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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 62, no. 89 (July 24, 2007)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
July 24, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Outspoken Housing Board Member Not Reappoi d : ; > -: sEE STORY ON PAGE 2 1 r < Funeral Dir. JailedFor Sexual SEE PAGE 23 roup To Give Awa; SChool Supplies SEE PAGE 2 Church Hosts To 'Co_ lor Pu_rpl(, } SEE PAGE 2 / .t:" Arrefj AfterChasl


r:; 0 N FEATURES N :::> 7' <( 0 Housing Authority Board Member Denied Second Ter1n ffi One of the most outspoken :::> members of the Tampa 1-Housing Authority Board will not be reappointed to another term. Mayor Pam Iorio has decided that Gerald White will no longer serve on the seven-member board, but will be replaced by Lance Scriven, a local lawyer and former president of the Tampa Club. Tampa City Council approved Scriven's appointment on Thursday. Iorio admitted that she doesn't know if Scriven has any public housing experience, but believes his legal experience will be beneficial GERALD WHITE .... Denied second term as member of the Tampa Housing Authority (THA) Board. ATTY. LANCE SCRIVEN ... Was appointed to replace Gerald White on the THA Board. to the Tampa Housing Sorolis to new terms last Authority Board in May of Authority Board. year. Manny Alvarez and. 2003, and has been a long-Gerald White is the only former Hillsborough County time supporter of the Central 0 member of the current board Commissioner Rubin Park Village redevelopment. who wasn't recently appoint-Padgett were appointed to He was also very instrumen..: o ed to another term. Vice-their firstterms in 2005. tal in helping Z Chair Robert Shimberg Gerald White could not inquiries at River Pines was named to a third term in be reached for a comment. Apartments, a senior living -June. Mayor Iorio also The 44-year-old works.at complex in Northeast Q .. eappointed Chairwoman Tampa Electric Company as : Tampa. ...... .!llant operator. Scriven's term besrhs --._,_ ---Groups To Host Back To School Event Saturday Lola Simon Chapter #162 has partnered with Harram Court #96, Daughters of Isis, Mt. Pleasant Lodge #13 and Landmark Lodge #93 to sponsor the 3rd Annual Back To School Fun Fest and Community Health Fair. The event will be held on Saturday, July 28, 2007, 10 a. m 2 p : m. at the Landmark Lodge, 2401 Albany Ave. According to Ms. Bertha Baker, Co-Chairperson of the event, the groups are excited about offering this, event to the community. "We have several. agef?.Cie s _in place that will.offer educa tional material, and there are agencies that will provide free health screenings and other helpful information. "We want the kids to come out, too, because we'll have games:and lots of.fun for them," she explained. Once the parents and children have gone through the maze of.activities; they Will -receive : bag full of goodies. starts on August BERTHA BAKER 20th and. we want the students to oe ready," she said. :The health screenings inc.Iude: blood-sugar, HIV education and cholesterol screening. The blood mobile will also be on site, as well as a nutritionist, massage ther. apist, podiatrist and adult education representative. The evenf will also include a clothes give away and a visit from the Shriners Clown Ms. Plashetta Jones is of this event. HAVE YOU BEEN -.- ... -. INJURED IN .'A Were Vou H_urt! .;;-;:;:;;..;;. Car Fixed! Need A To The Doctor! .. Your Case' ,., .--.. : ".._ ; l ... ... -,-. Friendly and Courteous Staff Members -.. _-.. If You Answered-YES-To Afty Of These T.hen You Call Me Now r : 5 .. -J -_ .. :: ..... vrnsl I" ;::t. -(' ... ---_. .. ,_ ..... .Just-What To Do .;The: For. You"U. ; r. :.. p. =-"'i-. ::-: :( 1 n You stgft 'Up With """"-Else, ci.l Me. Sent-. Are FAEE And C.. H .. p K._ You From M...n. Mlstekel -... : ...


---.. .. rM -C a mp2fJ:Jfe _c:lnvestigator ; Police llh.ief H ire BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel StaffWriter Arson Investigator Milton Jenkins is shown gathering information a fire He further stated that the scholarship program will be The program BY IRIS B. HOLTON on the promotion ladder is that Recent budget cuts resulted allowed t.b o.se w.ishi .ng to "of Assistant Fire Chief or Fire in several employees of the-become .an. officer. who .. : Qhief .. : Tampa Police Department, as .. ,couldn't afford to do so, the When firemen are to In addition to. receiving trainwell as other city employees the scene, they extinguish the ing as a firefighter, those inter-losing their jobs. HoweverJ ing UI).der pro-blaze t.o ested in becoming investigators Chief Stephen Hogue: _.... 1ts 1t IS. m}lst recently acknowledged hi's' 'Major Davis:Was promoted suspected tha t the fue w.as t:o -q-u a !tfy for the plans to fill twenty (20f '-to the rankohnajoiMarch 8; _special .. Jenkins IS also vacanc i es on the department. : in addition to beirig -the calh:d m ; ..... a Reserve Earlier this month, Chief : -.: -A;nd Js. th.e ... Tampa Pohce d h h h d 1.. for Milton Jenkins g o es to Depart m ent... Hogue restructure t e. .. wlt .t e, epar. t ro.ent. u e.lS: ... "}{' Th .. h ....... ... o n a-----th t th department in an effort to. also .the most tenured. major. f e .. .. !l ce. e ha he d h b d t b $3 1 t the d partm e n __ t_____ tota o 6 F1re Investig a tors an Ire was mtent10na, e as t e r e uce IS u ge y m1 a e lion. The position of MaJor 'L)th'er nia1or s and "the date s Jen_kms 1sthe pow e r to :legal m ---.. .... only African A mencan arnong the case. In addition to trammg Carl DaVIs, a 25-year veter-:_of t.hen promotiOns a1:e: an and highest-ranking" Geot'ge .. them. years on the Job, .. and _.a badg.e, pos1hon Af A th .. ... ...... ) R b .... G .d. he. also lias the le ast amount of reqwres another skill ncan menca n on e ;.::u -; o UI ara, h d h Y h b 1 h t d rt t th ( s t b 8 ) J h hme on t e epartment m 1s ou a ve to e rea s arp a epa me n w as a mon g e 47 ep em er 1 2005 ; o n h t d y h t b position s Chief Hogue said Bennett, (Octob e r 2, 2005) ; areia. t" t J ki h wblatydout 0 0?fthavfie 0 e 1 d hi T "'(O b tga or en n$ as a e o e ermme 1 e re was were. e 1m mate MaJor Sup e perfected his t ra de as an i n v es -inte ntionally set You h a ve to Davis was th_ e _only pohce 4,' 2005); and. Geratd t ig ator for more tha n three d o an i nvesti gat io n and put the t o lose his Job (A,pnl. S, 2qo ?). H e also agrees that his is pieces together .we had 33 opemngs for MaJor Honeywell .will one of the coveted positions at Investigator Jenkins also officers and 13 of those becoi_Tie the. only the department. The next step stated that it helps to have are JUst gone We have Amencan maJor DaVIs -: ? between 7 and 9 people in leaves : ; .. .:. mentors "My mentors, (Chief Tom F orward, Melvin Stone, a rid retired Chie f Richard Vigil) pushed me to excel o n the job," he said He al s o s a id o ne int e re st ed i n ente rin g the field m ust und e r stand the v a lu e o f educat ion. "You must re a lize that ed uc ation is important. The more you have, the better off you are. Investigator Jenkins was on serving as a Nu. c ,lear. Machinist in the U. S Navy when he learned of an opening with the fire department from Lonnie Benniefield. He applied and was accepted into the academy The following year, Investigator Jenkins was hired for the position of fire fighter. He's happy in his current role, but Investigator Jenkins plans. to rise to the top o f the d epartment. He wants to become the Fire Chief for the City of Tampa and is working towards that goal. A Tampa -.ftafive, Investigator Jenkins, 40, graduated from King High School and earned his bac h elor's d e gree in Managemeat from Nat ional:' Louis He is married to Mrs. Angela Jenkins and is the father of 4 children. Wh e n time allows Investigator Jenkins. enjoy s golf, spe nding time with his family and "spending time with God" at his church, Living In Christ Ministries. class in the scholarship pro-Major Davis, whose 26th gram and they are g etting anniversary with the depart-Deadl1ne Nears For ready t o graduate. W e are m entis July 26th, (Thursd a y) going to hire police officers to wil l. conclude his last with $1 a11 0n Smoking Lawsu1t slots, -_ .:- .,-.. a..-, --=-.. : WARREN DAWSON:: BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel StaffWriter I I n July 2 006, the Fl orida Court upheld a deci siop to throw out a $i45 billion v e rdict that a Mi a mi ,j:qry i rad. awarde d .tci : Fl o rida resia e nts or" d i e d as--it: res'ult "IPNE:\'!tn'.' .:rin. D eceiT' her 2 006; the: cou.rt r e vised decision. I fjle a s a"ction law sQ.it, 'any' p e rsbn o-r h eir of'a 'person who w a's 'dia g nosed '"die d : from a smoklng Uln-es. s priort9' :u, .. 1996, c.an individua l. lawsuit. :H6wever; the courts gave on, e from January t, 2 .... ..... __ -rl=,c. 6 I January' t 2008. .. ,. ... ...... _--Th e .ori .. gin a l law suit, Engle 1467 Tampa:Pifrler Phtza-, ..... .... vs._ l;.jggett, outliBes s e ve ra l @ Nebraska tY.Pe s:_qf can ce r and otlt e r m t hat h a v e b ee n re cog ni zed by t h e courts as s moking r e lat e d illne sses Thos e c a nc e rs t -&-----------' include: lung cancer bladder cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal c ance r oral cavity/ ton g u e c a n ce r s t oma ch cancer, k id ney cancer, pan c reatic cancer, and pharyngeal cancer. "-:_'!_'he other. illn e sses include: .. coronary he.att::diseas e perip h e r a l vas cudisease, ch r o nic obs t ruc t ive (COPD ) ,_ and 1"11 All Florida residents and citi z ens who developed and were dia gnose d with smoki ng r e lat ed di seases before 1996 are eli gible to file an individual law suit. The heirs of individuals who h av e died are eligib l e to file a cl aim as w e ll, Attorney Darryl Rquson, of St P e tersbur g said. Attorne y Rouson i s joi n in g Attorne y .. of. Miami, in ::repreSenting Victims in the lawsuik --[Attorney Eric T. Taylor : --. ---------. .. -----_ j ... CRlMINAL DEFENSE .:" .. "" A UTOMOBILE AC..ClPENTS -'t : '":; ..... ,.: : EMINENT DOMi fiN' .. NEW LOCATION 320 W. IUvd 720 81 259"4'144:. For mer Asst. Attorney Former Hlll'\borough Count) TI1ii hfrln g of d4.'\.' ision thu t should not h'c huS4-'tl sol e i\ upon usk u s t u s end v o u tiee "litten infonnutiCit l uhout our mul e xf,ct ie ncc. I I 1\) 0 0 ....., ., r-0 3l c )> en m z -1 z m r-1 -tD c: r r-z "'0 c: tD r-u; :X: m c m < m -f c: m en c )> z c ., :::0 6


