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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 3, no. 16 (April 15, 1944).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
April 15, 1944
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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, We're Team" Persons on Losing Colonel Says FOR WAR BOND GETS WAY GUNNERMAKERS WIN COLONEL PERSONS OPENS WAR BOND DRIVE SA NOW I CH PRICE OOOPS FOLL()IING COOFERENCE Concrete results from a re cent meeting of the Special Service Non-Com council at which Col. Joln w. Persons, commanding officer, was an i 'nterested listener to complaints voiced against various conditions on the fielrt ap pearecl a t the PX this week, '!he price of egg sandwiches rl ropp ed from 15 cents to a rlime. 'Ihe high price of sanrlwiches a nrl some other PX articles were among the subjects rliscussert at the meeting. Pfc. F e ldman, above stu d ent gun n e r o f Squad r o n E, will be the starting T ornaqo hurl e r tomorrow afte r noon when the T/F diamond sq uad meets the E glin Field nine at the F o r t w a lton ballpa r k T h e 19 year old righthande r i s from Brooklyn. T o m orro w s contest will be the Tornado's third of t he seaso n Next sunday the T o rnadoes w i 1 1 meet .the i r f i r s t m a j o r opponent o f the seaso n o n home g r o und s whe n they p 1 ay N apier Fi e l d he r e The game i s sc h ed ulP.d to star t a t 2:15P.M. POST COURT CROWN Finis Snowden, wit:h 26 point:s, Set:s Tourney Scoring Record as 40th Cops Title, 64-37 WHAT'S DOING NEXT WEEK SUNDAY 12:30 P.M.--Record Concert, Post Theater. MONDAY 12 :30 P.M.--AIU1 Representative Meeting, Athletic Office. 7 P.M.--Movies, Hospital 8 :30 P .M. --Movies, Receiving Squadron. TUESDAY 7 P .M.--Special Entertainment at Hospital, 8 P .M.--Dance, USO 8 P.M.--Movies, Colored Rec Hall. 6 :X! & 8:30 P.M.--USO Show, Monkey Shines. WEDNESDAY 12:30 P.M.--Special Service Non.Com MeetinA, Post Library. 7 P.M.--Protestant Choir Rehearsal, Chapel. 7 P.M.--Variety Show, Receiving Squadron. 8 P.M.--G.!. Dance, Rec Hall, Permanent Party Only, 171URSDAY 7 Hospital. 8 P w.--G.I. Danctt, Rec Hall. Students Onl-y. 8 P.M.--Dance, Colored Rec Hall. 8:30 P.M.--Movies, Receivinll Squadron, FRIDAY 7:30 P.M.--SIOA Club (EM's Wives) Special Sttrvice Ofc. 7 : 30 P.M.--Boxing, Receivinll Squadron. 8 P.M.--Movies, Colored Rec Hall. SATURDAY 7 P .M.--Movies, Hospital. 8 :30 P.M. --Movies, Receivinf Squadron.


u;[J ........,... QJESTION: IN THE SPRING, A YOUNG MAN'S FANC Y LIGHTLY TURNS TO THOUGHTS OF LOV E. TENNYSON. HOW DOES SPRING AFFECT YOU? BY DELBYCK AND Cpl. Quinton Yebb, 69th, filming ton, Del.: "At the C damed nice I feel lilre !!,Oing over the hill, Pvt. George Bodo, Moos up, C onn.: "At the first signs of Spring I feel like gettlllf a fishing pole and catch me a mess of brook trout and then in the eve-ning indulging in a little nnonlight parking. Pvt. John O 'Connor, Sq. C, P orts-1fiOU th, Va. : "Spring gets me to thinking about civilian life M-Ien I userl to play baseball all day, anrl in the eve ning s I'd g> dmo ing and walking with my best girl." C pl. G rover C arroll, 9 32nd, Orland o, na.: "In the I want to f1nd my sel f in the of a F1.orirla ball park watching e big league bliSe--:: b all te11n doing __ ,.. its stuff in one of those goocl old pre-season exhibition It's a Small World Kwajalein Atoll (CNS)Ma rines wer e i n the process of mop ping u p here when o u t of a dug out ran a Jap yelling: D o n t s h oot. I've got a brother in Broo k l y n ." Ro se lle, N J. (CNS)-ln ord e r to save a little gas, J oe T r oj a n o w i cz drove h i s car a l ong the New J e rsey r ailroad tracks. H e "licked Up f our fiat t i r es, was arrested, fined $ 218 and had his license s u s pend e d THE OF THE WEEK: Old maid to the other old maid visiting a nudist colony: "Oh, my! Isn't that Fanny Brown?" Laugh at superstition if you want to, but go easy if you have a tendency to b elittle the power or the AER c oin box on T /F's Wishing Bridge spanning the walk betwee n HeadQuarters and the Fi nance Office. According to Capt, C.F. Brunner, builder of the bridge, anyone dropping a coin in the box pnd ringing the bell may make a wish and be reasonably sure or that wish coming true. Two ago, Jim Gantz and several or his frienas crossed the bridge and each dropped a penny ln the box. Th e wish that each or student gunners made was that Jim Gantz would win the Gulf Coast Golf Tournament, He did. 'Ihe sight of an lilfamiliar tmiform or insigr.ia always arouses curiosity. Lately on Tyndall Field you may have espied a man wearing what appears to be an officer's uniform, but without bars. And on his left sleeve you may have noticed the 3rd Air Force insignia and a large, wh1 te, blue-bordered triangle be neath it, with the words "U.S. Army" inscribed in the triangle. lM O.V.I E .. POST Todsy, 'THE YOUNG IN HEART,' Doug Fairbsnks Jr., ]snet Gaynor. Sun., Mon., 'FOUR ]ILLS IN A JEEP,' Carole Lsndis, Msrths Raye. Tuesdsy, 'MONKEY SHINE,' USO Csmp Show. Wed., Thurs., 'MEET THE PEOPLE,' Dick Powell, Lucille Bsll. Fridsy, 'LADIES COURAGEOUS,' Loretts Young, Disns Bsrrymore. RITZ Sun., Mon, 'STANDING Rcit::M ONLY, Paulette Goddsrd, Fred MscMurrsy. Tuesdsy, 'Hi Good Lookin',' Hsr riet Hillisrd. Wednesdsy, 'THE PHANTOM LADY,' Ells Rsines, Frsnchot Tone. Thurs., Fri., 'Li febost, Willism Bendix, Tsllulsh Bsnkhesd. Ssturdsy, 'SUNDOWN VALLEY,' Charles Stsrrett, Late Show, 'lliE SULLIVANS,' Ann Bsxter, Thomss Mitchell. PAN AHA Sun. Mon 'THE CROSS OF LORRAIN E Jesn Pierre Aumont. Tuesday, PIED PIPER,' Monty Woolley, Ann Bsxter. Wed., Thurs. 'ROAD TO MOROCCO,' Crosb y -H ope--LBITlour. F ri., Sst., 'FUGITIVE FROM SON ORA,' Don 'Red' Bsrry. Lste Show, 'APACHE KID,' Don 'Red' Bsrry. BAY Sund'!Y THE LADY IS WILLING,' Fre d Msrlene Dietrich. Mon., Tues. 'MY SON TilE HERO Patrick Kelly, Roscoe Kesrns Wed. Thurs., 'TIMBER Q UEEN Richsrd Arlen, Msry Beth Hughes: We sat through a tormented meal at the Post Cafeteria recently, staring at the unif"orm and the insignia, unsuccess:f\Jlly trying to guess the wearer's rank and Army affiliation. Finally, we left our table and walkerl over to the "mystery man" and politely d.emanded an explanation. With an 8Jllllsed smile, "Mr. T. c. Bechtel informed us that he was connected with the 3rd Air Force, as his insignia indice. ted, in the capac ity of a technical autanotl.ve ad visor. He is "on loan to tl'le 4th Service Command and is working with the '1;/F Ormance Detactlnent. 