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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 62, no. 93 (August 7, 2007)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
August 7, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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62 Years In The Tampa Bay Area --High School Senior Dies In SUV Crash SEE STORY ON PAGE 2 Near Drow n ing Yictims OK SEE PAGE 2 Negro Leaguers Wish BondS Well SEE PAGE 11 Perry Harvey Paltl CommiHea Outraged SEE PAGE 3 Trio Jailed .. .After Spree SEE PAGE 19 The residents at Centro Place Apartments Complex were treated to an outdoor barbecue on July 27th. Residents of the complex were invited to dress in their Hawaiian attire, put on their colorful and enjoy the food, games and festivities Teresa M. Fonte, right, Property Manager, made sure residents like Betty Munford enjoyed all the activities: (Photograph by Jerry Brunson).


,..... 0 0 N .. FEATURES -. --,..: 1-C/) ;::) (!) ;::) "' < c Kenyatta Bush loved vis-ffi Two young boys, ages 4 and ::l 6, were 'doing good' Monday 1-after being released from local munity pool at the French iting her grandparents in Quarters Apartment Complex, Bristol, Florida. Her grand-6423 N. Armenia Ave., of a parents, James and 'possible near drowning. Margaret Ann Bush c cc u.. c z a: w > w c w :::1: en :::i m ;::) a. z tu ...J ...J ;::) m ..:.. w z t= z w -en

-FEATURES -Perry Harvey Park Meeting Gets Heated When Cost Discussed BY AMELIA 'KIKI' HOWARD Sentinel Freelance Writer Members of the Perry Harvey Park Advisory Committee left the meeting outraged Wednesday night after rough financial estimates revealed that the cost of the project was $500,000 over budget yet the plans were the tabl e to spend $400,000 on a skating bowl. The committee consisting of: Fred Hearns, former city official; James Tokley, Bernadine White King, daughter of Moses White; Sonja Harvey McCoy, granddaughter of Perry Harvey, Sr.; Dorothy Han'ey Keel, daughter of Perrv Harvey, Sr.; 'Villie Robinson, owner of ihe .Jackson House; have heen meeting for about a year charged with the responsibili ty to ensure that the rich heritage and history surrounding Central Ave is "preser\'ed and represented" in the park named in honor of the late Perrv HaJ'\'eY, Sr. At meeting, committee members were pre sented a two dimensional layout of the completely redesigned park. From the outset, the Board's visio n wa s d ear ..... don't allow the histOJ)' of.this area to be forgotten. However when the proposed financial breakdown of the project was presented to the group, on the board their task was 111 vain. From the outset; the Board was split on re-including a skating bowl into the plan. Most felt the Central Avenue business and entertainment core tliat flourished in the late 18oos to the 1960s, was too valuable and sacred to include the 'Bro Bowl' into the new p;1rk. Central 1\ venue was the s1omping ground for names like Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, s am Cooke, James firown, and a hos t of other musicians, sports figmes and artists of color who could not eat ot s leep in hotels 'for white s only'. And, the Centra l Avenue business district paved the way for over 100 Black entrepreneurs. Many of the committee members have a vested inter est in the restoration, because it wa s their fathers and mothers who paved the way for inany .in this community during the tough times of segre. ga.tion and discrimination. They WERE the young people of the 1950s .and 1960s and can rec all the many s tars who walk e d the stree t s of C entral FRED HEARNS ... Chairman of the Perry Harvey P:-rk Advisory Committee JAMESTOKLEY 1\vc. However, none ever recall riding their skateboards throug h Central Ave. Board members openly voiced thei1 objections and felt hoodwinked and lied to about the s46s,ooo price tag being earma;kcd for a skate bowl. According to James Tokley, "the largest cost item on the report was for the skat ing bowl. Th e AdvisOJ)' Board was not provided with the financial breakdown in advance of the meeting and felt that som e discussions beyond our committee took place Board membe r Bernadine White and members of the Harvey family challenged the developers, which includes Bank of America, the City of Tampa, Tampa Housing Authority, and Tampa Bay Engineering Group about the bowl's price tag, and why they were being hassled about the cost of an actual bust of Central Avenue icons ($so,ooo) a s opposed to a photograph of the l eade r s ($s,ooo). Aft e r that heate d debate, several board members threatened to resign and wanted thei r names taken off of anything to do with the renovated park. Brad Suder, the City of Tampa's Project Manager, tried to calm the situation by explaining that deception was n e v e r the intention. However, he explained that the City had a commitment that the park needed to be a good partner to the housing facility. WILLIE ROBINSON Demolition of Central Park Village will make way for the new Bank of America development project. He also said nearly 1,ooo e mails were sent from the skateboarding community to ensure that the skate bowl would be preserved Representatives from the TBE, Bank of America and the Housing Authority tried to extinguish the fire, explai ning that this was the first time the y had seen the figures as well, and urged the committee to remember that this was just an estimate. Some advisory members w e r e so shake n with anger that they made it cl ear that the y f e lt the r e w e r e stakehold ers with money and power that had their own agenda. Committee members felt they had already made enough compromise s and sacrifices, and made it c l ear that they would not compromise anymore. In the end the group decided to vote the idea of a skate bowl comple t e ly out of their budget, but not out of the park. The issue was not completely settled and will continue in the meeting on August 2oth. tllll<.: .loili I ,; ,\ t AGAPE MINISTRIES CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 1 N. 34th St. Tampa, FlnritJa 33t.tll For 1\ EVANGELIST ROSEMARY GADSDEN & <.-.m m DR. KARMEN GADSDEN of 1 !roll n Memorial Chun.:h of God in Come Receive Reju venate & Rejoice Elder A. L. Pastor 1 Our Lol'e 7hru 501 E. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 1225 Tampa, FL 33602 f)@4,f,J Phone #: (813) 223-3900 HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED IN A Were You Hurt! Need A Good Dodor And Someone Who Will Properly Document Your Case! Need Your Car Fixed! Need A Ride To The Doctor! Friendly and Courteous Staff Members If You Answered YES To Any Of These Questions, Then You Need To Call Me Now .. Having Been In Several Accidents Myself, I Know Just What To Do .. To Get The Best Results For Vou"ll Before You Sign Up With Anyone Else, Cell He. Hy Services Are FREE And Can Help Keep You From Making A Costly Hlstekel Must be 21 yeers of eae. heve e credit cerd & e velld driver's license, while we do your work. Minimum $1,500.00 Estimate. Provided By: CLASSIC PAINT G. BODY "T1 r 0 ::c c )> CJ) m z ::! z m r I m c: r r m -t z ., c: tD C CJ) ::J: m c m < m ::c -< -t c: m CJ) c )> z c "T1 ::c c


EDITORIALS I COLUMNS FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202140) 2207 21st Avenue Tampa Florida 33605 (813} 248 Published E\lery Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENnNEL BULLEnN PUBLISHING Co. Member ol National Newspape r Publishers Assoctation (NNPA) and Amill gemated Publishers. Inc., New Yo lit. C 1990 94 CP Timelnlemational POSTMASTER : Send Address Change To : Florida Sentlnol Bulletin, P.O. Bo1 33el T-po, FL 3:1101 Poriodicol Poltage PoOl AI Tofl1PO, FL w .w.-'-" 11174-1131 (1111) C. BI,U.O And,_l 11101 (11145) FoundMo C.III.YTHE AHOREWS, JR. CHAlRIIAN S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBUSHER C. Ill. Y1lfE ANDREWS II, PRESIDENTA::ONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR BETTY DAWIJi>hlt. salute the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. in their celebration of 100 years of ervice to communities throughout America, Africa, the Caribbean, Canada, Germany, Korea and Japan. The 185 member local chapter, Gamma Theta Omega recently hosted an elegant reception for its Centennial Traveling AKA Exhibit, last Saturday, to an O audience of more than 300. The response, like the a;: exhibit, was outstanding. To be reopened for public LL review, on August 12th, the AKA historical exhibit touts C a century of service and documents of the organization, as well as its $40 million donations to Black and c en w :l 1-ft w > w c w :r:: en :::i m :l a. z i= w ..J ..J :l m I ..J w z w en ecting our. To all aspiring artists, that's the language o f the women by calling theri"' B 's'. understand that if you are streets, and that's why they or wh ... s._l know we're a .. lot serious about wanting to be put it in their music. If that's. thin tha t at the same place. Mt-.anwhile, in October, every car owners will thousands, if not millions of other Florida car owners will be driVing around without car insurance, thanks to the 2007 Florida Legislature. That's right. Beginning October 1st, Florida motorists will no longer be required to c.arry car insurance. SUR-PRISE, SUR-PRISE, SURPRISE! For, the Florida No-Fault law, which requires all drivers to carry at least a minimum personal injury and property damage insurance will be scheduled for termination. And guess who gets to pay for the car repairs, property damage, hospital stays, medicine, physical therapy and other costs for damages and injuries by uninsured nincompoops behind the wheel? WE DO! YOU AND US! Citizens who'can afford car and.. health insurance will be saddled with these new burdens! Therefore we urge the Florida Legislature to wake up during their up-coming special session, and fix the mess they have made with the excessive property tax rollback and by allowing the Florida No-Fault insurance to terminate. For, the.quality of life they save may 'indeed, own. Pass it on.


