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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 62, no. 41 (February 6, 2007)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
February 6, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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II. 1111 : j. l Displaced By Fire I INSIDE THIS EDITION Battle To Close Bar Finally Over '. SEE PAGE 6 Math Instructor Is 'Top Teacher' SEE PAGE 6 B & G Club To Host Annual Step Show SEE PAGE 8 Charged In Man's Murder SEE PAGE 23 SEE PAGE 8 -! DERRICK BROOKS CHARITIES SPONSORS FASHION SHOW : Derrick Brooks Charities was the sponsor of another Ebony Fashion Fair Presents. This year's event was themed "Stylishly Hot/' and w as held Sunday afternoon, January 28th at the historic Tampa Theatre. A Tampa native, Liz Racker, was among those whose gowns were showcased during the show. Luvator Nelson, left, is president of the auxiliary organization and Tresa Boykin was chairperson of the fashion show. (Photograph by Jerry Brunson)


.) ,., ,... 0 0 N eli > c: ffi > w c w ::J:. (/) :J m .::::;) c.. z i= w ..J ..J ::::;, m I ..J w z i= z w (/)

FEATURES c: m en 11th Annual 'StOp The Violence' Candl.light Vigil I BY ffiiS B. HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer 11t1ore a decade ago, Mrs. Vivian Heyward organized the first "Stop The Vigir.':: to .. remember :those who 1 years ; passed, the grew 'to inc .lude individuals who : died of illnesses or in acci. dents well. This year, Mrs. Heyward has iri.corporated a walk into the vigil. It will be held on Saturday, February lOth, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. If the weather permits, the group will meet at the corner of Dr. ;M. L. Blvd., and North Bay Street. They will then MRS. VIVIAN HEYWARD .. Candlelight Vigil Fo1mder walk to New Bethel P. M. B. Church, 3011 E. North Bay Street (corner of N. Bay Street and 31st Avenue). Rei:inal T. Webb is pastor Contributions Remembered of the church. The walk will be cancelled in the event of rain and the program will take place at the church. Those planning CONGRATULATIONS 2007 GRADUATES High school or college graduation is a wonderful accomplishment that recognition., Sol Davis Priming can help your invitations easy! -includes inyitations; envelopes and name cards all for one low .... and a photo of the graduate. choice from several designs and verses. wnh your photo, your invitations can as special as your accomplishments. Call visit Sol Davis Printing today for hiSh qu&:fitY invitations with fast service. t 5205 N Lois Avenue Tampa, FL 336 i 4 Phone: 813 353,3609 She stated, ; .. "Enough is enough! Every N year, the list of our young g men and women who are los -ing their lives to drugs 'and violence continues to grow. HAROLD JONES "Some of the murders of our young people not 'Thes_ e deaths senseiess but_ no one is talking. The police can only do so much and the trails are getting colder .and colder." Mrs. Heyward pointed out that citizens should take the ... To Appear steps to prevent On Program tragedies from occurring. She to attend the. fes_tival are advised those who own guns encouraged to bring posters, to make sure the guns are pictures of their loved ones, kept' lock and key to flashlights, umbrellas, and prevent candles. "If we want others to valu e Among those slated to our children's. lives as imporappear on program. are tant, we must show that they Harold Jones and the staff are important to us. Saving of Morning .Glory Funeral -our. children is the ultimate. Home, Randall C., and a goal that we all should_ be special guest speaker. working towards." During the service, a speSome of who will cial-tribute will be made to remembered incl1,1de: Kevin the memory o Mr Ali Allen, 1.\licbael }Vatkins,_ (Jimmy Jacksoh> Akbar, 'Ricardo Roman, Chad who died of cancer last June. L-ynch, Carlos Gray, arid "We want to remember his Warren Mitchell, among support _and others. from 2001 until his passing. Mrs. Heyward' further We will present a plaque to stated 'that Advocates For his family," Mrs. Heyward Safer Inc., has said. begun th' e pho-Among the things that Mr. tographs of homicide victims Akbar did was to build a on benches. .-1'. candelabra and sculptured a Anyone wishing to cbntact "Stop The Violence Hand" Mrs. Heyward or obtain symbol. It will be on display additional information can at the reception. call (813) 983-0777 .. ....:::o-=,.: ;n 0 :u 6 )to en m z m r:a:J .. c: r r-!!I z ., c a:J r-c;; :::1: m c m < m :u -< -1 c: m en c Michelle B. Patty. Gospe/Jamz on AM 910 & 570 ed. Sprn to 9prn Guest Community News, Old & New Gospel Music I'm Back On -"the Radio l-877-943-9673-Give your testimony on the air Protect your family. Get tested for To l earn mor e about HIV and A IDS, Call 1-800-FLA-AIOS or visit WeMakeTheChange .com )to z c ..


1:; 0 N cD it a: w > w c w :::1: U) ::::i m :::;) a. z ti ..I ..I :::;) m ...:. w z i= z w U)

-Ms Mary-_ Dorsett, :Y.G.M.! er, speak about-? WHAT DIDN'T SHE SPEAK ABOUT?. She went back to weren't there, where in the_ the beginning of the Black world were you? You condition in America and in should'veibeeil'there the Cityiof Tampa;1an d Friday! : ':.lu;.;::.. 1 :; .:: tPL !; forward\vit:h' .t :'1' f. \ -By Randoiph Kinsey .. _. Wh a t 'hRn.' -., __ ,_-: ... :'':H.-""=JF u \ < / WHA'i'CliouMEAN WHAT. J _See? the:truth,' they should :be happened! ALL AT ONCE! careful what"theywish for! A breath of fresh 'Why? Because the truth pened! Her name was Mary about a quasi-racist, analAlice DORSETT! Who is retentive society is NOT she? Well, let me tell yo:U PRETTY! Isn't right, who she has been for the Ms. "D"? past half-century. 1 Ms. Dorsett began her Mary Alice Dorset (Miss dissertationby taiking about Mary Alice Dorsett to the blues she_ has experi.. you!) is the fi.rst African-enced in her-lifetime, woman i n Tampa burning sands .she has had to. own and operate a bail to cross in a land without, bond business: But more "please or thank you." And: than that, she was the first she used the "N"-word. Did Black woman since she ever use the "N"-word! Reconstruction to run for the This utterly eloquent lady. It florida "_ House of_ .was like Emily Post licking she did last Friday will_ go when_ Ms. Dorsett was down in history 'through,' undergar-_ more than likely' you will ments were twisted in such never get to see what she' did knots that there was a dou-IDtd said on TV!: ble line at the lavatory_ door! WHAT DID SHE DO?? I What did she say specifi-can't tell you! You :ought to -cally? Calf up the City of seen. it for yourself... Tampa, and ask them to let -seen the Big He-ads and you see the videotape of-the -. Stuffed Shirts sweat like ceremony like they have Niagara Falls ... seen--the' done in past. And if news anchor who emceed the they refuse to let you see it, 19th Annual City ofTampa's then_ you'll know YOU. Black History celebration -OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN cover his face in abject horTHERE AND SEEN IT FOR ror .. seen the saints run for YOURSELF! cover an:d the As for Ms. Mary Alice clutch their Had you -whose candor. been there you would have seemed to cold-cock everi the seen the saints our ancestors stodgiest of phonies -rise up from.the grave, and Sole Man says, with all_ do the. 9,?-icken b';ltthonor, love and respect, --naked oncilifiera in the cen-"YOU GO--MA'AM!!" (P.S. _, Saxophonist Eric_Darius, wqp,tdid Ms. Dorsett, Bernard K. Jackson, ll, is who was the keynote waiting in the wings!) "The Voice-OfOur Community _Speaking For Itself'' -AND-THAT'S. -THE._WAY IT-IS Face! .. lliatience is a On Sunday, February 4, in came "Count it all joy" -that ::o' __ i::; J -. worketh patience, James 1:3. two of the greatest men ever-_ caltle them all. Notashamed Contraryto most of what to coach professional football of "The. Gospel-," both men we've been taught, heard and competed against one anoth: puNicly announced The Son others' effortless attempts to er. It was.:,classic-the The Fathel' and The Holy make us believ.e, good Black Teacher and the Student. Spirit's presence in their iildiAmerican men do exist. Together again. -Only this vidual and collective sppt Trouble has been tha:t if you time, they were on opposing light(s). And 'the-peace o{tell someone that he or she sides. Now, some said that God, which passeth all underwill never amount to any-"The Teacher" was old 'school standing, shall keep your thing, chances are that he or and that "The Student" had a. hearts an,d minds through she will believe it. On the few new tricks "up-his J-esus Christ. Oh, the blessother hand, teach a man (or Well, the. question then ings:ofthe.'Lord! It's all in w9man!) to fish, and he (e>r became, "Did 'The Teacher' your face. Recognize! .' c she!) will .sustain himself (or teach 'The Student' eve;y-: Here, in_Tampa Bay, we.are herself1). Somewhere, Black thing that he knew?" _extremely, pro4d of Tony men are 'teaching their chil-Apparently not, "The. Dungy and the entire dren that to amount to some Teacher" suspected tliat 'The Indianapolis Colts' franchise : thing worketh faith which Student' would think to 'It gives us pleasure to <;onworketh patience; which worbe consistent. Who 'knew? gratulate them, to celebrate keth experience and hope; 'The Teacher' !i :with them, airbecause of one -and hope -maketh not Playbook to the 'tha-t' man whom lov e so very ashamed.. ,. he'd nev:er introduced to 'The. dearly. We love you, Tony! Despite all the history-makStudent.' WhEm did the best For if we know nothing, we ings of this past Super Bowl Defensive Coordinator _know whom. God hQ.th XLI, there is one outstanding op an offensive "running blessect, no mart shali curse .. denominator Without quesgame?" -.' '"'-. Once upon a time, there tion, the that eventual-Aside from the faci"that was a team called the Tiunpa : ly and ultimately made their there had never been a Black Bay : Buccaneers whQ had a n journeys to represent both the American co-ach in the Super .. opportunity to go down in the National Football League and Bowl, there had never been history boolts next 'to a real the American Football League two of th-em. good Bla.ck A.merican man. were truly _"the best of the Notwithstanding th:e reality' But, 'they blinked And the best." that' 'both of them are writing on -the wall disap-Wait on the Lord: be of good -Christians and 'do give pearecl. Oh histocourage, and he shall to God for who they are, ry for :you. Happy !31aak strengthen thine heart: wait, I where they are and will not History Month! say on the Lord, Psalm 27:14. forget from wheilce they Peace Be Unto You. c: m en c 'TI m ID :a-c: )> :a < N 0 0 ..... --<' ..... 'TI r-I' 0 :!! c )> en m z z m r-I c: rr-m ::! z ., c: .. ID r-" c;;' ::r:: m c m < m :a ., < C: c ;!...: )> z c 'TI ::::tl c >


...... O 0 N D > a: < ::> a: m w u. let c en w ::> 1-. >-. -let e a: u. c .z c( c en w ::> ..... > a:. w > w c .. w :z:: /en ::r m ::> D.. z i= w ...I .... ::> m ..:. W z w en c( c a: 0 .... u. Now Cooking -Sat. For All Your SeafoOd Delights, Marvin Has Just What You Need. Fresh &: Smoked Mullet Trout Snappe Shrimp Sheap Head Live Blue Crabs 3602 7th Avenue Tampa. FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 -Keys Made 69 and Up Latex F .lat White Paint ... .. .... $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Paint .... $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Set ......... .... .. ... ... $2.49 ea. 3" Brushes ... ... .-; .99 ea.. : SALE PRICES COOD 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! : CELEBRATE BLACK ffiSTORY 1\tiONTH r '_Celebra.tifl:i. bu[. History; .-. .. _,_P reparini' For... Our F uture. Lynett e Judge C an dida te F o r C ounCil District 5 --LOCAL Middle School Educator IS 'Teacher-Of The Year' Last week, James Gibbs, III, a math teacher at Bums Middle School, was chosen as the Hillsborough County Teacher of the Year. G ibbs is also the track and girls softball coach as well as being grade-level team leader. He holds a B degree from the._University of the State of New York Albany and a Master's degree in Public Administration from Fl-orida In tern a tiona! University. G ibbs, 48, has been teaching for the past 5 years. In addition to Basic Math, he also teaches the 8th graders Advanced Math and Algebra I. In addition to being chosen as the Teacher Of The Year, Gibbs is a 4-time non;1inee JAMES GIDBS, III and 2-time winner of the Ida S. Baker Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year award recipient and a 2006 "Who's Who Among American Teachers" Team Lea_der; and Steering Committee member. Gibbs was chosen as a .finalist' from a pool of 217 teachers. The other finalists were: Darlene Baker, Gorrie Elementary School; Calvin Dillon, Gaither: High School; Vicki Ewing, Burnett Middle School; Jacqueline McKitrick E lementary Sc ho o l ; B arbara Miraglia, Giunta Middle School; Lucille Sharpe, Cypress Creek Elementary School; Tamara. Steele, Carrollwood Elementary School; Renee Stembridge, Lawton Chiles Elementary School, and Jacqueline Willi ams, of Brandon High School. Battle To Close Gelie's Bar Finally Over. For m ore than 30 years, residents of an _East Tampa neighborhood begged for relief officials. The source of contention was a bar -that has been the scene of murders, fights' -and. near death experiences But on Monday afternoon, two men in an white van pulliil,g a trailer were observed removing bars This load of bar stools and chairs "mark s 'the closure ., -. .. stools, liquor, and other paraphernalia from the one-story structure, marking the bar's closing. The structure, at 2932 N. 22nl;l Street, (corner of N 22nd Street and E of Gene's Bar. -, ;. Mallory), had a pair of pad-Kinsey, of t .he ther said was offered .. locks on its backdoor. East Tampa Revitalization fair market price for the Last Thursday,: Gene Committee, began negotia-structure. The funding to pur: O'Steen returned the signed tions with O'Steen shortly chase the structure-will be contract'for the sale of the after Council members voted derived from Tax Increment business to the City of to bring O'Steen before the Finance Funds (TIFF). Tampa. It becomes final when board again. Kinsey said the partner-Mayor Pam Iorio attaches C()uncilman Reddick is ship planned to pay for the her signature. Future plans completing the term of Kevin building with TIFF dollars are to -use the building for White, who resigned to run After learning of plans that community-oriented County He,_ would the tions. IS a for the building;, ejd, 1Jpig1cil Last month, Gwen Miller, seat m the upcpmmg March Chairperson of-City Council e l e ction. said she. had listened to com -brought the i _ssue before ."He retur_ned the p laints from residents Council again. During their and now eral years and that she mas--. regular meeting Council JUSt wa1tmg on the Mayors 1 'ted th t th" ghb h d Afte M I e a a e ne1 or oo ,._ members heard more signature. r ayor ono uld fi 11-b 'd fth b d 'd d b th t t h 1 -wo na y en o e ar.. ozen res1 ents an usmess signs e con rae s e p ans R t 1 B H lt ,, owners call for -the closing of to call a press conference," epor er_ res 0 on the business Councilman Reddick said can be contacted at (813) Interim City Cou.p.cilman Councilman Reddick 248-1921 or-by e-mail at Frank Reddick and Sam who represents District 5, iris@jlsentinel.com.


