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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 64, no. 56 (February 27, 2009)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
February 27, 2009
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 64 Years In The Tampa Bay Area ron aan n SEE STORY ON PAGE 3-A AFRICAN-AMERICAN HOTEL OWNERS CONVENE IN TAMPA The Roberts Hotel Group, the nation's largest African-American Hotels Group and Tampa's only African American Hotel owners, convened in Tampa Wednesday and Thursday for the organization's General Manager (GM) Conference. The meeting was held at the Roberts Comfort Inn Busch Gardens Hotel at Nebraska Ave and Busch Blvd Brothers and business partners, Attorneys Michael and Steven Roberts own 11 hotels throughout the United States. The conference covers best practices, budgets, forecasts and strategies. In attendance were, front row, Jay Johnson, Project Manager of Construction; Steven C. Roberts, principal owner; Michael V. Roberts, chai rm an owner; Cosha Martin, GM of Spartenburg Radisson; Tiffanie Walton, Controller, Hotel Division and Ron Bitter, GM. On the back row, Randal Williams, GM Comfort Inn; Karthik Piram, DT Manager; Aliah Baker, RHG, Marketing Manager; Charlie Olisa, RHG, General Manager; Vernetta Kinchen, GM Roberts Mayfair Hotel, St. Louis; Toby Miller, CFO; Mark Roberts, GM, Indigo, St. Louis; Bobby Tate, VP Operations; and Herm Presley, GM Shreveport, Houston and Atlanta. See story on Page 10-A. (Photograph by Brunson) Anlluai Mens Hllll FOftiRI Planned SEE J:AGE 12-A Blake Class Of '61 Finalizes Reunion SEE P AGE 1 0 A On President's Speech : SEE PAGE 2:.A Sports Falls Talk About Buc Cuts


0 ,..: N > a: < :: a: m w u. C( e a: u.. c a: u. c z < c tJ) w :: 1-w > w c w :::1: tJ) ::::i m :: a. z i= w ...J ...J :: m ...:. w z i= z w tJ) < c a: 0 ...J u. < I N w CJ Feature Readers Comment On President's Speech BY IRIS B. HOLTON may not be able to eat it all, but he is willing to tty. Sentinel City Editor "It also inspired me to get up and try to do more to volunteer and help. His message gave me the impresOn Tuesday, sion that things are not as dreary as they appear to President Barack be. I just wish people will open their hearts and Obama delivered minds and realize that he didn't put us in this mess. his Address to the It took a long time to get in it and it's going to take a Joint Session of long time to get out." C 0 n g res s Edwin K. Ankuma said, "I Opening. the h th think most Americans will appreciate speec WI th p 'd h h candor about e res1 s speec tOr 1ts onesty : c _(j{ else). We President know how great an orator he is, a 0 b a m a brilliant mind and a great motivator. But whaU. said, "I appreciate most is his candor and we heard the 'True know that State of and not the lies and deceitful for many addresses we had over the last 8 years. Americans watching right now, the state of our econ"This is going to be a tough first term, but if he is omy is a concern that rises above all others. And going to be successful in leading us, then we, as a rightly so. If you haven't been personally affected by people, must be willing to roll up our sleeves and do this recession, you probably know someone who has our part. Tough choices lie ahead, but we can overa friend, a neighbor, a member of your family. You come them. And I don't think anyone can argUe with don't need to hear another list of statistics to know his 3-point plan that focuses on Energy, Healthcare that our economy is in crisis, because you live it every and Education. It's time for' us to go to work!" day. It's the worry you wake up with and the source Elder Michelle Patty said, "I of sleepless night$ .... The impact of this rece5sion is was invigorated by the speech and it real, and it is everywhere. "But while our economy may be weakened and let's me see that there is light at the our confidence shaken, though we are living through end of the tunnel. It's not going to difficult and uncertain times, tonight I want every happen overnight, but with the American to know this: We will rebuild, we will American people all working together Ueel that we recover, arid the United States of America will can make it through this dark period. But, we as citiemerge stronger than before." zens, must realize that President Barack is doing Some Sentinel readers who listened to the all that is in his power, but changes are p.ot going to speech share their opinion about it. happen overnight. Mrs. Mary Bry8nt said, "I was inspired by the "Another thing I have noticed is that President audacitY of President Obama hav-Obama is the first president who really wants to ing hope in this sitUation. His man.:. connect with the people. He has shown this during nerism, his approach gave the his campaign and he showed it again last night with impression of his not being afraid o{ the people he had there." putting too much on his plate. He Thomas E. Forward, M.M., B.B.A said, "The 53.com Invest fn your future with Fifth Jhllid:Bank.You'll get more of what you save, so you can rest Plus, it's avaiicible at your nearest Fifth Third Bank; so it's convenient. Stop in, give us a call at 813-306-2454 or visit 53.com to see what we can do for you. FIFTH THIRD BANK The things we do for Deposit balall(es are to the maxi'rum amoont pe'mitted by law. Please www.ldic.gov lor ins11ance coverage Annual Percentage Yiekls (AP'i) accurate as of 02/01/09. filth Third reserves the right to refuse any 'A fifth Thrd dleckDY:I required to receive the stated rille. CD rille to balances on deposit with Fifth Third Bank. SI,OOO reQuired to open. Penalty foc withdrawal. Not and nonprofit accounts. of $0.01 to $49,999 eam 0.21% APY. 2.25% APY will be paid on balances of $10,000 to $210,000, of which $1,000 must be funds not currently on deposit am customer must have a filth Third checki"!j account No interest on above S210,000.APYsmay vary by merkel. Ratemaychange after the account isnpened.feesmayreduceeamings. $100 minimum deposit Joopen a filth Third checking account. m fee if account is within 180 days of A total of six pre-authorized or automatic withdrawals are allowed per month. filth lliid Bank, President's speech was both energiz ing as well as one of sincerity, hon esty, and 'straight forward,' no pun intended. President Obama did L_ _lL _::J not deny the fact that the economy and the state of address is dire and that the recent passage of the stimulus package was not popular with most conservatives of whiCh I find absolutely unconscionable to think that ALL of them feel the exact same way about the package. "I absolutely agree with tPe president that while 'the _C()St of th.e actions to jumpstart the econo-.. my are expensive; die cost aT inaction would be far more expensive."' .. Dr. George Foxx sa. id, ."The speech clearly demonstrated that he is in control and have mandates,' new policies, strategies, and short. and long term plans to help the Ainerican economy and the world, too. Whether you like or not, you have to respect his intelligence and communication skills to lead." Ms. Janee Murphy said, "A lot of times, politicians just read a speech that someone else has written and it's just lip service. So, It's just nice to have a president who puts himself on the line and says, 'I'm going to be watching you.' To me, this goes a long way." Hakim Aquil said, "There is just so much to say about this man who has risen to the top with truth and sincerity. I ain impressed with the way that he is able to demand our attention. People love to hear whaf he says because he has a way of motivating everyone. "I was also impressed with the fact that he intro duced his wife as the First Lady, it's inspiring to see the way he focuses on his wife. These things are inspiring. I also like the way he feels about education and its importance." Attorney Clinton Paris said, "Mter eight years of mediocrity it is refreshing and encouraging to have a president that is capable of comrimnicating effectively with the American People. The presidential address simply demonstrated his exceptional leadership abilities and vision for this country's future. : "Now, we the citizens of this great country, must rise to the occasion and do our individual part to move the country forward. The President is provid ing the visionand leadership we in we must lead in our homes and communities and take responsibility for improving our personal situa tions, whatever they are." Carl Warren, Sr. Ph.D., said, Barack Obama economic messaging to the nation and the world community was very clear, concise and concrete. Our President outlined his primary three prong economic, energy and education policies with clear points of oversight and accountability. "It was clear President Obama was :a.t his best and his overall performance was a solid A+. I.totaJl; policy areas: ,. :: Kfi

Feature ::0 c Teen Shot Bv Duo Looking For Revenge ., m OJ J:l c )> Tasha Hagins and her husband, Sauvallie Hagins, Sr. address the media outside the hospital where their son is recovering from gunshot woundS. During a press conference outside a .local hospital Tuesday afternoon, Tasha Hagins, the mother of' a teen shot taking out the garbage, said she and her family moved to the county area because they needed a larget:placeto. live. In N oveni.Ber 2008, she, her husband, Sauvallie Hagins, Sr., and their 4 children moved into the Claymore Apartments. in Seffner. Prior to that they had been living at the Wexford near the Hard Rock Hotel Casin .o. ; _. In 2007, M s Hagins said a man was accused oftrying to grab children in' the area, including one of her daughters, and she started keeping her children closer to home. Since moving, Ms. Hagins said she; nor. her family have had any problems. On Monday night, all of that changed. Ms. Hagins' only son, Sauvallie Hagins, Jr., had heel). television with his'' y _oung.est to take According to his mom, this ..was S pulled his vehicle next to en Hagins and fired 3 to 4 shots. Instead of shooting -f the intended target, Hagins was hit. According to hospital'offi-tu cials, Hagins has ? moved from intensive care, r and is in good condition. !!I Hobbs and Smith have Z no bond. "0 c: tu r u; ::t m 0 m < m -f c: m en < )> z 0 ., :!! < (813) 495-3702 1-866-352-4200 C). m w I )>


c a: LL c z w c w :I: UJ :J m ::: a. z t= w '...J ...J ::: m I ...J w z t= z W. UJ . its indigenous ern region of the colony given name of Haiti, giVing it staged a revolt that began ffie. the historical status of the Haitian Revolution. Led by first and oldest Blackrepubanother voodoo priest, lie in the world. Dutty Boukman, slaves Two years later, Dessa-burned northern plantations. lines was assassinated and In 1793, France granted Henri Cristophe and freedom (with limitations) to slaves in the northern region, ON NEXT PAGE'


'T1 ]J 0 ?< 'T1 m OJ ]J c )> ]J < 1\) L.__T _he_G_re_a_t l_ea_ch_e_ r s_o_ea_ks___.l '--I C _el_ l P h _on_ e U _se_ N e e _ds_ R e _gu_la_ t _in_g_____J Ill 1\) 0 0 <.0 tor. Barack or restless in the midst of the Obama will be known as the President's words. Indeed, it "Great Educator!" And last was as if when he finished, we Tuesday night, < before mil-had wished he was about to go lions around the world, heed-on, just a little bit longer .. ucated a classroom of .climb just a little bit higher, De!llocrats sitting on the left, with his. words like wings. and of Republicans sitting on There is no doubt Presi-the right. Before the night was dent Barack Obama. is a over, they all stood and poet, like Lincoln was a poet. cheer ed as one! But there is also no doubt that The next day, a local edito-he is a dreamer-architect, like rialist wrote, "Last night was Franklin Delano Roo-not a night for soaring rheto-sevelt was a dreamer archiric." True enough, it may not teet, like John Fitzgerald have been. But when Pres. Kennedy was a dreamer ar-Barack Obama (henceforth chitect! to be known as the Great EdAnd in the near future, if not ucator) took the podium, a sea already this instant, we can of metaphorical images look forward to some enterflooded both eyes and ears of prising fifth or sixth grader, all who heard that night. some starry-eyed, over-the-It was metaphorical! What top-inspired undergraduate is a metaphor? college student to take on the A metaphor is a lit erary task of memorizing and recitway of comparing two or ing Pres. Barack more items or withfirst speech to a joint session out using "like" or "as." of the Congr es s, much like It is a way of breathing life many have memorized and into oth erwis e dead statistics recited Lincoln's Gettysburg or providing wings otherwise earth-bound ideas. But more address and much like many have repeated, with thimder:.. so, it is a way of taking a word and making it into prophecy. ing similarity, "Ask NOT what Therefore, when we heard _your country can do for you, the President say, "We will re-but what YOU can do for your build we will recover and the country!" United States of America will America must realize that emerge stronger than before," for the first time in more than w e not only heard the pro-o n e hundred years we ha ve a mise, but we felt the promise l earned man, a Renaissance and saw it deep in the core of man as President. H e is a our imaginations. It teacher, a poet, and histori an, faith and inspiration! but most importantly he is a And when Pres. Obama leader who understands husquinted his right eye, shook manity. his head ever so slightly, Regardless the fickleness of rai sed his right index finger fate, we are in the hands of a and said, "The weight of this Great Educator, and the spir cris is will not determine .the' its ofW.E. B. DuBois, Dr. d estiny of''this mi.tion," we Martin Luther King, Jr., so, it con -and the great Marcus Gartinuel:i, I :experts told us, for vey cou ld not be hapt>ier! j .' I American page 4 I : Alexandre P etlori divided the is land into two rival r e gions, the State oCHai ti ._ the Republi c of Haiti. In 182o, Jean Boyer assumed leadership of the southern region of the is land, united the island and served as president until h e was overthrown in1843. Because of the role Ameri can trade policies played in the poverty and hunger that stalks Haiti, we as Black Americans owe it to our Hait -ian brothers arid sisters to support Haitian food relief o rganizat ions and nonprofits working to help Haiti iedeve lop its agricultural base. The Haitian Association Foundation of Tampa Bay Inc.; ; http:/ /haftb.org/de foult.aspx, and Help Bring Hope for Haiti, Inc. http:/ jwww. hbhh.org are two organizations through which you can send help. I will share others, next we e k. Un til then, Harambee/Haiti. ''??' ellular telephones are some very use':'':/)Hm rr: ... ful instruments. The main value of a cell phone is that it keeps you in touch with those peo ple you need to be in touch with When you are out of touch, you can be .in touch .. with a push of several but tons. Cell phones serve a use ful purpose. But, the use of cell phones can create a dangerous situa tion and cause severe threats to both property and lives For that reason, the use of cell phones needs some re gulations The regulation needs to take place mostly when cellular telephone users are operating a vehicle. More and more cell phone operator s are causing serious traffi c accidents with many of them causing bodily injury and a loss oflives. be kept in secure places that The first regulation should will not allow them to be be that individuals should dropped o r to fall Man y ac-not be allowed to make tele. cidents occur because the phone calls while driving. It driver loses their concentrashould also be illegal to send tiori and sight of the road trytext messages while driving. ing to either catch or retrieve Both of these actions re:-a fallen or falling cell phone. quire concentration and take away from the serious con centra tion needed to drive on these busy streets and high. w ays. The use of a cell phone divides the driver's attention and that is not a safe thing to do. Some cell phone users may think that these kind of laws would be an infringement on their right, but those folks need to check. The number of accidents resulting from cell phone usage while driving continues to rise. There is currently some leg islation being filed in Talla hassee to regulate cell phone use while driving. This writer hopes that the Florida Legislature and maybe even the Federal Government finds the resolve to pass legislatur e that ca n be a life -saving law. When people are driving and they find a need to use 0 their cellphones, they should safely pull their car off the )> road and do what they need cn to do. That includes making a phone call, texting or what-::! Cell phones in cars should ever Being safe is better than being sorry or dead. z m r I OJ c: r r m ::! z "tt c: OJ r c;; ::t m c m < m :::D -< -f Out Of The Mouths Of Babes c m CJ) c reading a : story this past tm)E'!%G. Sunday, I became '"' fascinat e d by the words of Jesuit High School gth grader, Tariq Sharri-eff. At the age of 14, this young man spoke to a room of adults, among them Tampa Police Chief Steverl' Hogue, State Represen:.. tative Betty Reed; and Mayor Pam 11le you rig man's k eynote' address was profound and d e livered a messag e adults have bee n trying to pass a long for a long time. Sharrieff said, :"the last time I c hecked, you got to give respe ct in order to get it." That statement alone is at the crust of today's troubled young men and women. Due to immatUrity and other fac tors, they think respect is gained through acts of vio le nce and disrespect towards ?< olcfer adults. to death, prison, or addic-l> Sharrieff touched on tha t tion. Z subj ect by saying he has Sharrieff said he under-friends who tell tli'eir parents stands what it takes to be a :::D what they will do and won't role model and he wishes the C do, and basically run the discipline and ideals of the ?< home. He said if adults don't past wcmld come back. see this as their responsibilThe fact is; this teenager ity then society as we know understands better than it wi,ll cease to exist. most adults the rough road With the. ':ittak-es avi llag e ahead for yoimgpeople. They-. to teach our youth: We are need to understand that if village statement, Sharri-they don' t grab the life pre-effw\mders ''whwis 'tlfe vn.::. '' thiltls being t'ds'sed to' lag e and what. would make .. them, they Wi-n droM i a 'rid: theirt \ant to h elp raise of I wish the who could .It's painfulthatthis young h ave b enefite d the most from man's message will n eve r whatthis young man hadto reach the the.people say would have been in atten-that need to hear it'. And even dance. What he-said has been if it does, the indoctrination ; the focus of the Juvenile Jus-into 'theil' is tice System, and other something_ they can't escape g roups that have tried to re-from an'd don't rea,lly want store order and respect to. : among today's y ouri g people. God bless Tariq sliarri-From outward appear-eff. He is a role model fo r ances, those efforts have other young people and n failed, and w e are losing shining li ght of hope for all of C1l more and more of our future u s. 'i>


