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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 62, no. 80 (June 22, 2007)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
June 22, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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62 Years In The -Bad Drug Deal Ends With Fatal Shooting SEE STORY ON PAGE 23-A Day $choolls FamilYTradition SEE PAGE 12-A Doctor Is Happy About Relocation SEE PAGE 2-A Dukes' Mom Wants AHacks To Stop SEE PAGE 3-A Pastor Cleared Of Sex Charge SEE PAGE 23-A LEADERSH I P AWARD RECIPIE N T Victor Young, General Manager of Lok e y Motor C ompan y of C l earwa t er was one of the m a n y rec i pients h o nored last Sa turday evenin g whe n the Tampa B ay Academy of Hope he l d its annual fundraiser. Young was the recipie.nt of the Harvest of Hope Lea dership Award. Lok ey Mo tors was one of the sponsors of the 11th Annu a l Harvest of Hope Awards Banque t an d B l ac k Tie Fundra iser. (Ph o tograph by Lom ax M cintyre )


""" 0 0 C\1 FEATURES C\1 w z ;:) ""') Tampa Housing Tovvard Central Park Demolition >-" ic( C During the monthly meeting onTuesday, the fE Tampa Housing Authority Board of Commissioners were given an update on the resident relocation status of Central Park Village. Demolition plans for the public ing complex are slated to begin in July. Central Park Village was the home of 483 families. But according to the status report, only 150 of those families remain. Leroy Moore, Vice Senior President and Chief Operating Officer said a small portion of those remaining families have not found hous ing. The report stated that 122 families have been given Section 8 vouchers and 64 of those have located new places and are in the final stages of moving, and 28 families will remain in public housing. Three of those will relocate to Osborne Landings. Wence Cunningham said he's hopeful that all families will have been relocated by June 29th. He further stated that 119 families have expressed an interest in returning once the new structures are completed. Resident Presented Award 9 For the 3rd consecutive month, the Tampa a: u.. Housing Authority has presented an award to C residents who are making efforts to improve their lives. The award is named in honor of the late Mrs. Geraldine Barnes, who lived in public 0 housing for several years and served on the en Board of Commissioners for more than a decade. This month, the award was presented t-to Ms. Tiffany Conway. Jerome Ryans, President and CEO of the w Tampa Housing Authority said, "This award is > w pr:5ented to residents who are taking advan-Q tage of all of the services we offer and doing a greatjob: en ::::i m ;:) Ill. z i= w ..J ..J ::: m Plans For Hurricane Season The Tampa Housing Authority is also making plans for the hurricane season. During their regular monthly board meetjng, several initia tives concerning ways to help keep residents MS. TIFFANY CONWAY Recipient of Geraldine Barnes Resident Recognition Award safe during and after the stonn were discussed. The first topic was the use of HARTiine buses for the purpose of evacuation during a threatening hurricane. Sam Harris, of the Tampa Housing Authority Public Safety Department said. "We are going to use the HARTiine bus sys tem for those individuals who want to evacuate and go to a shelter. The residents will simply walk to the bus stops they would nonnally take to catdl a bus. HARTiine has also agreed to send buses into the community at the request of the Tampa Housing Authority; Harris said. Reporter Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (813) R48-1921 or by e-mail at jris@/l.sentjnel.oom. .=. w z CLARIFICATION w en C a: 0 ..J u.. An article. printed In the on Tuesday stated that Mr. Grover Cuueaux wu the time ofhla death. Mrs. Freddie .Jean Cuueaux, Ida wife of 47 yean, said Mr. Cuaeaux was 8oyean.eOid and that he retired from Butem AlrHnes after 371/2 years of aenice in Customer Servlee. One Unique Individual. One Diverse Law Rrm. JJH ]oYNIIR & JoiiU>ANHOl.MBS 1112 E. Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL 33602 lnfoOjjhlaw.net I www.Dhlaw.net 813.229.9300 Ttil bol upon _,.,..,, .. ,_,., ll

. FEATURES I "TT c \ Dukes Family '.Just Peace' c.. c::: z m N J't) Phyllis Dukes said she had no idea domestic problems between her son, Elijah and his wife, Nishea, would esca late into what has been occur ring over the past few weeks. "I can't believe how a domes tic situation has been blown out t..f proportion by the media looking for a villain and a story. I think we have been exploited and slandered, and Nishea has lashed out at everyone she can think of and used everyone to paint a pic ture of my son and our family as being abnormal." Ms. Dukes said she just wants it all to stop. She's not been able to sleep, is experi encing health problems, and hasn't been able to eat since the ordeal began. ''I'm going through all of this because I love my son. He's in pain. He's hurting. Why can't she see that? When he went on the radio Saturday, it was pro tect us. He had to say some thing to defend his family." Ms. Dukes said Elijah had no idea his sisters had called WDAE AM 620 and the sub ject of his mother using crack cocaine had been discussed. "The first time he found out about this was when C arl Crawford and some of his other teammates approached him and mentioned it That's when he felt he had to go on the air and say something. Ms. Dukes said she has .Don't make a. costly mistake! My Services Are FREE EUJAHDUKES never had a problem with Nishea and although she's been saying terrible things about Elijah and her family, she still has no problem with her Referral Services/Get Treated Auto Accidents/ Bicycles I Motor Cycles Toll FREE 1-866-352-4200 Mix Marketin Adv. 846-3947 N c c ...., Phyllis Dukes holds the latest pu.blished newspaper article about her son, Elijah. She checks the papers and radio each d a y to see what's going on. "I'm sorry things didn't work out w i th her and Elijah, but she needs to accept that and move on. Right now I think she' s biting off her nose to spite her face and she'll lose in the end. I just want it all to stop, I can't take it anymore. Everything Nishea has said is taken as truth without anyone looking for the real truth. I don't know what she wants f rom all this I don' t know where she's going with all this: M s Dukes said she knows other professumal athletes have had more serious domes tic problems, and none have gotten the attention her son has. I think a lot of the allega tions Nishea have made need to be investigated. She claims Elijah threatened her over the phone and sent her a frighten ing text message I don t doubt those things happened, but she can t say for sure Elijah did it. No one has bothered to check to see if that was his voice on the phone making that ca11. Ms. Dukes said she wishes "TT her son had gone to college. r-"He had a big scholarship in 0 front of him. None of this would be happening now if he l> had gone to coHege. en Ms. Dukes said Elijah isn't a bad person. :::! He's angry, but that's because of the absence of a r;man in his life .. He and his tD father are so close and he misses the time 'they spent J:;; together. He needs his father :::! or a father-figure in his life, z especially right now. "lJ Ms. Dukes said she regrets speaking out; but she has to rdefend her son. "They don't care about us. m They about some-C thing that's going to make news m This writer briefly spoke to ?J Elijah on the phone, and he C:::-1 said he s tired of talkin g about m this and had nothing else to en say. He said he just wants C peace for himself and his fami-?< l y )> M i n ister Michelle B. Patty has spoken with Ms. "TT Dukes and offered to act as ::D counsel to the family. 6 ?( 3602 7th Avenue Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 K eys Made and Up Latex Flat White Paint ....... $5. 99gal. Oil Outside White Paint .... $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Set .......... ........ $2.49 ea. 3 Brushes ................................ 99 ea. SALE PRICES COOD LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!!


EDITORIALS I COLUMNS FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140) 2207 2111Awnue. Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248 1921 Publlllled EY

The q Sole-Man Tampa -New Orleans: The Real Deall 1 ; t's happening in New .. .. Orleans today, but it'll 'be happening in Ta .mpa tomorrow! It'll be happening in West J'ampa this afternoon! What's happening in New Orleans? The Landmarks Commission, but most peo ple cal1 it the "Landsharks Commission!" It only goes by one name: "Landmarks!" It only needs one name that's printable, based on the catastrophe and confusion it has brought to poor people returning to what was once their homes throughout the washed-out streets of New Orleans. The New Orleans Historic Districts Landmarks Commission is the body developed, supposedly by the City of New Orleans, to make certain rehabilitated homes are constructed within proper codes, and qualifications that bespeak the tradition of that ancient city. What's that you say? "BAWNEY?" Well, let the Landmarks people explain it to you then. They say, "Everything in a designated historic dis trict has to undergo an extra layer of scrutiny, discussion and review." Why? Replies a recent news article, "In New Orleans, many of the most heavily damaged buildings were Creole cottages and shotgun homes (we know about them, don't we?) which could be found in his torica11y working-class homes." "Therefore," said Landmarks commission chairman Jesse "By-the Book" LeBlanc, "we will not change our guidelines, but we will work with the homeowners!" And what does that mean? Well, take into consideration the Landmarks Commission's rules and reg ulations is a book of more than 21,000 words spouting such arcane wisdom as, "Shutters shaH be hung on hinges of the proper type and design .. Once this requirement has been satis fied, shutters may be fixed in the closed position or held in open position with appropriate hardware." And should any "New Orlinnean" be tempted to go to Home Depot or a local Wal-Mart to buy hinges, Landmarks commission warns, "Many modern 'reproduction' hinges do not accurately reproduce the types that they attempt to imitate." Now ... do you understand? But let's say you DON'T understand, and you back slide regarding certain regu lations, which no doubt are to be worshipped to the let ter! Then THIS is what wilJ HAPPEN to YOU! Say residents who've seen it happen, "If folks get caught, they face fines of up to $500 a day!" And still, people who can hardly afford gas money, journey back to places like the predominantly Black and historical 9th Ward to start their lives anew! Like lemmings, they return. In truth, they have no choice. Home is in their blood! But the question remains, s blood thicker than money?" And what about Tampa? What about people whose families have lived in Tampa for generations? How thick is their blood? When City-borne commis sioners and manicured corporations follow behind land-grabbing realtors and Ivy-League house redevel opers, and with seemingly weB-meaning zeal and zest begin to lay down laws to people who have lived in Tampa all of their lives. Laws like what color their homes should be painted, whether their roofs should be pitched or flat, how close their front lawns and back yards should be cut. When property taxes become impossible to bear and home insurance becomes impossible to get, then we begin to wonder whether there is indeed, a Landmarks Commission lurking somewhere in Tampa! Rut we don't have to wonder. ,Just like New Orleans, we know ethnic COLUMNS ., :2 c Another Vievv c: z m N .!" N 0 0 ......, By RANDOLPH KINSEY You've Got To-Respect Yourselfl rn alk show host Don ": lmus was wrong for what he said about some young Black women. But sometime I have to wonder just how far wrong was lmus. Just yesterday, a young Black female pulled up beside my vehicle at a traffic light. There was no way I could not be aware that she was there. The CD player or the radio was blasting so loud her car was vibrating. A rapper was doing his thing. Boy, he was using up some whes, bihes and other four letter words that I quite frankly found to be both offensive and embarrassing. They were neither embar rassing nor offensive to the young lady. She was bounc ing, shaking her head, pop ping her fingers and smiling like she had just heard a Bill Cosby joke. In other words, she was enjoying the rapper. She was enjoying this rapper even though he was degrading women, disrespect ing them and calling them more names than lmus can think of. The shame of all of this is that this youngster ty pifies so many other young women's fondness for this kind of, excuse me please, music. In the ghetto, people would say it was a case of a brother putting down sisters, and apparently this young lady was not aware that she was being degraded. It was that, or either she did not think that she was being disrespected and put down. Maybe she thought the rap per was talking about other women, but not her. How can any lady enjoy this kind of stuff? How can they even lis ten to it? I wonder do women want to be respected today? If they do, they have got to demonstrate that desire by first respecting themselves. They must carry themselves and conduct themselves in such a manner that they will command respect. Real women mut step up to the plate and teach young girls how to be ladies. Women must learn to disas sociate themselves with any body, man, woman, entertainer, music, books and movies that disrespects women. Women should never use degrading terms when referring or talking to another woman. The disrespect has gotten so bad, untU it is common for women to degrade themselves and other women. The con-cept from now on for women 0 should be respect yourself, l:l0 and demand that others :J> respect you too. en Women, stop listening, m watching and reading this filth. It will make you a better z woman at the end of the day. I;! m c: r r-!!l z ., Getting Past The Road Blocks c: m r-ii % m c 'm proud of the Black I'm proud of what it has become and what it will become. I'm proud of all the hard working people who make a differ ence, and who have raised children to carry on storied traditions. I'm also proud of those adults who've tom down the roadblocks of ignorance, bigotry, and greed. They've stormed past the barriers that have been put in front of African Americans for cen turies. There are some roadblocks thllt still need to be challenged, but the pieces are in place to knock those down. I think the most important roadblock is still the mind. We still have to work on the minds of our people to we can be self-sustaining and no longer in need of outside help. We must establish an atmosphere by which we all have the same goals and the same plan of achieving those goals. There's no reason why our children and communi ties can't be the same as others all over the city that enjoy the best the city has to offer. As long as our communi ties are classified as blighted, the inner-city, ghettos, or areas where illegal dumping prevails, we will continue to be pulling up the rear. But if we can combine our strengths and help those who are weak, we can prevail. Acts of violence will have no place in our community if we take a stand and do something about it. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and pretend it will miss us or just go away. No longer is quality educa tion a roadblock. No longer are inferior schools a road-m block. No longer are inferior instructors a roadblock. The only roadblocks we have are the ones we've imposed on ourselves by accepting the 2 tags placed upon us. m It's easy to get past any c roadblock if you first identify what it is, then attack it at :J> the source. No one can stop you from being whatever you ,.. want to be. No one can stop you from living in a man-sion, driving an expensive car, or owning a successful business. Those are ideals we all once had, but they were taken away with distractions of easy living and free hand outs. They were also taken away by standards set for us to live by from people who don't' share our history or culture. Raise your children the way you known they should be raised. : ;rh e Voice of Our fi#r : Name: ,,11 u "-::-t tn Mnlllnu Add-__ -__ ---.----, u. ------= = -2 48-1>2 I __ C\ty: ________ Stute:.,_ 7.1p: : Mnl1 <>r Arlny PR)'nu:nt To: m : 2207 fi. 2 1 ,.t Av.: Tat1lf'R. Fl. <'heck < Cf1 :C:-h-Money <>rdcr-Credit C&ud,. C>nlyl <'> Mnnth"-$44 I Vcnr-SH7 )> ......................................................................


N w z :::l .., ).; ic( c a: LL. c a: LL. c z c( c en w :::l > a: w > w c w ::z::: en ::; m :::l Q. z j:: w ...J ...J :::l m ..J w z i= z w en c( c a: 0 ..J IJ. .... --_....., _, __ ......... __ PAGE SIX .. -. When 'Bebe's Kids' Attack We are all guilty. We saw it coming years ago and we did nothing to stop it. Then again, what could we do? It's not like we could have raised them. They weren't even our children. As much as we would have liked to step in, we couldn't. It just wasn't our business. Besides, how do you tell a woman bow to raise her caught up in a verbal altercation with a young lady who feels insulted because somebody tried to tell her how to be a mother: So what did we do? We just sat back and Sometimes we laughed. Other times we left out of frustration. Most of the time, we just shook our heads and felt sony for the little one. We could have stood up to her. We could have told her that swearing at and punching three-year-olds was not a good idea. We could have at least informed her about the hazards that come with aJlow ing children to consume baby sips of alcohol and the effect marijuana smoke has on their mental development, but we didn't. I know we wanted to say something, but we just didn't know her that well. She didn't run in our circles. She wasn't one of our friends. She was just some "chick that lived down the street, the cousin of a friend or the girl who had all of those kids with no father to speak of. I mean, we all remember her. Some of us just don't want to be remind ed. We never thought that our Picture yourself earning a bettet interest rate. 6-Month Certificate of Deposit 5.10riv A Fifth Third CD Is a great way to earn higher Interest on your savings. It's one more way we're helping make all your hard work today mean more for your tomorrow. Call 813 or walk In any F ifth Third Banking Center location today. ......... m ........ --...............___ FIFTH THIRD BANK www. 53.com complacency would come back to haunt us. For all we knew, she was just "Bebe" in the flesh. The embodiment of a comedic character we thought we'd never see. We never imagined that the kids, the ones we knew -she was unfit to raise, would grow up to be our biggest nightmare. Fifteen years have passed since then and we have the nerve to wonder, "what's going on. We must have thought that those children left in her care would overcome their environment, that somehow they would learn the value of right from wrong on their own. That marijuana smoke, it must have affected our brains, too. Now we are paying the price. Her children are prey ing on our children. The little three-year-old who told us to kiss his behind way back when, now he's shooting up high schoola, robbing blind people and murdering teenagers in their front yard. We always knew he'd go for bad. We just didn't realize it would be to this extent. Today, Bebe is also afr a id of hiin. The seed she poisoned from birth no longer respects her. She holds her head down as she apologizes to victims' families. The shame she feels comes from the knowledge that she's partially responsible for every crime her son committed. For us, the guilt is a little more indirect, but we still share some of the blame. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Saying that we dropped the ball in that department would be an understatement. It's because of this that we all owe Ms. Lucy Mills an apology. Just like Bebe, our lack of action taken years ago helped to create the heartless soul that killed her son. For that, we should all be sony. R.I. P "C .J." For comments, write to: Clarence Barr (4311o-ot8), Edgefield F. C. I., P 0. Box 725, Edgefield, S.C., 29824-liW IFRCE IF PITIICII DIISII, P. Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal Injury CypftSS Point Omce Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 101 'Dunpa, florida 33618 (813) 386-5730 Fonner HiUsbCI'ough County Prosecutor-Deputy Olief Prob.te Wilb &Ill!* Mlf.M!,. F. Keml Otlunlebl AttomQatlaw 1 0 9 N. AnMN.Av.nue r...._ R, 1111 htrt nv of a tawy r II an 1111po1ta11t dec:Jalon INt lhould nol be baNd IIOI.Iy upon adWI11M!entt s.for9 you dedcdt, ak u. to Mnd you lrM M1lten lnfonnllllon andt 50S East Jec:kson St. Suite 4f303 S.rrister' s Building T ..npe, FL. 3360 2 (813) 387 BANKRUPTCY Stop Foreclosure & Creditor's Heras s ment REAL .ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW CIIAIU. f : S P.A. '"''llh, \t I '" Bond Motions Misdemeanors Traffic Warranto; VOP Personal Injury Jlll W. MLK Ste.IOO 'llunpa, FL (813) 774-1800 ::11:1 chuckgrccne@ hotmail.com t=)


. LOCAL Computer Mentors Group Creates HonOr Board RALPH SMITH BY ANTIONE DAVIS Sentinel Staff Writer A Tampa organization devoted to teaching youth computer technology has selected a board to work on its behalf. The Computer Mentors Group (CMG) has chosen five people to work as ambassadors, promoting the causes ofthe local non-profit organization. This will be the first time the CMG will have a board. Board members include: State Sen. Arthenia Joyner, State Rep. Betty Reed, former Tampa City Cou'ncilman Bob Buckhorn, former JPMorganChase executive STATE REP. BETTY REED Gene Marshall, Susanne Kinsella Gill and Shirley Houston. "The people chosen for our inaugural board bring a lot of different talents that I believe will be extremely beneficial to the organization and to our students," said Ralph Smith, executive director of the Computer Mentors Group. "We have a mix of talented fundraisers, those who are regularly sought to raise money We also have people who bring credibility, prestige and expertise to our organization The Computer Mentors Group i s now in its tenth GIBBS& PARNELL, P.A. Attorneys At Law --(X 13) 975-4444 1-X00-711-5-152 WW\\. \E \ \ 'Taa!!llitl_.a\\ H .'I'S.l'Oill PERSONAL INJURY AND WRONGFUL DEATH BOB BUCKHORN year of operation. They currently provide computer training to children, youth and adults in 11 locations throughout Hillsborough County, including their main office at 2802 E Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. They recently opened a new location in Plant City, and last year, they provided 337 computers to individuals and local non-profit organizations. "We feel very fortunate to have the involvement and endorsement of these incredible leaders who b elieve in our mission of bridging the digital divide," Smith said. "We are indebt ed to their commitment THOMAS E. PARNELL. t:.q. \uto. Trurk or Boat \rridlnh. Slip and Fall,, \ur,in:,! llollll' or \hd. \lalprartin. \I. I. SIJHOt S 1\.Jt RH.S. / Our Firm Is Rated "AV" By Martindale-Hubbell, The Hifhest Rating For ugal Ability And Ethical Standard, Worldwide. The Wrt .t lewyer lllllllportat cltd-. .. .._ld Mt ......... ......,. .,..IMh"llrlfL Won 1 alk 1M lo 1 nr.t: wriHIafonnallllll ....... nur qallllflcall a11d n:perltttn Senator ReCeives Warrior For Women Award, In recognition of her legislative advocacy, Senator Arthenia Joyner (0-Tampa) received the Anne Gannon Warrior for Women Award presented by the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence on Thursday, June 21, 2007. This award is given to those individuals deemed worthy for outstanding effort in the protection of women and children against sexual vio lence. Senator Joynet was selected to receive the award due to her advocacy during the 2007 legislative session on behalf of women and children. She offered a budget amendment, which kept the funding intact for rape crisis SENATOR AXI'HENIA JOYNER centers, and she was also able to get their funding amount increased by $200,000. e -YAHWEH e (YHWH) y, YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH THE MESSIAH IS HERE NOW!! "The idea of a virgin-minded people appears to be appropriate title for the entire world of persons unenlightened and dead to the knowledge of the name of the God of the Bible, which is Yahweh, and that these virgin minded people have divine laws are duty bound to obey This virgin-minded people have been taught that the name of God is Jehovah and the name of His son is Jesus. Accord ing to The Gui nness Book of Records, 1991 paperback edition, the letter "J" is a fairly recent addition to the English alph a bet and it reads N ewes t lett e rs." The 11e w est le tt e r s added to the E11glish alphabet are J and "V." whic h are of post-Shakespearea11 use c. 1630 Fo rmerly th e y w ere only as variants o f "I" a11d "U." Given these facts the word Jehovah is actually a false translation ofthe "true" name of God, Yahweh. This word Jehovah had to hav e been invented after the year 1630, when letter J" was introduced to the English alphabet. When the King J(lmes Version of the Bible was written, the letter "J" had not been placed into the English so the Greek word "lesous" was later translated into Jesus. This information may be shocking to many of you, but it is true noneth e le ss. L ook this information up in as many reference tools as you can and research these facts for yourself. This information causes me to ask another question with the Scripture, Proverbs 30:4. "Wh o hath ascended up into lteawm, or desc e nded? Who hath ga thered the wind;, his fis t ? Who hath bound the wat e rs in a garment ? Who hath established all the ends of th e earth ? What is his e. and what is his SOil' s name, if thou Canst tell?" To learn of the Messiah requires diligent study and discipline You must s e arch out the divine qualities of the Supreme Mind of Yahweh Ben Yahweh and compare what has been researched and studied to His work s His name, His character, and His message. You are free to accept this truth or reject it. But remember though you are free to choose, you are not free from the consequences of your choice. Tune in to our website at www.ynhwehbenynhweh.com. ., 6 :D (I) m z m r. m c: r r-!!l z ., c: m r-! m 0 m C! m (I) -c 0 .,. :D


""" 0 0 C\1 w z :::) .., >"' a: I.L c a: I.L c z c:t c en w :::) 1-> a: w > w c w :I: en :J m :::) a. z i= w ..J ..J :::) m I ..J w z w en a: 0 ..J I.L LOCAL Honoring_ ELDER & MRS. DARYL FLINTROY Neighborhood Watch Leader Attends State Conference .June 2..J, 2007 \. St. Sll ..\ Tampa. FL JJ(, 10 BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer From June 14th through Special Guest: the 16th, the 11th annual PASTOR MICHAEL SMILING Florida Neighborhoods Mt. Calvary Deliverance Church, TIIJJlpa, FL Conference was held in Sarasota, Florida. CARMEL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 314 Huntw Rd., Cltr, FL 33566 A (813) 770.2424 or (813) 325-7078 (J" ,...--E;.. ___ """ ITS ALL ABOUT 'ESUS! Suncla lcltool 10 ..... Moral ... WOI'IIIIp 11 .-. sa-. 7:lO ...... Wtldlladu Dilrdons To 1M Church: t 1-4 eo PIMa Cltr, Exit 21. r.., stnlrlht to H1slhwu 39, 110 .bout 4 mUu eo Hurar Aoed. tum Rislht on Hurar Ro.s. the Church b V4 mlJ. on the J.t! For Transportation, Call: (813) 983-191:2 ''Our lf, : w r m I Em JOIIX:nn elll Tlu rJ/1 r/J Tllr' Wr1171 SUnday Morning ChW'ch School o 9:30am The conference was held to unite neighborhood association leaders from all over the state to discuss what's going on in their communities and what are their concerns. Sam Mobley, President of the Tampa Neighborhood Watch Association attended the conference. "There were about 500 people at the conference, and the workshops they held were very beneficial. "Among the important top ics we discussed was afford able rental housing_ A sug gestion was made to create a system where the government would repair rental properties for no charge pro viding they be rented to low income families_ "Affordable housing units sell for $150,000 and up, and people on fixed incomes or low income can't afford the new homes. Their income has to be at least $40,000-ayear to live in those houses_" Mr. Mobley said it was suggested that developers be given incentives to provide SAM MOBLEY more low-income housing and convince existing properties to make more low income units available. we also talked about property taxes, and how each county sets their own limits. There is a need to keep an eye on property taxes to make sure people aren't forced from their homes because they can't afford to pay the increases_" exist, but it was revealed that it does, especially in low-iricome communities where properties are owned by outsiders_ sunday Morning Worship o 11 :00am One topic of Mr. Mobley said he plans to attend more conferences scheduled for later in the year. He also said transportation was provided to and from the conference, meals were provided, and they all were treated to a boat ride where they looked at million-dollar homes along the waterfront. 1Uesday Night Youth Bible Study 0 6:30pm Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & Bible Study 0 7:00 pm E:KLY EOULE SUNDAY SPIRrTUAL FOUNDATION CLASS 0:30AM INTERCESSORY PRAYER 0:25AM 10:25 AM MORNING WORSHIP 10:30 AM CHILDREN'S CHURCH AVAILABLE WEDNESDAY EXCITING BIBLE STUDY 7:30 PM JESUS UNIVERSITY (YOUTH 8c TEENS) 7:30 PM FRIDAY PASTOR DONNELL MIN TANYA WI lAMS Fouod 6501 N. Nebraska Ave. (John c.lvln Church) Bible Study Wednesday@ 7 P.M_ Worship Service 6 P.M. Contact Info: 546-2751 Perfected Love AGAPE MINISTRIES Church Of God In Christ 511 N 4th St. Tampa, Fl H610 (813) 23ACAPE (232-4273) LO Sunday School 9:JO A.M. Sunday Morning Wonhlp 11:00 A.M. Prayer Tuesday 6:30P.M. Bible Study TueHfay 7:00P.M. sion was discrimination in housing. Mr. Mobley said some felt the problem didn't MT. ILLA M. B. HURCH J= .... 5705 N. 32nd Avenue ... ;;;1 REV. FELIX WALTERS, Pastor Sponsored By: The United Gospel Singers E ryon Is Invited Grou Choruses and Soloists) lunr 25. 200"' lunr 28. 2007 ldlU P. :\1.-8:00 P.:\1. Each Bible Lesspns And Discussions, Hands On Activities, Bible St9rlcs, Songs, Do-lt-Yourself Crafts, HIJft\\ And Much More Aj, Dlnltf!r II' ill Re &n'l!J AI 7'1trz Ettc/Off.lr l>c1r 's. lt.th-itk.'l -\tl It d I Fnr Qm,linu,, :\Inn lnfnrmalinn Or Pll':l'l' C:tll (;ray At (SIJ) 741-QlN.t


.............. St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church 0 S. Sherrill Street next level," said Rev. Dr. Port Tampa, Florida 33616 I Behind The PUIDit. I Thomas Scott, the church's c.. (813) 839-5263 senior pastor. "When I thirik .about our vision and the m Your presence is requested as we celebrate our Thirty-Fourth Street N Ch h Or G d potential we have to move to N Annual Home Comlng urc 0 the next level I am elated N 3000 N. 34th Street that God has given me the g Theme: Coming Home-Isaiah 60:4 Tampa, FL 33605 awesome task of being the ....., Sunday, June 24, 2007 11:00 A.M. Rev: Charles A. Peny Sr., Pastor We invite you to come and visit your old church no matter how far away you live now. and you will surely not be disappointed with what the Lord has done. St Mark Trustee Board Program Committee First BaPtist Church Of Lincoln Gardens 4025 W. Palmetto St TamPa. FL Rev. A. W. Greene. Pastor Annual Youth Day Proeram SundaY. June 24. 2007 I I :00 A. M. Theme: Jesus MY BFF (Best Friend ForeverJ Col. 1:3-14 t Guest SPeaker: ,, .Min. Derrick Youth Minister Macedonia M. B. Church. Eatonville. FL AU Graduates Of Class Of 2007 Will Be Honored SaturdaY. June 23. 2007 7:00P.M. Jam For Jesus! Mime. Dance. RaP And DYnamic Choirs Proeram ChairPersons: Paula Stevens Jones And Min. SCePben Wllllarns-Voutb Minister Martha Stevens-VOUfb OeP111men1 Directress Stephen WUIIarns-Vouth DePartment President Dr. W James Favorite, Vacation Bible School Staff and members of Beulah Baptist Institutional Church. would be honored to have you and your entire family join us at: "Vacation Bible School 2007" Dates: JulY 'l. 2001 -Retlstratton July 9 fhru 13. 2007 Acttvtttes Place: Beulah BaPtist lnsmuttonal Church 1006 West Cwress Street TamPa. florida 33606-1109 .. Actfvittes: Music WorkshoP. Dance WorkshoP. Arts. Crafts and Good Christian Funl Who Is lnvtted: All Aft. Race. & Gender Pre Registration/Information: Church Office or Church North Exit or (813) 251-3382 Bring a neighbor, relative, classmate or friend/ Rev. Dr. Thomas Scott, leader at this church.". Pastor Rev. Scott has been pastor The 34th Street Church of church. God is an active place to say The 34th Street Church of the least, God moved to its current It's a regular thing to see location in 1984, and has students from their King's lived up to their motto of Kids Christian Academy being, "The Church That going to and from the church Touches The Community." located at 3000 N. 34th "When I think about what Street. Friendly faces are God is doing in the ministry there throughout the day at 34th Street Church of helping with the academy, or God, I get excited because different funct.ions of the God is truly taking us to the lnv tes You To Wors p Wit Us Anll ne 24, 2007 10 A.M. And Witness uThe Other Twelve Disciples" 7736 Destin Drive Tampa, Florida g (North Of Clair-Mel Elemenfary School) Reverend Ronald Hubbard, Pastor ...,. FAMILY AND FRIENDS DAY Come One, Come All Sunday,June24,2007 11 A.M. Covenant M. B. Church 4610 E. Hanna Ave. (Comer Of Hanna And 47th St.) REV. CARNELL UPSHAW REV. MEL HARRIS Pastor We Invite Each And Evervone To Come And With Us In This.Worsh Service of 34th Street Church of God for 28 years, and members of his family work in the church with him. His son Marlon Scott teacmes a computer training class as part of the King's Kids Chrfstian Academy and his wife, Marva L. Scott, serves as the Elder of Congregational Care. "When Jesus died for us He was doing God's business. It's just my hope that people will come and share the vision and resources to make the spiritual potential a real-"TT ity, .. said Dr. Scott. 6 Reporter I Writer :::D Antione Davis can be g reached at (818) 248-1921. en He can also be reached at m adavis@flsentinel.com. Children's Boaid Special Meeting z m r;m c r r-z "tJ c m The Children's Board of Hillsborough County has % scheduled a special regular Board meeting for Monday, m June 25, 2007, 3-5 p. m., in < the Boardroom at the Children's Board, 1002 E. PalmAve. c For more information, please contact Yolanda Cotroneo at (813) 229-2884, ext. 224. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers m en c ,.. z c "TT :::D 6