'-I ALL ABOUT YOU! -- C m (/) DREAndKAPPA DRE Happy birthday to one of P .V.'s finest. Although you're down, Dre, you and I know you'r_e not out. You just take care in there and I'm going to hold you down out here. Love always. Y m c m < m :c -< -1 c m c l> z c 'T1 c


c u.. c z c( c U) w tit w > w c w ::1:. .!a ...J m Q. z i= w ...J ...J m ..:.. w z i= z w U) C 0 ...J .u.. .. ---.... Family ot.& Displaced By. Fire \ ---... LOCAL ... Local a oys&Girls -Club To Host .-.-. > ... 2nd .... Ailnuai.:Step Sho"" ... .. I -. The Wilbert Davis Boys & of the City of Tampa Parks & can do to get the kids off the Girls Chi.b wjll be hosting their Recreation Department. -. s .treet, and get them doing 2nd Annual Step Show, featur. The boys and girLsstep team positive; were ing step teams from local for Tampa Bay Technical High going to do it," said Walker. recreation centers, middle and School and Chamberlain High We feel that if we have enough high schoois : are scheduled to perform. students participate, and get Several high school and Also, step teams from the the word out, it will be a great recreatiq:o. center teams have University Community Center event for the kids." alre ady signed up, but more,,.and8t{1pper$.0JA Unique The StepShowwill be )J.eld. (SOQL) frprn on at shirtd last year M<;t.rtin : Lu:the r : ,: .K:ing 6p.m. The Wilber:f .. :: students involved & Girls Club $.15 .. in step teams, arid organized. to compete 1'here is': a .$25 Sarah Street. ;. : so that youth throughout entry fee for t4e competition, 'For: more Residents of this house escaped injury when. a late night fire blazed through their home. At 11:30 p.m. Friday night, under control and no one was Tampa Fire Rescue units injured. responded to a house fire at : Investigators said Red Cross 6508 North 33rd Street. was called to assist the family When units arrived they of 6 displaced by the fire (3 reported a single story house adults, 3 children). with flames coming from the The cause of the fire in still attic. The fire was brought. underinvestigation Progressive Missionary & Educational Baptist State Convention Of Florida, Inc. r DR. BARTHOLOMEW BANKS, General President t.otlfr:.m:iiQ1o1\e \it1i / Friday, Februa,Y 9th 7:30P.M. Rev. Rayford Harper Pastor-Preacher .. First Baptist Church Of West Tampa J .,. community could attend a safe and there is a time please call Sandra Walker social event with their peers: limit for each act. at (813) 965-4281. "There are not as many stu. The winner in the middle .. Reporter 1 Writer dent step teams as there were school division will receive a Antione Davis can be in the past, but there. 'are $200 reward. The high school reached at (813) 248-some,andwethoughtthatthis winners _willreceivea,$400. 1921. He can also be. would be a great eventfor our reward. reached at adavjs@flsenyouth," said Sandra Walker" "Anything positive that we tine].com. Black History Month Luncheon :yo: c Benefit The the Bay Area City of Tampa Chair, Gwen. Miller, will share the dais with the Honorable Marco Rubio, 2007 of the House at the 1st Annual Black .,History Month Luncheon where proceeds will benefit UNCF in the Bay Area. Mr. Rubio will give the keynote address at the luncheon, whiCh will take place at 12 p. m. on Thursday, February.8,. 2007, at the Tampa Marriott Waterside. CURTIS STOKES Luncheon Chair is Curtis Stokes of Fifth Third Bank. Susan Casper with ABC Action News will serve as the 'Mistress of Ceremonies. sponsors for t!fiS year's Month cheon are AT&T, Fifth Third .. -,.. ... .. ':. '".:REV. WILLIE :. Pastor, Piney Gr9ve M. B. Church .! FL .. SIS; BERNELL BROWN Cha.Uper:son MARCORuino j I


" '' "" -f c: m U) c ):io' .:< 'TI m m :a C: > -< :a -< ca-.. 8 t. ...... r 'TI r o :a c > U) m z -f-': z m r I m c: r r m :I z ., c: m r u; :z:: m c m < m :a -< -f c: m U) c > z c 'TI :!:! c


-c 0: LL c z < c t/). w ::;) 1-> 0: w > w c W :I: tn :J m ::;) 0.. z ...J ...J ::;) m ..!1 w z i=' z w t/) < c 0: 0 ...J LL 0 ,... w (!J .. .. Tall'llpa AHontey Featured.ln College Magazine. Recently one Tampa attor ney was featured in her col. lege's magazine. Being cho. sen as a profile was fitting as she was among the first African Americans admitted to the university. .. a news American students. Blacks and whites tOgether, I paper in Tallahassee. : Of her experience the four see what I couldn't see then." years she spent at the Iris. B. Holton She-returned to the University, of .. Florida Wednes-day night for the pre.. sentation of two scholarships !::)j:J ::::1 :. earmark;e d for ... African Of in the be contacted'at (813) begmrung stages of segrega-248 1921 b 'l t "I b or y e-mar. a hon, t was a eg1nn1ng. Now, when I look out and see iris@jlsentinel.com. After graduating from Middleton High School, Attorney Jeraldine Williams Smith enrolled in the University of Florida in 1963, as a Journalism Major. .. Her. reason for attending the university was simple it was the. only accredited School of Journalism in the state. Now 40 years after earning her degree, Attorney Williams Smith' has been profiled in the University of Florida's Alumni Magazine. '"It is a profound experience to have lived to a point where I can look back and see where I made a contribu. tion. I'm so pleased. It is meaningful and sustaining to be living and be able to enjoy the reflection." The knowledge she took away from the school has served as a foundation for her life and she continues to utilize the lessons learned today. Even before entering the Attorney Williams Smith realized that one of her strengths was her will : ingness to She applied that willingness during a 5-year sta,y in South Africa, where she created a consulting firm ahd used her skills as _a journalist in that countl)'. ATTORNEY JERALDINE WILLIAMS SMITH flunk out and wouldn't graduate. llooked on either side of me to see who they were talking about. Attorney Williams Smith said she 'wasn't concerned about graduating because she had received her educa tion prior to enrolling in the col lege. She assumed writing the column published in Sentinel for Middleton High School after Attorney Arthenia Joyner graduat-ed. "Mr. C. Blythe Andrews would take me to lunch and give me pointers on my columns. Then, C. Blythe Andrews, Jr., would give me pointers on another level. So, I was readywhen I went to school. Where others were having problems; L -just sailed right through it." .-In addition to the academic "I had to. graduate. I wasn;t there just representing myself. I was there representing my neighborhood, my church, my family, my high school, my community, and.the City of Tampa. And I graduated on tinie." -.. ': Attorney Wiliiams Smith lessons; Attorney Williams said she remembers that the Smith learned about life. "It Black students' photographs was psychologically embat-aild filed at tling. Black students had the Gainesville Police Black roommates or they had Department. "No other Sturooms by themselves. They dents had to do this .. We (school officials) only wanted were told thai it was for our _the best of the best. I was : protection:" one of 14 Black students in a After graduating, Attorn-. school of 14,000 students. I ey Williams Smith remember the 'students being returned to school and told during orie:11tation that _earned degrees in business every other perso11 would and as an attorney. She also 9241 N. 56th St, Tampa, FL M-F 8:30A.M. 5:30 P. M. Saturday 9 A. M 1 P. M. (813) 985-0033 Fax: 988-8980 Low Rates Friendly Atmosphere You're A-OK With Us ._-. Prep ._ ._L.r.'l. ... ,J ... ,l t.--... .... H t .. ofiTampa!.fj ':'Hie YH:I." -' Mrr n 1 ?.rl wt Ja9d .r1 J i'lf P.ffi. :.1 ,.,. V.M. Ybo:r 9n:t Hri jsJ: : '-:i-4'07 E. Columbus -:irhon?d o:t' l?s&Y.. 1! t ...... f': f -. -o.r-.. 13 248-5600 APPLICATIONS NOW ACCEPTED FOR 5th & 6th GRADE STUDENTS .. .': (Current 4th & 5th GradersM< TP.e Acadetny Prep of offers private school educatioti for-. students willing "to work hard to achieve their goals.. )!,. 'r Academy -Prep Highlights: '' -:t .. All students on need-basedfull scholarships provided by the community* .-(- A 5th-8t11 grade curriculutp., including art, & drama.' At least one hour of organized physical activity every day Maximum class size of 15, with boys & girls in separate cla ssrooms School in session up to 11 hours daily A rich & varied program (activities include chess, dance, athletics, and karate) I Op.e Saturday field trip per month A four-we ek summer study & activity session Focus on civility & community service ... Graduates admitted to schools Berkeley, TaniQa 1e-;ui( Academy of the Holy Names, Cambridge, TampCLCatholic,... .. -== Carrollwood Day School and ooaraing .. on full scholarships. A graduate support program following through high school & college *All admitted students must qualifY. for the Federal Free & Reduced Meals Program Important: The strongest applicants will be acc.epted to the summer program on a first come, first serve basis. APPL,CATIONS ACCEPTED FOR 5th & 6th GRADE STUDENTS To apply for admission, please call (813) DUI Friendly, Hardship License, Suspended License, State Filing SR-22 Owners and Non Owners Nondiscrimination Policy; Lowest Rates In Town STEI'IIANm AUTO INSURANCE KEISIIA COMMERCIAL AUTO Academy Prep Center ofTampa admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its education policies, admissions policies, schohirship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. ..


-1 c:. LOCAL -c; ;:!::&:.o .'', o I 0 1 .. .... I. .. Roi-. In Port Tampa Library. : During their last Ms. Truss her tained her mental sharpness reviewed by the board, a:nd m m Reading at the end of January 2007, was a humbleadvocate and throughout her life. tbey-approved.it the board that gbverils the was with "This will be a lasting'lega.. ly" .. ,.; ; .. < ,; Hillsborough CountY Library peace. cy for all of us. She was truly Ms. System unanimously voted to "If she was still here, this o n e of a kind, and a lot of. once that recognition has rename tQe reading room at would come as a shock to people today should learn.-. been given, they normally set 1"1) ,the Port Tampa Library in her. She never exPected any from her. example. I'm sure up a .type of mt:ino _rial with g honor of the late Ms. Ellen recognition, and would say quite a few people would like history about the person. ""' Green. she didn't want or expect to follow In her footsteps." .. "We11 be gathering whatev-:' Ms. Green passed away anything. Jacquelyn Zebos, Mana-er historical information we 24, 2006. She was ''I've learned a lot about my ger of Administrative -can from family members 91. mother since her passing. We Services .for the Library and others about Ms. Green, Ms. Green's daughter,-. didn't know about all of her System, said the board first iiicluding a photo of her." Truss, said she thinks: a(!complishments, because it received a request to rename The Port Tampa Library is this is the best thing to come wasn't something she shared the library in Ms; Green's' located at 4902 Commerce out of all the initiatives pro-L;.with.. the family. She wai an MS. ELLEN .. Street. 1 posed to honor her achiever, fighter." GREEN 'l "Instead, the Reading. Reporter Leon .B. Crews er. -. Ms. Truss said although h R d' Room was named, in her can be reached at (813) ... w1 ave ea 1ng "I know efforts were being her body started breaking Room named in her hop.or. The was sub. 248-0724, or e-mailed at made to get a street named down, her mother main-honor. mitted by citizens, it was leontlsentineLcom. -in her honor, a park; and a library. Because .she was self-educated and spent a lot of time reading, I thought naming the Reading Room in her honor was appropriate." Ms. Truss said she believes this was a blessing in disguise. "We're going to put her picture and all of her achieve. ments' inside the library for all the young people to see. You'll be able to go there everyday aD:d see her name and find out what she's" done." Rogers Park Memorabilia Being Sought A group seeking to put together a Jristorical manual on the history of Rogers Park is asking the public for help. Anyone with old photographs or other materials on Rogers Park is to contact one of the representatives. Specifically, they are looking for photos and documents that date back to the park's first days, and the opening of the golf course. / Anyone with hi.forniation can call (813) 900-2454. "The Voice of Our Community Speaking for lrst!lf' (813) 248-1921 .... h .,,, tl __ __ ,, Now You Can Get The Flight For Free; Get your_ free round-trip ticket on AirTran Airways you deposit $10,000 into a qualifying Steip by any Sun Trust branch, call 800.540.0414, or visit suntrust.com/alrtran. '-;;. SUNTRUST ,, .. r Seeing beyonq money .: Deposit $10,000 or more of new money into a Premium Money Market Performance Account by March 9, 2007, New money is def ined as funds nQt currently on deposit at Sun Trust. You must be an AlrTran Airways A+ Rewards member. A+ Rewards membership is free. Visit www. aplusrewards com to join. 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LOCAL For1ner Police Captain Seeks_ Independent Last Thursday evening, Smith, Investigative Rei>orter with FOX 13 News; aire4 a segment that drew attention. to crime statistics in Tampa. During the segment, former Tampa Police Captain Marion Lewis challenged the validity of the serious crimes reported showing crime was. down by 2996. LeWis invited' Pam Iorio and .... '. Stephen Hogue to JOin htm Ma ra1 Candidat requesti. ng an independent '':: -. yo ., _;'-, audit He sta:ted during the tele-: and underreported. vision interview that he first v "The men and women in blue brougJtt the misclassific_ations are doing a great job. But they and u nder reporthtg of crimes are under extreme pressure to to the atteD:tion Of .Chief :wofrY about crime stilts, when Hogue more than two years their only focus should be on ago. preventing and solving crime," During the interview, Chief Lewis said. Hogue said, "Those numbers On morning, Lewis are my report card. A lot of peoheld a press conference across pie don't want to give us credit the street from the police where it is due, it always has to department. He called for an be some kind of sham." independent audit of crime sta-Smith then pointed out two tistics. deaths that should have been On Friday evening during the included in 2005 statistics that 6 o'clock news,' Mayor Pam were not. Iorio and Chief Hogue said Lewis said, "The double digit books were open and invit drop year after year is. unrealised the media to examine them. tic. I dare say impossible to However, Lewis said, "the achieve just by good police media won't find anything work I have seen first hand how unless they know exactly what statistics aie being mal'\ipulated to look for I'm still pursuing an :' ': STEPHEN Tampa Chief indepe ndent audit. That s the only thing that will bring the truth to the light." -. When contacte_ d bytbe_ Sentinel, Chief Hogue said, statistics for Uniform Crime Reporting System (UCR) reporting purposes are slightly different from the way crimes are classified in the state. "Of the two homicides in the report, one was classified as a Justifiable Homicide and the other was ruled as a Manslaughter by the State Attorney's Office. Our books are open and any reporter can spend all day in records if they like," ChiefHogue said. Reporter Iris B. Holton' can be contacted at (813) 248-1921 or by e-mail at. iris@tlsentinel.com. TH OMAS F. YOHO ODS PA American Diabetes. $ Association Asks .. Com.unity-To Take-A Walk On The Wild Side-..... c: m (/) c m m :a $ 1\) Every 2.1 seconds someone. disease." ;_'-. is diagnosed with diabetes.. Diabetes is the fifth leading Every 21 seconds there is a cause of death by -diseas e in new reason to walk. Who's the United States. If present your reason_ ? Walk on the continue, in three Wild Side is the ADA's pre-.-children one in two minotimierwalking event, raising ties.:.: botn in 266o. will.devel-.. funds for diabetes research,_ op in_ tlieir1 lifetime. education and adyocacyin To dat'e, .the Amedcan. the Tampa Bay area. O:Q. Diab(!tes AssoCiation. has February 10, 2007, from 8-10 raised and donated more than a. m., approximately.1,ooo $300 million for dlabetes area friends, neighbors, famiresearch.. ly members and co-workers .. 'Also-lending their -support : will team u p as. Raymond Zoo for a 3-mile walk. This' : James Finai;lcial,. WFLA year's presenting sponsors ; for NewsChannel 8,. The. Tampa the walk are W.algreens and Tribu_ne and Q105. For more JSA Medical Group. The walk information about America's is expected to raise more than Walk for Diabetes, please: call $15o,ooo for research to find the _Americans .. Diabetes' 6 a cure for this deadly disease. Association at 1::-888-DIA-:a The ADA works to preVent BETES (342-_ 23.83) or go g and cure diabetes, and. to online "at www.diabetes.-en improve the lives all people .. m_z affected by the disease. ..----"""' --s0pnnrt Th e z Elissa Nauful, Leadership Council President. '" Flor' I'da Se' n tin el m old, men, women and chll. C: dren from every walk of life A d are by this_serious vertJsers -; z "U c: u; :::c m c m < m ...... c: m (/) c l> z c c ,_ .-ou. Will Be Greeted &: Kilow!ed9E!cible Staff. .. .. We-Sincerely Thank _Yo u .-. .,..,. ., :-During : our ,. p .. : f '' C9mplete Dental Care F<;Jr'AI/ 1-. t t i Prevention & o ROOt I_ !heraP,Y, Teeth Whi.tenin: g Crowns, Bridges & Dentures On-Site o Repair &:Relines Done o Custom Designed Gold ...... (.,)


