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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Tampa, Fla. :
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August 24, 2007
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebratin 62 Years In The Tauzpa Bay Area Well nown Pastor Dies After Surgery SEE PAGE 2-A Funeral Dir_ Cleared Of Sexual Assault SEE PAGE 3-A Councilman Requests Disparity Workshop SEE PAGE 3-A Qospellcon Beaten Up By Husband SEE PAGE 22-A Teen Arrested iii For Bank Robbery SEE PAGE 23-A NEW SUBSTATION DEDICATED The new substation for Tampa Police Department Uniform District Ill was dedicated on Wednesday, August 23. All local officials were in attendance, including Mayor Pam Iorio. From left to right are: Ed Johnson, Manager, East Tampa Development; Sam Kinsey, Chairman of the East Tampa Revitalization Partnership; and Major Robert (Bob) Guidara, who will command District Ill. (Photograph by Jerry Brunson)


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NAACP Joins Effort To Insure Children In an effort to help children receive needed health care, members of the Tampa Chapter of the NAACP are joining forces with other orga nizations. On Friday, (today), parents will be able to enroll their childre n in the Florida Kidcare program. The enro llment effo rt s will take place a t five locations througho ut the city between th e hours of 10 a .m. and 4:30 p.m. Parents can enroll their children at any of the loca tions. The enro llment will be held at: Iglesia DeDios, 5800 North Church Avenue, (813) 885-1667; Tampa CDC, 2631 E. Lake Avenue, (813) 248-9738; Computer Mentors, 2802 E M L. King, Jr. Blvd, Suite, F, (813) 236-1191; YMCA, 8950 W Waters Avenue, (813) 249-8210; and Metropolitan Ministries, 2002 North Florida Avenue, (813) 209-1264. "This is just our way of trying to do something about closing the health care gap and making sure that Black kids have the opportunity tog et adequate healthcare," Curtis Stokes, President of the Tampa Chapter of the CURTIS STOKES President, Tampa Chapt<::r oftheNAACP NAACP said. He further stated that the group plans to have a series of such events, with at least one every quarter. Representative Betty Reed, the Hillsborough County Chapter of the NAACP, the Latino Coalition of Tampa Bay, HealthEase Kids, and Staywell Kids, are spon-soring the event. Reporter Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (81,3) 248-1921 or by e-mail at iris@flsentinel.com. City Councilman Workshop On WMBE Ordinance City Councilman Thomas Scott has requested a workshop for discussion and responses be held ori the WMBE Ordin a nce presented to them for consideration Thursday Councilman Scott has asked the be scheduled October 25t \ and at least a 2-hour discus sion take place before a final decision is made. Councilman Scott requests that a breakdown of the numbers that show Black, white and Hispanic disparities that exist now be provided. "I also want to know what has happened post-disparity years and what has been done since 2004 to improve the dis parity study numbers. Councilman Scott wants to know how the Ordinance addresses construction projects under $2oo,ooo and professional services projects under $1oo,ooo. "I want to know how minorities benefit from the SBE Ordinance as it appears to expand the pool of contractors beyond Hillsborough County to include Pasco, Manatee, Pinellas and Polk Counties, theJ;eby reducing the opportu nity for minority contractors. "I'd like to see what proce dures that .will be used to cre ate opportunities for projects COUNCILMAN THOMAS SCOIT more than $?Oo,ooo and what is the target of the ordi nance." Councilman Scott said he's seen nothing that measures the success of the ordinance and it does not waive bid bonds. "There also seems to be no voluntary utilization and no target goals for the WMBE Certification Program." Councilman Scott's request for the workshop was sent to City Council Attorney Mike Shelby. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at leon@flsentinel.com. FEATURES Sexual Battery Charge Dropped Against Funeral Director On June 25th, Tampa Police arrested a 40-year-old man and charged him with sexual battery He was released from jail a month l a t er. lowed the woman home, ..., where the alleged attack took ,._, However, the charges against Tebbie Singleton were dropped on August 14th. A spokesperson for the Hillsborough County State Attorney' s Office said, "The charges were dropped due to a l ack of evidence." place Police said Singleton g and the woman left her home .....,. and went to th e Red Lobster Restaurant on Busch Blvd., where they became involved in According to police, Singleton was taken into custody after an unidentified woman accused him of attacking her. The woman told police she met Singleton while experiencing car trouble TEBBIE SINGLETON a t the intersection of M. L. King, Jr., Blvd., and Nebraska. He is alleged to have fol-We irrtproved can Improve an alte rcation Singleton allegedly left his vehicle at the restaurant and was taken into custody a short time later. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers Fifth Third Equity FlexlineSM 6-Month lntro Adjusts to as low as Take advantage of this low introductory rate to pay off bills make home improvements or take a long-awaiteq vacation. It's a great way to turn today's hard-earned equity into I -more for your tomorrow. Call 813-306-2553 or walk in any Fifth Third Banking Center location today. FIFI'H THIRD BANK www.5'3.com ID ad II!W!w Willi Ollell!llhe iUGl1av ma Pela!fta9e Rale as bY as 5.99!< lollhe li5l sillllJillh1 "8e9ii1ing lrih lheSMillll vartJbe APR is as kM as Pfi're.LM m isClmlttt 714% asot7/17107. kten!5l rates may VMY alii CJe i1lell!d to the Prine Plillstfd diltt illheWaiSIJeel.tunall'a!l!nl dlbn 'l!oll"i Riles" ileest r ontt on new rtlllllird Iiles of ad ft1h llird d1ti1o acQ.'U1I reWred. 55,000 ilnJI draw feCl!i>.t iltnximv i1lefe!l maxinun APR Ml rYJI emed 25%. or the Slale uuv C!iklQ. whidle\11!1 is less. Arrull tee olq, to S65 wawd I one year, In SlaiTO tax alii ta11es at:OIY.lbe taa z 0 "" :a 6


, EDITORIALS I COLUMNS c a: u. c z <( c UJ w ::J .... rt w > w 0 w l: UJ ::; m ::: A. z ffi ::: m ...:. w z w U) <( c a: 0 ...1 u. FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN 2207 21\1 A .er ... e T .t'f'P.J F cr c;lo) 3360S 16131 2.:6-19:?' PutJ .. srca [ t!1 Fr.!J) B FlOAtOA SE NTINEL BULLE TIN PUBLISHIN G Co. c Noll OrJ rk,..,'5p..:p.:!' PuO' sre 'l A sOCI.JLO'l 1NNPA) d"d ,,.,, Jg;trr.llt."d P ,,u. ;ncs lr.C l'o ev. Y'or c 1'11<,; 1 : .,..P P OSTM A STER. SeriJ Aaoess Cn:trn;e T o Flond a Sentanel BuUetm. P 0 B o x 3363 Tampa. F L 33601 Pi! 00..:.1: P a t;l Fl W W Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C Blythe A n drews 1901-1977 p 945) Founders C B LYTHE ANDREWS JR CHAIRM A N S KA Y A NDRE W S PUBLISHER C BLY TH E A NDREW S I ll PRE SIDEN T/C ONTROLLER GWEN HAY ES, ED I TOR BETTY DAWK INS ADVERnSING DIRECTOR KEITH GEORGE C I RCULATIO N D IREC TOR S ubscript io n s$44 00 -Pe r Yea r B oth Ed i t io n s : S87 00P er Year One Ed it io n Opt m ons expressed on page s o r thes by Co l umncsr s or Guest Wrc l ers do nol necessar il y r ettect the stance ol T he Flori da Sen ti nel Bulletin or me Pub h sher Calling All Black Men: Million Father March Insures School Success For Chlldrenl 'udos to David Denson, a local father who coordi nated the Million Father March last Monday, the rst day of school! Under the auspices of the Suncoast African-American Chamber of Commerce, Denson encouraged African-American fathers in the area to take their children to school on the first day of school each year. For the first time, this year, Tampa joined 20 other cities, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles participating in the initiative. The Million Father March, which began on the first day of tlte 2004-2005 school year, is sponsored nationally by the Chicago non-profit Black Star Project. The has grown out of recognition of the power of male involvement in the education of Black students. Moreover, at least too Black men have posted near the front doors of elementary, high schools, Headstart programs, and private schools with large Black student populations. Billed as an opportunity for Black men to show their commitment to the educational lives of their children on the first day of' school and throughout the school year, the Million Father March has been hailed as a major step forward in the remaking of the image of Black fathers, nationwide. Furthennore, research has shown that children whose fathers take active roles in their educational lives have higher test scores, higher grade point averages, higher attendance rates, higher graduation rates, enjoy school more, have lower suspension and expulsion rates, experience fewer behavior problems and are less likely to use drugs, alcohol or engage in premature sex. For these reasons, urge every father, grandfather, stepfather, uncle, older brother, male cousin and male family friend to take a child to school, at least once a week for the entire school year. From all accounts, we just might be able to stem the tide of our children falling into prison, and help them to claim their rightful place at the head of the class Yes, as David Denson has proven, we can save our children, if we only believe! Think about it. Pass it on! Made In America, One More Timel emember the time when WaiMart touted its : :pride in selling only American made goods? continued recalls of food, toys, and household products made in China causes us to question the need to recall manufacturing jobs back to.. America. Global recalls of Chinese made products, including blankets (too much formaldehyde) in Australia and Argentina and viny l b a b y bibs with Koala B a b y, Especially for Baby and Disney Baby labels (too much lead) here in t h e United States have prompted us to raise this question and wave it like a red flag, in the face of our readers. l Earlier this week, SpongeBob journals with wire w binding containing too much lead have raised the CJ question of substandard imports even higher, on our lists of things to screaun about. Moreover, the time has I Black American History By RUDOLPH HARRIS Questions About Problems Novv And Tomorrovv (Series) us. Board of Education of i954," schools could become resegregated over the coming years. You see, race can no longer be used as a factor in assigning children to schools. Unfortunately, Black principals and other such Black school officials will be used to help facilitate this return to segregation. We can also see a return to segregation in other areas. In agencies which carry out public policy, Blacks that are hired are carefully handpicked. Blacks seeking to be served a r e m o r e h e ll-hacked b y th e Blac k offi c i a l on board th a n th e whit e supervisors Quietl y b e fore us we se e in opera tion a criminal justice syst e m that has fast turned the state's cor re ctional institutions into predominantly Black disproportionately populate d enclaves. There are those who predict that within the next 10 years, more Blacks will be in prisons than in colleges and high schools combined This will be especially true among Black men between the ages of 18 thru ss. Because the Black population seldom repotts injustices of a racist nature, the system is protected from s u c h poli c in g o f itse lf Poli ce harassm ents w h e r e i ssuing of arres t warrants are conc erne d are uppermos t in mind. S eldom do white poli ce, in p a rti c ul a r r es p ec t the rights of Black home own e r s wh e r e se rvin g arres t warrants are concerne d. Police walk into homes without permission or b eing invited. Black citizens put their lives in jeopardy in these developments. People ask, do we still need the NAACP anymore ? Yes, we do. In fact, we need th e work of the NAACP more today, than we ever have We are only fooling ourselves not to see what it before us. ''iM .. p ,.,t .. .,,.y.on ... f \fiew MS. IRIS HOLTON A Salute To The Professionals ast week, members of .,. :: the community were > ) stunned when Hills borough County Sheriffs Sgt. Ron Harrison was murdered for no apparent reason. He was laid to rest on Tuesday. It appears that his death\vas senseless and without provo cation. Michael Phillips is believed to have randomly selected Sgt. Harrison: And, if that is true, then it could have just as easily been any other man or woman in uni form When confronted by deputies, Phillips reportedly fired several rounds at those deputies as well. And without any fanfare, the deputies did what they had to do. They ended his life with two shots This is a far cry from the shooting of Angilo Freeland in Polk County last September. Freeland, who allegedly shot and killed Deputy Matt Williams and his dog, was shot 68 times. A SWAT team of 9 officers fired 110 rounds of ammunition at the suspect. After the Freeland shooting, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd was asked why so many shots were fired and he responded that they only had 110 bullets. Comments such as that make you wonder why some one like that became a Sheriff in the first place. i However on the other side of the coin, we have Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee. He and his team should be commended for e xhibiting exemplary behavior in a very str e ssful situat i on. Th e manner in which the Hillsborough Coqnt y Sheriffs Office handled this shooting should be recognized through out the country There were no demeaning comments about the suspect. Instead, they focused their attention on the type of person the officer was. There was no bragging about running out of bullets. Instead, they did what they had to do and nev e r voiced negative comment s to the television cameras for th e world to hear. And they did it with dignity, respect to the community and didn't allow the s hooting of the suspect to take away from the respect deserved by Sgt. Harrison. I tip my hat to Sheriff Gee and hi s deputi es for th e m anner in which the y handl e d th e de a th of one of the ir own. come when believe we Americans must ask just how big a price are we willing to pay for off-shore, cheap goods and cheap labor. When our food supplies, our children' s toys, the tires on our cars, our vitamins and medicines (bogus diabetic testing strips) an d pet foods all threaten our health and well-being daily, certainly the threat of terroris m pales ... unles s we are entertaining a newer phas e of a different kind of terrorism. Consider that millions of Americans are vulnerable to sil ent kill e r s tha t we import into our homes, daily. Without question, the tim_ e has c;;me for this to stop. Our federal government must put teeth in the Food and Drug Administration's ability to monitor and test imported food and other products for harmful toxins and general defects. What's more, America needs to reopen our manufacturing plants and produce our own goods and foods until we feel comfortable buying products made in China or elsewhere. Besides, our economy could stand the boost in jobs, which the reopening of our own manufacturing plants would bring. Think about it. -Look for "Made-in-America." Pass it on!


COLUMNS The Sole-Man Speaks What Shall We Talk About Todayl i reetings, Tampa-St. School Superintendent, Petersburg and all the MaryEllen Elia recently got : ships at sea! So, what kissed on the toe, then rapped shall we talk about, today? on the knuckles by her very Shall we talk about the local own school board who awardNAACP giving both the City of eel her a record raise totaling Tampa and Hillsborough more than $16,000, then with County a clean bill of health, the same hand, slapped her despite on-going rumors that face with stinging remarks So% of the City employees regarding an illness-ate ase recently laid off were Black? about her MY-WAY-OR Inside sources say neither the THE-HIGHWAY" attitude, City nor County layoffs have in supposedly To quote, Jack any way upset the balance of Lamb, Elia's Board chairBlacks and minority employee man, "It blew my mind! I percentages. didn t know it was coming!" But critics contend, that still Lamb was referring to a doesn't answer the question of nine-item report card that what was the percentage of rated that superintendent Black and minority employees from "1" (Least Acceptable, or who were laid off, out of the something like that) to "s" total numb.er of full-time (Outstanding, or something employees who were laid off? similar): Well, poor Sources say NAACP reps MaryEllen did not pass, reviewed City and County stats according to sources who said "with a fine-toothed comb," that regarding areas of policy, and found no wrongdoing. governance, communications Yet, it would still make good and community-relations, one copy as to why people contin-of her boardmember peers ue to be suspicious, do you gave her all 2's, except for the think? area of instructional leader-Or maybe, we could talk ship, where Elia received a 4 about East Tampa" s new It seems, one. of the superinTampa Police Department tendent's perceived shmtcom Disttict 3 headquarters. ings was her "rigid and I mean what an edifice. unyielding demeanor" Located just north of what was (OUCH!). The same peer later onc,:e ,)l'n] _...of and take Aveinte kr1o\vb far MaryEllen's wa): or the highand wide for drug-dealing and way!" all-around lawlessness, this No, I have never met Ms. new police and community Elia ... although, having read subst-ation got a send-off of these recent commen-ts, I complete with a would s,\ ear she's a distant very ironic poem 1 from cousin! Most certainly, it con Tampa's poet laureate James tinues not to be easy being a Tokley, which-describes the woman and being in charge! headquarters as "a station-Ask former mayor Sandy house that has a cat." Freedman, former Followed by a series ofrousing HARTLine CEO Sharon speeches by East Tampa Dent, County Administrator Reyita)ization Partnership Pat Bean or current Mayor Association cha -innan Sam Parti Iorio. If you wear a Kins.ey, Tamp, a Police dress, most people presume Department's Chief Hogue, you should be smiling all the County Commissioner Kevin time. And that's rubbish! White and her Honor Mayor Truth is, Elia seems to be Pam Iorio, and all of it holding her own, as attended by a packed auditoriHillsborough County's first urn. of residents, local notables female superintendent. Those and students from neighborwho know her best say, she hood .Lockhart Elementary says what she has to say in Magnet School. public. But in private, she realToo bad that most of the resizes that the fight for school idents who used to live in.East desegregation is far from Tampa and beneover ... she realizes FCAT is not fited by the new substation, no the answer. But most of all, longer Iiye-m East Tampa. But she .. understands her teachers, I'm had they still administrators, parents, and lived there; they wc:)Uid have students are her strength. been proud, if not interested. Correction: I did meet Certainly, we could talk about MaryElle., Elia one time ... that! in the supermarket. She And then there's the issue of smiled and said, "'Hi!" I how Hillsborough County marked it on Another Vievv By RANDOLPH KINSEY JJ 0 )> c C') c en -i lA Tip For Teachers And Parents I ; ...... .. that every parent and every teacher knows that the key to educating and rais ing good children is discipline. I am talking about good discipline. There are three keys to good discipline. Teachers and parents will do well to learn these three keys and use them. Disciplining children is never easy and I don't intend to imply that it is. Discipline will be much easier and more effective if it is applied firmly, fairly and consistently. It starts by establishing policies or rules and regulations. Then make sure the children understand them. Discipline using these three keys must start immediately. Neithex;, parents .or teachers should ever let go or ignore any behavior that they don't intend to continue to put up with. Children need to be reprimanded every time they violate the rules or exercise unbecoming behavior. Parents and teachers need to avoid embarrassing children before their friends and peers. Experience says that to do so will more than likely draw an unwanted reaction from the child. Whenever possible, children should be called to the side when .being disciplined in any manner. Never promise to do anything to children that you know you can't do or won't do. This can get to be an embarrassing challenge. Discipline must be consistent. What is wrong and unacceptable today must be wrong and unacceptable every day. It can never be all right today and unacceptable tomorrow. Consistency will let children know what behavior is unac ceptable. Discipline must be fair. The punishment must fit the infraction, and it must apply equally to all children. Parents nor teachers should be guilty of having pets who can do no wrong. Discipline should be no joke and no laughing matter. It must be serious and firm. Parents and teachers should not engage in word-for-word arguing with children. Adults say what you've got to say and be through with it. Move on to something else. Teachers should be ready to start class as soon as stu'dents come into the room. Do not let them just sit there idle or they will'find something to do and that something may be disruptive. Get busy immedi ately. Generally, children expect to be disciplined. Generally, they don't mind if the disci pline is firm, fair and consis tent. It is never too late to use these three keys to good dis cipline. The longer you wait the l!arder it becomes. Children may dislike you at first, but they will become accustomed and appreciate you later. ....., ., r-0 c )> en m z ::j z m r;I:D c: rr-, z "'0 C tD en .. : .','. :::z:: ; : Good Old Fashioned Politi !cs I < JTf. changed around us, what they do while in children how, they en sometimes we ignore those school. will be punished, and for things that haven't really Politics decides where you how long. It determines < changed at all. spend your money, how what our chi:ldren can get The game of politics much you spend, and on C remains the same today as what products. Po.litics die:-. with, and how we jJ it's been for centuries. tates the fine line between be punished. if we don't' 6 Politics is used to either being homeless and barely raise them the way the state rebuild a community or rape making ends meet. tells us to. it of its resources. It can be Politics decides the. people Good old fashioned poli-used to displace thousands who represent us when it tics is spinethtng we might of people in favor of another comes to dealing with gov-as well leatrtto live wit h.group, and it can be used to ernment, and whether our _Even more so,: we need to hoard a group loved ones live or clieduring coninto one area or purposes of times of war. < tiols everything we do, we control andtcontainment. Politics decides who gets need tp know.how t o _deal Politics can be used to rich from drug trafficking; h d h k silence those who would and who goes to prison.-It Wit an inha h d d 'd h d .11 b war .or us. E1t er t at, or preac empowerment, an ec1 es w ere rugs WI e .11 b forever tie t he hand s of sold d to h m d we WI contmue to e VIC-an w o an m f. d .11 those who can make a dif-what quantity. It de-cides tlms_ o It, lt Wl. ference. whose hands the guns go ue to alter Itself to JUstify Its Politics decides what into and whose.hands the purpose. SUBSCRIBE C') "The Voice of Our Community Speakingfo': t


Staying Conscious And 'Sucker-Free' There should be a way that you could duplicate a prison scenario on the street. A simulation that places a person in an environment that accurately conveys the experience of being incarcerated. To me, it's the only way someone can truthfully gauge the autlienticity of the people in their lives Right now, most of you reading this are comfortable in the knowledge that the person you're sleeping with, the friends whose company you enjoy and the family you have faith in, are in your corner u _nconditionally. There'R no doubt in your mind that if anything happens to you, these support groups will run to your aid immediately, regardless of the circumstances. But are you sure? Can you say with absolute certainty that the people who claim to love you now, will still be around if an injury, illness, or unfortunate situation left you debil itated? We want to believe in the loyalty of those we hold dear to our hearts. But the reality is that we never know what anyone is truly made of until their feet are placed firmly into the fire. It is only then, when our backs are against the wall and the bottom has fallen out from under our lives, do we see others for who they Clvii/Pesoul lnJurr Probate Wills Gu.rdlnShlp lmmigr.tlon ', 221 1467 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraska A{re. & Scott St. The H11mg Of A Lawver Is An lmportlnl Dec1s1on That Should Not Be Based Solely Upon Adverbsements. Bel ore You Dec1de. Ask The Lawver To Send You Free Information About Theil Quallflcauons And Expenence. PAGE SIX rea ll y a r e. U p until that p oint, w e d e p e nd o n blind f a i t h pl e dges of c amaraderie and flattering pillow talk t o d etermine the l eve l of trus t we should in s till in the indi viduals w ho occup y our inner circle. Prison s t est thes e relation s hip s to the fulle s t e xtreme. They're the onl y entities on earth that can place a level of strain on a commitment tha t w ill either break it com pl etely or make it eve n stronger. From the way people act when you're sent to one of these institutions, you would think you were eulogized than sentenced. The friends you thought you had suddenly develop amnesia as to your whereabouts The woman who acted as thought she couldn't breath without you, conveniently finds someone else to feed h 'er oxygen. And as far as family is concerned, even they have the propensity to leave you stranded when you need them the most. This situation is unlike anything you could poss\,bly imagine. But the saving grace (if that's what yo u want to call is that once you've gone through the betrayal, the backstabbing, and the double-crossing, you feel a certain sense of relief. lt is Hke"'g<',ing though a purification process Those who weren't as thorough as you thought' are exposed for what tpey truly are. While the rest of the pretenders and fakers, who you would have otherwise continued to maintain relationships with, fade off into memory. What you're left with is a clean slate to start all over again. The ness you learn during the' process. allows. you to stay "sucker-free" and nio _re focused on the p 'eople' wJJ9 love you instead of tlie who abused the lov e you t9: ". .... : .... : '_, : : ',For n, !43no : 018) at Edgefi :eld Federal Correctionar Institution, P : 0 : : Box 725 sc', 29824 or email cbilrr-2@--.-=:-cr; "The Voice Our Community Speaking for l t se(f Mother Makes Plea For Son Facing 30-Year Sentence O n March 11 2 00 3 Michael Moore, n ow 28, b ega n hi s 3 0 -yea r se nten ce o n sex u a l batter y a nd f a l se imprisonm e n t c h a r ges. His m other, Mary Harris Moore, a n e du cato r a nd c oncerne d citizen h as b ee n try ing t o g e t h elp for h e r so n whom she s ays has been treated unju s tl y b y the c rim inal justice system. "Much has been written about the disproportionate number of African American s in the prison sys tem, but nothing has been done to investigate why." MICHAEL MOORE Ms. Moore said she .... serving 30-year sentenced in the Jefferson Correctional recently read a couple of arb-. Institute. cles in publications, one of them titled "How Can A Black Man Get Justice." the law if you're Black. My "On Thursday, July 26th, I son's life doesn't deserve to read another article, be taken away from him." 'Stuffing Prisons With Black Ms. Moore feels because Men.' All of them touched on her son's ac!!user was a white the same thing and that's woman, the justice system the in)tistices perpetrated on shut its ears to the facts and you rig Black when truth about'what_ really hapthey encounter the justice pened : My church has tried system to assist with defense funds Calling per son's conviction for my son, but lawyers .are a travesty, Ms. Moore s .aid expensive and the systen1 mirio r itie s the mlscon9uct thrquglwut otiiers:' son's legal h fstory .and that Ms. Moore wants anyoh e indicates what happens to interested in 'talking. to her not just l'ow income and 'r eiewirfg sori:s c a s e, but. Blacks from professioru i l a t <8D51 families : 386'-2507. .. "I am seekjng,any lega:l Repor:ter Leon B. Cl e_ws organization that can help c 'ari:b,e reached at.(813) m y son.).t's you can't get ul)der lAW OFFICE OF PATRICIA DAWSON, P. Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal Injury Cypress Point Otlice Park 10014 N ; Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 101 Tampa, Florida 33618 Form e r Hill s bo ro u g h Count y Pro se cutorDepu t y Chief The hirirlg o f a l awye r i s a n i mpuriut i t tha t s houl d n u t h e h01scd su l cly upon ac.lv'-'riiS cnwnt. .. Befo r e y1o u dedde, nsk mt: to s en d you wr itten info rm ation ahou t m y l JUal iticatiun s :mc.l AUTO!\fOBILEACCIDENTS EMINENT DOMAIN : ,NEW LOCATION 320 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 259-4444 Fortner Asst. At t'orn( y Gcqcral ro'r Florid:i F ormer. Hillo;borc iug.b Count y Prosecutor The hi_ring o f a lawyet an imp ortan t deci s i o n that s h ould not b e based upon advertisements Before you decicde, ask us to send.you free WJitten i n f onnation about our qualilicatiou<( and experie nce.


LOCAL 0 l> :< East Tampa oroup Celebrates Employer Appreciation Day l> c C) c (/) -i 1\.) ,::.. 1\.) 0 0 BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter On Saturday, August 18th, the Heart of East Tampa Front Porch Coun c il, Incorporated held their "Employer Appreciation Day Ceremony" for several organizations and companies that participated in the youth program known Youth Empowerment, Leadership and Development Academy (YELDA). """" YELDA was designed by the Florida I)epartment of Community Affairs, Office of Urban Opportunity, t,o help students develop strong professional skills. Over the course of the program, students were exposed to numer ous essential tools they will be able to use throughout their lives. Student Darryl Jones, with Grace Miranda. Heart of East Tampa Front Porch Council Board Members: (l tor) Josephus Jenkins, Evangeline Best, Ida Williams-Campbell, and Ronald Brookins. 0 ::::c Grace Miranda, Commu nity Liaison, said they received 35 applications from students interested in participating in the initiative. .; "The students had to meet certain criteria to qualify for the program. They had to answer a couple of questions .. and prepare essays. The ques tions were, 'Why should I be selected to participate in the YELDA Program?' the other was "What do I expect to gain from this experience, and how will I apply it to my life?" Ten studel)ts were selected based on scores from their grade poin t average, whether ; ". J House Of Praise C. 0. G. I. C. Will be Hosting A Revival In Conjuncion .With Their 1st Year Anniversary! (Revivalry)! Come Celebrate With Us On August 29-31 At 7:30P.M. Nightly Location: 6501 N. Nebraska Ave. Phone (813) TANYA WIWAMS, Founders ,.------.., FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF LINCOLN GARDENS 4025 W. Palmetto St.* Tampa, FL, 33607 r-------..... Presents Their ANNUAL DEACONS AND DEACONESSES DAY Sunday, August 26, 2007 4p. m. Theme: "Unity In The Body" (Philippians 2 :2) Speaker REV. LARRY W. WARE, Pastor Grace Community of Faith, Orlando, FL Sis: Patr:icia Watkins Program S1s. Alice Ross Program Co-Chairperson S1s. Martha Stevens Deacones s Ministry Leader We Are Expecting To Ha ve A Glorious Time In Jesus' Name or not they lived in Tampa, the essays, and their family income level. "The idea was to create an initiative to get summer jobs for a selected group of youth from area schools," said Miranda. "We would have received more, but we got a lot of calls after the deadline Our funding was also limite<:!." Miranda said the employers were receptive and they had more employers who wanted to be a part of the ini tiative than students. "This was the first time this happened in Hillsborough County, and we're hoping we can do this annually if the fun ping is made possible." Miranda said the sponsors were great to step up and make this possible, especially with the fact that there were some things state funds couldn't be used for. The students, ages 15 to 17, I were mentored for 9 weeks by their employers. Employers participating with the students were : All Sports Community Services (Tyrone Keys and student Danielle Reed), Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation (Frances A. Wimberly and student Jasyme Aris), Corporation to Develop, Communities of Tampa, Inc., (Toni Watts and student Colin Carter), City of Housing and Community Development (Sharon West and student Darryl Tampa Bay Community and Family Development Corporation (Dr. Maxine Woodside and student Juanesha Battle), Florida Sentinel Bulletin (Kay Wells and Hayes, and student Shaniya Taylor), Law Office of Nathaniel Tindall (Nathaniel Tindall, III and student Andre. Hope), Sol Davis Printing, Inc. (Sol Davis, Sr., and student -Jacoby Dallas), Sheehy Ankle and Foot Care Center (Dr. Paul Sheehy and student Shaquona Berrien), and Abe Brown Ministries, Inc. (Robert Blount and student Isaiah Reed). Supervising the students were Christina Whidd-en c )> CJ) m z ::f z m r I m c: r r m -t z ., (All Sports), David Jones C: (CDC of .Tampa, Inc.), Precious Davis (Tampa Bay en Community and Family ffi Development Corp.), c Hayes (Florida m Sentinel Bulletin), Adrian fii McGee _,-(Law_ Office -of TindalJ),/. Violet -4 Bent (Sheehy Ankle and Foot C: Care Center), and Crystal m Hammond' .(Abe Brown C Ministries). Spo .nsors for .the initiative )> z were Regions Bank, Priority c Title of Florida, and C.H.A.P. :B (Community' Health Advocacy I C Partnership, Inc.). Sunday, August 26, 2007 THIRD ANNIVERSARY 11 A.M. REV. DR. W. J. HAYNES Pastor/Teacher Sl Matthew M. B-:-Church, REV W. D. SIMS Pastor AND CHURCH DEDICAT'oN OBSERVANCE_,-4 Theme: "The Church: Soaring To A Higher Level, Cultivating A Unified Body In Christ" -EPH 4:3 Guest Speaker : -'DR.J. S HARDIE New Mt. Zion M B 9hurch, Lakeland New Friendship M B Church REV. DR. H. L. DANIELS Pastor m. Guest Churches: First Baptist Churc;h of Progress Village RE,V. DR. SAMUEL MAXWELL Pastor Si _ster Ola son, Chairper son, Committ _ee Members: Sis. Helen Newberry, Sis. Shirley Anderson, S1s. Charlon Turner, D_r. Dor!s Haynes, S1s .. Rose, Dea. Archie Reese, Dea. Will Clemons, Bro. T1m Wnght, Bro. Melvm Gunn, and Bro. Willie James Haynes .. ,_,"0'"1"'"0IS Invited To Share In This Momentous Occasion!"