Q ct u. Q z c:( Q UJ w :: ... w > w Q w :X: UJ ::; m :: A. z _, _, :: m ..:.. w z w UJ C ct g u. Local Author's Books Catch County Library's Attention Readers have given Brockman a lot of positive feedback for the books that he's written, but now the county library system has taken notice. Brockman's novel I'm In Love With Not Loving Anyone has been added to the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System. Currently, the book is housed in the College Hill Library, West Tampa Branch Library, the 78th Street Community Library and the Joh.n F. Germany Library downtown. The 29-year-old author says that his book is also circulating through libraries in his hometown of Belle Glade, Florida. "I'm extremely happy about the reception that the book has been getting. It's been getting a lot of positive support, and I'm really excit ed that people will have easier to one of my books," said Brockman. "A lot of people who have read my books have suggested that I put my books into the library system so I feel gooct that there available now." County library representatives gained interest in the Tampa-based author after reading an article in the Florida Sentinel Bulletin, and through viewing positive feedback on his website. After reviewing the contents of the book, the TampaHillsborough County Public Library System bought several copies for local libraries. The books became available on June 8th. DEXTER BROCKMAN Author, I'm In Loue With Not Loving Anuone "It was a long process, but now people have better access to my work," said Brockman. "I hope to have more of my published works available in the near future." To learn more about Dexter Brockman's writ ing, please go to www. dbrockman. web: paKJ:66.com. Reporter I Writer Antione Dovi con be Gl (818) 248-1921. He con aho be Gt adavis

BIRTHDAY GREETING BRI1NEY, a.k.a., BABY GIRL It's that time of year again. rm turning a year older and much wiser. Come out and share my day with me at 112, where I'll be partying like a rock star. Wishing my mommy a happy birthday. Love you, Lil' Ryan. f. I WIC.t ... )hn'

0 0 C\1 C\1 w z LOCAL :; \ Local Day School Ovvner Carrying On Family Tradition >= < c a: u. c a: u. c z <( c 0 w ::J 1-> .a: w > w c w :2: 0 :::; m ::J 0. z t= w _, _, ::J m ...J w z w 0 C a: 0 _, u. The late Geraldine Hall Streeter owned and operated the Fairy Land Nursery School for over 40 years. Geraldine Hall-Streeter owned and operated a Tampa daycare for over 40 years before she passed in June of 2006 Now, her granddaughter is continuing the tradition at the same location The Purple House Day School will teach local youth (age 3 through kindergarten) at the 4208 N. 31st Street location, the same place where Streeter housed the Fairy Land Nursery School. Dionne McCaskill-Alston will run the school, and says using the house for any other purpose would have gone against her grandmother' s wishes. This is what she would have wanted for the house. She ran a day care here for so long, it just seems that this is what she would have wanted," Streeter's granddaughter, Dionne McCaskill-Alston now runs The Purple HotL'ie Day School at 4208 N. 31st Street. said Alston. "This will not be a daycare, this will be an actual school for students to learn and get the attention that they need." Alston says that the current studentto-teacher ratio in Hillsborough County Schools is about 1 teacher to every 30 students. The ratio at The Purple House will be 1 teacher for every five students. The school will also include a gardening program, teaching the kids how to grow sunflowers and other plants. Alston says her past experi ence as a teacher has helped her learn that students from predominantly Black communities sometimes need some thing different. "The kids here will be engaged in activities that will not only occupy their bodies, but their minds as well," said Alston. "We want to prepare our children for the public school system. Our aim here is to make sure they get the attention and education that they need here to do their best when they move on." Dionne is the daughter of Louis and Janice (Hall) McCaskill, and the niece of Bonnye Hall Taylor, princi pal of Muller Elementary School. She is married to Major Alston, and has one son, Dylan Alston. For. more information on The Purple House Day School, please call (813) 237-4142 Reporter I Writer Antiorae Davi can be reached at (813) 248-1921. He can aho be reached at gdauis@flsen tinel.com. ala lOOi A N l T WITH THE KING frida\1 July 13 7:4=>p.m. flllUSIIP tr UliUUICI CIIUIIS JIC. UHLOI.Y J TuesdayThursday Breakout Sessions Morning Glory 9 : I.S 9:45 a. m ELDER JOEL H HOWELL Registration and Break 9:45 10 a m 1bc Order of the Chun:h I 0 II a m The Divine Relationship of the Bride and Her Groom DR. ANN EVANS SpirihuJJ Warfare and Deliveranre Jt:toa. m 1 2 8.m. APOSTLE STEVEN DAVIS Prophetic lntereessoin 12: I 0 4 I p. m. PROPHETESS VALERIE R. DAVIS Friday Breakout Session Morning Glory 9 : /.s 9 :45a. m ELDER JOEL H. HOWELL Registration and Break 9 :45-10 a m /lis Power to Get Wealth E ntrepreneur Fon.un I 0 a APOSTLE STEVEN D. DAVIS I'ROf'MfTESS AI'OSTU VAI.BU R. STlVtH D DAVIS DA .. IS SIS.IAHICt IIJHH HO.SOH GUI5T I'S.\IMIST In The Spotlight JAMARIES We are glad to have another young lady who is sure to leave an imprint on the minds of all who see her. Jamarles Is this week's Spotlight Unlimited Feature, and we are already anticipat Ing see much more from her In the future. This 19-year-old Leo loves dancing and running. She says her ambition is to be a successful female, and her philosophy on life is, "live life to the fullest." Congratulations to Jamaries on being this week's SpoUight Unlimited Feature. PASTOR DAVID CARSON 11 A.M. kEYNOTE SPEAKER: JUNE 24,2007 ELDER MICHR.LE PAm Com' out and cdt:'brott:' this joyous occasion our church fomtlv.'.'


. Meeting Held To Resolve Problems At Belmont Heights Estates ;; l:J c c.. c z m N .!" N 0 0 After a meeting last Thursday at Belmont Heights Estates, issues concerning problems with management and the seniors were resolved. ings unless she's invited." nated. They are vital, and need to keep going. There are some really great things going on for the seniors. Everyone just needs to make sure all the residents know what's going on at Belmont Heights Estates. """" can be reached at (813) Tampa Housing Authority Executive Director Jerome Ryans met with Belmont Heights Estates Manager, Pam Brown and Resident Association President, AI Young. "I thought the meeting turned out well. There had been a breakdown of communication between management and the residents and I think those issues :. ::. were straightened out. met with BHE manager "I told Young as presi-Resident Association dent, he needed to exert president. more leadership and authority, and if there was a need for us to assist him in providing training for some of his staff, we would do that., Ryans said there is no rift betw.een management and residents any more. "When I spoke to Brown, I suggested that in the future, any changes be put in writing. That way, people won't feel they are getting information after the fact or not getting it at all. i also suggested she not attend Resident Association meet-Ryans said he's very impressed with the job Young is doing and told him to let him know if they can help in any way. "I also don't' want to see the programs currently underway for seniors termi-Reporter Leon B. Crews 248-0724, or e-mailed at leon@jlsentinel.com. Support The Florida Sentinal Advertise rs ANOINTED WORD Corner of Rome & Columbus Dr. (254-5271) PASTOR ROY HAYES, Principal The Registration Fee Is W aived For A ll Grades Until August 3rd. Take AdvQntage Of This One Time Offer TODAY! HOW EHROLLIH6 tiRADES N .. ., r 0 en. m z ::! z m r;m c r r m -f z "U c m r c;; % m c m < m l:J -< -f Can a r aid re1IIP Gb\ld WILL learn to GUARANTEEDI These Kindergartner scholars learned how to read within the first nine weeks of school. ( 813 )Z4Z-4138 3304 SAHCHEZ ST ., TAMPA, F en c )> z c ., l:J c


. LiQC:AL 5th Annual 29th Street .Juneteenth Comer Story Hour Board members in attendance at the sth Annual Juneteenth Street Corner Story Hour were from left to right; Johnetta Goldsmith, Jody Jenkins, and Grace Miranda, Ualson for the Q Heart of East Tampa Front Porch. it LL. c z c( c en w ::::;) > w > w c w ::z::: en ::::i ID ::::;) a. z ffi ..I ..I ::::;) ID ..:.. w z w en C it g LL. On Saturday, June 16, 2007 tb'e Heart of East Tampa Front Porch Council and Hillsborough Community College celebrated its 5th Annual Juneteenth Street Corner Story Hour at the Open Air Market, located on East Lake and 29th Street. Parents and children of all ages gathered around the tables of free books to choose from. While snow cones were served, prizes were received by participants holding a winning raflle ticket and "book readers" enter-State & Fed. W. C. Claims *Certified by Mlchlpn St.t. University All Job-Related lnJUrlea Chanp Trelltlns Phyaldlms *ColleCt Back Pay Hoatlle Work Environment w.c.J Race DlacrlmlnatJon ATTY RODERICK FORD FREE CONSUl.TAnONI (813) 223-1200 (&DeptFcN'P-TideVIIc-.) 220 E. M.dison Street Suite 1207, T-.npa, FL 33602 VJ.It.,. OIHine bWWW.FOROlAW.ORC. (Former lf.S. Army JACC Atto,_,.) at .. :r" ... s. .... ._.,_.. J'fi BRYANT A SCRIVEN, ISQ. CRIMINAL DEFENSE FAMILY PERSONAL INJURY 1U. FELONIES DRIVtA'S UCENSEISSUES 1U. MISDEMEANORS IU. PEASONALINAIRY WES DUI DIVOA

LOCALSPORTS ., ::D c Siblings .Need Help To Attend National Track Championships MIA McCOY For several years, two Tampa siblings have compet. ed in track and field competitions. Since they began com peting, the youngsters have had the opportunity to travel to cities with their team. And this year will be no different for Marc and Mia McCoy._Thef are the children of Vince and Sonja McCoy. Mrs. McCoy serves as a track coach and her busband assists with Iundrais-ing. Marc became interested in track and field as a youngster and has competed for the past 5 years. He is a 5th grade student at Lomax Elementary School. Marc recently competed in the AAU Southern Ind\Jor Nationals Championships and captured 6th place in both the Penthlon and High Jump:He also placed 8th in the 60-meter hurdles. Following her brother's path, Mia began competing as a 6-year-old. She has been competing for three years. Mia is a student at Philip Shore Magnet Elementary School. Mia participated in the same competition and MARC McCOY walked away as a gold medallist in both the high jump and triathlon. Two years earlier, she broke the Club National record in the long jump event. Now, the siblings need the help of the community to continue competing. They need sponsors in order to attend the 2007 AAU National Club Championships in Orlando and later in Knoxville, 'Tennessee. The Orlando competition will take place from July 1st through July 6th. The young athletes will compete in AAU Junior Olympics Games July 28th through August 4th. Marc and Mia are both members of the Seffner Track Club. Anyone wishing to make donations can contact Vince McCoy at (813) 263-7505 or (813) 681-4308. Reporter Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (818) S48 or by e-mail at iririPthentjneL com. Breakout Gam. e By _High Grad Lifts Angels Past Astros c.. c: z m I'\) tl) 0 0 ...., Chone Figgins had arguably the best game of his career earlier this week against the Houston Astros. The Brandon High School graduate finished Monday's game 6-for-6, helping the Los Angeles Angels come back to defeat the Astros 10-9. Figgins had a double, four singles and a triple during the game, and he drove in the game-winning run in the ninth inning. The 29-year-old had three RBis for the game. Figgins also tied Garrett Anderson's 1996 franchise record for most hits in a CHONE FIGGINS game. "This is just one of those special games. You can't explain it," said Figgins. "The thing about it was that the game was so close, so it made me concentrate-even more to get a hit. I don;t think I ever did that in a video game,)lluch less a pro fessional game." The six hits by the Georgia native bumped his batting average up from .258 to .289. The Angels (45-27) victory helped further solidify the team's grip as the top team in the American League West Division. Baseball Player With Tampa Ties Drafted By :Blue Jays ., r-0 BY ANTI ONE DAVIS Sentinel Staff Writer George Gragg says that dedication and hard work are what helped his grandson get to where he is today The Toronto Blue Jays drafted Justin Jackson with the 45th overall pick in the Major League Draft on June 7th. The 19-year-old was drafted out of high school, and is currently in contract negoti ations with the Blue Jays. Jackson played shortstop for T.C. Roberson High School in Asheville, N.C. He had a .520 batting average, 12 home runs, four triples, 12 doubles, 35 RBis and 21 stolen bases. Jackson also started for the USA BoHeball Junior National Team last August, and played in the AFLAC AllAmerican Classic in San Diego this past summer. "Justin has worked extremely hard all his life to get to this point. He's earned his success, and we're all very proud of his accomplishments," said George Gragg. "He'fl already accomplished a lot, and we're hoping that he's going to have greater success in his baseball carper." Gragg says Jackson had the option of playing for az en m z ::j z m r;a:J c: r rm ::j z "U c: a:J r-c;; :::a: m c m < m Pictured from left to righb Jeanette LaRussa Fenton, Justin Jackson, Dallas Jackson and George Grag. Jackson ",.a taken m 45th O\-erall by the Toronto Blue Jays In the Leque Draft en earlier this month. Arizona State on a full scholarship if he had not been drafted. The newest member of the Toronto Blue Jays was also a finalist for some of the nation's top awards, including Baseball America's Youth Player of the Year and AFLAC's Jackie Robinson Award that was won by Tampa's Michael Burgess. Getting drafted was just the best feeling in the world. ,. z c I'm dedicated to working as hard as I can to help the Blue "T1 Jays organization," said Jackson. "'Toronto is a team :J:I! that I worked out for recently, ;c: and I guess I showed them something special." Jackson will likely begin his major league career in the Instructional League in Dunedin. GOT QUESTIONS? We Have Answers. HIWIOIOUGH COUNTY SUPEIMSO. Of ElECTIONS Buddy Johnson HOW DO I REGISTER TO VOTE? Call us at (813) 272-5850 or IT'S EASY! Get an application on our website or Visit your public library!


--------------------.............. ............... _..,.... .... ... _,_,_, __,_,_. ____ __________ Jeraldine Williams Smith Attorney-At-Law 2504 East 12th Avenue 'liullpa, FL 33605 (813) 248-8060 Phone (813) 248-8282 Fax Areas or Practice: Probate Property Criminal Appeals lalrtq of ... ..,. .................. dodo ... tloat -...... -clod ..... -...... -.......... u ... Nlke Tums Down VlckRequest FLOWERYBRANCH,GA --Nike has no plans to dump Michael Vfck from its roster of celebrity athhites, turning aside a request from the national Humane Society to eut ties with.. 'the Atlanta Falcons quarterback over alleged ties to dosfigbt.-Residenlilll &: l.atltepllin No Job Too Smell Or Too Lap 20 Yean Experience 5 Yean BlllblidJed ID Seminole fldabla CoiDmwlity DARRYL STARKES Roofing Contractor UCIIIIIICIIJ RC0067277 l...icealcd-Booded-IDam:d iua-W.,ae Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, on Tuesday released a letter that he sent to the apparel giant. -we trust that Nike does not want to be associated -------------------'1 with any celebrity who is (813) 477-0108 Fu: (813) 236-7325 Attor11ey Eric T. lliylor linked to this odious form of animal cruelty, Pacelle wrote. Nike spokesman Dean Stoyer said the company planned to honor ita Iuera- CRIMINAL DEFENSE tive deal with Vfck, who AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS worked with the company to EMINENT DOMAIN design a line of athletic: shoes and bas been used NEW LOCATION prominently in advertising W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 720 no chanp in the 259-4444 status of the between Nike and football Former Alit. AtlonMJ Geaenl for Florlde Fonner HUIIberoap CouDty PrOIICutor The of a an decL,ion that should DOt be b-.d10lcly upoo advertl8emcnl' BefOR you decicdc. ask 11'110 5Cnd you fn:e writlm iDfcrmaCion our smd expeaieuc::e. -Pretent ""il The 2007 Pre-College Summer Institute The "PrCollege Summer Institute" Is designed for High School Juniors, RJslng and Graduating Seniors who plan to attend a four-year private or public college. The aim of this Innovative program 11 to prepare student. with: + Week 1 College Study Skills <-2 College Major Selection Week 3 Financial Aid and Scholarthlps < Week 4 The College Success Formula Student. may Register for One Week or for the Entire Four Week Snslon. Space Is Limited. .-: Session 1 Begins: July 2, 2007 Tampa + $esslon 2 Begins: July 9, 2007 Tampa .,_ Session 3 Begins: July 13, 2007 Tampa < Se11lon 4 Begins: July 20, 2007 Tampa Session Days are: Mon., Wed. & Fri. Tlmtt are: 9 am 12 pm IYHI2n 200 per wk. Q.uuil100 (non refundble dtflollt to hold your Hit) Not : All Minimum Of A M11t1r'e player Michael Vick," Stoyer said. "'He is rightfully presumed innocent and afforded the same due proc:ess as any citizen, rather than be tried in the court of public opinion. Nike will continue to monitor the situation, but has nothing further to say at this time ." The W.1tc:e of Our Cm11mw1irr SpealdiiR for hw;lf' (813) 248-1921 SPORTS Kenny Anderson To Coach CBA Team ATLANTA-Fonner Georgia Tech point guard and NBA AllStar Kenny Anderson was hired as coach of the CBA's Atlanta Kronk on Tuesday. Anderson averaged 26 points as a sophomore at Georgia Tech and helped lead the Yellow Jackets to the Final FOlD' in 1990 along with Dennis Scott and Brian Oliver nicknamed "Lethal Weapoa 3." Andel'80n was the second overall pick in the 1991 draft by the New Jersey Nets and spent 14 seasons with nine frandlises, including the Portland Trail Blazers, the Boston Celtirs, the Atlanta Hawks, the Indiana Pacers and the Charlotte Hornets. KENNY ANDERSON "' feel that coming back to the city where I was a rollege star at Georgia Tech to coadl is a blessing," Andersoo said iq a statement "' look forward to the challenge that lies ahead. I will work hard and will be fully rommitted to the CBA's Atlanta Krunk being a suocess." Will Face 1Wo Felony Charges LAS VEGAS Suspended NFL player Adam .. Pacman" Jones must surrender here to face two felony charges in a strip club melee that preceded a triple shooting in February, authorities said Wednesday. Two other people police identified as part of the trou bled Tennessee Titans cor nerback's entourage also will face felony charges in the fracas inside the Minxx Club, Las Vegas police said. Clark County District Attorney David Ropr said at a news conference that arrest warrants were being sought for Jones, Robert -B'-Rob" Reid of Carson, Calif., and Saclia Morri80n ofNewYork. be given a reason able amount of time to turn ADAM 'PACMAN' JONES themselves in, and if they don't, police will go looking for 'them," Roger said. If convicted, Jones faces a maximum of up to 12 years in priaoD ud a $10,000 fine, 'uthorities said. Green Remains In Draft WASHINGTAir. \,( v 'r-George;'\'WD Green. is heading w the NBA. The Hoyas junior will keep his name in the NBA drafthe said last month he intend ed to turn pro, but said his decision wasn't set in atone" and kept his options open by not hiring an agent. Monday was the deadline for early-entry candidates to withdraw from the June 28 draft. Green, a 6-fbot 9 forward, led Georgetown in scoring ( 14.3 points) and averaged 6 4 rebounds and 3.2 aasists, helping the' Hoyu reach the Final Four for the f\rst time in 22 years. Green's fronteourt teammate, junior center Roy Jeff Green waltecl untll just before the deadline to oftlclally ftnn up his draft plana. Hibbert, withdrew from the draft last month. ,.


Sosa Slams Milestone Homer Off Former Team ARLINGTON, Texas -Sammy Sosa's 600th homer resembled so many that came before-except this time the Chicago Cubs were on the other side. Playing for the Texas Rangers aft;er a year out of baseball, Sosa became the fifth member of the 600-homer club Wednesday night when he connected against his former team. After driving a 1-2 pitch to right-center for a solo shot in the fifth inning of Texas' 7-3 victory, SlamJOin' Sammy bounced out of the batter's box with his trademark hop and thrust his right fist into the air before reaching first base. He was mobbed at home plate by his teammates while the scoreboard showed pictures of all five members of the elite club: Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Sosa. "It was something that can not be explained," Sosa said. "Getting my 600th against the Chicago Cubs, and my first team (was) the Texas Rangers. It's like everything clicked. My emotions, I don t know what they are." Greg Oden Works Out For Bl8zers PORTLAND, Ore. -Greg Oden admitted he was out or breath after his workout Wf'dnesday for the Portland Trail Blazers. By no means was the 7-foot draft prospect coasting in on his reputation. Really, I'm trying to sell them on me, not the other way around, the forwprd from Ohio State said after a vigorous solo workout. droves. The Portland Trail Blazers have the No. 1 selection in the June 28th draft. Oden figures to be one of the top picks along with Kevin Durant, a forward out of Texas, who is scheduled to visit the Blazers on Friday. An I can do is be me," Odensaid. A couple dozen fans stood across the street from the Tmil Blazers practice facility south of Portland hoping to catch a glimpse of the _Big Man. The media turned out in Team owner Paul AJlen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, sat and watched the workout with general manager Kevin Pritchard. Several players, including Zach Randolph, Rookie of the Year Brandon Roy, and LaMarcus Aldridge also looked on. T .\,IPA BA \' Bli('('A:\!EEH.S 2007-200S Football Season Sept. 9 Sept.l6 Sept. %3 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. Oct.ZI Oct.l8. Nov. Nov.%5 Dec.l ,.: Dec. 9 Dec. 16 Dec.lJ Det. 30 @ Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints St. Louis Rams @ Carolina Panthers @Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans @ Detroit Lions Jacksonville Ja1uan Atlanta Falcons Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints @ Houston Texans Atlanta Falcons @ San Franciscultation Tarnpa 813-281-0103 Pinellas 72 7-736-0402 te. "'' bft\"" dlt-tUIM'' Nftlt.h e,tttnet t.f'"''V .. ""'" yeh *d-M "''' ...... 1-.\'foor 18 m""' lttt n'"f!Mm: .... fllte4,lllfWt ---1 "" ::xJ c c.. c:: z m N ,!') N 0 0 ..... _,. "TT r-0 2J 6 > en m z z m r-I al c:: rr-m z c al r-u; :r: m c m < m c m en ;c: > z c "" 2J 6


,.... 0 0 N N' N w z :::l ..., >=' < c it u. MR.GEORGEDYAL Mr. Georp Dyal was hom on March 28, 1932 In Lakeland, GeorJla, and paaed away June 15, 2007. He was also preceded In death by: his parents, Sam and Essie Mae Dyal; his brother, Calvin Dya); and siaters, Delores Dllbert and BettyDyal. He leaves to cherish his -memory: devoted daupters, C Belinda Wilson (Richard, it Jr.), Carolyn Dyal (Ron), u. Sharon Atherton (John), C Rosalind Walden, Monica Jones (Alvin) and Sabrina Wilkerson (Chris); son, Irwin Walden; a-wife of 40 yean, C Roberta Johnson; slater, 0 Mary Wilson (Vernon); W brotben, Eddie Dyal(SbeUa) and Anthony Johnson > (Marie); grandchildren, a: Catina Dya), nfl'any Nelson, W Anthony Nelson, Trlnlka Lewis, Shannon Singletary 0 and Sol SlnJ]etary; aunts, w Grace Rod1ers, Estella ::z: Brown and Merline Forrest 0 (Melvin); and a host of sor::::; rowing p1lDdebUdren, great ID Jrandcblldren, nieces and ? nephews and devoted friencla. The family wlll receive w friends from 3-4 p. m. on _, Friday, Jane 22, 2007, at -' Florida Mortuary, 4601 N. ::;) ID Nebrulca, Tampa. _:, You may view and sliD the w guest book at www.fiorlZ damortuary.net. J= z w 0 c( c a: 0 _, u. local news education religion business health sports family entertainment 111 the Floridel Sentinel 813-2481921 MR. EDWIN B. MORDICA Graveside services for Mr. Edwin B. Mordlca will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 23, 2007, at Oran1e Hlll Cemetery, 4900 Chelsea St. Tampa, Pastor James Roberbon, oflldating. Mr. Edwin B. Mordlca waa born November 12, 1945, to Mr. Alfred and Haul Mordlca In Tallahassee, where be attended school In Leon County. He was preceded In death by: his wife, JoAnne Mordlca; father, Alfred Mordlca; and brother Frank Mordlca. On June 18, 2007, Mr. Mordlca waa called home to be with the heavenly father. He leaves to mourn: bla cbUdren, Kysha Mordlea and husband, Shawn White, Torry Mordlca and Brazelle Mordlca, mother, Hazel Mordlca; grandchildren, Torry, Jr., Victoria, Nabla, Kory, Raykayla, Kalanl, Marquis, .Kanye and Jabara; sisters and brothers, Althea Lewis, Alfred Mordlca and wife, Geneva Colson and bu. band, Roscoe Mordlca and wife, Al'thenla MIDs, Bernard Mordlca, Betty Proctor and husband, and Anthony Mordlca and wife; mother-inlaw, Mary Williams; brothera-In-law, James Williams and wife, and Johnnie Wllllams; and slater-In-Jaw, Latrlna Richardson; and a host of sorrowlnJ nieces, nephews, cousins and other relatives and friends too numerous to mention. Mr. Mordlca wiD be missed but his memory and love for life will Jive on with the people who knew him and loved him. John Harmon, LFD, and James Harmon, LFD. A HARMON BURIAL MRS. CATHERINE SEYMORE Homegolng services for Mrs. Catherine Seymore who God called home on TUesday, June 12, 2007, will be held on Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 1 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home Chapel, sooa N. 40th Street, Tampa, with Elder Frank 0. Gray, offlclatln1. Interment will follow at Orange Hill Cemetery. Catherine was bom on June 25, 1923, In Alabama to the late Joe Benson and Claydell Benson. Catherine was a realdent of Tampa for 61 yean. She was preceded In death byr son, Edward James Seymore1 her dauahte ... Lorlne Batson and Dorothy Jean Jon and her sisters, Martine Daniels, Resale Eat.ey, and Julia Joiner. Catherine will be mlued byr FUNERALS MRS. CATHERINE SEYMORE her husband, John Banks; Iovins daushters, Marsie Pearson, Mae London and husband, Richard; son, Howard Seymore and wife, Gwen; sisters, Lassie Darklns, Etha Ward, Annie Laura and husband, Wlllle Grace, Irene Norvlll, Eunice Shoats, Marsaret Burke and Annie Frances Wheeler; 7 sranddau1hters, Patricia Seymore, Tichnla Dlls, Vickie Shepherd, Dellna Batson, Lekesia Seymore, April Jacobs and Avis Londod; 8 srandsons, Patrick CoiHer, Albert Jones, Darryl Seymore, Richard London, Jermalne Londoa, Thomas Seymore, Marcus Seymore and Curtis Seymore; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and devoted friends. Public visitation for Mrs. Catherine Seymore w111 be held this Friday evenlnJ, June 22, 2007, at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street, from 6 p. m. The family will receive friends from 7-8 p. m. John Harmon, LFD, and James Harmon, LFD. A HARMON BURIAL MR. DWAYNE MARLON SIMMS Homqolna Services for Mr. Dwayne Marlon Simms, 24, of Tampa, wlll be held on Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 3 p. m. at the Harmon Funeral Home Chapel, sooa N. 40th Street, Tampa, with Pastor Norris Gordon and Pastor Garrick, offlclatlna. Interment will be In Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery, Tampa. He is survived byr his moth er, Andrea Pattenon; father, Calvin Slmms1 son, Jacob; brother, Dushawn; Brandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family members. VIsitation for Mr. Dwayne Marlon Simms will be held on this friday evenlna, from 6-8 p. m. at Harmon F\lneral Home, sooa N. 40th Street. Friends are asked to aasem ble at the funeral home at approximately 8145 p.m. on Saturday. ..... John Harmon, LPD and James llannoa, LPD. A HARMON BURIAL MR. RICHARD ALLEN HUDGINS Homegoing services for Mr. Richard Allen Hudgins, who pa.ued away on Tuacbay, Jane 19, 2007, will be conducted on Saturday, Jane 23, 2007, at 2 p. m. at New First Union Missionary Baptist Church, located at 3707 E. Chelsea Street, Tampa, Reverend Antonio Hawkins, Pastor of Faith laatltutiona) Church, officlatiq. Interment wiD be on Monday, June 25, 2007, in Bushnell. Mr. Richard Allen Hadpns, atrectloutely c:aOed ""Sarse" by his close friends, wu bora In Ft. Meade, to the late Will Benjamin and Willie Mae Hudaina oa November aa, 1933. After movlaa from Fort Meade to Tampa, Richard attended the public Khoola of Hlllaboroaah County and enlisted in the U. S. Army at an early aae, where be retired after more than ao years of aervlc:e. After retirln& from the mUltary, he moved his family back to the place where he grew up and beaaa worldaa for Lykes Brothers, while he and his wife raised their four chlldrea. Richard wU1 be remembered foadly by thOR who mew him u a lovlaa and &fvkaa person, who treated his host of family and friends u if they were his OWD. Richard waa preceded Ia death byz his pareats, Willie Mae Hudaina aad Will B. Hudalns, Sr.; hla brother, John E. Hudalns; aad his slater, Doria L Alexander. Richard leaves to mourn his predou. memories: his wife of almost sa years, Yvonne Hudains; sons, Mlc:hael A. Hudgias (Dorothy) and Richard D. Hudgins (Cynthia); daughters, Connie F. Hudgins WWiama and Phyllis Hudgins; araadchlldren, Olando J Ricks, Juan L. u BaldwinHudJins, Tavares L Huclains, Andre' L. Hudalna, Candls s. HudJina, Brinnle L HudJlnCallymore, Brittany C. HudJina, Michael A. HudJlna, Jr. and Jessica N. Wllllams; great arandchildren, Aunyea 0. Ricks, Shanlya T. D. Hicks, Isaiah J. HudJina and Brlanna A. Huqins; brothers, Will B. Hudgins, Jr. (Mary), Clarence V. Hudgins, Sr. (Julieta), and Thomas J Hudgins (Louise); sisters, Betty J White (Oeorae), Joyce A. Primus, Carolyn V. Hudgins, and Edith M. Johnson (James); brothersIn-law, James W Aakew, Jr., Warren L. Askew (Shirlene) and Lal'l')' Kirksey; alaten-ln law, Juell Jackson and Carol Armatrona; and an extensive host of nieces, nephew., areat nieces and nephew.; and other aorrowlna relatives and friends. VIsitation for Mr. Richard Allen Hudgins will beatn at 6 p. m. this Friday evenlna at New Firat Union Mlulonary Baptist Church, located at 3707 E. Chelsea Street, Tampa. Frlenda are asked to meet at the church at 1145 p. m. Faml)J will line up at 701 Lanaston Place, Tampa. Ja .... HaiWtOa, LPD, Jolaa Hannon LPDIC. A HARMON BUIUAL MS.DELEENA LAMECHA YOUNG Funeral services for Ms. Deleena Lamecha Yoans of 9902 N. Hyacinth Ave., Apt. C, who passed away Wednesday, June 13, 2007, will be held Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 1 p. m. from Friendship Missionary Baptist C.urch, 1901 Central Avenue, with the Rev. Johnnie Miller, officiatinJ, eulop.t. Interment-will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Ms. Deleena Lamec:ba Younc was born on May 29, 1985, in Tampa. She was educated in the public school system of Hillsboroush County, and was a graduate of Howard W. Blake Senior High School, class of 2003. Her last employment was with the Casper Corporation. Tiffany, as she was affectionately caDed, was preceded in death by: her parents, Lawrence R. and Helen B. Youns; her paternal grandparents, Arthur Everett and Mianle YoUDJ; her maternal IJ'IUidparents, James Barber, Sr. and Mary B. Barber; and 2 uncles, James Barber, Jr. and Tyrone Y0UJ18. She leaves to cherish her memories as they Unser in the hearts of: dau1hter, Da'Miyab Helen Young; 2 sisten, a Iovine and carina one, Deela Youn1 and Jamila; 5 aunts, Norene Miller and husband, Arthur, Marzaret Ealy and husband, Lawrence, Deloris Anderson and hasband, Albert, Carolyn Strickland and husband, Jimmie and Betty Youns; uncle, Arthur Youns and wife, Myra, all of Tampa; 4 great aunts, Carolyn Golden and husband, Theron of HarrlsburJ, PA, Sandra Miller, Evelyn Miller and Tommie Lee Miller, all of Tampa; 5 Jre&t uncles, Ervin Mlller and wife, Ernestine, Earl MIDer and wife, Donna, Robert Miller and wife, Shirley, Otis Miller and Theodore Miller, all of Tampa; 4 nephews, Deonte, Taquohn, Tyrohn nnd Amari, all of Tampa; a host of couslas which includes, DeMario Miller; special friends amons whom are Antwon Robinson, Natash Wallace, Larry Holloway and ltobln Smith; and a host of other relatives and friends. VIsitation for Ms. Deleena Lamecha Youna will be held on Friday, June aa, a007, at Jackson Funeral Home, 46o5 N. 34th Street, from s-8 p. m. The family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. Family and friends are asked to assemble at the chureh on SahardiQ', June q, aoo7, at sat30p. m. Funeral arran1ementa entrusted to a. J. Derr, Sr., LP.D. and Emb. "A JACKSON SERVICE.,


