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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 40 (October 30, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
October 30, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Page 2 PUBLISHED ON SATURDAYS BT THE SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE FOR PER lUOOtL OF THE AAF Fl.EXIJLE GUN. NE.RY SCBX1, P /SIMA Cl TY, FLA. Oopy Prepared Under Supervision' Of Public Relations Officer. e<-anding: Col. Lelaod s. Special Service Officer: C81>t. Owen O, Freeman Public Relations Officer: Lt. William B. Pratt Photographic Officer: Capt. J.A. Qickerman lditorial Staff: CHARITY SjSgt. Arnold Milgaten, Sgt. Saul Samiof, Sgt. Neil Pooser, Tie Americans talk about a Bill of We beQ>l. Harry Bardi'Pfc. E,T, Delhyck lieve that we hove been by our Creator Art Work: that no one can toke awau from -us. That's whu we s;sgt. Frank Horn, Sgt. Marshall believe in. the di"'nit?' of the individual. The enGoodman, SjSgt. Fred Slade. 5 Photoeraphy & Reproduction: M;Set. w. Busby, TjSgt.W. Castle, TjSgt. 1 Mitchell, S/Set F. Church! 1, Set. D. Levinson, Cpl. L. Shaw, SjS&t J Montgomery, SjSgt. R. Keough, SjSgt. J Webster, Sgt. p, Terry, Sgt. J Maraick,. Cpl. E. Tackett, Pvt. W. Daniels," Pfc, H. Care. The Tyndall Tarset receiTes aaterial supplied by CP News paper 8@rTice, War Dept., llOII E. 42nd St,, NYC. Credited aaterial aay not be republished without prior peraissio. n troa C.IS SOLDIERS ALL It was a black day for the Army, the 20th day of July 1942, for it marked the activation of the first unit of the Womens Army Auxiliary The men were there was a gmeral three inch decline in military noses and severa1 first sergeants were overll.eard in their muttering something a-dowment that a man has when he'sborn into the world is than moneu or wealth. It consists of that are inalienable. A tyrant or a dictator con b{J use of force a.ttemot to frustrate us in the use of those That's what the enemy is bent on It's conceivable that, if we were cowardly or we could be defeated and the use of those dewrenched from us. Kind you, even if the ovvressed and invaded veooles of the world walk with chains that restrict and constrain those still they have the They are inalienable. But with there is an If you hove a. bill of there is also a. bill of debts. Chief these is our duty to helD the onoressed and downtrodden. How ironic it is if we who have the use of these shirk the corres obl Across the face of the earth men today ore their flesh to vain, that vain mau cease; For Freedom's sake they ore no free." Their's is a .cha.rit .lJ. This week the soldiers of Tyndall Field have the ovvortuni ty to exercise that Queenl.lJ virtue. The to helo the needy is one which we should stanil behind. Certainlu no one who claims to have charity in their heart can the call on his nurse that charity makes. We hove the examvle of men suvremely chori table to enable us to make a sacrifice. It's little that we're asked to do for charitu. We1the Chaolains,aoneal to the men of good will to back the ca.moargn for tne Communit .lJ 'Chest bout women having no and War Fund. It is well to remember the truth that in the Army. What was the Christ enunciated and that life bears out, "that in Arrey caning to? 'the same measure in which you measure, so will it be QUESTION: nWHAT ONE XMAS GIFT WOULD YOU LIKE MOST FROM THE Fa ... KS BACK HOtv1E?11 (ASKED OF G. I. MEMBERS OF THE T/F ME.,D I CAL TACHMENT.) Interviews and By SGT. DAN LEVINSON SGT. JOSEPH LUKETICH, Coke.burg, Pa.; X-Ray Dept.: "I1m starting house keeping and I. sure Hke a coffee I don't think anyone enjoys coffee as much as I do." PFC. ALLEN L. RUBIN, CheLsea, Mass.; Laboratory Technician: "Fi for my camera. Now that I am a father, I'd Like to take pLenty of pictures of my bal:ry." Today, in the many. thousands 1-m_e_a._s_u_r_e_d_t_o_y_o_u_. -"--------------------1 of highly trained, efficient M /SGT. RUDOLPH CHERNEY, Miami performing members of the WAG-Morhin na.; Sgt. Major at we have our ansv.er. For on "A spare tire for my car. Right 1, 1943 when the I-11S LIFEnow I'm running on three, and if NEA' P012T LYAUTEY, F-RENC+-1 I get it, a big Load be WAAC the word Auxiliary MOQOCCO {/;V 7i'IE //VITIAL taken off my mind, keeping from its name and ber.aine a -A_FRIL'A!V .L.4N'.?V#&?S)TO SAVE the girls happy." regular co!ll)onent of the U.S. A-FELLOW SOLDIER Fk'OM Army, it was clear evidence DWNING. ATTEMPTING-ES:CAPf. H?OM A 15U'Nth at the laborer had 1 NG LANDING WAT, 'TI-lEhimself worthy of his hire. SOLtJI!;'K WAr; DJ

October 30, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET STRICT FOOD CONTROL NECESSITATES NEW MESS PROCEDURE C OHHAND I NG GENERAL OF EF TC INSPECTS TYNDALL OUR FRONT COVER J Gis Must Present Pass Or Ticket to Enter Mess Halls Effective Monday, November 1, Tyndall Fjeld Gis will be required to show passes or present tickets for punching upon entering Consolidated Halls at meal time. The new mess procedure 1s a direct result of the stringent rationing program which the War Department' recently set up for Army m(ss halls. In a general statement on the new system, Capt. A.L. Casey, post mess officer, said, "We are adopting this plan in order to msure, as much as possible, that the food we are allowed will be equitably distributed to the men for whom it is intended. This system of control is not new and many fields have found a successfUl solution to their food problem through its use. We hope that Taken while the class In Blindfold Phase Check was in session, our front cover this week centers about Pfc. Harold D. LeFebvre of Squadron D, looking for all the world like a player In a gaJile of blind man's buff. WIthout removing the bll nd fold from h is eyes, It isLeFebvres' job to dismantle that Cal. 50 machine gun, whose 011 Buffer Group he is holding, and assemble it again within a given time. A native of Lenox, Mass., student gunner LeFebvre 1 ikes his guns and can't wait to get across for that crack at the Germans or Japs. Like his fellow students, he is ap preciative of the instruction he is receiving, for he knows that someday it will enable him to draw a more deadly bead on an enemy plane -whenever it appears within his sights. The picture was taken by Sgt. Dan Levinson WHAT'S DOING NEXT WEEK it will serve that purpose MAJOR GENERAL THOMAS J. HANLEY, commanding general of the 12:45 P.M M ulcal Recordln& here." Eastern Flying Training Command arrived at Tyndall Wednesday Hour at Post 'theater. W/0 MiBit-SUNDAY Un""er the new plan, enlisted f th f' ld u foratwodayinspect1ono e 1e .al.c011111entator. men in organizations assigned The visit by General Hanley was his second here since taking MONDAY to mess in consolidated mess command of the then AAFSETC early in July, 12:30 P.M Squadron AU R. halls will each be issued a _____ .;..... ____ _:_ _____________ -i presentatives Meet'iDQ' at Athletic pass which will be presented NAHE SOUGHT FOR TARGET'S NEW "PAPER DOLL" office. and stamped at each meal. The Something 11ew has been aaaed tu the Target and you 11 rind it 7 :00 p, M .... "-ekly lbxi1 ,1 Match responsibility for the proper in this issue on page iO. This new addition, a very shapely l?ss, at Post Athletic ll'iel:d. Contr.ol of these passes will is the product or artist Pvt. Jimmy Stevenson, newcomer to the Special S i 7 : 0 0 P, M, Yo vi a& t t t on rest with the individual or-Service starr. Hospital. ganizations. Jimmy has prepared quite a number or drawings or the lovely Miss 8:ooP.M Re&Ular .Infor,.ation Men on separate rations will 7 in various poses and various stages or undress, Tease Chntest at Rec Hall. be required to purchase a meal -The only problem racing the Target starr is in a :ciding upon a .8 :30 P.M Yovia at Racaivln& ticket good for thirty meals suitable name for the new T/F favorite, Squadron. priced at 25 cents per meal. All Gis are urged to send in their suggestions !or a name ror our These tickets will be pur-glamour gal--the contest will run !or two weeks beginning today, 8:oo P.M .... Weekly Dance at uso, chased at the Post Mess Office. T\\0 books or theater tickets will be awarded by the Special Service T!F Band broadcast aver WDIP. Any credit for meals remaining Office to the GI whose suggestion is finally adopted, The Target 8:ooP.M. liloviea at