,... 0 0 N LOCAL "':t N .... (/J c( >=' -a: w > w c w :I: en :::i m Q. Apostle Charles J. Hillis Seeking Skilled Musicians And Singers For His New Contemporary Gospel CD And For The CNUM Contemporary Gospel Choir The Apostle Is Looking For People Who Can Travel Upon Request. The Apostle Is Requesting Christian Rappers, Soloists Back-up Singers, Drummers, Saxophonists, Violinists, Guitarists, Base Players And All Others. Please Have A Copy Of Your Skills In Music, In A Resume Format. Please Call The Production Administrator/Pastor Carolyn Hill (813) 767-5747 Or (813) 767-1615 Or (813) working for. I'm proud to represent T ampa a nd have th e m salute on e of th ei r o wn for a great achi e vement." Williams said he do esn' t have any local performances planned for this y ear, but he'll be bus y pre paring new m a teri al and getting re a dy to sp e nd a lot of time in the studio Now that it's finally happened, I expect to be taken to .. another revel as a professional and I have to get busy. I'm looking forward to working closely with Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence and others in the industry." Williams' debut release will z t= be called "The Funny Man." It w ... ... m I ..I w z t= z w en < c a: 0 ... LL Visien ___ armony 11 New CD Release\\ "'Thank U" H was recorded live at the COGIC Temple of Deliverance in Memphis, Tennessee As the 3th of 9 children growing up in tiny Two Egg, Florida, Williams credits his mother with encouraging !tim to pursue a career in comedy after watching him keep both his family and the entire com munity doubled-over in laughter at his stories arid antics Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed ai leon@tlsentinel.cbm. M7ord oiite. s t win JhHd at ,.., .... ,. $eptember 8,NoveJllber, .11 arid Decembe l8 ioo7. Bethune-Cookman Graduates Of 1947 And 1957 Honored At 2007 Commencement Mrs. Doris Ross Reddick receives her medallion ftom Dr. Trudi Reed and Dr. Oswald Bronson, St. in the tcar. Graduates from the classes of 1947 and 1957 of Bethune Cookman University celebrated theiJ! class re-union and were invited to participate in the 2007 Commencement Ceremony. This marked the first commencement since the institution received its accred itation of university status on February 4, 2007. Rev. Dr. James Harnish, Pastor of Hyde Park Methodist Church, Tampa, delivered an inspiring commencement address. Former Hillsborough County School Board member, Doris Rt>S'> Reddick, Mic:r B-CC of 1946 and a 1947 grad uate of Bethune-Cookman C ollege along with her classDorothy Kelly Smith o f Sarasota, participated in the graduation ceremony. They celebrated their 6oth Cla s s Reunion. B-CC Pre s ident, Dr. Trudi Kibbie was assisted by Dr. Oswald Bronson, Sr., former B-CC President, as she presented each 1947 and 1957 alumni with a beautiful bronze m e dal-lion. Dr. Reed was appointed to the presidency in August 2004 by the Board of Trustees of Beth_:;,e-Cookman College. is the first woman to serve in this capacity since Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, founder of the institution MACEDONIA M. B. CH-URCH 3410 E. WILDER AVE. TAMPA, FL; 33610 (813) 238 REV. FRED SANDERS, PASTOR -THEN "PERSISTENCE" GAIA OMS 8:9 SUNDAY, AUGUST 26,-2007-11 A.M. COME AND JOIN US!


LOCAL offer s activities and From The Pulpit: W ednesday f i e ld trips and s uch This m o nth, we rec e nt ly observed our 15th Annual Women's and Teen's Conference with over 250 attendees and Lauren Dungy as guest speaker. DR. T. W. JENKINS Pastor T. W. Jenkins New Hope M. B. Church Tampa, FL "Now, we are in the final stages of building New H ope's Christian L ife Center. It is plies for 1st through 12th des i gned to serve the church grade students. and the community as well. BY BILLY WHEELER Pastor T. W. Jenkins strikes an imposing figure at 6 feet 5 inches tall. A former m i tary Navigation Warrant O [ ficer during the Vietnam cqnflict, Reverend Jenkins will celebrate 12 years as Pastor of New Hope M B. Church in East Tampa on the fourth Sunday of September, 2007. According to Pastor Jenkins, New Hope has sev eral active ministry organiza tions involving a very diverse congregation. '"The Youth Ministrv has the task of equipping youth biblically and spiritually; it enhances their daily walk as well.. New Hope youth are involved in district, state and national activities. "Our annual Summer Camp The Gymnasium/Banquet enrolls 60-plus children. Hall will be one of the largest Also, the second week of of the predominantly Black September begins our churches with a capacity of Tutorial Ministry and After2,000. school program for our mem"My favorite Scripture is bers and the community. Ephesians 3:2 and my New Hope's Health Care favorite song is one that I Ministry is workipg to help keep before my con bring about a healthy church. gregation: "Everytirrie I Turn Our congregational nurses Around, the Lord Is Blessing provide services such as gluMe." cose tests and present classes "In the future, I see myself to reduce risk factors for dia-developing into a "fatherly" betes and high blood pres-type role as Pastor, engaging sure. in ministries for men broth-The "Healthy Steps ers who are not yet saved. Program" is partnered with For 2008, lplan to evangelize Dr. James Brookins, three men per week with the Chairman of the Board of intention of bringing them Directors of the Community into and right Health Advocacy Partnership, relationship with God. and I'm leading the In this area, we are dri way. ving pass men on street cor-" 1 am .most proud of the ners when we should be dri-weekly Senior Citizen ving them to Christ. That J.s, Children's Board Of Hillsborough County To Hold Town Hall Meeting .The Children's Board of Hillsborough County-in partnership with the United Way of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County Government, and Seniors in Service invites all local service providers to a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the impact of budget cuts on local supports and services to families, and to develop strategies to address pri<>rity needs within the community. The meetings will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 28th from 7 to 8:30 a.m. and on Wednesday, Aug. 29th from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Children's Board of Hillsborough County, 1002 E Palm Ave. in Ybor City. C.E.O.s and Finance Directors from funding agen cies throughout Hillsborough County are encouraged to attend. "Current and future budget conditions are forcing ALL local funding age n c ies t o think outside the box," said Luanne Panacek, C E.O. for the Children's Board. Most agencies have already reduced their budgets, but the possibility of even greater cuts makes it necessary for all funders to work collaboratively so that children and fami-lies can continue to receive supports and services the looming reductions Town Hall Meeting Topics will include: a Tax Reform and State Budget Deficit b .. Short and Long Term Impact on Local Social Services c .. Q&A -Provider Support Strategies and Ideas d .. Funding Collaborative e .. Shared Advocacy Agenda and Strategies Register by Monday, Aug. 27th by calling Trish Charo at 813-204-1782. ::0 0 )> c G) c CJ) 1\) 1\) 0 0 ...., ., r 0 :::D U) m z -t z m r;a:J c ,... This year, School SuperMaryEllen Elia and several school board members attended our annual Back to Kickof.i' where we issued school sup-Program. although they pre-to so fer to be as. "seasoned give upthat corner and Final Reunion Planning Meeting r The final reunion planning meeting for the Middleton High Z This ministry to our corner Your "Special to join us for Family & Friends Day Sunday, August 26, 2007 New Bethel Progressive Missionary Baptist Church 3011 E North Bay Street iampa, Florida 33610 813-238-4339 www.newbetheitampa.org Services 8:30 a.m. Hour Power 9:30a.m. Sunday School 1 1 :00 a.m. Morning Worship Afternoon Worship Mt. Calvary M. B. Church Lakeland, Florida (Worship Service at New Bethel) Rev. Reginal T. Webb, Pastor Sis. Bostick, Chair Sis. Ondria Butler, Co-Chak Read your Bible daily School Class of 1967 will be held on Saturday, August 25, 11 a. "'0 m. at the Jackson Heights Recreation Center, 3210 E. Lake c:: Ave All Hospitality Committee .members, and volunteers are a:J needed to prepare souvenir bags. ,. The registration deadline for the cruise is Saturday, :2: 25. m For more information contact Cheryl Collins, 236-1945 or Sharon Niblack (813) 231-2720. < r m New Progress M.B. Church 3307 E. Shadowlawn Ave. Tampa, FL 33610;...5143 Rev. E. J. Williams, Sr 'PASTOR Rev. C. R. Batchelor, ASST. PASTOR .......... $20 Gift Certificates Door Prizes Sunday, AUGUST 26TH 9:30 a. AND 11 a. m. SERVICES REV. EUGENE REED Messenger Transportation And Baby Sitting (PieoJe Collin Advance) University Deliverance Outreach Mlnidr-y, Inc. 5808 North 40th Street Tampa Uesday, August 21, 22007-October 30, 2007 6:00P.M.8:00P.M. Sponsored By Women Of Zion International, Inc. And The Central HiHsborough Start AJ!ega. ny lniti'!'ive Rev. Pauline Cole At (813) 971-4784,. Email : Wozint@netzero com Or Mrs lrene S Embr At (813 980-..0928 -t c m U) c )> z c ., :!! c


c a: u. c z < c en w ::::) .... > 0:: w > w c w :::z::: en-.:::::i m ::::) Q. z i= w ..J ..J ::::) m ..J w z i= z w en a: 0 ..J u. LOCAL Black Men Not Attending Church Is Forum Topic BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel Staff Writer This mont!-., the topic is "The State Of The Black Church, Why Black Men Everybody has residents Don' t Go To Church!" have concerns and opinions The invited panelists are: about the things that affect Dr. Mark T. Jones, Sr., their liv es. And they are usu-Apostle, Representative of ally willing to express them the Black Church; Mrs. 'with their family, friends, or Anesia Kelly, wife and n eigh bor s mother to Black males that One young man had the don t attend church ; the poet, idea of offering the public a Life, a Black man who does chance to voice their opinions not attend church; and on a single topic each month. Jarvis El-Amin, Muslim folHe selects a topic, invites lower of the Quran and the panelists, and holds the traditions of the Prophet forum on the 3rd or 4th Muhammad. W ednesday of each month. Maurice state d that the His name is Motown event is designed to disc11ss Maurice and he launched sociall y conscious issues. We ''Wide aWoke Wednesdays" had the first airing of The in June. It is free and open to Combination TV Talk Show the public and begin s prompt( which airs at www thecombi l y at 7 :3 0 p m at the Good nation.com ) on May 16th and Luck Cafe, 1910 E. 7th the first forum was held in Avenue. June, with an audience of Last inonth, the topic was more than 100 people. "Are We Ready For A Black Maurice said that the President --Possibility or forum attracts most members Pipe Dream." The panelis t s of the community who are 40 for the event were: Rhone years old and up. "There are Frazier, independ.ent jour-less younger people there. nalist and writer, left; Dr. But I feel that it is really Aaron Smith, co-chairman because the audiof -Tampa Bay Chapter of ence has the opportunity to Baraclt Obama campaign; address the issue and give and Willis "KC" .B9wick, their opinions. We are averand CEO of aging about 100 people and Su,ncoast African. American we are planning to double the Chamber of Commerce. size ofthat audience. Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church 1212 St. Tampa Rev. Lewis Moore Pastor Mission Sunday A.M Guest Speaker : Evangelist Rita Thomas Everyone Is Invited To Hear A Word Fr.om The Lord Join us to Fundraise for the Community Mentoring Program In.Support to Families in our Communit y ,.......------------------------,Saturday August 25, 2007 6 p. m.l RENAISSANCE HOTEL : j International Plaza ----------------.. ------With Your Ml' < CHLOE Also Featuring : Saxophonist Bernard "BK" Jackson & Comedians "LC" and CAIR'S "Ramzy" Honorees : Brother Alfred Shabazz Kenny Rushing Plus, Enjoy A Delicious Me al Gu est S p eaker IMAM FURQAN A. M U HAMMAD O!A I I Ilnl.\ ProgramCoordinator Motown Maurice, founder of "Wide aWoke Wednesdays, (shown third from the left, is shown with Panelists Rhone Frazier, journalist and writer, left; Dr. Aaron Smith, cochairman of Tampa Bay Chapter of Barack Obama campaign; and Willis "KC" Bowick, president and CEO of Suncoast African American Chamber of Commerce. CHINYERE MUFORO Maintenance/Custodial Workers Needed Please stop by the office to complete an application Tilirty-Fourth Street Church of God 3000 N. 34th Street Tampa, FL 33605 813-248-6548 or call Alton Kemp, Facilities Manager for more details 813-299-0705 Among those attending the Wide aWoke forum last month were from left to right, Rodney Gibbs, William Sanders, and Dannian Bull. --EBONY FOSTER AND CANDY WWE.


LOCAL Syndicated Cartoonist Among Fe"" Blacks In Nation BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel StaffWriter As a young child, Charlos Gary di scove r ed that he had a talent for drawing. And h e a lway s knew that he wanted to be an artist. That would have b e en a pip e drea m for some growing up as one of seve n c hildr e n in a p oo r neighborhoo d in Orlando. H oweve r Gary h ad a mother w h o believed in him, who e ncourage d him, and who wouldn't give up or allow him to give up on his dreams. I would not be in this busi ness today if it weren' t for m y mother. She always made us think we could do anything. You have to believe in yourself, but when yo u have a parent that beli eves in y ou, y ou can do anything Gary said. The fot i11h child born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Julia) Gary, the young man graduated from Orlando Technical High School and continued his education at the Universitv of Toledo. He graduated with B. A. Degree in Studio Art in 1995 Charlos Gary is the author of two syndicated cartoons that appear in about 30 newspapers throughout the country. Even as an adult when Gary Ch' -1 1 t bt d I 1cago anc was a er, o mne >ecomes discouraged, he remembers the words of his tmployment at the Chicago mother and. starts all as a Graphic AI1ist It was while :-t th .... t J .JlStJ over again -He said the work of I tution that Gary was given the a >out 200 cartoonist s appears i n iHwspapcrs' all OVl'l' thn opportuQity to create his comic strfp. .. I'Otllltry th-rough syndicatioH. Less than a dozen of tho se arc "The paper was running a African American. .-it didn't like an. d they challenged me to do better. Gary believes that he is the that was the creation of only African American who writes and draws two cartoons which was follow e d by "Cafe Con Leche." each day. "It's 11 fulltilllt' job and it's hard work. "I submitted my strips to syn'dication for 10 vears and was llis l'ai1oon s appt'ar in sueh rejected. I submitted newspapers as the Miami W k' It 0 I lleralcl the Denver Post or tng ut, was the Stm, ancl accel?ted As an African the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It was even harder. Gary first published a comic Editors see you work strip in the student newspaper. t[y you. Ydou In 1999 he reloca-ted to ave o e 10 times as goo as counterp;trts to be taken COPELAND FAMILY SINGERS STU. ANNIVERSARY I 2nd CD RELEASE NEW ST. MATTHEW M. B. CHURCH I 006 S 50th Street ALEC F. HALL, Pasiorf1cachcr Saturday, August/is, Z007 7 p. m. Featured Guests : Rev. & True Disciples, Pastor C a lvin "ree Wee" Ministry and. Others Sunday, August 26, 2007 5 p. m. Fe ature d Guests: Bryant Family, Edith Langston & Gospel Mets, and Others \ For further information call : Ms. Linda Copeland (813) 248-6521 or (813) 241-2541. Thanks Fo r Your Support se1: iously as a cartoonist." Gary moved to Tampa near ly two years ago as a Graphic and Ne\.Ys Artist for the St. Petersburg Ti'mes l But his work doesn't -appear in any bay area newspapers. When asked why he said, ''I'd like for my c .artoons to run in the local papers, especially in the Tampa Bay area, but I don't kn ow why they don t." Married to Ms. Agustina Guerrero, the 38-year-old enjoys jazz and lists among his personal heroes Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, and his mother. Gary is the redpient of numerous awards and was nominated (or a Pulitzer Prize in 1999. ABE BROWN MINISTRIES CRUSADE CALENDAR Next Stops ... BAKER C. I. COLu:\-IBIA C. I. fl,ORIDA SI'A n: PRISO;\ & "0'' WORK CA.\IP G.-\1\ES\'ILLE C. I. & WORK CA, \IP L:\ WI'EY C. I. LOWELL C. I. & A:\,EX (\\'0:\IE\'S) :\I.-\ RIO\ C. I & WORK CA:\IP \EW RIHR C. I. (EAST & WESI' l i \ITS) \0. FL. RECEPTIO\ CIR (E.-\Sr & \H:Sr UXfi'S) Ui\10:\ C. I. Date: September 1, 2007 Departure Time: 5:00A.M. Return Time: Approx. 6:00 P.M. Round Trip Price: $25.00 Call813-247-3285 For Info To Reserve Your Seat 'When lw.3S incarcerated ;uu to see me HCC Selects Ybor City Campus President And Academic Vice President DR. SHAWN H. ROBINSON New Ybor Campus President Hillsborough Community College (HCC) has appointed Dr. Shawn H. Robinson to the position of Ybor City Campus President and Mr. Craig R. Johnson to the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Shawn H. Robinson has been at Valencia Community College since 1992. He served as a professor through 2002, Mathematics and student success. From 1998 to 20.03, he ser,ved as the Academic Assistant to the Provost. Since 2003, Dr. Robinson has served as the Dean of Social Sciences and Physical Education. Dr. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education, a Master of Education degree in Mathematics Education, and a Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Community College emphasis from the University of Central Florida. Most II A.M. SPeaker CRAIG JOHNSON recently, he earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the Florida A&M University College of Law. Johnson began at Hillsborough Community College as a part-time teaching assistant in 1975 and _has served as Englisb faculty, Dean of MacDill and Dual Enrollment, Director of Parallel Programs and most recently served as the Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs. Johnson received his Bachelor and Master I?egrees in English from the University .of South Flqrida an.d is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education. Hillsborough Communitv College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Hillsborough Community College serves more th_an 40,000 students on several campuses and learning centers. HCC was the recipient of the 2006 Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Equity award. 'REU. ANDREW L. KENOR{CK Columbia. SC FREE SchQol Supplies THIS SATURDAY August 2St:h at 2916 Orient Road 12:00 Noon 'for t:he 1st: 150 st:udent:' s Sponsored by Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church of Greater 'TI :D 0 )> .-< )> c: G') c: (IJ -f I\) !"' l\) 0 0 -..J ., 6 Jl 6 > C/) m z m ';" OJ c r' rm -f z ., c OJ r' (i) :::t m c m < m ::c < c m C/) c > z c ., ::c c Ta mpa, Inc. C> m Or. Maurice L. Gladney Senior For Call (813)630-0300 Chairperson: Bro. Gary Powe & Sis. T McCray ..... ..... I >


c a: LL 0 z < c C/) w :::) ... fi: w > w 0 w ::z::: C/) :J ID :::) Q. z ...J ...J :::) ID ..J W z w C/) ( a: 0 ...J LL LOCAL Business Investment Corporation Celebrates 20th Year Serving Community -.,: BY BILLY WHEELER Sentinel Freelance Writer It has been said that entrepreneurs have two basic assets: their creativity and their relationships. Most often, obtaining a loan to start a business is a hard fought process. In this area, the African-American segment of the population has been historically underserved The Tampa Bay Black Business Investment. Corporation, Inc. (BBIC), is a non-profit, public/private partnership incorporated to Vice-President and assist in -the process. Commercial Loan Officer for Located at 2105 N. SunTrust Bank of Tampa Nebraska Ave., the agency Bay for nine years, she also serves people in both worked on loans for the city Hillsborough and :J;:'inellas as part of Tampa's commit Counties. ment to the African-The BBIC recently celeAmerican community. brated 20 years of existence. Ms. Wimberly continued, Their -primary focus is to "There are two main myths advance the economic well-that I want to address conof ?illsborough and the BBIC: Pinellas C'ounty residents Myth #1 is that the through financing and identifying business. opportuni-agency doesn't do anything. ties for businesses owed and Our iniJ;iaJ funding was $1.6 miliion in a one-time s hot; operated, by African-Americans. Taken from that small pot; Funding for the agency since then, we have made in comes from State appropriaexcess of $8 million in loans tions, Bay Area financial by leveraging the money. and local conWe will continue in this way tributors. New business while I kno.ck on doors for .. owners may obtainservices banks to invest or' until the and funds through an appli-Legislature cation process. new funds. ... Ms. Frances Wimberly, "Myth #2 is I'm Black, have a business plan. Nine out of ten times, it's for owners to see. how to get from point A to point B without getting lost Our goal is to help the business develop and mature in a realistic manner, working for longterm growth and success. Also, we look at credit and tax payments since the IRS takes precedence. There are quite a few success stories," says Wimberly. Writer and humorist Mark Twain once said, iooking for goid, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel b'usi ness." If you are an American with the desire and determination to start your own business; contact the BBIC at (813) 274-7925 or,.log onto the City of. -Tampa website@ www.tam pagov .net to download an / Agency Director since 1990, therefore they'll give me a is originally from New loan. Wrong! It's I)ot a Jersey by way of Georgia. away. :Titere is a $150 appli........ She decided to relocate to fee and likea bank Tampa with her young son -=loail ; we analyze -the applicaduring the infamoUs Atlanta tion tg if_ repayment murders of 1981. A. former be ma

Residents Say: It' s Time For Change BY DAWN GARDENER Sentinel Freelance Writer "We're dealing with two Tampa' s one where state funds flourish, the other where funds This was the sentiment uttered by Ms. Connie Burton, host of Straight Talk At a recent community actions town meeting in Sulphur Springs, hosted by Tampa Black Business Bus Tour President Candy Lowe, Ms. Burton's comments were not just heard, but felt. This was trul y a call for action initiated by Reverend Laura Bell Harris, Staff Minister, St. Paul A.M E Church The necessity for an eco nomical transformation and REVE R EN D lAURA BEL L HARRIS dema,nd for greater infra-ity services, the residents of structure in our inner city, public housing will lose." primarily in the public hous-To assist with strengthening arena, evolved from a ing this argument was Mr. desire to ensure fair distrlb -Neil Cosentino, a repreution of funds being used by sentative of Camelot Florida the City of Tampa and hold-Think Tank._-_ He ing the city leadership in1mediate focus : "establish accountable for their selfa community Think.Tank as imposed standard ,i:r m eails,'of a .nd ing quality services establishing feasible and .. is r.efllis tic solutiqns to take to : skeptical when it coincs to the politicians and agencies the city provici'ing equitable 0 elected and established to distribution in "quality in serve you: Betty Reed, ser\iiccs ;' especially towards ,Jerome Ryans,-May,or residents of public. housing. Pam HUD, and the She hesitates for a moment, 'ran;tpa Housing Authority. "l'm oot suJ e if Jer.ome It's to resiRyans and Mayor Iorio 'dents and to bring arc n)arching Jo the beat of their expertjse towards the same drum. In other tions. This_ is your commuwords, I'in a bit nity ownit!" 0 about coilective pas-. 0 When it' comes to comn 1usion and determination on hity no one is t hi s platform of quality n iore than-Ms: 1 see. it, we have two Candy I addimay o t s the city in concern'l?' abou_ t the the form -of Mayor Iorio, businesses StJrtounding .and one for the residents of --lie housing. Black busine s s public housing, Jerome neEild our help to retain Ryl\ns. If any dis-and stren-gthen eco conn li d views pre,sence because and e xecution of their rriis-they, too play a major-.role siontowar ds providing qual--in. pushing this a:genda for-Middleton Alumni -AssociatiOn -.. The Middleton Senior High School Alumni Association i n vites au Middleton graduates and supporter to attend the next alumni meeting on Saturday, September 8th. The meeting will be held at 11 a. ni. at the J a _ckson Heights NFL YET Center, corner of Lake Ave and 34th St. On the agenda will be the Blake-Middleton football game (The Florida Sentinel Heritage Classic) that will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 7 : 30 p. m. Please plan to attend. ward. S trong economics s peak v olum es, es peci ally in the political arena; just a s k any s p e cial interest group. We represent the largest sector of con s um e r sp e nding in this country, and it' s no different in our local community Ih the end, Reverend Harris stressed, "This meet ing i s about creating a more powerful presence in the community I'm not here to waste anyone's time, nor am I here to just have people give their opinions I want us to develop some tangible solutions when we walk out this door Ladies and gen tlemen, we ve watched pub l i c housing go from flourished to malnourished because we don't understand we have the power and the right to hold our city leaders accountable.-It's time to fight for what' s ours. We have to leave something for our children; we must be concerned about the legacy we leave behind; our chil-. dren deserve fair-, and equi _table housing:; .access to healthcare, and safe neighborhoods and our taxa tion should be a strong call for better {epresentation. We're not asking for thing we have not earned or deserve." The representation-at the meeting was indicative of the peopl_e needed to push this train forward -small business owner:s, soCial activists to include poet_ Life; authors 'mothers, fathers n. t_ }l.ay e ,to. ,ask, -came f o gether. one rook' at these r?<:es';aJ?.d. d !sp: o s '!t. ioij to word echoea w e r e here 'because it's tin,1e a chan ge. So what's -contaet Reveren' d at 813-25-8-2439 'for information. IBIJDQIE11JJJo iJI} All Seasons Merchandise A World Of Products Below Retail Gift Items, Home Decor Catalog Shopping & More! Now Located 4998 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL 33617 (Ne xt lo B i g Lo t s Ins i de The M-Tr end 1;3uildi ng ) (813)458-1101 ,------------' SAVE 200/o j I ON ANYTI:IING __ J 0 Ask About Your Free Catalog Female R ites O f Passage Program Kicks Off Saturday l> c C> c (/) -I 1\) .&:> 1\) 0 0 --..J-"T1 r 0 ::c (J) m z ::! z m r-1 R .!TES OF PASSAGE PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS m c: r r m -f BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor Students have returned to school this week and those affiliated with"" p;errick Brooks Programs tho:Light this is the proper time.-to kick off the Female Rites of Passage Program for girls 7-18 years old. z "tt "As the girls enter the pro -c: gram, they will have a 9-month journey through the (j) Rites of Passage ffi which will giv e them the o opportunity to develop and have an awareness and m understand-ing-of .self," states Tre.sa Coordinator of t}J.e Female Rites of 'Passage "The _program does not cost anything, only a commitment in the program and support fr9rn, all the partici. -f c: m (J) 0 )> z 0 .,. pants' families she added. :::c "Our vision is t o empower 0 and encourage. young g !rls with moral ? and values -t11at will last a while bug d ing character that will The program is slated for Saturday, August 25, 2007, 10 a. m. 12 noon, at The New Place (Cornerstone Family Ministries), N 17th St. This is a mandatory parentlparticipant meeting. The program last school term had 35 participants at the end of the program _The Derrick Brooks e .nable tl'!em transition youth Pt:ograms WOp1, en," Ms. A\lxiHaiy is; a group of vol. _u11teers who time pr6".. ._ For vi ding leadership, character tact Derrick Brook Charities building, the importihce of_ Progr.am .at (813) education, etiquette, setting and ask goals, community Ms. Boy\dn at (813) 361-ment and much more. 4539; a message 7 Days A We e k Ope n 9 A M. 4707 E Bus.:h B vu!eJ'ard Suite {813} 988-7037


c a: u. c z c( c fl) w w > w Q w :E: fl) :; m G. z 'ffi ... ... ... w z w fl) :c Q a: 0 ... u. c( I "'':t or-w CJ Democrats Want To Keep PIP Insurance BETIYREED State Representative If no action is taken by state lawmakers, drivers will no longer be required by law to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance after October 1st. However, House Democrats are mak ing an effort to either extend the current law or draft some type of replacement legislation On Thursday, House Democrats delivered a letter to Governor Charlie Crist by House Speaker Marco Rubio, and Senate Presldent Ken Pruitt. hope to file a bill for consideration during the upcoming special session. State Representative Betty Reed said, "We real. ize that it has been extended three times in the past. But, we are asking for another year's extension to give us time to get some bills together to protect those' drivers who are uninsured." Vnder current law, the state requires that drivers carry pers<)nal injury protec tion insurance and liability insurance. The personal injury insurance pays med ical expenses regardless of who is at /ault in -the acci-' ARTHENIA JOYNER State Senator dent. The liability insurance protects property Without proof of this type insurance drivers cannot obtain tag renewals and risk having their driver's licenses sus pended. Representative Reed said, "Without some type of coverage, accident victims who do not have health insurance will seek medical treatment at hospital emer gency rooms. From my per spective, we should keep it in place for at least another year until we can provide something to fill the gap and give drivers without health insurance some coverage. State Senator Arthenia Joyner said, "Florida legislators should renew or extend Florida's No:.. Fault/Personal Injury Protection (PIP) because failure to do so would result in millions of Floridians being without the health care safety net that PIP pro vides." Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (813) or by e-mail at iris@fisentinel.com LOCAL Jefferson High Football Game To Feature Tribute To CJ Mills On April 25, 2007, Cedric "CJ" Mills was shot t o death in the front yard of his parents h ome in Carver City. The person or persons responsible remain free, and his family continues to pray for someone to step forward and help capture those respo n sible. 'CJ' s gra ndmoth er, Lucy Mills, said she s very gra teful for th e outpouring of love and support she s received, and tonight (Friday), she will probably wind up in tears. That's because the Jefferson Dragon Football team will pay a special trib ute to 'CJ' before their 7:30 p.m. game. 'CJ' was a star on the team and according to coaches, destined for success at the next level. A close member of the fam ily, Allene Dock, said although 'CJ's' voice has been silence, he's still speakCEDRIC "CJ" MILLS ing volumes from beyond the grave. "He's roaring like a mighty lion. He's saying to his slay ers, you will never find peace on earth again and that he reigns victorious over them, even in death." Ms. Dock said the people who killed 'CJ', will have to constantly look over their shoulders and they'll never known who the y can r e all y trus t n o t eve n their l ove d ones. "I rememb e r 'CJ' saying it was fine t o set goals and have drea ms He was a l so very spiritual-and we all believe the cowards that killed him had to cove r th e ir faces to do th e work of th e devil. I want them to know that the devil cannot deliver th e m from God's jus tice. I m in awe of the accomplishments of this young man. He had goals for success, he had plans on how to cpntribute to society and was known for his generosity." All friends of 'CJ' a re asked to attend the game tonight at Jefferson High School to be a part of the tribute to 'CJ' and out of respect to those he left behind. City Parks And Recreation Dept. Hit Hardest In Budget Cuts When Mayor Pam Iorio pools will be Loretta amiounced her layoff plan of Ingraham, Sulphur Springs, city employees, the City of Danny Del. Rio and Interbay. Tampa's Parks and Those changes resulted in Recreation Department was the reduction of 8 positions. affected the most. At the Cyrus Green Pool, 7 Parks and Recreation had positions were eliminated, to reduce its budget by more and renovations to the pool than $4 million. The net will continue. The pool will result of the reductions has operate seasonably. been a reduction of hours at Permanently closed were all aquatic and recreational pools at the Riverfront Park facilities and the possible and Baldomero Lopez Pool elimination of programs, on Spruce Street in West such as free summer swim Tampa. lessons for children, the Parks and Recreation summer reading initiative, D -irector Karen Palus C.A.M.P. pre-school pro-asked City Council members gram and programming at if they felt raising fees tc;> Hillsborough C _ommunity reinstate the pre-school pro. College Tennis Complex. gram was possible. She pro-Additionally, the c uts posedraising the fee_;from resulted in a loss of 67. $18-per-week to time staff members, 30 partweek per child. City Council time staff members and 101 approved the proposaL seasonal positions. Carlos said many of their .. According to Li.nda cuts were done to not raise Carlo, Parks and Recreation : fees on other programs. ._ Marketing Director, the "Only 70 to So children are number of year-rmmd pools served by the pre-school pro operated by the city has been gram. reduced and staff relocated. "As far as the free swim-Because of low usage, Bobby Hicks and Cuscaden Pools will no longer open year-round. The year-round ming lessons are more than 6,ooo children enroll in summer programs at 5 or 6 area pools. We bus .j them to and from those facilities-and provide free lessons. Maybe someone wiJl underwrite that program, otherwise we'll have to cut the free lessons." Also eliminated was an after school program held at the Riverfront Park. The program served 25 children a week for after school activi ties. Parks officials said the Boys and Girls Club has a new community cen _ter and gymnasium pn the :same property, and felt selvices were being duplicated and only one after school provider was needed for that location. o ther changes i 'ncluded restructuring the .summe r rea_ding program with t-he. reduction of 22 seasonable and rerlucing the operating hours of all community ceoters, 11 park activity centers and four supervised parks, not to include permitted or scheduled program operations. Reporter Leon B. Creivs can be reached at (813) 248-0724, oremailed at leon@flsentinel.cam. Subscribe 'Ioday! r,


