Tyndall target

Tyndall target

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Tyndall target 2nd anniversary
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target:
b 2nd anniversary
n (January 15, 1944).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
January 15, 1944
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Pa e 2 THE TYNDALL TARGET -,I PUBLISHED ON SATURDAYS BY THE SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE FOR PERSONNEL. OF THE ARMY AIR FORCES FLEXIBLE GUNNERY SCHOOL, PANAMA CITY, FLA. Copy Prepared Under Supervision Of Public Relations Officer. Printing and Photography by Base Photographic & Reproduction Section. Art work by Dept. of Training Drafting Department. The Tyndall Target receives aaterial supplied Caap Newspap\lr Service, War Dept., 2011 E. 42nd St,, New York City. Credited terial a&)' NOT be republJshed without prior peraission fro11 CNS. MEMO FROM THE T/F HOSPITAL TO THE ENLISTED MEN OF TYNDALL FIELD: Dear aang, Just 24 months ago Christmas day, Tyndall Field was formally "occupied" by the men who had been temporarily stationed at B@3COP Beach. Possibly half a hundred out of that originAl of GI' s are still here at Tyndall. These &0 men witnessed the transforma-tif}ft gf stretches of sand, empty and vacant runways to bays jam-packed with double-decker beds, flourishing lawns and hundreds of lined along well-worn aprons bounded by hangars and busy shops. Sixteen days after that first ChPistmas on Tyndall Field, the Tyndall Target m its i ni t1 al APlHHU' ance. Cpl. Buck Timberlake, Pfc. Jack Parks and Civilian Typist Roberta Gammon were the brains and brawn behind this six-page mimeographed 8" by 10" entry into the camp newspaper circle, which at that time was comparatively small and select, To day, Cant. Joseph W. Tim be rl ake is in England awaiting the "big push" following active service with the AAFin Africa and Sicily. S/Sgt. Jack Parks is at Buckingham F1eld, Fla. NCOIC of that field's "Flexigun," and Miss Gammon is now steno graphic skill to S-2 at the Marianna Air We who remained he\e to continue publishing the Target have kept in mind the purpose for whtch the Target was founded: "To build morale through entertainment via. articles, pictures and cartoons, and to disseminate news of interest to the G.r. n The Target, even in its infancy, held its place among the better camp periodicals. In. the original 8" by 10" f'orm w .as discarded and it liter. ally "grew up" to.t'ts 9" by 14" format. With this increase in size the paper was able to include many ri.ew Not the 1 east popular of these new has been the "Pin-Up Gal" seri An old favorite wal;i. able to blossom out in enlarged form with the in creased size of the paper: Sgt. Marshall Goodman, creator of our back page cartoons, is encored for. his popul_ar Cle ynless fJr-ofHrly trained.: It is a caf,acity wi.th1n us tdzich decides a is or P!Jt !.li!f!t. it decides as or it. in alL gTQg HnH' to be train ed under the tutelasre of Bhr-ist. 1'hen, and then only, was it g afe We-make our and then our conscienaes makl} y,s, Many people hcrve their trained to be sensitive to very sins and !mt net all acute to central and sin$. They sciences wiich load them with q ities. A truly as well as a of Not only does conscience gr dHgjgprq1Jg t/le framework of what it is taufht, but ftdcJ.wP-g a}g i $ the framewrk of our To the safest and our minds must be Chr-istianly informed and trained. ---E. Jones SCHEDULE OF SERVICES l'l.f1I'B$TANT Sunf/ Builde.y School A.M. Worship at CQlprecl e:oo A.M. Worship at Post Qhapel,,.p .. ................. 10:00 A.M. Worship in 'Sk!!n!< A.M. Evening Worship at Post 7:30 P.M. ru .. dy .. Fellowship Meet1ng ,, 7:30 P.M. Wedn .. d Choir Rehearsal P.M CA'IHOLIC 'Sunday Masses Pos a: 00 Post Theater 10: 00 A.-M. Post Chapel.,.,.., 11: 15 A.M. ]'1asses ....... 5:30P.M. 7:00 (ana MY qll)e the 1s 1n ort1ce) JEWJSH Worship 7:3() P.M. -----__::::.:.::=..=.:_


J am.tary 15, 1944 THE TYND A .. LL TARGET P B:g e 3 NEW GYMNASIUM OPENS OFFICIALLY THURSDAY AT LONG LAST/ NIGHT; BUSY SEASON OF B ASKETBALL LEAGUE GAMES IS SCHEDULED Permanent Party Enlisted Men's Cage League to Play On Mondays, Tuesdays arid Wednesdays; Cadets on Thursdays; Officers Fridays; Students Sundays Tyndall Field's new gymnasium will be officially opened Thursday night with three basketball games on the schedu1e for the evening. The T / F band will play for the occasion. Supervised by the.Special Service Office, the gymnasium will be open all day for the use of enlistee! men rluring. their Former Tyndall Flier Is Wounded While Fighting Japs; Gets Two Medals Lt. Howard T. Whitehurst, a flying officer formerly sta tioned at Tynrlall Field, has received "a couple of medals" and been wounded slightly while fighting the J aps in China, according to a letter received by a fri enn, Miss Ruth Brock of Panama City. Here are some excerpts from the 1 etter: nAs you will notice, this is not my hanrlwri ting, reason being I'm now in the hospital, recuperating. "Here's the story: Got in a fight with the J aps, one very goon Jap sharpshooter put one in the cockpit with me. Was injured but not seriously. Lost left forefinger and end of right tlvmb; 0. K. otherwise and wil 1 be ou t of the ho STJi t al soon. n In ci dentally, I go t one of the 'yellowrats' along with a co'.IPl e of merlal s anrl maybe a promotion. I rlon' t think I will be home too soon as I'm not that barlly Lt. Whi tehust was at Tynnall f'rom February m til August in 1942. Since that time he has been in South America, Africa anrl Inrli a. Nazis, I nSheep'sCiothing, Try to Tap Allied Wires Italy (CNS)-Three Nazi wolve s in sheep's clothing failed to fool a Moroccan sentry who spotted the wooly looking trio listening in on an Allied telephone line in no-man' s land here. The s entry investigated and found the three Germans, poorly disguised in sheepskins, attempt ing to mingle with a flock of sheep in order to tap the Allied phone off -rlu ty hon rs. The basketball "season" will receive considerable attention at the gym, for league games are scherlUled to be played there six nays a week. On Mondays, Tuesdays ann Werlnesdays, the enlisten men's permamen t party squanron tournament wi]l be played. There wi]l be three games each evening, the first at 6:30P.M. and the others following immediately On ThIrsdays, the Cadet league will play three.gan.es an evening, the first starting TYNDALL FIELD'S HEW GYMNASIU M at t1. : 30. ..;,e.:..r s ________ The Officers' 1 e a gue will ORDNANCE BOWLERS CQ WAKES UP WRO N G ha.ve the gym on Frinays, also playing three games each night.. DEFEA T WAC TEAM; BARRACKS, BUT The student basketballJeag n e WACS P A Y Bl LL STILL LI VES I will play two games each Sunweek several s o ldiers S q u a d r on C: will n eve;r kilo w h o w day afternoon, starting at Pvt. S o p cz.ynski, Pre. ost -n e a r i t carne to losing its rev-1: 30 P.M. On Satn rnay eve-w a l d P vt. Sarransk1, P v t Bauman e ille whi stle -blo wer last fu nday nings, from 6 to 9, the gym al1d Cpl. Shuma k e r are in a h appy m orni n g Promptly at 5 : 30 A M will be open for the use of rra m e o r mine T h e y b ow led h e cam e charging i nt:o t h e 2 5 t h s Olden ts. a gal n s t a WAC team a n : c a m e ou t ba rr-ac k s b l owing his whistl e an d winne r s The Wacs, who 1 ost, Enlisted men will be allowed paid th e bill. Pvt. Eauman acted t u rning o n lights; seems h e w a s to use other gymnasium facili-a l ittle o n c..11e slee py s i de him a s o nP. o r t h e pin boys an:: claim, r ties while t:he basketball floor s e and got our do micile mixed e d h e never w orked har1er i n hls w ith his. H o w he escaped l n o n e is in use for league games. lire C ould b e The j 1Lterbu g p iece w e 'll never kn o w P s .: Official tryouts for a Post gin Pre. Gonzal e s p e r r orme c with W e 'll kno w n e x t time' basketball team will be helrl a loo king d oll a t N o o n e was more delighted t h an the USO an d prov e d h e was in t h e p b starting Monday, Jannary 17, ;t, Joson over the rece n t cre w groo e.,. C'pl. D o bb erke i s n o w a h ak h from 5 to 6: 30 p.M., anrl it is s e-up. Now e has the same h a pp y guy His g1 r l rri end rrom d u t y h o u r s as a ce r tain W a c Ann e hoped that games may be sched-t h e home t own 1 s paying him a i s pro bably ;;i ckled t oo nlerl with quintets from other v i s l :. one Ord nance wol r i s u s P vt. B ob Lew 1 s finally a chiev ed nearby fields. ing an o l d y et. new m ethod of win -I' i s dream t o nola 1:1 For the opening night--Thurs-ning the affec t i on or t h e o p fire hose at. the recen t c o nfla g rlay of this wE>ek--various milposi t e sex H e buys p ackage s o r r ation i n Lynn Have n. Pvts. Moe chocolates at. t h e USO and pre dE i S h b 1 h d i tary ann civilian dignitaries ( .,.erner an r n e a e c eere C onttnue d or. Fa.ge 1 2 ) (Continued on Fag e 1 2 ) will be inviterl to attend. 6: 3o P.M. that night, the PLANS MADE FOR INCREASING ATTENDANCE OF Student AU-Stars will play the lower ('lass cadets. At CIVILIAN WOMEN, EM'S WIVES AT DANCES 7:45 a Tynrlall FieJrl team will play the upper class canets. At 9 P.M., the PT officers will take on an All Star officer aggregation. OUR FRONT COVER Plans for an inc reas e d ticipation b y civilian women employes and by solrliers' wives in recr eational a('tivitie s .. : the field are made the Speci a l S ervice Offic e A Wac who f o r s e v eral year s has rlirect eri and devised recreatio n p rograms h a s been assigneri to work in t h e SS Of fice anrl i s making plans for an intensive ann varien program. Our front cover this week marks the 2nd Anniversary of the Tyndal 1 In this composite photograph of past Target covers, gunnery student Pvt. Edward Pendergast of Souadron E, is seen breaking through the best Target 'fronts' for A real gunner, Pvt. Prender gast carries that very business-like flexible Cal 30 machine gun in a way that promises to spell real trouble for the Japs and Nazis when he gets into action. The picture is the combined efforts of Sgt. Dan Levinson and Pfc. Robert A. Coe. She is Pvt. H e l e n AJ J bright, fornoerly o f Van N n y s CFLlif., who f o r ltl m o n ths befOre en t ering t h e WAC was in spe r.i al SE'rVice Work in California, arra n ging progrruns for the en t erta i n m e n t o f Arm y ann N avy p ersonne l at bases o n the west coa st.. For s e v e r a l years she was active in Chautauqua worK ::;n e also taught puppetry in the Inglewood, C a l i f., schools? PVI'. HELEN AILBRI GAT and may start a puppe t show group h e r e For t h e p ast week she has b een meeting wit h civilian women employes and wives of solrliers, makin g plans for increasing the i r attendance a t the R e c Hall dances. One p ro.fect which i s under rtiscussion is a musical comedy t o b e presented by the civilian women.


