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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 3, no. 4 (January 22, 1944).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
January 22, 1944
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Page 2 I .... PUBL)SHED ON SATURDAYS BY TAf SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE FOR PERSONNEL OF THE AAF FLEXIBLE GUNNERY SCHOOL, PAN'AMA CITY, FLORIDA Copy Prepared Under Supervision Of Public Relations Officer. Printing and Photography by Base Photographic & Reproduction Sect ion. Art.work by Dept. of Training Draft 1 ng Department. !be !Tftc!.&ll 'rarset receiTes auppliec!. bJ Cup Newspaper 8erYice, War Dept., 2011 1!!. 4llnd !few York Ci'J Credited KaJ !10! -be republished orior neralaaion tro C!IS. A PLEASANT HOUR To the rear of the Post Library lays a 11 ttle alcove housing a combination radio and record player. Weighty reference books bulk on its several shelves 1 eantng heavily against the recorded old and new world loveliness of the great mas ters of nusic. Usually the corner is filled with the fai thf'ul, for it is here that the lovers of good things come to spend a pleasant interlude surrotmded by the influences they enjoy -books and music. True, the musical library is not comprehensive but it does include many of the world's greatest symphonic masterpieces and several popu-1 ar music al buns. There are also a m.unber of enlisted men who regularly bring their own records with them, providing an enjoyable supplement to the library's O'V111 collection. Many of the G. I.'s 'tlho mally shun anything that smacks of the classics would be agreeably surprised if they would but come to the music comer and just listen. They would there discover their old frimd popular music but in the mor e d1 screet guise of classical tempo, and oould find that given half a chance, Schunan and Beethoven are as THE TYNDALL TARGET GREAT SOLDIERS OF HISTORY Some of the of military history are o; noble characters whose lives and deeds are set forth in brilliant on the of the Bible. 11ue military and moral power here hand in hand. 1. In Joshua (Joshua 1:24) we have the brilliant successes of a valiant tt.!hose every order was a out of commands from on Joshua's for himandJoshua for his God. The "turns" and "tides" of battle were always in his favor because he and his armies did the will of God. 2. Naaman (IJ 5), a brilliant, kindly Syrian Captain, received of the leprosy of his own life simt>le o'bedience and faith in the God of Israel, an example of one in command yet a humble position before his Creator and Lon)., and eternally blessed for it. 3 The Centurian of Capemawn (Matt. 8), whose public faith to his servant, illus.trates that kind of tdzose life and is an insPir ation and to all his men, them in the way of God knows we need more of such today; more General Dobbes, more General more men tJzo stand for decency, sobriety, and liness, men who are not ashamed to be knott..n as Bible readers and pray-ers. 4 The Roman Guard (Matt. 27J who, when Jesus cried out on the Cross and bowed his head in death, openly declared, "Truly, this was the Son of God," thus shed forever upon the military the unestimable honor of one of its be the first to bear a testimony to faith in a crucified Saviour. 5 Cornelius (Acts 1oJ, the Italian Commander, not only attended worship and freely of his income to the church, but qlso hel. d in his OW'! home that his soldiers and relati'lles be converted to Christ. In this day when so many soldiers and officers of rank have succumbed to the terrrf>tations of Army l ife, it is to remind ourselves of these and other soldiers of the past and to pray that we, too, may not only be soldiers," but soldiers of Jesus Christ" as well. SCHEDULE OF SERVICES PROTBSTANT Sunday SUnday School at Post Chapel,,.,_,., ................... g:oo A.M. Worship at Colored Recreation Hall. e:oo A.M. Worship at Post Chapel 10:00 A.M. Worship ln Skunk Hollow":00 A.M. Evening Worship at Post Chapel 7:30 P.M. Tuesday Fellowship Meet1ng ?:30 P.M. Jfedneaday Choir Rehearsal ........................................ ?: 00 P.M. easy to get along with as Al CA7HOLIC Sunday Masses "Pistol Packin' Mama' Dexter Post Chapel a:oo A.M. and the late Fats Waller. Post Theater. .. .. .. 10:00 A.M. Someday, far removed from Post Chapel. .. .... .. .. .. 11: i5 A.M. QJESTICN: 11W1AT DO YOU THINK OF FRAN K Sl NATRA?" Interviews and Photos By. PFC. IDBERT A. CDE SG'l. JOHN AL'!EHBERG, Lindsboy, Kansas: "I Like to hear him sing but d.on1 t care much for the juvenile noise that usualLy accompanies his programs. 11 P'l'!. EDI!fH AHRENS, R e ading, Fa.: "I have nothing against the g enUeman personalLy, but then he doe s n't make m e swoon either. Perhaps it is because the WAC has learned to take it. 11 PFC. HARRY GIMPELSON, Hew York N.Y.: "He is the guy that keef> my wife from cooking my dinne tt.hen he is on the radio, and tak it from me, it's hard to like anyone when dinner smells keep kicking your nostrils higher than an OPA cei.Lif!,g." DallY Masses .. 5:30 P.M. the pleasures we now have at Confessions ................................. saturday, 7:ooP.M P'l'l. GEORGE GRANDY, Albany, N.Y.: hand we may find ourselves (and any time the cha!Jlain is in office) "He sure has the girls crazy over 1 Onging for the Songs and JEWISH hi S i Frid 7 30 P M him. Personall), I think they'1 Wors o erv ce............................... ay, : Just crazy!" music we left behind. Wenl------------------------------1 be thinking then, of the wast ed hours--the hours aimlessly frittered away in pursuit of nothing. Snatches of song will come back to haunt us freighted with the memories of home and America. ,of pleasant hours out of reach. So if it's an easy chair and an easy hour you are looking for soldier --you'll find both in the music corner of the Post Library. EXCERPTS FROM CHAPLAIN WESTER'S LETTER TO CAPT. POWERS Englan d 1/1/44 you ask. how i r. is in t.his foreign country. W ell it. is al..:. right but. hardly lik. e old T.Yndall T ec h they are ha ving a hard time finding work. for u s I haven t don e much work but. I have seen j olly old E nltl and a t the ex1Jense 0 r t h e Gov I t London, Liverpool, C ambridge.., oxford, Salisbury er.c They are very inte resting places especially t h e Universit y ci t1 es the re ports or t.he damage done during t.h e blitz were not overdone we all get. a big kick over h ere out of listening to German broadcasts on t.h e radio They hav e a wOnder ful way of explaining the i r d e feats and how they are bound to win, I really miss Ty S inc erely, Brooks SG'!. AR'!HUR H. MAZZOLA, Quincy, Mass.: "He certainly knows how to make the ladies swoon and I want to be around to catch them when they do. Ove r the radio he sau : ruis swelL -but kee p hi111 off .'the screen and stage."