SPORTSIDE WITH RANDY BUccaneers Take On Dolphins The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will continue their effort to get ready for the upcoming season by doing battle with the Miami Dolphins. The game will be played in Miami. The Dolphins are 2-0 in the pre-season while the Bucs are 1-1. The Bucs first team offense and defense have looked good so far. Jeff Garcia has nailed down the starting quarterback job and Luke McCown appears set ns the backup. Bruce Gradkowski and Chris Simms must br ttle f o r the 3rd quarterback slot on the team. It is important that a number of rookies and free agents look good agains t Miami with the first cut loum in!j Vick-less Falcons Struggling The Michael Vick-less Falcons are struggling even in practice as they prepare for a season without their star attraction. The Fa'lcons are trying to replace Vick with a quarterback that has been a bust in both Detroit and Miami as a starter. Falcon players are talking about moving on without Mike. Down inside, they know that to be impossible. Heck, they caught the devil trying to move when they had Mike. The Falcons have only a 16-game schedule to look forward t o The luck.Y Bucs have them on the schedule twice. That is t\\'o victo!'ies. Powerful Dreadnaughts In Town The powerful Lakeland Dreadnaughts from Lakelo.nd High Sehoul are in town tonight (Friday) for a tussle with the also powerful Hillsborough Terriers. The Dreadnaughts are three-time Class 6A State Champions and the reigning #2 ranked high school in the nation. Lakeland lost sorne talented players from last year's undefeated team but Lakeland SPORTS All Sports Founder Gets Special Recognition BY LEON B CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Always humble and never looking for any praise, Tyrone Keys often finds himself on the receiving end ofjust that. Keys, founder of All Sports Community Services, Incorporated and a former NFL Super Bowl player, is about to receive another special recognition, thanks to his alma mater, Mississippi State University. The 2007-208 academic year marks the 75th anniversary of the Southeastern Conference. To commemorate this milestone in conference history, the SEC has developed a campaign that will highlight former student-athietes who have earned distinction by positively impacting their community, state, region, and nation. In all, 75 stories of character will be presented during the year through an doesn't rebuild, they just reload. While this is only an exhibition game, a win is important for both of these annual powerhouse football teams. The game is at 7:30 p. m. tonight. TYRONE KEYS ed media campaign utilizing television, radio and internet. Mississippi State University selected Keys as one of six former student-athletes from that school that will be recognized A 30-second radio spot narrated by CBS's Verne Lundquist will feature a "stOI]' of character," on Keys. Also, the radio spot will run on all 12 SEC member radio networks as well as the SEC's radio network that carries various SEC championships. The story will also be highlighted on a special section of the SEC website (www.SECsports.com) dedicated to the SEC's 75th anniversary. Keys said the honor came as a surprise to him. "I wasn't aware of anything like this. I'm very grateful to be honored this way. This really means a lot coming from the SEC and Mi:-sissippi State." Keys said a lot of people involved in his life are due a lot of credit for him receiving this special recognition. "I owe a lot to my high school and Mississippi State for nominating me. Mississippi is my home sate, and when I signed to attend the school, I was fortunate to have mentors that gave vision outside of the football field. With my mother being an educator and raising 3 boys, her guidance wa:> instrumental." Keys said everything he's accomplished he believes is in the potential of every studentathlete. "It's always been my belief that we should all give back. This is more about those who will follow in my footsteps. The young people need to know this is what you can expect when you give back. I share this. with everyone that has helped me with my education, and others who have allowed me to help them." CHEVY INTRODUCES AN; OFFER THAT MATCHES YOUR STYLE. MONTHS ON SILVERADO HALF-TON EXT. CAB APR FINANCING* AND CREW CAB FOR WELL-QUALIFIED BUYERS ANNOUNCING OUR BEST OFFER EVER ON OUR BEST SILVERADO EVER. THE 2007 MOTOR TREND TRUCK OF THE YEAR BEST AVAILABLE FUEL ECONOMYt EPA EST. 22 MPG HIGHWA Y BEST COVERAGE INCLUDI NG: TRANSFERABLE 100,0GO-M ILE! 5-YEAR" POWERTRAIN L!MITED WARRANTY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE COURTESY TRANSPORTATION SEE YOtlR LOCAL CHEVY DEALER I chevy.com ., :D Cl l> :< l> c (;) c (/) --i 1\) 1\) 0 0 -....j ., r 0 :D Cl l> CJ) m z z m r-1 ttl c: rrm ::j z c: aJ r-u; :I: m c m < m :lJ < -4 c: m CJ) 0 )> z c :2 c Monthly payment is $16.67 for every $1.000 f i nanced. Exa mple down payment is 14 9'Y. .. Some custom ers w ill not qualify. Sae dealer for detJIs Take delivery b y g 07 Not a v a.1: 1 e '-";r, other ofiers tBased on 2007 GM large P>ckup segment and S.lv erado 2WO with ava ilable 5 .3 L eng ine. Excludes o ther GM veh icles .. w;,,chevsr comes f i rst. See dea l er t o r det:J,Is. Tr..,; s lo gans vehicla b ody design s and other marks appear ing in th1s doc:;me n t are the trademarks and/or serviC e marks of Ganara l Motors Corpora1 1cr. 1t s afhhates. or hcensors tl2007 GM Corp. S uckle up, America 1-80 0 950-2436 or chevy.ccm G") m


,.... 0 0 N SPORTS Bonds' 756th Ball en g Going To Auction <( ft SAN FRANCISCO--No. 756 is going to auction. Barry C Bonds' record-breaking home ff run ball will be s old online c a: u... Q z <( c tn w :::;) ... > a: w > w c w :z:: U) ::; m :::;) Q. z ...I ...I :::;) m ...:. w z w U) C a: 0 ...I u... and fortunate fan Matt Murphy figures to be a half million dollars richer. The 21-year-old New York man said Tue s day he had no choice but to sell the ball -several people told him he would be taxed on the sou venir just for holding on to it. "It wasn't hard It was simple math. I'm upset by the I had to make," Murphy said. "I wanted to keep it. I'm young. I don't have the bank account It would have cost me a lot more to keep it." "Bonds broke Hank Aaron's record of 755 with a shot into the right-field seats on Aug 7 against the Washington Nationals Sotheby's/SCP Auctions will handle the sale at BARRY BONDS http: //www scpaucti on s. com beginning Aug 28 and going through Sept. 15 The starting bid has not been determined and auction officials estimated the ball would bring at least $500,000. "This is the most historic baseball ever to be sold," said David Kobler, president of SCP Auctions Glenn Won't Play In Preseason, But Could Be Ready For Opener IRVING, Texas -Dallas. Cowboys receiver Terry Gle'nn won't play in the preseason, but could "be ready for the regular season. Glenn hurt his right knee on the fifth day of training camp and had .arthroscopic Aug. 1 to remove loose cartilage from the knee. Coach Wade'Phillips said Tuesday that Glenn "probably will practice the day after we play Minnesota." Dallas plays the Vikings in its last preseason ...__"""""'.......,"'--' game Aug. 30, TERRY which is 10 days GLENN before the Sept. 9 season opener against the New York Giants. Know What You'll Be Doing This labor Day Weekend? We What You SHOULD Be Doin.gl tome Party With The Best While Drinking Nothing But. the Bestt (IIai& is a GJ-ou,,. mul &xj, So Sun You'n Then) Date: Saturday, September I st Time: 9pm -UnHI Cost: $20 mckels Sold At the Door) This lndudes All U ean Drink & Free Food Place: IBEW Hall -10108 US Hwu. 92 Comer of Faulkenburg a Hwy 9i! Cal 813-817.:.S521 or 813-i!ls-4i!:Ji! Far lnfa. Musk: Provided bU OJ Cash 813-629-3579 I I I ; I '.I Sprewell's 70-Foot Yacht Repossessed LATR:t.:LLSPREWELL MILWAUKEE-A feder al marshal has seized a $1.5 million yacht that belonged to former NBA star Latrell Sprewell after he defaulted on the mortgage Sprewell, 36, played 13 NBA seasons and was a four-time All-Star. The Milwaukee native has not played professional basketball since turning down a three-year, $21 million extension from the Minnesota Timberwolves during the 2004-05 season. The marshal acted on a court order requested by a New York bank that plans to sell the boat to pay off $1.3 million it says Sprewell owes on the mortgage. Sprewell's firm, LSF Marine Holdings, hasn't made its $10,322 monthly on time or maintained the necessary insurance on the boat, according to North Fork Bank. The marshal seized the boat in Manitowoc, where it was in storage. Sprewell could not be reached for com ment on the repossession The 70-foot "Milwaukee's -Best" was built in 2001 by the Italia n firm AzimutBenetti, which specializes in so-called mega-yachts Cou:r:t document'S show Sprewell bought the boat in 2003. He had to have it freeq by tugboat last summer after_ it ran aground near Atwater Beach, just north of Milwaukee. Sprewell owns a home in River Hills, a suburb about 20 minutes north of the city '' The Voice of Our Cornnlunity Speaking for Itself' Sheffield To Miss Remainder Of Tigers' Homestand DETROIT --Gary Sheffield will be out of the Detroit Tigers' lineup for a while because of a sor e right shoulder that has bothere d him for more than a month. "It's too bad to play with right now, Sheffield said Wednesday. "It's more inflamed than it's ever been I've gotten the last cortisone (shot) I could get. Sept. 1 is just around the corner. If not, I go on the DL The slugger said he would be out for at least for the remainder of the team's current homestand, which ends Monday night. That means Sheffield will miss the upcoming four-game series against the New York Yankees, which hegins Friday. Sheffield played for the Yankees the previous three seasons. Tht:: designated hitter is GARY SHEFFIELD batting .279 with 24 home runs and 71 RBis in 114 games this season Sheffield originally injured the der while playing the out field on July 21 when he collided with Detroit s econd baseman Placido Polanco. Sheffield also missed five games with the injury Aug 3-7 Former Tlmberwolves Forward Dies In suv-Traln HOUSTON --Former Minnesota Timberwolves forward Eddie Griffin died last week when his sport utility vehicle collided with a freight train in a fiery crash, the Harris County medical examiner's office said Tuesday. Investigators used dental records to identify Griffin, 25, who began his tumultuous pro career with the Houston Rockets in 2001. He was waived by the Timberwolves in March. "The cause of death and manner of death, which also includes toxicology results, is periding," said Beverly Begay, chief investigator for the Harris County Medical Examiner's office. Griffin, a five-year veteran who was the No.7 pick in the 2001 NBA draft, had battled alcohol problems since coming out of Seton Hall. He was suspended by the league for five games in January for violating its anti-drug program. "Basketball was never an issue with him. He needed more life lessons, and unfortunately he was never able to reach his potential," former Timberwolves coach Dwane Casey said. Houston police said in a report that the driver of the SUV ignored a railroad EDDIE GRIFFIN warning and went through a barrier before striking the moving train about 1:30 a.m. Friday. The resulting fire burned the SUV and the side of a railcar carrying plastic granules, police said. The driver's body was badly burned and there was no identification. "I was able this afternoon to get some dental records from the one dentist he had gone to see in Houston, and they were able to use that apparently to positively identify him," said Derek S. Hollingsworth, an attorney who has represented Griffin criminal cases Hollingsworth said he spoke with Griffin's mother, who was devastated by the news.


Eagles Release 4-Time Pro Bowler Trotter In Surprise Move PHILADELPHIA -Jeremiah Trotter, o n e o f the fie r y lead e r s o f the Phil a d e lphi a E ag les d e f e n se f o r mu c h o f th e last d eca d e, was r e leased Tu es day in a s urpri se m o v e th a t m ay lea d to his r e tir e m e nt. Trotter, a f our-time Pro B owl s el e cti o n at middl e linebacker in two stints with th e team learn e d of th e decisi o n in a m eeting with Eagles coach Andy Reid on Mond a y night that both men described JEREMIAH TROITER as emotional. "Jeremiah Trotter will go "It's a tough pill to swallow, down as one of the all-time but everyone gets to this point greats in Philadelphia Eagles in their career at s ome point history,'' Reid said. "He's a or another, and now is my top-notch person." time," the 30-year-old His release before roster Trotter said at a new s con-cuts will give Trotter a ference. "I'm jus t thankful chance to catch on with that I spent thi s y ean; another team if he doesn't in Philadelphia. I truly choose to retire. believe that if you w e r e to c u t "This keeps his options open me, I'd ble ed green." here where he's not officially Wit h his h ard hit;; and emo-retirq,d Reid said. "If he tio n a I play, inc ludin g th e ax-chooses to go to another team, s win g h e would pantomim e he can. If he choose to retire, a f ter big plnys, Trotter w as a he can." crowd f a v ori t e 1n Trotter said he has not yet Philadelpi)ia made a decision. TAMP A BAY BUCCANEERS 2007-2008 Football Season Sep k 9 : ; @ Stattlei Seiihawks Sept. -16 New Orleans Saints ; Sept. 23 St. Louis Rams Sept. 30 @ Carolina Panthers oct. 7 @ Indjariapolis Colts Oct. lfl Temlessee Titans @ Detroit Lions Oc.t. 28 Jac. ksonville Jaguars Nov. 4 -Arizona Cardinals BYE WEEK Nl>v. l8 @Atlanta Falcons Nov. 25 Washington Redskins Dec.2 @ New Orlean. s Saints Dec.9 (jiJ Houston Texans Dec. J6 Atlanta Falcons Dec. 23 @ San Francisco 49ers Dec. 30 Carolina Panther-S 4':15" p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p .m. 4:05p.m. 4 : 05p.m 1:00p.m. 1:00 p.m 4:05p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 1:oo p.m. 1:00 p;m. 8:15p.m. 1:00 p.m. ,Must. Have Reli_able 'Transportation .:Able Days -Per. Week Up::To< $ .150. Per Week For 4.-Hours SPORTS Mosley To Take On Cotto For Welterweight Crown SHANE MOSLEY vs. MIGUEL COITO NEW YORK, NY Undefeate d WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto will defend his crown against four-time world champion Shane Mosley. on November 10 at Madison Square Garden. Cotto (30-0, 25 KOs) was last seen knocking out former world champion-Zab Judah to retain his title and improve hi s MSG record to 3-0 in June. Eli Rips Tiki ALBANY, NY --Tiki Barber w ante d a more inte nse fie ry Eli Manning. Th e N e w York Giants quart erbac k gave Tiki what h e wante d in a loud ripping v o ice on Tu es d ay. Two d ays aft e r b eing criticize d on national television b y Barber for a lack of strong lead e rship, Manning ripped his former teammate and current NBC football analyst for distracting the team last season with his early retirement announcement and his criticism of coach Tom Coughlin. "I guess I'm just happy for Tiki that he's making a smooth transition into the TV world," Manning said. "You know, I'll be interested to see if he has anything to say (about a team) besides the Giants, and. what his comments will be on that. Normally reserve' d and nev e r one to criticize a coach or teammate,: Manni'n-g seemed to enjoy goi'ng after Barber, the Giants' leading-rusher : who retired after last season at age 31 to TIKI B ARBE R vs. E LI MANNING purs u e a t e lev i s ion career. Speaking during the h alftime show of the Sunday Night Football game between the Giants and Baltimore Ravens, Barber had said that Manning's attempt to lead an offensive meeting in the 12th week of the last season was "comical" at times. Manning didn't find the comment funny. 0 It's just one of those deals I'm not going to lose any sieep about .what Tiki has to say," Ma.nning said ... "l guess .I. could' have : qqest1oned his .-IE)ade -rship skills last year. with caHi:nw: (jut the: -and hav i h g art'i cles a bo 'ut _the of the se a's on"; lind he's lost the hEiarf(tb play): :.-, ... \ -!. ., r 0 :::0 6 )> en m z m-' r I am v ery excite d to b e r eturning to Madison Square Garde n and I will b e com pl e t e l y prepared .'for the biggest fight of my caree r," s aid Cotto. "Shane is a great fighter but he will not b e the fighte r on No v emb e r 10. I will b e l e av in g the ring the sam e way I will b e entering it -undef eate d and still world cham-Nurse Shot In Head In Las Vegas Sues -'Pcman' pioii. Tl'le 35-year ol'd. Mosley (44-4, 37 KOs> h? s defeateci such greats Oscar de Ia Hoya and Fe_rnando Vargas. Most recently, Mosley'. a ecisio'nec( Luis Collazo for the WBC inter in1welterwelgh(ci'own. .. .Jones, Strip Club. "Cotto' great fig!J,ter, but s o ani and we'r e going .up_ the Garden on Hi," said' Masley> 'I ddn\ think.i've .for ... ; .( can't wait. t 6 ge t '-in the ring .'a n d i t <>it.";-., :: J P "--.:. -i I -.;_ ....... I ., .:. .. "" ;;:-._ ... ; .. -. Tom : Ankle .. .-.... _:! LAS VEGAS....:__ A'New -York nurse who was shot in the head after a scuffle at a Las Vegas strip club involving Adam "Pacman" Jones has sued the suspended Tennessee .Titans' cornerback and the company she says hired hint t'o throw thousands of dollars at strip-pers. Natalie Jones claimed in -her suit; filed last week in Clark County Distri!!t Court, that "Jones and his entourage'': were responsible. for firing a weapon after a fight i;nside ; > / : the M i nxx strip .club spilled NFL'; innoce.nt: bys.ia;nder.; ; i ; n,.,the outside. The, H e her and two of the club's .. .. n,.. secur: i(y gQaras ; one of whoirt, kripw wasp' a r aly zed ed of firing gun> Jones' ta,vyer; Manny She-claims she required Arora oft\'uaiita ; Ga : three weeks in intensive care .. r to recover her inJuries he was "skepticf\_l" of Jl1e and lost wages as_ a .result of claim, especililly since : police have-said:Natalie missing work as a registered ,an, d nurse. She said she iri 0 I from day. Las Vegas for : the NBA. All. "It sort of demeans the Star weekend, visiting whole pr-Qcess \vhen you start chl.im s for the 2007 season by the you Arora said. : : MARVIN LEWIS _-: ..,-;: wrapped dunog s urehow riluch-t i:.-inc :,CINCINNATI-' __ : he'll miss because ofthe surgery; The-is scheduled to_ -c: m r c;; :z: m c m < m :::0 -< -4 c: m en c -r -Applv.1!l:-F'orid a_,Sentinel .. \ : 2207 21st. Ave. coach. \ v m practice Wednesday. ( :a h a ve t o head coach Paul Alexander fill i h for Lewi s. repairto'rh t e l i doris .i'n his left "The timi ng of this is not what I a m ankl e statement. "But coun s eled it':;(the. best plan to l'n,; m l' ....., Lewis, -\vhos e 'ankle has that I can be fulfyproducti\"e tht' Sl'a:-:on.'" :&


c a: u.. c z < c en w ::l .... i:t w > w c w :::t: en :::i m ::l a.;_ z ..I ..I ::: m .!1 w z t= z w 0 it g u.. < I co """ w CJ ---r Aikens : --------------------------MRS. ALMA JANE HOLLOWAY Homegoing services for Mrs. Alma Jane Holloway of 6424 Walton Way, who passed away Monday, August 20, 2007, will be held Saturday, August 25, 2007, at 11 a. m. at 'church of Christ Highland Avenue, 2800 N. Highland Ave., Pastor Orum Trone, Jr., officiating. Interment will be in Orange Hill Cemetery. Alma Jane Holloway was born on September 19, 1918, in ,'Ocilla, Georgia, a suburban town located just outside of Tifton, Georgia. Her parents, Charlie 'and Nellie Shor.ter had thirteen children, all of which preceded her in death. She was distinctly known as the matriarch of the family. She was married to the late Wiley Holloway. union two children were1Jorn, Mary Holloway their only daughter, who prece.ded them in death and son, Howard Holloway. Alma Jane Holloway was educated in.I'ift County School System in Tifton; Georgia. She and her late husband were entrepreneurs, owners of a restaurant and contracting business in Tampa. He was also a singer, a member .of the Florida Soul Stirrers; this afforded, Mrs. Holloway the opportunity to be the hostess of many rehearsals. These rehearsals took place in their home, which induded the late Sam Cooke. Mrs. Holloway's career also included being one of the first female cab drivers for the Way Cab Company. One of her favorite stories to tell her children, nieces, and nephews was that she was always requested by the singer, Ray to be his personal chauffeur, whenever he was in town. She was a member of the Church of Christ Highland Avenue. As her health declined, she would tell the story of Jesus to anyone who would listen. She leave5 to inourn her passing: her Howard grandchildren, Donna and husband, Nathaniel Holloway and wife, Larry Hollo'way and wife, Ronald Holloway and wife, and Linda and Reggie Smith; great grandchildren; brother-in-law, Van Sims; a host of other relatives friends to include, Pendleton Jackson, Hunter Bell Kilpatrick, the Tolbert, West, White, Blackman, Devine, Wright, Harp, Conway, Coleman, Brewster Ruffin, Patton, Chappel, Gilmer, and Henderson families; and a host of other grieving family members and frienqs too numerous to mention. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from s-8 p. m. Friday (today). The cortege will arrange .from 6424 Way. FriendS are asked to assemble at the church approximately 10:45 a. m., Saturday for the service. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME" MRS. JEWELL HORTON The homegoing celebration for Mrs. Jewell Louise Horton, "A Jewel of a Lady," of 11103 N Dixon Ave., who passed away on Wednesday, August, 15, 2007, will be h eld Saturday, August 25, 2007, at 11 a. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., with Rev. Frederick Brinson, officiating. Jewell was born in Robbins, North Carolina, and migratedto Freeport, New York, in 1938. Jewell married John Horton in 1956. She was a life long member of the Little Oak Church of God in Christ Jesus, Robbins, North Carolina. Jewell valued the importance of family, friends, education and the Golden Rule. She was preceded in death by: her husband; mother, Ada Gaddy; father, Herbert Brower; stepmother, Bertha; sisters) Mildred, Bernice; Evelyn, Estelle and Annie Jane; brothers, Berlin, Charles and Wilbert; daughter-in-law, Linda 'I)rson; sonin-law, Harold Vines; great nephew, Terry Felton; niece, Patricia Harris; cousins, Donnie Gaddy and Angelo Letterlough. She leaves to mourn her precious memories: children, Charles Ronald Tyson, Freeport, NY; Carolyn Rachel Tyson, East Rockaway, NY, Janet Geneva Tampa, Gayle Louise Bailey, Tampa, and Michael Fitzgerald Horton, Medford, NY; grandchildren, Rhonda Tyson, Michael Tyson, Germaine Tyson, Tyson Steven Tyson, 'Ronald Charles Tyson (Bunky), Charles Anthony Clark, Jeffery Dwight Clark, Crystal Carolyn Horton, Tiffany Nicole Horton, Alexis Hdena-Jewell Horton, Courtney Alexandria 'Thompson, Summer C. Duran, Brittany Niquol Horton, Ashlee Michelle Horton and Sasha Sinclair; great grandchildren, Ali, M.aiya and Malcolm Bacon, Rosa Stephanie, Jennifer, Michael and Anthony Tyson, BJ and infant girl, Avery and Jade Thomas, Tyshawn, Tyran, Tysion and Tyeisha Tyson, Christopher, Jeremy, and twins born on 8/t8/07, Ronald and Roshaun Tyson; sisters, Ella Mae, Robbins, NC, Louise, Elizabeth City, NC, and Louvene, Robbins, NC; aunts, Mary Sawyer, Robbins, NC (age 101), and Geneva Maness, Brooklyn, NY; other relatives and special friends, Jeannette and Issac Lee and faniily (husband's niece); daughter-inlaw, Diana Sinclair-Horton; former daughters-in-law, Dorothy Clark and Lorena Duran; grandson-in-law, Lennox Thomas; family friends, Caroline and John FUNERALS Moore and Betty J. Wright; beloved nephew, Nathan Brower; beloved cousin, Katie Shamberger; and a host of nieces, nephews and cousins residing in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Michigan and beyond, and the rest of you who lovedher, too. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from 5-8 p. m. on Friday evening (today). The family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. Family and friends are asked to assemble at the chapel approximately 10:45 a. m. Saturday for the service. In lieu of flowers please make a contribution to the Humane Society. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME" MR. WALTER GRANT ROBERTS, JR. 'CHOPPER' A memorial service for Mr. Walter Grant Roberts, Jr., affectionately known as "Chopper", of 4217 N. 13th Street, who. departed this life on'satur(Iay, August 18, 2007, will be held Saturday, August 25, 2007, in Quincy. Mr. Roberts was boru March 12, 1951 in Quincy, to the late Walter and Harriett Roberts. He was educated in the public schools of Gadsden County. He relocated to Tampa, in 1969. He was preceded in death by: his pare'nts; brother, Carl Roberts; and sister, Fannie Mary Roberts. He leaves to cherish his memories: three sons, Jarvis (Tracy) -Roberts, of Gainesville, Terrimce Roberts of Tampa, and Carlos Daniels of Jacksonville; two daughters, Fetita Roberts and Stacey Roberts, both of JackSonville; nine grandchildren and a great grandchild; three brothers, Charles Roberts (Jerry), of Quincy, Rober:ts (Vivian) and Larry Roberts (Anna), all of Tampa; four sisters, Julia West of Quincy, Armentha Price, of Tampa, Mary Roberts of Tallahassee, and Olivia Rivers (Raymond) of Jacksonville; special friend, Cheredean Baker; close friend, Steve Gonzales; and a host of nephews, nieces, other relatives and sorrowing .friends. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME" 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Tampa, Fl33610 PIL C813, 232 Fax (813) 231-0521 iLrour.fomilytakca"ofyvur.fomily. tlzt! lrt!y to a fint! and qualiiy St!rVia 1 Morning 1 BISHOP DR. ELLIOTT LAMONT JOHNSON Funeral services for Bishop Dr. Elliott Lamont Johnson will be Saturday, August 25, 2007, at 12 noon at Ne w Hope M. B. Church. Rev. T. W. Jenkins, eulogist, Archbishop David Jones, officiating. Interment will be at Florida National Cemetery. On Monday, August 20, 2007, B_ishop Dr. Elliott Lamont Johnson entered into his heavenly home to' rest in glory. He was born on December 24, 1934 in Detroit, Michigan, to Elmo and Dorothy Johnson. His father, Elmo; two brothers, Elmo Jr. and Franchot; and daughter, Jewel, preceded him in death. Elliott Lamont Johnson was educated in the Detroit Public School System. He also attended culinary art school and barber college. lrt 1952, he entered the United States Air Force with a specialty in Wire (Electrical) Maintenance. In 1977, Elliott Johnson surrendered all to the Lord Jesus Christ and was filled with his precious Holy Spirit. His first church home in Tampa, was Glorious Church of God in Christ, where Elder .Charles Kennedy is the pastor. On September 24, i979, Elliott Lamont Johnson was united in Holy Matrimony to Rosemary King in Toledo, Ohio. That same year, he founded That Blessed Hope Evangelistic Associatlon, Inc., and later Blessed Hope Ministries which included Blessed Hope Christian Church, Inc., where he was pastor until his health would not allow him to do so. God gave him the vision to be a 1 blessing while there was yet time, and he did this faithfully until his death. Elliott Johnson loved helping the inner-city youth and them succeed through the various programs he set in place through Blessed Hop Ministries. He always had an encouraging word for Elliott Johnson received numerous plaques and awa.rds for the great community work he was diligently and continuously involved in. After he was Qrdained to the office of Bishop, he attended Jacksonville Theologicul Seminary, in Jacksonville. There, Bishop Johns'on obtained degrees, beginning with an Associate of Arts in Theology and ultimately his Doctorate in Chris'tiun Education. As a student of JTS from 1993 through 1999, God birthed the desire to seck an extension campus in the Tampa Bay area. It wus granted in 1996, now known as Blessed Hope Bible College. The college was carried independent in 1999. opening the doors for men and women of God seeking to "study to show themselves approved unto God". Bornagain believers in prison are also given the opportunity to receive Theology degrees at no cost. Bishop Johnson remained President and CEO of Blessed Hope Bible College until his death. Bishop Johnson has left a legacy of innovative ideas along with the vision for the ministry, which will be honored and carried forth by his devoted wife of 27 years, Dr. Rosemary Johnson, and other faithful servants that God has put in place to fulfill His purpose. Those left to cherish his memory include: a beautiful and dedicated wife, Dr. Rosemary C. Johnson; a loving mother, Dorothy Hopkins of Tampa; Mother Rose Robinson of Detroit, Michigan; sister, Sharmon Colson; br.other, Gary Hopkins; three daughters, Kathy King of Detroit, Michigan, Jocelyn Harrison (Emmanuel), and Jennifer Johnson; also regarded as sons, Correy Allums and Jon Chandler; two grandsons, Jeiden a'nd Jeremiah, all of Tampa;Aa host of other relatives, students, friends, and supporters; also his spiritual sister, special friend, and "Godmommy" to his girls, Mother Vernie Faye Black of Tampa. Visitation will be held Friday, August 24, 2007, from 6-8 p.m. at New Hope MB Church, 3005 E. Ellicott, Tampa. A MORNING GLORY SERVICE, St. Petersburg, FL .. ... -. -;;..,;... .....;.;.....;.;..--.;;:: "Remember Tliem \\ Tiley Here" Creative Eye Catching -. Realistic. Monuments Quality Products At Great Prices Superior Engravfng Done By Ex need M ....... ... ....... .. M-F 9-5 Sat 10-5 "Sun. 11-4 Teryi 6r Rosalinda Aikens Serving The Tampa Bay Area For Over 24 Years We Accept All Major Credit Corell


Mr. Staley Byant, Jr. of 2214 Clim-bing Ivy Drive passed away on Wednesday, August 22, 2007. Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday, August 28, 2007, at 11 a. m. at Greater Bethel Missionay Baptist Church, 1207 N. Jefferson Strc<:t, with Reverend Oscar Johnson, Jr. Pastor, officiating. Inte ment will follow in G;uden of Mem01 ies Cemetery. Mr. B1-yant was a native of Chesapeake, Virginia and a resident of Tampa fo1 26 years. He was educated in the Public Schools ofVilginia and continued his education at Vil ginia State University. Mr. Bryant was employed as a Client Executive at IBM for over 30 years. He was a member of Gtcater Bethel M. B Church, where he served as Chairman of the Deacon Board. Deacon Brvant was also affiliated with the Board of mrectors for the J>olicc Athletic League; Bo:u d of Diectors fm SuJtJ>OJ t Inc., Tampa, a nil a menihca of the Business Networking Goup,' Wesley Chapel. He was pr'eccdcd in death by: his parents, Calonia and Staley Bryant; and brother, Robert Earl Baarow. He leaves to cherish his memory: 'wife, J>atricia Bryant; son, Staley Bryant, III (La'Tasha Cord); d:mghtcr, Sonya Pierclus and husband, Kevin .of' MitchC'llviJle 'MD; grandchildacn, Ja'Mari Cord. and San,i baothcrs, Eil(lie Brvant antl wife, Patricia, William Bryant and 'Vife, .. Brenda, and Bobby Bryant and wifc,Kimherly, .all of Chesapeake, VA; s.istcas, Jean Shine and Antioneite Bryant-Sawyer of Chesapeake, VA; brother-inlaw, Raymond Charity ; Jr. and 'vife,' ba'ili sis-' ter-in-law, JJeulah 'Barrow of Washington, NC; aurits,Rosa Price of NN VA, Gertrude Holmes of NN VA, Madeline Christian of NC, Mary Moore of Norfolk, VA, Annie Bryant of Chesapeake, VA, and Mattie Bryant of Aurora, NC; a host of nieces and nephews, -cousins: other relatives and friends The remains will repose from 4-8 p m on Monday, August 27, 2007, and the family will receive friend from 6 -7 p. m at the Chapel. Arrangeme n t s e ntrusted to Ray WiUiams Funeral Hom e, Rho des & Northern Ouse D r Charles Cody, Leila A. Garcia, James Christopher Range and wife, Harriett Georgianoa D. Haatman 'of New York and Idris "Tony" Toure and wife, Bahja of College-Park, GA. Grampa was. with 31 great grandchildren, of: whort1 Tasha tevi'ne is the oldest; and i6 gr'eat, great gaandchildren. ,;. Captain Range 1vas horn in Calabas h Bight, Roatan, Honduras, on December 7, 1905. He was a Sea Captain for more 6o years and traveled throughout Central Anterii.:a and parts of Europe. -In 1981, he retired as a Sea Captain, but continued as a Consultant until 1985. Captain Range was a member of Hood Temple A .M.E: Zion Church for more than 6o years. He attended service whenever home from a sea voyage and was a faithful member until he became physically unable to attend. He sang in the Senior Choir and assisted \vhereverhe was needed. A visitation will he heid Friday, August 24,' 2007 from 5-8 p. m. at-Hoods Temple A .M.E. Zion Church, 3608 N. 26th Street. The family will be pre.sent from 78 p. m. The funeral cortege will arrange from 2606 E. .26th Avenue. Friends are/ asked to assemble at tho/ church at approximately 1:45 p.m., Saturday "A WILSON SERVICE "'Tl ::0 0 t c r S hawanna Bryant of l> Tampa ; m othe r and fathlr : < James Ead :'llill cr. S r and l> Willie Ruth Russ :'llill c r o f C G) MS. MATTIE PEARL MILLER-GREEN Homegoing services for Ms. Mattie Pearl Miller-Green of 4812 S 86th Street, who passed away Sunday, August 19, 2007, will be held Saturday, August 25, 2007, at 11 a m. at St. James Mrican Methodist Episcopal Church, 5202 South 86th Street, with the pastor, Reverend Joe L. Gay, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. She was preceded in death by: a brother, James Earl MilJer, Jr.; and grandparents, Mattie Williams and James Miller. Ms. M.attie Pearl MillerGreen leaves to cherish in loving memories: a daugh-Tampa; grandpar ent, Es ll"ll e l\lillcr o f G r etna; u ncles, R J Ru.ss (l\huy ) of Ne w a d l\".J ; Moses Russ, S r. of H a v ana: Arthur Mille r (Nor e ne). Doug l a s Miller (Dulccy); Walter Lee 1\lille r all of Tamp a and La r r y l\1 iII e r (Bridget) of Philadelphia. P A; aunts Gladys Russ of H a r d a way; Willie Mac J enkins of Miami; Mar g ar c t Russ of G r etna; Lula Mac Hobbs, J e w e l Williams (Joshua ) ; Ida Hughes (James ) and Patricia Ann Williams all of Gretna; Glol"i a Ann Crews and Mattie Mae King (Nathaniel), all o f Quincy ; and a hos t of loving cousins, friends and church family. A native of Quincy, (Gadsden County), Ms. Green had resided in the Tampa.Bay area since 1967. She attended the public schools of Hillsborough County. The remains will repose from 5-9 p. m. and wake services will be held from 6-7 p. m. on Friday, August 24, 20.07, at. Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 10:45 a.m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" :tJ I: (eJtt I S002 N. 4Q STREET TAMPA. FL 33610 813 626-8600 TilE WAY TO A DIGNIFJED 1 a] ) SINCE 1991 JOHN HARMON LFD -JAMES HARMON LFD We're nqt just in your neighborhqod. We're part of your .I\: ing IPctrl.,l i i 1 yuur cununw)iry an,! hl'in ,t! ;Ul mi : m l 'l.'r f i r arl rm n l'l}' rhing,... Y ur ,l ,,. l.:l'<.: h, >ll<.>l\ .\.:1 t _,u l'<.rh rim lll! .!h .:arc:" in\, lnmo.:nt, ( t l bun h. 1\\." \\'c;" ,..t:IYt: Y l u ti.trthc:"r. FliNERAL HOME 3000 N 29th St. T a mpa, FL 33605 (800l 605--3350 (813) 248-6125 c (/) -1 1\) 1\) 0 0 --.1 "'Tl r-0 ll a )> en m z z m r;aJ c: r r-gJ z ., c: aJ r-(i) :z: m c m < m ll -< -f c: m en c )> z c "'Tl ll 0


