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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 44 (November 27, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
November 27, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
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Nov ember 27 1 943 FOUR P .C. RESTAURANTS DECLARED "INSANITARY" BY MEDICAL OFFICERS Army and Navy Inspectors Warn Serviceme n Not to Patronize Pla ces Named F o u r Panama C i t y eating places have be e n dcclare d ,by t h e medical inspector to b e not flt to serve rood to mil.l tary personb ecause or "insanitary con. di t lons" existing in them. The f our restaurants have not been declared orr limits bu t sold iers w ere urged not Wpatron i z e them because serious c ons e que n c e s n m i gh t e n s u e H the r.ondi t.ions were nor. corrected. The eating place s c ensured arc the Lighthouse care, Mullin's Giill, Abbott' s Cafeteria an d Deckard's Cafeteria. The list was mad e public fal l ow in g an in s p e c t i o n o r all restaurants and othe r eating places in the Panama City area. The ,inspections were carried out by Tyndall Field medical Officers w nrking in conjunction jWith Coast Guard, Bay County Health Depart m e n t and Florida State H o t e l Commiss i o n officials. The, Tynd all Field report sai d "these m e n are fully in a ccord wi t.h the find ings and recommendatio n s made in this report. n M ajor L Pom e r oy post m ed ical inspector, in his report t o the c;ommanding officer declared the four restaurants named should not be patroni z e d "because of rlle extremely insanitary conditions encounterr.d and fUrthermore l a ck or inte rest and effort on t h eir part to correct defects found. All of these have been found unsatisfactory on previous inspections," the report stated, "and it is the op i nion or this 'frrice r that unless drastic-action ; s taken at once chat serious consequences will ensue." Twenty other Panama City restaurants, the report declared, were cons i de r ed satisfactory and fit to serve food to military personnel. Those give n orr i c i al approval were : White's car e Cove Hotel, Sp l e ndid Cafe I.Jalgreen Drug Co., Daffin Drug Co., Adams Drug Co., Dixie She rman Hotel, Hote l Marie Rose Room, Bus Station Grill, Mike s r::are, Johnson' s Drug Co., THE TYND.<\LL T ARGET "YANK" G. I. PHOTO CONTEST .OFFERS $50 IN WAR BONDS FOR BEST CAMP HEWS PICS :'\EV\ YORK -Polish up tho: a rc assigned to photography sec tions as part o f their regular militar y o r nava l duty. CLASS 2--AJJ other en listed mem b e r s of the Armed F o rces i n t h e U. S. Entries s h o ul d be a r the name. ran I< and organization of the contestant.. s hould be c lear e d thro u g h t h e Post Public f-{elations Office. They must be addre ssee! to Camp Xcws Pic turE Contest Editor YANT\:. 20;) 1!::. t2 nd Street, :\:e\\" Y ork 17. X. Y. Cap lions explaining t.he subject i n d etail sho ui d accompan y eac h entr y. Contest o pens Nov. 26 closes mid night, Decemb e r 31 HH3. All e n tries must b e postmarked on o r h e fore the !alte r date. Judges will he members of the YANK staff. Here's a chance to get your name and your camp in the offici al Army Mag, YAN K Read t h e full details in the C<'mp News section of YAN K and start cli cking \\"ith thi s big Cam p News Photo Contest. GRADUATING CADETS TO DINE AND DANCE MONDAY EVENING OUR FRONT COVER Our front cover this week i s a hot s h o t o f t h 3 2 1 b. "Terrible Turk" with trimmings that 31 year-old QM cook, smiling Pfc. Charles B. De111.0rco of St. Louis, Mo., has rendered hors de combat. No longer will this fine specimen of Mel eagri s Americ a n a ( H o r t h Am e r i c an w i 1 d turkey) strut his stuffing before some coy young hen, for 33 minutes after this pic was taken "Tom's" drumsticks were already thumpingoo Quartermaster's Thanksgiving Dinner p 1 ate s. A word of thanks to Lt. Jack Goldsmith and to the QM messmen who helped prepare the noble bird for the camera. The picture was taken by Sgt. Dan Levinson. JEWISH SERVICEMEN INVITED TO 'FEAST OF LIGHTS' PARTY DEC. 28TH Enliste, j m e n and orrtcers o r the J e wish fait h stationed in chis vlctn1 cy a r e 1nv1 ced to attend a Chanuka, or Feast o r Lights," party to be h eld a c the Panama City Women's C lvb Decembe r 28 T h e party ls b ein sponsored by l o cal Jewish famili e s with t h e cooper a ion or the district Jew ish W e l rare Boa r d The evening s festivicies will begL11 at7P. M., w ith encerta1n m ent, r erre shmen ts, motion p i c tures and d istri bu Cion of gifts compr i s ing t.)1e program. Mr I. Ministorsky, representlng the J ewis h W elfare Board, i s working with the Arrangement Committee on the party's details Aviation cadets of the c l ass to be Members or the Arrangement Com-Pa e 3 WHAT'S DOING NEXT WEEK SUNDAY 12 :45 P.W. Wu1icl Hc..r at Post TI:eater. 'W/0 Mi seal wc.tmAY }2;30 P.W. Squdron A81R Meeting at Athletic Office. 