SPORTS u) ii: Tony a: S 'A Humble. Man C/) w ::I t-; BY LEON B. CREWS po -tential without the use of Sentinel StaffWriter derogatory terms and put-(An Analysis) downs. Super Bowl XLI might not The history of the National have been that exciting to Football League is of head viewers, but for Dungy, it was coaches walking the sidelines, ordained. The man who stood breathing fire and brimstone. at the end of the game with the Every other word is an expleVince Lombardi trophy was tive,-and that coaching style the man who deserved it the was accepted as the blueprint ,, most. _, .: _, for NFL head coaches. He was fired hi the rain by That was until Tony Dwigy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, came along. He, along with:. and he won the Super bowl in Chicago Bears head coach the rain with the Colts. How Lovie Smith, proved that sweet it is! they could make professional Throughout all the adversity athletes perform to their and neigh sayers, Dungy .. :::-: TONYDUNGY -: Bears against the Colts. If there's a lesson to be The final score of 29-17 was learned from Super Bowl XLI, not indicative of what was it's that a man of strong conhappening on the sidevictions will always prevail, in lines. spite of all those who tried to Dungy has been described deny him his place in profes. as a class act and a very humsional football and in life. ble man. Despite the pain of Go4 bless Tony Dungy. A losing his son and other adverhumble man who perhaps was sitie.s, h e t.ained his the most deserving Super Bowl devou ( faith God, and with -winner ever. his wife i.auren' at his side, Lovie Smith will have more lost his focus. opportunities, and he IJ: feels god to see a man so Wins his Super Bowl, you can deserving getting his just bet it.will be Dungy once reward the end. again recognized as the man All the talk about Dungy who gave Smith the opportubeing the real architect the nity. Buccaneers Bowl VIctory Don't you just love it when maintained his focus and Dungy you can't say one bad thing coaching style, and stayed on has his own nng With a team a head coach? Don't you the ng ht path. he put together, coached, and 1 -h -fu t d 11 th t t JUst ove 1t w en a man re ses Now only the third man to men ore a e way o VIC ot h h h 11 t o c ange w o e rea y 1s JUS Win a Super Bowl as a player ry. to fit an image of what NFL and coach, Dungy has joined I hope m th1s VIctory; the h 1 1 f 1 thought of what kind of man head coaches were supposed t e e 1te c ass o Super Bow to be? winning coaches. Dungy lS ISn t lost. I also hope The fact that he was the first that Dungy's passive We herem who l?ve African American head coach demeanor will open the door you dearly, would hke nothmg to win the Super Bowl was put for more African American, more than to you hoist the on the back burner during the head coaches in the NFL who Lombardi trophy once again game. Once the players took share his faith and passion for before say your farewell to the field, it was simply the what's right. the NFL. RECEIVE UP TO $1 ,900 BRING YOUR W2s OR LAsr PAYSTU6! GET YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU WANTJi -CALL. 88&8841 040 ../ WE'LL GIVE YOU TAX CASH IN 1 0 MINUTES ../ COME HERE IF YOU'VE BEEN DENIED OTHER PLACES! ../ No OUT OF POCKET FEES $25 .OFF-TAX PREP .FEES llti;..TAAIT .... BRING THIS COUPON! : 0 0 0 UGHOUTTAMPA BAY/ST. PETE o/ TAMPA, 7231.. N NEBRASKA AVE, (2 BLOCKS NORTH OF SLIGH AVE. ON YOUR RIG ../TAMPA, 4707 E. BUSCH BOULEVARD 1 MILE EAST OF BUSCH GARDENS. BEFORE 56TH) ../ST. PETERSBURG, 2508,34TH STREET SOUTH 1 MILE EAST OF SUPER WAL-MART ON 34TH"ST. SOUTH)


I -; ,'; .. .. .. __ t _--.y 0 : --___ u -__ .:\:._:,::._.:_;_/_ : ; -, 1! r! !fi.v 1H-hn?. -' ;,1r. "rd' 1:-J/. ; __ .;;, ;, ___ ": : .-_ :: :_ '' 1 J'r i> r\ .., ., 'a._! u 'J >; .. 1 : : ; ;; .. "' .... "; :. Y O lir' Ffe e -_the C k i ri'g Free Online Banking Free Online BiiiPay Free Balance Alerts. ... '/. .. : monthly serv_ice fee ;-' STOP BY YOUR LOCAL f WACHOVIA FINANCIAL CENTER TODAY, CALL -800-WACHOVIA (800-92_2:4684} OR VISIT WACHOVIA.COM. from the bank rated #1 in Customer-satisfaction "", .. .4o. .---five years in _a rOw?. .. No minimum balance Free Check Card "' Free Visa Extras rewards program : Unlimited access to Wachovia .. .. Cen!ers and ATMs J .. ... l .-' -' : : ... "' ;t., e. .. ... .. "'- ..,. -!i ,, I' I .. ... .... t"'""' ?'.J." .... WACilOVIA ., .... 0 ::D g en m z -i z m r;ttl c: .... -rm -::! z ., c: ttl ..... Ci5 :c m c m < m ::D -<. l -i c: m en c ?< )> z c ., ::D g


l:; 0 N co > a: ct ;::) a: m w u. c C/) w ;::) ..... c a: u. c z ct c C/) w ;::) ..... > a: w > w c w :I: C/) :J m ;::) a. z Iii ..J ..J ;::) m I ..J w z i= z w C/) ''ct c a: 0 ..J u. SPORTS SPORTSIDE_ WITH RANDY Colts Win The Super BoWl The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 2 9-17 to win the 41st Super Bowl. A stea dy ra i n caused a slippe ry ball to be droppe d, fumbled and thrown off target .Yet, it was a good game wh ere victo ry was in doubt until late in the 4th q u a rter. The half tim e s how was just marvelous. It feature d rock star Prince. Playing and dancing along with Prince was the famed M a rching 100 Band from Florida A&M Unive rsity. T h e "100" cut some snaz zy ste p s d u ring the show. The Colts w e r e just the b etter team Sunday. That was mainly because they had the better quarterback and made the fewest mistakes. The final score was 29-17 I had predict ed it at 23 -17. Lady Jackets Win District The Blake High Lady Yellow Jackets won the District 5A(7) Saturday night b y defeating t.b,e Plant High Lady Panthe r s by a score of 55-49 Th e game starte d off as i f the Panthers were going to run the Jackets out of the Middleton High gym. But Blake s cooll}nd unfl a p pabl e co a ch April Lindsey Williams, got her team t ogether and the war w a s on. The Yellow Jackets showe d speed and hungry defense against the shooting and ballhandling of the Panthers. Early in the season, the two teams split a pai r of games. Each team won on the other's court. The Yellow Jackets move into regional play on Thursday. I don't know who they play yet, but the Jackets will host the game in Blake's gym Is Kobe A Dirty Player? Kobe Bryant has developed a reputation of being an NBA superstar and nobody questions Bu he is also ga i ning a of being a d irty ball player This brings me to the question: is Kobe really a dirty ball player? My to that is no. In spite of the mounting flagrant fouls Kobe i s accumulating I still say' h e is not a dirty ball pl aye r. Wha t he is i s an imn:ta ture ball player who frustrates easily and wants to lash out against those who foul him. Kobe has to understand that whil e pl ay ers r espect his ability, nobody is going to r:oll ove r for him. He mus t unde r stand that even though he is a super star, the rules of the game still apply to him. BEAUTY.UNLIMITED .{ Dungy, Colts Win Bowl Title That T _hey Deserve This young lady was a star as soon as she graced our pages. After several tequests, we are pleased to bring back the Voncile as this week's Beauty Unlimited Feature. This young lady says that she admires all succ. es$fUI African-American women, _and .is currently in college studying to become a nurse. This 23year-old also loves. reading, writing poetry and shopping. Voncile says she also likes a guy who is intelligent, strongminded, ambitious and have achievable goals. Congratulations to Voncile ori. being this week's Beauty Unlimited Feature BY ANTIONE D AVIS Sentinel Staff Writer A great team, a g r eat q uarterb a ck and a great co ach have solidifie d t h eir legacy and ans wered their critics. E ve ry on e kne w the I ndiana p o li s Colts had t h e tal ent to win a Super Bowl, but would they ? E ve ryone knew Peyton Manning had the sta t isti cs to b e a mong the N FL's best quarterbacks, but could h e win a Supe r Bo w l? Everyone knew that Tony Dungy was on e of the best coaches in the NFL but would h e e v e r hoist the V ince Lombardi Trop h y ? All three questions wer e answe r e d wi t h a resounding, "Yes!" Sunday night. The Indianapolis Colts d efeated the Chica go Bears 29-17 in Sup e r Bowl XLI. Colts quarterbacJ<, P eyton M anning was named Mo s t Valuab l e Player after connect ing on 25 of 38 pass es for 24 7 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Co lts running bac k Dominic Rhodes car ried the ball 21 t imes for 113 yards and one t ouc h do w n. The Colts defeated the B ea rs by w eari n g down the Chicago d e f ense and keeping the Bears offense off t he fie ld. The C hicago Bears r a n only 48 offensive plays during the entire game, compared to 81 by the Colts. Indianapolis n ea rly double d Chicago's tim e of possession, holding bali' TONY DUNGY And P EYTON MANNING control for 38 minutes com pared to just under 22 min utes for Chicago. Wh e n t h e Chicago offense did t a k e the field, t h ey comm itted turnov ers. T h e Bears committed five t urnovers, including two interc ep tions by Bears,. q uarterback Rex Grossman. One of his interceptions was returned 56-yards for a touchdown b y Co lts cornerback Kelvi n Hayden in the fourth quarter. Grossman comp leted 20 of 28 passes for 16 5 yards and one touchdown. The Bears also lost three fumbles i n the rainy 'conditions "I w a n ted to show peo p l e that there are a lot ways to win. Y ou don't have to have a mean streak. That's what has driven m e to stay in coaching," sai d Dungy. "I know that I s h ou l d not have be e n the first African-American coach to win a Super Bow l. I was repre senting the guys who came before m e the guys who r ec ruited m e and t h e g u ys who mentored m e." Former Again On Fraud Former welte rw eight ch a m pion Ricardo Mayorg a has had so m e l ega l probl e ms late ly. The 33year-old fighter h as been arres t ed tw o t i mes in the past wee k on fraud charge s in his hom etown of Managu a Nicarag u a He was first arrested Tuesday at the Managu a airport while b oarding a plane t o Miami. He was jaiied on charges tha t h e never paid a local ca r d ealer $56,000 for four cars. Mayorga's second arrest came two days later aft e r he was accus e d by three p eopl e of writing bad checks totaling $87,000. Roberto ,.Ma yorgat Ric a rdo's b r other, and the boxer's lawyer, Lester Buzano, says the bad chec ks w e r e a result of a debt Mayorga h as ye t to pay. RICARDO MAYORGA Thi s was not the first time that Mayorga has had legal problems. He was convicted. last year of raping a'22-year-old woman. He acknowledged having s e x, b u t says the sex was consensual. ... :{"'


'I' ''"" '' ,._ 1- -,. ,. "" "' -# SPORTS ..... c: m Irvin NFL Hall; Tagliabue MIAMI --Michael IrvLl was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday despite a troubled past, though voters denied entry to retired NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. The former Dallas. Cowboys receiver, who won three Super Bowls in the 1990!i, got in on third try. Irvin p l eade d no contest in -' 1996 to felony cocaine posses_ Matthews, def-ensive ,back sion. Four years later, he was Rogef Wehrli and two .Iiomiarrested oil drug possession: nees of the_veterans' commit: charges,' but they were later. tee _tight_' e_nd Charlie_ dropped. t'.; Sanders and guard Gene The 40 Hall voters were critHickerson. icized by two of IrVin's former Ind1:1ctions will be Aug. 4-5 teammates, Emmitt Smith in Canton, Ohio. The Steelers and Troy Aikman, for previ. and Saints_ will play in the o1,1sly byPassing the wi<;leout, annual Hall of Fame game. who retired in 1999. Also failing to get enough They didn't ignore him this votes were Art Monk, time. Derrick Thomas, Andre Tagliabue was eliminated Reed, Richard Dent, Bob in the first round of voting. Kuechenberg, Fred Dean, Also voted hi were running Ray Guy, Russ Grimm, back Thurman Thomas, Andre Tippett and Gary offensive lineman Bruce Zimmerman. Grant Hill-Will Be Out At. Least 2 Weeks :--for ward Grant Hill is expected to miss at_ least two weeks because of a sprained knee. Hill sprained his medial collateral ligament Wednesd_ay against the Milwaukee Bucks. He is Orlando's second-lead-.. ing scorer, averaging 15 points. in 39 games. The six-time All-Star has missed most af Orlando's games in his six seasons with the team, first with an ankle injury and last year with a sports hernia. "' Colts' Runningbacks. Should Be Co-MVPs Dtt,nver's Anthony snubbed In NBA All-8tar Selection JOSEPH ADDAI And -DOMINIC RHODES NEW YORK--' Denver forward Carmelo Anthony, whose season has been marred by a ban for fighting, was snubbed in the selection of the National-Basketball Association All-Star reserves. ../ Anthony wasn't among the -selected. by NBA 7 announced on Thur8day for the February 18 MIAMI --Joseph Addai showcase in Las Vegas. and Dominic _Rhodes split He leads the league in scorcarries all season, so it was ing, but recently returned fitting they shar:ed the credit from a :1s-game suspension Sunday. meted"out for his role in an With Addai playing the role ugly brawl iii December. of setup man and Rhodes He could still be appointed emerging as the finisher, the as-an injury replacement by Indianapolis Colts' tag-team NBA _commissioner David of running backs gave Stern, who handed down the Peyton Manning enough suspension. balance in rainy Miami to In addition to Anthony, finally bring -home the Dallas fo -rward Josh Lombardi Trophy with a 29-Howard and Utah center 17 victory over the Mehmet Okur also were Chicago Bears in the Super shut out and denied their first Bowl. All-Star berths. While Manning was selectUtah Jazz forward Carlos ed the game's MVP, Rhodes and Addai demonstrated /' CARMELO ANTHONY-Boozer who suffered a bro ken bone in his leg over the weekend-wa's the lone first. time -selection of the coaches in the West, which has no shortage of quality forwards. The league-leading Dallas Mavericks had just' one player chosen -superstar forward Dirk Nowitzki, who is mak ing his sixth straight appear ance. h_ow two running backs could carve out a niche -together. "What makes it work is that \Ye're two. unselfish guys," said Rhodes,. who can become an unrestricted free agent. "Defenses can't look to just stop one style, and that makes it harder for them." Laila Ali ScOres 1st Round KO Addai, who led all rookies in rushing during the regular season despite not starting a game, ran 19 times for 77 yards and softened up a defense considered one of the strongest the league. JOHANNESBURG, South Africa --Lalla Ali wasted lit tle time in retaining her WBC and WIBA world titles, knock ing out Gwendolyn O'Neil of Guyana ats6 seconds Of the first round Saturday in their super middleweight fight. The 29-year-old daughter of boxing great Muhammad Ali headlined the first women's professional boxing match in South Africa. She improved to m OJ ::C c: l> ::c -< 1\) o 0 ....... r-0 ::C c l> C/) m z ::::! z m r-1 OJ c: r rm ::::! z C: DJ r-Cii ::J: m c m < m ::c -< ..... c: m C/) c l> z c 24-0 with 21 knockouts. "I have my cell phone back in LAlLA ALI c the dressing room, and I will be giving my and it was amatter of said. : time before the second straight It took only two stiff. straight right landed. A wobbly O'Neil rights from Ali before referee struggled to her feet but was Ian John Lewis (news,'bio, counted out. voting record) counted out the :.-O'Neil's record dFoppeq. to challenger in the scheduled 10-She was knocked out by rounder. Ali apologized to Ali in the third round in 2004 fans, including former South in Atlanta. -African Presiden.t Nelson "I was to make it qui<'ker Mandela, for the. brevity of than the last time," Ali the fight. "But I did not expect it to '.be "I would have liked to have this quick." shown the fans a few more Ali barely made the 168rounds," she said. "But, hey, .. pound weight.limit'1lt I'm happy with weigh-in. : -took a punch to her_ left "This will_ be. my last fight for eye m early exchanges and was __ a while," said Ali, who unable to see out of it. ously said she plans to hme a : "I was glad to land that first family. right and have a chance to let it Ali ttl so met "with clear," she said. Mandela's ex-wife, human O'Neil fell on her back after _rights acti-i:ist Winnie that right, and took a mandaMadikizeJa.:Man'dela, in tory eight-count before continsO\veto rind spoke to students uing. However, she was cleady at a school during her dsit. ..