1he triangular insignia is that of a non--combatant, and his uniform that of an officer, but he is not rated as an officer. He explained that he is one of the 1,000 automotive advisors now working with the Army and that the question of their rank or gra.rle has never been clearly defined. The bivouac story o r the week concerns the corporal of the guard who w ent out to check on his m e n and railed to r eturn. Afte r a l ength o r time had elapsed, Post 8 called ror the corporal o r the guard and the officer. or the guard sent out ,the sergeant or the guard to answer the call. At Pos t 8 the sergeant or the guard r ound the corporal or the guard under arrest, pending identification by the sergeant or the guard. No matter who won the post baSketball crown last night, the members of the Ordnance quintet can talre pride in the fact that their organization was behind them 100 percent, and showed it by their mass attendance at all Ordnance games Fans attending the tournament games at the Post Gym last Tuesday night were trea.ted to an exhibition of marksmanship between the halves of .the second gliDe when Lt. Kath erine Holmes of the Nurses Col1Js stepped out on the floor and slx>t seven straight baskets with .the skill 8f1d eliSe of a profes.sional, We don't Imow whether to credit P. T. or previous experience for her performance, but it certainly w liS amazing. Lt. Radka, formerly of Marianna Air Base and recently appointed assistant to Capt. Reed Salley, post war bonds officer, is all enthused over the new speed-up system on war bond deliveries. According to an announcement made this week by Col. Persons, bonds will be delivered within 12 days after purchase and Lt. Radka has sworn .before the bar (his gold bar) that he will deliver the certificates or freedom. (Continued on next page) Star of Pic at Post Theater Sends Best to Guys at Tyndall Paulette Goddard Fri. S a t 'HEART OF 17/E (St d n t t 1 f 'Th y uo..a.. arr1 n., 1 on1 e s rev1 VB o e oung In Heart' 8 t the WEST Roy Ro_1eu. 'I ESCAPED Post FROM GESTAPO


April 15, TJ!E TYNDALL TARGET Pa e I TYNDALL TALES -(Cont.) I Wac SjSgt. Jo Bottini ls re ported to have come to a parting or the ways with other members or the T/F WAC Det.over Jo's r e -cently acquired reline pet, "Spawn, and "Baby as he was successivelY named. It seems as GUNNER OF though the girls wanted to give the kitten a still better name, Third Omner o:f the Class at and were very indiscreet about Tyndall to.receive the exdiscussing the matter berore non-pense Paid end vis1 t to members or the detachment. Panama City HJ.:Pvt. Maynard KEn* ney, top man on the graduating Wit h t h e c a p ture or Odessa by '/ list of Class 44-16. Kem1.;.., is a t h e r o r ce s or c;en. Rodi o n y, Mal-1 T Sgt. Dick Rtmk of the Post -, inovskY' s Third Ukrainian Anny o n Mess Office and ik r native of Dansville, N.y,, Whe ...... sp er o re...., M o nday last, his tory bas r e peated nown 0 the 11 b 11 after completing his high school n vo. ey a courts, ed i tsel!. For o n ce b e r o r e in 1918 brounht th 1 1 f b k h ucation, he was 88 a Ef. e gr. rom ac ome during the s i e g e days or "' a rch down to p Cit 1 hydr8Ul1c press operator fur four n an8111B. Y ast week and d 13-27, has the nag or the Gennan exch befi an a half years, tmtil Novt!lllber, vows ore the altar. Fatherland nown o ver t he p o r t o r 1943, when he was called into the Service. Odessa. Th e n a s n ow, the C1 t y Tyndall bade goodbye to one o! 'Ih 2 1 was r e t a k e n by the Russians to 1 t e 5 d glD'mer received s veterans last week when it hi cap a series or brilliant enaoged h s basic training at M111111 Beach .,... was announce t at CWO Dan Howell d men t s in the rie l d Now that t r d tn wss then assigned to Tyndall. was rans erre to Maxwell Field. Odessa has s11pped rrom German As a r r r nli t d d He lists his trainingontheskeet Here are his annnery records: o me e s e man an authority, t he ,enemy's p osit i o n nrst sergeant. on this H eld, Hr. range as the most interesting Cal. 00 93% Moving Base 66% in the Crimea becomes untenable Howell proved his d ini t ti part of the gunnery course, and Turrets Si....,ting s-' am s ra ve to B'' <>to and automatically places in ability and earned the respect or names .tnnting and fishing as his Skeet Range Tower Ringe 78% jeopar"u the lives o r an estima t-th favorite bobbie& J DAnDO 20 e men o! all ranks with whom he t-----------------_:. ___ ed 100,000 or Rumanian and German worked. His reputationdid not LT O'BRIEN VET A O 2 troops. Thus German hope s ror a diminish with his appointmentto ER N F 6 MONTHS AT HAWAII rtnal vic t ory mus t retreat d eeper anthde hreanpkuros!uead hwiasrrnant dortriicer, AS AN EN Ll STED MAN' PRAISES p T AND PART into the twilight zone with e ach ew u es as conquering root o r the presen t chid clerk and later as ass is-WACS ARE PLAYING IN WAR Soviet advance. tant post .a.dJutan .t, with rurther The sinister hand of Nazis m credit. On behalr or his many 11'1he only reaa:m I'm alive to-the Milllli Beach o.c.s., is now a out aero the Mexican rriends here we wish him well on day is bec8Use I could run :taster gunnery instructor on om of 1)11-border this week in an unsuccuahis new assignment. We wllllong than my buddy," says Lt. John E. dall's JOOVing target ranges. "If ful attempt to anuff out the life remember him as a good rriend and O'Brien; veteran of a 26-month a soldier doesn't believe that of Manuel Avila Camacho, Preai soldier, and will never !orget "hitch as an enlisted man at physical training can mean the dent of the United States of h is pet phrase on army li!e, Hawaii with the field artillery. difference between life mddeath, Mexico. in a Mexirts hard--but 1t's !air! 1 Lt. O'Brien, a recent graduate of he'd better make sure he's carrycan Army uniform the would-be the fUll limit of GI insurassassin fired one shot at the ONE MAN'S OPINION What's near Ed: I don' t know llhether the Ta:r get' s Letter to the Ed1 tor coltunn is open to of:ficers, but the matter llhich I am about to dis cuss affects the officers, enlisted men and civilian personnel of this post. 8 We are all, by this time, familiar with the Army's md the nation's conservation