I \ When A Tree Falls In The Forest! o, what happens when does, then what? What will / .a tree falls in the forest happen? Will there be ticker and nobody hears it? tape parades? Will there be Do. es it fall? Ask Barry commercials? Will Bonds end Bonds. See what he says. up on the David Letterman Barry Bonds, baseball's Show, like one of the 'oh-no-kid," slammed his Williams sisters did when -,, bomerun, the o ther day. d She took the Wimbledon. I t .. Grand Slam' tennis champio ing.i Quoting reJ!li<;>rters who r onship? What-will seasoned 1r were there, "Withno ttace of a sportswriters make of Bonds' smile, Barry Bonds swung, brash 'atte.mpt to become took a half-dozen steps and immortal and legendary? clapped." And that was how he I'm reminded of a fight celebrated the fact that he had announcer's response to boxer just equaled the homerun Vernon Forrest, when he recordofHankAaron. bragged about his having Baseball Commissioner Bud defeated Sugar Shane Selig, so we're told, was no Mosley. Said the fight more animated than Bonds. announcer, "You may have According to reporters, "When BEATEN Sugar Shane Bonds crossed home plate; Mosley, but you will never B u d stood and put his hands BE Sugar Shane Mosley." in his pockets." There came a End of sentence! Point wellmixed reaction from the made! So, what's going to hap crowd who no doubt, came to pen to "Sugar-Man" Barry see Bonds achieve what they Bonds? Will sportscasters wanted him to achieve so they and consensus-makers of could despise him for having America allow him to wear his achieved it. No doubt, there crown as the new honierun was a negative eJectricity that king of the world ... or will they lit many fans, in a dark light, give him a crown that's got as they vomited with glee. spit on it? Either that or will Why did they hate Bang-in' they say nothing at all, and act Barry Bonds? Was it truly as if Barry Bonds never his rumored romance with learned to lift a bat, let alone steroids and his legendary hick swing it for a homerun? Why of personal eharm, sometimes. not? It has happened before. It Hank Aaron wasn't that happened with so-called adorabiG, either. As a matter "Negro Baseball" slugger, of fact, \vhen Aaron threat-Josh Gibson. Babe Ruth encd to edipse Baby Ruth's hit 715 homeruns. Gibson hit homerun record, Aaron's at least 1,000 homeruns. Was mailboxwasoverrunwithhate anyone aware of it? mail and death Reportedly, not a one. Certainly, one gets the feeling Meanwhile, htrre lately, a that fan's so-called mixed young man by the name of emotions about Barry Bonds Alex Rodriguez "A-Rod" is really nothing personal. It's they call him -just hit his simply how predominantly sooth homerun, and was white An1erica responds when mobbed by well-wishers ... Its fantasies are shaken, or team members and fans alike. when its idols don't follow the People say A-Rod has a bright c: C) c: (J) -t 1\). 0 0 """ just living, becomes too much seasons. Watch all the heav-It i!! amazing how much for us. It is during these times enly bodies move continuouspeace and calm can come to a we need extra strength, wisly through the sky with each person by just having some. ,.. dom and endurance. body occupying its own path thing or someone to believe 5 It is during dark moments of travel. Watch the tiny in. ::D By SHERNA BLAIR RICH : 6 > en m z :::! z m r-1 Ill c: r rm z "'C --have my own favqrite his large, predominantly black won't stand a chance if they ::::1: shows. For instance, I feel a and low-income high scho ol don't realize their potential. m total obligation and moral, just outside Washington. He On every political, social and yes, moral duty to be in front had to come to Howard for an economic front, young African < of my television for the American men and women m Monday night Black Line-up. intense four-day workshop in 'meet obstacle after hindrance; Know what I mean? Come on the complex process he will barrier after hurdle and prob-now, you know it's true. After have to master if he is to fulfill lem after setback. It's the set-all, what else is there? Reality his aspirations of upward backs that thwart the evolu-television? Another Trump-ed mobility: applying to college." tion and growth of our young up game show? People going It has long been a notion with Black Americans. > on television proclaiming that me that there are "one too "'I do not want to become z they can sing and/or dance tnany" Bla,ck American st'g-another. African 'Ameri; C 1 b d 'fi 11 can/Black stereot\.pe,' ,.. w 1en some o y, spec1 Jca y, dents higher aspirations :D one of their parents should've Antoine wrote as he began 6 than receiving their high his second 10-minute free told them the truth? Oh, and h 1 d' 1 1 sc oo Ip omas. On every write. 'Most of us men are ...... just for the record, I just want front today, there's always labeled as becau_ se of to scream every time another r preview pops up on my televi-something to keep our chil-our long ha,ir. dre.ads, dark dren discouraged, distracted clothing and the musi<: we lissian and has a cast and/or plot that doesn't deal with the real and out of touch with those ten to If \ve are drhii'lg a luxissues of African Americans. things that will propel them. ur.ious car .. most people Wh h' h th th assume either bought b y okur lives always have rg. er( ) an eu own Imagiit with Ule&Jtl money or to e aJO e? nations stole it..J"'' ._ "AntDine, who .is African. 'No more than 30 years e\'eiy ago. we teachers w,ho Ameri-can see --Au. I i thi_s kmd of guidance, .our nre "The Voice of Our Community SPeakingfior ltsell"' I nw the proud and can :r ';/ 1 bold babies of Th.e Baby begm,.tn our homes No, Njilllle: ... .. I : would the. Ameri'c;til t .ele\'ision is np! SentilleJ Bull etin .Mailing Address: 1 story to tell we tell use I; for V" ,.,,_,uc" ., .. ur:, ... ::-n : we the hnndwntmg. households, but 813 248-1921 City: State: __ Zip: I OJdbe We kno'Wt}lnt if ther .,vas the institu.ti on. of I we don t g_et It and stand sh\\'ery. talk to om r.:.hil-Mail Or Bring Payment To: I up foy childien jt1st as :dren nbo \lt our and 2207 E. 2lst;\ve., Tampa, FL 33605 r Check One I teachers imd tlHir .Tu'rlt t#J tl)L' I -.MoneY Credit Cards Only! -. --. 6 __ -$44 1 Y ear. -.. $87 11 who stood firm and tnll BJ tor us then, our 'ne:-.:t gei1era. Yo.u. .. VI


c a: LL c z < c en w :l t-w > w c w X (/) ::::; m :l Q. z fii ..J ..J :l aJ ...:. w z ;:: z w (/) C it g u. -ALL ABOUT YOU Happy a irthday To Rev. Beverly And Mincy Lane REV. BEVERLYLANE MINCY LANE, O.E.S. Thank you for being my light in the midst of darkness. I will always love you until God takes my breath. Your daughter;Mincy. Happy Anniversary CHARLES And PATRICIA KINDELL, JR. It's been 6 years and we're still holding on. You are a one in a million girl that I wouldn't give up for the world! Happy anniversary, Baby! Love, always, Doc-Baby! sentinel Bulletin uThe Voice of Happy Birthday MS. PEPPER Birthday wishes are going out to Ms. Pepper, on 8-6-J. 07, who will he celebrating on 8-9-07 at the Mirage. P. S. Everyone is invited, so come party like a rock star. .. Deadlines: :'.:1---k--. .iclvan: c,. MEKA Happy birthday, Mom. We love you on your special day. From, your grandmom, Flossie Pittman, Jerwond, Jovonta and Findi; your loving kids. Halppy Birthday MRS. VIRGINIA ANDERSON Happy 60th birthday to a very special sister, "Ginnie." You have always been a great inspiration to me and the family. I'm so happy to have you as my "big sister." God has given you so mucp strength to carry all of us on your back. What a wonderful gift you are for me and your sister, always "Theresa," husband, John, children, Sonya, Robert and Jermaine, grandson, Tariq, and your "Father," Oliver Mayo, Jr. We all love you, family, nieces, cousins and friends. Our Com1nunitv Speaking for Itself" Address; N. 30th St. Tampa, 33612 At Poinsettia Plaza Behind Busch Gardens Between Anni e & Bougainvillea 813) 248-1921 Saturday 7: We Accept Mastercard Visa American ExPress Discover NYREE APPLEWHITE, a.k.a., CHYNA Happy birthday, Baby. Love you always and forever. Love, daddy, mommy and NaN a. CHEVON, MS. PEPPER AndNEISHA Happy birthday to my cousin on August 6. Love, Neisha. The Florida Sentinel's 'Spotlight On Me' Is Putting The "Spotlight On Kids Call Us At (813) 850-1484 ForMorelnfo


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Q iE Q z c :;::) ... rt w i:i Q w :::z: en ::::i rD :;::) a.. z ffi ..J ..J :;::) rD w z w en c Q a: g u. l11e culminating Church Picnic will be held on Saturday, August ,ll, 2007 beginning at 12:00 Noon at McFarland Park Theme: 'Graduate to Greatness ... The JESUS Way!' Coine Out Ami Be BLESSED!!! LOCAL 'Songstress' Prepares To Make Debut Some aspire to become vocalists and some make themselves vocalists. Few are born with the gift. Niki Bondz is one of those blessed with the gift. At the age of3, Niki started singing. Born Louise forming and worked with the popular group Tony Toni Tone, recording a record at lead singer, Rapheal Saadiq's studio. ...._ _____________________ __, Little in Gainesville, Now a singer and writer, Niki has joined A.M.V. Productions .and is busy recording her solo album She also assists other artists such as Da'Daimon, Tango, Ms. Shy and more Florida, her parents believed she would do some extraordi-,-------------------------, nary things. ........ When: Where: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 New Hope M. B. Church 3005 E. Ellicott Street Tampa, FL 33610 Rev.Dr.TW Jenkins. Pastor Time: 5:30 7:30 p.m. "Making the Connection for Student Success" School supplies available for the First 200 students. Phone (813) 236-3611 for further information. "Being raised in the church and in a family of music lovers, I was exposed to dif ferent genres of music, ranging from Gospel to rock to pop. "I started singing in a Gospel group with my siblings and father, and also played the bass guitar. At the age of 12, my family relo cated to Tampa, but I contin ued to sing and love music." Niki joined the choir at her school and in the lOth grade, joined 3 friends in starting an R&B group called Xclusive. They sang and performed in school and throughout the area. NIKIBONDZ As time moved on, the group split up, but Niki con tinued her quest. Niki joined the U.S. Navy in 1992. She sang cadence for her division in boot camp and when she relocated to Great Lakes, Illinois, she joined the church choir on the base while atte-nding Naval Hospital Corps SChool. After discharging from the service, Niki continued per"My musical influences growing up were Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, Gerald Levert, and others. "This has been a long jour ney for me and I will continue pressing on by keeping the faith and maintaining the strength that gives me my motivation." Niki will be performing very soon at Centro Asturiano along with other artists from A.M.V. Productions. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at leon@jlsentinPI.com. Transit Village Display Offers View Of Future Nothing has been carved in L----_;_ _________________ ___. stone and no property has Design put together a look into the future. future opportunities for transit-oriented development as the Tampa Bay region an.ticipates implementing mass transit in the area," said Trent Green, associate professor in Architecture and Community Design. been purchased. But on Monday, July 30th a group of The students revealed a series of unique three-dimen sional urban design scnemes for a transit village in East Tampa, preceding the school's Urban Design Studio's presentation of a transit-oriented development and employment center as part of Tampa's proposed light-rail system. A Quality Daycare and More "Cartng For Our Future" Now Accepting Applications Two Locadoas 816 E. Gcncsce Street 2708 N. Central Ave .. Just Minutes from Downtown (813) 231-2059 C, VPK Provider -? f) VPK Program (Free for 4-year-olds who are 4 on or before September 1st of the school year. We teach all children at our centers from infants to school age Do you wish for a Daycare that has a loving and caring environment? Do you wish for a Daycare that focuses on higher learning for your child? Do you wish for teachers that are ready to teach, love and nurture you child? Come join our stop by and visit with us anytime. We invite you to come by and visit our center. Serving Children 0-12 years old CTA 431< students at the University of South Florida's School of Architecture and Community MACEDONIA M. B. CHURCH Zephyrhills Reverend Eddie A. Nann, Sr., Pastor Pastor's 25th Banqu.et August 18, 2007 6:30p.m. Blaise Alfano Conference Center 11606 McKJaley Dr. (40th St. & Fowler) RSVP By 11th (813) 237-8170 (352) 567-9807 The design focused on the potential redevelopment of a large site at the southeast corner of 30th Street and Hillsborough Avenue. The displays featured graphics and large models of Attending the display pre sentation were Lucy Ayres, Chairperson of the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization; Michele Ogilvie, Hillsborough County Planning a portion of East Tampa that ..... show a possible transit staCommission; City of Tampa Urban Designer Wilson Stair; Keith. URS Planning Division; Ed Johnson,. East Tampa Development Department; and Sara Hendricks, USF Center for Urban Transit Research. tion, mixed-use development and housing integrated into the community. "This project explores Healing Ministry: August 1Oth & 24th 7:30P.M. PAS.TORS BOB AND ANTHONY CtJme By And Witne ...... The Heali11g PtJwer OfJesU.\'


