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February 20, 2009
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 64 Years In The Tampa Bay Area ------.I chool anitor o unlarin rata RETIRED COUNTY EMPLOYEE HONORED AT BLACK HERITAGE CELEBRATION Hillsborough County held its 17th Annual Black Heritage Celebration Friday, February 13th at noon at the Joe Chillura Courthouse Square. The event honored a retired employee, Mrs. Freddie J. Hudson. Mrs. Hudson retired in 2007 after 38 years of service to elderly residents. Frank Sanchez was the guest speaker and Ernest Hooper served as the master of ceremonies. Among those in attendance were: left to right, Attorney Erica Salter, daughter of the honoree of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Carolyn Collins; retired County employee, Larry Johnson; honoree, Mrs. Freddie J. Hudson; Les Miller, Barbara Wright and Flora Dawson. (Photograph by Brunson) Tonr Dunu Excited About Con1ing Ho1111a SEE PAGE 3-A Student Wins 'Miss Teen Title SEE PAGE 9-A -Ends Willi Bting Dlll SEE PAGE 19-A Church Showcases Area Businesses SEE PAGE 8-A


0) 0 0 C\1 0 C\1 Feature > a: =' October 12, 2007. He was originally charged with a: felony battery and kidnapu.. ping with the intent to harm !i or terrorize. The charges c:c were upgraded to murder after Ms. Ealia Walker, c who jumped from a moving U) van, died from injuries w :: received having never" t-> a: w > w c w ::J: U) :::; m ::J a. z i= w ..J ..J ::J m I ..J w z i= z w U)

Feature Tonv Dungv Excited About Gening Back Into Communitv BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Thirteen years ago, Anthony "Tony" Kevin Dungy and his family moved to Tampa when he accepted the position of Head Coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since that time, Dungy has become an integral part of the commu nity. Much has happened in his life, but now he looks forward to settling down in Tarripa. One of the first appearances he will make after completing a book signing tour will take place on Sun day, February 22nd, at the Exciting Central Tampa Baptist Church, 2923 N. Tampa Street. He will be the guest speaker at 9 a. m., and hold a book signing at 11 a. m. Of his return to Tampa, Dungy said, "I thank every one for the support I've been given during these past 13 years. I'm excited to get back in the community and see what we can t9 be good citizens and good neigh bors." Dungy said he will continue to work with Family First and Abe Brown Min istries, two organizations he has been heavily involved with during his career as a coach. Dungy will also continue to promote his \ latest book entitled, Uncommon: Find ing Your Path To Signifi cance." He became a published author in 2007 when his memoir, "Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, Cind Priorities of a Winning Life," which reached the No. 1 slot on the hardcover nonfiction section of the New York Times best sellerlist, where it remained for more than 30 weeks. The following year, Dungy published a 24-page children's book that also reached the No 1 slot on the children's picture books sec tion of the New York Times bestseller list. It is entitled, "You Can Do It." His latest publication, Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance," was released last month. A native of Jackson, Michi gan, Anthony "Tony" Kevin Dungy earned his Bachelor's Degree in Busi ness Administration from the University of Minnesota. While a student at the Uni versity of Michigan, Dungy played quarterback. After graduating, he played safety with the Pittsburgh Steelers for a season and then with the San Francisco 49ers: In I98o, Dungy landed his first position with his alrna mater. as the defensive backs coach. At the age of 25, he became the assistant coach with his former pro team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Three years later, Dungy was promoted to Defensive Coordinator. He went on to coach with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings before being hired as the head coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996. Dungy left the Buccaneers in 2001 and joined the Indi anapolis Colts in January 2002. Five years later, his team won the Super Bowl XLI title, propelling Coach Dungy into history by be-TONY DUNGY ... Guest Speaker at Exciting Central Tampa Baptist Church coming the first African American coach to win a Super Bowl. Dungy, 53, said about his future, "''m waiting on the Lord to see what direction I'm going to go in But what ever direction, I will be based out of Tampa. (813) 495-3702 1-866-352-4200 )> .-< "TT m Ill ::0 c )> ::0 -< 1\) 0 1\J 0 0


gl Columns C\1 0 C\1 > a: c:x: ::> a: m w LL c a: LL c a: u. c z c( c en w ::> .... > a: w > w c w :I: en :::::i m ::> c.. z i= w ....I ....I ::> m I FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140) 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa Florid a 33605 (813) 248-1921 Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., M e mber of National Newspaper Publishers Asso c iation (NNPA) and Florida Pres s Association POSTMASTER: Send Address Chang e To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa, FL W .W. Andrews -1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews 1901-1977 (1945) Founders C BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR., CHAIRMAN S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR KEITH GEORGE, CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Subscriptions-$44 00-6 Months Both Editions : $87 00-Per Year Both Editions Opinions expressed on editorial pages of thi s newspaper by Columni sts or Guest Writers do not necessarily r e flect the editorial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher Yet, Another Punchline .we Don't Get nd now, it's the New York Post's turn to churn the stomach of American society. Combining a recent tragedy wherein a pet chimp ran amuck, tore the face off its trainer's friend and was later shot by two policemen, with the standing story about President Barack Obama's stimulus package, a Post cartoonist came up with a caricatUre of a dead ape while two white police officers stand over his corpse and one officer says to the other, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill." AI Sharpton went ballistic, and so did we! WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP? Here, in Tampa, two women made off with one of two hip-hop garbed gorilla mannequins used foJ;" years to sell vacuum cleaners. The only problem was the mannequins were anatomiCally incorrect, since gorillas' knees didn't point straight ahead, but point east and west, which meant the only apes whose knees pointed straight ahead were hwilan beings. What was the vacuum Cleaner business trying to say? In the face of the New York Post, activist AI Sharpton -asked a similar question. What was the Post's cartoonist trying to say? : n Tuesday, the two ; largest news stories t????;.;.? ?.> _;_ in the national news > were the signing of the Stimulus Package by President Barack Obama and that of a domesticated ape being killed by police. President Obama rejoiced in having accomplished the passage of the bill earmarked to stimulate the economy and would help to revive it. Was it a big deal? You bet it was. The other news article of in terest was the vicious attack of a Connecticut woman by a 200-pound chimpanzee, named Travis. The woman has undergone 7 hours of sur gery performed by 4 teams of medical personnel who are trying to save her life. There is no humor in either article. But, the following day, a cartoon that at the least is offensive and at the most racist, appeared in the New Ills What Ills York Post. The cartoon depicts police killing the ape and the caption reads, "They 'll Have To Find Someone Else To Write The Next Stimulus Bill. It leaves little to the imagi nation to figure out what is going on with this cartoon. It implies that the monkey wrote the Stimulus Package bill, which in turn takes a swipe at President Obama. Is the cartoon offensive? What do you think? Is the car toon racist, you're doggone right it is! It is in poor taste? You're right again! For those who aren't famil iarwithAmerican history, the negative connotations Blacks have endured since the begin ning of slavery. In addition to the act of slavery itself, our ancestors were beaten, raped, murdered, and the least of all likened to as monkeys and apes Yet, the New York Post has Toussaintl'ouverture: said they are going to stand by the cartoon. People all over the country are upset about it. Now, some people have called for a protest and Rev. AI Sharpton plans to picket the newspaper. For those of us who don't live in New York and who must work for a living have another way to demonstrate our discontent. Avoid any thing associated with the New York Post! Rupert Murdock owns the newspaper as well as FOX News among other compa nies. So, stop watching the station and stop buying the products its advertisers sell. They may not think much of our opinion, but they might care about their profit margin. The cartoon is what it is, and the way we choose to spend our money --is what it is! ....I w z i= z w en -Calling the cartoon "troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African Americans as being synonymous with monkeys," Sharpton declared the internationally acclaimed journal should clarify the point it was trying to make." To wit, the Post replied, "The carton is a clear parody of a current news event ... It broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy," Further calling Sharpton an opportunist. The Slave Who Defeated Napoleon < c a: 0 ....I u. WE DON'T THINK SO! The New York Post cartoon was a cruel caricature of President Barack Obama with a slap at his current stimulus initiative. At best, it was not funny! At worst, it was the same old savage racism we endured during the years of Amos and Andy. We are NOT amused! I l I l ; of liberty of the Black people. It will grow back by the roots because they are deep and nu merous (Tousssaint L'Ouverture). These are the famous last 1 Minor_ r.1aners, I Napoleon Bonaparte out ; : e are still trying to figure out which is worse, the of Haiti and out of his mind. racist e-mail sent by former Hillsborough Even though Napoleon .. County' Republican-Party official Carol Carter was considered to be one of or her apology for sending the e-mail, in the first place. the greatest military generals Consider, Carter apologized for sending the e-mail and who ever lived, according to without taking a breath, chastised party members to my World History, whom she sent the missive, for leaking her e-mail to the Napoleon was also one of press. the most dishonorable mili-Now, is she br was she kidding? Whatever her tary generals because of the agenda, one thing we do know is that Carol Carter, sev-way he treated Toussaint eral other former Republican Party officials and many of -L'Ouverture, after his detheir sympathetic party colleagues are in dire need of im-feat in Haiti. mediate cultural diversity and race relations training. Francois -Do. Meanwhile, Carol Carter supposedly told her .e-mailed minique Toussaint Breda, colleagues that she was "ashamed" of whoever leaked out on the Breda plantation in her larceny.

Editorials & Columns lilt Keeps Him Sate : : : i \ the one who uninten-.j:;_j j)(.:\iYj. \ :;; tionally opened this current can of worms. During a campaign junket, he was supposedly heard to say Americans should be allowed to be more concerned about correcting our shattered econ omy, rather than worrying about paying for a multi-bil lion dollar presidential heli capter. Now it seems, his words well-meant, have come home to roost. The President's new Marine One Helicopter project has turned into a political turkey. According to the media, con tinuous input by the federal government and logistical thumb-sucking by the com pany that's supposed to build the thing have turned the project into a bowl of Jell-0. As one reporter explains, "As soon as Lockheed won the contract, it was besieged with government requests to add features that would turn the new helicopters into the hov ering equivalent of Air Force One. That means taking a plush executive aircraft and outfit ting it with much more elec tronics and communications gear that offer features from telephone handsets at each seat, to bolstered defenses against a nuclear blast." Adds the reporter, "The upshot is that Lockheed is hard-pressed to meet its completion sched ule." Says, David Walker, U.S. Comptroller General and Head of the Congress' General Accountability Office, "The Defense Department often contracts for major projects advanced technologY. that yet been devel::or. tested. It then makes so many changes in demands as the projects unfold that costs multiply and delays extend to years An aerospace analyst con nected with the Marine One project has dubbed the proj ect "a classic case of mission creep Says the analyst, "It's a helicopter being devoured by its own contents," and he estimates the overall cost will probably skyrocket to as much as $7 billion, which is $1 billion more than was orig inally expected To all that, the Navy answers it won't have an idea of the final cost until later in the year (like around Christmas, maybe?). But this is what we do know. Within the past two and a half years, the new Marine One helicopter program has be come so bloated, it resembles a chicken after steroids. So, what is President Obama to do? This is what I recommend. President Obama, it took us 400 and 8 bitter years to get you into the White House With you go the hopes not only of America, but of the en tire world. You owe it to your self, your family, your staff, your country and your world to keep yourself safe! Therefore, if Marine One should cost $9 billion or more, if it flies safely and does everything a rotor-machine is supposed to do, the way it's supposed to do it : .. if it will save your life and keep you, your cabinet members and your beloved family from harm, then Mr President YOU GET THAT HELICOP TER! We the People will grant you that! (However in our capi talistic meritocracy, Lockheed is not the only outfit who makes helicopters!) I Black American Insight trom page 4 I the prohibition of slavery in Haiti, and a new constitution, which named him governor for-life. For a short period, Napoleon attempted to rein. state slavery among the plan tation owners of HaiJi, causing Toussaint to again prove his military Upon agreeing to a truce with Napoleon, Toussaint was lured to France for the purpose of ne gotiating terms of the truce. However, when Toussai_nt arrived, he was arrested, thrown in a prison dungeon and there he died of pneumo nia in April, 1803 Today, artists have written poems, songs, books and plays about Toussaint's bravery and military genius Indeed, noted Black artist Jacob Lawrence has dedicated a series of paintings to Tous-saint. Thus, L'Ouverture's last famous words ring true, today, as the struggle for free dom continues. Harambee! )> m OJ JJ c: )> JJ -< 1\) A Tribute To All Voters I'll 0 0 CD oters of all races throughout the United States should be paid trito their participation in the 2008 Presidential Election. Today, America has its very first African American president. That is due to the ef fort of a lot of different voters. Think back with me if you will to Mr. Barack Obama's run for the presidency It was widely speculated that Mr. Obama couldn't win because almost nobody would vote for him. He couldn't count on the Black vote because Black vot ers just didn't turn out to vote in large numbers They said that white voters wouldn't vote for him because whites just wouldn't vote for a Black to be president. They talked of the Bradley effect as being a factor. They said His panics would not vote for Mr. Obama because they tradi tionally voted Republican. They said neither small town voters, white women, old folks or blue collar workers would vote for Mr. Obama. There simply was no way Barack Obama could win Shucks, the votes he was going to get could be counted on two hands. It didn't matter that he was qualified, able and ready He could riot get the vote needed to win But lo and behold all of these nay-sayers misjudged the courage, the resolve and the value of the American voter When the voting had con cluded and the votes had been counted, lo and behold, Barack Obama had been elected the 44th President of the United States. The thing that made this elec tion so historic and so amazing is that Mr. Obama won the election in grand fashion, with a cross section of voters white, Black, Hispanic and oth ers, Democrats, Republicans, southerners, westerners, northerners and easterners, young old, middle age, rich, poor, educated and the unedu cated Blacks went to the polls and voted in record numbers for Barack Obama. Whites slam-dunked the Bradley effect theory and millions of others saw through the smoke screens and fog created by many talk show hosts to vote for the best candidate for these difficult times. America should be congratu lated. It shows how far this na tion has come in race relations! While we haven't gotten there yet baby, we have come a long way. If only we can go the rest of the way under President Obama. I know that is wishful think ing. There will be those who will hate President Obama, regardless of what he does The sad part about this is the hate will have nothing to do with the job he is doing or the con tent of his character. It will be based on the color of his skin, solely Thank God these people will be in the minority. But in the meantime, thank God for those voters who were able to rise aboverace, lies and tradi tion and cast their vote for the most qualified candidate, Barack Hussein Obama. r 0 :::D c )> (/) m z =i z m r I txJ c: r r m =i z "'tJ C: txJ r en :::1: m c What's Wrong With Young Peopleil m < m :::D -< -t : \ : ::: ? departments from of Health and Rehabilitative Services to Chil dren, Youth and Families, there was also a transition on how the state dealt with juvenile crime. The Department of Juvenile Justice was created and in tended to deal more harshly with a rise in crimes commit ted by juveniles There s always a cause and affect to anything, and with the implementation of this gram, it was just another spoke in the wheel of the Criminal Justice System and the dispar ity when it comes to incarcer ated African Americans. No one has ever looked at how this problem started in the first place. Perhaps, the State itself is to blame. When the State Legislators decided that all parents would raise their children the same way regardless of cultural dif ferences they opened the door to thousands of teenagers vir tually raising themselves. Parents became more con cerned about going to jail on abuse charges ; than instilling the discipline necessary to make sure their children a re steered in the right direction. When you told Black parents they could no longer use corpo ral punishment on their chil dren, the children became the masters in the home They threaten their parents with calling the abuse hotline if they are whipped or spanked. It's funny, because their par ents know the importance of corporal punishment. Their parents utilized it and most of them turned out fine Disci pline is a necessary tool in rais ing children. With people being de prived of so much, it became natural as part of the struggle that the parents would do whatever it took to make sure their a better life than they As it turned out, not only did that fail, but today's teenagers are attracted more to a life of crime and violence than they are to rising above it all and being successful. Some have blamed it on rap and hip-hop music, but at the beginning and end of that sen tence should be what the re sponsibility of the parent is. The problem with the Juve nile Justice System is they are afraid to punish the teenagers. Instead, they have developed a point system that the kids know better than they do c: Under that system, an offender m can commit as high as 16 of-fenses before being punished l> with incarceration. And even -< then, it's only for 21 days. l> Once a teenager under-stands what kind of punish ment he or she is going to receive for their acts, they ac cept that punishment as being nothing they should be con cerned about In some circles, having a criminal record is a plus for a teenager as many brag about their unlawful ac tivities. ::0 c If the Juveniie Sys tem is serious about helping teenagers, put the belt or board back into the)J,ands of the par ents. Let's not confuse corporal puriishment with abuse. That's where the problems lie, and that's the justification state of ficials use in implementing these laws. If things art;! to change, and if we are to truly save our chil dren, we must put them first, and our personal fears second If the only way to keep yom child out of a life of crime is for you to be accused of abuse, then so be it. At least your chil dren will stay alive and be able to Jive productively in society. C) They will never say they 've m been denied employment be cause of their criminal history U1 I )>


c a: LL. c z ,c( c en w ;:) ... fl: w > C w :::c en :::i m ::: D. z llj ..J ..J ::: m ...:. w z i= z w en c( c a: 0 ..J LL. 505 East .Jackson St. SuHe #303 Bantster's Building Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 387-7724 BANKRUPTCY Stop Foreclosure &creditor's Harassment REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW Labor Practice Employment Discrim i nation Worker s Compensation Civil Service (City/County) Labor Llnion Mailers Supplemental Practice Areas Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Personal (Auto) Social Disabi OFFICE OF PATRICIA DAWSON, Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal Injury Cypreu Point Office Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 101 Florida 33618 (813) 386-5730 Former Hillsborough Councy Prosecutor-Depuly Chief Arrested and Concerned About Your Legal Rights? Call Tanya Dugree .A., (813) Payment plans A vall able \Vnh :'\'0 CREDIT CHECK Jeraldine Williams Shaw Attorney-At-Law 1920 E. Hillsborot,Jgh Avenue Tampa,-FL 33610 (813) 238-7400 Phone-(813) Fax Adoption Immigration Civil/ Personal Injury Bankruptcy Guardianship Wills Call Us. We Can Help. F. Kemi Oguntebi Attorney At Law 109 N. Armenia Avenue Tampa, FL 33609 Before You Start Tossing Bricks When I first heard the news last weekend about singer, Chris Brown and his assault on his girlfriend) Rihanna, my first thought was, What a punk." Then I had to check myself. I thought back to my youth and the dozens of bad decisions I made. Some of the more prominent memories involved a couple of skirmishes with one particular ex-girlfriend who never seemed to have a problem with hurling a shoe or throwing a punch during fits of anger. She would swing a few times. And I would dodge the blows just long enough to grab her by the arms and yell something like "Girl, you better chill There were no broken jaws, blackened eyes or haspital visits. Just two young people unable to cope with mature emotions and lashing out was the only way they knew how. This is not to say that I condone or make light of Brown's actions. What he is alleged to have done was outrageous? But at the same time, I'm well aware that we all make mistakes and who among us has earned the right to pass judgment? Most men are raised not to hit girls But we're also told not to lie, cheat, steal and a host of other things that We do anyway. The point is that no one is perfect. We all have lost our temper. And who's to say what we would have done had the person we loved and trusted given us an incur-a ble, sex u a ll y tra n smitted disease, as it has been allege d in this c elebrity coupl e's s itu a tion ? Since the inc id ent was r e port e d I've he a rd peopl e saying wha t they would h ave done t o Chris Brown had it been their d a ughte r he put hi s h a nds upon Eve ryone wa s quick to point the finger and s a y Hey, look at the bad guy. But very few actually thought about the many times their own life may have been in peril because of the mistreatment they perpetuated on someone else's child. To me, a man beating a woman with closed fists is about as deplorable as it gets. But as far as sins go, it is no greater or lesser than any sin anyone reading this has committed at some time during their lives. Casting stones is easy to do. Just make sure you're not standing in a glass house when you start throw ing. Send comments to: Clarence Barr, II, 43110-018, F. C. I. Bennettsville, P. 0. Box 52020, Bennettsville, S. C., 29512 or email cbarr2@oasisnovels. Elected HARlVice Chairperson HART (Hillsborough Area Regional Transit) has announced their new board offi cers and committees for 2009. Among their appointees will be Alison Hewitt as the Vice-Chairperson of the HART board. A new group, the Major Projects Committee, will be headed by Hewitt and will assist HART with projects such as the Bus Rapid Transit Service, the TECO line Streetcar System extension and new Hillsborqugh County rail system. Hewitt points out that HART, along with other agencies has trimmed its budget but unlike other agencies the y still h a ve a sur plus and are still in need of hiring more dri vers "We also have $5 to $6 million in projects corning. We 've create a Conference Of. Minority Transportation Officials where minority businesses will come to the table as we expand our services "We want to help everyone, and we also want to create jobs and help stimulate the economy There are a lot of opportunities at HART. We train and want to put people to work. Before returning to Tampa from Tallahassee Hewitt was the Director of the Governo r 's Front Porch Initiative and a lobbyist. She confesses that with her new appointment, she reall y hit the ground run ning. ALISON HEWITT "What attracted me to join HART was I was inspired by the services they provided my mother, Gwendolyn Hewitt. a cancer survivor, and stopped driving about 6 years ago. She depends on public transportation, and they have been more tlian cordial and 'r accommodating to her Hewitt is als. o the secretary on the National Board of the American Pub.lic Transportation Association. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, o r emailed at lcrews@flsentinel.com.


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(1) 0 0 N 0 N > a: <( ::l a: m w u. <( c a: u. c a: u. c z <( c CJ) w ::l > a: w > w c w ::z: CJ) ::J m ::l Q. z i= w ..J ..J ::l m ...:. w z i= z w CJ) <( c a: 0 ..J u. <( I CX) w (!} APOSTLEJ.L.CASH,SR. GUEST SPEAKER HELD AT: WOODLAND TERRACE COMMUNITY CENTER 6410 N 32ND ST TAMPA, FLORIDA 33610 (CORNER OF DIANA Be 32ND ST.) ALL ARE WELCOME! FoR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: ELDER WATKINS AT 8 f 3-728-0157 OR EVANGELIST LOCKETT* 813-325-8066 The Reverend Dr. John L. Giles and the True Faith Inspirational Baptist Church Family Cordially Invite You to a Sacred Service of Ordination for MINISTER XAVIERL. JOHNSON Pleasant Chapel AME Church Observes Founder's Day And Black On Sunday, February 22, 2009 at lla. m. Rev. Esther Eva and the membership of Pleasant Chapel A. M. E. Church 2615 E. Chipco St., invite the public to join us in this glorious celebration. In the African Methodist Episcopal Church the month of February is a celebration of where we have come by faith. Special homage is paid to our founder, Richard Allen, a religious leader and social activist who founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1787 at the age of 27. Messenger Tremendous Tampa District Honoree The theme: "Celebrating Our Rich Heritage, Continuing The Legacy In Faith And Hope". Special recognition will be given to Pleasant Chapel's own out standing member, Bro. Rubin E. Padgett, who became the flrst African American elected Hillsborough County Commis sioner. Posthumous recognition will be presented to Sis. Lillian Wilson Long, daughter of Bro. Hotley "Chink" McDon ald, who was the rll'st African American Deputy Sheriff of Hillsborough County. Sis. Irene C. Johnson, chairperson. Co chairper s ons: Sis. Betty Griff'm and Bro. ThroneD "Chip" Shields. Local First Baptist 01 College Hill To Host Entrepreneurs Showcase BY SHERNA BLAIR RICH The Entrepreneur Mini s t ry at First B a pti s t Church of College Hill will host its first Entrepreneurs Showcase and Workshop Saturday, February 21 from 10 a m until 4 p. m This ministry started about 18 months ago. The idea was to e ng age business owners and entrepreneurs with each other, as well as, the church and the community. In addition, the ministry beli eves in spending dollars in the African-American community. Excit e d about the event, Sandra Nelson, Chairperson, cites the Entrepreneur Ministry's mission statement, We endeavor to glorify GOD and help one another through our gifts and talents. She states that the FBCCH Business Directory will be available at the Showcase and Workshop "This is an opportunity for our community and congregation to come together and partner to show our many talents, abilities and services," she said Challenging and encouraging their participants, the Entrepreneur Ministry's theme is Empowering People to Succeed. The Ministry meets every third Thursday of the month from 6:30 p. m. until 8 p. m. in FBCCH's Abe Brown Education Building. "There will be five business experts in atten dance to answer any questions. SANDRA NELSON ... Chairperson Also, there will be vendors representing their various agencies. Some of the experts are: Henry Ballard (School Board), Cheryl Hawkins (Aviation Authority), Willis "K. C." Bowick (Suncoast Chamber of Commerce), Learline Shorty (Small Business Information Center at USF) and Cornelia Griffin (Tampa Chamber of Commerce) This event is FREE. There will be door prizes by participating vendors and caterers will provide tasty samples For more information, please contact Ms. Nelson at 813-237-6648 or Min. Estella Love 813-672-2042. Rev. Dr. Evan Burrows is Senior Pastor.


Local Student Wins Miss Teen Tampa Title For the second time in as many years, Ms. Lakingya Williams competed in the Nationals' 2009 Miss Teen Tampa Pageant last Sunday It was held at the India Conf e rence Center, 5511 Lynn Road. Last year, Lakingya placed tenth among five hundred comp etitors. However, this ye a r s he walked away with the title. I raised her and I arri just so proud," Ms. Gloria Williams, her grandmother said. Ms. Williams, said the entire family is proud of the young lady' s accomplishments. Lakingya will com pete in The Cities of America National Competition in Orlando More than $6o,ooo in prizes and awards will be presented at the national level of the competition later this year. Lakingya is a senior at Jefferson High School, where she maintains a "B" average. She is the daughter of Warren and Stephanie Williams, Jr., and Ms. Tina Brown. Lakingya's other grandparents are Warren Williams, Sr., Rita Douglas, and Elijah Douglas. H.er great grandparents are Ms. Delores Sims and Ms. Eddie Mae Williams. The 17-year-old plans to attend Bethune-Cookinan University after graduation and is a member of St. Mary M. B. Church. She is a member of the Student w 0 M E I LAKINGYA WILLIAMS .. Winner of Miss Teen Title Government Association, Class of 2009 Club Hip Hop Dance Team, and a contender for Homecoming Queen. At church, Lakingya is the Vice President of the Youth Department and a member of the Youth Choir and Praise Team. Her hobbies include modeling, singing, and danc ing. Lakingya interviewed with Ms. Anna Klejnowski, the Tampa Pageant Coordinator during the competition. She compet ed for thousands of dollars in prizes and specialty gifts. Approximately So other contestants were vying for the title in the Teen Division. City Edito. r Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (813) 248-1921 or byemail {holton@jlsentinel.E I Amos thus will/ do unto thee, C ; O.fsrae/: and because I will do this unto thee, Matthew 25:6 "And at midnight thBre was a C cry made Behold, the bridegroom cometh; O ',: to meet thy God, 0 Israel". I :30 P.M. N ".. ga,ye _qv_t,to,meethim".. 1 Feb. 11th -22nd 1 F E Friday, Feb. 20 -Pastor, Prophetess Patricia Jackson E Total Deliverance, Macon, GA R E I C E 2 0 0 9 Saturday Morning -Feb. 21st -Special Service 11 :00 A.M. R Prophetess Janice Bynum -Faith Donor International Outreach Ministries, E Waycross, GA (The Sister Of Prophetess Juanita Bynum) 1 Saturday Ni'ght -Feb. 21st 6:30 P.M.-44 Women Of The Bible In White Pageant Pastor, Prophetess Mary BroWn "" New Hope Holiness Church, Jacksonville, FL Sunday, Feb 22nd 11 A.M. Prophetess Barbara Gram, San Diego, CA c E 2 0 .. EVANGJPROPHETESS RUTHIE M. JONES 9 Light Of The World Deliverance Church, Inc. 4701 N. 15th St., Tampa, FL 33610 www.lightofthewor1ddelchurch.org (813) 234-9115 New Progress M. B. -Church 3307 E. Shadowlawn Avenue Rev. E.J. Williams, Sr., PASTOR Rev. C. R. Batchelor, ASST. PASTOR Black Heritage I Guest Day Sunday, February 22, 2009 11 a. m. Worship Service Deacon Lee Grant, Chairman Sis. Pollynesia McMillan, Co-Chairperson Pastor 4 P.M. LONGSHOREMEN'S HOUR FRIENDSHIP M. B. CHURCH, CARVER CITY-IN CHARGE OF SERVICEREV. FRANK WATSON, PASTOR The Original Gospel Church 7301 N. Florida Ave. ** Tampa 33604 A t e Clarion Hotel & Conference Center Busch Gardens 2701 E. Fowler Ave. ** Tampa Services nightly at 7 P.M. Friday, Feb. 20th and Saturday, Feb. 21st (Seminars all day Saturday) Come celebrate your Bethel experience. Guests from Miami, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, and Columbus, GA, as well as Tampa. There will be plenty of singing, praising and preaching ;.. The Pastor, Eld. Michael Han cock, thanks you in advance .. and inspires you to come out /\. arid celebrat e Christwith us. PAsTOR LAURA ANN. HARGROVE n-......... Hancock rh !3irr'"'rson CELEBRATING ONE YEAR IF GOrS BLESSINGS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY26, 2009-7:00 PM REVEREND JOE JOHNSON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2009-7:00 PM MISSIONARY KAY FRANCES GLENN SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2009-7:00 PM MUSICAL (CHRISTIAN COMEDY, MIMES, GROUPS, & MORE) SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 2009-10:00 AM M1NISTER CASSANDRA CLARIDGE SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 2009-.5:00 PM ELDER A. D. SHAW 6509 N. mMES AVE UNIT A 'fA:MPA, FL 53614 813-874-2018 COME OUT AND BE BLESSED! :::c 0 m III :::c c )> :::c -< I\) 9 1\) 0 0 CD r-0 :::c 0 )> en m z ::! z m r-1 llJ c: r rm ::! z "tJ c: llJ r-c;; :I: m 0 m < m :::C -< -t c m en 0 )> z 0 :::c 0 C) m CD I )>


