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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 36 (October 2, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
October 2, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Page 2 THE TYNDALL T ARG El' f'tiBLISBIID ON SA11JRDAYS Fl THE SPECIAL SERVICE OFflCE FOR SCf(NEL OF THE AAF FLEXULE GUN NERY :9CBX1, CITI, FLA. Copy Prepared Under Supervision 0 f Pub 1 i c Re la t ion a 0 ff i c e r. C<-anding: Lt.Col. Jack L. Randolph Special Service Officer: C8pt. Owen 0. Freeman Public Relations Officer: Lt. Willi., B. Pratt Photographic Offi cer: Capt. J.A. Dick:rman l!ditorial Staff: S/Sgt. Arnold Milgaten, Sgt-. Saul Samiof, Sgt. Neil Pooser, Q>l. Barry Bardi,P fc. E. T Del byck Art Work : SjSgt. Frank Horn, Sgt. Goodman, SjSgt. Fred Slade. Photography & Reproduction: 111/Sgt. W. Busby, TjSgt.W. Cas,ie, TjSgt. J. Mitchell, SjSgt. F. OlurchiO, S'";Sgt. C. Neit.zert, Sgt. D. Levinson, Q>l. L. Shaw, SjSgt. J. Montgomery, SjSgt. R. Keough, SjSgt. J. Webster, Sgt. P. Terty, Sgt. J Yaraick, Cpl. E. Tackett, Pvt. W. Daniels, Pfc. H.. Crte. The Tyndall Target receives aaterial supplied by Caap Mews paper Service, War Dept., 205 E. 42nd St., MYC. Credited aaterlal aay not be republished without prior permission frna THE CLOTH OF LIBERTY The men were ill-clad and through their thin garments the wind bit savagely at blueing flesh. A r&g ged band of Americans, for the greater part in nondescript uniforms, this was the Continental Army in vi"inter camp on the Pennsylvania side ofthe Del aware; in the year of 1776. Many wore the blue and whites of the Regular Army,_ but deerskins and homespun grays were equally favored by the patriots. The British had_ aptly named them "those beggarly colonists," for on the eve of the battle of Trenton the spirits of the men and the very fortunes of the Continental Army were at their lowest ebb. But this first American army in the field was at tired in no ordinary uniform. It was of cloth cut from the pattern of liberty and no price was too high to pay for its wearing. Outnumbered and pitted against the greatness of the British front of battle, "those beggarly colonists" wrote the first page in American history and their pursuit of freeoom came to its appointed end at Yorktown, Va., Oct. 19, 1781. Today, with the British and other allies, we are fighting the stealthy invader in the dim jungles of Pacific islands and are braced jointly against the shock of swift-moving Mark IV's rumbling across the rocky terrain of Italy. Through all the trials of this present enterprise of Mars, our armies have been shoulder to shoulder in the fighting wherever it fell. The uniforms we wear are lent to us by all the miserable peoples of the earth. The weave is the same, differing but slightly in color and dates of delivery. The British accepted delivery soon after the invasion of Poland in 1939--ours were received Dec. 7, 1941, at Hawaii. cloth that has gone into the making is almost indestructible, cried over and bled,for, it came to us, the yet free. In its pockets has accumulated the historr of the times, and the dust of global war lies heavilf in its occurring folds. It is a history of the practised villainy of a few men on the many. A telling of the privation and great suffering that was visited on innocents. A history, terrible and incomplete as it ravels slowly to its end. Yet it has become our hope and the deep prayer of half a world that the day is not far distant which will see the end of all conflict. On that great day will the good and the God-fearing reinherit their whole acres of' peace. And fr.eed of the encumbrances of war, the cloth of liberty will hang in the closet of a man and his family. BACK THE A ACK e BLJY WAR BC;N DS Tnird War Loan In Re 1 i g ion--Courage The great leaders of the world have been religious Washington) Jefferson, Lincoln, and hosts of others were guided by their faith in and devotion t o religious things. Today we are engage::l. in the greatest trial known to mankind) embracing every habitable portion of the earth. All of our wealth) our resources) and our manpower are engaged in the destruction of a force with declared intentions to destroy religion. This crime cm1 not come to pass) and it is for this we have lifted the sword -of battle. We love freedom) liberty and the worship of Him who is the Author of Li'berty. These are the. rrosons for our engaging in this ghastly war. we have no hate for our enemies as men; we extend the doctrine of neighborly love to include even o_u.r enemies. We do make V>GrJ against our enemies1 present evil designs. The d estruct ion of the Church and of its serVilicts and every symbol of righteousnes&--these things we hate) and will n o t allow t o happen. In religion you wi 11 find such courage and guidance tha1 through these tragic years of war n o power c a n overcome oul purpose. We who profess religion must carry the moral respon sibility) like the tounders of ou r nation who also suffered through ye ars of bloodshed) to the end that our way of life) our choic& o f worship) and our right to freedom and liberty will prevail. CHAPEL SUNDAY 8:00 A.M ............... Mass 9:00 A.M Protestant sun day school 10:00 A.M Gunners Mass at Theater 10:00 A.M Protestant WorshiD Service 11:00 A.M Gunners Protestant Service at Thea ter 11:15 A.M ............... Mass 7:30 P.M Evening WorshlD MONDAY 5: 30 P.M ............ Mass TUESDAY 5:30 P.M ...... Hass 7:30 P.H F'ellowshio Club Morning Report --Rear Pdmira l George JJ. Weyler SERVICES WEDNESDAY 12:15 P.M ... Protestant Wor shiD Serv!ce 5:30 P.11 ...... 11ass 7:30 P.M .. Chotr Rehearsal THURSDAY 5:30 P.M ............... Mass FRIDAY 5:30 P M ............... Mass 7:30 P M Jewish Service SATURDAY 5:30 P. M ............... Mass 7:00P.M ........ confessions (Also t h e C ha D l ain wlll hear confessions a nytime he I s Dresent at the r.haDel) AWA!(DD TI-l SILV? 57:412, FOR VOLUNIEEI21NG 10 CROSS +-IOSTILf AR11LLERY FIRE TO BL-ASI AN E-NbMY MA C-HINE GUN N&T OUT OFACTION z:':?-:e..


