Tyndall target

Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 41 (November 6, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
November 6, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Page 2 !TYndall" le" Target PUBLISHED ON SATIJRDAYS BY Tlf! SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE FOR PER OF mE AAF FLEXIILE GUN NERY CITY, FLA. Oopy Prepared Under Supervision O.f Public Relations Officer. Col. Leland s. Stranathan Special Service Officer: Capt. Owen 0. Freeman Public Relations Officer: Lt. Willisn B. Putt Pho togr aphi c Of fie er: THE TYNDALL TARGET Capt. J.A. Dickerman A LETTER FROH HOHE l!iditorial Staff: f tz.. 'f f s;Sgt. Arnold Milgeten, Sgt. No doubt there are many o us tn e unt arm o Saul Samiof. Sgt. Neil Pooser, our country who never fully realized just how much a Cpl. Harry BardiPfc. E.T Delhyc letter from home could mean to us until we enlis_ted Art Work: or were drafted in the service. Somehow we are more s;sgt. Frank Horn, Sgt. Marshall conscious of an interest in and a concern for our Goodman, s;Sgt. Fred Slade. friends and loved ones left behind. Even if the Photography & Reproduction: -letter is from a mere acquaintance, which we perhaps W/Sgt. W. Buaby, TjSgt.W. Castle, T;Sgt./. Mitchell, SjSgt.-F. would have scanned hurriedly in civilian life, we diu rchl l, d t d d Sgt. D. Levinson, Cpl. L Shaw, rea 1 over an over a{fatn, rtnkinf! in every word s;Sgt. J Montgomery, s;Sgt. R. and phrase. Not infrequently we read between the Keough, s;Sgt. J. Webster, Sgt. lines the s"'irit of each lette .. and as w e ... ead fe'el p, Terry, Sgt. J. Maraick, Cpl. I' E. Tackett, Pvt. w. Daniels, Pfc. our spirits lifted above the drab monotony of our H. Care. soldier routine. The TJndall Tarset receives A[fes ago the Heavenly Father wrote a letter to all uterial supplied bJ Cup Newshis sons and dauahters away from home. Of all the paper War Dept., 2011 E. 5 42nd St., !fYC, Credited aaterial 'letters from home this is indeed the greatest, the a&J not be republished without most im"'ortant and will do for our spirits what no prior pero1se1on fro CS. I' _____ _.;. ____ earthly' letter can ever do. LATEST MISSION TO MOSCOW One week ago today, culminating a series of conferences, three men sat down to a tate dinner in the banquet room of the Kranlin, For all appearances they represented a trilogy in divergence, with wide differences occurring in backgrounds and beliefs. Popular Anthony Eden, Britain's Foreign Secretary, and schooled in the best of English tradition, was there, as was our own Secretary of State, well-born Cordell Hull, product of a country where capital ism flourishes as nowhere The two Englishspeaking gentlemen had come a long way to dine with Premier Joseph Stalin of Georgian peasant origin, a man termed ruthless by many and the number one exponent of communism-ironically, chief bugaboo of the democracies. Critics of our Russian ally, will not care to remember that not so v e ry long ago, Soviet might, coupled with that of G e rmany, could have spelled the end of everything -for the rest of the world. That she chose to throw h e r lot in with the + h 8 n weakly aiTPed and imrrepl11'8d eu rop ean danocracies was no matter of pink idealisn or suridenly acquired love for capitaljsm. Rather it w as typical Russian candor, that having exami n ed the political and economic (Continued on Page 1 0 ) In this letter, the Bible, our Father tells us ho!J.! he will redeem our lives from destructio'n, how daily he is willing to crown us with loving kindness and a multitude of his tender mercies. He tells us about home and how we shall be able to go home, that even .our transportation has been arranged if 6nly we will come and ask for it. How often do you read THIS LETTER FROM HOME? Come to the religious services provided for you and hear thts letter read and explained. 2UNI:'AY 8:00 A.M ..... Mass 9:00A. M ... Protestant Stin day Scho .ol 10:00 A.M .. Gunners Mass at Theater 10:00 A.M .... Protestant Wor shi;; service 11:00 A M Gunners Protestant at 11:15 A.M .......... ; .... Mass 7:30 M .... Evenlng M O N::AY 5:30 P M ............... Mass 5 : 3C ?.!'! ............... MaS-? 7:30 ? M .... C lub WEDNESDAY 12:15 P.M ... Protestant Worship Serv!ce 5:30 P.M .... ; Mass 7:30 P.M ChQir Rehearsal THURSDAY 5:30 F.M ............... Mass F'RIDAY 5:30 P.M ............... Mass 7:30 P.M ..... Service SATURDAY 5:30 P.M.: .... Mass 7:00 P.M ...... Confes slons (Al s o, the Chaplaln will hear confessions anytime he ls pre;:ent at "Herbert will be down in a minute, Corporal QUESTION: 11WHAT WERE YOU Dol NG A YEAR AGO TODAY 711 Interviews and Photos By SGf. DAN LEVINSON SGT. ROBERT D. BARTELSON, Io!.l11.: Turret Sfotlight Instructor: "I was in the midd_J.e of my basic training at the Army F' in Waco, Texas. And beLieve me it u.ns rugged." FF'O. JOHN E. BERNHARD, F'ayette Ga.; Gunnery Student: "In as a farmer in I hope to get back to the farm soon and take up tdi.ere I off. 11 CPL. WALTER J. KNIGHT, Odessa, Texas; Turret Naintenance: "I !.111.S in the Army and 1J.X)rking as an Engineer in Smyrna Air Base, Tenn. Even though I am now working on turrets I find my other 1J.X)rk u.ns more interesting. PF'C. EDWARD F'. BAILY, Lang Island, N .Y.; Gunnery Student: "I !.111.S a happy civiLian, working for Dunn and Bradstreet--ChClliLber St., N.Y. I was a printer ani maiLman. Don't get me wrong I s. tiLl Like the Army." SGT ROBERT A. WHITE, Colorado Springs, C olo.; Turret Instruc tor: "I was a civilian truck driver. for Colorado Springs Con struction Co: at Camp Carson, Co(o. I worked about the same hours a s 1. do now.


6, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 3 CLUB IS APPROVED FOR TYNDALL FIE-LD MEMBERSHIP DRIVE FOR ORGANIZATION GETS UNDER WAY; CONSTRUCTION TO START WHEN RAISED Charter Memberships to Cost $5 Each; Dues to Be $1 a Month; Site Set Aside for Elaborate Building A WARD FOR GUNNERS GETS EIGHT YEARS FOR ROBBING A CIVILIAN Convicted of Striking Man Over Head With Wine Bottle, Taking $82 Convicted by a military court or assaulting and robbing a clv-Long-cherished hopes of Tyndall Field non-coms, who for illan who has died since the many months have dreamed of the day when they would have a crime was committed, a soldier The "Gunners of the c'Jass" stationed at the Apalachicola clul:house of their own, apparently are about to be fulfilled. are getting more reward for Flexible Gunnery Camp was sen-An NCO club has been approved by the Conrnanding Officer and theIr efforts than just having tenced at Tyndall Field this week a drive for manbers was lrumched yesterday. their picture published in the to Jllght years at hard labor and Target. Plans are being drawn for the building, four acres of land dishonorable discharge rrom the A gold identification brace-have been set aside for it, and a constitution has been a:p-Jet, pictured above, w1'th the Army. The s oldier was Pvt. Billy c. proved. gunner's name and serial numb-Hazelrlgs, charged under the 93I'd All that ranains is for the field's non-co!TI11issioned officers er.on the back, is given to Article o r War with striking J.P. sign their names on the the man who is selected as the Flanagan over the head with a urlmenbershipline. outstanding gunner of his wine bottle and robbing him or Ccnstruction of the building NUMEROLOGY REARS class. his clothes and a wallet contain-will start as soon as 800 nonI ing $82 ln cash. The attack occcans have :paid $5 charter TS UGlY C I PHERS N AHE 'PAPER DOLL' ured the night or September 20. berffiip fees. A W T E Since that time, Flanagan has Members of the first three So numbers intrigue you, do ND IN HATER died but prosecuting orrlcers grades heard about the proposed they? T /CKET BOOKS! said his death was 1n no way emclub yesterday at a meeting in Well, they intrigue Pre. Dick were still wanting a name ror nected with the assault, the Post Theater. H. Moore, or Tyndall Field, too. the Target's "Paper Doll," the Hazelrigs, ln an unsworn state-The job of drawing up the in-Two pairs or numbers have caused seductive siren who will be a ment made to the court by his deitial plans for the club has the Transportation Motor Pool regular reature hen ceforth. rense counsel, admitted that he been done by the post's first Truck Driver no end of amusement. This week her lovely likeness had been drinking with Flanagan sergeants and by menbers of the P fc. Moore, the son or Mrs. as portrayed by artist P vt. Jimmy at the Oasis Bar 1n Apalachicola. Tyndall FieldExchange Co.mcil. Louis Robertson, or Columbia, Stevenson appears on Page 9 He said he had !lve or six bot-The first sergeant of each Tenn., has been ln the_ Army ror Several suggestions were re-tles or beer before meeting nansquadron has been designated to 13 months. In itself, that's not ceived this week 1n the contest agan, that he had a rum and sell the membershi-p tickets, strange, to give her a coke" at the oasis, and that he, which were placed m sale yester-But what is strange ls the !act Anyone on the field may offer a Flanagan and anot:her sold lei' d M be sh. $5 h that he's a member or the 907th k .. BY .en r 1ps are eac suggestion for her m oniker, and dran two quarts 01 wine ln an and monthly dues, which will not Quartermastar Detachment, and his the person turning in the best alley behind the Oasis. be collected until the club is h ome address 1s 907 South Main St. name will get two book s o r the-H e s aid h e and Flanagan were in operaticn, will oo $1. (where his mother still resides) ater tickets. having an argument about the Carrn din Offi h ..,... ln C olumbia, Tenn. ----------.u.., an g cer as 1..1!:7"' 50 FREE MOVIES SHOWN south" an d that Flanagan struck Signat_, a .p"''"-acre sl te at the His telephone number is ::;973 hi Th H 1 1 ld "I tu J.vcuMore than 50 free movies were m. en, aze r g s sa Corner Of Suwannee Road and an!il--you guessed !t--his s elective d H id h b d shown on field during october, saw r e e sa e remem ere ifl' ssl' ss l'pnl' Avenue for the service order number at induction thl th t d "te th t according t o figures compil e d ey no ng a occurre a1 r a building. "'-e ron-cans "'o h '"'e was 2973 I t d d id .u1 m1 Capt. o.o. Fr eeman, S p ec i a l Ser-n ro uce as ev ence was a been working on the plans for HO'''ELL R vice Officer. confession previously signed by organizing the club said the "1 P OHOTED' The free m ovies, w hic!J in clude d the defe ndan t ln which h e stated building when finished will be Tho mas A. Howell, former Tynfllms furnishe d by the R ed C r oss that r e h a d struck Flanagan over a finer place than anything d all !leld adjutant who also and USO and GI Movies," w ere the head with a wine bottle, Panana City or Field. serv ed as assistant director or shown at the hospl tal and the knocking him out, the n r e moved The Post Ehgineers are draw-training before being transfer-white and negro Rec Halls the victim's clothe s and took his ing construction nlans for the r e d to Maxwell F Jeld, has wallet. The d e f e nse contende d ,... tdt h OUR FRONT COVER building now. A dance floor, a promo e o t e rank or lieuten-the confession was obtained under dining room, sandwich shop, ant colonel, lt was learned here Our front cover this week duress. soft drink and beer bar, and y esterday, takes us inside one of the two The defe nse counsel, contending other facilities are to be in__ __ o_t_h_e_r-,1 Pressure Chambers located at that Hazelrlgs was so drunk at eluded. The plans are being officers will be elected by the the Station Hospital. In the the time or the crime that he did drawn so that the club may be manberffiip. M;Sgt. Charles Grlrly 1 Chamber' student gunners are not know what he was doing and expanded fran time to time. of the ffith, who works in the tested to see whether they can was not res pon sible !or his acAs planned, the building will Budget and Fiscal Office, has take It. 1 Taking it 1 in this tlons, called as a witness Capt. be large enough t9 accomodate been designated to act temporinstance means functioning at Granville G. McCollum, medical every pennanent party non-com arily as secretary-treasurer par in the rarefied atmosphere or !lee r at the Apalachicola sta-on the field. during the organizatim :perio:l. of higher altitudes. tlon, who said that thre e hours Construction will begin as WAC NCOrs also are eligible Looking through the porthole arte r t h e a ssault had taken place soon as $1,000 is raised through for membership. at the right is Sgt. Frank Ur-h e e xamine d Hazelrrigs ln the the .sale of charter mariberships. vmm the club is organized bani c of Southview, Pa., con-guardhouse and round him !)lick of these manberand the blilding has beEn trol operator of the Pressure drunk. The medical orr leer said ships was urged in order that structed, it is planned to have Chamber. Seated dead center, h e rubbed his finger over Hazelthe club may te put in operation at least cne free dance and one and acting as inside observer rigs eyeball and that there was assoonaspossible. freestagpartyformanberseach i.s.Pfc Daniel t!. Groover, ab solutelynorenexaction. Under the ronstitution, anyone month, in addition to other soDayton a Beach, Fla., who is who is transferred before the cial evmts. watching for signs of weakness club is finished will be re-A free :party for members may in any of his charges. funded his fee. beheld at theRecHallin the Both men, members of the Visiting NCO's will receive near future in order that every-Cellar Fliers, are doing incourtesy cards, but sixth and one may get .acquajnted. valuable work in determining seventh grade men will not be First sergeants have member-the 1 a 1 t i tude fitness 1 of the allowed as either members or ship tickets to sell and it was student gunners and are really guests. emphasized that the sooner the enjoying it. All first sergeants on the $4,00J is rajsed the sooner the The Picture was taken by field will be members of the clu'tl will be cmstructed. Sgt. Dan Levinson. CADET PARTY Cadets or the 43-45 graduating class will eel ebrate their completion or the gunnery course wl th a graduat !on dinner 1n the c'adet mess hall Monday night, Col. Leland s. Stranathan, Commanding Officer, wlll be the guest of honor at the party. The affair will start at 6:45.


