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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 62, no. 42 (February 9, 2007)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
February 9, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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tudent I eared -Rape ha :. -. SEE PAGE 16-A HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Lasting Marriages Based On ... RespeCt .. 1. SEE PAGE 18-D J :": .Popular Blues Artists To Appear In Concert SEE PAGE 17-D Building At FAMU Named After Tampan SEE PAGE 8-A Suspect Sought In Robbery SEE PAGE 23 A \ -. ,. 6 MIDDLETON SENIORS SIGN WITH COLLEGES February 7, 2oo7 was signing day around the country. High school senior football players made their verbal commitment to co llege s around the country. Six students at Mlddleton High Schoo l were in the Media Cen t er for the ceremony. The slgnees are, kneel ing, Jona than Sanders, receiver who sjgned with Florida A & M University; and Andres H arris, r ece iver, who s ign ed with Cookman Co ll e ge. Standing, Joe White, offensive lineman, Bethune Cookman College; J a varou s Martin defensive back, Albany State University ; Jarrell G unn, linema n, Tennessee State; and Sherod Murdock defensive line man who signed with the University of Pittsburg h (Photograph by Sylvester Harri s) ....... .., ..


,.. I FEATURES .J 5 C\1 a) > a: < c a: u. .. c a: u. c z arnved at the scene,. she was ffi trying to children. > "I was trying to get inside W the house and a fireman stopped me. I wits relieved. ::Z:: when I saw my :Children were en .. .. :J safe, but then I started m thinking about all of our we-lost everyZ thing except. what we were i= w .,_. ...J ...J ::::) m ...:. w z i= z w en a: 0 ...J u. Nicole Brown and 3 children. wearing." the house from and he told Ms. Brown'-s-children are them he had another place all boys, ages 4 2, and for them. has no family 'in the area. "But, we haven't been able Ms. Brown said she's' a to CQ'ntact him again. We hairstylist by trade, bu. t has-Would at least like to get our n't been able to find a job. -_security deposit back so we "As a matter-of fact; 1 had can use the money for anoth-. an interview scheduled for pla Tu d I al er ce. es ay. was so trying to. Anyone who c;:an 9ffer assts-get the kids squared away m tan to th. famil school. None of that matters .... ce Y can connow. We need a place to :tact Ms. Brown at (813) clothing, and a,nything else 735-3958. the community can help us Reporter Leon B. Crews with." can be reached at (813) Ms. Brown s:Ud. she spoke 248-0724, or at to the man renting leon@flsentinel.com. (813) 975-4444 1-800-711-5452

FEATURES school DistriCt Feels CitatiOn POlicy Works Well .. -A new tool being used by-the Hillsborough County School District has come under by state and local NAACP mem bers. .. During a debate last Saturday, NAACP members blasted the district's citation policy used to pu"nish children for misdemeanor crimes. They felt Black children were dis. proportionately being targeted by the: .. new state law. School District AssistantSuperintendent for tration, Lewis Brinson, .said they don't have a problem with applicati_on ofthe policy LEWIS BRINSON. r DORETHA EDGECOMB ... .... "(. ..-": : .. \' "We have sought par" ent involvement. When a stu-: ask them to sign anything .only 8 dent gets a citation, it means a unless a parent or guardian is theit..lioU:rs the first time. _:-TOBA To Hold Elections For Nevv : Board Members The Tampa Organization of Black Affairs (TOBA) will be holding its 2007 elections for new board members, Saturday, February 10, 2007 between 9 A.M. and 1 P.M., at the AKA House located at 412 East 7tli'Avenue (corner of 7th Avenue and Central Avenue). : ... TOBAinvites all members, in good standing, to vote ing this election. For more information, please contact TOBA at (813) 874-8622 or_ by_ email at: tobamember@toba-network.org. -: Subscribe Todav! .. ... crime has been committed. It's. present. far beyond the u11te Voice of Our Commultity not optional whether a pare'nt "There was also concern over way. this has been implementis contacted or not. Any infraca child admitting to an offense. ed in other places. I think the. Speaking for ltse .lf' .. tion requires the parent be But, that's not a forced admis-disproportionate number 'of notified. There will also be sion. A child may just say they Black students being suspendconseq1.1ences from the school." had a part in an incident, but ed may be an assumption. I'd P..-1!,...,.,. ...... .... ... As far as Black children really didn't." have to see the actual num-being Ms. Edgecomb said if a hers. Brinson said the application parent is concerned and wants "Our main concern is .that process with them is inclusive. an attorney, the State. parents weren't aware of the "It doesn't make sense to say Attorney's Office will work .. citation policy. We're still try Black children are being tar-__ with .. them and the can -ing to work out the bugs, but. geted disproportionately. We talk:to them directly on the our main purp ose is to keep do have too many Black stu-circumstances of the com-the parents informed and keep dents being arrested,-but. plaint. the students out of the sys-that's because they break the "This is an agreement on tern." law, not because they're behalfofparents and children. Attempts were made to "I think the burden of proof "The basic idea is to keep -reach Tampa NAACP is ori the NAACP to prove rac e students out of the Juvenile President Curtis Stokes, but is a factor in the application of Justice System. Parents sign no caJls were returned. the With us, anyoff on a civil Citation, and Community Relations thing like skipping class or : there's no record or anything Administrator for the State throwing food .in the cafeteria that goes into the system. In Attorney's Office, Elvin warrants the parents being soin_e. cases;-students have: to. said if .parents notified. It doesn't have to be a perform H) community service "want to know more about how criminal act. In a distriCt this hours. If they fail to do that, the program works, they can size, if I find administrators they get a second chance after contact him. n ot informin'g the ,parents, they've gone before Juvenile "The Public Defender's Office they will have to answer to us Court Judge Herbert has provided numbers to the and they will _face conse-Baumann, Jr." -School Resource Officers to quences." Ms. Edgecomb said Judge give to the par.ents Parents School Boar-d member Baumann. has provided can contaCt : the 'Public Doretha Edgecomb said she venue meet with the par-Defender's Office for legal hasn't seen the statistics that ents and student to find out advice'." show Black students are being why the hours weren't com-Martinez said students 620 E. Twiggs St., Suite 205, Tampa, FL, 33602 (813) 387-n24 BANKRUPTCY. Stop Foreclosure & Creditor's Harassm1entJ REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY.LAW. Jeraldine Williams Smith ,, -Attorney-At-Law 2504 East 12th Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 : (813) 248-8060 Phone. (813).248-8282 Fax Areas Of Practice: Probate Property Criminal hh1n_c of lwycr b .n lmPortnt dnislon tlnt.t should not dcc..lde, .sk to send l'lt Silldy .lfJ>t>ll Rdnr\' ynu dl'l'll'lk'. ask us ltl stnd fr\'1' \\liiiL'Il infnnnatit>ll ah.llll 'lUI' ;uJd L'.'\l'll'rieril'('. ., :a c ., m aJ :a c: l> :a < .!D N 0 0 .. ., r 0 :a B l>. en m z ..... z m r I aJ c: r r m :::! z -"'tJ c:-: aJ -en< .. :E: m c m < m :a < ..... c: m en c l> z c .,_ .. :!:! ... c --


0 N a; )>..' > ,a: ... < :::: .a: .:. l EDITORIALS I COLUMNS -FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN .. ...:. (U;PS' .202-140i O .Tampa, FL .. 220': 21st Avenue.'Tampa Flor1da 336os (B13) 24B Published Every Tuesday and Friday By ... F L ORID A S ENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co,, ... .. m w LL < 9 0: u. \" : ,.---of Newspaper P ublishers Assocaatlon I POSTMASTeR: Send Address change To: Florid S.ndnel BulleUn, P.O. Box 33&3 Tompo, FL 33601 W.W. Andrew 1874 (1919) C. Blythe Androwo ... 1801-11177 (1945) Founder. C BL YlllE ANDREWS, JR., CHAIRMAN S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED DIRECTOR KEITH GEORGE, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER JANICE WILLINGHAM, OFACE MANAGER IRIS HOLTON, FEATURE WRITER LEON CREWS, FEATURE WRITER ANTOINE DAVIS, FEATURE WRITER ToMMY.T.O. WILSON, ADVERTISING EXEC ; TONIA TURNER, GRAPHICS RONIKA BAGLEY, GRAPHICS BRIAN BOGLIN, GRAPHICS DANIEL BINGHAM, PRODUCTION GLEN ROOSA, PRESSMAN Subscriptions $87.00 Per Year Both Editions : $44.()()-Per Year One Edition. Opinions mcpreu'ed on editorial pagea of thi s newspaper by Columnists or Guest W riters do not nece ssa rily reflecl the editorial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher Virginia To Express Reg,.ts, For Slavery c a: u. Virginia State legislature is considering pas-C sage of legislation that expresses regret 'for the Z role Virginia played "in the slave trade and < ::=: other iiljustices against African Americans and Native In Black History: .;.: _.-;. .... .. :;: ..:., .. .Why They (Series) out that instructional tenure at Jefferson and Plant approach. The progress that High Schools. me years ago, as far had been made by the dis-We need to the ack as when trict, especially in the teach-Hillsborough County_School d ing of Black History, became District to go back to behavwas with the Hillsborough more difficult to determine.: ioral and outline County School System:, there What teachers taught their the s"Qbject matter instruc. were written common behav classroom was made more tions. Here1 the ior instructional objectives for suspect. Teachers who. may are :written qow.n and. the core subjects like math,' have been somewhat ambi-ed. :plq.der .this l;lpproaqh social Englisl;l and hi teaching o( student. s are exposed to the. science ih both middle and contribiiti'ons and concer'ns same material senior high schools. may have felt threatened. Over the years, the school Teachers followed a com-Another' threat that dial-.. district has been challenged mon curriculum outline, and lenged the teaching of Black to increase teacher train ing. a final exam was constructed History was the fact thaf so-in the knowledge of Black' for each subject. It was some-called Advanced American History The School' Board thing like the state FCAT History took a taboo attitude has been asked to approach given today, constructed by in the inclusion of Black colleges and universities the district concentrating on History material. about that degrees specific subject matter; Personally, I used Black for teachers require a course With the departure of Dr. History to give advanced staor courses iri the teaching of.: Shelton, incoming super.in-tus to my 'regular American Black (To .be contiri" tenderits gradually phased History cl .asses during my ued ) 0 Americans." Passage of the measure would give. tn Virginia the distinction o f being the first a n d only leg-.. islative -io. do so what's even more. is 1-the fact that the measure was introduced by the great .grandson. of a slave, Delegate Donald McEachin. Will' w wonders ever ceQ:se! .. .. [j Passage:ot thecVirginia legislation during February,' t I Al'ld ::No vi A vi0rcJ On Lunar Love tn would do well to follow suit. After all, African ., ... : .. ,'.,, ; '.: .. i ... i ... l .'.t;'.i,, a a. American system of slavery. However, Both Nowak and attempted murder andl .. z could .be.better. spent to make live in Houston.' Shipman attempted kidnapping while .. i= 'Aineric a n s received an official apology.from(;ongress this world a better pllfce; But works at.Patrick Air Force Shipman is screaming .. W .in 1988, with $20,000 for each of the 60,000 sur-after hearing the news about Base near the Kennedy Space Order." :.0::' :J vi:ving Japanese-American internees. -Unfortunately, the astronaut love ... trjal),gle, J Center. }lolice suspect Nowak .. :! i6 newly Bl_ack slaves never their -:' know that rnion the right-. Nowak allegedly located_' intended to murder _:.. promised "40 acres and a 'mule." Certainly, an apology track. .. -. her quarry at the Orfando Shipman. Maybe murder is w should be forthcoming. : :. .: ,.;:"_,:: E _arli.er this. week, Lfsa. Airport and. reportedly too strong a word ."' Consequently, we believe every state shoUld issue an-..: Nowak,'(an 'As.tronaufwho .sprayed her with "some-.. I'm sure she has a legiti' ,. apology,_ along with all financfal institutionstliatcomp!eted a space mission ip.. thirrg."Butthe. plot thickens! for having ., w financed practice or held mortgages -onslaves for ... _July) drove from The quarry able to 1tems m her car: A!id she dtd tn slave owner s _Along with the apologies liowever' -Texas to Otla:nd o to and call pohce! have a BB gun andnot a real : C< h ld' k 1 d t f : u rt. Colleen Shipman. Pohce searched Nowak's one. s ou -come an ac now e gem en o a sincere euo 1 fi ... ... ii: .. Apparently Nowak had vehtc e and allegedly ound a Just the same as thts saga 0 to of the current problems .. have issues ov e r Shipman being BB gun, a new steel mallet,. a plays out on television folks ii _their genesJs lD slavery. romantically involved with.: knife, a fascination IL We applaud the State of VIrginia. Florida slavehold-William Oefelein, a Space coat, wig : and-garbage bags. it:were me, I'd blame my sud-ers engaged, in.the slavery system from 1763 to 1865. Pilot. : But; o n-._-Thus, should join Virginia.in-extending It seeins Shipman and can' never be too careful; moon dust, darethem to disregrets for allowing that cruel institution to flourish.: Oefelein were exchanging eri g h t? ::'t ; : ; pr,oye it, antit'8,_!i)ita day imd Pass it on. .. .. mails and Nowa,k I:IOt on,ly,'. _fgrget .... Colorism: lacks,.Skin Tone And Employment Part One :fi@\\ 11\:ts if bei.ng Black looking for a job a ocie,ty aren't enough, recent r esearch has .. .shown that dark-skinned Black pe.ople and Black men without a college degree have it much more difficult in the job market than Blacks in al. We thought not! Last fall, Matthew Harrison, a University of Georgia l doctoral student presented his controversial study. It w many employers preferred to hire light-0 skinned Blacks, even if light-skinned Blacks had less education or work experience. Earlier last year, Dr. found out abou t the m but had now, ,;.our copjes t9 prove it. After all, it dering; "Wfia t:thEduiirj'tist spolii;ors.'on-L"Urlii:r Lo e : doesn't make sense to drive happened?") -. Michael A. Stoll, associate professor o 'r at of California, Los Angeles, issued a report commissioned' by the Congressional Black Caucus citing how Black men who had only a hig h diploma or less, had less than a 50o/o chance of being employed. / 1 But the skin tone study was unsettling to say the least. It showed that "dark-, skinned Blacks face a distinct disadvantage when applying for -jobs, even if they have resumes superior to lighter-skinned Black applicants." Harrison indicated that the finding was due to the belief that fair-skinned Black people have more .with whites than dark-skinned Blacks, which in turn makes whites feel more comfortable around them. Moreover, Harrison's comments about the m edia's depiction of dark-skinned Black men as violent or threatening, reminds us of an earlier editorial. We wrote about a teacher's obser-Va:iice that dat"k-skinned childi-en appear to receive more discipline than their lighter-skiliJ;led classmates. .. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that dark-skinned Black men with a high school diploma or less have three strikes against them. But we now have empirical proof as a basis to attack the 'no longer mythical proble m of skin tone. Think about it. Pass it on!


-----COLUMNS -----= _.-_ \_ -. ---The Sole-Man Speaks ... : c -:. m .aJ :a. -c:. ....... >.-.. :a r]---------J Ch alrlie,., Crist! _: .. $&61 Billion Dolla rs o -_'$661.9 billi on dollars! Say go to W'ar:_.,..<,,-being-attacked? Xs the o it to billon Just thirikif$_ 661.9 billon United States in fear. of 'dollars. You ,rriay never were spent providing being attacked? Ir'so, why? ; .. say, it rungs. But for the life of. know or understand just health. insurance the Is it because-of our attialks like a duck, many who are supposed to how. much uninsured education in our tudes toward_ others,:,a;rid like a duck and. know what they're talking b d school system, providing, I h" h ""h quacks like a duck, it's a there seems to be _ut. It Is a II h 1 h. f our re abons. Ip wit ot er duck!" Well, Charlie Crist' something peculiar'about whole lot of money. The co ege sc 0 ars Ips or countries? ,, a.i: needy high school The president is pia_ v.in' g a may be a duck, but thus this new governor Charlie ,.. .: -. far; he hasn't quacked! :Crist. He doesn't act like a:: States Mints will be busy_ creating. a_ffordable dangero:u.s game. He is Take -fo' r instance what Republican._ A'ttmilly, he for a long time printing' for flirting 'with going he the' Super .. doesn;t-act like a Democrat that much : llio'ney ;. :"'". '" hemeless and semor CI-tl-' .. withltan; North Korea-an4 BowL He wasn't there!. either. He acts)ike' a free If President. George w. zens: I on. and on,'-'" ht ..L<. Even the sports man who_ has., his. h_ ;tile': im i:o;:_ our ongoing war with.Iraq; -: __ event ofth __ e year took pia_ ce made up''to be_ his o _wn t h t II Sh ld fi d. ... 1 prm ers may. ave o ro ld b "f $ 66i 9 b"ll ou we n ourse ves _.,_. in Miami, the Governor. of -being, and a fa_ir That is because the. presi; wo\1 .. -e 1t:.. d: I that _be\ a ..--Florida was where? He :one at that! Now that's .-.. -. were spen on omes IC_ feeding the homeless and truly frighteningt Is .. problems; .:OJ:t;:woe i s me. very looking after the hungry in But he may still be a 661.9 billon for his war The 'pres-idenl; wan-ts to-. President needs to Lady Lake, the site of a duck! hinocent men still activities {n Iraq and insp.end:tlrat:.t:lloli8.y fighting, l;>e the devastating torna,do disas-remain on death row! Afghanistan. Iri my opinwars 'that were" United Stat:es 5 .. --ter! Now does that sound-Sami AI Arian still suffers ion, that is a lot of money tured .. in the White House. ern-day .. : ,' :a ... like a duck to you? under-unfair and-inhuman to sp!'lnd tending _to some-Hov,r'_ iong is_ the United ; The :.$#:ttes: needs Hmmm! Crist bears .' detainment: Sorrow and body else's business. ,, States going ta continue to -to a .betterworking en ':r' watching! Is .this the same poverty are still too com-'If America is to go to war, as high sheriff of the-relatio_nship" _the. man. who cancelled a, ----mon to ignored; and our tro-ops -should be well world, tending to:everypody .United RSVP .. there seeins enough. They '.else'sbusiness? .,, 'lead 'their'own lJ:ves, and al governor's ball because :m:t>ney nor best there is :. Wha:faboufcountries like .. policing It ;tr he w-anted everything he. -around. so: what will our to emerge victoriously, and .". japan,' : 'is getting. f o v _b!! iosttv: m > was_ 'irivolved with to be new gover.no:r do? .. __ as __ ... ... .. _JWL.: Germ_any, China, France too dangero .. and_ it. ?:tt ohpe_n :the peophle? thf_ e .;:that and other su'ch cm.mtries? the of. so .. t e same man w 0 t rewa Situation state pu IC tions w.here th}. United ; .. z _,-_basb at_ his new "ed.Jication, what .will Crist .. ... ldo'? In terms of the m:on: S.tates,ha;s;no .choice:but'Sto. rorism? Don-'t they fear-put.togood use'locally; r; ing Dr. Martin Luther King strous way senior citizens ... : .: '-. .-, tD > Day? Is thisthesame.man. are treated when it comes .. ., who asked to _getting sorely needed :::z::, local poet that nobody ever. medic.in.es--and woefully F R 0 M TH E-, H 00 D .... heard of to deliver an inau. needed care, what will .. ,_. ,.. : ., ;---.. gural poem? !ndeed, Crist do? Will he -be a it is! ; Lincoln or a carbon <;:opy :a I do-not like politics:-_ro. 'Jeb'Bush? Or' will hebe W a._ ffi ,,_ :.k;=; 7-d U.: .tO to : ladder with-tissue-paper Man will be watching! -. U'' .. u lng, _r ... co oesn t answer. -'. ... said It.,Blaf!k leaders before '-' keep__y9_ufrom. bemg sue-because been d,one and after him havesaid-it._ _you n.eed is tlie be.undene. We j!lsf : r:-..;. ... The_ I!onoraole, .. opportunity. : .hope the door 1 ,said 'it_., Someone gave Pollard by th e se two men_ 1 Yet, it took a football game and Shell the opportunity.-.. will allow some Black own'->c I a pajr of .Afric_an someone gave Do_ug to step .. <.. : "Tile Voice_.OfOur Community Speaks For _Itself' Amencan coaches to drive Wdh_ams the opportumty. We c-an be, Senators I ... ,_. + : -. 1 .: .:' Now, Dungy and Smith and 1 For decades, the white stand alone as historical p "d t-. T-h ':_, t '. fN IF : b 1 resi ens. no .so 1 owners o abona oot a I figures in the evolution of L' fi t h d t b 1 .. -.-. Sentinel. B. .. uJ1e 1-ar-e c e o e Ieve an,y-. : : : tin t ... I ters,butneverwalki"ngthe h ___ _,. :Jt.i, .. '' 1 es.IS. al ,con-."',--_:' w o won.:; e game .n.n ... : I si"deli"nes as assi"stant or Af A .. h ; sistency, and the strength I ncan merican coa-c .. "h .,_ to keep gomg regat:dless of 1 (813) 248...:1921 head coaches. would have stood on the. -.... \. ... .-. I As time went on, there podium after the_ ga:m:e, the _,._ I Name: were African An1erican hoisting the Vince. Dont al _lo:W I coaches, and Hall Lombardi trophy high for t_ell you cant I Mailing of Farner Art Shell became all to see. achieve. All you have to do_ I -the first African American Was 'it so })ainful for is have the will to: : State: Zip: head coach during the mod-white America to see that keep going,: a.od not allow' I .. ern era. Actual_ ly, Fritz picture? Was it a.fratemity yo'l'if 'i., I -6 Months-$44 -.-1 Year-587 ., I Pollard was the. fir.st true they thought Black head way. ; .. : '-:. I I Black man to coach a procoaches just:didn't belong Keep God 1 ,. Mail or Bring PaymentsTo: l football team. in? Did, they believe no and you wilFn-everfail at' : 2207 E. 21st. Ave., Tampa, FL 33605 : If there is one thing Tony Black. head. c;Oach would anything,"' Ilo L -_______ :_ _...;, __ _; ...;,-_..;;,; _:... .J Dungy and Lovit.: ever J.ongjt :;:t:,, ; ;.


One Dumb Someone once asked me, sane and talented yo.ung "What's it like i.D. pnsori?" I mim from a good frunily; do told them to take a twin size something as rob a mattress, put it in the bath-bank, engage in a high room and have someone lock speed chase and end up. the behind 'fhein. To being shot 7 times? Beciluse make it even more realistic, my shame me : .. : I told :them to people :_:be .gan: .to else bting_ speculate: into tlie bathroom and sleep According to tl:).'e :rumor in there for the night. mill, I owed money to a loan. However uncomfortable that ... shark, was hooked on crack sounds, that's not even the. and my personal favorite, I hard part in the life of the was HIV positive and decidaverage inmate. ed to go out with a bang ... If someone would have literally. told. me five years ago, For record, none of the "Barr, next summer ypu'll above mentioned reasons be in a federal prison with come anywhere near the enough time to make an oil' truth_ For years the answer tanker s_ink," there's no was even elusive to me. doubt that I would have Then one day, after what laughed in their face, looked seemed like thousands of at therri crazy. and sai' d hours of soul-searching, it something like, "For what, came to me. ... ... u.. taking too many pictures, If I wasn't on drugs and I PAGE SIX ple who've thrown thier lives away' chasing" the dream of easy riches. Most of them don't discover that their quest was an illU:sion until they are .lying in a bunk, thinking about the time they have. In the loneliness of their cell, reality slowly sinks in. Theyrealize that it never: you live'"."to learn, but it had to.enllike this. The -seems .tha(by the you cars, the jewelry; the learn, it's too clothes, the women, none .of < : it carries the same rele-....... Barr, II. vance. None of it was worth (43110-018) the life sentence that canie Edgefield c with it. Correctional Facility,-:But that's the conundrum P.O. Box. 725, we call life, isn't it? They say Edgefield, SC, 298M. .. BEEN: -..... .. INJURED.-IN ... A.:\ Were You Hurtl Need A GoQd Doctor And Someone \Vho \Viii Properly Document Your Casel Need Your Car Fixedl : Need A Ride To Th'e Doctorl I Friendly and Courteous Staff Members If You Answered YES. To Any Of. These Questions,. Then .You Need To Cali Me Now -g flirting with many wasn't suffering an incur-cu women, or just having too able illness, there coiild only much fun doing what i do be one explanation. I had to .. l. .... ,I .'' -., ; .. i r'--' 1 .-:"Having Been In $everal Accidents i for a living?" be the dumbest mothA crys.tal hall er#@$&%! that ever lived. F have predicted t}lis life for Only a dummy would risk >-. .. i me. But here I am, over four his life, and break the a> years into what can only be hearts of all those who loyed "D described as a nightmare in him for something as super- '>-\ .;;;. .': ficial and depreciating as a .! When I 'was ;arre.sted, I dollar bill. the question on The sad part about is that Q. everyot;1e's lips was, why? I'ni not alone in my insanity. '%;:a. W.h,.y would seemingly Prisons are filled .with peo-_ ; ..... -. ------------. .----. -'!,-... ---Dl I .. -a; ..= -c Q) -en 1 Felony And Defen .se Drug Trafficking, Delivery and Possession Murder And Attempted Murder Possession .of Firearms Battery, Aggrevated Battery and Assault Burglary and Theft VOP's and Bond Hearings White Collar Crime DUI and Traffic Offenses Habitual Offenders Practice Also Handles: Wrongful Arrests juvenile Offenses Wrongful Termination Divorce And Modification Of Child Support Excessive Use of Force by Law Enforcement Expungement and Sealing .of Records Former Hills. County Deputy 20 Years Of Legal Practice "FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION Convenient Hyde Park Location With Free Parking 602 1/2 South Boulevard T.ampa, Florida 33606 813-254-1712 The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements Before you decide, ask the attorney to send you free written information about his qualifications and experience Do t .... ToGet You"!! -..; .. ., ... :-.Before You Sign Up With Anyo..-e Else, Call Me. My Services Are FREE. And Can Help You From Making A Costly Mistake! Must be 21 years of age, have a credit card & a valid driver's license, while we do your work. Minimum $1,500.00 Esti .mate. Provided By: COREY'S CLASSIC PAINT 6 BODY


LOCAL "T1 lJ a.-. County Commissioners .. Apologize". For-Controversial Ove,.ight. .. .. ... -. .. .. --, m < ... A by the Board of Hillsborough county Comm-, issioners' has resulted in an apology to the Africancommunity, and a well-known local community .) : activist. Commissioners recognized .. :'! .. James A.-Hammond, a KEVIN JAMES A. passed a policy to have their during the Jan. 18th session. a for me, lJ employees screen potentially "I definitely understood the and ; I w.as.n6t going 't o let that controversial proclamations cpncern of Paris, d!l :.' before they are handed to appreciate him bringing it to Reporter I Writer commissioners. the '.attention of-the Davis can be ,!\) Lawyer Clinton-Paris Hillsborough County. reached at (813) 248-1921. brought the oversight to the said Mr. lie can also be reached at ..... Commissioner's attention "However, it was adavis@flsentinel.com. ... '. longtime local promoter of WHITE--.. HAMMOND ;o7, :... .race on the same "It definitely was .. a mistake .. '" day. as comman-by the' Board. We want to < :: I' ; de:r:_. : E. sho:w _founded, 'alk ... ;.:f.aees : borough Action Plan, Hillsborough County," said :worked with the Tampa County 'Co:rtiinli sioner Kevin chaired the everyone a cele- re?e1ved -the Governor s brate their part m history, Medal for community it. s urely-was a error on7''' The 77-year-old recently )iad part.'' _; : ...... ::.;:. : .... an elementary school named Commissioner White says after him. ",.' .. that several local cirganiza-Lee on the other tions expressed their displea-.. a general'in the Civil War, sure and brought it to the and an avid believer in slavBoard's attention. The Board ery. of Co.unty Commissioners Historic Harlem ... Academy-. Holds : -=irst _Banquet Members of the Historic Alumni Center. Their theme Harlem Academy School, was "Honoring Those Who a.k.a. Harlem.Elementary Served." School, held their first Annual Mrs. Frances Cheeks : Banquet on December 28th. Jennings was chairperson of eventwas "'held at the--the Historic-Harlem Plannjng University of South Florida Committee. (Photographs by Sam and Martha Gibbons J9:mes McAllister). Scott, Co-Chairperson of the Historic PI mmittee; is shown with Mrs. Frances Cheeks Jennings, of. th. e Historic Harlem Planning Committee. REV. CHARLES GRAHAM THEME LH1NG AND PURSUING DREAMS 17/ROUG/-1 JESUS CHRIST' GALATIANS 5 :22-26 2101 Lowe Street (Palm & Lowe St.) Tampa, FL, 33605 SISTER SIMONE PRATT REDDICK MAF. MCDONALD I'ROGRAM Tickets: syrs.'--$5:0o Seating going -:""::_: ...... .... .... r. -r Tickets can be purch'a5ed at Candy Lowe Teatime located at : -.: 915 .-... :::_ Big Top Flea located at 9250 E Fowler Ave. at Song's Wig Shop or You can mail check or money order to Bles'd Productions PO Box 4350 Tampa, FL 33677 Tickets are non-refundable For more information Own )lOUr own personal c:op)l! are available for $15.00 I Directed by The Thcker '1\vins, Drs. Phyllis ThckerWicks & Philetha Thcker-Johnson "T1 I 0 lJ 6 )> (/). m z -f z m r;m c: .,. r z "0 c: m r c;; ::z:: m c m < m -f c: m (/) < )>. z c "T1 :!!c <


1:; 0 N a; > a: LOCAL University BUilding Named For Talnflari It is not often that public Pharmacology. W buildings are named for indiDuring the 8o's the physical viduals during their lifetime, facilities were also expanded to Cic( However, during the 2006 provide first class resources for Session of the Florida the academic, athletic, and stuff Legislature, a bill was passed to dent support programs. e a: LL. c Z < c t/) w ;:) ..... > a: w > w c w .:::1:

MekO't)Y 11N6ej LOCAL I Sanctuary Choir Invites Public To Afternoon Concert SIS. CAROLYN JOHNSON ., Will Be Celebrating lth Anriiversary Come One! Come All! The New Salem Missionary Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir cordially invites the. public to an afternoon concert with the PineHills Gospel Ministry on Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 3 p. m. \ Bring family and friends to enjoy this special musical and the opportunity to receive one of many great door prizes! New Salem is located at 405 All Groups And Soloists Welcomed 1611 E. M. L. Tampa,"33610 Sat., Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. & Sun., Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. g .N Oregon Avenue in Tampa, Rev. Dr. Henry J: Lyons,. ... Serv.ant-Tea.cher. Call the Elder Michael J PineHills, a communitybased outreach ministry under the leadership of well. known singer and evangelist Belin.da Womack, is committed to taking the gqspel of church office at (813). 251-Contact Sister Carolyn Johnson at (813) 627-3207 Dinner Will Be Served After Services 3389 for more information or .. visit :,. ... Jesus Christ around the: to an nations b:Y use or Biilililllilrulili ftl1i\ universal language -BELINDA WOMACK -music. ...PineHill Leader 'Ms., Womack said, "We believe that God has entrusted us with .His work through song to speak to all people of all races and creeds, and we vow to make His love real in the kingdom -b uilding process on' earth. Later this month "the group travels to Jenkinsville, South Carolina, and in September will journey abroad to Sweden. the name PineHill's. Recruitment is ongoing and not limited to residents of two counties, but open to. anyone interested in joining a community of faithful believers in God's word, law and vision, as well as open to the leadership, prompting and direction of the Holy Spirit. Visit www.belindasinger-, .com for more information about PineHills and other ministry opportunities spear-These dynamic singers, musicians and technicians all reside -in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, thus headed by Ms. Womack. Up Above My Head I Hear Music in the Air! New Salem Missionary Baptist church Sanctuary Choir Cordially invites you to a concert with the PINEHILLS GOSPEL MINISTRY Sunday, February 119 2007 3:00 p.m. Under the leadership of Singer and Evangelist BELINDA WOMACK NEW SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 405 N Oregon Ave. *Tampa, FL, 33606 (813) 251-3389 Website: newsalemmb.org REV. DR. HENRY J. LYONS, Servantffeacher Theme: "More Than Anything" R e vival M essenge r : Bro. Alton j Center A. BRO.ALTONI.CENTER Mlnisteriar Staff Wayman Chapel A .M.E. Church jacksonville, FL R e v Mark L. Griff in Pastor Rev. J o e Gay, Pastor Virtuous -woman" Donation : $5.00 -Free for children under 12 years old Please RSVP to Bertha Johnson at 813.961.2828 February 3, if you plan to attend. _, True Faith Inspirational Bapti-st Church REVEREND DR JOHN L. GILES, Pastor .. ,.!:\ ',:1.:: : 1::; .. ,.\\:',.,, Dr. Thomas Scott, Senior Pastor '.-: ,., > Elder Marva Scott, First Lady J. :7:' Moving To The Next In 2007! ..... l Excellence Exaltation Education Endurance ... Endowment "" '-: Empowerment >" t .. ... : Introducing Our New Sunday Worship .. .. @ 7: 45 A.M. Every Sunday Come experience a powerful worship servic e with anointed singing, and preaching! ..... ., r0 :IJ en m z -4 z m '=" m c: rr-m :::!. z ., c: m r-u; :::J: m 0 m < m :IJ < -: -4 c m en l> z 0 .,, :IJ 6 .,. m co l>


e a: u. c z < c en w ;:) ..... > a: w > w c w :::t: en ::i m ;:) Q. z tu ..J ..J ;:) m ....:.. w Z i= z w en. a: 0 ..J u. LOCAL The Jackson House: The LegaCy Lives On On August 30, 2006, Sarah Jackson-Robinson passed away. She was 89 years old. Now, she leaves the legacY. pf her family, The Jackson House," to her son, Willie Robinson, Jr. providing a night's lodging," .. .-------------------,......,_,..,.-,..,.,.,..... in Tampa. Located at 851 Zack Street said Robinson. "It held an atm-osphere that emphasized the cohesive Black community through the years of segre: gation." .... Moses Jackson ran the in Downtown Tampa, the house. until his in Jackson House is .the only pure residential-structure remaining in the area. The property the house sits.,on in_ 1899 by Ms. Robiiison's father, Moses Jackson. After 27. room housJ, it wiis as a ; I boarding hous' e for African 1929. His wife Sarah, owner of Jackson Cab Company in the 1930s, ran the house until her death in 1937. She also had a j Her daug-hters, Jackson and;_ Or-a Dee ; ..,, Jackson, took,. over .. the 1 : operation of the houS::e. cab company later inerged with one by the Watts for 7'" "My father, Willie Robinson, Sr., was a bar:ber at Marshall's Barber-. shop. It was located at 1320 Central Avenue, and he is credited with taking care of Duke Ellington, James Brown, Cab Jackie Wilson, Count Basik, an9 That's 'j. ; 1 1 ) '.( i 1 t J (lOqljP,g to Tamp3; .. At : WJ!.S rated a 5-star rooming house .. in. those days." -. Another historical distiric. t:lon.the house has is the late American travelers. ."The the house made to the community surpassed that df merely years. In 1944, Sarah Jackson-TilE JACKSON HOUSE Ella Fitzgerald lived there briefly, and it was reported she wrote her' famous song, .. "4 Tisket, A Tasket, while God's Side Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. Temporarily Worshipping At DoubleTree Guest Suites 11310 N. 30th Street Palm Ballrooms 1 & 2 Worship Service Sunday 9 A.M. NNY C. '-'"' u'-''"' Founder/Pastor Come Be A Part Of A Winning Team R9binson began management of the house and tjnued uritil .lier death last, y.,.ear. The. 4th sister, Alberta Jackson, p assed awa y at the age of 24 in 1946. '\ The Jackson House has remained in the family' for staying at the Jackson more than a century, and as House. the caretaker, manRobinson said his niain-agement and maintaining goal .is to fulfill his mother' the history of the houseis'. wish okeeping the house. his alone. : .. "She wanted generations Reporter Leon B. Crews to loiow now her family was can be reached at (813) instrumental in the evolu. 24"8-0724, or. at: tion of African Amencan life leon@jlseniinel.com. -. .. -. -'Straigh_ t Talk'-RadiO Show Retums---To The AirWaVes_ .J ,_.:: That be my role.' ; said :she vrlil seek One of the most controver sial radio shows in the area, will be returning to the airwaves this weekend solutions and listen to the problems that the. lives of African ... : : -OF COllEGE HIU 3838 N. 29th Street* Tampa, FL, 33610 Phone: (813) 248-6600 W e Invit e You To This Ceiebration Service And To Enjoy The Famed FAMU Concert Choir Under The Direction Of Mr. Charlie J. Toomer, Jr. Featuring A Plethora Of Classica l Spiritual And Gospel MusiC. "Come and share this special event with us. DR ROBERT MOIUUSON & DEA CON WILLIE RJmSE Chairpersons REV. AURA HAM BROWN, _Sr. Pastor Commu.nity _Activist Connie Burton will be returning as the host of the Straight Talk" radio show starting this Saturday, February lOth, from 9 a .m until 10 a.m. The show will be broadcast on WTMP 1150 AM. Burton said she had been in negotiations for more than a year with the station. "Dr. Gle'Jln Cherry_ decid ed to give me a shot. He's concerned about issues "Every group advocates on its own behalf. We need to get: a handle on the issues and have adult discussions so w e crui inove forward. "Since this will b e my firf'!t. show, I'll just out a mat .. Later; i will have guests. No individual will be attacked Only the issues." CONNIE BURTON Dr. Cherry, who owns the :l station, most regarding African Americans people feel being focuse d o n directlY: .". ty, the }?etter. + :: '.


