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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Tampa, Fla. :
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July 3, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 62 Years In The Tampa Bay Area j:;;; ---, I Police Pursuit. Lea o Deadly Crasb -' :-\ SEE STORY ON PAGE 23 SEE PAGE 8 Top Bilek Cop Loses Job To Cuts .: SEE PAGE 3 ... .. '. Neighbor's Slurs Upset Woman SEE PAGE 13 -.... Ends ; __ .. .;( I .... SEE PAGE 23 .... :, .. : .' GOVERNOR SIGNS INFANT MORTALITY BILLINTo LAW A large crowd. was on hand at the College Hill Public "'' Library on Monday when Governor Charlie Crist sig .necf the Black Infant Mortality Bill Initiative into law. The bilf : requires the Department of Health to award : grants to : at least one urban county at least one ru ral county \ \ whose nonwhite infant mortality rate is 1.75 times,. \ : .. greater than the white infant mc;>rtality. rate, shown in : .f 'this, photograph with G overnor Crist .', Je,ft; and Senatpr <. I ... .. .1, Arthenia Joyner, who joined forces to get the .. bill .. ,(Photograph.by : u \ I I ':: { ':;:_.


. FEATURES Governor Signs Black Infant Mortality Billlnto Law BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer /'221: 14&7lami)a Park.-Plaiza @ Nebraska Ave. & sCott St. <"' The Hmnq 01 A Lawver I s Anlmpor!Jnl Oect s t onThal S h onld Hoi B e Bas e d Solely Upon Aduerusements. Be lore Y o n O c ctdc. A s k The L awve r To Senti Yon Free lnlormauon About Thetr Qua llllcallons AM bpellence. -West Tampa Resident Feels Justice Denied .In Attack On Her By Alleged Gang .. HAVE; YOU BEEN ...... INJURED IN A Someone Who Will Properly Document Your Casel Friendly and Courteous Staff Members If You Answered YES-_To Any Of These Questions, Then You Need To Call Me Now "Having Seve;ral Accidents Myself, I Know What To Do To Get The Best Resulis:For Vou"ll -. Before You Sign Up With Anyone Else, Call He. My Services Are FREE And Can Help_ From Makin& A Coitly Mistake! Must be. 21 Jraars of haw credlh card & a valid drtvars license. while we do Jrour work. Minimum $1.500.00 Estimate., Provided COREvs CLASSIC PAINT Go BODY


_ 'FEATURES \ Top Ranking Black Police Officer Fired 5 Schools Make Failing Grades OnFCAT -t c m en 0 l> c:... c !< w 1\) 0 0 BY IRIS B. HOLTON Senior Staff Writer The ntqst senior African American police officer lost his job last week as a result of the budget cuts. His position was one of 47 eliminated from the department. Major Carl Davis, who will celebrate his : 25th anni vers ary with the department on July 26th became a casualty of the budget cuts After joining the department in 1982; Major Davis rose through 'the ranks being promoted to Sergeant in January 1989. In May of 1994, he was promoted to Lieutenant and to the rank of Captain in October 1996. On March 8, 1998, became a major with the department. As head of the Administration Division, Major Davis was responsible for C ommunications, Records, Training and Crime Prevention. His division took the bulk of the 47 _positions eliminated throughout the department. Major Davis had served as the l o n e African American MAJOR CARL DAVIS Senior Ranking Black at Tampa Police Department major within the department. During the last round of pro motions Police Chief Stephen Hogue promoted Gerald Honeywell to the rank of major. He is currently assigned to Uniform District One. "I had to restructure the department and eliminate one division. It's one thing to talk about this in a distract manner, but when you actually do it there are faces that go with the cuts. In the final analysis a Jot of people throughout the cit y are going to Jose their jobs; Chief Hogue said He further stated that he elected not to eliminate anyone from the operational staff. Chief Hogue said there are no other cuts planned for this year. However, he warned if the Super Homestead Exemption bill is passed next year, another round of jobs will be eliminated. Chief Hogue said $22 mil lion dollars were cut from the city's budget and of that he was told to reduce his budget by $3 million. Major Davis did not have the option of exercising his seniority because he is an "at will" employee, which means if his position is eliminated, then his job is gone, Chief Hogue explained. Major Davis, who earned about $135,000 per year, is eli gible for retirement and will receive approximately $8o,ooo per year from his pension. When contacted By the Sentinel, Major Davis said he is currently exploring all of his options and is unsure of his future plans Last week, the State of Florida Department of Education released grades for schools throughout the state. Under a modified grading system, some scores dropped throughout the state In Hillsborough County, four elementary schools and one high school received an "Fs" on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). Two of those schools had received "Fs" in the past. This year, elementary schools receiving failing grades were Foster, Just, Potter, and Sulphur Springs. Both Just and Potter had received failing grades two years ago However, last year Just had improved to a "D" grade and Potter received a "C Last year, both Sulphur Springs and Foster had received "Cs" as well. This was the first grading period for Lennard High School. It also marks the first time a high school in the county received an "F." Ms. Linda Cobbe, spokes-"""" person for the Hillsborough County School District said, "Under the No Child Left Behind Act, the children could possibly transfer to other schools, depending on their individual grade levels. "However, each of the schools given failing grades will be working on a comprehensive plan to improve its grade. Ms. Cobbe said while those schools received failing grades, more "A" gr'ades were given this year than before. This year, 106 schools were rated as "A" Five of those schools were charter schools. Some schools also made significant improvements. Last year, both Cahoon Elementary and Egypt Lake Elementary schools were given "D" grades. 5 This year, both schools; along 22 with Seminole Elementary 0 Schools received "A" grades. l> en Seminole improved from a"C" m grade last year Z Reporter Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (813) m 248-1921 or by e-mail at r;iris@flsentinel.com. I r m :::! z "tt c III c en :I: m 0 2007 INFINITI QX56 2007 EXCL!JSIVE / 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 :/ Mercedes-Benz m < m Jl -< f: RATES AS LOW AS 1.99%* UPTO 36 MO. 523,500 SEE OUR ENTIRE INVENTORY AT LOKEYAUTOS.COM IN FIN IT I LOKEY 19740USHWY19NCLEARWATERFL INFINITI (888) 349-0288' Whl I uti. U.atw nul lor 'YPOU"IIIIPNo-.1 prlo.e tiP', tag ut ... .,. .. orr:.. Enda.ruly. R.lnfl7 SPECIALS SLK280 .... ,,, ONLY PER MO. -IU Munth l z 0 22 0 'C) m w