,..... 0 0 N A COGITATE COMMUNICATE, IN RETROSPECT ::) < > < c a: Ll.. c a: LL. c z < c en w ::) .... > a: w > w c w :::z::: en :::i m ;:) c. z tu ...J ...J ::) m I ...J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ...J LL. MRS. LEILA S. WILLIAMS Advent: November 22, 1922 Exodus:August22,2002 In the paraphrased words of Diana Ross' recording 'Until We Meet,' think on these words, "Deep in my heart I know I'll see you again, well I don' t know where or when ... but till then ... you're always in my heart until we meet again." Though I am not with you on earth, I am asleep and safe in a place of promise prepared by Jesus and inhabited by God, the Father. I bid you my children, to prepare yourself to meet me one day in that prepared place for God's prepare(! children-are you yet saved? Well, Diana said some good things to think about. But I'd rather leave you with these words, God be with you until we meet again. Yes, until we meet at Jesus' feet; God be with you until we meet again -that's truly endless love and end-less life. Goodnight, until the my children, Juanita, Leatricia, Earliest, Valretha, Maggie, Norma, and Michelle; all the grand-great grandchildren, "The Rascals." IN MEMORIAM ROBERT LEE WALKER It's been 2 years, August 23rd since you left us, but itseems like yesterday. We love you, Your wife, children and grandkids. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM ALMONROE 'BUG' DOCfOR Happy birthday, August 29th. It has been 6 years since you left us. You're thought of each and every day. We "love" and "iniss" you. Your mother, Queen; family and friends. MEMORIAMS HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBYB.HART 8-25-1911 "Special memories of happy times will alway s be in our hearts." Daughters, Martha and Mary; and grands. IN MEMORIAM IN LOVING MEMORY LESLEY J. MILLER,SR December 12, 1902 August 24, 1985 It has been 22 years since the Lord called you to be with Him in paradise. We miss you, love you and will alway s cherish you. Sadly missed by: your wife, Shaddie Miller; children, Barbara Turner and-husband, Albert; Lesley "Les" Miller and wife, Tampa City Council Chair, "Gwen" Miller; grandchildren, Le'Jean Harper and husband, Thomas, Sr., and Lesley J. Miller, III and wife, Lynn; great grandchildren, Thomas D. Harper, Jr., Tempestt C Harper, Lesley J. Miller, IV, and Kameron L. Miller; son-in-law, Vincent Gooden; and. other relatives and friends. IN LOVING MEMORY OF BYRONL. WEAVER, SR. It's been .1 year today since God called you home. So sadly missed, we can' t help but wonder what could have happened if we could turn back time, but then we all remember there is a Higher Power and we all thank God for the time He did give you to us. You are so sadly missed by all your loved ones, but we know you are at home in a better place. With love: Byron, Jr., Carlos, Da-Lanish, Jeriah, Relise, Kayneeia, Effie (mom), Shameece, Stanley, Jr., Stanley, -Sr. (dad), Roberta (grandma), uncles, cousins and a host of friends. ALFONSO (FATS) .:-. ....... ; :. Fpne.ral Chapel 3/2/47 .._ ', : .. Gone,butnotforgotten.We loved you, but God loved you best. The family. r 6'6-367-5509 Scning Tampa, St.l'rtr and d1f!11&a' t o/ cflf'M #!nJt:o/ t7jour [oi'cd Ones 711/th_(A !:Mcmoritrl Qf'lJisfincfion "' Alnette'1 Mnwaeutl 2301 N. St. Tampa, FL (813)242-8524 e Service The Entire Bay We Provide A Large Selection For Memorial Needs. ----------------Bronze Plaques, Headstones, Cornerstones, Signs & Annette's Momument Has Been Family Owned And Operated Since 1990 And We Are Proud Of Our Reputation For Reliability And Service At The Best Price. We Have Capable Craftsmen On Site To Custom Design Each Monument To -Truly Personalize Your Memo r ial. See l / s Be_fore You Buy. Give The Be. \ 1 For Less.


MEMORIAMS IN MEMORIAM LARRIE JACKSON, JR. 5/17/77-8/24/02 Remembering you on this day with love.-From: mom, Linda; Val, Larrie, Sr., and Michael; grandmothers, Mary and Bernice; sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. REMEMBERING YOU AND MISSING YOU PEEP AliENETTA .. SAUNDERS 5/25/70-8/23/06 Gone, yet not forgotten. Although we.are apart, your spirit lives within us forever in our heart. Your family and friends. CARD OF -.tHANKS MR. JAMES BARR, SR. The family of the hrte, Mr. James Barr, Sr., wishes to acknowledge with grateful appreciati.on and sincere thanks for all acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy extended to.them during their bereavement. Th. e many cards, visits, prayers, telephone calls, florals and other sympathetic gestures are sincerely appreciated. May God bless and keep each of )"'G. 11ae F .. Uy. NATIONAL Noted Gospel Singer Beaten By Husband JUANITA BYNUM ATLANTA, GA --Revered televangelist Juanita Bynum nearly came this close to meeting her maker after suffering a near fatal attack at the hands of her estranged husband yester day Authorities said that the nationally renowned clergywoman was assaulted by her preacher husband in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel early Wednesday morning. According to published reports, Thomas W. Weeks III, who is the founder of Global Destiny churches, met with Bynum at Renaissance Concourse Hotel near Atlanta's airport to try to reconcile, police said. About 4 a.m., they broke out in fisticuffs in the parking lot until a hotel bellman pt!lled Weeks off, Officer Ronald Campbell told the Associated Press. "She was bruised up and battered;' Campbell said. "She had pmple bruising around her neck and upper torso." No charges had been filed by Wednesday night against Weeks, who left the scene according to police. Bynum, a Pentecostal preacher who was born in Chicago Texas Executes 4ooth Inmate Johnny Ray Conner, 32, died -by lethal injection.Wednesday. Dyamond Alexander on Wednesday after hearing her brother Johnny Ray Conner was executed. HOUSTON TX --Texas, which leads the. Iiation in car-Conner's execution in rying oi.It the penalty, Huntsville, located north of has executed the 4ooth person Houston, has drawn sharp crit since .the icism from death penalty oppo punishment in 19s2 nents who argue that the prac-Johnny Ray Conner, 32 tice is inhumane and does not who was c;onvi'cted in the serve as a deterrent to crime shooting death of i l conve' "It's a pretty sad dav for the nience store owner in Houston progression or lack thereof i111998 was on Wednesda v the -for human rights in this 21st man put to death by state," Rick Halperin, injection in Texa s thi s ye ar. president of the non-profit H e spent nearl y eight yea r s Texas Coalition To Abolish the on d e ath row. Death Penal tv. He called the Texas re s umed the practi ce state-ordered executions barafter the Supreme Court lifted a moratorium ort it in 1976. REST HAVEN Since thim, 1,092 people have been executed in the United MEMORIAL PARK States, including Conner, "AConvnunttvPrtde" rd t ti" '-h 4615E."-aTampa33610 acco mg to s a st1cs nom t e Spaces Monuments Markers Death Penalty Information DISCOUNJ AYAILAIILE Center. 626-2332 The couple is shown here during happier days at their wedding in 2002. and lives in Hempstead, N.Y., has administrative offices in Waycross, Georgia. The former homemaker, hairdresser and flight attendant got a break when Bishop T.D. Jakes invited her to speak at one of his conferences several years ago. After the two reportedly had a falling out, Bynum's ministry blossomed further after her 'No More Sheets' sermon on breaking free of promiscuity at a singles event. It became an anthem for female empowerment, galvanizing her into the stratosphere of the Black celebrity clergy elite with best-selling books, cds and dvds and sold out speaking engagements. She has used terms as "Prophetess" and "Dr." as a prefix to her name. Bynum recently shared the national stage with Yolanda Adams, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Fantasia, Smokie Norful, Fred Hammond, Coko, The caravans and Dr. Bobby Jones on 'BET's Celebration of Gospel.' Bynum and Weeks were married in 2002 in a televised wedding. Woman Wakes Up_ To Flncl Strange Man In Bedro9m MANCHESTER, NH --A woman reported that she woke Up Wednesday morning to find a man standing in her apartment. Rijiena Ronpeu, 31, said that she .and her four children were sleeping inside their Gre--en Street apartment at about 4 a.m. when she woke up to find a stranger standing in her bedroom. She said she was terrified that he was there to kill her. "When I opened rriy eyes, I saw him coming like this to me, and I said, 'What's happening? What do you want? Who are you?''' Rongieu said. "And he said, 'No. No.' I said, 'It's my home.'" .. Rongieu said that the stranger was asking about another man. "The man inquired, 'Where's Carlos?"' Sgt.' Maureen Tessier said. "She said that no : Carlos lived at that address Rongieu said slie started asking the inan how he got into the apartment, and. he told her that the door was operi. "I close the door every night. I check the door/' she said. "When I said that I saw the window open, I said, 'You came through the window.' He said, 'No, no, no.'" "He then apologized and left the apartment," Tes.sier said,. "When police responded, they found a window was wide open and a damaged. screen was leaning up againstthe wall. So that's the likely point of entry." Police said thev beJie,e the man had over two sleeping children to get inside the apartment; He then walked across the kitcl;ien, pas, t a locked door and into the master bedroom. Investigators said they doh't know why the" rrian was there, but eviden'ce sugge st's that it wasn't an honest mistake. has provided th e highest standard. .. in funeral services for over 70 years Ray Williams Funera l Hqme R hodes & Northern, Owners 301 N. Howard Avenue Tampa, FL Ph: (813) 253:41 .. 9 Fax: (813) 251-4912 Emglil: raywms@ij ; net ., lJ 0 l> c G) c CJ) -f 1\) 1\) 0 r-0 lJ 6 > CJ) m z z m r;aJ c: rr z .,; c: aJ r-c;; X m c m < m m CJ) c ). lJ 6 .:J:I! < J. .c;, m N ....


,.._ 8 ('I N .en :::> i 4th Teen Indicted In West Palm Gang Rape WEST PALM BEACH-0: charges that he participated LL. in a brutal gang rape and c a: LL. c z c c en w :::> .-r:t w > w beating of a woman and her so n in a crime ridden housing project. Tommy Lee Poindexter, 18, was indiCted Thursday on 14 counts, including sexual battery, kidnapping and bur glary. He is accused of partici pating in the rape of a 35-year old woman with as many as nine other suspects whom police believe are all teenagers Three other teens -Jakaris Taylor, 15; Nathan Walker, 16 ; and Avion Lawson, 14 -are also held without bail after being indicted last month. All face possible life sentences in adult prison if convicted. Prosecutors have said they plan to seek the maximum penalties and will not negotiate any plea deals. The woman told police the masked teens accosted her and her 12-year-old son in their apartment at the Dunbar Village housing project June 18. The teens are accused of repeatedly raping and sodomizing the mother, beating both of them and forc ing her to perform oral sex on her son. The suspects then doused the victims with clean-TOMMY LEE POINDEXTER ing solutions, likely in a crude attempt to clean the crime scene, police said Taylor, Walker and Lawson were linked to the crime t hrou g h DNA e v id e nce and fingerprints, police said. A police report indicates Poindexter was also sought for a DNA comparison. He has denied any involvement but the physical evi dence we have from the scene speaks to the contrary, police spokesman Peter Robbins said Friday. "We're certainly developing more suspects and anticipate more arrests." Poindexter's mother, Harriet Rogers, 44, said her son was home with her on the night of the attack "My son didn't have anything to do with that stuff, Rogers said. Poindexter did not yet have an attorney. A bail hear ing was set for Saturday. C w :t: en :::::; al ;::) .a.. z Child.-Found Alone In Hotne With :I :::>. Dead Mont,_. Sister al INDIANAPOLIS --A 4 -.,!, year-o ld girl lived alone for several days after her mother ;:: and baby sister died at home, Z according to police and relaW tives. f/) c The girls' grandmother, C Mary Fuqua, discovered the iX horrible situation Sunday 9 evening. The girls' mom, LL. Memory Fuq.ua, 26 died several days ago, possibly as early as Aug 11, from an asthma attack, police said. Memory's 5-month-old daughter, Neveah Rollins, died sometime later. Both were found in their apartment in the 2100 blockof North Arlington Avenue The surviving girl, Shaniah Nicole Moree, thought "her mommy was asleep, Maey Fuqua said. Police said Moree Ts doing fine and is in her grandmoth er's custody : An autopsy scheduled for Monday evening will deter-, mine why Memory Fuqua and the infant died. Fuqua' body was found near an asthma inhaler. Mary Fuqua said she went C to check on her. daughter and was let inside the. W byMone. CJ she (Memory) was a very beautiful person. She loved everybody She was warm and kind," Mary Fuqua said. granddaughter was in there laid out and my daughter was in there ... lifeless in there." Eleena Clay,Memory's aunt, said she thinks she knows how long the woman and daughter were dead in the home. "She was in there since last SatUrday, apparently, and the baby has only dead for a couple of days," Clay said Clay speculated that an asthma attack killed Memory. Police said she was found in the bedroom and the baby was on a sofa. "It looks like she was trying to get to-.it to use it," said Indianapolis police Lt. Duhamell. "We won't kn.ow the cause of death until after the autopsy. NATIONAL Otllcer's 2-YearO i d Son Found Dead In Canal JAYLEN WHIPPLE HOMESTEAD --Questions still remain about how a 2-year-old boy wandered from his home and drowned in a nea r by c anal. M i ami-Da d e fir e -rescu e divers f ound Jaylen Whipple's bod y at the bottom of a canal Wednesday afternoon. He was pulled from the water and taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead "As soon as his dad saw him, he just fainted right there in the grass," said ,Jorge Ramirez, who saw divers retrieve the body. "Even his dad knew (Whipple was already dead)." Police said the toddler wan dered from his home and into the canal without anyone noticing. Whipple's father is a Homes t ead police officer. Upstate Twin Sister Dies Serving In Iraq G R EENVILLE, S C One of a set of 28-year-old identical twin sisters f rom Greenville was killed this week in Iraq while serving in t h e U.S. Army N o w t h e rest o f t h e famil y has gath ere d to mourn. Zandra Worthy-Wa l k e r di e d during a mortar attack in Iraq. Her family learned Wednesday that she had been killed Yolanda W orthy, Zandra's sister, is serving in Kuwai t. S h e traveled h ome on emergency leave to be with her mothe r and had a tearful reunion a t the fami ly's home on Friday evening. "We were always, always together," Yolanda Worthy said. "Now it's like I'm by myself Connie Worthy, the twins' mother, said that she knew her fears .had been realized when she saw a military chaplain at her door ... "When I went to the door, I in conjunction with Zandra Worthy-Walker was kille d i n Iraq; a n d her twin s i s ter, Y oland a is servin g i n K uwait. knew it had t o be one of them, s o I said Kuwait o r Iraq?," Connie Worthy said The family just suffe r e d another loss. Exactly two months before Zandra was killed, another sister died from a cancerous brain tumor. The mother and three surviving sisters said that funeral plans are still being finialized ------The National Black Tourism Bureau------announces FLORIDA PLAN OF CULTURAL HERITAGE, TOURISM AND ECONOMIC CULTURE .... COMMERCE Virtual Visitor Information Centers. (Pensacola, Tall.ahassce, Panama City, Jacksonville, TamJ*, Orlando, Miarrii) Cultural/Heritage VISitor Guides & Brocht.n"es Development Technical & Funding National Marketing Program Website Development f r "The Florida Plan www.nx tbook.com/nxtbooks/questexlfloridapl an07 The Florida State Black Tourism Center Florida Black Clamber of Commerce www.floridablacktourism.com WWVI.floridabcc.com


Reward Offered For Capture Of Burglars Who Attacked Elderly Resident Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the unknown suspects responsi ble for burglarizing a home in the 6000 block of Collins Spring Cove in Riverview. On August 15, 2007, two unknown s uspects were seen ment. CRIME NEWS Arrests Made For Illegal Alcohol Sales The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office has conclud ed their "Operation Back To School" initiative as a safety initiative to top the sale of alcohol to minors. :.. inside the residence. The suspects were confronted by th e 72-year-old neighbor who was watching over the resi dence while the hom eowners were out of town. The suspects struck the victim and threw him to the ground. They then fled in an older model vehicle, possibly a 4door dark blue Ponti!lc with a partial tag of MVG. One of the suspects is described as a Black male, 25 to 30 years old, 6 feet to 6'3" tall, weighing 200 pounds with a medium build, The second suspect is described as a Black female, 25 to 30 years old, 5'6" tall, and weighing 130 pounds. She was also described as having black hair with red streaks. Individuals wishing to remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS (8477) or report online at www.crimestopperstb.com if they have any information regarding the identity and/or whereabouts of the suspects responsible for this incident. Deputies around the county checked on 108 stores and arrested 38 people for sale of alcohol to minors. The busi. nesses included convenience stores, gas stations and bars. In one case, a 13-year-old working behind the counter for his relatives was arrested for selling beer to an undercover operative. This occurred j\ugust 17th. Man Shot To Death Robbery_ A witness described the vehicle as having faded paint and it rattled very loudly when in idle. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treat-Any questions should be directed to Detective Lisa Haber at (813) 247-8056 or page (813) 969-9681. -Shooting In Bradenton B .elieved To -aa-Gang -Rialated POLK COUNTY The Polk County Office reports that a man shot inside his residence during a robbery, died 15 minutes_ later at a local hospital. Deputies report at 11 p.m. Wednesday night, two armed and masked Bla'ck males entered the home of Robert Cameron at 714 Magnolia Place in Winter Haven Along with Camero. n were two BRADENTON -The reported seeing one of the friends visiting him at the Bradenton -Police suspects from a parked time. Department reports for the green pickup truck and Deputies said the suspects -second time in less thitn a another. from a brown van. demanded property from month, a shooting has)eft The crime scene was Cameron and his two people hospitalized. search' and police found sevfriends, and Cameron resist-Late Wednesday night, 3 1 h ed. That's when one of the eral she I castings m t e men Were Shot On 2oth suspects shot him before flee-street and a loaded 9mm Street' East. In that s. hooting the residence. li1agazine near the crime ing, two men were shot in The two friends of scene where the first victim 1 bb d b h the head and another were a so ro e ut ne!t er k d Th was found. was harmed during the jncireceived a n ec e Police said the area where men suffering from the head dent. wounds were taken to a local the shootings have occurred If anyone has information hospital and reported to be have been involved lot of about this incident, they are in critical condition. gang activity and asked to contact Heartland No suspects have been. ga_ngs be Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-arrested in the that ___ T __ IP_s_. _______ occurred on the same block as a shooting August 8th left a gang member seriously injured. The shooting Victi:in's identi. fied as Jose Agnstin30, Marino Mojica,. 37, Agustin,: 25. .. -. Prior to the shootiri. .gs,_. police said the victims has circled the 2000 block of 15th Avenue, East twice, and on' the -third time around, two ff BONDS ; lngra Owner unknbwn shot at. them. One of the victims. CHQ E BAIL BONDS -Uncle -Sandy-3, 7, 8, 11 ''There of 13, 16, 18, 23 the head_ and a wisdom 31, 33, 37 of the heart." Offered To Clients job RefTerrals Referrals For Re-establishing Convicted Felons Voting Rights (813) 664-0404 5005 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (I htock cast or 50th Bank Robbery Suspects Sought Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the unknown suspects responsible for robbing the Colonial Bank, 1707 South Parsons Avenue on August 13th. Authorities said two unknown Black and a Black female entered the bank armed with handguns and demanded money. The suspects fled in a stolen 1997 Plymouth. The vehicle and two handguns were later recovered by Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputies. One of the suspects, Steven Brown, 17, was arrested but the other two escaped. One suspect is described as a Black male, 17 to 20 years STEVEN BR0"\1\'N old, 5'10" to 6 feet tall, weighing between 150 and 160 pounds. The second suspects is described as a Black female, 17 to 20 years old, 5'3" to 5'5" tall, weighing between 220 and 250 pounds. Sexual Offender Fro111 Washington State Arrested PINELLAS COUNTY -Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a sexual offender absconder from Washington State. Christopher Collie, 43, was arrested Wednesday morning after absconding from Washington State in October 2005. Deputies from the Sexual Predator Offender Tracking Unit received information that Collie may be in Pinellas County. Deputies, along with the U. CHRISTOPHER COLLIE S. Marshall's Service and FDLE developed leads as to ven by a woman. A stop was Collie's whereabouts .and u1ade and Collie was arrestsurveillance was set up outed. He is charged with fail side a residence in the ure to register as a sex block of 25th Avenue, South. offen.1er as well as on an Collie was seen lea, ing standing warrant for child the in a vehicle ad-.. molestation .. ,. 308 E. Waters Ave. Tampa, FL 33604 Tele: (813) 933-o444 Cell: (813) 493-8387 'T1 r-0 :2 en m z m I;" m c r r-z "0 c: m r-c;; : m c m < m -t c: m en c > z p .., :a er C) m 1\) w I >


,...... 0 0 N N 1-Cf) ::J Cl ::J a: w > w c w J: (/) :::i m ::l a. z tu ..J ..J ::l m I ..J w z -t= z w (/) < c a: 0 ..J u. < I N J W I Cl

Gamma Theta Omega Chapter AKA Hosts Traveling Exhibit Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Participating in the Ribbon Cutting, left to right: Marsha Lewis Brown, Committee Chairman; June M _istiful, Lucreatia Payton Stewart, Gwen Myers, President of Gamma Theta Omega Chapter; Norma Solomon White, 25th National President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., State Senator Frederica Wilson, Sonja Garcia, Project Manager and Joe Stines, Director Hillsborough County's Library Services Department. It' s A Family Affair: seated, Nancy Butler Andrews; standing, Dr. Sharon Andrews, Johna Andrews Treadwell of Detroit, MI and Gloria Adams Andrews. The l a dies of Gamma Theta Omega Chapter of A lpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. hosted more than 300 gu es t s o n Saturday evenin g, Augus t 4th. The occasion was the Centennial Traveling Exhibition Premiere and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The <'\Tilt <>p

c a: LL c z < c (/) w :t ... w > w c w -. :::z:: (/) :::::; m ::l D.. z ljj ..J ..J ::l m ...:. w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 ..J LL. ;: BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TAMEKA HAYES And JASON PRIESTER TAMEKAHAYES, KENNETHIA AndSAAR.IA It s been years that have gone by. So today is that special day that we wuld love to wish you my queen, Ms. Tameka Hayes a happy 25 birthday. Let the light shine bright and hard on a well deserving mother of two, who deserves it all. Happy birthday Baby. Love, Jason. Happy. Belated! TERIK SMITH .. Happy belated bhthday to our son; Terik Smith, who turned 11 on 11th. Love, and, dad, Tony and Nisha. Go Jr. Bucs, #2 is back. .,.. .. I.. Happy birthday to my wifey, Ms. Nisha, who will be celebrating tonight at Club 112. Have fun baby. I'll be home soon. Love, your hubby, Tony Smith! The Floridp Sentinel's 'Spotlight On Me' Call.UsAt (813) 850-1 For MoreInfo HIUSBOROUGH COUNTY SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS Johnson Happy 45th Birthday EVANGELiST TWANDABROOKS The Word Of Life Ministries would like to wish th e ir pastor, Evangelist Twanda Brooks, a very special birth d ay today. Pastor, God has your back, you have touched so many lives. But today your fiance, Mr. Jimmy Berry, would like to touch your heart and let you know I lo ve you Sweetheart, for all the reasons of God on your special d ay today. Pastor Brooks, you are my angel of light. I lov e y ou appy B. thd. "' 1r ( ay ... MIN. CALVIN And DAPHNEY DOUGLAS To my wife: I)ouglas, you're my angel, you're the wife of my dre a ms, and I'd like to thank God for giving you to me for 20+ years. Your ht.Jsband arid hero. Min. Calvin Douglas, Kingston, Jamaica. Look Who Is Turning 2! T'KAI "ABIGAIL" GAINER Happy birthd ay T'Kai. Hope your day i s a good one. Love you lots, mom, T.K. grand ma, Debra, grand pa, Eugene, a untie, Yolanda, uncle, Ken and family. MR. DONNIE PAUL HICKS Birthday wishes are b e ing sent out to Mr. Donnie Paul Hicks, who will be 71 years you ng on Atigust 26th. God bl ess you Mr. Hicks. We all lov e y ou. From, the f a mil y 13outique lev: Co(fecti,G(es I 022 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd Ste B Tampa;Florida 33603 (813) 234.:_29 4 0 Fashions Elegantly Styled Meticulously Outfits, Fabrics laces, Crafts, Arts Artifacts And Collect i bles AI Affordable Prices!(!!!! FashionShoes&HandbagsAvailable II A.M-6P.M MON.-SAT SALE III 5 Ocrc Off WeMakeAfrlcanfashons : Accessible And Affordabl e!!! I 0 I 1 Allllems J ------------------------------S? We Have HOW DO-I REGISTER TO VOTE? Call us at (813) 272-5850 or .: IT'S EASYr Get an application on our website or Visit your public liprary!


BIRTHDAY GREETINGS QUE'NARIA Yes, it's time for Miss Naria to shine! So there's no need to try and get under her umbr ella you r e going to have to follow th e rainbow. Birthday wishes coming from, mom m y Remesa; Selena, Miss 3 Pes, and family. TONY And MAYA H appy birthda y Daddy Fro m you r baby girl Maya. TEE I Ltppy Tee. L o ve, g r a ma Tasha, dad Smoke, and mom Qita.' Birthday Notices And Other Announcements Deadline: 1 Week In Advance Call: 248-1921 For More Info NORTHSIDE M.B. CHURCH 5706 N. 40TH STREET TAMPA FL 33610 REV JORDAN, PASTOR REV. RICARDO ROBINSON, ASSISTANT 55TH ANNIVERSARY Special Performances by : Destiny's Group of Tampa, Fl Northside's Youth Praise Team r---"'---___;:::;-4:00 p.m. REV. D. OSBORNE God's Side Progressive M.S Church Tampa FL THEME: Standing on The Solid Rock for 55 Years Matthew 1 6:18 And say also unto thee. That thou art Peter. and upon this rock 1 will bwld my church: and the gates of hell shan not prevail against it. CELEBRATE THIS MOMENTOUS OCCASION WITH US Bro. Alvin & Sis. Yvonne Haggins S1s. T1na Smith & Sis. lillie ROMARJE PURCELL 8/14 Happy bel a t e d birthday w i s h es a r e goin g out to Ms. Muffin. I lov e you Sweetie. L ove, mom and Lil Chris. LISANN And AULISSA Happy birthday to my mommy and my auntie. A belated happy birthday to Calvin Whaley. Part y like a rock star!!! Love, Au Iissa, AJ, Calvin and Jayna. KIASHAWNA. .RHANES The Lord has blessed you wit h another 365 d ays. You've grown to become a beautiful womati. Continue to make your mark bab y girl in all that you do. Much love coming from: mom Diane (Ice); dad KayKay (Lo) ; sisters Cassandra Marqueeta Mitchell and KaiVonni Pruitt; brothers, Donte Perry, Lil Kevin and Raymond devoted, and loving grandparents Mr. a nd Mrs. Melvin (Carrie) Raymond Pruitt and the l ate, Hattie_ M. Pruitt; au nts Carroll, Coretha Sfng!_eton, Liz Hammond a nd Debra Dabney; uncl es, Melvin Rhanes, Donnie and Aldolphus, and the late Ronnie and Ra.ymond Pruitt, Jr.; cousins, Ronneka, Kendra, Tavia, Squeak, Kenisha, Lil Mel and Reggie. We love y ou Happy 21st It's Our Birthday!!! RANDY (8/6) And RON'NEISA (8/21) Come party V\fith us at our bash on the West. If you don't want to have fun then stay at home But if you want to party, then come party like a rock star, Happy birthday from your big sister, Reshma. I'm 18 RON'NEISA 8/21 Happ y birthday to m y little sister on her tsth The big birthday bash is Sunda y August 26t h a t Riverfront Park at 3 :00 Gues t stars ar e the Godfather and the UHaql Gurlz. Berean College &. Seminary Dr. G. I. Bradley, Pres1dent Of Berean College Seminary The Greater Hope Missionary Baptist Church 2628 27th Avenue Tampa, FL Fall Semester Registrat-ion Monday, August27; 2007 6:30P.M.--. 8:30 --Classes Tentativety Scheduled Mond!Jy And Evenings 6:30 P.M. -9:30P.M. Courses Offered: English 1 ;oi Theology,l. _:rhe Acts Of The_ Ap _ostles -Fot Applicati.on s, School Catalogs, lOr Additional Information, Please Contact Dr. Sam Maxwell I Dean OfTatnpa Campus, 813-677-1948 Or 813-453-2957 'TI 6 2J B ,. tn m z m aJ c: rrm ..... z "C c:: m r-cn ::t m c m < m :::c < -4 c:: m en 0 > z c "T1 :::c c


,...._ 0 0 N o::t N 1-C/) ;:) ;:) < c a: u.. MOLLIE JOHNSON Celebrating her 8sth birthday on August 27, 2007, and looking ever so beautiful, Mollie Johnson, wife of (the late) Otto Johnson, desires to share with her friends and family that she is doing fine Born August 27, 1922, in Lake Mollie is loved by her daughters, and three sons, along with three grandchildren, and c one granddaughter. a: When asked how she feels about this moment in time, "thank u. God for my 85th blessing!" c z < c C/) w :l I-ii: w > w c w :r:: C/) ::J m :l a. z ffi ..J ..J ::1 m I _, w z w C/) C a: 0 ..J u. DAGENERAL, Big birthday bash for tlie goons of September, doing it big at the Mirage on the 13th. -, : If-you feellike y9u're invited, come an:Yway, it's a club. > In APPreciation To A Faithful Servant Of God Rev. Rev. Geraldine ChristoPher Rev. Ronald Hubbard Pastor KeenSI-U. M. Church ALL ABOUT YOU! Happy Birthday Mommy MS. BOO It' s time for all stars to report to the Zanzi where it will be going down August 25th at 10 p m Wear your plaid! Everyone is invited See you there Love, Big Ronald, Tyreeail, Tyreeon, Lil Ronald and J'Ron. P. S. Happy birthday Grandma Nan, we miss you. It's almost over. Stay Shining MS.BQO Receives Master's Degree In Journalism SHARTIA BRANTLEY Congratt:lations to Shartia Brantley, who received her Mas ter of Science degree in Joumalism with a conce1itration in Broadcast dming the 253rd academic commencement at Columbia Univer s ity in New York City on May 16, 2007. While at Columbia, Ms. Brantley reported various stories from the streets of New York, such as business politics, crime, and publir health During the Spring semester she interned at CBS Eucniny News Weekend Editions with Russ M.itchell Ms. Brantley received a Kaiser Foundation M e dia Intern s hip and is working for BET News this summer in New York, producing health reports on subjects relevant to the African-American s u c h as diabetes, obesity and AIDS. This Fall, Ms. Brantley will begin her full tim e job with NBC Nett's in New York. She was selected as one of six journali s ts to partkipatl' in the high.Jy competitive and prestigious news associates program This year over 7so applicant s acrO$S th e nation completed for six. slots She will produce stories for Nightly News with Brian Williw11s, Today SlwtiJ, Dateline and MSNBC. Ms. Brantley is a i993 graduate of Doughert y Comprehl'nsi,L High School. She earned a B. S. in Accounting from Albany Statl' University in 1997 and received her MBA frpm th e Ohio Stntl' University in 1999. She worked for UPS and Accenturc an intcma tional management consulting firm in Atlanta ror Se\'Cn years prior to pursuing her passion for broadcast journalism '-...She is the p roud daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bantley of Albany, Georgia. Ms. Brantley is also the proud of Ms Pauline Kemp of Tampa. Ms. would like to thank Au,nt. Pauline for all of her support, guidance over the years. "I would not Happy birthday to me. Yes, haye made such a bold move to change careers without yoitr stippmt God. has blessed me another 1 thank you for everything love you very much." year to be the star that I am. So, for all my fans, make a wish! This is. the glamourous Miss Nyesha Douglas, who was 4 on August 22 : Happ y birthday. Y,rom, your mom, Candy, Rasha, Rakia, Carlos and Nanna. Sponsored By: The Voices Of Ptaise Chqir .I Sis. Nita James, Presiden t Bro. Darrian McCarter Program Cha i rman Rev. Abraham B rown, Sr Pastor Don't Miss Out On This Anointed And Appointe.d Time For Renewal And Celebration M.t!t:k. Your Calendars And Be There!