January 22, 1944 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 3 THREE FAST BASKETBALL GAMES MARK OPENING OF TYNDALL FIELD'S NEW GYMNASIUM; SQUADRON GAMES BEGIN MONDAY NIGHT INTERWith three fast basketball games to 1 aunch the season, Tyndall Field's new gymnasium fbnnally was opened Thursday nigpt. With the Tyndall Field band playing at "breaks" during and between the games, the spectators were treated to a good evening' s entertainment mi ch will be repeated often begin ning Monday, whm pley begins. in the inter-squadron mt party enlisted men's tournament. Lt.' Stanley J. Dron1!:0Wski arranged the schedule. An all-star team of officers nosed the PT officers, 33 to in the final and best game of Berner 4; McLeod; Herring; Mendelsohn. T/ F 36; CADETS 26 Stevens was high man fur the Tyndall Field. outfit in the game with the cadet up-per class, scoT' ing 13 -points as his team v.on by 36 to 26. His teanrnate Friedman evming. Earlier, the Tyn-got 10. High scorer for dall Field All-Stars defeated cadet teflll was Rnch, with 1:1.. the cadet upper class outfit, 36 to 26, and the cadet lower class won over a temn fron1 the student tietachnent, 25 to 16. the Stm111ary: TYNDALL FIELD ( 36) Snowden, rf Stevens, lf Friedman, c Willillll!s, rg Sollen, lg FG FT 11' 3 2 8 6 1 13 5 0 10 0 0 0 1 0 2 Substitutes: odi, Bos\Jiell. Patterson, CollTO RECEIVE HEDAL SCHOOL FOR CO-PILOTS STARTS; COURSE LASTS AND A HALF WEEKS Dozen Officers Begin Course Of Instruction Anew co-pilot school, spe cializing in four-engine training, got under way at "Tyndal 1 F1 el d yesterday. Several dozen officers are now taking the course and be Ing trained for duty as copilots on the AAF' s big bombS/ Sgt. Carl L. Hansen, R11-ers. The course lasts four cine, Wis., now a maintenance and a half weeks and includes engineer on the I ine, will re-a minimum of 124 hours of ceive the Air at a re-treat ceremony next Tuesday. ground training. The presentation will be Directing the setting up of s imul tanf:"ous with the award the pilot school here is Capt. of an Oak Leaf Cluster to the L.J. ,ljndrich, flight coniSoldier's Medal to S/S9t. mender from Maxwell Field, who Julian S. Smith (see page 6). Sgt. Han sen received the was one of the original insScoring 14 points, Johnson led the All-Stars in the last game of the evening, while Sayre, w1 th 11, was top man for the PT ins true tors. i After getting away to a slight lead in the o-pening mirutes of play, the All-Stars had dro-pped behind at the half, trailing 12 to 13, but both teams went on scoring sorees in the 1 ast half of the game and the All-Stars' superlative basket marksmanship -put them on top, CADET CTPPER a..A.SS ( 26) Nelson, rg 1 Ruch, 1 f 4 medal for hi s service during tructors at the beginning of a flight from Wash i D. Maxwell's four-engine school. C.' to Chungking, ChIn a, and Later, Capt. John A. De!Portes return, when he was engineer Will be director of the local aboard a B17 which carrl ed school. o 2 Gen. George Stratemeyer, air' After the pilots have been 3 11 chief of staff, on an in-.checked out by specialized "B-2.4 1he game was close and rough all the way, and -personal fouls were 111I11erous. The PT officers gave a demon: s tration of the 'I alue of the training which they give by playing the entire game with only six men. The All-Stars, on the other hand, used 14, and all 14 were -pretty well winded by the time the game mded. 1h summary: 'T OFFICERS (31) FG !cDani el r f 0 .3ayre, lf 4 Kintzing, c 3 Drongowski, rg 3 Lawson, lg 2 Substitute: Levitt. ALL-STAR OFFICERS ( 33) FT 1 3 2 0 1 TP 1 11 8 6 5 Green, r f 0 1 1 Glflsr;er, 1 f 3 2 8 Topperwein, c 0 0 0 Dangler, rg 1 0 2 johnson, 111 7 0 14 Substitutes: Georgeson; King; Gibbons 2; Brown; Vandegrift 2; 1-s_p_e_c_t_i-:-o_n __ t .. they will fly reg-2 4 OUR FRONT COVER ula.r gumerymissions as ccrpiTallet, c 0 Berube, rg 2 Siwy, Blatt. lots to build up their flying Muhl, 1f 1 Subs ti tu tes: Watts, CADETS 25; SllJDEHTS 16 Braun paced the lower class cadets in their 25 to 16 victory over the student team, garnering 11 points for his outfit. 1he sunmary: CADET LOWER CLASS ( 25) Parisi, rf 0 1 1 Lester, 1 f 1 2 4 Rosenstock, c 0 0 0 Timmons, rg 1 0 2 Braun, lg 5 1 11 Substitutes: Gainther 4; Marino 2; Con frey 1. SWDFJVTS ( 16) Blackwell, rf 0 0 0 Amacher, lf 1 0 2 Greenberg, c 1 2 Stapp, rg 0 1 1 Jacobs, lg 2 0 4 Substitutes: Gambino; Burke 2; Bridges 2; Hull; Polk;3; Wolf; Behling; Gray; Stimsld SHOFNER PROMOTED Promotion of Emory M. Smfher, T/F finance officer, t'rom captain to the rank of major was announced this week. Major Shofher reported to Tyn--. dall Field for duty Dec. 30, 194L Scene of our front cover this week Is the new War Room in the operations building on the I in e. That map-reading Gl appears to have his attention focused on North Africa and Southern Europe and is probably wondering whether he wi 11 ever get to see them. In charge of the War Room is Lt. Richard N. Allen and assisting him is Wac Cpl. How:ud. The oicture was taken by P f c. Ro bert Co e. time. 1he ground training will include practical maintenance and a course in engineering. PRIZES FOR BEST GUN ASSEMBLER AT APALACH Gunnery students at the AAF Flexible Gunnery Camp at lachicola now are getting a chance to see which of them has the nimble::;t fingers when it comes to assanbling a machine gtn. Under the sponsorship of Cspt. W. IJ, CO of Group III, contests in assembling are being held with $50 in cash prizes fbr the winners. The have 111 elindnatim contest on Friday. Then, on Satr urday, the five finalists compete on the stage of the post theater between the first and second smws. The wiiTler gets $25, see> ond place man coil ects $111 and $10 to the third contestant. At present, the contestants assemble the guns without handi caps, but it is planned in the f'J tu re to have each man wear an exygen mask and gloves ldlile fi tr ting the pieces together. ACTION SHOTS FROH BASKETBALL GAHES WHICH HARKED OPENING OF GYH These two action photos by Pfc. Robert A. Coe Were taken at the opening of the Tyndall Field gymnasium Thursday night.


Page 4 As I P. f. c. IT NOW AND FOREVER Last Friday, the RAF' s snooker experts had a day or lt over B run swl ck, ln central Germany. Bombs fell, Brunswl ck balked, and another successful mission was chalked up on the RAF calendar. The high run was made close to midnight at 12,000 feet by the 1 ead plane and the others took their cue a,ccordlng1y. When the bombs hl t, there was enough EngUsh on them to carry the veriest fragments smack-dab into the cl ty s shelter pock.e ts. In all, l t was a racking experi ence for B runswick, as the 2,000 tons or bomb s dropped by the boys from Britain just about cleared everything orr Brunswick's blg airplane production table. Although Nasi Germany has been uzring it" pawns ,,unsparingly in the ancient chess game of war, most of the blinding brilliance is gone from its moves and in the clear Italian sunl_ight its chess men appear to be of blood and bone The Nazis held certain natural advantages in the brutal battle for the for mer land of the Caesars and they were furthet assis-ted by the foul Italian weather and terrain that helped slow the:Allied advance down to a walk. :Yet, the Germans have paid 'for their possession of sal ien_ t peaks and tors and we with them."' Now that American troops the last Nazi from the heights of Mt. Tr,_occhio, the remaining mountain:(:barrier befote Cassino, the raii ;of the Allied advance toward should quick en. But whether not the Allies ever breach the -i}berian strong hold--the they have no king, cannot the check mate in the offin''A. On N e w Bri tain,-:Ameri can Marines have taken H111,660, strategic h eight ln the Bo-rgen Bay area or the C ap e Gl oueee ter, invasion beacl:head. Not' to be outdone, !:h e Aussies took>another nip a t the Jap rlank GUine a th e o th<:r c ay an d captured Sio, enerr. y supply and barge po i n t o n the northeast coas t or t.t.e Huo n P eninsula. Wh 11 e the a c qui s i t i o n or Hill 660 does not promise the Qui c k fall or New Britain, the marines who a:f e the c urren t darlings or HollY'wood, are assured another starring role ln movieland's version ci'f. the battle ror Hill 660. .;. : That'" thin the Nazis are skating on in and it is the first time ;J,i''many years that the country of big !lnows ha!l not been ice-bound. With thousands falling daily through t_l)_ e ice the good inhabitants interpreting the open water as a sure sign of the 'Rus!lisn spring. Well, it is a sign of the Ruaaian apring, _but it ha" nothing to do th ,that lovt!ly season; being concerned primarily ith alighting on the rerouted THE TYNDALL TARGET SHARP AS A (GILLETTE) RAZOR Guys, meet Helen Gillette. She stars on the Blue Network program "My True Story." We'll bet that here's a Gillette that'll never get dull yet she could soften your whiskers and would be a gay blade. She's also on many other network shows, and is one of radio's LEADING leading ladies. Need we say more? News From Your Own Home Town Denver, Col. (CNS) -Jack Starr, a bartender, was arrested for failing to carry a draft registration card. "I don't need one," said Jack, "I'm a woman. Taken to police headquarters, the bar tender, whose real name is Miss Jacqueline Moret, explained that ever she had learned to walk she had posed as a male. Besides working as a bartender, she had worked as a riveter, steamfitter, t ruck driver and longshoreman. Elk River, Minn. (CNS)-When a gasoline truck overturned here, spilling 3,000 gallons of the valuable stuff into the street, local residents dashed out to scoop it up. They gave up their plan, however, when police informed them they might be blown sky high if the gas exploded. Frankfort, Ky. (CNS)-A local butcher hung this sign on his shop window: "Unless it's bologna, we ain't got it." Los Angeles (CNS) -Mrs. Madge Wilson lost a small fortune. when she failed to attend the funeral of her father, who had made that stipulation in his will. Peterson fell on the sidewalk. injuring his hand, and he couldn't shave for a couple of weeks. Now he wants the city to pay for the barber bills he ran up during that period. German rear and booting it clear across Poland to Berlin. Unfor tunately for the occasional Nazi who happens to be realong--all "igns are in