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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 62, no. 92 (August 3, 2007)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
August 3, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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C elebrating 62 Year s In The Tampa Bay Area Charged Setting House Afire SEE STORY ON PAGE 23-A Probe Sought In Polic e Shooting SEE PAGE 8-A City Slow To Get 40th St. Property SEE PAGE 2-A Only Son Sent To Iraq For 3rcl Time SEE PAGE 3-A Musician Tours With AI Green SEE PAGE 11-A I A LIFETIME COMMITMENT Family members and friends gathered on July 21st at Seminole Heights United Methodist Church for the wedding of Melissa Hayes and DeShawn Brown .... Those in witnessed the couple exchange vows during_ a ceremony officiated by Elder Alonzo Hill. Ms. Denise Preziosi and John Hayes are the parents of the bride. Ms Natalie Rene Brown is the mother of the groom. The couple will live in Tampa. (Photograph by Jerry Brunson).


. FEATURE > BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer ing property for a year and they're about halfway through. "Business owners in that area can expect notification from the city within the next few weeks. a: LL The 40th Street widening "Because of the federal dollars being used, we're following Florida Department of Transportation acquisition procedures. They have requirements on how the properties are to be obtained." c a: LL c z <( c (/) w ::;) I> a: w > w c w J: (/) :J m ::;) a. z i= w ..J ..J ::J m I ..J w z j:: z w en <( c It: 0 ..J LL and improvement project is currently in Segment C of its dev e lopment. Segment C covers the portion of 40th Street between Hanlon and Yukon Streets. City of Tampa Project Manager for the job is Jean Dorzbak. According to her office, the city has been acquir-Dorzbak said they've just entered Segment A of the project that covers the area from Hillsborough Avenue to Hanna. .:: :/::.: One Unique One Diverse Law Firm( JoYNER & JoRDAN-HOLMES 1112 E. Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL 33602 info@jjhlaw.net I www.jjhlaw.net 813.229.9300 "Funding is in place for the acquisitions, and we're proceeding with our title work and making offers. We anticipate this to be completed in a year. We want to get the project completed as soon as pos sible." As far as acquiring properties through eminent domain, Michelle B. Patty {813)495-3 702 .. 1-866 ... 352-4200 ROBERT COLE Dorzbak explained they've identified what properties they need for the Segment C portion, and will have them appraised. The same also applies to the Segment A por tion "The owners will be contact ed and they will get an offer. "Eminent domain gives the city the right to file with the court to take property if a deal can't be made. However, we still have to make a reasonable offer to the property One business owner in the Segment A section of the project is Robert Cole of Cole's Barber Shops. He said he's attended several meetings about the project. "I don't think the city will be able to handle the compensa-Big John's Alabama Barbecue is a property that needs to be acquired for the project. tion for acquiring the properties. Right now, they are getting voluntary acquisitions, but other than that they aren't working with us." Mr. Cole said he's not sure if the city has the funds to acquire property. "During the meetings, they told us it would be the fall of 2008 before they'd have funds to acquire the properties in Segment A. "This entire project hurts businesses. You have to plan to relocate and when the process is stretched out, we hurt economically ." Mr. Cole said the bottom line is the city is going to have to give us a fair offer to avoid any litigation. Other Black-owned businesses in Segment A are Big John's Alabama Barbecue, and See Saw Junction Day Center. Jeraldine Williams Smith Attorney-At-Law 2504 East 12th Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 248-8060 Phone (813) Fa/( Areas Of Practice: Probate* Property* Criminal* Appeals hlrlnJ! O r .a bwycr l .. an Imp o rtant rlldcolon 111

. FEATURES "T1 :::0 0 Mother's Only Son Sent To Iraq For Third Time }< l> c: With her nerves already at the breaking point, Ms. HueEllen McQuay watched television last week and lis tened closely to a report of a soldier being killed in Iraq. When she heard he was from the bay area, her heart dropped. But when she later found out he was from Spring Hill, she began to feel the grief of his family and started thinking about her own son. Ms. McQuay's son joined the Marine Corps after graduating from Plant High School. Because he was her only son, she was nervous about that. "He was an excellent wrestler in school, but because of his love for histo ry, he concentrated mostly on his academics and wanted to go to college and earn a degree in history. Ms. McQuay's son was stationed in Diego, California before he was sel)t to serve in Desert Storm. After 4 years in the Marines, he discharged, and worked for the Department of Corrections for 9-1/2 years. "Duripg that time, he was in the Naval Reserve," recalls Ms. McQuay. He was a single parent at the time as MS. HUEELLEN MCQUAY well. "Four years ago, he discov ered he had benefits where he could get a college degree His best friend had suffered a massive heart attack, and he felt his job was taking too much time away from his son, so he felt it was time for a change." That's when he re-enlisted in the U. S. Army and was sent to Iraq from his base in Germany. During that time, Ms. McQuay took temporary custody of his son. "He served a year in Iraq, then did another year. On July 27th, he was deployed again, this time for 18 months. I sent his son to $20 In Reward Certificates Receive When You Open An Account' Germany in May to live with his dad. He only spent two months with him. "As a mother, how much do we have to sacrifice for our country? When is enough, enough?" Ms. McQuay said people are so consumed with being patriotic, they forget so many young people are dying over there. "Every time I hear of someone dying over there my heart hurts. I sent my son a verse from Psalms 27 to read. and I know God watches over him. "We get no support from the government in dealing with this and I've had problems getting benefits for his son. This just isn't fair. We don't know who to call when we get depressed and no one will tell us what's going on. They are sworn by oath not to talk to anyone about what's going on. They can't talk about what they're going through." Ms. McQuay said she's yet to meet another parent who has children over there. "I find myself walking around in silence. I can't even mention his name in this story for fear of what they will do to him. I just cast all my cares on God to get us through this. My friends and family know I don't want their sympathy, but l appre ciate their prayers." Ms. McQuay said it's impossible for her to watch television or read paper. "I get so full of grief. I heard about the young man from Spring Hill getting killed last week, and my heart dropped. How can they The school no sales tax holiday is slated to begin at midnight on Saturday, August 4th, and conclude on Monday, August 9th. During the specified 9-day period, certain items will be exempt from sales fax throughout the State of Florida. The no sales tax holiday is designed to provide a period of savings prior to the beginning of the new school year. However, the tax exempts apply to every shopper. Items that will be exempt of sales tax during the holiday include clothing and shoes that cost less than $50 USE YOUR DillARD' S CHARGE. WE ALSO WELCOME VISA, MASTERCARD, EXPRESS, DINER'S CLUB & .DISCOVER CARD. C') justify sending an only son C: over three 3 times in a row? It's not fair to us." }'l Ms. McQuay wants a legis-N lator to look into this policy g and see what can be done so ....., parents don't have to go through this, and that an only son won't be taken away from his son and mother. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at leon@fZsentineZ:com. Items such watches, watchbands, jewelry, sporting equipment, or umbrellas do not qualify for the tax break. "T1 School supplies, such as 6 pens, pencils, erasers, :0 crayons, notebooks, filler g paper, legal pads, composi-en tion books posters, scissors, tape, glue, paste, rulers, ...,. computer disks, calculators, Z and other items that cost less than $10 per item are m exempt as well. While manufacturer's J:;; coupons don't reduce sales ...,. z price items, store coupons "'D and discounts do apply. c: m r-c;; :I: m 0 m < m :::0 -< .... c: m CJ) 0 l> z 0 "T1 :!! 0 INTERNATKJNAL PlAZA (813)342-1220 UNIVERSITY MALL (813)977 -8080 WESTFIELD BRANDON (813)653 TYRONE SQUARE (727)344 sat. 108, Sun. 11-6 WESTFIELD GULFVIEW SOUARE1727l64.7 ; 9 _393 Mlio. .ll .. m :c:nTn el Allri fllll.'lllll;n .?I\M. Unn _C:!ll 1n_n C:un 1?.r.


. EDITORI -ALS I COLUMNS c a: LL. c z <( c en w ;::) .... > a: w > w c w :I: en ::::; CD ;::) a. z i= w ...J ...J ;::) CD I ...J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ...J LL. FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ( U SPS 2021 40 ) 2207 21s t A venue, T afl1l a FJork:la 33605 (8 1 3) 2 48 192 1 Pu blished E very Tu es d ay and Friday By FLORI DA SE N TINEL BULLETI N PUBLISHING Co. M ember o l Na t ional N ewspaper P ubl is hers Association {N N PA ) and Ama l gamated Pub lish ers, I nc New York C 1 990 -94 CP T i meln terr'la t iona l POSTMASTER: Send Add ress C h a n ge To : Florida Sentinel Bulletin P O Box 3383 Tampo, FL 33601 Periodica l Postage Paid A I Taf1"4>a, F l W .W. Andrews 1874 (1919) C B l ythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) Founders C BL YniE ANDREWS, JR. CHAIRMAN S KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BL YniE ANDREWS IH, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR BETlY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR KEITH GEORGE, CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Subscriptions$44 0()-Per Year Both Editions: $87 00-Per Year One Edition Opinio ns exp resa ed on editoria l p ages of thls newapaper by Columnists or Guea l Writ ers d o no t neces sarily reflect the ed i to rial stance o f Floridl Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher Courage In The Face Of Crimel are outraged that 10 young hoodlums broke the home of a single mother and her 12-ar-old son, armed with shotguns, repeatedly ''''''''''''''''"''''''''' ''''"''''''' ... ,,.,.,.., .t her, and then forced her to perform sexual acts upon her son: We are even more outraged that her screams for help went unheard or unreported in a public housing development where residents said they saw nothing nor heard anything during the three hour ordeal. Could it have taken place in Tampa, Florida? Not this time. The incident occl}rred in West Palm Beach. But we needn't pat ourselves on the back. Yes, we find it hard to believe that the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil conspiracy of silence" seems to be the norm in our communities. Black people are either afraid to speak or simply refuse to report their knowledge of crimes or criminals, even when rape and murder are involved. Given that frame of mind, young hoodlums and drug dealers will continue to hold their own mothers and fathers hostage. We can no longer tolerate the senseless rape, robbery and murder of our own people in silence. As Patrick Henry once said, "I know not what others may say, but as for ine, give me liberty or give me death!" We do not subscribe violence for violence. But we do indeed sub.scribe the right' to live peacefully, even if it means putting qur neighbor's children behind bars. Therefore, we urge you to organize your communities with Crime-Watch 'strategies and patrols and put these criminals on Then gather your courage and follow throughby reporting all criminal acts or incidents when you suspect your neighbors are in trouble. God gave us all backbones. Get up off your backbone and use it to save our community. Robbina Peter To Pay Peter! er 25 years of addressing the HIV/AIDS th epidemic in the United States, Black ericans continue to experience a marked se in this disease. Blacks represented 39% of all cases reported in the U. S. through the year 2000, and represented 51% of all new HIV/AIDS diagnosed during the period from 2001-2004. Therefore, of the more than one million people living with HIV/AIDS in more than 400,000 of them are Black, at least 20,000 more are becoming infected, Yet, in addressing the changing nature of the' AIDS dilemma," Blacks, Hispanics, long-term survivors and women stand to lose the most because of a Congressional rewriting of the Ryan White Care Act, last December that recently took effect. The rewrite of the Act money from larger cities to smaller cities resulting in 29 .cities losing money and 27 cities gaining more. The funding does not address the reality ... that more people are. getting tested, seeking medical care, are living longer and medicines that cost thousands of dollars a month. People living with AIDS for 15-20 years or more have great needs for food, housing, transportation. and other social needs assistance. These ser-vices are bn the chopping block due to the short-sight- ed funding. w We urge o'Ur congressional representatives to interi vene and to make 8ure these services for HIV/AIDS a;; patients are properly funded. S. 535 Establishes Unsolved Crimes Sections most recent Civil legislation creed in this lOOth ::::::=::::::::::::::::-:::'::::::::::: 1 ongress establishes important Unsolved Crimes Section in the Civil Rights Division of both the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigatiqn. And of course there will be other attributes considering the monies appropriated. It is most amazing that all of such happened without much politics. J3ut be not dismayed, the politics may well be when it comes to the application of such. What Congress may well have done is advanced a $100,QOO,OOO expenditure to overall injustice against Blacks especially those who created C iv il R ights obl iv i o n over the South during the past hal f century. The bill to establish an Unsolved Crime Section in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, and an Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Investigation Office of the Civil Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, also add other purposes. "Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled." Section 2 of the Bill, named a recognition of one Emmett Till, who was lynched in Money, Mississippi, August 28, 1955. The Black youth was just 14 years old He was accused of whistling at a white woman, wearing shorts. Of course though the Bill was named in honor of Ma s t e r Till it was ai med at the scores of those who were murdered trying to exercise their Civil Rights often in routine everyday living in this nation. When people can be written off as not important after being murdered and abused even by those in uniform who are supposed to be protecting their lives, a whole lot is wrong. Remember those four young Black girls killed in the dynamite bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Aiabama? They are among those that this Cold Case" legislation is try ing to reach Here in Tampa had the killing of Martin Chambers been investigated b y the Department of Justice and acted upon othe r s uch poli ce killings, simi l arly e x ec uted may not have h a pp e ned MY Point Of View -.. :: Ms. IRIS HOLTON / ,Hold The System AccOuntable / asked permission to sit beneath the "white tree" in front of the town's high school. It was an unspoken law that this shady area was for whites only during school b reaks. Black students sat underneath the tree, and the n ext d a y, there wer e three nooses hanging from the tree. This started a series of events that resulted in two fights One white student was charged with battery after a group of white students beat a Black student. However, when the Black students beat a white student in retaliation, 6 Blacks were arrested apd charged with a series of serious crimes. O n e of t h e stu dent:; l'vlych a l B ell, 16, has gon e to tri al and is f a cing a 22-year prison sen tence. During his trial, his public defender didn' t even bother to put on a defense Now, the NAACP has gotten involved in the case and several attorneys are volun teering to handle Bell' s appeal. This i s a prime example of racism and injustice in the legal system. F irst of all, the crime didn't warrant felony charges. The alleged victim was seen at a social gathering, three hours after the attack But, the greatest miscarriage of justice came at the hands of the judic'ial system. The State Attorney should have taken control of the situation. He :Or she t h e t:h a rges didn t fit the crime But judges, prosecutors, and public defenders are pro tec t e d under the law People cannot file lawsuits against them for injustices. As a result of this, they basically do whatever they want becau s e there are no repercu s sion s. But, i f the law was repealed, it would make attorneys more conscious of their 'actions because they would then be held accountable The system ,was designed to hold peo'ple accountable for their actions. Now, the time has come to hold those pulling :the strings of the system accountable for their actions as' well. COMIW' OF AGE.l BY: RAM.OW.=JOHN$0W', ..... ,.. .. :.


COLUMNS Justice For The Other Guyl I : : h ur and when the cops pulled you over, they found marijuana and a bevy of other drugs .on the backseat of your car, what do you think would happen to you? Yeah, right! Well, it didn't happen to AI Gore, ill! "But, he's AI Gore, III," you explain! "So; what?" I protest. "What's that got to do with anything?" In frustration you turn your back on me. The argument is over. But the question still lingers. "WHY HIM AND NOTUS?" And that one question is about to tear America to shreds. "Why me and not the other guy?" Indeed, it's one thing to live in a society of laws But it's another thing to live in a society where seemingly every day, new exceptions and exemptions are made for certain people, under certain situations. As any employee knows, the worst kind of working environment or-any other kind of environment is an environment of DOUBLE-STANDARDS! And what causes the phenomenon of DOUBLESTANDARDS? Is it done by people of basically ev.il intent? I doubt not. Most likely, history would tell us, the people who double-standards have by and large, been good people ... kind-hearted people, who meant by alJ means to do the right thing. Then why didft they do the right thing? And the answer is caught up in an age-old excuse made by most every one who has ever had to live on this planet, with another human being. And it goes like tnis. "WELL, I'LL DO IT FOR YQU, JUST THIS ONE TIME!" People don't seem to realize that bending a law, a process or the truth once, means that it will most certainly be bent again and again, until its original intent is lost, like a sad fairytale. No, bad things are seldom done by bad people. Too often, they're done by good people who are simply trying to be "nice guys" by overlooking and ultimately overturning what is right and what is the law. That's how Germany went to bed, one night and woke up the next morning, as Nazi Germany! That's how the United States of America went to sleep one night and woke up the next morning, m the middle of Armageddon. And that's how a California judge who was handed AI Gore, III's case, one afternoon, was able to say, the following morning that although the young Mr. Gore pleaded guilty to two felony counts of drug posses-sion, two misdemeanor counts of drug possession without a prescription and one misdemeanor count of marijuana possession, "the plea could be withdrawn and the charges could be dropped if Mr. Gore successfully completes a drug diversion program." (HUH??? WHAD JOUSAY???) Could it be that AI Gore, III's father is none other than AI Gore; II, former Vice President of the United States and current rock star politician on the ecological platform against global warming? YYYYUPPP! 'COULD BE!! Well, that solves it, doesn't it? Meantime, millions of noname Americans fester in jail, having been slammed in the kisser by the letter of the law, whatever that might be, this month! No I have nothing against either one of the Gores. But I do make this warning, DOUBLE-STANDARDS ARE WHAT BROUGHT DOWN THE BASTILLE! Wake up America!. Your standards are showing! THEY MAR HED F R Y RIGHT TO VOTE! Don't Be Left out In 2008! Register Now JJ 0 Another View ):> c G') c C/) (..) Did Babe Ruth Use Steroids? 1\) 0 0 -...J id Babe Ruth use steroids? What about \ / Bonus Wagner, Ty Cobb and Mickey Mantle? Are we sure that Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Ted Williams, Frank Robinson, or even the 'Hammer' (Bank Aaron) himself did not use steroids or some performance enhancing substance? They could have. Were they ever tested for illegal substance use? Were they ever even asked? According to my research, athletes in ancient Greece used a form of steroids to enhance their performances. Steroids as we know them today were manufactured as early as 1932. So steroids are not new on the sports scene. Athletes throughout history want to perform to the best of their ability imd to a high level of productivity. As a result, athletes have never been beyond the reach of using steroids. It is highly possible that many of the record-holding athletes and Hall of Fame athletes used some form of steroids or performance enhancing substance to help them to achieve the things they did. Barry Bonds is no excep tion. I don't know whether or not Bonds has ever used any steroids or other performance improvement substance. We also don't know about the holders of records that Bonds is chasing Sports needs to be sure that they are not protecting records that were set by athletes used potions to help them set the records. How do you do this? I don't know, but if we are going to make a big deal about it, we need to find a way to be sure. Wouldn't it be awful if an athlete is allowed to set a record using an illegal sub-stance and another won't be allowed to break the record because that athlete used an illegal substance. What sports should do is go back into the records and put an asterisk by every record holder's name noting that they were never tested for steroids. Only those who had been constantly tested should escape the notation by their record. This is not a plug for Barry Bonds. It is a matter of ensuring what is good for the goose is just as good for the gander. No disrespect was intended f! for the great athletes men-tioned in this article. But I c really don't know whether they used something. Size alone does not necessarily indicate steroid use. sports has to be careful about label-ing people, especially with-out proof. l> C/) m z -f z m r;m c r rm -f z ., c: m r u; :t m c When There's No Room For Love m < m amilies aren't what hey used to be. ey seem today to only exist to support each other, and there's no love. Families were once the most important groups of people in Black communities. They are what made a village so important, and they are what kept the children safe. They were the consciousness and spirit that you know you could always rely on. But, after the love was taken away, there was nothing left. The love has been replaced by greed, vanity, and fear. Children don't love their parents as they did when I was a child. They look upon their parents as their caretakers, and nothing more. They feel their parents are supposed to tolerate their illegal activities, and ignore the pain and agony they cause others. Their parents are also supposed to harbor them when they've hurt someone or taken someone's life. Today, the family has become a place to disappear into. It is a place of security only in times of need. It serves no other purpose than to exist for the sake of prostituting prosperity. Families used to do everything together. They used to worship together in church, go shopping together, cry together, laugh together, eat together, and support each other. They used to be gathering places for joy and the uplifting of souls. Some families still have those old They_ continue to reflect the passion and love that only can come from a family. They understand how you need some-one to lean on sometimes, and the family is always there. They unde-rstand the importance of leaving a legacy that's not tarnished by stints in prison or being a fugitive from the law. All around us today, we can see what happens when there's no room for love All that's left is young men wearing frowns all the time, young women with no clue as to what being a lady means, and their children being raised in darkness and ignorance. There can be no love in a place where so many feel it's not needed. There are other things more important in their lives, and love just. isn!t a priority. When there's no room for love, the result is what we -f c: m en c l> z c ., :::u 6 see outside our doors right C) now. Do you like it? Can you m Y' )>; change. it? ..


PAGE SIX r--0 0 N -. M len ::I g <( <( 0 a: LL. Millionaires Gone Wild 've thought long and hard and I've ''''''''' ''''''''''''"'''''''''''''' come to the con-clusion that I'm not ready. I'm not ready to endure another high profile tri al. I mean, didn' t we go through this in '95 with the Free The Juice campaign for 0. J.? If I remember correct l y, we also went to bat for Michael Jackson, a c ouple of times after some ill-advised sleepovers. Then there was 0 the whole Ray Lewis incift dent in Atlanta. R. Kelly 0 comes to mind. How could we Z ever forget about Kobe C I"<' I'Q\1'\I.<., H y lll' '"l ,..tv:1thrnrn h a.'.l.: It s:-n..1 Y" brr wr i n r u i nhllniOII'i \ n ah.oul \'lll JWhfi,-ar.t..-'m -.),.1 BankruptcY Guardianship Probate Immigration Wills &HIM /Pe /u!f,b. F. Ke111i Oguntebi Attorney at Law 109 N. Armenta Avenue Tampa, Fl, \ The hiring of a lawyer Is an Important decision that should not be basad solely upon advertlsments Before declcde, ask us to sand you fnle written lnfonnatton and State & Fed. W. C. Claims Certified by Michigan State University All Job-Related Injuries -_ -* Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C. I Race. Dlscrimlnlation AllY ICK FORD FREE CONSULTATlONI (81 _3) 223 (Except For Pure Title VII Cases) 220 E. Madison Street Suite 1207, Tampa, FL 33602 Vlelt ue on-line etiWWW. FORDLAW.ORC. U:s. Army JACC Attorney) The or" HdOR )IOU


. LOCAL. Central Park Village Demolition Begins After Ceremony BY BILLY WHEELER Feature Writer Despite the gloomy sky and the slow, steady rain that fell, the crowd that gathered for the Central Park Village (CPV) D e moliti o n Ceremony on Tuesday, July 31st was jovial and talkative. Publi c officials, bank executives, former residents and construction workers greeted and mingl e d as the program participan.ts came together. Jerome Ryans, President/CEO of the Tampa Housing Authority, introduced Dr. Hazel Harvey, Chairwoman, THA Board of Commissioners, who presided over the upbeat ceremony opened with a heartfelt invocation by City Councilman Thomas Scott. It was a beautiful m o m ent when Karen Jackson-Sims, Manager of the T a mp a Oflic es, U .S. Dept. HUD, spoke of the drizzle as "a sign of the seed of change that was be 'ing planted, was being watered from above People filled the tent, set-up in Armwood Court. Many former residents returned for the celebration: Martha Hepburn Cail, matriarch of the Cail family, who were the first to move into C entral Park Village in 1954, reflect e d on the neighborhood's rich past. She remembered the activities for youth dances she "co-sponsored with Mr. Miles, frozen cup and pronto pup sales, and Sunday afternoons at Mt. Sillai AME Zion Church." Minnie Judge, described CPV as a place to "get on your feet." She told how residents "took pride in keeping up their homes and yards, and and educated their children." Mary Williams and Ruth Dewberry, Resident Council President and Vice-President, respectively, both spoke on the work done, relationships formed and the benefits they received while living in CPV. State Representative Betty Reed, Bank of America's Senior V. P Amoroso, Fred Hearns, Chloe Coney and others contributed to the event's festive atmos. phere. By far, the highlight of the morning was the presenta-I Grandmother Of Slain Teen: 'It's Time To Step Up' In April, Jefferson High football star, Cedric Mills was shot to death in front yard of his parents' home in Carver City His grandmother, Lucy Mills, immediately started appealing to the community to help find the persons responsible for her grandson's death, and a reward was established. Ms. Mills said although she's pleased with the efforts of law enforcement officials and community activists in Tampa, there's still not enough being done to find the guilty people who have killed so many young men and women "Finally, the entire city is beginning to see the problem Now, it's time for our legislators to step up. This is bigger than just a Black and white issue." Ms. Mills challenges state legislators to introduce a bill that would give law enforcement officials and famili es mor e help in bring ing thos e guilty to justice. "It's very painful to know that your loved one is gone and the people responsible are walking around free. Each day that goes b y, you wonder if they are looking at you, laughing b eca u se they haven't b ee n caught. That's not fair, and something has to be done about it." Ms. Mills said she understands there's a process in introducing a bill, and that those outside of Tampa may not be interested. "It's just a matter of time before other areas see a need to do what we've been trying to do here. I know this has CEDRIC MILLS ..... high school star was murdered in front of his parents home in April. No one has been arrested for the crime. happened in other communi ties, and there are other parents out there suffering. To the people who think this is something that should be ignored, they don't know what we're going through." Ms. Mills said someone needs to come up with a better solution than building prisons to put our children ln. Let's start doing things to keep them from needing to go to prison. These are our children and we need justice. We need to know someone cares and that something is being done." Ms. Mills said communi t y rallies are a good way of bringing people together, and she wishes that family members of those who are guilty would reach inside their hearts and do the right thing. I know it's hard turning in your child, but. if they've killed someone, they shouldn't be allowed to walk ar.ound free. They must be held accountable for what MS. LUCY MILLS ... Cedric's grandmother, at a recent rally of parents who's children were murdered. they do If someone killed them, you'd want justice." Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at leon@flsentinel. com. Support Local Events and Churches Maintenance/Custodial Workers Needed Please stop by the office to complete an application Thirty-Fourth Street Church of God 3000 34th Street Tampa, FL 33605 813-248-6548 or call Alton Kemp, Facilities Manager for more details 813-299-0705 New Salem Ministries, Inc. 405 N. Oregon Ave. Tampa, FL 33606 (813) 251-63Ql Building E):cellence In routh Out-Of-School Time (OST) Progran1 tion from Tampa's Poet Laureate, James E. Tokley. After If you have been wondering how your child will be spending vividly describing life in the community around Central their time after school for the the school vear 2007-2008. don't wom am Avenue, formerly kriown as "The Scrubs" and later dubbed "The Harlem of South," his readings of Farewell to New Salem Ministries, Out Of School Time Ministries What You Central Park: An Introduction and Central Avenue. everyone feet in a standing Tutoring Mento ring Helping With Homework ovation: _, Snack Secured Playground In her opeQing Dr. Harvey "It is not an Certified Teachers describe this :symbolic act of ground breaking Pre-Regl.,tratifJn :Is FREE until Aug11.w lfJth, afterwards reoistratitJ!II.' $10. fHJper as It is a landm.ark in the history b :"qfTampa;". ReV $eQttfurther'added.thatthedaymarked"a .. anclthepmgraml.f$25.0fJpef.weelt. :. < /. :, -. :, :hiLrtoric QCCasion-:for CentraLPatk and the City of. There js a gas fee of $i5.00 per household, per week if all childfen rire atteildirig the same Tmnpa, with redevelopment to improye the overall quality of .. If siblings are attending a different school. it is $25 00 per location. life for existing and future residents." As the program drew Example, If you hare three (3) children and two attend one school and the other. to ;a close, )lr. Ryans asked the crowd to withdraw to the another that would .be a total of $50.00 week. If they all attend the same opposite side of the street. so the wrecking crew could begin school it will be $25.00 per week. their work. At the same tiine, the sun began to peek from SIGN UP the clouds. . 'T1 ::0 0 l> c G) c CJ) -1 (,.) 1\.) 0 0 --..1 'T1 r-.0 ::c c )> CJ) m z :::! z m r-1 Ill c r rm :::! z "0 c Ill c CJ) :::t m c m < m ::c -< -4 c m CJ) c ?'< )> z c 'T1 ::c c ?'<


,.... 0 0 N (") len ::) CJ ::) <( c a: LL c a: LL c z <( c en w ::) 1-> a: w > w c w ::I: en :J m ::) a. z i= w ...J ...J ::) m ..J w z i= z w en /a: o ...J LL REVIVAL! REVIVAL! REVIVAL! August 6-10 7:30p.m. Nightly M. B. CHURCH 1212 Scott Street* Tampa Guest Choirs Each Evening *New Testament MB Omrch Evening Star Tabernacle Oak Hill MB ChuJ"Ch Friendly MB Church Pilgrim Re s t MB Church New Smyma Full Gospel Chm ch Come H ear A Man OJ God! God has milled her into the Ministry Come Hear and See -me Final EVents of Bible ProphecyTHE WORD OF liFE MINISTRIES Is Having A Revival Tuesday Nighls Auuusl11h. 141h, 21sl & 2Bih :30 p. m. At 3812 N. Florida Avenue Refreshmenls Will Be Served AI The Service 18TH PASTOR'S APPRECIAOON SERVICE FOR: PASTOR WIWE L FOWI.Bl & FIRST LADY MYRTIS FOWLER AUGUST 20.26, 2007 111! NEW PAlM RMR C.O.fi.LC. 1304 58TIIIlllm TAIIII'A, FL 33elt (HOME) -81J.7S.U267iPASTOR'S CELL) AIIGUIT 201M I 7 :30 I'.M. RAJNIOW C.O.IU.C. I' ASTOR JOS!I'H fiRfEN AUQUIT 21ST I 7:30 I'.M. TURNING I'OINT C.O.fi.I.C. I' ASTOR HOWARD fiRfEN AUQUIT 22HD 17:30 I' .M. P'LE FOR CHRIST IIIIN111111EI DR. 1110MAS HADDEN AIIQUIT 23RD I 7 : 30P .M. F AITIIIN1111111101W. IAPliiT CHURCH I' ASTOR ANTOHIO IIAWKINS AUGUST 24111 I 7:30 I' .M. TRIUIIIPH THE IONQDOM 6 C.O.G.I.C. DR. DAVID CRIIWW. AUfiUST 25111 ft:OO P M APPR!CIAnON IAHQU!T 7HE CROWN! I'UZA HOm GAIAL PARK I' ASTOR CIIARL!S DAVIS &PfAKER COlLEfiE HILL C.O.G.I.C. AUfiUST 28TH AM SUNDAY SERVICE 111! NEW I'ALM RIVER C.O.G.I.C. ElDER DONALD JORDEN SPAKR AUGUST 28TH 4PM AFTERNOON SDIVIC fiREAlER I!TIIAHY M.L CHURCH PASTOR CLYDE 1110MPSON SUNDAY SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION CLASS 9 :30AM INTERCESSORY PRAYER 9 :25AM-10:25 AM MORNING WORSHIP 10:30 AM CHILDREN'S CHURCH AVAILABLE WEDNESDAY EXCITING BIBLE-STUDY 7 :30PM JESUS UNIVERSITY (YOUTH 8: TEENS) 7:30PM PASTOR DONNELL & MIN TANYA WILLIAMS Founders 6501 N. Nebraska Ave. (John Calvin Church) Bible Study Wednesday@ 7 P.M. Worship Service Sunday@ 11:30 A.M. LOCAL---City Approves Request ForFederaiProbeln Police Shooting BY IRIS B HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer Forty years ago, a single gun shot to the back ended the life of 19-year-old Martin Chambers. His mother, Mrs. Jannie Bell Chambers continued the battle for justice went into the Central Park Village Public Housing Complex. At some 1111111 point, Officer J a m e s Calvert conContact Info: (813) 546-2751 until her own death on April 4, 1996. MARTIN "DARBY" CHAMBERS fronted Martin Chambers. Chambers DEAF MINISTRY AVAILABLE LIFE CHANGING BAPTIST CHURCH Worshipping At THE WESTSIDE S.D.A. CHURCH 1803 E. Shadowlawn, Tampa, FL, 33610 (813) 238-6706 VIctory Temp e Outreach Ministries PASTOR LAYTE .CIA FLOWERS Schedule of Services Sundays ........ ..... lO:OO a .m. Worship Service Tuesdays ................. ll:OO p m Noon Day Prayer Every 4th Monday Night 7 : 00 p.m Substance Abuse Ministries Wednesdays .... .... ... 7 : 30 p m Wisdom in the Word Bible Study Every 3rd Saturday .... l : 00 p m Women of Wisdom Ministries "loin us in any one of ou1 life changing services where rni1acles are always bound to happen SUNDAY SCHOOl-10 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP -11 A.M. ..... TUES., BIBlE STUDY -7 P.M. The Church will provide transportation, call 626-2759 Now Chambers' siblings, Jeffrey King Chambers and Ms. Sabrina King, are attempting to finish the fight their mother started. The fami ly wants a federal investigatio n into the s hooting and appeared b efore City Council members to seek their support. During the regular City Council meeting on Thursday, Rev. Thomas Scott asked that council members send a letter requesting a federal investigation into the shooting. Council members voted to send a letter requesting the investigation tG U. S Attorney Alberto Gonzalez, who heads the U. S. Department of Justice. Marzuq Al-Hakim, spokesman for the Chambers family said, "We're supposed to be the next great city. We need to remove this old relic of the past. We need to deal with it and resolv e this issue." Mayor Asks For Probe In a letter addressed to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzalez, U.S. Department of Justice, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio requested a federal inves tigation into the shooting. The letter stated, ... Although four decades have passed there still exists a concern from his family and others in the community that the circumstances surrounding his death have never been fully investigated .... I am asking for the United States Department of Justice to fully investigate the circumstances surrounding this death. We would assist in any way possible with an investigation," Mayor Iorio wrote. The Shooting On June 11, r967, Tampa Police received a report of a burglary of a business in the area near downtown. Officers responded to the scene and ... Killed By l'olicc In 1967 ran and attempted to scale a 6-foot fence At that point, Officer Calvert fired one round striking the teenager in the back. Chambers, who was not armed, died from the injury. Within days of the shooting the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office cleared Officer Calvert, who is white, in the shooting The shooting set off three days and nights of rioting, marking the first racial riot in the city Teen's Friend Remembers Ms. Carolyn Lee was 15-years-old at the time of the shooting. She said Chambers' nickname was "Darby" and recalls the shooting took place behind their apartment. "It was late in the afternoon and three of us had walked up to Kid Mason to get some ice cream," Ms. Lee "We heard the fire truck and ambulance, but we didn't know what had happened until w e got back home. That's when we found out the police had shot "Darby." "We had just seen him the night before at a dance. Then the riot started. I was and I'll never forget it, it was so scary. Ms. Lee said she hopes t h e case is resolved to the satisfac tio n of the family. "We all felt it was wrong. He hadn't done anything and they didn't have to shoot him in the back." If a federal i .nvestigation takes place and 'proves that Chambers' civil rights were violated, the family may receive some financial compensation If granted, the compensation will most likely be funded from the $100 million set aside b y the U.S. Justice Department to re-investigate killings consid-ered as civi l rights deaths. Allen Temple A.'M.E. Church 2101 Ncnih Lowe Street-Tampa, Ftm;da 33605 Rev. Willie J. Cuuk Senior Pastor Bru. Travis Lee, Chrlstim1 Education Conunissiot fDirecH>r Bru. Julius Dcnsun Church Superintendent 1l1e culminating Church Picmc will h e ld on ,.,h .. ,rtv August U, 2007 beginning at 12:00 Noon at McFarland Park Theme:. 'Gmduate to Greatness ... The_ JESUS Way!' Come Out Ami Be BLESSED!!!