7 : 00 P.W. Woviu It Station Hoe pi tal. 8 :00P.M. Cadet Dance at Rec Hall. 8 : 30 P.W. Woviu at Receivlna Squadron. roES DAY 8 :00 P.W, lulcly at UOO, T/F Band broadcast over wt1P. 8 :00 P.W. Wovie at Colored Rc Hall. Wll:N!:SDAY ll:30 P.N. Servic Non Cam Meeting at Post Library. 5:30 P.W, InterSquadr.on Touch Football G!llllee. 7:00 P.W. Proteataot choir he areal, Post Olapel. 7 :00 P.N. -Weekly Variety Show at Recei vi.ng P00l. 7 :00 P.W. Boxin1 at the Colored Rec Hall. 8 : 30 P.N. Radio brodcast over WDlP. T IF Radio P layh,...use. nruRSDAY 6 : 30 P.N.-Radio Worlcshir rerlod. 7 :00 P.W. at Station Hospital. 8 :00 P .N. Re1ular weeklyGI dance at Rec Hall. T/F Band broadcast over WILP. &:00 P.W, Recular weekly color ed GI dance at Cblored Rec Hall. 8 : 30 P,W. Wovie at Recai vin c Squadron. FRIDAY 7: P.W. Bollinc bout r t R c ei v-i.nQ P0ol. 8:00 :',lt, Novln at Colored Rec graduate d from the Army Air Foremletee are Mrs. I. Strassler, SAnJRDAY es Flexible Gunne

P e 4 As-I P. f. c. IT NOW AND FORE V ER All that i s lert or Goebb el' s Berlin home the house that p rop aganda bui l t is a pile or smoke -blackened bricks. For o nce the master disseminator or Nazi advices 1 s silent as the great r1 res in Berlin burn on hours arter the devastating raid by the RAF'. The psycholog ical e rrects or th e RAF' s Berlin mission will linge r long in the average B erliner s mind. I r h e has not a lready, he will b e gin wondering about reported German war successes, "successes that perm! t a reeling en emy to bomb the v i c tor' s capitol city ln Fortress Europa to its roundatlons. LOn don can take i t-Berlln 1s taking i t and its remains will be seen. FiAhtinA Yanks continue to take their toll of ]ap-held Pacific atolls on the shortest direct route to japan. Makin has been taken. Abemama's dot rests in American hands ind on Tarawa, Nippon's observational isle, jap anese blood is irriAatinA Tarawa's soil and brinAinA a blush to the white cherry blossoms abloom in the Emperor's Aardens. Altho none of our boys are over fond of KP, they seem to be enjoyinA the ThanksAi vinA moppin A up parties now in proAress in the Gilbert's and are doinA more than their share in cook inA for Hi rohi to, the Imperial Japanese Aoose. The Aoose that failed to lay a Aolden eAA for its master. The Rus sians keep pronging a l o ng thrustin g Dnieper and deep e r i n t o Nazi Except ror an admitted Russian withdrawal in the salient west or Kiev, nowh ere e lse do the Nazis advanc e They either stand, they r e r orm, or they withdraw-never d o th e y run. Eventually the loping Hi tleri tes are going to rind th em s elves ove rwi thdrawn at the banks o r the Dnieper and when t h eir c r onie s rind out that are i n t h e Red--it will be checking ou t tim e in 3 no account Balkan countrie s It was a niAht for star AazinA decided Adolph and climbed all the way up to his favorite Berlin roof. 'And now for a pretty lonA look at pink and AlowinA Arc:turus. Ach! but she is lovely, siAhed Adolph, and suddenly Arcturus went into eclipse. 'Dot'3 stranAe, muttered the Feuhrer. But then he heard the fearful drone of British Motors overhead and as he watched, the Bi A Dipper and the 9 Sony it'!. too s m all foro of : (<>) Ril o Hoywortlo ( c ) Alox i Smi th ( b ) Gette Tiflrttcy ( d ) Ann Sheridan 10 It lakes stro11g mvscles to row l h;s {a) slool/ ( c ) dingh y ( b ) galley .(d ) col/ PHOTOOUIZ ANSWERS '113Y' ( o)-ot uop!ays """' ( p}-6 u!JdoyJ !i'"'IJ ( p ) s ""I' l l ( q}cfoj JOIJOlt!Cis ( q )-t; ( qj-r; i\1 (p)-1 L ittle Dipper inverted their astral bomb-loads on the Ciphers r Room in the Wilhelmstrasse. Like a rain of shoot inA stars the bombs fell on Berlin and the protective umbrella of the Messerschmitts never had a chance to open. Then all at once in his heavenly ken nel, the DoA Star beAan howlinA, and even at that distance Hitler could plainly see that it wss Sirius. -Pfc. E .T. Delbyck Indianapolis

27, 1943 TT-lE TYNDALL TARGE T p 5 Greetings, gaces Tyndall -Tech s scandal colyum welcomes you co another sessi on of here'n1there topics !"hat 69th Staff Sergeant sent his dog tags away to Baltimore to have them nickle-rlated? It's the truth, he did, s' heir us! Less Gilbert's burned on Sunday Certain Master Sergeant and certain COrroral were seen sitting on curb in front of the car, crying as though they had lost their last friend, and wailing 'There goes our xmas likker' ...... Cart. Walter F. Silva rromoted to Major .. He's the rost adjutant, ya know. What a ttractive Hq. c i vv i e employee is missing a girdle? 1 Twas round in the ladies room by a friend or the writer! Add odd names dept.: There'G a YUkio Kishi in the Receiving Pool or the Hollow Hhat next? And when later seen, the same ship was a P -40. GAG OF 71iE WEEK: The nurse walked Lf to the new f ather outside the maternity ward. 'Congratulations, she said. 'You're the father of a beautiful sixround girl. The father turned without a word and started to walk away. 'Rut don't you want to see your wiFe and chi 1 d? the nurse asked. 'No. the man said. 'We're mad. We haven' t sroken fOr three years.' The nurse looked confused. 'But bi.J.t the bacy How ?' 