Colored Rae (Continued on Page 10) starr and its supervising orricers will be tne judges. HeJ.l. AAF RADIO SHOW STARRING CAPT. GLENN HILLER SALUTES TYNDALL'S GUNNERS TONIGHT OVER NBC Tyndall's student will be honored with a nation-wide salute over NBC's network tonight at 9:30 C.W.T. The program, "I Sustain Wings," which will pay tribute to T/F's gunners, is the weekly feature of the A.AF Eastern Technical TrainingCommand radio production un1t at Yale University. The half-hour air show stars Capt. Glenn Miller (above) and the TTC Band; Cpl. Broderick Crawford, Cpl. Tony Martin and special guests. The program may be heard locally over WSB Atlanta (750kc), WFIA Tampa (970kc), WCOA Pensacola (1370kc). PURPLE HEART, D.F.C. AND A.M. T/F GUNNER Another Tyndall Field grad uate has ga:i.fled glory for himself in combat. He is T/Sgt. John T. Potter, m, who was graduated on July 14; 1942, and who has received the Distinguished Flying Cross the Purple Heart and the Air Medal with 10 Oak Leaf Cl usters. Sergeant Potter is a gunner on the Flying Fortress "Grim Reaper," stationed in the Mediterranean area. He received the DistinguiSh ed Flying Cross from Major General J8ftles H. Doolittle in person. Sergeant Potter and other members of his Fortress Crew received awards fbllowing a miss ion over Bologna. Overseas since J arruary, the Tyndall graduate received the Purple Heart following a raid against Messina, Sicily, in which he was wounded in the arm by a 20 mm. cannon shell but stuck to his gun and brought down an enemy plane. .. WEDN!SMY 12:30 P.M. Special Service NonCom Meeting at Post Librery. 5:30P.M. Inter-Squadron Touch' Fbotball g&nes. 1:00 P.M. Variety Show at Receivin( Pool. 7:00 P.M .... Boxing at the Colored Rec Hill. 8:30P.M Rdlo broadcut over WIIP. T!F Radio PlaYhouse. lHURSDAY 6:30P.M. Radio Workshop period. 7 : 0 0 P M, Wo v i e 1 t S t t i on Holll'i tal. 8:00P.M. ReKUlr weekly GI dance at Rec Hall. T/F Band broadcast over WIJi.P. 8:00 P.M. Re&ular weeltly color ed GI dance at Colored Rec Hall. 8:30 P.M Movie' s at Receivln& Squadron. FRIDAY 7: 30 P.M. Boll in& bouts R ceiv'illl1 Pool. 8:00P.M Movies at Colored Rae Ha.ll. SAnJRDAY ... Movie at Station Hospital. 8:30P.M. Wdvle1 at Racalvlna Squadron. r:ou ... 1:151-'.il .... tliru Saturday '11arch to ViCtoq, Broadcast over 'NILP.


P. a e 4 As I P. fe c. IT MOW AlfD FOREVER Fie l d Mar shall G en. Albert Kesseiring commander in sout hern Italy, h a s been r e lieved o r his command the\e a n d will probably make a personal appearance s i multaneously o n t h e R ussian fron t a n d the German r ear. I t i s p erfectl y obvi o u s that G en. Kesselring's ticn coul d not withstand t h e rigo r s o f t h e arduous climate, and that the ideal w eath e r con ditions prevailing on t h e Russian f r ont Wil l un doubtedly restore him to his former good health, The possibility or an y general rec. ov e r y occurring i n R ussia would b e a triumph f o r G e rman G ene r a l surge r y f o r rain or shine the Nazi m o r tality rate con t 1nues to m oun t' A storm of Allied planes thundered in the skies over Rabaul the past weekend md sub t rae ted 123 Zeros from Tojo' s air divisions. Escorted by Lightnings that crackle(! across the blue Pacific sky-easy go ing Liberators freed the sleepy Rising Sun ground crews fran the further care and maintenance of these planes, providing the harassed greas.e-monkeys with a much needed rest. This raid raises Gen. MacArthur's two-week plane score to 700 Nips -quite a sizable swig from the bottle of Jap plme productim. The Nazis lost another o r their riparian rights whe n Mihailov i c's f o rces recen t l y t o o k co n trol o r the highl y strategic M o ntenegrin or Kotor, o n the A driati t W i t h a h arbo r big eno u g h t o anc hor the entir e Allied Mediter-rane a n fleet, Kot o r i s only 1 2 0 miles across t h e w ater f r o m Alliedh e l d Bari, Italy, and it. may yet p lay an important r o l e in Balkan operation s an other moral is adde d to t h e Bal k a n edition of Aesop s Fab les, That wlth d u e respect to Rommel, rarel y i s t h e Desert a fit un de rstu dy for a har-. LJ. 1 r watch d og An e stimated million Nazi sol die r s are suffering from t h e Dne iper river bends in the Uk raine. Th e don' t-give-&-damn .attitude o f t h e supenne n has gon e completel y in reverse wit h the o f the 1 c ity' of Dnepropetrovsk by t h e victor y t1u!;h e d Russians To the south e ast a Roo army skipping ac ross the steppes b e yond M el! topol is conv i n cing land grabbe r Hitler, that Crimea does not pay. App a rently the old adage of "scratch a Russian and y ou finrl a T a rtar;" still applies. 4,000,000 Germans Killed London (CNS>-Approximately 4 000,000 G ermans have been ki ll e d so f a r in this war according t o Lord S elborne. M i n is t e r of E co nomi c Warfare. THE TYNDALL TARGET Along L Main Stem .... The ente rtainm ent world this w e e k l o s t o n e o f i t s bestknown members ,... The O l e M aestro, B e n Bernie A t 52 Be n Bernie had risen f r o m a slum-rid d e n childhood into an emi ne n t ban d a n d even to h i s d e a th, was a l w ays a favorite with his a u d i e nces. Hi s "Yowsah, l ad i e s and gen tlel1len, Yowsah was a byword in the radio, s t age and m ovie fie l d and his fans numbe r e d hig h into. the mi llions, we at Tyndall Fie l d j oin t h o s e millions in silent t ribute to t h e O l e Maestro .... Lionel Stander, fonne r screm conde, is now a Pvt. And so is George G. Simpson (newscaster Jay Sims)., MBShow "Little Known Facts About Well Known People" stars Dale Car negie, and is a lulu Last Thursdays 10:15 P.M. se2sion was about Olang Kai-shek "Rhapsody in Blue" at Warner Bros. promises to be a big hit of the season All Gershwin tunes 'in the story of the great conr poser W\'IL star Jill Jackson is a capable actress and a swell loo-ker as well She may be heard rn several WWL originations, including "Road to Yesteryear. Jane Webb, NBC actress heard in "Road or Life," has been ex min ded since she was a child And s h e comes b y her inclinations naturally !or she is MY FAVORITE PHOTO ?0,000,000* FRENCHHEN CAN'T BE WRONG! We beiieve it was that gre 'at glorifier of the American Girl, Flo Zeigfeld, who originated the phrase, Frenchmen can't be wrong! Anyway, here at Tyndall, m 111 tary secrecy forbids us to mention the exact number of T/F French gunnery students who "can't be wrong" when they red headed Becky Emanuel (above) as their favorite of favorites. With Pvt. Gilles Levesque as interpreter and Pfc. Paul as ghost writer, Tyndall's French students have peti tioned the Target to carry their favor1te photograph of the PX'sBeckywiththefollowingexplanation: I n "In fitting climax to that long list of g1rls wed l1ke most to be with," the French Air Force Squadron at Tyndall Field last week nominated Miss "Becky" Emanuel as the 1 sweetheart of the French Air Forces in America.' Miss Emanuel, titian-headed charmer, dispenser of happiness and carbonated beverages, and destroyer of G I hearts at the Post Recreation Hall, was presented with a sterling silver bracelet inscribed with the names of the Free French Personnel attending Gunnery School here. After six months employment on Tyndall Field, she has, in the opinion of those she serves, swiftly become one of the most popular and efficient of the PX personnel. A native of Florida, Becky came to Panama City in and, attracted by the lure, charming environments, aod even more charming public, soon found niche in Tyndall's vast army of civilian workers. Through rapid transfers from the main PX, to the Bowling Alleys, and finally to her present position,, her career on Tyndall Field has become one of her other joysl and comforts. But she considers the honor of being the sweetheart of so many warriors, far from home, her supreme accomplishment." C'est. la Cher che z la f emme C' es t la (* Mi 1 itary secret) STUDENT GUNNER HAS TRUHPETED WITH TOP BANDS In the person of Cpl. Nelson Le Blanc, trumpeter, Squadron D has a real musician. Prior to and while in the army, Le Blanc descendan t or James W e b b an who has just turned 25, had ap aide or George Washingto n on many peared in spot performances with the co1.mtry' s top bandsamong s t or his surveying expeditions. Air Corps on Nov. tO, 1942 and has been playing the trumpet since h e was 13, when he received a tn.Dl!Jlet fur his birthday. Let it be understood that LeBlanc's m.is icians h i p is not confined to Boo g i e W oogi e and simila r nusical contemporaries his association w ith the N ew Orleans Symphony Orchestra f o r almos t two as 1st tntmpet, belies tha t fact. (And a fter looking at h e r picture them Harry James, Alvino Re y .... the tho u gh t o r exploration Tommy Dorsey and the orchestra persist s.) of Ozzie Nelson. f f u. al .