) c _tober 2, 1943 DANCING, FLOOR SHOW, GAMES, AT GALA Gl PARTY MONDAY Junior Women's Club is Sponsor of Gigantic Affair at USO One of the IIDSt elaborate &>cia.l functions ever tendered to en listed servicemen stationed in /this vicinity will be staged M:m da.y evening at the Ha.rri son Averue Us:>. The affair is being sponsored by the Pa.n1111a. City .hmior \'klmen1s Club, a.rxl through the cooperation of the.loca.l USO, the dance hall will be arranged in "cabaret style" with candles lighting individual tables. All servicemen, Army, Navy, Coast Guard a.nd Marines, are COI'rlia.lly invited a.nd asked to bring a. guest. Dress will be either fonnal or infonnal. Music will be fUrnished by Tyn dall' s smooth playing dance band, with a. floor show 101 games romd ing out the entertainment. Also, it is planned to serve light re freshments. S/Sgt. Steve U.bby and Pte. Bob Paquin will share the M. C. duties for the dance and which begins at 8:00P.M. Monday, October 4. JEWISH SERVICEMEN OBSERVE HOLY DAYS HERE Tyndall's Jewish enlisted and commissioned personnel began the observance of th'eir holy days last Wednesday evening, which marked the beginning of Rosh Hashono or New Year. / Traditionally, this day commem orates the day of creation, but in the bible it is called the Day of Remembrance. Rosh Ha.shono ini tia.tes the period lm:>wn as the Days of Penitence which cul nina.te in Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement. To the Jewish enlisted men and officers of Tyndall Field, Col. Lei a.nd S. Stra.nat han,. post com mander, extended the following message: "During these ten days, .Jews in the na.ticn' s anned forces, scattered throughout the world, are observing the sacred holidays with prayers. We know that included. in these prayers are supplications for victory, lasting peace, and the preservation of American ideals. All of us here,-rega.rdless of fa.i th, join in these prayers. T/F RADIO GROUP OFFERS ORIGINAL PLAY The Tyndall Field Radio PI a.y house will offer an original ro mantic comedy drama. "The Snows of Yesteryear," on their usual th1 rty-minute perforlll!.nce at 7: 30 over WDIP. The. pfa.y was written by Pfc. Charles Dunn, a. member of the 348th Squadron at Tyndall Field. Before his induction, Pfc. Dunn wrote pro.fessionally .for various New Engl. arid radio s ta. tions, and wrote several episodes in the CBS drama. Amanda. of Honeyi!Don Hill. 11 !tis Pfc. Dwm's first offering over the local st a.tion. THE TYNDALL TARGET STARS AND AUTHOR OF AER BENEFIT SHOW Joan Leslie Lt. Ronald Reagan Irving Berlin "THIS IS THE ARMY" TO OPEN AT RITZ THEATER NEXT MONDAY; FIRST NIGHT PROCEEDS GO TO AER Panama. Citia.ns will have an opportunity to see Irving Berlin's great movie, "This is the Army, October 11 and at the sane time help the families of men in the service by contributing to the Anny Emergency Relief FUnd. The entire proceeds from the sale of tickets for the initial showing of Warner Brothers' tech nicolor version of the ruccessful s play will go to the AER FUnd a t Tyndall Field. All first night ducats will be priced at $1.1o. All tickets for the Panama City showing will b e solei in advance during a. next week. The Young Womens' club of Panama Ci .ty is in charge of the sale of tick ets and will use army jeeps dur ing the campai' gn of street sell ing. The R1 tz theater is donat ing the entire house for the show and Manager Bud Davis is cooperPa e 3 GEN. ARNOLD TELLS NEWSMEN AAF IS ON SCHEDULE General Henry H. Amolc:l, chief of the AAF, recently returned from where he outlined for newsmen there a Table." "First," said the A.AFchief, "supremacy in the a.i r., and then a crushing invasion by larxl a.rxl sea ... So far, we're on sctedule." Early this I!Dnth, the air general dropped a hint to AOOlph and Hirohito that the new secret bomb ers of the AAF would rlwarf the modem F1ying Fbrtresses. These new secret gigantic bomb ers, according to General Aroold, will spearhead the invasion attack on Western Europe. The new bombers will be equipped with more and heavier guns. Their bomb load will be equivalent to twice that of the modem Flying Fortress. In concluding his corrrnen ts on the new bombers, the AAF chief said, "They will be availabtl e when and where needed. NEW ASSIGNMENTS ANNOUNCED __ FOR FIVE T/F OFFICERS The Anny Emer gency Relief is an SUNDAY Changes of assigrunent of sev-organization for the l:ienefit of 10=30 A.M. -Track Meet at the eral Tyndall Field officers were soldiers and d.tring the p ast year Post Athletic Field. annotmeed this week. a.lmo s t $250, 000 was lo anerl to 12 : 45 p M. Mus i ca 1 According to the announcement, service men in the Fburth Servlce Hour at Post Theater. Rec ording W/0 MissLt. Col. Jack L Randolph, fonner Command, of which Tyndall Field a l com e ntator. director of training, has been is a. part. MONDAY given cluties as director of supply Officers wishing to make reser-1 2 : 30 P M. -Squadron A&R Re and maintenance. He will be va.tions for tl!e show are requested presentatives Meet.ing at Athletic Office. ceeded by Lt. Col. William Eades, to ootify_ Lt. W.B. Pratt, Public fonner assistant director. Relations Officer, at 3137. A 7:00P.M. Movies at Station Other assignments placed Major special section of the theater Hospital. William p, Kevan, fonner air in-Will be reserved fbr officers, 8 :00P.M. Reg\.llar Information spector, as assistant director of 1----------------1 Tease Contest at Rec Hall. Wacs training; Ma..Jor Thomas B. Fowler OUR FRONT COVfR vs. 9J7th GM. bec1111e supervisor of supply, Major 8 :00P.M. Service men's dance Our front cover this weeK is an at the uso Club. John C. Larson became air in-interior shot of the book room spector and Captain Einmett F. and reading room of the_ newly re Singleton is officer in charge of novated Tyndall Field Library. troop-physical training. Interior decorations for the BLUE BORDER NEW CHANGE IN U.S. INSIGNIA The War Department recently ordered another change in u. S aircraft insignia.. The order required simply that the red border be changed to a. blue one. The present insignia. was adopted several months ago when it was found that the former star in 'signia. was often coiU'userl at a. distance with those of enemy a.il' cra.ft. The latest change wa.s ordered after reports from comb a. t a.rea.s revealed that the reel of the present insignia. is still difficult to distinguish from the orange of Japan's rising sun symbol. [OCAL LAUNDRY TO SPONSOR WDLP SERIES BROADCAST The Domestic Laundry or Pana ma City will the W DLP broadca.s t, b egin ning with the rirst game on Tuesday, O ctober 5. The .laundry anq.radio management have requested that Tyndall rerrain rro m ror score s or to extend thanks ror the broadcast as the too-rrequent tie-UD or lines lnterreres with business cans. 1 ibrary were done entirely by Pvt. Robert A. Chapman, Jr., of the Post Photo Section, who In civil life did display decorating for the Springfield, Mass., firm of Forbes Wall ace Inc. There are at present 6000 books on the shelves and more than twenty different types of popular and technical magazines, all of them available to the field1. s military personnel. For the serious reader there are numerous books on technical subjects, biographies and the classics, also the latest in .choice current fiction and non fiction. The affairs of the 1 ibrary are supervised by Lt. Donald G. Moore, post library officer, and are ably handled by Chief Librarian Sgt. John Chapman and his staff of three assistants, Pvt. Vernon L. Scott, Wac Pvt. Jeannette Lynch and Sgt. Warren Elder, who to date have issued 1 i brary cards "to 750 readers. The reading room, in which smoking is permitted, is always well filled, and the 750 registered borrowers represent buta small part of the many who use the fa ell ities of the library with such evident enjoyment. The picture was taken by Sgt. Dan Levinson. 8 : 30 P.M. Movies at Receiving Squadron. TIJESDAY 5:30P.M. -Regularly scheduled volley ball games. 8:00 P.M. Weekly Dance at USO, T/F Band broadcast over WDIP. 8:00 P.M. Movies at Colored Rec Hall. WEDNESDAY 12:30 P.M. Special Service Non Com Meeting at Post Library. 7:00 P.M. Weekly Variety Show a t Receiving Pool. 7 :30 P.M. WDLP br.oadcast of T yndall n ews. 8:30P.M.Radio broadcast over WDIP. T / F Radio Playhouse. TiiURSDAY 6:30 P.M Radio Workshop period. 7 : 0 0 P. M. -Mo vi e s at S t a t ion Hos pital. 8:00P. M -Regular weekly GI dance at Rec Hall. T/F Band broadcast over WDLP. 8:00 P .M. -Regular weekly color ed GI dance at Colored Rec Hall. 8:30 P.M. Movies at Receiving Squadron. FRIDAY 5 :30 P.M. -Regularly scheduled volley ball games. 7:30P.M. -Boxing bouts at Receiving Pool. 8 :00P.M. -Movies at Colored Rec Hall. SATIJRDAY 7:00 P,M, -Movies at Station Hospital. 8:30P.M. Movies at Rece iving Squadron.


QUESTION: WHAl PHASE OF YOUR AERIAL GUNNERY TRAINING DID YOU F1ND MOST INTERESTING? (ASKED OF GUNNERY STUDENTS IN THEIR LAST WEEK OF TRAINING). -----------Intervlewa and Photoa B7 SGT. DAN UVI HSON P10. SAL VA fORI S. ALIIA; B.,.oolttyn, 1.1. ,BcwUing and shooting the It g.,.eaUy iP.,.oved the coonHnation between ay ina and ""ctes., (JPL. J.LBKRr J, IOYAK; K.I. t.,.aining on the oving base .,.anges. Jle teamed speed in handHng the guns and quit:k, harll, sighHng. /Jf ---F'Vf. RHIIOID AHIIR!i 1. 1. "I tilled wo1'k with aohine tuns best. If I' going to shoot I want to know unat aJ.es th 811 ti ell. OFL. JOB'I 1. BRACCI010Rf!l; Plants-Oonn.-"Ai.,.-to-ai.,.fi.,.ing. Shooting from a plane in the air gives us possibte in firing at oving targets,, 3Gf. ROBIRf S. NA1ER; ftushing, 1.1. "fhe thing which e 110st ll.US the instruction re ce i ved on .ach ine guns f he expLanations were thorough and ea.sily understood because the in#troctors knew thei.,. subject .n." THE TYNDALL TARGET As I P. f. c. IT NOW AND FOREVER The feuhrer' s followers are no 1 onge r in a Fbggi a fr001 now on the_y can clearly see their ul timate defeat. The old adage of 'see Naples and die' is being fa! th:f'Ully adhered to by Nazi soldiers .tn Italy. Slight 8Ssistance is rendered by the Allied gromd hoppers who come in fast for the kill. It is feared that fur the Gennam., 'see Naples and die' will no longer serve. The angry mouths of our cannon have coined a new Italy and die. Twenty-nine troop barges filled with the loathsome little brothers or Banzai went down to Tojo1s cabinet, (the Jap version or Davy Jones locker) earlier thi-s week. The sinking took place in !ull sight or Wewak the enemy shipping and air base on New Guinea. To complete bag !or the day, our raiders destroyed 50 planes on Wewak1s runways and knocked 14 others out or the sky. Since there such word as surrender in the dulling lexicon or the Japanese armies in the South Pacl!ic, we hope the celestial one will give nis judo-lads a break and make hara-kiri (at present the privilege or the high born), availgole to all the mon key-men regardless or caste, Hitler's greedy fingers are slowly being withdrawn from the cherry barrel of Dalmatia. 'ltiAre is no craci: in the lines holding fi nnl.y at Split for the Nazi vel'min to crawl through and the Ger-. mans are fai.rly Fitunmg at the1 r inability to clear !ilsa.k of Yugo slav guerillas. Patriots, tBO,cked down a ceuple of trees, overturned and rolled up on an apartment house porch. When onlookers arrived they found Williams sitting in the driver's seat-unhurt. Minneapolis (CNS)-Mrs. Fred Kidd caught her hand in a mangle in the cellar of her home and re mained a prisoner of the machine for several hours. Her hoots for as sistance finally brought the aid of Ed Ellenburg, a passerby, who freed her.


