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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 62, no. 74 (June 1, 2007)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
June 1, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 62 Years In The Bay Area -' f Baseballer's Wife Tal s About Children, Divorce off SOUTH SEE STORY ON PAGE 3-A Advisory Board Tackles Issues SEE PAGE 3-A Code Targets Old Cars, Overgrowth SEE PAGE 3-A Proposed Dumpsite Taken To Co,uncil SEE PAGE 10-A Limo Owner's 51 Killer Arrested SEE PAGE 21-A BEST FRIENDS GRADUATE Two teenagers who have been friends since infancy in the care of Mrs. Beulah James recently graduated from the eighth grade. Quentin Harris and Tyler Lawson are among the first graduating class of Williams Internation a l Baccalaureate Magnet Middle School and will be moving on to high school. Quentin is the son of Sylves ter and Rose Harris and Tyler Is the son of Everett and Linda Lawson. (Photograph by Treasured Moments)


,..... 0 0 N ,FEATURES Public Housing Becoming Thing Of The Past a: Tampa Housing Authority &L Executive Director Jerome Ryan s said his biggest con cern is the issue of affordable housing. "The day of new public housing construction is over. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) liasn't allocated funds for those projects in more than 15 years. Ryans said his office tries to keep public housing resi dents aware of what's going o n through newsletter and meetings with their neigh borhood association groups. "We try to put a lot of inforJEROME RYANS THA Executive Director mation out there. The mar-Ryans said young people ket right now is slow, and on fixed incomes need to take the cost is high for the people advantage of the opportuniwe serve. That has to be ties now, or face a real strug dealt with. We want to bring gle in the future. in more affordable housing "They've got show initiative C and bring in more tax credit and understand things are ff: deals." changing. What they've c Ryans said everyone is grown accustomed to for so struggling with the issue of long will not be around forev> affordable housing, and he er. It's scary when you conunderstands that there may sider the mindset of young tn be factors that prevent peo-people these days who aren't pie from taking advantage of taking what's going on with t-the market. a sense of urgency." "We want people to be able Ryana said people can no w to live in affordable housing, longer get accustomed tO livbut economics may not make iDg at the expense of the govC that possib.___ I also don't ernment all their lives. climb on board or be left behind. They must change their mindset that they don't deserve better than what they have. They can no longer think someone else is obligated to give them a place to live." Ryans said some will be lost along the way, but they can control that. He also pointed out that of the remaining public housing complexes, Robles Park con tinues to be the biggest prob lem. "' think the key is to pro vide supportive services to help people get on their feet. Parents and other family members are going to have to be tough on the young people and make them understand there will be consequences to their actions." Ryans said there are several programs to help residents of public housing become self sufficient, but they have to want to participate in them. -we can't force residents to take advantage of these programs. We just hope they don't wait until it's too late to realize they should have." Reporter Leon B. Crew can be reached at (813) 248, or e-mailed at leon@flsenticu:l. com. W think enough people are tak- A line has been drawn by iJi ing the current status the federal government and :; lie housing serious enough. they are sayiq either you m = D. z t= w _, _, ::: m ..:. w z w tn g &L Free SAT Preparatory Workshops Offered BY miS B. BOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer Members of the Institute of Academic Mastery, Inc., will host a series of work shops this summer. The workshops will focus on critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills. The workshops are designed to help students in grades 7-12 improve their skills in preparation for the next SAT Examination. Classes are slated to begin on Monday, June 11th. The first day will include orientation and pre-testing, from 4 p.m., until 8:15 p.m. The workshops will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the month of June and into early July. Each session will consist of a two-hour period concentrat-6J6 B. < :E RTIFIED WRIGHT The Bar ........ 'TIIW. LAW STATE & FEDERAL COURTS BOND MOTIONS SEAL I EXPUNGE RI<:CORDS ILLE GAL STOPS FF .L O NIES PROBATION VIOLATIONS ; MISDEMEANORS ing on reading and mathematics skills, Mn. Clementine Duhart, founder and Director of the Institute of Academy Mastery, Inc., said. At the completion of the program, the students will be given a post-test to deter mine their progress. The classes are instructed by a staff of educators who are skilled, experience, commit ted, and who perform with a spirit of care and dedication," Mrs. Duhart stilted. "This is an excellent opportunity for college bound stu c.lent s to improve their scores. It is also an opportunity for younger students who would like early prac tice and exposure," she said. The program is being funded by a grant from the Florida Education Fund and is being offered to interested students free. 300 N. Franklin St., Tampa, FL. 33602 Anyone wishin g to obtain ( 813 ) 277 0068 additional information may Board ( trtitild ( riminal Trial \UonH'\ contact Mrs. Duhart at n. hirlnl o f lowy f!f!. on impurunt deciolnn llld ohnuld nuc he t.otd ootlrly upon ldvrrti,..nwnto. (813) 985 5745 (813) 989 Bd'on Y '"' decide: "'k u.olo IIC!'d yuu l'ree writtm !nfetm.otiun ohuut an

FEATURES "TT ::0 c Athlete's Wife Files For Divorce, Wishes Ex Well BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel StaffWriter On Wednesday a Hillsbor ough County Judge granted a restrain_ing order forbidding a Tampa baseball star from hav ing contact with his wife. On the same day, her attorney filed for divorCe. : Judge William Levens ordered Elijah an outfielder for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, to stay away from his wife for a year. The judge also forbids Dukes from hav ing contact with his until he undergoes a psychi atric evaluation. Mrs. NiShea Dukes said the couple was married on 27, 2006. They are parents to a son and a daugh tei. "I can say a lot of positive things about him. He's not a bad person, but he doesn't know how to control his anger and we've talked about that on numerous occasions. "We had some good times and some bad times, but it hurts me for -his family to get on television and portray me as a bad person. They know Elijah has this problem ... Mrs. Dukes filed for the restraining order earlier this month after an incident at her job. Mrs. Dukes is a Hillsborough County teacher at Shields Middle School. In her complaint, Mrs. Dukes alleged that he h ad left a threatening message on her voice mail and sent a picof a handgun to her cell phone Mrs. Dukes said she met MRS. NISHEA DUKES ... Files For Divorce Against Elijah Dukes her husband at a nightclub and they hit it off. She stated he became physically abusive after the birth of their son. "People say all I want is money, but that's r\ot tnte. I supported Elijah both finan cially and mentally all through the minor league. And I've always worked and I've always taken care of the kids even when he was out doing other things. It's not about money. "l want him to support his kids. He needs to step up to the plate and be responsible for his kids. I didn't make them alone and I shouldn't have to support them alone. I just hope he can be part of their lives and hopefully get on the right track their role model. This is really affecting them," the 26-year old Tampa native said. Dukes, 22, didn't appear at the hearing, but wu repre sented by his attorney. IN.,URY WRONGFUL DEl CRIMINAL LAW 221 1467 Tampa Perk Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & Scott St. llle Hlllov 01 A Iawver In OetiMin Thai lhluld Nil Be Solely uoon Be lorn fon OecJe lsk The lawvr To lent You friD lnlennallln .. ut Yhnlr QlallllcauonalntlDnrtenu. Leaders Tackle Tough Issues At Recent African-Advisory Board Meeting c.. c z m Local community leaders recently met with Congresswoman Kathy Castor to discuss issues facing Tampa's Black community. The inadequacy of the Florida Comprehensive Assess ment Test (FCAT), the lack of affordable housing in Tampa and a shortage of well-trained teachers in Hillsborough County were just a few subjects of discussion at the Congresswoman's first meeting with her recent AfricanAmerican Advisory Board. "I really would like to know about the things that you see, hear and experience in the community. I know that there arc some pertinent issues in Tampa not being tended to, M Congresswoman Castor said to the attendees City Councilman Rev. Thomas Scott, State Sen. Arthenia Joyner, State Rep. Betty Reed, Gerald White from the Tampa Housing Authority Board, Dianne Hart of the East Tampa Business & Civic Association, Clara Cobb of USF, Atty. Donald Odom, Dr. Bruce Miles, Toni Watts, president of the CDC of Tampa, Inc. among others were in attendance. There was extensive discus sion on education and afford able housing. All that's being taught in these schools is FCAT, and there is no room in the curriculum for the teachers to teach," said Dr. Mar1aret Fisher. "Their being so overloaded with this test that when it comes, their tired and frustrated and can't pass the test. It needs to be done away with because too many of our students are becoming discouraged and dropping out." Robert Blount of Brown Ministries said that 3 grade FCAT scores determine the number of prisons that will be built in the distant future, based upon the frustration that students face with the test. James Evans of the Tampa Bay Academy of Hope stated th'at 46 percent of students in Hillsborough County didn't receive a passing grade on the test. Rev. Scott and Evans along with several others agreed the test should be elimi nated. The two also had similar views on the potential problems with the Central Park Village development project. "There is a possibility that this Central Park project will r)ot happen because the devel opers have said the numbers aren't working," said Rev. Scott. "There are definitely some things need to be worked out before this project takes place." All of the attendees agreed thnt there needs to be morr City Councilman Rev. Thomas Scott, Atty. Donald Odom, State Senator Arthenia Joyner and James Evans listen intently during the recent African-American Advisory Board meeting. Left to ri1ht: Toni Watts, Chloe Coney, Dr. Mar1aret Fisher, Robert Blount, Clara Cobb, James Evans. Cong. Kathy Castor, Gerald White and State Rep. Betty Reed. t think that manv if not everyone here suppoits you," Evans told Castor. we all want to see changes made. We'll fight with you. We'll do the dirty wOrk. We just need to know where to fight." "TT r 0 ::0 0 en m z ... z m r I m c r r !!I z c m r c;; % m c m < m ::D < ... c m en c z c ., ::D 6 emphasis placed on affordable housing, and Cofll. Castor is confident that more funding will be provided for Hope VI which will provide housing assistance for low-income residents. The Congresswoman assured attendees that she would work to solve the problems facing Tampa's Black community, nnd s h e received support from thl' hoard C\S well. Reporter I Writer Antione Davis can be reached at (813) 248. C) lle can also be reached at m gdapisCi&entinef.rom.


1"'-0 0 C\1 EDITORIALS /'COLUMNS w z ::) ..., FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202) U072tiiA.,....., T.,..,.Florido33110S (113)2 .. Publllhod EYOty Tundoy ond Fndoy By fLORIOA S!NnN!l BUll!nN PUBLI8HINQ Co Momblr o1 Notlonll N._ Publllhera Aaoclollon (NNPA) 1nc1 Arnlllgomoled Publoahera, Ina., New Vortc. C 1800 -4 CP TlrneetntemaUonal c POSTIIA8laR: Send Addrooa Change To : C:: Florida 8ontlnel8ullotln, LL. P.O. Bo Tompo. l'l 13101 c a: LL. c z c( c en w ::) ... w > w c w l: en ::; m ::) Q. z ffi _, _, ::) m w z w en a: 0 _, u. Portodleol Poo&ogo Paid AI T-l'l W.W. And....,. 117'-11131 (1811) C. Blytlle And-. 1801-ltn (1MI) Founcloro C. 8L YTH! A-EWS. JR. CHAIRIIAN I. KAY .-wa, PUBUSIWI C. 8L YTHI! ANOREWS II, PR!81D!NTICONTIIOU.!R OWEN HAYES. EDITOR 88TTY DAWKINS, ADYEimSING DUIECTOII ICEITH GEORGE. C1RCUUTION OIRECTOR Subeei'*'$44.DO-Pw YNI Bolh Eclllons : $87.DO-Per YNI One Edition ... --.. donal_...,-.. --.. n. ...... .-...-.... I The Devll's Best Frlendsl I very now and. then it causes our editorial staff '-to scratch our heads. How in the world could people be so naive? And then we remember what stage character Rev. PurUe Victorious said to his lady-friend while attemptins to explain his backslldins ways. He said, "I ain't never told a lie I didn't mean to make come true, some day!" No doubt, Rev. Purlie would have been a hero, especlal1y to Karen Kiehl. That's pronounced"Keel." And Karen Kiehl combined her love of scripture with a natural ability to persuade people who were down on their luck and an overridinslust for money, and was on her way to becomins a quiet queen of fraud until she was eaupt, here recently. It happened in Valiico, where self-styled, homespun evansellst Karen Kiehl conned common folks into believins that with a little of their hard-earned money (in actuality, a lot of their hard-earned money), she could write p-auds that would make their dreams come true. And in time, their dreams did come true. Too bad for them, they were nl&htmaresr And so, we put down our pens and ask our readers sincerely, "What makes people forsake their common sense aud scatter their Uves and their hard-earned savinp before the of sharks? Even in the name of God, what makes people leave their common sense and spread themselves like bullfrop across Route 301? Furthermore, many of the victims are Black. Goins back 30 years to the Jonestown horror, in the junpes of Guyana, the of the dead there too were Black. What is it that people are loold.ns for?" As for Karen Kiehl, thoup she has admitted her pdlt, she hu yet to admit her aln. As she puts it, WJ'he devil has really been worldns on me risht now and causins me all kinds ofhavoer" A-Men? Maybe so. But one thinp for sure, Ms. Kiehl could never had done the thinp she did, were it not for a series of already open doors to invite her ln. For, as many will tell you, "the Devil will not enter, unless you let him inr" By the way, another name for Satan is "GREED!" I Now 11lat School Is 0ut. 11 -=-...-lack children, especially Black boya cannot afford to have a vacadon from achool. That may sound atranse, but listen. While millions of achool ehllclren waited anxioualy for achool to end this month, Black children were recelvina noticea of poor FCAT acorea, falUns sradea and notices of arade retention, dlapropordonately. Now, you undentand. Therefore, the summer month for all Black children should be a time for helplns them achieve better readIns and mathematics skills. Granted, our children should have fun durlns the summer while school is out, just like everyone else. But parents and churches would do well to make certain children spend time practicing their reading and mathematics skills, as well a, learnlns to swim and romping at the play l sround. w Conslderlns that nationally 71% of Black children CJ attend high minority and hlsh poverty schools which perform much lower than other schools, our children Jesus Denou nces The Lawyers Of Time (Series) f our interpretation of gospel were put .. in historical perspective, Jesus being a Black man advo cating for human rights, chal lenged the Roman govern ment and law enforcement, centurion, which killed and crucified him. He answered prior to His death in Luke 11:46: "Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! For ye lade men with burden grievous to be borne, and ye yourself touch not the burden with one of your fingers. Luke 11:47: "Woe unto you! For ye build the sepulchres of the prophets and your fathers lcilled them. This is crystal clear that the lawyers are responsible for protecting the Civil Rights of the people. Luke 11:52 further states: "Woe unto you, lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge; ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. There is a lack of lawyers today addressing Civil Rights violations of the people. Take away the key of knowledge of our struggle of the 1960s movement. Dr. Martin Luther Kins, Jr. started to give ministers a practical view of the gospel of Jesus when he took to the streets fighting for our civil rights as a follower of Jesus' message. Today, poli tics are taken out of the gospel of Jesus in error, because the very nature of the gospel was political. If we look, historically, at the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used the gospel as the empo wennent of his movement as a Christian. What has happened? A true soul searching is needed by our spiritual leaders to go back to the streets to protest and demon strate about the widespread killings of Black men here in Tampa. Without justice, there is no peace. .Just Imagine Just imagine eating rcomed beef, sardines, tuna, Vienna sausage, or potted meat for dinner. What about drinking condensed milk (canned), eating saltines, canned soup, spam, or canned ham? Then imagine that all of your nei&hbors and friends are in the same situation. And the reason is that a hurric:ane came and you were prepared! Yea, today, June 1st is the first day of the 2007 Hurricane Season. The season lasts until November 30th, but now is the time to get pre-pared. During the storm, you'll probably find yourself without electricity. You may also have to remain in your home for a few days before help arrives. You'll be glad to have those canned goods. You'll survive the experienc:e bec:ause you listened and bought a cban:oal or gas grill. You11 have a portable radio or battery-operated television to keep track of what's going on. You11 have a battery-operated fan to keep cool and ice chests for perishable food ice. the heat. And don't forget the junk food! Candy bars, raisins, and other snacks will come in handy Just be careful not to overdo it with the salt. Now, I know that there are a lot of people who just don't believe Tampa will ever be hit by a hurricane. all, the last time the city took a direct hit was in 1921! Let's use some common You11 be glad that you stockpiled all of that water. An adult will need at least 35 ounCf'S of water per day to sur vive. This is especially true because without air condition ing, you'll probably drink sense. Think about this sure your first aid kit every region of the world has is up to date. It should c:ontain its own natural disasters. In such things as band-aids, banCalifornia, they have muddages, alcohol, aspirin or nonslides and earthquakes. The aspirin pain relievers, cotton middle region of the country balls, an antiseptic: ointment, a has to deal with killer lorna first aid book, sc:issors, and does. The north has to con other such items. tend with winter blizzards. You'll also be glad that yau And coastal states must con went ahead and bought a c:ou-tend with hurricanes. ple of. battery-operated If that doesn't work think lantems. Not only are candles about this REMEMBER danaerooa, they just add to NEW ORLEANS I will continue to perform poorly in the classroom and on tests unless parents and community P'OUps help them outside the classroom. We encourqe our parents to secure library card11 for their children and reward them for readlna at least one book a week durina the summer. Alao, make sure your chlldft.n read aloud to you and summarize each book for you. Churehes could use rewards and readlns competition campalJna for their youns church members, as well. Moreover, mathematics workbooks for all srade levels can be found at national chain stores. In other words, we sugest parents invest in the purchase of a workbook for your children and asaln reward them for completlna workbook asslJftments durlns the summer. Yes, our children cannot afford to spend their summer ldly. Prepare them now for the next school year. They may not appreciate It now, but they'll thank you for it later.


COLUMNS :::c 1 The Sole-Man Speaks 1 not c )> .:< c.. c: z m ..... I We Human Beingsl I By RANDOLPH KINSEY M o re ov -er. th es e -days in t___.he I Special Interest Makes The Law I ;cy we leave name of freedom, democraH ave you ever really where the bulk of candidates' money donors. These '' :-behind? I had a cy and security, we start listened to a candi-campaign finances came donors,.known as special dream several nights ago, wars like arsonists start date. If you have, from. interest groups, propose and wherein I saw the death of fires! All over the world, the then you should have heard These funds paid for signs, influence laws that benefit humanity. Over its grave hand of America strikes the phrases: I will work for campaign workers, radio, their special interest ana not was placed a massive head-matches in the dry under-you, I will be your voice, and television and newspaper those ofthe average citizen. stone. And on that head-brush of human discord! I will protect and promote ads and filing fees, amvng There are some lawmakerS stone was one statement, "THEY FORGOT HOW TO DREAM!" Maybe, it was something I ate, but when I woke up, it wasn't. my stomach that was upset. It was my soul! Brothers and sisters, we need to talk. We need to talk not only to each other, but we need to talk to the world! For, if it is true that we human beings are the great est development, yet to live on the face of this earth, must it also be true that we are not living up to the Godgiven prophecy that has brought us here! What is wrong with us? Collectively speaking. what is on our minds? Dwight David Eisenbower, former president and past war hero, warned us about our future. In his farewell speech he said we should beware of becoming slaves to what he called the American "Industrial-WarComplex." In simple terms, he defined it as a militaryeconomic mind-set, which saw the fortunes of our society cemented together by the belief that American prosperity was dependent upon a war-economy. In other words, America would be at its economic best, only in times of war. The man who had emerged as the primary hero of World War II pleaded with America and the world not to be seduced by the drugs of bullets, technology and gun powder, but it was a perfume too intoxicating to ignore. Combined with the barbiturates of racism and sexism, War-Industrialism proved more erotic and more irresistible than even sex, heroin or crackcocaine! Hence, America became and continues to become a "Warrior Society." Almost everything we think about has either. overtones of battle or booty. Have you ever thought about t hat? And I ask you, "Is this our your interest. Then without other things. who do not place special legacy? IS THIS WHO WE batting an eyelash they will Why do you think these big interest groups above their REALLY ARE? If so, we tell you that their office door money folks give candidates constituents, but they are will always be open to you all of this money? Do you few. I once heard a big need to stop lying to ourSure you have heard this think it is because they just money donor say that he selves and tell the truth to rhetoric. They all say it. Once want to have good govern-does not support any candi-our children!" they are elected, they quickly ment? date financially or otherwise But if we are indeed the forget all of that bunk they If you think that, then let if he can't control their vote. villains of earth who seem fed voters and get lost from me sell you the Howard I would be willing to wager more often these days to eat you in the crowd of their real Franklin Bridge. You know I that if the truth be told, this our young, then what are we bosses, the special interest own it. For those who may person is not the only big groups. not know,let me tell you why money donor that feels that to say about the great things Who are the special interthey give all of that money. way. My friends, that is the 'TI we have done and continue est groups, you ask? They give. it for access. political game that we must 6 to do? How do we explain Look on the elected offiAccess that is not available to live with. ::U the Great Pyramids of Egypt cial's financial reports. They the average citizen. It is this As long as political cam-6 that have stood the test of are all there. They are the group that influences the paigns are as costly as they : time for the past ten thou-doctors, lawyers, utility comlawmaking process. are, special interest or big m sand years? How are we to panies, large corporations, So many laws enacted by money donors will continue define the majesty that is unions, religious groups and lawmakers come from the to determine laws that affect z high paid lobbyists. This is minds and offices of big all of our lives. m Greece, the miracle that was Rome or the unbelievable people, places and products but are too afraid or intimidat-that have covered the world me ed to speak out. That's why from Africa to Asia? Cedric Mills and Isaiah z For, at our best, there is By LEON CREWS Brooks were gunned down in ., no doubt, we human beings the prime of their lives, and no 5i have rivaled the finest races one has been brought to jus-anywhere in God's universe! What's Going On? tice for their murders. ::1: Perhaps, bullfrogs in a pond What have we become, and or whales under the sea what will we become? I think m h d I d late great Marvin out of control and desperate, it's time we all take a step back < ave compose me 0 les asked that quesit's not safe to allow our chiland look at the direction we're m more melodious than ours, tion years ago, and I dren to ride their bicycles on heading, and where we will ::U but it is our songs that satu-still don't know the answer. their streets or play in nearby end up. Our communities are rate the radio waves Parents are leaving claildren parks. already being snatched away between earth and all points home alone, young teenagers Some say its economics. from us, and we're being herd-en north, south, east and west are going around with guns Some say it may be people just ed into controlled areas. If we in the Milky Way! Indeed, robbing people, high-speed sick and tired of being sick can't get along with each other < could it not be said that we police pursuits, foot pursuits, and tired. Law enforcement before that happens, we'll find are the poets of this galaxy, men dying in police custody, officials and some media outourselves living in an environ-o this millennium that we and domestic violence inci-lets believe its just typical ment that resembles the death dents are J"ust the tip of an icebehavior and totally "VnAMed. camps of World .... ,ar n -are the artists, architects, ..... 6 playwright and tapestry berg that appears to be thawI hate to read in advance the It doesn't matter what you weavers with our five-tentaing rapidly. expected summer arrests of are used to, or what you want. To what do we attribute young people for violent It's time we step up and make cle hands and rescinding these outbreaks, and who do crimes. I think when we start things safe for the little peo-thumbs? Yes, dolphins' we blame? What has caused projecting those kind of fig-pie. They don't deserve t o brains are bigger, but our such an outrageous and danures we surrender to the antic-become casualties of a war brains built the Eiffel gerous crime spree that seems ipation of it happening with-they don't understand and Tower! to have claimed the young and out giving any thought to predidn't cause. And 'how shall we be old as victims? ventipg it. If we can't get each other remembered, ten million I'm an optimist. I don't I know there are warning under control, you can bet believe things in our commu-signs around ,us everyday. I rorces .... be emploved that Years from now, if we're to 1 ... nities have turned that bad. I know law abiding people are w'll I th t hat' en ng ? be remembered at all? Shall 1 s a w 5 e-1 on. we be remembered by the don't believe we've become so aware of the plots going on, Is that what we want? su ascRlB EToDAVi "The Voice of Our Community Speaking f o r Itself' 1f (8'13) 248-1921 Mailing Address: _________ City: State:_Zip: __ millions we've killed in senseless wars, or shall our melodies, our laughter and monuments outlive us? Black readers, why haven't you made your place as leaders in this world? I also dream about you ... about us. We have a great role to play. But time waits for no one, not even the children of for! Mail Or Brina Payment To: c; 2207 E. 21st Ave., Tampa, FL 3360.5 Check One m mer slaves! rash Money Order C redi t Cards Only! 6 Months -$ 4 4 I Year -$87 t .........................................................................................................


" 0 0 "' c a: IL c z c( c 0 w :::: .... > a: w > w c w :z: 0 :::; m :::: a.. z ffi _, _, :::: m ..:. w z w UJ c( c a: 0 _, IL Signs Before Destruction? When the story broke last week about the young woman being stoned to death in India, I just looked at the television screen, shook my head and said to myself, they can't be serious. This cannot be happening in 2007. But there it was, a recorded image of a mob execution in broad daylight. At that moment, all I could think about was finding that guy. You know the one who stands on street corners, holding up the End Of The World Is Near sign. Yeah him. I just wanted to walk up to him, shake his hand and say, Man, I'm sony for ever doubting you. PAGE SIX All of these years I thought that guy was crazy. You have to admit it, you thought so too. I mean, how could he know the end was near? I understand we've been having unpredictable weath er, wars and rumors of wars, blatant homosexuality and a host of other biblical prophecies occurring, but haven't these things been going on for centuries? I always thought that there had to be something a little more unique to signal the end of life on this rock we call home. The mob killing alone may not be enough to warrant an alarm being sound, but couple it with why it was done, along with the fact that the incident was captured on a camera phone and you may have the recipe for the begin ning of an apocalyptic countdown. Think aoout it. What are the odds of an ancient form of execution and a modern piece of technological equipment coming together to bring the world one of the most outrageous stories of the 21St century? If that' s not strange enough, just a few days prior to the stoning, a popular daytime talk show featured Ivy League college students who produced pornographic movies and magazines to earn money while in school. Not only was their work being approved by the institutions, but one x-rated mag azine entitled the H-Bomb at Harvard Univers ity was actually being financed by the school's student government the ethics of their religious ideologies can result in, well you've seen the video-clip. Herein lies the crux of the issue. The "Do Yours" vs. the "You Better Nots." Two polar opposite systems are trying to co-exist inside of the same time and space. One maintains a death grip on the past The other continues on its steady course into the future. Neither is willing to compromise. The tension created by these two forces pulling in opposite directions can only have one results, a sudden snap that propels each of them into utter chaos ,.::==============================..., Believe me, I can't make this II B n stuffup. While some of you may be ready to lock me in a padded room next to the guy from the comer, think about this. Today, while I was writing this piece, they ran a story on Good Morning America about a female shark giving birth in captivity. What's the significance you ask? She hadn't been around any other sharks, male or female, in the last three years. They're calling it a "'Virgin birth." .. Read the signs, they have to mean something. a.: erie r4att Yousee,whatwehaveisa y basically means that you can partake in any activity you choose, as long as your actions don't impede on the ability of others to oo Them. Over there, they exist in an environment that is regulated by the principle of -vou Better Not." Breaking the mores and standards set by For comments, please write to: CLARENCE BARR, II (43110 -018), Edgefield F. C 1., P 0. Box 725, Edgefield SC,29824. == LETTER TO THE EDITOR== Congratulations Mentors We see pictures posted everywhere -in the church, in the stores, in the mall just everywhere. But, on Tuesday, May 22, 2007, as I entered old City Hall to start work, I was elated to see two boards highlighting people in our community that are Mentors to young people. Amona those that were honored, were six African-Americans honored for their work with young people: Iris B. Holton, Journalist; Florida Sentinel Bulletin; Shawn Harland, Volunteer Basketball Coach; Laura Strlnaer, Foster Mom; Kenneth Christie, School Volunteer; and Jacquelyn Chaney, Teacher and Volunteer Tutor. These individuals were honored for workin& with the Mayor's Youth Corps Youth. I wouJd like to say to these individuals how proud I am of what I read about you and your work. '11aere is much for each of us to do and each of you are examples for the youth. Thank you for sharina your time and talent and mak ina a difference in the lives of young people. It's people like each of you that makes Tampa a wonderful place to work, live and play! Jeraldine Willia1ns Smith Attorney-At-Law 1504 F..ast 12th Avenue Taampa, FL 33605 (813) 248-8060 Phone (813) 248-8181 Fax Areas Of Practice: Prohllte Property Criminal Appuls T1oo nt 0 .... ,... I oa 1Mt-10Rt ............. tloot A.....W RoC Ito l>awol ,.... ...... ...... n-"'"'tfti


LOCAL Senator Receives Pinellas County Urban League 2007 Government Award Senator Arthenia Joyner ( D ), District 18, received the 2007 Pinellas County Urban League Government Award. Senator Joyner was selected as the recipient of the award because of her outstanding commitment to social and economic equality for all citizens. "I am honored to be recognized by the Pinellas County Urban League for my commitment to the citizens of Pinellas County," commented Senator Joyner. "I intend to continue my work on 'behalf of the working men and women in the state of Florida to insure that their interests are protected." Approved by the National Urban League in February of 1976, the Pinellas County SEN. ARTHENIA JOYNER Urban League's mission is to assist African-Americans and others in need to achieve social and economic equality. The mission of the League is implemented through community programs, services Subscribe Todal! HP'l')l_., ll.lJI! First Missionary Baptist Church Of Seffner 6120 Countv Rd. 519 Seffner. Florida For More Information Please Call813-626-9080 Meet Your Neighbors. Make New Friends! cation Bible School Theme: UNeighbors For Jesus June 5-7th 6:30 P.M. 8 P.M CommunifY Picnic -June 9th Nuccio Park 12 Noon-Until s ....... ( and research. Senator Joyner was elected to the Florida Senate in 2006. A Tampa attorney, Specia l appearance, The Little Blessings & Gifts of Praise Senator Joyner also served as State Representative, District 59 in the Florida House for six years. Senate District 18 encompasses portions of Hillsborough, Manatee and Pinellas coun ties. t ., ::u c c: z m ...... 1\) 0 0 ...... ., r 0 :!! c )> (J) m z ::t z m r I m c: r r m -t z ., c: m c (J) ::z::: m c m < m ::u -< -t c: m (J) c )> z 0 ., ::u c m ...... I )>


""" 0 0 N LOCAL ] Behind The Pulpit: I Blessed Hope Bible College 5606 N. Nebraska Avenue Bishop Elliot L. Johnson, Ed.D President I Overseer "We believe that everyone should adhere to n Timothy 2:15 to, study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman needing not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. Said Bishop Elliott L. Johnson, Ed.D, President of Blessed Hope Bible College. The Tampa-based Bible College offers Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Ministry, Christian Education, Christian Potential Charter School Applicants Meeting Planned Members of the HillsboC rough County Public Schools a: will hold an information lL meeting for individuals or C groups interested in applying to open a charter school. The meeting will be held on 0 Tuesday, June 5th, 8:30 a. m. en to 11:30 a. m., in room 157 at the Velasco Student Services t-Center, 1202 Palm Ave., in ij: Ybor City. w Charter School Office staff [j will share information and c answer questions regarding W the major issues and condil: en ::::; aJ : a. z ...J ...J : aJ ..:. w z w en a: 0 ...J lL tions included in the charter school application. A charter school is a pub licly funded school with fewer regulatory constraints than traditional public schools, and with autonomy in personnel and curriculum decisions. They are governed by their own board of directors and are encouraged to use innova tive learning methods. The deadline for filing a charter school application for the 2008-2009 school year is August 1, 2007 Counseling and Theology. Many ministers in the Tampa Bay area have been schooled at Blessed Hope. The school's central location is 5606 N. Nebraska Avenue, but also holds certain classes at local churches. Dr. Johnson has received his Bachelors in Theology, a Masters in Christian Psychology and a Doctorate in Christian Education, all from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary. He is also the founder I president of That Blessed Hope Evangelistic Association, Inc. Thonotosassa, Seffner, Mango Civic Assoc., To Meet The Thonotosassa, Seffner, Mango Civic Association, Inc. will hold its regular monthly meeting on Monday, June 4, 2007, at 6:30 p. m. at Sterling Heights Park, 11706 Williams Road, Thonotosassa. Please plan to be present and ready to participate. The public is invited. Contact person: Pauline Larry Grant, President, (813) 986-3300. "I am confident that everyone here has the gift of teaching with the skills of guiding students in the way we discern they should go," said Bishop Johnson. "Whether the students know their purpose in the Kingdom or not, we are here to assist in their discovery and prepa-ration." For more information, please call Blessed Hope Bible College at (813) 237-6076. Reporter I Writer Antione Davis can be. reached at (813) 248-1921. He can also be reached at adavis@flsentinel.com. Mount Sinai A. M. E. Zion Church 2909 North Nebraska Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 --Senior Pastor/P .E. Samuel Zaka Speaker Of The Event Pastor Sonja Marshall Fire flouse Christian Center Church Mistress OfCcrcmony .... Evangelist Patricia Jones, St.Pctc, FL Associates ....................... Giadys Everett Carolyn Everett Associate Pastor Aaron Hobley, Sr. Pianist.. .......................... Lillie May Jenkins Fire House Christian Center Annani Dancers Pastor Donnell Wilson EvangeHst Yvone Lee And Many Others. Martha Hepburn Cail, Public Relations First Missionary Baptist Church Of Winter Haven FL PASTOR DOLLISON 200 Avenue R (NW) Winter Haven, FL, 33881 Omn:hes Panicipating From All Over The State Of Florida!!! Come Be A Pm Of This Wor.;hip And Celebration Of Youthful Praise To The Lord! For mon: infonnation call: (863) 293-9686 or (813) 215-8942 State ConventJon President: REV. BARTHOLO:'\IEW BA:"'KS Youth President: BRO. DARRIEL BR0\\':"1 When: June 8-August1o,2CXl7 Where: 1oo6 s. soth St lime: 7P.M.-1oP.M. Ages 11 And Up Arewelcome Come Join Us On Friday Nights And Enjoy Live Entertainment, Music And Fellowship Food Will Be Available For A Small Donation Sponsored By: New St. Matthew M.B. Church Youth Department "Young Soldiers For Christ" For Information Kaleb 727:-565-5829


