Hara R I Tl BANDINAGE: Pot b ellies and double chins are o nce mor e coming into t heir own, now' tha t we have on l y t hree days per week of P. T Yes, s i r this i s t h e boys' idea of Heaven, a n d now they feel tha t they will more t han m a k e up fo r the c hange by 'devoting t h eir s p a r e h ours (are you kidding?) to t erpisch oring. ZOUNDS! We regret very much that Cap-what supposedly happened to him tain Wiseman is leaving us and ex-on his third day in the Army. In the tend to him our best wishes, and f' t 1 h t d d Wl.sh htm the best of luck wherever. trs pace, wasn m a goo .moo Sun, Mon., 'WATai ON nm RHINE, because the uniform was either sev-Bette Davis, Paul Lucas, Room S i x, BQr rack s T wo, never has a dull moment; som ething new, something differ ent a lways going on a veritabl e t hree ring circus, continuous performance stop in_ and have f un. The INS'fR U CTORS' '::LUB is a detinit e morale builde r Any project w h i c h may enha nce the instructors morale o n e io t<:. i s a d efi n ite improvement over a n y previous condition. A young thing 'I'm very discouraged. Everything I do seems t o be WTong. Sgt. Runk : 'Is that right? What are you cbing Saturday n ight?' he goes. : era! sizes too large or he had shrunk. Tues. Wed, 'FIRST COMES CDUR AGE, Merle Oberon, Brian Aherne. Late Show Wednesday, 'GET GOING, Grace McDonald. We done it again by t aking the On this day Pvt. Brooks received a Cana:ries twenty-two points to their pass and went to the big city. He nine in the "I.nformation Tease" passed a n officer on the street withshow at the Rec Hall last Mondl'l:y out saluting because of not yet night. Congratulations to Sgt. Haar, knowing the regulations. This offi-Thu r., Fri., 'THANK YOUR LUCKY :Sgt. Kay, Cpl. Hardin, and Pfc. Seicer halted him and stn:ted, "Soldier, STARS, All ,Star.Cast, lfert, who did VP.ry well represe_nting don't you rec n th' 'f ?" og 1ze lS um orm Saturday, 'TIIUNDERING TRAIL, The the "White Flashes. "Babbling" Brooks replied, "What 3 Mesqui teers, We can thank the special service the h -are you kicking about. Late Show Saturday' KINGDOM for the new bulletin board recently L k h t th H "' oo w a ey gave me. e w fl FOR A COOK, Olarles Coburn. installed in our reading room. By reprimanded by having to salute making a habit of reading this officer 14 consecutive times. bulletin board we will be well in-In order to throw ripe tomatoes at formed o f the happenings of the day us, you will have to wait your turn and will have a clearer understandin line. ing of what we are fighting for. ---------We wonder who the two men are Then there's the about that vyho use tJ:le shower room in barracks dogfly that settled dawn on the Three to practic e on their guita rs-;. line one night and the men poured Could it be that the y got chase d of their room? .60 gallons of gas into it before _:_:Sgt. C. A .M.atz.''-they discovered it wssn' t a P-47. PAN AHA Sun Mon., 'HANGMEN ALSO_DIE, Brian Donlevy. Tuesday, 'LONDON BLACKOUT MUR DERS, Mary McLeod Wed., Thur., 'THUNDER BIRDS, Gene Tierney, John Fri., Sat,, 'SUNDOWN KID,' Don (Red) Barry.