Paste 4 Pic. Y i n A r c ese, who be lieves ln order to get away from.it all, he must n ee to Tallahassee And t.he n finds his reservation at the hote l is n o good Slfgar Bowllng it New Year's Day at New Orleans, ou r own little hep -cat, E. TyndallDelbyck, who spenthis weeke n d with friends in Baton Roug e an d New orleans And h ad his nrst crack at d irty rtc e SAt. Dan Levinson, Target pho t o grapher, i s now at Culver City, Call"f. where h e'll work r o r professi o n a l movie-makers First SAt. Al /Vel son Will' w ed o n the 28th And 1s busy I>reparing h 1 s torso for the occa sion Casual o b s ervation: a G .I. h a ircut isn' t so bad after it grows o n you Mrs. D o n K. Hill, wife of the p opula r Tyndall CapL., recui>er ating from a r e c ent ai>.De ndectomy .. I s doing right nice l y t hank y o u ...... Pfc. Charl1e Dunn, I> e ri> e tual worry war t d row.ni n g h1s so;:-ro w s two nights 1 n a row And pulling KP che following mo:"n lng ..... WAC Cpl. Vicky Fox is now s ec y to the Command ing Officer A job whi ch, se z she, s h e likes ve ddy veddy m u c h . s ; Sgt. Roberts, n o w in Twtr .chell's C ommandos is an o l d pal of ours He arrived from Shaw Fi e l d vta S myrna a F'ac t Deparone n t : 'fne dogs in S i bf'ria have the longest l egs in the world. Reason: the trees are so rar a part. The sleepy looks ln the e yes or 89th married men at personal inspection last Saturday T jSgts. Clayt Lauve and F.]. Milroy, r.ogether with Morrie L i eber man ( che legal eagle) 81C :;e: eral : f "Y a wake juf'lng c e brief inspE:CL!on period The conc ert a n d mll i :ary ban d broadr.as: on 'Ihursday a r ernonns a:; 3 : A show for you : c be o:ou d o f ...... The A:11ly-Navy film at th e Post Theace:-rrlday and SaLur day feature d t hf' lad s in th e F'ren c l 1 Jetachm e n t a c Tyn:lall Tech And t h e Ba: Llr: Russia films : w ell.P :-o:uct:.:! and excelle n t l n conten t m ac.-.Pl' Good scurr, all tJr e way ...... Weach e r reporc: It' s so l n t h:: Midwest t;he :.rees ae0. running t h e d o gs BOQ' : mus: b e free or D'=' s sr.z t h e Da!lY BuilPtln Pin-up g l :1 s no t n l u d e ':! Tlir :r s a !!!.U j" n p;unne r n amec Tohn T. Dempsey .. N 0 rfelat:on CO h = irm.;Jr : a l 1 P fc. C l a ude Darnin g :.110 39th ha: rr:cr:1 v = d n .... ...... VIrgie, M j Sf5t. Rob Murphy's wFr, i::: r c cu;;.--:' c.!ng ba.J ; :li:Jut : r iJon' :::lrt wn s r.a i : 1 s g t. B; 11 H a 11 OM::, .:;u> lJ' r; Jlng hi!' :u: nr<;: FT Y.n'l ;eng ;.'"JPl" : 0 w n h : c..tvm !n r.iF w: : h V'Jll;yt> all:: ..... ; ')!' !:. (kn nwn o ln: <:P:';. F ; r :'f_: t o r-. .!n,), :e:;.::ly 'Give som e g uys e nough rope and they'll skip with your llirls.' THE TYNDAlL T ARGEI' HEET CHILl, CHILLUN .I. f. J .. weeKs ago, Life magazine had a picture which created a sensation. It was of Mis s C h i l i had, and here she is. The Target, never to be outdone, managed to obtain the same o ic as Life Meet Chi 1 i Wi 11 i a ms. Born Marion Sorenson in Minn., Chili is now a Conover Cover Girl, and heroic-t u r e a opears above through the courtesy of Harry Conover and hi!\ secretary, Miss Lee Martin. Observation: Chili don't look chilly to us. Soldier's Wife Leaves Iron Lung t o Bear Baby Portland O r e. (CNS)-Infan t il e paralysis and c o nfin e m ent t o an iron l ung fail e d to stop Mrs. Marvin W i l so n from bearing a 6-pound, 1 0-ounce baby boy here r ecently. When the time for the d e livery ca m e she was able t o leave t h e artificial nspirat o r f o r the r e q uire d p erio d. Mrs W ilson is the wife of Cpl. M a n in Wilson, statione d i n In dia. Whe n h e learned of his wife's extre m e J v serious con dition h e appl i e d f o r a fur l ough and finally, through the e fforts o f Red C r o ss age n t s and h is chaplain, h e mana g e d to get t i m e off and air trans p orta ti o n back to the United Sta t e s. Physic ians had despaired of Mrs. Wils on' s life but soon afte r the arrival of her husband h e r c ondi tion took a sharp turn fo r the b ette r A few days l a t e r she was abl e to leave the i ron lung long enough f o r the delivery and a t present she is much improved The baby i s doing fine als o Anchor Catches Jeep-Honest! New Hebrides (CNS) -A freighter hauled up its anchor here and found it had hooked a jee p lost over.board months before. Medical Attention Given Yugo Partisans by Allies Algiers (CNS)-Allied military h ospi t a l s h e r e and in Ita l y now are carin g for s c o r e s of Yugosla v partisan soldiers wounde d in Jo sip B r oz s fight against the Axis. Broz a n avowed Co mmunis t h a s take n the nom d e guerre o f M ar sha l Tito." Partisan boats, which have b een carrying a r m s and other supplies to M arshal Tito from Allied bases. a r e now returning with wounded guerrilla fighters to b e attende d at Anglo-Americ a n hospita l s.