progrllll. Among the more .important COIIJDdi ties to be conserved are articles of clothing, and I believe the personnel on this field are doing their best to cooperate With the conservation program in this respect. However, our best ef'for.tsire being nullified in a mosvdiS couraging manner. I !Ill re.ferring to the treatment our clothing is receiving at the hands :of .the post l8Undry. Buttons. arebeing tom off with a vengeance,.:ho#.es are being made with the .indis cretion and ferociousness of a dog digging for a bone, ern serial 1'\UIUbers are being stamped all over the clothing with the 1 ess abandon of a drUnk painting a town red. We realize thal buttons may come off accidentally,. that holes must be made in socks, 8Ild that numbers must be stamped for proper identification, but is it beyond the realm of possibility to exercise care 8Ild caution dtll' ing the process? Socks which come back from the 1 aundry resembling a tow target returning :from a successfUl mis sion can be wom or salvaged by the enlisted men, but for the officers there is no al temative. IIIlSt wear thEIII since replace ments C8Ilnot be purchased, pB.l' t1cularly at the PX, where the only socks on sale are not'in keq>ing with Anny regulations. We can replace tom buttons, Yours? we canwear or salvagetomsocks, and can even wear shirts and trousers w1 th our serial rrumbers proudly displayerl on the back of our collars or on our pocket lapels, but f'rankly, we feel that isn' t necessary. An Irate Officer To the Ed! tor: The in8Uguration of the "courtesy card" system should go a long way in keeping officers and enlisted men on thei. r toes as far as military courtesy is concernel3. I tmderstand that officers, too, have been issued the courtesy cards, but that these officers' cards can be "picked up" only by a. ranking officer. Why? A breach of mil! tary courtesy is a breach of mil! tary courtesy, regardless of wether an officer or an enlisted man C(JIIIII.its it. If an officer is guilty of a breach of courtesy in the presence of an enlisted m8Il certainly the officer s!nuld be subject to the Slllle reprimand meted out to an en listed man under reversed condi tions? Consider this case. Gr8Il ted that walking around with your htnds in your pockets is a most natural tendency, it is still verboten in military circles. Yet, on several occasions an officer has walked over 8Ild p rimanded a group of Gis for carrying the! r hands in the! r pockets and this same officer, while addressing the men, has a hand in his pocket --and even walks away :from the group with the hand still in his pocket. Under the present ruling, the enlisted men are left SNAFU and lose their respect tbr the off! .. cer, the courtesy system tnd the Anny' s sense of justice. -Sgt. 0. H. n. ance before he /!Pes into CCIIIbatr--President, the bullet piercin his dependents are going to need the President's coat and veat it," saidLt. O'Brien in :t\lrther without harmin hi. Police stressing the importmce of phyexlllflination uncovered the auail sical stllllina in battle. ant's conne.:tion with the cause In discussing events at Pearl fanatic and he waa later sent to Harbor on December 7, 1943, the a military prison to await the lieutenant related row the men in further pleasure of the .. Jlitary his succeeded in br:l.nging authorities. South of the border down a Jap plane with m6Chine gun is no place for the contrabrand fire. After the Japs left, ideolo.in that National Social-O'Brien said his crew worked for ism is trying ao desperately to 56 successive ho-ars in perfecting smuggle acron, nor is snywhere, C81110Uf1age, digging slit trenches, for that matter, as Hit 1 e r i s pulling 8Ild loading guns. finding out for himself. Among the buildings d8111aged by A r ecent war communique rethe Japs at Hickmn Field was the leased by General MacArthur's PX, which, the fonner GI recalled, Headquarters states that the Japwas b.tilt almost identically like anese have abandoned Gasmata on the one at Tyndall Field. the south coast or New Bri taln, When the boat which brought and are in rull retreat to the O'Brien back to the "States" enGazelle Peninsula at the northtered the San Fr811cisco harbor, west tip or the island. And he and his buddies were waiting presumably with the speed or a to disembark with heavily laden gazelle. Evacuation or this 1m barracks bags, but the sight of portant air and supply base by the Golden Gate and the f8miliar the Nips involves a considerable scenes of an American city made loss or race ror them beyond the the boys :feel as though the bar-power or any lame excuses to reracks bags strung across their pair. But the enemy has lost shoulders were stuffed with more than race 01 New Britain, feathers. "I saw ay first Wac at Jor there are at least 10,000 Fort Mason in S8n Frmclsco," said Japs who h11ve lost all interest the lieutenant, with a gleam in in the war aM. have gone to join his eye, "and she certainly was a their honorable ancestors, thanlm pretty thing to see. In fact, I to the Yanks who exped1 ted their married a Wac, and without being departure. biased, I want to go on record as Ev.ery hour and on the hour the saying theyf redoing a d8mned good aki es over Europe open to receive job! w 'Ihere are some Gis, conthe Breat air fleets of the Unl ted tinued the gunnery instructor, Nation and from who don't appreciate the Wac's their secret rendevous with the part in this. war, and show it by enemy. Ni.ht and day the sweet their disrespect. But SC111ething of their engines choruses for those who belittle our Wacs through the watchful heavens and to remember is that almost 80% the dropped notes of the bobs of our Gis are draftees, while rock a city, lulling it into every member of the Wac is a oblivion. This week, the RAF snd volunteer!" the U.S. 9th Air Force in concert Before the Target reporter visited the cities of Odeana and could ask him any IJI)re Bour.es in France and perfored Lt. O'Brien, who incidentol.ly, is also over Melsbroek, near Brus a native of Boston, Mass., was sels. It was an encore per for.,. out of' his chair end on his way. a nee, redounding to the credit It seens that the only !reason he of the entire caat, for wlten the dropped into the PUblic Relations final curtain fell it could not Office was to get a priority on a completely .hide the havoc backtelephone :for his reE Jidence. atage.