LOCAL "TI :II c Songwriter Started Composing At The Age Of 6 I z When most 6-year-olds would be content just sitting around watching cartoons, drawing, or pla,ying outside, Keyvn Harper was writing music. His parents, James and Sharon Hatcher, admit they didn't take it seriously at first, but once they noticed how much he'd written, they encouraged him. "I noticed he'd take a pad and pencil everywhere we'd go. When a child is interested in something positive, you have to encourage them." Ms. Hatcher said at first his writings weren't that good, but the more he concen trated on it, the better he got. Now she has him studying courses in literature, journal ism, writing and English in school and he's also in a scholarship program called "Educational Talent Search." "He taught himself how to compose on the computer, and is versatile enough to write all kinds of music," said Ms. Hatcher. Keyvn, now 15, said he concentrate:? mostly on lyrics f.. < < .}.. + ) KEYVN HARPER now, but plans to do more actual music compo!;ition in the future. Already armed with the knowledge of how to play a violin and clarinet, Keyvn said he's in the process of learning to play keyboards. Keyvn's parents said they are pleased that their son's grades haven't suffered with his interest in writing, and Keyvn said his goal is to become an :mtrepreneur and find other doors of opportuni ty. "I think he's creating his own style from the different music he's heard growing up," his mom says. Perry Harvey Park Advisory Committee Meeting June 13 The Perry Harvey, Sr. Park Advisory Committee will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13, 2007, at the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, located at 1420 N. Tampa Street. Steven Horwath, vice president of Tampa Bay Engineering, will update the committee on the direction on of the project. Mayor Pam Iorioappointed the 15-member Advisory Committee in October to assist in the redevelopment of Perry Harvey, Sr. Park. Specifically, the Advisory Committee will ensure that the cultural and historic elements of Central Avenue are preserved and represented in the Perry Harvey Park Sr. Master Plan. For more information, con tact: Fred Hearne, Director, City of Tampa Community Affairs, 813274-5690. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. and Section 286.26, Florida statutes, per on with disabilities needing spe cial accommodation to participate in this meeting hould contact the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, 813-274-8615, at least five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting. NATIONAL COALITION of 100 BLACK WOMEN TQ,.PQ BQ)' C/1Qpttr, Inc. CALLIN6 ALL 60URMET 6NTS NCBW 100 YOU ARE CORD/AU Y INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR 15TH ANNUAL 60URMET6NTS "A CUUNARYFANFAR,. SUNDAY, JUL" 2007 St. l.awrence Parish Higgins Hall 5225 N. Himes Annue from 2:00p.m. 5:00p.m. YES! We Welcome New Gents All seasoned Gourmet Gents -We are looking for you, too!! For more Information: Please contact Dee Merritt-Bell E-Mail Address -mb112399@ cs.com or (813) 382-0531 Bring your best dish in support of college scholarship initiative For deserving young pursuing their educational goals him focused is due in part to being a Jehovah Witness and setting the right example as parents. It's important to be a close-knit family with wholesome values and stressing the importance of the family unit." Keyvn has recorded some of his compositions on disc at Perfected Love AGAPE MINISTRIES Church Of God In Christ 5112 N 34th St. Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 23AGAPE (232-4273) ELDER ROBERT J. DOUGLAS And IMS. SADIE DOUGLAS u.aJICIIIl a.a .. n a.a TIEl. IIIli m11 -7 ;,a The Chwch will provide tr1n.portation call628-2759 SundiJ School i:30 a.m. Homing Worship 11a.m. Pruer Service Wedneldew 7 p.m. home, and has gone into an actual studio and recorded two of his songs. He said he expects to become a household !:;3 name before he graduates from high school. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at leon@jlsentinel. com. V1ctoryTemp e Outreach Ministries (loated In thtt South TerrACe PliWI) at 7633 N. 56th St. FL33617 PASTOR LAYTECIA FLOWERS Schedule of Services Sundays ............. lO:OO a.m. Worship Service Tuesdays ................. 12:00 p.m. Noon Day Pnayer Every 4th Monday Night 7:00 p.m. Substance Abuse Ministries Wednesd.lys ........... 7:30 p.m. Wisdom In the Word Bible Study Every 3rd S.turd.ly .... l :00 p.m. Women of Wisdom Ministries Join us in any one of our life ch.mging SNvices where miracles are .:JhV.:J)'\ bound to (A Special Church For The Deaf) ., .-0 :tJ 6 > en m z -t z m r;m c: ..m -t z ., c: m .-c;; % Revelation C ommunity M. B. Church m 1712 E. Busch Blvd. < Services Church School 11 : 15am Morning Worship 12:15pm Bible Study-Tues. 7:30pm RMAlND W D SIMS. P8llof Chlldrwl & Youth Bible Stucb Wednudu 7 :30 p.m. Slllu .... Pruw S.W. & Bible S1ucb 10 a.m. Youth Bible lruttlute 12 4 p.m. TeenNIIH Fridu befoN the 2nd Sunday 7 p.m. m m en c c 6 Studlf of 11M Bible Wednudu 7:30 1:30 p.m. PNise & Wontilp Service WedMSdu 1:30 9 p.m. 3708 E. Lake Avenue Tampa, FL 33610 (8131 628.0752 Weblih!: Em11ll: .... com


Preventing_ Crime In The Community Forum Orlando is the site of the 22nd National Conference on Preventing Crime in the Blacl,< Community, which began on Wednesday. Attorney General Bill McCullum of Florida and Georgia's Attorney General Thurbert Baker are hosting the conference. This conferertce will bring together a diverse range of experts, community leaders and individuals all focused on the same goal keeping youth and communities protected from criminal activi. ty. One of the topics for discussion will be "The Rise in Gangs Among Young Black Males and the Consequences," which will focus on ways to. deter youth from joining gangs. McCullum "I want to emphasize an additional resource to be included in this year's conference program. The Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys, which was created in 2006 by the Florida Legislature, will make a presentation of their progress to conference attendees." The conferenCe concludes on Saturday. Final Enrollment Opportunity Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School will have its final enrollment OppOrtunity for the charter high school on Saturday, june 2, 2007.at the Children's Board in Ybor City, 1002 E. Palm 'Ave. The time is 9 a.m. -11 a. m. The Collegiate High School will open in August as the only charter high school in Hillsborough County that helps high school c student accelerate credit earning at the secondartb level. iX Enrollment is open to students who have completed 8 grade U. and reside in Hillsborough County. Registration and tuition are free. Enrollment is expected to reach 300. c( For more information, please contact, Jacqueline Farruglo, medjajnc;wiries@bdchs.o[i. Or, visit the website, www.bdchs.aJ:i. Q en w ::: > a: w > w Q w l: en ::; m ::: Q. z _, _, ::: m ...:. w z i= z MOUNT CARMEL 'MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 314......, .... Pin Cltr, Fi 33566 0 (813) 770.2424 or (813) 325-7071 ............... ___ ....... rrs au. ABOUT 'ESUSI .... llr8clloiD lo .. Cludl: ............. Ell21. ........... to...,_, li.8Dibaui4 ..................... ............. Churdl ll1/411111a-llleWt. c.a: (113) iD-1912 aur Mitrion /.rEm 'ltVt:mlt:llt TI11Vil. h The Won/ "COlr ----en 111111111'111101-11 iX lf!l!l !l!J 0 _, u. t.r .f. E. Educaflonaf fair AC4dtKUe SL:USS for ALl .This Sunday May ZOth + T ........ s.nsc.s ....... ....... a-.. + Prizes + And much more ... 'Come and Join us ... Thcre's something for cYaryonel /1' WT earning Is ForEve-'t &duullotlot lorvleeo, LLC 451-1934 967-3656 Dou!M Tree Hotel Westshore 4300 West Cypre11 Street Tampa, Fl. 33607 LOCAL Proposed 'Drop Off Center' Location Opposed City of Tampa Solid Waste Director David McCary addressed Tampa City Council Thursday about a 'Drop Off Center' he's proposing to build in a heavily populated residential neighborhood off Sligh Avenue on 22nd Street. McCary, equipped with vir tual technology, explained how ideal" the city-owned land would be to accommodate such a project, and that the proposed site is not a dumpsite like it had been misrepresented to be, but a good thing for the community. "We were looking to use 3 to 4 acres of the 22-acres of cityowned property for the site. The site will not service hazardous waste or raw garbage, but will be a drop off center for things residents have to dispose of, like old furniture, refrigerators and yard waste. "We'have met with the residents of Old Seminole Heights and are also looking to communicate with residents in the River Grove and Woodland Terrace communities to discuss the proposed site. He went an to talk about the 52 lots throughout the community that are presently being uSed far illega] dumping. 36 of them in East Tampa. McCary said the actual CQJt of the project would run around $1 million, with $28o,ooo for the project already approved. City Councilman Thomas PASTOR DONNELL & MIN TANYA WILLIAMS Foundors 6501 N. Nebraska Ave. (John C.tvln Church) Brble Study Wednesday@ 7 P.M. Worshrp Service Sunday@ 6 P.M. Contact Info: 546-2751 GREGG TEMPLE A.M.E. CHURCH 4C03 42ftd St.,, .... REV. FRANKIE S. FAVSON n1. PuaDr lund ScMol 10 A.M. Wonhlp 11 A.M. lllb .. SCudJ TUESDaY 7 P.M. GOD IS IN CHARGE DAVID MCCARY CITY COUN.CILMAN THOMAS SCOTT Scott asked McCary how many sites currently exist in Tampa CRA dollars to catch the city like this one be's illegal dumpers, about lf2 of the proposing. violaters are residents. "We have only one and it's Councilman Scott said he's located off Gandy and been around a long time, and Manhattan near MacDill Air there are two things people Force Base, but it accommo-don't want near their homes. dates only lawn waste," said "People don't want a jail or McCary. dump site near their homes. I Councilman Scott asked suggest a better job needs to be what has been done in other done by your office in explainparts of town to eradicate illeing what the site is, because the gal dumping, that's not being people have problems with this done in East Tampa. proposal." "From what I'm bearing and A resident spoke about the given the entire city, it sounds meeting McCary bad with the to me illegal dumping only 140 residents of the Old occurs in East Tampa. Seminole Heights Association, "My concern is I've gotten a and said of the 140 residents lot of phone calls and e-mails attending, only 1 person was about this proposed site, and okay about the project after everyone wants to know if McCary's presentation. other sites have been looked Florida Sentinel Bulletin at. Publisher S. Kay Andrews Coundlman Scott said he addressed the Council in oppotbinks other sites need to be sition to the proposed site. explored and that the proposed first, I can't believe the com facility will not eliminate illegal ments I've beard about bow dumping. beautiful a few trees and a lang McCary said be hopes it will driveway are going to make a reduce and eventually elimi-dumpsite a good thing. nate the illegal dumping sites I live in River Grove, and we and said that according to the don't want this. What happens detectives hired with East when this administration ABE BROWN MINISTRIES CRUSADE CALENDAR leaves office, and this project too costly to be manned properly? We will be stuck with this. What are they planning to do with the fumi-NeXt Stops ture and old appliances that are going to be left there?" Central Rorida Reception Center (Bus Dlplrtl To lhMd N. 6:00 All) Ms. Andrews was also con cerned about the close proximity of the facility to Foster Elementary, Sligh Middle and Rogers Park. This proposed t>oncept bas been the center of controversy Madl9cn Conecb aallrl:itillJion since its inception nearly 2 years ago, mainly because the Jeffa9on ConectioiiEIIInstikJion African American community Date: June 9. 2007 Departure Time: 5:00A.M. Return Time: Approx. 6:00P.M. Round Trip Price: 520.00 Call 813-247-3285 For Info To Reaerve Your Seat has been the targeted land location from the beginning The Tampa-Hillsborough Chapter of the NAACP is ,also reviewing the proposal by Solid Waste on the site. Reporter Leon B. Crews cun be reached at (813) 248'124, or e-mailed al leon@tfaentinel.com. upport The Florida Sentinel Advertisers


LOCAL Hospital Manager Said Black Contractors Not Being Ignored ., :c c }< C'c: z m BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer During the past t'(Vo years, Tampa General Hospital has awarded millions of dollars in construction contracts. But a recent report outlining the amount of contracts awarded to. African Americans has drawn comments from some in the community. The Second Quarter 2006-2007 Minority Business Enterprise Participation Report showed that $3,222,379.08 was.spent on total construction. Of that amount; African American contractors received less than $5,000; less than $8,000 of $1,944,049.38 for General Goods and Services; and nothing for Professional ServiCes ($654,359.08) and Medical Supplies and Services ($1, 752,562.89). After receiving the report, Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White said, "As one of the newest board members, the numbers were appalling and the two previous reports were just as dismal. "I've told the hospital that they need to have the administrators at the next meeting to explain this report. The amount of contracts awarded to Blacks is ridiculous. This project is $170,000 million and we should have had at least one or two Black millionaires from this,'" Commissio-ner White stated. LESMILLER Minority Business Development Manager position at the University of South Florida, Les Miller, Jr., served as the Minority Business Development Manager for T a m p a General. He currently serves parttime in that KEVIN WHITE County Commissioner JOSEPH ROBINSON Business Owner position for the hospital. Commissioner White said, "If we have these numbers when he (Miller) was serving full time, what are the numbers going to look like when he's serving part time?" When contacted by the Sentinel, Les Miller said, "The report shows when a contract has been awarded or renewed, it shows during that quarter. But we do business with the company for the life of the contract. "We have 16.9% minority businesses registered with us and we have done business with 14.4%. We may fall short MBE Statistics Contracts Awarded 2nd Quarter 2006-2007 ------, Total Coaatnactloa ............... ..$3,222,379.08 Toul Geaual Goodl 4 S."lca .......... s 1,944,049.38 Q@ .... .... ,,,v....J 7,576.68 11@. -............. s 6,.m.s2 93,776.09 0@ .. ,, ........ ..... $ !. 8@ .. ,............ ... s 4,599.00 7 H@ .. ,.., ,, ...,,...J 91,953.00 il@ ....... ..... .. .. s 368,648.82 o ...................... s Total DMIDWBE ................... .S 46S,200.82 Total DMIDWBE. ..................... ........ S 107,904.59 Total DMIDWBE ..... ... (14. 4%) AvailabDity -----t-T-otai_DMID __ w_s_E._ ... .. A_v_lilab_U_ily__ % ___ _j Total Profaaloul s.mc: ....... .S 654,359.08 [ Bl4l ..................... s ( :'}i@ ......... ............ s 1,000.00 W@ ................ ... .S 16,250.00 O@ ..... .. ........ .... s Total Medkal Suppliea 4 Servkft ....... .SI,7S2,S62.89 c(S@ ..... -...... ........ s / H@ ,,...$ 16,933.90 ........... $ 0@, ............ s TOial DMIDWDB .... .............. ... S 17,2SO.OO Tolal DMIDWBE. .......................... ...... S 16,933.90 TOial DMIDWBii ......... (l.6%) Availability Total DMIUWBE .......... (5.0%) l% Year-To-Date MBE Statistics Contracts Awarded September 2006 thru April 2007 T..UC..tr d .................. ....S3,32:2.,U.S ... T .... ............... i lllil ,...J Q,l4lM 91,M3.00 611 .I 15.265.0 !!:@. ..... ,_J 469,J3S.S. wa.. ---.S 119,2A2.11 0@.. '""' II s 0&... ,.,I w Total DMIDWB3 ... .................. ..S 565,617.54 I TOIII DNIDWBB. ............................. .S 267,351.16 Total DMIDWBB. ........ (17.0%) .l.U% Toc.l DNIDWBL ........ .(7 -"'o) AW'IIi1lbllJI7 ji% Toe.l PI a Ill II ............... ..SZ,7SO.l61'6 T.W...._....,.. .....__....s2,961.]9CIM 1 WI .................... 3> 6.000.00 z c ., c Cl m .... .... I >


c a: I.L c z 4( c en w ::::l ... rc w > w C w :z:: en ::::; m ::::l D. z ffi _, _, ::::l m I _, w z w en C a: 0 _, I.L =BIRTHDAY GREETINGS Happy Birthday ALBERT SINGLETON, SR. Mr. Albert Singleton, Sr., will celebrate his 80th birthday on June 4th. Family and friends would like to wish you a happy birthday and may God bless you with many more to come. Wipe Me Down JAZZ Yeah, you all thought it was over, but I'm still here! Blessed to see another year! All of you haters cannot hold me down! Reward Increased In Mills Homl:clda Ms. Lucy Mills continues to grieve the loss of her grandson, Cedric "CJ" Mille. The Jefferson High School grid star was shot to death April 25th in Carver City, and no arrests have been made. Me. Mille has gone on record as saying she doesn't blame Tampa Police for the slow progress in making an arrest. "They can't do their job unless we do our job. We have 'to care about each other, and we have to not be afraid to speak up. "'t's been very frustrating for all of us that no one has come forward. We believe the don't snitch rule young people have needs to be dealt with. When someone's life is taken, that rule shouldn't apply They need to understand those kind of people don't need to live among us. One day, one of their family members may be a victim." Ms. Mills announced that the reward for information that will lead t.o the capture of the person or persons CEDRIC "'C.J" MIU.S .-reward now ,8oo responsible for CJ' murder has grown to $8,800. "'We received a donation of $5,000 from the MJ In The Morning Show. We're very thankful for all the donations we've received, and wish those with information on who did this would also be as generous. "As a race, we've got to learn to help ourselves. No one is going to help us. We have got to_ start caring more about each other." Institute of Academic Mastery,.lnc. Is Offerln9 FREE SAT Preparation Workshops For Students In Grades 7-12 Workshops Consist of: Critical Readlno, Mathematks, and 2-Part WrltlnQ Section on Essays and Multiple Choice Questions Classes Start Monday, June 11th, Sessions Held Tuesdays and Thursdays Contact Mrs. C. H. Duhart (813) 985-57 45 or (813) 989-8398 for Additional Information Trintlty C. M.E: Church 2401 N. Howard Ave. (813) 253 PASTOR JOE L. And SIS. JOYCE E. JOHN-ON 7he Church That Cares" Sunday School 9:30 A..M. Morning Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study Tuesct.y 7 P.M. Prayer Mllatry Frldlly -7 P.M. One How Prayw Mlnlatry 12 1 P.M. Wednesday, ThuraUy & Frtday 20 Years Of Service Feed Our Children Ministries, Inc. P. 0. ac. 29CM15 r.,.,._ R. 33687 (813) 784-1021 Hands Of God Ministries, Inc. 2918 Easl 271h Avenue BISHOP CLAYTON FERGUSON,IR., Putor I Elder Dorothr hrtuloll Sundar. SuM., Scltool10 A.M. PriiM & s.mc. n A. H Ewnlllt Senlce 6 P.M. Bible Stuclr. WedneldtJ 7 P.M. Ennlllbt Nltltt Prld11 7 P.M. I H1vo S.t Boforo You An Door ASHLEY Spotlight Unlimited has another stunning young lady that Is sure to leave an imprint on your mind. We are glad to have Ashley as this week's Spotlight feature. Ashley's favorite star Is Jay-Z, and her hobbies are reading, shopping, traveling and writing. In the future, Ashley wants to finish school and pursue a career In journalism. Her philosophy of life Is to "never make someone a priority If they only make you an optlon."The perfect man for Ashley must be an honest, educated, goal oriented, romantic, caring and sucCessful. Congratulations to Ashley as this week's Spotlight feature. "One Church, Two Locations Church: (813) 251-5756 & Fax: (813) 231--4664 "Equipping The Saints For The Wolt Of The Mlnistrr" bhuiMu 4:12 Wut T ... INI Loailloll 2001 N. Alb8nJ ........ T--. FL. 33607 I a.m. Ewtr \Vonhlp 0 10 a.m. Sunder School 7 p.m. w.dnudar 7:30 p.m. Mlcf.WHk Wonhlp .... Solidi TaM .. Loaitloll 5133 S. De-. Mably Hwr., T-. Fl., 334m 0 11:15 Lift. t4orNna Worship 7 p.m. 1'uuc1ar Bl* SIUdr RJPt tlrfHEN U ruiTON ,.... ._ "A CHURCH WHERE YOU CAN FEEL THE HOLY SPIRIT"


SPORTS "T1 ::D c SPORTSIDE W ITH RANDY Bucs May Consider Changes At Wide Receiver c.. c: z m Elijahl Get Overl Get Helpl Get Onl EUJAHDUKES Cavs got feisty and refused to go along with the script. They won the next two games to even the series at 2 games apiece. It seems that LeBron James isn't ready to stop playing this season. The only thing sure about the championship game is that the San Antonio Spurs will be there. Keon:Young,Gifted And Black BY ANTI ONE DAVIS Sentinel Staff Writer The Tampa Bay Buccaneers receivers may look a little different when they take the field for the 2007 season. Bucs head coach J o n Gruden is considering some personnel change!';, and the only receiver who seems safe from a demotion is veteran wide receiver Joey Galloway. The 36-year-old receiver has had over 1,000 yards receiving the past two seasons. However, Michael Clayton may have some competition as the second starting receiver. .. 1 think there's going to be a lot of competition at the wide receiver position. We've got some great players trying out, and they all bring something that could be valuable MAURICE STOVALL to our football team," !'aid Gruden. Maurice Stovall has impressed Gruden and his coaching staff. The 2nd-year receiver filled in for an injured Clayton late last season posting seven catches 1\) and 102 yards. Clayton, a 8 fourth-year player from LSU, ....,. has had two sub-par seasons after a stellar rookie season. The Bucs also have new additions to their wide receiver core inclu.ding former Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens, and David Boston who has played in several Pro Bowls for other teams. .. That' s one of the great things about training camp is that everybody starts with a clean slate," said Gruden. .. We want to put players on the field that will help us win football games, and get us back in the playoffs. We're going to try our best to find a 'T1 combination that's produc-r-tive and gives us the best opportunity to win." Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder, Elijah Dukes is a talented, but troubled young man. Because of his poor judgment, the young fellow has been beaten up pretty good by the press. These people want Dukes' blood, his life and his job. Ever heard of Keon Broxton? If not, write the name down. You will be hearing about him. Keon is what you call young, gifted and Black. Young Broxton is 16 years old, stands 6'3" and tips the scale at 195 pounds. The senior-to-be is also an honor student. He is a starting wide receiver for last year's # 1 ranked football team. Denzel's Son .Joins New NFL Europe Squad (/) m z :::1 z m r;m c r r-Dukes is too young ,nd too talented to just be thrown under the bus. That happens far too often to young Black men. Yes, Dukes was wrong. Sure it needs to be called to his attention. But he should not be thrown to the wolves. Dukes needs to get psychiatric and anger management help. He needs to get over this incident, and he needs to get on with his life. He needs to give himself every opportunity to be the best that he can be with his immense talent. Cavaliers Defy Script The NBA Playoffs are winding down to the He is good and is already drawing the attention of col lege coaches and scouts. Keon is also a baseball player. In fact, he is a better baseball player than he is n football player. The shortstop is expected to go pretty high in this year's draft. Keon is the son of Ms. Angela Clark and Herman Broxton. No decision has been made on Keon's future. He has a number of options. They include going to college, signing a baseball contract, playing football and/or base ball in college eke, it is great to be young, gifted and Black these days. The world opens up to you Keep on keeping on, Keon. It sounds like a donn in a Harry Potter mov i e but for the 23-year-old son of actor Denzel Wa11hington, a move to Dusseldorf brings with it new hope and a fresh chance to show what Morehouse men are made of John David WahinltOn left the Hamburg Sea Devils, where he failed to play a game this season, and signed with NFL Europe tailenders Dusseldorf on Monday, reports AFP Dusseldorf i s 2 4 for the sea son in the s ix team league, which comprises five franchis e s alone from Germany Washington set a school record at Morehouse College with 1,198 yards with a 5.6-yard average and nine touch downs Championship Series. So far, so good. The called for The FYD Pop W rn r the final two teams to be the i!006 San Antonio Spurs and the Place In The And Conference Detroit Pistons. Those two teams would battle seve n games with the San Antonio Spurs winning. The Utah Jazz followed the script to perfection. They rolled over to the Spurs in five gilmes. On the other side of the aisle, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the first two games to Detroit. Then the ((The \iJice (d ('_)lll' Speaking for ltse(f' iII I I ?t+i I t.t (I PI t !ll Keeny Unit:ed Met:hodi!it: Church Local:ed On 70th !il:rePI: Aero-From The Wlnn-Dhde Plaza (Clair-Mel) Age For Football And Cheerleadlng 5-1 5 Rag FootlJall Sgs.oo Tackle FootlJall S 1go.oo IWith Half Du J U Th Tlnw Of Ragltrlltlon) heerleadlng S 50.00 (Doe. lncludll Unlfonnl For More Information Please Call Leroy Murray At: 477-i!11B DENZEL WASHINGTON And Son, JOHN DAVID gJ z c: m r-(i) :::z: m c m < m ::D < -4 c m (/) c )> z c He had ten receptions for 69 yards his senior year, and also holds the school's single-game (242 yards) and career (3,699 yards) leading rushing records. The athlete had been under contract with the NFL's St 6 Louis Rams in 2006 but he was dropped from the roster. or Coaeh Contads: Harold Given (81)) 997-41911 Mareka Davll (81)) s-6111 Shawn Harland {813) 41ft-04t.9 Katina Perry (813) _5oaeh oi-G42


,.... 0 0 N Williams Sisters Continue z To Unnerve Opponents >;' u. Venus Williams hit only four aces in her second-round win, but one was 129 mph, establishing a record. The ball skidded, almost imperceptibly, through the service box. Harkleroad never had a chance; later, she would ask if she even touched it. The modest-sized electronic display board flashed the number: 206. It was history-206 kilometers-per-hour translates to 129 miles-per-hour, making it the fastest-recorded serve in the history of women's tennis -but Williams herself probably was the only one in the intimate circus that is Court 1 who immediately grasped its significance. She started laughing to >-herself. 'C "'loved it," Williams said later. J lost a little bit u. because I saw the 206. I was C so excited because I broke my record. When I was younger, I was always trying a to serve harder and harder, m and now I'm not trying to W serve hard. "'t comes hard. So it was unexpected." w If metaphors are your G; thing, try this one: That c serve is the Williams sisw X U) ::J m :: G. z ffi ..1 ..1 :: m ters, Venus and Serena. Venus turns 27in t)\ree weeks. Serena is 25: That's three years older than Martina Bingle when she first retired and two years .older than Kim Clijeters was when CJijJten recently decided to retire. VENUS WILUAMS Just when you think they're finished, they come at you hard. At this point, with 13 Grand Slam singles titles between them, it shouldn't be so unexpected. Venus Williams took out Harkleroad on Wednesday 6-1, 7-6 (8) to advance to the third round at Roland Garros. She could be forgiven for losing her focus after that second-set bomb and losing five straight games. It is worth noting that the record Venus broke belonged to her sister, who hit one 127 mph last year in Cincinnati. If the mark is officially recognized, Venus will have four of the six fastest serves on record. Fact, is the Williams sisters still manage to be intim idating. Harkleroad inti mated as much after the match. -For some reason, I don't play the way that I (usually) do if I'm playing somebody else," Harkleroad said. -I'm still a little tentative. .:.. w z Suhs

. LOCAL Hill's Death Ruled Drowning NEW ORLEANS --The death of New England Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill, who fell off a jet ski in Lake Pontchartrain, was ruled an accidental drowning on Tuesday. An autopsy found no signs of drug or alcohol in Hill's body, although more tests are planned and will take two weeks to complete, said Orleans Parish coroner Dr. Frank Minyard. Minyard said Hill might have suffered a mild concus sion when he fell off the water craft. "He might have hit the right side of his face above the eye when he fell off the craft," Minyard said. "He had a pretty nasty bruise there." There was a slight amount of blood in the brain, which could indicate a concus si on, Minyard said. "That could have caused him some confusion," Minyard said. "Although we were told he talked to the woman who was with him after the accident, he could have become disoriented Hill played on LSU's .(: Marquise Hill may have suffered a mild concussion before drowning. national championship team and was a second-round draft pick by New England in 2004 He had yet to start for the Patriots, playing in 13 games in his NFL career. Hill and a female friend had ventured onto the lake Sunday night near the south shore. Investigators said neither wa s wearing a life vest. Authoritie s said they ended up in an area of swirling currents near where a shipping canal runs into the lake. "The water goes through there very fast and it's very deep 70, 80, 90 feet deep," said Minyard, who fishes in the area. Raiders' Porter Will Keep No. 84 ALAMEDA, CA -When Jerry Porter switched his number this offseason, he said he was ready for a new start and a new attitude after .feuding last season with former coach Art Shell. That attitude change has a price, though, and Porter i s not willing to pay it. The Oakland Raiders receiver said Wednesday h e have to pay $210,000 to switch uniform from No 8 4 t o 81 in o rder to reim burse t h e team and Reebo k for the cost o f the unso ld jerseys. .. Man, there's a couple of nice cars I'd like to get for that money," Porter said ... 1 could buy a nice vacation JERRY home, or at PORTF.R least go half on on e with someone e l se." NFL spokesman Steve Alic said Porter could wait unti l next year, when th<' suppl y of unsold shirts wou l d be d e pl e ted and t ht cost w o uld b e less, be fore m a kin g the c h a ng>. TAMPA BAY 2007-2008 Football Season Sept. 9 @ Seattle Seahawks 4:15p.m. Sept. 16 New Orleans Saints 1:00 p.m. Sept. 23 St. Louis Rams 1:00 p.m. Sept. 30 @ Carolina Panthers 4:05p.m. Oct. 7 @ Indianapolis Colts 4:05p.m. Oct. 14 Tennessee Titans 1:00 p.m. Oct. 21 @ Detroit Lions 1:00 p.m. Oct. 28 Jacksonville Jaguars 4:05p.m. Nov.4 Arizona Cardinals 1:00 p.m. I BYE WEEK I Nov. 18 @ Atlanta Falcons 1:00 p.m. Nov. 25 Washington Redsklns 1:00 p.m. Dec.2 @ New Orleans Saints 1:00 p.m. Dec. 9 @ Houstorf Texans 1:00 p.m. Dec. 16 Atlanta Falcons 1:00 p.m. Dec. 23 @ San Francisco 49ers H:15 p.m Dec. 30 Carolina Panthers I :00 p.m Porter Pays Fine For Punching Jonas JOEY PORTER vs. LEVI JONES LAS VEGAS --Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter pleaded no contest Wednesday and paid a $1,000 fine for punching Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones after a disagreement at a casino blackjack tabiP., authorities said. Porter did not appear in Las Vegas Justice Court while his lawyer, Karen Winckler,' entered the plea to a misdemeanor battery charge and paid the fine, said a court aide to Justice of the Peace Pro Tern James Gubler. Gubler accepted the plea from Winckler on Porter's behalf. Winckler did not immediate ly respond to messages seeking comment. Porter, 30, and Jones, 27, scuffled March 18 inside the Palms hotel-casino and in the valet area afte r exchanging words at the blackjack table prosecutor Brian Rutledge said. H e said Porter could have faced up to six months in jail and the $1 ,000 fin e. Jones was not charged. Jones, who suffe red a cut on his foreh ead, said Porter "approache d him to fight b ecause the y argue on the football fidd," according to a po lice report. The r eport says Porta threw the firs t punc h Dolphins Re-Sign QB Cleo Lamon CLEO LEMON DAVIE --Thl' M iami Dolphins havt> r e signed quarterback Cleo Lemon to a one -year c0ntract. I.emon Hgrec d to the $ 1.3 millio n dt>nl T ucsdn y He's his fourth sea son nnd third with the D olphins, for whom lw starte d las t yPar 'll fin a l e at. Lemon hns c ompll'tl d 3 8 o f (}R p nsses for 929 yards nn d t wo tolllhdo wn s in h is NFL ('111'1'('1' 'TI ::0 0 Prosecutor: Vick Linked To Dogfighting C'c:. z m PORTSMOUTH, Va. -Informants have come forward saying Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Viek was involved in dogfighting, a prosecutor investigating the case said. Brown and Surry County Commonwealth's Attorney Gerald G. Poindexter told WAVY-TV of Portsmouth, Va., there is evidence linking Vick to dogfighting, which i s a felony in Virginia. uwe have informants," Poindexter told the station in an interview Wednesday. have people who are volunteering to make those alle gations." The case began April 25 when police conducting a drug investigation raided the house Vick owned in rural Surry County and found dozens of MICHAEL VICK ... inset One Of His Dogs dogs They also found items associated with dog fighting, including a "pry bar" used to pry apart a dog's jaws. No charges have been filed in the case. .... 1\) 0 0 """" ., r' Bonds: Too Early To Talk About Record 0 l:l g tn m NEW YORK --Barry Bonds is 10 home runs away from breaking Hank Aaron's career record -and insists it's still too early to talk about the hallowed record. Bonds was in the lineup Wednesday night against the New York Mets, ready to resume his march toward Aaron's total of 755. He isn't r eady, h o wever, to talk about the significance of the number. we're not there yet," he said. we're not even close enough to even discus s it at this mom ent." As Bonds s pok e, he held a d i g ital r ecorder n ear his mouth throughout the inter v ie w so he could post it o n his W e b site. BARRY BONDS z m r;I:D c: r' r' m ::t z c: I:D r' u; % m 0 m Bonds missed most of the < m Giants' 5-4 loss in 12 innings l:l against New York on Tuesday -< night, his first game in Shea 2 Stadium this season. He m pinch-hit in the lOth and walked as the crowd of 47,940 booed lustily. > z 0 BROTHER' S GRAPHICS C) m 1248 E. Hill s borough Suiteft20 6 .... <{' )>


