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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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December 16, 2008
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 64 Years In The Tampa Bay Area Ill PRIME TIME SISTER CIRCLES GRADUATION CEREMONY HELD On Friday, December 5th the Prime Time Sister Circle held its first graduation ceremony in the Tampa area at Union The theme was 'Steppin' Out Celebration.' The ladies had completed a 12-week program designed to encourage women to take care of themselves so that they can take care of others. Dr. Gayle Porter, one of the creators of the organization made the presentation to the graduates. More th.an 50 women including the YMCA Group, the Union Station Group, and the Children's Board Group were graduated. Showr:-in the photograph from left to right are: Dr. Marian Luria-Davis, leader Sophia Cherry, Pamela Ravenel, Loretta B. Anderson, Areatha Morrow, Delores Gervin, Regina Faison, leader, Joann Watkins, Shirley Puerto, Pamela Scott, Rebecca S. Foster, Yvette Howard, Sheila D. Blair, Antonia Barber and Paula Ka PHOTO BY BRUNSON Tampa Iaiita To Sene llllaugurati E SEE PAGE 2 Rag Park Group To. Create. II SEE PAGE 6 Mother Upset Son Left At School SEE PAGE 3 Funeral Planned For Fire Victi SEE PAGE 13


CIO g Features N fD .,... a: w m :E w 0 w c For1ner .Tampan Considers It An Honor To Serve During Presidential Inauguration >"' <( BY GWENDOLYN HAYES c (/) w ::l 1-c a: LL. c z Sentinel Editor For the past several months, former Tampan and 1984 King I;ligh School graduate, Warren D. Judge has known that he was one of about 100 military personnel being considered as a Military Assistant (MA) to support the s6th Inauguration of the President of the United States. The Armed Forces Inaugural Committee announced on December 5, 2008 that LCDR Judge would serve as one of 30 high achievers from all branches of the military. The officers will be used to fill a variety of positions to include: escorts of significant inaugural participants (SIPs), liaison officers, watch officers and other support roles. < The inauguration events are expected to cover a 4-day period to include the nationW al holiday to h-onor Dr. i= Martin Luther King, Jr. > Judge, who has 22 years ffi of dedicated service to the > United States Coast Guard, W would have served as a MA c w :I: (/) ...J m ::l a. z i= w ...J ...J ::l m I ...J w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 ...J LL. LCDR WARREN D. JUDGE for the 56th Inauguration no matter who was selected President. But he sees it as divine intervention since Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. "It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially at .this time in history,'.' _LCDR. Judge said. "What an honor it will be for me to participate in the installation of Barack Obama as -our country's first Black President. Educationally, LCDR Judge earned 3 degrees: Computer Science from Elizabeth City State University (1997), a Master's d eg ree in Computer Science from Howard University (2004) and a Master's in Qu ality Systems Management (with concentration in Six Sigma) from the National Graduate School (2007). He currently resides in the Washington, D. C. area. The divorced father of two, Darius, 21, and Alyssia, 15, LCDR Judge leads an active life Aside from his military duties, he is an avid racquetball player and has won 'many tournaJ1lents on nume rous lev e ls He IS rently being sponsored by E Force to teach the sports to others. He is an active Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (AlexandriaFairfax Chapter). One of 4 children, Warren is the youngest son of Agnes Judge and the late William Judge, II. His siblings are William, III, Angela and Audrey Judge; He has received a number of awards, but the two highest were: work conducted during and after Hurricane Katrina and leading the teams that rebuilt the United States Coast Guard's lower Gulf Coast Command and Control Infrastructure Humbled by his appointment, LCDR Judge concludes, "I thank God for these honors. I don't count them lightly but I hope that m y accomplishments stand as examples for my children and others. I want them to know that anything is possi ble. I'm just a kid from East Tampa (played for Belmont Heights Little League) and I will be standing front and center as we enter a new era i n ourhisto'r)r. Wow, what a n Charanettes 'Puttin' on The Ritz' EVELYNE KEETON WILLIAMS President Members of the Hillsbor ough County Chpater of The Charmettes, Inc. are preparing for an evening of elegance when they ce1ebrate the 25th Annual Holiday Ball Puttin' On The Ritz." The popular event will be held o n Saturday, December 27, 2008 at the West--Tampa Convention Center, 3005 W. Columbus Dr. The first "Puttin' On The Ritz" Ball was held on December 29, ,1983. It has since been hailed as one of the most special events of the holo( the funds generated from the ball will bedonated to the Cancer Research Center at Howard p niversity, which is the orga ri'ization's nati'onal'lm:iject. The remainder of the funds will be used to assist those within the community who are less fortunate, which is the mission of the Charmettes, Inc. Baldwin and Letecia McCardy are Chairpersons; Charmettes Delores wiiliains, Salter, Gloria Dorsett, Donna Douglas, Committee Members;' and Evelyne Keeton Williams is President


c ,rn c Hyde Park Resident Helped Bring Wai-Mart Store To Community Ms. Barbara TurnerHenderson was born and raised in H y de Park. As a matter of fact her family is on e of the original families in that community For m any years residents in the cory1munity had to have transportation to get to the nearest supermarket. That was until a bout 10 years a go when a supermarket was constructed on the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Oregon Tha t s tore closed after a few years, a nd another took its place. That store also closed and the elderly residents once again found themselves need ing transportation to get to the nearest supermarket. Ms. Barbara Turner-Henderson stands in front of the Wal-Mart Store she helped bring to her Hyde Park community. When the store was there, we' d just walk there, and I'd see the elderly people in the area with their carts just enjoying the short walk to the store." Ms. Turner-Henderson noticed that several Wal-Mart Neighborhood Supermarkets were opening all over the city, and thought that Kennedy and Oregon would be an ideal location for a new one. "We had a Winn-Dixie There and a .Save-Rite and neither stayed around that long. I prayed about the elderly residents not being able to get to the store." That's when Ms. TurnerHenderson decided to contact the Wal-Mart corporate offices and inquire about them opening a store I spoke to them in tears and told them my story. I gave them the location told them who owned the land and anything else I could come up with. The lady I spoke to said she'd pass on the information." A year ago, w ork began on Referral Service (813) 495-3702 1-866-352-4200 the store and now it's open Ms. Turner-Henderson said she s th a nkful for all the people who now have jobs, and she thanks God for giving the community a beautiful place to shop "It took me four years to get their attention, and it paid off I'm very excited about the store, and I just hope it s tays longer than the others It is a welcome addition to this. community and the elderly residents who have called it h o m e f o r so ma n y years." Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at 248-0724, or e-mailed at lcrews@flsentinel.com. Moffitt Cancer Center: Receives Award for Lung Caneer Research Dr. Eric Haura, newly appointed program leader of Expenmental Therapeutics at Moff.itt Cancer Center, has received the .. 2oo8 Caine Halter .Hope Now Award f6r Lung Cancer Research. The one-year, $25,000 award r e cogni z es Dr. Haura and his team for their d emonstra t e d prog r e s s in see kin g to d e v e lop nov e l treat m ent o p ti on s f o r lun g ca n ce r s urvi\rorii.'. Dr. Haura i s d e v e loping n e w drugs tha t will block muta t e d proteins tha t cause lungeance r H e is a lso s tud y ing how inhibitin g cert a in sig naling pathways may kill lung c a ncer c e lls. The Chawla Hope Initiatives establishe d the Hope Now Award for Lung Cancer Research. Retired technology company CEO Prein Chawla, a lung cancer sttrvivor and nonsmoke r in Chicago, started the philanthropic fund Mom Upset Son Had To Walk From School c m 0 m :!:: llJ m :::0 BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor A Tampa mother said she w a s not notified that her son had been suspended from the school bus. He rides and had to walk from Brandon. Ms. Tiffany Johnson said when she arrived home shortly before 7 :30 p. m., her daughter, Brittany, was cry ing and told her that her son, Frederick, 14, )lad b een put off the bus at school The incident took place on November 2nd, at McLane Middle School, -306-Nor-th Knights Avenue, Brandon. Ms. Johnson's family lives in the Grant Park area (near soth and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.) The school dismissal time is 4:15p. m. Ms. Johnson said, "My daughter told me that she was on the bus argu ing with her brother when the bus driver told him to get off._-. I only had one missed call on my phone and no message was left "When I got home: my daughter was crying and said Frederick was walking home My daughter s aid she asked the bus driver to please don t leave my brother.' But, the driver rode past the youngster as he was walking j down the street. He was walk ing home from Brandon in the rain," Ms. Johnson said M s Johnson sa i d s h e h a d no way of knowing where her son was or what was going on She called police. Ms. -Johnson said she received a call from Ferman Chevrolet telling her that her son was there. An employee had observed the youngster trying to take a short cut. "Th:ey saw my son trying to take a short cut and he got stuck in a ditch. The man got MS. TIFFANY JOHNSON .... Says She Wasn't Notified Son Put Off Bus him and called me. My son was wet and cold when I picked him up." Ms. Johnson said she was told that 6 or 7 adults were at the school when her son began walking home after he was put off the bus. Sh:e further stated that when she called the school the follow -N 0 0 co ing day, no one knew any-"11 thing about the incident. 5 However, two days after the :!:! incident, her son was sus-c pended from riding the bus l> for 10 days. VJ "The next day, nobody knew anything about it. Now, they ::! have so much information. Z Something could hap-pened to my son. H;e could be llJ dead, Ms. Johnson C: Ms. Linda Cobbe, J= spokesperson for the m Hillsborough Co unty School :::! District said, "There has been Z several incidents on the bus for which he's been put-off. A llJ teacher went after him and he r yelled obscenities en "The Administrative staff ; called every number on the C emergency card trying to m reach the mom. People stayed at the school until 6:30 p.m., :::0 waiting to speak to the moth-er. 2 m C/) c )> z c ., :::0 c The Holida1'iAi'e Fast Approaching!! Get You'i News And Ads For Christmas-Week And New Year'-s Week In This Office As Soon As Possible. The Sentinel Will Be Published Monday, December 22, 2008 Wednesday, December 24, 2oo8 Monday,December 29, 2008 And Wednesday, December 31, 2008. THE OFFICE WILL BE OPEN CHRISTMAS EVE FROM 7 A.M. TO 12 P.M. AND NEW YEAR'S EVE UNTIL 12 P.M


g Editorials & Columns C\1 <0 ,... a: w CD :E w 0 w c >"' <( c en w 1-c u.. c z < c en w 1-> a: w > w c w :I: en ::::i m a.. z Iii ...J "...J m w z ;:: z w en < e a: 0 ...J u.. FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140) 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248-1921 Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and Amalgamated Publishers, Inc., New York. 1990 94 CP Timelnternational POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa, FL W.W Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) Founders C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR., CHAIRMAN S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR KEITH GEORGE, CIRCULATION AND PRESS DIRECTOR Subscriptions-$44.Q0-6 Months Both Editions: $87 .QO-Per Year Both Editions. Opinions expressed on editorial pages of !his newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers, do no1 necessarily reflect the editorial stance of The Florida SenUnel BulleUn or the Publisher. Something To Chill Your Blood :: ecause of the nature of what we are about to say, are sending it the way we received it. According the Southern Poverty Law Center, "a new FBI report confirms-that white supremacists are infiltrating the American military for several reasons. An unclassified FBI Intelligence Assessment report entitled, 'White Supremacist Recruitment of Military personnel since 9/11,' which was released to law enforcement agencies nationwide explains, 'sensitive and reliable source reporting indicates supremacist leaders are encouraging followers who lack documented histories of neo-Nazi activity and overt racist insignia such as tattoos to infiltrate the military as 'ghost skin-heads,' in order to recruit and receive training for the benefit of the extremist movement." "The FBI report details more than a dozen investigative findings and criminal cases involving Iraq and Mghanistan veterans as well as active-duty personnel engaging in extremist activity in recent years. For example, in September 2006, the leader of the Celtic Knights, a central Texas splinter faction of the Hammerskins, a national racist skinhead organization planned to obtain firearms and explosives from an active duty Army soldier in Fort Hood, Texas. That soldier, who served in Iraq in 2006 and 2007, was a member of the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group.". "Looking ahead, current and former military personnel belonging to white supremacist extremist organizations wlio experience frustration at the inability of these organizations to achieve their goals may choose to begin new, more operationally minded and operationally capable groups," the report concludes. We urge local, state law enforcement and the military to be aware. YOU ARE UNDER SEIGE! Diversity In .Judicial Nominations Is Necessary ollt2!"atlllatio>ns to Gov. Charlie Crist, not only for his ......... ... wedding, hut for his current commitment to diversity in the State's judicial system. While there has been criticism by the lack of diversity in his cabinet and staff, ..Crist no doubt, deserves fo. r recently ing that the judicial nominating commission submit the names of more diverse candidates to be considered for the .Florida Supreme Court. Thus far, the commission has only submitted the names of four men (three white iuid"one. Hispanic) and a white woman. Readers might assume from the list of candidates submitted to Crist that no qualified and experienced Black candidates worthy of Supreme Court nomination were accessible. In fact, a white male eandidate was selected by Crist to replace former Supreme Court Justice Raoul Cantero, the lone Hispanic in the system. Historically, our court system has always had a marked lack of diversity, both statewide and nationwide. Therefore, the presence of qualified, expe-:rienced and widely diverse judicial nominee pools (in that order) are important. Forgive Us for wondering. But in this year 2008, there must surely have been at least one candidate eligible "'t to become part of the nominee pool. W Yes, Gov. Crist was right to ask for a more diverse list of e, qualified Supreme Court justice candidates. This is a new day. Things must be done a different way. A Melting Pot ne might think that the : ': :masses would give : President-Elect Barack Obama an opportunity to become the President before the controversy begins. But, then that would be in a perfect world. The fact of the matter is many people in this country cannot let the past bd the past. So, they seek out ways of keeping prejudice alive. His historic win has raised ridiculous questions to a new level. In addition to wanting to know if he will smoke in the White House, folks are still picking his heritage apart. Once upon a time, whites may have believed that there was purity in their race. But, few of the Africans enslaved in this country could boast of such purity. History shows that white men, from society's most highly respected to the lowest of scoundrels, made their way to the slave quarters. Additionally, some white women found themselves in amorous relationships with slaves and married them. If their offspring were light enough to pass for white, they were called mulatto, which means having one white parent and one Black parent. President-Elect Obama has come to terms with his ancestry. His mother was a white American and his father a Kenyan Black. He is a true African American. In his words, PresidentElect Obama said, "I identify as African-American -that's how I'm treated and that's how I'm viewed. I'm proud of it." His heritage casts him in a group that is becoming increas ingly larger al)d more vocal: the biracial group. And, he's not alone. Some, such as Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, and Tiger Woods stand out. Woods made an effort to dif ferentiate himself although by appearance, he looks African American. Carey acknowledges both parents, and Berry takes the same road as President-Elect Obama. When Ms. Berry accepted her Academy Award in 2002, she said she was accepting on behalf of all the Black women who had gone on before her. Her white mother was in the audience and beamed with pride. The bottom line is none of us are 100% anything. There is mixed heritage in all of us, whether we want to admit it or not and America is truly a melt ing pot. Paul Robeson: Legendary Artist : am honored to dedicate :this column to Paul : Leroy Robeson (1898 1976), a legendary scholar, athlete, ambassador, actor and singer, at the request of one of our readers. Paul Robeson is legendary because during a time of segregation, Jim Crow and racial discrimination, he stood tall and unchained. He became an internationally known artist who was revered by many for his talent, though reviled by some because of his perceived p 'olitictil brrentatfun. Personally, I wish every athlete, especially Black was required to read the bio graphy of this great inan who epitomizes the audacity of hope and what an athlete can become. Robeson, the son of a runaway slave and a school teacher, was born in Princeton, New Jersey. At age seven, when Robeson's mother died in an horrendous accident, the family was thrust into deep poverty. Still, took courses in Greek, Latin, History, Physics, Music, Drama, Chemistry, Literature, Sports and Philosophy at an integrated Westfield, New Jersey High School, where he excelled in all. Even though Robeson showed outstanding talent as an athlete, singer and actor, the school principal would not l\llow Robeson to play on the white football team or to sing as a soloist in the glee club because of Robeson's color. Upon graduation from high school in 1915, with honors, Robeson entered Rutgers University on scholarship, where his phenomenal talents as student, athlete, .actor and singer ignited his path to inter national fame. At Rutgers, Robeson earned 12 letters (awards) in track, football, basketball and base-. ball. Named All-American in 1917 and 1918, Robeson was described by famous sports writer Walter Camp as "the greatest defensive end that ever trod the gridiron." Moreover, Robeson's academic ability garnered him elec tion to Phi Beta Kappa during his junior year of college. When he graduated from Rutgers, Robeson studied Law at Columbia University, where he earned his Law degree .in 1923 and met Eslanda Good, a chemist, whom he married, in 1921. Eslanda would become the first Black to obtain a job as an analytical chemist at the Columbia Medical Center. Meanwhile, her husband's acting talent was discovered during this time period when New York Playhouse playwright, Eugene .O'Neil attended a play ("Simon the Cyrenian '') in which Robeson played the lead role. O'Neil would later cast Robeson in plays, which traveled through out America and Europe, earning Robeson instant international pooularitv and critical acclaim However, Robeson.is most remembered for his roles-in Showboat, JQn!!S, ,Porgy a11c,l Bess and Othello. Reportedly, Robeson's bari-_tone voice catapulted him to fame when he turned a role in a play that called for him to whistle into a song that he immortalized, instead .For his role in. Othello in 1943, Robeson received an ovation that was: called "one of the most prolonged and wildest responses, in the history of the New York Theater." Indeed, Robeson's travels on concert and acting tours included Asia, Europe, the Continued On Page 5