CJ) 0 0 N ........ N ft : a: m w LL >;' a: LL Q a: LL Q z < Q en w :::) t> a: w > w Q w ::1: en :::i m :::) z i= W ..J _. :::) m .!I w z i= z w en a: 0 _. LL Adoption Civil / Personal I njury Guardianship Immigration Bankruptcy Probata Wills Call Us. We Can Help. F. Kemi Oguntebl Attorney At Law 109 N Armenia Avenue Tam p a, FL 33609 The hlting of a Is an Important dedslon 1hat should not be baSed solely upon advertiSements. Before you decide, ask us to send you FREE wr1tten Information about our qualifications and experience! eraldine Williams Attorney At-Law 1920 E. Hillsborou2h Ave. Tampa, FL 336f0 (813) 238-7404 Phone (813) 238-7400 Fax Areas Of Practice: Probate Property Criminal Appeals Arrested and About Your 505 East Jackson St. Suite #303 a.rtster's Building Tampa, FL 33802 (8'13) 387-7724 BANKRUPTCY Legal Rights? Call Tanya Dugree (813) 418-5253 Payment Plans AvailablC W1th CREDIT CHECK Stop Fenu:lo.,.. & er.Btor's H........m REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW Practici11g b;iW (fi/ Criminal :Defens family Law Personal Injury Attornev & Coullse/or A.t Law. Cypress PointOffice Park 10014 N Dale Mabry; SW.t e 101 Tampa, A orida 336 1 8 (813)269-9706 The hiring of 3 b.wyer shonJ.J n'lr bt t'J'O! l .lokt"l11MIIetlb;. ask u s you free \\TiUtu inlurn.t.1U CU n Nxtl Nlr q u alifiCil!K'I.lS mcJ LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAWYER EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION WORKERS' C OMPENSATIO N CIVIL SERVIC F UNION G RIEVANCE BANKRUPTCY -Chapter 7 ($500 Plu 1 Costa) LAW OFFICE OF PATRICIA DAWSON, Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal lnjwy Cyp r ess P oint Office P ark 100 14 N. Da l e Mabry Hwy, Suite 1 0 1 Tampa, Florida 33618 (813) 386-5730 Former Hillsborough Prosecutor Deputy Chief The hiring o f a Iawytr is an important decision that should not be based rnllu 0Jil verti

Local Top ladies Of Distinction, Inc. To Feature The '1st' ladies Of Tampa Bav CLEMMIE PERRY ... Keynote Speaker Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. (TLOD) will host its First Annual Commemorative Leadership Luncheon at the Crowne Plaza Tampa East on Saturday, April 18, 2009. Lady Jean Miller, the First Vice President and Lady Lorretta Cottman, Treasurer of TLOD, Inc., Tampa Bay -West Central Florida Chapter, have played a major role in planning the event. Lady Dawnette Frazer-Woods is President of TLOD, Inc. Tampa Bay West Central Florida Chapter. Lady Barbara B. Travis is Area IV Director and Lady Jackie Pope is National President. The theme of the event is "Bold Beginnings -Bright Tomorrows." An estimated 200 'Top Ladies' and guests as weJl at Top Teens will attend. The keynote speaker is Clemmie Perry Corporate Training Manager for ELearning and Computer Systems. Other luncheop events include honoring the men who have supported TLOD and Top Teens as spouses and auxiliaries. All Top Ladies in attendance are asked to wear "Cascades of Pink" to the lun cheon. Founded in 1964 in Tyler Texas, TLOD is the premier national service organization with over 93 chapters in the United States. Their signature program is Top Teens of Anierica. The group's national programmatic thrusts include Women, Enriching the Lives of Senior Citizens, Community Beautification and Comm.unity Partnerships. For more information on the luncheon, please call (813) 626-4769 or (813) 681-1839 -------1 "The Voice Of Our Com1n.unitv Speaking for ltse.lf' 813) 248-192 With SunTrust Online Payroll and Online 401k, simplicity is an That's because together, these services cut confusion and save time with setup, monthly payroll processing, and employee record updates. You'll run your business more efficiently. And maybe even look forward to payday, again. There's been a better time to visit suntrust.com/business, call 866.587:1780, or speak to your SunTrust banker to learn more. Enter the Solid Performance Promotion for a chance to win one year of FREE Onli. ne Cash Manager Plus with Inspector, Online Payroll, Online 401k, CheckDeposft, ahtl IT\lJch more: Fof details', go to suntrust.com/business. SUNTRUST Cash Management Financing Solutions Retirement Solutions Live Solid. Bank Solld.a Deposit products and services are olfered through Sun Trust Bank, Member FDIC. Securities and Insurance Products and Services: Are not FDIC or any other Government Agency Insured Are not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value Sun Trust Banks, Inc., their aftiUates, and the directors, officers, agents, and employees of any of its affiliates are not permitted to give legal or tax advice Clients of any affiliates of Sun Trust Banks, Inc should consult with their legal and tax advisors prior to entering into any financial transaction Sun Trust Online 401 k PfOvided In partnership with ePian Services, Inc ePian Services, is not an affiliate of Sun Trust Banks, Inc. e2009 Sun Trust Banks, Inc. Sun Trust is a registered service mark of Sun Trust Banks, Inc. Uve Solid Bank Solid. is a service mark of Sun Trust Banks, Inc. No purchase or other obligation required to enter. ., ::D 0 }< ., m OJ ::D c: )> ::D -< 1\) 1\) 0 0 <0 ., r 0 ::D 0 )> en m z ::! z m r I -OJ c: r r m ::! z ., c: OJ c en ::z: m c m < m ::D -< -t c: m en c )> z c ., ::D c


0) 0 0 C'\1 ,: C'\1 > c:: The Teen Ministrj Of Greater New Hope 709 N. Park Rd. Plant City ll566 ;5 Invites 8th Graders, High School Students & Parents c:: To Our I st Annual College Day Workshop Saturday, February 28th 9 A.M. -I P.M. c Representatives From Colleges And Universities, a: Technical Institutes And Community College u. c a: u.. c z _ a: w > W c w l: 0 '::::i Ill :::: a. z w ...J ...J :::: Ill ...:, w z z w en

Local "T1 :II 0 Albert Gallman, Jr. Called To Pastor Peace Progressive M. B. Church "T1 m OJ :II c )> :II -< 1\) -...! BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor In his career as a minister and pastor, Albert Gallmon, Jr. will do something that has not been done in the past -he will deliver his first sermon as Pastor of Peace Progressive Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, March 1st, his birthday. As he celebrates his birth with family and friends, he will also celebrate his spiritual birth with a new family. Peace has been without a pastor for more than a year -since the resignation of Reverend W. F. Leonard. After several months of hearing from guest ministers, the congregation chose the Tampa as its leader. His early years were spent in an apartment on Chipco, just around the_ corner from Peace, until his parents, Deacon Albert, ,Sr. (deceased) and Mrs. Eddye Gallmon became residents of Progress Village. Rev. Gallmon attended College Hill Elementary, Progress Village Elementary, Booker T Washington and Dowdell Jr. High and graduated from King High School. Having been a basketball player throughout his high school years, he earned a scholarship to St. Joseph Jr. College (Jensen Beach), where he earned an AA degree. He continued his e ducation with another basketball scholarship to St. John Fisher .College in Rochester, NY, earning a BA degree in Political Science, with a minor in Math. REV. And MRS. ALBERT GALLMON, JR. It"was short Jived, but Rev.-: Gallmon was drafted by tpe (now defunct) ABA Buffalo Braves in 1974 and released. If was then time to go to He Worked for Easfman Kodak, IBM and Chase Bank as the Branch Manager, all in Rochester. While working for the bank: he was very active in his church -Aenon Baptist Church under Rev. James L. Cherry. "It just seemed as though something was missing. One night I asked the Lord, 'what am I to do next?' My wife saw me in deep thought and asked what was on my mind. I told her the Lord was calling me to preach. She told me to accept and go to bed. And that's what I did," he explained. "That was on Monday night. I quit my job on Friday -and started in seminary school full time that Monday." Rev. Gallmon attended Colgate Divinity School, and completed his coursework for a Master's of Divinity at Howard Divinity School, both in Rochester. The first church he was called to pastor was Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Washington, DC. From there, he became the Minister of Administration at Metropolitan Baptist Church under H. Beecher Hicks, Jr. His next assignment took him across the country as pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN, where he remained until last year when he returned to Tampa as the assistant to Rev. Dr. Arthur T. Jones and the Director of Ministries at Bible-Based Fellowship Church. Rev. Gallmon is an outgrowth of St. John Progressive M B. Church, having been baptized under Worship with Usl. Rev. F. G. Hilton. His brother, Rev. Freeman Gallmon, pastors Mt. Moriah M. B. Church in Gainesville and his sister, Kaffie Wilcoxon resides in St. Pete. 1\) serve the community 7 days g a week and not just on tO Sundays." The next part of their goal is to be able to build on its current site a worship center and a center that will serve the commu nity. Rev. Gallmon and his wife, Wilma Gallmon have two children : son, Albert is employed by Verizon; and daughter, Jo Anna is a sen10r at Tuskegee University, looking to attend law school. As he partners with the leadership at Peace, Rev. Gallmon said they'd like to be a more relevant church in the community and witness in the community in which they serve. "We'd also like to "I'm very blessed to be. called by the people of Peace. I'm thankful for the foundation built by Rev. (J. C.) Goins and Rev. Leonard. I hope to continue building on that foundation When he's free, :Rev.Gallmon enjoys golf, entertaining at home, fellowshipping with people, a::good game of bid whist and work-ing with children. ;: ., r 0 Please Join Us For A : ::0 ''Celebration Of Praise" m Sing praises to the LORD, which dwelleth in Zion: declare among z the people his doings.-Psalms 9:11 ::::! At _ZiQI'I.: L..tb.e.r.an ___-. ___ _---2._901 Nql1fl_ Highla.ncl AV'"-..e., FL::--3.3602:_: -? t Trowe.r, Pa5.t.O.. -6 (8.13).22&1272. z On. Saturday, March 7, uu-., Chicken Dinners Available: $5.00 P -roceeds Benefit Zion Lutheran Church Hosted Sisters In Christ MARCH 7 2009 $25.00/PERSON* CHILDREN: $12.50 #1 DEPARTURE: 5 :00 A M #2 DEPARTURE: 7:00A. M MARCH 8 2009 $25.00/PERSON* CHILDREN: $12.50 DEPARTURE: 6 :00A.M. 11 11 Lawtey C.l ..................................... lawtey FL New River C.l. (Eiat WIII) ..... .... ... Starke, FL Florida State Prison & W.C .......... Starke, FL Arcadia Road Priaon ............. .Arcadia, FL DeSoto Annex ......................... Arcadia, FL Union C.I ...................................... Raiford, FL Charlotte C.I .................... Punta Gorda, FL No. FL Recpt Ctr. {Eut WIIIJ.lk. Buder, FL Baker C.I ................................ Sanderson, FL Ft. Meyers Work Camp ...... Ft. Meyers, FL Columbia C.l. Annex & W.C lake City, FL 12 Lake City Corr. Faclllty ...... : .... .lake City, FL Avon Park C.I ..................... Avon Park, FL Polk C.l. & Work Camp ......... Polk City, FL Demilley C.I ........................... Polk City, FL lake C. I ......... ; ....................... Ciermont, FL MARCH 14, 2009 $25.00/PERSON' CHILDREN: $12.50 #1 DEPARTURE: 5 :00A.M. #2 DEPARTURE: 7:00A. M 11 Hamilton Annex & Work Camp ... Jasper, FL Madison C.l. & Work Camp ...... Madison, FL Jefferson C.I ........................... Monticello, F.C.I Tallahassee ... : ............. .Tallahassee, FL 12 Zephryhllls C.I.. ..................... Zephryhills, FL Hillsborough C. ..................... Riverview, FL Hardee C. I. & Work Camp ............... Bowling ..................... ........... .............. ....... G Okeechobee C.I ............... Okeechobee, FL MARCH 15, 2009 $25.00/PERSON' CHILDREN: $12.50 #1 DEPARTURE: 5:00 A M #2 DEPARTURE: 7:00A. M 11 Marion C. I. & Work Camp .. ...... Lowell, FL Lowell C.l. & Annex ................... LoweH, FL Gainesville C. I. & Work Camp .. : ........... .. ....................................... ...... Gainesville, FL Putnam C.I ........................ East Palatka, FL #2 Hernando C.I .............. : ........ Brooksville, FL Sumter C.l. & Work Camp ...... Bushnell, FL Coleman F.C.I. ........................ Coleman, FL PLEASE CONTACT THE MINISTRY OFFICE FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. 'Each trip requires that the riders arrive at the Ministry one-half hour earlier departure LOCATION: 2921 N. 29th Street Tampa; FL PHONE: (813) 247 'tJ c aJ r (i) :t m c m < m -t c m C/) c )> z c ., ::0 0 m (0 I )>