!---.) ___ __] MR. WILLIAM LEE ENGRAM Funeral services for Mr. William Lee Engram will be held 2 p. m., Saturday, June 23, 2007, at Keeney Chapel United Methodist Church, 7736 Destin Dr., Tampa, Rev. Ronald Hubbard, pastor, officiating. Repast will be held at the church after the service. Interment will be held at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, on Monday, June 25, 2007 at 12:30 p.m. Beautiful memories will linger in the hearts of that loved him dearly: h1s loving and caring wife, Mrs. Vera Engram; daughter, Ms. Shirley Lewis; and five sons, William Engram Jr., Robert Engram, Calvin Engram, Willie Guilford, and James Earl Engram; grandchildren and great grandchildren; brothers, Mr. Edward Engram of Delray, and Emmitt Engram and w1fe, Mary of West Virginia; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, devoted friends; and a devoted goddaughter, Mrs. AJiiene Maddox-Robinson. He was preceded in death by a daughter, Pamelin Bc HI. for Mr. Engram will he held Friday, June 22, 2007, from 6-8 p m at Keeney Chapel Unitell Methodist Church, 7736 Destin Dr., Tampa. Services to Morning Glory Funeral Chapel, 5100 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa. A MORNING GLORY FUNERAL CHAPEL SERVICE. Mr. Harold .Jones, Owner. MR. JAMES ROG ERS, J R. Funeral services for Mr. James Rogers, Jr. will be held 11 a m., Saturday, June 23, 2007, at _Northside Missionary Baphst Church, 5706 N. 40th Street, Tampa, Rev. Jacob Jordan, pastor. Repast will be in the Fellowship Hall immediately after the homegoing service. Interment will be at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, at 11 a. m. on Monday, June 25,2007. Brother James Rogers, Jr. was born in Sneads, to Mr. Jim Rogers, Sr. and the late Mrs. Mittie Lee Mitchell. He graduated from County Training School m Marianna. After graduation he went into the United States Army, then later relocated to Greensboro, South Carolina and then to Tampa, until death sealed his lips on Tuesday, June 12, 2007, at 9 :45a.m. He leaves to cherish fond memorie!ii: a devoted sister, Mrs. Gertrude Miller; his sister, Madine Rogers, Tampa; 2 hrother!li, Lindsey Porter and Mr. Clifton Rogers, and wife, Faye of Valdosta, Georgia; a very denJtcd aunt, Mrs. Helen Sims, and a h o s t o f n i e l e ., n e p h l' w o; and friends. Visitation for !\lr. Rogers will hl' held 6-H p m .Junc 22, 2007, at :'olorning (;Jon Funcloris) Flowcr!li, Rcginald 1-'lowcrs. Ronald (Nicole) Flowcrs. Rcginnld Flowcrs Jr Shantisha 1-'lowcrs. Raven and Nicholas Flnwcrs: thc cntirc Roval nih frilncls. Rohcrt :1 ,.J.:ll ret Fi s hc n tt fat 1\f :0.1 ('It I'( ro dhtffi(, Enin Rnudal. ari('S Knowi(' S and narharn wherrv: and n host of sm-wing and frhmlo; hc 'isitatinn fm will hdd on !uta 22. n-. ft om h H p 111. nt thc otning (;fnty Funeral :.!0 l\1 <:I A\ lllJwl. ;, too :'li orth !': rntu Tantpa. A l\IORNIN<; (;I,ORY H v (h INF.RAI. CII:\I'EI. SJ-:R -ICE. ;\Jr. ll:ll'o I cl J 0 \ 'ttcr. MR. ANDREW J OSEPH WILLIAMS "SNOW" Funeral service for Andrew Joseph Williams "Snow," will be held at 11 a m., Saturday, June 23, 2007, at Faith Institutional Church, 2725 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, Pastor Antonio Hawkins, officiating. Andrew Joseph Williams was born on January 3, 1940, in Seffner, to Mr. Andrew Williams and Mrs. Namoi McCloud. Andrew served for years in the Army and moved back to Seffner. Then from there he moved to New Hampshire and worked as a steel worker for many years until he returned back home to Seffner. Andrew leaves to cherish his memory: three daughters, Frances, Debra, Cynitha and wone deceased daughter; two sons, Andre and Andrew, Jr. ; two sisters, Daisy Armwood, and Lynda Hollinger and husband, Calvin; brother, James Armwood and ";fe, Teresa; uncle, Charlie Hugee; and a of grandl"hildren, great grands, nieces, nephews a_nd friends; t" o very spec1al nephews. John and Waymon Hunter; and best friend. Alferd Campbell. \'isitation for Mr. \\'illiams ";11 be held from 6-8 p. m. at :O.forning Glory f 'uneral Chapel, 5100 N. Nebraska Avenue. Tampa. :\ GLORY 1-T!':ERAL CHAPEL SER\'ICE. Harold Jones. Own cr. fiumiJ (hmm and A liruhlioll Corlliflll('.f J I 1 : I I _. l ll l l .I 2708 E Dr. Hartlll 'Mt Kill;, Jr. Bltd. Ttmpt, 3610 A>. (8U) 2J2a8J25 Fu !8UI mcs21 I rt '"'' lirmtl lttl.r mf1" ofwurlilmlll n r ,,,. th--srrrirr -'llllllllll, Sl. rr1r nnd :\t'\'1\' If A ROI OWNio:H g:nr cP;nr;(V !-Ray_ l : Williams j I -----MR. LOUIS BOSTICK, SR. 'SWEET LOU' Mr. Loui5 Bostick. Sr. affectionately called "Sweet Lou," of :uu W St. Louis Street, passed away Thursday, June 14, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 11 L m. atTyeTTemple United Methodist Church, 3309 N. 15th Street, Reverend Geraldine Christopher, pastor, with Apostle Jo Ann Russell, officiating. Interment wiD follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Bostick was a native and lifelong resident of Tampa. He was the oldest of 12 children born to the late Jetie B. Wilds and Minnie Lee Bostick Wilds. He was employed with Eastern Airlines in 1966 and worked as a Sky Cap at the Tampa International Airport. He later transferred to Atlanta, Georgia, and retired in 1992 after 26 years of senice. He Jea" es to cherish his memon : wife, Gwendolyn Bostick; ch.ildren, Glenda Coleman, Debra Smith (Jerome) of Fnetteville, GA. Louis Bostick, Jr:. Reginald Bostick (Dessie), Tonva Bostick and Monyatta Cobb: grandchildren, LaTia Colbert (Otis) of Ft. lauderdale. Torrell Coleman, Fowler, Ashley Smith, Smith. all of Fayette,ille. GA. China Bostick, Jordan Bostick and Justin Bostick: grl"at grandchild. T'Ari Colbert of Ft. lauderdale; brothers. Jetic 8. Wilds. Jr. (Ozepher). Gl"orgc Wilds (Jacqueline), Wilbert Wilds, Bobby Wilds (Lynda), ReYerend Aaron Wflds (Sandy). Andre Wilds, Horace Wilds and John Wilds (Toi): sisters, Apostle JoAnn Russcll of Winnfield, LA. 0nthia Williams (Johnny) and A .nncttc \\'ilds: aunt, Addie "Bostick: unclc. Hcrbcrt Hu rtH'\". Sr.: sistcr-i n-law. Ros(n;ary nieccs. .Jcllll'lll Wild!ii, Jcria Wilds. Tnmmi Wilds. Cheryl Rowells. Toni Collins. Carla Wilds. Staci \\' ilds. (;Jcnnette Bntcc. !"icolc Annstrong. lntricc Russell, .Jtm,s. \'olya \\'ilds. Som a !\litchcll. llee llee Wilds. Clm :ctha Wilds. Andt'Ca Wilds. :\nita l .aTuya \\'illiams. l\lonh a Ashlcy Williams. Shel'ise Wilds Joy Wilds, TaMartn Wilds. Antoinctte l .ce nnd Ocnctra Rrown: ncphcws. Gnrnell \\'ilds. l.iucoln Simmons. Knrl Sn cll in It O:nnn l'i n k tll'Y llclano (llonnnli!iin). Robby Wilds .. Jr., lllltT\'I \ 'nnl' l', :\lmu:n \'ance. Wilds. Johnny \\' illin ms 1 r .. ,J a\'an \\'illin ms, Sr ... John Wesley Wild!ii, .lr, (Nnthali\'l, nnd 011cnr Tcrry: \'Uusins. l\lat' Fl lllll'l"S llnll' of \\' (st l'alm lhadt. llt. l\l:ugar\'1 :\. Fisht'r (RnlHtl). Ruololph Allln. Tht'odUJ'l' All,n, :\likl' Alhn. Ridund I.nw I Continued on page 20-A I r-0 :xJ 6 ,.. en m z -f z m r;m c r r-!!l z c: aJ r-u; ::1: m c m < m :xJ -< -f c m en c ,.. z c :xJ 6 ?<


...... 0 0 C\1 C\1 w z :::::1 <( c a: LL 0 a: LL 0 z c( 0 tn w :::;) > a: w > w 0 w %: tn :::i m :::;) 0. z ...J ...J :::;) m ..:. w z w tn c( 9 a: 0 ...J LL I Continued from page 19-A I (Jackie), Woodrow Allen, Herbert Burney, Jr., Brenda Burney, Ricky Burney, Debprah Massey (Lee), Robert Bostick, Jr. (Rowena) of Maryland, KY, Patricia Jones, Clarence Bostick (Marlena), Darlene Smith (David) of Everette, WA, Beverly BostickDavis, Howard Bostick (Betty) and William Bostick, Jr., of Columbia, MD; and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p. m. today, June 22, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue and the family will receive friends from 6-7 p m. at the Chapel. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. DEACON GROVER CUSSEAUX Deacon Grover Cuaeaux of Tlllllpa, paaed away Tbunday, June 14, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 12 noon at 34th Street Church of God, 3000 N. 34th Street, with Reverend Dr. Thomas Scott, pastor, officiatina. Entombment will follow In Garden of Memories Cemetery. Deacon Cusseaux was a native and resident of Tampa, for his entire Ufe. He wu educated by the School District of HW.boroup County and wu a member of 34th Street Church of God where he served aa a Deacon for 111/2 years. Mr. Cuueaux wu a veteran of the United States Army and waa employed aa a Customer Service Representative at Eaatern Airlines for 371/2 years. A faithful servant for God, h1a amlle ahined with joy u he dedicated hla life to makina people happy. He also loved sports and can. Deacon Cuaseaux wu preced ed In death by: his parents, John and Annie Cuaseaux; and his brothers, Leroy "Blp-Bop" Cuaaeaux (who preceded him In death a few houn before hla death) and Emanuel Tyrone Cuaaeaux. He leavea to cherlah hla memory: his devoted wife or 47 years, Freddie Jean Cuaeaux; his sons, Grover Cu.saeaux, Jr. and Derby Carter; slater, Margaret Mount; aistera-lnlaw, Lillian H. Cuueaux, Anne Cusseaux of Miami, and Maaale Cusaeaux; nieces, Yvonne Palmer of CT, Carolyn Baker of Flint, MI, Kathy Martin (Lasalle) of San Dleao, CA, Cynthia Avery uf Detroit, MI, Annie Maraaret Martin (Lawrence), Gail Cuaseaux, Veronica Cuaaeaux, Marao Patterson, Jean PaHenon, Vee Cusseaux, Nicole Martin, Sharon Cuaeaux, Bernadette Cusseaux, Bonnie Cuaseaux, Deborah Carter, Robin Townsend (Garrett) of GA, Valencia Cu11seaux of Miami, Sabrina Cu11seaux, Zsa Z11a Cusseaux, G IGI Cu11seaux, Zulema Cusseaux, Ann Scott (Ron}, Llzetora Barnum (Usher), Conchita Canty Jones (Darren), Monica Tartabull and Sherry Ann Wllllam11; nephew11, Eric SIN k Derric k ......................................................... -.. Sisk, Charles Weng (Laverne), Churles Canty, Dan Cusseaux of MA, Dexter Cusseaux (Nicque'), Wright Cusseaux, Ricky Cusseuux, Rev. Allen Cusseaux, Sr. (Sherry!), Dwight Cusseaux, Sr. (Suundru), Ben Reynolds, Larry Cusseaux, William Hairston, Clifford Canty (Thelma), Frederick Ervin, Darrel Jerome Canty (Helen), Rnymond Weng, Lenzo Canty (Sharon), Randy Canty, Rodney West Canty, Emanuel Tyrone Cusseaux Jr., Derrick McCloud and Craig Bryant; great nieces and nephews, Allen Cusseaux, Jr., Alanah Cusseaux, Yannick Cusseaux, Jasmine Beanford, Robert Carter, Tarena Tutt-Violet, Bilan Barbadoes, Shaken Tun, Eugene McCombs, Estefan McCombs, Angel, KiKi, Angelina, Porche, Kenny and Darren Cusseaux, Sherry Ann Williams, Larry WiUiams, Grea Palmer and Larry Williams; aunt, Cora Lee of Waycross, GA; cousin, H T Baker (Genldine) and family; &odsons, Huey Johnson, Steve Garner and Euaene Jacbon; family friends, Ruben Yeoman (Juanita), Gloria Phllmore, Mary Watts, Bell Haugabook, Margaret Dunwood, Flora Dawson, Lucille Nile Franklin, Nathan ScoH (Aretba), Beverly Webb, James Byers, Herbert Dixon, Leroy Mitchell, Jeaaie Hobdy, Bertha Malcolm, Barbara Cooper, Autherine Clark, Cleatea Wllliama, Steve Garner, Azzie Lee, Mary Upshaw, Irene Floyd, Mae Vesta lalar, Regie Talley and Ronald Coffie; and a boat of other nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends. The remaina wiD repoee after 5 p. m. today, June 22, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N Howard Avenue, and the family will receive friends from 7:30-8:30 p. m at the Chapel. Arranaementa entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes It Northern, Ownen. MRS. SANDRA WILUNGHAM SOLOMON Mra. Sandra Wllllnsham Solomon of 4221 Green Street passed away Monday, June 18,2007. Funeral aervlca will be conducted Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 11 a. m. at The Center for Manifestation, 3201 E. Lake Avenue, ApcNttle Mark Jones, pastor, with Apostle Dr. David A. Boyd, officlatina. Interment will follow in Oran1e Hill Cemetery. FUNERALS MRS. SANDRA WILLINGHAM SOLOMON Mrs. Solomon WBli a lifelong resident of Tampa. She was educated by the public schools of Hillsborough County and was a member of Harvest nme Ministries. She was employed by the School District of Hillsborough County u a Para-Educator for Lavoy Exceptional Center. She leaves to cherish her memory: devoted husband, Jimmie Solomon, Jr.; four Iovin& sona, Charrod Solomon (Jessica) of Atlanta, G1A, Matthew Solomon, Jery Solomon and Davonte' Solomon, aU ofTampa; lovin1 dauahter, Theira Jones of Tampa; Iovin& aad devoted parenta, Milton and ldella Wlllln1ham; four brothers, Milton Willlnsham, Jr. (Elma), R.oo.evelt Wlllin&ham (Sherry), Jeffrey Willin&ham (Lisa) and Gre1ory Wllllnaham (Darbl), all of Tampa; slater, Pamela Wlllin&ham of Lincoln, NE; three aunts, Betty Jean Willlnaham and Cora Lee Abram, both of Tampa, and Deloria Jackson of New Jersey; uncles Jack Wllllnaham (Gloria) and William Willlfl&ham; motherin-law, Alma Solomon; alaten-In-law, Joyce Simon and JoAnn Redden; six brotheninlaw, Alexander Solomon (Cynthia), David Solomon, Stanley Solomon, Curtis Solomon (Cheryl) and Frank Solomon (Sue); lovina and devoted friends, Darlene Lundy, Mary Royal, Sheila Allen, Mary Forde; a boat of nieces, nephews, cousins, other relativa and .urrowina frlenda. The remains will repose after 5 p.m. today, June 22, 2007, at Ray Willlai1'UI Funeral Home, 301 N Howard Avenue. Arran&ementa entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes It Northern, Owners MRS. DEBRA KADETT WASHINGTONRHODES Mrs. Debra KJideH Washington rhodes affectionately called, "Brodie" of Tampa, passed away Saturday, June 16, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 2 p. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 N. Howard Avenue with Bishop R. M. Smith. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Debra was a native of Ft. Myers, and was a resident or Tampa for over thirty years. She was educated by the Public Schools of Hillsborough County and wu a graduate of Plant High School. She leaves to cherish her memory: her three beautiful children, Alex Rhodes, Japanie Rhodes and Lepon Rhodes, all of Tampa; mother, Debra K. Washinaton of Ft. Myers; father, AI Pearsey and wife Dorothy of Ft. Myers; siblings, Mollie Washinaton, Marla Washinaton and Floyd Wuhin&ton, III, all of Tampa, Pamela Denson, Shronda Williams, AI Pearsey Jr., Derrick Pearsey, all of Ft. Myers: arandparenta, Sadie Murphy (Stanley) of Ft. Myers; mother-In-law, Shirley Cooper; ex-husband, Alec Rhodes; special friends, Alex (Wanda); companion, Daryl Williams and a host of nieces and nephews; aunts, Marilyn, Stella, Equator, Drucilla, Lindsey, Easter, Mary Lynn and Pat, all of Ft. Myers; unde, Bernard Washlnaton; special friends, Toye, Taaha, Mundo, Isabelle, Franclna, Tina, Sophia, Martha and Corey; and a host or other relatives and friends. The remains will repoR after 5 p. m. today, June 22, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N Howard Avenue. Arranaements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. J.greasons lo consider Wllson funemlllome: .:-., t o cain your business. \'k can\ afford 1 0 provide an}1hmg less than sen'ICC, or to yuu wnh lrss than the best imprtSSion fK1!6iblc 2 You're not just our client, you're our boss. We don\ lose sight of who we're workmg for After all, you're the ()(1(' we an.<;tvcr to. 3 We anangc funerals, we don't sell them. It is our rcsponstbtlity to h o n o r your wishes .md n-:spl'tt your hudgel. 4 We like meeting families, not goals. I .ike you. we arc a pan of this wmmunil)' sup1xming our when they need 5 We spend time with you. 1 1nhu1c mtponanl 111 you md you don\ 111 hr m;hnl Wayne l Bright, Manager FUNERAL HOME DXl N. 29th St. Tampa, Fl33605 (800) (813) 248-6125 www.wilson-funeralhome.com ': ........... _.:_-__ .._-:'_-__ -.-.-.. -.. .-: MR. OCIE D'RELLE THOMAS Mr. Ocie D'Relle Thomas "Peter Pan" of Tampa, passed away Saturday, June 16, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 2 p. m. at St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, 2504 E. Chipco Avenue, Reverend Bartholomew Banks, pastor, with Reverend Eric Gallmon, officiating. Interment wiD follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Thomas was a native of Dothan, Alabama, and a resident of Tampa since July 1992. He was the oldest son of Ms. Mildred R. Thomas and Mr. Ocie D. Thomas born on October 26, 19-;6. He accepted Christ and joined Greater Beulah Baptist Church in Dothan, AL, at an early a&e, under tbe leadership of Dr. R. Mullins. After relocatin& to Tampa, he united with St. Matthew M. B. Church under the leadership of Pastor Mumford. He was preceded in death by: his 1reat grandparents, Mrs. Louella Grace (Essie); &randparents, Mrs. Melissie Rivers and Mr. Cleveland "'bomas; his dauahter and her mother, Opraiah Thomas and Marcella Francis; aunts, R. Louise Warren and Alma KOonce; and cousin, Charlotte Tboaaas. He leaves to cherish his memories: his parents, Mildred R. Thomas and Ode D. Thomu; son, Solomon "'bomas; daap tera, Quandis Thomas and Quashonna Thomas; brother, Octavia Thomas, sisters, Jazmine Thomas aud Anita Thomas; &randmother, Ruby Thomas; companion, Sonia Jones and children, LaBresha Lanao, Derrick Lanco and Cbaz Allen; son's mother, Audrey Williams; uncles, Charles Thomas (Katherine), Robert Rivera, Jr. Joe Thomas and Cleveland Thomas, Jr.; &reat 1rand uncle, Nehemiah Eutsey and wife, Ann; aunts, Elnora Rivers, Della Easley (Freddie), Marcella Grubbs and Mary Jones (Bobby); nieces, Mz'Unique Thomu and Taylor Thomas; nephew, Keonte' Thomas; special coasin, Sandra Everett (WUils); numei"'UUI Joy.. Ina conalns; special frienda, Russell Graham, Freeman Cotton, Tavarvoua Norton, Marvin Hood, Shaun Bletcber (Gwen) and Corvette Walker; devoted friend, Wilbur Sim.,.on and family; stepbrodter, Mario Mayo; deYoted friends and family, Helen Denison and family, Erma and family and a host of other lovlna relatiYea and friends. The remains will l"eppfJe after 5 p m today, June aa, aoo7, at RRy Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. ArranRements entrusted to RAY WII.I.IAMS FUNERAL 1101\tli, Rhodes & Northern, Ownt'rs.


-BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM GLADYS M. CREWS 6/21/18-3/3/04 Gladys, behind you are: 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 9 great grands, and a host of nephews, nieces, and loved ones who cherish what you gave each of us while you were here. From your children: Hettie, Leon and James, enjoy your rest. You've earned it and God couldn't ask for a better servant. BIRTHDAY MEMORIES REVEREND G. E. EDWARDS June 20, 1916 I know you are having one of the largest birthday parties ever m heaven. Oh what a gala time that must be with your love ones, But for those of us that are still down here, we want you to know we miss you and love you very much One day we will be joining you at one of your special birthday par:ties. Your loving wife, Bertha, family, friendsand the New.Saint Matthew Church : : --< Creative Eye Catching -Realistic Monuments Quality Products At Su Done By Experienced Mastercraftsmen MONALI--MONUM E (813) 810-0301 Fax (813) 3202 East M.LK. Blvd. Tampa f; IMLKB;H--iH Serving The Tampa Bay Area For Over 24 Years Accept All Credit Cards MEMORIAMS ., JJ -c BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM IN LOVING MEMORY I THE BIG 241 I LARRY COLSTON -birthday Larey. From your wife, other family members and friends. We missyo!J. BELATED FATHER'S DAY MEMORIAM NETTIE MORRIS June 25, 2005 Memories of your sweet smile, loving guidance and precious love are forever with us. We're thinking of you today and always. "Love and miss you:" Jessica, Charles, Jr., Rawn, Shantelle, Shannon, Greg, Erma, Lene, Jessie and family. IN MEMORIAM NEKEISHA PITTMAN Happy birthday Baby Girl, b.k.a., NeKeisha Pittman. IN. MEMORIAM VIOLA RUSSELL August 24, 1924 -June 24,1983 z m 1\) ..N 1\) 0 0 """' ., r 0 JJ c )> C/) m z ::j z m r;ta c: !!1 z "tt c: ta LEROY 'WHOPPO' CHESTNUf 1999 "Death leaves a heartac:he, en' love leaves a memory no one ... can steal." ... tives and friends. ;_. < Happy belated Father' s Day to my dearly beloved son, Leroy "Whoppo" Chestnut. CLIFFORD E. BRADY; SR. You are gone, but you will never ever be forgotten. Son, I'm still believing in God for June 25, 1987 a miracle. Always thinking of you, your mother, Guy Etti. It has been twenty years since. you left us. Missed dearly by the Brady -O'Neal family. f}(cmcml1cr ?Jour Loved Onc5 71/Lth_'A !J1cmorkd Q{'l)idincfion Aauette'1 Moa'UIIIelltl 2301 N;40th St. Tampa, (813)238-6531 Fax (813)242-8524 annettesmonument@earthlink.net e Service The Entire Bay Area. ,...,,..,,..., __ ,._,_,..,,..., ____ ,.., __ We Provide A Large Selection For Memorial Needs. Bronze Plaques, Headstones, Cornerstones, Signs & Cemeta Annette's Momument Has Been Family Owned And Operated Since 1990 And We Are Proud Of Our Reputation For Reliability And Service At The Best Price. PERCY COLLINS :\11CHAEL We Have Capable Craftsmen On Site To Custom Design Each Monument To Truly Personalize Your Memorial. See Us Be_fore J'ou Buy. We Give The Best Less. m JJ < c: m C/) c )>. < )> z c ., c m 1\) .. I )>


,... 0 0 N N' N w z ::J .., >=' < c a: u. c a: u. c z w c w :z:: CJ) :::l m ::J Q. z t= w ..J ..J ::J m ..:.. w z t= z w CJ)

CRIME NEWS Police Investigate Shooting At Apartment Tampa Police are investi. gating a shooting that occurred at the Kenneth Court Apartments Tuesday night. Police said a man went to the 4200 block of Kenneth Court to sell drugs to Antron Barfield, 24, and two females The man and Barfield went into a bathroom to contheir .bus-iness and began fighting behind the closed door. The door opened and the struggle continued into the apartment. Police said Barfield was shot once in the chest and the suspect fled. Barfield ended up outside the apartment where he died at 10:35 p m. The suspect in the shooting is described as a Black male in his mid to late 30s, 6'5" tall, weighing 160 pounds ANTRON BARFIELD with a full bared and wear. ing a yellow shirt and black pants. Records indicate Barfield was released from prison February 18, 2007 after serving a 5-year sentence for bat tel'y on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, grand theft auto, cocaine possession, and bat tery. Trio Charged With Stealing;Computers From School Hillsborough County Sherifrs deputies arrested three men for allegealy stealing computers from a high school. On Tuesday at9:15 a.m., employees of Leto High School reported seeing three men carrying boxes of"laptop computers, a gym bag and a remote control car to a vehicle. The three men were later seen speeding out of the school's parking lot. School Resource Deputy Otis Collado was notified by the employees and he appre hended the suspects. Charged with. stealing computers and other items were Jainal Gilbert, 18, Henry Bridgeman, 19, and Edwin Tineo, 18. Deputies said the stolen Uncle Sandy ,.Says. The best 3, 7, 9,12 way out 15, 19, 22, 251s always 30,32, 38, 42 through." JAMAL GILBERT items, six computers and a remote control car used in driver's educa-. tion classes, were recovered from HENRY BRIDGEMAN G i 1 b e r l s EDWIN Nissan. TINEO All t.hree are recent Leto graduates who were at the school completing some required testing, deputies said All three were charged with burglary and grand theft. The value 'of the stolen items is $10,450. J.ls : .CHOICE. BAIL BONDS Let Us Be Your And lAst Free Services Oft'ered To Job Re(rerrals .. Re-establishing Convicted : Felons Voting Rights ;664-0404.' Ma" Charged With Armed Robbery Tampa Police arrested a man Thursday morning for an alleged armed robbery Police said a woman was walking to her parked car in the 1800 block of 5th Avenue at 12:55 a.m. when a man approached her. Police said Elijah Chatman, III, 26, pointed a handgun at the woman and told her to hand over her purse and money. Police said 5 minutes later Chatman approached a cou ple in the 1500 block of 4th Avenue and robbed them. Officers converged on the area, and. spotted Chatman running on 4th Avenue, and he was arrested. Police also recovered the stolen proper ty. Chatman was arrested and charged with armed rob bery, although police said he was uncooperative and denied being involved in the incidents. Suspect Charged In South Tampa Murder Tampa Police Homicide Detectives and members of the U. S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force arrested Dale Givens Wednesday for the murder ofOmar Glover. Glover was shot to June 12th while a passenger in a vehicle that was backing out of a parking lot. The shooting-followed a verbal dispute between Glover and another man. Givens was charged with first-degree' murder and is s005 Martirt Luther Kirig Jr. Blvd. east of 50th behind held without bond. ( Judge Clears Young Pastor With Committing Sexual Acts On June 13, 2007, a judge cleared Alonzo Broughton of charges he had paid boys for sexual acts. Broughton-was arrested b.y Tampa Police May 17, 2007 and charged with 11 counts of capital sexual battery on two boys. However after a thorough investigation by the State Attorney's Office, the charges against Broughton were dropped and he was cleared of any wrongdoing. ALoNZO BROUGHTON Cleared Of Charges Arrest Made In Motel Shooting On Tuesday, Tampa Police arrested and charged a man in the shooting death of Dwayne _Si:oiins, 24, at a motel. With help from the U. S. Marshal'_ s Task Force, Lee Patrick Robinson, Jr., 28, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery. Robinson is accused of entering a room at the Village Motel, 4100 East Hillsborough Avenue, about 4 a.m. Friday and firing sev. eral shots at Simms, killing him. Investigators continue to search for a man who accompanied Robinson to the motel and describe him as a short Black man with a stocky build and long dread locks. Simms, a friend and two women they met at Club Mirage rented the motel room about 15 minutes before the shooting, police said. Police spokeswor; .l\h LEE PATRICK ROBINSON charged with shooting Dwayne Simms. Laura McElroy said investigators are trying to determine what role the women might have played in the shooting The investigation is continuing and Robinson was 1-1entified and located .hrough a tip. He had been staying with a cousin in Oair....:sville, Florida when he was arrested. LET FREEDOM RING AMOS BAIL BONDS FAST SERVICE oPEN. 24 hrs. 308 E. Waters Ave. Tampa, FL 33604. Tele: (813) 933-0444 Cell: (813)_493-{1387 "We'll Get You Out ... -So You Won't_.Have To 7828 N. Street, 8te. 13 Tmp, FL 33817 Office (813) 988 ::D 6 l< t... c:: z m ..... $11 1\) 0 r 0 en m z -t. z m r;aJ c:: r r m -t z ., c:: tD r c;; J: m c m < m ::D -< -t c:: m en c ,.. z c ::D 6


,..... 0 0 N C\1 C\1 w z ::> ..., ct c a: u. e a: u. c z c( c 0 w ::> .... > a: w > w c w :z:: 0 :::; 0.. z _, _, ::> m I _, w z i= z w 0

Dedication And Mortgage At Faith Temple M. B. Church It's very seldom that a church can hold its d e dica tion service and mortgage ceremony o n the same date. Normally, tb church is dedicated and several years later the mortgage is burned. Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church did the unusual when it held its dedication and mortgage ce remon y on the same day. Formerly at 602 E. Palm Ave., the chu rch relocate d to 291 6 Orient Road sever a l m o n t h s ago. B eca use of the extension of I-275, the churc h was forced to relo cate. The guest spea ke r for the morning s ervice was Dr. Carl F. Brooks, Pastor, First Macedonia M. B. Church, Punta Gorda and Mod erator of the Mt. Pil gri m M. B. Ass ociati o n The after noon s peaker was Rev. Dr. J ames Thomas, Pastor Jefferson Street Baptist Church, Nash ville, TN. (Photographs by Nathan Anderson) Deacon Curtis Marshall cut ribbon to enter the church Sunday morning. Sister Ruby Epp11 lit the mortgage to start it burning. Dr. Gladney holds the bucket. The Reverend W F. Tanner, Sr., fo unded llnlth Temple. 11111 llon, Waymond Tanner and family conic from Mlnml tn cele brate the dedlcntlon of t h e Tonner FcllowNh l p llnll. JEWEL BAI LEY J ACK I E O'NEAL First Ba ptist Chu rch of Co llege Hill State President Bonnie Relford attended the Women's Day scniccs. Lorry Brooks is the Minister of Music. Kuppu Alphn 1'11i Pnhmnrch, Mnrctl l.ett. Gloria Castill o presented to a Certificat e of Dedicated Sen ice to Sentinel Edi t o r Gwen Hayes, right. Special guest, Jetie B. W ilds, Jr. County Commissioner Ke,in White presented a Proclamation Fnlth Temple Ushers: from left, Oln 8. Lott, Usher 1\tlnlstl'y Lender; Va nessa Carswell Cnrol)n Powe, Jacquelyn Joncs, Roosc,clt Jones. Vl\'lnn Martin, Marlon S taten nnd Cnrolcc Washington Mcultl'ntnr nr. Cnrl F lhnnks :nul his wlfl'.