" 0 0 N M ::> ...., <( 0 C/) w ::> 1-c a: u.. c z <( 0 C/) w ::> 1-> a: w > w c w J: C/) ::J m ::> D. z t) ...J ...J ::> m w z w tn C( 0 a: 0 ..J u.. EDITORIALS I COLUMNS FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140) 2207 21s t Avenue, Tampa Florida 3 3605 (813) 248-1921 Pub lished Every Tuesday and Fr1day By FLORIOA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of N ational Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA} a nd Amalgamated Publishers. Inc .. New York. 11:11990-94 CP Timelnterna!IOnal POSTMASTER: S e nd A ddre ss Change To; Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, Fl 33601 Periodical Postage P.aid At Tampa, FL W.W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews 19D1-19n 11945) Founders C. BL YTME ANDREWS, JR., CHAIRMAN S. KAY ANOREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANOREWS Ill, PRESIOENT/CONmOLLER GWEN HAYES, EOITOR BETTY OAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR KEITH GEORGE, CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Subscriptions-$44.00-Per Year Both Editions: $87.00-Per Year One Edition. Opmions on editorial pages of this newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers, do not necessanly reflect the editorial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher. City Of Tampa: The Day After! say it was like a day during the final years the Vietnam War. It was like a deadly lottery, ........ the lucky ones got to live, but there was no honor, nor gratitude in the survivor's good fortune. Some say the Friday following the last Thursday when a somber Mayor Pam Iorio severed her relationship with 254 city employees was like Vietnam, south of the DMZ. But during the 21st Century, being without a job is like a death Sentence. We would therefore like to say we feel the pain of the men and women who made their livings as city public servants and have been laid off. But for us who draw a paycheck saying we know exactly how they feel would be a lie. Yet, wha"i: is not a lie is a series of questions that such a catastrophe as this past week's budget cuts conjure up. First of all, we mean not to second guess, nor do we mean to accuse of meanness or wrongdoing. However, it is easy to understand how many city employees--working-and let-go--might look at projects like the city's Riverwalk and Museum of Art, and think about the City's fat cows like the "barely-makingit" Florida Aquarium, the renamed St. Petersburg Times Forum and Centro Ybor, and wonder, "WHY ME AND NOT THEM?" But we understand, So% of city salaries come from general tax revenues, wherein projects like Riverwalk are said to come from a different pot. Most people don't know that, not that knowing it would matter. __ Furthennore, although seniority is said to have been an overriding consideration regarding recent cuts, tongues wagged 'imd eyebrows arched when a Black police major was given. walking papers. The-reason for his being cut loose we're told was because he had recently been moved to another department, making. bin,_ a "new -employee" all over again. That's what we were told. We were also told other cities and county agencies opted-not simply for mass layoffs, but chose mass payroll freezes, payroll cutbacks and raisefreezes, in an effort to keep people working and to keep food on people's tables. Why couldn't Tampa have done-that? We wonder and would like answers. In the meantime, employees of Tampa, for what it's worth, "We feel your pain!" Is Where The Heart lsi make one thing clear. We at the Sentinel ort the initiative of homeowners and residents to defend their right to define and retain their communities. Therefore, we must stand and applaud certain community organi-for standing up to seemingly insurmountable odds in order to make themselves heard. True enough, change is inevitable. However, change does not ha-ve to be cancerous nor destructive in the face of heritage and tradition. Indeed, change and heritage can certainly and successfully li,ve together, as long as greed and racism are put soundly in _their places ... and we don't mean, "In the -. ry State Court Judges Need Civil Rights Litmus Test (Series) il'E/Jian a teacher of History do ustice to the subject, especially as it dignifies the contributions ofAfricanAmericans? Likewise, can a sitting judge preside with a sense of fairness, especially as it involves civil rights cases, if he knows little or nothing about civil rights history in this country? Too many state court judges are not as knowledgeable as they shou!d be about the history of civil rights in this nation, especially when it involves developments since the end of the Civil War. Here, we are truly talking about racial discrimination. Can one clearly and fairly sit in judgment of one he knows very little about, especially where culture and history is concerned? Or better stated; can one sit in judgment, fairly, over one whom he or she has little or no knowledge of? I say he or she can not. Black people have all of the civil rights problems. If a white person is discriminat ed against in court, criminal or civil, it will probably never be because of his race, color or national origin. In fact, By Iris fiplton here in this society, such self-descriptions will proba bly be an advantage to such persons. It certainly would not be asking too much to have some form of a litmus test. Simple questions, reflect ing knowledge of our political history since the Civil War could be structures. Then, perhaps such testing could be prepared by surrounding law schools here, around the Bay area and other such metropolitan areas. Your input as readers is especially appreciated. IJ There's Going To Be A Funeral / a habit, African have ., always been known to keep something black in the closet. We have traditionally called them our "funeral clothes." Well, now is the time to get your funeral clothes out of the back of the closet. There's going to be a funeral unlike any other. The servfce is expected to be attended by thousands, either in person or in spirit. It will take be held on Monday, July 9th, but prior to the service, a march froni: COBO Hall to Hart Plaza (Detroit; MI), will take place. Members of the NAACP from all over the country, as well as entertainment legends, rap stars, and the aver age citizens. Some of those expected to attend the services acting as pallbearers include Kurtis Blow, Rakim, and Eric B, front seat". legends of the rap music industry. By now you're wondering whose funeral would draw such a large turnout. After all, you haven't heard about the death of any prominent national figure, right? Well, the victim that is gar nering so much attention theN-Word. The funeral is part of the NAACP STOP Campaign and is being held during their 98th NAACP Annual Conference, which takes place from July 7th through July 12th. The initiative is part of the NAACP Youth & College Division But participants said it is more than about burying the word, it is about burying the attitude that wants to stop Blacks and women. Many feel the acceptance of the use of this word is an endorsement of its usc. Many feel the time to stop_ this is long overdue. The only problem is we can't dictate how people think. Many young people feel that there is no stigma to its usage. Those are the ones who are in dire need of a history les son. These are the individu als who need a crash course in African American history. And when they finish that course, they need one in respecting women. I've often heard young men say that the women carry themselves in such a way as to not com mand respect. And, my response to them is that while you can't con trol another person, you can control yourself. So, there is no excuse for using such derogatory terms This funei"al is long due. May theN-Word R.I.P. A vote of thanks goes out to those City Council persons who understood and listened to the heart and soul of people whose quality of-life is intertwined with their community heritage. It is obvious that some people are not overwhelmed by smooth-talk and slick diagrams. As for their counterparts, we advise, "Look deep and listen well. Som.etimes, eyes can be deceiving." The face of Tampa is changing in what seems to be a never-ending sea of socalled modernization. We say, however, Tampa is, has been and will continue to be a city of families, front porches and backyards. It will continue to be a place of broad oal<:s and palm trees. It will continue to be a place where the young, as well as the old feel at home and at peace. No realtor, nor developer, nor rise of condominiums should ever change that face. Community organizations, listen to the people you represent, and stand your ground!


COLUMNS -1 c m (J) The Dovvnfall Of A Superherol any -of you are too deeper that affected Daniel You wouldn't Brock? Maybe, it was his ; remember rising immediate family, a remote early In the morning before family member, or a friend your folks got up creeping whose life or livelihood had into the bathroom, locking been snuffed out or brought the door, then finding your short by a drunken driver. favorite towel it had to be Either that or perhaps the blue and standing in your volume of his work tilted him underwear, shoulders toward what would becomesquared, towel tied around in Brock's mind at least -your throa t and billowing his life 's work, the apprehendown yom back, fists on hips, sian of DUI perpetrators! eyes gla ring and invincible, as This is not satire. I'm serious! you stared int o the medicfne Regardless the reas on of cabinet mirror, not as a one thing we can be sure, pudgy little boy or a spindly Daniel Brock was no doubt, little girl, BUT AS SUPERa hero in his department. MAN! Indeed, his co-workers conOooh-, I get goose bumps sidered him a "watchdog" for just thinking about it! And to DUI drivers during his four this day, on my best days, years on the Hillsborough when by accident I do someSheriff's Office _DUI squad. thing that touches people in a Commendations were routine good wa-y, I get that feeling for Daniel Brock. that I used to get when I tied you could say he was his th a t towel around my neck department' s, "fair-haired and peered ihto the mirror. I boy!" FEEL LIKE A SUPERHERO! No doubt, you might also of talking about do you? news media and public poliPerhaps, you don t have a tics No doubt, he was also job where people look up to the darling of MADD you. Perhaps, you've never (Mothers Against Drunk been in a position where you Drivers) and countless other were really able to help peogroups, official and private, pie, I mean really and honestwho lauded him for keeping ly, such that when people their streets clean of liquored called your name, you felt menace. proud to know they trusted And then the inevitable you! No doubt, that' s how happened. The Superhero Daniel Brock felt when he made a mistake! He followed put on his uniform And he became DEPUTY SHERIFF DANIEL BROCK! But in time, he would become more than that! Who knows -though records wou l d reflect when was the first time Deputy Daniel Brock pulled a motorist off to the soft-shoulder of a road and found that he had apprehended a possibly drunken dliver? \yas it then that Brock began to realize his calling among the routine things that an police officers are sworn to do? Or was there his gut instead of his guide lines. Too often he did that. And finally, the element of. truth blinded him. Call it "kryptonite" if you will. Call it that, which often catches those of us who forget we are NOT the LAW, but we SERVE the LAW. And so, the Superhero, whom loved, was brought to account, stripped of his cape and sent to die... not physi cally, but far worse ... SPIRI TUALLY AND PROFES SIONALLY! Yes, .he was But I know how Daniel Brock felt. And you do too! {'The Voiqe of Our -Speak;ingfor ., .. -' herVievv 0 }< c.. c 5-l The Mayor Needs To Revisit Budget Cuts N 0 0 ...., e City of Tampa's udget is definitely {life-changing hit as a result of property tax cuts. It is a serious problem that Mayor Iorio must deal with. I am Tampa's first lady struggled long and hard. I am not so sure that she has dealt with it in the best possible way. The mayor, as much as she hates it, has had to lay off around 120 people. That my friends is a lot of people who now find themselves without what they believed to be a career job. With approximately $20 million being cut from the budget, something had to be done. If city leadeis like the Mayor and City Council had initiated belt-tightening me asures by refusing raises and taking a $s,ooo pay cut by council members, that would have kept at least one more person working. Then, if some of the city's top-heavy administrators had been eliminated or asked to take a salary cut, many more jobs would have been spared. In addition, a hiring freeze and a temporary ban on promotions would have saved some more jobs. This city certainly can't afford any cuts at the police department, the fire depart ment, parks and recreation departments and the sanita tion department. The safety of our city and the cleanli ness of our city is of utmost importance. Maybe Mayor Pam Iorio needs to take a sec ond look at her budget cuts. Right or wrong, necessary or unnecessary, this method has certainly not been a popular one. I would like to believe that the mayor looked at all of her options. I am sure a second look will show that there are directors, department heads, supervisors, assistant supervisors and some titleholders that the city really doesn't need. I am sure that ., she will find some that hold r-. job titles that boarder on duplication of function. o Those to be laid-off have )> been given 90-day notices. That gives the mayor time to look again to see if theie are some means to keep these people on the city's payrolL (J) m z :j z m r-1 m c: r rm :j z "C c: m c (J) So Fresh And So Clean? :r:: m 0 m < m 1s "a fictional black and white family drama, from the 1950s ... The roles are clear, the characters are rigid. There is no change in Pleasantville." When two "modern-day" teenagers, sister and brother, are "whizzed off" into another era, they take all that they know with them. In Pleasantville, "a whiff of the future comes with them" and it is a place where "it never rains. It becomes apparent that things are only 'pleasant' in Pleasantville because reality is so fiercely left out of the picture. Things like: love, sex, curiosity, risk-taking, asking questions, knowledge ... As Pleasantville starts to experience upheaval, rebellion, certain things start to become color, while the rest of the world is still black and white. At first, ,all you see is one rose blooming red out of the monochromatic palette." Inevitably, "resistance starts against 'the coloreds'." While there are many things that we woutd fight to This past week, "Mayor death, we recognize that ::0 < -1 c: U L Pam Iorio laid off 121 fullchange and growth are prac tirrie dty employees and 133. tical and invigmatii1g. For part-t. irrie apd seasonal :instance, what Black woikers, and eliminated ns American would tiade what0 )>. z 0 posts Thursday to trim $15-i.nillion from the city's bottom line ... C u ts in city services, such as parks and recreation hours will accompany the layoffs." When we look at things and how they were "back then," we have the tendency to believe that life was sim pler and easier. As I sat and watched Pleasantville, I was deeply moved by the author's candid and coma geous effort to make us look at who we were and what we've become in this "crazy mixed up world." S01ne will argue that change is good. Others will defiantly rebel and sit back with their arms folded like a two-1ear old, iefusing to "play the game." However, the film does say, "Be careful ab o u t nostalgia ... ever situation he or she is in ., today to become a slave ::0 Like it or not, the Mayor's Office has a job to do. And, < so do we. Oh yes, we can talk about how "it ain't right" and "they gon' do what they want to do, but, must_ we fool ourselves in the process. "Pleasantville" allows for undeniable reflec tion. Pretty much, "the col-' oreds" represented Black Arnerica. The film, purpose ly produced in black and white with a little color "on the side" represented well, you know-the so-called "pleasant" way. And, because we've made here and there, just what ha\'e we giYen up. No matter what, things aren't. ah..,,ays "so fresh and so clean," Outkast. Peace C) Be Unto You. m U'l