"""' 0 0 C'\1 EDITORIALS I COLUMNS FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN C'\1 (USPS 202 140) 2207 ;::) J and Amalgamated Publishers, Inc New YOrk ______________ __ c en w ;::) 1-c a: u. c z <( c en w ;::) 1-> a: w > w c w ::J: en :::i m ;::) a.. z w ..J ..J ::l m ..:.. w z i= z w (/) c( c a: 0 ..J u. POSTMASTER : Send Address Change To: Florlda Sentinel Bulletin, P O Box 3363 Tmpa. F1. U&01 Periodical Postage Paid /11. Tampa. Fl W.W.And,_ 187C.1931 (1t1t) C. Blythe And,.. 1901-19n (19451 Founder1 C BL VTME ANDREWS JR. CHAIRMAN S KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill PRES I DENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR KEITH GEORGE, CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Subscriplions-$44.00-Per Year Bolh Editions : $87.00-Per Year One Edition Opinions ekpressed on edi torial pages of thi s newspaper by Columnist6 or Guest Wrtleni do not necessan1y reffec.11he Bdi torial &lance of The Florida SentJnel Bulletin or the Publisher Kudos To Senator doyner And Representative Reedl .. : : extend our sincerest congratulations and -. appreciation to State Senator Arthenia Joyner and State Representative Betty Reed for co-sponsoring the Black Infant Mortality bill during the recent legislative session. That bill became effective earlier this month. Joyner and Reed are to be commended for responding to the high death rate of Black babies, which is nearly five times that of white babies in this state. Moreover, the two legislators have successfully sought $1 million for a study of the causes of the high death rate, and the development of recommended solutions for this horrific problem. Isn't it strange, that despite continued advances in medical care and technology over the past four years, the death rate of Black babies rose from 17.6 per 1,000 live births to 22.7 deaths per 1,000 live babies? We're told the primary cause of high Black infant mortality is premature births, especially among girls under the age of 18. Also, low birth weights associated with pre-term births contribute to the death rate. There is an urgent need to address the risk factors which contribute to premature delivery among Black women. And when we do, we come up with the usual suspects. The list includes a lack of health insurance, maternal infections (such as bacterial vaginosis), poor maternal nutrition (fast food is not the best food for expectant mothers), periodontal diseases, multiple births in short time-spans and postpartum mental health care. No doubt, addressing these medical, men;. tal, financial and social pro-blems, which confront Black pregnant women, could dramatically reduce the needless deaths of Black babies. Surely, one of the richest states in the wt.rld's greatest nation could do that. Therefore, we thank Sen. Joyner and Rep. Reed, Tallahassee's latest tag-team duo, for bringing attention and a solution to this problem. Furthermore, we support them in their continued quest to secure funds to address the needs of Black and. poor women, as a means of saving the of countless .. children, born and unborn. alk about strange bedfellows! Representative John Conyers, NAACP Chairman ulian Bond and award-winning filmmaker/director Michael Moore have all teamed up together. Yes, that is the same Michael Moore who produced the scathing film "Fahrenheit 911," which tried to inform and warn Americans about the truth of America's involvement in Iraq. Well, this time, Moore has produced a film called "SICKO,'' which has added fuel to the flames of an ongoing national debate on universal health care. Recently, Moore and Conyers joined national NAACP leadership in calling attention to the large number of -:t Black Americans who lack adequate health insurance-, and who are disproportionately impacted by lifethreatening diseases such as high blood pressure, dia-Black American History -By Rudolph Harris Supporting Evidence In The ChamberS case the time of the shooting death, June 11, 1967, here in Tampa, Title 28 U. S. C. Section 242 was in existence. This law prohibited police offiGers from shooting an unarmed suspect under state authority. Clearly Policeman J. L Calvert was under state authority when he pulled the trigger on the 19-year-old Black youth. It's the sth Amendment that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. When Calvert shot Chambers in the back, he was of no threat to anyone. And the fact that the action took place some 40 years ago is among the oldest Civil Rights cold cases in the records. Years later, in 1985, the U. S. Supreme Court in Tennessee vs. Garner, 105 S. Ct., 1694 (1985), at footnote 8, the court commented on that even if a suspect is not apprehended, at that time, does not mean that he would not be eventually caught. A basis which the 1967 police report relied upon in justification for shooting young Chambers. Further, the Supreme Court went on to say that: "The use of force policy rec-oinmended by the 1967 President's Commission on police use of force was more stringent than the use of force policy that this court enacted today. This principle of law was mandated for all police departments in the United States today to impiement as standard operating procedure. Unfortunately, the killing of Blacks by police has continued to take place beyond Chambers and 1967. There has been no investigation by the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department to seek some form of construc tive closure to the practice. Something To Think About .. past weekend, + ... < of us who live in East Tampa had the opportunity to see something that hasn't happened in a while. It actually stormed on Saturday to the point that streets were underwater. Now, I'm not talking about the streets that flood during an average rainstorm, such as the intersection of N 30th Street and E. Hillsborough Avenue. But on Saturday, folks needed boats to get the places that may normally have a little stand-. ing .. This should be an indicator that we can't stand as much water as. we think we This should also serve as a reminder to get our lives in 1 season gets kicked off. So far, things have been very quiet, we .that.for granted. Usually, the property ownance, it can help make starters worry about homeowners ing over easier. insurance and such. Most We can say that the city's renters never give it a drainage system should be moment's thought. Maybe it's more equipped to handle time to change your way of waters from a rainstorm. thinking. There is lots of room to point If the home or apartment fingers. that you are renting is dam-But, when the rubber meets aged or flooded, your belong-the road, your primary conings are not covered! cern should be about protect Wha.tever coverage the proping what's yours. And, if that erty owner has does not nee-means investing in renters' essarily apply to the renter. insurance, then it shouldn'i But there is help available, take a rocket scientist to fig,.. especially if you are renting a ure out what you need to do ... home or an

