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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 2, no. 48 (December 25, 1943).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
December 25, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Pa e 2 I PU ELI SHED ON SA TIJRDAYS BY THF SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE FOR PERSONNEL OF TilE AAF FLEXIILE GUNNERY SOfOOL, CI'IY, FLA. Copy Prep a red Under Supervision of Public Relations Officer. Commanding: Col. Leland S, Stranathan Special Service Officer: Capt. Owen 0, Freeman Public Relations Officer: L t, Wi 11 i 1111 B. Pratt Photo aod Reproduction Officer: Capt. J,A. Dickerman Editorial Staff: S / S gt, Milgaten, Sgt. Saul Samiof, Sgt. Neil Pooser, Cpl. Harry Budi, Columnists: S / S gt. Ste've Libby, P fc, E, T. Del byclc, Art Work: S /Sgt, F rank Horn, Set. Marshall Gooanan, !VSct. Fnd Slade, Photography and Reproduction: M/Sgt, W, Ruby, 'li'Stt. I. Castle, T / S gt. J, Mitchell, S/Sgt, F, Churchill, Sgt. D, Levinson, L, Shaw, S /Sgt, J, Montgomery, S /Sgt. J, Webster, S/Sgt, R, Keough, Sgt, A. LoudL s, Sgt, J, Marsick, Q:-1. E. Tackett, Pvt. W, Daniels, Pfc. H, Care, THE TYNDALL TARGET 0 HOLY CHILD OF BETHLEHEM, To those of you who are away from home Christmas, this year, will be Pretty much a time of memories ml!mories of Christmas Eve Parties and Preparations for Christmas Day; memories of the day itself with family eatherines, Christmas tree ana Christmas dinner, and the exchaneine at eifts, and, too, memories of relieious seroices attended on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and the sineine of the old familiar carols "Silent Nieht, Holy Nieht, "It Came UPon a Jrfidnieht Clear, 11 "Joy to the World. 11 Yes, those are all memories that come sureine up at Christmas time. But this Christmas, as for the Past two Christmases, we at Tyndall Field are eneaeed in the stern task of PreParine to fieht enemies who would destroy everythine that came into the world when the first thin cry rose from that maneer into the star-lit nieht at Bethlehem. And our intention is that those The Tyndall Target receives enemies shall be defeated SO that future eenerations uterlal supplied by Cup llewsin this land and in other lands can enjoy happy pape r Service, War Dept., 205 E. Christmases in a world where all that Christmas re42nd St., !IYC. Credite d aateri al t l T h ar not b e r epublished without Presen s to us Prevai s. o t is tnd we devote ourvrior per iss. n rro C!IS. selves and Pause on Christmas Day to pay homaee to who is our Savior. Let it be for you a day of on Christmas Day our thanks Christmas Day 1943 no peace o n earth and little of good will toward men Soldiers-too Ured to eat, as they rest amid littering wo0d and j ron and heaned roc k that was once a little &>man town on Christmas Day our thanks" Aler t -North gun cre w on a merchantman, anxious men listening, subs are clos er i n the fog on Christmas Day our thanks. Concen t r ation camp-Germany, a lone nr] soner of w ar, seeing beyond a nn e d guard and barbed wire thinking thoughts of horn e on Christmas Day our thanks. Hospital ward--North Africa, palm t rees and pain, the wound ed, once, their hearts were young and gay on Christmas Day our thanks. Covert--South Pacific, grirn faces needin g a shave, whe r e mot]on is death, watching, waiting, where has the enemy h]dde n ? on Christmas Day our thanks 1\.lbber raft-Ehgllsh Channel, pilot and bombardle r safe; the other s have gone West, mission completed on Christmas Day our thanks. They carne from the Dakotas lov]ng the wheat of their flelds the North'west .. lcving the redwood and salmon t h e cities of the East and Midwest (Continued on P age li) worship and prayer as well as of feastine. And may the thoueht of what you are makine Possible for future eenerations by your sacrifices today make it a Merry Christmas. I our Chap lain.s 0 HOLY CHILD OF BETHLEHEM, DESCEND TO US, WE PRAY; CAST OUT.OUR SIN, AND ENTER IN, BE BORN IN US TODAY. WE HEAR THE CHRISTMAS ANGELS THE GREAT GLAD TIDINGS TELL; 0 CCME TO US, ABIDE WITH US, OuR LORD EMMANUEL. -Phillips Brooks SCHEDULE OF SERVICES PROTESTAOJT Sunday SUnjay Schoo l at Post; C hat;?.l .... _,,, ................... ,3:oo A.M. at Colored RecreatiJ n Hall 9:00 A.M. Worship at ?ost Shape! ............................ 10 :00 A.'!'-1. Worship ln S kunk Hollow., .......................... 10:00 A I'!. Evening Worship at. ?ost -:hape-1 "'"''7:30 ? M Tuesday Fella w shl:p Meeting ?: 30 ?.M. Wednesday C h011" Rehearsal o-:':00 ?.M. CAmOLIC Sunday Masses Post ,, ............ ,,, ,, 8: 00 A.M. ?os t 10: 00 A.M. Post Chaye l ............................ c 1 !: 15 A.M. '!)all Y Masses ........................................... 5: 3C P.M. C Jnfesslon s u. ........ .S!:i: u :--day 7: OG ? M (and any time t h e cha;;,laln ::; :n JEWISH W:-rshlp 3Brv.!.ce o Friday, ? : 30 P. M News From Your Own Home Town Charlotte, N. C -This \'.'ant ad ran in a n ewspaper here: Will trade nylon hose for 12-gauge shotgun shells." Chicago -The average girl here carries fro m 30 to 45 articles in her handbag according tu a r ecent survey. Among the items c!isovered in several bags were a clefense map of America, pamphlets o f th e Quantitative Determination of Euphoria. a peanut butter sand\\'ich ann. a Stilson wrench. Non-Comb-at Soldiers May Get New Assignments By Camp Newspaper Service Every man in the job that suits him best-that' s the gist of the new War Department manpower order which will reassign to other duties many soldiers not physically suited for combat action. By rescinding previous orders and by establishing a new one in C ircular 293, the WD has provided the assignment of all men to positions where they can render the maximum amount of service to their country. Some assignments. the WD found, require enlisted m e n of unusual strength, stamina and all around physical .ability but even in combat units there are many positions which may be filled by men of lesser physical attainments. Many men who are below current physical standards for induction are nevertheless extremely valuable to the Army because of their training, experienc-e. ability and demonstrated capacity to give service in some special as signments. These will be retainect in the service and reassignt'd to jobs within their capacities. Although the term "limited service is discontinued, this doesn't mean that men formerly classified as limited service will b e di scharged from the Army. Nobody w ill be discharged for phvsical disability if he can b e placed in a position where his talents and ex p erience make his work aluabflo to the Army. However, so ldiers will not b e shipped overseas if they ha\'e o f the following defects: Pro nounc e d psychi atric d i so r ders. hernia. c l ass one dental de fici encies (with certain exceptions), enuncleatio n of a n eye, tropical diseases that may be aggravated if reinfect e d and other physical defects which place the men b e lO\\-thP minimum physical standard for indu ction. These mPn w ill stav bl'hind when t heir outfits ship. overseas but no one wi ll b e discharged for physical disability if he meet s the standards for inductees for limite d se r v ic e currpntlv d escribPcl in MR 1-A. Q Cau 1 1 pel.'fcl'<' 111 til, .--\nnu .'\ r F(II'C<.: s 1rea r !lll llYS:' A. Sometimes. Graduates of an AAF aerial g-unnery school may wear the regular air crew member, wing s and so may any member of an air crew who has shown proficiency in his regular crew duties r.r ovided that he has the authorization of hi s commanding officer Q Are the currespOitdl'llc-e C'll1trses pi'epoi'ecl by tlw Ar11wcl Forc'!S l u : :lit ute macle aruiluble for so ldier uuerseas? A Yes. The Institute will send you anv of its courses in the world. If you want to en rnll see your Educatio n lind Information officer cr youa Red (;ross field director. He will furnish you with a cat.alogue of all Institute courses. Then you can l>ic k what :vou want and have it sent to you. At present the charge for each course i s $2. Q. I s then any agreement gov enun g the excha11ge o f sick pris oners by 1Jellige1ent states in wartime? A Yes Recently the U. S. and Germany established an agreement for the mutual exchange of s ick and wounded prisoners, under which all. ill men, regardless of their rank. will be sent back to their home countries.