c: m en c Shoe-Shoe all the people in the rld, I bet George Bush wishes he had taken a diversity course. Either that or he had some stiff words for Iraqi security regarding people walking around with shoes in their hands It could have been a bullet But instead, it was a shoe. The current President of the United States laughed it off. But in truth, it was no laughing matter ... not really. Having said that, I imagine, by the time you read this column, David Letterman, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien will already have beaten me to the punch with punch lines about what happened to our present Commander-in-Chief when he made a surprise visit to Baghdad and during a hurriedly-put-together press con ference had a man who was supposed to have been a news reporter to take off both shoes and throw them consecutively at the President's head. The world watched, but could not believe its eyes! Only God, President Bush and his closest advisors know wpy, at this late date, George W. decided to take a trip to war-torn Iraq. Maybe, it was to convince himself that his manic invasion of that coun try was indeed, not a nightmare of his own making. Perhaps, he wanted to lend support as he has always done -to the troops ove-r there. Or maybe, in grandTexas-style, Mr. Bush sim ply wanted to show the world that he wasn't scared. Whatever his reason, sources close to him have no doubt, begged him not to do that again! I can hear Condoleezza Rice, right now, sidling up beside His Lame-Duckiness, clasping him by the hand and whisper ing in his ear, "BE COOL, MR. PRESIDENT WE'VE ONLY GOT A COUPLE OF WEEKS!" But everybody knows, our present president is not, and has neve r been COOL! Indeed, that Iraqi who threw both his shoes at Bush and got dragged out like so much bad laundry or a hound dog yelping obscenities in Arabic, was lucky George Bush didn't pull his shoes off and throw them right back at him, then give him a winning grin and a "thumbs-up" sign And what indeed, did George think or do or say? In case you missed it, this is what he said "So what if the guy threw his shoe at me?" said Bush to an exasperated news correspondent. It 's one way to gain attention," Bush laughed, then continued, "It's like going to a political rally and having people yell at you. It's like driving. down the street and having people not gesturing with all five fingers (WHAT???) ... "It's a way for people to draw attention." I don't know what the guy's cause is" (HE WANTED TO HIT YOU WITH HIS SHOE!). .. "But one thing is for cer tain ... He caused you to ask me a question about it." Then said George W., "I didn't feel the least bit threatened by it." And when he said that, he reminded me of every time I've gone on a roller-coaster ride and came back down, shaking in m y boots, only to l ook around a t my friends a nd stammer, "I AIN'T SKERRRRED!" I KNEW I was lying ... and so did George W. Bush! No doubt, cultural diversity trainers and historians are having a field-day behind closed doors, of course. They're e-mailing each other, saying, "I told you so!" They're laughing because if George W. or his advisors had taken a diversity course, he would have known that when a Middle Easterner throws a shoe at you, it's an insult of the lowest regard It means, "You are not worth what is on the bottom of my shoe!" However, many an American child has had another take on shoe-throw ing from an angry parent wbo threw a shoe when a shoe was all the parent could put his or -her hands tm. Nevertheless, as he is about to leave office, George W. Bush has been given another nickname: "SHOE-SHOE!" I Black American Insight from page 4 Soviet Union and Spain. Speaking rna n y la'ilgu ages, including Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Gaelic, Robeson refused to sing in front of segregated audiences by either race or class. Robeson sang songs of folk origin by classical composers, songs that supported the defense of freedom, spirituals and secular music as well. I highly recommend two of his albums, "The Power and the Glory," and "Songs of Free Men," for your listening plea sure and a portrait of his genius Paul Robeson died in 1976. Harambee! c m (') m s:: IJJ m ::Jl Senate Seat For Sale? ""''''>1i n,vPrnor Rod agojevich of llinois has been charged with trying to sell the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama. Let it be known that the Senate seat is very important to Black people. There are 100 members of the United States Senate. Only one of them was Black. I don't need to remind you that the lone Black Senator was Barack Obama. With Obama's election to the presidency, currently there are no Black senators. Black folks don't need to take one step forward and one step backward. We also don't need to ever again allow the United States Senate to ever become all white again Black people need to be concerned about who gets the Illinois Senate seat. President-elect Barack Obama should be concerned with who occupies the Illinois Senate seat. We all should be concerned. Including Barack Obama, this illustrious house has had only three Blacl5-s in its histo ry A fourth one at this time is very important. Black peo ple need Black representation in the Senate We need an African American in the Senate and we shouldn't have to bid for or buy a seat. Governmental seats should never be for sale. Did Barack or his repre sentatives talk to the governor or his representatives about the seat? I don't know, but if he didn't have someone talk to the governor, then he should have. He should have because he should have been concerned about the Senate becoming all white again. If we had another Black in the Senate, then the urgency of the Illinois seat would not have been as important. No, Barack Obama should not have been expected to cut any deals. He should have only used the influence of his office. to influence the process. Governmental offi cials, including presidents have always theii : posi tions known and have used their office to influence important decisions. The crime here is not with Obama. Instead it was vested with the governor of Illinois who all but advertised the sale of the seat on eBay. Obama must not be expected to represent Blacks 'T1 just because he is By rthe same token, he should 0 not fail to represent Blacks just because he is Black. The )> Illinois Senate seat needs to en be resolved and it needs to bd filled by a Black. z m r;IJJ c: r rm ::! z "0 c: IJJ r-c;; Poor Babies, They Endure So Muehl ::z:: m c a threehearing psyologists and er friends and family portrayed Butler as a fragile woman who suffered from bipolar disorder, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts. They said she was not adequately medicated in fall 2007 when she began teaching a special education class at Middleton High. Some of the students harassed her arid .stole. her money and cell phone." Ever since the doors of Seni.or High School reopened, there has been nothing but trouble. How is it that so many outside of its borders benefit from a curriculum that is incomparably exceptional to one-half of its student body and to those within, there are questionable curriculum issues and teachers who have no control in their classroom(s)? Middleton High School is a tale of two cities. During Hillsborough County's acade mic school year_ fancy cars and school buses roll onto the campus of the most elaborate m high school in Tampa. Students from affluent neighborhoods unload to begin their day in Honors, AB and Specialized Programs (mathematics, aeronautics and robotics). Also, students from neighboring communities championship titles. iii After 31 years, Middleton ::Jl reopened its doors. Lack of -< foresight and loads of excite-c! ment caught the Middleton m Alumni and those responsible o for the reopening of our ?( school by surprise when l> establishing boundat:ies for z our soon-to-be built first-C class campus. Remedial and behavioral students were dis0 persed throughout the county ?( before the new boundaries, begin their day in conventional and remedial high school classes. Now, will those teachers, ad mini:; :-ators and staff at George S. Middleton High School who take. pride in. stim-afterwards, they would all ulating and 1mprovmg :>;oung -descend on our new scboolr minds please come ft) the' '... Nonetheless Christina front of the No need to Butler's story has certainly push, 1s PLENTY of enlightened us Perhaps now, room! Pra1se. be to GOD, .. 1 Hillsborough County Schools rou a,ll, Slt there under needs to check for other the hghts of and "fragile" men and women Andrew (Ferrell). h ffi "fro b' Lest we forget, there were w 0 su enng m _lPo-only two high schools in all of lar depre_ss10n, Tampa for Black students. stress These two schools were and thoughts. closed in 1971 to achieve Fmally. th. e mystery racial balance in unfolds! We want to thank Hillsborough Comity. It was Miss Butler and those of not a day too short after the her kind still standing in the last graduating class of back of the room. Thank you Middleton Senior High so much and thank you, School "wiped the floor" and Judge J. Rogers Padgett! "kicked behinds" in track, It is our children who should football, basketball and basebe commended. Poor Babies, 5 ball. Yes, the Class of 1971 they endure so much! m brought home ALL state Peace Be Unto You.


co Local a: w m :E w (.) w c Mentoring Program Sponsors Holiday > BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor c en w ;::, On Saturday, D ecember 1-2oth, members of th e Youth 0 u.. 0 z C en w ;::) .... > a: w > w c w :X: en ::::i llJ ;::) c.. z i= w ...J ...J ;::) llJ I ...1 w z i= z w en 0 a: 0 ...J u.. Advocate-Program will host "A Day In The Park" for area youngsters. The event will be held at the Tampa Park Plaza Park, 1314 Scott Street from 1 p .m. until 4 p.m Ms. Felicia A. Wells, Program Director for the Youth Advocate Program; Inc., said, "Our program is a mentoring program and this event is to invite some of the children that we have helped, to come and get involved in the activities. "Some of the children we helped have successfully completed the program and we want them to come back and become mentots for kids in the programs now Ms. Wells said the orga nization offers two programs to 'youngsters between the ages of 8 and 17. "Our organization provides one-on-one cultural competent mentors to work with youth and families that are at risk for out of home placement, juvenile justice, MS. FELICIA A. WELLS Program Director Youth Advocate Program, Inc. or child welfare. These services are provided to youth with a no-reject, no-eject policy," she said Some of the programs being offered are communi ty-based alternatives to out of home placement, individ ual activities, educational assistance, vocational assis tance, parental involvement, and recreational, community activities. Ms. Wells also said the youth they work with do not have to leave their area One of the things we did was to adopt N 40th Street as a highway because it runs through th e 33610 zip code. "Mo s t people don t real ize it but w e hav e the highest numb e r of African American children going through the juvenile detention system from that zip code We concentrate on prevention and our goal is to bring children who are at risk into the program before they get into trouble, Ms. Wells said. She also stated that they have another program that helps foster children are already on probation as well. "Most programs won't take kids with too many issues, but we do The program is free and open to the public. Ms. Wells said their goal is to encourage some of the children who have successfully completed their program to meet with those currently enrolled in it. She hopes that this com ing together will inspire the youngsters to reach out and to become Anyone wishing to obtain more information may contact Wells at (813) 931-3950 Citizens' Group To Create Foundation BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer A grassroot group called Citizens Who Support Keeping Rogers Park Public, met last Monday and decided to incorporate and establish a foundation to help protect the legacy and preserve the history of Rogers Park. Spokesman for the group, James Ransom, said the process to get that done hasn't been developed yet. "During our meeting, we mutually agreed to incorpo rate and create a foundation, but we never discussed the process. That's what we'll discuss during our next meetings." Ransom said he's sending a call out to the community to anyone who has photos or any memorabilia of Rogers Park to contact him "Our regular meetings will continue to be held on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. at the 34th Street Church of God and Christ on the corner of 34th Street and 21st Avenue. "The main topic of our dis cussions will continue to be the process to get the exist ing agreement between the City of Tampa, YMCA, and Tampa Sports Authority regarding Rogers Park amended. That's our goal. We are working with TSA and the YMCA to get that done, and the specific language will be forward to Mayor Pam Iorio in a letter from the Sports Authority when that issue has been resolved." First Payments In Tobacco Lavvsult Sent To Clients Miami Attorney J. B. Harris has announced that the firs t paym ent to the 6 3,000 p e opl e w ho wer e part of a multi' million dollar cla s s ac ti o n la ws ui t aga in s t the t o ba cco c o mp anies ha s b ee n sent out. Harris said the first payments, that came out of a trust fund, were sent out in the amount of $9,000 each totaling $250 million in pay ments so far. "In January or February, those who have qualified will get a second payment. The amount of those payments i s n t known at this time. We won' t know until January who actually qualified for the payments." A Tampa woman who was part of the lawsuit said she received her first payment, and is excite d that the process i s finall y working. I know thi s i s littl e com pen sation for th e p a in and s uff e ring I'v e h a d to endure, but at l east I c a n afford to give myself the ical care and b e able td live a lif e." Harris said to clarify one point the actual lawsuit itself h a sn t b ee n s e ttled Th e pa y m e nts the peopl e have r e c eive d have come out o f a tru s t fund th a t w as se t up b y th e c ourts to e v er y one named in the lawsuit. That's why we aren t sure who actually got a payment at this Harris said the lawsuit itself will take some time to settle maybe as long as two years Harris also explained that the first payment sent out was minus medicare costs and other fees that the clients incurred before the lawsuit was filed. Harris said the payments were sent out regardless of whether the recipient was still alive or not. A judge decided that the tobac co companies would deposit $6oo million into a trust fund that would serv e as the initial payments to those named in the lawsuit doll afjigure is eac'hed for the major part of the lawsuit A BRAID IN ByMamaah {813) 9n-7&18 Monday-Saturday 8A.M.-7P.M. Sunday By Appt. ONLY Synthetic Hair Our Holiday FREE I Ask Us About Human Hair Available Specials! We Specialize In All Kinds Of Braids Address: 10020 N. 30th St. *Tampa, FL 33612 (At Poinsettia Plaza-Behind Busch Gardens We Accept Between Annie & Bougalnvllea) Credit Cards