, RELIGIOUS BY REV. RICKY WIGGS He does come who will be able to endure the day (vs. 2)? When God does come who will be ab]e.to stand before Him. People want God to come and judge the deeds of the wicked, but they must understand that the ways of the righteous will be judged as welL The Dav Is eom.ngl When He comes He is going 'I to deal with everybody. He will Do you recall from your years of growing up, a special day in your life? Do you remember how y ou felt. knowing that a special day was coming? You waited with great excitement anticipation. In life today, a day is coming." Regardless of how. y ou live life ing that all people are good address everyone's issues and regardless of what they have sins. Who can stand before the done (vs. 17). Throughout Lord? The only ones who can theirlivestheyalwayssaidthis, stand are those with clean especially when the wicked hands and a pure heart seemed to pr_!)sper Because (Psalm 24:3,4). God does not pu' n )sh people In this time ofliving,the peo when we think He s liould : does ple who God had saved and not me(jn thaf pleased or delivered had faults too. The have :.goft.en a way. people were trying to .fool God ... Because He h a s n 6 t They were trying to give what to. the wickedness of people was wrong as. though it was mean s the days is coming right. God wiil come and judge The Lord sa y s to them I will this as well as the' known deeds Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 11a.m. Prayer Service Wednesday 7 p.m. Study of the Bible Wednesday 7:30 8:30 p.m. Praise & Worship Service 9 p.m. W. D. SIMS, Pator Chldren & Youth Bible Study Wednesday. t. 8:30p.m. S1turday Prayar Service & Bible Study 10 a.m. Youth Bible Institute 12 4 p.m. re.n NlSiht friday before the 2nd Sund1y 7 p.m. 3708 E Lake Avenue Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 628-0752 Website: www.stmattheWthurch.com Email: rsims @tampabay.rr. com Victory Tabernacle M. B. Church Cordial(v Invites You To Join In The Celebrqtion Of a Uay is coming. A day is co ming when p e ople will m a ke pos itive change The day is comi ng when the lost will be saved, th e hurt will be healed and the broken wil! be mended. In ourspiritual life a day is comin g when the wicked will be judged and the righteous will be send my messenger before Me" of the wicked. Who can stand? (3:1). People are looking for It is good for the people in the the Lord .. but overlooking the church to read this book of messenger. In the -time of Malachi. The day is coming Malachi there were prophets. when God will come. He will 111 foday's time .there are pas-come to judge the wicked and tors, preachers, an' d priests. the rightequs. He has sent lr----rewarded. In this week's lesson recorded in Malachi 2:17-3:5; 4:1, Mnlaclti to wa"rn, let the people know that the day of the is coming The d i;v is mming God will visit i Iis people and make them accotlntahlei"oi their living. 'l]JL' bcst thing for His people to do is 'to Jive right bcfoi c He comcs..-l'vlany peopl e haH' talked a good talk :rhc da:-ds coming when will be jtii:lged to s ec if their aet-fons I i iw up with I 1 1< i r r d s I. i s IL' 11 I () I h cindittm, c.pt >." Gn.cJ against His p uopJC ._,,Jlc "You han wearied me with your (2:i7). God h as They are. all n1essengers 'of God messengers before .Him to help people have the task of you to get your house in order preparing the way for the Lord. because when He comes he will The y preach, and teach to get examine everyone.,. Are you y ou to meet Him. ready for that day? The day is God a s ks the question whel) become disa ppoi 11 ted in their llir, Jiou.': illilblw. rou;:h ,\w. b Your :\lain Road) nu ar< actionS: I lc is nqt ple;iscd at lo Slrn:l. llllll rirhi.lhL' dlllrch \\"illlx ;,11 \"Oll)" ri all. They .say thL'V love II im but their actio ns s;.;y God ai>es not w d qt_test'i"o1i. 8) bow, theywill find out wba the y did wrong and how tbl c.onect it. When .vou arc ac b u sed of a si n or ask h dw'? : !'hey wearied .;God by think-Greater Faith .. Center 76Q1,North 56th Street Tam[>a, Florida 33617 Website : ww.w.e,reai terl'aitllor. -Service TimeS SunclaySchool o:ooAM 'Sunday Worsllip;11 :OOAII 7:30PM J'he,me:, "Walchman On lhe Wall"-EZEKIEL33:7 Gn:etings in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord The NewFellowship B. Church of Tampa has set aside Septem 14; ZOQ7 _;;>' ,, lor th.:, 3rd Annual AP.preci ati()n -B,anq :uef ror F(i{t .. Rosemary Anderson. .... r to be held atRagan Park Recreation <;enter 7 in : ri!; .Worshipp!ng.At Gran d SUites f j3lO .N 30th Street __ 1 & 2 :-service Times School9 1.0:30 A.M Rev. Eugene Sanders, Jr. 5th Pastoral An.niversary Weekly Services Nightly At 7:30-,P. -M. AppreciatiQn Dav Surid 26, 20.Q7 Friday, August 24, 2007 Bishop Eddie St. Juhn Cathedral \1 Church Sister Bertha ashington, Pastor's Sisler Lo Berry, Co-Chair (/b 4:00 P.:\1. / Rev : Dr. Thomas Scott .-3Atl) -St1' ect C.htirCJ1 Ot:God .. -f Victory Tabernacle M. B. Ch ........... h 2716 N. 34th St. Tam FL 3360 ST.JOHN CAT 3401 E. 25th Avenue Tampa, FL Phone: 813-248-3737 o r2 .. .. 8isHo P EDDIE NEWK.JRK, 'T1' r.'' 0 :::D 6 J:!o "CJ) m z ::! z m r;lll c rr-z 'tl C:' tD


g a: u. c z < c (J) w :::> 1-> a: w > w c w :I: ...1 CD :::> a. z i= w ...1 ...1 :::> CD I ...1 w z i=' z w (J) < c a: 0 ...1 u. CHURCH DIRECTORY ALLEN -TEMPLE AME CHURCH 2101 Lowe Sl PASTOR Worship Adivties: Earfy Worship 7:45 A.M. Sunday School 9:30A.M. Homing Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study 6:45 P.M. Tuesday First Missionarr Baptist Cllurc Of Highland Pines 4n1 21st Ave. REV. CLEVELAND LANE, Pastor Prayer Meeting & Bible Study Wednesday 7 P. M. Sunday School "9:30 A. M. Morning Worship 10:55 A. M. Church Van (813) 627.03338 College Hill Cllurcll Of God In Cllrist New FriendshiP M.B.Church 6414 N. 30th St. Elder Charles Davis, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 11 A.M. Y.P.W.W. Worship 6 P.M. Evening Worship 7 P.M. Tue'-& Fri. Service 7 P.M. 3107 E. lake Ava. 248-4127 ':. Rev. H. L. Daniels, Pastor Weekly Activities SllldaJ Ch .. ch School 1 :80 A.M. Morning Worship 18: 4S A.M. lllile Class 4 : U P.M. EwnlnaWorshlp 5 P.M. Wednesday Pra!llr Melling 7 P.M. llble SbJdJ 7:JO P.M Mt. Zion A.M.. C urc 5920 Robert Toole Road Riverview, FL 33569 ul' H\1.1. 3111 \nd \\c.) "The Church Whose Doors Are Always Ope11" Invite You To Attend OurServices: REV. RONALD FORTUNE Wednesday Night Prayer Service And, Bible Study 6:30P.M. Sunday School Service 9:30A.M -Worship Service llA.M.-"Bless The Lord Oh My Soul And All That Is Within Me" "Praise The Lord:1 Holy Name" -BROWN MBMORitiL-. CHURC_ H OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 27th AVE. (813) 248-5690 (813) WEEiiLf' WORSHIP SCHEOVlE Sllnd-. Scllool 9:30A.M. Sullclay Morning Worsliill -. :.11 A.M. Sunday Evening Worsllill MQrning Prtiver (Tuesday Friday) .... 9 A.M. Wednesday Nigllt Worsllill ..... P.M www.brownmemorialcoglc.otg Church Whem The Love Or God Flows And The Holt Ghost Is In Full (Jontro!;" Crest Cfturcft Of Cftrist JOHN DOUGLAS, Evangelist \hurdo SduH>I 9: 30 n m GREATER FRIENDSHIP M. B. CHURCH 4413 35th Sl Sun. Mom. Bible Study 9230 A .M. Wnrship IO:SS > L nL REV. M MURRAY, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 a m. Horning Worship 11 a.m Evening Worship 5 p.m Sun. Mom. Worship -10:30 A.M. 1\litl -\\'ook Soni Wotlno>:\1,\S L. H ,\DDE:\. Ill Pastor 0111 C lu iH' Ii /irn f l ll" illinll. l' :\lain Location* IUS II :\h1in Stn t'l Sunday Schuul a 111. Wnrship < II :1. rn. llihll' Study 7 p 111. Hurricam Gym < 3715 7th .-\nmu Ea'l :\ lurninJ! :\,Ianna '.J a 111. Fur Transpurlatiun, Call (!!I.') 'J!!r, : J50-t The New Palm .River COGJC; lt1c." 1304 S Tampa, FL 33619 Elder Willie L. Fowler Jr., Pastor "The Church Where Everybody Is Sunday Schoo1... .................... 9:30 A.M. :15 A.M. Morning Service ............................... 11:30 A.M. Band .......................... : .. 7 J).M. Friday YP\VW .............. : ... .................... 7 P.M. Friday Pastorial Teaching ................... S-9 P.M Deacon David C. Jorden, Deacon Board Chairman Church (813)621-6764 Home (813)654-1950 Fax (8131 ....... ..-. ... New st. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church 1006 south 50th Street Tampa, Florida 33619 242 sunday Morning Church School @ 9 :3oam Sunday Morning Worship@ 11:00am Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & Bible Stl!dY @ 7 :00 pm Wednesday Night Youth for Christ @ 7 :00 pm --,


CHURCH DIRECTORY Abundant (huh Of God In (h.rift 4123 Nassau St. W Tampa FL 33067 (813) 875-9077 KAREN BARNES, PASTOR OF OPERATIONS Our Weekly Order Of Service Sunday School 9:30 AM Homing Worship 11:00 AM Intercessory Prayer Monday-Friday 6 : 00 A M Bible Institute Wednesday 7 : 30 P .M. Corporate Prayer Every ht & 3rd Friday 8:00P M I have come that they might have LIFE ... more ABUNDANT-LY"' St. John 10: 10 Morning Worship Service Eve ning Wo nhip S e rvic e Sunday Homing Bible Study .............. ... 9 :45 A .M. 8 : 30 e m 9 :45 e m 5 :00p. m Homing Worship Worship ...... .... 11 A.M. Evening Bible Study ...... ....... ...... S P M Wedndu Evening Worship ............. ............... 6 P M Bible (leu"' For All Ag.,. 7 : 00 p m Weclnesclav Morning Bible Study ........... ........ .. 10 A.M. 3817 E Unde ll AV.. Tempe Fl 3 3610 (813) 664 ihchurcholchrlst @ eol.com Evening Bible Study ........... ............. 7 P.M. St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday Worship Services 7:45A.M. & 11 A.M. Church School 9 :30A. M eac h Sunday : T .v.., .. Bible Study 7 P.M. 1 > each Wednesday 5202 86th St. Tampa 677-2411 Take Progress Blvd to S 85th St., turn North go to Ash Ave. turn E follow I he curve to the left {S. 86th St.) and the church Is on the right. Wed. Bible Study 7:30P.M. Fri.Victory Service 7:30P.M. '""SUNDAY'"" Sunday School 10 A. M. Morning Worship 11:30 A.M. Evening Worship 6 P.M. 813-980-2483 _First Baptist Church of West Tampa, Inc. 1302 N. Willow Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607 Sunday School... ................... 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship ............ A.M. Prayer Service, Tuesday ........ 7:00 P.M. Bible Study, Tuesday ............. 7:30 P.M. Please Join Us For Our New Mid-Week Worship Service Every Wednesday At Noon REV. WALTER J. WILLIAMS, Pastor Early Morning Worship. 7:55 A.M. I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me. Sunday Morning Wo,rship. 9:30A.M. Morning Worship -10:55 A.M. Wed., -Famlly Night 7 P.M. Dea. John C Lovett, Chairman Board Of Deacons \ 29th Street Church Of Christ 3310 N. 29th St. (813) 242-4572 Bible School-9:15 A.M. Homing Worship -10:30 A.M. Evening Bible CJass, 5 P.M. Evenir-s worship 6 P.M. Community Bible Oass Wednesday; 10-11 A.M._ JESUS PEOPLE FAMILY WORSHIP ,--CENTER -CHU-RCH --; .. ; ,r : TAMPA, F-LO.RIDA HIGHWAy;-. (IN THE TOWNE CENTER SHOPPING CENTER): First Fruif 7:30 A. M. M orning 11 A. M. BIBLE STUDY Thursday At 7:30 P. M. "T1 :lJ 0 }< l> c C> c (j) -i 1\.) 1\.) 0 0 ......, "T1 r-0 :lJ 0 l> (j) m z :::j z m r-1 aJ c I ... m :::j z ""'0 c CXJ I (j) :I; m 0 m < m :::0 -< -1 c m (j) c )> 2 c :::0 c


LOCAL New Hope M. B. Church Back-To-School Event New Hop e Missionary Baptist Church held its Back-ToSchool event on Tuesday, August 14th. Several school administrators were available for the event. (Photos by Jerry Brunson) Reverend Dr. T. W. Jenkins. Pastor of New Hope, and Dea. Otto Strickland, Jr. at the BackTo-school event. School District Administrator, Gwendolyn Luney, left, and .School Board member, Doretha Edgecomb attended the Back-To-School event at New Hope M. B. Church. one of those received a book'bag of school supplie!! ffom New Hope M. B. Church. She is shown with Evelyri ,McFadden, Head Start Supervisor, and Smith. Tony a Coleman and Erin Coleman at the Back-To-School event at New Hope. Francine Wilson and Shayla Plair picked up school supplies at New Hope M. B. Church. Perfected Love : ChurclliOf Gott fn Chns-t 5112 N. 34th St. Tamf>a, FL 33610 (813). 23AGAPE (232-4273) Sunday School I 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship 1 11:00 A.M. Prayer Tuesday 1 6:30P.M. Bible Study Tuesday I 7:00P.M. New FIRST MOUNT CARMEL AFRICAN :. c--'-' p. METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH :<; .. 440 6 N. 26th Street ; Tampa, FL 33610 P.O. Box 11327 ; Tampa, FL 33680 :-. Office: (813) 231-2025 Church: (813) 236-2322 .-' Homecoming Revival & Church AnniversaryHomecoming Revival August 24, 2007 7:00 p.m. Tonight Rev. Ronnie Clark Hurst Chapel AMEC -Winter Haven, Revivalist I 18th Church Anniversary August 26, 2007 Theme: A Vision for the Minister Edna Jordan Northside Baptist Church 11:00 a.lff. Messingn Rev. Allen, IU ML Olive AMEC Rev. Kirk R. Bogen Bcalsvillc Pastor 4:00 p.m. Me:>.'>ellger REV. -DAVID, P. CARSON PAS'i"'OR FIIJST _UDY MARY C.ARSON Suilday School 9:30 A. M. 11 A ; M. Worship "'. P .M. Mrs. Miriam J Smith, center, and daughter Kierrn Smith, left, with Mrs. Ovettu \\'illiams at the New Hope M. B. Chuitch Back-To-School activity. Carolyn Hill, left, Principal of Sheehy Elementary, is shown with Samanthia Paris. Pastor Pleaso-Join Us At Heritage Christian Community Baptist Church Hillsborough High School SOOON. Central Tampa, FL 33603 .. Sunday Moming Worship Service 7:30A.M EST Bible St udy Tuesdays 7 :00P.M. New Mt. Sillit M. B. Church 5702 E. 32nd Ave Tati1pa, FL 33619 DEAF. MINISTRY AVAILABLE LIFE CHANGING BAPTIST Worshipping At THE WESTSIDE S.D.A. CHURCH 1803 E. Shadow! awn, Tampa FL. 33610 238-6706 Mount Zion A. M. E. Yeilr Will Be s Celebrating 102 Years Of Worship & Praise Come Help Us Celebrate Our 102nd At Our New Location: 5920 Robert Tolle Riverview, FL Sunday, August 26, .2097. 11 A.M. \V9rship .Service Old Menihers Am/ Frieucl'i Fmni Old Hyde Spriuglii/1 It Doesn't Matter Where You Just Con1e Have A GoodO!d FashiYJu Tii ne : MC: RF.V. RONAIJl Mll"i. ALMA 1-UIITl JNI-: MORRIS GLORIA Pl. l;-CHER.,SHA W


News From Progress Village BY IRADEAN LONDON BIGGS August Birthdays Happy birthday to: Mrs. Anna Williams, Barbara Wright, Phyllis Wood, Beverly Moore, Melinda Darby and Adrain Kimble. Birthday accolades are sent to Reginald D. Anderson, former Villager, who now re s ide s in Phoenix AZ. Happy birthday, "Reggie." From your Fl o rid a family. A l so celebrating her natal day i s Mrs. Yolanda Anderson-Best, who c e lebrates with her hu,.;band, Lester and the rest of the family Janae, Jamal, Kiara and DeAngelo. Belated Birthday Mrs. Helen Grace Stacey recently celebrated h e r brthda. on Augus t 14, 2007. We hopL' the da y was an enjoyable oJH fi1r you! 90 Blessed 'Young' Yems! Mr. YGung Johnson, S wa,.; tlw gut,.;t of honor at hi,.; OOth birthday ba,.;h rL'l'L'ntl.\. C t lcbrnting thi,.; wry special day ,,ith him \\'tn : hi,.; children, Barbara, Patricia, Andrew and Young Johnson, Jr.; grandchildren and great grands along with other family m embers and friends, including the church famil y of Mt. Olive Thi s s pe cial occasio n was enjoye d by all. Mr. Young Johnson, Sr., we w ish you many more! Sick List Our prayers go out far and ncar as we remember that God 1s everywhere, to: A1ethia King, Lena .Daniels, Dorothy York, Wil1ie Chaney, Bro. and Sis. Willie Moore, Alfonso Johnson, Sr., Sis. Lula Bell Tucker, Lelia Felder-Moss, Dan Wright, Willie Mae Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnye Theartt, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby (Valerie) Trotman, and Willie Mae Wright !Tandem of Brandon). Wl nre happy to sec Sister J>eborah up nnd hnck on tnsk agnin, as she wa,.; ,.:hut-in ti1r awhile. Sympathy Our 11l'n rtf e l t sympathy is sent to the-family of Mr. COLUMN Evander Boyd, who r e cently passed away. H e was an avi d supporte r of the Florida S ent in el. Hi s fun e r al ser v i ce s will b e tomorrow, Saturday at First Baptist Church of Prog ress Village at 11 a. m. Serenity Meadows is handling the service Deepest sympathy is exte nded to the Bohler family in the loss of their hu sband and fath e r Mr. Henry Cabot Lodge Bohler. Services were h eld Sat., Aug 18 2007, at St. M a rk 's Epi s copal Church. Our very sincerel y sympathy goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence (Yvonne) Fort and family for the loss of his m ot h er, Mrs. Mamie YoungFort. As we moum the los s of Mr. James Gatlin, our sympathy i s e xtend e d to his family. My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry "FRE E Bible s a nd greeting cards are avai lable to inmates by writing to: My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry, P. 0. Box 4618, Tampa, 33677-4618. Harris Family Reunion "We've connected the links and produced the Harris fam ily," was the theme for the Hanis Family Reunion held on July 26-29, 2007, in Tampa. Ira and Adeine Harris who produced 14 children had f1uhilies from I Newa rk N J Alpha retta GA, Eustis, Riverview, Bra nd on, Templ e Terrace, Gibsonton, Lutz a nd T a mp a, t o celebrate a joyo u s time in meetin g so many nieces, n ephews, cou s in s, grands, great grands and great, great grands. We send out a very special thank you to family members Earl and Debra Harris for the usc of their facility, "Earl Harris Karate Academy and also to Alvin, Sr. and Renita Hadley for the use of their lovely home There was a time for eating dancing and fellowshipping and wor shipping at New Salem l\1. B Church in H y d e Park where Dr. Henry Lyons is pastor. Happy Anniversary Happy 30th anniversary to Eli Rodgers and Fannie Harris Rodgers, who recently celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss. Alvin Hadley, Sr. and Renita Williams Hadley recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Happy 20th anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie (Sandra) Jackson who are celebrating in Las Vegas, NV We pray for them a safe trip, there and back and also great winnings! Reunion. Meetings The Don Thompson/ Howard W Blake classes from 194.') 19.')6 ill mLtt on A u g u s t 3 0 2 0 0 7 n t t h L D oubl<: Tree HotLI on Street. F o r more info contact Flora Dawson a t 238-62 2 or Edith Randolph R t 4950102 or Erma Griffin R t 232-8661. Scripture B e hold, I haue gil'en thee a wise c111d understanding heart; so the r e will b e none lik e thee b e for e or aft e r thee ... and I will also gil'e thee that which thou hast not a s k e d both ri c h es and honor ... and a s thou walk in my tL"ays lwep ing m y statutes and com nwndments I wi ll add l ength unto thy da ys." 1 Kings 3:12:14. Thought For Today Beware of littl e expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship." Info To Use Th e Florida Hunge r Hotlin e number is <1-800) 329-3663. F. Y. I. Remember our service men and women who put their lives on the line daily for us. Remember the helpers in the kitchen: Thelma, <813) 671-3614, Family Deli, (813l 671-1541 or H. 0. P., (813J 238-5221. Call your news into Iradean London-Biggs at (813) 677-6071. Be blessed! ,.. 0 lJ 6 )> (/) m z m r;-al c ,.. ,.. z "'C c OJ c en :I: m c m < m :c -< _. c m en c l> -< )>. z c :c c l> "tt l> G) m .(0 I CD


c a: u. c z a: w > w c w :::1: U) :::i m ;:) a. z i= w ...J ...J ;:) m I ...J w z i= z w U)

BACK TO SCHOOL Robles Elementary Prepares For Back To School S tudent s in Hi l lsborough Co unty r eturned t o the c lassroom o n Monday, Augu s t 20t h. Las t week, Robles a n d other sc h oo l s we r e pu tti ng the final touches o n r eg istr a ti o n makin g sure the fir s t day i s smooth f o r mos t s tudents. (Photos by Julia E. Jackson) Ronnie Singleton was in the office gathering more info1mation on registra-tion procedures. Sonya Brock, Health Assistant and Assistant Principal Bonnie McDaniel were preparing for the arrival of the students. Parents were busy registering their children: Eureka Carswell and Walkeeler Lynn were among them. Mrs. Erickson, data processing, and the front office administrator, Ms. White are preparing for the upcoming school year. Jose Blair gets help from his sister, Sheila Blair about registering his daughter at Robles. JJ 0 )> ;< )> c C) c CJ) -i 1\) 1\) 0 0 -...J "T1 r 0 :::tJ 0 )> CJ) m z :::! z m r I CD c: rrm :::! z c: CD r-u; ::J: m c m < m ::0 -< -i c: m en c )> z 0 "T1 :::tJ 0 C) m .... .... I CD


,.... 0 0 N BACK TO SCHOOL EVENT o::t Motorcycle Club Hosts Back-To School Activity ::) g The Golden Hawks Motorcycle hosted its BackTo-School activity at Fair Oaks Park Hundreds a: w > W Q w :c en :::i m ::). Q. z ffi .... _, :::. w z w en c Q a: 0 ..J LL m I N T"" Toi Owens, Michelle White and Sandra Price at the Back-To-School activitv at Fair Oaks Glenn was in charge of the Nee-Nee, K ay-Kay, Jonae, Tete, Nina and 1\vin enjoyin" the a ctivities at Fair Oaks Park. Park. grill. Lifetime Powertrain Warranty With Any New 2006, 2007 Or 2008-Selected Models See Dealer For Details 1500 DODGE RAMS FELIX WALTERS Sales Manager -DODGE AVENG


. : now $2497 Scottse Standard Broadcast Spreader now YOURCHOlCE$4997 was $59 44 Bella Vista Ceiling Fan Aged Br onze f inish N96879 Also a vl1c:M may there ore morket 11 1m odvertleement wete in effect on 8/16/07, ond may vruy l?Oeed on Lowe a Evetydoy Low Price policy See store lor product W81T'BntiH.We reeerve the right to lmit quantn .... O 2007 Lowe'e. All right 111eerved. Lowe's and the gable deaogn are regiatarad trademarke ofLF LLC. 070892 '"'i' ;., JJ 0 l> ;< l> c C> c (/) 1\) 1\) 0 0 ..... "T'l r-0 ::c 0 )> (/) m z ::j z m r;m c r r-. z "bl c: Gl r::: 0 % m c m < m ::D -< c: m ,, 0 C > )> Z c "T'J ::C -t;;J


c a: u. c z <( c C/) w :J .... > a: w > w c w :::r::: C/) :J m :J a. z i= w ...I ...I :J m I ...I w z i= z w C/) <( c a: 0 ...I u. m I ,... L.uca tcd At The North Eas t Com e r Of M artin Luth e r King, Jr. Bh d And 33rd Stnct, West O f J .Hh CHRIS TIAN NWO Y E Pharmacist FREE HOME/OFRCE DBIVERY AND PICK-UP Phone: ( 813 ) 2 4 8-5405 Fax: (813) 2 4 8-5408 3 3 0 2 E a s t M artin Luther King, Jr. Blv d. Tampa, Florida 3361 800 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. Suite 2 Tampa, Florida 33603 11715 U.S. Hwy 92 East Suite B Seffner, FL 33584 1703 Palmetto Ave. Plant City, FL 33563 Testing positive for Hepatitis doesn't mean your ft1tt1re has to be negattve. HEALTH 10 Ways To Protect Your Eyes J PART I OF II As African America n s we a r e a t hig h ris k f o r ma c u l a r d ege n erati on and g l a u coma, wh i c h bo t h ca use blindness. To p r o t ec t ourse l ves f r om th ese d i s ea ses, we mu s t pa rti c ipate i n pre v entive activ i t i es. 1. Regula r C h eckups African-Americans ov e r 40 s h o uld c h e ck wit h th e i r docto r about more fr e q u ent v i s its In m iddl e ag e Afri ca n A m e r i c a n s m a y n e ed more f r e quent c h eck ups because of a n increased r i s k f or g l a ucoma. 2. Eye Protection. S un g l a ss e s a 1 en t th e o nl y p r o t ective eye wea r you ca n d epe n d o n Even w hen doin g work a r ound the h o u se you s h o uld p r o t ec t your eyes. 3 SPF For The Eyes Sung lasses n o t o nl y prevent c r ows f ee t f rom s quinting, they a l so bl oc k harmful ultravio l e t a nd o th e r r ays th a n ca n p l ay a rol e in ca taract s and m ac ul a r dege n e r atio n A w i de -b r imm e d h a t i s g r ea t for bl ock in g r ays eve n if it counte r ac t s th e coo l of your av i a t o rs 4 Contact Care. B e sure to h a ve a p air o f g l a sses with a recent prescription in c as e of any irritation y ou ca n cha n ge over. Wearing your contacts w h e n your eyes a r e irrita t e d can turn a s im p l e probl e m lik e irrita ti o n into a s i gnificant prob l e m lik e u lce rs. mu s t a rd g r ee n s, and spinac h a r e good f o r th e eyes b ec au se they conta in lute in Getting pl e nt y o f o m ega-3 f a tt y ac id s fro m fis h and flax c an h e l p pnvent dry eyes. s. Eye Candy. G r ee n l e af y vegg i es lik e k a l e colla rd a nd Access Foot Care Office & Home Service (')') Fungal Skin Infections/Fungal N a i l s Ingrown Nail s .. ,. ::, l-' Wound C a r e ,-.. .. ,.,..., L"' Hee l P ain (:2 Bunions I H a mmer e d Toes Diab e ti c Shoes I Sock s I Orth o ti c s \' \, Most Insurance s Accepted Commitme n t To" Excell e nce DR. BOWEN Contact Us For Easy, Affordable Access To A Podiatrist: www.AccessFootCare.com 1-866-435-FOOT