-Cp 1. Le Blanc en lis ted -in the .. Hats o to ml tu O r a t__::.._ ______ grand salute to the l a t e Ben BeY..:' great story .... A popular New nie .. Guy Lombardo, Phil Baker, England show, n Yankee House and others participaterl on the Party, n a Yankee Network feature, half-hour show .... Deanna Dur-will be heard ove r Mutual bin, Universal star, is breaking Time: 3:30-4:00 ove r MBS n et. up with hu b b y V au ghn Paul So , D on t forget T y ndall's you too have a chance no.w, sol-own radio shows The Radio d i e r CBS tar Grou cho Marx P layhouse on Wednesdays at 8 : 30 ; has a t rarlem a r k o n the lips o f t h e .Hall b roadcast s o n Thurseveryone "Shall w e dan ce? .. days at. 8 : 30 ; the uso s hows Tues B' way shows a r e having their days at 8 : 30 ; a n d M a r c h to V ic g reatest season wi t h plenty o f tory, Mondays t hru Fridays at hits One favorite i s 0kl&-1 : 0 0 .. all program s ov e r WDLP, homa," a grand perfonnance of a i230 on y ou r d i al, Upon enlistment, trumpet e r Le Blanc was sent t o Santa Anna, Cal for classification and pre flight. There h e was spotted on a P.R. 0. radio prog ram and re ceive d several offe r s from big name bands. After being elimin ated in 1Jrimary, LeBlanc was shipped t o Tyndall Field Le Blanc, who i s married, holds t h a t h e is too ros y thinking of the present to concern himself with anything as remote and tD1certain as the futl'tre.


October 30, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 5 \ J /]-I LL0-6--:L ----' Greeting gates ,, Lets perambulate around TJF ror the happen1n'sor the week .... ,, Many of us recognized ap old friend on the staff or the EFTC Air Inspector: he was Lt. John Lafko ,, Several Tyndallers knew him M1 en he was Pvt. John Lafko at Maxwell, some three years ago FriendlY argument going on 1n rront of Post Chapel the other night Chaplain Dorney and Cpls. Black and Long 1 Tis said that subject was one or religions,, ,, The Leeson twins, Ernest and Emroy, have transferred from the 69th to the 40th Where one goes, tother goes Remember, soldier, the dimmer the light, the more scandal power! Lt. Greg Greene is now a student gunner Likes it .fine, he sez Post Operations has a new clerk in Pvt. Dave" Gershowi tz He reported to T/F from Apalach New is Pfc. Bill ]ohnsoo He cane fran Q:!anute Sgt. ]olnny Taylor is now an instructor on the moving base range He was formerly in the 39th, now in the 40th Remember Johnny and Rose Cimpi at the USJ (He was assistant to Recktenwald)? Their new address, if you'd care to write, is P.O. Box 208, CJJarleston, S.C .... The 4oth won the weekly inspection Four outfits tied for second honors Final receipts turned over to the AER as a result of the local premiere of 'This Is the Ar.my totalled $1393.45. It couldn't go to a better cause. STORY OF THE WEEK: Once upon a time there was a young girl taking a stroll thru the woods, all alone. She stopped beside a shady rrook to rest, As she sat wondering when all the boys would be back !rom the war, a voice spoke to her. She looked. and was surprised to find that voice had come from a large bullfrog, sitting on the bank of the nearby stream. The frog said, Take me home w1 th you, place me on your pillow, and when you awake tomorrow morning a handsome man will be lYing there 1n bed with you." Well, she was doubtful, but the rrog finally persuaded her, so she took him home and that evening placed him on the pillow beside her. The next morn-\ 1ng when her mother came to awaken her, sure enough, there was a handsome young man 1n bed w1th the girl. And do you know, to this day, her mother never believed the story about the frog, Back when you needed tickets to get fed at the PX, a certain 344th sergeant went out the door with a smile on his face .. Hehad written this crJ the back of the cherk: 10041llJ. (Get it?) Sgt. Wilfred Crofts reoorted back from .furlough to find that he's ,. oh;.se checker in turrets again He's been changed around more often than our two GI khaki uniforms 'K7lat Wac wrote hiD mash notes to what t'IW Hq. enplcyes? And the three of then blush if their .nanes were published? If a S:XS fellow marries a girl 4x4, they have chillun lxl., TYNDALLQUARTERMASTER Mrs. Hartsfield and Miss Fleming were joint hostesses at the home or Mrs. Hartsfield Wednesday night at a lovely party honoring Hope HUrst. Miss Hurst 1s leaving ror Connecticut Sunday and the Ql1 wishes her and Lt. Monagan the best or luck. HO\'f can you connect these four: UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA-EMORY-DENTIST AND DOCTOR? Murphy and Dykes, this 1s the s1xty-rour dollar question .. Do you have a d1ct.1onary handy, Martha? Sgt. Klng is not so good at analyzing letters ... WANTED: the definition or the word senile. "Pistol Packing Momma" has put no light on Catherine who still 1s heard s 1ng1ng "I have gobs and gobs of love for the ",,,Could the new girls in ran transportation have put any damper on the Kirkland-Andrews romance? Miss MurphY, see the Sgt. 1n Mall and Records ror instructions on how to wear perrume Miss McClellan and Sgt. Ra mey are tusy wltll certain wedding arrangements, but what we are inter-.ested 1n is when they are going to toll ror you two. We guess that Sara ls still a true blue girl because we have heard or no disconnections between Miss Property and the commlssary,,,In closing, Miss Fleming, we would like to know why. you won't giv-e the cute Sgt. rrorn Ordnance a break.Let us 1n on .it, Mable. TILL WE MEET AGAIN! DEPARTMENT OF TRAIN/Nr. Tire Sgt. Major's o Hlce has a nE:w code going 'round. conld 1 t be that we get our inspiration rrom a certain fellow named "Jake"? Quite a rew names fit in the code. rr you're lucky enough to have one with rour or five letters, you rate around the place. All the girls are busy with plans and Ideas ror re-decorating their "dressing room." Thanks to Mrs. Nimocks ror the beautiful pictures she made ror us. They really do brighten the place. We wonder why Miss Donham has been all smlles.lately. Maybe be caUse her one and onlY made that extra stripe, H!!'s a full l1eutenan t now. Congra tulat1ons! Everyone s all up ln the air about the Masquerade Dance at the Instructors' Clubs having at the Country Club tonight. It's going to be a big party, girls, so dress up in your prettiest costume and come on out! Could 1t be the food? If you happen to go to the C1V111an Cafet eria be tween the hrs. or 1100 and 1130 you are sure to see two very special customers, namely, Sgt. Hodge and Cpl. Mangum ... when spied by ???? they weren 1 t eating.! rr you really want to go on a "j oy ride try riding 1n some after noon with Capt, Joy 1n his "Joy Wagon." How about lt, Capt, Berner? rr by chance, you ask Miss Flewellyn, she'd advise you at once to. see Sgt. Larsen and Sgt. Woodward ror any sorrow or trouble that you might have. It is 1n their power to comrort. you wlth their sootR1ng touch. Especially 1r your pr_ oblem has anything to do w 1th love! By the way, fellows, 1s that 1n the code? .Better ask Jake. Cpl. Gerald Chavers, popular mite from P.C., joined the swelling anks of separate ration men by wedding a local belle last Wednecday Lfte rnoon. The ceremony took-place at the Post Chapel -and many were on hand to wish the best for the happy twosome TjSgt, Freddie Gilmore will tie on the halter next Monday with Miss Gwenn Spencer, Capt, Singleton's secretary and we join the throng 1n extending ta t1ons. And now, for a closer, give a look at the latest L' i1 Audrey. story: Little Audrey was visiting the bakery one day, and a baker told her if she wasn't. a good .li ttle girl, he'd throw her in the ovffi and she'd bum up. But Little Audrey .. she just laughed and laughed and laughed. She knew she was teD young to get hot! See you next Saturday! "PUT ON YOUR GALOSHES, SOLDIER, THERE'S DIRTY WORK AFOOT By Pfc. Gawdhelp1,1s I crawled for the last few days buttonholing people and asking them Whadyaknow and they answered to a man, I knownuttin. The on a diet