Se. t .ember 25, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET u')f By BOB HAWK 1. Sffltlrurl ponies, J ersey cows and Canary birds are all named after what? 2. In what is the -prOcess known as deviling? 3. Why can you hea r a watch ticking farther when it is lying on a desk or table when it is suspended in the air by its chain? 4. You have hea.rrl of gumbo soup. What one vegetable rletermines whether or not a soup is !';unbo? 5. How many of these statements are true: {a) Women are eligible for a seat on the N.Y. Stock Ex change. (b) Women are eligible to serve as a justice of tre U. S. Supreme Court. YAHKW I Z ANSWERS 1. The Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland, Jersey Island in the English Channel, and the Canary Islanrls off the ocast of Africa. 2. Adding hot seasoning to a food. 3. Because the table acts as a sounding board and provides a so\.Rrl:-radiating surface. 4-Okra. Glllli>o is anotrer name for okra. 5. Both statements are true; women are eligible for both l)OSi tions. 6. A gathered flounce, or any fussy trimming on a wanan 1 s gar ment. 7. You should seoo it to her. 8. The Mediterranean Sea. 9. Yes, in llDst states. 10. The moisture in the kernel turns to steam and explodes the shell. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" 6. Yen know what tre worn. "fur" means ani also what the word "below" neans. Put the two together. Now, what does "furbelow" mean? SPECIAL ORDER. THAT HEREAFTER ALL MEN IN A GROUP OF 'THREE OR MORE ,SHALL MARCH IN FORMATION TO THEIR BUSINESS'' ON THIS FIELD. 7. If a friend of yoors married a girl you .have never met, should you send your wedding present to her, to him, or to both of them in order to follow the most ac cepted form of social usage? 8. The Sea is contained within what larger sea? 9. In tre United States, is it possible legally to adopt an adult? 10. What makes POP corn pop when it is heaterl? Don't tell about what a sw.eLl girl you've got, .Don't tell me how lovely she is. Don' t mention her charms as. she clings in your Erms, Nor the thrill she packs in a -kiss. Doo't teLl me haw lovely she is from her feet, To the crown of her sleek, golden head; Doo' t speak of the passion .tbat -lurks in her .eyes, Nor the sweetness of lips, ruby red. Don' t t-e.ll me how t .ender :and loving and kind, She is when you' ve turned oown the light. ])on' t :tell me -how gladly respons i v.e she .is, To your eve:ry touch and caress; Don'-t spoil i-t all, brother, for crying out 1 oud, Just tell me her nane and ;pdr;ess. ---The Ai-rman


Gunners of the Wef!k 0 PFC. PAT N McCLELLAN Squadron B A native of Gouldbusk, Tex ., the 23 year-old gunner graduu. fed: from the Mozelle High in Fiask. Tex. While there he earned two varsitylettere for his perfdrmance in the basketball courts. Enlisted in Nov., 1942 at Fort Sam Houston. Received basic at Goodfellow Field, and then < went to A.M. School. Worked on dad's cattle and sheep ranch after high school. Is undecided about future; says he may pull another "hitch" after the war is over. PVT. EUGENE A. ANDERSON Squadron D Was born-in Seattle, Wash .:, 21 years ago. As a civilian he worked with the North American Avia tion Co. as a p re-fl igh t instructor. Entered the AAF fn May. 1942. as an aviation cadet. GUNNER OF THE CLASS PFC. : WILLI AH T. CARROLL Squad ron A Completes gunnery tratning here. as Gunner of the Class after being selected as Gunner of the Week Sept. 4. Hails from Los Angeles, Calif.:., where he was graduated from the North High School. Has three years md eight months of service; Received basic AAF training at Clearwater. Fla. Was transferred to Chicago, Ill. for radio op erator and mechanic training. A/C BLASE W. LOKBAR Squadron E Is 24 years old and a native ofBrooklyn, N.Y., where his mother,. Completed one year at Compton Mrs. Mary Lombar. now lives. Junior College, Los Angeles. Cal., Entered the AAF March 10. i943. and the same at Wichita Univer-:prior to enlistme-nt he was em0 PFC. WILLIAM J ACTON Squadron C Enlisted in Jul:y. 1942 at Globe, Ariz. Home is in Winkleman. Ariz ., where he attended high school and played basebpll and Is 34 year s old., and w a s employed as a steam shovel oper ator to enlistment. Howeve r., h e spent most of life t rucks of one sort or another. Originally hoped to be a glider instruction was co.nt.inued at that and he was transferred to-Sheppard Field for A.M course and then to B 'uckley <111d Lowry for armament school i"nq. M/SGT. BOKER LEITH Squadron F" Was inducted into the servi c e through the National GuardJ which he joined in oct.. 1939. Hails from Glencoe. Oklah o ma. where he graduated from the high school. Played basketball and football for the school;s varsity. Was called to servic e sity. At Compton he was a member ployed as an artist by a New York Dec. 23J 19 .40 with t.he 35th In-of the team and rowed with the college crew. His parents are pres en t ly r esi_ding in Wichita. Kan. city lithography firm. 0 'fantry Divis-ion. Transferre d to AAF in Oct.:, i942., as an aviat i o n .ca_det.. Couldn t make the : grade in primary training cm.d was sent to Kees.ler Field. 0


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