0) 0 0 C\1 0 C\1 > a: <( ::J a: m w LL. c a: lL c a: lL c z <( c U) w ::J 1-> a: w > w c w :I: U) ::::i III ::J a. z i= w ...J ...J ::J m _j w z i= z w U) a: 0 ...J LL. <( I 0 ,... Local Anornev Bob Morrison, Jr. Guest Honoree And 1 Speaker At St Peter Claver Alumni Breakfast Attorney Robert B. Morrison, Jr. will be the featured Guest Honoree and Speaker at St. Peter Claver Catholic School's 19th Annual Alumni Scholarship Breakfast and celebration of its 115 years of continuous quality education. The school was established to educate Black children of the Tampa area in 1894. Bob Morrison is a proud alumnus of St. Peter Claver Catholic School. He is a graduate of Loyola University of New Orleans and the University of Florida School of Law. Atty. Morrison has had a diverse career in a number of unique assignments. His background includes 11 years as Co-managing Partner of a law firm he founded, 71/2 years as Executive Assistant to two Tampa mayors, the initial Chairman of the Florida Lottery Commission, 12 years as President of his ATTY. ROBERT B. MORRISON, JR. own .management and real estate development consulting firm and for the last 20 years Executive Director of the Hillsborough County Hotel and Motel Association. In each of those assignments, Atty. Morrison has been asked to assume projects, which have had a clear impact on the landscape of the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County. Whether the launch of the Florida Lottery, the annex-ation of the University of South Florida and New Tampa into the City of Tampa, the development of the Ybor City Master Plan or the founding of the Tampa Organization of Black Affairs (TOBA), Atty. Morrison has never forgotten that ultimately his objective was to make Tamp a/Hillsborough County a better place in which to live. Mr. Morrison is married to Jacentha Buggs, M D. and is the father of three children, Robert, Edward and Gabrielle. The Scholarship Breakfast and cruise giveaway for 2 will be held at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church O'Keefe Hall, 1203 N. Nebraska Avenue on Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 9:30 a. m. For more information contact Joe Bodden at (813) 748-8114 or 655-0996 or the Church Secretary at 2237098. HCCNamedTo Presidential Honor Roll For Communitv Service The Corporation for National and Community Service honored Hillsborough Community College February lOth with a place on the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for exem plary service efforts and ser vice to America's communi ties. According to HCC president Dr. Gwendolyn Stephenson, "HCC's Service Learning program has been a truly rewarding experience for the entire college. The incorporation of civic responsibility and volunteerism into the curricu lum has benefitted the com munity and enriched our student's learning experience. We believe that by creating a culture of engage ment, we will help create a more thoughtful citizenry." Launched in 2006, the Community Service Honor Roll is the highest federal recognition a school can achieve for its commitment to service-learning and civic DR. GWENDOLYN STEPHENSON engagement. Honorees for the award were chosen based on a series of selection factors including scope and innovation of service projects, percentage of student participation iii service activities, incentives for ser vice, and the extent to which the school offers academic service-learning courses. This is the third consecutive year that HCC has been rec ognized with a place on the Presidential Honor Roll in its three years of existence. Brown Tymz P y'v Youth Empowerment Ministry Cordially Invite You To Join In Celebration Of Black History Month Saturday, February 21, 2009 Northeast United Methodist Church 6400 N. 15th Street o T

Local In The Spotlight j Event Will Give Children Opponunitv I:D To Meet Airline Pilots Jackie Bero, a 21-year pilot who has been instru-. mental locally in keeping the memory of the Tuskegee Airmen alive has created an event for Black History month for area youth On Saturday, February 21st at.the Boys and Girls Club, 3515 Sarah Street, area youth will get the opportunity to meet real airline pilots in this free event that will begin at 11 a.m. and end at 1 p m "There are so many things to focus on, so some facets of Biack History tend to either get lost or take a backseat. JACKIEBERO "That's why I put this together fast. My focus was to inspire children to look at aviation as a career. You have to what you've dreamed about so I created something visuaL" Bero said she loves to see the expressions on the fa<;es of the children when the y talk to real pilots. A lot of kids have never flown before, and by talking to real pilots, it takes away some of their fears, especially the_ ones that have no basis In Bero said contacted some Tuskegee A irmen to be a part of the presentation "They a:re the true pioneers of Mrican Americans FEBRUARY 21 I 2009 $25.00/PERSON* CHILDREN: $12.50 DEPARTURE: 5:00 A.M. #1 Taylor C .l. & Work Camp .. ............. Perry,R Wakulla C .i. ........................ Crawfordville, FL 12 Levy Forestry Camp ................. Bristol, FL C.I ... : : .. : .............. ..... Trenton, FL Cross City C.L ................... Cross C ity, FL Mayo C.L .... ............................. .'.Mayo, FL MARCH 14,2009 $25.00/PERSON* CHILDREN: $12.50 #1 DEPARTURE: 5:00 A.M .. #2 DEPARTURE: 7:00 A.M. #1 Hamilton Annex & Work Camp ... Jasper, FL Madison C .l. & Work Camp .. .. .. Madison, FL Jefferson C.L ......................... Monticello, F.C.I Tallahassee ........ .. .. .. .. .. Tallahassee, FL 12 in a:viatiori "I want t0 take a survey at the event. to See if the kids know :th!'lt during the attacks, United Flight 93 ,that crashed m Pellnsylv aru;i WliS co-piloted'b:Y.:an A.frican Aillerican, Ltoy Homer. His widow -. has set up a foundation to create schoiarships for kids want to become pilots." nero said' it's important that chilaren are exposed to as a possible career. "The number. of African American pilots is declining : at;td we!ve go t o meet that challenge .; of 'people don't knowthat. Afr ica has more women pilots than the FEBRUARY 22, 2009 $50.00/PERSON* CHILDREN: $25.00 DEPARTURE: 4:00A.M. #1 Quincy Annex... ........................ Quincy, FL Gadsden Corr. Facility ............. Quincy, FL Uberty CJ .................. ................ Bristol, FL River Junction W.ork Camp ............ .. ...... .. ............ ..... ... ............ Cahttahoochee, FL MARCH 15,2009 $25.00/PERSON* CHILDREN: $12.50 #1 DEPARTURE: 5:00 A.M. #2 DEPARTURE: 7:00 A.M. 11 Marion C. I & Work Camp ....... .Lowell, FL Lowell C.l. & Anriex.. .. .............. .Lowell, FL Gainesville C I. & Work Camp .......... .. .. .. .. ......................................... ..... Gainsville, FL Putnam C.L ..................... East Palatka, FL Zephryhills C.L .................... Zephryhills, FL 12 Hillsborough C. ..................... Riverview, FL Hernando C.L .................... Brooksville, FL Hardee C. I. & Work Camp ............... Bowling Sumter C.l. & Work Camp ...... Bushnell, FL ............... ......................................... Green, Colemall F.C.L ................ ..... Coleman, FL PLEASE CONTACT THE MINISTRY OFRCE FOR ADDmONAL INFORMATION. 'Each trip that the ridels arrive at l1eMnsiJy one-half hour earlier than departure. LOCATION: 2921 N. 29th Street Tampa. Fl PHONE: (813) 247 United States. I think that's very significant." Bero said everyone should come early for the event and there will be door prizes, snacks and entertainment. "Children can learn the pilot alphabet, find out what it takes to become an astronaut, and fund out how they can get a full scholarship to a career in aviation." Aside from pilots, children will also be able to talk to Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Attendants. ,. Reporter Leon B Crews can be reached at (8i3) 248-0724, or e-mailed at l c rew s@flsentine l.com Countv Seeking NotFor-Profits To Provide AHordable Housing Hillsborough County's Affordable Housing Department has announced aRequest For Qualifications (RFQ) from not-for-profit organizations that are interested in serving as owners, developers or sponsors of affordable housing units for low; and persons. The organizations that are selected will receive the designation of Co'mmunity Housing Development Owanizations (CHDOs) and be eligible to applyfor fuQ.d-. ing as it becomes available from the federal HOME Inves.tment Partnership Program. This RFQ. is for organizations that want to affordable housing in corporated Hillsborough Couzity, the City of Plant City and the. ity of Terili>le Terrace. MIA MICHELLE ..1 c This week's Spotlight feature a 24-year-old Gemini that stands 5'. 6'; named rillia Michelle. She enjoys acting, modeling and rapping, and her favorite star_ is,:Denzel Washington. In the future, Mia Michelle wants to be a successful actress; Her philosophy of life is: "Never look down on someone unless you are picking them up man in her life must .be one that stands for something; someone who has a lot of depth to them mentally and sp-iritually, and someone who is handsome, honest and has an athletic build. Congratulations to Mia Michelle this week's Spotlight feature. The Teen Ministry Of Greater New Hope Anointed Ministries 709 N. Park Rd. Plant City 33566 Invites 8th Graders, High School StudentS & Parents To Our I st Annual College Day Satui"day, February 18th 9 A.M; -1 P.M. Representatives From Colleges And Unive r sities ... Technical Institutes And Community College .. Sessions: Financial Aid, Manag i ng Classes And Extra Curricu lar Activities, Safety, Stress Management, SAT/ACT Tips, Making Quality Guest Speaker: M.s. Donna Cross Career And College Specialist, Kathleen High 2008 Florida Mentor Of The Year, Secured Over $7 Million For Students For More Information, Call (813) 754-3616 Pastor Calvin E. Calllns, Sr., Pastor JJ -< 1\) 9 1\) 0 0 z c JJ c


0) 8 Local C'\1 0 C'\1 > a: < ::J a: a:l w u. Marker To Be Placed At Site Of Historic Harlem Academv c a: u. The Historic Harlem Academy Alumni and Board of Directors: Frances Jennings, President; Harriett Scott, Secretary; Arndreeta L. Harris, Vice President, WIN/WIN Mediators; and Tampa Bay History Center Volunteer Representative; Dr. Cheryl Rodriguez, Interim Director, USF Institute on Black Life; and Charmaine Jennings, CEO, Events of a Lifetime. BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor The Historic Harlem fE Academy Alumni will meet c Sunday afternoon, February 21, 2009, 5-6 :30 p. m. as a final meeting before the Historic Marker Ceremony. The alumni meeting will be held at .,_ 1002 W. LaSalle St., and ij: the marker ceremony will w be held on Thursday, Gj February 26, 2009, 4 p. m., c at 506 E Harrison St., next to St. Paul AME 0 Church. :::i Mrs. Frances Cheeks a:l ::J Jennings; President, D. Historic Harlem Academy Alumni Assoc., says all forw mer Harlem teachers, staff, ;:i students, descendants are ::J invited to the meeting on a:l MRS. SARAH WYNN MOSES DARBY Sunday and especially to the marker ceremony next Thursday. The School District of Hillsborough County will honor the former principals, teachers, students and staff members who graced the classrooms and halls. Ironically, Mrs. Sarah Wynn, the oldest student and teacher at the school, is one of those who will be honored. She is the mother of School Board member and retired educator, Doretha Edgecomb. Mrs. Wynn and Moses Darby, the oldest male student, will unveil the marker. The 4 p. m. unveiling ceremony will be followed by a reception at the Hillsborough County School Board building, 901 E. Kennedy Blvd. Those wishing to attend the reception may RSVP by Monday, Feb. 23rd, to Kristin Jernigan (813) 272-4055 or by email at kjernigan@sdhc. us .. Harlem Academy opened in 1868 and remained open until 1964. It was the first school for African Americans in Tampa. ..J W z z w 0 c( A TIMEI WHAT A TIMEI e a:. 0 ..J u. Coming To Florence Civic Center Florence, South Carolina Gaines Tour Bus Will Leave Tampa 12 O'clock Midnight, Friday, March 13th And Return Sunday Night, March 15th Approx. 3 A.M. For lnfonnation/Reservation Call: Mrs. E. Pittman 813 Or Vassie Guyton 813-878-2453 SEATS ARE LIMITED I Insurance Auencv owner's Goal Is To Service Clients BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Theresa Christie-Bing has owned an array of busi ness over the past 15 years. But she insists that her latest business venture is something she's truly passionate about. Mrs. Christie-Bing is the founder of TC Insurance Group, Incorporate, a full service company that offers auto, homeowners, business, commercial, life, health, renters, condominiums, and personal watercraft insurance Sh e's currently partnered with Tamra Ferguson, Ivonne Nieves, and Carvella Thompkins. Togeth er, they represent 23 years of business expe rience. Mrs. Christie-Bing said their mission at TC insurance Group Inc is simply to "assure you of an outstanding personal service while meeting or exceeding your expectations. "Our mission statements results in substantial savings since we work with several leading insurance companies; unlike a direct provider that works with only one insurance carrier." Mrs. Christie-Bing said their vision encompasses even more. "We want to ensure that our clients are properly edu cated regarding their insurance policies and what kind of coverage they actually have. We do this by individually assessing each clien .t's needs and selecting specific kinds of coverage to fulfill them." Mrs. Christie-Bing said the insurance industry is something new for her. She said she decided to try it because of the injustice and THERESA CHRISTIE-BING p eop le not being given the right coverage. "That concerns me. Not only do we want to make sure our customers hav e the right coverage, but also at a competitive rate. That's our goal." Mrs. Christie-Bing is a native of Miami and attended the University of South Florida for 2 years. She's currently in the process of completing her Bachelor's degree in Management from Ottawa University "I've owned a vending machine / company, mortgage company and a recording studio. I got into the insurance agency after leaving the mortgage company. That's when I began to see the need for people to know what they need "To determine a person's needs, we sit down with them and find out what they need covered, and assess their total needs. We shop that around to the companies we represent and put the pieces together." Mrs. Christie-Bing said they also continually monitor the market place to see what's available and what the best products are. "We have established rela ti

Local Readers Share Opinions About Monkev canoon countv Black Historv TV Show Yanked t1MP Ct\\A'tJ\')Jr. f!1 C.t BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Earlier this week, the New York Post published a cartoon of police shooting and killing a pet an ape in Connecticut after it brutally attacked a woman visiting its owner. The caption written for the cartoon said, "They'll Have To Find Someone Else To Write The Next Stimulus Bill." The cartoon has been shown on television, reprinted in newspapers, and made its rounds through e-mails. Some Sentinel readers who have seen the cartoon shared their opinions about it. Rev. Beverly Lane said, "I think the r--"T"-:=r----, cartoon was absurd and the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen 1n my life ..,.._...._-..--During his shor me in office, President Obama has accomplished more than the last president did in 8 years. "My prayer is that President Obama continues to walk by faith and not by sight. He doesn't have to walk through the furnace in fear because .Someone is waiting for him." Ms. Pat Spencer said; "r think we have more things to be concerned with, such as finding jobs for people and the econ omy to worry about than a cartoon. President Obama is not dealing with it, and we don't need to stoop to their level with this. Hakim Aquil said, habits die hard. People do as much as they can get away with. This type of behavior will stop eventually, but it is not going to stop right away because America needs time to heal. "I follow the lead of "No Drama Obama." He won't deal with it and I believe we should let him deal with the problems facing this country to try and make it a better place for everyone and us prove that we can provide good leadership and be posi tive role models." Ms. Carolyn Lighty said, "Racism and hatred continues as President Barack Obama conducts hims e 1 f with =-"'------' impeccable character and intelligence as he seeks to honor his campaign promis es in his role of President of the United States of America .... A boycott of the Post's advertisers is in order, letters to the Post at letters@newyorkpost.com and marches are definitely appropriate." Elder Michelle Patty said, "It is appalling and I stand in agreement with R e v Sharpton on this issue. They should be fired. There is no misunderstanding about what that stood for, it's disrespectful in every aspect of the word and it needs to be dealt with. "I could not believe it. We, as American people, should be insulted be<;ause whether some like it or not, Barack Obama is the President of the United States and he should receive more respect than what he is receiving." Curtis Stokes, President of the Hillsborough County NAACP Office said, "Yes, the cartoon is racist. It's unfortunate that in 2009 we still have guys drawing cartoons that depict the President of the United States as a monkey. It angers you, it really does." On January 22nd, former State Senator Les Miller, Jr., participated in a taped interview about Blacks in Politics The show was slated to air last week, however it was yanked from the lineup and a new show was taped eliminating Miller and featuring County Commissioner Kevin White. Through a request for public records the S entinel obtained a copy of the e-mail exchange between Commissioner Kevin White and Ms. Joyce Russell, the per son responsible for securing the guests. On January 26th, Ms. Joyce Russell, African American Liaison for Hillsborough County sent an e-mail to Commissioner White advising him that he would introduce the guest speaker at the 17th Annual B lack Heritage Celebration. Commissioner White responded with a telephone call. The segment of the show never aired. Instead, Commissioner White taped a new show on Tuesday featuring himself, instead of Miller after sever al e-mails were exchanged. Ms. Russell responded to a telephone call from Commissioner White on February 4th stating, "In response to your telephone call, HTV contacted me about doing a segment on Blacks in Politics. They asked me about contacting Doretha Edgecomb and one other person and myself. I contacted Mrs. Edgecomb who said she would love to do it but she had a meeting conflict. I also suggested Sen. Arthenia Joyner, Rep. Betty Reed and Thomas Scott. None of these people were available because of the special budget session in Tallahassee and Thomas Scott would be out of town. I then suggested former State Senator Les Miller because I work with him on an Advisory Committee at USF. I tacted Les Miller and he said he could do it "In suggesting Mr. Miller as a last resort for the show, I had no knowledge of him currently running for any office, nor did any HTV staff have any such knowledge I sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred as a result of this decision," Ms. Russell responded. Shortly before lunch on February 4th, Commissioner White responded, "Joyce, as Hillsborough County's African American Liaison, at what point does it dawn on you to ask the ONLY African American elected official on the BOCC, who also happens to be a Black in Politics and who also went to the inauguration and was intimately involved in the 2008 Presidential process. "I personally take offense at this comment especially with the litany of individuals you named in this e-mail and you NEVER contacted me nor my staff regarding this issue. I consider this action reprehensible and personally offensive. Their is ABSOLUTELY no excuse that you can give me to explain your actions. In response to an earlier comment you made regarding not knowing or not knowing how to play politics, I suggest you find someone that is well versed in politics that you can run things past, preferably someone within the county government structure in which you are employed," White said in the e-mail. "I talked about historical events. As far as my seeking office, I didn't decide about running for office after the program was taped." Ms. Russell declined to comment. Calls to Ms. Lori Hudson, Director of Communications for Hillsborough County and calls to Ms. Tammy Peralta, Station Manager, were not returned as of press time. City Editor Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (813) 248-1921 or by email iholton@tlsentinel.com llinu All Ranlers!!l nivllrsitv Alumni Association Tampa Chapter I Membership & Legislative Reception Members & 2008 Graduates & Their Parents Greater Tampa Association Of Realtors Building 2918 W. Kennedy Boulevard (Corner Of W. Kenndy And Gomez) Rattlers, Let's Strike, Strike And Strike Aga'in For A Great Reception! For More Information Call (813) 690-8666 ]J c }< m aJ ]J c )> 1\) 0 1\) 0 0 (0 r 0 ]J c )> en m z ::j z m r;m c r r m -1 z "tJ c CD r (i) :::t m c m < m -1 c m en c )> z c ]J c


0) 0 0 C\1 0 C\1 Local > a: a: lXI w LL. onvx Club Kicks on Ski season c a: LL. Onyx Ski Club members at the Winter Park Mall: Ray Campbell, President; Sheldon Minto, Harmony St. Clair, Ro s m ene C lerdor, Delores Hammond, Tavia Ross, Debbie Davis and Harold Jackson. BY JULIA JACKSON Eleven members of the Onyx Ski and Sports Club of Tampa Bay recently attended the 11th Annual Early Season Warm Up at Winter Park, Colorado The event was sponsored by the Eastern Region of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS). Onyx is a never-ever package for first time snow skiers and snow boarders, an outdoor picnic on the hill, ski racing, daily happy hours, evening parties and a fundraiser to benefit the Eastern Region Youth Scholarship Program. ::;: member club. 0 The five-day event feaa: tures a complimentary LL Haymon J a hi of San Jose, CA is the NBS National President, Deborah Thornton of Atlanta, GA is the Eastern Region Vice President and c z <( c en w :::: .... > a: w > w c w :::t: en :J m :::: a. z w ...J ...J :::: m I ...J w z i= z w en ( a: 0 ...J LL State Poet laureate Reads At Governor's Mansion TALlAHASSEE-Tampa's Poet Laureate, James E. Tokley, Sr. read several poems at Governor Charlie Crist's 'Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Celebration' held at the Governor's Mansion. Tokley and his wife, Joanna, were invited to attend the event and to share several original poems with the approximately 200 guests who traveled from throughout the State to attend the event. Tokley is congratulated by Governor and Mrs. Crist with Secretary Frank Peterman looking in the background. AWF FUMIGATORS, INC. 813-841-9668 1 Roach 1 Ant& Flea Tent Fumigations, Subterranean Termite Treatments 1 Subterranean Bait Statlon.!..J 1 1 1 Bed Bug 1 Treatment L ______ lEST PRICES IIITOWII Ray Campbell serves as Eastern Region Director and the local club president. The group recently returne d from the NBS Summit (January 31-Feb. 7 ) in Snowmass, CO and the Eastern Region Winterfest 2009 is slated for March 5-8 in Smuggle r 's Notch, VT. The public i s invite d T o learn more about the organization, visit www.onyxski.co m OCP1ZMS.COM 15" &16" $795 17" -19 $895 ,,: 20" $1095 22" $1695 24" 2695 9370 N. FLORIDAAVE.= TAMPA,FL OPEN MON.-SAT. 9-6


Funerals Homegoing services for Mr. Johnie J. Ponder, of 3409 Machado St., who passed away Tuesday, February 17, 2009, will be held Saturday, February 21, 2009, at 11 a. m. at First Baptist Church of College Hill, 3838 29th St., Pastor Evan Burrows, officiating. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Mr. Ponder was born January 26, 1928, in Forsyth, Georgia, to the late Mr. and Mrs. George (Ella) Ponder. He was a member of First Baptist Church of College Hill where he served with the Food Ministry, Security Ministry and the #1 Choir. He was also a member of the Big Brothers Association where he mentored youth, Local Union #439, Board of Directors East Tampa Business and Civic Association and Front Porch Association, East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership Organization, past Mason and was very active in his community. He enjoyed fishing, camping and traveling. Mr. Ponder was preceded in death by: his parents; brother, George Ponder; son, Tyrone Smith; and sister, Dorothy P. Williams. He leaves to cherish his meinory: his loving wife, Ernestine Ponder; daughter, Barbara P. Glover (Ronald E. Douglas); grandchildren, Reginald E. Glover, Sr. and wife, LaShanda, Nayland J. Glover and Tommie L. Glover, Jr.; great grandchildren, Reginald E. Glover, Jr., Xavier R. Glover, Astacia X. Glover, Micah R. Glover, Kolya Glover, Killien Glover and Dorian Glover; sister, Betty R. Harris; niece, Jo Battle; nephew, Gregory Ponder; cousins, James Freeman and wife, Beatrice, and Lena Jones; goddaughters, Richarddene Caso and Veronica Whaley; godsister, Gladys Whaley and family.; specfill friends, Marzell Hoyt, Willie Wiggins, Beryl Faith Dunne (Peter); and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home Friday (today) from 5-8 p. lJl. The family will receive friends from 7-8 p. The funeral cortege will arrat;tge from 3409 Machado St. Friends are asked to assemble at the church approximately 10:45 a. m., Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MR. JAMES (JEAN) NEWTON, SR. Homegoing services for Mr. James (Jean) Newton, Sr., of 3609 E. 33rd Avenue, who passed away on Monday, February 9, 2009, will be held on Saturday, February 21, 2009, at 1 p. m. at Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church, 4202 E. Palifox Street, with the Rev. Victor W. Ball, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Mr. Newton was a native of Sanford, FL, and came to Tampa as a child where he attended the public schools of Hillsborough County. He was employed with the Railroad for man years. Mr. Newton was preceded in death by: his. parents, Edgar Newton and Janie Hayward Hamilton; daughter, Janey Adkins; his sister, Americus Thomas; and 2 brother, Jesse Newton and Matthew Newton. Mr. James (Jean) Newton, Sr. is survived by: his children, James Newton, Jr., Constance Newton (Dennis Jackson), Norman (Henrietta), Sherrye Ann Newton (Mario Pupo Desidin), Clyde Newton (Tonja), Herbert Newton (Gale), Nicole Newton, Monye and Mayatta Cobbs; and a host of grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren; brother, Albert Young; 2 loving aunts, Betty Douglass and Vedo McCray; 2 loving sisters-in-law, Alice Newton lmd Vera Young; a dear friend, Virginia Williams; and a host of cousins, other relatives and friends. The viewing for Mr. Newton will be held on Friday, February 20, 2009, from 5-7 p. m. at Everett -Derr & Anderson Funeral Home, 5117 N. 22nd Street. THERE WILL BE NO VIEWING AFTER THE EULOGY. The funeral cortege will leave from 3609 E. 33rd Ave. on Saturday, February 21, 2009, at 12:30p. m. "EVERETT-DERR & ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME" .Remember Your Loved Ones With A Memorial Of Distinction From 2301 N. 401 h Street* (813) 238-6531 1 Percy Collins annettesmonument@earthlink.net We Provide A Large Selection For Memorial Needs ... Bronze Plaques. Headstones. Cornerstones. Signs & Cemetery Lettering Family Owned: Percy Collins, Annette Collins & Michael Colleton We Service The Entire Area MR. ARTHUR C. MURRAY Mr. Arthur C. Murray of 2904 E. 28th Avenue, passed away Friday, February 13, 2009. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, February 21, .2009, at 11 a. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chape!, 301 N. Howard Avenue with Reverend Eugene Murray, officiating. Mr. Murray was a lifelong resident of Tampa, and was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County. He was a former Merchant Marine and chef, but most recently the Manager of a local laundromat. Mr. Murray was preceded in death by: his parents, James Murray, Jr. and Hyacinth Murray; brothers, James Murray, III and Walter Murray; and sister, Ellen Davis. He leaves to cherish his memory: a devoted and loving wife, Twila Murray of Tampa; sons, Michael Murray of Corpus Christi, TX, Tavirus and Jarius Shine, both of Tampa; daughters, Tyanita Boone and Hyacinth Murray, both of Tampa; stepchildren, Chimere, Devorris and Chequanda, all of Tampa; six grandchildren, all of Tampa; stepmother, Verdell Murray of Tampa; mother-inlaw, Joyce Johnson of Tampa; brothers, Franklin Murray (Vivian) of Tampa, Eugene Murray (Ruby) of Jonesboro, GA, Bruce Lang (Angie) of Tampa, and Joel Weaver of Ft. Walton Beach, FL; sisters, Janice Davis and Mia Achebe, both of Tampa; a host of sorrowing nieces and nephews; devoted cousins, Jennie Elridge and Bernard Jordan; devoted friends, Bobby Gadson, James Jackson, Ernest Butler, Annette and .Ted Sloane, Shirley Barber, Johnnie Mae Small, the Mingo family, Reverend and Mrs. Prentiss Davis, Sav-Mor Meat Store and grocery store staff, Abraham Groceries and co-worker Sam; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. The r ,emains mill .repo:;e Saturday, February 21, 2009; at 10 a. m. at Ray Williams Funeral Home. THERE WILL BE NO PUBLIC VIEWING ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2009. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. Funeral services for Mr. Timothy Louis Mason of 1649 21st Street South, St. Petersburg, will be held Saturday, February 21, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Grace Mary Missionary Baptist Church, 3901 37th Street, Elder Dr Thomas J. Reed, pastor, Pastor Stephen Nunn, eulogist. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Cemetery. Mr. Mason was a native of St. Petersburg, working as a commercial roofer with Silver System RoofingCompany. He resided in Tampa several years, where he was a member of Trinity Gospel Community Church, before returning to St. Petersburg, 5 years ago. Survivors include: 5 sisters, Lou Ella Williams and husband, Larry of St. Petersburg, Patricia Givens and husband, Gary of Tampa, Sandra Givens of Ft. Lauderdale, Rosanna Givens and husband, James of St. Petersburg and Toni Coleman and husband, Melvin of Tampa; brothers, Donald Mason and wife, Starr of Fredericksburg, VA, and Elder Gregory Mason and wife, Dorian of Tampa; and maternal grandmother, Ethel M. Orum of St. Petersburg. Visitation will be held from 4-7 p. m., Friday, February 20, 2009 and the family will receive friends at 6 p. m. at Smith Funeral Home. Viewing will commence Saturday at 10 a. m. until service time at the church. The cortege will form at 4422 Lurline Circle. SMITH FUNERAL HOME, (727) 894. d d Home 2708 E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Tampa, FL 33610 Let Our Family Take Care Of Your Family "We Are The Key To A Fine And Quality Service" Family Owned. & Operated Everett-Derr & Anderson Funeral Home 5117 North 22nd Street Tampa, Florida 33610 813-237-5775 Personalized Funeral Services Shipping & Cremation Our Family Can Meet Your Family's Needs MRS. DRUSILlA WYZELL MARSHALL A celebration of a life well lived will be held for Mrs. Drusilla Wyzell Marshall of 406 E. James Street, Tampa, who passed away on Friday, February 13, 2009, will be held on Saturday, February 21, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Stone's Memorial Funeral Home in the Edward B. Stone, Sr. and Fannie B. Stone Memorial Chapel, 5016 N. 22nd Street, Tampa, Rev. Phillip Jenkins, Pastor, Glory Bible Fellowship Ministry, officiating. Mrs. Marshall was born on September 22, 1943 to Mr. Tom B. Bradley and Mrs. Christine Smith Bradley in Blakely, GA. She received her early education in the public schools of Blakely, GA. Mrs. Marshall also attended MiamiDade Community College receiving her Associate Degree in Education. Mrs. Marshall was employed with the Hillsborough County School System for many years. She also worked as a CNA. Her father, Tom B. Bradley; her mother, Christine Bradley; and a daughter, Constance Bradley, preceded Mrs. Marshall in death. She leaves to cherish her memory: loving and devoted daughter, Cynthia Marshall; son, Joseph Marshall; grandsons, Sheldon Marshall, Delvin Marshall, Courtney Barrett and Joel Marshall; granddaughters, Alicia Bradley, Valerie Marshall, Drusilla Marshall and Lauri Cody; great grandsons, Rondel Bradley, Gerard Marshall and Rashad Marshall; great granddaughters, Briana Marshall, Sheniya Marshall and Rhonda Bradley; 6 sisters and 7 brothers; special friends, Columbus Siplin and Elizabeth Holmes; and a host of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and other sorrowing relatives and friends. Visitation for Mrs. Drusilla Marshall will be held on Friday, February 20, 2009, from 6-7 p. m. at Stone's Memorial Funeral Home in the Edward W. Stone, Sr. and Fannie B. Stone Memorial Chapel, 5016 N. 22nd Street, Tampa. Family and friends are asked to assemble at Stone's Memorilil Funeral Home at 10:45 a. m. on Saturday, February 21, 2009. Arrangements and service entrusted to Stone's Memorial Funeral Home, Edward, W. Stone, Jr., L.F.D. "A FANNIE B. STONE TRADITIONAL SERVICE" "'T1 JJ c "T1 m IJJ ::0 c )> ::0 -< 1\) p 1\) 0 0 (0 ., r 0 :z:J 6 ,. (/) m z ""'4 z m r I aJ c: r r m ::! z ., c: aJ r en :::1: m c m < m :z:J -< -f c m (/) c ,. z c ., ::0 c C) m .... U1 I ,.


