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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 62, no. 51 (March 13, 2007)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
March 13, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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62 Years In The Tampa Bay Area Jaguar Receiver Fa Grand Theft Charge SEE STORY ON PAGE 23 INSIDE THIS EDITION Parent .Of The Year' SEE PAGE 14 Community Event To Benefit Students SEE PAGE 2 -' Warrant Issued For CD Counterfeiters SEE PAGE 23 4Charged In -' Drug Sting SEE PAGE 23 -r ,. ,.., '" ,. ., TEACHER OFTHEYEAR Mrs. Jacqueline Chaney-Wilson, center, is the 'Teacher of the Year at Howard W. Blake High She is not_ only an academic teacher, but also teaches lessons in life. Captured recently on the West Tampa Mrs. Chaney-Wilson. is shown. with two st_ u .dents who. congratulated her o n being schooi4S teacher .of the / year: Djamentha Calonge and Dione Dennard. (Photograph by Jerry Brunson)


(") ,... :::z::: (.) a: < :!: >"' FEATURES And Philip shore Elementary Schools Are Finalists. For Award BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor (/) W Tampa's Lomax and Philip Shore Magnet Elementary_ c a: LL c Z < c (/) w :::J .... w > w c w :::z::: (/) :::J m :::J a.. .z i= w ..I ..I :::J m ..J i= z w U) ii: 0 ..I LL Schools are among the three finalists for -the Dr. Ronald Simpson Distinguished Merit Award. The other school is in Connecticut. Several other schools in. the bay area were .named Magnet Schools of Excellence, however, only three will. vie for the merit award. The winner will be,. announced in May in Las Vegas. This award is the top award' given to a magnet school by the N a tiona! Organization of Magnet Schools of America It carries LYNN -ROBERTS New Principal OfLomax SHANAMENIA ... Philip Shore Magnet Principal According to Ms. Roberts, MaryEllen Elia proud. "She Magnet Schools of Excellence wrote the first grant for a $5,000 cash award sponsored by Phale D Hale Education Consulting, Inc. are selected on their commit-Magnet Schools in For the principal at Lomax Lynn Roberts, who became principal just a few weeks ago after serving as assistant principal for 3 years, this is a dream come true for the 100-year-old schooL Lomax and Philip_ Shore will be receiving site visits this week. Lomf,!X is a magnet school in math,_ science and technology. Students take classes in aviation, Cinematog raphy, photography and journalism. ment to excellence, curricu-Hillsborough Comity and just !urn intervention, diversity 2 years ago was in charge of efforts, and consistent delivMagnet Schools ery of quality service to all Last year, Philip Shore was school stakeholders. the only school in Philip Shore Principal, Hillsborough County that was Shana Menia is equally' a Magn_et School of excited as she prepares for Excellence, from which the the site visit on Wednesday. Simpson Award nominees a:re "We're 1 of 3 schools up for chosen. the top award in America The theme at Shore is "The among magpet schools," she Arts: Visual, Performing and stated. Communication. It was one Ms. Menia further of the first 3 schools in the ed that both schools loarbeMs. Parker said she's excited about the -award and but she believes her greatest achievement woul

FEATURE Wrongly Convicted Man Reflects On .1st Year Of Freedom -f c: m (/) c > J:J ("), :J: ...... N BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer believing. with others such as Rick o -Walker, Kevin Byrd, and John Stone who were wrongIn 1982, AJ8n Crotzer was handed down a 130-year sen tence for the rape and robbery of a woman and her 12-yearold daughter. But, on January 23, 2006, Crotzer walked out 9f the Hillsborough .'County Courthouse without handcuffs or shackles. He had just been freed aO;er serving 24 years of the sentence. Crotzer had maintained his innocence and was cleared by DNA. I A year .after being exonerat ed, Crotzer has gotten mar-. ried, is working, and_has appeared on national television and radio. shows. He holds. no bitterness arid now dedicates-himself to. telling. his story and inspiring others who. have been wrongly accused, _not to give up. He also shares his story with youngsters in the community. "I have just got to get on with my life. J'm n of looking backw[!.rds," Crotzer said_ However, he is grateful that a core of people believed in his innocence and never stoppe d "QQd has truly blessed me: I wrote to everyone in Florida when I was I wrote to the NAACP, ACLU, churches, attorneys, everyone. Anc;l finally, my letter landed on the desk of Attorney Barry Scheck,. of the Innocence Project of New York, "Sam Roberts was an intern at the time and he took the letter to Attorney David Menschel. But later, the Innocence Project terminated my contract because they couldn't find any additional information. "But Sam and David believed in my innocence so strongly that they left the Innocence Project and continued to work on my case for three years. "Then, someone found 5 slides from the original rape case taped to the back of a file that contained 3 or 4 sheets of paper. The slides were sent to California for testing and ,the partial results cleared me."J call those slides the hand of God. The case was more than 20 years old and should have "221 1467 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & Scott St. Tlle 01 A l awver I s An Important Decr slon Tha i Shoul d H o i Be Based Solely U pon Adverusernenls.Belore V a u Oeclrle A s k The l awve r To Send Vou free lnlormaUon AllauiThetr Qua lifications RM !Kperle n c e 1 .. fully convicted and released after serving more than a decade in jail. The year' since his release has been a .}earning experi-. ence "It's difficult sometimes, even navigating becomes a burden b _ecause in prison there is only northand south. : My wife has been very heipful. She says I'ni too neat (prison inspections) and that I turn the lights off ?,t 11 p .m." He met his new wife, Quebella, last July and they were married on February Alan Crotzer is shown with friends walking the 17th. They had their honeystreets of.St. Petersburg as a free man. He served 24 moon in New York. .. years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. For the past 3. months, (Photograph by Vance Jacobs). Crotzer has been working in be d t d "h d McClat'n worke. d on h 1s the City of. St. Pe_tersburg en es roye e sal Parks Department. And while : In addition to his family and behalf in the background. "t' t t h ;n friends, three St. Petersburg Crotzer said he believed 1 s no ye permanent, e Is 0 sisters, Ms. Pearl Daniels, what impressed the attOrneys grateful to ASsistant' Mayor :r Ms. Margie James, and Ms. and convinced them of his Gqliath Da'vis_for.helping. Sharon Watson believed he innocenc.e even before .the ,him find employroent :. -was innocent. Crotzer said DNA results was the fact that ; But for now, Crotzer pi an -he didn't know women he carried his trial transcripts to continue telling his prior to his arrest. with him. He still possessed .and. acce-pting_ speakin Ms. Jenny Greenberg, of them 20 years after the trial. requests. "I guess I'm be tt the Florida Innocence Project, He has traveled all over the at speaking than at anythi1 \ and Attorney Marty country to speak and met else:" How c a n y o u compete f o r my business i f y o -. -. my .,. \ \ e companies want et in the cable television bu they're really picky ut their stomers. They people those who wi 1t most from the low of competition. Wek what this is another q f ... \ .. :... \ Ad Pnid For By rr 0 m < m J:J -< -f c: m (/) R' -c. > z c ., .:E c ,, ... ;.,.. r (., }


l: 0 a: '<( ::e ).;' ic( c en w :;:) t-9 a: LL c z <( C en w :;:) ._t-ii: w > w c w ::r:: en ::::i m :;:) D. z i= W ..J ..J :;:) m .. ..:. w z i= z ... w en .:-. <( c a: o ..J LL EDITORIALS I COLUMNS FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202) 22D72tal Avenue, Tall'l' Florido 33605 (813) 248 1921 f'IJbliohed Every Tueoday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co Member of NatkmaJ Newspaper PubUshers AssocWttK>n (NNPA) ond Amalgamated Publisher&, Inc., New York. C 1 9o CP Tlmeln l emallonal Send Addreoa Change To: "''T ... -florlda"Sentlnel Bulletin, P O Box 3363 fempA. FL 33801 Period;eai Poalage Pald AI T"':"a, FL : jAn18rlcan HistOrY OUght TO ae Colorblll'ld I .. w-.----------l (Series) Luther King, Jr. through the :' : spoke of that dream deeply sacrifice of those slaves, the '::_ : us .was and has rooted into the American ancestors of Black people in c.aLriHEANoREWS,JR.,CHAIRMAN : always been on target, Dream, he was .in the 1776 Tampa, Ft. Myers, and other ally when He streets of Boston. He was Florida communities: But .\ : said, ''Know the truth for the quoting Thomas they do-riot explafn: truth shall make you free." "We hold these truths to be things in all of the school dis-. Subscriptions$44 .0D-P9( Year Both Editions: N te d b "d If "d t th t .:..11t 1 t Fl d d .. $87.0D-PerYearQneEdltion 0 grea r a VICe can e SIU se -eVJ. e:o._ ... .!i menJU:e ... r c S : ._lD. ... on a .. an Opnono -od on odllortal pegea of IIIII newop-by ColomrOoll or Ou.ljYri-, do no1...,....,;iy reflecllhe odHOllalall!nee of The Florida Senllnol Bullodn or lhe f'lmllolw jvotliig 18 The Best Revengell rom all accounts, less than 30,000 City of Tampa 'voters turned out for the Mareh 6 election. That ::: figure is close to the total nUJilber of registered. Black voters in the City of Tampa. Yes, Black voters did not go to the polls in the last two elections in rep resentative numbers. _In fact, voter turnout was dismal in general, _and disastrous for Black voters, in particular. Perhaps, Blacks will vote when they realize, that of the 1.9 million votes that Americans cast during the 2000 presidential election, half of the rejected ballots million) were cast by Black voters! Perhaps, Black voters will get even and go to the polls when they realize that of the 179,855 ballots invalidated in Florida during the 2000 presidential election, {!3% of them were cast by, you guessed it, Black vot. ers in addressing the problem of created equal, endowed bythroughout -thisnation. teaching American History. if there is one unit that mahenable. rights, amcmg tfiese cnlel yr-i:Uiticesemerge. needs to be universally .li&, addressed in teaching the' pufsUit'of hapjnhess.'1 the rin9-f990s for the American History, it ought That is why hanging the por: teaching of History as to be The Am-erican trait' of Robert E. Lee an:d :well:. as': the Holocaust, Revolution, especially as it other Confederate heroes in :explaining what Adolph relates to the Declaration of courthouses is most unjust. Hitler did to Jewis4 peop l e Independence. This docuBlack slaves, the ancestors in World War IL Blacks parment really can be called the of Black people living in this ticipated heroically in those Bible of Americanism nation today, fought in the. battles in Europe in World because the principle it conAmerican Revolution to help War II to help liberate and tains defines the valu es this make Jefferson's words, as free those who survived the nation stands upon. Let us stated'by Dr. King become a deathly gas chambers. (To be not forget that when Dr. reality. This nation won its continued ) If You _:.Nead A Passport \. --"" In truth, we don't know what it will take to get Black people to polls. But Sen. Les Miller missed a congressional seat because of poor Black voter turnout. We.hope we don't mis. s an _opportunity to have two Black City Council because of this. people feel MeanwhiJe,-research has shown that_the Black vote need a pa.Ssport ing by air from .Canada, being hosted by the Tampa Mexico, the Caribbean, and Post Office on Saturday, Bermuda, are required to. March 24th, from 8 a :m. have a passport or other until 12 noon. Itwm take accepted document that place at the Egypt Shrine establishes that person's Temple, 4050 Dapa Shores determines winners in .close elections. Tliat same.. ess they are research also has&hown that Black folks tUrn out 'to planning an inte.rnational vote when mobilized around issues that affect them trip. But, thanks to terrorpersonally. ists, threats of terrorists, and. We believe there: is nothing more personal than threats of future terrorists, where Black-s -will live, if withili the City the horizon for traveling is limits continues without' giving thought tohow the changing. current residents. Will be able to afford to stay in their It has been rumored that' 'neighborhoods. Certainly, there is nothing more per-in the future, people will so'nal fQr Black than having a job that enables need passports to travel them to surVive orhaving political representation where they previously did that enable thein to be heard. not. Most of the time, rumors We, need to get 'even, for all of the votes that have are just rumors and should been taken from' Us, And we need to get even by doing be taken with a grain of salt. .. BY VOTING AGAIN! But, when -organizations, "!'Here's our')iuggestion. Go to the polis in record especially governmental number. Pr&Ve that your vote counts when least organizationS start proVicli.Jlg expected. March 27th is the right time for Black vot-.. opportul:!.ities to obtain passers to surprfse 'everyone. So, go out and vote, for ports; then it is probably 8weetrevenget !: : more than a rumor. :. ... Information that crossed my desk recently verified that the rumor is now fact. On January 23rd of this year, "all persons-including U. S. citizens-travel-identity and nationality to Drive. / enter the United States. The purpose of the fair is Simply put, you now need to help first..:tim e appliers a passport to leave the coun make it through the process try and you need a passport in a timely manner. The to return to the country. It's change in regulations has .' not clear what will happen if apparently caused a backlog you manage to leave without for the passport one. agencies. Those who wish to Maybe you'll be do omed to renew. passports can take live the .rest of your life in advantage of this event as limbo a person without a ,, w e ll... country. And, bthers who:.. speak-for anyo'ne had a country at one time or: .:_; saw;the Writing o:n. another will-probably join. -the:waU a long.timeago you in theJinited: .Land of.--What'nnorel tieltctha1fthere Limbo. i l T .; ; z :' ,iwas' SOule t;r.ut;i;1u-: 11be::rtJJri.or But I digress. : :, tfghttjirt:ng t :-.of Anyway, those who wish to restrictions at i '\U(;} .. : obtain passports can attend So; if. you need a passport; a Passpo!t Fair. (bel. you might want to &eck never heard of _o:i:te). the Fair. NAACP. Is Right To COurs81 ,I Julian Bond was right on target when he said, Wrhe 'struggle conthiueS.,; For, the. NAACP's job isn't done, yet. Continued discrimination in employment, housing,' public accommodations, education and hate crimes require that some Black organizations continue to "watch the hen house." Everyday, news accounts _reJ)9rt how the "sly foxes" of prejudice, harassment and discrimination are still circling around America's. corporate, public and educational The re&egregation of the American school system (under the guise of choice) in is a full time job, not to speak of the increasing reports of hate crimes and liDJiering job 1 w e the decisiQn _of the National .n.""''"'aation for the Advancement of Colored (NAACP) president, Bruce Gordon, to re,sign as head or the organization, we believe the NAACP's board of directors made a wise decision "to stay the course" hi relll1lining an advooacy organizat_ion Gordon's haye NAACP social senrJces met oppos1ilon from 1ts boai'd in embers. discrimination. -Remaining:'true to its mission continued the NAACP's thrust durlng its early years. The< National Urban League was born, a year after the. NAACP, as an outgrowth of a "gentleman's agreement" between the two organiz'ations. Lore has it that the NAACP W would knock do\Vn doors to segregation and discrimiwhile the Urban League w11s to prepare .Black a.; people to walk throUgh the doors. However, providing social sei"Vices would cause the NAA C P not to focus on these issues, thereby creating the potential for Black America to lose the few sociBl and economic gains made. Every city in America has at least 20 social service orgapizations and numerous churches attacking unemployment, AIDS, high school dropouts, drug abuse, student achievement and other social ills. Therefore, we applaud the NAACP's decision to continue to be the warrior against racism and inequality. in America. Furthermore, we urge our readers to join the NAACP. . -. ... :