----.... .... .o..:----------:-.... -!"\"" ... ---..- .:. -.-. 4,..... .... ... 1'-0 0 N cD > a: a: m w u. Prince Delivers -One C)f The aest Half-Time Shows In History MIAMI Phew! CBS got en through the halftime show W without a "wardrobe malfunction." The Artist Formerly c a: u. -c z a: w > w c w ::J: en :::i m ::) Q. Known as began by singing "Let's Go Cr.azy," but he didn't. Prince, who beca,me a Jehovah's Witness in the mid. 1990s, no longer wearsyellow, butt-baring pants as he did at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awa.rds (prompting H .oward Stern's send-up at the '92 VMAs). The closest thing to a fashion statement Sunday night was an odd kerchief on his head. So the NFL had no repeat of the 2004 Janet Jackson I Justin Timberlake show, which happened the last time broadcast the game. The 48-year-old Prince, : who rose to_ stardom in the '8os With his distinctive fusion of1R&B, funk, soul and rock, once looked androgynous and produced songs that (lest we forget) drove Tipper Gore nuts (and made her a fat tar get for anti-censorship types like Frank Zappa). Musically, Prince kept it old-school, rockin' the house with "Purple Rain" and other golden hits. He delivered one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows ever. Consequently, he did:n't conie across as a painfully safe PRINCE choice or a has-been, the rap against the previous couple of Super Bowl halftime acts, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones. Before and after Prince took the midfield stage (shaped like his symbol when he was The Artist Formerly Known as Prince), Jim Nantz and Phil Simms gave a bravura performance in the booth. Now in their third season together, the duo have a nice rapport. z i= .' W ..J ..J -. ::) m ..:. -Spinners Singer Billy_ Dies .. I w z i= z w en a: o ..J u. HOLLY HILL Singer Billy Henderson, a member' of the band the Spiimers.who sang "I'll Be Around" and other hits, has died. He was 67. : Henderson died Friday of complications from diabetes at a Daytona Beach health ciue facility, his wife, Barbara, said. The 1972 song "I'll Be Around" was part of a string of 'rop 20 Spinners hits that included "Could It Be I'm Falling in Love," 'Then Came You" and "The Rubberband Man." The five-member band of high school friends formed in 1954 in Ferndale, Mich., a Detroit suburb. They went on to be nominated for six Grammy Awards and became the se<;:ond Black musical group to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Four of the original band members, including Henderson, continued to perform together untifrecentW ly. He was dismissed from the (!) group in 2004 after suing the The Spinners from left John Edwards, Bobby Smith, Henry Fambrough, Pervis Jackson and Billy Henderson pose during a Rhythm & Btues Foundation news conference in New York, in this Feb. 27, 1997 file photo. group's corporation and busi ness manager to obtain finan cial records. "The Voice of Our Comnwnity Speaking for ltse(l'' ENTERTAINMENT Tomi Rae Seeks Half Of .James Brown's Estate : r be .ti..e spouse of James Brown,Tomi Rae Hynie filed a petition in Aiken County probate court Thursday seekip.g :half of the singer's estate and to be allowed back into the South Carolina home she was locked out of following his death. According to court docu. ments, Hynie wants to the home so that she can retrieve "personal possessions" belonging to her and their s-year-old son, includ ing furniture she pic'ked out for the home. "She's not asking the court to live there," said Robert Rosen, Hynie's attorney., "They locked her out and wouldn't let her in but she has a right to go in and get her stuff furniture, her clothing, her son's toys. They keep say ing that they're going to do it but they never do it so we're going to ask a judge to order them to do it." Brown's attorney and trustee, Buddy Dallas, claims Hyirle never asked for any personal items from the singer's home. "She never requested anything," 'Dallas said. "She's used a camera crew and a lawsuit. I'm sure the court will inquire into it and make a proper determination." HOSTED BY MR. CLEAN ADRIAN WRIGHT LA Protesters Target Eddie Murp.hy Uh oh, now. Eddie Murphy has gone and gofthe of activist Najee Ali and LA Black community leaders. They're calling for Murphy to "apologize to the African American for the offensive billboard and promo tional campaign for his new movie 'Norbzt' that demeans African American women." The ,plans a protest/press conference today at noon::: .-,; Ws if-the offen9ed ,} gn -EPPlE will bt;! .$atisfie!l with just-a1;1. .:wa=> ni eii< apology for the bill: during' Black History Month is board" or if they really want the a slap in our. face and disre campaign itself to stop. (Well, spectful" we know that won't happen.) Eddie Murphy as large, fat, .' In any event, the protesters evil black woman in 'Norbit' outlined the specific reasons The press release sent to EUR for their action: stated that Rev K. W. "Eddie Murphy's billboard Tulloss (Making a Difference disrespects Black women and Foundation) and -Melvin. continues to perpetuate negaSnell (LA Humanity tive stereotypical images that Foundation) were the 'sponsors large Black women are sexually of the protest/press aggressive, unattractive, violent ence. The -location is the and promiscuous. These types Leimert Park'Water Fountain of negative images are damag(Crenshaw & Vernon) 3415 W. ing to our community and to 43RD Place Los Angeles CA have this ad campaign unveiled 90018 Whitney -Trying To Rush Divorce Q It was reported Thursday that Whitney Houston requested a default judgment in her divorce from R&B singer Bobby Brown in an attempt to _fast-track the process. The document, filed on Dec. 28 in Orange County <::ourt, also indicates that there are "no issues of division of community property" in the divorce, according to. the. CelebTV.com website, which reported it. -.. WHITNEY HOUSTON Houston's divorce filing in October sought custody of the couple's 13-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and that Brown, 37, be allowed visita tion nghts. e:.-IIFORMERLY CLUB JOY" 11921 N. DALE MABRY HWY., TAMPA, FL 21.t LADIES IM FREE & .DRINK FREE UNTIL 11PM LADIES 18 UP PERMfTTED GUYS 21 + PERMRTED FOR MORE INFO ON CALL.; (813) 690-2349 (813) 968-1515 DRE$S TO WHITE TEES J NO SNEAKER' J NO SPORTS ATTIRE WHISKEYNORTH.COM '------_ __..;.,. : .... ..


'S .upreme' Conviction ForQuaens Drug Dealer QUEENS, NEW YORKNotorious Queens, NY crack dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGrift' could be sentenced to deatlt tomorrow (2/06) after he was convicted Thursday of drt.ig dea!ing and paying murder of two rivals in 200 I "The defendant wanted these men\ dead in part to "SUPREME" maintain his reputation as a >'! MCGRIFF feared and gangster," l)t'iY :-r [ _.,.,} -. said prosecutor :Jeffrey '' directions via tWo-way pager. Rabkin :t : dosing A criminal assdciate testified = arguments in federal court. that McGriff thrilled to The deferidant tr Jearilc; E-Money Bags was .. was dressed in a three-piece dead, saying "it was like the suit and tie during Thursday's Fourth of July." hearing, and "occasionally A raid on an Owings Mill, smiled and flashed peace signs Md., house where McGriff to sup.pOrters, including the stashed his drugs produced a 'f3p star Ja surveillance videotape 9f one 2001, McGriff had of the victims. Another tape been released from jail on a offered behind-the-scenes Jlarcotics conviction, and footage from "Crime : owned the rights to the book, Partners" showing the "Crime : Partners," written by executive producer "stuffing one of his favorite writers, what appears to be large Donald Goines. amounts of cash down his McGriff was also pants.'! supplying cocaine and heroin McGriff went on the run to drug crews in Baltimore by in 2002, authorities said. 200 I, and had partnered with Investigators caught up with tv,lurder Inc.'s honcho him in a Miami hotel, where Irt. "Gotti" Lorenzo, who he had checked in using a agreed to help market $1,000 cash deposit and an produce the soundtrack for alias. Inside a room with "Crime Partners. .-. ., McGriff were a younger Also 'in -2001; prosecutors woman and a small stash of sar. McGriff ordered a.hit on Ecstasy and Viagra. tWo"' rivals: a little.-known Authorities also suspect a rapper named E-Money Bags_,.: drug beef Jed to who had killed his close friend ordermg the 2000 shootmg of Colbert' "Black Just"-Queens rapper 50 Cent, who Johnson I999, and another s.urvived nine bullets. No man "smacked around '; charges were brought in ofhis-Murder Inc. case. The rapper later ba,sed outside a nightclub." the villain in his A fiit learn from Harlem movie, "Get did the job for _$50,000. Rich or Die Tryin'," on allegedly gave McGriff. Macon, Ga., Mayor Converts To Islam MACQN, Georgia .: Jack_ has converted to Islam and is working to. change 1egill 't < name to Hakim Mansou r -. Ellis. Ellis, 6t J Macon native who was raised Christian, said : he became a Sunni Muslim during a December ceremony in the west African nation of Senegal. MAYOR JACK ELLIS ... Ellis said he has studied the Qui-an for years and that his new religion was practiced by his ancestors befor e they were brqught to North America as "Why does one become a Christian?" Ellis said Thursday. "You do it because it feels right. ... To me it's no big : deal. But people lik e to k1;1ow what you believ e in. Name-changing by converts ... J -- I is a practice that is considered commendable, though it is typically not required. Ellis said he would keep hi s last name at the request of two daughters. Ellis, whose mayoral term expires this year, sald he hasn't calculated how his religious conversion might affect him politically. He said he is proud to liv e in a country founded on religious freedom. NATIONAL .-c; .... Orlando Officer Dragged 1 ORLANDO An Orlando police officer was dragged by a car over a thousand feet, but that didn't stop him from catching his suspect. Officer Keith Stubbs was released from the hospital late Thursday morning, but the suspect was still being treated and was listed in critical condition after being shot multiple times. KEITH STUBBS Orlando Police Officer Keith Stubbs, 42, pulled the Stubbs was dragged from ; C over near Tampa and Pine, about three or, four blocks downtown Orlando. The across the asphalt on Pine !lext. car was Street. While he was being movmg agam wtth Stubbs dragged, he. opened fire the to : the car, driver. The driver then lost bemg dragged behmd tt. control and slammed irito a "When I came back, I heard fence. / a couple of gunshots," said eyewitness D'andre Banks. While draggi!lg along the asphalt,police said, Stubbs pulled his gun and opened fire. Bullets struck the driver, 26-year-old Arroyo Brown. The car slammed into a fence Emergency crews worked quickly to help both men and rushed them to the hospital, while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement showed up to investigate. was a passenger in the ' en m z : L z m r m c r r m ""'' 2 "0 c: m r (j) ::r:: m c m )>" :z 0 '11 ::D g ..... CD


' c a: "" c z c:t c 0 w ::::) ... i:t w > w c w l: 0 :J m ::::) a. z i= w ...J ...J ::::) m ...:. w z i= z w 0 c:t c a: o ...J "" =MEMORIAM I NOTICES= A HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MEMORIAM My Father JESSIE KING My Mother DORTHY KING January31 There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about you and miss your voice, your presence, your touch and most of all your love. But this time of year makes it even more special, MaMa and Daddy. We miss and love you. May you continue to live together in Heaven .as you did here on earth. We love you. Love, your daughter, Annette. Death Notices AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Ms. Lucius Anderson, Thonotosassa. .MORNING GLORY FUNERAL CHAPEL Aniceia Benjamin, 6807 N. 48th Street. Roosevelt Hawkins, Tampa. Irene Jackson, 2615 E." Chelsea St. Linda Racine, 803 E. GeneseeSt. Walter Thomas, 6926 _Temple Oats Ave. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME Mr. Cleo Davis, 3611 E. Caracas Street. Mr. James Hamlin, 209 N. Westland Street Apt. # 1 Mrs Vilor Harv e y 2811 Campus Hill Drive. :1\Jrs. Lhida Nelson, 31,04 Machado Street Mr. Terrence J Patton, Temple Terrace. < .WILSON FUNERAL HOME Ms ... Gardner. Tampa. : J?: Hadley, Tampa. .. Mr Howard, Tampa. J : : I 232 Harmon Fune r a l H o m e John W H armo n L F D FREE QUOTES Owner/Ma nager 5002 N 40th S t 6 2 6 -8600 Aikens Funeral Home Correction In Friday, February 2nd edition the funeral notice for Mrs. Sarah Rebecca Summers Gordon stated she was born January 20, 1943, and it should have been January 20, 1923. Jimmie J a ckson, Own e r "A F a mily's Frie nd 4605 N. 34th St., Tampa, Fl Ph# 239 3101 REST HAVEN MEMORIAL PARK A Community Pride" 461 5 E. H anna T ampa 3 3 6 10 S p aces M onuments M a r kers DISCOUNT AVAILABLE 2332 J LOCAL Woman,101, Dies Of Causes; Needs Help To Bury Mrs. Irene Davis Jackson d ied o f natural causes on Wednesday, January 31, 2007. She was 101 years old. I was so hoping she'd make it to her 102nd birthday, which would be March 24th," said a cousin and caretaker, Ms. Sherry Williams. Mrs. Jackson was a resident of the Home Association at the time of her death. Now, the family needs assis. : l tance with burial. Morning Glory Funeral Chapel is in charge of arrangen:tents. The famtly is hoping to have the service on Saturday at the chapel. Mrs. Jackson was born in Tarpon Springs into a family MRS. IRENE -.. DAVIS JACKSON of 5 boys and 2 girls She also attended school there. She later moved to Tampa, but then made her home i n P lant City where she lived for near. ly 50 years. Working as a domestic, she helped to raise numerous children Mrs. Jackson was preceded in-death by her husband of 43. years, Chandler Jackson, and her only child, a son, Freddie Williams, also preceded her in death. Mrs. Jackson, a n:!ember of Bethel Baptist -Church Plant City, loved to Bible and the new.:;paper. Amo,ng left!lt" her memory are gfa):tdchildien, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, another cousin, Elease Padgett and many frie nds. MHS Tigers Class Of "85" An nouncas Atlanta Reunion The Middleton H igh school class of 1965 Atlanta Excursion 2007 reunion com mittee announces that an exciting & fun-filled time has been planned iii Atlanta over the Memorial Day weekend, from May 25 May 27th, for fellow Tigers, friends and families. The Hotlanta Reunion Kick-off Oldies Reception, is slated for 8-11 p. m Friday night -May 25th, at the world's largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium. Saturday, May 26 will begin with a visit to theM. L King Museum and birth home, followed by a cookout at his-. toric Stone Mountain Park, ending with a delicious group dinner and entertainment. Sunday morning reunion worship, including recogni tion of departed classmates, will be at one of the area mega churches, Greeilforest Community Baptist Church. The registration fee of $80 per person,-payable to Middleton Reunion C ommittee, should b e sen t by April 30th. to Carolyn Figgers West, P o : .Box 312240, Atlanta, GA, 30331. Air Tran Airway s is the. afrlirie s for: the Atlanta ExcuTsio n : and may b e contact e d ( to ll -fre e) at 1-866-68. 3 8 368; our .event code is: ATL052207. For additional deta'ils questions or comments,' go to www.classmates.com and link to our reunion board or contact us by e mail at: middletontigers@earthlink.net or Gloria Jennings Blount at ( 404) 289-8879 Other active committee members are: Robert Blount, Carnella A. Stewart, Robert "Pop" Nunn and Josephine Allen McLeod." Group housing for the Tigers is with Amerisuites, Lfthonia/Stonecrest Mall, 1-800-833-1516, or www amerisuites.com She will answer all your questions. Can and win put yoi.J on the path to SUCCeSS & Love, Money, Career, Health. Help on all matters of life. Results in one visit Call Now! 1113] 151-3517 1900 Sligh Ave n ue (Between Ro m e & Armenia)