LOCAL From The Pulpit: New Ministry To Hold Inaugural Service New Dawn Restoration Center, the church that seek s to restore, is one of Tampa's newest ministries dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world Its founder is the Rev. Dr. Julia :(VI. McMillan, a highly sought after preacher, teacher, evangelist and 18-year resident of the bay area. Her passion is to see people experience new levels of intimacy with God, new levels of freedom in Him and gain a fresh understanding of the authority _He has given the Church. "It is m y privilege and ho'nor to serve as N ew D aw n 's Shepherd, lifting high the mantel God has p l aced upon my li fe, said Rev. McMillan. The Hilto n Garden Inn Tampa North, at F letcher Avenu e and Inters t a t c-75, 13305 Tampa Oaks Boulevard, w ill b e the location of a ll worship services. The inaugural service will be h eld on Sunday, Aug. 5,' beginning at 9 a. m., followe d by a 5 p. m. installation service officiated b y the Rev. Dr. Jacqueline E. REV JULIA M. McMILLAN McCullough, s enior pastor of The International Gatherin g at Beth Rapha, Pomona, N ew York. For 18 yea rs Rev. McMillan has been under the tute lage of the Rev. Dr. Arthur T. Jones, seni o r pastor of Bibl e Based F e l lowship Church i n Carrollwood. I am very happy for .Rev. Julia," Pastor Jones said. "This is something that she's long desired, and hB.'s d i ligently prepared for I and_ all of BBF wi ll b e praying for her suc ce ss." Rev. McMillan said she knew she was called to preach at age 16. She wi ll never forge t that Sunday's message by the Rev. Magdalene Smith at St. James United Holiness Church in Fayetteville, N.C., "God Can Use Anyone." The call was later confirmed in 1995 at a Christian Bible retreat in Lake Yale, FL after hearing the message from Dr. Ralph West. ''That's when I accepted the call," she said. "From that point to this one, Pastor Jones has laid the ground work." Rev. McMillan holds numerous degrees, including a Masters in R e li g ion, a Masters of Divinity a n d a Doctorate of Ministry from Liberty Baptist Theo logical Seminary. Rev. McMillan has been married t o Terry McMillan for 24 years and they are t h e proud parents of three children. Travis is a senior at Bethune-Cookman University; daughter, Courtney a senior at Sickles High Schoo l and son, Kendall a soph o more at Sickles MINISTRY OF SPIRIT AND TRUTH 1417E HOLLANDST .TAMPA,FL33612 _PHONE: 813-866-4508 FAX: (813_) Bishop Saughanto & Prophetess Queen Austm You 're Invited In The Name Of Jesus Christ For The Church s Annual Women's Conference August 8, 9 &-10, 2007 At 7:00P.M. **Giving Birth** New MISSfONABY II II the Message a.n.d the Mission are Divine 3005 E. Ellicott St. REVIVAL SEASON 2001 A SEASON OF REPENTANCE RESTORATION RENEWAl Annual Nightly Worship Week Of Revival August 2007 7 P.M.Nightly Guest Preacher: H REV. EDWARD McCREE, JR. Pastor Of Israel Baptist Church Detroit Michigan REV. EDWARD MCCREE, JR. c )> c G) c en -1 (..) 1\) 0 0 """' "T1 r-0 ::0 c )> en m z ::! z m r-1 tD c r rm ::! z ""0 c tD c en :I: m c m < m ::0 < -4 c: m en c )> z c "T1 ::rJ c


>cs: c a: u.. c z c en w :::: ... w > w c w :::t: en :J m :::: Q. z t= w ..J ..J :::: m ...:. w z t= z w en c a: 0 ..J u.. LOCAL Resident Wants Community To Take Part\ln Clean Up Scholarships Awarded To. Belmont-Heights Estates Residents MS. LILLIE HOWARD ... Wants Residents To Participate In Neighborhood Clean Up On Saturday, August 11th, the City of Tampa will con duct a neighborhood cleanup in several neighborhoods in the West Tampa area. One area resident wants her neighbors to be aware of the clean up so that they -can participate in the disposal of unwanted items. Ms. Lillie Howa.-d said last year the people were unaware of the date for the clean up, and wants to get the word out to everyone. "I have been an active member of this community for 23 years. I work to see the community is kept clean the same as the mayor. The difference is she's getting paid and I'm not." Ms. Howard said she has worked tirelessly in an effort to keep the area clean with little notice being taken. The boundaries for the clean up are: North East McFarlane Park and Old West Tampa Neighborhoods are Columbus Drive to the north, I-275 to the south, the Hillsborough River to the east, and Dale Mabry Highway to west. Residents are asked to place unwanted items at curbside by 7 a.m. on August 11th for the clean up. Residents can place items at curbside up to 8 days before the scheduled pickup. Formerly known as the N E A T Program, S.W.E.E.P. for Cleaner Neighborhoods is sponsored by the Cjty of Tampa Department of Solid Waste and Environmental Program Management. Anyone wishing to serve as a volunteer can report to the staging area at MacFarlane Park, 1720 N. MacDill Avenue, by 7 a.m Anyone wishing to obtain additional information can call { 813) 348-1111. Reporter Iris B. Holton can be reached at 248-1921; or by e-mail at iris@flsentinel com Three Belmont Heights Estates residents have been awarde d scholarships for higher education from the Inte r state Realty Management (IRM) Company Educational Foundation for the school year beginning in September 2007. IRM is the property manager for the Belmont Heights Estates community. IRM Vice-President Don Miller and A. L. McKinney, the Administrator for the Belmont Heights Estates Neighborhood Networks Computer Learning Center, presented the awards to the students during the regular monthly meetings of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing Authority for the City of Tampa. The local students are among 88 awarded over $180,000 in scholarships for 2007 by the Foundation. Scholarship recipient Erika Hart, who was active in band and DECA while attending high school, is a 2007 graduate of Armwood and plans to attend the University of Tampa. Jessica Nunn, the 2nd recipient, graduated from Middleton High School. Jessica has set h e r sights on majoring in psychology at Howard University this fall. N atasha Lakeman, the 3rd scholarship recipient from the East Tampa com munity, looks forward to continuing her education at the University of South Florida where she is a senior and majors in accounting. Since the establishment of the Educational Foundation 142nd CHURCH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Dr. W. James Favorite and members of Beulah Baptist Institufional Church and members would be honored to have community join us in_ a historic celebmtion. Beulah was the first African American Baptist Church in Tampa and was organized in 1865, upon the heels of the Emancipation Proclamation. Theme: "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" Special Presentation 'New Leadership--New Direction' Date: Sunday, August 12, 2007 8:30 A.M. Sunday School 9:45A.M. Anniversary Worship Service Speaker: TBA Place: Beulah Baptist Institutional Church 1 006 West Cypress Street Tampa, Florida 33606 Pnstor It is our prayer that you and the entire community will plan to join us in this historical event. For additional information, please contact the Church Office 813 251-3382 Scholarship winners: Natasha Lakeland (seated) and Jessica Nunn (standing) pose with members of their families after receiving the award that was presented to them during the monthly meeting of the City of Tampa Housing Authority. The third recipient who is not pictured is Erika Hart. in 1991, over $1,800 000, in scholarships for higher education has been awarded to residents of properties managed by Interstate Realty Management Company. It is the first foundation of its kind in the affordable housing industry. "We are so pleased that three of our res-idents were awarded scholarships to assists in their educational endeavors, we encourage all our residents that plan on attending col leg e next year to apply for a scholarship," says Pam Brown, General Manager at the Belmont Heights Estates Property. Now!!! For Early Regi,tration Sunday, August 12, S:OO.P.M. Springhill M. B. Church Tampa, Rorida 33619 Herbert C. Minister Of Mu$1C Rev. Eugene Garnett, Pastor BIGGHAM $15.00 Advance $20.00 Of Service 813-626-7070-767-1998 Doors Open At 4:30 P.M.


LOCAL "T1 ::0 c Tampa Native On Tour With AI Green l> c G) BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer \. As a student at Blake High School David Stewart established himself as a talented saxophonist. After graduating, he continued to, hone his skills while a student at' Florida State University. Stewart's skills did not go unnoticed. He was a member of the band with the "I Can't Stop Loving You, A Tribute To Ray Charles Tour" when he was contacted to play with noted musician, AI Green. I couldn't leave when I received the telephone call. But when I was asked to join the second time, I was avail able. They had heard about me by word of mouth, I didn't even have to audition." After completing the 7-month tour, the second call inviting him to join the band came. Noted soul singer, AI Green is part of the B. B. King Blues Tour featuring. B. B. King, Green, Chaka Khan, and Etta James. Stewart became the youngest member of the group at 23 "AI Green is the music I grew up on. I was honored to play with a l ege nd. Everyone THE 29TH STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST 3310 N. 29th Street* Tampa, FL, 33605 The Crusade Continues To Move Forward With Preaching By EVANGELIST JOSEPH BROWN From Richmond, Virginia -........ For Transportation Call ( 813) 495-21 08 242-4572 628-4272 Local Minister: HAROLD RODRIGUEZ Brown Memorial Church of God in Christ Invites You To Tlfeir Annual Youth weekend August 10-12, 2007 Sis. Gloria DeLaughter Jones, Annual Youth Weekend Coordinator '?n His Grip, Simply Youth" II Thessalonians 2:13-15 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES FRIDAY 12:111)-2 P.:\1. Games \Yorks 1st 50 p..:upk SIO A tkr. S I 7 per person Centro Yhor-Ta111pa FRIDAY NIGHT 7P.M. The Truth Ahout Hip-Hop Speaker: Dr. Thomas L. Dozier The Word of Grace And Trut : Ministries I I ($ 12N<;'ON Outdoor Community Gospel Fest Live Music Wtth Vanous Bay Area Youth Choirs, Step Teams, Dance Teams, Mimes, Youth Groups Anyone that wishes to participate please contact t---;..._-S;;..i..;.st...;;e..;.r..;;.J..;.a;;.;sm;;.;ine Jones 813-966-4875 SUNDAY II :00 A.M Annual Youth Day Speaker : Dr. Karmen R. Gadsd Macomb Illinois BROWN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E. 27th Avenue* Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 248-5690 England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Paris, France, Amsterdam, and other cities. c Stewart & The Vibe that en he organized two years ago. Its members include Will Neal, Larry Wilson, Brandon McCrae, and pub-lie relations person, Ms. Sanora Thomas. The second leg of the tour is slated for the United States. The group started in ll ii ii iil Hollywood, Florida and will play Atlanta, Georgia, Clarkston, North Carolina, Detroit, Michigan, New Jersey, New York City, DAVID STEW ART ... On Tour with AI Green in t h e world would like the opportunity to play with AI Green." The first leg of the tour, which lasted 3 weeks, took the group to London, (A Special Church For The Deaf) Revelation Community M. B. Church 1712 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa REV. DR. GREGORY ROBINSON, Pa5tor And MRS. ROBINSON Services Church School 11 :15am Morning Worship 12:15pm Bible Stud -Tues. 7 :30 m Maryland, and Rhode Island. Stewart attributes his good fortune to learning about being organized, being patient, and having a good attitude working with people. "You can be the best, but if you don't. work well with peo ple, it will hurt your career." In addition to touring, Stewart continues to play with his own band, Dayve Feed Our Children Ministries, Inc. P. 0. Box 290415 Tampa, FL 33687 (813) 784-1021 FeedOurChildren.org Although Stewart now lives in Tallahassee, he visits his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon (Lucy) Stewart, as oftenas possible When time allows, h e enjoys fishing, sporting activ ities, and spending time with his family and friends. Of his success Stewart said, "I'm very much living the dream and all of the things I go through are all a part of my story." Hands Of God Ministries, Inc. 2918 East 27th Avenue Sunday:_ Sunday School 10 A.M. Praise & Worship/Morning Service 11 A.M. Evening Service 6 P.M. Bible Study: Wednesday 7 P.M. Evangelist Night: Friday 7 P .M. I Have Set Before You An Open Door TAMPA PAYS TRIBUTE and YoU'RE INVITED! Veterans Teachers Parents Children It's FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC Saturday, August 4, 2007 Main Event begins at 1:30pm Come shake hands with living legends Listen to historical experiences told first hand by three original Tuskegee Airmen. Multimedia Presentations include Congressman Charles Rangel via video Musical Entertainment by Recording Artist Sensation Lil' Peppi HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE Dale Mab1y Campus Student Setvices Building -4001 W Tampa Bay Blvd. Tampa VIP Reception from noon to lpm. Cost: $35 Meet the Tuskegre Airmrn and a few of om elected officials onr -on-one. For Tickets & General Info Call Jackie: 876-4307 "T1 r-0 :::0 c l> en m z :::! z m r-1 m c r r-z c m c en :I: m c m < m :::0 -< -i c m en c l> z c "T1 :::0 c G) m _., _., I )>


0 ======= LOCAL -=BIRTHDAY= 0 N Ministry Offers Free 1 He's Back I 5 Back-T .o-School Supplies :::1 w c w ::t: (/) :::::i m ;:) Q. z i= w _, _, :::1 m ...:.. w z i= z w (/) a: 0 _, LL. < I C\.1 ,... w C!J ents to pre-register t heir children to get the s uppli es by calling (8 1 3) 770-7626 H o pe For Life Worth L iving Ministries continues to feed, cloth, and rehabilitate home less people all over the area. Subscribe Today! "Come One, Com e All l et's J a m for the Lor-d" Entcrtoinnu:nl: b) llos.:ic llcnr and Other Special Guests. Mi1nc J)nncinJ! nnd J{nppinJ.! tu (;uds \Vord. Sntutduy, August II. 2007 II A_M_ 5 P_M_ ENJOY A DAY OF FUN WITH FOOD GAMES ARTS & CRAFTS MOONWALKS SNOWCONES AND MORE! This event will take Phtce on the Ground of our Chutch Greater Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church, Inc. 1225 N_ Nebraska Avenue Tampa, Florida 33602 Elder Willie J. Williams, D -D-, Pastor Adult:-J.JiuJ, S .'l.nn Childr4:'n un1f.,.r 'yrs ,.-rcc CJCOLEY CJ will b e celebrating his 3rd birthday on August 4, with a host of family and fri ends. A special birthday wish comes from his grandmothers, Dorothy and Catherine. CJ is the proud son of Corey and lea Coley. We love you very much. 25th Year Pastor's Appreciation Reverend Eddie A. Nunn, Sr. MACEDONIA M1SSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Zephyrhills, FL, 33540 Au st 14-19, 2007 7:30p.m. Nightly Tuesday, August 14-Victorious COGIC Lumberton, Elder Alvin McKenzie Pastor *Wednesday, Aug..ust 15 Grace Mary M. B. Church, Tampa, Elder Thomas J. Reed, Pastor *Thursday, August 16 Family & Friends Night *Friday, August .t 7 True Life Ministries Tampa Rev. Calvin Green & Co-Pastor Angela Green Pastor's 25th Appreciation Banquet August 18, 2007 6:30 p. ni. Blaise Alfano Conference Center 11606 McKinley Dr. (40th St. & Fowler) Black Tie Affair $35 Adults $10 Children (7 and Under) Deadline: Aug. 11th Sunday, August 19 Culminating Service* II a. m. Piney Grove Baptist Church, San Antonio, Rev. Willie Pastor In The Spotlight CHRISTY Writing the Spotlight feature becomes easier and easier when you get to write about someone as lovely as Christy. Christy can brighten anyone's day, just witht her presence alone. This young lady always seeks the best out of life, and expects those around her to do the same. That's why she only surrounds herself with positive people who know how important it is to be successful. Christy enjoys music, exercising, and having fun, and aspires to be famous in the near future. Representing All Sch From 1970s to 1980s SOUl CRUISE REUNION Carnvial Inspiration Monday, May 5 2008 From INTERIOR $349 OCEANVIEW $409 1st Destination Is Grand Cayman, Next Day, Cozumel 1 The Jewel Of The Yucatan Cruise Onl y Rat es Are In U S D o llars Per Guest,Bas e d On Doubk O cc upancy. Gowmment Taxes/Fees Are Additional At $40 .27 Per Guest. Option Charges Such As Air Transportation Cruise-On l y Transfers Vacation Protection Plan ; Pre-Paid Gratuities And Hold Pac ka g"" An: N ot lncluded Piease Con tac t Us For lnfo nn alion On These Optional Charges Some R estrictions (Including Ca t egory Available) Apply. Ships The Bahamas And Panaina Carnival Cruise V Planners Toll Free: 1-866721-3225 Monday-Friday 9 : 00A.M 9 :00P.M. & Satuida y 9 : 00 A.M.-7:30P .M. EST PLEASE REFER TO BOOKING NUMBER ISOQOl DUE TO OVERWHELMING RESPONSE, THE INITIAL DEPOSIT OF $50 PER PERSON HAS BEEN TO AUGUST 30TH


Bodybuilder Named To Hall Of Fame WARREN FREDEIUCK "MR. UNIVERSE 1977" In 1965 the first tribute was paid to Sigmund Klein when he became the first inductee into the World Body Building International Hall of Fame. Since that time, many others have received the recognition as a means of respect to those who have worked a nd maintained the image of body building. This form of recognition was created by Dan Lurie. This year, Warren Frederick, a Tampa resident will be among the 24 inductees honored during a ceremony on August 25th and 26th, in Portland, Maine. As a teenager growing up in the Bronx, Frederick wanted to become a boxer, but his mother was not in favor of that idea. :so, he began going to the gym and decided to become a bodybuilder. H e graduated from high school and then began competing in diffe r ent competitions. By the time he decided to enter the U. S Army, in_ 1973, he was well established as a body builder. "If you have a talent, the military will allow you to use your talent. I was allowed to visit high schools and col leges throughout the country w'ith the recruiters. The military is more than just guns and fighting. "I didn't have to wear a WARREN FREDEIUCK ... Named to World Body Building Guild Intcmational Hall of Fame uniform and I was plac ed in Special Forces. I was treate d like a celebrity," 63-year old Northdale r esident said. During his career as a bodybuilder, Frederick said he never diete d, but maintained his weight. His day began with 3 hours of workouts and ended with 3 hours of workouts. "I was always ready to compete. I never had to get r eady." He also maintained an ideal weight of 220 pounds while competing in the medium weigh_t category During his career, Frederick won several com petitions, including being chosen as Pro Mr. America in 1974, chosen as Mr. International 3 times, and capturing the title of Mr. Universe in 1977. H e stopped competing in 1985. Of the honor of being chosen for the recognition, Frederick said, "I'm looking forward to going to Portland. Tf!e father of one daughter and two grandchildren, Frederick i s a member of Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church. His daily activities include spending time at the gym, working as a personal trainer, and selling products on the Internet. Reporter Iris B. Holton can be reached at 248-1921; or by e-mail at iris@flsentinel. com. Muscadine /Bullet You Pick-9802 Joe Ebert Road Seffner, FL (813) 857-4586 (813) 986-2942 LOCAL 'T1 ]J 0 }< 'Red Carpet' Album Release Party Comes To Club Underground Bein g billed as the "Super Bowl" of all album r e lease parties, number one recording artist Plies will be in town august 7th at Club Underground for his Celebrity Album Release Party. The event is being hosted by Big Gates Records, Isabomb Entertainment, and Big H o u se Pro moti ons. Isabomb CEO, David Gay, said a release party o f this magnitude has never been held in T ampa b e for e Thi s could have been h e ld in New York, Mimi, or a number of big cities. Because of a ll the love and support Plies has gotten in Tampa a s well a s Isabomb, it's important this be h eld h ere." This wi ll be a r e d carpet event for the stars from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Also, the entire Is abomb family will be there. This is a special treat for Tampa as Plies has the number single out now, "Shorty," and his new album, "The Real Testament," will make its d ebut Tuesday night. Gay said the entire entertainment world will be at Club Underground for this event as well as r epresenta tives from XXL, Ozone, Vibe, The Source, and Hood Magazines. Also representatives from Slip 'N Slide, Atlantic and Big Gates records will b e at the eve nt. "They wanted to make sure this came to Florida," said Gay. "Our goal from the b egi nning was to make it happen -1 'T1 r-0 :::c c )> PLIES CJ) m z here." Special invited guests will be T-Pain, Rick Ross, Tank, Trina, Pleasure, Greg Street, DJ Khaled, DJ Drama, and a few sur pri se guests. Those who bring Plies' latest release with them will get a special treat at the door, and for more informa-tion or VIP, call (813) 732-0943, (727) 564-4765, m 541-8381, or (727) 565-6584 r;"" Doors will open at 9 p m and Club Underground is r rlocated at 802 East Whiting m in Downtown Tampa. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or leon@flsentinel. com Subscribe Today! a;J c CJ) ::::t m c m < m :::c -< -1 ((The Voice of Our Speaking for Itself" c: m CJ) c )> z c "TT :::c c ... c,..) I )>


(\') len :::> (!) ::> < CDC Offers Homes That Compliment Neighborhoods ;;i Two years ago, the cost of a However, the new homes c new home was significantly being built by the CDC are a: less than it is today. The designed to blend into, and LL reason fo r the dramatic compliment the neighbor-increase can be attributed to hood. If surrounding homes an increase in construction, are wooden structures, then the rising cost of homeown-the front of the home is er's insurance and higher designed to fit the character property taxes. of the neighborhood and not However, Ms. Toni stand out. Watts, President of the "When you enter the CDC of Tampa, Inc., said home, however, it is dis-first time homeowners tinctly different. We use difshould not be abandon their fererit facades because pea-dreams because help is MS. TONI WATTS ple live inside their homes available in the form of President of the CDC of and not outside. We want affordable housing. Tampa, Inc. people to enjoy their homes People don't realize that so we have many amenities they can still b ecome home-don't realize that the CDC is such as all wooden cabinets owners with the help of the the best thing we have when in the kitchen, plenty of CDC Our 3-bedroom, 2-bath it relates to African storage space, and large homes are selling for Americans," Ms. Watts stat-rooms." $169,00 0 but with the first ed. There are currently 11 time homeowner's assis-She further stated that the new homes in East Tampa tance program, the homes perfect candidate for the designed for first time home-are affordable at $109,000. spacious homes is 4 or more owners in the new Belmont c "We have also applied for people with a minimum Series of homes. Anyone a: and been approved for addiincome of $41,600 per year. interested in obtaining ad diu.. tional assistance from the As time passes, the tiona] information should C State of Florida Home approach to affordable hous-contact Earl Kegler at :i Ownership Preservation ing is evo lving In the past, (813) 248-2552; or Ms. Program. This will allow us the homes usually had the Bonita Newell, at (813) 0 to bring in additional subsi-same look inside and out. 966-1296 en dies for the buyers. We are Ms. Watts said the homes Report e r Iris B. Holton can the first non-profit in the could easily be distinguished be r eached at 248-1921; or 1-area to do this. People just as "affordable housing." > iris@{ls e ntinel .com. w > w t C w X en m ::> a. z i= w ..J ..J ::> m _:, w z i= z w en a: 0 ..J LL. TAMPA PARK NGS $1.59 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for$ 13.99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS S 1.00 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for $7.99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE CHICKEN LEG QUARTERS S 1.00 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for $5.99 *Get 5 Lbs. FREE TURKEY NECKS 99 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for $7.99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE TURKEY WINGS 99 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for $7.99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE GROUND BEEF $1.69 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for$ 11 99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS $2.29 Lb. or 5 Lbs. for S 10.99 END CUT PORK CHOPS$ 1.89 Lb. or 5 Lbs. for$ 1 0.99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE *BY THE POUND* EXCELLENCE YELLOW RICE 3 Lb. for $4.79 VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 Packs for $1.00 VIRGO YELLOW RICE 16 Oz. Bag for $1.29 2 LITER COKE* Get 2 for $2.99 10 PACK CAPRI SU,N JUICE Get 2 for $4.99 COUNTRY STYLE RIBS Buy 5 Lbs. for $10.99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE PORK SPARE RIBS $1.59lb. RIB TIPS $1.29 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for $9.99 Get 5 Lbs.FREE PIGS FEET 79 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for $5.99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE FRESH NECK BONES 90 Lb. or Buy 5 Lbs. for $6.99 Get 5 Lbs. FREE OXTAILS $3.49 Lb. or 5 Lbs. for $16.99 CHUCK ROAST* $2.89 BEEF STEW $2.69 Lb. SHOULDER STEAK $2.69 Lb. CHICKEN STEAK $2.69 Lb. SNOW CRAB* 2 Lbs. for $9.99 TltAPIA FILLET* $2.29 WHOLE TILAPIA $1.29 WHITING FILLETS* $4.99 Lb. COOKED SHRIMP* 2 Lbs. for $8.99 T -BONE* $4.69 Lb. Mission Of Commu.-ity Affairs u nchanged In recent weeks, budget cuts have resulted in hundreds of city employees being laid off. However, while the city is reorganizing, officials said the impact of services for the community will be minimal. One area of concern to the African American community is the City of Tampa Community Affairs Department. Upon its inception, the division was designed to investigate complaints in the areas of Equal Employment Opportunity, Fair Housing, the Department of Health and Urban Services, (HUD), and the Administration of the Human Rights Ordinance. Santiago Corrada, Administrator of Neighborhood Services appeared before City Council last week to request that the department be reclassified to a division. The reclassification means that the area can b e headed by a manager as opposed to a director. The request was approved. Corrada said, "The mayor gave me a directive that we were to reduce operations with minimal impact to the public. We were able to do that with the reduction of staff, but its original mission will remain unchanged." Prior to the reduction, tbe bureau operated with a staff of 22 employees w 'ith one SANTIAGO CORRADA Administrator of Neighborhood Services for the City of Tampa vacancy. "Thirteen employees will be left a nd everything else will be absorbed by "other portions of Neighborhood Services. We have no intentions of shutting down the department it needs to remain a vital part ofthe city." As a result of the reorganization, the positions of 8 employees were cut. Those positions were filled by 7 females and 2 males. Three African American females, 3 white females, 1 Hispanic male, 1 Hispanic female, and 1 white male. Corrada said the city is working with the Human Resources Department to h elp those individuals find positions within the city that were not affected by the cuts. Ken Perry will serve_ as Interim Manager of the divi sion, Corrada said. KINGDOIVI PRINTING STARTING A BUSINESS? LET US MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD ON PAPER BUSINESS CARDS POSTCARDS FLYERS TIJJ' elor f'U' .,,..., .. s-.rrr-liD oslown s29 .J,ooo s29 -1,000 s29. 1,ooo 1 standard color 1 standard color GRAPHIC DESIGN LETTERHEADS ENVELOPES 8ROCHURES NEWSLETTERS INVITATIONS NCR FORMS PADS AND MORE ooo N-soan sa_ sae. o ..... ..-.npa Fl. 336 .-.. ss-9'72-53-505 East Jackson St. Suite #303 Barrister's Building Tampa, FL, 33602 (813) 387-n24 BANKRUPTCY REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW


. SPORTS SPORTS IDE WITH RANDY Bucs Face Position Battles There are_ a number of battles going on in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp. Mos t of them are for starting po sitions. On the offensive side of the ball, the starting center, the wide receiver spot, opposite Joey Galloway and the right tackle spot still must be decided. It is also uncertain who the backup quarterback to Jeff Garcia will be On the defensive side, defensive end, the under tackle and the middle linebacker spots are up in the air. The team has some very good pros p ects for all of these spots. Garnett In Block Buster Trade The Bo ston Celtics are serious about being a serious playoff threat. They started the rebuilding process by trading for veteran, sharp-shooter Ray Allen. No w in a block bu s t e r trade the Cclti c s have acquire d Kevin Garnett from' -the Minn esota Timbcrwolv e s The t eam that Bill Russell built, gavp up Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, AI Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Theo Ratliff, two draft picks and cash considerations. Is any player worth that much? draft pick quarterback Lamarcus Russell out of Louisiana State. Culpepper is also counted on to become the starter if the rookie isn' t ready. The Raiders are Daunte's third team in two years. He started with the Minnesota \ ikings, went to the Miami Dolphins where he was not healthy and now he is with the Raiders, fit and ready to go Plant City Lands Big Tournament Plant City has landed the Amateur Softball Association Southern Championship for players 18 years of age and over. The 11 team tournament will have teams from Florida, Te xas and Louisiana. The tournament will b e pl ayed at Randy Larson's Four-Plex and Stadium Softball Complex. The tournament will run this Sunday. The tourna m e n t i s c o n side r e d a coup e for Plant C i ty. Tony Gwynn Coaches At San Diego State Hall of Farner Tony Gwynn is a very rich man. He had a very productive and long career as a Major League Baseball player. Gwynn is an eight-time American League Batting Champion and a member of Gruden's House Cleaning: Did Bucs Make Bad Move Releasing Rice? BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer (An Analysis) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to go through their transitional stages under the leadership of head coach Jon Gruden. Gruden has made it his top priority to rid the organization of all the players brought i n under the tenure ofTony Dungy. Gone are Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Dexter Jackson, Dewayne White, Hardy Nickerson, Warrick Dunn Shelton Quarles, and a few others. Those remaining on the roster who served under Dungy knew it was just a matter of time before the axe swung their way. Last week, Simeon Rice became the latest victim The Tampa Bay Buccaneers said Rice failed his physical and therefore they had to let him go. That was the same reason given for the release of Lynch, who has go n e on t o have a stellar career in Denver As a sports fan it's clear what's really going on here. Anyone who bumps heads w ith Gruden do esn't stay around too long. Jus t ask Keyshawn Johnson. Gruden and Rice h a v e had their differences, but nothing ev e r clouded his vision to the fact that Rice was an important p art of their defense Under Gruden, the SIMEON RICE ... .. success is just around the corner. defense has slipped dramatically in their performance as he has concentrated his efforts on the offensive side of the ball. All of the Buc defensive standouts have been sent packing, leaving only Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber remaining. The release of Rice came as a shock to his teammates and the fans. The Bucs are trying to make it sound like it was a business decision pointing to Rice's salary of more than $7 million and the fact he's been injured the past two seasons. But once you pull the sheets back, you see this went a lot deeper than that. Th i s is a clear message to the players that no matter how w e ll they perform no matter how well-liked they are, and no matter how fan-friendly they are, Gruden will get rid of y ou. Rumors abound that if the have another losing sea-son, Gruden and G e n eral Manager Bruce Allen will be sent packing. Even if that's true, the damage will have already b e en done As a fan, we need to face the fact that Gruden isn't the winning coach the NFL has made him out to be His super Bowl victory should have an asterisk next to it as it was Dungy's team that won the game. Only Gruden's offensive prowess should be given any credit. As has happened with the others, Rice will go to another team and have a pro-bowl season. He will most likely find himself standing across the line from some of the Buc offensive linemen in the future, and you can bet it won't be nothing nice How do we hold Gruden accountable for tne demise of one of the greatest defenses the NFL has ever seeri? As fans, we must take a stand and let Gruden know that the releasing of Rice was not a smart move, we don't like it, and we will no longer support the team. Releasing Simeon Rice and expecting rookie Gaines Adams to step i n and make a difference is a study in futility and not a fair move for the fans We deserve better than that. Gruden must be held in check by the Glazers and they must top him from internally destroying a team that could have rivaled the great Cowboy Redskin, Steeler, arid Dolphin teams. Culpepper Signs With Raiders Free agent-Daunte Culpepper has signed a one-year contract with th e Oakland Raiders. Culpepper is expected to the 3,000 hitting club But the man has a job. The Beulah Family invites you to join us in The former All-Star is the the Third Annual Geraldine Barnes head baseball coach at San Scholarship Golf Tournament. Donations Diego State. While his team from this event will be used to continue or isn't setting -the world afire, enhance community programs, i.e College Scholarships, Electronic Library, tutor this year's first round he's still having fun Food/Clothing to the Needy, Computer [AttorneY Eric Taylor J CRIMINAL DEFENSE AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS EMINENT DOMAIN \ NEW LOCATION 320 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 720 259-4444 Former Asst. Attorney General for Florida Former Hllbhoruugh County Prosecutor The hi_nng lawyer i s an important deci sion should not be hased solely upon Before you dcctcde, ask u s to send you free wtittc n inlimnation c G) c (J) -i w 1\) 0 0 ......, 'T1 I'"" 0 ::c (/) m z -t z m r;m c I'"" I'"" z "D c aJ c (J) m c m < m ::c < -t c: m (/). c J:!! )> z c 'T1 c .... .. Cf )>