'Ah,' was the retort. We're not that mad! 'Dear Aunt Lui u: I have been giving the same calisthenics for severa l weeks, and WJul d like some new ideas. Can you send me some? Dead-Eye Dick, PT Area 2.' 1 .. 'Sgt. Morrie :peberman wants to a co lyum in the Target, expressing opposite opiaions from ours .. Well, competi tlon makes better business, i s our mo t to Squirrel hunters abounded at Tyndall Tech this week Everybody but us ate meat with no points Speaking of points, we're going to charge the Dear Drastic Dick: guys points when we play volley-H ere you are, you health fiend! ball w e lose our pound of A new exercise for your men of flesh every day ...... What's Tyrfdall T ech! ReadY? All right. this about someone taking up a Stand erect. Reach down wi t:h I DREAMT I DWELT IN BRIMSTONE HALLS "A Chilling Cereal In by Pfc. E.T Four Servings" Delbyck EDITOR'S NOTE: Pfc. Delbyck submitted this story to the Target almost six months ago. At the time we felt that we would be unable to use it. However, we failed to take into consideration Delbyck's adhesive-like pel'sistence, and he has been pesteririg us ever since to reconsider. He admits that he has revised the story somewhat, and claims that several G.I.'s who he forced to read it remarked that the Target was passing up the story of the y _ear. We've finally decided to present our case to the public. We're going to print the lengthy opus in four installments, beginning this week. We're building a doghouse, and either the Ed. or Delbyck .will be its tenant, pending opinions expressed by our gentle readers in the form of letters. am hungry and in my innocence juice spattered napkin and con Walk into c h ow. With tray run, vinced that there will b e n o vic I head for my favorite tabl e and tory through arm power thi s day-sit down to be con rronted by a slowly I raise the white banner hammer-headed 11 ver steak that or Waterloo. eyes me most maliciously. smoth With a sigh I r etire rrcrnWater ered somewhat in onions and al-loo and head ror the porcelain most buried under a debri s or i sle or Java. It is corree, not thoroughly unmanageable vege-identifiable by the uninitiate tables--one instinctively senses but I have the personal assurance that it will go down fighting. or the first cook that 1t is, and Arter a series or lightning bay-in chalk or similar composition onet sorties successfully. re-it stands out in bold relief on pelled by the liver, I reEI"eat to t h e slate menu. Impulsively I the rar e n d or the tray for a sip the letters, C 0 an o Hi much needed respite cial chill courses through my MY ordnance i s batte r ed beyond frame and does a hal r-gaine r or f recognition. All that remains or my lower vertebrae--apparently to my knife is a len.gth or twisted hail the advent of rigor mortis. metal necked with blood, my My mind is speculating with antiblood. The soup s poon had broken dotes. MY chemistry ever lim! ted in the first wave of the ,assault never included the rarer poisons, and the two tine rork proved no aconite, or. G.I. corree, and the Bengal Lancer against a to ugh and black raven or death slowly asresilient enemy. What is lef_ t or sumes shape before my eyes. my armament is a tiny square or To be continued collection to buy Sgt. Dick Mor-your left arm, and wrap 1t around Next week: "Heaven Can Wait! n ris a b1ac .k-snake whip ror Xmas? your right leg three times. Not a bad idea, chums. that? Ti e the fingers in a knot. I J Quotable quotes: Sign outside a Repeat the process with your right TYNDALL -rnl NGS Red Cross blood banfr: If you can't arm. Now fall forward on your (:= be a rrivate, be a corruscle .. race roll over, and come to a .Not a bad angle Pvt. standing position again. HEADQ Earl G. Smith is lead:-off man in Call in the guy who just ran UAR TERS ftbe Hats Off Dert .this week the obstacle course, and have him The box looks more deserted every_day. Seems the altar-shy He married Miss Margaret T. Dar-untie your fingers, and you're bachelors are afraid to take a gal there for a drink anymore Sgt. nell at the charel on the ;!Jth ready for exercise two. Reach Major Stone is on furlough to Tifton, Gawga. Thought 1t had been New officers rerorting to around with your right hand, fairly quiet lately Frances Gapen or the file room has returned to the post o/ the gross Lots of grasp the left firmly behind your her home town or Greenville S.C., and Ida Mae Herring has gone to them From Del Rio, Tex., some back,' and turn a triple soni ervisit her husband's .People in Geneva, Ala. Their son is on duty w1 th from fudge City, Kansas .. .. ... sault thru the loop. Or, 1! the Army Air Forces in the European theater ."Cpl. Giddens has re Sgt. Ed Pullman back from school you're really ambitious turn a turned from s chool Took a long time to go, didn't he? Pvt. Mahoney at Chicago .. Nice time, he sez, back somersault, a triple halfo r the PRO has been joined in Panama City by Mrs. M. from Boston, v.ould .like to go to the gayn or, and an Australian twist. Mass ... Sgt. Samiorr wanted to wear an M-i helmet ror protection on a