(813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813) 248-9218 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mall notice to violators of the City Code, notice Is hereby given that a Tampa M unicipal Code Enforceme'nt Hearing Master has scheduled & public hearing on February 7, 2007, at 9:00 a .m. to hear the below listed cases which are In violation of th!il City of Tampa. Code. Information listed below describes the case number, property owner(s), violation address, code section v iolated, and legal description of subJect property In that order. The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 315 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida. Affected property owners will be given the opportunitY t o discuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases, please call the Office-of the City Clerk at (813) 274. Please note that If any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any. matter considered at the meeting or hearing, they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record Includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. CASE II 06 BANKS LATONYA M 5109 N 20TH ST TAMPA FL SECTION 19-238,19-46, 19-47,19-49 & 19-50 HAMPSHIRE PARK N 18.3 FT OF LOT 8 ALL OF LOT 9& N 60 FT OF. W ,40 FT OF LO:T.J, O BLOCK 4 157410.0000 o:! h !t)' .'[.t'!J CASE .d bns THI:RMOZI-'\J 512l 7 ,J11 .. :47TH Sit, .. L,n ,tni FL SECTIONS 19,'19-46, 19-47. 19-49, 19-50, 19-56 COM AT SW COR OF NW 1/4 OF NE 1/4 OF I-.IE 1/4 THN E ALG S BDRY OF SO NW 1/4 OF NE 1/4 OF NE 1/4 25 FT TO PT ON E R/W LIEN OF N 47TH ST AND POB THN N ALG SO E RIW 200 FT E 300 FT THN S 175 FT W 150 FT S 25 FTTO APT ON S BDRY OF NW 1/4 OF NE 114 OF NE 1/4 THN W 150 FT TO POB LESS THE FOLLOWING DESC AS BEG AT SW COR OF NW 1/4 OF NE 114 OF NE 1/4 THN RUN E 25FT N 100 FT TO POB THN E 100FT N 100 FTTHN W 100 FTTHN S 100 FTTO POB 153451.0000 CASE II 06-15878 THERMOZI THOMAS J AND SANG MIN KIM 5127 N 47TH ST ii' TAMPA, FL 19-231, 19-46, 19-47, 19-49, 19-50,' 19-56 COM AT SW COR OF NW 1/4 OF NE 1/4 OF NE 1/4 THN E ALG S BDRY OF SO NW 1/4 OF NE 114 -0F NE 114 25 FT TO PT ON E R/W LIEN OF"'N 4 7TH ST AND POB THN N ALG SO E RIW 200 FT E 300 FT THN S 175'FT W 150FT S 25 FTTO A PT ON S BDRY OF NW 1/4 OF .NE 1/4 OF NE 1/4THNW 150 FTTO POB LESS THE FOLLOWING DESC AS BEG AT SW COR OF NW 1/4 OF NE 114 OF NE 1/4 THN RUNE 25FT N 100FT TO POB THN E 100FT N 100 FTTHN W 100 FTTHN S :JOO FTTO POB 153451.0000 "' CASE II 06-19387 BASS MARGARET F ESTATE OF 4 3 2 0 W GREEN ST TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-26, 19-27 FORES T H E IGHTS E 5 0 FT O F N 100FT O F LOT 2 111 549.0900 CASE II 06-19973' MARTINEZ DERYS SOSA CARLOS 804 W SLIGH AV CASE II 06-22091 BROWN KEVIN 703 E FLORA ST TAMPA, FL Section 19-50 BUNGALOW PARK EAST REVISED MAP LOT 14 : > ;. :; .FRJ.;NcOI,SE e r:_.,,,..-'. : BSOb'lt 1Jo'flfi;y TAMPA, FL' SECTION 19-49, 19-5G f" 19-231,19 OAK TERRACE REVISED PLAT OF LOTS 275 AND 2 76 AND E 1/2 CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON CASE II 06 LAHHAM SHADY J 8006 N MULBERRY ST TAMPA; FL 19-50, MOW .ENTIRE PROPERTY! SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDITION LOTS 15 & 16 & E 1fl OF ALLEY ADJOINING SAME BLOCK 61 146959 .0000 CASE II 06-22671 -TAYLOR CLARA ESTATE OF 913 E ESKIMO AV TAMPA, FL SECTION 19-49 19-50 SPRING HILL ADDITION CORRECTED MAP LOT 11 AND N 1/2 OF ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON BLOCK 6 146074.0000 CASE II 06 1806 N FRANKLIN LLC ATTN: PAT CARRIANO 1808 N FRANKLIN ST TAMPA, FL EXTERIOR WORK WITHOUT ARC APPPROVAL (WINDOW, WINDOW OPENINGS! LIVONIA DODDS CL1NE LOT 4 BLOCK2 192345 .0000 CASE II 06-22694 1806 N FRANKLIN LLC C/0 REG AGT MEHAMMED A ELSHEIKH 1808 N FRANKLIN ST TAMPA, FL EXTERIOR WORK WITHOUT ARC APPP ROVAL (WINDO W WINDOW OP E NIN G S) LIVONIA DODDS CLINE LOT 4 BLOCK2 192345.0000 TAMPA, FL CASE II 06-22853 Sections : 1946,19 50 1 9-236, PUMARIEGA ZENAIDA 27 133 and 27 138 RIV E R SIDE FIRST 'ADDITION 2119 W FARWELL DR TOWESTLOT2BLOC K 5 L E SS TAMPA, FL RIW B EG A T N E COR RUNS 88 S E C TIONS :19-49,1950, DEG50MINW60.o1 FTN' 1 .22-19,27,129.WELLSWOOD POB ESTATES UNIT NO 2 PLAT 28 ,v.; PAGES 31 32 AND 33 LOT BEG CASE II 06-20286 COE ERMA. 8718 N 13TH ST TAMPA, FL SECTION 19-49,190 ,19 5 6 19 ORANGE T ERRACE LOT 4 BLOCK 6 145505.0000 CASE II 06-21114 GILLETTE PATRICIA A 2702 N BOULEVARD TAMPA, F L SECTIONS 1 9 & 1927 ORANGE G R O V E PARK LOT 1 1 8 2108 0000 CASE II 06 GILLETTE PATRICIA A 901 W COLUMBUS DR TAMPA,FL' SECTIO N S 1'9 26 & 19 S U BURB ROYAL LOT 1 BLOCK 2 2 181947.0000 AT S E COR OF LOT 22 AND RUN WLY ALONG FARW ELL DR 14FT N 2 D E G 37 MINW 145.87 FT N 89 D E G 43 MIN E 78.08 FT S 2 D EG 37 MIN E 142.70 FTTO FARWELL DR ANDWLY ALONG DR 64 FT TO BEG BLOCK 34 105890.0000 CASE II 06-2382 4 FIELDS ANNANORA L ; 10701 N 1 5TH ST TAMPA, FL 19-56,19 TILSE N M ANOR S U BD IVI S ION LOT 2 B L OC K 1 2 141 238. 0000 CASE II 06 LOPE Z JOE L 4310 S LOIS A V TAMPA, FL SECTI O N S 1 19-47, 19. M A N HATTA N M ANOR RE VI SED PLAT LOT 22 BLOCK 1 0 129684 0000 CASE II 06 ROLLE JAMES JR ROLLE DONNETTE 3101 E 18TH AV TAMPA, FL 19-46, 19-47 19-50 VERDIER PARK LOT 4 BLOCK 5 174865.0000 f CASE II 06 KORATH GEORGE GEORGE DEENAMMA : : .:. .. : 2406 E 19TH AV,_1/2 TAMPA, FL .. 19-46,19-47,19-50 MAYS ADDITION LOT 12 BLOCK 5 188232.0000 CASE II 06-24821 BELMONT HEIGHTS DEVELOPMENT ATTN GRACE MIRANDA 2412 E 19TH AV TAMPA, FL 19-46, 19-47 19-50 MAYS ADDITION LOT 15 BLOCK 5 188234.0000 CASE II 06-24839 BELMONT HEIGHTS DEVELOPMENT CO ATTN GRACE MIRANDA 2417 E 2OTH AV TAMPA, FL 19-47, 19-49, 19-50, 19-56 MAYS ADDITION LOT4 BLOCK 5 18822 2.0000 CASE II 06-24981 LEWIS RICHARD A 212 5 W FARWELL DR TAMPA, FL Section: 19-49 W E L LSWOOO E STATES UNIT NO 2 PLAT 28 PAGES 31 32 AND 33 LOT BEG AT NE COR OF LOT 20 AND RUN N 70 DEG 01 MIN 43 SEC E 39.27 FT S 2 DEG 37 MIN E 150.46 FTTO NLY LINE OF FARWELL DR WLY ALONG FARW ELL DR 78 FT N 4 DEG 26 MIN 07 S E C E 127.27 FT AND NELY 2 9 .06 FTTO BEG BLOCK34 105881.0000 CASE II 06 BUTLER H A & EVA S C/0 H F HARRIS 1918 W LEMON ST TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19, 19 B ENJAMIN'S 5TH ADDITION LOT 1 0 BLOCK 6 181267.0000 CASE II 06 HOWARD JOANN 1420 E CHILKOOT AV TAMPA, FL SECTION 19-49 N EBRASKA AV E NU E H E IGH T S W 15 FT O F LOT 14 AND LOTS 15 AND 16 BLOCK 33 143998.0000 CASE. II 06-25432 HERNANDEZ JOSE 3122 W POWHATAN AV TAMPA, FL S E CTION :19-49TRACTBEG 104 FT N AND 52 FT E O F SE COR O F LOT 1 2 BLK 3 AYALA AND SANTOS SUBDIVISION PLAT BK 34 PAGE 19 RUN N 104FT E 5 2 FT S 104 FT AND W 52 FT TO POB 102984 012 5 CASE II 0625546 VARGHESE MATHEW VARGHESE RAYMOL 5706 N LINCOLN AV; AD TAMPA, FL SECTIONS:1936, 19237 COMM AT SE COR O F SW 1/4 O F S W 1/4 RUN N 775 FT W 30FT MOL TOW BORY O F LIN C O L N AVE AND POB TH N W 220FT N 4 26.81 FT E 220 FT S 426.29 FTTO POB 102972 055 5 CASE II 06 HOWARD .PARK PROPERTIES INC C/0 REG AGT GORDON DAVIS 1502 S HOWARD AV TAMPA,FL' 27 .. WYNNE': REALTY CO'S REVISED MAP OF LOTS 1 TO 7 INC!= OF GEOWEEK'S SUB L!OTS 1 TO 3 INCL AND LOT 11 BLOCK 2 O.F REV MAP OF LUNA REFERENCE 1862 95.0000 i:rr. 186319.0100 CASE II 06 MARTIN BENITO 4520 S CLARK A V TAMPA, FL SECTION: 19-26. MANHATTAN MANOR NO 3 LOT 10 BLOCK 4 129903 0000 CASE II 06 3F PROPERTIES INC C/0 AL LOPEZ -JR REG AGT 3307 E 23RD AV TAMPA, FL 19-46 19-50 : "': HIGHlAND HEIGHTS REVISED MAP E 45 FTOF LOT 4 BLOCK 4 174723.0000 CASE II 06-25850 GILLETTE PATRICIA A 1308 E YUKON ST; A/B TAMPA, FL .. SECTION 19,1947,19 ORANGE TERRACE LOTS 11 AND 12 AND CLOSED ALLEY LYING 'BETWEEN SAID LOTS BLOCK7 1455 26. 0000 CASE II 06-25945 OLD HYDE PARK PROPERTIES LTD C/0 MADISON MARQUETTE 1501 W SWANN AV, TAMPA, FL 27-218 OLD HYDE PARK VILLAGE LOT 2 185879 5510 CASE. # 06 WILLIAMS MICHAEL R 2524 W CARMEN ST, TAMPA, FL. SECTION CODES 19 & 19-27 WEST PINES REVISED MAP LOT 11 BLOCK 10 16846 7 .0000 CASE II 06 PARIS CLINTON PARIS SAMANTHIA 3415 E MARTIN LUTHER KING BL, AlB TAMPA, FL 19-46' 19-49,19-50,19-56, 19 236,19VESTA'S COURT LOT 1 LESS W 56 FT LESS RD R/W 173505 0000 CASE II 06-26330 VAN MARIA, 7814 N MULBERRY ST TAMPA FL SECTION 19,19-49,1950, 27129,19 SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDITION LOT 8 AND E 5 'FT CLOSED ALLEY, ABUTTING ON W BLOCK 76 147 046.0000 CASE II 06 TINTLE LINDA D TINTLE KEVIN H 5806 N FLORIDA AV TAMPA, FL SEC TI O N S 1 9-46, 1 9-4 9 & 19 56 IDLEWILD ON THE HILLSBOROU G H LOT 6 BLOC K 2 1 1 62 420.0000 CASE II 0626436 MILLER NICHOLAS J 4 607 N FLORIDA AV TAMPA, F L SECTIONS 19-236, 19, 27-133 HAMILTON E G S UBDIVI S I O N LOTS 8 AND 9 166147. 0 000 CASE II 06 HAUPT ARABY A HAUPT JOHN 1311 E CURTIS ST-TAMPA, FL. SECTIONS 19, .19 NEBRASKA HEIGHTS LOT 7 BLOCK 2 AND N 1/2 OF VACATED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREO F 171927 .0000' .. :,;:;, .... CASE II 06 BLOSFIELD EVELYN 64 01 N FLORI.DA AV TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-236,19-237 NORTH PARK LOT217 I 163234.0000 CASE II 06 MC KETHAN PARRISH ESTATE OF 3708 N 35TH ST TAMPA, FL 19-49619 EDGEWOOD S 1/2 F E j02 FT OF LOT 27 173645.0000 CASE II 06-26985 BENNETT AUTUMN 8518 N 11TH ST '. TAMPA FL sEcTioN SULPH R SPniNGS ADDITION LOT 9 AND E 1/2 CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON BLOCK 10 146287.0000 CASE II 06-27103 NOTTINGHAM MARK 3102 YBOR ST TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-46, 19-49,.)9 & 19-56-LA. CARBATERA LOT 6 BLOCK' 7 TOGETHER WITH THAT PORTION OF E 1/2 OF CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING ON WEST 187265.0000 CASE II 06 STRINGER SUZANNE1 L 8707 N 12TH ST TAMPA, FL SECTION 19 ORANGE TERRACE LOT 16 BLOCK 6 145515.0000 CASE II 06 FERNANDEZ BENNY JR. 10715 N NEBRASKA AV TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 1 9-236 & 19-237..-l 19 47V 19-56 & A ENUE HEIGHTS N 1/2 OF LOT 6 AND LOTS 7 AND 8 BLOCK 4 LESS .R/W FOR NEBRASKA AVE 143787.0000 CASE II 06 FERNANDEZ BENNY JR 903 E 108TH AV -TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-47 19-49, 19-56, 27-124 & 27-138 NEBRASKA AVENUE HEIGHTS LOT9 BLOCK 4 143789.0000 ANY PERSON WHO D E CIDES TO APP EAL ANY DECISION OF THE CITY COUNCIL WITH R ESPE C T TO ANY MATTE R CONSIDERED ATTHIS M E ETING WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE HIRE A COURT nEPORTER TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE THE T ESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO B E BASE D. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26, FLORIDA STATUTE S t PER S ON S WITH DISABILI IES NEEDING S P E CIAL A CCO MMODATION TO PARTI C IPATE IN THIS M EET IN G SHOULD CON T AC T THE C ITY C L ERK'S OFFICE AT L E A S T FORTY-EIGHT (48) AOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE M E ETING. INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR A N D BE H EARD AT SAID H EARI NG. SHIRLEY FOXXKNOWLES CITY CLERK -1 C: m en c m OJ ;:u, c: )> !'> N 0 0 ...... 1 6 .::u en-:::!,... Z m .. .:a c: r r z ., c:m r-c;; ;% m c m < m m en c )> z c ., c > .. Ci) m N .....