COLUMNS -t c: m (/) c I I I I I I I I I I Sentinel Endorses I Gwen Miller : VOTE MARCH. 27th I The Rise Of A Stonhll problem. with in her .well-mascared eyes, a Storms has the Tallahassee newcomer : ,. never been that she explained how, as an attorwas unbelievable. Tothe con-ney, she represented a young tracy, the problem has always woman who'd allegedly been been that she w -as fanatical. raped from age 5 to 16. Said And now she's gone to Storms, "Working with her I Tallahassee, her Il)adness has became sensitive to the a window on the world! issues .. The Senator contin.. Comes now, State Seit. ued. by telling how the young Ronda Storms .with a bill woman's family attempted to that at fir-st glance, has stop the abuse, but for rea-_-nered ground-swell support. sons not divulged, was unable She and her allies. to sto p the abuser, who later_ in propose legis, went on to commit other sexlation which would force ual crimes. "I'm not judging health care workers arid abor-the family," confided Storms, tion clinics to take DNA sam"but if the family had chosen pies from children younger> to prosecute, another family than the age of 16 who get would have been pregnant; regardless of opinIt's a decision that should be ion-or privacy. .made somewhere else,': she At first glance; y ou could said. And for the first time in see why Storms' .-my life, I agreed with Ronda was welcomed with op.en Storms! arms. A State Supreme Court I was referring to Storms' had already decreed sex with statement that decisions a younger than 16 year!) regarding such matters. as the of age was a crime. Therefore, one that beset the young the bill; which. womahwho'd been abused would mandat.e .local since she. was 5, s.hould be enforcement to be notified of decided elsewhere. But I did such sexual "contact within 24 not agree with Storms that it hours, and._that such notificashould be decided by legislatjon would be, ultimately fortive law. Consider, if passed, war4ed .tp the Florida such a law would have the D_epartment ::-of .-Law power to "revoke, suspend or E_nfot:cement .. for c-riminal deny the license of any abor. apprehension-, wo.uld seem-' tion clinic or healthcare pro even.to an infant .: no _more fessional who failed to comply than logical or,:rjght. Right? with it." Said Storms "If a Not so fa.st said an advocate --pregnancy o r aborti,on is on Karen reported to law enforcement Woodall said, "I ; think as clear. evidence of a sex Storm's proposal to mandate crime, the victim's permission taking of DNA samples is a would not be required for violation. of privacy." Said prosecution." And therein lies Woodall, "It: sounds like it's the double-traumatizing the vic-Love it or leave it, our tim also (because) if someone nation is based upon the pre chooses to go-that route to cepts of democracy ... not simtheir attacker, that's one ply for a few, but democracy thing. But it's another thing for all! Yes, that means even to require it under the law." young women who become The Women's Rights advocate pregnant before the age of 16! A NeW Generation Of Blacks. l< == l> :::0 0 ::::1: ..... ,!,.) 1\) 0 f Blacks are no longer and proud, and if don't get goose pim ples over Black being beautihoods and had friends from other races Eating places, movie theatres, hotels and motels, schools and opportunities have always been open to them. They know nothing or almost nothirig about signs ing the weight of racism, se-gregation, injustices and denied opportunities. ful, there is a reason l'or that. That is because there is a new breed of Black folks ascending upon today's world. Don't be shocked because there are Black people who don't get involved in the Civil Rights Movement. That is because they never experienced the Civil Rights Movement. Today, many Blacks didn't forget their history, it's just that they never knew it. The new generation of Blacks hasn't forgotten where they canie from. As far as they know, they came from today's world. that read ':Blacks only.' or 'whites only.' They know nothing about the back door or thE! back seat on public transportation. They have no real idea of police brutality, being attacked by vicious police dogs or beingwashed away by powerful water hoses. r The lack of this knowledge and experience has created a new breed of Black folks who are not very familiar with the age-old Black struggle. The Civil Rights organization, the teaching-of Black History and the Civil Rights Movement can no longer con tinue to do business as usual. Their strategies must be updated to meet the needs and to get the attention of the new generation of Black people. Forty yea-rs ago, these strategies worke_d. _They worked because no Black was removed from the struggles and evils of the things the Civil Rights Movement sought to cure. These people of today must be made to con. nect the dots between the past and the present in order We need to know and to remember that millions of Black people have never known segregation in the. nude. They have always attended integrated schools, lived in integrated neighbor. This is why the teaching of Black History is more important today than ever before. Mariy Blacks today need to understand that many Black people suffered and died to prevent from experien<:_-"'T'' to get the complete picture. r-. Once this is done, the new g generation of Black folks will r-be able to understand that the battle !s also theirs and. that they need to get involved. !Celebrate struggle, ) ; ; J ; i ) ; i !i n s r BeaUty And semi : .' 't's with much respect. Movements. Havii:i.g 'no-indi-that she's "all of that." But,' .;: that we app!aud rect or direct clue as to how when faced with hard reali. omen's History we should look and/or ty, the life that she'd created Month. There's an old behave, we took it upon our-for herself proved wrong Mexican saying, "A home is selves to model the only even right up to the death of not built upon a foundation, other woman in our pres-her mother whom she'd disbut of a woman." Women. ence. Contrastingly different regarded in her integrated Society, civilized or not, in many ways the assimila-quest for love, beauty' and along with history has tion process would begin happiness. imposed its "dos and don'ts" with our appearance. Liberation i$ liberating. for us; oh heck ,' it has forced Specifically, the Black "In late 2002, the average its way in_ to our homes and American-woman's coarse American woman was 5 feet bedrooms telling 'us how to and nappy black hair set in 4 and weighed 164 p. ounds, where and when to motion her transformation do it and to make matters from "black to white and according to the Centers for d k bl Disease. Control and even more unbending, what ar to onde." It wasn't to wear, and how to look long before Hollywood "got in Prevention. Her clothing when we're doing" it all. on the act" with its Imitation size wa..s 14," TBT .-Black OfLl'f1e "cock d b--11" t American w.omen, celebrate' Well) since we're celebrating -an -WI s ory. and for the mere fact that that movie? your asse.rtive,-beautiful, : now's a better time than any' Essentially, in this movie, feminine, Black American mature women announce' a young Black American self-it's Women's History "Bring. it, fry it up and wo.mfl.n grows up thinking Peace Be Unto You. maybe we can talk. Black American women always been in struggle. We struggled through slavery; the Great Depression, the Civil Rights and "Blaek is Beautiful" "The Voice of Our -l :I. rr. 0 m < m :r:J < -t c: m (/) c l> z-: c "'T'' :a .. 6 [Storms' bill] You are foolish, if you think I .Throughout human history, "seems to be goin'g far into support statutory rape, just people who claim to save us people's. p'rivacy rights.' It as you would be diabolically by enslaving us, a little bit at becomes a criminal thing, a wrong if you believed in any a time, have proven we pf?lice record ... related to the way I supported sexual abuse not give up

,.... 0 0 N C") ..... C ,a: LL. c z <( c C/) w ::;) .... i:i w > w c w ::I: C/) :::J m ::;) Q. z t= w ...J ...J. ::;) m ..!I W z t= z w C/) a: 0 ...J LL. :j Obama Not Riled By Fox Chief's Word Play DAVENPORT, Iowa -Sen. Barack Obama (news, bio, voting record) said Sunday he was not greatly offended by the Fox News chiefs word play about his name that led Nevada Democrats to cancel a presidential debate hosted with the network. Fox's Roger Ailes made a remark last week about the similarities between the Illinois senator's name and al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden. "I didn't take great offense at, the joke," Obama said while campaigning in Iowa. "I have been called worse." At a Radio & Television Directors Association Foundation event in Washingtonon Thursday, Ailes said, "And it is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don't know if. it's true that President Bush called (Pakistani SEN. BARACK O BAMA President Perv.ez) Musharraf and said, 'Why can't we catch this guy?"' according to a transcript pro vided by Fox. The Nevada Democratic Party announced Friday it had canceled an August debate, to be co-hosted by Fox News Channel, and cited Ailes' comment. Man -Arrested, Accused Of Shooting Ex-Girlfriend POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -The man who walked into an appliance company and shot his ex-girlfriend several times Friday, leaving her in critical condition before flee -ing in a car, has turned him self in, authorities said The gunman, 27-year-old Roger Murray, went to Florida Builder Appliances to find the ex-gidfriend, who wo r k s Broward County sheriffs Elliott Cohen said. He then started chasing the woman through cubicles while firing at h e r a8 they both ran, he / .'Tpewoman was shot more than once and was trans-. ..( Deputies surround a vehicle believed to have been driven by a man who walked into Florida Builders Appliances and opened fire. ferred to North Broward Medical Center in critical condition, Pompano Beach city spokeswoman Sandra King said, 5 0 1 Kelme d y Blvd. Suite 1225 FL .. Phone #: (813) 223-3900 The hiring of 1 lawyer is an Important docioion and llhould not be based solei?. upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us t o aend you free wrinen information about our qualifi c ations and experience NATIONAL Churchgoer Slain Before Sunday Service OAKLAND, Calif. -Horrified parishioners watched a man pull out a gun and open fire on a churchgoer as she tried to run away, fatally wounding her just before services began Sunday morning, police said. Tanya McCall, 40, of Vallejo was shot multiple times after arguing with the man in the parking lot of Acts Full Gospel Church in East Oakland, witnesses told police. Paramedics respond ing from the fire station next door pronounced her dead at the scene. McCall, who regularly attended the church, "appar ently knew" the suspect, said Oakland police Sgt. Tony Jones. Parishioners could not hear what the pair were arguing about, and police have yet to identify a suspect, J ones said. Acts Full Bishop Bob Jackson said he and his parishioners are in shock. "The church is supposed to be a safe haven for people to come to and now as yo-., can .see, there are no safe pavens," said Jackson. $27,000 Offered For Missing Georgia Boy After 600 volunteers joined family and law enforcement personnel on Saturday in the search for 6-year-old Christopher Barrios Jr., police said they would scale back the search but not give up looking for the boy Police said Christopher was last seen heading home from a friends house Thursday evening off Canal Road in Glynn County. Police are offering a $27,000 reward for the safe return of Christopher. Police' are calling this an abduction, but haven't issued an Amber Alert because they have no description. CHRISTOPHER BARRIOS JR., "This is an innocent child, out here in the elements. That alone is enough to make anyone help," searcher Gina Helmick said. "I'll go through the woods, creeks and brush. It doesn't matter." Volunteers trekked through knee-high brush and past branches and limbs in their search for the boy.