. SPORTS Dungy's Memoir Becoming Bestseller ><(ft Coming off a Super Bowl 0 victory, Indianapolis Colts a: head coach Tony Dungy is LL about to top the bestseller's

THANK YOU EUGENE MCRAE As we yield to the will of the Almighty, we the family of the late Eugene McRae, gratefully acknowledge the many comforting messages, floral tributes. personal kindness and other expressions of sympath y and love throughout his illness and during the time of bereavement. Very special thanks to: Pastor James C. Givins and the Mt. Olive AME Church Family, Rev. Richard Woodbury, Alfreda Brown, and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for your love and kindness. You will never be forgotten. May God continue to bless each of you is our prayer. The family of Eugene McRae. CARD OF THANKS JOHN HENRY THOMAS, JR. The family of the late John Henry Thomas, Jr. would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all for the many acts of kindness shown during the passing of our loved one. Your love and God's healing touch, help to make our burden much easier to bear. "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose the heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1. The Thomas Jenkins, Williams and Harvey family. CARD OF THANKS RUSSELL, JR. We, the family of Mr. William Russell, Jr. would like to thank everyone for their acts of kindness during his illness and passing. Special thanks to: Rev. Beverly Lane, Rev, Maurice Gladys, Ray Williams Funeral Staff and Tampa General Fourth Floor C. Staff, and all of my good neighbors. Also, Bethel AME Church members. May God continue to bless you all, please continue to pray for us. Thank you. Mrs. Inez Russell and family. SUBSCRIBE TO THE SENTINEL TODAY! CALL: KEITH@ 248-1921 FOR MORE DETAILS We're not just in your n\ighborhood. We're part of your community. GL' tng luc. ltLllm )llllr cnmmunity <111ll hL'ing ;U1 \'t:ry diffLrent thing:,. yuur lk' tghburhuull ti.metll h .>th rhru ugh fLmctlvc-ment tl> bun huw m::: c&\ y o u further FUNERAL HOME 3000 N 29th St. Tampa, FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 .,. Ji AugJ.Ist 2007 Cars Trucks P e r sonal invitat i o n from KHUNI CJ) m z ::::! z m r-I CJ c: rr-m ::::! z ., c: CJ r-CJ) :I: m c m < m .l:J -< ..... c: m CJ) c )> z c "T1 ll c


,...._ 0 0 N ("') 1-C/) ::> (!} => <( 0 a: Ll.. c a: LL 0 z <( 0 C/) w ::> 1-> a: w > w 0 w J: C/) ..J m ::> a. z i= w ..J ..J ::> m I ..J w z i= z w C/) <( 0 a: 0 ..J LL FUNERA .LS .. MR. JAMES WALTER DAVIS, SR. Hornegoing services for the legendary Mr. James Walter Davis, Sr. of 3208 23rd Avenue, Tampa, who away Thursday, July 26, 2007, will be held Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 1 p. rn. at Faith Institutional Church, 2725 N. Florida Avenue, Rev. Antonio R. Hawkins, officiating. The interment will be in Rest Haven Mernotial Park Cemetery. Mr. James Walter Davis was preceded in death by: his parents, Jeff and Rose Davis; brothers, Astor Davis and Jeff Davis, Jr. Mr; James Walter Davis, St. was born on November 22, 1923, in Caryville. He served in the United States Army, where he earned an honorable discharge. Mr. Davis was ernploycd \Vith (;nrdiner Chemical Plant as a truck dtiver for over 36 years. He was retired for over 20 years. Mr. James Waltet Davis was united in holy matrimony to Martha L. Singletary in 1954, and in that union 9 children were born. He leaves to cherish his precious memories : a loving and devoted wife, Martha L. Davis; 6 sons, Norris (Jackie), James, Jr., Ronald (Diane), Daryl and Kenocer, all of Tampa, and Minister Steve Davis (Debra) of Dallas, TX; 3 daughters, Juanita (Rick), Sylvia (Eddie), and April (Randall); goddaughter, Denitra Robinson; godson, Alvin Hodo and wife, Debra; 25 grandchildren among whom are, Tarnika, Gerald, Terell, Ronald, Jr., Tierra, Edward, Patrick, Audrey, Laronda, Kenota, James, Kurvey, Joshua, Ashley, Brittany, Donald, Michael, Tia, Terrance, Ranessia and Randashia; 30 great grands; 3 brothers, John Lewis Davis, Clyde Davis (Lila Mae) of Tampa, and Hardy Davis (Loray) of Hartford, CN; sister, Rose Stallworth (Willie D) of Lawton, OK; 4 brothers-in-law, Willie, Jr. (E'valena), Elder Jadie Singletary (Josephine), Sol and Marvin (Cal); 4 sistersin-law, Pauline, Bonnie (Henry), Pinease (Roy), and Renea; special friends, Joseph Bell, Jerry and Mr. Buck; and a host of nieces1 nephews, cousins and other. sorrowing friends. The remains will repose at Funeral Home on Friday, August s; 2007, from 5-8 P m. The family will receive friends from 7-8 p. m. The funeral cortege wllJ arrange from 3208 E. 23rd Avenue. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MR. HAROLD BERNARD WARMACK, SR. Homegoing services for Mr. Harold Bernard Warmack, Sr., will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 1 p. rn. at New Progress Baptist Church, 3307 Shadow lawn, of which the Reverend Earlie Williams is Pastor, with Reverend Alfonso Livingston, Sr., officiating. The interment will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. Mr. Harold Bernard Warmack, Sr., was called to his heavenly horne on Saturday, July 28, 2007, at St. Joseph's Hospital. All who knew him will mourn his passing, but he will be missed especially by: his devoted wife of 56 years, Yolanda Warmack; his children, Alalia Thomas, Harold Bernard Warmack, Jr., Carl Cornelius Warmack, Rosa Warmack, Oscar Reeves, Sylvia Johnson, Gwendolyn Doby-Baker, and Robert and Juanita Doby; grandchildren, Leondra Thomas-Robinson and Donie!, Eddie Thomas llntnde n Dohy, Henry Frank Johnson, Jr. and Sheila, Reginald Johnson (Pam), Anthony James Harris and Talissa, and Nicole Singletary; great grandchildren, Jernarcus Thomas, Jonah Thomas, Keondre' ThomasLindo and Henry Johnson, III; great, great grandchildren, Btandon Harris, Ania Han-is, Ashley Martin, Marac Johnson, Dominique Harris, Anthony Thomas, Mareciauna Johnson, Eureka Roterson and Anisia Harris; 2 s isters, Aurelia Johnson and Blondell Bright; nieces and nephews, Doris Catter and family, Joyce Marshall, Donnell and Julia, Bessie Love, Gussie Livingston, Alfonso Livingston and Portia, Maxine Daymond and Joseph, Cynthia Bright Williams, Willie Mason and Marva, Plesetta Mason, Earl Mason, Sr. and Peggy, Janice Haynes, Willard Haynes, Jr., Carl Haynes, Cherry! Haynes, Derrel Haynes, Bruce Haynes and Maria, Alwyn Bell and Brian, David E. Haynes and Stephanie, and Michael A. Haynes; brothers-and sistersin-law, Mattie Shine, Geraldine Iverson and Jimmie, Curtis Brown, Rumel Jordan, Rondall Jordan, Robert Jordan, Bernard Jordan and Sharon, Tony Jordan and Karl, and LaGartha Jones; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will repose from 5 p. m. and the family will receive friends from 7 p. m. on Friday at Aikens Funeral Home, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 12145 p.m. on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME J MR. LEROY MILLS Homegoing services for M1. Leroy Mills, of 1907 State Street, who passed away Sunday, July 29, 2007, will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 10 a. rn. at Aikens Funeral Horne Chapel, with Brother Tommy Peeler, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Mills was born on August 8, 1944, in Tallahassee. He leaves to cherish his loving memory: a son, a daughter, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and a host of nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends and devoted and extended family members. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday, August 3, 2007, from 5-8 p. rn. The family will receive friends from 6-7 p. rn at Aikens Funeral Horne, 2708 E Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd. Family and friends ate asked to assemble at Aikens Fune1al Horne Chapel at 9:45 a. m on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME -Hl.nnfJ Owned and Opemted-A T!adi tion ContirweJ J I II I l r-:1.1 'll I _l I 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Tampa, Fl33610 MR. CLIFTON WARREN JONES The celebration of life ceremony for Mr. Clifton Warren Jones of 1251 Vinetree Drive, Brandon, who passed away Tuesday, July 31, 2007, will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 2 p. m. at Rivers of Life Church, 30i N. Lakewood Drive, Brandon, with Rev. Curtis Swafford, pastor officiating. Interment will be in Lirnona Cemetery. Mr. Jones was a native of Buffalo, New York, and a resi-dent of the Tampa atca since 1989. He was a dedicated employee of the City of Tampa Patks and Recreation Depmtment. He leaves to cherish his memories: nis wife, Deborah Jones; children, Nicole Jones, Moreh Cruse, and Tiffani Cruse; grandchild, JaQuez Polite; mother, Hortense Radney; brothe1, George (Delotes) Radney of New Ymk; nephews, Julian, Omar, and Michael Radney and Damien Crumbley; rnothets-in-law, Rebecca Richardson and Edna Ligon; sisters-in-law, Wanda Seigler and Maggie Williams of Califotnia; brothers-in-law, Lawrence (Angela) Griffin of Alabama, Robert Griffin and Edmund Ligon; other relatives including, Mildred Richardson and Elmo (Norma) Chiles of Oklahoma; and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Horne on Friday (today), from 5-8 p. rn. The family wili receive friends from 5-6 p. rn. The funeral cortege will arrange from 1251 Vinetree Dr.,'Brandon. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Ph. (813) 232 Fax (813) 231-0521 VI our fomil y wke mn o(Jollr/(mlllo. f I' f. are t/11 kP)'IO ajlllf' tlllrf quaftfo fl' l l'in. rgour [ovcd Ones '7;f//t/z:,ll 9Aemorilrl Qf'7)isfincfion Moeats 2301 N. 40th St. Tampa, FL (813)238-6531 Fax (813)242-8524 ann ettes m o 1 n u men t@ea rth lin k.n et r--------------------------e Service The Entire Bay Area. We Provide A Large Selection For Memorial Needs. _______________ ,...:; Bronze Plaques, Headstones, Cornerstones, Signs & Cern eta We Have Capable Craftsmen On Site To Custom Design Each Monument To Truly Personalize Your Memorial.


...... SISTER VIOLA (GRAMPS) MURRAY Graveside services for Sister Viola (Gramps) MurTay of 4713 S 87th Street, who passed away on Monday, July 30, 2 007 will be held on Satunlay, A ugust 4, 2007, at I p m at the g raveside of Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery, 4GI5 E. Hanna Avenue, with Minister Dwayne Sanders of Firs t Baptis t Church of Progress Village, officiating. Interment will follow. Sister Viola MurTay was bor n to the union of George and Betty MurTay in Alfred, FL. She was precedecr in death by her only child, Thomas Earl Dixon. Sister Viola Murray leaves to cherish her m emory: 3 brothers, Henry Sanders, Jr. and wife, Delores, Eugene Danzey and wife, P. J., and Marion Danzey and wife, Verline; a dedicated niece, Pamela Yvette Wright and husband, Johnny; grandchildren, Michelle Wright and son, R. J., and J.ohnny Wright, Jr (Pelo); niece, Shenita Crum and husband, Herbert' and their daughte1 and son, Trinity .. Crum and Kwame Crum; and a host of othe r nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends The viewing for Sister Viola Murray will be held on Friday August 3, 2007, from G-8 p. m. at Everett -Derr & Anderson Funeral Home, 5117 N. 22ncl Sheet. THERE WILL BE NO VIEWlNG AT THE GRAVESIDE ON SATURDAY. The. funeral cortege will l eave from 4713 S. 87th Street on Saturday at 12 noon. A service by EVERETT -DERR & ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME. Sentinel Bulletin "The -Voice .. of Our Cdminunity Speaking for MRS. OLIVIA HALL JAMES Homegoing services for Mrs. Olivia Hall James who passed away on Fr-id ; 1 y, July 27, 2007, will be conducted on Saturday, AuJust 4, 2007, at 2 p. m. at G reater Bethany M.B. Chutch, 5814 58th Street Court, Palm Rivet, Reverend Clyde Thompson, Pastor, will be officiatin g. Inte r m ent will follow in Rest Haven Memol'ial Park Cemetety. Mts Olivia Hall J a mes was born January 22, 1927. She was preced e d in death by: her mother, Mary Hall; father, Waltet Hall; 3 brothers, Walter, John Henry and Fra nee Ha II ; an cl 2 s i ste ts, Daisy Graham and Idella Jackson. Her demise came on JUly 27, 2007. She was employed with National Linen Service until het retirement in 1991. She was converted at an early age and became a member of Concorde AME Church in Miccosukee. She later became a faithful member of Bethel AME Church in Tampa, until her health began to fail. She leaves to cherish her memoty: 8 childten, Melvina Munay, Frank, Stanley, Herman James and wife, Endia, Bertha Williams, Rose James Jordan and husband, Lloyd, Domajene Aikens and Kenny Porter, all of Tampa; sister, Lee Woody of Philadelphia, PA; brother, Enoch Hall and wife, Victoria of Spring Hill; grandchi)dren, Sonja Henrikson and husband, Daniel, Franklin Murray, Arthur Murray, Kimbel'ly Perry and husba.nd, Cleveland, Bernadette James, Frank J a mes, Jr. and wife, Catina, Anthony James, LaTonya Murray-Davis, Chanda Brown, Tonya Denise James, Olivia N. James Charlena Williams, Valerie Br.own and husband, Byron, Tonya F. James, Williams, Linda C. James-Williams and husband, Christopher, Eric Head, Anthony Williams, Rashidah James, Malcolm James, Jennifer Jordan, Hetman James, Jr., Isaiah James, Jaelyn James, Kaymia and Christian Porte; and a host of great grands, gteat, great grand nieces and nephews; her caregivers, Mts. Agnes Mackey and Mrs. Mary Roundtree; and the Hospice Indigo Team, which includes, Jasmine James, Florence "Flo" Mathes, Nurse Alfreda White and Chaplin Marti Mattner; special friends, Denise Meteye James, LeSJ>Y "Buckwheat" N e l son, and Janice Stroud; and a host of othet relatives and friends. Visitation for Mrs Olivia Hall ,James will be this Friday evening from G 8 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street. T .he family will receive friends at 7 p. m. in .the Chapel. John Harmon, LFD., James Harmon, LFD. MRS. GERTRUDE (GRANNIE) MCCOY Homegoing services for Mrs Gerttude (Grannie) McCoy who passed away on Thursday, July 26, 2007, will b e held this Saturday, August 4, 2007, a t 2 p. m. at Northside Chutc h of C hl"ist, 6906 N. 50th Street, with Brother Eric Doss, minister overseer, and Brother J a mes Suttle, minister, e ulogist, officiating. Interment w ill follow in Rest Haven Memoria l Pat k Cemeter y Mrs. G e t"trud e ( G r ann ic) McCoy was born on May 14, 1 !)15, to John William Mathis and Luella Howard in Vienna, Georgia. S h e later met and m a r l'i e d h e r long time sweetheart Rever end Lewis McCoy on March 2, I933, in Vienna, Georgia. To this union a daughter was born, Elnora E. McCoy fro m Vienna, GA. The family moved to Ft. Myers, in I 954 and then to Tampa in I955. Mrs. Getttude (Grannie) was a devote d housewife, mother and the matriarch of the family. She loved her daughter (Elnora) and family very much. She also loved her grandchildren and grea t grandchildren very much. She was a resident of Robles Park Housing Community for over 33 years. Grannie was known as the neighborhood Mom to the young and old at heart. Gt annie becam e ill in 2003 and was move d into the Manor Car e Nursing Facility at 3030 Bearss Ave. Right up to the end Grannie fought a hard, courageous battle against her illness. She was a former member of Peace Progre.ssive M. B Church under Reverend Goins. She was preced e d in death by: her hus b and Reverend Lewi s McCoy; mother and fathe r Mr. and Mrs. John Willi a m Mathis; 6 brothers and 4 sisters. She l eaves to chetish h er lov ing m emory: daughter, Elnota E Willia m s and husband, Andre w C. of Bradenton; sister, Mattie Ruth Brembry of Vienna, GA; s i ster-in-law, Earnestine Mathis of Vi enna, GA; 4 grand_children, Mr. Curtis J. C1apps, Mrs. T erri Y Crey (Carll, Ms. Eileen M. Todd, and devote d special caregiver, Mrs. Robin T Thompson (Morgan); great granddat!ghters, Mrs. Chl'ishonna Gainey (Rodney), T erika C tecy, Lateshia and Latasha Gainey and Ebony Todd; great gtandsons, Mr. Cad Crecy, II and wife, T eny Lewis Anthony John, Jr: and J ahie m Young, all of Tampa; goddaughter, Ms. Maxine Harrison; great, great, great grandchildren, 7 boys and 7 girls; best ftiends Mr. Phillip (Catfish) Robinson, Ms. Maude Stephens, M s Zena May, Ms. Bobbi and M s. Joania; als o h e r loving family at Manor Care, Ms Doris, Vicki, Loniane, Tina, Rita, Hilda, Lisa, PhilliJ>, Nikki; Yolanda, Janice Vey, Ms. Gtanberry Tierra Ed, Horace and Judy Lee, Katina, Becky, Christen and Jasmine; and the Manor Care Staff; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, family and friends. Visitation for Mts. Gertrude (Grannie) McCoy will begin this Friday evening at 6 p. m. at Harmon Funetal Home, 5002 N. 40th Stleet. John Harmon, LFD, James Harmon, LFD HARMON 'BURIAL ll. HARM0N BURIAL MR. RODNEY LEWIS KINSEY A service of love and memory for Mr. Rodney L ewis Kinsey, 57, who passed away on July 28, 2007, will be held Friday, August' 3, 2007, at 2 p. m. at Jackson Funeral Home 4605 N. 34th Street. The Rev. Dr. John L. Giles, Pastor of True Faith Inspirational Baptist Church, officiating. Rodney was born on Febtuary 1, 1950, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was r .eared and attended the public schools in that atea. He worke d in the field of construction. H e was precede d in death b y : a brother, Phillip Kinsey; and stepmother, L e n a Kinsey. H e leaves to cherish fond m emories: father, J ohn L Kinsey; mot her, Elenor Moore; brothet, Dwight Wilson; aunt, Corn elius Medley; and a host of cousins and othet sorrowing relatives and ft;ends. Anangements entrusted to Jackson Fuaera MORNING GLORY MR. CURTIS ANTONIO KNIGHT The funeral service for Mr. Curtis Antonio Knight will be held Saturday, August 4 2007, at 2 p. m. at The Center For Manifestation, 3102 E Lake Avenue, with Bishop Stanford L. Young, Jr., officiating, and Apostle Mark Jones, eulogist. The interment will be at Rest Haven Cemetery. The repast will be held at the North Tampa Recreation Center, 8606 N. 12th Street. Curtis Antonio Knight was born September 5, 1985 in Tampa. He passed away on July 25, 2007, at Tampa Gene1al Hospital. He was educated in the Hillsborough County School District At an early age, he establi s h e d membership at Holy Outreach Fo1 Chl'ist House of Praye1 Assembly under the lead e r ship of Dt Ala Faye Nelson-V i c k e rs. Curtis was loved and treasured by his family and leave s to cherish his fond m emories with: son, Curtis Antonio Knight, Jt of Louisv ill e, KY; his biological mothe1, Sherin Knight (Charles); his adoptive parents, Joe and Chert-y House; his gtandpatents, James and Letha Thompson of Birmingham, Bosie Bruce and Maria House of Tampa; 7 both e rs, Bobby Degrate of Waco, TX, Damie n House, John Knight, Eric Knight, M arko Chapman-Hernandez, Manuel Chapman and Wilson Charles, all of Tampa; sisters, L atoga Thomas Lashunda Knight Anastasia Knight and Destiny Chades, Gtetta and Chada, all of Tnmpa; 5 aunts, Lind.a Hopson, Cynthin Knight, Gloria House, Linda House and Gwen Everette; 5 uncles, Ronald Bruce (Elaine), Jerry Knight, James Knight, Keith Knight and Theodis Knight; great uncle, Tom Taylor (Jeanette); 6 nieces, Lashanna Lee, Shakeria, Fanicea Knight, Al etha Knighf, Daijah House and Diamond House; nephew, Keith, Jr.; and a host of other nie ces and nephews, other fami-' Iy members and friends. The viewing will be held on Friday, August 3, 2007, at Glory G lory Non-D e n ominationa l Churc h 30 I 2 N. 22nd Street. H arold Jones, Owner. A MORNING GLORY SER V ICE, St. Petetsburg. MR. EDWARD SMITH Homegoing services for Mr. Edward Smith will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 2 p. m. at Glory Glory NonDenominational Church, 3012 N. 22nd Street, Tampa. The interment will be held at Rest Haven Cemetery. Edward "Leroy Smith was born to Nathaniel and Etta Smith in Jamaica on August 7, 1947. He came to Florida later in life and remained here until J\llY 29, 2007, when the Lord called him to rest. He was preceded in death by: his son, David "Danny Boy" Stanley, Jr. Mr. Smith is survive by: his wife, Jeanette Smith of Tampa; a loving daughter, Lisa Stanley; 3 brothers and 2 sisters of Jamaica; loving grandchildren, Eric Henderson, Jr., Deanglia Stanley, Lindsey L. Lamar, Jr., and Shadavia Stanley; specinl grandson, Raheem Stanley, all of Tampa; loving goddaughter, Shareca Barnes; brother-in-law, Leroy McCary and wife, Betty; n ephews, L eroy, Jt., Travis and Jeremy; niece, Kamika, all of Tampa; close friends, Wilfmd and Audley Hills; and many other loving and caring family members and friends. Visitation will, be held on Fl'iday, August 3, 2007, f1om G-8 p. m ; at Glory Glory NonD enominational Chu1ch. Harold Jones, Owner. A MORNING GLORY Tumpu, St. l1 l'll unrl SnrrnnnrlinJ! $;(./' dl!fl lflR t !ll' .::V/f'/1./ct' l> c G) c en -i (,.) 1\) 0 0 "T1 ,-0 JJ c l> en m z :::! z m ,-I llJ c ,,-. m :::! z "0 c llJ ,-c;; ::I: m c m < m l:J -< -4 c m en c l> z c "T1 JJ c


f'.. 0 0 N 0 a: LL. c z ct 0 fJ) w ::J 1-> a: w > w 0 w l: fJ) ::::i ID ::J a. z w ...J ...J ::J ID ...:. w z z w fJ) iX 0 ...J LL. MORNING GLORY MASTER JA'MON E. SMILEY Hemegoing services for Master Ja'Mon E. Smiley will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 11 a. m. at Iglesia Roca De Esperanza Church, 5903 N. 47th Street Avenue. The repast will be at Ministry of Spirit and Truth, 1427 E. Holland Avenue. Master Ja'Mon E. Smiley was born on November 10, 2005, in Tampa to the proud parents of James and LaPorshe Smiley Holmes. Ja'mon was raised in Jacksonville, where he was a proud and faithful member of Christian Development Center. Ja'mon also went to school at Pediatric Health Choice on Armenia Avenue. He had a faithful godmother, Diana Hesse of Jacksonville. He leaves to cherish his precious memories: his parents, James and LaPorsche Smiley Holmes; 3 brothers, James, Jamarion and Jaime; sister, Jyj'meria; grandparents, Comina Gaines Holmes Newsome and Lewis Newsome, and Betty and Willie Smiley; 4 aunts, Porsche L. Holmes, Brenda Taylor, Diane McGett and Willie Mae; 2 uncles, Madison Caprice Nickelton Holmes and David Lee Smiley; cousins, Sangria, Alessie, Nekomia, Agrette, Felicia, Christopher, Greg, Corey, Michael, Tad, Augustus, Syrterrek, Sirbaron, Komanitha and Latreva; and the family's best friends, Yvonne Jenrette, Salena Johnson Smiley, Delores Ashley, Jonyetta, Ryan and Tina Burch; great uncles and aunts, Richards, Iverstine, Sarah Lee, Erma, Aurora, Anthony, Rodine, Augustus, Michael, Alveda and Cheron; cousins of the father's family, Dennard House, Delicia House, Fletcher Comer, Michael Levy, Walter McMillan, Marquis McMillan, Kiana McMillan, Emma Walton, David Smiley, Jr., Se'Davia Smiley, Rasheen Freeman, Hattie Mae McGett, Nigeria Standberry, Willie Standberry, Carlos Potts and Carlos Potts, Jr: ; and a host of other relatives and friends. Visitation will be held on Friday, August 3, 2007 'from 6-8 P m. at Glory Glory NonDenominational Church. Harold Jones, Owner. A MORNING GLORY SERVICE, St. Petersburg. RAY WILLIAMS MRS. EDDIE LEE JONES Mrs. Eddie Lee Jones of 1001 W. Arch Street, passed away Thursday, July 26,2007. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, August 4, 2007 at 1 p. m. at St. Luke Mrican Methodist Episcopal Church, 2709 N. 25th Street, Reverend Ronald D. Mizer, pastor, with Reverend James C. Givins, Pastor of Mt. Olive A. M. E Church, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Jones was a 'lifelong resident of Tampa, and was educated in the public schools in Hillsborough County. She retired as a seamstress for Tropical Garment. Mrs. Jones was a member of Mount Olive A. M. E. Church, where she served as YPD Director, President of the Carolyn Favors Missionary and was a member of the Usher Board Jl2 and Trustee Board. Her husband of 65 years, David Jones, preceded her in death on June 9, 2007. She was also preceded in death by her parents, Eli and Emma Jackson. She leaves behind to treasure her memories: daughters, Charlean Williams-Turner, of Tampa, Luwanda Cromartie of Rochester NY, Carlotta Jones of Tampa, Karen Rogers-Snake and husband, Archie of Beltsville, MD, Gwendolyn Howard of South Pointe, OH, and Dr. Beverly Wade and husband, Donald of Baton Rouge, LA; sons, Marvin E. Jones, Sr. and wife, Gwendolyn of Miami, Harold Jones and wife, Emma of Tampa, and Michael Jones and wife, Sherrie of Tampa; sons-inlaw, Joseph C. Williams and Joe Cromartie; brothers, Robert B. Daily and wife, Dorothy of Hampton, VA, arid Herman Vann and wife, Eunice of Baltimore MD; sisters, Emma Nathan and Lillian Thomas, both of Tampa grandchildren, Williams, Alvonnia Williams, Desiree' Turner, Keith Jones, Karitsa Jones, Katrena Jones, Siobhan Cromartie, Devon Shana Cromartie, Terrance Howard, Myron Howard, Stephan Howard, Gweynette Howard, Carlton Spain, .Timothy Sneed and wife, Alberta, Marlon Jones, Tamara Jones, Elisa J. Moultry (Derrick), Rachel Jones, Yolanda Jones, Jennifer Jones, Michelle Brooks and Monica Jones; great grandchildren, Shenita (Theophileus), Brittany, Chris, Keith, Jr., Darmetshia, Idrianna, Kenya, Patrick, Donovan, Jr., Dontavious, Kai, Donald, Jr., Dalana, Paul, II, Geraldnika, Gregvonna, Darreyale, Derrick, II, Tony, Eric, Rico, Trent, II, Trenkiola, Desiakka, Breyanna, Cravionta, Quinisha, Charles, Querra, LaQuita, Charles, Taquilla, Ty' Leah, Dontavius, LaKeda, Kia, Brenyn, Ariel, Tamara, Terrance, Carmen, Brian, Lakera, Amari, Alton, Ronnie, Tavon and llynd; great, great grandchildren, Theophileus, Jr., Trent, III, Jakais, Hanna and Zaniya; extended family, JoBetty J. Mann, Renita Mann, Rickie Mann, Tony Jackson and wife, Gail, John Jackson and wife, Sonia, Beverly Webb, Herbert Carroll, Greg Morris; and a host of nieces, n ephews, cousins, other sorrowing relatives, neighbors and devoted friends. The remains will repose after 5 p. m. on Friday, August 3, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue, and the family will receive friends from 7-8 p.m. at the chapel. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. MR. JERRY A. FRIERSON Mr. Jerry A. Frierson of 2922 E. 21st Avenue, passed away, Tuesday, July 31, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 11 a.m. at Grace Mary Missionary Baptist Church, 3901 N. 37th Street, with Reverend Thomas J. Reed, pastor, officiating, and Reverend Dr. Harold H. Frierson, eulogist. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Mr. Frierson was a lifelong resident of Tampa, and was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County. He was a graduate of Middleton High School, class of 1965 and Florida A&M University, class of 1969. Mr. Frierson was a New and Used Car Salesman for Abraham I Autoway Chevrolet. He leaves to cherish his memory: son, Derek Frierson; daughter, Carmen Frierson and fiance, Keith; mother, Alleene L. Frierson (96 years old); ex-wife and mother of his children, Iwanda B. Frierson; brothers, Reverend Dr. Harold H. Frierson and wife, Vissadean, and Reverend Anthony Frierson and wife, Diana; sisters, Gloria J. Smith and Eleanor C. Frierson Powell; nieces and nephews Gail Davis, Gregory Polite and wife, Delicia, Ira Frierson, Wayne Frierson, Samuel Eitege, Nellida Frierson, Timothy Frierson, William Powell, II, and Allana Powell; and a host of other nieces, nephews, cousins, relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p.m. today, August 3, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. has provided the highest standard 1n funeral services for over 70 years. Ray Williams Funeral Home Rhodes & Northern, Owners 301 N. Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 Ph: (813) 253 Fax: (813) 2514912 Email: raywms@ij.net MRS. MARY LUE HOWELL (MULBA) Mrs. Mary Lue Howell (Mulba) of Tampa, passed away July 27, 2007, at St. Joseph's Hospital. Funeral services will be conducted on Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 2 p. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 N. Howard Avenue, with Bishop James H. Howell, officiating. Interment will follow at Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Howell was a native of Caryville, and a resident of Tampa for over 50 years. She was educated in the public schools of Caryville Mrs. Howell was employed as a Cook. She was preceded in death by: her husband, K. T. Howell; and son, Vernon Lee Howell. She leaves to cherish her memory: 2 sons, Samuel T. Howell (Henrietta) and Curtis Howell (Valerie); 2 daughters, Alice Jackson and Mary Henley; 2 nephews, Richard Howell (Sue) and Willie Edwards; long time friend, Lula Mae; 24 grandchildren, Patricia Walkine (Patrick), Carolyn Hills (Ernest), Marilyn Glymph (Roscoe), Calvin Henley, Phyllis Howell, Awanda Colvin (Carnell), Carla Howell, Lisa Howell, Ursula Howell, Curtis Bowell, Jr., Shelton Howell (Nita), Kevin Howell (Brenda), Alonzo Howell (Evette), Rickey Howell (Cassandra), Sam Howell, Jr. (Clara), Sam Howell, III, David Royal, Michael Jackson, Bobby Howell (Tara), Stephanie Brooks, Donald Howell, Sandra Howell, Vernon Howell (Madia), and Gladys Owens; great grandchildren, Brittany Randall, Nicole Floyd, Devon Clark, Alex Walkine, Tyrrell Massey, Shauntice Walkine, Trentanson Bacon, Andre Hills, Michael Jackson, Derrick Jackson, Keisha Jacksoh, Curtesha, Kiara, Curtis, III, Donald, Derrick, Danzick, Arqueela, Aljanay, Eshauia, Eric, Equanzick, Shanita, Shelton, Jr., Shermal, Monique, Alonzo, Jr., AJante', Tiara, Reginald, Avion and Amari; great, great grandchildren, Mahari Jaelyn, Gileah and Kameron; and a host of cousins, other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p. m. today, August 3, 2007, at Ray Williams Funeral Home. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. MRS. LOUELLA BLUE HICKS Funeral services for Mrs. Louella Blue Hicks, who was called to her heavenly home, peacefully on Wednesday, July 25, 2007, at University Community Hospital on Fletcher Avenue, will be held Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 10 a. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29th Street, with the Reverend W. D. Sims, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Louella was a Tampa native and she attended the public schools of Hillsborough County and was in the 1956 graduating class of Middleton Senior High School. Louella Hicks was preceded in death by: a son, William John Blue (infant); and parents, John and Adell (Corey) Blue, Sr. Those who remember her love and devotion are: a loving sisterand caregiver, Barbara Jean Blue Baker; her sisters and brothers, Amanda Blue Hicks, Thelma Blue Williams, John C. Blue, Jr., Leroy Blue, Sr., Claudine, Sylvester Blue, Sr., Betty of Palatka, and James Blue, Sr. and wife, Freddy; nieces, Connie Haywood, Bardine Hicks of Tampa, Sandra, Sheila, Tina, Sophia Williams, April Crawford (Cassius) of Tampa, Wanda Newton, Margaret (Nathaniel), Trina Johnson, Sherrillys (Gerald) Ford, Sarron Marshall of Tampa, Barnita (Antwon) Johnson, Tanya Blue and Jbamilla Blue of Tampa; nephews, Fred Hicks, Jr., Gainey, Otis, Jr., (Debbie), Gregory of Tampa, Calvin (wife), NJ, Larry Lemon (Alberta), John Blue, III, (Erlene), Michael Newsome and Lorenzo Newsome, all of Tampa, Leroy Blue, Jr., John Blue of Tampa, Germaine Stewart (Jamile), Atlanta, GA, Anthony Johnson (Sheila), Columbus, GA, Siyvester Blue, Jr. (Tammy), James Blue, Jr., Alphonso Blue, Atlanta, GA, Andrew Williams and Martha Lene; 83 great nieces and nephews; life long friends, Ruth Hubbard and Angel Pedro; and other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will repose from 5 p. m. on Friday. August 3, 2007, at the funeral home Friends are asked to assemble at the Wilson Chapel at approximately 9:45 a. m. on Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE"