Page 6 THE TYNDALL TARGET NEWS Kadei: Kapers Did you men hear about the Sat urday morning from Lt. Harrington? Here is the whole story as to what Lt. Hanington walked along the road to ward Barrack.t No. 404 at peace with eveyone. He turned onto the walk with a pick and shovel preparent to inspect.. Immediately he began to dig his way to Room One. He dug on for about an hOwbefore he recc::hed the door. Littie did he realize what was in store for him. FROM THE Taking his snowshoes from his pack he placed them on his feet to prevent himself from being absorbed by the dust. He walked slowly through the room careful of every step. All was well. Things were in order. Then it came. Like a bolt of lightning the door opened and the dust in the room raised before him. Quickly he realized his danger and reached for his light. Fate was c.gainst him. The batery was dead. Frantically he searched for the door as the cloud grew thicker and thick'110 Jl JOI!OdS ljDJ>J!'t SJwY'!I'1nd ''OJ 'li' pow 'ppoa papunoJ aJO os1o JDin6uopaJ iD:>Hd!lla puc JOa6 6u!puo1 pax!t fO ay1 a6o1asn* ay' fO o soy a6o1asnf MOJJou '6uo1 ay, JD 6U!M wouoq ayJ U! paAU! ayJ fO pod JaMOi s6u!M uo S! aJaYl sdH papunoJ a:>oJg A papunoJ aAoy aJO puc uods 1onba puc JDin6uopaJ aJo s6U!M y6!4 fO aJO s6LI!M ay1 auold!q ay1 d!ys uos!D!i o so AWJV , '96 !4S!UDMD)I pasn auo1d ''46!1 o 'gy-1 ery minute and began to loose all asauodor 10 al!:l Jad!d ay s,H ; l oN 10 ION sense of direction. Suddenly he felt the leg of a bed. Quick as a flash it occurred to him. He could crawl beneath the blanket until the wind stopped. As he lifted the blanket and jumped in thousand needles Squadron C went through him.. He looked down Not having written for the Target Hill and Sgt. Michael A. Totelli are and saw broken bottles, tin cans, before, I'm going to devote this ar-still holding down the old fort sif'lce. Cigarette butts, old newspapers, etc. ticle to "Strictly Observations." the specialist system has come into: He laid beneath the blanket for Seems Flight I never wins the flag, affect. To my estimation, they are what seemed years. for Saturday's inspection, still they domg and always have done a fine Finally the wind died away and the are the toughest of all five barracks job of keejing the barracks trim for coast was clear. to beat. 'lrue, our squadron didn't inspections. "We," say Sgts. Miko-He rose, and as he upproached win last inslJection, but da, Hill and Torelli, "have the the door a horrible sight appeared. they were neve1 theless nght up there marchingest outfit on the post and The room orderly forgot to shine the in second place. Hereafter, say the a-ny challenge to its superiority will door knob. That made him furious. inen, it's first place or nothing, and. be quickly accepted, barring none!" So gentlemen, you know why we already our Ftrst Sgt., Kenneth L And let's not forget it was Sgt. Gerhad that stand by. Just because Hogue, is considering the idea of a aid R. Still and hts men who won the some "off the ball" gadget didn't permanent holder for the "E" flag. flag. blitz the door knob. We'll have to The Three Musketeers of Flight I, Congratulations! Our Squadroo watch out for that in the future. T ;Sgt. William J. Mikoda, Sgt. Earl wishes to extend hearty congratula-___________ ..;_:..;;,:;.;;.;..;;:;.._-J.. ____________ tions to our C 0., 1st Lt. Don K. Hill D The third week found us begin-presence at the Instructors' Dance ning a new schedule and from the this Saturday will be missed and a promise of two weeks of Air-to-Air large part of the success of this venfiring in the schedule it looks like ture is due to his work as advisor it will be very interesting. Now all of the c lub. Between his many duwe are sweating is the academic ties as C. 0. of the Squadron, mem cx:::.m being straightened out : .. We b e r of different official boards of liked the skeet range but the cas. officers, and now the job ot ualties that came after the first day advisor of the Instructors' Club, he had the boys looking like veterans has be e n a very busy officer. of the "Battle of Bay Harbor." Noth-We had Waller Trainer this weell ing serious but the buckshot did and various sections were scheduled sting. unti l as l a t e as 11:45 One of the The bulletin bo ard carried the om-fellows saw the First Sergeant and inou s announcement that the p er-Sgt. LuFra ne still working on rosm a n ent pr.rty would h a ve their an-ters and was heard to r:emark, "Don't '1ual s h ots a nd the looks of complete those guys ever sleep?" Just goes hopelessness and anxiety made us to show yo u fellows th2.t the perthink t hat a casually list had been manent pe: sonnel work the hours posted ... Cpl. Litkenhaus, our ge-you do and their job continues afte'r nial supply sergeant, went around your stay of six wee!u, has ended. like a wet hen for days before the All the permanent personnel and' hour of inno culation, and some lucky stucjents are looking far nursed a sore arm for several days ward to the datiCe tonight being h e ld after. We wonder if the "shots" at the Lynn Haven Country Club. bothered the boys who are the com-Should be a good time for all, rutd panions of the "League for Friend-Sgts. Snowdc n and Kerr are to he ly Telephone Operators' Escort" but given credit along with the Advisory from the latest word, Sgts. Dufrane, and Representative Boc.rds for IlavMarx, Pfc. Quick and even the top-ing don:: so much work to make the kick, haven't rendered any reports. dance a success. Even went so far Our hard working C. 0., Lt. Cleary I as to arrange with the local U. S. went on his le::.ve this week, and we 0. to have dates furnished for you hope tha t it is a pleasant one. His bashful Lotha rios. Have fun! upon his recent marriage. A lengthy discussion at 4 a. m.: "Hey fella" "Who you callin' fella ?" "I'm tellin' you, I got off the bus tonight." "Look fella, you didn't." "Look fella if you call me fella again I'll go to bed." Pvt. James F. Green, Cpl. Robert Claver, and Cpl. Nathan Schwortz, an inseparable trio -not even a chow line can break them up Cpl. John MacKenzie comedian extraordinary A min ute never pfisses without John thinking up a new gag or brain twister. We all appreciate your swell sense of humor. Now that Cpl. Paul Kamas is "Chief High Lama" of his barrack room, the boys can all relax. Wonder whether he' ll need any help on the Friday night G. I. party? Cpl. Denzil F. Marley, the quiet character in Section No. 4, has previeW,? experience in movies. Played as an extra in a film starring William Hoi den and Jean Arthur. Corner Sgt. Hill sometime, and ask him how Irma' s tires are. Is it true that an old romance has been revived? They say Sgt. Torelli has quit dating the high school girls, and is now dating their te2.chers Why does T;Sgt. Mikoda always dine at the "Splendid" when he goes to town? ---------Big difference between war and peace. Never heard of good war. Squadron E T ;Sgt .C. D. Smith is now comfortably seated in the throne long warmed by 1st Sgt. Hafer. Pleas-1 ant dreams, C. D. We hope this change> doesn' t alter, in the least, your most frequent visits to that certain cafe Took a gander a't T /Sgt. Walicki's personal pin-up gal -a humdinger The cormection between Thursday night's G. I. dance and Friday night's G I. party for, a certain sergeant, (M) is a blonde ... Our little boy, Joey, is back from Atlantc,, a fine example of the wonderfulness of the Institution of Matrimony. We can tell Joey, we can tell! Is La B ranche finding it "very warm for October?" ... We wonder why? Sgt. Bittner is leaving us. Adois Ame_go "Coke" is now on furlough ... Said .he' s coming back full of "Rum." DID YOU KNOW? ... That Cpl. Hugh Hegh holds a 'Master of Languages from Yale University He 2-!so was a member of the Yale faculty ... Paints for a hobby ... One of his works was printed in Life magazine Original of which is hanging at the University ... Pvt. Dworetzky is a graduate of N Y. U. ... That Cpl. Francis is a Civil Engineer That Cpl. Anderson once bore the title "Director of Music," for a well known school That Pvt. Wepner was a Golden Glove chc,mp That S / S .gt. Gurnicki was also a past master of the squared circle ... That Pfc. Gerstein sang for 'his supper via the air-waves and etc. That Sgt. O 'Dells kid sister is an aviatrix in the WAFs, flying twinengine jobs, at the tender age of 21. ... That Pfc. 