en 0 0 N ....... N > a: 4:( ;:::) a: m w LL a: LL Local. Hotil owners Focus on Future Ventures BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Several years ago, two brothers took a property investment and transformed it into a business that has propelled them to national status The brothers ate Attorney Michael Roberts and Attorney Steven Roberts, and they hold the distinction of being the owners of the nation's largest African American Hotels Group What makes them unique is that they are the .. American owned and oper ated management chain Recently, the brothers vis ited the citY held a tWoday conference at their Tampa--owned .' Roberts Comfort Irin Busch Gardens Hotel, corner ofN. Nebraska A venue and .E. Busch Blvd. They purchased the proper-. .. ty three years ago and have merged it into their evergrowing portfolio of businesses. Currently, the 11 hotels owned by the brothers in several cities throughout the United States, provide nearly 1,000 rooms. Natives of St. Louis, Missouri, the brothers come from humble beginnings, the sons of a postal worker After graduating from.law school, the brqthers purchased their first property in 1974, in their hometown. A few 'years later, they 'purchased the .. h 'istoric Wyndham Hotel, _located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, Missouri Older brother, Michael Roberts said, "Our. first business was the old Sears building in the inner-city and we turned it into a mall. We have continued to build New H armony M B. Church 5610 East M L. K J r., Blvd Tampa, FL 33619 Phone For A Ride (813) 531-4799 MIRAClE TEMPlE INSTITUTIONAl CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST. INC. "One Church, T w o Locations" Church: (813) 251-5756 & Fax: (813) 231-4664 "Equipping The aintsfoi Worl< Of The Min i stry" Ephesians 4 :12 West Tampa Location 2001 N Albany Avenue, Tampa, FL, 33607 7 :45. a.m.-Early Worship 10 a m -Sunday School 1 1 :30 Morning Worship 6 :30 p.m. -Wednesday lntercli!ssory 7 p.in Mid-Week Worship Service South Tamp a Location 5833 S Dale Mabry HWy., Tampa, FL, 33611 10 a m.-Morning Worship 7 p.m. -Tuesday Bible Study 1st Sunda! Of The Lenten Season MARCH 1, 2009 lOAM PROMPTLY HONORED SPEAKER: PRESIDING ELDER HENRY E. GREEN, JR. OF TlfE "TRMENDOUS" TAMPA oisTRicr The Comfort Inn on the comer of Nebraska Avenue and Busch Bivd: is owned by the Roberts Brothers. on it since :that time In i9sl, we purchased ouf hotel and we started learn ing the hotel business." Since the inception of their organization, The Roberts Hotels Group, the brothers have continued to invest in the Black community in the Clties. ;whefe pi'ope rties. younger brother I Steven said, "We want to be good corporate neighbors. It is important to continue to help the city we invest in that tend to be underserved, but that have great assets. ."There has been significant .. tu rnover of ownership of this property because the previous owners didn't have the sense of commun ity. We are looking at w a y s to become a part of the commu nity," Steven Roberts said Michael Roberts sai d they try to host two confer ences per year to bring thei r management teams togeth er, tour the properties, and exchange ideas. The Roherts Group owns hotels in Fort Myers, Shreveport, Louisiana, St. -L9uis, Missouri, .Memph i s and Jackson, Mississippi. They also own four television stations, a radio station, a cellular broadcast tower company, an aviation company, and several other residential and commercial real estate developments Blake Classot19&9 Finalizes-Reunion Plans The Blake Class of 1969 Reunion Committee: seated on floor, left to right: President Rickey Smith, Nathaniel Matthew, Raymond Williams, Daniel Reeves and Alvin Johnson. Second row, left to right: Gretchen Murphy, Rosalin Rogers, Ida Bames, Pam Collecton, Cynthia Whitfield, Comette Thomas, Arthenia Brown, .Carol Swift. Standing; left to right: Vemon Jackson, George Thomas, Bennie Davis, Clifford Brown; Jewell Williams Snead, Nelson Brown, Anna Spain, Jake Williams, Brenda Patterson, Nathaniel Lee. Not seen, Ronald Harden, Harriet Scott, Craig Reese, Del bra Stone, Brenda Thompson and William Avant. The Tampa host committee is finalizing plans for the 40th reunion of the Howard W Blake Class of 1969. The group is putting together its reunion book, and ordering rings and pendants for the commemoration ceremony and the "Night In White." President Rickey Smith and the committee w;mt every classmate to participate. 'For :riu)re information on how to participate, call (813) 935-6494 Events already scheduled are: Thursday, June 25th, Hospitality and Registra-tion at Landmark Lo9ge; Friday, June 26th, Class Picnic at MacFarlane :and In White and Entertainment Fun' _Night; 27th, 'A N1ght In Pans,' formal affair; Sunday, June 28th Worship S e rvic e a:rufi dl'; ser monettes by ministers of the class solos, groups and clas s memorial servic e .t\ll;&vf:m, t s will b e h eld at the Airport Hilton. ;Hot e l. lneetihgs are held the '2iia"Mdnday 6f the month :i t ; 11'p. : 1ii: Brehda Patterson for more information at (813) 244-1185. -" .. F o un d..-s Sunday Mor n ing Worship '11:30A M W e dne.s day Bi bl e S t udy 6.46 P M. 7.46 P .rvi. UNITY M. B. CHURCH 3111 Ybor St., Tamp a FL 33805 (813) 248-5955 ELDER H H. HUNT, Pastor Sunday School 9:30A.M Morning W!)rship II kM. Bible Study* Tues.* 7:30P. M St Mark Missionary Baptist Church 1 05 S Morgan St -Plant City, FL 813-752 5555 Sun. School 10 A.M. Sundays Morning Worship Service -11 A.M Bible Study & Prayer Stirvlce Wednesday 7 P.M. 8 P.M In An y And E very Way, All That Matters I s That Christ Is Proclaimed


Local PartnershiP CoiDminees Prepare For Busv Year CAROL JOSEPHSMARSHALL. Land Use Chair East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership Chairperson, Evangeline Best, has gone on record as sa)ing this will be a crucial year for the ETCRP and the chairs of its various committee groups. Carol Josepbs-Marsball, Chaiipcrson of the Land Use Committee, said they are looking at zoning issues in East Tampa. "We will also,be meeting with cih officials and an oYcrlay plan on March tgtil. "We're also looking at getting some prope11ies rezoned and checking with residents to sec what the\ want. We leaYc the fimil decision to the neighborhood leaders." Ms. Josepbs-Marsball said thev want to make sure evcr)thi"ng is inclusive and upgmdcs are made where they are needed the most. "We want people to feel comfmtable with doing business in East Tampa. We also want to know how rezoning requests will impact the communitv and the people." Ms. Josepbs-Marsball said the ETCRP has been putting a lot of work into its Strategic Plan that will bring together all of the committees and communitv leaders. She also some rezoning requests work. "Some requests are done administratively and don't go before the City Council. The ones that do go before the Council has to be reviewed by the affected -ROSA CH.AMBRIDGE Pub,ic_ Safety Chair area first to sec if it would be a good fit for that community. We look at all the pros and cons." Ms. Josepbs-Marsball said they work with City Council before a final decision is made on some rezoning requests. Rosa Cambridge, who chairs the Public Safctv Committee said the\ trying to 'focus on. two primary issues. "First, we want to put together a youth council in collaboration with the Tampa Police Depa11ment. We )vant our young people to seek careers and get off the streets. "The safety aspect of the communih on a whole is also a of concern. We want residents to ha\c more control mcr what goes on in their community.'' Ms. Cambridge said of vital concern is the safetv of elderly residents living in East Tampa. "Our elderly residents have some serious issues and we're going to start conducting breakfast meetings to sit dmm with them and the neighborhood leaders so they can tell us what's going on. "We're concerned about the loitering and we want to encom:age the community to complete the project at the District Ill Sector Office.rr We want a histmic -J" information center at that location to help take a lot of the negative aspects away." EV ANGEUNE BEST ETCRPChair Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or emailed at VlCTORY TEMPLE OUTREACH MINISTRIES (loceltd AI The South Terrace Plua) 7633 N. 56th St. Tampa, FL 33617 (813) 989-1863 PASTOR LA YTECIA & BRO. SEDRICK MCKINNY Join Us For Worship! Sundays ... 1 0:00A.M. Worship Service Mondays ... 7:00 P.M. Corporate Prayer 4th Mondays 7:00 P.M. Substance Abuse Ministries Wednesdays .... 7:30 P.M. Bible Study 4th Fridays ... 7:00 P.M. Youth Service 3rd Saturdays .... 1:00 P.M. Women's Ministry "RESTORING FAfTH, FAIIIILY & FINANCES" www.victo empleoutreach.com -::- 1 HANDS OF GOD MINISTRIES, INC. 2918 East 271 h Avenue BISHOP CLAYTON FERGUSON, JR. And PASTOR 8 ELDER DOROTHY FERGUSON Sunday: Sunday SchooiiO A.M. Praise 6 Worship I Morning Service II A.M. Evening Service 6 P.M. Wednesday: Bible Study 7 P.M. Friday: Evangelist Night 7 P.M. 11:1/ive s'e.t You M o rm Door NewMt.Zion Announces Revival Dates The New Mount Zion Florida and 3ri.l Missionary Baptist Church Director of the State of Tampa, pastored by Dr. Congress. He is a powerful Walter James Williams, preacher, pastor/teacher, will feature Reverend Dr. evangelist and an Fleming Tarver, Ambassador for Christ. Moderator of Union The Reverend Dr. Foreign Missiona11' Baptist William Gillison is a Association and pastor of native of Beaufort, South St John MBC/Ciearwater,' Carolina. He was educated as Workshop Facilitator for in the Lackawanna New the Annual Revival York School Systen;. He scheduled for March 9 13, has served as pastor of the 2009 at 7 p. m. each night. Mt. Olive Baptist Church in The Reverend Dr. Buffalo, NY, for 28 )ears; William Gillison, Pastor serves as President and Mt. Olive Baptist Church; founder of the Mi. Olive Buffalo, NY, will sene as_ .. Development guest revival preacher. Yice Moderator of the Great This. duo has partnered Lakes Baptist Association; several years during this recipient of Outstanding annual time of worship. Servk-e Award from Colgate Moderator Tarver is a Rochester DivinitY School native of Richmond County, Crozer Theological Georgia and a graduate ot Seminary; and recipient of "T1 :::0 c )> "T1 m ID :::0 c )> .:::o -< N 0 0 he received a Bachelor's the Ministers' Division of Degree in Theology and the Empire State Congress z Master's Degree in of Christian Education, ::::! Theology. He was also president of the Baptist Z recipient of an Honorary Ministers' Conference of Doctorate from this Buffalo and Vicinity and 1D institution. other positions to his C He serveS as Chairman of The public is invited to F the Board of Trustees of share in this revival. m ::::! z ******* ATTENTION ALL PASTORS ******* Do You Need A Piano Player For Your Church? Give Me A Call Ar(813) 789-2774 Abundant Life Church Of God In Christ' 4125 Nassau St. W. Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 875-9077 KAREN BARNES PASTOR OF OPERATIONS Our Weekly Order Of Service Sunday School 9:30A.M. Morning Worship II :00 A.M. .1Dten:e11ory Prayer Moaday Friday 6:00 P.M. Bible ll11tit11te Wedaesday 7:30P.M. Corporate Prayer Every bt & lrd Friday-8:00 P.M. "I Havt Co1r1t That They Might Havt UFE ... Morr ABUNDANTLY" St. Jeu 11:10 SUNDAY SCHOOl-10 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP -11 A.M. TUES., BIBlE STUDY 1 P.M. The Church will provide call 626-2759 UNITY A.M.E. CHURCH 1013 W. Dr. Marlin LutherKing, Jr. Blvd. Seffner. FL. 33584 ;. (SI3) Church Schoo) .1 0 a, m. Each *Sunday Morning Worship" ll a.m. "Bible Study" 71'. m. Each Tuesday Night Came witlt us tile NEW THJNC (iot/ i.'i floing! A. Jou..: Palut 2 vf .n \\' Dr. \11.1-: .lr. 'BhJ. :111d Church i. ''" lh, I .,.., c ID c en :I: m c m < m :::0 -< c m en c )> -< )> z 0 )> G> m