HEALTH Wellness Center Offers Free Health Exams For Women The TamJ?a Women's Wellness Center, 8oo Dr. MLK, Jr. Boulevard, Suite 2, is announcing free pap smears and breast exams, as well as free mammogram prescriptions for women that quality To qualify for the services, yo u must be so to 64 years old; meet income guidelines, and have cervical cuff or cervix (no hysterectomy). All women who qualify are asked to call (813) 223-4300 t o set an appointment. The provider for the services i s Estrella Clement, a member of Marti Maceo, Ybor City's Afro-Cuban Society si nc e 1900 Life Lessons From The Faran Here a few more lessons that can and s h otrld be learned from those currently on a farm. Reconnect -Friendship, lik e goo d, rich soil, ground you in strength, thrive in th e -rain and nurture th e deepest roots of your being. Open Yourself To Chance -Some choices take you exactly where you need to go; others take you by surprise. Let them. All we have is th e integr ity of this moment, and the calm that comes from trusting what lies ahead. Take it from me. You can prevent colon by getting tested. They check your. colon, and if they find a--J) lyp, they remove it before it becomes cancer. lfyou're SO or older, talk to your doctor about getting tested for colon For a free information packet on the different ways you can be tested call 1-800-ACS-2345 or visit www.cancer.org/colon. -. Hope. Progress. Answers./1BOOACS /www.cancer.org STEPHEN A. WilliAMS, M.D., P.A. (BOARD CERTIFIED PEDIATRICIAN) C,ll/ For Flu Shots See Kids From Age 0-21 Years T Same Dav APPOintment Walk-In Patients Welcome I Medicaid, HMis, Casb-Oalv I Mon Tues. T1Jurs. 9A.M.-6P.M. Wed Fri. 8:30A.M.-5P.M. 714 W Martin Luther King Blvd. Tampa, FL 33603 Tel (813) 223-6222 Fax 223-6020 Diabetes Management High Blood Prewre High Cholesterol General Phwsical Examinations New Patients Welcome Now Located At: 4511 N. Armenia Ave. (813) 870-3767 Call To Make An A ntmcnt Have A Great Smile!! Marsh Orthodontics Braces For Children & Adults Affordable Monthly Payments Quaiity Personal Care Family Discounts MARSH -ORTHODONTICS New Patients Welcome Complimentary Initial Examinations William F. Marsh, D.D. S., P.A. (813) 238-3384 4119 N. Taliaferro Ave (MLK at 1. N) Tampa, FL II is our office policy that the patient and any olher p erson responsible for payment has the r igh t to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or to be reimbursed for paymen t f or any other serv i ce examinati on or treatment which is performed as a resuh of and wrthin 72 hours of .respond ing to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduce d fee service, exam i nation o r t r eatment. DR. AGNES UBANI (8.13) 341-7900 \\ 'ind'i(lr \laiical Clinic 10320\. 56th St. 120 Tt.mple Terr.tre. R 33l il; Extreme Effort Produces $qpJeme Results All You Need Is Determination And A o ucceed. To IDle But .The Welbt ==. = ;oo:;::-::_::. : <:!o "T1 r 0 :c 0 )> (/) m z ::f z m r;m c: r r m ::f z "tJ c: m r c;; :I: m c m < m :c -< ..... c: m (/) c )> z c "T1 :c -c m .... U1 The NEWYear\Virh .-\NEW You!" tb


c C c z 4( c en w rt w > w c w % en :J m ::::) c. z t1i ..J ..J ::::) CD I ..J w z z w en <( c C 0 ..J I D From Tonia Turner with the weather hitting all time record highs in Florida, both the kids and the parents need something to keep them cool ... especially after school! So, try a few of these treats that are not only fun to make, they're also delicious to eat & drink! /Cool Pops 1 cup Splenda 1 pack Koot-Aid Watermeh;m & Kiwi Invisible Mix Ice cubes Water 16 paper or plastic cups 16 woode n pop sticks DIRECTIONS : Combine SPLENDA an

RECIPES Sf AY 600l A1-1 tlR 80Noo1 FOR ADULTS ONL Yf 1 pint lime sorbet or 1 can limeade from frozen juice se<;tion 8 shots light rum 1/2 cup mint leaves 1 tray ice cubes DIRECTIONS : In a blender, combine 1/2 pint sorbet or 1/2 can of lime ade with 4 shots of rum, 1/4 cup mint leaves and 1/2 tray of ice Pulse, then blend on high until lime-ll)int slush is smooth Pour drinks into 2 large cocktail glasses using a long handled spoon : and repeat with remaining ingredients. II od4tt S814sA 4 cups cranberry juice 2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice, strained 1 lf4_ cups vodka Y4 cup -lime juice, strained 1/4 cup orange-flavored liqueur (recommended: Grand Marnier) DIRECTIONS : In a container with a pour spout, combine all ingredients Seal and put in the freezer until frozen solid. Drink when it is slushy. 6AttHtptt1JHO Ooe4ttti8 1 oz. cranberry juice 1 wedge lime Champagne Cranberries (frozen) DIRECTIONS: In a chilled Champagne flute add cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime Top off with Champagne. Garnish with 3 or 4 cranberries. 3 ey Kiwi-tiHi 1 bottle Strawberry Kiwi Drink 1% cups frozen strawberries Y4 cup cold ginger ale %cup vodka DIRECTIONS : Place all ingredients in blender. Cover and blend until smooth. 3/4 cup hot Coffee 1 scoop coffee, chocolate or vanilla ice cream DIRECTIONS: Pour coffee into large cup or mug Top with ice cream. popsie8tJs 1/3 cup granulated sugar 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger % lime, zested 3 cups pineapple 2 dried star anise pods r::. 1 % tablespoons white rum 2/3 cup fresh orange juice 2 % cups dry white wine I DIRECTIONS: Heat a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. lri a bowl, combine the sugar, ginger and lime zest. Add pineapple and toss. Scrape the pineapple int d the skillet, add the star anise and ; cook, without stirring, until the ; pineapple caramelizes, 51' 'TI minutes Stir in the rum and : r the alcohol burn off, about 3 minutes. Remove from the heal ; 0 and stir in the orange juice l> scraping the bottom of the pan; i CJ) let cooL :t m Discard P uree the'''': fruit mixture Stir z the white wine and pour mixture into icepop molds. Freeze[L I:D until solid, about4 hours. ? -... ------.i.t:,. r m -1 z AT PUBLIX, SAVING IS PART OF THE PLEASURE. Publix Premium Certified Beef. USDAChoice, .BePf Loin, Any Size:! Package SAVE UP TO _4.00 LB White or Red 1 29 -Seedless Grapes .. ... : lb ..... .... 2 .09 The Natural Snack, Fresh from Califomia (Organic White, Red, or Black Seedless Grapes ,,, lb l.99) SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE Excellent Source of Whole Grains. Throughout the Day, : From the F\Jblix Bakery, 16:-oz loaf SAVE UP TO .50 &'S' ... Tostitos BLYOfjl:FR. E .. E:' .. ... 9 : .-Boar's Head Ovengold Breast of Turkey.: : 7.791b Sliced FlaSh in the Publix Deli SAVE UP -TO .SO.LB Publit O.li pro4iclyf...tunK a of BCNr's HeJ proc_judS Large Wh1te Shnmp ...... 4.99,., Farm-Raised, PreViously F _rozen, -3fto:35 per Pourid SAVE UP TO 3.00 W H E R E 5 H 0 .p P I N G I 5 P l E A 5 U R E .Tortilla GET ; : __ -'-. 100% Whle Can Rastllirant Sfe r Or BudweiS.er or Scoops! Family SiJ!9 or .. Select, Bite Stze Whle Can Super Size, .12:oz can or 155 a: 19-oz bag (limit two;deals SAVE UP TO t ; oo on selected adwrtised varieties.) -SAVE UP TO 4.49 r.J .. .. c.: .. : ,. Prices fftiv Thursday, August t3 thiOugh Wd.WSday, August 29, 20Q1. Onlv in the FollaNing Counties: Sumter. Pasco. uke. .... .lu, Citrus, Polk Osceob not at Publix s-.'lbor. au.Jt.t: :j--Rights R'eseM.'>d 7 : w w w p u b .In x c o m I a d .. s -' "C c: m r u; ::::t m 0 m < m ::c -< -1 c: -rn c )> z c 'T1 !! c ?=< "'D ):> G') m. ..... -.,, m


.. .. ====== LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT ===== 0 0 N N len ::::> <.:) ::::> <( > <( 0 a: u. > <( 0 a: u. 0 z <( > <( 0 en w ::J 1-> a: w > w 0 w J: en :::i co ::J a. z ;:: w ...J ..J ::J co I ...J w z ;:: z w en an1elle Or Malissa Where Service Is Our Goal www.bigboysbarbershop.com Great Job Opportunities Barbers Needed ASAP 7613 N. 56th St. Tampa, FL 33617 Phone: (813) 987-9291 "Professional Architects Of Beauty And Style" :----rniE---& 1 Conditioning 1 $55 00 1 1 Treatment 1 1 I w h s -I I !t __ Walk-Ins Welcome Oppurtunitirs Professional Atmosphere AYaila hlc f

LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT "T1 :IJ 0 'Cleaner Music' Is Theme For Ne Music Producer l> c G'l BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Staying in touch with the t emperament of the mus ic industry, Calvin "Poppa Doc" Kendrick kn ew that most aspiring artists find it difficult to shake the "street themed" hip-hop they seem drawn to. As founder of Southern City Music, Kendrick said he wants to set the tone for all companies and artists. We no longer have room in this industry for artists who insists on using the 'N' or w words in their .music. It's time we started respecting each other more." Kendrick, along with his son Martavious "Bean" Kend1ick and artists Willie Cherry, III, Zanyada Ghee, Jimmie Powell, Hanif Perez, and Javier, want to join other companies who have decided that they have .the responsibility of deciding what they want people to listen to. "We know what's popular on ideos ahd what's pla ying in cars. We also know the dif fet'ence between club music a n tl t h c k i n d C) f h i p -h o p that" s profitable.'' Kendrick a}ld h,is son do all pre-production at their rec<)rd i ng l2t\td i o, Deep Producfions, f tncl aU other acti\'iti es arc doi1e in-house. "E

ENTERTAINMENT Surprlsel Foxy Brown In Trouble Again More and more we're start> ing to think the definition of idiot, knucklehead, ass and nincompoop should be U. changed to Foxy Brown, complete with photo And w hy would we want to go there? R ea d on Brown is now b c ing acc used of lying to polic e d ur ing a traffic stop, the l atest addition to the rapper' s le gal woes. The Record of Bef.gen Co:unty, New Jersey that-:the rapper was dri v f ti.S a s :p.o1', t utility Wednesday when as :1: sto];lped for talking on a held_cell phone and failiPi;g to stop at a stop sign. ; After a check showed' the SUV.s registration had been suspended, the 27-year-old rapper, whose birth name is Inga Marchand, gave officers a variation of her real name and a date of birth that was a year off, said. When a search for the n me she gave turned no records, the officers asked: her C again for the information, and she gave her C'Orrect name a nd date of birth, aut horities a: u. c z <( ><( c CJ) w ::> 1-said. Th' e officers then learned that.Brown's license was suspended, and !;>he w.as taker). .tQ polic;e headquarters, where she was .issued seven traffic tickets and released on >--h 'er own recognizance. She a: w FOXY BROWN was told to appear in munici pal court in Mahwah on Sept. 4 The traffic stop came a day after Brown was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a neighbor in New York City's Brooklyn borough. Police said that the two women got into a fight over the rapper blasting her car stereo and that, when they passed each other on the street a few days later, Brown hurled her BlackBerry device at the woman, cutting her lip and knocking a tooth loose. Brown is already on probation after pleading guilty to assault in a 2004 dispute over paying for a manicure. Meanwhile, if you can believe it, the New York Post i., reporting that Brown is with child and is getting mar-. r ied. They quoted her as say ing, "I'm getting married in September. I'm pregnant." > w c w ::r:: Eve Ans""er CJ) ::J m :::::)' ._.,., ... Gay-Rumors_ .. -!, .. a. Both West arid Eve z have come .. recently t.o i= gay rumors that have foHowea tll_ern :throughout ...J their careers. KANYE WEST And EVE ;,. i6. : West, in Lqridon for a sur..J P!i'se show Monday night, w sp()ke to British-bas!i!d publication NME about reaction he !Z rec'eived after stating in an w interview hip hop was en "too homophobic." _agaihsthip-. different gay people who are < hop I!omophoqta, some people actually nice people Wliere I 0 were like -must came from, Chicago, being;.( it Be LOok-at the' way he's olack and being a hip-hop .dressing! And why would he "artist, we used to really disreabout it? He's a.gay spect gay people. And the said th. e artist, i$, we can't get close to new single "Stronger' : them with a 10-fo ot pole. And 'just b'ecame his first: No 1 I realized, 'Wow, how igno-in thP. U.K. "And my: rant h 'as this been?'" whoi'i:point is, I wo .tildn't "-Meanwhile, writer Clay have spoke on thai" If I was Cane spoke to rapper Eve gay OJ:'. if I was' in the-I about the subject in the new would have stayed so far issue of HX, a glossy New. away,trom it. York magazine covering gay "And I'm nightlife. Here are exceprts: myself to 'certafn. a Do you get approached by You know, I wouldn't go to a a lot by women? gay parade and feel comfortYeah, -fused tO more wh_en I able. I wouldn't ever gq to a fir8t i:ame out. fve had people gay chib or so-mething and tell lne straight up and doWI). just' be chil)fn' and grab a thatr I was gay-I still get it ;:, 'II drink." from people. I get more acciJ-.11 "It's being in the entertain-sations than_ I actually do get -' ment world, I meet so many hi t on .L Tiffany 'New York' Pollard Angers Waitress A waitress at New York club Home must have missed some key episodes of VHl's first season of "Flavor of Love" and its spinoff I Love New York," or TIFFANY 'NEW YORK' POLLARD she would've known what was in store when Tiffany "New York" Pollard entered the building and sat at her table The staffer, who is white, told the New Yorll Post that Pollard was acting ''r acist, overrated, and crazy" during her visit to the hot spot last Tuesday. I went to her table and told her I think she' s so cute and funny. Then I went to shake her hand and she looked me up and down, laughed at me and said she had a cold," said the waitress. "But immediate ly after, she shook the hand of another waitress, who is black." Next, New York told the woman that she needed to keep visual contact with new drink glasses coming to her table from the bar to make sure they come directly to her. "She told me someone drugs her drinks when she's not looking," the waitress said When the staff told her that wasn't going to happen, New York reportedly dispatched her bodyguard to the bar for her cocktails, while bottles of vodka sat on her table. "She acted like a rude, nasty pig all night," the waitress concluded. A rep for VHl said: "She was there but denied the claims about how she acted." Invasion ( ... ) Pretty good horror flick. Nicole Kidman makes it believable SuperBad [ ... ) Funny, not for kids Rush Hour [ .. *1(2] Very funny, your kids will enjoy it Stardust[ .. ) Wait for the video. Fairytale, moves slow The Bourne Ultimatum [ .... ) Action-packed thru movie Hairspray ( .. *) Good musical, funny, kids will enjoy it Harry Potter( .. *) Too long and slow, Harry fans will love it Transformer[ .. **) Actio, n packed Live, Free or Die Hard (** .. ) Action-packed, might be best action movre No Reservations (**'h) Good romantic/drarna Spider Man(**%) Pretty good action I movie too long (3 hours) Ratatouille ( .. ) Wait for video I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry[**] Average comedy, not for kids The Simpson Movie (**] Wait for the video. Not a Simpson fan. Who's Your Caddy? [**] Over the top comedy. Wait for video SickQ (***] Good Documentary on Healthcare in America. Must See' Talk To Me(***%] Don't miss this movie. Only showing at Veterans 24 Fantastic Enjoyed it. Black Director Pirates Of The Caribbean [***] Love the action, but too long. (3 hours) RATINGS **** Very Good I *** Good I **Average I Wait For Video


ENTERTAINMENT Aneurysm May Have Killed Rhames' Caretaker Ving Rhames says hi s dog s that were reporte d to have mauled caretaker Jacob Adams to death on his property are friendly and were likely trying to mov e him after a sudde n health issue had caused him to fall. "My dog s are family dog s," Rhames told P eople magazine. "Jacob didn't have any bit es on his face qr neck. H e had scratches to the middle of torso as if the dogs w e re trying to pull him over VINGRHAMES "He had a few bite mark s any part in Adams's death, on hi s arms and legs, but reports People Once Rhames there were only two imprints returned to L.A., he says he on the top and two on the botcontacted Adams's family in tom meaning the dogs didn't Toronto About a week later, clamp down on him in an he says, police and the cora aggressive fashion." ner told Rhames they had A heart attack was initially ruled out the dogs as well as mentioned as a possible ca 1se the heart attack as the cause of death. Also, a report issued of death. Friday by the medical exam"There was such a lack of iner stated Adams mos t likeblood at the scene," Rhames ly did not die from the dog 'They think bites. How qver, Rhames an aneurysm in the brain. released a statement express-They're doing a toxicology ing relief.that his dogs were report. T-hey will know [the not the cause about a week results) in six to eight weeks. the report. was Closure for me will be when puhlic. th' e coroner says what was The actor, whn was filming the cau:>e of death." in Bulgaria at thG time, says lVIeanwhile Rhames's four he pulice dogs are back home from and wrtf Ltol'd thel'e had been .f\ 'quarantine, .but the actor lack i>f bi tcis on .an{ fntar .. s ays he may have them reloarea.s, but \\'Cr: c -cntcd to a friend's l2-acre qui:.stion: in-g-:wt t fe hrid --e::;tnte in Texn::;. More services. Less money. How cool is that! Get Digital Cable, High Speed lntemet and Oigital Phone with the Digital combo Plus from Bright House Networks! Ruben Studdard To Open Club 205 RUBEN STUDDARD "American Idol" teddy bear Ruben Studdard has inked a deal with Memphisbased developer Performa Entertainment Real Estate to open a hotspot in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Tentatively called Ruben's Club 205, an ode to the season 2 winner's area code, the venue is scheduled to open in the city's new burgeoning $50 million entertainment district, reports E! Online. The club will feature a swirl of R&B and gospel mus ic for which the singer is known, Perfornia said. Pedon1ia Is also trying to ink a de'al with ('idol's" season 5 winner and fellow Diddy To Announce 'Band 4' Members Sunday Fans of MTV 's Mullin g the Band 4" will b e able to vote until the very last minute for their favorite singers to win a spot in the final lineup. The cast of MTV s "Muhing The Band 4 ," inc! uding the ten finalists -Donnie, Michael, Jeremy, Brian C, Robert, Qwanell, Willie, Brian A, DeAngelo and Dyshon will join Diddy for a live event in New York's Times Square, where the band's members will finally be announced based on votes at mtv.com. Polls will remain open until 10 p.m ET on Sunday, Aug. 26 -the date and time of the show's live event >In the season finale two weeks ago, Diddy had all ten finalists on pins and needles singing various verses, Alabama native, Taylor Hicks, for a club that would showcase the kind of musicians with whom he worked before beconiing famous. Other bus.inesses planned for the district include two hotels and dozens of clubs, shops and restaurants, slat-. ed to opeh as. soon as summer 2009. DIDDY going through choreography combintions and positioned in multiple variations. But after aH of that, Diddy announced that the voting 'public would ultimately decide who makes the band. Leading up to the big event, .fans have been -voting for their favorite band member on makinetheband.mtv.com where there have been online votes to date Also, prior to the event, fans can submit questions to D.iddy and cast via MTV.'com,"that will be pre-sented and answered dqring the live show; .. Lifestyle & Enterta i nment Television TV One is the premier lifestyle and entertainment network for African-American adults. With popular sitcoms, critically acclaimed dramas, hit movies, reality and public affairs shows, TV One showcases and celebrates African-American culture. For more information on the shows you'll see on TV One, visit TVOneonline.cpm. Watch TV One locally on Brig1ht House Networks Digital Cable channel 146. Call today! 1-866-976-EASY bright house "'T1 :D 0 )> < )> c: G'> c: CJ) -4 '1\l 1\) 0 0 -.....! ., 6 ::D a :r> (/) m z -1 z .. m r- I ,aJ c: r r-!!l z "tJ c: IIJ c CJ) ::J: m c m < m ::D < -1 c: m (/) c > < > z c ., ::D B l> -< "'C )> G'"J m 1\l ..... I aJ


fE Q z c( tn LU ::J t-> IX LU > w c w l: tn :::::i m :::) c. z j:: w -1 -1 ::;) -1 w z i= z W -0 c( c a: g LL m I N N w C!J c( c. ENTERTAINMENT Oprah's Staff Upset Over Employee Overtime Pay "Oprah Winfrey Presents" has finally set a date for its production of" A Raisi n in the Sun," a mad e -for-TV adapta tion of the Broadway revival that starred Sean Combs, Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, and Sanaa Lathan. The film will premiere F eb. 25 on ABC, the night after the network' s live broadcast of the 80th Annual Academ y Awards. The aforementioned stars of the play are also featured in the TV film, along with "ER" actor John Stamos. Based on Lorraine Hansberry's play, the story centers around a family living and struggling on Chicago's South Side in the 1950s. It was also announced Friday that ABC will air "Oprah Winfrey Presents: Mitch Alborn's For One More Day" on Dec. 9. The film, based on the best-selling book by Mitch Albom, centers on a broken-down former baseball player (Michael lmperioli) on the verge of a suicide who gets to spend one more day with his departed mother (Ellen Burstyn). Meanwhile, back at Oprah's Harpo Studios, staffers are said to be upset over an employee who managed to. 'earn $65,000 in overtime pay within a 16-week period. This would mean the woman, Carla Bird, would have worked 18 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday, the New York Post calculated. "Several weeks ago, it was discovered by accounting and human resources," a source told the newspaper. "Most employees would have been walked right out the door. Well, that's just not the case for good ol' 'Birdie.' Bird, an assistant to Winfrey's co-executive producer Lisa Erspamer, filed for 800 hours of overtime from January through April of this year. Even if Bird had worked seven-day weeks for the three months (despite Harpo employees having the first week of January oft), she would average just under 12.5 hours a day. Contractor Drops Criminal Complaint Against Ja Rule JARULE A contractor from North Jersey who won a civil judgment against Ja Rule has dropped a criminal complaint against the rapper out of fear for his safety. Contractor Joel Tobia accused the artist of paying only $5,000 of a $13,000 bill to fix a leak at his Saddle River, New Jersey home. Tobia won the $8000 balance in a civil court after Ja failed to appear. Tobia filed a criminal com plaint as well, but decided to drop the case last week because he fears ill will may come his way if he continues to pursue it. "People are asking me, do you know what you are Wido'Ner Upset With Brandy's Partying While prosecutors continue to decide if charges should be filed against Brandy for the freeway accident that led to a fatality, a judge on Friday decided to combine four civil suits against the singer into one case. Motorist Awatef Aboudihaj was killed when she was struck by a car that was rammed from behind by an SUV driven by Brandy. The entertainer currently has lawsuits pending from Aboudihaj's husband, her two kids from a previous marriage, her parents and Malory Ham, the man who survived the accident. A trial date for the combined cases is scheduled for Jan. 28 The date can't come soon enough for Aboudihaj's husband, Marquane Hdidou. TMZ.com cameras doing?" Tobia told Judge Roy F. McGeady, according to The Record. "I have two children. I am concerned. I hope you are reading between the lines." Judge McGeady dismissed the criminal charges against the rapper, who did not appear in court yesterday. BRANDY caught up with his attorney who said his client is extremely angry that he sees photographs of Brandy out at clubs so soon after the crash, which took place in December. "His wife is gone and it's very, very frustrating," he told TMZ. "It causes him extreme anger and all the emotions that one could pos sibly see that a spouse would go through when he sees Brandy out there partying, dancing, drinking, living life, enjoying life. There has been absolutely no ramifications on her at this point."


ALL MY CHILDREN: Kendall secretly gave Spike special vitamins provided by Dr turbed. Hilliard Still keeping a frightening secret, Annie made the surprising suggestion that she Ryan Zach Kendall and Spike l iv e together. After receiving a disturbing delivery that men tioned an anniversary Ann i e snuck away and ordered her lather to make the threats stop or she'll handle it herself again Coming: Ryan presses to learn Annie s deep, dark secret. AS ,tE WORLD TURNS: Gwen suffered a miscarriage and after being told she proba bly couldn t conceive again wanted fertility treatment. Carly was crushed when Jack and Katie announced their engagement only to be told by Katie that if Carly really loves Jack Katie will let him go Unable to conceal Dusty s gun with the cost being her marriage Lily turned in lfle evidence and Dusty was arrested lor murdering Cheri. Coming: Noah strug gles to keep up his facade GENERAL HOSPITAL NIGHT SHIFT: Jolene was revealed to be responsible for all the hospital's mishaps having teamed up with Lovell to help MedCam take over Suffering from a heart abscess Maxie almost died when a drugged up Andy made a m i stake dunng surgery, until Dr Leo overcame his own demons and saved her Coming: More of Toussaint's past becomes known GUIDING LIGHT : Alan admitted to drugging Harley, prompting Nat to threaten to leave town with Rafe. With Harley and Gus about to renew their wedding vows A lan lured Gus to New York by saying that Rafe i s very ill, and Harley never got the note Gus left lor her Jeffrey agreed to live with Reva, resulting in a hurting Olivia telling Jeffrey that she black ma1l.ed Reva w1th her knowledge of Jon and Sarah to get what she wanted him. Coming: BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: When Brooke told Ridge about her attack and why she won't press charges he promised that she won't lose her children, and tracked down Andy Before Andy was accidentally electrocuted, he revealed to Ridge that he had an accomplice who knows Brooke well. Ridge returned the kids to a grateful Brooke Thorne warned Stephanie to accept Donna, or lose him. Coming : Stephanie knows she has to cover her tracks Manna can' t let go of Cyrus despite the risk. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Armed with proof from Miles that Tommy is really Todd's son, T J Bla1r told Todd the staggenng news before John could stop her Lindsay was arrested for Spencer's murder and refused to deny her guilt, actions that alarmed Marcie Antonio sold his share of the vineyard to Jared. Coming : Todd wants his son-right now QAY.S OF OUR LIVES: Andre almost killed Sami Lucas and EJ, while, without a donor was the edge of death Bo intended to trap Andre by staging a funeral lor Stefano knowmg a vengeful Andre would turn up. Meanwhile, Benjy was abducted and used as the liver donor then left to die until he was found just in time. Coming: Philip isn' t going to let Belle easily walk out of h i s life PASSIONS: Alistair told a shocked Theresa that he poisoned the strawberries Ethan ate but they were meant for her Whitney and Chad's arrival stopped Alistair from strangling Theresa wh1le Ethan was rushed to the EA. Pretty was crushed to see Luis and Fancy makmg love: Alista1r cap1talrzed on Pretty's misery by using her to launch a plot against Fancy. Commg: Shendan has startling news for Luis GENERAL HOSPITAL: Trevor denied Sonny s accusation that he's in town to help a mob boss take over, but later reported to Anthony Zacchara about So.nny. After forcing Ric _to drop the charges against Kate, Trevor wasn't pleased when she wouldn't sleep with him, and angnly noted her concern lor Sonny. Jason vowed to kill an unremorseful Sam if she ever tries to harm again Coming: Carly and Jax's reunion doesn't remain undisYOUNG AND RESTLESS: Phyllis was horrified to receive a long jail sentence Noah revealed that he learned about Brad and Sharon's affair on the Internet and wants to live with Nick. Following a near tragedy, Jana's surgery was successful, much to Kevin's relief. Kay offered to put J_ill back in_ her will if she stops Ji Min from going to the press about Jack ownmg Jabot. Commg: Phyllis dreads leaving everyone she loves. IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK ... expect unique reminders and subtle emotional requests. Long-term relationships will require detailed commitments, public celebrations and social revision. Romantic partners will be Jlighly motivated to pursue family improvements. Take time to thoroughly explain your needs, values and ideas. Agreements reached over the next few months will tend to remain for several years. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Yesterday's financial obligations may be challenged or redefined. Expect long term romantic, trusted room mates or business partners to carefully practical goals and shared Don't be unnerved ; others may need to publicly clarify .. their role Stay focused and use this time to gently probe key officials for private information. LIBRA (Sept. 23-0ct. 23). Employment contracts will work strongly in your favor. After several weeks of stalled workplace negotiations bosses and managers will respond positively to new suggestions 9or!'t l'lold back ; you r emoti.Onal style wirl-sway public opinioif. A fnend or love r may annoul'}ce travel or family plans. Offer enthusiasm SCORPI9 (Oct. 24-Nov. 22): Many Scorpios can expect a rare social commentary from a friend or colleague. Romantic innuendo, TOP VIDEO RENTALS 1 The Number 23, New Line Cinema, R 2. 300, Warner Bros., R 3. Hot Fuzz, Rogue Pictures, R 4. Zodiac, Warner Bros., R 5. Premonition, Sony Pictures, PG-13 6. Pathfinder, 20th Century Fox, R 7. The Hills Have Eyes II, 20th Century Fox, R 8. The Contract, Furia Films, R 9. Firehouse Dog, 20th Cehtury Fox, PG 10. Shooter, Paramount Pic tures, R TOP POP ALBUMS hidden social information and power dynamics in the workplace r:nay be prime topics Don't believe all that is revealed; privacy and disi::re-1 Finding;f:orever, Coin-lion will prove invaluable. mon, G.O.O.DJGeffen SAG 2. Untitled, Korn, Virgin ITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21). A close friend may need to 3. Now 25, Various artists, examine difficult family or romantic choices. Be supportive but refus e u n i v e r s a 1/ E M 1/ s 0 n y to act as mediator or -be drained by intense emotions The BMG/Zomba dramas of loved ones will be misleading. Remain cheerfully detached, 4. Hairspray, Soundtrack, 1f poss1ble: this is not the right time to challenge strong opinions New Line CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20). Group activities are unexpeciedly 5. Hannah Montana 2: Meet pleas1ng. Powerful social and romantic rewards may arrive through Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, bus1ness a11_1ances or ne-.y introductions. Respond quickly to';!;tll 'Nalt Disney/Hollywood mv1tat1ons; potent1al fnends will ask lor your undivided attention. : 6 : Sean Kingston, Some Capricorns will experience a compelling wave of social and Kingston, Beluga romantic insight. Heights/Koch/Epic (Jan. 21-Feb. 19). Long-term romance will experience 7. Kids, K!dz Bop a bnef phase of sentimentality. Expect loved ones to reveal fingering 12, Razor & y1e doubts or deep feelings of regret. Areas affected are broken promis-8: T J. Vs. TJ., Grand es, family relations or the absence of trusted friends .:'t 'our support is needed. Stay strong _9 The:D "uchess;-PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20). Family communications may : be unusually mtense At present, loved ones will1 need extra time to 1.: .. 11 0k: !VJidmght, ad t to h h n m ; Park Mactilne Shope c orne rol.es or late amvmg obhgat1ons. Areas .. are romantic o( social planning and family support Remain open and wait for clear ARIES (March 21-Apri! 20) / Love relationships will no longer:be .. by outside ipfluences or strong family opinion$_, : ,; TOp PQp; SINGLES Expett a new wave of rQmamlc acceptance to move stalled relation. :; ships forward. Aries natives born late in March may also : jll!autiful Girls, Sea: n fast home proposals. if so, stay focused. : Heights TAURUS (April 21-May 20). Family stories, past social Cry, relationships may be strong themes. Long-term be eas1Jy seduced by yesterday's illusions Diplomacy and howevef, are important. Be patient; private fears may revealed. .. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Rental agreements or short:term Keri :':Hilson; a'!'angements may be bliefty delayed. Pay special attention .. mmute debts or financial requests. Loved ones will demand Rlhanna ; featursupport, or revised promises. Be flexible. Friends and lng relatives may need to. question the actions of authority figures Don1 6.-. t c G) c (f) -1 N N 0 0 """' "TI r 0 ::D c )> en m z :j z m r I o:J c r r !!l z o:J c (f) :J: m c m < m ::D -< -1 c m (f) c )> z c ."TI ::D c sh1p to a new level. Discuss financial limits with loved ones 9. Me Better., Fabolous, LEO (July 2:J.;Aug. 22). Romantic attractions may be undeniable : featu'ring Ne-Vo, Desert 5 Crank Th f (S r B ) : : .. ; ... .. oy ....... : .. ... ..... ...... _. .. ,. .... ; ;iQUIJa Boy "tJ 6. 4Jqy, : .. _.:;./.; .......... ; .. : ...... : ...... YLing l> Watch for potential lovers to offer subtle invitations or seductive comStorm!Def Jam ments. Go slow, however, and wait for reliable public statements. 10. 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Family and friends celebrated the 93rd birthday of Mrs. Beatrice Austin-Sims with an elegant Dinner Party hosted by John and Joyce Austin. Mrs. Austin-Sims is a life-long member of Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church. She has been a faithful member for 57 years. Rev. T. D. Leonard is pastor. Mrs. Austin-Sims was elegantly dressed in a floor length soft baby blue chiffon dres s. She gracefully greeted each guest with a warm smile Mrs. Austin-Sims is the mother of John Austin, Inez Austin-Sims, Rhudine Austin-Curry, Shirley Austin, Betty Austin-Hammonds decea s ed). Daughtu-in-law, Joyce Turner-Austin; granclchildrt>n, Atty. John Franklin and Linnell Franklin I Madison, Wise. l, Robert Austin 1St. Pete), Dr. Felicia AustinTolliver (Houston, TXJ, Atty. Iyana Titus (Brooklyn, New York), Yvonne Curry-Aigoro, Sherif Aigoro, Harold Sims, Beatrice Sims, Tia Young, Victor Young and Tawanda Franklin. Great grandchildren are, Taylor Young and Jaimen Franklin. In addition to the family, those in attendance at the Dinner Party were, Atty. and Mrs. Frank Stewart, Atty. ,and Mrs. Fred Rothenberg, Clarence Lee, George Turner, Lorenzo Turner !Jacksonville), Bob and Andrea Wimberley, Sandra Price Smith, Patricia Roberts, Bob and Lillie Samuels, Vera Cassell and Mr. and Mrs. Lomax Mcintyre. (Photos by Lomax Mcintyre) L-R: Rhudine Curry and Inez Sims,_ children of Mrs. AustinSims, and George Turner. Great-grands and grandchildren pose with honoree: Taylor Young and Mrs. Austin-Sims. L-R; Harold Sims, Dr. Felicia Austin-Tolliver, Tia Young, Yvonne Curry-Aigoro and Robert Austin. ATTY. FRANK STEWART AND LORENZO TURNER LILLIE SAMUELS ANDRIA WIMBERLEY From left, Victor Young. Joyce Austin. Mary Sue and Atty. Fred Rothenberg. r "''-t