December 24, 1943 "TO ALL PERSONNEL OF THE ARMY AIR FORCES: At Christmas last year we began to see 1 ight after the long darkness of the first year of the war. Confident of your enormous efforts as individual5 and as a fighting force, I knew that we could expect with assurance a new year that would be a bright year and a proud jear. we in the AAF have found it so. The hopes we held were abu .ndantl y realized. The confidence we felt proved to be !Nell-founded. This Chrtstmas we have all that to be thankful "or. our hopes for the future are very high. In the consciousness of hard iobs well done, I hope every man and woman in the AAF will have at heart a Merry Christmas even in surroundings that may be strange. Chri stmas Eve and Christmas Day some of you may find yourselves engaged in deadly com bat. Many of you wi 11 be suffering hardships and dangers in situations as unlike Christmas as any you ever imagined. Very few of you will be able to spend Christmas as we would all wish to spend it. That wi 11 come again on 'those Christmases af-ter we have finished the job. With these thoughts in mind I sendrry Christmas and Ne\'1 Year's greetings to every one of you, Nherever you are. As you, know, the coming year will bring the most decisive days of our time, the most decisive of centuries to come p erhaps. I am fully confident .that you are equal to the challenge. Your courage and endurance, your devotion and your labor have carried us strong and safe and brought us one year nearer victory and real 1 zat ion of the things for which Christmas stands. H. H. ARNOLD, General, u.s. Army, Commanding General, Army Air Forces. JEWISH SERVICEMEN TO 'FEAST OF LIGHTS' Personnel or the Jew! sh tal th THE TYNDALL TARGET BUSY CHRISTMAS PROGRAM PLANNED THE HASTERPIECE OF GOD Gl ENTERTAINMENT FILLS CALENDAR FOR HOLIDAY Open House at All Rec Halls; USO to Have Formal Dance Christmas holiday rest1v1t1es tor the men who must remain at. Tyndall Field got under way Wed nesday and will continue throttgh Saturday, according to an announ ce ment by the Special Service 0 r!ice. Recreational halls on the field and the Post and the Rec Hall at the Apalachicola Army Air Base have all been decorated ror rest1v1t1es or the season. The first event or the week was a dance at the Recreation Hall ror permanent personnel on Wednesday evening. A second arrair !or students only was enjoyed Thursday evening,. A dance was held at the colored Rec Hall Thursday evening. A Christmas party ror children 0 r the r!eld personnel at the Post Theater 2 P.M. opened festivities ror today. Santa Claus arrived by airplane ror the atfair and distributed gifts at the tree. At 6 p, M. today there will be a Christmas party at the Cadet mess hall. Saturday at 11 A.M. there will be a Christmas party ror patients. A photograph of a plaque depicting the Nativity from a model at the station hospital and at in p 1 aste I i ne as created by Pvt. Wi 11 i am D. Mahoney of the Pub-3 P.M. open house will begin at ll'c Relat1ons Of .fl"ce. all Recreation Halls and continue stationed 1n this v1c1n1cy are Th f" th th original but the compo-until closing time. invited to attend a Chanuka, or e lgures are as ey appear In e As a Christmas present" stu"Feast or Lights" party at the sit ion has received 1 i beral treatment from Mahoney to permit dents usually contlned to the oanama City Women's Club December the introduction of greater rhythm. area or Skunk Hollow will be :e. The party will begin at 7 The artist felt this was made necessary by the 1 imited design allowed to leave that restricted .M. area of his plaque in high relief. territory and attend the Rec Hall The evening's rest1v1 ties will p arty. be comprised or entertainment, Consternat'lon Re'lg1c: Army At the uso club in Panama Clty, rerreshmen ts, motion pictures ...J as the following program will be and distribution or gifts. 1 d G l's presented: Mr. I. M1nistorskY, represent-Serves Tropic_ a Foo to Tonight at 8 o clock, there 1ng the Jewish Welrare Board, is will be a recorded presentation working With tht! Arrangement Comconsternation relgned in some soldier ate nothing but filet or Dickens "Christmas Carol," mittee on the party's details. or Tyndall Field's mess halls mignon back in the days berore the narrator Ernest Chappell and Meinbers or the Arrangement comlast Thursday when, as an experiSelective-Service snatched him Old scrooge played by Eustace mittee are Mrs I. Strassler, ment to determine how soldiers rrom his $125 a week civilian Wyatt, followed by a community Mrs. B. wengrow, Mrs. J, Tashlik job, and he can not be expected and Mrs. E. Edelman. OUR FRONT COVER Our front cover this week Is a composite photograph of a prayer for Christmas and its fuJ fillment. Kneeling before the altar in he Post Chapel is Jst/ Sgt. Davis H. Kl)owles, of O-rdnance, offering his prayers to God for the end and a sate return to family and home. Seated in favorite chair, his wife beside him on the floor, represents the fulfilment of this soldier's prayer at Christmas. 'And his prayer, it may be said, is the prayer of evert soldier when at Christmas time his thoughts turn a g a i n hom e. The photo was taken by Sgt. Dan Levinson. would like them, .avocadoes w e r e to b e familiar with :;uch plebian sing. distributed to several thousand victuals as asparagus and avo-At 9 P.M. will be the "Around bewildered Gl' s at the evening cadoes. the Fireplace Hour with refreshmeal. Like the guy eating artichokes men ts and Chris on as carol record Avocadoes-sometimes called al-ror the first time--the one, you 1ngs. 11gator pears--are Wes t Indian by remember rrom the m ovies--who At 11 P.M. there wi.ll be 're-or1g1n, products or south Florida care fullY plucked aT' d tossed d cordings entitled "Christmas at and southertt Cal1!_ o _rn1a. an are aside each lear hunting ror what-thi Or a del. the organ. At 11:30, there will considered as some ng -ever was lnside, the mess hall 1 S e 15 Years ago t h ey be Christmas hYmns by St. Domin-cacy, om Thursday wao:> rull or brave sol-were so highly prized that they diers who carefully peeled orr 1ck1s Choir, followed by midnight sold in New York for as hign as the pulpy exter1 or or the avo-Mass. 85 cents cadoes and tried to eat the seed. Tomorrow, Christmas carol re-They are not such raretles now, Unfortunately, a good many or cordings will be played all day, but to the GI from Kansas or those handed o u t Thursday w ere BrooklYn or 111nnesota they are as and there will be Dresen ted an-much of a roystery as th e contents unrlpe. But apparently not many other recorded version or Dicken's or the men who consumed them or Army stew. carol," wl th Harlow Wilcox as .'J.'ne Army, oerore placing such knew the difference. articles or food on t h e mess F o r the benefit or everybody, narrator and Basil Rathbone as trays, sh auld stage a widespread i r we have them again, the Target Old Scrooge. .orientation program, using squad-h erewith presents a short course There will be a social hour ron bulletin boards, the Target on how to eat avocadoes: rrorn 5 to 7 P.M., w1 th refreshand other such media, using pic-There are two c ustomary methods. ments sandWiches and co!!ee. tures and drawings to explain how In one, the thin green skin re-Tomorrow night, tLere will be_ a to eat them. moved, then the pulpy part diced rormal Christmas dance, rrom 8 to It is a known ract--the GI will (Continuedon Page 8) (Continued on Page 10) .admit it himself--that