1'-0 0 N w z ::::: .., >:' < c a: LL MR. HOWARD A. 'SKIP' WILLIAMS, JR. Homegoing services for Mr. Howard A. "Skip" Williams, Jr., of 6225 Palm River Rd., who passed away May 24, 2007, will be held Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 11 a. m. at Peace Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, 2607 E. 24th Avenue, Rev. W. F. Leonard, pastor, and Rev. Terry Slayton, officiating. Entombment win fonow in the i:i Garden of Memories C Cemetery. a: Howard "Skip" Williams, LL Jr., was born on September C 12, 1978, to Howard A. Z Williams, Sr., and Carolyn < Mills. Skip was educated at i:i an early age at St. Peter C Claver Catholic School and U> the public schools of Hillsborough County. He also 1-attended Hinsborough >a: Community CoDege and ITf (Institute of Tedmolozy). He was employed by Precision w Tube BendiD& Inc. C He was preeeded la death W by his beloved aunt, Mrs. ::z::: Beatrice B. Williams Black. U) ::; He leaves to cherish his m memory: father, Howard A. ::::: Winiama, Sr.; mother, a. Carolyn Mills of Eufaula, Z Alabama; slater, A. fii Mills; pandparents, Lillian _, Williams Brown and Joseph -' Brown, Dlia MW. and Annie ::::l m B. MIDs; peat pandmother, .,!, Aanie R.. Davia; areat aunt, w LeBa AJdrldp; aunts, Birdie Z Williams Underwood, Betoria Williams Watson, W MarOyn Gadson, and Carolyn tn Williams Steverson; uncles, c Harold E. Williams, Ellis C Mills, Jr., and David Mills; ii: niece, Jada Campbell; 0 nephews, Robert E. Mills, and Damien M. MiDs, Eugene Campbell, Jr.; special cousins, R.aquel L. Watson and Darren Gadson; cousins, Darnell Gadson, Jeffree Gadson, Dr. Shirley Speights, Shea Speights and Charles Speights; special friends, Keiaha Heath, Alexandria Moore and WOlle Davia; and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from 5 8 p. m. on Friday evening. The family will receive friends from 7-8 p. m. The funeral cortege will arrange from 2602 2oth Avenue. Friends are asked to meet at the church at 10:45 a m. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME HtH'' 1 : ,. .. MR. AARON TABOR Homegoing services for Mr. Aaron Tabor will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 10 a. m., at Garden of Memories Funeral Home and Cemetery, 4207 E. Lake Avenue, Tampa, with Minister Carlos Alonso of Agape Evangelistic Mission, officiating. Interment win fonow in Garden of Memories Cemetery. Mr. Aaron Tabor was born on September 17 1928, in Tampa, to the late Mr. Aaron and Gussie Tabor. He was raised in Tampa, and attended public schools in Hillsborough County. He was of the Baptist Faith. He was preceded in death by: honored loved ones, mother and father, Aaron and Gussie Tabor; and brothers, Freddie Heath and Edward Tabor. He leaves to continue his lepcy with everlasting memories: a devoted wife, Barbara Tabor; s children, Darrell H. Tabor, Derek A. Tabor (September), Alinda P. Suas, WUma Sharon Garvin and Aaron Brice Tabor, all of Tampa; grandchiJdren, Joseph D. Garvin, Candice Suus, Sasha Wript, Enoch Suus, Derek Tabor, Jr. and Darren Alex Tabor; great grandchildren, Quavious Brown and Deahawn Rufftn; a sisters, Hazel T. Cressie and Beatrice lloclripez; and other sorrowin1 nieces, nephews and cousins; aistenln-law, Dorothy CoUina, Edna Oliver (James), and Norma Tabor; mother-in law, Bennie P. Collins; ape cial friends, Dennis Satrold, James Aldridge (Regina), James Hammond, Robert Troutman, Horace Glenn; and his friends at Martha's Place and McDonalds; and a host of other sorrowing friends. Visitation for Mr. Tabor will be held this Friday, beglbning at 6 p. m. The fam ily will receive friends from 7 p. m. at the Garden of Memories Funeral Home at 4207 E. Lake Avenue, Tampa. THERE WILL BE NO VIEW INO AFI'ER THE EULOGY. The funeral proceaion will assemble at 2719 N. 33rd Street, Tampa, at approxi mately 9 a. m. In lieu of flow en, please send donations to Hospice. GARDEN OF MEMORIF.S Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers FUNERALS MRS. DOROTHY JEANJONFS Homegoing services for Mrs. Dorothy Jean Jones, whom God called home on Wednesday, May 23, 2007, will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 11 a. m. at New Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 2511 E. Columbus Drive, Tampa, Rev. Walter Williams, pastor, with Elder Frank 0. Gray, officiating. Interment will fonow at Orange Hill Cemetery. Dorothy was born on January 19, 1944, in Troy, Alabama, to the late Edward and Catherine Seymore. She was the second of six chll dren born to this union. Dorothy attended elemen tary school in Alabama and when she arrived in Florida she attended and graduated from Middleton High School. She received a degree from Gibbs Junior Colleae. In 1982, she attended Erwin Technical Center to take the Interior Decorating Coune which gave her the opportunity to eatablbh her business .. Jean's Custom Drapery" where she worked dillgently until she became ill. She was married to Mr. Mack Jones, who preceded her in death. Dorothy leaves to cherish her memory: a children, Tichnia Digp and husband, WaDace, and Albert T Jona and wife, Maria; 6 p-andchil drea, Casey, Andre, Kylie, Niaa, Albert and Malia; aepbewa that she raised, Darryl, Thomas and Marcus Seymore; her mother, Catherine Seymore; step father, John Bank; aiblinp, Howard Seymore and wife, Gwen, MarBle Peanon, Mae London and husband, Richard, the late Eddie Seymore and the late, Loraine Batson; step siblings, Bertha Mae Logan, Ruthie Seymore, James Seymore, Jr., Willie Fred Seymore and wife, Liz., EUis Seymore, David Seymore, Dorothy Milton and Cassandra Bullock; 5 siaten in-law, Myrtis Thurman, Kathryn Stevens, Willie Nealy, Sadie Douglas and husband, Elder Rubert Doualas, and Annie Ray and husband, Rev. Charles F Ray; 3 brothers-in-law, David Jones, Major Jones and wife, Genetta, and Frank Jones; goddaughter, Vickie Shepherd and huRband, Montlque; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and relatives; and Loving PrinceSA II 515. Public visitation for Mrs. Dorothy Jean Jones will be held on this Friday, June 1, 2007, at llnrmon Funeral llome, 5002 N 40th Street, Tamfa, from 5 p m. Tht' fami y will receive friendlll from 7-8 p. m A HARMON RURIAI. IJ--------l --__ __j LONNIE A. TINGLE A memorial service for Lonnie A. Tingle will be held Sunday, June 3, 2007, 1:00 PM at the Martinez Sports Center, University ofTampa. Lonnie A. Tingle, born January 9, 1953, in Newton, Mississippi, was the second eldest child of Louella and Thomas Tingle. Lonnie moved to Dayton, Ohio, where he attended and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1971 (AU-state foot ball and wrestling), and received a full football schol arship (four year offensive lineman), to the University of Tampa. In 1975, he graduated from UT with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Psychology. Lonnie was a fun loving man dedicated to working with and educatillg children. Retiring after 20 years of working in the mental health field, he beaan a succeuful career as an educator for the School District of Hillsborough County, most recently Van Buren Middle School, where he was a teacher and coach. Lonnie was unexpectedly caned home on May a6, 2007. He was preceded in death by1 his parents, Thomas and Louella Tingle; and eldest brother, Archie TinaJe. Lonnie is survived by: his son Lonnie, Jr.; 5 p-anclchU dren, Lonnie Tin1le, III, Kamree Walker, Latiana Tingle, Kaury Tingle, and Khalial TinaJe; brothen, all of Dayton Ohio, Alfonso (Mary) Tingle, Ronnie (Mondora) Tingle and Sammie (Lenora) Henderson; sister, Evie Tingle; 2 nieces, whom be helped to raise, Tangerine and Marie Tingle also from Dayton Ohio; his ex-wife and friend, Mable Ball; and 2 life. long friends, AI and Bruce Rosen; as weU as a host of other nieces, nephews, cousins, other family mem ben and friends. JOR FUNERAL HOME, 6718 N. Armenia Avenue, Tampa, 33604, 813. BABY JAHSI JA VEIN JEREL BEST 'DUNK' A celebration of life service for Jahsi Javein Jerel Best of 1414 E. Bougainvillea Ave., Apt. B, who went home to be with God on May 27, 2007, win be held on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 2 p. m. at Morning Glory Funeral Chapel, 5100 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, Elder Michelle Patty, eulogist. Interment will fonow in Rest Haven Cemetery. Preceding him in death was: his grandmother, Nga Best; great aunt, Christine Jenrette; great uncles, Theodore Ashley, Freddie Ashley and Leroy Ashley; and a cousin, Alzoda Morgan. God gave us Baby Dunk on November 5, 2006, weighing 900 grams and those were the happiest 6 months of our lives. Cherishing his beautiful memories are: his mother, Ebony Calton; father, Antonio Best; sister, Jayiontre Calton; brother, Javonte Calton; pandmoth er, Delores Ashley; arandfather, Thomas Calton, great arandmother, Unda Best; 2 aunts, Lecreatia Ashley and Autheria Best; 3 uncles, Rodney Fields, Shamon Best and Demetris Best; 2 special cousins, Jarodrick Ashley and Demetrick Thomas; peat uncles, Thomas Ashley (Eloise) and Rudolph Ashley (Geraldine); great aunt, Altamese Lewis; and a host of other sorrowing cousins, relatives, and friends. Viewing for Baby Jahsi will be held Friday, June 1, 2007, from 6 p. m. at Morning Glory Funeral Chapel, 5100 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, Harold Jones, owner. MORNING GWRY FUNERAL CHAPEL REST HAVEN MEMORIAL PARK A Community Prtde 4615 ( "- TMnpe 33610 Spaces Monuments Martters DISCOUNT AVAILABLE 626-2332 OVER 75 YEr\RS OF SER\'ICE f.'ami/y ( )11'1/t'f! ( )JI('I'tl(t'tf verett-Derr & Anderson Funeral H.,.WT1,.,., :'i 117 North ::!lnd S tre e t l'.n n pa Aorida 3J610 Wr Offer C rt'm"tlon Person"liud Funrral Sforvil't's 8 t.:\-.237-5775 Ui prmidc ajforrlab/,, 1rif-f' \ -..ith In /'rofl 'imurli .HII \ nd Standtlrd. ll'ith a /)j l ;llllc'ra/ Scnicc.


of God, LifePath Hospice-Indigo Team, St. Joseph's Hospital and staff and Ray Williams Funeral Home and MS. PATRICIA BROWNBITOL Homegoing celebration for Ms. Patricia Brown Bltol, who passed ,away on Wednesday, May 23, 2007, will be held at a p. m. on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at University Baptist Church, 2121 E. 131st Avenue, Pastor Don Grantham, eulogist. Interment will follow at Rest Haven Cemetery. Ms. Bitol was born in Tampa, on March 8, 1962. She was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County. She was employed by MMG Transportation as a dispatcher. She leaves to cherish fond memories: her mother, Elizabeth Brown; daughters, Jamie Brown Franklin, Ashli Warren and Patricia Fields; son, Derrick Warren; and grandson, Mekhi C. Brown, all of Tampa; sbters, Johnnie Hill (John), Tonye Mathews (Dale), Karen White, Sharon Brown (Joe), and Cynthia Chin, all of Tampa, and Catherine Crawford and Mamie Crawford of A"derson, SC; brothers, Leonard Brown of Tampa, and Henry Crawford of Anderson, SC; nieces, Cara White (Clifford), Deborah Hawthorne (Quincy), April and Tiffany Prather, MicheDe Limton, Starr Chin, Tamika Brown, Brittney Black and llerra DauDey, aD of Tampa; nephews, lslah Thompson (Tammy), Melvin Danlley, WiDiam and Michael Brown, Atblpas Crawford and Calvin Camel, all of Tampa, Michael and Ramon Harrell of Phoenix, AZ, Ronaldo Thomas of CA, and Toriano Crawford of Anderson, SC; devoted family friends, Donnie Fields, Darqulta Monroe and Narbari Kobati; and a host of sorrowing great nieces and 1reat nephews and friends. Viewln1 for Ms. Bitol will be from 6-8 p. m. at Mornln1 Glory Funeral Chapel, owner, Harold Jones. MORNING GLORY FUNER AI. CHAPEL MR. JOHNNIE LEE MORRIS Funeral service for Mr. Johnnie Lee Morris wlll be held Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 11 a. m. at Morning Glory Funeral Chapel, 5100 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, Elder Michelle B. Patty, eulogist. Interment to follow at Rest Haven Cemetery. Johnnie Lee Morris was preceded in death by: his father, Tom Lane; and mother, Vanessa Lane. He Is survived by: a special nephew, Bobby Robinson; brother, Henry Madge; sister, Mary Alice Geneva Lane, May Lisa Lane and Lula Mae Lane; dau1hter, Chavonda Fiffie, granddaughter, Cornealius Burgess, grandson, Thomas Burgess; cousins, Ceola Johnson and Charlene Anderson; and friends, Leonard Richardson, Ieunis Bucklne, Terry Fellows, Sabrina Peoples, Marllyn Krlk, James Wllllams, Albert Thomas, Tlm Webbs, Rose Walker, Pop Walker and Gerome Sneed. Arran1ements entrusted to Mornin1 Glory Funeral Chapel, Harold Jones, owner. MORNING GLORY FUNERAL CHAPEL BABY DA'NAYSHA LE'YONA SMITH Funeral services for Baby Da'Naysha Le'Yona Smfth wlll be held at 2 p. m. on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at True Holiness Church, 3800 N Nebraska Ave., Tampa, Bishop Alto Blandlns. presidIos-Da'nayha was born to Onei!ihia Brown and Daniel Smith on February 7, 2007, and passed away on May 28, 2007. She was preceded in death by: her great grandmothers, Eartha L. Brookins and Fannie Mae Daniels of Tampa; and 1randfather, Calvin Smith. She leaves to cherish her memorie s : grandmother, Cynthia Brown and fiance, Robert Taylor, Jr.; Brandmother and arandfather, Javan and Luetheal Youn1, Marie Smith Wallace; grand-FUNERAL HOME 5002 N. 40th Street, Tampa, FL 3361 0 (813) 626-8600 "WE SERVE TO SERVE YOU AGAIN" I BABY DA'NAYSHA LE'YONA SMITH father, Nathaniel Harris; great arandparents, Catherine and Rev. Willle McDaniel, Jr., Lucille Smith, Lennox and Pamela Young; great aunts and uncles, Jasmine Brookins, Jennifer and Alfonso Ammons, Roslind Mann (Roshawn Mitchell), Valerie Goodman, Lekeyra Wllliams, Dorothy Hayes (Tampa), Booker T. Woodley and Carrie of SC, Arthur Bedford, Henry and Patricia Manuel, Greene Brookins, IV and Luvenia, Tampa, Josle Mae Mack; aunts, Tyqueisha Brown, Jamesha McBride, Jalesha McBride, Shanqua Kendrick, Shannon Smith, Coatney Smith, Nicole Smith, Teela Peterson Shamla Jones; uncles, Timothy Brown, Jaquan Brown, Wlllle McBride, Jr., Jan1arklss McBride, Antonio Brooks; godmother, Kenetta Walller; a host of sorrowln1 cousins and friends; spedal cousins, Jamyla Wri1ht, India Mitchell, Derriclc Earl Davis, Jr., Makayla Carr, Marteonna Carr, Maurice Hills, Atlya Hayes, Wesley Jones, Khakeem Jones, Frederick Walters, Marlon Hayes, Tommy Baker, IV, Eddie Daniels, IV, Eddrlc Daniels, Demetrius Mitchell, Tyrlq Ammons, Glovontae Lucas, Marshanna WliUam.s, Ieshla Williams, Emerald Brookins, Grn'nelsha Brookins, Jovantae Johnson, Nyvla Brookins, Kenyetta Brooldns, Marionla Coakley, Greene Brookl ns, V, Artavlous Brookins, Ronnie Bedford, and Willie McBride, Sr. Vlewln1 for Da'naysha Smith will be held from 6 p.m. on Friday, Jane 1, 2007, at Mornin1 Glory Funeral Chapel, Harold Jones, owner. The funeral wlll leave from 3:&0:& E. Lambri1ht, Tampa, at 1:30 p. m. MORNING GLORY FUNER AL CIIAPF.I. Otmrdm,/ OprtrlltVI A Jimlitirm Omtimu.r --I r -1 11" I t i l I\ r-I l I I 2708 E. Dr. r.artfn nlng, lr. Blwd. 1mp1, 3 6 0 Ill (813) 2J28f25 F (IUI231-0521 I .rt ""' /inm1t rtllt'IJ/'IImt /inmh rr;. ,,r-,/;,. ,, ttt;lt1 ,,,;; _.,.,: ,.,,. I Ray I Williams L -------------MRS. THELMA A. WILSON BLOUNT A homegolng celebration for Mrs. Thelma A. Wilson Blount, "Mother Dear", of 5904 12th Avenue South, who passed away at home on Saturday, May 26, 2007, will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 2 p.m. at 34th Street Church of God, 3000 N. 34th Street, Reverend Thomas Scott, pastor, with Bishop James H. Howell, officiating, and Elder Shellie Truss, eulogist. Interment wiD follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Blount was born October 21, 1929, to Felt and Della Wilson, who preceded her Ia death. She was also preceded in death by a brother, Robert Wilson; and sister, Martha Brooks. Mrs. Blount was educated by the School District of Hlllsborou1h County and later received her CNA Certification from Brewster Vocational Technical School. She bepn her nursin& career at Clara Frye Hospital and when lt closed she transferred to Hlllsboroa1h County Hospital. In 1991, sbe retired from Tampa General Hospital. After retirement she spent countless hours as a Poll Worker. Mrs. Blount was a devoted member of Bethany Christian Center under the Putorsblp of Elder SheUle 'frouss. She leaves to cherish Iovin& memories that wUlllve forever ln the hearb of her funlly and friends: 8 devoted chlldren, Barbara Blount of Atlanta, GA. Marilyn A. EDls, Patricia A. Cooper, Unda C Reese, Georae E. Cooper (Katrina), Edward A. Cooper, Carol Cooper Jarrett, Arlene E. Coop!'r and Ronald J. Smith (Annette); sister, Juanita McGowan of Cleveland, OH; brother, Ruben A. Wilson (Rutha) of Detroit, Ml; grandchildren, Solomon of Atlanta, GA, Warren (Patricia), Marlene, Anthony, Tyrone of Seaside, CA, Machael (LaSaundra) of Conway, SC, Edward Jr., Cherjuana (Fred), Kimberly (Christopher), Rubyn, ShyUa, Shannon of Chicago, IL, Robert, II, Adrienne, Tyrell, Shenell, Ronlqua and Tiffany; 23 1reat grandchlldren; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other rela tlves and special friends; extended family; the Cooper, Wilson, Johnson, Portee, Brooks, Jackson, Myrick, Blount, Wllllants, Turner, Thontpson, Smalls and !\lack fantlllt!s, Rt!thany Christian Center, Peace Rnptist Church, Pilgrim Rest M. R. Church, 1\lacedonln Bntltlst Church, :J4th Street Clmrdt staff. The remains will repose from s-8 p. m. on Friday, June 1, 2007, at Peace Progressive M. B. Church, 2607 24th Avenue, and the family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. at the Church. Friends are asked to assem-ble at the church Saturday, June 2, 2007. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. DR. MARVAJOE WASHINGTON BROWN Dr. Marva Joe Washington Brown of Lutz, passed away Wednesday, May 23, 2007. Fnneral servic:es"wiD be conducted Saturday, June 2, 2007, at ao a. m. at St. Lawrence Catholic Church, 5225 N. Himes Avenue, with Father Monsignor Higins, officiatlna. Interment will follow in Garden of Memories Cellletery. c.. c: z m N 0 0 ...., 'TI r Q. :a 6 ,. en m z -t z m r:al c r r m ::! z "a c al r c;; % m c Dr. Brown was born December 14, 1950, in Live Oak, the daupter of the late Ruth lvey Washinaton Houston and Joe Washin&ton. Raised in Tampa, she was edaeated in the public schools of m Hillsboroaah County and ;ii araduated from Howard W. :a Blake Hiah Sc:boolln 1968. < Dr. Brown received a Bachelor of Sdenc:e degree in m Speech Correction in 1971 en from Florida A.&:M University 0 and later attended Nova University and earned a ,_ Master of Science depee in Educational Leadership and an Educational Doctorate 'TI dearee. Upon 1raduatlon :!! from FAMU. she was c employed by the School District of Hlllsborouah < County from 1971-2007. She served as a Speech Therapist, Elementary School Teacher, Assistant Princlpal of Lomax Elementary School, Principal of' Dunbar Ma1net Elementary School, and Supervisor of Education. Dr. Bro\VD affectlonatelv and lovingly touched man; lives durin& her educational career. Her educational phi losophy was that "all chll dren can learn." She also stressed the Importance of educators taklna D the steps neceasary to ensure that all children get the assistance they need to ntO\'e their leamlna fonvard. She was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Incorporated and: \ 'arlous other chlc and professional OI'JIBnlzatlons. Her spirihutl journey began nt nn early l\8! C) at 1\lt. Zion A. 1\1. :. Clmn-h of m Hyde! She htttr becumt Continued on page 18-A


...... 0 0 :. I Continued from page 17-A I w z ;:, ..., >"' <( c a: L&. 0 a: L&. 0 z c( 0 0 w ;:) > a: w > w 0 w :z: 0 :J m ;:) a. z i= w ..J ..J ;:) m ..:, w z t= z w 0 a: 0 ..J L&. c( I ao ,... w (!) a member of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Tampa. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by: her husband, Isiah Brown, Jr.; stepfather, Robert Houston; and 3 brothers, Thomas Hil1s, George Washington and Ervin Washingon. Dr, Brown's memory will be forever cherished by: 2 sons, Kawri Brown (Katy Mantooth) and Cralg "Robbie" Brown (Rebecca) both of Winter Garden; daughter, Chezne Brown of Tampa; 2 grandsons, Lucas Isiah and Joshua Craig Brown, both of Winter Garden; 2 sisters, Mamie Ashby (Gregory) and Viola Archbold, both of Tampa; 4 brothers, Willie Washington of J ac:ksonviJJe, Lee Washington (Ruby) of Lithonia, GA, Lonnie Houston (Shirley) and Alexander Pugh, both of Tampa; 2 stepbrothers, Robert Houston, Jr. (Lomi) and Joe Nathan Houston (Jackie), both of Jasper; 4 sisters-in-law, Sandra KeJJy (Reverend Isaac: KeJJy)' of Denver, CO, Sanook Washington of Live Oak, Eartha HiJJs and Claudia Washington Gainer, both of Tampa; 2 aunts, Lula Mae Herring of Live Oak, and Evangelist Barbara SmithStaggers of Spokane, WA; nieces, Akilah Graham-Allen, Lani Houston, Trevita Riley, Kelli Archbold, Jasmine Ashby, LeMonlc:a Hakeem, LeTonya Waterman, Larisaa Washington, Glenda Jamison, Nic:heJJe Johnson, Valerie Washington, Jackie Griffin, Tammy Washington. Kimberly Washington, Torya Lynn HiJJs, Nikki HiJJs, Valencia Washington, LaShawn Washington, Rosie Kelly, Carolyn Kelly, Sharlyn 'Ashby Harris, Larissa Washington and Danita Ashby; nephews, Fransc:isc:o Archbold, Jr., Lonnie Honston, D, Darryl Houston, Ervin Washington, Jr., Malawi HlHs, Keno HlJJs, Oscar HilJs, Chat Chal Undompon Washington, Brian KeJJy, Patrick KeJJy, Derrick Ashby, Dwayne Ashby and Preston Ashby; loyal and devoted ftiends, Carnella Stewart, Sandra and Myron Smith; and a host of loving famlly members and sorrowing friends. A memorial serVice wiJJ be held Friday, June 1, 2007, from 6-7 p. m. at Ray WiJUama Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. In Jleu of flowers, donation may be made to the American Cancer Soc:lety, 1001 S. Mac:Dlll Avenue, Tampa, 33629, in Dr. Marva Washington Brown's honor. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. MRS. MARIE ANN CARTER Mrs. Marie Ann Carter, "Bigma," of the Sulphur Springs Community, pasaed away on Wednesday, May 30, 2007. Funeral services wiJJ be conducted Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 2:30 p. m. at Springhill Missionary Baptist Church, 8119 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd., with Reverend Eugene Garnett, pastor, officiating. Interment wiU follow in Rest Haven Memorial .Park Cemetery. Mrs. Carter was a native of Shellman, GA, and a resident of Tampa, for 41 years. She was born to the late Jessie Gordon and Leila Knighton Gordon. Her husband, BiU Carter; and brothers, Sam Jac:bon, WiJJie Barnum and Johnnie C. Barnum also preceded her in death. Mrs. Carter leaves tocherish fond memories: daughter, Marilyn Carter Streeter; 4 sons, WiUlam Carter and wife, Paula of Atlanta, GA, Walter "Unk" Carter, James Edward "Champ" Carter and BiJI "Boe" Carter of Washington, DC; 6 sisters, Regusta Wilburn, Geraldine Gordon, Beatrice Daniels and husband, James, Annie Lou Brantley, Ruth Clark and Ethel Keaton; 4 brothers, Robert Lee Barnum, Mathis Gordon, Rayfield Gordon and wife, Pearl, and Marc:eJJous "Nick" Jackson; grandchildren, Jacqueline CoffieLeeks, Ronald Coffie, Jr. and wife, Lisa, RozeJI Coffle, Twanda Carter, Kisha Carter, All Carter, William Carter, Javon Carter, Renee Carter, Kim Carter, Tasha Carter, Shon Carter, Udora Carter, James Carter, Jr. Crystal Carter (who she raised as a daughter), Joshua Carter, Tiffany Carter, Bill Carter, Jr., and Andre Carter; great grandchildren, Eric: Leeks, Keandra Leeks, Tla Leeks, Alkel Coffie, Rozell Coffle, Jr., Justin Coffle, Kyleigh Coffle, Keith Stewart, Ahmond Mltc:heJJ, Arianna Richardson, Allyhls Chapman, Derrick Smith, Derrlc:a Smith, Antwon Holmes, Keshaun Carter, An1el Callaway, Roderick Pearc:ey, Michael Coley, Jr., Diamonique Williams, Anthony Worthey, Zalke Barker, Antouin Barker, II, G lory Funeral Chapel HA ROLU .JONI-:.'i ServlnR Tnmpa, Sl. Pele 11nd SurroundlnR A ,V:M rJll!lt!IN FUNERALS Ja'Lexia Carter, Armahnee Edwards, Amahree Edwards, Andre Carter, Jr., Aliyah Carter, Mantomi Carter-Cole, Lorenzo Monroe, Kemoni Moore, and Daniryeia Carter; godson, Kela Dixon; aunt, Lucinda Benefield; 2 sistersin-Jaw, Alena Barnum, Mattie Hill; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friend. The remains will repose after 5 p. m. today, June 1, 2007, at Ray Willlams Funeral Home, 301 N Howard Avenue and the family wiU receive friends from 7:30-8:30 p. m. The funeral cortege wi)) arrange from 1001 E. Yukon Street. Friends are asked to assemble at the church. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. MRS. WILLIE MAE DEXTER Mrs. Wlllie Mae Dexter of Tampa, passed away on Wednesday, May 23, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June 2 2007, at u a. m. at First Prospect Missionary Baptist Chnrc:h, 6012 Edina Street, Wimauma, Reverend PhiJJip Garris, with Reverend W. T. Carpenter, Pastor of True Love Missionary Baptist Church, officiating. Interment will follow in Wimauma Community Cemetery. Mrs. Dexter was a native of ChieOand, and was a resident of Wimauma and Tampa for many years. WiJiie-Mae, as she was affectionately c:a))ed, met and married Mr. Rafus Dexter, and from that union they had one (l) son, Willie Lee Dexter "Champ", is what she nicknamed him. Willie-Mae accepted Christ in her life at an early age and was a member of First Prospect M. B Church under the leadership of the late D. C. Coleman. She later moved to Tampa, and there she joined True Love M B. Church where she served faithfu))y until God c:aUed her home, under the leadenhip of Reverend W T Carpenter. She was preceded in death by1 her parents, Bob and Llllie Nelson of Chiefland; slbllnp, Alexander, Johnny, Leroy, Ida-Mae, Michael, Eula-Mae and Raleigh MRS. WILLIE MAE DEXTER She leaves to cherish her loving memories: a devoted and loving son, WiJJie Lee (Patricia) Dexter of Rivera 'Beach; adopted daughter, Maelsha Dexter of Tampa; grandchildren, Patricia (Novlus) Fleurijean of Ruskin, Terralyn (Edward) Dexter-Didion, Fritzgerald Green and Clinton Johnson, all of Tampa, Reggieo (Kimberly) Dexter of Orlando, RoShawn DexterHarris, Danyell Dixon, Terrilyn Dexter, Darius Dexter,Shantod Dexter,aud Karlyn (Derral) WiJJiamsHaJl, all of Miami, Tamika Dexter and W'tllie, Jr. Dexter, both of Atlanta, GA, Carlton Williams and Tonia Williams, both of W'ID18uma, and Everett Jackson, Shelra (ToShiba) Jackson, Kizzi Jac:bon, Mia (Peter) Spencer and Myron (Valerie) Simmons, all of Rivera Beach; 39 great grandchildren and 9 great, great grandc:hlldren; 3 sisters, Winnie-Mae Brantley of Tampa, Lillian Hadley of Sarasota, and Julia Henderson of Chiefland; brother, Bob Nelson of Melbourne; and a host of sorro"ing relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p. m. on Friday, June 1 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N Ho"'1lrd Avenue Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. Business In OnlerP DEACONESS GERALDINE C. MUNGIN Deaconess Geraldine C. Mungin of 2410 E. Cayuga Street passed away Wednesday, May 23, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 11 a.m. at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 3005 E. Ellicott Street, with Reverend Dr. T. W. Jenkins, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Deaconess Mungin was a lifelong resident of Tampa, and was educated by the public: schools of HiUsborough Co., Meacham Elementary, Booker T. Washington Junior High and Middleton Senior High Schools. She was a founding member of New Hope M. B. Church and served in several ministries to include, President of the Deaconess Ministry, Adult Choir, Usher Boards, Greeters, Church School Teacher, Nursery, Senior Mission and the Day Mission Ministries. She retired as an Early Childhood Educator -and worked at several local facilities in the Tampa Area. She was preceded in death by: her parents, John and Rosalie Collins; and brothers, Milton and Charles Collins. Deaconess Mungin leaves to cherish her memory: a loving husband of 57 years, Deacon Huey L Mungin; loving children, Richard H. Mungin, Linda J. Mungin, and Lawrence G. Mungin, aU of' Tampa, Albert E. Mungin (Kellie) of St. Helens, OR, and Leonard J. Mungin of Auburn, ME; Eric: Robinson (Krysta)), Verna Mungin, Chantel Reid and Ilia Crawford, an of Tampa, Rihania Mungin and James Mungin of St. Helens, OR, Katina Mungin, Jason Mungin, Samuel Mungin, Timmy Mungin, Joel Mungin and Michael Lagasse, all of Lewiston, ME, and Je'Taime Mungin of Florida; areat grandchildren, Javaun Harrison, Eric: Robinson, Myles Robinson and Brianna Robinson, an of Tampa; brother, Melvin L. Collins (Delphine) of Tampa; sister, Minnie Brown; sister-in-law, Helen Boyce of Philadelphia, PA; a devoted goddaqbter, Pamela Goins; a host of Iov In& nieces, nephews and cousins; extended famllles, M. Mungin, Floyd, Douglas, Washington EIJiston, Copeland, Alien, A. Blake, R\ltland, Angle Taormina, Lindsey and the entire New Hope M. B. Church family. The remains win repose after 5 p.m. Friday, June 1, 20071 at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N Howard Avenue. THERE WlU. BE NO VIEW lNG AFrER THE EUI.OGY. ArnOFments entntsted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners.


