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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 3, no. 13 (March 25, 1944).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
March 25, 1944
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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QJESTION: *tiCH IS YOUR, FAVORITE COMIC STRIP? Photos By PUlLUM and Ifl.B'i.CX OfJ l. YH bur Gei be, K liz abe th l.J. : "Biondi e..,..., good h. everyday h,ta10 r .about one of nation's best loved families, the Bumsteads. 'Dlere are ff!ff of us who at SOllie time or other haven't fbund selves in Dag110od1 s or Blondie1 s p red1 c1111en ts. Dana Nalone, Gunnenakers, Kew Iork, x.r.: the ridirul.ous si tnati!)lls that ne erthel ess seem reasmllble :>fnce they are hllpperring every day in .*uerlctm homes. Baclc hane 1 t was my first j1.lllp on &mday morning whm everybody was scr1111bling for the papers. Sgt. Dick Banselan, Redbirds, Jacksonville, f la.: -Li'l Abler--in my opinion Al has the tlest senae of humor of any cartoonist. You can't beat his 'peecooliar looking characters end .their "SDOsin1 conversations. And his humor ill illlean even when it deals with skonks 1 John Bluebirds, .fast Bernard, Texas: "Dick Tracy-his Bbili ty to track lawbreakers proves that crime doe sn 1 t pay--at least Tracy 1 s on the scent. I' laying odds that he'll catch up with flattop one of these days, and nan him just as he nailed Pnme Face 1111d the o tfler public enfllli.es. Cpl. Garth fhoas, Charle s ton, li. Ya: Dagwood Bum the situations that he gets himsel f in to are cypical of those that myone may find hiursel f in. 'Ill e Bums teads are 1!11 average American fmJily end their p robl are rep resm tative of the American way of 1 i fe. Pvt. ldwin J. Br ollXt, Ordnan ce, Chtcago, I' l.: Terry and the Pirates--becwse the cartoonist diapl ays an intimate lmowl edge of the 0 ri en t i and the 110 rld.ngs of the oriental mind. There's high adventure interest in the story and the art maJres the charaCters seaa real. FIDW. 'lHIS ffillJMN A YEAR AOO: Back once JDOre popUlar. repest, and up to now no one has guessed 111ho in the 110rld writes this drivel. I'm a pilot, type: chair, swivel '!he legal eagle a nedgling has added. If he St&S f'or long he' 11 need a cell that is padded. l'brldng 1n Courts and D>ards is a hard mough task; rut with a n-lilre F8g1n, it' s too to ask. And, the CQ wbo brings his KP' s I ate will f'tnd that stripeless sleeves lt'ill be his fate. It was like old times again when we walk ed ;nto the D.T. dra!ting department last week and saw TfSgt. Oral T. Ledbetter back. in his old spot near the corner window. Led, who pioneered the art work and lay out or the Target during the !irst year or its existence, was tra.ns!erred !rom here more than six months ago, and a!ter serving at several s ta ttons was marked "Return to Sender much to the pleasure or !rlenis he le!t at Tyndall BUt J .edbetter had some sobering news to tell. Carl Lengerlch, mer member or the dra!ting starr who did quite a blt or cartooning !or this paper, lost hls ll!e ln an aerial accident near Hawaii, where he was stationed as a member or an a1dnance unl t. Carl had a great sense or humor to go wlth his natlve talent, and whlle war must necessarilY bring death to many, we who knew him deepiy mourn Carl's passing. Hls contrlbutlon to the war errort may not have been directly associated with destroying the enemy, but he-dld the Job to which he had been assigned and he did lt well In d1striblt1ng t for last week's excellent color job on our front cover, mention of Cpls. Joe Dillis and Jim l'l,avenscroft was accldm tally om1 tted. The pair are plate-makers in the Reproduction Department and should r11!PU\.tlly share the honors. Captain singleton of Plans and Training completed the gunnery course this week and was met by a cheering section at post headquarters consisting of'Major Fbx and Powers. Both reputedly offered to shine the newly won .wings at the first siWI of tarnishing .. ;One of the Ordnance boys reo ported. that a mtice appeared on the bulletin boiU"d notifying him of' a day off'. '!he day des-1Wtated was Wonday. The notice appeared on Tuesdey From the Cadet squaaron we hear that one eager beaver agreed to go over the obstacle course !or the sum or $5. The amount was posted ana the gadget went out to wln the dough. However, lt' was right arter one or Florida's heavy dews and the beaver round the rungs too slippery and de!au1ted. (He should walt !or clear weather, andO.K. !ram the control tower-and have his heaa exam ined Lt. Col. F.U:. Hyndman, former executive of fice r here, now l!lld Mrs. Hyntlnan gave the budding 11 brary at Skunk Hollow quite a boost with a glf't of 30 books. .. Major Emory SJnfner, post f'inanee offieer here for more than two years, has received traveling orders and is believed headed overseas. We .1oin his friends in wishing him happy 1 andings THIS IS THE ARMY: Wac Pfc. Margaret Jacobs was a clerk in the turret maintenance department on the line. She has a son figbting overseas requested a transfer to some theater of war. week the transfer was r .eceived md Pfc. Jacobs was happily on her way. Assigned to take her place e. t the department is a 240 1 b. blck sergeant. SALLY SEEHORE POST Saturday, 'IT HAPPENED TOMORROW, Dick Powell, Linda Darnell. Sunday, 'P:4SSAGE TO MARSEILLES ,81111Jphrey Bolart, Michele Morgan: .Monday, 'CAMEL CARAVAN, / I I Tuesday, 'HATCHECIC HONEY Grace McDonald, Leon Errol. 'TWO ,MAN Sf:JBMARINE, T0111 Neal, .tnn Savage, Jfed. Thurs. 'COYER GIRL,' Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly. Friday, HOUR Fr811cho t Tone, Yeroni ca Lake. RITZ S?n, Mon "HAY ROOKIE,' Ann M1ller, Larry Parka. Tuesday, LODGER,' Laird Cregar, Merle Oberon. Wednesday, 'MY BEST GAL ]ant Withers. Also Vaudeville Show, Thurs., Pri., .DESERT SONG Dennis Morgan, Irene Manning. Saturday, 'RAIDERS OF SUNSET PASS, Smi 1 ey Burnette. Late Show Sat., 'CABIN IN THE SKY,' All-Star Colored Cast. PAN AHA S un., Mon., 'ANDY HARDY'S DOUBLE LIFE, Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone. Tuesday, 'BATTLE OF RUSSIA, Jfed., Thurs., 'WAKE ISLAND.' Bri"" Donlevy, Rober. t Preston. Fri., Sat., 'LAND OF HUNTED MEN,' Rangebusters. BAr Sunday, 'SHE KNEW ALL THE .ANS YI'ERS,' Joan Bennett. Mon., Tues., TALK OF THE TOWN, Jean Arthur, Cary Grant. Jfed., Thurs., 'IN 11/IS aiR LIFE Bette Davia, George Brent. Fri., Sat., 'CALLING WILD BILL ELLIOTT,' Bill Elliott. I '.... fEN-PATIO)


March 25, 1944 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 3 H :IGHEST RANKING GUNNERS TO BE REWARDED NEW COHHANDJNG OFFICER This is Col. John w. Persons, Tyndall Field's new commanding officer, shown dictating to his wac secretary, Cpl. vicki Fox. Colonel Persons, who cane here to replace Col. Leland s. Stranathan, formerly was commanding officer at the Marianna Army Air Base and is a naJ.ive of Montgomery, Ala. MEN IN COMBAT THANKFUL fHEY HAD TRAINING, PHYSICAL SAYS SGT. Physical training for men in the Air Forces is in many ways more important than for men in other branches of the service, according to S/Sgt. James w. God win, an aerial gunner back from combat in the Mediterranean the ater of operations. Sgt.