Page TYNDALL TARGET Tyndall PUBLISHED ON SATURDAYS BY THE SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE FOR PERSONNEL OF THE ARMY AIR FORCES FLEXIBLE GUHIends on the rate of thought and feeLing. common. Why? Many men are --John Jt'iLLiam Draper afraid to be afraid. Surround ed by their friends, they dare What to do in the off duty hours is the rearing bugaboo that not show their co-wardice. They cmfronts many GI.s having a hours or a Stmday to do with as know there is no retreat, and they please. A common. sight is 'that of Gis apparently with time that they must stay and fight, on their hands, wandering aimlessly all over the post in search supported by the courage of of something to fill the enpty ho U:rs. As such, they constitute their associ'ates, upheld by a problem to themselves and to the Service, for surely a heal thy, their fine equipment' their contempt for the weakness of interested attitude is the real: ()fa. soldier's morale. It their. enemies, carried along may well be that having investig!ited the Army's province of by the hot passion of battle, sions and that after a s -core .of diss-atisfying trtps _to town,-a, its excitement, with consequent Soldier might, upon surveying' himself irt the rooming gfBBs, decid: e __ forgetfulness of danger. that he is bored beyond his anny years. Well, is' not," Let-' s look at the hero in PeCtil.iar to the Service," soldi_ er, for_ it hBS been att __ ac __ king ci_ Vi_.)._:. great battle: Jesus Christ. :lans with alanning regularity-ever since the stone age. His mother is proud of Him War naturally lim! ts people in the. things that they would)ike_ ; but everyone else is to do. It closes many averrues of formerly enjoyed .for calling Him a failure, a de them. But it aloo breeds a greaterconsciousness of the yalue, .of ceiver, a villain. His counexisting pleasures mti leisu'repursuits. try is throwing Him off as a Let's face it honestly :.Vi':thout losing the power of a traitor. His friends are afraid to admit they know Him. minute's griping. GrBnted that anny life lacks the .'and His enemies have Him completeand trimmings of civilian existmce, it is generally lived in' ly in their power. canparative security Bnd usually to the complete_ el_Cch.isioo of,the. He _was. the greatest hero tension that goes along with being a civilian. Also; i t safe-:that ever lived, but few shields the individual from any possible criticism_ of his ,part in thought so then. He was fight the war and. satisfied canplacency is only a reSult. __ It. ing all alone--not a soul but would seem therefor that these are major among 'f.he,.iiittuencesMary to help Him. He could have retreated after Gethse that promote boredom. Understandably, there are: Su.ch ,things as mane, but-He didn't. He faced too much security-..:.too little challenge. Somehow, who the Passion alone. His nve in London and. Leningrad escaped them rades all deserted H i m, and alive today to tell how they did it? :''' .. there was no hot passion of These simple Pleasures that are, soldier; enjoy: than_ white you .battle to give Him courage-em. FOr even as you begin turning in your just grim pain that must be things, somewhere is a soldier long fran borne alone. The excitement 1!!1'. wasa'Il on the part of His give a year's pey to be in your sroes for a enemies. Remember this next time that old feeling. tiin(atens. While_ we And he died. The terrible may sigh after days t.hl1 t were, we still niust live the days that last charge of the devj_ls went are. Time, soldier, is a rl!-tioned commodity.:.,.:.acoordingly, make up Calvary. They were deter the most of your share of it. -mined if they could not beat they would make Him pay for His victory. Apparently His enemies the sinners of-the world, all of them; triumphed. What was He fighting for? All the things we claim to be fighting for--life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He wanted to win them forever by beating back sin, crushing evil, winning the world for His Father, making it a place 1{ thupel j?-PROTESTANT Sunday Sunday School, Post Chapel.9 Worship, Color.ed Rec Hall..9 Worship, Post Chapel. ..... 10 Worship, Skunk Hollow ..... 10 Worship, Post Chapel. ... 7:30 Tuesday Fellowship Meeting 7:30 Wednesday Choir Rehearsal 7:30 CATHOLIC Sunday A.M. A.-M. A.M. A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. Mass, Post Chapel a A.M. Mass, Post Theater 10. A:M. Mass, Post Chapel 11: 15 A.M. Daily 5:30 A.M. Saturday Confessions ? P.M. (and any time Chaplain is in his office.) Friday Worship Service ......... 7:30 P.M. where decent men can live and decent women can go abeut unafraid. He did Win this Hero of Heroes And then The very men who are supposed to be the heroes of the world try their best to undo His work. What of the fine aviatorwho is a hero in the air and on the ground too weak to keep his hands off the body and soul of some woman God meant to be the mother of human be ings? What about the fine s-oldier: \ who is so brave on the battle field, but of whom any dirty tongued man can make a coward with a filthy story or a rot ten song, who is strong enough. to fight a brave fight but not strong enough to control. his tongue? What about the brave tnan in uniform who can beat the Ger man or the .Jap, but is a push--: over for the Devil. Who can take an enemy town but who upsets the plans of.Jesus Christ to make the world a decent place? What about the man who says he's fighting for life, liber ty, the pursuit of piness--and kills the life of grace in his own soul and in the souls of others? who uses his liberty to undo the work of Christ? who makes the world a place vice and sin? KNow YouR PLANE "Been h&re long, Sergeant? B-25 MITCHELL DESCRIPTION: 'J'win-engine medium bomber constructed as an all metal, mirlwing, land monoplane. Twin tail, tricycle lBnding gear. Crew of 5 or 6. Manufactured by North American at Inglev.uod, CalUbrnia, and KBnsas City, Mo. DIMENSIONS: Span, 67 feet, 8 inches. Height, 15 feet, 9 'inches. Tread width, 19 feet, 4 inches. Wing area: 610 square feet. Length, 51 feet, 11 incres. Approximate weight, 35,000 lbs. POWER PLANT: Tv.u Wright R-2000 air-cooled radial 14-cylinder 1,700-hp. engines, with 2-speed turbo superchargers, Hamil ton Standard 3-bladed, hydromatic full-feathering propellers. PERi'ORNANCE: Rated in :JJO-miles -per rour class. Approximate vice ceiling, 25,000 feet. Tact ical radius of action--400 miles. BOMB LOAD: 2,000 lbs, ARMANENT: Attack version: lx. 75 nm. cannon. 14X. 00 caliber mach ine guns, including four in power turrets. Bomber version: Regul a r bombardier nose, no cannon, 12 gnns. P RO'fEC'fiON: Annor for all crew members at battle stations.


April 15, 19lj.ll ON OCTOBER 16, 1941, Ge nnan ,troops entered the great Rus sian city of Odessa. Last week they left. In those two sentences is contained the. essence of the war between Germany and the Soviet Union. In 1941 the Germans entered Odessa as con querors. Last week when they abandoned the city, they were on the way out of Russia for good. Odessa is the fifth largest city in the Soviet Union, and its largest southern port. The nation that controls OdesBa to a large extent controls the Black Sea as well. For this reason the recapture of Odessa is a great victory; but when we remember that Odessa was --with the exception of Minsk --the only large Soviet city remaining 111. Genuan hands, its fall takes on significance far even its military importance. The recapture of Odessa completed the isolation of more than 100,000 Gel"II1an and Ru-manian troops still holdirtg out in the Crimean Peninsula far to the east. The Crimea has been in German hands since September 1941. The westward drive of the Soviet armies isolated these troops from all 1 and communication several months ago. The fall of' Odessa has now also cut them f.rom easy sea communication with German f'orces on the mainland. The Red Army was quick to take advantage of' this situation, anrl. last week three sepa.rate Soviet f'orces drove THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 5 ..,.April 915 driven the Germans completely out of that long neckof land in the eastern Crimea known as the Kerch Peninsula. The Ger man High Command cheerfully explained that "German troops disengaged themselves in hard fighting toward positions far ther south." But the cold truth is that the Russians overrunning the Cr.imea at a rate that has hardly equalled in any other stage of the Russo-German war. Farther to the Soviet troops of the First and Second Ukrainian Armies continue to smash forward at an impressive rate. The Russian city of Tiraspol, one of the two river crossings left to German troops east of the Dneister, was captured. in mid week. West of the encircled Rumanian city of Jassy, Soviet forces drove f'orty miles directly into Rumania, while other Russian troops pushed .across the prewar border of' Czechos lovakia (an area now occupied by Hungary). IN .THE PACIFIC 1 ast week, Japan's "invincible" armed forces got another taste of' America's growing air power. The great Japanese fortress of Truk in the Carolines was pounded repeatedly f'rom our bases in the Admiralties and on Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands. Other violent atSt. Matthew'Bering Sea THE ALEUTIANS 0 100 200 Mile s (Mat 85-505) Pacific 0 c e an Ntt i OI'tll Go t- .PHI'h;, !:H..c .. lt by C N The fog-bound, mist-hung Aleutian Islands string out a thousand miles across the north Pacific from the coast of Alaska to Asia. Attu, last whistle stop on the line, is farther west of Portland, Ore. than Portland, Ore., is west of Portland, Me. The Japanese, who early in the war seized Attu, Agattu and Kiska, have been driven away and the Aleutians once again are occupied by the U.S.A ., providing stepping-stones in the essentiol United Nations supply routes across the Pacific to Soviet Russia. Land action in the Pacific was conf'ined to New Britain where after months of bitter resistance the Japanese de fenses suddenly collapsed like a punctured balloon. Early in the week the Japanese abandoned their air base at Gasmata on the southern coast and began a hasty retreat northeastward toward their great bastion of' Rabaul. American .sol-tacks were launched against diers and Marines are in hot Wewak and Hollandi a on the pursuit of the fleeing enemy, northern coast of New Guinea and it appears that before long The theater of' war in this the lanti battle for Rabaul it swif'tly into the Crimea :from area is moving steadily west the north and west. The Ger-self will begin. ward, and the Caroline Islands series or''heavy riu<'ls the Americans successively at Poz'nan in Poland, Marienburg in East Prussia, and Rostock and Warnemund on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany. The raid on Marienburg marks one of the deepet penetrations of' the European continent yet made by bombers bas.ed in Great Britain. Violent air battles raged over the Baltic Sea several times during the week. Our losses were considerable, but not out of proportion to the number of bombers participating in the attacks. The German Luftwaffe suspended its recent policy of sitting on the ground long enough to come up anrl quarrel with our formations. It was a bad idea--on one raid alone over 120 were shot down. mans made no serious attempt --once f'ar beyond the striking to stop them, and by Wednesday range of our fleet and air they had crossed more than force __ are now in the geoLAST WEEK 'British-based half the distance to Sevastagraphical center of our mili-American heavy bombers struck pol, the largest city in the tary operations. we shall deep into the easternmost part Crimea. Other Soviet; units, hear more of the Carolines be-of Germany --beyond Berlin, under the famous General Yeref'ore thi phase of the Pacific and in one case even beyonrl IN FAR OFF BURMA last week, m __ indecisive fighting continued OSlO S! auoldi!Ol ayl sd!l papunoJ between the British defenders .OJ paJadol .. ayl Inrlian border city of Imphal. puosaua:>ouau!Buaayl;opJoM.IO! Several times the Japanese ua..v. spa!oJd asou punoJ '6uo1 SH seemen within reach of an im 'Jaqwoq wn!paw 'au!Bua U!Ml '6u!M protant strategical success --the cutting of our rail supply -p!w Y 6!Y 0 ',JapnoJnow, 9Z:-ca 1 ines in eas tem India. But s,.:JVV .ayl s,H i l 'ON ID ION by the week's en<'l the British a6pa Bu! -I!DJl ayl uo Jadol lSaloaJ6 ayl ljl!M 'SdH paAJn:> Ol Jad'ol s6U!M-p!W ayl ;o sa6pa ljlO'i! saua:>ou au!Bua U!MJ ayl tO poayo !laM spUalXa asou 6uo1 ay1 'Jaqwoq opadJOl puo Jaqwoq wn!paw 96-1 ,sdor ayl ',uaN, s,H it 'ON ID aJ!::I seemed to have stopped the Japanese drive, at least temporarily. In Washington, Sec retary of the Navy Frank Knox, <'I eel ared that he did not consider the invasion of India particularly serious, since the Japanese forces involved are relatively small.


Page 6 THE TYNDALL TARGET RUSSIAN FRONT:: Rzes7ow Berdichev RO MA Nl A I HHH /Do .so 0 IOO Bound aties SHONING THE BATTLE-LINE as of Apri 1 12. Soviet forces have captured the 9 reat Russi an seaport of Odessa, and are invading the Crimea from the north and west. Kalin in / e Moscow Orel Kursk (/) Kharkov Ki rovograd Zapo rozhe


THE TYNDALL TARGET P a e 7 See more THE EOYS FR::M TYNDALL TECH We1re the boys from Tyndall TechJ The guys that God forgot. -, For we're stuck here in Florida \nd left alone to rot. We're the boys fro m Tyndall TechJ The guys from Cperations. We sure would like to be the guys With Civilian OCcupations. We 1 re the boys from Tyndall TechJ From the fighting Quartermaster. We'll survive the sand of Florida And eat it if we hafter. We 1 re the boys from Tyndal-l TechJ The jerks that roll the pills. We'll heal your cuts and bruises d cure your many ills. When this old v.ur is over J We'll all be nervous wrecksJ For we spent our hitch sweating Down here at Tyndall Tech. --Sgt. Jimmie HaTf!monds --Quartermaster-'MATRIMONIAL ARMY BEING -MOBILIZED; BOWLING ACE FRACTURES ARM "Sho I nuff Hon, this is I M Day' for You and Me-and I don't mean Mobilization." With all the confirmed used-to-be Benedicks, pulling such stmts as Atkinson did 1 ast Saturday night airl Leonardi is doing tonight, it sure looks. as i f the 907 th is --------mobilizing a matrimonial anny. Jack swiped Meryl Gordy, one of the QM lovelies, and Primo con-vinced. t!hat winsome Wac? Agnes S tef.anchich to say "I d!> Ah Spring! It's a wonderful feeling 'ihe fates turned the tables on Johnny" Hnylka when they "bowl eli" him over the .obstacle course and he cane out w1 th" a fractured al'lllo Too bad, Johri. Get well quick. We can't afford to have our bowling team star laid up. Mean while; if keeps up tbat 1.90 average it looks as if he'll cop the second half of the league toumanent by" himself. AH SPRING! AH SALLY!!. News From Your Own Home Town Springer can 1 t keep his mind on. the job because he's waiting _for Mrs. Springer and planning a three-day pass trip with you have a good time. Q.less Cpl. Naples is taking those rllllors about ratings seriously. He was spotted Satur day night practicing up on his cadence by marching such ranking men as Sgts.. King,. Andrews, Raney and a few measly Cpls. and Pvts. According to Cpl. Marie Hed lund, Pensacola is a "cute" town, but not half as cUte as that Gob Hollywood (CNS) -Violinist Hrach Yacoubian filed suit for $20,250 against a local restaurant. He charged that a steak he bought there was so tough it lacerated his larynx. Minneapolis (CNS) -When Carl Moe pleaded not guilty to -a drunken driving charge, Judge Earl J. Hines expressed willingness to disqualify himself, explaining that he had seen Moe brought into police headquarters and that he was so drunk "he almost fell on his face." "We plead guilty," Moe' s attorney hastily amended "Fifteen days," said the judge. from Jersey. lml A renegade de-1----------------f serting the Anny for the Navy... lACn w1d Mr. Jones on their tern Gold hoarding. is against the law porary assignnent at GulfPort. but not for Savino; he's current-Thanks to Lt. Goldsmith, the ly flashill?; a large new gold ring ru ess personnel and the fellows --gift fr001 tile heart back heme-who are contributing time and and in a few days he'll be flashlabor, our mess hall should ing a big gold smile with all the gleam like a dining palace with gold he'll have in_ the set of new 1 ts new coat of paint. It makes molars he's getting. us all more appreciative of the A fast gl1mpse--_very fast--at food, service and advantages in Ramey' s new portrait of himself having it. explains why the Hollywood heroes That's about all for this week are v.o rried. Welcome to Capt. --someone else better take over Worrell, new ()!:officer, 111d farefor next week--so long and re well and good luck to Qmd-gards and wish us luck. Detroit (CNS)-Two women fainted and several others were mauled when a department store announced a sale of plastic alarm clocks. When the battle had ended the store's shelve s were swept clean of the 1,500 clocks that had been placed on sale an hour b e fore. \ Evanston, Ill. (CNS)-Police are seeking the m eanest thief in the Middle West who stole two two-way stretch girdles from Mrs. H. D. Mitchell' s clothesline. Girdles are almost unobtainable here. Gallup, N. M. (CNS)-A n ewlyrich India n bought a grand piano but found tha t the doo r to his mud hut was too narrow to enable him to get hi s treasure inside. So h e built a n e w hut-around the pi a no. New City, Iowa (CNS)-Jimmy Smith, 1 1 stoppe d cutting his b irthday c a k e to d e m onstrate t o his friends hi s co nc eption of J a p harakiri m ethods H e wound up in N e w City hospital with an uncritica l, accidently infli c t e d wound in the stomach. AH!!! Cook, in Bomber, Bombs Japs With Garbage Southwest Pacific (CNS)-An unnamed GI cook, conne ct e d with a bombe r outfit h e r e has a swell syste m of making the Japs Jos e face. H e bombs them with garbage. The cook, take n on a r a id with a Liberator squadron, stood at the ope n window of the plane and ladle d out slops on the J a ps while the bombe r droppe d its load of e ggs Boo! South Pacific (CNS)-Two relatively harmless Curtiss Scout observation planes are credited with wrecking a Japanese bomber and killing its crew in a report submitted by Cmdr. William R. Smedborg, of Washington. Cmdr. Smedborg said the planes "appar ently panicked the Jap bomber" and cause d it to crash. Good Thorough Job India (CNS)-With two office r s and three sergeants d o in g the s u p e r v i si n g and three privat es d o ing t h e work a s e r v i ce c ompa n y s t arte d fumigating its l atrine. The job was a c omplete success Not o nl y was the latr in e fumigated comple t ely, but it a ls o burned d own-completely.