'iVile,s lost a brother at Dutch Hrcrbor an.l a brother-in-law in the battle o f !\Li c'l. SURPRISE vi.Gt.;K Finding Supply Sgt. J....:,u Qetlin in his supply-room. -Ham Col{e. Whit:e Flashes Apologies are in order this week from yours truly to Pfc. Solomon. Solomon is to leave with the others for the Co::ps of Cadets. You have our best wishes and we know that you will come out on top. In the. volleyball section, our team had two forfeits. The two teams tha t f ailed to show up were the 348th and the Ordnance. These teams WO\lld have been on the court but duty kept them from it. We' ll meet some other boys. This week we received a report from one of our boys on his way to combat, Cpl. Marek was the fellow Who remembered us. He is now in Salt Lake awaiting shipment to pomts unknown. Marek sends hi best to a ll and hopes to see us whei we get over there. The boys are m _ovmg out fast. It looks as though Bill Wtll get his wish. (We hope.) Our Blessed Events in Barracks 1 are still a big They have been msr-ected and reinspected. Pfc. Flynn has requested that anyone who Wishes t o inspect them in the near future will see him first. We all sympathize with you, Flynn. The last few inspections have been well t a l{en care of. Fellows, you are to b e congratulated on the swell job you have been doing. We are not high enough for the fla g yet. Let's get It next time out. -Cpl. F J .. J ohnson


"Our P rogre.ss Is Satisfactory" "Our progress is satisfactory." That is the wording of the latest Allied communique on the fighting in Italy, where our progres$ for the past week or so has been considerably slowed. There is heavy fighting immediately ahead, until and if we can toss the Nazis out of the mountain defenses which stretch across Italy. The military experts believe that the Nazis are now in their last defense line before Rome, that when we toss them out of the mountains the going will be comparatively easy until we run into the nex t chain of defenses north of Rome However, some of those ex perts believe it will be a tough struggle before we get past the mountains. One school of thought expects the Nazis under Marshal Rommel to make a strong counterattack which may push our troops back along some of the ground which we have gained since Naples. Vast numbers of 88 mn. guns and heavy mortars are being used by the Nazis against the slcwly advancing Allied troops. Civil War in The Bat kans The belligerent Balkans, EUrope's trouble spot for ages, are at it avain. The two patriot armies there are squabbling and fighting among themselves. Takj ng ad vantag e of this, the Germans have sent motorized and armored forces snashing into the hills in an effort to wipe out both forces. King Peter, the youthful monarch who dared to defY Hitler tefore the Germans occupied Yugoslavia, supports Gen. Mi h ailovic, while Gen. Josip Rroz (Ti to) is backed, or at least is in favor of, the Com rrunists Th e Allie s are caught in the middle Allied diplo mats, you m a y be sure, are doing their best to end the differences between the two p atriot leaders. J opanese Chased Into the HiLls Admiral Halsey's amphibious forces have chased Jap troops into the hills after lanEling in islands of the Treas_ury group :In the northern Solomons. The Treasury islands. are some 30 miles south of Bou gainvipe. The landing is ap parently part of a move to close in on the substantial Jap forces in Bougainville, bombings of airfields in the vicinity which preceded the attack prevented the Japs from sending any planes to oppose the. landings. Goebbels Says Russia Is Rea{ Danger German Propaganda Minister Goebbels tells the German people that Soviet Russia is "the real danger of this war," but that as far as the home front is concerned Allied bomb ings "represent the lion's share of our troubles." Goebbels asserted in an article that while Germany had met setbacks and had been forced to make retreats "there are no signs of military or moral collapse." He wasn't exaggerating a great deal when he spoke of the "real danger" from Russia. The Soviet troops are just about to trap another German army in the lower Dnieper area and the Crimea. When you look at a map, it is a little startling to see the advance the Russians have made since Stalingrad, in the south, particularly, because there they are rapidly approaching the Rumanian border. Japs Lo.f:Je 700 Planes Allied planes last Saturday and &mday dropped destruction, and some death, on the J ap s at Rabaul, New Guinea. The two raids destroyed 123 Japanese planes, bringi_ng the total enemy losses for two weeks to more tJ-um 700. t French Guerilla Wart/ore J French tly killed t was v, estimated, :))0--Germlill ) ; troops in n orthwestern France. 23-30 Yanks Fire at Nazis in Italy (Mat 61-351) Sig n a l Corp s R a d iophoto near Caserta. These gunners were slated to knock out a Nazi machine gun nest holding up the advance. Smoke burps from the muzzle of this 105 mm gun firing on the enemy in the Volturno River sector .. BY THIS LIGHT THE. rugged men, working all together, had come to Sic ily Convoy sailors and tankermen with the rime of Murmansk on their dungarees were there. Submarine crews from the Indian Ocean; LST boat veterans from Algiers and Casablanca; cruiser sailors, destroyer s a ilors and flat-top crews had gathered from Iceland, Natal and Gibraltar. Tommy Atkins was there with Rommel's s c a lp in hi s pocket ; Johnny Doughboy who had cracked Von Ar11im s giblets at Mateur; and Joe Canadian from Dieppe-all the rugged men had come And in the sky, Spitfire s from the Channel patrol and Malta flew wing-to-wing with Light nings and Warhawks. But wa s it the rugged men, all togethe r who set th.1t fire to raging against the shore of Sic ily ? The ru g g e d m e n know better. The fire that burns a tyrant a lway s s tart s w ith a srJ.rk from a fre eman' s he:1rth Those tiny fla r es of windowsill and doorlight-the home fir e's s t e ady g low mu s t ke e p the hatti e glare full strong and fie r ce on Sicily .. in Rome ... in Berlin and in Toky o The w elder's bus y tor c h splutters magi ca lly into the hlinking rage of the ma chine gun. The factory furnJ.ce refle c t s hut dimly on the home sky yet it is magnified ten thousand time s when the bombs hurs t across the s ev e n s eas M e n and women of Ameri ca, it is you-hy your c ourage, h y your labor, h y your sacrifice-who have started the cor> Aagration whi c h s h all burn and blas t the enemy Has ea c h one stru c k his match ? Is the home fire burning bright? T e nd it with your body's heat and your heart's last breath. for hy this light the rugged m e n are charging on t o vic tory a nd pea c e 1 F ro m A A F R lu e N eftvork Broadcast tl\o\'ings to Victory" t.t


THE TYNDALL TARGET INHERITANCE OF VALOR WE WILL REMEMBER OuF fighting sons gaJ n courage fran brave comrades Great is the B-17, the mighty fortress, they said and ga l lant 1eaders---but they also possess an in-and that is true. No more powerful plane has ever heri tance of valor from the past. No boy who flies flown the skies. But fortresses, on the g r ound, on an American plane into battle goes unaccompanied. the sea, or in the air, are but sticks and stones Flesh and blood companions he may lack in some des-and cold iron. Human courage must spring to flame perate extremity of s i ngle-handed combat---but he in them and when it does, they are a staunch bul never fights alone. AI I the years of alI this na-wark to us and a terror to our enemies. tion's follow him I ike a mighty host. Men have fought in Flying Fortresses above Bataan, Our enemies know this. German and Japanese mi 1 i-acros s the Coral Sea, in the skies of China and of tary writers have been carefu I to warn: "The Ame ri-Java, in the ruddy Burmese dawn and in the twi I ight can has a tradition of success in war.n Tradition of the Solomons. Their wings have dared fue Atlantic is a cold word and, in Berlin, they hoped it was a gale and the sandstorm of the North Afr ican desert dead one. But boys in Flying Fortresses and P-381s, in