...... 0 0 (813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813) 248-9218 N csi Ill( .. Ill::. '. m ,; w 1L >"' C(, c fn w .... c it: 1L c z NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING "''' : As a result of beln. g unable to effectuate certified mall notice to violators of the Cltv Code, notlce.ls hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearlr.g Masterhas scheduled a public hearing on February 14, 20071 at 9:00a.m. to hear the below llsted.cases which are In violation of the City of Tampa Coae. Information listed below describes the case number, property owneris) violation address, code section violated, and legal of subject property fn that or:ler. The hearing will be held In City Council Chambers 3rd Floor, City Hall, 3f5 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida. Affected property owners wal be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any q_uestlons regarding these-cases, please call the.Offl.ce of the City Clerk at (813) 274. Please note that If any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting Qr hearing, they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings Is made, which record Includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. CASE II 06 ACOSTA RAFEL L. PEREZ JANY. 2712 W SAINT CONRAD ST. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-26,19-231 SMOKE DETECTOR VILLA SAINT LOUIS LOT 6 BLOCK 15 180075.0000 CASE II 06 GRIFFITH RETS 2708 E. 9TH AVE. TAMPA' FL SECTION CODES 19-26 & 19-27 GARYTOWN LOT 6 BLOCK10 189067.0000 CASE II 06 INVEST FUND CORP USA INC. C/0 REG AGT CHEN SHINSHENG 1138 W. LASALLE ST. TAMPA, FL CASE II 06 LINCOLN PATRICK L. 11332 N. MARJORY AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-46, 19-47, 19-49, 19-50, 19-232, 19-233, 19-234 AND 27-149 HAMNER'S W E FOREST ACRES E 165FT OF LOT 14 LESS N 25FT BLOCK 3 94826.0000 -CASE II 06 VALECIO WILLIAM L 2718 W. UNION ST. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-26, 19-27, 19-47, 19-49, 19-56, 27-129 MACFARLANES REV MAP OF ADDITIONS TO WEST TAMPA LOTS 5 & 6 BLOCK 46 179536.0000 CASE II 06 CHARITE FERDINAND 921 E. COLUMBUS DR. TAMPA, FL CASE II 06 MORETA MOISES AND MARIBEL 2731 N. FLORIDA AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19 & 19-237 FAIRBURN S 112 OF LOT 6 AND N 49 112 FT OF LOT 7 BLOCK 4 LESS THAT PART OF S 112 OF LOT 6 BEING MORE PARTICULARLY DESC AS FROM SW COR OF N 1/2 OF LOT 6 BLOCK 4 RUN THN ELY 5.50 FT ALG S BDRY OF SO N 112 OF LOT 6 FOR POB THN CONTINUING ALG SO S BDRY ELY 53.24 FT THN SLY 0.30 FT THN WLY IN STRAIGHT LINE 53.24 FT NLY 0.25 FT TO POB 183179.0000 CASE II 06 PINES RAYMOND R. 919 E. 15TH AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTION 19-49 ELIZABETH >:Ill( > : .. C( c. SECTIONS 19-46, 19-49, AND 19-50 MUNRO'S AND CLEWIS'S ADDITION TO WEST TAMPA LOT 9 BLOCK 3 -SECTIONS 19-47, 19-49, 19-56 & 19-231 ELIZABETH W 40 FT OF LOT 1 LESS PT FOR RD DESC AS BET AT NW COR & RUNS 5 FT ELY 40 .01 FT N 3.71 FT & W 40 FT TO BEG BLOCK3 E 40FT OF LOT 8 BLOCK 2 198376.0000 fn W > .... : > 0:: w > : W c w :I: fn ::J m D. z t= w ...J ...J m I ...J w z t= z w fn Ill( c Ill:: 0 ...J 1L N N w (!) 178533.0000 :. ,' .. ... CASE II 06 MUNOZ YOLANI MUNOZ MIKALA 2339 W. PALMETTO ST. TAMPA; FL SECTIONS 19-47, 19-49, AND 19-56 MAC FARLANES REV MAP OF ADDITIONS TO WEST TAMPA LOT 15 AND W 112 OF LOT 16 BLOCK 23 179095.0000 CASE II 06 TURNER MATTHEW 202 E. SELMA AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-4919-50 GOOD'S ADDITION TO TAMPA LOT 11 BLOCK 3 167555.0000 CASE II 06 INVEST FUND CORP USA INC C/0 REG AGT CHEN SHINSHENG 1106 W. LASALLE ST. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-46,19-49,19-50 MUNRO'S AND CLEWIS'S ADDITION TO WEST TAMPA W 33 FT OF LOT 2 BLOCK 3 178528.0000 CASE II 06 SOLEM ROGER 313 W. OSBORNE AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-26 19-27, 19-231 SUNSHINE PARK REVISED MAP LOT 13 BLOCK 3 165376.0000 CASE II 06 MOYAJOSE 4204 E. POWHATAN AVE. TAMPA;FL SECTION 27-240 BELMONT H E IGHTS NO 2 PB 12 PG 88 152433.0000 198380.0000 CASE II 06 GOLDSTEIN DAVID H AND PILAR 2507 W NORTH A ST. TAMPA, F'-SECTION CODES 19-26 & 19-27 TERRA NOVA REVISED MAP LOT 11 BLOCK 5 168537 0000 CASE II 06 MYLES EVANS M AND MERLE 3306 E. 27TH AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19-231 AND 19-232 JACKSON HEIGHTS LOT9 BLOCK2 113n1.oooo CASE II 06 OUR FATHERS HOUSE CHURCH INC. C/0 REG AGT ANTHONY LOCICERO 3310 N. NEBRASKA AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19-236 AND 19-237 BONNIEVENTURE LOTS BLOCK D 182180.0000 CASE II 06 FOX PROPERTIES C/0 JEFFREY ENGLISH REG AGENT 4504 E. HILLSBOROUGH AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-236 AND 19 237 FUNK'S HOME PARK LOTS 33 THRU 39 AND LOT 40 LESS N 10 FT AND CLOSED ALLEY S OF LOTS 34 AND 39 LESS HWY 152995 000 CASE II 06 WOOTEN CARLOS SHAW LEFORD 5702 N. 47TH ST. TAMPA,-FL SECTIONS 20.5, 19-238, 27-n TABLE 4-1 S 1/2 OF FOLLOWING DESC PROPERTY: BEG AT NE COR OF NE 1/4 OF SW 1/4 OF SE 1/4 RUN W 25 FT S 505 FT TO POB TH W 632.09 FT S 157.70 FT E 632.22 FT N 158.26 FT TO POB LESS W 158 FT THEREOF 152783 0000 ANY PERSON WHO DECIDES TO APPEAL ANY DECISION OF THE CITY COUNCIL WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT THIS MEETING WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS, AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, MAY NEED TO HIRE A COURT REPORTER TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS IS MADE, WHICH RECORD INCLUDES THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26, FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE .CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF T!iE MEETING INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING. SHIRLEY FOXXKNOWLES CITY CLERK PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition -Friday@ 3:00p.m. Friday Edition Tuesday @ 3:00 p.m. Fax Your Ad s 24 HRS. (813) 248-9218 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL:' CIRCUIT IN. ., ,;. AND FOR .:. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA ,. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN I AND FOR .. HILLSBOROUGH; COUNTY, -. ? FLORIDA -"... ........ -.... ,. ... DIVISION H Case No. Oi-000192 PARSRAM KHUBLAL Individually, and NAIMOON KHUBLAL Individually (Plaintiffs) vs. HATTIE DAVIS Individually, JOHN I WATSON,:. Individually, iTHERESA' I. WATSON, a/kla li THERESA '_. WATSON ATKINS; .CARRIE MAE WORTHY, Individually, and HATTIE BELL McLEOD, Individually (Defendants) NOTICE OF ACTION TO: Hattie Davis, Individually, Last Known Address of 350911th Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 And Defendants' Unknown Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, Grantees, Judgment Creditors, And All Other Parties Claiming By, Through, Under Or Against Said Named YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that an action to quiet and confirm in the following described real property located in County Flor i da : -' North Yz of the South 2/5 of the East Yz of the SW Y.. of the NE Y. of the SE Y. of Section 8 Township 28 South, Range 20 East, Hillsbo rough County, Florida less the West 30 feet for road right of way the "Property" has been f iled by the Plaintiffs, Parsram Khublal and Naimoon Khublal, against you : You are_required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to the Verified Complaint to Quiet Tax Title on the for the Plaintiff, ANITA R fGERACI, Esquire, whose address i s 1560 Bloxam Avenue, Clermont, Florida 34711, on or before March 5, 2007 and to file ttie original with the Clerk of this Court either before service on Plaintiff's attorney or immediately thereafter. O th erwise, a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. In accordance w ith the Americans Disabilities Act pers.ons nee.ding speci a l accommodations to participate in this hearing should contact the A.D.A. Coordinator not later than seven (7) days prior to the proceeding at 813 -2 72-7040 or via F lorida Relay Service at 1 800-955-8770 Da t e d this day of January, 2007. PAT COLLIER FRANK Clerk of the Circuit Court By: /s / HENRY SUBER, JR. DEPUTY CLER K DIVISION H "Case No. 07-192 I. .: PARSRAHUBLAL Individually (Plaintiffs) vs. HATTIE DAVIS, Individually, JOHN WATSON, Individually, : THERESA' A L WATSON, lndlvittuatty,-. :; a/k7a ; ,:, .WATSON ATKINS,, .. MAE WORTHY: ; Individually, and HATTIE BELLMcLEOD, Individually (Defendants) NOTICE OF ACTION TO: John Watson, lndividuaUy, Theresa I. Watson, a/kla Theresa Watson Atkins Last Known Address of P. 0. Box 34 .Thonotosassa,FL 33592 A,nd Defendants''Unknown Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, Grantees, Judgment -' Creditors, And All Other Parties Claiming By;-. Through, Under Or Against Said Named Defendants YOU. ARE HEREBY, NOTIFIED that an action to quiet and confirm title in the following described r ea l property located in 1-jillsborough County, Florida : North Yz of the South 2/5 of the East.Yz of the : sw Y. of the NE Y. of the SE Y. of Section 8 Township 28 South, Range 20 East, less the West 30 feet for road right of way the "Property". !las been filed by .-the Plaintiffs,. Parsram Khublal and Naimoon Khublal, against you. You are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to the Verified Complaint to Quiet Tax Title on the attorney for the Plaintiff, ANITA R GERACI, Esquire, whose address is 1560 Bloxam Avenue, Clermont, Florida 34111, on or 'before March 5, 2007 and to file the original with the Clerk of th i s Court either before service on P laintiff's attorney or immediately thereafter. Otherwise, a default will b e entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. In accordance with the Americans Disabilities Act, persons needing specia l acco mmod a tion s to participate in hearing should contact the A D A Coordinator not later than seven (7) days prior to the proceeding at 813-272 7040 or via Flori da Relay Service a t 1 800 955-877u. Dated this of J a nuary. 2 00 7. PAT COLLIER FRANK Clerk of the Circuit Court By: /s/ HENRY SUBER, JR. DEPUTY CLERK f


(813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813) 248-9218 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FL:ORIDA, IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, JUVENILE DIVISION FFN: 505890B Case ID: 04-1213 Division C \ IN THE INTEREST OF: ENGLE, Tyler W/M (dob 02/25/02) MINOR CHILD :_ ,A.it NO:TJC. E OF AN HEARING 0N A ; nit ." T TE RMINA:t'ION OF 'Tl :PARENTAL RIGHT ." l. -"'.u : ., ons; .. FAILURE TO PERSONALLY APPEAR AT THE ADVISORY HEARING CONSTiTUTES CONSENT TO THE TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS OF THIS CHILD. IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR ON THIS DATE AND TIME YOU MAY LOSE ALL LEGAL RIGHTS AS A PARENT TO THE CHILD NAMED IN THE PETITION ATTACHED TO THIS NOTICE. TO: Trampus Patton (Father) Or Any Possible Father Of: Tyle Engle, dob: 02/25/2002 YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights has been filed .in the Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of the of Florida, in and. far Hlllsbordugh county; Florida, Juvenile Division, alleging that the above-named child is dependent child and by which the Petitioner is a<;;king for the .termination of parental rights and permanent commitment of the child to the Department of Children and Famllies for subseq uent adoption. YOU ARE HEREBY notified that'.your are required to appear personally on the 27th day of March, 2007, at 9:30 a.m. -< befo.re the Honorable Mintha Cook,. at the Hillsborough County Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 E. Twiggs Street, 4th Floor, Division C Courtroom #411, Tampa, to show cause, if .aiJY, .wny parental rights shall not be P J:terminated and' said c hf1d\ !shali not be perman mtly, to tt1e Florid a Department of Child ren a nd Farl]fljes for subsequent adopt ion You are entitled to be represented by an attorney at this proceeding : Dated this 25th d a y of J anuary, 2 007. / PAT FRANK Clerk of the Circuit Court By: /s/ LINDA LEPELLE TI E R DEPUTY CLERK FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS ... CALL LaVORA @ (813) 248-92 As a res.ult of being unable to effectuate certified mall notice to violators of the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on February 21, 2007, at 9 :00a. m. to hear the below listed cases which are In violation of the City of Tampa Code. Information listed below describes the case number, property owner(s), violation address, code section violated, and legal description .of subject property In that order. The hearing will be held In City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 315 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida. Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases, please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274-7286 -Please note that If any person decides to appeal any declslo n made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing, they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings Is made, which record Includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal Is to be based. CASE # 06-13948 CASE # 0625315 rC_A_S_E_#_0_6-_3_1_2_2_4 ___ __, r-C-A_S..;,E..;.#_06__1:...3....;90;__ .. __;;,__,:_...., BURROWES ANNETTE 2211 E. CAYUGA ST., ROBINSON MARILYN J. HUGGINSJERRY L. AND REMY TAMPA, FL TRUSTEE NORMA E. 2104 E. MARTIN LUTHER SECTIONS 19-46, 19-47,19-49 & 5708 N. BRANCH AVE., 6601 N. NEBRASKA AVE., 19-233, .19-234, 27-77 TABLE TAMPA, FL TAMPA, FL KING BLVD., TAMPA, FL 4-1 HI.GH LOT 18. SECTIONS 19-47, &27148(a) CODE SECTIONS 5-104.1 1 CODE SECTIONS 'S-105 1 c; : ; SUWANNE HEIGHTS 1 5 -104. 6 2 FLORA VILLA 5-1 0 8. 4, S -.) 04 -CASE' # 06-18596vb,.\ LOT 2 BLOCK .!'1"")': ,., : W 87 5 FTOFLOT4 LESS R/W STRATHMORE LOT1L. ,,; 'BOGTHE DANIELLE. W 16 4102.0000 .;, I r 171051.0125 BLOCK 19.. ,(., E.'JEAN CASE#.06-275B7: "i: CASE#06-31231 157754 0000 i .,.TAMPA, F L D 'RAKE KWAN & LEYVA. LUIS R., AND ., .>'1 SECTION 19-232, NORTH PARK JACKSON-DRAKE TRACY LEYVA MARSHA J. LOT284t'ii '' 590 N 3907 W. PALMETTO ST., CASE# 06. 163294.0000 8 N. 32 D ST., TAMPA, FL TAMPA, FL .JIMENEZ RAIMUNDO A. & CASE# 06-20902 SECTIONS 19-47, & 19-49 CODE SECTIONS 5-105.2,5-.JIMENEZ SHAYNE D. LANDON CHERYL N 1/4 OF S 112 OF SW 1/4 OF 108.4, 104.3.1 LINCOLN 2312W.SPRUCEST.,AfB NW1/40FSE114LESSW320 GARDENSBLOCK1AND2 9413 N. EDISON AVE., 19_26, 19_27 FT AND LESS E 25FT FOR RD REVISED LOT 10 TAMPA, FL FARLANES REV MAP OF 151091.0000 112014.0000 / CODE SECTIONS 5-105.1 t ADDITIONS TO WEST TAMPA CASE# 06-27619 CASE# 06 5-108.4; 5-104.3.1 TAMPA'S E 2/3 OF LOT 3 BLOCK 2 MC ELVY DONALD WAND PLACERES A BEL JR.. NORTH SIDE COUNTRY CLUB 178691.0000 ANGELINE L. 7300 N. CENTRAL AVE., AREA UNIT NO 1 SOUTHGATE CASE# 06-23349 6:302 N. NEBRASKA AVE., TAMPA, FL LOTS 10 AND 11 BLOCK 32 LEWIS SUZANNE RAE TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5-104.1. 97647 .0000 ... 121 W. THOMAS ST., SECTIONS19-23S,19-237,27-5-104.6.2,5-103.3 TAMPA, FL 138 OAKWOOD S 71 FT OF AVON SPRINGS SECTION 19-49 WOODCLEFT LOT 1 LESS ST BLOCK B LOT 17 BLOCK 20 SUBDIVISION REVISED PLAT 163051.0000 161357.0000 OF BLOCK 2 LOT 4 162829.0000 CASE # 06-23360 WORTHINGTON ERIC D. 611 E. POCAHONTAS AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-46, & 19-49 CRAFT'S SUB DIVIS ION W 92 FT OF E 324 FT OF S 132 FTOF LOT2 162539.0000 CASE# 06-23418 GRAHAM ELIZABETH & WHITEHEAD VAUGHN & SHARON 5915 N. OLA AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTION 19-232 IDLEWILD ON THE HILLSBOROUGH N 112 OF LOT 10 BLOCK 19 162395.0000 CASE # 06-23524 VALDERRAMA MELISSA 1618 S. ARRAWANA AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-46 & 19-50 HOLDENS SIMMS RESUBDIVISION OF BLOCKS 4, 6.z. 7, AND 15 LOT 20 BLuCK7 118603.0000 CASE# 06-24261 STEWART JULIA BAKER FANNIE MAE. 2502 E. 4TH AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19 236, 19237 & 27 77 TABLE 4-1 TURMAN'S EAST YBOR W 1/2 OF LOT 1 AND ALL OF LOT 2 BLOCK 25 189319.0000 CASE # 06-24894 CJS II INVESTMENT PROPERTIES INC. 5917 S DALE MABRY HW. AE, TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 1947, 1949 & 1950 INT E RBAY PART O F LOTS 6 AND 7 BLOCK 25 DESC AS FOLLOWS: COM AT SE COR OF LOT 7 THN N 20 FT TO POB THN W 13.65 FT THN N 59 FT THN E 43 FT THN S 59 FT THN E 29.35 FT TO POB TOGETHER WITH UNDIV 1/11 INT EREST IN FOLLOWING DESC TRACTS: THAT PART OF LOTS 21 TO 23 BLOCK 25 D ESC AS FOLLOWS: BEG AT SW COR OF LOT 21 THN N 29 FT THN E 60 FT THN N 88 FT THN W 60 FT THN N 22FT THN E 107.35 FTTHN S 139 FTTHN W 107.35 FT TO POB AND THAT PART OF LOTS 2 TO 7 BLOCK 25 D ESC A S FOLLOWS: BEG AT NW COR OF LOT 7 THN E 36.35 FT THN S 119FT THN E 169FT TH N N 59 FT THN E 52 FT THN S 79 F T THN W 257 35 F T THN N 139FT TO POB 1 33215. 0025 CASE # 06-27971 ROBINSON ARTHUR W AND ROBINSON CYNTHIA M. 7506 S. GERMER ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 19-47 AND 27-129 PORT TAMPA CITY MAP LOT'14 & W .1/2 CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON BLOCK 193 139138,.0000 CASE # 06-28282 RAMDIAL ANDREW 4902 W. IDAHO ST., TAMPA, FL SECTION 19-47 PORT TAMPA CITY MAP LOT 1 BLOCK 184 AND E 1/2 CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON 139022.0000 CASE # 06-28297 MORALES JOSE 3207 E. LAMBRIGHT ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS 1947, 1949, 19-50 AND 19-56. HANKINS' SUBURBAN HOMESITES. REVISED NE 1/4 OF LOT 44 152025.0000 CASE # 06-28367 NAYMICK. ALBERT P., NAYMICK KIM L. 3315 W. ELLICOTT ST., TAMPA, FL S ECTIONS 19-47 AND 21-8 PLAZA TERRACE UNIT .NO 2 LOT 11 BLOCK 7 106S56.oooo CASE # 06-30499 MC NAMARA KEVIN 5837 .MARINER ST., TAMPA, F L SECTIONS 194 7, 19 -49 AND 27-129 MARINE R ESTATES LOT22 112609.0000 CASE# 06-31214 HODGE ROMY MADISON 1912 E. 97TH AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5-104. 1.1, 5 -104.6.2, 5-103.3 TAMPA OVERLOOK LOT 9 AND E 1/2 O F LOT 10 BLOCK 26 144444.0000 CASE # 06-31215 EBANKS VERONA 2105 W. ORIENT ST., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5 -104. 1.1, 5-1 04.6.2, 5-103.0 RIO VISTA E 29 FT OF LOT 22 AND W 28 FT O F LOTS 23 AND 24 BLOCK 1 11 0002 0000 CASE# 06-31241 GLOVER LAWRENCE A. 2606 E. 11TH AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5-104.1,5-104.6.2, 5-103.3 McKNIGHT'S SUBDIVISION LOT 14 BLOCK 3 188776.0000 CASE# 06-31242 SSEMAKULA JOHN NABUZALE PENINA 8420 N. MULBERRY ST., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5-104.1.1, 5-104.6.2, 5-103.0 SULPHUR HILL LOTS 3 & E 112 CLOSED A LLEYABUTTING THEREON BLOCK 7 145831.0000 CASE# 06-31335 -FERNANDEZ ALFONSO MARIN H 0 R T E N S I A 5301 N. ROME AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5-104.1, 5-104.6.2, 5-103.3 -' WELLSWOOD SECTION C LOT 27 BLOCK 18 105628.0000 CASE# 06-31344 SILBER WILLIAM C. 946 E. SHADOWLAWN AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5 -104.1. 1, 5 -104.6.2, 5 -103.0 SHADOWLAWN 1ST ADDITION LOT 44 171540.0000 CASE # 06-31347 BERRY RICHARD G. 8409 N LYNN AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE S ECTIONS 5 104.1 1, 5104.6.2, 5-103.0 MANOR HILLS SUBDIVISION LOTS 25 AND 26 BLOCK 19 100216.1000 CASE# 06-31377 STELLA KARl & CYNTHIA JOHN-BAPTISTE 1503 E. 99TH AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 13-43 & 13-45 TAMPA OVERLOOK LOT 2 BLOCK 37' 144517.0100 CASE# 06-31387 PEREZ FRANK RICHARD 3502 W. SANTIAGO ST., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTION S 5 -105.1, 5-108 .4, 5-104.3.1PALMA CEIA PARK LOT 1 BLOCK 69 126303.0000 PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition Friday @ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition -Tuesday @ 3:00 P.M. CASE# 06 ,. ARMSTRONG USA 4217 E. HANNA AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5-105.1, 5-108.4, 5-104.3. 1 SULTANA GLADE LOT2 153239.0000 CASE II 06-31414 RAMIREZ KARLA 10004 N. 11TH ST.; TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS 5-104.1 :1,5-104.6.2, 5-103.3 CASTLE HEIGHTS MAP LOTS 17 TO 20 INCLBLOCK P 144155.0000 ANY PERSON WHO DECIDES TO APPEAL ANY DECISION OF THE CITY COUNCIL WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED .AT THIS MEETING WILL. NEED A R E.C 0 R D 0 F T H E PROCEEDINGS, AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, MAY NEED TO HIRE A COURT REPORTER TO ENSURE THAT .. A V E RBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS 'IS MA.OE WHICH RECORD INCLUDES .THE' TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE A M E R I C A N S W I T H DISABILITIES ACT .AND SECTION 286.26, FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT' (48) HOURS PRIOR TO T HE DATE OF THE MEETING. -INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXXKNOWLES CITY CLERK 'T1 j.' 0 0 > en m z ::j z m r I Ill c r r m ::j z "tt c Ill r c;; :X: m 0 m < m -i c m en 0 > z c "TI 0