Page 4 As I P. J. c. IT lfOii AHD FOREVER Stead 11Y the British and American r orces push ahead on the r oad t o Rome and stubbornly _resisting, the Nazis fal l back. It 1s s a v age fighting marked by high casualties o n b oth sides. Blasting and bayon e tlng t h e 1::way up ste e p Masslco ridge that loo ks down o n the Med1 terranean, the T ommle s take the village of C a sanova. F orty miles inland, winning dogg e dly rro m ridge t o ridge, YankS succeed 1n occupying s ome of t he highest points on Mt. Matese. As a result o f the twin a ction, t he Nazi m ountain line h a s b ee n put 1n jeopardy and from the crags where yesterday a jac k a l snarl e d -an Ameri can eagle scre ams 1 t s de r lance. On the road to Mandalay where the flying Wellingtons play, their bombs 'Jme up 1 ike thunder from Jap bases on the way. Coming bp like the dawn mRudyard Kipling's famous poem, Road to Mandai ay, Indian based RAF Wellington bomb ers and American Mitchells are knocking the ]aps out of their upper berths, as their bombs fall on railway lines leading from Rangoon and Mandalay. And in the 1 ines, 'Come you back you British soldier, come you back to Manda lay'--the Mikado's men are discovering they have something else to worry about. Bearing no resemblance to the men or mettle they were reputed be, s orry thousands or Hitler s f ormer or prey are squawking under the netting of the great chicken-co op or Crimea. Th e c ap ture o r strategic P ereko p o n t he Isthmus, by the Russians, was a b lack day 1n der reuhrers little black book, f'or domination o r the Blac k .Sea 1s assured by <:on tro l o r the Crimea. Meanwhil e t h e Nazi retrea t 1n the Dnieper v a l l ey has turne d into a r o u t a r oute that m a y lead to t h e hear t o r Germany itself. While the Nazis admit that the accumulat,ion of landing craft in southern British ports may merely be window dressing, they know that the Allied window that looks out on the war is illuminated by the Victory PePer a nd Light Com pany, with affiliates all over the world. In the light of all this, it is not surprising to learn that coastal based Nazis on the Adriatic, fear commando leap frog tactics over the quivering German rear. From that point a hop, skip and a juiJJpshould leave our commandos smack in the center of the BalJcans. -Pfc. E.T. DELBYCK New Cream Protects Tank Men from Burns Ft. Knox, Ky. (CNS)-A n e w cream h a s been d e ve l o p e d w h ich gives almost 100'7r. prot e c ti o n agains t flash burns up t o n e arly 1 000 C., the A r m o r e d F o r c e C ommand h e r e has ann ounce d It i s expect e d tha t the cream will be e s p ecia ll y effe cti v e i n t ank fore:e:s w herebur n s account f o r 1 : M all c as u a lt ies. THE TYNDALL TARGET MY FAVORITE PHOTO Along L Main Sfem ...... Jimmy Durante who 1s n o w p laying a leading rol e 1n MGM's "Two S isters an d a Sailor" says : "It's disgustin' LinesA line s not tin but 11 n e s !. I g o e s to the butc h e r s and what d o I rind? A l o n g line oda mes waitl n t o get a hun k o brisket! I g oes to t h e delic a t essen, a n d what do I find? A l o n g line o dames waitin' to ge t a piece obut t erl Then I g oes t o the house, broken 1n spirit an both arc hes, a n d w h a t d o I find? A l o n g line o 'blll c o l lector s w a 1 tin' to ge t ME! 11 Tyndall's leading exponent of the "roll your own" system of cigarette smoking is its Executive Officer, Lt. Col. Floyd M. Hyndman. Cpl. Billy Grout, "the nation' s # I yardbird," who left the field several months ago, was also considered an expert when it came to putting together "the makin's" of the famous "Bull," and probably one of the greatest competitions of all time would have been a "rolling contest" between thes e two deft "Durham Designers." However, a glance at the records would compel us to roll along with Col. Hyndman--especially since the colonel received his "basic" in "Bu .ll" in the saddle as a member of the U.S. Cavalry. Although the colonel has seldom demonstrated his. art and skill at tobacco rolling to the public, ther e have been occasions when circumstances would not permit otherwise. One of these rare occasions was last Christmas at t h e Post Hospital. Col. Hyndman was the guest s peaker at t h e Medi cs' Christ mas Party and since his fondness for the N o rth Carolin a leaf is well known, Major Cleo M Mil l er, p o s t surgeon, p resented him with a carton of twel-ve "Bulls" and an ample supply of "rolling paper," as a close inspection of the abov e photo will reveal. The picture itself .is Capt. Joseph A. D i ckerman's entry for top honors in column. Not t o be take n 1 ightly is Dickerman's choice, for as Post Photographic a nd Reproducti on Officer, he has passed judgemen t on some 4 0 ,000 prints and has chosen the above as his favorite. The captain, a native of St. Louis, Mo., arrived at Tyndall as a cadet in October, 1941. He was assigned to the Photo Section in May, 1942 Getting back to the picture, Col. Hyndman reported to have been highly pleased with his "practical gift," and lost no t ime in demonstrating to the party's guests just how a "han.d m a de" should be rolled. In commenting on his "basic training" w i t h U.S. horse troops, the colonel s tate d that l fr you couldn' t roll a cigarette on horseback while going a t a full trot, you couldn't stay in the cavalry." Ill health finally forced the colonel to retire from the service after two decades with cavalry and tank units. However, he was re-called to active duty when war clouds bega n to gather and upon assignment to Tyndall Field, served first as post executive officer, then as C .O. of the 80th Air Base Group, and then re-appointed as e xecutive officer, his present position. While his work at Tyndall Field i s undoubtedly a far c,ry from the action and e xcitement of life with the U .S. Cavalry, we believe the colonel's f ingers h ave l .ost littl e o f their nimbleness when it comes to rolling a "B u l l," a nd that the pleasure that comes from rolling a "perfect onen is still a s great as ever. Also, with the paper shortage being what it is we'll bet that the colonel is wistfull y eyeing the calendar' looking forward to December 25, 1943 a nd another year's of tobacco and precious paper. Mutual 's Wecmesday show 'Drecm On, Soldi.er' featured Pvt. Lionel Stander, former MGrf star The show spots a 'Pin-up Girl, and tunes from the G. I. Hit Kit Sydney Greenstreet makes his debut as a 'kindly fellow' in Warner Bros. 'Outward BoUIId' John Garfield will star in the play's movie adaptation .. Mrs. Dick Haymes takes all the buttons off the star' s coat before each broadcast 'Reason: Studio fans have a penchant for them ....... Clara Bow may hit the comeback trail in P aramount' s Rythm Ran ch' Jack Haley, Ozzie Nelson's band, Harriet Hilliard, and the N. T.G. -girls will star. WWL pro mi s e s a pic o r J ill Jackson ror a c o lumn soon ,, S h e s an outst a nd i n g actress, o n several New Orleans shows BLUE' s Dorothy Kirs t e n sings o n the K eepsak e s s h o w a favorite o n t h a t n e t w o r k Not bad o n t he e yes, e h guys? C B S t a r Dinah S h o r e will app ear on "Birds eye" show, 8 : 3 0 9 : ao, locall y over WWL T he l o '!e lY mi s s 1s a G I ravorJ..t e Leslie Char t e r 1 s creator or T h e Sal n t l s wr1 t ln g a s tory for D e an n a DUr b i n S h ould be a good yarn On Bway, O n e T o u c h o f Venus stars M ary Martin It' s a h owl o f a good c o m edy. Duk e will make his second Carnegie Hall date on Dec. 2 .. Th e swingster is one of ti-e few top band-leaders t o appe a r there t wi c e ..... Guy Lombardo is back at N e w York' s H o t e l Roosevelt .. It's his 14th y e a r there ...... NBC's Abbott a n dCostello return t o tha t n e t soon Costello is nearly r e cove red from his sickness ..... Betty Hutton will appear in Para mount's 'Incendiary Blonde' It's the story of Tex Guinan