School in hometo'MI Brooklyn Your Aunt Lulu will be glad to squirrel hunting trip That's Mrs. Ruth Gillespie in the Sgt. Maj SGT. ]ONES: 'My grandfather send you more tearing down exer-or's office POST ENGINEERS neither drinks, touches tobacco cises. Just rip the to p off the in any Foim, nor so much as looks n earest taxi-cab, and send it, together with three cents in James L. carter, carp e nter foreman, was called to Bonifay, Fla. at a woman, and torrorrow he is due' to the death or his father our sympathy to Mr. Carter and ram-celebrating his 85th birthday. stamp or coin, to cover the cost ily. SGT. !:Mint : '!leis? Hovl'' or mailing to Aunt Lulu, c;o 7 he Certain parties hav e accused the Post Engineers or having a certain New WAC Officer is 1st Lt. Target, Tyndall Field, ror my n e w telephone number c han ged "Not guilty, !eliows, thl:s was a :Signal "' t H 1 Sh r r booklet: "How to run the obstacle ,,argare o mes e s rom Corps must. our other motto is service with a smile," so just dial N.C ....... Just in course in three days nat, or How 2127 youre interested, the batht0 build yourself UP to an awful Every cloud has i t s silver lining," but only Post Engineers and ing beaches are 'Closed to all letdown." Post Headquarters have their snvas." congratulations to Major personnel Have you seen Sincerely, Silva. DOt Stutts sparkler? .. She's 1---------A_u_n_t_L_u_lu ___ -; This week's orchids go to John A. Thomas, plumber foreman, James B. engaged to Lt. Decker, luckY guy; Shampoo Clears Gl Ellis, chief electrician roreman, and samuel K Rhyne, superintendent she's a grand girl Lt. D. or heating_ and refrigeration, who have been subject to 24 hours a day G. Moore is now Tech Library orrOf Murder Charge call since these departments were established and have never taken a icer, 1n addition to varioue other Pineville, Ky. (CNS) -Pvt. day or annual or sick leave, This is indeed an enviable record and dUties A Wac at Tynr1all Paris Kelly's brown hair proved these raithtul workers are deserving or a berth in the upper halls or in court that he was not a mur-Field has a peculiar "first derer. Arrested as the blonde the Castle" emblem or t h e Corps or Engineers. She was named Miss 011 Slick or haired killer of Jack Campbell in Here's wishing a get well quick ror Pre. James A. Gadd--better 1943 by members or a submarine a Middlesboro .bar, Kelly won a half or our Charlotte Gadd, crew! Aircraft Rec genius directe d verdict of acquittal after Sgt. and Mrs. Stanle y J, Bashford are the proud parents or a baby 1 t h Judge J S. Forester ordered him Sgt. Art Mazzo a points ou t. at shampooed to determine if his daughter. in t h e movie "Corvette K225," a hair had been dyed. Vigorous .. Shhhh! Have you h eard what happened to "Pistol Packin1 Marrana? She 1-39 was catapu.l t.ed rrom a ship scrubbing left his hair sti ll brown. has a 11 ttle BB" now




November 27, 1943 In this week of thanksgi ving not all of the peoples of the United Nations received a big plate:ful of turkey, but the war n ews was a good sub sti tu te. For the week brought the following puod tidings: !1erl in was raided heavily three times. The massive air blows mad e ilerlin the \\Orst bombed city in the \\Orld. American invasion forces in a lightning four-day action occupied the Japs' forme r posi t_ions in the Gilbert Is:... lands. Thos e w e r e the major actions Electricity wins wars. In the picture at lower left corner above skilled soldiers operate the preci sion tracker which sights moving aircraft. Speed and direction of the flying plane are transmitted electrically to the truck-mounted computer shown in the lower right hand picture. This computer also considers height of the plane, wind direc-of the week. There were other blows struck b y the Allies-: the Nazis withdrew a few more miles in Italy; American Fortresses blasted the naval base at Toulon; Liberators attacked Sofia, the ca:pi tal of Bulgaria-bl t those two were the most important. In what was te nne d the g reatest air raid in history," a thousand heavy British bombers dropped more than 2, 3)() tons o f explosives into the heart of the G e rman ca:pi: tal on Tuesday. An es tinia:ted 10 ,O

; I .;' /: .. LETS GET BEHIND History While it: s Hot ANOVEL f eature of this w a r's Army of the Unite d States is its historical subsediuns. At ever y Army camp and base, h e r e and abroad. writ ers and edito r s a r e busy !{ell ing-the fads w hil e they an s till hut. Day by day they dig int. o offkial !'<'COrds and acctmnts and int.prvicw t h P m e n who know the answe rs The ir o bj ective i s to compile t.h e complete story o f American activities in W orld W a r II, !{Ood and b a d exact! y as they happe n e d Whe n the shooting i s all over, this great mass of data, much of it still secret and confid e ntial, will be p erma n ently preserved in the Army War-:::a llege. There was nothing like this in World War I. N o thought was g i v e n to safegu arding raw materia l for future hi storians. By t h e tim:; chroniclers began to get busy, the m e n who c ould testify o n variou'i events w e r e som etimes scatter e d t.o parts unknown. t.he officia l hope l ess l y burie d in filing cr: b in e ts. This time it. should b e different. However s e r v ice to hi story is onl y o n e phase o f t h e Even now t h e r eports of the historical subsections, detailing as they do t h e expe ri e nces of the diffe rent units, can b e h elpful in determining policies and procedures. After the war, they will constitute a n invaluabl e body of research and study material for training future soldiers. --from The Saturday Evening Post OUR HISTORY I furntsfled by Special Service f o r use on Orientation Bulletin Boards