0 c .tober 2, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Pa e 5 /l0-6-:L ... Saludos, Amigos ... Welc001e to the third in a series of 'Iyndall Tech Topics. ... Question or the week: Why i:> 3138 perenniallybusy? ... We tried that number 12 'em) time. before Lt. Lasker finally answered. .. Hats orr or the week go to Cpl. Jerry Long ... He left on an ener gency rurlough SUnday: his wire is now a momma TfSgt. Waddell, rr'yndall old-timer, was p. starr ror 17 months ... so take heart, chums. John R. Ouecier returned !rom leave and round himself a r1rst looie ... He's back on the ball at 05 Area 2 Friends or the field: the Misses Hermina Miller and Marie Rogers Theyre ever-presentat the GI dances. Ex-Tyndallite A/C' s John Aldridge and HBDI Hamil ton wr1 te fr001 Et9. ldne College that they're knocking themselves rut with math, physics, et al;,,They were staffs when they left here for A/C training 300th got ping pong table from. Special Services as reward for the most original orientation bulletin board, hats off to yO!), fellers Sgt; Gil McCrary, Intelligence Office, has lost his 1931 tOOlel. Parker pen. .. It's green with gold trim: reward offered for the return Mrs. Dick (PT) Morris wants to start a Carolina club for GI' s and wives from North and South C Call Dick at 3257 if itrteres ted. TYNDALLETTINGS QUARTERMASTER Bells! Capt. Gundlach's lOS$ and Property's ga1n. Con gratulations, Hope! Oct. 3rd, and Miss McClellan sees NliY Orleans. Night life there should be wonderrul. Erline Miss Murphy, let us in on it. Why do the Dothan boys make a Bee Line !or Panama City these days? More power to ye Miss Fleming a visitor. Always good to see ole pals eh, Mabel? The QM girls wish Mrs. Hartsfield a speedy recovery and raturn Miss Montgomery must have someone on the string. Her hair-do nowa days is very becoming. Catherine, there is a war on. Let us not delay the orricers Miss Dykes, how ab-out a ride 1n a Lincoln Zephyr? CIVILIAN PERSONNEL Congratulations t o Major McCUllougtJ on his recent promotion. All -or his employes were pleasantly surprised along with the Major upon his return. rr:-om leave, to see the new gold lear shining on his collar seems as tho one or our Rebel Girls has turned n-Yankee;" she le rt ror the Yankee coun try two hours arter her leave began. Note: She is a P. c. girl. We wonder what would happen to Pee Wee 1! she dtdn t receive her observations: contralto is a low sort or music Which daily letter rrom New Mexico A certain girl (her initials Mary Ann) only ladies sing An active shows action, and a passive verb shows passion A virgin rarest ts a rarest 1n which the hand or man has never set root. i Pfc. Larry Mangum flew to Atlanta last weekend for Ga. Tech parolina game and came home weeping Al Nelson, topkick of a student squadron, paying off his men at 12:01 A.M. He gets no time and a half for overtime. Bob MUrphY, Mess master sergeant, leaves !or Mississippi next week with baby Bob and Vir-gie. He was sweating out the measles last week. Inseparables: Sgt. Ed Pullman and Pre: Bob Paquin. You never see one but see both Congratulations t0 Cpl. Lawrence Stein, Post Band, ror his swell emcee job on the Tuesday night uso broadcasts He's handy with a sexaphone too Pistol-Packin'" Cotton Tabor is still sweating out his CDD Time marches on, as the barrel chested lad works o n anci ever on 1st; Sgt. Johnnie Heidema back !rom rur-. laughing with his new bride Wynelle Glad te be back, he lies. Every soldier likes to see a broad smile, es-pecially if she smiles at him Seen on the rear of a: honeymoon sedan: "Till. araft do us states that. she will not change any more names in our or!ice until hers is changed We wonder who does the cooking in the curry Family when Hilda's hUsband is on K. P. ? Civilian Personnel's Crooning Edwards" was recently succeeded by Glamour Boy Mike, rrom Pailly, (we wonder 1! it is as wonde.r!J.!l as he claims) Ir the boys their laundry on time they can give their thanks to Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Cannack and Miss Nelson, ror their patient. and diligent errort to obtain additional emplOYes ror the QMC latmdry In recent days a new glamour gal has been ra-born -Miss Martha Wilson. Thanks to Crooning Mike. One or the girls in the ornce is. very lonely inasmuch as her husband le rt on DS ror a man th; incidentally he is on DS in their home town we wonder when Pistol Pack1n' Mama Merle is going to lay that pistol down she is usually gunning !or someone. FLASH: Have you heard the one about the cannibal that passed his brother in the woods? DEPT. OF TRAINING She was working her way through college selling subscrip TfSgt. Flesnman has gotten back into the old routine after a short tions to the Saturday Evening Post but all the boys wanted to take visit with his parents (or was it his parents?) !rom Virginia. It Liberties. has been whispered around thax he didn't get "hitched" as he had A newcomer at Tyndall is a Major, yet he never rates a salute...... originally plannea. (The D T. girls were really sweatin' him out.) He is Major Junior Jones, a pvt. in the 30th Free show and eats at It is being rumored that Mary Garrett has been getting long disUSO Monday night ... Dance follows bingo game and floor show With PC. tance calls !rom Washington, D.C. in the wee hours or the night---;;.gi;.,.r_l_s_. ___________________________ -t could it be that her Tyndall SfSgt. is losing out? Why such late :hours Mary Katherine? HAKING BOND BUYING IRRESISTABLE The girls of the Civil ian Personnel Section leave nothing to chance .when it involves the purchase of War Bonds. Above, is Mr. T.B. Fuller of the Quartermaster Office, receiving another of the valuable tickets to victory. Mr. Fuller is one of the field's most freque'n't bond buyer.s. Handing hi m his bond is Montez Graves, while waiting in line behind her to tak-e care of additional bond sales are Polly Mclain, Anita Sorrentino; Lillian Greenwald and Marguerite Williams. Martelle Mears can't be kept awake these days,. or nights rathernot even when she goes to a m ovie with P Frenchman. What's wrong, Martelle? Wonder why Rheba Nichols has suddenly developed an interest in GI dances. The explanation might be a certain Sgt., whose initials are W.R. Are we right, Jinx? ... back Sgt. Woodwardwe sin cerely hope that your mother'will be better soon It seems that Cecil Gaugh has a new heart-throb. Is it a gadget, CeQil? We don't need to ask Jean Pitts i! she enjoyed her trip to Ohio. Take one glance at the pounds she put on and you'll know the tr1p with her. HEADQUARTERS We've heard a lot about Honeymoon Lane and read someLhlng aoouL West Point's Flirtation Walk. But we venture t-o s ay neither does any more !or matrimony than our coke box (Sgt. Milgaten's !ireleS. cooker) ... There's more romance goes e11 around that dispenser than on most moonlit. beaches Speaking or roman ce, Jean Anderson of Col. Stran athans orrice and Lt. Don Hill conrerred wlth the Bay County Judge about a 'Dermlt recently ... And Gwyn Spen cer and TfSgt. Fred Gilmore have selected November 1 as the merger date. Nelvin Allstadt, of Memphis, Tenn. and New Orleans, has replaced :0Smi t cy 1n CoL Hyndman's orr lee ... Nell Carr, who represents the :Nashyllle C hamber or Commerc e in much or her conversation, is the 'new hired hand ln the PRO. Her husband Is SfSgt. Ed Carr, or the .post photographic department. The Tyndall Field Band helped Port St. Joe c i tia ens go well over their bond quota at a rally this week. .. Lila Childs or the SUb-Depot spent some time In t he message center this week learning the set-up so's she could apply metho d s t o the center across the highway Sgt. Saul Sam lor and Cpl. Joe F'ranza were a couple or wolves on the loose in Sou t h Alabama last week-end. The latest latr!ne-o-gram reports the GI's shi!t to hprse blanket pants and sholts come Nov. 1 ... Lt. Burgess is .back rrom leave and Major Morse is orr on same.


p 6 NEWS Squadron F Sgt. Williams and Winters are now enjoyi11g themselvt;s back in, good old New England states, mainly Massachusetts and Rhode Island, respectively. Williams must be having plenty of fish, as he comes from. the fishing town called Gloucester. Rhode is noted for ale, so I guess that Sgt. Wintel'l:l is not going dry by a long shot. Lt. Justice, Flight Instructor, a hurried call to get back to New York as fast as possible. We it's a boy, and that the Mrs. is getting along swelL How about those cigars, Lt.? Cpl. Alfred LaChance has left the Squadron ::.gain ; man, of man, do we have to say good luck to you again,_ AI, or will you do the usual stunt.. and be back .\ith again 7 In all' sincerity we: are all rooting for yo_ u THE FROM E-E-l:t:


October 2, 1943 Brown Bombers Last week was quilt: a busy week for members of the squadron. On the 20th the members of the new Glee Club m e t for thei r usual weekly rehearsal under the direction of Mrs. Frankie Perry, and on the 22nd they went over to entertain the gunners at Skunk Hollow where they were well received. It seems that this column for the past few weeks. has dwelt exclusively with doings at the Rec Hall or in the P T. area, but it is almost im./ possible to say in expressing our appreciation to the Special. Ser vice Office and others interested. The Rec HrJl is one place on the field that really get.s a play, and Sgt. A. P Barry, of the Physical Training Department, has transformed the area with athletic facilities. On the 23rd, the old juke box again furnished the music for the weekly U S. 0 <;lance, and 6o-"count' em" -60 Service Queens were the visiting guests and E big help in making the affair a success. These dances have been unusually popular for the past th::ee and a half weeks during which the squadron was restricted: The restriction has just been lifted as this is written, and perhaps in the future we will have more news of 1doings in the great metropolis to the west. 1 G. I movies were the order of the .J evening on the 24th, with "SnC>fu" Hall. On the follow-. mg evenmg, Saturday, Sgt. Barry was glad to welcome mo::e than half of the outfit to the new boxing ring, volley ball and badmintin courts, horseshoe pits and basketball surface. Two baseball teams sc,ndwich ed in a game on the diamond between games of touch football. The date is still uncertain, but a formal boxing match during the coming week is to be attempted. PURELY PERSONAL PIFFLE: Wonder why Cogdell was chased out of Barracks No. 3? Could it be that the new "git-tr:r" he brought back from furlough isn't bringing him the social success he hoped for? -Cpl. Arthur E. Williams. Bluebirds THE TYNDALL TARGET Tyndall's Colored Drivers Say: 11SIZZLING SEPIA STAR IS SOLID SENDER!" Lena Horne Colored drivers on duty the Post Motor P6ol are really sweating .out the next black-out. Last week, at one of the regular Instruction periods of the Post Motor School, they chose Miss Lena Horne, curvaceous starlet of "Stormy Weather" and "Cabin In the Sky," as "THE GiRL WE'D LIKE MOST TO DRIVE WITH IN A BLACKOUT!" The nomination was made by Pfc. Mose Robinson, 965th QM, and election was unanimously approved by the more than 150 men. The luscious Lena was last seen on Tyndall Field with Rochester and Ethel Waters in "Cabin In the Sky," almost sur passing her performance In the exceedingly popular "Stormy Weather"'which she made after smash hit upon smash hit in After convaleseing n:pproximately s roadway nIght C 1 u bs. twoweeksintheStationHospital,I It is planned by the men to send Miss Horne a telegram ad certainly feel great being back in :vising her of the honor as soon after payday as possible, with the flock once again. My hat is off the hope, of course, that she will acknowledge It with at to the entire personnel of Ward Six. least an autographed photo for the Colored Rec Hal.l. During my stay in the hospital, I t---------------""""''------------------1 noticed the frequent visits of Cpl.. Davis to Ward Four. Generally speaking, Ward Four hospitalizes those visited by the stork. Investi-: gating still further, I find the ln:dy in question none other than the little lady who whittles forms of all kinds from various types of alumi num alloys. in the Sheet Metal Department, of the Sub-Depot. M /Sgts. Wooten and Gainey just returned from what the Army would normally call routine furloughs. To these two lucky fellows, it was call) d honeymooning for two. Last week-end, history repeated itself when the entire squadron J1:iled to pass Saturday's inspection, and were restricted to the iimits of the reservation. This occurred previously, while the same organization was stationed over at Eglin Field, Fla. What member of the organization tried softening the Commanding Of ficer and lst;Sgt. with a box of cig:1rs apiece before requesting a five day extention on furlough? Did you make the grade, old boy ? We regret to announce the departure of Lt. Edelman, who was relieved of this command and transferred to the 350th FGTS. Lots of luck on your new assignment, Lt.! The Flaming Bomb Stick out those hairy chests, you world's greatest WAC. ... Cpl. Ordnance men. This time it con-Yannontuono asks this question: "Is cerns the winning of the Softball the electric chair used for capital Leo..gue Trophy. 'l'he award was pre-punishment in Florida?" Cpl. Donsented to the team's captain, Sgt. nelly replies: "Impossible! Where in Cappiello on Thursday night at the Florida would they get the electricRec. Hall. It' s interesting to note ily, and from where would they pro-that our team won every game. cure a .chair?" ORDINALITIES IN THE NEWS Good luck to Pfc. Greenleaf, who -We have am:ong us a soldier who p-r,s.sed his Cadet" Board exam this last year shipped out from our com'week. Paul asks this question: pany to Ft. Myers and then across "What is done to guardhouse prisonthe "lake." Sgt. Mintchell Wilson ers refusing to wo;k ?" The answer has.seen service in North Afric1: Af-can easily be discovered by experi ter being seriously wounded, he was mentation. ._._. sent back to the states. Fo)lowing a RUMOR ROOM RUMORS. : Miss rest, he returned last week to his old Jean Huddleston's recent visit to the Alma Mater-the Ordnance .... We Ap1munition Section has caused unde;stand Pfc. Wick is seriously scores cif GI necks. to stretch ana planning to be a ski trooper. There's eye1; to -bufdge .... Sirice Blanken a red blooded man' (Attention Red ship's return from furlcnlgh the w:ire. Cross Blood Bank!) house is again the same old place: pue to some unknown reason,Cpl. noisy!' (We're only kidding Blank Burnett is planning to write a book old chap) ... While typing out thi entitl,.ed "How To Go Crazy in One coll.imn, it came hot off .the telephon Easy Lesson." .. Pfc. Red Cl2.rk, wiles that sgt. Smith' s wife gave the grapevine states, is an AVID: birth to a 9 pound, 13 ounce girl, reader of .''rustic" fiction. He be-Congratulations,a nd don't fo r get us lieves that Joan :of Arc was the when see gars are being h anded out. Gunner Makers FOL DEROL: S ;Sgt. VanKuren r eturned .from his furlough sans the Ponti[ .: DeLuxe, popularly known as the WAC wagon, but looking .the picture of saluOriousness ... s ;sgt. W. A. Brown has just returned from Fort Myers to the Psychological Research Dept., and is oralling the wo

I THE TYNDALL T FROM THE SATURDAY EVENING POST WHAT I AM FIGHTING FOR By SGT. THOMAS N. PAPJ"-IAS I AM fighting for that big white house with the bright green roof and the big front lawn, the house that I lived in before Hitler and the Japanese came into my life. I am .fighting for those two big sycamore trees out there on the lawn where my brother and I spent so many happy and never hours. I am fighting for that little sister of mine, the one in the eighth grade, the one who shed so many tears when her brothers went marching off to war. I am fighting for those two gray-haired grownups who live in that house right now. Those two hard-working and intelligent people who planned the lives of those two boys who went marching off to war. Those two people who fought so hard to give those boys a good education, to keep them well clothed, well fed and clean of body and mind. I am fighting for that big stone church wit}]. its tall, stained-glass windows, its big organ with the magnificent tone, its choir, its people who were always so glad to see us. That big stone church with its great principles and ideals, its irreplaceable position in the community, its educational program for the young, its living testimony to the Creator of us all. I am fighting for that big brick schoolhouse, that fine old college with all its tradition and its ivycovered walls, that nice little roadster I used to have, my room at home with all the books, that radio in the living room, that phonograph with all its records, that piano, that tennis court back of the house, and that little black cocker spaniel with his big bright eyes and his funny walk. I am fighting for my home aq.d your home, my town and your town. I am fighting for New York and Chicago and Los Angeles and Greensboro and Sgt. Thomas N. Pappas Hickory Flat and Junction City. And, above all, I am fighting for Washington. I am fighting for those two houses of Congress, for that dignified and magnificent Supreme Court, for that President who has led us so brilliantly through these trying years and for the man who succeeds him. I am fighting for everything that America stands for. I am fighting for the rights of the poor and the rights of the rich. I am fighting for the right of the American people to choose their own leaders, to live their own lives, to pursue their own careers, to save their money if they like or to spend their money if they like. I am fighting for that girl with the large brown eyes and the reddish tinge in her hair, that girl who is away at college right now, preparing herself for her part in the future of America and Chris:. tianity. I ani fighting for that freedom that so few of us seemed to realize we had before the war struck at us. I am fighting for that American belief in equality, in justice and in an Almighty God. These are the things I am fighting for, and there are millions more in the Army fighting for them, too, and back on the home front the rest of the millions are buying the Bonds to help pay for the weapons of war and working day and night on the production lines to produce the weapons of war. We cannot lose About the Author Twenty-six-year-old Sgt. Thomas N. Pappas, of the Armored Force, is now Officer Candidate Pappas, and well embarked on a three months' course for a second lieutenancy. Inducted into the Army on Match 11, 1942, he was designated for officer training last May twenty-third, after advancing step by step through the ranks of corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant and first sergeant. The "big white house with the bright green roof" to which he refers in this essay is in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was born and where he has spent almost all his peacetime life. There still live his parents and three sisters; a younger brother is a corporal in the field artillery. One digression: after three years at Southwestern College, in Memphis, during which he played football and worked as a part-time reP-orter on the Memphis Commercial Appeal, he went to California for a couple of years to try his luck as a movie extra. His father, who came to this country from Greece in 1907, is a restaurant owner in Memphis. At the time that the Army called him, Thomas Pappas was back in Memphis, managing a res-taurant himself. Furnished by Special Service jar use on Orientation Buliatin Boards


October 2, 19ll-3 ... Of Gl lnt:erest: THE ONCE OVER Bv H. I. Phillips THE (After studying a newspaper photo of a Pacific beach after a battle), Dead on a steaming beachhead, Face In the sodden sand--Deaa tor the folks forgetful In light-hearted land! lf1Get me a series ticket!" "Who do ya think' 11 win?" ... what do you 1 ike at Belmont?") Hark to the playboys' din! There by the battered barges, Rigid and prone and done; Paying the last full measure There in the tropic sun; ("What is a real hotglrl-show?" "Where wi 11 we eat tonight?" "Let's get a ringside table"} God, do we hear aright! Facing the foe as always, Gun in his stiffened hand; Joining the dead who save us Back where the going's grand "Hurry! I got the double!" .. "Sl ip me a real good thing!" .. r know a swell "new nightclub" .. Is it of this I sing? Dead with a buddy near him, Each 1 ike a rump 1 ed sack; There with our bravest youngsters Fate not sending back; ("Hey, do ya play gin-rummy?" ... "Waiter, a good thick steak!" .. Where can we go this weekend?" ) Cut it, for pity's sake! Lad on the beach at daybreak, Killed in the first attack, Washed by the tide now ebbing, Crumpled beside his pack ree, ain't these taxes orful?" ... "Look what I gotta pay!" "Cripes, how they take my money!" ... Can it be this they say! Blood in a ghastly trickle, Soiling the sands so white There where a boy 1 ies 1 ifeless After the slashing fight ("How can I take more war bonds? "Ain't I done all I can?" "Gee but a guy's no goldmine!" ... ) Strange is the breed called man! THE. TYNDALL Army Rev.eals Secret Weapon (Mat 57 325) Bazooka is the slang name for this weapon which has proved so deadly against enemy tanks and which has been classified "se cret" until recently. Its Gl name is Launcher, Rocket, AT, M-1. It's something right out of "Buck Rogers:' It shoots a projectile which lvoks like the regular comic strip version of a rocket with fins and stream lined designed. Ordinarily two men operate the weapon. One holds it Signal Corp Photo while the other loads it. One man alone can do a lot of damage with it however. The weapon shoots a big spurt of flame out its. tail end. The guy who holds. it feels practi "nlly no kick at all. CANARIES' "WAR ROOH" GETS SPECIAL SERVICES' COHHENDATION A spot-check by the Special Service Officer of orientation bulletin boards one week after their installation revealed that many organizations are excellent job in keeping their boards filled with timely material. However, for this first inspection went to the Canaries, who not only had an outstandtng dtsplay on their regular board, but improvised several others upon whicb they have posted maps of the various war theaters, sho.wing the day-by-day progress of the !llled forces. their initiative and imagination, the Canaries received a new ping-pong table for thetr game room. ) In the picture above, inspecting the unusual "war room," are (left to right, Sgt Joseph Fitzpatrick, squadron Special Service representative; Joseph Twitchell; Captain Sam Canzoneri, C.O.; and Lt. Israel Edelman, squadron adJutant.