Page 4 THE TYNDALL 1 Tyndall c --:,l';, r Tar8 et ] PUBLISHED OH SATURDAYS BY THE SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE FOR PERSONNEL OF THE ARMY AIR FORCES FLEXIBLE GUNNERY SCHOOL, TYNDALL FIELD, PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA. Copy Prepared under Supervision of Public Relations officer. Printing & Photography by Base Photographic & Reproduction Section. Art Work by Dept. of Training Drafting, Department. Tyndall receives aaterial supplied by Cup Newspaper Serwar Dept., 2011 1!. 42nd St., New York City. Credited aterial aay not be republished without prior peraission rroa CNS. VESUVIUS SPEAKS AGAIN In rivaling gesture on &min 79 A.D. during one of its day, M:>unt Vesuvius, the only enq>tive outbursts, thus asactive volcano in con tin en tal suring the diggers v.ho re-dis-Europe, threw its own curtain o:r havoc over Italy's war tom valleys. Not since April 7, 1906, when the big cone-shaped hill of dread elected to release its accumulated fury in a spectarular three-day reign of terror, have natives in the vicini t;ywitnessed an eruption of similar intffisi ty. Rising four thousand feet above Naples, it was Vesuvius that destroyed ancient Panpeii covered it nearly .seventeen htmdred years later of the greatest archeological find in history. Geologists will assig11 other causes to the. present phemni enon, but among the natives who live in its shadow there are many who will still cl1ng to their belief that the eruption is intended as a warning to all invaiers to clear from I tali an soil LITTLE SATELLITE--WHAT NOW? Trapped in a war they have no heart for, the Runanians face the future with increas ing dread. The fine cloak of German protection no longer hugs their shoulders and a Russian wind has scattered the glittering guarantees. In awesome array the Red army stands on the west bank of the Dniester River in full view of Rlnanian Plainly now, the satellite A YEAR AGO TODAY (From TilE TARGET files) Major General Ralph Royce, COIIITI a.ndin g general o f the AAFS TC rua.de his first visit to 'l)'ndall F1eld Gince Colonel L S. Strana tha.n assumed command. After a. thorough inspection the gmera.l praised the gunnery school for 1 ts efficiency a.nd expressed satisfaction at the recent in novations of the Deparouent of Training. Major Cleo M. Miller was n1111ed to Lt. Col. Flrua as post su rg:eon Clin.tuing twenty years 1 n the service, WSgt. Harvey Lindon was sworn in Monday a first 11 eu tenant 1 n the AAF ... Promotions to the rank of c ep tain were anmunce t week of f1 rs t 11 eu tenants c. P. SheArn and Sem Cmu:oneri ... The Red:>! rns, Guardians, Ordnance a.nrt ()mnet' maker quintets reached the seni final s of the f1 el d's f1 rst !rnccessful l tourney. l!VG

Q. I'm a sea-loving sea dog. stranded in the Army. What i want to know is, can I get transferred to the Coast Guard? A. There is no way of transfering from the Army to the Coast Guard as an enlisted man. However, on May 10 and 11, the annual competitive examination for appointments to the Coast Guard Academy at New London Conn., will be conducted out the country. If you are over 17 and nnder 22, a high school graduate, nnmarried and can meet the educational and physical requirements, you are eligible to compete for appointment as a cadet. Applications must reach Coast Guard Headquarters by April 10. For full details write to United States Coast Guard Public Relations Section, 42 Broadway, New York. _Q. I have been married to my wtfe smce 1942 She has a sixyear-old child by a previous marriage. Is this child eligible for a family allowance? A: Yes, you may apply for a family allowance for your wife and her child providing the child is living with her and she is responsible its support. Illegitimate children are also entitled to family allowances, just in case you're interested. LIBRARY NOTES New books added to the Technical Library this past week are: "All the World' s Aircraft," "Jooe' s Fighting Ships" and the "Aircraft Year Book for 1943. n In these books can be formd any information concerning any airplane or seagoing craft carrying the col ors of 111y nation. Also added to the list of new library books is 1942," which is a progress report on aviation in l'tbrld War IL you'd like to add some )facts to your sports knowledge? If so, we feel that we can also help along those lines. Fbr better enjoymmt of sports l .et us suggest you read one or all of A.S. Barnes' publicat-ions on "boxing, baseball, bowling, tm nis, golf, swimming, softball, handball and table tennis. Perhaps you would 1 ike "Sport For 'lbe F\Il Of It, or Vmld pre fer reading "Varsity Jim. At any rate, the Post Library, located in building 2:>8 has than so come in, take a look, and enjoy a book. ------TO LECTURE ON MEAT A series of lecture-demonstrations covering various phases of the subject of meat, and de-a signed for presentation to mess personnel at Army Air Bases, will be cond11cted at Tyndall Field on March Z7 to 29. This has been by the Air QUarter master, Headquarters Army Air Forces and the Food Service Sec tion of the Office of the (par tenuaster General. ']be demonstrations will be pre sen A. R. Ring, meat special ist of the National Live Stock and Meat Board, an organization which represents all branches of the live-stock growers and feed ers, live-stock marketing agencies, meat packers and retail meat delll.ers. THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 5 I m" :1-avorite Ptwto II ADVANCE AND BE RECOGNIZED! Pre p a red f o r any situati o n which may arise during his tour of guard duty i s Cpl. Max Ackerma n. Unfortunately the Army prohibits the exe r c i sing of individua l initiative and preparednes s to the extent pictured o n the 1 eft, but Cpl. Acke rman, has no fear of di-sciplinary reP ri sal s, for the e quipment he ha s entrenched himselfwith helped t o bring out many of the 1 augh s which marke d tre opening of "Let's Take off" recently pre sented at K elly Field. rman was a mem ber of the Special service staff at Kelly and had a 1 ead i ng role in the show, which was written and produce.dby Pvt. James McColl, star of "This Is the Army/ Max is a brother of Tyndall's Q.M. Special service representative, Sgt. sam Ack erman, and sam sub mitted the photo to usashisentry in the favorite photo derby. sam tells us his brother was recently transferred fran Kelly Field to Patter son Field along with several other members Wit h a Red Army storming alon g the approac he s to its Ruman ian kee p, t h e German s are losin g n o tim e in their de f enses against the R ussian threa t Having sensed t he wavering atti t ud e o r the Hun gars, German forc es earlie r this w e e k complete d t h eir occupat i o n of t h e little Balkan country. Nei t he r R ege n t Nicholas Horthy or General Ghezy Hungarian commander-in-chief, wer e on hand when t h e cou p was executed a s bot h t hese gen t l e m e n w e r e detained in the R eich after a conference at Hitler's h eadquarters. The rate or the Balkans i s now in the balance and time will reveal Germany's abil i ty to tip i t in her fa vor. of the "Let's Take off cast, where they are putting on the show before large war bond-buying audiences. sam is an old timer on Tyndall and his QM duties as receiving clerk keep him fairly busy. we asked him if he could possibly get himself rigged up in a regalia similar to the one his brother is shown in, so that we m -ight get a comparative picture. Looking over the objects his brother is wearing, he replied, "The