November 6, 1943 T.HE TYNDALL TARGET Pa e !5 STUDENTS SHOW 17 PERCENT GAIN IN FITNESS TESTS FOR YOUR FOOT LOCKER Physical Training Program Shows Results in Statistics When a gtmnery student ar rives at Tyndall Field he is already in pretty good phy sical condition, because he has had his basic training, which is guaranteed to make muscles grow where they never grew before. But when he leaves the gunnery school, he is stronger, on an average, by 17 percent. Records of physical fitness tests, taken w)1en the s tuden t arrives and just before he leaves, prove this figure, according to Lt. H.B. Lawson, post director of physical training. The intensive physical training whjch the soldier gets in addition to his classroom and range wrk materially increases his strength and agility and thus makes him fitted for the rigorous life which he will BARITONE NEW STAR ON POST RADIO PROGRAMS Tyndall Field's radio and stage shows have a new star--Cpl. John E. Plackmeler. Cpl. Plackmeler, from St. Charles, Mo., ls the possessor or an e xcellent bass-baritone voice. A graduate or St. Charles High S chool ln 1938, he won an audition entitling hlm to a scholarship to the Jouilllard School or Music (New York), but explains I dldn' t go, because I wanted to have su!flclent money to carry me through without working ln my spare time I hope to accept the scholarship after the war has been won." Now a crew chle! on a A-23-A, and a r ecent arrival at Tyndall Field, Cpl. Plack.meler was a des lgn development engineer wl th Curtlss-Wrlght Aircraft, St. Louis, before entering the Alr Fore es some 11 months ago. find in the combat zone to We can think of no reason for printing this picture of movie As a hobby, he. sang 1n the chorus or the St. Louis Municipal Opera, and after entrance into the serv lee became a vocalist on the "Sheppard FlelJ:1 Hour ; over station KWFT, Wlchl ta Falls, Tex. Prior to induction, he was a mem ber of a male quartet over station WEW, St. Louis. Which he is sent. star Ann Sothern except the fact that she's nice to look at. Each new student, shortly And that's sufficient. after his arrival must take Brown Bombers f.. TYNDALL NGS I ''pull-ups, and running over a 3QO-yard Shuttle course. In the "sit-up," the soldier lies on.his back, hands behind his head, with a companion holding down his legs. He sits up and touches his knees with his elbows as many times as pos sible The "pull-up" consists of "chinning" on a bar. 'Ihe S'luttle run consists of sprinting five times between markers placed 60 yards apart, With Christmas coming up, most of the brethren are swearing off those biind dates, which, all of a sudden, are so easy to get. And talking about winter generally, the outfit generally is getting those 'long handles' policed up. Cpl. Wiiliam Harding is one man so proud of his job that, in applY Ing for furiough he wanted to sign those papers with the initials "M: P.'; And stili on the personal side -just why does Pvt. Add Gillison iike ri c e for breakf::st and dinner as fast as possible. 1 One recently graduated class and supper? The U S 0 had a swell p arty on ) scored a class physical fit-Haliowe'en. Sgt. Fox took it as areness rating of 49.9 when it flection on his mess that the most first arrived and roosted this earnest efforts were directed to apfigure to 63.3 before it left. pie bobbing. That new reduction in '.Jh e average physical fitness r a tions sems to be felt And speakrating on arrival is 54 the ing of Fox, he and the rest of the boys working in the new Cadet Mess average after completion of were much gratified at all the kind the course is 63. words s::cid about that mess. Many squadrons average 1 2 Members of the boxing team are pull-ups after completip.g the all in shar.e for the matches sched ccurse. They started out with uled the 3rd. By the time this an average of eight apiece. appears in print, the phrase "all in" HEADQUARTERS Sgt. and Mrs Frederick Red Gllmore will observe their !1rst wedding anniversary Nov. 1, 1944. It happened in Port St. Joseph (Joseph 1s always used ln referring to such events) and caused more excl tement than anything since the yellow rever epidemic or 1840.,. When Sgt. Mllgate n and wife left for Jolsey and Flatbush he left the duty of warming the cokes and selling nlckles to Cpl Wood ln ther flllng room Cpl. Bardl finallY got Samlof and Pooser out or his town house and close d lt f o r the season. Bardl has been sticking ralrly close to the post sinc e an inspecting o!!lcer round his barracks bag around some brogans. Pvt. Mahoney r eturned rrom the camouflage school and said they taught him lf you c an t hide an object, make 1t look like something else. n,, .MjSgt, Boutwel l ls bac k on duty after a fUrlough tour which took him to Panama City, Bay Harbor, Millville, Lynn Haven and lower Harrison Avenue The Target office has moved again. With Army erflclency we expect 'em to put it on Wheels any time now., .And Capt, Singleton and the S-3 section ls back in the rear or headquarters again. Gladtaseeya back, Captain. Lt. Col Randolph's new secretary ls Mrs. Dorothy Auger Frances. Gapen ls in Greenvllle, S .C., on a visit with the folks ... SjSgt, Johnny Gebauer has gone back to Houston on furlough and a slmllar vacation has taken Cpl. Kay "Cutle" Courtnay of the message c enter, to (of all places) Decora, Iowa--wherever that ls. Although the physical train-may well apply to yours truly whc. p 0 S T N G 1 N R S ing instructors work with the was foolish enough to sign up in the novice class. Hospital here I Mr. and Mrs. Julian W. Brooks are spending their vacation ln students en !Jlasse, many in-These bouts have been postponed for Statesboro, Ga. dividuals furnish interesting several weeks because of the lack of orchids to Marvll (the name 1s really all lt implies) Larsen, or data. a lighting system. Our thr,nks to Mall and Records, who has completed one year with Post Engineers One student, Cpl. Woodrow W. the special service officer for taking wl thout ever having lost her temper or ceasing to smlle regardless C k did 31 t (47 care of that need. 0 0 s 1 -ups of what dl fflcul ties arise. She wlll soon leave on a well-earned t ) f lJ. ( 3 0 Cpl. A E. Williams poln s 1 ve pu -ups 'n furlough" for a vls 1 t wl th her ram1ly in Chicago t ) d th 300 d cellent," 64 points "very POln s an ran e -yar Jean, Anne, Marlon, Ruth and Annette, the p, E. Quiz Ki.ds, were shuttle-run in 59 seconds (40 good," 47 points "good," 34 points ''poor" and less than 34 stumped this week and after inquiries !rom this entire office force points) to get a physical fit-"very -poor., and several outside organizations, the Post Library contributed the ness rating of 45 when first correct answer to who was the author or Robinson Crusoe. t t d F' k 1 t Those, students who fall in es e Ive wee s a er, the "poor" and "very poor" Mr. Pierson, our Chle! Clerk, and Mr. Byrd, or Property, are wel-this man did fi9 sit-ups (75 crmed back arter absences caused by illness. t ) 1 B 11 (78 classes on their second test '"'" poln s pu -ups Mr. Lamar Chalker or Marianna, Mrs. Mary Franken!eld or Enid, points), and' ran the shuttleap-pear before a roard to in-run in 4,.,i seconds (71 points) vestigate their physical fitOklah oma and Sgt. Stanley J, Bashford or Seymour Johnson Field, N.C. to earn a physical fitness ness status. The board then are recent additions to P.E,, personneL rating of 7 5 either recorrrnends elimination, Sgt. Si Moye, of the Drafting Dept,, and Tyndall Field's Tommy DarStudents are -placed into sets the students back jn an-sey, ls spending hls furlough in North Carolina and New York. five categories. Seventy-other class or refers thE: case Have you heard why the moron carried a pair or scissors to the Rec eight or more points mean "ex-to the post surgeon. Hall? To cut a rug!


Page 6 THE TYNDALL TARGET NEWS FROM THE Kapers On October 28, 1943, A / C Kreuger leaped out of bed and fell out for roll call. This was his day, the day he would be back in the Air Flying a mission. He was assigned to Group I where they keep c. fellow pretty busy. Well, anyway, Kleu-ger in anything ex-If anyone detects a cramped style cept the fact that he would soon be of writing in this week's column you in the air. can bJgme it on the new calistenics As he. reached the ready room he scheEiule WOW! A week or so ago was a number. From then on 'members. of the Instructors he was known as No. 123. Squadron were a healthy, sturdy He found himself a c;omfortable group of rrien; now we are a group seat and lJrepared for a long wait. of paliid, pain-ridden wretches. Ev-He knew it w0uld be hours before ery move is torture and we are pes-he would be to a ship so he itive that never agdn can' we regain. decided to make the best of his time the carefree and gay attitude Wit h b y reading. which once we viewed life. Oh He reached into his pocket and re-. uo '"''"1 .(q '"11dS lf0"'!V ''"41!tqncl o::> 'I poow 'ppoa . death, where is thy sting? moved a copy of "Reader's Digest." UMop H 'SJappnJ puc SU!J dn p(OH 'JappnJ puc U!J ar6uts 0 Hidden Talent Department: Sgt. He opened the book and bega n to soy H puc OS(D S! soy puc )poq S! Bryant' at" one time delivered, singing read. Suddenly he felt someone. tap pooJq ay1 sdH pepunoJ ay1 sdH papunqJ MOJJDU telegrams for the Western Union. him on the shoulder and inform him Allonba s6u!M s6U!M pauuods ap!M ayl sautBua Sgt. Carranza is a distant rela-that no reading was to be done in sa6pa sarra:>ou au, 6 ua 10 PJDMJO' ((aM spua'Xa a601 tive of Ex-President Carranza of the ready room. poayo 6 1 1 Mexico. The old man was assassi-Being a peaceful fellow, Kreuger a W!jS -asn* asou 6uo1 ay1 saut6ua nateaanci'we'have heard rumors thatl didn't ask and questions or put up asou ay1 'Jaqwoq U!M' ).q paJaMod Janwo,., ).;:oau some of the students are contem'6UIM-u6tu o '3 LL7 o 6 6 '6 an urgument. ,, 0 Ja!UJOO a UDJ-UO( U!M-p!W 0 plating doing the same thing to the About three hours passed and il 'ON aJ! :1 ys!HJ'il s,H ; l o. N Sergeant. History repeats itself. Kreuger began to get results.. He r---------------...:..::_1 ______ If anyone happens to have three reached in his pocket and pulled out or four weeks to spare drop in on a bar of candy and had intended to Squadron E Squadron D Sgt. McCormick rend have him teii eat it. Again Kreuger was remindyou about the beauties of his trac-ed of a rule stating that no candy tor. He just returned from Iowa and was to be eaten. He decided not to The "banner of efficiency" the Get Sgt. Kerr to tell you about the we don't know which of the two muke an issue of it and let the mat"E" flag, was once again proudly "character" at the Fair that was in took the worst beating-Mac or tlie ter drop. in front of our orderly room. town this week. It seems that Kerr tractor. Hours passed and he was asked ThiS makes the fourth time in six was put on the "Airplane Ride" ana Prior to_ his furlough Sgt. Auge to police the area about three times weeks that "E" Squadron has come it was a good thing to test his wings. had written 550 letters to his wife and sweep out the ready room about out on top. We're cut to set a rec-It would have been all right excetJt in eleven months. He brought his six. To him this was the longest d 'ay ord We think most of the credit the fellow who controlled the ride wife back with him and now that he of his life. should go to Bks. 415. Coupled with left and took off for a shot or some-has no letters to write we all wonder His morale was row no ship, no this "E" business comes the ex-thing because rcfter about 20 minutes what he plans to do with all of his reading, no eating and little !'