QUESTION: WHAT PIECE OF ARMY CLOTHING OR EQ.J I PMENT DO YGU WANT '10ST TO TAKE BACK TO CIVILIAN IFE WITH YOU?" Interviews and Photos By PFC. IDBERT A. COE CPL. EDJIARD SADOff, upper Darby, Pa.; Base Photo Section: "A Speed Graphic camera, because I am a photographer and a Speed Graphic wH L heLp me in carrying I'Ut 111y future aims in Life. 11 SGT. fLOYD 'IAN ALSTYNE, Albany, N.Y.; Tech Inspector's Dept.: ''My flying jacket. It wil-l be a good jacket to use for hunting trips and for al Z a'l'l>tmd use. 11 P fC. EDJiiRD J. WALSH, Boston, Mass.; Tech Inspector's Dept.: "An Army radio transmitter and receiver. I could use it for 'ham' operation after the ttUr. 11 SGT. RAYMOND KIMBRO, Holdenville, Okla.; Chemical Warfare: "A jeep, it is the most versati Ze piece oj equipment the Arilty 11 SGT. WJ.RRIN CLARKSON, Shendler, Okla.; Dutch Detachment: "A piper Cub. I could use it to go hunting with. Et :e.ryone will oum a plane a{ter the 'ff.!r. THE TYNDALL TARGET Along The Phil ( CBS) Baker started his career as a street harmonica player.. Graduated to the stomach Steinway, a n d thence i n to tJ:re gags of todays Tak e i t or Leave It" Believe itornot Bob Ripley starts a MUtual Net work series o n 17 January He will b e h eard M o ndays th ru Fri da:ys at 9: 15 While "on topic of radio, give Tyndall Fi eld's shows a listen over WDLP: W ed at 8:30 TYNDALL FIEL D RADIO PLAYHOUSE; Thurs a t 3:30 THE CONCERT AND MILITARY BAND; Thurs. at 8:30 REC HALL TONIGHT The y are you r s h o w s so listen in1 We'd like to go out of the usual: run of Along the Main Stem, and take our pick for the Ten Best Movies of 1943 .. Compare them with your favorites, and see how they agree: Our numb e r one s ho t fo r 1943 was R andom P.arve!:' t., Maybe i t was because w e w ere o n our hon e ymoon wh

Page 6 THE TYNDAJtL TARGET NEWS FROM THE---Classroom Gossip-INSTRUCTORS' SQUADRON HAS ORIENTATION MEETING were back again! Friday night we had another squadron meeting. This t1me,it. was condUcted by our c.o., Capt. Hill. It was a war orientation lee ture. It's really surprising how little we really know about this war. S/Sgt. Domeika 1s with us once again arter a couple or months or DS llt Lowry Field. our asst. rupply man Calhoun 1s 11v1nl back on the post again a rter sending his. w1 re home to Tennessee, The squadron had to tum 1n 1 ts G.I. crew member wings and ex ch&lgE: we receive_ d G. I. sun{ler s wings. I thlrik that we cam.e out on the short end or the deal. SJSgt. Sapp 1s almost his old cheerrul selr arter another tilree day pass. With all or the ,rumors running around the rteld we re almost like an oid ladles sewing clrcle.-SjSgt. MUnroe moved back 1n to' toM! this week so we were blessed with another new barracks chter. This time it's SJSgt._Mllls who takes over the job.. That makes two new jobs ror Mills. He and Sgt. Hansellman were made sQ.tadron bond salesmen. Let s help them out, meri. I hope that they sell enousn bonds to win the war. Did you see the sick look on the races or Sgts. Mlllholen and I!!nasiak when the announcement was made that all furloughs ror instructors were frozen. our British buddy, Sgt. Bryant, came back to the post a whole day early !ram a three day pass just so he could see that B r1t1sh Picture, Jack London. -Sgt. Harvey Wine --Squadron E-PLENTY OF RANK IN IE I ::>p e aldri g or rank, we waul d 11 ke squadron D to take notice. our new class consists or one first "lieutenant, one captain, three tech sergeants, rourteen starr sergeants, thirty-eight sergeants and then, squadron ow, you can &iways look ror our squadron to go you one better, ror we have a Cpl. sargent, who 1s pennanent party. Also we would like to welcome Lt. Landers, who 1s back rrom leave and a rew days or sickness. Far be 1 t rrom squadron E to have a sel !ish att1 tude, so we 1 et the much coveted E Flag visit our neighboring squadron, but mind you, did you notice the perc en cage it was necessary ror the m to attain? Another problem which 1s d1!!1cul t to understand is why Cpl. Baker re ruses passes to Panama City. How about telling us about her, Cpl.? We understand !rom Coach Leith that our basketball team 1s pro greS{ling nicely, with the rtrst games scheduled ror Saturday and Bunda)\ To our n .ew class may we soggest that anyone interested in contact Coach Leith 1n the squadron supplyroom. So long. ror this week. --Kadet Kapers-CADETS WONDER IF THEY'RE ALLOWED TO GO TO CHURCH 8unday iS a busy day for the cadets here at Tyndall. wtia t w1 th movies 1n: the morning, chang ing barracks at noon, and a speecn in the afternoon, the day is pretty well taken care or. There seems to be no time ror open past or ror relaxation on that seventh day. Are cadets still allowed to go to church? Weve got a new regime now, and it looks as though there are go ing to be some changes ma,de. our new c.o. certainly has a large enough starr or Cadet Officers to .help him "keep us on the ball." Let s hope there s more cooper-'JappnJ puo U[! a16u!s o so4 'JDJn6 'JappnJ puo U[! 9J6U!S o so4 lJ ation and less tours. -uopaJ S! IU.IDJdJ!DJ SlJ sd!J papunoJ Jn:> aJont?s OJ JadoJ auoldJ!DJ a4J JO Here s a warning to all motor--OJ pJoMJOJ JdaMs .<1dJo4s S! a6pa sa6pa 4Jog sd!J Vl=> aJonbs OJ JadoJ is ts on the post. When driving 6U!J!DJJ a4J puo .<1'46!1s s6u!M puo a6o1asnJ daap 'a6JDJ through areas where cadets mi sn t aJD s6U!M JO a6pa Bu!pDal 941 D SD4 H au,6ua JD!PDJ 9J6U!S D .uoa6 colored or glare-rech; cing glasses, -p!W D 1D'f"'S 9LS nr SJ9'fUOf UDW -uaA u:-v aaJI"A 94J 'Jaqwoq 9A!P because the high glass shine on a4J S,JJ 1 .,-.0N D a.-.:1 s n o s,JJ 1 1 oN ID .JON the cadet shoes will surely re___ .. __ __:_---T_______________ -I.nect too much light ror the naked eye to stand. This warning is DUreJ.y in tile interests or public safety. --Squad ron C-SQUAORON C'S MARCHING SHOULD BE PERFECT IF RANK COUNTS There certainly is plenty or high rank among our students, 3 MjSgts., 5 TjSgts., 18 SjSgts., 30 Sgts., and 50 Cpls. our marching to classes and rrom classes should be perfect. With all the rank in this ou tf1 t; )J(e sure can be "tops" in all we undertake. Let's keep on the "ball men, and make this class be the best that has left this squadron yet. Sgt. Samuel FUlton our Supply man is now Delaware bound. He will hit plenty or cold weather, but he has been sweating out that furlough ever since the last one he had. Hurry back, sam, as we -all will miss you, especially the students. We extend a hearcy welcome to two more additions to our permanent personnel, namely TjSgt. Welch, and Pvt. Fischer. P!c. Greenmun, to you we gl ve the title or Questtonable Ike. You sure can think them up rast, and :}Ul certainly keep 1stjSgt, 1n a dither. Squadron C placed in a tie ror second 1n the inspection Saturday; nl ce work !ell as, and 1 e t s go to the top this week. This squadron was honored wit h a visit Sunday, by Master Roge r W1llcut, ,and he made the men Jump at chow call, by his voice say fng, fall out, time !or chow, Hfs daddy who ls top-kick or this outfit, said, Roger had to see :them tents or ours, as he tilought tJf nothing else, arter hearing 'tl\a t there were tents here. 'I was getting_ fond of Ed--until he got fresh and spoil-ed it. Daisie: 'Ian' tit terrible how fast a man can undo everything?' May: 'You've been stenographer for pretty near all the big shots in this firm, haven't you?' Gay: 'Y I'm just about on my 1 t 1 "P now. --Squadron D-SKEET CAUSES SORE SHOULDERS IN 'D' This past week saw the com Pletion or second week or school and with it the intraduction or the skeet range. We were the usual victims of sore shoulders but the run or the sport made it worth while. We had our pictures taken at Post operations and at that tim e got first hand information about 'B-17' s, B-28' s and saw the Flight Line !or the first time. All we have to do now is graduate and get our classbooks with the pictures that were taken. said that this was Florida but rrcm the !rigid weather we have been having it seems more like Alaska. Most or the class got passes ror town ror the first time but with the wind and the rain decided that their barracks -,;as a more welcome place. And speaking or the town, we w:m der just what the pennanent parcy find to do after being in there once. We will have you know that our SJSgt. Faye Snowden i s rast becoming a notable or the basketball court. To see him in action with the Post Team is to know why. He is averaging 10 points a game and only playing part or the run game We are waiting ror the Post Gym to open and to see some home g!llles there to watch old Silverking ln action. The sweating time is on again and the past week with all the rumors floating around a couple or the boys didn't know whether they were coming or going. Seems it got around that fUrloughs were frozen and when you wait ror one the way the 1stjSgt. and SJSgt. Marx have been to have that told t o you is the very last straw. Seems that only those in the instructor's squadron were frozen so Marx and Thompson are plenty relieved. They are going up to New York town and we wonder if there will be "those wedding bells ror that old gang or ours? Bombardiers to the rescue again! With bare hands and G.I. shoes these brave boys put oat the roaring rlamesor a !ire which threatened to spread throusn the entire tower range. Incidentally, these were the same boys who saved the State or Georgia last month, Class 44-5 was host to the graduating class or 44-2 at lts stag partY on the 11th. This is the first time that the lower class has been given the oppor tunity to be present at a graduation stag party, but this policy will be followed hereafter. What's this rumor that thP. low, er class is having special meetings at night to pray ror cold or stormy weather so they wont have to take PT? can it be that they don t like our obstacle course? We (44-5) had intended to dedicate it to them with our bP.st w1 shes upon our graduation. It seems almost as though Class 44-5 has taken up pilot training on the side. At least the way sched1?-les, etc., are changing has put us into a series or dizzy spins. .Weve b een in a daze ror days and days. Why should there be such bitter reeling between us cadets and the enlisted men? Arter all, they are our allies just'like the Chi nese. Sheerly clad on mY bed Your form so symphonic Tends to give me ide as Which are scarcely platonic Your sheer negligee In terms psychological Is causing an urge Which is biological I reach out m} arms And with sudden decision I place you in just The desired position I've got you, my dear Where it suits my whims What a swell pin-up girl! Quick, Henry, the pins! Booster, Napier Field


