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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 45 (December 4, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
December 4, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Page 2 THE TYNDALL TARGET PUIL I SHED ON SATIJRDAYS BY THE SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE FOR PERSONNEL OF lHE AAF FLEXIILE GUNNERY SOK>OL, P }NN4A_ CI 1Y, FLA. Copy Prepared Under Supervision of Public Relations Officer. Commanding : Col. Leland S, Stranathan Special Service Officer: Csp t. Owen 0 Freem11:1 Public Relations Officer: Lt. Willie B. Putt Photo sod Reproduction Officer: Capt. J, A. Dickerman Editorial Staff: S /Sgt, Arnold Yilgaten, Sgt. Saul Samio f, Sgt. Neil Pooser, Q:Jl. Harry Bardi. Columnists: S/Sgt, Steve Libby, P fc. E. T. Del byck, Art Work: S/Sgt, Frank Born, Sgt. Marshall Goo an an, S(Sgt, Fred Slade, Photo guphy and Rep rocklcti on: M/Sgt. I. lilaby, tiSat. I Castle, T/Sgt. ]. Mitchell, S/Sgt, F Olurchill, Sgt. D, Levinson, Qll. L, Shaw, S/Sgt, J, MoRtgomery, S/Sgt. J. Webster, S/Sgt, R, Keough, Sgt, A. Loud is, Sgt. J. Yarsick, Q:-1, E. Tackett, Pvt. W. Daniels, Pfc. H. Care. The Tyndall Target receives aaterial supplied by Caap News paper Service, War Dept., 205 R. 42nd St., NYC. Credited aaterial aay not be republished without "Prior ,er. iss. n froa C!IS. WE DARE NOT FORGET .. Next Tuesday, December 7, Will be two years that the at tack cane on Pearl Harbor. On December 6, 1941, they were crying, "we are protected by two great oceans, ro one would be fool enough to attack us" and then Pearl Harbor. We had long been dreaming, dre1111ing in the bright sun of isolationism, and the Japs stole out of the sky one day while the SLm was still in our eyes, and when it was over, the Atlantic had become a creek in the backyard of the world, and dotting the waters of the Pacific at Pearl Harbor SOLDIER WRITES KOTHER FRON SOUTH PACIFIC "Out here I have had time to think about the deeper of the spiritual life Rack home we went to church once in a while; but the fact is that the church and the. Bible meant very little to us as a real pot.Jer in our lives. But I have been my New Testament which the chaplain me, and tt h as c au s e d m e t o t h i n k v e ry s e r i o u s l y a b o u t m y so u l and the future. 4 "I am you, Hom, to ask that you read with me a chapter from the New Testament each day. I have read the Book of Matthew and will soon to read Hark. _, "This is my plan. about the middle of the month, you and Pop will read the first chapter of Nark, and I will read the first chapter way across the other side of the world. Each day we'll read the next chaPter, and I will feel that somehow we are united, sort of invisible hands; and I know that, if I come back, the church and the Bible will mean more to us than ever in our lives.-'1 SUNDAY 8:00 A.M Mass 9:00 A.M., Protestant Sunday School 10: CO A.M Gmners Mass at Theater 10:00 A.M .... Protestant ship Service 10:00 A.M. ... Protestant vice at Pool Sq. 11: 15 A.M Mass 7: 3J P.M ,Protestant Worship MCNDAY 5: 3) P.M Mass 8:00 P.M Catholic Choir Practice TUESDAY 5:3) P.M Mass -THE LINK 7: 3J P.M Fellowship Mee-ting WEI:NESDAY 5:3J P.M Mass 7:00P.M ... Protestant Choir Practice THURSDAY 5: 3J P.M Mass 8:00 P.M Cathoiic Choir Practice FRIDAY 5: 3J P.M Mass 7: 3J P.M ..... Jewish SA'IURDAY 5:3) P .M.. Mass 7:00 P.M Cbnfessions (Also, the ClJ.aplain will hear cOilfessions anytime he is present at the Chapel. ) were the burning wrecks /f!lerican ships anchors down. Weeks of savage fig:h ting Bataan fortress Corregioor Midway and Wake Islands the Japs had these safely stowed away. The long sword of the SmtUrai was :in play now, slashing, cutting great swaths in our island defenses, while un coiling on the inmense rock of Singapore lay a giant boa, and within easy range of its con strictions Dutch East Indies Malay States the Solomons and the whole mess kit of strategic islands down unCl.er Australia. Swiftly did the boa move gathering the islands for ts imperial master. Now, the aborip-ine shared his "green hell" wi tl1 the dwarf men they were his new neighbors and (Continued on Page 10) AWA12D&D SIJ.YER S!JIE WAS BOMBA!2DIEIC IN FLV'IIVG FO/i!TFOIUMTION AITACJ(.ED E'T' IZ. TAP OFF COAT a: JAVA CON"VROL CA"BLE.S IN REAI2 KTION OF FOP.T WEilf DAN\AG-ED-FO"CIJ"} Pl..ANE INTO <:.PiN-11()1/CH/m LEFT HIS PoST AT STAI!T OFSPIN & AIDED PILOT IN EGAINING CONTIWl & SAFELY TO r+OME 13ASE QJESTIG./: 1111\HAT ONE POI N T \'.OULD YOU STRESS IN R ECRUITING WOMEN FOR THE W/:C? II Interviews and l"hotos By SCT. -DAN SGT. EUNICE I. CEARLEY, Nampa, Idaho; StatisticaL Dept.: 11Adventure and the that you're doing your part to bring this unr to an end. I f CPL. DORIS MAE CROTtLEY, Chicago, Office: The fun even the hard work, is and one feeLs she is putting in more than a 10 percent effort. 11 SGT. STELLA PRYZBYLA, Chicago, ILL; Reproduction Dept.: "Itls as much a 1W111.en's job as it is a man1s in heLping to win the unr, and if she in freedom she won't even argue the question. 11 PF'C. ROSE A. TAYLOR, Big springs, Texas; Post Office "Th e war effort needs as many W0111.en as it can get, and it1 s up to every American gid to con tribute to this effort." SGT. IMOGENE CAGLE, Pine Ark.; Insurance Office Clerk: The boys are doing" thei r best, the Wacs can h etp to do the rest. It1s security and persecurit-v. 11


December 4, 1943 POOL SQUADRON GETS DE-ODERIZED SKUNK For a long time the Poo l Squad ron had a name without a symbol. But today,it has a live, authentic symbol in the person of "Topsy. "Topsy" i s a real s kunk pre sented the personne l or SkUnk Hollow" by Eldon Plckett, a 16 year-old resident or Covington, Ky. He, she or it arrived safely by express on Wednesday. Young Pickett saw an appeal published in the Tyndall Target and wrote to Lt. Sterling Black, tact(cal officer or the receiving squadron, orrering to donate "Topsyn to the student His offer was accepted. Also during last week a skllnk was captured on the range and arrangements ror Capt. Charles Dee post veterinarian, to deodorize him, her or it were m ade. But during Wednesday night the animal escaped and thus rar has not been captured. The new symbol or "Skunk Hollow" had been de-odorized before shipment and was the pet or young j Picket at his Kenrucky home. AERIAL GUNNER, PRISONER OF WAR, HONORED HERE TfSgt. Selden w. Wen tworth, an aerial who,is now a war prisoner in aermany, was honored at thestudent retr eat ceremo ny Friday when Col. Leland S. Stran athan, commanding officer, pre sented to his moth er, Mrs. Helen M. Wentworth or Panama City, the Air Medal with three Oak Lear Clusters which the War Department had awarded to the !;9IDner. Sgt. w entworth, wh o wa' s a native ot Michigan, had participated 1n several combat flights, over continental EUrope at the time o! his capture. He received his Army training at Chanute Field, Ill., and at t h e aerial gunnery school at Harlingen, Texas. Arter Col. Stranathan had made the presentation speech, the nery students or the field march ed past the reviewing stand and saluted Mrs. wentworth with. right. THE TYNDALL TARGET Al?E PUTTING HORE THAN INTO WAR BONOS Page 3 WHAT'S DOING NEXT WEEK stlfMY 12:45 P.M. Muaical Recordin1 Hc ..r at Post Theater. W/0 l'ti a .. l Corrrnen tatr r. tDmAY 12.30 P.M. Squadron AU le p:reaeotativee MeetillQ' at Atb.l.t.ic Office. 7:00 P.M. Movin et l'tatlon Hoapit&l. 7: 00 81 8: 30 P.M. USO CIIIIJ' Show "You Said It. 1:30 P.M. Molea at Recelln1 SCl-!adron. 1\IQDAY 1:00 P;M, Weekly Dance at UIO, TIP' Belld broadcaat ewer W!IP. 1:00 P.M. Jlloylea at Colored R.c Hall. W!Dl!SDAY 12:30 P.M. Srclal SriC. Non Com Meeting at Poet Library. 