LOCAL Entrepreneurs Seek To Make Difference._ Ill j. ;::i4 Practically since the beginning of time, those who have different political opinions seldom -agree on many things. However, two people who could be considered "polar opposites," have come together for a common good. Ms. Janee Murphy.is the former Chairperson of the .Hillsborough County Democratic_ Party. Eric -Brown is a member of and. P.M. Each : Friday,' February 9th BISHOP LINDA WfLLIAMS Elohim Judah Ministries Leesburg l .. actively involved in sev-eral : Black Republican tions in bay area. .,._ Eric Brown is shown. preParing the 'home' at 3520 --,_. ST. MATTHEW -CHURCH Cordially To Their But the two realized they had a common goal to improve the quality of life for citizeris in Tampa. Addjtionally, they _. feel that share the belief of. empowerment. .. On Saturday, February .. 10th, tlie entrepreneurs will hold their first Open House at 3520 E. Geriesee (corner of Geneseeand Troy) in East: Tampa. The Open House wiil take place between 1 p.m. and 3 Representatives from Fifth Third Bank, the City of Tampa, and current and former Hillsborough -elected officials including .. E .' .Genesee'for the Open-House on Saturday. : .: I /- _. .. Ms. Janee Murphy is shown with two of her "workers" the Manager, left, and 14-year-old Levell Bivins. -.Gwen and Les Miller,.U. S. _.congresswoman Kaihy affordable house that isn't a Tyrone was <{astor, Representative co?kie Ms. Murphy Manager 'of the Genesee : Betty Reed, Interim City smd. Project while 14-year-old Councilman Chip Fletcher ... But the_ Levell Biyins helped.:with Dianne-Hart, F-ifst Tirri-J:: .qoesn't.5it' > en. m z ..... -:z \ m .-;, a. .. c: '' .-., .-m -::! ; -z 'tJ .. C: m r Cii '::::J: m C m < m :::rJ -< -1 ... : c: m en c c ,; .. .. ;g C) m I > .. ,,


" c c C'\1 a; rt a: m w LL. c a: LL. c a: LL. c z c( c U) w ::: 1-i:t w [ij c w ::1: U) :::i m ::: a. z ..J ..J ::: m ..:. w z t= z w U) C a: g LL. :-, == LOCAL SPORTS _LOcal Prep. Football Standouts Named To All-American Team Two of Tampa's best have been named to an elite group of high school football players. Plant High quarterback Robert Marve and Armwood High defensive lineman Torrey Davis have been selected to be a part of the 44th Annual Parade's AllAmerican High School Football Team. Fifty-eight of the top high school football players in the riatioii have beEm chosen by journalists, coaches, scouts and recruiters affiliated with the well-known Parade publication. navis finished his senior year with 72 tackles and 16 sacks. The Armwood High football team finished their season with an 11-2 record, and made it to the Regional Finals. Tampa's other Parade All American Robert Marve and the Plant High Panthers were the team that the Hawks from the playoffs in .. ROBERT MARVE

SPORTS ., :!! c Fans Talk About Super Bowi-Halftinle It will be a long time before and said she had been cheering Prince was great. : "The hruftiine show was fan-oil 'what professional football fans will for Lovie, but changed her "As far as Dungy is coh-tastic. I thought Prince was Americans can: be treated to the. kind of game mind. cerned, we ru,:e all proud of very poised and not as outra-Ransom said Dungy and CD :::tl c: )> and show they experienced this "My heart and prayers went A God-fearing man deserved geous as usual. I think Dungy Smith both represent all tne past Sunday. out for Tony Dungy. He is a this honor. He got tossed out in and Smith rubbed off onhim." : good things about this country. As most ofTampa was cheer-true man of God and set an the rajn when he left Tampa, Lane said he feels Dungy "People who watched the game o ing for the Indianapolis Colts example for all of us. If you're a and he won it was rainmade quite an impact on owner now belieye we can have a and their head coach, Tony man of God, He will always ing. I hope he stays and, Jim lrsay. presiderit:'fhey di. d wl1at Dungy, they weren't disap-grant you the victory. This was, wins anotlter.f live. Coverage of Dungy, Carey-. -.-. -IJI g Curtis Lane: "The game was a.I_ld the :. ing boxes:with. his belongings outstanding. It question he was how as he left One Buc,Place. !twas was played with long you been a Black only fitting he should win the 10114-A, Nonh Nebraska 813-9D-0494 no. fighting or quarterback?' Dungy was ; COLLEGE FAIRDON'T MISS IT! For more college & workshop info: 813-785-2961 : OR visit: www.thehome-schooladvantage.com High Schooters, Parents & Guardians FAMU & Bee REPS WANT TO HOMESCHOOL BUT WILL BE IN TAMPA NEED MORE INFORMATION? MEET WITH YOU 1:15PM-How to Homeschoo/ H.S. wlo Fear "' -THE FIRST ANNUAL HOMESCHOOL COLLEGE FAIR SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2007 @THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL 12:30-4:30 PM FREE ADMISSION TO NOT JUST HOMESCHOOLERS *Other schools will be resent, arent worksho s, freebies & raffles ****. -,The Star In Mortgage Banking .-: i avu=sta INc. E -. Licensed Mortgage Lender .. Conventional FNMA VA Commerdal Loan t GOOD CREDIT CREDIT cHALLENGE : t' -. NEED CAsH! t t *--ATTENnON!!!! Homeowners refinance your home, today Interest rates are at their all time low!!! Home Equltll' Una Of Credit FORECLOSURE BAILOUT Consolidate Bills Home Improvements Church LoiiiU AV111i11ble HARD MONEY LOANS Commercial or Contradors Looking for Hard MoneyWe Can Help! \ Vickie OWens t Call Toll Free 1&4& :: C813) 931 Fax C813) t 10014 N. DALE MABRY HWY, Ste. 101, Tampa 33618 t ********************************** 0 U trag e 0 us k d -1 t' d Super Bowl wh1le 1t-was ramas e a s1m1 ar ques 1on an behavior. The said he was proud to represent' mg. -quality of the all He broke through a RepQrter L.eon B. Crews leaders on both psychological barrier that we can. be _reached at (813) teams was evi-CURTIS-couldn't' be. leaders. This .'"248-0724, or e-mailed a t dent. LANE _. opened up t!te minds ot' many leon@flsentinel.com 2-.


,.... g N a) ii: < :J a: m w LL. >=' < 9 a: LL. c a: LL. c z < 0 en w :J ... w > w c w ::; m :J ll. z ti ..J ..J ':J m I ..J w z i= z w en < c 0 ..J LL. SPORTS IDE. WITHRANDY .The Worst SuPer Bowl Ever? SPORTS ment in. Lakeland has begqn. The girls are irito the regionals, while the boys the_districts 'fhe girls .tournament is a difficult calL Several ladies_ teams have a chance to get to state.Among thm are Blake; Kingand the Academy of Holy Names. In .boys division, Wharton,: Plani,. Brandon, Tampa-Prep and Berkley Prep are strong candidates Is this a case of hidden racism or what? I hate to bring. the card in after the historic SuJ>er Bowl, but I must. A Kansas City newspaper declar-ed Super Bowl XVI the worst Super Bowl ever. The paper gave no real reason, but still made the sloppy weather and some for advancing to state. bone-crushing tackling. Fans are encouraged to go What prompted this Writer out and cheer these young to say this was the worst people in .their quest for the Super Bowl ever? W!J.s it state ti_!!_e. because this is the first Super Bowl where both Lady Bulls Get coaches were Black? I cerTop Player. declaration. There have been Super Bowls that have be,en decid ed before the 1st quarter was over, this game was not over until late in the 4th quarter. There was some sloppy play, but this was caused by some tainly hope not. If it was, I When .Winter Haven won sayto the writer, go light the state championship two your cross and hug it_ while it years ago, one of the mainburns. stays of the team was a 6'3" The Road To The State Tournament, The road to the boys and girls state Let The Tax Doctor Put$$$$ In Your Hands' Don t Be Sorry Later Call The Tax Doctor Today' "Quality Service Is Our Golden Rule Year Round!" ,-103 w : Hamilton (813) (2 Blocks N. Of Sligh Off Florida Ave.) Across From' Pioneer Cleaners *** 20% Discount With This AD *** We Delete:. Bankruptcies. Tax Liens .Judgment Charge Offs Foreclosures Medical Bills Repossessions Collections Evictions Student Loans \ : center, Brittany Denson. After high school, Denson went to the University of Miami on a basketball scholarship Brittany was a key player for the Hurricanes. during her freshman year. In midseason; Denson transferred to the .University of South Florida She will be eligible to play next January. The addi tion of Brittany Denson gives the-Bulls a big time center. 18131 248-1921 McFarland say;_ Super.: BoWl-Tit'e Worth. The Wait ....... TON\' DUNGY ANTHONYMcFAJUJ\ND .. r_,,, ;;'; !.c : ,_ : .. Anthony "Booger" said McFarland. "Dungy McFarland has been anydefinitely .has a thing but timid when it comes share inthe Super Bowl title to -his comments about Tony : the ... Bucs _won. in' 2002. Dungy, the Tampa Bay_; Evecyon e lffiows that Dungy Buccaneers and the baked that cake; (Jon) .. Indiai:rapolis Colts, winning. Grudenjust imt the icing on Super Bowl XLI. it .. The Tampa .Bay Buccaneers Dungy coached the-Tampa traded McFarland to the Bay Buccaneers between Colts for a second-round pick 1996 -2 001; transforming the_ after Tampa Bay's 0 -4 start. then lowly-franchise this past season. He went on playoff contenders._ ,.: :':' to get 23 tackles, 2.5 sacks "We went to Tampa n and one futrible recovery in 15 years ago with this in t games the Indianapol_ is going to the Super Bowl. We_: Colts. The Colts defeated the didn't' get there as a. Chicago Bears 29-17 to win. but so manyofour.guyshaveJ:' the Super Bowl title on Feb gone on and branched ouf',"-': 4th. Since then, the Colts said Dungy. "The LOrd ,'' o I : ,.oi'f:' defensive tackle has been n't always take yoq fn a asked about how it feels to be line : I think He reunited with Dungy_ another S_uper Bowl titfu. keep the "I'm eX:tremely happy for riot the biggest' thing t}le Tony Dungy ,winning this \-Jiorld,'b';Jt it feels .. ;-Super Bowl. He de-serves it. : ReporteriWriter Antione There' s ari old saying in foot-Davis can be1reached at ball thaf you get what you (813) 248-1921> j\ it' deserve, and he finally got it," adauis@jlsentinel.com.

j SPORTS --s-Time Olynlpian Willye White .. Dies White Was Only American To Compete O n 5 Olympic Track And Field Teams CHICAGO _:_ Willye White, a five-time U .S. Olympian and two-time Olympic silver medalist, died Tuesday. She was 67 years old. White clied of pancreatic can.cer at Nor:t;h:Westeri.lj Memorial HospitaJ; ing .> A was with White when she died. White competed in five consecutive Olympic Games between 1956 and 1972 and remains the only American to have competed on five Olympic track ,and field tea:ms, according to the U S. Olympic Committee Robinson Back To Defend -Siam Dunk Crown NEW YORK One of the smallest players in the league last season turned out to be one of the most prolific dunkers. New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson, who jumped over Spud Webb in last year's Slam Dunk Contest, is back to defend his at AllStar Weekend against three first-time entrants. Robinson, a 5-9 secondyear player, and Webb, who @=aq TRANSMISSION won this contest in 1986, are the only players under six feet to win the title Robinson will be joined NATE ROBINSON by Orlando cen-ter Dwight Howard, Chicago forward Tyrus Thomas and Boston swing man Gerald Green. 14743 Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL, 33613 (813) 972-0070 Fax# (813) 972-0338 www.cottman.com Don' t L e t A Minor Proble m Become A Major One. Keep Your Safe-Have Your Local Cottman Center Perform A Complete Brake Safety Check. Your Vehicle's Manufacturer Recommends PeriOOic Tune-ups. A Cottman Tune-up Service Could Save You A Lot Of On Gas And Put The Performance Back Into Your Car. Cooling System Service Get A Cottman Cooling S y s tem Service Whi l e You're A t Our Center And Avoid Potential Problems. Shocks & Struts H a v e Your Cottman Center Replace Your Shocks And S t ruts, And Bring Back That New Car Feel. Your Local Cottman C ente r Would B e Pleased To H andle All Of Y our V ehicle's Mainte n ance Needs From The Fluid Changes To Belts And Hoses And Vn1ually Anything Your Car O r Truck Need s Officers Take Away Artast's Great Dane RON ARTEST SACRAM .ENTO, Calif. -Animal services officers seized a Great Dane from the mansion of Sacramento Kings star Ron Artest, saying the dog 'was underfed. Neighbo rs complained for weeks that the dog -named Socks .appeared to be starving. insidea gated area on Art'est's $1.85 million estate in rural Loomis, according to a county report. On Jan. 30,.animal services officers visited Artest's home and issued a "preseizure" notice, warning him that the female Great Dane would be taken into custody if the animal care didn't improve. Placer County animal services officers returnea to Artest's home Monday and removed Socks. Art est has 10 days to request a hearing, county spokeswoman Anita said. Amaechi First .NBA Player-To, The small, exclusive club of openly gay professional male athletes has a new member. Former NBA center John Amaechi, who spent five seasons with four -teams, on Wed 'nesday:became the first NBA player to publicly come out. His admission comes three years after his playing career ended, making him the sixth professional male athlete from JOHN AMAECHI :tJ S.' m Q1 :tJ c )> :tJ -< CD 1\) 0 0 _....., one of the four major u:s. .. '!' sports basketball; .baseball, '- i' f 'tbll' h k t 1 .. '. : oo a oc ey ,... o open y f t discuss : his'liomosexuality. He.Is commg out o th: ,_ Amaechi' deta,ils his life in closet a gay his autobiography "Man in the Amaechi s pu?hcist Middle," which will be. HowardBragmansaid. .,,,;_ ., .; Barkley Admits H a Has. Gambling ,"PHOENIX '...:__ Charles Barkley said Monday that he won "about $700,000" gam-. bling in Las Vegas over the weekend: ; "That -.yas (from) and t.b.et on the Super Bowl. I had the Colts," Barkley said .in ail interview .with Phoenix television station KTVIC "I played a lot of bliu;kiaG.k." .. .,. Barkley' did ntit say how much be bet on Sunday's game in which Indianapolis CHARLES BARKLEY beat the Chicago Bears 29_ 17 in Miami. "It's a stupid, bad habit. I In an ESPN interview in a pro}?leni," liarltley May 2006, Barkley.estimat-said. "But the problem is ed that he'd lost about $10 when you can't afford it. 1 can mill iqn gambling over the affor d to gamble. l didn't kill years. _--:_ .. .._ myseir:when I lost)wO" and He said Monday that he lost half million dollars ... I like to and. to penod" uit." ';: ... ... : ...:.:: .... .... -q .. ... .:.: ... --.:.-: ... r o :tJ 6 :)> C/) m z :::!?-z m r-1 IJJ c: r rm :::! Z" -oc: Q1 r u; :::t: m c m < m :tJ -< -4 c m C/) c )> z c :tJ c G') m ....... U'l I )>


c a: u. c z <( c en w ::::: .... > a: w > w c w :::t: en :i m :::::' ll. z i= w ..J ..J ::::: m ..!. w z i= z w en <( C a: 0 ..J u. <( I CD ,.... w (.!) NATIONAL Father i..eft 23-MonthOid Outside .. In Cold Before Death 0.-J. Simpson Ordered To Stop Spending Hi_gh school Stuaent Cleared Of Rape Charge PITrSBURGH The father of a Braddock toddler purposely took the girl outside and left her in subfreezing temperatures after knocking her unconscious because he was angry, police said. William Lorenzo Page, the father of 23-month-old Nyia Page, was arrested Wednesday night on charges of criminal homicide, kidnapping, false reports to law enforcement and simple assault, according to Allegheny County police. The suspect was already in. jail on indecent assault charges against another child in an unrelated case the night his daughter went missing. Nyia was found dead Sunday in i field in Rankin, not far from her home on First Street. She suffered from hypothermia and exposure, according to the county medical examiner, but the case was ruled a homicide, Page toll police he woke up early Saturday, found the girl awake, got mad when she would not go back to bed, ahd hit her so hard she lost consciousness, according to a criminal complaint. Page then took the girl outside wrapped in a blanket WILLIAM PAGE Killed His Daughter, NYIA P AGE According to a press Felease, during the lunch hour on Tuesday afternoon, a maintenance worker entered the boy's bathroom at a local high school and observed two pairs of feet in a stall. The worker reported his findings to the principal'soffice. When a second.. school OffiCial entered the bathroom I and left her on the porch, but at High School, a said she was still breathing, 16-year-old pushed.-him and according to the complaint. fled the scene. The School Tiny footprints in the snow LOS ANGELES, CA _7 A Resource Officer chased the suggest the toddler got up and California judge has ordered teenager through the student wandered around before sh? O.J. Simpson to ,. stop parking lot, across Cypress ended up a( the wooded spending money he re ceived Street, and itito the location where she was for his unpublished book, "If I Double Tree Hotel Parking dead the next day, about a 10-Did It," the slayings of Garage. minute walk from home. ... his ex-wife, Nicole B r o w n The teenager eluded the Nyia's mother told police Simpson, and her friend Ron officer and other members of she last saw the girl after Nyia Goldman. the Tampa Police Departinerit tried to crawl into bed with Los Angeles County were called to the scene. They her parents about 12:30 a.m:. Superior Court Judge Gerald eventually located the Saturday. The mother told Rosenberg's ruling on youngster in the parking lot of police she put the child back Wednesday extended a the nearby Sheraton Hotel. He into her own bed in an upstairs restraining order issued last was taken into custody room. nionth barring Simpson from without but was not An Amber Alert was issued spending any earnings from charged pendmg the outcome about seven hours later, after past deals, including books, of the investigation, police another child told the parents films and sports memorabilia. said. thiit Nyia was gone. Police, The order which was Meanwhile, the IS-yearemergency crews and dogs sought by Goidman's father, old girl told school officials searched in 20-degree weather initially did not apply to the that she had been the victim of J for most of Saturday and advance Simpson received a sexual battery. again Sunday before finding from the book-andTV deal However, after an investigation into the allegations, the girl recanted her allegation of sexual battery and now could possibly face 'charges. The Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office is reviewing the case and could possibly level charges .against the girl for filing a false crime report. Additionally, both students cmdd face punishment from ; 'the school officials. However, Ms. Linda Cobb, spokesperson for the County School District, said she could not discuss any punishriient the students may receiv;e. The parents

MR LUCIUS (SNOOKS) ... -ANDERSON Homegoing services for Mi-. Lucius (Snooks) Anderson of 11802 Ann St., Thonotosassa, who passed away Wednesday, January 31, 2007, will be held Saturday, February 10, 2007, at 12:30 p. m. at Macedonia M. B. Church, 9750 Rockhill Road, Thonotosassa, Rev. W. L. Jackson, pastor, Miri. Darryl K. Anderson, officiating. Interment will be held in Sunset Memory Gardens. Mr. Anderson was born April 17, 1927, in Tampa, to the late Jesse Anderson and Leethel (Cato) Anderson. He was-affiliated with Thonotosassa seventh Day Adventist Church. He loved '' gardening, outdoors, watching wrestling and boxing. He was a veteran of the United States Army. He was preceded in death by: his wife, Lucille Anderson; his parents; sister, Pearl L. (Anderson) Harrison; and beloved cousin, Bernice (Cato) Bailey. -_ -He leaves to cherish his fond memories: children, Ronnie L. Anderson. and Darryl K. Anderson and wife, Iglesia; grandchild, Taneisha D. Anderson; step grandchildren, Rodney, Wiley, Kevin, Llivar, Lafeka and husband, Joe and Javaris; brother-inlaw, Eddie Hanison; sisteriii-law., Ada Edwards of Newark, NJ, and daughter, Debra; devoted niece, Carol Mitchell and husband, Ernest and children; special nephew and niece, Corey T. and LaTonya'-Burgess and -family; Doris .. ;catJt Brendolyf?-and husband, John, Debra Gano and James Watts; cousins, Sharon 1BB/imt and Leroy and children, Reba Owens and daughter, Reuben M. Owens and son, and Betty Harvey and children; friends, Julia White and Myrtle Mitchell; and a host of other sorrowing cousins, relatives and friends The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday (today). from 5 p.m. The family will receive friends from 7-8 p. m. The funeral cortege will arrange from 11802 Ann St. Friends are asked to assemble at the chapel at approximately 12:15 p. m., Saturday for the service. THERE WILL BE NO .VIEWING AFTER THE EULOGY. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME" FUNERAL NOTICES MRS. LILLIE MAE SCOTI Homegoing services for Everett ''Tyree" Sutton, 62, Mrs. Lillie Mae Scott, who MOTHER CLARA ELEASE ODOMES MORGAN Honiegoing 'celebration for Mother Clara Elease Odomes was born in Tampa, and later d s d passe -away on un ay, Morgan, who crossed over-to ANIECIA LASHAWN BENJAMIN moved to St. Petersburg, February 4, 2007, will be held where he departed this life be with her heavenly father A homegoing celebration .. on Saturday, February 10, F b 1 2007 peacefully on Friday, on e ruary In will be held on Saturday, .,:a c m CJ :a )> .!-0 1\) 0 0 """" 2007, 2 p. m., at New Rising. D t G g' 'II b F b 10 2007 t 2 February 2, 2007, at home. eca ur, eor 1a, w1 e e ruary a p. m. Star M.B. Church,l509 E. h ld s d F b He was born to the late e atur ay, e ruary 10, at The Church of the North Bay Street, Tampa, Edward Marshall, "Dick" 2007, at 1 p. m. at Greater Apostles, Inc., 12055 Jackson Sutton and Ira Lee Sutton. with Rev. Stanford Shaw; Friendship Missionary Road, Thonotosassa, 33592, Pastor, Officiating. c N h d He attend.ed the public Baptist burch, 4413 N. 35th (301 ort an Jackson Interment will follow in Rest schools and graduated in Street, Rev Madison Murray, Road) with Minister D. .,-1962, from Middleton High Haven Cemetery. pastor, Rev. Danny Osborne, Coleman, officiating and School. He later earned a Mrs. Lillie Mae Scott was Pastor of God's Side Pastor-J. M. Carter Sr., eulo-0 degree in Elementary born on September. 27, 1909, Progressive Missionary gist. 'Interment will follow in :a-Education from Florida A&M in Aikens, South Carolina. Baptist Church, officiating. Rest Haven Cemetery. University in 1966. Later on, She was a resident of Tampa, Interment will be in Rest Aniecia LaShawn Benjamin he taught at Dartmouth but had been residing in Haven Memorial Cemetery. was born November 22, 1989,. College in Hoboken, New Ocala, for a short time peri-Mother Morgan'was born in to Mr. Terrance D. Benjamin, z Jersey, in 1973. He retired in od. Throughout her life, Mrs. Waldo, Georgia, April 29, Sr. and Ms. Tiffany Brown:... :::::! 1995, after 25 years with the Lillie Mae Scott 'Y'as a home-1930, to Mr. George and Mary Ms. Benjamin was Z State Department of maker. She was a faithful She made an impact. the eldest-of six children, and Transpolitation and was a member of New Rising Star 00 so many lives during her-the only daughter. Born and OJmember of Beulah Baptist M.B. Church. On Sunday,, lifetime. She worked as a raiseQ. in Tampa, she attend-c: Church in Tampa. Feblllary 4, 2007, she entered dietician at the-Veterans ed local P\lblic schools here F= In the late '50s, he and his into eternal rest. -Hospital. in. Hillsborough County' m late brother, Jerome "Jeep" She was preceded in death She was preceded in death (Hillsborough High School, -4 Sutton started selling the by: her husband, Mr. Arthur by: her parents, Mr. and Mrs. and Middleto:Q. High School). z Florida Sentinel, which Scott; grandson, Roscoe G (M ) Od She was a "lifetime member "'C became a family tradition eorge ary omes; and of The Church 1of the C: Luberi King, and other F dd' Cl k ""' that lasted three decades. a son, re Ie ar Apostles, Inc., Thonotosassa, "" Surviving his departure is: ly members: Pearline Walker, She cherish fond-un!Jer the. leildership of his loving. and wife, Preston Chester, Co lie memories with:. husband, -Bishop l-. and :I: Fioria Sutton of 37 years; 2 Williams an? Aretha Rev. Decatur, .. Pastor Carter, Sr. m daughters, : .and Williams. children, Le":Is, Larry Aniecia served faithfully C Tammy,Sutton of Tampa; She leaves to cherish her (Linda.,)., .. Christopher,-even during her illness and m son, Duane Sutton; 2 step-memories: daughter, Mrs. until her sons, Michael and Andre Alma .Lee Scott .Jones of (Anthony) Valene; SISter, Her great grandparents, :a Bradley, all of St .. Petersburg; Ocala; so'n,. Roscoe Annie Mae Mills; grandchil-Mr. Isaac Fraiser and Ms. -< his niother, Ira'Lee Sut'ton of Chester of Madison; brother, Salena, Dora Brown 'Prece-ded her in ""'i Tampa; his deceased brother, Preston Williams and wife, Qr\DY'a, l,{amau, Nigel, death. YJ>. : ., ffi J.erome "Jeep" Sutton and Ella Mae; granddaughters, Im,an1, .. Ron,ell, Angel, She leaves to cherish her (J) wife, Nancy Sutton of Tampa; Chane I Thomas, Shannon Filith,_ and memories: motlie-r, Tiffany brother; Edward "Christy" Davis, and special' grand--Da'rlena; niece, Dolores; Brown; father, Terrance < Sutton and wife, Cathy of St. daughter, .Mae Helen great and nephews, Benjamin, brothers, > Petersburg; sister, Iris Jackson Bradley; Bobby; Stevie, Montry, Kirby, Terrance Benjamin, Jr., Z Laverne Jackson of Tampa; grandchildren,. Isail Keel, Juvoone; Ameio, Annette, Cedrick Joshua C 11 grandchildren and a host Santana Johnson, Andrea Frenchie and Cieria; and a Paul, Tyrick Be-njamin and of relatives and many Hicks, Markies Stewart, hosto.fcousins, and other. Jaden Benjamin; grandpar-friends. You will be greatly Sydavia Johnson, Quinten sorrowing 'relatives. and ents, Katie Tami>_a; ;! missed and always loved as a Fl d T' h S I friends. Willie Frank Johnson, Sr. of -son, husband, brother and oy Imot Y tan ey, friend. 1 ... Timishia Stanley, and Public will be Tampa, Rudolphand lr(!ne Demerick Johnson; cousins, Friday, February 9, 2007, Moment of Tampa; aunts, The remains will repose at D th w h t f W'll W'll' d 'f from 5-9 p. m. at Greater oro Y -as Ing on o Creal Funeral.Hoin,. e1 1840 1 1 Iams an WI e, M I H I Ad Frl'endsh1'p M 1'ss1'onary Tampa, and Virginia Law of 7th Avenue, St. Petersburg, e any, e en ams, P I' F t N th I Bapt1'st Chur ch, 4413 N. 35th Tampa; great uncles, 33712 on Friday at 7 p.m. au 1ne ors er, a an1e M t d 'f Ch Street. Th. a funeral cortege Sherman Brown and wife, Services will be held at 11 on s an WI e eyanne, 'II f 9614 N h Carolyn of Tampa, Leroy a.m.atMt.ZionProgressive andVioletJohnson;ahostof .-'wl. orm at < -.lOt Brown and wife, Ella of Missionary Baptist Church, great grandchildren, Street, at 12:15 p. m. 955 Stre!'lt South, "st.," cousins, and other sorrowing:. Services and arrangements Tampa, and Leo1,1 Brown and Petersburg, 33712, with the relatives and friends; devot-entrusted to JACKSON Rev. Don A. Gaskin, presid-' ed frit:mds, Minnie Pearl FUNERAL HOME.-!Continued on page I ing. Hearns and Oscar Hearns, 2708 E. Dr. Marlin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Tampa, Fl 33610 (813) 232 Fax (813)231.0521 l..t ,;11r /inuilna!.<-ran o{1rmr hitlllh "Jf;. ant/;,. ,.:,o a/iul' 1111;/ 1 .... ,:n;-,. Ms. Brookins, Mr. Henry,nis. Joy, Mammie Fells, New II Rising Star M.B. Church I FUN. E .RAL I Family, and the Hyde Park and West Tampa communi-ties. Visitation for Mrs. Lillie Mae Scott, will be held Friday, beginning at 6 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 North 40th Street, Tampa. John Harmon, L.F.D., James Harmon, L.F.D. A HARMON SERVICE 50.02 N. 40th Tampa, FL (813) 626-8600 "WE SERVE TO SERVE YOU AGAIN" .... """" I )>


,.... 0 0 N c a: u.. c z <( c en w :::: l-it w > w c w :I: en ::::i Dl :::: n. z i= w ...1 ...1 :::: Dl I ...1 w z i= z w en a: 0 ...1 u.. <( I CIO ,.. w (!} FUNERAL NOTICES I I MR. ROOSEVELT HAWKINS A service for Mr. Roosevelt Hawkins was held on Thursday, February 8, 2007, with Pastor Robert A. Sturgis the Committal Service. A Private interment followed service. Mr. Hawkins passed on February 4, 2007, due to illness. He leaves behind: a beloved daughter, Dorothy Bailey (Dot); very close friends, Avant Belcher, James Belcher, Mrs. Martha and Dorothy Hayes; and many more sorrowing friends and relatives. A MORNING GLORY SERVICE. Mr. Harold Jones; Owner. Cont!nued from Page 17-A I 1 Aniecia 1 wife, Evadney of Tampa; great, great aunt, Mrs. JuliaForman; aunts and uncles, LaTanya Dean and husband, Raymond of Tampa, Tameka Johnson, Jason Johnson, Willie Jr., and wife, Eunice of Tampa, Bridget Brown and husband, Jason of Tampa, Eric Johnson of Tampa, Terelyn Streeter, Tynepha Fipps and Mishay Moment, all of Tampa; godparents, Antonio Camon and wife, Latoya; godsister Juwanda Brown; special friends, Amanda, Jasmine, Kentral, Teyonia and Satin; special friend of the family, Herold Paul (a father fig ure); and a host of cousins, other sorrowing relatives and friends; and The Church of the Apostles Family. Visitation will be held at the Morning Glory Funeral Chapel," 5100 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, Friday, February 9, 2007; from 6-8 p.m. A MORNING GLORY SERVICE. Mr. Harold Jones, Owner. MRS. ffiENE JACKSON A celebration of life for Mrs. Irene Davis;Jackson will be held Saturday February 10,"2007, at 3:30 p: m. at the Morning Glory Funeral Chapel,. 5100 N. Nebraska Avenue; with a local minister officiating. Interment will' follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Mrs. J l!_ckson departed this life late Wednesday January 31, 2007. Mrs. Irene wasborn March 24, 1905,, to the late Thomas and Isabella Knowles. She was born in Tarpon Springs, into a family of 5 boys and 2 girls. She grew up and was educated in Tarpon Springs and later moved to Tampa, but then ma.de her abode in Plant City. She was a resident of Plant City, for almost 50 year,s before 'returning to reside in Tampa with devoted family members. During her life she enjoyed employment as a Domestic Worker. She is known-for raising several kids in Plant City. Mrs. lrerie is preceded in death by her late husband, Chandler. Jackson of '43 years. Her only child a son, Freddie Williams also pre ceded ;her in death. :: Mrs. Irene was literate and loved to read her Bible and the newspapers. She was a member of Bethel Baptist Church of Plant City. She shall forever be remembered in the lives and hearts of her loved ones. Left to cherish her memory are: several cousins, including Sherry Williams, Elease Padgett and Patricia Padgett; and a host of !P-andchildren, great grandchil dren, great, great grandchil dren and many loving friends. Visitation will be held at the Morning Glory Funeral Chapel, 5100 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, 33603, on Friday, February 9, 2007; 6-8 p.m. A MORNING GLORY SERVICE. Mr. Harold Jones, Owner. OVE.R -EARS OF S:ERVlCE liii(v Owned & Operated verett-Derr & Anderson Funeral Home 5117 North 22nd Street Tampa, Florida 33610 We Offer Cremation .. Personalized Funeral Services .. Shipping 813-237-5775 We provide affordable /'rices with In l'rojit.uionalism And fli;:h Standarr/.1 with a I hmeral Service A homegoing celebration For Mr. Walter Lee Thomas, Sr. will be held Saturday February 10, 2007, .. at 2 p. m. at. International Harvest .. Church of God, 5512 47th Street, with Pastor Bishop DeGrando Franks, presiding. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Mr. Walter Lee Thomas, Sr. was born in Bullock County, Alabama,' on March 3, 1966, to Emma Lee Thomas and Walter Walker. God called Walter home on Saturday, February 3, 2007 .. Walter, Sr., attended Hernando County Public Schools. He worked as a self. employed painter until his death. Walter, Sr., was a ber of International Harvest Center. Walter, Sr., was preceded in death by: his father, Walter Walker; mother, Emma Lee Thomas; son, Jason Thomas; aild sisters, Arizona McClendon and Theresa Thomas. Walter, Sr. is survived by: his wife, Katonya Thomas; three sons, Walter Lee Thomas, Jr., Kristoffer R. Thomas and Marlon James of Tampa; daughter, Kianya Davis, Tampa; seven brothers, James McClendon of Little Rock,. Arkansas, Jarry Thomas of Tuskegee, Alabama, Mack Thomas of Perry, Johnny Thomas, of Suniter, Everod Williams (Tisha) of Ponciana, Adrain Williams of Palm Beach, and Willie McClendon (Bernice) of Newark, New. Jersey; eleven sisters, Geraldine Brown (Wesley) of Tampa, Ora Cameron (Willie), Of Tuskegeee, Alabama, Mattie Thomas of Tuskegee, Alabama, Betty McClendon of Newark, New Jersey, Clara McClendon of Newark, New Jersey, Annie Woodard of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Gayal Adams (Johnny) of Haines City, Brenda Walker of Haines City, Doris Cooper (Hugh) of Haines City, Sonji Dearoat (Benji) of Haines City, and Rhodelia Bethune (John) of Pensacola; six uncles, Elmon Randolph (Ruth) of Notausgla, Alabama, Jimmy Lee Thomas (Marie) of Tuskegee, Alabama; Larry Randolph of Spring Hill, Tommie Gardner, David Gardner and Steve Gardner, all of Port St. Joe; three aunts, Mary Brotherton (Ralphford).of Lake Alfred, Johnnie Mae Bailey of Tuskegee, Alabama, and Thelma Lewis of Port St. Joe; special grand parents, Mrs. Ethel Gardner. and Mother Me Chain; special niece, LaSheka Thomas; godsister, Carlonie Davis; special friends, Adrain Gant, Robert Farmer Jr., Bishop Franks and The Port St. Joe Crew; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and many other sorrowing relatives and friends. Visitation will be held at the Morning Glory Funeral Chapel, 5100 N. Nebraska Avenue, on Friday, February 9, 2007, from 6-8 p. m. A MORNING GLORY SERVICE. Mr. Harold Jones, Ownf'r. :J.. Mr. James A. Hamlin "Bull" of 2.0, 9 .... Apt .. # rl away .Febr:iylfY 2007. MRS. CLEO L. FuneraJ services will be con Homegoing services for Mrs. Cleo L. Davis of 3611 E. Caracas.Street, who passed a':Vay on Saturday, February 3, 2007, will be conducted Saturday,February 10, 2007, at 2 p. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 N Howard Avenue, with Senior Pastor Rochester Jacobs, Sr., officiating. Interment will fol, low in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. .Mrs. Davis was a native of Tampa and was educated _by., the Public Schools of Hillsborough County. She was a lifelong member of New Salem Primitive Baptist Church and retired from Tampa Rug Cleaners Mrs. Davis was preceded in death by: her husband James Davis; and son, Marvin Davis. She leaves to cherish her memory: 3 loving daughters, Blendina Camel, Larraine Phillips and husband, Bennie, and Oveida Davis, all of Tampa; son, James A. Davis. and wife, Loraine of Ft. Myers; 10. grandchildren, Harriett Camel, Sheila Hickman,. Jermaine Dorell,e Heard, Jay El Wilburn and Jason Wilburn, Jl].l of Tampa; LaShaWn Banks, Xavier Davis, Deidra Davis and Sherika Davis; all of'Ft. Myers; 14 great grandchildren, Tiffany, Reginald, Chris, Jermell, Rodney and Apoleon, all of -Tampa, Tacara, Montrell, Jacquez, Amari, Xzaria, Zaykerria, Da'Mizia and Zakyiah, all of Ft. Myers; great, great granddaughter, Da'Niah Hickman; cousin, Gwendolyn Santana of Indian'apolis, IN; a devoted niece, Clara Cofield of Tampa; a devoted friend, Josephine Scott of Ft. Myers; a host of nieces, nephews, other sor rowing relatives and friends The remains will repose after 5 p. m., today, February 9, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Friends are asked to assemble at the Funeral Home Chapel at approximately 1:45 p.m. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. ducted Saturday, February 10, 2007, at 11:00 a. m. at Beulah Baptist Institutional Church, 1006 W. Cypress Street, with Reverend Lawrence Holton, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Hamlin_ was a native of Miami, and a resident of Tampa for 61 years. He was -educated by the Public. of Hillsborough County and was a graduate of Don Thompson High School. Mr. Hamlil!___ retired as_a. Foreman from Westinghouse Lumber Company. He was preceded in death by: his parents, John and Gertrude Hamlin; wifetf Margaret Hamlin; daughter; Althea Butts; sister, Juanita Morris; brother, Joe and niece, Torina Morris. _, ,.; He leaves to cherish his memory: a devoted Annie Hird of Tampa; step son,. Alfonso Gary and family;. granddaughter, Terry and husband, Jenriaine of Tampa; 2 great grand'sons Jermaine ll'erry; Jr. and Quentyn Terry; devoted -aunt, Marie Sanders and family of Philadelphia, PA; devoted' nieces, Vivian Hamlin; Tanya Darns (David), Nichelle Morris (Robbie), Gertrude Morris, Patricia Richmon and family, and Francine Lockly and family of Tampa; 3 Benjamin Hamlin (Jackie), Greg Morris and Jason Hamlin, all .of Tampa; great nephew; cousin, Bob Sanders and family of Dallas, TX; special mention to Dr. German Ramirez and the USF Dialy.siiHCenter Staff; and a great nieces; nephews, other relatives and friends. .. The, remai'flJS will repose after 5 p. February 9, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners has provided the highest standard in funeral services for over 70 years. Ray Williams Funeral Home Rhodes & Northern, Owners 301 N. Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 Ph : Fax: (813) 251-4912 raywms@ij.net