"On to Warsaw" the battle cry of the Russian annies v.hich have stonned into Poland. Cotmter-attacks by the Nazis have been 'Ihe Soviet drlve is going forward with ever-increasing momentun. Key cities such as Lwow, an im portant rail Junction, were endangered by the big offensive. On the southern front, Rus sian forces were drawing closer to Rumania, capturing hundreds of towns and killing thousands of Gennans. General Nikolai Vatutin's first l'krainian Army stormed a rail station on the KievWarsaw railway. General Kon stantin Rokossovsky's White Russi an troops drove toward Pinsk, on the rail way from Moscow to Warsaw. HEAVY AMERICAN BOMBING OF GERMANY REPORTED-Reports from Germany and Sweden said American bombers staged a heavy raid Tuesday on Halberstadt and Magdeburg whlle other bombers flew a divers!onary flight over Berlin. The reports said the greatest air battle of all time developed be tween bombers and their escorts and defending airplanes. Vatutin' s troops put heavy pressure on a large v.hich is the key to much of part. in the raid. It is be lieved to be the longest-range single-engine fighter plane in the world, blt no details were revealed. the American forces striking fighter plants at Halberstadt and Magdeburg in central Germany. Rome area w1 th large craters Friday, leaving &noking ruins from one end to the other of the Guidonia experimental port where Benito Mussolini' s once-shining air fleet was developed and tests were made Nazis' transportation facilities. The towns,o f Rovno, lJJck, and Kovel were the prin cipal targets, and capture of. the area in which they lie woUld almost isolate the large city of Lwow. of jet propulsion. The u.s. declared that the raid was a "major military success." You have ail heard of the Scotchman wh o wouldn't buy his girl a parasol when he took her the beach, but told her shady stories instead. General Mark Clark's Fifth Anny also has begun an offen:.. si ve. In the rugged Italian Apennines, French troops were aiding in the drive. It was armonnced that a new "long-range fighter" had taken Heavy fighters and their protective fighters also shot up to Perugia in central Italy, Morning Report 00 miles due north of Rome. Also targets for Allied TIC4f#SGT CfiAPJ.SS C A Gennan effort to recapture Cervaro was repulsed and the Allies thm drove beyond that village toward Cassino. bombers were Isola, 18 miles SJ north of Cassino, Colleferro, Rugged mountain country and fierce resistance impeded the the advance, but nevertheless the Allies marched forward. More fuan 8,000 Gennan prison ers have been captured since the Allies landed in Italy, it was announced at Allied Head quarters in Algiers. and other cities in Germanoccupied Italy. American heavy bombers based in Britain roared over Berlin for the first time Tuesday and set off what was said to be the greatest sky battle of all time. The Germans claimed they shot down 136 planes, in cluding 124 bcrnl:rers. The AAF said that our losses Defmding important Cassino were elements of two crack were "not unduly high" and Nazi divisions-the 29th Pan-that the Gennan claim was con zer and tmi ts of the Herman siderably exaggerated. The Goering division. Those Army's report said we lost 64 troops--among the best Gennany planes--59 of. then bombers. has--sagged back under the The Army's announcEJT1ent said furious assault of General the raid was made by an esti Cl ark's men. mated 1,400 planes v.hich spread .. ,. Flying Fortresses of the U.S. Air Force covered two enemy airdromes in the ruin among German fighter plane assembly plants. Berlin, apparently, was only a ."diversionary" target, most of +PLDEP-or: WAS A WA1l.DED AN CW,J;LEtff:" CLIIS/Ol. Bl7 IN W\.IICI+ S:CH!Bi'IKJL:Z WAS 130.\\1?Ali!DIER AIDED ENEMY SHIPPING -.JilL/G. ;qL/2.-5.4S41A1'.4,tVW !W/Tt'l/#. .. ONE IH? FI20N\ TA11GfT1 ENGJNf. TROUBLE toRMATION. ALONE, CONTJN Uf.D SEARCI4 FOR ... CON VOY-MAOE BOMBING RUN AGAINST f4EAVY ,1/A FIREAND COMPLETELY DISABLED A TRCDP TRANSPORT, F"OII.CING-IT BEACHED.


Page 8 THE TYNDALL TARGET \WE OF TWO CITIES 1 As we f i g h t as w e b u r y o u r d e ad as w e r e-f o r m o u r s q u ad ron s f o r n e w b a t t I e s we think of two cities--Berlin and Tokio. I n t h e f i r s t Wo r I d W a r 2 0 m i I I i o n men, .women and children died. Cities fell in ruins, nations were decimated and empires crashed. But Berlin stood unscathed and Kaiser Wilhelm died in bed. Even as he passed, a second German madman was plotting another world war in Be r I in. From that city went the goose-stepping legions who destroyed Rotte rdam in three hoursand Warsaw in a week. They snuffed out the I ights of Prague, Brussels, Belgrade and Athens; they pounded London and Stalingrad mere-i lessly. Cheered by four mi II ion residents of Berlin, Hitler boasted that the swastika on his chancel lory would glow for a thousand years and that not one stone would be chipped from the Brandenburger Gate. What do you say to that, Men of the A rm y A i r F o r c e s ? Shall sentimental fools preserve Berlin this time? The Rus-sians and the RAF wi II have something to say about that--and so wi II you. But do not forget that other city--Tokio. There a bespectacled monkey-god I ives in his sacred palace. In Tokio, the Ginza is bright with stolen goods and the Yoshiwara is crowded with girls sotd for a sack of rice. In Tokio, the proud architects of a new culture met to plot the infamy of Pearl Harbor. From Tokio they sail i ed forth to I ay a hun-dred Chinese cities in ashes; to rape and pillage Singapore, Surabaya and Man i I a. And the people of Tokio shouted. "Banzai Nippon!" which means a thousand years of I ife to Japan. A thousand years for Tokio? The clock ticks. The sand trickles. The bragging toasts are proposed and drunk. Berlin stands. Tokio stands. And so did Sodom and so did Gomorrah. But on a wall the flaming letters read: mene, tekel, upharsinl" Germans and Japanese, it wi II not be a thousand years. You are going to get it sooner than that. Tokio and Berlin are going to get such puni.shment that the next leader who cries "War! War!" in those towns wi II be stoned by a mob and choke of his own blood. Furnished by S!Jeciol Service for uo:;e on Orientation Bulletin Boord<:;