m 0 0 C\1 ""' C\1 > a: ct => a: m w u. >t a: u. Q a: u. c z ct c en w => .... > a: w [ij-c w l: en :::::i m => D. z i= w ..J ..J => m I ..J w z i= z w en C a: 0 ..J u. Local AU International First Vice President-Honored Bv Militarv First Vice Carolyl. Stewart is honored by Black Greeks in the military. AKA melllbers Major Tina Harris, Major Flossie Lomax and Major Doriya: Smith made the presen-tation... Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. International First Vice President, Carolyn House Stewart was honored by members of the military from Mac Dill Air Force Base recently. During a Black History luncheon that paid tribute to Black Greeks in the military, Stewart was presented a plaque by AKA members Major Flossie Lomax, Major Titia Harris and Major Donya Smith. In presenting the award, Stewart was applauded for her leadership and for being a role model to Alpha Kappa Alpha. Following the official presentation, noted cookbook author Carolyn Quick Tillery; surprised Stewart by gifting her with a copy of her book, The Military Wives Cookbook. First Vice President Stewart applauded Black Greeks in the military and acknowledged them for their role in fostering democracy and keeping the country safe. She said she was honored by the award and humbled by the recognition-particularly coming from "the brave men and women who protect Americans." Black Historv R emembered: Daughter Hopes To Keep Dad's legacv Alive BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor When Black History Month rolls around each year, the thoughts of Bettye Davis Jordan automatically go to her father, Lee Davis, whose legacy is still alive in Tampa. Mr. Davis was 8'7 years old when he died January 20, 1981. In 1993, Ms. Jordan com piled memoirs of her father and put them in book form entitled, My Father, Lee Davis. Born in:l894, Davis came to Tampa from Live In 1926,-he married Ethel Small on his birthday, April 15th. She died 4 years and 10 days after he died. Both had suffered with cancer. of Tampa's leading Black businessmen, Davis owned Lee's Bar and Lee's Poolroom in the days when Central Ave. was bustling with African American businesses. He later moved his businesses to a small shopping center aloiJ.g .22nd St., which in_cluded the Bird of Paradise Bar, Lee's Diner, LEEDAVIS College Hill 5 & 10 Cents -Store, a poolroom, grocery store and a ga,s station at 22nd St. and 26th Ave He was president of Lee Davis Enterprises. His first business in Tampa was a Pressing Club, begun in 1921. He also owned businesses in Florence Villa. Be.cause he was such a humanitarian, Davis gave to Hillsborough County (for the sum of $1.00) land on Potter St. and 28th Ave. where the first Lee' bavis Clinic was built to provide health care for Blacks; The land was across the street from his home. In 1960, Davis built a lavish home on the corner of Osborne Ave. and 36th St. With his generosity, Davis also bought the first bus for Middleton High School and made generous donations to his ch1,uch, St. Paul AME The Lee Davis Neighborhood Service Center bears his name. As she travels about the city during the month, Ms. Jordan, a Birth Doula, says she is often asked about her father. He was identified as one of 35 Black millionaires in thel)nited States, but didn't want to be identified as such He wanted to be known as a humanitarian, she. said. Many of those he helped never knew it Mr. Davis served on many boards and received numerous awards ., In the-early 1970s, Davis sol9 his businesses along 22rid St., btit to members of the older Tampa community, the area is still referred to as 'Lee Davis .' 9th Annual Men's Health Forum Planned On Saturday, March 7th, Moffitt Cancer Center and the Florida Prostate Cancer Network will host its 9th Annual African American Men's Health Forum. The event will take place at the Dale Mabry Campus of Hillsborough Community College, 4001 W. Tampa Bay Blvd ; from 7:30 a. m. until 1:3 0 p.m. Thepurpose of the forum._,_,. is to provide a venue of health screenings free of charge for African American men. Dr. Brian River, Executive Director, Florida Prostate Cancer Network and Assistant Member, Department of Health Outcomes & Behavior Population Sciences Division, Moffitt Cancer Center said, "Last more than 1,500 men took advantage of the forum. During the screenings, three cancers and 51 abnormalities were found. We are making progr ess and identifying people through this forum." Dr. Rivers said the spon-BRIAN RIVERS PhD, MPH Executive Director, Florida Prostate Cancer Network sors expect more men to attend the forum this year simply because of the economy, the impact of layoffs resulting in people being uninsured, and the fact that those who are working may be uninsured because they need the money for living expenses The screenings planned for the day will b egin at 8 a. m and conclude at 12 o'clock. There is no fasting required and blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, colon can cer kit, and prostate cancer screenings will be availab le. However, men interested in. obtaining the prostate cancer screening must be pre-registered We don't want t o make women feel that they are not included i n this because they get involved in the process by encouraging a lo ved on e to have the screen ings. Last year, women were dropping the men off to "take advantage of the screenings. We have everything in place, all you have to do is call and register," Dr. Rivers said. The forum is open to any one wishing to participat e or to have screenings. Howevr, Dr. Rivers said those interesteQ. must call and register. "We will serve breakfast, : lunch, and refreshments so-\ve need to know how many to e"'pect." Anyone wishing to take part in the for.um can call (813) 870-4 7 47 to register. City Editor Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (813) 248-1921 or by email iholton@flsentinel.com Black History Through Negro Spirituals And Anthology Faith Temple M. B. Church 2916 Orient Rd. Tampa 33619 Rev. Eric Campbell, Pastor Aftire.


Local In The Spotlight j Progress Village I we salute vou I Centenarian Dies BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Writer On Tuesday, February 3rd, family members and friends gathered at the Progress Village home of Mr. Rich Bradley to share in the celebration of his lOlst birthday. Mr. Bradley quietly passed away on Tuesday, February 24th, at Hospice at Sun City Center, at the age of 101. His death comes two months after that of is wife, Mrs. Jimmie Lee Bradley, who died in December 2008. A native of Salters, South Carolina, Mr. Bradley was the father of 9 children After moving to Tampa, he settled in the newly constructed Progress Village area and has been a resident of the area for nearly 50 years. He also became a member of Progress Village A.M .E. Church. I Ms. Twanda Bradley said her father didn't have formal training, but had a natural talent as an architect and was instrumental in laying the foundation of several structures in the area. He retired after his vision failed. For the last five years of his life, Mr. Bradley was blind, but it never stopped him from passing his wisdom on to the next generation. "My father loved all of his family, but h e had a very special bond with two childre!l in our family. He RICH BRADLEY Feb. 3, 1908 -Feb. 24, 2009 never saw his great granddaughter, (4-year-old) Timyrah Washington, but she guided him, would sit with him, and she would talk. to him just as if he could see her. "Our cousin, Da Vincio Flowers (age 7), would sit and talk to him for hours. My dad would talk to DaVincio about his early life just as if DaVincio could connect to his child11ood. DaVincio was the sunset of his life," Ms. Bradley said. -Mr. was a longtime member of St. James A.M.E Church of Progress Village." On Saturday, February 28th, at 11 a .m., family members and will" gather at the chutch his funeral ser.Ray Williams Home is in charge o f haridiing .... ":;' ::: ........ .' ..;!; .. AWF FUMIGATORS, INC. : : lEST PIICU IRTOWIII EVANGELIST JANICE NUNNNELSON February 25th Happy birthday wishes are extended to our mom on her big day. Thank God for you, your prayers and your love. From, Alan, Adrian and Janiece. Coordinator Of NAACP Gospel Explosion Steve Marshall, a new member of the NAACP Executive Committee, was the chair and coordinator of the successful Centennial Gospel Extravaganza held at the Mt. Calvary Seventh-Day Adventist Church. ------------------------------------, / I 6 ''71te \rl>ice of Our Communilv Speaking for /rse.(t' (813) 248-1921 A'SHIA This week's Spotlight feature, A'Shia, is a 20-year-old Leo who says her hobbies are playing her violin, dancing, reading, and spending time with her man, George and her family. A'Shia says her philosophy of life is: "life is a journey not a destination." In the future, A'Shia plans to become a model and finish school with her major in business. She wants to be a human resource agent. The man in A'Shia s life must be very kind, handsome, spiritual, have patience and have goals set in his life. Congratulations to A'Shia as this week's Spotlight feature. Garlic Crabs, Fried crabs Hot Boiled Crabs Spicv Seasoned crabs Mouth Watering Crab Enchalida Hot Dog Chips Soda -$1.50 Februarv 21-28, 2009 1118 West Main St. (8131 481-2102 Thank You For Supponinu The West Tampa Cultural Socletv 1\) -.....! 1\) 0 0 c.o "T1 5 ::EI g (/) m z ::f z m r:-111 c rrm ::f z "tt c Ill c (/) ::I: m 0 m < m -f c m (/) c )> z c "T1 ::EI m ..... w I )>


en Local ,..: i Fans React To Release Of Derrick Brooks, 4 Others :::: a: m w u. >"' a: u. 0 a: u. 0 z c( 0 en w :::: t-it w > w 0 w ::z::: en :::i. ID :::: a. z ...J ...J :::: m ...:. w z z w en C a: 0 ...J / DERRICK BROOKS Drafted By Bucs In 1995 (28th Overall) Out Of Florida State The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will open their 2009 season with a new look. The new look goes far beyond new head coach, Raheem Morris, and new defensive and offensive coordinatOrs. When the Bucs open camp, among the missing faces will be one 'that best reflects the rough road the Bucs have had.to travel, since wiimm.g a Super Bowl in 2002 ... Derrick Brooks, who 'was drafted out of Florida State in 1995 (1st round, 28th overall) was the most shocking name put on the unemployment line. The JOEY GALWWAY Drafted By the Seattle Seahawks In 1995 (8th overall) Out Of Ohio State 14-year-veteran was the 2002 Defensive Player of the Year, has gone to 11 Pro Bowls, is a 5-time first. team All Pro, and in 2000, was named the NFL Walter Payton. Man Of The Year. He also sits on the Board of Trustees at his alma mater. Brooks is an icon in Tampa, getting involved in the education of youth through derrick Brooks Charities, and joining with mall magnate Eddie DeBartolo in founding the Brooks/Debartolo Schools. Warrick Dunn was also released after returning to the Bucs from the Atlanta Falcons. Dunn, a 3-time WARRICK DUNN Drafted By The Bucs In 1997 (12th overall) Out Of Florida State Pro Bowl selection, was drafted in the first round by the Buccaneers in 1997 out of Florida State. Dunn has been a pillar in not just the Tampa Bay area, but in the State of Louisiana and in Atlanta with his First Time Home Buyers Assistance Program. Also released were wide receiver Joey Galloway, wide receiver Ike Hilliard, and linebacker Cato June. A few true Buccaneer fans were called and asked to give their opinions on the cuts. These are their responses. Bobby Scott: "I'm really Unity Youth Football Conference I I _J .-' ... *FOOTBALL I CHEERLEADING I STEP* 2009 REGISTRATION PARTNERS WHEN: MARCH 7, 2009 (SATURDAY) 10: 00 AM-2:00PM WHERE: NFL YET TOWN CENTER 3310 E. LAKE AVE. (JACKSON HEIGHTS PARK) COST: $102.00 PER STUDENT ATillTE AGES: 7-14 *NO WEIGHT LIMIT* (PLAYER CANNOT TURN 15 ANYTIME IN 2009) *2009 OFFICIAL TEAMS* CUSCADENPARKCOUGARS OAKPARKPANTHERS 2900 N.15rn St., Tampa, FL 5300 E. 15rn Ave, Tampa, FL (813) 770-4138 Sonya Ocasio (813) 325-6522 Tametra Smith (813) 900-8286 Ronald Nelson (813) 917-9950 Andrew Ha.ITis *2008 A YF NATIONAL CHAMPIONS COPELAND PARK. SAINTS 11001 N.15TH St., Tampa, FL (813) 312-0093 Tracie Dawkins TAMP A UNITY VS. HOUSTON TEXAS SOUTHEAST/SOU1HWEST CLASSIC HOUSTON, TEXAS AUGUST2009 COACHES NEEDED FOR THE COUGARS AND THE PANTHERS MUST PASS BACKGROUND CHECK IKE HILLIARD Drafted By TheN. Y. Giants In 1997 (7th Overall) Out Of U. Of Fiorida shook up. I hope they know what they're doing. Brooks and Dunn have done a lot for our community and have inspired a lot of people. "I just renewed my tickets last week. I'm still a fan and I'll stay to see how Raheem Morris will handle this. All eyes will be on him. I think Brooks will play somewhere else. Cato June was a star with Tony Dungy and is still a young guy. We're losing some great guys and it's a tough pill to swallow. We really need to hit the draft hard this year." Tampa native and N. Y. Giant running back Kay Jay Harris: "I'm surprised by the cuts. I don't know what direction they are going. I think Brooks can still play. Maybe the new coach wants youth. seems t o be the slogan of the year. Change! "By some of the moves they've made; they'll be filling the holes in the draft. I know they will draft another runnirtg.back and Sickle Cell CEO, Frank Reddick: "I'm comp 1 e t e 1 y stunned. Cutting eran players without having someone to replace them is amazing. Losing Brooks, who has been the heart and soul of the team, is really shocking. He had a year remaining on his contract and could have retired here. There's just no loyalty anymore. "Brooks served the team and community with honor, and deserved to go out on his own terms. I don't think Morris made these decisions. I think a lot of fans CATOJUNE Drafted By The Indianapolis Colts In 2oo3 (198th Overall) Out Of Michigan will turn away and this is a reminder of how Doug Williams was treated here. You can also look at what happened to Warren Sapp and John Lynch. I defi nitely don't expect the Bucs to have a good year." All Sports Founder and former Chicago B e a r Tyrone Keys: "It's part of the g a m e Brooks and Dunn have showed everyone what success looks like and have served the community well Their character is above reproach. When it comes to the Bucs, when you're bringing. in a new regime, rebuilding is a natl,lr.Ed process. It's going to be hard replacing Brooks and Dunn. "I don't know if they gave them the option of retiring, but this is the nature of sports these days, especially considering the current economics. The Bucs have lost two cornerstones of their team." H. W. Blake head football coach, Harry Hubbard: "I think they were all great players. I'm as surprised as ......___,.___. the players are. I think it's important to keep veteran players around. Now, I don't know what direction the team is going. Even Raheem Morris seemed stunned by the moves, so it appears the decisions came from higher up. "I think fans will still support the team and the fans fi:re going to have to be patient. When you're rebuilding you need veterans around to show them the ropes. I don't know how the Bucs are going to handle this." Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at