== ALL ABOUT YOU! ======== Gwen Miller Gets Endorsement TAMPA -Gwendolyn "Gwen" Miller has received the endorsement of newly elected Tampa City Councilmember Rev. Thomas Scott for her reelection to the Tampa City Council District 1. Rev. Scott states, "I am endorsing Gwen Miller because she is the best quali fied person in the race, and we need her 12 years of experience to lead the Tampa City Council." "Councilwoman Miller has demonstrated her proven leadership by serving as Chair of the Tampa City Council for three consecutive years. She has been instrumental in working on many projects to improve Tampa and making it a better place to live such as keeping neighborhoods safe, establishing a new Police Substation, expanding our roads, improving parks and recreational facilities, and working for smart growth and protecting our environment," Rev. Scott further states. Rev. Scott was elected on M.arch 6th to represent. District 5 of the Tampa City Council. Opponent Endorses Miller Julie Jenkins, one of Gwen Miller's in the March 6th election for the Tampa City Council District 1, endorses her. "I had the opportunity to sit down with both Gwen Miller and her runoff opponent. After much consideration, I have decided to endorse Gwen Miller," GWEN MILLER Jenkins stated. Jenkins further says, "Miller is the best choice for the City of Tampa. Miller is committed to smart public/regional transportation; government efficiency, economic development, our and historic preservation and urban development." The runoff election is March 27th. Happy birthday Darryl, a.k.a., DA. Look but don't stare. It would be a low down dirty shame, not to wish this Aries playboy lover a happy 39th birthday. Forever Babygirl. Live, love, laugh. Enjoy your day .. Happy birthday again. JOST TRY IT! I! 1 As Seel) 01) BET1 If You Tbil)k Hair Takes Patiel)ce; You've Never Tried Hair II) AI) Hour WESLEY ALLEN, a.k.a., WOODY 3/14 Happy birthday. From, loved ones. Another Anniversary Happy Anniversary VINCENT And ANGELA HAYNES 1_. ., 5 ::u i5 )> CJ) m z ::::! 7 -1 c: m CJ) c Mr. Cosby and his Mrs. will be celebrating another year of marriage. Even through the thick of the storm we've remained, undivided and stronger than ever. God is definitely good!! I love you Babe. One year ago on this day we made a commitment to each other and became as C one ... No matter what the people say, rmgoing to love i5 you always and forever as one. Love, your wife, Angie. eole's Beauty & Barber, Shop :Gwen Smith, Operator Relaxers Cuts Color Up Dos Press-N-uri For Appt Call Gwen @ 504-1666 -Shop: (813) 242-8763 3407 E. Martin Luther King Blvd


c a: I.L c z c( Q tn w ::;:) 1-w > w c w :z:: tn :::J ID ::;:) D. z ljj .... ,_. :;:) ID ..!. w z .i= z w tn C a: 0 .... I.L 00 w CJ [iQCAL Celebrating ; 718 Native Son Retums Home To Deliver Message At His Childhood Church Thursday March 15th 7:30P.M. Grace Mary MBC ELDER T.J. REED ... Pastor Friday, March 16th 7:30P.M. On Sunday, March 18th at 11 a.m., Minister Kenneth Eugene Rioland, Jr. will deliver the morning message at Pleasant Chapel AME .,_Church, located at 2615 E. Chipco St., Tampa, Rev. Esther Eva, Pastor. The membership will be observing their annual "Family and Friends Day" and are honored to have their native son, Minister Kenneth Eugene Rioland, Jr., eldest son of the late Kenneth Eugene Rioland, Sr. and Johnnie Mae Rioland as the morning messenger Minister Rioland spent his childhood years active in 11 the African Methodist Ste Episcopal Church singing in OITampa 3910 W. Laurel Street Tampa, FL 33607 PASTOR WALLACE Z. BOWERS TWENTY-SECOND .ANNIVERSARY ON SUNDAY, the choir and serving as president of the youth department. Gifted with strong leadership abilities by God, Minister Rioland made his mark in the academic arena as well having served as class president for three of his four high school years. Minister Rioland is a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee, Florida majoring in Business Administration. During his college tenure he served in MINISTER KENNETH EUGENE RIOLAND, JR. Pleasant Chapel AMEChurch Family and Friends Day leadership capacities within the School of Business and Industry and the Student Government Association. He later returned to his home town to accept a position as manager and recruiter for Bank of America in Tampa, making his mark in the corporate arena. Little did he know that God was honing these skills for a greater work. In 1994, Minister Rioland rededicated his life to Christ. He immediately became active with the Trin. ity Gospel Church, Tampa, Rev. Stephen Nunn, pastor. He served as Superintendent of Sunday School and also chair of the Men's Ministry. He was subsequently consecrated and ordained as a deacon. In August 2000, Central Carolina Bank in Durham, North Carolina recruited Minister Rioland as a Human Resource Generalist. He and his family relocated to the Raleigh-Durham area. Shortly thereafter, he united with the First Calvary Baptist Church family where he has continued to grow in the faith. He currently serves as an Associate Minister, Sunday School Teacher and Ministerial liaison of the Male Summit in which he finds great joy and fulfillment. In April 2005, Minister Rioland yielded to the call of the Savior to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a devoted husband and loving father: He believes in being led by the spirit of God and desires to do His perfect will. Minister Rioland is married to Minister Cynthia J. Rioland. They have one son, Kenneth Eugene Rioland, m '. MARCH Is; _2007 NAACP Hillsborough County Branch -.. .. Leadership Summit Is A Resounding Success The annual NAACP Youth Past President. Among the Johns-Bridge, director of Leadership Summit was host-list of presenter-s were Financial Aid at Hillsborough ed by the Hillsborough Pamela Campbell-Peralta, Community College. The Community College, at Dale the General Director of Emcees for the program were Mabry Campus on February Cal"eer and -Technical Joyce Russell and Anthony 23, 2007. The organizing Education; Darrell Daniels, Morejon,,. Hillsborough Committee, under the leaderof "the Derrick Brooks County Government Liaisons. ship of Second Vice President Foundation; Dr. Sharon Students attending the Dr. Samuel Lamar Wright, Miller, the -Dean of summit were provided with a Sr., planned an effective Hillsborough Community wealth of information on FBI gathering for youth leaders in College; and Dr Sam careers and how these careers Hillsborough County Schools. Horton. can provide _means to secure More than 12 schools were -,Workshop seminars were funding to .. finance their col represented. done by Karen Pierce of the lege education. They also Speakers for the occasion Center of Hope in Ormond ..: received tips on how to were recommended by Dr. Beach, Ms. Sarah Oates of enhance their survival skills. Sam Horton, the Immediate the FBI .. and,. Charlotte One of the highlights of the All The Way From Jacksonville, FL Titus Harvest Dome Church For Local Van Picku fi -.... ment from speakers about staying motivated in the pursuit of thei,i Pamela CampbeUPeralta reminded -.,1111!111. students: .{hilt.it is necessary II!!!!! ; to have willpower within to 22nd 23rd accomplish their goals .. The Friday motning-Bummit was made by the collaboration of the Hillsborough County Public Hillsborough Community College and the University .of South Florida. Both Dr. Sylvia Marion-Carley (President at Ybor Campus) and Mrs. Anita Peters from the Hillsborough County Schools were on the organizing committee to help make the annual summit a resounding success. Each student left the summit with a certificate of com pletion from the NAACP, not to mention the invaluable under girding concepts that will propel them to building a level foundation for many years to come.


_ WE'DDING --. --t c: m en c Scott-Johnson Wedding s:: )> :D 0 ::::t REVEREND DR. JEFFERY AND MRS. MARLA JOHNSON The wedding ceremony uniting Marla J'Neane Scott and Dr. Jeffery Alex James Johnson was held at the 34th Street Church of God, where Dr. Thomas Scott, father of the bride, is the Senior Pastor. Officiating ministers were Bishop Timothy Clarke of Ji:irst Church of God, Columbus, Ohio and Dr. Michael Smith, Community God, Atlanta, GA. Dr. Johnson is currently the Pastor of Assimilation Conservation a t-34th Street Church of God and Mrs. Marla Johnson is the Youth Director. Other than the minist.ers, parents and grandparents, par ticipating in the wedding cere mony was Sabrina Christie, who sang The LOrd's Prayer Members of the wedding party were: Leigh Anne Reid," maid of honor; bridesmaids, Jessica Chandler, Dionesha Clarke, Joscelyn Clarke, Rosanna -Davis, Sabrina Green, Shamia Hubbard, Courtney Laster,. Nicole McPhearson, Jessica Norman, Jameisha Scott, Wanda Sherrer imd Allison Smith; junior bridesmaid, LeShai Williams; best man, Jo8eph Leath and best friend of the bride, Jimmie Norwood; groomsmen, Jason nceton Irvin Parker is 12 years old. A member the Olive Church of God In Christ in Los Angeles, California. .... ;,_ .. ..,, ... he is active In his Church Sunday School, Young lling Worker Department and a member of the In addition, lle Is a member of the Southern Church of God In Christ First Jurisdiction State '"'"'"'"" Band. Princeton began speaking at age 2. Princeton is currently an eighth grade: straight A student. He was featured on the Today In LA show in February 2007. e spends most of his free time preachmg to ...... ............. who will listen. The bride and groom surrounded by the members of the wedding party. I .. Alexander, Dan Green, Sr., Zamekio Jackson, Charles Jenkins, Herold Lord, Christopher McClendon, Marcus Sc9tt, Marlon Scott, Samuel Wilson, Craig Wright, John Wright, and Stephen Wright; and junior groomsman, Dan Green, Jr. Ushers for the ceremony were: Artis Berrien, Devon Burns, John Copeland, Elliott Gray, Travis Kennedy, Carlos Williams, and Carlos Chuck Williams; ring bearers, Marcus Scott, ll and Marlon Scott, II; bell ringers, Marion Scott, Marcellus Scott, Mya Scott, Myron Scott and Matthieu (. Smith; and girls, :::1. Cassavia King-Scott, m Brianna Norman, V aneshia C Norman, Janaye Norwood and Angel Sherrer. -m The couple honeymooned in Sanibel Islands and Ft. Myers and are making their home in c! Riverview. (Photographs by m Julia Jackson) NEW TESTAMENT M. B. CHURCH )> z c "T1 JJ 11530 Walker Road, Thonotosassa., R., 33592 (813) 986-3971 New Testament M. B. Church invites the public to come celebrate our 14-18, 2001 Theme1 "A Church.Built On A Solid Rock." LOVINCHILL P.O. CHURCH ELDER LEROY TURNER 11 a.m. NEW TESTAMENT M.D. CHURCH REV. CLARENCE HICDON Mlnlater 1st JOHN M.B.CHURCH 4 p.m. RRST BAPTIST OF UNCOLN CARDENS REV. ANTHONY CREENE Paatar 16a18 Friday March 16,2007 CREATER BETHANY M. B. CHURCH c