Russian, a that will tear the tongue out of the of any German attemptinQ to dt!code it. -Pic. E. T. Delbycl< Pittsburgh (CNS) -Sitting in the living room of his home, Clarence Zeise heard a woman scream. He dashed into the street and found that the woman was his 35-year-old wife. She was sitting on a man. "He grabbed my purse and slugged me," she explained. "Then I guess I lost my temper. Salt Lake City (-CNS) -An expectant mother called at the local ration board office to request additional gasoline ration coupons to take her to a maternity hospitaL "Sorry," said a board official. "there will be a slight delay." "Very well," said the woman." I'll have my baby here." She got the coupons. San Antonio, Tex. (CNS) -A local newspaper recently ran this advertisement: "Will swap several pairs of nylon hose for one baby buggy." Brooklyn (CNS) -Mrs. Mary Vangellakos walked into Alex Marketos' delicatessen, where her husband is employed, and demanded to know why, her mate had not come home the night before. Unsatisfied by Marketos' reply, she threw a pie at him. Then she hurled apples and oranges about the store, dropped the cash register on the floor and tossed a soda bottle through the window. A policeman finally restrained her. Chicago (CNS)-Burglars broke into the home of Wilbur Anderson, stole $600 worth of silverware, china and jewelry-and Anderson s $1 alarm clock. Winsted, Corin. (CNS)-Benjamin Epstein, 58, a junk dealer, died here in December. When his will was admitted to probate, it was disclosed that he h a d amassed a n estate of $1,500,000 He arrived in this country penniless f:::-om -Kiev 50 years abc. Along The 11 L Main Stern Tallullah Bankhead starred in "They Sent Me to Iceland" over Mutual 1 ast Saturday .. 1 t was the story of the great work being done in that outpost by the Red Cross ...... Bette Davis, currently starring in "Mr .. Skeffington" for Warners, will be featured in "Christmas in Con necticut, a delightful comedy .. It will be her first rol. e as comedienne ...... NBCrooner "Raffles-the bird--belongs to a Paci fie Coast commentators' wife .. who feeds the feathered friend who talks quartered grapes at the mike while he talks and whistles .. 'Pick and Pat, Mary Small and Vincent Lopez' music will be featured on "Pick and Pat Time" It's a new MBShow which started this week. 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' is playing its 26th week at the Rivoli on Broadway .. And still away business .. .... Jackie Jenkins, who played the kid in 'Human Comedy, will again co-star with Mickey Rooney .. It's the MGM film 'National Velvet' which will feature the pair ...... BBC 'Radio .1\Jewsreel,' MBS'd to the states, featured Gen. Montgomery's. fare well speech to troops in Italy on Jan. 3 .. It was the first time the British leader had been heard in this country ...... Lena Horne will do an added scene in 'Two Sisters and a Sailor' .. She will croon the popular 'Pa per Doll' ...... Cornelia Otis Skinner will appear in Para mount's 'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay' .. Gail Russel has also been cast in the film based on the best-seller. MUSICAL-Shostakovich or swing, lovely June Lyon, NBC staff pianist, is alway,s ready to give out at a moment's notice. Wouldn't you like to standby too? Trudy Erwin, Bing Crosby's singing partner on his NBC shows, is in/anticipating .. Her hubby is Murdo McKenzie, a non-pro-fessional ...... Frederic March is in 'The Adventures of Mark Twain, soon to be released .. 'Tis scheduled to be one of the best so far in '44 .. 'Madame Curie' is raves on its Radio City Music Hall showing .. Greer Garson and Wal ter Pidgeon again co-star in the film ...... Hedy LaMarr and husband rohn Loder on CBShow Radio Theater: .. The play: 'Casablanca'


J anu ary 22, 1944 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page SALLY SEEHORE / t c..::.:... ..1,. } ..,r-:--It's an ill wind that blows no crepe de ChineHere I'm caught in a stiff breeze--So I guess you see what I mean. --Cellar Fliers--REPORTER REVEALS FINER POINTS ALTITUDE TRAINING MEN For weeks we've dug up and dished out dirt about the various men in the outfit, and explolt.J thel r weaker moments to the light or others. Little is ever said here about the nner paints. For instance Pvt. s eagerness in his work, not to mention his War Bond sales ... Pvt. Art Stevens stellar account of hlmsel f as a member of the Post team 8gt. Urbanic' s ability in keeping his crew happy and on the ball at the same time Our new men, Pvts. Rieske, Dugan and Checchl, all cooperative and willing to learn ... First Sergeant Hlll'S ab1l1ty to keep his friends and influence them, l too ... Sgt. Howard's conscientious attitude .:.a a crew chief Pvt. Lines ef!orts to get any ass1!1Jl ed job done ... Cpl. Chandler's Q.Uie t e f f1 clency,., pvt. Lerner's ability tJJ take so much kidding ... Pvt. Torras microphone personality and many more too numerous to mention. THOUGHTS IN PASSING: Pfc. Alexa-nder can say more in one m1nu te than you can understand in flve Wonder if Pvt. Neilsen was as overworked in civilian life as he is now ... one extreme Hill, the other e xtreme Martin, on an overnight together; um-m-m ... Pvt. Goldstein would make an excellent racketeer when this is over Pvt. Sml th, our Wac, has influenced the verbal tempo or the .office; a rew slips last week. Pvt. Charlie Sml th suffered quite a loss; bet he s still way ahead though, Pre. Dowlingmust have missed his calling, whatever it was Miss Draper would make a fine top-klck Sgt, Blakely, never a serious moment; walt a whlle The change in Pvt. Willlams, since he married, is notice able, better guy, Remember that incident about Pvt. Vik and the Wac with the chicken? Well, 1 t ts rumored that he finallY caught her last Saturday night. At any rate, he was gone long enough. Seems we have a man in the outfit by the name or "Buggsy Blythe, or so some local lassie thinks. Note to mall clerk.: Pvt. Goldstein is handling Buggsys correspondence. First Sergeant Hill says he doesn t want to see the name Hill 1n the paper any more. Hill says Hill 1s in every column that comes out about Hlll'S outfit. Well, Hill, we won't mention Hill this week, o. K., Hill? MarriaAe is like a card Aame. They start with a pair; he shows a diamond; she shows a flush and they end up with a full house. WHAT IS TYNDALLIZATION 1 The Amazing Story of America's Best-Kept Secret of the War Tyndalllzation as defined by Funk & Wagnalls New Standar that hasty administration or the method may lead to intermittent or partial sterilization which is tantamount to a hal!-baked gunner; and great care must therefore be exercised to avoid this dire result. Note: Arter a month or Tyndaillzation properly maturated bacteria will usually reveal these knov.n characteristics a. Form colonies or their own, sbunnlng the more permanent forms or existence. b, Descend in great armies on places or entertainment. c. Evidence markeC:. preference !or Shakespearean characters, to wit; Falstarr d, Swarm to the WAC cantonment area and creep all over the place, uttering strange, halt-strangled cries, Up to the pre sent little else is known about these atoms or unrest. Thus we enter the final phase or John Tyndall's method or sterilization by heating repeatedly, The two week period or air to air rtring at undetermined altitudes well below sea 1 evel. Distinctly apart !rom aeroembolism, is the existing danger or 1ndiscrLm1nate allocation or colors and eHect on the bac ter1 a. Recommending re d tor an ultra-conservative mite will produce violent reactions, usually ratal. Nor is violet or old lavender a suitable splotching ror the bacterial gunners or the week. Color charts 1n their relation ship to sterilization must be constantly checked against the infrequent appearance or the Aurora Borealis with d.ue allowance being made !or missteps by the Merry Dancers.* I!, during this last inter.se period or Tyndallization the individual bacteria has accumulated. a rew paint spots on it's target sleeve--it may with sarety be considered ror graduation. A cleansleeve, unquestionably indicates partial sterili-zation and the bacteria so a!!ected should be brushed orr lightly. Dancing columns ot light. 10M 0' Tr.w.DALL


Page 6 THE TYNDALL TARGET NEWS FROM THE RECEIVES SECOND AWARD --Classroom Gossip--NEW TOP-KICK ON.DUTY WITH INSTRUCTORS Keeping up with the eve r moving ever cC.anging war, w e or the Instructors Squadron received a new lstjSgt. this week. Hail and w e lcom e to E. E. Cunningham, our new ls tj Sgt. With our co n tinued cooperation as in the past we'll co ntinue t o remain tops. Sgt. Speck joined the rankS or the separate ration men this week when his wtre arrived from Oklahoma. our regular Friday night War Orientati o n Lee ture was held this week by Lt. Liebowitz our Squad ron Adjutant. Sunday we h a d a ro u r hour lecture on Malaria Con-Staff Sergeant Julian S. trol a n d a two hour lecture on Smith, above, of Fort Myers, Food Conservation. In between squadron lectures, the instrucFla., will be doubly honored tors spen d all or their time at a retreat ceremony Tuesday lecturing so you can see we get afternoon. when he will be pre-our share ofthe lectures. sented an Oak Leaf Cluster in Sgt. Bast swears that in the 1 i eu of a second So. l d i ers secon d part of the rnm, "Battle Medal. or Russia," when the (Jerman pri-The ceremony wi 11 be con-soners marched into Stalingrad, he heard o n e or the prisoners sczy, ducted on the parade ground "Tough one to lose. in the s tudent a rea with Col. Sgt. Brobst is back from PennJack Greer, post commander, sylvania where he a cquired his making the presentation. new ravori te q uestion, "Ware sure Sgt. Smith fi 1st won the fodder woi!G" Soldiers Medal for saving a our squadran Pee wee PX is refellow soldier from a flaming stocked an d open for business in plane at an Air Force field in our Orderly Room. Candy, Cigar Hawaii. The Oak Leaf Cluster ettes, an d matches its principal stock. was authorized after he saved Will the p eople who ro und t h e another from drowning at Savanlast ten hats lost by Sgt. Ellin ah Beach, Ga. s on please return them He is Sgt. Smith is a veteran of running short or hats. One case seven and one-half years of where the loss exceeds the supply. They tell me that Sgt. Dick service with the Army Air Hansellman wore out his fo untain Forces. He is one of the few pen rtlling out war Bond appliservice men ever to win two cations. Well, i t s ror a good Soldiers Medals. He reported cause anyway here recently for gunnery Sgt. Ignasiak has a little training. wood e n block he uses to massage -----------------1 his h e ad with. The other morning --Squac!ron C--TYNDALL GUNNER h e rubtec so hard that he started. a littl e fire. They always told me that wood rubbed against wood starts a fire. Let peace and quiet reign ror a nother week -Sgt. Harvey Wine sJappnJ puo SU!:J U!Ml soy puo aJonbs ot Jadt;>t auoldi!Ot ayt fO sa6pa ytog sdH papunoJ ot Jadot S6U!M :>!J!Yt ay1 a6o1asnf MOJJOU AlawaJtxa SH fO asnoJaq 111!