Local Elementarv Students: Former Tampan's Ordeal leads To Bias lawsuit Earn Trip To counhouse BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor During the course of the day, any child. attending a certain Hillsborough County elementary school can be carded .and sent to the office Once that child reaches the office, he or she will be praised instead of being punished. Upon arriving in the office, the student gets to place his or her name in the autograph book arid draw her. That number is then placed on the board of activities.... The program is designed so that when one of the chil-. dren receive a card, he she .. is given the opportunity to select one of several activities being offe_red .;;is_ .f'ield trips or the school. When a' group of 12 children,place thei:r .. names .on an actiyity, tha.t group is selected for the event. The line is drawn horiiontal:y, :-. diagonally; or vertically to obtain the 12 iuimes; : The P.i:ogram is as .. tl1"e Booker T. Wfischington :. Elementary Schoo(Hornets' :' Wi'nners P.iogram. : : Th_ e p':lrpose ?f.the prograin '.; .. :. is to reward those students :.}who w ere' '"caught o:,good," Science Resource Teacher said: .' : One youngster who Jy had .the opportunity to :-. visit the Honorable Judge .. Ralph Stoddard at the .. Hillsborough: County .; was. 7-year old : Prince-Little,Jr. Prince is ._-. a fi:rst grade student at the : school a .nd.has consistently PRINCE LITILE, JR.; : BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor When Ray Stewart came to Tarilpa in 1997, he believed he had found a riew home and built a better lifestyle for himself and his family For nearly 8 years that was th.e case. He was recommended for the position of finance manager an'd re. cei ved outs tanding ratings on his performance. But a conference caU changed that. The first garten. African-American district Last Wednesday, Prince, 7 other stud.ents, Ms. finance manager for Stouffer, and Ms. Sylvia DaimlerChrysler Services Rockwell, Ph.D., embarked Truck Finance, formerly upon the field trip that Mercedes-Benz Credit proved to be both education -Corporation, Stewart .was al and fun : terminated in August 2005 "The kids had the oppQrtu after complained about nityto go into traffic court as an incident January it was going on and they 2004. On a nationwide con. really enjoyed it. The kids ference call, documents toured the courthouse: and show, a co-worker shouted had the opportunity see out, 'f--you n---! Yeah, I where the inmates are kept in the holding cells. It was called him an. .!' amazing how much i nforma. Two months later,. tion they retained .. Stewart's ordeal accelerat. "Judge Stoddard. didn't, ed .with Freightliner Trucks have court that day so the ofTampa and Sterling & kids had the opportunity to Western Trucks of.,. sit in his "chair and partici Tampa of pate ."in plaY-ing tbe y really enjoyed themselves," v e h icles) when he attended Ms. Stouffer said. a meeting concerning.used After.having.lunch : the k f true inance issues. students returned to school. Stewart learned that sev-Prince is the son of. Ms. Katrena Mitchell and the. eral people did "not want to grandson of Cookie, :and _work with a 'colored/black' Mr. and Mrs. He man. A vice president. with enjoys playing football, .read. Freightliner LLC wanted to ing, swimming, .and know "whose idea was it to RAYSTEWART DaimlerChrysler appealed the judge's ruling that denied them a new trial, thus delaying'thejudgment. Stewart paid an attorney in Tampa $4,000_ to assist him ...?as told that he had no case. The EEOC sat case for 4 years." Then in 2008, the U. S. Equal Employment. Commission i$sued a statein:ent that said Stewartwas terminated from his position b ecause ofhis race. .. Florida (territory)?" Stewart has anc;>ther law-Several events occurred. suit set t.o go to "trial in June andStewart continued to 2009: It" names Daimler complain about discrimina-subsidiary, tion, a hostile work envirm1LLC and others : irt a con-ment and retaliation. But. spiracy. Stewart was never senior management at interviewed m : D aimlerChrYsler Services Freightliner Truck Finance refused to As an outgrowth. of.the and he was ter-Miami case, Stewart filed minated. It took 6 mont.hs another lawsuit in Tampa for him. to get last check for conspiracy int"en-And, there .was an attempt tional .. tl:lat to withhold unemployment:.. nameS' several individuals "The divorced father of. 3;. .: : filed a lawsuit. agail].st < .. "As. DaimlerChrysler Services_P o.ccurrences, I been America, LLC on. April 16, unsuccessful in. finding 2007 in Miami. On July 17, gainful employment in an 2008, a juri fo:urrd wo.r.ked "in for Da:imierCh r}ilser guilty of over-20 said. retaliatio. n an' d wrongful Stewart has since returned termination. Stewart was to his home in Alabama. over $350,000 "In. A Human Resot4'ces per-damages by a judge apd SO!l "in ... one_ _(>( :-the jury. DaimlerChrysler offices (at o'n January 20, _;_ a 1-800 .. iJ."ot the exact hour that a Black. With man wa5 being inaugurated: said i f -she: was faziuliar;she as p .re.sident of the United could not conimertt o:n the States of ,._ .. : case. ., '. since kinder. ing time with his family. : send a black. man Into ::: :.'. .. -:.--,.. ____ ......;.. ____ _:_ _,.;_ ., ''!' ... : ,: .,.. I .... :. ... :: ':: ii ::c 0 }< ., m m ::c c: l> ::c -< 1\) -...! 1\) 0 0 (X) ., r 0 :!:! en m z z m r I lXI c: r r m z ""D c: lXI r en .:%: m c m < m ::a < c: m en 0 )> .. z 0 ., :a 6 ::-a m ....... / (J1 )> .. .... ,...


a: u. c z 0 tn w ::;) t-> a: w > w c w ::t: tn ::i ID ::;) .Q. z _, _, ::;) ID I -irl z i= Z W tn c a: 0 -' &&. MR. EUGENE HENRY CLARK The homegoing celebration for Mr. Eugene Henry Clark, of i317 E. Osborne Ave., who passed away Tuesday, February 24, 2009, v.ill be held Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 4 p. m. at Peace Progressive: Primitive Baptist Church, 2628 E. Lake Ave., Rev. Timothy J. Kemp, pastor, officiating. The interment will be held in Sarasota National Cemetery Monday, March 2nd. Mr. Clark was born June 10, 1951, in Marianna, Florida, to the late Shelly Henry Clark and Lillie M. Spragins. He served in the United States Army. Mr. Clark was preceded in death by: both parents; grandmother, Girlie Riley; and brother, Ronald Spragin5. He is survived by: his companion, Darlene Amos. of Tampa; children, lwai Clark, Kimani Clark and Eugena Walli stepchildren, Lainere Williams, Latosha Amos, Virgil Branch and Michael Branch; grandchildren, Desmond Wall, Michael, Mykeria; Olivia and Zamiaya;;brother, Charles E. Spragins; III, of VirKinia; sister;Lillie Yonika Spragins of Tampa; .. nieces, Shelia Spragins, Tatiana Johnson, Kiana ,Spragins and Zyniah Ruther;: :cousins, Amy Summerwell of Marianna, Florida,. Dorothy Pope of Mariimna, Annette Stevenson, of Clermont, Florida, Elvera Hamilton of Philadelphia, Minnie Pender of Tallahassee, Philip Pope of Virginia, Lillie Miller of Miami, and Damon Pope of Plant City; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and special friends. ., A special thank you to hos-pice.. .The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday (today), from 5-8 p : m. The funeral cortege arrange from 1317 E. Osborne Ave. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approxhuately 3:45 p. m., Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MR. MARVIN TERRELL GRIFFIN Homegoing services for Mr. Marvin Terrell Griffin of 6911 Karin Court, Apt. A., who passed away, Sunday, February 22, 2009, will be held Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2 p.m. at Northside Churcll. of Christ, 6906 N. 50th Street, Rev. James Suttle, Jr., Evangelist and Rev. Charles Trower, officiating. Interment will be in Orange Hill Cemetery. Marvin was born July 6,1978 in Tampa to Pamela Griffin Charlie Riggins. He enjoyed talking and joking with friends and family. He was preceded in death by: his grandfather, Charlie Riggins, Sr.; mother-in-lliw, Lillie Nelson; and nephew, Joshua R. Fulton. He leaves to cherish his memories: loving wife, MaJeedah Griffin; parents, Pamela Griffin and Charlie Riggins; grandparents, Robert (Felicia) Griffin, Esther Griffin and Chuck and Bertha Vickers; brothers, Ronald Fulton, Jr., and Keon Riggins; sisters, Maquita Riggins, Shaquita Riggins; Newton Wilson (Greta), Waheed Nelson (Shontil) and Wallace Wilson; sisters-in-law, Berniee Davis, lmaanie (Balil), Sarmella, Shareefah and Selina Wilson; aunts, Lillian Griffin, Billie Allen, Robin Fitts and husband, Carl, Mary Linda Jenkins and Gus, Carrie Mae Corbett, Anna Bell Bridgeman, Elaine Wiggins, Zemetriour Griffin and Van Griffin; uncles, Moses Robinson, Marvin. Griffin, Recha Sta.rks, Wimp Freeman, and Adrian Vickers; nieces, Fantasia -Fulton, Ja'Kayla and Ke'miah Riggins; nephew, Ronald Fulton, II; favorite cousin, LaDaishia Glover; cousins," Greg Allen, Jr., Barnell Bo Edwards, Charlie Williams, Jermel Allen, Chad Allen, Terone Billups, Joseph Gushaun and Jarmal Jenkins; and best .. friend, Leon. The remains .will repose at Aikens Funeral Jlome from 5-8 p ; m., Friday evening. The funeral cortege will arrange ,. from 6911 Karin Court-AIKENS FUNERAL HOME' Serving Hillsborough And Pinellas Counties FOr Momn,;m1rve8rs To the Families We S.tV.e" ."DOLL" The homegoing celebration for Mrs. Celia "Doll" Kitchen, of 5403 79th Street, who departed this life to be with her Heavenly Father on Wednesday, February 18, 2009, will be held Saturday, February 28, 2009, at u a m: at First Baptist Church of Progress Village, 8616 Progress Blvd. Tampa, with Pastor-Teacher, Dr. Sam MaxweJl, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. ..' Mrs. Kitchenwas born in Atlanta, Georgia, to Richard Flournory, Sr. and Annie Bell Grant Flournory: She received hejo education in the public schools of Atlanta, GA. She had been a member of the First Bapti'st Church of Progress Village since the early 1960s under the pastorate of founding pastor, Rev. B. T. Williams, then Roosevelt Robinson, Jr. and current pas-. tor-teacher, Dr. Sam Maxwell. She was preceded in death by: her sisters, Emma Cutler, Geraldine Oliver, Pearl Fisher and Julia Broadnax; and brothers, Richard Flournory and Willie Flournory. : Survivors left to cherish loving and fond memories: loving and devoted husband. and caregiver, Earnest Kitchen; one and only loving and dedicated son, Henry Kitchen Flournory (Louvenia); 2 grandsons, Tavores (Terry) Flournory and Henry Flournory; 2 great grandsons, Henry John Flournory and. Tavores Flournory, Jr.; 2 great granddaughters, Khaliyah Flournory and Kachelah Flournory; sisters, Lula Oliver and Rilla Fisher (James); sisters-in-law, Icilda Flournory, Ida Morgan, Carolyn Kitchen and .Julia Kitchen; brothers-in-law, Otis Kitchen (Vivian) ,and Bet\iainin Broadnax; special caregiver, Mary Coaston; and a host of aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at :Aikens Funeral Home on Friday (today), from s-8 p. m. The fami.ly will receive friends fr.om 6-7 p. m. The .funeral cortege will arrange from 5403 79th Street (Progress Village). Friends are asked to assemble at the church .at approximately 10:45 a. m Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MR. FRANKLYN LIGHTBOURNE Homegoing services for Mr. Franklyn Lightbourne of Tampa, who passed away on Sunclay, February 22, 2009, will be held Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 4 p. m. at New Life Tabernacle, UPC, 2225 E. 109th Avenue, Pastor Jacqueline Zeigler, eulogist. Interment will he in Garden of Memories Mr. Lightbourne was ll member of Greater Faith Outreach Center. He-enjoyed basketball, fishing $d swimming. In 1990 he met his future wife, Yolanda and they were united in holy matrimony in 1993. They moviJ to Tampa in 1996. He;was preceded in death by: son, mother, Lucy Gray, brother, Lewis; and grandpar-ents:: He teaves to cherish his memories: a devoted and loving wife; .Yolanda Light bourne; chilclren, Jerverno, Albray, Lurano, Alaun, Khadejah and Michael (nephew); 3 grandchildrenj parents, Claudius and Eimeria Lightbourne; brothers, George, Earl, Otheniel, Glenn, Gilbert, Norman, Leroy, Milton, Auldcm, Patrick, Berdett, Larry and Collin; sisters, Linda, Ruth, Norma, Elmena, Joan, Stra.udy, Jean, : Constance,.Donna and Dianne; a host of brothers and in-la:w, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and special friends; Victorious Church of Jesur Christ, New Life Tabernacle, and Greater Outreach Church families. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from 5-8 p. m., Friday evening. The funeral cortege will arrange from 10314 Meadow Crossings. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME SISTER DOROTHY : .MALLARl) .. H9megoing services for Sister Dorothy Mallard, of 2804 Besito Ct., who passed away Saturday,:February21, 2009, will be held Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2 p. m. at Mt. Moriah P. B. Church, 12Zs N Nebraska Ave., Elder Dr. Willie J. Williams, DDS, 'pastor, officiating. The interment will follow in Garden of Memories Cemetery. : Sister Mallard wa. s bo.rn September 3 ; 1930,0 to. the late. Clau'die Mae Roberts and the late, Willie Clayton in Live oak, Florida. Her family moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida in Remember Your Loved Ones With A Memorial Of Distinction From Percy Collins We Provide A Large Selection For Memorial N8eds ... Bronze P laques, Headstones, Cocnerstones, Signs & Cemetery Lettering Family Owned: Percy Collins, Annette Collins & Michael Colleton We Service The Entire Area SISTER DOROTHY MAlLARD 1940. She attended the schools of Pinellas County and gradu-' ated from Gibbs High School, class of 1949, and Buffalo Adult Vocational School. At an early.age, she was converted and baptized and united with the Second Bethel Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Elder Enoch Davis. In 1956, she moved With her family to Tampa, where she united with the Greater Mount Moriah P. B. Church under the pastorate ofthe late Elder N. L. Brown. She later moved her membership to Peace Progressive P. B. Church, where the late Elder Joseph Jefferson served as pastor. After the passing of-Elder 'Jefferson, she reunited with the Greater Mount Moriah P B. Church. She was also a member. of Church School Class #9. She was joined in holy matrimony to Mr. Lenward Mallard in 1976, who preceded her in death. Sister Mallard was employed as a sales associate for 13 years at Belk Lindsey's Department Store from where she retired in 1989. Precious memories will be fo1_"ever cherished by: her 2 daughters, Joyce Anderson Linda Cotney; 3 so.ns; Benjamin Young, Gregory Richardson and wife, Margaret and James Richardson and wife, Kim; grandchildren, Len, Nikita, Jamil, Gregory, Jr., Alexis and Alexander; great grandchildren, Dwayne, Lateshia, Len, Jr. and Jaquin, all of.Tampa; 3 aunts,Teresa Carter, Maggie Williams and Willow Roberinson of Daytona Beach; 2 cousins, Elder Leroy Atkins and wife, Louanna and Eula Weldon of Tampa; sisterin-law, Beatrice Williams of St. Petersburg; 2 goddaughters, Siberia Swain and Cerice Hawkins of Tampa; godson, James Roberson; devoted friends, Essie Reed, Deacon Clyde Allen and wife, Hattie, Teresa Washington, Lillian Williams, Willie and Mildred Williams, Betty Denson, Mother Alma Harold, Mother Mary Coaston, Ester Griffin, Flossie Weeks, Valritha Williams, Sol Davis, Deacon and Mother A. and the Mount Moriah family, all of Tampa, Shirley Harris of Milledgeville. Georgia, and Gibbs class of 1949; and a host of other sorrowing relatives and friends. Special thanks are extended to the New York Yankees. The remains repose at. Aikens Funeral H ome on .Friday (today), from 5-8 p. m The funeral cortege will arrange from, 2804 Besito Ct. (Knollwood Manor Apts). Friends are asked to assembl e at the church approximately 1:45 p. m., Saturday for the service AIKENS FUNERAL HOME II.