East Tampa Partnership Accepting Nominees For Executive Committee O The East Tampa Revitaliza-a: tion Partnership is now u.. accepting nominations for mission of the ETCRP. Any person can register with the city's Division of East Tampa Development or during any ETCRP meeting. Registered members must s ign-in on the official m embership roster upon attendance of each ETCRP meeting to log individual attendance patterns throughout the fiscal yea r election to the Executive Committee, the management team of the ETCRP. Please submit all nomina tions in writing to the Ad Hoc Nominations Committee Chairman, Ronald T. Brookins, by fax (813) 3156970; by email: executivedi rector@chapnet. org; by deliv ery or postal mail: Brookins Pointe, 3554 North 29th Street, Tampa, Florida 33605. In order to qualify for election and to secure voting rights, you must be a regis tered member of the ETCRP who has attended a minimum of two (2) consecutive meet ings within the same year of the scheduled election On August 28th at 6 :30 p.m., a candidates' forum will be held that will also serve as the close for accepting nominations to the Executive Committee. Membership is open to anyone interested in participating C in the implementation of the i:i: East Tampa Community "-Revitalization Plan and other c The ETCRP 2007 Elections Meeting will take place Tuesday September 11, 2007 at 6:30 p.m The location for both meetings is the Cyrus Green Park Community Center, 2007 East Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard. If anyone has any questions regarding the elections, please contact Ronald Brookins at (813) 247-6800. z activities that promote the c( c C/) w :J > a: w > w c w l: C/) ::::i m :J a. z ti .J .J :J m I .J w z i= z w C/) c( c State Be Fed. W. C. Claims Certified by Michigan State University All Job-Related Injuries Change Treating Physic:}ans Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C.f Race Discrimination ROi5ERicK FORD FREE CONSULTATION! (813) 223 (Except For Pure Title VII Cases) 220 E. Madison Street Suite 1207, Tampa, FL 33602 Via it ua on-line et:WWW.FOROLAW.ORC. (FOrmer lf.S. Army jACC Attorney) Thr or" hnyrr ls an lmportRnt drcblon thAt ... hould not be hased Before l'OU dec-Ide, 11.1k u. to send rru wrlncn Information .-,ut our Jeraldine Williams Smith Attorney-At-Law 2504 East 12th Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 248-8060 Phone (813) 248-8282 Fax Areas Of Practice: Probate Property Criminal Appeals 0 .J u. 0 I N w The hiring a lawyer i.'i an important decision and shrAitd not be b3St'd solely upon 3dvertiscmenrs Before you dec1de. ask us to send you free wrinen infnnnation 3f'Mmt our anct experittlce LOCAL Interns Get First-Hand Experience At Supervisor Of Elections Office Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, Buddy Johnson, is shown with 'iiummer interns Shiva Threatts, Briana Huggins, and Herold Lord. When it comes to learning, nothing takes the place of hands-on experience And for three bright young adults, that's exactly what they received at the Supervisor of Elections Office. College Students Briana Huggins, Shiva and Herold Lord spent an event-filled summer as interns for Supervisor Buddy Johnson and came away with hea.thy respect for the office and the staff "I wanted to provide an opportunity for students to learn about the elections process, leadership and team development," Johnson said. "There's an enormous amount of work planning for and holding an election it's a year-round job," said Briana, a sophomore at Florida International University majoring in inter national business. Shiva was amazed at the number of workers needed during election time. She spent much of her summer helping Diana Jones, who is in charge of roster of some A politi cal sctence maJor at Speln1an University, she plans to enter law school upon graduation. Herold partnered with Briana to help SOE staff analyze the new election laws passed by. the Florida Legislature earlier this year. Herold recently graduated from the University of South Florida and hopes to eventually go on to law school. Briana said she often hears students say their vote doesn't count. 'They don't see the bigger picture. I just hope that our age group realizes the power we have to make a difference," Shiva said. The program was such a huge success we are exploring the possibility of expanding it next year and pmtnering with local colleges and universities. Having young people get involved in the elections office serves many purposes," Johnson said. -----FOR YOUR INFO -: forthe Scholarship Gala September 22, One Unique Individual.: One Diverse Law Firm. JoYNER & JoRDAN-HOLMES 1112 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33602 info@ilhlaw.net I www.jjhlaw .net 813.229.9300 The hiring of a lawyer Is an important decision and should not be based upon advertisements Before you decide, ask us to sencfyoo free written information about o..quatifications and experience. please call (8i3) 231-2331.


::0 0 LOCAL --Annual Back To School GiveaYiay DraVIs Large CroYid }< l> c: C> c CJ) More than 3,200 people were on hand for the Seventh Annual Back To School Supply Giveaway, held on Sunday, August 12th, from 12 p m. until 6 p.m. It was held at Regan Park Community Center, 1200 E. Lake Avenue. Ms. Tonya Lewis, founder of Children With A Vision, Inc. and event organizer, was joined by more than 200 business owners who donated time, energy, financial contributions, or supplies to make the event a success. (Photos by Jerry Brunson.) Ms. Tonyu Lewis, founder of Children With A Vision, Inc., is shown with businessman Joe Redner, one of the sponsors of the c,ent. NEED A CAR? CALL DUANE THE MAIN MAN OF CAR SALES NEW CARS & USED CARS I'M SLASHING S 1000 TO S3000 OFF THE PRICE OF ANY CAR THIS WEEKEND ONLY! 3308 W. Hillsborough Ave. (813) 872-7746 CALL OR COME IN AND ASK FOR ME DUANE HAMILTON "The Main Man Of Car Sales" Allroun u1 ders, Inc. Residential & Commercial Over 25 Years Construction Experience Locally Owned And Operated New Construction Room Additions, Carpentry, Masonary. Plumbing Concrete Windows Remodeling Custom Homes. Painting Electric, Drywall, Driveways Doors, Additions, ETC 9241 N. 56th St., Tampa, FL M-F 8:30A.M.-5:30P.M. Saturday 9 A. M. 1 P. M. (813) 985-0033 Fax: (813) 988-8980 Lmr Rates Friendly Atmosplun You' rt \ 0 h. \\ it h L DUI Friendly, Hardship License, Suspended License, State Filing SR-22 Owners and Non Owriers Lmve.'lt Rate.'! /11 Towll \\101'\'IR\'\11 ,\: 1"0\l\!II{(J\1 \!10 D. J. Tony provided music for the event. Poet, LIFE was on hand. Kashondra and Devin Carter were among the hundreds of people on hand for the back to school gi"eaway held at Regan Park. Ciera Dupree and Nicole Reese were in attendance at the 7th Annual Back To School Supply Give Away sponsored by Children With A Vision, Inc. Ms. Marisol O'Bryan and Ms. Darlene Johnson repre sented Bank of America, and little Zion Avery. Natalie Richards, left, anJ Renee Brown, owner of Ladies Of The Sea Re staurant. -1 1\) 1\) 0 0 ......, r 0 ::D CJ) m Charmaine, Heisman, Z Jenall, Tre, and Stephanie m were among those in atten dance at the back to school E slveaway. 5 z c CD r u; :X: m c m < m ::D -< -4 c m CJ) Those in attendance at the event were entertained by c Youth United Marching Bobcats and Git-It Girl Dancers. l> z c :2 < C) m w I 0


,.... 0 0 N LOCAL N .... C/) Kappa Silhouettes Attend Grand Chapter Meeting :::J (.!' TI1e Grand Chapter Meeting of profit tax-exempt entity of the fraternity. The mission of the foundation is to improve the quality of life for African American communities though physical, intellectual, economical and spiritual pursu its Tamp ans, Gwen Miller, wife of Kappa brother, Les Miller and Lucille Morris, wife of Kappa brother, :::J Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc < conl(ened July 10-15, 2007 in Minneapolis, MN. Several Tampa C Kappas and their Silhouettes (wives) were in attendance. ff The National Silhouettes, an auxiliary of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. donated $8,ooo to the Kappa Foundation a non-(.) I w ALFIE HOUSE Sisterlock Consultant & Master Loctician @ Trenda's & Teddy's Hair Salon 9008 N. 40th Street Sisterlocks Retighten Design Braids Design Braids On Dreads & Sisterlocks $50 $85 &Up No Weppor Formed Against Me Shall Prosoer www.m yspace'.comf.thefastestloctician Pfease Check Out My Website "Seeing Is Believing" Call Trenda Nails (813) 516-5579 Magazine Coming In December '07 Please Get In It Featuring: Hair Salons Barbershops Beautv & ," Wig Shops.-. oner Extended Jhru August 2001 GWENDOLYN MILLER National Silhouettes President Harry Morris are Silhouette national officers. At the foundation luncheon on July 13th, the Silhouettes raffled $1,300. National Executive Assistant, Lucille Morris, assisted by National President, Gwen Miller, announced the Y>inners: Ron McFarland, East St. Louis, $1,000 Dawn Peterson, Riverview FL, $ 100 Velma Foster, Huntsville AL, $100 Howard Clarence, Brook land, NY, $10o. President Miller presented an $8,ooo check on behalf of the National Silhouettes to Grand Polemarch, Samuel Hamilton. President Miller was e lect e d at the 41st -National Silhouette meeting in Charlotte, NC. She called her first executive board meeting to order on July 9, 2007 at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis. More than 125 Silhouetres registered, including 11 widows LUCILLE MORRIS National Executive Assistant The women also remembered deceased silhouettes during the conference. One Southern Province silhouette, a former Province Coordinator, Teresa Goss, from the Tampa Bay area was remembered. Meetings were strictly business and important issues were debat ed. However, th ere were numer ous enjoyable activitie to share: Midtown Global Market, Shopping Extravaganza, Community Health Fair, Job Fair, Komedy Knight, Twin Cities Tour, Grand Chapter Co ncert, Fitness Walk, Kappa Midnight Kruise on the Mississippi, Silhouettes Derby Hat Day, Step Show, Kappa C h oir Con cert Red an d White Fa mil y day Cookout games for all ages and plenty of home cooked food at the Loring Park. There were also vendors that had lots of Greek parnph e r nalia The Black and White Ball concluded the convention. Tampa Alumni Silhouett es r eg istered were: Constance Drew, Lucille Morris, Barbara Ragin, Susie McArthur and Gwendolvn Miller. Ms. Dee's World Of Beauty A 3720Vz D.-. Martin Luther King Blvd. Tampa, FL 33610 (Behind Cluh Classic) 6 } 813-247-4368 JB(A)IDII Retouch Only $30.00 (Virgin Relaxer Extra) With Wrap Or Roller Set Other Services Available For-Additional Fee (Must Prepay For Special) Sunday, September 2nd, 2007 8:30A.M Until Finish First Come, First Sene Walk-Ins-Welcome


nty ews Church's Anniversary Pre-Musical Celebration Greater St. Paul Missionary Baptist Institutional Church, Inc., held their Church's 91st Anniversary Pre-Musical Celebration on Sunday, July 8, 2007, at 6 p. m. The ceremony was as foil Rev. Larry Roundtree, II -Master of Ceremony; Devotional Moments; Scripture -Min. Tone' R. Lundy, I; Prayer -Rev. Hugh Strafford; Congregational Selection; Introduction of Master of BRO. CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY lntroduce..t of Ceremony SIS. SHYNEA ANTHONY Welcome Address 0 Ceremony -Bro. Christopher Anthony; Welcome -Sis. Shynea Anthony; Choirs and Soloists in Concert, Part 1; Offering -Bro. Kenneth and Sis. June Zipperer, and Dea. Donald and Sis. Sonya Royster; Choirs and Soloists in Concert, Part II; Invitation to Discipleship; Appreciation -Sis. Sameye Roundtree; Announcements -Anniversary Committee; and Closing Remarks and Benediction -Pastor Dr. N. S. Sanders. REV. LARRY ROUNDTREE, II Master of Ceremony Father and son duo, Gary a nd Francis from Voices of Harmony, Charleston, SC. M.; : and Mrs. Chatmon, guest duofrom Church Without are in-laws of the _Master o( Rev." '!" ... .. SAMUEL ROLAND Gospel Recording Artist From Lakeland LUCILLE POE Pianists TIM ROUNDTREEGreater St. Paul Piani..'lt/OrganiAt Ms. Yqung"s Group members from ,arious churches. : r-=:. "TT j" 0 :::0 CJ) m z -4 z m r;CD c: ,... ,... !!l z c: CD ,... Ci5 :::1: m c m < m -4. c: m CJ) 0 -)> Z c "TT :::0 6 (


POLK COUNTY NEWS Gabbi11!f with Gloria Appreciation Service An Appreciation Service for Presiding Elder Rev. and Mrs. F. Bernard Lemon was held on August 13, 2007, as all roads led to New Bethel AME Church, Lakeland, Rev. Pearce Ewing, Pastor. On Sunday evening at 4 p m. the participants of the live ly Lakeland District AME Churches included Polk coun ty and the surrounding areas. This most Holy program was led by Rev. Laura White, Pastor at Mt. Zion AME, Bartow and the Presiding Officers. The program was as follows : The Call to Worship -Q Congregants; the Congrega-0: tiona! Hymn was led by Rev. "-Theolia Williams, St. Mark AME, Haines City; Prayer -c( Rev. Johnny Bryant, New Mt. Olive, Orlando; along a with 13 more churches that. 0 participated in uplifting songs and praises honoring the ._ beloved Presiding Elder Rev. and Mrs. Laurastine w Lemon. > The praises in song began W with the choirs in attendance: fa St. James from Bartow, Rev. l: Lucius Dorsey; New Bethel 0 of Winter Haven, Rev. Denzil Brumfield; Ivey ::: Chapel of Nacatee, Rev. Ella A. Edwards; Mt. Sinai of Z Medula, Rev. 'Willie Mae Hogan; Allen Temple of Lake :: Wales, Rev. James Cleare; :::t Mt. Pleasant of Lakeland, rD Rev. Linda Hayes; St. Mark .:, of Davenport, Rev. Elizabeth Bowland; Greater &: Mt. Zion of Arcadia, Rev. dj Lonnie Gray; Hurst Chapel 0 of Winter Haven, Rev. cc Ronnie Clark; Greater C Bethel of Lake Placid, Rev. ii: Robert Shannon; St. Paul of g Ft. Meade, Rev. 'Jasabell U. Taylor; and New Bethel of Lakeland, Rev. Pearce Ewing. The DistriCt component pre sentations to the honored duo were words of praises, monetary gifts, bouquets of flowers, personal gifts and other acknowledgements (rom YPD, Women's Missionary Society, Minister Spouses (we have three male spouses who are happily married to wives in the AME Ministry); Sons of Allen; Lay Organization and the Church' School. The Lakeland District in Prayer-Rev. Linda Hayes; Presentations from Pastors and Churches -Rev. Ronnie Clark; Remarks by Rev. F. Bernard Lemon, and his q ueenly wife, Mrs. 0 Laurastine Lemon. ch The chairpersons of this w event were: Rev. Ella CJ. Edwards and Rev. Shirley If Williams. The 'Lemon 1225 N. lincoln Avenue Lakeland, Fl 33805-4259 (863) 688-2095 Fax. (863) 687 3409 Team" were God's servant leaders for the Kingdom of God for such a time as this. They exemplify the wisdom and excellence of God and lead by precept and example, as a result of legacy that will last forever in the lives of clergy, laity and youth. Their fruits of labors hosted an anointed and informative District Conference with a foundational theme: "Change Without Compromise In A Post Denominational Era." The Annual District Scholarship Banquet was a success as Pastors and Laity joined the Lemon Team, a living legacy that will last in the lives of twelve youth We give great honors to the Lemon Team, Presiding Elder Rev. and Mrs. F. Bernard Lemon. Retirement Ceremony Attending the Retirement Ceremony in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Eugene G. Peterson, Jr. on August 16, 2007, at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida were: Dr. and Mrs. Abraham Peterson of Tennessee, his uncle and aunt; Betty Smith Porter, his aunt from Lakeland; Ms. Jeannine, his cousin; Mr. Eugene G. Peterson, his father; a .nd Brian Peterson, his son. His beloved mom was the late Helen S. Peterson. Lt. Col. Peterson, a native of Lakeland, is married to the former Annette Peter of Rottweil, Germany. They have three children, Frederick and Benjamin, and a daughter, Evelena Cousin-Peterson of Marietta, GA. Among his education nota bles: He received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, U. S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, Master of Strategic, U .. S Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA; Army War College, Distance Education. Among the awards and decorations received were: Defensive Meteritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, and Combat Readiness Medal Oak Leaf Cluster. The sequence of events was as follows: Narrator Welcome, Arrival of Official Party, National Anthem, Remarks -Colonel Dragoo, Retirement Ceremony, Remarks -Lt. Col. Peterson, Flag Folding Ceremony (Hurlburt Honor Guard), Departure of Official Party Post Ceremony gathering with family and ceremoni al officers. Congratulations on your retirement from active duty after more than 24 years in the United States Air Force. Your family, the Lakeland community, Church family and Harmony M B Church wish you well. Get Well Get well wishes to Mr. Charles 'Bubba' Hamilton, Sr., who, is confined to Lakeland Regional Medical Center, a faithful Sentinel reader and member of Pilgrim Rest F. W. Baptist Church and to his spouse, Mrs. Deloris Hamilton. Also in need of your prayers are: Jeanette Davis, Ida Johnson, Barbara Seabron. Martha Cooper and Jaunita Richardson, 6th Street). August Celebrants Happy birthday to those celebrating their natal day in August First Baptist Inst. Church Rev. Alex Harper, Sr., Pastor and congregation send birthday greetings to: Brothers Steffery "Chuck" Joyner, Colin Powell (yes we have a namesake in Lakeland), and Johnny McGriff; Sisters Marilyn Bennett, Bessie McLeod, Maydene Fields, Danielle Wright, Latha M. Speed, Darlene Bennett and Earlene Hogan. Christ Community Christian Center Walter K. Laidler, Jr., Pastor and members extend birthday greetings to: Sisters Terry Broadnax. and Cheryl Boddie, Brothers Michael Jackson, Sr. and Christian Waiker. A Day Of Celebration A Day of Celebration with Evangelist Retha Benefield, formerly Polk County's Greatest Gospel Soloist and Anointed Evangelist will be held on Sunday, August 26, 2007, at 4 p. m. at New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, 430 Smith Road, Polk City, FL, 33868, Rev. Gina Griffin-Brown is pastor. For info visit the website newbethelamepolkcity@yahoo or call (863) 868-4204. Gloria's Things & Other Things Good Answer Let's Smile Awhile! A reporter was interviewing an 104-year-old woman and asked, "And what do you think is the best thing about being 104?" She simply replied, "No peer pressure. She's New To Football A guy took his girlfriend to her first football game. Afterwards, he asked her how she liked the game. She said, "I like it, but I couldn't understand why they were killing each other for 25." She said, "Well, every one kept yelling, 'Get the quarterback -get the quarterback'! SHAW-NUF TALK Business Beat Debra L. Wright has joined the Blackmon Roberts Group, Inc. (BRG) as Business Development Director. BRG is a national Public Planning and Management Consulting firm located in Lakeland and Miami, Florida. Cindy Sharp, a Crime Prevention Practitioner with the Lakeland Police Department's Community Services Unit. Cindy recently received recognition, by the Lakeland City Commission, for 10 years of service to the citizens of Lakeland. Her role is to work with and educate the neighborhood watch groups and within the Southeast District of the city. She also renders crime prevention presentations to educate the citizens The Learning Resource Center (LRC) of Polk County held its annual Board Retreat on July lOth at the Casa Lorna Clubhouse. The 2007-2008 Board of Trustees are: Executive Committee: Jon Brock, President; Curt Wheeler, First Vice President; Stephen Chapman, Second Vice President; Matthew Cantrall, Immediate Past President; Tom Watson, Treasurer; and .Karen Kovach, Secretary; Board Representatives: Mark Thompson, Wash Respess, Cauney Bamberg, Krista Gospodinova, Cathy Kennedy, and Ken Menefee. Board of Trustees: Hugh Autry, Alyce Badcock, Joyce Barclay, Kristin Carlson, Michael Carter, Walt Engle III, Dr. Marshall Goodman, Dr. Paula Leftwich, Lyle Phillipson, Phyllis Sharp, Dr. Robert Tate, and Debra Wright. Pamela Craven is the Executive Director of LRC and the Youth Trustee is Austen Snodgrass. Birthday Celebration August 17, 2007 was truly a great day for me. For I celebrated 48 years of life on this earth! Many thanks to Earl Haynes, Judith Haggins, Angela Harvey, Rosa Gant, Peggy Payne, Rodney Ford, Naquaisha Cowart, Rodney Watson, Jr., Vanessa Johnson, and John Doles for 'showing the love' on my special day! And on that evening, at church, I enjoyed pizza after our Backto-School LIFE/Kids Night Out with our Pastor, Elder Shelton Faison, Leading Lady, Katrena Faison, Deacon Johnnie Wilkerson, Youth Leaders, Mary Rogers, Alexis Dickerson and Rosa Gant (again); and some of our youth, Ebony, Jarrice, Shavonn, Keonna, Michael, Shelton, and Jessica-Faith. Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out! This week's Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out! goes to Ms. Joyce, Nedra, Faye and Precious of New Creations II in Lakeland. Thanks for blessing your customers with service and style with lifeenhancing education arid a smile .. and keeping it real! Heart E. Mae Says ... By being in constant remembrance on Him, 1 can live in perfect peace. 'Thou wilt lleep him in per fect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee Isaiah 26.3 Birthday Greetings Wishes for a Happy Birthday go out to: Tyler 'T.J.' Strong Sharonda Strong and Rolonda PolkSealey (Aug. 26th); Earl Haynes, Resident Services Director, Lakeland Housing Authority, (Aug. 29th); and Vanessa Johnson, (Aug. 29th). Talk To Shaw-Nuf Tell Shaw-Nuf Talll about your church events, birthday celebrations, weddings, fami ly reunions, baby showers, accomplishments, etc., that. you want to share with the readers of. the Florida Sentinel Bulletin, and I'll talk about it tn Shaw-Nuf Talk. You can contact me via e-mail at shawnuftalk@yahoo.com or by calling (863) 513-8437. I hope to hear from you soon! Muscadine 1 Bullet. GraDes You Pick-9802 Joe Ebert Road Seffner, FL (813) 857-4586 (813) 986-2942


POLK COUNTY NEWS ---Greater St. Paul M. B. lnst.'s 91st Church Anniversary BY GLORIA L. JENNINGS Pastor N S. Sanders a n d m e mb e rs h e l d a remarkabl e and spirited 9 l s t Church Anniversar y gala, s pear head e d by chair, Sis. Willie M. Hargrett. The fe stivities began with a Pre-Anniversary Musical celebration on July 8th. They .continued the c e l ebration )and worship services with three gues t churches in and around Lakeland. The grand conclu s ion cel e bration was Sunday, July 15, 2007 at the 11 a m service h eralded by Greater St. Paul's Firs t Family and Friends Day Ever! Special guest organist, Bro. John McWhorter of Kansas, Missouri, who mesmerized the congrega:nts with his inspirational accompanim ents, the choir and pi a ni s t. Pastor N. S. Sanders' brie f message came from Ephesians 4:1-7 a n d St. J o hn 13 : 13. S i s t e r Alice. Walke r staunch membe r, presente d a n ew Bibl e t o be u se d in th e pulpit. Morn in g servi ces continue d a ft e r t h e b e n e di c ti o n with a d e li cious soul food dinne r with all the trimmings, including: baked turkey, chicken, yellow rice, mouthwatering dressings with gravy salads, tea, and a home m ade assortment of cake s The s p ecial guest s who w ere seated and dined lavishly were our dedicated senior citizens. Others enjoyed the conversations t hatflowed while waiting to be seated and served Colors for this grand occasion were royal blue infused with a varie t y of shade s of blue, sil v e r and white The theme was, "The Churc h Building Stronge r R elati on s h i p s (Conn e ction s) Through L a u e." Pastor Sanders sl'lown with guest organist, Bro. John Kansas, Missouri who thrilled the audience with inspirational and contemporary gospel hymns accompanied by the Greater St. Paul Choir. Bond Motions Felony Misdemeanors Traffic Warrants VOP Personal Injury 3111 W. MLK Ste.lOOTampa, FL (813) 774-1800 Z chuckgrecnc@hotmail.com l;] lla:-,._..,.a b wyn i. a 1 m .. .,:Mr .ih.'lllo.IDo .. he-twaiN H ... t\ 'II""D U r l o n \"o'll.lol:'\i.'\lr, ll'k u !:Mit.l \"" brr "lilk'ft inlmiooaahU ,,.. opalif ... IQ \ at RRESTED;-..... Yor legalllgllts ore lfs Too later Felonies DUI/TraffiC Misdemeanors Juvenile Law ;,. Drug. Arrests SEtx Offenses Probation Violations Domestic Violence 1st Appearances Expunge or Seal Records Bond Hearings Outstanding Warrants Appeals/Post Conviction Relief Avoid Unecessary COW"' Appearances lAWOFRCJ, I VICTIRIA A. HllMBER8 CaiMIIAl TIIAl AniiiEY Free Telephone Consultation Tampa 813-281 -0103 Pinellas 727-736-0402 ""TJJe ..... of ....,_ Is .........,.dltdslontiNdl ..... not ......... .. ...,.........._ a.toNyoudltc:Wa.-.kh ..,...loMndyou MRS. BETTY SANDERS First Lady Mrs. MaryH. Bunch, member, rendered a beautiful reading honoring the Church's Anniversary and the First Family & Friends Day at St. Paul. The 91st Church Anniversary Chairperson, Willie M. Hargrett (center) is shown with her grandson Rodney McDougle and "ife from Jacksonville. 505 East Jackson St. Suite #303 : Tampa, FL, 33602 (813) 387-7724 BANKRUPTCY Stop Foreclosure & Creditor's Hrusrnent REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILYLAW Practicing.Lt1w In: Criminal Defense Family Law Personal Injury Attorney & Cow1se/or At Lmr Point Office Park 10014 N Dale Maorv. Suite 101 Tampa. Florida ":1361 N (813)269-9706 Fax:(813)960-0641 n f a 101\\' Y(f i"' :m ,k4"j,.;,,. lll;l l .. hnuhl Ul No ;kl wrti'-t l k'll l ... l'f,.r<' \ ''"' k .. ;.k. n < ,,, " c C> c C/) -t 1\l 1\l 0 0 ....a


"' 0 0 N POLK COUNTY NEWS Greater St. Paul en a M. B. lnst.'s 91st :::> Church Anniversary 0 a: u. c a: LL. c z <( c (/) w ;:::) w > w c w :J: CJ) Looking Mrs. Johnnie M ,Anderson; is shown with ::i Brothers Clifford Johnson .and Curtis Palmore, as they enjoyed m dinner in The ,Dr. N. S. Sanders Fellowship & Life Center after the 11 a. m. service. z ..J ..J ;:::) m ...:. w z i= z w (/) ( 0 ..J LL. in the Harbor Club Lounge $5 Cover charge Nightly Give-a-way Follow8d by OLD ScHOoL ... OJ) from 11 Pll TO UNTIL Alpha P h i A lpha Fraternity, Inc., National Convention (L-R) Polk County Alpha Brothers: Rev. Thomas Lunsford, Phillip Walker, Randy Barnes, Anthony Broadna-x, Ernie Ivey Attorney Larry Hardaway and Donzell Floyd. The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, was the setting for the 10 1st Anniversary Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, August 9-13, 2007 Alpha Brothers from around the world were in attendance and had a grand time, while taking care of the business at hand. The historic and precedent setting Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial fundraising effort is on schedule, and ground will be broken in 2Q08. This $100 million monument, spearheaded by the Alpha Brothers, will b e locate d on the Mall in Washington, DC. For full details, please visit the website www .buildthe dream.org. Alpha Phi Alpha, this nation's oldest, largest and only predominantly African Americans Fraternity founded on an lv. y League Campus, began on December 4-, 1906, at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. The brothers celebrated the Alpha Centennial last year. Polk. County Brothers (Mu Zeta Lambda Chapter) in attendance in Orlando were: GIBBS& P.A. .Attorneys At Law (813) 975-4444 1-800-711-5452 NEWT: La ers om PERSONAL INJURY-AND WRONGFUL DEATH Randy Barnes, Lynwood Bell, Anthony Broadnax, Donzell Floyd, Attorney Ken Glover, Attorney Larry Hardaway, Reginald Hutcherson, Ernie lvey, Laveral King, Rev. Thomas Lunsford, Rev. Howard Mathis, and Phillip Walker. Also in attendance w a s Polk County (Winter Haven Natives): Anton Frazier and Greg Floyd, who now reside in Orlando and both are current members of the Orlando Alpha Chapter. THOMAS E. PARNELL, Es11. Auto, Truck J\llotorcycle or Boat Accidents. Slip and Falls, Nursing Home Neglect or l\1ed.lVlalpractice. ALL SERIOUS INJURIES. 0 cO w The Harbor '-"'"&J '='='='='-l 15 E. Grant Ave : Tampa, Fl Our Finn Is Rated "AV" By The Highest Bating For Legal-Ability And Ethical Standard; Worldwide. : 0...11--ol 1"-Sptir!oo Thutf! ""---.t::::=:'.'l (!J .,: PH: or The hiring of a lawye r is an important decision that should not he based solely upon advertisement. Before you decide, ask us to send you FREE written information about our qualifications and experil'nce