-------===============FUNERAL NOTICES MRS. VILOR WILLIAMS HARVEY Mrs. Vilor Williams Harvey of Tampa, passed away, Sunday, February 4,'2007. Funeral services will be con-' ducted Saturday, February 10 at 11:00 a.m. at. Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 N. Howard Avenue with Dr. Henry Lyons, Pastorfreacher of New Salem M. B. Church, officiating. Interment will follow in Sunset Memory Gardens, Thonotosassa. Mrs. Harvey was a nathe of Greenwood, and a resident of Tampa for 48 years. She was preceded in death by her parents, Abraham and Cora Williams and husband, Maxwell Harvey '. She leaves to cherish her memory: goddaughter, Ahlatisha Williams of Tampa< her second Mom, Annie L;' Williams of Greenwood;. six Edna Ligon of Tampa, Rebecca Williams and husband, Charles, Delores Johnson, Cynthia Garriet and husband, Elmor, Sandra Tiggs and husband, Jimmie, and Dorothy Williams, all of Greenwood; two .brothers, M. J. Williams of Thonotosassa, and Norman Williams. of Greenwood; nieces, Lonnie Wesley of Tallahassee, Wanda Seigler, Debra Jones and husband, Clif, Elsie Hubbert and husband, Cecil, Linda Williams, all of Tampa, Cynthia Samuel and busband, Willie of Parrish, and Edna Williams of Clearwater;' nephews, 'Edmond Ligon of VA, Will Williams and wife, Keturah of St. Andy Williams and wife, Brenda of Sacramento,-CA, Ronald Borders a .hdi;w.ife, Paulette of Port'ArthnT, Tx; Roy Borders': of'J'Tatilpa, Robert Bordel's of:Heltona, Leon and wife,. Lisa of Evans, G'A"; and a host of great nieces, great nephews, cousins, aunts, and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p.m. today, February 9, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. REST HAVEN MEMORIAL PARK "A Community Pride" 4615 E. Hanna Tampa 33610 Spaces Monuments Markers DISCOUNT AVAILABLE 626-2332 MR. TERRENCE J. PATTON SISTER LINDA .. PETERSON NELSON .:\. MRS. ALMA C. SIMMONS ,, Mr. Terrence J. Patton of Siste,r Linda Peterson Mrs. Alma C. Simmons of 3704 Greenford Street Valrico, passed away Tuesday, February 6, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Mopday, February 12, 2007, at 1 p. m: at Triumphant Church Fellowship, 14701 N. Nebraska Avenue, with Pastor Craig Holloway, officiating. Interment will follow -in Garden of Memories Cemetery. Tampa passed away Monday, February 5 2007 Funeral services will beco.J}ducted Saturday, February 10, 2007, at-2 p. m at Center for Manifestatieon, 3102 E Lake Avenue, with Apostle Mark Jones, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in. Garden of Memories Cemetery. Mr. Patton was a native of Chattanooga, TN, and a resident of Tampa for 18 years. He was a 1997 graduate of Chamberlain High School. Due to illness he became disabled prior to graduation. He was preceded in death by: his father, Randall Patton; mother, Linda Goodrich Patton; paternal grandmother, Mary Harris Patton; and sister; Tara Patton. He leaves to cherish his memory: sister, Sharone Danyale Patton of Nashville, TN;, brother, Montrel Patton of Montgomery, AL; grandfather, Prince E. Patton, Sr. (Mary Austin) of Harvey, IL; 4 uncles, Harry J. Patton (Betty) of Dayton, OH, Prince E. Patton, Jr. (Ginger) of Tampa, Jerry Goodrich of Fayetteville, TN, and Allen Goodrich (Carolyn) of Lewisburg; TN; 5 aunts, Agatha Holton (Clarence), Delores Johnson (Troy), Monica Jones, all of Tampa, Dorothy McDonald (Oliver) of Detroit, MI, and Ftances Abott (William) of Fayetteville, TN; stepmother, Mary Alice Patton of Tampa; 3 Shawn Video, Michael Mack and Andre Jennings, all of Tampa; niece, Yavontc Mckee; 4 nephews, Yarquise Patton, Yhas.hiem Patton, Marquise Moreau' and Marquae Moreau, all of Montgomery, AL; cousins, Jauana Green, Katrina Davis, Juan James. Puckett, Jr., Lisa Johnson,' Celecia Patton, Shawn Patton, Charles Green Jr., Kenyette Patton and Troy Johnson, Jr.; and a host of other relatives and friends.' The 'rema:ins will r epose after 5 p. m. today, February 9. 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. Nelson of. 3104. Machado Street .passed away, Saturday, February 3, 2007, Funeral serv_ices wHl be ducted Saturday, February 10, 2007, at 2 p.m. at Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 2511 E. Columbus Drive, Reverend Walter J. Williams, pastor, .. with Elder Eugene Johnson of St. Annis Primitive Baptist Church, Deland, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Sister Nelson was a native of Panama City, and a resident of Tampa for 53 years. She was a graduate of Hillsborough High School, Hillsborough Community College and University of South Florida. Sister Nelson was a member of The House of Prayer where she served as a Church School Teacher, Secretary and Treasurer. She was a former Teacher for the School District of Hillsborough County_ and a former. employee for Telecredit. She leaves to che-;ish her memory: a loving mother, Reatha Peterson; 3 brothers, James Peterson, Jr., Peterson (Queen) and Michael Peterson; sister, Regina Peterson, all of Tampa; a devoted lifelong friend, Georgia Johnson (Eugene) of Tampa; and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p. m. today, February 9 2007; at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard.Avenue and the family will 'receive friends from 6-7 p. ni. at the chapel. .:.Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners Mrs. Simmons was a lifelong resident of Tampa and was educated by the Public Schools of Hillsborough County. Slie was a member of Triumphant Church Fellowship. She was preceded in death by: her mother, Maggie Lee Council; father, John T. Council; 2 sisters, Annie Ruth Ashwood and Louise Young; and brother-in-law, Thomas B. Simmons. She leaves to cherish her memory: a devoted and loving husband, Russell B. Simmons, Sr.; 4 daughters, Patricia Williams, Kimberly Simmons, Tamaka Simmons and Nettie (Keith) Durant; 4 sons, Ruben (LaQretia) Wilson,.Edward (Tameka) Wilson, Russell Simmons, Jr., and Joshua (Val) Simmonli; 17 grandchildren, Rudolph, Tameka, Denisce, Deion, Russell, Ramon, Diamond, Brittany, Jakkar, Tomeka, Zltaria, Shekima, Russhea, Kearia, Sydnie, Hannah, and Faith; 3 great grandchildren, Trinity, Layla and Lionell; brother, Arthur Council of Philadelphia, PA; 3 brothers-in-law, James (Evelyn) Simmons, Hubert (Dorothy) Simmons and Lonnie (Lolita) Simmons; sister-in-law, Linda Michelle Stafford of Atlanta, GA; 5 aunts,' Mattie Fish, Della Fish, Martha (Willie) Cutts and Mary Hall, all of Cordele, GA, and Annie Bell Peacock of Philadelphia, PA; uncle, John (Eissie) Fish of. New Jersey; devoted motherin-law, Margaret Simmons; and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. The remains will repose from 3-7:00 p. m. Sunday, February 11, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue and the family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. at the chapel. The funeral cortege will arrange from Ray Williams Funeral' Home Monday a ftc. noon, February 12, 2007, at approximately 12:15p. m .' Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. 'i' .... .... MRS. GLORIA MONROE GARDNER -,.... -Mass o( the resurrection for Mrs. Gloria Monroe Gardner of Tampa, who passed away .. Thursday, February i, 2007, at Melech Hospice House of Temple Terrace,_ will be held Saturday, February 10, 2007, at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, East Twiggs Street, with The. Reverend Christian Villagomeza and The Reverend Denniston Kerr, officiating. will fol-low in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. She was preceded in death by: her parents, Earl Leo Monroe, Sr. and Hortensia Perez Monroe; and husband, Billy M. Gardner, Sr. 'T1 r-0 :xl c )> en m z ., Family and friends in whose hearts loving memories have been etched include: her children, Billy M. Gardner, Jr., Georgette G. Johnso.n and Jose' Isaac Gardner; brothers, Earl L. Monroe, Jr., and wife, and He_nnan Monroe; .sisters; Helen Monroe-Cuffy and Barbara Mon'roe; grand-z m r. children, Aysha J. Gardner, Dawn Gardner Brown and husband, Clay of Atlanta, Georgia, Billy M. Gardner, 111 and Shamar Isaac Gardner; great grandchildren, Dejas and De'miya Brown of Atlanta, GA; a very special and devoted friend, RooSevelt Baker; aunt, Maggie Boronell of Kissimmee, FL; brother-inlaw, Dr. Jackie R. Gardner of Hempstead; New York; sister-I tD c: r r-z "tt c: tD c en :J: m c m < ... m in-law, Lillian Gardner; nieces, Gail Quijano, Gail Seaton, Hortensia Monroe, Jemera Hollis, Georgette Gardner Saul of North Carolina, Dr. Pia Gardner1 Jalghoum and husband; Yaser, Tarsha Reynoso, Antoinette Stokes, Faye Polite; nephews, Earl L : Monroe, III, Clarence Argro, Jr., Miguel Monroe, Cedric Monroe, Demetrius! 'T1 Monroe, Dante Hollis, Robert :xl Gardner, Jr. and ,wife, Von, C Jackie Gardner and wife, Doris, Lelsaac Gardner, Adrian Gardner of New York :::tt .;_ ... ; -< .. -r ,. t m ,: en c l> Z c !Continued on page 1 LISA SPEIGHTS-FISHE L.F.O 727-323-8132 OWNER "t}.lf: Sening Tampa, St. Pete and Smotmding Areas ....... tO J?J'lt o/ 8!1'kt dllJCVtCt I )>


..... 0 0 N g; > a: < ::) a: m w LL. '\ '< c ,,., a: LL. c a: LL. c z < c UJ w ::) .... > a: w > w c w :::z::: UJ :J m ::) Q. z i= w ..J ..J ::) m I ..J :-. -"" w z i= ) z ;: w UJ ) < c a: 0 ..J LL. I '.-r I --; _> .: < I 0 C\1 w (!) and close friends, who include, Frank Wilson; and the Melech Hospice House of Co n tinued from Page 19-A City, Ramiro Quijano, Joaquin Quijano, Marco. Quijano; cousins, Christine Stiles Kinsey of West Palm Beach, Iorra Fernandez of New York City, Barbara and Paschal Colins, Mario Boronell and wife, Jackie, Joyce Madison and husband, Earl of Eatonville, Florida, Cephas Family of Pensacola, Shirley Perez of Massachusetts, William Stiles of San Diego, California, Albert Stiles of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Veronica Blanco, Patricia Blanco Sheehy of Atlanta, Carmen Blanco, Horace Washington, Elaine Brown; Cynthia Andrews, Jackie J\ndrews and Venita Andrews, all of Deer Park, New York, Alphonso Simmons and wife, Lorain, Patrick Thomas, Felix Blanco, Samuel Williams, Dolly Williams; friends, Loren Scott Hayes of Detroit, Michigan, Beatrice Tabor, Cathy Butler, W'illie Ray Mason, Dr. Aaron Smith, Marva Williams, Martha and Henry Humbert, Janice Parnell, Louise Everett, Ibi Hernangozo, Gloria Gonzalez and Evora Pimento; and a host of other family and friends. She was born in Tampa. She began her tenure at Clara Frye Hospital where she remained uiltil the hospital's closing and she transferred to Tampa General Hospital. She .,... was a valued asset to their business office staff for a com bined period that spanned nearly forty years. The remains will repose f rom 5-9 p. m today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Ho me, 3000 N. 29th Street. Wake service will be from 6-7 p m Friends are asked to assemble at 'the church at approximately 12:45 p m., S aturday. A WILSON SERVICE MISS JANICE DELORES HADL EY Funeral services for Miss Temple Terrace. .Born in Thomas County, Georgia, Miss Hadley had resided in Tampa since 1977 She was educated in Thomas County Public Schools in Thomasville, GA. The remains will repose from 5-9 p.m. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral liome, 3000 N. 29th Street. Friends are asked to at the funeral home at approximately 1:45 p.m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" MISSWll..LIE LOUISE SANDERS Janice Delores Hadley of Funeral service for Miss 8512 N. 11th Street, who Willie Louise Sanders of MR. : BOBBY LEE .ALIJl}N passed away Monday, 86th Street \iK.llo __ ... : .. January 29, 2007, at Melech passed away _in a local hospi... The funeral sei-vice for Mr. Hospice House of Temple tal on February 7, 2007, will.. Bobby Lee 'Allen, who passed Terrace, will be held be held at 11 a: in. on away on Tuesday, January 30, Satur-day, February 10, 2007, Tuesday, February 13, 2907, 200.7, will be held on Saturday, at 2 p. m. at Wilson Funeral at Palm River Congregation February 10, 2007, at 1 p. m. at Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29th of Jehovah's Witnessess, 4802 the College Hill Church of Street, with Minister Michael 17th Avenue South, with a God In Christ,6414 N. 30th D. Williams, officiating. local Brother, officiating. Street, Tampa, where t'he Interment will follow in Rest Interment will follow at Rest Elder Charles Davis is pastor Haven Memorial Park Haven Memorial Park and Elder Steve Austin is offi-Cemetery. Cemetery. ciating. Interment will be in Her parents, George (Rose Mrs. Sanders was preced-Rest Haven Memorial Clantha) Hadley, Sr.; and sib-MR. EARL 'J. HOWARD ed in death by: her P arents, .Cemetery. I gs D J k V'ola Mr. Allen was a n 'ative of In ons ac son, 1 Herman and Louise Stringer, Beatrice L. Homegoing celebration for Sardis, Georgia. He attended (Priester) Sanders, Sr., and th bl' h 1 f Johnson, George H. Hadley Mr. Earl J. Howard of8113 N. e pu 1c sc oo s o brother, Moses Butler'.. H"ll b h C t d and Thomas Hadley, preced-lOth Street, Apt. A, who s oroug oun Y an was ed her in death. passed away Friday, a graduate. of King High. She leaves to cherish pre-February 2, 2007, will be held" << Sh.e leaves School, class of 1980. He was cious memories of her: 2 Saturday, February 10, 2007, memones of her w1th: daugh-employed by Home Depot s o n s and 1 daughter, Michael at 11 a. in. at St. John ter, Charmen Boyd-more than 20 years. !., Paul Hadley, Keith Mitchell Cathedral, 3401 E. 25th Brundidge' and husband, He is.survived by: his wife, Kaileen; son, Kyle; brother,9rl and Janice D. Mitchell; A". Avenue, Bishop Eddfe 'Arthur, Jr.; sister, Betty grandchildren, her most Newkirk, Senior Pastor with .' Wilson and husband, Roland;. James Aikens; s.isters,._ Marvenia Cox and Hat'tie : pride and J'oy,, MikaRia. Elder Tony Parker, officiat-brothers, Herman Sanders, Carr; aunts, Hattie Parker Hadley, Mi'Ja Mitchell, ing. Interment will follow in Jr. and Rev. C McArthur and Lizzie Covington; great Tyshon Hadley and Jayvon Rest Haven Memorial Sanders and wife, Hattie; a Lorene Covington--Hadley all of Tampa; 2 sis-Cemetery. number of nieces and (Marion), all of Tampa; uncle, ters, Blanche Hadley Watkins H i s parents, Mr. and Mrs. nephews; and a host of other George Aikens; Jr (Katie) of a n d husband, Joe of Christopher C. (Ethel B.) sorrowing relatives and Augusta, GA; a host of Thomasville, GA, and Rose Howard preceded him in friends. nephews and nieces, Jimmy Brooks and husband, Leslie death. A native of Barnwell, Cox, Jamie Aikens, Chris Cox, of Tampa; brother, George H. He leaves to cherish memo-. South Carolina, Mrs. Sanders Evonne Cox and April Cox; Hadley of Atlanta, GA; step-ries of him: wife, Elizabeth had resided in Tampa for the cousins and friends; father-in-sister, Gladys Harris and Howard; daughter, Shirley; 6 past 37 years coming from law, George Franklyn of husband, Henry of grandchildren, Michelle, Jacksonville, Florida. Mrs. Trinidad; 2 s isters-in-law, Thomasville, GA; godsisters, Rhonda, Ronald, Jr. Darrek, Carol Franklyn and Ann Sanders was employed with Sara Wright of Tampa and II; Michael; special grandson, Franklyn, both of Tampa; 4 Vera James of Thomasville, Rashad; 3 great grandchil-the James A. Haley VA brothers-in-law, Richard and GA; aunt, Alaine Sinquefield; dren; stepdaughters,. Hospital as a Patient Care Max Frankly, both of Tampa, Technician. uncle, Johnny Johnson, both LaDawn and Chevelle; broth-Glen Franklyn of Trinidad of Thomasville, GA; 37 nieces' ers, Alfonso Howard, Frank The remains will repose and Frank Franklyn of and nephews; 27 great nieces Howard aiid Elmer Howard from 5-8 P m., Monday, Brooklyn, NY. "' and nephews; 46 great, great (Leola); sisters, Alberta February 12, 2007, at Wilson The remains will repose on nieces and nephews; a host of Pyron (Jasper), Christine Funeral Home. Friends are Friday from 4-8 p. m at cousins and other relatives Statton. (LC); Elizabeth asked to assemble at the Brown's Memorial Chapel, t--------------------------McQuay (Nathaniel); church at approximately 2314 E. 27th Ave., Tampa. r---------....;...-----------------.Ernestine Bellamy, Emma 10:45 a.m. Tuesday. WOODY'S FUNERAL' 1 .;; .., < .., 8 wHATEVER THE .TIME OF Y E AR. \\'hPn you ne( d us. \re'll he hen fnr you. FLINER A I. HOME 3000 N 29th St. Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 .www. funeralhome.com Jean Howard; brother-in-"A WILS O N SERVICE" HOME. law, Moore (Donnie); a host of nieces, nephews and other sorrowing relatives and friends. A devoted companion, Hannah A. Williams preceded him in death and children. A native of Ashville, Mr. Howard moved from Jefferson County to Tampa 44 years ago. He was a laborer with a construction company and Baptist. The remains will repose from 5-9 p. m. today (Friday) at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street The funeral cortege will arrange from 6601 N. Oakview Terrace. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 10:45 a. m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE"


. MEMORIAMS HENRY L. BELL, SR. 9/2/39 2/11105 Lewis the name you gave yourself among the many. Enough nicknames to make a book, but your true name 'was Henry. Went around the state in your truck, but no place compares to heaven _Immaculate your styJe, something no one could deny. was your passing, but lots of happiness and joy were in 'your life. Love always, your granddaughter, De Souza and the Bell Family. [!N MEMORIAM I ... : CLAUDIA RIVERS, 2-10-02 ,, Time .fli-t been five years s!nce you were taken from us. Lord knows I have missed you every day. The love you showed me and our family was the best. Nobody has loved us the same since. All five of us miss you very dearly. I want you know that in five years -since you've been gone, I have not missed one birthday, Christmas or school shoppirig. I am there for them the way you were there for me. You never let me down, so I will never letthem down. And that is true love. B:appy Valentine's Day. Love always, Reshay Mitchell. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM .;. r E ., :t:i.' SIS. ROSA BRUTON 1910 -May 22,2002 ;. alwa:ys youf '6lr'thday, for" you made ours so special. Mania, you have only been gone for 5 years, but you left us' with decades of wonderful memories. Your words of love, hope and faith are missed .more and more with t}ach_passing day. We are always J)roud to call you Mother, and on this day we wish you a happy birthday. This year, instead of a birthday cake and candles beautifuf face, on this birthday you :are standing in the light of.,. your Savior. We will love you, forever and ever. Your loving children: Ruth, Eddie, Alphonso, Nathaniel and 'family. HENRY L. BELL, SR. Sunrise: Sept! 2; 1939 Sunset: Feb. 11, 2005: Our love is everlasting; our love for you will never end. Loving you always: wife, Betty; children and friends. BIRTHDAY -MEMORIAM LARRY D. GRANT 2/12/60-8/12/06 I miss you my son, but God knew you needed rest. Love always, mom, Mildred Grant. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM D'ANDREA LENFESTY STRONG TrUly and.niissed. Family. MEMORIAM JR. 196l 9/19/2002 Yqii are sadly missed. We thil$ of you day. You will never be forgotten. Your mother, M.attie Telfair father, Herman Telfair, Sr.; .. sister, Mary Telfair Cooper; and family. February 10, 1942-. ... August 5, 2oo5 .-Our hearts still ; ache in sadness and secret tears $till flow. What it meant to lose you, no one can ever know.sonny, we miss and love you so much. Happy birthday to my son,, D'Andrea Lenfesty Strong, wa_ s pre-deceased by his father, Harold Lenfesty Strong. I i Your wife, Effie, staff of Eastside Funeral Horne and the family. Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal. Love, Barbara Strong-Holman, mother, and family. BIRTHDAY SYLVIA M. RAINEY Sunrise: February 11, 1942 Sunset: April15, Missing you ever day. Lord lead my path is what 1 pray, clean and sober is how I'll stay. Rest in peace, yet another day. Love, Pip. JUANlTAG. SPAIN 2-7-06 I thank God for the years we have shared together. You touched our lives as well as others, in every spe cial way as your earthly life is done. May God bless yo'ur soul and take you to your eternal horne. Horace Spain, liusb'and; Andrew, son; Linda Nixon, Anna Reid and Eric Spain. INEZ 'NELL' MIKELL ;g Morn, it's been two years G'> today and it feels like forev-er. I love you and miss you. "Johnny" and the family. )>


MEMORIAMS I CARDS OF THANKS 0 0 N en IN MEMORY OF MY HUSBAND m w u.. u.. c u.. c z <( c .en W ::l ...... w > w c w J: en :::i m ::l D. .. z ..J ..J ::l m I ..J w z i= z w en 0 ..J u.. LAWRENCE D. WEST \ 2/12/05 2/12/07 .It has been two years, see.ms like yesterday. You are gone but will never be. forgotten. Still love you and missed by your 'wife, Callie West and family. \ "' ... .... IN LOVING MEMORY OF SHIRLEY NORRIS ACCO family, Francis House family, and Narcotics Anonymous family. Thank you all so niuch, and please keep our family ii_I your prayers."'' Cecelia and Olivia Wolfe family. Retired Rattlers-be he,ld. "The parents' wm ';. The.Retired .Rattlers of already be at the school and' Florida A& M University wiU this will be another activity .have their lOth-year lun-f?r to explore," she cheon on Friday (today), explamed. Those vo.:ho February 9, 2007, n. a. m..-1. W.ill have an opportunity to [. p. m. at the GOlden Corral on with several cammunity 56th St. : ... organizations and school ser-. "Each one.' one to .. the to gain : luncheon." mation: : .. .. Co -chairpersons Mary School -communttyt..: White imd Lucille 'resou\rces attending .this, Niles Franklin. :ev.ent Community. Partnership Night Guidance Services gradUiition lege financial aid, ca:reer :and college recov-.. On TuesdRy e"veri:in:g. ery .and February 13th, Middleton Community resources: : High School will be the site of .. Suncoast Schools FederaJ-:-. Community Pa,rtnership Cr_edit 'One : Night. The event will be held Brewster Technical Center;,; : iri the cafeteria, 5-7 p. m, and USF Health Sery -ice.s, Tampa is sponsored by S. T. 0.' M. P : United Methodist and, : .(Student Teacher Outreach. Hillsborough Mentoring Program). College. ..,_. According to Adrianne For Hall, the partnership night is contact Ms. Hsll or Michael beini held .during the time Brown at (813) 233-:3360, that parent conferences will .. ext. 235 Collateral Not Always Needed .. .. QJ Bail-.-.sana s .c. .. .. -. 'l '. -l"mrl James : Owner(Agent 24 Hour Anywhere Anytime No Fees For OUt Of Bonds (Pasco, Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties Only) 2602 W. Azeele St. Ste A Tampa, FC. 33&09 Payment Plans Available


CRIME NEWS 'T1 -:::c c Po,ice _Ch_arge Mail With Arson Pair Charged._ :. ,Wim. auma Man Chal'lg .ed ,.:Wit_ h Drug -. 'T1 m lXI :::tJ c: J> Trafficking_ --; ',{_With Child Neglect. 0 < :,;.., '"i L';,1 On Monday morning, Hillsborough C.ounty Fire Rescue arrived at 6401 47th Street. When units arrived, they reported !leavy smoke and flames coming from the rear ofthe house. The fire was contained and no one was inside. A appeared to i! teeqager running away from. the rear of the house before the fire was ... A Hillsborou'gh Cou)lty Fire Marshal Investigator and Hillsborough. County Sheriffs deputies arre'sted Gift Smith, 26, later. that evening. He was charged with second-degree arson GIFT SMITH' and burglary. Investigators determined allegedly the fire in the stove with newspaper before away. "' -Police Look /For Suspect In Lowry Park Shooting I \ Tampa Police detectives Valdez tried to contact his are investigating an early brother using a cell phone morning shooting in the who is a Tampa Police offi parking lot of the Lowry cer. He then tried to drive to Park Zoo. the front of the parking lot, According to reports, at but lost consciousness and 4:55 a:m., James Valdez, crashed into a fence. 35, pulled into a parking-lot Police said they don't have where he works. A witness a motive and the shooting -ROBERT CAMARA REAVES .. _. "" --. On ; xrieriibers oft he Hillsborough County Sheriffs:Office and the TaiD:i>a ,:police Department conducted a search warrant at 6001 Cresthill Drive. Inside the residence authm:ities found 227 grams of cocaine, 13 grams of MDMA (Ecstasy) and 25 grams of marijuana. They also seized -Genaro Camara,.Jr:, 53, was charged with trafficking in cocaine, possession of MDMA, and possession of marijuana. Robert -Reaves, 41, was charged with possession of cocaine and diving with a sus:-. pended license (habitual offender). .. Warrants Issued For __ Sexual aattery reported seeing a second inay have been random. The vehicle driving close behind _The suspect was last seen rough. cquJ?.ti him. driving an oldermodelwhite Sheriff's Police said Valdez pulled Lincoln Town Car or very Office allege s into the back of the -parking similar body style. Anyone that on l<'t and backed into the same with information is asked to Jan u 13, s 'pace he uses everyday. A contact the Tampa Police 2o07; Felix suspect the_n got out of his Department. Caraballo, vehicle and fired several Valdez was transported to 34, came upL.....: ..... F""'E"'"Lix shots into _the -driver side a local hospital and is report-behirid a l9-CARABALLO door of Valdez's vehicle, ed to be in stable condition. 1 d y e a r -o : striking him several times.Valdez has been employed woman as she was returning f'he suspect vehicle fled after _by the City of Tampa's home from work. the shots were fired. for 1 yews." .. Deputies allege '''f ... Caraballo forced the ':; .y-.t '.' A' .. woman into her apartment, -punched her in the face, The Hillsborough Comity Sheriffs Office announced the arrest of a Wimauma, man on child;: neglect Deputies said Antonio Jenkins, 35, was in his vehicle with a 2-year-old child when he sold crack cocaine to a witness at his residence in the 6000 block-of Bassa Street. Deputies said Jenkins left his residence with'the child after the transaction,' and the child was unrestrained in ANfONIO JENKINS .the front' seat. A deputy. neglect' charges, Jenkins pulled over _and he was also faces drug charges. He arrested. '" .. ,: is being held under a bail of In addition to the child $21,000. -. Suspect Sought_ In Mobile Station .. :::tJ -< .!0 1\) 0 0 ..... 'T1 r-0 :!:! g CJ) m z ::!z m r-. lXI c: r. rm -4 z SURVEILLANCE PHOTOS ... .... _-, c: :' 3, 2007, Prior to leaving the store, m Hills-borough County the suspect a box on fire Sheriff's deputies were called then. fled on foot. He a -lso ::J: m to the M?bile St_ation, 615 allegedly rob\)e(i'the c BloomingdJile Avenue, in ofthe contents m ... ;t The suspect as Deputies reported at 1:19 Bl k I 35 ld :::tJ d h :. a ac ll).a e, years o -< a.m., a man entere t e sta-5 8 II -h. 180 tion and ordered an employ. ta weig mg ee to go into the restroom. pounds WI_th a nmscular m --He then allegedly forced a build, bald; m_ediun: com-employee to open the and goa-cash register'at knifepoint. o.nd brown J> z c _Suspects ,, Homeless Murd.ers .. Held. Withoutaond 'T1 :::tJ c .. j.tt1 .... ; ., :threw her on the floor and ; kicked her. He then alleged-i ly forced her into a bedroom ST: PETP.RSBURG Two he sexually battered St. Petersburg men are being -_ ... -ther. held'without bond for the : Authorities determined murders of two homeless men .... :JSio You Woi"''t Have .To Sit" 7628 N. 56th Street, Ste. 13 Tampa, FL 33617 13) 988 Ingram -.,_.Owner -:., LET .. FREEDOM I : _,. AM. OS ., -. l)'i /' ::, I '; > BAIL BONDS FAST SERVICE .24 .. .. ;;; 308 E. Waters Ave. .Tampa, FL 33604-.. ':?: .-.;,: ;. Jele: Cell: 493-S3Sl );:;:.',-. .:,,_; Caraballo knows the vic-on January 17th. :tim, and.warrants have been A judge' 'denied 'bo_nd to _issued for his arrest. Cordaro Hardin and ---------------------Unci .\i::;:." 3, 5, 7, e Leader, 18, 19, 21, 23, 31, 32, Looks Forward & Back." 39, 43, 4S Dorion Dillard. Authorities .said therewere 4 people HARDIN involved in the murders, but Poli.cie said., robbeiy was a only Hardin arid Dillard are motive for 'toe' k i llmg ot at charged. least on;! o cttie 1neri and guns ... }Jardin with I usea to, commit the first-degfee mi}raer. violation crimes.. .. -.,,' -'t of probation and burglary. -Hardin 18 .i$. arrested (imes,-and degree Dillard 20 also has a Hardin and are. lengthy : charged in the murders of' As for the other t-wo tieople Jeffrey_ a?d David i.nvolved in the !?P.oot-ings; ... d_1ed of mulpolice said the :1!7-year-old is_: bple gunshots 10 an alley on in custody on a separate case 6th .. _H,eath and the 18::year-old will be Gl was found dead earher the used as a witness as .he m same in reportedly ran 'rrol11. the near 7th Avenue, North. before the J>


' t:i 0 N o) > a: <( :::> a:. m w LL >= <( 0 a: LL 0 LL Q z -<( > <( Q en w :::) 1->-a: w > c w :I: en :::i' III :::) 0. z i= w _J ..,.J m I _J w z .CASH 1N. a oAvs FOR vouR HousE! Day-_1 ._ Submit.contract The Rehabber's Superstore will submit an offer' to buy your home. Day 2 Clear -Title If offer is accepted the Rehabber'$ Superstore will submit the contract ...,. to the title company Day3. '7" Closing. Day The title company. will clear the titlethen. schedule a Closin' g date. At the '! i= z w en <(' c a: 0 -. closing you will pick up your check! LL. <( I N w l luv Houses-and Houses-tuvMe! l <


B Rev. Jesse Jackson Speaks At USF Reverend Jesse Jackson addressed the crowd gathered at the Sun Dome at the Univer!!ity of South Florida. BY SHERNA BLAIR RICH how 100 years later, we got the proclamation, but not the University of South Florida's emancipation," he asserted. Sun Dome was the place and As Rev. Jackson brought Rev, Dr. Martin Luther his audience closer to the pre. King, Jr.'s birthday was the sent, he translated that, "The celebration on Thursday dream must be put in the connight, January 18th. text of broken promises" after Befittingly, the Honorable which he proclaimed, "We've Rev. Jesse Jackson was the only had citizenship for 42 speaker for the occasion as we years." Further, he let it be sat, stood and waited for his known, "Now, we pay taxes, arrival on stage. wear the uniform and fight Rev. Jackson is the the wars -but that Dr. King's President and Founder of the dream was that one day the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. dream would be ours." His influence and commit-Rev. Jackson revealed ment has embodied to nation-that "America is only 6o% of al and international issues, the world population" and such as, politics, education, that "we" (America) "must equality, empowerment and join the real world" in order social justice He has motito affect the face of "humani vated citizens during the 1984 ty." America "must change and 1988 Presidential cam-our policy to save our nation." paigns by registering over one Finally, he asked, "Why do million and two million new Blacks do well in certain voters, respectively. areas?" Clearly, "Whenever After his introduction, Rev. the playing field is even, we Jackson, without hesitation, requested that his audience do well When the rules are pray along with him for. not public and the goals are unclear, we don't do well." Keeley Dorsey and his famNow, we find ourselves "some ily. This was the young man who had collapsed during a 40 years later" (after Civil football practice session and Rights), "a nation of squanhad died later. dering possibilities. We can't Continuing on and as use our power on liquor, expressive as ever, Rev. drugs and shooting each Jackson took his audience: othe.r ... we are better than. that!" back in time and through tory as he gave a brief history Afterwards, in a massive of the Black man in America appeal and great style, Rev. while intertwining 246 years Jackson called out to all of slavery which provided non-registered voters and laws that made it "illegal" for directed them down in front the African slave to read and to him. There, he welcomed not be able to "give our chil-and invited them to join the dren our own name." Very ranks of registered voters. carefully, he spoke of the "40 "Beyond color, beyond cuiacres and a mule" promise. ture ... Happy Birthday, Moreover, how the Marfin Luther Kingl" Emancipation Proclamation (Photos by Lomax. pas,se.qby two yotes ., -USF President Judy Genshaft and Reverend Willie C. Cook, Pastor of Allen Temple AME Church. Bishop. Nathan Taylor, Pastor of Prevailing Word Worship Center, and wife, Mrs. Felecia Taylor. Dr. Samuel L. Wright, left, and his daughter, Samaria Elizabeth Wright. Tasha Brown, right, MLK and President of the Campus Branch NAACP, with Rev. Jesse Jackson and Abbasa Faran. At the Student Leadership Luncheon, Jason Jerald proSenior Pastor Ernest Coney andl)is Chloe, of Snirit.of .. :rruth the s:N<;: vided violin music. '\,


0 C\1 en > a: c:t :::::1 a: m w LL c:t c a: LL > c:t c a: LL c z c:t > c:t c C/) w :::::1 ..... > a: w > w c w :r: C/) :J m :::::1 Q. z tu ..J ..J :::::1 m w z i= z w C/) c:t c a: 0 ..J LL m I C\1 w (!J c:t D. BIRTHDAY GREETINGS -Happy 95th Birthday GRACE DAVIS 2-9-12 From your kids: Sandra, Robert, Skip and Phyllis. Love always. Seated: DAMION, VIOLA, RUFUS; JAMARCUS, ROBERT, And Son-In-Law, LOR:IN -I'd like to thank God for four wonderful kids, Rufus (2-5), Tamara (2-9), Damion (2-21) and Robert (6-7). I love you guys witli all my heart. May God bless and keep you. Love, morn, Ms. Viola_ Hightower. Also, happy birthday to my granddaughter, MiKayla (2-9), and my nephews, Jamarcus Godwin (1-8). We're having din-ner at Big Mama's, okay? Birthdays And Other Paid Pieces Deadline: 1 Week In Advance Call: 248-1921 For More Info FIRST lVIOUNT CARMEL AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH 4406 N. 26th Street (813) 236-2322 REV. KIRK R. BOGEN Pastor Family U Friends Day And Twelve Tribes Ollsrael Pew Rally 1VorshipSerlices February II, 2007 "At the same time," tlu! LORD, "I will be the God of all the .families of Israel, and they shalf be My people" -Jeremiah 31:1 -11 a.m. Guest Messenger EVANGELISTn'EACHER CLATY WILLIAMS A Time For Change Ministries REV. WILLIE J, COOK Allen Temple A.M.E. Church Come Worship Where God is Doing a New Thing -. -(L-R) C-LOW, REDD AndGERALD Happy birthday to my son, Gerald Maurice Devine Jackson. He will be "16" on Feb; ilth .. This is corning from his morn; Candy, and dad, Red d. Also, happy birthday to his .little-brother, C-Low, Feb. 12th. DEARYL ROBINSON 2-9-91 -we just wanted. wish you a happy 16th birthday; We are very proud of you. To the love of our life, "Belle." Love, grandma, Gloria, rnorri,' Terrell, dad, Daryn, and brother, Daryn, Jr. and DeAnd're. MS.CHA And WEST Birthday. wishes go out to our lovely mother, Ms. Cha, and big brother, Wes. Love, Dhari ancl Wendell. '' ., LEVONDitEHll CARTER .. Happy birthday to my boy, Levodare who celebrating the big "nickel" on February'7th. Achie'Ving a 2007 kindergartner, soccer ball player, and many more to come. He will celebrate-his birthday with family and friends Sunday and Pin Chasers Midtown for a birthday bash. A special happy birthday to his 2 big cousins, -Shantara (2/2) and Marquise (2/10), and little cousin, Man-Man. From, your morn, arid big sister, .. ,_., JAY'LON BYRD --I thank God for finding me trustworthy in raising one of His children 'my' son,' J ay'Lon : Zeckahria Marquis Byrd. It's nothing but pure joy to see you turn 1 today, Happy birthday, Bookie. Love, MaMa. JASMINE And : CARZETTE It's too 'late to say thank you for a great birthday party. I love you Jasmine with all my heart. Love, Carzette. '.