COLUMNS c m (/) c The Sole-Man Speaks I Another Vievv By RANDOLPH KINSEY c... c !< What Every Young Athlete Needs yo See! Affordable Housing: I\) _l:>. 1\) c c -.J :reetings Tampa! So chair. A Thing Of The Past :: / :. what shall we t alk Some peopl e sa y he looks the ... ... ) about today? Shall we same, except for the fact his talk about Michael Vick, trademark beard now sports a .k.a., "Qokie," Atlanta more gray than i t has ever Falcons star quarterback worn in years past. Surely, the whose shadow existence as a man who became the poster breeder of dog-fighting pit child for the world of chewing bulls i s e clipsed only by his tobacco h a s gained a few a bsolutely cold-blooded way of paunches here and there. But treating the dogs he exploits? the thing that causes us most If any of you are dog lovers to pause in disbelief is the fact likeme ,theideaofastarquar-that when Campbell isn't t er back or a n y body dou s ing a pushing himself around or dog with water, and th e n s en db eing pushed around i n a in g tho u san d s of v olts o f elec-wheelchai r he's scuffling tricity through their body until around on a wa lk er. It takes they die do e s not endear you to h i m ten minutes sometimes to the person who did it or to the get from his living r oom to his pe rson w h o gave the ord e r that b e droom Th e onl y thing he i t be d on e T h at pe r son w e' r e can do re ga rdin g golf whic h he t ol d was Michael Vick, a absolutely l oves, is t o talk young man I'm as h amed to say ab o u t the f act h e abso lutel y is a Black ma n if what they say loves it. D o c t ors have to l d him about him is true. because of his ruined back and Or shall we talk about a no th -twi s t e d muscles, Earl er football hero a f or mer tank Campbell will p r o b ably neve r of a man by the name of Earl play golf aga in! Campbe ll ? "Skoal Brothe r No, h e is n't ri c h But the Earl Campbell i s w h a t they Unive rsit y o f Texas h as given used to c a ll him. T h e man him a job paying $50 0 0 0 l ea rned by hea rt w h at was sai d ann u ally. No, it isn t a milli on to h av e been the g re a t Jim But it p a y s for ho s pit a l iza ti on, .. Brown's s imple g a m e plan :.si n ce:the NFL no l o nger pa y s GIV E M E T H E BALL!" and the bills keep co m i ng. Mayb e, w e s h o uld talk about B es ide s, whe n h e goes to pl ace s how the e qu a lly g r eat Earl like or pe o -... i s doing or not" p l e still line up to ge t his a uto doing, these day s Y ea h why g raph whe n h e f ee l s like l ift ing not? M aybe, that's wh a t we hi s h a nds to giv e it out. So, life s hould t a lk about. in g enera l is good. Earl still since I was a very oung boy, r have eard repeatedly that a major part of the American dream was to own a home. Many years later, that dream has not changed. It remains the same. Unfortunately, so many Americans will never see that dream become a reali zation, no matter how hard they strug g le. Homes have become so e x p ensive that far too many people can no longer afford to buy a house In reality, affordable houses no lon ger e xis t I c an r e member s ome year s ago, I b r ou ght m y h o u se and the land it sits on in a p ac k a ge deal. I h a d the house built accordi n g t o m y blueprint from the gr ou n d u p. The total co s t of the h ouse and land w as l e ss tha n $12,000. Today that same h o us e and lot will sell for more than $200,000. In today's world, that is a cheap house. But even at that price, the house does not really fit the descr i ption of an affordable house for millions of people We hear about affordable housing all the time. Almost every politician talks about bringing affordable houses into neighborhoods for people who need them. Apparently, the s e folks don't know what affordable homes are. In West and East Tamp a a series of houses a r e being b uilt on l ots that are no m ore t h a n 25 fee t wide. E ve n the c h e ape s t of the se houses cost a round $170,000 T he p e ople wh o l iv e in these a r eas o r hav e l ive d in thes e a reas cannot afford t o buy t h e m. They don' t m ake that kind o f mo ney Generally monthly pay ments run close to 10% of the total cost of the house If that is the case a $200,000 house would requir e monthly pay ments of $2,000. That is more than a lot a people make a month. A politician once said that a $175,000 is affordable onl y if it is loc ated in a ritz y n e ighborhood lik e A vila. Government officials need to sit down with d evelopers and redefine what affordable houses are. Land needs to b e set aside and labeled for affordabl e hous es w it h a c a p of about $IO O ,ooo. W e don t 5 w a n t this c ity t o becom e a city :C o f onl y those who can afford to liv e here en U nle s s t h at is do n e peop le who h ave l ive d ir i Tampa f o r ::! years w ill be forced to l eave Z m the city. I certa inly h o p e tha t r-' this isn t t h e g o al! a:J c r r m ::j z ...,. c: .a:J ... Peopl e talk a boutClydesd a les h ears the ro a r of th e crowd in "' es, Our Mother Country!. ', horses w ho se chests are sci hi s h ea d. But the ro a r of hi s 1 wid e and thi g h s a re so thick p a ining b a ck and hi s en m c m < m they don't resembl e horses. kn ee s p ea k loud e r. our young pea-T h e y r es e mb l e t a nks But obviWas i t worth it? Earl s w ea r s w h o h ave little or ou s ly t h os e same p e o pl e h ave it was w o rth e v e ry bump jolt 0 concept of "The. never seen Earl Campbell and te a r sustained To be a Struggle in their struggle to during his "sal a d days! Ask hero a fter all, has ri. sks. But people and race of the many d e fenders he.' then step back .ii. nd ask, "Why do som. e peo'ple ran over if they can still talk, you lop}< at a rav.aged.man, after having their jaws twisted turned almost paraplegic at age believe that if Barak Obama out 'of sha p e or their s2' : and' you a s k ymirse lf. is. elected t(d h e pt: e sidertc} pull e d off while trying to bring "Damn Is t h i s 'how it ends? that he will be a ssassinated?" Earl Campbell down. Was mankind made to be a Black America endures and is For the truth-as anybody machine; a: gladiator? And for assured that it is one question would tell you was, "You did what the love of the game, or that the candidate and his not tackle Earl Campbell. the love of the crowd?" Is that family have considered as You simply cursed at him,. why God gave us a brain, only well. However, the record talked about his mama, and to find it turned to mush and shows that Mr. Obama is not h e'd stumble p r fall our b9dies b eyond ) 1 the fi'rst to' dow.n out o f ang e r Otherwise, recognition ? seek the highest office in yo\{ knew you were going to. )"oung is that what co\u1try. "' pav' 'if you g ot in Campbell's ... you want at the end of your "Sh. 1 Chi. b 1 ..;,,. ? '" II" ey s am was ue way. As they ;:; : < fi Af. .. ;.: : "Th a t 's how C'Umpbell rolled! Camptiell. Jus t stand bac k Jrst ncan Amenc a n Woman that was the n Now and look a t him. Then-you --... ... In 1972 Campbell rolls i n a wheel mak e up you r m in q s h e black. ... ,.. .. .. .. woman to seek a m aJOt party .. ., .. .. : nomination for the U.S. presi-: s --u---as---,--R---1-B ... --E----y--o---D---A---y-:1 her candid a c y somet im e s g ot : 11The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself' I and pred ic t e d that l at e r caro -l I pai g n s by w om e n a nd mi n ori -. -.. Name: I ties wou l d f ind a smoo t h e r : Mailing Addr ess: 11 path because I h e l p e d pave I I '813 248-1921 City: State: _Zip: __ I it "' 1 1 Recently, a n o t t o be-l Mail O r Bring Payment To: 1 n a m e d l ocal sport scas t e r s t a t -CheckOne 1 e d tha t the n a m e o f n e wly-l 220?E.2 l slAve.:Tampa,FL3 3605 1 r ecrui t e d m embe r o f the Los I C.ash MonPV Order Credit Cards Onl. v 6 Mon ths S44 1 Year S87 .1 -J Angeles Ga l a xy, D avid 1----------------------------J Beckham, was m o r e well From o n e s im p le ques tion, :a kno w n that that of Tiger w e bec a m e so c o n sume d -< Woods'. Why do we act as if When we use terms d race and its relations doe sn't dice and "racist, some of us m affect us? interchange the m Pa y atten.: After he "thenword," tion. Chang -ing legislation Ralph Papitto' chairm a n of requires the stroke of a pen. But, changing hearts requires : the Roger" 'Williams a stroke from God. ;. "Just like c University board in that!" .. ,,, "'" Providence, R.I. said, "I apolo"In November 1827 he made :U gized for that. what else can I a compelling argument in 6 do? Kill myself?" Further, he Freedom's Journal, the stated, "TTle first time I heard nation's first black newspaper : it was on television or rap Born a slav e of African ancesmusic or something." Let s try, Allen lea rned to liv e as a: a.n .. old man? free man .in Born fb:;192)?' : clearly, the r a p : rejeding and prein8ustry the likE;s serving his by oflthis to:help bury.Jts lmage. Do e s Amencan m s t1tutwi?s But it? .. ,. .... .. _, meant h e ._c"st h1s l ot, and tha t o f h1s d e s ce ndant s, w1th a Speaking o f his tory book s o cie ty p ei:vade d b y ra ci sm. It c hall e n ges Wh e n it c o m es t o was a brave deci s i on, both rooting for Barry Bonds to characteristic o f the m a n who b eco m e t h e home run cham p i m a de it and in d ic ativ e o f the o n ... An AP-Ipsos poll r e l eased limite d choices availabl e to showed Monday 55 p ercent o f those f r eed f r om the bond s o f minority b aseball fan s w a n t sl av e ry. Richard All e n was Bonds t o se t th e r ec ord wh il e a s uc ces s Born i nto s la\' e r y i n 3 4 perc ent o f n o nHi s p anic Philad e l p h ia i n 1760 h e di e d wh it e b aseball fa n s hope h e i n 1831 no t o nl y f r ee but int1upasses H ank Aaron' s e ntia!, a found e r ofthe A frican r ecord." S i nee wh e n did M e thodi s t Episcopa l Church America begi n categoriz in g i ts and i ts f irst b ishop. "Thi s l a nd whi c h w e h ave w a tered with c itizen s b ase d on it s H i spa ni c our tears and our bl ood is n o w p o pu l ation? I s this t hing o u r m othe r Pl' a c l' C> on?" m B e U n to Y o u c.n ,.


c a: u. c z <( c en w ;:::) r-ii: w > w c w ::z::: en :::::i m ;:::) Q. z i= w ..J ..J ;:::) m ..:. w z i= z w en g it 9 u. AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING By Mamaah [8131 911-8 OPEN 7 DAYS 7AMTOBPM 813)516 :: Featuring: Hair Salons Barbershops Beautv Suppliers & Wig Shops To Be Published herv Tuesdav oner Good Thru 1u1r21 BIRTHDAY Happy birthday going out to my daughter, Shamicka Cureton. She will be celebrating h e r sweet 16th birthday on July 25, 2007, with her family and friends. Happy birthday m y sweet baby, I love you. From your mother. HCC Accreditation Reaffirmed Hillsborough Community College (HCC) has received confirmation from The commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) reaffirming the College's accreditation for another ten years with no follow-up reporting required. The process of reaffirming accreditation involves a rigorous three-year evaluation, every ten years, assuring that the College is in compliance with the Principles of Accreditation, Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards and Federal Requirements. The SACS On-Site review concluded on October 12, 2006. The On-Site Committee made z.e..r2 recommendations for improvement on issues-of compliance to Requirements/Standards and z..e.r.2 recommendations for improvement on the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The approved QEP is a multi-year study to focus attention on teaching and learning strategies designed to enhance student learning out comes, including retention and graduation rates, in selected courses that traditionally have high failur e rates. The QEP is a required e lement of the reaf firmation process. ====== LOCAL -1 OOth Birthday Celebrated The members of Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Church joined family members of Mrs. Fannie M. Holloway to help her celebrate her lOOth birthday. The group enjoyed birthday goodies with Mrs. Holloway after morning worship just recently. (Photographs by Jerry Brunson) Deacon Willie Monroe and Mother V. Monroe with Mrs. Holloway. Hair Tren_ .. ... 4058 N. Armenia Aye:. Suite 105 Fiesta Plaza Tan1pa, FL 33607 w 813-874-0713 S peci a l s : Tuesday & \Vcdncsday Relaxer, Cut And Style-$45 & Up Color-$35 & Up Lashes -$35 Sew In Weave l-{,.,,,..1"'rl The Florida Sentinel's. 'Spotlight On Me' Is PuflingThe "Spotlight On Kids I CallUs At (813) For More Info .,