rifle I could probably draw, the mess kit and gas mask I have, the magazine I could buy, and the stool 1 could possibly swipe-but who in the QM office is going to write to Donald Nelson and get me a priority Hailing as we do from a long, unwavering line of arm-chair generals, we are enjoined by mutual ties of birth and prophecy to timidly venture a prediction at this time. Therefore do we risk the certain criticism of the 'Union of Delphian Oracles' and offer April 27, 1944, as the probable date for the invasion of the continent. Clairvoyantly speaking, there's an extra polish and a sheen these days to the secret prepping in progress behind General Eiserhowers' blitzcloth which indicates 'D-Day' is at hand. The Nazis have been clamoring for 'Der Tag -now if looks as though they are finally going to get it --and not 1 ater than the 27th of April, says this latter day oracle. on a hot water bottle?" ONE MAN'S OPINION What's Dear Ed: Now that the columns of the Tyndall Target have been thrown open for the expression of public opinion, I 1\Dul d 1 ike to relieve myself of a gripe which has been gnawing within me for a long time. What makes the rUrectors of physical training think that men over thirty -possess the agility of an eighteen year old kid? Most of us oldsters dread the thougpt of P.T. solely because of that accurserl obstacle course, which to a youngster may be nothing rut a waltz, but to us is a devilish contrivance designed to torture aching muscles and to oreak aging bones. All of us like to get some wanu srm and fresh air and build up our bodies wi tb some reasonable fo nn of exercise, but to require us to attempt the physically im possible is ridiculous. M e n thirty-eight ye11,rs of age ancl older are excuserl, but ttose of u<; that lack that ma g i cal figure by a coln!le of years are forcerl to indulge in the same fonr. of training as a kid fifteen years yormger. Can' t something be done to alleviate this situation? Pfc. V. A. Yours 1 Dear Ed! This is directed against the jerk in the fburteenth row, right hand side, who, at the Post The ater Wednesday nigp.t, spoiled an otherwise delightful evening by his noisy and irritating conruct at the soowing of Ginger Rogers in that swell picture, "Lady in the Dark." If he was bored by SOOJething tirat was obviously over. his head, why the devil di

Page 6 THE TYNDALL TARGET .RUSSI.AN FRONT:: Rzes:r.ow Brest Litovsk RuMANIA IOO Bound aties Hovgo rod OWING APPROXIMATE BATTLE LINE as of March 22. Note that Soviet forces have crossed the Dnester River, border of Rumania, and also have enlarged th.ei r drive into Poland. Kalin in e Moscow Orel Kursk (f) .. Kharkov


March 25. 1944 THE TYNDALL TARGET 7 19 25 Last week one of the greatest battles of the war was be/ ng fought on those_ fertile plains af southern Russia Jmown as the Ukraine. Fbur mighty Soviet armies were plunging forward in a violent attack designed to hurl "the Hi tl ites" out of sruthern Russia and back into the restless Balkans. From Tarnopol in southeastern Poland to Nikolaev .at the mouth of the Bug, the battle-line twisted and is a cer,tain ty. The arrival of Soviet forces on the banks of the Dniester imnediately increased poli tical tension throughout the Balkans. standing directly in the path of the onrushing Soviet Anni es, was tom between the advocates of peace md bi supporters of the Nazis. Bulgaria and Hungary were in similar turmoil, and it was clear that unless Hi tl.er acted the entire turned like some gigantic Balkans would soon be torn snake. (See map facing this with violent internal dissenpage.) sion. At the northwestern end of Hitler acted swiftly. In he long front, the First the space of 4 days German Ukrainian Army held a death-forces had completed the oc-grip on the Lwov.--Odessa railc'upation of Hungary, Rumania road and was pushing relent-and Bulgaria, and pro-German lessly toward Tarnopol and rulers had been put in power. Proskurov, near the Russo-The first reaction to this Polish border. At the other in the Allied countries was end of the battle-line, 500 one of disappointment. But miles to the southwest, the disappointment seems hardly '!bird and Fourth Ukrainian justified. It could never Annies were besieging Nikol-have been seriously expected aev, the Russian Black Sea that Hitler would stand idly port at the mouth of the Bug by while h1s Balkan allies sub River. m1 tted rneekly to the will of But it was in the center Soviet Russia. Much more sig of line that the fiercest nificant, from a military fighting raged. Here the standpoint, is the fac t that Second Ukrainian Anny of Gen-Hi tier has now been forced to Ivan s. Konev was smash-comnit umy thousands of badly :'ng through the German lines needed Gennan soldiers to like a huge locomotive. Two rison duty in the terri tory of weeks ago, when Konev opened his shaky allies. For example, his drive, his fbrces had not the occupation of Hungary even reached the middle Bug alone is reported to have in River. In the past fourteen vol ved 100 000 Gennan troops. days, they have reached and This is a force which Hi tl.er crossed the Bug on a 70-mile 'can ill afford to spare, and front, pushed on for fifty when the invasion of western miles to the Dniester River Europe begins he will have (pre-war border of Rumania)' ample reason to regret the crossed the Dniester on a 40 political instability of the mile front, and pushed into Balkans. !lim ani a to within 30 mn es 0 f command completed the en circlement of the Japanese bases of Rabaul and Kav ieng. On Tuesday the United States Marines occupied tlae St. Mat thias Islands, 84 miles north west of-Kavieng, New Ireland. Resistance is reported to haV9 been light. Rabaul and Kavieng, which were once the focal point of Japanese in the southwestern Pacific, are now all but useless to the enemy. The day cannot be far distant when they too will fall into American hands, and the stage will be set for new campaigns on the long, hard road to To.kyo. There was action in another able. There is little news tc re po r t from the fume beachhead But it is interesting to note that there hasnot been any large German attack on our lines in the last two weeks. When rur forces can be strength ened sufficiently, an attack will be opened which will have a decisive effect on the tac-tical situation in central Italy. Meanwhile, it is far too early to write off the Italian campaign as a "stalemate." It has achieved every objective set for it, with the single exception of the cap ture of Rome; and in time Rane too will fall into our hands. part of the Pacific too. Far Impatience has never yet won a war. to the north the great Japanese sea and air base of Para mushiro was pounded by Ameri can bombers. Our high ccmnand has not forgottel,l Par!IJII.lshiro and it may well be that before this war is over there will be heavy fighting around this far northern outpost of the Ehlpire of the Rising Sm. * 'Dle aerial battle for Fllrope continues at an ing tempo. In an interview last week, General Montogmery the famous e x -Coomander of the British Eighth Army de clared that the invasion of Europe is already under way. He meant by this that In Italy last week, some of battle for air supremacy now the heaviest fighting of the taking place is an ind.ispens Italian campaign was going on .able preliminary to land at around the battered town of tack. He cited the case of caisino. The violent aerial Sicily, where violent aerial attack on the town a week ago assaults preceded actual inhas enabled us to drive the vasion, and indicated that a Gennans out of all but a small similar pattern was being folportion of Cassino. But the lowed in the west. Nazi forces, although com-On strong forces pletely encircled, are re-of American heavy bombers re sisting bitterly. Their only turned to batter Berlin. OVer means of supply and reinforce1000 tons of TNT were dropped ment is from the air, but thus on the city, and travelers far they have refused to admit arriving in Stockholm reported the hopelessness of their that it was the heaviest at-the Prut River. This trffilen-* position. Allied cOIIIDanders, tack on the capital since the dous drive is all the more while unwilling to set a time u.s. 8th Air Force began its hazing. for the apparmt lack In the Pacific last week on the battle, are confident campaign against Berlin two organ! zed resistance. 