Mustangs and Liberators, have crushed that hope. Their engines rumble on many a far-flung field--and once again the drums of Washington are muttering and the German he I I that is Europe. Most of these splendid ships manned with unflinching flesh and fighting hearts and reverent souls afire with the wi II to be free ... have dealt the enemy a dreadful down the Trenton road. Prope.llers flai 1 the a i r--and punishment and returned to fight again. once more old Andy Jackson's coattai Is fly as he leads a charge at New Orleans. Do you hear that dawn-wind singing, boy in a CurBut some did not return. There are absent comrades .. there are funeral pyres .. there are unmarked graves. But they are not forgotten. Chinese girl .. tl.ss Warhawk? It. h' f Greek baby ... Polish woman .. Norwegian boy .. Belgian IS a w 1sper o the bugles at Chancellorsvi lie and Gettysburg. Pi lot of a Thundergrandmother ... shall YCXJ forget them? bolt, cut loose with all your guns and I isr ten. You Oh, young and fallen, who dropped the bright coin have awakened the barrage at St. Mihiel. Bomber of your lives i nto these thin, shackled and beseechcrew, must you make an unescorted flight across the Channel? Unescorted by fighters7 Then men of the Spads and Nieuports and Camels wi I I rise up to keep you comoany I Is the sky fu II of echoes? They are shooting Richthofen1s Ci reus down in flames. Men of !he Air Forces, never doubt it. As your resolute feet go marching out to duty--there is historic thunder on the close horizon. The Yanks are marching acrOS$ the Rhine once morel Even today the Germans hear it. And tomorrow? Tomorrow?-------From AAF Blue f'letwork Brol!dCl!St 'Wingsto Victory' ing hands ... you wi II be remembered. Slaves set free shall call your names in thankfulness ... and we, your brothers, wi II not forget. Over Tokio ... over Berlin .. as we reach for gun trigger and bomb release we w iII remember. LIFE SAVERS BE CAREFUL w hen enterin g a n aban doned e nemy gun position. They are likel y t o have left traps s urrounding it for you to stumble into. '' If you know the enemy and know you need not fear the result of a hundred yourself, battles. '' furntsfled by Special Seroice for use on Orientation Bulletin Boards I


October 30, 1948 The Flaming Bomb ALOHA! The Ordna nce men wish good luck to sgt. Pfc. Abram oski, Pfc. Hoffma n Pfc Hoover ar.d Sgt. T Little, who ate shipping out to ( ? ) even they don't know. Lt. Birney has been keeping his fin gers crossed hoping that he'll be granted a 10 day leave. IN THE SPOTLIGHT: We give Pvt. Hershoff credit for "Chaplaining" about the Ordnance' s does to a epresentative of the inspector gen ral's department. Yet his brr..-very certainly tooK a nose dive while on one of the ranges. Seeing a certain war dog, he called it "nice little doggie"-went to r;et it, then sprang back two feet when nice doggie suddenly. growled fiercely; ... Cpl. Pap .P_as strongly believes in being paid ttme and a half for laboring on Sun day ... If w,auld b e interesting to know whether Pfc. Kolezar h;:,.s a good case of blonde WACkites, or were you just accidentally sitting be side her? Due to being in the hospital, .Pfc. Yannone received a gift box of ca:n dy from a lady in khaki. You can expect more visitor s from 1;1ow on. .... Lucky is the Ordnance GI who nearly got pincheC: -'>Ut didn't. Dur ing a fishing trip he raised his trus ty rifle to bag some unrationed food then suddenly decided not to puii the trigger.. Possibly it was because a game warden was standing near by. In our company is a fellow of real He is just a Pfc. Wtth an 8th grade schooling. How ever, Pfc. X s pends most of his spare ttme books and taking By reading intensive ly he is trymg to further his education. Let's hope h e reaches his goala better knowledge of life. This week's Flaming Bum award goes to Pfc. P Brown who suggests that a collection b e mc de to buy gift JOke book for our use Brown Bombers During the weekend the top kick was a visitor in T;::,.llahassee. Somer one seems to think tha t the Capital doesn't agree with the ol boy. It' s a fib-but the rumor has gotten out that the one and only wasn' t there and he had to tour back to the great little city in the west. You should be. ashamed of yourself; Sarg. What's wrong with the queens at A & M.? D;::,..Je Mabry was once the G. I.'s home. For the last three or four weeks. squadron has had a score of ninety or better on the Saturday in 'Spection reports but it looks as if the ol' "E" flag is a long ways off. Who gives out those 99's? As the C. D. says, a squadron ought to lose eight points for t aking up space. On Monday, the 25th, the mem bers of the went to the Incendiary Denl<>nstratio n on the Ri:.-nge. Eve1 ybOdy enjoyed / selves and learned a great deal in how to put out and centi'ol fires started b y incendiary bombs. As a matter of fact, they h a d some first hand experience that night! At this time ot tih year, someone has cut the on...-a nd n1ly watermei on that was gn ., I Ill!; (n t h e !;:,.wn be side the orderly m om

P.a e 8 THE TYNDALL TARGET MP's Get the Dope on Nazis A German medic prisoner at tends another of Hitler's boys in a stockade in Italy. Two American military policemen in the back ground take vital statistics on the two men. W AC-Hvit:i. es INTRODUCING-Winsome Wacky -The Water Bug this a m. i stuck my little pink bootie out to test the cold cement floor from the water pipe in the.WAC room, but jerked it back quickly but not from chilliness. there; staring me right in the eyebrow, was a big black feline. what will these lovely ladies think of to adopt next? a rooster and a black cat, to say nothing of those love birds in the dayroom-the two in the cage, tr::t: talk back to the officers when they are making to the lady soldiers. wish i had taken that last sip of chcket joyjuice, i'm seeing well baked hams my eyes. nope, i'm wrong, it's cpls. crowley and mcgovern, with evidence of lots 'n' lots of sunshine enjoyed by these two lassies. I. r. has it that the rec hall is getting a rejuvenation. the fireplace idea has its possibilities-i hope barney beetle will pop the question when he holds my hl:!.nd before that cozy fire. the g i.'s will be getting a break if the coffee and sandwich idea is not just a pipe dream, for there is many an empty tummy when 10 p. m. rolls around, and nowhere to ------------------,-------------------Jgo for a refill. i'd ask you over to my water shed for a snack, but sometimes my naybors, mr. and mrs. stinkbug and all the little stinkos me to the larder in the g i. can. Canaries We finall y received some more K P. materi al. The boys really have been "swe:. ting it out." Now they w ill only get it every two days. No kiddi n g f e llo w s, welcome to thP. sguadrorP "Pette r Wabbit" Owens and Jo Jo are a ll set fo r the rush to the winter uniforms and they promise t ailorm a d e 0. D.' s with our uniform inspec ti o n. Our squadron should be t h e best d r esse d on the post Go ldwater i s having trouble at Macy's s o we are a llttle in doubt. Most o f t h e "old timers" h a v e left f o r sch oo l a n d with a ll these n e w faces it seems like we are starting a l : over again .. Then there i s the stor y about Kukla-he said tha t it was t h e heat in the bus tha t hi m fall asl eep, but between yo:.1 m e a nd Lana Turner ( hmmm 1 ) I t hin!