9 a: LL Q z <( en w ::::::1 .... w > w 0 w (/) --:; m .::::::1 G. z tu ...J .... ::0 I ..J J.l ALL ABOUT YOU! KRYSTIE SHVONNE WATSON I would like to thank God and King Jesus for blessing me. Also, I'd like to give a shout out to my parents Patti Watson and Eddie Watspn. God bless you both for being there for me. HAROLD And YOLANDA (FREEMAN) WARMACK July3rd Congratulations on 56 years of marriage. From your children: Alicia, Harold, Rosa, Carl, Leondra, Eddie, Jemarcus, Jonah and Keondre'. The Florida Sentinel's =--===.::.::: 'Spotlight On Me' ====== = :=====: \ ... Is Putting The "Spotlight_ On Kids . . : Call Us. At (813) 850-1484 For More .. Info ).;,:=:::: Happy Birthday MRS. RONDA LEE Thank God for another year! Now wipe me down on my day 7-4-07. Mrs. Lee. MRS. ROSALIND L.JONES Sending out a very special birthday wish on July 5, 2007, to a very special person, Mrs. Rosalind L. Jones. Thank you for all you've done for me and continue to do. Your constant caring and concerns will forever mean more to me than you'll ever know. Have a very happy birthday. From, you know who J

LOCAL \ Non-Profit Needs Help To Take Stud.ents: College Tour .. -. A group of inner.:.city 'stu-. is helping to organize the dents are. hopin" g to. be event. .. exposed to college-life, but "Our theme for the event is, they need the local-'The Making of A College ty's assistance to do so. : Stud.ent.' We want to put the The Tampa Bay Academy of ingredients of hope, love arid Hope is organizing their 3rd support 'into the lives of midAnnual Inner-City College die and high school students," Tour which will be held from said James Evans, CEO / July 25-2sth_ Roughly 40 Executive Director of the middle school and high school Tampa Bay Academy of Hope. students will visit Florida "This tour will expose some State, the University of bright inner city youth to colFlorida, the University of. lege life, students who otherTampa, Florida A&M wise would not have the University and the University opportunity to do so." of Central Florida: Evans says_ that he and Attorney Kamilah Perry, Atty. Perry working to Esquire with Phelps Dunbar, gain support frl .... : ..;. ,"' With a family of young are experts in all facets of hair women all involved in the hair care. care industry, Everett and They also understand that G ertrude Andrews decided starting a business isn't easy. it was time they start a busi-"It takes a lot of work to run a ness. Their father bought a small business," said the sisbuilding on 29th Street that ters. c m (/) c )> .:< 'c !< I\) Q Q --.J had been the office of Dr. "You have to put in a lot of John Hewitt, with the idea of time, dedication, and at the his granddaughters using it as same time maintain a touch of "T1 a salon. class. You also .need a loyal b He passed away before it staff that your customers feel :II really got started, but five siscomfortable with. That's what c ters kept it going keeps a business goihg. You )> The Andrews sisters, Grace have to be consistent with what Cl> Jones-W illiams Shirlene you give your customers. and Edwards, Gloria Shellman, make them want to retum and ::;! Evelyn Andrews, and bring other. s with them. The Z Brenda Andrews moved into hair care industry will always the building 9 years ago, and be a word-of-mouth business." m were proud to be serving the The Andrews sisters said C: community. they don't have immediate "We were very comfortable plans of expanding, and in m with the location although spite of the reputation the area s o me felt it was in a high-crime has, they've been quite s u ccess-"C area," said Ms. Williams. ful a nd they feel no challenges c "We've n ever had a problem th at will make them leave. III and our customers are com-The staff at the Andrews fi5 fortable coming to see us. We Sisters Salon are Brenda, ::I: offer good, professional ser-Myra, Chyna, Elaine, and m vice, and that's what is really Georgette. important.'' R eporter Leon B Crews < The sisters have been can be reached at (813) involved in the hair car e indus-248-072 4 or e -mailed at -< try for more than 25 years, leon@tlsentinel.com. SUNDAY 3PM 1 OPM OUTDOOR EVEN AT lUll IT. I WAD II 1m c m (/) c ?< )> z c "T1 ::0 c ?<


..... o 0 N .. --.. .. .. LOCAL 0 a: Conference Helps Local Teens Dreams And Set Goals From left to right: Markeshia Coleman, Ashley Richardson, Sylvia Jennings, Meghan Johnson, Kenyetta Holt, Shaquttia Sylvester, Darrell B. Daniels (Director, Derrick Brooks Charities Youth Programs), Joshua Gonzalez, Kareem Hobson, Lamongalo Carlton, and Leon Caines. LL Nearly 3,000 teens, includ-Caines, Kareem Hobson, sees us and the strategies for ing ten from the Tampa area, Lamongalo Carlton, student success," said Meghan < learnedhowtheycouldhelp Kenyetta Holt, Joshua Johnson. "To be successful I crime in their commu-Gonzalez and Sylvia have to use my support ser-e nity. Jennings of Tampa were in vices, have goals set, use good en The 22nd National Orlando for the event courtesy time management and partici-Conference on Preventing of the Derrick Brooks Charities pate in shaping my dreams. I t-Crime in the Black Community Youth Program. took this information all the >. was. held recently, and it "I think that theworkshops way back to Tampa with me." .included five days-;-of w ,ork-and speakers that were present Actor_ Tommy Ford (of the sh{;pSj'"Ser/iinars-and really brought a diffe i:ent spin 1V Prog rams Martin and The w motivate teens to steer clear on things to get the kids atten-Parkers) was a speaker at the and stop criminal activity. tion," said William Knowles annual event, as well as ::Z:: Shaquttia sylvester, from the Derrick Brooks Tampa's own Delatorro L. Meghan Johnson, Charities. McNeal II. m Markeshia Coleman, "The most hnportant issue "He (Tommy Ford) talked :;::) AShley Richardson, they taught us was how society to us on the last day of the con-ference. All of his young life he was told that he wasn't going to ti be anything, and now look at :j him," said Kenyetta Holt. :;:, 'APOSTLE E. LOCKHART "Tommy's doing big things, cp making big money and going iif lad Till Tpa T11 around teaching others. I z : II <' .. learned a lot from what he had KINGDOM MINISTR to information on the en ... 8114 I. 40111 Slreal National Conference on cc Bd Dnis Slreeter, Plslor Preventing Crime in the Black 0 Community, please go to www.preventblackcrjme.com. ..J # :.-Reporter I Writer LL An tio n e Davis can Jackson Heights Church of Christ reached at (813J 248-1921. co w C!J 3817 East Lindell Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33610 He can also be reached at (813)664-9896 .. .James Suttle, Minister: -.: adgpjs@jlsentineLcom. GOSPEL MEETING -BUILDING You're cordially invited to attend the Jackson Heights Chun:h of Christ Gospel Meeting & Building Dedication. Theme: "We've Come A Long Way". Where: 3817 East Lindell Avenue When: Sunday: July 8, 2007 Bible Study 8:30 a.m. Morning Worship 9:45a.m. AfternOQn Worship & Group Singing 2:30 p .m. July 9th __: 11th nightly services at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, July 7'h@ 3 :00p. m come and cclchratc with us at our 'GOSPEL SONG FEST leaturing various gruups. AT .JACKSON HEIGHTS WE BELIEVE IN PRAISING GOD AT A HIGH LEVEL. For transportation pleasecan (813) 664-9896. Funclraiser .To Support Man Wdh Lou Gehrig's Disease Labrawn Saffold (front, second from left), Tyrone Keys (rear, left) spearheaded the fundraiser to raise funds for a man suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter handicap to slow him down and has mentored youth at schools, attends classes at A fundraiser was held June Hillsborough Community 9th to raise funds for a man College, and volunteers reguwith Lou Gehrig's Disease. larly at All Sports. The event was hosted by All "It is an honor to help out at Sports Community Se1'Vices, All Sports, and I'm proud to and members of King High be with Mr. Keys and all the School football team 'pitched other people. They always in to help. have plenty for me to do, and "More than $2,ooo was I stay busy." raised to help this -man whom Saffold and Keys will be we won't name, and a lot of holding more events in the people to niake it future to help out those who possible," said Tyrone Keys, need it most. founder of All Sports. If there is anyone you know Joining all the volunteers that can benefit from All was Lilbrawn Saffold, who Sports Community Services was left paralyzed after a traf-and their educational pro-. fie accident. grams, don't hesitate to give Saffold has not allowed his them a call at (813) 348-3729 Grace Mary M. B. 3901 N. 37th Tampa, FL 33610 Elder Thomas J. Reed, Pastor Presents PACK-A-PEW. Everyone Is Invited To Join Us In Our Annual Witness Rally Celebration!! For Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers, Etc. ------------------------------------Sunday, July 8, 2007 11:00 A.M. Service Worship In The Word Speaker: BRO. AARON HARRIS T. J. Reed Service