'Ihe 1-f,_o_r_ce_s_o_f_Gen __ e_r_al_M_a_c_Ar_th_ur_' _s.....Ltha---:=t==-the __ __ a.g_o_. --------Red Anny has now inperiled all those Gennan divisions holding out north and east of Odessa And there is still no sign of a let-up in the Soviet attack. Hitler iS therefore facing an o ther first class military disaster in southern Russia. At best, we can hope for the total destruction of this sizable force; at the least, the liberation of the Ukraine A LWAYS REMEMBER THAT wh e n scouting cl ose t o the enemy a t n ig ht your be s t p ro t ec ti o n from o b se rv atio n i s silent m ove m ent. LIFE SAVERS WHE N AITACKED f1om t h e a i r d i ve f o r th e n eares t $ lit trench or c1ir raid s h e lt e r or jus t hit th e g r o u nd S tay p ut until it's over and d o n' t atte m pt 'to eSC

Page 8 THE TYNDALL TARGET --Weapons Dept.-0 i gs We I I In Search GUNNERY For Head Space Oi I We wel corned a new officer in charge of our department since last going to press. He is Capt. GUNNER OF THE CLASS Chi:WIIpeaux, We hope his stay wi tb us will be both long and pleas Top gunner of Class IPl-12 was ant. Pfc. wayne webster (1 eft) of Mor-They tell me that a certain ris, ill. Webster was a two-letPFC from this department could ter man in high school, partici-n' t find any head-space oil pating in varsity basketball and around his supply room so they 11 d 1 et him spend a week on the range baseball. Fo OWl ng h 1 s gra u-where he had the opportunity to at ion he went out to San Die-go, dig a well and drill for .the California, and obtained a posi-stuff. Ask him about it. tion with Consolidated Aircraft Cpl. Drake thinks the Weapons as an inspector. He was anployed instructors have the darndest by Consolidated for three years, sense of hu1oor. Seems he wasn't unt i 1 drafted a year ago. feeling well the other night and Webster received his basic went to bed directly a .fter din-. 1 1 d d ner. '!he boys him at 9: 3J training at Kees er Fie an and then chewed him because he also graduated from the A.M. School there. Named the air-to-had overslept and was late for breakfast. After nmning to the air firing phase of the gunnery mess hall he fmmd out that he training as the he 1 i ked was th e center of many a good best. belly laugh. Drake is waiting. Here are his gunnery records: He says thllt even a dog. has his acadanic examination-133 day, Ca\. 50 89% Moving Base 58% Sgt. Auge, the envelope Turhets 86% Skeet 58$ tor, row has a private oox of his Aj Rec 95% Tower Range 83% at the SIJI.adron mail room. He t 6 t collects pretty envdop es and gets about as much mail as the rest of the scpadron combined, Members of the Weapons Depart1 I --Guardians--ment extend their sympathy to Know your Plane KE LONE GETS MUMPS Sgt. Dawson, Whose father passed away 1 ast week. B-17 !FLYING FORTRESSl DESCRIPTION: four-engine heavy bomber constructed as an all-met al, midwing monoplane wi tb con ventional retractable landing gear. 0 riginally designed and built ,by Boeing Aircraft Corp., but now also being produceti by Douglas anti Vega. Late models provitied with external bomb racks and wing tip tanks. The crew varies t'roo1 9 to 11 men. DIMENSIONS: Span, 103 feet, 10 inches. Length, 74 feet, 9 inches. Height, 19 feet, 1 inch. Tread width, 21 feet, 2 inches. Wing area, 1,43:> feet. Ap p roxin.ate maximt.nn weight, 60,-000 -pounds, POWER PLANT: Fbur Wright R-1820 1, 3)0 hp. engines with turbo su perchargers. Hamil ton 3-bl aded auta.atic control full-feathering type propellers. PEHFOR\I.ANCE: Rated at a speed of about 300 nrph. Approximate ser vice ceiling over 30,000 feet. Tactical radius of action, 700 miles. Hm!B LOAD: 6, 000 -pounds. LRtest model has thir teen ro caliber guns as follows: 2 in Sperry mid-upper turret, 2 in Sperry lower tur ret, 2 in tail turret, 1 in radio 2 in rose, 2 in chin turret, 2 on each side at waist position. Pm'IECTIOS: Annor for pilot, co pilot, radio operator, top-ball, waist anti tail gunners. Navigator anti bombardier are partially pro tee ted. De-icer boots, wing and tail, anti-icin11; for pro Pellers. Equipped for rtesert o pP ration. If You Suspect SABOTAGE Cal I or vIsit The Intel I i gence Office Phone WH 1 LE ON FURLOUGH sgt. Solomon is sweating out the last week befbre home on furlougp. He has a new baby at. hOI)le 'i!hom he has never met. He is kinda wondering if the baby will like him. Our grade of l).inety-eight was the highest ever made by this squadron in any inspection yet. The prevelant question was, "What did the Wacs make in their spection?" They usually rose us out by half a point or so. Cpl. J, Kelone was expected from furlough several days ago but he sent in a wire stating that he was delayed unexpectedly .due to a bad case of mwrrps and was quarantined for ten days, and in Texas, of all places. cidentally, he 8)t his The Squadron correspondent has been accused of walking w::l. th his head in the clouds after some per'son remarked that he was a very "erudi te11 individual, which is all blarney, of course. We lost our 1 ast basketball game even trough our squadron rooters were there en masse. In fact, at least forty percent of our squadron was there cheering for our team, but in vain. Cpl. John "Tampa" Mashburn is getting to be "Roster Happy." Last week he made rosters on so many subjects that he was ready to make a roster by blood type to be followed by a roster on shoe sizes of every man in the outfi t1 Take it easy, John. Pfc. L Marsh went to Personnel the other day and cmne back wi tb a look of complete bewilderment. He claimed that they did. not have an "experience level. 