Page 8 THE TYNDALL TARGET ALTITUDE TRAINING QUINTET AND GUNNERMAKERS FIGHT WAY INTO TOURNAMENT FINALS; CADETS AND SQUADRON E IN CONSOLATION PLAY-OFF Basketball TOU RN.EY RESULTS Through Thursday A scrtlppy Al t1 tude Training tean, with Art Stevens spearhearling the offensive, defeaterl llil equafty hard-fighting Cadet five by a 51-49 score 'llrursdey night to enter the post basketbflll tounHlment finals. 'lbe boys from the pressure ciJIIDber helr! the 1 ead throughout 69TH ( 36) Rav. e nscroft ... 4 Sills ......... 0 Blac k .. ll Al tenbcrrg 10 Fritz 8 Sai th ... 3 the first three quarters of the game, but in the fourth the Cadets SQUADRON E c49) turned on the steam as James and Bruggeman Ill temately found the Gra.nack .. 12 basket for eight points with r;::==============:::;rl Cooney 0 Marshall. 4 three minutes to play lllld gave walker 2 the Cadets a one-point lead. GJ B()ILJNG STANDING) However, the Altitude quintet, Gardner o With tli'O of their first string: Won Lo6t Trader ; 3 111en forced to the sidelines on personal fouls, continued to 446th 12 6 fight as Art Stevens pierced the 1J TECHS (44) Urick 11 Kinney 12 Johnson 15 :. ADIIIN (20) Swenson 11 Moore .. .a.. luinlan ; 1 Reed.. 3 Hughes 2 P. T. (26) Sayre II Drongowski. 0 JlcDaniel 4 Ewing 12 Lawson 2 Lewi s 0 Kintzing 3 FINANCE. (29) Anderson 10 Collins 2 Balliett 0 Paul.. 6 Martin 9 CADETS (44) Stroud 2 Riebe 0 Heaaert 10 Robertson 1 Jaaes 12 Brueggeaan 2 Avery 11 Dosset 5 Giardina 0 0 gl a 0 40TII (86) Lawton 12 Snowden 13 Freedman 24 Cacherio 6 Boswell. 12 Wagner 0 Vail Cott 9 349TH (15) Ran sen. 4 Poskas; 0 Ross.. 3 Gustafson 2 Thuraan ..... 0 Schneller 3 Lawton 1 Gowland ; 2 Davis 0 0 350TH (46) Brenner 12 pry si. 9 Hall 2 Walker 8 Cadet defense for six points to 9 give his te1111 a one basket lead 2oth 6 Z Q t p l before he, too, left the game on 40th 6 9 uar er-r.na s personals with seconds to play. g 1 40TH (Ill) ORD!IAIICE (31) Bailey .. 2 Moore : 9 Jlullin. 1 Jlorgan 3 Johnson 4 Bruggeman, Avery and James led D. Kn epper 1 5 Shas teen 3 Snowden 14 S. Knepper.; 2 the Cadet scorers with 11, 13 and RESULTS 12 points, respectively. Fbr the 25th 1; lledics 2. CapJliello .. 4 Wright 9 Boswell. 4 Rudolph 9 low pressure men, Art Stevms ran 69th 1; Ordnance 2. Snodgrass 10 Collodi. 0 Cotys o 40th O; 446th 3. Lawton 12 Snodgrass 1 up the highest individual 932nd 0; 349th 3. 25TH (45) IIEDICS (35) ment Score--24 tallies. While 350th 0; 348th 3. Sprowls 15 Jlaxwell 12 SQUADRON E (39) 69TH (34) Shriber:::.::: 0 Z e l enick 3 Granack. 11 Ravenscroft 4 Stevens was outstanding on the LE4DJNG SCORERS Blake11an 9 Keltner : o Cooney 2 Saith 2 offense, other Altitude players, lllller, Qll, 15 gaaes 191 Martin .. 2 Lites 4 1 ti ,, 1 Sp 1 _. ti b h Stevens 15 Sol len 10 t par Cl.u.ary rowsanuHilS ngs, Bup, 446t, 12gaaes 187 Hastings 2JicDeraott. 0 Evere t 0 Black 3 contributed to the victory with sharp defensive play. Hnylka, Qll, 10 gaaes 179 Luby 4 Fritz ll h d h 1 ed Gremlins continued their pin busting tactics by piling up a respectable 2621 total to lead the team scoring, and Lt. Georgeson turned in 213-222-tBO f'or a 615 series and his f'1 fth honor cotmt of the season. A short summer league may be started next week, if sufficient interest is displayed to. warrant reorganization. All interested officers are asked to contact Lt. Green for particulars. Phone 315!3 or 2248.