='Uad 6u!A1:111 ayt pauoJ S! tl sau!Bua U!Ml ,{q paJaMod Jaqwoq Wn!p -aw 6U!M-y6!Y 0 ':L L oa Ja!UJoa ayt s,tl 'ON 10 aJ!:I --Squadron D_:SQUADRON "0" IS PROUD WINNER OF INSPECTION FLAG our Basic W onders came t hrough last week in inspection with a very nicely rounded out score or 96 to capture the "E" flag. Of course we must m e n tion that the barracks inspected was none other than SjSgt. Lickey s Marx' s This week we see lstjSgt. Thomp son and SjSgt. Marx leave on fur lough. or course we don't know who is going to mi.s s who on fUr lough, but it is believed that a certain lstjSgt. or a certain or ganization and a Panama C ity school teacher are going to be very dl sappoin ted when they 1 eave. I think now is a very good time to hall our. basket ball hero, S/Sgt. Finis F. Snowden. While pl czying on the Tyndall Field pos:; basketball team S f Sgt. Snowden has shown that the Anny does produce some very good basketball IS AWARDED AIR MEDAL IN ITALY players. I believe SjSgt. SnowThe rourth week or school i s and Amacher. In ract, it was den s average ror s i x games i s now upon o u r Class 44-6. our the first time ... hat our team was somewhere aroun d 1 4 points per students certainly had plenty o r playing together, ar. d we know it ga m e and that m y friends, is that Florida weather last week. was a swell game Nice nothing to sneeze about. an d they say i t sure can rain, coach Still. Things are beginning to shape but they still carried on c u r saturday i-nspection was a up on our sigJJ.s for the different ly, and so to them this w ee k, mczy close rae e i n the squadron, and flights and we can thank our Com that sun shine be with u s for a barracks 436 just nosed out 434 manding Officer and lstjSgt. ror rew days rellas, as it isn't a s In the general inspection or all the work that has been put on bad a s this always. th e squadrons, we came in second. therr. Just wait fellows, an-This writer--may I call lll.YSelr We are striving hard for f irst other day or so and y o u'll be that--received a letter from place, and 1t has been almost in able to see a fine bunch or mas-overseas. It was from SjSgt. Leo reach t h e las t two weeks. Let s terpieC!is c Math e w s who is now somewhere work just a little harde r men, Pre. Quickis taking over SjSgt. in Italy, and he is o n e or the an d get that top position. Bar-Marx's job with flight I and we gunners that was a member or racks 432 has an overgrown "Yeall know that we have no thing to Class 42-52. He has w o n the Air houdi, along with "Questionable worry about concerning the flight Medal and one Oak L ear Cluster. IY.:.e, e Is i t true "Ike," tJ:lat you when h e's on the job, b u t with Our gunners from Tyndall Field enjoyed five fish san'dwiches women, that's another How bestoVIing high honors to this Friday night? rr you came over about that Smitty? And then we gunnery school, and showing the ::.o the. coke machine they would have the short silent type 11ke e nemy kno wl edge that can t b e cave been on the house. How are Cpl. H.S. Reed. H e never says beat. you Gremlin after s uch a reed? very much but his eyes give him our basketball team had a game away. Oh well, things can t be last night at the Wainwright good all over. I see 1'/Sgt. Shipyards With the Marine-Elec'How did you like that last kiss?' Stewart has gotten himse l f a tr1c team. I t wara hard rough t 'Not much.' dictionary, so h e can mak e out b ttl r n fl 1 r1 1 'But kisses are the lanrluarle of a e .... e na score, arne the writing that the tstjSgt. Electric 25 Squadron C 20 High love.' hands him, alsn the writing or scorers for our outfit were Stepp 'Well, then quit your' baby talk. the squadron clerk. JappnJ puo U!:J a16u!s o soy t! puc pajadot Allonba os1o aJo auoldi!Dt ayt fO sa6pa ay1 sdH papunoJ ot Allonba Jadot s6U!M ayt fO sa6pa ytog sau!6ua ayt fO poayo JOf spa!oJd a6o1asnf IDAO 'a6Jol ayt fO asou ay1 auo1d podsuoJt au!Bua -JnOf '6u!M-Mol o 'v!i) so16noa s n ayt ; L 'ON ,, ION U.S Plane Output Twice That of Axis Washington (CNS)..:...u.s plane output is greater than that of all of the rest of the world combined, according to the Aircraft Re sources Control Office : "Although we are not entirely certain of the production of some of our Allies and our enemies, it can be fairly stated that the pro duction output of the Allies is now more that four times the e nemy nations, and that the out put of the United States alone is greater that 2 to 1 compared to that of the Axis, and greater than all the rest of the world combined," the office announced. Fortune Frowns On Gallant Soldier -Camp Adair, Ore. (CNS) Chivalry didn't pay for Pvt. Joe Palermo. While waiting in line for a bus one night, he noted two girls shivering in the_ doorway of a nearby building. Doffin g his hat, he offered them his place in the line. Smilingly, they accepted -and so did their two GI boy friends, who had been lurking in the shadows behind them. T w o 12-year-old boys paddled their canvas canoe up to a troop ship anchored near an Austra lian city and asked the gold braided officer over the rail for permiSsion to come aboard. "No," the officer said, "get out of here." "Are you the captain of this ship?" asked the small fry in the stem of the canoe. "No," said the braid. "But I'm the fourth officer. "Then you'd better learn to be more respectful to your superior officers ,'; the kid replied. "I'm the captain, of this one."


THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 7 In fr!e north of Russia, despite the winter cold and snow, Soviet troops have launched a INVASION PRELUDE: Smashing Nazi Supply Lines great new offensive. ENGLAt-JD With the aim of liberating long-besieged Leningrad, the offensive has resulted in the death of 20,000 Gerrr.ans in f i v e day s an d h as bur s t through Nazi fortifications to a depth of 12 miles along a 25-mile front. The Soviets claimed that seven Nazi divisions already have been smashE :d. Striking south from the Ba:I tic, Red. troo-ps liberated more than 80 populated nlaces in one day alone. Less than 100 miles south of Leningrad, there was another Soviet advrutce. It had gone forward 19 miles through a 31-mile break in the Gennan front, cutting the NovgorodLeningrad rail way. The actual siege of grad was broken ex actlJ.y a year First blows of the great Allied tnvasion of Fortress Europa are struck by the massed Bf!P, rut Gennan 1 ines have re-can air might. One of their most important early missions Is to knock out the supply lines w1th which Germany leeds men and munitions Into the Invasion coasts. Allied airmen are constantly bat-mained within artillery range tering at key rail junction points Uke Lllle, Abbeville, Amiens, Rouen, Caen and nave again bornof ti1e city ever since. barded tlla. Paris area, bear1 of the French railroad system. Gem an Propaganda exp e r ts l--n:T;:o---::th:;:-:e:--:s:-:o:-:u:-:7th;:-, i-:t:-:w::-:a:-:s:--:an:=-_-;r-:I:-t:-w-a_s_. r_e_v_e_al---:-e-:d-b::-y-a-;;U:-. -;:S:-.I'rm-:;-i-:;-1:-e:-s-f:;;-r:-o:-:m---;C:;-:as:-:-s:-::;i-:n-::o----;tb-:-. ---::fu:-r-:-th:-e-r reflected alarm over the new nounced that 100,000 Germans Army officer that the "ba-tighten the arc around the offensives in the north It had bern killed in three weeks zooka," the American rocket Nazi stronghold. was feared in Berlin that in a sweep carrying the So-gun, had been used by fue Rus-All signs indicate that one ln.rge-scale Russian successes viet troops 55 miles inside sians iast June in stopping a of the most furious battles in that area might influence old Poland. This was on just Nazi attempt to break through since the fall of Naples will Finland to drop out of the one of the five major Russian at Kursk and Orel with gigantake -place there. war. /3RIG.G,EN. WIJRTSMITH, j"!!!AIR F012CE COifWIANOEQ, AT DEC012.A TION CEREN'CJNY PINNED 9MEDALSON MA:T0/2 t;/i/J2T.I_I fronts. PILOT -NEW Gli!NEAAt?FA-1):{} :TAP PLANES DATE/ ct;!-,JJ '(...-' I tic mass attacks cif tanks. :'; The capture of Cassino, k e y G e rman position on the road to Rome, appears reason ab l y imminent. Hitler's Tenth Army has withdrawn for a final bloody stand to protect that city, lining up at ti1e Gustav line, several hundred yards west of the Rapiclo River, and American patrols have been crossing that stream to probe enemy positions. French troops, swinging in through the mountainous terrain to the northea.,t, have captured a village about three Heav y American oombers are busy smashing fue Nazis' communication lines from northern Italy to the battle area, hoping to starve enemy ground troops for supplies and reinforcements in advance of the big thrust. American artillery was plastering the town itself. Cassino has a population of about 8.('()(). At the w estern end of the line, British forces broke a two month lull by launching an offensive which gained three bridgeheads across the Garigliano River despite savage Nazi resistance. NOTE T O SQUADRON ORIENTATION This page of the T arge t i s to be p l aced on ycur Squadron Orientation Board. A week fro m new, when you receive the next T a rget, turn this page over, displaying the other side, and a l so post t h e "On e W ee k o f the w ar" page from the n e w Target, Cant inue the process the reaftt-r, always keeoin g two s heets post ed: the entitle d O n e Week.of t h e war" fro r the 1 at est Ta rget you have ; and the other s1 de o f that page, fro m t h e Target tl,at is o ne week old. The prccedure tt, be f ollo w e d with t h e Newsmaps i s ide'ltical: pos t the "news pagP of your. 1 a test N ewsmap a nd the opposite the one old.