... ALL ABOUT YOU! Sisters Share A Birthday In February MR. WILLIE BROWN Happy birthday, 2-11-07, Mr. Willie BRENDA And MARY From your secret lover. My sister is ... someone whp helps me find my smile, who accepts me for what I am. Happy birthday. Birthday wishes go out. to Mary, who will be celebrat. ing her day on February 9th, and Brenda on. February 14th. Best wishes go out to them. Love, your mom, Too tie, children, Wayne, Nicole, Charles, Rioland, Bannar, Curran, Shantel, EJ, Johnathon, .. Tayaris, Keith and Bert. LINDA HODGES And BOOKIE Happy birthday Grandma. We love you!! The Mann, Little and Crum families. MS. LORI And T:MANN Happy birthday, Ms. Lori, your birthday is Feb. 7th, but it's going down at the Note, Feb. 17th. And like every thing we do, it's going to be "exclusive." The real stay real, it is what it is. Enjoy your day, sis. T.Mann. 'MS. SANDY, BRENDA And VICKIE Belated birthday shout outs to: Ms. Sandy, Brenda and Vickie. Love, Eiggie. DERRICK HICKS, a.k.a., 'BIG GOO' Happy birthday Big Goo. Coming from your family and your kids, Lil Goo and Ronniesha Hicks. We love you Daddy, stay up, you don't have long!!! Birthdays And Other Paid Pieces Deadline: 1 Week In Advance Call: 248-1921 For More Info Happy Birthday, Big Daddy DERRICK M. MOORE Happy first birthday. He will celebrate his first birthday on February 10, 2007, with his family and friends: We love you. Dad, Russell, mom, Stasha, grandma, Shambray, grandpa, David, and Michaeal and Nancy Perez and Alton. And also yourgreat grandparents, aunt, Natisha, and your other aunts and uncles: AARON SIMMONS February 11 0 Grandma loves you. Happy birthday. I want to wish my husband a happy birthday. I love you : From, your wife, Earline. Happy Birthday CARLY And GREGORY Mommy. I love you and I want to wish you the happiest birthday ever. LARRY HARLEY, 0 a.k.a., 'LITTLE LARRY' We love you and miss you. Come home soon. Your family. appy. WARREN, JR. Happy birthday wishes to Warren, Jr. and his grandma, Wanda. From Warren who's watching over you both from above. Also your family and friends, with lots of love. YOU a Sabbath Observer? Looking for a good church with a Pentecostal atmosphere. Well, Come to the BishoD 'ohnnr-. L. Williams Ministries (THE HOUSE Of GOD) Church: 813-248-1907 3403 N. 34th Street Tampa, FL 33605 Wednesday 7:30 p, m Bible Study Daughters Of Zion Women's Ministry Mondays 7:30 p, m. Sabbath Every Friday 7:30 p. m. Praise & Worship Joy Night Sabbath Morning 10:30 a. m. Sabbath School Sabbath Evening 1:30 p. m. Praise & Worship Service Sunday Available For Service For More Information: 813-892-1111 Website: www.HouseofGodTampa.oru Pastor Johnny L. Williams, Jr. bishopwll&amstampa@hotmall.com BISHOP JOHNNY WILUAMS And W"lfa, 0 LADY CALQUETTA WILliAMS "T1 :::0 c )> "T1 m m :::0 c: )> :::0 -< '.!D 1\) 0 0 "T1 r 0 :::o c )> rJ) m z :::! z m r;m c: r r z "0 c: m c rJ) :X: m c m -. < m :::0 -< -1 c: m rJ) c )> -< )> z c "T1 :::0 c )> -< "0 )> C') m w I m 0


0 C\1 a; > a: <( :J a: r.a w LL > <( c a: LL c a: LL c z <( > <( c '-en w :J .... > a: w > w c w :::z: en :::i r.a :J D. z tu ...I ...I :J r.a ...:. w z !z W en <( c a: 0 ...I LL, r.a .. Church School Beli8ve This!. .. J RELIGIOUS Verse 2 explains just how Lazarus. Him. Jesus was able to much of a relationship they, Too peqple think that remain calm and confident in had. Mary cleaned Jesus' the things they are going the midst of a friend;s feet and dried them with her through are all about them. ness and death because He hair. You know this had to Some of stuff you go knew the end. Not' only did be love! Crui you imagine, in through in your life has Jesus know the end, He today's time a "sistah" drying nothing to do with you. knew who was the'end.: off a man's feet with her Some of the sicknesses and .You can remain calm and hair, after lie has been walk. illnesses people have; has confident in the .midst of' ing a dusty road and she has nothing to do with them eat-your when you spent an hour, oops, four ing porkand salt. Thereare know the end and. who is the hours in the beauty salon? skinny people with diabetes end. Jesus declared; "I am You would think that after One of the most known bib-way as Mary and Martha. and high blood pressure as the Alpha and the Omega, doing this for Jesus, when lical stories is in Since we have this story, perH h d th' well as big people. Some the beginning and the end-. 1 e ear some 1ng was "' .. John 11, where this week's haps we need Jo. a ter our h f .1 H things are not about you. ing" (Revelation 1:8). .; '' 1 d Th' f thinki Th' 1 wrong In er ami y e h h b ? J kn h h lesson 1s se ecte 1s 1s a way o ng. 1s esson ld 1 ht Th_ en_ w at are t ey a out. esus ew t at t ere was wou sure y come, ng story ab?ut the !feath,and_ .. us 10 ways, then. Wh'at is the Some things .. happen and no need to rush because of !--azarus. ,,To it. Martha. They are not people So many people lose their to go through things so He was the people knowing from We all can in some way or who are st:r:angers to Jesus faith because they think that can be glorified. He uses us then on that He is the resuranother relate to all the nor people standing by because they tithe, God is as instruments to show forth rection (vs. 25). chara<;ters in this .story. the way looking for a supposed to respond the His glory. We are saved and The message and the good Some identifY with Mary and ing. These individuals had a exact minute financial trou-... delivered from sin for His news to the world and the Martha, while have serious relationship with ble comes: Maybe because glory. We are for His church is no matter what been the person of Lazarus. Jesus. They knew Jesus and you are in church early .and glory. happens in life; God is in If the truth be told, some Je.sus knew them. They stay late, God has to interGod did not cause the situ-control. If you know Him people have and still to loved Jesus and Jesus. loved vene before the situati,?n gets-ation; He just didri't immedi-and believe, you will never family situations same them. worse. ately respond to it: The die. Knowing Him and .. Your worship and service beginning is not what' believing in Him, will give towards God will not make lifi .. & Ed 1 B 5t prought the glory. The midyou eternal e. ProgreSSIVe MISSIOnary UCatlona apt1st ate Him move fast, but it will dle is not what brought the Although it mayappear Conventlon Of Flor1"da Inc make Him move. The reason. .. glory. What brought God the tha_ t death has o ccu _rred in. .. DR. BARTHOLOMEW BANKS, General President Jesus did not respond imme. .. di t 1 b th. t glory and_-m ade it possible your life, Jesus is-the: YWA 1 1 W a e y was ecause e s1 u. O .... ation had nothing to do with for Jesus to be glorified was Resurrection of life. He can .. 1111! Lazarus. The sickiiess was the end. resurre'ct that which is dead! J not about -Lazarus. The. .. Jesus knew the power of In the 'words" of Jesus, "Do' SISTER FRANCESCA HENDERSON State President ,,. death W"'S not about God that wfis at work in you believe this?" (vs. 26) :: SISTER KIM rain Coordinator .,. 7:30P.M. Rev. Rayford Harper Pastor-Preacher First Baptist Church Of West Tampa .. Winans. "CeCe Winans' voice is a. glorious instrument, equally capable of silky R&B numbers, sultry pop ballads a.nd soul-stirring gospel tunes." -Billboard Feb. 18 Carol Morsani Hall $19.50-$45.50 +. Q BlueCroas BlucSblcld ofF1orlda CONCERTS ATTBPAC ... ... : ... .,., ... ;::. .. .. 3005 E. Ellicott' Street Tampa, Florida 33610 (813)236-3611 .... T. W. Jenkins, D Min.-Pastor/Teacher "' ;"'-'' 57th Church Anniversary Sunday, February 11, 2007 Theme: .. "Faithful Followers and Faithful Leadersn 'i':' ';.', 7:45a.m! .&. 10:55 a.m : .. Sis .. Natal ie Powell, Chair Tickets and dining: 813.229.STAR TBPAC.ORG Group Services (for groups of 20) ; 813.222.1018 <( OutsideTarnpa Bay: 800.955.1045 D. A ...,plies to non-mf!mbi.


News FroiD Progress Village BY IRADEAN LONDON BIGGS :.." Anniversary Celebrants Happy anniversary to the Strong's, Claude a nd Tina who will celebrate one year of wedded bliss on 2-11. Congratulations! Beryl Wilson, Solos Gladys Birkett and Lucille Beck, History-Dorothy West, Recognition Of Guest -Cora Carswell, Remarks -Pres. Olivia Darby, and J Program Chairperson -Mary Hobley -I h Others enjoying the Birthday Celebrants : Fellowship Luncheon were: Mr-. and Mrs. Richard Lizzie .Adkins,. Cora (Cynthia) Brown had a dou.. Williams,. Katherine. birthday celebration on 2-Clark, Vinnie Williams,, 3 The recently married couple Rudeen Reid, Bessie was born on the same day. Williams, Mozella Hester, What a great day of celebrat-Florence Owens, Nettie ing it was for both families Jones, Archie Mae and theirfriends Wright, Gladys Levit, Also celebrating their natal Bernice Reese, Mary. day is: Mrs. Jesse Browder Dunlap, Gloria Sylvester, of Plant City, Ms. Blanche Lula Parker, Geneva Wilder, Ms. Lovenia Slaymon, Ernestine Waters, Mrs. Shirley Turner and Elouise White. Jolly, Mildred Daniels, A special thanks is extended Rose Anderson-Fra.ncis, to the Hospitality Committee Angela Williams; Anna L. Staff, Katherine Clark and Carter, -Jacqueline Bernice Reese Goodard, Phyilis Baker, The Prayerband members Barbara Cox, Richard. and friends wish Clarice Chaney and Kenneth Patterson and Olivia Snyder. Darby a speedy recovery Members of St. James while in the hospital. A.M.E. Church that are cele brating birthdays are: Nestor Cabrera, Lanitra SanchezMoore, Katherine Morgan, Lillian Tolbert and Wyatt Welch. Happy birthday wishes are extended toJohnKinlock and Jeanil Williams. This comes from the mom, grandmother, Rebecca Hair and family. .. Sick And Shut-Ins Thinking of you: Patricia Coleman, Dorothy York, Cora Williams, Leona WilHams, Rose Anderson, Alethia King, Jackie Brown; Johnnie Mae Ingram, Lillie Mae Harris, Tracy Stro.ng, Louise Thomas,. Rudolph Burgess, Curtis Brown, Clara Sheffield and Sr STDpathy Our deel>est sympathy is sent to the families who recently lost lO-ved ones. Good To See You We were happy to see Mrs. Clara Sheffield in church Sunday. What a blessing. Community High Noon Prayer Band Celebration Community High Noon Prayer Band celebrated 18 years on Jariuary 16th with a Fellowship Luncheon at the Golden Corral. The celebration was as fol lows: Presiding -Roesolia Young, Welcome -Amanda Page, Blessing Of Food -Congratulations Congratulations goes out to Mr. and Mrs. DeAngelo Sanders, Sr. who exchanged their vows on January8, 2ooi The blessed day was on the groom's birthday. This special day was shared with the couple and their mothers, Mrs. Gloria Kohn (bride's mom) and. Mrs. Ann a Sanders (groom's mom). Thought For Today "It means so much to those who cry for love and joy. Their life deni es it costs us nothing to be kind or to add charity of heart that w e r'espect each other and lo ve each other in His name, who lives and prays and dies the same. My Brother 2 Keep Ministry For FREE Bibles and cards to inmat e s upon their r e quest write to : My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry, P. 0. Box 4618, Tampa, FL, 336774618, o-r call (813) 5166780. "Thank You" to Ms. Elizabeth Schuler who r e cently donated Bibl e for the ministry. F. Y. I. Remember our servicemen and w omen who put their lives on the line daily for us. Remember the helpers in the kitchen: Thelma, (813) 6713614, Family Deli, (813) 6711541 or H. 0. P (813) 238-5221. Call your n ews into Iradean London-Biggs at (8 1 3) 67760 71. B e bl e ssed!. Muunt Oli\ e African Church 1747 Lasalle Street Tampa FL 3307 813-254-5045 "The Church With A Vision" 9:30 A. M. Church School 7:45A.M. Worship (First Sunday Only) 11:00 A.M. Worship Bible Study :Wednesda -7 P. M. LIFE CHANGING BAPTIST CHURCH Wonhipping At E WESTSIDE S.D.A. CHURCH 1803 E. Shadowlawn, Tampa, FL, 33610 (813) 238-6706 Sunday School -9:30 a.m Homing Worship -11a.m. PraliW & Bible Stucb-6:30 W'mnin!l Ev.ry Saturdav -11:30 1"0\:onai,..,I.Ms Through The WOld Of Come & H .. r God's Word With God's ..,.,._ AI ST. LUKE A.M.E. CHURCH 'f--. FI33C05 27118 N. Zldl Sl (Ill 17111 ,_,). 248-6753 REV. RONALD D. HIZER, PIISlor Office Hours M-F 10am -2pm SundJS 7:45 a.m. Early Momlns Worship 9 a.m. Breakfast Served 9:45 a.m. Church School 11 a.m. Momlns Worship Wednesdvs 12 p.m. Noon Day Prayer Meeting 7 p.m. Prayer And Bible Study Share Box Program Available New Begin nings M. B. Church 3101 E. Lake Ave Tampa FL 33610 (813) 503-9843 REV DAVID P. CARSON PASTOR FIRST LADY MARY CARSON Sunday School 9:30 A. M. 11 A. M. Morni.ng Worship Tuesday 7 P. rayer Meeting & Bible Study .. Abund&.nt Of God In 4125 Nassau St. W. Tampa, FL 33067 (8131 875-9077 KAREN BARNES, PASTOR OF OPERATIONS Our Weekly Order Of Service Sunday School 9:30 AM Morning Worship 11:00 AM lnterteSsory Prayer Monday Friday 6:00 A.,M. Bible Institute Wednesday 7:30 P.M. Co.,,rate Prayer Every 1st & 3rd Friday 8:00P.M. -"I have coml! that thl!y might haVI! LIFE ... m<>r'l! ABUNDANT-LY" St. John 10:10 fQITH CHUil CH Of 600 In CHiliST 3605 53rd Street Tampa, FL, 33619 Grant Park "Beloved let us love one another. II 1 JOHN 4 PASTOR MARION And PASTOR ROOSEVELT CRAWFORD Services Sunday School 10 a m. Sunday Worship 11 a. m. (refreshments after fellowsh ip) Wednesda B i ble Stud 7:30 m. Need a ride.? Call (813) 830-2398 or (813) 740-8241 Notary and Wedding Services Provide NEW MILLENNIUM CHURCH 905 East Skagway (One 'Block South Of Busch l3lvd,) 9:30-10:15 A.M.* Bible aasses For All Ages 10:15 11 A. M. Refreshments and Fellowship) 11 A.M. 12:_45 P. M. Praise and Worship Servi_ce For more information, caiL(813) 728-3723 Visit: w w w.newmillenniumchurch .com mneely2 @ TampaBa y rr com Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Momlng Worship 11 a.m. Pruer Service Wednesday 1 p.m. StudY of th8 Bible Wednesdu 7:30 8:30 p.m. Praise & Worship Service Wednesdu 8:30 9 p.m. ChlldNn & Youth Bible Stucb Wednesday 7 8:30 p.m. SaturdaY Praftl Selvke & Bible SbKW 10 a.m. Youth Bible Institute 12 4 p.m. Teen Nlsht Friday before the 2nd SUndu 7p.m. 3708 E. Lake Avenue Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 628-0752 Website: www.stmatthewchurch.com Email : rsims@tampabay.rr.com HERITAGE DAY Sunday, February 11th @ 11 a. m. Theme: "Yesterday, Tod a y Tomorrow... The Past, Present & Future" (23RD Psalm) Messenger Will Be: Also On Program Will Be: ELDER HAROLDJONES MIC(iELLE B. PA1iY and the-MORNING GLORY GOSPEL r.Hrllll n Vou Are Invited To Attend! WANDA HOWARD And TONY BODERICK C h a irp e r so n s [ ., :tl c l> < ., m lXI ::c c: l> :tl -< !:0 N 0 0 "'-I ., r0 :tl c l> en m z -1 z m r;aJ c: r-. I"" z "'0 c: m I"" en ::::t m c m < m ::c -< .-1 c:. m en c )>. < )> z c ., :tl c l> < "'0 l> C) m c.n I lXI


. .. \ > <( c iX LL c z .<( c t/) w -=> .... > a: w c w t/) :::l. m :::> D. -. z i= w ..J ..J :::> m I ..J w z _. j; z : w t/) <( c iX 0 ..J LL m cb w CJ <( D. CHURCH DIRECTORY .. .f HOi.v: OUTREACH FOil. CMI.ST '!'' ASSEMBLY, -.. 2818 E. Osbome Avenue, Tampa; (813) 238-2213 ...... _DR. A. F. NELSON-VICKERS, Pastor & Founder :-,;ONE SERVICE. CAN CHANGE YOUR i 't/ )\' Order Of Service: ::: Sunday School-10 a.m. SundaY Morning Worship a.m Tuesday Night 7:30 p.in. Bible Study ; 2nd Wednesday Night : .. 7:30 p.m. Substance Abuse Ministry 3rd Wedriasday Night 7:30 pm. Sing)ai' Ministry 4th Wednesday Night 7:30 p.ni. Mll'l'iage Ministry Thursday Night 7".30 p.m. Worship Servlcu friday Night 7:30 Youth Service Saiurcfay Morning a.m. Sabbath Service GREATER HOPE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH REVEREND DR. W. J. HAYNES, Pastor I Teacher '" WELCOMES YOU TO WORSHIP WITH US At A Temporary Location WORD ALIVE CHURCH 1024 78th Street South, Palm River Area : (813) 785-3177 or (813) 187 1130 a.M. Cllllrcll Scltool -. : ftl30 Wonltlp Service .. 7 P.lft. CWeclnasciBV) Praver Service I Bible StUciW OUR PURPOSE To advance the Kingdom of God by leading lost iouls ta an IICCII!PIIInce of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, nurturing them to maturity and : equipping them _to be ambaSSIIdors for Christ. OUR VISION wTo BuiJd A Biblical farrily of Loving ReJatlonshlps Whose Members DailY and Devotedly Love, ,. l\; Follow and Model Christ. .:'.'. ;: -. If are loOiclng for 11 church home where you'D recllive Bibllall preaching and teaching, geared to help each member Grow In their Christian _Walk with thor LOrd_ then come JQin REVEREND DR. Ill. J. HAYNES 1 -, ,.._ Pastor I THcher :: ..... .. __ .. M.B. 'CHURCH 2002 N. Rome .. Avenue (Comer of Rome Ave. and Spruce St.) P.O. Box 4724 Tampa. Dr C. t Kirkland, Pastor.; T!1: (813) 253-5714 Fax (813) 254-1441 .. E-mail: MtPieasantMB@aol.com EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7:45 A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP 11 A. M. .. "f! 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM family Series Hour'(B.T.U.) 6 PH-Lord's Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM Prayer Service 7 PM General Bible Study 7 PM Youth Bible Study DR. C.T. KIRKLAND I Pastor TAPE MINISTRY Order On Line At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBCtiurch.org St. Mary M. B. Church 3910 W.-Laurel Street 813-872-6254 PASTOR WALLACE Z. BOWERS Sunday Schoq) -9.:30 A.M. : Sunday Morning Worship: ll:OOA.M .. Wednesday Nigbt: -Prayer Meetirig 7:00 P.M ;:., Btble ; S.tl.ub,-. 8:00 f.M t;;;'', Thursda.y No ou .DayJ,raver & Evangelist Eric W. Doss Come S hare Jesus With Us! _Worship & Study Sund a y : 6 A.M. Early Worship; 9 :45 A.M. Bible School 1 0 : 45a 2nd Morning Wo r ship 5p Even i ngWorsh i p 7p Bib l e 'study ( all a ges) Tel : 613-985-5578 -or E mall : nchrist@tampabay.rr coni REV. WALTER J. WILLIAMS Pastor Early Worship 7:55 Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 Morning Worship 10:55 A. M. Wed., Family Night .'7 P.M Dea. John C. Lovett, Chalr. ".'an Board Of Deacons 29th Street Church Of Christ 3310 N. 29th St. (813) 242-4572 Bible School-9:15 A.M. Mornira Wonhip -10:30 A.M. Evenra Bible Class 5 P.M. Everira Worship 6 P.M. Community Bible Oass Wednesday, 10-11A.M. Lailra Street .. c11urcli of christ 1310 Eat L..un Slreet "'Q(d14 IAcKSOM.-HEIGIITS CHU.RCHOF -CHRIST MINISTER JAMES T. SU1TLE, SR. Plant Cllr, FL 33566 (813) 752-.2858' -. ORDER OF SERviO!S ,, Wllll11111 Kenison, Minister 1..._ -" ; ..... Morning Bible Study._; ____ .: .... ;9:45 A.M. Moming WorshlD Worshlp .... ... ,.11 A.M. Evening Bible Study .................... ; ;.S P.M. Evening ....... P.M. ... :_: ....d., .. SUndi!Y School For AI Ages 8:30 a.m. lllorshlp S.rvb 9:45 a.m. Evanlng lllorshlp Service 5:00 p.m. ;:' .! -. Bible For All Alles 7:00 Wedlleldaw :-.: 3817 E. LlndeU A lampe, FL 33610 Morning Bible A.M. .. (8U) &M.,8H Ewnirig Bible Study .. ................ 7 P.M. ihchurchofduist@eol.com St. James African Methodist IC each \/VO,r1n"Cr1<1\l s2o2 S6th. St. Tampa 677-2411 Take Progress Blvd: to s. 85th st., tum North, go to Ash Ave. tum E. follow the curve to the left (S. 86th St.) and the )s on the right. ..;.;:. .. '"" First Baptist Church of West Tampa, Inc. 1302 N. Willow Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607 Schooi .... ................. M. Morning Worship.-.; ...... : .... to:4s Prayer Service, Tuesday ........ 7:00 P.M. J -.\.' Bible Study, ...... .. f "'i'.;: .'. : ... : .. .,. i''f, : REV. RAYFORD HARPER -. p..._,1or -JESUS. PEOPLE FAMILY .WORSHIP CENTER.CHURCH.-_ ... TAMPA, FLORIDA 4802 GUNN HIGHWAY: CARROLLWOOD (IN THE TOWNE CENTER SHOPPING CENTER) Worship First Fruit : -:7:30 A, M. : ... Morning Celebration. .11 A. M Thursday At 7:30 P. M I Get Noticed! IfYou .. WoUid. Like To .) -. r/ v-... Advertise Yol).f Church 1n This section ,, .. .. Gall Mrs. Gwen. Hayes Ai (8t3) 248-19211 -. -. -or Email Her At .. .. -. -r_


I. CHURCH DIRECTORY ALLEN TEMPLE AME CHURCH 210111i0weSL ":' REV. WIWE J. COOK, PASTOR Worship Actlvties: Early Worship 7:45 A.M. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Homing Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study 6:45 P.M. Tuesday College Hill Church Of God In Christ 6414 N. 30th St. : Elder Charles Davis, Pastor Sunday School9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 11 A.M .. Y.P.W.W. Worship 6 P.M. Evening Worship 7 P.M. Tues. & Fri. Service 7. P.M. First Missionarr Baptist Church Of Highland Pines 4711 21st Ave REV. en m Z ::! z m r-1 m c: .. r rm -1 :z ., c: m r-Cii .. ::J: m c m < m lJ -< -1 c: .m en c. )> .-< )> z c "TI lJ c ., )> G) m ...... I m


0 N CELEBRATION .c > a: :::: a: aJ w LL A Blessed 50th Birthday Celebration > 9 a: LL. > c a: LL c z <( > c en w "::l .... > a: w > w c w :I: en :J aJ :::: .a. z i= w ..J ..J ::J aJ w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J LL. aJ I 00 w Michael R. Reeves traveled to Atlanta, GA last morith to hang out with his twin sister, Michel Reeves Samuels on their 50th birthday. While the. women shopped, the men played basketball at the local high school. Shout Restaurant in downtown Atlanta hosted their dinner and dance party. A great time was had by all "My twin s .ister is very spe cial to me God has be s towed many blessings upon us," Michael said. The twins express gratitude to their mother, Mrs. Hazel Mitchell, father, Harold Reeves, Sr. (deceased), and stepfather, John Henry Mitchell (deceased) for teaching them to love each other as families should. GARY AND ELLEN JACKSON Michel Reeves Samuels and some of her friends at the a. 50th birthday Left to right, Ellen Jackson, andAndretha and Michael Reeves: 40TH ANNUAL HOLY CONVOCATION Of The JURISDICTJON OF SOUTHWESTERN FLORIDA CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST .-February 17, 19-25, 2007 "Celebrating A Glorious Past: Embracing A Promising Future" [Philippians 1 :6] BISHOP MATTHEW WILLIAMS Jurisdictional Prelate SCHEDULE OF SERVICES J\ilorning P aye : 9:30 A lVI. Dail)' Saturday Night* 7 P M. Musical Featuring Evangelist Twinkie Clark Monday Night 7:30 P. M Anointin;: Se,ice T u esday Night 7:30 J>. M. ( 'ommunion/Ortlination S e l't'ice Wednesday Morning 10 A i\'1. Conferc tc T Emlmtcing .\iJiritual (iroll'tlt .. /)elelopmeut Fami(l' Relatiomltip \ Wednesday Night 7:30 P. M. Bishop Da"ell Hines Chairman Of Men's Conference, COGIC Thutsday Morning* 10 A.M. Conference To Building Gotl(l' /nterper .mual Relations/zips Clturclt Groll'tlt Cltristiau /Ji.

.{; i ?J ?:: l1i I '% i I m t .; z. I : I I "T1 r 0 :a c )> C/) m Z --t z m r I aJ c: r r m -t z "'tJ c: aJ r c;; :I: m c m < m :a -<. -t c: m C/) c )> -< )> z c "T1 :a c )> -< "'0 l> G') m (0 I [I] /


> < c .a: .. LL c z < > < c en w :::> 1-> a: w > W c w :I: en ::i a:l :::> 0.. z i= w ..J ..J :::> a:l .,!, W z i= z w .en < c a: 0 ..J LL m I 0 .,.. w < 0.. 9241 N;S6th St., Tampa, FL M-F 8:30A .M. 5:30 P. M. Saturday 9 A. M. -1 P M. (813) 985-0033 Fax: (813) 988-8980 Low Rates Frie11;dly Atmosphere You're A-OK With Us DUI Friendly, Hardship License, ... ... Suspended License, State Filing SR-22 Owners and Non Owners Lowest Rates In Town \l'TO I;-;SU{ KEISII \ C0:\1:\IEnC I \L \l'TO LOC.AL Voters Can Reciuest A aallot For Upcoming Election On Tuesday; March 6th, choose the Mayor for the to the Supervisor of voters residing in the City City of Tampa, City Council Elections Office, either by limits of will cast District 1; District 2; District mail or in person, by 7 p m. election ballots. As a result 4; District 5; District 6 ; and on Election Day. of the upcoming election, District 7 Those voters wishing to Buddy Johnson, Using Request-A-Ballot, vote i n person can partici Supervisor of Elections for voters can fill out a ballot at pate in early voting site locaHillsborough County is home. Johnson said this tions. Those early voting attempting to make the vot-gives voters inore time to sites will open beginning ing process easier. review the ballot and make February_19th and will Voters will cast ballots tO their choices, avoid lines at remain open through March 3 : : .-worr)QialroQt getting;;to. thegv. ,. at of Falkenburg Rd.; or'the 'west offices: County Tampa Branch Library, 2312 Center, 16th floor, 601 E. W U St Kennedy Blvd in downtown ruon The l ibra.ries. are o pen-: Tampa; or the Robert L Monday throllgh Saturday Gilder Elections Services Center at 2514. N. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The e lec-Falkenburg Rd. in the tio.ns are open Brandon area. Monday through' 9 Ballots must be returned a.m. to 5 p.m. ... 'be yond the aw a rd winning ., ..,.,,,..,_,_,v, DeSoto Park and Caladesi : : Florida African American Celebration fills the air with the sou gosp e l jazz, blues a nd traditional African-,.,.,, .. ,,,,,",.,.,,,., drums Come enjoy a uth en tic recipes, a rt s & cra fts a nd m o re In a b u s tlin g m arke tp l a c e Just a s hort driv e west" fr om : l Tampa towards the gulf. I ; -. Join the celebration in L a rgo 's Pinewood u l tural Pa rk on F ebrua,Y 2 4 from _11 a m m::::::r:::).:::!:t6 5 : 30 p m a nd J e t th e fest i vit i es b e gin i t PineallasC ounty.org /Unity.htm mor e inform a tion .' I .. :.'


,r'" Dear Deanna! have trust because this is an essential element for a healthy I'm in a relationship with a relationship. If this is your man I don't trust. I can't place boyfriend and he disrespects my finger on what makes me you in your face then obviously feel this way, but I feel it in my he's not the man for you gut. I have been observing his However, he may need some behavior when he's on certain training and you should tell phone calls as well as. looking him about his behavior and at him eyeball other women in how it makes you feel. If he's my presence. This makes me totally unaware of his actions feel very insecure because he then you have a shot. If he is seems insensitive. He doesn't aware, the n you're right, he's compliment me, but remarks not the man for you and keep it on other women's appearance. moving. Am I making too much out of this or is man really not for me?, Janine .. :" Buffalo, NY Dear Janine: Ask Dean .na is'written by Deanna M Write. Ask Deanna! Email: askdeannal@yaboo.com or write: Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Website: www.askdeannaYou're doomed if you don't &2m ( Leak Repairs No Joh. Too Small Or Tot\ Large 20 Years Experience 5 Years E.-rut_hlished In 'DARRYL STARKES Roofing Contractor Ucensc# RC0067277 Lkense. d-Bundcd-lnsured (813) 477-0108 Fax: (813) 236-7325 ./_ LOCAL -. Struggles For -.. Homeless Woman "Grow In 2000, Ms. Anita Lewis and her husband left their nTitive Oklahoma and traveled to Tampa. The coupled piled all of their belongings inside a small car and made the trip with virtually no money. When the couple arrived in Tampa, immediately seught help from an area ministry Things were going 'fine for the couple. Suddenly everything changed. "We were doing fine at the"-. church, and it looked like we were going to be able to make a life for ourselves," said Ms. Lewis. "i awoke one day to find my husband had abandoned me, and the people at the church told me I had to go. That was 5 years ago, arid I've been homeless ever since." Ms. Lewis's jour ney has taken her into areas of the city frightening to most newcomers. "I did what I haci. to do out 'of nece ssity. I've been directed to virtually every soCial service organization in the citY, and although some have helped me, I'm still homeless." ..: ..... strangers she meets. "Sometimes, I go. days with-out a meal, and sleeping in my S:: car is dangerous. To add to Ms. Lewis's trou bles, in January she had a con frontation with the employee of a liquor stote. As a result, she was assaulted, police were called, and a report was writ ten although the employee wasn't arrested. "That's the story of my life. Things happen to me and it seems no one cares. All I want = .AN=o;;;IT'"':A=L'""EWI.:..__ s __ __, is a chance to li:ve like every_. one else. I'm riot asking for mu ch. I want a job and a com-Ms. Lewis tha { her fortable place to call home." only income is a social security Ms. Lewis drives her car to check, and because she has no different locations every mailing 'address, she had to .. in 'search of a safe place to make someone else payee .... :: sleep. She can't always afford "That doesn't always work tc;> put gas hi her car, but says out. Sometimes, I can't get my she does :the best she an. and sometimes I get it:-_, not asking_!or .,. m pteces. That's no way for;. out. All I'm for 1s a r-. anyone to live." ; : for life, and to not be -g -.. Ms. Lewis her small .. taken.' advantage of by people B .. vehicle,-now with a broken on the street." )> .. front windshield, .. home. She Reporter-Leon B. Crews 0 gets meals from the Salvation c(m be reached 'at_(813) !:2 Army and other places, and as 248-0724, or e-mailed at ::! a result of the generosity of leon@_tlsentine l.com : I ; \ r;m c r r-!!l z "tJ c ID r-c;; ::z: m c m rii' lJ -< c m en c .)> -< '< )> z .... c ... '. ;VOT: E ,, Rev. ThoR1as ,ScOtt _;, -! I I I Rev. Thomas Scott Tampa C ity. Cou.,cil .. 5 : I :. : t '":.. '. : A S trong Who:Represe.nte: d U s With For Ten .. i ; .. : : : J :1 f 1 ( Affqrdable Housing Transporlflfion ,; : 1. Economic Development Public Safely Pol. pd. adv. c_tpproved by Thomas Scott Tampa City Dist. 5 'i ; I "tJ )> C) m """" """" I ID '' :< ,:


""' 0 0 N LOCAL --cD fi: Internationally Renowned Professional Book Serves As:.Jtoadmap To Black Empowe.-...ent Speaker Launches Weekend Leadership ffi Institute For Black Males historian and community 1954 : Brown vs Board. of activist, Fred Hearns, now Education Supreme Court deci adds author to his name as he sion. The school was a bright and LL For the past decade, Tampa < native Delatorro L. McNeal, C II has committed his life, to the fulfillment 'of his divine pur-pose of and moti vating people from all walks of life to become great. Affectionately known as "The Greatness Guy," Delatorro delivers between So to 100 motivational presentations each year to major corporations, colleges, conferences, non-profits, and churches. > < 9 a: LL c z < > < c C/) w ::I 1-> a: w > w c w :::J: C/) ::::i m D. z fij ..J ..J ::I m ...=. w z i= z w C/) 0: 0 ..J LL m I C\1 .,... w .CJ < D. As a professional speaker, best selling author, successful entrepreneur, and TV personal ity, Delatorro has set the bar very high for someone who is not even 30 years old. He has personally authored four books, which combined have sold well over 2s,ooo copies worldwide, and he has person ally coached hundreds of peo ple into the fulfillment of their destiny. Having accomplished so much on the national level, Delatorro is now committing to make a major impact locally, with the introduction of The Institute of Greatness. The Institute of Greatness is a TwoDay Intensive Leadership Development Seminar specifi cally designed for Young DELATORRO .MCNEAL African American Males between the gth 12th grades. The Institute will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel Tampa Westshore on March 3rd and 4th from gam to 6pm. Registration is open to the general public, and includes admission to the two-day event, all printed material for the Institute, lunch and snacks each day, copies -of Delatorro's bool ister by phone. The JOG does 56th Street, Tampa. calling (813) 903-924 '7. .:,;. have limit e d seating, arid it Will Middleton, like hundreds of For more information abou.t<: sell out fast, so call today for other southern schoqls, were Fred Hearns; his books and':. more information. segregated by race for decades projects, visit Www. fredhearnS' before and after the landmark .J:2lll. :": / ,.,;. ... MSRP$23,390 .. ';!! $500 Rebate cash 1 Trade $5,000 Rebate ........ $3500 Cash/Trade $soo .-.::-sa .-.P .-


;z: :::r::: 0 ::e ... a.. !! !" GROUND Bl:EF -,. CHICKEN LEG QUARTER Reg. s 1 .69Lb GetR5 L 6 b 9s.LFbREE .. eg. C PORK CHOPS SMOKED NECK BONES END cuT OR SMOKED HAM HOCKS s .Lbs.$6. 99 s 99 For For. Reg. $1.69 Lb. l -Reg. $1.49Lb. ER STEAK CENTER CUT 5 F':rs. 1 1 99 99. sMoKEo6sAcoN For 5F'-:rs. 99. Reg. $2.49 Lb. Re 2.69Lb. DELl SPECIAL 1 Lb. Bologna 1 Lb:. Boiled Ham l Lb. Spiced H9m / ;_; 1 Lb '", 1 Lb. American Cheese = FAMILY PLAN 3 5 Lhs. 5 Lbs. Eube Steak 5 Lhs. GrounctBeef 5 Lhs f'resh Neck Bone 5lbs. Chicken Legs 1/4 5 Lbs. Turkey WinoS 5 Lbs. Turkey Necks Lbs. Beefliver 5 Lbs. Chicken Wings 51:.5 9 FREE 1 Whole Chicken 0 SNOW CRAB SHRIMP ',$9.99 0.99 2 Lbs. -2 Lbs. BAY SCALLOPS $5.99 2 Lbs. TILAPIA FILLETS $3.99 2 Lbs. FRESH TURKEY NECKS Bu.v$6 99 5 Lbs. For Get 6 L bs. FREE Reg. 79C Lb. BEEF SHORT RIBS. sLbs.$11 99 For COLLARD GREENS Bag -s1. 99 -$2.99 3 Bags _$4.99 BABY BACK RIBS 10 Lbs. For -T-BONE _.STEAK .ss.99.Lb. PRICES BY THE CASE PRODUCE SPECIAL Spareribs s44.9S-3o Lbs ; Chicken Leg Quarters 515.99-40 Lbs. Uncle John Sausage 519.99-10 Chicken Drumsticks 519.99 -: 40 lbs. : Baby Back Ribs 515.99 :.. 10 Lbs. Stoo Pack Tomatoes:.-', $1.00 Pack Green. Peppers $1.49 Pack Onions $1.49 Potatoes 5 Lbs. WHITING FILLETS -s6.99 2 Lbs. POLLOCK FILLETS $6.99 2 Lbs. FLOUNDER FILLETS .. $7.99 2 Lbs. OCTOPUS.: $2._99 2 Lbs. We Cash Checks Debit/Credit Cards EBT (Food Stamps) Lotto & Lottery -Opeh 7 Days. _Operating Hours Monday Sunday* Sa.m.-9 .m 5 Lbs. For FRESH NECK BONES 5BL':rs. $6 99 For Get 5 Lbs. FREE Reg. 79C Lb. '.' _. FRESH PIG'S FEET 5BL':is. $6 ''99 .. For .. : Get 5 Lbs. FREE Reg. 99C Lb. -LAMB&GOAT -s2.99Lb FRESH FRUITS Canta!olipes _-Papayas Strawber:rh! s Avocados Mangoes Bananas Oranges Plnea pples ...... ., ro ::c 0 )> en m z m I I m c: r r-!!I z c: m r-u; .... :::c m -0 m < m :c -<--t .. c: m en 0 0 .,. ::c 0 )>, -< ..... "' ,.... )> C) m ...... W I ... m


,.... 0 0 N a) > :::J m w 1.1. c ct 1.1. ., > c ct 1.1. c z > c (/) w :::J .... > w > w c w ':I: (/) :::i m :::J a. z t:i ..J ..J :::J al W z i= z w (/) c 0 ..J 1.1. m I 'l::t ,.... w a. RECIPES Jfappy. o/afentine'sq;jay .. .. --. From TONIA TURNER 'Tflis 'Valentine's Vay, 'sure tliat !our sitJnificant Otlier fww .". noth.zno suggests. romance qutte liN.# tlie t .aste of.chocoCate-dippecf straw6erries, cantfies, caR.#s ana cook_ies. c.R.Pses}lre o/ioCets}lre (]3{ue .. ; JWt}l LittCe .. Jove ftou!