< t h a t t h e hea t was in his s t o m ach -about 90 proof, I think: S ;Sgt. Jackson is quite t h e whiz z on the \'Olley b all team duri n g P. T. But I wonder why he a l ways takes lhe last r o w w h eri it comes to e x erc ises? Docl< has a ll the girls in the subdepo t all <:.dithe r. Tha t i s what he says but the n h e is over the r e m ost of t h e time and he should kno w T 0. C h a rli e i s doing all right with his '' c hi t c h ats" wi t h the. t e d head. The o ld saying i s t h a t i f you play with fire W oo d y Bluebirds S ;Sgt. Reid H. B a tle y lea,;es this week for a three week course in administration being held at Maxwell Fie ld. His absence w ill be felt deeply by the. female military personnel of this command. Lt. .t:Sreen is thinking seriously of constructing a coffeee shop in the Squadron's day room. This w ill be exclusive for the members of the .orderly room only. The only draw b ack seems to be milk. It takes rati o n points to buy milk, and he has n o t won the ration bo::.rd o ver on the idea \ o date. Within. the last couple of weeks quite a few new members have joine d the Blue Birds. Some from the 350th, other s from Smyrna, Tenn: W e l come fellows, may your stay in this organization be a s pleasant as y our sta y in your former one. The Blue Bird Quinte t i s rapidly ironing out their kinks f o r the comin g b asketball s e ason. This ;:ggre g a t ion has promise o f becoming one o f the fin est tea m s o n the fi e ld. Sev eral .o f our s t ars a r e awa y at present, however they are expect e d to rejoin u s very s h o rl.l y Alley-Oo p Mi c h a el and M ysterious M a n M cintosh have teamed up tc bring about more l a u ghs to foes friends." Mic h ael's favorite c h arac t e r of fun i s getting M e n ard's goat. On the othe r hand M cintosh s p read s his l a u ghte r over a wider a rea. approaching is a squad of female khaki-clads, armed with soap and towel, for the nightly ablutions, so i must retire to my joint (pipe) and give the little ladies some privacy, so ta-ta, till next time, when i will be on kaypee. American Artillery Traps G. I.; Nazi Guns Free Him Italy (CNS) -Pvt. Audrey Stamey of Rome, Ga. had the perience of being nipped by his own artillery fire-and then freed by that of the enemy. It happened when Stamey was trapped between his lines and the Germans near Altaville. A big American gun let go with a blast and Stamey dived into a slit trench already occupied by six Germans. As soon as the firing stopped the Germans left the trench and took Stamey with them. Then the Nazi guns opened up. The Germans scattered and Stamey found himself alone again. He hid in a ditch and then worked his way back to his own lines. Ma Sails So Son Gets Leave Lincoln, Neb. (CNS) Pvt. George Specht gave a reason for an emergency furlough that was a corker. He explained his mother, an Army Nurse, was sailing for overseas duty. He got the fur-lough. ---, Guardians We extend our heartiest congratulations (somewhat .belated) to Lt. Eugene T for his quiring that silver bar. Incldentally, Lt. Bonk is at school now but will return soon. There has been a decided slowness in our purchasing war bonds and in our taking out more life insurance.' These two are surefire bets that can't miss, so why not see Cpl. Mashburn and Buy War funds? From the looks of the pr.ospective candidates for our basketball team we have the 'makins' of a corker of a team. Pvts. Kooey and Mitchell showed up well i11 practice and seem to be'assured of a permanent berth. This column thinks that it's about time for another squadron party so why not have one. (This line is pointing to the SociaL O>mmittee.) BANTER: We hear that Pvt. M.B. is burned up no end over an article that was in the Target last week but we claim no credit for that bit of scribbling And that cradle snatching Cpl. confessed that he no longer goes with that gal in pigtails T/Sgt. Cartwright has a new love and a new picture Cp 1. Menendez at long last has found a girl who works and yet likes him. She's even reforming him A new name for R.L. Sipe is 'Roly Poly G.T. Wright has a new flame and her name is 'Rec Hall Maizie.' By the way what happened in Ace's room when Pvt. Palmer got up in the middle of the night? MAN OF THE WEEK: Our man of the week, Cl'l. R. Artal, is another Tampa boy who came in the Army on the 15th of Jan., 42, Artal was born on Nov. 12, 1913 in the "Bataclan' of Ybor City, a part of Tampa. He once worked in a cigar fac tory but spent most of the time after that working in the best restaurants of TamJ'a. Ray also spent about two years in the CCC and there learned the rudiments of cooking, Cpl. Artal is getting married soon but hasn't plucked UJ' sufficient courage to take the fa tal step. He is now working as Cpi. of the Guard and does a good job of it. -Cpl. Sam Marotta Oh, Those Sergeants! Gal Loves Them All Jersey City (CNS) -Pretty Catherine Donniani loves sergeants so much that she married one of them and had a baby by another, When Sgt. Leon Donniani (the one she married) got wind of this set-up, he filed suit for divorce and won it. But S/Sgt. Russell Woessner (the one by whom she had the baby) is now o v erseas so Catherine is entirely sergeantless. "But," she philosophized, "we'll be married just as soon as Russell gets back and then everything will be all right."


October 30, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET P11. e 9 BOXING MATCHE$ DRAW LARGE CROWD DESPITE COOL WEATHER TYNDALL FIELD VOLLEY BALL CHAMPS "CELLAR FLIERS" END UP ON TOP T.K.O. and Draw Highlight Well-matched 7-Bout Card Last Monday A comparatively low thermometer reading and the presence of a USO Camp Show didn't stop Tyndall's faithful fight fans from lturning out in their usual large number at last Monday evening's boxing show. Seven well-fought bouts provided the close to 500 spectators ample thrills under t he chilled skies. Five of the matches were decision affairs, with a draw and a T.K.O. rounding out the card. Walter Rodgers of Squad.ron C and Tom Jewell of "B" donned gloves for the evening's first clash and both boys traded blows evenly until the third canto when Rodgers let loose with a flurry of sharp blows to earn the decisicn. Squadron C' s smooth boxing Hector Sapien then took to the Iring against Joe Ippolito or the 344 th. Ippolito had the advantage in height and weight but.Sapien's skill and experience stood him in good stead as the match ended in a deadlock. In the third tussle, Joe Puleo of Ordnance put up a good scrap against "C' sn BillY Workman, but Billy's several knockdown blows convinced the judges that he was the better man. The Gunnermakers' Emory Leeson lseemed to have the situa-tion well in hand in the fifth bout of the evening as his opponent, Wally Miatozo (C) took one staggering blow after another. It looked like a sure knockout when Leeson once caught Miatozo flush on the chin with a terriflc left hook, but Miatozo gamely rose to his feet and finished out the match as Leeson scored an easy victory. The fifth bout of the evening saw veteran Skunk Hollow pugilist Bill Abraham, undefeated here at TJF', trade b-lows with Allie Palmer, left hook artist from Squad ron c Abraham was still undefeated at the evening's end by virtue bf a T. K. o in the third l round when the referee decided that Palmer had had e n ough Sgt. Mel Altis, field boxing coach, stated after the fight that Abraham looks like the only opponent in sight for Squadron Cs undefeatert George Murphy, and intends to match them In Monday night s r.ar

'Pa e 0 THE TYNDALL TARGET MESS TICKETS AND PASSES T IF SOLDIER RECEIVES PRES I DENT SIGNS (continued f'rom Page 2J 8 YEAR SENTENCE AND DEPENDENTS BILL upon a ticket will be ref\mded 0 OBB Y upon the transfer of the holder D D. F R R ER Early this week President from this station or on his A Tyndall Field soldier, ac-Roosevelt si,?)1ed the Dependbe:ing placed on detached ser-cused w1 th two others of at-ents Bill, a measure which vice. tacking and robbing a Spring-boosts peyments to dependents According to Capt. Casey, field man, has been sentenced of servicanen. one of the chief problems of to eight years confinanent and The new law, which was his office has been the sur dishonorable discharge from passed by the House and Senate plus of food in one mess hall the Army. by a wide margin, provides and the shortage experienced The soldier, former Pvt. for $50 monthly for a wife, by another mess hall during Thomas C. Hicks, 111d two oth$30 for the first child and the same meal. The captain er soldiers who are awaiting $2) fbr each oclditional child. believes that the system of trial are alleged to have ta-The present allowance for a passes and tickets will great-wife is $50 monthly, $12 for ken a car, $230 in cash, a the first child and $lO for ly alleviate that situation, wallet, a wrist watch and a since the tickets and passes each additional child. pocket watch from James A. will plainly designate the Amison of Springfield. The cemans present mess hall. in which the holder 1 contribution of $22 a month Witnesses at the genera is assigned to eat, thereby courts martial related the toward his family's support eliminating the somewhat comt f will not be affected by the following accoun o the rob-mon