Page 4 As I P. f. c. IT NOW' AND FOREVER Working hand in hand with their old ally; the bitter Russian winter, the Red Army has opened a p ower!ul new "rrensi ve on the north Russian !rant near Nevel. Under Gen. Ivan Bagramian,_ the Red Army has(overrun 500 villages and killed 20,000 Germans in an 18-mlle breakthrough that brought Soviet troops to within sz. miles of the Latvian frontier, This latest R e d drive is worrying the !rigid Nazis rigid ror it points at the Baltic and the collapse o! German positions around Lenin grad and Vi tebsk. For as long as. the winte r lasts it will be tough sledding !or the Nazis, who haven't got the chance or a snowball in h ell---and when Spring comes a gain, i t will not leap eternal in t h e hopeful German breast. Unless the ]aps enjoy pro verbial luck of the Irish, the conquest of New Britain seems certain. The wily Nips who they were holing in for ever and a day are being out foxholed, outfought and outthought. Watched from the air, shelled from the sea, and ferreted out by our land troops, Tojo's tricky little assassins are being rub bed out in the order of their ap pearance. Unless the rooms in the Sun Emperor's establishment at Tokyo are sound proof, the Im perial One is already aware of the knocking on Japan's front door. Thousands of mi 1 es awayyet strong enough to be heard e v e n at that g -reat distance, On t h e roa!l to Rome, American troops have pushed three mile s b e y o n d San P i etro, last N azi m ountain stronghold, to within f i v e miles o r Cassino, whic h is only 70 miles rrom the gates o r the Etern a l City itself. Now t hat t h eir reet are hard on the famed Appian Way that once echo e d to the soun d of C aesar's marching legi o n s G en. Clark's tank m e n can bring t h eir machines into broad use ror the first time Wit h the hitting in high a n d the Nazis b eing forced to s h 1 ft to l o w gear, the bump e r s o n o u r jeep s s h ould s hortly b e co 11 i d 1 n g w i t h th e h i gh 1 y vau nted Germ a n r ear, and whe n that happ e n s you can b e t y o u r last hub cap t hat 1 t will take mL're thanl-!1tle r to do t h e paint j ob Sunday, December 19, three Ger mans and a Russian traitor con victe d of war atrocities by a military c .ourt were hanged in the public square of the city of Khar kov. They were: Wilhelm Langh eld, a Gestapo captain; Hans Ritz, SS officer; Richard Ratzlaw, Gestapo corporal, and the Russian, Mikhail Hulanov, who served as a chauffeur for the enemy. All of the accused had admitted that they took active part in the m _ass executions of Russian women and children, order ed by the Gestapo. The Nazis may bluster and threaten dire re prisals but deep in his heart every German knows that the hanging at Kharkov has sounded the tocsin for all wal' criminals and that the gibbet waits to receive them and their crimes. THE TYND.j\LL TARGET "TIJ .THE BOYS" "Merry Christmas to the Boys"the by Diana Lewis for the Yuletide Season. MGM starlet is in "Cry Havoc." That's quite a bag of gifts, huh, bub? greeting rendered The petite young QJEST/ON: 11W1AT IS YOUR IDEA OF ,AN I DEfi.. AVERAGE MEfi.. ?" Interviews and Photos By SGT. DAN LEVINOON frT. CARMELO LaBARCA, Manhattan, N.Y.; Gunnery Student: "Steaks, Potatoes and peas and fried onions, bread, butter, Pudding dessert, same thing to drink." / 1----------------,-------__;---------!PfC. PAT BRIGNALO, East Boston, .. on Christmas Day our thanks .. (Continued fram Page 2) loving the noise and the swiftness and South loving the sun on their acres North and East and South and West:. in love with Arne rica they carne and their sn eech was soft and laughing on Christmas Day our thanks. They left their offices _and jobs the men and women of America and the young ones they laid aside their fielders gloves and put their bright dresses they lctssed goodbye their dear ones and sailed away on Christmas Day our thanks. And to your fathers and mothers and all the important of your Jd..n and to the men in the camps and to the \\0 rkers in factory and field and to the silent legions locked in the long, unending sleep and to the brave v.herever they are who fight for man and His dream of peace on Christmas Day our thanks. "Don' t just stand there, Sergeant! Help yourself ... have \ some fruit!" Mass.; Drafting Dept.: "Chicken soup, shrimp cocktail, assorted vegetable salad, spaghetti -with meat balls (the real Italian kind) and Italian pastry." S/SGT. WARREN M. WHITE, Norlina, N.C.; Dept. of Training: "Chops and steak or chicken, potatoes and peas, and a good big glass of l beer." SGT. ARTHUR I. BOTTON, Seattle, Wash.; Gunnery Student: "Ve-getable soup, roast beef, mashed potatoes, green P eas, bread and butter, pineapple and cheese salad and ice cream."


December 24_ 1943 THE TYNDALL T 1\R.QET Page :1 Howdy, hev-cats L et's breeze around o l e Tyndall Tech, gather in' together b1 ts b! nooz !ro m hyarn 1 thar! The ole, worn-out Ad Lcbbs der by is doffed this week to FjO 'sco' t ty' Cameron, who became a pappy late last week .. 'Tis a boy : Mr. Harrison, Ordb y 1st. Sgt. Ken Bailen ..... Also to Mr. Rattigan He's Eng. Off. in the 349th ...... Pfc. R.W. Tyner' has gone to woik for 'Syke and Research' .. And Sgt. Bob Clough has been assigned to Weapons ...... W ilms the Wac nance man from XW since 19 Nov. stuff. returned last Satiddy to Mont-Just a vau s e !or a moment, fel gomery .. He was looking for a l e r s 'lll1nk: this over: I! you're passenger, but we cou.ldn' t find r eeling sorr y o r y oursel r this h i m one .... Were glad to see Xmas mile s !ro m home an d !rom Sgt Bill Mankinen, our ole tho s e y o u l ove:... consider this : friend from Cochran Field, who' ove r the r e the r e a r e t h o u s ands now in the 446th Wait'll you o r guys 11k:e y oucnd I who haven't sez, brightly, 'Any gal who plar s with fire long enough a in't hot hear the guy play the accordian; been home 1n a year o r two, an d he's a ato.mach-ateinway geniua! the r e's n o h op e o r their getting Too bad about PT--or there, e1 the r Y o u a n d I had rather the lack of it--last week, better just t a k e a h1 tch 1 n ou r wasn't it, fellera? .. Oh, yeah! O.D. b r itches, and say "We 're ..... CASUAL OBSERVATION: Afpretty damne d luc ky, afte r all." H1tler'a funeral, Number 1 on A t l e&s t w e'll h a v e a goo d X mas the Hit Parade will be 'Oh, What c h ow, an d the !olk:s at h o m e h a ve a Beautiful Morning!'.... sent that vack:age h aven't t h ey? Gunne r-1n-the-mak:1ng Pvt. M e u r y No, you a1 n t ha v1n' 1 t so tough, shot his thumb o rr .. H e s rest-bub. Anyh ow, to all or yo u at 1ng c omf o r tably, t hank: you, 1n T/F-o r r1ce r s Wacs, a n d G.r.s 1n t h e horse-vi tal Cvl. from A D LIBBS.a Merry C hristmas, Jerry L ong, late o r the Message a nd a v ictorio u s 1 944! Cente r (under G e n eral Tho1ston) You kin stay out 'till 12:45 has been issued a GI magn1!y1ng now, bub, but you'd better be off glass .. He's 1n G-2 now.. .. .. the streets of PC by midnite S ;Sgt. Steve Holley's Hud s on On Saturdays it's two hours later starts cold these mornings He ..... Col. Burritt H. Hinman sez he couldn't oven t h e door. of Maxwell was a visitor at Tyn that 1 t was frozen, on Saturday dall this week He was here on last ...... C i vvie Benny Win-official business, carried on long, grove o! the PX (Tyndall Field's confabswithCspt. Powers ..... Gimbel's Bas ement) s currying a-The Rec Hall floor was okay for bout trying to !'1nd things what dancing Thursday nite .. And the ain't there Sale s at the j oint, Victorettes appeared i n all their_ incidentally, broke all records splendor, while Mr. Missal and Did you hear about the the lads played three 'Hit Parade gal who whisvers sweet n othing tunes ..... GAG oF THE WEEK: doings in your ear? It' s okay to compliment a gal New Year' nlght (that's Satur-about her ankles, but don't com day) there'll be a three-hour pliment her too highly! raaale at the USO Miss Prows suggeated we have a half hour floor aho..., which can do .. .. Been colder'n hell, ain't it, bub? Even us New Englandera agree that Fla. is okay, but this, chum, is South Alabama! There's a new student_ gunner whose name is Boston He hai la from California ..... to MISTER Lloyd H. Tay lor The new WO has been replaced as top-kick of the 40th Ft. Monmouth, N. J.