.--t1 "\l'' ......... ... .... .:ot.i\_ ........... .:: '' .... .... (:) *'" \/ .... ... -;: '\ t ... ,, :: "'.:,.; >.-.: ..... -: ..... .: : .......... ...... "' What's -for dinner? at my ,_house: 'i .. :: At my family table, I 'learn more than to knives,' forks and spoons. I also get a notonly in flavor, but : my history. Like the Cn\n berry Bean. Morn uses in her family's famous bean soup. ... I out her secret ingredient traveled further than our neighborhood store. .. It's enjoyed in Africa since 1 4 93. .-Nana was right; this kind of knowledge -( 7 : d?es feed your spirit. ;.... ... pu bl W H E R E S H 0 P P N G I S A P L E A S U R E t' .. ... ',_\ t, -. .. .. .... ; ,, "T1" ;!;!. 0 "T1 m m JJ c: )> JJ < N O ..... ; r 't I : I i v I .'I "T1. 6 :::u .:. :-... i5' )> CJ) m z ::! z m I I .C., I 6 z ., c: ta r en :::r: m 0 m ::u -' < : 2 -t-c: m CJ) c --3> .. )> z c :B i5' l> .. < '. .'. ., ..... )> .. C) .. m ..... U1 ..... I ta


"' 0 0 N en > a: < ;::) a: m W u. > <(" c .a: LL. > <( c a: LL. c z <( > <( c U) w ;::) .... > a: w > w c w :::t: U) :::; m ;::) c. z tu ..J ..J ;::) m ..J w z t= z w U) <( c a: O ..J LL. m I co ,... w .CJ STEPHEN A. WilliAMS,-M.D., P.A. (BOARD CERTIFIED PEDIATRICIAN) Call For Flu Shots Mon Tues. Thurs. 9A.M.-6P.M. Wed., Fri. 8:30A.M.-5P.M. Tel (813) 223 6222 Fax (813) 223-6020 Introducing (OLLEEN C. CAMPBELL, M.D. BOARD CERTIFIED IN INTERNAL MEDICINE Specializes ln Adult Medi cine Including: Diabetic Management Klcinef Problems High Blood Prusure H..r Disease High CholesWol General Phrskal EamiMdons New Patients Welcome Ol'lb Is can_...., laaNd .-h'Din St. .lcMDII's Hcnpllll 0 Meclal T-. 2771 \If, HM1n l..lllhw Kina BW. Sub HSO. Doll't Dday, CaD (813) 8'15-8453 Today! Have A Great Smile!! Marsh Orthodontics eraces For Children & Adults Affordable Monthly Payments Quality Personal Care Family Discounts New Patients Welcome Complimentary Initial Examinations William F. Marsh, D.D.S., P.A. (813) 238-3384 4119 N. Taliaferro Ave (MLK at 1-275. N) Tampa, FL It is our offiCe policy that the patient and any other person responsible tor payment has the right to refuse to pay, can:el payment, or to be reimbLXsed tor paYQ1ent tor any other service, examil)ation, or treatmert which is performed-as a restit of and wi!Nn 72 hours of responding to the advertisement tor the free, discounted-fee, or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Care 3 2 2 8 Cove n d Dnve Tampa, FL 3361 3 (Off Bruce B. Downs & Bearss) W e Accept Mos t Insurance P lans Call Today for your appointment 813.910.8700 ... New Location 11710 U S Hwy 92 East SUite B Seffn e r FL 33584 : ... : ... HEALTH Living On Street? Black DocS ... ..... "'" .. The closer you live to a main roa:d or street, the more likely you are to suffer from breathing prob-. lems such as breathless-African Americans, Hispan-. ics, and make up nearly 25 percenfof: the U.S. population but'just 6 percent of practicing doctors in this country. ness and wheezing, a new study from Switzerland shows The findings confirm that living on or near busy streets can hurt your lungs, Dr. Lucy Bayer-. Oglesby, of the University of Basel, and colleagues confirmed and documented in the American Journal o The American Association of Medical Colleges hopes to change that with its recently launched Aspiring Docs cam paign. The centerpiece of the Test (MCAT), how to pay for effort is its Website, medical school, the. applicawww.AspiringDocs.org. The tion an.d admissions process, free site provides students links to other resource sites with information about the and information on key dates Medical College Assessment and deadlines. Study: Epidemiology. Damaged Lungs Up Stroke Risk Obesity Reduces _Lifespan The chances of having a stroke increase in people with breathing problems, even if they have never smoked nor had any symp toms, researchers report. However, while whites were less who've never smoked' are less stroke prone the same is not true for Blat!ks, according to the s.tudy by the University o Being fat can cut your life short by as much as four to riine months, new research shows. says Dr. William Klish of Texas Children's Hospital. The Texas study dovetails with the University of Wisconsin-Madison conclu sion that far too 'many chil> dren are fat by the time they reach preschool. Published online in Ameri can Journal of Public Health, it found that overweight preschoolers are five times likely to be fatat age 12 than lean preschoolers. The study sites long-term bottle feed ing, overweight parents, lack of exercise and poor eating habits as factors. Minnesota -Minneapolis, published iri the medical ournal "Chest. The researchers found that chances of a stroke went up as lung function went down. I Black Community _Hit Hardest I Twenty-Five years after the discovery of AIDS, at every stage -from HIV Access Foot Care Office & Home Service DR. BOWEN Fungal Skin Infections/Fungal Nails Cti Ingrown Nails \h! Wound Care Heel Pain Bunions I Hammered Toes C'V Diabetic Shoes I Socks I Orthotics Most Insurances Accepted (lp Commitment To Excellence Contact Us For Easy, Affordable Access To A Podiatrist: www.AccessFootCare.com -1-866-435-FOOT (866-435-3668) Town-1\1-Country 6101 Webb Road Suite 309 Lose Fat Weight Up To 20' Lbs. A Month! Women -Stop Shaving! End Cellulite! Men -End Ingrown Hair I Facial Bumps! Physician Monitored Weight Loss Program! Fat Burner, Weigh t Loss Injection Nutritional Suppl e ment, Metabol i c Stimu l ant, FDA Approved Appetite S u ppressant FREE Professional state-of th e -a11 Body Composi tion Ana lysis (BCA).lst in Aorida & 1 s t in Tampa Bay are a No obl igat ion to sta11 a weig h t l oss program. Laser Hair I V e in Removal Facial Rejuvenation Mesothempy I Lipolherapy ----2 _U"/o O 'TT I I ........._," GLORY M EDICAL & A ESTHETIC C E NTER __ 3651 B W W a t e r s Ave., T ampa ,.) F REE Laser Consultation ( 81 3) 9 3 2 9 7 9 8 www.glorymedicalcenter.com diagnosis through the death of persons with AIDS -the hardest-hit racia l or ethnic group is African Americans, according to the CDC Overall, one half of the people newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the United States in 20Q4 were African Americans, reports. In 2002, Hiw_A;IDS was the second -leadirig:""'cituse' of death for all Americans ages 35 to 44 -and the top cause of death for Black women age s 25 to 34. Worldwide, the countri e s with the highes t HIV/AIDS rates eaTly on w e r e in east Africa and centra l A f rica. Now, countriesin southern African are worse But, in America, Gayle says, "given the high rates 'of drug use and of other sexua l l y transmitted in the African-American com' munity, it was predictable that a disease with drug use and sexual transmission would have a h eavy impact on African Americans without a vigor ou s prev ention r espo n se." I


.-on-Your :ieet The black and red dry blood Will groW out as .the nail grows out in 3 to 4 months. Paul L. Sheehy, By PAUL SHEEHY, D. P. M. PA. is; a Fellow w"ith the Question: I have a Black thaf came up overnight. Doctor, what could it Qe? Answer:: It is probably dry blood under your toenail caused by trauma to. the nail. If you.r toenails are too long, they can Academy .. of. : Wound hit the end of your toe bpx in Management.' Dr. Sheehy the shoe. The back pressure has been in the practice of. from the nail can cause the Podiatric Medicine and nail to puncture the skin and su:rgery in the Tampa Bay cause bleeding under the nail. A fi F Th. 1 r rea or over 17 years. or Is can a so occur 1 your dr.op an object of toe. If questions, please conyou break the bone under the tac, t Dr. Sheehy at: nail (need X-Ray) to detect www .TampaFootDoctor.com fracture, you be OK. or TampaFootDoctor@aol.com : I ;,_,J. ,', ;J._l J't':.._j I Tips __ _Keep .. According to tl)e Centers for Complete(r) Antibacterial ... care facility, have Disease Control and Foaming Hand. Wash has a chronic medical problems, are Prevention, pver the past two hospital strength formula pregnant or iinmuno-compro decades, outbreak of flu activ-that is at least 10 times more mised. Nasal sp.ray vaccines : 'eiire -.. ? : :> They .. Sheehy Ankle & Foot Center Medicine And Surgery Of The Foot, Ankle And Leg Foo t Pain Bunions Ankle Pain ... Nail Deformities Heel Pain ; Corn & Wound Care .: Sports Medicine New Ostrotrlby Procedure PAULL. SHEEHY, JR. D.P.M., P.A. American Soc.iety Of Laser Surgery -. . .. 813-277-0222 ity has most, commonly effective at killing germs on are also available. occurred in the months of ryands than .other le'ading Get plenty of and. ( January and February. And: hand soaps, yet is milder and relaxation, exercise and eat.. I?R. 813) 341-7900 the common cold is also more rinses nutritious food. These h .ealthy Wmdsor MedicalClinic_ 10320 N. 56th St Ste 120 Temple Terrace, H. 33617 prevalent during the winter Cover your mouth and. living practices will help keep.. Bx:treiDe Effort Produces Sqprem.e Results All You Need Determination ,And prevention l.s the key. Making helps keep germs from frequently while in public set-A I 0 Succeed. some small adjustments in ing your hands. Also, avoid tings where you are iri con. You Have Nothing But The Weight. daily 'routine will help touching yo ur eyes, nose or stant :contact with others. It.:':\) keep cold and flu germs at mouth-these a re v11lnerable is important to scrub under -. ba:y. : :<. areas for germs to enter the. your fingernails, a great hid- To help ensure that. you body. ing place for germs. kiU as many germs as possi Be sure to get a flu shot, Drink plenty of fluids to 'ble, wash your hands twice especially if you are 50 years hydrate and flush your sysevery time you wash. Dial' old 'or older, a resident of a tern ciftoxins. )! .. .. "\. ,'I Have You Heard? For_ cardiac care, BayTampa General. -. .. As o ne of only eight centers in the to have r 2 C .olumbia Drive Tampa FL 33606 8 13-844-7000 www. tgh.org Physici a n F il')d e r Phys i c i a n R e f erra l Servic e 800-822-DOCS mOfe than 100 heart transplan ts, !G!j brings critical expertise to cardiac ca r e And Tampa i s t ak ing naming Tampa Genera l their choice for Health Ca re ihi:he Bay Ar?a. From c hest pain to card iac rehab, we treat, and h ea l broken hearts. Every d a y 'Survey results based on an independent study conducted by National Research Corporation I TGH Tampa General Hospital Truated far aur expertise. Cho11n fer aur can ... ., :a 6 )> ., m m :a c: )>. :a < ,!D 1\) 0 0 .......


1"-0 0 C\1 a) > a: a: w > w c W J: en ::J m :::) a. z i= w .J .J :::) m ..J w z i= z w en .... OPEN 7 DAYS s:3oa.m.-7 p.m. WALK-INS WE:LC:DME: Talk and Touch. be afraid to touch an arm or shoulder when chatting. It is as effective asgood eye tact. Share Your Touch .. with 2001 E. HILLSBOROUGH AVE. TAMPA, FL. 33610" AcRoss FROM the elderly, pets and your ERWIN TECH. CENTER 813-237-2868 L-====================:--:-'. ch_ildren. Gentle, casual touch is the glue that binqs Lasting Impression Hair Studio DIAMOND NAILS7 SPA Aaylic Nails(Designs) (Under New Management) Gel Nails & Pink-White *Gel Aaylic with French *Pedicure & Malicure *Deluxe Pedicure & MCilicure Make-Up EyeJash Extension & lioting *Waxing (Body Wax) 11612 N. Nebraska Avenue #F Tampa, FL 33612 (Next to Tampa Flea Market) 813 631-01 01 us. so' go ahead "and conneCt with touch. You never know .. the favor might be returned more than you expect


CLUB SCENE KLUBScene BYFLAVA P.O. BOX 172415 Tampa, FL 33872-0415 (886) 909-2929 MySpace.com/KiublceneJba..JumpOff MySpace.com/ Back Con cert featuring New Edition, Tony, Toni and Tone, and After 7 is Hot to def! The response and Saturday, February 10.tn at the participation to rep your-click St. Pete Times Forum. This is and hood has been great. an all age event, take the entire Check out more of you and family. D.J.SMALLZ At Club Manilla, ,;.rl your crew an-d be;seen all overt.* iibE>'Ut.::ift'(:.be;lx.:. the world on my space. .-JW' ,there!'?-\dJ{ .,..__,---___ __,,........,...;._ ... ....:... ... DeReal:r87@gmail:rom Club Underground ; Black History Month '\ Valentme's Concert tha t.ypn:.'/' I'm Black and I'm proud! don't miss.: T,l;\e. Stand up Black people and Game will be perforniing :liye .. .-. remember that Black History in concert is 365 days, just 28 days! -February 11th at Club .... _. .Represent! Underground. Get there early, this one will sell out! Studio, Inc. Time for love as JaFarih Promotions presents a Valentine's concert for you, your crew and Boo on Friday, February 9th at Studio, Inc., featuring R&B legends, Ginuwine and Carl Thomas. St. Pete Times Forum A 2007 Valentine's Throw Manilla Sunday, February 4th, 2007, 1000s came out to witness. History at the 41st Super Bowl as the Indianapolis Colts and Tony Dungy beat the Chicago Bears and Lovie Smith. I'mAudi ... FLAVA .BLACKBERRY.NET 406 W. Columbus Drive 229-7905 TERRY And YOLANDA TITI, BRENDA, SEXY And MAE @The Underground You tNeed 'For Your ']-{air 4941 E. 7th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605 ([/e;ztlne. 7Jtr_y Sisterlocks $325 & up Dread _Retwist $45 Braid Dreads $20 SPecializing In: Nicole All Phases Of Hair Care 2802 Martin Luther King Blvd. Suite C Tampa, FL 33610 Call for an aPPointment 813-236-4490 ., ll c l> ., m OJ ll c: l> ll. -< 1\) o 0 ...., ., r-0 ll C l> CJ) m z -i z m r-1 OJ c: r rm ., :!:! c l> -< -"'tJ l> G') m """ CD I OJ


..... .r: ...... 0 0 C\1 en > : a: <( ::J a: m w IL. > <( c a: IL. > <( c a: .u.. C z <( > <( c t/) w ::J .... > a: w > w c w X t/) :J m ::J Q. z ..J ..J ::J m ...:. w z i= z w t/) '<( c a: 0 ..J IL. m I 0 C\1 w <( a. ENTERTAINMENT Family Of Slain odyguard Fed Up ;. With, Busta .ii. The police aren't the only ones frustrated ,by Busta Rhymes and his refusal to cooperate with the investiga: tion into the shooting of his bodyguard, Israel Ramirez. According to the New York Daily News, Ramirez's family is now completely through with the entertainer and has branded him a bold face liar. :we reaUy don't want any. thing to do with that man," However, it has been widely 'Ramirez's sister, SQnia :.:eported that .Busta is a Rodriguez, 44, told the devotee of "no snitching" Daily News. "He could stop street justice and has kept his breathing tomorrow, and I mouth shut around investiga wouldn't care. Whatever haptors thus far. pens to Busta Rhymes is "He's not talking," a police not going to bring back my source told the newspaper brother." .. "He doesn't want to lose The family's ire is rooted in money by getting the reputa a phone call they say came tion for talking to cops, so a from Busta months after killer remains free." Ramirez was gunned down Ramirez's family only on the Brooklyn set of found out the truth after see artist's remix video for "Touch ing news reports "'months It."' According to the family, after Rhymes made_ his ; Busta was emotional and earnest phone call last August them that hewas -confirming that he had still co?perating. with police. not spoken to detectives. Hip 'Down Low' Tell All. Former -MTV. prod.ucer Terrance Dean has written a new memoir about his life as a gay, black man and his dat ing exploits within the enter tainment industry "Hiding in Hip-Hop: Confessions of a Down Low Brother in the Entertainment industry" sold to Atria last week, according to Publishers Marketplace -is said to cover "the author's life as a closeted homosexual working in the film and music industry and his relationships with other .. TERRANCE DEAN closeted homosexuals-film the publisher said Dean's. stars, rap artists, and music descriptions of the closeted producers:" men will be quite obvious. Unlike other recent industry "Let's put it this way: You'il tell-ails from Karrine know who they are," she said, Steffans and Carmen according to Radar.com. "It's Bryan, Dean does not name a no-holds-barred look at nar:nes in his book! whichHollYwood and hip-hop and Atna plans to release m 2008. /who's living on the downHowever, a spokeswoman for low." She will answer all your questions. Can and will put you on the path to success & happiness. Love, Money, Career, Health. Help on all matters of life. Results in one visit. Call Now! [813) 850-3517 1900 Sligh Av!=!nue (Between Rome & Armenia) Beyonce Accused Of.Being Cheap .Again BEYONCE Another story of Beyonce trying to save a buck at the expense of her dancers has turned up in the. New York Post. Last week, the singer made headlines for allegedly paying her folk far less than the dnion salary for their work on her music video: which she is funding her own pocket. \' This week, Page Six is reporting. that the "Dreamgirls"' star has asked her background dancers to pay for their own flights from New York to L.A. to begin rehears ing for upcoming tours and videos behind her album, "B'Day." The column quotes a source as saying the struggling performers were asked to "work this week for a measly $400 per video." The insider also said that Beyonce's dancers were too afraid to approach anyone in charge about the plane tickets, believing they'd miss out on the opportunity. "They were told that they couldn't call their agents and that if they didn't agree, they would not be hired," according to the source. Super Bowl's Famous Line Somewhere in the throng of madness immediately following the end of Super Bowl XLI, head coach Tony Dungy TONY and running DUNGY back Dominic Rhodes of the victorious Indianapolis Colts fo'und each other and shot a commercial for Disney World. Right after the Colts' 29-17 vic.tory over the Chicago Bears at Miami's .Dolphin Stadium, the pair looked into Disney's cameras and shouted the famous line, "We're going to Disney World!" Dungy became the first African American head coach to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl champion, while Rhodes rushed for a game leading 113 yards and a second quarter touchdown that put the Colts ahead for good. MiChael's .Children--' Do. Vegas f. PRINCE''-;:. MICHAELii :!;. .. :._:.,. .. :PARIS ,. :-: : _, .u., ,_. Jlrwy:j /:T._ ..... .;.(::_.:: .:. .J,-b _l). ; .. 1c ,_,... -Michael Jackson's kids against reent reports claimha' ve been spofted out and ing that his boss bottom' about iri Las Vegas, where the nanny, Grace Rwaramba; singer has reporteqly settled had barred Papa Joe from down since movingback to seeing Michael.at his: Las the United States. Vegas home. ., ., According to the San In a letter written to Fox 1 Francisco Chronicle's 411's Roger Friedman, who SFGate.com, P.rince first reported. the story in iiis .. Michael, Paris and Prince column last .week, Venable ; Michael ii (a.k.a. Blanket) ,LLP denies that Rwaramba .' were seen playing on the rides has forbidden Joe Jackson at the Circus Circus Hotel and from entering the home. Casino's Venable also denie1s that. Theme Park. Jackson was "kicked out" oL Jackson was not seen with Bahrain, and that the singer is-: the _kids, but the nannies were currently living in a Vegas in attendance a,nd kept close house owned by the Sultan oC watch. The kids were report-Brunei, as Friedman had edly allowed to frolic without Written hi hiS article: .. .. their usual disguises of veils .The letter goes oJi to deny E and masks to'shield their that," faces. :"'the em'ploymeht .. : In other JackSon news, a : Jackson's' general mariager, company representing the. Bai:ri, is in any entertainer has struck back jeopardy. .915 E. Grant Ave. (Across From Sulphur Springs Paoli lliiii'./A'f1rnl


ENTERTAINMENT Brandy--Tells Witness_-Fatal .Crash Was Her Fault In an exclusive conversation with the man driving directly behind Brandy at the time of her fateful crash; TMZ has learned that the singer repeat edly blamed herself at the scene of the accident> Cuba Dmps NBomb: 'Yeah, I Said ltl' .... Big Jwo LOS ANGE.LES. and his MySpace page may soon be parted. .: .., London-base d record ducer Richar d "Diddy".: Dear love has ag ; ai n taken. legal actfon .against Sean "She got upset, talking about how it was all her fault ... she didn't stop, kept saying she hit the lady/ '. says the witCo-mbs, alleging that the rap moguL breached .. 'the terms of DIDDY J ness. .,, ,._ f !. He added, "Brandy walked ih front of traffic, crossing the lanes of speeding cars, then she did it again. People were honkBRANDY CUBA GOODING JR. ingathertogetoutoftheroad. struck a 2005 Toyota. The She was obviously disoriented Toyota then hit a 1989 Toyota. Cuba GoodJng Jr. isn't andhighlyupset." The 2005-Toyota then slid afraidofalittlecontrovers'y. The witne.ss also claims he sideways and hit the center The actor, who made Tom tried to calm the hysterical divider. As the 2005 Toyota Cruise scream, "I love black singer, and even dished out. came to a halt, it was struck by people" in "Jerry Maguire," 1Some legal advice, saying he a 1988 Acura. dropped an N-bomb outside advised-to stop admitting In a statement to TMZ from of Butter nightClub in New guilt: He also consoled her by Brandy's publicist, Courtney York last night, proudly repeatedly saying "It was _an Barnes, the singer confirmed declaring, "That's right, I said "d .her involvement in a fatal it!" acc1 ent .. The witness also claims he crash: Brandy was involved in It's the second time in two : .. over 1:'0 an ther a car accident December 3 0, weeks that TMZ cameras caf>-: ... woman in the :Toyota, but. 2006 in Angeles where tu_red 'couldn't find a pulse. there was a fatality. She wishes but TMZ.has learned R&B sensato publicly express her condo-Cuba doesn't seem to mind. tion Brandy was iovolved iri a lences to .the-family of the "At I got all my clothes fatal accident last month, and deceased. Brandy asks that on." it appears to be herfault. : .. ; ... you respect the privacy of seen in the Big Apple; It happened at 10:3.0 AM on. e':'eryoneinvolvedatthistime :N'SYNCer_ December 30,,2006 on the 405 We're told the driver of the Chasez, "The Hills" hattie Freeway in 'Los Ar;tgeles. Law. 2005 Toyota, Awatef L.C: and. ourfavorite heiress, enforcement tell TMz Abodihaj, was taken to Holy Pans Hilton Brandy was driying her 2007 Cross Hospital iil critical conLand Rover at 65 mph and did dition and she died the next not notice that cars in frorit of day. Aboudihaj, a 38-year-old her had slowed-considerably. married mother of one, was a We're told Brandy's vehicle '.Los Angeles resident. 800-345-FAIR FLORIDASTATEFAIR.COM / r ': 1h SentJnetBunetin 'S.il':;;!o!.:o\ .. itThe Voice of Our Communitv Speaking for y settlement barring him from using their shared nickname his; official: Websit: e, in the United Kingdom. Diddy.com, so it automatically l>earlove first sued redirects British visitors to a Combs last year; alleging that page he does use he had been using the Diddy the Diddy n'ame, he' has not name since 1992,' while inade the same changes)o his .Combs orily began identifyMySpace and YouTube pages ing himself by the moniker in because the sites are not August under h!s control, Purvis. Before appropriating just said. -, plain Diddy as his stage name, Combs wasknown as does, however, ,display a Puff Daddy, Puffy 'and, British flag banner across th most recently, P. Diddy.) top, reading "UK Us_ ers Must Though Combs agreed in Click Those September to resume using the banner are reduected tq 0 his fomier ()fP. Diddy an alternate profile at when' attending to .. his m:rspa?e .co_m /pDiddy t h a t g European affairs, Dearlove. on _, en claims he has. violated the .... --.A-. s1m1lar m him. :.. c h ari n el self as Diddy on his MySpace z YouTube pages, which VISit o r s to access the m canbeviewedbyinternationiU -content r;-users .... youtube.com/p-Diddy, an attorriey, lain that was-se't lip earlier._ ,:: Purvis said his client either this week, : .: m wants Combs' to start using a Internet "neutral name" in his o nline ; that 10 milhon_ VISitors or to stop using the : haye _accessed the rap mogul's social networking sites-altoprofile at www.mysp ace.:. gether. com/Diddy to while on l y "It may f <. > z c ., :::c c > < .. -"0 > -C) m 1\) ..... I IJJ l'


.< .. .. -. ENTERTAINMENT a) > a: <( :l a: m w u.. > <( c iX u.. > <( C ,a: u.. c z Gabrielle Union Responds To Derek Jeter Rumors Addressing recent rumors. that she is dating New York Yankees playboy Derek Jeter, Gabrielle Union tells People magazine that she would be the fii:st to shout the from the rooftop, if only it were true. ... Inset DEREK JETER "Trust me, ifl were dating Derek Jeter, I would hold my own personal press con ference to announce it to. the world," she told the magazine from a Super Bowl party in .Miami on rhursday. "I'm actually getting a little ner-ships go, I'm moving up." vous about when our fake Meanwhile, 34-year-old breakup is coming." actress gave up details about Union says her mother-was .. her upcoming. ABC pilot even pressing her about the ''Football. Wives/ a U.S. rumored relationship, which sion of the popular British 1V was first reported last week by New York Post's Page Six "I play C\lardonnay after the two were spotted Lan,e, which is really funny. I "flirting and dirty dancing" at was hoping for Pinot a Bahamas nightclub. Grigio," said Union, whose "MY mom asked me if he marriage to NFL running back was coming for Easter, 1 said, chris How-ard ended in 'Mpm! 1 barely know 2005. "I was at one time a Union said. football wife, and there is a .:"I'm linked to a Jot ofpeo-certain level of bonding that pie," Union continued "It'd happens between women who be great to be datin g Derek are the wives of football playJeter. As far as fake relation. ers. We're having a lot of fun." .. <( -., -:Oprah. Helps .To Family W .. :c [i .. N g News. _. c Winfrey Show" were rollin'g Hours before when the talk show host invitthe planned en ed a 21-year-o}d man to her-t a p i n g ; ::J private office Wednesday to Abraham m apologize to the family of a apologized to man he had murdered ten Greene's fam Z years ago. ily during a .-;::::: '. Nathaniel Abraham, who meeting in OPRAH W Waf! n:..ye' ars-old when he shot W i n f r e y s j 18-year-old' Ronnie Greene o f f i c e WINFREY ffi Jr. with a rifle in 1997, was lawyer, Daniel _:. supposed to appear on "Oprah" Bagdade, was also in the w that day, but the taping was room and said Winfrey "kind Z canceled at his lawyer's of.mediated the apology." request, rep?_rts the Detroit "It was very riveting. Nate's w en <( c iX 0 ...1 u.. m I N N w <( 0. Actress-Singer Barbara McNair Dies .. 'FunkBrother' Joe Hunter,: 79, Dies. . DETROIT --Joe Hunter, Motown's first bandleader and a three-time Grammy. winner with the Funk Brothers, has died. He was 79 Hunter was a diabetic; but the cause of his death on Friday was not immediately ,,. known, his son, Joe Hunter -.. ... ;Jr., told The Detroit News. -Hunter was M ot(:)wnIeg -.-. -. BARBARA MCNAIR end Berry Gord.y Jr.' s first hire He backed up acts such : -LOS ANGELES --Singer Barbara McNair, who became a film and television star i'n an era when such opportunities were opening up for black women, has died, her sister said. She 72. MeN air died Sunday after a battle with throat cancer in Los Angeles, sister Jacqueline Gaither said. "She was very family orient ed," Gaither said. "She was m ore just a star. or a famous personality. She was a person of her own." MeN air made her Holly wood acting debut in 1968 in the film, "If He Ho1lers, -Let HimGo." She later starred opposite Sydney Poitier in "They (:allMe Mister Tibbs" and with Elvis Presley in "Change of Habit." She hosted televisk>n's "The Barbara McNair Show," a musical and comedy program in the late 1960s and early 197 0s. As a singer, one of her biggest hits was "You Could Never Love Him." story was not on camera today. We ended up doing the apolo gy in Oprah's office. It was incredible. It was absolutely incredible," Bagdade told The Detroit News. Abraham was 13 when an Oakland County jury convicted him of second-degree murder. His juvenile sentence was completed on Jan; 18. as Smokey Robinson and JOE HUNTER .. the Miracles on piano in the late i9SOS, as Gordy musPhi-ladelphia musi-' tered a staff for what would cian and histori'a n Allan become Motown Records ... Slutsky set out to find all the Hunter also served as Funk. Brothers in th-e first bandleader in 198os, he fourid Hun.ter the early days. playing for tips at the.'Troy The Funk Brothers Marriott. played backup on many After the documentary film Motow.n recordings. "Standing in the Shadows of Huntei-'s piano work was an Motown" was released in' integral part of such songs as 2002, the Funk Brothers' Martha and the Vandellas' sOundtrack album :won two "He.at Wave" and "Come and. Grammy awards in IIi_ Get These Memories," and 2004, Hunter and the Marvin Gaye's "Pride and Funks were awarded ; with a Joy.'! After Motown left Lifetime Achievement Award. Detroit in i972, .like many at the th. e musicians, Hunter took what group toured foi: ::.: ., ; .o .. ._ ...... .. Subscribe Toda y ....


ALL MY CHILDREN: Babe became the latest victim of the serial killer At first JR didn;t he to her for .re.al, :if.they sur;Viye. nte to Mr believe Babe had been attacke'd, bl.lt realized too late that he has lost her forever. Craig. : .. ;, the killer's only remaining target, agreed not to attend Babe and Dixie's furierall); instead set. GUIDING LIGHT: Pressed by Tammy's vengeful spirit, Cassie confron(ed Alan at his wed-ting off ori a mysterious mission. Coming: Zach has to face his past. ding to Doris. After the nuptials, Alan came out of the elevator and fell on to Doris, whose AS THE WORLD TURNS: Casey finally revealed Adam's guilt to Margo, and told Will the dress was stained with blood. Coop and A lan-Michae l got _into a tussle over Ava, leading to setup was Adam's idea. As Adam grabbed Gwen, Maddie hit him frQm behind. Gwen and Alan-Michael falling over the balcony Coop saw Ava show support for A l an-Michael, who Maddie dug a grave for Adam, but when Gwen realized she had lost her wedding ring, she, later disapp eared from the hospital. Comlng: ,Aio_ng Jist of suspects int erests the police. : and Maddie went back to the grisly scene. Coming: Jack intends to find. out who helped ONE LIFE TO LIVE : A normal looking Miles arrived in Ltanview, claiming Spencer saved Meg. his life and vowing to unearth his killer. Jessica, hired by Todd to investigate, tried without BOLD AND BEAUTifUL: Despite his uneasiness at having to owe Harvey Golden a success to pig up pirt _on Miles. Marty was taken aback whEin Miles asked her to psyfavor, Nick signed the contract to purchase Golden's boutiques. Eric had to cancel1he chiatrist. Before Natalie could own up, John figured out that compromised the cr ime Forrester Originals show when none of the buyers showed up. After Eric .rejected Ridge's ., scene and was angry, everi though he knew she did it to' protect him. Coming: Starr idea to sell to department stores, he, Stephanie, Brooke and eventually Ridge, -agreed to and Cole defy their parents. .. launch their own chain of boutiques. Coming: Nick learns the price of success. PASSIONS: Simone was wtien the peeping tom murdered Rae. Miguel was DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After presenting proof to Philip that she's pregnant, Willow ce 'rtain that Fox and Julian have been setting him up. Kay was stunned to hear Fox relate stunned Snawn by declaring she's having his baby. Philip thraatened a lawsuit !)nless the that he is sure Miguel was, driving the that hit him. Meanwhile, as Jessica recognized the ship's captain him .91aire, but the officer opted to hold Shawn, Belle and Claire on Char'tty_ ir:nposter, Julian ordered to keep Jessica quiet. Coming: Theresa makes a -t:>oard until they 'riiagh A ustralia Lucas pro pasetl tq Sami. Coming: Shawn and Belle know shockmg: decision : : .. -,;. need to : =-. -: : : : YOUNG AND RESTlESS: they no-lonQ. er a. public made her 1mposs1ble cho1ce, spnngmg Alan rather Colleen and Korbel made love one last t1me at h1s apartment. In the kitchen, Colleen acc1_condition grave, his loved gave vent to their dentally stumbled upon CarmEin's driver's ,and won:an's colored hair extension : As emofio'ei; whQ realized that It's up to her to protect Alcazar and Colleen fled, she was chloroformed from behmd. Searching for Colleen ; JT broke mto 1heir '.da'Ughter. Was shot and wounded by one' of Mr. Craig's thugs, he told cariy Korbel's and was caught red-handed Coming: Fears mount for Colleen's safety. I IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ,THIS private eareer ven-tures and home-operate'd busi11esses will.provide reliable results. Remain dedicated to quickly arriving options; this year is a strong time for revitalizing lost ambitions or rekindling. forgotten dreams. Older relatives or long-term frJen .ds will offer their approval. AQUARIUS (Jim. Older frii:mds or colleagues may be unusually moody Respond honestly to sudden criticisms or minor social comments. Loved ones and work mates need to understand your emotional limits. No serious consequences are likely, so not to worry Do, however firmly defend your opinions and accomplishments. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) from distant relatives, forgot ten friendsor old lovers may arrive without warning For many Pisceans, yesterday's unfinished relationships will demand com.' pletion. Areas affected may be lingering regretsor deep feelings of abandonment. Don't'avoid strong emotion. ARIES (March 21-April 20). Canceled sociar plans and missed are nannoying : Someone close may need eXtra time to resolve conflicting obligations. Remain patient and expect reliable Te financ i al r.esponsibilities may also be h affected : .. .' -. ... .. TAURUS (April 21-May 20) Quick romantic attractions are captivating but unpredictable Stay dedicated to long-term relation ships and established soclal ethics. Loved ories will consider all breaches of trust The consequences of flirtatious behavior are high :" GEMINI (May 21-June 21 ). Loved ones will compete for your social loyaity. Expect recently silent friends or romantic partners to voice opinions con cerning your daily schedule or emo tional priorities. Refuse to be drawn into an unnecessary triangle; mood iness and fast social reversals m<;iy be ongoing CANCER (June 22-July 22). Romantic partners are motivated tE' move relationships forward or establish permanent hOme arrangements. Listen to your own inner voice and ask for more tiQie Serious emotional consequences will require careful thought. Singl e Canceria ns can expect social invitations from several potential lovers (July 23-Aug. 22). New employment routines may create workable partnerships. Unrealistic expectations or poor instruc tions will no longer team dynamics Allow all recent disputes or social to 1'9de and expect colleagues---or -officials to respond positively to discussions : : VIRGO 22). Revised h a bits are needed to ensure continuing fr1;1st betwe eri loved one's. Pay special a ttention to daily commitments, tim e schedules or quickly changed group plans. friends and relatives will no longer accept unpre dictable soc1al arrangements. LIBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 23). Private power struggles between family members or hidden social criticisms will fade Some Librans espt!Cia liy those born between 1976 a nd 1988, will also ex perience a s udden increase in romanti c passion h armo ny in the home and group accep tanc e are vit al. E n courage genuine discussion. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22). Fina nci a l restrictions, although unusually stressful, are temporary Expect a close relative to press for new investments,. larg e purchases o r extended credit. All are attainable but delay e d Lov ed ones may be moody and impati e nt. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec. 21) A close fri end m a y as k for d e lic a t e romantic advice. Se n s u ali ty, physical response or long t erm afff'a c fion may be centra l concerns. Advocate patience a nd open c ommunications. and comm ori emotional goals between new lovers will provide lasting rewards CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20). Family budgets and long term financial plans are easi ly derailed by new purchases Prop e rty con tr ac ts or l a rge inv es tm ents a r e promising but m a y trigger o ngoing t e n sions. Settle all outstanding d eb t a nd fina lize l ega l r eq uir e m e nt s before expa nding hom e r espo n s ibiliti es; you won't be dis appo int ed. .TOP VIDEO RENTALS -,1 Crank,' Lionsgate, R 2. Employee of the Month, Llonsgate, PG-13 3. Gridiron Gang, Sony Pictures, PG-13 4. The Illusionist, Yari Film Gro up, PG-13 5 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, New Line Cinema, R 6.. Little Miss Sunshine, Fox Searchlight Pictures R 7. The Devil Wears Pra da, 20th Century Fox, PG-13 8. Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest, Buena Vista Pictures, PG-13 9. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Sony Pictures, PG-13 1 0 The Covenant, Sony Pictures, PG-13 TOP POP ALBUMS 1 Daughtry, Daughtry, RCA 2. Dreamglrls, Soundtrack, Music World/Columbia 3. Jump lnl, Soundtrack, Walt Disney 4. Corinne, Bailey Rae, Corinne Bailey Rae, Capitol 5. Konvicted, Akon, Konvlct/Upfront/SRC/Universal MotoWA 6. Fi.ltureSex/LoveSounds, Justin Timberlake, Jive Now 23, Various Artists, Sony .BMG Strategic Marketing sal/Zomba 8. All the Right Reasons, Nickelback, Roadrunner 9. Some Hearts, Carrie Underwood, Arista/Arlsta Nashville 10. B'Day, Beyorice, Colum bia TOP POP SINGLES 1. Irreplaceable, Beyonce, Columbia 2. This A Scene, It's An Arms Race, Fall Out Boy, Fueled By Rame n/Island 3 Say It Right; Nelly Furtado, Mosley -4. 1 Wanna Love You, Akon, featuring Snoop Dogg, Konvlct/Up Front/SRC 5. We Fly High, Jim Jones, Diplomats 6 It's. Not Over, Daughtry, RCA' ... I 7. Fergatlclous, Fergie, will.l.am/A&M 8. Smack That, Akon, featur lng Emlnem, SRC 9 How to Save a Life The Fray Epic 10 Welcome to the Black Parade, My Chemical Romance, Repris e SentinePs Top 20 Albums 1. Last Night Speciai .................... ; .............. : ................. Pretty Ricky 2. The Evolution Of Robin .Thicke ..... ... .' ..................... RobinThlcke 3. Soundtrack .. .. ;.; ...... : .... ; .......... : ............ : ...... : ........ Dreamgirls 4. The Inspiration .... : ........... .. : ...... ; : ............. :: ... ;; ...... Young Jeezy 5. Konvlcted ........... ; :.;.: ............. : ...................... ::.: ... ..... : ..... Akon 21 '' 6. ...................... ....... .. !_ .............................. _: .... ; .......... ,-.. OI!Iarlon 7. Ciara: The Evolutlon.: .................. : ..... :.-............ ......... .' ........ : .Cianll 8. B'Day ...... :.' ......................... :.: ... ;: ........ : .................. : .... Beyon1=9 9. Reflections (A Retrospective): ............. ................ ; Mary J. Bilge 10. Kingdom Come ... : ........................ ................ ... : ....... :-: ....... Jay-Z 11: Hip Hop Is Dead ... : ............. :: .. ; ........ : ................. .... ; ; ....... : ...... Nas 12. Like Like Son .................. ; ......... .-.. Birdman & Lil Wayne 13. FutureSex/LoveSounds ..................... : .......... Justin Timberlake 14 Alter Ego ......... ..... : .. : .................. :: ... : ............... : ... ; : ........ : .. Tyrese 15. Tha Blue Carpet Treatment ...... : ..... ................... : ... Snoop Dogg 16. SunshineAt Midnight ...... ......................... Sunshlrie Anderson 17. Fantasia ............. : ......................................................... : .. Fantasia 18 Corrine Bailey Rae .. : ............ : ............. : .. ;; .Corrine Bailey Rae 19. Back By Thug.De" inand, ..... : .... : ;: .. ;: .... ::: .. :: ............ Trlck Daddy 20. Eminem Presents: ....... : ......... .; Various Artists Sentinel's Top 20 Singles Sentinel's Top 10 Rap Albums 1. Last Night Speciai ...... : .............................................. Pretty Ricky 2. The Inspiration ....................... : .... .............. ..... : ..... Young Jeezy 3. Kingdom Come ..................................... : .... : .................... : .... Jay-Z 4. Hlp Hop Is Dead .................................. : ................... : ... : ..... ..... Nas 5. Like Father, Like Son..................... .... .': .... :.Birdman & Lil Wayne 6 Alter Ego .............. ... : ....... ..................... : ... '., ..... ... : ....... : ... : .Tyrese 7 Tha Blue Carpet Treatment .............. ... ..... ; :; : : ... ..... Snoop Dogg 8 Back By Thug Demand ........................ : ..... : : ...... : ...... trick Daddy 9. Eminem Presents: The Re-Up ......... < ... : ........ : ... Various Artists 10. The Price Of Fame ...... : ................. : ........ : ..................... Bow Wow Sentinel's Top 10 Rap Singles 1 Runaway Love .. : .... ; ............ Ludacris Featuring Mary J. Blige 2. We Fly High : ............. : ..... : .... ; ....... .... : .. ;;: ....... ......... .. ...... Jim Jones 3. Make It Rain .......... .............. .... : ....... Fat Joe Featuring Lil Wayne 4. Walk It Out. .... : ..... : ......................................... : ................ : ......... Unk 5 That's The .S*** ...... : ..... : ........ .... Snoop Dogg Featuring R. Kelly 6. Throw Some D's ...... :. ; .......... ffich Boy Featuring Polow Da Don 7. This Is Why I'm Hot ..... ... : ........ ...... ...... : ...... : ....... : .. : .. ...... : ... Mims 8. Shortie Like Mlne ...... Bow Wow Featuring Chris Brown & .... Johnta. ., ,. .:_: : : -r.: 9 Top B ack., .................. ; .-.................. ,; ;.-. .. ; .... .... ..... .-............... T.I 10. I Luv lt .... ...... : .. ;: :::.: .... ...... .. .. .. ..... .. Young Jeezy ., r 0 :!:!'" c > en m z ':::! z m r I J OJ c: r r.m -4 -, c:. OJ r c;; ::t m c m < m ::D -< c: rn g -< > z c ., ::D c > -< > C) N (,.)' OJ