0) Funerals/Memoriams 0 C\1 > a: <( => a: m w u.. <( c a: u. c a: u. c z <( c en w => 1-> cr. w > w c w J: en :J m => ll. z i= w ...J ...J => m I ...J w z i= z w en <( c cr. 0 ...J LL <( I <0 .,... MR. V ANESTER 'VAN' HOPKINS Funeral services for Mr. Vanester "Van" Hopkins of Tampa, who passed away in the Sun City Center Hospice House on February 11, 2009, will be held on Saturday, February 21, 2009, at 2 p. m at St. John Cathedral, 3401 E. 25th Avenue, with the pastor, Bishop Eddie Newkirk, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Hopkins leaves to cherish precious memories of him with: his wife of 50 years, Rosa Junious Hopkins; 2 sons, Eric Hopkins (LaFawn) and Dwayne Hopkins; 3 daughters, Tara Hopkins Rogers (Wayne) of Atlanta, GA, Annette Lewis of Tallahassee, and Dorothy Michel (Dr. Harry Michel) of Helena, AK; 12 grandchildren, Antwon Holmes, Omar, Destinie, E. J and Cerice Hopkins, Torri Rogers, Decca Mosley (Drico), Jaylen Hopkins, Andre Howard (Tawanna) of Tallahassee, Morgan Michel of Helena, AK, and Duray] Sails; a grandson he raised, Duan Hopkins; a host of great grandchildren; 3 brothers, Dennis Hopkins (Annie Sue), Adam Hopkins (Annie Doris), both of Donalsonville, GA., and Ish Hopkins (Frances) of Newark, NJ; nephews; nieces; cousins; 3 sisters-in-law, Doretha Lott of Rochester, NY, Carolyn Junious, Tallahassee, and Alberta Leonardo; 3 brothersin-law, Raymond Junious of Los Angeles, CA, Deacon George Pittman of Monticello, and Rev. Mathew Williams (Mae) of Tallahassee; godchildren; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. A native of Donalsonville, Georgia, Mr. Hopkins had resided in the Tampa Bay area for approximately 53 years. He was educated in the public schools of Seminole County. Mr. Hopkins was a welder with the Florida Steel Corporation prior to his retirement. He was a member of St. John Cathedral. The remains will repose on Friday, February 20, 2009, at Wilson Funeral Home from 5 9 p. m. with the family receiving friends in the chapel from 7-8 p.m. THERE WILL BE NO VIEWING FOLLOWING THE EULOGY. Friends are asked to assemble at the ch:urch at approximately 1:45 p.m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilson-funeralhome.com MR. ROBERT DONALD JONES Funeral service for Mr. Robert Donald Jones of Wesley Chapel, who passed away on Sunday, February 15, 2009, in a local hospital, will bd held Friday (today) February 20, 2009, at The Center For Manifestation, 3102 E. Lake Avenue at 1:30 p. m., with Apostle Mark Jones, officiating. Mr. Jones leaves to cherish precious memories of him with: loving and faithful daughters, Yvonne Coston of Pittsburgh, Penn., and Shirley Na'um-El (Ghadud) of Pittsburgh, Penn.; son, Robert D. Jones, Jr. of Pittsburgh, Penn.; sister Mary Bee of Atlanta, GA; four brothers: Benjamin Hollins (Naomi), Clyde Hollins, Jr. of New York, Jerry A. Hollins (Janet ) and Ronald M Hollins (Erica ) of Tampa; six grandchildren: Charice Coston (Abdul), Jason Jones, Diond're Jones, Candace Coston, Ryan Jones, and Amirah Abdul Raheem; great granddaughter, Amina Williams; and one angel in waiting. Affectionately known as Uncle Donnie, he leaves a host of nieces and nephews. Never meeting a stranger, he leaves many friends and neighbors that will miss him greatly. A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Mr. Jones had resided in Wesley Chapel since 1999. He was a former resident of Pittsburgh, Penn., Boston, Mass., and Nedham, Mass. Mr. Jones was a former truck driver for Lincoln Drug Company and was later employed with St. Jo\lns Bury as a truck driver. Being rea;red in church, in 2003, he started to attend New Life Christian Fellowship where Bishop Regester is the pastor. He was very faithful and supportive to his ministries until his health started to fail. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 1:15 p.m., today (Friday.) "A WILSON SERVICE" www. wilson-funeralhome.com local news education religion business health sports family entertainment in the Florida Sentinel 813-248-1921 IN MEMORIAM MARION BILLUPS, SR. It has been one year since you left us. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. The Billups and Bexley family. IN MEMORIAM MOTHER RUTHIE B. MOSLEY We miss your presence in our lives. But you're always in our hearts. The Family. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM BRUCE LLOYD SPIVEY, JR. 2/17/87-5/17/2008 We miss you so yery much. We couldn't say it in a million words. Forever in our hearts: Patricia Hall Louisy (Breland), mother; Reatha R. Hall, grandmother; Narcis Hall Hooks (Samuel) and Andreatha Hall Reeves (Michael), aunts; and Samuel Louis Hooks, '# -, --. Subscribe Today! IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR MOTHER FLOSSIE ROSS LATSON December 3, 1926 -February 21, 2002 We thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday and days before that, too. We of you in silence, we often speak your name. Now all have 1s memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory IS our keepsake, with which we'll never part. God has you in His keeping, we have you in our hearts. The Family. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM DARIUS EDWARD TABOR Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ which strcngtheneth me." Love and miss you son! Your daddy, Flap and family. CRISIS IN MEMORIAM RUBYB.HART 2-23-99 Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday. It's the heartaches of losing you that will never go away. Love, daughters, Martha and Mary, and grands. JOHN HARMON LFD.813 626-8600 JAMES HARMON LFD 5002 N. 40th Street Tam a Florida 33610 stan in funeral services for over 70 years. Ray Williams Funeral Home Rhodes & Northern, Owners 301 N. Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 Ph: (813) Fax: (813) 251-4912 Email: raywms@Jj net


Memoriams 'BILL' MR. ZACHERY L. J. WILLIAMS 2/22/53 -5/30/05 We of you with love today, but that is nothing new. We thought of you yesterday and days before that, too. We think of you in silence, we speak your name with pride, and we relive our memories of living side-by-side. Your memory is our keepsake with which we'll never part. God has you in His keeping, we have you in our hearts. He-leaves to cherish his memory: his wife, Jeannie Williams; mother, Martha Louise Williams; brother, Tyron Williams; and the rest of the family. IN MEMORIAM ELLEN (MS. J) DUHART August 12, 1931 -February 20, 2008 E -(Every) day you tried to warn us. L -That your (Love) would soon be gone, L-But we did-not (Listen). E -And {Every) day we miss your smile. N-But knowing you are in Heaven with (No) pain or (No) suffering makes missing your smile worthwhile. We miss you, Mama. Love, your children, Sandra, Rosalyn, Sheryl, Ernestine and Charnita, grands, great grands and a host of family and friends. Sentinel Bulletin Place A florida sentinel Newsrack In Great Places 18131 248-1921 Ask For Keith or Adams DORETHA B. CURRY Sunset: February 16, 2008 A Mother's love is something that no one can explain. It is made of deep devotion and sacrifice and pain. It is endless and unselfish and enduring, come what may. For nothing can deshoy it or take that love away. We love you always, Alfred Parham and Gloria Jean. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM MRS. ROSE MARIE SMITH 2/22/1941-5/26/2003 Missed, but not forgotten. We miss you1 presence, but we thank Go d for you. Love you Cece, Don, Dedc, Baby, Tangy and Tara. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM ROSE MARIE SMITH 2/22/41-5/26/03 This is the day the Lord has made. We celebrate your birthday as well as the moments we shared with you. Love forever and always, Selena, Darrell, Corey, Chella, Raina and Mario. IN MEMORIAM HENRY LEE WILLIAMS, JR. May 11, 1972 -February 16, 2009 JJ 0 m OJ JJ c )> JJ -< 1\) 0 1\) 0 0 CD .., Being Henry's daughter, showing affection is an area where I rlack. But to find out earth. has lost such an incredible man, it 0 seemed impossible to hold back. :C Every good memory along with bad ones constantly replay in my C head. He left deeds undone and even more words unsaid. Most > times I'm disappointed in myself. Simply because I didn't quite CJ) realize what I had until it left. No more "you want to be an employ-m er and not an employee" lectures. If his death wasn't meant to be, he'd be here, right? His life was cut so short when all along his z future was so bright. m The majority of people never get flowers while they can still rsmell them. So, advice from me to you, if you love someone TELL Co THEM. C Ariel Williams. r-IODin Serving Hillsborough And Pinellas Count fes For More Than 17 Years 11Comfort To The Families We Serve" WH .. ATEVER. TH. E TIME OF y EAR. e r e FlJ NEIU L HOME 3000 N 29th St Tampa. FL 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 1 m ::! z ""C c OJ r-(/) ::I: m 0 m < m JJ -< -1 c m CJ) c )> z c .., :c c


., g Cards Of Thanks N c:i N :> 0: 0: m w u. < c 0: u. c 0: u. c z <( c en w ::> > 0: w > w c w ::E: en ::::; m ::> c. z i= w ...J ...J ::> m I ...J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ...J u. CARD OF THANKS JAMES PRESSLEY Perhaps you sent a card, flowers, spoke kind words, prayers or just thought of us. Whatever you did to console our hearts, your acts of kindness are very much appreciat-. ed. May God richly bless each of you. The family of James Pressley. CARD OF THAN-KS BARBARA FORREST-BLACK The families the late Barbara Forrest-Black want to give thanksfor all of the cards, telephone calls, food and visits that we received. May God bless you all. Sincerely, the Forrest and Black families. CARD OF THANKS MARION W. DANZEY 'MAD DOG' The family wishes to extend our sincere thanks for all prayers, calls, cards, flowers, food and the kindness shown ; during his illness. Thanks to B ishop Isaac Andrews. Sincerely, the Wrights, Danzey and Hawkins families. 00 ,... w f CARD OF THANKS BENJAMIN F. WRIGHT, SR. We, the family of Benjamin F. Wright, Sr., would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone for their acts of kindness shown during the passing of our loved one Your prayers, phone calls, cards, visits, floral arrangements, food and other acts of kindness were of great comfort to us. Special thanks goes to: Rev. Frank Watson and our FFiendship M. B. Church family, Rev. Nathaniel Love, Sol Singletary, Ray Williams Funeral Home staff, Althea Davis, BerniCe Anthony, Dea. Roosevelt Burr and Claretha Burr. May God bless all of you. The Wright Family. CARD OF THANKS MR. RUBEN B. STEVENS 'Grandson' The family of the late, Ruben B. Stevens, would like to give thanks for the outpouring of love shown to our family during a difficult time. For the many telephone calls, the prayers, cards, flowers, food and all the other acts of kindness shown during the hospitalization and demise of our loved one. To Bishop Williams,:. Pastor of Brown Memorial COGIC, Elder Tominie Jones, Eulogist, all fhe Elders in attendance, the entire church family, the many friends, neighbors, co-workers, the ladies at Brown's Memorial that served at the repast with such grace, and to each of you that shared your hearts with us, we appreciate you, and we will forever be grateful. You all caused the healing process to begin because of the love that was shown to us. We love you all. Thanks to the staff at Excel Rehabilitation Center and Aikens Funeral Home. Eternally grateful, Mary Washington, Essie M. Jones and the entire Stevens family. F \' I FAMUAiumni Association The FAMU Alumni Association of Tampa will hold its General Membership Meeting on Saturday, February 21, 2009, 9 a. m. -11 a. m. at the NAACP Office in Miles Plaza, 308 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Suite 'C'. For additional information, call Jackie Hearns, (813) 242-0433, or James Green (813) 846-8411. Middleton Class Of 1965 The Middleton Senior High School Class of 1965 will be meeting on Monday, February 23, 2009 at Middleton at 7 p. m. Please make a special effort to attend. Melvin D. Nelson, Class President. Foster Parent Orientation Foster Parent Orientation will be held on Monday, February 23, 2009 for those wishing to make a difference in a child's or teen's life. Orientation will be held at Idlewild Baptist Church, 18371 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Lutz; 7-9 p.m. For more information, con tact Pastor Moses Brown, (813) 784-1021. President Obama Billion lifeline To Homeowners MESA, Ariz. --President Barack Obama threw a $75 billion lifeline tQ millions of Americans on the brink of foreclosure Wednesday, declaring an urgent need for drastic action :Jnot only to save their homes but to keep the housing crisis "from wreaking even greater havoc" on the broader national econ omy. The lending plan, a full $25 billion bigger than the admin istration had been suggesting, aims to prevent as many as 9 million homeowners from being evicted and to stabilize housing markets that are at the center of the ever-worsen ing U.S. recession. Government support pledged to mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is being doubled as well, to $400 billion, as part of an effort to encourage them to refinance loans that are "under water" those in which homes' market values have sunk below the amount the owners still owe. National Homeless Funding Grant Part Of Stimulus Package U. S Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Shaun Donovan, announced Thursday that HUD will be committing $1.6 billion to support homeless assistance pro grams and help individuals findstable housing. According to Sec. Donovan. $813 million will support families and children, $274 million for long-term chronic homelessness, $783 million for projects that provide permanent housing, and $300 million for programs that serve the mentally ill. "We feel this will benefit the taxpayers in reducing their cost to support these initiatives. More than a third of foreclosed families are renters. "Also for the first time, a $24 million Pilot Program will be launched to house homeless families." Wife: Man Slain For Urinating DETROIT --The family of the nian allegedly killed while relieving himself on the prop erty of a business on Detroit's east s ide speaks out. Mildred Johnson held back tears as she spoke about the incident. Johnson said she and her husband, Shawn, were walking home Tuesday evening around 7:30 p.m. after being ticketed for driving with a flat tire. They were on Gratiot Avenue and near their home when, Johnson said, her husband had to urinate and couldn't wait. sh:awn Johnson went to the side of Asian Fisheries. While he was relieving him.:. self, the owner of the store, Leroy Moon, came outside. "He said, 'Get off my prop-56th Street. Ste. 13 Fl33617 (813) 988 SHAWN JOHNSON erty, get off my property. You'renot about to pee on my property,"' johnson said. Detroit police said Moon retrieved a gun, possibly from a friend, and shgt Johnson. Johnson said seconds after shots were fired 36-year-old Shawn Johnson was dead. "We'll Get You Out Quick ... So You Won't Have To Sit" 813-231-BOND ("'(>63) Fast Confidential Service BAIL BONDS Free Services Offered To Clients *Job Refferrals *Referrals For Treatment Re-establishing Convicted Felons Voting Rights (813) 664-0404 5005 Martin Luther Jr. Blvd. (I hlock ea$! of 50111


Crime Man Beaten To Death At Apartment Complex LEWIS CLAYTON ... beaten to death outside his apartment. Residents of the Avalon Village Apartments on 22nd Street in North Tampa described Lewis Clayton as a man they'd sit and talk with occasionally. Others recall seeing him walking his pit bull dog through the com plex Late Wednesday night, Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputies were called to the complex on a report of a fight. When they arrived, they found Clayton, 38, beaten. He was transported to a local h ospital where h e late r pronounced dead Deputies said Clayton and another man had been argu ing outsid e the complex ear li e r in the evening, and a group of men later confront ed Clayton outside his apartment. Deputi es said a fight broke out between Clayton and the group and as a result he was beaten to death. Spokesman J. D. Callaway said witnesses have described multiple Black male suspects who appeared to be in their late teens or early 20s We believe the initial altercation between Clayton and the man is connected to what happened later. An autopsy is being performed and the actual cause of death hasn't been determined." Callaway would only say that Clayton suffered trauma to the upper body in the attack. Mother And Children Robbed At All Tampa Police are looking for man they believe robbed a mother and children at an ATM on February 12th. Polic e said seconds after a woman made an ATM with' drawa l, she was robbed at the Bank Of America Building, 3439 West Hill s borough Avenue According to r-eports, the suspect drove behind the Bank Of America building and began casing the drivethru teller area. The surveil lance camera captured video of the suspect pretending to use the ATM before he cir cled through the parking lot waiting for a customer to mak_!! When the woman and her children entered an ATM lane, the suspect pulled into the adjacent drive-thru station. After the victim completed her withdrawal, the suspect ran in front of her vehicle and pointed a gun at her. The victim threw the money out of the window and drove off. The suspect then returned to hi s vehicle and left the area. The suspect is described as a Black male, 18 to 25 years old, 5'6" to 5'8" tall, and weighing between 160 and 170 pounds. He was las t seen driving a 4-door silver sedan with a rear spoiler, possibly a Nissan or Toyota Man Faces sexual Banerv Charue ST PETERSBURG -St. Petersburg Police arrested a man Tuesday morning after, he forced his OZELL way into the .JOHNSON apartment of a 24-year-old woman and tired to rape her, police said. Police said the victim pulled out a pocketknife and fought her attacker off, and he fled. Ozell Junior Johnson, 32, was found later by police and charged with sexual battery and burglary of an occupied dwelling. He is being held on $70,000 bail. spOkesman George Kajtsa said as the victim was unlocking her front door, she. was pushed into the apartment from behind, pinned on the couch, and then the man allegedly tried to remove her pants. In the struggle, she pulled the pocketknife and fought him off. 72 Rounded Up In Gang Sting The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Offic e announced that a sweep of suspected gang membe r s has resulted in the arrest of 72 males females, young and not so young. Th e arrests w e r e part of an ongoing effort b y the Gang Reduction Tas k Force. During Thurs day's arrests, 40 to 45 officers set out at 4 : 45 a.m. to begin knocking on doors and taking p eople into custody. Some w ere at home, and some in cars. All were charge d without incident. The gangs deputies l ooked for by the names 32nd Street, 34th Street, 82nd Street, Bloods, Draks, Goyams, Latin Kings, Latin Life, Los Ventisiete, Los Zetas Netas, Norte 14, PV Boys, Raw Dawgz, Sur13, Westside and Young Godz. TWo Men Charged With Commininu Sex Acts With Minors LARGO Largo Police have arrested two men for a ll eged ly committing sexual acts with minor females. Detectives began their investigation February 17th after hearing allegations. Shortly after their investigation began, they were ab l e to develop probable cause to arrest Dorian Gardener, 24 on charges of lewd and lasciv ious exhibition, lewd and las civious solicitation, l ewd and lascivious battery and tion of probation. Gardener is a registered sex offender. The second man, Jason DaCosta, 22, was charged with lewd and lascivious bat tery. Detectives said their investigation revealed that Gardener approached one of the victims in January in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Largo. Gardener obtained the victim's cell phone number and began to develop their relationship through text messages. On President's said Gardener and proceeded to one of the victim's homes. After arriving, t)ie suspects committed the alleged offenses. The victims were 15 and 14 years old. Gardener was wearing a GPS ankle monitor at the time of his arrest that con firmed he had been at the victim's house. Man Charged In Attack on Pregnant Woman On Monday night, Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputies arrested a 36-year-old man on charges that he attacked a pregnant woman. According to reports, Kirby Cook choked a woman with a television cord, refused to let her l eave, held her at knifepoint, and threatened to kill her and their unborn child. Cook was charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and domestic battery by strangulation KIRBY COOK ., JJ 0 }< ., m CD JJ c )> JJ -< I\) 0 I\) 0 0 c.o_ Deputies said Cook fled from the home after the alleged attack, but later returned. together for 6 months and ., she is 23 weeks pregnant i" with Cook' s child. Deputies said Cook and the victim lived at the home Cook remains in jail with no bond at this t!me c )> (J) z Incident At Publix Warehouse leaves Manv Asking Questions CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON ...shot his friend in the Publix Warehouse then went outside and committed suicide in his car. LAKELAND -At 4 a.m. Valentine's Day morning, Keyafi Edler said her fiance, Christopher Robinson was upset and depressed. She reported that when she saw him with a gun, she knew that wasn't a good sign. Ms. Edler was right. At 11:50 a m. Tuesday, Robinson, shot Robinsonne Joseph, 26, then went outside of the Publix warehouse where the 21-year-old turned the gun on himself. Lakeland Police reported that the two men were friends, but something happened about 6 months ago that put a strain on their friendship. According to the police report, they arrived at the warehouse at 3034 New Tampa Highway on a report of two people shot. Carl Jacques, 30, who witnessed the incident, told police that he was sitting in the parking lot of the warehouse when he saw Robinson come running out into the parking lot carrying ROBINSONNE JOSEPH ... seriously wounded by Robinson in the shooting. a handgun. Jacques said he saw Robinson get into a black vehicle that was parked behind his vehicle. Police said when Jacques saw this he moved his vehicle out of Robinson's way. Another witness, Tamara King, 49, told police she was sitting in the smoke break area when Robinson and Joseph were arguing. During the argument, Robinson reportedly' walked away and went into the parking lot and got into his vehicle. She said she later saw Robinson return on foot, pull out a handgun, and shoot Joseph. She said Joseph immediately fell to the ground and RQbiilson ran back into the parking lot and got into his vehicle. Police found Robinson inside his vehicle with a self inflicted gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene Joseph was transported to a local hospital and reported to be in serious condition Police are' still interviewing witnesses in the incident. -4 z m j" I tD c j" .... m -4 z c tD .... u; J: m c m < m ::D -< -4 c m (J) c )> z c ::D c ..... CD I )>


Q) 0 0 N 0 N > a: <( :::J a: m w LL >" <( 0 a: LL 0 t LL 0 z <( 0 (/) w :::J 1-> a: w > w 0 w :I: (/) ::::; m => a. z tu ..J ..J :J m I ..J w z j:: z w (/) <( 0 t 0 ..J LL FOR IS BACI

Judge's Investiture Ceremonv Breaks Records BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor More than 300 persons attended the Investiture of the Honorable Lisa D. Campbell on Friday, February 6, 2009, as Judge of the Circuit Court, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, State of Florida. Courtroom l; the largest in the George Edgecomb Courthouse, was filled to capacity. Overflow filled the outside lobby. Courthouse watchers can't recal! a crowd that large to witness a judge's investi-Attorney Delano Stewart was one of the speakers at the ceremony. Rev. Willie Cook, Pastor of Allen Temple AME Church, gave the invocation and benediction. ture. As far as is known, Judge Campbell's ceremony is the first to have had 3 speakers -Julianne Holt, Public Defender; and Attorneys Delano S. Stewart and Warren Hope Dawson. Judge Campbell was a partner in the Stewart Law Firm; and Atty. Dawson brought out the fact that Judge Campbell is the first African-American to be elevated to the bench in Hillsborough County by el e ction of the people, without first being appointed Judge Lisa Campbell and Keith Hargrove. Ruby Brown and Nancy Andrews. Elected officials, Senator Arthenia Joyner, City Councilwoman Gwen Miller and former elected official, Les Miller. Lisa Campbell, Yvonne King, Sheri Campbell, Bernard King, and Dr. Alma Hires. Numerous Circuit Judges, County Judges and visiting judges, as well as elected officials attended the ceremony. Those who participated on the program were Reverend Willie Cook, Pastor of Allen Temple AME Church, who did the invocation and benediction; Susan Johnson Velez, who made a presentation on behalf of the Hillsborough County Bar Association. Drs. Doris W. and Sheri D. Campbell (mother and sister) assisted Judge Campbell with Uncle of Judge Campbell, Sr. Judge Campbell with Kameron Nesbeth who was in town from Atlanta for the 'great event.' Rev. and Mrs, Zachery (Freddye) Hudson at the ceremony. Atty. and Mrs. Frank (Carol) Stewart. the enrobing. The Honorable Manuel Menendez, Jr., who presided, administered the Oath, while Dr. Doris Campbell held the Bible. Presentations were made by Susan Johnson Velez, Esquire, Hillsborough County Bar Association; Amanda Sansone, Esquire, Young Lawyers Division of the HCBA; Kirsten Norse, Esquire, Hillsborough Association for Women Lawyers; Christopher Knopik, Esquire, American Board of Trial Advocates; and the Judge Campbell's mother, Dr. Doris Campbell. Honorable Ronald Ficarrotta on behalf of the Conference of Circuit Court Judges. In her closing remarks, Judge Campbell acknowledged family and friends for their love, encouragement and support and remembered her father, the late James Lee Campbell, who passed away in 1997 A cocktail reception fol lowed the ceremony at the Chester H. Ferguson Law Center. (Photos by Lomax Mcintyre) DR. HAZEL HARVEY Judge Campbell is surrounded by neighbors -Martha Jones, Jacqueline Barr, Mary Padgett, Freddie Jean Hudson, and Stacey Jones. Lisa Campbell with King High School classmates and Howard University classmates: Ken Brinson of Atlanta, GA (King HS), Pteston James of Austin, Texas (Howard Unh .), Max Maudce of Washington, DC (Howard Univ.), Cassius Crawford of Tampa (King HS), Lisa Campbell, Karen Hayes of Maryland (King HS and Howard Unh.), Valerie Thomas of Maryland (Howard University), Sheri Campbell of Atlanta (King HS and Howard Univ.), Troy Young of Atlanta GA (Howard Univ.), and Bobby Wilson of Tampa (King HS).


en Local Tampa's Black Historv: 0 "' > a: =' a: w > w c w J: (/) ::::i m a. z w _, _, m I _, w z z w (/) < c a: 0 _, LL. m I N w + ST. jOSEPH'S HOSPITAL to appear on Black History Month Programs to share her own history She worked at MacDill Air Force Base from April 197 0 to June 4, 1992. During her tenure, she was a clerk typist, fire insp ector and housing officer. For about 10 years she also served as chair person of the MacDill Air Force Base F e deral Credit Union's Credit Committee. African Ameritan Men's Health Forum Saturday, March 7, 2009 7:30 A.M. 1:30 P.M. Hillsborough Community College Dale Mabry Campus, 4001 W. Tampa Bay Blvd REGISTER: 813 (Monday-Friday) 8 A.M. -5 P.M. VOLUNTEER: www.aamhf.com (813) 928-3742 SPONSORED BY: HiLLSBOROUGH CClf'1111'l\rityCoUcgolil g University Community ( ; IISJ#I' HEALTH She holds the histmy of being the first lad y Fire Inspector in the State of Florida, and in Air Force history She became the first fe male to graduate from Hillsbor ough Community College with an Associate of Science (A. S.) de gree in Fire Science Technology. In addition to the number of 'firsts,' she also has many other distinctions. Having a love for music, she was one of the founders of the MacDill Gospel Choir and served as its president for 3 years. She organized the first gospel choir for the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tampa at Eck erd College. She is also founder and director of the Jackson-Bel mont Heights Gospel Choir. Additionally, she served as the Special Emphasis Program Man ager of MacDill AFB and won the distinguished EEO award for Tactical Air Command, winning out over 48 other bases on two occasions. Having been an active part of MacDill AFB, Mrs. Watkins was also the coordinator of the Summer Youth Program on the Base and initiator of its awards program. She was also the initiator of the City of Tampa's awards program for its summer youth. As one of the founders of the Total Awareness Cultural Com. mittee, Mrs. Watkins was instrumental in restructuring the Martin Luther King Commemo rative Ceremony for the Base Chapel. Mrs. Watkins is now owner of CAROLYN REED WATKINS Carolyn's African Productions, where she performed the African Wedding Ceremony to entertain Harriet c'ole, author of the book, Jumping The Broom. She also does displays for Kwanzaa through fashions Her new com pany Pilgrimage Productions, LLC. The mother of 6 sons, who are productive citizens of the com munity, Mrs. Watkins is the daughter of Mrs. Josie Vickers. She is currently employed with the YMCA as Program Coor dinator of the after school pro grams. She received the prestigious Catherine Gibbons Award for the Tampa Bay area and volunteers with several childcare facilities. Mrs. Watkins works diligently under the leadership of Pastor Barbara D. Richardson at Ambassador of Christ Church. Citv Kicks 011 Black Historv Month The City of Tampa Black His tory Committee hosted a Black History Month program on Feb. ruary 6th to kicl< off Black His tory Month. The guest speaker was School Board Member, Doretha Edgecomb. The theme was "It Takes A Village To Teach Our Youth." The City's Black History Committee will host a more extensive program this weekend. See ad in the Sen tinel. (Photos by Brunson) Regina Lock, City of Tampa Black History Committee, Inc., Vice President. Fay Greaves, Durriya Divan and Patricia Fulks attended the kick off program.