THE TYNDALL TARGET NATIONAL FIRE PREVENTION WEEK UNCOVERS SCORCHING CAMERA SHOTS 'lE/GFELD GAL' TURNS 'PISTOL PACK!N' HAHA' Marilyn Hightower, specialty dancer currently appearing the New York stage hit "Zelgfeld Girl," paid Tyndall Field a visit last week and 1 lterally left scorched earth in her foot-steps. Visiting her cousin, Jean Bush of the Sub-Depot Maintenance Department, lovely Marilyn created quite a fire hazard on her brief tour around the field. T/Sgt. Johnny Mitchell was the lucky guy of the Post Photo Section who drew the assignment to click the shutter on the Zelgfeld gal's photogenic face and phigure. Above, the starlet of the Wintergarden musical is pictured on one of the skeet ranges. (Rumor has it that immediately after the'pic was snapped, the gun-barrel melted. Odd, these malfunctions.) To the right, the 20-year old Pensacola lass is adding "zoomph" to an AT-6. No mere hearsay is the item that camera-man Mitchell had to be steadied after shooting the pose. P.S. fellas, she's single! NATIONAL FIRE PREVENTION WEEK October 3rd to 9th DON'T CREATE FIRE HAZARDS I KNOW "FIRST AID" FIRE COMBATING METHODSI LEARN HOW TO REPORT FIRES! This is the first of a series of "Firefacts" which will be published in the Target. Methods of combating and reporting fires will appear in future issues. WATCH FOR THEM! In Case of Fire Dial 17 or Use Nearest Alarm Box Report Fire Hazards To Fl re Marshall 2129 --AND ADDS 'LIFT' TO AT-6 IS THAT 'VICTORY' IN HER GRASP? Do you have an idea that will help bring victory closer? If you have, we might be able to arrange an appointment with June for you. June is the golden-haired gal above of Civilain Per sonnel, who is assisting Lillian Steele in handling the "Ideas for Victory" campaign here at Tyndall Field. The "Ideas for Victory" program is under the sponsorship of the War Department and the irizes of $5 to $250 can be awarded only to civilian war workers employed by the War D9partment. Suggestion boxes have been placed in many strategic spots around the field to receive the helpful ideas of Tyndall's war workers. The amount of t he prize awarded depends upon the value of the suggestion. (Said Staff Sergeant Johnny Meisner as the camera cl !eked, "I see victory in June.")


Well, your correspondent is back pn the job after one swell furlqugh garden spot (meaning North Carolina). Among other things found out, here's a sure cure for "beer burps" or plain old "hiccups." with Dr. W. P. Walters, f Lu!llberton, N. C when you have em get a plain four pound pa:per bag and bre:1th in it gas mask style until it begins ):.o make you dizzy. Then remove the sack. Astonishing, but your "hiccups" are gone. Try it some time. It's a lot of fun ... Yours truly also developed a severe case of 88itis (88 is radio code meaning most nearly "LOVE AND KISSES) ... Artd now for the chatter. COMMUNICATIONS -Bumping into each other this week-end at Colombus, Miss., in search of wine,' women and song were Pfcs. Russo, Paslawski, Cpl. W2.lsh and s ;sgt. Boss. In spite of the quiet and dry ness of the place, none of .them stood short with regard to the search ... Cpl. Walsh and lady companion gave ,n exhibition of romance on the '111-ke. We hear it was real cute ... fow they're saying, "Let's bring on .nother storm." POST ARMAMENT i.Jue to the recent r ,bolishing of Machine Gun Instruction, the building was turned over to the Tow Flight. This affords them the much needed space, and, tb put it mildly, gives the Armament Section breathing space. Sgt. Jackson, just back from furlough, seemed .very pleased to notify us that in his native state,-Colorado, they still sell beer by the jugfull, and, if you please, at 5c. To Sgt. Jackson, the blitz of the ma chine gun, n: vote of thanks. Make our next furlough Colorado, please, sir. Our softball team is showing a marked improvement, although not having won .any games as yet, our ast game with the M. P.'s was So better watch us closely. may have a surprise-maybe ... Ne underst2nd Cpl. Maxwell has set tled down to steady romancingwithout beverages. Is he really ser ious? We shouldn't forget to mention that our asst. armament officer, Mr. Altvater, now has a co-pilot in the family, or perhaps he is a futur bad if he is ... Hans, the Hun, or Pfc. Homann, is now Mr. Homc.nn and a taxpayer again. The best of luck, Hans, and sorry to have you leave us ... S /Sgt. Vanwel senaere has been in the hospital for the past week for a nose operation. Could it be that he, is having it shortened? MEDICAL DEPARTMENT -A hearty welcome to Pfc. Stanley Ogozelac,the newest 2.ddition ... Unllerstand S /Sgt. Allen has been pro to head of the Romance De.: partment. Some going, huh, keed? ... Nomination for favorite softball catcher of the week goes to our own Capt. Granville McCollum._ POST EXCHANGlD -As yet un mentioned was the formal opening of the P X Soda Shop. Under the di rection of Lts. Rickman and Moore, exchange officers, 2.nd Cpl. Dewell Pratt, open house was held -with everything free from beer to matches. In addition to all permanent en1isted men, the student cadet gun ners were invited. GROUP IH -Attention, all tat too artists! Sg_t. Polk wants to have the word "Mary," removed from his arm. His new girl, Jean, wants to go swimming next week Pfc. ::;'tringfellow h2.s graciou"'Y received congratulations on the recent arrival of his 8lh-lb. boupcing baby boy. He wishes to offer a box of cigars as a .prize for the best name submitted. _Each entry must be accompanied by two cal. 50 box tops ... We don't have to worry about Sgt. Moore ting his calisthentics so long as he frequents the Oasis and finds him self locked in the enlisted men's re lief office. If r,nyone should wonder why the girls won most of the cakes at the Bingo game last week they might ask Sgt. Dunn, who called off the numbeiij ... We hear that M ;Sgt. Anderson is constantly looking at a photograph of S /Sgt. Brewer and humming that old tune, "Somebody else i:S _taking my place." Sgt. Nelson 1s busy composing a new ric entitled "Loretta." Will Nell supply the music? Why are three children (girls) alw:::.ys running about town asking for him? ... w1 hear so much about Detroit that we believe Sgt. Ault is being paid by the Chamber of Commerce to adver tise it. Sgt. Rose has been conducting a bit of research on Ballistics. He can offer authentic information on the effect of a caliber .30 projectile on a B-34. Group III offers its heartiest congn:::tulations to Sgt. Evans on his re cent marriage S /Sgt. Miller is always singing "My Bonnie Lies.Over the Ocean." This couldn't be Lu cille's favorite front? ... We won der why Sgt. Gracey dances so far away from his girl friend Why the blush, GracPy? Who stole_ Sgt. Sanders' pants? He was put In an embarrassing position the mght of the dance ... Sgt. Perry man. our drug store cowboy, hc.s been seen escorting a black Ford coupe around town. Is it the girl or car? Is S iSgt. Keeter scared of women? We hear that a certain girl and her mother were chasing h1m 1!1 Port St. Joe. GUARD DETACHMENT Uur softbp.ll team still has high hopes-of tying for first place. in the inter squadron tournament. Their ol'lly trouble seems to be the shortage ori the pitching staff. We ae hoping to have T ;Sgt. Erwin to pitch us to victory in the final game. Pfc. Hub bard ,back from furlough, tells us New York is still a place for fun and frolic ... Cpl. Barker is still wooing a certain girl in P C. What's the matter, Dewey, can' t you get up enough courage to ask for her hand ? ... The detachment has gone aU out for nicknames. One of the oldest is the one tagged to Pvt. Holcomb, "Squaredeal." Why is Pvt. Romero called "Snake"? Who is the "Spy Catcher?" What particular one is called "Chicken"? HEADQUArtTERS ....., S /Sgt. Jas. S O'Conner, of the Message Center, left us this week to undergo a min or operation at the Tyndall Field Hospital. We c.ll wish you a quick recovery, Irish, and we know you will, under the care of those "An gels of Mercy." Don't tr y too much "SNOW", Jim, you know huw you are, but we are all looking forward to seeing you around Apalach very soon . "Marying Sam" Gabbard has returned from Cincinnati on the "Honeymoon Special." He told us what bappened at the wedding ru1d it must have been qu:te a scream when the mini'ster asked the bride, '"Do you take this man for your lawful wedded husband, for better or for worse? And the little bird replies. "Just as h e is, Parson. Just as he is. If he gets any better I know the Good Lord will take him and if he gets any worse, why, I'll tend to that myself. Anyhow, congratul::,tions, Danny, and best wisheS' for a lon g and happy marriage. ( Overhe_ard in the Oasis): "Don't drink that stuff, Walsh, wood alco hol will make you blind. "Oh, that's all right, I've seen everything!" ... We wonder w hat's wrong with "Do n Juan" Joe Tedde r these last few days? Cheer up old m a n. why don't you drown your sorrows? "She's thQn I am and besides it would be m'urder." If Its harmony you like, some of you guys should pay a visit to the Latrine around 11 :30 eadl evening and listen to the woeful crooning of those two Sina tra's of theatre fame, the two star projectionists, better known : as "Chuck" Asquith and Phil Knotts! Honestly they are pretty good ( ? ) Why h asn' t someone notified the special service officer of their gifted ability and get them signed up on the blue circuit? By the way, you should her, r their version of that old familiar theme "When They Begin to Clean the Latrine." Knotts to Asquith: "Can you si'ng Opera?" Asquith: "Of course." Knotts: "Can you sing 'Faust'?" Asquith: I can sing Faust or slow, any way you like. Sgt. Joseph (MOS) Andrews of ye ole Orderly Room isn't as calm and collected as usual due to the fact that he is nearing those joyful two weeks c:1lled furlough time. Joe plans to hitch up with a popular Baltimore sub-deb, his school days sweetheart. Rita, does he have you classified in the G I. manner as to your duty assignments, etc? Are you as hep on mathematical figures as Statistical Joe? Take it easy, Rita ,he'll have you MOS' d classified and K P.'d before the honeymoon is over. It seems tne ":::;crubs Softball .Te.ani" have a home run king, better known as "Babe Ruth" TnombHes. When he swung that willow last Wednesday night in the game, Scrubs vs. Officers, there was rc rousing cheer from the bleacherites and when the dust had cleared, the um pire called "STRIKE THREE!" Incidentally "The Babe, did drive home three runs on a smashing drive down shortstop way, through the adjutant's legs! : : : Don't know enough on "Gentleman" Schroeder this week but will have the -low down next week! Walt says, "I suppose yqu wrote that yourself?" "Yes, Sgt." "You should be encourage d ." ""Yes, Sgt. "You should go to Hollywood. "Yes, Sgt." "And you should climb the h,igh est mountain. "Yes, Sgt." "And drop off LINE ENGINEERING -As the week comes to rl.n end we find that ."Booger" Powell is back from his vacation to the tropics-all the re11t of the boys returned safely from the same school at Sebring, Florida. Due to a bad weather report last week-end all the planes left the field and went to Mississippi. .As the softball games go along we notice that the Line Engineers are in the top position ... There is a rumor that a few of the boys will leave for school this week-end .... T ;Sgt. Ba ber ls to lead these boys on their excursion ... Sgt. DeBiase, the new barber, is sure getting good busi ness since he started setting hair and everything Sgt. T art is al ways driving on the l eft side of the road. We wonder w h y. S g t. T art? ... The line is finally getting some new men, but oil, ho-.\ slow Only two tnougnts will keep a girl ZJwake after a she let him kiss her, or why he didn't try.


THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 8 "JUST STARTING HURRY! The Fruit Of Victory HURRY! HURRY!! THE SHOW OF' SHOWS!'' By PFC. GAWDHELPUS "Step right up, ladies and men! On the inside you wiH see all your friends and relations. J'or four Peruvian quarters you can go inside and see the Waller trainer, the .one and only Wr:.ller trainer on Tyndall F'ield Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! For a small charge, a nominal fee, you can see it. It walks, talks, rutd eats knives and forks. Born in a briar patch, suckled by a bear, three sets of teeth, and four coats of hair. "It is positively the mosf amazing -What! Do you good people mean to stand there and confess that you never heard of the Waller Trainer? The only I]lechanized white elephant in captivity and that you never heard of its happy group of cr:.retakers? The only department on Tyndall Field where the female of the spec ies outnumber the men. "Sixty glamorous dames, count 'em! Sixty examples of the fairest formliest hunks of feminine pulchri tude that ever wore a G I. playsuit. Come in and see 'Beechnut Charlie G oo dson,' the only super sergeant who can chew tobacco, smoke a Corona-Corona, dress down a G. I. Butterfingers and solder a connec tion at one and the same time. On lst/Sgt. D. Knowles of Ordnance congratulates Sgt. Frank Cappiello upon receiving the elaborthe inside, you can see Lt. Wilsol). ate trophy awarded the Ordnance baseball team by the Special Service Office for winning the who performs the amazing feat of field's softball championship. biting his nails down to the second T .knuckle every twenty-four hours. he award was made at a recent Thursday night Rec Hall Dance by Captain 0.0. Freeman, S.S. Step right up; the show is about Officer. Left to right in the photo are: Sgt. Anthony BHznik, ist/Sgt. Knowles, Pvt. Jopnny to start! The chance of a lifetime Quick, Pfc. George Tarr, Sgt. Frank Cappiello, (team captain), and Pfc. Anthony Yannone. to see. the Red-headed Orphans the Air Corps! See the Section s Ballet C .ssisted by the SNAFU Choir of 60 trained female voices from the 785th Commandos. The .. chance of a White Flashes MEDICS HAV YET TO LOSE 1M SQUADRON DIAMOND PLAY T/F GOLFERS MEET NATC Th S _, t Tyndall's newly fanned golf lifetime, ladies and gentlemen, to see e qurc ... ron ex ends a most. the entire act of Fred Waller's T.oi1hearty welcome to Lt. Bridgeford, Defeat is still something for-sex ret are scheduled to meet the ture Chamber. our new C 0., who took charge the eign to the boys oown at the oosNaval Air Training Center golfers "See Sgt. Cronk and his 4-F wreck-latter part of last week. We are pita! as far as baseball is con-from Pensacola here tomorrow. ing crew, in the short time of noth-. going to continue to stay on the cerned. In their six starts in The match will take place at the ing flat they can commit more dam-ball and make this squadron second' the baseball tour-Panama Country Club :In Lynn Haven. age than a volunteer fire 'depart-to none. We may not get the "E" nament the Medic nine have come In their only other match, the ment. Step right up und. cross my flag every but we are going to t h d f out unscathe1. Latest victim of Tyndall greensmen lost to the p alm with coin of the realm and ry ar or w:Jlk'in and you w ill see Staff Sgt. Tomorrow, yes tomorrow is the the pill-rollers was the 69th, same NATC .clubbers, to-a. Henderson and the 348th Dipsoman-track meet at the Athletic who, were it not fbr a shaJ.iY first Representing Tyndall will be> iacs in their n ative habitat. On the Field where a number of beautiful inning, might have finally wrung Sgts. Si t.k>ye, Gilbert McCrary, inside are the Goldbrick Twins, Help-medals ae t o be awarded to the a game from the vBlDlted Medics. Fred Larson and Ken Craumer and less and Hopeless, known on the winning men;' and also a trophy for Les Tarr was on the mound for. Pvts. Louis Broward and Harry duty roster as Pfcs. Brill and Mathe winning squadron, so let's get the rome team, while D:moway did Bishop. zar. over there and win that trophy. the hurling for the 69th. The -================ "You will see Staff Sgt. Bill Rit-We don' t know what Mastello did 1 ter, the Ted Peckhr:.m of Panama for a living in civilian life, but he score was 4-2. City; Staff Sgt. Mitchell, the only sure put on a good floor show in The Ordnance team, with Starns existing non-com who gives com-Room No. 5, Barracks No. 3 after and Smith as the battery, downed m ands with the droop of the eyelash-pulling a day's K. P the CN nine by a. 9-3 score. Ba.-:es and a sidelong glance;. Pfc. Kapo"-....,.,..... ___________ mat and Carron were the key men witz will demonstrate his parlor man-cuties. See Fritzie Riker, the holder for the (Jls, ners ( pool parlor, naturally); Pte. of the Rubber Glove championship of HOW 'JliEY STAND: w L Shapley the Herman Goering of Splashing on the Hudson and lead-T d I 1 h Med i cs 6 0 yn a e rattles like a Panzerwe.ging contender for thP. paperweight on when he walks. Yes, my good title. Ordnance 4 1 p eo ple, n ext to a War Bond, this is See Jean Hagler, the humun sky-69th 3 4 the most priceless bargain of a liferocket. On the inside is L ibby time. Swack, the twentieth century Rip "On the inside, you will see that Van \Vinkle in her non-stop act of friend of the common man, Staff snoring by the numbers. Last, but Sgt. Boyes and his Mess Hall Hor-not least, we have Sgt. McKinney, rors, each and every m a n a thr!!t! who gives lectures on how to win time loser to the Chinu Clipper. iriends and make like Frank Sin They spout steam and G I soap, atra. and every man has dish pan hands "Hur:y! Hurry! Hurry; It won't and smells like a garbage can. Labreak you, ladies and gentlemen, and dies and Gentlemen, on the inside of it is well worth the ridiculously low this converted Chicken Coop, pric' e that the manc,gement demands. will see Pickett's Paratroophs, the One more thing, if yo u please, if you prettiest pack of perfumed perform-see any one with a glassy stare and ers between Pittsburg and Peoriu. a habit of strumming the low lip with "No! No! Ladies and gentle-the fingers and wandering around men, not the same P ickett who l e d the fi e ld, don't call the Psychiatric Ute charge at Gettysburg, but one Ward, just face them right and give who is just .as much a military man. them a firm push-they're' WrJier Come in and see these curvacious' Trainer personnel! Quartermaster 2 Gunnermakers 2 Guardians 0 ( Dropped out after 1st round) BANDSMEN SEND 18 CARTONS OF SMOKES OVERSEAS 3 4 5 Not content with furnishing entertainment fbr the men of Tyn dall Field, the members the Post Band have contriblted four-bit pieces to send 18 carr tons of smokes for the pleasure of Yanks overseas. HAVE IDU THANKED A YANK WI'IH A CAIUOO 00 ? Track Meet Tomorrow (Sunday, Oct. 3 J OPEN TO ALL Gl s AND STUDENTS Post Athletic Field 10:30 A.M. Baseball Game TORNADOES vs. MEDICS 2:30 P.M. Student Gunners' TENNIS TOURNAMENT Next Sunday