0 C\1 < > a: <( ;:) a: Ill w LL c LL c a: LL c z <( c en w ::::) 1-> a: w 0 w en ::i Ill ::::) 0.. z i= w _J _J ::::) m ...J w z i= z w -en <( 0 a: 0 _J LL .. .-..::-k.:w. ,. .. _,, .. BAAIID NEW 20117 CHE'/l!DUT .HHRIT AVTO, RENOTE START,I6" t HROW[ WHEELS. CHoOI!E API'LIRAHC!: PACIIAG(, RUN N ING. BOAROS, fOR LAIIPS, l SPEAI\ER AUDIO SYmlol, SATnliT RADIO & M O R E STKI7SS53B34 2 HHR' AT IMILAR AVING BUY FOR: 7Dff MSRP BUY FOR: '93 MAZDA PICK UP EXT CAB .... ...... ... ... .......... ... : .. : $3,995 '02 S A TURN SL ...... .. .... ...... ....... .. ...... ........ .. ........ $ 5, 995 '98 NISSAN PATHFINDER .... .... .. .. ; .... .. ............ .. ..... $6 997 '02 MAZDA PROTEGE ......... .... ..................... .... .. .. .... $8,997 '05 DODGE STRATUS ....... ... .... ...... : ...... .. .... ..... .. .. .. $10,991 '06 CHEVROLET COBALT .. ...... ....... .... .. .. ... : .... ..... .. .. $10,991 '05 KIA OPTIMA .. .. ......... ..... ..... .... .. .. ................ ... $1. 0,995 '05 FORD FOCUS ZX4 SE ....................... .. ... ... ........ $10 997 05 HYUNDAI E LAN TR A ................................ ; ............. $10,999 '06 CHEVRO LET MALIBU L T ......... : ....... .... .-........ $ 1 2 997 06 C HRY S L E R PT C RUI SE R .. .. ........ ..... ............ .. $12 ,997 '06 CHEVROLET IMPALA ................ .... ........ ....... .. ...... $14,999 '05 CHEVROLET EQUINOX ............ ........ ....... .... ........ $16,997 '06 CHEVROLET SILVERADO X-CAB 1500 ...... $19 997 04 FORD F-250 CR E W CAB 4x4 LARIA T .... ......... ... .. '05 HUMM E R H 2 NAVI LOA DE D ....... ..... .. .. ............ $38 997 '06 CHEvRO LET SILVERA.DO 1500 CREW CAB ...... A .MUST SEE" '02 HONDA ACCORD LX .... ........ ............. .. .. .......... .. $11 ,991 '04 BMW M-3 .... ... .. .. ........... .............. .... .. .. .......... RARE FIND 1700 E. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa ,z:raw-AN AIVBUCAN R::-wu.moN S E HABLA E SPAROL CALL TOLL FREE : H a l f Mile East o f 1 North, 5 minutes from 1 1 40 STORE HOURS: MONDAY-SATURDAY 9AM 8PM SUNDAYS: 11AM6PM S ERVIC E H OUR S : MONDAY FRIDAY 7'AM7PM SATURO:AY BAM -SPM All prices inc lu d e r e b a t e in lie u of factory fin a n ce r a te. Y o u m u s t pres ent thi s a d a t time of puchas e to receive these s p ec i a l pr i ces. Adve rti se d pric e s n o t applic ab l e to exporte r s orre rs g o o d o n d a t e of o nl y D i scounts I n clude m ili tary r e b a t e Not r esponsibl e for t ypographl c a l er rors: P i cture s a r e f o r Illu s tratiOn purpos e s only. 996,.200 7 Auto N atlon Inc.


On First The Dedicated Ones celebrated their first anniversary recently at the Deliverance Church of the Body of Christ. The pastor is Elder George. Bailey. A variety of singing groups appeared on the program. A special performance by saxophonist "Hosea" Trey Daniels, III was a special feature._. ELDER GEORGE AND ROSA BAILEY MC Randal C of 1150AM _Wl'MP and Rosa Bailey. In attendance were Sister Janice Givens arid Sister Mary Blake. < -. Prophet House of the Soul Performing live,' The ... In this photo are Bishop Peeler, Sister Nelson, and a selected few members' of the adult choir. ... HEAVEN DESTINY'S PRAISE TEAM ONE ACCORD THE SOUL SAVERS In this photo are musicians Larry Wil.iams, Edward Jackson, Hosea "Trey" in, and : Ryan Tolbert.


SCHOOL COLUMN a; The Blake Boys Wrestling THE HI UE RT HOWARD team also completed their sea. :$ 'iSI son_ and are District 0: W. BLRKE HIGH SCHOOl Champions. Shout outs to: m "" Alfonso FaJson, Camden Congratulations to the Mt. Dance Team will be perform Pleasant Diamonds, who sue. ing. The program is sure to be cessfully the writinformative as well as entering. portion of the FC.t\T on taining. Also mi hand will be CLARENCE JONES Jemimgs, Theo Anderson, Marvin Machado and What's really happening their first annual, "All Affair" a Brandon Jennings. Q Jackets? Welcome to salute to Black History Month, Signing Week is coming up Championship Week in the the event of the year! We are and Ryan Davis 'has been c a: u. c z .a: w > w c w ::1: U) :J m :::) a.. z i= w ...J ...J :::) m ...:. w z i= z w U) :

c LOCAL Finalists Chosen For Miss Tampa Pageant 2007. m tD ::D c: )> JEMICIA FRANKLIN KEYANATERRY Ten young ladies were recently chosen as finalists for The Miss Teenage Tampa Pageant 2007. The Theta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. hosted the kick-off reception at the Tampa Westshore Marriot Hotel on Jan. 28th. The theme of the pageant is Elegant In Shades Of Pink. Christine M. Pinnock of !D N', 0 CHRISTINE PINNOCK ERIKA VICKERS AGLENDRIA WIGGINS DEMETRIA WRIGHT CHELSEA EDWARDS -r ANGEL NEAL KINDALL JOHNSON 0 Tampa Bay Tech, Erika C. Vickers of Middleton, Aglendria D. Wiggins of Blake; Darrielle X. Harge of Freedom, Demetria N. Wright of Riverview, Angel A. Neal of Tampa Bay Tech, Jemicia M. Franklin of Midcileton, Keyana J. Terry of Hillsborough, Chelsea D. Edwards of Bloomingdale and Kindall D. Johnson of Hillsborough are still in the community, family and friends The Miss Teenage Tampa running for Miss Teenage to socialize and meet each conPageant will be held-on April Tampa of2007. testant personally," said 22, 2007 at 4 p.m. at the All contestants have at least a Natalie Epo, Publicity Chair Tampa Convention Center, "B" grade point average, and with the sorority. "Everyone 333 s. Franklin Street. : participated in a preliminary who attended seemed to be Reporter 1 Writer interview. The young ladies engaged and excited about the Antione Davis ccin be were also required attend a young ladies who were chosen. .reached at (813) 248_ series of courses to further We are extremely proud of their cultural development. these young ladies for all that :i. 921 He can also be "It was a wonderful recep.: they've done and their aspira-reached at adavis@flsen-tion. There was tiQle for the tions for their future." tinel.com. Join us for food freebies and fellowship', Teens r(Jgister for CMG Computer Training & Ownership Prqgram: or-: BDPA SITES Program Adults sign up for free _, .. courses and receive a computer.: .. .... Tuesday Feb. 13, 2007 5:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m. .. 2802 E. MLK Tampa, FL. 3361 0 en m z :::1 z m r;-tD c: r r m :::1 z c: tD r c;; ffi -: m < m c: m en < )>. z c ::D C ->. < ..


s 0 C\1 a) > a: :J a: m w u. >"' <:( c u. > <( c a: u. c z <( > <(' c t/) w :J 1-> a: w > w c w ::z::: t/) m ::> a. z ljj ...J ...J :J m I ...J w z i= z w t/) <( c a: 0 ...J u. 0 I w (!) Step it Up! Phone Upgrade Program 1$45/Month I PLAN Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling, Unlimited Text Messaging & Picture Messaging, Caller I.D., Enhanced Voice Mail, 3-way Calling, Call Waiting Uf!-tedlon dlot .... applla to the contln..,tal us. 150%-0ffl I Price of cellular accessories! I I Chance to WIN a 1 I 11 FIJTSCREE. N HD TV I purchase of a New MetroPCS Phone I Excludes Bluetooth Headsets and BaHeries.1 Lilli! 3 occessooes PEJ crupoo. o1her occessay dscO\Ilts Cill be appied l'rllll this offer. 02!28/07 No Puschase Necessay Expires 2/15/07 I ------UNLIMITED CALLING t Days Nights From $30' Your Super Store! Weekends a month! NO Contracts or Credit Checks Ad Unlimited Local Calling + Unlimited TEXT MESSAGES! Sweet +.t Music Phone Jlf 7 More PLUS New Phones! metro Authorized Dealer 2319 E Hillsborough Ave. Monday Friday 1 Oa.m. to 8 p.m. In the Eastgate Plaza Saturday 1 Oa.m. to 7 near the Fashion Mall p.m. (813) 238 Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p .m.


\ .: .. .W [j'; o @J ; : "' .... .. .:; .. ';. 011 .. -.is .Celebratil.g .. .... .. ,I ,'<' .. .... r. .. .,;. .. _,.. -.. .. ::Black History :Month George Washington Carver devoted research projects connected primarily with southern agriculture. The products he derived from the peanut and the revolutionized the economy of by liberating it from an excessive dependence on cotton: .. -.. While working as a farm hand, Carver managed to obtain a high school education. He was admitted as the first student of Simpson College, lndianota, Iowa. He then attended Iowa Agricultural College (now Iowa State University) where, while working as the school janitor, he received a degree in agricultural science in 11194. Two years later he recerved a master's degree from the school and bec:ame the first African Americ an to serve on its faculty. Within a short time his spread, ana Booker T. Washmgton offered h1m a post at Tuskegee. .. --, .j .. Carver revolutionized the southern agricultural economy by showing that 300 products could be derived fl:om the peanut By 1938, peanuts had become a $200 million industry and a chref product of Alabama Carver also demonstrated that 100 different products could be derived from the sweet -,_ ,, We featuring. Our Special,-Only ... ..... 1) Pick a Music Phone man to choose from $129 to $300 or more: Make it 2) .your Flavor red face? green shell? _3) Pick your Basics BLUETOOTH All for only $ headset, car charger, pouch or clip 4) Pick your MUSIC What 3 Songs do you want right now? [ A $57 oo value! I TOTAL Packages UNDER $18 I .. -., .r-0 ::D i5 > rn m !i z m r-I aJ c: r-...... m -1 z "0 c: aJ r-u; ::t m c m .-< m :0, -< c: m (/) c ?< ,.. Z Q ., ::D i5


" 0 o N TELL IT Janie Johnson, MJP, Ivannece. President, Nurses, St. Petersburg, Ronald St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church Brookins, _Executive Director CHAP (Community Health Advocacy Partnership). Flo Five promising young men R preached their initial sermons B F ..,.cene Fauors Dan els Morrison, R.N., ev. h y ran" at St. Jo n Progresszve FlorenceHowell,R.N.,BSN, M" B t' t Ch h ., zsszonary ap zs urc Happy Birthday-Happy Anniversary PhD, Deloris Singleton, R. 2504 East Chipco Avenue, February Celebrants. Happy anniversary to Mr. N., BSN, Gabrielle Nash, R. where the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert (Archia) N., Rupertia Channer R.N., Bartholomew Banks is Wright, Sr who will comMSN, Alta James, R.N., Pastor, as a .part of Watch Happy Birthday to you! Atty. Nathaniel Tindall on February 1; Phyllis Rosier, Kendra Stewart, Akilah Chaney on February 2; Nicholas Birdsong and Robert Austin on February 4; Otis Wiggins, Rosezella Mickens, Andrew Whigham, Jr., Ruth Bell, and Nina Thomas on February s: Jeanette meinorate their February l.o, Leota Young, LPN. Night Services. 1958 wedding on tomorrow. All of them were licensed at Maypeace,prosperityandjoy NewTestament that time by Rev. Dr. be yours tlus day, Robert and Missionary Baptist Bartholomew Banks, Sr. Archia Mae Wright, as you Church and now hold the title of celebrate 49 years as "roomAn installation service for "Minister." mates forever"! Rev. John D. Anderson, They were: Otis Happy anniversary to Mr. Jr., the. recently elected Pastor Cooper, who is the son of Ms. and Mrs. Curtis M. (Mary) of New Testament Missionary Deborah Cooper; Mbtister Sampson, who will celebrate Church Anthony Lewis,_ who is the their romantic February 14, was held. An overfl owzng crowd husband of Mrs. Bernice married to Mrs. Martha Alexander, is the son of the late Mrs. Katie Graham. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and is now lating at Dallas Theological Seminary. Finally, Minister Barron Ahmon Banks, the son of Dr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Banks, is a graduate of Morehouse College and a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Minister Barron Ahi:Ron Banks hopes to soon enter Seminary. Wishing the best for all of these fine young Ministers from St. John-Progressive Missionary Baptist Church: Condolences 1970, Valentine's Day marriage was on hand Le. d th f D Mitehell Arbb, Zabrina Lee 'll wts, an e son o eacon entire Alexander Family in Pandley and Cefas Lyman on Wednesday. May life's rich-Rev. Dr. Larry G. Ml s, and Mrs Melvin Lewis Sympathy to Mrs. Glynis Alexander West and the est blessings always be yours, Pastor of Mt. Sinai Missionary the loss of your loved one, Mr. on February 6; Ralphine Mr. and Mrs Curtis M. B Ch h 0 1 d d Mm1ster Ph1ll1p Watson, Woodrow Alexander .. Williams on February 7 Mapdtlst urfcT,h rwan toe, ant who is the son of Mrs. Paula. Please submz"t your oif (Mary) Sampson as you cele. o erator o e es oas d f Ethel Lee Mayers, Wesley brate 37years together! -Baptist Association was Watson and gran son ? interest that you would like to Shuler, Sr. and Eugene Worship Leader and presided Deacon Charhe appear in this column. McRae on February. 8; Tampa Black Nurses th Ball, Jr Mmster Watson Contact Frankcene Favors-over e program. h Wallace Crawford and Association Elder Tavia Anderson, the IS now: a t e Daniels by phone @ (813) Tiffany Birdsong Hatnot on A 2007 National Black Nurses Pastor's daughter sang a solo. of Mzssouz:, and a 843-3258, or by e-mail at teltoday, February 9; C. Blythe Day Celebration was held Mt. Simii Missionary Baptist member. of Alpha lfttampabay@aol.com. Andrews, Iii and Mahogany February 2-4, 2007 in the Abe Church of Orlando's Mass Fratermty. Mmiste_r Thank you. Coy on February lO; Dr. W. Brown Education Center, locatChoir rendered musical selecRudolph_ Alexander, who zs W. Andrews, Frederick P. ed at. First Baptist Church of tions. _________ __.;.. __ ...;.;. _____ ___, __ >. Everhart, Dr. Rudolph College Hill, North 29th Other special participants Twiggs, DDS, and Street, Tampa. The theme was: were: Rev. Young Glover, ,.: Wiggins "The Black Nurse: Celebrating Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist '0 Coleman on February 11; the Past, Creating the Future Church of College Hill; Rev fa Rev. Lenwood Cliah and of Nursing in the Healthcare Dr. T. W. Jenkins, Rev. W. >. Atty. Frank stewart on Delivery System". J. Haynes, New Hope February '12; Jalan Ferguson Dr. James 0. Brookins, Missionary-Baptist Church; m on February 15; Clementine M.D., President of CHAP, Chief Deacon. Alexander W. Wynn February. 16, Medical Officer of Access Buchanan, Sr., Chairman, Delandra Harris Council Health Solutions was keynote Board of Deacons; Mother CD on February 17; Co,urtney speaker arid addressed "The Ora D. Fedrick; R'ev. Hill, Geri !. Foster Stci. te of Health of the African Charles Perry, St. Ma .rk i Rev J M. AmericaninFiorida." :-' Missionary Baptist Church; '5 Rutledge and Rev. P erc1val .,Additional participants were: Rev. Abraham Brown, First :C Brown: 20; Mr. Joffe, R/PH, FACA;Baptist Church of College Hill; Johnny.& Johlijka Wilson Ms. Canty Mitchell, MPH, Rev Dr. John Giles, True and_ Kimeka / Birdsong USF; Mary Watson, ARNP; Faith International Baptist and :S Nelson on February 22; First Rosa McKlnzy-Cambridge, .the Deacons of New Testament Lady Roberta Thomas R.N.,BSN, CM, PM, CHAP Missionary Baptist Church. '3 Ill Givins on February 23; Asia Board Member .CHAP; Rev. New Testament Missionary C:, Hubbard on February 24; C. Pauline Cole, R : N.; BSN,. Baptist Church's new Pastor is c Blythe Andrews; Jr., on Feb. M:A, presented a historical doc-married to First Lady, Mrs. E 25; Yvonne Glasgow on umerttary, with anintroduction Carrie .Anderson They are CD February 26,Willie Mae by Nancy Thom.as, R. N ; proud parents of two children: .en 3602 7th ue Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 24. 7-3719 .Keys Made ,69 and Up Latex Flat White' P aint 99 gal. Oil Outside White $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Set .. .. .. .. .. ea. : 3 ... ..... ....... .... .. ... ea. SALE PRICES COOD LINil"i" 2 WI.TH THIS AD ONLY!! ..... ca Gregg on February 27, Yvette Councilwoman Gwen Elder Tavia and Reginald, :g Sims on February, Miller read a and one granddaughtef .. 0 I CD w (!) ..... ... STREETCAR. SKIP TH.E TRAFFIC. CATCH BEADS ALL KNIGHT. Getting to this Saturday's Sant' Yago Knight Parade is' a breeze. Just park anywhere in Ybor City or Channelside, or connect with an In-Town Trolley from Old Hyde Park, and hop on the streetcar to stake your place on the parade Streetcars will be running along the entire length of the line throughout the parade, so if you feel like changing your scenery, hop aboar d anytime!: Sant' Yago Knight ParadeSaturday, February 10 from 6:30pm-10 pm (813) 254-4278 www.tecolinestreetcar.org .'www.hartline.org Streetcar Fares*: $4 Adults; $2 Seniors/Youth, Disabled/Medicare cardholder Hours: 9 am2 am In-Town Trolley bus (Route 98) Fares*: 50 Adults; 25 Seniors/Youth, Disabled/Medicare cardholder Hours: 11:30 am-11 pm -------------I


LOCAL :>->..:: ... ---iih .Schoo. l Student Excited About Future .. BY ANTI ONE DAVIS Sentinel Staff Writer Michael Newman wants to use his time and talent to help others, and his many gifts are already beginning to reap eral benefits. The high school senior is excelling in his academics; music and community service, and has big plans for his : future. .! .-. !'1 .Newman is still deciding'' Howard Unix.ersity, :t>!.qtre University and Loyola University for college. He plans on majoring in Communications and Business Administration. The old Hillsborough High School student is enrolled in. the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. MICHAEL NEWMAN "The program is pretty rigor ous, but the benefits are great as well. Most of the people.in the program are white, and I'm sure that some-of the qther African-American students could do the same things I'm doing if they applied themselves a little more," said Newman. Outside of school, Newman is a member of the Gulf Coast Youth Choir. The group has traveled and performed throughout the nation, and be traveling to Asia this summer. Newman and the Gulf Coast Boychoir were invited to perform in Beijing and Tianjin, China. I am ecstatic to be going over seas. Seeing China is an oppor tunity many people don't expe. rience. I feel great about going to a totally new place, and seeing a different culture," said Newman. Newman says that he has always had a love for music He says he learned to play piano at an early age from his grandfather who was also a musician. The Fort Lauderdale native also frequently volunteers as a Big Brother at Edison Middle School. "I love to give back, and I love to help people in any way that I can," said Newman. "If I can use the talents I have to help someone else come up, I'm all for it." Criminal Defense, Family Law & P '"'I ,{:. ersonru IlJUr.y .. :,::-,,:<.' .... .oyl" .... Cypress Point Office Park .... 10014 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 101 {\ll:. Tampa, Florida 33618 (813) 386-5730 .-. :: ..... '\ Fonner flillshorough County ProsecutorDeputy Chief Bond Motions : Felo.ny Warrants VO;P. Personal Injury ... :._,._ 3111 W. MLK Ste. 100 Tampa; FL. k& = ne .. iriacor .. amp:utulde:isi ottUt.a.Oald aathcb...t$10lr:ly apoa &dverti:sc-meats. Bcrore yoa docicde, ask a to .. d yo free wriun idormatioa a boat oarqalifia.lloa ud aperieci. ., Felonies DUI/TraHic Misdemeanors Juvenile Law Drug Arrests Sex Offenses Probation VIolations Domestic VIolence 1st Appearances Expunge or Seal Records Bond Hearings Outstanding Warrants Appeals/Post Conviction Relief Avoid Uneoessa., Court_ Appearances LAW OFFICE OF VICTORIA A.-HOLMBERG _"': CRIMINAl TRIAl ARORNEY Free Telephone Consultation Tampa 813-281 -0103 Pinellas 727-736-0402 :.,.J t ; .. ,: .. :"" !. r-0 ::U C )> en m z -f' z aJ c: rrm ::! Z c ., c: .. aJ ,.. en'" % m: 0 m ..... c: m en .. c .. l>' z c ::U' a : -:;.-. ,."'.,. I (")


c iL c z ct c tn w ::) .... _fi: w > w c w :I: tn :J m ::) ll. z 'i= w _, _, ::) m ...:. w z w tn a: 0 _, iL 0 I CC) w CJ .... The Simpson Park recreation Greater Lakeland community. -. facility, Lakeland, was the site The Presentation Ministers' for the Community Breakfast Alliance; closing remarks -held Monday, January 15, Pastor E. Telefair Pickett, 2oo7__, sponsored by the III. The event was spoysored Ministers' Alliance, by Interdenominational The program was as follows: Ministries' Alliance.. < invocation; breakfast that con-Apostle Boss sisted of grits, is an anointed and bacon,sausage; orange juice, conference teacher. He is the coffee imd a fruit cu:P. i>astor and 6f Greater Verbal orchids to the cuJ.i-.-Faith Christian Center Church, nary staff namely, Barbara a non-denominational church Solomon, Debra Wright, located in La,keland. He beganGwendolyn Deshagior, in 1994 with Aimie Phyall, Sylvia Isles wife, Prophetess Sharon and others. Boss and musician, William : Welcome--:-Pastor Alex Josiah Boss, III, and now Harper, First Baptist has a growing congregation Inst. Church; introduction of He is the. Greater Faith speaker -Pastor Pearce ChristianAcademy Principal' Ewing, New-Bethel-AME and als_ q owns a mortgage Church; nlliSical selection company; Miss Tiffany Ham.Uton; Apostle W .' J. Boss speaker:::. William Boss; obtained a Bachelor's Degree : -:: Standing: Pastor H. B. Holmes, Pastor Willie Chatmon, Jesse McNeal aiid Paitor '' Pastor, Greater Faith with a concentration in Public William Boss. Seated: Rev. Alex Harper, Sr., Pastor Thomas LWlSford(Rev. Pearce Ewing and who gave -a spiritu... Administration and Sociology .. Pastor E. T. Pickett, III. "Empower, Encourage and Excite Our CommunitY to Make the Dream a al and powerful deliverance' fromEdward Waters College Reality"wasthebre8.kfasttheme. '_, message about, "The _in Ja_cksonville, Master's Room of Time" (Gene8is 15:i.. Degree :in Theology and 4) God deposits promises in Counseling. His professional the waiting room of time. :Career began as a counselor; Pastor Boss adcnowledged tea_cher, advisor, mental all the breakfast guests. In the health therapist and manager closing statements. he He has written and developed expressed gratitude to. the pas several publications, grants, tors, ministerial alliance, govestablished cQrporations in his -errimerit o _fficials and the professional career. Friends of the Ministers' Alliance who attended the Guests John Ruffin, State Attomey's Office and Polk County Peace Dept. and Mr. and Mrs. .. James Gray, el\ioying their breakfast. Standing: Pastor H. B. Holmes arid Family Center members, Bri, Shirley Lov e, Gloria Robinson, Martel Ewing; and not shown, members Timothy Randolph, and Nedra and Faye Butler.


POLK COUNTY NEWS Gabbi,ng. vvith Gloria 1209 Lincoln Avenue Lakeland, Fl33805 (863) 688-2095 Fax. (863) 687 3409 '". February Celebrants to: _Frances Hadley, Brittany Branton, Happy pirthday to the fol-Christopher Clark, Ronald lowing February celebrants Rodmon, Lillie Hall, who are support-Edward Risher, Robert ers. ,, Edwards, Fannie Allen, Dea. Jerry and. -Mrs. D eborah Odom and Bro. Clarence an d Mrs. Cynthia Bates. Belated Wishes Happy belated birthday to Excell From the well-known Canady family: Charles Gibson, III (Feb. 6), Diane Canady (Feb. 3); and Jerry Canady (Feb. 9). wishes 1:o Felicia Baldwin whose natal day in January. Felicia has been a Sentinel reader since 1997 ; : .. City OfRefule Alphonso Howard and -.... : ... Alice Scarbrough.. Annual Scholarship Gala ... Happy anniversaryto Mrs. On Saturday, February 24 Sarah Williams and Mary 2007, at the Lakeland Center, Horne. the Polk County Alumni Walter Jenkins,' Pastor and Superintendent and mE:mbers birthday greetings to: _Starlett Simpson, V. McNeil, ,. Darrelle NewJerus8Iem Brisbane, Lilly Grace M. B. Church Williams Denmark, : Mr. Jimmy Downing, _-Peaches Jenkins, Jerek Principal and church members Evans, Willie James send birthday accolades to: Nathan, Sallie' Brisbane, Sallie Davis, Donna Loretta Haggins, Marjorie Holmes, Bessie Troutman, Day, Eddie Brown, Mario .. Cheryl Joe, J. L. Ca.nady, Jenkins. -and. Sida Dr. Meesha DoWning, Dea. Richardson .... ; Jerry Odom, Stanley Joe, Happy anniversary to: Ricky Sr. and Deborah Odom. and Cathy White. Happy anniversary to: Dea. Pilgrim Rest F. W. B. Church Bishop Henry J. Rodman, Pastor and congre gation birthday wishes :; Gus and Cleotha Butler, Bro. James and Mrs. Dorothy Wimbles, Dea. Richard and Mrs. Selina Smith, Bro. Eddie and Mrs. Clarinda Gaines, Chapter is hosting a reception at s:30 p.m. and' a dinner at 7 :30p.m. There will be a performance by the FAMU Connection. Clinton Glover is the Event Coordinator, (863) 838-4031. Gloria's Things -&Other Things In celebration .of Black History this Month a quote for you to digest. The color of the skin is no way connected with the strength of the mind or intellec tual powers:" BENo!AMIN BANNEKER REPOS, WE DON'T CARE! FORECLOSURE, WE DON'T CARE! HOSPITAL BILLS, WE CARE! NEED A CAR, WE Visit Us At: Next To Family Dollar Store Between 50th & 40th St. 4912 E. Hillsborough Ave., East Tampa Location The Real Wholesale Center The Society For Enrichment, Inc., Lakela.nd Cflapter (L-R.) Dr. Benlice Evans, Mlldied T. Bl., Corbett, Stephanie Franklin, Sandra Williams, VIrginia Cumming-Lang, Dorothy J. Johnson, Dorothy Nettles and Vancilla Gallman-Williams. (L-R) Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Jack Johnson, Dr. Wendell Blake, Donald Williams, Nolan Lang and J. J. Corbett. Tlie Society For Cultural E n ri chme n t I nc., Lakeland Chapter held thei r Chr i stmas c elebration on Friday e v ening, December 8th, 2006, at the b e autiful and lovely home of _Treasurer, Lady, Bernice Evan. Members present were: Lady Dot Nettles of Plant City, Lady Stephanie Franklin and husband, Ben, Mildred Blake and husband Wendell, Chartered Member, Lady Dolores Corbett and husbimd, J.J., Chartered Mem .ber, Lady Dorothy Johnson and hus band, Jack, Lady Virginia Cumming-Lang and husband, Nolan, Chartered --HOME FOR SALE 2205 Marth) Luther King, Jr. Avenue "" Lakeland 3 Bedrooms I 2 Bathrooms New Roof, Ceramic.Tihi!d And Carpeted Floors, c;::ustom M?de Drapes, Alarm System, Pnvate Very Nice And Well Maintained .. Member, Lady Sandra Williams"and Chartered Member,-Lady Vancilla Williams and. husband, Donald. : Officers and members are: President-Dorothy Nettles, Plant City, Vice President Mil ,dred T Blake, Secretary -Virginia Cumming-Lane, Treasurer Bernice Evans, P-8st President -Stephanie Franklin; Ann Adderly and Mary H. Bunch, LifeTime; Dolores Corbett of Bartow, Sonii Coney, Dorothy J Johnson, Mildre'd s : McMillon and Bertie Newbern, .\ LifeTime ; E)izabeth Williams; Vancilla Gallman Williams and Sandra Williams. C /'-L'C./.IZC)(:"'-M \Nt.STH .If: 'NC. Starting Feb. 11! p,.<:tnr.IFntantiAr I .. Please Visit Our Website At : ForeverRedeemed.'com or.'> Call (941) 351-8635 For Info Worship Begins At 10:00 A. M. Holiday Inn Hotel 3260 US Highway 98 North,' Lakeland, FL 33805 Right Off The 1-4 On Hwy 98. -,., c ., m c: > JD 1\) c c ., ., 6 en m z -1 z m ,... I tD C: r r m :::! z c: tD r (ii X m c m < m -1 c: m en c > .. Z 1 c .,_ ::JJ' c l> < C') m CD I (")


c ii: LL c z c( c en w ;:, ... w > W c w ::t en :::l m ;:, a. z iii ..J ..J ;:, m ..:. w z w en a: 0 ..J LL 0 6 .... == FINANCIAL FOUCS ======== ,Knowleclge Is Key To Buying And Sal Real Estate Property-Management No Problem. dust Find. -Good Tenants_ Weed out the bad renters iii budget for that person using the beginning. Establish and an average median chart. Do enforce strict rental criteria. not discriminate based on age, Conduct a backgi:ound check. gender disability, sexual arlen Have them complete a rental tation, race, or section 8 sta application completely and tus. If you use the above rigor charge a fee for the applica. ous screening process, you will tiori. If they cannot pay a have better renters and fewer rental fee application, they turnovers. probably cannot pay rent If you have any questions, timely. a credit check. please do not hesitate con Look for a bankruptcy, large tact Attorney Miriam L. outstanding and slow Sumpter Richard at (813) pays. Verify the monthly 387-7724 or on the web at income and do an estimated www.freshstartlawfirm.com. Mortgage Tips By Yolanda Y. Anthony Licensed Mortgage Broker (813) 223-6151 Have Debts? Get Them Under, Control Through If you have credit card debt or significant balances on ym,lr lines of credit, consolidate them immediately -and improve your cash flow instantly In the month of February, we are offering FREE credit reports when you close your loan with us. Please call our office to qualify. All Mortgage Questions May Be Mailed To: YOLANDA Y. ANTHONY, Licensed ............ Mortgage Broker, Apex Lending, Inc, P. 0. Box 21472, Tampa, FL, 33622. -WORKPLACE SURVIVAL TIP #48 Unless your supervisor calls you the "N-word" or physical ly assaults you, you will need to prove that you were discriminated against bY present ing "circumstantial" evidence of' racial discrimination. But sometimes Judges or Courts will try to limit the type of circumstantial evidence that an employee can present to prove discriminatory intent or motive. Don't let them get away with it. In Patterso' n v Mclean (Supreme Court 1989), Patterson,-an African American woman was laid off after 10 years of employment. A simi larly-situated white female employee was not laid {)ff but received a promotion The lower court ruled_ that Patterson could not present evidence that she was in fact more qualified than the white employee .. The Supreme Court, howev er, overturned the lower court. The Court clearly established that a plaintiff may present all sorts of evidence prove discriminatory motive or intent: previous bad t reatment, poli cies or procedures, qualifications and resumes, witness statements or a ffidavits, etc. MOTHER GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayer Don't be discouraged if others have failed. I can help you overcome oad luck, evil influences, spells, unatural conditions surrc;>Unding you. Has loved one changed? Are you l :;. in distress:? -. .. Whatever the problem, I can help I : } CALL ME 1 1-677 4927 B3rd street FIVE**** *RATED REV I MOTHER-MARY Guaranteed to remove Bad Luck, VooDoo, Sickness, Evil Influences. Loved Ones, Restores Lost Nature. Why Suffer??? Can and Will Help You No Matter How Big or SmaU Your Problems Are. Will Tell You Your Lucky Days. and Numbers Don't Wait! Call Now!!! 3716 W. Horatio St., -.. Tampa, FL 33609-3972 813-874' Simply Tax Income Tax Refund .... 3502 N. Nebraska Ave. Bring Year Erid 'Pay Stub Or W2 Get Up To $1,900.00 Cash Advance Loan Phone (813) 333-6773 Get Your Tax MoneyNowl Up To$1,800 In 5 Minutes Send W-2-r:-o 800 605-4870 We Pick Up And Deliver Prince Payroll & Taxes Call: {813) 217-5668 .. FCAT Strategies Get In The Passing Lane It's Not Too Late Act Now! --Pho'ne (81 248-1279 .. QJ !I .f(dl .. \Jacks $25.00 & Up-. Phorie8 :Fak.;. CafJie 1 \ ..... ...... i ... f lf : ._;;:,Wiring l-1 ..... .. (813) 390-0210 .... .. Service. Lie# SP13104 Trash Cleanup, -. Tree Trimming And Removal, Or Any Other .$'; Hauling. Cheapest Rates.-: No Job Too Big Or Small Including Furniture Removal (813) 285-4S74 Sage Properties Group, LLC Need To Sell Yo'ur House? -.. Cash Deals In 3 Days : www.selloromotly.com Call Floyd (813) 727 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl .. ..... \ PUBLICATION DEAI;)LINES TUESDAY'S EDITION.. FRIDAY@ 3:00 FRIDAY'S EDITION TUESDAY@ 3:00P.M : .., -. E-mail Your Ads To: ledwarcts@flsentinel.com OR FAX 24-HOURS TO: 813-9218 We Accept: Visa, Master Card, American Ex ress And Debit Cards BUYING-RENTING-SELLING-EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES-LEGALS CALL 248-1921