!t.aoges tremely 11ad news that the best d-the owner of the fair had to come spare time? Room for argument running all over the place, remind"Old Man" a squadron ever had oi over and cut the cu:"rent and Jet the there, don't you think? ing him of those little things. would hope to have, is leaving us riders off. Then the srcme individual If any of you think thd you have Kreuger finally got up to get ;: soon. Lt. Gksser, to say that we who left them on the ride was put in trouble drop in sometime and speak drink and much to his surprise no hate to see you go is an understate-c harge of the Ferris wheel and the to Lt. Gassinger in the weapons dement. one stopped him. He drank to his same thing happened but after this partment. But then, as weall know, heart' s content. No one said a word Our new C. 0. will be Lt. Downer. incident he was looking fo1 a new some troubles are such fun. to him. It was amazing. Could E Squadron was well represented job. By the way, what do you fellows I they be w eakening? m the parade Monday afternoon in That Egyptian dancer, who had' think of Wine and his new WACcy '1he d ispat c h e r raised his head and Panama City. Sgts. Smith, Oppert the boys startled at the Instructors' coveralls? Doesn! t he look sweet? called out, "Number 123." Kreuger's and Pellegrino were the color bearon Saturday evening was Sgt. .. Speaking of wine-that' s not his heart was in hi s mouth He was so er and guards. Dufrane's escort. Although the paunch you are fooking: at, thosif. are: excited h e co uldn't move. His mo-B y the way, our -supply weather was a bit on the c hill y side his muscles. t h d -r Getlm) mascot "Queen1 'e" h d M H 1 "'h men a come a t kst. All this wait-it as one ary e en didn't seem to mind it. "' c ,des of the Civil War, the bui:fy in g was at a n e nd. ugam Sgt. Oprert has found And to t hink that h e kept her all to boy helping Frl).nk and the Ole Sarge H e walked up t o the desk and the for his "Angel." ... On e of him:;>el f and wouldn't let anyone in the orderly room answers to the t k d ose castles on the h 1 'Jl" w around h E f R b sergean as -e "Number 123 ?" h e er. veryon.: had a good name o o ert E Lee. Let's keep "Y .. t .. ink .s. gt. Mehlma uer WI. II b e .. on .. the tm1 d S S f' es, replied Kreuge r. t! a n gt. nowc:en and our mgers crossed and hope the U "He!e, g rab this broom and sweep h e returns from his were glad w hen it was finally over S Grant doesn't join our happy lit-out the latrine." and are on l y sweating out the retie family. turns Does anyone know what the P Squadron B The p ersonnel of our Squadron' is c ertainl y p10 u d of the new cl ass af t e r its fin e s howin g in the last Sat urday inspection. Even tho.ugh our b arracks a r e t h e h ardest to keep c lean on a ccount of the wooden fl oo r s we were right on top with the leaders and in the very n ear future we expect to have the flag w::.ving 111 front o f our orderl y r oom. Our own quiet Sgt. Cadimhead is fin ally getting hi s l ong awaited fu r l ough and exrects to !!lave on the first of the month. Wt: will have t o change our minds about his b eing the quietest fellow O!'l the Leld as h e IS receiving myst4rious letters from a gi rl in :\'ew York. S ; S g t McArd elllil is goin g around the Squc ,dron with a beam in his eyes ev e r since h e r eceived a l a rge photo from h is qne and on J y It's been the talk of the Squadron fo r a b out four days now and if any of the permanent personnel has not seen the picture as yet, please drop 111to Barracks 444 in your spar e time and I am sure that t h e Sgt. w ill b e g lad to s how it to y ou. Our Squadron is m ighty eroud of Its student boxers, Abra h a m, Har t Heinlen and Jewell, w h o are patmg 111 t h e v ;eekly boxing matc hes and to d ate h a ve compiled a smart record If anyon e knows t h e whereabouts of our recent additio n to our ron I w1s h h e woul d contact our or derly room. He was las t seen c has111g a P. X. g irl but believe me whe n I say he isn't bi g enough to hurt anyone. H e has a collar around his neck w i t h the n ame "Sna fu e n g raved on it. If a n y of the P. X. gi rl s is bothered i n .the future you cc n be sure it w ill b e our little do g "Snafu." -The Busy B ee The s yste m of mess pc.sses seems X. has that Bako wants He spends to be a good idea to straighten o u t so much time there that the .mail the mess problems and so far the clerk is planning to forward all of system is working commend:1bly. We his mrcil direct to the Post at least. get our three meals and we I hope everyoi'le noticed that Sgt. would lik e to know how with the was present a t last Frida y additiOnal cut in rations Capt. Cas-mte s G. I. party. A word to the e y, post m e s s works h is wiz-wise, etc. a rdry : Now if t h e problem of find-If you remember last week's item mg tune to write and breath be-o n Sgt. H a nselman's shinny Chrysler tween c lasses and h ours were given and i f any of you care to look the to h im h e might be

November 6, 1943 and sports a part the convalescent reconditioning program at the hospital. Recondit:ioning Program Cuts Down Hospital Time Morale and Muscles by Supervised Recreation Program Flabby muscles and dulled morale used to be a more or less to-be-expected result of confinement to a hospital. Long hours of lying in bedJ with nothing to do for recrea tionJ not only slowed up the recovery of patients but also meant that the patients would still be weak-kneed and in poor condition for doing "rugged" work for several weeks after b&-ing dismissed. But the condition exists no more. All Army Air Forces hospitalsJ including Tyndall'sJ now have in operation reconditioning proglams to insure that the men who are treated are sustained both in muscle and morale. Brig. Gen. David W.W. head of the AAF's Medical Ser viceJ in an address before the American Public Health AssociationJ told how this program has cut down sick time in AAF hospitals to an amazing extent. "The convalescent training programJ" the general saidJ "is designed for the ordinary sick soldierk our station hospitals. Physical reconditioning is accomplished by a systematic and 'graduated series of.physical exercises and calisthenics given in then mildest forms even to bed patientsJ i!l addition to supervised outdoor gamesJ aNi close order drill." Patients begin exercises as early as two days after surgical operations. AS the patients progressJ their physical training is increased so that the hospitalized soldier is returned to his squa:iron ready for full duty. TogetheL with physical recondi tioningJ a broad educational program for convalescents is carried on. Patients are in-. structed in canouflageJ gas .warfareJ aircraft identification and first aid. They are toldJ "While you are in the hospital todayJ you may learn something that may save your life six months from nowJ and will help you when you are back in your outfit." Various visual aids are employed such as training filmsJ model planes and posters. Recordings are used to teach lan' guages. Special classes teach illiterates. Hospital officials say the beneficial results of the program have been shown by a reduction in hospital re-admissionsJ be cause men are returned to duty in better physical condition. The period of convalescence in certain acute infectious diS eases has been definitely shortened. One AAF hospital re ported a reduction from iS. to ii days in patients with measles and a drop from 33 to 23 hospital days for convalescents with scarlet fever. The reconditioning program thus insures against prolonged illnessJ against boredom (which lies very heavy on the sick man) anal. finally against "goldbricks." And it means that time spent in the hospital is not wasted but is .Yell spent. ..... Carefully planned calisthenics strengthen muscles which have become weak from confinement in bed. Lt. James F. Holland, officer In charge of the Tyndall Field hospital's reconditioning pr. ogram, gives a "certificate of completion" to a patient who has finished the reconditioning c .ourse. Pfc. Calvin Green, assistant in the program, looks on.