5:30P.M. IntuSquadron Touch P'oothll G811!1ee. 7:00 P.M. Proteataat choh r .. -Post Ol&pel. 7:00P.M. Wekly Variety Show at Recei vi.ng Pool. 7:00P.M. Boin1 at th Colored Rec Col. Leland S. S franathan, post commander, presents the Treasury Flag to Miss Sarah Tomasson, representing the Civilian employees of the Signal Office. The Flag was awarded to the Signal Office employees for their outstanding War-Bond purchasing record during the month of October. They were the first civilian group on the post to have 100% participation in the War Bond payroll deduction plan, with an average of of their gross pay going into War Bonds. 8:30P.M. Radio broadcut over WDI.P. TIP' Radio Playh'"'uee. TYNDALL FIELD'S WAC RECRUITING TEAH 111l1RSDAY 6:30 P.M. Radio Worl11hlr rerlod, 7:00 P.M. Moi at Station Hoepita.L 8:00P.M. Re1ular weeklyGI dance at Rec H a.ll. T/P' Band broadcaat ewer WI1P. &:00 P,M, ReiUiar weekly color ed GI dance at Chlored Rec H&ll. 11:30 P,M. Moviu at Raceivin1 Squadron. FRIDAY 7: 30 P.M. Bodn1 bout a at le c ei '4"i.tti PtJol. 1:00 .M. Movlu at Colorad c ii&ll. SA1URDAY 7:00P.M. Moviu at Station Hospital. 8:30 I',M, MoYln at RecaiYlnl Squadron BOB PACQUIN "RIDES AGAIN" Whlls t browsing thru the ex changes or the Target the other day, one or the starr members ran This photo shows the Tyndall Field WAC recruiting team,. across an item or interest 1n the which for several weeks has been visiting nearby towns to "Bomb Bay Messenger, published N "EW USO CLUB ASSISTANT interest women in enlisting in the Women's Army Corps. Women by the Services ornce at The USO in Panama C1tyhas a who so desire will be assigned to service with the Army Air theArmyAirBase.,f};.ltLake City. new assistant director. Forces. The local team has been successful in item was headed Air Base She 1s Miss EJ-1zabeth Kelhorer, obtaining several new Wacs from this territory. Shown in -the Men in Streaml1ned uso Show Toa ronne r schoolteacher in Chilli-picture are Cpl Bernice Schmidt, Pvt. Jeannette Lynch, Lt. night, and included 1n the list cothe, Ohio, who was transferred John Davis, and Lt. Grace Keyes. or talent was a name ram111ar to here rrom New Orleans where she all Tyndallers: Pre. Bob Paquin. also had been connected with the CA T OUR FRONT CO 11ER Bob, well-known h ere as a stage uso. p rAHMEN AMD LT. COFIELD 1mpresserio, a clever ex-proMiss Kelhorer arrived here rour WED IM POST CHAPEL ress1onal master or mlln1cry, is Scene of our front cover weeks ago and has been quite stopping orr at the Salt Lake Captain Martin Tannen post th1"s week is one of Tyndall's active in aiding Charles Reckten' Base en r011te over there. 1 wald, uso director. classtrication orrtcer, and Lt. numerous tower ranges. FroM-MAJOR KEVAN PROMOTED Announcement was made this week or the promotion or MaJor William P. Kevan, assistant director or tra1n1ng, to the rank or lieuterian t colonel. Lt. Col. Kevan, a graduate or West Point, was instrumental 1n setting up the aerial gunnery training course when the field was still in its infancy. Doris Corteld, or the Anny Nurse his stand on the truck an InCorps stationed at this field, structo r directs the traffic were married 1n the Post Chapel of the 'birds.' A direct hit last night. and' another pigeon bl tes the Chaplain Wilmer Fulmer orrt-dust in this interesting phase elated. of Tyndall's diversified Flex-Lt. Walter McKinsey, close ible Gunnery Course. friend or the couple, gave the A sample of the top flight bride away, while the bride's shooting that abounds on the sister, Mrs. Jewell Cofield White, ranges --shooting that is and Lt. B.J. Shields were the helping to win the war. matron or honor and best man, The picture was taken by respec tilely. Sgt. Dan L.ev in son. XMAS PARTY FOR CHILDREN A Christmas Party ror the children or orrtcers, enlisted aen, and civilian personnel or T,yndall Field is being planned ror the afternoon or Decenber 24th 1n the Post Theater. All parents whose children will probably attend the party, are asked to send the n8111es or their children, up to fourteen years or age, to the Post Chaplain by December 3.


l>a e 4 As I P. f. c. IT NOW AND FOREVER 100,000 Japs are milling abo u t ln the great Hunan 'Rice Bowl.' That's enough p!gg!sh Japs to mak e a good rice curry, 1! the Chinese can manage to spice lt With the :cetreatlng odor or c herry blossoms. Arter seven long years or trying to subordinate the "interior race," the Nips are no longer purred u p with their own importance--for China's "Flying Tigers" exhibit a marked preference !or the buck-toothed species or oriental rice eaters. In a speech t o 2 0,000 officer candidates the Feuher is quoted as saying, 'for the loser there w aits nothing but perdition.' Now a man as close to the devil as Hitler undoubtedly knows what he is talking about and one sure way the O.C.S. hopefuls have of avoiding perdition, is to tell the fatuous Feuhrer t o go t o the devil himself taking all o f his hellish ideologies with him. I t s all over bu t the straggling on Tawara Atoll. A rew Japanese laggards r emain ln the northern e nd or the isl e, but, ror. a 11 tactical purposes, the m elee !S over, Thus another page ls added to the annals or the fightin g Marines ln this war, a page blood'ler than any ln the Guadalcanal Diary. The Japs seem to like the leaves or the book, but the cover frightens t h e Banzai clear out or them--ror by this time 1t ls apparent even to Tojo's illiterates that the ''Diary" 1 s Tokyo bound. Kiting through 65 below%ero weather aqd an estimated 75 Messerschmittsabove, Flying F orts, last Monday, struck at the German port o f Bremen. Fol-. lowing closely on the wings o f Friday's daylight attack on this North Sea port city, the aerial assault marked the sixth time that Bremen has been bombed. Second only in importance to the erstwhile city of Hamburg, men's loss as a harbor ould deal a heavy blow to the fortunes o f German merchant shipping and t o Hitler's ship of state which is reported to be founderjng with all political hands aboard. Oh, Chaplain, listen To This Tale of Woe! Ft. Bliss, Tex. (CNS)-Pvt. Lewis Vik of Henning, Mich. left here on a week's furlough. On. h is way home hi s train was snow bound five days at Sanborn, Minn When the drifts were cleared his train collided with another. Then he lost his ticket. Finally he reached home, wired for an ex tension of his furlough. When none came he started back. Five hours after he began his return journey a telegram arrive d grant ing him the extension. Vik s com m ent is unprintable. 30 Gls per 1,000 Marry Britons London (CNS)-Thirty of every 1,000 American soldiers stationed in t h e British Isles have married English girls ------Rommel's Cousin Joins WAC Pittsburgh

December 4, 1943 Hi y a r ellers Time t o p e r ambul a t e a bou t Tyn dall T e ch !or m o r e h a pp enins or the w eek.. Cart. Dick 'and women'. Mahon, formerly a sergeant in Personnel back on visit He's stationed at a Ferry COmmand base near Baltimore Cart. A.G. Casey, Post Mess Officer whom you can for that swell Thanks giving Dinner, isnow C.O. of the 344th in addition to his other duties you gonna db in your srare time, Cart? Pvt. B i 11 Mahoney' s wi Fe arrived fran Boston Bill's trying to sabo tage Panama City with the oil burner. blowin' ur n' all DID]ERKNOW DEPT.: M/Sgt. Bob Murrhy and T /Sgt. Bill Castle hail fran the same town: Indianola, Miss And their Service recorr/s are almost identical, both enlisting in Jan. '41, sane stations at same time, et al .. There arP. new p u blic address s ystems 1n the R e c H all S p ecia l Service s again o n t h e ball TfSgt, R e d Ste g e r 1 s Col. Randolph' s n e w Se r geant Major Red s a two -hitch man .. .. Thr e e Wacs w e n t and l eft u s Satu r