-RONNIE BUqGS-Ronnie Buggs, .58, of Tampa, died May 26, 2007. Beloved husband father and friend, Ronnie L. Buggs, a devout Jehovah's Witness and zealous minister of Jehovah God was loved by many people. He will always be remem bered for making each of us laugh and up building our spirits right down to his death. Ronnie would want each of us to remember our dreams and aspirations that will continue to build our love and faith in Jehovah. This may be a time of sorrow but as Jehovah God promised at Revelation 21:4, .,.He will wipe out euery tear from their eyes and death will be no more." He is survived by: his family that loved him dearly, wife, Sharon Buggs; and children, Ian, Ronny, Deirdre Bnggs and Romay (Dennis) Harper; sisters, Daisy Archer and Inez Joseph; brothers, Alvin, Charles and Alton (Carol) Buggs; nephew, Denton (Stephanie); niece, Dierdre Joseph; along with many other family members and friends. Memorial services will be held at Kinadom Hall of Jehovah's Witness-Tampa Palms 10911 N. 52nd Street, Tampa, 33617, on Saturday, June:!, 2007, at 2 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Bank Atlantic, 9300 N. 56th Street, Temple Terrace, 33617, to the Buggs Family Memorial Fund. SWILLEY FUNERAL HOME MR. WALTER EARL DIXON A celebration of life memorial services for Mr. Walter Earl Dixon, 70, of Tampa, who passed away on May 24, 2007, in Perris, California, will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 3 p. m. at the Re-Birth Baptist Church Family Life Center, 1924 E. Comanche Avenue, Rev. Dr. Zachery S. Hudson, founder and pastor. Mr. Dixon was born in Pensacola. He was preceded in death by: his parents, Elisha James and Johnnie Mae Dixon; brother, William Henry Dixon; sister, VIola Dixon; &randson, Ian Byrd; and niece, Bonnie Dixon. He is survived by: wife, Carol Dbon of Perris, California; children of first union with Katie Dixon Oliver-4 dau&hters, Iris Jean Byrd and friend, Garrick, Rhonda McCarthy and Woodrow, Charlotte McHayle, and Terry Hinson and friend, Roland; and son, Keith Dixon and wife, Sheila, all of Tampa; children of second union with wife, Carol 3 sons, Lionel Dixon, Dorrell and Deontray; 2 dau&hters, Bahljah and Princess, all of Perris, California; 3 brothers, Elisha James Dixon and wife, Besflie of Arkansas, Lawrence Dixon and wife, Shirley of Louisiana, and Veter Dixon and wife, Bobbie of California; 2 sisters, Elouise Oliver of Oakland CaUfornla, and Virzel Prinale of Ocala; 32 1randchlldren and 10 1reat gundchlldren; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. "Remember Tltem Tiley Were" -Creative E y e Ca t ching Realisti c Monume nts Quality Products At Great Pricei Experienced Mastercraftsmen MR. AMBUS HERVY 'KILLER' HATCHER Funeral services for Mr. Ambus Hervy "Killer" Hatcher who departed from this earthly journey on May 29, 2007, when the Angels came and welcomed him home, will be held Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 1 p. m. at 1st Baptist Church of Colle1e Hill, 3838 N. 29th Street, Tampa, with the pastor Rev. Abraham Brown, officiating. Interment will follow in Garden of Memories Cemetery. Ambus has left us to go home to be with: his parents, Hervy Hatcher (Clercie); wife, Ollie Mae Hatcher; and grandson Khalid Maceo Wript. He leaves to cherish memories of him: wife, Trudy Hatcher; daupters, Tammi Wilds and Erica Wright (Eric); son, Bryan S. Hatcher; stepdaupter, Usa Davis; stepsons, John Green (Yorlanda), Ernest Champion and Isaac Hillary; sisters, Maebell Kinzer, Delois Agers (Gene), Evalene Reed (Christopher), Lisa Kin& (Joe), Covle Travis (Joseph), Ernestine Gaymon (Dan); brothers, Clifton Hatcher (Mary), David Hatcher (Glenda), Wilson Hatcher (Claressa) and Dillard Hatcher; nieces, Rochelle Sawyers (Shawn), Shemeka Hatcher, Shaquls Reed, Regina Kinzer, Rene Stevenson, Bernadette MPeaches" Kinzer and Tirhonda .. Cookie" Kinzer; nephl!ws, Dallas Kinz'cr, Anthony Kinzer, Stephin Kinzer, Donnie Cochran, Eric Agers, Joshua Reed, Joe Curtis, III, Samuel "Sam" King, Daniel King, Reginald "Reggie" Travis, Troy Hatcher, Jeremy Hatcher, Scott Hatcher, Andrew Hatcher and Gary Hatcher; special friends of the family, Luther McClendon (Brenda), Kimberly "Kim" Thomas, Jennifer McClendon and children, JeShawn, Tyrees, Nene, Sherman and Andrew, the Ford Family; and a host of other family and many other friends. Ambus was born on December 20, 1940, in Ararat, Virpnia. His career as a construction worker for over 40 years took him all over the state of Florida. He later settled in Tampa where he met his first wife of 26 years, Ollie Mae Jones. In 2003 Ambos remarried Trudy Hillary who he leaves behind to carry on his dreams. Mr. Hatcher was a member of First Baptist Church of College Hill. The remains will repose today (Friday) from 5-9 p. m. and the family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. in the chapel. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 12:45 p. m on Saturday. A WILSON SERVICE" SISTER ANNIE DELINDA TALLEY Funeral service for Sister Annie Delinda Talley of 1804 E. 2oth Avenue, who passed away in a local hMpltal will be held on Saturday, June 2, 200:7, at 11 a. m. at Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Church, 1605 N. Nebraska Avenue, with Pastor Theodis Lane officlatln1. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Sister Talley was preceded in death bys her father, Roosevelt Talley; z l"andmothers, Henrietta Crawford and Ma1nolla Nelson; and aunt, Annie Mae GrHn, who named her. She will be sadly missed by: her children, Rhonda Jackson (Leon), Brld&ette They were there for us and for our cmmay. Some couldn't wait to come home to the they lovec.:l... others gave clte ulcimare : .:: Today, as every day, they remain tmfor gotte n FIJNERAL HOME 3000 N 29th St. Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 SISTER ANNIE;_ DELINDA TALLEY "T'' ::c c c... c: z m ...... Jackson and Shannon Wiggins (Rosa); mother, Essie Mae Talley; grandchildren, Tierra Floyd, Bria King, Shannon Wiggins, Jr., Maegan Grace, Shannon Wigins, Shinaya Roseburg, and Amari Glover; sisters, Patricia, Carolyn, Janice of California, and Debbie (Sam); brothers, James Talley (Lavern) and Eddie Lee (Judy); aunts, Ruby Mack (Alvin) and Emma L. Williams; a host of cousins, "T'' nieces, nephews of Tampa, ,.. Wildwood, Coleman, Orlando, Bradenton, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, California and Telll85; 5 god-en children; a host of special m friends too numerous to Z name, co-workers and her 20th Avenue friends. m Annie Delinda Talley was r;born on February 7, 1952, in aJ Coleman, and reared np In C: Tampa. She attended the rpubllc schools of Hillsborou&h County. Sister -. Talley was an employee of Z Hillsborou&h County School Board. C: The remains will repose at the funeral home today en (Friday) from 5-9 p. m. :t Friends are asked to assem-m ble at the church at approxi-0 mately 10:45 a. m. Saturday m A WILSON SERVICE" -t c: m en 0 z 0 "T'' ::0 6 ------------.. ---H--OUOHOHt"""'"-.,.---nonoHoooooooo oooo ooooonoooOnno o o ooouoouoouononunoooun,...n...,nnu-..-""'"u ..


"' 0 0 N ,... w z ::;) .., >=' <( c -a: LL IN LOVING MEMORY OF MR. ANSELM. THOMPSON 10/12/1936 -5/30/1993 Today, we reflect upon those cherished moments of not too long ago, of the sweet echoes of your precious and gentle wiaC dom. a:-Your kindness and friendly smile live on with all of those you LL. touched. 0 Missing you: wife, children, &rands, family and friends. z <( c en w ::;) w > w c w :1: en :; m ::;) CL z ffi ..J ..J ::;) m ...:. w z w en a: g LL. SHARON WATSON 6/1/69 -12/28/03 It's been 31/2 yean since the last time we saw your face but our life bas chanpd completely since you took your Jut breath. But, every since June 3, 2006, when God made His choice, He broupt peace to you and ua. Just to let you know, we love you and you are very much miMed. ERMA JEAN ECHOLS Sunrise: 8/23/52 Sunset: 5/30/99 You're bora, you live and you die and we're lucky for someone like Erma to pass throu&h our lives. We are truly blessed. Sadly mlued by: your husband, Joseph; children and 1randchlldren; mother, Betty; and the Echols and Calloway famllles. "The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself" has provided the highest standard in funeral services for over 70 years. Ray Williams Funeral Home Rhodes & Northern, Owners 301 N. Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 Ph: (813) 253 Fax: (813) 251-4912 Email: raywms@lj.net MEMORIAMS IN MEMORIAM LARRY D. DULA It's been s long years since you've been gone, but never foi'Jotten. We love you, Dad. Love, Lamar, LaShawn, Tony and family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES WILLA MAE WILSON June 2, 1932 -March 21, 1995 Where love Ia, there Ia God alao. Our love Ia lndeatruc tlble; our love's holy flame forever burna. With Jove. the WU.Ona. CHELON 'LEE' LEWIS 6/3/02 Gone, but not I still love and miss you. Your wife, Lula LewiaJ chll dren, grandchlldren, family and friends. up port The Florida Sentinel Bulletin RICHARDJONFS You left us 2 years ago; it seems like yesterday, son. Sadly missed by: mom and dad, sister, daughter, grands and all your partners in West Tampa. FRANKIE BURGESS Mom, we are all mlaaln1 you and cherlahln1 the momeats and memoria we 8hared with you. Thanks for teachlnJ us throqb Chrlat to be stroa1. Happy birthday and belated Mother's Day. Love you much. Mr. and Mrs. Daryle Brookins and family, your adorable sons and dau1hter, In-laws, p-anda and great p-anda. IN MEMORIAM ESSIE MAE GILBERT We pve thank to the Lord for you, Mom beloved. Happy belated Mother's Day and birthday. RONALD BBLL, JR. It bas been three Jon& years without you and it will never be the same. You have brl&htened many live in your path and broapt hope to so many Who didn't bow the meanln& of hope. You will c:ontlnue to be &reatly ml .. ed and we will always Jove you throu&hout our days. Love always, from family and friends. local news education religion business health sports family entertainment ,, fht' Florido Sentinel 813-248-1921


= CARD s OF THANKS === ----ST. PETE NEWS REMEMBERING MOTHER MRS. MARGARET MADDOX May1998 Nine long years without that beautiful smile and that wann touch. Ma, we miss you so much. Loving you always. !he Maddox Family. MR. JOSEPh E. COUSIN The family of Joseph Cousin 1ives all praises to God. We extend a warm hearted "111ank You" for all your prayers, iaits, flowen, food, ealla, and all other kind 1estare11 that were shown to us during our time of bereavement. Special thanks to: Colle1e IIW Church Of God In Christ family, Elder Davia and wife, and Minister of Choir, the Program Director and the beautiful ladles who received the family and friends In the Fellowship Hall. Thank you to Wilson Funeral Home Staff, especi.Jiy Director Wayne L. Bript and Paulette Thomas. The eou.tn FamUy. SPECIAL THANKS LOLEETA RUTH BROWN Loleeta' entire family would like to thank each of you for what you did for her durln1 her lifetime. We would like to expres our appreciation, words of encoura1ement, prayers, and other acts of kindness shown durin1 our bereavement. Special thanks toz Pastor Maxwell and the Firat Baptit Church of Pro1ress VlllaJe, Pastor Fred Sanders and Macedonla Miionary Baptist Church, Putor J. H. Smalley and Emmanuel Cathedral Church. Alo, Putor Wallace Bowen, Rev. Dwayne Sanders, R.ev. Thoma Hadden, Deacon Uly .. e.. McMillian and Anthony eanwen. Special thanks to Johnnie (Terry) Roe and the Ray Williams stall'. TheFamUy. Clwii/PesonellnJurr Probat. Guerdlenshlp Wills &.IIi /l#ltflt, u;,. Ketnl Otluntettl Ill lAw 109 N. """enla Avenu e TalftiMI, Fl, 3 The hlrlno Of a lawyer It an lmportent deolelon thet lhould nee be INIMd lolely upon lldvertltmenta Belen you dlalode, k ue to Nnd you lrM wrltltn lnlonnlon about our :a c .Arrest Made In Popular Limo. c.. c: z m Owner's Shooting Death N 0 0 ....... This is a wedding photo of Kurt Bryant and wife, Cynthia. ST. PETERSBURG -On Palatka. His mother is an May 27th, St. Petersburg active member of TOBA and Police were called to the the Elks, and her son baS pro Bayfront Medical Hospital in vided both organizations with reference to a person shot. transportation services. He The investigation revealed got an A.A. degree in criminalthat Kurt Bryant, 35, the ogy and was encouraged to owner of BLT Transportation become a business owner Services, was with several through family members who friends riding in one of his were business owners. limousines when they traveled when we moved to St. to the 1000 block of 13th Petersburg. he started driving Avenue, South. At that loca-for Badcock Furniture tion, police said several occuCompany, then another com pants got out of the vehicle. pany. In 1997, he drove limouWhen Bryant got out to let sines for a company, and the passengers out, poUce said decided that's the kind of he was approached by a man business be wanted to get and shot at close range. into: Bryant was transported to Ms. Bryant said they talked the hospital in critical condiabout it before they were mar tian and was pronounced dead ried. later. "He bought his first Umou-On Thursday, Homicide sine from Cocoa Beach. After detectives announced the that. be worked hard and was arrest of 18-year-old Marcus there everyday. He'd spend 6 Oliver. Oliver will be months bartering time with with first-degree murradio stations and this year, he der in the shooting. had secured an account to The victim's wife, Cynthia transport comedians for The Bryant, said they met in lmprou. He grew the business 1999, and started BL'I form scratch out of a home Transportation Services 3 office." years ago. Ms. Bryant said they had "Kurt, the only child of plans to get a bigger car and Vivian Bryant, was born in two more limousines. Atlanta, but grew up in -we started getting so much MARCUS O LIVER ..... charged in shooting business, he had to give some of it to others." Ms. Bryant said it's her plan to keep the business going as well as his wish to open a play center for cbil-;!! dren. 0 we had been looking for sites, and thought an old )It bowling alley nearby would be en perfect. It's close to schools, and I'm going to. follow through with it." Ms. Bryant said she was on r; the phone with a millister in m Georgia praying when the ? news came that an arrest bad rbeenmade. of our employees took z the call, told me the and -a I started crying tears jOy. I i give all praise to God who said vengeance was His. I'm elated x we can now have closure." m Although an arrest bas been C made, Ms. Bryant said sbe11 !;2 forever ask the question why? "I don't know why this map. < pened to him. None of it makes sense to me. He had m made such big plans, especial-c ly with children and charities in the area. The couple had planned to start a family this year. C Kurt's mother is an active -n :XJ member of TOBA and The 6 Elks. and her son has provided both organizations with trans portation services. Youth Work To Stop VIolence ST. PETERSBURG -Following three recent murders in South St. Petersburg, on May 31 at 2:30 pm, .. o young people gathered at M ldtown 'a Royal Theatre, 1011-22nd Street S. in St. Petersburg, to do their part to help stop the violence. These young people, all members of the Royal Theatre Performing Arts Academy and BLAST program (Building Leadership Amongst Students Today), have volunteered to stuff s,ooo bags in preparation for Sattuday, June 2 when several congregations and community groups will conduct door-to-door out-reach to Southside households to connect parents and youtb to local ministries, summer camps and dvic groups. Both events are part of an on-aoing collective action plan kicked off this May 19 when more than 350 community leaders from 180 plus oraani zations signified their agree ment to work together to help stop the violence and close the achievement gap among black youth in South St. Petersburg. On June and, Volunteers will meet at 7 a. m. l\t the Sanderlin Center, :1335 2and Ave. S. in St. Pete), foa n brief outreach training front 7:30 to B a. m., followed by outreach in teams of 2 from 8 to 10 am. Walk maps and materials will be distributed on-site. Outreach materials include a list of local youth ministries, a calendar of upcoming youth evangelism events, applications for pre-IC enrollment, voter registration, rights restoration, neighborhood association membership and more. The outreach is orga:. nized by PACT (People Advocating Change Togeth-er), au ad\'OCacy and OtJallil ing group dedicated to luu C) 'nessing the powet of collecth-e m action to help stop the \'io-lence and close the gnp. ):.


,.... 0 0 N NATIONAL For1ner Basketball Star -Howard Porter Murdered PORTER During an era in Florida when predominately Black high schools only competed against other Black high schools in sports, Sarasota Booker High School had a student enrolled named Howard Porter, Porter came to the school 0 from his native Stuart, Florida, 0: and was not only an instant LL star, but put fear in the hearts 0 of local athletes who'd never Z seen a basketball player so c( dominant. Last Saturday at the age of 5J 58, the former Sarasota W Booker, Villanova University, and NBA star died after he was > found severely beaten in an ffi alley in Minneapolis last week. > Porter resided in St. Paul, W Minnesota, where he worked as a probation officer. A medical % report said he suffered brain damage in an assault. No one m has been arrested. :l When Porter left Booker in G. z 1968, he was an immediate 1:: starter at Villanova where he 1&1 became one of the first Black :::i athletes to attend the school. :l From 1968 to 1971, Porter averaged 22.8 points and 14.8 W rebounds per game. He still Z holds the school career record for rebounds with 1,317. W Standing 6'8'', Porter helped 0 guide the Wildcats to the NCAA final in 1971 where they lost to 0: the UCLA Bruins 68-62. In that 0 game, Porter was pitted against the then Lew Howard Porter as a member of the Villanova Wildcat Ba."iketball team. Alcindor (Kareem AbdulJabbar), and thoroughly dom inated the Bruin center It was reported that Porter had fallen out of grace for a time with Villanova after it was discovered he had dealt with an agent as a student. As a result, the NCAA vacated Villanova's runner-up status and Porter's recognition the Final Four Most Outstanding Player. Villanova retired Porter's Number 54 jersey in 1997 where it still hangs from the rafters. Porter (known as Geezer for his awkward walking style) was drafted by the Chicafo Bulls in the 2nd round (15 h pick) in the 1971 draft. He went on to play for the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons, ending his career after 1 seasons. He averaged 29 points per game in his final season with Detroit, and scored a career best 78 points durina the 19'76-1977 season with Detroit. Porter bad reportedly battled drug addiction during his professional career, but had turned his life around after rehabilitation in 1989 in Minnesota. Family members report this is especially tough, because they just laid to rest Howard Porter's brother, Marvin, 6 Storming toward the rim during a game is Howard Porter as a member of the Chlcqo Bulls. weeks ago. One cousin, Evelyn Webb, remembers when Porter was living with her while trying to deal with his addiction. He dealt with It only as Howard could. After he recovered, he became phenomenal in helping other NBA players deal with their addiction prob lems, and' he counseled youna men embarkina on professional careers." Services for Porter will be held June 2nd In St. Paul at St. James AME Church. He was a member of Camphor United Methodist Church, 585 Fuller And 33rd Street, West Of 34th Street FREE HOME/OFFICE DEUVDY AND PICK-UP I'IHHll': (HI J) hn;: (HI J) 2"'H -S:.etH 3302 East :\latin Luthc h. Bh d. nampa. Flol'ida JJCJIU w CJ Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55103, and family members ask that all notices be sent to that church. On June sth, he will be viewed on the campus of Villanova University at 1 p.m., then flown to Eatonville near Orlando on June 9th for family services at Nt>w Christian Center, 63 Kennedy Boulevard. Ms. Webb said Howard was a man who "could literally look down on people, but always looked up instead." Porter has 3 children, a son Hbward, Jr. who was nn outstanding basketball player at The University of Central Florida, and daughters, Keelee and Ebony. His cousin, former Chicago Bear Dennis McKinnon, will also be attending the services. ----CRIME ======= Suspect Charged In Man's Murder ST._PETERSBURG -On May 27th, St. Pete(Sburg Police offiwere called to the area 3!' 2ot Avenue, South and 45t Street, South on a call of a person shot. They arrived and found James Lasseter suffering from a gunshot wound. He was lying in a vacant field and died after being transport ed to a nearby hospital. On Tuesday, investigators arrested 24-year-old Christopher Taylor in the shooting death of Lasseter. Detectives said Taylor con fronted Lasseter and several other people before firing four to five shots at Lasseter, killing him. CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR Taylor bas been charged with second-degree murder in the shooting. Three Men Charged After Two Deputies Shot ORANGE COUNTY-On Wednesday, authorities said two Orange County deputies were shot in the parking lot of LENWNNIE CJ..ARK. ERNEST SIMMONS & the Caribe JUAN RIVERA Royale Resort on World Center Drive in Orlando. The shooting occurred as the deputies investigated a car burglary in progress. The deputies were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. One deputy was shot in the arm. A deputy was reportedly hit in the chest, but was wearing a bullet-proof vest, police said. Law Enforcement officials from all over Central Florida were called and 3 suspects were arrested around 2 p.m. Ernest Simmons, 24, Lenlonnie Clark, 25, and Juan Rivera, 18, face several charges, the most serious being attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. Police said only one of the suspects is believed to have had a gun. TheMPC2000 Call: 850-1484 I Did and Got Bill Monev and You Can Too! Make Money and Get A. BUsiness and Get Call me, JET SET HUDSON, I Will Refer You To The Right Person! Get it Right Fame and Fortune is in Your House and Property! Sell It Today. Right Away! flopnlar Fnhrlaint'l'. \ .. B Cnno;nllanl Rl'li.nal s,n in '>01 t : ninl Sln'l'f. l'ampa \.\(-' Call (SUl St'O-tt'M


Arrest Made After Police Chase On Monday, Tampa Police arrested a man afte_r a police chase. According to the report, officers were trying to stop Adrian Robinson, 22, after they had received information a vehicle similar to the one he was driving was involved in a shooting. Officers spotted the suspected vehicle and attempted a traffic stop when the vehi cle fled. A pursuit was initiated, and the officers reported the vehicle running a stop sign at 42nd Street and East Paris, striking a marked police unit, and i[\juring the officer. At that time, police said three suspects were seen inside the vehicle. After the vehicle crashed through a fence and stopped, police said two occupants got out and fled on foot. Robinson, identified as the driver, allegedly tried to entered an occupied residence and was arrested by ADRIAN ROBINSON police. When Robinson was arrested, police said they found 15 grams of crack cocaine in his possession. A passenger in the vehicle, Baroulette Lamar, remained in the vehicle and was also arrested. Robinson was charged with aggravated fleeing to elude police officers and other felony charges. Man Shot With Pallet Gun ln1 Restaurant Drive-Through Tampa Police are investigating the reported shooting ofman Wednesday night. According to the report, John Stofer, 71, was in the drive through of the Burger King Restaurant, 901 East Fowler, when he was approached by two men. Stofer told police the men told him to buy them foot or they would shoot him. Police said Stofer told the suspects to "shoot me then." One of the suspects shot Stofer in the face with a pellct'gun, then both fled on foot. Stofer received a minor injury and refused medical treatment. Police said the suspects were described as Black males, 13 years old, one with a thin build and the other with a medium build. Both were said to be-armed with BB guns. rfff l s CHOICE BAIL BONDS .. 1 ut U:r Be Your I And Last Job Refferrals Rererrals For Treatment Re-establishing Convicted Felons Voting Rights (813) 664-0404 5005 Martin L1,1ther King .Jr._B!"!! Clbhl'.'k LET FREEDOM RING AMOS BAIL BONDS FAST SERVICE OPEN 24 hrs 308 E. Waters Ave. Tampa, FL 33604 Tele: (813) 933 Cell: (813) 493-8387 :xJ 0 CRIME NEWS Deputies Charge Woman With Drug Possession Woman Faces Felony Charges After Fleeing c.. c z m .... NIKITA KINSEY on May 25th, Hillsborough County Sherifrs deputies arrested Nik.ita Kinsey, 25, on a chlll'g& of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Deputies said a search warrant was served at 13056 Londondery Place where deputies found 19.2 grams of marijuana, a scale and plastic bags in the kitchen area of the apartment. Man Robbed While In Motel Room The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office reports that a 23-year-old woman was arrested Monday evening after a pursuit and subsequent crash. At 2:26p.m., deputies were dispatched to the Best Buy Store near Citrus Town Center on a report of a woman beating a small boy. The caller told deputies the woman had thrown the child in the back seat of the vehicle, and they had recorded the tag number and had a description of the vehicle. When deputies came in contact with the vehicle, a traffic stop was initiated near Gunn Highway, but the vehicle fled. Deputies pursued the vehicle from that area, ending in the area of South Village between Lowen and Casey Road when the suspect vehicle left the roadway and struck a cement pole, cutting it in half. The vehicle continued on and also struck a wall. Deputies reported with the traffic pole broken, the traffic signal came down and hit the windshield of another vehicle that was passing through the intersection. TAMIKA VARELA The driver of the suspect vehicle. Tamika Varela, was arrested and charged in the incident after she, the child and another person ., were treated at a local hospi-r-g Varela was charged with aggravated .child abuse, -aggravated battery, felony JR fleeing to elude. reckless dri-z ving, aggravated assault on a :! law enforcement officer, aggravated fleeing to elude r;with bodily harm, grand theft auto, cbildabuse, r-10 counts of obtaining prop-J;; erty for a worthless check, :t and other charges. She's Z being held without bond. m On Wednesday night, Tampa Police said a man reported being robbed as he sat in his hotel room According to the report, Roger Collins. 53, was sit. ting in his motel room at 2307 East Busch Boulevard work ing on his computer with the door standing open. Trio Arrested After Pollee Standoff r-c;; ::::c m c m < m :::D < .... c: m 0 c Collfns told police a man and woman entered his room, allegedly pointed a handgun at him and told him to hand over his property. Collins told the couple he didn't have anything, and one of the suspects allegedly grabbed his wallet and both fled. There were no injuries. The suspects are described as Black females, 18 to 20 years old, both wearing ski masks. Uncle Sandy Says -"''--..t; -.. if. -, I. !fS/ j,i,_.,_ JOSHUA MCCLENDON ST. PETERSBURG A standoff between St. Petersburg Police and three men suspected of murder ended Monday when the three men were spotted along 4th Avenue, South and 50th Street, South running into a home. 3, I, 11, "The Greataat Wealth Ia live Officers spent hours coax-Content So The Mind Ia For Ever 12 ing the men outside before atlalfled."15, 111, 25, 31, 32, 33, 35, 4&1-----------" We'll Get You Out Qulc:: k ... So You Won' t Hnvo 1 o Sit" 7628 N 86th Street, Ste. 13 Tmp, FL 33617 Office (813) 988-7881 Darrell Ingram Owner MYREON HARRISON JOSEPH SIPUN they surrendered. ,. z c ., :::D 6 Joahua McClendon, Myreon Harriaon, and Joseph Stplin were wantl'd C) in connection with nn m attempted on April 3rd. >


,... 0 0 N .... w z :::> -, c a: LL e a: LL Q z c( Q f/) w :;:) .... w > w Q w :I: f/) :::; ID :::l 0.. z ...J ...J :::l ID I ...J w z i=. z w (j) <( c a: 0 ..J u. : :. .: /:. ... .. :., ,. .., D a y 1 Submit Contract The Rehabber's Superstore will submit an offer to buy your home. Day2 Clear Titl e If offer Is accepted the Rehabber's Superstore will submit the contract to the title company Day 3 Closing Day The title company will clear the title then schedule a Closing date. At t h e closing you will p ick up your check! lluv Houses and Houses luv Me!


B All Class Reunion Weekend Rekindles Old Friendships The All Class R eunio n we e k e nd came to end with a heartwarming banque t that 'honore d the founder and visionar y Adrian White who sought to bring back together old friends from near a n d far. The schoolmates were not just lo cals, but those who travel ed from Georgia, Washington and New York They had a fantastic time at the meet and greet Friday eve ning at The Shark Bar, a joyous picnic on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with old school four square and other games; and the final event, the black and white banqu e t held at the S h e raton Rive rwalk Hotel that ended with dancing the night a way before final farewe ll s from old friend s Look ou t for upcomingevents and get i nvolved because t his is only the beginning The w e ekend theme was : Nothing Changes But T i me, Fri e ndships Are Forever Some of t h e guest comments were: F r ie ndships, r e a cquain lanc es, laughter and memo ries. All these things described t he w e ek end of one man's v isi on The All Class R e union It has been sai d, people without a v ision have no future, but when A drian White was given a vision he s et the wheels in motion The e v ening that follo we d w i t nessed the old n e i g hborh ood s and. friend s t oge th e r chanting, why hasn't anyone t hou ght of t hi s b e fore?" "That o n e wee k e n d has brought many old fr iends tog et h e r to r e l ive and catch up on old times. The week end was full of laughter, hugs and fun times: It was also a party with a purpose, g i v in g back to the communi ty and local c hariti e s What a way to show ge n eratio n s to come how friends, family and c ommun ities can come togeth e r no matte r h ow many years and h o w f a r apa rt life ha v e taken the m Thank y ou Adrian! -Valerie Langston Frazier when the d ust settles and smo k e clea r s t her e is some t h i n g t o b e said about a made-up mind and a willing h e a r t that tu rns vision into r e a lity specifically the mind of Adrian White (Son o f June and Delores White ) and his vision turned r e al i t y of potentially t he world' s first All Class R e u n i o n held in Tampa It was an event that f o l k will b e talking about for a long time i n fact as I think about it, it could possibly qualify for the Guinness Book. It shows us how pow e rful one icha can be and the impact it can have on a communi ty. So A drian, keep t h inking an d never stop dreaming for this too, is part of your d e s t in y Oh by the way get ready the best is on the way. Eric Lee, Sr. (Photographs by Julia Jackson and S treets And Streets Photography (D ana Brig ht) Mr. and Mrs. Eric (Gall Hadley) Lee were among tho !le who attended the Ali-CiaSB Reunion. He was Master of Ceremony for the banquet. Adrian White (right) l ntroduceH m embers of the A ll -Class p lanning reunion committee. All Class R eunion organizer and visionary, Adrian White and hla mothe r Mrs. Delores White, awards recipient and fonner teache r Coach Alfred Dixon makes comments. Mrs. Dorothy J ennings, former Home Economics teacher at Hillsborough H igh School. Cherolda McGillHarris and CaSandra Wash i ngton. DANNY GREEN Hillsborough High graduates, Class of 1978, from left: CUrb Gardner, New York; Rhonda Smith Ellis, "ito currently resides in Washington, DC. And Dar)i Miles of Tampa. King High School Class of 1976: sitting, left to right, Regina Jenkins and Mary Patton; and s t anding, Rosita S. G affney, Pheble G ladden a n d Diane Pope. l.cft t o right, Wanda Brewer, Val eri.' Frazier Allee Poole Wllllnms. M n n J attl'n nnd J.lnda Wablon.