Still In Affect 'Party Like A Happy Glamorous Rock Star Birthday, 6-23 :::::) .., >=' c:( c a: &L e a: &L c z c:( c tn w :::::) t-> a: w > w c w l: tn m :::::) a.. CUNTDANZEY It's that time again! Happy birthday to our Papi! Love, T -Cake and Lil ClintHo. Wipe Me Down C-LO z Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes, wipe him down! Yeah, ...J you see him stunting on the ...J '07 i Birthday wishes going out to ..,!, my cousin, C-Lo, who celeW brated his day on 6/19. Cousin, I hope you see many more blessed yean to come. Bt Love you, Tasha, Lk.a., Ms. 2tone. c:( e a: 0 ...J &L MS. BUGGS Inquiring minds would like to know, who's that girl??? It's Ms. Nikki, celebrating "3o! Your ace, Ms. Kim. Rock Star B001Y Birthday wishes are being sent out to the 2007 rock star of the year, Mr. "Booty," 6/24/07. Love, Ms. Cindy, kids and family. Birthday Notices And Other AnnQ.uncements Deadline: 1 Week In Advance Call : 248-1921 For More Info The Florida Sentinel's 'Spotlight On Me' Is Putting The "Spotlight On kids .. ; CallUs At (813) 850-1484 w For More Info CJ MR. And MRS. HARRIS To a wonderful wife on your special day. Having you to love is reason enough to celebrate everyday. Happy birthday, Michelle Harris, a.k.a., Mrs.Ty. I'll be home soon, keep holding it down. Love, your husband, Big Ty, b.k.a., Sincere Drack. NIA, J. J. And JALOIS Happy birthday David Bowick, T19950, C 1., 10650 S. W 46t St., Jasper, FL. 32052, m/u From your family. We love you. LOIS And J. J. From your mom, Lois. To my baby, J. J. Happy birthday, Baby. ork The MPC 2000 Call: 850-1484 MS. V ASI Aild MS. REV A Happy birthday to one of the baddest in Tampa. M s Vasi will be a year wiser today. So young, yet still running the game. Love always. Your sister, Ms. Reva. I Happy 80th Birthday, Hoppy 0 BERNICE S. HOPKINS May June 22nd he a great day. Love, family and friends. 1248 E Hillsborough Sulteff206


. BIR T HDAY GREETINGS BROOKLYNN ANDREA CRAWFORD We love you, : we love you, we love you Broolclynn we do; God gave you to us, and we will take care of you. That's why we feed and clothe you, and give you the LoiJe you need, that's why we Lor.Je you Broolclynn we do Brooldynn will celebrate her big day with her mom, Tashyra Crawford; grammie and granddaddy, Jame. s and Toynetta Cobb; auntie, Jamesha Cobb (TeTe) and a host of family and friends. Happy Birthday! DO MAURI STEPHBNS "tDayOid .. I KEOMURI With Brother, Ki'.SHAUN Son, you have forever changed my life. Seeing your smile, hearing )'QUr laugh : briligs so much joy to my heart. There ia no greater gift have given on June 18, 2oo6. I am truly butbday, Son. -.. M0111. ,. RE-BIRTH ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL A SCHOOL OF CHOICE NOW ACCEPTING REGISTRATION FOR: KG-sTH GRADE *CONVENIENT loc:AllON *SMALl. CLASS SIZES 18: 1 RA ., QUAUTY INSTRlJCnONAL PRoGRAMS CERT1FIED AND CARING TEAeHERS FOCUSES ON PosmvE VALUES FREE REGISTRAllON AND ADMISSION It's My Best Friend's Birthday! Loving life and living well. Do your thing! Love, your best friend; Shawnta. BOBBY, CAMERON AndJA'ZARIA Happy birthday to our baby sister! JA'ZARIA GILMORE The Lord baa shined on : : Shawnte and Jamll, when :;:He blessed us with our beauti-ful baby Ja'Zarla. Happy 1 birthday Toona, a_.k.a., Punkin. A Local Church has an opening for a Christian, dedicated and committed musician (piano primary). Some reading ability is preferred. Salary negotiable. Please call (813) Z48IOI MiMi, 6-23 Then NowAtt8 Back by popular demand, Ms. Mimi voted Most Jazziest. Happy birthday and congrats on your graduation. Feel free to look your girl up. Love, Family. 'That's Fine' POlLY, BLUNT, BRENDA, SIIENESE And KISHA Happy birthday to Kisba and PoDy. From the crew: Evonne, Brenda, Sheuese and Blunt. Party like rock stan. Hillsborough County NowAceept .... Appllciatl0118 -lor FreeCidldCue Hillsboroutih County Head Stan/ Early Head is now ap-. plication:; for 2007-2008 child care of 3-and 4-year olds. You may be eligible for this program ifyott Ha,e a child who will be 3 )"eal$ old September I, 2007 Are employed at leaSt 25 hours per week or enrolled in school/job training full time o Meet the fe.. sidized Child .. ,'r. o H;l\' t :t child who .has been di;tgnostd \\' ith :\uti sm. hearil)tl fm p ; tirment. mental ret;mtation. ;tn onhoptdic impairment. ment;\lly deh1yeli. speedVIangu;lge protlltm or any impair-ment : ltl'ecting the child's

1"'-0 0 C\1 BIRTHDAY GREETINGS N' C\1 w z ;:) .., >= < 0 a: LL 0 a: LL 0 z < 0 en w ;:) Double Trouble Turns '5' JADEN EUJAH And JUSTIN ISIAH 5 Months Old Birthday wishes going out to my babies, Pip Squeak and JADEN EUJAH And JUSTIN ISIAH sYears Old Big Daddy, who turned "5," June 21. They celebrated Spiderman style with family and friends. May God bless you with many more. Love, your mommy, Roberta Peoples. TIERRA t> a: w > W Happy 18th birthday to love of my life. June 22n is :I: your day to shine and I just en want you to know you are the ffi best girl a stud could ever ;:, have. Happy birthday, Baby. D. Love, Tay,. family and JIMMIE And PAMELA Happy birthday and belated Father's Day to Big Jimmie, 6/27/07. We all love you very much. Romans 8:31. Love, Pamela, your kids and family. Z friends. .. i= w ..J ..J ;:) m I ..J w z i= z w en < 0 a: 0 ..J LL m I w C!J Mount Calvary junior Academy Kindergarten 8th grade WE OFFER: 1. Bible-based instruction 2. Caring, loving, certified teachers 3. lli gh value at an affordable rate. 4. Horida Pride scholarships. 5. Computer lab with internet and network. 6. A safe drug free environment for students. 7; Extracurricular activities 8. Challenging academic program. 9. Personal attention given to students. 10. Outstanding students. 11. Hot nutritious meals daily 1 2. Fully accredited curriculum 13. Small class size I 4. Before and after school program I 5. Reading and math labs I(,. r-.. rusir (String Ensemble) minds, hearts, and hands for worthv and productive service. Call today for a registration d 813-238-0433 .. 3111 East Wilder Avenue .. Tampa, Florida 33610 "-_ 1 Look Who's Turning 15, June 25th CIERA And KIERA WILLIS From: Vivian, Shameka1 Thameka, Jammall, Garfield, Jr., Iecia, Garshika, Darmecia1 Cedric, Dangail, Calvin, Jr., Francedia, Ne-Ne, niece, lniya, and Billy and Gloria Flournoy, grandpar ents. LILMUNCHIE Playboy of the year finally hit the 1-8. Lil Munchi. I've got a life to live and I'm living it to the fullest. Lil Munchi. DANNY And MUNCIIIE super stars. ARMONE -tt Months Old And Fly Then! '(; ... : ARM ONE-3 Years Old Look who turned the big 4 on Tuesday, June 19th. Yes, it's tlw one and only Armonc Harris. We would like to wish our baby boy a happy, happy birthday. From, mommy and daddy Arntonc will be celebrating his birthday this Saturday, 6/:!J. with famllv and friends. We love you baby and may God continue to bless our little angel!


..... MR. And MRS. EDDIE JOE (ANGIE) MARTIN How I love sharing the Martin name with the man I love. It's been a great and loving journey we have had for the past 10 years. For me, those first 10 years were only the stepping stones for the rest of our lives together. Your loving wife, Angie. Our 1 Year Anniversary MR. And MRS. ALFRED (LA TONY A) STANLEY-PARHAM November 13, 2004 June 24, 2006 When I first met you on August 8, 2003, my mouth dropped to the floor, you were and still arc the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Then, finally on Saturday, June 24, 2006, I married my best friend, my lover, and soul mate You know I love you and will always love you. Love always and forever Your husband, Alfred. ST. JOHN CAllED 3401 E.25thAvenue Tampo,FL (Comer34thSt.&25thAve.) Phone: 813-248-3737 Or248-3651 Fax: 242-8076 CoreUne:248-HELP BISHOP EDDIE NEWKIRK, Sr. Pastor Email us at sQminisbies@aol.com Mission Statement A Church of the Inner dty reaching out lo the community by ministering to the whole man." Outreach Ministry: NOAH COMMUNITY OUTREACH, INC. I HOUSE OF l VOlA I ALL ABOUT YOU! 'Spiritual Love' 3rd Year Anniversar CHASTITY And CHRIS JACKSON 6-21-04 Wives submit to your own husbands as to the Lord, for the husband is the head of the wife as also Christ is head of the church. In the same way, husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. Ephesians 5:22 and 28. We thank God for blessing our marriage. Happy 32nd Anniversary MR. And MRS. BEN (SHIRLEY J. THOMPSON) MCCLORA, JR. June 21 I will pull tht' stars out of the sh for nlll. To tht' l'd).;P of tlw earth, I'll ).;O to I wish you could Sl'l' how nnll'h pnstnn nwans to nw. "I lo\'l' you for lif1, I low you as wif('." l.ovt', ym1r scrrt't admit'!'. LIFE CHANGING BAPTIST CHURCH Wonhlpplng At WESTSIDE S.O.A. CHURCH 1803 E SllldowiiWII. TIIIIPI. PL. 331110 (113123U70S Happily Married TEAKA ARTERIES And SAMUEL JEROME WALKER Teaka Arteries Walker and Samuel Jerome Walker, both of Tampa, were married March 24, 2007 at the Springhill Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Eugene Garnett, officiating. "1'1 :::tl 0 c.. c: z m N .!" N 0 0 ....., Teaka, is the daughter of Samuel L. Muldrow, Sr. "1'1 (deceased) and Erma Muldrow. Sam is the son of Sandy r Barton and Curtistine Knight (deceased). 0 Tierra Bentley and So!Va Gills, best friends of the bride, :!! were the matron and maid of honor. Tarnisha Cliatt, the bride's niece and Tonia Patterson, the bride's sister, were the brides-en maids. Willie Walker, the groom's brother and Wallace Johnson, -f the bride's brother, were the best men. Vince Walker, the z bride's brother and Kareem Gordon, the groom's nephe\v were the groomsmen m Zaria Walker, daughter of the bride and groom, was the c: flower girl and Jordan Heard, the groom's nephew, was the J= ring bearer m The reception was held at the Comfort Inn Conference Center. The newlyweds honeymooned in Key West and currently reside Z in Tampa. tD Pen Pal ii FRANKIE LEONARD \\'rill' Fr:mkil' Lc.onnrd. (J4:.!l)7 Lnw Sttmity C. 1.. P. 0. Box 'J')t). Buttwr. NC. :.!/!}IHHll)tll). :t: m 0 m < m :a -< -f c: m en 0 > z 0 "1'1 :::tl 0


\ ,... 0 0 C\1 N' C\1 w z :l .., Q a: u. 0 a: u. 0 z c( 0 en w :l 1-> a: w > w 0 w :z:: en :; m :l a.. z ffi _, _, :::) m ..:, w z w en c( 0 a: 0 _, u. -----...... ------:--------.. CHURCH DIRECTORY AL,EN TEMPLE AMI CHURCH 2101"-St. REV. Worship Adlvtt.s: E...tr Worship 7:-t.S A.M. Sundu School 9:30 A.M. Momll'llil Worship n A.M. Bible Sludy 6:-t.S P.M. Tuesdu College Hill Church Of God In Christ I 6414 N.. 30th St. Elder a..tes .,.., Pator Sund School !t.30 A.M. J4oloMig A.M. Y.P.W.W .,..., I P.M. E-*'8 Wonlllp 7 P.M. r.... & Frl s.nb 7 P.M. REV. CLEVELAND LANE, Putor PreNr Meeting & Bible Study Wednadu 7 P. M. Sundu School 9:30 A. M. Momlng Worship '.55 A. M. Chwch Van (813) 627.03338 New FriendshiP M.B.Church 1117 E.lall ..... 241-4121 '" ln. I. L IMIIII, Palllr Weekly Activities .............. ... .. ....... ..... .. ....... .. ... ... ....... ..._ ..... lP.a .... lMP .. Mt. Zio11 A.M.E. Church 5'J20 Rohlrt Tuoll' Road Rhl'n icn. FL ll'unu-r ul .1111 \1111 llluuminl!ti.Jh.\H.J 'TM ChiU'Ch Whost Doon Ar O,.n" Invite You To Attend Our Services: REV. RONALD FOR11JNE l'lltor Wedaelday Night Prayer Service ADd Bible Study 6:30P.M. Church School Service 9:JOA. M. Worship Service 11 A.M. "Bl'ls Tlw Lorri Oh My Soul And All Thotls Wllltin M'" "Pmile TM Lordi Holy NIIIM .. -BROWN MEMORIIIL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E. 27th AVE. (813) 248-5690 (813) 241-6902 WEE/ill' WORSHIP SCHEOVLE ..... I-.30A.M. luMaw Morfll ... Wonlllp .... 11A.M. IIIIICier .,_ .... WOrllllp .... 7:30P.M. Mor11111 Pra,.r (Tuudu Frldr) .... 9 A.M. N .. llt won111 ..... 7:30P.M. Church Whe12 rhe d1Goa Flows And rhe Holl Ghost Is In Full Control. "' ---------JOHN DOUGLAS Evangelist Sun. Mom. U. Studr t-.30 A.M. Sun. Mom. Wonhlp '10-.30 A.M. Sun. Eftn1na WonNp 6-.30 P.M. Mid w..k U. Studr w.d 7-.30 P.M. ILDII THOMIS L ROD. ,__ E.tr MorMw ..... Sundllr School-1:30 ..... ..... Wonlllp.10:50 ..... .... Studr.IW.. 7-.30 p,& THE PUBUC IS INVITED ..... 7'.30 A.M. 110:55 A.M. 4:!j;jliiilloll!) Surld8r !US A.M. ....._ I Y0111111t1 CNidrwt ....,.nAJ4.-Idult w.11 dar. 7 P.M. CNidrwt 7'.lOP.M.Adull Mt Moan USP C...US ... IMI!iM "GGowwne n. CIMd'l Par .... a.. 1:1. ._ 1:1. 1 n.u. 1:11 Sundar SChool 1:45 a.m. Momlng Worlhlp :45 ..,.._ For Tnnsportltlon c.JI SIST!A BARBARA MCGILL II 121-1155 "-d Prulr s.... 1:30 p.m. llblll Slucb 7-.30 p.m. Broct.ttood 111 S.eurdu Metrons 10 Ul. 1111nd 3rd S.turdan Vblt our w.bllhl or E-M.tl us: wwwJbcch.org lnfoOibcdt.org GRIAnR PRIIIIDSHIP Church Sr'-1 Sundll)' !1:30 L m. MarnJnc Wonblp Sunday 10:55 L m. Mid-Week Senice 7 p. DL (Prll)'er MHdac, Bible Study) "I:'' t:lll11;: 1 '"'''" J:", n4J,.,, ,." M. B. CHURCH 4413 35th St. REV. M. MURRAY, Pastor School 9:.45 ll.ftl. Momlng Worship 11 .m Ewenlng Worship 5 p.m. Pruer Mtlntl 7-.30 11.111. VIsitors Are Wekomel "To Know C/ui.u And To Mala-ChdJt Knmrtl M.B. CHURCH. INC. PIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Of UIICOUI GARDIIIS --w ......... 1&. .__ IIOIISHP BICI HCUtS l.tr ............... s-.-Sdloal t:30 ... ..... ........ ... 1tE..-...._ ....... ... a-.7-\lount ClliH \lrH.tn \ltthodi't I (ll'l op.tl ( hun h pd. "TM Church Witi A Visi,_" s...ct.r School!t.lO A.M.. MarNrwWws14-nA.M. Pr.-S.W.& ..... P.M. DR. l-RAODEN, In Pastor CliW Ourri T-i..onllitiiU Main Loalian 10!'11 M-. Stl'ftt Sanday Srltool 9:30 a. ... Mo"*-1 Wonlllp II a. a Bibles ... 7,. .. Hal'1'kane G)'At 3715 & Mo ..... Manna 9 .. ln. The New Palm River COGIC, Inc. 1304 s. Slttt Street, ,....,.. A. 33619 Elder Willie L Fowler Jr., Pastor .,._ Chufth WMre E.,..lbocb b Someboclr" Urlr Morning Warship ,..30 A.M. SuMitr Sdloal 9:30 A.M. -1t15 A.M. MOI'ftlftl s.r.tca...MMOMMMOMMOMMOMMM011:30 A.M. ..... ....... U 0 I 7 P.M. Fttdu YPWW----7-1 P.M. Frtdar T.......__l-l P.M. DIMiDit DMid c. ..... .,__ 111ft a.orshiJIJling t Grand Suites Hotel 11310 N. 30th Street Palm Ballrooms I & 2 Service Times Sunday School 9 A.M. Morning Worship 10:30 A.M.


CHURCH DIRECTORY Abundant (huh Of God In (hri$t 4125 Nassau St. W. Tampa, FL 33067 18131 875-90n KAREN BARNES, PASTOR OF OPERATIONS Our WeekJy Order Of Service Sunday School 9:30 AH Homing Worship 11:00 AH Intercessory PraYW Mondn _. Frfder 6:00 A.M. Bib .. Institute w.dnader 7:30 P.M. Corporate Pruw Evvv 1st & 3rd Frfdu 8:00P.M. "I "--IMt lt.r l'lllaht liMe LIFE... mo ... AIIUNDMT-tr St. Johll10:10 Come & Hear God's Word Ullth God's People AI ST. LUKE A.M.E. CHURCH Tempe, FI3360.S 270V N. 2Seh Sl (el 17lh Ave.). 248-6753 REV. RONALD D. MIZER. Pasllar Office Hours M-F 10am :2pm su11dan 7:45 a.m. Early Homing Worship 9 a.m. Breakfast Served 9:45 a.m. Church School 11 a.m. Homing Worship .Wedadan 12 p.m. Noon Dey Prerer Meeting 7 p.m. Preyer And Bible Study Shere Box Program Available L MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1207 N. whnon St.. FL. 334502 (813) 2:29-1390 St. Mary M. B. Church 3lJ I 0 W Laurel Street g 1 3-1572-6254 1' \STOI{ WALLACE Z.IIOWERS Sunday School -9:30A.M. Sunday Moming Worship 11:00 A.M. Wtdntsday Night: Pruyea Meeting-7:00P.M. 8ihle Study 8:00 P.M. Thursday Noon Day Prayer Noon to 1:00 P.M. WoBhlp & Study Surmv SAM EatlyWorlhp g 4S AM B en m z :::! z m aJ c: ,.. ,.. m :::! z "'D c: aJ c en m c m < m :xJ < c: m en c )>' z c "" :xJ 6


...... 0 0 N N w z ::l ..., C( Q a: LL. hurch School BY REV. RICKY WIGGS Seeking Him Saves Time and Energy This message that is recorded in Isaiah 55:1-11 is a very good and timely lesson Most of God's people need to hear this message since the economy is like a roller coaster, interest rates are like the and the family is like a glass of water sitting on the edge of a table in an earthquake. Most people are looking for answers and are in need of a blessing and a breakthrough. Most people are in need of something that will make their life better and turn their situation around. People are starving &nd dying from "Spiritual Malnutrition'" RELIGIOUS ==-The more they look for nutrition the more time and energy they burn. Some are so famished that they are seeing mirages in the middle of nowhere and are wander ing further away from their source of help. But God sees, knows, and is concerned Therefore, God makes this invitation to His people as read in this week's lesson. "Come everyone who thirsts ... he who has no money ... Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price" (vs. 1). This water, milk, and wine represent the blessed nutrients of God. They also signify the blessings God has for His people. Make no mis-take; these are not the good credit or bad credit. The church.must understand that God is calling everyone! God is calling those who can sing and those who cannot. It should not matter if the person graduated from Harvard, Yale, or was a third-grade dropout, God says come. We must not make people feel bad because they can't pay all those unnecessary church dues, and special financial obligations on men's day, women's day, and the church anniversary. God says if you have money or not, come; and He will give you what you need. God wants them to know that they can come to Him. Coming to Him is not a waste of time, effort or ener gy. If you have a little, come to God. You do not have to waste what you have. God cautions the people on wasting their energy to do things that will not bring Spiritual satisfaction they need. Isn't it amazing how people will invest forty hours of labor (going to the market, cleaning the meat, seasoning the meat, cooking the meat, wrapping the meat) to a .$5 fish or chicken sandwich? When it is all over they still didn't reach their goal. r-----:-:::-::-:-----;:::==:::;;;:;;;:::==:::;-, things that lead to destruc-'91 AI... tion. This is not to take the This leads to the second verse; "Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread and labor for that which does not satisfy?" (Verse 2)? God is saying to the peo ple, if you come to Me, I will give you good food to eat that will satisfy your soul. If you are in need of a blessing, come to God. If you are looking for answers, seek the Lord while He may be found (Verse6). verse to justify buying ., -a.CII... God is cautioning the people about doing things that are profitable to them. There is already famine and a lack of blessings in their life, so why go out and spend your money and waste your time on things that will still leave you hungry and unsatisfied? Q ....._., ..._. ...,_ liquor! ...._..=w A -God invites those who are n spiritually famished to come Ill to Him. He is saying to the LL. Q z c( Q en w ::l > a: w > New Early Morning Worship Service I At The Break of Day 7 : 45A .M. Starting January 7 2007 ----------------RlYDIND D. SIMS, p..._ ...... ...... -S:lOp.a Sill de' .,_ s.-.' ... sutr10 .... .............. 12p.a ........... w .,._ s.nb ......... 1 p.m. FtW.r ........ Sundllr 7 -np.a. fa ... ol .. ... 3708 E Lake Avenue Tampa FL 33610 18131 628 0752 % ...... 7-.30 1:30 p.m. en :; PNIIe & llanNp s.w. 1D ._._.. 8:l0p.a. We>bs1te www. stmaHhe>wchurch com Em a I rilms :0 tampabay rr.com ::l D. z ffi _, _, ::l ID ..:, w z i= z w en c( Q a: 0 _, LL. 1he Bible Says J. T. Saaltll Believes and is Baptized If the owner of Ford Motor Company put an ad in the newspaper that said, "He that believes and is baptized shall receive a new Ford." "I will announce my date of arrival and the point of entry for the baptizings in Tampa Bay." If people were convinced that this w as not a hoax, do you believe they could understand what w as said? Is it clear enough that one could understand and obey it? How many people do you believe would line up to be baptized? "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved ... (Mark 16:16). Jesus made the above statement after His death, burial and resurrection. It is as simple as the state ment made by the owner of Ford Motor Company. Why, then do the majority of preachers today (who, no doubt would be lined up to be baptized and get a new Ford) deny this simple statement of J esus when it comes to obeying what He wants us all to do to be saved? Why Indeed? ID cb w Nebraeka Ave. Church of Christ, 4608 Nebr as ka Ave, Tampa, FL 33603 CJ Schedule of Services Sunday 9 :30am 10: 30 am; 6 :00pm. Wad 7 :30pm Phone 813 Paid Advertisement world those of you that are in need of nutrition, come to Me. It does not matter what your financial situation. It does not matter if you have When you come to Him, He will speak His word and His word SHALL go out and do what He says and it shall not return unto you void (Verse u). HOUSE OF RESTORATION OiUROi Of GOD, INC. & THE HARRIS FAMILY Welcome This Medium To Announce THE HOLY CALLING OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST For HOUSE OF RESTORATION CHURCH OF GOD, INC. 160; E. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL, "And I tlza1tk Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that He cowtted m e.faithfu/, putting me into tlze ministry I TIMOTHY 1:12


. RELIGIOUS "T1 ::c Cru$ade For Christ Cam,palgn Comes To Tampa The Crusade For Christ was started in 1979, and for the first time; will be in Tampa, June 24-28, 2007, at the .Tampa Convention Center in downtown Tampa, 7:30 nightly. The purpose of the Crusade For Christ is to evangelize and spread the good news of salvation to as many individuals as possible. To this end, this crusade is held in various parts of the country every two years with thousands of saints spreading the gospel via the mediums of daily Bible teaching and nightly preaching of the gospel of Christ. All questions are always answered, according to the scripture. For four days the commu nities of Tampa, the shops, the malls, and the restaurants will be inundated with HAROLD RODRIGUEZ three thousand people came together on the beautiful Lakefron t of Chicago, Illinois, at the McCormick Place Convention Center, whereas 150 souls were saved. From 1979 to date, more than 2,600 individuals have obeyed the Gospel of Christ. From coast-to-coast the crusade workers i1Justrating has produced some their love for the Lord and extraordinary results evi for you. The green and yeldenced by the past crusades low shirts will make all in: Chicago, Illinois, workers easy to recognize. Houston, Texas, Orlando, The Crusade For Christ Florida, San Francisco, in. California. New Orleans, Illinois, when a of Detroit, concerned ministers met to Michigan, Los Angeles, discuss techniques that California, Atlanta, would consolidate and Georgia, Indianapolis, strengthen the effort of the Indiana, Houston, Texas, local congregations. To this Chic,.go, Illinois, end the group decided that Birmingham, Alabama, a major evangelistic cam Dallas, Texas, and now paigri tbe(r June 24 in Tampa. objective. The evaligelis.t For more information, Daniel Harrison was please contact Harold chosen to orchestrate and-Rodriguez at (813) 541-lead tb.is movement thus 6523, Olen Burgess at the Crusade For Christ was (727) 726 or Eric-born. Doss at (813) 841-3977. In t979 the onset of the The 2007 Crusade For dream came to fruition as Christ is June 24-28, 2007. Young Man Wants To Help Others c 'c z BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter cost him money and set him m back in the development of his other project,_a magazine N Estranged from the fraternal side of his family, Matthew Thornton tries to stay focused on making his life mean something. called "InnerCity Kids." g -"I was bitter for a long time, ....,. but instead of allowing that to stop me, I used it to make me stronger and keep going. Now, Over the past 10 years, Thornton has lost his mother and brother, and has an aunt that's terminally ill. He's been alone most of his life, and has seen his side of trou ble. ''I'm not a bad person. I've I have a DVD on my magazine due to be released, and I'm setting up a website." Thornton said he's decided to pursue his musical career as an independent artjst. made some bad decisions, but MATIHEW THORNTON "I will launch my career a second time in a couple of weeks. I've always known right from want to reach out and try to wrong. Most of my bad decihelp as many people as I can, sions were made because I especially the kids." was just trying to stay alive." In 2004, Thornton felt he "For too long I've felt isolated because I'm mostly on my own. I made a promise to my dying mother and my brother to make something of my life. I have support from so many people and there's no reason I will fail this time." Thornton has always had a had finally reached his goal message to deliver, and when he signed a recording because of his personal deal with Capitol Records. tragedies and what he sees However, he later discovered happening to young people. it was a bad experience that today, he feels the ears of chil--------------------dren would best receive his message. "I've been blessed with an opportunity to talk to children, thanks to Bill Knowles, the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, and the Tampa Housing Authority. "They've allowed me to men tor kids and develop my musi cal interests." Thornton was discouraged and almost quit a few times, especially after the tragic death of his brother, Nathaniel. Nathaniel Thornton, also known as Tupac, was shot and left to die on a street in Tampa Heights about 6 years ago. His killer has never been caught. "I think that, along with health problems to start with, caused my mother, Mae Lizzie, to leave sooner than we expected. "1 want to take aU of the things she instilled in me and share them with others. I Mount Tabor Missio'""?J Baptist Clawch 2606 West Grace Street T_,.,a, Florida 33607 Celebrates Pastor T. D. Leonard's 11th Pastor's Anniversary ""1U ClrrUiiM Putor Hu A Di'll'irw COffiWUIIUifiWfll fro Gful"' J:2.J) .. .. 17Je Celebration in Worship ... frilly, /tnu! 22, 2007 -7:00 p.m. Revermd Eric c...,bell New Bright & Morrtiffg st,U. M.B. Clttwch Surtday, )u 24, 2007 ll:OO A .m Reverend lr, Jr. Shiloh M.B. Clrrm:lr, Kissi,.ec, florid,. ., r 0 :!! c l> r.n m z ::! z m r;" aJ c: r r m -t z c aJ r u; :z: m c m < m ll -< -t c m C/) c l> z c "TT :!! c