November 27, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Pa e 7 69i:h Medicwoes -Sgt. A S Jackrel. mas? Cpl. F J Johnson. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers"


Page 8 "BELL RINGERS" TAKE LEAD IN OFFICERS' CLUB KEGLING LOOP The Officers Club Handicap Bowling Leagu e swuns into action last Thursday with Lt. Jack Goldsmith's Bell Ringers getting orr to an early lead by sweeping three games from Major Morse s Retreads." In other matches, Lt. Canali' s Group I" team subdued Capt. Mcilwai-n Is "Group II n quintette in two or three games. Lt. Harley's M.O.Q. (Married 0!!i cers Quarters) took two from Capt. Tannen' s snarus," the first by rour pins, and Capt, Day s Gremlins outhit the "Sluggers or Lt. Gross and .his ronner base-ball teammates in two or three. Lt. Georgeson 6 f the Snafus had the high individual mark with 536, leading t he Snarus to 2174, high team total or the evening. Next Thursday the league will resume after the Thanksgiving layorr with the Retreads meeting M.O.Q., the snafus tangling with the Bell Ringers, Group I encountering the Gremlins, and the Sluggers lining up against Group I. Handicaps will be established early next week, and complete schedules will be released wl thin the next rew days. The prize list is being revamped, and will total approximately $450.00. All teams are reminded that the !l.ring starts at 1900 sharp. Don t be late, or your opponents can claim a rorfei t! The standings: w L Bell Ringers ( 4) 3 0 M,O,Q, ( 6) 2 1 Grour I (7) 2 1 Gremlins (8) 2 1 Sluggers ( 1) 1 2 Grour II ( 2) 1 2 Snafus ( 3) 1 2 Retreads ( 5) 0 3 THREE TEAMS TIE FOR LEAD IN G.l. BOWLING LEAGUE At the conclusion or the second week or play in the newly organ ized G. I. kegling loop, three teams round themselves tied ror !irst place honors, Fighting it out ror the blue .ribbon are the Whits Flashes, Redbirds and the GunnE:rmakers With a 5-1 count. The second slot is also slight ly congested, with Medics and Blu ebird quintets concluding the week's hostilities with 4 wins against 2 losses. Individual h onors ror the highest game rolled to date goes to Blum or the Gunnermakers who rules the roost wl th a 224 score. Highest 3-game team t o tal is held by the Gunnermakers who 1 s 2326 reigns suprem e ror the prese n t Here are the compl etf! league standings: w L !ll'hi te 5 1 Redbirds 5 1 Ounnermakers 5 1 I)Jartennester 4 2 Medica 4 2 Bluebirds 4 2 Finance 2 1 25th A! t, TnR 2 4 Canaries 1 2 69th 1 5 Ordnance 0 3 Skunk &!low 0 3 Ouardi ana 0 6 THE TYNDALL TARGET Tyndall Sports Notes Latest word on the progress or the new gym is. that the first ball will be dribbled down its oak finished Iloor on December 15; Most or the equipment arrived last Wednesday and you can take our word ror it that we'll have two or three or every piece or gymnastic equipment '-manuractured. Meanwhile, Tyndal 1' s basket-ball enthusiasts have been working out in informal games against various Wainwright Shiryard teams at the Wainwright gym. Lt. Drongowski, post .officer, again announced that all men inter-. ested in rlaying in these informal games shoul, d call at his office in the Srecial Ser vice building adjacent to the PX. The games are r 1 ayed at the Wainwright gym on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. G.I. transrortation is furnished. Two Tyndall teams, one re t:resenting the cadets and the other comrosed of rermanent party men, are entered in the league which begins Tuesday night, with all games being rlayed at the Wainwright Park gym. Last Tuesday s games at the Wainwright gym saw the TfF cadets nose out the Shipfitters by a 2826 score. In the othe r T/F court contest, the p ermanent party squad were downed by the w, Electric Shop quintet, with Bobby Costigan registering the !lrst 7 points. T/F led at the end or the first quarter, 7 -3, Then, with replacements being sent in generously the Wainwright team managed toeven the score at the end or the half, 16-16, and maintained their pace to emerge victorious. Guy Moore, r .. 