Page 8 THE TYNDALL TARGET AS IF BOMBS WERE ALL Men speak of the bombs that dropped on Hamburg, as if bombs were all. The ashes of London fell there, glowing again with British anger. ihe dead lamps of PrCDJUe and Paris spilled flaming oil. Broken swords from Greece; bloody bayonets from Serbia; rusty chains from Poland fell upon Hamburg. All the shattered chal rces and splintered altars; the gibbets; the bloody wal Is, the dungeon stones of Europe pelted down. CA.lr bombs burst red--red as the blood of murdered Dutch children. The smoke bloomed white--pallid as the starved faces of Norwegian women Were there cries of fear in Hamburg town-or merely the echoes from Guernica, lidice and Coventry? For five days and nights the storm battered Hamburg. Deadly as a Gestapo firing squad, merciless as a Nazi hangman, with alI the indiscriminate fury of aU-boat torpedo, the typhoon shook that city's wal Is. They toppled into heaps of rubble end death stank in the streets. Hamburg was and is not--Hamburg is a dead city. And now the storm moves onward--to Berlin--and Tokyo. Vengeance, hate and terror--those three valkyries beloved of the Gem1an and Japanese--are coming home to dwel I among their worshippers. Lift up your eyes, oh lovers of destruction and death I Your own blood, in a ghastly rain, shall blind you. --From AAF Blue Network Broadcast "Wings to Victory" Furni5hed by SfJeciol Service jor uc:e on Orientation Bulletin Boordc;


January 22, 1944 --Wactivities-WAC "SAD SACK" DRAWS GRUESOME LATRINE DETAIL The honor or being NCOIC La Latrine detail fell t.o the Sack. The infamy of McGee's traitor ship shall go down in history. One must crack whips over the sagging and weary heads or Little, Speece, and Karpfellow surrer-ers and deck swabbers. T'was a roul, roul play ror pub licity, MrGee. But the Place is shining and br!snt 1n preparation CJf urchins Cale and Holloway s Saturday night festivities in same. They are going to take a BATH! The even 1ng will be spent luxur 1a t1ng in the roam and ec staey or Bubble Bath suds. In the same vein, Alta Moore gave her floors a bubble bath Friday GI n1 gh t last. The suds were. up t o her knees at least. Suds to the right or her, suds to the l eft of h er. She had to scoop them off w1 th a dust pan. FAX Dept,: You think Sgt. Phtws i s cute don t you? Heh, heh, heh. Advice: Dont go to t h e Windwa.rd .side or the ship when yo u see her in her shower cap and bright r e d tooth sbe ingeniously created from a long. fake fingernail.,. Schultz 1s. requ1si t1on1ng on e prime r in el emen tary spelling ror Romano. It seems that men Romano and Howard an d D 1 Ella were out w1 th the 1 r Waller Romeos, Bernie didn't know how to s p ell Women as wr1 tten over 11ttl!l room s with doors ... Besides having an IQ over 50-or so--that gal, P1llsbury, was one of the rtnest high school public speakers in t h e state (Maine is still in the Union) plus being an excellent v 1olJ. n 1st The result or some n e rartous planning and c onn! v1ng on the part or a certain wac co led Cpl. Matson to believe she was meeting a heavy blind date in stead of her son Sgt. Matson, whose unexpected arrival Matson didn't know about, Th1 s unnam ed Wac co sternly ordered th e sh1 ve r 1n g corporal in to the o rrice and then introduced Matson to her son ... Wh1 t1ng and round gild lilies and such in their spare time Last week the y spr1nkle d Tabu on some flowers because they like Tabu and dldn' t th e or1 g1nal flower seen t.,. 3c1acca won the jitterbug contest at the Dixie Saturday night. She and date consumed the prize O n the top 1c of women, Winchell says one out or every man i s interested. The sack adds -at least ... Lt. Hussey cud dling a duck--at l east she said 1 t vas a duck all wrapped up in brov..n paper, Dead, too. It's aboot t het time to hang up. The torch of detailsh1p will pass int o other hands a t 2400 hours 1/24/44, W1 th that, and a nickel, one can probably get a cup cor fee. Winning the war w! th a can of Bon Am! in one hand and a duckboard !n the other offers a silent salu tP. from the ss LOWNDS GETS COMMISSION Norman Lownds, formerly an instructor at Tyndall F i e l d re cenLly his pilot's a n d a commission as a second l1euLena n t at Lhe at1vanced ny!ng school a:. .3pPnce F'1e l,1, Ga., ac cording t o a story 1rt that field 1 s pos;; newspaper, the "Takeoff." L::. L o w n rls hom e 1 s in Troy, Mlch. THE TYNDALL TARGET P age 9 --Rugged 69th-SMOKEY DECIDES TO DO SOME GRIPING FOR THE BOYS I think I have round t h e cure to some of the white lies that have been going the rounds ln certain columns of this worthy G. I. paper. My ide a i s to interview at least ten good o l d fashi o ned G I.s per week and see if something can t be don e abo u::. the way t hey -fret to themselves ln their sleep and kick rumo r s around the lat rine when occasion arises. Well, the first t h1nl6 I found o u t is that most of all the men a s a group certainly do no t like. to be cold they canno t think fo r themselves even 1 f they can' t express themselves at times. I think most any o l d has a perfect right to think what h e pleases and also to exp ress l t to the proper audience at the proper time. There 1 s two ways or doing a thing around here the Man!!J.lm way and the othe r way. Several good G.I.s say they respect th e other way more. I didn't say which way was right you may note Another thing that came to ou r a tten tton as we wandered around ln search or some Joe to listen to, was the way he lights up at the old shop worn (lt never falls to happen). Another Saturday morn1ng inspection men, so let's all clean up real pretty like and b e sure to align your hands neatly under the bunk and keep your shoes in your pockets. Johnny (Pop) Colleran and Sgt. Middleton were .top-notch b u ddies While Pop was away on furlough, Sgt. Artie came by a very good pair or shoes, via the sal vage route. Sf Sgt. B e n F'on t an a wants an Emergency furlough. H e told m e confidentially that his future Moth er-in-Law was very lli, and i f she could only see him she'd never have a Chinaman's chance of pulling out or it. V ery fUnny indeed, the way Sfsgt. Goebel takes a formation to morn ing c how. He's a real hound--he _even ran orr and left the forma tl on to shl! t for themse 1 ves, Where did you get Basic, G oebel? Must have taken. lt during the Olympics. Who do .we catch reading up on Emily Post but SfSgt. Wadsworth! He wants to find out what he can and can t eat that ls rattening-we'll stop sending you to the P X for us, Doug, Yourn, Smokey --Guardians--GUARD AND POOCH MEET SKUNK AND GET SPRAYED --907th Q.M.-QUARTERMASTERS HAPPY WITH 'E' FLAG THEY WON B e r o re tat tl1ng th1 s week, we take time out to thank Sgts. Lentlle, Sm1 th, and Glaster and Cpl. Bracci, the bond magnate, a s w ell a s all the men in the o r gan zatton who made the winning or the coveted E Flag possible. The shortage or fresh steak has been traced to a certain char acter who has been wearing dark glasses ror two weeks and there hasn't been any sun ror almost as long. Outstde or the Old Wil d West or Chi cago s North side three better Gunmen than Stitt, Lavesque an d Gillilan couldn t be round any where else but ln the good old 907 t h, h e nc e the reason ro r their interesting instructions on the 4 5 caliber. Wl th th e knack or an old gun s ml t h Sgt. savlno re-assembled the gm and found hlmsel r with only three odd pieces left over. The shortage of tow els morlan do Beach Hote l s m1 gh t be expl ed by questioning Sgt. A ckerman Pvt. Lowe was pulling !!J.lard the and Cpl Naples as to where t hey other A.M. at the radio towe r spe n t their t hree day pass. The W1 th his ever rat th.ful F'1do. Q)1 ex-gazzateer and edl tor or the F'1do started scratching around Taboo "Tailgate," Paul Zall, t h e ground artd Pvt. Lowe like a sends greetings via V Ma1l rrom good soldier investi gated the England to all his pals and gals source or the dog s trouble. ln t h e 907th. Says that ano ther Suddenly the .WAG stopped and so ex-907th John J Barry, Jr., or did L o w e It was only an illthe Jersey C 1 ty Barrys 1 s the tempered Lowe and pooch Tyrone power of t h e WAC De t. ln got showered and not with per-Blighty and that h e s trying hard fUllle el ther. All or the boys t o drink the Englis h Bre win g inshunned Lowe until he burled his dustry unde r the table. Mayor clothes. Lowe still reels stink-Hague, Jersey