. ALL ABOUT YOU! c a: u. c z < c en w ;:) > a: w > w ASYAJAFAR tMonth ASYAJAFAR 6Years0ld Birthday wishes from parents, T oya, Dyas, and other family members who will celebrate Saturday, June 2, 2007. Double Shout Out MILTON JR.. Graduation DIAQUITIA AndDARRON c w :z: en Not once, but look twice, at Congratulations to our king and queen for coming out with a bang, May 21,2007 at USF. May God continue to :; Tampa's finest young He graduated on May 18 AB a. of 6-4, be's 5 years stronger. z So as you can see, be's doing ffi really good. bless you aD. Happy birthday, l>alquitla and Darron. _, I love you Boo-G, uncondi_, tionally, Mom. ;:) Mr. and Mrs. Datyle Brookins and family. m w z w en < c a: 0 _, u. Birthday Notices And Other Announcements Deadline: 1 Week In Advance Call: 248-1921 For More Info Will Be Published: Prtclav, ....... 15tll Deadline For Greetings: WM .... d8V, ..... 8111 (NO EXCEPTIONS) Cost: SOC Per Word S10/S20 For Photo \., ANGIE Happy birthday Angie on June 3rd_ We love you so 'lluch. Continue to be that special someone you are. Happy Birthday, Ms. Fee (L) MS. FEE And (R) MS. DIVINE May your day be as special to you, like you are to everyone you come in contact with. I love you cousin for maldng it do what it do. Happy birthday! Continue to be that Rouah Rider! May God blea and keep )'OUUf Love, Ma. Divine. Happy Birthday, Felisha NO CHECKS PLEASE Celebrating in the M-1-A m N w CJ with that special someone, but running It back with family and friends. (There Is enouah to go around!) Much love from the ones you love and the ones that love you back!! Grandma's Princess Celebrating 19 Years! Praise God! JASMENE BRITI"NY ROBINSON Birthday greetings to 'Jas' on her birthday today. She is the daughter of Beverly Robinson and Sylvester Robinson; and the granddaughter of Betty Dawkins and Pearlie Robinson. J asmene is a sophomore at FAMU and member o f Cathedral o f Faith. ROGER GRACE 5-31 Happy birthday Big Roger. SFFKI:\(; "The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself' Call: (813) 248-1921


Happy Birthday Wow! Look who will be cele brating_ "6 years on Monday, June 4lh. God bless you, Baby. Love, Mommy. Happy birthday, Ms. Shawn. E'ZABYON HARRIS 6-4 Happy birthday E'Zabyon Harris. We love you, Granddaddy andNana. Thank You I would like to thank my family and friends for sharing in my graduation. Love, Aviana George. KIMARIYA JACKSON Happy birthday to our beau tiful princess, Klma, celebrat ing her 1st big day, June 1st, 2007Party is at Rowlett Park on June 2. We love you! From your parents, Kieara andMarc Services: Porw Tails Twist Quick WeaveS UP Do's Sew-tns WtaPS I sr Time Customer SPec1al! .. .. ______ $25 Roller Set rrto s-w SMeJ : i TuesdaY WednesdaY I $50 Relaxer TuesdaY. WednesdaY &r ThursdaY For Paiie -Dozen Roses SPecial Medium Stem f40cmJ Assorted Colors One Dozen $19.97 --oiiliiliiiO------.. Loni stern rsocmJ Assorted Or Solid Colors One Dozen $50.00 2008 Call 813 241.0200 To UPdate Or Remove Your Address www.Ybortslandflowers.com We Do And Funerals ALL ABOUT YOU! MS. PINK IT'S THE CARTERS 1\) 0 0 ....., "Stop staring! Yeah, it's her, the original, Ms. Pink, celebrating another year, another blessing! Happy birthday, Baby Sis. Love, your sisters. Look Who's 7 RAYIONNA Happy belated birthday greetinp are beiq extended to Miss Rayionna Gainey, who turned 1 on 5/29/07 by God's grace. Which wiD be cel ebrated on 6/2/07 at the Nick Hotel in Orlando ... 1 is the number of completion, even with odds against you that man tries to cast out, we still have his name on the dotted line. Keep smiling and keep God 1st and we will continue to overcome any adverse actions that these serpents try to cast out. Happy birthday, rhe Innovator." ust o ork The MPC 2000 Call: 850:.1484 MS.SHANNA Happy 24th birthday to myself. I will be having a big blqck party on Sunday, June 3rd at MacFarlane Park, Booth 405 at 4 p. m., so come hang out. Also, happy birthday to my little brother, Walt and cousins, Ms. Cotton and Ul Rodney. BAE-BOYAnd SHANNA ., r-0 2:! c > en m z -4 z m r;m c: r r-z ., c: m r-Cii :X: m c m < m ::z:J < M ddleton This picture speaks for itself. c! Quit staring and tum the page. m Happy birthday, Bae. (L) JESSICA GAMEZ And (R) STANEKIYA WILLIAMS Congrats to two beautiful cousins. Remember, with your special talents and unique gifts, all your dreams will come true. Love, your moms, Dianne and Klld. local news education religion business health sports family entertainment in the Florida Sentinel 813-248-1921 r --s 4a spec-iai& .. : : Relaxers Stuffed Twist Ponytail Styles 1 Wash N' Set Wraps $80 ... Sew Ins $125 ... Micros $225 ... Infusion > z c ., ::z:J 6


1'-Chfist United Methodist Church w z :::: -, c( c a: LL "3304 East. Columbus Drive Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 248-2175 Pastor, Rev. B. Aaron Wilds Bishop, Timothy Whitaker Theme: I'm Doing A Great Work And I Come Down. Nehemiah 6:3 Messenger DR. FLORENCE HOWELL Pastor Of Northeast United Methodist Church PASTOR B. AARON AND SANDY WILDS SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMEN THE #3 ANNUAL CHOIR REUNION REHEARSAL FRIDAY, JUNE 8TH 7:30 P. M. ._-s. .-s au.a, CHMIIPOSIII ........... .... .. lltiai11FiBI8MS llmlll.m.LA ..... --IDW-GUII The Bible Says Wh h n UIHe.-ent'? Last week at the close of our study, we were noticing some warnings from God (in both Old and New Testaments I about changing His Word. Today I want to ehow some changes that have been made. Were there different denominations in the daye when the New Testament was written? What denomination Will Paul, Peter, John, and the rest of the apostles members of? Answer: NONE I read in Mr. Edward T. Hiscox's Standard Mnnual for Bapli..t Churche11 on page 22, "It is most likely that in the Apostolic age when there was but one Lord one faith, and one baptism and no differing denomination mated, the baptism of a convert by that very act constituted him a member of the church, and at once endowed him with all the rights and privileges of full membership. In that sense, 'baptiem wae the door into t.l\p church.' Now it I cUlferent."

COLUMN NewsFront \ Progress Village BY IRADEAN LONDON BIGGS June Birthdays Sr. of Capital Heights, MD, Richard Barr, Shirley Happy birthday to the Jenkins, Sue Suarez, June celebrants: Judy Angie Blair, Fontaine Crosby, Marjorie Marion, Shane Anthony, Anderson, Clifford Sr., Dondria Grace, Bob Anderson, King Water, Anthony, Robert Jr., Judy Wilson, Lizzie Anthony of Memphis, P. Banks, Wendell Robert Leo Thompson, Goodson, Earnestine Kolbe Reeves, Timothy Bell-Turner, Leslie Cogman, Jr., Alexander Mitchell, Christopher Warren, Jose Vega, Walker Oats of El Cerrito, Belton Hargrove, Emmet William Th9mpkins, Black, Robert Kellum and LOVE MISSIONARY Q'< BAPTIST CHURCH REVEREND W. T. CARPENTER ,.... New Location Of Sunday Worship Services Will Be Held At 5903 N. 47th St. Tampa, FL, 33610 (813) 610-9384 or 766-3120 Churrh Sdwnl \\'orship llnur 9:30 :\. 'I. IO:SU :\. 'I. New St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church 1006 south 50th street Tampa, Florida 33619 813 242 5c.l'lday Morning Church SChool @ 9:30am Sunctay Morning Worship @ 11 :ooam Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & Bible Study @ 7:00 pm wednesday Night Youth for Christ @ 7:00 pm P R t : S t; NT S Willie McPhee. Happy birthdays to Kai Williams, June 1st was his special' day. We love you, Mom and Dad. Happy belated birthday greetings to Rosemary Edwards Buchanan, whose natal day was May 30th. 0 Happy Anniversary Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse (Louvenia) Caldwell, who celebrated their 43rd anniversary on Monday, May 28th. This wish is coming from family and friends wishing you many more. Congratulations. Congratulations to Jamia Laverne Washington who graduated on May 11, 2007 from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, Business Administration and Chemistry minor with a Pre-Medicine emphasis. She is the daughter of Shake and Cheryl Byrd Washington, the granddaughter of Hattie Byrd White and the brother of Tu'boy. Jamia plans to get a Master's in Health Service UFE CHANGING BAPTIST CHURCH WESTSIDE S.D.A. CHURCH 1103 E. Sll11h atwn. y....,._ FL 33610 1113) 23U706 New Beginnings M. B. Church 3101 E. Lake Ave. Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 503-9843 REV. DAVID P. CARSON PASTOR FIRST LADY MARY CARSON Sunday School 9:30 A. M. Administration and attend medical school. She attend ed Hillsborough High School and was the 2003 Valedictorian. Keep up the good work. This congratulations comes from your family, friends and the U. M. AKA Sorors. Dual Celebration Congratulations to Rhonda Lashawil Williams on her birthday and graduation. She celebrated her 40th birthday on May 23rd at the fabulous Six Tables Restaurant in Tampa. Rhonda graduated on May 27th from Jacksonville Theological Seminary with a Master ofTheology. Congrats Grads Congratulations Treece Altwan Lynch who graduated from King High, Devin Micah Cole who graduated from Tampa Bay Tech, Jermaine Mack who grad uated from HCC and Tracy E. Braswell who graduated from Ft. Valley State College. Sick List Pray for: Thelma Blunt, Susie Boston, Louise Morris, Betty Williams, Mikolean Martin, Dorsey Hunter, Donnie Gardner, Talanda Gardner, Johnny Freeman who's at Brandon Health & Rehab, Edna Johnson, Arlene Evans who's at Tampa General Hospital Rehab, Eloise Bell who's at Whispering Oaks, Thelma Bentun-Goodman who's at Ybor City Healthcare and Sis. Eva Gay. Get well wishes are sent to Thelma NappierLlvingston in Sacramento, CA. This is coming from her sister, Peggie NappierLise and family who are (NEW) HOME DAY CARE Owner a Operator 11 A.M. Morning, Worship LAVERNE WHITE Tuesday 7 P. M. Ph N one o.: royer Meeting & Bible Study (8I3) 935-6939 wishing her a speedy recov ery. 'TI ::0 c > -< In Sympathy Villagers, friends and neighbors extend heartfelt N 0 sympathy to the families of !:;3 Cc: z m former Villagers, the late, Mr. Mack Jones, and wife, the late,. Mrs. Dorothy Jean Seymore-Jones, who both passed away within days of each other. Visiting Sister Mrs. Eva Mae CarterThomas formerly of Tampa is here visiting her sister, Mrs. Mildred Allen and other family members and friends. While here Mrs. Thomas enjoyed worship service with niece and nephew, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton (Eva Jeane) Anderson at New Salem where Rev. Henry Lyons is Teacher. My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry For inmates, get your free Bible and cards by writing: My Brothers 2 Keep, P. 0. Box 4618, Tampa, FL, 33677-4618. For large print Bibles, you will be given an address. Poems from inmates are being received be published in a book by a local publisher. Send the poems to the My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry at the same address. Thought For Today Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achieve ments. F. Y. I. Remember our servicemen and women who put their lives on the line daily for us Remember the helpers in the kitchen: Thelma, (813) Family Deli, (813) 671-1541 or H. 0. P ., (813) 238-5221. Call your news' into lradean London-Biggs at (813) 677-6071. Be blessed! -A Local Church has an opening for a Christian, dedicated and committed musician (piano primary). Some reading ability is preferred. Salary negotiable. Please call (813) 248 'TI r-0 c )> en m z -t z m r;-m c: r rm -t z ., c: m r-u; :1: m c m < m ::0 < -t c: m en c )> < )> z c 'TI :!! c )> < ..


...... 0 0 C\1 CHURCH DIRECTORY ,.... w z :l ..., ALLEN TEMPLE AME CHURCH First Milli0111rr Baptist c11urc TeiiDie Crest Of Christ Of Milllland Pines GREATIR FRIENDSHIP M. B. CHURCH 4413 35th St >"' < c a: LL e a: LL c z <( c tn w fi w > w c w X tn :; m Q. z _, _, ::J m .;, w z 2101 Ll:lwe SL ,.. REV. \Ill WE J. COOK. PASTOR Worship ActlvtJes: En Worship 1:45 A.M. Sunday Sdtool t:30 A.M. Wonfllp 11 A.M. 4711 21st Ave. REV. CLEVELAND LANE. Pastor Prar-r HHtlng & Bible Study W.ctnesdey 7 P. H. Sunday School 9:30 A. H. Bible Study 6:45 P.M. Tuesdu Homing Wonhlp 1&.55 A. H. Church Van (813) 627-43338 College Hill Church Of God In Christ New FriendshiP M.B.Church 6414 N. 30th St. ,. Elder O.wtes Dnls. Pasto r s..r.t. Sct.ool-9:30 A.M. Worslllp 11 A.M. Y.P.W.W ...,., 6 P .M. Ewnlna Worship 7 P.M. Tu-. & Frl Senb 7 P.M. 1111 L lillie,.._ 241-4121 ln. l l Danltls. Palltr Weekly Activities 1--a.ctll*ll 1-.JIU ....... ,filii. 1HIU IIIIIC18a UIP.a (....... ... ........ """...... J ... llllllllldr nu Mt. Zion A.M.E. Chttrcl1 S92U Rnhcrl Tnnlc Rnad Rhcn icw. Fl. .US(t9 t<:unwr nf ""' .IUJ \H. I "TIN Church Whose Doors Are Alw111s Open Invite You To Allend Our Wednesday Nigbt Prayer Service And Bible Study 6:JOP. M Church School Service 9:30A.M. Worship Service 11 A .M. I>I:'U, IWUI LD JORTUN"" .. 1M Lord Oh My Solll Attd Z av. .... AVJ'ft r. All That Is W'llhin Me" W Plltor 1M l.Prd's H o i NatM ii: g BROWN MEMORiflt CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E 27th AVE. (813 ) 2.48-5690 (813) 2.41-6902 WEE/ill' WORSHIP SCHEOVLE IIIIICIIIW lcllool 9-.30 A.M. SUIIdiiW Mlll ... Wonlll11 11 A .M. SUIIdiiW .,_ ... Wonlllll 7:30P.M. MBtPr.,..r (TuudQ FrldQ) .... 9 A.M. WM-IIWN .. IItWonllllt .... 7:30P. M )4 Chu rch r h e love Of' Goa Flows And rhe H o ll Ghost I s In Full Con trol. N JOHN DOUGLAS. Evangelist Cbwdl Srbool Suad.,. 9:30 .. m. Sun. Mom. Bible Sludr 9-.30 A.M. MorNnc Wonblp Suad.,. 10:55 a.m. REV. H. MURRAY. Pastor Sunder School 9:.45 e.m. MomiMI Worship 11 e.m Wonlllp 5 p.m Sun. Mom. Wonfllp 10'.30 A.M. Mid-Week Senice *Wed......,* 7 p. nL Sun. &.line \VonNp 6:30 P.M. (Prayer MHttnc. BlbW Study ) Pruer HHtiMI Tuuder 7-.30 p .m. Mid w-It Bible S.,. w.d 7-.3 0 P M ElDER THOMAS 1 111!0. Pllllilw hrtr MotMie Sundlir Sdtoal 9-.30 Llll. MotMie -10:50 Llll. .... w.d.. 7-.30 P.IL THE PUBUC IS INVITED 411 SAMHAXWIU ,._,IT..._ Adui/CIIIdrwt...., .... 7-.lO A.M. & 10:55 A.M. 4 :i!: !IIUI!.l!J s-do -t:45 A.M. ...,. & 'tOIIIIIN OII*WI 7 P.M. .., OII*WI UIPJlMIII .............. .. '-...... C...,.. For,. ........... 11le a.dl ,_ CMDMI 0...." (Acb 1:1. ..... 1:1. 1 n.. Eft WonNp Uft. Sunde Sdlool NS Uft. Momlng WordJip 10l45 Uft. For TnniPOI'tllllon c.n SISTIR IARIARA MCGILL II 621-1155 TUIIIdu PI'Qw Serwlcll 6:30 P.IIL llblll Studr 7-.3 0 P.IIL lrochert!ood 11t Sll\nder Metrons 10 e.m. 1at end 3rd s.turden VIsit our w.bllte or I-MIII ua: .... .fbcdl .org lnfQOtbcdl. org I .\' dlut;: "/""an//'' ,/,tu M.B. CHURCH, INC. 5706 N 40th St. 237 -3157 Plodor WORSHIP SEAVKI HOURS ...... .._ ...... s.dllr ScMal t:30 &IlL ........... ,. .... Wadi ode E--.,_....._ & .. Oaa7p..a \lu unl OhH \lm.tn \hlholll'l FJIN' opal < 'hun h p: I 25 045 "Tiw Cltrclr W111t A V&rio." 9:30 A l\1. C hurch School 7:45 A. M. Worshfp (First Sunday Only) I I :00 A. M. Woi'Jihlp Bible Study Wed nesda\ 7 P l\1. VIsitors Are Wekomel PIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Of LINCOLN GABINS 40UW .-....... .._ 8n-ul1 s...t., SdMd 9-.30 A. M. Han* WonNp. n A.M. .,...,_ Serwb & Bible Studr w.dnasdu 7:30 P .M. PIOIIU POll CllmT ...atltiiS Rorid t t "' I I: \ & ... 1'7i .. .. -x:;" "' s e DR. THO:\l-\S 1 H ADDEN. Ill Pas tor OM Ourlr'lr 71w Lomtiou Main M llln Stftd Senile)' Sdtool 9:)0 .,_ Maranc Wonltlp II m. SllldJ (Wfdnadii,J) 7 p.n. Honic arw GJID 3715 7lil A"a.e f..a.,1 Monq MllnDe ln. The New Palm River COGIC, Inc 1304 S Sltfl Street. T ampa, FL 336 1 9 Elder Willie L. Fowler Jr., Pastor "TM Oturdl Whwe E'ftl rbodY Is Somebocb E artr Homing Worship I t:JO A.M. SUftdu t-.30 A .M. n:u A.M.. M orftl rtg SeAice..-.MM ... M_ .. _".:..11: 30 A M Wedftudu Blbh a-d ,. 7 P.M. Fride r YPWW_ 7 .. P.M. Frida r Paston.l P .M. o-DMid c. Jordwl, Ducan &o.rd orsh iJ,pl n g At Grand S uit es Hotel 11310 N. 30th Street Pal m Ballrooms 1 & 2 Serv ic e Tim es Sunday School 9 A.M. Mornin g Worship 10:30 A.M.


---CHURCH DIRECTORY Abundant (huh Of God In (h:tift 4125 Nas.sau St. W. Tampa, FL 33067 (813) 87!>9077 KAREN BARNES, PASTOR OF OPERATIONS Our Weekly Order Of Service Sunday School 9:30 AM Homing Worship 11:00 AM lntercasory p,..YW Hondn friday ti:OO A.M. Bible lnstttut. WednescHiy 7:Jo P.M. (orpon! .. Pmw 1st & 3rd friday 8:00P.M. "I hne .....,.. tNt thQ might hne Llf.. maN ABUNDANT-lY" St. John 10:10 Come & Hear God's Word \lllth God's People AI ST. LUKE A.M.E. CHURCH Tampa, Fl JJ&OS :21og N 25th SL (al mh Aw.). 248-6753 REV. RONALD D MIZER, Pa,.or Office Hours H-F lOam :2pm ....... ,. 7:-45 a.m. Earb Momlng Worship 9 a.m. Breakfast Served 9:-45 a.m. Church School 11 a.m. Morning Worship Wednacrn 12 p.m. Noon Meeting 7 p.m. Prayer And Bible Study Share Box Program Available MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1207 N. Wfv3on St.. Tampa, FL. 33602 (813) 229-1390 I Can Do AI Thlnas ThroUSih Chrbt Whkh Strensth8Mth Me. Phllppllins 4:13 MOLY OUTREACH FOR CMIRST MOUSE OF PRAYE1 R ASSEMBLY, INC. E. Osbome Avenue, Tampa, (813) 238-2213 DA. A. F. NELSON-VICKERS, Pastor & Founder "ONE SERVICE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE" Order Of Service: Sunde School 10 1.111. Homirw \llonhlp 11 LIIL Tuadly Nlsld 1'.30 p.m. Bible Sludr 2nd Wednlsdlr Night 7:30 p.m. Subst.Ke Abuse MlnislrJ 3rd Wednaday Hltht 1'.30 pm Sintla Hlnlslry 4111 Wednudu 1'.30 p.m. Mlrriqe Ministry Thundar Night 1'.30 P.IIL WonHp Senlau Fridllf Night 7 : 30 P .M. Youth Senlce Slllurdllf Mornlnt 11 1.111. 's.bbeltl Senlce MOUNT PLEASANT M :.B. CHURCH 2002 N. R0111e Avenue (Com Ave. Md Spruce St.) P.O. Box 4724 Tampa Dr C.T. Kirkland, Pastor Tel: (S13) 253-5714 Fax (813) 254-1441 E-man: MtPieesentMB@eol.com ?let. 'Pif4l4e 7e41H EARLY HORNING WORSHIP AT 7:45 SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 A.M. HORNING WORSHIP 11 A. M. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM Famlty Series Hour (B.T.U.) 6 PH-Lord's Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM Prayer Service 7 PM General Bible Study 7 PM Youth Bible Study TAPE MINISTRY Put or Order On Line At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org St. Mary M. B. Church 39 l 0 W Laurel Street X 13-872-6 2 5 4 WALLACE Z IJOWERS Sunday School 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship 11:00A.M. Wednesday Night: Prayer Meeting-7:00 P.M. Bihle Study -8:00P.M. Thursday Noon Day Prayer Noon to 1:00 P.M. & Evangelist Eric W Doss Come Share Jesus With Us! Wonhlp & Study Svnday 8 A 1.1 Early Wcrahp. 9 45 A. M Scr.ool 1 o 45a 2nd MOtrw>g Wotshp 5p Evenong Wctlhrp w.dnnday 7p Bible Slucly (all agn) 8 1 3 985 or EITIIil :nchrlttQtllmPI'-Y com II!V WALRII J. WILLIAMS 1 Putor early Momlng Wanhlp 7 :55A.M. Sunday Morntng WonNp 1 :30 Morning Wonhlp 10:55 A.M. w.d., Famly Nlgflt 7 P.M. DH. John C. Lowtt, ChalrmM Board Of DHCOM 29th Street Church Of Christ 3310 N. 291h Sl. (813) 242-4Sn Bible School 9:1.5 A.M. Homi .... Worship 10:30 A.M. Evening Bible Class 5 P.M. Even .... Worship 6 P.M. Communb Bible Class. WednesdaY, 10nA.H. Laura Street Church of Christ su.e "J< z c .., :0 6


r-.. 0 0 N ----LOCAL Marriage Ceremony Uniting lea And Corey > c:( c a:: LL > c:( c a:: LL c z c:( > c:( c U) w ::;) > a:: w > w 0 w ::z::: U) :; m ::;) D. z _, _, ::;) ID ...:. w z w U) c:( c 0 _, LL ID cO w .. Mr. and Mrs. Corey Coley, Sr. and the bride's parents, James Mickens and Dorothy Raglin. The newlywed. with the groom's mother, Mrs. Catherine Coley. The marriage ceremony uniting lea Patrice Mickens and Corey Aup8tln Coley, Sr. was an event of Saturday, April 28, 2007, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The elegant event was held at New Progress Missionary Baptist Church with Reverend Earlie J. Williams, Sr., Pastor, and Reverend C. R. Batchelor officiating. The new Mrs. lea Coley is the daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Raglin and James Mickens, Jr. The groom's parents are Mrs. Catherine Coley and the late Milton Coley, Jr. His godparents are Mr. and Mrs. Alex Floyd. The couple paid tribute to their deceased grandparents: bride's -Georgia Lee Hammond, Vanen Grima, Alice Mickens, and James Mickens, Sr. Groom's Lizzie Mae Johnson, Albert Johnson, Lula Mae Coley and Milton Coley, Sr. Members of the wedding party were: attendants of bride, Jamel Woodie, Matron of Honor, sister of the bride; groom's attendant, Edward Bailey, Ill, best man, brother of the groom; bridesmaids -Tosha Todd, cousin of the bride, Vanessa Gadson, niece of the bride, Sonya McFadden, god sister of the groom, Nikki Coley, sister of the groom, Sophia Miller and Kesha Johnson, friends of the bride. Residential & Commercial Leak Repalrw No Job Too SmaU Or Too l..aflle 20 Experience S Yean &cabtiAhed In Seminole Community DARRYL STARKES Roofing Contractor LicenAc# RCOOfi7277 LicenAedBondcd-lnAured (813) 477-0tnH Fax: (813) 2.36-7325 lea and Corey Coley, Sr. with their bridal party: kneeling in front, Solomon, Moses, Reginald, Cedric, Bryce, Zya, Edward, Roberto, Travin and Terry. Standing, Sonya, Sophia, Tosha, Ronisha, Jamel, Vanessa, Nikki and Kesha. Groomsmen were Reginald Woodie, Roberto Gracia, Moses Oboute, Terry Mitchell and Travian Smith, all friends of the groom; Solomon Davis, IV, cousin of the groom. Others who made up the wedding party were: junior bridesmaid, Ronesha Johnson, cousin of the groom; Cedric Youn, Jr., nephew of the bride; Zya Young, niece of the bride, flower girl; Corey A. Coley, Jr., son of the bride and groom, ring bearer; Bryce Bailey, nephew of the groom, bell ringer; Zabria Gaines, goddaughter of the bride and groom, bride. The ushers were: Edward Young, Jr., Cedric Yoana, Sr., Kenneth Young, Sr., RoDald Yoana, all brothers of the bride, and Eddie Blount, cousin of the groom; soloists, Prici.Dia and SheBa Upshaw; hostesses, Elonda Young, sister-in-law of the bride, Natasha Young, niece of the bride and Brenda Johnson, aunt of the groom. Numerous persons helped to make this event a memorable occasion, including hairstylist, Ms. Tanya Henderson who is responsible for the beauty of the bride and the members of the wedding party. (Photographs by David Burgess Photography)


SCHOLARSHIPS ----'TI :c Annual Miss Teenage Tampa Scholarship Pageant There was excitement in the air the evening of April 22, 2007 from over 1,000 attendees who came out to show their support for their favorite contestant competing for the title of Miss Teenage Tampa of Alpha Kappa Alpha 2007. The 10 young ladies who vied for the crown had been competing since January, 2007. The girls had been judged based upon their grade point average, preliminary interviews, talent, evening gown, and the question and answer portion of the pageant. At the end of the evening Miss Demitria Nicole Wright, from Riverview High School was crowned Miss Teenage Tampa of Alpha Kappa Alpha 2007. Along with her crown, she received $2.500, $1,000 for the 2007 Miss Teen Star Award and two plane tickets to any where AirTran Airways flies. The other contestants cer tainly did not go home empty handed; 1st runner up Aglendria received $1,200, 2n runner up, Kindall Johnson -$900 and $1,000 for the Teen Scholar DEMITRIA WRIGHT 2007 Miss Teenage Tampa Of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Award, 3rd runner up, Chelsea Edwards -$8oo and the Miss Congeniality Award, 4th runner up, Angel Neal -$700. Keyana Terry, Christine Pinnock, Darielle Hardge, Erica Vickers each received $6oo and Jemicia FraDklln $6oo and the 2007 Spirit Award. An occasion like this could not have been possible without the leadership of Gwen Myers -President, Deidre Jones-Gamma Theta Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Gives Scholarships The next top teacher, doc tor, lawyer, CEO, entrepreneur, and President of the United States received bountiful gifts from the ladies of Gamma Th eta O mega Chapter of Alpha Kapp a Alpha Sorority, Inc. On Sunday April 29, 2007 at the Marriott T a m p a Westshore Hotel the Gamma Theta Omega Chapter gave close to $2o,ooo in scholarships to eighteen deserving young students who will be pursuing their dreams of attending col lege in the fall of 2007. There were three different categories in which students were award ed scholarships. The Heritage. Scholars Scholarships went to students who are the children of mem bers within the Gamma Theta Omega Chapter. The recipients were, Brian Jordan and Paul Sheehy III. The 2007 Miss Teenage Tampa of Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholars Scholarships went to the contestants of the Miss Teenage 'Tampa of Alpha Kappa Alpha. They are: Chelsea Edwards, Jemlcla FrankHn, Darrlelle Hardge, Kincla]] Johnson, Angel Neal, Christine Pinnock, Keyanna Terry, Erica Vickers, Aglendrla Wiggins, and Demitria Wright. 'Last, but certainly not least, the Academic Scholars Scholarships went to the fol lowing outstanding students who exemplified academic VALERIE GODDARD excellence: Amanda Comstock, Kelsey Howell, Conithia Jones, Alicia Melton, Kenya Scott, and Lakeisha Simms. The evening' s keynote speaker, the inspiring Valerie Goddard, gave a motivational message to the students and challenged them to guard their dreams from the temptations out in the world in order for their dreams to become a reali ty. The occasion could not have been possible without Gwen Myers, President, Deidre Jones, General Chairman of Miss Teenage Tampa of Alpha Kappa Alpha and Yvette Hall, CoChairman, of Miss Teenage Tampa of Alpha Kappa Alpha and served as Chairman of the ScholarRhip and Awards Reception Committee: Thelma Benton, Arlene Chears, Dorsity Dowell, Sandra Hill, Taro Legree, and Frnnchon Woodnrd. General Chairman and Yvette Hall Co-Chairman and the committees that worked tirelessly: Awards/Flowers, Contestant Enrichment, Costumes, Decorations, Hostess, Kick-off Reception, Production, Program/Script, Publicity, Robe/Crown, Scholarship, Souvenir Booklet, Talent, Tickets, Judges, and Appreciation Luncheon. Gamma 1 beta Omega express es gratitude to Miss Teenage Tampa Pageant Sponsors: Tampa Bay Community Network, Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. Sol Davis, AirTran Airways, Hillsborough Community Foundation, and Sacino's Formalwear. fHART Changing to serve you better. www.hlrtllnc.org HARTinfo Line (813) 254-4278 TDD (813) 626-9158 New Arts Scholarship Created By Business Committee For The Arts 0 l< c.. c: z m 1'1) c c The Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Arts (TBBCA) has created the 2007 BCA High School Arts Stars Scholarship Award. This new program has been initiated for senior High School students in Hillsborough and Pinellas County. Students in the two counties will be invited to apply for $2,500 scholarships sponsored by the Business Committee for the Arts in the five following areas: Vocal music, instrumental music, visual arts, dance and literary arts. Awards will be granted to provide assistance for furthering arts education or for college or university tuition to promising high school students involved in the performing arts. The awards will be initiated --.J Effective May 21 thru August 31 at a kick-off reception on Thursday, June 21st, at the Valencia, a new Mediterranean style condominium in Hyde Park Village. Scholarship Sponsors will be announced at this event. Scholarship recipients will be announced and their winning work will be featured at the 2007 TBBCA Awards GfJ.a on Wednesday, October 24 at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. For more information regarding sponsorships or the 2007 BCA High School A,rts Stars Scholarship Awards, please call the Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Arts at: 813-221-ARTS (2787) or go to Jt"'\\' .tbbca.ore r 0 :c 0 en m z :1 z m r:a:l c: r r m :1 z 'tl c: a:l !: en :::1: m 0 m < m :c < c: m en 0 z 0 :c -0