-WACS stationed here have a watchdog named Pal who is silent when in the presence of women but im mediately starts barking when a man passes the barracks. Along The Main Stem X-TRA XHAS Pllf-UP.FROH A T H.S. Since it's the Christmas Season, Alon g the M a i n Stem offers a gift to you Tyndall G l .'s. She s Karo l e S i n g er, Vincent Lopez singer, f requently heard on "Victo ry Para d e o f _Spot-1 i ght Bands." When you get a r ound t o it, you can read b y the m i k e that the "Parade" is a Blue Network show. Nice-e r s mile, eh, J oe? Donna D a e Fred Warin g voc alove l y has a P 47 named arter her S h e s a l r e a d y being heard fro m in Berlin! Hump e r d1nck:' s o p e r a "H. anse l and G r e t e l was Mu tualled coast-to-coast Sat u rday Marl on Clare and Ruth Slater were featured 1 n the fine b1c ast ...... CBS-WWL1s Kate Sm1 t h Hou1;" o n Fridays at 7:00 i s o n e great program .. Everything 1 n en terta1 n men t t s 1 ts theme On Broadway the cinemas have a rare offe r i n g o f pix for the holidays. MUSIC HALL: Madame Curie; ASTOR : Cry Havoc; C APITOL : Oirl Cru:y; P ALAC E : T he Nort h Star; RIVDLI: For Whom t h e Bells Toll; KUAY: H appy L and; S TRAND: N orth e r n Pursuit; HOLLY'flfOO D : O l d Ac quaintance; PLA ZA: S o Proudly We R a i l ; PARAMOUNT: N o Time. F o r Love; and the v odvil shows are s t a r r i f f i c t oo! S TRA.ND: G 1 en. Gray, Willie Howard ; R O XY : Frank Fay, the Radio A ces; PARAMOUN T : Wo ody Herman, Marion H utton; CAPITOL: Raym ond Scott, Bea Wai n A l Dexter. I n t h e clubs o n Manhattan B i l l y V i n e i s a t t h e LATIN Q UAR TER; GREENWICH VILLAGE INN: B e n!lY Fields; ROGERS CORNERS: The Korn Kobblers; an d others. The leg1 t -1mate stages o!!er MARTIN BECK: A Co nne c t 1 cut GOLDEN: (Continu.ed. o n Page BJ


THE TYNDALL TARGET NEWS FROM THE. Well, we kept our record intact by moving ::gain this week. Bks. 405: inoved in with the men of 406. The fellows in 406 really got a break get ting all of us good guys to live with them Has anyone ever seen our Asst. Clerk, Robert E Lee, ever move? He is so slow, it takes him 63 minutes to get through every hour ... S /Sgt. Kelly has given up his non-com room an oq aJo s6u!M lO sa6pa 6u!poa1 ay1 pap!s-qols puc daap S! a6o1asnl SH sauo1d puo1 lO auo. S! S!Yl .sau!6ua Jnol .hq paJaMod auo1d 6U!M-Mol o 'o6nr sJa)junr s,H-;t oN ID aJ!:I Squadron E We wish to welcoJTl.li Clas.s 44-5 to Squadron E and to bjd .farewell to Class 43-51. Cl2.ss 43-51 bas won the "E" Flag twice during their six weeks in Squadron E, so we are look ing fcirwat:d to Clas.s 4'l-5 tQ keep tl1e BJag flying in front of our Or derly Room. S jSgt. Thomas F. Bridges has been selected as the "Gunner of the Class. s;sgt. Bridges. won a close race with A / C Stephen Kozak of the Cadet Detachment. Congratulations, S /Sgt. Bridgea, ke.e.p up the good work. Last week we placed second on the Inspection, even with. Lt. McDaniels sweeping the porches. What say we all pitch in and help him and we' ll be on the top again next week-0. K.? Our ability to m.a.rch and salute is being questioned in many circles on Here it is, the start of the week of this Field. Are we going to stand Christmas, and our students are get-for it, mer.? No! is the answer. ting ready for that big feed of tur-Let's make Squadron E the marchin key that we all know we will have. est and salutin'est outfit on the on Christma s d :: y. whole Post. We'll change their opinOur assistant supply man is back ion :md have them saying, "There fro m hi s furlough-Pfc. Ual P. Rus-goes that snappy E Squadron. ssod Jal 'SJappnJ puc SU[! soy sdH papunoJ a6pa puc )j:>oq JdaMs S! lO a6pa 6u! -poa1 ay1 sdH a6pa 6u! uo pJOMJOl puc a6pa 6u!poa1 ayJ uo )j=>oq aJo s6u!M Mol ay1 papunoJ puc 6uol S! a6olaSnl sau,eua ID!POJ Jnol :Aq paJaMod 'auo1d a6uoJ-6uo1 o 69) s n L oN 10 ION Squadron 8 This week we think the Birdsall Brothers are interesting inasmuch as their army life has been almost' the same. They .are in the Air Cotps and all soon will be gunners. S/Sgt. Charles Birdsall and hjs brother, M ;Sgt. John Birdsall, will graduat1:! froin Class 44-3 but from different fields, Charles Birdsall from Tyndall 'Field, his brother from Las Vegas, Nevada. These two men were together in H::waij and also have served four years each in the air force. One more brother is to be added to the list, he is Donald Bird sall, also a gunner from Tyndall. We hope that these men will see each other on their furlough. S /Sgt. Morgan is back with us again and he brought m::ny a tale of how the civilians were living. SjSgt. McArdelle, whom we think is a very lucky soldier, will be able to see his family and that certain person dur ing the holidays. Have a swell time Mac. The mail clerk, Johnson, would like to run an ad for some help dur ing these busy days. 'I'he question of the week? Do we, the students, get paid before Christmas? -Sgt. E. C. Cogswell. s ell who h a ils from the small town TheE there was little Lulu, who of Opp, Ala. He claims that he al-laughed when her father !ell down most g o t held up by the furious the Cliff during th.eir annual spring snow tha t he encountered on his way hike-yep, she knew that was a back to the field. Don't go North, "fall" suit he was wearning. A Gerrrian guard in Denmark Ual. -Snafu. was getting tired of his job. Pfc. Winters, that student from Oklaho m a, i s now being called the tion. We all \ : vish you the best luck 'Ach,' he says, 'I vish de var "Ambul:: n c e Kid. Back in his civil-in the world, Ernie. vass ofer.' ian days, he was the driver of a 1941 Pfc. Edward Fallon is one of the 'And, remarked the Dane who ambula nce and he sure had plenty of lucky few that obtained his fur was standing n ear by, 'what harrowing rides. You are. still rid-Iough for the holidays, and he will would you do if the war was ing high, and your thrills in the fu-greet Santa Claus back.il) p.is own ,over? ture will put y our days as an "am--home state, New York. The folks Vy,, said the German, I'd bula n c e driver "in the rear of your will be gl:: d to see their own darling mind, and to the forefront will come boy again, and, Eddie, don't forget. take a bicyclt: trip through the expe ri e n c e of your aerial gunIto tell them of all thn"e titles you g ter Chermany nery tr::ining ,and the thriJI of .flyhave been winning ,.. yes?' retorted the Dane, ing high in the sky to turn those The Orueuy ... sonnel are 'and what would you do in guns on those Huns. trying to convince the owners of the a fternoon?' S ;Sgt. Weierick, one of our old"Dutchess ," to.leave her in our care est instructors, has finally got his. permanently, but so far our wish, transferring to another field, talk has not been put over. Think and is now on his w _ay to a new sta-it over, fellas. The on the Flying C41J#Jt his wife in the ad ''])"" Squadron A Well, men, the old outfit is defin itely on the upbeat after spending a few months' in what is commonly called the "hole. Through the able cooperation of our present class, 44-4, and the permanent personnel, the weekly inspections have improv ed to such an extent that the squad ron is now a constant. leader. Keep up the good work, fellows, and sur prise Lt. Flower with the "E" flag before you leave. Dr::Wing many "oohs" and "ahs' from people passing by is the most beautiful sign on Tyndall's campus. We generously thank our C. 0. for the outstanding design. The boys finished their first week of school with arms hanging limply by their sides. Yes, you guessed it, the skeet.range left its deadly marks. Don't worry, men, you have a week to rest before using the shotguns again. Fellows, this is your column. If you want any humorous or interest ing news about your buddies put ingive the information to S/Sgt. Opel. P S.: What Pfc. is keeping the girls of P C. h::ppy ? -Glamour girls from 6 to 6.0