FUNERAL /MEMORIAMS -MRS. HELEN JONES LONG Homegoing celebration for Mrs Helen Jones Long of 2905 25th .. Street, who passed away on Wednesday, July 25, 2007, will be held Saturday, August 4, 2007, at 4 p. m. at Grace Mary Missionary Baptist Church, 3901 N. 37th Street, with the pastor Elder Dr. Thomas J. Reed, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memol"ial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Long leaves to mourn: a loving husband, J. D Long; 4 children, Ethel Long Catlin and fiancE, Justin Turton, Sharon Anderson and husband, Lester Anderson, Jeffrey Long and Karen Long; her immediate gtandchildren are, Janell Catlin, Michelle Catlin, Timothy Long and Ashley A.."lderson; h e t siblings me, C ht i stine Speights, Ada Jones Johnson and Lillie Da y Bouie; and sevetal cousin s and oth et relatives and f.-iends. A .native of St. Petersbutg, Mts. Long h a d eside d in Tampa most of h e life. She. attended Middleton High School and had a cateet as a Licensed Ptactical N ut se Most c,f htt JH'ofessional c:nce was spent at Tampa Genetal Hospita l. She was one of the fit st Black nurses hire d in he citpacity. She had been active in h e r chun: h and communit\ functions ovtt the ye:us. of h e teligious activitie s wete with Zion Missionai-y Baptist Chutch. Spe receive d h e degree of R'Ciigious Education ftom the Baptist Seminaty and fot many ytat s was a sou kht afte speaket at chutch and eligious events. Mts. Long had a lifetime mcmbet ship in the ational Council of Neg1 o Women, the Black utses, Eastctn Stat s and othet otgan.izations. She was known for her beautiful and fashionabl e attit e. She loved and pto mdCed positive and inspil'ing womanhood. The remains w ill epose from 59 p. m. and the famil y will receive friends ftom G-7 p. m. on Friday, August 3, 2007, at Wilson Funeral 3000 N. 29th Street. Fl'iends ate asked to assemble at t h e church at approximately 3:4G p m. on Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" IN MEMORY OF THERON E. MORRIS, SR. 5/11/I938. 8/4/2006 It's been a year since the Lord called you home, but it seems like yesterday. You are truly loved and deeply missed. From, your family. IN MEMORIAM CATHERINE 'MS. CAT' DAVIS May I, I922-August 5, 2006 Mama, it's been 1 yea since God called you home to live \ Vit h Him in heaven. Although we love you, God loved you best. You a r e and will forever be missed by your family and ftiends. Love always, the Johnson, Gtaham and Lancaster families. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM OONTREL '04Yean August I, 1989 -June 9, 2007 Happy birthday Dontrel. From, Grandma and all of your family and friends. We will always love you. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM ROY EDWARDS August 3, 1975-April3, 200I Years have passed, yet the memory still lasts!! Happy birthday, Uncle Roy. Love, your favorite niece, Ms: Robyn; mother, AJethia (Pudden); dad, Roy; and sister, Royale. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM MARY RIDLEY \ Even though we are missing you hete, w e know you are celebrating yom 86th bit-thday with Jesus and sister this vear. Love and miss you Mommy and Nanna. your daughters, grands and great grands. IN MEMORIAM (MAMA) .GLADYS CURRY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RES HARD 8-I-81 Your family misses you, especially on like this. We love you both very much. Sleep, sleep, slet.>p on foa we shnll !K'e endt other al(aln. Love, Valencia all the family. "T1 lJ c }< )> c: G) c: CJ) -f w 1\J 0 0 ---1 "T1 I 0 :lJ CJ) m z ::! z m .. I CD c: r rm ::::! z "C c: CD r CJ) ::I: m c m < m :lJ < -f c: m CJ) c )> z c "T1 lJ c


,..... 0 0 N MEMORIA MS/CARDS OF THANKS MELVIN J. STONE August 2006 It's been a year since you left us, but it seems like yesterday. I love you and miss you. But I thank God Almighty for the time He let us enjoy and love each other. Love always. Your wife, Ethel. 1..------------. c a: u.. c IN LOVING MEMORY OF ZIL-----------' < c 0 w :: ... w > w c w ::t: en :J OJ :: a. z t= w ...J ...J :: OJ MS. SANDRA BRADLEY RICHARDSON ..:. w November 7, 1967-August3,2005 z W The Garden Of Love" has 0 chosen this rose, Sandra B. C Richardson to take above -which was you, Sandra. It has a: been 2 years that God called g you home. But what you left U.. behind will never be You are truly loved and mis8ed. May God bless you and always keep you in my heart. Love you always. Your loving usband; and darling daugh-' Tierra; and family. MR.RAWN CHRISTOPHER BROWN 2/26/72-814/94 We love and miss you. We thank God for precious memories. Love always: son, DjaKobi, Mama, Annie Brown and family. IN LOVING MEMORY OF DEACON ARCHIE L ERSHERY (Retired Chief Petty Officer U. S. Nayy) February 8, 1937 -August 6, 2004 The vivid memories of our lives are deeply embedded in our hearts. These memories will always help fill the void in our lives until we are together again. Pearl H. Ershery, wife; and children, Timothy Allen, 1\;lichael, Meikah and Kelah Ershery; family and friends. Creative "" Eye Catching -Realistic Monuments Quality Products At Great Prices Superior Engraving Done By enced Mastercraftsmen BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM RUTH SCOTT SOLOMON Sunrise: August 4, 1925 Sunset: January 19, 2006 Mom, with loving thoughts on your birthday, a mother is someone special who is thought of lovingly and remembered in the warmest way whatever the day may be. Happy 82nd birthday, Mom. Love always and forever. From all of us. WE MISS YOU MOMMY MARILYN SMITH It's been a year since you left but in our heart it feels like yesterday. But you would never have to worry about losing the love we have for you. Love:Brandy,BaBe,Jessica, NuNu, Ebony, Wonka, Mary and the rest of your family and those YG'z. BIRTHDAY WISH FOR CAROLYN CAROLYN DAVIS DEXTER In memory of Carolyn Davis Dexter -it's been three years since Y,OU passed away and your birthday is on August 1st. I want you to know that you are still missed and loved -and I celebrate your birthday everyday! Your partner and ioving friend, Aranettle Bundrage. SUPPORT SENTINEL ADVERTISERS XRATED $14.99 750ML $29.99 1.75L $18.99 750ML MOET. MARTELL $17.99 750 ML


_ C,RIME NEWS Woman Charged With Setting House On Fire Teenager Charged With Trying To Rundown Deputy On Tuesday at 10:14 pm., Tampa Fire Rescue units responded to a house fire at 3205 East North Bay Street. Firefighters at the scene reported a single-family house half engulfed in flames. The fire was under control within 20 minutes and no injuries were reporte d. An investigation into the fir e revealed that the home owner, a 61-year-old man, was paid a visit by an acquaintance identified as Mary Lou Archie. Authorities said Archie, 4 7, and the homeowner got into an argument and she allegedly made threats. The homeowner reported that shortly after Archie left he found the porch on fire. Tampa Fire Marshals searched the area for Archie and she was found at a nearby gas station. After an interview, she was charged with arson and is being held in the Orient Road Jail. Damage to the house is estimated to be about $50,000. ALBERTO FLORES Man Dies A Day_ After He's Injured On W ednesday at 3 a m., Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputies noticed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on College Avenue in Ruskin. When a deputy tried to identify the tag of the vehicle, the driver slammed on brakes, forcing the deputy to take evasive action. The deputy's cruiser went into a ditch and overturned. The deputy was treated at a local hospital and released. PALM HARBOR -A 48-year-old Palm Harbor man was found unconscious and unresponsive early Monday after a parking lot brawl. The next day, he was pro-nounced dead. Authorities said Leon Dash, Jr. was found on the ground .with a severe 'head injury moments after a fight among numerous people in a parking lot broke up. Dash was worki'ng Sunday night as a security guard at an event at the Atrium Martini Bar in Clearwater. As the everit was .winding down, a number of young people had gathered into the parking lots in the area where the brawl s .tarted. At some point, Dash was caught up in the violence and was found unconscious Uncle Sandy Says LEON DASH, JR. and woQnded. Police are investigating Dash's death as a homicide and are waiting for results of an autopsy to identify the exact cause of death. The driver of the vehicle, identified as Alberto Flores, 15, fled the scene. Later in the same area, another deputy found the suspect vehicle in the area and r eported the driver trying to ram his patrol car. The s uspect vehicle then collided. with a light pole and the driver was take n into custody Flores has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon o n a law ehforcem ent officer, f elony fleeing and eluding, leaving the scene of a crash, no valid driver's license and operating an unregistered vehicle LET FREEDOM RING AMOS BAIL BONDS FAST SERVICE OPEN 24 hrs 308 E. Waters Ave. Tampa, FL 33604 Tele: (813) 933-0444 Cell: (813) 493-8387 LBOt4DS "We'll Get You Out Quick ... So You Won't H v e To Sit" 7628 N 56th Street, Ste. 13 Tampa, FL 33617 "Thesupreme3, 7, 9,13 happiness in life 18, 22, 25, 29, il? the conviction 31, 35, 38, 42 that we I II 13) 9$8 7881 Darrell Ingram Own.er Man Charged With Robbing Temple Terrace Credit Union On Tuesday morning, T emple Terrace police arrested a 38-y e ar:old man, charging him with robbing the GTE Federal Credit Union, 9380 North 56th Stree t. Police said Keith Miller was charged with bank robbery and grand theft. There was also an active warrant for his arresl for violation of probation on his third conviction of driving with a suspended license. Polic e said a Community Service Officer entered the credit union and discovered it had just been robbed at about 9 :4 5 a.m. A teller said the robber presented a note demanding money, and no weapon was seen. Witnesses said the suspect fled on foot. KEITH MILLER The robber was described as a Black male, bald and standing 5'10" tall, weighing between 170 and 180 pounds. 3 Arrested In Home Invasion LARGO Largo Police have arrested three people they believe are responsible for a home invasion Monday night. P o lic e said Stephen Mason, 56, was in his trailer at the Avalon Travel Park w h e n 3 men broke in and tied him up. Neighbors called polic e after hearing screams from the trailer. P olice found Mason t i ed up in a bedroom suffering from minor injuries. H e was treat ed and r eleased from a local hospital. The intruders took Mason's vehicle before leaving the scene. Police later arrested Jeremie Ulsh, 24, Mario McGriff, 24, and Pamela Grace, 29, for the home invasion and qssault. PAMELA GRACE ls CHOICE BONDS Let Us B e Your 1st An L ast Free Services Offered To Clients Job Refferrals Referrals For Treatment Re-establishing Felo,ns Voting Rights (813) 664-0404 5005 Martin Luther Jr. Blvd. (!block eas t of 50th street) ARRESTED;-iJ "Know Your looal Rights Boforo It's Too lato!"tj Felonies DUifTra ffi c Misdemeanors Juve nil e Caw Drug Arrests Sex Offenses Probation Violations Domes tic Violence 1st Appearances Expunge or Seal Records Bond Hearings Outstanding Warrants Appeals /Post Conviction Relief Avoid Unecessary Court Appearances lAW OFFICE Of VICTORIA A. HOLMBERG CRIMINAl TRIAl ATTORNEY Free Telephone Consultation Tampa 813-281 -0103 Pinellas 727-736-0402 .. Thft hiring of n I!! nnlmpor1n nt de c !on which $hO\IId n o t t),,'lfld an yau deddt! nst..the 1:1\v.)'t>r t fl !!.f!r)d ',11."\t ftet" Wtllhn ll\h'otr11.1tl011 1\b OIII hl!f q l!.\llri e (I\I O n!o .11\d 1:!'\pt>r lf'IH'f" 'T1 :::0 0 )> c G') c (JJ -i w 1\) 0 0 ...... "T1 r-0 ::D (JJ m z ::! z m r:-111 c r rm ::! z "tt c m r-u; ::I: m 0 m < m :::0 -< c m (JJ 0 )> z 0 "T1 ::D 0


c AI: LL. c z <( c en w ;::) .... > a: w > w c w J: en :J m ;::) D.. z w ..J ..J ;::) m I ..J w z z w en < c a: 0 ..J U.. < I w 'C) CASH IN 3 DAYS FOR YOUR HOUSE! 1 Submit .Contract The Rehabber's Superstore will submit an offer to buy your home. Day2 Clear Title If offer is accepted the Rehabber's Superstore will submit the contract to the title company Day3 Closing Day The title company will clea_ r the title then schedule a Closing date. At the closing you will pick up your check! I lluv Houses and Houses luv Me!


Family, Friends Celebrate Well-Known Librarian's Retirement On Saturda y, July 14th, Rugenia "Jean" Meeks celebrated 32 years of service as a Librarian Assistant with the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library S ystem. Over 100 colleagu e s, friends and famil y members joined Jean for a celebratory banquet and gala at the Doubletree AirportW estshore Hotel. Deborah Meeks McCullough, the honoree's daughter, and h e r husband William M cCullough enjoy the even i ng's festivities. Left to right: Levi and Ruth Fl eming, and Catherine and Lisa Chandler of Tallahassee. Back row: Berni e and Juanita Greell o f Atlanta, Mary Freeman. Seated left t o right: Maxine Sims, Mary Walker, Selen a Miles a n d Sylvia Myric k Several of Mrs Meeks' forme r supervisors and co-workers were on hand for her retirement banquet including: (I to r) Paul Wetmore, Marc Rodriguez, Keitb Allen, Sam Rolling, Alan Nichter and Tom Cause y A few of Mrs. Meeks' church members from New Sale m P1imiti v e Baptis t Church were present. Left to right: D enise Jackson, Connie Brmn1, Brenda M a r shall, Sandra Woodberry and Beverly H arvin.


<( c a: u.. > <( c a: u.. c z <( > <( c CJ) w ::I .... > a: w > w c w :I: CJ) ::::i m ::I a. z i= w ..J ..J ::I m ....:. All My Fans Keep Looking At Me CARLOS And TASHA She's So Beautiful TASHA And CARLOS Birthd ay w i s h es are b e in g se n t out to my l ove l y w ife o n Augus t 1 s t. B a b y, y ou becom e m o r e beau t i f ul w i t h t i m e T o h e r fans, don' t envy h e r because y ou will n ever b e h e r Jealously is a wasted emotion so apply that e n e rgy to your own lif e and get it together Bae the world is yours. They just live in it. Much love, Carlos. I 'IYRELL 'SNUCKY' BROWN,JR. MS.ANIYAH 8/2 W Happy birthday wishes z Happy 6th b irthday and congrats on your promotion to tl;le 1st grade and for making the honor roll for the 06-07 term. i= going out to our son who Z turned 1, July 31st. We love w CJ) <( c a: g u.. m I C\1 w you. Mommy, daddy, grandma, granddaddy, god mom, aunts, CC and Tiff. Niyah will celebrate 8/2 at Ghuck E. Cheese with and friends. Love, Rhonda and Lewis Get It Ma NATASHA H a pp y birthday and con g r a t s on your s uccess, M a. So, go a head and step into your b rand n ew car ee r and lean with it, ro c k with it, Ma the y ain' t ready! Love, your kids, Torik and Ta'Varia. Happy Birthday Frozen Cup Lady "Everyday she's Par ties Church Events Family Reunions Day Care FORTUNE, JAHEIM AndJALISE Birthday wishes are being sent out to these super stars, who will be celebrating their birthday, August 4th at the park, luau style. Be there or be square Lov e Ms. Nivia and Ms. Meia. DEANDRE PERRY Birthday wishes go out to my son, DeAndre Perry who celebrated his 26th birthday on July 29th. Love you Dee. Love, Carol Mickles and family TOMMIE J. CLARKE You all thought Ms. Veda was a problem, the issue right here. It's my 1st birth day. I'll be celebrating with family and friends, Saturday, 8/4/07. So, get with it or get lost. -The Florida Sentinel's i 'Spotlight On Me' ,. Is Putting The "Spotlight On Kid I Call Us At (813) .850-1484 For More


. ALL ABOUT YOU! MIKE, BO And THUG Happy birthday to Mike, who will be wiping them down on August 3, 2007. Come check him out on that day. Party lik e a rock star. Love, Laylu, Meo, Bo and family. BRONSON .. A strong man holding his head high, Bronson, a.k.a., Lil Bronk. Love, your wife, Rika. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS Buddy Johnson THE KING This is a little pre view of what's to come Go ahead and get ready to wipe me down. Love ya. Sis and Peaches. 'MIKE' Yes, check him out, Mike doing his grown man thing on 8/3/07. We love you Cuzo. Legal now!! DALE And ERICA Mother, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Lo ve ya, Erica and Nae Nae. EsUna Fiesta CHASITIY And CHAD, JR. We fuss and fight throughout the night, buy if I didn't bother you, it wouldn't be right. I would like to wish .my big sister, Chasitty, a happy 4th birthday. So, keep twinkling and shining like the star you are that sits so high above all. Love always. Parents, Nicky and Chad, brother, Chad, Jr., as well as family and friends! -It's Our Girl's Birthday 8/4/07 U-HAUL GIRLZ Happy birthday to our girl, Ms. Nothela, who will be partying like a rock star, Saturday, August 4th at the Zanzi at 10 p.m. Come get loose on that goose! 30 Feels Like 201 Back Row: ALLEY, CHON And COTION. Bottom:NOTHELAAndSHANNA What time is it? It's party time! 4J We Have Ans,wers. $ HOW DO I REGISTER TO VOTE. ? Call us at (813) 272-5850 or IT'S EASY! .Get application on our or Visit your public library! JJ c l> -< )> c: G) c: CJ) -i w 1\) 0 0 -...! ., r 0 lJ c )> CJ) m z :::! z m r I m c: r r !!l z ""C c: m r (j) ::::1: m c m < m lJ -< -i c: m CJ) c )> -< )> z c ., lJ 6 )> -< ""C )> G) m w I m


,.... 0 0 N M len ::>, ::> <( <( c a: LL > <( c a: LL c z <( > <( c en w ::> 1-> a: w > w c w U) ::::J m ::::: a.;, z i= w ..J ..J ::::: m I ..J w z i= z w en. <( c a: 0 ..J LL m I w <( a.;, ALL ABOUT YOU! CHAMBERLIN .CHANEY (Noonie) Happy birthday. Love family. CHAMBERLIN CHANEY (Noonie) A big shout it from little sister, Zena, sfle loves you. SPECIALTY BAD HATS Presents Palm River Then South On 58th StreetTo 12th Ave. Turn (West) To Kirkland Drive, Tum Right To Dead End, Turn Left On Charles Drive RSVP: Ms. Vinson (81.3) 6so-4.o29 JackMconnell Whittall & Shon Chapeau Creations Toucan Charms Bellini Clarm's Adrian Dana Mr. John Brenda Waites Bolling Betmar 'LUCKY' ''Yes, it is very nice." B ae, I would like to say happy birthday and thanks for being my hero after the zeros. Enjoy your day because, well all of you reading know the rest. Love, your wife, Glenda and kids (yes, he took the whole package). BIRTHDAYS DEADLINE: 1 Week In Advance The Southwest Rorida Water Management District is offering Community Education Grants up to $5,000 each to individu als. groups and governmen ts to provide innovative and cost-effective education projects in or all of the following areas: Watersheds Water quality Water conservation Natural systems Rood protection Applications are due August 24, 2007. Projects must occur between March 1 and June 30, 2008. MS. V And ANTONAYJA Happy birthday Ms. V. -Love family and friends. Have a safe trip to Hawaii. MS. V and ANTONAYJA Happy birthday mommy. Let's celebrate and have fun at Disney World I love you Mommy!! Antonayja. 3602 7th Avenue Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 Keys Made 69 and Up ...... Latex Flat White Paint .......... $5.99gal. Oil White Paint ........ $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Se t .......... .............. $2.49 ea. 3 .. Brushes' .. ............. : ........ ......... 99 ea SALE PRICES COOD LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!!


RELIGIOUS GREGG TEMPLE A.M.E. CHURCH 4603 42nd St., Tampa (813) 623-2107 : __ REV. FRANKIE S. FAYSON Ill, Pastor Sunday School 10 A.M. Homing Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study TUESDAY 7 P.M. GOD IS IN CHARGE Trintity C. M.E. Church 2401 N. Howard Ave. (813) 253-2967 PASTOR JOE L. And SIS. JOYCE E. JOHNSON "The Church That Cares" Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship -11 A.M. Bible Study Tuesday 7 P.M. Prayer Miistry Friday 7 P.M. One Hour Prayer Ministry 12 Noon-1 P.M. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday ST.JIHN CATHED 3401 E. 25th Avenue Tampa, 'fl {Comer 34th St. & 25th Ave.) Phone: 813-248-37370r248-3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline: 248-HELP BISHOP EDDIE NEWKIRK, Sr. Pastor Email us at sijminisbies@Oolcom Mission Statement .. A Church of the Inner dty.reaching out to the community by ministering to the Whole man. Outreach Ministry: NOAH COMMUNITY OUTREACH,.INC. I HOUSE OF LYDIA BISHOP EDDIE NEWKIRK and PASTOR AUDREY NEWKIRK JJ c l> c: G') c: Cot) N 0 0 ...... Hope In The Midst Of Pain This message given by God to His people in this week's lesson is one that will definitely give hope and encouragement in the midst of going through trials and tribulations. The messages recorded in 2 Kings 25:1-2, 5-7 and Lamentations 3:25-33, 55-58 show that there will be days of pain in life and there must also be hope. First, examine 2 Kings 25:5-7. This text tells the story of what happened to the king. The king was taken captive in a siege by his enemy. He was bound with chains and his eyes were put out Before that happened the enemy made sure that the last thing he would see was his sons being killed One would imagine that a king wou l d not have to endure such hardships. A king is a person who is in charge and in ew .Beginnings M. B. Church 3101 E. Lake Ave Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 503-9843 REV. DAVID P. CARSON PASTOR FIRST LADY MARY CARSON Sunday School 9:30 A. M. 11 A. M. Morning Worship Tuesday 7 P. M. Meeting & Bible control. He is the person who sits on a throne and rules from the comfort of his palace. He is the one who is now being chased and overtaken, although he is the one with the strongest horse and best, built chariot. With all of this it did not exempt him from being chased by trouble and taken captive. Regardless of who we are, we are all subject to be faced by an enemy and taken captive by unfriendly forces. He had to watch his sons die. No one parent wants their children to die before them. Not only did his sons die before him; they died before his eyes. It is heart wrenching to watch someone you love die. He was so close and could do nothing The king himself was helpless. He could not help his children because he was tied up. with his own issues. What a place to be in life? Y o u see your child r e n dying and being killed before your own eyes but you can't do any thing about it because you are tied up and bound within your own issues. Some boys will never know how to become a man because the men in their lives are trying to be s o hard and trying to be big balla s". Girls are missing out on opportunities to see what it means to become a virtuous woman because the women in their life are trying to get their groove on or get it back. These are examples of adults loosing children because they are tied up in their own 1 ssues. There will be da y s of despair The sun will not shine every day. However we are encour-Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Homing Worship 11 a.m. Prayer Service Wedne.sday 7 p.m. aged to have hope everyday. Jeremiah speaks words of hope to the people going through tri als and tribulations. The Lord is good to those. who wait for Him (Jeremiah 3:25). The Lord will not abandon those who put their trust in Him. Regardless of your situa tion you can and will recover if you wait on God. God is good to those who wait on Him. You cannot hurry God; you have to wait! The words of Isaiah ring loud, "Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength" (Is. 40:31). Waiting for some, is not the most difficult thing. The chal lenging thing for many is what Jeremiah suggest in the 26th verse; wait quietly. Some people wait, but they wait with noise. Their waiting is accompanied by murmuring and complaining. While some are waiting they pop open a bottle of White Zinfandel and turn on some B. B. Kin:g and have a pity party. While we are waiting on God we must learn to wait quietly ; Wait without the sounds of frustration. We must wait without talking about the problem constantly. -If you must talk, sing praises! Jeremiah advises others to let r-0 :II c l> en m z ::! z m r-1 tD c: r rm ::! z ., c: tD r-the individual sit alone because God has laiq it on him (vs. 28). When some people are going through some things you have to leave them alo'ne. As much as you want to be there With them, you have to just give them their space. They are going through what they are going through because God is allowing it happen. If God :II allows it to happen to them He C will deliver them from it. ?< Cii ::I: m C m < m :II -< -4 c: m en c ?< l> z c REVEREND W. D. SIMS, Pastor Children & Youth Bible Study Wednesday 7 8:30 p.m SaturdaY Pr:aver 10 a.m. Youth Bible Institute 12 p.m. Teen Night Friday before the 2nd Sunday 7-11 p.m. Study of the Bible Wednesday 7:30 8:30 p.m. Praise & Worship Service Wednesday 8:30 9 p.m. 3708 E. Lake Avenue Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 628-0752 G) m CU1 I Website: www. stmatthe'oii'Churc:h.com Email : rsims @tampabi!Y.rr. com ,tD


0 CHURCH DIRECTORY 0 N M t; ::) (!) ::) <( >=' <( c a: u.. c a: u.. 0 z <( c en w ::) 1-> a: w > w 0 w :I: !!2 ..J m ::) a. z w ..J ..J ::) m I ..J w z z w en <( c a: 0 ..J LL. m CD w (!) ALLEN TEMPLE AME CHURCH 2101 Lowe St. / REV. WILLIE J. COOK, PASTOR Worship Adivties: Early Worship 7:45 A.M. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Homing Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study 6:45 P.M. Tuesday College Hill Cllurcll Of God In Cllrist 6414 N. 30th St. Elder Charles Davis, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Horning Worship 11 A.M. Y.P.W.W. Worship 6 P.M. Evening Worship 7 P .M. Tues. & Fri. Service 7 P.M. First Missionai'J Baptist Churc Of Highland Pines 4711 21st Ave. REV. CLEVELAND LANE, Pastor Prayer Meeting & Bible Study Wednesday 7 P. M. Sunday School 9:30 A. M. Morning Worship 10:55 A. M. Church Van (813) 627.03338 New FriendshiP M.B.Church 3107 E. Lake Ave. 248-4127 Rev. H. L. Daniels, Pastor Weekly Activi ties Sllld a y Church School 9 : 30A.M. Morning Worship Bible Class EwnlngWorshlp Wednesday Pravar MeeUng Bible SbldV 10:45 A.M. 4 :30P. M 5P. M 7P.M. 7 :30P. M Mt. Zion A.M.E. C urc 5920 Robert Toole Road Riverview, FL 33569 (Curncr uf 3111 \nd \\c.) REV. RONALD FORTUNE "The Church Whose Doors A r e A l w ays Inv ite You T o Attend O u r Services: Wednesday Night Prayer Service And Bible Study 6 : 30P.M. Sunday School Service 9:30A.M Worship Service nA.M. "Ble.\ 1 T h e Lor d Oh My'sout A n d All That I s W ithin Me" Praise The L o rd:!' Holy N a m e" BROWN MEMOR/fll CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E. 27th AVE. (813) 248-5690 (813) 241-6902 WEE/il'l WORSHIP SCHEDVlE SUnday Scllool ..... 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worsllip .... 11 A.M. sunday Evening Worsllip .... 7:30P.M. -Morning Prayer (Tuesday Friday) .... 9 A.M. Wednesday Ni!lllt Worsllip .. ... 7:30P.M. BISHOP MATTHE\1111/JLLIAMS PASTOR www.brownmemorlalcoglc.otg Church Whem The Love Of' God Flows The Ghost Is In Full Control." Ttln,le Crest Church Of Christ Pastorffca c h e r JOHN DOUGLAS, Evangelist Churc h Sc hool Sunday 9:3 0 a m GREATER FRIENDSHIP M. B. CHURCH 4413 35th Sl Sun. Hom. Bible Study. 9:30A.M Morning W o rship Sunda y 10 :55 a. nL REV. H HURRAY, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 a.m Morning Worship 11 a.m. Evening Worship 5 p.m. Sun. Hom. Worship -10:30 A.M. Mid-Week Se rvice Wednesd ay 7 p.m. Sun. Evening Worship 6:30 P.M. (Prayer M e e ting, Bibl e S tud y ) Prayer Meeting Tuesday-7:30p.m. Hid Week Bible Study Wed 7:30 P.M. Ev one Welcome "Excelling Visitors Are Welcomel GRACE MARY M. B. CHURCH 3901 N 37th St (813) 241',3779 DE l o Kllo w C/m:rr Alld To M a ke Cl1ri.rr Kllow11' ELDER THOMAS J REED, Pastor Early Homing Worship 8 a.m. Sunday School 9 : 30a.m. Homing Worship 10:50 a .m. Bible Study, Wed. 7 : 30 p .m. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED Paslor/TeiKher Adult/Children Worship nmes 7:30 A.M. & 10:55 A.M. 4:!i:I!Jii'ili!, SUnday 9 :45 A .M. Adult & Youth/ Children Tuesda y n A M Adult Wednesday 7 P.M. Youth/ Children 7'.30 P M Adult Friday Noon USF Campus A Satellite Campus For Faith Bible Institute Growing The Church For Global Change (Acts 1:8, Rom. 1:8 1 Thes. 1 : 8) FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COLLEGE HILL 3838 North !29th Str.t, Tampa (813) !248-6600 Early Worship 8 a.m Sunday School 9:45 a .m. Homing Worship -10:45 a.m. For Transportllllon Call SISTER BARBARA MCGILL Ill 621 Tuesday Prayer Service 6:30 p .m. Bible Study 7:30 p .m. Brothemood 1st Saturday Matrons 10 a.m. 1st and 3rd SaturdayS Visit our Website or E-Mail us: www.fbcch.org lnfo@fbcxh.org M.B. CHURCH; INC. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF LINCOLN GARDENS 5706 N. 4025 w. Pal111etto St. &79 REV. ANTHONY CiREENE Pastor Earfy Morning Worship 8 a .m. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Homing Worship 11 A.M. Sunday School 9:30 a m Morning Worship -11 a .m. Wednesday Eveni ng Prayer Meeting & Bible Class 7 p .m. Prayer Service & Bible Study Wednesday 7:30 P.M. PEOPLE FOR CHRIST MINISTRIES Florida DR. T HOMAS L. H A DD EN III P a s t o r O n e Cl1111r h Two Low/ i o n s Main Locati o n I 05ll Main S t ree t Sunday Sch o ol 9 : 3 0 a. m Morning W o rs h i p 11 a. m Bibl e Sludy (We d nes d ay) 7 p m Hurrican e Gym 3 715 7th Avenue E a s t Morning Manna 9 a m. For Transportalion, C all ( 813 ) 9 8 6-9 50 The New Palm River COGIC, Inc. 1304 S. 58th Street, Tampa Fl 33619 Elder Willie L. Fowler Jr., Pastor "The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody" Sunday School.. ..................... 9:30 A.M. :15 A.M. Morning Service ............................... 11:30 A.M. Wednesday Bible Band ............ .. .......... .. ... 7 P.M. Friday YPWW ............................ .. .... .. ... 7 P .M. Friday Pastorial Teaching ................... S-9 P.M. Deacon David C. Jorde!!, Deacon Board Chairman Church (8131 621-6764 Home (813) 654-1950 Fu (8131 ,.., ... New st. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church 10o6 south 5oth street Tampa, Florida 33619 813 242 Sunday Morning Church School @ 9 :30am Sunday Morning Worship @ 11 Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & Bible @ 7 :00 pm Wednesday Night Youth for Christ @ 7 :00 pm