:::0 0 Birthday Greetings Look Who's Turning 1 JADAMOORE It seems like it was yesterday when she was born. Now she's turnmg 1 on 2/22/09. Jada is the apple of both her parents' eye and we would likd to wish our princess a happy birthday. Love always, mommy and daddy. CURTIS WILLIAMS, III Happy birthday going mit to my baby boy. Love your mother, Velvet. Our Black Diamond MZ.BIACK DIAMOND Happy birthday to our mom, Mz. Black Diamond. It's your day to. do you and enjoy it. Happy birthday, Mom. From your six pack, Jay, Bomba, Kia, Vonshae, Lil Man and Lloyd. Truly Blessed, 43 MS. COUNCIL 2-17-09 Happy birthday to our moth er, Ms. Council, and many more to come. She will be celebrating her birthday at the Olive Garden on Busch on 2/21/09 at 6 o'clock with family and friends. Also, happy birthday to Sherryl King. Look Who's Turning '1 0' DESTANI L Y'DELIA JIMENEZ Then To God be the glory. Blessings are being sent to my beautiful daughter, DESTANI LY'DELIAJIMENEZ Destani, as she celebrates Now her wth birthday on 2-21-09. She will be with family and friends on Saturday at Gameworks. Enjoy your day, Baby. God bless! Love, mom, Trakiea and family CURTIS WILLIAMS, III I'MANI And I'NIYA m OJ :::0 c )> :::0 -< 1\) 0 1\) 0 0 (0 r 0 ::a c )> CJ) m z ::::1 z m r;OJ c::: r rm ::::1 "'D c::: Ill r en :X: m c m < m ::a -< -f c::: m We've always got time for my space! Because it is our space! CJ) Yes, we are sista, sista and yes twin is our mother and father and yes we know who our real fathers are, but we don't need -< Lover man turned four on February 17th. He will be spending his day all his lovely ladies, but most of all his #1 fan, his mom. Happy Birthday, Tati!!! TATIANNA MALEYSIA RIVERS, a.k.a., TATI Tatianna is a lligh Honor Roll student at Jennings Middle School. February 2oth Tatianna will be celebrating her 15th birthday in the Tampa Bay area this weekend. Her family that loves her very deeply would like to send a special birthday shout out to Tatianna, wishing her an exciting and joyful celebration Coming from your loving parents, Kenneth Rivers and Cynthia Taylor, and your large family of sisters and brothers, Brittany Jackson, Keisha, Kenneth, Jr., Lakey and Kenrol Rivers, Yvonne Melonson, Tahara Taruno, Andrea, Andre and Justin Haynes. them because we've got Mr. Twin. Happy birthday, I'Mani. C Love you, Ms. I'Niya. Pre-School t Kit1dergartet1 806 tt Albany Avenue (Corner Albany & State), \ _r. o G For Registration Information Call 251-3592 ;g C> m w I Ill


., Birthday Greetings Happy > Birthday :J 0: ID w u.. >=' <( c 0: u.. MS. IDA Another year has come and c a: I'm still on top! Amazed; I see, LL. all thought Ms. Ida would C drop! God blessed me to. see :i another year stress free with > no sight of fear. My fans love <( me, but I love me more. That's why I'm wishing myself a happy birthday!!! ffi CORRECTION > w c w Happy Birthday MS.IDAAnd MS. POLO I want to send Ms. Polo a happy belated birthday. Love, Ida. BRENDA And KEVIN :t: Kevin and I would like to en ::i thank everyone for the many m .o,.,u,uuo::: blessings on our new engage-ment. We are truly happy. z From, Brenda. w ...J ...J :J m I ...J w z z w en <( c a: 0 ...J u. 'TUB' Happy birthday to myself, Tubby Tub stay woe everyday WILLIE BO And KEYONN and all that day, that's the best way. Just wishing you a happy birthday and a blessed future. REED 2-20 Eldridge Reed, #40607-018, Federal Correctional Institution, P. 0. Box 52020, Bennettsville, South Carolina, 29512. Happy birthday, Bif Cuz! Love, Tammy. TIERRA (MZ. TEEDY) February 18th Eightee n years ago, God blessed me with a r a re diamond as you are. W e are so glad to have you a part of our life. You have been blessed with a gift from GG-d and no one can take that from you Throughout your life, always put God first and remember, "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you Happy 18th birthday, Teedy. We love you. From, mommy (Nina), Curley, G-Ma Theresa, Ashley, Jzalea and Cedric. Subs{Tibe 'Ihday! Love, Willie Bo, Tonya, Keasha, Taurence. Elajuwon, mom, dad, family and friends. Congratulations Jamir Rhynes attended the 2009 FYD Tampa Bay Pop Warner All-Conference Scholastic Banquet on Feb. sth. For the 5th straight year, Jamir represented the Northeast Tampa Pirates as a First Team Scholar. He also received a scholarship towards his college education. Jamir, we are proud of you, on and especially off the football field. Remember, put God first and choose the difficult tight over the easy wrong, you will succeed in whatever you do. Jamir, we love you! Mom and d a d -(Sarita and Lenzy). Now .Registering. lorvP K .. : St* M o.t th.ew II C. DC II 'Quality Care When You Are Not There" APPROVED VPK PROVIDER 3716 E. Lake Ave. Reverend W.O. Sims Pastor Tampa, FL 3361 0 (813) 621-5038 'Train up a child in the way he should go: So when he is old he will not depart from it Proverbs


, Religious Will You Go For Him!l is work to t:::/. done for the Kingdom of God. There are places to go, people to see, words to be spoken, and ministries to be performed. One of the difficulties of getting ministry done is lack of individuals willing to go. Of course, no one just jumps up and decides to go into ministry. Ministry is something that a person is called into. Many may have a desire to do good things, but it is a calling. God is the caller. Many are missing the call because of their own personal issues. New St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church 1006 South 50th Street Tampa, Florida 33619 ,....-----: ::------, 81 3-2 42-62 68 Sunday Morning Church School@ 9:30 Sunday Mornin.gWorship@ 11:00 A.M. Thursday Night Youth Bible Study@ 6)0 P.M. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & Bible Study@ 7:00P.M. New Mt. Zion A. M. E. "A Super Natural Church Composed Of Super Natural People" 7 401 So. Kissimmee St. Port Tampa ; FL 33616 (813)837-0129 Office Hours: Tues. And Thurs. 10 A.M. -6 P.M. #There's No Place Like Home" Calling All Past Macedonians. We, The Present Members Of This Growing Ministry Would Love To See Your Face In The House Again. Come Join Us On February 22, 2009 At 3 P.M. For Our "Welcome Home Celebration" Macedonia M. B. Church"' 341 0 E. Wilder Ave. Tampa, FL,_J,J61 0 .. :-.. _'t' .. JOYCE BECKHAM, President, Pastor's Aide Ministry Sponsored By The Pastor's Aide Ministry Singing, Come Shouting, Come Give God All The Praises! N o m atte r what an indi-throne of man. confess your s in s and short-11 vidua l 's issue i s God s till It i s difficult to give your-comings to Him. Do not m calls. Godhasawayofdeal-selftothefullserv ic eofGod deny tha t you have the m. ing with a person' s i ssues when you reall y don' t know Ovm up to it. Tell God th a t c and prepares him/he r for who God is. When you you know what your sins 5; ministry. This is what we don't have a full focus of and weaknesses a r e. -< can see happening in this God it will always be hard to He was able to see his ovv11 week's lesson, Isaiah 6:1-answer His call. To answer sins after he saw God for 1\J 8. the call of God, you must who He is. As you see God g God is calling Isaiah into realize that you are answer-in the power of His might .Voice ( .CJ'>J rri z ::f z m r;-:. CJ_ C r,r m -:::! z .. ,.,: c Ill !: en :I: m c m < m :IJ -< -1 c m en c )> z c -n :IJ c )> -< "'0 )>. C> m (.11 I Ill


0) 0 Church Directory c:i N > a: <( ::;) a: m w LL c a: LL c a: LL. -0 z <( c UJ w ::;) .,_ > a: w > w c w :I: UJ :J m ::;) a. z i= w ...J ...J ::;) m ..J w z j::: z w UJ <( c a: 0 ...J LL. m I CD w ALLEN TEMPLE A. M. E. CHURCH Worship A c tivties Early Worship 7.45 AM Sunday School 9 30 AM. Morning Worship 11 AM. Bible Study 6 :45P. M Tuesday FIRST MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH OF HIGHLAND PINES REV. P asto r Prayer Meeting & Bibl e S tudy Wednesday-7 P M. Sunda y School 9 30 A. M. Morning Worship -10:55 AM. Church Van -(813) 627-0338 TEMPLE CREST CHURCH OF CHRIST 8309 N. 40th St. Tampa, FL 33604 914-7525 """""'=""= Sun. Morn. Bible Study-9:30A.M. Sun. Morn. Worship-10:30 A.M. Sun. Evening Worship 6:30 P.M. Mid Week Bible Study Wed-7:30 P M Everyone Welcome FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF LINCOLN GARDENS 4025 W Palmetto St. 879-1351 REV. ANTHONY GREENE, Pastor Sunday School 9 30 AM Morning W o r s hi p -11 AM Prayer Service & Bible Study Wednesday -7:30 P M .. To Know Christ And To Make Christ Known" GREATER FRIENDSHIP M.B.CHURCH 3325 E. Emma St. Sunday School-9:45a.m. Morning Worship-11 a m Evening Worship-5 p m Praye r Meeting Tuesday-7:30p m Visitors Are W elcome' PEOPLE FOR CHRIST MINISTRIES NEW FRIENDSHIP GRACE MARY MISSIONARY MOUNT OLIVE A. M. E. CHURCH FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COLLEGE HILL M.B. CHURCH BAPTIST CHURCH 10511 Main Street Thonotasassa, Florida 3107 E. Lake Ave. 248 4127 3901 N. 37th St 248-377 1 902 W. LaSalle St., Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 254-6278 3838 North 29th Street, Tampa 248-6600 L. HADDEN, Ill Sunday School 9 :30A. M Morning Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study (Wednesday) 7 P.M. Worship Service Location Blaise Alfano Conference Center 11606 N. McKinley Dr. Tampa, FL 33612 SUNDAYS URI1UICL;.,, Pastor Weekly Activities Sunday Church School 9 :30A. M Morning Worship 10:45 A.M Bible Class 4 :30 P.M Evening Worship 5 P.M Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7 P M Bible Study 7:30 P Office Location: Georgetown Office Park 1307 W Fletcher Ave Tampa, FL 33612 First Fruit Worship Service 7:30 A M Moming Celebration Service 11 :00 A M. THURSDAYS Voice Of The Word Bible 7 :30P. M BROWN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 AVE. (813) 248-5690 (813) 241-690 VIEEKL Y WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday School ..... 9:30 A.M. .. : :vr A.M. Sunday Evening_ Worship : .. : ... { t ,, '(Tuesday.; Ftiday) ... ; g A.M. lliJITI&i2Gillllllillil&Jill Wednesday Night Worship ..... 7:30 P.M. BISHOP MATTHEW WILliAMS Pastor "A Church \VIae The Love Of God Flows And The H .oly Ghost Is In Full Control." ... ,,, '' \C,,I Pastor Early Morning Worship-8 A.M. R JAMES C. GIVINS, Pastor Sunday 9 :30A.M. MRS. ROBERTA T. GIVINS, First Lady Morning Worship-10 :50 A.M 9 : 30 A. M -Church School Bible Study, Wed. -7 P.M. 11 :00 A. M. Worship THE PUBLIC IS INVITED Bible Study-Wednesday7 P.M. ST. MATlHEW M. B. CHURCH 3708 E Lake Ave., Tampa, FL 33610 {813) 628-0752 *Website: www.stmatthewchurch.org Email: rsims@tampabay.rr .com Break Of Day Worship 7:45 A. M. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Prayer Service W ednesday 7 p.m. Study of th e Bible Wed. 7:30 8:30 p.m. Pr aise & Worship Service W ed. 8:30-9 p m C h ildren & Youth Bible Study Wedne sday 7-8 p m Saturday Pray e r Service & Bible Study 10a. m Youth Bible Institute 12-4p. m Teen Night Friday before the 2nd Sunday 7-11 p.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PROGRESS VILLAGE 8616 Progress Blvd. Tampa, FL 33619 Church Office : (813) 677-1948 Pastors Office : {813) 672-0389 Academy Office : (813) 677-5988 Fax: {813) 672-0514 EMail : fbcopv@tampabay rr.corn Early Worship -7:50a.m. Sunday School-9:45a.m. Morning Worship-10:50 a.m For Transportation Call SISTER BARBARA MCGILL at 621-1155 Tuesday Prayer Service -6:30p.m. Bible Study-7:30p. m. Brotherhood 1st Saturday Matrons 10 a m 1st and 3rd Saturdays V i sit our Website or E-Mail us: www. fbcch org info@fbcch.org Jesus Is The wav The Truth And The life. OR. SAM MAXWELL, SR., Senior Teaching Pastor the darkness. we lie and do not liVe bV the truth. But if we walk In the light as he is in the light we have fellowshiP with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son. purmes us from all sin. AduiVChildren Worship Times 7 :30A. M & 10:55 A.M. 4:1!:1!fii11111f Sunday-9 : 45A .M. Adult & Youth/ Children Tuesday -11 A.M. -Adult Wednesday7 P .M.-Youthl Children 7:30P.M. Adult A Campus For Bible Gra.ving The Church For Global Charge (Acts 1 :8. Rom. 1:8. 1 Thes. 1 :8) 1 John 1:6-7 NIV


'T1 Church Directory NEW MT. ZION M. B. 29TH STREET HERITAGE CHRISTIAN New Testament M. B. LAURA STREET 'T1 CHURCH, INC. CHURCH OF CHRIST COMMUNITY BAPTIST Inc. CHURCH OF CHRIST m 2511 E Columbus Dr. HAROLD RODRIQUEZ-MINISTER CHURCH Thonotosassa, FL 33592 1310 Eas t Laura Street :IJ (813) 248-8101 or (813) 247-3899 3310 N 29th St. TAMPA, FL 33605 Hillsborough High School (813) 986-3971 Plant City, FL 33566 (813) 752-2858 ; OFFICE & FAX (813) 242_4572 5000 N. Central Ave. (813) 610-1252 William Kerrlson, Minister :D EMAIL: romello@verizon.net Tampa, FL 33603 Sunday -< REV. WALTER J WILUAMS Pasto r Early Morning Worship-7:55AM Sunday Morning Worship-9:30AM. Morning Worship -10:55 A M Wed., Family Night-7 PM. Dea. John C Lovett, Chairman Board Of Deacons Sunday Bible Class .............. 9:15A.M. Morning Worship. .. .. 10:30A.M. Evening Bible Class ............. 5:00P.M. Evening Worship ..... .. ... ........ 6:00PM Wednesday Night Class ..... ..l:OO PM. Personal Work: 1st Sat ..... 10-12 Noon ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL .. 3401 E. 25th Avennue Tampa FL (Corner Of 34th St. & 25th Ave. ) Phone : (813) 248-3737 Or (813) 248-3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline : 248-HELP Bishop Eddie Newkirk, Sr. Pastor WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday: 8 : 00 A M Spiritual Enrichment 9:45AM. Sunday School/ Orientation 1 0:45 Worship SeNice (Youth Church 2nd And 3rd Sundays) Tuesday: 12 : 00 Noon Intercessory Prayer w/Bible Study Wednesday: 5 :30P.M. Free Tutorial 6:45 P. M. Adult & Youth Mid Week SeNice Email Us At: stjministries @ aol.com Mission Statement: A Church of the inner c ity reachingo ut to the community by ministering to the who le man Outreach Ministry: NOAH COMMUNITY, INC./ HOUSE OF L YDIA BISHOP EDDIE NEWKIRK And PASTOR AUDREY NEWKIRK MOUNT PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002 N Rorrie Avenue (Corner of Rome Ave. and Spruce St.) P.O. Box 4724 Tampa Dr C.T. Kirkland, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@ aol.com Devotion By Mt. Pleasc.mt Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7:45A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30A.M. MORNING WORSHIP -11 A. M. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM-Family Series Hour 6 PM-L9rd s Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM-Prayer Service 7 PM General Bible Study 7 PM-Youth Bible Study DR. C.T. KIRKLAND, Pastor TAPE MINISTRY Order On Line At Web Site Or Call Church WE8 SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org Morning Bible Study. .9 A M I\) Morning Worship Worship 1 0 1 5 A.M. o Evening Worship ............ . 5 PM I\) Wednesday g Morning Bible Study ....... .... 1 0 A M (0 REV. DELORES CAIN, Pastor Sunday Morning Worship Service 8 00 A M. Bible Study Tuesday 7 00 PM New Mt Silla M B Church 5702 E. 32nd Ave. Tampa, FL 33619 REV. JOHN D. ANDERSON, JR. Pastor Weekly Services: Sunday School* 9:30A.M. Sun. Morning Worship* 11 A.M. Wed. Night: Youth Prayer Service And Bible Study Thurs. Night: Prayer Service And Bible Study Saving The Sinners And Educating The Believers I Can Do A!/ Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. Phil. 4:13 ST. JAMES AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH 5202 86th St. Tampa 677-2411 Sunday Worship Ser vices 7:45A.M. & 11 A .M. Q ..... J Church School 9 :30A. M Bible each Wednesday Take Progress Blvd to S 85th St .. t urn North. go to Ash Ave turn E loll ow the curve to tl)e lel t (S. 86th St.) and the church is on the right REV. JOE GAY, Pastor College Hill Church Of God In Christ 6414 North 30th Street 813-239-3161 Growth And Sharing God's Love Worship Oppor1uniti .es SUNDAY I Sunday School 9 :30A. M Morning Worship I 11:00A.M. i YPWW-6 :00 P.M I I Evening Worship 7:00P.M. I I TUESDAY & FRIDAY I l Evening S ervice I 7 :00PM ---REBIRTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1924 E ast Coman c h e Ave. T a mpa, FL 33610 (813) 238-8911 Welcomes You To An Exciting Place To Worship Electrifying Praise, Powerful Teaching & Preaching 10 A. Every. Sunday Morning PASTOR ZACHERY And MRS. FREDDIE HUDSON Evening Bible Study .............. 7 PM. Wor ship: 7:45am Sunday School: 9:45am lVIomingWorship: 10:45am Wednesday Nigbt Bible Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God On it you shall not do any work neither you, nor your son or daughter nor your manservant or maidservant nor your animals, nor the alien within your: gates. For' ih '. six days the LORD made the heavens ?Jnd the earlj? the sea, and all that is in them but he rested on tf?.eseventh day. Therefore the LORD blesse. a the Sabbath day and made it holy. Exodus 20:8-11 NIV "T1 r:IJ c )> (/) m z :::! z m r-1 III c r rm :::! z "C c OJ r-(/) :I: m c m < m :D -< -I c m (/) c l> z c 'T1 :D c ?< 'l:J )> C) m """ I m


C1'l 8 Local N 0 N crvstal Robles Celebrates Birthdav Ill Crystal Robles ce lebrated her birthday last month w i t h <(>--a part:at the HipHopSoclaShop on Fowler Ave (Photos by 0 Brunson) a: u.. c a: LL c z < c CJ) w ::::) .... > w > w c w %: CJ) :::i CD ::::) A. z ffi ...J ...J ::::) CD ..:.. w z i= z w CJ) C a: 0 ...J LL m co w (!} Birthday honoree Crystal Robles is surronnded by cake and more cakes. Stylist Stylist Specializing In All The Latest Styles. Also Press-N-Curl Featuring MIZANI & AFFIRM Products .1 Call Arid Appointment Today! Stylists Wan te d!! .,.. Booth Rental Available Sequoia Bilal attended the birthday party for Crystal Robles. Du, Sunny Monae and Prince at Crystal Robles' birthday party at the HipHopSodaShop. Aniong those who gathered at the HipHopSodaShop for Crystal's birthday partywere Suga, Trim, Catrina, Romello, Big Jeff, Kareen and Sheena. LaTara Harris and Tiana Ramirez attended party for Crystal Robles. "The of Our Community Speaking for Itself' 813) 248-1921


Column Belated birthday wishes are sent to Calvin Harris (2/7) and Ms. Cecelia Harris (2/18). Yours truly, Iradean 'London-Biggs celebrated another blessed year on February 16, 2009. To our neighbor, Mrs. Marie Benson, we extend to you a happy birthday; get well wishes and a happy Valentine's Day. Her special day was February 14th. Happy birthday greetings to Michael K. Anderson, who recently enjoyed his natal day with family and '97'Wow! Mrs. Aida Gills turned 97 years old on 2-3-09, and enjoyed her special day with family and friends. We .pray for more birthdays for you. February Birthday. Celebrants WJlat a blessing to celebrate another birthday. I:Iappy 0 birthday wishes ate sent 0 to: .Lottie Ruth Maria Ed warps, 0 0 Taylor, Oiana Powell, Lula Washington and Michael Anthony Hall. 0 U pliftlng P,rayers us the follow! rig people lifted in prayer: Mr/ arid Mrs. 0 Perry. King, Md. Dorothy Ycjr.k, Morgan, Wiggs, the Vicket:s.fam. ily, Dr. Junius and Dr. Ferne Moore, Ethel Gambrell, Eloise Leeks, Mary H.: Ford,. Thomas Lake, 0 Toriya Simmons, Lucille 0 Moore Lauren Jordan, Ra:y li'arone, Rev. James Murphy and Kitty Smith. Get well wishes to Mr. Johnnie Richmond, who is recovering after surgery. Prayers and get well to Mrs. Dorothy Mallard, Mrs. Marie Benson, Mrs. Leila Moss and Mrs. Ceila Kitchen. Sympathy Condolences are extended to the Shorter family in the loss of their loved one, Mr. Hersly Shorter, Sr., who was funeralized Saturday, February 14, 2009, at New Friendship M. B. Church, with Rev. H. L. Daniels, officiating. 0 Congratulations Congratulations to recent who are continuing their educational journey at various colleges and universities: Jerod l}risbon, Brandon Angelo Hadley, .Sergio Robinson and Petey Smith. 2nd Annual Lupus Walk The 2nd Annual Lupus Walk will be held Saturday, June 6, 2009, from 9 a.m.rroon at Tropicana Field (home of the Tampa Bay Rays). For more information, contact, Michelle Morales at (727) 742-8005 or visit the website www .lupusflorida.org. Free Classes Free Exercise and Nutrition Classes are being offered on Wednesdays from 6-7 p. m. at Winston Park, 7605 Destin Drive, Greater Palm River Point. The classes will provide information to help reduce the risk of obesity; diabetes and asthma. They will also provide e:Xercise options and healthy cooking options F moie i'nfo, caHLiz "B:t (si3J 9539. My Brothers 2 Keep l\finistry Inmates can request a FREE Bible and greeting cards'by writing to:. My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry, P 0. Box 4618, Tal)lpa, FL, 33677-4618. Several inmates are requesting pen-pals. If you're interested, please contact My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry at the above address. Inmates requesting prayer are: Daryle Florence and family, Bernard McClendon, Qarean Roberts Alfonso Green, Charles Finile_y, Roy Johnson, Samuel Howard, Sylvester Harris, Michael McKinney, Sedrick McKinney, Tiffany McKinney, Marilyn McKinney, Terry Armstrong and David Morgan. Progress Village Family And Friends Reunion Cruise Cabins are limited, so call soon! For information about the cruise scheduled for June 11-14, 2009, call Debora Barr Howard (813) 417-6654. Thought For Today "Count your age with friends and not with years." Scripture (2 Timothy 2:15) Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. F. Y. I. Let us keep President Barack Obama and his family in our daily prayers as he tries to bring change for evervone. Remember our service men women who put their lives on the line daily. -n :::D 0 }< Remember the helpers in ;:H the kitchen: Thelma, (813) 671-3614, Family Deli, c: (813) 671-1541 or H. 0. P (813) 238-5221. < 1\) Call your news in to Iradean London-Biggs at 1\) 0 (813) 677-6071. Be blessed! o Yes We Can! z 0 -n :xJ 0 G) m

., 0 0 N ci N > a: < a: a:l w LL. >"' <( c a: LL. c a: LL. c z < -c en w ... > a: w > w c w ::t: en ::i r:D a. z ...I -r:D _j w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ...I LL. a:l I 0 ,.. w Cl Local Graduation Ceremonv Held At Springfield College BY TONIA TURNER In December 2008, the Springfield College School of Human Services, Tampa Bay Campus h eld a prestigious graduation ceremony. This cer e mony marked the 20th graduating class of the Tampa Campus The graduation ceremony was as follows: Processiona l, Dr. Gerald Thomas, Associate Professor; Welcome, Dr. Richard Davila, Campus Director; Invocation, Rev. Nathaniel Dixon (G'o3); Introductions, Dr. Richard Davila; Greetings from Main Campus (Massachusetts), Dr. Robert Wiley, De!ln, School of Human Services; Greetings hom the YMCA, Gene DeM-anicor, Sr., Vice President/COO, Metro Tampa YMCA; Student Reflections, John Morris, -M.S., MHC candidate, Thomas R. Austin, Jr., M.S. OML candidate. Craig Lee, MS, CMP candidate and Derek Arnold, B.S. candidate Introduction of Keynote Speaker, Dr. Michael Cooper, Chairperson, Community Board; Keynote Speakers, Ronald Milton, (U'g8, G'o2) a:nd Henry Singleton (G'g8); Community Service Award, Beulah Deshay Collier, B. S. Cimdidate; -Initiation Ceremony, Epsilon Chapter, -Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society, Dr. Richard Davila, Ms. Maria F. B:nsh, M.S .. Asst. Director for Administration; Introduction pf Graduating Class, Dr. Richard Davila; Presentation of Degrees, Dr. Robert Wiley; -Greetings from Suncoast Alumni Association, Norm Koscuiskolo ('74), President; Closing -Remarks,_ Dr. Richard Davila; Benediction, Rev. Nathaniel Dixon, and Recessional, Dr. Gerald Thomas. Entertainment was as follows: Musical Selection by Denise Jamieson, Member, Community Advisory Board; Hmong Traditional Dance per formed by Paul, Khaya and Perry Xiong, spouse and sons of May Her, (U'o7, G o8); and additional dance was per-Dr. Richard Davalia, Campus Director. -Adjunct Faculty Member Sam Isajar,. M. S. and Springfield's Tampa Campus Administrative Secretary, Cheryl Williams. Specializing in the management of chronic medicai illnesses such a s diabetes and hypertension: We accept Universal, --: Citrus, United Healthcare and others! To schedule an appointmenr, call: (813) 870-3767 4710 HABANA'AVENUE, #107, TAMPA, FL 33614 Take Care Of Your Feet... They Have To Last A Lifetime! Sheehy Ankle & Foot Center Medicine And Surgery Of The Foot, Ankle And Leg Foot Pain Nail Deformities Ankle Pain Corn & Calluses Heel Pain Sports Medicine Wound Care NEW Medi-Pedicure Bunions Available PAULL. SHEEHY, JR. D.P.M., P.A. lloanl Cerl!fied Academy ( JfAmblllatmy FIX! I & Ankl e S111ge1)' 813-872-8939 wwwTampaFootDoctor.com 4200 N. Armenia Suite 5 (corner of Armenia & Isabel 2 Blocks South of i\'ll..K formed by Dundu Dole Urban African Ballet, Jai Hinson, Director (U'01, G'o3). Graduates in the Organizational Management and Leadership field were: Thomas R. Austin, Jr., Brandon Bowers, Yolanda Perez and Floyd Alton Walters, Jr. Graduates in the Mental Health Counseling field were: Michelle Buchanan, Donna Campbell, Regina Faison, Kogee Gray, Deanne McNamara, John Morris Dr. Michael Cooper, Chairperson, Community Advisory Board the Key Note Speakers. and Beverly Womack. Graduates in the Community Psychology Youth Development Through Sports field were: Monica Bullock, Cheria Edwards, May Her, Tammy Hicks, Craig Lee, Joel Morales, Cleveland Pyatt and Carol Taylor. Undergraduate students were: Rebecca Lynn Archer, Dere Arnold, Debra Berry, Jacquelyn Brown-Reeder, Cynthia Chipp, Beulah Deshay Collier, Michael Counes, Pashion Davis, 2008 Graduating Class Springfield College's Tampa Campus Adjunct Faculty members, (L-R) are Norene Copeland-Miller and Nadia Davila. Pierrette Foucault, Genevieve Gerard-Phaire, Clara Glenn, Carol Graham, Kathryn Kelskey, John Lucas, Jennifer Mark, Yolanda Marshall, Marjorie Martin, Aletchia Meggett, Georget Millen, Tara Mosley, Michael Picard, Veronica Rountree. Linda Sowell, Cynthia Suber, Marvetta Thompson, Tarshene Walters and Ola Wilson. (Photos by Tonia Turner and Mr. Ron Milton.) Teria Skinner was a guest Chantel Copeland. ... brick by brick, block by block, callous hand by callous hand together ordinary people can do extraordinary things PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA Do You Want .To Share Yo.ur Story? Do You Want More Information? {813) 21.0-051 Sonja {813) 277-4587 Rebecca Francis House {813) 446-927 4 Telesia


0 0 N 0 N >-III w 11. c 11. ><( c 11. c ><( c en w >w c w :I: en :J m tl. z i= w ...J ...J ::J m I ...J w z i= z w en <( c 0 ...J 11. m I N w tl. Recipes I know it can be a struggle to find quick and easy lunch solutions for your kids that are healthy, satisfying and that still taste great. Try these:. a frozen juice box in your kids' lunchbox. -it will keep food chilled and will be thawed by lunchtime. for variety. Make using bagels or pitas. antibacterial wet wipes so your kids can clean their hands before and after eating. grated veggies to sandwiches and wraps for crunch your kids won't notice they're eating something that's good for them! dipping! Pack salsa, yogurt or dressing for your little ones to dunk their veggies or fruit into. bite-sized and mini versions of regular foods like sandwiches. They work well for small appetites and are more likely to be eaten. a quick note to"say good luck on a test or "I love you" -it will brighten your child's day. SIZZLING MEAT VALUES FRESH TO YOU! FRESH. 5 LB. BAG. FRESH 5 LB. BAG FRESH POTATOES SMOKED PORK NECK BONES BEEF TRIPE 2/$3 $3.99 FRESH WHOLE LIVER FRESH CHICKEN GIZZARDS FRESH WHOLE CHICKEN FAMILY BUNDLE # 1 31bs. Ground Beef (Carne Molida De 3 lbs. End CUt Pork Chops (Chuleta De 3 lbs. Beef Sirloin Steaks (Biste De Palomia) 31bs. Chicken Wings (Alias De Polio) 616s. Chicken Leg Quarters (Muslo De Polio Con C .uentro) 1 FREE (Gratis) 1/2 Gallon $3 fl99 ofMilk 'f FAMILY BUNDLE #2 5 lbs. Ground Beef (Carne Mollda De S lbs. Beef Sirloin Steaks (Biste De Sibs. End Cut Pork Chops (Chuleta De Sibs. Chicken Leg Quarters (Muslo De Polio. Con Cuentro I Sibs. Chicken Wings (Alias De Polio) 1 FREE (Gratis) 1/2 Gallon s4 9 99 of Milk & 1 Dozen of Large Eggs FAMILY BUNDLE #3 Sibs. Beef Cubed Steak (Biste De Res Cubed) Sibs. Ground Beef (Carne Molida De Res) 5 lbs. End Cut Pork Chops (Chuleta De Punta) 10 lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters (Muslo De Polio Con Ciientro) -Sibs. Chicken Wings (Alias De Polio) 5 lbs. Turkey Wings (Alias De Pavo) S6499 1 FREE jGratis) Gallon of Milk & 1/2 Gallon of Orange Juice FAMILY BUNDLE #4 41bs. Beef Sirloin Steak (Biste De Palomla) 2 Packs Meat Hot Dogs (2 PemisCahntos) 5 Lbs. Beer Stew (Carne Para Gulsar) 5 lbs. Ground Beef (Came-Mollda De Res) 3 lbs. Beef Olltalls (Rabo De Res) 5 lbs. End Cut Pork Chops (Chuleta De Punta) 10 lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters (Muslo'De Polio Sl;:nc::ttlngs '85 (Alias De Polio) FilE 112 Gallon of OraT Julc. & 3NJ; Sprtlid Mlf9irlne 1 Loaf Brad