P!fiel.J. THE TYNDALL TARGET NEWS FROM THE "OOPH" being the familiar sound that went around the squad ron area after the annual Thanks giving day feast had come to a cli max. I we will have to sew the buttons back on that popped off due to amount of turkey everybody de or am I kiddin ? The mass sergeant is probably still suffering from the sigl:t of all that food be ing dished out but he will inevit ably get revenge. All fooling aside, I thmk most of us really enjoyed the meal that was put out! Wel1, gentlemen of the Instruc tor:; Squadron our weekl y Friday night :G. I. Parties" are becoming more interesting by the minute. We had an extra added attraction this week 1'-S yo:1 a ll know ... "but Sergeant Nelson, I spent a h alf hour scrub bing my mess kit with sand-break,.,v r"1s a ll for you!" Sgt. .Nelson replied in his usual way (as o ., y Jt: c"'J Go and keep the boys on the ball) "CENSORED." The fact still remains that we have won foU! inspections iz. a row, and that "am t b<:d." There certainly must be some fascinating country together with other things up Wewahitchka way ... or maybe the former owner of Sgt. -Weatherby'3 g hastly resemblance of an lived up thar a ways! Attention, Sgt. Alzmann here's your chance to obtain a contrD.ct for sign-painting on the "bil ious buggy." T,he latest malfunction of the multi-colored wonder Cwonder how it runs) ... the head lights are still complying with black out regulations. But we sure have .to give him credit he never gives m! A couple our local boys didn't like the idea of sweating-out the lengthy line at Tyndall's Cinema ... so a couple of obliging WAC's passmg solved their problem. The WAC s turned out to be cooks-and the result of the evening was an inV I tatwn to dinner at the WAC d t::\chment for Christmas night. Go:d ::leal men! Enough said, and if I'm not writ ing this column next week -you 'll know the reason why! --Cpl. Eric Vodi cka. sso.A puc wyo19 ucw ey s,H It oN ID 91!:1 Tyndall Gunner Returns For Visit After Completing40 Combat Missions When SjSgt. Ralph H. Brannmg I Teturned to Tyndall Field last week ror a visit, he became the first Tyndall Field-trained gunner to return here after taking part in actual combat missions. Branning, a member or Class 42-30, was sent back to the United States ror a rest and re-assignment a!ter completing 40 missions as a top-turret gunner in the Mediterranean theater or war. A member or the, crew or a me d1um bomber named wshi!tless, ( ."hich, incidentally, is st111 dumping lethal loads over enemy territory), Branning has received the Medal and 8 Clusters !or his twelve months or comS/Sgt. Ralph H. Branning Aside to the Target Staff: WE LOOKED IN VAIN FOR OUR COLUMN IN LAST WEEK'S TAR GET AND AFTER CAREFUL SCRUTINY FOUND IT UNDER SQUADRON E'S MASTHEAD. PLEASE, WHEN WE HAVE A FULL COLUMN LIKE LAST WEEK'S, AT LEAST GIVE US CREDIT FOR IT. For two weeks in a row the "Blue Ribbon" on our guideon has an nounced that our squadron w<:s tne best at the Friday evening retreat parades. L ooked good going to the parades and to graduation of our class. All we have to do now is to get the new class 44-1 on the ball bat in tne skies over North Africa, Pantelleria, Siclly and Italy. and get it back from the Cadet De-The last plane he shot down was an ME-109 (fighter-pursuit German) for even though we looked over Italy. goocl passing in review, the "Mis-ters" won it at the last parade. Enlisting in the Air Corps .in December 1941, Branning, who comes Class 43-49 of Squadron B is on from Mlllville, Fla., was sent to Keesler Field, Miss., ror basic for a treat when they hear our own training, and. then to Jackson, Miss., Army Air Base, where he served M ;Sgt. Lowell Fichner address them as a llne mechanic untll assigned to Tyndall ror gunnery training in at graduation next Tuesday. Sgt. June, 1942. Following his nve week course here he was ass1 gned to Fichner is to appear at their gra::lu McD111 Field, Fla.' for operational training. He le rt McD111 in rctio n as g uest speaker and from a>:;erience aboard the aircraft December, 1942, !or a North African Base as a crew member or the carrier "Hornet" as crew chief to the "Shiftless." "Tokyo Expresses" under General When asked how the knowledge he had gained whlle training at T/ F' Jim:11ie Doolittle, we are certain that s toad up in combat, the 25 year-old gunner stated that i t stood up he can impart a great deal of valu well. "MY advice to all student gunners, n con ttnued Branning, ts able information to the embryo gun to take every phase or their training seriously, particularly the ners who will be gradu;:ted that day. operation, stripping and nomenclature or the machine gun and aircrart There was a spirit of gayety and practical joking around the squad recognition. You're a dead duck 1 r you don t know your machine gun ron last week and it seems that our thoroughly and she happens to malfunction with the enemy coming at often absent on DS, Lt. John Davis, you, and, as !ar as aircrart recognition is concerned, the rarther received a surprise when he did re orr you recognize an enemy plane, the better the chance you have or turn. It well known that the telling your grandchlldren about 1t. lieutenant is the WAC recruiting of-ficer, such things being kept in the Squad.ron C Well, here it is another week, and that g u y is saying "Hello'' again that tries to write this column. Pfc. FaJon had better slow down a wee bit, that night life in Panama City has hi.>n on the run,-who is the brunette, or red-he::d, that is your favorite now? He sure is the "Beau Brummel" of Squadron C. It is with regret tha't we say "so long" to our old commanding offi cer, Captain Hill, who has certainly made this squadron one of the top,,'DU!IDlDJ, !;A'ild ,(o\DN s n 9Y' 11 'ON ID ION notchers on the field. Our loss is the Instructor's Squadron gain. Happy landing, Instructors. We a ll extend a hearty welcome ot our new Comm::nding Officer, 2nd Lt. Warren A. Doyle, and may your stay with us be a long one, and en joyable. One of the new 'l.dditions to the class of 43-52 is the "Duchess", for merly from Skunk Hollow, and Low ry Field, Colorado. She has been messing up the detail lately, and she may have to sign the 104th, if she does not stop being a sooner dog. While her master, or masters are at school, we have never found out who she does belong to, the orderly room is well protected in more ways than one by the lovely "Duchess." Who is the student that is nick named "Hobo" by his fellow men? He sure has b _een everywhere, and has won all disputes for the title of "lawyer," if you know what I mean. The favorite was the winning bar racks in the inspection l?..st week, and came out on top bY. four lengths. Barracks 436 was the winner, and was out in front of the pack every day, except Vlednesday when the track was muddy, and 438 came through by a nose. Place went to 438 and show to 435, and <:!so running, but far in the rear was 434 and 432. Most sweater are observed in the best f[nces. dark, but the facts were made known when one viewed his desk. There upon the top was a large bouquet of w ild flowers, a couple of big red apples a;1d a large poster taped to the side of his desk telling of the "Air WACs" and as a n "Air WAC, you serve the greatest nation in the world." WiLl:! the completion of the sec ond week of school, we find our clrcss just about the sam' e as when we ted. M ;Sgt. Church, with close to 1 5 years of service in the Army, is our "Gunner of the Week" and his countenance may be viewed on the last page of this issue, to gether with a resume of his Army career. This past week saw. another old standby lost to us when Sgt. Bili Kaplan left us for assignment to combat at S::.lt Lake City. Seems the little sergeant has at last had lo v e come to his life and just when things were getting interesting around these parts for him, olct "Uncle" called him up for duty. Good luck, Bill, and let's hear from you. We know Virginia will wait. No,_ that relief from the ordinary run of words by Sgt. T .ee Marx is not he's slightly under the influence of the bottle but rather self knowledge gleamed from long hours of intense poring over the new dictionary recenCy purchased for the squadron. Marx has tak=n to enlarging his vocabular y anJ quite of ten anyone wh,., nn r .Prs 1 he Orderly Room IS the gu11, Jllg ror his apphcatwn of his newl y c;igested four and five syllable words.