Redbirds We all or course wished that we could have been-home tor Christ mas, but the lucky fellows this year,are Sgt. Gross, Sgt. Moonan, SfSgt. Fargo and Pre. Fish, Will be svend1ng their furloughs at home around the holidays. And sv.ealt1ng a15out Xmas, the most povular songs right now seem to be "Wh1 te Christmas and 'I'll Be Home ror Christmas" with Bing doii;lg all the vocalizing. SfSgt. Franklin has taken over or SfSgt. Conley's duties While Tom is attending_school at Fort Myers, and say, Sgt. Franklin: "Is it true tha_ t you can give a good characterization or Peter Lorre, the screen star? We also welc-ome the return or SfSgts. Landry and Didier who have returned rrom C.I.S. at Ft. Myers. SLANTS FROM THE ORDERLY ROOM: The sigh or relief on 1stjSgt. Heidemas !ace when he saw that Pre. Kobrlger had finally sent all those Xmas vresents that had been 11 ttered around his bunk. Lt. Murvhy and SfSgt. Juneau 1n s vecting all or our clothing !or markings last weekend SjSgt, Heidemas man Friday and one or the busiest men 1n the squadron --but never too busy to type a furlough blank ror you. Marriage seems to agree w1 th TJSgt. Moore or 1s 1t the 3 hours or P.T. each week that. makes hl:m look so ch!pver, And speaking about P.T., the weather sure gave us a break last week, how about it, renews? THINGS THAT PUZZLE US: We wonder what would happen to TfSgt, Goodson i! tobacco were rationed -:-and we don' t mean the smoking variety Who is that certain Wac that SfSgt. Boyes may be seen With most any evening down at the Rec Hall? Why the sudden change and havpy attitude 1n Pvt. Bishop'( it be the arrival or his Wi!e rro:m your correspondent's home town? Could be! Perhaps the luckiest guy or all is Sgt. Reinitz who has just returned !rom Sperry Sight School in Brook lyn and who just missed boarding that Flyer that cracked up in the Carolina s Well, guess that s all -for this week. See you New Years! -SjSgt. John c. Benz Band Box 'Twas the night before Christ mas, and all thru the post Not a person was stirring. not even a ghost-Only the 308th Band! Those carols you will hear tomorrow night will be done by our own !1 gh ting" carol eers. Also tomorrow night the Tynaallaires (most o! 1em) Will be "diggingft the Apalachicola Sub-Base. An. d speaking or busy (Weren t we) dances every night this week, and carols all day have made u s reel right in the real old Xmas spir1 t--almos't. Three new men have been added to the band recently: Pre. Robert Barrett, 220 Ibs or trumpeter, PVt. Harold Neddell, a skinb eater rrom way back, and p.vt. Alfred Madeiras, gob stick and THE TYNDALL TARGET P 7 PHOTOQUIZ Guardians Prepared by the Editors of LOOK Magazine By t h e time that this co lumn is set up the squadr on party will have been a '!'ling or the past, Aspirins won t be needed thi s time because drinks are on t h e menu. The day room looks like a chapter !ro m the Night B e fore Christmas: "Not a creature wa s Stewed, not even a mouse." Anyway, everything 1s set ror a good time -4-'i% : -. I Duck into o fo x hol e when you see o : ( o )Messerschmitt ( c )lero ( b }Geronimo ( d ) Bo sfon .... '0> \ ) ., ,, t >.. t : I 3 Senorita' s head is swathed in o lace : ( a )caslonef ( c ) mantilla ( b jbossinef ( d }forfillo 5 At. your next iom session ploy this : (a) accordion ( c ) concertina ( b ) clavichord ( d ) concerfo 7 ln disgJJiSe and about to yodel is: ( a )Charlie Chopfin ( c }Fred Allen ( b )HaroldUoyd ( d ) Adolf Hifler 9 This statel y setting is hom e for the : ( a )Senofe 1c 1Prestdent ( b ) T reosury ( d t Sup1eme Court .. 2 H igh -ronk;ng men on the h;gh seas is: (a}Holsey ( c }Mounfbalfen ( b }King ( d )Land 1 I ___ -4 Toughen up for Uncle Sam with these: ( o jdumbbells ( c ) rolling pins ( b ) baseball bafs ( d )lndian clubs 6 Their lips seem beautiful to mole: ( a ) Ubongis (c) luzzy-wuzzies ( b)Shawnees ( d ) Pow ers models ,,., 8 This s trik ing silhou ette is port of a : (o)mowing machine ( c ) razor ( b )buzz so w ( d ) fence 10 Here in o mood is vivacious: ( o )Betlv Grable ( c ) Theresa Wrigh' f b ) Jennifer Jones ( d ) Barbaro Sfonwyck The men are going in !or quite a b1 t or train !ng now a days. Classes taught by Lt. E.T. Bonk a r e being h e l d every day or the w ee k except Sunday, All men are required to attenJ two carbine and riot duty classes weekly. At a 1 ate r per i o d two r i o t d u ty Platoons will be organized. These platoons plus the town patrol men, will be used to con trol or quell any disturbances that might arise rrom time to t ime. The classes are more than inter esting and might prove or value at a ruture date. Sgt. B eidle and Cpl. Hyde are assisting in the training program The two high scorers 1n last we;o.k' s !!ring were 1stjSgt. P.M. O'Neil and Pvt. J.T. Farrow. Our congratulations to the two "Eagle Eyed snooters The main event of the w ee k was held last Saturday at the Dnbassy Club. The occasion was a celebration of Cpl N Menendez's birthday. The inv ited gu::sts were SfSgt. P. Ryan, Sgt. Ed Ace C p 1 s, N. Brink 1 e y a n d E. Bullard and Pvts c Spencer, W, Talbott, and S Thomas. (This was in the midst of things. Quite a hectic night.) Needless to say that the rum cokes !lowed rreely BANTER: Our Supply Sgt. has been dating a senorita 1 ately, From blondes to brunettes ... Pvt. E. FlclUrko forgot to take his overcoat with him o n his furlough and nearly rroze his toes orr enroute Cpl. J. Conway 1s anxiously waiting !or the stork and 1 s wearlnf!: out his bedr oo m carpet walking bac k and !orth on 1 t, Pvt. R. Palmer 1s now a free man and is eligible for all P.C. she wolves And Pvt. Mullany is still thinking or t hat trt p to Jax, Fla. PHOTOQUIZ ANSWERS MAN OF THE WEEK; Sgt. Thomas S. Hilton 1s our man or the week. Tom was born 1n Jones County, Miss., on May 14, 1915. H e used to be a mechanic 1n civ111an li!e and worked at that !or about tour years, Sgt. Hilto n attended AM school at Keesler Field and Guard School at M1am1 Beach. Hilton has been working as an interior guard, gate guard and 1 s n o w working as an MP on the town patrol. He enlisted ln. the Anny nearly three years ago. Sgt. Hll ton is a hard worker and can be relied on to perform his dules errtciently. p,<,.,..ln>ll;) onJqto9 \ P I Ol pnO) awaJdns ( p)-6 au!tputu 6u!MOttl 1tJl. g p..!ptq ( p ) -tT 'LJII!Iuour 1 J l c 6t'!>l jOJ!tupv \ q ) t ( o)-l --Cpl. Sam Maretta sax man. As the mor.nlng section wlll verl!y, this brings the total strength or the band up to 32 Not to mention Ch!e War rant of!lcer Mlssal who has conducting the Christmas carols youve been hearing all over the post during the past week. rr you liked them, tell us--and we will be glad to send you a Christmas card--next year! --Cpl. Stein II Old maids are born and nat made. DOUBLE TALK SANTA 1 Twas the Kris before Nightmas and all how the throose, Not a was creeing, not mousen and eve; The hungings were chimmed by the stockney with care, -ln nix that St. Hopeless thoon would be sare_ And 1 drove him exheard as he plane out of sight Merry Allmus to Kris and to good an night. Col. Stoopnagle