,.... 0 0 N --Friends Of Presidential Candi,date Barack Obama Host Meeting 0 a: The Tampa Bay Area Friends OfBarack Obama hosted its first meeting on Wednesday February 28 at the historic Sociedad La Unicn MB;rti-Maceo Hall. Obama is the African American Democratic candidate for President. The meeting was hosted by Frank Sanchez, Juan Capin, Yvonne Yolie Capin, (f) Megan Foster, Herman Monroe and Dr. Aaron Smith. The theme was "Let's get on the 0-Train and say 0-Yes to Obama in '08. (Photos by Jerry 1-c ir u.. c z <( c (/) w ::: 'I-> ,a: w > w c w :::r:::: (/) :J m ::: Q. z i= w ..J ..J ::: m ..:. w z i= z w (/) a: 0 ..J u.. 0 ,... w a.; 1 Members of the host committee: Herman Monroe, Yvonne Yolie Capin, Frank Sanchez, Dr. Aaron Smith, Juan R. Capin and Megan Foster. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ESE Graduate Programs J:he oj Special Education Session s are being held 13th at).d _19t?, 2007! :' ,f'' MASTER ARTS !f "1.')1 MAT, ... f '-,I The Universiw Florida's Master's Pro-... !10-! 'l'be University Florida's of Arts gram in is designed to ensure that all gciduates are prepared to be: Collaborative profes. sionals; of_s\versity; Reflective practitio. ners; and professionhl ,ly Ethical and competent, 1 -. knowledgeable of and research and skilled in the "best practices" of special education. The Department of Special Education offers : a riationally accrediteii (NCATE) M.A. degree program in Exceptional Stu dent (ESE),. Half of the C_?urses can be completed m a totillY, online environment with seY.et1tl Students rriitY "' select one of these CoJJcentrarlon Are;is: Excq>tional Stuient1uotion, J;lehavior [)isorders, api,lities, anCI Mental Retlrdation. 0:.1 I 11, "' in Teaching (MA1)Special Education Program. is a graduate program in Special Education for indi-vi duals teaching with temporary certifiotion and/ or individuats who hold an !ifesree ir:t something other than special education. ... Thi!l program leads to degree Ci!i'iffi: .. cation in E."ceptional Student Eclucation and-endorsement in ESOL in as little as 18 Stu. can be admitted to the during any thrqughout the year; however, the special education core coui-se sequence begins in the sum mer Tuition ,stipends are available. .. : .. -; ,. I When: March 13, 2007, from 5:30pm to 7:jO pm March 19, 2007, from 5:00 .,m to 7:00 pm Where: TECOROOM USF College of Education 4202 E. Fowler Avenue Tampa, FL 33620 For more information, contact: Keona Lewis Programs Recruiter 813-974-4509 spedrecr@tempest.coedu.usf.edu Attending the meeting were Eric Billington and Kay Latimore. Michelle Rayner and Jennifer Pernell attended the first meeting. Recently retired from the U.S. Postal System, Martha' Williams is a member of the Friends of Barack Obama. MUSICAL CONCERT Starring Belinda Womack And The Fountams Of Praise Of Wellspring UMC VWh Special Guests Derek Womack And Ericka Womack-Brown Sunday, March'18. 2007 First Bapt1st Church Of College Hill 3838 N. 29th Street, Tampa, Florida 6 P.M.-8 P.M Donation: $7 "Best Jazz Band In Rorida" "Best Jazz Band In Tampa BaY" "Best Female Vocalist" www.belindasinger.com Join Us In This Fundraising Event Hosted By The Tampa Alumnae Chapter Of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. To Benef'rt The Ms. Jabberwock Pageant Contestant Chavon Watkins -pa, Corpomtion to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc :' Presents "Business Plan Writing'? A FiveWeek Entrepreneurial Training Cumculum e What Is Self-Employment? 'Is Self-Emplol_ment For You? Business Ucense: Legal Organization OJ Your Business Your First Steps Pre Business Checklis! Developing Your Business Pltm Finding Financial Resources Record Keepi'(lg And Taxes \larch 20. 2007-\pril 19. 2007 TIJlsd:ns ._'\: Thursda\s 6:00 P. \1.-9:00 P. \1. \t l' \CilC 1-WU 2.ind Stnl'l. Tampa. FL 3J6U There Is A $25 Curriculum Fee For The Five Week **March 15, 2007 Detulline To Have Registration Fee-,In OjJice** For More Information Contact: Elsa Suarez CDC of Tampa, Inc. Eut Tampa Business Center 2705 E. Martin Luther King Blvd. Ste. B 'Iimlpa, FL 33605 813-248-2552 --CHAUlaiD MIMIU


. LOCAL ----L. 'IIR -.rai' -. .. .. _,.. .... JJ Middleton Football Awards Banquet The 2006-2007 Middleton High School Annual Football banquet was held at the University Area Community Center. (Photographs by Sylvester Harris) Carlton Jones, a junior William Campbell, III with standout, received the Most Valuable Player of the Year award from Coach Harry Hubbard, left. his grandmother, Patricia Hart-Scott, the Grid Iron Club Fundraiser Chairperson. She also received an award. .The Grid Iron Club's top fundraiser, Marion Gyden, center is joined by Roose':'elt Lawrence, Jr., President and Deborah Lester, Secretary. Saturday, March 17, 2007 34111 Street Church of God 3000 N._ 341 b Street, Tampa (813) 248-6548 10am-3pm Join tis for a day of .:_Music Snacks Door Prizes I-: f -un Activities for Kids. 1 And Health Care Services! Mammograllll o For womnaaes 4t+ and Afric11-Amrrican men &n401(olher mrn5t+) o Most Privlltr lasaranm. Meclcare & some Meclcaid plus amptrd o No thallf for persons with 112 htallf! laiaraac:e (If eiJ&Ible). Appoinlmenb art nquiml for 1\fl taii(!JJ) 9'J9.6769 f!!t.Hull Sc:maingund [duc:alioa: o Blood Prmue and C.oleslerol Clwtks o Blood St&ar Checks for Diabrlfs o Skkle Cell AIK'RIIa Checks o Memory Stnenin&i ; o No needle" HIV Ttsdltt o Vlsioa Ttsda& o Boar Dtnsily tulia& (osteoporosis) *Muc:h .. / Stavwell 1 1 \ '/tt;,.:_.,n._ Jamarcus received the Iron Baller of the Year Head football coach Harry Hubbard with award. Middleton's Principal, James Gatlin. THOMAS _F. YOHO-We're o n ourAwly_ B1ck Home! -We Sincerely Thank You For Your Patience During Our Arid Eagerly Waiting To Greet You With The Same Friendly! & Knowledgeable Dental For All Ages" J ... ; i : I J > Prevention & Educatioh Extractions Root; Canal Therapy ... \ I 0 I 0 0 i : .'.i Teeth Whitening Crowns, Brictges & : .. /. On-Site Denture Lab Repair & Relines Done On-Site Custom Designed Gold Crowns Available -I c: m CJ) c > :tl 0 :X: -N 8 "'4 "'T'L r-0 :tl .U> ,.. :tl < -f c: m CJ) c > z c .,_ :!! c (


:I: (.) t c( :5 Elderly Man Feels Disc-riminates In 2002, Oscar Williams moved into the Jewish en Towers. Although he found the facility to be a nice place, 1-he said he started having Q a: u. Q z c( >-en w i= w > w Q w :I: en :::; m ::) a. z ffi ..J ..J ::) rD w z w en C a: 9 u. problems with management on the day he moved in. "My son was helping me move in, and we were dressed accordingly,. They complained about the way we were dressed and didn't want us on, the property." Mr. Williams said that was jusi_the beginning. He said he was called into the manager's office on one occasion discuss his income. "They were trying to tell me i hadn't told them about income I received. as a welder.'' An incident in October 2005 has led to pending liti gation against the property. At 5 a.m., Mr. Williams was awakened by the smell of smoke. His son had stayed over and he alerted him. "When I vient into the kitchen, the oven was on fire." As a result of the fire, Mr. Williams was evicted from the apartment. He moved into a motel room, and contacted Bay Area Legal Services to dispute the evic tion. An attorney with Bay Area Legal Services, Heather Tager, reviewed his complaint, and Mr. Williams OSCAR WILLIAMS was allowed to move back into the facility. "Although I moved back to the facility, I still feel I was discriminated against, and I want something done about it. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with treating people that way." Once again, Heather Tager is reviewing Mr. William's complaint to see if a lawsuit is warranted against the facility. Representatives at Jewish Towers said .they couldn't discuss the case because of the pending litigation. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at. eon@(lsentiJieLcom. -For life you know. Call me -and I'll help you get the right life insurance for you and your family. Herme V White, Agent 14940 N Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33613-1626 Bus: 813-6661 herma.white.bxghCstatefarm.com I.II:E A GOOD NEIGHBOR, STATB PAilM IS THERE. Stale Farm Ufelnsvrance (llk.t licensed ito MA, NY c. WI). State form life ar.d ACCid eril Co!rjl6ny F0;2047 1210i -LOCAL Old School Bartenders Reunion Planned BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Many of the lounges that graced communities years ago are gone. Places like. Big Joe's, Lidos, Sey Lou's, the Original Manilla Bar, the Boston Bar, Ernestos, The Blue Diamond, and The Shack on Oregon are just distant memories. Also lost were the. young women and men who tended RANDY GRAHAM bar in those establishments. DAWN WRIGHT will be as On April 16th, an Old "BarteitderOfTheYear" School Bartender's Reunion or trophies." play the role of counselor will be held at the DoubleAnother feature of the event Everyone wants to tell you Decker. Lounge, 1001 West will be a special recognition of about their problems, and Cass Street. f ld h 1 DJ somett"mes t hey don't rea lt"ze Dawn Wright, who started a group 0 0 sc 00 s, such as The Godfather, you have problems of your NtendiJng bar at the age o_fh16hin Floyd Joy, Eric EZ, Trent own. ew ersey, came up wtt t e Th Tedd Be Luk d "I think what's taken for idea and is putting the event e Y ar, e, an together. Boneshaker. granted sometimes is our An th "al fi tu 'll kindness being mistaken as a "I had left the area a 0 er spect ea re WI 1 weakness. We deal with so Whl.le and returned t"n be Ralidy Graham being rec' many different personalities, November 2006. I had been ognized as "Bartender Of The h k h you ave to now w at to discussing an idea ofrecognizYear." respond to and what to ing area bartenders or a Ms. Wright said being a ignore. The most important reunion ofthe old bartenders. bartender requires you to rule is to never discuss poli-1 asked a friend to help me wear many hats, and you tics or religion." come up with a plan to pull off have to have a passion for the. The public' is invited to the reunion." job. come out and join in the spe: Ms. Wright said this is not "To do. my job, you have to cial recognition and get a a hip-hop affair, but a gatherbe a people person and very chance to meet the old bar-. ing of the old patrons who fre-adaptable. You have to be a tenders and DJs they probaquented the establishments good listener, and sometimes bly haven't seen in years. that have since been razed or are now operating under a different name. Ms. Wright said she's man aged to contact quite a few of the old bartenders, and the ones she hasn't reached will find out through word-of mouth. "I would like to have the reunion every year.' It started out as a small reunion, recog nizing th'e old bartenders by presenting them certificates Are you Starting or Expanding a Business?_. Are you interested in j government contracting? _:' I .IEL .M & Ariel Business Group, Inc. l "'Your M1lutio11 prorJidn" Call: 813-207 -OOQ3 www.arielbusinessgroup.com A fee based business and management consulting firm.


PICTURES FROM THE PAST A. Phillip Randolph was attending a _\. : quet at.Middieton Senio.r -High School when he was pre..;rt:!,. sented an award-for Seryice. --''b. I -( .. _. 9241 N. 56th St, Tampa, FL M-F 8:30A.M. 5:30P.M:. Saturday 9 A.M. l P.M. (813) 985-0033 .-Fax: (813) Low RateJ' Friendly Atmosphere You're A-OK With l's DUI Friendly, -Hardship Suspended State Filing SR OwJ)ers and Non Owners J. Attending a Hea Kennedy and Donna Stewart. .. ),, Lowest Rates In Richardean Hills, Dorothy McFadden, Juanita Mitchell, Patricia Greene,, and Charlton McFadden posed for this photo during anorganization gathering. ...... J-l N o 0 ...., ., r 0 ::D c "!'-.. "' fT 0 m < m ::D ,, < -t --. c. m U) c l> z c ., ::XJ c