Ap r i 1 I 5, I 9 THE TYNDALL TARGET Page 9 TilE BEICII FLORIDA "GOLOFISHn Dan Parker, the Bessarabian beauty who writes a sporting column and runs an elevator at the New York Daily Mirror claims that things are so tough with the Brooklyn Dodgers this year that Leo Durocher was forced to give a Flatbush Avenue milk wagon horse a tryout at first base. According to Parker, the Lippy One d-iscoverd an old platter prancing around in the outfield in front of a grass-cutting machine. Durocher liked the spavined beauty's footwork and assigned him to cover first In a ten-minute workout, nothing got by the plug. He speared hot liners and gobbled up .grounders in his teeth "in a manner that won Leo's admiration." Later, at the plate he socked the second pitch into deep center, then stood at the dish, watching the ball sail through the air. "Well, what's the matter?" Leo hollered. "Why don't you run?" "Run!" bellowed the swayback. "Listen, if I could run I'd b entered in the first race at Jamaica!" Ens. Hovey Seymour, USNR, football star at Yale in 1942, was killed recently in a plane crash on the West Coast. A member of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Yale, he declined a commission after his graduation to become a naval aviation cadet at Pensacola, Fla. He received his wings last June and was sent to a West Coast base. Up and down Jacobs Beach in the town of New York, fight fans are bemoaning the impending induction of two more beak breakers. Henry Armstrong, former --Cellar Fliers-FIRST SGT. ACQUIRES A BRIDE ON FURLOUGH First Sergeant Hill made his f'urlough pay off this time. Imagine the surprise of everyone hen he returned and calmly anttounced that he had taken unto. himself a bride! He has not yet recovered sufficiently to make any plans about severing his local connections, All jokes aside, Hill, you are to be con gratulated. we didn1 t think any one 9i0Uld marry you. As this is ui tten, our fast stepping basketball team is defin! tel y in the semifinals of the tournamert t; and by the time this is printed the tale will have been told. Whether we win or lose, it has been a lot of fun, and we at. least added to the 18Urels of the We expect to be in the running soon in baseball, ann soon again in volleyball. It pays not only to knock be fore entering the c.o. 's office, but al :>o to stop, look and lis ten, A few days ago we were reeted, upon with a our-foot snake, and this week it was a turtle. Next thing you know we'll walk in. and he'll flash a rating in front of ug-;.. then we will faint! Everybody was happy about the good conduct ribbons that were awarrled this week; that is, prac tically everybody. Note to un happy G. I : I have a medal my great-grandpappy got in the Civil War and you can wear it.We have a first class rumor departmmt now. According to the 1 a test, the ground clearing on the lot across the street is pre liminary .wo:rk on a new swimming pool. Tie that one! (Sgt. Frank Urbanic last night was elected presirlent of the Runor Club.) Beau Jack, exeight both have been reclassi fied 1-A. Lee Savold vet heavyweight contende{, has )omed the Merchant Marine. Plans already have been formulated for a Battlefront Olympics to help heal the scars of war once the war is won, Rep. Mike Monroney, of Oklahoma, has dis closed in Washington. Rep. Monroney said that, although the proposal lacks the official confirmation of the Army, preparations are in the fire for post-war games for athletes in uniform to be held in some major Allied capital, probably London. U. S track and field stars in the services, who would be eligible to partake in the proposed games, include Eulace Peacock and Harold Davis, dashmen; Les MacMitchell and Frank Dixon, milers, Greg Rice, two-miler; Al Blozis weights, and Cornelius Warmerdam, pole vault. Big League Draft Boxscore Inducted: Dick Bartell, Giants; Billy Herman, Dodgers; Bill Dickey and Joe Gordon, Yankees; Tex Covington, Louisville. Rejected: Vernon Stephens, Browns; Dixie Walker, Dodgers; Johnny Barrett, Pittsburgh. Ever on the alert for new additions to their aquarium, several members of tne T/F Boat Company outdid themselves last week when they landed a shark in the waters of the wes t Bay. since a glass bowl 1 arge enough to accommodate their catch was not avai 1 able, the boys decided to commercialize on the shark and have already formed a corporation to market its by-pra:Jucts. Pictured above is the shark and one of its captors, sgt. o.R. Carroll. Other Boat company men who had a hand in the haul were Sgts. C.R. Bennett and swaiko and Cpl. A. Gettle. HOW TO VOTE IN 11 STATES HOLDING PRIMARIES IN JUNE AND JULY NAME Of STATE GF.ORt:IA I I HOW TO APPLY fOR STATE ABSENTEE BAlLOTS I 4 July j n) In with law, lo;uli"l Pal o larli"l Dato j Final Oat b ... Stato Will Stat Will I f.foll.d lallot I Ruivo fo,....ard M..,., lo lack To Applicat\oft Ballot to lo !Eligible To for Bolio! a. Countd ---------------SI"ECIAL STAll ,ROVISIONS I h1 B.Y wn pQst card to the I Secretary of Stall!. Atlant will mail the b:.llots and the time they mus t be !OW II. I I on which the servic-eman has written j that he wishes it lreRtcd c..s an cation fur State Ballot. 11 5 June {;;, furnished by Iowa. Ser\'icemen can quest this application form 11) by writinf': t o the Secretary of State. Des 11 APr, 4 June r{'('cived b?.ck In the state to elluibl e t o b e counted Note th.11 ser\'iceman must reQue s t an application !or a which can b(.' done either b y letter or b:v WD card on wHch he hn s written he wishes it trf?ntl"d a requeF-t lor nn nppliclitio:"l for n State Absentee Bnllol. Th" bt' m:tde nt the pou1bl(' dnf(. MAl !'iF. M I C')IIC;A:"' 1 h y mailinJ.: to the Secretary of State the WD post card on which the viceman has written that he v.ishes it treated as n request Cor an apJ}Iicat10n 1 -Any time 1 9 .June furnished by M:!ine. Ser\'icemen can request this application form til b y local election otlicials. it known, or 12) by mailing to the Secr et;uy of State the WD p0$1 card on which the ser\'iceman ha.!> written that he it treated as a request for a n application for a State Absentee Ballot. IOMay 11 July n) In :-.ccordance with Michigan law. Any time 12 June or bl By a WO post card to the Secretary o f State. Lallsing, Mich. 19 June 11 July NotE' that mus t requ eFt an application f o r a ballot. which can be done either by letter or by WD post cRrd on which he has written he wishes It treated s ible rlnft'. This information Is on the bas i s of exLc;tinl{ state lnw. The Main<' Le,!!is l arure will h o ld a that m?.:O.' chanjlc som<' of the pr("'\'isions M I NNf.SOT.\ 10 July a 1 In accord;;nce with Minnesota Any time 10 !\-1.ny 10 July :\l!SS t SSli'PI tFirst prim:1 ry1 :Jt: w NottTII DAK0111 (1.-1.<\II(I:">TA 4 Jul.Y law, 0r b 1 By sending WD card t o the Secretary o State. St. Paul. Minn. ol In with Missi.!>.!>ippi law. or U l B y WD pus: card to the Sc:r.retar.v of State. Jacbo n. Miss. 6 Junl' I Thr1 c ,.,. nu pro'.IS\On for ab..,entee 'nm,l! 111 the Ptlmnn Soldier" may \ ul-onll appeartnJ.,: 111 per.,.on at the pr0rar loc,ll elect tOn pollnu! p lace 21 .J:me 111 Il l <'IC:t'ord,mt:e "1th Nort h Dukot.l 1 1 .lui.Y J;, w or b' By !-endin).( WD cnrd tn .the of Stklc. N. 0. 111 In with Okl nhomH law. or b 1 By u s inJ! lht WD po."l c n rd. orithe SccrE't.!lr ,, of Cou11ty Election Bo;nrl of !he count, of the soldier's re!'-idl 'l t' l'. The ... hould, 1 c:hw Mexico not PI'O\ Ide nn nwthod of absentee voting In the nrlmfu,. ScrncemPn to \'<1\C npp(>nl' in ut prcPtr l ocal tIN t io n P< llplnce. ----i!> un tht' of exi:;tln.l! s lt!l> lnw. The !'o:urlh 0Akotn Lep:b:\ature will hold n tt .a t r,\1\y .!=-nme n { the pro, isil.ltll>. .. Noll' WD post curd!> mmt be nddrc!'>:>cd. f rur.t and bark. to the 5ecretury of tht' County E lectwn Buidcnce. not to lhP s .. rnt;,, y there arc mtly II dny:-; between tht the will tht: hnd the the. '' lx reco.:t\ '-rl back in the s tate tn };-(' clhoblc ht! c0ut.tl"d. Thi" intormntion I s o n ttw bMIS C'f state l11w. The Oklahoma Lclo!i!>lnture. wiH h o ld n thM lhnn,l!t (l( the provi:;wns. I I the WD post l'urd from "Sccntar. of Stntl:" ltJ "StI,.Tet;.ry of. tht: Cnunty, I Election ArpliC":.Iinn um be madl ;,\ an.' time. 1 1 II July n In ;,crnrrlanrt: ,,ith Any time I 27 !\1ay ----I lrl\\' or 1 IJ I h; I3y :t carr! tn llud moiled on 1 thf' nf Sl:t. O!.nnpi:l. I ct'i\'ed by 5 HS j Au<. i This table, provided by YANK, The Army Weekly, shows you how you can vote in the primory elections of 11 states holding between June 1 and July 11. All of these states provide for voting in their primaries only by state absentee ballots, covering Federal, state and local officials. The WD post card referred to in the table is WD AGO Form 560 which has been used in elections since 1942. Your CO should be able to give you this form, but if you can't get it, you may write a leHer using the same wordage that is on Form 560. Don't forget to put your party affiliation on your application for a state absentee ballot as primary elections are for party candidates only. Remember, also, to print your name and serial number under your signature because some state officials have complained that they have been unable to read sig natures. With the exception of Georgia, which last year lowered its voting age to 18, all servicemen in these states must be at least 21 at the time of the election to be eligible to vote. Some states require ab sentee voters to take steps in addition to filing a ballot application, so if you're not sure of your eligibility to vote, you had better write to your secretary of state.