Funerals MO. HENRIEITA REEVES TROUP Homegoing services for Mother Henrietta Reeves Troup, of 1613 E. Ida Street, who passed away Wednesday, February 18, 2009, will be held Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Mt. Olive M. B. Church, 4008 E. C. P. Epps Dr. (Cayuga St.), Rev. Dr. C. P. Epps, pastor, officiating. The interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Mrs. Troup was born May 24, 1937, in Abbeville, Georgia. She was a member of Mt. Olive M. B. Church, and took pleasure in talking on the phone, raising children and helping people. She was preceded in death by: her husband, Shero Troup; uncle, K. C.; and aunt Daisy Lawson (adopted parents); mother, Christine Gibson; brother, Willie James Lawson; and brother-in-law, Wesley Matthews. She leaves to cherish her memory: children, Shelia Collazo, Tampa, Linda Wilcox, Rex, GA, Shirley (Johnny) Jones, Tampa, Ann (Winston) White, Brookly.n, NY, Leon (Sheryl) Troupe, Lyon, GA, Nelson Troupe,' PA, and Michael Troupe, Bushnell, FL; grandchildren, Janice (Harrison) Houston, Rex, GA, Cheryl (Todd) Long, Rex, GA, Reggie (Kajuanda} Wilcox, Covingto.n, GA, Corlissia Collazo, Carlos Collazo, Ja)'twan .Troup_ and .Samuel Reese, .all of Tampa, Domi"nique Troupe, Leon Troupe, Jr., Tracy Troupe, Shannon Troup, Stacy Troup, Teshaw Troup and. Tonya Troup; all of Brooklyn, NY; brothers, Johnny McKenzie; Plant City, William (Letha) McKenzie, Bradenton, Kennedy (Kerri). Gibson, Palmetto, Kenneth Lawson and Joe Lawson, both of Rochelle, GA; sisters, Chattie Matthews, Bradenton, Juanita Dean, Jeanette.(Willie J.) Miller, Lizzie Johnson and Frances Dixon, ;til of Rochelle, GA, Queen (John) Woodham and Linda Lawson, all of Abbeville, GA; brother-in-law, Nathan Fields, Sr. Bradenton, FL; cousin, Henry Lawson, NY; godchildren, Janece Todd, Jessica JoU-1 .Rene Bronson .J<:irkland, all of Frank and > .f!tnl,l :v.ery special frie s,'.' .. Pray,er 0 1've Mot!ter Board, Dea<;on Leonard walter and Family, Rev: and Siste.:' Eugene Reed, .Rev. and Sister Epps, Bs:sie-Merri t:t, Henr. y ani:l' BO'Jihi e Barber> -Wilieri e A>nderson and family, Sister Mary Filmore, Ruthie Graham, Annette Gibson and family, the Perry family, Annie (Rosselli) Goldsmith,Rose Austin and family; like a son, Eiroy Hagens, Sr.; like daughters, Lanita (Melvin) Brown, Glory Jolly and Rosa Jackson; and a host of other relatives and sorrowing friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Fu'neral Home on Friday, February 27, 2009, from 5-8 \' m. The family will receive fr1ends from 7 8 p. m. The funeral cortege will arrange from, 1613 E. Ida Street. Friends are asked to assemble at the church approximately 10:45 a. m., Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Services for Cory Moore, who went to be with the Lord on Thursday, February 19, 2009, will be held on Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2 p. in. at True Holiness Church, 3800 Nebraska Ave. Interment will follow. Cory Moore, affectionately known as "Willie Esco," was a student at Lavoy Exceptional School. He was a jubilant; boy with a lot of charisma and he had a big, bright smile that touched the hearts of everyone he met. He was very affectionate and full of energy and-surprises. Cory had an expressive personality. He will be greatly missed! He was preceded in death by: great grandmothe1, Ozie B. Williams; great, great aunt, Curstine McWhite; great uncle, Alphonso Williams; great aunt, Minnie Martin; and cousins, Mazie Sanders, Jennifer Jackson and Gerald Williams. He leaves to cherish his memmother, Zondria Williams; father, Cory Moore, Sr.; brothers, Jarvaris Harinah, Nasir Moore and Cortayveos Moore; sisters, Kenyan Trible; Corshavya Moore; Corniaja Moore, Sacuoia Moore and Za'yonna Moore; grandparents, Ollie Williams an d Lorenza Ashley; James G'rady, carolyn Gaines and Deborah Moore; uncles, Alvin Miller, Antonio (Gloria) Miller, Andre (Angie) Miller, Maurice Moore, Derrick Grady and James Grady; great, great uncles, James (Laurel), Robert, Willie C. and Eugene (Polly); great, greet aul)t, Sweetie Mae, Deanna and Katie Mae; great uncles, Eugene (May Ola) and Ike (Sharon); great aunts, Emma McNeill and Evelyn Ross; godfather, Alphonso Cummings; devoted cousins, Alvin Miller, Jr., and Andre Miller, Jr.; devoted fam-. ily friends, Chianti Bloom, chanlet Long and Latonya Gordon; a host of relatives who w ill .greatl y miss him; and devoted staff at Lavoy Exceptional School. The viewing for Cory "Willie" Moore will be held Friday, February 27; 2oo8, from s-8 p. m. and the .family. will receive friends at 6 p: m. a t True. Holiness 38oo Nebraska Avenue. Flowers may be to 'IIruerHollinesst on lFthllifi tltomt 4'-8 p; m. and Saturday from. io a.m.-2 p.m ,h,-,.,, .. The funeral COJ:tege willleave on. 28;-2099, !lt 1:3o.,_e.,IJI. from409 E., Robles Avenue.' Arrangements and service entrusted to Carnegie Funeral Home, 217 SE 4th Avenue, Chiefland, .FL, Daphina Carnegie, L.F.D. CARNEGIE FUNERAL HOME MR. CLYDE LEMUEL WILLIAMS Homegoing celebration for Mr. Clyde LemuelWilliams, 81, who passed away Sunday, February 22, 2009, in Ft. Lauderdale, will be held on Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2:30 p m at Mt. Olive M B. Church, 4008 E. Cayuga, Rev. C. P. Epps, officiating. Interment will follow at Sunset Memory Gardens in Thonotosassa, with full military honors. Clyde Lemuel Williams was born in Miami, to the late W. B. Williams and Bernice Brown on October 4, 1927 He graduated from Dorsey High School in Miami after serving two years in the Navy during WW II. He received an Associate Degree in 1952 from Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach and while there, pledged Omega Phi Fraternity. He went on to serve a total of 28 years in the U. S. Navy and Air Force. Clyde met and married Claretha Pickett in 1953 and through this union they had their o-nly child, Marvis Denise. After serving in the U. S. military, Clyde worked for the U.S. Postal Service, bringing his years of experience for the U. S. government to more than .forty years. Clyde was truly an admirable man, from the way he walked to the way he talked. He will be missed, but someone so great is never lost. His memory will always be cherished by: Ms. Claretha Pickett; his loving daughter, Marvis Denise and her husband, Walter; two loving grandsons, Matthew and Malcom of Ft. Lauderdale; sister, Patricia Williams of Jacksonville; brother, Leroy Montgomery of Miramar; nieces, Rosalind Williams of New York, Yolanda Ferguson and Tikisha Williams, both of Jacksonville, and Dallas Nash; nephews, Arnold (Bernadette), Leroy, Jr. (Jennifer), and Clyde (Alex) of Miramar; aunts, Hazene Rogers of Miami, and Bertha of Orangeburg, SC; inlaws, Edgar T. Pickett, Jr. (Lena), Mable Forney and Johnny Lee; and a most devoted friend, Terrance Lewis. will be heJd E 'fiday, FeJ:ruary 27,' from p: m. itt Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Sbeet. iln lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to Mt. Olive M. B. Church in Mr. Williams name to be awarded to a deserving.high school senior from the church. Professional services and care entrusted to CONEY FUNERAL HOME, Lakeland Family Owned & Operated Everett-D -err &Anderson Funeral Home 5117 22nd Street Tampa, F lorida 33610 RAY MUl'IU A!"'UIUCM)N L P.D. 813-237-5775 Personalized Funeral Services Shipping & Cremation Our Family Can M eet Your Family's N ee ds MR. ANDREW BLOCKER Homegoing services for Mr. Andrew Blocker who passed away on Friday, February 20, 2009, will be held Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 1 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street, with Rev. Willie Jackson, Pastor of Macedonia M. B. Church of Thonotosassa, officiating. Mr. Andrew Blocker was born in Early County, Georgia. He moved to Tampa from Jacksonville. Andrew was a laborer with a shipyard. He was preceded in death by his first-wife, Mrs. Sarah Higgs Blocker. He leaves to cherish his memory: his devoted wife, Mrs. Doris Blocker; his very caring children, his son, Mr. Andrew Blocker, Jr. and wife, Tawanda; his loving daughters, Mrs. Patricia Ann Davis and husband Joseph, and Ms. Ann Blocker, all of Blakely, Georgia; a host of grandchildren, nieces and nephews; and among his very caring friends; a very devoted friend, Mr. Willie Hart and wife, Teresa. Friends are asked to meet at the funeral home at 12:45 p. m. on Saturday. John Harmon, LFD, and James Harmon, LFD. A HARMON BURIAL Hom e MR. RICH BRADLEY Mr. Rich Bradley of Tampa, passed away Tuesday, February 24, 2009. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, Febr.uary 28, 2009, at 11 a. m. at St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church, 5202 S. 86th Street, with Reverend Joe L. Gay, Sr., pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Sunset Memory Gardens Cemetery, Thonotosassa, FL. Mr. Bradley was born February 3, 1908, in Kingstree, North Carolina, to Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Bradley He was educated in the public schools of South Carolina. Without forRial training, Mr. Bradley played a role in building many homes and buildings in Tampa. Mr. Bradley was also instrumental in laying the foundation of St. James A. M. E. Church. and the building of the original East Bay High School now Eisenhower Middle School. Mr. Bradley was a dedicatet;l member of St. Janies A. M. E. Church." ; He wa,s .preceded in death by his wife of 52 years, Jimmie Lee Bradley. Mr. Bradley was the patriarch of his family 'and leaves to cherish his memory: devoted children, Norma Abdus-Salam (Nathaniel), Jauria Bradley, Twanda Bradley, Purcell Bradley, Bonita Anderson (Alfonso), Ethel Gamble (Alex), Modest Frazier (Richard), Rich Bradley, Jr. (Marianna), Janie Williams (Neil), and Terry Spencer; sisters.Girlene Jackson and Mae McRae; a host of grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews; four godchildren, Ralph Williams, III, DeAngelo "Don" Taylor, Evette and Evonne Archer; special friends, LaVon Shuler, Anthony Harris, Van Scott, Maggie Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith, Reverend and Mrs. James Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Waymon Saffore; and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Adams; neighbors, the Glover family and the entire Bahia Ayenue neighborhood, who wilttruly along '\Villi fits st Jaine5 ':4: M:. E. Church family. 2708 E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. The remains will repose fom Tampa, FL 33610 f)8 p. m February 2 7 f ---------] oeme: (813) .232-8725 __ Let Our Family Take Care Of Your Family. 'We Are T h e Key To A Fine Ahd Quality Service" CR I S IS S't : E. .:, Chu.r.cb: the far9li\ly :will re ceJVe fnends from 7 S p. m. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, & Northern, owners. .. JOHN HARMON.LFJl.81J 626-8600 JAMES ,HARMON LFD 5002 N. 40th Street Tampa, Florida 33610 1 "TT ::0 0 )> "TT m [D ::0 c l> ::0 -< I\) ..... 1\) 0 0 (Q ., r-0 ::0 0 )> (/) m z ::! z m r-1 lXI c: r-r-gJ z "tt i r-u; ::1: m c m < m -t c: UJ c )> z c ., ::0 6