_Rage 8 'Del!lr Aunt Lulu: I hl!lve been asked by SjSgt. Mil'gl!lten, noble lttld ,esteemed edi tor of the Tyndall Target, to comrose a weekly colunrn for the [:l!l('er, However, I have tro"iJble with J:unctuation (I!IS any fool kin r lainly see). Clttl you helr me, r 1 ease, m' mil Dogface Dan' Dear Dogface Dan: The first thing you must learn is the marks or punctuation. These are the little marks they place between words, for no reason at all, that I can see, .The nrst punctuation mark to learned is the period. The period is a small dot, usually found at the end or a sentence, and also behind ab breviations. The next mark is a comma. The comma is nothing more than a period w! th a tall. We next to a colon no, wait a m!nu te, the use or a comma comes next. The comma is used 'in thP. middle or a sentence. Some times Now, the co l on. The colon is a period with another period riding Piggy-back. I rorgot what you use a colon ror. I also forget wha t yo u use a semi-colon !or. A s emi-colon, by the way, is a Period rid !ng pl ggy-back on a c ommon comma. Now, one more mark or pupctuat1on, the question-mark. I t s a sort or a hook that you Put at the end o! Wh!ch asks a question, sucp as WILL YOU GIVE -ME THE LOAN OF FIVE BUCKS QUESTION MARK. We also have the exclamation mark, which is u s e d in this manner: NO I W _ON1 T GIVE YOU THE LOAN OF FIVE BUCKS EXCLAMATION MARK. T hank you !or your inquiry. As ever Aunt Lulu Along L Main. Stem (Continued Page 5) Angel Street; MANSFIELD: Janie; HENRY MILLER: Harriet; BILTMORE: Kiss and Tell; LYCEUM: The Dough girls; 44TH STREET: Winged Vic tory; BARRYMORE: Tomorrow the World; WINTER GARDEN: Zi eg!eld Follie s; ALVIN: Something !or the Bo:v E-; ST. JAMES: Oklahoma; And mor e Special Stuff includes Ger trude Lawrence and Conrad in 'Susan and God' at the N.Y. City Center Dudley open in 'Listen, Professor' at the Forrest this week .. Marian Anderson at for one Jan. 3 .. Dorothy Maynor at Town Hall the 29th The Philly Orchestra with soloist Oscar Levant last week Fritz Krieler at the Met Jan. 11 THE TYNDALL TARGET CONSTERNATION REIGNS AS MESS HALL SERVES TROPiCAL FOOD (Continued jrow. Page 3) or sliced and made into a salad, With salad dressing, lettuce etc, In the other and simpler system, you cut the avocado in two, remove the seed, pour some vinegar or salad dressing in to the cavity that is le rt, apply salt and pepper, and eat with a spoon, a la cantaloupe, I! the Army wants to reall'y give the GI 1 s an education in food, we r ecommend that some m ore tropical and semi-tropical roods be served. For instance, there is the gu ava. Farther south in Florida, they are quite plentifUl. The average stranger, upon first encountering a guava, will immediately decide that something in the vicinity has died, and will promptly toss the fruit in to the garbage, It smells to high heaven. But i! you courageously bite into one, you probably will be pleased, desp_l te the smell, Gu avas in physical construction have a vague resemblance to pomegranates, but are juicier and have smaller seeds. Then there are mangoes. The mango has been described as a piece or cotton batting dipped in turpen tfne. The description is pretty good, but once you get used to them they aren 1 t bad eatin g. Papayas are another native or Florida. They .are best known, to the average GI, for their juice, which i s often used as one or the less potent ingredientsor Zombies, The papaya, which looks like a squash but which grows on a tree, smells even worse than a guava, but visiting tourists from the nor.th devour them greedily. Going rrom the vegetable to the animal realm, a very common dish down in these parts is a broth or soup made !rom coquina clams, sometimes known as periwinkles. The coquina is a brilliantly colored clam about the size or a small fingernail and at various seasons may be round by the mil-11 ons in the wet sand at the edge or the water. While Capt. Brunner is out-.___ chopping down palmetto trees, he m .Ight cut open the "heart" or one or them, up where the fronds branch out, Inside there is a white,, pulpy mass which gives the cabbage palmetto its name. The "cabbage can be eaten raw, as a salad, or boiled. It has a chestnutty flavor. Some people like it. on t he other hand, though, perhaps the Anny should play sare and stick to meat and potatoes. The average GI is inclined to look with deep suspicion upon any deviation !rom the standard meat and spuds.


December 24, 1943 Fanfare It's a good thing our cashier, Sgt. Lovitt, has acquired a rathe!' im.Derturbable nature from hls dealings wl th G. I.'s or both sexes while making cash .Payments ror r;;J.tions, travel ex.Denses, etc. Saturday afternoon two Wacs called at the barracks to collect the 'E' flag which they had won from us on lns.DeC tlon. About that time Lovitt nonchalantly steP.Ded rrom the latrine. adorned only ln the scantiest. or G.I. towels and a .Pair or wooden <::lacks. The situation dld not bother our sergeant ln the least but i t was apparent that one of t h e Wacs was a newco mer to Tyn1all Field as she was able to summon a blush 1n the most maidenly manner. I t was a good thing ror all concerned that 1 t was no t a formal ceremony re-' qui ring the sergeant to stand at actention. Four of'our number have been lucky rmou gh to draw furloughs over Christmas Day and we hope t hey t horoughly enjoy the break. In their absence, times our orrice rivals the mos t modern or production lines 1n that o nlY the left root has not been assigned a job. 'Rube' Goldberg i s being consul ted to remedy that a ver s1ght W e are Xry1ng to keep all G.I.'s happy on payday but if .on 'occasion your money i s a day 1 ate r emember that the boys are working longer each day and quite o:Cten wl t h o u t Sundays orr. just t o ke e p ;you happy, Sgt. Tucker recently returne d !rom a short v isit to Nashville anti r eported that the Tennessee moonshine is in a depl or able state. It seems thar. the shortage cr and has cu t down the volum e a s well as the quall ty or the pro duct. or the mountaineers are exp erimenting With a method. or using the golden liquor for heating t h eir houses an::! running the ramlly Ford. I r an oc casion you may wis h to see our M/Sgt. J ohnny Farr we suggest that you call at the bowling alleys any night between six and ten. Since bowling t h e other night h e has practi cally m oved his bed to :he The basketball season has un c overed a veri table powerhouse ln 'Junior Moore our b eanpo l e !rom Indiana. At times w e find him staring fixedly at the wall about nine reet rrom the we know that h e hasn't H edy Lamarr on hls mind, at least not at those particular moments, -Cpl. W.R, Morgan Whit:e Flashes our lns1ectlon didn't go over so well last week. It could be THE TYNDALL TARGET SALLY SEEHORE No retreat or inspection To mar the perfection Of this singular day of the year. Open hou.se. at the Rec Hall Where you can call For -free and free beer. Things look oretty good here at Tyndall With colored I ights and tinsel, and Clear.from the chapel notes 0 f C a ro I s ro am To he I p make you feel that you're Hot ouite so far from home. On this special occasion let me say to you all, Christmas," and in the Year let's "Keep on the Ba II. that a lot of men were too busy catchin g up with their Christmas man. Speaking or man our man clerk Cpl. Elkins ls right on the bal,l these days getting th-e pack agF-s