PICTURES FROM THE PAST -. T1ue beauties, Shil'iey Carr and Harriet Lindsey. .. .. As part of the March of Dimes volunteer efforts, members of Middleton's football team posed for this photo. They are: David Bowden, Frank Ford, Dolon Bodden, Paul Creal, Howard \Villiams, Anthony Gray, Alfonso Salters, Lyle Booker, Herbert Nelson, Leroy Owens, Rudolph Dawson, Conis Aikens, Robert Douglas, Zannie Black and Randy In this beautiful 1961 photo from the past are: George Edgecomb, Evelyn Price, Bernard Flowers, Evelyn Alexander, Henry Carley, Seymour Robert B1own, Maggie Forte, Elmanrin Gambrell, Sandra Wilson, Nathaniel Tucker, Gwendolyn Bozeman, Chester White, and Herbert Charles. Zeta Phi Beta$orors in this phqto are: (I tor, seated) Hilda Smith, Pauline Brady, Rowena Brady, Willie B. Cooke, Jessie Artest, and Frances Johnson. Standing: (I tor) Willie Mae Cross, Birdie Sullivan, Essie Feu, Ozie Dew, Leartis Mayes, Doris Wilson, and Curtiss Wilson ; ..!,. -i c m en c }< c.. c !:;: w 1\) 0 0 "-1 ., I 0 ::0 c l> en m z :::l z m I I III c: I r m -1 z ., c: m c CJ) :t m c m < m :0 -< -1 c: m CJ) c l> z c ., c


SPORTS c a: u. c Z < c (/) w 1> a: w > w c w ::t: (/) :J m a. SPORTS IDE WITH RANDY Rating The NBA_ Players Draft KEVIN DURANT Last week the National Basketball Association held its anrmal draft. What team had the best draft will take a couple of years to telL Based on the players taken in the draft, it appears to be a toss up between the Seattle Supersonics and the Atlanta Hawks Seattle drafted All-World forward Kevin Du,rant of Texa s and Georgetown guard Jeff Green, two of the top players in the draft. They picked up Carl Landrey, a forw ard from Purdue, in the second round The Hawks took 6'10" AI Horford of Florida, and top-JEFF GREEN notch point guard Acie Law. These two players alone gave the Hawks a good draft. The Portland Trailblazers had a good draft solely because of 7-foot center Greg Oden. They also got Josh McRoberts of Duke in the second round, and also took Florida point guard Taurean Green in the second round. The Los Angeles Lakers surely did not 'make Kobe Bryant a happy man. The Lakers drafted Javaris Crittenton, a guard from Georgia T ec h, with their first pick. In the second round they took 6'9" guard Sun Yue of China. They also drafted Marc Gasol, a 6 '11" forward from Spain. Gasol is the brother of Memphis Grizzlies star Pau Gasol. The two championship contestants had very poor drafts. San Antonio did get Arizona forward Marcus Williams. The rest of the league had soso draft picks. The Gators made NBA his tory by having three players taken in the top ten. Those three were Horford, Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah. Guard Taurean Green and forward Chris Richards went in the second round. FSU's AI Thornton was also taken in the first round. No other Florida school had a player drafted. The Memphis Grizzlies needed a point guard. They picked up Mike Conley with the fourth pick. Conley is rated as the best point guard in the draft. Eight foreign players were taken in this year's draft. Barry Bonds An All Star Controversial San Francisco outfielder Barry Bond was voted to the National AllStar Team starting lineup. The game is being played in San Francisco on Bonds' home field. It is a fitting tribute to the aging superstar. Bonds is in the midst of chasing down Henry Aaron for the career home run record. Barry is six homers away from breaking the record. Ken Griffey Jr. of Cincinnati and Carlos Beltran of the New York Mets join Bonds in the out field. z w ..J ..J m w z z w (/) Local Softball Team Traveling To California For Tournament a: 0 ..J u. A Tampa little league soft-California, and they are ball team is heading to elated to participate in the California to showcase their tournament," said Moffett. talent. Major League Baseball The Tampa RBI (Rebirth. (MLB) will be paying for all of Baseball in the Inner-of the girls' traveling, food City) Team will be traveling and hotel expenses while to Compton, California to they're in California. participate in the RBI However, the girls are still Tournament from July 13th seeking a sponsor for the through the 18th. The girls team. are a part of the North Ben Ravenel, the Seminole Heights Little league's president, says that League, and range from 13 this will be not only an to 18 years old. opportunity for the girls to While in California, the play on the West Coast, but Tampa RBI Team will face also a chance at obtaining a other softball teams from college scholarship. Four forPuerto Rico, New York City, mer North Seminole Heights Atlanta and Detroit among. Little League players others: Monica Moffett, retrieved softball scholarthe Vice-President. of ships to the University of Softball at the North 1 Central Florida, the Seminole Heights Little University of South Florida League, says the girls are and Hillsborough ecstatic about the opportuni-Community College. ty. "There will be college 0 ".Their very excited about scouts at the tournament Y"" this opportunity. For. many looking to recruit girls for of them this will be their their respective universiCf rst time tra veling to ties,'' said Ravenel. "This is about more than softball and traveling to California. Our girls have a great opportunity ahead of them, and we're proud of them." Anyone wishing to donate to the Tampa RBI Team's trip can contact Todd Cole, the Director of Club Operations at the Boys & Girls Club ofTampa, Inc., at (813) 769-7540, or email him at tcole@bgctampa.org. Reporter I Writer Antione Davis can be reached at (813) 248-1921. H e can also b e reached at adavis@jlsentinel.com. ork1he MPC 2000 Call: 850-14.84 BEAUTY UNLIMITED SHAWNA It's with great pleasure that we bring back the beautiful Shawna as this week's Beauty Unlimited Feature. This young lady is by far one of our most highly requested models, and it' s with great pleasure that we bring her back to you. Shawna loves traveling; swimming, shopping and dancing. Any guy trying to get closer to this stunning young lady must be sincere, handsome, respectful and have a great sense of humor. Congratulations to Shawna on being this weeks Beauty Unlimited Feature. 3602 7th Avenue Tampa, FL 241 -2301 or 247-3719 Keys Made 69 and Up Latex Flat White Paint .......... $5.9 9 gal. Oil Outside White Paint ........ $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Set .................. ...... $2.49 ea. 3 .. Brushes ................... ............. 99 ea. SALE PRICES COOD LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!!


. SPORTS lsiah Thomas Accused Of Encouraging Flirting The former New York Knicks executive suing Coach Isiah Thomas for sexual harassment alleged that he encouraged a cheerleader to flirt with-referees, and that guard Stephon Marbury cursed. at her, according to the New York Daily News .. Anucha Browne Sanders, a former senior vice president of marketing and business operations, made the claims in documents filed to counter the Knicks' attempt to have her lawsuit dismissed In the papers, made public Friday, Browne Sanders says cheerleader Petra Pope told her Thomas encouraged Pope to flirt with officials before a game against the Nets in 2004, the Daily News reported. "What she told me was that Isiah asked her to go into the referees' locker room and make them happy," Browne Sanders testified. As for the Marbury incident, Browne Sanders said he hurled an obscenity at her after she complained that his cousin -who worked for the Knicks -had made graphic ISIAH THO MAS sexual comments to her staff. In a January deposition, Marbury admitted calling Browne Sanders a deroga _tory name, according to the New York Post Sanders, 44, also claimed a member of her staff admitted to consensual drunken sex with Marbury after a night at a "gentlemen's club" and said "she did not believe she could s _ay no because of who Marbury is." Sanders said her decision to inform officials about the encounter led to her being according to the New York Post. The 44-year-old former Northwestern bas ket ball star is seeking reinstatement to her job and unspeci fied damages in her lawsuit. Parker Says Wedding Cake Will Be French PARIS --For Tony Parker, only French-made wedding cakes will do. The NBA champion, set to marry "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria next week, is staying coy about plans for the event. Speaking to reporters Thursday in Paris, the San Antonio Spurs point guard shrugged off question s about the wedding date and venue, believed to be July 7 at a French chateau. "I don't care where I'm going to get married," he said. "It's a girls' thing." To other queries, he replied: "That's a question you should ask Eva." He dismissed one rumor: that the wedding cake would be flown in from the United States. Daughter Of Ex-NFL Lineman Luis Sharpe Found Fatally Shot PHOENIX --A 23-year-. old woman found fatally shot in a Phoenix alley has been identified as _the daughter of former NFL lineman Luis Sharpe, authorities said -Thursday. The body of Leah Tamara Sharpe was discovered early Tuesday by a neighbor hood resident and police said investigators believe it was dumped there. Detective Bob Ragsdale, a Phoenix police spokesman, LUIS said there was no identification on thebody when it was found and identification came through fingerprints an SHARPE autopsy. Luis Sharpe played in the NFL from 1982-94 for the St. Louis and Arizona Cardinals and was a three-time Pro Bowl selection. Venus Erases 5-3 3rd Set Deficit In 3rd Round Win WIMBLEDON, England -Venus Williams made it to the fourth round at Wimbledon despite a performance so filled with errors she drew criticism from her father. The three-time champion rallied past Akiko Morigami 6-2, 3-6, 7-5 Monday in a match suspend-e d Saturday. And she did it even though she faced 23 break points, double faulted 14 times and trailed 3-5 in the third set. Williams will next go against 2004 champion M a r i a Sharapova, one of only two players to win Saturday in the VENUS rain-plagued WILLIAMS tournament. Williams trailed 1-4 in the second set when her match was halted, and when it resumed two days later she struggled from the start, losing the first seven points. The OHicers Of The Late MR. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Founder and Grand President 1935-1977 The liiV Securitv Benefit Association MR. C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. Grand President THE LILY SECURITY BENEFIT ASSOCIATION AND THE LONGSHOREMEN LOCAL NO. 1402 ARE SPONSORS OF THE TAMPA PARK APARTMENTS. -f c m fJ) c c.. c 1\) 0 0 '""" .,. ,... 0 c > fJ) m z -f z m r:tD c ,... ,... m -f z c tD ,... u; ::I: m c m < m ::z:J -< -f c m fJ) c > z c ., ::z:J c