,January 15, 1944 --Guardians--LT. BONK IS NAMED ASS' T ADJUTANT OF GUARD SQUADRON Lt. Bonk has been de signated Ass t. Squadron AdJutant which reminds us that his training classes in Riot control are gaining momentum which may bedue to the fact that the Lt. has the enviable abil1 ty to hold. a class attention. Sf Sgt. Ryan, who 1 s 1n charge or rur blossoming basketball team, 1 s having practice every other day at 9:30 All aspirants to the te ani ought to make an ap pearance at practice because the Regular team 1s not regular yet. A bit or praise goe_s herewith to Cpl. John Mashburn for his neat array or posters and current maps on the orientation board. Pre. James Reynolds, Provost Marshal Clerk, fs getting to be known the Glamour Boy by the c1v111an personnel, but he received a baby doll for Christmas. And we thought all this time that he had all 0 r the dolls that he wanted. We extend a hearty welcom e to the five new men added to our squadron recently. They received a hearty reception by pulling guard duty like old veterans. Incidentally they used to be !1J,lards at Keesler Field, Miss. BANTER: Pvt. M. Hi tt has a gal friend at P. c. who causes passersby to low whistles when she goes down the street Pvts. Sas so and Mullaney are covering Bay Harbor lately instead of the waterfront Sgt. E. Ace is sweat ing wt his furlough to see his old name which he hopes to k1ndle1 SUGGESTION BOX: The Post The-.ater ought to sell theater books and let the men 1n w1 th the t1ck:ets from the books; but Just one man per book. That would avoid. confusion at the ticket booth and lessen the v.urk or the cashiers Why not have furloughs 30 days long, once every 15 months? This enable an enlisted man to spend more days at home and take care or business that may require a l1 ttle mor e time It v.uuld cut his traveling days 1n half ano men living several hundred miles away will save from three to six days. It wou1d also cut down his traveling expenses since hes making only one trip instead or two Last but not least the. G. I. can t very well ask for an extension, thereby relieving the c. o. of many headaches. MAN OF THE WEEK: Pfc, James M, Hodge is our GUardian or the week. Jimmie was born April 27, 1920 at Sumter, s.c., and has been 1n the Army for two years. He gra" \ \ I \ r\ I didn't mean to_\ Let you down I ast week But l had an appointment That I had to keep 11m back now, you see, From my untimely absence In my latest attire and I I think you'll agree 1 That it really The very best of me. : -. --MedicwoeS--MAJOR ADAMS IS NAMED ACTING POST SURGEON Pa e 9 It was wl th deep regret that the boys said gpodbye to Major Miller when h e left last week on orders from Maxwell Field From what your correspond ent can gather, the sorrl est one to see him leave was Major Adams whe succeeded Major Miller as acting post surgeon. We sincerely hope that before very long Major Miller will be back with us but !eel highly con!lden t that t:re hospl tal admlnlstratlon is in as capable a state as heretofore. Those of us who ever doubted in what hl gh esteem the }'fed! cal Detachment is held by the men currently returning from overseas had better t ake a lesson !rom our own Butch Pellerin. He was almost maimed the other day when he admitted sheepishly that he was a member or the Pill Roller outfit. That smil e you saw on Lt. Koenig's race was the result or are prieve he obtained from the' Great White Father at Maxwell Field. I don t think any one was as glad to hear or til at repr !eve as much as Sgt. Luk e and his boys. Wonder Yhl.t our local delegation from th e moun talns or Pennsylvania hope to accompli sh with their unusual growths above the1 r upper llxrs. {Could it b e that there i s coal in them there hills? Ouch!) Who 1s that Jack Rabbit running around in the Rece 1 vlng Room. I am told that h e likes most every thing to eat--even lettu.ce. With the advent of our departure for our new homes on the Island or Guadalcanal, we can look forward to a host or marriages here in the detachment. I am told that Pre. St. Clair might tak.e the fatal step himself just to avoid our ru ture quarters. Take 1 t easy men, at least in our own little Isle we have some plumbing racil1 ties. Before many days have passed, Lt. Shumpert will leave us for a new assignment as a Flight NUrse in an Air-Evacuation outfit, That we wish her tile best or luck goes w1 thou t saying. But we v.un der 1f the only reason behind that move was not a certain some body answering to the initials or J.D. who is presently stationed somewhere 1n the Gilbert Islands. Have !a! th Lt., the current commercial Airways advertisements tell us that there is no place on the globe that is more .than 60 hours from (JUst around the comer, eh.) They advanced him a grade to that of Private First Class, W1tll 1 t, they madeh1m a F1 rs t Aid Ins true tor. And now I 1m told that he is to be our orientation Instructor and tell us we are fn this "fight." What a price to pay for a rour dollar ra1 se. Thus, 1n short, yru have the story or Pfc. Kenneth G. L1 tes, -Sgt. A, s. Jackrel One Twin Killed, The Other Captured New York (CNS)-On the same day that Harold Schwerdt enlisted the. Army Air Forces last April h1s twm brother Arthur joined the Navy. It was the first time they had ever been apart and the last time they would ever be together. Harold Schwerdt today 1s a_ pnsoner of war in Germany. Twm brother Arthur, a quartermaster, first class was killed in action in the South Pacific.