Birthday Greeting Birthday wishes go out to our girl, "Alex" on December 9th. She celebrated with her family We would also like to share that she was invited to attend the "Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference" (PYIC) in Washington, DC, January 2009. The 5-day conference includes seminars, classes and the "Inauguration." She will also attend the parade and the "Gala Ball." During the summer Alex attended the "National Youth Leadership Forum" (for medicine) at Georgetown University and because of her achievements, she was invited to attend the PYIC. She is a junior at Tampa Bay Technical School (TBT) and attends the 34th Street Church of God, Rev. Thomas Scott. We are ALEXANDRIA L. WILLIAMS very proud of her and her accomplishments Keep up the good work, as you prepare for your future! We love you Your parents, Carlos and Edith Williams; grandparents, Marco and Peggie Fredricks, and Ms. Elizabeth Williams. i'The Voice of Our Communit. v .S'peaking for Itself' randma Tweety's Baby KENNIYAH Happy birthday Kenniyah. We are very proud of you for being an honor roll student and for being a Girl Scout. Love, your family. ESTELLAR HENDERSON Happy 94th birthday. From, your family and friends We love you. FYI Booker T. Washington Day Booker T. Washington Elementary is looking for alumni to join the first alumni day during Black History Month. 0 m All interested alumni please contact Kenya Jones or 31: Olivia Brown Andrew at (813) 233-3720. CD m :::0 East Tampa Community Christmas Celebration The Second Annual East Tampa Community Christmas Celebration will be held Saturday, December 20, 2008, 6-8 p.m. at the CDC Open Air Market on 29th St., just south of Lake Ave. This event is for East Tampa friends and supporters. Donations are welcome, but not necessary. Helpers are needed to serve food, however. For more information or to volunteer, please call (813) 254-3700. Toy Drive Glve-AV#ay toys by Wednesday, December 17, 2008 by call-I Mable Kids Ministries and Outreach, Inc. with Yes, You Can Women Fellowship of Tampa will host its Annual Toy Drive Give-Away on Saturday, December 20, 2008, 10 a. m. 1:30 p m. The event will be held at Preferred Physical Group, 2802 W. Waters Ave ing Reverend Mable "T1 Barthei-Smith, at (813) b 952-0589 or Gloria S. :::0 Williams, at (813) 735-8080. 0 Please register or donate Sponsors are Tony Conyers, Eddie Reyes, JC Perez, Preferred Physical Group and Pit Bull Gym. m z m t;"' lED c: ,.. ,.. !!I z Protect yourself from the flu this season. "a c: lED ,.. Get your FREE flu shot at the TGH Family Care Center at Healthpark. FREE Flu Shots Friday, December 19, 2008 1 :00 p.m. -4:00 p.m. l:ampa General Hospital Must be 18 years of age or older. No appointment Flu shots are limited and wi ll be given on a first come, first served basis. Free parking. TGH Family Care Center at Healthpark 5802 N. 30th Street Tampa, FL 33610 c;; % m c m < m -t c: m 0 c )> z c ., :::tJ c


co g Pictures From The Past C\1 (0 ,... a: w OJ :: w (.) w c >"' CJ) w :;) .... Mrs. Dorothy Taylor and Melvin Ball dance during a gala > function in this photo from the past. a: w > w c w :I: C/) ::i m :;) a. z i= w ...J ...J ::l OJ I ...J w z i= z w CJ) These beautiful ladies just couldn't escape the camera. They are: Minnie Johnson, Annette Royal, Danita Royal, Cheryl Harrison, Shae, Kim, Shannon, and Shante. Clayton Black, Stanley Bradford, James Jones, and Rodney Willis posed for this photo while attending a wedding. a: 0 ...J LL BIBLE-BASED FELLOWSHIP CHURCH MUSIC & WORSHIP ARTS MINISTRY PRESENTS 'The l0ice of Our Community Speaking for Itseif"'


Entertainment No-Show Queen Of Soul Pipes Up At Benefit Concert ARETHA FRANKLIN NEW YORK Organizers of a military benefit concert in New York say Aretha Franklin missed an award presenta-tion but showed up for the main event hours later. The Queen of Soul was a no-show when she was to receive the Torch of Freedom Award on Sunday in Times Square. The award was given by the Soldiers', Sailors', Marines', Coast Guard and Airmen's Club. A spokesman for the concert organizers says Franklin went on as scheduled later at the Nokia Theatre. She performed "New York, New York," a medley of military tunes and her classic "Respect." It's unclear why Franklin missed the earlier engagement. Will Smith: It's All About Helping Others WILL SMITH MINNEAPOLIS-Will Smith is bringing the message of his new movie "Seven Pounds" to the Midwest with a promotional tour that also turned into a fund raiser. In the film, which opens n ationwide Friday, Smith portrays a suicidal man determined to change the lives of several strangers. "If there's a message, it's 'you gotta help somebody.' Even ifit's somebody's car breaking down, use your cell phone. Something little like that. We gotta help one another to get the quality of : I K Made a-:r' eys --life we're all striving for," he said in an interview with the Star Tribune. Smith's appearance Friday for a local premier at a theater in suburban Edina was also a fundraiser for Second Harvest Heartland, the state's largest hungerrelief organization. Tickets were given to the first 250 people who donated nonperishable food. He and Vikings player Bernard Berrian also don ated 300 h o lid ay dinn e r s to the o r ga nization. "It's cool to have the goal of being the biggest movie star in the world. But why? It's been revealed to me that the question is: Whose life is better because you woke up today?" Smith said he realized he had drifted out of contact with everyday people on Nov.4. "I sat there with my children and my 16-year-old son couldn't understand how I didn't know (the election) was over already. He was like "i ou're out of he said. Latex Flat White Plinl ............ $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Painl. ........ $14.90 gal Roller Pan Sel. .................... : .. $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes ............................... 99 ea. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! Chris Brown Artist Of The,Year CHRIS BROWN NEW YORK--The accolades keep coming for Chris Brown -this time, he's been named Billboard's top artist of 2008. "It's bigger than what I can ever imagine. It's unexpected totally, so it's a surprise," Brown said It shouldn't be too much of a surprise for Brown. He not only nabbed the Billboard honor in 2006, he had a great '08, with solo hits like "With You" and "Forever" as well as successful collaborations, like the Jordin Sparks duet "No Air." Last month, he won three awards at. the American Music Awards, including artist of the year. .Jennifer Hudson Starts Shooting MuslcVIdec JENNIFER HUDSON NEW 'YORK -Jennifer. Hudson is getting back to work. The. is set to begin filming a video next week for her single, J(This Isn't Love, according to her label, J Records. Hudson was due to film the clip in Los Angeles when her mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, were discovered shot to death in their Chicago home on the city's South Side on Oct. 24. The body of her nephew, 7-year-old Julian King, was found in a sport utility vehicle three days later. Teen Rapper Soulja Boy Building Hip-Hop Empire NEW YORK --Looking like a spoiled kid forced to sit in on his dad's business meeting, DeAndre "Soulja Boy Tell'em" Way slumps in a black leather chair at Billboard's New York offices, twiddling his thumbs on his two-way. He's distracted. w;th BlackBerry in hand, the -year-old rapper/producer laughs out loud at an incoming message, then looks up at his best friend, Arab, who is smirking back at him. The two have tuned out ;he dialogue around them, leaving Soulja Boy's manager, Derrick Crooms, to handle the matters at hand. They are having their own chuckle-worthy conversation via their mobile devices, and they're not letting anyone else in on the joke. It's easy to dismiss Soulja Boy as a run ... of-the-mill teenager, but appearances can be deceiving. His breakthrough was due in part to his Internet fame, and many consider him a Web savvy business prodigy. By the time Soulja Boy signed to Collipark/Interscope Records in summer 2007, he'd already gar nered a huge online follow ing from his YouTube chan nel and MySpace page. "I was one of the first artists to have a YouTube account, ifnot the first. I joined two months after the site launched," Soulja Boy says. "I faked it until I made it. I acted like I was a celebrity. I was signing autographs, taking pictures, but I had no record deal. I was living the life of a star, but I was just a regular kid then." Soulja Boy then released "Crank That, the top-selling digital track of 2007, SOULJABOY more set, "iSouljaBoyTellEm, -due December 16 from Colli pa rk/1 n ters cope Records. T.I., Shawty Lo, Sean Kingston, Yo Gotti and Gucci Mane -who Soulja Boy calls his mentor -make guest appearances. BUILDING THE BUSINESS The rapper/entrepreneur has been busy on other fronts as well. In November, Soulja Boy launched an animated/live-action cartoon, by the creators of Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken," on his Web site. He plays a celebrity teenager who has to go back to class and finish the school year. Soulja Boy hopes a TV network will pit:k up the series, which combines animated and live-action characters, with Alfonso Ribeiro ("The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") as the school prin"cipal. Soulja Boy also aims to branch out into acting. "fm a comedic person I want my first movie role to reflect my personality," he says In addition to partnering with apparel company Yums on the Soulja Boy Block Star sneaker and a clothing line, he plans to launch a videogame next year with an undisclosed game maker. That deal, Soulja Boy says, came about the same way he landed his record deal from the Internet. ,according to Nielsen SoundScan, which at 3.9 million digital copies sold is the third-biggest song down-"I put up a video on load since such data started Y?uTube challenging Xbox being tracked in 2003 He's Live ,players. around the gone on to sell 943,000 Next you know f h' d b 1b ..... got an e-mail from a ,. cop!es o IS e u a um, "SouljaBoyTellEm," making v1deogame -m him one of the few artists to the same way Colhpark esell so many digital about signing m.e and also sell a decent .oft'enng me an opportum-amount of physical eopies ty to set up a videogame," an album. When it comes to he says. ringtones, crank has Boy. tallied 2.4 million, according build h1s music empue m to Nielsen RingScan. other 2004, he "He's a smart kid launched h1s mdependent Crooms "Change i'n SOD Entelltainment the music industry always (which stands for on comes with resistance but Deck), and recently signed a he handles it all very one-off. deal Universal He understands this busi-Repubhc for hJs ,group Show ness more than most grown Stoppers' first single; men I know." Rico." Although it NEW ALBUM Soulja Boy will use this savvy to promote his sopho-didn't make him the money he's acgustomed to, ; a s an experience that he hopes will help him down the line. -f c m U) c c m (') m s: m m :::XJ ....... N 0 0 co "T1 r 0 :::XJ g U) m z :::! z m r I m c r r m :::! z ""0 c m r CiS :z: m c m < m -f c: m (/) c > z c "T1 :::XJ i5


a: w m :E w () w 0 > en w :J 1-0 a: LL. 0 z 0 en w :J 1-ffi > w 0 W :C CI) CD' :J n. z t=. w _, _, :J m I _, w z .t= Z Tampa Prep To Host City Champif;)nship Tampa Prep High School will bring exciting basketball back to the Tampa Bay area for the 7th consecutive year. Veteran coach Joe Fenlon's Tampa Prep Terrapins will host their annual City of Tampa Championship Basketball Tournament. Eight teams will participate in. the tournament. The tournament starts Saturday, December 20, 2008. The tournament will b e held at Tampa Prep's gymnasium located at 727 W Cass St. Eig_ht teams will participate in the event. Hillsborough will play Plant at 3 p. m. on Saturday. Blake and Jefferson will go at 4:30 p. m. Tampa Catholic and Chamberlain will hook-up at 6 p m. and Tampa Prep and Robinson close the night at 7:30 p. m. Play will on Monday, 12/22/08 ning at 3 p. m The..;:.finals will be played on Tuesday with play at 3 p m. The championship game will be at 7:30 p. m., Tuesday. year, Tampa defeated Chamberlain to win the Qhampionship. The tournament is always well attended and show-cases some of Hillsborough County's top talent and some exciting basketball. Usually someone from the mayor's office is on hand to present the cham pionship trophy If you like high school basketball, you will love the City of Tampa Championship. Buccaneers Dig Deep Hole The Tampa Bay Bucs refused the Atlanta Falcons' attempt to give them a game. That is exactly what the Falcons tried to do. Time and time again, the Atlanta host made the Bucs defense look like all stars while making the Buc's offense look like the peewee league In losing to the Falcons 13-10 in overtime, the Bucs dug themselves a deep hole .as far as the playoffs is con cerned. The Bucs are now 2 games behind the Carolina Panthers with two games to play. They cannot afford to lose another game. They also find themselves tied. for second place with the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams have 9-5 records with two games to go. The Bucs playoff hopes are on life su.pport. w './r' I 0 H I 1.> > < i Bulletin. o NOW AVAILABLE AT THESE WAL-MARTS _, u. Wai-Mart #925, 11720 Dr MLK Jr Blvd., Seffner 33584. WaiMart #941, 949. E Bloomingdale Ave.,. Brandon,. 33511 WaiMart 2701. E. Fletcher Ave., Tampa, 33612 Wai-Mart #2387,. 11110. Causeway. Blvd., Brandon,. 33511 Wai-Mart#3463,.12808 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon,.33511. Wai.Mart #5760, 1601. W Blvd., Tamp a, FL, 33607 8885: N. 33612 813.247.5128 Game Day Of Champions The Tampa Bay Sports Commission held their annual Game Day of Champions at Tampa Stadium on Sunday, December 7, 2008 The championship game was between the Packers and the Buccaneers (Photos by VM Photography) Treveon Dennard of the New Tampa Wildcats looked for running room on this kick off return. Darryl and Brenda Barnes attended the Game Day of Champions in support of the New Tampa Wildcats of the MFFCC. The officiating crew for the Game Day of Champions were Camille Nichols, Rick TUrner, Tyrone Mitchell and Sean Glenn from the Southern Independent Conference Officials Alliance (SICOA).