LOCAL ... Freshman Betty Reed Pleased With First Legislative Session w \ Freshman Lawmaker Betty pay obscene .., Reed (D-Tampa) is pleased >;' with her accomplishments so far as a first year member of the insurance premiums," said Rep. Reed. Florida House of "However, I am extremely proud of the teamwork and U. Representatives. As a Q u. Q z "Freshman Legislator," Reed was laude Across Neighborhoods to Draw Support for Senator's Presidertial Bid support for all of the other candidates combined. Teams of volunteers in Hillsborough County visited West Tampa neighborhoods and sponsored events in Carrollwood and Heritase Harbor which is a nei&hborhood just south of the Pasco t fa The Tlmpa_'Bay 0-'l'raln. a County line. Reedi Jl'aut'OOta orpalzatioa to Pahaore was County elect Seaator Barack Coordinator for the various Obama (0-JL) u the next" Hillsboroap County Walb PraideDt of tbe UDitecl for a.ange. z partieipatecl in the aatloaal The Tampa Bay 0-Train c presideDtill ampeip's Walk orpnized 65 volunteen who Ill for aaan,e oa s.turday, Jane visited 4,800 Democratic 9 Walk for Change was a homes durin& this 6-hoar i natiomride political canvus-event, pelllns out over 4.000 .:, ing event. Volunteen aCI'OII plec:es of campaip literature, w the coautry weat cJoor-to.door and uldns for campaign conz in their communities to genertrfbutions The Obama camate support for Senator paign depends on individual w Obama's campaign. contributions from eyeryday (I) "Walk for Change has people because Senator given us an opportunity to Obama has refused to accept practice what Senator donations from special interg Obama preaches. Ordinary est groups, corporations and u. people can come together lobbyists around our shared values to Walk for Change was do extraordinary things. That Tampa Bay 0-Train's largest is what we showed Tampa Bay organized event since April 15, today," said Walk/or Change when it hosted Co-ChairPatric:kCannon. Obama for a fundraising The Tampa Bay 0-Train brunch at the home of organized and sponsored Norma Gene Lykes and a Wallcfor Change canvasses in political rally at the Cuban Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Club in Ybor City. Over 2,000 and Sarasota Counties. people came to see Obama "The positive responses that day, and the Tampa Bay canvassers got from average 0-Train raised $250,000 in citizens during the walk mirindividual campaign contribu ror Barack Obama's mestions. sage of a new beghming and a Tampa Bay 0-Train's webbetter future for America," site can be found at: said 0-Train Campaign Chair, http://my.batackobama.com/ Juan Capln. "Our numbers pace/lroup/TampaBayO-ID prove it. Support for Senator Irain... a Obama was very strong in For more information, .,.. every area we visited. In fact, please contact Patrick w <:J commitments to host Obama Cannon at pcapnop@tam-f yard signs out numlJered the pabay.rr.com. HB1459/Hiring of Ex Offenders, HB525/Electronic Monitoring/Tracking Lost Persons, HB619/Food Service Establishment and HB713/Indigent Services. Immediately upon returning from the 2007 Session, Rep. Reed hit the ground running by hosting District 59's First Annual National Academic Letter of Intent Signing Day Dinner which cele brated and rerognized District 59's 2007 Ron Brown Scholar, four Valedictorians and students from the 2007 Senior Class that graduated with four or more Advance .Placement (AP) co urses. Rep. Reed ended by extending a special thanks to her constituents for supporting her an d to the members of the Hillsborough county Delegation. Wait Until Sunday Sale Starts Today! Good Only at 2115 E. Hillsborough Ave. Walgreen's Cannell liltS


TECO Employee Honored With Retirement Party Fflmily members and friends gathered at the Lion Eye Institute in Ybor City for the retirement celebration of. Sam Hunter. Approximately 60 people were in attendance for the grand send off on May 11th. Hunter's son and daughterin-law, Darin and La Wanda Hunter, of 'Atlanta, GA, hosted the event. Hunter ended a 17-year career with TECO. He worked in the Maintenance and Environmental Department of the energy company. Hunter, the father of 4 sons, plans to .spend his leisure days playing golf and bid whisk with family members and friends. Retirement honoree Sam HUnter, center, ls shown with his sons, (from left to right), Devin Hunter, Charles Darby, Derek Hunter, and Darin Hunter. :Hunter Is shown with his mother, Mrs. Frankie M. Ray, at his retirement Starlin Martin, good friend and golfing partner-or the honoree, was in ott.endonee at the port)'. Tampa native Darin Hunter served as hoet and Master or Ceremony at the party ror his father. Darin now lives In Atlanta with his wire, LoWondo, mo c:hlldren. Andre Hunter. grandson of the honoree, extended the welcome for the retirement party. Co-workers from TECO who were In attendance at the retire ment party were from left to right, carl Webb, retired adpervl aor, Greg Benton, retired Environmental Sr. Technician and Sam' and Johnny Hughes, current Central Material Speclnlllt at TP.CO. LOCAL ------Grace Mary Celebrates Pastor'S Anniversary Grace Mary Missionary Baptist Church celebrated the anniversary of its pastor recently. Reverend and Mrs. Thomas J. (Mary) Reed have been at Grace Mary for 32 yeat:s. (Photos by Julia Jackson) In the ministry: from left, Elder James Cobb, Minister Marilyn Reed, Minister 8eftrly Parham, Reverend Fred Gilbert, Minister Colette Avant and Elder Randolph Smith. The Planning Commission lnyHes you to learn about proposed changes to the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan. Growth Management, Transportation. Affordable Housing, Education. Economic Development. Environmental Protection and more! Comprehensive Plan Update Open House Dates Thursday, June 28 Gailhr High School 16200 N. Dale Mabry Highway Tamp a, FL 33618 Thursday, July 12 HCC Brandon Campus I 0414 E. Columbus Drive Tampa, FL 33619 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 5:30p.m to 7:30p.m. Carrollwood/Lutz Keystone Area Thursday July 19 South Shore Rglonal Library 1581 6 Beth Shields Way Ruskin, FL 33573 5:30 p.m. t o 7:30 p.m. South County Area BrandoliNallicol AIH July 26 Alonso High Settool 8402 Montague Street Tampa, Fl3363S 5:30 p.m. to 7:30p.m. Town N' C o untry/C i tru. s Park Area Efficient, Focused and Balanced Growth For more intcrmaticn egording the Conprehensive Pion Jpdate Open please (;Onfa(;l the :-kmn ot 81 o la .. ollaa '''" l:J c )> < ,_ c z m 1\) 1\) 0 0 """" r 0 l:J s )> en m z z m r;-m c r r m z "'0 C Ol r-u; % m c m < m l:J < c m en c )> < )> z c :!l c )> < "'0 )> C') m ... ... I OJ


News Front Progress Village BY IRADEAN LONDON BIGGS June Celebrants Folks celebrating their natal days this month are: Linda Whitehead, Sandra Cox, Sarah Armstrong, Jason Miller, Barbara Goff, Linda B. Wright, Isabell Glenn, Stephanie Spencer, Maggie Hankerson, Vanessa Jackson, Nikki Edwards, Earnestine Morris, Pamela Young, Ann Master, Marjorie Burns, Joann Taylor, Saraye Williams, Jonathan Butler, Janet Adams, Bryan Davis, Karen Murray, Linda Strong, Kenneth Sheats > (at Mor e house in Atlanta, GA), and Alvin Hayes. a: Former Village r Mr. LL Kevin "Bert" Anderson will cel ebrate hi s s pec ial < day on 6/23. Happy b elate d birthday to Mrs. Jennifer Byrd of w Midway Thi s warm wis h is sent from the Washington > and White familie s. a: w > w Q w :::c U) :::; m ::: z ffi .... .... ::: m ..:.. w z w en < Q i:t 0 .... LL m c(, ,.. w < a. 2001 Toyota Corolla LE AUTO, PW, PL, CRUISE $6,995 Twins Vonnalynn and Ronnalynn recently celebrated their natal day. Their parents are former Villagers, Ernest and Marjorie (Anderson) Stephens. Sick List Wi t h God a ll t h i n gs a r e possibl e G e t w e ll wi s h e s are sent to: Chester and Selena Miles, Sarah Jackson, Barbara Daniels, Clara Sheffield, Jerry Stokes, Mozell Debose, James Miller, James Murphy, Lula Mae Parker, Francis Johnson and Georgia Johnson. The Collins, Pritchard and Philpott famil ies are in n ee d o f praye r t hat they m ay get s t r o n ge r Ge t w e ll wi shes al so g o out to Mrs. Mary Hickmon-Ford, wh o w a s recently in Brando n H o s p ital. You r f a m i l y a nd friends wi s h yo u a s peed y 2001 PT Cruiser Limited AUTO. AJC. LEATHER ROOF $6,995 2005 Dodge Caravan SE AUTO, AIC $11,995 COLUMN recov e ry Prayers of get w e ll wishes are going to: Mrs. Anna Philpot. Let us pray for a speedy recovery for our neighbor, Mrs. Imogene Richardson. Sympathy Deepest sympathy is sent to Mrs. Ida Mae Sanders, Mrs. Edith Copeland, Mrs. Thelma Jean Williams, and the entire Cuyler and Daniels f a m i li es i n the passing of their love d one, Ms. Sylvia Ann Martin. Symp athy i s al s o ext e nd e d to Mrs. Ellawese Brock and f a m i l y, Mr. a nd Mrs. Dexte r (Sonya) Brock, a n d Mrs Janice Sapp a nd f a mil y in th e l os s o f t h eir so n a nd g r a nd so n Mr. Dontrell Brock. Our sincer e regr e t s a r e sen t to Juanita Banks a nd famil y du e to t h e l oss o f lie r s i s t e r wh o w a s fun e a rli zed i n Mac o n GA. Ou r c o n d o le n ce s a r e sent t o Mrs. Louise Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Jones, Ms. Annette Jackson a nd f amilies, in 2001 Chevrol Blazer LS 4x4 AUTO $7,995 the loss of their aunt. Neighbors and friends send a heartfelt sympathy to the family of the late, Ms. Delouris "Pumpkin" Streeter. Belated Father's Day Happy belated Father's Day wishes go out to my dad, Mr. Johnnie E. Richmond. From your daughter, Alice Richmond-Temple in Madison, Miss. I miss and love you! Relocating Mrs. Jeanette Welch is in the process of relocating We w is h h e r all t he best in h e r n e w hom e. My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry Inmates requestin g free Bibles and cards, write: My Brothers 2 Keep, P. 0. Box 4618, Tampa, 33677 4618. For Family trips to Florida Prisons call Abe Brown Ministries at (813) 247-3285 or Fainily Ties at (813) 476-2964. Thought For Today Don't find fault, find a remedy. F. Y. 1. Remember our servicemen and women who put their lives on the line daily for us. Remember the helpers in the kitchen : Thelma, (813 ) 671-3614, Family Deli, ( 813 ) 671-1541 or H. 0 P., ( 813 ) 238-5221. Call your news into Iradean London-Biggs at ( 8 1 3 ) 6 7 7-60 71. B e ble s sed Subscribe Todav! "Th e Voic e of Our Communit y Sp e aking for ltse(f' Call: (813 248-1921 2003 Dodge Dakota Ext. Cab EXT PKG AUTO A/C $8,995 Prius AUTO, GREAT GAS MILEAGE! $18,795 FELIX WALTERS Sales Manager 2004 Hyundai Sonata V6, LOW MILES! $9,995


_ LOCALCONCERT Lil Wayne Concert.Was Sold Outl The Fireman, a.k.a., Lil Wayne from Cash Money Records, blazed through the Bay setting Janus Landings on Fire at his sold out concert on 6/16/07. This was a JahFari Promo event. Coming soon, K.C. and JOJo. (Photos by FLA VA) WEEZYBABY Was Uve@ Janus Landings BIG BUD And Crew "T1 r-0 JJ c )> (/) m z :::! z m r-1 OJ c rrm :::! z "tt c OJ !: (/) :I: m c m < m JJ < -f c m (/) c )> < )> z c "T1 JJ c ):> < "'0 l> G) m ...... (..) I llJ


,.... 0 .. N' LOCAL i Surveys To Dete,mine Needs Of Weed And Seed Communities LL. As a part of the needs assessment to determine whether or not East Tampa communities will receive Weed and Seed funding, a survey will be provided. The purpose of the survey is to determine what each community's priorities are as it pertains to their specific needs. Tampa Police Lt. Craig Roberts, the Shift Commander for the Weed and Seed areas, along with Maj. Bob Guidara, who heads the Weed and Seed initiative, said as part of the weed requirement, crime sta-tistics as well as unemploy-9 ment rates and other factors a: will help establish the needs LL. 0 of each community. z .. We want each community < to respond through the surveys as to what they want 51 done in their community," said Lt. Robertf. t-'"The surveys will be disl't tributed to each neighborw hood association and they in ii:; turn will decide how to get o them to the residents." The survey addresses areas tn such as illegal drug activity, :::i m gang activity, violent crimes, property crimes, juvenile criuies; quality of life issues, ffi traffic issues, and how well ...I police and the community 5 work together. m The surveys wm be collect-ed and presented to Lt. Roberts and Maj. Guidara July 2nd and from w that process, steering com:. tn will be formed for the Weed and Seed compoa: nents. g The steering committee will LL. consist of 25 people, with at m ,... w least 25% represented by people from each neighbor hood association. I It was also detennined that an area can have more than one area designated as a Safe Haven, and the federal dol-"The V...Jic:e of Our Community Speaking for 813) 24.8-1921 Iars to fund the Weed and Seed initiative will represent only a portion of the total funds needed to operate it over a 5-year period. Applicants for the funds must be able to demonstrate an ability to initiate activities without Weed and Seed funds. Funds should fill gaps in services. A grant made under this program may not cover more than 75% of the total costs of the project being funded. The applicant must identify the From left to right: Ralph Johnson (Grant Park Neighborhood Association President), Frank Reddick (Northview Hills Neighborhood Association President), and Sam Kinsey, East Tampa Revitalization Partnership Chairman. Florida Lottery retailers are vital to our support of education. Thanks to them, we've sent more than 300,000 high school students to Florida colleges on Bright Futures Scholarships; contributed more than $17 Billion to education statewide; and helped build, renovate and maintain 600 public We couldn't do It without you, our players. When you play, we all win. Visit flalottery.com to learn how we're supporting e

:.. -.... --.. -.. -.... -.. -.... -... -... -...... -....................... -. 4 ............. -.................. RECIPES Fl'om Tonia TunH't One ofthe easiest ways to take care of the body is to pay attention to what we eat-but this does not mean sacrificing delicious meals and snacks. It means choosing foods that are not only packed with nutrients, but also enjoying foods that taste great. i>rtrAsts wtth Cht-potle Mole 1 Yz cups chicken broth Yz cup pitted dried plums 4 canned cbipotles in adobo, rinsed and seeded* cup toasted slivered almonds 1 ounce bittersweet chocolate Chicken: 6 skinless, boneless chicken breasts 2 tablespoons chili powder 1/4 cup chopped cilantro 12 corn tortillas DIRECTIONS: To make mole, in saucepan, bring broth and dried plums a boil. Remove from heat, cover and let sit 5 minutes. With slotted spoon, remove half of dried plums; reserve for garnish. In blender, puree remaining dried plums, broth, chipotles and 1/4 cup of almonds. Return mi::\.'1\lre to saucepan; add chocolate. Stir over low heat until chocolate is melted. Season with salt. Sprinkle chicken with chili powder; season with salt. On gas or charcoal grill, or in heated grill pan, grill chicken about 4 minutes on each side or until cooked through. Grill tortillas, or heat in oven or steamer. Slice chicken; divide among 6 plates. Spoon mole over chicken. Garnish with dried plums, almonds and cilantro. *For spicier mole. do not rinse or seed chlpotles. '._, ChtetuV\, wtth i>LtA.e Cheese Vinaigrette: 1/4 cup olive oil 4 teaspoons balsamic vinegar 2 teaspoons chopped shallot 1/8 teaspoon salt Pinch black pepper Salad: 4 cups endive leaves 4 cups watercress leaves 2 cups shredded roasted chicken breast I cup pitted dried plums cup crumbled blue cheese DIRECTIONS: To make vinaigrette, in bowL whisk together oil, vinegar, shallot, salt and pepper To make salad, in large toss endive and watercress with 1/4 cup vinaigrette. Mound in salad bowl or on 6 salad plates In same chicken and dried plums with 2 tablespoons t: :110( \+. ,t.1:lJ\ ::rc:;1 C: Sprinkle with che-ese. "': l: l:i"

""" 0 0 N N N w z .., < c i:C u. c i:C u. c z < c en w .... > a: w > w c w l: en :J m G. z ffi ...1 ...1 m ...:. w z w en i:C g u. RECIPES GfreAt FLAvor FLbtr PllA-vtA.S Tel'A oglA-rt 2 tablespoons jasmine tea leaves cup sugar 1 (1/2-inch) slice fresh ginger 1 YJ cups pitted Dried Plums 1 Yl tablespoons honey 1 Yl cups drained non-fat yogurt* 1 cup fresh raspberries 1 tablespoon chopped crystallized ginger mmswmm DIRECTIONS : In saucepan, bring 2 cups water to simmer Remove from heat; add tea Steep 5 minutes. Strain, discard leaves and pour tea back into rinsed saucepan. Add sugar and ginger ; simmer about 10 minutes or until reduced to 1/2 cup. Remove ginger, add dried piums. Cover and let sit at least 15 minutes. Stir honey into yogurt. Divide yogurt among 6 bowls; top with dried plums and steeping liquid. Garnish with raspberries and crystallized ginger Tip: *To make 111 2 cups drained yogurt, line strainer with paper coffee filter; set over howl. Place 3 cups non-fat yogurt in filter, cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator atlea\ t -1 hours. Discard liquid that drains from yogurt. 16 ounces Strawberry Banana flavored soymilk Yl cup Silken Tofu 1 ripe, medium-sized banana Yl cup fresh or frozen strawberries DIRECTIONS : Place ingredients in blender and mix until smooth If desired, add honey or sweetener to taste. Vqetable oil spray 4 slices day-old whole-wheat or multi&rain bread, crust discarded, bread diced into 1/l-incb cubes 1 cup heavy cream, chilled 2 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon Scotch whiskey Yl cup toasted walnuts Scotch Oats (see below), at room temperature 1 cup fresh raspberries DIRECTIONS : Whip the cream with an electric mixer on medium high speed until it thickens. Add the sugar, I tablespoon at a time, continuing to beat until the cream is stiffbut not dry looking. Using a rubber spatula, mix in the whiskey, then the walnuts and Scotch Oats This can be done up to 24 hours ahead, and the mixture refrigerated, tightly covered To serve, place a few raspberries in the bottom of 4 footed dessert dishes or small clear glass bowls Top with the oatmeal cream mixture S le a few more berries on and serve chilled 'h teaspoon salt and Yz cup steel-cut oats DIRECTIONS Bring 2 cups cold water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add the salt. While stirring. slowly sprinkle in the oats so the water continues to boil Cook unco\ ercd until the oats arc tender 30 minutes, reducing the heat if to maintain a steady gentle boil. OtA.trl'AgtolA.S 16 ounces Chocolate Banana flavored soymilk Ya cup Silken Tofu 1 ripe, medium-sized banana 1 tablespoon, cocoa powder DIRECTIONS Place ingr e dient s in a blender and mix until smooth If desired. add honey or sweetener to taste l/3 cup fresh or frozen peaches, partially thawed, peeled, cut into bite-size pieces Whites of llar&e e&IS or 1 lar&e e&l 2 to 3 tablespoons finnly packed li&ht brown su1ar 12 ounces fat-free evaporated milk Ya ounce maple syrup ounce dark rum, li&ht rum or bourbon Yl teaspoon vanilla extract teaspoon &round cinnamon teaspoon &round nutme1 1/8 teaspoon salt 118 teaspoon &round &in&er 6 cups water DIRECTIONS: Heat oven to 32SF. Lightly spray fourS-ounce porcelain ramekins or glass custard cups with vegetable oil spray In medium bowl, stir together bread cubes and fruit; spoon into ramekins In small bowl, gently whisk together egg whites and brown sugar until well blended. Gently whisk in evaporated milk, maple syrup rum, vanilla, ciMamon nutmeg, salt and ginger Pour as much of mixture as possible into ramekins making sure the bread cubes are soaked Refrigerate I 0 minutes so bread absorbs liquid M ea nwhil e, pour water into medium saucepan ; bring to boil over high heat Arrange ram ekins i n l arge rectan g ular pan such as 1 3 x9x2 -inc h baking dish evenly spaced l eaving a t least one inch between ramekm s Place pan i n oven S l ow l y pour hot water into pan until about one third up sides of ramekins. being carefu l to keep water out of ramckins Bake about 35 minutes. until tip of knife inserted in center comes out a I most clean and cu s t ard is almo s t s et (it s hould ji ggle sli g htly 111 center when s haken) Carefully remove rarnckin s from water hath and wipe dry Cool on c oolin g ra c k .'i minutes (iarnish with fres h fruit or whipped topp1;1g Now Cooking Thurs. -Sat. For All Your Se.tood Delights. Manln Has Just What You NHd. Fresh & Smoked Mullet Trout Snappe .Shrimp Sheap Head live Blue Crabs


' HEALTH j..June 27th Is National HIV Testing Day I Black communities are being ravaged and attacked by an epi demic of AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STis). Today Black women make up more than half of all women who have died of AIDS. Although a number of AIDS cases can be attributed to Injection Drug Use (IOU), too m.any of us -whether gay, straight, male or female con tinue to have unprotected sex with multiple partners or peo ple we barely know. The rate of HIV /AIDS among Black women is 3 times as high as that among Latino women and 1L .. tected sex, while 1996 contracted it through injecting drugs with contaminated needles. But it is also important to note how the sex partners of those women contracted the virus. There remain a large percent age of women who report that they don't know what the "risk factor" for their partners had been. 18 times as high as that among white women While the vast majority of new infections still occur among men both in America at large and in Black America the racial gap in infection rates among women is astounding. For women overall, the epidemic is a sexual one. According the data the CDC released in November 2005, 7896 of Black women with HIV contracted it through unpro-For information, contact: Tampa Bay AIDS Network, North Tampa Office, 7402 N 56th Street, Suite 101, Tampa, 33617-7735, phone number 813-769-5180, fax number 813983-3344 or visit their website www.tampaajdsnetwork,oa/sy c-ajdsnetwork,htm, FlOoding In vour Community According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Weather Service, when you bear hurricane, you should think about inland flooding. Learn your vulnerability to flooding by determin ing the elevation of your property. Evaluate your insurance coverage. If you are in a flood area, consider what you can do in advance. Flood damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance. And, you must have flood insurance for at least 30 days prior to maldns a claim. In highly Rood-prone areas, keep materials such as sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting, plastic garbage bags, lumber, shovels, work boots and g)oves, If you are advised to evacuate, do so imme. diately. Move to a safe area before access is cut off by floodwater. Develop a Rood emergency plan or action. Keep abreast of road conditions by listening to the news. As you travel, by aware of streams, drainage chan nels and areas known to flood. Do not attempt to drive through flowing water. As little as six (6) inches or water may be cause you to lose control of your car. Moving water can also sweep your car away. Stay away from downed power lines. Once you return home, do not use any fresh food that has come in contact with floodwater. Wash canned goods with soap and hot water Then throw away the labels and mark the cans with a maker for identification Do not drink tap water or well water until it is safe todoso. Do not allow children to play in flooded areas You can also contact your emergency management agency to learn how to protect your home. 27 u Want to know your HIV Status in 20 minutes? Come to the Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan, Inc. (THAP) on Wednesday, June 27'h from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and learn your status. There will be health screenings and information for people of all ages. We want to see you there, so Take the Test and Take Control! Free food and gently used clothing will also be available. Please bring non-perishable food items to help support THAP's supplemental food pantry. Location: Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan, Inc. Address: 712 West Ross Ave Tampa, FL 33602 813-226-2141 ., ::c c I 10 Symptoms Not To Ignore J PART10F2 N ROCHESTER, Minn. Chest pains, abdominal pain and unexplained bleeding are good reasons to seek immediate med-ical care. Other reasons to seek immediate medical care arc less well known. The issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter covers 10 symptoms not to ignore: 1. Unexplained weight loss Experiencing a 5% weight loss in a month or a 10% weight loss within 6-12 months could signal a number of different conditions such as an overactive thyroid, depression, liver disease, cancer or other noncancerous disor ders that interfere with how well your body absorbs nutrients. 2. Persistent fever -A persistent over 100.4 -should be evaluated if it lasts for a week or more. Fever can signal underlying infections. Some underlying can cers and other medical conditions can cause prolonged, persis tent fever. A fever accompanied by violent chills or greater than 103 should be evaluated right away. 3 Shortness of breath-Gasping for air or wheezing are med ical emergencies. Causes vary widely and can include asthma, heart problems, anxiety, panic attacks, or a blood clot in the lungs. 4 Unexplained changes in bowel habits Bowel habit changes may signal a bacterial infection, a viral infection, inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer. Seek care for any of the following: Severe diarrhea lasting more than two days, Mild diarrhea lasting a week, ;!! Constipation that lasts for more than two weeks, 0 Unexplained urges to have a bowel movement, :a Bloody diarrhea, or Black or tarry-colored stools. en s Mental status changes Changes in behavior or thinking may be due to infection, head injury, stroke, low blood sugar or ::j medications. Immediate medical care is warranted for any of Z Sudden or gradual confused thinking, m Disorientation, Sudden aggressive behavior, or r- Hallucinations in someone who has never had them !!J z Access Foot Care Office & Home Service DR. BOWEN C!) Fungal Skin Infections/Fungal Nails Ingrown Nails ro Wound Care ('!ti Heel Pain ('j Bunions I Hammered Toes Diabetic Shoes I Socks 1 Orthotics ro Most Insurances Accepted o:J Commitment To Excellence Contact Us For Easy. Affordable Access To A Podiatrist: www .AccessFootCare.com 1-866-435-FOOT (866-435-3668) TownN-Country 6101 Wabb Road Su1ta 309 DR. AGNFS UBANI (813) 341-7900 \luJkt.tiCiink IO.t!O;-..;. l:!h 11.33<>1, Bxlnme Effort Produces Sua- w Results All You Need Determination And A o ucceed Nothin g But .}he Wtrbt K : ;;'-'::to ., : m c m < m :a < -4 c: m en c )> z c "'T1 :a 5


g Introducing COLLEEN C. CAMPBELL, M.D. HEALTH N BOARD CERTIFIED IN INTERNAL MEDICINE Specializes In Adult Medicine Including: Kidney Problems T Heart Disease General PhYJicll Examlntlons 0 New Patiems Welcome a: Offtc. b conveniently localad ICl'OSS from St. .loMph Hospital @ LL Medical Towv 27'Il W. Hlltln Luther Klrw Blvd. Suit. 0 a: LL 0 z <( 0 U) w ::;, ._ > a: w > w 0 w :X: U) ::; m ::;, a. z t= w _, _, ::;, m _:, w z t= z w U) Don't Delay Call (813) 875-8453 Today STEPHEN A. WilliAMS, M.D., P.A. (BOARD CERTIFIED PEDIATRICIAN) Call For Flu Shots Sea Kids From Aaa 0-21 Years T Same Day Appointment Walk-In Patients Welcome I IIIIICIIII, IIIII, CIIIIIIIV I Mon .. Tues. Thurs. 9A.M. 6P.I\1. Wed .. Fri. 8 :3DA.I\1.-5P.I\1. 714 W. Martin Luther King Blvd. FL33&03 Tel (813) 223-6222 Fax (813) 223-6020 Have A Great Smile!! Marsh Orlhodontics Braces For Children & Adults Affordable Monthly Payments Quality Personal Care Family Discounts MARSH New Patients Welcome --Complimentary ln1t1al Exam.natons William F. Marsh, D.D.S., P.A. (813) 238-3384 < 4119 N. Taliaferro Ave (MLK at 1. N) Tampa, FL e h II cu o11ce policy lhll the j)llll8nl and any Ollh 1*1011 riiPOf18illle lor payment ,_ IIIII rtghl a: 10 ,.._10 C8lOII 10 be AlllnlluMd IDf peymantiDf wry 0111111r ..w:., DMIIIIilllolt, 0 or IIWIImlrC M*:h It pertDI'rMd a rOIUI d Ifill wlhil72 holn of t.epcnclng to thii8!MIIIMmlnl tor the he, clllc:ounled-f, or r.duald '" aYtce, aiiiRI!IIIon or tl'1llllmenl. ......................... And 33rd Street, West Of 34th Street FRI HOMEIOFRCE DEUVERY AND PICK-UP Phone: (MIJ) 24M-5405 Fax: (MIJ) 24M-54(JM JJ02 East Matin I .utlu.r Ja. Bl\'d. Tampa. Flo.-ida J361 0 I Fighting Allergies Naturally I More and more people these days are opting for organic ver sions of their favorite foods and hair products. So why not allergy medications? In many cases, natural alternatives to over the counter medications can work just as well. Feeling Congested? Of course during allergy sea son the best way to .avoid con gestion is to simply avoid the things that make your allergies flare up, like pet dander, dust and pollen. But there are other congestion culprits you want to look out for. Wheal, milk products and sugar increase your body's mucus production and nasal irritation. Excess mucus makes your nose feel stuffy and your chest feel tight. Avoiding these products will help lessen your allergic reactions and make you feel better. Eating spicy foods is a great way to open blocked nasal pas sages. Your favorite spicy foods like andouille sausage or curry chicken will help increase your blood flow bringing oxygen to your nasal passages. The extra oxygen helps thin your blood and eliminate mucus blockages. Drinking flu ids like clear broths and water will also clear congestion. They hydrate mucus membranes, helping nasal passages and lungs drain more easily. If that doesn't work, try using a combination of aloe and saline solution. When sprayed into your nasal passages, it helps heal dry mea branes and make them less irri. tated. When your membranes are less irritated, you're less likely to have sneezing fits. Boost Your Immune System! Eating dark colored fruits and vegetables, like red grapes, berries, and dark leafy greens can help build a strong immune system to fight the effects of allergies. They are full of antioxidants that boost cell strength by fighting off free radicals, which cause cell dam age Remember the old advice of drinking orange juice when you don't feel well? Brightly colored fruits and veggies are full of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene, which help decrease swelling and inflammation, making breathing easier. Keep Up Your Body Health Exercising can boost your immune system and open air ways When your immune system is functioning well, it's more able to fight off the histamine that causes allergy attacks. Try doing 30 minutes of exercise daily. This will stimu late your immune system and help your symptoms fade. Make sure you exercise indoors to avoid allergens while you workout. Taking yoga classes can have a similar effect. The deep breathing workouts help relax chest muscles and open airways. Yoga is also a great way to get some exercise into your day. By following these simple practices you can avoid the heavy drugged feeling that comes from taking over the counter medicines. You will improve your overall body health and begin to feel better in no time. Tips To Bounce Back Better After Exercise ROCHESTER, Minn. The June issue of Mayo Clinic 'Hca/tll Letter offers tips to bounce back better after e.11ercise. Cooling Down A few minutes of mild activity after an exercise session allows the heart rate and breathing to slow down gradually and aids recovery of muscle tissue and the cardiovascular system. Stretching -Gently stretching muscles that were particularly active during exercise helps them relax. Stretching helps athletes of all ability levels maintain and improve flexibility. It's partie_ ularly effecti\'c after exercise when muscles and other tis sues are wann and flexible. Drinking Adequate Fluid.-It's recommended that people weigh themselves before and after vigorous or prolonged exercise. The weight loss is the amount of water lost through perspiration. For each pound lost, drink about two cups of water or a sports drink. Rtifueling -The muscles and liver are most ready for replenishment immediately, after exercise. Within 30 minutes of exercise, consume some form of carbohydrates, Take Care Of Your Feet. .. They Have To Last A Lifetime! Sheehy Ankle & Foot Center Medicine 1\nd Surgery OI'TI1c Fnnl, Ankle ,\nd l..cp. Foot Pain Bunions Ankle Pain Nail Deformities Heel Pain Corn & Calluses Wound Cnre Sport.; Medicine New Chlntlrllsy PNK'l'cllll"l' PAULL. SHEEHY, .JR. D.P.M. P.A. Mcmhcr American Society Medicine & Surgery 813-277-0222 www. Tum pn FontDnctnr.cmn ..,.._ such as a glass of juice or a piece of fruit, as wdi as a moderate amount of protein. These help junJp-start the replenishment of energy stores and the building an<,l repair of muscle tissue. Replenishment doesn't have to be in the form of energy drinks. A recent study found that low-fat chocolate milk which contains carbohydrates and proteins-works just as well or better. local news education religion business health sports family entertainment in t11e Florida Sentinel 813-248-1921