11 He thought they were giving him the well !mown rib like the one arout get ting a "sky hook." By the way is giving 11. Lt. stiff com petition for 11. rertain fair dllll sel who thinks that the "Chubby" Lexy is cu tel The Guarctlans have con;pleted the fflllil i ariz a tion fJ. ring of the carbine 8J)d are now pretty well familiar w1 th this excellent weapon. In this instance,. fflllil iari ty breeds respect. PERCOLATING PRATJl.E: A note of praise is hereby given to Cpl. Hyde fbr the excellent work that he is ooing 1n the shop. Pvt. Tuten is expectin the storkin, seven more days Onr congratu-1 ations to Pvt. F. Sasso on his matrimonial venture--he looks happy now Pvt. L Ample was in the fruit and vegetable business back home and wishes that he hail some now ... Pvt. J, Clark is lone-1 y these riays wi tb his wife being away S /Sgt. Dodd is none too happy ei tiler ... Pvt. Go wright is Sgt. Weatherby has the only car in this part of the country that has two flats a day regularly. He had the one the other nigpt in a blinding rainstorm. Sgt. Steffan, our 6 foot 4 inch instntctor, slept in a shelter hal f on bivouac last week. D..tring the ni gp t .it rained. He '\'\Oke up wi tb water on the knees and ev erything else he had Sgt. Boyce is the oill y man without a car that uses Klutch regularly. Says it has something to do with his new cb)ppers. Nut' said for this week. --SGT. HARVEY w:N:E --Ordnotes-A reI I anes Too Good At Camou f I aging 'Ihis week M/Sgt. "Q>l. Burnett was assigned to tentYorary duty with t!le Ordnance at Apalach. Considering Apalach is noted for its double helpings of tVPetizing crow, the "Cpl." smuld enjoy his stay there. With Ear To Keyhole: Basic .training proved embarrassing to Pvt. Arellanes. After completing guard duty while on bivouac, he naturally decided to get some shut eye. Through his skill in tent camo.ll f1 aging, Arellanes couldn't locate his shelter, therefore he spent the night by the fire--toasted on one. side-frozen on the other. Coming from work 1 ate at nig;ht, 18 men cl imbed out of a noneto1 arge 1"el\l)ons ca.rri er. \Ve1 re ti'ying to locate one _of. those men riding in this car that made the classic renark: "A rotice on the bulletin boarrl stated I was en titled to a day off on Montiay, March 13th. The notice WII.S nut on the board '1\lesday, the 14th. Cpl. F1 tzgeralrl is still noted for sleepwalking. But at'least he row confines his walking to the barrack's area and not way over to the mess hall. even the sub-conscious minrl under-rushing "Rosie", Incidentally the various men who are expecting the stork now want this prognos tigator to n-. tJtP. sex! t I -Cpl. Sam Marotta GUNNERY STUDENT WAS IN RESERVE AT DIEPPE RAID A former Ohio tree surg. eon who served. two and a half years wi tb the Canadian army, during which he narrowly missed .being among the handful of Americans who-were included in the invasion "dress rehearsal'' at Dieppe on the French coast, is now at Tyndall F'!eld studying aerial gmmery as part of his bombardier training. He is A/C Donald H. Derby, 27, whose home is in Norwalk, Ohio. He is in Squarlron A, a member of Class 44-17. Derby enlisted in September, 1940, in the Essex Scottish High landers. He trained in Canada with that regimertt unt'il the spring of 1941, when he was trans ferred to the Calgary Regiment, Tank, a few weeks prior to ship ping to Ehgl and in 1941.. Derby t intensive tank training in England and was .assignell. to a heavy support sr.padron. He was in that outfit when the raid on Dieppe was made, and was wait ing in reserve at a British port during the raid. Many of Derby' s friends were casual ties in. that operation. Two of his closest buddies, one an American and the other a Rus sian, were taken prisoner. Derby was transferred to the American a nny in February, 1943, "I put in for the anuored. corps," he said, "rut they sent me to the Anny Service FOrces, Headcparters, E.'TO,as a permanent latrine orderly. I spent JOOSt of my time for quite a whue sweeping otit ori'ices and o .ne thing and another." Finally the Army relenterl and made Derby an armorer, which was better, but rot what he wantErl. "I _then put in for aerial gun nery, but they turned me down," Derby said. "Later, my CO per suaded me to put in for cadets, and here I am. I didn1 t think. I'd have much chance, because of my age, bu t I was a few days under the age lim! t -and I landed back-:ln this country last October." The Canadians, Derby said, a wonderful bunch of fellows, well-trained md w1 tb high moral e. I don 1 t think any troops are as well-trained as CanarU an combat forces except for of specialized forces such as the American Rangers. They. all take the war much 1riore seriously as. individuals than most Americans do." stands our food situation.., .An o tiler GI .having trouble is Pfc. Urich, who reputedly talks in h;l.s sleep. He has been "accused" of mt.m1bl ing the song "As Time Goes Py" while in deep slt.m!ber. Say, it is getting deep. Sgt. Manderson is expected to wed a WAC Sgt. fran Tyndllll F'iel d. In deciding fl:lllily matters, which Sgt. will out--rank the other?? Uke a king in his own Rill Canary can be seen mornings H his bed, shaving w1 th the help o: an electric shaver, .. Sporting a big snile rowarlays is Pfc, Yan none. '!he reason coulct be based upon his getting a brand new front tooth ... Last week, Pvt. Charlie Bl ankenshiJ won a bo 'xing match at the shipyards. One of his -pals thinks highly of Charlie representing the Ordnance in box ing. He &tggested to Mears that this company get him a robe with the Ordnance emblem em broidered on it. Sgt. : What kind of oil do you use in your car?' Pvt.: 'I usually. begin by tell ing them I'm lonely.'


March 25, 1944 NEW POSTAL RATES GO INTO EFFECT SUNDAY Effect! ve Sunday, March 2G, 1944, an increase in postage rates and fees for money orders, pa.rcel post, rcg;l.stered, insured, apd C. 0. D. mail will be charged the users of the U.S. mails. Un affected is the free mail in.e; privilege granted members of the Anned furces. The average serviceman will the effects of this new postal 1 aw mostly in the use of air mail letters, parcel post, 8Irl money order fees. Air mail has. jurrrperl from 5 cents an ounce to 8 cents per ounce or fraction thereof from one post off1ce to another on the mainland of the United States, including Alaska. However, Main Uncle Smu looks out for his sol diers overseas, by maintaining the 6 ounce rate for air ma.il sent to or by the anned forces of the United States over seas service through Anny or Navy post offices. Money order fees have increased four cents fur the snallest order Which now carries a 10 cent charge, to a 15 cent increase on the $100 money order 1\hich will the sender 37 cents. Simi1 arly increases on insured mail have jumped with the fees being e X!ictl y double what they were previous to the new 1 aw. The fees are also up on registered mail. Rernsnber, V-mail is still -the best means of writing to that soldier overseas. It is the one sure deli very system that never fails, regardless of ensny action. i[Poelry Jl Those men on the ground don 1 t get much glory J And we think that' s hordl y fair. For without those men down on the ground We couldn' t keep our men in the air. The mechanic v..orks until that engine's Humming along just right. He' s determined that v.hen "Betsy" flies Nothing1ll stop her in her flight. The pilot soysJ "How is she?" The mechanic says "Just right!" And as he watches her toke off Hi s fists ore clenched so tight. Oh> What makes a pilot sure of his ship wWhen the en any is circling r around? It1s the faith he has in his The man doV111 on the ground. &; v.hen this war is over Pnd medals make the Let 1 s renember those men in coveralls) Our air force on the gTound! By Miss FLo HiLLier (Submitted by T-Sgt. Harris, 350 th) PROTECT YOUR BUDDIES If you suspect sabotage, call the lntell igence Office-310'+ THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 9 --Squadr o n Obstacle Course Taken In Stride BY Cadets The bombarrlier and navigator trainees of A are oniy in their seconrl week of training at Tyndall Field but already they have taken Tynrlall' s famecl ob s tacl e course more than once and passect it off as just another pha-:;e of their physical training. Naturally there are those 'M"lo are nursing sore arn1s and hanris but that's to be-expected when something new is tried. To say the course is far different from any thing they experienced at Maxwell Field llhere they took their pre flight training would be putting it ruilrUy. However, at least one fellow in the squadron apparently has not h arl enough of the course, althougp it 14Jpears the men run it almost rla .ily. H!! is Tom Farrell, who crawled out of bed the other night to run the course on the promise his roonnnates would pay $5 for doing it. Bl t the pipes were too wet at that hour of the night and Farrell failed to finish the rourse-Im.lch to the deligl:lt of his friends who h&d jUllped out of bed to see their money wasn't lost in vain. Squad.ron A made a good showing for itself in its first Saturday morning inspection h.ere, missing firse-place by only two percentage points. The air crew trainees have been hmgl.ng up S()llle remarkable records on the skeet rmge. J, H. Anderson, G. I. Crossword Puzzle I Class LW-10 By Pvt. Irving Across L What desk pilots urually push. 34What you do w1 th rum and coke, 6. That 1\hich is golden. 