_ CHURCH DIRECTORY Abundant (huh Of God In (hri$! 4125 Nassau St. W \ Tampa, FL 33067 (813) 875-9077 KAREN'BARNES, PASTOR OF OPERATIONS Our Weekly Order Of Service Sunday School 9:30 AM Homing Worship 11:00 AM Intercessory Prayer Monday Friday 6:00A.M. Bible Institute Wednesday 7:30 P .M. Corporate Prayer Every 1st & 3rd Friday 8:00P.M. "I have come that they mi11hl have LIFE. more ABUNDANT-LY" St. John 10:10 Come & Hear God's Word With God's People AI ST. LUKE A.M.E. CHURCH Tampa, Fl 33605 2709 N. 25th SL (at17lh Ave.). 248-6753 REV. RONALD D; MIZER, Pastor Office Hours M-F 10am -2pm Sundays 7:45 a.m. Early Morning Worship 9 a.m. Breakfast Served 9:45 a.m. Church School 11 a.m. Horning Worship Wednesdays 12 p.m. Noon Day Prayer Meeting 7 p.m. Prayer And Bible Study Share Box Program Available GREATER BETHEL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1207 N. Jefferson St., Tampa, FL, 33602 (813) 229-1390 I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me. Philippians 4:13 HOLY OUTREACH FOR CHIRST HOUSE OF PRAYER ASSEMBLY, INC 2818 E. Osborne Avenue, Tampa, (813) 238-2213 OR. A. F. NELSON-VICKERS, Pastor & Founder "ONE SERVICE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE" ) DR. A F NELSONVICKERS Pastor & Founder Order Of Service: Sunday School 10 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship 11 a.m. Tuesday Night 7:30 p.m. Bible Study 2nd Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Substance Abuse Ministry 3rd Wednesday Night 7:30 pm. Singles Ministry 4th Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m Marriage Ministry Thursday Night 7:30 p m Worship Services Friday Night 7:30 P.M. Youth Service Saturday Morning t.m. Sabbath Servke MOUNT PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002 N. Rome Avenue (Corner of Rome Ave. and Spruce St.) P.O. Box 4724 Tampa Dr (. T. Kirkland, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@aol.com ?let. 'P!t4Ue 7ec:wt EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7:45 A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 A.M MORNING WORSHIP 11 A. H. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM Family Series Hour (B.T.U.) 6 PH-Lord's 'supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM Prayer Service 1 PM General Bible Study 7 Youth Bible Study TAPE MINISTRY Pastor O rder On Line At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org Mary M. B. Church 3910 W. Laurel Street 813-872-6254 PASTOR WALLACE Z. BOWERS Sunday School-9:30A.M. Sunday Moming Worship 11:00 A.M. Wednesday Night: Prayer Meeting-7:00 P.M. Bihle Study 8:00 P.M. Thusday Noon Day Prayer Noon to 1:00 P.M. ames & Evangelist Eric Come Share Jesus With Us! Worship & Study Sunday 8 A M E arly Wo rsh1p; 9.45 A M B1bl e School 1 OA5 a 2nd Morn1ng Worsh1p 5p E ven1ng Worsh i p Wednesday : ?p. B i ble Stu dy (all ages ) Tel : 8 1 3 985-557 8 2511 E. COLUMBUS DR. (813) 248-8101 OR (813) 247-3899 REV. WALTER J. WILLIAMS, Pastor Early Morning Worship 7:55 A.M. Sunday Morning Worship -9:30 A : Morning Worship-10:55 A.M. Wed., Family Night 7 P.M. Dea. John C. Lovett, Chairman Board Of Deacons 29th Street Church Of Christ 3310 N. 29th St. (813) 242-4572 Bible School-9:15 A.M. Morning Worship -10:30 A.M. Evening Bible Oass 5 P.M., Worship 6 P.M. Community Bible o8ss-Wednesday, 10-nA.M. MIN HAROLD RODRIGUEZ Local Minister Laura Street Ch .. rch of Christ t?a 54 -< )> c: G') c: CJ) -f w I\) 0 0 --..1 "T1 r-0 JJ c )> CJ) m z :::! z m r-1 CJ c: rrm :::! Z "'D c: t1J c CJ) ::I: m 0 m < m ::0 -< -f c: m CJ) c )> z c "T1 ::0 c G') m --..1 I t1J


c a: u. c z <( c en w :::> 1-> a: w > w c w J: en ::i IXl :::> 0.. z i= w _. _. :::> co I ..J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J u. co I 00 w News From Progress Village BY IRADEAN LONDON BIGGS Belated Birthdays Happy belated birthday goes out to Mrs. Eloise Beal. July 24th was the great day. Hope you had a wonderful time! Belated birthday wishes are sent to Mr. Ernest Collins. His blessed day was July 30th. This comes from family and friends wishing you many more! August Celebrants Happy birthday to: Allison Walters, Betty Anderson, Brenda Williams, Juanita Baker, Ethel Taylor, Eddie Jones, Cynthia Nixon, Sharon Jackson, Robert Dorsey, Laconta Marshall, Jr., Ta'Niya Williams, Elder Reginald Lise, Katy Robertson, William "Billy" Trotman, Wanda Mathis, Cora Williams, Dan Mathis, Olivian Mathis, Lyndia Mathis-Hill, Tanisha Speight, Molly Lopez, Michelle Millin, Julie Walters, Dora George, Sunday Reese, AI Anderson, Patrick Thompson, Sr., Amber Warren, Maryann McNair, Horace Reeves, Sr., Willie Lee Walker, Betty Harris, Adrianna Thompson, Carol Hill, Carolyn Boggs, James 0. McDaniel, Shaunquinn Hill, Michael D. Carter, Shaun Hilley, Norris b. Morrow, Bryant Bentley, Barbara Johnson and Patrick H. Andrews. A special wish is coming from the Progress Village family and friends to Mr. Young Johnson, Sr., who will be celebrating his goth birthday on 8/6/07. God bless you!! Sick List Please get well soon: Mozelle Debose, Thomas Lake, Linda Parker-Lee, Francis Johnson, Arlene Evans, Lelia Felder-Moss, Betty Johnson, Rose King, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Archia) Wright, Sr., Sis. Bessie Rogers, Sis. Patricia Green, Deacon and Sis. Willie Moore, Willie Chaney, Annie Laurie Wilson, Brother Arnold Jones, Dea. Alfred Black, Sis. Christine Marshall, Sis. Lula Bell Tucker and Henry Featuring: T11e Gospel Miraclettes Bro .lames Mitchell Sis. Wanda Sis. Catherine Gordon Sis. A ngela 71wrnton NL'lV Greater FriemM1ip C hoir And Many Afore ... B y: S is. Sandra Singletary Contact Numher 813-368-792-t Rev. Madis(>n Murray, Pasto Temporarily Worshipping At Grand Suites Hlltel 11310 N. 30th Street Palm Ballrooms 1 & 2 Service Times Sunday School -9 A.M. Morning Worship-10:30 A "One Two Locations" Church: (813) 251-5756 & Fax: (813) 231-4664 "Equipping The Saints For The Work Of The Ministry" Ephesians 4:12 Wat TBIIIPa Location 2001 N. Albany Avenue, Tampa, FL. 33607 8 a.m. Earty Worship 10 a.m. Sunday School 7 p.m. -WednuduJntercessory Prayer 7:30 p.m. HldWeek Worship Service SOtdll Ta111pa LOcation S. Dale Mabry HWY., Tampa, FL. 33611 11:15 a.m. Homing Worship 7 p.m. Tuesday Bible Study SUPT. Q.ETHEN U. SUTTON Pastor T-hw "A CHURCH WHERE YOU CAN FEEL THE HOLY SPIRIT" LOCAL -Montgomery. Let us keep Brother James Murphy in our prayers for a speedy recovery after leg surgery. He is resting at the Consulate Healthcare Center and the family and. friends at St. Joseph Church wish him a very happy birthday. Condolences Our deepest sympathy goes to the Thomas, Jenkins, Williams and Harvey families in the loss of their loved one, Mr. John Henry Thomas, Jr., who was funeralized Saturday, July 28, 2007, at St. John Progressive Baptist Church, Rev. Bartholomew Banks, officiating. Belated sympathy is extended to Mrs. Barbara Fountain, Eugene Burroughs and Jessie Burroughs of Atlanta, GA, regarding the loss of their beloved mother, Mrs. Vallie Everett, who was funeralized on Saturday, July 28, at the Evening Star Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Elder Lewis Moore, officiating Hearts are saddened all around to learn that another Streeter sister has passed. We send our deepest sympathy to the entire Streeter family in the loss of their FIRST MOUNT CARMEL A. M. E. CHURCH 4406 N 26th Street (813) 236-2322 REV. KIRK R BOG EN, Pastor Church Schoo l Sunday 9:30 a. 111. Wors hip Service Sunday 11 a. n1. Prayer tvlectin g & Bible Study Wedne sday o:30 p. 111. Perfected Love AGAPE MINISTRIES Church Of God In Christ 5112 N. 34th St. Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 23AGAPE (232-4273) Pastor & Founder Sunday School I 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship :00 A.M. Prayer Tuesday 1 6:30P.M. Bible Study Tuesday 17:00 P.M. UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH ELDER H. H. HUNT, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 A. M. Homing Worship 11.A. M. Bible Study Tuesday 7:30 P. M. THE Pl,JBLIC IS INVITED mother and sister. Mr. L. C. Meekins of Eustis was funeralized Saturday. The family remains in our prayers. 7th Anniversary Celebration Macedonia M. B. Church, Rev. Fredrick Sanders, Pastor/Teacher celebrated his 7th anniversary. The program was as follows: The theme was: "The Steps Of A Good Man Are Ordered By God." Praise and Worship by the Praise Team, Prayer by Renice Wright, Scripture by Sis. Carol Brown, Words of Inspiration and Solo by Sis. Henrietta Sanders (Pastor's mother); Spoken Word by Rev. Dwayne Sanders (brother .of thePastor), Invitation by Rev. I>wayne Sanders, Special Presentation by Sis. Mae Kincade, Benediction by Rev. Dwayne Sanders and the 4 p m. Worship Service Spoken Word by Rev. Sylvester Robinson. Newlyweds Congratulations to Ms. Keli Harris on her marriage to Michael Davis in Atlanta, GA, on July 7, 2007. Keli the daughter of former Villager, Pattie JohnsonHarris, niece of Steve Johnson and granddaughter of the late, Fred and Billie Johnson. The beautiful ceremony was attended by : Sharon Johnson and Geneva Lucas. They also traveled to Columbia, SC, to visit their son/grandson and his family, Ali and Karen Garner and son, Javar. A wonderful time was had by all! New Rider Reboarding the Florida Sentinel train is Mrs. Ethel Chapman. Welcome back! Brothers 2 Keep Prison Ministry For FREE Bibles and cards to inmates write: P. 0. Box 4618, Tampa, FL, 33677-4618. Ms. Yvette Cade is a sister who needs your help to restore her face and complexion due to being doused with gasoline and set on fire by her husband. If you would like to donate towards her healing and restoration send your donations and encouragement to: Ms. Yvette Cade, P. 0. Box 6396, Silver Springs, MD, 20916. .Remarkableinmates are ing. what they can to helpJ one such awesome leader in this cause is Bryant Bentley. God bless! Thought For Today "It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself Info To Use The Florida Hunger Hotline number is (1-800) 329-3663. F.Y.I. Remember our servicemen and women who put their lives on the line daily for us. Remember the helpers in the kitchen : Thelma, (813) 671-3614 Family Deli (813) 671-1541 or H 0. P.; (813) 238-5221. Call your news into Iradean London-Biggs at (813) 677-60 71. The Power Of Pentecost THE STEWART FAMILY 303 N Oregon Ave., TJmpJ, FL, 33606 (813) 254-5260 KENNETH STEWART, PJstor (813) 817-7288 Pastor's Message & Sunday School 12 p.m. Morning Worship* 1 p .m. Wednesday Bible Study* 7 :30p.m. Youth Sign language & Tutoring Direction>: 1-275 to Downtown Wet Exit (Ah ley Orive) Turn Right Kennedy B lvd Turn Right on O regon Aven ue. www.tabofhope.org pastor@tabofhope.org Your Life Is Determined By The C h o ice!!. You Make ... 902 West Robertson Street, Brandon, FL, 33511 (813) 657-9400 or (813) 503-0383 http://shilohtabernade.spaces.live.cnm Sunday School @ 10 a m. _. Morning Wnrship & Children's Church @ \1 a m. Evening Worship Every 4th Sunday @ 6 p. m Mid-Week Bible Study @ 6 p.m. OUR VISION To See God's P eople Empm ered In .41/Area., Of Their Li1es & What Wa f Once Lost. Re1itoret,l" MOUNT CARMEL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 314 Hunter Rd., Plant City, FL 33566 0 (813) n0-2424 or (813) 325-7078 __ ......,.....,. IT'S ALL ABOUT 'I SUS! SUnclaw School 10 a.111. Morning Worship o 11 a.111. Bible Studr o 7:30 P.,ftl. Weclnesclaw Directions To 1btl Church: Take 1-4 to Plant City, Exit 21. Keep straight to Alslhwu 39, go about 4 miles to Hunter Road, tum Right on Hunter Road, tM Church b 1/4 mile on tM left. For Transl:iortadon, Call: (813) 983-1912 "OurMt;,;,ion/.r Em 'Jmoenn e tu Tlllva /z T/1e Won'/ Q 'Cod"


. LOCAL -n ::0 Local Author Hosts Book Signing On Saturday, Jul y 21, 2007, a uth or, motivational speaker and lif e and r e lationship coach, Carmin Wharton, h os t ed a book s ignin g for her newly release d book, Lessons L ea rn ed: While Looking for Love in A ll th e Wrong Faces. Th e book is Wharton's first a nd i s a g ritty sometimes h ea rt wrenching and always ente r taining memoir about her r e l a tionships with men. The event was held at the. pictu.resque West Tampa Branch Library with many of the author's family members, friends and fans in attendance. The characters in Wharton's book run the gamut of the Bad Boy, the P l ayboy, the Sugar Daddy, th e Nut Case a nd eve n the D ru g Addict. O n the surface, th e c haracters m ay appear to be ste r eotyp ical, but W h arton pro vides eac h with his own dis tin ct person a lity as s he crafts a ma s t e rpi ece of women 's non-fiction addressing current malefemal e r e lationship iss ues, p a r ticul a rly those f ac ing th e Black community Some "lessons" you will learn: The Devil Loves Church Too ( Never Recycle Men ( Leave Rehabilitation to the Experts. Left to Right, Jim Zebrowski, Ricky Gallon, Author, Carmin Wharton, and Cdr. (Ret.) Floyd Meadows. Dorothy Williams left, author's aunt, and Minnie Whartori, author's mother, were in the audience for the book discussion. Left to Right: Darlene Harris, Anne Rudolph, Clemmie Perry, Carmin Wharton and Linda Gillon. Readers w ill discover that there are reel flags a nd c u es whic h will indicat e th at a per so n is not your perfect mate. L ea rn: How all r e l a tion ships (eve n failed ones) teach you val u ab l e life l esso n s ( How t o v i ew what yo u 've learned in r e lationship s as "gifts ( How yo u r history, level of self es te e m and self-worth a ff ec t r e l a tionship choices a nd much more. Wharton states I believe God' s purpose for me is to enlighten, motivate and inspire women. I encourage everyone not to die with their book and dreams inside of them." Carmin is. available for speaking engagements and other events and ma y be con t ac t ed v i a h e r websi te. The book cos t s $15.95 and autograph ed cop i es are ava il ab l e o nlin e at th e a uth or's web s ite, www.carminwharton.com. The bo o k is a l so avai l able for purchase on Amazon.com a nd via the publisher's website, www.lulu.com/carminw har ton.com. C David Wharton, author' s brother. The Hughes family attended the book signing !lnd discussion at the West Tampa Library: Michael, Stacey, and Joshua Hughes. When: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 Where: New Hope M. B. Church 3005 E. Ellicott Street Tampa, FL 33610 Rev.Dr.TW Jenkins, Pastor Time: 5:30 7:30 p.m. "Making the Connection for Student Success" School supplies avail able for the First 200 students. Phone (813) 236-3611 for further. informat ion. 0 }< )> c C> c (/) -i w 1\J 0 0 --.1 "TT r-0 JJ 0 )> (J) m z ::t z m r-1 m c rrm ::t z c MT. PLEASANTSTANDARD BASED MIDDLE SCHOOL 1906 N Rome Avenue* Tampa FL, 33607 (813) 253-0053 "Home of the Diamonds" Mt. PleasantS. B. Middle School provides a safe nurturing and disciplined environment so your child can achieve full academic potential. On the 2 007 FCAT of ALL the 45 middle schools in the Hillsborough County School District Mt. Pleasant made THE HIGHEST gains in Reading at 80 % arid THE HIGHEST gains in Math at 70%. We provide a varied educational curriculum that includ es meeting the Florid a Sunshin e State Stand a rds Mt. leasant S. B. Middle School Features: Limited bus transportation *Small classrooms (18-22 students) Fully equipped computer lab Florida certified teachers Athletic program (boys and girls) Cheerleading step teams and *Foreign language program (Spanish and French classes) *Dress code (uniforms) Educational and fun field trips Parentn Teacher Student Organization Parent Resource Center *And much more!! We cordially invite you to attend our Open House on Wednesday August 15th at 6 p. m. Come Meet Th e Princip a l Bo ar d Members Teachers a nd Staff Tour our school facility and enroll yo ur child We hope you will consider Mt. Pleasant the choice for yo ur child's educational needs m r-c;; :l: m 0 m < m JJ -< -t c m (J) 0 )> z 0 "TT 0


LOCAL Local T.V. Producer S igns Deal With Starfighters (NASA) > Successful businessman <( c a: LL. c z <( > <( c en w ::::J I-> a: w > w c w :::1: (/) ::::i m ::::J Q. z Iii ...1 ...1 ::::J m ...J w z t= z w (/) <( c a: 0 ...1 LL. Madison, a native of New York, is no stranger to big deals. He began to negotiate with the Starfighters Jet Program, which is subcontracted by NASA. An invitation only launch demonstration was held on July 16th at the St. Petersburg Airport. General Steve Ritchie and Major Waldrop explained that the F-104 Interceptor Jet is the fastest single engine aircraft in the United States. After witnessing the take off, I understand why and how it is possible for it to travel from Tampa to Miami in 11 minutes. Wow! If you'd like to take your crew on a ride they'll never forget, buckle up and call (813) 872-9900. Photos and story by Joanna Williams. Take it from me. You can prevent colon cancer by getting tested. They check your colon, and H they find a polyp, they remove _it before it becoriles cancer. If you're SO or to doctor about getting tested for colon cancer. For a fr .ee Information packet Or) the different ways you can be tested caii1-800-ACS-2345 or visit www.cancer.org/colon. Progress. Answers. /1 BOO A CS 2 3 4 5 / C2007 Cancer Society Inc. =LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT Comedian Celebrates 10 Years In The Business BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Peacock was confused, and turning the wrong corners. He had associated with the wrong people, and felt it would be just a matter of time before he found himself incarcerated in a federal prison. As a teenager, Peacock had seen his share of trouble, spending time in the Juvenile Detention Center. After his release, he continued his path of destruction until he reached the age of 25, and decided it was time to stop. That was 10 years ago. That was also the time Peacock said he knew drugs weren't going to work, so he tried comedy "I always could make people laugh, and I grew up listening to the best like Richard Pryor." Peacock got a break when he was approached by David Gay of lsabomb Entertainment who helped him get some appearances on a few shows in the area. "I appeared on the Def Comedy Jam and at the Improv Comedy Forum. I felt good about my performance, and now I know I made the right decision." Peacock said his secret was he never stopped shooting for his dreams. "It hasn't been easy .I started out working for free beers. I did whatever I had to so I wouldn't go to the life I had left behind. Enjoying some success, Peacock said. he never stopped trying to help others. .1'.. "It's not easy helping peo-ple who don't have your desire. You have to want to change and improve your life. "My advice is to ignore the obstacles and stumbling blocks and just continue to strive for success. Pull from within yourself the strength you know you have. I've never had any sponsors or anyone who really believed in me, but I kept going anyway. In the future, Peacock's company Big, Eye Entertainment, and Renard Johnson's Street Stylz Records will help groom new artists. "I also want to help manage them until they get their break. They just have to remember that along the way, they must pay their They have to work hard and make a lot of sacri fices." Peacock thanks God for being there for him and giving him the strength and His blessing. He's also pla,nning to 11 movie about his life called "It Ain't Easy Being Me," and is looking for sponsors. The public. is invited io 'out 15th an,d celebrate Peacock's lOth anniversary at Caribbean .Jasmine (formerly Tropix); at 910 East Skagway. ;For more information, call (813) 325-8171.


. LOCAL Bridal Shower For Paulette All attention was focused recently on Paulette Green when a bridal shower was held in her honor. She received many useful gifts (Photographs by Jerry Brunson) Sierra Mosley, Vivian Sams, Shanika Gilmore and Octavia Hill helped Paulette Green celebrate her approaching marriage. Bridal shower honoree, Paulette Green with many of the useful gifts she received. "T1 :0 0 )> -< )> c: C) c: en -4 Co) 1\) 0 0 """ "T1 r 0 ::z:J c )> en m z :! z m r;m c: r r m -4 z ""C c: m !: en ::I: m c m < m ::z:J -< -4 c: m en c )> -< )> z c "T1 :xt c )> -< ""C )> C) m


_ LOCAL Mouse Of God Church Convention The House of God recently held a conv ention that a l s o <( c a: LL. c z a: w > w c w ::Z:::. U) :J m ::l a. z ffi ...J ...J ::l m ...:. w z i= z w U) ct c a: 0 ...J LL m I C'l ,... w (!J ct a. DODGE NITROTRUCKS ELDER ROBERT OMAR Elder K. C. Griffen, Bishop Johnnie Williams, host pastor, and Elder Hercules Gilmore. The Praise Team shared many uplifting songs. BRAN DO DODGE Lifetime Powertrain Warra With Any New 2006, 2007 Or 2008 Selected Models See Dealer For Details 1500 DODGE RAMS FELIX WALTERS Sales Manager DODGE AVENGERS


-LOCAL Surprise 3-Day Birthday Celebration Reatha surprised her husband, Ike with a big birthday bash. More than 100 family members and fri ends gathered at their lovely home for a 3-day adventure. The second day consisted of a morning fish fry for break. fast. The final day was a celebration at the Double Decker. Birthday honoree Ike with his wife, Reatha, who hosted the 3-day birthday celebration. JAY CREAL AND JANICE MARTIN Testing positive for Hepatitis doesn't mean your future has to be # negat1ve. LARRY AND LISA 'T' BIG TOMMY 'T' Chuck Ski and Travis Lock at the birthday celebration for Ike. The UfeLink HealthCare Institute's Hepatitis Treatment Program has your future in mind. We provide individualized care today, so you start feeling better and can look forward to tomorro\v. We offer a comprehensive team of liver specialists who can advise, treat and support you through your illness. Don't put health off until tomorrow. Contact us today at (800) 262-577 5. LifeLink Insti.tllte Adwmced medical, ilugictil & transpltutt paJient care 409 Bavshorc Boulevard J -FL 33606 "TT :::IJ c )> -< )> c: G) c: en ....j eN 1\) 0 0 ""..J "TT r-0 :::IJ c )> en m z ::i z m .r;m c: r r-z "'0 c: m r-c;; ::E: m c m < m 2:1 -< ....j c: m en c )> -< )> z c ., :::IJ a )> -<


c a: LL. c z < c en w ::J .... > a: w > w c w ::a: en ::; m ::J D.. z i= w ..J ..J ::J m I ..J w z i= z w en < c .a: 0 ..J LL. It's In The Bag Heavy Purses New Nemesis Today's super-sized hand bags are dishing out an demic of sore shoulders, stiff necks and painful backs. It's gotten so bad that doctors, massage therapists, and chi ropractors now tailor treatments for the fashion-and designer-bag obsessed, writes J. Courtney Sullivan in The New York Times. "In the last year or so, I've been seeing the same kind of issues with adult women that I'm used to seeing with kids who carry heavy backpacks on one shoulder," says Karen Erickson, chiro-practor. She sees women expenenc ing neck pain, not just while they're carrying their purses, but all the time. A lot of them even get bad headaches. "Lately, when a patient come in complaining of these symptoms, r walk over and pick up her purse," she says. "Without fail, it weighs a ton." Smarter trendsetters understand the "less is more" look when it comes to hand bags Carrying only absolute necessities helps; abetted by a weekly cleanout. Regular massage for any pain, as well as gentle stretching and warm baths with Epsom salts at home also can spell relief. M. BOARD CERTIFIED IN INTERNAL MEDICINE Diabetes Management Problems High Blood Pressure Heart Disease High General PhySical Examilations New Patients Welcome Now Located At: 4511 N. Armenia Ave. (813) 870-3767 Call To Make An .DR. AGNES .UBANI (813) 3417'7900 ..... Medical Cllnic 10320 N. 56th St Ste 120 Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617 I!Jdft!M Effort Produces Sqp.Re&ults All You Need Is-lbdreme Determination And A TO'Succeed You Have Nothing To .1QB But .: .. HEALTH Cloudy Apple Juice's Clear Benefits Desperately Seeking Calcium When it comes to disease fighting antioxidants, cloudy apple juice appears to be the clear winner according to a new study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Research shows that cloudy, oar unclar ified, apple juice contains up to four times the polyphenols as some types of clear apple juice. Yet clear apple juices continue to dominate store shelves and sales due to their longer shelf life as well as con sumer s misperceptions that they're purer. You need 1,000 milligrams a day for strong bones and i,2oo to 1,500 milligrams if you're older than so. Here's how to get what you need. Non-Dairy Calcium-fortified soy milk. sneak it in by blending smoothies and using in baked goods. Calcium-fortified orange juice sneak it is in vinaigrettes, glazes and marinades, or freeze to make ice pops. Broccoli -sneak it is by steaming the broccoli and Have A Great Smile!! Marsh Orthodontics Braces For Children & Adults Affordable Monthly Payments Quality Personal Care Family Discounts New Patients Welcome Complimentary Initial Examinations William F. Marsh, D.D.S., P.A: (813) 238-3384 4119 N. Taliaferro Ave (MLK at 1-275. N) Tampa, FL It is our office policy that the patient and any other person responsible lor payment has the l t or to be reimbursed lor payment lor any other seMCe. examma 10n, 10 a resun of and within 72 hours of respond i ng to the advertisement free, discounted-lee, or reduced fee service, examination or treatment -i.ocated At The North East Comer Of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd And JJrd Street, West Of 34th Street CHRISTIAN NWOYE Pharmacist fREE HOME/OFFICE IDIVERY ANI PICK-UP Phone: (813) 248-5405 (813) 248-5408 3302 East Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Tampa, Flonda 3361 Take Care Of Your Feet... They Have To Last A Sheehy Ankle & :Foot Center. Medicine And Surgery orTiie Foot Ankle And Leg Foot Pain Ankle Pain Nail Deformi ties Heel Pain Corn & Calluse8 Wound Care Sports MediCine.- New Procedure PAULL. SHEEHY, JR. P.A. Member American Of Laser Medicine & Surger-y 813-277-0222 www.TampaFootDoctor.com sprinkling with lemon juice for a simple side dish or add to stir fried and pasta salads. Almonds -sneak it in by sprinkling sliced over cereal or spread 2 tablespoons almond butter on whole-grain toast for a tasty breakfast. Plain low-fat yogurt sneak it in as a snack topped with fresh berries or use:iri place of sour cream il}_ dishes and veggiecdips;-: ; Skim milk sneak it in by adding chocolate_ syrup ot vanilla extract, cinnamon and sugar for a dreamy treat before bed or use instead of water in creamy soups or oatmeal. String cheese sneak it in as a late-afternoon pick-me-up and guess what it has fewer than 100 calories. 1% low fat cottages cheese sneak it in by adding an apple slice for a midday snack, use in lasagna and baked shells, or spread on crusty bread with cracked pepper. Six Energy Boosting VItamins To find a supplement that will help fight stress and, fatigue,;,obe-the following vitamins: Thiamine. Thiamine, or what we know as vitamin B1. This vitamin not only boosts but helps to improve the immune system. Riboflavin. Riboflavin is crucial in the metap olism of fat and carbohydrates. It is also important in preventing eye fatigue and promoting general weJl-being. Niacin. Niacin, vitamin B3, plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. This vitamin also helps in converting the food we eat into energy. Pantothenic Acid Pantothenic acid, vitamin Bs, is considered the anti-stress This vitamin also helps improve the immune defenses and is crucial for cell renewal. Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is important in keeping your body and mind h;)althy Actlially, this is nec.,essa):IY riot 6nly .in.t,he metab olism .of over-a hundred e 'rizymes. but also 'in the breal

. HEALTH Common Concems During Pregnancy Morning Sickness which can strike at any time of the day, is fairly common during the first trimester. It helps to nibble on dry crackers, cereal, bananas or apples, and avoid letting your stomach get empty. Small amounts of ginger ale may help. Heartburn can develop as well. Again it is usually alleviat ed by eating smaller meals and avoiding greasy, fatty, spice or fried foods. Try small amounts of natural ginger ale, yogurt or kefir (a fermented, yogurt-like drink). Constipation can be both prevented and alleviated by increasing your fiber intake (try a high-fiber breakfast cere al with more than 10 grams of fiber per serving) and drinking lots of water. Men End Ingrown Hair I Physician Monitored Weight Loss Program! Fat Bumer Weight Loss Injection, Nutritional Supplem ents Meuholic Stimul help to think not in t erms of T Same Day Appointment exerc is e (i.e. an hour d e dicated Walk-in Patients Wetcome z to exertion and sweat) but Medlcald,HMOs, CashOnlv I :::! rather movement-a 20-minute wa lk around the neighborhood r I stretching for 15 minutes. CD When you can work in more Tel (81 C: liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii1Fiaixi(Si1iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;;lr I FREE BACK-TO-SCHOOL IMMUNIZATIONS AND PHYSICALS FOR CHILDREN ENTERING KINDERGARTEN OR 7TH GRADE (CHILD MUST BE S YEARS OLD BY 8/3 1/07 TO QUALIFY) .. SATURDAY, AUG.UST IS HEALTH PARK 5802 North 30th Street, Tampa 9 a.m. -Noon Tampa General Hospital SNACKS I FUN I MUSIC Children must be accompanied by parent or legai guardian and brtng. shot record to receive immunizations. Sports physicals WILL NOT be available. For directions or more informa tion, please can (813) 844-FAIR. "'D c: CD r c;; :::E: m c m JJ -< -4 c: m en c ?< )>. z c lJ c ?<


" 0 0 N M" .... en :::J C!l :::J <( >"' <( c a: LL. RECIPES FPo"Jt! clzwiJ15 clcf.ss oV SUJ11111e:P cent be cltcd1eJt5i115 So ewe c1 cool. cle1icioils .. cntcl ses. tnre.Jt. ci:PiJtkclb1e SciV'o:P 'Cite (:1ciV'o:Ps o.V :!::.-, : c a: LL. c z <( c en w :::J .... > :::tl;;' c w ::z: en :::i m :::J Q. z i= w _. _. :::J aJ I _. w z !Z w U) C( c a: 0 _. LL. SeJtsei'DioJt 1 pt. raspberry sherbet, softened 1 cup cold fat-free milk 1 pkg. Vanilla Instant Pudding & Pie Filling 1 tub Whipped Topping, thawed 1 cup raspberries DIRECTIONS: Line 9x5-inch loaf pan with foil. Spoon sherbert' into pan; freeze 1 0 min. Pour milk into Jarge bowl. Add dry pudding. / mix. Beat with wire whisk until well blended. Gently stir in whipped' topping; everily over sherbert in pan. ,Freeze 3 hours. To unmold, invert pan onto plate; remove -r Let stand to soften slightly before cutting into 12 slices to serve. Place one _slice o n each of 12 dessert plates. Pect:elt SltoP'Deelke Squcuaes 1 tub whipped topping, thawed 1 pt. vanilla ice cream, softened 1 pkg. peach flavor gelatin 4 cups pound cake cubes 174 cup raspberry preserves 12 small peach slices 12 raspberries DIRECTIONS: Mix whipped topping, ice cream and dry gelatin mix in large bowl until well blended. Stir in cake cubes. Spoon into 8-inch square pan. Freeze 3 hours or until firm. Drizzle with raspberry preserves. Cut into squares. Top each square with 1 peach slice and 1 raspberry. Store any leftover dessert in freezer. CHICKEN & fiSH 3513 N 22nd St. Tampa, FL 33605 Tel:813-247-4999 Now Cooking Thurs ... Sat. Fot; All Your Seafood Dellihts, Marvin Has Just What You Need. m Fresh & Smoked Mullet Trout Snapper u,_ Shrimp Sheap Head Live Blue Crabs 'f-.. ,. -Hours: Mon-Sat 1 O:OOam 12.-DOpm Sunday 11:00am -11":00pm Smoo'Ditie eiteeseeelke 1-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs 1/4 cup butter, melted 2 Tbsp. sugar 4 pkg. cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup sugar 1 pkg. frozen berries, drained 1 tub whipped topping, thawed, divided DIRECTIONS: Line baking pan with foil, with ends of foil extending over sides of pan. Mix grahain crumbs, butter and 2 Tbsp. sugar; press firmly onto bottom of pan. Refrigerate while preparing filling. Beat cream cheese -and % cup sugar in bowl with electric mixer. until well blended. Smash drained berries with fork; stir into cheese mixture. Gently stir in 2 cups of the whipped topping. Spoon over crust; cover Refrigerate until firm. Use foil handles to remove cheesecake from pan before cutting into. pieces to serve. Top with whipped topping. s es alirant (Corner Of MLK & 1 7th 1 coin Laundiy) Phone:(813)247-5555 Saturday-Augu st 4th 11 A.M. Until The Food Is G one! Serving Ice Cream Footlong Hot Dogs Smoked Fried Fish French Fries Chips Potato ,Paked Beans Cole Slaw & Sodas Every Weekend .. ls s Time!