---------------------------------------. (813) 248 CLASSIFIED FAX (813)248 BEREAN ACADEMY A Classical And Christian Education Located A!: 10948 Central Ave. N. Tampa, 33612 (813) 932.0552 headmaster@bereanacademy.om Berean Academy admits students of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and. _actiyities, generally accorded or made available to students .. at the '.schoof. Does not discriminate on basis of race, color, ethnic ()fig in in administration or eduCational polides, admissions -polides, scholarships and loan programs, athletic or other school administered r rams. INVITATION TO BID. Pursuant to Chapter 69-1119, Special Acts, Laws of Florida, sealed Bids will be received by the Director of Purchasing, City of Tampa, in his office until: 2:30 PM ON 2115/07 STAMARK FILM 2:30 PM ON 2116/07 RENTAL OF TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES 3:00PM 2116/07 TURBINE METERS, CLASS II 2:30 PM 2126/07 MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE SERVICES AT HFC AWT PLANT PRE-BID MEETING TO BE HELD AT 10:00 AM ON 2115/07-AT HFC AWT PLANT ADM. -. TRAINING RM, 2545 GUY VERGER BLVD., TAMPA, FL then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Bid documents are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone No. 813/274-8351). REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Sealed Request for Proposals for the furnishing of the following will be received by the Director of Purchasing, City of Tampa, in his office until 2:30 PM ON 2123/07. AFFORDABLE DEVELOPMENT .PROJECTS PRE-PROPOSAL MEETING TO BE HELD AT 10:00 AM: ON 211/07 AT THE GERMAN AMi:RICAN CLUB, 2N FL CONF. RM, 2105 N. NEBRASKA AVE., :rAMPA, FL then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Request for Proposals are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone No. }. Dated: 2/9/07 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO .. Director of Purchasing : City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Pursuant to Chapter 69-1119, Special Acts, Laws of Florida, sealed Request for Proposals for the furnishing of the following will be received by the Director of Purchasing, City of Tampa, in his office 1 until 2:30 PM ON 2128/07 INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER FOR THE TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER (RE-BID} PRE-PROPOSAL MEETING TO. BE HELD AT 9:30AM. ON 2112/07 then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Request for Proposals are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone N o. ) Dated: 219/07 Gregory K. Spearman; CPPO City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Director of Purchasing Tampa, FL 33602 ;...Tampa ,i.'t Housing ftuthority REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR FINANCIAL ADVISOR/CONSULTANT In accordance with the U.S Department of Hous ing and Urban Development (HUD) Handbook 7460.8 REV-1, Florida Statutes and with other appl i cable laws the fampa Housing Authority (THA) formally request compet i tive proposals from qualified responsible, certified firms or individuals interested in providing services as a Financial Advisor/Consultant. Proposals shall be received until 3:00 p.m. (prevailing Tampa, FL time) on Friday, February 16, 2007 at 1529 W Main St, Suite 213, Tampa, FL 33607. Proposals received after this date and time will be rejected. SECTION 00020 -INVITATION TO BID Sealed Bids for TURKEY CREEK MIDDLE SCHOOL HVAC & PAINTING UPGRADES, BUILDINGS #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #12, will be received by the School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida in the Office of the Super-Visor of Purchasing, Third Floor, School Administrative Center, 901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, Florida until 3:00 P.M., Thursday, March 1, 2007. (The mailing address is P. 0. Box 3408, Tampa, Florida 33601.) Bids will not be accepted after 3:00 PM of the above date. Bids. will be opened and read aloud in the Purchasing Department, located on the third floor of the School Administrative Center : -. Contractors desiring to bid this project are subject to an Encouragement Affirmative Action Plan as identified within the bidding documents. : There will be a Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 10:00 AM .at the school site located at 5005 South Turkey Creek Road, Plant City, Florida 33567. : .. IT IS THE BIDDER'S TO SEE THAT BIDS ARE DELIVERED TO THE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT AS REFERENCED BID SECURITY MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH BID. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Notice To All Bidders: The School Administrative Center is a "security" building, therefore, visitors will be required to obtain a Visitors prior to entering the building. A photo identification will need to be presented at the time. Each Bid must be accompanied by the following : ; ... -... ......... 1. A certified check or bid bond in the amount of riot less than five percent (5%) of the maximum amount :of tlie Bid as a guarantee that the Bidder if awarded the Contract, will within tem (1 0) calendar days after written notice of being given such award, enter into a written Cont r act with the School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida, in accordance with the accepted Bid, and give a surety bond satisfactory to the School Board of Hillsborough County equal to one hundred .percent ( 1 of the Contract amoun .t. ... 2 Contractor Qualification Statement 3 Public Entity Crime Statement No Bidder may withdraw his Bid for a period of thirty (30) days after the date set for the opening of the Bids. Contractors desiring to bid this project are subject to an Encouragement Affirmative Action Plan as with the bidding documents. It i s hereby made a part of this Invitation for .. Bid. that the submission_ Bid in response to ttifs -advertised request shall COI'Istitute a Bid made under the same cOnditionS. for the same contract price and for the effective period as this Bid to all public entities in Copies of this Request for Proposal are available electronically by contacting the Contracting Office at 813..253-0551, ext 390 or by pick-up at the above L Bidders may obtain a set of the Contract from Hillsborough County. Dated: 219/07 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 mentioned address. Respondents are required to submit one (1) original and four (4) copies of their proposal. All proposals are to be sent to: The Tampa Housing Authority ATTN: Mr Nicholas Dickerson, Director Contracting & Procurement 1529 W. Main St. Suite 213 Tampa, FL 33607 regarding this RFP may be directed to Nicholas Dickerson, Contracting Officer at 813/253-0551 ext 390. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARDS the office of the Engineer: The Walter Fedy Group, Inc. 101 West Main Street, Suite 221 Lakeland, Fl. 33815 ATTN: Clay Cope, P.E., (863) 682-8498 THE SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES $8.00 -1-20 WORDS .50 CENT FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR ADVERTISEMENT Fax Your Ads 24 Hours 813-248 or E-mail to ledwards@flsentinel.com or bdawkins@flsentinel.com For more info call: Lavora or Betty 813-248 ., ::u a ., m ID ::u c: l> .!D !\)' 0 !:3 > ., ,... o ::u" a l>. en m z ::j z m r I Ill c: r r z ., C: ID ,... c;; :I: m c m < m .-t C:' m l> z c ., ::u a :g C> m ... ... I (")


a: "' i3 a: LL e a: LL c z w c w J: U) :J m .:J 0.. z t= w ..J ..J :J m I ..J w z t= z w U) -a: g LL ------------------------------------------(813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813)248-9218 INVITATION TO BID Sealed Bids for the furnishing of the following will be received by the Director of Purchasing, City of Tampa; in his office until 2:30PM ON 2/19/07 GALVANIZED STEEL SIGN POSTS 3:00PM ON 2115/07 CRYSTAL REPORTS SOFTWARE SUPPORT then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Bid documents are available at the Purchasing Department {Phone No. 813/274-8351). Dated: 219/07 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 Request For Bids Sauer incorporated has been awarded a portion of the Hillsborough WTE Expansion project in Hillsborough County. Sauer Inc. is seeking qualified DM/DWBE participation for electrical, roofing, excavation, concrete, civil site work, seeding and landscaping, sheet metal, surveying, insulation, steel fabrication and erection, etc. If you are a qualified DM/OWBE contractor please contact Sauer Inc, 1801 Lone Eagle Street, Columbus, OH 43228. You may also eall David Kretln (Sauer : Inc.) (614) 853-2500. Sauer Inc. will be holding an KOpen House for all subcontractors interested in the project on Wednesday, 02107107 at the Courtyard Marriott (10152 Palm River Road) in Tampa between 1 o:oo a.m. -1 :00 p.m. Hillsborough County Request tor Proposals. For Community Development Block Grant Funds **Correction to this advertisement originally published on January 26.** The Affordable Housing Off!ce announces the availability of Commu nity Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the Fiscal Years 2007-2009 Grant Cycle and is accepting applications from for-profit AND .NON-PROFIT organizations for these funds. The proposed projects must seek to provide safe and decent and a suitable living environment for lowand persons living in Hillsborough County, including all cities. The COBG funds available during this grant period are estimated to be $2.2 million dollars. Organizations applying for the funds must be a for-profit or non profit incorporated by the State of Florida or otherwise authorized to conduct business within the state. Grant applications are available at the Affordable Housing Office at 1208 Tech Boulevard, Suite 300, Tampa or on the CQ_Unty website at: www.hillsboroughcounty.org/hcce. Proposals must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on March 2, 2007. All organizations planning to submit proposals must attend a workshop to discuss the proposal process to apply for funds: DATE: Monday, February 19 TIME: 2p.m. LOCATION: Hillsborough County Code Enforcement Departmentlrainlng Room, 10119 Windhorst Road, Tampa All meeting facilities are ADA compliant. Any additional necessary accommodations will' be provided with a 48-hour notice. For more information, please call Malcom Castor at 813-274-6649 or email castorm@hillsboroughcouty.org Para informacion en espana/, /lamar a/ 274-6675 : .. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Boa.tJ o1 eou4 CITY OF TAMPA PUBLIC DISCLOSURE NOTICE FULL COST ACCOUNTING FOR SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT In compliance with Rule 17-708, section 403-7049 Florida Statues local governments are required to inform users of the full cost of Solid Waste Management for Residential and Non-Residential users during the 2005-2006 fiscal Year. The information below is hereby presented in accordance with said rule. RESIDENTIAL USER COST PER MONTH OF SOLID WASTE COLLECTION COST PER MONTH OF SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL MONTHLY COST PER RESIDENTIAL ACCOUNT $ 8.31 $14.15 $22.46 COMMERICAL USER COST PER CUBIC YARD OF SOLID WASTE COLLECTION COST PER CUBIC YARD OF SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL COSt PER CUBIC YARD FOR COMMERCIAL USER $2.13. $4.69-$6.82. RECYCLING COST MONTHLY COST PER RESIDENTIAL ACCOUNT $3.14.' The cost information presented above is the full cost per selected unit. Rate change for a particular service may be different than the cost reported above due to the -exclusion expenses for budget purposes. Now Hiring PIT And FIT Teachers And Directors With Directors Credentials Call (813) 932-6904 Now Hiring PIT And FIT Teachers And Directors With Directors Credentials Call (813) 910-4163 KEYBOARD PLAYER Contemporary & Traditional Gospel music, for fast growing Church. If you are currently available, seriously interested: Call (813) 961-1968 Mortgage Brokers Loan Officers Wanted FT/PT Great Commission! I No Experience Will Train Fax Resume (813) 436-5108 Or Call 813-833-5097 START IMMEDIATELY! Highly Motivated Telemarketers Experienced Only Handyman Sub-Contractors And Laborers-All Phases Must Own A Vehicle cau (813) s3o-9827 FAX YOUR AD 24 HOURS (813) 248-9218 Pasco Hernando Community College Instructor, Nursing (ADN) -Brooksville Campus Required: Master's degree .. in Nursing; minimum of'2 years current clinical experience; current unrestricted Florida RN license; satisfactory criminal history background. check BSN working on : a degree in Nursing may be considered. Preferred: ADN teaching experience. Instructor, Practical Nursing (Evening/Weekend Program) New Port Richey campus Required: Bachelor's degree in Nursing; minimum of 2 years current clinical experience; current unrestricted Florida RN license; satisfactory criminal history background check. Must be able to work evening hours and weekends Preferred: Master's degree in Nursing; PN teaching experience. In addition to 162 Duty Day salary listed below, the faculty member is eligible to earn, at minimum, $11,500 more for a summer overl oad that is traditional with this position. FOR BOTH POSITIONS: Degrees must be from a regionally accredited institution. Anticipated starting date is August, 2007; 162 Duty days (2 semesters). Salary Range is $32,000 $49,920 (for two terms): salary based on education level, full-time professional work experience and/or full-time teaching <:1l:qat, a'blsnr.t APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT OFFICIAL IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR INTERVIEW. Send or fax, by 4/16/07, letter of interest, >t: current resume, and PHCC application to: ITO Dr. Mary Fenimore Pasco-Hernando Community College 0230 Ridge Road New Port Richey, FL 34654-5199 Phone 727-816-3270 Fax 727-816-3309 Official transcripts _must be mailed to Dr. Fenimore at the above address no later than 4/16/07. Only OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS for consideration. Materials for these positions must be postmarked or faxed by 4/16/07 www Applications available: EOE/ADA Compliance .. Website: www.phcc.edu Fax Your Ads 24 Hours 813-248 or E-mail to ledwards@flsentinel.com or bdawkins@flsentinel.com For more info call: Lavora or Betty 813-248


-------------------------------------------------------------------------(813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (013)248-9218 Hotel Jobs Available Busers, Cooks, Housekeepers, Security, Parking, Desk FT & PT Salary $10.00 Per Hour Call (813) 976-5628 AVON To Buy Or Earn, Very Small Investment. Now With More Options To Earn More !\{Ioney .. (813) 832-4282 Deshongg@verizon .net U) z .. z z .. Part-Time Secretary For Small Credit Union Monday Thru Friday Basic Computer Skills For Credit Union Software First Week Of Month Work 40 Hour Week other 20 Hours Week Ap.ply: 703:: East Harrison Street Tampa, FL 33602 :( LLI Tuesday February 13, 2007 Dl LLI z r-s-0 0 (\f 1oam-3pm Raymorid Stadium Himes Ave, Attend the February 13th Employment Guide Career Fair and you will meet with hiring teams from dozens of top Tampa Bay companies. Companies committed to attend includ_e: Academic Financial DeVry University PlastiPak Packaging, Inc. Services Disney Reservation Center Pods, Inc. Adecco Employment FACS Group Racetrac Petroleum Services Allied Barton Security FastTrain Randstad USA Services Focus, Inc. Ranger American Bank of America Haverty's Furniture Remington College Bridges of.America Hilton Reservations & Ring Power Corp Bright House Networks Customer Care Rooms To Go Brinks JP Morgan Chase. SCC Soft Computer Education Rnance Caspers Company I Lazzara Yacht Corporation Schiller International McDonald's University Central Aorida College Lowe's Scott's Lawn Service Concentra Network Mental Health Care, Inc. Seminole Hardrock Hotel & .-Services Middleton Pest Control, Inc Casino CTL Transportation One Simple Loan Spherion TEACHING POSITIONS AVAILABLE Progress Village Academy is seeking to employ a Teacher Assistant and. Substitute Teacher -to assist the implementation of the ABeka Christian Curriculum, working directly with children and interacting with parents,. : Salary is based on experience. Contact A. Lewis _at (813) to ascertain credential information and to schedule an interview appointment. Professional Attire No children allov.red. Entry-level and Professional Strayer University Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union Teletech The Home Depot The Steak n Shake Company US Army USAA VaiPak Verizon Verizon Wireless Wai-Mart Distribution rnhc MENTAL HEALTH CARE. INC. Center DC 6020 Wendy's CHASE -.. We slop worklnfl for you.--CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS 50 FOR EACH ADDITONAL WORD OVER 20 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT/CASH CARDS PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition-Friday@ 3:00P.M. -------Friday Edition-Tuesday@ 3:00P.M. Email Your Ads.To: ledwards@flsentineLcom Or Fax To: 813-248-9218 Fax Your Ads 24 Hours 813-248-9218 or E-mail to ledwards@flsentinel.com or bdawkins@flsentinel.com For more info call: Lavora or Betty 813-1921 :.!D '. ., .r :" a .. e ')> en z ::::t.-sz .,-m r m c: r r m -17' z c: m r c;; :::: m c m < m -1 c: m en C )> z c ., ::rJ a


c a: u. c z w c w :::r:. en :::; :::) Q. z i= w ..J ..J. :::) m ..:. w z i= z w -en a:. 0 ..J LL 0 I o::t 'I'"" w <( D. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813)248-9218 Seeking Live In Older Lady To Take Care Of Elderly Must Have A Car Home: (813) 417-0934 LIC# 6905841 Live-In Care Giver For Small Group Home 2 Days Off Plus Pay No Convicted Felons Apply Robin@ (813) 837-4843 Driver And Personal Care Attendant Needed To Work With Disabled. Must Have A Clean Background And Driving Record. Afternoon And Evening Hours $8.50-$10.00 Call {813) 232-0304 Now Hiring Hair Stylists Braiders Nail Techs Full Specialists Booth Rental $100.00 Call (813) 930-2361 Superior Hair & Body Studio CNA Starting Pay 7-3 $9.75 .. $10 75 3-11 $10.75-$11.75 Full Time Great Benefits, 401 k Raise In April Pleasant, Courteous Work Environment' LTC Experience Required Apply In Delta Health Care 1818 E. Fletcher HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST BOOKING CLERK $33,696 $26,332 GENTER COORDINATOR (REDUCED HOURS) $15.15/HR CH ILD PROTECTION INVESTIGATOR TRAINEE $33, 696 CLAIMS SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE II (FMLA) $31,512 CUSTODIAN $18,096 MULTI-TRADES WORKER Ill $31,512 PLANS EXAMINER I $40,768 RECEPTIONIST (BI-LINGUAL) (RESTRICTED} $20,924 SENIOR GIS ANALYST $40,768 SENIOR SECRETARY $24,752 SENIOR SOCIAL WORKER $40,768 UTILITIES MAINTENANCE WORKER TRAINEE $19,905 See our web site at http://www.hccsb.org or contact Job Newsline 272-6975 (TDD 272-5623) or visit our office at: 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor Tampa, FL. Preference In initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vets AAIEEO Employer Graphic Artist And. Typesetter Positions Graphic Artist must be proficient in Word, Freehand, and Quark. Typesetter must be able to type 60+ words per minute and be computer literate. Apply Monday and Wednesday ONLY 9:00 -12:00 p.m Florida Sentinel Bulletin 2207 E. 21st Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 NO PHONE CALLS I Help Wanted Director And Teacher Aide Children With Joy 816 E Genesee Street Only Apply If You Are Loving, Caring And Willing To Teach Call 813) 231-2059 This Is ltl Barbers, Braiders & Hair Stylist Needed At Busy Tampa Location Bonus $$$ And Special Booth Rental Available Don'tWaitl Call Jay (813) 458-0711 Big Ideas. Big Opportunities Experienced Pressers For Dry Cleaning Top Pay Offered Only 2 +Years Experience Need Apply Call (813) 240-1125 If No Answer Message The UniveiSiiy of South Florlda is one of America's leading national research instittnions and the ninth largest WJiversity in the nation with campuses throughout the Greater Tampa Bay regiol). We offer a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental and life insurance plans. retirement plan options, tuition program senerous leave programs, career advancement and more! COORDINATOR COMPUTER APPLICATIONS # IS049, Louis de Ia Parte Florida Mental Health Institute. This position will act as the Coordinator of IT Operations for Aorida's Center for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice. Will coordinate and oversee the functions of the Center's Web Portal functions. This position will be for ensuring acquisition, installation, and on-going performance of the hardware and software necessary for the Center Web Portal services. The position "'ill supervise the Center's IT Web Design, programming, and tech support position. COORDINATOR, RESEARCH PROGRAMS & SERVICFS (CEI\"TER OPERATION COORDINATOR) #IS054, Louis de Ia Parte Florida Mental Health Inslilnte. This position will act as the Center Operation Coordinator to develop and implement the marketing, promotion. and internal quality management program of Florida's Center for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice. This positioo will coordinate activities with stakeholdets, customeJS, and Center staff to ensure high quality and efficient delivery of Center services and monitor/respond to customer service needs. Will review Center perforrillulce data. and develop internal corrective actions as needed. COORDNATOR, RESEARCH PROGRAM:S & SERVICFS (KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT ADMII\lSTRATOR) #1SOS6, Louis de Ia Parte Florida Mental Health Institute. Tbe responsibility of the Knowledge Administrator position for Florida's Center for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice is to administer Web based informabon-sharing services and dim:t the Knowledge Mnnagets in the development and updating of the web poi1als programmatic content The administrator will participate in identification and acquisition of national expert consultation and ensure the Center's web based information is cllllint relevant and responsive to requirements. Will directly s upervise Knowledge Managers and be responsible for implementing program improvement and corrective actio n plans. This position requires expertise in the specialty oren of child welfare systems and services wi!h n sub fQCus on privatized child welfare services. Knowledge of Social systems, information dissemina tioo especially systems. and staff supervi sion. Qualifieations : Bachelor's degree in Social Services. Business or related area and three years position related eA"perience PREFER master's degree in Social Services, or related oren and three years position related experience 1 ; COORDINATOR, RK'>F.ARCH PROGRAMS & SRRVICRc; (KNOWLRDGR MAI\AGRR) #1SOS7 & 150511, I.nuk de Ia Parte Florida Mental Health Institute. Two positions are 'available for Knowledge Monoger for Aorida's Center for !he of Child Welfare Practice. The position's responsibilities are to develop edit, and prepare for posting all knowledge sharing content for the Center's Weh hased information-sharing services. Will participate in identification and acquisition of national multi-disciplinary best practices and policy information and ensure the Center's web-based information is rele vant and responsive to requirements. These positions require expertise in the specialty area of -childwelfare systems, multi-disciplinary of care and services with a suh-fociL on privati7.ed child welfare services .. Knowledge :in Social Sei'Vice information dissemination, especially automated systems. Programmatic research ond web based data search acqu isitio n MAINTENANCE MECHANIC #2413 & 4145, Physical Plant. Primary of this position is completifig.repairi: maintenance of plumbing, painting, tile replacement, lighting, structural, HVAC, and-electrical issue on building gystcms on campus. This is an essential personnel position in which the candidate may have to work after hours. Normal work houJS, Mon. Fri. 8 am-Spm. REQUIRES completion of an appro\ ed apprenticesl:lip program for multiple trades ; or a HS diploma and 4yrs multiple trades' cxp. Appropriate vocationaVtcchnical training may substitute at an equivalent rate for the required experience. Requires a valid Aorida Driver's License & Drug/Background Check. PREFER one year commercial maintenance exp; knowledge of basic repair procedures for door closures/hardware electrical work. painting, plumbing, and HVAC. Annual Salary: $20,358.00 $27,527 93. Apply by 02'16/07 to Rebecca Michacli, OPM 100, Michacli@admin.usf.cdu; or (813) 974-3968. OFFICE ASSISTANT #15032, Loni

. ., (813) 248 CLASSIFIED FAX (813)248-9218 c .. Nice Ho-mes 4 Sale 3 And 4 Bedrooms Garage & Pool Optional E-Z FINANICING AJI/Any __ Wel come Call 630-9827 r. Home Fo'r Rent .. River Grove 6216 N _38th St. 3-1 With New Tile Floors Very large Lot : '1' $1100 Per ;r :i ,,; 813-727-6728 ;;;o,... Palm River 3/2/1 Newly Remodeled Block, CHA Great Neighborhood No Money Down $150Q/Month Call (313) 716 8252 ... .. Clair Mel 8534 Gold Ridge Circle 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $1300.00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome! I Call813-630-3030 Home Ownership Your Job Is Your Credit Low Payment' : : ___ Lease 2 '\' IrVIn (813) 965-5413 Busch Gardens Area 1817 Seward Street Rent To Own Or Buy Cozy 2/1. + Den Owner Helps W/CC $118,900 Peoples Choice Realty (813) 389-1068 Rent Or Rent To Own 4736 Spring Place Lake Padgett Estates 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths 2 Car Garage Family Room With Fireplace, Large Yard $1 ,425/$1,675 802 Walnut Dr. 'Seffner 3 Bedrooms/1.5 Bath $850/$1050 6038 Crestri.dge Town N Country 3 Bedrooms/1.5 Bath $f100/$1250 r 5015 86th St. Clair Mel 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath $875/$995 (813) 238-3338 www.zorohonies com ES & FUNDS AVAILABLE Programs Funds AVAILABLE NOW in 2007 No Money Do.\vn or'' ktt expenses for you! st our blcms or no credit at all. Working strong for our community ... ()on't Wait ... FllNDS arc Avail!lblc for you NOW! eaf. QV!.C!L[ft1V,.,g ': s1 s'. 9 1 5 ............ .. .. .... -t .. : ... : .. 'I' : :: .. '. ,. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA, MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARDS Clair Mel. Home For Sale 1330 Windsor Way 33619 Totally Renovated 3-1 New Tile/Carpet No Money Down $1000.00 Per Month can.Fioyd 813.;.727 -6728 VETERANS SPECIAL No Down Payment Own A Two; Three, Four Bedroom Home Many Areas & Sizes Some New Builder Homes Free Pre-Qualifying M -IDLAND REALTY HUDHomes 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $208.00/Monthly 5 Bedroom $500.00/Monthly 4% Down 30 Years @8%APR For Listings Call 1-800-749-8168 Ext. S748 Water Side Condo For Sale-. 1 Bedroom/1 Bath On River ... _-$69,900 .. Owner Realtor : (813) 232-5253 F .or Rent Or Rent To Own Section a Welcame No Pets Progress Village .3/1 Clair Mel -3/1 Tampa-3/1 Clean & Ready 1st Month + DeJ?OSit 813-232-3835 Metro Real Estate & Mortgage Co. 2403 Mallory $900.00/$700 00 th 9608 N. 11 St $1200.00/$700.00 5901 N.'15th St. $950.00/$700 00 2906 E. 28th Ave. $1000.00/$700.00 1907 E. Ida St. $900.00/$500.00 / Call (813) 600-5090 ., m m ::rJ c: .. 2 Bedroom Home l> Washer/Dryer Hook-up -. Screened Front Porch .JD -: CHA( Very Nice .-:. $850.00/Monthly $400.00/Deposit Contact (813)'690-2833 $116.00/Monthly 1 4 Bedrooin/2 Bath FORECLOSURE 4% Down, 30 Years ., @8%APR :-'[ -._, ca1f 1-800-749-8168 xR592 Metro Real Estate & Mortgage Company -' Tampa's #1 Section 8 Specialist : Propert ies Available : Call (813) 609-5090 East Tampa-, 2/1, CHA, Fireplace, Sprinklers Fenced, WID Hookup Water_ lncluded $950.00 Monthly :. +$950.00 Phone (813) 451 ., 6 :::0 6 )> -C/) m z : -1 : z -:.; m r I aJ C: r -; .... ;,. r m 1603 29th Ave East:.. .. z 3/1' $900/Montti m .-. -!: Sectiori 8 welcome.. m For More _Information c : Contact LaTron m : 3706 N. 55'" Street. House For Rent .. 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA. Fenced .Yard $85o.oo/Monthly -: + Deposit .. of' Call Or (561) !..;. 1405 E. Ave. 4/2 House, Very, Nice New Pain( Tile"' .. I .. Carpet, CHA. $1,250.00/Month $1,000.00 Deposit s ection 8 OK Call Ramona (813) 546-5214 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS -1 c: m en: c )> z c ., :o-c \ Fax Your Ads 24 Hours 813-9218 or E-mail to ledwards@flsent5nel.com or bdawkins@flsentinel.com For more info call: Lavora or Betty 813-248-1921 ''tl )> Ci) m ..a. U1 I 0 -..:.__.. _____ -.:::.:..


...... 0 0 N a) > 0: -g 0: LL 0 z ct 0 en w ::J ... fi: w > w 0 w l: en :::::i a. z i= w ::I ::J m ...:. .. w z i= z i.' w en .. ct c a: "'' 0 -" .J LL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------(813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED FAX (813)248-9218 '''''Mfi 4., ; 1 -13:; ,, Lutz Home 2 Large Bedrooms/1 Bath Spacious Garage Big Yard, Nice Area 8 Only 994-6S27 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath, Fenced In Front & Back Yard, With Rear Parking. DR, LR, A/C & New Roof $850.00/Monthly $700.00/Deposit (81.3) 293-7918 Home For Rent River Grove : 6216 N 38th St. 3-1 With New Tiie Floors Very Large Lot $11 00 Per Month 813-727-6728 Section 8 Tenant Wanted I Avai'lable Now! 4/2 Carver City Available February 4/2 :-West Tampa 3/1 :-Tampa 2/1 ""'West Tampa Call (813) 383-9857 Please Leave A Message Homes For Immediate Occupancy For The New Year 3/1 -3S07_ N. 10th Street 3/1 -_1512 E. Louisiana Ave .-' $1000.00 Deposit Rent Starting at $1100.00 ;:! Section 8 Welcome .. For More Or To Schedule A I Viewing Please Contact Us At 813-217-8906 -Sugar Creek 3603 Dannybrian 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath, Block Home, Totally Redone Inside & Out Washer/Dryer Hook-up, New Cabinets. Taking Applications F.or January. Only Good Clean Tenants Need To Apply $1200.00/Monthly $1 ,000.00/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Call Mike (813) 601-3101 FAX YOUR AD 24 HOURS (813) 248-9218 I Snow Sun Villa 12301 N. 11th Street Bedrooms/1 Bath $625.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit lO I : Cal' _(81,3) 244-6245 Efficiencies & One Apartments Some With River Views Call For Current Specials 813-237-3984 River Place Apartments Villa Palm Apartments 1 & 2 Bedrooms Available 1 Bedroom $600.00/Monthly $300.00 Security Deposit Call (813) 600-5090 Apartment 2406 East 12th Avenue "'. f Bedroom/1 Bath Nice And Clean, CHA $475.00/Rent $475.00/Deposi ( Call (813) 237-5990 ... Apartments For Rent 3405 34th Street Apt B .. .. ...... 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath very ciean, Tile And Carpet, Security Bars $600.00/Monthly .. : (813) 391-7046 -., ROOMS FOR REN Section 8 Preferred 2 Bedrooms/1 Bat_h Duplex Tile Floors, Large WID Hook-Up Call (813) DUPLEX 1504 E. 138th Ave. 3/1, CHA, W /D Hook-up $775/Month$500/Deposi! Section 8 Accepted (813) 920-1085 (813) 690-6664 Section 8 ONLY Duplex-Move In Special 2 And 3 Bedrooms, Nice 1016 14th Avenue Fully Remodeled Rooms For Rent $120.00;.:. "Yeekly .. Call 1-800-890-7639 .< ,. !, ,, .. I ;,."-,, Available Room For Ri:mt In Ybor Heights At: 1000 East 26th Avenue Please Cal( ; (813) 494-3343 '. :. .. j ;., Private RoomFor Rent Kitchen Privileges : CHA $500.00/Monthly $200.00/Deposit Contact (813) 690-2833 Area, CHA, Washer/Dryer_....--..,.___;.._...;..... ___ ...;., Hook-Up, Large Fenced Rooms For Rent Backyard. Nice & Clean Call (813) 789-3879 CHA, Dru_g Free .. Available 3-1-07 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath W/D Hookup, Clean & Nice,.Large Backyard $750.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Section 8 Only Call (813) 238-6607 3215 North 49th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Newly Remodeled Water Included $750.00/Month $500.00/Deposit No Section 8 .. $125.00/Deposit Call (813) 624-8540 3104 E. MLK Blvd. wa' rited Roommate Male Preferred For Boarding House $500.00/Monthly Call (813) 784-0508 Just Like Home Leave Message Immediate Response ....... Fully-Remodeled Rooms : { : For Rent $11Q.OO .:_Weekly : .: 'I' : Room 'For Rent .. _.. $100.00 Per Week + Deposit, Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call 285-8147 .. '"' .. Nice Un( urnished Rooms .:.. CHA, House Privileges Males Preferred $200.00 Deposit Per Month Phone (813) 661-4292 "1 I .., Heights Area Rooms For Rent 1 -.. $125.oo weekly $110.00 Deposit Kitchen Privileges : -" Phon. e 813 236-4816 2928 N. 18th Street I J> .. Room For Rent 55 Years And Older Preferred : : $120.00/Weekly.-'."' $120.00/Deposit Call (813) 231-6940 .. ;. Furnished Clean Quiet Rooms .-$120 Weekly CHA, Cable, Utilities On Bus Line : "' ....-------..-------.. .J 21o6 w. Beach st: #A "--'-....;.<8 1 3.;..> 7 5 8--5 -386--_. First Week Rent+ Security $100.00$150.00/Weekly Furnished Arid Unfurnished -Efficiencies Available Also 2/1 Newly Renovated. Apartment New Kitchen/Bath : Hard Tile In Both Hardwood Floors Alarm System, CHA $700.00 Per Month (813) 238-6353 River Pines Apartments SENIOR CITIZENS COMMUNITY Active independent living for 55+, quiet park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities, riverfront living. Efficiencies and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $360.00 per month. (813) 985-4419 Duplex 2 Bedrooms, CHA $650.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit -Contact (813) 690-2833 ; East Tampa Spacious /1 CHA, Fireplace, Sprinklers Fenced, W /D Hookup Water Included $950.00 Monthly +$950.00 DE)lpOsit Phone (813) 979-0868 1919 E. Osborne Duplex 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Large Living Room, Dining Room, Fenced Front Yard, Water Included -$800.00/Deposit Call Ramona (813) 546-5214 Duplex-Ready Feb 151 6216 48th Street Apartment B Tampa, FL 33610 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Rent $750.00 Deposit $500.00 Background Check $39.95 Non-Refundable Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 626-0331 (813) 319-5646n7o-5aa1 West Tampa Rooms For Rent Newly Full Kitchen Furnished $80.00-$100.00 Weekly+ Deposit Call (813) 477-7734 Furnished Rooms Queeri Size : ,:. $175.00/Weekly ., Full Size Bed $150.00/Weekly (2 Available) $150.00/Deposit Call (813) 900-6926 Or (813) 817-2677 Ybor -121 East 1 ih Ave. All Utilities Included Full Size Bed $110.00/Weekly $440.00/Monthly Twin Bed $95.00/Weekly $380.00/Monthly $100.00 Deposit $15.00 Application Fee 813-293-7918 -. 505-5400 Or 902-1351 1" Nice Quiet Room :' Nice Area ,. -.-{ ;Utilities Included Kitchen Privileges Males 5'0 Years & Older Preferred $150.00 Per Week & 'Up .:.. .. (813) 927-2878 Christian Person Has RQ9ID& For Rent $1,1 -$11'a.OO/Rent No Drugs Or fll_egal Activities AIIQwed Call Mike (813) 770-2266 East Tampa 2 Rooms For Rerit 1 Fumished/1 Unfuhlished No Drugs, Washer/Dryer Utilities Included, Kitchen, Living Room Access, Near Busline $500 Down/$500 Month Per Room (813) 416-1184 Or 954 559-2232 Fax Your Ads 24 Hours 813-9218 or E-mail to ledwards@flsentinel.com or bdawkins@flsentinel.com For more info call: Lavora or Betty 813-1921


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.... 0 0 N ai' > a:. <( a: m : w LL >=' <( c a: LL > < c a: LL c z < c en w 1-w > w c w l: en :::i m Q. z i= w ..I ..I : 'P ..I w z 'i= z w en < c a: 0 ..I LL c I N w e, ...... .,.. -,c Dt-1 Mlnlsfffs &plain HPW Manfages Have Changdl Owr 77meJ BY ANTIONE DAVIS Sentinel Staff Writer Most people would agree that mar riages and relationships ha;ve changed in some form or fashion over the years. Yet the questions arise: How have loving relationships changed? Are the changes positive or negative? Some local ministers agree that today's marriages and relationships differ from those in the past. Some differences are positive, .but others are not. "The one major difference I see in relationships is that there is no longevity these days. People cut ties and run over the most minor things," said Elder Michelle Patty, assistant minister at St. Mark's Missionary Baptist Church. "Married couples ELDER MICHELLE PATTY MINISTER BILLY DAWKINS "My parents are older, and I' think certain duties were designated for them. The man was the provider, and the woman was taking"care of the home," said Clayton. "Both me and my wife take a hand in the finances, p,nd things that need to be done in the home. I believe that's probably the biggest difference between marriages of the past and the present." Minister Billy Dawkins, an associ ate minister at Peace Progressive M.B. Church, has. been married to his wife Joyce for 3!Jyears. He believ.es one way to combat separation and divorce by .becoming.a partner with-your spouse. these days don't seem to 'realize that _husband Jesse for 19 years, says in the there will be good and bad times in past people needed just cause for a any marriage, but if you make it. divorce. Now, some one can spontathrough the bad_ times there will be neously divorce someo?le for ir.reconcil"God intended for 'man and woman to be partners. Males played that dominant role in the past, but I believe it. has become more balanced over the years, said Min. Dawkins. "I think a at Greater. Mt. Salem Primitive lot of men have begun to look at t'neir Baptist Church in Clearwater, has. spouse as an equal, and not a been married to his wife Jeanine for a ( nate. "I think people who are married year and a half. He says one difference can see how they can depend on one he between hismarriage and another, and I believe that's the way it better days." able differences. Patty, who has.been married to her Jamaal Clayton, a youth minister his parents is balance. should be." ....................... .............................................. ............. gave me the desire heart. As it rained, wet, so trip my ave, Gofi aln't through : .. 0 .. .. ,,,. wzth us yet. Love, your husband, Top: SHAYLA, And TIFFANY Bottom: NEKA, CHRIS And DEE Happy Valentine's Day is going out to one of the sweezesz me.n a woman could pqssibly have. This is one of the reasons I never left regardless of the silly things people have said done to try and destroy something, "so precious." Well world, I'm so in love and there's nothing you can do to stop it and one thing we must all remember, "God honors marriage and He's never been known to make a mistake." It's been 7 years that we've been together, and ther(/i/nothing else to say 'except the way we love. each other will never change, it only gets stronger each day, no mat. ter what comes our way. ; P. S. Congratulations on our baby girl, due in July! Love, Lee Lee. of us that goes with us J lways and everywhere! % :/i py Valentine's Day! our anniversary! Love, "Black Barbie." k, TYRA And AMANDA (not shown) \ Valentine's Day is a day you show your love to the people are dearest to you. To Tashard, a.k.a.;T-Shirt, Tommi, Tommy, Tyrik, Tyra and Amanda (not shown), we ... love you all. Stay blessed and under God's grace. From, your parents, Regina and Nick Forte.