11SALLY SEEHORE11 < r ... /, t..... .; i--'!i{:,. f-i .! l I I How that I've been dubbed the "Seemore" Gal, want you guys to count me as a pal. "Steve". has put me on a swing this week, He thinks the exercise is good for my physiaue-So it's from a perch up here in the "blue" also or Finance was T/F scorer rorthe evening, garnerMEMBERS OF TYNDALLS 86th SUB DEPOT That I wish Thanksgiving's best, to you and you. lng 14 po!nts. ASSOCIATION ENTERTAINED AT GALA PARTY-DANCE Pairings in the league OFen er Tuesday night find T/F rerMembers o! the 86th Sub-Depot' bunch e s of goldenrod adding a Welfare Association, incfuding note or color. manent rarty men scheduled to approximately 250 civilian and Mustc for the occasion was rur on:ose the Wainwright Park out-orricer personnel, were delight-. nished by the 'l'yndall Field orch fit at 7 P.M., while the cadets tully entertained recently at a estra whUe the well-rarersn en-face the Yacht Club team at 8 gay party-dance given at the joyed such dances as the Sadie p.M. The Coast Guardsmen wi 11 American Legion Hall. Hawkins and Broom dances, meet the Marine Electric quin-The Hall was decorated in YelThe party was supervised by the te t in the evening's ni ghtcar low, blue and white, With great Social Committee, consisting or 9 PM J,R, Sanders, Chairman, Lois at Schedule for Thursday, Dec. 1-8: 69t h vs. Ordnance; Gunner:Carlos, Truman Kirby, Jeanne Me2nd: Wainwright Park vs. Yacht makers vs' Medics; Quarter-Kelvin, and B. w. Burnett, sup Club; Tyndall Field vs. Coast master vs, White Flashes; 25th plemented by Mrs. J,R, Sanders, Guards; Marine Electric vs. Alt. drew a by e HelEin Heath, and Mrs, Sibbie Hag-T/F Cadets. ler, Funds were appropriated by Cold weather has caused the the Executivc r.ommittee: Mr. I.M, temrorary susrension of boxing Roche, President, DorothY Loftin, bouts until the new gym is H.L, Daniela, E.L. Goodhue and comrleted, However,. ;lans are G,G, Shurt1err, Activit y on t hP. t ou c h rootball gri diron has been spor adic, with only the foll owing scores b eing tur n e d in t o the A th 1 e t i c o r t1 c e r : Mectic s 8 Ordnance-a Medice 31 25th Atl.-14 Quarterma::;t e r-8, Gunn ermakers-0 s c h e 1 u 1 P. r o r w e e k o r D c c underway to install a ror table This is the third dance or the in the colored Rec Hall season ond another success, Everyand it is quite 1i. kely that one 1s clamoring ror anothrn:soon, the colored jugi.Lists will anrl, according to NadinH Kelley, swing into action Wednesday Publicity Chairman, plar.B are to night. be m!!.de to t.haL effP.ct,.


N o vember 27 1943 FINANCE'DETACHMENT ENTERS NOMINATION FOR 'MEANEST MAN' As rar as the members or Tyndall's Finance Detachment are concerned, no man has stooped low .er than the thief who robbed them or a 10-cent piece last Wednesday evening. The story goes back several mori ths ago when, a rter much nrtnegling, n a concrete walk was to replace the cinder path which led to the Finance orrtces rront door. While the cement was still wet, the members of the detachment, under Captain Emory Shofner, decided to imbed a dime 1n the walk, symbol! c or. the trust had 1n t h e r1 eld' s personnel. A silver dollar, or other large cotn, was vetoed ror the honor because the boys rel t that they ought not to lead any one n 1n to temp ta t1on. 11 Thus, ror nigh onto 58 days and nights the dime remained 1n concrete setting as a !laming s ymbol or 1lD..l tual trust and fat th. Then, alas, came Thursday morning THE TYNDALL TARGET "SOHETH/NG FOR THE BOYS" November 18, and the dime had btsappeared! Charlotte Manson, 1 i vel y CBS actress, appears frequent! y Words are inadequate to des-over WWL on the "America in the Air" series, Sundays at 6:30. cr1be the despair and d1s1llu-Since turtle-neck sweaters are definitely out for the duration, stonment that pervaded the FinCharlotte here exhibits the latest in low-slung apparel, much ance Of!1ce rollowtng the dis-to the pleasure of Tyndall G.l:'s. Nice, eh? covery or the loss. It 1s quite likely that the Tyndall 1ers will never forget nor for give this violation o f their trust. When sought out for a comment on the tragic affair, Captain Shofner asked not to be quoted, but, he said, "That dime was a symbol or trust that the Finance Office had in the personn e l or Tyndall Field, From now on we will look at everything twice, having been 1mpressed w1 th the ract that someone on this rteld 1s dishonest." GIVE THANKS I guess most of know me; If you don't, I'm just a guard. There are times when I might err, but at Least I 1m trying hard. I IIXltch my post as best I can, on this you must agree --That if there's a fire or trouble near, the guy they calL is me. I've one foot in the guardhouse; the job I've got is sWeet-I In have both feet in the guard house, if I am caught asleep. I1m out there in the sunshine, I1m out there in the rain. No praise is ever mine, there are no stripes for me, or gain. Stop griping about your troubles, you should be thankful, pard, Thank the Lord above you, that you aren't GUARD! -Pvt. Frank Ferguson 9 32nd Guard Squadron A letter from a former Tyndall man: Dear Gang, Arrily Air Base Alamogordo, N. M. So you rlnally have been made instructors. Congrats to you. How 1s Tyndall getting along? r thought Tyndall was a hellhole but you ought to be where we are now. Take my advice and _remain an instructor. Stay on this side as long as ycu can. Let us young bucks take tfie glory There isn t