. LOCAL Blessed Hope Bible College And Commencement Exercises The Blessed Hope Bible College, under the leadership of Bishop Elliott Johnson as president, held its baccalaureate and commencement exercises recently. Guest speakers were Dr. Doris Copeland and Bishop B. Franklin Echols. (Photographs by Julia Jackson) Drs. lj:_lliott Rosemary Dr. B. Franklin Echols and Johnson give leadership to Pastor Massalena Echols. Blessed Hope Bible College. ':'..; .. Tillman, Vanderl)'ll Da'is and Dr; Doiis Copeland. i' .. "" "". 4058 N. Armenia Ave. Suite 105 F iesta Plaza Tampa ... 813-874-0713 Specials: Tuesday & Relaxer, Cut And Style ....... $45 & Up Color ...................................... $35 & uv lashes. .................................. '$35 Sew In Weave (Braided) .... $too & up Emmanuel Suzzly earned an AA deg..ee in Biblical Studies. those who attended the graduatlmi exercise weret Mr. and Mrs. Riley (Linda) Mitchell and" M r. and Mrs. Samuel If Your Hair Is Not Becoming To You You Should Be Coming To Bre11da C all 2471 912 or 657-2405 ft f>O)(u & 1-fuix j 213 W._B .r,andon $Ivd I 60/Parsons-Home Shoppmg Plaza, I ''(813)654-1175 MS. SHERRELL A. LEWIS -OWNER Barber Or Stylist Position Available 1803 N. 22nd SL & 7th Avenue Speci.,lizing In All Types Of Braiding Call Today For SPecial Rates To Advertise Here f813) 1921 Advertising DePartment "" :5 c )>' 0 .-m z -4 z m r;-. m c: r rm :::! z ., c: m r-c;; % m c m < m -4 c: m 0 c )> z -. c l:J 6 )>


Q a: I.L Q z ol( Q en w ;:) 1-w > w Q w ::c U) :::i m ;:) a. z ffi ;:) w z z w U) a: g I.L e ... PICTURES FROM THE PAST ; -. ;fr .s. ., .Naomi WoodsOn and Beatrice Malone were photographed attencUng m:t N.C. N.W. Banquet: y ;. .. .... .'; .. ,. .;. : ')I ., .. ':-. :: ...... >. -:' -: .-. .; = Attending a Brandon High School graduation were Ernestine Dunn, Horace Neal and Mac Owens. Present at an Urban League Dinner wen: Angela Johnson, Pat Miles and Alyson Bowden. w At the 1982 Project_ Follow Thru Luncheon, held at Sulphur Springs School, were1 Felicia Ptttman, Shirley AshWood, Adeline Rodriguez, Allie Barton, Jacqueline a;; Glymph, Paulette Anderson, Faith Stephens, Audrey Collins, Linda Francis, Beverly Lancaster, Mary Waters and Amora Scozzorl.


.. ,,. : .... -.---.-. -.. -.-.-. ,-. -. -.. -.-.-. -. ---. -.-. ':"'. ':'"'. ':'"' .. ':'"'. ':'"'. ':"'. ':'"'. ':". ':'"', ':'"'. ':". ':"'. ':'"'. ':'"' .. :"":.'"':','":'.":",':". ':'"', ':'"', ."": ':", ':"'. ,. ... Former Negro Leaguers Talk About Barry Bonds Barry Bonds is a homerun up in the steroid issue and that away from breaking the all-has tarnished his image a lot time homerun record held by "The steroid issue put a cloud Henry "Hank" Aaron of 755. over the homerun record, espe Hdwever, some fans and Major cially for a man his age. I think League Baseball have tainted when he breaks the record, that achievement because of baseball will always put an allegations Bonds has been asterisk next to the numbers." using steroids, although he's James "Son" Copeland, fornever tested positive for any mer Florida Negro League banned substance. Bradenton Devils shortstop: "I Bobby Mitchell, former feel good about what Bonds is Kansas City Monarchs pitcher: doing. There's nothing Wrong "I think he's a good natural The other players may be takplayer. However, he got caught ing steroids, but nobody is pointing fingers at them. "We need to remember that Babe Ruth was an alcoholic when he set the record When I played, all of the players had some kind of problem, either with alcohol or something else. Some of them are i!l the Hall of Fame right Asked if he felt Bonds was being treated right by baseball, Copeland said no. "As far as I'm concerned, when I played there was a lot of stuff going on. Now, all this stuff is just something to keep him from being recogni zed T'll say this about steroids, they don't.help you see the ball, so it doesn't matter how strong you are. If you can't see th<: ball, you can't hit it, so none of that stuff matters. Morris "Blizz" Everett, former Tampa Greys pitcher, first baseman and third baseman: 1 think until he's proven guilty, they should leave him alone. The surprise about the whole thing is Hank Aaron. ''.\'hit ( a 'hi. o!' 1it:ci1i!t do'1.'t is that Aaton wouldi1't ha\'. e the record if Willie Mays hadn't gone to tl w Atmy Besides, Bonds i:-: walked more than Aaron and I think he deserves to be the homerun king. Everett said he thinks it',.: amazing that at 4:i year;; old, Bonds-can still sec the ball well. ".Just keep this in mind. :\o matter what stadium Bonds plays in, and whether he's booed or n ot, he fills the seats. He's a definite first ballot Hall ofFamer. Reporter Leon B Cre.ws. The only thing worse than having your mon_ey taken is to get it back. ---C..hec..-1::. C..ar-cJ f, f' WITH WACHOVIA Wacnovia, Free Checking comes with free Check Card protection. So if you become the victim of confirmed fraud, 100% of any missing money will be credited to your account the next day: It's just one niore reason been rated #1 in Satisfaction .six years in a row. Free Checking also fe11tures:. : Fre_ e Online Banking with emPay Free Balance Alerts No direct deposit required STOP B'f YCUR LOCA':. WACHQVIA FlftANCIAL ::ENTER. TODA)' CIILL .SOOWACI-OVIA (iJ00:l2 4684) OR VISIT WACHOVIA.COM.: .:.; No monthly service fee N o minimum balance Free Check Card with rewards WACHOVIA "T1 r-0 ::c c )> en m z ....., ::1 z m r-I OJ c: rr-m ::1 z "'tJ c: OJ !: en :r: m c m < m :::D -< -t c: m en c ,. z c "T1 ::c -c


e a: LL Question Of The Week? By: JULIA JACKSON GMng The Gift Of Life: Would You Become A Donor? Most working people can't afford to spend the money and do not have the flexibility to take the _time off from work. Some reimbursement for expenses or lost income might well be appro priate to help in these instances. This is the sad secret of the donor issue. The expense and time burdens are exclusively on the donors. Only direct medical expenses are YVONNE WALDON Lutz, Social Worker paid by the recipients' insurance, usually Medicaid. Congress has refused to take action on a bill that would give a living donor up to a $s,ooo tax credit to help pay for expenses related to donating an organ. Until Congress gets serious about helping donors, people who could have lived will instead die. Would you become a donor, knowing these facts? JAMARR LOUISE West Tampa r LOCAL JANE DOZIER YborCity "Well, it just depends If it's a family member, yes, or if I'm dead and gone, then I don't need these old bones anyway, so they can take what they need." 0 "I would become a donor if z "I feel that if God provided me with all my organs then I'm going to go out with all my organs. When it's your time ... then time's up." "Hey, if I can help someone in need, well no problem. But, I think it's a shame that Congress won't help by assisting more financially. It could allow more people to reach out and help to < someone I know needs an organ > and if I am able I would become let a donor, especially to someone 0 waiting on a limb to live. I f3 beiieve in the Gift of become a donor." .... > a: w > w 0 w ::1: tn :::i m a. z ffi ...J ...J m ...:. w z t= z w tn < 0 0 ...J LL f?::r PUBliC FUNERAl & MEMORIAl MENTESNOT lll KRUNKMAN" DANIEL .FRIDAY, AUG.10, 2001 WAKE -AIKEN'S FUNERAl HOME 2708 E. MlK BlVD Wale &pm -7pm Viewing 5pm -9pm liDeUD Ul WhiPS!!! IC1raer ollanln luther ling Jr. Blvd. and 22nd St.. eads @ 2708 E. Mll Blvd. 1St Rlde1:3D-2:00 F1aera1 senlce: Alle1s Funeral cl 2708 E. Ill Blvd. srans @ 2:00Pm -2:45m 2nd Ride :C5aim-3:0Dm: From 2J08l MliiiVd. to lest Haven cemeteri IHIAidVe./C3rd St.J 3rd Ride :00mri 3:11: lillian cemeterv 10 Rowlette Parl l :15Pm 5:00m: lewlene Parl IFree laod and drlolsl PUBliC IS INVITED We WOUld llll Ill Pll.llll ltteld talllleWIII Faoer111nd Memorial Call 1813192H1191er lunerallale. 18131309 lltlemerlal Ride lnlermatllh. fill fill & flflllllll flllflll flllllllll ROWLETTE PARK-Angle's Angels Grand Opening Angie's Angles held its Grand Opening recently. The new home childcare center was begun by a long time resident, Angela Reed, owner. Angela has been in the Tampa Bay area for more than 10 years. She has over 6 years experience caring for children and has also worked in the healthcare profession for more than 11 years. Angela is CPR and First Aid certified with focus on infants and children. (Photographs by Jerry Brunson) Jordan participating in an outdoor activity. Danaya enjoys playing with a doll. Reggie is exploring -through books. CAu813 924-1119 FUNEBAliNFO CAU813 309-5050.