_--LOCAL Upcoming Event To Honor Legacy Qf Tuskegee Airanen Henry Bohler, a Tampa resident and former Tuskegee Airman, will be honored at the upcoming reception. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African-American military airmen in the United States. They overcame prejudice to become one of the most respected fighter groups in World War II. BY ANTI ONE DAVIS Sentinel StaffWriter full multi-media presentation tion before and during battle, highlighting the history and but also faced it when they accomplishments of the were finished. Many of them A free upcoming event will Tuskegee Airmen. There will returned home, and found pay tribute to a group of men also be additional entertain-many people still considered who helped to change our ment by the Youth Singers and them less than second-class citnation. Dance Troupe. izens." There will be a special recep"I think one of the main goals Congressman Charles tion to honor the Tuskegee right now is to make sure the Rangel will address the audiAirmen on Saturday, August younger generation under-ence and the surviving 4th at Hillsborough stands the significance of the Tuskegee Airmen in attenCommunity College (HCC). The Tuskegee Airmen, and what dance. Tuskegee Airmen were they did for Mricim-Americans Tuskegee Airmen scheduled America's first Black military in this country," said Reginald to attend include Lt. Col airmen who flew during World Houser, a local historian and George Hardy, Dr. Yenwith War II as the 332nd Fighter Vice-President of the Black Whitney and Dr. Marion Group of the U.S. Army Air Heritage Foundation of Tampa West. Henry Bohler, a Corps. Bay. "These were gentlemen Tampa resident and surviving The program will include a who ,not only faced discri!llinaTuskegee Airman, will be bon------------.-,.-. ............ ---'.'-__ -'.-.-.-....... ..... --.. ................ ;:-. ored at the' event as well. Florida Diocese Church Of Our Lord Jesu-s Christ Of The Apostlic Faith, Inc. 5th Sunday Meeting July 26, 27 &.July 28..5.:00 P.M. ; At The Bible Church Of God3924 Laurl'l Strl.'l.'l Tampa Fwm Dale HiJ,:hway In The Carver City Area) Rem/ 7-38 Ail Are Welcome! The reception honoring the Tuskegee Airmen will be held on Saturday, August 4th from noon to 1 p.m. with the program beginning at 1:30 p.m. The event will be held in the Student Services Building of the HCC Dale Mabry Highway. For more information, please call Jackie Beiro at (813) 876-4307, or email her at Arthur Robinson Host Bisho --District c: .t .leikitis JDBeiro@aol.com. June/Carroll Family Reunion The Families united-for theh First Annual Family Reunion. The events were held at the Barksdale Center and MacFarlane Park in laie:Jtif.te{ came from as fat Texas, New Yor:'k:, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida to :enjoy the weekend .of ties; (Photos by James McAllister) Disc jockeys \\re.re and Pun, who kept the turntable busy. Florida ,_ Tempo rarity At-o -:. Grand .. : 11310 N. 30th Street Palm Ballrooms 1 & 2 Sunday, July 29th 10:30 A.M. Praise And Worship By: GSP Youth In Praise Speaker: MINISTER ALICIA MITCHELL GARVEY 3P.M. Cepada McKay & Anointed Voices Speaker: MINISTER ALFONSO LEWIS Associate Minister, Springhill M. B. Church esus. Heals. Minis Healing Ministry: August lOth & 24th 7J .. ,.,tlllllll,., lllil$ .Jaclill omcialil!l 5 P .M.IISIIIIIIill Service -1 c m (J) 0 c.. c I\) .&:> I\) 0 0 ""' "T1 r 0 JJ 0 )> en m z ::! z m r,m c:: r r m ::! z ., c m r Ci5 :t: m 0 m < m JJ -< -,-4 c:: m en 0 )> z 0 "T1 :tl 0


,.... 0 0 C\1 LOCAL t Local Gospel Recording ::; :; Artist Nominated For National Music Awards c CJ) w ;::) c a: LL c z < c CJ) w ;::) > a: w > w c W :::t: CJ) ...J m ;::) a. z i= w ...J ...J ;::) m I ...J w z i= z w CJ) < c : .. .,, Dana Mackey's latest accomplishment is her current First Round National Awards nomination for "Female Vocalist of The Year" and Album of the Year" for Indie Artists for the 2nd Annual En Sound Music Awards to be held in Newark, NJ on September 22, 2007 If you would like to support Dana, please cast your votes at www.ensound.org/vote/. Whether Dana Mackey has served in the role of a powerful music minister/organist, an awesome worship leader or a humble psalmist, she has assumed a meek and modest role, allowing the Spirit of God to shine bright, as souls are moved and motivated towards the Creator. This is how black gospel. com described her in August of 2006. Since the release of her debut CD in 2006, she has had the privilege to minister at church es and conferences nationwide. She has ministered as Psalmist on programs with nationally known speakers such as Bishop Thomas Weeks, III and Evangelist Jacky-Clark Chisholm. She has opened up on church programs with featured artists such as Jimmy Hicks and the Voices of Integrity. Dana lias also appeared on the Christian Television Network, as a guest on the Celebration of Praise Show with Ron Rosson and Friends, she also recently appeared on CombinationTV.com as a special guest artist. She has had the privi lege to also attend the Bobby Jones Gospel Bi-Annual Retreats. Dana has been included in the recent June/July issues of national magazines such as Gospel USA and Gospel Truth. Currently, her CD is receiving national attention on various radio stations through out the country. Dana was a finalist in the First Annual Global Gospel Idol Contest this summer sponsored by Bishop Thomas Weeks, III and Prophetess Juanita Bynum Weeks. Prior to the conception of her CD, Dana was the organist for many years for various churches in Tampa, such as Peace Progressive MB Church and St. John Progressive MB Church. Dana is currently. involved in the music mirii Stry at Grace World Outreach Center in Brooksville, FL under the lead ership of Pastors David and Nellie Garcia. Her CD "With Praises From The Heart" was produced by Tampa native and artist Minister Ernest Collins, Jr., (former music director for the well-known Pastor Clint Brown of Orlando's Faith World Church and current music director for the Ebony Fashion Fair). Question Of The Week? By: JULIA JACKSON Tragic Train Collisions In the Bay area, two tragic train collisions, one day apart, killed 4 people in Lakeland and Plant City. Do you think this is a problem where lights and barriers are not visible enough, or are people trying to beat the train across the tracks? Who's at fault? TIMOTHY STUCKENS Sales Agent, New Tampa "It's just hard to believe within 2 days such a tragedy has occurred, and not even 100 miles apart. Well, someone needs to look at the sig nals and signs. Apparently it wasn't enough. Pray_ers go out to the families Maybe this will be a wake-up call for somebody." Bits And Pieces B. T. Washington Elementary School B. T. Washington Elemen tary School, 1407 Estelle St., is now accepti,ng kindergarten registration Monday through Friday, 9 a. m -2 p m Please bring proof of residency, birth certifjca te, soci a! security LOMAX FOX Musician, East Tampa Resident "I really believe it's not total ly the fault of the drivers. It seems CSX needs more warn ing signals at those crossings My prayers to the families," BOJACKSON Lawn Care Specialist, East Tampa MAX DAVIS Floral Arranger And Art Designer West Tampa Resident "First, may God be with those families. Second, there has to be something wrong with those crossings How can two incidents occur and Amtrak not be at fault? DAVID LOVE "My family and I are at a loss Performer, Spring Hill for words. We really can't bla .me anyone, but I do feel "I pray for the healings in the that there could be better lossofthosefamilies The fault equipment and signals lies within the two cities where jnstalled in these small town .. those crossings were. I feel areas. Our prayers go out _to: ,.. that there is not enough warnthe families." .. ing in the rural areas." a: 0 ...J LL number, Florida physical (. exam and immunization record. For more information, please call (813) 233-3720. Blake Class Of1963 The Howard W. Blake Class of 1963 will have a fundraiser event preparing for their 2008 Class Reunion. The event us Saturday, August 4, 2007, 9 a. m. at the corner of Main St. and Albany Ave. Support The Florida Se ntinel Advertisers ...... >'" .. .. --ROTH'ER., S :, : .. _: .: .l ... ; .. GR. A ,. < .. :... ....... ;' : : ...... .. = ..... ..... .. ..... .... 1248 E. Hillsborough Suite#206


. PICTURES FROM THE PAST Attending the Las Arnigas spring w.;re Griffin and Rutha Walters. ,. {' ', __ :,; ; 1 Duri1112 an installation ceremony for a Leroy Anderson and Gu5 were photographed. : : _,. .. :""' : -I Recognize any of these fa:inous coaches from the past? They are Arthur (Bronco) Smith, Arnold Abraham 0. Bethel, James "Big Jim" Williams, Jasper Saunders, Oscar Johnson, Timothy Thomas, and Chuck White. Baccalaureate c:eremony at old Middleton High School gyril features the 1959 graduating dass. : .... : .. : ''"' J ;. ..... '. ...,. ... f; '!;,' ..... !i1,0', .. :.:J: I .. -, -... -. ...... t/Mo:r ., ""-' ... > .. < .-.::::., '\ These young people were participants in a Youth Day event at the American Muslim Center:". c: m (/) c c.. c: !< 1\) 1\) 0 0 """" "TT j' 0 JJ c )> (/) m z -f z m m c: rj' m -f z ., c m j' u; % m 0 m -f c: m ,. z 0


c a: LL c z < c (/) w ::l ... > a: w > w w :t (/) :::; ID ::l z ffi _, _, :;:) ID ..:. w z i= z w (J) C a: 0 ..1 u. 0 .,.. w (!) LOCAL Gour1net Gents Events Is Still A :faVorite Pastime (PHOTOGRAPHS BY JULIA JA.::::KSON AND JERRY B RUNSON) More tha.n 100 gentlemen loaned their hands to the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Tampa Bay Chapter as Gourmet Gents for the 15th Anniversary Culinary Affair. The men offered such dishes as chitterlings and rice an d Italian salmon/Spa_nish cuisine. The r e w ere m a n y d el e cta bl e d ess erts. Coalition member Benettye Davis with Gents, Vaughn, Marcus and Marcus, Jr. From left to right: Deirdre Joseph, Saundra Rodriguez, Arthenia Joyner, JoAnn Stubbs, Gretchen Mickler ami Machelle Maner. www;gouttrial. com Do you have .Gout? CNS Comprehensive NeuroScience Margarita Nunez, M.D. 9887 4th Street North, Suite 200 St. Petersburg, Florida 33702 727-576-8474


LOCAL Green-Everett Wedding Scenes Leisa Green and Robert Everett exchanged wedding vows on Saturday, June 23, 2007 Their wedding was at the Omar Lightfoot Recreation Center in Temple Terrace. The couple will reside in Tampa. (Photographs by Jerry Brunson) Among those who attended the wedding were Nickie, Carlton, Darien, Koon, Marlon. :' _,.. : : a o .._ '' Sherman, Juanita, Mike and Rena at the weddingreception for Robert and Leisa (Green) Everett. ----Now Cooking Thurs. -Sat. For All Your Seafood Delights, Marvin Has Just What You Need. Fresh & Smoked Mullet Trout Snappe Shrimp Sheap Head Live Blue Crabs "Th e Voic e of Our Communitv Speaking for ltse.(f'" Solid Waste Depart111ent Safety Avvards Banquet The Solid Waste Department held its 3rd Annual Safety Awards Banquet and Scholarship presentation recently. (Photographs by Treasured Moments -Sylvester Harris) "1'1 6 :tl en m z ::J z m r;-IJJ c: r. z "'D c al !: t/) ::C m c rri < m :tl < ... c: m en c _Steve Daignault, Administrator, Public Works and Utility Services, and David McCary, Solid Waste Director, rear center, C _are shown with the award recipieQts: Antonio Osario-Correra, 'Tl Darryel Bowers, Maggie Green, LaMee Allen, Maxine Agee, Ora :_Almestica, Willie Kitchen, Nathan McGriff, Billy Christmas, Leonard Hart and Elizabeth Quinones. :C _7th Avenue Tampa, FL 2 '41-2301 or 247-3719 Keys Made 69 and Up Latex Flat White .......... $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Paint ........ $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Set ........... .......... ea. 3" Brushes ................... ............ 99 ea. SALE PRICES COOD LIMIT 2 WITH THIS ADONLY!!