::z::: 0 a: < == ).;' en School District Names Mom As 'Foster Parent Of-The Year'. BY ffiiS B. HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer year, Hillsborough t-County principals, social workers and administrators nominate an individual who has dedicated his or her life to embracing foster children. This year, Hillsborough County School Superintendent, MaryEllen Elia, bestowed the recognition and title upon Mrs. Sadie Douglas. Ms. Mryna Hogue, a Social Worker at Seminole Elementary School, nominated Mrs. Dough1s for the coveted award. "I was surprised, I was shocked, and I am very happy. I never expected something like this because I don't put myself out there like that. rmjust doing whafmakes me Mrs. Sadie Douglas, (center), was recently chosen as the "2007 Foster Parent Of The Year,'. by the Hillsborough County Public Schools. She is shown wj.th Dr. Jackie Masters, Principal of Seminole Elementary School (left), and Social Worker Myrna Hogue, who nominated her for the award. feel Mrs. Douglas said And what makes her feel good is to ensure that the children that come to her don't return to the system. They are returned to. their parents or adopted. The biological parents of three sons, Mrs. Douglas and her husband not to have any more children. However, she still had the desire to raise a little gi_rl. The couple became members of .the inaugural class of prospective foster parents trained by the Family W-21n By 10 A.M., Return Filed Fast Via E-File, Then Your Check In Hand By 5 P.M. {Same Day) Let The Tax Doctor Put $ $$$ In Your Hands1 Don t Be Sorry Later Call The Tax Doctor-Today1 ,"Quality Service Is Our_ Golden Rule Year Round!" 103 W :Hamilton (813) 239-2787 (2 Blocks N. Of Sligh Off Florida Ave.) Across From Pioneer Cleaners Enrichment Center. The Center is an outrea<;h program of the College Hill Church Of God In Christ. Mrs. Douglas sai d after receiving her certification, she was all prepared for that little girl. But what she received was a little boy named Johnny and his 2-year-old sister, Ashley. She took them into her home and the children remained there for 5 years until they were adopted. "They are adults now and have come back to visit. I _cried when they left, but I didn't adopt'them because I wanted to deal with all different kinds of children." And s ince that t ime, the Douglas family has done just that. To date, 110 children have passed through their doors on their way back to birth parents, relatives, or adoptive parents. IIIDI iEIIIIJ!ml. Douglas and her bus----------------------band, Robert Douglas, 813.985.4747 Pastor of Full Gospel Church Of God In Christ have accepted children into their home for more than 15 years. Ms. Hogue said in nominating Mrs. Douglas, "Sadie is involved in school activities and is a -constant support to her children. She attends family nights, parent teacher cOnferences, and even attends ceremonies to see her children get awards." In her quest to help develop well-rounded children, Mrs. Douglas believes in exposing them to cultural events such as the aquarium, the zoo, and amusement parks. Place I fllrldl SIIUiel Newsnck 111reat Places [8131 248-1921 Ask Fer Ieith Women Travel To Detroit For Savior's Day Several women from the Tampa community were among those who converged on the Motor City for the Nation of Islam's Savior Day 2007. The celebration was held in Detroit, MI, signifying a return to the city where it all .started. Welcomed by the city, believers and supporters convened on Detroit the entire week. Workshops were held from February 22nd through February 24th for registered guests to engage in serious dialogue on a variety of topics, including agriculture, health, youth and relationships. Activities included museum tours, lectures, youth .and adult mixers throughout the city. The weekend ended on a happy note when Minister Louis Farrakhan returned from a six-month hiatus to address nearly 60,000 attendees at Ford Field. From left to right are: Lateefah Wajd, De'Etta Bennett, Greta Ponder and Akima Muhammad. Recelves.Honorary Doctorate Degree Reverend Reginald Franklin was recently awarded an Honorary Doctoral Degree from the Florida Beacon College for his work in the Tampa Bay community. is dedicated to reaching out to children and young men. Rev. Franklin, second from left, pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church, Wauchula, is shown with, from left, his wife, Sonia Dr. Dewight Martin of Florida Beacon College; and his Ifarents, Dr. C. T: Kirkland, pastor of Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church, and Dr. Victoria Kirkland. HAL. L'S TAX soLUTIONS 2700 N. Mac Dill Ave. #112 504 E. Baker St. #2 Tampa, FL 33607 Plant City, Fl 33566 (81 _3) 876-0125 (813) 752-1239 HOME FOR QUALITY INCOME TAX PREPARATION WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUS INESS A.ND LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THIS COMING TAX SEASON We Offer:. Express RALS (3 Minutes) RAL (Refund-Anticipation Loans) RAC Anticipation Checks) Electronic Filing Direct Deposit FREE Pick-up & Delivery We Specialize In: Personal And Small Business Returns Discount For Return Clients Tax Returns Start As Low $30.00


==NOTICE I MEMORIAM = MS. WANDA WEBSTER EDWARDS Ms. WandaWebster Edwards of Tampa passed away on Friday, March 9, 2007. A celebration of life will be held on Thursday, March 15," 2007, at 11 a. m. at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, 1203 N. Nebraska Avenue; with Father pastor, officia,ting. Interment will follow in Memorial Park Cemetery. Wanda was a lifelong resident of Tampa. She attended St. Peter Claver Catholic School and was a pFoud graduate of George S. Middleton High School, class of 1957. Wanda matriculated at Central State University (Ohio), where she earned her Bachelor degrees in Biology and Chemistry. She went on to receive a Master's degree from the University o f Tampa in Education. Wanda was a member of the Tampa Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She retir:ed as an Educator for the School. District of Hillsborough County after 40 years of service. She leaves to cherish her memory: aunt, Ruby Duty; three children, Mark Carter, Michael Carter and Irita Edwards; two daughters-inlaw, Ursula Carter and Sharman Carter; three grandchildren, Dylan, Griffin and Olivia; and a host of sisters-in-law, brothers-inlaw, nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives, extended family and friends. In lieu of flowers, the fami..' ly requests that donations be made to establish the Wanda Edwards Scholarship Fund. Make all contributions payable to: WANDA EDWARD SCHOLARSHIP FUND and mail to 805 W. Azeele Street, Tampa, 33606. The remains will repose from 4-8 p.m., Wednesday, March 14,_ 2001, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue and the family friends from 6 i30-7:30 p. m. at the chapel. The funeralcortege will arrange from 1310 E. 29th Avenue.at 10 a.m. on Thursday, morning. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM GREGORY PARKS Sunrise: 3/7/71 Sunset: 5//05 Greg, even though you're spiritually with us everyday, we miss you and love you in eveiyway. Love, Mom1 the entire family and friends. AIKENS. FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Al berta M a c on, Tampa. M rs. Mamie White, Tampa. EVERETT DERR & ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Carel.Gonzalez 10803 North Avenue, Lo t # 11. M r Tedrick Dewayne Maynard, 4668-Ashburn Squire Drive. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME Mr. Buckms, 1509 W North -B. St. Mr. Samuel Clark Hazzard, Sr., Stuart St. Mrs. Wanda Webster Edwards, Tampa. Mrs. Nadine Seay, 3008-46th Street. WILSON FUNERAL HOME Ms. Easter Holcien, Tampa. Harmon Funeral Horne John W Harmon, L .F. D FREE QUOTES Owner/Ma nager f 5002 N 40th S t 26-860_ 0_ City Of Tampa Black History Celebration The City of Tampa Black History Committee, Inc. hel d its 19thAnnu a l Black H i s t ory Celebration in Ballroom D of the Tampa Convention Center. The theme was "Celebrating the Community: A Tribute to the Black Fraternities, Sororities and Civic Organizations Nume rous organizations attended to make the event a successful. Refreshments followed in Ballaroom C. (Photographs by Lomax Mcintyre) Plac81 Rarlda 18111111 lawsrack 11 creat Places 18131 2481921 Ask Fer lellb Hollywood l ashes: Last 1-3 Months Service Time: 1-2 Hours ., r-0 :::0 (/)' m z 1 ::2' r'T r I tf c r r r "'( c 0.. c (J) ::I: m c m < m :::0 -< -4 c: m en c )> z c ., :::0 g -< C) m .... U1


IIF .1[: ,, -.f -.--: 7 :J/5' JJ --. -------I.' ,, "I ll ':'.: \',_'!;:! I' I I -,-. \(,\':if I_ .,t/; \ Jt' ---'--='" ,--. -.--,.__-


..... .... -.............. .. .......... ... ..... .. .............. ........................ -"' ........... "! ...... -.. -- -......... -. --------Fans Object As Packers Ponder Moss Trade GREEN BAY, Wis. Even fans who own shares of Green Bay Packers stock don't have veto power over a potential trade for a player seen as a touchdown-scoring scoundrel -Randy Moss. B _ut if they could, -they would When the widely rumored trade was brought up in front of a crowd at the Packers' annual Fan Fest at Lambeau Field on Friday evening, boos and hisses .4rowned out any timid RANDYMOSS cheers ... In keeping with debate they did befo!e sigriThompson's close-to-the-ing former Minnesota vest philosophy; he hasn't Vikings wide receiver Koren acknowledged that. Robinson last fall. he is exploring a trade for And Harlan says fans who Moss which is fine, because have called his office to the Oakland Raiders haven't weigh in on Moss generally said that they're bent on don't like the idea of trading trading the talented but for a receiver who might be moody former Pro Bowl wide past his prime, might be receiver. playing his way out of a sec-But Packers chairman and ond NFL city because of his C.EO Bob Harlan hinted questionable attitude -and, strongly on Friday that the by the way, once pretended Packers' front office is going to "moon" the fans at the same sort of, Lambeau after scoring a character risk-versus-reward touchdown Rh Quits Colts. ... For -Lovvly Raiders SAN FRANCISCO Free--agent running back Dominic Rhodes went from the NFL's best team to the wor:>t on Friday, leaving the Super Bowl .. champion Indianapolis Colts to join the. Oakland Raiders. Rhodes, who rushed for 113 yards and a touchdown in the Super Bowl win over the Chicago Bears, joins a Raiders team that will have the top 'pick in this year's draft after posting. a 2-14 reCord last season. Rhodes 16 leagrie games for the Colts last nishing for 641 yards and adding 3.6 recep tions for 251 DOMINIC RHODE He spent five years in Indianapolis and rushed for 2,274 yards including 1,104 in his rookie season. Now Cooking Thurs. -Sat. For All Your Sufood Delights, Mervin Has Just What You Need. Fresh & Trout Snap.pe Shrimp Sheap Head live Blue Crabs j SPORTS Ravens' New Back Can Talk The Talk WILLIS MCGAHEE OWINGS MILLS, Md. Willis McGahee hasn't lost his swagger, an attribute that should allow the newly acquired running back tO fit into a Baltimore Ravens locker room known for its brash talk. The Ravens signed the for mer Buffalo Bills runner to a .multiyear contract with a maximum value of $40.12 million. McGahee, 25, acknowledged Friday that he has something to prove after rushing for a career-low 990 yards and six touchdowns last season But he wouldn't back off his statement from a few years ago that he believes _he' s the best back in the league Giants Acquire Droughns From Browns REUBEN DROUGHNS NEW YORK The New York Giants acquired running back Reuben Droughns from the Cleveland Browns on Friday, filling the hole left by Tiki Barber's retirement. The Giants shipped wide receiver Tim Carter to .. Cleveland i n exchange for Droughns, who has twice rushed for over 1,200 yards in a single season. -Droughns became available when 'the Browns signed Baltimore Ravens running back .Jamal Lewis earlier in the week Defending. Champ Florida :Top ail ling So much for the little guy. Big boys like defending champion Florida and No. 1-ranked Ohio State are among. the top-seeded favorites, while the darling mid-major teams get surpris ingly few chances to turn the NCAA tournament into a free-for-all for underdogs. March Madness officially began Sunday when the pairings were a:r;mounced, kicking off office and online pools and triggering debate about seedings, who went where and who didn't make it at all. JOAKIMNOAH of .three straight routs in the Southeastern Conference tournament. North Carolina and Kansas were the other No. 1 seeds, rounding out a group that allwon both their regular-sea--4 c: m en c s: l> ::c (') ::::t ...... Cot) 1\) 0 0 ...,. Florida will try to become the first team sin. ce 1992 to repeat as champion -and the first ever with the same five starters -and the Gators will do it with their first overall top seed in the tournament, leapfrogging Ohio State 'TI son a:nd conference tourna-O ment championships. Horn.Promlsas To Be A Leader For Atlanta. The teacher has arrived in Atlanta. Joe Born joined the Falcons and said Thursday he has come to educate the team's receivers. Born signed a four-year, $19 million contract with Atlanta. This Joe Born, a mature veteran in the twilight of an 11-year care.er, wants to show Michael Jeiikins and Roddy White what it takes to become a Pro Bowl receiv. (f' r <.. m ::c < -4 er. c: Born earned four invita-JOE HORN rn tions 1lt'J the NFL's annual C all-star game as a Saint, and 35 and suffering a groin he sees no reason why injUry that sidelined him for > Jenkins, .the 29th overall both playoff game' s and six Z -draft pick of 2004, a nd overall during New Orleans' White, picked No. 27 in magical 2006 season, Horn 2005; should set low expecta-promises the Falcons will not C tions for their careers. regret giving him $7.5 mil-Two months after turning lion in guaranteed bonuses. Pats Sign WR Donte' StallWorth PHILADELPHIA Donte' Stallworth will catching passes f rom Tom Brady instead of Donovan McNabb next year. DONTE' STALLWORTH -. .. \ Stallworth and the New England Patriots agreed Sunday on a multiyear con-. tract. The deal was confirmed to The Associated .4 Press by a person familiar with negotiati'ons who spoke on condition of ano:riyniity because the deal had not been announced. be worth $38 1 million o v e r ,'i ESPN.com reported six years; including guaranteed $3.6 million for 2007. -Stallworth's contract could ...,