SPORTS Michael VIele 'Guilty Until Provenlnnocent' BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer (An Analysis) When Ronald Goldman and Nicole Simpson were found dead in front of her home, the "Court Of Public Opinion" and the media tried and convicted Orenthal James Simpson. He was guilty, and there was no doubt in the minds of whites who never really approved of their interracial marriage in the fil'st place. When Simpson was acquitted, cries of injustice were heard everywhere. The media stepped in and drew a line between Blacks who they said supported Simpson, and whites who wanted to get a rope a .td lynch him. Now, that same mob wants the blood of Michael Vick. When news got out that there was a business operating on property owned by Vick, the vultures started circling. When nt' \''S got out that the losers of the fights were being put to dtath, the vultures swooped in for the kill. The National Football RIBS lib. 52.99 or 5 lbs. $ 4.99 MICHAEL VICK League and its new commissioner, Roger Goodell, decided to step back and see what law enforcement offi cials were going to do. The Black epidemic in America for Vick and Black athletes on behalf of the media is, .. Guilty Until Proven Innocent." In this country, you're supposed to be inn.occnt until proven guilty. But, this is not true for Black athletes. The N.A.A.C.P. stepped up to give Michael Vick support, but the constant beat down on talk radio, television and the print media CHICKEN G IZZARDS S ibs s4.99 make that effort a footnote in a 355-page novel. If the reporting was fair, you could digest some of the crap these so-called "holier than thou" reporters talk about on ESPN or talk radio. The way they act is like saying they don't smoke, drink, eat fried food, or take a Viagra pill every now and then. We all have skeletons in our closets, and we all need a boost every now and then. Getting back to the Vick crudfication. I wonder has Vick been found guilty? I guess, it depends on who you ask. I would say yes, looked at Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank who told Vick to stay away from training camp. Also Vlck's sponsors, NIKE, NFL apparel, Rawlings, Air Tran and a few others have pulled his jerseys, shoes, football cards and other items from stores and the internet. All of that represents a guilty reaction. What can we do as Black America to fight back? PETA can show up with 10 people with signs saying, Prices Good thru 8-31-07 iii".99 2 Whole Chickens RIB TIPS S ibs Get 5 Lbs Drumstlclc.s I Buy 5 lbs Chicken Leg Quarters 56.99 Buy 5 lbs Fres h Neck Bones or Pig's Feet $6.99 ss.99 Slbo. 512.99 -SMOKED .BACON RIB BACON 5 lbL Chicken Wing. 5 lbl. o.Jclu::n llnnlsllcks 5 lbl. Chicken Leg Q\,wten ALL for $1599 2 lbs. Oxtails 2 lbs. Lean Groond Beef 2 lbs. Chicken Wings 2 lbs. End Cut Pork ChQps GET FREE 2 Uter SOda $1099 ALLI'or 0 -BEAUTY UNLIMITED DAMAR IUS Yes, summertime is here, and you can tell by looking at this week's Beauty Unlimited feature. The Latinos say caliente, but no matter what the language, Oamarius is definitely hot. A young lady who really doesn't have to say much, she's strong willed and enjoys spending time around people who are positive and trying to go somewhere In life. She also strives to be a professional in all endeavors of life and suc cessful. Damarius loves to laugh and have fun, and also enjoys those qualities when it to the man in her life. He also must be intelligent, handsome, and mature enough for a mature woman. Congratulations to Oamarius as this week's Beauty Unlimited feature "Fire Vick, Vick Needs To Go to Jail," and other garbage. get nationwide exposure. Then 300 people showed up to a "We support Michael Vick" pep rally and you get a small article on the internet. Now a,sk yourself, is the media being fair in their coverage? Barry Bonds is getting the same treatment. Even Bob Costas has joined the mudslinging. Bonds has ne,er tested positive for steroids and you would think the ways Costas, Jim Rome, J.T. The Brick and others talk, the\' had the test results i n their hands. It's all sickening. Put c 'ostas on steroids and see if he can hit the ball out of the infi eld. I think not. It's all about the hand and eye coordh\ation. I think Black America needs to get active. We need to these reporters when we see an unfair. article or ca:ll in to the radio or television stations. White folks do it. The\' bo,cott and protest all the time. 1 Vick deserves his day in court. He desel'\'es chance t<) clear his na1ue.and reputation, althouglf the media has dom' everything it to make sure that's not possibll', he c omes out of this clean or not. If Vick is acquitted, will they still givt> him tlll; attention? Will they apoloze for jumping to and will they piny n tole in helping him gt't imn._,'l' bmk'? Not n chance. What tht'Y will do point out whtl in not convicting Vick, nnd how ._,'llilty think lw t'l'nlly is. The jokes han nnd now l'\'l't'ymw knuwll'_ c (;') c (/) N 0 0 ., ,.. 0 :a e (I) z m t;" m c ,.. ,.. !!: z 'tl c= ta. ,.. Cii :I: m c m < m :%J -< c: m (/) c )> z c ., :!! c


...... 0 0 C\1 ...... Irvin, Thomas, Sanders g Enter NFL Hall Of Fame <( Michael Irvin, Thunnan <( Thomas and Charlie c en w :J 1-c a: u. c z <( c Sanders were among the six NFL veterans inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame during a ceremony Saturday night in Canton, Ohio. Irvin lauded the Dallas Cowboys family and his own family for inspiring him to make .it through tough times During his emotional speech, Irvin asked sons Michael, 10, and Elijah, a, tq stand before he recited the prayers he gives up for his sons. "Help me raise them for their kids, so that they can be a better father than 1," Irvin said. "I tell you guys to always do the right thing so you can be a better role model than dad. Look up, get up, but don't ever give up." Buffalo Bills running back Thomas, who set a record by leading the NFL in total yards from scrimmage four consecutive seasons, rubbed the head of his bronze statue en when it was unveiled, and mentioned "it's really, really 1-THURMAN THOMAS And MICHAEL IRVIN scary up here." He later turned to wife Patti, seated in the crowd of 12,787, and asked if, after nearly 20 years together, she would marry him again Former Detroit Lions tight end Sanders, whose mother died when he was two, spok e of always wanting to say Hi Mom" to the TV cameras following a touchdown, as most NFL players did following a score. > a: w > w c w SCLC To Honor Vick At Atlanta Convention m ATLANTA--. While he :J waits for his trial related to 1D dogfighting charges to start, Michael Vick will be honZ ored by the Squthern Wi= Christian Leadership Conference. :I TELL US: What Do You ::) Think Of $CLC's Plan To Honor Michael Vick? w SCLC President Charles Z -Steele announced Thursday !i during a news conference that IJ the group will find a way to honor Viek during its nation al convention that began ir Friday. 9 "We will recognize Vick for 1&. being an outstanding human being," said Steele. "We will '-. r1': work with anyone who opens their heart and arm8 to us." Thepresident' of the SCLC told Channel 2's JaQuitta Williams the organization will honor Viek by praying for him. Steele said supporting people in need is what the MICHAEL VJCK SCLC has been about for the past 50 yean. "We're in support of Michael as a human being, SCLC president Charlea Steele said. "Right now, he's feeling discarded, ostracized by people who are rushing to judgment. It's our responsibility to save him." Steele said he did not know if Vick will attend any of the events at the conference. 9241 N. 56th St., Tampa, FL MF: 8:30A.M. 5:30 P. M. Saturday 9 A.M. 1 P.M. (813) 985-0033 Fax: (813) 988-8980 Low Rate.r; Friendly Atmo.'lphere -DUI Hardship License, Suspended License, State Filing SR-22 Owners and Non Owners Lowest Rates In Town \ I I ll I' S I I { \ '\ !'I ,'\ ( ll \I \IF I H I \ I \ I I ll SPORTS Barry Bonds Cracks 755th In San Diego BARRY BONDS Amidst a constant swirl of steroid rumors, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds hit his 755th career home run Saturday to tie Hank Aaron's longstanding record. The opposite-field smash of 382 feet to left-center came on a 2-1 91 mph fastba ll Saturday night from San Diego pitcher Clay Hensley. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig, in attendance at San Diego' s Petco Park, appeared reluctant to stand and acknowledge the feat, but eventually did. He later said in a statement: "No matter what anybody thinks of the controversy surrounding this event, Mr. Bonds' .achievement is noteworthy and remarkable." Selig said either he or a representative would attend the Giants' next few games "out of respect for the tradi tion of the game, the magnitude of the record and the fact that all Citizens in this country are innocent until proven guilty." Bonds didn't play in Sunday's game against San Diego, but the world will be watching when he takes the diamond today at home against the Washington Nationals. Woods BIOVIS AYiay Field For 8-Shot Victory At Firestone AKRON, Ohio--Tiger Woods looked as unbeatable as ever Sunday at Firestone. Woods erased a one-shot deficit in two holes, then buried Rory Sabbatini and the rest of the field to win the Bridgestone Invitational for the third straight year and send him to the PGA Championship his game in good shape. -Woods made a 12-foot par putt on the final hole that kept him bogey-free on a rainy afternoon at Firestone. He closed with a 5-under 65 for an eight-shot victory over Sabbatini and Justin Rose, tying a PGA Tour record for most victories at on e golf course. It was the second time Woods has strung together three straight v-ictories at this World Golf Championship, and he continued his dominance in these WGC events by win-. ning for the 14th time in 25 tries. Sabbatini shot 74 and was left in his wake again. The fiery South African also lost a lead to Woods in the Wachovia Championship, then caused a brief stir by claiming later than Woods looked "beatTIGER WOODS able a s ever." Not on this cour s e Woods pi c k e d up five shots i n a five hole stretch along the nine, and it was no contest after. that. He joined Jack Nicklaus (Augusta National) and Alex Ross (Pinehurst No. 2 ) as the only players to win six times on the same course. Next up is Southern Hills anq the PGA Championship for the final major, something Woods has failed to win this year. Woods made $1.35 million for the tournament: Subscribc Today! .. Voice of Our Community ltse Do you sutler lrom Depression? Dr. Margarita Nunez Is conducting a research study of an Investigational mecpcation for Deprenlon. You may be eligible for the study tf you: Have suHered fronl depression .. .. \ Cua/IH< port/dpGnb nJ0S1 recelwl no co.d sludy-Telat.d psychkdrlc evaluatloiv CQ/"11 /aboratDI)' study rnecllcotion Clinical Trials 98B7 4'h Street North, Suite 209-S t. Petersburg, F L 33702 Margarita Nunez. M.D. -Board Certlflecllnterni:st!G v rlstrlclqn


#. --.-c Due To The Situation Outside Of Our Control. )> And To Keep The Good Word From _--J Plies/Big Gates Records And I sa bomb Entertaiment, To Bring To The City The "T1 r--We Have Moved The Party To A New Location: )> CLUB SKYE 1509 E. 8th Ave. VboLCity m r-We Apologize For Any lnconveniece This May Have Caused rm z ""C c tD r-(j) :r m 0 m < m JJ -< -1 c: m en o )> z 0 "T1 JJ c