(813) 2-48-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813) 248-9218 .. : .. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA IN AND FOR HlLLSBOROUGH COUNTY JUVENILE DIVISION FEN: 507032 Case ID: 05-0342 Division D _:.IN THE INTEREST OF: BOTHWELL, Logan ;.,_ (dob03/2/2001) : MINOR CHILD '. ; .. f ,. ,. NOTICE OF AN ADVISORY HEARING ONA TERMINATION OF 0:: u. c z <( c tJ) w ::;) ..... w > w c w J: tJ) a:l ::;) D. z j:: w -J. -J ::;) a:l -J w Z i= z w tJ) <( c 0 -J u. -.:t C\1 PARENTAL RIGHTS PROCEEDINGS FAILURE TO PERSONALLY APPEAR AT THE ADVISORY. HEARING CONSTITUTES CONSENT TO THE TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS OF THIS CHILD. IF,YOU FAIL TO APPEAR ON THIS DATE AND TIME SPECIFIED, YOU MAY LOSE ALL LEGAL RIGHTS AS A PARENT TO THE CHILD NAMED IN THE PETITION ATTACHED TO THIS NOTICE. TO: Robert Lewis Estrada (Father) Residence/Whereabouts Unknown YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights has been filed in. the Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, in and for Hillsborough Countv.. Florida, Juvenile Division, alleging that the above-named child is dependent child and by which the Petitioner is asking for the termination of parental rights and permanent commitment of the child to the Department of Children and Families for subsequent adoption. YOU ARE HEREBY notified that your are required to appear personally on the 3rd of April, 2007 at 9:30 a.m., before the Honorable Tracy Sheehan, at the Hillsborough County Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 E Twiggs Street, 4th Floor Division C -Courtroom #411 Tampa, Florida 33602 to show cause if any ; why parental rights shall not be terminated and said child shall not be permanently committed to the Florida Department of Children and Families for subsequent adoption You are entitled to be represented by an attorney at this proceeding. Dated this 2nd day of Febryary, 2007. PAT FRANK Clerk of the Circuit Court W By: /s/ LINDA LEPEL-LETER DEPUTY CLERK INVITATION TO BID INVITATION TO BID Sealed bids for INSTALLATION OF FIELD LIGHTS FOR Sealed bids for INSTALLATION OF FIELD LIGHTS FOR THE SOFTBALL FIELD AT BRANDON HIGH SCHOOL THE FOOTBALL FIELD AT LETO HIGH SCHOOL will be and for the INSTALLATION OF LIGHTS FOR THE received_by"the School Board of GYMNASIUM'AT BRANDON HIGH SCHOOL will be Florida in the Office of the Supervisor of Purchasing, Third received by the School Board of Hillsborough County, Floor, School Administrativ'e Center, 901 East Kennedy Florida in the Office of of Purchasing, Third Boulevard, Tampa, Florida until 3:00 PM Tuesday. Floor School Administrative Center, 901 East Kennedy February 27. 2007. (The mailing address is P. o. Box Boulevard, -rampa,.Fiorida until. 3 : .00 PM TUesday. March 13. 2007. (The .. mailing address is o. 3408, 3408, : Tampa, 33 6 0 1 ). Bids will not be accepted Tampa ; Florida 33601)',-: Bids wilf not be accepted .after after P.M of the above date. Bids will be opened 3:00 PM of the above gate. Bids will be opened and read _. read aloud hi the Purchasing Department, located th! : ., aloud in 'the Purcfuising Department, located on the third third floor of .. ...... !:the .... .-. ..... School A dm,n,stratlve Center. .. ... .. ,, ... .,, t .. .. :.--;: Contractors desiring to bid this project' are to an Encouragement Affirmative Action Plan as within the bidding documents. There will be a Non mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on Tuesday. February 20. 10:00 am at Leto High School. 4409 West Sligh Avenue Tampa. FL 33614. IT IS THE BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE Tf:iAT BIDS ARE DELIVERED TO THE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT AS REFERENCE;D ABOVE. BID SECURITY MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH BID. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS: The School Administrative Center is a "securlty" building; therefore, visitors will be required to obtain a Visitors Pass prior to entering the building. A photo identification will need to be presented at this time. -Plans and specifications may be obtained. from the Architect/Engineer. Complete information regarding bidding documents and other infor!'Tlation may be obtained from the Architect/Engineer: Long and Associates Engineers/Architects Inc. 4525 S. Manhattan Ave Tampa, FL 33611 813 839-0506 No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty days after date set for bid opening. r THE SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA MARYELLEN ELlA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS -."l.J,)' !\.''=i.JI .... Contractors may bid either job .or&bot-11-jobs. The owner reserves the right to divide the jobs. -. t : ..... -.. Contractors desiring to bid this project are subject to an Encouragement Affirmative Action Plan as identified within the bidding docum ents. There will be a Non mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on Tuesday, .February-27, 10:00 am at Brandon High School, 1101 Victoria Street, Brandon, FL 33510. IT IS THE BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE THAT BIDS ARE DELIVERED TO THE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT AS REFERENCED ABOVE. BID SECURITY MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH BID. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS: The School Administrative is a "security" building; therefore, visitors will be required to obtain a Visitors Pass prior to entering the building._. A photo identification will need to be at this time. : "t l t ') ::- Plans and specific-ations may be obtained from the Architect/Engineer Complete information regarding bidding documents and other information may be obtained-from the Architect/Engineer : Carastro & Associates Inc. 2609 W. De Leon Street Tampa, Florida 33609 813-874-9494 No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of. thirty ( days after date set for bid opening. THE SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA MARYELLEN ELlA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS .. v ,..( '\ EMPLOYMENT AVON$$$ CNA Working Full-Time? .Starting Pay Sell Avon To Co-workers, 7-3 $9 .75-$10. 75 Friends & Relatives 3-11 $10 .75-$11. 75 Call (813) 817-2866 Full Time Great Benefits, 401 k Raise In April Live-In Care Giver Pleasant, Courteous For Small Group Home Work Environment 2 Days Plus Pay LTC Experience Required No Convicted Apply In Person Felons Apply Delta Health Care Robin@ (813) 837-4843 1818 E. Fletcher SUPPORT SENTINEL ADVERTISERS AVON To Buy Or Earn, Very Small Investment. Now With More Options To Earn More Money. (813) 832-4282 Deshongg@ve rizon.net Experienced Pressers For Dry Cleaning Top Pay Offered Only 2+ Years Experience Need Apply Call (813) 240-1125 If No Answer Leave Message START iEL Y! Highly Motivated T elemarketers Experienced Only Handyman Sub-Contractors And Laborers All Phases Must Own A Vehicle Call (813) 630-9827 FAX YOUR ADS 24/7 (813) 248-928 /


(813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813) 248-9218 BEREAN ACADEMY A Classical And Christian Education Located At: 10948 Central Ave. N. Tampa, 33612 (813) 932-0552 headmaster@bereanacademy.org ,iri Housing REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR FINANCIAL ADVISOR/CONSULTANT Berean Academy admits students of In accordance with the U.S. Department of Housing and any race, color, nationality or ethnic U b D 1 t (HUD) H db k 7460 8 REV 1 d& Public Hillsborough Hearing County To Discuss Budget -Preparation And Limitations PoUcy c: m en c "TT m .. Ill ::0 c: )> !Sl N 0 0 ........ origin to all the rights, privileges, r eve opmen an oo programs and activities, Flond.a Statutes Wrth other applicable laws, the Your Board of County Commissioners will hold a P\llllic Hearing,ttallshiJJsodanfn ; ... r. .. ,.. .. programs, athletic or :;p_!Qer shalkbe1 received until 3:00 p.m. (prevailing the proposed policy, : :. .... administered r rams. Tampa, FL time) on Friday, February 16. 2007 at 1529 W. Public comment is welcomed and encou'raged. Main St, Suite 213 Tampa FL 33607. Proposals Request For Bids received after this date and time will be rejected. DATE: Wednesday, Februa,Y 7 TIME: 2p.m. Sauer Incorporated has been awarded a portion of the Hillsborough WTE Expansion project in Hillsborough County Sauer Inc. is seeking qualified DM/DWBE participation for electrical roofing excava tion, concrete, civil site work, seeding and landscaping, sheet metal, surveying, insul?tion, steel fabrication and erection, etc. If you are a qualified DM/DWBE contractor, please contact Sauer Inc, 1801 Lone Eagle Columbus, OH 43228 You may also call David Kretin (Saue_r Inc.) (614) 853-2500. Sauer Inc will be holding an "Open Hou se for all subcontractors interested in the project on Wednesday, 02/07/07 at the Courtyard Marriott (10152 Palm Road) in Tampa between 10 :00 a m 1:00 p .m .SUPPORT SENTINEL ADVERTISERS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00-1-20 WORDS 50 FOR EACH ADDITONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD Copies of this Request for Proposal are available electronically by contacting the Contracting Office at 813-253-0551, ext 390 or by pick-up at the above mentioned address Respondents are required to submit one (1) original and four (4) copies of their proposal. All proposals are to be sent to: The Tampa Housing Authority ATTN : Mr. Nicholas Dickerson, Director Contracting & Procurement 1529 W Main St. Suite 213 Tampa, FL 33607 Questions regarding this RFP may be directed to Nicholas Dickerson Contracting Officer at 813/253-0551, ext. 390 Graphic Artist And Typesetter Positions Graphic Artist must be proficient in Word, Fre ehand, and Quark. Typesetter must be able to type 60+ words per minute and be computer literate. I Apply Monday and Wednesday ONLY 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p. m. Florida Sentinel Bulletin 2207 E. 21st Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 NO PHONE CALLS LOCATION: Frederick B. Karl County Center 2nd Floor 60 I East Kennedy Boulevard Tampa, Florida 33602 All meeting facilities are ADA compliant. Any additional necessary accommodations will be pfovided with a 48-hour notice. For more infonnation, please call Management and Budget Department at 272-5890 CITY : 301-7173) Para informacion en'espaifol 1/am. ar a/272-5314. HILLSBOROUGH COUNlY BO en m z ::::! z m r;m c: r r m ::::! z c: Ill c en ::I: Tampa Bay Water, a regional water suppty authori ty Flor i da s largest water wholesaler oper ate s and manages m < 12 ground water supplies and is implementing alternative m surface water and desalination sources to complement existing production. If you a challenge and want to work away from the hustle and bustle of the c i ty then Tampa Bay ffi Water may be for you. We are seeking a Staff Assistant II to work in our Land C)' Lakes office This position \ vill support the professio-nal staff, -as well as handle mitigation )> complaints. Must be able to perform with considerable independence and able to adapt to changing situations. "TT A minimu, m :four. years of progressive-ly responsible administrative support experience, includ ing administrative experience in construction or contra cts that excellent written, grammatical and _spelling skills, with e xc e ll e nt keybo ard skills, and considerable exp e rience on Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe, prefer exp. with scanning and indexing documents, etc.'; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experien 'ce. Salary range for position is $27k to $44k. will be accepted until February 9th, 2 00 7 Please complete an application:: Applications may be downloaded from or pick up a11 application at 2575 Enterprise Rd Clearwater, FL 33761 : a il in completed application to HR Dept. 2 575 .. E nterprise Rd FL 33761 '. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE VISA, MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARDS Email Your Ads To: ledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax To: 813-248 -9218 I .. 5:.


.:::. cti > 0:::: <( :J 0:::: m w LL >=' <( c en w :J 1-c a: LL c z <( c en w :J ;I-> a: w > w c w :I: en :J m :J a. z i= w ..J ..J :J m I ..J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J LL (813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813) 248-9218 U) C). z -z z -C) Ill Dl Ill z EMPLOYMENT Tuesday February 13, 2007 10am-3pm Raymond James Stadium Himes Ave, Tampa Anendthe, a:nd yol;l::W:Ht ortQP= Tt:unpa @.:c;1,:y .. AQAD EMI.C:. FINANP.IP M!PQ.lE.JQN P:E&T QO:N.lRQt,JN.C; = Rl;ASTlP.A:t< I.NC:. RANOSTAD CQY;EG.fi; C.QRP= .. =ROOM$.,TQ=GQ: SC.C SQ FT .. TH STEAK N COMfiANY: WAlMART ,. ... .:.,, '!JiiD m h -c tii&IC::u.ICAUK o:AU.IHC. '.<, <.