12. A good thing to do with VD. 13. Give ac;sistance. ldfd-day. 15. Another chance. 17.. Short posn to something, 19. You can oo it with a spade. 21. Eronomy (abbr.) 35. 011 ve drab (abbr.) 36. Department of Training or deleriiJll trenms (abbr.). 38. '!he showers which bring May flowers. 39. Man's niclaHJTe. 22. '!he kind of gal's waistline 40. Excess! ve water ooes th1 s to soil. guys [) for. 23. Fb Till 0 f to be. 25. Indian tribe. Well! Girl' s One of the things 'M"li ch wait 26. Cinsna star' s trophy. 28. In refermce to. 29, Imitates. 31. Cad or oog. 32. Snalle'>t. form of matter. 47. who never befure had fired a sb:>tgtm, scored a 45x00 and 42xOO the first two days he was on the range. While no perfect scores have been made, several of the men ,have fired in the ne:i.gl:loorhood of,45x5J md have hopesof a per. 1. feet d.ay befure they finish.' All DOWN The British body wh1 ch co rres, 1ti. ponds to our Congress. are mticipating the day when they 3. Will f1 re machine guns from the 3. B-17s and B-24s they see flying 4 overhead. Adan knew her well. 20. for no man. We've got a Waller and a Link here. Looks well on horses. You need two before you can fade, crap or pass. The 1 i ttl e guys who get the blame Vihen something goes --Squadron D-Tears Shed As Many Leave For Apalach .,--CHB This week fotmd ,half of our. squadron in Apalachicola for a seven-day stay. The!'e was a. lot of griping and f'rooJ some of men not wantinato make the trip. It rouldn1 t l1ave been the women they left behind oould it? But how we do envy those p ri vil eged characters. Judging from n.mo rs flo a back, meals are served "as you like 1 t." Not bad, eh what? It seems that we have some permanent party men, young in age but old in action. Don't tell us that the obstacle course 1 s gl. ving )UU guys trouble. Well, Squadron D did it again. Not only was morale boosted one hundred percent by payday: and passes, but the "E" flag fur in spection was planted rightin our fran t yard fur a wee !f. Some thing tells us that it will be an easy matter to retain the coveterl flag with the cooper ation all the fellows have given arrl the prirle we all have taken. What do you say fellows, can' t we it? 'Ibis week ha..o:; seen the bey;in ning of basic training fur pel' manent partymen (as if we haven't had our share of it); S/Sgt. Battaglia was the first victim of the ci rctuns tances and from what we can see he certainly. isn't hurting in the course. Little 11STI.lffy11 Gerber, it is said, will be the next victim. We all wonder if 1 t will make him grow in height? We rope so. Incidentally, if anyone wants to see "gen1us at work," watch .Snuffy" at a typewriter. Yep, all day at one 1 et ter, with ot-J y one finger. Not bad, huh'? Sb:> rt missive. Usually has three rings (not beer), 5. Section Eight material. 6. What r:ifE says in Spain, Zl. wrong. Unpleasmt. Web spinner. Knocks. 7. Objects of extreme adoration. 8. Cleansing agent. 28. Recently accp.i red atoll in g, What SHE says, but doesn't South Pacific. mean, in u.s. :.:J, Fbtmer, A fish or oil. 33. Type of troll. 10. 11. The firstpartofMeenie, 35. Either,-Mini and Mo. 37, \\hat you connt after a hike. 13. The guy who once built a 40. Yale (College), a railroad and now wants to 41.. Salutation of respect. borrow a dime. 44. Louisiana (abbr.) 16. Slort, htuoorous story. 46. IX>ctor of Medicine. (Answers to PuzzLe on Page 10) --Medics-Major M i I I e r Returns Officers Prove Their We welcome the return of \lajor Cleo M. Miller from Randolph Field, Texas, where he at tended the School of Aviation Medicine and is row a qualified Fiight Surgeon. Nice to see you back, Major. The K.P. rosters of Ward 6 is a true cross section on the digni taries called upon to do the daily chores here at the hospital. Miss Lanier will attest to the .fact that Capt. John T. Wells of the 69th and Lt. Kelly, a cll.SUal from San Dl. ego, Cal., are every bit as effi clent a set of .K. p, 's as have ever ootted a K. p, Push er's list. She highly recoomends than both. Lts. Shunl)ert 111d Wil ron, for mer members of th e local Nurse Corps, have both grartuated from their Flight Nurse courses anti are now wearing their gal d wings, ernblsnatic of the A1 r Evacuation Group. Miss Wilson lookecl nice anrl trim" as a result of her training mrl aonitterl that shP feel s like a Junior C<>n111anclo. (They're our women so tough today--we' re e11p ecting then to start 11chawing" tobacco one of these days.) From Randolph Field; Efficiency As Kaypees ()1e of the Skunk Hollow detail men puller! a good one the other day. When inquiring of their NCOIC whether Capt. Dee was a Doctor-they were surprised to le11m that he was a Veterinarian "Goon God, man," said one of than, ooes he think we're HORSES?" TI1e boys a.re ever grateful to the motherly instincts of our local Angels of Mercy for the tailoring jobs being oone of 1 ate -here at the hospital, We hear that Cpl. Nicas of X ray gets ttparalyzert" when one of our local civilians is anywhere within his sight. He ooesn' t Sll.Y much about his si!!)1s have a language all their oWil--and universally tmderstood. Wly not brellk doiWl anrl ronfess, S:10ul rl you rote Joe SvE\Jil walk ing around in a daze--it's prob ably a re sul t of that trip he marte to Savannah a few rlays ago. \\hat started out as a casual trip to visit a fellow soldier de veloperl into a nerve--wrecld.Jl!; experience md. if we can ,just get "'4utch" to give us the story as was conf1 rterl to him by Svetm'M"lat a time conld lle had by all, -Sgt. .-\. S, J IIC.krel