. RECIPES J Sc1J15Picl Apples & Pec:IPS 3 medium-sized apples 3 medium-sized pears 2 cups rose wme 1/2 cup sugar 3 strips orange zest 3 stnps lemon zest 2 oranges, peeled and sectioned DIRECTIONS: Peel and core the apples and pears; cut into wedges. In a small saucepan, combine wine, sugar and zest; bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to medium-high; add apples and cook for 10 minutes. Add pears and cook until fruit is tender, about 5 minutes longer. Transfer to a glass bowl; cool to room temperature. Gently stir clementine sections into fruit; cover and chill. To serve: Spoon fruit and liquid into dessert dishes. ... VlC.:vo::Ps 1 -1/2 cups frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) 1 banana 1 cup vanilla yoaurt 1/2 cup skim m1lk 1/2 cup apple juice DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve and enjoy! 2 bananas, peeled 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 teaspoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon ground cmnamon 1/2 teaspoon banana extract (optional) 4 tablespoons dark rum 3/4 cup half-and-half 3 cups fat vanilla 1ce cream, slightly thawed 4 strawberries, for garnish DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350. Spray baking dish with no-stick cooking spray and set aside. Slice bananas in half lengthwise, then cut crosswise into 1/2-inch pieces. Place banana pieces in mixing bowl; add lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon. Toss gently to coat evenly. Place banana mixture in prepared baking dish and bake until bananas are soft about 1 0 minutes. Remove from oven and cool completely. Put mixture in electric blender. Add banana extract, the rum, half-and-half and ice cream. Blend until smooth. strawberries. AT PUBLIX, SAVING IS PART OF THE PLEASURE. : : .. Porterhouse 6 99 or T-Bone Steaks. ... ... lb ... .......... 599 Publix Premium Certified Beef, USDA Choica, Beef Loin SAVE UP TO 4.00 LB Extra large Size, A Good Source of Fiber SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE Official Pie of the State of F l orida, Publix Original Recipe in a Graham Cracker Crust, From the Publix Bakery, 34-oz size BBO Rotisserie Chicken .. ;6.49 Hot or Fresh Chilled, Fresh From the Publix Deli, each SAVE UP TO .50 Large Florida Pink Shrimp ....... 8.99. Previously Frozen, 21 to 25 per Pound SAVE UP TO 4.00 LB .... -Pub I ix. WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE. SAVE UP TO 1.50 General Mills suv ONE FREE Cheerios Cereal GET o N E Assorted Varieties, 1 0.4 to 14-oz box (Ex:luding Fruity ChQerios, 12-oz box) (Umit two d981s O'l selected advertised varieties.) SAVE UP TO 3.99 12-Pack Michelob Ultra Beer 8.99 Or Michelob or Michelob Light, 12-oz can br bot. or Michelob Ultra Amber or Michelob Amber Bock. 12-oz bot. (6:Pack Smimoff Malt Bevgrage, Assorted Varieti9s, 11.2-oz bot .... 5. 99) SAVE UP TO 1.00 lrJ Prices effective Thursday, August 2 through Wednuday, Auglnt 8, 2007. Only in thl! Following Counties: Sumter. Pasoo. Lake. Hernando, Citrus, Polk and Osceola Pi-lets not efftctlw at Publlx Sabor. R i ghts Reserved. w w w p u b I i x c o m I a d s ''": "T1 r-0 ll c l> en m z :::! z m r-1 OJ c rrm :::! z "C c OJ l en ::I: m c m < m ll -< -1 c m en c l> z c "T1 ll c


""" 0 0 C\1 CLUB SCENE Smittey In Concert At Club Manilla Th e artis t w h o sings Diamonds On M y N eck," Smittey was in con cer t recently at Club M a nilla. (Photos by Julia Jackson) c a: LL. c z <( c (J) LIJ ::) .... > a: LIJ > LIJ c LIJ J: (J) ..J m ::l Security on patrol at the Manilla keeping everyone safe a. Xavier Ashwood and D. J. Rece. z i= LIJ ..J ..J ::) m I ..J LIJ z i= z LIJ (J) <( c a: 0 ..J LL m I cc ,... Featuring: Hair Salons Barbershops Beautv Suppliers & Wig Shops To Be Published Everv Tuesdav oner Extended Thru August 31, 2001 CHUCK AND STACY LOVETT Lisa N asrow and Tasha Sapps at the concert. Pinch Micros ......... ...... .. Reg Micros ...... ............. Kinky Twist... ............. ... Body Braids ................ ... SewIns/Micros.. ........ .... 110 00 Sew -ln.......... .................. 85.00 Bobs ..... ........ ............... 85.00 Stuff Twist... ............. ..... 35 .00 Relax e r ....................... .... .00 Take Out s.. .............. ..... .00 Hours: & Mon. By Appb. Tues-Sat9A.M. 9 P.M. !Ask Aboul Our DiKOIInl P1iresl Club Manager, Gaylen. Tina Threa and Twanna Love were among those in the house for the "Smittey" concert. Fade Jones, Duna Thorn, Luke Smothesy and Rodrick Long at the Smitley Concert 3402 N. 34th Street 247 Specializing In Curls, Perms Cuts & Color, Press & Curl, Hair Weaving For The Entire Family WalkIns Welcom e


4058 N. Annenia Ave. Suite 105 1 Fiesta Plaza Tampa 81.3-874-071.3 Specials: Tuesday & Wednesday Relaxer, Cut And Style ....... $45 & Up Color ...................................... $35&Up Lashes ................................... $35 Sew In Weave (Braided) .... $100& up t]outique &' Co((ectibfes 1022 E. Dr.Martin Luther King Blvd. Ste B Fashion Shoe s & Available II A.M-6P.M MON.-SAT ;-S-A--l-_E_I_I_I --5-Q--0-Ycu'P fo -Q-_f_f_ -I Accessible And Affordable!!! I I 0 OncCOUpOnrc:r C""l"'" I I Allllcms I -----------------------------------.. BRING :BACK! Sew-In \Vcavt. FuJII lead $99 CLUBSCENE KLUB Scene BYFLAVA P.O. BOX 172415 Tampa, FL 33672-0415 (866) 909-2929 MySpace.comiKiubSceneTha.JumpOff Club It's finally here! Plies' album release party is going down on Tuesday, August 7th at Club Underground. Come kick it with the stars that have confirmed in the V.I.P., T-Pain, Trina, Pleasure, Rick Ross, Tank, D. J. Khaled, Drama and many more. For info call (813) 732-0943. Studio Inc. Blazen Ent.'s 70s Disco Party is Friday night. PLIES 'The Real Testament!' In Stores August 7th Cotton Club Every Tuesday is Tight Tuesday at the Black On Black Rhyme at the Cotton Club. Manilla Manilla Monday Night Madness is back on point with 2-4-1 drinks and ladies get in FREE before 12. 112 Phat Fridays is the hypest after work party in the Bay. Check out the U-Haul Boyz' Block or Not Super Swole Sundays. Ladies, FREE admission and drinks before 12 Comfort Inn Heavy's Old School Fridays is at the Comfort Inn on Busch and Nebraska featur-"'T1 JJ c l> -< l> c C) ing Tampa's only Dancing D .J.s. -t Blue Shark Experience Jazz and R&B at the Blue Shark featuring the Shawn Brown Band. Live'n My Dreams Wow! Your response to be on Live'n My Dreams reality TV show was whoa! There's still time. Are you an up and coming rapper or singer? Are you looking for exposure? Live'n My Dreams Reality TV Show is looking for new acts to showcase. Be a part of history. For info call (1-866) 909-2929. Get@Me FLAVA w 1\) 0 0 ....... CRYSTAL @ Studio Inc. BAYA, MIKE And G (Manilla's Manager) "'0 )> C) m CD I m


""'" 0 0 C\1 (") 1-C/) :::::> :::::> < < c a: LL > < c a: LL c z < > < c C/) w :::::> .... > a: w > W c w fn :::; al :::::> D. z ..J ..J ::::> lD ..:. w z != z 1.U IJ) c( .0 oc 0 _, ..L. o I f l LOCAL CLUBS Black On Black Rhyme Face-Off e Cotton Club recently hosted Black On Black Rhyme's "Platinum Society's" Face The creator, Bob R. and LIFE thosts) thanks all who attended for their support. ture proved brains combined with brawn is a lethal combination. qieck them out every Tuesday at the Cotton Club. Bob R. can be reached at (813) 810-3582. (By Joanna 'Flava' Williams) BLACK BERRY And THE CONNECTION CREW Real S**t And Queen The PoetOfTheYear ... FliTURE Subscribe Today! "The Voice of Our Co1nmunity Speaking for Itself' Comedian Blackson At The lmprov You might know him as Mamoto from the movie Repo, which starred Kat Williams and Master P, but his name is Michael Blackson. He recently performed a one-night show to a sold out crowd at the lmprov. He had everyone there cracking up at his hilarious Mrican impersonation. Michael said to lookout for the re-release of Repo soon, one of the funniest movies ever made. (By Joanna 'Flava' Williams) TYAndCED


ENTERTAINMENT Grey's Creator Says Washington Was Written Off Show As Planned Speaking to TV Guide, 'Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes got candid about the final episode of the season, which saw the exit of Washington's character Dr. Preston Burke before the actor was officially fired from the show. "I wrote the season-ender exactly as I planned to write the she said. "What's ki'nd of am:azing is the season;e'rider finished the story of Preston Burke and really paid tribute to that character and to the talent of Isaiah Washington in a way that made sense. But it also went exactly where our show was planning to go anyway. Rhimes, who r eportedly called W ashi.ngton in tears to inform him of ABC's decision, also said Thursday it wasn't hard letting him go "It was a decision that was a long time coming, and i t felt lik e it was the ri ght deci s ion for all of us," she said. As for Washington's new multi-episode gig on NBC's upcoming remake of "Bionic Woman," Rhimes said she SHONDA RHIMES .... Grey's Anatomy .creator ISAIAH WASHINGTON .. written off show amid controversy about calling castmate who's gay, a 'fag'. wishes him well. Returning To TV Show 'Lost' HAROLD PERRINEAU BEVERLY HILLS, CA -Turncoat Michael is making a "Lost" 'comeback. Harold Perrineau, who plays the character last seen betraying his fellow crash survivors to save himself and his son, will return to the show next sea son. ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson didn't offer any details of what's in store for Michael. He also didn't say whether Walt, the son played by Malcolm David Kelley, will be seen again. The pair fled the mysterious island where the crash victims were struggling to surv i ve against the dangerous "Others," with desperate Michael turning over his friends in exchange for Abdul Disputes She Was Axed From 'Bratz' Paula Abdul says she was not fired from the "Bratz" movie, as reports last week have suggested The "American Idol" judge insists she was just too busy to continue on as the film's choreographer, costume designer and executive producer. In a statement he rep said: "She was not only taping 'American Idol' .three days at week, she was also filming her Bravo reality series 'Hey Paula' five days a week as well. In addition, she was in the process of not only expanding her successful QVC jewelry line but also coming up with the first scent in her new perfume line Sexy Thoughts. Something had to PAULA ABDUL give and ultimately that was 'Bratz."' This statement comes in the wake of last week's episode of "Hey Paula," which showed footage of her reduced to tears upon hearing a message that her services would no longer be needed on the film. ., ::tl c )> c: G') c: CJ) -4 w N 0 0 -....! G') m N ..... I m


,..... 0 0 C'll ENTERTAINMENT C') t; ::J More Fallout From Usher's Near Wedding g ATLANTA, GA-Welcome < back to the Usher and Tameka Foster soap op era C or train wreck, if you prefer. fE The latest in the ongoing public dra ni.a is that Tameka has now spoken out about all the rumors and speculation about her wedding to Usher that was called off at the las t minute this past weekend. c LL. c z < )oo' t/) w ::J 1-ft w > w c w ::I: t/) :::i m ::J a. z i= w ..J ...1 ,:) ID .:. w z z w '/) i :> .J J. "No one knows why we can celed the wedding, but I can tell you that all of the reasons that everyone is speculating and writing about are completely untrue," Foster told Peopl e late Monday. Both Usher and Foster are said to be bac k in Atlanta. In fact, Foster admits that she checked into local hospital. Rumors had spread that after the canceled ceremon y she had gone into pre-term labor. Usher's mom, JONETTA PATTON And USHER "We had a scare," she volunteered. "But, I am fine and the baby is fine." She and Usher announced last month that the baby was due this fall. Meanwhile, here's what has been pieced together about what may have precipitated Usher's decision to call a halt to Saturday's wedding: The day after Usher called TAMEKA FOSTER her wedding was called off by fiance, Usher off his wedding to Foster, he was on a plane to Atlanta with the intent of patching things up with his mother Jonetta Patton, who was reportedly left off the guest list at Foster's request. Patton, whom Usher fired as his manager and replaced with Foster, is rumored to have animosity IIIII IPEI@11PI IIIIC BY liliES flEE 1111211 TIE IITII .CIIBlE DJ'I l J J t IIIII SPECIIIIIIliiTE &DJ IEICE toward the 38-yearold former stylist. Word had it that Foster gave in at the last minute and invited Patton to the wedding, which was scheduled for Saturday in the Hamptons, but Patton reportedly declined the invitation, deciding she wanted no part of the ceremony. His mother's absence was said to be a major factor iri Usher's decision to forgo the nuptials. Usher's announcement was made so close to the wedding start time that guests got the news as they w ere about to board a shuttle bus from a nearby inn to the Sagaponack estate of Island Def Jam chief Antonio (L.A.) Reid, where the ceremony was to be held. Swizz Says He Doesn't Support Violence CAMDEN, NJ-The city s police department has called for Swizz Beatz to renounce anti-snitching sentiments or it will drop sponsorship of a "P e ace on the Streets" rally. In his current single "It's Me Snitches," Swizz raps: "Fre eze, you know who it is/ It' s me s nitches" and "I ain't gonna shoot ya/ I could just choke ya. It's lines like those that appear to advocate violence and silencing snitches -or police informants -that concern police in a city that is among the nation's mos t dan gerous. The police department says a culture that opposes cooperating with authorities makes crimes more difficult to solve and the city harder to clean SWIZZBEATZ up. "The use of the word 'snitches' in the song was just an edit for radio, Swizz says in a statement. "If I supported vio lence or the 'Stop Snitching' campaign, I wouldn' t have agreed to be a _part of the event ... Ferguson Hall $33 Don't miss the .'Mayor of performing LIVE for one night. only! .,


ALL MY CHILDREN: It was unclear whether Spike's hearing loss is permanent. GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT: After Kelly refused a repeat of their romantic encounter, Pablo was fired for unsatisfactory work, but blamed Kelly accusing her of sexual harassment. Maxie s infection grew worse and she suffered septic shock. Spinelli overcame his fear of clowns to befriend an oddly dressed patient. Coming : Greenlee finally admitted to. herself the extent of her own guilt. Meanwhile, Jack refused to give in to Erica's, demand that would force Greenlee out of Pine Valley, both unaware that Pam taped their argument. Coming : Annie hopes to cover up her secret. Stacey's pregnancy problems result in a crisis. AS THE WORLD TURNS : Despite Lucinda's warning that Craig will change her, not himself when Craig handed Meg the annulment papers, she ripped them up. As Paul begged' Rosanna to come out of her coma, she opened her eyes and smiled at him, prompting Paul to vow that they will make Craig pay for what he did to her. Coming : GUIDING LIGHT : Natalia revealed to Gus that Harley knows they slept together, but Gus was unable to find Harley, who had taken Dylan to rehab. As Gu s attempted to relate to Rate while dining with Natalia, Harley was trying to phone him. Lizzie agreed to cover up Billy' s fall off the wagon, as she told Alan that Billy is now her business mentor. Coming : Is Harley and Gus' marriage doomed? An eventflll return home. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL : Stephanie went on the Rich Ginger TV show and slandered Brooke's name and company, prompting Thorne to flee with Donna on a roman t ic get away. Stephanie later was floored by Thorne's revelation of their engagemen t. Andy told Stephanie that he doesn't trust her interference and intends to go after Brooke on ONE LIFE TO LIVE : John was faced with a horrible dilemma when he discovered the forged death certificate for Todd s son and forced Michael to confirm that the child is Tommy Tate pled guilty and was taken to jail where his worst nightmare awaited him. Marty refused to listen to John and Cole s advice and was sent to jail after plead i ng guilty to killing Spencer Coming : Someone will be devastated by John' s decisi on his own. Coming: Stephanie s Logan n i ghtmare is far from over. DAYS OF OUR LIVES : Philip showed Billie the baby photo he received, which Billie traced to Indianapolis, where they found Lauren the surrogate Meanwhile Laure n confront ed Shaw n, wanting him to take t h e child, bu t he re fused to get involved. When Belle confessed to Shawn that Philip had given her money he also confessed, relating the situation with Lauren and the baby Coming: Philip and Shawn trade accu sations PASSIONS : S h eridan almos t electrocuted Theresa who named her attacker after Ethan revived her. It appeared as thought Luis execution had been carried out, but Endora used her magic to stop Spike s bomb from exploding and turned back time to just befor e Luis was put to death. Eve burst i nto the death chamber and declared that Lui s isn t the killer he r own son, Vincent, committed the crimes and framed Luis. Coming : E t han and Theresa prepare to tie the kno t. GENERAL HOSPITAL: After facing per i l in Venezuela Car ly accused Jerry of never intending to help free Jason and concocting their trip just to get closer to her At the trial, Diane mounted an effective defense to discredit Ric and made a stunning announcement. Elizabeth lied to Lucky tha t he s Jake s father, but Sam continued to play on Lucky' s weaknesses. Coming : Jason s fate is in the jury' s hands YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Steaming to learn of Jill and Ji M i n s marriage plans, Kay told Jill she cut her out of her will then offered Ji Min $5 million to break up with Jill, but he tore up the check Kay fired Ji Min who tol d Jill he was axed because he won t leave her Kevin wondered if Jana really has a bra i n tumor, which could have caused he r murderous rages, and planned to sell the coffeehouse to pay for Jana s surgery. Com i ng : Amber is as down as she can get. IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK ... older relatives and trusted officials may relinquish control of important assignments or obligations. Watch for a quick upsurge in workplace and home duties. Practical decisions, added expenses and long-term expansion may be strong themes. Watch also for rare legal misunderstandings affecting timed payments or financial responsi bility. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Business habits and established routines may need to be adjusted. Watch for co workers to provide tion, fail to meet deadlines or ask for extra time for simple projects A careful evaluation of trusted procedures may reveal unexpected errors Rema i n dedicated to reliable group accomplishments and all will be well VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) .. Financial requests should be qui ckly answered Fr i ends, relatives or roommates may need a ssistance o r deli c ate adv ice. Yes terd a y s bus iness exp e rience w i l l eve ntually prove wort hw hile Describe all po t en t i a l d ifficult i e s and ad v ocate c auti on progress will be slow LIBRA (Sept. '23-0ct. 23) For many Libr ans, a fresh a pproach t o a n ongoing social dispute i s n e e ded. P o w er s t r uggles b etwee n f riends or m i n or roma nt ic dis put es a r e bes t igno r ed D on t al l ow the s e lf absorb e d types t o overemphasize t heir ow n i m portance S tay dedicat ed t o l i ght forms of e n t ertainment and wat c h for steady prog r ess SCORPIO (Oct. ?4-Nov. 22). Social events may be quickl y canceled or rescheduled Loved ones are strongly motiv a ted to bring gr ea ter pr i vacy and romantic int imacy i nto the i r l i ves Respond w ith w armth and affection This i s a positive time for new def i n i tions in long-term or family relationships ; expect fast discussions and meaningful progress SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21). A close friend or colleague may revea l a private or unethical attraction Reserve judgment however and wait for clar i ty Long term f riends may need to bring active emo tional changes to their daily social comm it ments and romant i c lives Predictable attitudes will aga i n be established Remain diplomatic CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20). Colleagues and new managers are unwilling to accept new ideas or follow the suggestions of experienced officials Rema i n quietly detached, if pqssible Workplace differences and daily strain will increase if, and only if, group disapproval is pub licly debated Wait for obv i ous changes or clear signs of i mprovement. AQUARius (Jan. 21-Feb. 19). Career negotiations will work in your favor. Key offic i als may assign added duties or job titles Make sure financial rewards are also present. This is not the _right time to delay bus i ness discussions or ignore ongoing workplace d i fferences Don't back down Compromise will not be helpful. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20). Family gatherings will offer meaningful discussions and renewed faith in home relations A recent phase of scattered priorities needs to end Expect loved ones to provide a new focus or suggest creative forms of enterta i nment. Wait for others to respond w ith sincere intent icms. ARIES (March 21-April 20). Group planning i n the workplace is essential. Unclear priorities and incomplete instructions may easily derail team pro j ects communications w i ll provide the desired results Stay focused and respond only to detail e d explana tions Loved ones may press for revised prom i ses o r new levels of home secur i ty TAURUS (April 21-May 20) Large purcl}ases and added expenses should be avoided. Small debts wlll tend to escalate or require pected legal permissions Home renovations or minor mishaps with electronic equipment may be part i cularly annoy ing. Rema i n caut i ous however and wait for improved f i nances GEMINI (May 21-June 2_:1). Long-term friends or romantic partners may your social alliances Press for a full disclosure of private feelings Loved ones may not be able to adequately describe their own mot i vations or explain their distrust of friends Public debat e will help calm tempers and establish shared goals CANCER ("'une 22-July 22) Love, sentiment a l refle c tion and sen suality are Expect a friend or roma ntic p artne r to r e quest great e r involvem e nt i n family life hom e a ct i v ities or pr i v a t e e v e nts. Sha r e d go a l s and lif es tyl e choic es m a y b e p o w e rful m oti v a tor s for loved one s ; di sc uss all need s and s u g g estio n s TOP VIDEO RENTALS 1 Shooter, Paramount Pictures, R 2. Black Snake Moan, Paramount Vantage, R 3. The Last Mimzy, New Line Cinema, PG 4. Bridge to Terablth ia, Buena Vista Pictures, PG 5 Ghost Rider, Sony P i ctures, PG-13 6. Breach, Universal Pictures PG-13 7. Dead Silence, Universal Pictures, R 8 The Astronaut Farmer, Warner Bros., PG 9. Reno 911!: Miami, 20th Century Fox R 10. Pride Lionsgate PG TOP POP ALBUMS 1. T l. Vs. V.I.P,. T l. Grand Hustle/Atlantic 2. Zeitgeist, The Smashing Pumpkins, Martha' s Music/Reprise 3. Hannah Montana 2 : Meet Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Walt Disney/Hollywood 4 Our Love to Admire, Interpol, Capitol 5. My December, Kelly Clarkson, RCA 6. Lost Highway, Bon Jovi, Mercury/Island 7. Minutes to Midnight, Linkin Park Machine Shope 8. Back to Black, Amy Winehouse, Universal Republic 9. The Duchess, Fergie, will. i.am/A&MIInterscope 10. GaGa Ga Ga Ga, Spoon, Merge TOP POP SINGLES 1 Hey There, Delilah, Plain White T's, Hollywood 2 Umbrella, Rlhanna, featur Ing Jay-Z, SRP/Def Jam 3 Big Girls Don't Cry, Fergie, wlll.l.am/A&M 4. Party Like A Rockstar, Shop Boyz, OnDeck 5. The Way I Are Timbaland, featuring Keri Hilson, Mosley/Biackground 6. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappln' ), T-Pain, featuring Yung Joe, Konvlct/Nappy Boy/Jive 7. A Bay Bay, Hurricane Chris, Polo Grounds/J 8. Bartender, T-Paln featuring Akon Konv i ct!Nappy Boy/Jive 9. Makes Me Wonder, Maroon 5 A&M/Octone 10. Make Me Better Fabolous Featuring Ne -Yo, Desert Storm/Def J a m Sentinel's Top 20 Albums 1.T.I. .... ............. .... ........ ..................... ........ ......... T.I. vs. T.I.P 2. NOW 25 .................. ................ ........................ Various Artists 3. Epiphany ........................... ............................................ T-Pain 4. From Nothin' To Somethiri' .................................... Fabolous 5. Double Up ............................................ ......... ... ........... R. Kelly 6. Because Of You ............................................................. Ne-Yo 7. Good Girl Gone Bad ................................................... Rihanna 8. Back To Black .............................................. Amy Winehouse 9. Ms. Kelly ................. ................................... ..... Kelly Rowland 1 o. I Am ............................................................ Chrisette Michele 11. The Evolution Of Rob i n Thi c ke ...................... Robin Thicke 12. Sex Love & Pain ............. n ............................................. Tank 13. Cold Summer: The Authorized Mixtape ... : Young Jeezy Presents U.S.D.A. 14. Fantasia ..................................................... .............. Fantasia 15. We The Best ...................................................... .... DJ Khaled 16. FutureSex/LoveSounds ........................... Justin Timberlake 17. Rockstar Mentality ........................ ............. ........ Shop Boyz 18. Timbaland Presents Shock Value ....................... Timbaland 19. B'Day ........................................................................ Beyonce 20. Luvanmusiq .... ..... ........... ...... ................... ... Musiq Soulchild Sentinel's Top 20 Singles 1 When I See U ................. ...... ..................... ......... ......... Fantas i a 2. Teachme ................ ......................................... Music Soulchild 3 Make Me Better ................ ... .......... Fabolous Featuring Ne-Yo 4 Same Giri ......................................... R. Kelly Duet With Usher 5. Do You ........................... .... ............... ........... ................ Ne-Yo 6. Please Don t Go ................................................................ Tank 7. Shawty ............................................ .-.... Piies Featuring T-Pain 8. Big Things Poppin' (Do lt) .................. .. ...................... : ....... T.I. 9. Wipe Me Down ............. u 1"3..,osie Featuring Foxx & Webbie 10. Get Me Bodied........... ..... _.._. ......................... 11. Let It Go.. .. .. .. ............ Cole Featurmg M1ssy Elliott & Lil Kim 12. Umbrella.................... ...... riihanna Featuring Jay-Z 13. Bartender .............. ............. ......... T-Pain Featuring Akon 14. A Bay Bay .............. ................................. Hurricane Chris 15. Buy U A Drank (S1.awty Sr.a p o in ) .... T-Pain Featuring Yung Joe 16. Beautiful Glrls ................ ............................... Sean Kingston 17. Like Thls .... ................. ........... Kelly Rowland Featuring Eve 18. Sexy Lady ... .......................... Young Berg Featuring Junior 19. Tambourine ..................... .......... Eve 20. Until The End Of Tlme ............................. Justin Timberlake Sentinel's Top 1 0 Rap Albums 1. T.l ........... .. .-. ......... ... .. ........................... .............. T.I. vs. T.I.P. 2. From Nothin' To Somethin ..................... ............ ... Fabolous 3. Cold s ummer : The Authorized {VIixtape ............ Young Jeezy Presents U.S.D.A. 4. We The Best ...................... ..................... ................. DJ Khaled 5. Rockstar Mentallty .............. .............. .. ................ Boyz 6. Strength & Loyalty ............ : ..... : ....... Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 7. Misery Loves Kompany ......................... Tech N9ne Callabos 8. Tool Muziq .... ........... .................................. ....... Pastor Troy 9. El Cartel: The Big Boss ..................... .. ............ Daddy Yankee 10. Survival Of The Flttest .............. LII Webble & Foxx Sentinel's Top 1 0 Rap Singles 1. Make Me Better ............................ Fabolo u s Featuring Ne-Yo 2. Big Things Poppin' (Do It ............... ................................. T.I. 3. A Bay Bay .................................................... .. Hurricane Chris \ 4. Party Like A Rock Star ................ .. ........................ Shop 5. Shawty ................................ ...... ........... PIIes Featuring T-Pain 6. Wipe Me Down ............. Lil Bo osie Featuring Foxx & Webbie 7. Sexy Lady ............................... Yung Ber'g Featuring Junior 8 Pop Lock&. Drop lt ............ ........ ...... .... ........ .... ....... : ....... Huey 9 Rock Yo Hips ... ....... ........ Crime Mob Featuring Lil S c r a ppy 10. Tambou r ine ..... : .......... ... ............ ... ................ ................ Eve "T1 :JJ 0 )> c: C) c: en -1 (,) 1\) 0 0 ....... "T1 r-0 :JJ c )> C/) m z -1 z m r-1 OJ c: rrm ::::! z c: OJ r-cn :::1: m 0 m < m :JJ -< -1 c: m C/) c )> z c 'T1 6 C) m 1\) (,) I OJ


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Family And Friends Witness -The Marriage Of Allison S. Wells And Richard Clebert Grandparents of bride Mr. and Mrs. C. Blythe (Gloria) Andrews, Jr. Mrs. Gwen Hayes. and Dr. W. James Favorite. The wedding ::eremony of cousins of the bride and Allison Wells and Richard groom, respective ly. Clebert was held on July The groomsmen w e r e 14th at Beulah Baptis t d r ess e d in blac k tuxedos wit h Churc h the Rev. W. James coral vests and ties. They Favorite, officiated. The were: Doug Thornton, couple exchanged vows-Tallahassee, FL, cousin of before 200 family members the groom, Rev. Ruben and friends. Allison is the Morris, Atlanta, GA, brothdaughter of S. Kay er-in-law of the bride, Jacky Andrews. Richard is the Claude, Tallahassee FL, HS son of Eunice Clebert of friend of groom, Pat Miami, FL. Julmiste and Marc Dile, Alexis Wells Morris, the Miami, high school friends sister of the bride, was the and teammates of groom and matron of honor. Bruce Christopher Gervais, Mom premier, high school Atlanta, GA cousin of groom. friend and teammate, was The junior groomsman was the best man. C. Blythe Andrews, IV, The bridesmaids were all cousin of the bride. dressed in coral gowns, shoes Mrs. Grace Bowden and gloves. They were: played a musical medley for Dominique Blanchette, the guests. Vocalist Sacrat:nento, CA, cousin of Trumaine Burrell accomthe bride, Lauren panied by Anson Williams Thornton, Tallahassee, mesmerized everyone song cousin of the bride, Tenisha after song to set the tone for Patterson, Tallahassee, FL, the wedding. Jamesha Charice Wilson, Atlanta, Cobb, godsister of the bride, GA and Melody Snyder, Ft. read the couple's favorite Lauderdale, FL, best friends scriptures. The bride's sister, of the bride; Jennifer Pastor Alexis Wells Reckley, Ft. Lauderdale, Morris uplifted the couple Ashley Duval, Sanford, FL with a powe.rful prayer to and Priscilla Lovett, Vero bless their umon. The Beach, FL, sorors and line groom's mothe r and church sisters of the bride. The family also encircled the conjunior bridesmaids were: pie with a special prayer. Gabrielle Blanchette, The couple greeted their Sacramento, CA and Ayla guests at The Westin Hotel Andrews, Tampa, both on Harbour Island, where cousins of the bride. The everyone dined and danced. ringbearer was Adam Mrs. Charlene Clark was Andrews; broommaster, the ceremony coordinator William Wallace Andrews, and Charisse Shepherd, IV; bell ringers, Max and Risse's Pieces Floral Shop Miles Collins, Little Rock, provide all floral arrangeAR, all cousins of the bride. m ents. The flowe r girls were (Photos by Jerry Hermione Andrews and Brunson and Keith Pope) Emily Clebert, Atlanta GA, To Sec More Photos On 2-c Family members: seated I tor: Dr. Nancy A. Collins, Little Rock, AR, aunt of bride; Kay Andrews, mother of bride; Dr. Susan Andrews, Sacramento, CA, aunt of bride and Gayle Andrews, Tallahassee, aunt of bride. Standing I to r: Michelle Andrews Foster, and her daughter, Kelli, Mobile, AL, cousins of bride; Lauren Thornton, Tallahassee, FL, cousin of bride; Dr. Sharon Andrews, cousin of bride; Douglas Thornton, Tallahassee, FL, cousfn of bride; Sylvia Andrews and C. Blythe Andrews, III, aunt and uncle of bride; Alexis Wells Morris, Atlanta, GA, sister of bride and Dominique Blanchette, Sacramento, CA, cousin of bride. Best friends and bridesmaids, Charice Wilson, The groomsmen and best friends of the Melody Snyder and Tenisha Patterson pose with groom, Bruce Mompremier, Jacky Claude, the bride, Allison. and Marc Dile with the groom, Richard. Great aunt and uncle of the bride, Dr. and Mrs. W. W. (Nancy) Andrews. Great uncle of the bride, Earl Adams. Janet Myers Colley, Denver, Co., Godmother ofthe bride. State Sen. Arthcnia .Joyner and Dr. Hazel Hat'vey. Marion Jones, Godmother of the bride's mom, and Mr. And Mrs. Harold (Janie) Adams, great uncle and aunt of the bride. Melissa Patterson and Gloria Snyder, mothers of the bride's best friends attended the wedding. Rhonda Adams and LaTho1ne Adams Gallman, cousins of the bride. The bride's great great aunt, Mrs. Marjorie Sledge and her daughter, Anjorie Sledge. Mrs. Grace Bowden and Mrs. Patricia Miles. Mrs. Bowden was the musical coordinator for the ceremony. Mother and daughter and longtime family friends, Kan<:Jycc J.l;tillpu and mopt, Theresa Baillou