much info I can tell you except to TELL THE STUDENTS TO GET ALL 'll!EY CAN AT ruNNERY SCHOOL. Are you teaching them small arms now? Tell them to KNOW THEM AS WELL AS THE 50 CAL. AND 5o GET 'll!E TURRETS DOWN PAT I like the B-24s a lot. I'm a waist gunner. My job is to see that all the turrets are in perfect condition and in time or ac tion to hold mY position at the lertwalst window. Then, too, I m a photo man now. I take p1 ctures or targets and military objects after. the bombs have blown h ell out or them ..... I think I'll make starr soon. before I go overseas. MY being a photographer, I might work up as high as' a TfSgt. We go on all kinds of missions. We put 5,000 rounds or ammu on board and we don't come down un til we ha.ve f1 red all of it. We have air-to-air firing and air-to ground. We don 1 t use tracers so we really have to depend upon our knowledge or apparent m otion sighting. Well, must sign orr now. my regards to the bunch. Your Pal, Kelly Give Guardians You can tell when a OJardian is coming down the road by the noisy creaking of bones due to the physical fitness tests, Only twa .casual ties were rerorted during the last test, The rest managed to 1 ive through it, We take time out to rut in a rlug for the world's best investment, War lbnds, S:> let's dig in our po eke t s and buy more and more bonds! Elaborate plans for a Christmas are in the making and it seems as if this affair is going to be a whopper, J. Mashburn and S/Sgt, Hsrnil ton are the men in charge of arrangements. The following men ought to try out for the post basketball team: Kooy, Talbott, Richards, Mitchell and Ryan, They have a good chance of 'making the team and the Post team needs good men, BANTER: Pvt. F.M. was married last week but mode us promise not to write about it since it's secret. Okay, we won' to ,,Cpl. Menendez feels better, but Pvt. Diaz is worrie. d nowi,.Pvt, Utter is' .sweating out the stork very soon and is fervently hoping that it wi 11 be a boy There seems to be a tendency nowadays go out with Shipyard girls, ,.an it be due to the fact that they make a neat rit'e of money weekly? Such mercenary actions are derlorable. What Tyndall Target man was in a heap of trouble the other A .M.? MAN OF TilE WEEK: Pfc. Johnnie w. Clark is our man of the week. He was born at Lakeland, Fla., on June 21, 1920, but his home town is Tamp a, Fla. He used to be employed by the Jackson Grain co. and was there for more than three years. His wife and daughter are now living in St, Andrews. Johnny is a gate guard, performs his duties efficiently, and is well. 1 iked by everyone, --Crl. Sam Marotta The boys in the dispensary report they nave discovered a new Army occupational diseaseGI silicosis. It's contracted _by inhaling gold-briclt dust. Page 9 W AC-t:ivH:ies If you haven't heard by now, we got a ryoo lootnant. She looks 1 ike an Irish rixie but is not. And she's kinds little but we'd better not count on it, She wanders around under the terri fie title of 1st Lt, Margaret B. Holmes, Adjutant, and Assistant Post Historian. In the kitchen, we have acquired some new KayPee Killers (cooks to the uninitiate) Pvts. Gertrude Mutz and Mary Cashnavr. said kitchen Lopaze, Smith, and Peggy haven't done anything or cooked anything bad enough (that could be discovered) to rate no tori ety hyearin. FIELD OR OOT'JLED

Page 10 The Flaming Bomb; QUOT E THE RA VEi\' Com-THE TYNDALL TARGET "GENE" AUTRY TO WORK FOR CAPT. BURKHART r r-.des of the Ordna11Ce 1 par don) Air Corps, we humbly apolog:ze f o r our not sending i n last week's gossip tales. Oh, such a ,, e: u:some week we've stumbled through' Sore mus "Ge n e A u try will r e t .urn co Tyndall on Monday and. resume duties a s secretary to Capt. John A. Burkhart. The Personnel 0!cles from the P. T. test. A splittin g !icer announced that he will headache from too much Joes bid his secretary to pack a pis Ghost" beer at the ,._o;k tol or wear spurs in the build We've been telling you in the past issues how to r ecognize and use the various types of portable fire extinguishers. In case you Missed a "Firefact," here's a review of them: party. JVrade our to the l aundrv h ause \\'::trming" affair 0 ing. c D Last anrl certainly not The G e n e Autry we re re!er-:leru;t, the doc lined u s ;:,gainst the ring to is, o r course, the !ormer --::-wall and g leefully fired t,,. o s hots Miss Jean Brown, who i s now and a ,accination i n the arm. honeymooning with groom A drian A SALL:TE: T o 1\Iajo r K. G Au try, o rme r GI, who was s ta4 Emm who ,-,cehd h; go'd oak j .0 leaf l'ast Lt. Appleb::ntms t i oned at Tyndall. positio n as Aminunilion Officer The coupl e were married last means no more ,,orries about seein g Monday. Jean has been Capt, to spark p l;.1gs being c h anged on Burk..l"Jart s secretary !or the past trlu cl