Sports Falcons Beat Buccaneers In OT With those two dominating Tampa Bay, the Atlanta Falcons managed to overcome their mistakes. Turner ran for 152 yards, Abraham had three sacks, and the Falcons finished off a sloppy performance with Jason Elam's 34-yard field goal in overtime Sunday, pulling out a crucial 13-10 vi G tory ove r the Buccaneers to tighte n up the NFC play off race. "To win a game like this, when you're not hitting on all cylinders, is huge," said Mike Smith, Atlanta's rookie coach. Two guys deserved the bulk of the credit. Turner carried a career-high 32 times, including a couple of big runs on the wil'\ning drive. Abraham kept coming at Tampa Bay from all directions, including a possession-ending sack in overtime that caused Bucs tRckle Jeremy Trueblood to throw up his hands in frustration. MUCHAELTURNER And JOHN ABRAHAM On Abraham's first sack, he shoved a Tampa Bay lineman into Brian Griese. On the second, he crawled under tackle Donald Penn to get at the fill-in quarterback. ''This will be a fun game to sit down and watch on film," said Abraham, who had his third three-sack game of the season, giving him 15-112 overall. Atlanta (9-5) twice turned it over near the Tampa Bay end zone and had a huge breakdown on special teams late in the fourth quarter, allowing the Bucs to block a Titans' Haynesworth To Have MRI On Injured Leg ALBERT HAYNESWORTH 'Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was injured near the end of the game when his left leg .was caught uq.der the ,pile. _He remained on 'the turf for several mi' nutes while Titans officials looked at him. He finally got up and hobbled off the field The Tennessean reported that he will have an MRI in Nashville on Monday. "It looked like, seeing him on the field and hearing his moans and groans, it sounds like he i s going to be out for [a while]," defensive end Jevon Kearse said, according to the newspaper. "But seeing him walking around the training room just now it looks very promising. I know when I had my major injury [a torn ACL) a couple of years ago there was no way I was going to be walking any. So I know it is not that bad at least." Titans Owner: QB Young .To Get 'Another Chance' KEIU\Y. And VINCE YOVNG HOUSTON .Even as Kerry .. Collins-we-fit through h .is worst performJtnCe of the season, Vi.Jice Young stoo d idly on the sideline dunng 13-12 loss to Houston on Sunday. Team owner Bud 'Adams told The Tennessean in a story Sunday that he's in no way disappointed with Young's progres.s, even though Young has only appeared in two games this season. But the former Texas star and Houston native has thrown only one pass since the opener and continues to wonder when he'll play again or where he fits-thing to do with that," said Young. "All I can do is be ive of my teammates and that's what I'm doing." Adams told the Nashville newspaper that he has no inten'tio';r1 .of releasing Young before his contract expires after the 2011 season. "He is a .young guy and he is learning. He is still grow ing up," Adams told the newspaper in an interview l-ast week from his penthouse office in Texas. "Vince is under contract for three more years, so he is not going anywhere. punt that set up Matt Bryant's tying field goal with 48 seconds left in regu lation. But the Falcons stuffed Tampa Bay's only possession of overtime, then drove 55 yards for Elam's winning kick. The Bucs (9-5 ) have backto-hack losses for the first time this season and missed a chance to possibly clinch their playoff berth. They were hampered by 11 penalties for 76 yards. "I'm not going to take any credit away from Atlanta, but I don't feel like they were the better team," said Tampa Bay receiver Antonio Bryant, who had eight catches for 108 yards and got into a brief confrontation with Smith on the Falcons' sideline. The Falcons pulled even with Tampa Bay in the NFC South behind first-place Carolina, ensuring their first winning season since 2004 Kltfln Confirms He's Leaving Bucs MONTE KIFFIN ATLANTA -Monte Kiffin confirmed Sunday what's been pretty obvious for a couple of weeks. The defensive coordinator will leave the after the season to join his son, Lane, who was hired recently as the head coach at the University of '}.'ennessee. As you might expect, ....Kiffin-.sai.d...ta e-dec-i &ion came down to family and that' s understandable. Give 'the Bucs, -who ha e blocked some assistant CO!lches from IilQv:ing on in the past, credit for not standing in the way of one. : :kimn has ,been with the Bucs since 1996 and has as much to do with the franchise's turnaround -and continued success -as anyone, and that includes the likes of Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp and John Lynch. Kiffin. earned the right to do what he wanted. BEAUTY UNLIMITED KENNETH lA You saw her Friday, so we decided to give you a better look at Kennethia as this weeJ<'s Beauty Unlimited feature. Kennethia, 18; is a part time student work at Verizon. She loves to go to the beach, watch movies and talk on the phone. She also loves to model and she hopes her goals of becoming an actress and runway model soon will come true. When it comes to young women being confident, Kennethia fits category. As our Beauty Unlimited we hope you find her as appealing as we have, and along with Kennethia, we wish all Happy Holidays. TA:\IPA B f \ \ 2008-2009 Football Season 'Sept. 7 Sept-.14 Se_pt: 21 Sept. _2l4 Oct.S .... _Qct._l-2 Oct.19 Oct.26 Nov.16 Nov. 23 Dec. 8 Dec.t4 l>ec. 2t'. Dec. 28 Saints [24] vs. [20] Dues Dues [24] vs. [9] Falcons [27] Bears (OT) Dues vs::-[21) Packers [16) vs. ft3)'Bucs [i7J vs. (3) Panthers Dues (20) ys. (1 OJ Seahawks <;owboys [13) vs. [9) Bucs Dues Chiefs Dues [19]vs. [13) Vikings Dues [38] vs. [20] Lions Dues (23] vs. [20] Saints Panthers [38] vs. [23] Dues Falcons [13] vs. [1 0] Dues Chargers@ 8:15p.m. Raiders m. LOSS WIN WIN WIN LOSS WIN -WIN LOSS WIN WIN WIN LOSS LOSS c: m CJ) c c m (") m s:: .a:J m :::c -\ 0) 1\) 0 0 00 "T1 r 0 :!:! g CJ) m z z m r:aJ c: r r z c: m r 0 :::z::: m c m < m c m CJ) c l> z c "T1 ::0 c ,,. m '-" -\


g a: LL. c z <( c ffi :::> 1-> a: w > w c w ::1: en :::; m :::> a. z Iii ..J ..J :::> m I ..J w z t= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J LL. MR. WILUE (BUBBA) BYNES, JR. Homegoing services foq Mr. Willie (Buhba) Bynes, Jr. of Tampa, who passed away on Wednesday, December 10, 2008, will be held on Tuesday, December 16, 2008, at 1 p. m. at St. Paul AME Church, 506 E. Harrison Street, Rev. Bryant Fayson, pastor. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Willie Bynes was the son of the late Willie Bynes, Sr. and Mamie Bynes; born on a bright Sunday morning, September 3, 1940. Willie attended Hillsborough County public schools and graduated from Blake Sr. High School, where he was a legend and Hall of Fame Athlete. He truly loved the game of basketball. At a very early age he accepted Jesus Christ. He was a member of Beulah Baptist Church. In his .later years he became a member of Hebrew Islam. He was preceded in death. by: his favorite aunt, Willie Belle; and aunt, Minnie Ross; He leaves to cherish his beautiful memorie$: his loving and devoted wife, Mary Jones Bynes; sons, Antonio Bynes, Reginald Jones and Robert Eugene Jones (Renee) of Tampa; daughter, Kim (Derrek) Johnson of Houston, TX; grandchildren, Derrek and Demarr Johnson; brother, George (Dorothy) Bynes, Orangeburg, SC; sister, Barbara Ann Bynes of McClenny, FL; nieces, Sybil Caver and husband (Leffage), Charlotte, NC, Cristine Reveron, Charlotte, NC; nephew, Miguel Bynes, Austin, TX; special cousins, Louis and Grace Cartwright and Gurtrude Mack; and a host of other loving relatives and special close friends, Ernest Brown, Jessie Perez, Frank Mulvaney, Manny Herbella and Dorothy McDaniel. The remains reposed at St. Paul AME Church Monday, December 15, 2008, from 5-8 p. m. The family received friends from 6:30-7:30 p. m. The funeral cortege will arrange from 2511 19th Avenue. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME" MRS. BETIY JEAN HICKMON Homegoing services foq Mrs. Betty Jean Hickmon of 8314 Dahlia Avenue, who passed away on Wednesday, December 10, 2008, will be held on Friday, December 19, 2008, at 11 a. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, Rev. Dr. Linda Reese, pastor of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Betty was born August 28, 1957, and was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County. She was a graduate of C. Leon King High School. She was preceded in death by: her father, John H. Lawrence, Sr.; mother, Clara Agnes Lawrence; brother, John H. Lawrence, Jr.; and nephew, Elijah L. Simmons. She leaves loving memories with: her dedicated husband, Otis Hickmon; daughters, Denika Helms and husband, Derrick of Fairbanks, AK, Bettina Cobb and fiance, James Wright, and Odesha Hickmon; son, Milo Cambridge, Jr. and stepdaughter, Dena Hardy and husband, James, Jr.; grandchildren, Darylle, Derrick, Jr. and Dominique Helms; siblings, Sarah Allen and husband, Roy, Oscar Lawrence, Sr., and fiancEe, Loretta Garrette, Cynthia Lawrence, Alvin Lawrence, Sr. and. wife, Ruby, Yvonne Simmons and husband Horace, Sr. and Gwendolyn Butts, St. Louis, MO; special in-laws, William Butts, Tom Hickmon, Mildred Hickmon, Albert Hickmon and wife, Rosemary, Jimmy Lee Hickmon and wife, Elizabeth and John Henry Hh:kmon; special nieces, Saron Marshall, Sherrillyne Fol,'doms and husband,. Gerrard, .Serita White, Felicia Coates and husband, Walter, and Angela Lawrence; special nephews, Leroy Blue, Jr., and fiancEe, Gloria Whitlock, Cu.rtis Blue and fiancee, Kim Hemingsway, Alvin Lawrence, Jr., Horace Simmons, Jr., and wife, Carla and Oscar Lawrence, Jr.; and a host of great nieces, nephews, and other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from 12:30-7:00 p. m. on Thursday evening. The funeral cortege will arrange from 3209 E. Paris Street. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME" Harll'l.Oil Funeral Home John W. Harmon, L.F.D. James Hannon, L F. D 5002 N. 40th St. 626-8600 MR. FREDDIE IRISH ANDERSON, SR. Mr. Freddie Irish Anderson, Sr. of 11735 Mango Cross Court, Seffner, FL, passed away Friday, December 12, 2008. Funeral services will be conducted Friday, December 19, -2008, at 11 a. m. at Springhill Missionary Baptist Church, 8119 E. Dr. M L K. Boulevard, with Reverend Eugene Garnett, pastor, officiating. Interment will be Friday, December 19, 2008, at The Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Florida. Mr. Anderson was a native of Emporia, Virginia, and a resident of Tampa for 4 years. He graduated from Wyatt High School, Class of 1952 and enlisted in the United States Air Force on June 4, 1952, where he served for 11 t/2 years. Mr. Anderson was employed as a Mental Health Therapy Tech at Pilgrim State Hospital in New York for 35 years before retiring in 1991. He leaves to cherish his memory; his loving wife, Terry Ann Anderson; two loving sons, Freddie Anderson, Jr. and Michael Anderson; three sisters-inlaw, Willie Mae Grant, Patricia Kibler and Deborah Marrow; brother, Johnny Anderson, III; two daughters-in-law, Lenora Anderson and Courtney Anderson; two brothers-in-law, Ronald I. Kibler and Irving Marrow; grandchildren, Tyrell Anderson, Chrystain Anderson, Jarred Anderson, Terrence Anderson, Jazmine Anderson, Amanda Brown and Shanyel Brown; he also leaves a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other sorrowing relatives, friends and several godchildren whom he loved and cared for over. the years. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. CREMATION WITH SERVICE $1,0750 Morning Glory Funeral Chapel 866-367-5509 & Northern Owner. 301 N. Howard Avenue TlmPII, FL 338011 Ph: (813) 253-3419 Fax: (813) 251-4912 Emo/1: MRS. LOUISE GRIMES Mrs. Louise Grimes of 2702 N. Boulevard, passed away Wednesday, December 10, 2008. Funeral services will be conducted today, Tuesday, December 16, 2008, at 2 p. m. at Miracle Temple Institutional Church of God In Christ, 2001 N. Albany Avenue, with Superintendent Clethen U. Sutton, pastor, officiating. Interment will be December 18, 2008 in Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. Mrs. Grimes was a native of Brooklyn, New York, and a resident of Tampa for 11/2 years. She was educated in Brooklyn, NY and was a member of First A. M. E. Zion Church and Eastern Star Deborah Chapter # 24. Mrs. G.rimes was employed as a Food Service Supervisor at Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, NY. She leaves to cherish her memory: her son, Vernal Eric Grimes of Tampa; daughter-in-law, Eva Grimes of Tampa; niece, Vanessa Hudson of Tampa; son, Joseph Walls of New York; sister, I vine Johnson of New York; sons, lvor .and Tyrone Grimes of Canada; son and daughter, Fontine and Carl Grimes of Barbados; daughter, Angela Ward of New York; grandchildren, Nathaniel, Christine, Tychuan and LaTanya; a host of other relatives and friends in Tampa, and New York. The remains will repose from 12 noon until service time today, December 16, 2008, at Miracle Temple Institutional COGIC. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. news education religion business health sportr family entertainment in the Florida Sentinel 813-248-1921 MR. JOSEPH H. ASH, JR. Funeral service for Mr. Joseph H Ash, Jr. of Rosevale I Springfield Gardens, New York, who passed away on December 13, 2008 in a local hospital will be held (this evening) Tuesday, December 16, 2008, at 7:30 p. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29th Street, with Bishop Eddie Newkirk, officiating. Mr. Ash will be shipped in care of Gilmore Funeral Home, 191-02 Linden Boulevard, Queens, New York. Mr. Ash leaves to cherish loving memories of him with: his wife, Rutha P. Ash; daughters, Tonya Nicole AshDigregorio and husband, Anthony of Poughkeepsi, New York, Toya Michelle Ash and Natasha Lynn Ash of Queens, New York; sister; Deborah Ash of Columbia, SC;nephew,ChristopherAsh and wife, Pam of New York City; grandniece, Jayla; grandnephew, Christopher, Jr. ofNewYorkCity; cousins, Bernard Seabrooks of New York City and Roslyn Hardy of New York City; his devoted friend, Abe Gatling of Virginia, who alwars stood by his side and numerous other family and friends Joseph was born in New York City on August 30, 1937. He attended Boys High School in -Brooklyn, New York and Old Westbury College in Long Island, New York. Mr. Ash was honorably discharged from the U. S. Army. He was a former employee of the NYC Transit Police Department, where he retired after serving 20 years. He did not enjoy retirement so he joined the New York Times Security Force and retired in 2002. Mr. Ash was a member of Calvary Baptist Church, Queens, New York. In spite of severe knee and hip pain, he would always fall on his knees and pray. Friends are asked to assemble at the funeral home at approximately 7:15 p. m. today (Tuesday). "A WILSON'S SERVICE" www-wilson-funealbome.c:om