813 248 1921 CLASSIFIED FAX ( 813 ) 248-9 EMPLOYMEN Police Legal Advisor-Manager IRC12512 '($62,150-$93,195 Salary DOQ) Close: February 28, 2007 Graduation from an accredited college or university school of law (essential). Some experience as a practicing atto (essential). Possession of a license to practice law in the State of Florida (essential). Send resume to: City of St. Petersburg, Employment D1v. 1 4 St. No 4111 Floor, St. Pete, FL 33701 or apply on-line at www.stpete.org/jobs Office hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only between SAM-4:00PM It: 'M!ifl i' tt'! Jl Nice Homes 4 Sale 3 And 4 Bedrooms Garage & Pool Optional E-Z FINANICING All/Any Credit Welcome Call (813) 630-9827 Home Ownership Your Job Is Your Credit Low Down Payment Lease 2 Purchase Clair Mel 8534 Gold Ridge Circle 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $1300.00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome! Call 813-630-3030 Lutz Home 2 Large Bedrooms/1 Bath .. ) Spacious Garage Metro Real Estate & Mortgage Company Tampa's #1 Section 8 Specialist Properties Available All Over Tampa ca11 (813) 6oo-5o9o 3706 N. 55m Street House For Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath ____ Big Yard, Nice Area .. Section 8 Only Call 813 994-6627 CHA, Fenced Yard $850.00/Monthly Part-Tim_ e Secreta,.Y For Small Credit Union Monday Thru Ftiday Basic Computer Skills For Credit Union Software First Week Of Month Work 40 Hour Week Other Weeks 20 Hours Week Apply: 703 East Harrison Street Tampa, FL 33602 cLASSIFIED RATES $8.00 -1-20 WORD s .50 CENT FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD. .... : OVER 20. c I ,_ THIS PRICE .. IS EACH Tll\iiE YOU PUBLISH .. ADVERTISEMENT .... $116.00/Monthly 4 Bedroom/2 Bath FORECLOSURE 4% Down, 30 Years @8%APR Call 1-800-749-8168 xR592 Clair Mel Home For Sale 1330 Windsor Way Totally Renovated 3/1 New Tile/Carpet. No Money Down $1000 Per Month Call Floyd .. _. 813-727-6728 Never Rent Again 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $140.00/Monthly FORECLOSURE 4% Down, 30 Years @ 8% APR Call 1-800-7 49-8168 xR592 Homes For Immediate Occupancy For The New Year 3/1 3507 N. 1Oth street 3/1 1512 E. Louisiana Ave $1000.00 Deposit:.. '-: Rent Starting at $11oo : oo Section 8 Welcome ., ... :_VETERANS SPECIAL For Or To Schedule A.. No Payment Viewing Please .A Two, Three, Four Contact Us At sed. room : Home I -s9o6 .. "' + Call (813) 621-5410 Or (561) 584-1288 For Rent Or Rent To Own Section 8 Welcome No Pets Progress Village-3/1 Clair Mei -3/1 Tampa -3/1 Clean & Ready 181 Month+ Deposit USFAraa Spacious Townhouse 2 Bedrooms/1% Baths CHA, Utility/Laundry Room Private Patio :.Available 211/07 .. Rent $750.00 Section 8 OK Many Areas & Sizes Some New Builder Homes Metro Real Estate :. .. (813) 968-1168 r _: ., & Mortgage Co. .. .<:MIDLAND :.' '. 240 3-Mallo:.ry "' .,.. ... 766 .. 2033 -.: : $900.00/$700.00 .. '\.' th ... ...... 1405 E. Linebaugh Ave. : 4/2 House, Very Nice New Paint, Tile 9608 N. -11 St. t ) : .. 4 Bedroom/2 Bath-o -:5901 N : .15111 St Carpet, CHA $1 ,250.00/Month $1,000.00 beposit. $208.00/Monthly $950.00/$700.00 \... 5 Bedroom '""2906 E. 28th Ave. .. .-$500.00/Monthly -; :>, -, $100,0.00/$700 .00 _. 4% Down:.. 30 : 1907 E. Ida i @ 8% APR :., .: $900.00/$500.00 : For Listings Call Call (813) 600-5090 1-800-7 49-8168 Ext. 57 48 ..... 1 \ ,_.. Section 8 OK {.' Call Ramona (813) 546:.5214 Section 8 Tenant Wanted! < Available Nowl .. 4/2 '--. Carver City Temple Terrace .=Duplex $17 4,000.00 Rent Or Rent To Own .. Available February 1. 4/2-:-Tarppa North Tampa -Duplex $135;000.00 ... 3/2.:.. Townhouse Tenant Occupied $155,000.00 2/2 -._townhouse: Tenant Occupied $145,000 00 :: 4/2-Home $120,000.00 Daux (813) 546-1954 Home Run Real Estate '' Lie Realtor .. .. .J: SENTINEL -ADVERTISERS -ft -... 4736 Spring Place Lake Padgett Estates 311West Tampa .: 4 f:!edrooms/? Baths .. 2/1' _West Tampa 2 Car Garage (813) 3SJ-9857 I :Family Room With t Please Leave A Message Fireplace, Large Yard z $1 ,. : i -.;-""t' .... $ugar .Creek 802 Walnut n r .. "!'''' .,... 3603 i Seffner .:.-;, >.: .. t: 3 Bedrooms/1.5 Bath /. $850/$1 050 I 603S Crestridge i. TnC. : : 3 Bedroonis/1.5 Bath $1100/$1250 -s 5015 86th st: ,.--" Clair Mel .. 3 Bectrooms/1 -1 .. 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath, Block Home, Totally Redone Inside & Out Washer/Dryer Hook-up, Cabjnets Taking Applications For January. Only Good Clean Tenants Need 'i ToApply $1200 00/Monthly $1 000 00/Deposit N c c "'4 I ., / 5 ::tl 6 )> z .. -4' :z m r--1 llJ c: r r-'!!l :z ., c: m r-, c;; :1: m 0 m -< m ... :::0 'v -<' -f c m en 0 )> z o ., 0 > -< (:


,..... 0 0 C\1 co > a: < :::: a: m w LL. > < c CIJ w :::: 1-c a: ._ LL. c z < c CIJ w :::: 1-> a: w > w c w J: CIJ :::i m :::: a.. z lu :I :::: m ..:. w z i= z w CIJ oCt' c a: 0 ..J LL. --------------------------------------., -------------------------------------(813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813)248-9218 Home For: Rent River Grove 6216 N 38th St. 3-1 With New Tile Floors Very Large Lot $11 00 Per Month 813-727-6728 Palm River 3/2/1 Newly Remodeled Block, CHA ,_ Great Neighborl'lood d -No Money Down $1500/Month Call (813) 716 8252 First Tim, e Home Buyers Call Ainsley Daux License Realtor Home Run Real Estate (813) 646-1954 WNW.dauxfloridahomes.com APTS FOR RENT Efficiencies & One Bedroom Apartments Some With River Views Call For Current Specials 813-237-3984 River Place Apartments -Snow Sun Villa -:. 12301 N. 11th street? 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $625.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Call (813) 244-6245 Available 3-1-07 2 Large Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hookup, Clean & Nice, Large Backyard $750.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Section 8 Only Call (813) 238-6607 I Section 8 Preferred 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex Tile Floors, Large Yard WID Hook-Up Call (813) 230-8968 ROOM Rooms For Rent Single Occupancy Only Drug Free Area Phone (813) 247-3581 Or (813) 965-5931 3104 E. MLK Blvd. Wanted Roommate Male Preferred For Boarding House $500.00/Monthly Call (813) 784-0508 1016 14th Avenue Fully Remodeled Rooms For Rent $120.00-Weekly Call1-800-890-7639 Nice Unfurnished Rooms CHA, House Privileges ,. :-: Males-P;referred ",): ; $2oo.booeposit l ,._,-Phone (813) 661-4292 Room For Rent : $100.00 Per Week + Deposit, Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 285-8147 Jackson Heights Area Rooms For Rent $125.00 Weekly > $110.00 Deposit Kitchen Privileges Utilities Included Phone (813) 236-4S16 Fully'J3-emodeled Rooms For Rent $110.00-Weekly call1-aoo-s9o-:7639 Just Like Home Leave Message Immediate Response : F:irst \ Furnished And Unfurnished (813) 319 .. 5646n70-5881 i ... "-' ... .... ,. ... Senior Homecare By Angels Reliable, experienced caregivers provide up to 24 hour care in your home. Companionship, meals light housework. -Visiting Angels 813-909-2550 Or 727-841-8440 LIC# 228771 Duplex-Busch Area 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hook-up Refurbished Kitchen Section 8 Welcome Great Deal Rooms For Rent Nice & Clean CHA, Drug Free $125.00/W eekly $125.00/Deposit Christian Person Has Rooms For Rent $11 0.00/Deposit liiii'lld@.]!(IIGJI1 Water Side Condo For Sale t Bedroom/f Bath On River $69,900 Owner Realtor (813) 232-5253 vma Palm Apartments 1 & 2 Bedrooms Available 1 Bedroom $600.00/Monthly $300.00 Security Deposit Call (813) 600-5090 Apartment 2406 East 12th Avenue 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Nice And Clean, CHA $475.00/Rent $475.00/Deposit Call (813) 237-5990 2106 w. Beach st. #A 2/1 Newly Renovated Apartment New Kitchen/Bath Hard Tile In Both Hardwood Floors Alarm System, CHA $700.00 Per Month (813) 238-6353 Call (813) 261-7538 Or (813) 503-0493 East Tampa Spacious -2/1 CHA, Fireplace, Sprinklers Fenced, W/D Hookup Water Included $950.00 Monthly +$950.00 Deposit Phone (813) 979-0868 1919 E. Osborne-Duplex 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Large Living Room, Dinirig Room, Fenced. Front Yard, Water Included $800.00/Month $800.00/Deposit Call Ramona (813) 546-5214 Duplex -Ready Feb 11 6216 48th Street Apartment B Tampa, FL 33610 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Rent-$750.00 $500.00 Background Check $39.95 Non-Refundable Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 626-0331 Call (813) 624-8540 Lovely-. Furnished View Of River, Nice Area Utilities Included Kitchen Privileges Older Females Preferred $150.00 Weekly (81 3) 927-2878 Furnished Clean Quiet Rooms $120 weekly CHA, Cable, Utilities On Bus Line Efficiencies Available Also 505-5400 Or 902-1351 Hyde Park 1507 North A Street W /W Carpet, Kitchen Privileges, A/C Near Busline Deposit-$60.00 Rent-$100.'00 And Up (813) 293-4883 Ybor -1216 East 121h Ave. All Utilities Included Full Size Bed $11 0.00/Weekly $440.00/Monthly Twin Bed $95.00/Weekly $380.00/Monthly $100.00 Deposit $15.00 Application Fee 813-293-7918 -' $11 0.00/Rent No Drugs Or Illegal Activities Allowed can Mike (813) 770-2266 Furnished Rooms Queen Size Bed $175.00/Weekly Full Size Bed $15o:ootweekly (2 Available) $150. 00/Deposit Call (813) 900-6926 Or (813) 817-2677 East Tampa 2 Rooms For Rent 1 Furnished/1 Unfurnished No Drugs, Washer/Dryer Utilities Included, Kitchen, Living Room Access, Ne_ar Busline $500 Down/$500 Month Per Room (813) 416-1184 Or (964) 559-2232 Furnished Rooms Available In Very Nice Tampa Heights Home CHA, Shared Bath All Utilities Included No Credit Check But Must Have a Job $11 0 Per Week Plus $11 0 Call (404) 839-4629 Tarpley's Heating -, &AIC LLC. 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<( :J a: m w LL c en w :J 1-c c: LL. c z <( c en w :;) 1-> c: w > Ll,l c w J: en :J m :;) D. z i= w ..J ..J :;) m I ..J w z i= z w en <( c c: 0 ..J LL. t'-.. 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. -. CRIME NEW' S Search Warrant Yields & Arrests-ANITA SYKES JONATHAN, GRUBBS CESAR TORRES Last Thursday, Tampa Police were made of mid-level drug served a search warrant on a traffickers and street level res i dence in the 8ooo block of dealers, police said Noith Brooks Street as part of One of those arrested, an ongoing drug investigation .Alonzo Elliott, 35, was .Because police were wanted by the Hillsborough informed residents at that County Sheriff's Office for kidfocation were armed, the napping, burglary, and bat-Tatp.:Qa Police .. tery. &sed. Along with Elliott, police A search of the residence charged Lamonte Terry, 31, 3 handguns, $4.411 Angelita Gardener, 26, -grams of marijuana, Anita Sykes, 32, Jonathan 49-4 grams of cocaine. and .2 Grubbs,. 26, and Cesar gnins of MDMA. arrests Torres, 26. Man Ch&rged With eating TOMMIE PARTEE LAK E WALES The Polk County She riff's. Office arrest e d a man l a st Wednesday for Uncle Sandy Says allegedly beating his girl-friend. Deputies said Tommie Partee, 27, choked his girl friend until she was uncon scious and then beat her He's being held in the Polk County Jail with an unspecified bond Sklnh-d Charged In Murder Of Homeless Men ... known in Ybor City as 'The Wolfman" Unit-ed States Attorney Paul Perez announced the indictment of Charles Marovskis, 29, charging him with two counts of mur der in connection with teering activities. Special agents arrested Marovskis in Pennsylvania. If convicted, he faces a maxi mum sentence of death or life imprisonment. .. According to. the indictment, Marovskis was a member of Tampa Blood and Honour, a hate group engaged in racketeering activ ity whose members promoted the belief that white persons of Aryan descent were the superior race, and other races and classes of non-Aryan peo ple were inferior The indictment further alleges that on September 13, 1998, and others murdered Alfred Williams and Richard Arseneau. Records indicate Williams' body was found at the Amtrak Station on Nebraska Avenue. Arseneaus' body was found in a wooded lot east of Fletcher Avenue near I-275 501 E. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 1225 FL 33602 _,11 ( -i-=-1 Phone#: (813) 223-3900 I The a lawker is an imfllrtant dtci s !on not based s ,>ldy upt>n :ldv.;rtis..:m..:ul s Bd m: 'US to rra: Wnc:n 0111' and .J. t t, I I ..,. t Five Charged In Theft And Burglary Ring Tampa believe they have disbanded a burglary and theft ring that targeted small businesses and cars. According to reports, 5 juve niles were arrested who police believe committed dozens of .thefts and car burglaries in South Tampa and on Westshore Boulevard. Detectives said the suspected dngleader, Marvin Alford, is at large Detectives have determined MARVIN ALFORD the ring used juveniles to dis-1 alleged ringleader being tract clerks and then took sought by authorities what they, could. They also broke into cars at Patriots charge. d with .. breaking and on Bayshore entering and fraudulent use of and of the credit cards. -f c: m f/) .. c "TI' m tD lJ c: > lJ < N 0 o """ ?ccurred m the open and dur..._ :Police did-not release the mg the day names Of. the 5 arrested The 5 suspects arrested were they _were juveniles. 5 lJ ConVenience Store Shooting Under Investigation Tampa Police detectives investigating a shooting at a convenience store early Monday morning. Police said Michael Cardin, 6o, a clerk at the Circle K Store on Westshore and Gandy Boulevard, went outside of the store to dump trash. As he came around the corner of the building, he reported seeing a man behind a dumpster he believed was preparing t9 rob the store; Police said Cardin started running, and the alleged rob ber shot him in the back. The robber then took off on foot. Police think he may have got ten into a waiting vehicle. The only descrjption police have of the is that be was a Black male wearing a '.hooded sweatshirt. Cardin was transported to a local hospital and is reported to be in critical condition: 0 m z -f :z m r;Ol c: r r !!I z "'0 c: tD (i) :t: m c m < m lJ < -f c: m f/) c > z c "TI lJ c ;,r


' .. ""' 0 0 C\1 eli < a: Ill w u. > let c en w t-c a: u. c z < c en w t> a: w > w c w l: en ::::i Ill D. z t= w ...J ...J -_, Ill I ...J w z j:: z W en < c a: 0 ...J u. CASH .IN 3 DAYS FOR YOUR .HOUSE! Dayj 1 -submit Contract The Rehabber's Superstore will submit an. offer to buy your home. I oay2 : Clear Title t I If offer is accepted the Rehabber's Superstore will submit the contract to the title company Day. 3 Day The title companywill clear the title then a Closing date. Atthe you will pick up you' r check! .: -. .:::-:;;:-, _.,.----..._,.,; __ .... ,(.o,.


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