Page 10 As I P. f. c. IT NOW AND FOREVER Operating rrom new bases in southern Italy, Flying FOrts taPP ed Nazi communications with their bombs in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia last Monday. Fear rul or a sudden shift in affections on the part of their Old gal Sofia, Nazidom s ace trouble shooters on the scene. frantically pulling all sorts of wires to allay the mounting fears of their satellite lady, If tile Bulgars do leave the fold, they are sure to be followed by Hungary and Rumania;. and an old bell-wether like Hitler knows that when the sheepish take it on the lam--all the reuhrt:;r' s horses and all the reuhrer s men. could not put than together again. Reading like an excerpt from a Dover observer's account of a cross-channel air sweep by the RAF is a line that occurs in Matthew Arnold's classic poem, 'Dover Beach.' 'On the French coast the light gleams and is gone,' wrote the,19th century English essayist and critic more than 60 years ago. For several weeks now, lights along the French coast have been carefully dimmed by the Nazis in expecta tion of continuing air attacks, and ev_acuation of some channel districts already has been order ed. It requires only a blend of the imagination to stir up a picture of French patriots stealing past the guards, to light, driftwood fires on the beaches, that will guide Allied fliers on the invasion night. o n distant Pacific islaL.ds the grim game or hide and seek as playe d by the Japs and our own. forces goes on. Ever since ust 7, 1942, when the Marines landed on Q.ladal canal in the Sol omons, a deadly hunt has been in progress. With the rare cunning o r animals, the Japs have employed to fullest advantage their knowledge or the islands and the many natural places or concealment to screen their activities, Penetrating nature's masterpiece or camouflage has been no promenade for our land troops, but with each n e w gain, the Nips who were tagged--stayed "it, n Nazism is an ideology for the reconciliation of impossibles. Undismayed by uncharacteristic 1 ossea and the increasing peril of the German divisions lighting in the Dnieper bend, the Nazis are rushing to the front lines of their newspapers to relieve the tremendous pressure on their verbs. In language so brilliant that 1 t blocks the imagination, the wholesale rout in Russia is thus described. 'Our eastern front from Vi tebsk to the Blr>ck Sea is moving westward.' Westward indeed, and being moved by So vi at vans 'that stop for nothing, or nobody, including the hailers of race. Pfc. E .T. Delbyck THE; TYNDALL TARGE'.1 HOV/E STARS SKETCHED BY T/F PRIVATE Th-Is Is the first of a series of. pencil drawings of Hollywood movie stars, sketched by Pvt. G. F. Waecke'fly of the Special Service Office. Shown above is the voluptuous Dolores Moran, who has appeared in several recent films at the Post Theater to the delight of the Tyndall Field wolves. News From Your Own Home Town Atlanta, Ga. (CNS)-A man tore up to a crowded hosiery counter in a downtown depart ment store and hollered "Give me two dozen of those nylon stockings that just came in. The clerk looked at him blankly. "In that box!" shouted the man, pointing at a crate in the corner. Before the clerk could reply dozens of female hands ripped open the crate, which was empty. "Joke!" said the stranger, walk ing away. Boston (CNS)-The police here were seeking two thieves:-One of tl-.em stole a hearse and the other stole a harp. Chicago (CNS)-Victor, a funny monkey, picked the lock on his cage at the University of Illinois Medical School, stuffed a sink drain with carrots, covered them with paper and weighted the 'Paper down with a steel scraper. Then he turned on the water, scampered back to his cage and sat there smilin-g. Occupants of the floor below got mighty wet that night. Bu1falo, N. Y. (CNS)-To pre vent the spread of colds, killjoy Francis Fronczak, health com missioner suggested that "No Kissing" signs be suspended from holiday mistletoe all over Buffalo. Elberton, Ga. (CNS)-Beset by manpower problems, barber Paul Webb has put his 11-year-old son to work lathering faces in his barber shop. The customers were afraid at first but now prefer the kid's razor technique. Hollywood (CNS)-Local resi dents thought a new B film opened here the other night. A skunk died at the corner of Hol lywood and Vine. Johnson City, Tenn. (CNS)-A man stopped his car at a red light, grabbed his briefcase and hurried to his office. His wife, intent on shopping, alighted from the other door and dashed into a store. Police found the car with its motor still running and took it to headquarters. Summoned to traffic court, both husband and wife said they thought the other was going to drive the car away. Knoxville, Tenn. (CNS)-Mrs. Bertha Branam, 66, won her sec ond divorce from F. M. Branam in Domestic Relations Court here after she told the judge her hus band had swindled $900 from her. The Branams were divorced three years ago but later remarried. Los Angeles (CNS)-The Rev. Joe Jeffers, apostle of the Great Yaweh and a self-styled Messiah, is being sought by the district attorney's office here on a charge {)f bilking $3,800 from a middle aged couple and using it to finance a joy ride around the country. The couple claim they gave Jeffers the money to write a bible. New Haven, Conn. (CNS)-A janitor c l e an in g out the city courtroom at midnight found a lonesome man sitting in the pris oners' dock. He had drawn a three months jail sentence earlier in the day but the bailiff had for gotten about him completely. North Bergen, N. J. (CNS) New Jersey's candidate for "Mr. Meanest-Man-in-the-World for is Charles Malootian, 51, a parfts presser, who locked his 80year-old mother in the cellar with only a crust of bread to eat, according to police Salt Lake City (CNS) A heavy set woman shopper is be ing. sought here as a hit and run pedestrain. In a crowded store she knocked over Mrs. Tessie Pug mire and broke her hip. The un identified shopper then disap peared.


January 15, 1943 Dear Aunt Lulu: :I'm always l!etting into trouble with cops and M.P.'s. My car won't go over 80 I tried only I ss.t week but they're always sbbing m e for some thing. Can u .suggest how I might snow cops and Y.P. 's under? Corporal Punishment' Dear Coi1)oral: one way, or course, is to step on the gas as soon as the cop heads !or you. However, this method is no good unless your license plates are equipp ed with little window-shades that drop when you press a button other Wise, he's sure to take your number and catch up with you later. Another method is to equip your car with a collapsing running-board. Thus, when the cop comes up and puts his root on the unning-board, i t collapses 1i s throws him orr balance> both physically and m entally. It THE TYNDALL TARGET 9"07TH GETS EFFIC/ENCY .FLAG Colonel Jack Greer Is shown above presenting to Lt. Jack Go! dsmi th, CO of the 907th QM, and lst/Sgt. Elmer S uter the "efficiency flag awarded by the post administrative each week to the organization having the best administrativ efficiency. ruins his appraoch, and there ori you can brow-beat him The 907th Quartermaster Compan won the Erriciency Flag admi nistrative erri ciency in the first monthly contest conducted the the or!lce or the Administrative Inspector, into letting you go free. Another method of keeping cop from getting out the old pad The Quartermasters had a rating or 91 ror the December contest, and writing you a ticket is t h e according to the table compiled by the orrice or L t Col. F. E. Welch, adm1ni strati ve in spec tor. corny excuse, I was just rushing., In second place, was the 25th Al t1 tude Training Unit, with down to the station to buy a ticket to the policeman s ball." Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron third and the 344th However, the new, modern approach Squadron rourth. to this 1s a complete reversal... All phases or administrative work are included in the inspection under the n e w method, YOU sell and compilation or points ln. the contest. him a ticket to the policeman s r individual soldiers, the squadron grounds and buildings, th ball. This is not recommended enereal disease record, courts-martial record and physical trainin unless you re a fast-talking record are included in the going over by the administrative i sal esman spector. 'Method number four ... or is this Lt. Jack Goldsm1 th i s commanding or!lcer or the winning 907 five? Oh, well, it doesn't matCompany and its !lrst sergeant 1s Sgt. Elmer SUter. They will re Page 11 "HOLD TIGHT," USO CAMP SHOW, AT POST WEDNESDAY "Hold T1 gh t, a novel vallrle vi,lle type revue, will Bp'Pear at the Post Theater for t110 oerfornl ances on Wednesday, January 19. It is another in the series of Us:> Caup Smws. Clever songs, the latest in sweet anrl rhythm numbers, are featnrerl in the revue, It also offers three novelty acts. A singing comerlian acts as mastera f ceremonies. Appearing in the show will be Bobby (Uke) Henshaw, master of cerenonies; De.virl Seed & Co., one m8rHJne \lOman comedy act; Cather ine Behney dancers, line of seven clever girls; Helen Wall, acro batic and balancing genius; ny Hyman, lightning-fast mental marvel; Three Sherry Sisters, vocal hannony; Ben Y01mg, pianist and musical conductor; RBJuee Sani, oriental magician. came another, t:;gc, Al F'ul ton and the lovely Evelyn Russ Ued the knot at th e home or the bl.ushin' g bride. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Ful ton. Upon their return from f urlough Sgt. William Gregory and Cpl. John Von Hagle had three bags each: one in hand and one under <:ach eye, It is suspected that the current rubber shortage may be traced to tne cigars tnat the new Sgts. Ackerman, Hall, Savi no and Glaster passed around arter their promotions. Congratulations, men. Besides his head,T/5 John Naples can now bring the rest or himself in the clouds. His Kadet appointment came through. Incidentally, i r anyone cares to know who the violinist was dur ing t h e Yuletide season, then it was the man in mention, John RUbin-orr Naples. ter ... this method you get in t h e 1-t_h_e_r_l_a_g_un_t_i_l_l_t_l_s_w_o_n_b_y_an_o_th_e_r-r-s_o_u_a_d_r_on_. ____________ ._ ,ops good graces by pretending --.Quurtermutter-S/ Sgt. W aldron Porter tries to play t h e viola too. It's a good thing that Stradivarius is else he'd die again after listening to one or Porter s r ec 1-tals. co be an e]C-cop yourself. or 'Chutist Faces Death, GETS A NEW else, pretend to be the Chief of 907th Thinks of Mother, Gal Police. If youre a woman, this ADJUTANT; CPL. England (CNS)-William Robwon't work. but then, 1!. you're son, an Ontario pq.ratrooper who a wnrnan, you shouldn't need ali plunged 700 feet to earth under a WEDS WAC SGT this advice on how to get in a half-collapsed chute and lived to tell th tale, said that during his cop's good graces, either, fall he thm,1ght of his mothr and Love a n d kisses his girl. Aunt Lulu While falling, Robson, now hosOur idea of the prime Goldbrick of the year is the guy who griped, because the Army wouldn't le' t him do the same thing he had done in civilian life. He was .unemployed. pitali2led here said: "I tugged and yanked but the 'chute wouldn't open all the way. I thought I was going to die and right after that I thought 'What will my mother and my girl think when I'm killed.'" We .are proud to announce our new adjutant, Lt. Revel H. Sear cy, 11e nas our besc regards ana may his stay with the 907th be a long, prosperous and happy one. With a WAC guard of honor for her and the boys of the QM for him, Cpl. G. RodagatskY and Sgt. Callie Mize said, "I do at the Post Chapel last W ednesday. Upon the bells of one weddtng Gum-drop, Pvt. Harvey Small wood, has tears in his eyes when the menu calls for steak at the QM Mess. Reason? He is still waiting for a set of choppers. Around the QM Office, Miss Martha Murphy makes eyes at all the young and dashing officers. Miss Sara Montgomery was sick with a cold for two days. Pvt. John MacBeth is looking ror hair gro11in g ton 1 c --&n1 ccy