Page 10 THE TYNDALL TARGET THREE TEAMS HAVE CHANCE FOR FIRST PLACE AS G. 1. COURT PLAY REACHES CRUCIAL STAGE; ALTITUDE UNIT LEADS BY ONE GAME The 25th Al t1 tude courtmen kept their one g&ne 1 earl in tact rlur ing the week's play in the inter-squadron league, in fact, by downing quintet they assured th61lselves of at least third place and in order to drop that low they must lose their tl!O reI aining games, which while a possibility, is far from probable. A look at the schedule reveals that the low pressure men must face the OOth Wedics neither of these two aggregations are raterl as pushovers. The Medics will be l-.:===============::;1 out for their skins as part of the rivalry which exists at the hospital area be .tween the pillrollers and the cellar-fliers. On the other hand, the 69th needs the win over the Al t1 tude men ft> r "" chance of resting on top when the f'ight is over. 'lhe 69th, in orrler to cop the cro1m, must do it the hard way -with wins over two remaining, tough opponents, the high-riding 25th and the Gunne nn akers, who certainly will be gunning for th611. At present, the wrugged" men a.re tied for second with the Ordnance quintet will tangle with the muebirrls md the Financiers before the final ll'histl e. IJ:>th the ffiuebirds ann the Flnance men are cnpable of making things easy for the 69th by dumping the Orcinen, but the latter, ignored during early season spec:ul ation, can oo no M>rse than enrl up third. They may take runner-up honors, or, possibly take the crown free and clear, should the 25th l .ose tlll'> md the !=19th one, of their re maining con tests. During the ll'eek, the 69th eked out close wins over the Instructors !111d the White Flashes to stay in the nmning. The ortly other tellll to play twice wring th. e week were the C(JJIJiandoes, who rang up a high 00 points against the ians' 49 on Wednesday, only to 0011' to the Redbirds Thursr1.ay by a 47-29 count. Ormance had l1 ttle di ffi cul ty in downing the mess scpadron, 4&-25, Ylhile the Al t1 tude quintet sank the QM courtlnen by the same count. The Medics and the Qo(s both gained a. gane through forfeits by the Instructors and. the Wh1 te F1 ashes, respec t1 vel Y In the week's only other contest, the Financiers handerl the Blue birds a 40-22 setback. This week's schedule will see the Bluebirds tackle the Ordmen on Monday, with the Fina.nce-()Jarrlian and Gunnermaker-QM contests taking the floor later in the evening. On Wednesday, the 25th Al t1 tude and 69th quintets will be playing for keeps, with the Medic-446th md Ordnance-Finance games following then on the c11.rd. 'lhur9-dfiY's schedule includes contests between the Connnandoes and QM, Hedbi rrls vs. Gnardians and BJ ue bi rrls vs. InstT'IIctors. FINAL PLANS MADE FOR COAST GOLF TOURNEY Final arrang;em ents for the Gulf Coast Golf Tourna111 ent at the Pan11ma Country C l11b next Sunday, April 2, have been con.pleted and all T / F enlisted men a.nd officers are invi terl to participate, reg11rtil ess of the qual! ty of their game. PI ayers w 111 be paired in f1 i g:h ts ac cording to the! r ability. Golf clubs anrl balls will be ava.ilabl e at the Club. The entrance fee is $2.Ci0 and inclurles ltmcheon. (J, I. will leave the P ersonne l huilrl-1ngat8A.M. BASKETBALL RESULTS and STANDINGS Through Thursday LEAGUE STANDINGS Lost 1 2 2 4 4 4 4 6 6 6 9 9 Won 2!1th 10 69th... 9 Ordnance 9 31'iOth .................. a 3 48th..... 7 Finance ................ 7 40th. 6 349th l'i 932nd ................. l'i lfedics ................. l'i Instructors 2 Quarteraster 2 446 th 0 11 BOX SCORES 69th (46) Sills ........ 3 Ravenscroft 6 Galasso, 10 Saith ........ 1 Black, .,'; 14 Be2noska, 2 Fritz 10 35Qth (50) Brenner to Douglas ...... 111 lfcBride 9 Jeske ........ 0 Prysi. ....... 2 II' al ker 8 Burgess 16 3 44th ( 25) Coon ......... 14 Crane 4 Rigginbottoa, 3 Cleaents ..... 4 Brown 0 25th (49) Sprowls ...... 7 lfartin ....... 4 Blakeaan 8 Stevens 22 KeTcher ...... 2 Kendall ...... 3 Scott ........ 1 Lines 2 69th (36) Ravenscroft 11 Black ...... .. Sills ...... .. Beznoslca Fritz ........ 349th (22) 8 2 5 0 5 5 Ross 2 Hans.e n 6 Schneller 4 Thuraan 2 Lawton ....... 3 Crawford 0 Ous tafson 5 35() th (29) Brenne r 4 6 !lcBrlde ...... 11 Burgess ...... 0 Walker 10 prysl ........ 0 446th (37) Johnson 15 Reso ......... 0 Cove 1 e ski. 10 If eyers 2 !lor rison ..... 8 Finkhiener ... 2 932nd (49) IIi tchell. 21 Lake 5 Wright ....... 10 ORD!I All CR ( 49) Knepper,S .... 6 Knepper, D ... 27 Stevens 4 Kotys ........ 2 Rudolph 6 Snodgrass 2 Manderson 2 907th (25) Saith ........ 0 Harris ....... 2 Naples ....... 6 Andrews ...... 2 Jones 9 lli ta 0 Gregory 6 IIISTR. (30) Snowden ...... 9 p enn a llillhollen Dufrane Conway llu'ks Howell Fill AliCE ( 40) 2 0 7 7 0 5 Eaanue l ...... 3 Franklin ..... 0 Hines ........ 6 Ball'iet ...... 4 lloore ........ 8 3 N:ullen 16 348 th ( 47) Schultz 10 Paul ......... 1 Runt 18 !leil ......... 5 Ruane... 2 Klelnfeller 2 Bleslnger .... 3 Lawton ....... 6 OFFICERS LEAGUE STANDINGS Won P.T .................... 7 Group! .. 5 Dept. or Trng. Sqdns ... 5 Dept. of Trng, Techs. .. 5 Group II .. .... 1 Ad" I nis tratlon ......... 1 Lost 1 3 3 3 7 7 5 LEADING SCORERS WcDanie ls, PT \98 Johnson,. Tcch s .. 98 Sayre, PT .... ............... 85 Glasser, Sqdns .... 76 Gibbons, Sqdns ............... 64 STUDENT LEAGUE STAIIDIHGS Won Lost Squadron B .............. 4 0 Squadron E .............. 3 2 Squadron A .............. 2 2 Squadron C .............. 2 3 Squadron D .............. 0 4 REPULSE COHHANDO RAID Pictured above are the members of the Redbird quintet which last Thursday night blasted the 350th commandoes \ hopes for a possible first place berth in the inter-squadron basketball to.urney. The win put the Redbirds in a tie for fifth place. They st1ll have games to play and by sweeping the pair they have a chance to cl1 mb into at 1 east a tie for the No. 2 slot. Left to right, back row: Coach Johnny Heidema, Bob Joe Paul Martin Ruane, Loren Neil'l and Wally Lawton. Kneeling, left to rlght, are George schultz, Art Compa, Jimmy Biesinger and John Kleinfelter. KEGLERS CLINCH G. I. BOWLING PLAYOFF GROUP I OFFICERS' LOOP CROWN Group I' s bowling team sewed up the Officers League crown Thursday night by winning the final game in their series with the Retreads, and at the same time assured themselves of top money on the prize list. The second place Bell Ringers, the only te1111 with a chance to catch the flyers, blew their opportun i ty by going down to defeat in all three of their games with the Grenlins. Group I' s victory attracted little attention, as ali eyes were focused on the Grenlins, MOQ, the Sluggers, wm created a big upheaval in the also-rans by s01mdl y trouncing the Bell Ringers, Group I I, and the Snafus, respect! veJ y, in three straight matches, to send the rest of'the teams into a wild scr1111ble for final positions. At the conclusion of the night's firing only three games separated the second and seventh place teams, with my one of th611 cap able of coming through in the nine gmnes yet to be rolled. Lt. Lugo,. anchor man for MOQ, racked up a 581 series to lead the individual scoring, 'lbe standings: W L Group I 40 14 Bell RinAers 28 26 Gremlins 27 27 Group II 26 28 Snafus 26 28 MOQ 26 28 Sluggers 25 29 Retreads 18 36 SET TOMORROW Tomorrow afternoon at 2 P.M., the QM and White Fl ashes kegl ing quintets will meet at the Post Bowling Alleys in a best-out-ofseven ma.tch to determine the winner of the first half of the in tel'squadron pin competition. The week's pin-busting saw the 25th Altitude and te,.ns make a clean of their three game rna tches with the 350 th and Redbird. squads, respect! vely. fn the two other matches, the Medics took a pair from the Blu& birds while the Ordnance pinmen 'managed tO snare one from the 'White F1 ashes. STANDINGS Quarti!;rmaster 40th 349 th 348th 446 th Ordnance Medics 25th 69th 9321ld 350 th: w 8 4 6 5 5 5 4 3 2 0 0 L 1 2 3 4 4 4 5 6 4 3 6 TEN LEADING KEGLERS (at least 6 games) AV. Miller QM; ................... 191 Kocur, Medics ................. 189 DeCarlo, .. 183 llnylka, (;lr( .................... 182 Bubp, 446tb. ... 182 Neilson, 25th ................. 181 Auri'Aemma; Ord ................ 181 Wellman, 3'50th ................ 178 Frazier, 69th ................. 178 List, 349 (h .. ......... 17 8