.......................... .. = = = .== .. = = = = = .. = = .===================. = = = = = .. = .=i. 0-. ., .... BEAUTY. UNLIMITED 2008 Olytnpic Hopeful Named :; 'Female Athlete Of The Year' c (/) w ::I t-BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Wanda Johnson has a lways admired track and field athletes. At the age of 10, she dreamed of one day standing on the podium with a gol,d medal around her neck as she'd seen on television during the Olympic Games Now a mother of 4, the 2008 Olympic hopeful has been named as the USA Track and Field Female Athlete Of The Year (Master's Level). Ms. Johnson was nominated by Don Denoon, an Athletic Director at the National Training Center where C Olympic hopefuls train. ft Ms. Johnson first started 0 comp eting in 1985 as a high Z school stude n t in the field < events of shot put and discus She said being versatile in other sports helped make W her a better athlete in track and field > ''Thi s is truly my favorite ffi sport. Of all the things I did > in high school, this is where I W performed my best. Ms. Johnson said she now WANDA JOHNSON feels she's getting closer to her goal of being a member of the 2008 Olympic team. "I've been training hard, and I know I can compete." Ms. Johnson said balancing a family, a career and training has been difficult, and involves a lot of traveling. "My family has been very supportive. Being a singleparent makes i t difficult at t i mes, but I owe so much t o my family for being there. when I need them. Ms. Johnson said her dream of being on the Oljmpic team started prior to the 2004 games "I was in college, and came close Since then, I promised I'd never allow that opportunity to get by me again. I'm training harder now. I work out alone most of the time, and I spend at least 2 hours in the weight room a day. Soreness, muscle fatigue and other ailments are things you never get used to, but you must endure if you want to make it." Ms. Johnson is still seeking sponsors to help with her training expenses and she also needs help in getting to a big track meet in Maine next week. After the Olympic Games are over, whether I win or not, I'll be trying to comp e t e in another w orld class even t a couple of months later." Ms. Johnson said she hopes to encourage other women who may have dreams of competing but f ee l their time has passed, t o rededicate themselves, train hard, and get back out there. "You just may surprise yourselfl (/) :::i ID ::I D. z tu ..J -l ::I ID ..:.. w z t= z w (/) < c 0: 0 ..J u. Bucs Show Interest In ACquiring CUlpepper BY ANTI ONE DAVIS Sentinel Staff Writer Coach Jon -Gruden s eems to be interested in adding an eighth quarter back t o the T ampa Bay Buccaneers r o s ter. The B u cs head c o ach, ge n eral m anager Bruce Allen and othe r team personnel recently met with Daunte Culpepper, w_ho w a s released fro m t h e Miami Dolphins last week. The Dolphins decided to cut ties with Culpepper after acquiring f ormer Kan sas City C hiefs starter Trent G reen in June. Culpepper, 3 0 p layed four games last season b efor e yielding to complication s from knee surgery. He was sacke d 21 time s during those fou r games, but has put up s ome amazing num b e rs, mostly with the Minnesota Culpeppe r has DAUNTE CULPEPPER comple t e d 64 2 percent of his passes for 21, 0 91 yards and 13 7 touchdowl?-s in 84 games as a s tarter. The Bucs a lready have sev e n quarterbacks on the roster: Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski, Luke McCown, Jake Plummer, Subscribe Today! Bruce Eugene a n d Zac Taylor. There are several other teams interest e d in acquiring Culpepper, includi n g the St. Louis R a m s and the J ac ksonville Jaguars. Mike Tice, Culpepper' s former head coach in Minnesota, is an assistant head coach with t h e J aguars. No offer has been mad e to the O cjJJtt native, but Culpepper says that he is anxious to contribute and h e lp a n e w team. I just h ope that there is still a t eam o r two out there that has an opportunity for a hardworking quarterback who is willing to c ome in and contribute whe r e ver needed," Culpeppe r said in a state ment last wee k. Must ............ The MPC 2000 Call: 850-1484 ELAINE We are proud to bring back the lovely Elaine as this week's Beauty Unlimited Feature. This young lady is a fan favorite, and we are glad to have her grace our pages once again. Elaine says that she loves traveling, dancing, shopping and spending time with her family. This beauty says that she also like a man who is spontaneous, good-looking, honest and trustworthy. Congratulations to Elaine on being this week's Beauty Unlimited Feature.


. SPORTS Former FAMU Coach Enshrined At College Football Hall Of Fame TALLAHASSEE -Former Florida A&M University Head Football Coach Billy Joe will be enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame this weekend in South Bend, Ind. After fan festivals, barbecues, parades, golf and more, the man who holds a 237-108-4 coaching record at FAMU, Central State University ( Ohio) and Cheney University (Pa.) will take his place in football his tory. Joe has had 26 winning seasons in his 31 years of coaching, and has earned some of the sport's highest honors reserved for head football coaches. While at FAMU, his teams produced 20 All-Americans and five Black Players of the Year. "I think this latest accolade for Billy Joe is truly a great honor," said FAMU James H. Ammons. "The FAMU family takes great pride in the fact that Coach Billy Joe is a Rattler -an outstanding Rattler who has been a molder of men, a leader on and off the field, and a great ambassador for our university. "He is more than deserving of this honor," Ammons said. "With his induction into the College Hall of Fame, people from aro'und the globe will come to know of this outstanding coach." Nelson Townsend, ath letic director at FAMU, said Joe's work on the football field tells the story. In a congratulatory letter to Joe, he wrote: "I have the privilege of BILLY JOE ... Recently named to the College Football Hall of Fame. being among the throngs of admirers and well-wishers who have raised their voices and pens to express congratulations and pride for your outstanding achievement of being named to the College Football Hall of Fame. It is an honor most precious and rightfully deserved. Your hard work, dedication to your craft and outstanding record over the years, more than earns the honor that has been bestowed." Other highlights from Joe's career include capturing seven National Black College Football Championships and two NAJA national titles. During his career at FAMU, the Rattlers won one Black College National Championship in 1998 and four undisputed MEAC titles. TAMPA,BAY BUCCANEERS 2007-2008 Football Season Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28 Nov.4 Nov. 18 Nov. 25 Dec. 2 Dec. 9 Dec. 16 'Dec. 23 Dec. 30 @ Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints St. Louis Rams @ Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans @ Detroit Lions Jacksonville Jaguars Arizona Cardinals BYE WEEK @ Atlanta Falcons Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints @ Houston Texans Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers Carolina Panthers 4:15p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 4:05p.m. 4:05p.m. 1:00 p;m. 1:00 p.m. 4:05p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 8:15p.m. 1:00 .m. Fisher Inks With Lakers EL SEGUNDO, CA -Derek Fisher hopes his return to the Los Angeles Lakers might make Kobe Bryant rethink his demand to be traded. "I hope that me returning and adding some familiarity to the situation in terms of the triangle offense, and just a feeling of camaraderie and family that we established here years ago, that it would help in his decision," Fisher said Friday at the team's training facility. Fisher came into the NBA with the Lakers in 1996, the same year as Bryant, and the two played together eight years, winning three NBA championships. Asked if his presence will persuade Bryant to stay, Fisher said, "I can' t answer accurately, but I'd like to think so and I hope so." "I don't come in here feeling like I'm the answer to anything," he added. "But I hope to be able to finish up playing alongside him." Francis To Retum To Rockets STEVE FRANCIS HOUSTON --Steve Francis is returning to the Rockets. Francis has agreed to a deal with Houston, his agent Jeff Fried said Thursday. Before he was traded to Orlando in 200.;1. as part of a multiplayer deal that brought Tracy McGrady to the Rockets, Francis. spent his first five NBA seasons with the Rockets. Hopkins Tops Wright In Return To Ring LAS VEGAS, NV Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins defeated Ronald "Winky" Wright in a unanimous, but controversial decision in their light heavyweight bout Saturday, in Hopkins' return from retirement. Hopkins and Wright, who engaged in a weigh-in scuffie that included shoves thrown by each fighter before they were predictably broken up, engaged in a mostly even-matched bout that was scored surprisingly heavily in Hopkins' favor, 117-111, 117-111, and 116112. Hopkins opened a gash over Wright's left eye with a head butt in the third round, and the referee Robert Byrd frequently had to warn the former middleweight champ to stop holding Wright, but in the end he came out on top, ending a 7 1/2 year undefeated span for Wright. The fight was billed as light heavyweight, but the fighters set the weight at BERNARD HOPKINS, a.k.a., 'THE EXECUTIONER" 170 pounds, five below the light-heavyweight usual of 175. The 42-year-old Hopkins (48-4-1), based out of his hometown of Philadelphia, hadn't fought since upsetting Antonio Tarver in a 12-round unanimous decision last June, a fight that had been billed as his last before retirement. A former middleweight champ, Hopkins moved up to light heavyweight for the Tarver fight. Smith Believes Feds Targeted Vick Due To Star Status SOUTH BEND, Ind. -Emmitt Smith thinks federal investigators targeted Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick to get to others involved in an alleged dogfighting operation. Smith, the retired star running back, believes Vick was targeted because of his star status. Vick and three associates are accused of competitive dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting the enterprise acros state lines Vick i s scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in federal court in Richmond, Va. Smith, who was enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame on Saturday along with 19 others, 'was asked what he thought about the He was sent to the Knicks in early 2006 and played for them until he was traded to Portland last month in a draft-night deal. The Trail Blazers bought out his con tract for a reported $30 mil lion last week, making him an unrestricted free agent. "We're extremely pleased that he's going back to Houston," Fried said. "Houston has always been home for Steve since he entered the NBA." EMMITT SMITH And MICHAEL VICK Vick situation. Smith placed some blame on Vick, saying athletes need to realize they have to break ties with some peopl e from their past. Smith, the NFL's career leading rusher, said young athletes have to make decisiOflS about whom they associate with because it could harm their careers. f1i Sentinel Bulle '. "The Voice of Our Comnumity Speaking for ltse(f" (813) 248-192 -4 c m C/) c c.. c !:( I\) I\) 0 0 ., r-0 :::0 C/) m z -4 z m ':"" tD c r rm :j z "0 c tD c C/) ::J: m c m < m :::0 < -4 c m C/) c l> z c 'T1 :::0 c ..... 'll