Recipes 1 large bunch of seedless grapes DIRECTIONS: Wash grapes and dry. Freeze until firm. Important: Grapes af any kind can pose choking hazard for children ages 3 and under. 4 squares unsweetened chocolate 1/3 cup canol a oil & 8 large egg whites 1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce 1 tsp. vanilla & 2 cups sugar 1 cup flour & t cup chopped nuts (optional) DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350F. Line baking pan with foil and grease foil. Microwave chocolate in bowl_ on high 1 min. Stir until chocolate is melted. Add oil, applesauce and vanilla; mix. Stir in sugar. Add egg whites; stir until blended. Add flour and nuts; mix. Spread in pan. Bake 25 min. until brownies pull away from sides of pan. Cool before cutting. IIIErnBI fiiii1111EI 3608 N. 15th [Corner Olllkel For All Your Seafood Delights, Call In Your Order To Avoid The Wait! Now Cooking ThursdaySaturday Fresh & Smoked Mullet Trout Spedal Discounts For Snapper *Shrimp Sheap Head Chu!ches, Family Reumons And Live Blue Crabs Large Orders. flour tortilla & 6 slices smoked turkey breast 1 tbsp. dressing & t cup shredded lettuce & cup chopped tomatoes 2 tbsp. shredded cheddar cheese DIRECTIONS: Spread tortilla with dressing. Top with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese; roll up. 3 lbs. Oxtalls 5 lbs. Cube Steak 5 lbs. Stew Beef 5 lbs. End Cut P ork Chops 5 lbs. Ground Beef 5 lbs. Chkken Leg Quarters 5 lbs. Chocken Wings 5 lbs. Turkey Wings 5 lbs. Neck Bones 5 lbs. Shoulder l'lcnic FREE l Whole Chicken $99.99 I lb. Smoked Sausage I lb. Smoked Bacon 2 lbs. Pork Chops ,. 2 lbs. Ground Beef 3 lbs. Turkey Wings 3 lbs. Fresh Neck Bones 3 lbs. Chicken Drumsticks FREE l pack Hot Dogs 5 lbs Beef Patties I Slab of Ribs 5 lbs Leg Quarters Get 5 lbs FREE 5 lbs. Drumsticks Get 5 lbs. FREE 5 lbs. Chicken Wings I Bag of Hot Dogs Get I FREE -FREE 18 oz. BBQ Sauce &.. Gallon of Juice $44.99 i Breakfast Special 1 lb. Smoked Bacon 1 Dozen large Eggs I lb. American Cheese 2 lbs. Smoked. Sausage I loaf ONLY Bread $15.99 Not Responsible For Printing Errors Prices May Change Without Notice We Ruerve The Right To Limit Quantities And Coree! Printing Errors. Prices Good Thru Sunday, February 22, 2009 ;o 0 l> m m ;o c: l> N N 0 0 CD r 0 ;o 0 l> en m z -i z m r I m c: r r m -i z ""0 c: m c en ::::r:: m 0 m < m -i c: m en 0 l> -< l> z 0 'T1 ;o 0 l> -< ""0 l> G) m ..... w I m


C) 0 0 C\1 0 C\1 >a: <( => a: m w u. >-<( c a: u. c a: LL. c z <( c en w => t-> a: w > w c w :I: en ::::i m => a. :z i= w ...J ...J '=> m I ...J w z i= z <( f! .a: 0 ...J u. Access Foot Care Office & Home Service <;(!Fungal Skin Infections/Fungal Natl s Ingrown N a il s ., .... W ound C a r e -\)_! Heel P ain .."'." ((:i Bunions I Hammered Toes Z'};j D iabeti c S hoes I Socks I Orthottcs Most Insurances Accepte d Commit m ent T o Excelle n ce Contact Us For Easy, Affordable Access To A Podiatrist: www.AccessFootCare.com 1-866-435-FOOT (866-:435-3668) Town-N-Country 6101 Webb Road Su1te 309 Optimal Health Care for the Whole Family STEPHEN A. WILLIAMS, M.D., P.A. Board Certified Pediatrician 714 W. MLK Jr. Blvd. Tel: Tampa, FL 33603 Fax:81 .. rLLv-vv,.voo,., .. ,.,, ., www.kiddlemed.com marketamerica.com/drstevens Accepting Medicaid, HMO' s & Cash Patients Accepting New Patients, Including Children Exams, Cleaning & FIUings Cosmetic (Bonding, Veneers) Crowns (Caps) & Bridges Partials & Dentures Extraction Implant Restorations ANGEU.A TOMUNSON, DDS ; PA GAIL C. MCDONALD, DDS, MPH Walk-Ins & Emergencies Welcome Most Insurance Accepted Senior Citizen Discounts Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N. Boulevard (1 Blk South OfW. Dr. MLK Blvd.) www.tomlinsondentalcare.com Have A Great Smile!! Mars. h Orthodontics Braces For Children & Adults Affordable Monthly Payments Quality Personal Care Family Discounts MARSH New Patients Welcome Complimentary Initial Examinations William F. Marsh, D.D.S., P.A. (813) 238-3384 4119 N. Taliaferro Ave. (MLK 1-275 N.) Tampa, FL www.marshsm1les.com It Is our office policy that th e patient an d any other person responsible for payment has a righ t to refuse to pay, cancel payment or to be r ei mbursed for payment any other seMce, exa m 1 natJon or treatment which Is performed as a result of and w i thin 72 hours of respo nd ing to the advertlsment for the free, discounted-fee o r r educed f ee servvice, exa m i na tion or treatment 2123 W .. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd Suite 102 Tampa, Florida 33607 1703 Palmetto Ave. Plant City, FL 33563 We Accept Most Insurance Plans CALL TODAY For Your Appointment 813-910-8700 Health News Incontinence In Men PARTt: What is urinary incontinence in men? Urin a r y in conti n ence i s the accidental release of urine. It is not a disease but rather a symptom of a problem with a m a n's urinary tract Urine i s produced by the kidneys and stored in a muscular sac called the urinary bladder. A tube ca ll e d the urethra, which is surrounded b y a special ring of muscl es called the urinary sphincter, leads from the bl adder through the prostate and penis to the outside of the body. As the bladder b ecomes filled w ith urine, complex nerve signals ensure tha t the sphincter stays contracte d and the b ladder stays relaxed This interaction be tween nerves a n d muscles prevents urine from l eaki ng out of the body. During urination, nerve sig n a ls cause the muscles in the walls of the bladder to conforcing urine out of the bladder and into the urethra. At the same time the bladder contracts, nerve sig n a ls cause the muscles surr ounding the urethra to relax, allowing urine to pass through and out IIealthy Smile of the body. Incontine nce ca n happen many different ways. For ex ample, if your bladder squeezes at the wrong time, or if it squeezes too hard, urine m ay le ak. And if the muscles around the urethra are damaged or wea k urine can leak out even if yo u don't have a problem with your bladder squeezing a t the wrong time. You can a lso have incontin ence if your bladder doesn't empty when it should, leaving too muc h urine in the bladder. When the bladder gets too full, urine will leak out when you don't want it to. And if something i s bl oc kin g your urethra, urine can build up in the bladder, leading to leakage. Between 3 and 11 men out of 100 have problems with in continence Although incontinence occurs more often in older men tha n in young men, it is not considered a normal part of the aging process. How is urinary incontinence in men classified? Urinary incontinence may occur for only a short time, (acute) or m ay become an on-VISION CARE Healthy Body .... Healthier You! .. :: Dental Implants Sedation/ Anxiety Management Cosmetic Gum Surgery Treatment Of Gum Diseases T.MERRELL WILLIAMS DMD,MS Board Certified .-T: MERRELL WILLIAMS, DMD, MS plant Dentistry o don t c s 4505 North Armenia Ave. Suite 101 Tampa, FL 33603 Visit Our Website At: www.tampaperio.com (813) 354-8707 going problem (chronic ) Acut e incontin e nc e is ofte n r e lated to oth e r m e di ca l probl ems and treatments Thi s topic will focus o n typ es of chroni c urinaty incontin e n ce. Stress incontinence oc curs wh e n yo u s n eeze, c ough l a ugh lift object s, or do oth e r ac tiviti es that increase stress on your bladder. Urge incontinence is an urge to urinate that is so stron g that you oft e n cannot make it to the toil e t in time. Urge incontinence occurs when your bladder contracts when it shouldn' t This ca n happen eve n when you only h ave a small amount of urine in your bladder. Overactive bladder is a kind of urge incontinence. But not everyone with overactive bladder leaks urine. Overflow incontinence is leakage that occurs when the bladder fail s to empt y prope rly, due to a blockage or weak bl adder muscle contrac tions. Obstruction is usually related t o either e nl argement of the prostate or narrowing of the urethra from scar tissue. Total incontinence is a continual leakage of urine due to loss of sphincter function Functional in continence is a rare form of urinary incontin ence related to physica l or ment a l limitations that r es tri ct a man's abi lity to reach the toi let in time. Please contact Jacki Webb your Licensed Health Consultant (813-545-2665) to find a plan that bestfits your needs. Obesitv Mav Rise Migraine Risk WASHINGTON --Obesity m ay r a i se t h e risk of getting migraines, th e latest h ea lth prob l e m to be assoc iated with being much too h eavy, U.S r e searchers said. Peopl e ages 20 to 55 who were obese -e ith e r by a measure of. b elly fat or using the standard bod y mass index based on a per son's h e ight and weight -were more lik e l y to report migrain es or other severe h eadac h es, they sa id. Thirty-seven percent of women w i th abdominal ob es ity as d e t er min ed b y waist circumfe r e n ce r eported ex peri e ncing s u c h h ea dach es, compared t o 29 p e r cent of non-obese women. For m e n, 20 percent with abdominal obesity reported mi. graines against 16 percent who did not have abdominal obesity. Migraines a re severe head ac h es that a l so m ay include n a u sea, vomiting and se n sitiv i ty to li ght and noise. They are more common in women and often run in families. T h ese h eadac h es occur most frequently betw ee n th e ages of 20 and 45 Obesity also raises the risk of the most common form of dia betes hi g h blood pressure, h eart disease, stroke, some forms of cancer, arthritis, sleep a 'pnea and other co nditi ons.


Local Sports Tigers Fall To Yellow Jackets, 15-41 In the second meeting of the two teams this season, the Middleton Tigers fell hard to the Yellow Jackets of Blake High School 75-41. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Winning team player, #20 Demarcus Bronson and his family, Gina Bronson, James Jolly and Perry Jones., Dr. and Mrs. Bruce (Pat) Miles showing support for their favorite team -Blake Yellow Jackets. Mother and daughter working the concession stands at the school: Deborah Wilborn and Le'Area Wilkerson. JJ 0 m OJ JJ c: l> JJ -< 1\.) 0 1\) 0 0 CD j" 0 JJ a l> z :::f z m Barbara and Paul Jackson were supporters of the game. Amily Morgan, Jedolia Pendergest and Erica Riley attended the game. With over 100110 channels and .umtzing picture quality and sound, Verizon FiOS TV empowers you to relive those unlorget1able and experien z 0 JJ 0 ..... (Jl I OJ


Q) Sports 0 N > a: < ::) a: m w u.. Jackson Pleads Not Guiltv To DUI a: u.. SAN DIEGO --San Diego Chargers wide receiver t'f/U, ,t>tJt V i n c e n t Jackson pleaded not ILA....._.."""'""""'"'"--' guilty Tuesday to two charges of driving under the influence. A readiness hearing was set for March 23 in San Diego County Superior Court. Jackson's attorney entered the plea via fax. Jackson, on probation from a 2006 DUI conviction, faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and-or drugs and driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or high er. Jackson was arrested on Jan. 6, five days before Chargers were eliminated from the playoffs by the eventual Super Bowl cham pion Pittsburgh Steelers. Chargers tackle Jamal Williams was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Feb 1. Saints Release RB McAllister 9 METAIRIE, Louisianaa: b k u.. Popular running ac Q Deuce McAllister was Z released by the New < Orleans Saints in a move to reduce the team's payroll on Q Jfi McAiiister, the Saints' :0 all-time leading rusher with t-6,069 yards; was due more fi than $7 million next season part of a more than $50 W million, eight-year contract Q McAllister signed :in 2005, before the of reconU) surgeries on both ::i knees. The Saints could no longer afford to pay a. much to McAllister, who z played a limited-role last i= w ;.;J ;;,J ::) season with 107 carries for 418 yards. The team said it granted his release so he could .DEUCE seek other MCALLISfER offers around the NFL. "I still have that itch to play .... I still feel like I can contribute and help a team," McAllister said, adding that he would not rule out returning to the Saints after he's been able to test the market. Broncos Release BIV After TWo Seasons DRE'BLY ENGLEWOOD, Colo. The Denver Broncos continued their salary purge Tuesday by releasing 11-year veteran cornerback Dre' Bly, who had spent two years starting oppositestar Champ Bailey. Bly was acquired from the Detroit Lions on March 2, 2007, to replace Darrent Williams, the rising 24-year-old cornerback who was killed in a drive-by shooting two months earli-er. In his two years in Denver, Bly recorded 134 tackles, a sack and seven interceptions, including 77 stops and two pickoffs last season. He's the fourth defensive starter dumped this week by the new regime of gener al manager Brian Xanders and coach Josh McDaniels, who replaced the fired Mike Shanahan. Bly was due to count $6.8 million against next season's $123 million salary cap. m z i= z w U) AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS WRECK liVES! < c a: 0 ;;,J u.. m I CD ,.. w Cl GIBBS & PA r.p::::: ,.,.. ATTORNEYS AT LAW :z;::::zi: A. P GIBBS. EsQ MATTHEW KOCHEVAR. ESQ THOMAS E. PARNELL ESQ PERSONAL INJURY AND WRONGFUL DEATH AUTO, TRUCK MOTORCYCLE OR BOAT ACCfDENTS. SUP AND FALL, NURSING HOME NEGLECT OR MEDICAL MALPRACTlCE AU SERIOUS INJURIES. (813) 975-4444 1-800-711-5452 WWW.GIBBSANDPARNELL.COM OUR fiRM IS RATED "AV" BY MARTINDAlE-HUBBELL, THE HIGHEST RATING FOR lEGALABlLITY.AND ETHICAL STANDARD, WORLDWIDE. .The /firing (.fA l..tm:Jcr l .'f An !mporlvnt Di.'.<;i ... :hm Th,;t Sizovlcl NotRe Bared ."k,i ely Upon B'._ihre }tm Dec-idie, Ask U'i To St:nd }(JI! FREE Wrifl;;llluji.>rn ivlft;u .-1hou : Our Q11a!iji('ations JJmi Jones: No Decision On T.O. Yet ARLINGTON, TexasCowboys owner Jerry Jones insists he hasn't decided whether Terrell Owens will return and that coach Wade Phillips will be his own defensive coordinator in 2009. Jones also said Tuesday he wasn't surprised an agreement couldn't be reached with Dan Reeves. The former Cowboys player who coached Denver and Atlanta to the Super Bowl was set to join the team as a consultant before the deal fell through at the last minute. Repeated questions over the status of Owens angered Jones. about the receiver's future has TERRELL OWENS swirled since the Cowboys' season imploded with a blowout loss at -Philadelphia that kept Dalias out of the playoffs. Defensive coordinator Brian Stewart was fired a few weeks later, and Jones said Tuesday he decided not to hire a replacement. Bradshaw To Complete Jail Sentence RICHMOND, VA--New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw has returned to a jail in Virginia to finish serving a 60-day jail sentence for a parole violation, his attorney said. In a statement released through the Giants, attorney Charles Stacy of Bluefield said Bradshaw reported to the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority in Tazewell County on Sunday to complete his 60-day sentence imposed by a juvenile court judge last summer. Bradshaw, who served the first portion in June and July, was permitted to leave the jail to report to work as a member of the Giants under an agreement that he return 2/15. The sentence was for an underage drinking offense at the University of Virginia in 2004 and a petty larceny charge while AHMAD BRADSHAW he was at Marshall in 2006, Bradshaw has said. He had been placed on probation in Virginia in either 2001 or 2002 for a crime as ajuvenile. Completing the sentence will satisfy all of Bradshaw's legal obligations, Stacy said, but he added in a telephone interview that he could not say when Bradshaw will be freed. "CALL RICKY'' AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY Or Email: callrickywilliams@gmail.com Available 24 Hrs./Day FREE Consultation RICKY E. WILLIAMS


------------------------------------------------,,., Sports Tiger woods Set To Return Two of Tiger Woods' best friends on the PGA Tour and off, have indicat ed that Tiger would probably return to the PGA Tour any day now. They say, and even Tiger says, he has recovered from his reconstructive knee surgery. According to Mark Omera and John Cook, Tiger is hitting the ball better than ever. The bet here is that Tiger will return next week. The Masters is in April and Tiger is sure to play in the Masters. Tiger has not played competitively in about eight or nine months. Barry Bonds' Case Is Better Barry Bonds was on his way to jail over steroid use lying to a grapd jury. Bonds'. case has: suddenly gotten bet-ter." Superstar white players, Roger Clemens and .now-Alexander A-Rod; have admitted to 'steroid use. What's going to happen to those guys? .Are they : -going to put these two in a cell with Bonds? Or, are they using Bonds as a poster boy for Major League Baseball's steroid problems and will t_iy to make an example out of him? Jesus Christ died on the_ cross to save all of us from our sins. Barr:fni>i.ds will go to jaiJ to wash awayall o( baseball's steroid Uragonettes Get Revenge Last year, the. Cleaz:water girls ended the Lady Dragons State by them by_-39 points. Tuesday night, J effersoil rode a strong performance by Shayla Upshaw, a 9th grade sec ond team player. Clearwater is through for the season-while the -1 Dragonettas move on to. the Regional finals. Starters Jade Givens, Laurie Beatty and Shayla Wilson were not at their best, but they all contributed enough to help Miss Upshaw lead the team to victory. Charles Barkley Back To Work NBA analyst Charles Barkley is back to work giving his colorful and insightful views on basketball games. Barkley had been on a leave of absence for an incident that was embarrassing to both Charles and the station he worked for. Barkley was arrested for DUI while reportedly lQoking for a prostitute he had seen before : In spite of Barkley's personal tribulations, .basketball fans missed Sir Charles who is known for speaking his mind. Tracy McGrady Gone For 5 Years Houston Rockets' star Tracy McGrady is out for the season with a leg injury. It is a bad time for the. Auburndale native to suffer such an injury. He was the subject of trade rumors and it appeaz:-s that he is no longer needed or wanted in Houston. To make matters worse, McGrady is reaching the age-where it is more difficult to recover from those kind of injuries and even more difficult to find a team that would want to take on his salary. Rodriquez, Canada's Rookie Of The Year Former Jefferson High Schoo-l dual sport star, Preche Rodriquez was voted .Canadian Football League's Rookie of the Year.. Preche played wide receiver at Auburn University before going to 'Canada. The 6'4" speedy, high jumping Preche Rodriquez caught 70 passes for more than 1,000 yards. Congratulations, Preche Rodriquez. Report: Buccaneers Tell JeH Garcia JEFF GARCIA Noted Jeff Garcia nemesis Jon Gruden is gone from Tampa Bay, but it doesn't necessarily mean the Bucs want to give the veteran quarterback another chance. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have told well-traveled quarterback Jeff Garcia to move on. Garcia, who turns 39 before the start of free agency Feb. 27, said Sunday night Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik has informed his agent, Steve Baker, that the team did not want him to return for a third season. "My time in Tampa has come to an end," Garcia said. The Bucs signed quarter-back _Luk_ e McCown to a two-year, $7.5-million con__ tr.act last week, preventing him from becoming a free agent. "I'm. not under contract and I'm about to hit free agency and that means it's __ time again for me to just : move on," Garcia said. "It is disappointing because I enjoyed the. atmosphere and the team environment in that locker room ... Change is needed at times. Sometimes it's how you tweak it, not change it. With a new head coach, they want somebody pulling the trigger that they can mold. Beyond that, I don't know why they're making the move." "The of Our Community Speakin Itse! :a c Jaguars Release Fred -Tavlor m m :a c )> ::c -< I\) 0 JACKSONVILLE -Running back Fred Taylor wanted to end his career in Jacksonville hoping to join the small list of standout players who spent an entire career with the same team. He won't get the chance. The Jaguars released Taylor on Monday, parting ways with their alltime leading rusher after 11 seasons and continuing the team's offseason makeover. Coach Jack Del Rio flew to Fort Lauderdale earlier Monday to rrieet with Taylor and deliver the news. Del Rio made it clear the team has no plans to re-sign Taylor, who turned 33 last month and was scheduled to make $6 million next sea son. "We felt like the best thing for this football team is what it has to beabout," Del Rio said. "We feel good about the talented group of b(l.cks that we have ... and as you work through it, it's difficult to come up with a role thafs going to be acceptable for everybody. "It makes it awkward. It makes it difficult./We-I\) 0 0 1.0 FRED TAYLOR came to an agreement on what the best course of action was as a football team." And that was to move on without Taylor, who ranks 16th on the NFL's career rushing list with 11,271 yards, 81 behind !11 John Riggins. -1 r.r Taylor has said he would like to retire. after-passing Jim Brown en {12,3:{.2) on career list. JTI Brown, Chicago's Walter !j Payton (16,726), Detroit's z Barry (15,269) p! and San Diego's m LaDainian-Tomlinson C: (11,760) are only run-1= ning backs ahead of Taylor who spent their z entire careers with the ,-. c: sameteam. m .... u; STARKES ROOFING, INC. :a: m c Residential & Commercial Leak Repairs No Job Too Small Or Too Large .20 Year.; Experience 5 Years Established In Seminole Heights CollUIIunity m < m \o11 I \pplit rlion' I or I ntplm tntnl. llr i1 t r \ I it Clht' lh ljuintl. c: m en DARRYL STARKES Roofing Contiactor License# RC0067277 Lice.nsed-Bonded-lnsured 1802 E. Mobile Avenue Tampa, FL 33611) (813) 477-0108 Fax: (813) 236-7325 Giving Artist A,. chance :To Make lt To llufNext -Level In-The :_,::. By: JMB Group Entertainment, Inc. Demo To: Markfattodef.com In Affiliation With: oncuedance; sfnvisualz; thatswzup & cherriproduction -g )> z c ., :!! c m ..... -...! I m


g Club Scenes N ID I co 'I"'" w C) Club 1121s Jumping A lot has been going on the past few weeks at Club 112. A recent concert packed the house and the stars came out Super Bowl weeken d (Photos by Julia Jackson) 7th Avenue* Tampa; FL. or 247-3719 f .1 KevsMade 79 And'Up e Latex Flat Wbite Paint.. ...... ; .... $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Paint.. ........ $14;90 gal Roller Pan Set.. ....................... $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes ... ...... ...................... 99 ea. UMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! Comedv At The lmprov Shawn Dean had the audience 's side cracking when he appeared at the Improv recently. It was l aughs galore for the packed house. (Photos by Brunson) Lewis Hall enjoyed the comedy by Shawn Dean recently at the Improv. Spink of Radio Station 1010 AM was also in the house for the comedy" show.


Entertainment Eminem, 50 Cent And Dr. Ore 'Crack' Kellv Clarkson 50 CENT, EMINEM AndDR.DRE LOS ANGELES--,--He's baaaaaaack. Eminem, with assists from high-powered pals 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, has landed at No. 1 on the charts-and in the record books-with his latest single, "Crack the Bottle." The track was (legally) downloaded a record 418,000 times in its first week and easily bounced Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" from the top slot on Billboard's Hot 100. It marks his second No 1, after 2002's "Lose Yourself" For Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, it's trips three and four, respectively "Crach the Bottle" is the lead single from Em's forthcoming Relapse album, but it's also likely to appear on Fiddy's own Before 1 Self Destruct, out next month, and Dre's Detox, also expected shortly. ("Crack the Bottle," Relapse, Detox, Before I Self Destruct ... we sense a pattern here.) The "three-headed monster," as Fiddy calls the trio, previously collaborat ed _on 2004's "Encore," the title track from Em's last studio album. Rihanna Among Topics at V-Dav Anti-Violence lunch RIHANNA LOS ANGELES --The topic of Friday's star-studded V-Day luncheon was the organization's work with in the Congo. But Alba, Kerry and other s u V-Day, whichhas raised more than $60 million to stop viohmce against women and girls worldwide, were also talking abo4t' Rihanna. "When things happen publicly, It just makes it a more. universal' probleni that more people can relate. to," said Alba, an annuli); participant in the V-DayJicheon. Rihanna was reportedly involved in a domestic pute with boyfriend Chris Brown last week that resulted in his arrest .and booking on charges of making criminal threats A police statement said the woman who reported the incident was injured, and identified Brown as her attacker. Charges have not yet been filed, and neither Brown nor Rihanna has come forth to comment on the incident. On Friday, Alba read a poem inspired by the experience of a Congolese woman raped so severely and repeatedly by soldiers that she needed surgery. Washington, who serves on the V-Day board, called violence against women "a social illness that does not discriminate." "This is a problem that spreads from the Congo to Hollywood," she said. "When it happens to some one famous, it's a tragedy that it happened, but what l hope is that people become less and less afraid' to talk about how truly. dev :astating this social illness is!' Rosario Dawson, also a board member, mentioned. Riliimna and Jennifer Hudson in her plea to guests to support the VDay. cause. "What's so incredible is the sympathy, courage, love and compassion that comes from that," she said. "That's what we need to be tapping into.. and that alJ of these women, all across the world, are our sisters;'' Suge Knight lniured In Arizona Hotel Fight SUGEKNIGHT PHOENIX --A beating has left rap producer Marion 'Suge' Knight hos pitalized in Arizoqa. Police say it happened early Monday at a private party in a hotel in Scottsdale. Two men were arrested including a man who said he is the business manager for hip-hop singer Akon. Scottsdale police spokesman Sgt. Mark Clark says Akon was not present when the scuffle occurred. Clark says officers arrived and saw a man identified as 38-year-old Robert Carnes Jr. of Bethlehem, Pa., twice punch Knight in the face. Police booke(,i Carnes and a man identified as 33-yearold Thomas Leon Anderson Jr., of California, on suspicion of assault and disorderly con duct. LA. Reid savs He's 'loaded' With Music For Rihanna's Next Album L.A. REID Just hours before Rihanna's alleged altercac tion with boyfriend Chris Brown, L.A. Reid -the head of her record company, Def Jam-was boasting how one of his prized artists has grown. Reid said Rihanna was doing what Janet Jackson did a: little inonUhan 20 years ago: taking. control of her career. "When we repackaged Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad ... the second sirigle from the repackage 'Disturbia,' told MTV News. "It was the first time that Rihanna. actualiy came to me an <:I sa:id 'Here's I want.to put out.' She playecl. m e song That was her taking 'control, even on het last album. She understands what hits are, and she knows what she wants to say. She's at that place where she can do it." Tom cruise Taruets Denzel Washilloton LOS ANGELES -There are big-screen pairings and then there are Big-Screen Pairings. Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington definitely fall into the latter. The Hollywood heavyweights will join their considerable forces for an action-packed adaptation of The Matarese Circle, -a spy-vs.-spy thriller based on the novel by Robert "Bourne Identity" Ludlum. A rep for MGM confirms to E! News that Cruise is in final negotiations to join Washington in the wouldbe blockbuster, which David Cronenberg will direct. Should all go according to box-office plan; the film may develop into a franchise. The story follows Russian spy Vasili Taleniekov (Cruise; let's hope no are required) and American intelligence agent Brandon Scofield (Washington), two mortal TOM CRUISE And DENZEL WASHINGTON enemies who have spent decades attempting to off each other. The distrustful duo are eventually forced to team up after they find themselves deep into the crosshairs of a political conspiracy devised by a shadowy group known as the Matarese. Washington has been a:ttached to the globe-trotting action flick since last spring, and production is expected to begin later this year. MGM is looking to release the film sometime in 2010. Subscribe Todav! ... ::0 'T1 m m lJ c:: )> lJ -< 1\) 1\) 0 0 (0 'T1 r-0 lJ g C/) m z -1 z m r1 m c:: r rm :::! z c:: m c C/) ::::t m c m < m lJ -< -1 c:: m C/) c )> z c 'T1 lJ 6 :C) m .;.a.. (Q l:D


(j) Entertainment 0 C\1 > 0:: <( 0:: CD w LL. Chris Brown Had Reponedlv Roughed Up Rihanna Betore a: LL. The Los Angeles District Attorney has not charged Chris Brown for the alleged assault o n girlfriend Rihanna on Sunday morning in Los Angeles, but TMZ is reporting that the 19-year-old singer will almost certainly be charged with felony domestic battery in the case. Citing unnamed "law enforcement" sources, the site reported early :r'hursday (February 12) that Rihanna told police the alleged incident inside the couple's rented Lamborghini on the mornof the Grammys was not the first time Brown has attacked her. And though c the evidence for the crimia: nal-threats charge he was LL booked on Sunday night is described as "weak," the <(. singer could face other > charges once the D.A. takes the case, the site said. f3: The matter was kicked baclF-ed to. poiice. on 1--: Wednesday. after the D.A .'s > a:: office cited insufficient evi-W dence for the criminal threats charge, which is c more serious than a doniestic battery counL Numerous en' sources have said that the :::::i D.A. is reluctant to try such a high-profile case unless D. the evidence is very solid, which is why more evidence tij was requested. ...J TMZ also claimed to have ...J CD ...J w z i= z w en a: 0 ...J LL a more detailed rundown of event leading up to the alleged attack, which reportedly left. Rihanna with a brui'sed and bloody face and bite marks on her arm and fmgers. According to the police report cited by TMZ, after Brown alleged-CHRIS BROWN AndRIHANNA ly received a text message from another woman, the couple got into an argument. TMZ reported that Rihanna would not initially tell police what set the fight off, but after the fight began, she "ordered him to drive her home and 'faked a call' to someone, saying like, 'He's dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there.' Text Message Might Be Behind Chris Brown And Rihanna Fight A text message sent to Chris Brown from another woman may have ignited the explosive argument between the "Run It" singer and girlfriend Rihanna, according to TMZ. A law-enforcement source who spoke with TMZ said the message asked Brown about "hooking up later." There were no further details, however, regarding the text or the identity of the person who sent the message. TMZ is also citing an alleged reference in the police report to an argument over a rapper, but that has yet to be confirmed. Neither party has spoken publicly since reports surfaced about an alleged domestic-violence incident on Saturday. Brown turned himself in to police and was later released after posting $50,000 bail. The singer was charged with making criminal threats, and police are still investigating the matte'r before turning it over to the district attorney's office. Rihanna's injuries aren't fully known yet. The Def Jam artist was taken to a hospital, and reports have varied regarding the extent of what happened to her -from large contusions on her face to a bloody nose. Her grandmother told a newspaper in the singer's native Barbados that Rihailna is "fine.'' According to E!, though, Rihanna reportedly told police Brown choked her and left her unconscious fol_lowing their altercation, where she allegedly threw the keys of Brown's rented car out thewindow, sending him into "a rage." Police then drove Rihanna to the hospital immediately rather than waiting for an ambulance after noticing her eye was black and swollen. E! is also reporting that Rihanna told police that Brown threatened to kill her. Both artists backed out of their scheduled Grammy appearance on Sunday night and have canceled a number of upcoming appearances, including a concert overseas for Rihanna and a number of events Brown was to appear at during NBA AllStar Weekend. Brown's Doublemint gum endorsement deal has been suspended, and a number of his songs and past TV appearances have also been removed from airing on radio and TV. Kanve: 'Best Hip-Hop Beats 01 All Time' Will Be on The Blueprint 3' Another Jay-Z song leaked online last month -that's OK, just make. some more. Kanye West says he's just a handful of records away from finishing Jay's The Blueprint 3, again. "I finished his album and he released four songs that were potentially gonna be on the album," West said last week on Sway and King Tech's "Wake Up Show." "So I gotta go back and do four. I just did one beat the other day in Hawaii -probably one of the best hip-hop beats of all time, if I do say so myself. I just gotta do three more beats and we're done, 'cause he's got classics. He's got songs that are better than any of the things you've heard leaked.'' Two records that Kanye says should make B3's final cut are "Everyday a Star is Born" and "Forever Young." "You know what it was -JAY-Z And KANYE WEST every year I do two albums' worth of really dope beats," he explained. "This year, Common did his album with Pharrell, aQd I did BOBs & Heartbreak and Blueprint 3. So just imagine the caliber of beats on the last two Common albums I did -Jay-Z has those types of beats. Those caliber of beats. A beat like 'The People,' that's the highest caliber of beat." Ne-Yo Sued For New Year's No-Show Grammy-nominated R&B singer Ne-Yo has is being sued for $500,000 by a Washington state promotion company for failing to appear at a New Year's Eve gig he was booked for, according to the Maryland Daily Record. The singer was reportedly scheduled to appear at Bellevue's Meydenbauer Center, outside of Seattle, and was paid a fee up-front of $95,000. According to the lav.rsuit, however, Ne-Yo never showed up. Booking agent Mike Esterman was also named in the lawsuit, which was filed m Maryland, where Esterman's .company is based. Esterman is being sued for $1 million in damages for not ensuring NeYo's appearance and for allegedly failing to retur[l the fees paid by the plaintiff in the case, Wet Entertainment. NE-YO Esterman told MTV News on Wednesday that the lawsuit is without merit. "I still don't know anything about the details," he said. "All that I know is that this is a frivolous lawsuit. The guy is looking for a free payday. The promoter is looking for a lottery ticket to make some big m .oney off pf a big name.'' According to'tne.; lawsu-it', Kenyohn Entertainment "' Est' erman re'ach.ea: ciri agreement to. book the singer for a fee 6f An,. attorney for Clark states in the suit that Wet also booked travel and lodging arraignc ments .for Ne-Yo,;.in addi" .. tiQnto securing space for an afterparty. The naily reports that 1,500 had been sold for: the event, with prices ra.'ng'ing from $125 to $1 ; 275 : : Clark.is seeking damages to cover his expenses, as well as comp'tmsation for "reputations in the music industry and entertainment community [that] have been damaged:' due to the. incident.