e a: u.. c z < c en w :::) ... 6: w > w c w ::t: en :;:j o a:l :::) a. z i= w ...J ...J :::) a:l ...:. w z i= z w en a: 0 ...J u.. ----ENTERTAINMENT Tyrese And Anthony Anderson Star In 'Transformers' With the summer blockbuster roster being full of sequels, it's good to know that change is in line-up. Make that transformation. "Transformers," the .movie based on the very popular 'BOs cartoon and Japanese toy, opens this Tuesday; July 3rd in theaters nationwide. The huge cast inCluding Shia LeBouf, Anthony Anderson, Tyrese Gibson and John Voight, was recruited for the film to take on the epic story of a war waged on Earth between two robotic clans of the planet Cybertron: the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. And who better to take on the epic task than the director with a resume of epic proportions, Michael Bay. "Finally working with Michael and seeing how he is on the set he's a bit crazy," Anderson said of the perfectionist helmer. "But to see ANfHONY ANDERSON AndTYRESE Michael work and to watch him go through his process and to see the finished product, it shows that he knew what he was doing To be a part of it was magical and great, and to see it the way that it came together just lets you know that he one of the best around. Co-star Gibson agreed that Bay is good at what he does and was the right man for the job, even though the atmosphere was stressful at times. "Michael Bay is intense; he is extremely intense all the time," Gibson said. "If you can imagine someone holding a gun to your head for 12 hours a day, that feeling that u're about to die any sec-ond, that's the feeling you have. He knows what everyis supposed to be doing and on e mistake can mess up a shot. So he keeps everybody Th MPC 2000 But you understand e hiS But when .an opportumty happens hke ) Call: you really have to go out 85 0 1 4 8 4 of your way to make sure they -what .you do i_!l the movie .__ __________ -..J So It was mtense John Carlo, Inc. Currently accepting qualified individuals for the following positions: v' HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS v' PIPELAYERS v' LABORERS ./ TRUCK DRIVERS Submit resume by: Fox (586) 226-7262. E-mail to Job2CorloComponieuom MINORITIES AND WOMEN ARE ENCOURAGEGED TO APPLY Equal Opportunity Employer BeauvaisNilon Pregnant With Twin Boys. GARCELLE BEAUV AIS-NILON LOS ANGELES Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon is pregnant with twin boys The 40-year-old actress and her husband, talent agent Mike Nilon, expect to wel come their first children in November, her publicist, Carri McClure said. Beauvais-Nilon's credits include "NYPD Blue," "The Jamie Foxx Show" and the upcoming movie "I Know Who Killed Me". She has a 15-year-old son, Oliver, from a previous mar riage. Winfrey to Open Store Near Her Studio ORPAH WINFREY CHICAGO -She's got a talk show, a book club and a magazine -and nqw Oprah Winfrey is opening her own store. The store will be located kitty-cornered from Harpo Studios, where Winfrey's talk show is taped, a spokeswoman for Harpo Productions Inc. said W ednesday. Construction already is under way on the one story, 4,500-square-foot store, the spokes woman said. No potential opening date or details on what the store is. expected to sell were released. But Winfrey's Website does have a boutique where viewers can buy merchandise such as a b each tote with "0" logo trim for $26, a $10 coffee mug with "The Oprah Winfrey Show written on the side, or a $24 basket made in South Africa. Harpo Studios is located about a mile west of Chicago's downtown. It's been credited with Baby On The Way For Usher LOS ANGELES Yeah! Usher's going to be a dad. The R&B star and fiancee Tameka Foster confirmed Wednesday that they're expecting a baby this fall, about a week after Foster played coy about just when she planned to have her future hubby's children. "Yes, I do plan to have children with Usher," the 36-year-old stylist told Essence.com recently. "This is the man I love and plan to spend the rest of my life with, so why wouldn't I want to share that bond of bringing another life into this world with him?" Mission accomplished, then. "We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child," the couple said in a statement. "We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives. This will be the first child for Usher, 28, and the fourth for Foster, who recently divorced Noontime USHER And Fiancee, TAMEKA FOSTER Music cofounder Ryan Glover. Also to Essence, Foster adamantly denied rumors that she was pregnant with her ex' s child-"If that were the case, the baby would have been born already" -and that she started stepping out with Usher while she was still happily" married. "F.or the record, I was legally separated from my husband, to whom I was married for five years, not 10 as many have reported," Foster clarified. "He knew Usher and I were dating, and he was dating other peo ple." Ex-Grey's Star Cites Racism For Firing LOS ANGELES "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington said racism was a factor in his firing from the hit ABC series after he twice used an anti-gay slur. Washington, who initially used the epithet during an onset clash with a co-star, told Newsweek maga zine that "someone heard the booming voice of a black man and got really scared and that was the beginning of the end for me He tried to make amends by expressing remorse and volunteering to enter a counsel ing program to understand how the confrontation got out of hand, he told N ew sweek. "My mistake was believing that I would get the support from my network and all of my cast mates across the board. My mistake was b elieving I could correct a wron g with honesty and sin cerity," he said in the interview posted online Thursday. "My mistake was thinking black people get second chance s. I was wrong on all fronts," he said. His unwillingness to act like a submissive black at work was pai't of the problem, revitalize the neighborhood known as the West Loop; a former warehouse district. now full of galleries, restaurants and apartments. ISAIAH WASHINGTON Washington said. "Well, it didn't help me on the s e t that I was a black man who wasn't a mush mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time. I didn't speak like I'd just left the plantation and that can b e a problem for peo ple somet ime," h e said. "I h a d a pers on in human resources tell m e 'after this thing played out that 'some people' were afraid of me around the studio.' I asked her why, because I'm a black man with dark skin and who do esn't go around saying : 'Yessah, massa sir' and 'No sir, massa' io everyone? "It's nuts when your presence alone can just scare peo-. ple, and that made me a prime candidate. to take the heat in a dysfunctional f a mi ly," he said


IN MEMORIAM BERNIDA V. SMITH 7/2/96 You are sadly missed and not forgotten. We will always cherish the memories of the good times we enjoyed together. The Smith family. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Mr. Reginald S. Stubbs, Tampa. MORNING GLORY FUNERAL CHAPEL Mrs. Elizabeth Brice Glen, 1529 Luca Drive, Sebring. George Gore, Tampa. Mr. Paul Devil!e Riley, u302 Weston Poiriite Dr. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME ..I Mrs. Betty Joyce McNair Johnson, 1915 W. Palmetto Street. WILSON FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Lillar Mac Carter, 8309 Croton Avenue. Ms. Pamela J Kendrick 3502 E. Osborne Ave. Ms. Mary M. Passley, Tampa. open 7 a.m. iip.m:; seven days a week Harmon Funeral Home John W L.F. D FREE QUOTES O ncr/l"v1a nngcr 5002 N 4()th-SL 626-8600 Free tnro: EDDIE YDUI\IIi i!666136 (973) 464-8084 cell (BOO) B6i!-9i!60 rree LOCAL -Muslim Wo111an Fears For Children's Safety After Incident -1 c: m en 0 c.. c: BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter ''I'm upset that some don't 1\) see what he did as a hate g --..! Sabura Rashad was work ing at her yard sale Saturday when she was confronted by a neighbor whose comments frightened her. Sabura, a Muslim, was dressed appropriately for Muslim woman with an Islamic headscarf. When the neighbor, identified as Tomy Poyman, drove up nearly striking her and her 8-month old baby that frightened her enough. But when he allegedly called her names, cursed her and told her to go back to her country, she became fright ened for her children. "He called me a rag head and other names. I did nothing to provoke that kind of behavior from him." I was exposed to a lot of racism there, but not as tant as what I experienced S en m z z m r-' to c: r rm :::! z "'C c: to iii :::E: m 0 m < m ::a -< c: m en 0 l> z 0 ., ::a 6