. ENTERTAINMENT >-Michael And The Kids Tour D.C. Museums en Smithsonian's National Air W and Space Museum wel-l= corned the world's No. 1 c a: LL. c z c( c en w ::;) ... > a: w > w c w :I: en ::J a:l ::;) Ia_ z ::;) a:l ..:, w z w en a: moonwalker Wednesday for a tour with his three children, reports The Washington Post "He wanted to show them the sights," his rep Raymone Bain told The Washington Post Jackson took particular interest in the 1903 Wright Flyer, the first heavier-thanair powered aircraft to make a sustained flight with a pilot aboard. The kids were fascinated with robots R2D2 and C-3PO from the "Star Wars" movies Jackson also visited Smithsonian's American Indian museum on Wednesday. The King of Pop and his children were given special tours at both places before the buildings opened to the public Bain said the singer will remain in D C for a few days. He has been in the area scouting vacation homes. Jackson Ordered To Pay Legal Fees LOS ANGELES Michael Jack8on has been told .more than $256,000 in legal fees to a firm that handled some side issues during his 2005 child molestation trial. A Court judge signed a judgment Friday that awarded $216,837 along with $39,177 in interest to the Torrance firm of Ayscough & Marar, according to court records. MICHAEL JACKSON Jackson's attorney, Marshall Brubacher, agreed in principle to the judgment June 26 when he told the judge that going to trial would be costlier and "we want to stop the hemor rhaging." The law firm sued the 48year-old pop star for failing to pay legal fees for prev e nting the release of some information to the public and to lawyers in civil cases during his 2005 criminal trial in Santa Barbara County. Jackson was eventually acquitted of child molestation charges. Jackson countersued the law firm but that case was dismissed_ ... ... .. ::.. Ayscough & Marar also helped defend Jackson against a lawsuit that claimed the owed $1.4 million to former business associate Marc Schaffel. Last year, a jury awarded Schaffel $900,000 and awarded Jackson $200,000 in a countersuit against Schaffel. 9 LL. Suge Knight Bites Finger Of 'Entourage' Actor .. Actor Kevin Connolly of the HBO series "Entourage" :qas .Slige K,night's teeth mark in his finger after the mogul bit him while they. were horsing around at a party. According to the New York Daily News, the former Death Row CEO and Connolly were at a party following ESPN's ESPY A wards last Wednesday in Los Angeles when they began wrestling." "Kevin Suge were wrestling and Suge literally bit Kevin's finger," a witmiss told the paper. "He was bleeding everywhere." 'lit Kevin didn' t seem too ,... upset," says the spy, W "although he must have been (!) in tons of pain." SUGEKNIGHT Witnesses at the afterparty, thrown by ESPY awards co-host LeBron James at the Mondrian hotel, also mentioned seeing there getting very cozy with Suge, even giving him a "lap dance." Ray.J Moves On To Lll Kim? If a recent report from In Touch Weekly is to be believed, Ray J has turned all of his amorous attention away from Whitney Houston and toward Lil Kim. According to the magazine, Brandy's little bro gave the .rapper $20,000 several weeks ago to spend as she pleased at the Louis Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. "They've been spending a lot of time together," the magazine. quotes a source as saying. In Touch also claims that Ray J threw a surprise birthday party for the Brooklyn MC at Los Angeles nightClub Les Deux. The two first met in 2001 after she appeared in his racy video for "Wait A Minute ... .... Chappelle OK After Brief Hospitalization LOSANGELES ---..: Chappelle was hospitalized over. the weekend for exhau'stion, his publicist said Tuesday. The 33-year old comedian checked into an emergency room on Saturday and was released St. Louis Won't Make Ike's Day Natalie Finn LOS ANGELES -Obviously, love's got nothing to do with it. The mayor of St. Louis turned down a request to make Sept. 2 Ike Turner Day in honor of the R&B icon's scheduled performance at the Big Muddy Blues Festival. While Mayor Francis Slay's office declined to expound on why he had refused music festival director Dawne Massey's appeal, but it presumably had something to do with Turner's legally challenged past and confessed history of violence against ex-wife Tina Turner. The musician has publicly admitted to slapping and punching-but not beatingTina during their tempestuous 18-year union that was IKE TURNER chronicled in the 1993 biopic What's Love Got to Do With It, with Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett both scoring Academy Award nominations for their turn as the oft-w"arring spouses. The "Proud Mary"-covering duo were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991, a ceremony Turner missed he was busy serving a prison sentence on drug charges 50 Cent Su-s Over 'Shoot The Rapper' NEW YORK Rapper 50 Cent sued an Internet adver tising company for $1 million Friday, claiming it illegally used his image. in a game where the player pretends to shoot him. The game, called "Shoot the : Rapper," shows 50 Cent walking back and forth in an ad across the top of a Web page while the vie.wer is encouraged tO',shoot him by a i ming and clicking with the mouse, court papers say A successful shot results in a misty clo.ud of red aiid the viewer is then directed to 'another Web page where the ad firm1s _client se.llS' goods and services, according to the lawsuit. The rapper's lawyer, Peter Raymond, says the game doesn't use 50 Cent's natne, but "it looks like him; .and there's no doubt the character a few hours later, publicist Carla Sims said. "It ,.;as been traveling," .. fine .: : ) .. ::.: Si!JlS' which hospital Chappelle visited or release other details. .i 50 Cent is intended to be him The lawsuit Inc. of Pearl River N .Y:, as the defendant. A lawyer for the company, 'Ezio Scaldaferri, said he not been served with the and could not comment. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson, is a well-known victim of gun viqlence, Raymond said. He said the advertising company is ; using 50 Cent's likeness withbut \ his permission and suggest-ing that he endorse' s the J l f '. game. .;, "For all those reasons, he is personally offended," the lawyer said.


== FUNERAL I MEMORIAM NATIOINAL MR. OZIE WILSON, JR. Homegoing service for Mr. Ozie Wilson, Jr. will be Wednesday, July 25, 2007, at 10 a. m. at First Baptist Church of Progress Village, 8616 Progress Blvd., Tampa, 33619. Mr. Ozie Wilson, Jr. was called to his heavenly home peacefully on Saturday evening, July 21, 2007, in Tampa. He was a devoted member ofThe First Baptist Church of Progress Village, Tampa. He was born on December 25, 1923, in Clearwater. Ozie was predeceased by: his fathe r O zie Wilson, Sr.; mother, Amanda Clements; his older sister, Mary Wilson Smith of Clearwater; his brothers, Claude Wilson of Clearwater and Clarence E. Wilson, Sr. Mr. Wilson was also predeceased by two infant sons, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER NE'ITIE LILLIE KINDELL July 25, 1937 December 20, 2002 It's beeri five years since you went home to be with the_ Lord. We all miss you very much. Our lives have forever changed. Love: Rosa, Harold, Tanya, Harriett, Tiffany, Allyssa, Taylor, David and family, the Charles and Dickie. WILSON FUNERAL HOME Jemmi Kay English of Tampa. Robert Leonard ofTampa. Rosa Moultry ofTampa. John Thomas of Tampa. Den ford and Bradford -... .. .-. ... 1. ,-. ,,Wilson. He is survived by: his sister Roberta Sims of Dunedin; sisters-in-law, Mary Jo Wilson of Clearwater, and Ruth Rasmussen of Derby, CT. Leaving to cherish his memories are: his supportive and loving wife of 42 years, .. v-:.:. Eva 1\1. Wilson of Tampa; and his children, Idella Gudger Owned a11d Operared-and her husband, Robert Gudger of Clearwater, Patricia A. Fields, and her husband, Robert Fields of Stamford, CT, her identical twin sister, CarolS. Ragsdale of Stamford, CT, Rakman Muhammed of Bridgeport, CT, Linda Evans and her husband, John Evans of Raleigh, NC, and Patricia Ann Sapp an<;I her husband, Steve _Sapp ,of lfampa; and numerous grandchildren, great grand: children, nieces, nephews, 1 many relatives and friends. 1 Mr. Wilson attended schools in Pinellas County. He served _in. the United States Army as a Private First Class. He received an honorable discharge on May 28, 1945 Upon leaving the army, Mr. Wilson resid e d in Ohio, Connecticut, and New Mexico Harmon Funeral Hotne John W Harmon. L .F.D. :FitEE QUOTES Ownct/Managet 5002 N 40th St. 626-8600 S17950 Includ es Casket, Limo, Lead Car & Hearse Horning Glory Funeral Chapel 866-367-5509 retiring in Tampa. ro Mr. Wilson and his broth-II' er, rClaude were the owners a n({ operators of The Wilson B rothers Construction Company located in ..Ph: (813) 253 StaJ_nford, CT At First Baptist F/JJI. ( 8 1 3 )251-491 2 E mail r aywmstl!t1ne1 Cliurch of Progress Village, Ozie enjoyed singing in the r---:::-==:=-': Men's Chorus and attending : tRfST HAVEN -'' SundaySchool. MEMORIAL PARK Public viewing is Tuesday, J 1 fr 6 8 "A Community Pride" u Y 24, 2007 om P m. 4615 E Hanna Tampa 336 10 at the Garde n of Memories Space s Monuments Markers Funeral Home, 4207 E. Lake DISCOUNT AVAILABL E 1\,ve Tampa, 336i.o. 626-2332 Webber u nveils Historic Exhibit-At Detroit Museum c m en c }< c.. c !< N Back home, at the Charles H. Wright Museum of American History in the Coleman A : Young Gallery, exhibition room, NBA player Chris Webber has put on dis play items from his personal collection of African-American history. Academy A w ard-winn ing actor Sidney Poitier. The event was a tribute to King a t Carnegie Ha ll on Friday, Jan. The viewing is entitled, "Celebrating Heritage," and it debuted June 28th and will run through Sept. 28th. Webber collected the facts for himself, but said that he would one day share his love for history and the African American struggles with others Well, his time has come. CHRIS WEBBER Africa and sold into s la very at age7. 27, 1961. Black leaders and others feted King for his contributions to American society throughout America. Another part of the Chris Webber Collection is an auto graphed quotation signed by Dr. King on March 28, 1957. Webber also has letters from George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington. But his personal favorite is a letter from Malcolm X to Alex Haley in 1964 when Malcolm X traveled to Mecca. Malcolm X sent Haley a postcard with a photo of a monkey on it. It read: "One hundred years after In the NBA All-Star's person al collection is Phyllis Wheatley's "Poem on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral," published in 1773. She was the African-American woman poet to be published. She was kidnapped from her home in Webber has another book, a handwritten account kept by an unknown Virginian in 1809, which records the sale of a family. He also has historic a l pieces of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One is a program cover signed by Dr. King and the Civil War, ai1d these chim panzees get more recognition, 'respect and freedom in America than our people do. 0 Signed Bro. Malcolm. X. :::D c )> Spelman College Alumnae To Hold Regional Conference The National Alumnae Association of Spelman College (NAASC) will hold its Southeast Regioqal Con Terence af the Rosen Centre Hote l in Orlando, on Thursday, July 26 h and concluding on Sunday, July 29th The theme for the conference is "Reflecting, Relating, & Rededicating." Ms. Jean Jackson, Orlando President, will serve as the host chapter. Among those slated to attend the conference are Spelman President, .. Dr. Beverly Tatum, author of "Can l1'e Talk About Race;." health seminars by Dr. Chandra--Henry and :Dr. Janice Carlton; wealth seminars by best selling author Lisa Rogers Cherry, personal empowerment sessions by Opal Murray, Sherell Perkins, and Dr. Valerie King. Rev. Dr. Lisa Rhodes will end the event with a worship service on Sunday morning. Tom Willis and his band will be included among the entertainment. He will be fea tured during the Blue & White Gala, which is open to the public. Other activitie s include ... a pampering session hosted by Dillard 's, a casino boat cruise, and a Morehouse/Spelman Golf Tournament Anyone wishing to obtain more information about the conference can contact Ms. Jean Jackson Moore at (407) 522-8790; Ms. Annette Hill, Regional Coordinator, at (404) 562-8287; or visit the web at www.naascsoutheast.Ori/a,en d_a, : Of Our CQmmlQiity Speaking for Itself' : I 1 : $entJnef MailingAddress: I 1 I 1 City: State:_ Zip: 1 : ) 'Mail Or .. : en m z :j z m r I m c r r z c: m r en ::t m c m < m C! m en c )> z c 1 2207 E. 21st Ave., Tampa, FL 33605 Check One : lM 1 Money Order 1 Credit Cards Only! 6 Months $44 I Year $87 1 I m