FINANCIAL FOCUS -Mortg age Tip s By Yolanda Y Anthony Li ce nsed Mortgage Broker (813) 223-6151 What Does A Mortgage Payment Include? F o r m os t h o m eowne r s th e m o nthl y paym ent includ es : -Principal: R e paym e n t o n the a m ount b orro w e d -Interest: Paym ent t o t h e l e nd e r f o r the a m ount b a rr owe d -Taxes and Insurance: Monthly paym ents a r e n o r m ally m a d e into a s p ec i a l Knowledge Is Key To Buying And Selling Real Estate Rev i ew i t t h e day befo r e yo u c l ose i n your h o m e In thi s clay a nd age o f fra ud t h e HUD still r e m a in s the k ey docum ent. A s k t o sec i t an d r eview i t be f o r e you close If' you h ave a n y q uesti o n s please do n ot hesitat e to contact Attorney Miriam L. Sumpte r Richard a t ( 8 1 3 ) 387-7724 o r o n the we b a t www fr es h s t artlaw firm.com. Legal Ease By Roderick Ford, Attorney-At-Law. (81 3) 223-1200 WORKPLACE fied than the white employ-SURVIVAL TIP #69 cc Unless your supervisor caJis vou th' e "N-word" or r .. physically assaults you, you will need to prove that you were discriminated against by presenting "circumstantial" evidence of racial dis. crimination. But somet'imcs Judges or Courts will try to limjt the type of circumstantial evidence that: an employee can present. to prove discriminatory intl'nt or motive. Don't let the m get away with it In Patterson v. fl,fc/l'all (Supreme Court 1989 ), Patterson, an African Amer-ican woman was laid off after 10 years of employA similai'Iy-situated white female employee was not laid off buf received a promotion. The lower court ruled that Patterson could not present evidence that The Supreme Court, how-ever, overturned the lower court. The Court clearly established: that a plaintiff may present all ::;orts of evidence prov e di scriminatory motive m intent: previous bad policies or 'procedures, qualifications and re s umes, witness state-. ments oraffidn\'its, etc. Thercf(>re y ou can pre sent all t y -pes of relevant evid ence to 'prove rac i i d dist:' mi -natip p. You s h 'oul. d make you_ keep notes. 9 f any incidents (including the date, time, nature of inci-' dent.,a .nd .pre-sent>, and secure any e y e w i fnes s statements a s soon a s possible. Thqs e items w ill serve .. as. valuable e vidence la te r on when ever y ou bring y ou claim or lawsuit. escr o w a ccount f o r ite m s lik e hazard in surance a nd property taxes. This feature i s sometimes optional in w hich ca se th e f ees will be paid b y y ou dire ctl y t o the County Tax Assessor and Property Insurance Company ALL Mortg a g e Q UESTION S M A Y BE MAILED TO : Yolanda Y. Anthony Licensed Mortgage Broker Apex Lending, Inc P O Box 21472 Tampa, Florida 33622 (813) 223-6151 WE PAY MORE* -UGLY to BEAUTIFUL We Buy Houses Anv Condition Get :cash Now! Foreclosures Distress CALL TODAY! House (813) 317 1-SDAYS4U Courteous Service EVERY Home We BUY WePayC ASH FAST CLOSING she was in fact more quali-Foreclosure Bail Out ; Subscribe Tod.a)'! q/ Our Conununitv Speak ing for CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE IN 3 DAYS Facing Foreclosure? Behind on Bills? Sick and Tired? Harassed and Disrespected? House in Distress? If you've answered "YES", then call me Sage Properties Group LLC Cell 813-727-6728 Office 813-579-4?66Seflpromptly com Free Consult ing and No to Pay "T1 :D 0 )> c C) c en -i I\.) I\.) 0 0 -....j "T1 r 0 :c 0 )> en m z ::! z m r I aJ c: r r m ::! z "tJ c:. aJ r c;; ::::c m c m < m lJ. < -4 c: m en 0 l> z c "T1 :!:! 0


c L&. c z c( c (IJ w ;:::) w > w c w :X: (IJ :J m ;:::) Q. z t= w ..J ..J ;:::) m ..J w z t= z w (IJ c( c ii g L&. 0 0 -w e, ----::::.-":/. J f""eds HILLSBOROUGH TRANSIT AUTHORITY HART RFP R07015 21st Avenue Rehabilitation Project The Hillsborough Transit Authority (HART) will be accepting proposals until 2:00P.M. eastern time, October 1, 2007 for 21st Avenue Rehabilitation Project. The RFP documents will be available for download from HART's website at www .hartline.org after 11: 00 AM, on Monday, August 27, 2007. The documents can be located under the Purchasing Section All inquiries pertaining to the specifications or any questions in reference to the proposal must be directed to : Cathy Zickefoose, Procurement Manager, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, 4305 East 21st Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605 (813) 623--5835 ext 1187 or e-mail at cordovad@hartline org Department of Energy Services & Special Projects Request for Proposals RFP-DES-FY2007 -6 INDEFINITE QUANTITY LEAD & ASBESTOS TESTING, RISK ASSESSMENT, Hazard Reduction Design, Abatement, and Monitoring Services The Tampa Housing Authority is soliciting qualification based proposals from qualified contractors capable of performing an array of professional services involving the management and implementation of a lead and asbestos hazard reduction program throughout the Authority's Public Housing Community; services shall also include other environmental remediation services such as, pigeon waste, indoor air quality, asbestos, etc. This is an indefinite quantity contract solicitation whereby THA intends to award tasks under this contract on an as needed basis. The duration of the services under the resulting contract will not exceed two (2) and the maximum contract amount is up to $150,000 per awarded The exact nature and extent of services will vary and no specified minimum amount of services will be guaranteed to any firm. An expedient implementation will be required on all and only firms which demonstrate an ability to perform under tight schedules will be considered. The Authority reserves the right to award more than one contract from this solicitation If muHiple awards are made from this solicitation, it shall be at the sole discretion of the Authority as to the quantity o services actually authorized and assignment of tasl( orders A complete proposal package may be obtained from the Contracting Department of the Tam pa Housing Authority located at 1529 West Main St. Tampa, Florida 33607, (813)-253-0551 ext.109. Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Terrance Brady, Director Energy Services & Special Projects at (813) 253--0551 ext. 363. Proposals must be received at the Tampa Housing Aufhority, 1529 West Main St. Tampa, Florida 33607 no later than Wednesday September 14th, 2007 at 2:00P.M. prevailing Tampa, Florida time. Proposals received after this time will be subject to rejection by the Housing Authority of the City ofTampa. THE TAMPA HOUSING AUTHORITY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY AND ALL PROPOSALS AND TO WAIVE ANY INFORMALITIES IN THE SOLICITATION PROCESS. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER By: Jerome D. Ryans, President/Chief Executive Officer REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Competitive sealed qualifications will be received by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Brooksv i lle Florida, and p!Jblicly opened at the specified time for : RFP 011-07LAKE WIMAUMA -A HYDROLOGIC EVALUATION TO INVESTIGATE THE MINIMUM LAKE LEVEL Responses are requested to be submitted by September 25, 2007 at 2:30 p.m. Specifications may be obtained for a fee from the District's Internet website at http://www watermatters.org/procurement or purchased from the Purchasing Office, Southwest Florida Water Management District, 2379 Broad Street, Brooksville, FL 34604-6899 or by calling 352-796-7211, extension 4132, or 1-800-423-1476 (Florida only) or TOO ONLY 1-800-231-6103 (in Florida) Respondents requesting packages through the District will be charged copying and shipping/handling costs in accordance with District Policy 132 -Administrative Fees The District reserves the right to reject any or all responses received with or without cause. Anthony Hudson CPM,CPPB Contracts Administrator HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (Authority) is hosting a community meeting to inform the local business community of the following topics: : Revised Disparity Study Results Construction Contracting Opportunities Purchasing Opportunities (Goods & Services) Small Projects Group DBE Certification Unified Certification Program (UCP) On-Line Business I Supplier Registration Airport Concession DBE Program All businesses are encouraged to attend this meeting. The community meeting is scheduled for: Date: Place: Time : Saturday, August 25, 2007 West Tampa Public Library 1718 N. Howard Avenue : 12 : 00 noon NOTICE TO FIRMS HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority hereby requests, pursuant to the Competitive Negotiation Act, Florida Statutes 287 055, letters of interest from Design-Build firms desiring to render Design-Build services on the following project : BAGGAGE CLAIM EAST EXPANSION AND BAG CLAIM DEVICE REPLACEMENT AND WORK TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT HCAA PROJECT NO. 7040 08 Services to be furnished will include, but not be limited to, all architectural design and all engineering related to structural, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, electronic and information technolog y systems, baggage claim devices, architectural/engineering services during construction construction by a qualified contractor and related surveys, permitting and testing. A more detailed scope of services will be included in the formal request for qualifications (RFQ). I Significant Dates: Letters of interest due: By 5:00p.m. on September 14 2007 RFQ posted on web site: After 12:00 noon on Thursday, September 20, 2007 Mandatory pre-qualification conference : At p.m. on Thursday, October 11: 2007 Qualification Proposals Due: By 5:00p.m. on Wednesday, October 31,2007 \ For additional information on submitting letters of interest, location of pre-qualification conference and other project details, please access the Authority website at www tampaairport com; Quick Links, Airport Business, Request for Qualifications/Proposal (RFP/RFQ) Notices will be posted at the Tampa International Airport Impound Vehicle Storage Lot located at 4812 W. South Avenue, Tampa, Florida, and in the Administrative Office lobby areas on the third floor of the Main Terminal and second floor of the Service Building at Tampa International Airport, 5503 w. Spruce Street Tampa, Florida. PUBLICATION DEADLINES TUESDAY EDITION FRIDAY @ 3:00 P.M. -----FRIDAY EDITION TUESDAY@ 3:00P.M FAX YOUR ADS 24n TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email ledwards@flsentinel.com


VVill Work Child Care, light House Keeping And Personal Care Aide. Very Stable And Mature. Please Call (813) 907-3578 Loan Officers Wanted No Experience OK Inside Major Mall in Tampa Fff & Pff Commission Paid Potential To Make Great Money While Learning the Mortgage Business! Limited # Of Positions Available. Don't Delay! Self Motivated, Professional Appearance A Must Call: 813-977-9897 Or Email: infinitylending@gmall.com Looking For A Live-In Person To Run 24-Hour Home Daycare With Free Rent!!! Qualifications: 30 Hours Training In Home Daycare, CPR/First Aide, 5 Hcur Literacy. Must Pass Background Screening With Finger Printing. Bonus To Those Who Have Been Screened! Call (813) 234..0213 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ANIMAL CARE ASSISTANT $19,905 LAW ENFORCEMENT DEPUTY TRAINEE LEGAL SECRETARY LIBRARY TECHNICAL ASSISTANT OFFICE ASSISTANT $33,087 $33,696 $27,830 $22,131 RECREATION SPECIALIST $31,512 SENIOR ANIMAL CARE ASSISTANT $24,876 See our web site at http://www.hccsb .org or contact Job Newsline 272-6975 (TDD 272-5623) or visit our office at: 601 E Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor, Tampa, FL. Preference in initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vets. AA/EEO Employer THIS COULD BE YOUR AD .... CONTACT LA VORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT Now Hiring VPK/Preschool Teacher VVith CDA, Toddler Teacher, And Afternoon Teachers. Must Have Training Hours Call (813) 910-4163 LALS Inc. Now Hiring Full-Time And Part-Time CNA's, HHA's, Caregivers And Sitters. Phone (813) 377-5574 Email alockhartprovlcler@yahoo.com Daycare Teachers For Toddlers And Two Years Old Classrooms. Experienced, 40 Hour Training Required. Full Time. Call (813) 626-6836 For More Information Will Work For Company Or Personal Individual, Errands, Computer Work, And Planning Events Etc Reliable And Stable Please Call (813) 516..0376 NEW WAGE SCALE CNA'S Starting Pay 7-3 $10 .00$11.00 3-11 $11.00-$12. 00 Great Benefits, 401 k Raise In April Pleasant, Courteous Work Environment LTC Experience Required Apply In Person Delta Health Care 1818 E. Fletcher A Ministry of First Baptist Church Of Progress Village Dr. Sam L. Maxwell Headmaster Full-Time Openings For The Following Positions In Group Home Residential Setting: Clinicians: Seeking a counselor with a master's degree and a counselor with a bachelor's degree in counseling or related field. Counselor with bachelor's degree must" have two years' experience working with children. Salary based on experience. Maintenance Services: Seeking maintenance person responsible for servicing maintenance requests and conduct ing preventive maintenance. Varied, progressive experience preferred. Pay based on experience. Residential Care Staff and Supervisor: Seeking staff and supervisor with bachelor's degrees or experience in residential care. Professional attitude and team approach required. We offer excellent health benefits and 401 (k) plan Apply At: 8052 N. 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617 Or Fax Resume To 813-914-81!_73 Or Mail To: P.O. Box 9451, Tampa, FL 33674 Background Screenings, Drug Free Workplace Equal Opportunity Employer CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORqS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD 0 Unlimited Earning Potential New Salon In St. Petersburg Seeks Hair Stylists, Hair Braiders Manicurists And Pedicurists Call Rosie At (727) 821-9602 Bi-Lingual A Plus Highly Motivated T elemarketer/Cterical Position Must Have Computer Knowledge/Data Entry Call (813) 621-9447 A Ministry of First Baptist Church Of Progress Village Dr. Sam L. Maxwell Headmaster PROJECT DIRECTOR ,. c: Q c: en -4 N C) C) "T1 r 0 en m z -4 z m Children's Future Hillsborough, a twenty member collaborative organization providing early intervention and := prevention services to children birth to 8 yrs. Manage & r direct the day to day operations. Key functions: contract z management, budget reviews, strategic planning, partnership ., development and an understanding. of system of care c: practice. Knowledge of ea rly childhood development helpful. Masters degree prt:iferred in human or social services or related field; minimum of 3-5 years of progressive, m responsible administrative or management experience. Salary dependent upon qualifications and experience. Please submit a cover letter and resume to: jobs@management.com Subject line to read CFH Director. Must be received by August 29, 2007 @ 5pm. TAMPA PORT AUTHORITY ENVIRONMENTAL DIRECTOR EOEIDFWP Tampa Port Authority seeks an experienced professional to direct the environmental activities of the TPA Environmental Department including regulatory compliance efforts, management of sovereign submerged lands and wetlands, administration of permitting program, liaison with loeal, State and Federal Environmental agencies on technical issues related to ecosystems and department budget. This position requires a Bachelors Degree in environmental science, environmental engineering or a closely related field from an accredited college or university (Master's Degree a plus) and seven or more years of management experience with at least four years as a director/manager of an environmental department (preference given to port experience). Salary range$ 82,000 to $130,000 and exceptional benefits package Submit r-esume and five references with knowledge of work experience to: V. Russo, 1101 Channelside Dr. Tpa, Fl, 33602 Or Fax 813.204.2633 By August 31, 2007 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS -4 c: m en 0 ,. z 0 "T1 :;a a


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(813) 903-1960 Seminole Heights Seniors 62+ Now Accepting Applications For : 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Controlled Access Library And Community Room With Act i vit i es Beautiful Landscaped Commun ity Special Accessibility For Hea r ing and Sight Impaired ,_ Well Served By Public Transportation Income -Restricted Leasing Office @ -202.-E Broad Street The Oaks at Riverview -------------------,., University Area Snow Sun Villas 12301 N. 11th Street 2/1 $650 00/Monthly Includes Water On Site Laundry Facil ity 813-971-0341 Apartment 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Located In Brandon Close To All Convenience Private Backyard 2 Car Parking $825 00 Per Month Section 8 Welcome (813) 473-3746 University Square Mall Area 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $625 Free Water, Garbage & Sewer Lovely Park Setting Pet And Child Fr i endly On-Site Management & Laundry 813-971-0341 YborHistoric District Small 2 Bedroom/ 1 Bath Upstairs Apartment 2009 Florence Located Rear of 919 E. 11th Ave. WID Hookup Screen Porch Centrai _Heat And Air $600 00Monthly Includes Water Call (813) 238-6353 River Pines Apartments SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY Active independent living for '55+,. quiet park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities ; r iverfront living Efficiencies and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $360.00 per month. (813) 985-4419 Apartments For_ Seniors San Lorenzo Terrace (Non denominational) -.. Now: Available 1 'oa.m .:...:rp.rt-t: At The San Lorenzo Terrace Rental Office Located at 5225 North Himes Ave. Tampa, FL 33614 1 Bedroom Apa!1ments -; Re nt" Based On Income -l Must Be At Least Years -OfAge R (813) 877-5800 w TTY: -8431 N. 39th Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Upstairs Apartment Central Heat & Air $650 00/Rent $350 00/ Deposit (813) 299-5669 Legacy At Tampa With i n Minutes of USF Medical Facilit i es Shopping & Dining Spacious 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Furnished Townhomes Swimming Pool Tennis Court, Laundry Facilities, Washer/Dryer Connections, Clubhouse With Pool Table, Table Hockey, Large Screen TV Fitness Center For Further Information Call (786) 487-5932 (786) 306-0135 Or (813) 850-4264 Section 8 2 B-edroom Duplex $750.00/Monthly < +Deposit Call (813) 980-1229 Section 8 Preferred 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex Tile r Fioors Large Yard WID Hook-Up (813) 230-8968 Duplex -2 Each 2 Bedr'ooms/1 Bath WDH, Large Close To Busljne section 8 only _-_ (813) 10009-A Jl,l. 14th Street 211, W/D Hook-up, CHA Section 8 Accepted $70o". ooiMonthly $350 00/Deposit ... .. .. -Call (81"3) or. (81a) 31o ; 8598 : 2:! 0 l< )> c: C') c: (/) N N 0 0 ..... ., 5 ::a 6 )> (/) m z ::! z m r-1 m c: r rm ::! z ., c: m r-c;; :t m c m < m c: m CJ) c )> z c ., ::a 6 > L----.,.----.,,._--..,...--'.' 2910 -: i 2 Bedroom Duplex CHA .. Indoor Laund,:Y-Room S775.bbtMonthly a < & :; ; -Senior Citizens Welcome (S13) -THIS CCitiCD BE YOUR AD .. .. C'ONT'ACT i.AVORA .-o @ f813 t 24B-19 '21FOR DETA-ILS ON PLACING m .. >: -c:-. ADVERTISEMENT o


..... 0 0 N ..; N .... en 1 & 2 Bedrooms Available ::J (!) University Area ::J c( Low Security Deposits < Call 813-600-5090 c a:: IJIIWIN REALPROPERTYWORX COM LL Section 8 ONLY Duplex -Move In Special 3/1 N i ce Area Washer/Dryer Hook-Up CHA Large Fenced Backyard Call (813) 789-3879 c 0: LL Duplexes c z 3/2-8603/8605 N. 15th St. c( 2/1 -10001 N. Annette 1/1 804 E. Linebaugh c Section 8 Welcome en w ::J Call For Move-In Specials .... 813-766-7540 DUPLEX w 1504 E 138th Ave. c 3/1, CHA, WID Hook-up w :z:: $795 00/Month en $500/Deposit :::; m Section 8 Accepted Q. Ron (813) 920-1085 z (813) 690-8864 ffi 10120 N. 11th stieet _; ..... i: m 2/1 -Neat & Clean Off Street Parking _, No Pets w z $700.00/Monthly j: $500.00/0eposit z w Call (813) 0 c c Tampa Heights Duplex ii2 0 2 Bedroom/1 Bath LL Large Kitchen Close To Downtown $600.00/Monthly I $300.00/Deposit Call (813) 224-9040 Nicely Refurbished 2/1 Back Duplex Apartment Close To University Mall Rent/$625.00 Deposit $500.00 Tenant Pays Utilities Section 8Welcome (813) 843-2085 Duplex For Rent Sulphur Springs 10512 Aster Avenue $625.00 Per Month Need 1st Month + last Month Rent Call (813} 621-2820 o r (813) 951-0020 USF ArH Duplex 1 Bedroom11 Bath New Tile & Paint New Applianc8S $600.00/Monthly + Secuiity Deposit ,.-sec:tion80k ll ., f r Grant Park 3416 North 55th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $675 00/Monthly $500 00/Deposit Call (813) 359-7528 Or (813) 627 0482 Grant Park Area 3421-A North 52nd Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WDH Central A/C $700 00/Monthly $400 00/Deposit Please Call (813) 325-8387 Tampa Heights New4Piex 2 & 3 Bedrooms Central Heat & Air Extremely Nice $850 .00-$1,050 00/Rent Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 477-7734 Apartment/Duplex Available NOW Section 8 Tampa Heights 3/1 Duplex And 2/1 Apartment CHA, WSG Included W/0 Hook-ups Call813-210-0287 Duplex-Busch Area 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WID Hook-up Refurbished Kitchen Section 8 Welcome Great Deal Call (813) 261-7538 .Or (813) 503-0493 West Tampa. Newly Remodeled 2 Bedroom Duplex WIW Tile, CHA l-aundry Room, lawn Care And Water Included Kitchen W/Breakfast Bar $700 00/Monthly $700.00/Deposit (813) 685-3208 Or (813f843-7112 Room For Rent $125.00 Per Week + Deposit, A'Jr Condition Kitchen Privileges 802....,30 Room For Rent 24091tlh.Avenue Older Man Or Woman Working Or-Retired Preferred 1206 E. MLK Blvd. Rooms For Rent Single Male Preferred Call (813) 963-0703 Only A Few Left Rooms For Rent Nice And Clean CHA Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Call (813) 624-8540 Rooms For Rent A/C Kitchen Privileges $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Just Like Home Leave Message Immediate Response First Week Rent + Security $100 00 $150 00/Weekly Furnished And Unfurnished (813) 319-5646 Christ ian Person Has Rooms For Rent Starting@ $110 00/Rent +Deposit No Drugs Smok i ng Or Illegal Activities Mike (813) 770-2266 Call (813) 900-7503 I r., I ;I$.] ; I I] i i [.] ; I I ; ,, I Single Occupancy Only Ages 55 & Up Preferred $100 00/Per Week $100 00/Deposit Call 241-4158 Tarpley's Air Conditioning, LLC Sales & Service New & Used System Analysis $29.95 (813) 541-5010 Or (813) 238-7884 E. Jackson Heights Area Large Room Fo; Rent Llcl CAC 1815130 $125.00 Weekly $115.00 Deposit AIC, Cable Access Rooms For Rent $150.00 Weekly RUDY'S REPAIR SERVICE Complete Air Conditioning & Heating Service On All Makes and Models Call (813) 620-1866 $1 00 .00/0eposit Moves You In LIC ICAC 1814465 Clean Area Credit Cards Accepted Please Call (813) 919-9340 3006 E. 38th Avenu' Large Fully Furnished Room Rent Roderick 0. Ford, JD, ESQ. $125.00 Weekly $115.00 Deposit A/C, Cable Access Phone (813) 236-4816 ROOMMATE WANTED. Large, Furnished, Clean Quiet A/C, Washer/Dryer Available,. Phone/Cable Near Downtown, Buslines Male YOU MUST SEE ITIII 493-24o1 2928 N. 1 Street Room For Rent 55 Years And Older Preferred $120.00/Weekly $'120.00/Deposit Ca1. {113) 237 (813) ....... Gary *Juris Doctor, U of llinois CWCP, Michigan State Harvard Law School Program on Negotiations Assoc of Trial Laywers Of America Downtown -Tampa Law Office Call (813) 223:-1200 EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION! *Wrongful Termination *Racial & Sexual Harrassment All Employment Matters Atty. Roderick .0. Ford Call (813}223-1200 www. fordlaw.org 'FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS CALL laVORA@ (813) 248-1921 -FAX YOUR ADS ,2417 TO: (813) 248-9218 Or EmaillectWards@flaentinel.com f AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATTORNEY Dedicated to LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW! Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 www. fordlaw org BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Start At S650 00 Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813) 223-1200 yvww.fordlaw org WORKERS' COMPENSATION Get Medical Treatment -* Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Atty. Roderick 0. Ford Call (813} 223-1200 www. fordlaw org My Simple Post Card Biz Makes Me Money 24 Hr Automated System 800-617-5340 Recorded Info My Inviter's 10# 9530 813-716-6464 $500 A Day Home Business Opportunities!!! 30 Year Old Company. Wes-State Corporation 1450 West 7th Avenue Dept. 2128 Eugene, OR 97 402 -ymoneyathome.com/500aday 800-242-0363 Ext.1405 Candle Lover's Dream Business! New Product And 5 Second Demo Huge Earning Potential With 50% Commissions On Sales. Make Money Through Retail, Fundraising And Residual Income Join Our Award Winning Team Today And Let Us Help You Work From Home. -.NibnlmlllbeiiKancll ... c:Om SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS


C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1 3 Rooms ONLY-$24.95 No CHARGES! Call (813) 626-7303 Or (813) 325-4330 Childcare Openings Available Now!! Ages 0-13 Years Old 24-Hour Care Discount To Cash Customers Title XX & VPK Recipients Are Welcome Transportation Provided!!! Call (813) 234-0213 License# FTA431750 Bernice Marcus Family Child Care Home Now Enrolling 2-13Yrs. Private Pay/Title XX Full-Time Part-Time Nights/ /Weekend By Appointment Breakfast. Lunch & Snacks USF, Busch Gardens : Temple Terrace Areas For More Information Call (813) 979-1965 License# FTA431731 Top Notch Computer Service Repairs, Upgrades, Virus CoAtrol And More "Service You Can Trust" Call Tony (813) Bad Credit Slow Credit No Credit Call Us For A Loan Or To Have Your Credit Repaired! Credit Dimensions (813) 626-0400 THIS COULD BE YOUR ADVERnSSMSNTCONTACT LAVORA@ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLA CING ADVERnSSMENJ: IN THE FLORIDA SENnNEL BULLEnN MAKE YOUR NEXT VACATION OR FAMILY CELEBRATION A CRUISE CALL GLORIA FOR GREAT RATES!!!!! 813-973-1080 www.thesunandfuncruises com FREE DENTAL Adults & Children Cleanings, Fillings Extractions 813-980-9070 DNA Paternity Testing Legal or personal testing available .. Res.lllts in just 3 DAYS No Collection Fees in Tampa. NO BLOOD! Payment options available http://dnatestingsolutions.com DNA'Testing Solutions 11972 N Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 ELECTRICAL SERVICES All Your Electrical Needs Free Estimates Lighting Wiring Circuit Breakers Convenient Service Call Marcus Smalls (813) lie #470392 Estate Sale Everything Must Go August 25th 2007 10:00A.M. Clothing Small, Medium Al1$f Large $4; 00, $2.00 &$10,00 (813}407-8827 Avoid Foreclosure Behind On Payments? Save Your Credit! We Can Help Call Today (813) 728-4182 Landlords/Property Owners Private Investor Has Immediate Cash For Your Home Or Commercial Building Irvin (813) 965-5413 For _real_ about_realestate@yahoo .com DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSE! We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Full page Ad In ihe Florida Sentinel. www .rehabberssuperstore corn (813) 227-9240 Real Estate Investors "Buy Homes From SELLERS IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE" We Help With Financing Too! Irvin (813) 965-5413 For_real_abOIII_realestate_llc@yahoo.com We Will Buy Your Junk CCjlrS, Trucks And Vans Call Penny (813) 621-0163 Wanted Dead Or Alive Unwanted Cars And Trucks. We Pay Cash! We Will Come To You Phone (8 13) We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ For Junk .Cars, Trucks -: Vans Arid Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal For FREE! 7 Days A Week Phone (813) 695-2438 WE BUY JUNK CARS AND TRUCKS CALL J.R. (813) 966-3501 "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service Hauling And Clean-Up Phone (813) 245-9761 Bernard's Lawn Care Service & Tree Trimming Residential & Commercial Clean Up, trash Removal Tree Trimming & Hauling Call Bernard @ (813) 334-5640 Guaranteed Discount Landscaping, Lawn, Tree, Sprinklers, Hauling, And Clean Up Services Residential & Commercial Learn How To Create Wealth Investing In Real Estate Rehab For Profit Build With Equity Build A Positive Cash Flow Rental Business Must Have Fair Credit Must Have Cash To Close Serious Inquiries Only Please Call Kenny Rushing 813.227.9240 Need A Lawyer? Personal Injury Criminal Defense Attorneys Car Accidents, Slip And Fall Workers Compensation FREE 24-Hour Referral Service 1-877-ASK-TAZZ 1-877-275-8299 PAINTING & CARPENTRY lnstaned Low Prices 40 Years Experience :;10 0 > > c C') c (/) -4 N N 0 0 ...... "T1 r-0 :::0 (/) m z :::! z m ..- m c r rm :::! z Phone(813)416-5388 Or (813) 454-7765 813-626-2463 813-300-4100 Cell# m Lie# 122337 5i HOME REPAIRS :::z:: m c Sage Properties Group, LLC Carpentry, Sheet Rock, !;2 Cash In 3 Days Doors, Locks, Windows, m Ceiling, Painting, Tile, Room For Your House Ready To Sell Promptly Addition, Remodeling, etc. Call Floyd 813-727-6728 Purchase Or All Credit Considered! Good Rates No Application Fees Quiek Closings Call The Mortgage Specialists At (813) 234-4716 (813) Or (813) 630-0839 Lie #2170004117 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling Carpentry, Room Ad9itions Roofing ; Drywali, Plumbing Ceramic Tile Sidewalks, Patios & Hauling Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lie t1022sso THE FLORIDA SENTINE L BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY FOR 62 YEARS LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EMPLOYMENT HOME$ FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS-' OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS, ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN m (/) 0 > z c "T1 c C') m .... "' I 0


0 i2 u.. 0 z c( c tn w ;:::) .... w > w 0 w :I: tn :J m ;:::) a. z w ..J ..J ;:::) m ..J w z z w tn c( C i2 0 ..J U. 0 I CD -w C) DJ's Home Repair 813-241-7943 Doug Jackson Give Us A Call No Job Is Too Small NotaPJ Service, Drywall Ceramic Tile Driveways Plumbing, Roofing Home Additions And More Llcl112779 Micros Short Hair $65 $85 Micros Long Hair Body Plaits $95 Corn Rows Weaves Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 WARNING IIIII I Will Buy Your House Fast Cash Any Condition Call Brenda (813) 238-8833 Don't Be Fooled By Others Cash In 3 Days For Your House Phone (813) 727-6728 Landlords And Property Owners Private Investor Has Immediate Cash For Your Home Or Commercial Building Call Irvin (813) 965-5413 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl Since running my "3 Days We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash for Your Home" ad Cash In 3 Days there have been reports of See Our Full Page Ad In other copy-cat real The Florida Sentinel. estate investor!? trying to manipuJate with -www rehabberssuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 empty offers of quick cash and fast closings. There are few legitimate. Tampa companies that; can honor such offers. f3.ehabbers Superstore is the real Before you,lose any your home ask to provide the following: 1} References : Ask to talk with pepple-wno have recently sold them their home. 2} Proof .of Ask them to prove they have cash to close quickly: Many investors use a "Quick Cash -Fast Closing" tactic to you to sign on the line, then they run-around town trying to find someone to buy their contract. 3} Occupational License: Are they legitimate? Ask for a copy. of their occupational license. At the Rehabber's Superstore we have the cash to buy, and we can close all deals in 3 days. More importantly, we can provide you with our credentials. See our full page ad in the Florida Jamaican West Indian Father Samuel 2121 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida 32804 407-841-2787 Known Around The World As The Best! If I_ Can't Help You, It Can't Be Done. Specializing In Court Cases, Jinx Removal From The Bo9y, Restores Health, Happiness, Peace, Love And Finaflces Remember "With God All Things Are PossibleK. The Ramada Inn 11714 Morris Bridge Road Tampa, Florida (813) 985-8525 Come And Be Blessed, Father Samuel Is The Best! September 14th & 15th Meet Me There Sentinel to learn more, or --TH-IS_C_O_U_L_D_s'"'"E""'"Yi-O'"'"U...,R....-., visit our Website at: ADVERTISEMENT CONTACT www. rehabberssuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 Kenny Rushing SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS @(813) ... FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PIRITUALISTS SPIRITUAL WORKER AND ADVISOR 1-800-648-2993 Luck Love Money Blessings, Remove Bad Luck Evil Spells And Witchcraft Master All Cases Help In 24 Hours Rev. Henry Jackson P. 0. Box 17049 Charlotte, NC 28227-0099 MOTHER GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayer Don' t be discouraged if others have failed. I can help you overcome bad luck, evil influences spells, unatural conditions surrounding you Has your loved one changed? Are you in distress? Whatever the problem, I can help in one visit. S,atisfaction! CALL ME TODAY!!! 1-677-2971 4927 83rd Street EMERGENCY Jacks $25 00 & Up Phones Fax Cable Wiring Repair (813) 850-5947 24-Hour Service Lie# SP13104 Trash Cleanup Or Any Other Hauling Cheapest Rates No Job Too Call (813) 285-4674 For Removal Real Estate Investors Buy Homes From Sellers In Financial Trouble We Help With Financing Too! (813) 965-5413 Irvin .----Sage Properties Group; ttc Need to Sell Your House? Cash Deals in 3 Days! www.sellpromptly com Call Floyd 813-727-6728 WE BUY HOUSES The Moment You Don't Want It We Do! Any House Any Situation Any Condition (813) 965-5413 -Irvin DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl Cash In 3 Days For Your House See Our Full Page Ad In The Florida SentineL IN'WW.rehabberssuperstore.com (813) 227-9240 cost $5.00. $10.00 $15.00 $20.00 $25.00 $50.00 $100.00 $200.00 YARD SAL CLOSE OUT OF ESTATE 2614 East Emma Street (Belmont Heights) Friday, August 24th 2:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. Saturday, August 25th 9:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. Sunday, August 26th 12:00 p.m.-2:00p.m. Many Household Items Clothing & Some Furniture Proceeds To Benefit The Lucuios & Dorothy G. McDowell Scholarship Fund $2.50 $5.00 $1.50 $10.00 $12.50 $25.00 $50.00. _$100.00 2207 21st Ave. Tampa, Fl33605 (813) 248-1921 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 -1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Tuesday Edition --Friday@ 3:00 p.m. Friday Edition --Tuesday @ 3:00 p.m FOR ALL YOUR C.LASSIFIED ADVERTISING NEEDS CALL LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 Email Your Ads To ledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax 24n To: (813) 248-9218


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