Page 12 THE TYNDALL TARGET Warmin' the Bench BJ SOT. Fl\A.NK DE BLOIS CNS Sports Correspondent Sgt. Mai Addled-a-Bit Bae r the Livermore ( Cal) live r sausage boy, ha:; two firm beliefs: ( 1 ) that h e s the guy who really s tarte d this war and (2) that Jack D e mps e y is the g reatest fighte r he ever saw in his 11 fe. Concerning belief No. 1: Don t let 1t get a round, but I knoc k e d out Max Sciuneling in 1933. and that made Hitler mad, Then the next year I knocked out Primo Camera and that made MUssolini mad, That's how the whole business started. Concerning belief No. 2: "Joe Louis is the best man old Max i e ever fought and Jack Dempsey is the greatest fighter old Maxie e v e r saw. But don t you forget that old Max i e himself was the 13th champion of the world. Max made these pithy observations a week or so ago at a bull session which followed an exhibition of beak banding he and his brother Buddy, who is also a sergeant, had performed for Gis stationed at ,itchel Field, Island. Max's remarks about Dempsey mad e him the second guy in two days to rate Dempsey over Louis. The other was Jack Sharkey, the only living Amer1 can who was knocke d au t by the m both, Sharkey foush. t Dempsey in 1927 when Dempsey was washed up and Sharkey was the most promising young fighter in the land. Dempsey knocked the sailor as cold as a Lithuanian herring inside of seven tounds. In 1936, when he was washed up hims.el I, Sharkey Iough t Louis, who knocked him out in the fourth. Demp s e y was the best man, Sharkey believes. "You can hit Louis Wit h a left hook and hurt him. You could hit Dempsey with a left hook and n othing happened. kn o c k the o ther fellow au t I r I had to bet, I'd bet on Dempsey to Somehow, no one has ever asked .Joe Louis i I he thought Dempsey WHAT'S DOING NEXT WEEK SUNDAY 1 2 : 4 5 P M -Mu s i c a 1 R e co r d i n R Hour, Post Thel!tar, CWO Mjss,l C omm en t a to r, 12: 30 P.M.--SqLadron A&R Rer re sentative Meeting, Athletic Ofc, 7:00 P.M.--Movies, Station Hoar it al. 8:30 P.M.--Movies, Receivin11 Sq, 8:00 P.M.--Weekly Dance, USO, T/F Band broadcast over WDLP, 8:00 P .M.--Movies, Colored.Rec Hall, WEINESDAY 12:30 P.M .--Special Service NonCom Meeting, Post Library, 5:30 P.M.--Intersquadron Touch football games, 7:00 & 8:30 P.M.-'HOLD TIGHT,' USJ Camp Show at Post Theater, 7 : 30 P. M. -Ty n d al 1 y i e 1 d Presents,l WILP, 7:00 P.M.--Protestant Choir Re hearsal, Post Chapel, 7:00 P.M.--Weekly Variety Show, Recei11ing Pool. 8:00 P.M.--GI Dance, Rec Hall, Permanent Party Only, 8: 30 P.M.-Radio Playhouse, nniRSDAY 3 :30 P.M.--Tyndall Concert WILP. WIIP, Band, 6:30 P.M.--Official Opening of Gymnasium, 6:30 P.N. --Radio Workshop Period, 7:00 P.M.--Movies, Hospital, 8:00 P.M.--GI Dance, Re c Hall, Students Only, 8:00 Weekly Colored Dance, Colored Rec Hall, GROUP I STILL SETS PACE IN OFFICERS' BOWLING LEAGUE GrouP I continued to set the pace in the Thursday night Offi cers !Oop by squeezing out two close one s !rom their arch-q Val s, Group II, 1n a battle that ms tight all the way. Th e first game wen t t o Group I by a lone pin, and the secon.j ended in a t!e. In t h e roll-off Group II eked out a three pin advantage u square the match, and then Grou1 I came back to gain the dec!slOI. in the final encounter. The troublesome Retreads again upset the dope, and this time the 2nd place Bell Ringers went down, 2-1. The Sluggers took up where they left orr last w eek and swept. three rrom the Gremlins to climb .into the number 6 slot. In the final match the Snarus trimmed MOQ twice be fore losing th'! final game in thel r serl es. L t, Georgeso n pu;:. 7 s trikes in a row to good t:se !n hanging up a 238, h 1 gh s 1 n gl e game o f the Y ear.' His 580 was high for the night. Tl)e Sluggers took team h onors f o r the evening wl th 2542, Jusc 40 pins shor: Jf Group i s season high. The s t an;:!lngs: W L Grour I 19 5 Bell Ringers 16 8 Gremlins 13 11 Snafus 12 12 Grour II 11 13 Sluggers 10 14 Retreads 9 15 MOQ 6 18 could take him, although a good many sports writers have turned out thousands of words on mythical bouts betweerr the two mighty champions. The late Heywood Broun wrote a story like that in which Louis bowled over ]eck in one round. 8: 30 P.M.-Rec Hall Toni jth t, WILP. 8:30 P.M .--Movies, Sq, f"RIDAY 7:30 P.M.--B:lxing, Receiving Pool, 8:00 P .M.--Movies, Colored Rec Hall, But 1 f anyone ever did ask: Joe a sillY question like that, Joe probably wouldn't reply for a minute or t wo. He'd punch the bag around SATURDAY ror a while and then he'd take off his gloves and sit down on a bench 7=00 P.M.--Movies, Hospital. 8:30 p.M .--Movies, Sq, wi t h a towel over bis head, Then he'd probably give you the ans wer h e gave the reporter who asked him how tough a man was this r--Cellar Fliers--kld Billy conn. CQ WAKES UP WRONG BARRACKS, 'They' s ell tough; he said then. 'Ain't none of them easy. BUT STILL LIVES! ----------------------------------1 (Cor.tinued jrefllt Page 3) --Wactivities-NEW GIRLS S.HED TEARS OF JOY AT SIGHT OF TYNDALL FIELD'S LOVELY MALES L esson ror the W eek: N e v e r ge t too eage r Mannlso n decided to 1 rlx' the files at h e r n e w Job; 1n her own inimitable fashion she d i d And n o w she daily dreads a visi t by t h e post administra t ive ins p ector, She r eally f l xed 1 em P assi n g o n t o the G urr of t h e W e e k : E icher:, Riker, a n d Wals h w e n t t o Day t o n a B e a c h--wow', The WP1 s riav e fallen. The y all ow e d ues:., O l d Rosee T aylor 1 s back. H e r Wnk was pres e r v e d h e r table a t the Rec Hall polished, an d t h e r e adin g roo m at the D ixie had all t h e m anuscripts n e a t l y stackeq ... Afte r barely escap i n g v i o l e n t death and destructi o n at the driving hand s or vario u s Trans port a t i o n lads armed wi t h a G I truck (the n e w s ecret weapon), L t Hussey, n e w recrultlng o r r l e e r sez, "It doesn't m atte r whic h part or m e t h e y chop o r r Jus t so 1 t s quick and painless." Y ou'll be mou r n e d S peer bu t a gain i t raises the q uota w h ich has s urre red g r eatly since t h e adven t or the new g l r l s Whe n t h e y saw a l l t hese love l y lov e l y m a l e s an d t h e de a r t h or remale s t h e n e w girl s sat d own and w e p t g r e a t b i g rat t e ars o! joy inso the! r b arracks bags, They never had i t s o g oo d a t h ome,,,A qual n c 11 ttl e L R round 1 t s way t h1 the: that Dunc an and Hal r p n are t ak Ing u p bowling ro r more t h e S port 1 tsel r., .Annie Fahrtro ge t s gobs o f rood f rom the m p eovle that don t liv e on Tyndall. (Re p orts are that there is a whole world o f people and buildings away f rom here but we sacks can t veri f y 1 t n o t having see n 1 t,) Ann' s food 1s goo d too. The only r e ason she doesn t gain weight on 1 t i s b ecause s h e never gets more than a quick look. at i t The 2n d F loor, 2nd Barracks is a bunch o f vultures, Als o 1st Floor Also t h e 1st Barracks. N o thing will b e said, but L t Clymer could at l e ast hav e tak e n u s int o h e r con fide nce cutting her hair And eagle too. Thinkor t h e p o o r b eaut y s h q p detail wiping up all the l o v ely W a c hal r Eachus i s gonna be an adagi o dancer She'll float thru t h e a i r w1 t h the g r e atestor e ase, s h e hop es. Sacks o f course, are always more concerne d wl th the 'landing than the floating ,Asid e to Dewey: Honest, sarge, y o u s h o u ldn't tak e any reference s t o toad s t o h eart You reallY don't resemble o n e r e a ily. Eve n whe n i t s dark. (Th e night--no t you n o r the toad.) Leav lng toads, a n d sergeants, and such to them own s elves, hose out the nose, boys, and set em u p in the next alle y The pin boy 1 s w o r klng r or Th e S a c k A girl wf.o went out with a soldier r ealized 10 min. Later that he was A. W.O.L.F. him rrom the distance, P vt. Whi t e was glad when membership in the 25th's "Non-C om missione d Non C o m" clu b wa s rs cen.tly increaser. Pvt Lawton, whe n q u es t l o n ed, vowed he hasn' t be e n o u : wit h a gir l sinc e he's been o n ::he p o s t .Who's the litcle number that drl ves down r.o t h e barracks and t o o t s for him? Who was t h e little woman wl t h whom h e was s e en a t the U SO? Why does_he go into town e very night?. I t's conroozln' bu t not amoozin', Lawton. Personal to Pvt. i.erner: That tw1 tchlng jaw o r y ours looks serious; maybe t h e chambe r is too muc h for you. Maybe you'd better see the surgeon. H e r e w e go again, sneaking in on Cpl. J o e T. DeVan e Last week w e m e n t i o n e d that he was wondering wha t h e was going t o 10 wl ::.h all : h e mon e y h e IVOUld make whe n he mace maste:-. J o e says he doesn't wan t master. Why? Because the n he wouldn't have any thing :o buck" for .. --':'he FlCIDing Bor.lbORDHANCE BOWLERS DEFEAT WAC TEAM; WACS PAY BILL (Contin 'l.ed from Pa g e 3) a en t s them as g1 fts to the obJ ect or his affection ... w e can listen. for hours to the tale s that Cpl. Parme r sv!ns. They concern his: former romantic escapade s (wol rln to you, bub) ... or cours e t h ese happened y ears ago as Par mer 1 s now a happily married GI, l'-!'lt.:L ,, lltlli:ll POST Sun,, Mon,, 'AROUND 11!E V.ORLD, Kay Kyser, Joan Davis, Tuesday, 'KLONDIKE KATE,' Ann Savage, Tom Neal. 'CALLING DR DEATH, Lon Chaney Jr, Wednesday, 'HOLD TIGHT,' USO'--/ Canr Show, Thursday, 'CRY HAVOC, Margaret Sullivan, Ann Sothern, Friday, '11!E \IOMEN OF 11!E TOVIN, Claire Trevor, Albert DeckPr. RITZ Sun,, Mon., 'I RON MAJOR, Pat O'Brien, Ruth Warrick, Tues., Wed,, 'DANCING MASTERS,' Laurel and Hardy, Thurs., Fri., GIRL, Olivia de Havilland, Sonny Tufts, Saturday, 'OLD BAm DANCE,' Gene Au try, Late Show Saturday, 'IN OLD OKJ.AHOMA,' John Wayn e, Randolrh Srntt. PAN AHA Sun, Mon,, 'THE FAI.CON AND 11!E ro-EDS,' Tom Conway, Tuesday, 'RIDERS OF 11!E PURPLE SAGE, George Montgomery, Wednesday, 'MAGNIFICENT OOPF. Henry Fonda, Don Ameche. Thursday, 'RINGS ON HER F1NGERS Gene Tierney, Henry Fonda, Fri,, Sat,, 'CATTI..E STAMPEDE,' &Jster Crabbe.