; 0) Funerals ,..: N > a: <( :;::, a: CD w u. >= <( c a: u. g a: LL c z <( c en w :;::, t> a: w > w c w ::z::: en ::i CD :;::, a. z tu _, _, :;::, CD ...:. w z t= z w en <( c a: 0 _, u. l .... w MRS. DARLENE POE CARTER Mrs. Darlene Poe Carter of Brandon, Florida passed away Friday, February 20, 2009. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 11 a. m. at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, 405 N. Oregon Avenue, with Reverend Henry J. Lyons, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Carter was a native and lifelong resident of Tampa. She was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County and was a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School, class of 1976. She furthered her education at Bethune Cookman College, where she earned her BA in Business Administration in 1981. Mrs. Carter began her career as a Manager at Maas Brothers and later transitioned to Dillard's as an Area Sales Manager/Visual Manager. She was a member of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her parents, Willie and Essie Mae Poe. She leaves to cherish her memory: a loving husband, Roderick L Carter of Brandon; two loving children, Ariel Carter and fiancE, Ricco Hicks of Riverview, and Roderick Carter, D, of Brandon; two sisters, Gloria Poe Walker and Joyce Ann Poe, both of Tampa; two brothers, Frederick Lee Kelly and Jeffery Taylor, both of Tampa,; mother-in-law, Margaret E. Carter of Lake City, FL; two brothers-in-law, Myron Carter of Lake City, FL and Lynwood Carter (Priscilla) of Orlando, FL; one sister-inlaw, Marvyne Carter Waters of Lake City, FL; a special godgranddaughter, Kimberly Cooley; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends-The remains will repose at 5 p. m., Friday, February 27, 2009, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue, and the family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. at the Chapel. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. SentlneiBuiietin wnxr:r HThe Voice of Our Commimity Speaking for Itself" 813) 248-1921 MRS. ASELEAN DAVIS DODSON Mrs. Aselean Davis Dodson, affectionately called "Lean," who resided at 1715 St. Conrad Street, passed away Sunday, February 22, 2009, at St. Joseph's Hospital. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2 p. m. at Anointed Word Church, 1709 W. St. Joseph Street, with Pastor Roy Hayes, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Dodson, was preceded in death by: her parents, Edward A. Davis and Roseziner Byrd-Davis; and brother, Jeremiah Fagin, formerly of Clinton, FL. Lean was a native of Tampa who graduated from Howard W. Blake High School, class of 1963 and continued her higher educatio. n at Gibbs Jr. College. She was a member of Beulah Baptist Church before leaving Tampa to join her husband for a career in the Air Force. After returning to Tampa, she attended services at Anointed Word Church. Shewas employed at Sears before retiring. She leaves to cherish her memory: husband, John T. Dodson, Sr.; sons, John, Jr. of Albuquerque, NM, Christopher and wife, Dianne of Los Angeles, CA, and Andre' and his love, Molly of Tampa; brothers, Walter Byrd and wife, Doretha of Polk City, FL, and Bishop Leroy Byrd of Tampa; sisters, Romie Lee Kincade of Brooksville, and Iszala Davis Hayes "Sandy" and hus})and, Pastor Roy Hayes of Tampa; grandchildren, John T. Dodson, I, Eric Lee Dodson and Elizabeth Dodson, all of Albuquerque, NM, lsiah Thomas Dodson and Justine Aselean Dodson, both of Los Angeles, CA, Olivia Angelique Rindone-Dodson of Denver, CO, and Caitlin Acacia Donohue of Tampa; nephews, James Kincade, Jr. and wife of Brooksville, Bobby Kincade and wife of St. Petersburg, Timothy Kincade and wife of Brooksville,. Fred Kincade of Brooksville, Clifford Byrd and wife of Polk City, FL, Marvin Byrd and Gilbert Byrd, both of Brooksville; nieces, Joanne Moore of St. Petersburg, Donna Lassiter and husband of Spring Hill, Romielee Smiley and husband of Pensacola, DeLois Smith and husband of St. Petersburg, Lidia Kincade of Brooksville, Sharon Davis and husband of Polk City, and Roseziner Wade and husband of NY; and a host of other cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and friends. The remains will repose at 5 p. m., Friday, February 28, 2009, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. MRS. ANNIE VIRGINIA MCEADY JOHNSON Mrs. Annie Virginia McEady Johnson of Tampa, passed away Monday, February 23, 2009, at St. Joseph's Hospital after a brief illness. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2 p. m. at Ray Williams Memorial Chapel, 301 N. Howard Avenue, with Pastor Kelvin McCree, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Annie Virginia McEady Johnson was a native of Newberry, Florida, and was educated in the public schools of Alachua County. She furthered her education. at the historic Bethune Cookman College, Daytona, FL, and later met and married Abraham Johnson. She relocated to Tampa in 1956 and she began a career in dietary at W. T. Edwards TB Hospital and Leroy Jenkins Nursing Home. Mrs. Johnson later was employed as a Cook/Manager at F. W. Woolworth and Hillsborough Community College, (Ybor Campus Cantina), where she was affectionately known as, "Miss Annie." Under the leadership of Reverend I. Anderson, she united with the St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church and remained a faithful member for forty-three years. She was preceded in death by: her husband; parents, Marie and John McEady; her brothers, Henry Louis Johnson, Clyde McEady, Eugene McEady and Fred McEady; her favorite brotherin-law, Jessie Rollins, Sr.; and cousins, Willie Mae Williams and William McEady. Mrs. Johnson leaves to cherish fond and treasured memories with: her devoted sister, Allie McEady Rollins; nephew, Reverend J. Rice Rollins, II; niece, Gwendolyn Evans Rollins; and grand niece, Jessica Ryan Rollins. She also leaves cousins: Reverend Herbert H. (Loretta) Hunt and family, Barbara Smith, Thomas (Rachel) Hunt and Beatdce Jolliff and family; cherished friends, Arthur Odom, Mary Filmore, Lucille Webster and Cora C lark; godsons, Jermaine Filmore, Ronnie Filmore, Bishop James H. Howell, Lorenzo C. Robertson, William H. Forde and Maurice Jackson; along with numerous nieces, nephews, adoring friends, coworkers and neighbors, who will remember their cherished moments together. The remains will repose at 5 p. m., Friday, February 28, 2009 at Ray Williams Funeral Home and the family will receive friends from 7:30-8:30 p. m. at the Chapel Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. MRS.AMMIE MCCULLOUGH Mrs. Ammie McCullough of 8307 N. 1oth Street, passed away Thursday, February 19, 2009. A graveside service will be conducted Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Orange Hill Cemetery, 4900 E. Chelsea Street, with Pastor Louisa Forte, officiating. Interment will follow. Mrs. McCullough was a native of Chambers County, Alabama who resided in Cleveland, Ohio for over 6o years. She relocated to Tampa, 15 years ago and was a member of Straight Gate Apostolic Church. Mrs. McCullough was preceded in death by: her beloved husband, Mack McCullough; and sister, Mrs. Annie Hayes. She leaves to cherish her memories: her beloved sister, Lillie Mae Kindell of Tampa; her niece-in-law, Frances Phillips Underwood of Tampa; 4 nephews and two nieces; a devoted friend, Josephine Williams; and a host of cousins, uncles, aunts, great nieces and great nephews, other relatives and friends. The remains will repose on Saturday, February 28, 2009, from 9:30-10:30 a m. at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. .... : Subscribe Today! fi Sentinel Bulle MS.MALVESE L. SIMMONS KING Ms. Malvese L. Simmons King of 12526 Tinsley Circle, passed away Monday, February 23, 2009. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2 p. m. at Victory Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, 2716 N. 34th Street, with Pastor Eugene Sanders, officiating. Interment will follow in Mayberry Cemetery, Seffner, FL. Ms. King was a native of Seffner, and a resident of Tampa for 62 years. She was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County and was a graduate of Middleton Senior High School. She was a member of Victory Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. Ms. King was employed as a Teacher's Aide at Madison Middle School. She leaves to cherish her me-mory: three children, son, Darrell Simmons, and two daughters, Chastity Simmons and Kenya Johnson and husband, Russell; five grandchildren, Shaquille Williams, Zaria Johnson, Connell Waldron, Jr., Dionte Waldron and Mackenzie Johnson; four brothers, Christopher Simmons, Bennie Simmons,. Jonathan Simmons and Roger Simmons; four sisters, Lonnie Mae Otis, Catherine Simmons, Joellen Walker and Angela Edwards; and a host of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at 5 p. m., Friday, February 28, 2009, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners.


.,_ .F.u.n.e.r.a.ls.t.M.e.m._o.r.ia.m_.s._ __________________________________________________ ., --------------J Stone's ------------------MRS. MILDRED BULLARD A celebration of life for Mrs. Mildred Bullard of 1610 Hacienda Court, Tampa, who passed away on Wednesday, February 18, 2009, will be held on Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2 p. m. at St. Chad's Episcopal Church, 5609 N. Albany Avenue, Tampa, Rev. Fr. Christian Villagomeza, priest, officiating. Interment will follow at Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery, 4615 E Hanna Avenue, Tampa. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Bullard was born on September 27, '1933, to Alfred and Katie Sims in Tampa. She was a loving wife and mother. Her father, Alfred Sims; mother, Katie Sims; son, Connie Sims; sister, Myrtle Walters; niece, Margaret Lowe; and great niece, Elizia Gilmore, preceded her in death. Mrs. Bullard leaves to cherish precious memories: a devoted, faithful and loving husband, Rufus Bullard; children, Cheryl Jones (Anthony), and Carlton Armstead (Shilla); stepdaughter, Vera Ruth Powell; grandchildren, Tiffine Bowman, Nicole Sims, Alfredo Bowman, Jasmine Armstead and Carlissa Armstead; niece, Gloria Stovall (Lawrence); nephew, Alva Sims (Edith); brother-in-law, Raymond Walters; sisters-inlaw; great grandchildren, Ashley Bowman, Erick Davis, Jr. Derriayna Bowman, Alfredo Bowman, Jr., and Darren, Jr.; great nieces, Keyana Gilmore, Bernara Larry Carla; great nephews, Jermaine Sims, Marquis Hodgson, Preston Sims, Robert Sims, Tommy Sims, Tyrone Sims and Michael Sims; and a host of other relatives and friends. Special mention to: Annie Sims, Mary Harris, Altamease Culver, Gwendolyn Seymore, Cookie Doby, Talvin Bowman, Jr. (Darleen);,Johnson family and the staff at St. Joseph's Hospital Rehabilitation And Healthcare .Center. Visitatjop. for Mrs. Bullard will be. held "on Friday, February 27, 2009, from 6-8 p. m. at Stone's Memorial Funeral _in the Edward W. Fannie B. Stone Chapei', 5016 N 22nd Street, Ta-mpa. Family and friends are asked to assemble at Stone's Memorial Funeral Home, 5016 N 22nd Street at 1:15 p. m. Arrangements and service entrusted to Stone's Memorial Funeral Home, Edward W Stone, Jr., L.F.D. "A FANNIE B. STONE TRADI TIONAL SERVICE" MS. GLORIA LAVERNE VICTOR Funeral service for Ms. Gloria Laverne Victor of Tampa, who passed from this life at the Melech Hospice House on Wednesday, February 25, 2009, will be held Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29th Street, with Elder Frank 0. Gray, Sr. officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Ms. Victor was preceded in death by: her husband, Elder Ernest Victor; father and mother, Lawrence and Evelyn Collins; and 3 brothers, James, Joseph, and Lawrence Collins, Jr. Gloria is survived by: sister, Ruth Ausmer, who is confined to a nursing home in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi; brother, Deacorl Henry Collins and wife, Estella of Tampa; nephew, Jerome Collins of Detroit, Michigan; and a host of cousins, all of Mississippi and Alabama; close friends, Marie Longworth, Essie Johnson, Alberta White and Lilly Mae Davis; a special friend, Carolyn Williams; and a host of other relatives and friends. Ms. Victor was born on November 1, 1945, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was a resident of Tampa for the past 15years. The remains will repose from 5-9 p. m. at Wilson Funeral Home on Friday, February 27, 2009. The funeral cortege will arrange from 3504 E. Lake Avenue. Friends are asked to assemble at the chapel at approximately 10:45 a.m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilson-funeralhome.com hasp r--------I Wilson MS. VIOLDA CLARK Homegoing services for Violda Clark (Viamonte); who passed away on February 23, 2009, at 1:30 a. m. at Kinder Hospital. A memorial' service will be announced later. Ms. Violda Clark was born on November 4, 1915, in Jamaica. At the age of 9, she moved to Cuba with her parents. She lived in a small town which was called Sola Camaguey, with her brothers and sisters and then she moved to the United States, with her beloved children, Pablo Enrique Viamonte, Alfredo Rey Viamonte, her youngest daughter, Maria Regia Viamonte, along with her husband, Mr. Sergio Viamonte, who lived with her for 50 years. Ms. Violda Clark left behind: her beloved grandchildren, Alfredo, Julia, Marco, Felipe, Violeta, Evelice, Mariela, Monica, Maria Mitckel and Yanelis; son-in-law, Arturo Ramos; daughter-in-law, Marilyn; her friends, Erica Knight (known as granddaughter), Santos, Herrara, Jorge, Lazo, Wanda, Brana, Myra Herrara and Norma Barahona. She will always be kept the hearts of those who loved her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. EUGENE MILLER Love always with you. Your loving son, Robert Miller and family. in funeral services for over 70 years. Ray Williams Funeral Home Rhodes & Northern, Owners 301 N. _Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 Ph: (813) 253-3419 Fax: (813) 251-4912 Email: raywms@ij.net BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM ALFRED BARTON Feb. 27,1951-:-Dec. 7, 2005 Loved and missed by: family and friends; wife, Carolyn; and mother, Josephine Barton. IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR FATHER JOHN THOMAS WILLIAMS, I Alpha 11/26/1927 --Omega 2j28j2oo8 It has been one year since you left us, and it seems like yesterday. Your leave has -created an enormous void in our lives. We miss you. We will keep you in our hearts and forever on your minds. We are amt successful because of your teachings. We love you, Dad. Your children: Ginger, Johnie Mae, Willie, Jewel, Charles and Hilton; and the Williams family. m Ill :::c c: )> :::c -< 1\) 1\) o 0 (0 ., r-0 :xJ c )> en m z -i z m r:lll c: r rm -i z "tJ c: Ill r-c;; :I: m c m < m :::c -< -i c: m en c )> z c ., !HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAYII6 'I ,, CHARLES REID 2-25-37 ,,. .-You dreamed your dreams and lived them with passion and intel-ligent commitment. We have been privileged to accompany you on C) a ride through life that has simply been amazing and through it all, m we have loved each other beyond imagination. _., Our hearts are broken. Wife, children, grandchildren, great :: grandchildren, family and friends. -j:.


C') 0 0 N r-: N >a: a: aJ w LL c a: LL Memoriams MISSING YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY GWENDOLYN JOHNSON February 23, 1961 -October 4, 2008 > Very devoted mother, grandmother and friend. icC Fats, it's your birthday and I am missing you. However, I know C you are in a better place with the Lm d. Q: We all love you, but God loves you more. Gone, but never forgot-LL ten. C I will always love you and will meet you in the heavenly home. Z Your soul mate of 22 years. Willie "Bay" Ballard. c:c c en w ;::) ... w > w c w ::J: en ::i m ;::) 11. z t:i ...J ...J ;::) m ...J w z ;:: z w en c:c c a: 0 ...J LL REMEMBERING YOU -ON YOUR BIRTHDAY ROWE TAYLOR, JR. February 28, 1939 -April12, 2008 i Rem"embering you is ea5y, we do it eveey day. It's the : of missing you that will never go away. You meant so much, to so many people, you left a V!)id that can never be filled. Your presence seems to linger and constantly cross our paths. Rest on with God and take care of my baby. You'll always be my honey, I miss you. Carolyn. Loved and !'lissed )Jy: your children, Shon, Gregory, Dephanie, Remeka; grand and great grandchildren; sisters, Marie and Alb erta; in-laws; our family members (church included); and many, many friends. "A Family Friend In Their Time Of Need" 4605 N. 34th Street '' (813) 239-3101 ,JIMMY JACKSON ... Owner IN MEMORIAM ESTHER FELTON Oct. 15, 1909 ;. Feb. 28, 1989 It's been 20 years, yet it seems like yesterday. Though physically absent from among us, the love and memories of you will forever remain fresh in our hearts and thoughts. Love and miss you: children, Curlie Williams, Alberta Richardson and Nathaniel Felton; grands and great grands. IN MEMORIAM DIANN HOWARD MELTON June 15, 1952 -Jan. 4, 2007 Beautiful flower -two years have come and gone and it still seems so unreal. Yet we find our comfort in knowing that you're in the Father's care. Forever in our hearts: sons, Richard Wilson, Jr. and Maurice Perkins; mom, Curlie Williams; brothers, sisters and family. .IN LOVING MEMORY MRS. LOUISE BILLUPS It's been 40 years since God plucked His pink rose from this earthly garden. Gone, but never, ever forgotten. Love forever: your children, James, Lewis, John, Homer, Patricia and Mable. IN LOVING MEMORY OF DIANE R. TAYLOR February 28, 2004 You are in our hearts forever. Precious memories are so dear. Each day, thoughts of you keep your presence near. We love and miss you. "Love forever," the Morris, Taylor, Cosby and Williams families. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD J. D. PUGH, JR. It's been such sorrow since you've been gone. I wanted to wish you a happy 62nd birthday. Your son, J.D. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM GREGORY KEITH REDMON (ICE) 2/24/68-5/9/08 What a difference a year can make. This is your special day. We all are remembering you with lots of love God, has set yau free from all pain .of this old world. In heaven, your new home, we know you are happy and free. Love and miss you from all of us: Mary, Johnny, Tamara, Rosalyn, Mike, Charde, Shannon, Regina, Warren, George, Zack, J ennifer, Alana, Yvette, Myles, Doristine, Grandma Eloise, and all of your Verizon family and friends. IN LOVING MEMORY PAMELlA BEVEL 1/1/58-2/26/07 Love, your family. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM GREGORY KEITH REDMON 2/24/68 -5/9/08 To our daddy and granddaddy, today is your special day. We are so proud to call you our dad and granddaddy. We love and miss you. We don't understand why you are in heaven. All we know is .we will always love you and miss you forever. Happy birthday. You are free of pain and at peace. We will be together again some day Love you much, ShaKarin, Gianni, Jarien, Sherita and Kallis. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM BROTHER JAMES HOUSE, JR. Feb. 27, 1942-Aug. 25, 2007 .. Two birthday have since you've been gone. Daddy, w e love and miss you very much. : Love: your wife, Pastor Ophelia House; and children, James and Leslie, Alice and Chris, Anthony and Andriena, Dwayne. and, Katrina, AlejandJ'O. and Katrina D;, Antonio and Whitney, Trinity, Tiffani, Alicia and Zielinski; grands, great grands; and fam ily and friends