. ENTERTAINMENT 0 0 N .... (/) => (!' => < (/) w => .... c LL. c z < c U) w => .... it w > w c w :::z::: (/) :J m => Q. z i= w ..J ..J => m ..J w z i= z w (/) g Rhames' Dogs May Not Have Caused Death LOS ANGELES --A caretaker who was found dead Friday on Ving Rhames' Brentwood property after being mauled by the actor's dogs may not have died from the wounds he suffered in the attack, Los Angeles authorities say. The 4 0-year-old man, whose name has not yet been was covered in dog bites, according to police, but it could have been a heart attack or other medical condition that actually killed him. "There's no doubt he was attacked by the dogs," said Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Ray Lombardo. "Whether or not the coroner can determine that the mauling actually caused the death, or the mauling contributed to him having a heart attack, that's a decision the coroner will have to determine." Police said that they spied at least six dogs on the property when they arrived, but that only four-three bullmas tiffs and an English bulldog were running loose. At least two of those four dogs were said to be involved in the attack. All four were removed from the Brentwood residence Friday by animal control and are currently being held in quarantine, pending an investigation. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday, after which the authorities will decide what happens to the dogs. The victim, who according to police lived on Rhames' property and had worked for the Pulp Fiction star for two years, was found at about 7:15 a.m. in the estate's gated front yard. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. Authorities say that the attack occurred sometime overnight. It looked as if the attack began on the east side of the property and that the caretaker managed to run to the front yard and close a gate behind him befor e col lapsing on the front lawn. Judge Sets Trial For R. Kelly and his lawyers. Kelly, who was born Robert Sylvester Kelly, has pleaded not guilty to 14 counts of child pornography. He was charged in 2002 and is accused of allegedly engaging in videotaped sex acts with an underage girl. Kelly's attorneys haven't conceded that he is on the tape, saying his may have been computer generated. They have also tried to raise doubts about R.KELLY R. Kelly will go on trial next month, more than five years afte r he was charged w.ith child pomQgraphy. Usher, Fiancee, Tameka Finally Marry USHERAndTAMEKA ATLANTA-It's official: Usher and Tameka Foster are now man and wife People.com said that the couple married in a small civil ceremony in Atlanta. The nuptials reportedly took place in the office of Usher's lawyer, a far cry from the elaborate ceremony that was supposed to take place in the Hamptons last weekend before being abruptly canceled. Sources said that Usher's mom, Jon etta Patton was in attendance. It has been rumored that there was bad blood between Foster and Patton, and that Patton staunchly disapproved of the marriage. Usher and his bride are expecting a child this fall Foster also has three other children from a previ ous marriage. the identity and age of the girl. The case has been hit with delay after delay. Since being charged, Kelly has had six best-selling albums and three nationwide tours. The 40-year-old singer has said he'll survive his legal tribulations. "I'm going through my own struggle .. and you're either gonna fold or you're going to stand," Kelly said, "and I believe in standing., Judge Vincent Gaughan has set a Sept. 17 date for the start of a jury trial, according to the Cook state's attorney's office. Now Cooking Thurs .... Sat. The Chicago Su'n -Times reported on its Web site that setting of the date followed a lengthy meeting Wednesday among'thejudge, the lead prosecutor, R&B singer for All Your Seafood Delights, Marvin Has Just What You Need. Fresh & Smoked Mullet Trout Snapper Shrimp Shea_p Head Live Cra_bs 2 More dames Brown Children Identified COLUMBIA, SC --DNA testing on about a dozen peo ple who claim James Brown was their father has found that at least two of them are telling the truth, a longtime adviser to the late soul singer said Friday Several tests have come back negative, while others are pending, said. Buddy Dallas, who did ii'Cil have exact numbers Dallas_ r.efused to ide ntify tl;le two people wh9se DNA showed they were Brown's children, but The Augusta Chronicle reported that LaRhonda Petitt, a 45year old retired flight attendant and teacher in Houston, showed the newspaper a report that says there is a 99.99 percent probability she is Brown's daughter. She would be the oldest of Brown's children Brown picked out Petitt's mother from the crowd at a show in Los Angeles in the JAMES BROWN I early 1960s, and she became the singer's girlfriend, some times ironing his shirts before his shows, Petitt said. But when her mother became pregnant, she split with Brown and moved back to Houston. She would point to the television when Brown was performing and tell her daughter the singer was her father, Petitt told the news paper Robin Roberts Home After 'Very Successful' Surgery "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts had "very successful" surgery for breast cancer Friday and is now resting at home, announced a rep for ABC. "The tests following her surgery take some time to process, so when we have more information we will update you," said ABC News spokeswoman Bridgette Maney. ''Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Robin." Roberts, 46, told "GMA" viewers of her diagnosis on Tuesday. She said her doctors believed they had caught the cancer early. Family mem bers, tncluding her mother and sisters, have traveled from the ...__R_O_B I .... N..___. M i s s i s s i p p i ROBERTS Gulf Coast arid New Orleans to be with Roberts, who hails from Pass Christian, Miss. The family has asked Roberts' friends and the public to respect her need for a private, quiet recovery time. BROTHER'S GRAPHICS 1248 E. Hillsborough, Suite#206


________:.__ FUNERAL I MEMORIAMS t ., MRS. SHAWNEE ; i_ALLEN-THOMAS Funeral services for M1s. Shawnee Allen-Thomas, 36, of Riverview, who passed away on August 1, 2007, will be held on Wednesday, August 8, 2007, :1t 12 noon at F1om The Hea1t Ministl"ies, 301 Lakewood Drive, with Pasto1 Curtis Swaffo1d, officiating. Interment will follow n Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Florida M1s. Allen-Thonms was bo1n on Octobe1 15, 1970, :md raised in \Vaukegan, IL, and elocated to San Diego, CA, in 1985, where she graduated from St. Pat1ick's High School. Shawnee attended Shiloh Baptist Chmch in \Vaukegan, IL, and was attending From The Hea1t Ministl"ies in Brandon, Curtis Swoffard, Pastm. She se1ved in the military (Army) fiom 1989-1991. She eceivcd hc1 Associates ,Degre.e f1om 1\liiamal", CA College fo1 Cl"iminal Justice, Concmd College in San Diego, CA. for Phlebotomy, and St. l'etcsbi.ug, College in St. Pcte1sburg for Fo1ensic Science. Shawnee was a memhe of the Lupus Foundatio.n of Amel'ica, and she pa1ticipated in the Lupus walks. She was an BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM JOHNNYL. ARMSTRONG, JR. 8/7/66-2/8/06 We miss you so much. You will forever live in our hearts. Your family. 'BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM ERNEST ROGERS WILSON August 6, 1946-January 19, 2006 employee for the Vctcn111s \\'e thought of you with lo\'c Affaiis Medical Cente1 of today, but that is nothing Tampa, wher.c she was a new. \Vc thought about you Phlebotomist.. ycstcday and days before -Shawnee was p1cceded that, too. \Vc think of you in death by: he1 hothe1, Jerry silence, we often speak your Allen; her gnmdmothcr, Julia name, now all we have arc \Valker;and aunts, Gc01gia memories and your picture Madison and Lucille Handy. in a frame. Your memory is She.is survived hy: a our keepsake, with which husband, Eddie or 12 years; 4 we'll never part, God has you childre1i, Quillon .Jmics, B1imm in His keeping, we. have you Lmic, Tliom:i.s. and in our hearts. Jalcn Thomas; mother, Gloril1 When we hear certain Allen; 3 sisters; Patl"icia songs, or sec a certain dance Valcl"ic (Olive) ou1 hearts race with exitc-. Logan and Jones; aunt mcnt as we chime, "That's and uncle, Barbtua and Zac'k Uncle Tubby's song, I can just Johnson of Pensacola; uncle, sec him p11ance." of Las Vc g:s, ':ol! cclcbrated. ,your first niece&,. nephews and" ; year an heaven t'oday, God .. 'sins-; hugged you,and said. Gordon of. North Chicago, IL; come home There you wtll mother.-in'..Iaw Ernestine Ash-d\vell God above. There Trice; ,Tyrime more tears of sadness; Trice 7 sisters-in-law Ann JUSt eternal love. You left us a Pamela Bing, Sheila of love, Hudson Dulce Peterman faath, and trust m God; to for Patricia,Williams, Michell; give those that you WilliamsandAprilYoung;god-harm; thmk an.d II f Speak pOSitiVe thoughts IS mother, 0 1e Dawson o San h"l h 1 ft Diego, CA; godsisters, Kim our P 1 oso1, Y.you e or 0 f s D" p 1 d us. Our memoraes are trea-0 an ego, ame a an sures we carry wherever we Damellc London of Waukegan, and other relatives and love is still our guide, friends. and though we cannot see The remains wi-ll repose you you are always by our today (Tuesday) at the funeral side: Our family chain is bro-5-8 P m .. and ken and nothin seems the family wdl receave frtends 111 B t G dg lis nc same. u us o ca us o chapel from 7 p. m. by one the chain will link Fends are asked to assemble 'A d h b"d at the church ut approximately n as ope a 1 es 11 :45 a.m. on Wednesday. wathan .us, we cara:y thte In lieu of flowers, contribu-expectation of good o tions in Shawnee's memory and the of can be made to the Lupus seemg our loved one agam. Foundation of America 3 637 Rest-in peace; "Sweet 4th street North, Suite St. Thang." We miss you and Petersburg, 33704. love you. "A WILSON'S SERViCE" Your Family. DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT MISS KENYATTA LATORIA BUSH Miss Kenyatta Latoria Bush passed away on August 4, 2007, as the result of an accident on July 21, 2007, in Liberty County, Bristol, FL. Funeral services will be held on Sunday, August 12, 2007, at 2 p. m. at The Auditorium in Blountstown, FL. Kcnyatta was born on December 13, 1989, and attended Riverhills Elementary, Greco Middle School, King High School and Chamberlain High School. She leaves to cherish her precious memories with: her mother, Vickie Dawson; father, James Bush; 2 sisters, Kimberly Simon Dawson and Jatoria Bush; brothers, Jalon Zackrey Bush and Christophe r Floyd, Bainbridge, GA; and other family and friends. Harmon Funeral Hon1c J ohn \V. lla n11<>n. I .. F.D. FREE QUOTES ()\\'IH!r/1\ 5002 N 41Jlh -St. 626-8600 hn s provrde the hrghest s tandard rn fune ral servr ces for over 70 y e m s. Ray Williams Funeral Home Rhodes & Northern, Owners 301 N. Howard Avenue Tampa. FL 33808 Ph: (813) 253-3419 Fnx: (81J) 2Sf-4912 Err .. 111 r.n1tmS .. 40ti ni't REST HAVEN MEMORIAL PARK "A Community Pride" 4615 E. Hanna Tampa 336t0 Spaces Monuments Markers DISCOUNT AVAILABLE 626-2332 Public Funeral And Memorial To Be Held For Lil' Mentesnot On Friday, August wth, a wake will be held for Mentesnot "Lil' Krunk-man" Daniel at Aiken's Funeral Home, 2708 East MLK Boulevard. The wake will be held from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m., with viewing held from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. h On Saturday, August ll t a memorial will be held at Rowlette Park. At the memorial, being called the "Car, Truck, Motorcycle Memorial Ride And Cruise," everyone is invited to come ride for Lil' Krunkman, and you know he will ride for you. Everyone is asked to bring out all the nice whips, with lineup from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. The line will begin at the of MLK Boulevard and 2211 Street, and end at 2708 East MLK Boulevard. The first ride will be from 1:30 p.m. t o 2 p.m., the second from LIL' MENTESNOT DANIEL 2:45 p.m. to 3 pm., and the third from 3 p.m. to 3:15 pm., ending at Rowlette Park. At Rowlette Park, free food and drinks will be available from 3 p. m. to5 p.m. For funeral information, call (813) 924-7179, and-for ride and memorial information, call (813) 309-5050. Expert Solutions To All Of Your Home Repairs" 1\'lasonry Woodwork Drywall Screens Painting \Vood Floors No Job Too Small Or Too L.arge -i c m CJ) 0 l> l> c C> c CJ) -i 1\.) c c -.J .., r 0 ::c 0 l> CJ) m z ::! .z m r I OJ c r r m ::! z m < m ::c -< -i c m CJ) 0 l> z 0 .., ::c 0 'l> -< C> m .... ......