March 25, 1944 ---------------------CAHERA RECORDS SCENES AT TIF BOXING SHOW TOP: K en Fowler partially b locks a left from Del Munro in t h e feature bout of last Tuesday' s boxing card at the post gym. THE TYNDALL rARGET MUNRO TOPS FOWLER IN BOXING CARD; 5-BOUT SHOW; FANS ENJOY FOR ANOTHER CARD SCHEDULED GYM ON TUESDAY; COCIO TO BOX MORAN Page 11 -Rugged 69th-Poor Direction Leads To Embarrassment Sez dear Yo\Ilguns. ao rry we Ch d b th didn't have any scribQlinsr in eere on y a rong of more than 600 fight fans, eight the Weekly !bin Sheet of our beTyndall pugilists traded heavy blows in a five-match card at loved Tynd811 Tech last week but the post gym last '1\lesday night. The feature bout or the seens as tlx>ugh truly jut evening was a gruelling affair between Del Munro or the 40th ain't the time tilese days ftJr and Ken Fowler, studdn t gunner. Munro is one of Tyndall'!." much tcm-fuolery er Hoss-Play. Jist got a letter fro a Pa better boxers and fights regularly with the post ring te8111, days 8f!P tmd he allowed as while Fowler, who hails from how Old Bess {lily favorite Jerser Baton Rouge, La., showed nlenty b th cow) would be fresh this canin saw o men reluctant to take month and that some of tile trees of ring ability in his first the offensive. Richardson pecked were a buddin leaves 'bout tile match here several weeks ago. away with left and right jabs size of s!pi rrel' s ears and how However, Munro proved the while Jeske retaliated with he was ter do some plain superior of the two with tellcasional lefts and rights. and fancy S(pirrel slx>otin' a.e Wull Berry season. :1ng left 1 abs and hard rights. Team to Maxwell Gettin down to htJDan (??) beIn the first round !okmro kept Tyndall Field's six-man boxing ings row md speakin' of a redhis man on the defensive with team retunted from a five-day headed S /Sgt. in Morning Report sharp left jabs and had Fbwler trip to Maxwell F1eld last Section who directed a fair maidagainst the ropes for a possible day, where they were pitted en to the wrong door at the knock-out punch when the bell against the cream of the South-sonnel B.11lding. The story goes I th east's rin""'en. Wost of tile box-that a new aqJloyee asked the Red rang. n e second canto Del -.:r-Head where the office of the Per--caugp t his man with several hard ers from other fields arrived at sonnet Officer was md was prompt rights and sent Fowler down for Maxwell a week earlier for trainly assured that "it's tile fitst the count of 7, for the only ingpurposes, but whet the t1Jue door toyer right, mam." Some knockdown of the evening. Both cane for pairing opponents, four body better take care and leant men traded hard and fast blows in of tile six 'J1F pugilists were s&-how to comt; I use my toes when the third, llllch to tile ple6SUre leeted as being "fit for battle" I don't have fingers nuff ter of the fans, who appreciated in ccmparison to tile you no NAYES Fowler's game e d u.. ly low ni.Jillber of finnters picked n ss an .... nro s Why does the Mighty Boileau ability, but the decision was from the squads who had the adh av e to put a couple o f Exclfmclearly Mtmro' s. vantage of the week of training. ation Marks (II) after his name 'Ihe first bout of the evening Sgt. Manuel Cocio, who carried on the Bulletin Board whe n he saw the 344th's Pvt. Joe IpTyndall's colors into the quart-initials beside his nam e f o r a politto step into the ring against er finals of the Chicago Golden detail. C0111e on Dwi ghty, tell Stan Duch, student gunner. TynGloves last month, was picked to us. You lmo w we'uns loves yuh dall fight fans saw fuch box Defight in the heavyweight class Jumpin' Sassefrass if T / Sgt. Mitchell dim' t oome in from F\ll'-Simone several weeks ago in a against Joe Buday of Gunter lough all in one piece (as far as match during which he showed Field. Cocio was the only T / F I can see). I heard some one on comparatively little. However, winner, and he readily disposed the phone say one day not long BOTTOM: cameraman B i 11 James the student gunner was fllster on of his man in the f'!TSt round via e.go that"! love you to pieces, crawled out on the c atwalk of the his feet last 'lllesday and put up the T.K.O. route. Tony Lopez of 'ou wittle o'e Wed-Headed Wascle." post gym to get this shot of Bill a creditable figpt against IppoTyndall lost to Gunter F1eld's If' any of you neerl a rest Richardson catching Ray Jeske litto. Joe Billick by a T.K.O. Billick .1ust try a g1111e of Sunday volley with a 1 eft to the chin in the lit is a former All-Paci fie Coast ball oat in back of Ute squadron Ippo o Wins Decision supply_ ro0111 -onderful fourth bout f th h football center from S1111ta Clara. ,."' ""' o e evening. In t e first round Ippolitto Hearn fl' /Sgt.) ctld. Seems lilce -----------------1 ca:ugpt his man several times with Tyndall's fir}lt fans will get he gets tired and takes a rest --Redbirds--Cagers Win; Geraci Has New Luck Charm CUr basketball team con tirrues its scintillating pla y and although we are not energing victorious in all o f the c o n tests, Coach Heidena' s protege' s .always manage to give the spectators a thrill with their f ighting, spirited style of play; so why not turn out and see than fonn? S /Sgt. Smith, our clerk, is back again md is having a di ffi cul t time getting in tune with the am1y routine once again. We hear that Pfc. Geraci is g,uing around toting a 50 cent piece and prizing it beyond its i ntrinsic value. If you can manage to get his confidence, perhaps he will tell you all about it. Our scpad ron orientation lectures a r e proving highly interesting, now that sanething new has been added. SHJITING DEPARJMFNT: This week w e are giving the res t of our space to the m e n who are in the Sighting Department. S / Sgt. Wannarka, who is Lt. Bailey's head man is basicing 1 t this week mt will b e back on the job on Monday; in the m ean time, WSgt. Franklin has taken over his duties. We reg r e t the loss of Lt. Waller, from our Departme nt, md in his place we Lt. McLem. We think that our department is the most :iroportant on the field an:'l justly so if JQU !mew evel'ything else you would not be able to bring do1'1n a plane unless you knew sighting. Last week, the instructors who were highly praised by the students in the weekly seminar report, were Sgts. Martin, Blessinger, Carroll and Myers; also Cpl. Van Fleet and .Pfc. Keller. hard punches which Duch took their first glimpse of Cocio in (hospital style) every so often without giving too much ground, action 'lllesday nigpt at the Post now. How lb you oo it Slick? He but the student gunner was off Gym when ano ther eight-bout card want.ed to know also where his his aiming and many of his blows is schedlled to take place. '!he weapons fbr attacking the Area first bout will begin at 7::ll for S to took the match.by decision. fights and should provide plenty charged that to me on a fbnn #33-Eloory Leeson, whose waltz-step Youm 'til the COli'S come rome, of opposition for Cocio. Snnlrey in the ring would do credit to any dance floor, managed to land several hard blows to the body of Harry Picklesimer, student gun ner and win a close decision the second fight of the evening. Leeson, 344th pugilist, missed almost as many times as he connected, but his taller opponent was off fonn and did not take ad vantage of tile openings Leeson 1 eft from time to time. Draw Decision Ordnance's Charlie IDankenship and Don Foggletti, student gunner, pounded each o tiler into tile ropes in the third rna tch, with the draw decision registering.unfavorably with the crowd. Foggletti left no doubt as to his familiar! ty w1 th tile s

I Forwarrrd "Roadsrde rest "Takinq advantage of cover" "Slacken the "A slit trench Mav save vour life"


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