October 2, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 9 THE TYNDALL Pictured above are the members of the Tyndall Field enlisted men's baseball team, the Tornadoes. This fighting Gl nine finished up their diamond wars several weeks ago with a record of 2i wins in 33 games for a season average of .636. Rarely outfought, the Tornadoes faced many of the strongest teams in the Southeast and came on top more times than not. Although quite a few of the original members of the team weren't there at the finish line, their places were well filled by such able late-comers as Woody Busby, Nick Orange, Jim Man derson and Bob Costigan. Leading slugger of the squad was Pvt. Lou Edwards, while Lefty Southard was the top hurler. FIVE REGULARS END UP WITH BETTER THAN .300 B.A. Pvt. Lou Edwards Leads Tornado Sluggers l.arrupin' Lou EdwardS 1 eft Tyn dall Field in August for greener but he certainly left the boys something to shoot at when he slammerl out 19 hits in 42 trips to tne lJ).ate for an average of 41521 Edwards and four other .regulars supplied the Tornado offensive punch in hitting over the .300 mark. Burly Nick Orange, who alternated between left field and the pitching box, finished up wit:ll a neat 382, while Secom Baseman Brown, and Ca'tchers ll.Jsby and Didier bowed out wi t:l1 aver ages of 363, 344, and 329, respectively. Bill Davis, pitcher, and Ed gllis, utility fielder, batted 384, but they appeared in too few genes to be incltrled in final tallies. Co""lete batting averages: .PLAYER AB R H Per. Edwards 42 15 19 .452 Davis 13 2 5 .384 Ell is 13 3 5 .384 Orange 34 4 13 .382 Brown 77 19 2 8 .363 Bus .by 61 8 21 .344 Didier 73 16 24 .329 Tarr 63 8 17 270 Hines 74 20 19 .257 Jackrel 66 15 16 243 Costigan 48 5 11 229 Southard 36 5 8 .222 Na tonak 50 14 10 .200 Manderson 32 7 6 Sedmak 47 7 8 Anderson 67 15 10 Flanagan 15 2 Do noway 15 3 2 "LEFTY" SOUTHARD LEADS TORNADO HURLERS .188 .170 149 .133 125 Pfc. Norman Southard of the Guardians turned in the best per formance of any Tornado hurler with a record of 9 wins against 4 defeats for the season. When in good form, Southard's mighty left arm was well nigh 1.11touchable and many were strikeouts, Easy going J oe" Flanagm ed in the next best mound per .formarlce with a record of 5-2. An early season injury to pitching arm made things tough for him and in the games he won you could tell that "Joe" was pitching as nuch w1 t:l1 his head as he was w1 th his ann. In his t:llree appearances at the rubber, Al Mullens gained a 2-1. edge, and Bill Davis and Nick Orange each split, 1-l "Hardluck" A1 who certainly has something on t:lle ball, always ran into trouble in the home games anrl ended up with a 1-2 cotmt. Les Tarr of the Medics won the only game he pitched in while lhl Coffer of the Gunnermakers drop ped his single contest. Front row, left to right: T/Sgt. Herbert Anderson, 3b; Sgt. Wm. Hines, ss; S/Sgt. "Red" Laughlin, c; Sgt. AbeJackrel, f; Cpl. Joe Sedmak, lb; T/Sgt. Ed Maton.ak, f; Back row, left to right: S/Sgt. Carl Juneau, team manager; T/Sgt. Paul Brown, 2b; S/Sgt. Clyde Didier, c; Cpl. Bert Balliet, lb; Sgt. Wm. Davis, p; Cpl. "Joe" Flanagan, p; Cpl. Max Senkinc, f; S/Sgt. Earl Landry, f; S/Sgt. "Moon" Mullens, p; S/Sgt. Donald "Duck" Shaw, umpire; and Coach (Lt.) Stan Drongowskl, Missing from the pIcture are Pfc. Horman Southard, p; T /Sgt. Bob Costigan, lb; M/Sgt. Woody Busby, c; Sgt. Jim Manderson, f; Cpl. Nick Orange,pp; Sgt. Lester Tarr, f; Cpl. Ed Ellis, f; and Pfc. Al Donaway, p, 25TH ALTITUDE VOLLEY BALL TEAM UNDEFEATED IN LOOP The boys of the T / F Altitude Training Unit may specialize in low pressure activities but their pressure on t:lle s. s. volley ball loop is far from low. Undefeated in six tries, the "Chamber" sextet arlded tie Gunnermaker pat-ball artists to their listct' victims last week by drubbing 21-4 and 21-Q. A1 though a "love" game in volley ball is rather unusual, the "old men" of the 69th also turned the trick this week when they downed the Canaries by a 21-o s core and then took the second 21-17. Other games played last Tuesday resulterl in wins for the over the QMs md the Wh1 te F1 ashes over the Gunnennakers. tst RCmiD STANDINGS: w L Ties 25th Alt. Trng. Unit 6 0 Qua r te rma s t e r 5 2 Redbirds 3 2 69th 4 3 Ordnance 2 3 Canaries l 3 Gunner make r s 2 4 Medics 0 7 Sports Slants By Camp Newapoper Service Ken Silvestri, former New York Yankee catcher, repaid Lt. Johnny Beazley the other day for the ex Cardinal pitcher's two victories over the Yanks in last year's World Series. Silvestri belted a homer off Beazley to give the Second Army a 1-0 victory over Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. Beazley, on detached service, was pitching for Oglethorpe. He yielded six hits and fanned seven while Sgt. Hugh Mulcahy, former Phillystar, hurled 3-hit ball for the Second Army. Leading hitter on the Sixth Ferrying Command baseball team is Max West, ex-Braves outfielder, who has clul:.'o::>ed .482 and hit 10 homers in 53 gameS'. Second best batter on this hard hitting nine h Bank Danning, former Giants catcher, with .432 He is followed by Nanny Fernandez of the Braves, a .411 sticker and Red Ruffing, alternating between the mound and the outfield, with a .383 average. Dee Moore, Phillies catcher, has been assigned to the Marines and given a furlough before reporting to the San Diego (Cal.) Base for training. Another ex-Cardinal, Cpl. Enos (Country) Slaughter, is hitting an even .500 against GI pitching. Lt. (jg) Byron Raymond (Whis zer) White, All-American back at the University of Colorado, Oxford University Rhodes scholarJ Yale University law student ana former professional football ace, now is stationed at a motor tor pedo boat base in the New Georrta Islands.