THE TYNDALL TARGET / I The radio, the newspapers and the magazines are filied with the exploits of heroes--men who have shot-down more than their share of German fighters, or endured the hideous terrors of some lonely Pacific Island infested with Japanese, or rescued wounded comrades under fire in southern Italy. From the bright voices of the radio commentators and the matter-of-fact chitchat of the writers, you might think that war heroes were a race apart, that they lacked the fears and hesitations of other men and wanted nothing so much before breakfast as a brush with the enemy, just to keep the adrenalin working. Of course, there are fortunate young men who get a kick out of the very hazards of war and take in their stride _the haroships, inconveniences and iron discipline. They have the envy of the rest of us. But too little credit is given to another brand of war hero--namely, the man who has no taste for war, doesn't want to be a hero, but stays in there and takes it from sheer determination and sense of duty. He may be a bachelor of 34 who lived comfortably in a small apartment, liked to read and go to the the-ater and dine quietly with friends. Drafted into the Army, he finds mostly bore?om, physical weariness and invasions ofprivacy. He's been in the Army a year but he is still a private, and expects to remain one. And yet he is still in-there, plugging along as well as can be expected of a man who in civil life thought exercise a waste of time and wore rubbers on rainy days. Or the unsung hero may be a stringy boy of 18 who was bound for college, but didn't have a chance to get there, preferred the piano to football and had no qualifications which would lead one to expect him to triumph over a Jap in a judo contest. He is a little young to have thought much about the cause for which he is expected to sleep in a wet uniform, crawl on his stomach under a I -curtain of live machine-gun bullets and maybe go to some outlandish place and get killed. But this youngster, too, is in there toiling and sweating and be-ing homesick. Why? Because he is an American, loyal to his country and willing to put himself unquestioningly at the disposal of people who know more about these things than he does. If national security depended on heroes who love the life of a soldier, we would have been licked long before this. The safety of the nation rests on the loyalty, devotion and stick-to-itiveness of men and boys who are irked by the life of the and want nothing so much as to get back to the corner drugstore, 8:15 commuters' local and the weekly game of pitch at the Elks Club. Some of these heroes will never make good soldiers; some of them may rise.to great and unexpected heights. All of them deserve the accolade of heroes, and not only that but the gratitude of all of us for proving unmistakably that to win a war we need not make ourselves a nation of militarists. Furntshed by Special Service for use on Orientation Bulletin Boards


HES HcLAREH p FC. J A ent corresf!Ond This Is the time of the year when the D--Yankees will be readlng: "Come down to Sunny Apalachfcola, Florida. Spend the winter. Down where the Tropics Begin." (Any mention of rain is purely California ?rbpaganda. We still think we are on the Arctic s ide of the highway). Memos of the Squadron: S ;Sgt, Dyal sweating out DS at Chattahoochee ... Pvt. Cravens taldng a shower and changing work cll were 13 to 21, second game 20 to 22. That second game was a real threat to the reputation of the 25th. As you all The steam-made entirely by Pvv. LaBuda ... The gripes by men who, obviously, never had any better in their li ves S ;Sgt. Baustin keep ing things 0:1 the ball-and I do mean sho' 'nuff ... The friendliness of Cpl. Frank Reed--very much un like the gener;::.l run of assistant mess sergeants Pfcs. Gosset and John son counting noses ... The gunner's and their chatter: "Jeez, dis is de. life," "How do youse guys rate all dis?" "Ahm fum Nawth Cowlina, too, etc .. .. The officer's' section and the inspiration we get The table for NCO' s of the first three grades, and the privates, and cor porals, who think it's for them ... And the new name for the hall, "Pet ty's Grill," named after the new mess officer, Cc ,ptain Dozie r G. Pettigrew. War Bond Raffle: This pay-day a new way for promoting the of bonds was tried at this base. Prov-know the 25th Alt. is the top vol.------------------.. leyball team on the field. We will have to teach them a lesson or two about bowling and basketball. Pfc. Flynn will b e completely out of with his charges in Bar racks No. 1. First, Flynn was shifted to Barracks 3 and tli.en his long awaited furlough came through. He was promised by the' boys of No. 1 _that no li.arm would ccnne to his six little ones. -Cpl. F : J joJm!!pn. TWo young ladies were strolling down the street -Mlm one suddenly 1 et go with a piercing shriek. 'Look, she screl!IT!ed. 'Whatis so terrible?' asked the other. 'They are only mid gets.' 'Thank goodness,' sighed the first. 'I thought for a minute they were rationing men.' ing very successful for a beginner, it's bound U:> have a good future. The luc k y winnes of bonds were as fol lows: $100 S /Sgt. Paul $50 -Pvt. .Lawrence, $25-S;Sgt Carroll $25-Cpl. Dewey Bar ker, $25-Cpt Willie Ardoin, and stampsT ;Sgt. Walter Sch:-oeder. That' s a good beginning, but come on fellows, let' s do better. Whfle we're still on this s ide of the pond, "Let's BACK THE ATTACK WITH IDLE JACK!" Medicwoes Your correspondent has been in formed that "Chubby" Dawson is soon to visit the Administrative In spector to. register a "legitimate" beef. He can't live down the tho't that after some three years in the Army, he missed his first meal the other day and expects to rec6ive "rations" for thr, t meal to sort of "soothe the wound. If anyone doubts the effectiveness of Organized Physical Training -look no further than Sgt. Cherney. He walked. in the other afternoon with his shirt ripped from the upper most bone in his vertebrae to the lower-most and claims he did it by merely stretching his shoulders. (If he ever gets that fourth tire for his automobile-'-not only should he keep the girls happy-he'11 probably "crush" them to exploit his physical prowess). We join Cpl. Bill Sollon in his be reveament at the unexpected loss of his father. This column would like to thank the men of the Medice.l Detachment and those of the 25th Altitude Unit for their generous do nations on his behalf. Last week, I casually suggested that Miss Merrill must have had i!. disastrous effect upon our little "Teddy." I take it all back. Perhaps it was Teddy that wore her out on the dance floor. Te:ldy got over it in some 13 hours. Now I leD.:-n that Miss Merrill needed a week or so t:,o get over the after effects. Cpl. Makowski, I'm afraid we mated your ability. And have you noticed the sudden surge of "mustaches" making the rounds here in the detachment? I'm sure the rest of them will take it off -now that Pfc. "Romance" is sporting one. The Bay County Fair has moved -bag and baggcge -to Barracks 619 Jimmo Phillips came home one night this week with enough tro phies to warrant a cab ride from the Fair Grounds back to camp. Nic' e goin,' Jimmo! -Every now and then your corres pondent feels himself getting a little "lyrical." I offer. this one -as a means of diversion -and for what it's worth: He' ll ask you a.ll the questions That are written in the book. He' ll squint into a mirror Nqt to shave-just to look. Re reminds you of the movie stars A bit of Power, Flynn ;::.nd such And must dri\'e the women batty 'A'ith his very masculine touch. He's gifted with a soothing \'oice So that one can tell at a glance That the proud possessor of all these charms Is our "fall guy" named "Ro-Sgt. A S Jackrel.