C l ty Bar-Keeps an d 1ng low. MORAL: Don t play w1 th .Bar-B elles please take notice or skunks. the renegade Thl s correspondent 1 s head has Roses are red, and her eyes are been in a whirl lately and 1 t' s blue, Sgt. Porter said; When she not due to a new love affair. looks at him, He feels all a-goo ; Quite a r e w or our men have been an d she's a Cpl., too. transferred to different outrt ts The major mill tary move m e n t of on the field and things wer e hum-the week, the move from Bldg. 335 mln g around the squadro'1 !or a t o 338 and 339 l P.ft kinks ln some while. Things finally settled or the boys backs judging from down to the peacefUl routine or a t h e sad attendance or t h e Q)1' s Guard Squadron. Soclal-11 tes l n town Saturday '!he boys really hated to leav e this outfit after being ln it for n.J. te. A few or the stalwarts, nearly two years, I t s surprlsAlford, H emsoth an d Direnzo were in, that--explains why it was so lng how a man can gripe about an outrt t and yet when he has to easy to get a number from t h e leave hls comrades lt breaks his phon e operato r s here on the f i eld. heart. There s a growtng suspicton t hat W e have a Jack Demps e y 1n the those two gentlemen own stock in Guardians, but he !s no r elation the loce.l.phone company. Arter to the Manassa Maul er. Inc1den-53 "lessor.s at one sitting, JBK tal).Y, our Jack 1 s on rurlough !1nally learned the rudim e nts or and can t box a lick. Rummy. A manl y game indeed esThe boys 11 k e the basketball peclally at hal r-a-cabbage a clip. court very muc h and show 1 t by The Q)1' s super-duper, salesman, practicing as much a s possible. Bracci, hlgh-pressuredhls way via Pvts. Ml tchelt and Talbott seem t h e Bond Sa les route tn a Syracuse to be ready ror action. furlough. -Q>l. sam Marotta '---....;;;._ _________ the plans. --Band Box-. CWO Missal has been granted an BAND HAS ITS F TRST eleven day leave or absence Yohich he is sp ending out w est. ORIENTATION TALK The band moved agatn--thts ttme In an effort to better unders tand why this war is being fought, the Band last week had i t s first or1er.tat1on lecture and discussion led by Capt. Freeman and Lt. Rusher of tlle Spec!:U Servi ce Office. The lecture and discussion covered everything from where the Allied Forces should attack the G e rman Fortress, t o how much help we can expect from the F'rer. ch an d other secret undergrounds wl:ien the in vasion co mes. Naturally the conclusions reached regarding when and where the Allies shoul

Page 10 --Canari as--PRIVATE PHONE FOR G. I : CALLS I S INSTAL LE.O Another week md another column. Now that we have a private phone booth we thought that we would get away with some or this long drawn out conversation but we seet that pre. Jollirte is still monopolizing. The boys in the orderly room said that they will be glad when they get the door on the booth so they can hear them selves think. Jolli rre s voice really does carry. Then there is the SJSgt. initials-PAdolph Skender--who seems to be doing an awrul lot or v1 siting to Air Corps SUpply. We don' t mow the answer but then we will let him do the explaining 1! the occasion arises and I think that it Will. SJS gt. (Peter Wabbi t) owens says tbat I shouldn't write about him so much and that I should drag SJSgt. (Honeysuckle Rose) Rutus Waller in with him on some or his exploits. Both have been pretty good lads this week to mY knowledge so can t dish about them this time. Bogars wire is away ror awhile and we asked him ir he was lonesome and he gave the correct answer, Seems the G.I. rood doesn't agree with him, and all these s1 eepless nights, too. Glad that the supplementary pay roll !inally paid or: as then 8JSgt. Gaylo won t be so ridgety, Seems damn runny with all the guys that we have in our organ. lzation that we can t get at 1 east t1 ve to turn \lP once a week ror bowling, I don t think that is asking too much and arte. r all there ls a certain thing called School Spirit. w ouess some or theee rellows are all ror them selves and haven t gptten used to working in a team as yet. How about it rellows, shake the mud !rom your shoes, the sleep rrom your eyes, and the cob-webs !rom your joints and get in and helP a 11 ttle wl th our athletic activities. I know that you work hard but then 1 t can be done-other squadrons are doin-g 1 t, You're no dl!!erent--or are you? See SfSgt, Owlo about jolnlng uP. our new mall system 1s really O.K. Just like ln the big clty, a special box ror each person number pleeze, Don t know what it's all about rut ask Sgt. Nolan about the bll..ack eye wsiness. He seaned to be the topic or conversation at the meeting the other day, _______ -woodY --Medi cwoes-TWO NURSES WILL LEAVE HERE FOR FLY lNG DUTY Lt. Wll son has ron owed ln the rootsteps or Lt. Shumpert and wlll leave with her in the near ruture as a !light nurse ln an .Air Evacuation Squadron. our best to you both--it's nice to )!now that some or us--are destined to see a little or the world--berore long. The men currently returning rrom their fUrloughs are either coming back as married men, or practicallY married men, Congratulations are in order ror Sgt. Matonak on his recent abdication rrom tlhe ranks or the Free, White and 2i Club. An nouncemen ts have also been made on the betrothal or Sgt. LaSalv1a to a home town girl and Cpl. THE TYNDA4L TARGET How many boys from YOUR TOWN won't come back ? NoBODY knows the exact Nobody. ButThe number who do come back-on their own two feet instead of in a flag-draped box-will be in exact proportion. to the job we do here at home. For every minute that we can help shorten the war will mean morr lives saved. ( 213 Americans were killed in the final day of the last war, and 1,114 were wounded before the 11:00 o'clock Armistice took effect.) Now one way all of us can help shorten the tighten our belts and buy more War Bonds. more. And. wat is to Yes, still If you think you're buying all the War Bonds you are able to, imagine-for a minute-that it's after the war you're standing at the station a bunch of home-town boys, still in uniform, climb off the train one of them kisses his wife and grabs his kid in his arms and then he turns to a young woman beside them, a girl who looks like his wife's sister, and you overhear him say ; "Catherine, I don't ki}.OW how to tell you how sorry I am it's such a shame about Joe it makes me si<.:'k all over when I think how he'd be here today if the war had only ended a week sooner." THink it over. Can't you buy a few more War Bonds to help end the war that week or month sooner? Sure, it may mean giving up something, but what's that compared to what the y 're giving up? And remember, always-The m oney ) 'ou "can't spare" may spare a soldier's life! Megrey to a local Our own Harvey Rott doesn t have much to say about a lot or i! he consistently dates t11e or the USO club" here in Panama Ci ty-I m wonder ing H that makes him the "king or that outrlt. (Looks like a Wally SimPson-King Edward situ ati en in reverse.) Lts. McLaughlin and Fink have had the unpleasant experience or having their cars and or all things having nothing bUt their nashllghts missing. Should any member or this detachment note a nashll gh t about-please return it to it's owners, (Isn't it amazing. how a little thing like a nashllght--can cause some or us such unpleasantness?) My boy Stam has got a lulu to work out now. He's trying to !lgure out how he can saw his wood now--and not get sawdust ror his troubles. Pretty good trick i r he can do it. Eb. what. -Sgt. A. s. J ackrel One day Audrey locked the bathroom door and threw away the key, and then and 1 and 1 bee ause she knew her father was to have a beer party that ni t Familiarity breeda attempt. M P Directs Traffic In Enemy Village Italy (CNS)-MP Cpl. William Sunnell, of Connecticut, was sent into -a. front line village to direct traffic When he arrived he fuund the place deserted except for a few dead Germans. To his sur pri se, shells were falling about him with uncomfortable consistency, but Sunnell stuck to his post. After awhile, a column of Americans moved into the town. "What the hell are you doing here?" yelled the commander, spotting the vigilant MP. "I'm here to direct traffic, sir," replied Sunnell. "This town was taken by us yesterday." "Sure it was," the officer said, "but last night the Germans took it back again and we're just coming