November 27 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 1 1 liD Y AINJI)(WDZ8 By BOB HAWK 1. What _does a bathometer bone? measure? 7 Is it easier to noat in 2. Women in the British Army water or rourteen reet or ln water are called ATS. Women in the or rour reet or does it make any American Army are called WACS. dirrerence ? What are the women in the Can -,adian Army called? 8. rr you were served scones,. pompano and baba au rhum, what 3 Give within one inch the would you be eating? length or the average brand new wooden lead pencil, excluding the_ 9. I r Mr. and Mrs John Smith eraser. a bond as co-owners, should the names appear as Mr. John 4 It takes only 20 hours in Smith and Mrs. John Smith or as 1943 to fly the distance Columbus Mr. John Smith and Mrs Betty sailed in 1492. Did it take Smith or is either one acceptable Columbus 20 days, 50 days to the government? or 70 days? 10. Why do telephone wires sag more 1n summer than in winter? Captain: 'The man who sneaked out of the barracks last night e. You know where your knuckle-and met a girl in the v.oods will _b_o _ne_i_s _._w_ h e r_e_i_s step forward 5 Do cats see better in the dark than in the light? YANKWIZ ANSWERS 1. Depths in water. 2, CWACS Canadian Women s Army Corps. 3, Seven inches. ( The eraser adds anywhere from t to 1 inch to the l ength or the pencil. 4 71 days. 5. No. This is a popular fall acy, 6 It i s t,he hip bone or the anklebone 7, It makes no difference. 8 scones: a kind or square tea cake; rich baking powder btscuit; also a kind or broad bonnet resembling a barley scone worn ty lowland Scots. Pompano: r ish. Baba au rhum : Rum soaked cake. g, Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Betty Smith i s l egally correct. Other wise, in case or divorce and re-marriage, the ownership of the bonds could be contested. 10. The heat makes them expand in length. They contract in winter. A Manchester {!Jrniture store which had received a severe shaking fran Nazi bombs, posted the following notice: 'But you ought to see our Berlin Branch.' TENTS AND OTHER shelters s hould never be placed in lin e or cl regu l nr p:lt tern so that they can be ea s ily from the nir. BEFORE LEAVING AN nrea be-sure that you ha ve not l eft papers. equipment or anything e lse \\'hi<:h would give itnportnnt informatio n tL> the enemy. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" --=-:-:-:;;__ =_ .:.:. ---------=


6UNNERS WEEK GUNNER OF THE CLASS LYLE W. HUDNUTT Squadron A A native of GrinnellJ IowaJ ?fc. Hudnutt is just completing his first year in the Army. He was inducted at Camp DodgeJ rowaJ and then sent to Sheppard Field for A.M. schooling. Hudnutt is 22 years oldJ marriedJ and was a member of the Grinnell fire department prior to ent'flring the service. He was graduated from the local high schoolJ where he played baseball and football; was a member of the'All-Conference gridiron squad. P FC. GWYNN J!ARTIN LEARY Squadron C No r f o 1 k J V a J i s t h e hom e t own of 20 year old Pfc. Leary. Fol-lowing his graduation from the local high school he entered Virginia Polytech Institute. He the army six months ago and received his basic training at Miami Beach. Like many of Tyndall's student gunnersJ he is a graduate of Lowry Field 1 s armament school. S/SGT. GEORGE A. NEVILLE Sauadron D Gunner of the Week two weeks agoJ Neville winds up his gunnery training here as top gunner of his class. A six year veteran of Army serviceJ the sergeant spent his first hitch with the Infantry in Hawaii. He re enli-sted in the Air Corps in JulyJ i94iJ and was assigned to Maxwell F ield. He arrived at Tyndall after being stationed-at Eglin Field for a short period. The sergeant is 23 years old and was born in Trini tyJ Ala. A/C JOHN HcCAFFREY Cadet Detachment Enlisted as an aviation cadet in OctoberJ i942J McCaffery was called into active sarvice in JanuaryJ 1943. Hails from HartfordJ C onn.J where he played quite a bit of ball for his high school teams. Is 22 years old and was employed by the Hartford News Company when he left for basic training at Atlantic City. 1 After completing Pittsburgh us college training courseJ he was sent to Nash vi 11 e J Tenn. J for c 1 a s s i f i cation Finished pre-flight at and assigned t9 !1eldJ S.C.J for primary. El1m1nated during this training and was sent to Tyndall from Moody Field after qual1fying1as Q gunner. S/SGT. LEWELLYN F. CASE Squadron E Calls Santa BarbaraJ Calif.J his home. The 27 year old gunner is singie and has five years in the Army to his credit. Spent most of these years with the field artillery. Transferred from Fort LewisJ Wash.J to Fort MacArthurJ Cal.J shortly after the war began an d then applied for aviation cadet training. Was active in all sports during high school .days and followed through while attending Citrus Junior College in California. Completed scott Field's radio operator and mechanic course prior to assignment to Tyndall. P FC. PETE L. BULLER Squadron B Pfc. Buller is 2! years old and m a r r i e d N ames L o s An g e 1 e s as his home townJ .although he_ completed his .high school education in YorkJ Nebraska. Entered the armed forces last December i8J and arrived at Tyndall via Sheppard FieldJ where he graduated from the A.M. school.


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