Pa e 8 TOUGH TAFFY CHUM 'OR GIVE ME THE BORROW OF YOUR ::'IOOTilP ICK. By P fc. Gawdhelpus -Your old correspondent has at last been granted a fur lough and shortly will take h i s little cardboard suitcase and head for New York and Boston and all. poin'ts between. The last leave was a three day pass after the battle of St. Mihiel. News comes in by Pony ExP,ress: Joe Tinker has graduated Cum Laude and now is out in the cruel -..<>rld where people work for a Li vin Corporal Hesse is expecting her ball of fire in a Yellow Chariotpoor us who can afford nothing better than a bus ride. Little Fritzie Recker is developing new muscles in her already well developed right arm. She pushes a pencil overtime composing sugar reports. Have you met old Sgt. McKinney? Well, he is a soldier from away back who looks like he could lick his weight in bull terriers and has a million dollar smile and rumor hath it he is Lupus Canis as L.i vy had it. Bi 11 Sorenson, the international sportsman, conducted a safari into the wilds last Sunday. They almost caught a 'gator and Marie did hook a rare spP.cie of Mobile tiger shark. Cpl. Hornak is an athlete who won the standing footlocker drop kick four Saturday nights in a row. We have with us Pfc. Gray, the Chicago menace who carries such a torch he looks 1 ike the Statue of Liberty--Anne, how could you? Pfc. Comra knows more about' the Sahara then Gen. Montgomery and Humphrey B:>gart put together. If you ever call 3256 and a voice that sounds like Saint PaLrick with a touch of old Philly an swers, it is not Eamon DeValera, it is just Cpl. Runkle from the ould C ounty Down and Upper Darby. Guardians We all h a t e d to s e e our Squadron Adjuta n t lea\ e for Indiana but our best wishes w ill go along with Capt. C h arles 'N. P1est o n Our new Ad jut:lnt w ill b e Lt. John R. Philpot and as a word to the w ise w ill be suffic i e n t Lt. Philpot is pretty rugg er! tut is a squ:: r e shooting f e llo w The "On e a Month" Club is be ing defin i t el y bus t e d up and is making a ra:: i d exit out of the social lives o f the boys from T ampa. The.e were a ll indicati ons tha t w e w e r e g oi n g t o h a \ e a g oo d b asketba ll t e a m but d u e t o lack of time to practice o r interest it seems tha t either we get o n b :: ll o r w e won' t b e a bl e t o have a good presentable t -eam. BANTER: Pvt. I. ,Ha r v e y recent ly back from furlough, was gi ving out cigant t n celebrate his furlough m arriage ... P v t. A. M alta is is s till THE TYNDALL TARGET W AC-i:iviHes The Flaming Bomb. TEN' HUT! At present the Ord._ nance Ammunition section is busier than a thousand bees running afte:r a Nezi honey stealer. T ;Sgt. Ben nett, the King Bee, is doing his share of stinging the Nazis in their Axis. Last S;:,.turday night a grand was had by the 0. P. 0. gang at their party ... Recently Pfc. Canary and Pvt. Kunath drove all the way to. Tyndall from up "Nowth." ... The price of that car cost them ever of seven greenbacks. You have to push it every morning to start this fugitive from 2. scrap pile moving. ... This company's most surprised little Boy Blue was Sgt. Charlie Spain, who remarked he'd pay a cer tain small debt, if his 50 dollar bill was changed. A few minutes later "Cpl" Burnett had a 50 buck bill, Sgt. Moore had his money, and Charlie wr,s minus some cash ... A commitee of at least a million dis gusted volleyball players have eleet ed Pvt. Downs as the champion WAC Ball Misser. THE QUESTION MARK? What happened to th,e "instigators" of the OPO party who had left it, only to ''get a breath of air? ... Has Pvt. Williams' coming furlough any connection with his performing guard duty quite often? . come C Spain was the owner of 50 pieces of lettuce just qefore pay day? A friend ( ? ) of Steve BERTHS AND DERTHS -OR, there is now a four-weeks old houn' Matula wants to know why he was What the Well-Dressed Turtle Is dog, female. natcherly, and one tur-so anxious to go out last Tuesday Wearing: tle (gender undisclosed), but label-evening with that young kdy from In spite of the I. O .' s view of Cpl. led "785th WAC Co." in WindsG t St. Andrew? Did she stand you up,, Steve? Whiteman's unmentionables left "Chilibean" illegal polish at that floating on the clothes line Saturday on he-she-its back. Dog and SECTION 8-Pvt. X sent hi. s morning kst, the "E" flag has been turtle spawned by Pool and Ricker clothes to the laundry minus his cluttering up the area in front of the respectively. Black Market, name on the identification slip. Back WAC Orderly Room. Added to the note! came the clothes and laundry slip chow list, besides the rooster, the DARWINIAN DATA: Cpls. Edith with this written on it: "Dumb and cat, the love-birds ,and the w ol v es, Gerschon, B Romr,no, and Sophie no name!" This past Saturday L-----------------. Dobies are trying to oust "Sahara morning Sgt. H was standing by the blushing from the remark a show Rose's" billing with their famous road which led to Tyndall Field. Algirl madeto him (What a sweet ape act. Sahara Gersch on and so he w::s in the process o f hUrried" k P t F "Sh F 1 ly "throwing peanuts over bo-th w a l ) v ooey 2. cone ara Romano will perform with or is said to like nail polish (any shade) without the 'kerchief ... Romermann shoulders. By some co-incidence, a ... Add familiar faces at the PK: and Marsili and Morpheus (not a car stopped and took him to P. C. A Lowe, G. Wright, :F: Hutton and T / 5) mrcy be thanked for that well"Thanks, Pal, says Sgt. D S C H. B arke r ... P v t. F Repsher is still scrubbed look the entire Waller "That' ll be exactly 30 cents," says having those nightly brawls with Trainer had a few days ago .. the driver. "I didn't know it was a Cpl. M ashburn. T 4 S t' h "J d taxi, says the Sgt. And I have on! I nowa IS prac lcmg or 00 0 ,20 cents on m-me. "Then I'll tak MAN OF THE WEEK: Our man lessons e very night-with the in-of the week is Sgt. Edward M 11tru ctor himself. Bottleneck there. that," says the t2.xi driver. "Nerts, Serdzia k from Passaic, N J. He was He knows all the counter holds. But 1-sa_y_s_u_s_------------b orn on Mac h 11, i9i8, at Passaic then who said anything about ohms? a n d m arried a New Jersey girl. He' s BUCKING FOR PFC: War is hell been married more than 29 months a n d first sergeants are and has b een in the army ab6\!t 2 8 evils. But if there must be wars m onths. The Szerdiaks have no chl iand top kicks, let th.em by Sgt; 'dren but are sweating one out about Pickett in her 0. D.'s, or as they the first p art 'of Marc h Eddie went s:::.y in the Russian army, "Woof, to dog sc:hoo i a t Ft. R o'binso n, Nebr,, Woof!" Also, Capt. Brunner ranks and is now Sgt. of the Guard. H e high in both an official and w a s n machinist in ci vili a n life for ial capacity as far as the 785th is three y e ars but s p ent m ost of his concerned. Even if he does count his early life traveling about from N J rose s each week-end. Before and af t o L o s Ange l es. His c h ief hobbies' ter. Tha t s enough of that! are b aseba ll and f ootba il. LAST AND LONG WAITED -Cpl. S a m M a r otta. WORDS: Aside to Ginny H'lde Dutchmen are lovely. Dutchmen are wonderful. But! Dutchmen are Dutchmen! Writ by hand. -SahQra Sad Sack. Local 'c'okel: 'Why don't you put in for O.C.S., churP Are you afraid of those tough math prob lems?' GI Goof: 'Yep. Matter of fact, pal, I don't know math from a hole in the ground.'