...... 0 0 N WI;DDING Family And Friends Witness The Marriage Of Allison S. Wells And Richard Clebert c a: LL. c a: LL. Bridesmaids Ashley Duval, Pricilla Lovett, Lauren Thornton arid Jennifer Reckley. C Neighbors, Robert Scott and Mrs. Marie Beard. c en w ::J 1-> a: w > w c w ::r::: en ::i I:D ::J Q. z j::: w ..J ..J ::J I:D ..:.. w z j::: z w en a: 0 ..J LL. 0 I N Mr. and Mrs. (Eva) Tyler. Atty. Kasmyene Hayes and her son, Kameron and Mrs. LaVora Edwards. Rev. and Mrs. Abraham Brown. Longtime friend of bride and ceremony vocalist, Trumaine Burrell and family friend, Latia Taliaferro of Baltimore, Maryland. Apostle Cynthia Forde. Family friends and hostesses, Evelyn Bethune and Paula Sheehy Snow. Brandy Timmons and Ardrea Cannedy. Iris Holton, Betty Dawkins and Beverly Dawkins Robinson. Atty. And Mrs. Warren H. Dawson Mr. And Mrs. Jose Lara and Benny Kelly, longtime family friends. Family friends, Jerry Bell, the Honorable Charles R. Wilson, Belinda Wilson and Ruth Bell attended the wedding. DeEtta Bennett, Tonia Turner and Ronika Bagley pose with the bride. Family friend, Chestine Bell poses with her grandson, Marlon and son, Malcolm. Friends, Tommy Wilson, Benny Kelly, Claude Adams, II, Retired Judge and Mrs Miami, FL, C. Blythe Andrews, III, Keith George and Richard Perry (Sonjia) Little. Cass, Atlanta, GA. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Keitlt (Winnifred) Pope. Friends of the bride, Brlttney Palmer, Joenique Rose, Nurls Espinal, and Jonice Arline. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey (Sharon) Fleming and their daughter, .fn....Jon


aack To School Here With 1: STOP SHOPPING! Including Diekie School. Uniform Pants, Shorts 8 Shirts U .... a:. G') m


,..... 0 0 N LOCAL cw) len :::) Retired Deputy Writes National Safety Article C!J Retired Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy >-Clarence Fort has two careers that he combines to it share information with the public on a national basis. He spent 14 years with Trailways Bus System, then additional years as a deputy, from which he retired. He also drove buses for the city's transit system for about a year. An ADTS (Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc.) driver safety instructor, Fort had an article published in On Roads, the driver safety magazine. The article, which appears in the May/June 2007 issue, is entitled, "When The Bus Route Is Your Route Fort shared the article with Bill Evens, who wrote about school bus safe-CLARENCE FORT explained .that driving behind large vehicles and next to them for long is dangerous. ty. C In the article, Fort, a forff mer bus driver trainer, c share s several tips about "The larger the vehicle, the longer it will take to stop," Fort says in the article. He added that at '60 mph, a bus will need the length of an entire city block to come to a complete stop,' the article z a: w > w c w :I: en traveling near buses. He All About Kids Back To School Bash Aug. 4 & 5 The 12th Annual to School Bash, presented by Treat Street and Publix, will be held August 4-5, 2007 -Saturday 10 a. m -4 p. m. and Sunday 12 p. m. -4 p m. at the Tampa Convention Center. There is an admittance fee, however, the event is FREE with a coupon from participating Publix ::J Grocery Stores. The fee for children 12 and under is $1.00 The event is filled with 100,000 sq. ft. of interactive actives a.. for children of all ages. Z Here are some of the things to do at the event: i= w Treat ,Street Snack Zone with giveaways from over 20 j companies such as Vitamin Water, Hershey's, Flat Earth, :::> Kellogg's, SPAM, Organic Valley, Eggo, Del Monte, Welch's, Babybel, Shar_pk Zone Perfect, Horm e l and many W App e arat;lces throughout the day b y Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob Hello Kitty and many more. Z FREE Q & A .:Vith Dr. Harvey Karp Saturday 1-3 p.m. The all new BabyWonde r Zone for expecting mothers <( children 0-2 years ald. Publix will be giving away Publix insulated drawstring. 0 bags each day to the first 1,000 children. Li First 50 children each day will receive a Florida Aquarium ticket. () Publix Entertainment. Stage with continuous performances. Character Parade at the start of each day. Play tennis with the Tenhis Connection. Raggity Dog petting zoo featuring Moonpie the Miniature Cow. Face painting .bead making. For more ir:tforiftation;calt.'B13-5505 or visit our website at www.BackToSi:hoolBash.com : : J 7 O.ys A W4tek OpM g A,M. w 4707 E. Busch Boulevard SuiU {813) 988-7037 stated. Vehicles should also keep their distance from buses during rainy weather. 'Just like trucks, buses tend to kick up a mist cloud that makes it difficult for you and for the bus driver to see.' Buses also need a wide area to turn, he says, so always pay attention to their signals and don't run up on their side when you see them swinging to the left. Fort travels all over the country conducting driver safety seminars. Editor Gwen Hayes can be reached at (813) 248 1921 or 21!5 E. Hillsborough Ava. OPEII 24 HOURS emailed editor@flsentinel com. 18131 237-3741 Pharmacy 18131 237-3743 PHARMACY NEVER ClOSES at m I We Now Accept Prudential Healthcare Plans (HMO-PPO POS) & CIGNA Why Wait Until Sunday Sale Starts Today! Good Only at 2115 E. Hillsborough Ave. sun Bleac & Detergent 125oz. Starlite Mints 2&oz. green's canned Nuts 2/$5.00 Sing e Use 35mm Camera With Flash


Arthur And Felecia Williams' New Beginnings MR. And MRS. ARTHUR (FELECIA BROWN) WILLIAMS Mrs. Felecia Brown (Sugarland, TX), and Mr. Arthur Williams, Jr. (Dallas, TX) were united in marriage June 15, 2007, on the beach at the elegant Don Cesar Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg. The intimate ceremony was coordinated by the hotel planners. Mr. Samuel "Carlos" Turner, Sr. of Lakeland, gave his sister away in marriage The reception was held at the classic Columbia Restaurant on the pier in St. Petersburg. A hometown reception was given in Waco, TX, on July 6, 2007, at the Lion Den. Mrs. Williams is the daughter of Mrs. Pat Turner of Lakeland and the granddaughter of Mrs. Ruth Stewart of Mulberry. The bride is an international flight attendant (22 years) with Continental Airlines, a licensed realtor and instructor. Felicia graduated from Plant City High School and attended Polk Community College and U S.F. in Tampa. She is the mother of ;;ordon Pickett and Paris Brown of Texas. She is a devoted member of The Church Without Walls (Brook Hollow Campus), with Sr. Pastor 'West in Houston, Texa s Mr. Williams is th e s on of Mr. s. Vera Williams of Waco TX, and the late Mr. Arthur 'Joe Williams, Sr. The groom is a well-known businessman, "Williams Auto Dealership," A W Financial Services, Inc and a franchise partnership with Colbert/Ball Tax Service in the Dallas Waco, Texas areas. Arthur attended McLeannie Community College, Waco, TX. He is the proud father of 3 sons: Germany, Rashawn and Tyrone Williams (Waco). Church affiliation is with New Generation Baptist, Rev. Tompkins is Pastor (Waco). The bride and groom's fami ly members enjoyed an exciting 4 day weekend at the hotel on the beach. This was Mr. Williams' family and friends first visit to Florida. In attendance were: the bride' s mother and children; siblings, Darryl Turner of Plant City, and Boris "Cheryl" Fisher of Houston, TX; special guests, Mrs. Irene Goggins of Tampa, Mrs. Fay Shawn Smith of Bloomingdale, Mrs. Karyn Neal and Mrs. Robbie Robinson. The groom's mother, Mrs. Vera Williams; sons, Germany and Reshawn Williams; siblings, Mrs. Michelle (Joe) Mays, Ms. Debbie 1'aylor a nd Mr. Marcus Williams, all hail from Waco, TX ; and s p ecia l fri e nd Mr. Grandy Norman ofWaco, TX. The coupl e will resid e in Dallas, TX Bride and groom with their family members with the beautiful Don Cesar Resort Hotel in the background. "T1 r-0 :::c (J) m z :::! z m r;-m c: r rm -t z c: m r-0 ::z:: m c m < m -t c: m (J) c l> z c ., :::c 6 G) m (J1 I (')


0 0 N M' t; :::: CJ a: LL c a: LL c z < c fn w :::: .... > a: w > w c w :::r: fn ::::; m :::: Q, z .J .J :::: m ...:. w z ;::::: z w fn a: 0 .J LL POLK COUNTY NEWS Gabbing vvith Gloria Gabbing With Gloria's Birthday Celebration It was truly an enjoyable Sunday evening, July 22 at Club Kathleen. Mary Crawford, of the family owned business treated yours truly, me, Gloria Jennings, with a 71st birthday celebration with friends and a deli cious dinner. A gift from the Watering Hole was also enjoyed. Barbara Polite-Davis, Yvonne Green, Teresa West (Mama T), who. celebrated her natal day July 13th, Ms. Angie Buie, Harold Silas, Mrs. Willie Mae, Brenda T. Vontrese, Mrs. Gerie, Tina, Harry Bryant, D. J. Ant (Orlando), Mr. Randolph and others were there for the festivities D. J. Nucleus hosted the sounds On Thursday, July 26th, Rose Heights Lodges #318 and #217, gifted yours truly with a huge birthday cake and dinner with all the trimmings fit for a 71 year young senior citizen. The seafood for the dinner was provided by Bro. Willie Stembridge, an Elk member and co-owner of the Crab Kitchen. Enjoying the birthday feast with me were: my brother, Arthur Johnson, whose 1225 N. Lincoln Avenue Lakeland, Fl 33805-4259 (863) 688-2095 Fax. (863) 687 3409 63rd birthday was July 17th (he's finally aging smile!), Barbara Polite-Davis, Miss Adria Holmes, Yolanda Holmes, R.N., and daughter, Pam Jones, Harlem Turner (Exalted Ruler), Sam Jones, Keith Boyd, Rosetta Mobley-Stubbs, Vilene Jackson, Harry Bryant and others. What a joyous time was had by all during both of the joy ous birthday gatherings. Family Reunion The Robinson and Wade Reunion Celebration of family was held July 12-15, 2007 at the beautiful Comfort Inn on Graves Road in Tallahassee. Attending the family reunion from Lakeland and surrounding Polk County areas were: Robert and Mary Robinson, Curtis Robinson, Loretta Robinson-Sims, Eddie Watkins, Cynthia Watkins, Samuel Roland, Howard Robinson, John Robinson, Bobbie .Robinson (siblings), Betty Wade-Nelson, Charles Nelson, Sandra Robinson, Maggie Robinson, Diane Robinson, Alto and Mary Robinson, Kimp Robinson, Paul Johnson, Jeanette Robinson-Johnson and Bennie Robinson. The reunion committee welcomed 30 new family mem-THE LAW FIRM OF CAMPBELL, STEWART, TWINE hers to the Robinson-Wade clan. Mrs. Bobbie Cochran of Bainbridge, GA, welcomed the Robinson-Wade family members to a spiritual family service at St. Paul M. B. Church in Bainbridge. The theme of the event was, "Bacll Together Again." A Tale Of Two Cities -Lakeland And Ocala Ocala's New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church's Annual Homecoming Family and Friends Celebration was held on July 7-8, 2007. The 11 a. m. services were well attended by family members whose descendants' roots are in Ocala, Marion County and migrated to the Lakeland/Polk County area. The huge clan, namely the Mobley, Lewis and Johnson families and other descendants have made great contributions to the Lakeland/Polk County areas. The founder/organizer of this annual homecoming celebration, which is held yearly, is Mrs. Mary Mobley-Graham of Lakeland. The first homecoming was organized on October 5, 1966. the Mobley and Lewis generations are faithful members at First Baptist Institutional Church of Lakeland, Rev. Alex Harper, Sr. is Pastor. Motoring to Ocala for this grand occasion were: John Henry Walls and family friend, Marie "Peaches" Lewis and husband, Sonny (owner of Sonny's Catering Services, Lakeland), Terry Lewis, Bessie M. McCloud, Mary Lee Mobley-Graham, Ollie Johnson-Parker, R. N. of Lakeland/Ocala (retired from Lakeland Regional Medical Center), Peter The firm continues to practice in the areas of: Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Probate Labor & Empioyment Law Worker's Compensation Criminal Law Family Law The, hiring of a lawyer is an im t t d advertisements. Before you thatdshouldf not base.d solely upon b o sen you ree wntten Information a out our quahfJcatJons and experience. --------. Mobley, Shirley Ann Simon, Leroy Robinson, Ms. Michelle, Remy Johnson, Willie and Abby Huntley, Martha M.Williams, grands and great grands, great, great grands and hundreds of other relatives of the Mobley, Lewis and Johnson family of Lakeland and Ocala. The Guest Messenger was Rev. Ernest Johnson who was born, raised and educated in Florida. He is the son of Floyd "Jack" and Julia Johnson. After the death of his mother at seven months of age, he was raised by Lloyd and Rosa Paul, his grandparents. He graduated from Howard Elementary School, Howard Middle School, Howard High School and Howard University. He also took classes at Washington Bible College in Lanham, Maryland. Rev. Johnson also served four years in the United States Air Force, with the last year of service in Vietnam in 1968. lfe is married to Barbara and is the father of two chil dren, Nichelle and Mancel. He prefers to be known as a child of God and servant of God's people. He is ah:o the sibling of Ollie J. Parker, R. N. from Lakeland. Since he left Ocala in 1963, Rev. Johnson has accomplished much. He was employed for 27 years at National Railroad Passenger Corp. (Amtrak). When he resigned (not retired) to go into full-time ministry, he held the position of Director in the Finance and Budget Department. He joined the New Home Baptist in 1972 and has served in various capaci ties. He was called to preach and did his initial sermon in 1983. Rev. Johnson was ordained in 1986 and elected as Asst. Pastor in 1986 under the leadership of Pastor Bobby D. Hicks. In October of 1999, he transitioned to full-time ministry and was appointed as Church Administrator along with being the Asst. Pastor. This October of 2007, Rev. Johnson will have been a full-time minister for 8 years. He is currently coordinating mission efforts by New Hope Baptist Church partnering with a Church in Kenya, East Africa, to support 850 orphaned children. As you can see, Rev. Ernest Johnson has been busy doing God's work since leaving Ocala! The founders, Deacon and Sister Lewis conducted early church services at home in their living room in the 1800s. They are the founders of the first church known as Jerusalem M. B. Church. The theme was: "We've Come This Far By Faith." The Pastor is Rev. Keith Blunt. To the generations of the Mobley, Lewis and Johnson families, and the future generations, remember that "The Heritage -the fruit must have a stem before it grows." JABO Proverb Liberia Gloria's Things & Other Things Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future. Euripides. Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. Mark Twain The Law Offices of A SCRIVEN, ESQ. CRIMINAL DEFENSE FAMILY PERSONAL INJURY ALL FELONIES DRIVER'S LICENSE ISSUES ALL MISDEMEANORS ALL PERSONAL INJURY CASES DUI DIVORCE VOP's DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DRUG CRIMES MODIFICATIONS 24/7 I CONSULTAnGNS AVAILABU 3111 W. Dr. M.L KING BLVD. STE. 100, TAMPA, FL 33607 Serving Hillsborough Pasco and Hernando County rJ:: hiring ol a lawyer I & an i""'Oftanl dodcion not bo based soktfy \4)m advert;.,oments ro doddo to send froo writton lnlormatlm About our qual i fications and 501 E. Ke:r:tnedy Blvd. Suite 1225 f]{sJj Tampa, FL Phone #: (813) 223-3900 alawker is nn important decision and should not be b.u

POLK COUNTY NEWS I 2007 Freedom Fund Banquet On Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 7 p. m. at the Lakeland Center, Lakeland, the Lakeland Branch of the NAACP held their 2007 Freedom Fund Banquet. The Master and Mistress of Ceremonies-Larry Mitchell and Valparisa Baker, Member and Founder of New Life Outreach Ministry, Inc -Equity Officer, Polk Community College. The Program participants were: Rev. Michael A. Rue, Branch Executive Committee; Harold Silas, Branch 1st Vice President; Brenda Young, Member of New Jerusalem M. B. Church; The Honorable Commissioner Howard Wiggs, District: At Large; The Honor Commissioner Bob English, District 1, Rev. E. Telfair Pickett, ill, Pastor of Word Alive Ministries; Deacon Ernest Joe of New Jerusalem MB Church introduced the speaker. The Keynote Speaker was Reverend Dr. Jimmie L. Downing, Sr., Pastor of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, Lakeland. (L-R) Mr. Charles Thompson, Lakeland Police Department, Ms. Lynn Simpkins, City Planner, City of Lakeland, and Mr. and Mrs. Gow (Kay) Fields, City Commissioner, Polk County School Ms. Pat Spencer, Area Director NAACP Tampa; Randolph, Assistant Treasurer, Lakeland and Dr. Samuel Wright, University of South Florida, Tampa. STARKES ROOFING, INC. Residential & Commercial L ea k Repair s N o Job Too Sm all O r To o Largt: 20 Y ea r s E xp.:ii.: n c c 5 Year s E s t a blished In S e minole H.:ights Communit y Nn" Taking .\pplil'atinn' Fur m c C> c CJ) -i (o) 1\) 0 0 Operation About Face! Pr_ ogram will host a Program '-' Host Second Graduation Registration Cook-Out on Saturday, August 4, 2007, On Wednesday, July 25, 11:00 a.m. -3:00p.m. at the 2007, family members, Lake Ridge Community friends and others attended Center, 325 West Second a graduation ceremony Street in Lakeland, Florida which was held in honor of There will be free food and the students of the second ice cold beverages for regis2007 summer session for the trants and their families. Operation About Face! The training program, which Operation About Face! is a will begin in early Fall 2007, Florida National Guard is for economically disadvanProgram which is sponsored taged young men and women by the Department of w ho are 18-24 years of age. Childre n and Familie s in In YouthBuild, individuals conjunction with the State of work towards obtaining their Florida. One of the many GED while learning handsg oals of this program is to on, housing construction reinforce values and life-skills by building affordable skills which are essential for housing for low-income [amiproductive lives for young lies. In addition, the pro-"'T'' people who are in the age gram will provide individual r range of 13-17 years old and group counseling, lead-The National Guard ership de velopment training, C Armory in L a k eland w a s the caree r counseling job place-)>_ h os t site f or t h e comm e nc e -ment and opportunities for CJ) m m e n t exercise s ,Staff pro-. communit y service z gram participants were The Lakeland Housing ::! Buddy Coleman, Site Authority staff meml;>ers of Manager; Jane Mapstone, the YouthBuild Team r;Lead Instructor; Michael include: Earl Haynes, Gallimore, Assistant Project Director, Tom r Instruct9r; Rashada Clark, Hornack, Project Manager, and Major Anthony John Doles, Recruiter, and -i Varner. The student speak-Nick Elzy, Counselor. For Z ers wP.re : Larqueshia further information, call Andrews, an 11th grade ( 863 ) 687-2911 Ext. 214. aJ student at Lake Gibson High Happy Anniversary S c hool and Ashley Jarvis, a Shaw-Nuf Talk extends a :::J: lOt h grad e student at PACE. hearty "Happy Anniversary" The in structors s el e ct e d the toPaul and Lisa Morant m e s s a ys w r itte n b y Andrews of Lakeland, Florida, who < m and Jarvis to be shared durc elebrated their FIRST year ::c ing the graduation. The of Hol y Matrimony on July < essay topic was 'What About 29 2007. May God continue Face Means to Me' The to bless your union with m CJ) guest speaker was State of many more years of joy! c Florida Senator Rhonda Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out! Storms who delivered. a This week's Shaw-Nuf )> message of encouragement Shout-Out! goes to Lakeland Z to the graduates. businesswoman Onie C "'T'' The July 25th graduation Denson Owner of The Style ::C class were: DiAnte Hat Shop in beautiful down-C Andrews, Keith Andrews, town Lakeland. Thanks for Larqueshia Andrews, the excellent customer serRatishiat Burton, Jamal vice that you provided to me Carson, Jessica Carson, during my recent visit to Joseph Carson, Tavius your store. Yours truly will Clements, Jakari Glass, be back! Jalyssa Glass, Jerell Special Birthday Glass, Kelly Green, Jr., Greeting Kevarius Green, Talk extends Shantrice Hudson, Ashley birthday wishes to a spe cial Jarvis, Dominique Jones, young man, Donovan Jones, Phillips, as he cel ebrate s Demetrius Jordan, his birthday on today (Aug. Kendric Lee, Ke'Asia 3rd) Dexter the son of Morris, Isaac O'Neal, Elder Neal Phillips and Justin Rogers, Keyanna Rosa Phillips of St. Rogers, Shimious Petersburg, Florida. Mailing Address:_______ City: __ St(,lte: Zip: Sanders, Rozell Scott, Tell Shaw-Nuf Talk about r------::;;::------:----,/ Robert Smith, Jr., your church ev ents, birthday Support Samantha Smith, and cel ebrations, w eddings fami-6 M onths $ 44 I Y ear-$871 Mail Or Bring Payment To: 2207 E 21st Ave., Tampa, FL 33605 Cas h M oney Orde r s Credit Cards ___ ::!..1 Sherice Tucker. ly r eunions, baby showers, S YouthBuild accomplishments. You can entinel Registration contact 'me via e -mail at Cook-Out To Be Held czornshaw@yahoo com or b y The Lakeland Housing calling l863) 513-4992. I ......, Authority' s YouthBuild.h.ope to h earfrem yous6 on 0 Advertisers


,..... 0 0 C\1 ('I) 1-C/) :J (!) :J < =======. POLK CO UNTY NEWS .. Rose Heights Elks Lodges #318 An d #217 Host 'No Star Is Out Of Reach' Education Ball ==== FINANCIAL FOCUS ==== Mortgage Tips By Yolanda Y. Anthony Licensed Mortgage Broker (813) 223-6151 c An elaborate banquet was held to promote unity in the community and to recognize youth ft for high scholastic and oratorical achievement. a a egones Do The Credit Bureaus /Evaluate And Why? (.) I co w (!) The Rose H eights Lodge was beautifully d e corated with royal blue and silver. The Daughters and Brothers were handsome ly attired in gorgeous hues of royal blue, the Brothers with a hint of blue with their fancy ties and suits. Delinquency rating hits the credit record. Significant balance increases. Recent inquiries. Opening of new accounts Public record items. All Mortgage Questions May Be Mailed To : Yolanda Y. Anthony, Licensed Mortgage Broker, Apex. Lending, Inc., P. 0 Box 21472, Tampa, FL, 33622. By Rodericf(Fti)"d, -law Ul13) 223212oo 9241 N. 56th St., Tampa, FL M-F 8:30A.M. 5:30 P. M. Saturday 9 A. M. 1 P. M. (813) 985-0033 Fax: (813) 988-8980 LowRa{es Friendly Atnwsphere You're A-01\ \\'ith ts DUI Friendly, Hardship Suspended License, State Filing SR-22 Owners and Non Owners Lowest Rates In Town \1 I 0 I' S l R \:\I '1. ,'\ I 0 \I \II-IU I \I \ l I 0 The Grand Auctioneer of the evening for donated gifts Past Exalted Ruler, Willie Stembridge. WORKPLACE SURVIVAL TIP #67 Unless your supervisor calls you the N -word" or physically assaults you, you will need to prove that yo u were di scriminated against by presenting "circumstantial" evidence of racial discrimination. s TO p Paying Other People'' Mortgag., Slarl Paying Your own Good Or Bad Credit .............................. No Problem Refinance As Low As 500 .......................... No Problem No Money Down Programs ....................... No Problem Rates As Low As l .O% .............................. No Problem -First Time Home Buyers ........................... No Problem Bankruptcy & Foreclosure ........................ No Problem No Money Down Investment Program ..... No Problem Reverse Mortgage Program Investment Properties Option Pay Interest Only Payments First Time Home Buyers Refinance Commercial Hut For All Your Mortgage Needs Professional Mortgage Moklflf All Your Dnams A Reality" 4402 Pine Meadow Ct. Tampa, FL 33626 (813) 447-3308 Fax: (813) 994-2273 TheMortgageHut@ Yahoo.com CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE IN 3 DAYS Facing Foreclosure? Behind on Bills? Sick and Tired? Harassed and Disrespected? House in Distress? If you've answered "YES'', then call me Sage Properties Group, LLC Cell 813-727-6728 Office 813-579-4266Sellpromptly.com Free Consulting and No Commissions to Pay The appeal s court for our jurisdiction, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals which sits in Atlanta, published rulings that establish what victim of work place discrimination would n ee d to present a "prima facie case of racia l discrimination." That four-p art test is as follows: ( 1 ) he or she is a m ember of a racial minority; ( 2 ) he or she was subj e cted to an adverse job action; ( 3 ) he or she was qualifi e d to do the job; and (4) similarly-situated coworkers are not members of the plaintiffs group received more favorable treatment. This is called McDonnell Douglas test, because it is based upon a 1973 Supreme Court decision called McDonnell Douglas us Green This test has been modified and applied to other types of discrimination, which will be covered in subsequent "Workplace Survival Tips" articles. For more information, mail all employment law questions to RODERICK FORD, ESQ., P O. Box 173057, Tampa, Fl. 33672; email: laboradvocate@fordlaw org; or call (813) 223-1200. ''T'l ll 1 r1e "o1ce of Our Communitv Speaking for /ts e.lf'


Wanted Professional Tattoo Artist For New Shop Call 813-298-4370 Up To $43,000 In Unemployment lnsuarance Available Government Assistance Call 800-369-5449 Commissioned Position Nat i onal Financial Services Mortgage/Real Estate Firm Seeks Ambitious Career Minded People No Experience Necessary 1-800-679-7042 Ext. 0252 Unlimited Earning Potential New Salon In St. Petersburg Seeks Hair Stylists Hair B'raiders Manicurists And Pedicurists Call Rosie At (727) 821-9602 Secure A Second Income Not A Second Job!!!! 24-HR Automated System 800-617-5340 -Recorded Info Seeking Administrative Assistant Part-Time HOURS 2 :00p. m -7 : 00 p m Some Accounting A Plus Send Resume To: Credit.union@bible-based.org Or Call 813-964-9696 After 2:00 p.m. More Money, More Honey! Opportunity to Learn the Real Estate Business Real Estate Investor Looking for Trainee PIT & FIT Commission Make Your Own Hours! Earn & Learn Real Estate Business Buy-Seii-Fiip-1 nvest Must Be Money Driven! Play With The Big Dawgs! Only 3 Positions Call: 1-888-281-3278 Or Email: bayareahomebuyers@gmail.com THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 62 YEARS Need Dump Truck And Delivery Driver Competitive Pay Call (813) 813-477-2198 *** Cleaning Jobs *** Immediate Openings For Part-Time & Full Time Cleaning & Floor Technicians Also Exper i enced Janitorial Supervisors Must Have Clean Criminal Background Call (813) 267-5343 Between 6 A.M & 8 A.M. NEW WAGE SCALE CNA'S Starting Pay 7-3 $10 .00$11.00 3-11 $11.00-$12. 00 Raise In Apr i l Pleasant, Courteous Work Environment LTC Experience Requ i red Apply In Person Delta Health Care 1818 E. Fletcher l'il J Loan Officers Wanted No Experience OK Inside Major Mall in Tampa FIT & PIT Commission Paid Potential To Make Great Money While Learning the Mortgage Business! Limited # Of Positions Available Don't Delay! Self Motivated, Professional Appearance a Must Call: 813-977-9897 or Email: infinitylending@gmail.com HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ACCOUNTIN G CLERK Ill $29,577 LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT $40,768 See our web site at http://www.hccsb .org or contact Job Newsline 272-6975 (TOO 272-5623) or visit our office at: 601 E Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor Tampa FL. Preference in initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vets AAIEEO Employer Maintenance Services Specialist Responsible for servicing maintenance requests and conducting preventive maintenance Varied, progressive maintenance experience preferred Salary based on experience Excellr:mt health benefits and 401 (k) plan. Apply At: 8052 N. 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617 Or Fax Resume To 813-914-8873 Or Mail To: P.O. Box 9451, Tampa, FL 33674 Background Screenings Drug Free Workplace Equal Opportunity Employer A Ministry of First Baptist Church Of Progress Village Dr. Sam L. Maxwell Headmaster e\ d s r > "' M -' Immediate Full-time Openings For The Following Positions: Residential Care Techs/Relief Supervisor: Previous related experience, professional attitude and team approach required College degree preferred for supervisory position We offer excellent health benefits and 401(k) plan Apply At: 8052 N. 561 h St, Tampa, FL 33617 Or Fax Resume To 813-914-8873 Or Mail To: P.O. Box 9451, Tampa, FL 33674 Background Screenings Required Drug Free Workplace Equal Opportunity Employer REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (RFQ) FINANCIAL ADVISORY SERVICES RFQ NO. 009-07 'TI ::0 0 }< )> c G) c (/) -i N 0 0 ..... 'TI r 0 ::::0 0 )> (/) m z :::! z m Scope of Work -The Tampa Port A uthority is solicit ing r;Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) from firms/indiyiduals intereste d i n providing Financial Advisory Services related to the issuance of debt 1= instruments the ongoing management of the Port s debt and the m analysis of financial opportunities. :::! z All firms interested in becoming qualified to participate in thi s RFQ shall obta i n a copy of the RFQ Instructions and Submittal OJ Documents and submit a completed response to the Tampa Port r Authority, 1101 Channelside Drive, 4th Floor, Tampa, Florida 33602. Submittals are due by 2 :00P. M Friday August 31, 2007. m 0 RFQ Submittals shall include a letter indicating the Firm s !;2 interest and completion of the RFQ Documents, including a m Consultant's Questionnaire F!rms failing to submit the required RFQ Documents may be deemed nonresponsive to the RFQ. The -i RFQ is available from the TPA's web site (www. tampaport.com) and C the DemandStar System. rn 0 Upon review of the RFQ responses, the TPA will shortlist at least three (3) firms deemed most qualified to meet the project )> requirements for oral presentations and final ranking by the z Port's evaluation committee The TPA will review and evaluate C ttie firms based on the evaluation criteria contained within the RFQ Documents The Tampa Port Authority encourages the use of registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent possible on its Projects The TPA has a goal of nine percent (9%) SSE participation Firms must consider this when submitting on this project, as this will be considered by the TPA when receiving and evaluating the submittals Firms shall submit a completed form SBE-1, which will provide the details of the Firms SSE Outreach Action Plan, and if less than the goal, submit For m SBE -1C, which will substantiate the good faith efforts made to include s BEs to the greatest extent possible Fir m's fai ling to submit a complete Form SBE-1 or document its efforts to meet or exceed the target goal may be cause for determining the Fir m non-responsive or non-responsible to the RFQ. Questions concerning this RFQ should be directed Donna Casey of the Tampa Port A uthority' s Procurement Department, at (813) 905-5044 or e-mail at dcasey@tampaport .com, or faxed to (813) 905-5050 PUBLICATION DEADLINES .. TUESDAY EDITION -FRIDAY@ 3 :00P.M. FRIDAY EDITION -TUESDAY@ 3 :00P. M FAX YOUR ADS 24/7 TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com G) m (D I (")