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Ability to correctly complete all :> medical record forms pertaining to measurements of r... 2 orthopedic shoes and a new line of Arthritic products. Answer ;: questions regarding the company, describe merchandise to customer, and .assist customer with making selections of ...J products. One. sale is equal to $125 an hour. Must have ii reliable transportation c r 0 :.. : y '"''. -i Call1.866.425.0007 Or Fax. Resume To 1.866.425.0007 Immediate Full-time Openings For The. Following Positions: Residential Care Techs/Rellef Supervisor: Previous related experience, professional attitude and team approach College degree preferred for supervisory position. We offer excellent health benefits and 401 (k) plan. Apply At: 8052 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617 Or Fax R6sum6 To 813-914-8873 Or Mall To: P.O. Box 9451, Tampa, FL 33674 Background Screenings Required Drug Free Workplace Equal Opportunity Employer A Ministry of First Baptist Church Of Progress Village Dr. Sam L. Maxwell Headmaster Need Dump Truck And Delivery Dr iver Competitive Pay Call (813) 477-2198 Seeking Administrative Assistant Part-Time HOURS 2 : 00 p m -7:00p.m. Some Accounting A Plus Send Resume To: Credit.union@bible-based.org Or Call 813-964-9696 After 2:00 p.m. NEW WAGE SCALE CNA'S Starting Pay 7-3 $10 00 $11.00 3-11 $11.00-$12.00 Great Benefits, 401 k Raise In April Pleasant, Courteous Work Environment LTC Experience Required Apply In Person Delta Health Care 1818 E. Fletcher Practically Brand New! 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath With Central A/C New Windows & Doors Upgraded Security & New Flooring Kitchen & Bathroom Redone! New landscape & More' $165K 100% Financing Available! Joe (813,.468-8581 Work From Home Interviewi ng motivated persons to generate leads for a medical supply company on commission based pay. Each lead i s equal to $25 an hour. Must be able to describe products and benefits to a targeted clientel e Can prove to be very lucrative for the r ight person Applicant must be able to work with or no supervision. Call 1.866.425.0006 Fax Resume To 1.866.425.0007 ,_:[.]I'd iii' l1J! WI HOME OWNERSHIP Your Job Is Your Credit Low Down Payment Lease 2 Purchase Irvin (813) 965-5413 North Tampa 3-1 House-: $90,000 East Tampa. 1/2 Acre Lot-$95,000 Temple Duplex-$168,000 ) Call Ainsley Daux Lie Realtor Home Run Real Estate Inc. (813) 564-1954 ALL CREDIT WELCOME II 2, 3, And 4 Bedroom Homes ForO Down Or Lease Option With Cash 1ST TIME HOME BUYERS MOVE TODAY 813.630.9827 American Reverse Mortgage American Reverse Mortgage Will Pay Off Your Mortgage And Give Cash Based On The Equity In Your Home! You Will Never Have To Pay It Back And You Will Never Have To Make A Mortgage Payment Again! You Can: Become Debt Free By Paying Off Bill s Meet Monthly Expenses That Enable You To Live Comfortably lnYourHome Take A Vacation, Buy AnotherCar, Etc. Call Me I Can V isit You In Your Home To Explain The Reverse Mortgage Process To You And Your Family. Maire Your Golden Years The Best O f Your Life! 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Virginia Ave. Tampa Heights Area 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Lanai, One Garage, 1, 709 Sq Ft. $180k 10 Year Structural Warranty And Many Upgradea, 42" Maple Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appliances Exit Exltreme Realty 813 716-0160 First Time Home Buyers Call Ainsley Daux Lie Realtor Home Run Real Estate Inc. (813) 564-1954 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN E XPR ES S AND D E BIT CARD PAYM ENT VIA PHONE --,


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c a: u. c z < c CJ) w :::> 1-w > w c w :I: CJ) :J m :::> a. z w ...J ...J :::> m .!a w z t= z w U) ...: c a: 9 II. WA. RREN DAWSON ATTORNEY AT lAW Personal Injury Wrongful Death Criminal Law 221 DIRECTORY ALL FELONIES DRIVER'S UCENSE ISSUES ALL MISDEMEANORS ALL PERSONAL INJURY CASES DUI DIVORCE VOP's DOMESJIC VIOLENCE DRUG CRIMES MODIFICATIONS AVAILAaiW 24/7 I COIIAATAIIOIIS AVAILABIW 3111 W. Dr. M.L KING BLVD. SJE. 100, TAMPA, FL 33607 Serving Hillsborough Pasco and Hernando County -. WHIDDEN BROWN P.L. ATTORNEYS AT LA\1 MIAMI TAMPA Criminal Defense Bond Motiom ProbaUonViolalioM State and Federal DnagOITomes (813) 272-2200 Sex on ...... DUI/BUI 402 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, Fl.. 33602 Appeal s 3.800 Flee Information Concerning Qualifications & Experie nce Available Upoo R equest. The H iring Of An Attorney Is A n Important Decision Th:lt Shoold Nol Be Based Solely Upon Advertisements. You Decide Ask Us To Send You Free Written lnf0011al ion. A_TTORNEY ATTORNEY BONDSMAN Bond Motions Felony Misdemeanors Traffic Warrants VOP Persona l Injury 3111 W. MLK Ste. 100 T ampa, FL (813) 774-1800 UiU c hu ckgree n e @ h otmail.com )awyn" is an m{'ml:ntt.l tcUiiJ n th.ll shoe., nul a>k-Jy uro n idvmis.tmeDU. B efore you ..tecioJe. .uk us smd you free wria.m i'lformuim lh...n cu qu.ali&:ab :.u .wl t::q'trimce. ATTORNEY ATTORNEY Crllallaw lllllccllleltl lalbUicJ fiiiiiJ law .... IIIIIscrl ... ad Polk County 328 Dorsett Ave. (863) 678-0772 Lake Wales, FL 33853 Toll F ree 1-877 437-2663 ATTQR\EYS& COC\SELORS AT LA\\' 1112 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33602 info@jjhlaw.net JOYNER & JORDAN-HOLMES 813.229.9300 PERSONAL INJURY LWILLS & ESTATES BUSINESS I REAL ESTATE I MEDIATION The hiring of a lawyer I s an I mportant decision and should not be based upon adever1isements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free wrtUen lnfonnaUon about o u r qualification and exp e rience Charles Russell .: BAIL aoNDS. ... : Courteous ..... a Confidential 1l('i :- 24 Hour y -Dependable s.vlc. -'<; : : ... i .. .o:tAI'IAn 3414 E. lUI Ave., Tamp11 .. -, .. .; Cair(813}248-l921 Ask For Keith FREDDIE WILSON Managing Genel'lll Agent 5006 E. Broadway (813) 300-9107 John3:'6 1 For GOd so loved the world, lhet He gave his.only begotten Son, thllt In him should not perish, but have ewrlasllng Ht. In-Style : ,: Feurlng: : lllf,IIIIIS llltllniii.S .. --1111111 .. & Ill ..::