...... 0 0 C'l ,... Scholarship And Recognition Program For Pre-Teen Girls LL Coming To Tampa Final applications are now being accepted for the 2007 Pre-Teen Florida Scholarship & Recognition Program to be held July 27-29 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Hotel in Tampa. The Pre-Teen America Scholarship and Recognition Program recognizes and rewards hundreds of young ladies nationwide with an opportunity to become the leaders of tomorrow and provides an avenue in which they realize they can truly make a difference in the world. > Additionally it promotes 12). Based on seven evaluaa: W tion categories, none of G'; which are based on outward c appearance or physical attributes. tn The criteria utilized in :::i Pre-Teen America are: m :: Academic Achievement, A. Volunteer Service to z Community, School Honors ffi and Activities, Development ::i of Personal Skills and = Abilities, .General Knowledge, Ability, w Communicative Ability, and Z On-Stage Acknowledgment of Accompliahments. In addition each particle pant is recognized and prec sented awards for their outa: standing achievements in 0 _, LL academics, community ser vice, athletics, arts, knowl edge, ability, creativity, per sonal development, commu nications, and much more The school of each participant also receives a Certificate of Achievement and letter notifying them of their student's selection, participation and awards received in order that the student is further recognized for their positive accomplishments. Since its inception in 1990, over 80,000 bright and gifted young ladies have participated nation wide. Pre-Teen America has awarded more than $925,000 in Educational Bonds, Scholarships, and Awards.' In addition, over $300,000 has been donated to its national charities, "Make-A Wish'" Foundation and Shriners' Hospitals for Children headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Recommendations of young ladies are always welcome and may be provided by family, teachers, Girl Scout leaders, coaches, dance instructors, etc. A recommendation form as well as an informational video may be found on the website. Applications may be submitted via the Pre-Teen America Scholarship & Recognition Program website www.preteenamerica.com or obtained by calling 225-752-6015 or e. mailing info@.preteenameri ca,com. 3602 7th Avenue Tampa, FL 241-2101 or 247-3719 Keys Made &9e and Up Flat Paint ........ $5.99gal. 011 Outside Wh1te Paint ....... $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Set .................... $2.49 ea. 3" Brushes ... : ............................. 99 ea. SALE PRICES CiOOD LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! LOCAL HCC CROP Offers Academic Summer Program Graduatl113 seniors, Devin and Jarvia. Middle school students prepare for field trip. CROP blah achool studen .. on the Dale Mabl7 Campo.as, The Hillsborough Community Collep {HCC), Collep Reach-Out Program

. LOCAL -Community Activist Surprised For BOth Birthday She is the.first to admit, that it's not easy to surprise her, nor is it easy to hide anything from her. However, it was a total surprise last month when the family of Mrs. Queen Miller hosted an 80th birthday party for her at the Gadsden Historical Society in Quincy. Daughter Yolanda Trigg and other family members were busy preparing her birthday party and she had no knowledge of it. The party was on April 21st and her birthdlly was April 25th. Mack and Angeline Isaac of Quincy. Mrs. Florence Brown, 94 years old of Quincy, and Audrey Grier, seated to her left, of Tampa. Auditions Planned For Upcoming Play. BY JULIA JACKSON A Tampa author and play wright is following through on a divine dictation from the Lord to present a play, SCHISM: From Divuion To Reconciliation. Patricia Cole will be holding auditions in June to begin preparing for the play, which is scheduled for release in September. She will be accompanied by Isaac Ruffin, Minister of Music/Songwriter. "For so long I've watched people surface all over the world that had either fallen victim to sin in the church or who had played a major role in the sin in the church. And, I always wondered how in the world they would recover ... How can we in the church help others if we will not take advantage of the help that is offered to us from God?, Mrs. Cole said. She says, 'help is on the wayr As a result of her ezperi ences in the church, the Lord has dictated two books through her that deal with sin: SCHISM: From Division To Unity which deals with sin amonpt leaders in the church and From Sin to Spiritual Peace, which conaiat or 3 ser mons and al8o deals with sin. It also stresses the importance or church leadership. ISAAC RUFFIN Minister Of Music/Songwriter The play's function is twofold, says Mrs. Cole. "To help our church leadership who are knowingly sinning and to help those who have been hurt by spiritual leaders. -Jaac RuttiD will coordinate all music and sinprs for this production. He has worked very hard to make sure that God's agenda is met with this production, she stated. 'TI ::::0 c )> .. < C'c: z m N 0 0 ....., 0 ::D a ,.. (I) m z ::! z m r;m c: !!l z ., c: m c (/) :t m 0 m < m :D < -4 c: m (/) c ,.. -< ,.. z 0 :!! -<


LOCAL a ... Retiring MQrehouse College President Honored ..,, > a: LL > a: w > w c w :::z::: 0 ::; m ::::: z t= w _, _, ::::: m ...:, w z w 0 < c a: 0 _, LL m c(, ... w CJ

MOTHER'S DAY CELEBRATION Mother's Day C81ebration At The Cotton Club A few days before the celebration, the Cotton Club held its Mother's Day celebration. The house was full of party-goers. (Photographs by .(ulia Jackson) Cynthia Marsh and Regina Calhoun. SANDRA ASHLEY "'T1 c c.. c z m N 0 0 ...., "'T1 r 0 :a c l> C/) m z z m James Bevel and Timothy Upton, Sr. enjoying the abnosphere. D. J. Jones kept the music going at the Conon Club. t;" CD c r Barbara Mcefew and Gloria Davis of the singing group r Simply Black joining the 'Electric Slide' group. g) commitment to customers ugh hurricane season As we enter hurricane season, Tampa Electric's oomprehenslva, year-ro&nl st::wm pan forms a cornerstone al ow commi1ment to aJStomer seMc:e. response eNs, enhllucements to customer seMc:e and upgrades to ow ecMJment are all part of our turicane season preparation. In the event of a power outage, customets can a 101-free phone number dedic:alad to residential 01 bu&Nss oucage reports. Cullomenl can lllo callhiiiLitOmated system 1o report a pWiic safety ooncem, such as downed power lines. To Uy utllze the aystem, visit and go to the Account fotms onane Ink to upcsate your pr1m1ry and a1emate phone numbers. The system can recognize your phone runbers and account IUTlbef and match lhem 10 your address when you cal, helping us locate outlgal qulcldy. If you heYe not your phone numbers when you call the IYifam, you will need to enter your IIClOCUit IUTlbef for the system 1o recognize your address. After ..,_. Weather, We're RMclr When MYere weather resu1ta In the 1emp01aty loll al tlldrtcity, our plan helps us restore power as safely and qutddy as polll)le. Using all available resourcea, ow crews WOtt< around the clodt to rest01e eledrtclty atar11ng wllh fdties c:rlllcaiiD public healltl and safety. This is folowed by work pdorltlzed to restore power to the most cuslomerlln 1he least amount of lime. If we are faced with a widespread outage situation and require additional Tampa Eledric's membership In the Southeastern Electrtc Exchange provldeiiUA)Oit !rom olher utllties.ln Un. we will send avws to help reetore power fOI other OOIM'Iunities In need-if Tampa Electric 18 by a storm, 01 after our nonnal are restored. Putt .... s.tety Firat Aa we make safety our lop priority, we ask that you do lh8 same. This means planning fOI severe weather as aoon as possible. In addition, before and during huntcane seaaon, weldvise our customers to have a per10n8l storm plan In place and follow the9e electrical safety guidelines: Stay away from downed power lines. Always assume that a downed power line ia energized, move away to safety and report the Hne by calling Tampa Eledric at 1-177-188-1010. To report any lfe-lhreatenlng conditions, please call 811. Stay out of ftoodwaters. Floodwaters can hide energized power lines 01 other hazards, or put you at risk of drowning. Caution: UM poNble QIMIIloea Mf-'Y DO NOt connect your porllble geneqtor to your homl'a cln:ulta. Plug your appllllncee directly Into the generator. Connectlng your aenemor to your home' circuit may eMile powet to flow ta outatdt tine.. pOling lw.-threatenlng dansltt to power Mtorttlon omn. Al.o_ portable get ..mort miJit NOT bt operat.d near air conditioning ducts or In Nlldtncee or any enclosed 1p101 a closed gtrage), where deldty Cll'bon mono.ldt ga111 could build up. Visit tampaelectrlc.comlweathei'Witch for severe wealher preparation guidelines. Our pl1orttles are ast.ty and ...:Ytc.. z "U c CD r c;; % m c m < m :a -< c m C/) c l> z c "'T1 :a -c


..... 0 0 N RECIPES .,.. SChOOl'S OUt{ Healthy Ki w z :::;) .., > C( c a: I.&. c a: I.&. c z cc > U) w > w > w c w % U) ::i m :::;) a. z -' _, :::;) m w z w U) cc c a: 0 _, I.&. From TOnia Turner (:('r For KidS, -the annual e)(OdUS frOm SChOOl, a.K.a., SUmmer means -the fUn begins. 'BUt paren-tS, we can help our Kids e a-t heal1:hY -this summer wi-th -these recipes From -the American Heart Associa-tion. -vrul1: Parfaits l/3 cup cornflakes 2 sliced almonds ._shredded coconUt 2 cups vanilla yogurt 1 -teaspoon zes-t 1 mango, diced, or 1 cup sliced 1 can pineapple drained DIRECTIONS: Put cornflakes In smal! Plastic bag. Crush make abOUt 2 coarse crumbS. medium nonstick over -sreal

.. ... ... ... .. .. :. ...... .. Publix Ultimate Wrap Combo ....... 5.89 Roast Beef, Tavern Ham, Turkey on Your Choice of Flat Bread, Cheese and Toppings, Medium Drink & Chips, each (Boar's each ... 6.29) SAVE UP TO .SO __,. .Salmon Fillets ............. 5.9 9 .. Fresh, Farm Raised (Redbone Alley Sundried Tomato Aioli, 10-oz p!cg ... 3.99) SAVE UP TO 1.00 LB Ribeye Steak .............. 7.49 .. Bone-In, Publix PremUn Certified Beef, USDA Choice, Beef Rb, AAy Size Padcage SAVE UP TO 3.50 L8 # -A ... > b >-' > ....... California Peaches, Nectarines, or Apricots ........ 2.49 .. Higl in Vitanm A and a Good Source of VItamin C SAVE UP TO .50 L8 I Bread .................. ........... 199 .......................... Handmade In Our Bakery Wrth Oats, Cradced Wheat, Barley, Great on the Grill, 'Mllte, Yelow, Millet, Flaxseed, and Su1flower Seeds, From the Publix Bakery, 1 6-oz loaf SAVE UP TO .40 /"'* or BKolor Vlrteties, each J SAVE UP TO 2.01 ON 8 .. Nabisco 4 .. .. ChiP.s. Ahoyl BUY FREE Cook1es ....... Gn oNt: Assorted Varieties, 14 to 16-oz plcg. (Limit two deals on selected advertised varieties.) SAVE UP TO 3.49 Zephyrhills Natural 2 '9.QO Spring Water. 24 or 28-plc .. S-L bot., While Ouantltes Available SAVE UP TO 2.98 ON 2 Publix WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE. 12-Pack Michelob Ultra Beer 9.49 Or Mlchelob or Michelob Light, 12-oz can or bot or Mlchelob Ultra Amber, or Mlchelob Amber 8cx:k, 12-oz bot (6-Pack Mike's Hard Malt Beverage, Assomtd Varieties, 1 1 .2-oz bot. ... 6.29) SAVE UP TO .60 Selected Coca-Cola 10t1Q 00 Products.... .. 2-lbol SAVE UP TO 5.00 ON 10 Prices Effective T1tiH'ICI.y, M111 31 through Wednetd.y, June 6, 2007. Only In the Following Countlet: Sumter, Pasco, lake, Hernando, Citrus, Polk and Osc.o!. Prlc not eHectlve at Publlx Sabor. Quantity Rights Reserved. www.publix.com/ads ., :2 0 c.. c: z m ..... ., 6 lJ 6 ,.. (I) m z m r:al c I= z c m !: (I) % m 0 m < m lJ < m ,.. z a <


Access Foot care HEALTH .. ,... w z ::I .., LL Office & Home Service Fungal Skin Infections/Fungal Nails 00 Ingrown Nails @. Wound Care ro Heel Pain Bunions I Hammered Toes Cl) Diabetic Shoes I Socks I Orthotics C!j Most Insurances Accepted C'V Commitment To Excellence Contact Us For Easy, Affordable Access To A Podiatrist: www.AccessFootCare.com 1-866-435-FOOT (866-435-3668) Town-N-Country 6101 Webb Suite 309 Have A Great Smile!! Marsh lrthodontics Braces For Children & Affordable Monthly Payments Quality Personal Care Family Discounts MARSH c New Patients Welcome Cornpl1rncntary ln1t1al Exarnmat1ons William F. Marsh, D.D.S., P.A. (813) 238-3384 ORtHOOONTICS LL 4119 N. Taliaferro Ave .(MLK at 1-276. N) Tampa, FL n Is our ollal polcy lhallhe Pllllenl Mel eny all per1011 reeponllble for payll'llfl1 11M lhe rlglll ., 10 ,._ 1o pay, c:anc.1 10 be nliiQned lor In'/ OINr IMMel, -IAIIOI" ...., orlnlliiiiWn1 wNc:h II p!llfDim8d M a NIUII crllrld wltW17211111n at rwpondng 10 the.........,. >-lor lhe reduCIICI 1M--*UM'WIIillon or 1......,_, c en w w > w c w :z: en ::i ID ::I D.. z _. _. ::I ID ..:. w z w en 0 _. LL ID cb ,... w C!J Dr. .Ja-n M D Res.arcti-Based Medlcil'\e Combl"*' wilh Compassio11a1e c.,. 800 Dr r.'artrn Luther Krng Blvd SUIIe 112 T: '' .. ,., ., ..... Is common in type 2 diabetes arid in those who have diabetic risk factOts;"jndudillg obesity, kidney disease, high blood pressure and unhealthy leyels 0 cholesterol and other blood fats.


HEALTH Top 5 Foods For Women ".:0.'"' ........ ... .. ,,.../ Make these super-foods part of your diet any age. 1. Cranberries They help fight off nasty urinary tract infections. About 10 ounces of jqice a d a y will do the trick. They might also help fend off colds and fight stomach bugs, gum disease, and certain types of cancer. 2. Walnuts -They are rich in Omego 35, which helps reduce inflammation and increase good cholesterol. They might even help with depression and reduce the risk of and Alzeheimer's diseases 3 Beans -The legume may help prevent heart disease and help heed off colon cancer. They are rich in two heart-friendly phytochemicals and are packed with magnesium, potassium, folate and fiber. 4 Fish -Eating seafood rich in Omega 3S at least twice a week could reduce your risk of heart disease. And women of childbearing age and nursing mothers can safely eat as much as 12 ounces of seafood a week if they avoid high mercury swordfish, shark, tilefish and ki11g mackerel, and albacore tuna should be limited to 6 ounces a week 5 Tomatoes -They are loaded with the antioxidant lycopene Women with lycopene rich diets can have as much as a s o" lower risk of developing breast cancer The antioxi dant can also lower your blood pressure and bad cholest e rol, and may e v e n reduce your ris k of getting macular degeneration and a host of other cancers. Eat Right For Life You don't haveto act your age, wel1 not always (smile), and you definitely don't have to look your age. When it comes to nutrition, eating the best foods foryour age is the secret to conquering the changes going on in your body -and to fueling up for the challenges in your life. Top Needs For The 30s Yo u need: Iron, Folic Acid and Calcium. You need 18 milligrams of iron each day to help you steer clear of anemia and to boost your immune system. Eat: Lean beef, pork, and beaM. -If you're trying to '.: ::-.;.: ... .: ... get pregnant, folic acid is the key. Getting 400 micrograms daily will help prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida. Eat: oranges, asparagus and leafy green vegetables. Calcium is essential for keeping your bones strong. Women 19-50 need 1,000 mg per day. Also, by eating a calcium-rich, low-fat dairy foods may actually help you lose weight. Eat: cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and drink milk. TOP NEEDS FOR THE 40S You need: Fiber, .... Calcium and nutrient-rich, low -ca l foo d s. W ith age, your metabolism slows down, and your cholesterol levels anp blood pressure can go up as get closer to menopause, which puts you at a greater risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes You need at least 25 grams daily of fiber and foods rich in potassium. Eat: whole wheat, brown rice, oats, rice and com. (Two cups of popcorn or 1/2 cup-of oatmeal equals a serving.) Eat 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables every day, too ( strawberries, bananas, peas). You should get at least 1,000 mg per d a y of calcium. Eat: broccoli, bok choy and calci um-fortified soy milk. Also, cut back on sodium. TOP NEEDS FOR THE soS You need: Vitamins 8 & D, Antioxidants, Calcium. Protect your heart with micronutrients like vitamins 86 and 812 per day. They help your body rid itself of a chemical called homocysteine that contributes to hardening of the arteries. Eat: bananas, potatoes and pomegranates (86) and eggs, fish and chicken (812). Prevent cataracts and macular degeneration with antioxidant-rich foods. Eat: dark green, dark yellow or orange fruits, and vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Eat: spinach which as lutein and zeaxanthin to protect your eyes. To ease menopausal symptoms and to .lower your risk of breast cancer you need phytoestrogens or plant-based estrogens, which helps ease hot flashes. Eat: cashews, corn, apples, soy and low-fat chees e almonds and broccoli. Getting Vitamin 0 is neede d for calcium a bsorption. Introducing COLLEEN C. CAMPBELL, M.D. BOARD CERTIFIED IN MEDICINE Specializes In Adult Medicine fncluding: Dllbetes MMIPIMI!t Kidney Problems T Hlah Blood Prusure Heert Disease High O!oiesteroi Gener.l PhySical Exemlnadons New Patients Welcome Ofllce Is cannnllnliy locet.d .aou St. JOMph Hosplt.l @ Tempe Heclc81 Toww XIXI W Mwtln Luthlr King Blvd. Swt. Don' t Delay Call (813) 875-8453 Today STEPHEN A. WilliAMS, M.D., P.A. (BO ARD CERT I FIED PEDIATRICI A N) C all F o r Flu Shots See lids From Age 0 Years T Same Dav Appointment Walk-In Patient Welcome I Melcal HMis, Casl-lalv I Mon .. Tues;Thors. 9A. M 6P. M Wed Fri. 8 :30A. M.5P. M 714 W M1rtln Luther I(Jng Blvd FIX (813) 223-6020 FL33603 ANGELLA TOMLINSON, ODS. 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c a: u. c z < c en w .... > a: w > w c w ::z: en ::::i m Q. z _, _, m I _, w z z w en < c a: 0 _, u. GRAND OPENING Traditional Cuts Holds Grand. Opening Traditional Cuts, opened since 2000, held its re:.grand opening event in May. (Photos by Jerry Bnmson) 406 W. Columbus Drive 229-7905 !Everytfiin8 You rNee( Por Your l}(air Traditional Cuts owner, Julius Robinson, cuts the hair of his client, Jamarcus. Robinson believes in investing in the community. 3402 N. 34th Street 247 Specislizlng In Curls, Penns Cuts & Color, Press & Curl, Hslr Wesvlng For The Entire Fsmlly Walk-Ins K*lcon1e


. CLUB SCENE KLUB Scene BYFLAVA P.O. BOX 172415 T.....,., FL 33672..o415 (888) SOe-2929 MYSHc;e.comlKJublc..,.ThaJumoOII Studio Inc. Plies has the streets on lock and his fans, young and old can't get enough. He will be performing at the Black Out Celebrity Birthday Concert Bash on Friday, June 1st, along with Tank, singing "Please Dont Go. Don't hear about it, be there. This is an lsa-Bomb Ent. and Big Gates Records event. 112 3-2-1 time to kick.it at the thickest offidal Friday After Work Happy Hour jump off in tlie Bay from 7 until. For the working/party people there's something to do for you and your crew on Sundays. Come early, and leave early! Manilla $5 Hood Happy Hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 p. m 12 a. m. Take the Hen Taste Test. Comfort Inn Check out Heavy's Old School Fridays at 820 E. Busch Blvd. $5 before 11 and $10 after 11 until. Empire Zoe Boe 69 Ent. presents Cut & Relaxer Up Do Re-Twlst w/Color 27pc Quick Weave Sew-In Micros Beach Wednesdays. There's a $10 cover, but FREE well drinks untilll. Underground Teen Nite is every Thursday. Shout Outsf Congratulations to the Class of 2007, welcome to the real world! Get@Me FLAVA PLIES And DATAINAGAY Flat Twist w PLIES At The Underground COMEDIAN SWANEE And Son, SW ANEE, JR. Big Gates Record C.E.O. David Gay and daughter, Dataina at her 2007 Tampa Bay Tech Grad Party. YoUJ1B Fella and Drack-Drack Crew at the aoo7 Senior Send Off at The Underground. 'TI ::x:J c > < c.. c: z m ... N 0 0 ....., 'TI r-0 ::x:J c > en m z -1 z m r;m c: r rm -1 z ., c: m c en % m c


" 0 0 N ENTERTAINMENT Brandy Files Complaint Denying Allegations LOS ANGELES --Days before a fourth person sued Norwood for her role in a fatal car crash last December, the actress/singer filed court documents responding to the flurry of wrongful death lawsuits brought against her by fami ly members of the victim As previously reported, Brandy is already being sued in se:garate cases by the victim's husband, parents and children. A fourth lawsuit was added last week by a driver who was caught up in the wreck's chain reaction allegedly sparked by Brandy. Mallory Bam, 50, filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court Friday claiming Brandy "recklessly wan tonly, unlawfully, and maliciously operated the car responsible for the wreck on > the 405 freeway. Cl: In the December 30 acci-C ii: dent, Brandy's Land Rover &&. rear-ended a Toyota Corolla c being driven by 38-year-old Awatef who in turn hit 82-year-old Donald c tn w ::::) .... > w > w c w :r: tn ::; m ::::) Q. z _, _, ::::) m ..:. w z ;::: z w tn Cl: e g LL m 0 N w Cl: Q. BRANDY Lit s Toyota Tercel. That collision caused Aboudihaj's car to bounce into a different lane, where she was broad sided by a vehicle driven by Bam, 50. died as a result of her il\juries. Bam's complaint, obtained by E! Online, states that Brandy "carelessly and negligently owned, operated, entrusted, leased, repaired, modified, maintained and/or controlled a 2007 Land Rover Ranp Rover so as to cause a mUlti-vehicle accident that severely injured plaintiff Mallory Ham and killed another person." The defendant was aware of the "probable harmful con sequences of speeding follow ing other vehicles too closely and tailgating other vehicles," the complaint continued. Ham is seeking unspecified general, special and punitive damages for medical expenses, loss of earnings and other costs, as well as "past, present and future pain and suffering Ham, meanwhile, is named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed against Brandy by the victim's husband, Maroune Bdidou, who is suing for the loss of"support, maintenance, solace, moral support, companionship and comfort" that his "faithful and dutiful" spouse provided him. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers .Jackson Items Displayed For Vegas Auction LAS VEGAS P l a tinum records, cQStumes and faded documents belonging t o Michael Jackson and his famous siblings were among the more than 1,100 items displayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Sunday in preparation for an auction this week. B illed as the largest auc tion of Jackson memorabilia in history, the lot includes a Bill Whitten-designed militaristic red coat with gold rope that belonged to Michael Jackson, a 1987 contract detailing his $30 million purchase of "Neverland" ranch and a frilly pink '"Mae West" dress .worn by Janet Jackson at age 8 during family performances at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 1974. --rhis really is a once-in-alifetime occurrence," said Arlan Ettinger, president of auction house Guernsey's. '1 cannot imagine that somewhere down the road some other collection could come out of the woodwork and rival this. It's not going to happen. Also up for bid is a worn telegram from July 6, 1984, MICHAEL JACKSON where Marlon Brando encourages Michael Jackson before a show: "Please try not to make an (expletive) of yourself and please for God's sakes don't fall in the orchestra pit." Millions of dolfars are expected to be earned in the auction, which is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday following a court battle that ended two weeks ago when Michael Jackson's lawyers reached a confidential settlement and dropped an effort to block the auction. As part of the settlement, Jackson was invited to attend the auction, but it was unclear if he planned to do so.


ENTERTAINMENT "TT ::a Investment Pays Off For 50 Cent LOS ANGELES --So much for 50 Cent's relentless plugging of his new album "Curtis a couple of weeks ago during the BET Awards '07 press conference. After telling folks at every turn, curtis,' June 26th," the due date has been pushed back to Sept. 4 so that the rapper can enjoy a simultaneous worldwide release, Interscope said in .a state-ment. rm an international artist. My fans worldwide deserve to receive my album at the. same time as my fans here in the U.S.," explains. "Taking that into consideration moving the album to September was a necessary course of action." Radio response has been luke warm for the album's first two singles, .. Straight to the Bank and .. Amusement Park, which are Nos 49 and 53 respectively on Billboard's Hot R&Bffiip-Hop Songs Chart this week. Also 50 will take over as celebrity host for BET's Rap City from today through June 2 at 5 p.m. ET. Expect an all-star lineup of guests including G-Unit's Tony Yayo; veteran rapper KRSOne; hip-hop pioneer Marley Marl and DJ Whoo Kid on the turntables. Additionally, fans can choose the song GO Cent will perform on the BET Awards by texting BANK to 23898 to vote for straight to the so CENT Bank or PARK to 23898 to vote for Amusement Park. 50 can currently be seen in a new TV ad for VitaminWater; which features the artist relieving a symphony orchestra conduc tor of his duties, installing DJ Whoo Kid on first viola and leading 'the musicians through a rendition of Jn Da Club. And speaking of Vitamin Water allhiphop.com reported that Curtis Jackson's investment in Glaceau, the company that produces vita minwater, is about to pay off big. Glaceau was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company for $4.1 billion dollars in cash. 50 invested in Glaceau in 2004 and owns 10% of the compa ny. Based on those numbers, the rapP,er's investment has ballooned to an estimated $400 million dollars. Rapper Mlms Accused Of Baing Sexist; Talent Agent Sues For $7.5 Million Rapper Mims, who tore up the music scene with his No. 1 debut This Is Why I'm Hot," is on the receiving end of a $7.5 million discrimina.tion lawsuit claiming he pulled out of a deal because. of his alleged mfsogynistic views of women, reports the New York Post. In her lawsuit filed in New York's Rockland County Court, 22-year-old talent agent Marquitta Blair says her civil rights were violated '!hen Mims didn't honor a contract to perform at a New York nightclub. Blair says she sent a $2,600 down payment to Mim1' agents for a scheduled performance at the Manhattan nightspot, Eugene. Blair states in her filing that the rapper never showed up "becauae ofhfs discriminatory attitude" toward women which reflects his "pattern of con-MIMS duct involving the belittlement and degradation of females as 'b**"'hes and hoes." Mims, whose full name is Shawn Mima, was scheduled to perform a 10-minute set April 5 at Eugene for $10,000. Blair says she sent Mims' agent $2,l500 up front, but the rapper never took her seriously because she's a woman. Jeezy Arrested Outside Atlanta Strip Club YOUNGJEEZ ATLANTA --Rapper Young Jeezy was arrested early Thursday morning outside of an Atlanta area shake joint after he report edly got loud with some off duty cops. The artist, born Jay Jenkins, was charged with disorderly conduct fol lowing an argument with several police officers serving as security guards at the Strokers Club in Clarkson, Georgia, reports MTV. "'do know that there was no physical altercation between them, Officer Michael Payne told AllHipHop.com. ""11lis was a verbal confrontation." Jeezy was ordered to pay a $284 fine, according to the Dekalb County Sherrifrs Office, but it was unclear as of press time if the artist was due to return to court and settle the charges. Yayo Charged In Teen Beating NEW YORK A 29-year old man who was with rapper Tony Yayo during an assault on a 14-year-old boy received several misdemeanor charges in connec tion with the incident. Lawell Fletcher, 29, was charged with menacing in the second degree, endanger ing the welfare of a child and assault in the third degree in the altercation involving the young son of music executive Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond. As previously TONYYAYO reported, was charged In the midst of the altercaon. Mar. 25 wtth one count of tion, Fletcher allegedly mtsdemeanor assau.lt and flashed "what appeared to be one count of endangenng the a "st"lver t t" lfi f semt-au oma tc we areo ammor. h d h' b d A I h an gun lD IS WRISt an po tee report states t at h h' h y d La 11 Fl h Wit ts and on the han-ayo an we. etc. er die. The youngster, who were passengers m a vehicle feared he would be .. shot and on March 20 when they spotkilled" if h t ed to the to h!s the tnternshtp at hts fathers ht'm 'tL_h d h 1 b I WI '' ea ac es, ear-a e Czar aches and .. substantial" pain Yayo and several assoctates to his fi 'd h ace. are sat to ave swarmed the Yayo, who has denied teen while Yayo allegedly striking the teen and pleaded smacked him, causing his not guilty to the charges in head to hit the door of a A ri1 d ba k building. P IS ue c m court on July 24. Na-Yo Unveils Atlanta Studio Complex ATLANTA -Thursday, singer/songwriter Ne-Yo opened the doors to his sprawling new complex in a gated residential area of Atlanta that features three state-of-the art studios, two fully equipped kitchens and a posh lounge area to relax between recording sessions. NEYO c l> -< c.. c: z m "TT r-0 c l> en m z m r;CD c: rr-g) z ., c: CD r-u; :::t m c m < m ::u -< -t c: m en c ,.. < l> The new diJs, known as Carrington House, will soon be filled with artists and producers signed to Ne-Yo's Compound Entertainment roster, including female rapper Chi Chi Glacierz, R&B THE TAMPA ALUMNI CHAPTER OF PPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY I Z c singer Paula Campbell, R&B singer/producer Sixx "TT John and R&B artistlchoreo::u grapher Shanell. Producers g include the Heavyweights, < Shay Taylor, Chuck Harmony and engineer Jaymz Skylar. Saturday, June 16, 2007 7 p.m. Dinner Servl!d at 8 p. m. TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER 333 S. Franklin St. Tampa Gentlemen: Black/White Tuxedo Ladies : Black/White Fonnul Gowns $60 Per Person For More lnfonnation Or Tickets : Rhonnle Williams (813) 545-8761 Or Onycma Ezeanya (850) 528-4413 Ne-Yo, who just released his sophomore Def Jam album, Because of You, is also joiniDI Atlanta's WVEE in conducting a talent search for the next big R&B solo star or group sensation, reports Billboard.com. Auditions are set for June 2 at La Bam Studio in downtown Atlanta, and judges include producer Jazze Pha and Jdlewild" director Bryan A final five will compete for a three-year contract with Compound Entertainment and a three-year manage ment deal with the J White Agency The winner will be chosen June 5. ., l; m N .... a,


""" c c N ENTERTAINMENT w z ::: .., > < 0 Rlhanna Is The Nevv Face Of Coverglrl i:i: Pop/R&B star Rihanna has LL. stepped out from under her "um-burelluh" long enough to announce her gig as the new face of CoverGirl cosmetics. The singer, who is turning heads with her video for current hit "Umbrella" feat. Jayz, says the new post is a long time dream come true. always wanted to be a CoverGirl," gushed the native of Barbados. "Every little girl wants to become one. CoverGirl has worked with other music artists and the brand itself is about make-up. What's not to like? It's a nat ural fit for me. Some of those other music artists that have received a check from CoverGirl are Queen Latifah, Brandy and Faith Hill. Rihanna's CoverGirl run is scheduled to launch in June. RJHANNA Meanwhile, the artist was just added to the performance roster of Live Earth, a 24-hour concert event scheduled for 07/07/07 on all seven con tinents. The effort is designed to raise awareness of global warming. > < e Venezuela To Finance Danny Glover A new film project directed Q by actor Dauny Glover has Z just secured funding from a c( country headed by one of the Bush administration's most 0 vocal critics. fa The congress in Venezuela ::: announced Monday that it would give $19.7 million rt toward the production of two w films, one of which is ii; Glover's movie about Haiti's o Francoh-Domlnique W Touuaint Louverture, an X iconic revolutionary leader in the Can'bbean nation who led ID an 18th-century slave rebellion against French rule. z The funding comes as F=w Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez seeks to draw atten::i tion to his own region's bat ::: ties against colonialism. Glover has been a longtime w political supporter of Z Chavez, who is currently forging a socialist republic w and politicizing the army and UJ judiciary of the OPEC nation. CC The leader has encouraged Venezuelans to become better 0 DANNY GLOVER informed about Latin America's historical indepen dence leaders, drawing parallels between their struggles and his government's antago nism with the United States. Glover, best known for his roles in the Lethal Weapon" franchise and seen most recently in "DreafTI6irh, will make hie debut as a feature film director with the Louverture project. LL. Sentinel Bulletin (813) 248-1921 Name:: __________________________________ __ Mallln1 Addrtll:. ________ ...,.... _________ CHy: Sttte:. ___ ___ _6 Month S44 I Vur-$87 W Mall Or Payments To: CJ I 2207 E.2ht. Ave., Tampa, FL ..1 Bo Dlddley Out Of Hospital Los Angeles (E! Online) -Bo Diddley's getting his beat back. Rock 'n' roll's Originator, who suffered a stroke May 13, has been released from a Nebraska hospital and transferred to a rehabilitation facility near his Florida home, his publicist said Tuesday. Diddley, 78, was released Thursday morning from Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, where he has been since suf. fering the stroke, Susan Clary said in a statement. He was then Oown by private jet to Gainesville Regional Airport, where he was greeted by friends and family in a private hanger. The following day, Clary said, Diddley was transported to Shands Rehab Hospital and began speech and occupational therapy on Friday. He is expected to remain at the Gainesville facility for two weeks and will continue therapy on as an outpatient upon his release. Master P Sets 'Hip Hop History' Release LOS ANGELES, CA-:Master P announced that the release date of the first father-son hip-hop album titled "Hip-Hop History" will be September 4, 2007. The date was not chosen to compete with Curtis Jackson's delayed release, but rather to create balance in the marketplace and give kids a freedom of choice. Master P will be mixing it up with Chamillionaire, Silkk The Shocker and other rappers that want to continue making street music but without the explicit lyrics. "Hip-Hop History will be a collaboration between Master P and his son, Romeo, and will be produced by platinum producer Mike Diesel, Chip, and Hood Noise. "This record isn't about making money, it's about providing a choice, changing, and hopefully saving lives," said Master P. All proceeds from this record will go towards a foundation and scholarships for underprivileged kids that want to further their education by going to college. Guaranteed Success," MASTERP Master P's book on how people can achieve and maintain financial success, will also hit bookstores on the same date. Master P is challenging to the media to devote their time and airwaves to the positive side of hip-hop. It would make a difference. "Before we condemn others for making a change, we should take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves, "what are we doing? Are we a part of the problem, or are we a part of the solution? said Master P. Take A Stand Records, the movement.