Entertainment Michael Jackson Belongings Up For Auction Memorabilia belonging to Michael Jackson is to be sold at auction. A 1911 edition of "Peter Pan: The Story of Peter and Wendy" is estimated to fetch $50 $100 while a portrait by Norman Oak could realise $4,000 -$6,ooo. Among the items up for sale are Michael Jackson's iconic whitejeweled glove from the Billie Jean video, the grandiose entry gates to the Neverland Ranch itself as well as arcade games and memorabilia from his career. The auction is so extensive that a six-volume book was printed just to detail every lot and the US TV channel the Auction Network will be broadcasting the auction live on national television as well as streaming the auction across the internet. Darren Julien, an LA based auctioneer of celebrity merchandise who is in charge of the sale, expects a media circus to descend on the hotel as well as hundreds of devoted Jackson fans from across the world. In fact, some of the items are being sent on a touring exhibition to Dublin and London in March before the entire lot is displayed in Beverly Hills. The sale also includes bronze statues of frolicking cherubs, replica marble busts of Roman emperors, a huge statue of Prometheus, a Popemobile-style electric buggy fitted with tinted windows and stereo system. Another buggy has the King of Pop's face painted on its bonnet. Jackson has been plagued with financial troubles in the past few years but Mr. Julien said the auction was not a forced sale. "This is something that Michael is doing o f his own free will. He is not being forced into it," Mr. JUlien said. Juelz Santana Denies He's Addicted To svrup JUELZ SANTANA Cam'ron has shocked Juelz Santana. In the new issue of XXL, Cam says he stopped speaking to Juelz because the youngest member of the Diplomats became addicted to sipping syrup a few years ago while on tour with Lil Wayne. Cam told the publication he tried to intervene -even bringing Santana's mom in the mix for help -but Santana wouldn't listen. "Juelz started drinking syrup -Robitussin," Cam said. "He got hooked onto it, addicted to it. You would come to the studio and see a hundred Hawaiian Punch pre-mixed with the stuff in it. We already smoked mad weed; you don't need to be on Robitussin. Cam also compared drinking a little bit of syrup to smoking a little bit of crack. Santana defended himself, saying claims are ridiculous. "For him to say h e stop messing with me because I was drinking syrup -that's like Baby saying he doesn't mess with Wayne because he was drinking syrup," Santana said Thursday in Brooklyn while shooting scenes for The-Dr e am's "Rockin' That Thang" remix video. "He just wante d to say something and that was proba bly the only way he could say something and keep his character up. I was never addicted to syrup. I used to drink it on occasion. I don't know where that. came from [His comments] were a shocker to me, like, 'Damn, you would stoop low like that?' With his stomach situation, he was doing Percocet. It's not for me to say, 'Because he was using Percocet, I stopped speaking to Cam.' You'll. say, 'I do Percocet because of my stomach.' But I've seen you do Percocet when your stomach is not bothering you. So that's besides the point." Michelle Obama -Fashion's Non-Icon. \(_ FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA NEW YORK --First Lady Michelle Obama is widely hailed as a fashion icon, but industry insiders say she's quite the opposite, and that's a good thing. A fashion icon would have an eye-catching signature look and, while the presi-dent's wife has the power t o set trends, h e r appeal is refreshingly not so defined and deliberate, said fashion observers at the semi-annual Fashion Week in New York, where designers are showing their Fall 2009 collections Michelle Obama "is more real than iconic," said David Wolfe, creative director of the Doneger Group, which forecasts trends. "She doesn't have a locked-in fashion look She experiments, which is what fashion is about these days." References to Obama, 45, as an icon of fashion are everywhere. Thin and statuesque, the attorney and mother of two graces the cover of Vogue magazine's March issue. She wins lavish attention from designers editors and stylists. Stores quickly sell out of the clothes she wears DREW-Z'S MOVIE REVIEW Friday The 13th. -The same as before. Fifteen victims to slash and two to survive. You pick who will survive. Blood and guts. No. 1 movie-$42M The Confession Of A Shopaholic -A light-hearted comedy and love story about a young woman who is addicted to shopping. Your daughter w ill love this one. [***I The International -A crime thriller starring Clive Owens. Worth seeing! The Uninvited-A teenage girl thinks the nanny killed her mother to marry the dad. A serious twist at the end. Worth seeing!. I Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans -This movie traces back to the feud between the vampires and werewolves. Good special effects. If you like blood and guts, this one is for you. Paul Blart: Mall Cop -A single dad tries to make ends meet as a security guard at a NJ mall. Pass on this one. [**I Taken-A retired CIA operative's daughter is kidnapped (taken). You can't miss this one. Action-packed. [****] Notorious -A hip-hop movie about the life and times of rapper Biggie Smalls. Marley & Me. -This movie is about a family and an out of control dog. Surprisingly very good. A definite tear-jerker. [****I Gran Torino -Clint Eastwood plays a prejudice Vietnam vet who is forced to change his ways. Pretty good. [***I The Unborn -A young woman cursed by her unborn twin. Had the potential to be scarier, but fell short. ] Yes Man -Jim Carrey stars in this light comedy about a guy who loves to use the word "No." Enjoyed it! [***] The 'urious Case Of Benjamin Button -Brad Pitt (Best Actor) and Taraji Henson (Supporting) should get an Oscar for their roles. Very good movie, different, but a little too long. (2 hrs. 47 min.) [****I Slumdog Millionaire-Worth Seeing! Golden Globe Winner (Best Picture) Valkyrie -Based on a true story, Tom Cruise is a Nazi colonel who launches an attempt on Hitler' s life. Enjoyed it! Bedtime Stories -Adam Sandier is a hotel handyman who realizes that the bedtime stories he tells his sister's kids are corning true. Kids Loved it! [***I Seven Pounds-Will Smith stars in this intense drama about an IRS agent with serious secrets. A definite tear-jerker. The Day The Earth Stood Still-This remake was a dud. Accidentally fell asleep on this one. Disappointed. [**] Four Christmases -Pretty good comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. [***I Cadillac Records -A must-see movie about a record label who introduced Etta James, Little Walter and Chuck Berry to the world. [***I Transporter 3 -Action-packed movie starring Jason Statham. Worth Seeing! [***I Twilight-A gentleman vampire falls in love with the new girl in town. A love story! No. 1 movie at box office -$70.4M. Pretty good r.novie minus the blood and guts. [***I Bolt-An animated starring a dog (John Travolta) who thinks he has superpowers. The obsessed hamster (John Walton) saved this movie. The kids loved it! [***I Quantum Of Solace -Daniel Craig suffered a broken arm and 2 s.tuntmeil died filming this movie. Enough saidT Rollercoaster of action. No. 1 at box office -$70M. [****I Role Model-Above-Average comedy with too much profanity. Not for.kids under 13. 1 RATINGS **** Very Good I *** Good I ** Average 1 -Wait For Video .., :lJ c ., m Ill :lJ c: l> :lJ -< 1\) 0 1\) 0 0 co .., r-0 :a en m z ::::! z m r:m c: r rm ::::! z "tt c: m r-u; :I: m c m < m -f c: m en c :t> z c .., :a c m 1\) .... I m


0) Read All About It 0 C\1 >c: c: Ill w LL. >"' <( c a: LL c a: LL c z < c (J) w ::> I-w > w c w J: (J) :J Ill ::> a.. z i= w ...J ...J ::> m I ...J w z i= z w (J) < c a: 0 ...J LL m I N N w e, Ask Deanna! Is an advice col umn known for its fearless approach to reality-based sub jects! Dear Deanna! I made the mistake and tried to help a friend that got evicted from her apartment. She has three children and I feel as if I'm living in a tornado. These kids have no home training, constantly spill food and are always dirty I'm really losing my mind because you would think they were deaf the way the televi sion is on full blast. The way my home looks and the stress I feel makes me willing to lose the friendship if I kick her out. What do 1 do? Anonymous Jacksonville, FL Dear Anonymous: There may be more to the story of why she got evicted in the first place. If you value your sanity and possessions, help her plan her next move. Be mature and have a discussion without placing the blame on the children and express your desire to reclaim your space. Have a few applications available and some cash to speed the process. This approach should save your friendship and also get the tiny terrors out the door quick, fast and in a hurry Ask Deanna! can be heard every Sunday on KTYM AM 1460 at 3:00pm in Los Angeles, CA. Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email: askdeanna1 @yahoo.com orwrite: Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Website: www.askdeanna.com. Contact: (31 0) 600-9729. HOROSCOPES Linda C. Black Today's Birthday There will be lots of excitement this year, involving creative projects. Emotions are involved and so, most likely, is pride. You'll learn how to have both without quite so much anguish. You'll get used to adapting. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Watch out for breakage, changes in plans and random urgencies. Don't let somebody else's problem give you a heart attack. Tell them you'll be glad to help, if you're treated well. If not, don't. Aries (March 21-April 19) -Postpone big decisions and heartfelt declarations for a whild longer. You're still in the informa tion-gathering phase To know what you can get figure out what other people want. Taurus (April 20-May 20) -If you're running into a lot of resis tance, put that project on hold. Give yourself a couple of days to regain objectivity. You're so close to the problem, you can't see what's going on. Gemini (May 21-June 21) The controversy rages. Listen and maintain objectivity. When you do choose a s ide, have the facts to back up your argument. Know what you're talking about. Cancer (June 22-July 22) Tell the pushy salespeople that you'll get back to them. Read all the fine print in the contracts you're asked to sign Better yet, don't sign a thing until Thursday or Friday. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Act like you know what you're doing, even if you're not entirely sure. Your cool, confident facade does a lot to sway opinions. Keep the people calm and they're more likely to follow along. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) The plan isn't working as well as you'd hoped. You.'re encounter ing resistance. Nobody wants to compromise, leaving you in a difficult spot. This may take a while, so chill. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) -Be careful; tempers are short. Jealousy could also be a factor. It's best not to flirt You don't want to start an argument between two people you love. Don't even try to explain. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) The person who's shouting the loudest isn't necessarily right. The opposite is more likely true from your point of view. Be patient with a person who tends to be a whiner. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Listen to both sides of the debate, presented by people who feel passionately about their point of view. These folks are more interesting than the ones who won't pick a side to defend Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Paying off old debts is about to get more difficult. Yot:J may have to update your skills to get the jobs that pay the best. Start by figuring out what that will be six months from now. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Ignore a person who seems to be trying to get you all riled up. If you don't agree, just leave it at that. Don 'I try to work it out. Postpone the entire discussion until a more favorable time. SO, CANPfCE: # HOW DOE$ fT FEEL TO PREGNANT? ALL MY CHILDREN: While arguing with Zach, Kendall lost control of the car and sent Greenlee's motorcycle crashing into the ravine. When no sign of Greenlee was found other than a bloody piece of her wedding dress, she was assumed to have died. Zach took the blame for the accident, but Kendall was tormented over living a lie. Following her wedding to Reese, Bianca learned from Ryan about Reese's presumed involvement with Zach and handed Reese annulment papers. In retalia tion, Reese told Zach he'll never have contact with Gabby. Sinclair accused Annie of tampering with Greenlee's motorcycle and tried injecting her with poison, but Aidan saved Annie and Sinclair got stuck with the toxin, while Jesse got the proof he needed to exonerate Annie. Coming: David's threats get to Amanda. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Thanks to Josie's testimony on his behalf, Paul got a suspended sentence for kidnapping Eliza. Paul tried giving Meg all of his assets, but she refused anything from him and told him he 'll never hold the baby again. Josie realized there's no place for her in Paul and Dusty's ongoing battle. Lily and Henry helped early outfox Craig by bringing in an investor, who told Craig he wants Carly In charge of the project. Katie concealed her fertility treat ments from Brad, asking the doctor to lie for her. Luke went against Noah's wishes to investigate Reg's murder and found evidence in Elwood's room pointing to someone named M, wondering if it could mean Matt. Coming: Jade doesn't get what she wants. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Faced with Steffy's rejection, Rick took actions to prove that he wants to be a better man, and promised Eric and Brooke that they will be proud of him. However, Ridge didn't buy Rick's vow and intended to keep him and Steffy apart for good. Brooke and Steffy feared that what Ridge might have seen could send him over the edge. Clarke, envious of Brooke's meteoric rise to success, told her the real reason why Jackie hired her. When Jackie revealed her true feelings about Katie, Nick's response was to have the wedding immediately. The minister arrived with two uninvited guests who threatened to halt the nuptials. Bridget's long-sup pressed rage came to the surface. Coming: Ridge is out of control, with consequences DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Daniel intended to tell Kate about Chloe, but when the test results showed Kate in remission and she wanted to start anew with him, he couldn't say anything to her As Daniel met with Chloe the super unknowingly started a gas leak outside his apartment. Daniel left Chloe alone and Lucas, drunk over the loss of Chloe, went to Daniel's apartment just as it exploded! Melanie told Philip she'll abandon her deal with EJ if he gives up Stephanie. After Stephanie broke it off with him, Philip pretended to care about Melanie, and Stephanie was heartbroken to see them kissing. Hope was suspended fol lowing the shooting Philip overheard Brady and Nicole vow to keep their secret about the baby from EJ. Coming: Nicole's ruse is threatened from all sides Sentinel's Top 1 5 Albums 1. lntuitlon ..................... ............................ Foxx 2. A Different Me ........... ......................... Keyshia Cole 3. I Am ... Sasha Fierce ................................... Beyonce 4. 808s & Heartbreak ................................ Kanye West 5. Da REAList. ........................ ; ....................... ; ...... Piies 6. The Point Of It All ...................... Anthony Hamilton 7. Paper Traii .................................................. ; ......... T.I. 8. Fearless ........................................ Jasmine: Sullivan 9. Tha Carter III ............................................. UI Wayne 10. Year Of The Gentleman .......................... ; .... Ne-Yo 11. Theater Of The Mind ............................... .ludacris 12. Freedom :: ................................................ : ...... Akon 13. Notorious ............................................ Soundtrack 14. onmyradio .................................. Musiq 15. Evolver ................... ........... .............. John -Legend WEll THERE'S THE MORNJNS SJCKNESS, MOOO SACK PAfN Wl:HSHT G AIN AND THe OCCASIONAL 6 LO.ATJNG. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason rescued Sam while Johnny got Maxie out safely. After a close call Jason and Sam found Spinelli, who still faces jail time unless Anthony is located. Sam and Lucky ended their relationship without any hard feelings. Kate taunted Claudia with her knowledge of Michael's shooting and threatened to tell Sonny. However, Claudia found another of Jerry's DVDs and told Kate that Sonny might not believe her, especially since Sonny made the choice to stay married to Claudia Rebecca accused Nikolas of stalking her, but he pleaded for her to hear him out. Robin was happy holding Emma but felt uncomfortable when the baby started to cry. Coming: The search for Anthony heats up GUIDING LIGHT: Coop was able to say his goodbyes to Beth, Buzz, Lizzie and Frank before he was pronounced brain-dead, and Buzz turned off the machines that kept his heart pumping. Beth packed her bag and walked out on Alan. Bill insist ed to Frank that Cyrus kidnapped him and told the same to Phillip, asking for his help to protect Lizzie. After Alan denied any involvement in Coop's death, Phillip told his lawyer he's ready to cooperate but wants something in return. As Alan griped about his family always being blamed, Phillip and a police escort arrived at his door Mallet reached out to two more adoption agencies and was turned sown by both Reva prepared for her final chemotherapy session. Coming: Alan's power may be a thing of the past. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: After Antonio and Talia broke up a fight between Todd and Wes, a drunken Marty went back to Wes's room with him, only to wake up next to Wes's bloody corpse To get Todd off the suspect list, Blair had to admit she spent the night at Todd's. Jealous of John's con cern and maybe more for Marty, Bfair called the cops, and Marty was arrested after her fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. Meanwhile, Brody admitted to Jessica that he wasn t in his bed last night, but she assured him that he didn't kill Wes. Dorian admitted to David she married him because he's a Buchanan, but he rose to his destiny and ordered the Buchanans out of the mansion, paying back his family for the way they treated him. Ray escaped from prison and went to see Vanessa Coming: The Buchanans fight back. YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Chloe gave birth to baby Cordelia in the cabin but suffered a health crisis afterward. In the hospital Billy heard Chloe admit to Cane that Cane isn't the baby's father, and stated that he (Billy) is. A furious Cane vowed that no one will take his daughter from him, and signed his name on the birth certificate After Ashley accepted Victor's offer to take Brad's seat on the Newman board of directors, Colleen announced that she will fill that position. With Yolanda's parental rights over Ana terminated, Karen wanted to adopt Ana right away, but Tyra, revealing her feelings for Neil, told him she's going to adopt Ana herself, then made plans to flee. Sharon and Billy got drunk and ended up sleeping together. Coming: Kay's memory flash heats up the debate over her identity Sentinel's Top 1 2 Singles 1. Blame lt.. ................... Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain 2. She Got Her Own .............. Ne-Yo Featuring Jamie Foxx & Fabolous 3. Diva ............................................................ Beyonce 4. Turnin Me On ..... Keri Hilson Featuring Lll Wayne 5. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On lt) ............... Beyonce 6. Rockin' That Thang ................................ The-Dream 7. Heartless ........................................ : ...... Kanye West 8. Just Like Me ................. Jamie Foxx Featuring T. I. 9. Pop Champagne ............ Jim Jones & Ron Browz Featuring Juelz Santana 10. lfULeave ......... Musiq Soulchlld Featuring Mary J. Blige 11. Trading Places .............................................. Usher 12. Live Your Life ..................... T.I. Featuring Rihanna


Polk County News "TI :a c "TI m aJ ]J c: l> ]J lakeland Organization Hosts A National oav 01 service -< 1\) 1\) 0 0 <0 ZORN-SHAW Polk Cou:rity Columnist After receiving the N atjonal call to service from then PresidentElect Barack Obama's transitional team, requesting that the communities of the United States of America honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by hosting a N atiorial Day of Service on his birthday, Team Swan shifted into high gear. Their goal wa'S to make this happen in the City of Lakeland. A program was outlined which included of several commun-ity icons: Mrs. Matt'ie Hudson, Dr. Victor Wright, physician, Captain Ed Lee of The Salvation 'Army, and Reverend Alex Harper, Pastor of First Baptist Institutional Church. On Monday, January 19th, the host-site of this event was St. Mark' s United Methodist Church in Lakeland. Those who attended the event support ed it with an abundance of donations. Mrs. Hudson rendered the occasion Dr. Wright encouraged the young people to fight for their desire to attend the best colleges As he is a physician, by profession, Dr. Wright shared that he believes that any young person who desires to become a physician (or any other professional) he/she should familiar with the benefits of Historically Black Colleges an:d Universities (HBCU) Julill.s and Tracy Poe with their sons enjoying Team Swan' s ,)lay of. Service. Team Swan members Van Williams 0) and Annie Phyalls (r) at Team Swan's National Day of Service. Captain Lee shared that though he was born the year that Dr. King was assassinated, one of his favorite sermons (by Dr. King) is The Drum Major Instinct. Pastor Harper, who has been a resident of Lakeland since 1958, shared personal experiences, as a child, growing up in N elton, Mississippi during-the era of segregation. / He encouraged the audience, which was predominantly African Americans, to take responsibility for our own communities; to teach and help our young men and women to be wiser, more productive citizens, to strive to make a difference within our communities. The Master of Ceremony for this National Day of Reverend Alex Harper at Team Swan's Nationai Day of Service. Thed Bryson, a Team Swan member stands amidst the abundance of donations. Service event was Dr. Evan Chambers, community activist and Radiologist at Watson Clinic. Dr. Chambers served as Captain of Team Swan throughout the 2008 presidential campaign. Team Swan was formed, during the campaign, with the purpose of registering Lakeland citizens to vote and to assure that the historically African-American precincts of Lakeland would get more than 1520% voter turn-out: The movement was very effec. tive "I am happy to say that the efforts of Team Swan, precincts. 204 and 205 had a historic 90% voter turn-out!" stated Denise Chambers, who served as Captain of Voter Registration Host-site Pastor of St. Mark's United Methodist Church. The event was a success. The donations of food, clothing and shoes were distributed to The Salvation Army and WorkForce, two entities that provide a tremendous amount of SUpportive SeFvices to the African __ Am ericans in the Lakeland community. The S'alvation Army received all proceeds of the Diaper Pyramid. The diaper donations provided immediate relief for twelve families who currently reside in its living facility and many other families. "T1 r 0 :a i! Team Swan -is not just en about politics it's about m serving the needs of the people. For further infor-Z mation about Team Swan, m r;-contact Mrs. Chambers at aJ (863) 648-4980. c: r r This young man read an excerptof' I HaveADream.' m ::! z ., c: aJ r Ci) :I: m c m < m :a -< -4 c: m (/) c :r> z c "T1 :!! c C) Mrs. Mattie Hudson stands next to a table of donated school supplies. m 1\) w I aJ


Q) 0 0 N 0 C\1 > a: < :::) a: Ill w u.. >"' <( c a: LL. Youth Plan Trip To Nation's Capitol The Youth Ministry of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Gordonville, Florida is mak ing plans for a summer trip to Washington, DC. The youth and their chaperones will tour our national government offices, the Lincoln Monument, The Wall, The Mall (the location where the 2009 Inauguration of President Barack Obama took place!) and many other historical sites within the Capitol City. Seats are limit ed. For further information call Deacon Mozell Axson (863) 944-4906 or Dr. Kenneth Stephens (863) c 602-0434 a: LL. c z < c en w :::) 1-> a: w > w c w J: en :::::i Ill :::) ll.. z w ...J ...J :::) Ill I ...J w z z w Ch < c a: 0 ...J LL. MARY 'TINA' ROGERS Condolences Extended Shaw-NujTalk extends condolences to Shavonn Borders, Jerrice Lowe, Ebony Lowe, Geraldine Rogers of Winter Haven; Mother Jessie Rogers and Nathan Lofton of takeland, Florida and fami ly, in the loss of their dear loved one, Mary 'Tina' Rogers. Affectionately known as Sister Rogers, she passed away on the evening of her 57tli birthday, (Jan. 30th) she is remembered as a Prayer Warrior and the glue that held her family together. She was employed by Goodwill for 16 years. Sister Rogers was a Founding Member of Living Hope Worship Center where she served as Connections Director. Sister Rogers had a heart for helping and fulfilling the needs of people. And she did it joyfully, never wanting any accolades for good deeds that she had done or items/money that she had donated for various causes She was laid to rest on Saturday, February 7, 2009. Her Homegoing Celebration was held at Victory Temple Church of God by Faith in Lakeland, Elder Neal T. Phillips, Pastor. Happy Birthday! Shaw-Nuf Talk extends belated Happy Birthday wishes to Lakeland Lady Rita Jenkins who celebrat ed her natal day on February 19th. Hope you had a great natal day! May the Lord bless you with many, many more birthdays! Shaw NufShout Outs This week's Shaw-Nuf Shout-out goes out to Tampa Ladies Mrs. Dorothy Small and Mrs. !saline Boston. After more than twenty years, we have been reunited, via telephone! Let's strive to keep our line of communication open and work on scheduling. Heritage Recognition Banquet To Be Held The public is invited to Lakeland's First Annual Inaugural Black Heritage Recognition Banquet on Saturday, Febmary 21, 2009. The chosen theme of the evening is Black Tie. The speaker for this occasion will be Pastor H.B. Holmes, Sr. Pastor of Rhema Family Fellowship. For further information call (813) 650-1632. Talk To Shaw Nuf Shaw-Nuf Talk wants to hear from you. Share your exciting news and/or photos of your celebrations, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, w eddings, family reunion s church or community ev ents, e tc., with the r ea d ership of th e Florida Sentinel Bulletin and Shaw-Nuf Talk by sending a n e -mail to: s havnuftalk@y a hoo c o m or c a lling (863) 513-84 37 Congratulations to the Mu Zeta Lambda Officers of the Alpha Phi Alpha Lakeland/Polk County areas for the 2008-2009 year: President Howard Mathis, Vice President -Thomas Lunsford, Secretary -Desmond Haygood, Corresponding Secretary -Donzell Floyd, Financial Secretary Lynwood Bell, Treasurer -Gow Fields, Sergeant-AtArms -James Pratt, Parliamentarian -Larry Hardaway, Chaplain -Anthony Broadnax, Historian Phiillp Walker, Associate Editor to the SPHINX -Randy Barnes, Membership Intake -AI Kirkland, Jr., Director of Educational Activities -Reginald Hutcherson, and Asst. Director of Educational Activities Albert Cummings. Committee officers are: Executive Committee Chairman Howard Mathis. MOT DirectorReginald Hutcherson, Membership Chairman AI Kirkland, Jr., Social Action -Mark Thomas, and Ex-Officio on all committees -Howard Mathis, President. Entrepreneurial Academy Grads November 12, 2008 the ceremony for the Entrepreneurial Academy grads was held at Mitchell's Coffeehouse, Lakeland. Among the African Americans and significant other business owners were: Sylvia Blackmon-Roberts Blackmon Roberts Group, Inc., Doretha Brooks Small B usiness Development Center, CFDC, Claretha Conner -SunTrust Bank, Carolynne Mather Kids World Enrichment Center, Liz Craven -Pro Ad Media, Mitch Harvey -Mitchell's C offeehouse, Linda Jezard-Advantage Positioning, Terry Ottinger Lakeland Chamber of C ommerce, Larry Ross -Florida Southern College, and Mayor Buddy Fletcher, City of Lakeland. Cone y Funeral Home -Sonji Coney (Fune r a l Dir ector) has bee n with Lakeland Chambe r of Comme r c e for the past five years and recently renewed her membership FAMU Grads Honored Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, recently honored eight graduates for the Distinguished Alumni Award in the following categories: Athletics, Community Service, Education, Government, Health, Military, Religion and Law. In the area of Law, recognition was bestowed upon Theodore N. Taylor. Esq., Plant City by way of Ocala. Theodore graduated with honors: In 1980, he moved to Tampa, but his calling was seeded in Plant City. In 1982, he became the first Black lawyer in Plant City. He is a die-heart supporter of FAMU and has served the Tampa/Polk City Chapter of the National Alumni Association. l Ie is married to Sharon and they have two sons, Aaron and Wesley. On a sad note, recently, Theodore's beloved father, Dr. Theodore Douglas Taylor, and a native of Ocala, residing in Ft. Lauderdale, passed away, Dec. 24, 2008. He was a grad of FAMC with a Bachelor of Science Degree in the field of Biology. His membership in Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was recognized by the International Office of the for 60 years of loyal and dedicated service to the fraternity and the community Funeral services were held Jan. 3 2009, at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Ft. Laudetdale, Dr. Mack King Carter, pas.: tor I officiating. Among the Taylor ties in Lakeland are: Mildred Taylor-Blake, Vonnie Taylor (Agnes) and Rhonda Taylor-Norman. Family Reunion Mrs. Lola King, member of New Bethel AME, Lakeland, and well known in the 'Lively' Lakeland District of the West Coast Conference, 11th District of the A.M.E. Church and an appointee to the Presiding Elder's Appreciation Committee, Rev. F. Bernard Lemon, Presiding Elder, enjoyed a much needed rest with other family members as they traveled to Panama City Beach, FL, for a mini-family reunion held at the Ultra Edgewater Beach Villa Complex with her daughter, Barbara Williams of New Jersey. They are the Jackson, Kirkland and McKinnie descendants. Weekly Hello Hello to the following Sentinel r e ad e rs : Clifford Johnson, Liz Rosier of Palm Terrace, Glenda Charlene Baker, Shirley B. Love, H. B. Holmes, Pastor at Rhema Family Center, George and Gertrude Figgs, Mrs. Gussie Johnson, Dr. Gregory Robinson of Lakeland Police Department/Tampa, Beverly Henderson, Winfred-Bernice Smith, Joyce Powell, Florida Mae Griffin, Florida Hinson, Mrs. Helen Mallard and Thereather White, R.N. Gloria's Things & Other Things Quotes Maturity is a high price to payfor growing up. Tom Stoppard God gave us memory so that we may have roses in December. J aines Barrie LICENSE I REVOKED? For 5 years a s a H a bitua i TraJ.(l c Of!endertH T.O. ) C.A.P.S. May be able to help you get your drim's license reinstated within 2 to 3 months, instead years! For over 10 years C.A.P S has helped people with suspended and revoked driver's licenses gets reinstated so they can drive legally and without fear. C A .P.S. does this by working with you, D .M.V .. and the court system to address prior financial responsibilities, judgments, D.W.L.S. convictions, and other causes for suspension. Call C.A.P.S. 'oday to scbedule for a consultation. 813-250-0227 Payment plans are available for those who qualify. Do Not Drive in Fear! Call Citation Asshtant Program Services today for more Information