our Futurescope -----ARIES (Mar.l.1-Aprll:w) Your leadership skills are shining today, so get there and glimmer with good vibrations. Others looking to. you for guidance and as a path to Let your journey tiJrough the day provide a TAURUS (Apr.l.1may l.1) Make a call early this morning and you'll catch one that you want to spend this wonderful with. An old love may turn up in your romantic and romance will be very sweet if you rise a the to remember why you split in the first place! Affirmation: What I've been waiting for has been here all along. GEMINI (May n-June l.1) The influence of someone dose can make all the difference in the world. oon't go alone. Your achievements are closely tied to someone who might not have agreed with you in the past Affirmation : 1 look to distant horizons to find truth today. CANCER (June n-July n) A family member may call early with a pro and you may feel as if you are obliged to attend it, even though it's not your problem. You'll clear any difficult feelings with ease. Everything will by the afternoon Affirmation: My life itself is my greatest creation. LEO (July l,3-Aug n) This is a good time for taking stock of your ..... 1 al resources. You might not have all you need to the job you've set for yourself. Spiritual strength can produce material rewards. Stay centered spiritually discover within yourself what you need to achieve success. Affirmation: I let myself adapt to the flow of life around me VIRGO (Ai.tg; l3 -Sept.l.3) Opportunity knocks today, be ready and waiting. .. .'An old love may resurface. Take a good look. Today is good for you financially. Look for a special oppor tunity. at work. matters spend time with LIBRA (Sept. 2.4--oct..l,3) I Writing and talking are highly favored today You word goes out Into the world and those you want hear your message will hear it today A delay is ply that; it's not the end of your dream! Stay pos and patient and work your show. Affirmation : I will sit down and write myself a love letter today. SCORPIO (Oct.l.t--Nov. n) How charming you are today! .Everything you and do is just You'll be able to accompl much good today as you move with warmth and cerity towards success. Affirmation: Trust gives me a deep sense of peace and joy. ..,. SAGITTARIUS (Nov.l,3 -Dec.l.1) Someone influential is watching you at work today. Get your work done as you think brating your harmonious vlbratlons'tonight i secluded time with your lover. Think about b ei uninhibited In your celebration and you will radiate joy in you pla'ce and no one iNIIJ know the reason. ... Affirmation: Old friends bring back good memories ; CAPRICORN (Dec :u.-Jan. :w) What dO' you do when you're not as lucky. usual? Sow the game down; Risk less. Bet"""' ... ,.,.,,._ tively in all areas of your life. Restrain yourself. G the job at hand your attention. Liv e in the .......... and enjoy what is rath e r than in anticipatio n of what lu ck might brought : ,. Love is as as breathing. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Confusion exists over some question, and time you thin I< you've got the ansWer, circumstances will change and new information will come to your attention Don't worry, things are going to clear up work out. Take it e asy Affirmation: Goodness i s Its own reward. ling orporate Seal & Book, Articles bf Incorpora t ion, Corporate Minutes By Stock Certificate Preliminary Name Search, Attorney's Fae Corporations also Immediately available W/T ax I.D.f Alse.&Jbo.6 eorps. Non -Pro fit Corps., Limited Partnerships, LLCs, DBA s, Trademarks, Business Sales/Purchases, and Offshore Corps. '06. '05 '04, 03 02 '01 oo, 99 & '98 Corporations also available for im mediate delivery \ (813) (800) 658 5900 TOLL FI!EE lha1 should us 1 0 CL COLUMN ASK DEANNA! the need. to control something, buy her a dog and she can pull its leash and make it jump at her cormmmd. If the verbal rudeness continues, give her a warning with the understanding that the next time, you'll be gone. (Real People, Real Advice) True Reality & Cutting Edge Wisdom se no en done. I need to put a stop to this because she's begun to an column known for its fearless approach to reali-. ty-based subjects! Ask Deanna/ can be heard every Sunday on KTYM AM 1460 at 8:00pm in Los Angeles, CA. publicly attack my sexual Ask.Deanna is written by performance. How do I Deanna M. Write Ask address this without r:uining Deanna/ Email: askdeanthe relationship? .. nal@yahoo.com or wr:lte: Dear Deanna! Anonymous On-Line Reader Dear Anonymous: Deanna M, 264 S. La .Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly BillS, CA 90211 Website: www.askdeanna. com My girlfriend is getting on my nerves because I feel she has mistaken strength for rudeness. She talks down to me and embarrasses me in front of my friends. She is trying to prove to her friencfs : You need a loud inouth woman like you need a hole in the head. Your girlfriend is being disrespectful to you and the relationship. You should be direct and tell her I that she is in control of this to keep her mouth shut and relationship. i let her get stop putting you on bhist in a.way with a few things front of people. If she feels Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers NEED GOOD SECRETARY Must be experienced w ith above average computer knowledg .e.' ,. Pay and benefits commensurate with Call {813) 221-1800 and fax Resume to {813) 221-1802 .... ,. .Ito! Patel Conservatory. introduces Access Al'ts scholarships to the Tampa Bay community. The Patel Conservatory is seeking students, grades who are interested in advancing skills in the performing arts. Scholarships are.based on financial artistic potential and desire to be a Patel Conservatory student. 'train with in a state-of-the-art' ;fclcilitY, aHached to the Tampa Performing Arts Center. SUMMER 12007.1 r ., Apply Application is \ March 17, 2007. i Call 813.222. 1 049 .. vis't for mote information I' ... : ..


ENTERTAINMENT Snoop Dogg Held __ overnight In S1Neden STOCKHOLM, Sweden Snoop Dogg was held by police overnight on suspicion : of using illegal narcotics but was rele ased after ques tioning and drug tests, a police spokesman said Monday. The artist was heading to a party after a concert in the Swedish capital when police stopped the car he was riding in around 1:30 a.m., said Matts Brannlund, of the Stockholm police. He said Snoop Do.gg and a female SNOOPDOGG companion showed signs of something." drug use and were taken to a Snoop Dogg was released police station. shortly after 5 a.m. but could "He was deemed. to be face a fine if his d 'rug test under the influence of nar-comes 'back positive, cotics;" Brannlund said. Brannlund said. A small.amount of nar-In Sweden, which has cotics also was found in the some of the strictest narcar, but Brannlund could cotics laws in Europe, minor not spe'Cify 'which kind of drug offenses are punished drug and he said it -was with fines. unclear :whether it belonged Snoop,Dogg, who' per-to Snoop Dogg. formed with P. Diddy.in "He underwent some tests Stockholm's Globe Arena that will now -be sent away late Sunday, was the latest fo r ,ap.alysis," Brannlund. international artist to get in said. "In two to three weeks, .. trouble with-the law follow we'll know if he was on inga gig in Sweden : :. Bishops .Jones And .. Reach Suge Knight :Is the God or'Abraham, Isaac and Jacob r eally about to work a miracle on, I Maiion "Suge" Knight? .. The imposing founder of Death Row Records, who has done 'tim e for attempted NOELJONFS, T.D.JAKES murder and is inthe tlU'ows &:'dSUGEKNiGHT of bankruptcy, says h e's I 'don't'want to be tied,up ready to let go of the trou- with this for years. I want to bled.label' afteF hearing. the >move ori with my life in a same message froni .two dif-niore positive direction." ferent preachers withi n the Knight haS been in bank-span of two weeks. r-gptcy court silice Lydia "You'v e got to be able to l e t Harris won a $ 1 06 million the past go, and move judgment against Death Row ward to the future," he quot-by claiming that her hus-: ed Bishop Noel Jones as band, Michael, now doing saying a sermon at 28 years m prison, co-foundthe City of Refuge Church, ed the label and was entitled n e a r his c ompt'e n hoine-to 50 perc ent o f t h e proceeds town. I n Knight was able to give view w ith'the New York Harris a check for $1 milPpst's Page Six column, lion several. )!ears ago, "but. Suge said Texas-based once the money ran out, she Bishop T.D. Jakes visited sued again, he said. _the church two weeks latet: Instead of hanging on to and told the congregation: Death Row u n d e r Chapte r "You can't keep living in the 11 reo:rganization as advised paSt. goo gives you a chance by the bankruptcy' court, to move Suge 'says he now wants to PAGE $IX: liquidate his publishing "They talked aboUt the same rights, pay off the creditors, thing, and it felt like the y and put the label b ehind him 'were talking straight,to m e for good ; Subs{Tihc l'od av! Beyonce, Blige, Win Top Soul Train Awards BEYONCE, MARY J. BLIGE And JOH:N LEGEND Apparently there is such a thing as award show fatigue. Its latest victim, the Soul Train Music Awards, took place over the weekend without much pre-show hype and with very little of the. award recipients in attendance. Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson was in the house to receive her pre-announced Entertainer of the Year honor, but eight of the 10 winners in major categories were no-shows -including Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, John Legend and Gnarls Barkley. The press room at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium was also a virtual ghost to w n, as many of the celebs who showed up to Saturday's ceremony did not come stage for interviews, includ. ing Hudson, and fellow Soul Train honorees Jermaine Dupri and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. But, the "Chicken Noodle Soup" duo, Webstar a n d Young B, came back to discuss their prize for Best Darice Cut. \ Naomi Ready For Duty NAOM;I CAMPBELL A s Naomi .Campbell's date witb-a mop draws near, the supermodel has adopted a positive attitude toward. cleaning .the floors of New Yo rk's Sanitation D epartment for five days "I'm happy to do it," she' tells People magazine of her court-ordered punishment for assaulting her former maid with a cell phone. "I never spoke about wha t I wouldn't do, and what I would do -rm just doing what rm told to do and that's it." The 36-year-old, who b e g ins mop duty on March 19 al s o says she p lans to sell off her. own c l othe s and do nate all o f t h e p ro ceeds to v a riou s chariti e s. Busta Banned From NY Film Set Busta Rhymes, born Trevor Smith, was all set to begin shooting his new film "Order of Redemption" in Manhattan Saturday during its first day of production when the New York Police Department, citing security concerns, stepped in to Qlock his participation. "The production agreed that Busta Rhymes would not be participating in the scenes shot here after the BUSTA RHYMES Police Department raised public safety concerns," said Julianne Cho associate happens to have an existing 'with the beef with Rhymes after he Mayor's Office of Film, an Theatre & Broadcasting. mvestlgatlon mto the shoot-c: m (/) c )::lo _< s: )> :::tl ("') :z: The exact nature of the ing death of his bodyguard security concerns were not Is.rael Ran_tir:z last disclosed. by the NYPD, who His murder 1.s still unsolved -"T1 r-0 Godfather Of Soul :::tl c )> Finally Rest -(/) r More than two months after his death on Christmas day at age 73, the body of niusic legend James Brown was laid to rest Saturday in a crypt at the Beech Island, South Carolina home of his daughter, Deanna Brown Thomas "This is what James want e d for the family t o come together. Everyone really felt like James was there with us," Hynie said. Rev. AI Sharpton presided over the ceremony that included Brown's six adult children, other family members, his longtime partner Tomi Rae Hynie and her son with the James -Brown the seeond. The crypt, however, may turn out to be yet another t emporary resting place to hold the body until construction is finished on a public mausoleu:Ql that resem-JAMES BROWN I c. rr. :::tl ble Elvis ? Presley's < Graceland in Memphis. Before SatUrday's service, Brown had been awaiting burial while disputes over his estate were being out in _court. According to Sharpton, his adult children c finally opted to use their own "T1 money to place his body in the crypt while the court drama ..., continue. Jl 3602.7th Avenue Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 y; Keys Made 69 and Up .. Latex Flat White Paint .......... $5.99gal. Oil Outside White Paint ......... $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Set ................... ...... $2.49 ea. 3". Brushes ea. \ .. SALE PRICES COOD LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! ... IT


IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY JUVENILE DIVISION FFN: 508415 Case ID: 06-DP-0522 Division V IN THE INTEREST OF: PARRISH, Malachi 05110/2006 NOTICE OF AN ADVISORY HEARING .ON PARENTAL RIGHTS PROCEEDING IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY JUVENILE DIVISION FFN: 500787 Case ID: 01-8133 Division D IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSSOROUGH COUNTY JUVENILE DIVISION FFN: 505579 Case ID: 03-1073; 06-0519 Division D IN THE INTEREST OF: IN THE INTEREST OF: BECERRA, Annaellsa NORTON, Tyreese (doli 05/09/06) (dob 04-09-99) MANION, Rogelio MINOR CHILD (dob 09/30/03) MINOR CHILDREN NOTICE OF AN ADVISORY HEARING ON A NOTICE OF. AN ADVISORY TERMINATION OF HEARING ON A ; SECTION 00020 INVITATION TO BID Sealed Bids for MONROE MIDDLE SCHOOL, BUILDING #6 AND #7, HVAC MODIFICATION PROJECT will be received by the School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida in the Office of the Supervsor of Purchasing, Third Floor School Administrative Center 901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, Florida until 3:00 PM Tuesday, March 27, 2007. (The mailing is P 0 Box 3408, Tampa, Florida 33601.) Bids will not be accepted after .. 3:00 PM of the above date. Bids will be opened and read aloud in the Purchasing Department, located on the third floor of the School Administrative Center. : .. /. There will be a Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on Monday, March 19, 2007 at 10:00 AM at the school located at 4716 Montgomery Avenue, Tampa;-Fiorida 33616 FAILURE TO PERSONALLY PARENTAL RIGHTS TERMINATION OF APPEAR 'AT. THE. PROCEEDINGS PARENTAL RIGHTS .. ADVISORY. HEARING PROCEEDINGS IT IS THE BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE THAT : CONSTITUTES CONSENT FAILURE TO PERSONALLY FAILURE T O PERS. ONALLY BIDS ARE DELIVERED TO THE PURCHASING TO THE TERMINATION OF APPEAR AT THE DEPARTMENT AS REFERENCED ABOVE. BID PARENTAL. RIGHTS OF ADVISORY HE .ARING APPEAR AT .THE SECURITY MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH BID. THERE THIS CHILD. _IF YOU FAIL CONSTITUTES CONSENT ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. ; : .. ,.; .. 0::. TO APPEAR ON THE DATE TO T .HE TERMINATION OF TO THE TERMINATION OF I.L AND TIME SPECIFIED, YOU PARENTAL' RIGHTS OF PARENTAL RIGHTS OF Notice To All Bidders: The School Administrative MAY LOSE ALL LEGAL THIS CHILD. IF YOU FAIL THIS CHILD. IF YOU FAIL : Center is a "security" building, therefore, visitors will be c( RIGHTS AS A PARENT TO TO APPEAR ON THIS DATE TO .APPEAR ON THIS required to obtain a Visitors Pass prior to entering the > THE CHILD NAMED IN THE AND TIME SPECIFIED, YOU DATE AND TIME building: A photo Identification. will need to be 0CC PETITION ATTACHED TO MAY LOSE.ALL LEGAL SPECIFIED,YOUMAYLOSE presentedatthetime. 0 THIS NOTICE. RIGHTS AS A PARENT TO ALL LEGAL RIGHTS AS THE CHILD NAMED IN THE A PARENT TO THESE Each Bid must be accompanied py r-. j:: TO: Unknown Fattier >' PETITION ATTACHED TO CHILDREN NAMED IN THE : ,-:. 1 ... "-f' > THIS NOTICE. .: PETITION ATTACHED TO 1 A certified check or bid bond in the amount of not ffi. : : ,'Unknown THIS NOTICE. than five percent (5%) of the maximum amount of the Bid > .. TO: Unknown Father .Or Any a guarantee that the Bidder, if awarded will w YOU WI.LL PLEASE Possible Father Of: TO: Rumulo Becerra within ten riotice .of being c TAKE .NOTICE :thaf.. a Tyreese Norton alk/a Romelo Contreras given such award, Contract with Petition for Termination of (dob 04/09/99) School Board. of Hillsbor9ugh County, in 0 Parental Rights has been Unknown accordance with the accepted Bid, and give a surety bond filed in the Circuit Court of YOU WILL PLEASE satisfactory to the Sch9oJ_.Board .of Hillsborough County ::J the Thjrteenth Judicial Circuit TAKE NOTICE that a Petition YOU WILL PLEASE equal to one, percent.:_ (1 .the o. of the State of Florida, in an for Termination 'of Parental TAKE NOTICE that a Petition Contract amount. -: ::. ::' z for Hillsborough. County, Rights has been filed in the for Termination of Parental : 'H; -... 'ffi Florida, Juvenile Division, Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Rights has been in the 2. Contractor : 1' ..J alleging that-the.-above-. Jufdici1al State CircUit Court of the Thirteenth : : : : .. S named child .is dep endent : 0 Fonda, 10 and _for Judicial Circuit of the State 3 Public Ent1ty Cnme 1 m child and by_. which the of Florida, rn< and for .. -. .'. Petitioner' isasking for the Juvenile DIVISion, Hillsborough County, Florida, No_. Bidder may withdraw : his Bid for a period of thirty (30) -..J-termination of pareritcil rtghts the above-:'n_amed child IS Juvenile Division, alleging that days after the date set for the opening of the Bids."''. and permanent .' commit. thdeepePnetd'etlnotnchrl!daankdingbywhthich abrey .. :.,., ... "' .... _.. :ic!Ji ,. :._. i= ment to the chlld to the I. e IS s .o_r e 1 .. Contractors desiring to bid this project are su.bject to an z termmation of parental nghts which the Petitioner 1s asking . w Children and and permanent commitment for the termination 'of ... Affirmative Act1on ,as _w1th .. Fam1!1es for of the child to the Department rights and permanent the .b1ddmg documents .. .. _. ..., .. ofChlldrenandF.amlllesfor of the. ,chlld ; ... .. .'-. : g 1 .. subsequent adoption .. :. .. the. Departm.e.nt .. o Bidders may obtam of the :. : you ARE .. HEREBY .. ? .: : :: "' -:Chlldre n and .,.: '. : ..: ..J notified that you are required YOU ARE. HER _E;BY > .. .. -t -:. :i' .. ; :> -.. 'fX! ..... ; to appear personally on the notified that your are required \.. .' ASR Engineering -_,_, 8th day of May, 2007, at to .-appear. personally on .:. YOU 1217 W. Avenue, Suite #2 .. 9:30, before the Honorable the 10th day of April, 2007, notified that your are reqUired :Tampa, Florida ... .. Katherine G. Essrlg, at the aL9:oo."'a.m., before the to appear on the (813) 935-7280 : ... .': Edgecomb Courthouse 800 H bl T Sh h 3rd day. of April, 2007, .. -. .. e racy ee an, at 9:00 a.m., before. the E ast Twtggs Floor, at the Courthouse, ., Honorable Tracy Sheehan, The School Hillsborough County th e Tampa, 33602, to BOO E Twiggs 4th at the Edgecomb Courthouse, to the. B1d the and/or B1dder, show 1f any, why Floor, Tampa, Ftonda .: 800 E. Twiggs street, any 1nfqr:mahty 1rregulanty m any B1d, to reJect any parentai.nghts shall not be to show cause, if any, why Floor Tampa Florida 33602 .-and all Bids I ,: ;.:: : ;*. terminated and Said parental rigtits shall not be tO shOW cause if any why 1 Plfr : shall not be permanently terminated and. said child parental rights shall not ... : committed to the Flori.da shaU not be permanently : be terminated and said child Department of Childr en and committed to the Florida shall : not be .. permanentiy ...-.... .-. Families for subsequent Department of. Children arid committed to ... MARYELLEN ELlA.., ; ; '5:. adoption You are entitled Families for subsequent of Cilildren and '. OF SCHOOLS ,.,, to be represented by an You are entitled to Fami!1es for attorney at this proceeding be represented by an attorney adopt1on. :You are entitled to < atthls 'proceeding. be by an PUBLICATION DEADLINES: !. DATED this .111 day of at this proceeding. "' March. 2001. thi s rnh day of ... .. Dated this 1m\ day of .. .. Tuesday Edition Friday @ 3:00 p.m. J; ., PAT FRANK February. February, 2007. 3_:00 P.!!l CLERK OF THE PAT PAT FRANK FOR All YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS... CIRCUIT COURT CLERK OF THE CLERK :OF THE CALL laV_ ORA IRI (813) 248 192t -< -.. CIRCUIT C9URT .. : : CIRCUIT COURT By: ,., LtNDALEPELLETIER Fax Your Ads 24 HRS. .. D TY By: /a/ LINf?A LEPELLETIER "' By: /a/ LINDA LEPELLETIER : EPU CLERK .DEPUTY .... ,. ..... .... DEPUT.Y CLERK Or Email: \ ','f i I: ;, .. ...


Summary: C.ftlLDREII'S oARD *MW*a**'ri **W'CMW Request For Proposal (RFP) Proposal Due: April 9, 2007 Out-of-School Time 2007 Out-of-School Time (OST) refers to those portions of the day and year when children and youth are not in school. The typical out-of-school time periods are : before school, after school, summer weeks when school is not in session, and holidays or non school days such as professional work days for teachers. The need for OST activities for children and youth has grown as more families have both parents working outside the home, or are single parents who must work outside the home. Nationally, there are a number of successful efforts that coordinate and provide quality out of school time programs and activities, with data showing better school attendance, improved engagement in school and learning, improved school behavior, increased educational aspirations, better work habits and improved achievement in math and reading. Success of these programs has been attributed to a number of factors, the first of which is that they support the needs and preferences of parents and youth. Central to all the successful programs are a clear mission; high expectations; a safe environment; small enrollments relative to type of program and the size of the staff; stable and well trained staff; content appropriate to target audience; and frequent assessment. This year, the Children's Board will commit $900,000 toward the development of Out-of-School Time (OST) year-round pilot projects that support the needs and interests of parents and their children in their communities. These projects will ultimately build the capacity of organizations to offer year-round, quality OST programs built on the best practices that clearty connect to the OST Action Plan. Preference will be given to innovative pilot projects that include the families and neighborhoods attending low performing schools that utilize best practices from the OST literature and build community collaborations. Summary: .. : Complete RFP available on our website: WYM.childrensboard.ora Children's Board of Hillsborough County (813) 229-2884 C.ftlLDREII'S joARD .. +!. --Request For Proposal (RFP) Proposal Due: April 23, 2007 by 2:00 PM Evaluation of the Five Star for Kids Project The Children's Board of Hillborough County (CBHC) intends to fund a proposal fqr an evaluation that includes the development of an ongoing evaluation plan for Five Stars for Kids project. Quality Rating Processes are a relatively new entry to the earty childhood and education field and the need for an evaluation plan was identified by Earty Learning Coalition and Children's Board staff members to determine if the current quality rating process is meeting its intended outcomes. The Five Stars for Kids project works with child care programs that have volunteered to have their qualitY assessed on a five-star rating scale An assessment of participating child care centers is performed by Impartial trained observers using the appropriate Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) and occurs during a full-day of normal operation on an annual basis. (See the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute's website for more information: http://www fpg .unc.edu/-ecerst.) The child care providers receive a detailed, assessment which ouUines the strengths and areas of growth of the1r and them with an action plan for improvement, techmcal assiStance to Implement report recommendations and a timeline for improvement. Ultimately, participating providers may become eligible to receive a stipend to help defray the costs of providing higher quality services to children receiving school readiness program financial assistance The program has a limited funding base and is delivered via collaboration with the Children's Board of Hillsborough County and the School District of Hillsborough County. For more information on the Five Stars for Kids project please see the Earty Learning Coalition's website for more information : http://www .e lchc.org!pro grams services. html#five stars The anticipated implementation date for this project is May 2007 with a completion date and final report of September 2007 The, Children's Board will award a total of up to $20,000 for one proposal No mat!. is required for this funding. ;. .. Complete RFP available on our website : www.childrensboard ora Children's Board of Hillsborough County (813) 229-2884 PUBLICATION DEADLINES : Tuesday Edition Friday @ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition-Tuesday@ 3:00P.M. FOR ALL YOUR CLASSJFIED NEEDS ... CALL LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 PUBLIC MEETING NOTICE The Elections Officer for the City of Tampa w i ll meet to conduct public logic and accuracy tests on the automatic vote tabulation equipment, canvass and process absentee ballots, canvass and process provisional ballots, receive queries from the public, canvass election returns for the City of Tampa Second Municipal Election on March 27 2007 and certify e l ection results The meetings will take place at the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center located at 2514 North Falkenburg Road, Tampa, Florida The meetings are open to the public. March 14, 2007 at 10 : 00 a.m -The Elections Officer will meet to conduct a public logic and accuracy test on the electronic voting and tabulation system that will be used to record and tabulate votes for early voting, absentee voting and votes in the precincts on election day March 23, 2007 at 10:00 a m -The Elections Officer will meet to canvass absentee ballots for the City of Tampa Second Municipal Election and receive queries from the public about the absentee ballots. All absentee ballots received for this election prior to and on March 23, 2007, will be canvassed at 10:00 a m. Any member of the public who wishes to examine these ballots should be present no later than 10:00 a.m. The processing of these ballots will begin on Friday, March 23, 2007; however, they will not be counted until7: 00 p m. on March 27,2007. March 24, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. -The Elections Officer will meet to process the absentee ballots received for this election prior to and on March 23, 2007 that were canvassed during the previous meeting on March 23, 2007. These ballots will be opened and processed; however, they will not be counted until7:00 p.m. on March 27, 2007 March 26, 2007 at 3:00 p m. -The Elections Officer will meet to canvass absentee ballots received subsequent to the last Elections Officer meeting on March 23, 2007. Any member of the public who wishes to examine these absentee ballots should be present at the office of the Elections Service Center no later than 3:00 p.m. Processing of these absentee ballots will begin immediately after they are canvassed; however, they will not be counted until7:00 p .m. on March 27,2007. March 27, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. -The Elections Officer will meet to canvass absentee ballots received subsequent to the last Election Officer meeting on Monday March 26. Any member of the public who wishes to examine these ballots should be present no later than 1:00 p.m. at the Elections Service Center. Processing of these ballots will begin immediately after they are canvassed, however, they will not be counted until 7 : 00 p.m. on March 27, 2007 At 7:00p.m. the Elections Officer will begin tabulation for all ballots and will canvass all remaining absentee ballots and the City o Tampa Second Municipal Election returns. March 30, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. -The Elections Officer will reconvene to canvass and process the provisional ballots cast in the City of Tampa Second Municipal Election and certify the official results for this election. The Elections Officer may need to reconvene a meeting during the week of March 26, 2007. The meeting will be at the Elections Service Center located at 2514 North Falkenburg Road, Tampa, Florida The date and time will be posted at the main office of the Supervisor of Elections located on the 16th floor of the County Center at 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. in Tampa, at the Elections Service Center, in the lobby of the Hillsborough County Courthouse and on the Supervisor of Elections website www.votehillsborough org. If any elector or candidate present at the above meetings believes that any absentee ballot is illegal due to any defect apparent on the Voter's Certificate, he or she may, at any time before the ballot is removed from the envelope, file with the Elections Officer a protest against the canvass o such ballot, specify i ng the precinct, the ballot, and the reason he or she believes such ballot to be illegal. No challenge based upon any defect in the Voter's Certificate shall be accepted after the ballot has been removed from the mailing envelope. NOTE : Persons iire advised that if they wish to appeal any decision made by the Elections Officer during the canvass of absentee ballots, provisional ballots, or the logic and accuracy tests, they will need a record of the proceedings and for such purpose, they may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record in dudes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based, per Section 286.0105, Florida Statutes lsi Buddy Johnson Supervisor of ElectlonsHIIIsborough County Now Hiring Connie's Place 2916 North 34th Street Dishwasher, Cook And Waitress No Phone Calls Please Ill LALS Inc. Now Hiring F ull -Time And PartTime CNA's, HHA's, Caregivers And Sitters Phone(813)377-5574 Or Fax Resume (813) 672-1659 Email alockhartprovlder@yahoo.com Seeking Serious Minded Individuals Who Are Int eres ted In Making $5,000 Plus Per Month. Must Be Tra inable. Call (813) 777-1648 Building Maintenance Person Needed F ullTime Position Some Week ends Building Maintenance Experience Requi red Progress Village Academy 8616 Progress Blvd. Tampa, FL 33619 Call (813) 677-5988 Childcare Teachers Needed 40 Hours CPR/First Aide Full Time Positions Available Will Train Call (813) 237-8771 Live-In Care Giver For Small Group Home 2 Days Off-Plus Pay No Convicted Felons Apply Robin@ (813) 837-4843 AVON To Buy Or Earn, Very Small Investment. Now With More Options To Earn More Money. (813) 832-4282 Deshongg@verizon.net Mortgage BrokersAnd Loan Officers Wanted FT/PT Great Commission!!! 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I I I ( :J n 0 m < m -4 c: m en -c )> z P --n C!! c