ALL MY CHILDREN: Kendall was appalled by Greenlee's desire to put Zach in prison for causing the blackout that ruined her chance to have Ryan's baby. As Greenlee went ahead with a civil suit against Zach, he met with a sinister individual and gave orders to take care of the problem. Ryan informed Greenlee that he'd perjure himself rather than destroy Spike's family. Coming: Greenlee's true intentions Jason in jail. Jax warned Jerry that he'd turn him i n if Jerry ever threatens his loved ones. Jerry made a desperate move when his past caught up to him. Coming: Sonny may be hiding very different feelings about Kate GUIDING LIGHT: Reva dropped her plan to pursue Josh when she got a call from Jonathan, asking for help. Following request, Reva dosed Lizzie with chlo roform and then stood over her unconscious body in an unknown location, saying it'll be over soon. Griggs threatened to expose Mallet's past but promised to leave if Mallet takes care of one last target-Matt. Coming: Mallet must deal with a no-win sit uation. come to light. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Although moved by Paul's plea not to go through with it, Meg agreed to marry Craig, including having the big wedding he wants. When Lance exposed Emily as a prostitute in front of her sister, a furious Alison left for Las Vegas with him, first revealing Emily's hooking to Susan. Coming: early sees a way to undermine Katie's influence. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bridget realized that Brooke's eggs had been sent to the fertility lab on the same day that Taylor's donor eggs were prepared. Knowing she has to tell Nick and Taylor that their baby could be Brooke's, Bridget was reluctant to spoil Taylor's happiness at being pregnant. Determined to get Ridge out of prison, Brooke suggested to Taylor that they find a way to make Rick remember that he was the per son who killed Grant. Coming: Bridget feels the pressure of keeping her secret. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: As Antonio and Jessica were undergoing the liver donatiQn that could save her life, a bomb exploded at the hospital, trapping Nash in the operating room with Antonio. Michael talked Nash through performing the closing of Antonio's incision. Later, Antonio's recovery hit a snag. Miles forced Marty to agree to marry him by threatening to turn over her taped murder confession to the police. Coming: An eventful prom. DAYS OF OUR UVES: When Nick told Willow her free ride at his expense is over, she demanded all his money or else threatened to take Chelsea's hairbrush to the police. In the ensuing struggle, Willow fell and hit her head, and was found dead by the EMTs. Chelsea told Bo everything about the brush, prompting him to discard it in a trash bin. Ccimlng: Is Stefano's offer of a truce believable? PASSIONS: The blackmailer revealed his Identity to Father Lonigan. Theresa stood up to Julian's threats, reminding him that he was disinherited in Alistair's will, and forged a bargain with him. Ethan became suspicious when Theresa and Julian offered Fancy her old job back. Chad tried without success to convince Whitney not to leave him. Coming: Ethan's devotion to Theresa brings new problems. YOUNG AND RESTLESS: William obtained a hair sample from Gloria and told her that the DNA test proved she's guilty. Suddenly, William grabbed his head in pain and collapsed to the floor. Victoria learned she's pregnant but kept it from JT, who invited her to move into the loft. Coming: Plum makes life uncomfortable for Amber. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth had to stand by and watch in horror as Luctcy arrested Jason for Alcazar's murder Lucky was not happy to see Elizabeth visiting IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK the news from potential employers Is positive. Brief delays, however, are also accented Expect Improved contracts and valuable opportunities but postponed financial rewards. Walt for revised Information to arrive. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Ask loved ones for a clear explanation of recent social events or behaviors Group participation and family acti\(ities will work to your advantage if, and only if, private differ ences are honestly resolvetf. Some Geminis may also encounter similar restrictions in workplace relationships. Opt for open debate. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Bothersome financial disputes and strained home relationships are easily resolved. Expect relatives to admit past mistakes, ask for approval and introduce creative busi ness or money information. Participate fully in all group ventures. This is not the right time to foster isolation or avoid deliCate family adjustments. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Romantic partners or potential lovers will ask for extra privacy or patience. Minor family disruptions may have proven more worrisome than anticipated. Watch for rare cancellations or moments of tension. Although annoying. delays will be brief; make sure others understand the depths of your loyalty. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). New flirtation and physical attraction will become undeniable. Prevlousty shy colleagues or friends are strongly motivated to explore new passions Rema1n patient. howev er, and expect romantic or social triangles to still linger. Business messages may be briefly r'nisleading; review facts, calculations and time schedules or obvious errors. LIBRA (s.pt. 23-0ct. 23). Job actions, revised employment plana or business expansion will require careful liming. Authority may temporarily deny permissions or avoid vital decisions. Remain determined. Many librans will need to strenuously defend their buai ness actions, daily activities or workplace aspirations. SCORPIO (Oct. 22). Group events or unique romantic encounters may create new social options. For many Scorpios, older friends or mildly unethical relationships are strong distractions. Carefully consider the feelings of all Involved. Relatives and longterm friends will expect consistent behaviors and clear explanations. SAGrTTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21). Home plans and established schedules win demand careful discussion. Younger friends or rela tives are highly motivated to explore revised family roles. Social acfiVfties, daily habits-or romantic commitments may be key Influ ences. Remain cautl8us; 8dded pertOnal information will arrive. CAPRICORN (0.0.-at""-ri..) Home discussions may reveal the underlying doubts o,t)oved ones. Past family history, broken promis es and lingertng feetrngs of guilt will not be easily resolved. Offer clear indication of your continuing support; at present a definitive affirmation of present commitments will greatly increase confidence. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21Feb. 19). Someone close may request com plicated financial or legal advice. Areas affected are home purchas ea, large Investments or legal disagreements with authority. Take time to listen to minor comments and detailed descriptions Powerful revelations may emerge from quiet conversations or mundane lnfor mation PISCES (Feb. 2D-March 20). Listen closely to the subtle com menta or social observations of long-term friends. Unique business opportunities will arrive from unlikely sources. Creative thinking, artistic ideas or shared finances may draw attention. Qpt for quick partnerships and watch for sudden Improvements. ARIES (March 21Aprtl20). Loved ones may request new levels of trust, intimacy or commitment. After weeka of disjointed progress and misunderstanding, romantic partners are willing to bring perrna nent change Into their lives. Schedules, home expectations and ongoing financial agreements may also be accented. TAURUS (Aprtl 21-May 20). For many Taureans, social involve ment and romantic commitment needs to expand. Expect loved ones to preu for fast home adjuatments, family decisions and planned celebrations. All are positive, so not to worry. Do, however, expect annoying delays concerning travel plans, group arrangements or scheduled events. TOP VIPEO RENTALS 1. Night at the Muaeum, 2oth Century Fox, PG 2 Dreamglrla, Paramount Pictures, PG-13 3. Deja vu, Buena Vista Pic tures, PG 4. Because I Said So, Universal Pictures, PG-13 5 Music and Lyrics, Warner Bros., PG-13 6 The Queen, Mlramax Filma PG13 7 Catch and Release Sony Pictures, PG 8. Alpha Dog, Universal Pictures, R 9 Little Children, New Une Cinema, R 10. Smokln Aces Universal Pictures, R TOP POP ALBUMS 1 Call Me Irresponsible, Michael Buble, 143/Reptise 2. Strength & Loyalty, Bone ThugaNHarmony, Mo Thu;.lfull Surface 3 Special Occaslon, Bobby Valentino, DTPIDef Jam 4. Becau .. of You, He-Yo, DefJam 5 The a .. t Damn Thing, Avrfl LAvtgne, RCA 8. Daughtry, Daughtry, RCA 7. Live In Concert 2001, Bartn Stel .. nd, COlumbia I Volte, Bjork, Elektra/At lantlc Sf. Some H .. rta, Carrie Un-derwood, Arleta/Arleta Nashville 10. Now 24, Various artists, EMI/Sony BMGIUnlversaiiZomba TOP P OP SINGLES 1. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappln'), T-Paln, featuring Vung Joe, KonvlcVNappy Boy/Jive 2. Makes Me Wonder, Maroons A&MIOctone 3. GlrHrlend, Avril Lavigne, RCA 4 Give It to Me, Tlmbaland, featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, MosfeyiBiackground 5. Becauee of You, Ne Vo, DefJam 8. I Tried, Bone Thugs N Harmony, featuring Akon, Full Surlaoe 7. Glamorous, Fergie, featur Ing Ludacrls, wlll.l.am/A& M I Pop, Lock I Drop It, Huey, HITz Committee/Jive Sf. Don't Matter Akon, Kon vlcWpfrontiSRC 10. U + Ur Hand, Pink, La Face -Sentinel's Top 20 Albums 1 Sex Love & Paln .. .............. .... ....... .... .............. .................... Tank 2. Because Of You ........ ...................................... -----.. Ne-Yo 3. Strength & Loyalty ................................ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 4 Special Occaslon ....................... ... ..................... Valentino 5. LuvanmU81q ........................................................ lluslq Soulchild 6 Ain't Nothing Uke 118 .... .............................. --.--.. .Joe 7 The Evolution Of Robin Thlcke ............................... RoblnThlcke 8 Konvlcted ......................................................................... ..... Akon 9 Back To Black ---.......... .... .. --.. -..Amy Wlnehouse 1 o Street Love ......................... ............ -------.. Lioyd 11. B'Day ............................................................................. Beyonce 12. Buck The World ..................... ....................... .... Young Buck 13. Tlmbaland Preaents Shock Value-... .... ........... Tlmbaland 14. DlpHt. ..... DukeDa God Presents Dlpset: More Than Music, ....... Vol. 2 15. .......... ...... ._ ___ ...................... --.--FMtasla 16. FuturdexiL.oveSounds ................................ Justin Timberlake 17. Corinne Bailey Rae-.......... .. ... ... ... Cortnne Bailey Rae 18. Get Money Stay True..-. -Paul Wall 19.Deeper----- RickJames 20. Elliott Y.rnln---.............. _........ Eliott Yamin -Sentinel's Top 20 Singles 1. Buy U A Drank (Shawty nappln') .... TPaln Featuring Yung .... Joe 2. Please Don't uGoJU...--_,_,,_,,_ ... ___ _____ Tank 3. Lost Without You ... .. ........ __ ..... ... ......... Robin Thlcke 4. Gel ............ --------....... ---.......... .Lioyrd 5. Pllrty Lice A Rock sa._ ---Shop Bop 6 Pop, Lock a Drop 1t. ...... '" .................................................... Huey 7 1'm A Fllrt. ......... Bow WtW Or A. Kelly Felturtng T.l. and T.Paln a WM-n I See U-........... ...... .. ..... ,,,...._.., 9. S.me Girt..... ........................... ---R. Kelly Duet With Uaher 10. B&lddy ..... ;.._._.... ... _... .... ................................ Soulchlld 11. Like A. llov----CIMa 12. BecauH Of You...--.. ---.. .. --He-Yo 13. Uke Thla. .. ........................ --.. Kehy Rowland Featuring Eve 14. Rock Yo Hlpa.. .. '" .... ... ....... Cr1me Mob Fellturing Lll Scrappy 1 5. Wipe Me Down .......... ..... Booalc Futurtng Foxx & Webble 16. Teachrne ................ ................................... .... .MU81c Soulchlld 17 Get Me Bodied ................... .......................................... Beyonce 18. Outta My Syatem ...... Bow Wow Featuring TPaln & Johnta ... Austin 19.1f I Waa Your Man.,._.. ..... .-.-............................................ toe 20 Don't .................... ................................................... ..Ak'on -----Sentinel's Top 1 0 Rap Albums 1 trength & Loyalty ................... .......... .. Bone ugsN-Harmony 2 Buck The World ........... ........................ ...................... Young Buck 3 Dlpaet ........... DukeDa God Preeents Dlpaet: More Than Music, ... Vol. 2 4 Get Money StaY True ...................................................... Patll Wall 5 T'he lnaplrattora .......................................................... Yo...a Jeezy 6 Rich Boy .................................................................. .-...... Ricta Boy 7 Mualc Ia My Savtor ................................................... -............ lllma 8. Like Father, Like Son .............. ................. & Ul Wyne 9. Red Oorae Wlld ................................................................. Reclman 1 o Late Night Speclai ................... ................................ Prltty Atcky --Sentinel's Top 1 0 Rap Singles 1 m rt..... .... ow ow r e y eatu ng a aln 2 Pop, Lock & Drop lt ............................................................... Huey 3. Outtll My Sya .. m .......... Bow Wow Featuring T-Paln & Jahnta ..... Austin 4. Party Like A Rock Star ................................................ Shop Boyz 5. Rock Yo Hlpe .......................... Crtme Mob Featurtng Lll Scrappy 8. I Trted ................................. Bone Thuga-N-Hannony Akon 1 Trie 7 2 Step .................. ..................................................................... Unit 8. Wipe Me Down ................... UI Bootie FMturing Foxx & Webble 9 Make Me Better .................................. Faboloua Featuring Ne-Yo 10. Sexy Lady ......... .......... ................... Yung Berg Featuring Junior 0 c.. c z m ..... ., r-0 0 en m z .... z m r;m c: r r-!!I z c: m r-c;; :X: m c m < m 2 m en c z c ., :D 6


c a: u. c z C( c (/) w :;) .... > a: w > w c w % (/) :::; ID :;) a.. z ..J ..J :;) ID .!a w z i= z w (/) t 0 ..J u. BluetoothTU Headset! I With lito l'wdlaN of A llwtoo4h ,._ Pll .tart ... low u 1131 far Ac:c---., Mil Pint .... _, UILMTD IIIMCII Oftw Altmlutoly l!lqllrn 1115117. Offw teMIWhlle ..., ... l.aet. Mo l&lhtltvtloft L c M c....._. wftll lhlo .. ...., .... .,.... ...... ls147 I Nokia 28851 New Bluetooth Phone Leather Case Car or 2nd Home Ct..ger 4 Work I i 3 of Choice AMAZING : : Sound I Quality! Month UNLIMITED SERVICE I Tom Tucky, Ow-, WDrld of Wluf .. I I I I I I I I I I l _______________________ l I ----------. 1 Motorola W31! A. :t>' "' Nokia 2125i Flip i t -New M o torola V323 B l u e tooth H eadset Prem. Car C harger Designer Face Plate Pouch or Clip Add a Line ONLY $20 a month! 1 1 9 Unlimite d Local Calling + UnlmHed TEXT MEUA OESI I R I I Phone Customization."l 1 FREE Ringtone I I _.__ .. CI_IIo_ ...... ,,.,__,._ c...-....-111111-... I c.. c. .......... ----... A uthorized Dealer S 45tMonth' ULTIMAT E UNLIMITED PLAN I L _j Unlimi t e d Local and Long Distanc e Calling, U nlimite d Text Messaging & Picture Messaging, Caller 1.0., Enhanced Voice Mall, 3-way Calling, Call Waitin g _._ .. __ .. __ : ... \J!Jo r l d (o)t


Urban Florida League Of Business Hosts Annual Luncheon Roughly 150 pe o pl e atte nd ed the Annual Lunc h eo n of the Urban Florida Leagu e of Business recently. Business leaders from throug h out the State of Florida were in attendanc e for the event. A ttorney Fred McClure, Chairma n of the Greater Tamp a Chamber of Comme r ce, was the keynote s peaker, and he spoke on ; ... ,. what needs to be done to improve the future of T a m pa's Black bu s in e s ses. Any Black b usiness owners seeking more information about the Urban F lorida League of B usiness (U F L B ) should call (813) 932-8894 (Pictures take n by George Streets of Streets & Streets Photography) Attorney Fred McClure, chair of the Greater Tampa C h a mber of Commerce, was the event's keynote speaker. He encouraged the UFLB to promote progTams to move more black-owne d businesses into the economic mainstream in the J"elPon Pictured &om left to right: Villard Houston, Jr., Chloe Co ney, Fred M cClure, Ann Thompson, C. Blythe Andrews, Jr., Lesia Redeske and Willie Dixon. Bca Spearman and Henry Carl ey. Villard Houst o n left, the president of the UFLB;was in attendance alona with Lesia Redeske and Fred McClure the event's keynot e speaker Richard Hollins, CEO and Presid ent of Aurora Financial Services of New Orlean s received the Booker T. Washington Excelle nce In Business Awards at the annual lunc heon Jetie B. W ilds, Jr. of \\7MP sen-eel as the moderator for the UFLR's panel discussi o n Chloe C-aney nnd Stntc Rc.' J lrescntntl\'c 1\ctt)


--DAY GATHERING ,... w z :::) .., >' <( 0 a: LL c a: LL c z <( 0 en w :::) t-> a: w > w c w :I: fJ) ::::; m :::) Q. z :::) m w z z w en <( c a: 0 LL PHOTOGRAPHY. BY JERRY BRUNSON Reed Annual Memorial Day Party ANGELA, PEARL, DENISE And BEVERLY [ Attorney T. Taylor CRIMINAL DEFENSE AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS EMINENT DOMAIN NEW LOCATION 320 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 720 Former Aut. Attorney Genenl ror FloriU Former HUIIhnrougb County ProM!Cutor W The hiring of a IIIW)\'r il m dec ilion that llhoukl oot be biiiiCII 110lely CJ )W decicde,llllk 1M ID M!l1d )W fnle written infonnation about our qualificatiom 8l1d experience. MA1TIE PRISCILLA, JACKIE, JAMES, CAL VIE And JACKIE PERCY, J. R., TONY, FRANK, PAT, MITCH And JORDAN REGGIE, SEED And TONI THE LAW FIRM OF The continues to practice in the areas of: Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Probate Labor & Employment Law Worker's Compensation Dependency I Family Law Criminal Law The hirina of a lawyer h impor:tant dech,ion that should not base:d solely advenbements. Before you decade, al'k u" to send you free wntten "' about our and experience.


Happy BirthdayJazzy June Celebrants Happy Birthday to you! Maurecia Scott on June 2, Richard Gainer on June 3, Mozelle Hester & Tracey Keaton on June 5, Amber Smith an June 6, Dr. Lespy Nelson, Jada & Kayla Kennedy; and Nathaniel Graveley on June 9; Alicia Hubbard on June 10, Ruth Cannon & Shalynda Johnson Mathis on June 13; Ramona Schuler, Karlene Hope, Fred Coley, Sr. and Kenya Munn on June 14; Joyce Felton of Atlanta on June 15, Estralita Anderson on June 17, Deric Galloway, Amanda Lynn Nelson, & Nia Furman on June 19 ; Laverne Latson on June 21, Beverley Brown & Betty Johnson on June 22; Mary Sampson on June 23, Minnie Ivery on June 25, Sandrika Scott on June 27, Inez Mayhue Archie on June 28, Alvin Baker, Sr. & Melvin Monroe on June 30 and Moira Powell on June 31. Spring Graduates Congratulations and best wishes Miss Ilia Crawford, who graduated from Brulio Afonso High School on May 22, 2007. Ilia is the daughter of Ms. Linda Mungin and Mr. Kenneth Crawford. Way to go, Ilia! Congratula tions and best wishes Jorrel Brinkley, who will graduate from Berkley Preparatory on June 2, 2007. Next, it's <:>n to college for him. Jorrel is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Brett (Carol) Brinkley, and the elder sibling of musical prodigy, Kalan Brinkley. Success in your every endeavor, Jorrel. We are proud of you. Congratulations to fanner Tampan, Mrs. Crystal PORK CHOP SANDWICH ...... $2.50 HAMBURGER ....... HOT DOGS ............................... $1.25 WINGS ................... (10) ............ S3.50 (FRIED OR HOT) .. (6) .............. S2.00 (4) .............. $1.50 FRIES ............. ............ ..... ....... ... $1.25 SEASONED .............................. $1.35 GIZZARDS ............................... $1.25 HAMBURGER & F .RIES ............ $3. 05 CHEESEBURGER & FRIES ... $3.15 (ADD S 1.00 FOR DOUBLES) PORK CHOP & FRIES ............ S3.70 HOT DOG & FRIES ................. S2.10 WINGS & FRIES .... (10) ........... S4.60 ....... ..... S3.10 C HEESEBURGER ... S 2.1 DOUBLE BURGER.S2 .85 DOUBLE CHEESE .. S3.15 SIDE ITEM\ I OAIL v MFA I \ MACfzOII[\1 ox 1 \11' GRIFN RIAN'> f'OIIk \fli\1<,\ COlli\llllCiliHJ\ I IIII \lli\1<\ Ci\RRi\f,l r 111\1\\ll \1 \ RIC I N CORN IIIII \I IW r;oA,ivsPiCiAi.s-;i HOT DOG II CAN DRINK : $ 1.35 I -----..---------LOCAL COLUMN Jordan, of Atlanta, Georgia who received certification in Medical Administration from Lincoln College of'Technology in Marietta, Georgia. Crystal is the very proud g"randmother of Christian and Savannah Jordan. Looking good, Crystal! Sir Debonair/ Sir Lord Beta Sigma Zeta Chapter ofZeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, will present the 26th Annual Sir Debonair-Sir Lord: Men of the 21st Century Presentation/Reception on Sunday, June 10, 2007, s:oo p.m. at the West Tampa Convention Center. Windell Nelson, 2006 Sir Debonair, and Trent Rivers, 2006 Sir Lord, will relinquish their crowns. For tickets and/or additional infonnation, please contact Mrs. Betty Kinsey, Chairperson. Dr. F. Michelle Lemons, M.D., is Chapter Basileus. Bounce Back Spirit The Bishop-Eton School is an enrichment school, found ed in 1988, to develop learning abilities in students who would otherwise be lost in the traditional classroom. The Bishop-Eton School held poignantly beautiful and unique commencement exer cises for its graduating seniors on May 25, 2007 at Mary Help Of Christian School. Five stu dents graduated. Their paths to graduation were as diverse as the individual graduates, yet intersected at a common point for one special moment in time. Frederick Baker of Fayetteville, North Carolina, who is a youth and adolescent motivational coach, delivered the commencement address. His topic was "That Bounce Back Spirit." Sincere congrat ulations to the Class of 2007, from Bishop-Eton School: Ms. Kristy E. Pike, Ms. Lora N. Douglas, Mr. Alphonso C. Murphy, Mr. Antonio C. Phillips and Mr. Jeffery D. Rossfield, Jr. The world marvels at your accomplishments and glories i n your talent for bouncing back from adversity and persevering. We send you every good wish for continued success in your future endeav ors. Mr. Matthew Welch is Director at The Bishop-Eton Condolence Deepest sympathy to Mr. Huey Lee Mungin; Mr. "T1 :xJ 0 Lawrence, Richard, ]< Leonard and Albert Mungin, and Ms. Linda C: Mungin and family in the loss of your wife and mother, Mrs. Geraldine "Little Bit" N Mungin. g Be not dismayed whatever ....,. betides God will take care of you. Scripture. Of The Week: "For we know that all things work together for good, to them.that love the Lord, and are the called according to his purpose." Romans8:28 Thought For The Week: "Sow a thought, reap an act; sow an act, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap an eternal destiny." "T1 E.D.Boanbnan 0 This column welcomes and encourages your input. Please submit any news of interest that you would like to appear here. Contact Frankcene Favors-Daniels by phone @ (813) 843-3258, or by e-mail@ tdlittamgabau @aol.com. Thank you. :xJ 6 > t.n m z ::! z m r-1 ID c: r r-z SeulleJends & niWARD HEWm ., c: ID r-c;; % m 0 m < m :u < -4 c: m t.n c > z c "TT :u 6


..... 0 0 N Lakeland Masonic Lodge No. 52 Presents 27th Annual Scholarship Banquet c a: u. c z < en w ::) .... w > w c w en :l ID ::) a.. z i= w ..J ..J ::) m I ..J w z i= z w en 0 ..J u. (.) w The .Lakeland Masonic Lodge No. 52 preSented their 27th Annual Scholarship Banquet on Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 7 p. m The event was held at Pilgrim Rest Freewill Baptist Church, Inc., in the Dr. H. J Rodmon Life Center 1047 North Ohio Avenue, Dr. Henry J. Rodmon, Pastor, Brother Ronald Rodmon, Worshipful Master and Dr. Michael R. Moore 33, Grand Master Brother Harry Oldham, m, was the Master of Ceremonies. The Speaker of the Hour was Rev. Alex Harper, Sr., Pastor at First Baptist lost. Church, Lakeland, who spoke on the subject: "Where Is Thy Brother, Am I My Brother's Keeper and '"Am I Responsible For My Brotherr from the Book of Genesis. Program participants were : Bishop Henry J. Rodmon, DDGM Raymond Robi.nson, The Baker Sisters, Brother Ronald Rodmon and DDGM Henry Wright. The elaborate dinner served was catered by the son of Dr. H. R. Rodmon, Sr., H. R., Jr. and Company, and consisted of: Prime Rib, Turkey and Dressing, Tasty Oven-aaked Potatoes, Tossed Salad, Seasoned String Beans, Rolls, Tea and Strawberry 'Cake Banquet guests included: Debra Bowers, Barbara J. Taylor, Bernice SmithSmith, Mr. R. L. Owens, Sis. Armentra 'Ms. Mac' McMillon, Mo. Hazel Rodmon (First Lady), Sis. Eva. Laneair (who took the night off from the culinary staff-smile!), Ms. Geneva Ware, Mary Butler, Elizabeth 'Liz' Rhodes, Debra Wright, Mrs. Raymond Robinson, Junior Warden, and Bro. Edward Euline, Jr. and wife. The Lakeland Masonic Lodge #52 members include : Ronald Rodmon, W. M. ; Officers -Andrew Bowers, S. W., Edward Euline, Jr., J. W., Edward Euline, DI, S. D., Horace Hill, J. D., Elder Manford Hymes, Jr. (Secretary); Active Members -James Avery, C. Steve Brown, Henry 0. Harris, Kelvin Jones, Irvin Parker, Ronald Rodmon, W. J., Willie Earl Bone, Edward Euline, Jr., Horace Hill, Loveral King, Bishop Dr. H. L Rodmon, Raymond Robinson, Andrew Bowers, Edward Euline, III, Monroe Jackson, Harry Oldham, III, Henry Rodmon, Jr., and John H. Walls; Active Past Members -C. Steve Brown, Raymond Robinson, Andrew Bowers, Edward Euline, II, Henry Harris, Monroe Jackson and Irvin Parker. REV. ALEX HARMPER Speaker, And MRS. MARTHA HARPER Father And Son -Bro. Ronald Rodmon, W M. and Dr. H. J. Rodmon. THE IAKF.I.AND MASONIC WDGE NO. 52 BRO. HARRY OLDHAM, Ill Master Of Ceremony ANDREW BOWERS Senior Warden DOOM RAYMOND ROBINSON (Bmerltua) Welcome/Occulon t (L-R) Doris Henley, W. Matron and Mary Ruth Hill, P. W. M. District Deputy, Area 10. An Appreciation Plaque was given to Re\', Harper by Bro. Oldham. niB BAKER SISTERS (L-R) Marva Baker, Precloua Baker, Sheila Q\llcla, Panay Mitchell and Vera H. Owena ALEGRAiJACKSON Keyboard 1st


Gabbing vvith Gloria June Celebrants Happy birthday to the following June celebrants: Ms. Vivian Mister, Owner of Natura l Curl Unisex Salon, and d a u ghter, Miss Brandy Mister will celebrate their joyous birthd ays respectively on June 26th and 27th with other family members and friends. On June 26, 2007 popular couple, Mr. and Mrs. James (Patricia, affectionately known as Bootee and Pat) McCreary are having a dual celebration. And if that is not enough, they are also celebrating their wedding anniversary on the same day! They are members at New Bethel AME Church. Belated Belated sympathy to two well-known families on the loss of their mother and son. Mrs. Lola B. Helms was funearlized on May 18, 2007 at New Bethel AME Church, Rev. Pearce Ewing Pastor; 1225 N Lincoln Avenue Lakel and, Fl 33805-4259 (863) 688-2095 Fax. (863) 687 3409 and Rev Willi e Cook, Pastor at Allen Temple AME Church, Tampa, nephew of the deceased, gave.the Words of Comfort. She was a member of the Beautification Club, Jolly Workers Club, Eastern Star