and letters to the men. S fSgt. Thrasher has a lot or headaches on Saturday mornings with the s heet situation, and su.Dplyingme men coming back from D.S. We will just have to make the best or things until more sheets can be obtained, Sgt Ridlon was seen in the PX one day last week looking over the toy counter flguring_ on what to buy his two month old son ror Christmas Well, Dave, we are afraid you will have to walt a while befor e you can .help your son play with t hose toy railroads and steam boats. -Sgt. C ,A, Matz Page 9 Flaming Bomb GREETINGS: T o the arrival or i7 more GI suys. Some e ven came wearing sun tans, NoW that doubledecke r beds are t h e "style those in upper berths are asking ror Hying pay! WAILING WALL: SjSgt, Ci ndri c bemoan s hls orange :>nd cap being nailed to the table Strange to Blagburn s namE: listed ror this Saturday' s ins.Dectlon ... L Birney is wondering whethe r pvt. Arellane s and. Pre. Gonzalez conversation s in Spanish are com Plimentary or otherwise Two carpenters have b ee n beautifully renamed: MacDoogal (Pre McFall) and Morning Glory (Pvt. R Anderson) who halls from Flushing !1eadows N.Y. Pvt. Morow1tz decorates his envelopes by drawing large hearts o n the front, Within each hear t i s the female s name and address. Pvt. L e a is becoming the "man about town" since learning the 2 Step at the USO dancing classes Cpl Page s large stockofmedh Cines will come in use follo win g the Xmas and N e w Year celebra tions A MERRY XMAS: T o those n e w men who find the contrast b etween Mi ami Beach and Panama City most startling ; T o Pre. Yannon e who finally will see hls n a m e in print To the soldiers who outwardlY show .rough conduct. But beneath this false exterior they like reading an occasional sermon from the Book or attending C hapel services ... To mascot "Pfc whose presence i s c heering To those men that positively gambl e Within g rade only To t h e GI using a l ove l y pink colored blanket be neat h the brown o n e T o a S f Sgt, who missed PT ror one solid year bu t NOT NOW! T o the Cpl who connected a live wire wi t h a typewrite r and the n asked u s to type him a letter._. To pvt. S .B. who thinks rubbing alcohol a good thirst quencher T o those f el lows n o w getting only three meals .De r day A merry Christmas to one and all. TO EDITOR: As a Xmas gtrt, pa l e e s e put this co 1 umn next to Ordnan ce s girl frie nd SallY See more. Medicwoes In spite or a year full or rumors and wagers a s to where we would spend the next Christmas, we find ourse lves still at Tyn dall Field. All indlcatlons Point to a Merry Christmas ror u s Anoth e r good man has succumbed to the appeals or married life in Panama City. This do mestic seems to be con taglous. Cpl. Sed mak has be e n moving ror a wee k and I think Pre. Wozniak has co ntacted tr.e desire. If Grover Dean Walker kee.DS on addlrtg to that stack or toast he eats ror breakfast, 1 t ls going to constitute an engineering problem. He had quite a time the other morning kee.Dlng the Christmas streamers rrom dragging orr the top layefS. As the zero hour a.Dproaches Ed "Al Dexter" Matonak is desper ately s611clt1ng marital advice. We s u'ggest that he consult the veteran McDermott who has just recently extricated himself from one or hls manY love entanglements. Free beer and cigarets will be served at the Post Recreation Hall on Christmas Day, Three or o u r ace bartenders, Jim 01Ph11lips, James Wilson, and Oliver Stuttle will render their services.. Nick Ora n ge who usuallY has a distaste ror letter writing has s uddenly developed an ardent like for i t Na.v he wrl tes passionately to a little Pa, ztrl by the name or Eve. 1 -Sgt E. F. :Maxwell


Page 10 THE T)'NDALL TARGET Gl ENTERTAINMENT FILLS CALENDAR FOR HOLIDAY Chow Line Chat:t:er WRAT'S DOING NEXT WK J ((Jon tinued from. 3) 11 P.M., w1 th the Vic torettes, WASP club, Army and Navy Men's Wives. Sunday !rom 5 to 7 P.M. there will be a s ocial hour, with home cake and corree. A formal N e w Years Day dance, With the Junior Women s Club mem bers as hostesses, Will be held next Saturday_ from 8 to 11. RuggeCI ? 69t:h After a brief absence from the T a rget, the mess men again go to press. First of e:.ll the enti1e oi gan ization is proud and very pleaaed with the past few Saturday morning inspec tions. This past week we took second place, finishing just a fraction .of a point belo w our sister soldiers, the Wacs. Let's give a little extra effort this week and we may be displayin_g the l.ong sought Efficiency Banner. Two weeks ago having been Wac Day we had the pleasure of having the Wac detachment as guests for dinner and supper at mess. Highlight of the day occ urred at supper time, when on arriving just a little afte;' closin_g time, Wac'.s Carol Beck, S\lm\Y 12:45 P.M. -.Muaic:l Rc:ordina Hour at Post Theater. W/0 Hisaal Connen tatr r. IIDmAY 12:30 P .M, Squdr.on A.R Re presentative& HeetiD.i at Athletic Office. 7: 00 P. M M o Y l e 1 t S t t l o n Hoaoit&l. 8:30 P,M, Movaea t Rec:elvin1 S, Ttr Bald "broadcaat c:rver WIJP. 8:00 P.M. MOYiea .t Colored Rec HeJ.l. We 1 ve read a good deal about Francis Hilton, Agnes Etefanchick, the f1 gh t over manpower .in c 1 vn and Ann Carpenter, were told by the llllfiSDAY industry, but there seems to be mass sergeant they could. not eat. 12:30 P.M. Service Nc:in just as vicious a struggle r1Mt But after true G. I. fashi on these Com Meeting at Post Library. here in ye ol' 69th Between the hungry damsels procee ded to tear 5:30 P.M InterSquedr.on Touch demands made on him by his job, the doors down, they were permitted rootball Games. PT, retreat, den tal appo 1n tmen ts. to eat. What is that about the weak7:00 & 8:30P.M. -'Brazilian examinations, 1nspec t1ons, lee-er sex? tures, firing meet-Congrats to Cpl. Moore of the Nights," USO Camp Show at Post 1ngs, educational f1lms, orders Wacs, and Cpl. Eubanks, of the Mess, Theater. to report, and the like, the poor on their recent nuptials ... Orchids 7: 30 P.M. 1'yndai.l Field Pre GI feels like the victim of an also to Pvt. and :Mrs. Sant.os who t t.li'Vn 7 sen s, "Ul.JC'. old Roman sport in which the recentl y became the parents of a hands and reet or the victim were pound baby girl. 7:00 P.M. Protutant choir re t ted to horses pulling in oppo-Since last S aturday inspection hearaal, Post Olapel. 8:00 P.M. GI Dance at Rec Hall, PennanP,. t Party only. 8:30P.M. Rdio broadct oveT WDI.P. T/r Radio Playhr:use. 111l1RSDAY 3: 30 P.M. The Tyndall Field Concert Band ('WIJLP) 6:30P.M. Rdio lorlcehlr rerlod, 7:00 P.M. Moiea .t' Stetlon Hospital. 8:00 P.M. GI Dance at Rec Hall, Students only. &:00 P,M, Reaulsr weelily color ed OI dance at Cblored Ree Hall. 8:30P.M.Rec Halt' Tonight (mJ>l 8: 30 P M. Mov i u et Recel vln 1 Squadron. FRIDAY 2: 0 0 P. Ill, -0! il d r en 's Ch ri s tm as Party at Post Theater. 6:00P.M. -Cadet Christmas Prty at Cadet Mess Hall. 7: 30 P.M, Bolllftl bout 1 t Re cei ViJ:lf Pool. 1:00 P.M. Movlu 1t Colored Rae Hall. SA'JUIDAY d'irections. It seems that John Clark has been very downcast. 