---:---------------------------------------,-r-Funerals Memoriams REVEREND FREDDIE ROBERTS, JR. Homegoing celebration for Reverend Freddie Robert, Jr. of 1511 Ford Street, who passed away Tuesday, December 9, 2008, at his residence, while under the care of LifePath Hospice, will be held Wednesday, December 17, 2008, at 1 p. m. at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, 2204 N. Highland Avenue, with Rev. Dr. C. P. Epps, pastor of Mt. Olive M. B. Church, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Freddie Roberts, Jr. was born in Valdosta, Georgia on December 24, 1953, to Margaret Peterson and Freddie Roberts, Sr. He was the second of six children. Freddie was baptized as a young man and was educated in Lowndes County public schools in his youth. Freddie moved to Tampa, and graduated from King High School. He obtained his Bachelors of Theology degree at Florida Seminary in Lakeland, Florida He was an employee of the City of Tampa for 34 years. freddie passed peacefully at home in Tampa, on December 9, 2008. He leaves to cherish memories of him: his devoted wife, Leafie J. Roberts; his loving mother, Margaret Peterson, his father, Freddie Roberts, Sr.; his six children, Bonita (Edgar) Moore, Tampa, Felecia (Timothy) Cohen, Tampa, Bridgette Tarver, Atlanta, Freddie Roberts, II, Tampa, Margaret Roberts, Tampa, Patricia (Robert) Gresham; Tampa, his siblings Gloria (Ronald) Williams, Tampa, Carlton (Lillian) Roberts, Atlanta, Georgia; Zackary (Shirley) Roberts, Tampa, Jennifer (Archie) Cliatt, Tampa, Jeffery Roberts, Tampa, Grayland Roberts, Melvin Roberts, both of Orlando, Kevin Roberts and Michele Roberts of Gainesville; sister, Rochelle Roberts who preceded him in death; nine grandchildren; and a host of loving aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, including a special childhood cousin, Patriciaoods; godchildren, Brodus Burch, Pamela Graham and LaTosha Littles and other relatives and friends who will cherish beautiful memories ofhim. The remains will repose from 5-8 p. m. and the family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m., Tuesday, December 16, 2008, at Wilson Funeral Home. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 12:45 p. m. on Wednesday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilson-funeralhome.com MS. MARY HAZEL JOHNSON A homegoing service was held on Sunday, November 30, 2008, at Sunlake Baptist Church, for Ms. Mary Hazel Johnson, who went to be with our Lord and Savior on Friday, November 28, 2008. Interment was held at the Lutz Cemetery. Reverend William Danskin, officiated. Hazel was born in East Tampa on October 13, 1926, to E. E. and Reba Jones. She graduated from Haines City High School in 1947. As a teenager, Hazel was a cheerleader, and she and her best friend and brother, Emmitt E. "Bud". Jones, loved to dance and routinely won dance competitions. Hazel later married, and for thirty was a pastor's wife. As a pastor's wife, she was very active in her ministry to the following churches: East Side Baptist Church (Haines City), Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (Brookhaven, MS), First Baptist Church of Land 0' Lakes, Forest Hills Baptist Church, Northgate Baptist Church and Castle Heights Baptist Church. Hazel gave her love to the Lord through teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir ;tnd serving as music director for many years. She also served as Vice-President of the Women' s Missionary Association in Tampa. Several years ago, Hazel became a member of Sunlake Baptist Church in Lutz, FL. For many years, Hazel worked as receptionist and secretary at Padgett's Nursing Home, where she had many friends and colleagues and she loved the Padgett family dearly, Hazel also worked as secretary to the Senior Vice-President of Pan American Bank in Tampa. Hazel, known as "Mimi" to her family, was a wonderful and caring Mother and Grandmother. She leaves behind: her son, Joey Johnson; daughter-inlaw, Debbie Johnson; and grandson, Joseph L. Johnson, III. For many years, she was also a loVing part of the Sage and Mixon families in Lutz. The love of Hazel's life was her family and her brothers and sisters in Christ at Sunlake Baptist Church. IN MEMORIAM BROTHER DAVID JOHNSON, SR. A year has passed, you are gone but truly not forgotten. The impact you made in our lives will always be cherished. Greatly missed by: wife, Carolyn Johnson; daughters, Yvonne (Stanley) and Kim (Micheal); and grandchildren. IN MEMORIAM ALBERT TIM, JR. Seven years ago today, you took your peace with the angels. We'll love you always. Your wife and family. WE MISS YOU DEARLYIII CLAUDE KEGLER It's been one year, but it seems like just yesterday that you were chosen to go home and be with our Father. Mann we know you are not he1-e with us physically but we wanted to let you know you will never be forgotten. You will forever have our love and be in our hearts. Love, your parents, stepparents, all of your sisters and brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, Felicia, Tee Tee, and all your close friends. IN LOVING MEMORY OF DEA. BILL JAMES 1/28/1888-12/16/f983 "We all miss you so dearly." Love, sons and daughters. MRS. AMANDA JAMES "10/4/1916 -12/13/1996 IN MEMORIAM MR. JEREMIAH CARSON, JR. September 19, 1957 to December 16, 2007 Sweet Sleep A year ago today I last saw your eyes. I never noticed how much they looked like mine. When you departed -oh how we did weep. I pray that you enjoy your sweet sleep. So many lives you touched along the way. How we miss the way you'd start your day. "Hello Darlin'" are the words you would speak, I pray that you enjoy your sweet sleep. Every phone call with Aunt Gwen would always contain "your daddy-my-brother-I remember when ... What a redeemed man you became--humbled and so meek, I pray that you enjoy your sweet sleep. For years your body and heart felt life's pain. My love for you as a daughter -rm glad you obtained. When you departed -oh how we did weep. Another good hearted man gone I pray that you enjoy your sweet sleep. r For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again. Even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him -my friends. I Thessalonians 4:14 gives us hope and increases our belief. I pray that you enjoy your sweet sleep. With love as we honor you today, we love you now, forever and always. Your daughter, Katrina, Elder Alejandro House, Gus, Lil' AI and the entire Carson Family. Funeral Planned For Second Fire Victim Funeral services have been planned for an East Tampa man who died in an early morning house fire. He was the second of the three people trapped in the home to die. Mr. Willie Bynes, Jr., 68, died at Tampa General Hospital last Wednesday morning. Funeral services for Mr. Bynes will be h e ld on 1\1esday (today), at 1 p.m. at St. Paul AME Church The first victim to die in the fire was Ms. Latoya Williams, who will also be funerali zed at the same time. The fire occurred around 6:30 a.m., Monday at 2905 E. Chipco Street. Upon arrival of fire rescue units, they discovered that Mrs. Mary .fones Bynes, Mr. Willie Bynes, and Ms. Latoya Williams were all trapped inside the house by burglar bars. Mrs. Mary Bynes was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital, where she was listed in serious condition. Aikens Funeral Home is in charge of handling arrangements. c: m en 0 }< c m (") m 3: OJ m JJ _.. 0) 1\) 0 0 co "TT r 0 JJ 0 l> en m z ::t z m r I OJ c: r r .m ::t z "C c: ttl r c;; :::1: m 0 m < m JJ -< -t c: m en 0 l> z 0 "TT JJ 0


g -Crime News N <0 ,.. a: w Father Of 3 Stabbed To Death m Johnny Johnson, 36, :!: was looking forward to his 37th birthday on New w Year's Eve According to his C mother, Ms. Dorothy Jordan, that's all he talked C:C about. At 6 : 10 a.m. Saturday w morning, Clearwater Police and Clearwater Fire and Res cue responded to a 9-1-1 call from 1365 Fairmount Street. When they arrived, they found Johnson suffering from stab wounds. He was transported to Mease Dunedin Hospital and pronounced dead a short time later. c a: LL c z <( c (/) w ::) fi; w > w c w :I: (/) ::l m ::) D. z ;::: W ..J ..J ::) m ...:. w Z ;::: z w (/) it 0 ..J LL Clearwater detectives are investigating the incident as a domestic homicide and said it appears to be the result of a love triangle situ ation No suspect was. iden tified by police. Ms. Jordan said the report of a love triangle isn't true. "There was no love triangle. They weren t estranged and they were living together." Ms. Jordan and her niece, Ms. Kimberly Jordan, said the story being told by Johnny's fiance just isn't true. They idtmtified her as Khija Williams. "We were told he was stabbed when he was climbing through a window at the house. That doesn't make sense to us, because he had a key, so why-would he have to climb through. a window? He also had chronic tis, ai:id could .barely walk, so we don't believe he could even make it through a win dow." Ms. Dorothy Jordan said her son and Williams had been living with her up until 3 months ago. "They argued a lot because h,e didn't like the way she talked to me. She was very disrespectful, and said JOHNNY JOHNSON things that just weren't right for a young lady. She was so skinny and it was amazing how someone that small could have that kind of mouth on them." Ms. Jordan said her son had planned to leave Williams because. he had grown tired of the way she talked to her and the constant arguing. Kimberly said she thinks Williams just had a nasty attitude. "He would describe her as being childish. We don't know why he went back to her this weekend since he was so fed up with her." Dorothy Jordan said her son had visited her twice before heading to Clearwater early Saturday morning. "He never failed to call me. We talked all the time, especially about the !ems he was having with. that girl. I .thought he was going to move back in with me. I think he went back just to get his things. Kimberly Jordan said the family is upset with the story she's telling detectives. "The story she's telling everyone that they had broken up and she had found someone else isn't true. She said Johnny. didn't live 1481 TIIDII PIIZI @ lebrasllalve. & scan 11. The h iring of a lawyer i s an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements Before you decide, ask us to send you FREE written mlormatlon about qualifications and experience! there, but he did. Everything in the house was in his name. "We think she's telling these stories to protect her self." Family members said Johnson and Williams never had violent confronta tions but they would argue all the time. Th ey also said Johnson was in constant pain due to his chronic arthritis, and wore slides because his feet were always swollen. "She has made up a fictitious person named Nate just to cover up what she did," said Kimberly. "No one has ever heard of this Nate." Johnny Johnson came to Tampa in 1985 from his native Belle Glade, Florida. He attended King High school, and was a track athlete in junior high. Family members said Johnson's arthritic problems started five years ago and rapidly got worse Johnson has three daughters, and family mem bers say he was very close to them. "There's more to the whole story than what she's telling" said Kimberly. Clearwater Police Public Information Officer, Elizabeth Watts, said the department is not releasing any information at this time and no one has been charged. -Morning Glory Funeral Chapel is assisting the fami ly at this time. Bookkeeper Charged With $3,700 Theft CARSANDRA AYERS ST: PETERSBURG -St. Petersburg Police are irrves-1 tigating the allegation that a -woman stole money from a Pinellas County elementary sch0c;I. ,. Police said Carsluidra Ayers, 60,' worked ils a bookkeeper at Perkins Elementary School, where allegedly stole $3,700 to pay back rent. investigation started _..; thi s past.'surtimer when school officials noticed the .missing money. An audit was conducted and found the $3,700 transaction. Ayers faces a charge of grand theft and was taken to jail With her bond set at $10,000. Refusal To Give Up $2 Results In Stabblni AUSTIN REESE On Sunday night,' Tampa Police said a man was stabbed with a box cutter because he refused to give another man $2. Police said Anthony Hall, 31, was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital after the incident. According to reports, Austin Reese, 35, and Sean Hodges, 39, approached Hall and asked SEAN HODGES him for the money. Hall refused and Hodges allegedly stabbed Hall in the chest and right ann. Hall stumbled to the ground near the Marathon Station at 50th Street and Busch Boulevard, police said. Reese and Hodges were both arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Body Found Along Interstate Identified POLK COUNTY -A death investigation is being conducted by the Polk County Sheriff's Office after a body was found along Interstate 4 near Davenport Sunday morning; .,. Deputies said a worker from nearby Di-sney Park was driving home when he saw the body of 21-year-old Dontavious James Griffin of Orlando about 7:30a. m. Griffin's body was found off the westbound lane of I-4 in Polk County. He had been shot to death. Griffin's venicie was found Monday morning in DONTAVIOUS GRIFFIN Orlando. Anyone with information is asked to call the Polk County Sheriffs Office at (863) 534-6200. Pollee .. Qrl,rt;tBy Shootlngs Rela ecl ST. PETERSBURG-St. struck a vehicle outside, her Petersburg Police are look-home and one bullet shat-ing into the possibility 'that tered the front window .. three drive-by'lfoo ti'iiks sa.id that started night-w.as are related. Polite said the lying. .o n the sofa of her shootings took place within:-: liomhvheh she' heard sever a few hours of each d P,. t h:ei and one Jt'dme: :No o'ne hul:io ti saw fight during a Lakewood., who .. ; .. High School game. At.l2:52 a.m: 'Satur'tbiy AccordJng to :r,eports<,.,,the : ... at first shooting took in poHce said she was the 2400 blQck of 12th sleeping when she heard a Avenue, South-. Denise .loud bang downst&rs> Police Cleare, 40; told police she sajd sevei'al gunshots' struck was the living room area a vehicle outside and one of her home on the computwas...fired through her front er when at 'she "door. heard gunfire and glass No one was injured in any breaking of the shootings and police Police sa'id Cleare. told ask anyone with everyone inside to hit the tion to contact them at (727) ground as several shots 893-7780.