THE TYNDALL TARGET Easily the biggest news of this week was the conference ln Cairo of Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang, and the re port, unconfirmed, that the former two are now on their way to.Persia for a talk with ;tal in. The meeting o f the American, 3ri tish and Chinese leaders in the Egyptian capital was, according to the official announcement, concerned chiefly with the war against Japan. If the rumored meeting in Persia--or Iran, as it has been named since you and I got out of high school--takes place, it supposedly will have as its main topic the conflict with Germany. Undoubtedly, many military details as to how to defeat the Japs were talked over in Cairo. Those details must be secret. But the conference resulted in putting into plain words the broad aims of the three allies. Briefly, this is M1at China, Britain and America have in store for Japan, as set forth in the ccmnunique issued after the meeting: Japan will be relegated to the stature of a third-rate power. Al;I. the terri tory that Japan has obtained since 1895 will be takm fran her. This includes all of the islands in the Pacific--the Marshalls and the Gilberts and the Carolines-which Japan re ceived after the first "1\brld War, Manchuria, Formosa and Korea, in addi t ,ion to the Philippines, Burma, FrenchIndo China, the Netherlands East Indies, and other territory occupied in the present conflict. In "due course," the communique. said, Korea shall become free and indep en dent. Grim news came trom the Sec-. the Marine Corps. Not at Montemma nor at Tripoli had the Marines shed their blood so freely. The total casualties during the three Gilbert Islands operations were a little more than that. Sixty-five died and 121 were wonnded at Makin, and one was killed and two wrunded at Abe mama, making a to tal casual ty list of 3, 772. Those men were killed in a tiny area, in a battle which lasted only 76 hours. Secretary Knox revealed that in the landings, some landing boats were caught on a reef, and tius made helpless, motion less targets for enany gunners ashore. The major general who com manded the assirul t troops said he saw, on Tarawa, 10 ? dead Marines in a space of less than m yards. The Americans learned some thing about futllre conduct of such operations. They learned, for instance, that the Jap defmses were fomidable affairs, some blockhouses being of five feet thick concrete, covered with railroad ties and lO to 12 feet of sand and coral. Sarajevo is a tiny town in Yugoslavia M1ich is nuch more fam:ms than its size would indicate. It was there that Arch American Marines were finnly entrenched Ge. rmans. killed md 2,557 were wonnded. General Montgomery's British That was the total on Tarawa Eighth Army, which has been alone, and it was the. bloodiest Hi tier's nanesis ever since El fight in the proud history of Alamein, broke through the. His chains c lank s h arp heyond t h e door. His b loody foot track s sta in the s now or dust. His eyes speak of torment unspeakabl e, of in su lt unendurable. Brothers, g o out into the ni ght and cla sp this visitor i n your arms and say : "We are comin g. We are coming soon to punish them for this." And then, l et us walk to our ave ngin g planes-and climb into the sky to hate and k1ill. Oh, prisoners of Japan, we are comin g soo n 1 From AAF' Blue Network Brnad. c a s t rrwings to


December 4 1943 THE TYNDALL T ARGET T/F SPECIAL SERVICE COUNCIL SgL Wolfskill (3ij8tM Cpl. G. Thomas (Finance) Sgt E. Maxwell {Medics) Sgt. A. Ulrich (1003 QM) S/ Sgt. J. Lescher (69th) Cpl. J. Mashburn (932nd) T/Sgt. F:J. Milroy {HCOIC) ] e soldiers pictured on this page are the Special Service Representatives of the squadrons indicated. As such, comprise the Special Service Council which meets every the Special Serive Officer. Th.is Council is the principal source of informations and guidance for the Special Serivice Depa_rtment. Upon fhese men lies the of supplying -the bulk of necessary and advice so completely necessary for the achievement of the objectives of Special Service. Those objectives include the proper superv-ision and maintenance of facilities and schedules for the absolute maximum of activity in the forms of wholesome recreation that the men actually desire. Only thru the closest cooperation by the men of the Squad rons, and their-officers, with the Special Service representative may such be accomplished. Every man should know -his representative and present hi.m with suggestions and constructive criticism. Opportunity should frequently be extended to the representative enabling him to explain the plans and aims of Special Service and receive suggestions. Each Squadron will benefit from the Special S.ervice Department in direct proportion to the ability of these men and the coopt..-ation they re-cei ve. Cpl. W. Baker (30th Avn.) Sgt. W. T. Hurd (965th QM) S/Sgt. J, Bottini (WAC) Col. Ackerman (QM} Pfc. J. Salvato (350tfi)


December 5, 1943 THE PRODIGAL SON Or Over The Fence Is Out Ry PFC. GAWDHELPUS It's good to be home again with my Little ones around my knee, the old familiar faces of my friends besming welcome, the old K.P. List on the old buLLetin board. Yes, it feels as good to be back to ye olde Waller Trainer as it would be to arrive a four time Loser at Sing Sing. I can rerort a high old time spotlighted by my. attendance of 'Winged v ictory' the Army Air Forces r lay on its or ening night. A swell show, a real credit to the Air Forces and to all those who took rart to make it a finished r rofessional rerformance. I matched it from the wings while half the brass in the country sat out in front and who enjoyed it more is a toss-ur. On my return I browsed around the four buildings down by the guardhouse and found my old pal Crowley (Brunhilde) has gone to fight for her country in the Public Relations Der t. We all will miss her in one way or another. AL Karowi tz read and ini ti al. S/Sgt. Jeanu the sleepless wizard, has been doubling in brass as a surply sgt. for the Dead End Kids and as a roving centre at our dept. A full life. Friends of Crl. Runkle had a Little rarty for her last week. The festive board was laid with crackers, and all sorts of indigestibles. Runkle was, sur prised bJt not rleased and both she and Sgt. Pickett wonder who was resr-onsibl e. A few of the kiddies have been sent to film.editing school in Long Island City. Just imagine being forced go go toNew York away from the bright lights and sunny skies of City -what a foul shrune! Some of our boys have left for Apalachicola, Pfc. Everheart the Maggot Exre r t is one and glamourboy Sherley is another. A public address system is a new addition to the mechanical monstrosities already housed in the W. Trainer buildings but book is being made on the fact that they also work in reverse. Dunzweiler knows but he sin 't a saying. Pfc. Chiraifisi is finally gone on furlough and I for one draw a .long sigh of relief. He will be one for two whole weeks and we i n c e r e l y h or e he w i 1 1 g e t an extension, Mary Moore a Texas surer. girl is also a ratron of the arts --she tells me she was brought \!J; on Bhrams, Beethoven and full-dodging. Fritzie Richer has such devotion to duty that she srrings out of her sack at one in the morning to prepare for 6:30 work call. The Browning and 111 rbon Literary Society has changed to the Browning and Beer Society due to the shortage of one commodity and the availability of the other -a distinct come down but Browning is still unrationed, THE; TYNDALL TARGET MALARIA CONTI\Ol @BIRD DIVES FOR flSH fISH PULLS PLUC. FROM BOWL CAN FILLS W\TH WATE BOARD TO TlLT @ BRINC.INC. PUP WITHIN REA(H OF STEAK @ROPESAND PULLIES 6RIN4S FLYSWATTERS TOC, ETHER HOWTO GET 110SQU ITO BETWEEN IS lOUR PROBLEM Whit:e Flashes Thanksgi\ing was a big success as f a r as the mess hall was