7:00 P,M, 1helcly Varlet)' Show 11:00 A.M. Christmas Party for 1 r a guy were only triplets he Could it be caused by the same .very at Reeeivtna Pool. patients at Hospital. might b e able to satisfy the in-meD.n little buttons? Buttens, But-satiable desire of the government tens, you should have checked those 1-----------------f 3:0.0 P.M till closing rnr his time and presence. On buttons! PFC. TYNDALL TRA-INS House at white and colored Rec the other hand, all these runecomes Monday morning !Uld the Halls. tions have to be attended to in mess men tal{e off for the P. T. area AT TYNDALL Fl ELD order to make us satisfactory to get in the weekly three hours as cogs in the wheels which are It had to happen eventually, grir\ding Out the doom of Naziism quickly as possible Mintzer dreads I S h h and today a Private First Class and the Rising Sun. So. here s the obstac e cou;:se. 2.ys e was a n appeal, o n behalf or the comed out of Cadet training on the TYndall reported to Tyndall Fiel d man cause we're in h ere to. fight dreaded 0. c Could be! for the extensive course 1n Aerial for, that each or us do his ut-In spite of groans, gritJes and Gunnery Training offered at this most to cooperate with, rathe. r much criticisms among the E,M here base. than bu c k against, the overall at the Mess we've found by actual OU bs are imnortant Pfc. Lawrence B. Tyndall is the program. r "o ... clock timing that the new system for yes. But our jobs are only a son or Mr .. and Mrs. Charles c. ,., o r ti on 0 r our duty as soldiers. feeding the. chow lines is ver,y much "' Tyndall, Qf Route #1, Winter Gar-Ea c h demand on our time has its speedie r and more efficient. purpose, and it's up to us, as Was a cert:;.m cook bucking for a den, Fla. And Pfc. Tyndall has in t elli gent men, to help find a date or were there three slices of really "been arou_nd1 in his less7:00 p -,M, MoYlu t Stetlon Hospital. 1:30'P,M, Moiee t Recelyln1 Squadron .. way to meet them. ham the ration for a cute little Wac than-three-year Army career. Bill Bennett's back from Gen. on the aforementioned Wac Day dinUpon his induction on March 26, POST Hasp. (a journey from which rew ner? How about it, Mintzer? Since r eturn) and judging by the extra Clark has been transferred to Skunk 1941, the 24-y.ear-old soldier was Saturday, 'HOLIDAY .INN, I Bing 1 5 pounds and pair or chubby Hollow mess, he' s been wanting to sent to Camp Blanding, Fla. From Crosby, Fred Asuire. cheekS h e brough t back, that has-that recru1 t center he was sent pi tai diet i s most agreeable. know why he, like the graduating Glad to have you back, Bill. students, didn't get a ten day delay to Fort Bragg, N.C., and in rapid To the great glee or the order-enroute. Will someone please tell succession back to Camp Blanding; ly room personnel last week, l1aj. him? Camp She 1 by, !11 ss. ; Nashville Fowler stepped into the orderly The dis:J.ster of the year happened Army Air Base, 1n Tenn.; Maxwell room just as Sgt. Newsom was dem'" .to cpl. Kneble this week when his i r 11 1m b d Field, Ala.; the .Air Base at onstrat ng a u ee-en as means of transpor,ation

December 24, 1943 THE TYNDALL TARGET 411 Y ANKWDZ'I By BOB HAWK 1. Why do stars actually appP.ar rectly rrorn Canada? in the Crescent or the moon? 2, Are tour teet square and tour square teet the same quantity? 9. It you picked rrom your Victory garden a vegetable or trui t tor each color in tile .Amer ican nag, and you gathered tomatoes and onions ror the red and the white. what could you get to represent the third color or the nag? "Copyrighted Material 3, rr you gave a newsdealer a ollar bill ror a newspaper, you would be handling two different kinds or paper. One started out as a piece or wood, one as a bundle or rags, Which started as which? 4, There is a tree that grows in California which regularly bears rrui t twice a year. What is it? 5, Which bubbles more violently wt.en it bolls milk or water? e. rr the word .telegraph" is broken up, means arter; what does graph" mean? 7. If Swing Shirt Mazi e invited "Johnny Come Lately to her home to:' ,jinner, who would b e the hostess and who the guest? 8. Whlch one. or the Flve Great Lakes <'annat. b e approached di. : :-:::' .; Syndicated Content 10. In the process or making French toast, what must you dip your bread in? Available from Commercial News Providers" YANKWIZ ANSWERS 1. Because when we have a cres-cent moon, the en tire moon is still there, but we don t see 1 t, The moon is nearer to us than the stars and we can 1 t see thraugh 1 t. 2. No, (Four teet square means a rectangle tour teet long on each side whose area is sixteen square reet. Four square reet means any group or rectangles that may measure rour reet on one side and one on the other -or 2X2 -so long as their area is rour square reet,) 3. The newspaper started as a piece or wood, the dollar bill as a bundle or rags, 4. The rig tree. (It bears rrui t two or three times a seas on if rltmatic and other con-ditions are ravorable,) 5, Milk. (A skin rorms on top and keeps the hot gases rrom bursting, The ,rotein quality or milK causes it to roam.) e. Write, 7. Ann Sothern --the hostess; James Cagney -the guest, 8. Lake Michiganis the only one U lQ) If) 11 E / STEP UP -TIE/I.Ik OlD SANTA WHAT ''01\.Jl WAINIT fOIR P which doesn't touch Canada, 9. Blueberries, concord grapes, huckleberries, etc, 10. Beaten up eggs, sugar and milk, A girl can go far if site is straight; but she can get much further if she is curved. . .: : :! '' MR ANTHONY'' IN ''WOOLEN CLOTHING''


6UNNERS GUNNER OF TfiE CLASS P FC. VERNO II WINTERS Squadron A Pfc. WintersJ 20 years oldJ is f r o m Indianapolis) and has been in the Army for ii months. Inducted at Fort Benjamin Harrison J he got hi s bas i c at St. PetersburgJ Fla.J and then went to Scott FieldJ Ill.J for radio instruction prior to entering a erial gunnery school. Graduated from Tech High in Indianapolis) where he boxed and p layed: football. Was a ti:).e setter in Columbu s J OhioJ at the time of his induction. P FC. HARRY F. SETZER Squadron C Pfc. Setzer comes from MorgantownJ N.C. He is 20 years old. He had finished two years at the University of North Carolina at the time of his induction at Fort JacksonJ S.C Went to Keesler FieldJ Miss.J for his basic and then was sent _to Scott FieldJ Ill.J for radio s c h o o l training. In collegeJ h e was a member .of the track t eam and played in the college orchestra. S!SGT. THOMAS F. BRIDGES Sgt. Bridges was a gunner of the week in his class last week. He's 20J comes from Eau. Clai reJ Wis.J has been in the AAF since January i 7 J i94i. Saw service in the African cam paignJ after serving at various fields in the States. Returned home last AprilJ took further trainingat AberdeenJ Md.J and then came to Tyndall for aerial gunnery. SGT. MUNROE H. HENSLEY Squadron D Sgt. Hensley was born in NashvilleJ N.C.J he attended the local high school and played intra-mural sports. Enlisted in the AAF on June SJ. i940. Served months in the Panama Canal ZoneJ where he was a crew chief in the 26th'Fighter Group at Albrook Field. Is 22 ears old and came to Tyndall from B--24 school at Wil-low Run J .Mi C h Intends to make the Air Forces a career. WEEK Sgt. SGT. RAY E. BOLLMAN Squadron B Bollman served in England for ii monthsJ in AiE Corps Sup plyJ before coming back to the United States for cadet training. Was eliminated during basic. He's 25 years oldJ unmarriedJ comes from PittsfieldJ Illinois. Bollman got his Basic at Jefferson BarracksJ went to AM School at ChanuteJ then was stationed on the west coastJ with headquarters at the Sacramento Air DepotJ for three and a half months before going overseas. He has two brothers overseas. P FC. WILLIAN H. EVERETT Squadron E Everett entered the on March 8 of this year and went to Miami Beach for his basic training: After completing basicJ he was sent to Scott FieldJ IllinoisJ for schooling as a radio operator-mechanicJ and then came to Tyndall for gunnery. EverettJ who is 22 and singleJ attended the University of Connecticut after graduation from high school. At the time of his inductionJ he was working as a m 'achinist.


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