c ssifieds NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Munic i pal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on January 7, 2009 at 9:00a.m. to hear the below listed cases which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code I nformation listed below describes the case number, property owner(s) violation address code section violated, and legal descriptio n of subject property in that order The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers, 3 r d Floor City Hall 315 E Kennedy Blvd Tampa Florida. Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to d i scuss the alleged violations Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 27 4-7286 Please note that if any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing they w ill need to ensure a verbat i m record of the proceedings is made which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. CASE # 07-29296 CASE# 08-16733 CASE# 08 18254 CASE# 08 19498 CASE# 08-20126 BARROS, SUZAN CANALES, WALTER WILLIAMS, ALFRED FONTE, ROGER VILLANUEVA, HERIBERTO AND 15608 COCHESTER RD., TAMPA, FL 1708 MARVY AVE. TAMPA, FL 4303 E OSBORNE AVE., TAMPA, FL 1514 E DIANA ST. TAMPA, FL AQUINO, MARIA SECTIONS : 19 47 AND 1950 SECTIONS : 19-46 19-49 19 -50 AND SECTIONS : 1947 1 9-49, AND 19 50 SECTIONS : 19-49 19 50 AND 19 -231 7001 LAKESHORE DR. TAMPA, FL TAMPA PALMS 4A UNIT 1 19-56 EASTERN HEIGHTS RIVERBEND MANOR SECTIONS: 19-49 19-46 1950 LOT 4 BLOCK 9 TILSEN MAN!)R BLKS 2 3 4 5 6 6 LOT42 LOT 14 BLOCKY AND 19 233 34756 1522 9, 10 11, 13 16 17 16 1545 9 1 000 0 149551 0000 TEMPLE CREST UNIT NO 3 CASE# 08 13304 LOTS BLOCK 2 LOT 12 BLOCK 56 SATTERFIELL GEO E. HALEY, GEO R. 1412 79 0000 CASE# 08-18365 CASE# 08 19587 148743 0000 HALEY, RANDY L GIL R, BRYANS. All, KIM ALLEN, MAUREENA 8406 N SEMMES ST TAMPA, FL CASE# 08-17252 1024 E CARACAS ST., TAMPA, FL 8013 N 14TH ST AlB, TAMPA, FL CASE# 08 20150 SECTION 19-49 BROWN, JEROME C SECTION : 19 -50 SECTIONS : 19-49 19 50 AND 19 23 2 ST-CYR WOOLINE OAK TERRACE REVISED PLAT OF 8318 N. 13TH ST. TAMPA, FL DEMORES T SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDITION 1507 E 27TH AVE. TAMPA, FL LOTS 59 AND 60 AND E Yz CLOSED LOT 3 AND W Yz OF ALLEY ABUTTING SECTIONS: 1 9 233 AND 19-234 ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON SECTIONS : 19 50, AND 19-232 LOT 1 BLOCK4 THEREON REINA V I CTORIA 145599.0000 SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDITION 1 71645 0000 BLOCK61 LOT 6 AND N Yz OF CLOSED ALLEY LOT 10 AND 11 AND E 5 FT CLOSED 146957. 0000 ABUTTING ON S CASE# 0813562 ALLEY ABUTTING CASE# 08-18367 172815 0000 CRUMP STACEY ON WBLOCK24 RODRIGUEZ, MELIZA CASE# 08-19747 2802 E. ELLICOTT ST., TAMPA, FL 146440 0000 1202 E CARACAS ST. TAMPA, FL ALVAREZ, NIURKA CASE # 08 20448 SECTIONS : 19-47 AND 1950 SECTION : 19-231 8206 N 18TH ST., TAMPA, FL REYNOLDS, ALLEN Ill, REYNOLDS, LIVINGSTON HEIGHTS CASE# 08-17312 DEMOREST SECTION : 1950 JACQUELINE LOT 18 BLOCK 2 PHILPOT, RALPH J LOT 5 BLOCK 2 HENDRY AND KNIGHTS ADDITION TO 2805 N 9TH ST. TAMPA, FL 156366 0000 1314 E SLIGH AVE. TAMPA, FL 171640 0000 SULPHUR SPRINGS SECTIONS: 19-49 AND19-231 CASE# 08-15150 SECTION : 19-233 LOT 33 AND E Yz CLOSED ALLEY BONNIEHAVE N HARXHI, SHEPTIM LEONARD TERRACE CASE I# 08 18494 ABUTTING THEREON S Yz OF LOT 7 BLOCK 1 8617 N MULBERRY ST AlB TAMPA, FL E 35FT OF LOT 19 AND W24 FT OF TIEN JESSICA 149596 0000 186901.0000 SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-50 LOT20 1309 E FRI ERSON AVE. TAMPA, FL PROPERTY ORANGE TERRACE 170116. 0000 SECTIONS : 19 49 AND 19 56 CASE# 08-20063 CASE # 011-20535 LOT 21 AND WYz OF ALLEY ABUTTING ANDERSON R M SUBDIVISION LOT 2 CABADO, ANDRES AND CABADO, AARON, DANIEL ONE BLOCK 10 CASE# 08 17699 171437 0000 SHANNON 3303 N 12TH ST., TAMPA, FL 145572 5000 1813 MERIDEL AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 1926 19-46, 19-49, MUFF SANDRA SECTIONS : 19-232, 19-50 AND 27 129 AND 19 50 6920 N 21ST ST TAMPA, FL CASE# 08-18701 CASE# TILSEN MANOR BLKS 2 3, 4 5 6, 8, 9, NEBRASKA EAST REVISED MAP OF SECTION : 1950 DOMDROWSKI, PAUL THOMPSON, JIMMIE 10 11, 13, 16 17, AND 18 LOT 1 8 TOGETHER WITH S Yz AND W 916 E 22ND AVE., TAMPA, FL KIES SUBDIVISION 4218 N 13TH ST. TAMPA, FL LOT 7 BLOCK 10 Yz OF VACATED ALLEYS ABUTTING SECTIONS : 19 -26 LOT 1 AND Yz CLOSED ALLEY SECTIONS : 19-49, AND 19-50 141388 0000 186<426. 0000 CARL TON PLACE ABUTTING ON WEST NEBRASKA HEIGHTS SOUTH E 98 FT OF LOT 1 149308 0000 LOT 2 7 AND VACATED ALLEY CASE# 08-20112 CASE fl 08-20542 186585 0000 ABUTTING THEREOF LAWSON, DEL VIN R CASE# 08 17807 172366 .8000 CONLON, SEAN J 3519 N.12TH ST. TAMPA, FL CASE# 08-16206 ADAMS, MONROE Ill 1019 E 19TH AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-26 19-46 19-49 AND BURKE, JAMES L. SECTIONS : 19-46 19-49 19 50 1705 E NOME ST TAMPA, FL ADAMS, MARJORIE T CASE# 08-19097 19 233 19-234 19-50 AND ADAMS JOHN M BAKER S J M SUBDIVISION SECTIONS : 19-49, 19-50 AND 27 129 AWONIYI SYLVANUS AND 2 7 7 7 TABLE 4-1 FERN CLIFF 1612 E IDLEWILD AVE. TAMPA, FL 8421 N 17TH ST., AlB, TAMPA, FL ROBERTS HORATIO N LOT 5 BLOCK 10 LOT 281 AND W Yz OF LOT 280 SECTIONS : 19-49,19-50 AND 27 1 2 9 SECTION : 19-231 W 52 Yz FT OF LOT 3 BLOCK 1 AND A 172910 0000 149943 0000 LOT BEG 529 72 FT E OF SW eOR OF OAK TERRACE REVISED PLAT OF STRIP 1 FT WIDE IMMEDIATELY NW Y. OF NWY. LOTS 333 AND 334 AND W Yz CLOSED ADJOINING SAID LOT ON THE NORTH CASE# 08-20574 CASE# 08-16532 OF SE Y. & RUNE 50FT N 138 66 FT ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON TOGETHER WITH N Yz OF VACATED BENNETT, ANDREW L MOORE, TAWANDA L. AND MARK W 50FT & S 138 66 FT TO BEG LESS 145699. 0000 ALLEY ABUTTING 1809 E KNOLLWOOD ST., TAMPA, FL 1215 E HOLLAND ST TAMPA, FL S 25FT FORST 186944 0000 SECTION : 19-50 SECT I ONS : 19-46, 19-49AND 1950 150307. 0000 CASE# 08-19285 RIVERBEND MANOR NEBRASKA AVENUE HEIGHTS LOTS BLOCKW LOTS 15 TO 181NCL8LOCK 2 1 HARRIS, HENRY LEE AND CASE# 08-20118 149529 0000 143892. 0000 CASE# 08-18144 HARRIS, CAROLYN CONLON, SEAN J LUZEY, CESAR OMAR 8504 N BROOKS ST. TAMPA, FL 1019 E 19TH AVE. Ya, TAMPA, FL CASE I# 08-20581 CASE# 08-16695 LUZEY, DEBORA K SECTION : 19233 ; 19-411; 11150 ; AND SECTIONS: 19-233 AND 19-234 GASTON, RITA R HULBURT, RYAN 1l07 E ELLICOTT ST. TAMPA, FL 111-234 ROBERTS HORATIO N 1701 E. DIANA ST., TAMPA, FL 1304 E 15TH AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19 50 AND 19 56 SULPHUR HILL 2 52 Yz FT OF LOT 3 BLOCK 1 AND A SECTION: 19-50 SECTIONS : 19-49, AND 19-50 HANLEY HEIGHTS N 40 FT O F E 75 FT OF LOT 10 STRIP 1 FT WIDE IMMEDIATELY CUSCADEN AND WELLS RIVERBEND MANOR E Yz OF LOT 8 BLOCK 2 LOT 55 BLOCK 3 ADJotNING SAID LOT ON THE NORTH LO"N,'AND W% OF LOT 2 BLOCK A 1 'lr, '""'''"'. ,.. ,, 11171177. 0000 171850 0000 1-45785 0000 1-48583 0000 IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION FLORIDA Willi SPECIAL ACcOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT lEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) RQ!)RS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF TliE MEETING INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLE.Y FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK ., CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD. HOLIDY PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Edition -Friday @ 3:00 P.M. ........... Friday Edition -Tuesday @ 3:00 P.M c m en c c m (') m 3: Ill m :::tl ., r-0 :::tl c > en m z :::! z m r-I Ill c r." r-m :::! z ., c Ill .. c;; :X m c m < m c m en c > z c ., 2:! c