c LL c z 4( c U) w ::::) t-w > w c w :z:: U) ::::i m ::::) Q. z t= w ...J ...J ::::) m ...J w z t= z w U) 4( c 0 ...J LL IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA Case No.: 070009680 DIVISION E Christian Fleury Petitioner And Marie Semie Vernet NOTICE OF ACTION FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE TO: Marie Semie Vemet Saint Loran No# 02 Leogane, Haiti W.l. YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action has been filed against you and that you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on Christian Fleury whose address is 3006 East 13th Street, Tampa, FL 33605 on or before July 16", 2007, and file the orig inal with the clerk of this Court at 800 East Twiggs Street, #101, Tampa,. FL 33602, before service on Petitioner or immediately thereafter. If you fail to do so, a default may be entered against you for the relief demanded in the petition. Copies of all court documents in this case, including orders, are available at the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office. You may review these documents upon request You must keep the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office notified of your current address. (You may file Notice of Current Address, Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law. Form 12.915.) Future papers in this lawsuit will be mailed to the address on record at the clerk's office. WARNING: Rule 12.285, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, requires certain automatic disclosure of documents and information. Failure to comply can result in sanctions, including dismissal or striking of pleadings. NOTICE TO PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES. If you are a p erson with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled at no cost to -you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Court Administrator's A .D A Coordinator, (813) 272-7040, 800 E. Twiggs St., Room 600, Tampa, FL 33602, within 2 working days of your receipt of this notice If you are hearing or voice impaire d call1-800-955-8771. Dated June 8, 2007: PAT FRA NK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /sl MARIA ROMA PEREZ DEPUTY CLERK SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTIN EL ADVERTISERS NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON AUGUST 30. 2007 AT 10:00 A.M. IN THE CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 3" FLOOR, CITY HALL, 315 E KENNEDY, TAMPA, FLORIDA, A PUBLIC HEARING WilL BE HELD BY THE TAMPA CITY COUNCIL TO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING PETITION(S) TO PERMIT THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: File No. WZ07-104 Petition of Tabanero Cigars, Inc requesting the sale of alcohol, 2-COP, at 4020 West Kennedy Boulevard #104 LEGAL DESCRIPTION: A portion of Lots 2, Block 1, ROSEDALE, as recorded in Plat Book 14, Page 38, of the Public Records of Hillsborough County, # explicitly described as follows : Commence at the SE corner of the west 1 0 feet of Lot 7, said Block 1 ; thence on the east boundary thereof North a distance of 68 79 feet; thence S89"45'15'W, a distance of 114 65 feet for a POINT OF BEGINNING; thence S00'45"E, a distance of 65.00 feet; thence S89 15'W, a distance of 17 35 feet; thence N00'45'W, a distance of 65.00 feet; thence N89'15"E, a distance of 17 .30 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING Containing 1,128 square feet, more or l ess File No. WZ07-105 Petition of Hawally, Inc./Julie Ann Maiello requesting the sale of alcohol, 2-APS, at 951 East th Avenue; Suite #D. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Commence at the Northwest corner of Lot 1, Block 2, of plan of Highburg as recorded in Plat Book 1, Page 51, of the Public Records of Hillsborough County Florida, run thence south along the west line of Lot 1, 40 .88 feet thence run N 89 '12" E a distance of 19.55 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING thence continue N89'12E a distance of 40 .30 feet ; thence run SOOOQ4'48"E a distance of 12. 10 feet; thence run S34 '25'W a distance of 5 .33 feet ; thence run S89"55 12"W a distance of 13.30 feet; thence run S00 '48"E a distance of 24.00 feet ; thence run N00 04'48'W a distance of 59 .57 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING Containing 1,692 1 Sq Feet. File No WZ07-107 Petit ion of Emperor s Tampa, Inc., requesting the sale of alcohol, 4-COP at 5718 East Adamo Drive LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Tract b e ginn ing at a point 97 65 feet n orth and 230.05 feet west of the Southeast corner of the Southwest Y. of the Southe a st Y. of Section 15 T ownship 29 South, Range 19 East Hillsbo r ough County, Florida, said point beginning 29. 65 feet north of the North Right -ofWay line of Adamo Drive; thence N00 54"E, a distance of 106 .79 feet, thence S89'09'W a distance of 60 .04 feet; thence S00'14 E a distance of 107 .22 feet; thence N89'55" a distance of 60 27 feet; to the POINT OF BEGI NNING Cont aining 6.43 7 squar e feet, more or less ANY PERSO N WHO D E CIDE S TO APPEAL ANY D E C I S ION OF THE CITY COUNCIL WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT THIS MEETING WILL N EED A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS, AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, MAY NEED TO HIRE A COURT REPORTER TO E NSURE THAT A V ERBATIM R E CORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS IS MADE, WHICH RECORD INCLUDES THE T E ST IMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL I S TO B E BAS E D IN ACCORDANC E WITH TH E AM E RICANS WITH DISABILITI E S ACT AND S E CTION 286 26, F LORIDA STATU TES PERSO NS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPAT E IN THIS ME E TING SHOULD CO NTACT THE CITY CLERK'S O FFICE AT LEAST FORTY EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE O F THE MEETING INTERESTED PARTI E S MAY APPEAR AND B E HEARD AT SAID H E ARING SHIRL E Y FOXX KNOWLES CITY CLE RK Commissioned Position National Financial Services Mortgage/Real Estate Firm Seeks Ambitious Career Mind ed Peop l e No Experience Nec essary 1-800-679 -7 042 Ext. 0252 Child Care Teacher Needed CDA Required Full Time Position Available Call (813) 248-3073 Monday Thru Fri day Between 9:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. s NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON AUGUST 9. 2007 AT 6:00P.M. IN" THE CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 3RD FLOOR, CITY HALL, 315 E KENNEDY, TAMPA, FLORIDA, A PUBLIC HEARING WILL BE HELD BY THE TAMPA CITY COUNCIL TO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING PETITION(S) : File No. V07-34 Petition of Cassandra Pease and Howard Pease requesting a SU II (Daycare Facility) at 3507 East 381h Avenue LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lots 1, 2 and 3, block 5, MAP OF MONTANA CITY according to the Map or. Plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 4, Page 78, Public Records of Hillsborough County, Florida ANY PERSON WHO DECIDES TO APPEAL ANY DECISION OF THE CITY COUNC I L WITH RESP ECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED A T T HIS MEETING WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS, AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, MAY NEED TO HIRE A COURT REPORTER TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS IS MADE WHICH RECORD INCLUDES THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO BE BASED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26 FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON JULY 26, 2007 AT 6:00P.M. IN THE CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 3R FLOOR CITY HALL, 315 E. KENNEDY, TAMPA, FLORIDA A PUBLIC HEARING WILL BE HELD BY THE TAMPA CITY .COUNCIL TO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING PETITION(S) : File No Z07-61 -Petition of Ernest S il cox r equesting rezon ing at 2602 2610 and 2612 East Busch Bouleva r d from PD to PD. LEGAL DESCRIPTION : Lot 7 Less a p arc e l o f l and taken for righ t o f w a y for St a te R o a d N o 580 (Tem p l e Terra c e Highw a y), an d the Sout h 4 .05 feet of Lot 69 Te mple Terrace Gables according to the map or plat thereof as r ecorded in Plat Boo k 26 Page 10. of the Public Records of Hillsborough County, F l orida ANY P E RSON WHO DECIDES TO APPEAL ANY DEC I SION OF THE CIT Y COUNCIL WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT THI S MEETING WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE P ROC E EDINGS AND FOR SUC H P URPOSE, MAY NEED TO HIR E A COURT R E PORT E R TO E N S UR E T HAT A V E RBATIM R E CORD OF THE PROCE E DINGS IS MADE, WHICH RECORD INCLUDES THE TES TIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO BE BASED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISAB ILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26, FLORIDA STATUTES, P E RSONS WITH DISABILITI E S NEEDING SP E CIAL ACCOMMODATION TO P ARTIC IPA TE IN THI S M EET ING &HOULD CON TACT THE CITY CL E RK'S O F F ICE AT L E AST F ORTY E I GHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE M EETING INTER ESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXX KNOW LES CITY CLERK PUBLICATION DEADLINES TU E SDAY E DITION FRIDAY@ 3:00 P.M. FRIDA Y EDITION -TUESDAY@ 3:00P. M CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1 20 WORDS AND 50 FOR E ACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVE R 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD FAX YOUR ADS 24/7 TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email ledwards@flsentinel.com