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Applicants will not be solicited for further information if your application is incomplete Applications must be postmarked no later than midnight on March 21, 2007 Applicants may obtain a copy of Vacancy Announcement TAM 07-2118-95, qualification requirements and application procedures by going to OPM's web site, www.usajobs opm gov, click on Search J obs and enter the vacancy announcement, TAM 07-2118-95, in the keyword search PLEASE READ THE FULL VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. An EO/Reasonable Accommodation Employer. Temple Terrace Beauty 7701 Leon Avenue 3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms Complete Remodeled Sale Price $175,900 Call Now! 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<( .:! c en w :J .... c a: u.. Q z 'c:t Q en w :J 1-> a: w > w c w :z:: en :::i ro D. z ...J ...J ro ..:. w iT: !Z w 0 c:t Q a: 9 u.. BUSINESS DIRECTORY ATTORNEY ATTORNEY ATTORNEY WA. RREN DA.WSON ATTORNEY AT lAW Personal Injury Wrongful Death Criminal Law The t...w Offices of BRYANT A SCRIVEN, ESQ. CRIMINAL DEFENSE FAMILY PERSONAL INJURY ALL FELONIES DRIVER'S UCENSE ISSUES ALL MISDEMEANORS AU. PERSONAL INJURY CASES DUI DIVORCE VOP's DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DRUG CRIMES 'MODIFICATIONS CAUl (811) 454o41 .. AVAILA8&a 24/7 I COIIIUioJAnOIIS AVAIUUIUI 3111 W. Dr. H.L KING BUID. STE. 100, TAMPA. FL 33607 Serving Hillsborough Pasco and Hemand.; County ATTORNEY WHIDDEN BROWN P.L. ATTORNEYS AT LA\'o/ MIAMI -TAMPA Criminal Defense Bond Motloos ProbaUoaVIolatloos State and Federal AppC3Is Drug Olrenses 3.SSO ... (813) 272-2200 3 .soo DUIIBUI 402 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602 Free lnfomtolion Concerning Qualifications & Experience Available Upon Request. The Hiring Of An Allomey Is An Important Decision That Should Not Be Based Solely Upon Advertisements. Before You Decide Ask Us To Send You Free Wrillen lnfonnotion. BONDSMAN ATTORNEY ATTORNEY Credit Available 24 Hr Service -. CHARLE S GREENE P.A. \II< >I IlL')/.\( J I \V Bond Motions Federal State County Traffic DUI Drugs '::-.. : : :.:::: A.rroR\F:Ys & ConsELORs AT L.\W 1112 E.: Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33602 info@jjhlaw.net Felony Misdemeanors JOYNER & JORDAN-HOLMES PERSONAL INJURY I WILLS & ESTATES BUSINESS I_ REAL ESTATE I MEDIATION hi ling of a lawyer Is an lmpoftant dodson and should not be based upon adeY11'11S4ntents. you decide, ask us to oend you free wntten lnfonnaUon about our quallflcaUon and expenence. Traffic Warrants VOP PersonalInjury 3111 W. MLK Ste. 100 Tampa, FL (813) 774-1800 CIIC chuckgreene@hotmail.com t= ,. ..... .. ......Uaottleto.d..W, !le.bw)'I"Jildecicde.. .. 111.,-.I)'OQI"wrillm .... BONDSMAN BONDSMAN BONDSMAN Charles Russell BA. IL B ONDS .. Courteous & Confidential 24 Hour Dependable Service 3414 E. 7th Ave., Tampa (813) 248 I toh:. BONDSMAN ; h rru _" Free Your Body! Mind Will Follow .Bail Bonds -Annie M. Lockley Agent 1 Owner 7402 N. 56th Street Office (813) 980-1600 Suite 810 Ta FL Cell 624--5625 GEORGE E. SHAW IL BONDS Hillsborough County (813) 247-5092 Polk County 328 Dorsett Ave. (863) 678-0772 Lake Wales, FL 33853 Toll. Free 1-877-437-2663. "Th e Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself'-Against All Odds ., FREDDIE WILSON ,.. Minllalnsl Glnlnl Agent -: .,, Cell (813) .1Dhn3:16 fCII" GoiJ 10 lcwad .... _..._ He-llilonb llllt .._ biiMIIIIIn him sllould nat l*lsh. but hiW


==LOCAL--., I Accident Threatens ,, Building's -.. Stability -. .. '. CRIME NEWS _-.: ..... .;,. ':, :.., ... .Jacksonville .Jaguar ReCeiver L -.. ., ., t Late'.Saturday night, Pc:>'lice arrested two men in Ybor City on thefi"charges. According to .the report,. police were patrolling 'park- ing Jots in Ybor City when an officer smelled marijuana' coming from a parked vehl"'.' -. 'cie. -_,. the approa. ched the ;vehicle, he reported seeing loose marijuana in the lap of Jebidiah Crawford,. and tl?-e vehicle was quently searched. .".. .;;, "' Sitting in the driver's seat CHARLES SHARON CRAWFORD. of the vehicle was Chai'les .. Rescue Crews to stabilize buiiding the southeast Sharon, 23, a wide. receiver Tobacco and fireaim. agerit told Qf!g l)elonged com.er of 21St Street and Columbus Drive. for. the Jacksonville J agilars. in Putnam County in 2006. '. to hinl. .... c -At S:S2 Mo:pday; ; Tampa Police at the scene Tampa 'Fire Rescue units. -report thatthe-Suzuki was responded to a vehicle colli. I!eading east on .. Columbus sion. at-21st Street and- Drive and' ran the red light, Drive. On the. causing it to strike the truck scerre\ brews found a that southbound on )mall' Suzulq suv had col-Street. with a semitruck. The Police said German will Impact sent both vehicles b t d th d ; ... e CI e 10r runmng e re light. ,. : _-. .. Th d. f ... th. S ki Rescue crews at the scene e nver o e uzu Darnetha German, 67, used braces to the had minor injuries arid was damaged bUI.ldmg. ttrate_q; by: p'al':fi!e.dics :-at : before trans assessed 'the damage to the pdtted to-a:'l'ot:aChhspital. -b.t!ild and a tow truck was The driv-er: of .the ,truck was to remove the semi '. -..,_<:'.,. r'f....._,. t l:!ot.injilref):: __ : ":.! ,;;;-:>; __________ ........_ ____________________ __.._ The officer also .. reported Officers also_ found s grams sharon w.ascha,r-ged .finding a stolen handgun of in a carrying a firearm under-the d:dver's seat. The Jacksonville Jaguar duffel and grand theft of a fir-earm. report indicates the handgun bag The_ with was stolen from an' Alcohol officer 21, possession of marijuana. : &- ,. : ., r-0 C l> (J) rr cD..countert8iters .J ,:.,_ According to the Hillsbo. was a 7.62 caliber rifle. rough County Sheriff's' beEm issu. Office, on Mareh 2nd, detec. for Antonio Richards,.:_ tives received information and Damien Hunter, '2s;"t. about possible illegal activi. unauthorized copying ties within a storage u,hlt in records, disk, tape, fil:'.; Brandon. ./ -. or other w h j, Deputies said an investiga' sound is tion resulted in a search war-.. Anyone. knowing. tiH .. rant being .Used, and over. ANJ'()NIO .. DAMIEN whereabouts of _ihe'.tWo men 7,200 counterfeit music QD's RICHARDS HlJN'I'Eit is asked to call the Sheriffs ;:t and miscellaneous equip-T' ..:'-1: a1'" h -t "' Office 2'A:7-8200 or -. ow:u v ue o e coun er, -"". ment used to counterfeit 't CD' t' t d t :. Crime-Stoppers at 1-80.0-873-c-" -II ct d 1ei s IS es 1ma e o e co e e : $42,ooo: Also .. u; 7.,,._, ... ,, ... ... AbpEFENSE: 'r -;_. AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS EMINENT DOMAIN NEW LOCATION. 320W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 720 >Former Asst. Atto.:Oey General for: Florida Former County Prosecutor an decision that should not be upon Ddf:.. ... -.. .. deci<;de, ask u:no send you free written infonnation about our and experience. -, ., Far lnlannadan leadlna 11 the arrest & convlcdan personlsJ responSible iar the death or Kwane Bester an 2004. J I \ ContaCt TIIIPI Poilceletectlve BRENT HillER @ 18131 216-3559' .. /I. '"'e'. : ., ;: .. .;, C Rapist. Sought ,, ST PETERSBURGThe St. Petersburg Police Department's Personal Violent Unit is asking citiDeputi _es Four : Drug PoSsession .. zeris for help locating a sus .. pect that has committed two Last_Thursday, March 8th, residential burglaries and the .HI_llsborough County.,., sexual batteries;, Sheriffs OfficeStreet Crimes Based on a n\unber of disUnit and SWAT team execut-.tinct similarities, police said ed a search warrant at 11511-. both cases appear to have Bessie Dix Road in been committed same ending a month long person. mvolved cover drug investigation. elderly or middle-aged F J d.. 1 our suspects were taiten women res I mg a one In 'd. apartments or con_dominimto custody without ent urns. The assaults took place-. and a search c,>f the restdence during daylight hours f(nd revealed 25 grams of crack the suspect in both cases cocaine 'with a street yalue_d entered through of $900, 112 ounce of marijua. mtent to sell, front doors. ',.. 1 na. with a street value of posses-The. description of the .sus. $100, a 12-gauge shotgun, a of drl:Ig pect m the assaults Is a 22 caliber rifle and $3 364 in parapherna-Black 25 to 35 cash lia. -. old with a low cut afro, 5'8" Sh. awn H d t II I h d 'th owar was c a charged with possession .of Pease,_ 2 2 ; -.t crack cocaine, delivery o' was charged L---.,--crack cocaine possession with posses-" DANIELL!-: < of u:a;arijuana with intent to sion of'crack LUCAS ; sell. cocal.ri'e_, and Uncle Sandy _Says l> z c .,.. .. "It's the most 3, 8, 11, 12, 15 unhappy people 19, 25,26131 It Is 34, 38, 40 who most rear chan e.u 9hristopher i7, Dariielle Lucas, 18, ,'\\'n:-:' was charged with possession charged with possession o1' of crack cocaine with intent cocaine and' delivery o.f ,' to sell, possession of marijuacocaine.


0 N (f) ,... :::E: 0 a: <( :!: en w ::: ... c a: LL c z <( c tn w :::) ... > a: w c w :::E: tn :J m :::,) D. z ..J ..J :::,) m ...:. w z i= z w en g a: o ..J LL CASHJN 3 DAYS FOR YOUR HOUSE! 1 }.>submit contract The Rehabber's Superstore will submit an offer to buy your home. .. f; .. .. Day2 .. Title l .-. If offer is accepted the Rehabber's t. ,_ will submit the contract .1 to t .he tttle company Day3 c losing Day The title company will clear the title -.. .. schedule a Ciosing date. At the closing you will pick up your 'check! lluv Hous_es and HouseS tuv Me!


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