Page 10 'WE'RE ON LOSING TEAM, I COLONEL PERSONS SAYS THE TYNDALL TARGET --L\Jdet s--Squadron D Wins "E" Flag for Third Week in Row; Sweetheart Contest Is Called Off --Redbirds--Sgt. Bowden Hears It wa s 11 tough fight, and Semtiment for and against the Brother Is Prisoner Of the Germans Fag,: i ) for a while it looke d im-trip was about equal with a help the c ommon c ause Th e possi b1e, but somehow or favoring toward staying here. Lt. Biggs, our new adjutant, "Minute !olen 11re: Mrs. Eunice other Squaclron D rUe! it again. Could it be that the married was introducen at our last RhYne E. U. Simmons, J !J, For the thir.n w eek in a row mm were the people interested SQuadron meeting by our CO, Ellis, S.K. J.L. C11rtthe c adets won the "E" flag. in staying here? MaJor Carnahan, who also coner, Guv \'. A.renrl ell, Sic!ney I t s e ems that no SfJUadron has The basketball team kept up gratul.ated us allonour recent Folsom; Clnurle Koon and Ray ever won it more than twice in the spirit of the class by hig h inspection mark of 99 \1 xon, all of Post Engineers; succession. However, it does winning their first g ame, last percent. lst/Sgt. Johnny Hei 'tlrs. Hazel 'lllOmpson, Theodore not look as if it will be re-Friday .. nig;ht. The next gwne derna said i. t should have been R. F\lller, Plltll R ose anrl \!iss pea t eri. \\hat with half of the is really -going to be a tough 100 percent. You simply can't Marion Govert, Rll of Q.IIU'ter-class at Apalachicola and the one. The Dept. of Training please these first soldiers. master; Miss Jewell Dmn, Miss boys flying, 1t1 s going to be Techs have also won games Sgt. Mazzol a is the new smg Jill Stanley anrl Miss Grace a rong;h .Job. and a royal battle will probbird of the south according to M ll.i.:ow-ski, all o f Sub-Depot: Due to the lack of time, our ably come about. the latest reports; he and P. Miss Anita Sorrer1tino flflrl Miss for the sweetheart The boys are anxiously F.C. (Come rl.ian) Saputo ought Georgia Call away of Civiliiiil o f t h e c l ass went blooie. '!he awaiting their graduation and to get together. Saputo plays PersO'nnel: \!.iss Jo Ellen Vick-boys starte'i oIt with the enorders for shipment to the a mean mandolin. ers of Military Personnel: trusiAsn; n ecessary but when it ar:lvancerl phases of D:>mbarrlier Here is a little story that \tiss \la y D1rle o f Post H ospit-w a s wm01m cerl that a migration and Navigator training. It perhaps you would. say could al; Mr!<. Rnth Li>'le of Finance ; was scherlnle1 to the fair city seems tha. t Latrinogram has it happen only in a book or the Mis. F a y Willillltsof'uepartment o f Apalachicola, interest in that ft1rloug)1s are forthcoming. the movies, but it happened of Training: Miss M ary Whited the feminine Rngle less('ned How e v e r we take it from the rigtlt here at Tyndall Field, of Special Service; Miss Joa nd the next questions were, source and so far it has not in fact, narrow it down to our senh:lne Grimsley of Post Head"Uid I make it or rlo I stay?" left the latrines. own 11 ttle sQuadron. It is a quarters: Miss I;.].] en ______ i story of faith and hope, a of SignHl, aJH1 T / S gt. Frunk --C o m mandoe s----Ordno t e s-story of brotherly love. Our Parker o f Orrlnance. Bivouac Men All Wait OFF.ICER CHANGES story starts back on January Dept.--M'HUGH HAS 3 MONTHS OF BACK PAY COMING Here we go again, none the worse for wea r except tha t it is Spring Spring is when a young man's fancy turns t o what the girls have been thinking ahou t all year, S gt. Roberts Just told us the l Atest punishment for go ing A\\01.. '!hey l o ck you up in a room all b y yourself and give you the l atest copy of Esquire with all of the pages glnecl together--con clusive proof tha t crime rloes not pay. Pfc. M cHug h m arie Cpl. the other day when his papers af'riveoi from Lowry f1elrl proving that he gradua t erl Armorers S c h ool. He 3!: months o f back pay as a corporal comin g Th a t should enable him to w e t rlown his new stripe in fine fashion. This happenen at chow the other night. Sgt. Chrisco, reputerlly the laziest man in the W erupons Dept. asked to paSs the salt. Without even raising his eyes from his he replied, "A.in' t lookin thA t way." 30 of this y ear when a big For That Last Day IN ORDNANCE DET, squarlron of Forts flew over The 350th lost to the 40th S aturday night in our first tournament g __ ame, The final score wa<> 46-73. It l ooks like our own Terp lak is going to take over the job formerly helrl by Shorty Williams. Shorty now seems to be hearted for greener pastures. This ought to be a cinch for "Terp. S /Sgt. Ragland has a new Easter hat, but the h a t is on his prize possession, his Ford. He lost his sense of balance last week and leaned f a r back in his chair. Sgt. Twitchell says that S gt. Ragland's ap pearance wa startling, to say the least, when his feet ap p eared where his head should h ave been. S gt. Waller has admitted that his favorite pastime is not what p eople think: it is sleeping. All men, from buck private to Top-kick, regret Capt. Mears' leaving the Ordnance. We mostly admired his quiet, firm manner and subtle humor. Learning to be the master of another in tri ca te job is W / 0 Yates, our newly appointed Company Adjutant W / 0 Tracy should find his new position as Assistant Property Officer indeed pleasurable. Since 3 females also work at the O.P.O. Ooops, pardon us, we forgot there is a Mrs. Tracy. The bonrls of matrimony now encircle Sgt. Jim Manderson. Flowers, handshakes, kisses, and happiness galore is ex tenrlecl to him anrt his w1 :te. Pins and needles for the 69th Squadron. The Ordnance bowling team defeated them 2 out of 3 gwnes. What's hap pened to the 69th's rugg e


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