"'!,.: ---,._c >' -' '-,'::11- .., --..:::-"':. ,':.;--='".,_' _._.. "'f'S .. ::;::: .. ::f,.._ .. -4, ..... .:1;:_-,; t ...... ..,.., FLORIDA -. c --. .... NA'JAE D. WARREN HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS: Michael and Murrie Warren GRANDPARENTS: Ceola Alexander and Angela Norwood HOBBIES: Reading, Drawing, and Girl Scouts. CHURCH: Revealing Truth Ministries. DESARAI DeCOSTA HONORS: Principal's Honor Roll and Citizenship PARENTS: Darren DeCosta and Wanda DeCosta. GRANDPARENTS: Mrs. Tommy Lee Miller and Mrs. Theresa Powell. GODPARENTS: Mr. Wilmon Walker and Mrs Lillie Mad Walker HOBBIES: Reading, Writing, Cheerleading, and Build-A Bear. CHURCH: Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church. -Education is the most powerful weapon to defeat novertv. Brooks D eBartolo Collegiate High School KASSAVIA C. HAGENS HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS: Tawanna S. West and Eroy Hagens, Jr. GRANDPARENTS: Mr and Mrs West, and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson HOBBIES: Singing and Stepping. CHURCH: Peace P. B Church. BRANDEN V. MCDANIEL HONORS: Principal's Honor Roll and Citizenship. PARENTS: Michael and Bonnie McDaniel. GRANDPARENTS: Willie and Ordell Leggett and Robert and Minnie McDaniel. HOBBIES: Computer, Reading, and Watching Sports on TV. CHURCH: Rivers Of Life Broward Elem. S chool JASHAUN 0. YOUNG HONOR: Citizenship PARENTS: O'Shaun Young and Katie Cotton. GRANDPARENT: Rena M. Young. HOBBIES: Football and Basketball. CHURCH: New Hope M. B. Church. JAMESHA Q. COBB HONORS: Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance PARENTS: James and Toynetta Cobb. GRANDPARENTS: Ella Crawford, Bertha Cobb and Johnnie Crawford, Jr GREAT GRANDMOTHER: Bertha Crawford. HOBBIES: Running Track, Playing The Violin, Acting, Reading, Computer, and Listening To Music CHURCH: Apostolic Church Of Jesus, Fresh Anointing, "Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him." Clark Elem. School JONATHAN C. ASHE HONOR: Honor Roll PARENTS: McArthur and June (Ashe) Watkins GRANDPARENTS: Bettye L. Ashe, and Charles E. Ashe, Sr., deceased. HOBBIES: Basketball, Soccer, and Collecting Cars CHURCH: Mt. Calvary SDA Church. Cleveland Elem. School MICHAEL WARREN, JR. HONOR: Honor Roll. PARENTS: Michael and Murrie Warren. GRANDPARENTS: Ceola Alexander and Angela Norwood HOBBIES: Reading Riding Bicycle, and Cub Scouts. CHURCH: Revealing Truth Ministries. KWISHIAZ. HARDAWAY HONOR: Principal's Honor Roll. PARENTS: Zabrien Hardaway and Tameka Brown GRANDPARENTS: Brenda Hardaway and Calvin Hardaway; and Reginald and Rose Brown. GREAT GRANDPARENT: Beatrice Keaton. HOBBIES: Art _Projects, Dancing, Leisure Activities, National Junior Honor Society; AVID Program, and Praise Dancers. CHURCH: Tyer Temple United Methodist Church. BOBBY MARTINEZ HONORS: Princ i pal's Honor Roll. PARENTS: Bobby and Annette Martinez. HOBBIES: Fishing and Bowling. CHURCH: Sacrament. Blessed "Education's pose is to repla


0) g Honor Roll N 0 Dunbar Magnet Elem. School ::) a: m w u.. < c a: u.. MARGARET JACKSON HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS: Albert Jackson and Cheryl Brown. GRANDPARENTS: Robert and Margaret Fisher. HOBBIES: Computers, Board Games, Computer Games, Traveling, Swimming, Reading, and Talking on the Phone. 0 CHURCH: Tyer Temple i:2 United Methodist Church. LL 0 z < 0 t/) w ::) 1-> a: w > w 0 w :I: t/) :::; m ::) a. z i= w ..J ..J ::) m ..J w z i= z w t/) < 0 a: 0 ..J LL JALISSA WALKER HONORS: Perfect Attendance and Citizenship. PARENTS: Mr. and Mrs Richard (Yomika) McCalpine GRANDPARENTS: Myrtle Walker and Raymond Johnson. HOBBIES: Reading, Cheerleading, and Watching Nick Jr. CHURCH: Mount Olive AME Church. NICHOLAS WALKER HONORS: High Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and Citizenship. PARENTS: Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Yomika) McCalpine. 9 GRANDPARENTS: Myrtle N Walker and, Raymond w C!J Johnson. HOBBIES: Reading, Writing, Football, and Watching Wrestling. CHURCH: Mount Olive AME Church. Edison Elem. School PARIS OSAZE HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS: Dora GrantOsaze and Martin Osaze, Sr. GRANDPARENTS: Thomar and Barbara Dixon; and Peter Osaze. HOBBIES: Reading, Shopping, and Using the Computer. Ferrell Middle School LEROY D. HARRIS, Ill HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENT: Tonya D. Harris and sister, Reva. GRANDPARENTS: Mr. and Mrs Leroy and Sherry Harris HOBBIES: Girls, Football, Baseball, Shopping, and Looking Good. CHURCH: New Progress M B. Church. "An educationw. isn't how much have committed to I memory, or evenl how much know. It's able to between what you do know and what you don't." Anatole France (1844-1924) RE'JEANAE K. YOUNG HONORS: High Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance PARENTS: O'Shaun J. Young, Sr and Lala. GRANDPARENT: Rena M Young. HOBBIES: Singing, Writing, and Reading. CHURCH: New Hope M. B. Church. Hillsborough High School DEVONTA ROBINSON HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENT: Nettie Miller HOBBIES: 1st Lt. AJROTC, Men of Vision member, and Alpha Company Commander. James Elem. School MALEK FREEMAN HONORS: Principal's Honor Roll and Citizenship. PARENTS: Latoya Tolliver and Homer Freeman GRANDPARENTS: Myra and David Williams, Sherry Brown, and Homer Freeman. HOBBIES: Baseball, Football, and Reading CHURCH: Life Changing Bible Church. Jennings Elem. School ANTONIO D. McCULLOUGH HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS: Antoni o D. McCullough and S. Lindsey GRANDPARENTS: Ralph and Janice McCullough and Lee and Sylvia Lindsey. HOBBIES: Reading, Football, and Baseball. CHURCH: House of Praise COG I C. LA'BRICIA SCREEN HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS: Yolanda Larry and Melvin Screen GRANDPARENTS: Ceola and Fred Nune?. and Margret and Calvin Screen, and the late Clarence Larry. HOBBIES: Singing, Talking on the Cell, and Shopping. CHURCH: First Missionary Baptist Church of Seffner. Kenly Elem. School MY'KEDA HICKS HONOR: Principal's Honor Roll. PARENTS: Tequila Cherry and Michael Hicks. GRANDPARENTS: Deloris Cherry, Ruth Bryant, and Loretta Hicks. HOBBIES: Singing and Dancing. CHURCH: New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. ALEXIS WHEATLEY HONORS: Principal's Honor Roll, Citizenship, Perfect Attendance, and Student of the Month. PARENTS: Miranda and Anthony Wheatley GRANDPARENTS: Margaret Butler (Tampa), Jackie Bowman and Sandra McCaskill, (Pittsburgh, PA). HOBBIES: Singing, Cheerleader, Dance (Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop). CHURCH: First Union MB Church. Kimbell Elem. School DESTINEE COOPER HONORS: Honor Roll, Citizenship, and Perfect Attendance. PARENTS: Bud and Trellis Cooper. GRANOPARENTS: Marie Hayes and Jennie Newsome HOBBIES: Roller Skating and Dance Classes. CHURCH: New Mt. Zion M B. Church. in America, if it's In


. ., Honor Roll URIEL A. D IX HONORS: Honor Roll, Citizenship, and Perfect Attendance. PARENTS: Matthew and Regina Dix. GRANDPARENTS: Lessie Hooks and Velma Bailey. H .OBBIES: Baseball, Reading, and Video Games. CHURCH: Little Rocl< COGBF Kingswo od Elem. Schoo l LANYA JANAE WRIGHT HONORS: Honor Roll, Citizenship, and Perfect Attendance. PARENTS: Emily and Charles Wright. GRANDPARENTS: Veda Parker and Charles Wright. HOBBIES: Reading and Soccer. CHURCH: Hope of Shiloh Community Mann Middle School KAHLIL BUTLER HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS:. Carl and Denise Wilburn. GRANDPARENTS: Robert and Beverly Malone, of VA, and Freddie and Addie Wilburn, of Tampa HOBBIES: Playing Football and Gaming CHURCH: St. John Progressive M B Church COREY FREEMAN H O N O R : High Honor Roll. PA RENTS: Carl and Denise Wilburn GR A NDP ARENTS: Robert and Beverly Malone, of VA, and Freddie and Addie Wilburn, of Tampa. HOBBIES: Skating and Playing Football. CHURCH: St. John Progressive M B Church M emorial Middl e Sc hool JA'NAYE ALLEN HONOR: High Honor Roll PARENT: Rosetta Clarke GRANDPARENTS: Mary Johnson, Glady Allen and Winston Clarke. HOBBIES: Bowling, Skating and Reading. CHURCH: N B. Y USA P. CLIATT HONOR: Principal's Honor Roll. PARENTS: Ruben, Jennifer Cliatt. GRANDPARENT: Jackie Grigley. HOBBIES: Listening to Music, Playing Rock Band, and Stepping. CHURCH: New Deliverance expenence. Middleton High School J O SHALA "JUI CY PETERSON H O NOR: Principal's Honor Roll. PARENTS: Michelle Peterson and Joshua Peterson, Jr GRANDPAR ENTS : I rene Harris Eddie Harris, Lenora Taylor, and Joshua Peterson, Sr. HOBBIES: National Honor Society, CECF, TWBA, Youth Leadership, and Educational Talent Search. Mintz Elem School ANTONIO VEREEN HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS: Tony and Erica Vereen GRANDPARENTS: Randy and Betty Bryant. HOBBIES: Football, Reading and Playing X-Box 360 Live. CHURCH: Life In Christ Community Church Ramp ello Magne t School JOHNATHAN DORSEY HONORS: High Honor Roll and Citizenship PARENTS: Robert and Fern Dorsey Jr GRANDPARENTS: Iva Minor, Lillie Minor, and Robert and Helen Dorsey, Sr. HOBBIES: Reading and Computers CHURCH: 3 4 th S treet Church of God AMBRIELLE JOHN S ON H O NORS: High Honor Roll and Cit izenship. PAR E NT S: Chad and Ronika Bagley, and Adam Johnson GR ANDPARENTS: Ricky and Brenda Wade, Louis and Gail Bagley, and Cynthia Johnson. HOBBIES: Reading Writing; Computer Games, and Play ing. C HURCH: Triumphant Church Fellowship Robl es Ele m School QUANTANEISHA GRAHAM HONOR: Citizenship. PARENTS: Angela Haynes and Clifton Graham, Jr GRANDPARENTS: Linda Lawson and Lydia and Clifton Graham HOBBIES: Singing, Praying, and Dancing. CHURCH: Ministry of Spirit and Truth. "The strength United States the gold at or eapons of mas destruction that have, but the sum total of the education and the chiuacter of our people." KENNIYA R N O RMAN H O NORS: Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and Citizenship. PARE NTS: Denise and Kenneth GRANDPARENTS: Lizzie Jones and the late Bessie Norman. H OB B IES: Playing with her brother and Reading. ROdgers Middl e School :II 0 )> "T1 m OJ :::0 c: )> :::0 < N N c c U) ., r-0 ::%1 c )> en m z :::! z m r-1 OJ c: r rm :::! z "'tt c: OJ RANTEVIA SINGLETON r-cn HONOR: Honor Roll. PARENT: Fundrida Lamb. % m c GRANDPARENT: ErmZ Anderson. HOBBIES: Dancing and Cheering. CHURCH: Highland Avenue Church of Christ. Roland Park K-9 Sch ool JANAYE L. ARMSTRONG HONOR: Honor Roll PARENTS : Eric and Talibah Armstrong m :::0 < -1 c: m en c )> z c ., :::0 c GRANDPARENTS: Carse! and Ann Ruth Armstrong, and Dollie Mae Johnson-Taylor HOBBIES: Talking on Phone, Video Games, and Soccer. CHURCH: First Baptist of College Hill. w I 0


g Honor Roll N 0 N > 0: < 0: m w LL >=' < c if LL c if LL c z < c tJ'J w ..... w > w c w :::1: en :l m Q. z -1 -1 m ..!. w z j:: z w en < c 0: 0 -1 LL 0 Saint Peter Claver Catholic School ANTHONY ROBINSON, JR. HONOR: Honor Roll. PARENTS: Anthony Robinson, and Ritisha Lawson GRANDPARENTS: Annie Turner, Wallace McDonald, and Tony and Sandra Valdez. HOBBIES: Basketball, and Video Games CHURCH: Mount Olive M B Church Seffner Elem. School TIONEE LEWIS HONORS: Principal's Honor Roll and Citizenship. PARENTS: Carl and Denise Wilburn GRANDPARENTS: Robert and Beverly Malone, of VA, and Freddie and Addie Wilburn, of Tampa. HOBBIES: Reading, Writing and Singing CHURCH: St. John Progressive M. B Church Sheehy Eleni. School RAEJEAN UNDERWOOD HONOR: Principal s Honor Roll. PARENTS: Ava Atkins and Reynold Underwood GRANDPARENTS: Irene Scarborough and Gloria Underwood HOBBIES: Gymnastics and Reading. CHURCH: Allen Temple AME Church. Phillip Shore Magnet School Of The Arts CEDRICA JACKSON HONORS: High Honor Roll and Cit i zenship PARENT: Cedric Jackson. GRANDPARENTS: Joseph and Renita Williams, and Robert Troupe, Jr HOBBIES: Reading, Writing, Computer, and Bowling. CHURCH: Bible Study at Home; Visits. Spoto High School KIERSTIN WHITEHURST HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENT: Acquanita Whitehurst. GRANDPARENT: Elder Hosea Whitehurst. HOBBIES: Reading. CHURCH: Triumph Church. Sulphur Springs Elem. School DEHREON PRESSLEY HONORS: Honor Roll and Citizenship. PARENTS: Maria and Donahue. GRANDPARENTS: Marie and Alitha. HOBBIES: Baseball. CHURCH: Z i on Temple Holiness Church USF Partnership Elem. School CHANCE C. BESS HONORS: High Honor Roll, Citizenship, and Student of the Month. PARENT: Ve'Etta Bess GRANDPARENTS: Clarence and Vivian Bess, and Edward and Francis Jennings. HOBBIES: Math, Science, Football, and Youth Group. Highland Avenue Church of Christ. Van Buren Middle School RATAVIOUS BARTLEY HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENT : Vatenson Denise Riley. GRANDPARENT: Adia Floyd. HOBBIES: Football, Basketball, and Men o f Vision Brotherhood Service Organization CHURCH: .Temple Crest Baptist Church DE' ANDRE J. BROWN HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENTS: Clarence Barber and Brenadette Brown GRANDPARENTS: Alfonso and Audrey Jones. HOBBIES: Basketball. CHURCH: New Harmony M. B. Church. WILDEN CAJUSTE HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENT: Valine Cajuste Font. HOBBIES: Men of Vision and Singing CHURCH: United Method Baptist Church. NICKERSON CEROME HONOR: High Honor Roll. PARENT: Saintilus Gerome HOBBIES: Men of Vision member and Football. "Only the educated are free." Epictetus Css AD 135 AD), Discourses Bookerl. Washington Elem. School PRINCE LITTLE, JR. HONORS: Honor Roll and Citizenship. PARENT: Katrena Mitchell. GRANDPARENTS: Mr and Mrs. Howard and Cookie FAMILY: Black Boy, Kayla, Stank, Roach, and Tay. HOBBIES: Football, Reading, Swimming, and Helping Others. Williams 1.8. Middle School AYLA ANDREWS HONOR: Honor Roll. PARENTS: Mr. and Mrs. C. Blythe (Sylvia) Andrews, Ill. GRANDPARENTS: Mr. and Mrs. C. Blythe (Gloria) Andrews, Jr., Mr and Mrs Peterkin (Jeanette) Berry HOBBIES: Karate and Computer Games. CHURCH: Beulah Baptist Institutional Church. Voung Middle Magnet School JE'RAE A. McDANIEL HONORS: High Honor Roll and Citizenship. PARENTS: Michael and Bonnie McDaniel. GRANDPARENTS: Ordell and Willie Leggett and Robert and Minnie McDaniel. HOBBIES: Reading, Computer, and Playing with dog, Solomon. CHURCH: Rivers of Life.


c ssifieds NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that WACHOVIA BANK NA CUSTITTEE FOR COLUMBUS TAX SERVICES LLC .1449 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 027705.0000 CertifiCSie No.: 81443-04 File No. : 2009-225 Veer of Issuance: 2004 Description of Property: SOUTHERN COMFORT HOMES UNIT NO 1 LOT 22 BLOCK 15 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 35/09 SEC.TWP-RGE: 31-28-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which aaaessed: LEO CABRERA EST OF Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certifiCate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twtggs Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ex1. 4809 to verify sale loCation). Dated thls..2Znll day of Ftbruarv. 2009. Signature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Clark PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with. a disability who needs any accommodation. In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain asslstence. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvc!., Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-81 oo; extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Ia needed; If you ire hearing or volce. lmpalred, .call 711. NOTICE OF APPUCA TION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ROBERT CLA YTON jJ2213fhe holder Of the following certlfh;ate has flied said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certtric:ate number and y-of t .. uance: the deacrlptlon of the property, and the namea ln which It was assessed .. asfollows : Folio No.: oM117.M22 Cerlllcate No.: 117406-01 File No.: 2001-230 Ya. qf Issuance : 2001 Description of Property: SUNDANCE UNIT 5 LOT 24-B BLOCK C PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 46139 SEC.TWP-RGE : 32-32-19 SUBJECT-TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed: ESOAINC. Said property tieing In the County of Hillsborough, Slate of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury AuditOrium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twlgga Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10: 00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809to verify sale location) / Dated this 22m! day of Februarv 2009. Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Clerk PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida 'If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no. cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Bivd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100, axtenalon 4205, two working days prior to the date the servlc. e Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that MIDGE MACHADO .S4 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property, and the names in which was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 032563 0000 Certificate No. : 83723-03 File No.: 2009-226 Year of Issuance: 2003 Description of Property: SUN CITY LOT 23 BLOCK 27 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 17/21 SEC. TWP RGE : 24-32-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : NORMAN c : MENDES JR. Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, Slate of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certlllcate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009 at 10:00 A M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809to verify sale location). Dated this 22m! day of Februarv 2009 Slgnatura by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Clerk PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. P l ease contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ROBERT CLAYTON the holcier of the following certificate has flied said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the descrlptkin of the property, and the names In which was assessed -as fOllows: Folio No.: 062197.0000 Certlftcale No. : 117872-01 File No.: 2009-231 Year of Issuance: 2006 Description of Property: S 116.36 FT OF N 392 .91 FT OF W 100FT OF E 625 FT OFNE %-. SEC-TWP-RGE: 28-28-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : MAR'( OUTLAW CAMPBELL LIFE EST. EUNICE SAILS VALERIE SMITH Said property being II) the Coun)y of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certlflc8te shan be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of Aprl1 2009, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 278-8100 ext 4609to sale location) Dated this 2Znll day of Ftbruarv, 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Clerk PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you ai-e a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy :Btvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing 'or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that MIDGE MACHADO .S4 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property, and the names in which was assessed are as follows: Folio No : 032868.0010 SEE FOLIO 32666.0020 CertifiCSie No. : 63773-03 File No.: 2009-227 Year of Issuance : 2003 Description of Property: SUN CITY LOT 18 BLK 69 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 17/21 SEC.TWP-RGE: 24-32-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES : Name(s) In which assessed : REBECCA C ROSS ROBERT H VISSA Said property being In the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certifiCSie shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4609 to verify sale location) Dated this 2Znll day of Ftbruarv 2009. Slgnatura by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Clerk PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you ara entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clitrk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that HEARTWOOD 13 LLC 15015 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certifi cate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance : the description of the property, and the names In which was assessed are asfoltowa: Folio No.: 134388.0101 Certificate No.: 123793-01 File No.: 2009-234HX Year of Issuance : 2001 Oeac 'rtptlon of Property: ELBERON PLACE A CONDOMINIUM PHASE 1 PHASE 1 UNIT C SEC-TWP-RGE : 10-30-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : FRANK RICHARD PEREZ Said property be i ng In the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the 2nd day of Aprtl, 2009 at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this 2Znll day of februarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Clerk PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In thts proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 6 .01 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or volctlmpalred, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that LOUISE W CROSLEY #1701 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property, and the names in which was assessed are as follows : Folio No : 047121.8000 Certificate No,: 5438-01 File No.: 2009 229 Veer of Issuance : 2001 Description of Property: W 108 55 FT OF E 700 FT' OF S 83FT OF N 190FT. OF NW%0F SW% SEC-TWP-RGE: 34-21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which aSsessed : JAMES J. PICHOWSKI SR TR JANET P. FALLEN TREST OF Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, Slate of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4609 to verify sale location). Dated this 2Znll day of Februarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Clerk PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you ant a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you ant entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you ara hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that FIVE SQUARE MANAGEMENT INC. AG FR EQUIFUNDING INC. ft053 the 'holder of the following certificate has flied said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon. The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property and the names ln which assessed are as followa : Folio No.: 14MH.OOOO Certificate No.: 121736-01 File No.: 2009-235 Year of lnuance: 2001 Description of Property: OAK TERRACE REVISED PLAT OF LOTS 59 AND 60 AND E % CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON PLAT BOdKIPAGE : 1 '0136 SEC-TWP-RGE: 19-28-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : GEORGE EDWARD SATTERFIELD GEORGE RAY HALEY RANDY L HALEY GILBERT RAY HALEY BRYANT SCOTT HALEY Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed accord i ng to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to. the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, .FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10 :00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4609to verify sale location) Dated lhls 22nd day of February, 2009 Slgnatura by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Clerk PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida lf'you are a person with a disability who needs any .accommodation In order to participate In this proceed!'ng, you are entitled, at no cost to to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice lmpalrad, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ROBERT CLAYTON the holder of the following certificate has 'filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property, and the names In which was assessed are as follows: Folio No. : 033580.0000 CertifiCate No.: 115055-01 File No. : 2009-228 Year of Issuance: 2001 Description of Property: COM AT NE COR OF SEC THN N 89 OEG 59 MIN 51 SEC W 100FT TOW RIWLINE OF BRUCE B DO'MIIS BLVD THN S 00 OEG 39 MIN 57 SEC E ALG RIW1248.44FTN57QEG41 ""IN34 SEC E 147 .93 FT N 68 OEG 15 MIN 10 SEC E 185.05 FT TO POB S 60 OEG 03 MIN 44 SEC W66.70 FT S 33 OEG 41 MIN 27 SEC E 31.33 FT S 41 OEG 55 MIN 17 SEC E 90FT S 48 OEG 14 MIN 22SECW150FTS41 OEG59MIN28 SEC W 150FT S 28 OEG 28 MIN 56 SEC E 250FT S.78 OEG 08 MIN 02 SEC E FT N 77 OEG 28 MIN 32 SEC E 225 79 FT S 00 DEG 39 MI N 57 SEC E 945 10 FT N 89 OEG 59 MIN 51 SEC W 1234.24 FT S 40 OEG 04 MIN 47 SEC W 1724 69 FT N 89 OEG 59 MIN 42 SEC W 85 08 FT N 33 OEG 30 MIN 40 SEC E 2322.94 FT N 17 DEG 09 MIN 53 SEC W 913 23FT AND S 89 DEG 59 MIN 14 SEC E 1099 08 FTTO POB LESS COM AT NE COR OF SEC 12 RUNS 89 OEG 59 MIN 51 SEC W 100FT S 00 DEG 39 MIN 54 SEC E 1639.76 FT TO POB S 00 OEG 39 MIN 54 SEC E 1026.37 FT S 89 OEG 59 MIN 50 SEC W210 FT N 00 DEG 39 MIN 54 SEC W 987.75 FT S 78 OEG 08 MIN 01 SEC E 50.21 FT AND N 77 OEG 28 MIN 35 SEC E 79 FT TO POB SEC-TWP-RGE : 12-27-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) assessed : TROUT CREEK PARTNERSHIP L TO. Said property being in the County of Hillsborou gh State of Flo!jda Unless such certificate shall be red118(11ed according to law the property described In such certifiCSie shalt' be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 EDt TwtoDs Street, Tai!IP.. FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April,. 2001, at 10:00 A..M. (NOTICE : Please c8R (813) 278,.8100 txt. 4809 to _verify sale locatiOn). Dated this Unl( day of flllr'rv 2001. Slgnatura by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Cltlrtl PAT FRANK Clerk of ClrcuH Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you ara a ,person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to partlclpata In this proceeding, you ara entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain aaalstanc:e. Please contact the Clerk'a ADA Coordinator, 101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 2711;8100, extension. 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you ara hearing or voice Impaired, call711. 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c ii: u.. c z c( c en W :l .... w > w c w ::J: en :::J m :l D.. z i= w ..J ..J :l m ..J w z i= z w en C ii: 0 ii NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that HEARTWOOD 4 LLC #5022 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued The certificate numbe r and Y ear of Is s uance : the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 165219 0000 Certiftcate No.: 126211..06 File No.: 2009-236 Year of Issuance : 2006 Description of Property : RIVERCREST S 10 1 FT OF LOT 280 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 10/10 SEC-TVVP-RGE: 0129-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) I n which assessed : ROSA A GUTIERREZ Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certiflcate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 Eut Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009 at 10:00 A M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale locatlon). Dilled l!lls Unl( day of Flbruarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Cler11 PAT FRANK Cler11 of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to th!' provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coord.lnator, 801 E : Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension' two working days prior to the date' the service Is needed; l{.you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. :' NOTICE OF APP.UCA i'ION FOR TAX DEEp NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that LOUISE W CROSLEY 11701 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance : the description of the property and the names I n which H Willi assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 188980.0000 CertifiCIIte No : 20584-01 File No. : 2009 243 Year of Issuance : 20o1 DHcrlptlon of Property : BAKER S ADDITION E 11.. OF LOT 6 BLOCK 1 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 01104 SEG-TWP-RGE : 1 7-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL Q!JTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed ; Said property be ing In the County of HU!sborough, State of Florida Unless such shaH 'be redeemed acc:c*.llng to law !he proJjerty described in such Certlflcalli shaft be sold to the highest bidder at the _Jury Audltorturn, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, at 10:00 A M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 sale location). !Jated thli Unl( day of Eebruarv 2QQ9. Slgriat u re by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Cler11 PAT FRANK Cler11 of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County Florida If you are a person with I d isability who needs any accommodation In order to this proceeding, you are entitled, at no. to you, to the provision bf certill n uslstance: Pleiise contact 'the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two wor111ng d ays prior to the dOl the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PPTS DG CORP #6752 the holder of the follo wing certificate has filed sai d cert i ficate for a tax d eed to be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance: the descr iption of the property and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 171426.0000 Certificate No.: 126551..06 File No. : 2009-237 Year of Issuance : 2006 Descript i on of Property: APPEL S SUBDIVISION LOTS 1 AND 2 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 22/37 SEC-TVVP-RGE: 06-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : WISSAM AL KHOURI Sa i d property be i ng i n the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed 11ccording to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the highest b i dder at the "'ury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2009 at 10:00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Oat!'(! this Z2rul day of Elbruarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Cler11 PAT FRANK Cler11 of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Plene contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that SAUTERNES V LLC #2289 the holder of the following certificate has filed sa i d certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance : the description of the property, and the names In which n was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 189709 0000 Certificate No : 128051-08 File No.: 2'009-244 Year of Issuance : 2008 oar:rlptlon of Property: CAIRO SUBDIVISION LOT 3 LESS S CROSSTOWN X WAY BLOCK 3 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 03/40 SEG-TVVP-RGE: 18-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : BEHRENDT INDUSTRIES INC Said property being In the County of HillsboroUgh, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certlfical8 shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Audi!Ortum, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 Eut Twiggs Street, Tampa ; FL 33802 on the 2nd dey of April, 2009, at 10:00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this Und day of Eebruarv 2009 SignatUre by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Clar11 PAT FRANK Clar11 of Circuit Court of Hillsborough CountY, Florida If you are a person with a dlsal:!lllty who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost : to you, -to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed ; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. TAX DEED NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that SAUTERNES V LLC #2289 the holder of the fo llowing certificate has filed said certificate for a ta x deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and Y e ar of Iss u ance : the description of the property and the names i n which it was assessed are as. follows : Folio No. : 175551 0000 Certificate No : 126988..06 File No. : 2009-239 Year of Issuance : 2006 Description of Property : EAST BAY ADDITION LOT 3 AND E 32. 5 FT OF LOT 4 BLOCK 11 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 04/108 SEC-TVVP-RGE: 1729-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : ANGELA DUNCAN WAYNE DUNCAN Said property being in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certiflcate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated thi s Unl( day of Februarv, 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS DeputyCier11 PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you ani entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain uslstance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two wor111ng days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that PPTS KA CORP #8928 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the descript i on of the proparty and the names In which n was assessed are as follows : Folio No. : 198121 0000 CertifiCate No : 128303..06 File No : 2009-245 Year of Issuance : 2006 Description of Property : CUSCADEN A W LOT 1 LESS N 5FTFOR RD & E 5 FTOF LOT 2 LESS N 5 FT FOR RD PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 05113 SEC-TWP-RGE : 18 19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : ANITA NIEVES-DIAZ Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State of E lorida. Untess such certlficate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certiflcate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Ju..Y Auditorium, 2nd F l oor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 Eaat Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this Unl( day of Eebruarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Cler11 PAT FRANK Clar11 of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a pe..,on with a disability who needs. any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are l!ntltled, at no cost to you, to the provlslim of certain assistance P l ease contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that PPTS ER CORP #6789 the holder of the following has filed said cert ifi cate for a ta x deed to be issued thereon. The number and Year of Issuan c e: the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No. : 181227.0000 Certificate No : 127410..06 File No. : 2009-240 Year of Issuance: 2006 Description of Property : BENJAMIN S 5th ADDITION E 11.. OF LOT 14 AND LOT 15 BLOCK 3 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 02176 SEG-TVVPRGE : 23-29-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : RICHARD K. EDGEWORTH Said property be i ng in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certlficate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certifiCIIte shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10 :00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this Unl( day of Februarv 2009. Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Cler11 PAT FRANK Cler11 of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clark' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are heartng or voice Impaired call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PPTS IB CORP #88n the holder of the following certifica t e has filed said certiftcate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property, and the names in which H was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 199549 1038 Certificate No.: 128378..08 File No : 2009-246HX Year of Issuance : 2008 Description o f Property : RAINTREEE VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM NO 12 BLDG 6 UNIT 11808-D PLAT BOOK/PAGE : CB10/51 SEG-TVVP-RGE: 10-28-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : MARIA T. THOMAS Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State o f Florida .: Unless such certificate shall be redeemed acccirding to law the property described In such certificate shell be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2009 at 10:00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale l ocation) Dated thi s Unl( day of Eebruarv, 2009 .. Signature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Cler11 PAT FRANK Cler11 of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two working days p rior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. fOR_ YOUR CONVENIENCE THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that SAUTERNES V LLC #2289 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed t o be I ssued t hereon The certificate number and Y ear of Issuance:, the description o f the property and the name s in which it was a ssessed are as follows: Folio No.: 188893 0000 Certificate No.: 128008..06 File No.: 2009 242 Year of Issuance : 2006 Description of Property: SANDER S AND CLAY'S ADDITION LOT 9 BLOCK 13 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 01/32 SEC-TWP -RGE: 17-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : RONALD ZINCK TRUSTEE C/0 SHARP LAND TRUST Sa i d property being In the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shaH be redeemed according to law the property described in such certifiCIIte shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, Fl 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809to verify sale location) Dated this Unl( day of Elbruary 2001 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Cler1! PAT FRANK Cler1! of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired call 711. NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATORY POLICY AS TO STUDENTS The Paideia School of Tampa Bay, Inc admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic ongtn in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies ; scholarship and loan programs, and athletic other school administered programs. -Immediate Openings For Cleaning : And Floor Tec hnicians In Downtown Buildings Must Have Clean Crkninai Background Call (813) 267-5343 Between 6 A.M. & 8 A.M. ONLYII You Will Received An Immediate Response Only If You Call Between The Stated Hours