00 0 0 N cD ..... 0:::: w DJ :2 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING January 7, 2009 (CONTINUED) w (.) w CASE # 08-20654 CASE# 08-21901 CASE # 08 23632 c DELGADO, MARIA FILS HUMANIE NIEVES, OSCAR >= 4213 E RICHMERE ST TAMPA, FL 8720 N BROOKS ST ., AlB, TAMPA, FL 4618 WEBSTER ST. TAMPA, FL < SECTIONS : 19-49, 1950, 19-233 SECTIONS : 19-49 19-23 1 AND 19 232 SECTIONS : 19 -49 AND 19 50 c AND 19-234 ORANGE TERRACE ZION HEIGHTS ADDITION U) TERRACE PARK SUBDIVISION LOT 3 & E ALLEY LOT92 w :::l UNIT NO 3 ABUTIING THEREON 156871.0010 1-LOTS 13 14-, AND 15 BLOCK 105 BLOCK7 142135. 0000 145522. 0100 CASE # 08-23904 FREEMAN, SOPHIA CASE tl 08-20855 CASE tl 08 22168 1601 E NOME ST. TAMPA, FL COLON FAMILY LAND TRUST #12104 OATES BERTHA LEE AND OATES, SECTION : 19-46 AND 19-50 2104 E. 17TH AVE., TAMPA, FL THOMAS CALEB FERN CLIFF SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-50 2920 E 20TH AVE. TAMPA, FL LOT293 BANZABANZA SECTIONS : 19-46, 19-47, 19-49 149953 0000 LOT BEG 25 FT W OF NE COR OF LOT AND 19-50 CASE tl 08-24092 7 AND RUN W20 FT S 26 FTW10 FT S GREENVILLE SUBDMSION PLAT 3 50 FT E 30 FT & N 76 FT TO POB PG50 DAVIS, WANDA BLOCK 13 LOT 16 BLOCK 1 9101 N .10TH ST., AlB, TAMPA, FL 187723 0000 188465 0000 SECTIONS : 19-4& AND 1950 CASTLE HEIGHTS MAP CASE tl 08-21351 CASE tl 08-22491 LOTS 17 AND 18 BLOCK B CUEVAS, BRENDA DEUTSCHE BANK; NATIONAL TRUST 144027 0000 9412 N BROOKS ST., TAMPA, FL C/0 em RESIDENTIAL CASE tl 08-24148 SECTIONS : 19-46 AND 19-50 LENDING I FERNANDEZ, ENRIQUE FAIRVIEW TERRACE 8113 N SEMMES ST ., TAMPA, FL AND ORTIZ, MARIA LOT 17 BLOCK 3 SECTIONS : 19 50 8712 N. BROOKS ST TAMPA, F L 147125.0000 HENDRY AND KNIGHTS ADDITION TO SECTIONS : 19-231 AND SULPHUR SPRINGS 27 77 TABLE 4 1 CASE t1 08-21449 LOT 166 & W A L LEY ABUT-ORANGE TERRACE CESAIRE, SAMUEL TINGTHEREON LOTS 7 AND 8 AND E CLOSED 5 HAMILTON HEATH DR., TAMPA, FL 149686 0000 ALLEY ABUTIING THEREON SECTION: 19 50 BLOCK7 HAMIL TON HEATH REVISED MAP CASE tl 08-22494 145524.0000 c LOT13 ROBILLO, SOLEDAD rr: 169523 0000 8117 N SEMMES ST TAMPA, FL CASE t1 08-24178 u.. SECTIONS : 19-49 1S50 AND 1956 FREEMAN, SOPHIA c CASE tl 08 21450 HENDRY AND KNIGHTS ADDITION TO 3016 N 16TH ST., TAMPA, FL z PUISSEAU EVELYN SULPHUR SPRINGS SECTIONS : 19-46 19-49 AND 19-50 ct 3 HAMIL TON HEATH DR. TAMPA, FL LOT 184 & W ALLEY LA CARBA VERA SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-50 ABUTIING THEREON LOTS 6 AND 7 AND E CLOSED HAMIL TON HEATH REVISED MAP 149685 0100 ALLEY ON W BLOCK 6 c LOT12 167239. 0100 U) 169522. 0000 w CASE tl 0823032 :::l GOODMAN, CECILIA C. CASE tl 08-24243 CASE t1 08-21523 1-FLEURY, JEAN L. 4704 E TEMPLE HEIGHTS RD., COMBS, TORRANCE TAMPA, FL 4238 E. CAYUGA ST. TAMPA, FL 2908 N. 13TH ST., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 19-50 SECTIONS: 19-47, 19-49 19-50 w SECTIONS : 19-46 AND 19-50 TERRACE PARK SUBDIVISION 19-56 AND 27 124 > SEIVER'S SUBDMSION LOTS 26 AND 27 BLOCK 18 EASTERN HEIGHTS 1ST ADDITION w N LOT1 & THAT PART OF N 141651 0000 LOT82 c OF LOT 2 DESC AS BEG AT NE COR 154767 0000 w AND RUN W11.15 FT S 16FT SWI..Y :::1: 19 16 FTTO PT 14 FTWOF E BDRY & CASE tl 08-23190 DALRYMPLE SUNSHINTE AND CASE# 08-24281 U) 10.5 FT N OF S BDRY S 10 5 FT E 14 :::i FT & N 4 7 5 FT TO BEG BLOCK 6 CASANOVA ARMANDO TINSLEY, INDIA m 166743 0000 7906 N MULBERRY ST., AlB, TAMPA, FL 8623 N 16TH"ST., TAMPA, FL :::l SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDITION SECTIONS : 19 233, 19-5A3 & 4 D. CASE tl 08-21666 LOT 6 AND E 5 FT CLOSED ALLEY OAK TERRACE REVISED PLAT OF z ABUTTINGONW LOTS 203 AND 204 AND W i= HURLBURT, RYAN BLOCK70 CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING w 8016 N .11TH ST. TAMPA, FL 147014 0000 THEREON ...J SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-50 145650 0000 ...J SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDITION :::l LOTS 11 AND E 5 FT CLOSED ALLEY CASE tl 08-23238 CASE tl 08-24312 m ABUTTING ON W JOHNSON, JESSE JR. CRESCENZO LAND HOLDINGS INC. BLOCK 55 ANDJOHNSON,NATASHA C/0 WILLIAM CRESCENzO -...J 148857 0000 1401 JULIE ST. TAMPA, FL REGAGT w SECTION : 19-50 z CASE tl 08-21181 STEPHEN FOSTER HIGHLANDS 3407 N 9TH ST. TAMPA, FL i=' SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-50 z SEILER, STEVEN J. ADDTION HOMESTEAD REVISED MAP w 4102 N. 31TH ST., TAMPA, FL LOT9 LOT BEG 33 FT N OF SW COR OF U) SECTIONS : 19-4&, AND 19-50 150444 0000 LOT 5 & RUNE 114FT N 38 FTW38 ct HOLLOMAN S J J FT 54 FTW78 FT AND S 34 FTTO c LOT 16 BLOCK 3 CASE tl 08-23471 BEG a: 154336 0000 POSA,SAM BLOCKS 0 7814 LAKESHORE DR., TAMPA, FL 173157 0000 ...J CASE tl 08-21737 SECTION : 19-SOAND 19-56 u.. SANTIAGO, MELISSA AND ROMERO, A TRACT LYING IN SW% OF NW% CASE t1 08 EDWIN REYES DESC AS FOLLOWS : FR POB WHICH WALKER, JOHNNY C. 8412 N 20TH St., TAMPA, FL IS PT OF INTERSECTION OF WI.. Y 1007 E. ESKIMO AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-50 EXTENSION SLY BDRY OF LOT 19 SECTIONS : 19-49, 19-50 AND 19-233 HILLSBORO HEIGHTS MAP SOUTH BLOCK 42 TEMPLE CREST SUB UNIT S OF LOTS 1 THRU 4 NO 3 PLAT BOOK 10 PAGE 63 AND WL Y 145402 0100 RfN LINE OF LAKE SHORE DR THN S 84 LOTS 13 AND 14 AND N DEG 44 MIN 24 SEC W 50 3 FT MOL TO AUEY ABUTTING THEREON CASE t1 08-21154 WATER' S EDGE OF HILLSBOROUGH BLOCKS MC NEILl., ROBERT J. RIVER TO APT DESIGNATED Y BEG AT 1480ee .OOOO ANOJACKSON,BFnYJO POB THN NWI.. Y ALG LAKE SHORE DR 1008 N. FLORA VISTA AVE. AN ARC OF CURVE WITH A RADIUS OF CASE tl 08-24662 TAMPA, FL 1145 FT CHD BRG N 11 DEG 08 MIN 48 BENNETT, KEVIN SECTIONS: 19-50 AND 19-231 SEC W 83.90 FT THN S 78 DEG 57 MIN 2024 E. FAIRBANKS IT., TA_.A, FL LAKEWOOD MANOR OQ SEC W 47 5 FT MOL TO WATER' S SECTION : 19-233 170519 0ooo EDGE OF HILLSBOROUGH RIVER THN HILLSBORO HEIGHTS MAP SOUTH SLY ALG WATER'S EDGE 90 FT TO PT Y LOTS 47 AND 48 BLOCK G CASE tl 08-21114 148280 0000 145387 0000 TAVAREZ, DOMINGO 1709 N. BROOKS ST. TAMPA, FL CASE tl 08 CASE t1 08-24814 SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-233 MARSHALL, ALVAELINDA MARIA WILSON M. ORANGE TERRACE 1010 E. CAYUGA ST. TAMPA, FL 1007 E. SITKA ST. TAMPA, FL LOT 17 & W ALLEY SECTION: 19 SECTIONS : 19-50 AND 19-48 ABUTTING THEREON GONZALEZ SIMON SUB SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDmON BLOCKS LOT2 BLOCK2 E 54.2 FT OF LOT 10 BLOCK 54 145546.0000 172124. 0020 148836 0000 CD .... w FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE TH! FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS VISA 0 MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD VIA PHONE NOTICE OF FINAL AGENCY ACTION BY THE SOUTHWEST FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT Notice is given that the District's F i nal Agency Act ion i s approval of the Water Use Permit acres to serve PAVPAM Mobile Home PK, Oak Grove M.H. PK and Oak Grove Annex known as DAVPAM Mobile Home PK. Oak Grove M.H. Pk and Oak Grove Annex The project is located in Hillsborough County Section(s) .2i South, Range East. The permit applicant is PAVPAM Mobile Home Park Associates, LLC whose address i s P O Box 2750. Brandon. FL 33509 The permit No. is 20002285.003 The file(s) pertaining to the project referred to above is available for inspection Monday through Friday except for legal holidays, 8 : 00 a m to 5 :00 p. m at the Southwest Florida Water Management district (District) ml Broad Street Brooftsvll!t. FL 34604-6899 NOTICE OF RIGHTS Any peraon whose substantial interests are affected by the District's action regarding this permit may request an adminls1rative hearing in accordance with Sections 120. 569 and 120 57 Florida Statutes (F S ), and Chapter 28 106 Florida Administrative Code (F .A. C ), of the Uniform Rules of Procedure A request for hearing must (1) explain how the substantial interests of each person requesting the heari ng will be affected by the Dist ricrs action, or final action: (2) state all materi al facts d i sputed by each person requesting the hearing or state that there are no disputed facts; and (3) otherwise com ply with Chapter 28-106, F.A.C. A request for hearing must be filed with and received by the Clerk of the D i strict at the D i strict s Brooksville address, 2379 Broad Street Brooksv i lle, FL 34604-6899 with i n 21 days of publication of th i s notice (or within 14 days for an Environmental resource Permit with Proprietary Authorization for use of Sovereign Submerged Lands) Fa il ure to file a request for hearing with i n this time period shall con stitute a waiver of any right such person may have to request a hearing under Sections 120 569 and 120.57 F S Because t he admin i strative hearing process i s des i gned to formulate final agency action the filing of a petition means that the D i strict's final action may be different fr'om the position taken by it in this notice of final agency action Persons whose substantial interests will be affected by any such final decision of the District on the application have the right t o petition to become a party to the proceeding, in accordance with the require ments set forth above Med i ation pursuant to Section 120. 573, F S to settle an admi n i strative d ispute regarding the D i strict's final action in this matter is not available prior to the fifing of a request for hearing Family Childcare Home Is Seeking A Part Time Substitute Teacher Must Have Credentials And Love Children Call Naomi (813) 932-0696 Now Hiring Hair Stylists, Braiders Barbers, And Nail Techs For A Diverse Salon Centrally Located In North Tampa Dynasty Salon "Where HairReignssupf'ime -1401 East Fletcher Ave. Contact Theresa Bennett -' (813) 2&3-2506 "'. Director, Assistant Director And Teachers. Must Have Required Credentials Call (813) 507-6000 Or Apply 6910 Karin Court Tampa, FL 33610 Recession Rescue -911 Jobs For Felons(USA (813) 965-7991 Orientation Monday's -1:00 P.M. 12122,2008 Downtown Library Ashley & Can Wednesday's 1:00 p.in. 12117, 2008@ THA 1800 Rome Avenue CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 2411-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR LEGAL OR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN FAX YOUR ADS 2417 TO: (813) 248-9218 Or Email ledwards@flsentinel.com


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co 0 0 N cD ..... 0:: w m ::1 w 0 w c C( c (/) w :::l t-c iX u. c z c (/) w :::l t-w iii c w ::z:: (/) m :::l Q. z tu ..J ..J :::l m ..J w z i= z w (/) c a:: 0 ...J "-3603 E. Louisiana 3 Bedrooms/1 Baths Huge Backyard $850.00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome (813) 600-5090 3007 44th Street 5 Bedrooms/1 Bath Central Heat/Air Washer/Dryer Hook-up Tile Floors Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 241-2341 LOOKIII 2301 5th Avenue 5 Bedroom/2 Bath $1 Sect i on 8 OK Call (813) 325-6499 Available Now Downtown Area Beautiful 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Home CHA, WDH Section 8 Preferred Call (813) 245-7009 For An Appointment 1912 West Cherry Street Large Remodeled 3/1 Section 8 Ready Washer/Dryer Hook-up $1 ,075 00/Monthly $250.00/Deposit Call (813) 784-5076 Progress VIllage 4814 South 88th Street Extremely Large Home 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Back And Front Yard $1 ,400 00/Monthly 8 Accepted (813) 681-4292 Homes For Rent Move I n Specials Phone 813-221-4457 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath New Carpet $750 00/Per Month Plus $300 00/Deposit Section 8 OK Call (813) 600-5090 55th Street@ 30th Avenue 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home No Deposit $750 00 1st Month $8SO.OO-Each Additional Month (813) 361-6661 $234.00/ Monthi.Y I 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Foreclosures 5% Down, 15 Years @8%APR For Listings Call 800-366 9783 Ext R592 Remodeled 3/1 Ceiling Fans Tile Throughout Dishwasher, Utility Carport Fenced Yard $995/Monthly $600/Deposit Section 8 OK -No Pets 813-298-9713 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath NC Units Spacious Yard Section 8 Welcome $700. 00/Rent $700.00/Deposit Available January 1st Contact Property Manager Jonda Solomon (813) 239-0600 Or (727) 320-7310 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAl WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Edition Friday @ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition Tuesday @ 3:00 P.M. Email Your Ad To: ledwards@flsentinel.com Fax Your Ads 24/7 (813) 248-9218 HOMES FOR REN Houses For Rent 1, 2, & 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 833-0994 1704 East Cayuga 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths 4708 85th Drive 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath Section 8 Welcome (S13) 727-6782 Available 2 Bedroom Horne Large Lot, Fenced Range Refrigerator Heat And NC Call (813) 234-6164 (813) 382-9735 East Tampa 4903 South '86th Street 4 Bedroom/1 Bath NC, Fenced Yard Internet $875 00/Monthly $400 00/Deposit Section 8 Too (813) 476-4437 Tampa 312 $950.00 $650 00/Deposit 5/3-$1,275.00 $775.00/Deposit 3/1 -Clearwater $750 00 $500.00/Deposit Section 8 (813) 505-5400 FOR RENT Section 8 OK 4021 E. Louisiana Ave. 3/2 Stucco 386-8072 .. 8719 ,.. Brooks Sl 312 Block 318-1045 1 013 Eaklrrlo Ave. : Block > -, '. 388-8075 .. E 109th Ave. 3/2 Stucco 386-8082 4010 Powhatan Ave. 3/2 Block 386-8078 For Application Call 932-7944 X 221 _______ ...J 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Wood Floors $750 00/Per Month Plus $300 Deposit Section 8 OK Call (813) 600-5090 1307 East 17th Avenue 5 Bedrooms/2 Baths $1 ,395 00/Per Month $500. 00/Deposit : Section 8 OK Call (813) 390-9149 3202 38th Avenue 3 Bedroom/1 Bath, CHA Washer Dryer Hook-up $850 00/Monthly : $500 00/Deposit CII (813) 775-8397 Sligh Avenue/22nd Street 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths New Carpet, NC W/D Hookup New Tile Very Spacious Call (813) 298-2499 Section 8 Rental Prog,...s VIllage 4 Bedrooms/1 Bath Block Home New Carpet, WDH, CHA $850.00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable (813) 390-7715 Never Rent Again! Buy 3 Bedrooms $14,000 00 5 Bedrooms $46,000 00 HUD Homes Available Now! For. Listings Call 800-366-9783 Ext 5649 4205 ._ 1113 North Alaska Street Units 2-3 111 $400.00/Monthly $200. 0/Dep<)sit 8120 N. Semmes Street 2/1 $680.00/Monthly $350 00 Deposit All Are Move In Ready No Section 8 Call Korwln (813) 943-6719 1310 New Orleans Ave. 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths $850 00/Per Month $500.00/Deposit Section 8 OK Call (813) 390-9149 Sulphur Springs Large 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Block Home CHA, WDH, Fenced $900 00/Monthly 8 Welcome Call (813) 503-5321 Section 8 Special $400.00 Moves You In 2005 E. Ellicott St. -3/1 -4006 E. Paris St. -3/1 $900.00/Monthly (Each} 727-643-7591 www.grapevlnepm.com Clair Mel Area 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath New Carpet, Carport W/D Utility Room $850 00/Monthly $850 00/Deposit Call (813) 623-9988 West Tampa Cute 2 Bedroom/1 B ath Remodeled Home CHA, Tile Floors Inside Laundry Fenced Yard $795. 00/Monthly Section 8 Welcomed Phone (813) 610-8256 Carrollwood Area Newly Renovated 3 Bedrooms/2% Bath Townhome ; CHA, WDH Hardwood Floors Section .8 .1.0s0.001Monthly [)ep98Jt.NeQotiable '' : (113) Single Family Home 4 Bedroom/2% Bath Looking For Responsible Tenant With Background Check A Must $1,200 00/Monthly $1, 500.00 Move You In Negotiable Lisa Or Fred (954) 548-7228