practice of Gis not "pa-increased allowances measure. bery, which occurred several tronizing" the mess halls to weeks ago: diers said, "There's a buddy M1ich they have been regularly Hicks and his two companions of mine in the ditch. Stop assigned. met Amison at a roadhouse near the car." ------------Wewahitchka, and asked him to Ainison stopped and all got give then a ride to that town, out of the car. Then, Amison whidl he did. The four got declared, he was compelled to. sanething to eat together, and wB.lk down the highway about then: :in hnisbn's car rode tO-ax) yards fran the car. There, wards Spr:ingfield. he said, the soldiers slugged they neared the inter-him and took his money and the section of highway 52, the two watdles. Then drove off in soldiers asked Amison to tum his car. to the left, and, Amison al-The automobile later was leged, threatened to harm him found abandoned near the Ala. if he did not corrip 1 y with bama line, and Military Police their request. apprehended the three enlisted As they were riding down men at their homes. Hicks was h i ghway 52, one .of the sol-= EJ.cked up at Cancbr, N.C. "GIVE ONCE FOR ALL!" SOLDIERS ALL Editorial (Continued j'rom Page 2) to do the work of fighting men to fill their elevens. Proud are they to have been born Americans and we hail their consciousness of the debt that appends to their nativity. In the best way, in the Army, they are making fUll peyment for their heritage and. it remains only for others to follow in their footsteps, to answer the call of the present WAC enlistment reaffirm their devotion to the cause of liberty and right by dorming the honored uniform of t]!e WAC_ __ POST Saturday, 'YOUNG IDEAS,' Mary Astor, Herbert Marshall. Sun Mon., 'FLESH AND FANTASY,' Charles Boyer, Barbara Stanwyck. Tuesday, 'YOU'RE A WCKY FELLOW, MR. SMITII, Allen Jones, Evelyn Ankers. 'MYSTERY BROADCAST,' Frank Albertson, Ruth Terry. Wed, Thur, 'PRINCESS O'ROURKE,' Olivia de Havilland, Robert Cummings, Jack Carson. Friday, 'IS EVERYBODY HAPPY,' Ted Lewis and Band, Nan Wynn, RITZ Sun, Mon. 'LET'S FACE IT, Bob Hope, Betty Hutton. Tues., Wed 'DR. GILLESPIE'S CRIMINAL CASE, Lionel Barrymore, Marilyn Maxwell, Late Show Wed., 'SOMEONE TO RE MEMBER.' Thur., Fri., 'SO TillS IS WASHINGTON, Lum and Abner, Saturday, 'MEXICALI ROSE Gene Ji&J try. Late Show Sat,, 'THE FALLEr. SPARROW,' John Garfield. PAN AHA Sun Mon,, ADVENTURES OF TARTU, Robert Donat, Valerie .Hobson Tuesday, 'CASABLANCA,' Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Wednesday, 'PAlM BEACH STORY, Claudette Colbert, Joes McCrea. 2Yz = 18 There are things I'd 1 ike to show you Once you've given me a name--But until I really know you Lack of confidence prohibits same. Meanwhile the War Fund needs your aid, So in sweet char i ,ty' s name-heed that call! Really give on the day that you get paid To that gre,atest cause "GIVE ONCE FOR WE KNOW THIS LOOKS A BIT BATTY BUT IT1S ACTUALLY TRUE. A 2l GALLON FOAH TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER It has a smothering and blanketing effect off oxygen from the material. Produces from 18 to 24 gallons of Foam. It is filled with a water solution of Sodium Bicarbonate containing a Foam producing agent. A small inner vial contains Aluminum Sulphate. In case of FIRE, INVERT it. The internal pressure resulting from the chemical reaction of the two fluids forces out the Foam. BEST ON OIL, GASOLINE AND GREASE FIRES


October 30 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page fill Y AINI}(-W0711 By BOB HAWK 1. Give within two the number ,of keys that a standard plano has? 2. There is only one point in the United States where four states touch. Three or these states are Colorado, Arizona and New Mex1c 0 What is the fourth state? 3, Is a sand hog an animal or a human? 4, Do the stripes on the legs of a zebra go np and down or around? 5, Was Winston Churchill the only child of Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill? 6. Is it true that lobsters can swim backwardS? 7, If you hated women, would you be called a misogynist? 8. If you hated men, would you be called an amanuensis? g, What time was 1 t when the mouse ran up the clock? 10. Unde r the same condi ttons, which balloon would break first on a hot sunny day --a black one or a white one? Y ANKW I Z ANSWERS 1. 88. 2, Utah, 3. A humana laborer who work3 under compressed air. 4. Around. 5. No. He had one younger brother --Major John Strange Churchill. 6, True, 7. Yes. 8. No --an amanuensis is a stenographer. s. One o'clock. 10. A black one. Black absorbs the sun faster than white, Then there was the future sel ectee who wrote his draft board, vPon closing, instead of putting yours,' he wrote, 'Eventually yours.' Draftee: 'Do you think they' 11 send me overseas, doctor?' Examining Physician: 'Not un.less we're invaded!' Sally's back from Hollywood Evading all its perils: Sailys reputation's No hits, no runs, no errols. WAC RECEIVING POOL .. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" Brooklynite: 'And what did you do in civilian lffe?' Buddy: 'Kbrked in Des Moines. Brooklyni te: 'Coal or iron?' Beneath til is stone lies Murphy: They buried him today. He 1 i ved the 1 i fe of Ri 1 ey, While Riley was away. The ]l!fJ adniral reported to the 'Son of HeBVen : 'We blasted Pearl Harbor, mis sion not so successful. We blast:. ed Wake Island, success not s o good. We blasted Midway Island, ho good. We blasted Bataan and Attu, no good. We just a bunch of no-ifood bla.sters.'


Gunnt!rs of tht! Wet!k 0 PFC. DARRELL B. RAYHOND Souadron A Was a senior in high school when drafted in i943 ... Comes from El Ark ... Played forward on his high school basketball squad-also pitched for the softball team. Sent to Sheppard for basic training and followed up with Sheppard1s A.M. course. Assigned to Tyndall gunnery school directly from Sheppard ... Believes his niche in the AAF to be an aerial engineer ... Plans to go to college for engineering of some sort when war is over. A/ C ALBERT L. THOHAS Class 4.3-4.8 Sauadron E Called to active duty while in se.cond year at Alabama Poly Tech (Auburn) where he was studying aeronautical engineering .... Aubu!!], Al a. i s h i s h om e town P 1 aye c football for his high school gridiron squad. Although destined to become an aviation was called in as a Pvt. Feb. i943 and sent to Miami for basic training ... Six weeks as an aviation student at the College Training Detachment at North Carolina U. followed and then was shipped to Nash for classification. GUNNER OF THE CLASS S/SGT. WILLIAN BAEUHEL Souadron B Last week1 s G.o.t.W. for Squadron Baeumel completes gunnery training as top gunne.r of his class ... Hails from Kan. Is 22 years old ... Following graduation from high school he went to work as an automobile mechanic. Enlisted in the Infantry in i940 ... Transferred to the AAF in in order to get overseas ... Acquired staff sergeant stripes in Infantry as platoon sergeant_. .CPL. KENNETH C. WISE Souadron D Pax I 11 was the b i r t h place of this 26 year-old who now calls his home town .. Enlis.ted in AAF September i942 at Des Moines. Was stationed at More where he was a squadron inspector ... Was sent to Sheppard Field for A.M. course from and then to Tyndall. Worked as an auto mechanic in civilian also employed for two years at Lockheed 1 s plant in Calif. 0 0 P FC. GLENN REVELl Souadron C Enlisted in for glider training ... Sent to Sheppard Field for re-classification when G.P. training was discontinued ... Finally shipped to Lowry for armament course and then to Tyndall for gunnery. Calls North home ... Graduated from local high s c h b o 1. .. C au gh t f or i n d us t r i a 1 league baseball and softball teams ... Operated a drive-in restaurant prior to enlistment, Plans to return to same when peace comes. SGT. KENNETH LOCKE Squadron E Is a native of Pa. Lntered service at Langley Va ... Soon after was sent to Casey Jones Ai r Mechanics1 School at N.J ... Sailed for Puerto Rico in i940 wiili a bombardment group and spent i8 months there as an air mechanic ... The island of Aruba was his next and from there he went to Brazil. Spent one year as a flexible gunner on A-201s and B-i81s which gave protection to convoys between Brazil1s Natal and Dakar in Africa.


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