c 0:: LL c z c( c UJ w 1-w > w c w :I: UJ :::i m a.. z i= w _, _, m _, w z i= z w UJ 0 _, LL HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR AIR SERVICE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT SERVICES The Authority is seeking qualified firms or individuals desiring to be considered Jor this project. The RFP documents will be available on the Authority's websiteJuly 30, 2007, at www.tampaairport.com; Airport Business, RFP/RFQ. For questions regarding the RFP contact Debbie Northington at 813-870-8700 ext 8540 TAMPA PORT AUTHORITY INVITATION TO BID (ITB) Notice is hereby given that the Tampa Port Authority (Port Authority), an equal opportunity employer, will receive sealed bids up to and until 2 : 00 p.m. August 30, 2007 at its office at 1101 Channelside Drive, 4th Floor, Tampa, Florida 33602 for the project entitled "Unit Price Repair and Improvements TPA Contract No. 08-07007''. (Note : The project name is provided for identification purposes only and is not intended to limit the scope of the project ) The project includes, but is not limited to, furnishing all labor materials, equipment, insurance and incidentals necessary to perform miscellaneous upland repair equipment, rental, construction on upland facilities whenever requested by the Tampa Port Authority The nature of the work includes, but is not limited to: a. miscellaneous paving and/or pavement repair including stabilization and base repair and/or upgrade, new cargo areas, parking areas, roadways, b underground utilities repair and installation, c earthwork including but not limited to excavation trucking, grading, ditch maintenance, and bank stabilization, d miscellaneous demolition, e rip-rap installation or repair, f. maintenance of traffic, g seeding, sodding, watering, h. mechanical and plumbing i. concrete repair/restoration/replacement, j. carpentry, k tenant fit-ups, I. striping, m surveying, n. repair of track and crossings, o. railroad track installation, p equipment rental, q other miscellaneous repair or improvements as may be required by the Port of Tampa A Pre-Bid Conference will be held August 13,' 2007 at 2 : 00 p m at the Tampa Port Authority 3rd Floor Conference Room. Prospective Bidders are encouraged to attend The Port Authority encourages the use of registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent possible on Port Authority projects. The Port has a goal of nine percent (9%) SBE participation Bidders must consider this when submitting their bids, as this will be considered by the Port Authority when receiving and evaluating bids. Bidder shall submit a completed form SBE-1, which will provide the details of the bidder's SBE Outreach Action Plan, and if less than the goal, submit Form SBE-1C which will substantiate bidder's good faith efforts made to provide SSE's to the greatest extent possible Bidder's failure to submit a complete Form SBE-1 or document its efforts to meet or exceed the target goal may be cause for determining the bid non responsive A current sworn statement on Public Entity Crimes pursuant to Section 287 ; 133(3)(a) Florida Statutes, must be on file with the Port Engineer or accompany the Bid. All firms interested in submitting a Bid on this project must register with the Port Authority in order to receive any changes or addenda to this Invitation to Bid (ITB) Prospective Bidders may obtain copies of this ITB elecftonically from the Port Authority web site (www tampaport com). This copy is made available throagh the Qemandstar System. Questions concerning this ITB should be directed to Dotma Casey ; Tampa Port Authority Procurement OffiCe, at (813) 905-5044. FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS CALL LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 GET NOTICED PLACE YOUR AD IN THE BUSINESS DIRECTORY EGAL NOTICE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE ABANDONED VEHICLES LEFT AT TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Notice is hereby given that property abandoned at Tampa International Airport will be sold by public outcry as provided by law on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 9:00 A M if not claimed by the rightful owner thereof Such public auction will be held at the Tampa Machinery Auction, Inc., located at 11720 US Highway 301 North, Thonotosassa, THE FOLLOWING VEHICLES WILL BE offered for sale by competitive bidding AT THE TAMPA MACHINERY AUCTION, INC. and will be sold to the highest bidder : DATE IMP# YEAR MAKE VIN# ABANDONED 46063 1996 Plymouth Voyager 1 P4GP44R7TB 196534 12/29/2006 46065 1987 Kawasaki Jetski KAW29751G787 12/29/2006 46070 1989 Chrysler New Yorker 1 C3BC4637KD550062 11/23/2006 46076 1990 Jeep Cherokee 1J4FJ58L4LL217101 01/25/2007 46080 1988 Toyota Corolla JT2AE93E3J3130039 12/11/2006 46087 1991 Ford Aerostar 1 FMCA 11 U9MZA92191 12/13/2006 47334 1991 Ford Escort 1FAPP10J2MW163198 03/22/2007 47338 1992 Ford Explorer 1FMDU32X3RUA4210Z 03/27/2007 47354 1999 Dodge Intrepid 283HD46R2XH703515 04/05/2007 47362 1996 Nissan 4dr 1N4AB41D7TC772799 04/12/2007 47376 1985 Ford Pickup 1FTEF15Y3FPB24224 04/30/2007 46088 1997 Saturn 2dr 1G8ZE1287VZ166823 12/16/2006 The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority/Tampa Machinery Auction, Inc : reserves the right to remove any vehicle from the auction at any time and to reject any or all bids Vehicles will be sold "AS IS" AND WITHOUT ANY COVENANTS OR WARRANTY OR OTHERWISE ON THE PART OF THE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY/TAMPA MACHINERY AUCTION, INC Vehicles will be on display from 7 : 30A.M to 9 : 00A.M. on the day of sale Questions concerning the sale may be addressed to Lori Lowenthal at 813/870-7855 no later than 2:00 PM on Friday, August 10th, 2007, or the Tampa Machinery Auction at 813/986-2485 on Saturday August 11th, 2007, before 9 :00A. M Notices will be posted at the Tampa International Airport Impound Vehicle Storage Lot located at 4812 W. South Avenue, Tampa, Florida, and in the Administrative Office lobby areas on the third floor of the Main Terminal and second floor of the Service Building at Tampa International Airport, 5503 W Spruce Street, Tampa, Florida Street, Tampa, Florida HOME OWNERSHIP Your Job Is Your Credit Low Down Payment Lease 2 Purchase Irvin (813) 965-5413 For Sale Newly Remodeled 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Utility, Carport Corner Lot With Fenced Yard, Quiet Neighborhood $135,000 Cail (813) 263-5591 Custom Homes Built By Pro-Fit Development, Inc. 2408 E. 19th Ave. 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Lanai, 2 Car Garage 1,709 Sq Ft $167,500K 2410 E. 19th Ave. 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath, 1 Car Garage, Front Courtyard 1,650 Sq Ft 175,000K 10 Year Structural Warranty And Many Upgrades, 42" Maple Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appliances Exit Exltreme Realty 813-7 16-0160 North Tampa 3-1 House$90,000 East Tampa 1/2 Acre Lot-$95,000 Temple Terrace Duplex-$168,000 Call Ainsley Daux Lie Realtor Home Run Real Estate Inc. 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Notice W. G. Mills, Inc. Construction Managers Requests for Bids W. G Mills Inc Construction Managers will receive sealed bids for the following : Hillsborough 'cFK 2006Hunters Green Elementary, Maniscalco Elementary, Walden lake Elementary and Marshall Middle Schools. Thursday, August 9, 2007-2:00 P.M. W G. Mills is committed to providing opportunities for qualified local businesses and M/WBE owned businesses Minority and Women owned firms interested in submitting bids or have questions regarding the above projects may attend a Pre-Bid Information Meeting on: Monday,August6,2007 8:30A.M. 10: 30 A.M. Buccaneer Catering 3225 N. 50th Street (Adessa Building) Tampa, Fl3J619 Please fax or email your interest to : Matt lnfanti (941) 907-3076 fax minfanti@wgmills.comor phone Janet Brooks at (813) 957-6503 (during regular business hours) INSURANCE BROKER OF RECORD SERVICES REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (RFQ ) RFQ NO. 07-006 Scope of Work-The Tampa Port Authority is soliciting Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from qualified firms interested in providing Insurance Broker of Record Services for all insurance coverage It is expected that the Insurance Broker of Record will have a full-service local office directly involved in handling Port and Maritime exposure al')d placing coverages with underwriters All firms interested in becoming qualified to participate in this RFQ shall obtain a copy of the RFQ Instructions and Submittal Documents and submit a completed response to the Tampa Port Authority 11 01 Channelside Drive ; 4th Floor, Tampa Florida 33602 Sub'mittals are due by 2 :00p.m. Friday, August 31, 2007 RFQ Submittals shall include a letter indicating the Firm's i nterest and cOmpletion of the RFQ Documents, including a Questionnaire Firms failing to submit the required RFQ Documents, may be deemed non-responsive to the RFQ. The RFQ is available from the TPA's web site (www.tampaport com) and the DemandStar System Upon review of the RFQ responses, the TPA will shortlist at least three (3) or more firms deemed most qualified to meet the project requirements for oral presentations and final ranking by the Port's evaluation committee The TPA will review and evaluate the firms based on the evaluation criteria contained within the RFQ Documents The tampa Port Authdrity encourages the use of registered Small Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent possible on its Projects. The TPA has a goat of nine percent (9%) SBE participation Firms must consider this when submitting on this project, as this will be considered by the TPA when receiving and evaluating the submittals Firms shall submit a completed form SBE -1, which will provide the details of the Firms SBE Outreach Action Plan, and if less than the goal submit Form SBE-1 C, which will substantiate the good faith efforts made to include SBEs to the gr.eatest extent possible Firm's failing to submit a complete Form SBE-1 or document its efforts to meet or exceed the target goaf may be cause for dete r mining the Firm non-responsive or to the RFQ. Questions concerning this RFQ should be directed Donna Casey o.f the Tampa Port Authority's Department, at (813) 905-5044, or e-mail at casey@tampaport.com, or faxed to (813) 905-5050 FORALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS ..... CALL laVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FAX YOUR ADS 24/7 TO: (813) Or.Emailledwards@flsentinel.com HOMESFORSAL -I First Person To Bring Owner Down Payment Gets ltll 3/1, Extra Room New Tile Floors All Credit Welcome !! 813.630.9827 Wholesale Properties To The Public Great "Fixer Upper" Deals www.rehabbersuperstore.com Kenny Rushing 813.227.9240 Owner Will Finance Several Quality Homes For Sale Small Down Bruised Credit OK 3 & 4 Bedrooms Available Fenced Concrete Block CHA Tile Call (813) 269-4656 ALL CREDIT WELCOME II 2, 3, And 4 Bedroom Homes For 0 Down Or Lease Option With Cash 1ST TIME HOME BUYERS MOVE TODAY 813.630.9827 For Sale Newly Remodeled 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Utility, Carport Corner Lot With Fenced Yard Quiet Neighborhood $135,000 Call (813) 569-0842 4 Sale Or 4 Rent 4/2 In Ground Pool Plus Additional Pool House!! 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0 0 N ....... N :::> -, < c 0:: u. c U.. c z < c tn w :::> 1-w > w c w :I: tn :J CD :::> D. z 1-w ...I ...I :::> CD ...I w z i= z w t/) < c ii 0 ...I u. 1, 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes Available Locations All Over Tampa Low Security Deposits CALL 813-600-5090 WIWV REALPROPERTYWORX COM Newly Remodeled 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Utility, Carport, Fenced Yard $995.00/Monthly $900.00/Deposit No Section 8 Or Pets Call (813) 569-0842 Town-N-Country Condo 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Pool, Washer/Dryer Convenient Location $1,200 00/Monthly $1,000 00/Deposit Call 813-569-0842 4505 N. 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Jefferson Street 1 Bedroom/1 Bath And Studio Water & Trash Included $525.00 And $465 00/Monthly First Month Rent + Depos it Call (813) 966-5760 Apartment 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Located In Brandon Close To All Convenience Private Backyard 2 Car Parking $825 .00 Per Month Section 8 Welcome (813) 473-3746 University Square Mall Area 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $625 Free Water, Garbage & Sewer Lovely Park Setting Pet And Child Friendly On-Site Management & laundry 813-971-0341 SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY Active independent living for 55+, qui-et park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities, riverfront living Efficiencies and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $360.00 per month. (813) 985-4419 8431 N. 39th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Upstairs Apartment Heat & Air $650.00/Rent $350.00/ Deposit (813) 299-5669 Apartme"'t/Duplex ,Available NOW Section 8 Tampa Heights 3.11 Duplex And 2/1 Apartment CHA, WSG Included WID Hook-ups Call 813-210-0287 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS


Section 8 412 W. Frances Avenue Available Room For Rent 2 Bedroom Duplex 2 Bedroom/1 Bath In Ybor Heights At: $750.00/Monthly Fans, AJC, Security Bars 1000 East 26th Avenue +Deposit WID Hook-Up Call (813) 980-1229 Very Clean Please Call $625.00/Monthly (813) 494-3343 Section 8 Perferred $400.00/Deposit 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex (813) 391-7046 Room For Rent Tile Floors, Large Yard $125.00 Per Week WID Hook-Up 8 ONLY + Deposit Air Condition (813) 230-8968 Duplex -Move In Special Kitchen Privileges Duplex -2 Each 3/1 Nice Area, Call (813) 802-4930 Washer/Dryer Hook-Up, 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, Large Fenced Nice Unfurnished Rooms WDH, Large Backyard Backyard. CHA, House Privileges Close To Busline Males Preferred Section 8 Only Call (813) 789-3879 $200 00 Deposit (813) 932-4351 Duplex-Busch Area $450.00 Per Month Tampa Heights Duplex 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Phone(813)661-4292 2 Bedroom/1 Bath WID Hook-up Large Kitchen Refurbished Kitchen 3104 E. MLK Blvd. Close To Downtown Section 8 Welcome Rooms For Rent $600 00/Monthly Great Deal Males Preferred $300 DO/Deposit Call (813) 261-7538 $125 DO/Weekly Call (813) 224-9040 Or (813) 503-0493 Includes Electr i c And Water Duplex Apartment West Tampa 2104-B W Beach St. Call (813) 784-0508 2102-A Palmetto Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Clair Mel Area CHA, W/W Carpet WDH 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Central Stat i on Alarm CHA, Utility Room, WDH, Room For Rent $650.00/Monthly Water Paid Private Bathroom $725.00 Monthly Shared Kitchen And (813) 238-6353 Living Room $550.00.Deposit $130.00 $175 00 weekly DUPLEX $100 00/Deposit 1504 E. 138th Ave. Call (813) 223-5214 Call (813\ 545-9139 3/1, CHA W/D Hook up West Tampa $795 00/Month Available Now $500/Depos i t Newly Remodeled Section 8 Accepted 2 Bedroom Duplex Senior Citizens Preferred Ron (813) 920-1085 W/W Til e CHA $ 550 00 & 600 00/Monthly (813) 690-6664 Laundry Room Includes Washer/Dryer Kitchen W/Breakfast Bar Private Bath Grant Park $700 00/Monthly Telephone (Local) 3416 North 55th Street $700 00/Deposit And Satellite TV 2 Bedroom/1 Bath (813) 685-3208 Call (813) 273-9187 Duple x Or (813) 843-7112 Or (813) 965-4434 $675 00/Month l y $500 00/Deposit aJ 11 Furnished Rooms Call (813) 359-7528 Queen Size Bed Or (813) 627-0482 $175 00/Weekly USF Area Duplex Room For Rent Full Size Bed 1 Bedroomf1 Bath 2409 19th Avenue $150. DO/Weekly New Tile & Paint $150 DO/Deposit New Appliances Older Man Or Woman Call (813) 900-6926 $600 00/Monthly Working Or Retired Or (813) + Sec!Jrity Deposit Preferred Section 8 Ok East Tampa (813) 263-6460 Phone (813) 247-4334 2 Rooms For Rent Tampa Heights Area 1 Furnished/1 Unfurnished Ready August No Drugs, Utilities Included 6214 N. 48th Street Apt #B Furnished Room For Rent Washer/Dryer Kitchen Section 8 Only Very Clean Living Room Access Near Busline 2/1 CHA Central Air And Heat $500 Down/$500 Month Background Check $125 00/Week l y Per Room $40.00 Non-refundable $125 DO/Deposit 813-416-1184 (813) 626-0331 (404) 839-4629 Or 954 559-2232 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE ROOMS FOR REN Room For Rent $100.00 Per Week + Deposit Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 285-8147 1206 E. MLK Blvd. Rooms For Rent Single Male Preferred Call (813) 963-0703 Only A Few Left Rooms For Rent Nice And Clean CHA, Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Call (813) 624-8540 Efficiencies Large Living Room, Cable, Lights, And Water Included $225 00 Weekly $200.00 Deposit Rooms For Rent Quiet Building At 2913 N. 15th Street Near three bus lines John (813) 241-6144 Or Henry (813) 684-3492 E. Jackson Heights Area Large Room For Rent $135 .00. Weekly $ 115 00 Deposit Cable Access Phone(813)2364816 Hyde Park 1507 North A Street Cable, Kitchen Privileges AIC Near Busline $80.00 Rent-$115 00 And Up I (813) 5709 East 30th Street Fully Remodeled Rooms For Rent $120.00-Weekly Call Tyrone 1-800-890-7639 Rooms For Rent Furnished Kitche n Facilities Single Males Preferred Drug Free Area Phone (813) 247-3581 Or (813) 965-5931 Just Like Home Leave Message Immediate Response First Week Rent + Security $100 .00-$150 00/Weekly Furnished And Unfurnished (813) 319-5646 Kennedy Blvd. & Howard Ave. Rooms Male Roommates Preferred Clean, Quiet Central Heat/Air & Cable Must Be Drug Free & Employed (813) 293-1090 Christ i an Person Has Rnnmc:: l=nr R<:>nt Start ing @ $11 0 .00/Rent +Deposi t No Drugs, Smoking Or Illegal Act i vities Mike (813) 770-2266 2928 N. 18th Street Room For Rent 55 Years And Older Preferred $120 00/Weekly $120.00/Deposit Call (813)231.;2023 The Florida Sentinel 8f.!lletii1 The Voice of The Community For Over 62. Years GET NOTICED PLACE YOUR AD IN THE BUSINESS DIRECTORY FOR DETAILS CALL @ (813) 248-1921 FAX 24/7 TO {813) 248-9218 Or Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com ., c }< ,. c: (j) c: C/) -4 N 0 0 ..... ., r 0 ::a. 6 )lo C/) m z :::! z m r I m c: r r m :::! z ., c: m r c;; ::I: m c m < m ::a -< -4 c: m en c )> z c "T1 ::a c


..... 0 fJ.1 I ;l${ I.] i i r{ I rjf 0 N M 1-en ::> Tarpley's A/C (!) ::> (813) 238-7884 < Cell (813) 541-5010 >.;' < c Sales & Service ii: New & Used A/C u. Prices Starting At $250 .00 Lie# CAC 1815130 RUDY'S REPAIR SERVICE Complete Air Conditioning & Heating Service On All Makes and Models Call (813) 620-1866 LIC #CAC 1814465 < Credit Cards Accepted c 0:::: u. Keep Your c Air Conditioner z Icy Cold This Summer! I < 21 Point Air Conditioner c en Tune Up $29.95 w Regular $60.00 ::> 1-Call Ralph w (813) 546-1134 > w c w J: en :J m ::> AFRICAN-AMERICAN a.. z ATTORNEY i= w Dedicated to ...J ...J LABOR & EMPLOYMENT ::> LAW! m ...J Atty. 0. Ford w :z Call (813) 223-1200 i= www.fordlaw org z w en < BANKRUPTCY c ATTORNEY ii: 0 Chapter 13 ...J u. *Chapter 7 *Start At $650 .00 Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 www.fordlaw.org WORKERS' COMPENSATION Get Medical Treatment Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 www fordlaw.org FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS CALL LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FAX YOUR ADS 24n 'lilt TO: (813) 248-9218 ... w Or Email (!) ledwards@flsentlnel.com ATTORNEY EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION I *Wrongful Termination *Racial & Sexual Harrassment All Employment Matters Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 www.fordlaw.org Learn How To Create Wealth Investing In Real Estate Rehab For Profit Build with Equity Build A Positive Cash Flow Rental Business Must Have Fair Credit Must Have Cash To Close Serious Inquiries Only Please Call Kenny Rushing 813.227.9240 Roderick 0. Ford, JD, ESQ. Juris Doctor, U of llinois CWCP, Michigan State Harvard Law School Program on Negotiations Assoc of Trial Laywers Of America Downtown-Tampa Law Office Call (813) 223-1200 Earn Your Way To $500 A Day Working From Home! Exclusive Dealership Available With 29 Year Old Company Mail To Wes-State Corporation 1450 W.7th Ave. Dept. 2128 Eugene, OR 97 402 Find You A Corner And Make Quick Monev In A Couple 01 Hours! Cost Prollt $5.00 $2.50 $10.00 $5.00 $15.00 $7.50 $20.00 $10.00 $25.00 $12.50 $50.00 $25.00 $100.00 $50.00 $200.00 $100.00 22072111 Ave. Tampa, Fl33605 [8131 248-1921 SUPPORT THE FLORIDASENTINEL BULLETIN ADVERTISERS C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1-3 Rooms ONLY-$24 .95 No Hidden CHARGES! Call (813) 626-7303 Or (813) 325-4330 Lawanda Lock Family Home Daycare Infants Toddlers Pre-Schoolers After -Schoolers Enrolling Now!!! Call (813) 248-5432 FTA #430902 10:00 P.M.-8:00A.M. Late Night Working Parents, Need A Sitter? I am Here To Help 6 Months-12 Years Old Call (813) 319-5646 For Detailed Information Top Notch Comouter Service Repairs Upgrades Virus Control And More "Service You Can Trust" Call Tony (813) 695-7813 Bad Credit Slow Credit Nc:i Credit Call Us For A Loan Or To Have Your Credit Repaired! Credit Dimensions (813) 626-0400 CRUISE MAKE YOUR NEXT VACATION OR FAMILY CELEBRATION A CRUISE CALL GLORIA FOR GREAT RATES!!III 813-973-1080 www thesunandfuncruises com \ FREE DENTAL Adults & Children Cleanings, Fillings Extractions 813-980-9070 DNA Paternity Testing Legal or personal testing available. Results in just 3 DAYS No Collection Fees in Tampa. NO BLOOD! Payment options available http : //dnatestingsolutions com DNA Testing Solutions 11972 N. Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 Are You Looking For A Professional Dress Maker? *Bridal Parties Prom Dresses *Home Coming Dresses *Min i ster & Church Robes You Design It We Make It & Much More Call Speed (813) 988-4575 We Will Convert Your Personal VHS Tapes To DVD $10 .00 Each Cassette Tapes To CO's $5. 00 Each Same Day Service Call (813) 285-4674 POWER-ONE ELECTRICAL SERVICES All Your Electrical Needs Free Estimates Lighting Wiring Circuit Breakers Convenient Service Can Marcus Smalls (813) 625-6699 Lie #470392


I i'' a 49 N m 1' 1:' tiil F-n-Y Inc. Fitness-n-You Presents Customized Fitness Plans As Low As $30.00/Monthly Nutrition Specialists And Direct Support Professionals On Call Dispatched To You! (813) 735-3304 Licensed By Health Professionals #15147 R. DEAN FENCING PLUS WE INSTALL FENCES -Residential & Commercial -Wood -Vinyl -Aluminum -Chain Link HAULING AVAILABLE Call Rodney for Free Estimate 813-907-9977 Lie# 44206 Brandon Area Restaurant For Sale All Equipment Ready For Business $55,000 -OBO Serious Inquires Only (813) 681-8581 Cell (813) 391; -3887 Landlords/Property Owners Private Investor Has Immediate Cash For Your Home Or Commercial Building Irvin (813) 965-5413 Are You Headed For Foreclosure? Don't Just Walk Away And Ruin Your Credit Call Us For A Quote (813) 628-8063 Or (813) 857-7708 Avoid Foreclosure Behind On Payments? Save Your Credit! We Can Help Call Today (813) 728-4182 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSE! We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Full Page Ad In The Florida Sentinel. www.rehabberssuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 HANDYMA N NEEDS WORK Save Money!!! No Job Too Small Incorporated And Insured Lawn Maintenance Painting, Cleaning Pools, Pressure Washing Tree Triming 813.630.9827 Handyman John Moultrie Jr. No Job Too Small Or Big, Just Call And Ask Reasonable Rates Quality Work Reliable Backhoe Work Land Clearing And Pressure Washing Free Estimates 24n (813) 748-2597 Or Real Estate Investors "Buy Homes From SELLERS IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE" We Help With Financing Tool Irvin (813) 965-5413 For_real_about realeatate_llcOyahoo.com WE BUY JUNK CARS AND TRUCKS CALLJ.R. (813) 966-3501 We Will Buy Your Junk Cars, Trucks And Vans Call Penny (813) 621-0163 Wanted Dead Or Alive Unwanted Cars And Trucks We Pay Cash! We Will Come To You Phone(813)385-7713 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We P i ck Up Any Junk Metal For FREE! 7 Days A Week Phone (813) 695-2438 "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service Hauling And Clean-Up Phone (813) 245-9761 Guaranteed Discount Landscaping Lawn Tree, Sprinklers, Hauling, And Clean Up Services Residential & Commercial Phone (813) 416"-5388 Or (813) 454-7765 Bernard's Lawn Care Service & Tree Trimming Residential & Commercial Clean Up, trash Removal Tree Trimming & Hauling Call Bernard @ (813) 334-5640 ADVERTISEMENTS---EMPLOYMENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS PVPLEXES ---ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS, ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN "T1 2:! c EAL ESTATE }< 1240 E. Cass Street 800 Sq. Ft. Commercial Property For Lease Ideal For Restaurant Or Office Space $1 ,500 00/Monthly Call (404) 290-3277 Need Money? Law Suit Pending Car Accidents Wokers Compensation Slip & Fall Get Money In 2-3 Days No Credit Check Call (813) 298-4370 Or (813) 270-9874 Licensed Sage Properties Group,LLC Cash In 3 Days For Your House Ready To Sell Promptly Call Floyd 813-727-6728 Discount Movers Commercial Or Residental Moves Lowest Rate Guaranteed!!! Delivery Services Available Also Learn How To Create Wea1th Investing In Real Estate Rehab For Profit Build With Equity Build A Positive Cash Flow Rental Business Must Have Fair Credit Must Have Cash To Close Serious Inquiries Only Please Call Kenny Rushing 813.227.9240 I d 3 i 3d' 113 42 N +I Need A Lawyer? Personal Injury Criminal Defense Attorneys Car Accidents Slip And Fall Workers Compensation FREE 24-Hour Referral Service 1-877-ASK-TAZZ 1-877-275-8299 A-1 Maintenance Tile, Room & Bathroom Additions Windows Doors, Remodeling & Much More. Call (813) 417-5863 PAINTING & CARPENTRY Installed Low Prices 40 Years Experience c: (;') c: en -I w N 0 0 ...., "T1 I 0 :;a. c en m z :::j z m I I m c: I I m :::j z c: m !: en :J: m c m < m 813-626-2463 -I Call 285-467 4 For More Details 813-300-4100 Cell# Lie# 122337 THE FLORIDA BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 62 YEARS PUBLICATION DEADLINES: I ._ Tuesday Edition --Friday @ 3:00 p.m. Friday Edition Tuesday @ 3:00 p.m CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 -1-2d WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD For Your Convenience We Accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE z c "T1 2:! c


...... 0 0 N M 1-en ::J (!) ::J <( >;' < c ii: LL 0 ii: LL c z <( c en w ::J 1-w > w c w ::I: en :::i m ::J Q. z i= w ..J ..J ::J m ..J w z i= z w en <( c ii: 0 ..J LL Home Repairs & Odd Jobs Painting & Odd Jobs Lowest Rates In Town Call (813) 965-4161 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling C arpentry Room Additions Roofing, Drywall Plumbing Ceramic Tile Sidewalks, Patios & Hauling Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lie #022650 Kina's Hair Braiding Shop (813) 359-7065 Kinky Twists $95 00 C orn Rows-$25 00 & Up Dreds-$30 00 Flat Twist-$35 00 Sew Ins:.. $85 00 Micro's-$99 00 & Up Become Legal Florida Approved!! (16 Hour) Hair Braiding Course (Only 2 Days) If You Can Braid Why Not Get Paid Get Your License Now!! Body Wrapping Classes Available Call Latashia (813) 770-8327 Back To School Special Up To 420.00 Off 8/1/07-8/25/07 Braids/Cornrows, Relaxers Dreds/Locs, Twist, Ponytails And Much More Relaxer, Condition & Wrap Special Every Tuesday And Wednesday Walk-Ins Welcome Contact Carla (813) 770-1174 Nikki's Hair Gallery 3320 E. Osborne Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Body Plaits Corn Rows Weaves $95 $45 $65-Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 School Specials Straight Backs $55 00 $10 00 Each Additional Row Kinky Twist Micros Body Plaits Sew-Ins Starting At $95.00 Dreds ReTw i st Cornrows Starting At $35 00 Also Featuring Fusion Latasha (813) 770-8327 I Will Buy Your House Fast Cash Any Cond i tion Call Brenda (813) 238-8833 Real Estate Investors Buy Homes From Sellers In Financial Trouble We Help With Financing Too! (813) 965:-5413 Irvin Don't Be Fooled By Others Cash ln 3 Days For Your House Phone (813) 727-6728 Landlords And Property Owners Private Investor Has Immediate Cash For Your Home Or Commercial Building Call Irvin (813) 965-5413 PUBLICATION DEADLINES TUESDAY EDITION -FRIDAY@ 3:00P.M. FRIDAY EDITION TUESDAY @ 3:00 P M r.LASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOL)R AD FAX YOUR ADS 24n TO: (813) 248-9218 Ot Emai! : ledwards@flsentinel.com WARNINGIIIII Since running my "3 Days Cash For Your Home" ad there have been reports of other copy cat real estate investors trying to manipulate people with empty offers of quick cash and fast closings. There are few legitimate Tampa companies that can honor such offers. Rehabbers Superstore is the real deal. Before you lose any value in your home ask the investor to provide the following : 1) References : Ask to talk with people who have recently sold them their home 2) Proof of Funds : Ask them to prove they have the cash to close quickly Many investors use a "Quick Cash -Fast Closing" tactic to get you to sign on the line, then they run around town trying to find someone to buy their 3) Occupational License : Are they legitimate? Ask for a copy of their occupational license At the Rehabber's Superstore we have the cash to buy, and we can close all deals in 3 days More importantly, we can provide you with our c r edent i als See our full page ad in the Florida Sentinel to learn more, or visit our website at: www.rehabberssuperstore .com (813) 227-9240 Kenny Rushing SELL YOUR LO DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Full Page Ad In The F l orida Sentinel. www.rehabberssuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 Jamaican West Indian Fathe"r SamtJel 2121 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida 32804 407-841-2787 Known Around The World As The Best! If I Can't Help You, It Can't Be Done. Specializing In Court Cases, Jinx Removal From The Body, Restores Health, Remember "With God All Things Are Possible". SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS SPIRITUAL WORKER AND ADVISOR 1-800-648-2993 -Luck, Love, Money Blessings, Remove Bad Luck, Evil Spells And Witchcraft Master All Cases Help In 24 Hours Rev. Henry Jackson P. 0. Box 17049 Charlotte, NC 28227-0099 Healer Advisor The Lady Of Miracles I Guarantee To Help Out Where Others Failed. I Help In All Problems I Help With Love, Nature, & Money Problems Help In 3 Days Call Now For Your Guaranteed Luck Number & Hand Call Now & Be Lucky & Healthy Sister Ida 1-800-780-4 772 Readings By Mrs. Green Problems Worried Or Unhappy? I Can And Will Solve All Problems Of Life Immediately! Reunite You Back With The One You Love Call For Free Reading Toll Free 1-214-799-0223 MOTHER GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayer Don't be discouraged if others have failed I can help you overcome bad luck evil influences, spells, linatural conditions surrounding you Has your loved one changed? Are you in distress? Whatever the problem I can help in one vis it. Satisfaction! CALL ME TODAY!!! 1-677-2971 4927 83rd Street =-=-=-'="--._,;..-.===--= ReaderAdvisor Has The Experience And Experti.'ie To Advi'ie You And Get Yo. u On The Right Truck. i ves Expert Advice On Lov e Marriage & Destiny, Psychic And Palm Readings, Consultation, Reunites Loved Ones Call U s Today And Let Us Show You Th e Ms. Mitchell, Reader & Advisor Difference 12561 837-9714. EMERGENCY Jacks $25 00 & Up Phones Fax Cable Wiring Repair (813) 850-5947 24-Hour Service Uc # SP13104 Trash Cleanup, Tree Trimming And Removal, Or Any Other Cheapest Rates No Job Too Big Or Small Including Furniture Removal Call (813) 285-4674 Real Estate Investors Buy Homes From Sellers l(l Financial Trouble We Help With Financ i ng Too! (813) 965-5413 Irvin I'@ j :tip I [.11f1 ill I Will Buy Your House Fast Cash, Any Condition Call Brenda (813) 238-8833 Sage Properties Group,LLC Nee d to Seii Your House? Cash Deals in 3 Days! www. sellpromptly com Call Floyd 813-727-6728 The Moment You Don't Want It We Dol Any House Any Situation Any (813) Irvin DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl Cash In 3 Days For Ypur House See Our Full Page Ad, In The Florida Sentinel. rehabberssuperstore .com (813) 227-9240


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