c: Nice Area Section 8 Special 1609 E. Marks Street 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Beautiful Home Quiet Street, Fenced Yard $1,150.00/Monthly Section 8 o Deposit (813) 486-2504 (813) 264-9660 1, 2 And 3 Bedroom Apartments For Rent Clean And Affordable Please Call (813) 610-4319 Or (813) 610-4206 For Availability Apartment For Rent Grant Park 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Only $715 00/Monthly $400 00 Security Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 310-9660 2101_ East Ida -. ...: 1 Bedroom Apartment Living Room, Kitchen No Kids/No Pets Must Be Employed $500.00/Monthly Plus Lights Call (813) 232-1505 Ybor City 2910 East Columbus 212 Apartment For $850 00 With Washer/Dryer Updated, Very Nice Section 8 Welcome Jacob Rear Estate, Brkr. (813) Large 2nd Floor Apartrrrent 4 Bedrooms/1% Bath ) New Appliances And Ceiling Fans Yard Fenced On Three Sides, Front Porch Laundry On Premises Sec.tion 8 Only $1,200 00/Monthly Plus Deposit Call Ron Or Carol (813) 973-2341 Visit Our Website @ www .ftsentinel.com 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Apartments $800 00/Monthly $400.00/Deposit Call 493-0912 204% E. Selma Ave. 1 Bedroom Over Garage Studio Apartment $500 00/Monthly $500 DO/Deposit Call (813) 786-8670 USF Area Section 8 Accepted 2/1 New Carpet/Tile Large Living Room WDH, CHA $695 00/Rent Plus Deposit (813) 417-3455 New Port Richey Southgate Senior Apartments, 62 + 1 Bedroom/$435 00 Minimum Income Required $1, 500 00 Adjacent To Southgate Shopping Center (727) 847-1110 Ybor Apartments 1 Bedroom/1 Bath $500 DO/Monthly 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $625 00/Monthly Includes Water Deposit Required (813) 318-1523 (201) 819-5265 EHO 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath W/S/G Included $495.00-$550.00 $300 00/Secur ity Deposit Section 8 Accepted All County Property Management 813-229-2578 Cinnamon Cove Apartments 12401 N. 15th Street Start ing At $375 00 On-Site Laundry And Convenient To Everything Income Restrictions Apply Call (813) 971-5254 First Month Free $125.00 Moves You In Must Have Excellent Rental History Upsta irs Apartment 3625 Potter Street #A Washer/Dryer Hook-up $550 00/Monthly Includes Water (813) 238-6353 Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPLICATION!! Newly Renovated Large 1% Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances New Ceiling Fans $625 00/Monthly Water & Trash Included!!!! Very Low Deposit! 813-244-4551 Why Rent A Room When You Can Rent A Remodeled 1 or 2 Bedroom Apartrrent Available $288.00 Mowes You L 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom Apartment Refrigerator, Stove, On-site Laundry And Management. Convenient To Shopping And Busline Must Have Proof Of Income. Section 8 Welcome Located In USF Area CALL TAMARA 813 975-0258 "A Great Place To Call Home" Tampa Park Apartments Is Conveniently Located In Ybor City, A Short Walk To The Downtown Central Business District And A Trolley Ride From The Excitement Of Channel Side With Its Colorful Entertainment And Dining Options. We Offer 1, 2. And 3 Bedroom Apartment Homes Income Based We Are Seeking Apartment Residents Who Are Committed To community Building. Are You Interested? For Application Information Please Contact Tampa Park Apartment, Inc. 1417 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa, Florida 33605 Telephone (813) 229-1845 Section 8 Tenants New HDTV 0 Security Deposit 3 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA WDH Near Everything Call (813) 546-7782 1 & 2 Bedrooms Very Nice, WDH 415 E. Forest Avenue 402 W. Amelia Avenue $550 $650/Monthly Plus Deposit Call 813-391-7046 2009 Florance Located (Rer of 919 E. 11th Ave) First Month FREE $125 00 Move You In Must Have Excellent Verifiable Rental History Small1 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment #A W/D Hook-up, Central NC $550.00/Monthly Includes Water (81_ 3) 238-6353 DUPLEXE LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EMPLOYMENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS .......... DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BUl!.LETIN '- t # .. m en c 0 m 0 m 3: OJ m ;;c ..a. en N 0 0 co ., r-0 ;;c a > en m z :::j z m r-1 OJ c: rrm :::j z c: OJ r-u; ::::1: m c m < m c: m 0 c > z c ., c


00 0 0 N CD ..... 0:: w m :E 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex w Section 8 Welcome DUPLEX East Tampa Area "LOOK" 0 $650 00/Per Month 1504 E. 138th Ave. w 3 Bedroom Duplex Rooms For Rent Big Rooms 4 Rent c Plus $300 00/Security 3/1, CHA, WID Hook-up Clean, NC, New Paint Section 8 OK $695 00/Month Clean And Drug Free Call (813) 325-6499 C( c WID Hook-Up $300. 00/Deposit Please Call tn call (813) 600-5090 w $950.00/Monthly (813) 597-5221 Rooms For Rent Section 8 Accepted .... 8304 Mulberry Apt #B Section 8 Housing (813) 238-6100 (813) 690-6664 Ybor City Area Furnished I 55+ Facility 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath GNA Available/All InCluded Temple Terrace Duplex CHA, New Kitchen 9607 North Aster Avenue Very Clean Rooms $550.00/Per Month For Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Bath, Very Clean 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath With Private Entrance Phone 813-221-4457 Washer/Dryer Included Fenced Yard Move-In Special Senior Citizen Discount Gann & Gann Rentals Large Backyard CHA Call (813) 382-6470 $200.00/Deposit Conveniently Located Or (813) 505-7724 $700.00/Per Month Call (813) 244-7388 Room For Rent $750.00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome Rooms For Rent One Person Only $300 00/Deposit 2 Bedroom Duplex Call (813) 503-0493 Section 8 Huge Rooms Phone (813) 229-8696 (813) 766-3607 806 E. Floribraska 2417 E. Ida St. Apt. B Nice Area Wireless Internet Access Grant Park Duplexes Burglar Bars W/W Carpet Section 8 Only Cable Air Condition i ng Tampa, FL 33603 c ii: Fenced Yard Females Preferred 4 Locations LL 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths 3 Bedr ooms/1 Bath c CHA, WDH $650 00/Month Call 813-732-5459 Furnished Clean z $650 .00 Deposit CHA, WDH < W/S/G Included Receive $100 00 Cash Quiet Shared Rooms $975 00/Monthly Call 813-886-6397 With Signed Lease West Tampa $350 .00-$480.00/Monthly c tn $600 00/Deposit 0 Deposit Rooms For Rent Plus Deposit w North Tampa Duplexes Section 8 OK (813) 789-3879 Newly Remodeled Full NC, Cable, Utilities .... (Fowler & 14th Street) (813) 960-1579 Kitchen Furnished Children OK w Adran Management Inc. 1 -2 Bedrooms Senior Citizen Special 55+ $80 00-$100 00 > 0 Security Deposit Call (813) 505-5400 w From $475.00/Monthly Weekly + Deposit c Nice 2/1 Duplex W/S/G Included w 2 Bedroorn/1 Bath Seminole Heights Area :: Call (813) 477-7734 tn Backyard, Quiet Area Move -In Special $675 00/Monthly ::J 5 Minutes South Of Private Home Like Duplex Super Nice Room/Bath m (813) 960-1579 Ybor City Area Furnished D.. University Mall Adran Management Inc. WDH, CHA, Ceiling Fans Room For Rent z Near Major Roads Laroe Fenced Patio $135 Per Week j::: $600 00/Rent 3813-34th Street Private Bathroom Includes Utilities w ..J $400 00/Deposit Call Marian No Drugs Rooms For Rent Sever ..J Tenant Pays Water 2/1 Duplex (813) 832-9557 $125 00/Deposit Other Locations m Washer/Dryer Hook-up _j And )...ights, No Pets $125.00/Weekly Central Air & Heat (813) 784-0508 w Section 8 Welcome z Totally Remodeled Call (813) 516-0447 j::: Room For Rent z 813-843-2085 Seniors Preferred w New Hyde Park Rooms tn $650 00/Monthly New Tampa Area $100.00 Move-In Special No Smoking, No Drugs 2619 E. Genessee Street Unlt#A Plus Deposit Private Room And Bath Or Illegal Activities a: NC, Cable CHA, Cable TV 0 (813) 340-9705 $450 00/Monthly ..J 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Clean Washer & Dryer Background Check u. Includes Utilities Large Backyard 2410 W. Cypress Street No Smoking Or Drinking Must Be Drug Free $120 DO/Weekly Quiet Neighborhood & Employed $100 00/Deposit $600 00/Monthly 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Call (813) 988-4575 $600.00/Security New Refrigerator, Carpet (813) 293-1090 Call (813) 433-3835 WSG Included CHA, WDH Fixed Income Special Seminole Heights Area Busch Gardens Take MLK To 26th, (Tum Section 8 And 1516 E Columbus Drive Temple Terrace Area Away From Library}, Take Seniors Welcome Super Nice Room/Bath 26th To Genessee. -$700 00/Monthty $350.00/Monthly Cable LV $500.00/Security Includes All Utilities .A, No DepoSit $150.00/Weekly Call (813) 249-9958 ,. $ 135 Per-Week :. washer/Dryer u wmes No Credit Check (813) 694-1348 On Premis.es Duplex .Apartment ....... Rooms For Rent Sever can Tecla First Free No.r.th Lakeland Duplex .. Other Locations R. B. (813) no-2025 (813) 516-2854 $125 Moves You In Annie (813) 247.;.1844 (813) 784-0508 Or (813) 516-1550 Clean, Fresh, Updated Must Have ::( Bedroom/1 Bath Near Ybor & Downtown Verifiable Rental HistorY CHA, W n J Hookup 2Begroorn/1 Bath Carport Clean Furnished Rooms GET NOTI CED .... Place Your Ad In .. BurQ'Iar Bars, Only $525.00/Monthly For Rent With The Business DirectoryContact '- I ,' ... Share Bath WIW Carpet And Mercury Drive Near LaVora @ (813) 248-1921 Good Neighbors 10th And Galloway On Bus Line 0 3021 North 48th Street #B Background Check Required $115 00/Week For More lnforma1;lon N $57S.OO Per Month $115 DO/Deposit FAX YOUR ADS 24n TO: (813) 248-9218 w Crouse & Associates Call (813) 23B-6353 Call (813) Or Email ledwards@flsentinel.com 863-686-2161


Room For Rent $100 00 Per Week + Deposit, Air Cond i tion Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 285-8147 Seffner Area Country Setting $1 00 00/Weekly Ms. Jackson (813) 829-5353 Or (813) 300-6667 Rooms For Rent Nice & Clean CHA, Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Call (813) 786-4155 Room For Rent In A 2 Bedroom Apartment 1 Person Per Room Utilities Included $395 00/Monthly $200 00/Deposit Call (813) 855-9419 Just Like Home Leave Message Immediate Response First Week Rent+ Security $100 .00-$150.00/Weekly Furnished And Unfurnished (813) 319-5646 West Tampa South Of 1-275 Near Armenia Furnished $100 .00-$125 00/Weekly Includes All Utilities Cable & Personal Fridge Call (813) 545-8074 Room For Rent Ybor Area A/C, Cable Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $75 00/Deposit $100.00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9172 UNIVERSITY ROOMS $100.00 Move-In AIC, Cable Phone, Washer & Dryer Near Busline Must Be Drug Free & Employed (813) 293-1090 Rooms For Rent Nice And Clean CHA, Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Depos i t ; Call (813) 624-8540 Ybor City Area Very Clean Rooms For Rent With Private Entrance Senior Cit i zen Discount Call (813) 244-7388 For Rent Rooms/Apartments In Quiet Building No Drugs Allowed Visit: 2913 N. 15th Street Call Henry (813)727-0151 Or Larry (813) 382-6055 USF Area Move In Special Reduced Rate Fully Furnished Room A/C Remodeled New Carpet Phone (813) 298-7107 Seniors Preferred $450 00 & $650 00/Monthly Private Bath Includes Satellite TV Telephone And Washer/Dryer Call (813) 871-0424 Or (813) 965-4434 Ybor City Area Room For Rent Private Bathroom No Drugs $125 00/Deposit $125.00/Weekly Call (813) 516-0447 i Adult Family Care Home Has Openings For 3 Residents Safe, Healthy Environment In A loving Care Home University Area (813) 895-3857 (813) 270-5871 THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 63 YEARS II'' ;'d' :I.]' i [.]:I I :til RUDY'S REPAIR SERVICE Complete Air Conditioning & Heating Service On All Makes And Models Call (813) 620-1866 LIC t#CAC 1814485 Tarpley's AIC (813) 238-7884 Committed To Excellence In Sales & Service New & Used A/C's Same Day Financing Available LIC. CAC181530 Josephine's Home Away From Home Assisted Living Facility 1407 E Holland ave. Tampa, FL 33612 (813) 972-1057 "Quality Service Above And Beyond" Lie# AL 11483 Foreclosure Defense Attorney Will Defend Foreclosure Against You And Assert Your Legal Rights Against Lender Free Consultation Conley V. Morrow Esq. (813) 554-3282 1'"''?[.) :t ,,, d #@I ;II Auto Repair Shop And Mobile 21st Avenue & 34th Street ,. 'il t. j i :. Starters, Alternators, And Other Minor Repairs For An Appointment (813) 389-0848 Or (813) 222-0888 FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING NEEDS CALL LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 Email ledwards@flsentlnel.com $5001 Police Impounds! Hondas, Chevys Acuras Toyotas Etc From $500! For Listings Call800-366-9813 Ext 3695 $0 Down! Cars From $29.00/Monthly! 36 Months @ 8.5% APR Police Impounds For Listings Call 800-366-9813 ExtK456 Shower Gels 3 For $5.00 Moisture Therapy Body Lotions $3 For $10.00 Large Moisture Therapy Body Lotions $3 For $12 00 (813) 401-8900 C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1-3 Rooms ONLY $24 95 No Hidden -CHARGES! Call (813) 325-4330 Sunrise Carpet Cleaning Any 3 Rooms-$50 00 Upholstery (3 Pc) $85 00 One Hour Dry Time (813) 380-3837 Office Day Care Open For The Holidays Call (813) For Pastor With Established Congregation Only Serious Need Apply Call Gloria 1-866-367-5509 c m en c w?< c m 0 m i: aJ m ::0 ..a. N g 00 'TI r-0 ::0 en m z z m r-1 aJ c rrm z "0 c aJ $$ Need Extra Money? $$ I19Bi1B:IM'N'9'-H'l i Start Earning Today! Call Yolanda At (813) 401-8900 For More Detailed lnfonnatlon Now You Can Earn More Than You Ever Dreamed! Earn Enough To Cover All Your Monthly Expenses And More! 24 Hour Info Line (218) 936-1005 Pin #234719 www megamoney tbatwo com Available Musician Experienced Organ i st/Pianist Minister Of Music Traditional Gospel Light Contemporary (813) 325-7106 Viruses, Spyware? Slow Computer? I Can Help! Call (813) 786-0876 Sell your stuff. 813-248-1 921 The Florida Sentinel Bulletin c m < m -t c m en c ,. z c 'TI ::0 6 ?< Q m N ..a.


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