concerned. Most of the men enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner. The turkeys tool< quite a beating as did the rest of the mP.nu. Our best news this week ir, from the bowling t-eam. The team took on the 907th Q. M. The first game went pretty bad and the boys took a beating and were pretty down hearted. The next game was a dif ferent story. In this second game our teams went on a rampage and made the opposition stand up and 'take notice. The boys started from the very beginning and stayed out in front a ll the way. The last game was give and take most of the way. On the rest frame we wer e slightly behind. Richu made a mark, Horvath made another, Moskov i c h struck out, Innocenzi marked and Johnson marked. We passed the 907th on that last frame but not by a very large margin. In that last gr,me we won by exactly one pin. The last man to bowl, for us. made one pin on his last ball I GULP! l High sco!er for the game was Moskovich. He won the game for us by striking out in the last frame. His score was a beautiful 214. ve1 y beautiful indeed. The others did a very fine bit of bowling and their scores; while not as high r,s our stars, were very good. Richu made up for lost time with a very comfortable part of our 781 total. Horvath and Innocenz1 also did a good job and are going to do much more before the contest is over .. From the side lines we had the support of Cpl. Mitchell who makes up a very cheering section ... P. S. : The Cpl. saved the c heering' for later on that night. Pvt. Caliendo, of the turret a:-ea, has been having a swell time for himself between nailing artic les to the woodwork and bargaining with the Brooklyn rabbit ... On the line we find two very angry Sergeants. They are on a rampage and every one has or will hear from them. Is squirt bothering you again, fel lers? Pvt. Masche-. has conclud ed that the army onl y wants him to do K. P. Masche had K. P on Thanksgiving Day and expects to have more of it on Christmas. Your a good man, Masche Pvt. DeFa bees has challenged the non-coms to a of vo lleyball against the Pvts. for a few brews. ( Beers to tea-totlers). Cpl. Frederick 1. Johnson. 1 0-in-1 Feeds 10 Gls a Day Chicago (CNS)-A new Army field ration is called 10-in-1 be cause one 45 -pound carton pro vides food for a full day for 10 soldiers. The ration is produced in five different menus, each complete down to cigarets, matches, water purifying tC\blets can openers, soap and paper towels. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Page_ 7 W AC-t:ivit:ies Or, The Punching of the Card! The theme song this week shall be He:. .. and Flowers. No names men t ion"J, no skeletons sired, no inflec twns inflectedin fact maybe e-.:en no column will be written. For foul play has been afeet. Bribery has been attempted. People like Carpen ter have tl!ied to beg, borrow, or steal their way out of this column. Tay lor is buying cologne by the quarts to disprove statements. Courtney hides from bright lights with the n:1vy. Vicki Fox goes around locking doors. Riker is employing a little dirty work and barring-temporarily-certain kindhearted souls from the wid er's .club. Dive ly is putting curls in one's hair backwards. Sgt. Pickett threatens to. move one barracks bag and baggage into the farthest foxhole. Snafu tears holes in one's stockings. Gerschon, Dobies, and Hesse went away to New York to avoid contact with one. Hyatt quit speaking to Charlie (for a while). In the mess hall, Mary Lee, Ca:shnavi, Moore, Snowa, Peggy and the Kay Pees greet one w ith baleful glances. There are hints that the dog house will be enlarged to fit one very sad, sad secck Hu:dcy, one's very most favorite gadget is leaving one to pine away. Milgaten, Ye Targe t Ed., has ciUg out his cat-o-nine tails whip. Lt. Holmes snuck down to Appalachicola and made history by being the first WAC officer to be down there and almost didn' t tell one. Hilton and Cale walk the long way around to work to be relieved of one's pres ence. Lt. Clymer was very generous with gigs this week in regard t o missing patches and stripes. Lt. Keyes too off to Indiana. Ginny Hyde is on one's t a il about some sarcasm. Moore crept away Monday night and got married without le :ting one know. Singleton and Speers threw Zanko, clothes and all, into the showe;:when one's back was turned. Gawdhelpus spurned one's aid at a lovely vile bit of writing stuff. After the arrival of the eagle, and the accompanying v ul tures, Pool Sullivan, :md assorted birds, one was left in a very delicate co -ndition. One has caught hades 1J.nd colds. One is celeb;:ating Pearl Harbor day on the grease tra ps. All in all, one is just not one's usua l self and therefore one refuses to write anything about any one this week. There will b e a brief moment of silence while pne slides out the back door. Yer very -Sad Sack. A cute little trick fran St. Paul, !!'ore a 'newsrar:er dress' to a ball. The dress on fire And showed her entire Front rage, srorts section and all. Available from Commercial News Providers"


Page 8 Tyndall Sports Notes Tyndall's t w o basketball teams the cadets and the permanent party men, completed the week's hostll i t ies Thursday night wit h a combined total or rour win s and no defeats. Competing in the n e wly formed USO League, the cadets took the measure or the P.C. Coast Guar d q u in t e t on Tuesday an d the Wain wright El ec tricians on Thursday. The permanent party men ha d little trouble in subduing the Wainwright Park s quad o n Tuesday, but had to come rrom b ehind on Thursday to topple t he Coast c ou rtmen. The Post Athletic Officer announced that the welcome mat is still out to all G.I.s who wish to tryout for the teams. The games being r 1 ayed on Tuesdays Thursdays are more or less 'rractice' sessions rending the comrletion of the T/F gym, at which time Lt. Drongowski rlans to select the rlayers who will rer resent Tyndal 1 on the tuo or three teems which wi 11 be formed. GeLLing back to last week's games, t h e cadets or Class 4 3 -48 put o n a fairly good exhibition or basketball in their eighty mi nutes or play. From thi s observer's viewpoint it seemed that there was room rar more t eam play. A fC Sam sererlan, displaying calm and co n f idence with expert ball handling, gets o u r nod !or the o u tstandlng p layer on the noor. High scoring honors ror L h e cadets w ent to AfC Paul Hy man, who rrom the cente r position zipped the cords ror 14 points in Tuesday' s conte.st and rou n d the basket ror 1 1 more Thursday. J oe Guay and cecil Miller also came through with their s hare or the scoring. Sixteen baLL-hungry G.I.s were on han d for last Tuesday's con test against the Wainwright Park quintet, and all sixteen saw 'action:' It was a 33-19 triumrh for the T / F enlisted men, with Guy Moore a t center turning in a bang-ur defensive and offensive r er Formance, He found the hoor for 12 roints during the course of the evening, Tne Medic's Sollon, named johnson, Squadron D's Snowden and Finance's Bobhy Costigan all con tributed in good measure toward the victory, On Thursday, the T ermanent 1 arty menrret a slightly re-varrred Coast Guarrf teem lli1d found the going u,rhill all the way, Bob Costigan and Moore again furnished the major offensive rush, "but it was the 3 baskets made by S /Sgt. Snowden in the 'clutdJ' that stood out. johnson, Sollon, Anderson and Ordnance' s jim Manderson all took in the win, each scoring at least once. Incidentally, M/ Sgt. Woody' Busby is the NOOIC of the teams and he's doing the carable jon at coaching as he did with the baseball telrfl. THE TYNDALL TARGET GROUP I KEGLERS CLIMB INTO 1ST PLACE TIE IN OFFICERS' LOOP Group I and G r oup II shared the spotlight in the Thursday night orricers Bowling League by coming through unscathed in the weekly !iring. Group I took three