January 15, THE TYNDALL TARGET _13 ANKWDZ" By BOB HAWK 1. When a man hits a gol! .ball, hard surface, how can you tell he yells "Fore" to clear the way. whether 1t 1s genuine or counterWhat does a lumberJack yell when fei t? an oak tree falls? 10. What do the letters in WAVES 2. What are you doing when you: stand for? (a) tread on air? (b) tread on ------thin lee? (c) treact the boards? YAifKWIZ ANSWERS 3. What is the ditrerence between a hobo and a tramp? 4. I r, on the day you are plan ning a picnic, you see rain clouds if\ the East, would they indicate that a ll toi'Ill ls coming your way? 5. What ls the dH rerence be chicory and 6 r r you were working in a ooller roam and someone gave you a to take--what would probably oe in the tal:>let? 7. Do women have the same ratio or red blood corpuscles that men dQ? a. Do aeroplanes use more gaso line travelling from New York to Call rornia or from Cal1fornte. New York[ Wllen _you .ring a coin on a i. Timber. 2. (a) you are elated; (b) you .are being care!Ul; (c) you are ac tlng. 3. A hobo is a migratory laborer; a tramp never works if it can be avoided. 4. No. Most storms travel from west to east. 5. Chicory is a plant; chick adee 1s a bird. e. Salt. 7. No fewer by. about ten per cent. 8. From New York to California. 9. Genuine coins sound clear and bell-like; counterfeits are duil. 10. Women Appointed for Volun tary Emergency Service. Dear Harry: Last night I met a soldier. He was handsome and had medals all over ltls uniform for 'expert in this and expert in that. We were married this morning. So sorry, Harry. 1 Your former honey, Sybil. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" GI: 'You say you've never been out with a soldier before? Where shall I meet you, baby?' Girl: r,,.eet me at 2100 in the. GI's P.JC.' A sensible looking girl is not. sensible as she looks, because a sensible girl more sense than to look sensible. 2 ----Twen .ty-seven Nazi !Tiers, shot down in act ion, knocked at the ga tea of Heaven for admittance. many?' aalced St Peter. 'We are 27, they replied. 'That can't be right, said St. Peter, 'I just got a communique from Berlin and it said that only two planes were shotdown. The other 25 can go to hell.' 9


UNNERS WEEK GUNNER OF THE CLASS P FC. JOHN F. SEG,1LL .4 Squadron 4 A native of. :anaunJ Conn.J Pfc. S6gclla worked us a grinder oper :ltor in a defense plant be:ore entering the Army two und a half yecrs ugn Hus been stationed at Westover Field and New Bedford Airdrome. Attended Scott Field radio school inmediutely before corn.ing to Tyn dcll Hcs three bro'::hers in service. One is a corporal in IndiaJ one is in Ma!:.ne Co:ps somewhe::-e in the South Paci f i cJ and the 'Jther is an ae:icl engineer .'Jn a 5 i 7 in the B r.i t i sh Is 1 e s SGT. HE.RNAN !1. WITT Squadron C Sergeant WittJ 25 years oldJ corn.es from Bedford CountyJ Va. PFC. RICH4RD ORLOWSKI Squadron q Comes from. MiamiJ F lo. J and has been in the Army ii months. GradP FC. WILLIAM H. EVERETT Squadron E uated from high school in Bedford) in i933J then worked Pfc. entered the Arrn y as a salesman and estirn.ator for a o n March 8J this yeorJ and got trucking company. his busir; tro.ining at Miami Beach. Was a welder in a shipyard at Went to Scott F'ieldJ Ill.J for the time of his induction into radio school before entering Tyn-the Army. dall. Has been stationed at various At:ended University of Connec-fields in the New York area as a ticut a:'ter graduation from high mechanic; then went :to B-24 school school. Was working as a machinat Willow RunJ Mich.J before ist at the !:ime of his induction. transferring to gunne: y school CPL. RICHARD H. KAUTZ Squadron D Twenty years old and a native of T oledo J Ohio. Enlisted in the -here. PVT. CARL E. HECKMAN Squadron E Comes from Fredoni a J Pa. J and i s i8 yeo rs old. Was graduated Has been in the Army since SepArmy on December 9J i942J and saw from Stoneboro High School in tember of i94i. Since then he has the sights of Miami Beach as a Stoneboro J Po. been stationed at Maxwell dtill instructor for more a Graduating i n Jun eJ i9 4 3J he Turner FieldJ Moody Field and year. Then volunteered for flex-entered the Army 1 n August and Smyrna Air Base as a rn.echanic and ible gunnery and carn.e to Tyndall. went to Miami Beach for basic f 1 i gh t engineer Was on the varsity basketball training. Attended mechanics1 school at team during four years of high Favorite sport is hunting. He the Missouri Aviation Institute school. Finished high school in intends to farmJ with his fatherJ and took a specialist course at JuneJ i942. after the war. Willow R unJ Mich.


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