\ KLUBScene : ................. ,,. ..... ....... ,, .. ,, ..................................... .......................... ................... .. BY PLAYA P.O. BOX 1724111 T....., PL 338'72-G4111 (188) eo.2121 Mdllece-comiiOublcenelba.lumpOII Studio, Inc. T-Pain's My Space Concert Party is July 13 at Studio, Inc. Blaze'n Ent, is booking you up. Check out Fridays. It's free until 12 and ladies drink Pat B.'s Black and White, Leo (Cancers) birthday bash Manilla Friday. Saturday and Sunday, get your party on at Club Manilla with $3 Hen and Gin, and $2 bottles and $1 draft beer. Club 112 Party from 8 until every Sunday at Club 112, with all night. Every. Friday, check out the After Work Happy Hour, 'the best in the Bay. Club Underground Set It Off Saturdays at Club Underground. keeps it real and gives it to you blood raw. Vergo's Lounge Every Sunday at Vergos Lounge, 34th and Lake, it's old school and new reggae. with Poison Dart and guest eyery week. D. J. Christian's .Birthday Bash Yeah, once again its on! Time to represent your click at the 2nd annual D. J. Christlon Celeb Birthday Bash. Keep it locked for more info. Get@MeFLAVA PARlSAndMYA CLUB SCENE RENATA @ Manilla YOUNG JEEZY @ Undergrom1d on 6/t6/07 ANDREWS SISTERS( MERCEDES SALON 3519 N. 29th Street'* FL., 33605 (813) 241 ruesaay, Er Thursday Specials/ $40 ... Relaxer wtset $50 ... Wave Nouveau/ Leisure Curl S50 ... Virgin Relaxer $7 ... Rinse Hair Cuts For BoysJlO Hair Cuts For Men 12 Hot Comb ... $40 & Up Nails,.. Saturdays Only Full Set & Pedicure $35 Ask for Slwtavia 3402 N. 34th Street .247 Speds/lzing In Cuds, Pelnrs Culs & Co/or, P/'8$1 & Cud, Hslr Ulesvlng For The EntiN Fsmi/y W a l k In IM:?Icome :1:1 c )> -< c.. c: z m 1\) ,!') 0 ....., ., r-i 6 )> en m !I z m '='" Ill c: ..-!!I z -v c: Ill !: m a ni .. < m -f c: m (IJ a )>, -< a J .<


,.._ -0 0 .(\I ENTERTAINMENT EX..Splca Girl: Takas DNA Test > r < LOS ANGELES -Eddie Murphy has taken a DNA I.L test to determine if he's the father of Melanie Brown's 2-month-old daughter, the former Spice Girl's spokes woman said Friday. The 46-year-old actor "did indeed take a paternity test," Natalie Whorms said. EDDIE MURPHY And MELANIE BROWN Murphy's spokesman, Arnold Robinson, has declined to comment about Brown's claims. On Friday, he said he would DOt confirm the paternity test. "We do not comment on Mr. cate. Murphy's personal life. BI'OWD also has an 8-year-Bnnm, who 1mown as old daughter. Murphy has .. Scary Spice when she five children from his marperformed with the '90s pop riage to Nicole Mitchell group Spi.ce Girls, dated Murphy. Murphy last yeai-and has When asked about impend maintained that the cbild is m, fatherhood in December, his. Murphy told a television The 32-year-old siliger reporter: And I know gave birth to ADel Iris whose child that is until it Murphy .,.,. on April S. comes out and has a blood She listed Murphy as the test. You jump to father on the birth certiti-conclusions, sir. c IL. c > tn w > a: w &j c w 2: SuhstTihe __, .._ ........ Rapper The Game ReJects Plea Offer .Judge RestorH Foilj .. Brown's Probation NEW YORK --Foxy Brown, threatened with jail after being accused of violat ing probation that stemmed from an assault case, was restored to probation in good standing Thursday by a Manhattan judge. "''m going to restore her to probation," Criminal Judge Melissa Jackson said over objections by a .. THE GAME ; Probation Department NEW YORK-Coast rapper The Game, who was arrested on charpa of impersonating a police officer last year. rejected a Manhattan prosecutor's offer Wednesday of a guilty plea for a sentence of time already served. A guilty plea to the misdemeanor charp in exchange for the time-he spent waiting to go to court would have ended the case against The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor. said his lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman. why should he plead guilty to bogus charges for a non-jail sentence if bes innocent, Lichtman said outside court. be is innocent. It's rare that I have a 100 percent innocent defen dant, but this is one. The 27-year-old rapper, who refused to speak about the case, was arrested in November 2006 after he told a cab driver that he was an undercover police offtcer and persuaded him to run a lawyer. -rhere's no neceslit;y for the court tO monitor her. Over the past two months, the 27-year-old rapper has FOXY BROWN : appointments with her plea deal inducted a reqmre:. probation officer, gotten per-mission before leaving the ment that she get permission state, passed her drug tests from her prol:!ation officer and attended anger before leaving the state a............. Browa was accused orvio-management classes, lating probation-when she Jacbcm said. went to Florida where she "'I see a positive probation was arrested Feb. 15 for report here: Jackson told allegedly throwing hair glue Brown. "'It was a real strug-at a beauty shop empioyee gle to get you onboard. I when he asked her to leave want to see you finish this because the shop was clossentence and go on to a ing. She later struggled happy life. an officer, police said. The Browa, in a brown-and-judge could havejailed her turquoise sundress and for up to a year for violating taupe stiletto heels, smiled probation by going to and thanked the judge. Florida. Attorney Matlplda Leo of Charged with battery and the Probation Department resisting an officer noted that two months had lence, Browa was released passed since Brown seemed after posting a $1,sc;M) bond. to have improved her atti--'lbat ease is peading. _"'= tude. She suggested the judge should wait another two months before restoring Brown to probation. .. 1 series of red lights, police said afterhis arrest. Brown. whose real name is lnga Marchand, bad been on three years probation stemming from an Aug. 29, 2004, incident in Manhattan's Chelsea area in which she attacked two man icurists at a nail salon over ID :::) A. z ffi _, _, :::) ID _,. w z w tn a: g I.L Hump WDrawslrtng J Fllh Fin WBun Curly Quick Weave Pin Curl Up Do R81axer, Trim, Up Do $60 Taylor, of Glendale, d.alif., allegedly picked up a livery cab the night of Nov. 16, 2006, shortly after he appeared on CBS' Late Show With David Letterman. The cab driver drove about 13 blocks before he was pulled over, police said at the time. Her misdemeanor assault


-----ENTERTAINMENT --------:-"""'" ........ ,.--: \ -'Game' On For ViYida calls DUI < 'L8arnlng Lesson' A to the 2001 film .Two Can P,lay That Game" will be made by as a straight to-DVD qiovie withreturning lead Vivica A. Fox. However, the film end up iJ). theaters, a Sony revealed to &porter reprise the role of Sh.dite.Smith, a relation-, shlp .. < J ... kqpw ledge ,of! tlie Ulale psy-: i. che :to help women reach their relationship goals. The original $6 million aame VIVJCA A. FOX earn'ed $22.2 million at the ties. "She's going to get more box office coverage when her butt gets "It: was a huge learning out of jail. It's going to be a I won't ever make special alert and we all are that mistake she going to watch, right?" said. "Trust me, I'm going to As for her own situation, hire a driver next time." the Fox laments: .. It was an -Fox, who says she's curunfortunate judgment that I rently in the process of tryam taking full responsibility ing to resolve her legal in. It is so not worth what issues, admits having emJ)ayou go through for getting a thy for jail iriniate Paris DUI." Bilton, serving a The Kill Bill star will 23-day sentence for vio)atmg next appear in the upcoming probation in' an alcohol-relatfilm eouer, an indie drama ed driving case. centering on a in a "We _are not above Black family struggling with law :Fox said about celebri-AIDS and issues of faith. Did Young Blick Dis SO Cent On Stage? The black blogosphere. was abuzz over the weekend with reports that Young Buck dissed G 'Unit founding member _50 Cent during a performance in Atl ,anta. But apparently, the whole thing is one big thug misunderstanding. at the Twelfth Annual. Birthday Bash hosted by Radio One affiliate Hot 107.9 have come to call the rumor bogus. Hot 97's Miss Info even said on her blog: .. Eyewitnesses at the 107.9 Atlanta radio station bash say that he talked about his new label Cashville Records ... but he never dissed 50 and G-Unit." Buck's co-manager Sisx said the comment in question came after informing the crowd that his Cashville Records just signed former Tupac pro teges The Outlaws. .. All (Buck) said when he on stage was that he was trying to make CMhville Records the next G-Unit cause 50 didn't share (those millions)," Sixx told Allhiphop ... He wns joking, talking About the VitaminWater deal. I guess 1 can see how they might have misunderstood, but he definitely wasn't There,.s no beef. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers Michael Jackson-Settles $48 Million Lawsuit. __ Michael Jackson's legal team settled a lawsuit filed by a New Jersey fiJ:}ancial company that claimed the singer owed them $48 mil lion. Jury selection for the case was about to get underway Monday when the settlement between Jackson and Prescient Acquisition of Hackensack, N .J was announced by the judge. Terms were not disclosed. Steven Altmu, a lawyer for Prescient owner Darien Dash, said his client was owed the money for helping Jack refinance a $272 million bank loan and secure $573 million in financing to buy Sony Corp's half of the MICHAEL 8 e a t I e s JACKSON song catarog that Sony co-owned with the KingofPop Jackson's. defense? .He claimed he never heard of Dash and didn't remember signing an agreement. D.L. Hughley Protested In Fort Worth .. He didn't agree that they were hoes," but comedian D.L. Hughley said to Jay Leno during a recent Tonight Show "visit there were some nappy headed women on that [Rutgers women's basketball) team." The comment prompted Black leaders in Texas to protest his recent stand-up gig in Fort Worth. "'t's .not only that comment, ( he has a historY of demeaning /. our community in such a way Hughley, whose NBC that it's not funny anymore," series studio 60 on-said Pastor Kyev Tatum of Strip was cancelled, has Servant House Baptist responded to conununity out Church,' according to Fort rage in a statement releaSed Worth's CBS 11 News. to the media. Tatum joined a number or :.. Be said: "'believe that freelocal Black ministers, com-do.m of speech is a Jiero-sum munity leaders and local citipropOsition. Too many timeA I zens to protest Hughley's have watched clowns like appearance Saturday at a these pretend to Speak for the Juneteenth show at Bass masses. I can only apeak for Hall. me. Isn't there a child you Not only did Hughley say can help teach read a war the team members were to help stop, an unjust ly "nappy headed," but he also ac:c:used man you can help out referred to taem as "some of of jail? I will not apologize for the ugliest women rve ever telling a joke about the wortd seen in my whole life. as I see it.",,: ., ::c 0 > :< c.. c: z m N ,!') N 0. ""' r-0 :D a 0 m z m r." Ul c: r. s z ., C: .UI r-u; 0 m < m :D '< "-4 c: m 0 c z c


. 0 4o ,., .. ; .. .. .. 'f;: .... .:. ... ''. ENTERTAINMENT Fired Isaiah No Longer Fired Up LOS ANGELES -Isaiah Wasliington. has gone from "mad as hell" to just plain "saddened." Just. five days after ABC made the surprise announce ment-for no one more so than Washington himself-that it would not be renewing the Grey's Anatomy star's contract, and five days after Washington responded in kind with his mysterious Network-inspired statement, the erstwhile Dr. Preston Burke is speakin, out again, but this time in a way slightly more befitting someone who has been through anger man-agement. "'I'm saddened by the outcome, Washintton told ISAIAH WASHINGTON Entertainment Weekly of his ousting. did everything that the producers and the network asked me to do. I came back under great duress and atrea, and thought I was doing the job I was hired to do. Lll Wayne Blames Nally For Tha Carter, \ 3' Delay i If you believe Universal Records' latest ac:hedule, then you'll believe that Lil Q Wape'e Tho Caner, Vol. 3 is coming out sometime in October or November. "'November 2oosr Weezy Q asked with a grin last week .IJ in Miami when uked if his :::. reps' idea for hia release date t-matched hia own timetable. > Even though he was jokipg 15 about the disc eoming out at the end of oat year, he was Q serioua about maintaining 111 what he told Miztape Monday a earlier this month: He does :J not want to put eM hil highly a:a antiCi pated project anytime l : this year. No joke. Z And who can hil fans who have been devouring hie mistapea, like The Drought 3 -. thank for this delay? The :::. leader of the St. Luaatia. I LIL WAYNE w. NELLY A lot ofthinp [are) comina out thi year, Weesy explained. My artist Curreney, I don't wanna drown him. Then rm on a lot of people' stuft'. A lot of people want to use the aonp rm on uliniJee. That would be a quick, 'No, reject,' if my album was out. I don't like that. I want all that to be when I come out .. Plus I waa given advice by my bia brother Nell)t about how to do that. He said, 'You gotta make them want you.' w : George & Jackie Wilds Want T o Thank You For Y our coleman Collapses On Bonnaroo MANCHESTER, Tenn. -Ornette Coleman was treated for heat-related dehydration after he collapsed during his performance at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival this weekend. The 77-year-old saxophonist, who is considered a pio neer of "'free jazz., was taken to a local hospital Sunday and released later that night, said publicist Ken We lutein. Coleman won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for music for his 2006 album, sound Grammar, his first live recording in 20 yeara. The album features six new compositions and remakes of classics song x and Barack Obanla Is The 'Renegade' In case you're around a Secret Service agent barking the word "renegade" into his or her wrist, it's safe to assume that Sen. Barack Obama is somewhere close by. On Sunday, the agency revealed to the Washington Post a list of code names it has given to-its high-profile clients. Obama was christened -Renegade," whiie his Democratic rival, Hillary -Clinton, is known as "Evergreen," her husband Bill Clinton' tag is -Eape," and Eagle's former vice-president, Al Gore, is named "Saw bone." Secret service agents bestow nicknames as a way to communicate with each other without having to utter the person's name as he or she "Turnaround.. He received a lifetime achievement award at this year's Gramm,y Awards. Conditions at the Bonnaroo festival, about 60 miles southeast of Nashville. were hot and dusty. One fan died and officials were investigating whether drugs or heat played a role. engages in daily activities. Although officials say monikers are chosen without particular reference .to a politicians characteristics, Obama's "Renegade" may be viewed by some as a nod to his status as the lorie black candidate running for presi dent. As for former presidents, Jimmy Carter, a former Sunday school teacher, was known as "Deacon"; Ronald Reagan was referred to as Rawhide," and George Bush Sr. was WJ'imberwoll." The secret service refers to your cu_rrent president as ..,.bier." What's about to become Rorida history? All the following Scratch-orr Games of the Rorida Lottery. -. c Aces & 8's 1653 Candy cane Cash 1676 cash Reward 1661 'e Deal or No Deal Heads or Tails Holiday Cheer $1 Holiday Monopoly #680 1638 1678 t674 Super7 #633 Surprlze Package 1672 Trtple cash #668 All thea Scratch-Off Oamea otflclally end Juna H, 2007. So play lhasa great ol1' now while thara ara atill prina to win. But remambar, any winning tickata muat be radaemad by Tuaaday, Auguat 28, 2007. Prizaa laaa than $800 may bt ..-deamtd at any Florida Lottary retailer Prizas $800 and over muat be olaimtd at a Florida Lottery offloa. (For the office nearest you Thanks for playing these and lht many other gamaa of the Florida Lottery 0 2007 Flllrldl lottery t.\181 !'-t e cw older to plly Pill" pttP, reeponltlly


ALL MY CHILDREN: Greenlee attempted to stir up discord between Ryan and Annie, only to have Ryan opt to distance himself from Greenlee for the sake of his marriage. After Adam revealed his plot with Zachto steal Chandler Enterprises away from JR, JR realized that Zach is ripping off the family. Coming: The truce is over between Greenlee and Annie. abduction, she had a disturbing memory of the day Jake disappeared early was shaken to find Jerry in her home with Michael and Morgan, him having sent Jax on a wild goose chase in order to spend time alone with Carly Coming: Tightening the screws on Sam to get answers. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Paul was grazed by Craig's bullet and tried pulling Craig off the cliff with him but instead plummeted down, presumably to his demise. Much to Lucinda's horror, Meg tore up the contract that would turn over the company. Carly and Jack shared a parental bond with J.J. and Sage. Later, Carly agreed to go to a party with Brad when she found out Katie and Jack would be there Coming : Meg has to accept that Paul is gone. GUIDING LIGHT: Jeffrey lashed out at Reva for kidnapping Lizzie to get bone mar row for Sarah. To avoid being seen by Jeffrey and Lizzie, Jon fled, leaving Reva a note saying he can't risk contacting her again. As Mallet agonized over Dinah's almost certain death, she regained consciousness and said his name Coming: Daisy and Rafe may end up under the same roof. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Hearing Marty's confession of being blackmailed into mar riage, John was determined to prove she didn't kill anyone. Miles kept Marty tied to him by implying that he might harm John if she leaves him. Kirk was devastated to hear Tate issue a racist rant to justify the violent acts he committed. Coming: Adriana is used as a pawn in Tate's plan BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Carl told Bridget that Taylor was fertilized with the donor eggs, then realized he might have been wrong. Dr. Mills stopped Bridget from saying anything to Nick and Taylor because of when the eggs had been logged out, and Bridget tried to reassure herself. Stephanie was not happy to see Brooke back at Forrester Originals, wanting her to stay away from Ridge. Coming: Rick needs to decide which woman he really wants DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kate blackmailed Nick with the hairbrush, resulting in him PASSIONS: Sheridan, possessed by the demon elf, agreed to kill Theresa in return for the blackmailer getting rid of Fancy and returning Pretty. But when the spell was broken, she changed her mind, infuriating the blackmailer. Learning that Eve allowed Chad to take Miles home, Whitney wanted Chad arrested for kidnapping. Coming: stating that the DNA shows E.J as the father of Sami's twins However, Nick then decided to actually perform the DNA test to know for himself The fireworks didn't go -off for Chelsea during her night with Nick, and Stephanie suspected she's hot for Jell. Coming: Lucas remains loyal to Sami. Sheridan is still tempted to do bad things to get what she wants. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam found Amelia's file on her sordid past and finally learned who Amelia is. With Jason that Sam is somehow tied to Jake's YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Lost in the woods, Nick and Logan were rescued by a ranger After Sharon was taken aback when Nick kissed her and asked to see Cassie, his friends and family realized that Nick had no memory of the past two years. Nikki was surprised to see Victor at the hospital and to learn that he saw her kiss with David on the Internet. Coming: William's recovery raises Gloria's panic level. IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK ... A six-year period of money setbacks and stalled career progress will end. Expect steady financial opportunities or creative jOb proposals to arrive without warning. Watch also for past records. documents or employment history to be strong themes Legal permissions and outstanding agreements are accented. ARIES (March 21-April 20). Missed messages, deadlines or social confusion may disrupt romantic plans. Remain determined After a brief phase of confusion. potential lovers and long-term friends will continue to respond to sincere emotion. Steady progress will bring new intimacy and passionate invitations TAURUS (April 21-May 20). Rare employment permissions or successful applications are accented Study documents for time sensitive facts or legal restrictions. Official paperwork will prove vital to the success of jOb promotions and workplace advancement. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Family invitations arc pleasing and sincere. Expect loved ones to let past resentments or unproductive habits fade For many Geminis. home commitments will deepen ; encourage group participation and renewed relations wtth older rei atives Key issues may involve misinformation. broken promises or unacceptable delays. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Memories and past attachments may require inttmate discussion A close friend or relative may need emotional support concerning a complex relationship or failed romance. Reoccurring social problems will provide insight ; study habits and repeated behaviors for valuable clues. u;o (July 23-Aug. 22). Financial or career speculation may introduce a surprising job idea or complex opportunity Home busi nesses secondary sources of incomes. research and publishing may be strong themes. To some degree. historical records and information technologies are also involved ; remain attentive to minor facts and revised time schedules. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Travel, educational programs and issues of career advancement will trigger serious family discus sions. Expect loved ones to offer their approval for complex busi ness or financial decisions. Stay motivated; this is the right time to study official documents and revise rules. expectations or dead lines LIBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 23). Delayed permissions. loan applica lions and housing contracts will require delicate revision Plan money strategies carefully and watch for slow progress. Some Librans may postpone a difficult home project or work partnership. If so. stay open: new options will soon be presented. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22). Daily commitments and social plans will need to be resolved. Expect friends, relatives and col leagues to demand a quick response to all invitations. Although cheerful, others may feel isolated or misunderstood. Remain diplo malic ; your continuing loyalty is important. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21). New colleagues and potential friends notice your emotional style. Many Sagittarians will resolve social habits or end outdated romantic obligations. II so. stay focused on small clues and expect first impressions to reveal the complex motives and long-term intentions of llirtatious friends or new lovers CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20). Vivid dreams and quick intu itions will help clarify a difficult relationship. Power struggles social jealousies or misinformation may be strong themes. Don't hesitate to ask personal questions or challenge established opinion. Your observations are valid. Many Capricorns will be offered an unusual opportunity for workplace advancement. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19). Sell-esteem and romantic confi dence are key concerns. Some Aquarians may be asked to accept or reject a new relationship. Emotions may be high; take time to reflect on past events and the repeated social patterns of loved ones. Pay close attention to minor facts. writlen documents or rare financial proposals. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20). Close friends will expect a quick response to group invitations Don't hesitate to offer your assis lance Planned events will lead to valuable b'usiness contacts and a renewed faith in long-term commitment. Disapproval from loved ones will be short-lived. Join in and new social encounters TOP VIDEO RENTALS 1. Apocalypto, Buena VIsta Picture&, A 2. Pan's Labyrinth, Picture house, A 3 Epic Movie, 20th Century Fox, PG-13 4 Letters From lwo Jima, Paramount Pictures, A 5. Night at the Museum, 201h Century Fox, PG 6. Music and Lyrics, Warner Bros., PG-13 7. Stomp the Yard, Sony Pictures, PG-13 8. Because I Said So Uni versal Pictures, PG-13 9. Dreamgirls, Paramount Pictures, PG-13 10 DEi* vu, Buena Vista Pictures, PG-13 TOP POP ALBUMS 1. Double Up, A. Kelly. Jive 2. It Won't Be Soon Before Long, Maroon 5, A&MIOctone 3. Minutes to Midnight, Lin kin Park, Machine Shope 4. Relentless, Jason Atdean, Broken Bow 5. Daughtry, Daughtry, RCA 6. Back to Black, Amy Wine house, Universal Republic 7. Cold Summer: The Authorized Mlxtape, Young Jeezy Presents U.S.D.A., Corporate Thugz/Def Jam 8. The Best Damn Thing, Avril Lavigne, RCA 9. Call Me Irresponsible, Michael Buble, 143/Reprlse 10. Black Rain, Ozzy Os bourne, Epic TOP POP SINGLES 1. Umbrella, Rlhanna, featur Ing Jay-Z, SRP/Def Jam 2. Party Like A Rockstar, Shop Boyz OnDeck 3. Big Girls Don't Cry, Fer gie, wlll.l.am/A&M 4. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappln'), T-Paln, featuring Yung Joe, Konvlct!Nappy Boy/Jive 5. Makes Me Wonder, Ma roon 5, A&M/Octone 6. Girlfriend, Avril Lavigne, RCA 7. Summer Love, Juatln Timberlake Jive 8. Home, Daughtry, RCA 9. Pop, Lock & Drop It, Huey, HITz Committee/Jive 10. Before He Cheats, Carrie Underwood, Arista Sentinel's Top 20 Albums 1. Eplphany .............................................................................. T-Pain 2. Double Up .......................................................................... R. Kelly 3. Good Girl Gone Bad ........................................................ Rihanna 4. So Much Better ....... : ................................................. Carl Thomas 5. Because Of You ... ..................... ....... .................................... Ne-Yo 6. Cold Summer: The Authorized Mixtape .... Young Jeezy ..... Presents U.S.D.A. 7. Sex Love & Pain ..................................................................... Tank 8. Back To Black .................................................... Amy Winehouse 9. The Evolution Of Robin Thicke ............................... RobinThicke 10.The One And Only ........................................................... Lil Wy1e 11. Strength & Loyalty .............................. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 12. Luvanmusiq ...................................................... Musiq Soulchild 13. Special Occaslon ............................................. Bobby Valentino 14. Survival Of The FiHest... ................. Lil Boozie, Webbie & Foxx 15. Konvicted ............................................................................ Akon 16. Street Love .... .............. ..... ..... ................. ..... ........................ Lioyd 17. Ain't Nothing Like Me ............................................................ Joe 18. Fantasia .......... .... ......................................................... Fantasia 19. B'Day .............................................................................. Beyonce 20. FutureSexlloveSounds ................................ Justin Timberlake Sentinel's Top 20 Singles 1. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin') .... T-Pain Featuring Yung .... Joe 2. Please Don't Go ..................................................................... Tank 3. When I See U ... .. ............................................................... Fantasia 4. Party Like A Rock Star ................................................ Shop Boyz 5. teachme ............................................................... Music Soulchild 6. Umbrella ................................................ Rihanna Featuring Jay-Z 7. Same Glri... ........................................... R. Kelly Duet With Usher 8. Like This..................................... l(elly Rowland Featuring Eve 9. Wipe Me Down .................. UI Boosie Featuring Foxx & Webbie 1 0. Get Me Bodled ............................................................... Beyonce 11. Lost Without You .................................................. Robin Thicke 12. Pop, Lock & Drbp lt ............................................................. Huey 13. Get It Shewty ...................................................................... Lloyd 14. Big Things Poppln' (Do 11t ..................................................... TJ. 15. A Bay Bay .......................................................... Hurrlcane Chris 16. Make Me Beer ................................ Fabolous Featuring Ne-Yo 17. Anonymous ................. Bobby Valentino Featuring Timbaland 18. I'm A Flirt ........ Bow Wow OrR. Kelly Featuring T.l. and TPain 19. If I Was Your Man ................................................................... Joe 20. Until The End Of Tlme ................................... Justin Timberlake Sentinel's Top 1 0 Rap Albums 1. El artel: Big Boss ......................................... Daddy Yankee 2. Cold Summer: The Authorized Mixtape ............... Young Jee:ey ..... Presents U.S.D.A. 3. The One And Only ............................................................ LII Wyte 4. Strength & Loyalty ..... ......................... Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 5. Survival Of The Flttest. ...................... LII Boozle, Webble & Foxx 6. Buck The World ......................................................... Young Buck 7. The Perfect Melody ......................... ...................... ............... Zion 8. The lnsplratlon ......................................................... Young leezy 9. Rich Boy .......................................................................... Rich Boy 10. Get Money Stay True .................................................... Paul Wall Sentinel's Top 1 0 Rap Singles 1. Party Like A Rock tar ................................................ Shop Boyz 2. Pop, Lock & Drop lt ............................................................... Huey 3. I'm A Fllrt ......... Bow Wow Or R. Kelly Featuring T.l. and T-Pain 4. Make Me Better .................................. Fabolous Featuring Ne-Yo 5. Outta My System ...... Bow Wow Featuring T-Pain & Jahnta .... Austin 6. Rock Yo Hlpa .......................... Crime Mob Featuring Lil Scrappy 7. Wipe Me Down .................. Lil Boosle Featuring Foxx & Webbie 8. I Trled ................................ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Akon 1 Trie 9. Big Things Poppln' (Do lt) ................. ........ .......... .... ................. T.I. 10. A Bay Bay .......................................................... Hurrlcane Chris 0 )> .:< c... c z m N _!\) N c ., r 0 :D -c l> (IJ m z ::j z m r-1 m c r r m ::j z "0 c: m c (IJ :::1: m c m < m :D < -4 c: m (IJ c l> z c ., 0