straight !rom the GremliQS, while Group II followed suit by striking out the sluggers three t lmes M.o:Q. met the Retreads; emerging with two victories in three tries, and the Bell Ringers took the measure or the Snarus in two of three games to finish up the evening. Lt. MU.ler of M.o. Q. toppled 223 pins in his final errort ror high individual game but Lt. teorgeson, Snaru anchor man, turned in a steady 568 ror high 3-game. M.O.Q. rolled 2472 ac tual ror high team score, and Group II had 2581 to top the han dica p division. Group I 1 s three victories pus h ed t hem up in to a tie with the Bell Ringers ror the loop l e adership. Next week s pairings include Snafu s vs. Group I, Sluggers vs. Retreads, Group IT vs. Bell Ringers, and M. o Q. vs. Gremlins The standings: W L Bell Ri"ngers (4) S 1 G rour I ( 7) 5 1 Grour II ( 2) 4 2 M.o.o. (6) 4 2 Snafus ( 3 ) 2 4 Gremlins ( 8) 2 4 31uggers ( 1) 1 5 Retreads ( 5 ) 1 5 BOWLING SCHEDULE FOR NEXT WEEK MONDAY, Dec, 6--Finance vs. C'\lardi ans (Alleys 12 ) Medics vs, 25th AI t, (Alleys 3 -4) flu t ch De t, vs, 'l.f ( All ey s 56) Skunk Hollow vs. Ord. ( AI 1 ey s 7 -8) TUESDAY, Dec, 7-li'ed birds vs. 69th (Alleys 1-2) Bluebirds 40th (All ey s 3-4) Canaries vs, W, Flashes (Alleys 5-6) BASKETBAtL SCHEDULE TUESDAY, D ec, 7-Wainwright Park vs, Cadets T / F E. M s vs. Marine El ec, Yacht Club vs, Coast Guard WEDNESDAY, Dec, THURSDAY, Dec, 9-Wainwright Pk, vs, Coast Guard T / F E,M,s vs. Cadets Yacht Club vs. Marine Elec, SALLY SEEHORE I heard so much about an M.P.'s lot, --How theyr re always on a spot. So I decided to the waterfront "post," And to wayward G. I s be a perfect host. My shift was a snap, for strange as it sounds, Not a single G. 1. strayed out of bounds. They gathered around me --one by one, And pointed a finger, as if with a gun-was sure that something would go amiss, But all they wanted was me, for CHRISTMAS! Sports Slants By Camp Nowlpaper Service Cpl. Sam Nahem, bespe ctacl e d barrister who used to left hand for the Cardinals, Dodgers and Phillies is a sportswrite r now on America's Alertmen, published by the Eastern Antiaircraft Command. Pam Barton, twice woman's golf champion of Great Britain and once winner of the U. S woman's title, was killed recently when a plane in which she was a passenger crashed in Kent. She was a Women' s Auxiliary A i r Force flight officer The U. S Coast Guard Station at Manhattan Beach N. Y should be able to field a pretty fai r baseball team next "spring. Stationed there are Mikey Witek and Sid Gordon, former Giant infielders; Ed Levy, ex-Yankee first baseman; Gar Del Savio and Hank Sauer of the Cincinnati Reds; and Randy Gumpert, Newark pitcher. Newest Army-bound big leaguers are Ken Trinkle and Hugh East, Gia11t pitchers; Charlie Keller, slugging Yankee outfielder; Chubby Dean Mike Center, H enry Edwards.and Gene Woodling of the Cleveland Indians; Sherrod Robertso n of Washington; Dee Moore of the Phillies; and Dick West, Cincinnati catcher. At the outse t of the National Profes s ional F oot ball League sea son the mighty Chicago Bears lost three stars to the services, Artoe, Kohlman and Stydahe r Since then they h a v e lost seven more, Nowaskey, Siegel, Gallerneay, Maznicki, Indian Bill Geyer B o b Steube r and Bill Osmanski. despite these losses th e Bears still lead the league. Rex Mays, twice winner of the famed Indiana p olis auto speed race, has taken to the air. He is no w L t. Mays. o f the Air Trans port C ommand. PFC Bryan (Bitsy) Grant for m e r Davi s Cup tennis star, h as been see in g a lot of the USA si n ce his induction in 1942 He's now s tationed at Barracks, Mo., his seventh Army camp.


December 4, 1!143 UP AND THREE DOWN' ONLY SURE PROTECTION FRm1 MALAR I A Ry Pjc. Flits Sprayer One of the grea t myste ries of the scl'ond World War, to our way of thinking, is the inability or insects and germs to recognize nsihi l it:c: ; or ; master sergeant r-nnld hL, at \\hil'h men arc tne princip1l m en8r-L". But t" leal n :'lat they need not Rttcnd lertures whert :;-eims were discussed \\'as amazing. There are gen:1i> and thc!c a rE' germs. In this dis:ussinn we \\' ill t al disr uss the THE TYNDALL TARG ET WILL NOT ATTEND NEW NON-COH CLUB OPENING Pa e 9 TYHDALLS OBSTACLE (OVRS IS MODEL FOR AAFTC Tyndall F'leld' s obstacle course !or aerial gUnnery students i s being used as a mod e l ror such courses throughout the Army Al r Forces Training Conunand an AAF'l"' orrtcer revealed during a v1s1t here last week. Developed by Lt. Harbin B. Lawson, the obstacle course here 1 s a rugged arrair r!esigne d particularly to develop the muscl e s or the arms and shoulders whic h are used most orten in aerial gunnery. Photographs of each of the obstac l e s have been sent to all Training Conunand installat ions t o b e used as guides in bull such courses. A complete set or photographs or the Tyndall Field course, showing each obstacle inorder, l s on the bulletin board or the AAFTC' s Physical Training Orrice. Tyndall's course was sel e c ted as a model after Major E B Smith, the n physical training orricer or the Training Conunand, and Capt, Hank Greenburg, his assistant at the time, made a _tour or all the stations e : nrs v>e !:lUSt brin;.; AnniE' into the pictu e a long \\ith 'J,ut not in thr sane p aragraph 1 During the past few months we have followed, through the Since then, Major Smith_has newspapers, the visits by famous Hollywood stars to military bee n transferred and Capt. Green encampment s in the state of Florida. We have often wondered burg, rormer Detroit Tiger basewhy Tyndall Field is shunned by the brighter 1 i ghts of the en-ball star, has been named physttertainment world, and after a careful study of the situation cal tratntng orrtcer. We could h;1:p asker! fnr an appro priation t o con uuC't an in,estigation in to the allergy of germs to serge:.tnts. but n(lt heing a m ember of <'ongress we \\en t a head IA' i th our pi obe without fin ancial assisLtnr:e. we have reached a conclusion. In our opinion, the only reason for the deliberate ci rcumvention is that there is no direct rail 1 ine to Tyndall Field. Therefore, w e hereby make a timid motion to the effect that, once the Non-Com Club is built and paid for, the membership at large be once more solicited, for funds with which to bring a railroad line into Tyndall Field. Although we cannot expect to Miss Lamarr here for the Club1s opening, a favorable reaction to the above motion would make the presence of Miss Lamarr at the Club's first anniversary a possibility. Medicwoes The future "Megreys" are off to .a very good start-from a financial point of v iew. We hear that their "dancing feet" brought them a $25 War Bond at a recent dance sponsored by the Shipy:J.rd and that the Bond was made out to "Mr. and Mrs. Megrey." Before greetings C'8111e last December we had been a sen ant of the Florida State Board of Health as p:1rt of our salary \\ as paid an organization whic h spent millions of dolla r s fighting malaria. studying the causes and methods of \\'iping out O'-lr Annie and her ilk V\'e ran reca ll no ecluC'ationa l campaign di rected toward teaching the lllOSlJUito who to avoid. but distinctly recall one on educational rampaign directed toward teaching the mosqupi to w h o to avoid, but distinctly recall Jed machine gun pointing from the bloodhound as soldiers marched by. penser each day. nose.) Only when a f irst or master ser-T /Sgt. Bob Costigan wants the We further l ea ned that mosquigeant passed did the hound's ears outfit issued "C" rations so that we S are smarte>r Lh:: n most peOil l e droop so low they t o u chcd below his can eat at our desks and won't lose ink. TJ:!cy ha\'e thE'ir 9Wil codE' of nose. any time for d inner at a ll. T ;Sgt. ethics and hw. : s. Thev do their m v n The word got around amon g the Anderson believes