... r/611e Is Patient ... r/611e Is Rind MRS : JIPPY DO G A blast of colors -my. rainbow! A blast of rays -my sun shin e A blast of emotions -my lov e A blast of'E' my every. thin g A blast of Mute -Tun! Need I say more! To Mrs. Jippy Dog, I lov e you girl, my wife, my life Anticipate the good so that you may enjoy it. Ethiopian Proverb Happy Valentine s Day my 3 soldiers, Terence, Janila and Javonn. Love always, Best fri ends and }or life. Happy Valentin Day Love, Reca and Kenyata. "See Baby, we've been too str.ong for too lqng: Happy, Valentine's Day to my husband, Fourty. .. From Choo-Choo, your wifey, always no matter w!tat we go Puddin, I would like to s end you a shout .out 011 our .Valentine 's Da y to get h er. Bae ; I lov e you "2007." Puddin and Ms Punkin. ., lJ c .,, m m lJ C:. l> lJ' -<' 1\) 0 o ., r o c l> en m z :::! z m r I m c: r I"" m Z c: m r c;; :::z:. m -. c m < m -< c! m en c l> z c ., lJ 6


.: c ii: u. c z c( > ic( c 'U) W .. ;::) ..... W > W C w ::1: m :J m ;::) Q. z i= w ..J ..J ;::) m I ..J w Z 'i= z w U) c( 9 g u. ..... .. j . .1. .. .. Those who plan what is good find love and Proverbs 14:22 ..


another. day has "IL'''"''' bringing the time we ccin be together closer, : we can run-it-back! ven though miles may arate us, you will, '"'' ''"n'"'" be ori my mind and in my heart. As I'm waiting patiently for you to : touch down, can't nothing: tear us apart because we're: the Coldest Ones out here!! Happy Valentine;s Day and HappY Birthday: (2118107). ;. 0 '. Te Amo Papi. It feels like a lifetime, but it's only been a year. Family and friends try to break us up but it only brings us closer together. We'v e been through thick and thin, ups and downs, but at the end, he's still here. He's my heart, my life. nd the man of my_; ms, and I wouldn't trade him for nothing. Happy Valentine's Bae. From, your soon to be wife r7/ Is An Act 0 To niy husband, Antonio, : happy Valentine's Day. I love you Baby, you've taught them how to stunt. You've won <'the car shows, you're their baby's mama's "MVP, u're not only a soldier-. you're the "captai n on this Val e ntine's Day. I want :you to know that.' though your 20s have;. spinning, Morna is; : h ere and is going any -;: where. Love !ou Bae, Wifey Baby, i.ue are still .standing strong and our lou tinues to grow every This chapter in o life is almost over and best is yet to come. I love you for life! nn:nn"'-"' Valentine's Day! Pretty Happy birthday to my two favorite men, Reggie, February 7th and Jayden, : : Februa ry 27th. Love, Lee Lee. Bae, we both know they hate to s e e us togeth er. But:. ;the love w have for each: L )nr.Jur will never spare. So;_ .';we're going to keep them to ,the left and keep stunting ; the right ; HappY_ Valentine's Day. ': : .,_ lJ 6 .. )>. .:< "T1 m m lJ .c: )> ,!P 1\)' 0 6 :!:!' c :1>. en m z ..... :z--m r;m c: r rm ..... :z ., : "U On this day and ev e ry after, I'm going to lov e c are for you. Reese, I'm sending these ut outs to let you know. py Valentine's Day'' And also wishing you happy birthday .. Coming froin your lady, L.A. c: m !:-en ::r::. m c m < m ..... .... c: m en c )>. < c ., lJ 6


0 N a; > a: < ::) a: m w LL > w Q w :::1: CJ) ::J m ,. ::) .' Q. z "i= w -I -I ::) m ...J w z i=. z w < Q a: 0 -I LL Q ch w CJ ,-c ... Lasts A True Lasts Forever. Buck and Funnie, we're making it rain. 2007 everlasting cou : ... : .. : .: Wishing my wife, Ms. l'''''''->u.tu.r a /uippy Valentine's an9; belq,ted l;Jt rthday Your husband, Eiggie. I would l.ike to wish my lover soulmate, and fri end a happy Valentine's Day a happy b elated b i rth you "B." Always for e ver, Ro "Our words" always t: never 2 m eans ... connec te d : ternal, unconditional, r nd also irreplaceable.: That's why I love you ... ,!o-W e like t o wish; ur mother a happy D ay. Love Ty'Juan: a Daj ia .. Ros e s are r ed, viol e t s blu e thi s is for those w hough t it was ove r throu g h While you all itti n g h e r e wonder how this could be, woma n on thi s pictures t you, but me. H a p V alentine s Day, Boo To the lov e ofmy life mommy to b e happy Valentine's wifey. Love, hub 'by. Baby no o n e e l se com to you. I'll l ov e you a y s and forever. Ke e p a real man, my man, my soul my h e a r t Love, y our wifey Ta sha. -From the only woman in life ; Princess. Stop a n d look Y e s, look ''twice because it's u s. Valentine's Day, :::. : :


. ----.. +f, V6ve Is Shown In Your Not In Your Words. RICK'iALLEN JOHNSON,III Happy Valentine's Day ':to my on e and only little Love, (Dominique). mommy I really can say God is on' ur side. Happy '.Valentine's Day. : Love you, Babe. : l .. Happy Vale.n tine's Day. --' Also wishing her a belat. happy bi:thday on 1-30 07 ... '" '. -_ Coming your : Happy Valentiii e's Day, Mom. I love you with all my h eart. You are always t here for me! Lov e always Your son, Pool lie. Only thing that keeps me up when I'm feelin g don.'t know about y'all, but I ve got to keep mine: -round, because I done ked and searched an it's hard to finf! a "Ma Mine;" So on day [ wal'!-t to m a happy _Valentine's: -wishing him ; happy birthday 1-11 -07. : .Coming from his lady, : Redel. '! To the n e west fa me mb er, happy Day, Baby. Love, Poohma Pookie. -Some hate it and some love it, and don't forget .the ones' envy, but most of all I'm the one keyed to his heart, so to rest of you... Happy Valentine's Day to you. Loye, Swap. -.Baby, ariii.bot --now where Wf're at i .; his reldtionsh'ip' :'--T :: hrew" salt to see_ if -ing we have would leeches do.' But hat,"Bae? They of#.'" Aren't youtfred of bein g n the sideline? Tire d of "TT ro c )> (/) I m,-. z z m rI tD c: rr-z C. tD c (/), :::c m.c '' I m < m.-. ::D '' < '-4-c: m (/)-c )11 z c .. ;c yours after I get Happy Valentine's Day t o my baby's mama, Poohma, loving you much. Love, Pookie Second place doesn t aprize. So, when are you alz' to r e alize th.at you'r e G) wasting your time? I m #1. m This is a c lassic. ";'I c


f, c a: Ll. c Z .. <( Q .en w ::::) 1-' > a: w > w -. o w x .en ::::i .rn ::::) :ll. z _., i=' w -' --' ::::) Ill I "' -'. "tW ., z j:: w en <( c a: 0 -' Ll. Q I 00 w CJ ... You ean Give Without But You eannot Without Giving. I would like to take this time to wish my wife a .. Valentine's Day! Mrs. Watts you are everything to me, my lover ; my friend, my better half. You make my life complete. Only ci woman stands by her man through it all, so I appreciate love you for that. So, until we become as .. -. We would like to wish our and fnothe r ii happy;; :Valentine's Day. Love, Yolanda, Edward, Alex, Keda, Charity, Zcinye, Deabra, Lazaria, Naedo, LaDonta and last but least, Kenn (1-ibson, a.k.a., .K.J. 1 -:i _._,; I can giv.e you 25 reasons ; I'm really in love with: The lov e I have for you n't b.e replaced, that's: ,. why I want to tell you on : this special day, I love you : nd happy V alentine's:. Yes, I'm wifey #1. They ; it will rain, there will : pain, trouble s will '-"""-''u"' the sun will shine. gon e but I''''"''Uit<: -Dt


... There Is No For But To ,f/(,ve .More. )t' : God has blessed us to see ther special day. As:' r''''''uwtYs what God has pu( r : 'let no human! ,.,x,rrJTTJ .... betwet:n. This is for-' ver. Always has been,' will be. : Your wife for life, No mater what the peo say, I am going to love anyway, you are my I can't let go. Happy Valentine's Day, Bae. We had our ups and!: wns, we have beimi' it all but neverthe-t I am always there for : no matter how ha times get, I will always #1 lady. I will ntwn.v.c:' d love you. Happy Valentine's Day, Baby. I want to wish my hus: "'"'lJ'u.,ua a happy Valentine's Baby, you're miles away ut today is our day. : w ant you to know that : u're irreplaceable. And know it's like Monica '. says, (you should have,. known better than to think would leave). Love always. Your Honey Happy Valentine's, Bae. love you. / And MRS. DWAYNE ANTONIO DAVIS Yes! It's us. They said we J''''''IAIJDLHa.n't make it but we them wrong. Happy anniversary,. Wayne. love you .for the rest life .. Love,_.your wife, Bethany To my wife, to my alentine, so sweet, so ind, forever and always mine. Love, your husband, CO' "T1 :rJ 6 "T1 m m :rJ c: > ?J N t "T1 r; 0 :rJ 6 > -f z m r;m c: r r m :::! z ., c: m r c;; ::J: m C m < m :rJ -< -f c: m 0 c ,.. z c "T1 :rJ 6 > ..


1:;-(j .,_ (J ... ,!7'6ve Is Hard Work; And Hard Work SoiTletiiTles Hurt. > a: <( ::l a: m w u. >= ic( c a: u. c :a: u. c z <( > <(. c U) w ::l .... > a:-w > w c w ::r:: U) :J m :::) D. Z ..J ..J ::l m w z z :. w (/) c( c C g u. c I 0 -w Happy Valentine's my best friend Michelle Love, Kara. .. .. If loving you is wrong, I n't want to be right. py Valentine's Day,. Grand opening ..., ....... .. r This picture explains everything, no words should be spoken ar ritten because the page was just flipped, 1 know u're saying, oh no they didn't. But then again, oh we did. Coming from us. We love fans. And coming from me, I love you Bae. Happy Valentine s Day. Happy Valentine's Day nise and Kendall. ommy_ loves you and won't let anything happen to you. For-those who were curi and wanted. to know, they eire, my angels and Mrs.' Willie, a love like ours : happe n s once in a lifetime. ; You are a part of thing I think and do and You. are. and always: will be the love of niy life. I love you Sylvia Happy Valentine' s Day : to Bruce and Pat. Will you be mine? S.O.S. To the man I grew to love : and trust. I thought L :: would never find a man : that ca n be so true and lou ing as you. : = Bae, I promise; I love yo u with all my h eart So,: thank you for being so:' atient with me and the. boys We. loue you. .. Loue, Ms. Sessions and: the boys. ::. To a very b eautiful t nL,ta'". you k1!0W that here. They may you in the past, b claiming you for the ure. Keeping it real. Love, T.' R. : \. f' "' ..... ..... ,. ....... It> ........ .............. ..... .. .. ,. ....... -.. ... t t t 1 .. C t ,t II I


-.... ..... .,.... > ......... ':'I: .''.' '' ,.. .... .. :. .. _. ... ': >1. ._'" ,._"' ,._' ... f/'6ve JJIIahes The Pass. JJIIahes !7'6ve Pass. ... t. /indre, we've been too strong for so long and I can't be with out you baby. Dra, words can never say how much I love you, that's why I show you continuously. Happy Valentine's Day. Your wifey, Mrs. Johnson. : Tasha, Bae, you were the one with me in my time of need. So now it's my turn to.'' show you-and the world how much I love you and will always be with you, no matter what or who tries to'' between us. So, happy --valentine's Ms.Lowman. your king, Big Jeff. ........... :;. _; ti -i : .. "'' "''r.. ? :l : > .... t ; re:: g. ;._ ; Happy Valentine .to my husband, Zaro. /wo'uld give I own if I could just have you home. I l{Jve you Bae, no matter where you are; know that my love is never far. With so much unconditional love. I love Papi. See Love always, Mami. Yeah, we're "'Sorry." pull scissors. rt. 1 We woulcl like to ;vish each other a happy Valentine's also our kids, family, friends and also our fans. And a special shout out to Tq.sha, Jelly, Brefl, Robert all of the Ride or Die Crew. ... :. -}!-0 :xJ: c "" )>_--. en m _,_ :z J. ::t z m r I CD c: r r m :::! z -a c: CD c:en :::t m C:. m < m ::o: -< ..... c: .. -:m en c J:l!' )> -. .z c -,._ ..... ..... I. c


! 'J(I ... If You Judge People, You Have No Tin1e To f/'6ve Then1. > a: " w c w en ::i m 11. z i= w ...J ...J m .!I w z i= z w .en < c a: 0 ...J LL I share my' "Love,"' because it's real and true. I'll never:' 'le ave a man as good as "You. "'. God sent you to me, because: knew my love was "True!"' He saves the best for last,: that's why I waited on you, Honey! Your wife, Yvette Tim, loves you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, your fiancee. C. J. and Keysha, one .. million haters, two billion,.: love is priceless. Even though we have had our differences, it all comes down to this, Tasha, I love you. And everyone goes through trials and tribulations but only the strong survive. And words to our fans, what God has puttogether no man I woman can break apart. I Togetherinfinity. One man, one home, one Loving you for life. Those who plan what is good find kwe and faithfulness. Proverbs 14:22 .. -It's been 5 112 years of love, 3 years of When we said our vows, we weren't ready and needed time to to see where we really wanted to be and 7!-0W we know. There's nobody who ccm replace us. ---. So to all our fans, sidelines a1).d stand-ins,.,..we thank you, your services are no longer needed. We got this! We're and still in love. Happy Valentine's Day, Baby. .PSALMS 27:2. to eat' up our flesh ... They being our adversaries and our ene mies personally ... They themselves stumbled and fell! Bae, if I could do your time with you, I would _rJO. it day by hour by hour, and minute by minute with you. But only God knows best: We've been too strong for too long, 6+ years in running, ups and downs. Our downs:have pulled us together stronger and united us as one. So no matter what the say, we can't let go. -: ; Happy Valentine's Day. _. Love your wife, Ms. Hot Rod! A year came, then a year went by. Our love has gotten <>rr-nn.rior as the days have passed us by. I just want you I thank God for putting you back in my life. Happy Valentine's Day. Your husband, Hot Rod!


.,_. ... True :/61?e Begins When Nothing is Looked For In Return. "t Yes, it's we're still standing stronC: ThO.nk GOd we E .'ltUU." it (. ,. : Happy Valentine's Day, Baby. -) \ .. : it1s another _year: arold and sharon both re doing i t real big fo x. : .--Happy Valentine s Day.": ,_,,,,,.I'Zmou. teryear Happy Valentine's Day. always "' -we miss you and love you very much. You mean to us. You bring so much joy into our life From, your wife and kids. : : --. .. ( -"TT r 0 :g c )> en m Z :.ot-z m r I m c: r r !!I z "'tt c: III r Ci) :I: m c m < m ::D -< .... c: m en c )> z c ,f' ... c 4 ... "'


0 C'\1 .a; > a: = < c ff c a: I.L c z w c w l: en :; Dl :J D. z i= w _, _, ;:) ID ..!. w z = c a iE 0 _, u. ... f/(,ve Sought Is Daddy, last time we you were still the man on these streets, for' the weak. Our Daddy's will live on. Don't for him, smile for him. Valentine''s Day. _. We love you and miss: u. Lil Sam, Ashley,: 'neshia,' Samari, Mari' Sa'Darian. Happy 22nd birthday. From, family and f rie nds. .. Happy Valentine's Day ; Daddy, Rickey Byrd. With : ,. lots of love. From, mommy and Little Miss Happy Valentine's the man I love. Baby, you so much. Mrs. Dupree. ,'1" Roses are red violets are blue, just letting you know we 're truly missing you -Happy Valentine's Day, Bae From, your littl e sister, Val e ncia .-,:,. To m'y baby b oy, : Garfield, keep your head : up and stay, focused. Love 4lways:-mom, Shameka and Thameka, Shika, Iacia, Ciera, ICr.era and Jam_aal. Only the Happy birthday, Eric. Your secret admirer. Happy Valentine's Day Reginald From the love of your life; yb_ur fiancee, Dominique, beautiful daughter, Skyler. .. Yes, CUI you can see ""e are CUI. and w#l to ... '''''l.orrnnar each day. So al you on the can just watch -CUI we cekbrate this special Valentine's Day. Ms. Jazzy. I love you


... We f!!ann"t Really A.nyb"dy With Wh"rn We Never Laugh. DFUDA And ARTHUR WIGGINS Although you can't always believe what you've heard, believe what you see. 'I;'rue love, good health, and happiness! Happy Valentine's Day "Bay." From, your wife (yes, his wife) and kids. See you real soon! Oh, and to those who are .. tunned, here's another ...... v .. ,.. If you look a little you can even see the Close your mouth!! What we had a year ago is nothing compared to what we have now. Look we're here to stay. ....... ... -who -plan what is good find love :and faithfulness. 14:22 .. '. Happy birthday Drak E and Black Boi ... From, Liz. \} .. ::' .. Some like-us a,;d couldn't do it. C-Boo y'all know aboitt ui Stunt once, _stunt stay stuntin, nothing nice. Happy Valen-tine's Day to my better half. "TT :c c )> "TT m m :c c: )> :c -< _!') 1\) 0 o .....,.,


!., > a: <( ::l a: m w LL. iCC c a: LL. c a: LL. c z <( c (/) w ::l t-> a: w > w c w :I: (/) :::i m ::l 0. z i= w ..J ..J ::l m w z .i= z w (/) <( c a: 0 ..J LL. c I CD ,.. w Happy Valentine's Day to you David. Love you so much. Don't think we don't" : 'miss you ; ; Love, Pookie, Mom and. : the Family. ... 'Don,t Forget To c Yourself. -It's been a year sine u've been gone and y ou truly missed. Love, your sisters and broth e r s and other family : members. Happy Valentine's to our other, Claudia Rivers. ,. From her children,. : CoKetha, Trezell, Lacoya Patrick. Also, Rechece, and the Mitchel( Valmtim's Day: How Do Women Cope With_ The Man Not BeingAround. QUEEN MILLER STEPHANIE BROWN-GILMORE BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer .. Valentine's Day is a day when c ouples share affectionate gifts and reflect on their relationships. It's also a time to be thankful that your loved one is with you. A few women were asked how they coped with their: husbands not being around on Valentine's Day. Queen Miller: (Floyd Miller) "I was young at the time and he was involved in World War II. I recall going to work as usual, but I really missed him being around. He was g one for 2 years, but we stayed in touch with each other through the mail. "We wrote how much we misse d each other, and when he returned, we had to immediately find a place to live. The V.A. h e lp e d us build our first home, and that's where I'm l iving today." Candy Lowe: "I want every on e to know that si n g l e women have problems as w e ll It's a lonely time of the year when you don't have someone. You don't know if you'll get a card or any recognition. Even if you have s om e one special in your life, you just don't know. "Throughout the years, my thing is not CANDYLOWE GUSSIE LIVINGSTON knowing what the man is going to do. I hear a lot of talk about Valentine's Day, and when you're not with someone, it means nothing. That's not good and it's not a happy; time." Stephanie Brown-Gilmore:" "I always thought this was a special day of renewal to their promise will always be there. Whether or not, there will :be things that' pull you apart. It all goes to the. strength of the marriage and. helps cope absence of their spouse. "Thi s Valentine's Day, I'll be the one who will not be home. This will b e our first one apart, He a lways bestows a lot of gifts ori m e. I don't know what to expect so I'll try to deal with it the best I can." Gussie Livingston: "My husband was in the service. Because we were secure in our relationship, w e w ere strong. We put too much emphasis on being together for that day. My hus band was in the Army, and we missed a lot of holidays together have to seek your inner strength to cope with the man not being around. This is a loving day, but it's a lso a fun day. It can be fun just to visi t a nursing home and cheer som e on e e lse up. Valentine's Day to m e is sharing the lov e with everyone."


VALENTINE eeNeEftT .......... ....:. .. "T1' ::rJ .. C $ar!,:Biuts .l}opil. Concert To Creatt -r. A l .. ?ij. :AWaktn MemiJrks 0 it. 'tat .. BYIRISB HO L1'01,'J -.:Programmer for WMNF FM Since its.inception, the _Sentinel Staff Writer -Station said, "This is -African Am-erican church ,, ., _..._ largest touring set of soul -has served as first stage. If on;e .were to ask a blues superstars I've ever. :for m any artists. Some scholar to define the blues; seeri: It includes legendary have gone on" fo remain in. -that person would probably singers such -as Bobby Blue gospelaiena while oth describe it as a style of music Bland to the yom1gest such ers have crossed over to popular during the early 20th as Sii-Charles Jones. secularmusic. century by Black artists. That "I've been in this business Benny :began person would also probably since 1968 and these are the singing in his church choir say the blues is composed of people I consider real blues sad songs, thus its name. :i The blues is music in Charleston, Tennessee at However / true blues ltivers that was born and raised in the age of 14. He was hopeknow that the blues cannot be hearts, minds, and souls of lessly hooked on performso easily categorized. It's Black America. The_ people ing, but couldn't make a more than music it's a feeling who come to the show are move until he graduated that the listener hears with going to experience a _real from high school. His parBENNY LATIMORE his heart and bonds .. with 'for-taste of what this music was _ents sent him Tennessee the charts. Latimore said, .-<-..: ever. intended to be. This show will State University, but he "Let's Straighten It Out" ftMorwarfid there. On Wednesday, Valentine's be a life-altering experience dropout out. was one of his greatest hits. Y wi e IS om Tampa and Day (February 14th), 'the for those who are riot familiar "It's a great song and 1t has relatives there, so combl t T "My parents were -ues IS commg o ampa with the blues and it will recontinues to be a favorite of ing to Tainpa is like coming with a lineup of some of the awaken cond memories of the pointed, but I told them I h most talented entertainers 11 9idn't want to waste their people today. People can orne. imaginable. The show will be money. They understood identify with it." During the childhood of held at the St. Pete Times Sou.lman said. and told me that 1 could Latimore considers him-.Bobby "Blue" Bland Forum. He further stated that the always come home and go a student of huinan. :_there no radio .where Those .appearing on the b 1 h 'th. t d h to scho ol Th.ere we re ma n Y nature arid .pays' attention he lived in the co'u'ntry. But show include: Bobby Blue ues as WI s 00 c anges the mus d t y nd t1'mes I w .as 1nthe pho-ne to people ta:lking_ around--he .the .old Bland, sease, Mel IC. m us r a Waiters, Sir Charles survived in tact. This show is about to make that him.-Listening,.along with-: hymns Theodis .Ealey, destined to transcend time call, but 'I stayed with it," his personal experiences to when. he w 'as a .. Benny Lati:thore, Shirley. and merge the past with the Latimore said. sometimes come togetheriD, .. $mall child. And .-;..-Brown, and Bobby Rush. present for the trJle lovers of The first recorded song the lyrics of a song: that he wanted to be a part Soulman, the 88.5 Blues the blues. that did well on charts -Latimore.said everyofthat good feeling. -.,_. .,. ... ,,.,.-; -. and s a result of that hit, relationship, is going _to be-He began s{:hging' in .Driver's License S uspended? REVOKED FOR 5 YRS ?? _Get a VALID License W ithi n 2 Months Call CAPS (813) 250-0227 N o w A lso Assisting with: ACCIDENTS w/NO INSURANCE and other ..JUDGEMENTS cck; Job Readiness Training i ifr = dri I '.'1 ,:;: .Career :R.esource Center OF TAMPA, I!'D. j ., .. : 'Is ThisYou???? I ,, .. !J <:' -. Ex-offender, Transportation .and Childcare Problems, '. Work History, or Interview Troubles!!! S tepp fllg will you to :; Ca. 1 .. r:oT.19'Z9 TOBA Tampa Organization or Bla c k Affairs Alpha l(appa Alpha Sorority House 4 1 2 East 7th Avenue T (/) m z ::! z m c: r r m.,. -t z "0 c: m r c;;::J: m c m < m ::rJ -< -1 c: m (/) c J:lo < -. )> < Z c "T1 ::rJ c '18. 263 1 E Lak e Ave Tampa, F lorid a 336 1 0 (Be hind the N e h e miah Lnund r y M a t) B uildin g Liv es Buildin g Com munity Phon e: (813) 248-9738 Ext 106 Space I s Limit ed. Register Tod ay! .a..CIJ Membership applic a tions \\'ill h e arailahk al tht t .nccling-. Reporter Iris B. Holton can b e contacted at (813) 248-1921 or by e-mail at. ..... iris@jlsentine l.com. c


1"-0 c' C' o; > a: <( :J a: m w LL >"' ic:( c a: LL > ic:( C a: u. c z <( c C/) w :J 1-> a: w > W c w :::z::: C/) ::::i ID :J D. z i= w ...1 ...1 :J ID ...=. w z 'i= ffi C/) <( c a: 0 ...1 LL .. SOME LOVE LASTS A LIFETIME BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer As Valentine's Day approaches, couples throughout the land will be exchanging gifts. And while somerelatioriships are in the beginning stages, others have survived for decades. Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Altamease) Hamilton, (who have been married for 46 years), exchanged wedding vows on June 8, 1960 after "courting"-for several years. Mrs. Hamilton said, "I believe .. in long courtships because it gives the couple a chance. to really know each other and for a friendship to develop and grow We respect each o ,ther because respect is so v ery important in a relationship "Like all couples, we don't always agree on everything. But, we learned to without being disagreeable," Mrs. Hami,tot! said. Mr. Hamilton said, "I believe that in a marriage, each 'persoii' should be allowed to be an individual. It's important to have rate interests and to support' each other's interests and individuality." ,.. They enjoy traveling, love children, share strong and deep belier'in Christ in their .lives, and their MR. AND MRS. ROBERT (ALTAMEASE) HAMILTON gious convictions. Both are tionship. Nothing-is perfect, members of St. James and it doesn't just happen House Of Prayer Episcopal You have to work at it, have Church. a strong faith in God and go The Hamiltons also to church." share the belief of prepar-Sykes said their 32-ing the next generation to year marriage incorporates become strong, productive the things that share and adults. "Robert's philosoenjoy as well. High on that phy is that there is always list is the love of dancing a child in need of being and football. They are sealoved and our home has-son ticket holde.rs to never been without chil-Buccaneer games and trav-. dren. We have been perenel to Tallahassee to watch nial parents to several gen-Florida A & M University erations. of children, Mrs. play as well. Hamilton said. Members of St. Peter Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Claver Catholic Church, (Frances) Sykes Will cele-Mr. and Mrs. Sykes are brate their 33rd wedding th. e parents of 3 adult anniversary on June 29th. daughters Mrs. Sykes said, "A long Rev. and Mrs. Eddie marriage requires patience (Geraldine) _Nunn were and working on the rela-when the' y MURDER, A1TEMPTED MURDER DRUG TRAFFICKIN_G/DELIVERY /POSSESSION SEX CRIMES CHILD ABUSE AGGRAVATED BA 1TERY /ASSAULT ROBBERY, BURGLARY, THEFT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BOND HEARINGS VIOLATIONS OF PROBATiON (VOPS) JUVENILE OFFENSES ALL OTHER FELONY OFFENSES ALL MISDEMEANOR OFFENSES ALL TRAFFIC OFFENSES ALSO HANDLES: FORMER STATE FELONY PROSECUTOR-DEPT. OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES/ JUVENILE DEPENDENCY CASES : OVER A DECADE SERVING FLORIDA'S GULF COAST .. DOWNTOWN TAMPA OFFICE20 1AsT KENNEDY BOULEVARD, SUITE 1610 TAMPA. FLORIDA, 33602 (CORNER OF KENNEDY AND FRANKUN) -... THE HIP/NO OF A LAWYF.R IS AN IMPORTAflfr OECISION WHICH SHOULD NOT BE BASEOSOI..ELYON AOVER'TlSDII!WTS. BEFORE YOU OEC/OE, ASK THE TO SENO YOU FPEE WRITTEN INFORMAT70N ABOUT HIS OUAUFTCA T70NS ANO XP6RIENCE. 813.222.8979 ON CALL 24 H O U R S ------MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH (FRANCES) SYKES REV. AND MRS. (GERALD INE) SR. exchanged wedding vows apply .. them to your life.;; on October 6, 55 years ago. That's what makes it last," 'lbday, they are the parents Rev. Nunn said. of 5 children, 12 grandchil -Mrs. Nunn added, "You dren, and 1 -great grand-must also be committed to child. yo -ur we9ding-vows. it' s For them, the key to an about each other. You can'tmarriage .. : is have a selfishness attitude prayer, respect. for each -.in. .. other, and putting the other Re. .... d Mr N b fi Y an s. unn are person e ore yourself. th S p d Fir t "You have to move self eruor as r an 8 from self. It' s not about you -. anymore. You must read MissiOnary Baptist Church the scriptures a nd then: 501 E. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 1225 r---1 Tampa, FL 33602 Phone#; (813) Th hiring or a lawyer isM hnp.>rtlllll decisipn and should not be based tldvenlscuull1S.,Bc!f'dnt you docido. :.Sk US tO Sll\d )'OU f .... wri,nen infoimatiou :tnd


. ...... LOeAL One of Tampa's best was Bowl victory. Wright is a in South Florida helping barber at Foster's Barber the Indianapolis Colts pre-Shop located at 1923 W. pare for their Super Bowl Main Street in West win over the Chicago Tampa. Bears. He stayed in the team Juran Bolden who were in Miami for the game. Wright even found time to trim the eyebrows of Dungy's wife, Lauren .. -"I had initially called Dungy just to congratu. late him on winning the AFC title, and I asked him if there was anything I could do to helphim out. He told me to. con tact to take care of them before eral Baltimore Ravens the game. before their 34-7 victory in According to Wright, Super Bowl XXXV in Dungy saw to it that. Tampa. everyone, even the "I'm still undefeated from the Indianapolis Colts becau 'se the Colts did win. .staff had tickets t o the It probably dawned on Colts head coach Tony hotel in Coconut Grove Dungy, and defensive line-trimming up seyeral Colts man Anthony "Booger" players including cornerMcFarland invited Tampa back Nick Harper, Ben Wright to : as as. come give the team Ba):: cuts before the Colts SuperMi-chael and Booger to set everything Super Bowl and .hotel them afterthe game about accommodations, at what I told them,"' said team hotel. Wright didn't Wright. "It wasn't about attend the game, but s "ays the money or tickets to the he was glad to help D_imgy Super Bow l. ljust wanted any way he could. to help Coach Dungy out While cutting the Colts -any way that I '? said player's hair, Wright Reporter I Writer informed them that he was Antione Davis can be 1-0 when it came to giving reached at (813) 248-the winning Super Bowl 1921. He can also be team pre-game haircut. reac/J,ed at Wright cut the hair of sev-ad.avis@jlsentinel.com. SISTER ROSS Spiritual Readings She will answer all your questions. Can and will put you on the path to success & happiness. Love, Money, Career, Health. Help on all matters of life. Results in one visit. ... .. Call Now! (813) 851-3511 1900 Sligh Avenue (Between Rome & Armen ia) cdC lab,,+ I OF TM 1PA. INC ; o<.t.-lr:: : r t .:11 II LET YOUR EYES AND FINGERS WORK Sewers Needed!!! Tired of those jobs that gets you no whi,n '! Lo ., working with HANDS AND FAilRIC:S'? Career Advant"cmcnt 40 I K a tier I y.:ar LET CDC OF TAMPA SUO\\-' YOU IIOW TO 1 lS: YOUit .,\NJJ n:"'ltO .. :RTII':S t "OR A ( 7AH.:F.R. :1Jc: OFT A'MPA IS NU\V l:'li Til F. Of' RF.CRtliTl:"i(; Sew If you love working with FABRICS have an eye for detail Vacation time after 90 days Enjoy working "\\ith others Looking .for .a <:;AREER Holidays after 90 days CONTACT Karen Daley or Terry Limehouse Today! At (813) 248;-9738 l:o:xt 103/106 Lo.cati_on: 7631 E. Lake-Ave Tampa. Florida 8ullding,.l1ves, Building Community Candy Lowe Business Tour BUSINEss 4:j Tour of Black Businesses .. : Of Our Local Business Owners < ,,;.; -: DepartUre at 9 Mik, Then join us back at the Historical Harbor Club at 1 p.m for our special Black History Month Celebration!!! Live e ntertainment: Gospel, Jaiz ; Steppers and a Special Reenactment of Important Historical Black Heroes and Local Authors BBQ and fish Fry Out On The Patio Fun For the Entire Fami up," said Wright. "Both Booger and Dungy are regular customers when they are in town. They set me up with a room in the team hotel, and I was able. !Get More Lf?ve In YourLifi! We all want more love. Between seeking it, courting it, and nurturing it,.we spend the better part .of a lifetime engaged in an all. out quest for affection. We moment or person ean con-Love Y?urself First. tain. Rather; it's a force Love always begins with -. that piques: our curiosity, generosit y toward yourself. tests our instincts, and It has to. You can onl y give surprises us-:-even when what you have. when you .. we have known it all our .. can in yearn for partners who lives then: you can give love and -; adore us, kids who worship receive love unconditional-us, and friends who cele-Make a ly. Happy Day! brate us. Tauglit to see love as something that happens when we're good and deserving, we're utterly lost without it. The search leaves us at the mercy of circumstance. If we're to. WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH! We can prevtde vau with the fallaWinu Cash Closing 4 Day Closing Same Dav OHer --------Wt will PUI ap I ltD-rtflldllllt dtPtslltf $2500.00 ltslluw In 111d flhlllllalwt will cltltVtar PrtPtrtv. Donl wail, call or email Todav! The Home Investors Group, Inc. our we're DlrV MIIDDI. "in" love.' When the conn ec-L--::: tion is broken; we';e out. We don't think of love .as existing on its own -but it does. Love transcends the people and things that pass through our lives a s well as the ups and downs .?f relationships. It's an entity in itself, an ing, presence When we choose to live -and lov e unconditionally, embracing ourse lves, other people, even the world at large, we find freedom. We feel at once more rooted grounded, confident and buoy ant, less vulnera ble to stress, fear, anxiety, disappointment and jeal ousy. In a word, we b ec ome our best selves. Love plays a far greater role tha n any single BR THER'S .; .GRAPHICS/ .;1248 E .:: Hillsborough .Suite#206 ., r o '::D c > (/)I m Z z m r I m c: r r m c: m r (i) :::t m C m ::D -<. c: m (/) c > z o ., :!! c "'0 > C') m .... co c


""' 0 0 N > a: <( :J a: IXl w u... <( c a: u.. 8 a: u.. c Q en w :J > a: w > w c w :I: en :::::i IXl :J D. z i= w ..J ..J :J IXl I ..J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J u.. c I 0 N w (!) VALENTINE TRIVIA ing stimulates oxyamount. al sources of Vitamin E. tocin, a_pleasure horThe right supplements Romantic Scents CanSet The Stage mone; Not only do and foods can enhance cir-they determine the culation and oxygenation physicaL differences and get the hormones mov-betweeh men and .ing. Foods include plenty worpen --they also fresh fruits, vegetables, guide our sexual whole grains, and legumes, thoughts and pas-and include cold-water fish sions. As unpre-for its omega-3 essential dictabJe as our emofatty acids. tioris, our hormpne levels fluctuate daily as well as monthly. The most abundant hormone in the body, DHEA, is produced in the adrenals and is the building block for an s ex-related including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. A multifunction powerhouse, DHEA improves immu nity, mood, and libido, and even strengthens muscles. lJnder stress, :. and with age, it is also ; first adrenal hor-mone to begin to diminish. Testosterone is active and important in boosting libido in both men and women, though women have a Presents Vitamin E contributes to tissue hydration while enhancing circulation and oxygenation of the blood. Choose unrefined coldpressed HAROLD, JONES We often see the term "aromatherapy" and associate it with candles, soaps or bath salts. But the study of scent dates back thousands of years. The pure and authentic essential oil contain unique healing properties and does wonders for a romantic atmosphere as welL Here are a few oils to help create that special atmosphere. : To help promote calm and relaxation' select chamomile, lavender, myrrh, neroli, and valerian,... For romance, floral scents such as rose, jasmine, ylang can help set the stage. More earthy. scents are sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli. If yot,l choose to send Valentine's Day cards, you can them special with a drop or' your oil. Chocoiate Place-... One of the.candiesgiven on Valentine's Day i ; Chocolate. It is rich in minerals, flavonoids, and in its purest processed form, its .. ponents has health values such .as impf.eMi:ng OUr teeth, .. mental focus, alertness, mood. TOBA. Tampa Organization of, Black A fthlrs The Tampa Organization of Black Affairs (TOBA) wi)r be holding its 2007 elections for new bo.1rd Saturday, February 10, between 9 A. M. and 1 P.M., at the AKA House, 412 East 7th 'Avenue (corner of 7th Avenue and Central Avenue),' TOBA all members,. in good standing, to yote : during this For more Information, please contact TOBA at l813J 874-8622 or hv email a _t: tobamemher@toba-network.org. ,-


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