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Life Skills Center Of Polk County Commencement Ceremon The L i f e S kill s Ce nter of Polk County held a C o m m e n ce m e n t Cerem o n y on June 14, 2007, at 6:30 p m. at G e or ge Jenkins High School in Lake l a nd The c e remo ny was as'follows : Proces sion al Nation a l Anth e m -Ida Paige, Pl e d ge of Allegiance -Joseph McLacklan, Inv ocatio n -John Fisher, Recogn itio n s -Curtis Thomas, I ntroduction of Speake r -Andrea Whiteley, Commencement Address -Mrs. DagleyWiggs, _Presentation of Diplomas -Dene Maultsby, Special Awards -Floyd I Colon, Honors -Jimmie Hudson, Class Remembra n c e s Jessica Bell, C l osing Remarks V i e sta Skipper, Recession a l fol ll)w ed b y the R eceptio n The graduates were: Alisha Rivera ( Valedictor ian), Karen Shell (Salutato rian ), Nakita Baker, Ebony Brown, Shawntise Brown, Cody Calvin, Kristi Clarke, Jamal Collins, Soni a Cruz, Walter Cruz, Alexandria D elgado, Dustin Fordham, E 'lici a Godfrey, Tiera Harrison, Fredrick H ende r son, Dalena Hobbs, Stephanie Jones, Andrew Laver, Melissa Leslie, Michae l Merriett, Jonathan Mo rales, Emily Piekarski, Deontrae Polite, Cameron R ichardson, Ashley Rivera, Robert Rode a Jennifer Scarborough, Joseph Stanislowski, Sarah Tadlock, Samantha Ward, Quentin Ware, Audreyanna Woods and Kayla Woods. The Commencement Speaker was Linda Bagley Wiggs, Idea Pro, Co-Owner of Bagle y Advertising, Master of Advertising Speciali s t (MAS), and Coach M entor-Advice LadyCreative Problem S o lv e r H e r community involv e ment i nclu g es: Graduate of Coac h U n i v e r sity, M entor -Pace C ente r for Girls, Jr. Achiev e m ent Teacher -Alternati ye High Sc h oo l L a k eland M etro Nationa l Associatio n o f W o men, Busi ness Owners of Lakel a nd, and Yo)untcer with Creativ e P r ob l e m Solvi ng I n stitute ANDREA WHITELEY President, Board of Directors Her hu sband, Howard is the No rthwest Community City Co m mi s sioner in Lakeland and an avid Sentinel reader The Life Skills C enter's mission is to pro vid e a comprehensiv e p osi tiv e educational experie nce for high school students who seek a non-tra dition learning envi ronment. The Center seeks to impar t to each student knowledge desire and confi dence n ee d e d to s ucceed with academic and workpla ce goals The Ce n te r strives to teach guid e, and s upport all stude nts through their edu c ati o n a l growth and develop ment. The Life Skills C ente r Board of D i r ectors includ es : Becky Dysert Richar d G i f ford, Jay Hickman, Jack Johnson, Damien Moses, V. P and Andre a Whitele y Pre s ident. The Admini strative Staff i n clude s : Paul Viesta S k i pper C urtis Thomas, Ilene Maults by, Shretha Arrington, Cbris Repasky and Amy Good. The Vocational Staff i nclud es : Jimmie Huds on, J anette Colon and C hristie Floyd. The Inte rv e nti o n Specia l ists includes: Garry Col eman, John Fish e r and Lawanda Love. The Teaching Staff includes: Dalphany Ails, Daniel Bradford S h a w n Nelson, Aogye Rogofsky, Jess ica B ell, Gary Carlson, Maria Nikolova and T edra White. The Educational Assistants include : Kharon Campb II, Ida Paige, Duane Holliday and John Ware. Salutatorian Duane H olliday And Don Sldpper. E LICIA GODFREY SAMANTHA WARD And Her Mother Grnd!'l Joseph S t n n L l ow!'lk l and J o h otho n Mor a les. (L-R) Curtis Thomas, Administrator, Alisha Rivera, Valedictorian and Ilene Maultsby, Asst. Admin. (L-R) Viesta Skipper, Regional Dir., Uncia Bagley.,.Wigs, Commencement Speaker and Paul Jungkonz, F1orida Dir. (LR) Chanoah Bennett, Student Usher, Employability Specialists, Christie f1oyd and Janette Colon. (LR) Kharon Campbell, John Ware, Dalphany Allis and Shretha Arrington. (I. R ) Proud Sca r borou g h is ,loined l'olltc nnd his


POLK COUNTY NEWS Gabbi withG.:Ja New Riders Boarding the Florida Sentii&el BuUetin train is Ms. LaDwauna Strong, Fiscal Management Division employee with the Lakeland Police Department. Her husband is Officer LaRon Strong also of the LPD. Welcome aboard folks, hope you enjoy your ride. June Celebrants Happy birthday to the following June celebrants. Christ COmmunity Christian Center Church Pastor Walter K. Laidler, >-Jr., Founder, and members iC send birthday wishes to: Sister Carrie Laidler, wife &&.. of Pastor Laidler, Jr.; C LeAndrianne Robinson, Z Jane Luck_e.U; _Jessica C Hart, Ammon : Wilson, Monica C Bart, Elouise RObinson ffi and Ashlee HarreJt. it w > w c w !! ID ::: a. z w ID .:. w z w UJ 2 ii: The Society For Cultural Enrichment. Inc. Celebrating their natal elva are: Doria Moore Bailey, Elisabeth Williams and Sonjf Coaey. PetaSiiJDa Chaalji=Megaben Birthdaj, ac:oolides go out to: Sadie W. Btu, Jemeka Ellison ftd-Charity S. LaDier, Pliilt Ci,y. Ncw.Jmeelem M.B.Cbgrch Dr. J. L. Downing, Sr., Pastor and CODJl'egations extend birthday greetings to: Yvonne Graham, Alnander Roeario, I..arry Sbeals, Gracy Sheal Wimberly, Patricia Aaee, Cleo Jolm...., Dea. Grover Murray, Donna Day and Leaoaa Jones. 63rd Anniversary Celebration On June 27, 1964, in Punta Gorda, at Bethel A. M E. Law 1225 N. Lincoln Avenue Lakeland, Fl 33805-4259 (863) 688-2095 Fax. (863) 687 3409 Church, a lavish wedding c;eremony united two prominent young people Vancilla GoHman and Donald Williams, Sr. of Lake City. Now the handsome couple, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Vancilla) Williams, Sr. will celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary at their lovely home in Lakeland. Both Mr. and Mrs. Williams are retired from the Polk County School System. They are both graduates of Florida A&M University. VancWa obtained her Master's Degree from Columbia University. Don received his Maater's Degree from Indiana University. They are members of New Bethel A. M. E. Church of Lakeland. Donald Williams, Jr. and his son, Master Williams will join the family for their grand 63rd wedding anniver sary celebratioa. NewaFrom The City Of Beta1e Superiatendent Pastor WaJter and Fir.t Lady Donna Jenldns, send birthday celebration salutations out to the following members: Mary Taylor, Larry Simpson, Jr., Dequan Williams, Earl Lewis, Wardell Hagatns, Elder Dontae Jenkins, Sbainah Hagina, Eric Richardson, Shawn McCiow, Omari Jenkins, Devine_ Joaepb, Ginaer Grace and granddaughter, Brianna, Leon Gurrero Hunter of Greton, Connecticut, and Celeste Hall and daughter, Anaette Peaches Davis. June 2nd tumed out to be a beautiful day for the bi.rtl\day girls, Gia1er Oraae and granddaughter, Brianaa. Accompanied by a grandson, Ronnie Neloms, they Oew in to the U. S. S. Navy Submarine Base in Greton, Connecticut, to celebrate together. ANGELA B. WRIGHT STATE & FEDERAL COURI'S BOND MOTIONS SEAL/EXPUNGE RECORDS ILLEGAL STOPS FELONIES PROBATION VIOLATIONS MISDEMEANORS Bo ; 1rd ( l rtifil d ( riminal I rial \ltornn First Class Petty Officer Jimmy James Hunter, an '88 graduate of Kathleen Senior High School and his very beautiful Chimmorrian (Guam) wife, Michelle, host ed the party. Brianna Leon Guerrero invited her entire 8th grade class and they all came! After the party was over, Brianna had a sleepover with her friends and grandma, who was very tired and went to bed. Officer Jimmy James Hunter will be retiring in 2008 after 20 years of service in the Navy and will be settling down in Lakeland, Gennany or Guam June 2nd Nuptials Julia Victoria Davis and Christopher George Ramsey, both of Lakeland were married on Saturday, June 2, 2007, at Imperial Lakes. Officiating the service was Superintendent Pastor Walter R. Jenkins of City of Refuge C. 0. G. I. C. The bride is the daughter of Peggy Davia of Kinston, North Carolina. The groom is the son of Vinola Souden. The Matron of Honor was Sallie Brisbane, the sister of the bride; the Flower Girl was Darielle BrUbane, the niece of the bride; the Beat Man was Elder Mario Jenkins, the nephew of the bride; and the Ring Bearer was Kenneth Williams, Jr., the nephew of the bride The ushers were: Daquan and Rahaaan WiUiams, the sons of the bride; and the attendant to the bride was Beverly Williams, the sister of the bride; and the bride was given away by her broth er, Michael Davia. The wedding was catered by Debbie Davis, the bride' lister. Pastor's 20th Celebration The members of the City of Refuge C. 0. G. I. C. h01ted the 20th Pastor And Firat lAdy Celebration Program for Supt. Pu&or Walter R. and Fint Lady Doaaa JeDidu. The services conaiatecl of several services over a fivemonth period. Some of the churches in attendance were: Faith Temple Holineas, Pillar Ground of Truth, Palance of Praise, Born Again and Abundant Life, as well as oth ers. The banquet was held at the Peggy Brown Center on Saturday, May 19th. The Keynote Speaker for the banquet was Pastor Lowell .. Skip" James, a longtime friend of Paator and Sister Jenkins. The anniversary concluded on Sunday, May 27th, with Pastor Lionel Walker deliv ering a wonderful sermon. Birthday Bash On Sunday, May 13,2007, Tiffanie Gatlin celebrated her 9th with family and friends at Lake Parker in Lakeland. The host and hostess of the birthday bash were her parents, William "Bill" Booker and Paula Gatlin. Family and friends who joined in the celebration were: Nathan Wuaaer, Prince Booker, Uncle Gerald Gatlin, Auttie Mlaty Gatlin, Summer Brooks, Wesley Booker, Rodney Booker, Samuel and Elizabeth Berry, Doria Roberta, Dennis Stephens, Jay and Shirley Underwood, Michael Shaw and son, Michael Shaw, II, and Wanda Hixon. Some of the tasty foods served were: birthday cake (of course!), red velvet cake, lemon pound cake, ice cream, chips, hotdogs, burgers, fried chicken, barbequed chicken drummettes, salad and more. Tiffanie received numerous beautiful birthday gifts. And she's looking forward to a greater celebration next year! And Two Shall Become One Congratulations to Charles and Brenda of Lakeland who wiD be joined in Holy Matrimony on Saturday, July 7 2007 Community Bualeat Weekend Planned Auburndale's own Chauncey Davis will return home to be a part of the Community Buzzfest Weekend on Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st, 2007. The buzzfest will begin Saturday at 8:00 a.m. at Westwood Park, 1145-36th Street Northwest in Winter Haven. There will be lots of food, drinks, prizes, music, fun and games. Special guests will include Atlanta Falcons players: John Abraham, Jerious "Norwood, Tommy 'Jackson, Jonathan Babinezus:, Darrell Shropshire, Quinn Ojinnaka; Cincinnati Bengals' Ronnie Ghent and St. Louis Rams Eric Moore. There will also be a Football & Cheerleaders Explosion Camp 2007 from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Saturday. All little leagues are invited to join in the fun with special guests, giveaways, fastest kid competition and much more. FREE CAMP T SHIRTS will be given to the first 200 children. A championship game will be played on Saturday. For further information about camp registration, please call (863) 412-9775 or visit the website: www.thecountybuzz-.com Talk To Shaw-Nuf Tell Slr.aUJ-Nuf Talk about your church events, birthday celebrations, wed dings, family reunions, baby showers, ac:complishments, etc., that you want to share with the readers of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin, and I'll talk about it in SU.-Naf Tallr. You can contact me via e-mail at czomshawfb'aboo.oom or by calling (863) 513-. I hope to hear from you soon! SOl E. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 1225 VISA_ pa, L J!J Tam FL 33602 Phone #: (813) 223-3900


4 .. 4 POLK COUNTY NEWS Three Strong, Smart and Bold Women Receive Honors BY CYNTHIA E. ZORN-SHAW "It doesn't matter where a girl comes from, just as long as She Knows Where She's Going" is the on-going theme of an annual fundraising event for Girls Inc. of Lahland. On May 15, 2007 at The Lakeland CentersHollingsworth Room, the agency hosted its 18th annual "She Knows Where She' s Going" awards luncheon. This event has a dual purpose it serves as an annual fundraiser for Girls Inc. and offers an opportunity for recognition of women who have excelled in life, against the odds. "We're here to celebrate twenty women who have succeeded in reaching both personal and professional goals, stated Chandra Foreman, Mistress of Ceremony The 2007 nominees were: Katina Lewis, Lakeland Police Department; Kimberly Marcum, Polk County Sheriffs Office; Maurice Nelson, Fort Meade City Council; Sue Percell, State Farm Insurance; Ashley Provenza, Polk County Sheriffs Office; Dell Quary, Polk County School Board; Bea Reid-Dickey, Polk County Sheriffs Office; Darlene Rivas, Polk County Sheriffs Office; Gloria Steffen, Polk County Sheriffs Office; Polly Stokes, Summit Consulting; Peggy Wells, Lakeland Regional Cancer Clnter and Margaret Anne Wheeler, Polk County Public Schools Each honoree received a Certificate of Recognition during the luncheon POLLY STOKES MS. MARGARET WHEELER KATHY BALEY "'T1 ::c c }< c.. c z m N N N 0 0 ...., "'T1 r 0 :::D g Connie Benton, Polk County Clerk of Courts; Nadia Castaing, Lakeland Regional Medical Center; Angela Clay, Polk County Sheriffs Office; Terri Davies, Polk County Clerk of Courts; Meesha Downing, Lake Gibson Middle School; Laurie Edwards, Lakeland Police Department; Kathy Haley, Board of County Commissioners-County Probation; Heather King, Polk County Sheriffs Office; Girls Inc of Lakeland is one of the Polk County chapters of a national non-profit organization that is dedicat ed to emotionally strengthening and educating young ladies in lowincome commu nities support the programs of ********************************** en m z .... "We don't do this by ourselves, stated Kay Fields, Executive Director, we' re all in this together During the luncheon, on behalf of the Junior League of Lakeland, Stephanie McClain and Helena Gonzalez presented a $7,500 check to Fields to Girls Inc of Lakeland. The three women who received the '2007 She Knows' awards were : Kathy Haley, Probation Officer; Polly Stokes, Claims Supervisor and Margaret Anne Wheeler, Senior Coordinator Models by Sta11 and the Girls Inc of Lakela11d Choir provided entertainment for the event. All In The Family First year Corne ll University stud nt James Jell burg is shown with his family: (L-R) Nicholas Lewis, AI Campbell, Taylor (little girl), Tara Campbell, James ldleburg, Veronda Coleman (Jame's mother), Vershundra Day (Jame's sister), and Veronica Rucker (Jame's grandmother). GULFSTAR FUNDING, INC. The Star In Mortgage Banking GOOD CREDIT CREDIT CHALLENGE 10014N. DALE MABRY HWY, Ste. 101, Tampa, FL 33618 (813) 931-0646 Phone (813) 931-4676 fax l..orntm in the lntrnmtMm:lllro 11.\11 N. Nl'hrn..J\.'l A\-e., Thmp.'l. FL.l.'6J2 C.ak' 1-llmlh & C.atr 1-Rrd!tG7 813-632-6666 Cell: 813-451-8851 metroPCS Authorized Dealer NO Contract NO Credit Check NO Deposit Free Activation & 1st Month FREE* \ \l''' I,._......_. h.:tc(' \n..J \ l '\\ .tht'ft $30 In FREE Accessories Talk all you wa11t, anylim you wa11t. t o a11ywllere ;, the cmmtry. z m r I m c r r !!l z c m r c;; :::1: m c m < m .... c m en c ,., z c ., :::D c


...... 0 0 N N N w z :;:) .., ass f e >= < c IX LL. c a: LL. Q z c( Q f/) w ::: ... w Q w :c f/) :::i m ::: Q. z w -I -I :;:) m -I w z z w f/) c( c a: 0 -I LL. HILLSBOROUGH AREA TRANSIT AUTHORITY HART RFQ Q07028 Backup Generator for Administration Building and three temporary modular building units at 4305 East 21st Avenue The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) will be accepting proposals until 5:00P. M eastern time, June 29, 2007 on Backup Generator for Administration Building and three temporary modular building units at 4305 East 21st The RFP documents will be available for download from HARrs website at www. hartline org after 11:00 AM, on Monday, June 25, 2007. The documents can be located under the Purchasing Section All inquiries pertaining to the specifications or any questions in reference to the quote must be directed to: Damaris Cordova, Purchasing Agent, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, 4305 East 21st Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605 (813) 623-5835 ext. 1170 or e-mail at cordovad@hartline.org. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DI!PARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsborough County will receive sealed bi!=ls and/or proposals for the following, until the stated date and time when they will be publicly opened .JULY 10, 2007 2:00 P.M.T -0301-07 (BG) GUARD RAIL AND RELATED HARDWARE Please Note: The above bid is a Hillsborough County Governmental Purchasing Council Bid. Some :or. all of the above bid(s) may have Pre-Bid Conferences Information on these and other Requests for Bids, along with Bid/Proposal results may be accessed via the following: (1) the Internet at www. hillsboroughcounty.org/procurementservices, or (2) by coming to the Department of Procurement Services office located at the address listed below. Minority and women owned firms will be afforded a full opportunity to participate in matters and will not be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color or national origin. Questions regarding the above projects may be directed to Hillsbor.o'ugh County Board of Commissioners, Department of Procurement Servioes, 601 E Kennedy Blvd 18th Fl., County Center, Tampa Florida, 33602, (81.3) 2725790, during regular business hours. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsborough County will receive sealed bids and/or proposals for the following, until the stated date and time when they will be publicly opened JULY 06, 2007 2:00 P.M.T -0306-07 (JM) PIPELINE CAMERA PARTS AND REPAIR JULY 06, 2007 2:00 P.M. T -0311-07 (JM) FUEL SYSTEM T ESTING MAINTENANCE, & REPAIR Some or a ll of the above bid(s) m a y have Pre-Bid Conferences. Information on these and other Requests for Bids, along with Bid/Proposal results may be accessed via the following : (1) the Internet at www hillsboroughcounty org/procurementservices, or (2) by coming to the Department of Procurement Services office located at the address listed below Minority and women owned firms will be afforded a full opportunity to participate in these matters and will not be subject to diScrimination on the of race, sex, color or nationar origin Questions regarding the above projects may be directed to '1. Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, Department o Procurement Services, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. 18th F l County Center, Tampa F lorida, 33602, (81 3 ) 272-5790, during regula business hours. TAMPA PORT AUTHORITY NOTICE OF EQUIPMENT SALE In accordance with Chapter 95-488, Laws of Florida, the Tampa Port Authority (TPA) hereby gives notice of its intent to dispose -of the following equipment to the highest bidder 1 TAMPA RO-RO Barge 1 (official number 176592) : This is a ramp used for RO-RO cargo discharge off a stem ramp vessel comprised by welding two product barges permanently together and installing a cargo ramp on the top _. BID CONI;)ITIONS: 1 Minimum bid is set at $450,000 Item 1 is to be awarded to the highest bidder and the item is without guarantee. 2. Purchase subject to Florida Sales Tax unless buyer shows proof of exemption. Payment must be made by certified check, money order, or wire transfer prior to taking possession. 3 Equipment is to be sold "as is, where is. "TPA does not guarantee the operation, specification, or condition of the equipment. 4. Successful bidder must take possession within thirty (30) days of the award 5. TPA reserves the right to cancel this bid at any time 6 All bids are due by 12:00 noon, July 6, 2007 as per the process outlined below. The barge may be viewed at the Port's Berth 21 in Port Sutton during business hours by appointment on l y Please contact Bob Callahan at 813-241-1805 or at bcallahan@tampaport.com to schedule the appointment. Pictures will be emailed upon request. Bids may be faxed to 813-905-5050 or emailed to Larry Strain, Senior Director of Procurement at lstrain@tampaport com. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA PROBATE DIVISION IN RE : ESTATE OF GEORIGA L. PREVATT Deceased PROBATE FILE NO.: 07-1244 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS The administration of the estate of GEORGIA L. PREVATT, Deceased, whose death was February 18, 2006, File Number 07-1244, is pending in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough, Florida, Probate Division, the address of which is Post Office Box 1110, Tampa, Florida 33601 The name and address of the Personal Representative and the Personal representative's attorney ar.e set forth below The Estate is Intestate. ALL INT ERESTED PERSONS ARE NOTIFI ED THAT: All persons on whom this notite is served who have objections that challenge the validity of the Will, the qualifications of the Personal representative, venue or j!Jrisdiction of this Court are required to file their objections with this Court WITH I N THE LATER OF THREE MONTHS AFTE THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICTION OF THIS NOTIC E OR THIRTY DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTIC E ON THEM All creditors of the decedent and othef persons having claims or demands against decedenrs estate on whom a copy of this notice is served within three months after the date of the first publication of this notice must file their claims with this Court WITHIN THE LATER OF THREE MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTIC E OR THIRITY DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SER VIC E OF A COPY OF THIS NOTIC E ON THEM All other creditors of th e decedent and persons having claims or demands against the decedenfs estate must file their claims with this Court WITHIN THREE MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBUCATION OF THIS NOTIC E. ALL OTHER CLAIMS, DEMANDS AND OBJECTIONS NOT SO FILE D WILL B E FOREVER BARRED. The date of the first publication ofthi_ s Notice is June 22,2007, William A. Sweat, Jr. Attorney for' the Estate P O Box 2866 2012 South Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 680-2222 F lorida Bar No. 0109389 K : D. Prevatt Personal Representative 4511 Nesmith Rd, Plant CitY, FL 33567 s REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Pursuant to Chapter 69,1119 Special Acts. Laws of Florida sealed Request for Proposals for the furnishing of the following will be received by the Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, In his office until 2:30 PM ON 7/12107 FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS (FSA 's) ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES PRE-BID MEETING TO BE HELD AT 9:30AM ON 6128107 2:30PM ON 7/13/07 DENTAL INSURANCE BENEFITS PRE-BID MEETING TO BE HELD A 'J: 9:30 AM ON 8129/07 then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Request for Proposal are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone No. 8131274-8351). Dated: 6122107 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 INVITATION TO BID Pursuant to Chapter 69-1119 Special Acts. Laws of Florida sealed Bids-will be received by the D irector of Purchasing, City of Tampa, in his office until: 3:00 PM ON 6126107 FLOATING DEODORANT DEGREASER then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read B i d documents are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone No. 813/274-8351). It is hereby made a p a r t of t his Invitation f or Bid that the submission of any Bid in response to this advertised request sha l l constitute a Bid made under the same conditions for the same contract price and for the same effective period as this Bid to all public entities in Hillsborough County. Dated: 6/22107 Gregory K. Spearman CPPO Director of Purchasing City ofTampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, FL 33602 PRESS OPERATOR NEEDED -ABDick 1 & 2 Color Experienced Preferred Ful,l Time Position Apply In Person 5205 N. Lois Avenue Tampa, FL 33614 .. i<,' ,_


::u HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY A VIA nON AUTHORITY PUBUCNOnCE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (Authority) is hosting a community meeting to inform the local business community of the following topics: Revised Disparity Study Results Cor.3truction Contracting Opportunities Purchasing Opportunities (Goods & Services) Small Projects Group e DBE Certification -Unified Certification Program (UCP) On-line Business I Supplier Registration Airport Concession DBE Program All businesses are encouraged to attend this meeting. The community meeting is scheduled for: Date: July 12,2007 Place: Tampa International Airport 3rd Level, Blue Side-Authority Board Room Time: 4:00p m 6:00 p m Refreshments will be served Free Parking Please RSVP no later than Monday, July 2 2007 to Jackie Smith, (813) 870-7861. Experienced Licensed Stylist wanted For Professional Salon Centrally Located Booth Rental Or Commission Call (813) 935-2882 NEW WAGE SCALE CNA'S Starting Pu 7-3 $10.00$11.00 37-11 $11 : 00 $12.00 Great Benefits ..01k Raile In April Pleasant, Courteous VVerk Eovironment LTC Experience Required Apply In Peraon Delta Health Care 1818 E. Fleteher World's Barber Shop Barber Needed $50.00 A Week Special 1920 West Main Street Located In West Tampa Call (813) 258-8300 Work From Home Interviewing motivated persons to generate leads for a medical supply company on commission based pay. Each lead is equal to S25 an hour Must be able to descfibe products and benefits to a targeted client,le. Can prove to be very lucrative for the right person Applicant must be able to work with little or no supervision. Caii1.888A25.0008 Fax Resume To 1.888.425.0007 Water Plant Operator TAMPA BAY WATER i s accepting applications for a ater Plant Operator tnlnH or C, B or A license. This position offers excellent opportunity for career-oriented applicants with engineering, technical, or mechanical backgrounds interested In entering the water utility Industry Applicants for water Plant Operator trainee, at a minimum, require two years mechanical, laboratory' electrical, environmental-or builness administration; o an equivalent combination of education through college coursework, training and experience. Computer literac and proficiency In MS Office preferred Position requires the ability to excel In a 24n work environment and to work rot.atlng shift hours. Tampa Bay Water offers excellent benefits Including Florida Retirement system, a tuition reimbursement program and great opportunity for advancement Position 11 located at our Cypress Creek facility In Land 0' Lakes, Fl, but could be aulgned to any location In Hillsborough, Pinellas or Pasco counties Pay commensurate experience. Applicants must submit a Tampa Bay Water employment application by July 2, 2007, available at www tampabaywater org No telephone calls please Tampa Bay Water 2575 Enterprise Rd Clearw a ter Fl 33763 e mail : vroslchetampabaywater org. We hire only U .S citizens and lawfully authorized allen workers EOE. V P Commissioned Position National Financial Services Mortgage/Real Estate Firm Seeks Ambitious Career Minded People No Experience Necessary 1-800-679-7042 Ext. 0252 Attention Drivera Tired Of Running Over The Road? Drive INTRA-FLORIDA! limited GA-SC-Al. Top Pay New Equipment! COL-A 1 Year Experience 888-798-6935 www.gotdt.com HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CMLSERVICE New Employment Opportunities LAW ENFORCEMENT DEPUTY TRAINEE $33,087 OFFICE ASSISTANT Ill (DATA) PORT SECURITY SERGEANT $27,830 $32,6-14 PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER II (ELECTRICAL) $81,692 See our web site at http ://www.hccab.org or contact Job Newaline 272-6975 (TOO 272-5623) or visit our office at : 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor Tampa. FL. Pniference in initial apt will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of veta. AAIEEO 6 c Caregiver Needed For 2 Year Olds & Infants Must Have Training Experience And Transportation Call (813) 826-6838 Child Care Now Hiring FullTime And Part-Time, Infant Toddler Teachers And Part Time After SChool Teacher Must Have Training Hours Call (813) 910-4183 Child Care Teacher NHded CDA FuU Tme Position Call (813) 248-3073 Monday .Thru Friday Between 9:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. "'11. ,.. 0 ::u rn m z -f z m :b c ,.. ,.. m -f z -a c ID ,.. iii X m c m ifi -f c = c > z a "'11 ::u 6 .. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA J (i) m L.-___ su_P_P_O_R_' T_T_H_E_F_L_O_R_ID_A_S_E_N_T_IN_E_L_A_D_VE_R_T_IS_E_R_S--:-__ __.1 h


..J w z z w tn c( Communications Technician I (9-1-1 Dispatching) tart $12 .78/hour. H/S ploma with typing/ keyboard skills 30 wpm; 80% accuracy). Apply online at www.tampagov.net Call 274-8911 To Schedule Testing City of Tampa Employment Services 316 E. Kennedy Blvd., 813/274-8911 "Job News" 274-8115 Drug-free workplace EEO-f/mlhlv BANK FORECLOSURE! 5 Bedroom Home $56,000! Only $445/Monthly! 5% Down-20 Years At8% APR For Listings 800-366-9783 Ext. H489 ... . .. ..... Outside Sales Position Commission Only Experience working directly with the public. Very important to be exact and highly accurate in performing this job. Able to work with little or no supervision, work well with others and provide personal assistant. Ability to correctly complete all medical record release forms pertaining to measurements of orthopedic shoes and a new line of Arthritic products. Answer questions regarding the company, describe merchandise to customer and assist customer with making selections of products. One sale is equal to $125 an hour. Must have reliable transportation. Call 1.866.425.0007 Or Fax Resume To 1.866.425.0007 Fax Your Ads 24 HRS. TO (813) 248-9218 Or Emallledwards@ftsentlnel.com New/Resale Homes From $134,900 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath Block Homes Low Or No Down Payment Several Locations Tampa-Sl Pete Lakeland Headley Williams Hutton Realty (813) 404-8622 HOME FOR SALE MOVE IN READY! 312 1200 Sq. Fl 1992 Pulte Home Riverdale Subdivision Harney & 78th Sl $179,000 Century21 Shaw Janice Davis 813-763-5932 YOU CHOOSE THE HOME! WE'll GET THE LOAN! ZEI:tO MONEY DOWN! ZERO CLOSING COSTS! ZERO APPLICATION FEE! 4 Bedrooms 2 Baths 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths ..... with Den 7 Year Warranty on new MH't Over 60 homes available PH: (8.13) 915-0522 OR (813) 833-1674 FAX: (813) 935-0896 EMAIL: freeapplications@gabrieltampa.com I WEBSITE: www.OOOdown.com Stop Renting No Money Down 3 And 4 Bedroom Homes Easy Qualify Learn How To Invest In Real Estate No Money Down Get Approved Today (813) 389-1847 Christina 0 Down All Credit Welcome!! 1ST Time Buyer Programs A) 412 & 1/1 W/Large In Ground Pool EZ Finance B) Or 4/2 With Garage Built In 2001 C) Temple Terrace 312 \Nith Garage Screened Lanai Lease Option With Down Payment Call (813) 630-9827 Single Family Homes For Sale MOTIVATED SELLER Delatorre McNeal, II Offers $2500 Towards Closing Costs On All Properties Listed Below 6221 N. 44th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Comer Lot/Fenced 1 050 Sq.Ft/ Washroom WID Hookups & Appliances $135,000 361 0 E. Ellicott 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Double Lot, 944 Sq. Ft.mle & Carpet Floor WID Hookups & Appliances $140.000 n11 Gulf Court 3 Bedroomsi2Baths Large Townhouse -1230 Sq. Fl Nice Subdivision Berber Carpet/Private Backyard WID Hookups & Appliances $150,000 AB Homes In Great Condition! Seller Gives $2500 In Free Money For Your Purchase! Drive Bys Are Welcori1e. But Please Don't Disturb Tenants Call today for an appointment (813) 380-8043 or email lnfo@OelllcNeal.com 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths $400.00 Deposit Section 80K Call John (813) 309-9988 Spacious Luxury! 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths $1 300.00 Month Call John (813) 309-9988 FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS CALL LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FAX YOUR ADS 2417 TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email ledwards@flsentinel.com