in to retake it now." RAF Chases Nazis Around Eiffel Tower London (CNS) -Nazi-hating Parisians were treated the other day to the heartwarming spectacle of four RAF fliers chasing German aircraft around the Eiffel Tower. The chase was part of a sortie in which the British planes shot down a FackeWulf and a German training plane. THOUGHT'S OF A SOLDIER ABOUT HIS SOH His tittLe tripping feet are songs sweeping across my vision. His broun. eyes 'dip perilousLy dose to mine and his liPs c0111e sweetly after. lather and son we waLk together the dim passageway that to an aLmost for gotten boyhood. Tfe have gained the air and upon our Left the s111etls of the sea are sweet. HerfJ i s a winding road e.ager our feet in the wave of nostaLgia that intrudes upon the 111oment, another comes to join us-the boy that ws I how 1111J.ch tike my son A boy's heart is the wrLd1 s heart and. it stretches far and away. With every deLight its being sucks in, its feet find another crag, another hiLLock for its body fLung: Sun, wind, the rain, are the finer tang-u.ages it uhen speaking to God. Are these S111aLL broun Legs of. earth? Yet do I see kick-ing wp LittLe cto'Ud f>u,ffs as they tip-toe ac-ross the distant star LandS on their .way back to my wi ting heart. !!here is an imPe-rious insistency in the close-1 ness of my son 1 s hand, So near to GJd waLks he that much of His radiance and te_-rrestiat spLendor attmds his move111ents. His dear face uil.en cwpped in my handS is aU the world I woutd behoLd. His eyes are my reLigion and I tJX>r:il.ip at the goLden tempLes of his curLing hair. His Lips of bLurting innocence are gyves uhen sweetLy heLd to mine, and fast in the steadiness of his gaze, my souL thriLLs in the aaazing glow of wr great. Love. '!his is my son to me, his father lor he is wa1'1!1 and wonderfuL when I am chi Hed by cLose despaii; wine and water when 11y thi-rst is risen; rest and haven, when of this world I weary and am as-sailed. -E'!D CROESUS I oun. the cautious siLver that rain hides in the grass, The sun turns over aLL its goLd in a secret western pass; Those LittLe trinkets calL sta-rs, the topaz gifted moon, BeLong to 111e for one g-reat 111idday to n ext noon KORTH ETIQYETfE A bou, is an old Arab named Ben Adhe111, are Arab ttDIIIen --can't get at 1 6711. s J.L u !fE D I J.NO [J R Twenty glistening GI1s hwped 'Uif> in a row Sweating out inspection, weaving to and fro. Twenty rigid GI1s, twenty sta-ring sLabs of mutton--SaLute inspecting office-r, WAC L t, Betty Hutton. TOM OF TYNDALL


January 22, 1944 Your wire or gal pal will appreciate the n e w furniture at the post theater ladies roore (they tell us) .. Want ed: Any suggestions t.o improve the local cinema What. a surprise to meet an old pal from our home town, last wee k Her n8llle is Carolyn Pillsbury, and she s a WAC Pvt.; swell gal, too! Sf Sgt. Bower pulled the first Q in Headquarters How do you ike it, you first three graders? Nice weather we re having, isn't it? Florida new s papers please copy: A HEAVY DEW DESCENDED UPON FLORIDA LAST WEEK Sgt. Sam Thomas of the Band sports a new moustache Manny Olcun gave him a 'roll on the drums saluting the upper-lip decoration on a recent radio show Casual observation: The smallest or all packages is the soldier who is all wrapped up in himself, What TjF squadron adjutant is planning on marrying a certain TjF lady officer? We won't tell. lieutenant! ... WAC Cpl. Kay Courtenay sweating out the dentist's chair, immediately following the Reproduction staff Churchill, Keough, and Co. (nd sweat is the word, brother .... Certain Wac commenting on a recent date: And, man is he subtle? About as subtle as a sailor with a three hour pass .... Warning: Don't use the porch in front of HQ for a pas sageway,. It's verboten ...... And no more officers will be allowed to drive government tr8ns portation What next? .. Oddosity department: There's a Capt. Singleton, a 2nd Lt. Single ton, and a pfc. Singleton at Tyndall Tech Small world, ain't it? Cpl. Bi 11 Pinney announced that a corporal is as high as you can go in the Army and s t i 11 have friends. The m1 dn i gh t oil was burned by certain T/F officers last week for what reason? The post was a busy place, even as late as 2:00A.M. ,, ,, ,, How about that Sinatra s how at the Post Theater? W e didn't see it; was 1 t as bad as they say? Lt. Fargo temporarily replacing Major Larson, who is on temporary D s H e 11 b e ba c k SfSgt. Cliff McCargar, photo lab genius, off ror a brief trip to Lowry Field He'll again attend photo school while there ,, Chaplain Ni.ckels A Cochran has been transferred to Apalach for duty .. He'll be assigned to the Chapel there Says Sgt. Burns: "MY uncle has a S t, Bernard once, and wore all the fur orr its neck looking for brandy," --White Flashes-lJlJ6 TH BOW Ll N G TEAM MAINTAINS LEAD IN LEAGUE The squadro n bowling team is holding its own in first place in the inter-squadron league and still going strong, Pvt. Moskovich has been doing his best trying to ronn a basketball team the past couple of weeks, Sgt. Ridlon and Cpl. Burleson have done an excellent job selling War Bonds during the War Bond Drive. However anyone wrro wishes to buy m Qre war Bonds can still buy them whether there 1s a drive on o r not, There is no better or safer way to save money which will really come in handy after the war when most o r us will start thinking about buying that ner.car o r home. Everyone seer,i{,d to enjoy the free movie Battle of Russia" at the Post Theater a s it was very educational and well worth seeing. Lt. Bridgeford went on leave last week and that was the reason no one has seen h 1m around the smadron lately. We all wish him a very enjoyable time on his leave Now that our h eating system is --Brown Bombers-NEWS BULLETIN PUBLISHED FOR BROWN BOMBERS 'Dear Aunt Lulu: Our dayroom is giving us trouble. Spring housecleaning is just around the corner, and we're trying to devise some method for cleaning cobwebs off the ceiling. Can you help us? Winnie the Wac' Dear, dear Winni e : H e r e s how to get the cobwebs 0 rr your ceiling .. fresh from my Handy Hindrance t o th e H ousewire d eDartment. First take a can or b lack paint. Coat c eilin g car efully with same so that the silvery cobw e b s stan d out against t h e black. Now rig up a trapeze in the midcle or. the room Take your longest mop, gras p i t firmly with both hands, hang by your heels from the center or the trapeze. This you a better perspective on the cobwebs, and makes it JUSt as simple as m opping the floor. I t s a cumbersome, bothersome way to get rid or dust an d dirt, and it's go o d for your figure too! H ousewifely yours, Aunt Lulu The squadron welcomed a new found time to play. officer this past week, Lt. GregBasketball pract icE! for the ory c. Greene who comes to us Post team was held Monday under from the 40th FGTG Squadron. He the supervision o r Lt. Greene, has already 1n1tiatedthepublish-and 1t looks a s 1f we':..l have a 1ngof a Daily Bulletin which con-crack aggregation. More than 75 talns squadron news, war news, boys turned out for the 1n1ti al sports shorts, and other interest-session, and plans are underway ing items, It is pro-ving very f o r the formation or an eight popular with members or th e squad-team squadron league, ron. We are still holding our own in The squadron members have been the weekly inspection, and again kept very busy dU!'ing the past made a 93 average, The boys week. There were lectures and Prom! se to put a little extra demonstrations on the 45 cal. effort into their work this weekautomatic pistol in the recreation end to see whether we can win th e hall, wnne classes for vehicle efficiency flag. drivers were also conducted, A barn dance and fish fry will There were dental appointments be held Saturday night at the galore, but wiser heads still USO, 1t was announced by Director Word. It looks like a great clicking again and the water 1s plenty hot in the barracks, it won't be so much trouble to wash our coveralls when the laundry ran s to come back on time. Well, we finally got another barracks which was greatly needed and which will g1 ve us more room to breathe in. -Sgt. C.A. Matz party, and we'll be s e eing you there -Cpl. Arthur Williams Th i s g i r 1' s fresh from the country, and it's up to us to show her the difference between right and wrong.' 'O.K., Pal, you teach her what's right. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News P.roviders"