that "office c lean research wo1k and base theil wei -family a n d when t h e a: 1 : 1 ies mo\'ed up" could be eliminated by strapping fare upon past perl'o: into tropical countries after the out-a broom to each section head so Back in 19 -11 w h e n the national breal' of the no master ser-that he could sweep the floor whil guard mo\E'd iYJto Louisiana for mangeants were bothered by malaria. getting his regular work done. euvers the Family Culcitk.e was ThE' family Culicidae consent rated its Socia l Note: Those of you who there. They knew. what was coming efforts on R s, Pfc's, cs. ss. s ss. have been wondering what has had and they a r e not inserts to be T. ss but M. s.s w ere not botherT / 5 Tollive r Franklin looking so rau o:ht with thcir be aks down. They ed. starry-eyed latel y, will be interested studied American so'diers. They And that's why master sergeants to learn that it is the love that was kept a ca eful c heck of blood types did not have to attend the J e c .. tes born when Sahara Rose (star of the and th ough lhf'm man disco,e?cd on the malaria mosquito. But just late carnival, of blessed memory) blood Typc 0. Jn t h e mosquito lingo you wait until we have lectures on crushed him to her breast. 0 is prunnuntN! ZE'r o just lil'e O\'E'r the evtls of a l co hol. That's a ll folks' I've got to get an army fiP ld tp !c; hone> nr on n .Jar Among back to work; I'm bucking for a f1ght e r p lane. Th!' famil y S!t>\c Do: lblelime-Dorum & "gopd conduct" ribbon. diSI'O\'er ec! typ<' Z ero by watrh'ng a Co .. HlH. T / 4 Jack Barry. morning inspection. The Place Barracks 619. The Scene: In walked the inspecting officer. Pvt. Brow arc! yell s at the top of his voice, like a well discipled soldierTENSHUN -(was his face red when he realized that he and he a lone was the "Lone Ranger" standing inspection.) We welcome back the "Old Red head" in the person of Sgt. LestAr Tarr after graduating from the Convalescent Instructors School at Miami, Florida. Nice to see you back, It's !10 news when a G I. keeps a steady eye on a calender. But when a "Callender" keeps a "critical eye on a G I.-we'd like to know more of what it's a ll about! Do I make myself clear, McMurtrie? Should you note any members of the Flight Office, X-Ray and Labor atory Technicians i n a perplexed state of mind-blame it on the cur rent wave of ex:J.minations making their way through the hospital. One month of that-and combat duty should prove a well earned rest. Agreed, boys? Effective as of yesterday, in addition to her other duties, Lt. Doris Cofield became the wife of Captain Mart Tannen. Our heartiest congratulations to a lucky guy-and a lucky gal. It's amazing how some people can stay in the public limelight with out even half trying. Frankly-I was gravely concerned at the sudden disappearance of our own Miss Merrill. I was amazed to lea-rn, however, that she has been a patient in our own back yard. (Wonder if she's striv ing for the one hundredth delivery, If so-we hope it's a boy.) Sgt. A. S. Jackrel.


Page 10 THE TYNDALL TARGET Navigator Of China Clipper Reunited With Brother It was P.M. November 20, 1943, just as the China Clipper in #2 Mess was getting u.p ste8lll to take orr with its first load or dinner china A t the controls was pilot-navigator, pre. Jesse Willard Eicher, arrectlonately known as "Hot Box Eicher to his crew. Up to this poln t 1t had been an ordinary day. The usual breakage, run-ins with the K. p, pushers and the slight admiXture or leisure that rounds out a tour or Kitchen Poll ce. Ho-Hum! Espying a cocky corree cup that was teetering precariously on the ledge or the Clipper Room, Eicher walked toward it with a sigh and suddenly rroze, ror there, rramed. 1n the opening stood his brother, inspecting orricer 2nd Lt. Jack Dempsey Eicher, wham he had not seen 1n almost 2 years. In Lt. E1chers opinion the Pre. almost blacked aut and no won der. Meeting up with the inspecting orricer is always a shocking experience tor a KP --but when the guy happens to b e your own brothe r Whom you have not seen ror--"hurry up with that respirator, Scharer! A just !alnted. Interesting is the ract that t h e last correspondence between t he brothers tooK place in June 1942, when Jesse Willard left ror the army, At the time, brother Jack was at Penn State sweating out a BA in Commerce and Finance. "Hot Box arrived at Tyndall Field in August 1942 t o swell the ranks o r the then Rugge d 69th. In June or this year his request ror foreign service was honored and he shipped out to Apalachicola. After a rew months over there the veteran to Tyndall and was to the White Flashes. Three month& after receiving his sheepskin rrqm his Alma Mater, Jack Eicher was called 1nto service. It was as Cpl. Eicher that h e lert Charlestown, s.c., where he had been a link trainer instructor, t o go to Miami o.c.s. He was commissioned a 2nd Lt. on November and immediately assigned to Tyndall Field as a dj u tant or t he Gunner makers, unaware that his brother was stationed there, "ror a letter rrom home hinted that he may have gone overseas. But, with a high sense or the dramatic, rate decided on a reunion ror t h e pro tagonists in this real lire drama and staged the tableau in an obscure China room. Ironically, the war that had separated the brotners had b1uught the. m together again, and thus, Pre. Jesse Willard Eicher and his younger brothsr Jack Dempsey, so named by !ather, an ardent fight !an, are given a little time in which to talk over the old days back in Connellsville, Pa. Canaries W hew! What a time during the last co uple of days! Never h a ve been so busy since the time that grandmother dropped one of her stitches and it wasn't w hil e sewing. With all the new personnel recently assigned to our organizatio n we l y have b een "be:2ting our gums" and "pounding t h e machines." Seriously though, we want to we l come you new fellows to our o rganization and wis h yo u-we'll call it lu ck. Now we have eve ryth i n g f rom a tea ball mechanic-yes it is sr.elle d right but we haven t bee n able to figure out w hat it i s ye t to chauffers newl y assigned to us. "Oh, my back and thro2.t Kula" is co nval escing t h ese days from a c o ld. He blamed it on taking a col d shower but I think h e got caught with his garters down ... Pfc. Lindgren had quite the time t h e oth e r night at the private banquet-and they even had c hampagne. Saw T ; S g t. C h a udo i n up town the other night 2.nd h e was with hi s w ife -of all things T ;Sgt. Kielbasa brought hi s w i fe down to the line Sunday to s how h e r h ow it function -IN CASE OF FIRE 1. 2 3. 1'..1 WE DARE NOT FORGET (Continued from Page 2) Alstralia' s. Since then we have come a long way. The inevitable war with Gennany (b adal canal Coral Sea North Africa Kiska .. and now Italy .. Tawara. The road back is bitter the enEmy stubborn and the blood of oor ymmg men cakes on their boot-soles and mixes with the earth. .And the hue and cry is heard again. This time the dreamers are saying, "Germany is beat-, en." "Gennany w:i,].l collapse." "We give the J aps six months-it will be over by thtn." Perhaps it will be fb r then? For they still believe that our oceans are wide and ing. fut for us there can be no rela.xing,tm.til the enemy is beaten until his force is forever annulled. Only then, may we laugh ard cry a little remembering Pearl Harbor. WAVE Packs Chute ForFiance's Jump Lakehurst, N. J. (CNS)-Mar jorie Reinhardt, a parachute rigger third class for the WAVES, packed a parachute for her fiance Pvt. Bill Bentley, a rigger instructor for the Marines, who was making a 2,000-foot jump with a squad o'f trainees. After Bentley had completed his successful jump Marjorie rushed right up and gave him a healthy kiss. RAISE THE ALARM DIAL 17 OR USE NEAREST ALARM BOX USE HAND FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ed ... Well,allreet. Don'tseehow Don't get excited! sgme g uys do it Captain Evans Dial f/.1'7 on any phone or use red Fire Alarm left. us fo r good but we h a ve anothe r Box on te 1 ephone poi e. (At night 1 ook for officer who is "on the beam too Welcome Lt. S ingleton. P 01 e With a red 1 i gh t above the box. ) Hope that you get used to t h e hot Tell operator WHERE. it is and WHAT! (For water ... Hope t hat J ohn Coleman ex amp 1 e: "Truck on fire behind bu i 1 ding O r1 "Grass fire on Suwanee Avenue, niest pk, ces. Wonder w hat the rea -near bu i 1 dIng tN37." son was ? If more than one person is present, one ] 'ONE MAN'S OPINION'? Dear Sirs ; It would ease my h eart a great deal t o let you people know what 1 have on my mind I have been connected with t h e u.s. Army !or a period or 8 years and never had the pleasure or b e ing o n a rield that takes such great patience in publishing weekly, and "The Tyndall.Target, sure is a grand bit or reading !or me, and many other G. I.s I wait very patiently !or it every week and enjoy every word or it, !rom cover to cover and it sure does a student to have a littl e laugh once a !rom the jokes and comics that are pub lished. Npw dont get m e wrong, the rest or you supporters o! the Target, because my hat i s orr to anyon e connected with the Target, So congratulations to you all rrom an O l e G. I Cpl. Henry Daigel Sq,_ D, Sec. 27, Class 44-1 One Man's Wife Is Another's-Er-Sister Boston (CNS)-When British Seaman Tom Hathaway learned that Canadian Seaman Bill Ellis, whom he met at a USO club lived in Montreal he fished into his pocket for a photograph of a girl. "Ever see her before?" Hath-away asked ."What .the devil are you doing w1th a p1<:tur e of my wife?" hollered Ellis. "She's my sister," replied Hathaway. RITZ Sa turd ay, 'BANJO ON MY KNEE, Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, 'OLD ACWAINTJNCE, Bette Da v1 s, Gig Young, Monday, 'YOU SAID IT,' UOO Camp Show7:00 and 8:30 P,M, Tuesday, 'HANDS ACROSS TilE BJR DER, Roy Rogers, Wed,, Thur,, 'WHISTLING IN BROOK LYN, Red Skelton, Arm Rutherford, Fri. Sat,, 'THERE'S SOMETHING AroUT A SJLDIER,' Douglas Drake, Evelyn Keyes, Rl TZ Sun Mon. 'QJADAI:.CJNAL DIARY, Preston Foster, Willian Bendix. Tues., Wed,, 'JJ...WAYS BRIDESMAID, Andrew Sisters, Thur,, Fri., 'NOR'IHERN PURSUIT Errol Flynn, Julie Bishop, Saturday, 'SILVER SPURS, Roy Rogers, Late Show Saturday, 'HONEYMOON LODGE, Harriet Hilliard, PAN AHA Sun,, Mon 'FRONTIER BADMEN Diana Barrymore, Robert Paige, Tuesday, 'MURDER ON '!HE WATER-FRONT,' John Loder, Wednesday, 'BUSES ROAR, Richard Travis. Until next week, and remembe r should stand by to direct fire truck while what Mathaw told yo u the Other (or others) USe fire extillgUishThursday, 'FIND 1liE BLACKMAILER' Y o u f ... or are Faye Emerson, Jerome Cowan, o n e 0 these innocent children' e r s. too? Woody, '.._ _____________________________ ...J Fri, Sat,, 'LAW RIDES AGAIN, Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard,


11 /Ill Yl A!ND(WD?L" _By BOB HAWK 1. Which or these three statements-is true: (a) A colt 1 s legs do not grow. (b) Large quantities or maple syrup are used 1n tobacco manu facture. -(c) All birds eat their own weight 1n rood dally. 2. I r you wan ted to eat the least rattening or these thjee desserts lemon pie, vanilla lee cream and angel rood cake which woul d you choose? 3. Whats the difference between overlook and 1 gnore? 4. There are over 5,000,000 registered voters the State or New York. rr 5,000,000 votes were cast ror governor, woul d 1t be possible ror a candidate to Win with less than 2,000,000 votes? 5. To which or these words 1s ;h ere no rhyme -oyster, orange, onyx? 6. Name ro_ur ways or preserving rood. 7. Would a pin prick be more pa!nrul on your forehead or your !1ngert1ps? 8. Do men or women have greater finger d e xterit y? 9. Are womens eyes u sually Slightly darker or slightly lighter than men's? 10. Do cows give more milk 1! milked three times a day or twice a day? YANKWIZ ANSWERS 1. B is true -large quanti ties or maple syrup are used 1n tobacco manufacture. 2. Ice cream an average serv ing has 200 calories, wh!l, e the Pie has about 450 and the cake about 350. 3. Overlook me_ans to pass over accidentally; !grtore mean s to deliberately disregard. 4. Yes. A plural! ty 1s all that 1s required. 5. orange. 6. Canning, bottling, pickling, salting, smoking, drying, rree zing, dehydrating, preserving. 7. Fingertips. 8. Women. 9. Slightly darker. 10. Three times a day. THE. T I-\ TTOO ED 1\11/--\ N "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" Barber: Was your, tie red when you cane in? GI: 'Of course not.' Barber: 'Gosh. 'Do you believe in c1 ubs for wcrnen?' 'When kindness fails, yes,' .SAMI Tt-l TATTC Some girls are not afraid of mice. Others haver retty leRS. '!Wiat an I having for lunch to day?' queried the cannibal king of his mess sergeant. 'T110 old maids.' 'flmn, leftovers again.'


GUNNERS GUNNER OF THE CLASS PFC. JOHN F. O'CONNOR Squadron 4 Nineteen year-old Pfc. O'Connor hails from HartfordJ Conn. J where he attended Weaver High School. His favorite sport. is basketball and he played quite a bit of it for Weaver's varsity squad. Prior to entering the AAF ten months agoJ O'Connor was employed by the Pratt-Whitney Company. He received his basic training at Miami Beach and then went to Scott Field for radio training. CPL. HENRY A. QUAGLIERI Squadron C AlbanyJ N.Y.J is the home town of this 26 year-old student gunner ... He graduated from the local high school. .. Selects golf and and baseball as his favorite sports. Wo r k e d as a d r i v e r f o r t h e Consolidated Trucking Lines prior to entering Army back in OctoberJ 1940 ... Spent th.ree years in the Coast ArtilleryJ stationed at Cape May PointJ N.J.J most of t h a t t i me T r an s f e r red t o t h a AAF in October of this year and sent directly to Tyndall Field, A I C ALBERT L. THOH AS Cadet Detachment Gunner of the Week ill his first seven days of schoolJ A/C Thomas completes his gunnery training as top gunner of his class. He was called to active duty while in second year at Alabama Polytech where he was studying aeronautical engineering. AururnJ Ala.J is his home town ... Played football for his High School. Enteree service in Feb.J i943 as a private and sent to Miami for basic .. After Miami was enfolled as an aviation student. M!SGT. JESSE H. CHURCH Squadron D Although born in BooneJ N.C.J M/Sgt. Church spent most of his civilian days in MarylandJ N.C. He joined the Army in April_. :i928J and was with the D.E.M.L. in Hawaii for his first hitch. After -HawaiiJ he switched to the Air Corps and was sent to the Canal Zone. Following a hitch there he was assigned back to the states and then again as-signed to the Canal Zone. His 1 as t post be f o re being sen t t o Tyndall was Gunter FieldJ Ala. WEEK P FC. DOYLE K. GANTT Squadron B Calls ArcadiaJ La.J his home town Graduated from the Arcadia High SchpolJ is 2i years-old and is unmarried. Entered the Army in MayJ i942J and was assigned to the Infantry ... Spent five months at Camp Wheeler and then applied for cadet training. Was accepted for aviation cadets and was eliminated after five months ... Completed Scott Field's radio course before ar-rival at Tyndall. SGT. JOSEPH T. PIASECKI Squadron E Entered the AAF in DecemberJ i94:iJ and assigned to Keesler FieldJ Miss.J where he graduated from the air mechanics 1 school ... Then followed a at the Lockheed Specialist School at BurbankJ Calif. ... The sergeant then was assigned to various as a mechanic until accepted for aviation cadet training in April of this year. Hails from UniontownJ Pa.J is 22 years-oldJ and a graduate of the local high school. Was a member of the varsity track team.


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