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.. 2 \. l .. l .. i J ) -. J J I J ; i 1 Don't Be Fooled By Others Cash In 3 Days For Your House Phone (813) 727-6728 Landlords/Property Owners Private Investor Has Immediate CA$H For Your Home Or Commercial Building Irvin (813) 965-5413 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl Cash In 3 Days For Vacant Lands, Or Acreage. See Our Full Page The Florida Sentinel. Your Lots Ad In www.rehabber'ssuJ>erstore.com (813) 227-9240 Readings By Mrs. Green Problems, Womed Or Unhappy? I Can And Will Solve All Problems Of Ufe Immediately! Reunite You Back With The One You Love "' Call For Free Riadlng Toll Free 1-888-854-3031 Healer Advisor The Lady Of Miracles : I Guarantee To Hetp Out Where Others Failed. I Help In All Problems I Help With Love,. Nature, & Money Problems Help In 3 Days. CaJI Now For Your Guaranteed Luck Number & Hand : Call Now & Be Lucky & Healthy. Sister Ida 1-800-780-4772 SPIRITUAL READINGS Identify Problems, Discover Situations And Set Goals That Will Turn Your Life Around, Towards God Sister Harvey (813) 249-1199 (813) 500-0807 Trash Cleanup, Tree Trimming And Removal Or Any Other Hauling. Cheapest Rates No Job Too Big Or Small Including Furniture Removal Call (813) 285-4674 I Will Buy Your House Fast Cash, Any Condition Call Brenda (81l) 238-8833 Real Estate Investors Buy Homes From Sellers In Financiai'Trouble We Financing Tool (813) 96s-s4131rvin Pregnant Woman Dies, Baby Saved After Wreck .. Street Racing Wreck Kills Pregnant Woman, Baby Saved. HOUSTON --A street racing collision left a newborn baby without a mother, offi cials told KPRC Local 2. Houston police said two vehicles were racing down the Gulf Freeway Astoria Boulevard at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Investigators 'said Devin James, 27, veered his Chevrolet Camaro into another lane w lf(m a vehicle changed lanes ifi.'front of his car. Johnson eyidentially did riot see a pickup truck in Sage 1 ,,, ,.; _the lahe he mO'ved into, Group, LLC police Need to Sell Your House? .. Cash Deals in 3 Days! James tried to stop before he slammed into the pickup www.sellpromptly.com .... C II Fl d 81 2 12 tDJ.ck, a oy 7-6 8 .,. ,Three people, including a Th M t Y D "'t : ".I. woman who was 8-months e omen ou on ,: ; . Want It We Dol were ms1de the Any HouSe Any Situation Any Condition (813) 965-54131rvln DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl Cash In 3 Days For Your House See Our Full Page Ad In The Florida Sentinel. p1ckup truck. The force of the collision caused the pickup truck off the freeway and down a grassy embankment, police said. The truck rolled several before it hit a con crete pillar. Investigators said the pregnant woman died, but was rushed to Ben Taub Ho.spital, where doctors were able to save her child. A man and young child in www.rehabbers8uperstore.com the pickup truck were also (813) 227-9240 injured and transported to ( L-.------"""'=""'--....J, .. Memorial .Hermann : r----. :Hos?i tal ..: i .. .. 'II cpnditiOn'S -were not \ ,q, !.ir:" l:l\ ; n < : hnn. -: COM.MUNITYFOR OVER 62 YEARS chargedi NATIONAL Oprah: Winfrey To Raise Obama CHICAGO --Fotget the gtrl X: rr,. of YouTube videos. The real Obama Girlis doing her part for the candidate. Talk show host Oprah Winfrey plans to hold a Sept. 8 fundraiser for Democratic hopeful Barack Obama at her palatial estate near Santa Barbara, Calif., according to campaign spokesman Dan Pfeiffer. Obama has raised more than $58 million for his White House bid. Forbes magazine estimates that Winfrey, the Chicago-based host who boasts a lot more, including a magazine, is worth $1.5 bil-BARACK OBAMA lion. announced he would run for Obama already enjoys the president. support of Hollywood moguls Recently, one of the more like David Geffen and popular YouTube videos is Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Aln:ber Lee Ettinger, a.k.a ; Winfr.ey's fundraiser is Obama Girl, in a racy perchance for him t o tap formance titled, "I Got A into money in California, : crush On Obama." which was his top donor state' Yet, when Obama from April through June with appeared on Oprah's show a total take of$4.2 million. last year, Winfrey asked him Winfrey .is a if he would announce a presi ; fan of Obama; calling him : dential bid on her program. "my favorite guy" and "my ,, "ldon't think I could say no choice" on CNN's "Larry King to you," Obama replied. Live" last year before he _"Oprah, you're my girl." Court .. sex Case ATLANTA-The courtroom remains behind bars. :was and cameras Friday as: will deeide whether the state Georgia's top judge's order freeing Wilson arguments wheth'e:r. a shquld stand. : : \ young man seNijig a 10-tear: Attorney General Thur;.,, prison term fot consensual bert Baker argues that the oral sex with order to free Wilson, if er shouid be freed. upheld, could be used to help. The long punishment free some 1,300 child spurred angryprotests and tetsfrom Georgia prison. led the state to change the "We urge you to look beyond sentencing law. A state judge of this in June ordered the young. : S:enior Assistant Attorneyi man freed, but because of an General Paula Smith told appeal by the state attOrney the court's seven general, wusoii -rnaay. :' .... : ... .;, ---... with manslaughter. Police' CLA. SSIFIED ADVERTISEME .. NT. DATE : s aid 1 ..., ,,!"" involveo iii a 'race on-the ,, $8.00 1 -2 0 Words And 50 freeway ; ''i" For t;:_ a .. c d dl'tl'onal Word Over 20 .. ., .. The vehicle James was J J'') I This Time You Publish Yo_ u .. r Ad flsue' sdpethcetesdce.tnoe b, gal:wd d i A 2 Dei' s : l PUBLICATION DEADLINES: :.:. l Tuesday Edition ----Friday @ 3:00P.M. Friday Edition ----Tuesday@ 3:00P.M. FAX YOUR ,ADS2417TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Eman_ledwards@flsentinetcom .... ; FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS VIA PHONE ,.,:,,;ee. .. k Y to!( : ... 1 I :, .. : .... t .,_ Week For .. 'fi:.Jf ; <. 'l: f-;1 ;:. .. { '' : ; -. :: .. .. .,.. .... -,! : Sup port The ... :>._ : t .7 ... ,- A .. Advertisers ,.


CRIME NEWS -f c: m en c Funeral Director Charged With Sexual Battery otllcers Hear Gunshots During Chase, .Juveniles Several Arrests Made In Tampa Police arrested Tebbie Singleton, 40, on several charges, including sexual battery. According to the report, Singleton allegedly a woman near Martin Luther King; Jr. BoU:levard and Nebraska where she was having car trouble. After engaging her 'in conversation,. police said Singleton followed her to her home They reportedly went inside where the woman was allegedly physi cally attacked and sexually assaulted Police .said the victim left the home with Singleton in his car and they stopped at the Red Lobster, 2625 East Busch Boulevard At the restaurant, police said Singleton and the woman got into another physical altercation, Copper Theft Operation leav inghis car in the parJQng lot. A time later, police said Singleton returned and was arrested. He is being held. without bond .on charges of sexual battery, battery, and 5 counts of stop ping payment with intent to defraud. Arrested JFSUSGORT HAROLD TIRADO CHARLES POITER, JR. :r ," NOllTON CLEMONS ::r;': ; The Tampa Police Depart-ment ha:s released the names of severaL 4J;JtPSted '"' :::,r-"-' .last in-an--alleged moo-rswo:> srlT --! rM!: ... .1; ,, :i At 12:35 .a.m this. morn-''cbpper ing; Tampa Police on patrol Ac.cording to the report, 'in the PalJ!lE!ttp. p olice id entified P,GS. Cores, a; of 3 '60 1 ;isth and juveniles acting suspiciously Scrap 3702 around a veh icle. When the East 21st Avenue, as two spotted: the offi. companies involved in the cei-s, they attempted to flee ope ration .. ... Arrested ih;the' op .. eration : jn a ;.ran, but it was boxed ftom pas, Cores 'were: OTIS GREEN: KALANDA.:BOSTICK RICOPOITER c.. c: 'TI 6 ::D g en m z. ::1 z m '='" Ul c I"" I"" z C: : Ul I"" en :t m c m < m -f c:. m en 0 : said Potter; J r., 37; .=:::;::::z:=t:::::::=.J ::fle..d on foot, but one was Otis Green, 39; Norton ___ :._ _____ ...:....;.._......;...; '"-' .... .:..' .:.. .;...;.;.....:,;;,;.;. .. immediately. ;; .. and Kalanda : As ari continued .to (813) 988-7881 :,-.') -: ).'j : )> Bt :Jr tt, 42; Potter, S 7; l-'atrick McCann, 54, 'TI and Tedder, 47. ::D Arrested from Mari. 's chase tpe teenager, she reported hearing w ere: Donai.J shots, but they weren't -:---:, -:-. ---.....-------------......; ___ ... c:_-_:,_ .. Th,q second teeQ.ager ,'W.as,, F M d .,.h and police said an ... f-... !r. ... "' report that hJld ; .. -.. : i :i .... : .,: been fired at a house proved ST. PETERSBU'it G On No was. found on. St.' either teenager or at .the Police Claudius scene, police said. Walter Gr.een; 51,-on : Charged with g1'8Qd theft charge rnur-' auto were Jesus Gort; 19, der. .. and Harold Tirado.15 : Police said and the victi,m, Clifford Lee Jlarris,-36, liad been involved in a long-standing 'dispute, .possibly involving. Y drugs. --Early Thursday; .. police said Green wnfronted HarTis and shot hini twice. Barris was wounded in. the shouitter and and .. ;. to a local ho spi ;'tal where he Green \ vns at hi. Police smd severa f witness home nnd tl{t' weapon ll$l'd e s at the scene identifie.d in the $..hootinl{ l'l'l'm-Green as the ered. policl' N (,)


c a: u. c z < c (/) w ::::> t-&: w > w c w :I: (/) ::i m :::> 0.. z ;:: w ..J ..J ::::> m ..J w z ;:: z w en a: 9 u. CASH IN 3 DAYS FOR YOUR HOUSE! Day 1 Submit Contract The Rehabber's Superstore will submit an offer to buy your home. Day2 Clear .Title If offer is accepted the Rehabber's Superstore will submit the contract to the title company Day3 Closing Day The title company will clear.the title then schedule a Closing date. At the closing you will pick up your check! lluv Houses and Houses luv Me!


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