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) DOCUMENT NUMBER: P-009-09 UNIFORM SECURITY GUARD SERVICES The Tampa Port Authority (TPA) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to provide Uniformed Security Guard Services MANDATORY pre-proposal meeting and tour: 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, February 25, 2009 All firms interested in becoming qualified to participate in this RFP shall obtain a copy of the RFP Instructions and Submittal Documents and submit a completed response to the Tampa Port Authority, 1101 Channelside Drive, 4th Floor, Tampa, Florida 33602. Submittals are due by 2:00 p.m. Thursday, March 5, 2009. Responses will be opened at 2 : 00 pm on the same date. RFP Submittals shall include a letter indicating the Firm's interest and completion of the RFP Documents, including a Consultant's Questionnaire. Firms failing to submit the required RFP Documents may be deemed non-responsive to the RFP. The RFP is available through the DemandStar System (www.demandstar.com) or through a link on the TPA web site (www tampaport.com) TPA encourages the use of registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent possible on projects, and has a goal of nine percent (9%) SBE participation TPA will consider SB E participation when evaluating the submittals Questions concerning this RFP should be directed Donna Casey of the TPA's Procurement Department, at (813) 905-5044, or e-mail at dcasey@tampaport.com, or faxed to (813) 905-5050. REQUEST FOR PROpOSALS (RFP) SEAPORT & TENANT BilLING; AND RELiTED REPORTING SYSTEM The Tampa P qrt Auth9rity (TPA) is soiiciting proposals from firms/individuals Lnte.r.e!)ted in providing and implementing a Reservations, Vessel & Tenant Billing, and Related Reporting software solution. All firms interested in becoming qualified to participate in this RFP shall obtain a copy onhe RFP InstructiOns and Documents and submit a eompleted to the PortAuthority, 1101 ChannelsideDrive, 4th Floor, Tampa, Florida 33602. Submittals are due Tuesday, April 7, 2009 : at 2:00pm. Responses will be opened at 2:00pm on the ; same date. RFP Submittals shall include a letter indicating the Firm's interest ahd completioo of the RFP Documents, including a Questionnaire. Firms failing to submit the required RFP Documents may be deemed non-responsive to the RPP The RFP is available from the TPA's web site and the DemandStar System. TPA encourages the use of registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent possible on TPA projects, and has a goal of nine percent (9%) SBE participation. TPA will consider SBE participation when evaluating the proposals Questions concerning this RFP should be directed Donna Casey of the TPA's Procurement Department, at (813) 905-5044, or e-mail at dpasey@tampaport.com or faxed to (813) 905-5.050. PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Edition ... ... .... .. ... .. Friday @ 3:00 P.M Friday Edition .......... .... ...... Tuesday @ 3:00 P.M. ADVJ:RTISEMENT RATE $8.00 -1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRIC E IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD Avon Representatives Needed All Areas! Call 813-832-4282 Or E-mail AVONLADYGEORGIA@YAHOO.COM Make Up To $2,000.00 Weekly Sales People Start Today Free Training Work From Home Leadership Opportunities Available Resumes lroyster@tampabay.rr.com 813.649.8275 NEW WAGE SCALE CNA'S Starting Pay 7-3 $10.00$11.00 3-11 $11.00-$12.00 Great Benefits, 401 k Pleasant, Courteous Work Environment LTC Experience Required Apply In Person Health Care Center Of Tampa 1818 E. Fletcher Private Pre-School & Kindergarten In The West Tampa/North Hyde Park Area Seeks Part-Time Teacher/Director. Must Have Director's Credential. Call 251-3592 For More Information HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ANIMAL CARE ASSISTANT $19,905 ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER $26,457 SENIOR ANIMAL CARE ASSISTANT $24,876 SENIOR GROUNDSKEEPER (LIMITED DURATION) SYSTEMS ANALYST (SOL DATABASE) $19,905 $53,435 See our web site at http://vvww.hccsb org or visit our office at: 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor, Tampa, FL. Preference in apt. will be given to eligible vets & ; eligible spouses of vets. AAIEEO Employer 11te University of South Aorida is one of !he nation's lcading public research instiMions and the ninlh largest univetSity in the U.S., with rour campuses throughout the Greater Tampa Say region We offer aconljletitivc benefits package that includes medical, dental and life insurance plans, retirement plan options tuition program, generous leave programs, career advancement and more! ASSISTANT DIRECTOR #16305-WUSF Public Develop new business in Integration, engineering and Technology, and strengthen existing business relationships in which lntellisMedia is the primary contractor or subcontractor. This position will invol v e business development of new and existing relationships as well as customer care with current and ongoing projects, and also management and personnel administration. to travel regularly to local off-campus locations. for addition al information and how to apply please visit: http://usfweb2.usf.edu/HR/Employment/A&P/16035.html Be a part of a dynamic, diverse environment that generdtes bold i deas and creative solutions. Join us to make a difterence USF Is"' EQUII Access Unlvetsity. UNIVERSITY OF .................... ................. SOUTH FLORIDA TAMF'A Sr Pt:UR56UHG SARASOTA MANA:! E::t: Pot.. YTeCi'!NIC Rent To Own' Lease Option Seminole Totally Remodeled 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Good Credit, Bad Credit No Credit (813) 731-1653 6 Bedroom Bank $55,500! Only 5% Down 15 Years At 8% APR For Listings Call 800-366-9783 Ext. H489 Finding Me Productions A Gospel Play Production Is Looking For Talented Actors Call (813) 775-5884 Monday -Saturday Wholesale Properties To The Public Great "Fixer Upper" Deals Kenny Rushing 813.675.7040 Own A Home From 0 To 3% Down We Pay Closing Cost And Down Payment Assistance Easy Qualify Call Now Many Homes To Choose From (813) 369-4131 .:l Down Payment Astilstance Av .. ilable 2 Bedroom/2% Bath Water Front Condo Available, WDH Boat Slip, Pool, Tennis And Playground $19,900 (813) 968-1168 Plant High School District South Tampa Rent To Own/Lease Option Totally Remodeled 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Garage Good Credit, Bad Credit No Credit (813) 731-1653 Military Veterans No Down Payment Special FHA Programs Own A Two, Three, Four Bedroom Home Many Areas Prices & Free Pre-Qualifying Walter Brewer Midland Realty (813) 766:-2033 Email Your Ads2417 To: ledwards@flsentlnel.com Or Fax (813) 248-9218 ., c ., m aJ :::u c: > N F N 0 0 CD "TT r 0 :::u 6 > tn m z -t z m r-I m c: ...... r-m -t z ., c: aJ r-en :1: m c m < m -t c: m tn c > z c "TT :::u 6 (i) m .... 0


CJ) 0 0 N 0 N c( :::1 0:: m w LL >-" c( c 0:: u.. o it: u.. c z c( c tn w :: t-w > w c w :::t: tn ::J m :: D.. z i= w ..J ..J :: m ..J w z i= z w tn it: 0 ..J u.. HOMES FOR SAL NEW HOMES! II Move-ln Ready!! 1310 N. Grace St.* 10417 N. Annette St. 6218 38th Street Many Other Locations Available! We Have Many Programs To Help You Get Into Your Dream Home!! Visit Our Model Today At ... ll,MtEJ1ttCAN 3705 Hillcrest Circle -Hr&lUtSziKG s CALL NOW!!! l"o'R1P18llltAtTli'O,N. (813)218 3729 VIsit Our Webs e: www.amhousing.com "' -.'-X".- .:V:,.:.:O' Studio w!Loft Starting At $350.00 Pool, Weight Room And More Beautiful 1 Bedroom /1 Bathroom Condo In The Quarters Of Ybor City, Pool, Weights, Game & Theater Room 2 Bedroom, Townhouse Ncar Busch Gardens ONLY $750.00 Spacious 3 Bedroom I 2 Bathroom w/ Garage, Nice Yard Rent To Own USF Area Section 8 Special Spacious Townhouse 2 Bedrooms/1 Baths CHA, Utility/Laundry Room Private Patio Rent $750.00 (813) 968-1168 Sulphur Spring Area 2 Bath Townhouse For Lease Gated Community A Low $720.00 Section 8 Welcomed Security Deposit $300 00 $25 00 Application Fee Call (813) 740-o384 USF Area Spacious, Remodeled 2 Bedroom Townhome NC, Carpet, Tile WID Hookup Fenced Patio Water Included $775 00 Section 8 Welcome Call 813-220-3633 131ST Ave. & 20TH St. University Mall Area Townhouse Great Floor Plan CHA, WDH Ready Now Section 8 Special $750 00/Monthly 813-968-1168 FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED OR LEGAL ADVERTISING NEEDS ..... CALL LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 2116 W. Farwell Drive Only $1 095.00 Mo. 1510 Margaret Street Only $930.00 Mo. 10814 Alafia Street Only $949.00 Mo. 1 0911 Lantana Drive Only $649.00 Mo. Condo For Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $700.00/Monthly 201 Thorn Tree Brandon Call 813.770.3987 2, 3, 4 Bedroom Homes And Apartments New Paint, CHA, Washer/Dryer Hook-up Fenced NoPets Section 8 OK (813) 949-3482 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Homes Fenced Yards WDH/CHA Move In Specials References Required (813) 267-4488 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Apartment 4 Bedroom/ 2 Bath Home Washer/Dryer Hook-up Central Heat And Air Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 849-3265 YborArea Shared Home For Rent 3 Bedrooms Ideal For Large Family $850 00/Monthly $850. 00/Deposit Call (813) 416-5388 (813) 740-o647 Tampa Bay Area Beautiful Homes Available 1 To 5 Bedrooms Move In Today! Call (757) 638-9777 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Fenced Yard Washer/Dryer Hook-Up Call (813) 748-2945 Progress Village 4912 83rd Street 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Back And Front Yard $1,200 00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 661-4292 8619 Fishlake Road 4 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, WDH Fenced Back Yard Section 8 Welcome $1,500 00/Rent $1, 500 00/Deposit Available Jonda Solomon (813) 239-o6oo Or (727) 320-7310


., 6 ., m aJ 3905 E. Powhattan c Ybor Heights 5813 12th Avenue South Beautiful 1 Bedroom/1 Bath ,.. 5 Bedrooms/2 Baths 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Sect i on 8 Only 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Very clean Block Home, CHA Home In Tampa $750. 00/Monthly N Call Tyrone 4 Bedrooms/2 F ull Baths F' 1-800-890-7639 $700. 00/Monthly Fenced Backyard Section 8 Preferred $180 00/Weekly N Plus Depos i t 0 (718) 781-6934 CHAAnd WDH Available Now All Ut i lit i es Included 0 Section 8 Welcome CD Call Brunei (813) 735-6288 Call (813) 690-2833 Call (813) 621-7492 5909 81 st Drive Call (813) 453-5690 Progress Village 402 West Amelia Avenue East Tampa $302/Monthlyl 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Home 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 2107 34th -Street 4 Bedroom/3 Bath Very Large Fenced bot Very Clean Large Yard Foreclosures! Two Utility Rooms 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Near School/Shopping Very Large Nice 5% Down Section 8 Only Burglar Bars, NC $975 00/Monthly 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 15 Years@ 8% APR Available May 1st 2009 Carpet Tile Deposit Negotiable Near Busline $550.00/Monthly $650.00/Monthly For Listings Call Call (813) 240-8108 (813) 231-2974 $350. 00/Deposit 800-366-9783 Ext R592 $50 00/Deposit Section 8 Housing Call (813) 4/1 -Highland Pines Call (813) 248-9072 1616 East ldell Street 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $950.00/Monthly CHA, New Kitchen 2/1 Apartment Sulphur Springs Area 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Busch Gardens Area $650.00/Monthly New Bath Very Clean Recently Renovated 3/1 Available April 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath $300.00/Deposit Fenced Yard 800 Sq. Ft. Section 8 Welcome CHA, Feneed Yard Move In Ready Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 382-6470 Thomas Luft WID Hook-up Or (813) 505-7724 670.00/Monthly ., $1, 100 00/Monthly Call (813) 335-0076 r-(813) 634-4050 $400 00/Deposit 0 $1 ,000.00/Deposit (813) 885-5226 East MLK Area No Section 8 (813) 495-7481 c Section 8 Accepted ,.. Clair Mel Area Spacious 5 Bedroom/2 Bath Call Korwin (/) YborCity (813) 900-6926 1 ,450 SF Lease Option (813) 267-6553 m z 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath $1 ,395.00/Monthly :::! 3 Bedrooms/1 Bathroom 3301 East 27th Avenue New Carpet, Carport Section 8 Welcome Red Oaks z m Corner Lot & Fenced Yard WID Utility Room r-I Security Deposit $500 00 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath $850.00/Monthly Call For Info 1 Bedrooms aJ $400.00 $450 00 c Section 8 Is Ok 6 Car Parking, Corner Lot $850.00/Deposit (813) 220-8658 rr-Great Location For Water Included m Please Call Call (813) 623-9988 House For Rent Quiet Complex :::! School Children z Joanne Walker $1 ,000 00/Security Ready Now Seniors Preferred ., (813)259-4663 Ext 118 Section 8 Welcome Seminole Heights Section 8 Welcome aJ WW!"myflnanclalconnec:Uona.com 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths r-3 Bedroom/1 Bath Section 8 Only Call (813) 325-5216 c;; Mlke(813)244-0658 ::z: CHA, Garage 1213 12th Avenue For More Info m 2604 East 19th Avenue c West Tampa Washer/Dryer Hook-up m 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 621-7493 University Area < m Wall-To-Wall Carpet Cute 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $1,000.00 Per Month 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Loft Apartment Central Heat & Air Remodeled Home Call 813-326-6141 .... Washer/Dryer Hook-up CHA, Tile Floors $11,0001 Gated, Pool c m Fenced Yard Inside Laundry 5 Bedroom/3 Bath Laundry Facility & More (/) Section 8 Preferred Mention This Ad c $750 00/Monthly Fenced Yard $35,500! $500 00/Deposit $795 00/Monthly Palm River Area For Move-In Special More Homes Available ,.. Section 8 Welcomed 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home $460 00/Monthly z (813) 77'7-6919 For Listings +Deposit c Garage, CHA Call 800-366-9783 ., Phone (813) 610-8256 Washer/Dryer Hook-up Ext5649 (813) 318-1523 Must Seelll c 1410 27th Avenue Fenced Yard 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Call (813) 244-6649 Thonotosassa $800 00/Monthly 4 Bedrooms/2 (301 & Fowler) $600 00/Deposit Newly Renovated 3414 East 9th Avenue Includes Garbage Disposal Ceramic Tile, CHA Available Immediately Cinnamon Cove Quiet, Nice Yard & Patio Washer & Dryer Ceiling Fans Apartments 1/1 W/DH Wood Floors, Large Yard Washer/Dryer Included 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath 12401 N. 15th Street Window Heat And NC No Pets Large Yard Den, CHA, WDH Water Included (813) 610-4319 $775 00/Monthly $1 ,200 00/Monthly Starting At $375 00 Section 8 Special (813) 505-1860 Deposit On-Site Laundry And $500 00/Rent 3310 East North Bay Call (813) 770-2003 Convenient To Everything (813) 968-1168 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Section a Preferred Or (813) 713-4055 Call (813) 971-5254 NC Units 6204 50th Street 2508 -12th Avenue Apt A Available Nowlll Florlbraska & Nebraska YborCity Spacious Yard 3/2 Country Home (Off 1-4) Section 8 Welcome Big Bedrooms 3/1 CHA, WDH 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $700 00/Rent Like New Condition Security System 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Remodeled, CHA $700 00/Deposit Big Fenced Backyard Ceiling Fans Throughout WDH CHA $600.00/Monthly Available $1 ,300 00/Monthly With Additional Storage $650 00/Montqly $600. 00/Deposit Jonda Solomon $800 00/Deposit $875 00/Monthly + Security Deposit Seniors Preferred Pets Accepted $875 00/Deposit Application Q (813) 239-0600 Contact Bobby m CD Or (727) 320-7310 (813) 917-6035 (813) 210-4339 (813) 453-5823 (813) 986-9431 0


0) 0 0 N 0 N < ::> 0:::: m w LL. >= ic( c ii: LL. c LL. c z < c en w ::> .... w > w c w J: en ::::; m ::> a. z i= w ..J ..J ::> m ..J w z i= z w en < c 0 ..J LL. New Port Richey Southgate Senior Apartments, 62 + 1 Bedroom/$435.00 Minimum Income Required $1,500 00 Adjacent To Southgate Shopping Center (727) 847-1110 EHO Senior Citizen Special 55+ 0 Security Deposit 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $725 .00 University Mall Area Large Unit W/D Hook-up D/W, Ceiling Fans, CHA Se Habla Espariol Call Marian (813) River Pines Apartments SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY Active independent living for 55+, quiet park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities, riverfront living. Efficiencies and 1 -bedroom apartments starting at $360 .00 per month (813) 985-4419 Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem! I FREE APPLICATION!! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances New Ceiling Fans $575.00/Monthly Water & Trash Included!!!! Very Low Deposit! 813-244-4551 2312 #AN. Morgan St. 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Quiet Tampa Heights Concrete, CHA $880.00/Monthly $500.00/Deposit W/S/G Included Section 8 OK 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Also Available $600.00 Includes Water $500 00/Deposit (813) 245-1988 "A Great Place To Call Home And Run Your Business" Tampa Park Apartments Is Conveniently located In Ybor City, A Short Walk To The Downtown Central Business District And A Trolley Ride From The Excitement Of Channel Side With Its Colorful Entertainment And Dining Options. Tampa Park Plaza Has Available Large Commercial Space To Accommodate Most Business Types. Looking To Locate Or Re-Locate Your Business, Give Us A Call -We May Have The Space You Need. Are You Interested? For Application lnfonnation Please Contact Tampa Park Apartment, Inc. 1417 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa Florida 33605 Telephone (813) 229-1845 Florida Telecommur.ications Relay Inc. TTY 1-800-955-8771 Voice 1-800-955-8770 Spanish 1-877-955-8773 West Tampa 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex CHA, Utility Room, WDH, $725.00 Monthly $350 00.Deposit 2104 Palmetto Street #A (813) 223-5214 Temple Terrace -Duplex 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Included Large Backyard, CHA Conveniently Located $750 00/Monthly $300. 00/Deposit (813) 766-3607 2619 E. Genessee Street Unit#A 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath, Clean Large Backyard Quiet Neighborhood $600. 00/Monthly $600 00/Security WSG Included Take MLK To 26th, (Turn Away From Library) Take 26th To Genessee Call (813) 249-9958 Grant Park Apartment For Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Central Heat And Air Only $715 00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 310-9660 Move-In Special $100.00 +1st Month Rent Refurbished 2 Bedroom Duplex-Fenced Yard Section 8 Welcome (813) 503-0492 Nice Area Section 8 Only 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, WDH Receive $100.00 Cash With Signed Lease 0 Deposit (813) 789-3879 Grant Park Duplexes 3 Bedroom/2 Bath CHA, WDH $500 00/Deposit $900 00/Monthly Includes Water, Sewer/Trash Section 8 OK (813) 960-1579 Adran Management Inc. 2002 East 142nd Avenue Move-In Special Close To Transportation And Shopping 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $650 00/Rent $300.00/Deposit Includes Water Call (813) 244-9335 Senior Citizen Special 55+ 0 Security Deposit 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $630 00/Monthly Private Home Like Duplex WDH, CHA, Ceiling Fans Large Fenced Patio Se Habla Espal"'ol Call Marian (813) 832-9557 Sulphur Springs Area Room For Rent Close To Transportation $400.00/Monthly Plus Security Includes Utilities/Cable Available Immediately Call (813) 842-7902 Rooms For Rent Near Bus Line $100 00 And $125 00 Weekly+ Deposit $50.00 Phone 813-234-9339 Room For Rent $100.00 Per Week + Deposit, Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 285-8147 Rooms For Rent Nice & Clean CHA, Drug Free $125.00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Call (813) 786-4155 Furnished Room For Rent Single Occupancy Comfortable With A/C And Heat Call (813) 965-5931 Or (813) 247-3581 West Tampa Rooms For Rent Newly Remodeled Full Kitchen, Furnished $80.00-$100 00 Weekly + Deposit Call (813) 477-7734 Temple Terrace Area Room For Rent Access To Entire Home Washer/Dryer Available Now Female College Student Preferred Call (813) 787-6652 Rooms For Rent East Tampa Area Nice And Clean Drug Free Utilities And Cable Included $125.00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Call (813) 340-5476 Busch Gardens Area Plant City Fair Grounds CHA, WID, Cable All Utilities Paid Next To Bus Lines Quiet Neighborhood $140 00/Weekly Private Entrance (813) 478-1286 East Tampa Area Rooms For Rent Clean And Drug Free Please CaU(813) 597-5221 Rooms For Rent Nice And Clean CHA, Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Call (813) 624-8540 Ybor City Area Very Clean Rooms For Rent With Private Entrance Senior Citizen Discount Call (813) 244-7388 For Rent Rooms/Apartments In Quiet Building No Drugs Allowed Visit: 2913 N. 15th Street Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Or Larry (813) 382-6055 Busch Gardens Temple Terrace Area Immediate Move-In Special Clean, Cable TV Tiled Floors No Deposit $125 00/Weekly Devin (813) 516-1550 2928 N. 18th Street 55 Years And Older Preferred $120. 00/Weekly $120 00/Deposit Call Jim (813) 237-1810 Gennte (813) 326-2871 Polete (813) 410-5422 Ybor Heights Large/Furnished Rooms Utilities/Laundry Facilities Included Kitchen Use $110-$140 Weekly Deposit + 1 Week Rent Call (813) 247-4724 From $120 00 Weekly Or $500 00/Monthly $100.00/Deposit Fridge, Bed, Dresser Kitchen, CHA Quiet Area Single Occupancy 55 Years And Older Preferred (813) 245:-1988


Large Rooms For Rent West Tampa Area Must Have Reliable Source Of Income Utilities Included $1 00. 00/Weekly Call (813) 850-4491 Room For Rent No Smoking, No Drugs Or Illegal Activities CHA, Cable TV Background Check $120. DO/Weekly $1 00 00/Deposit Call (813) 433-3835 Room For Rent Ybor Area NC, Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Cei ling Fans $75 00/Deposit $100 .00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9872 Room For Rent Hillsborough & Himes NC, Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $85.00 Deposit $110 00 And Up Weekly 813 598 4262 Seminole Heights And Area Rooms For Rent Close To Bus Lines $125 DO/Weekly Includes Utilities Clean And Furf1ished (813) 784 0508 lfi: f!i d# i J.i ;I 1&13: I II Tampa Area Fwnished Share Apartment With Cable, Internet, Microwave, Washer & Dryer Electricity, Phone $150 DO/Weekly $600.00/Monthly $1 00 DO/Deposit Ms. Florence (813) 732-0990 11' I ; 1111 :1 1 '' [.]WB RUDY'S REPAIR SERVICE Complete Air Conditioning & Heating Service On All Makes & Models Call (813) 620-1866 LIC #CAC 1814465 It' I ; 1111 :1 1 i [.]:I 1 : bll Tarpley's A/C (813) 238-7884 Committed To Excellence In Sales & Serv ice New & Used NC's Same Day F i nancing Available LIC# CAC181530 REM Air Conditioning Service On All Makes & Mode l s Installation Of Replacements On Central Systems Financing WAC Same Day Service 813-248-5877 Lie # CAC 009430 $5001 Police Impounds! Hondas, Chevys Acuras, Toyotas, Etc From $500! For Listings Call 1-800-366-9813 Ext. 3695 $0 Down! Cars From $29 00/Monthly! 36 Months @ 8 .5% APR Police Impounds For Listings Call 1-800-366-9813 Ext. K456 Chair For Rent In Barber Shop $120.00Weekly CaiiJay (813) 477-3488 Twin Full Queen King Beds Bunk Beds $50.00 $60.00 $75.00 $95.00 $150 00 Call (813) 310-3434 C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1-3 Rooms ONLY-$24 .95 No HiddenCHARGES! Call (813) 325-4330 Ola Barnum Gimblet Family Daycare Enrollment Special Infants -12 Years Old 6 :00a.m. 6 :00 p. m Meals & Snacks Provided Lie# FHC4311963 (813) 829-6337 Changes Family Childcare Now Enrolling 8wks-12years 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week Transportation Provided Hot Meals, Field Trips Mentoring Homework Ass i stance (813) 936-0176 LIC.# FTA 431497 Broome Cleaning Service Commerc ial New Construction Floor Restoration Carpet Contact AI Broome Cell (863) 944-6051 Toll Free 1-877-616-9659 Viruses, Spyware? Slow Computer? I Can Help! Call (813) 786-0876 Top Notch Computer Service & Recording Studio Repairs Upgrades Virus Control, Also Customized Music And Recor-ding You Can Trust" Call Tony (813) 695-7813 Or (813) 241-9050 lnVSize IDII'IIIIIDI MAKE YOUR NEXT VACATION OR FAMILY CELEBRATION A CRUISE CALL JANICE FOR GREAT RATES !!!!! 813-985-8939 www.customcrulsesandtours.com Adults & Children FREE Cleanings, Exams X-Rays, Fluoride Also Provides Fillings, Extractions Specialists & More 813-980-9070 DNA Paternity Testing Legal or personal testing available. Results in just 3 DAYS No Collection Fees in Tampa. NO BLOOD! Payment options available http : //dnatestingsolutions com DNA Testing Solutions 11972 N. Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 DNA Testing Paternity Test We Come To You! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservices91 @yahoo.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 Residential And Commercial Complete Electrical Service Breaker Panels And Receptacles, Lights, Outlets Service Upgrades Call Rufus Electric Contracting (813) 348-6148 Lie #ER1 Fax Your Ads 2417 To: (813) 248-9218 "You Don't Have To Let The Bank Take Your Home" Late On Your House Payment? In Foreclosure? Have An Adjustable Rate? (813) 770-3481 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSE! We Buy Forclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days. See Our Ad In The Florida Sen t inel. WWIN. rehabberssuperstore.com 813.675.7040 Need A Painter Call Stan At (813) 245-5687 Small Does It All Handyman Services Specializing In Sewer Line Removal And Replacement Also Door And Window Guards Clint (813) 210-0962 ., c ., m m :::tJ c: > N 0 N 0 0 CD r 0 en m z ::! z m r I m c: r r m ::! z ""0 c: m c en ::I: m c Need Space? m < If Your Couches, Dressers m Or Mattresses Are In Good Condition --t c: We Will Remove Them m en For FREE! C (813) 285-4674 Get Tax Credit For Insulation In Your Home Get $50.00 Off With This Ad Call (813) 335-1244 Insulation Man Services Lie #007542 I Buy Junk Cars Top Dollar, Cars For Sale $500.00 And Up And Pick Up Of Appliances And Metal Call (813) 458-2579 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ADVERTISERS > z c ., c


en 0 0 N 0 N >-0::: < :::> Junk Cars 0::: We Buy Jun k Cars ril w Truck,s And Vans u.. >--Call (813 ) 7 848339 1-w > w c w :I: en :::i m :::> a.. z t= w ..J ..J ;:) m ..J w z t= z w en < 0 0:: 0 ..J LL For Junk Cars Trucks Vans Arid Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Metal/Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 rwe Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service Hauling And Clean Up Phone(813)245-9761 Up To 3 Months Free For Qualifying Business 2409-B East Lake Avenue 864 Square Feet Available Now Formerly Used As A Barber Shop And Beauty Supply Store Calll813\ 238-6353 OANS Injured In An accident? Lawsuit Pending? Need We Can Help!! 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