.Pa e 10 THE TYNDALL TARGET '' Victim Of Circumstances '' Is Claim Of Lonely Hearts Correspondent 86th SubDepot Full Support To Employes Giving Third Bond Drive Although practically enf'P.ged to Evelyn Whalen o! Jamaica, N, Y r Pvt. John J. Gra!!e, a member o! the Guardians !or the past 16 months, decided to write a letter to a local L onely Hearts Club. Perhaps Johnny was reeLing a little low--when he set out to represent himself as a L onely Heart" stationed in the wilder n ess o! Northwest Florida; rar removed _rrom sight or man and the gentle influence or woman. Yes, possibly his letter did state that he was seeking the companionship or a young, attractive widow or .means., but in this instance J ohnny was !allowing the advice o r hearts lonelier than h is. Innocer.t, or course! But news does get around and in the May At a meeting of Air Service Conmarrl eJllloyes held last week in the i issue or the Target Evelyn rea d the rotlowing item: "The latest hangar at 86th Sub-Depot, full support of. the organization was pair to indulge in letters t o the Lonely Hearts Club is Pvts. Ferguson pledged to the. third war loan ClllJllaign. and J. Grarre. n In an appropriate setting in the middle of the lai-ge hangar floor, The time ror quick action ha1 already passed. That .ratal issue or the employes gathered arrun:i a raised platform and listened to short the May Target lay ,unopened until the morning or August 28, when talks by Major Loren A. Bryan, officer; Lt. George L. TraEvelyn Whalen chanced upon it in a stack or old magazines. wick, engineering officer, and Joseph B. Story, special informaticn But ror. the vjsibiH ty, which was low that morning in Jamaic-a,! officer, who urged the necessity of Sub-Depot personnel buying bon:is Miss would ha v e hit the proverbial ceiling. It is not !or us. to the limit of ability. to t r:v t.o tmagine the horrible reprisals that kept !li tt1ng through The response was :iJllnediate and gratifying. A steady stream of bond her mind whe n s he discovered that Johnny, her Johnny, o vernight had purchasers has since been crowding the facilities of the personnel changed from a satisried male in love with a girl from Jamaica to a section in headquarters where a special detachnient of lonely brooding heart in F'lorida. clerks is ori duty receiving applications and issuing bonds. As this What E velyn wrote to Pv t John M. Grarre, we can onlY guess. But is written (Tuesday), approxiuately 80 percent of Sub-Depot employin the interes t or truth we orre r an excerpt from her-le.tter ad-es have made applications to bly bonds by the payroll deduction plan. dresse d to the Targe tand carrying a postmark or August 28, 1943. -Tre goal set for the organization is that every civili.an elf4lloye and O n May 1, 1943, you printed that John J. Grarre was one or the officer pledge at least 10 percent of his salary for the 'rurchase of' l a test to indulge in the florida Lonely Hearts coiumns. Welt, he war bonds, and in addition buy 811 extra bond for cash. might be a lonely heart in Florida, but he sure is a h eart-throb in Enthusiasm for this plan is evidenced l:iy the 'mmber of Sub-D(!pot JAMAICA. One who knows. ( Signed) Evelyn Whalen." employes now buying bonds through the payroll deduction plan. Many of them are subscribing for more than the minimum 10 percent which Ed. Note: It has Just been brought to our atten.tion b y Cpl. Sam has been requested. Sub-Depot staff officers say that by the end of (Winch ell) Marotta or the Guard Squadron that Pvt. Grarre is not a the week and the current campaign, they are confident the members of lonely brooding heart, rar removed from the gentle influence o! wom-their organization will be signed up 100 percent. an. n Rather, 1t was Pvt. William Smith's idea or a good Joke to play Special credit is rlue Miss Jewel Dunn, Mrs. Dorothy Myers, Miss on Johnny, who woul dn't look on any other girl but his Evelyn, that Nell Yates, Miss June Dady, Miss Betty Jean Davenport anrl Miss Henrie caused h i s good !riend S. to submit Grarre 1 s name as a fellow lonely Stanley of Sub-Depot head.quarters for their zeal in soliciting bond heart .. purchasers and their efficient handiing of the many a:ppl ications o u r ap o l ogies t o Pv t Grarre and Mis s Whalen for printing the dis which have res1,1l ted. 1 turblrtg item whi c h appeared in the Guardians' c olumn or M a y 1F:::::::::::=:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::= 1 ssu e o f t he T a r get. Guardians Our t h re e dog. m e n recei ved theiz: stripe s recently and we h eartily ex t e n d our con g r atulati o n s to the r e ci pi e n ts. Inc i d e ntally, we hcve s een n o t on e si n g l e s togi e f rom the thre e dog m e n Sgts. R Turne r, S zerdiak a n q E. G a r riott. No t o ne bit of resp o n se was notic ed in the effort s to buil d up a b asketb a ll ter, m. We s till think tha t if the f o ll ow in g m e n wo ul d turn out w e c ould have a corker 'of a team. The m e n a r e G. Koo ey, M. Hi t t A Mitchell, G Wrig h t R P rospet, R M orris a n d E. Duggan BANTER C pl. Mashburn is in a quandry becau s e h e can t find partic ip ants f o r the "Information Te:::.se" progr a m H e r e a r e s o m e probable candida t e s : P eltie r 'Butcher, Folma r and V Meol a These ought to be t ops on any quiz progra m. Lt. E T B onk h a s g o ne off t6 s c h oo l a t F t. Cu s t e r a nd with him go the best wishe s of the Gu ardians. .. Some of our men have b ee n transferre d to othe r outfits and w e hope that th'ey h a v e the b e st' M lu c k in their n e w surroundings. The heartbroken o f rhem all is P fc Ed. Morris. C pl. Sam M arotta. ---P !c. E. T. Delbyck. Squadron A MOVIES With the graduation of cl ass 4332, the officers end instructors of S quad ron A rolled up their sleeves and started class 43 -4 4 off in f ine style FOR THIS WEEK --POST THEATRE There is muc h to be a ccomplished, rand with each new cl ass grea t imSATURDAY provement is m a d e. Cl ass 43 3 2 "My Kingdom For A Cook" through with the highest academic average of any c l ass to d a t e n Johnny Come Late 1 y n Charles Coburn, Isabel Elsom SUNDAY, MONDAY First S ergeant Kelle y n o t only thinks there is muc h t o b e r c ::com-TUESDAY James Cagney, Grace George plished, but believes the r e are now F i red Wife" more problems tha n ever b e f o r e H e' s Diana Barrymore, Robert Paige WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY quite right, but as we can see it, h e's "Winter Time" 'the one boy w,ho can h a ndl e prob.! ems! "Claudia" The mad scramble around the squadron bulletin board l ast week was the effort of eac h instructor to put do w n his preference of subjec t to teac h when the "specialist sys tem" be comes effective. Weapons was the first choi ce of m any. RITZ SUNDAY, MONDAY "Sky's The Limit" Pred Astaire, Joan TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY "Okl anoma Kid" James Cagney FRIDAY Cpl. D mke ( no w home on furlough) got w ind of the spec i alist system. He imme di a t e ly sent an air m a il spec i a l deliv ery l ette r to Cpl. De Baun. The contents o f the letter said: "Joe ple a se don t let the m make an air-. t o air spec i alist o f me. Anything but that!" (Drake lo ves airpla nes, but while the y're on the ground.)_ THURSDAY, FRIDAY "My Kingdom For A Cook" Coburn, SATURDAY "Ride Tenderfoot Ride" Autry Sonja Henie, Jack Oakie, Robert Young, Dorothy McGuire PAN AHA. SUNDAY, MONDAY "Nex.t of Kin" Sydney TUESDAY "Fighting Devil Dogs" Lee Herman Brix WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY "Panama Ratti" Ann Southern, Red Sketton FltiDAY, SATURDAY "Stranger From Pecos" Johnny Mack Brown


October 2, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 11 DDY AINII}CWU?l 110 By BOB HAWK 1 If I toln you I was going to raise hearts, ears and eyes in my victory garden, what veg etables would I be to? : Whe n a girl goes for a stroll w-1 c.. ;::ftn 1n Ufhy with a man in uniform, why shouldn't she cling to his arm? 3. I went to a movie last night, and in the picture was a man wearing 8 bowler, a choker and a wrBlJper. What part of his anatomy that is usually covered was left t.D'lcovererl? 4. Which section of the country has the highest marriage rate according to population-east, west, north or south? 5. Are there any other countries that celebrate Labor Day or is it strictly an American holiday? 6 Why are there exactly 13 buttons on each pair of blue trousers that our sailors wear? 7. Where would you go to buy a break-front? 8. 1\hich one qf these three ci tr ies is not among the 10 larg est in the United States? New Orleans? Baltimore? St. Louis? Why can you usually see dis tant ob,jects more clearly after a rain? o. If you were using the word "exarz;gerate" in a Jetter and came to the end of the line where woulri it be c 'orrect to divide it? If you have to enter a ,ing and suspect a door trap, open the door with a long pole from a sheltered position. Be careful after you get in because there may be a second trap which will explode when you close the door. NEVER P or m ove anything in rt building until you have fir s t examin e d it to s ee if it is connected to a trap. Y ANKwiZ ANSYERS 1. Cabbage, lettuce or cauliflower, corn and potatoes, 2. Because his right arm should be free to salute with, am when saluting properly t-he left arm is at his side. 3. His feet. A bowler is a hat (derbY) A choker is a col lar, a wrapper is a robe. 4. 'The south. 5o Canada, Newfoundland and several other countries also ob serve Labor Day on the first Monday in 6. They stand for the original thirteen states. 7. To-' a fum! ture store, 8. New Orleans. St. Louis is the eighth largest city. Bal timore is the seventh largest, Orleans the fifteenth. 9. Because the air is purer, Rain washes and cleans it, removing dust, soot,pollen and other foreign matter. 10. Ex-ag-ger-ate. The shorter the skirts the easier to get up stares. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers"


,_, ...... : .. 'I ,j' o ., Gunni!rs o f th e Week S!SGT. CARL H. STARCk Squadron A 0 A native of Milwaukee. Wis Starck is 20 years old. Attended the 1 ocal high school where played football with the scrubs. After graduation from school he. was employed as an optician's assl stan t. Enlisted in Milwaukee in July. :1.941.. Since then has been stationed at six different bases. Spent most of his service at S co t t F i e l d I ll .. an..d SiouX Falls Army Air Base. Completed courses at Buckley and Lowry Fields before coming to Tyndall. PFC. ROGER WILLIAHS Squadron D Although named after the founder of Rhode Island, Williams was born in Nichols. So. Carolina. 23 years ago. Graduated from high school at Green Sea. S.C. Prior to enlistment in March, :1.943; as an aviation cadet, he worked as a tobacco farmer with his dad. Eliminated from cadet tiaining, after six weeks. he was sh ippec:i. to Keesler Field and then to Lowry for armament s chooling. Played tennis while at high school. and lists the nQt game as his favorite GUNNER OF TH E C LASS PVT. HAROLD H. HOHNEY Squadron B Gunner of the Week for September ii-:1.8, Mohney finishes up at T y n d a 11 as ace gunner o f hi. s class. ,.__Is 24 years old and calls Three -Rivers. Mich llome, Prior to army service he was an apprentice tool and die maker at the Ford Trade School at famed Willow Run. Entered AAF in November. :1.942. has completed armament course at Lowry Field. A/C SAHUEL H. HcCHESNEY Squadron E Big Stone Gap. Va., is the home of Squadron Es Gunner of the Week. Twenty-five years of age. McChesney was employed as a chem ist by the Mead Paper Corp. at Kingspor_t. Tenn. prior to appointment to cadets. A graduate of Lafayette College. he won two letters as a member of the varsity squad. Entered service 5 n March. :1.943. took pre-flight at Max Field; went through primary at Avon Park. Fl'a. and than to advanced flight at Selman Field; La. 0 0 PFC. WILLIAM DERETJIOSIS -Squadron C Like Squadron A1s G.T.w. De-; reliosis hails from Milwaukee. Wis. The 22 year old graduated fran Mil waukee 1 s Boys 1 Tech and prior to AAF e n listment was employed as an e lectric motor assembler. His favorite sport is midget auto racing. and has competed in four races himself. Owned his own tow truck and made fair come by rebuilding wrecked cars. Has attended instrument school at Chanute Field and A.M. school at Seymour Johnson Field. T/SGT. CLARENCE D. PALHER Squadron F Compieted his first "hitch" in November. :1.939. after 3 years with the crack 5th Infantry Division stationed in Portland. Me. Enlisted again November 27 :1.939. this time in the AAF. Went to Maxwell Field for aircraft a7morers school and then to Orlando, Fla. Later was assigned to Eglin as armament inspector. ____. Attended high school in homa town of Gallatin, Tenn. Played high school football and engaged in several other sports. Is 25 years old and has. been. married for years, 0


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