.. .. . . OME OWNERStiiP Your Job Is Your Credit Low Davin Lease 2 Purchase Irvin (813) 965-5413 HUDHOMESI 4/3-$199/Monthlyl 511 $445/Monthlyl 5%Down 20 Years-8% For Listings 800-366-9783 X S748 Tampa -Brandon Areas 3 Arid 4 Bedroom Homes Available From $100,000 $250,000 ZeioDown All Closing Cost Paid Uttte Or No Credit Required (813) 477-6447 Seminole Helghta Lease Option 5k0own 3 Bedroom Block Home $1,200 .00 Monthly Christina (813) 389-1847 Many More Available FOR SALE OR LEASE-OPTION Monthly Payments Based On Eamest Deposit Or Down Payment Starting At $900.'00 Per f.fonth 3/1 $99,000 .00 East Tampa 311$130,000.00 ctair Mel 312$115,000 .00 Palm RiVer Financing Available To Qualified Buyers! PRINCE & ASSOCIATES (813) 217-5668 website: www.prlncehous.com 305 E. Althea Avenue 5 Bedrooms/2 Baths CHA, W/D Hook -up Fenced Big Backyard $1 ,250.00/Monthly $1 ,050.00/Deposlt (813) 932-4351 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS VISA, MASTERCARD AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE . 906 East 23rd Avenue 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 506-4394 1610 Eaath 19th Avenue Tampa Home For Rent 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Section 8 Welcome .. Call (813) 495-7990 Section 8 Tenant Wanted 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Nice Family Home Available Now .. (813) 980-4203 Leave Message 1 2 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes Available Locations All Over Tampa Low Security Deposits CALL WNN.REALPROPERTYWORX.COM Seminole Helghta Section 8 Accepted Low Deposit! 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Call 813-936-5516 Ext. 210 Fairground Area 4 Bedrooms/1 Bath AJC. Carpet, Tile $1,250.00/Monthly 3904 Beechwood Blvd. Section 8 OK Call813-220-3633 10116 North 10th Street 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths CHA, WID Hook-up Fenced Big Backyard s 1,050 00/Monthly s 1 '050. 00/Deposit (813) 932-4351 2806 N ; 16th Street 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath W/D Hook-up, CHA $950.00/Monthly ,.. $800 .00/0eposit Section 8 Accepted Call (404) 290-3277 Grant Park 3417 N. 53rd Street 4 Bedrooms/1 Bath Large Yard, WDH $850 00/Monthly $600 00/Deposit 813-767-385 Newly Renovated 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home $1 ,300 00/Monthly $250 00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Please Call (813) 382-2718 For More Information '.' ... ...... ....... -o o I 0 o Progress VIllage Section 8 Only 2 Each 3 Bedroom Homes For Rent Please Call (813) 293-8.q1 3418 N. 48th Street Highland Pines Area 3Bedrooms/1 Bath Section 8 Welcome Contact Ma. Young (813) 495-7481 Or (813) 973-4441 Belmont Helghta A rea 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Home CHA, Large Yard Washer/Dryer Hook-Up Section 8 Accepted $1, 100/Monthly Call (813) 215-1951 3706 N. 55th Street House for Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, Fenced Yard $850.00/Monthly +Deposit Call (813) &21-5410 Or (561) 584-1288 Section 8 Tenant Wanted 2 -Homes For Rent West Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Remodeled Rent Negotiable $850 .00/0eposit (813) 610-8256 Never Rent Agalnl Buy 3 Bedroom $14,0001 5 Bedroom $56,000! HUDHomn Available Nowl Forllatinp 800-366-1783 Ext. 5649 Seminole Halghta Home 211 Fenced Backyard Laminate Floors NewAIC, WID $850.00/Monthly $400 00/Secutity 1st+ Last+ Security Section 8 11t + Security Call Rlaan (813) 972-7733 Progress VIllage 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Fenced, WDH Carport + Utility Room $1, 100 .00 Monthly $1,100.00 Deposit Section 8 Accepted (813) 451-9624 2107 34th Street 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Very Nice Available Immediately $650.00/Monthly $650.00/Deposit Close To Bus Line (813) 248-9072 Available Now111 3914 Deleull Spacious 3/1 Large LiVing/Dining & Family Room With Inside Utility $975.00/Monthly $600.00/Deposit (813) 569-0842 Sulphur Springs Area 2 Bedroom/1 112 Bath Townhouse For Lease Gated Community A Low $720 .00 Section 8 VVelcome Security Deposit $350 .00 $25.00 Application Fee Call (813)740-0384 Progress Village Area. 8315 Allamanda Avenue 3 Bedroomsl1 Bath AJC Fenced, carport. Washer/Dryer Hookup Occupancy $700.0010eposit $900.00/Monthly SectionS Prefemtd Call Ed (727) 542-7283 3606 North 15th Street (Near Lake Avenue) Huge 2 Bedroom Wood Frame Home Ceiling Fans, CHA, carpet $795.00/Monthly ( $600 .00/0eposit W,S,G Included Section 8 Welcome! (813) 980-3789 PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition Friday @ 3:00 p.m Friday Edition Tuesday @ 3:00 p.m CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 -1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD YOUR ADS 24n TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email ledwards@flsentinel.com :::::::::: ::::::::. ::::: ;y:: Sulphur Springs 8215 9th Street North c .)lit .:< c.. c: z m N jlol 412 Available Immediately Large Yard, CHA $1, 1 00/Monthly Section 8 Ok (813) 968-1168 $277/Monthlyl 4 Bedroom/3 Bath Foreclosures! 5% Down 20 Yeiirs @ 8% APR East Tmpa Large .Nt!w 412 Home Concrete Block, Fenced, Alarm, CHA. 'ltiDH, OW No Pets Section 8 Only -: .,.. r-0 :u Calf(813) 948-3482 6 EBPM Corporation ,_. m m .... Ex--ce--lle_nt __ Com---e-r Loca---ti-on---. Little Old House Has Charm Plus 2 Bedrooms And 1 Bath, Comes With Stoye, Refrigerator, AIC, Also, Included Is The Electric And Water For Only $775.00 Per Month z m :b c: r r-!!J z "11 c: m r-iii Drive By Info Listed At :z: 3419 E. 11th. Avenue 2J Awesome Hotiae For Rent Nice Property Managers 6206 ..... Street -38edQBathiBY Fehoed 1250 sq. tt 1 New carpet Newly Renovated .. Section 8 Or Regular Tenants $1,150 I Monthly .. $1 ,Ooo I Deposit Available NOWI Call o.t.tono McNeal (813) 380-8043 Tampa HaiQhta 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Water/Sewage/Trash $850 00/Monthly 813-21M287 Advanced Property Management, Inc. 2301 N. Jtfftr.on 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Water & Trash $565 .00And $460.00/Monthly Fitst Month Rent +Deposit Call (813) 283 2412 J: a ;. z 0 .,.. :u i5 !(


.._. 0 0 N N' N w z :::) .., 1 & \ 2 Bedrooms Available University Area Low Security Deposits ii2 &&.. Caii813-&00-5090 WNW.REAL.PROPERTYWORX.COM Mave In Special For Section 8 Clients Snow Sun VIllas 12301 N.11th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $650. 00/Monthly 813-971..0341 West Tampa Cypress/Rome c ii2 1 Bedroom u. First Month Rent c Plus Deposit z c (813) 309-1615 C 5205 N. Manhattan Avenue fB Near Stadium :::) t-2 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, Water & Trash w $750.00/Monthly Firts Month Rent c +Deposit w :z: Call (813) 263-2412 ::J 8431 N. 39th Street ID :l 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath 0. z UpstairsApartment i= Central Heat & Air $650.00/Rent ...1 $350.00/ Deposit :::) ID (813) 299-5669 ...1 w z i= z w (I) &&.. "UUU w a-a &vanua Tampe Heights 1 Bedroorn/1 Bath Wafer & Trash $625.00/Monthly First Month Rent +Deposit Call (813) 213-2412 Apertment 2 Bedroorns/2 Baths Located In Brandon Close To All Convenience PrtVate Backyard 2 Car Parking $825.00 Per Month Section 8 Welcome (813) 473-3748 s.mlnole Heights 1"' Seniors 12+ Now Aa:epting Applications For: 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Controlled Acceu, Ubrary And Community Room With Acttvltiea Beautiful Landecaped Community Speeial Acceulblltty For Hearing and Sight Impaired Well Served By Public Transportation Income Restricted Lenlng Otnce 0 202 & ; Broad ltrnt TM Oaka 8t Riverview (813). 231:7700 APARTMENT FOR RENT 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Washer & Dryer And Water Included E. Columbus & 29th Call813-852-2773 Rlvertree Landing Apta. 813-983-8362 One & Two Bedrooms Available Some With River View $399.00 Move in Special Se Habla Espanol Apartment 2406 East 12th Avenue 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Nice And Clean, CHA $475. 00/Rent $475.00/Deposit Ellen (813) 380-7839 USFArea Studios $425. 00/Monthly Lofts $505 00/Monthly Immediate Occupancy CALL 813-977-3401 WNW.REAL.PROPERTYWORX.COM 5322 E. 14th Avenue Apartment tB (Near 50th & Columbu. Dr.) 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hook-up, CHA $500.00/Deposit Ellen (813) 380-7839 Attention Section 8 Tenants 3 Bedroom Apartments CHA. WID Hookup, Private Parking Move In Nowtll Call Todayl (813) 541-7782 Only A Few Left USFAREA SECTION 8 WELCOMEI Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Appliances Ceiling Fans Private Backyard $599.00/Monthly FREE Water & Traahl Low Oepositll 813-244-7435 River Plnn Apartments SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY Active Independent living for 55+, quiet park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities, riverfront living. Efficiencies and 1 -bedroom apartments starting at $360.00 per month. (113) 985-4419 -Section 8 Perferred 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex Tile Floors, Large Yard WID Hook-Up (813) 230-8968 Tampa Heights Duplex 2 Bedroom/1 Bath La'e Kitchen Close o Downtown $600.00/MonthfY. $300.00/0eposit Call (813) 224-9040 Section 8 2 Bedroom Duplex $750.00/Monthly +Deposit Call (813) 980-1229 Duplexes 8603 And 8105 N. 15th St 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath New Paint/Tile 3 Units Available Now $1,200.00 Moves You lnl 813-766-7540 Duplex-Busch Area 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hook-up Refurbished Kitchen Section 8 VVetcorne Great Deal Call (813) 261-7538 Or (813) 503-G493 Duplexes Section 8 ONLY Large 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Nice Area, VVDH, CHA. Walk-In Closets Move-In Special Call John (813) 789-3879 DUPLEX 1504 E. 138th Ave. 311, CHA, WID Hook-up $795 00/Month $500IDep08it Section 8 Accepted Ron (113) 920 (813) 190-1684 3M -Duplex 8213 North ..... Also AVIIIIable 211 Very Nice, Spacious, Quiet Property, VVDH Large Kitchen, CHA Drug Free Property Section 8 Only $0 Deposit (113) 2848160 USF ANa Duplex 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile & Paint New Appliances $600. 00/Monthly + Security Deposit Section 8 Ok (813)213-t480 IUPPOIU THI I'LORIDA IINnNILADVIRnaiRS .. .. .. . ,. ... .. .. .. . l:Jnlverslty Area loft Apartment Gated, Pool, Laundry Facilities And Morel Application Fee Security Deposit required $475.00/Monthly Call Keyla (813) 318-1523 Grant Park 3416 North 55th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $675.00/Monthly $500.00/0eposit Call (813) 359-7528 Or (813) 627-G482 2910 East 15th Avenue 2 Bedroom Extra Large Duplex Central AIC, Tile Floors Indoor Laundry Room Front Porch, Backyard $775. 00/Per Month Section 8 And Senior Citizen Welcome (813) 986..0830 Duplex Apartment 2102-A W. Beach St. In Redeveloping West Tampa 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Apartmen t -VWh Central Station Alarm Tile I n Bath And Kitchen New Oak Cabinets $600.00 Per Month (813) 238.Q$3 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Very Nice, Quiet. VVDH, Newly Remodeled, Quiet Nice Neighbors Utilities Included Credit/Background Check $750.00/Monthly $700.00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) 971-5107 fiillf&i1 ;1;13: Room For Rent $100.00 Per Week + Deposit. AJr Condition Kitchen Privileges C.ll (113) 215-1147 AYIIIIable Room For Rent In Ybor Helghta At 1000 East 26th Avenue PleaseCall (113) 494 3343 Room For Rent $125.00 P)H'Week + Deposit, Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 802-4930 Rooms For Rerit Nice And Clean CHA, Drug Free $125.00/Weekly $125.00/0eposit Call (813) 624-8540 Fully Furnished Large Room,. $125.00 Weefdy $110.00 Deposit Cable AcCess Utilities Included Phone(813)236-4816 Christian Person Has Rooms For Rent $11 0.00/Deposit No Drugs Or Illegal Activities Allowed Call Mike (813) 770-2266 East Jackson Heights Fully Fumished Large Rooms $125.00 VVeekly $110.00 Deposit CHA, Cable Access Utilities Included Kennedy Blvd. & Howard Ave. Rooms Male Roommates Preferred Clean, Quiet Central Heat/Air & Cable -&E (813) 293-1090 2928 N.18th Street Room For Rent 55 Years And OlderPreferTed $120. 00/Weekly $120.001Deposit AvallableNow Senior Citizens Prefemtd Includes washeriOryer Private Bath Telephone (local) And Satellite TV Or (113) 115 4434 GET NOTICED PLACE YOUR AD IN THE BUSINESS DIRECTORY FOR DETAILS CALL LaVORA G (813) 248-1921 FAX 2417 TO (813) 248-9218 OR EMAIL ladwarda@flaantlnal.com ..


1206 E. MLK Blvd. Rooms For Rent Single Male Preferred Call (813) 963-0703 Only A Few Left Furnished Privacy Deluxe 1 Bedroom Efficiency With AJC Single Male Preferred Weekly Bi-weekly (Advance Rent) (813) 965-5931 Hyde Park 1507 North A Street Cable, Kitchen Privileges AJC, Near Busline Deposit-$80.00 Rent-$115.00And Up (813) Rooms For Rent E. James Street $400.00/Monthly $200.00/0eposit (Negotiable) Call (813) 349-6565 Or (813) 223-6420 5709 East 30th Street Fully Remodeled Rooms For Rent $ _120.00-Weekly Call Tyrone 1-800-890-7639 Furnished Rooms For Rent Clean. Quiet, CHA No Illegal Activities Near Ybor & Downtown No Credit Check But Must Have Job $125.00/Weekly $125.00/0eposit (404) 839-4629 East Tampa 2 Rooms For Rent 1 Fumished/1 Unfurnished No Drugs, Utilities Included, Washer/Dryer Kitchen, Living Room Access, Near Busline $500 Down/$500 Month Per Room 813-416-1184 Or 954-559-2232 ROOMS F Just Like Home Leave Message Immediate Response First Week Rent+ Security $100.00-$150.00/Weekly Furnished And Unfurnished (813) 319-5646 Ybor Heights Large Furnished Room For Rent $110.00-$140.00 Per Week Deposit/Security + 1 Week Rent Call (813) 247-4724 Clair Mel Area Room For Rent $130.00$175.00/Weekly Private Bathroom Shared Kitchen & Living Room No Drugs Non-Smoker Call (813) 545-9139 Large Nicely Furnished Rooms For Professional Or Older Retired Woman. Not A Rooming House Queen Size Bed Call (813) 238-7034 Two Rooms For Rent Single Occupancy Only $150.00/Weekly $150. 00/Deposit Cable Internet And Pool Access Background Check Required Call (813) 846-3947 UNIVERSITY ROOMS Clean, Quiet Large Rooms. Central Heat & Air Washer & Dryer Free Phone. Near Busline. Must Be Drug Free & Employed. (813) 293-1090 Near Fair Grounds Clean Furnished Room Central Air/Heat Alcohol And Drug Free Environment $150. 00/Weekly $150.00 Deposit Call (813) 770-4658 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE PUBLJCATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition Friday @ 3:00 p.m. Friday Edition -@ 3:00 p.m. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00-1 -20 VVORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITONAL VVORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD East Osborne Ave Area Ideal For Fixed Income Furnished, Clean, Private Utilities, AIC, W/D Security System $125.00/Weekly Call (813) 789-3574 I''' ;'111 :1 1 i i '1 :' :'11 RUDY'S REPAIR SERVICE Complete Air Conditioning & Heating Service On All Makes and Models Call (813) 620-1866 LIC ICAC 1814485 Credit Carda Accepted Tarpley's AJC (813) 238-7884 Cell (813) 541-5010 Sales & Service New & Used AJC Prices Starting At $250.00 Ud CAC 1815130 AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATTORNEY Dedicated to LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LA WI Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 www.fordlaw.org BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Start At $650.00 Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 www. fordlaw.org WORKERS' COMPENSATION Get Medical Treatment Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 www.fordlaw.org EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION! Wrongful Termination *Racial & Sexual Harrassment All Employment Matters Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 www.fordlaw.org ... .... .. Roderick 0. Ford, JD, ESQ. Juris Doctor U. of llinois CWCP, Michigan State Harvard Law School Program on Negotiations Assoc of Trial Laywers Of America Downtown -Tampa Law office Call (813) 223-1200 $5001 Pollee Impounds! Hondas, Chevys Acuras, Toyotas, Etc. From $500! For Listings Call 800-366-9813 Ext. 3695 1995 Buick LaSabre Grey 4-Door Cold A/C Gas Saver 20" Rims, Good Condition $3,000.00 Only Serious Inquiries Call (813) 325-4328 $0 Down! Cars From $29/Monthly! 36 Months @8.5%APR Police Impounds For Listings 800-366-9813 Exl K456 97' Pontiac Grand Am Police Impounds And Repos Available Now! Cars Trucks And SUVs For Listings 800-366-9813 Exl 9398 AFFORDABLE CARS WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS Weekly Specials '92 Jeep 5 Sp $900.00 '97 Lincoln $2,800.00 Contact: Prince (813) 695-4343 Fax Your Ads 2417 To: (813) 248-9218 Email: ledwards@flsentlnel.com Find You A Corner And Ma-e Quick Monev In A Couple 01 Hours! cast Prent $5.00 $2.50 $10.00 $5.00 $15.00 $7.50 $20.00 $10.00 $25.00 $12.50 $50.00 $25.00 $100.00 $50.00 220121s1 Ave. Tampa, Fl33&05 (8131 248-1921 "TT ;:o c c.. c z m N ,!') N 0 0 ....., 'TI r 0 a!\ tn m z z m r I m c r r m z ., c m r c;; % m c m < m -t c m tn c ,. z c 'TI a! c


.... 0 0 N N w z :::J, Orange Hill Cementary Take A Short Cruise To >-"' 4900 Chelsea Avenue Mexico Or The Bahamas For C( East Less c 0: (813) 672-0505 For Best Travel Rates I.L Vault Only Cementary Call Aline Payment Plan 813-2354156 Email: pt1 0580@netzero.com MAKE YOUR Own Your Business NEXT VACATION Earn Thousands A Week OR FAMILY c CELEBRATION 0: I.L Only $299.00 To Start A CRUISE c z Call: c( Ask For Rick CALL GLORIA FOR c Marvel Conlics: GREAT RATES IIIII en w On CD-ROM. 813-973-1080 :::J witw.thesunandfuncruises.com ..... X-Men ... Fantastic Four ... Spiderman ... Dare w Devil...lron Man ... Captain > w America: Mfg. Sugg. RetaiVPri c ce:$9.95ea.(50%=0ff): w ::z::: en htlp:J/MyStore.LiveOeal. Com/ FREE DENTAL :::; m NewPhueEnt :::J Earn Extra Money Adults & Children 11. z Making Phone Calls Cleanings, Fillings i= w From Home ...J Extractions ...J :::J $25.00 Per New Customer m I 813-980-9070 ...J w Call: 1-877-563-6431 z i= Ask For Rick z w en 't DNA Paternity Testing -g: 0 ...J Legal or personal testing I.L ; C.C."a Carpet Cleaning available. Results in just 1-3 Rooms 3 DAYS. No Collection Fees ONLY:-$24.95 in Tampa. NO BLOOD! No Hidden -CHARGES! Payment options available Call (813) 325-4330 http://dnatestinglolutla.com DNA Testing Solutions 11972 N. Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 Top Notch Computer Service Repairs, Upgrades, Virus Control And More "Service You Can Trust" We Will Convert Your Personal Call Tony (813) 695-7813 VHS Tapes To DVD $10.00 Each Cassette Tapes To CO's $5.00 Each Same Day Service Raise Your Credit Score Call (813) 285-4674 In 45 ; 60 Days Lowest Rates FOR YOUR For More Information CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT Call (813) 5004198 AMERICAN EXPRESS VISA, MASTERCARD ... AND DEBIT CARD w SUPPORT THE SENTINEL (!) PAYMENT VIA PHONE ADVERTISERS DRESS MAKE I Are You Looking For A Professional Dress Maker? *Bridal Parties Prom Dresses *Home Coming Dresses *Minister & Church Robes *Alterations You Design It We Make It & Much More Call Speed (8:'13) 9884575 POWER-ONE ELECTRICAL SERVICES All Your Electrical Needs Free Estimates Lighting Wiring Circuit Breakers Convenient Service Call Marcus Smalls (813) 625-6699 Ucl470312 FOR SALE Brandon Area Restaurant For Sale All Equipment Ready For Business $80,000 -OBO Serious lnaulrH Onlv (813) 681-8581 Cell (813) 391-3887 $294.00 Monthly! 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Foreclosures! 5%0own 20 Yrs @ 8% APR For Listings Call 800-366-9783 Ext. 5492 Landlords/Property Owners Private Investor Has Immediate Cash For Your Home Or Commercial Building Irvin (813) 965-5413 For_real_lbout_ruleallllectflhOo com DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Full Page Ad In The Floritta Sentinel. www..rehabberaauperatore.com (813) 227-9240 Avoid Foreclosure Behind On Payments? Save Your Credit! We Can Help Call Today (813) 7284182 Never Rent Again! Buy 3 Bedrooms $13,000! 5 Bedrooms-$63,600! HUD Homes Available Now! For Listings Call 800-366-9783 Ext 5490 ANDY MAN Mr. Jay's Handyman & Moving Service No Job Too Small Cheapest In Town Free Estimates Pressure Washing Tile, Concrete Moving Service Etc. (813) 504-8519 HANDYMAN NEEDS WORK Save Money!!! No Job Too Small Incorporated And Insured Lawn maintenance Painting, Cleaning Pools, Pressure Washing Tree Triming 813.630.9827 All And All Hauling I'll Pick Up Anything Anywhere Metals And Cars Are Hauled Away Freel Also, Tree Removal And Yard Work Contact Chuck (813) 900-2683 Real Estate Investors "Buy Homes From SELLERS IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE" We Help With Financing Tool Irvin (813) 965-5413 For _real_about_realestale _llcCYahoo.com WE BUY JUNK CARS AND TRUCKS CALLJ.R (813) 966-3501 We Pay CaShlll For Junk Cars & And Trucks CALL L.B. (8130 385-7713 Or (813) 300-3384 We Will Buy Your Junk Cars, Trucks And Vans Call Penny (813) 621-4163 Wanted Dead Or Alive Unwanted Cars And Trucks. We Pay Cash! We Will Come To You Phone(813)385-7713 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal For FREE! 7 Days A Week Phone (813) 695-2438 Provision Property Maintenance. Landscaping And ProPerty Clean Up Call Terrence Brooks (813) 892-6182 CONTACT LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 To Publish Your Classified Ad Or Business Directory Ad In The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Fax To: (813) 248-9218 Or email: ledwards@flsentlnel.com


we Do Best For Less \ MAC DADDY Lawn Service Hauling And Clean-Up Phone (813) 245-9761 Need Money? Suit Pending Car Accidents Wokers Compensation Slip& fall Get Money In 2-3 Days No Credit Check Call (813) 298-4370 Or (813) 270-9874 Licensed FAST CASH MORTGAGE LOANS 5 Day Closings Available! Purchase Or Refi's Investor Loans Foreclosures No/Low Credit Scores (Below 500) Call Today And By Next Week! Prince & Associates (813) 217-5668 website: www.prlncehouses.com DOYOU (Or Someone You Know) Qualify For A 62+ Reverse Mortgage? No Credit Cheat! No Income Verification! No Monthly Payments! Enjoy The Equity In Your Home Without Paying For Itt C.ll Today To See If You Qualify! PRINCE & ASSOCIATES (113)217-1111 ...... : www.prlncet.oue..com WATKINS. PRODUCTS For Over 138 Years Red And \Nhite Liniments, Vitamins, Aloe Juice, Salves, Various Gourmet Spices, And Much Morel Call Today To Buy Or Sell (813) 248-4669 lsallne Wyatte Is Looking For 20 Models For A June 18th Event Ages 18&Up Call (813) 610-1984 Leave A Message Sage Propertln """Group, LLC Cash In 3 Days For Your House Ready To Sell Promptly Call Floyd 813-727-6728 Save Xour Home Today! Behind On Your Mortgage? Need Cash? Bad Credit! NOPROBLEM!I!l Call Lyonlel (813) 892-3870 Give Your House A Bathl 20% Off With Thla Ad Free Estimates K & E Painting And Prnaure Wahlng Eric (813) HS-5151 FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS ... LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 GET NOTICED PLACE YOUR AD IN THE BUSINESS DIRECTORY FOR LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS ANDDEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE Fax Your Ads 2417 To: (813) 248-9218 Email: ledwards@flsentlnel.com H And T Masonry Remodeling, Sidewalks, Patios, Carpentry, Drywall, Ceramic Tile, And Plumbing Call Ell (813) 325-4643 Ucl022650 HOME REPAIRS Carpentry, Sheet Rock, Doors, Locks, VVindows, Ceiling, Painting, Tile, Room Addition, Remodeling, etc. (813) 416-6183 Or (813) 630-4839 Uc 12170004117 If Your Well Runs Dry Call Dave's Well Drilling & Pump Service Reasonable Prices At (813) 986-4125 Ask For Dave Bubba's BBQ 915 Ent G,.nt Avenue (113) 270-5276 G,.nd Ooenlna Catering Available Dinner Plate Special $2 99 Rib Sandwiches $3 .99 Monday Friday 11 :00 a.m 6:00 p.m. Licensed Stylist wanted For Professtonal Salon Centrally Located Booth Rental Or Commission Call (813) 935-2882 Roota To End Hair Studio Relaxers $30.00 Waeh-N-Set $19.00 Full Sew-Ins $90.00 Walk-Ins Accepted 12941 N. Florida Avenue Or Call (813) 447-5793 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENnNEL ADVERnSERS I SALO Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Body Plaits $95 Corn Rows Weaves $10$2&-$45 $45 56& Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 Need Your Sisterlocks Re-tlghten!td? Don't Take PTO Just To Get Your Hair Done Anymore! Call Debbie 813-349-892 0 Late Appointments Available Kina's Hair Braiding Shop (813) 359-7065 Kinky Twists $95 .00 Com Rows $25.00 & Up Drecls $30 .00 Flat Twist -$35.00 Sew Ins $85.00 Micro's $99 .00 & Up Xscapes Salon & Spa 1214 East Busch Blvd. (813) 932-2616 Unisex Braids HairCuts & Styles $50FF Mondays & Tuesdays SPECIAL Ill Do You want Your Hair Braidlr\9 Hair Wrapping Or Body Wrapping License For Unly $260 00? Call (813) 857-6694 So Elegantly Natrual Salon Relaxer $49/Up 3D Color $75\Up Color $35/Up Up Dos $35/Up Micro Braids $99/Up Dreads $25/Up Com Rows $25/Up Body Plaints $99/Up Flat Twist $35/Up Sew Ins $65/Up Seniors 10% Off Each Visit Students 5% Off Each Visit (813) 770-2179 Or (113) 479-7205 'TI r 0 ::a 0 Don't Be Fooled ::::! .)-;By Others In 3 Days i; For Your House c: r Phone (813) 727-6728 E Real Estate Investors Buy Homes From Sellers In Financial TIOJJble ; .. .. Finandng oe! -. z ., c: m r iii % m c m < m ... c: r----------------m Landlords And 0 c Property Owners ,.. z Private Investor Has c 'TI Immediate Cash For Your ::a HomeOr 6 Commercial Building Call Irvin (813) 965-5413 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00-1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOURAD PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Edition Friday @ 3:00 p.m. Fnday Edition Tuesday@ 3:00p.m CALL LaVORA @ (813) 2 48-1 921 To. Publish Your Ad In The Florida J Sentinel Q Fax To: (813) 248-9218 ; __ o_r_E_m_a_ll_: b


0 0 N The Moment You Don'tWant It We Dol Any House An' y Situation Any Condition Call (813) 965-5413 Irvin WARNINGIIIII Since runnjng my "3 Days c Cash For Your Home" ff: ad there' have been reports of other copy-cat cc real estate investors trying to manipu-c late people with empty fB offers of quick cash and ast closings. There are ew legitimate Tampa, companies that can honor Iii such offers. Rehabbers Superstore Is the real eal. Before you lose any value In your home k the investor to provide following: ) Proof of Funds: Ask em to prove they have cash to close quickly. Many investors use a Quick Cash -Fast Closing" tadic to get you o sign on the line, then y run around town trying to find someone to buy their contract 3) Occupational License: they legitimate? Ask a copy of their pationallicense. the Rehabber's Supt!rstore we have the cash to buy, and we can close all deals in 3 days. More importantly, we can provide you with our credentials. See our full page ad In the Florida Sentinel to learn more, or isit our website at: (813) 227-9240 Kenny Rushing SPIRITUALIS l'"'i='1h:t114fil. DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Full Page Ad In The Florida Sentinel. www. rehabberssuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 Jamaican West Indian f:ather Samuel 2121 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida 32804 407-841-2787 Known Around The World As The Best! If I Can't Help You, It C-an't Be Done. Specializing In Court Cases, Jinx Removal From The Body, Restores Health, Happiness, Peace, Love And Finances. Remember With God All Things Are Possible Healer Advisor The Lady Of Miracles I Guarantee To Help Out Where Others Failed. I Help In All Problems. I Help With Love, Nature, & Money Problems. Help In 3 Days. Call Now For Your Guaranteed Luck Number & Hand. Call Now & Be Lucky & Healthy. Slater Ida 1-800-780-4772 SPIRITUAL READINGS Identify Problems, Discover Situations And Set Goals That Will Tum Your Ufe Around, Towards God. Candles, 011, Sprays Incense, etc. Sold Here Sister Harvey (813) 249-1199 (813) 500-0807 Spiritual Fun Fair Saturday -June 30th 10:00 a.m.-5:00p.m. 3201 W. Osborne Avenue South of Hillsborough Ave. & East of Himes Sponsored By: Rev. Emma Rosa (813) 677-6314 Rev. Bianca (813) 817-6292 EMERGENCY Jacks $25.00 & Up Phones Fax -Cable \Mring Repair (813) 850-6947 24-Hour Service Uc1SP13104 Trash Cleanup Tree Trimming And Removal Or Any Other Hauling Cheapest Rates No Job Too Big Or Too Small Call (813) 285-4874 The Florida Sentinel Bulleting The Voice of The Community For Over 62 MOTHER GRIFFIN. Offers Special Prayer Don't be discouraged if others have failed.' I can help you overcome bad luck, evil influences, spells, unatural conditions surrounding yotl. Has your loYed one changed? Are you in distress? Whatever the problem, I can help in one visit. Satisfaction! CALL ME TODAY!!! 1.&77 4827 83td Street Real Eatate lnvMtori Buy Homes From Sellers In Financial Trouble We Help'Mth Financing Tool (813) 985--5413 Irvin FORALLYOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS CALL LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 FAX YOUR ADS 2411 TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email Sage Properties Group, LLC Need To Sell Your House? Cash Deals In 3 Days WNW.sellpromptly.com Call Floyd (813) 727-6728 Landiords/Property Owners Private Investor Has Immediate Cash For Your Home Or Commercial Building Irvin (813) 965-5413 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl Cash In .3 Days For Your House See Our FuU Page Ad In The Florida Sentinel. www.rehabberssupers.corn (813) 227-9240 If Your Well Runs Dry CaD Dave's WeH Driling & Pump Service Reasonable Prices At (113) 986-0125 Ask for Dave SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERn8ERS LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EMPLOYMENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS, DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, LEASE OPTIONS, ETe. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL CONTACT LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 To Publish Your Classified Ad Or Business Directory Ad In The Florida Sentinel Bulietin Fax To: (813) 248-9218 Or Email: ledwards@flsentlnel.com


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