c a: LL. c z < c U) w :::) ... > a: w > w c w ::z:: C/) :::; m :::) Q. z ffi .J .J :::) m ...:. -CRIME Shooting Claims Life Of St. Petersburg Man ST. PETERSBURG On Friday morning, St. Petersburg Police officers ere flagged down by a motorist and told of a per son near the inter section of 9 Avenue, South and 16 Street, South. Officers arrived and found Jimmy Lee Adams, 34, suffering from a gunshot wound. Police said the shooting occurred in the Citrus Grove Afartment Complex, 731 15 h Street, South. Adams fled from the complex after being shot and collapsed in the middle of the street. He was transport ed to a local hospital where JIMMY LEE ADAMS he was pronounced dead. Police have released no additional information on the shooting at this time. SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS 3602 7th Avenue Tampa, FL 241-2301-or 247-3719 Keys Made 69 and Up Latex Flat White Paint ..... $5.99gal. Oil Outside White Paint ........ $11.99 gal. Roller Pan Set ......................... $2.49 ea. 3 .. Brushes ................................. 99 ea. SALE PRICES COOD LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! t= z w U) < c a: 0 .J LL. NATIONAL U. S. Civil Rights-Hero Oliver Hill Dies At 100 WASHINGTON --A key fighter in the struggle to end racial segregation in US schools, the black civil rights lawyer Oliver Hill, died at the age of 100 on Sunday, local media reported. He died at his home in Richmond, capital of the western state of Virginia, the city's Times Dispatch newspaper said. Hill helped change U. S. society by fighting in the courts to end segregation of Blacks from whites in areas of public life such as voting rights, jury selection, access to school buses and employment protection, it said. His triumph was his role in a series of lawsuits against segregated schools that led to a 1954 Supreme Court ruling that school segregation was unconstitutional. OLIVER HILL In 1999 he received the presidential med a l of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. Take it from me. You can prevent colon cancer by getting tested. They check your colon, and if they find a p lyp, they remove it before it becomes cancer. For a free Information packet on the different ways you can be tested -If you re 50 or older, talk to your doctor about getting tested for colon cancer. ---caii1-800ACS -2345 or visit www.cancer.org/colon. Hope. Progress. Answers, / 1 8 0 0 AC 5 2 3 4 5 / www.cancer.org C\2007 Amtrl

. CRIME NEWS Alleged Gang Member Charged With Attempted Murder St. Petersburg Trio Arrested After Tampa Crime. Spree -t c m en 0 )> c G) c en -t ANTWAIN POWERS Hillsborough County Sheriffs detectives arrested a suspected gang member for attempted murder and other charges after a drive -by shooting on June 29th in Riverview. LELAND JOHNSON serving a life term in prison for murder. when someone from a passing car fired gunshots. Philbert was struck in the abdomen and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Detectives determined the suspect and one of the victims had engaged in some type of altercation at a convenience storey on Boyette Road earlier in the evening. Authorities said Leland "Smoke" Johnson, identified as Powers' stepbrother On Sunday, Tampa Police arrested three St. Petersburg teenagers after an alleged crime spree in Tampa. Police said at 2:30 pm., Jataile Gamble, 18, Jennie Williams, 17, and John Ellis, 16, traveled to Tampa from St. Petersburg in a stolen vehicle. According to the report, the started a crime sl?ree by first committing a n armed robbery at 4102 Leona Street. At that location, two victims were approached ahd were robbed at gunpoint. The trio .then went to Britton Plaza where they allegedly tried to steal another vehicle, but were unsuccessful when they were surprised by owner coming out of the Plaza. The third attempted armed carjacking and robbery occurred when the trio approached a man mowing his lawn on Shell Point Road. Police said Williams got out of the stolen vehicle and I the victim Antwain "Smitty" Powers, 19, has been charged with 4 counts of aggravated assault and dis charging a firearm in public. Authorities said Powers a membt.r of the Raw Dawgs gang that operates in eastern Hillsborough County. and also an alleged gang. ClairMel member, was recently senDeputies said on June 29th at 11 :30 p.m., Jonathan Philbert, 15, was standing > outside hi::; home with friends tcriced to life in prison for the Couple Charged shooting death of Christina In Marijuana on. September 13, Plant Bust Police Capture 2 One Gets Away After Home Invasion KINGSLEY AGUTA ARNEZ JERNIGAN MERCEDES NAVARRO OSCAR OLIVA On Saturday acting on a tip, Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputies went to a residence at 5409 20th Avenue South on suspicion they'd find marijuana. The deputies didn't have a warrant, but reports said, the people renting the house let them inside. Inside, deputies found an estimated $30,00 worth pf marijuana ei "' 'plants growing in pots. ampa_ Po.lice arrested two rammed the pntrol car. A purt agers and a third escaped suit began and ended when Deputies arrested Su-'hday after an' alleged home the suspect vehicle lost con-Mercedes Navarro, 42, invasion. trol and got stuck in a ditch. and Oscar Oliva, 66, chargPolice said two people were The driver fled, but was 'ing them with cultivation of standing outside an apart-caught by officers. A second ntarijuana, possession of inent at10610 North 30th suspect was also arrested drug par:aphernalia, leasing Street when three Black Police set up a perimeter in or, renting for purposes of males approached with an attempt to arrested the trafficking in drugs, theft of handguns. third suspect, but weren't electricity and armed traf-According to the report, the successful. ticking in marijuana. victims were ordered inside Kingsley Aguta, 18, was the apartment where 3 others charged with armed robbery were and two.of the suspects home invasion and kidna began demandmgmoney. p One Of th ts t k pang. Arnez Jernigan, 19, e suspec s rue a victim in the head with a was rob-handgun, forcing him to b?ry home mvasaon, remove his paJ:tts and give pang,_ aggravated fleemg and them to one of the suspects eludang, and aggravated who took them and fled in a assault on a law enforcement vehicle. officer. spotted 'the vehicle as Police said two handguns it leaving the apartment and a pair of pants belonging complex where the vehicle to the victim were recovered "You can 3, 7, 8, 131ove completely 16, 18, 23, 25, 27 without complete 30, 33, 38 understanding." JATAILE GAMBLE demanding the keys to his vehicle at gunpoint. The victim ran, and Williams got back into the vehicle and the trio drove away. JENNIE WILLIAMS back into their vehicle aAd drove away Police received calls of the incidents and the vehicle was spotted on South Dale Mabry. Police converged in the area, spotted the vehicle and a pursuit was initiated. At Sterling and North B. Street, police said the suspects stopped the vehicle and ran. All .three were caught and arrested. 1\) 0 0 """" ., r 0 :!:!-The final attempted armed carjacking and robbery occurred when the victim was working at a residence on C.olonial Drive. Police said one of the male suspects pointed a gun at the victim's chest, demanding the keys to his vehicle. The victim refused and walked away. Police said the trio then got All three suspect,S were en charged with armed robbery and attempted carjacking. -t z Man Face s Several. Burglary Charges m ':"' OJ c r r m -t z ., ''H'f'';;,;,:rt:ll KENNETH ANDERSON charged with burglaries ... being sought by authorities o .arne charges. r c;; :J: m 0 m < m :::D -< -t c m en 0 )> z 0 ., :::D Hillsborough Sheriffs deputies arrested a man 0 August 2nd they believe was responsible for several area burglaries: Deputies said Kenneth Anderson, 24, committed burglaries 3 residences from June 27th to July 30th. Anderson was charged with armed burglary, 2 counts of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, 3 counts of grand theft and 3 counts of criminal mischief. An arrested warrant also has been issued for a suspect, identified aa Travi_ s Cabrera, 19 rAttOrney:EI-ic T. Taylor I CRIMINAL DEFENSE AUTOI\:JOBILE ACCIDENTS EMINENT DOMAIN NEW LOCATION 320 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 720 (813) 259-4444 Furmtr Asst. \tturllt''" fur Fturidu Formtr <.'cmnty l'ruStcutur 1l1c hi,rin qf a hm-y1.'1: is an impurtant that sltllll(lt'J\(It s1ildy llt'llri allvcr11SCIII'nts dcdl'\k. ask us tu s.nd aiUt lllll' llllalilkalillllS


c a: LL. c z < c t/) w ::::: ... w > w c w :c t/) Ill ::: 0. z i= w ...I ...I ::: Ill I ...I w z j::: z w U)