INVITATION TO BID Sealed bids for INSTALLATION OF FIELD LIGHTS FOR THE SOFTBALL FIELD AT KING HIGH SCHOOL will be received by the School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida in the Office of the Supervisor of Purchasing, Third Floor. School Administrative Center, 901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, Florida until 2:00 PM Tuesday, July 24 2007. (The mailing address is P 0 Box 3408, Tampa, Florida 33601) Bids will not be accepted after 2 : 00 PM of the above date_ Bids will be opened and read aloud in the Purchasing Department, located on the third floor of the School Administrative Center Contractors desiring to bid this project are subject to an Encouragement Affirmative Action Plan as identified within the bidding documents. There will be a Non mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on Tuesday, July 17, 10:00 am at King High School, 6815 North 56th Street, Tampa, FL 33610. IT IS THE BIDDER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE THAT BIDS ARE DELIVERED TO THE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT AS REFER ENCED ABOVE. BID SECURITY MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH BID. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS: The School Administrative Center is a "security" building; therefore, visitors will be required to obtain a Visitors Pass prior to entering the building. A photo identification will need to be presented at this time. Plans and specifications may be obtained from the Engineer. Complete information regarding bidding documents and other information may be obtained from the Engi neer: Engineers of Record RHC and Associates, Inc. Box 4505 Tampa, FL 33677 Plans and Specifications (813) 254-0907 (813) 254-07 44 (Fax) Plans and Soecifications Rapid Blueprint 3623 Henderson Blvd. Tampa, FL 33609 (813) 879-5133 (813) 872 8086 (Fax) Nq bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty days after date set for bid opening THE SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA MARYELLEN ELlA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS MPLOYMENT Outside Sales Position Commission Only I Experience working directly with the public Very important to be exact and highly accurate in performing this job. Able to work with little or no supervision work well with others and provide personal assistant Ability to correctly complete all medical record release forms pertaining to measurements of orthopedic shoes and a new line of Arthritic products. Answer questions regarding the company, d escribe merchandise to customer. and assis t customer with making se l ec tion s of products One sale is equal to $125 an hour. Must have reliable transportation. Call 1.866.425.0007 Or Fax Resume To 1.866.425 0007 HEARING OFFICER The Hill sb orough County Board of County Commissioners on November 14, 1996 approved Ordinance 9635 which provides for the appointment of one or more La nd Use Hearing Officers to conduct hearings & render decisions regarding applications for rezoning an d related m.atters. Applicants must have a degree in planning or related field and three years experience or a degree in architec ture engineering or law and licensed to practice in Florida for three years This is a personal ser vices contract not to exceed $75,000 per year P l ease forward resume clearly document ing above qualifications to: Paula Harvey, Division Director, Planning & Growth Management, P. 0. Box 1110, Tampa, FL 33601. Resumes must be postmarked no later thanJuly 20, 2007. NO TICE ATLANTIC SKANSKA, INC Is committed to providing opportunities for qualified Local Business, DM/DWBE Owned Businesses to participate in the bidding of the Central Hillsboroug h Water Treat ment Facility (CHWTF) in Tampa, FL on July 13, 2007. Atlantic Skanska is an EEO Emp l oyer. Please fax letters of interest and include your Certification or ability to qualify to: Atlantic Skanska, Inc. Attn: Johnetta Barnes Fax: 678-460-2638 Phone : 678-460-2600 Child Care Now Hiring Full-Time And Part-Time. Infan t and Toddler Teachers And Part-Time After School Teacher. Must Have Train ing Hours. Call (813) 910-4163 HILLSBOROUGH Community Collegef YBOR CITY CAMPUS MUSIC (ADJUNCT) 1!'\STRUCTOR DIRECTOR OF CHOR-\.L ACTIVIT IES Hillsborough Conununity College seeks to fill the Music (Adjunct) Instructor Director of Choral Activities position on the Ybor City campus Applicants must h ave at least: (I) a Master's de gree in Music ; or (2) a Master's degree with at lea st 18 graduate semes ter hours in Music. Prefer applicants with: ( l ) previou s teachin g expeticnce; (2) ability to teach and conduct choral literature appropriate for a community college choms and voca l ensemble; (3) ability to stage a musical theatre production once a year (traditionally in the Fall semes t er ) includin g selection of work to b e s taged, auditioning and casting, consulting and coordinating with the Theatre Technician on issues of set/scenery des ign and rehearsaVperfonnance dates, and; (4) ability to stage multiple (two to four) p e rfonnanc es of the choms and vocal e nsemble each semester. The ability to t eac h appl ied voice (private lessons) is a plus, but not a requirement. See HCC Employment website http:/ / jobs h ccfl.ed u / t o r e view job description and instmctions to: ( l) create/sa ve application, and; ( 2 ) apply for position. The position is bein g advertised as Open Until Filled. Hillsborou g h Co mmunity College is an Eq ual Opportunity E n]Jloy er and encourages diversity in all areas of the campus co mmunity. http:// jobs.llccfl.edu/ FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHON E Seeking Administrative Assistant Part-Time HOURS 2 :00p. m 7 :00p. m Some Accounting A Plus Send Resume To : Credit.union@bible-based.org Or Call 813-964-9696 After 2:00p. m Attention Drivers Tired Of Running Over The Road ? Dr ive INTRA-FLORIDA Limited GA-SC-AL. Top Pay New Equipmen t COL-A 1 Year Experience 866-798-6935 www .gotdt.com Survey File Clerk Fast paced Civi! Engineer ing/Surveying Firm in Ybor Needs A Self-Starter With Common Sense Pleasant Personality And Good Computer /Clerical Sk ills Excellent Benef it s & Work ing Environment Apply 1602 North 15th Street EOE/DFWP Work From Home Interviewing motivated persons to generate leads for a medical supply company on commi ss ion based pay. Each lead i s equal to $25 an hour Must be able to desc ribe products and benefits to a targeted cl ientele Can prove to be v ery lucrative for the right person Applicant must be able to work with little or no supervision Call 1 866.425.0006 Fax Resume To 1.866.425.0007 NEW WAGE SCALE CNA'S Starting Pay I 7-3 $10 00$11 00 3-11 $11.00 $12 00 Great Benefits, 401 k Raise In April Pleasant, Courteous Work E nvironm e nt LTC Exper i ence Required Apply In Person Delta Health Care 1818 E. Fletcher MUSICIAN WANTED!! To Play For Youth Choir On T h e 3rd Sunday Of Each Month If Interested Leave A Message@ (813) 677-3957 Childcare Teachers Needed Must Have 40 Hours CPR /Fir st Aide. Full T i me Positions Available Call 813-237-8771 PRESS OPERATOR NEEDED A B Dick 1 & 2 Color Experienced Preferred Full Time Position Apply In Person 5205 N."Lois Avenue Tampa, FL 336 14 BANK FORECLOSURE! 5 Bedroom Home $56 000! Only $445/Monthly! 5% Down-20 Years At8% APR For Listings 800-366-9783 Ext. H489 HUD HOMES! 4/3-$199/Monthly! 5/1 $445/ Monthly 5% Down 20 Years 8% For Listings 800-366-9783 X S748 New/Resale Homes From $134,900 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath Block Homes Low Or No Do wn Payment Several Locations Tampa -St. Pet e Lakeland Headley Williams Hutton Realty (813) 404-8622 GET NOTICED Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora For More Information (813) 248-1921 Or Email FAX YOUR ADS24/7TO: (813) 248-9218 c: m (/) 0 c... c: w N 0 0 -..J "T1 r 0 0 )> (/) m z :::! z m j' I m c: j' j' m :::! z ""0 c: OJ r (/) :I: m 0 m < m c: m (/) 0 )> z 0 "T1 ::::0 0


" 0 0 N M' :::1 .., >=' w c w ::I: tn :::i m :::1 a. z ;:: w ...J ...J :::1 m ...J w z ;:: z w tn <( c a= 0 ...J LL HOME OWNERSHIP Your Job Is Your Credit Low Down Payment Lease 2 Purchase Irvin (813) 965-5413 Home4Sale Below Market 0 Down Financing Owner Will Consider Lease Option With Cash Down Call (813) 62-9447 Tampa Brandon Areas 3 And 4 Bedroom Homes Available From $100,000$250 000 Zero Down All Closing Cost Paid Little Or No Credit Required (813) 477-6447 Single Family Homes For Sale MOTIVATED SELLER Delatorre McNeal, II Offers $2500 Towards Closing Costs On All Properties Listed Below 6221 N. 44th Street 2 Bedroomsl1 Bath Corner LoUFenced 1050 Sq.FU Washroom WID Hookups & Appliances $135,000 3610 E Ellicott 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Double Lot 944 Sq Ft./Tile & Carpet Floor WID Hookups & Appliances $140,000 7717 Gulf Court 3 Bedrooms12Baths Large Townhouse1230 Sq. Ft. Nice Subdivision Berber CarpeUPrivate Backyard WID Hookups & Appliances $150,000 All Homes In Great Condition! Seller Gives $2500 In Free Money For Your Purchase! Drive Bys Are Welcome, But Please Don't Disturb Tenants Call today for an appointment (813) 380-8043 or email lnfo@DeiMcNeal.com New Port Richey 2/1 With Garage Closed In Porch Section 8 Welcome (813) 391-5988 906 East 23rd Avenue 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths Garage Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 506-4394 $2771Monthly! 4 Bedroom/3 Bath Foreclosures! 5% Down 20 Years@ 8% APR For Listings 800-366-9783 Ext. R592 Fairground Area 4 Bedrooms/1% Bath AIC, Carpet, Tile $1 ,250 00/Monthly 3904 Beechwood Blvd. Section 8 OK Call 813-220-3633 Progress Village 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Fenced WDH Carport + Utility Room $1, 100 .00 Monthly Depos i t Negoitable Section 8 Accepted (813) 451-9624 Section 8 Tenant Wanted 2 Homes For Rent West Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Remodeled Rent Negotiable $850.00/Deposit (813) 610-8256 Progress Village Area Section 8 Accepted 311, CHA, Ceiling Fans WID Hook-Up, Utility Room, Laminate Floors Large Fence Yard $11301Monthly $800/Deposit (813) 231-2974 Appointments Only Progress Village Area 8315 Allamanda Avenue 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath A/C Fenced, Carport, Washer/Dryer Hookup Immediate Occupancy $700 00/Deposit $900.00/Monthly Section 8 Preferred Call Ed (727) 542-7283 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 Words And 50 For Each Additional Worr) Over 20 This Price Is Each Time You Publish Your Ad PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition ----Friday @ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition ----Tuesday@ 3:00P.M. FAX YOUR ADS24nTO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email ledwards@flsentinel.com New Port Richey 2/1 With Garage Closed In Porch Section 8 Welcome (813) 391-5988 3418 N. 48th Street Highland Pines Area 3Bedrooms/1 Bath Section 8 Welcome Contact Ms. Young (813) 495-7481 Or (813) 973-4441 2411 East Lake Avenue 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Central A/C, W/W Carpet WID Hook-Up $700 00/Per Month Must Have Excellent Rental History Call (813) 238-6353 Grant Park 3417 N. 53rd Street 4 Bedrooms/1 Bath Large Yard WDH $850 00/Monthly $600 00/Deposit 813-767-3185 1135 West Arch Street 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath 2 Living Rooms, Laundry Room, Fenced Yard $875 00/Monthly $300 00/Deposit (813) 244-9335 3706 N. 55th Street House for Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, Fenced Yard $850.00/Monthly +Deposit Call (813) 621-5410 Or (561) 584-1288 Newly Renovated 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home $1 ,300.00/Monthly $250. 00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Please Call (813) 382-2718 For More Information Awesome House For Rent Nice Property Managers 6206 45th Street 3 Bed/2 Bath/BY Fenced 1250 Sq. Ft I New Carpet Newly Renovated Section 8 Or Regular Tenants $1,150 I Monthly $1,000 I Deposit Available NOW! Call Delatorre McNeal (813) 380-8043 RENT Section 8 Special 2 Bedroomsl1 Bath $650.001Monthly 813-971-Q341 1610 Easth 19th Avenue Tampa Home For Rent 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 495-7990 1, 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes Available Locations All Over Tampa Low Security Deposits CALL 813-600-5090 WWW. REALPROPERTYWORX COM 1205 East Osborne 2 Bedroom /1 Bath Home CHA WDH, Fenced Yard $800 00/Rent $800 00/Deposit Call Maria (813) 237-5990 21 07 34th Street 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Very Nice Available Immediately $650 00/Monthly $650 00/Deposit Close To Bus Line (813) 248-9072 Never Rent Again! Buy 3 Bedroom$14,000! 5 Bedroom $56,000! HUD Homes Now! For Listings 800-366-9783 Ext. 5649 Temple Terrace 3/2/1, Corner Lot Privacy Fenced Backyard Washer/Dryer Hook-up No Pets $1 ,050.00/Monthly $500.00/Deposit Call (813) 732-6398 Progress Village Area 8315 Allamanda Avenue 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath AIC Fenced, Carport, Washer/Dryer Hookup Immediate Occupancy $700. 00/Deposit $900 00/Monthly SectionS Preferred Call Ed (727) 542-7283 Section 8 Tenant Wanted 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Nice Family Home Available Now (813) 960-4203 Leave Message PTS FOR RENT 1 & 2 Bedrooms Available University Area Low Security Deposits Call 813-600-5090 'NVIJI/v. REALPROPERTYWORX COM Snow Sun Villas 12301 N. 11th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $650 00/Monthly 813-971-0341 Rivertree Landing Apts. 813-983-8362 One & Two Bedrooms Available Some With R i ver View $399.00 Move in Special Se Habla Espanol USF Area Studios $425 00/Monthly Lofts $505. 00/Monthly CALL 813-977-3401 wvvW. REALPROPERTYWORX.COM Apartment 2406 East 12th Avenue 1 Bedroom /1 Bath Nice And Clean, CHA $475.00/Rent $475 00/Deposit Call Maria (813) 237-5990 Seminole Heights Seniors 62+ Now Accepting Applications For : 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Controlled Access, Library And Community Room With Activities Beautiful Landscaped Community Special Accessibility For Hearing and Sight Impaired Well Served By Public Transportation Income Restricted Leasing Offi.e @ 202 E. Broad Street The Oaks at Riverview (813) 231-7700 Oaksatriverview@verizon.net LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS --EMPLOYMENT --HOMES FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS DUPLEXES --ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES --------LEASE OPTIONS, ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN


Move In Special For Section 8 Clients Snow Sun Villas 12301 N. 11th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $650 00/Monthly 813-971-0341 APARTMENT FOR RENT 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Washer & Dryer And Water Included E. Columbus & 29th Call 813-852-2773 2226 East 131st Avenue 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths W/D Hook -Up, CHA $675 00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Call (813) 244-9335 8431 N. 39th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Upstairs Apartment Central Heat & Air $650.00/Rent $350.00/ Deposit (813) 299-5669 Bungalow 6703 N. Branch Ave. 2/1 Central Heat & Cooling Wood Floors, Dishwasher Washer/Dryer $995.00/Monthly 813-971-0341 Apartment 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Located In Brandon Close To All Convenience Private Backyard 2 Car Parking $825.00 Per Month Section 8 Welcome (813) 473-3746 5322 E. 14th Avenue Apartment #A (Near 50th & Columbus Dr.) 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hook-up, CHA $7 40. 00/Monthly $500. 00/Deposit Section 8 Ok Ellen (813) 380-7839 USFAREA SECTION 8 WELCOME! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Appliances Ceiling Fans Private Backyard $599. 00/Monthly FREE Water & Trash! Low Deposit!! 813-244-7435 Rivertree Landing Apts. 813-983-8362 One & Two Bedrooms Available Some With River View $399.00 Move in Special Se Habla Espanol USF Area Studios $425. 00/Monthly .Lofts $505. 00/Monthly Immediate Occupancy CALL 813-977-3401 I/IIINVV. REALPROPERTYWORX. C OM Apartment/Duplex Available NOW Section 8 Tampa Heights 3/1 Duplex And 2/1 Apartment CHA, WSG Included WID Hook-ups Call 813-210-0287 Luxurious Waterfront Apartments On Hillsborough River 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Section 8 Welcomed $612.00 Deposit Negotiable Chris Or Lori (813) 298-3297 5322 E. 14th Avenue Apartment #A (Near 50th & Columbus Dr.) 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hook-up, CHA $740.00/Monthly $500. 00/Deposit Section 8 Ok Ellen (813) 380-7839 River Pines Apartments SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY Active independent living for 55+, quiet park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities, riverfront living. Efficiencies and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $360.00 per month. (813) 985-4419 Section 8 2 Bedroom Duplex $750.00/Monthly +Deposit Call (813) 980-1229 Tampa Heights Duplex 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Large Kitchen Close To Downtown $600.00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit Call (813) 224-9040 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SEN.TINEL ADVERTISERS Section 8 Perferred 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex Tile Floors, Large Yard WID Hook -Up (813) 230-8968 Grant Park Area 3421-A North 52nd Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WDH Central AC $700 .00 Monthly $400.00 Deposit Call (813) 767-3185 2226 East 131st Avenue 2 Bedroo'ms/2 Baths WID Hook-Up CHA $675 00/Monthly $300 00/Deposit Call (813) 244-9335 Duplex 10120 North 11th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath, CHA, Water Included Section 8 OK Rental Reference Required Call (813) 377-9719 6213-A N. 47th Street Tampa, FL 33610 2 Bedrooms, CHA $500.00/Deposit $795 00/Rent Section 8 Welcome (813) 626-0331 Grant Park 3416 North 55th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $675.00/Monthly $500. 00/Deposit Call (813) 359-7528 Or (813) 627-0482 Apartment/Duplex Available NOW Section 8 Tampa Heights 3/1 Duplex And 2/1 Apartment CHA, WSG Included WID Hook-ups Call 813-210-0287 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Very Nice, Quiet, WDH, Newly Remodeled, Quiet Nice Neighbors Utilities Included Credit/Background Check $750.00/Monthly $700 00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) 971-5107 2910 East 15th Avenue 2 Bedroom Extra Large Duplex Central NC, Tile Floors Indoor Laundry Room Front Porch, Backyard $775 00/Per Month Section 8 And Senior Citizens Welcome (813) 986-0830 -i c m (/) 0 Room For Rent c... Duplex-Busch Area c 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $100 .00 Per Week w WID Hook-up + Deposit Air Condition Refurbished Kitchen Kitchen Privileges t\l 0 Section 8 Welcome 0 Call (813) 285-8147 ....... Great Deal Call (813) 261-7538 Room For Rent Or (813) 503-0493 $125 .00 Per Week +Deposit, A i r Condition Grant Park Kitchen Privileges 3413-B 53rd Street Call (813) 802-4930 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Provided 1206 E. MLK Blvd. Security Bars Fans Rooms For Rent $725 00 /Month Single Male Preferred $725 .00 Deposit Call 813-505-7266 Call (813) 963-0703 Only A Few Left -Duplexes Efficiencies 8603 And 8605 N. 15th St 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath Large Living Room, Cable, New Paint/Tile Lights, And Water Included 3 Units $225 00 Weekly "TI $200 .00 Deposit r Available Now 0 $1,200 Moves You In! :::0 Phone (813) 915-9406 0 813-766-7540 > 5709 East 30th Street (/) m 3/1Duplex Fully Remodeled Rooms z 8213 North Marks For Rent z 2/1 Duplex $120.00Weekly m r Bougainvella Avenue I Call Tyrone ttl Very Nice, Spacious, c 1-800-890-7639 r Quiet Property r m Section 8 Only 3104 E. MLK Blvd. $0 Deposit z Call (813) 264-9660 Rooms For Rent '"'0 c Gisela Males Preferred ttl $500.00 Per Month r Cii USF Area Duolex Includes Electric And Water :I: m 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Call (813) 784-0508 0 m New Tile & Paint < Ybor Heights m New Appliances :::0 $600 00/Monthly Large Furnished Room -< -1 + Security Deposit For Rent c Section 8 Ok $110.00-$140.00 Per Week m (/) (813) 263-6460 Deposit/Security c + 1 Week Rent Call (813) 247-4724 > z c Available Now "TI Senior Citizens Preferred c East Osborne Ave Area $600 00/Monthly Ideal For Fixed Income Includes Washer/Dryer Furnished, Clean, Private Private Bath Utilities, NC, WID Telephone (Local) Security System And Satellite TV $125 00/Weekly Call (813) 273-9187 Call (813) 799.:.3574 Or (813) 965-4434 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00-1-20 WORDS And 50 FOR EACH ADDITONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD Fax Your Ad 24/7 (813) 248Email Your Ads To: ledwards@flsentinel.coin FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS G> m AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS VIA PHONE .......


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