Page 12 THE TYNDALL TARGE T Warmin' the Bench B7 SGT. FlU..NI DE BLOIS CNS Sports Correspondent ---All About Bobo---Ir y ou've eve:seen. P e t e g o tweett weett weet on his piccolo, the n yo u won't want t o miss i t whe n o l d B obo g oes oh-oh-o h on his o boe ; or, in o t h e r wordt: --whe n M r B ob o Newsom s tarts blowing his OV(l bazoo. Thi3 bazoo blowing is due to take place an y day now, for old Bobo is due to hold a salary conference with his new employer, Mr. Connie Mack, of the Philadelphia Athletics, an elderly gentleman usually disinclined1 to pay the kind of money old Bobo likea to play for. Old Bob o, who is the most well-trave l e d a s w ell as the most com munic a t i \'e man in his trade was sen t recen tly to the Athletics !rom washington In exc han ge !o r R oger Wol!!, a r elief artiste whom Clark Gri!!ith hop e s will b e a welcom e relief !rom t h e ga rrulous Newsom. The day after Bobo was traded to the Athletics, he was reclassi fied from 3A to 1A by his Har tsvi 11 e (S.C.) draft board and the day after that he obtained a divorce from h i s wife in Las VeAas, Nev. Then h e cMJe doYm with a toothache, ... hich trms !erred with his talkinA. And when Bobo can't talk he's very l!eriously .handicapped. I t i s t o be h o p e d, therefore, that B o b o will be meshing on all incisors wl:l en h e comes to grip s wit h Mr. Connie Mack. I r h e is, then n eithe r the high lama o r Shibe Park, the threat s of his draft b oe.rd nor his e x-wife s a ttorne y will b e able t o talk Bobo out or the !attest con tract M r Mac k has gi ven an y o r his chattel in years. Bobo likes the b i g douAh. He's always Aot it: in St. Louis, WashinAton, Detroit, Boston, ChicaAo and Brooklyn, In 1941, his salary at Detroit was $40 ,000. He won ten A ames that yeRr. But whateveJ he's p a i d h e'll b e worth it, for Bob o is one or t l!e greatest characters in baseball. H e drives a Cadillac car that bears hl s name -In neon 11 gh ts. H e wear s c he c k erboard suits and bas a set or chins that hangs d o11n t o his knees. H e s the last great ham tra gecian his t ime. And h e c an pitch, Once he pitched a no-hitter for nine inninAs, only to lose on an error and a fluke hit in the tenth. In 1933 he won 30 gamfls and fmned 212 for Los Angeles. In 1938, he won 20 and fanned 226 for the Browns and in 1940 he won 21 and lost only 5 for Detroit. In the World Series that year, he won two of the m on the day his father died. $40,000 contract. Aames from Cincinnati, one That's how he earned that But the piec e de -resist ance o r Bobo s career occured w h e n h e w a s pitching !or Washington a gainst C leveland on e day Ea r l A v e rill broke his kneecap w i t h a line drive in the third inning Bobo c ouldn' t see anything runny a b ou t h i s getting kn oc k ed nat like that, but everyon e else i n the park tho ught t was a riot. S o Bobo kep t o n pitching, H e lost i n the ninth o n a cheap hit went to t h e hospital ro r three w ee k s left on a F'r!day an d pitched a gainst the YKIES IN Alan Carney, Wed, Thu rs, 'ALI BABA AND niE FOR'IY TiiiEVES, Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Fri., Sat,, 'niE MIRAO, E OF IDRGAN'S CREEK, Betty Hutton, Fd die Bracken, RJ n Sun, Mon, 'OLD ACQUAINTANCE Bette Davis, Miriam Horkins, Tues., Wed,, 'TilE MAN FROM OOYIN UNDER,' Olarles Laughton. Thurs., Fri., 'IN OLD KENIUCKY,' Martha Scott, John Wayne, Saturday 'DEATII VALLEY MANHUNT,' Bi 11 Elliott. Late Sho w Sat,, 'STORMY WEATHER,' All-Star Colored Cast. PAN AHA Sun, Mon. 'HENRY ALDRICli HAUNTS A HOUSE, Jirm>y Lyddon, Tuesday, 'J..m STAR RANGER,' John Wedne sday, 'EDGE OF DARKNESS, .Ann Sheridan, Errol Flynn, Thursday, 'ACTION IN THE l'l:lRTH An ANTIC, Humrh rey Bogart, Fri., Sat,, 'BLAZING aJNS Hoot Gibson, Kl'n Maynard,


January 22, 1944 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 13. Hy AINJJ)(W07l" By BOB HAWK 1. In the old days, what did same as th e British eq u i val e n t the p eople call the telephone of a wAVE. What i:; her last name? operator? 2 Chances are that the Mayor o! Washington, D.C. will never be invited to the White House 1for lunch. Why not? 3. Definitions on gentlemen vary--some have it that a gentleman is a patient wolf. But what is a gentleman s gentleman? 4. What does the small letter "d" mean on the reverse side of a coin? 5. If an enlisted man in our Navy was walking down the street in Naples and met General Montgomery o! the British Army, would he be expected to salute him? e. Checkers, chess and back r,gammon are three games played on a board. Which of t hese terms is used in which game: Double corner; checkmate; bar. 7. Robin Redbreast married a ladybird. The ladybird's name was J enny. Her last name is the I I I / I I I / / _,. /.'% )''/ / i '/. ,/j y I 8. Divide the word memory into syllables. 9. Mr. Flanagan married a man n equin. The mcnnequin's name was Hanni gan, When Flanagan married the mannequin named Hannigan, h e bought her a ramekin. Now what did Mr. Flanagan buy !or his mannequin-Hannigan-lam b i kin? 10. What is a heptastich? YANKWIZ ANSWERS 1. Cen traJ.. 2. Wash. D. c has no mayor. 3. A valet. 4. That it was minted in Den ver. 5. Yes. Not required but expected. 6. Double corner checkers; checkmate -chess; bar b a ck gammon. 7. WREN -Jenny Wren. 8. Mem -o ry, 9. A small baking dish. 10. A po e m o! seven lines o r verses. He: 'I suppose you dance. Sh,e: 'Oh, yes, I love to. He: 'Great! 'Th11t' s better than dancing. "Copyrighted Material Syndicated Content Available from Commercial News Providers" 'How in the world can a girl be happy without a husband?' 'Listen, beautiful, if he's out of town, I' 11 show you. Jack: Honey, what have you got on for tonight? Jill: 'Nothing I couldn't get out of for you, dear. The boss was complaining to his stenographer about the fine d ust on his desk. He asked her what she did with the underwear she wore out. She replied that she generally wore it back if she could find it. SIN: A miss-giving.


* GUNNER OF THE CLASS PVT. FRANK K. BOZEK Squadron A Pvt. Frank K. Bozek hails from DetroitJ Mich.J and is 26 years of age. After graduating from Chedsey High School he stucied embalming at fue Michigan College of Mortuary Science and in civilian life operated a funerul horne with his brother. Pvt. Bozek has been in the Army five months and came t o Tyndali Field after completing his basic t rain in g at M i ami Beach J F 1 a. CPL. JOHN J. FIALKOWSKI Squadron D Cpl. John J. Fialkowski is a 24 year oldfrom Elizabeth, N.J.J who joined the Field Artillery in AprilJ i94i. After almost two years he was appointed an Aviation Cadet. After being eliminuted in primary cadet training Fialkowski wer.t to Lowry FieldJ Colo.J where he graduated from the school before being sent to Tyndall Field for gunnery training. In civilian life he was an apprentice machinist. PFC. RICHARD B. ORLOWSKI Squadron R Pfc. Richard B. Or:Jowski is a native of Amsterdam) N.Y.J whose family now resides in Miami. He is 28 years of age and graduated from high schoo l in BedfordJ Ohio. Pfc. Orlowski took his basic at Miami Beachandgraduated from t h e B-2 4 m e c h an i c I s s c h l) 0 1 a t Willow RunJ Mich.J before coming here to take the gunnery course. A!C ANTHONY F. NOLL Cadet Detachment A/C Anthony F. Noll hails from BcstonJ Mass.J and has been in the Air Forces one year. He is 2i years of age and single. Cadet Noll attended Brown Uni versity for two and one-half years before entering the service. He majored in English played varsity football. WEEK PVT. EDWARD G. REID Squadron C Pvt. Edward G. Reid is an i8 year old gunner from East Elkin ParkJ Po. He graduated from June of i943 and entered the Army three months later. He took his basic training at Miami and then came to Tyndall Field for the aerial gunnery course. T/SGT. WILLIAM H. CHERRY Squadron E T I S g t W i 11 i am H Ch e r r y was born at Billingsley) Ala.J 26 years ago. He grew up to be an electrician in civilian life before he enlisted in the Air Fo r c e s i n i 9 40. Sgt. Cherry attended school in GadsdenJ Ala. J where he played and baseball for his high school. Since entering the service he has seen seven f i e 1 d s as an a i r c r a f t i n s p e c to r Marital status: He 1 s a b r i de-groom of a littlP. more than one year.


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