Ft:ORIDA SENTINEL TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2007 SECTION I 41H!tti NOTICE Notice of Public Hearing A public hearing will be held by the Land Use Hearing Officer pursuant to Hillsborough County Land Development Code, beginning at 9 :00a.m. August 24, 2007 at the Board Room, 2nd floor of the County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, to hear the following requests. C opies -of the -applications, department reports and legal descriptions are available for pub lic inspect i on in a master file mainta in ed by the Plan ning and Growth Ma n agement Department and the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners. All interested persons wishing to submit test i mony or other ev i dence in this matter must submit same to the Hearing Master at the public hearing before him/her. The decision of the Land Use Hearing Officer will be filed with the Clerk within fifteen (15) work i ng days after the conclusion of the public hearing. ANY PERSON WHO MIGHT WISH TO APPEAL ANY DECISION OR RECOMMENDATION MADE BY THE LAND USE HEARING OFFICER OR THE GOVERNING BODY REGARDING ANY MATIER CONSIDERED AT THE FORTHCOMING PUBLIC HEARING OR MEETING IS HEREBY ADVISED THAT THEY WILL NEE D A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, THEY MAY NEED TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS IS MADE AS IT WILL INCLUDE TH E TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH SUCH APPEAL IS TO BE BASED Additional information concerning these requests may be obtained by calling the Department of Planning and Growth Management at (813) 276-2058. -VARIANCE REQUESTS The following applications will be heard beginning at 9:00a.m.: Petit i on VAF< 07-1488-PR, Don T Woertler is requesting a Variance to the fencing requirements for property loca te d at 611 S. 63rd S t. zoned ROC-12 Petition VAR 07-1510-WM, Marcus Novenson is requesting a Variance to allow a request to rezone less than 2 acres to PO for property located N/S of Bassa St., 110' W/0 Railroad St., zoned RSC -6 (MH). Petition VAR 07 -1528-EL. Tampa Envelope Manufactur ing & Paper Co Inc is requesting a Variance to allow a req ues t t o rezo ne l ess tha n 2 acres to PQ for p r operty l ocated at 6502 N 54th St., zo ned M Petition VAR 07-154f6-BR, Obstetrics & Gynecology Association, a Divis ion of Tampa Bay Women's Care is re quest ing a Sign Variance for property located at 116 Pa r so n Park Dr. zoned PD. .. \ Petition VAR 07-1561 PR Paul M Lee is requesting a Variance to the setback requ ire ments for property located at 8114 Canterbury L ake Blvd., zoned Petition VAR 07 -157 4-SS Th e Inn at Harborside is request in g a Sign Variance for pro perty located on the SW corner of Seagrape Dr & 32nd St. NW, zoned PD :1 .,. P etition YAR 0?-1576-BR, Manuel D Gonzalez & Estelle V Lyons are requesting a Variance tg the setback requirements for property located at 5900 Harvey St., zoned RSC-4 Pet i tion VAR 07-15 77-T NC Pedro Carmona is requesting a Variance to the setback requirements for property located at 6208 Axelrod Rd., zoned RSC-9. Petition VAR 07-1584-SCC, Arnold & Sandra Abramson are requesting a Variance to the setback requirements for property located at 1114 Emera! Dunes Dr ., zoned PD-MU Petition VAR 07-1585-PR, Armando P & lraida V Celeiro are requesting Variances to allow an easement in the Urban Service Area and to include easement in lot area calculation for property located at 608 S 63rd St., zoned RSC-6. Petition VAR 07-1594-PR, Andrew Rexroat is requesting a Variance to fence requirements for property loeated at 7403 Tidewater Trail, zoned RSC-9. P.etition VAR 07 1596 RU, James Raysbrook is req u e sting a Variance to the setback requiremen ts for property located at 3304 W Shell Point Dr. z oned PO-MU VAR 07-1597-RU, James Raysbrook is requesting .a Variance to setback requirements for property located at 3302 W Shell Point Rd., zoned AR. fi>gtition VAR 07-1600-BYT, Kincaid is requesting a Variance to the easement requirements in Urban Service Area for property located at 16158 Boyette Rd zoned AS-1 VAR 07-1604 ER, Todd Scime is requesting a Variance to setback requirements for property located at 14810 N. U.S Hwy 301,zoned AS1 SPECIAL USE REQUESTS \ The following applications will be heard beginning at 1:30 p .m.: Petition SU 07 1534 BR (AB), filed on 6/1412007 by Amvets Post 44, Corp represented by Richard J Graven, Jr. of 318 Pauls Dr. Brandon Fl 33511 ph 813-918-5044, is an Alcoholic Beverage Permit 11-C Beer, wine and liquor for sale and consumption on the licensed premises for club membe r s and their guests only : Pre sen tly zoned BMS TC-2, located in all or parts of Section 28 Township 29 Range 20, or W/S of Pauls Dr. 500' :t S/0 Oakfield Dr Contains 1,625.03 sq.ft :t. Petition SU 07-1601-SCC (LE), filed on 612612007 by WCI Communities Inc., represented by The Group of 3910 U.S Hwy 301 N. #140, Tampa, Fl 33619, ph 813-620-4500, requesting a Special Use Permit for Land Excavation. Presently zoned PD-MU (73-186), located in all or parts of Section 19 Township 32 Range 20, or 900' W ( O U.S. Hwy 301, 600' N E of Ruth Rd. Contains 3.62 acres :t Petition SU 07 1602-PR (RT}, filed on 6/2612007 by Bricklemyer, Smolker & Bolves, P.A of 500 e : Kennedy Blvd #200 Tampa FL33602, ph 813 223-3888, requesting a Special Use Permit for Radio & Television Transmission Tower Presently zoned M & Cl, located in all or parts of Section 2 7 Township 29 R a nge 19, or E/0 50th St. 250' N/0 20th Ave Contains 7.04 acres :t.


...... 0 0 N ...... ..... en ::> (.!) ::> <( <( c en w ::> ..... <( c 0:: LL c z <( c en w ::> ..... w > w c w :I: en :J m ::> Hillsborougl: County Flonda -Town Hall Meeting Join Your County Commissioners For A Town-Hall Meeting In the East Area Your Hillsborough County Commissioners will be at Hillsborough Community College Plant City Campus to hear from residents in the Plant City. Valrico, Brandon; Seffner, Dover area, to answer questions. and find out what you think are the important issues in your community. Please join your friends and neighbors, your County Commissioners and your County statT for this informal, person-to-person meeting. If you can't attend in person, tune in live on Hillsborough (cable channe122) and even call in your questions at 765-6702. We'll have exhibits and displays of County ser vices, and County staff will be on hand to answer DATE: thursday, August 9 nME: 5:30 p.m. IExhibitsJ 6:30 p.m. CMeetingJ PLACE: Hillsborough Community College-Plant City campus 1206 North Park Road Plant City, FL Meeting facilities are accessible in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Any additional necessary accommodations will be provided with a 4S-hour notice. D.. -your_ For more information, please call Steve Valdez Communications Department 272-5275 z cnv: 301 121 i= w ..J ..J ::> m ..J W z i= z w en <( c 0:: 0 ..J u. Nurses Aide Needed $7.50 Per Hour If You Are Serious About Working Call813-236-4816 If You're Not Serious .Don't Call Part-time Family Care Worker (FCW) & One Cook Position Needed For A Small 24/7 Resideritral ProQi'ani. $8.00 Hour"Start. 'MIN. HS Para informacion en espailol, /lamar a/ 272-5314. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY efNIIMm. ioluu Wanted Professional Tattoo Artist for New Shop Call 813-298-4370 Loan Officers Wanted No Experience OK Inside Major Mall in Tampa FfT & Pir Commission Paid Potential To Make Great Money While the l _. .. -.\. "-- I < > <.. < t L1m1ted #.Of Pos1t1on_ s Available. Don't Delay! : No .:-r, Criminal Background, Valid :Self Motivated, .: m I N w (.!) FL Drivers License. Cook Must Be Able To Cook From Scratch. OpCjln Friday :: Sunday Call (813) 375-3933 EEO/AA/ADA Employer .Professional Appearance a Must' Call: 813-977-9897 or Email: lnflnitylending@gmail.com FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE Seeking Administrative Assistant Part-Time HOURS 2:00p.m._7:00 p.m. Some Accounting A Plus. Send Resume To: Credit.unlon@blble-based.org Or Call813-964-9696 After 2:oo p.m. NEW :WAG6 .. .... eN A'S -. ..... ., : Starting ? r r "3-11 $11.00-$12.00 Great Benefits, 401 k Raise-in-April .,. courteo us Work Environment LTC Experience :Required Apply In Person Delta Health Care 1818 E. Fletcher SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS Maintenance Services Specialist Responsible 'for servicing maintenance requests and conducting preventive maintenance. Varied, progressive maintenance experience preferred. Salary based on experience. Excellent health benefits and 401 (k) plan. Apply At: 8052 N. 561 h St, Tampa, FL 33617 Or Fax Resume To 813-914-8873 Or Mail To: P.O. Box 9451, Tampa, FL 33674 Background Screenings Drug Free Workplace Equal Opportunity. Employer .. -Immediate Full-time Openings The Following Positions: Residential Care Techs/Relief Supervisor: Previous related experience, professional attitude and team approach required. College degree preferred for supervisory position. We offer excellent health benefits and 401 (k) plan Apply At: 8052 N. 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617 Or Fax Resume To 813-914-8873 Or Mail To: P.O. Box 9451, Tampa, FL 33674 Background Screenings Required Drug Free Workplace Equal Opportunity Employer Financial Management Analyst Tampa Bay Water is currently seeking an _accounting professional to perform financial accounting and cash management activities. Reviews and processes various financial transactions and performs complex analysis and reconciliation work. Will process vendor invoices for payment and monitoring of invoices for adherence to contract terms and Agency policies. Cash management activities include, but are not limited to, execution of cash and investment transactions and recording of transactions. May also prepare billings and,supporting documents under grant and joint pr