,..... 0 0 "' POLK COUNTY NEWS ,.. w z ;::) .., First Annual Love Fest Harmony M. B. Church recently held thei.r First Annual Love Fest. New Bethel A.M.E. Church family, Rev. Pearce Ewing Pastor, were invited as Harmony's guests. (Photos by ii: Gloria L Jennings.) u. Ms. Florida Mal Griffin, Harmony member is shown with Ms. Lola King, New Bethel member. c a: u. Hostesses for the Love Fest were Juli Mc:Shay, Rhonda "ChaCha" Poe, Tanya Poe-Uburd, Cora Rankins, Andresa Burns and Barbara Bogges. c z c( c en w ;::) .... > a: w > w c w :::z::: en ::::; m ;::) fl. z w _, _, ::::) m ...:. w z z w en g a: 0 _, u. Harmony member, Mrs. Tereather White, R.N., and others waitln3 to be 8ei'Ved. The Culinary Staff was all smiles as they served the c:rowd. AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS hJJlC/l LIVES! GIBBS& PARNELL, P.A. Attorneys At Law ---( 813) 97 5-4444 } .. 8()() .. 711-5452 "'' \1\\ T I 1 PERSONAL INJURY AND WRONGFUL DEATH THOMAS FA PARNELl., Esq. -Auto, Trud< \lntnn:yclc or Bnat Arddcnts. SliJ> and Falls, llomc nr \led. \hlpnu:tkr. ALL SEIUOl'S IXIl'IUES. Our Firm Is Rated "AV" By Martindale-Hubbell, The Highest Rating For Legal Ability And Ethical Standard, Worldwide. The htrtng or a lawyer 18 an Important dedllfon that not be haMel IIOiely upon Before you dedde, IIAk U.'l to !lend you FREE written Information about our and experience. Belated Graduation Congratulations Jason and his parents, mom, Rubye Lee Gordon of Lakeland and dad, Mr. Roscoe Gordon of Tampa. Mrs. Gordon, a retired Armed Forces veteran was the driving fon:e for Jason. He honored her with a testimonial letter that wa8 given to her on Oct. 29, 2000. It's all thumbs up for Jason and his son, Master Savlon, MIU"Cellus Gordon, who resides "ith his grandmother. Congratulations wishes go out to Jason L Gordon. He is the son of Rubye L. Gordon of Lakeland and Roscoe Gordon of Tampa. He received his Master's Degree on May 5th from USF with 500 other graduates. He is to be highly con gratulated by his family due to the unfortunate c:in:umstances that were encountered in his early childhood life. Congratulations nnd reach for the stars. He has been an instructor in Hillsborough County for 5 years. He attended Bloomingdale High School. LIW IFHCE F PITBICII DIWS I, P. Criminal Family Law & Personal Injury Cypress Point omce Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 101 Tampa, Florida 33618 (813) 386-5730 Fonner Hillsborough County Prosecutor-Deputy Chief Practicing Law In: Criminal Family Law Per.ional Injury Attorney & Counselor At lAw Cypress Point Otnce Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry, Suite 101 Thmpa, Florida 33618 (813)169-9706 Fax:(813)960-0641 Tht Wrina nr. IIW)'ft rhirct "'I hililht ftftt ht -d -ly pon .. .-._. lie !bot ,..,;,t.. .. k ....... Wl"ittrn tholt out au.t r,J"if"nt nt't'


POLK COUNTY NEWS New Mt. Zion M. B. Church ,Presents Choir #1 's Annual Musicale Extravaganza New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 1321 N Webster Avenue, Lakeland, (863) 686-6793, where Dr. J. S. Hardie is Pastor, and congregation were hosts to Choir #1's Annual Musicale Extravaganza, "Music In Church, A Joyous Time For All," on Sunday, April 22, 2007 at 4 p. m. The theme was, shout For Joy To The Lord, All The Earth, Burst Into Jubilant Song With Music. Psalm 98.4 Pilgrim Rest Freewill Baptist Church Holds 4th A"nual Spring Bailquet On Saturday, 21, 2007, at 6:30p.m., Pilgrim Rest Freewill Baptist Church held their 4th Annual Spring Banquet at the Dr. Henry J. Rodmon Life Center, 1052 North Kettles Avenue, Lakeland. The theme was: "78 Years And Still Serving." Scripture: ... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:1l5. FRlDA Y NIGHT "TT :::c c c.. c: z m ...... w 1\) 0 0 ...... "TT r-0 :IJ g (I) m z :::! z m -;" CD c I= z c: CD r-c;; X m c


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C I a S -s e-d -IJ _._,, ,;, ---. ___ .,. ... HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsborough County will receive sealed bids and/or proposals for the following, until the stated date and time when they will be publicly opened. JUNE 19, 2007-2:00 P.M. T -0282-07 (JM) UTILITY TRUCK ACCESSORY FABRICATION & INSTALLATION Some or all of the above bid(s) may have Pre-Bid Conferences. Information on these and other Requests for Bids, along with Bid/Proposal results may be accessed via the following: (1) the Internet at www.hillsboroughcounty.org/procurementservlces, or (2) by coining to the Department of Procuref118nt Services office located at the address listed below. Minority and women owned firms will be afforded a full opportunity to participate in these matters and will not be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, sex. color or national origin_ Questions regarding the above projects may be directed to Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, Department of Procurement Services. 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 18th Fl., County Center Tampa Florida, 33602: (813) 272-5790, during regular business hours. SECTION 00020 -INVITATION TO BID Sealed Bids for furnishing of all labor and materials and performing all worl< necessary and incidental to the construction of Playcoud lmproYtDJtnta at: Adams Middle, 10201 N. Boulevard; Clair Mel Elementary, 1025 S. 78th Street; Greco Middle, 6925 E. Fowler Avenue; Jefferson High, 4401 Cypress Street; L.eto High, 4409 W. Sligh Avenue; Mcune Middle, 306 N. Knights Avenue; Pizzo Elementary, 11701 Bull Run (at USF); Shaw Elementary, 11311 N: 15th Street; Town n' Country Elementary, 6025 Hanley Road wil be received by the School Board of Hillsborough County. Florida in the Office of the Supervisor of Purchasing, Third Floor School Administrative Center, 901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa. Florida until 3:00 PM. Friday, June 22-2001. (The mailing addteu is P 0. Box 3408. Tampa, florida 33601). Bids will not be accepted after 3:00PM of the above date. Bids will be opened and I"Nd aloud In the Purchasing Department. located on the third floor of the School Administrative Center. Contractors desiring to bid this project are subject to an Encouragement Affirmative Action Plan as identified within the bidding documents. There wil be a mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on Tuesday. June 12 2007 at 9;00 A.M at the Maintenance Operations Center. Conference Room, 3838 N 50th Street, Tampa, FL 33605, phone (813) 636-1133. Non-mandatory site meetings may follow. IT IS THE BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE THAT BIDS ARE DELIVERED TO THE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT AS REFERENCED ABOVE. BID SECURITY MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH BID. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS: The School Administrative Center Ia a "security" building, therefore, visitors will be required to obtain a VIsitors Pass prior to entering the building. A photo identification will need to be presented at this time. Bid documents, plans and specifications may be obtained after Friday. May 25, 2007 from the engineer at a cost of (Twenty fiVe dollars) $25 per set EMK Consultants of Florida, Inc. Engineering Surveying Planning Carlos Solis, P. E. 7815 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33614 Phone (813) 931-8900 Fax (613) 931-5846 E-mail address carlos@tmkfla.com No bidder may withdraw his bid _for a period of thirty days after date set for bid opening. THE SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA MARYELLEN EllA SUPERINTENDENT. OF SCHOOLS PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition Friday@ 3 :00p. m Friday Edition Tuesday @ 3 : 00 p m INVITATION TO BID Sealed Bids for the furnishing of the following will be received by the Director of Purchasing, City of Tampa, in his office until 3:00 PM ON 6/14/07 FURNISH AND INSTALL BOLLARDS AND GATES (CITYWIDE) PRE-BID MEETING TO BE HELD AT 9:30AM 615107 then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Bid documents are available at the HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FOR ARTWORK ECONOMY PARKING GARAGE The Authority is seeking qualified firms or individuals desiring to be considered for this project. The RFQ documents will be available on the Authority's website June 4, 2007, at www.tampaairport.com, Airport Business. RFP/RFQ. For questions regarding the RFQ contact Debbie Northington at 813-870-8700 ext 8540. Purchasing Department (Phone No. 8131274-8351). Dated: 811/07 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 INVITATION TO BID Pursuant to Chapter 69-1119, Special Acts. Laws of Florida. sealed Bids will be received by the Director of Purchasing, City of Tampa, in his office until: 2:30 PM ON 618107 CENTRIC CLUTH PARTS 3:00 PM ON 1108107 FILTER MEDIA 3:00 PM ON 6111107 TIRE RETREADING SERVICES 2:30PM ON 8112107 ILLUMINATED STREET NAME SIGNS 3:00PM ON 6113107 ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR, REWIND, AND RECONDITIONING then and thereafter to be publiCly opened and read Bid documents are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone No. 8131274-8351) It IS hereby made a part of this Invitation for Bid that the submission of any Bid in response to this advertised request shall constitute a Bid made under the same conditions for the same contract price and for the same effective period as this Bid to all public enttiea in Hillsborough County Dated: 611187 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 Tele Marketer And Secretary Wanted Start Today Temp Work Must Have Computer Knowledge, Be Punctual And Highly Motivated Monday Friday Weekends Optional Call (813) 630-9827 Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility Expansion from 5 to 10 MGD; Bid No C-0250-07 (MK). Work: Consists of construction of new facilities and modification of existing facilities at the Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility. OWner: Hillsborough County Estimate Value of Work: $50,000,000.00 Contract Days: 720 days Bids Due: June 13, 2007 2:00PM EDT Contact: Gerry Dillon (813) 264-9500; QWdillon@ocl.com No bond is required and PCL will assist any interested party in obtaining or reviewing plans and specifications. Hillsborough County recognizes any DBE certified in the State of Florida to achieve DBE participation goals. PCL Ia An Equal Opportunity Employer PRESS OPERATOR NEEDED A 8 Dick 1 & 2 Color Experienced Preferred Full Time Position Apply In Person 5205 N. Lois Avenue Tampa, FL 33614 NEW WAGE SCALE CNA'S Starting Pay 7-3 $10.00$11.00 3-11 $11.00-$12.00 Great Benefits, 401 k Raise In April Pleasant, Courteous Work Environment LTC Experience Required Apply In Person Delta Health Care 1818 E. Fletcher SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS---EMPLOYMENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT--APARTMENTS DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIE LEASE OPTIONS, ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ., :::a 0 l< (.. c: z m ...a. N 0 0 ....., ., r-0 o )It en m z ::! z m .- ID c: r r-z .., c: ID .-en :r m 0 m < m -4 c: m en 0 )It z 0 ., 0


..... 0 0 N c ii ""' c z < c rn w ::J w > w c w :t: rn :; m ::J Q. z i= w ..J ..J ::J m ..J w z i= z w rn < c ii 0 ..J ""' ':Q,.. Enrichment This is a paraprofessior>al positiol), wbicb ( :enttr requires a roil)irouro of two years' work experiei)Ce il) tbe social work or fal1)ily advocacy field. Soroe is prefelable JOB KNOWLEDGE: SKILLS AND ABILIITIES Must be CH1al)ized al)d a self-starter Ability to cOI)I)eCt faroilies wid) appropriate cororoul)ity resources Good coroputer skills of tbe ACCESS Systero Experiei)Ce il) a social service al)d/or 1)01)-profit er)Vii'OI')I'I)el)t desirable SALARY RANGE: 24K-28K upol) skills al)d abilities. JOB DESCRIPTION: Tbis is a full-til'l)e positiol) wbicb requires Ol)il)leractiol) wid) relative faroilies, il) order to assess tbeir l)eeds. Applical)ts 11)ust fax tl)eir resul1)e to (813) 231-7196, Attl): Coreatl)a Larkii)S Big Ideas. Big Opportunities. The Univcnity of South Aorida is one of America' s leading rutional research institutions and the ninth largest university i n the nation with campuses throughout the Greater Tampa Bay region. We offer a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental and life iMurance plans. retirement plan options, tuition propam, pncrous leave programs. career advancement and more' ASSIST ANI' IN RESEAJlCH ('l'llANSIT RESEARCH) 115315 CUT1l -ol Conduct rcsarch in transit; manage research JrUIIS (including scning as Investip!or). ABO's consadercd REQUIRES: Master's degree an Engineering or a transportalion-relalcd fidd and 2 5 yean' ellpcrimce in public transportatiOJl including Bus Rapid Transit; proven project management skills; exceptionally strong prescnlalicnlt.cchnical wribng skills Must be willing 10 travel ntensively, both nationally and abroad Prd'er at least one year upcricnc:c in Bus Rapid Transit, GIS. transit operations. teaching. training; familiarity with international transit systems ASSmANJ' IN RESEARCH (TRANSIT SAFETY & SECURITY) 115111 -CUT1l -Colep ol Eapcallla-Conduct in Tramit Safety and Security; manage rncan:h grants (including scning as Principal lnvestaptor). ABO's considered REQUJRES : Maskr's clrgrft in a tnnsportalion-relatcd field with at least II experience in public tramportalion transportation planning and policy bm safety and security : proven project management and grant -w ritang skilb: strong prcscntationllechcal writing skills. Bachclo(s degree and 14 yean e'pcricncc considered Prefer working with local. !late: and fc:-..Jcral agencin on ITal't

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,.... 0 0 N c 0::: LL c z c( c fn w ::> 1-w > w c w J: fn ::::; m ::> D.. z i= w ..J ..J ;:::) m ..J w z i= z w fn c( c a: 0 ..J LL East Tampa Large New 4/2 Home Concrete Block, Fenced, Alarm, CHA, WDH, OW No Pets Section 8 Only (813) 949-3482 3416 North 44th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath S67s.oo!Monthly $500.00/Deposit Call (813) 359-7528 Or (813) 627-0482 3706 N. 55th Street House for Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, Fenced Yard $850.00/Monthly +Deposit Call (813) 621-5410 Or (561) 584-1288 -Progress Village 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Fenced, VVDH Carport+ utility Room $1,100.00 Monthly $1, 100.00 Deposit Section 8 Accepted (813) 451-9624 Sulphur Springs 8215 9th Street North 4/2 -Available Immediately Large Yard, CHA $1,1 00/Monthly Section 8 Ok 1813) 968-1168 1616 E. ldell Street Apartment B 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $675.00/Rent $400. 00/Deposit Call (813) 885-5226 Or (813) 335-0076 Seminole Heights Seniors 62+ Now Accepting Applications For: 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Controlled Access, Library And Community Room With Activities Beautiful Landscaped Community Special Accessibility For Hearing and Sight Impaired Well Served By Public Transportation Income Restricted Leasing Office @ 202 E. Broad Street The Oaks at Riverview (813) 231-7700 Oaksatrlvervlew@verlzon.net For Rent 2/1 Snow Sun Villas 12301 N. 11th Street $650.00/Monthly $300. 00/Deposit For Appointment 813-971-0341 8431 N. 39th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Upstairs Apartment Central Heat & Air $650.00/Rent $350.00/ Deposit (813) 299-5669 2613 W. Cypress Street 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Nice And Clean Ceiling Fan Security Bars $500.00/Monthly $400.00/Deposit (813) 391-7046 Busch Gardens/USF Areas Section 8 Welcome!! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Central AC, Tile Floors, New Appliances, Ceiling Fans $625.00/Month, Very Low Deposit! Water & Trash Included!!!! 813-244-7435 Section 8 Move In Special 2226131st Avenue Beautiful 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment Washer/Dryer Room Close To Transportation And Shopping $650.00/Monthly $300. 00/Deposit (813) 244-9335 River Plnn Apartment. SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY Active independent living for 55+, quiet park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities, riverfront living. Efficiencies and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $360.00 per month. (813) 985-4419 Section 8 & Senior Citizens Move In SPECIAL! S 0 Security Deposit $720.00/Month (Includes Water, Sewer Garbage) 2 Bedrooms + 2 Baths, W/0 Hookup, Microwave Dishwasher, CHA 13113 Lelsurewood Place (Behind University Mall) Call Marian (813) 832-9557 4205 N. Manhattan Ave. (Near Stadium) 2/1 Apartment $700.00/Monthly Call (813) 236-2412 Rivertree Landing Apts. 813-983-8362 One & Two Bedrooms Available Some With River View $399.00 Move in Special Se Habla Espanol Apartment 2406 East 12th Avenue 1 Bedroom /1 Bath Nice And Clean $475.00/Rent $475.00/Deposit Call (813) 846-6422 USF Area Studios $425. 00/Monthly Lofts $505.00/Monthly Immediate Occupancy CALL 813-977-3401 WWW REALPROPERTYWORX COM North Side Apartment Large 1 Bedroom /1 Bath $500.00/Monthly Includes Water, Sewage & Garbage No Pets References Required Call (813) 626-0978 Apartment 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Located In Brandon Close To All Convenience Private Backyard 2 Car Parking $825.00 Per Month Section 8 VVelcome (813) 473-3746 Attention Section 8 Tenants 3 Bedroom Apartments CHA, W/0 Hookup, Private Parking Move In Nowlll Call Today! (813) 546-7782 Only A Few Left Section 8 Move In Special Beautiful 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment Washer/Dryer Room Close To Transportation And Shopping $650. 00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit (813) 244-9335 Fax Your Ads 24 HRS. TO (813) 248-9218 Or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com ---------2301 N. Jefferson Street Two Studio Apartments $460. CO/Unfurnished $500.00 Furnished Call (813) 236-2412 1 & 2 Bedrooms Available University Area Low Security Deposits Call 813-600-5090 IJWIIN REALPROPERTYWORX COM 308 W. Amelia Avenue Two 1/1 Apartments With Large Den $625.00-$650.00/Monthly Call (813) 236-2412 Tampa Heights Apartment 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Water/Sewage/Trash $850.00/Monthly 813-289-0090 Advanced Property Management, Inc. Tampa Heights Duplex 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Large Kitchen Close To Downtown $600.00/Month'Y. $300. 00/Deposit Call (813) 224-9040 2102 Palmetto Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Utility Room With Washer & Dryer Hook-up Water Included $725. 00/Monthly Call (113) 223-5214 10009-8 North 14th Street (Near Linebaugh) 2/1 CHA, WID $700.00/Monthly $350. 00/Deposit Water Included Section 8 Accepted Available Now! Call (813) 310-8598 Or (813) 310-8500 Duplex-Busch Area 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hook-up Refurbished Kitchen Section 8 Welcome Great Deal Call (813) 261-7538 Or (813) 503-0493 Duplexes Section 8 ONLY Large 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Nice Area, WDH, CHA, Walk-In Closets Move-In Special ... Call-John (813) 789-3879 DUPLEX 1504 E. 138th Ave. 3/1, CHA, W/0 Hook-up $ 795.00/Month $500/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Ron (813) 920-1085 (813) 690-6664 USF Area Duplex 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile & Paint New Appliances $600.00/Monthly +Security Deposit Section 8 Ok (813) 263-6460 Duplex Apartment 2102-A W. Beach St. In RIKiAvAinnlnn West Tampa 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Apartment With Central Station Alarm Tile In Bath And Kitchen New .Oak Cabinets $600.00 Per Month (813) 238-6353 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Very Nice, Quiet, WDH, Newly Remodeled, Quiet Nice Neighbors Utilities Included CrediVBackground Check $750.00/Monthly $700.00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) 971-5107 FOR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE ------CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00-1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition Friday@ 3:00p.m. Friday Edition Tuesday@ 3:00p.m. Fax Your Ads 24/7 To: (813) 248-9218 Or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com


Section 8 Perferred 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex Tile Floors, large Yard WID Hook-Up (813) 2 3 0 -89 68 6213-A N. 47th Street Ready June 1st 2/1, CHA, WDH $40.00 Non-Refundable Background Check $500.00/Deposit $775.00/Rent Section 8 Welcome (813 ) 626-0331 Grant Park 3610 North 55th Sl #B 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $800 00/Monthly Includes Water Trash Yard Service Section 8 Welcome Call Robert (813) 361-0344 Room For Rent $125.00 Per Week + Deposit, Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 802-4930 Available Now Senior Citizens Preferred $600 00/Monthly Includes Washer/Dryer Private Bath Telephone (Local) And Satellite lV Call (813) 273-9187 Or (813) 965-4434 East Tampa 2 Rooms For Rent 1 Fumished/1 Unfurnished No Drugs, Utilities Included, Washer/Dryer Kitchen, living Room Access, Near Busline $500 Down/$500 Month Per Room 813-416-1184 Or 954-559-2232 I LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EMPLOYMENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS PUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS, ETC. ADVERT IS E IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL Rooms For Rent $150 Weekly $100 Deposit Moves You In Clean Area (813) 918-5529 '5709 East 30th Street Fully Remodeled Rooms For Rent $120.00-Weekly Call Tyrone 1-800-890-7639 Christian Person Has Rooms For Rent $110.00/Rent $110 .00/Deposit No Drugs Or Illegal Activities Allowed Call Mike (813) 770-2266 Fully Furnished large Room $125 .00 Weekly $110.00 Deposit Cable Access Utilities Included Phone (813) 236-4816 Hyde Park 1507 North A Street WIW Carpet, Kitchen Privileges, AIC Near Busline Deposit-$80.00 Rent $110 .00 And Up (813) 293-4883 Nice Quiet Room Nice Area Utilities Included Kitchen Privileges Males 45 Years & Older Preferred $140.00 Per Week/Up (813) 927-2878 Furnished Rooms Queen Size Bed $175 00/Weekly Full Size Bed $150. 00/Weekly $150 00/Deposit Call (813) 900-6926 Or (813) 817-2677 UNIVERSITY ROOMS Clean, Quiet large Rooms, Central Heat & Air, Washer & Dryer, Free Phone. Near Busline. Must Be Drug Free & Employed (813) 293-1090 Rooms For Rent Furnished/Unfurnished No Drugs, Utilities Included Non-Refundable Deposit $150 00 Rooms From $130 00 $150 00 Per Week E xtra large Room From $195 00 $200 00 Per Week Call Greg (813) 850 -1429 Rooms For Ren t Nice And Clean CHA, Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Call (813) 624-8540 29 28 N. 18t h Street Room For Rent 55 Years And Older Preferred $120 00/Weekly $120 00/Deposit Call (813) 231-2023 3104 E. MLK Blvd. Rooms For Rent Males Preferred $500.00 Per Month Includes Electric And Water Call (813) 784-0508 Efficiencies large living Room, Cable, lights, And Water Included $225.00 Weekly $200 .00 Deposit Phone (813) 915-9406 Furnished Privacy Deluxe 1 Bedroom Efficiency With AIC Single Male Preferred Weekly Bi-weekly (Advance Rent) (813) 965-5931 Room For Rent 55 Years Old & Up Preferred $1 00 00 Per Week $1 00 00 Deposit Call (813) 241-4158 Just like Home leave Message Immediate Response First Week Rent +Security $100 00 $150.00/Weekly Furnished And Unfurnished (813) 319-5646 East Jackson Heights Fully Furnished large Rooms $125 .00 Weekly $110 .00 Deposit CHA, Cable Access Utilities Included Phone (813) 238-4816 Furnished Rooms For Rent Clean Quiet, CHA No Illegal Activities Near Ybor & Downtown No Credit Check But Must Have Job $125 00/Weekly $12 5 00/Deposit (404) 839-4629 "T1 it.) I ;1$: I.) if[,]: I I: tgf 0 }< c.. Room For Rent RUDY'S c: z $100 00 Per Week REP A IR SERVICE m -+ Deposit, Air Condition Complete Air Conditioning & Kitchen Privileges Heating Service On All N 0 Makes and Models 0 Call ( 813) 285-8147 Call (813) 620-1866 1206 E. MLK Blvd. LIC .CAC 1814465 Rooms For Rent Credit Cards A cce p ted Single Male Preferred Call (813) 963-0703 Only A Few Left AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATTORNEY Clair Mel Area Room For Rent Dedicated to LABOR & EMPLOYMENT $125.00 Per Week LA WI + Deposit, Air Condition Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 223-1200 Call ( 8 13) 516-7719 www. fordlaw org Rehab Environment BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY "T1 Drugs, Alcohol r Homelessness Chapter 13 0 Chapter 7 :::a $90 00/Weekly 0 3 Month Program Start At $650.00 > Atty. Roderick 0. Ford 0 Call (813) 500-5885 m Call (813) 223-1200 z -4 Kennedy Blvd. www. fordtaw org z m & Howard Ave. Rooms r WORKERS' I m Male Roommates Preferred COMPENSA nON c: Clean, Quiet r Get Medical Treatment r Central Heat/Air & Cable m Must Be Drug Free Change Treating -4 Physicians z & Employed ., Collect Back Pay c: (813) 293-1090 m Atty. Roderick 0. Ford r Call (813) 223-1200 Cii Clair Mel www.fordlaw.org m Room For Rent 0 EMPLOYMEN1 m $430. 00/Monthly < DISCRIMINA nON I m lncludmg Electric Washer/Dryer Privliages Wrongful Termination -4 No Smoking Racial & Sexual c: No Drinking Harrassment m 0 All Employment Matters 0 Call (813) Atty. Roderick 0. Ford > Call (813) z www. fordlaw org 0 ., :::a RoderfciC 0. Ford, JO, ESQ. 6 Juris Doctor U. of llinois Tarpley's AIC CVVCP, Michigan State (813) 238-7884 Harvard law School Cell (813) 541-5010 Program on Negotiations Sales & Service Assoc of T ria l laywers New & Used AIC Of America Prices Starting At $250 .00 Downtown Tampa Law Office Lie CAC 1815130 Call (813) 223-1200 ------. PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition -Friday@ 3:00 p.m. Friday Edition Tuesday@ 3:00p.m CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8 00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD C') FAX YOUR ADS 24/7 TO: (813) 248-9218 m -Or Email ledwards@flsentinel.com w n


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FOR SAL FOREST HILLS LOCATION Salon For Sale 4 Stations 3 Shampoo Bowls 3 Dryers 2 Nail Stations & Much More $8,000.00 Bring All Offers Call (813) 857-6694 Daycare Sale!! .f.a.t o01i --Van Computers Toys Educational Hems -June 4th, 2007 LOCATION Gordon Court Off 21st Avenue, Next To Kenly Elementary (You Will See The Signs) FORECLOSUR 100% Foreclosure Loans 100% Foreclosure Loans Call 813-833-5097 Avoid Foreclosure Behind On Payments? Save Your Credit! We Can Help Call Today (813) 728-4182 $294.00 Monthly! 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Foreclosures! 5%Down 20 Yrs @ 8% APR For Listings Call 800-366-9783 Ext. 5492 Never Rent Again! Buy 3 Bedrooms $13,000! 5 Bedrooms $63,600! HUD Homes Available Now! For Listings Call 800-366-9783 Ext 5490 We Buy Houses The Good, The Bad & The Ugly STOP FORECLOSURES! You Keep Your Home Estate Sales & Lease Options Us Homeowner Consultant 813-245-2580 813-630-9008 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS DON'T LET ltiOSE OltiER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Full Page Ad In The Florida Sentinel. www.rehabberssuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 HANDYMA Mr. Jay's Handyman & Moving Service No Job Too Small Cheapest In Town Free Estimates Pressure Washing Tile, Concrete Moving Service Etc. (813) 504-8519 AIIAndAII Anything And Everything Hauling Metals Are Removed FREE!' Also Tree Removal And Yard Wor1< Call Chuck (813) 900-2683 Landlords/Property Owners Private Investor Has Immediate Cash For Your Home Or Commercial Building Irvin (813) 965-5413 com We Will Buy Your Junk Cars, Trucks And Vans Call Penny (813) 621-0163 We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks And Haul Scap Metal Phone (813) 850-5233 Wanted Dead Or Alive Unwanted Cars And Trucks. WePayCashl We \Mil COme To You Phone (813) 385-n13 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal For FREE! 7 Days A Week Phone(813)695-2438 "We Do Best For Less MAC DADDY Lawn Service Hauling And Clean-Up Phone (813) 245-9761 Need Money? Law Suit Pending Car Accidents Wokers Compensation Slip & Fall Get Money In 2-3 Days No Credit Check Call (813) 298-4370 Or (813) 270-9874 Licensed Fast Cash Mortgage Loans 5 Day Closing! Purchase Or Refi's, Investor Loans Foreclosures, No/Low Credit Scores (Below 500) Call Today And Close By Next Weeki Prince & Associates (813) 217-5668 Website: -prtneehOuMI com Expert Marketing For Your Business (813) 244-0848 Video Shoot ... ProTeams Semi-Pro Teams TV Commercials Scripts ... Jingles Recording Artists And More WATKINS PRODUCTS For Over 138 Years Red And VVhlte Liniments, Vitamins Aloe Jutce, Salves, Various Gourmet Spices, And Much Morel Call Today To Buy Or Sell (813) 248.o88t 1st -Annual Tampa Bikini Contest June 2, 2007 8:00p.m. 6516 N. 40th Street $500.00 Grand Prize (813) 516-1550 Comedians Wanted No Money Down Newly Remodeled Homes With Equity Get Approved Today! 813-936-5516 Ext 209 Sage Properties Group, LLC REPAIR If Your Well Runs Dry Call Dave's Well Drilling & Pump Service Reasonable Prices At (813) 986-0125 Ask For Dave H And T Masonry Remodeling, Sidewalks, Patios, Carpentry Drywall, Ceramic Tile, And Plumbing Call Ell (813) 325-4643 Uc.022650 HOME REPAIRS Carpentry, Sheet Rock, Doors, Locks, \Mndows, Ceiling, Painting, Tile, Room Addition Remodeling. etc. (813) 416-6183 Or (813) 630-0839 "T'I c c... c z m N 0 0 ....... "" r-0 :::a 0 Cash In 3 Days Uc #2170004117 l> For Your House Ready To Sell Promptly Call Floyd 813-727-6728 Dominion & Power Worship Center Is Opening In Our Area Lookina For Five-Fold Ministries. Gifts Intercessors. Musicians. Vocalists. Worshipers, Givers And People VVho Want To Serve The Lord For More Information Call (813) 433-7235 TRYU FIRST HOME REPAIR HOME IMPROVEMENT DOOR LOCKS BATHROOM REMODELING ROOM ADDITIONS WINDOWS REPLACEMENT ROOF/SOFFIT ECT 813-643-6594 OR 813-270-2611 DJ's HOME REPAIR 813-241-7943 I Doug Jackson Give Us A Call No Job Is Too Small Notary Service Drywall Ceramic Tile, Driveways Plumbing Roofing, Home Additions And More! en m z ::j z m r-1 aJ c r rm ::j z "'D c aJ r-c;; % m c m < m c: m en c )> z Uct11277t c L -------...J Party Hall For Rent. For Quince & Other Occasions Good Rates & Location (813) 229-3922 Evenings r FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS CALL LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FAX YOUR ADS 2417 TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email ledwards@flsentlnel.com LEGAL ADV ERT IS E M E N TS E MPLOYM E N T HOMES FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS. ETC ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD FAX YOUR ADS 2417 TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email ledwards@ftsentlnel.com a m .... (,ft h


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Before you lose any value in your home ask the investor to provide the following: 1) References : Ask to talk with people who have recently sold them their home 2) Proof of Funds : Ask them to prove they have the cash to close quickly. Many investors use a "Quick Cash Fast Closing" tactic to get you to sign on the line, then they run around town trying to find someone to buy their contract 3) Occupational license: Are they legitimate? Ask for a copy of their occupational license. At the Rehabber's Superstore we have the cash to buy, and we can close all deals in 3 days. More importantly we can provide you with our credentials. See our full page ad in the Florida Sentinel to learn more or visit our website at: www.rehabbersuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 Kenny Rushing CONTACT LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 To Publish Your Classified Ad Or Business Directory Ad In The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Fax To: (813) 248-9218 Or Email: ledward s@flsentlnel.com DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Full Page Ad In The Florida Sentinel. www. rehabberssuperstore .com (813) 227-9240 SPIRITUAL READINGS Identify Problems, Discover Situations And Set Goals That Will Tum Your Ufe Around, Towards God. Candles, Oil, Sprays Incense, etc. Sold Here Sister Harvey Call (813) 249-1199 Or (813) 500-0807 Readings By Mrs. Green Problems, Worried, Or Unhappy? I Can And Will Solve All Problems Of life Immediately! Reunite You Back 'Nith The One You Love Call For Free Reading Toll Free 1-888-854-3031 Healer Advlaor The udy Of Mlr.cles I Guarantee To Help Out Where Others Failed. 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Cash Deals In 3 Days www. sell promptly. com Call Floyd (813) 727-6728 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl Cash In 3 Days For Your House See Our Full Page Ad In The Florida Sentinel. w-NW.rehabberssuperstore .com (813) 227-9240 We Buy Houses The Good, The Bad & The Ugly STOP FORECLOSURES! You Keep Your Home Estate Sales & lease Options Call Us Today! Homeowner Consultant 813-245-2580 813-630-9008 11'43!' il I 1 'I UNI If Your Well Runs Dry Call Dave's Well Drilling & Pump SeNice Reasonable Prices At (813) 986-0125 Aak For Dave CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 -1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition Friday @ 3 : 00 p.m Friday Edition Tuesday @ 3:00 p.m


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