N ovem ber 6, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET P a e 9 Well, h e l l o the r e Saturday again, and the d ay whe n y o u read all the s c andal 1n Ad L ibbs lliST R U C TORS CLUB DANC E : (Social Item) .... Hug e s uccess, wit h the 3.2 flo w i n g S g t Bill Sto ner a n d t h e boys g i v in g o u t with musi c r1oo r show featured the eff e rvescen t Axes the manan d -wife skating team, and a c orporal named N ick .. Most Looked A t : Miss Mary H e l en M o nk, S ign a l O f f ice employee whose evening gown was reveal i ng \ly lovel y cau sing t h e well-known lon g low whistles fro m t h e G I s ../ W a cs Stel l a Pryzbyla K ay Court n e y Rut h Hymanson in attendance 1stfSgt. Mabe l P ickett jiving up du s t wit h Sgt Dav e Wol!skill Sf Sgt. Snowden s upervisi n g V i sitors: L t C ol. R an d o l p h, Ma.l ors Mors e and Johnston, Capt rreeman, a n d Lt. Pa l m e r Sgt. Wilf C r o fts a -wolfing A n n Col e m a n Pvt. Smith and date comi ng in late w i t h date from u s o Nlce cro w d well-beha v ed ; nic e m u s i c ; nice time r inan cially a suc cess. DIDJERKNOW DEPT.: Major Fleming, C O. of the Aviation outfit, celebrates three years in World War II on Nov. 25 .Jie's from Geneva, Ala., is trying to lose 15 pounds, w a s in World War I SPECIAL EVENTS DEPT.: Tyndall went .all out on the War Fund ccmpaign The totals have not revealed, but the figure is expected to run high in the thousands aJMPLA.INTS DEPT.: Cpl Bill Pinney says that 1 ikker is so high these da y s tha t a guy can't afford to go fishing any more. Sgt. Art M i zzoula dating Sgt. T oby Sabinoat r lesh and Fantasy" In c identally that was a s how i n which eve n your goo se pimp l e s had goose pimp l es; a n d what a crowd Sgt. Harry M abe l s ays quote, T here will be repe r c ussions Wonder what he m e an s ? Rumor h ath i t that the G i l mores Red a n d Gwen, are happy k ids It happ ened last Monday, Hats orr to L t Butcher, w hose wife presented h i m w ith a you -know-wh a t last week ,, I t s a girl, b orn last Tuesday,, ,, J o hnny Cockrell of the b an d dating Tulita Miller n i c e-look i ng gal, J o hnn y Victorette GwYnn e G ayno r e ve r-present beau t y at t h e Rec H all d ances, won t h e Q ue e n or B ay county H i g h S chool hon ors,, A swell, deservin g gal Mrs. Jack Blackwell driving around the post in the Chevv i e Leav ing Jack at the post office .. The CG of the AAFFTC encourages sirl/1ing while marching in formation Hector, sound your 'A' Lt. Oberthus at 3106 wants to sell his 1939 Buick sedan Call him' if you're interested Capt. White of Ordnance is in charge of .the Incendiary Demonstrations 'Fourth of July' display One recent night things got out of hand, even the fire truck got stuck! Lt. Harry M. Crismm, Adjutant of the 69th, will v.ed torrorrow Best wishes, sir. Sgt. Her b i e And erson sweating o u t Sgt Dumont for t hat ride -to TfF : every mor n i ng We rode o u t one balmy morning ; i n t h e rumbl e s ea t Sgt. John Geba u e r left for hom e and Houston Wednesday S g t Faircl oth or Personn e l h ad good luck fishing Sunda y h e and Smitty -,wen t togeth e r The Sgt. Mays an d t h e S gt. M orale s a-visitin Saturday n ight The y wer e still sandwi ching a t 1:30 A.M .. New shuffl e-board court at Rec Hall, w i t h m o r e to come J ust like r i ding o n the Queen Mary ; all t h e co m fo r t s of h o m e L t John Geude r o n another troo p trai n Sgt. Dick Morr i s taking over, temporarily., The scheduled -.redding --.f Lt. John Monogan to Mis s Hope Hurst on Saturday has been postponed Lt. Monaghan unde r went a major operation, will be bedridden for about six weeks .. Did y ou know that S jSgt. Bill Thurston has a 'mother' in Atlanta? That's what Sgt. Hanley, and Cpls. Black, Rockwell, Toomey and Long tell us .... A Congressional Medal of Honor go to M /Sgt. Boutwell, S /Sgt. Bosworth, and S gt. McCrary for capturing a rat on Wednesday llflat next? Newly discovered vocalist: John Plackemeier, Cpl., of the349th .. He's a bass-baritone, wor k s at Group 2 Eng ineering. L t Bud Hamen de s wrre has returned t o her h ome for a v isit, while the lieute n ant f i nds a n e w hous e i n P C .. Tough -job, eh, sir? .... Cpl. Ann (th e lingui s t ) Car p ente r and P f c Margaret J ac obs lett i n g hair down at t h e dance and t h e P ost Theater T h e y're both wacs SIORYOF 111E I!El'X: Thi s is about the English gentle man, whose wife died suddenly. At his club, friends were offering consolati on for his loss. One approached him remarked, 'I'm terribly sorry to hear about y our wife.' 'IWJat s that,' said the old bo y 'I'm sorry1 to hear cbout your w ife. 'IWJat about h er?' Somel

Page 10 THE TYNDALL TARGET WHAT'S DOl NG NEXT WEEK Sl.JND,o\Y 12:45 P.M. -Musical Recording Hour at Post Theater. W/0 Missal Commentawr. MONDAY 12:30 P,M, Squadron A&R Re presentatives Meeting at Athletic Office. 7:00 P.M. -Movies at Station Hospital. 8:00P.M. -Regular Information Tease Contest at Rec Hall. 8:30P.M. -Movies at Receiving Squadron. lUES DAY 8:00 P.M. Weekly Dance at USO, T/F Band broadcast over WDLP. 8:00P.M. Movies at Colored Rec Hall. WEIX'

have teeth? 1. Does a cow the same con -2 Under exactlyld travel rar hic h wou d ditions w b 11 or a d impl e ooth a ght? ther--a sm ize and wei >all of the same s 3 W hat r a is-the racade o building? total number of What is the lays? 4. h kespearean P published s a llo.wing have What do the ro pistachio 5. 11 tchi, in common: and Brazil? H' s of the What do t h e 4 6. lub stand for? 4-H c J diagonally across 7. Walking lied cater-corn-the street is c a red or cattyered, kitty-colrne one o r these d on Y corn ere Which one? i s correct, ball is smaller, 8 A ping pong 1z e as a gol r the same s larger or ball? the radio? over D o peanuts gr 10. d? under the groun ow above or YANKWIZ ANSWERS f run set o 1. Yes. er teeth u r t has a b t no 1 ower and upp front .ball, 2 Dimp 3. The front. 4. 37. 0 r nuts 5 All a r e names t hands and d hear 6, H e a health. cornered, 7 cater--Smaller. 8. G Harding. 9, warren 10 Under. ---.-b--t-1 f-ul Ai r1' Pa e "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers h s a eau 1 'Yes, s e those Bibllca snd he wesr. 1 'Next to 8 .d Aoon.' mesn, Biblc Civilisn' do you con t do you To the ful Aid, whs t tin A thinA 'n Aowns?' 1 w snd behold!' the t inter., 'Ycou """" 0 au, = you, ''"e the world?. t to 8 beau-anns our recarp I, m nex rom He--'quarters: Your GI. When d t bother tle li tiUI th 11 'n' 1 I on Skeptic cu out in e Fs 1 A mysolf ti ful A" 'Qm thi be t'' '[' m not f .. n sbout 'tsti' t' C8, 'thout hurtlnA d d you He: '' '"'n ., 'Ldy, toni Ah t tell inA me. 1 11 Fur Sal iS]h[e:='= S_._ ev., ,.e AIR the first president brella.' A R MY THE ddress the S T 0 p to a CAN 'N OT ... IN G


Gunners of the Week K/SGT. TOK H. PARVIN Squadron 8 0 I A theater construction and decorating contractorJ Sergeant Parvin served in the Marine Corps before en t!3ring the Arrr f He joined the in i94i and was discharged to enter the AAF on September i7 J i942. He calls CarbondaleJ Ill.J his home. Has been stationed at the R i chmondJ Va. J and Tuc sonJ Ariz. J Army air bases. S/ SGT. WILLI AK H. TURNLEY, JR. Sq'uadron D A native of .Baton RougeJ La. J Sergeant Turnley joined the AAF on Decemb.er 24J i942J after serv ing two years in th. e Infant'ry. Saw overseas dutyJ working in a warehouse in England. Attended the 7th Ward High School in Baton RougeJ and play'ed four years of varsity basketball there. His parents still live in Baton Rouge. GUNNER OF THE CLASS PVT. HOWARD TREVATHAN Squadron A Pvt. TrevathanJ his outstanding studentJ was selected as Gunner of the Week for the October 9 issue of the Target. Twenty-one y ears oldJ he is fr,om HoustonJ TexasJ and was e d u ca t e d at We 1 1 s J T e x a s H e enlisted January 7 J i 94iJ and was assigned to Air Co rps division of Puerto Rican DepartmentJ but never reached that Caribbean post. He was sentJ insteadJ to Lo wry1s armament school. A/C JOHN C. FOMDA Squadron 1E A member of Class 43-4 5J Av i ation Cadet Fonda c o m e s from BelmontJ Mass.J and is 22. Attended high schoQl and Valle y Porge Military Academy in PennsylvaniaJ then went to the Uni versity of Michig.an for 2 years. Became a GI in MayJ i942J enlisting at Ann ArborJ Michigan. Got basic training at Atlantic CityJ and then as an aviation student entered college training deta?hment in BuffaloJ New York. 'At NashvilleJ he was classified as a naviga,tor and completed pre-flight navigation at Selman FieldJ MonroeJ La. 0 0 PFC. OTIS CHRISCO Squadron C A statistician for the Carolina Aluminum Company at the time 'of his induction into the AAFJ Pfc. Chrisco plans to go back to his former job when the war is over. From BadinJ N.C.J he is 29 years old. In high schoolJ he played .the clarinet in the university band. Has been in the AAF since April i6J i943J .and arrived here by way of Camp CroftJ Fort BraggJ Miami Beach and Lowry Field where he too' k the armament course. CPL. DAVID BIRD Squadron E Enrolled in Class 43-48J Cor yoral Bird entered the Army by way of the National Guard on De ,cember 8J i94iJ at Fort HaysJ Ohio. Formerly a resident of AkronJ OhioJ he is 2i years old. He transferred. from th. e Infantry to the AAF on August 28J i94-3. Back in high schoolJ he wqs the sports editor of his high schoolJ he worked for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber CompanyJ attending Akron University night school while working. 0


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