Wholesale Properties To The Public Great "Fixer Upper'' Deals www.rehab bersuperstore.com A Ministry of First Baptist Church Of Progress Village Dr. Sam L. Maxwell Headmaster First To Bring Owner Down Payment Gets It!! 3/1; Extra Room New Tile Floors HOME OWNERSHIP Your Job Is Your Credit Low Down Payment Lease 2 Purchase Irvin (813) 965-5413 4 Sale Or 4 Rent 4/2 In Ground Pool Plus Additional Pool House!! Also Available 2 3; & 4 Bedroom Homes 0 Down Or Rent To Own With Cash Ca II (813) 630-9827 New Home 4 Sale Four Oaks Carrollwood 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath Must See!-$179,900 : 1 00% Financing Owner Pays $5,000.00 Of Closing Cost Average Credit Needed 3/1-1016 14th Ave. 3/2 3417 Lindell Ave. Section 8 Welcome Call Tyrone 1-800-890-7639 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Block Home No Pets $650 .00 /Month l y Call (813) 453-5 .690 3 Bedroo. m/1 Home Fot Rent : \ $97s : ooiN!o-ri : thly : Call (813) 598-3878 NICE HOUSES 4 RENT 2,3,4 BEDROOM HOUSES ALL CREDIT w;LCOME MOVE TODAYil 813.630;9827 3202 E. Giddens Avenue 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath WDH, Fe n ced Yard, C lose To Everyth in g $900 00/Month l y $300 00/Depos i t Call (813) Newly Remode l ed 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath .Utility Carport, Fenced Yard $900 .00/ Deposit No Sectio n 8 Or Pe t s .. Call (813) 569-0842 Condo Dale 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Good Area Section 8 Read y Call Rushing:.-(813) 227-92 ,40 ... 'TI r 0 2806 N. 16th Street : ;!! Kenny 813;227 .9240 .,_ All Cred_it Welcome !! : (813) 270-1188 Progress Village Area < a Bedrooms/1 WID Hook-Up ., _,. -... ----.. "-..:.:. ..... t c : 3 Bedroomsi1Batt: t -;-7P > : w1b cHA. gr ALL CREDIT WELCOME!! 2, 3, And 4 Bedroom Homes For 0 Down Or. Lease Option .'. : With Cash 0 0 #-,.. o# ;1ST. TIME HOME B UYERS : ''' : 813.630.9827 ., ;., : Tampa -'.: 3-1 House$90,000 E;ast Tampa if' 1/2 Acre Lot-$95,000 l Teniple Terrace Duplex $ 168,000 : Call Ain$1ey Daux : -'Lie Realtor .. Home Run Real Estate Inc. t (8f3) 564-1954 1 ... ', -. \ 3.630.9827 For_ Sale. Newly Remodeled 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Utility Carport Corner Lot With Fe. nced Yard, Quiet Neighborhood: -= $135,oocf .. .. ; .. Calf (813) 569-0842 Remodeled Bungalow 1303 E Osborne 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath New Kitchen With Microwave, Range, 0 Dishwastler, Refr i gerator New Bath, Roof, Carpet And Tile .. :. :' .. '\. $20,000 Below Appraisal .. $141,909 .. 813-679 Custom Homes BuiltBy Pro-Fit Develop'!'ent, Inc: : .. '1 : .. ,: .. L...------------.....1 ljG I 2408, E.th Ave. ,'_:,-,No B.ank QualifYing Baths: .. =)'' :. >: --: .. 11s' Lanai ,\2 Car Garage d :: Lpw [)own Payments F.t:_,.: $167 ;500K .-' : _:1 :'No. Bank, Appr.oval r,' jbn ,; :.n : Split Plan, Near Schools $2,000.00/Move-ln $1,200 00/Monthly l : .. ... Bedroom/2 Bath .,: .. ::0 :.: .:. Front Courtyard : .::--:-.-:. 0 : ..... 1,650 Sq Ft175,000K ..;;,_, : : --o: ... Call (813) 601.-0957 -.,' '. 3/1 'Hoirle __ 10 Year Structuriil Warranty Newly Remodeled First Time Home Buyers Arid M any Upgrades, 42" .. ... ;,Maple -C'abinets, _:. Many Mo.re To. Call Ainsley Appliances ::' ., ;:.Choose Fre_m 7 : : !, ;.. I..., I E I E I 0 .. 0 Call Shaun. Home Run Reai.Estate Inc. t x Realty. : 813-972-7733 2411. E. Curtis St. Now! Sectlon 8 ,. -3 Bedroom/2 Bath House 1100 Sq. Ft., Completely. Renovated, All Appliances 'f//0 Hookup, Huge ., 'o: Office L,ocated In .Ybor City (813) .__ ___ -..;. ____ ...J .. Backyard, Within Walking ,, Pl;JBLI CATION DEADLINES: Middle, Anci High Schools No Pets, $1200/Montti Tuesday Friday @ 3:oo P.M. : + s,c._urity deposit $1,0oo.Oo /Monttili. z _., $800 00/Deposit Section 8 Ac, cepted Call (404) 290-3277 -Riverview ..... :!;.: _creost Community 1 8 Accepted 3 Bedrooms/2 5 Bath Town house WID Hoo kUp Sto rage Room Move In Now! Call. (813) 300-5667 I aJ c: -r r !!1. z c: a:J. C en ::I: m c.-m < m .. :,,_..Rehabbed And ": ReadyTo.Rent .. .\. -4 c: .: Cortez Drive."rn _2405 29th Avenue t c 0 2108-.1 Oth Ave11ue 3311 E. Ellicott .. > : E. '11'5th { 3718 N ; 32nd 'TI ;!! '-"" : .... ... ?-.> Please Contact ;;:: : !:." 0 wiNw.rehabbersuperstore.C:om Own -1 Low Down Pay ments No Bank Approva l No C_redit Own Your Own Home Today!!! r 411 Block Home ,._ Quiet Street .. $3,000 00/Down -M onth l/1 Home Newly Remodeled $2,500 0 00/Down $1 ,000. 00 /Per Month M._ny More To Choose From Call Shaun r 813-972-7733 c"' >') .. Friday Ec;:lition _:.., __ Tuesday@ 3:00 (813) 417-1768 1 Office Located In Ybor City \ 0


""" 0 0 N """ ..... en :::J C) 1, 2, 3 & 4 :::J =- w Tampa c w 3 BedroomS/2.5 Bath ::I:. $650.00/Monthly en :::i Section 8 Accepted m :::J Call (813) 961-4599 Q. z i= Ready For Move In w ...J Heights Area ...J :::J 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath m Fe_nced Yard, Central ...J Ak/Heat, W/D Hookup w z $900.00/Monthly i= Deposit Negotiable z Section 8 Welcome w en nthly r t Z Caii.(81J ) ; or. (813) &tr-;0482 .,,_,_ D _uplex-BU_sch Area ..... '2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hook-up Refurb.ishedKitchen Section 8 Welcome Great Deal Call (813) 261-7538 Or (813) 503-0493 10120 N.11th Street 2/1 Neat & Clean Off-Street Parking No Pets $700.00/Monthly $500. CO/Deposit Call (813) 205-0760


\ Section 8 ONLY Duplex -Move In Special 3/1 Nice Area, Washer/Dryer Hook-Up, CHA, Large Fenced Backyard. Call (813) 789-3879 412 W. Frances Avenue 2 Bedroqr;n/1 Bath Fans, A!C,,Security. Bars .. i -----..... -----. $400.00/0eposit (813) 391-7046 USF Area Duplex 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile & Paint New Appliances $600 00/Monthly + Security Deposit Section 8 Ok (813) 263-6460 9607 North 1Oth Street : North Tampa Home 1Y ear Old 4/2 CHA, WDH, DW Fenced, Alarm, No Pets Section 8 Only Available September 1st 813-949-3482 Room For Rent $100.00 Per Week + De posit, Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 285-8147 1 Room For Rent --2409 19th Avenue Older Man Or Woman Working Or Retired Preferred Phone(813)247-4334 Christian Person Has Rooms F.or gent '1 $110.00/Rent :; .. l $11o ooteepdsit-. e .l":!!o Prug_s Or' ... Illegal Alldwed ---. b 1'. 4 .Call Mike (813) 770-:2266 Clair Mel Area Room For Rent Private Bathroom Shared Kitchen And Living Room $130.00-$175.00 Weekly $100. 00/Deposit Call (813) 545-9139 Rooms For Rent Nice Neighborhood / large Furnished Room, Older Mature V,Voman Cable, CHA. Call (813) 238-7034 Room For Rent $125.00 Per Week + Deposit, Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 802-4930 1206 E. MLK Blvd. Rooms-For Rent Single Male Preferred Call (813) 963-0703 Only A Few Left Rooms Nice And Clean CHA; Drug Fr'ee :-; ; $125.00/Weekly $125. 00/Depostt Call (813) 624-8540 5709 East 30th Street Fully Rert:Jodeled Rooms For Rent $120.00-Weekly Call Tyrone 1-800-890-7639 E. Jackson Heights Area Large Furnished Room For Rent $135.oo weekly $115.00 Deposit AIC, Cable Access Phone (813) 236-4816 Rooms For Rent Furnished Kitchen Facilities Single Males Preferred Drug Free Area Phone (813) 247-3581 Or (813) 965-5931 3104 E. MLK Blvd. Rooms For Rent Males Preferred $500.00 Per Month Includes Electric And Water Call (813) 784-0508 Efficiencies ( .. large Living Room, Cable, Lights; And Water Included $22 5.00 $ Deposit 1 : Phone (813) 915-9406 Rooms For Rent' Kitchen Facilities Single Males Preferred Drug Free Area Phone (813) 247-3581 Or (813) 965-5931 2928 N. 18th Street Room For Rent 55 Years And Older Preferred $120 00/Weekly $120 00/0eposit Call (813) 231-2023 eo SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL Just like Home leave Message Immediate Response First Week Rent + Security $100.00-Furnished And Unfurnished (813) 319-5646 Available Now Senior Citizens Preferred $550.00 & 600.00/Monthly Includes Washer/Dryer : Private Bath '; (local) ... .. ,.., And Satellite .TV Call (813) 273-9187 Or (813) 965-4434 My Simple Post Card Biz Makes Me Money 24 hr System 800-617-5340 Recorded Info My Inviter's ID# 9530 813-716-6464 Unlimited Cash Pay-Outs! $1000.00-$5,000. 00 $12,500.00 CA$H Hear My Story 1-800-417-6360 Ext. 6356 Go Online To: www.extremelyfastcash .com To View Movie Referral ID: ED19983 Save This AD! Earn Your Way To $500 A Day Working From Home! Exclusive Dealership Available With 29 Year Old Company / Mail To Wes-State Corporation 1450 W.7th Ave: oept. Eu gene, OR 97402 LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EMPLOYMENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS --DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS, ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS .. CALLLaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FAX YOUR ADS 24n TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email Find You A Corner And Make Quick Monev In A couple 01 Cost Profit $5.00 $2.50 $10.00 $5.00 $15.00 $1.50 $20.00 $10.00 $25.00 $12.50 $50.00 $25.00 $100.00 $50.00 $200.00 $100.00 220721st Ave. Tampa, Fl 33605 [8131 248-1921 CARPET C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1-3 Rooms ONlY $24.95 No Hidden -CHARGES! Call (813) 626-7303 Or (813) 325-4330 Bad Credit-Slow Credit No Credit Call Us for A loan Or To Have Your Credil Repaired! Credit Dimensions (813) 626-0400 CRUISE c m (/) a l> l> c G> c en ....... N 0 0 ...... 'TI r-0 c )> en m z z m r-1 m c r rm z "'0 c m c en ::I: m c m < m -f c m en c ?< l> z C 'TI c > : i .. MAKE YOUR NEXT VACATION OR FAMILY_ CELEBRATION 10:00 P.M. 8:00 A.M. late Night Working Parents, Need A Sitter? I am Here To Help 6 Months-12 Years Old Call (813) 319-5646 For Detailed Information Top Notch Computer Service Repairs, Upgrades, Virus Control And More "Service You Can Trust" Call Tony (813) 695-7813 A CRUISE CALL GLORIA FOR GREAT RATES!!!!! 813-973-1080 www.thesunandfuncruises.com FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ACCEPT VISA, MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE G> m U'l I m


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Commercial Wood --: Vinyl Aluminum Chain Link HAULING AVAILABLE Call for Free Estimate 813-907-9977 Uctl44201 Rnblurant Equipment ForS.Ie Serious Inquires Only Call (813) 681-8581 Cell (813) 391-3887 Avoid Foreclosure m Behind On P.ayments? U, Save Your Credit! w (!) We Can Help Call Today (813) 728-;4182 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSE! We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Full Page Ad In The Florida Sentinel. wwiN .rehabberssuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 HANDYMAN NEEDS WORK Save Money!!! No Job Too Small Incorporated And Insured Lawn Maintenance Painting, Cleaning Pools, Pressure Washing Tree Trim ing 813.630.9827 Real Estate Investors "Buy Homes From SELLERS IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE" We Help With Financing Tool Irvin (813) 965-5413 For_real_about_realestate_llc@yahoo.com WE BUY JUNK CARS AND TRUCKS CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 We Will Buy Your Junk Cars, Trucks And Vans Call Penny (813) 621-0163 Wanted Dead Or Alive Unwanted Cars And Trucks. We Pay Cash! 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