Memoriam/Cards Of Thanks BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM TOMMIE LEE PETERMON March 2, 1954 Remembering o1,1r loved one on his ssth birthday. From, your loving family, R. L. Petermon and family. CARD OFTHANKS MARY B. WRIGHT The family of the late, Mary B. Wright, would like 'to expreSs our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone during a very difficult time. Thanks for the telephone calls, food, cards and flowers. Special thanks goes to: the Bostick Temple (Quincy, FL), Wilson's staff and a host of family and friends. Eternally grateful: Jerome and Barbara Wright and Michael Wright. local news education re ligion business health sports family entertainment in the Florida Sentinel 813-248-1921 CARD OF THANKS FREDERICK AUGUSTINE ANDREW, I We desire to express our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation to our relatives, friends and neighbors for their acts of kindness during the late illness and at the death of our beloved husband, father and grandfather. We especially wish to thank American Family Funeral Home and staff, LifePath and Melech Hospice, and Luella Carrington. How Great Thou Art, the Andrew family. LUCILLE WALKER AUSTIN (MUDDA) The family of Lucille Walker Austin (Mudda) would like to send thanks for all the calls, cards, prayers, food, visits and any other act of kindness shown to our family during the demise of our loved one. Words cannot express the magnitude your acts of kindness have had on our lives. We know that our loved one was truly loved. Special thanks to: Brown Memorial COGIC, Bishop Matthew Williams, Pastor and Eulogist, Elder .. Tommie Jones, officiatiifg, the Prayer Warriors and Deacons in attendance, Church Mothers and the entire church family. It is evident Why our loved one praised this church. Also, thanks to Ray Williams Funeral Home, Jeff Rhodes .and staff for ajob well done. Apin, thank you, the Austin Walker family are forever _grateful. : WILLIE WESLEY RUSSELL, SR. The family of the late Willie Wesley Russell, Sr. would like to thank the many friends for all acts of kindness shown during our hour of bereavement. Special thanks to: Rev. Foster Garvin, Rev. Dr. John Giles, Mt. Pleasant #71, O.E.S., Mt. Pleasant Lodge #13, Joshua Chapter #32, St. John Cathedral, Allen Temple A. M. E. Church family, The Heights, Morgan Street and College Hill neighbors, classmates, and Wilson Funeral Home staff. God bless you always. Wilbert (Sally), Willie and Earl Russell, and Temple (Garrett) Robinson. TONY LEROY HOUSE We, the family of the late Tony Leroy House, would like to thank each of you for your prayers and acts of kindness shown during the passing of our loved one. Special thanks to: Pastor Allen and Evangelist lola Johnson, Holy Temple #3; Pastor Dwight and Elect Lady Samantha Brown, Faith and Truth Revealed Ministries: Pastor Louisa Forte and Temple of Deliverance; Pastor Alicia Roundtree, Pastor Phillip Jenkins, Prophet Andrew Holder and ArnericaR Family Funeral Home and the Florida Sentinel Bulletin. ....... --: ....... .. Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself" 1 Sentinel Bulletin M llillK:A'S \J !! 'TI m OJ JJ c )> ATLANTAThree former Atlanta police officers who each pleaded guilty to a feder al conspiracy charge in con nection with the death of an elderly woman during a botched drug raid were sentenced Tuesday to federal prison terms. prosecutors said officers found none and tried to cover I\) up the mistake :-1 U.S. District Judge Julie E. Carnes se ntenced Smith to 10 in federal prison. She sentenced Junnier to six years and Tesler to five years. Jason R. Smith, Gregg Junnier and Arthur Tesler received sentences ranging from five-years to 10. Kathryn Johnston, 92, was killed by police gunfire during the 2006 raid. The three earlier had each pleaded guilty on the federal charge of violating Johnston's civil rights. Police used a "no-knock" warrant to enter Johnston's house to look for drugs. But Smith and Junnier also pleaded guilty to state charges, incl!J.ding manslaughter. They are set to be sentenced on those charges next month. GUIER'S 55081. 501IIID'IIILII We're not just in your neighborhood. -. ... : We're part 9f your community_ Being located in your community and being c:m active member of it are two very ditterent As Yl)llr funeral h o m e we're honor e d to you both throug h ti.meral care and community involvement. Call u;, to leam how we c;m SCf\ e you further. FUNERAL HOME 300) N 29th St. Tampa, F L 33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 ;:_ : ., r 0 ::rJ -c )> en m z :::! z m r I OJ c r r m -1 z "tJ c aJ r c;; :J: m c m < m ::rJ < -1 c m en c )> z c ., ::rJ B C') m N I )>


0) 0 0 National ...,:' N > a: <( ::J a: m w u. >= <( c u. c a: u. c z <( c en w ::J .... > a: w > W c w :::1: en :::; m ::J 0.. z j:: w ...J ...J ::J m I ...J w z j:: z w en <( c a: 0 ...J u. Obama Praises Stevie wonder At White House WASHINGTON T o h e a r Barack Obama tell i t he owes Stevie Wonder plenty. President Obama says if it wasn't fo r Stevie Wonder's music he and the first lady m a y not have dated. I think i t s fair to say that had I not been a Stevie Wonder_ fan, Michelle m ight hot have dated me. We might not have married," Obama said Wednesday as he and the first lady hosted a c oncert and award c eremony f o r Wonder. Th e fact tha t w e a g reed on Stevie was part of the essence o f our courtship ." Wonder w as presente d with a Ger s h win Awa rd f o r lifetime achievement during the event, whicli i s scheduled t o air o n -PBS Thursda y ; Wonder's tune, "Signed Sealed Delive re d I'm Yours, was often p l a y e d a t Obama's camp aign sto ps. The president t old g u ests a t the White House that Wonder's music was also the soundtrack to his youth and marriage. Michelle Obama told the crowd that Wonder's love song, You and I had been the couple's w edding song. Wonder accepted the award from President Obama and gave him a big hug. "President and Mrs. Obama, I'm so ex cit e d to know that I w a s a part of ... I n eedn' t s ay m ore Wonder said dra wing l a u gh t e r and ap plause. "I want to first of all thank God f o r this moment, because only -thr ough him e ould a ll this happen. Gospel duo Mary Mary, hip-hop musicia n will.i.am and jazz c rooner Tony Bennett w e r e among t h e other performers at the event. Obama staff m embe rs said the event was part of an eff ort to open the Whi t e House t o a b roader c ommu n i ty Woman Delivers Babv At Gas Station CORAL SPRIN GS, F L ---An e xp ect in g moth e r, who was un a ble to m a k e it to th e hospital in time gave birth to a baby boy at a ga s station The woman gav e birth on the ground betw ee n two ga s pumps. "Ass h e did that second pus h, th e b a b y just s lid rig h t out, s aid city b.!,Js dri v er, Mary Kilroy Kilroy and Kyl e Griffith, a paramedi c in training, both helped d e liv e r the baby just in the n ic k1 o f tim e "At three, giv e him a real h ard p u s h as h ard as y o u can, s o I counte d ou t o n e, tw o three and s h e pushed as hard as s h e c ould," said Griffith. "All o f a sudde n, t h e b a b y s head ca m e out, and I t h ou g h t, 'Oh, my gosh, and I screamed in the phone said Kilroy. Though Kilroy and Griffith u nrave led t h e u mb ili ca l co r d around the baby s neck, th e ba b y .......... : .... .................. ; ::;;.;.;,, 1 r and 1 ounc e, a nd the mothe r sai d s h e w as abl e to d e liver him in about five minutes and noted she felt virtually no pain. "I helped bring another life into this world. The best feeling I've ever felt in my life," said Gri f fith. <( was not breathing. "It dawned N on me to spank him on the butt, so that's what I did," said Kil The mom and her OK and are expected to leave the hospital by Wednesday. "I would like to say thank you to every. body who helped me," said the mother. (!) r o y The boy weighed in 7 pounds Obamaseeks $200 Billion For War Spending PRES. B ARACK OBAMA WASHINGTON ---Presi den t Bara c k Obama will ask Congress for more than $2oo billion to fund U S war efforts for the next year and a half, ac cording to defense officials : The request will be for $75 5 billion for the rest of 'the 2009 fiscal ye a r to c over the c o s t of sending more troops to Afghanistan this year and addi tional $130 billion fo r 2010, ac cording to the sources BabvF_ound In Jail Joliet CORNEIJA KORNEGAY. MACON, Ga.---Peac h County a utho rities .saya newborn girl w as f9und i n a to ilet of a jail ce ll r-Accord i n g to Sheriff T el'ry Deese, Kornegay, 25, o f Roberta h a d the infant in a holdin g celf Wednesday morning and tol d jailers her baby was in the toilet. Dees e said deputies found the infant ups ide d own submerge d i n w a ter, but the toddler sur vived He said jailers were unaware Kornegay w as pregnant. Kornegay likely wi ll face a charge of felony cruelty to children and other offenses. She was already being held at the fa cility for violating probation. Deese said the infant, a 7 pound, 6-ounce girl was taken to a local hospital and was listed in good condition. Obama Seeks $634 Billion For Health Care Spending WASHINGTON ---President B arack Obama wants a significant "down payment" for overhauling the health care system: $634 bill ion over 10 years A senior administration offi. cial saidObama' s budget calls for financing the overhaul by trimming Medicare spending and limiting tax deductions for upperi ncome earners The of ficial spoke on condition of anonymity because the budget won' t be r e leased until Thurs day Abou t 4 8 million American,& are uninsure d according t o cent estimates. The cost of guaranteeing coverage for all could easily exceed $1 t r illion over 10 years Police Hunt orim Sleeper' Serial IIIIer Los Angeles police are search ing for a serial killer dubbed the "Grim S leeper," who is thought to have killed 11 peo ple. Alicia Alexander was one o f the Grim Sleeper's victims in the 1 98os. Th e killer who police say murdered from 1985 to 2007, was nicknamed the Grim Sleeper because he see me d to t ake a break betw een h omi cides p olice said Authorit ies t hi s w e e k re lease d a 9-1-1 t ape r e cord e d shortl y after a killing in 1987, in the hope of producin g cl ues. "Yes ... I'd like to rep ort a murder," an anonym o u s ca ll e r says o n the tap e. "The g u y tha t droppe d her o ff w as drivi n g a wh ite and blu e Dodge van He threw h e r o u t .... He threw a g a s tank on top o f he r. All t h a t yo u can s ee sti cki ng out is her ALICIA ALEXANDER f e e t. Po li ce found the s cen e just as the caller d es cribed and found the van But they a r e s till search_ing for the c a ller and members of the nowd efunct church t hat own ed the vim The killer is wanted in 11 deaths and another homicide attempt, poli ce say rolice Shoot, Kiii.Extremelv Dangerous' Fugitive N O RTH MIAMI FL --Officer s s hot a nd kill e d a ma n who was w ant e d for qu es ti o ni ng i n a South B e a c h m an's death on W ednes day, M iam i Beach police sa id P o lice h a d b e en searc h ing for 22-y ear-old Oswain Walcott, whom they want e d to quest i o n i n conn ec t io n with t he death o f 1 8 yea r old ... Paul. After sea r c hi ng tot'" days, a u t h o ri ties f ound Walcott in a n apa r tment c om p l ex a t ugth Str ee t and N o rth eas t 16t h Ave nu e o n W ednes day afternoo n Mia mi D a d e police sa i d tlwre was a con fr ontation at t h e com p lex. Police said W alcott r ea ched for his waistband w hill' yelling to offic ers, and polit't' opened fire, s h ooting Walcntl. He was a irli fte d to .Taekslln Mem o r ia l Hospita l where lw d i ed Wedn es day night. Officers from both th e Miami Beach and Miami Dade polil't' departments fired s hots during the confrontation Lora w's OSWAIN WALCOTf E l ena Echarri reported. In vestigators nre trying to deter mine who actually shot Walcott. authorities found him, Miami Bench police called W a l cott dung ero us" in a twws Wednesda y as the mnnhunt l'Ontinul'd. On Tues day, knnckcd nn Walcott's dntn' tn tnlk to him about Pnul, who wns thund dead in an nllt.>ywny in the woo block of Lenox on Snturday. When Wl\lc.ott snw officers at the door of his apartment, he t oo k off, police said.


Crime Duo Arrested Irving To Steal Man's Dog CALVIN COX Tampa Police have arrested two. of six suspects for beating a man in an effort MICHAEL PATRICK to hit him with sticks, police said. tq steal his dog. .: .. Police said on Tuesday '.; night, Esteban CespedesComacho was on Busch Bouievard with his 4-month-old pit buU puppy. He was approached from behind and from .the side by When CespedesComacho refused to give up the dog; the suspects fled. When police arrived, the victim saw two of the males involved in the attack in the Andover Apartments. I -six Black males. According to the report, the males hit CespedesComachQ several times and demanded he give up his dog. CespedesComacho refused and some of the males continued When they saw police they fled, but were caught by two officers. Calvin Cox, 18, and Michael Patrick, 19, were charged with robbery with a weapon. Cox is beingheld on $15;ooo bond and Patrick was released on rec ognizance. )f."Jls CHOICE BAILBONDS Us Be Your.llJAnd La .\'t Choice Free Services Offered To Clients *Job Refferrals *Referrals For Treatment Re-establishing Convicted Felons Voting Right-; .(813) 664-0404 5005 Martin Luther King Jr.. Blvd. (I hlock of 50th 813-231-BOND ( ...., (l() ... ) Fast Confidential Service N. 56th Street. Ste. 13 ampa, FL 33617 Office (813) 988 "We'll Get You Out Quick ... So You Won't Have To Sir .' Couale Charged Wilh Child Abuse, Neglect SHAUNTEL PATMON Tampa charged a man and woman with child abuse/neglect Wednesday. According to reports; the juvenile victim did not go to school and her mother and stepfather got angry with her when she was found at her sister's apartment. Police said the child was struck with a folded up extension cord, leaving marks on her arms, legs and thighs. Shauntel Patmon, 38, and Ronald Pearson, 36, were both charged with child abuse/neglect. Store owner FiUhiSOH Robbers Tampa Police are looking for two men who tried to rob the Friendly Meat 1N Grocery Store, 1910 North' 34th Street. According to police, at 9 p.m. Tuesday, two Black males walked into the store. wearing ski masks and .gloves. One of the men allegedly pointed a gun at the clerk, Mohamme d Abu Sayed. .Say.ed rell!Hzed he was being robbed and police said he grabbed his handgun to defend himself. The two men ran out of the .store firing. a shot back towards the building, shattering a window. The duo fled in a dark colored suv. "The Vt'Jice of Our Community Speaking lt sefj"' "TT ::D 0 5 Teenagers Charged With Robbing 13-Year-Oid "TT m tD ::D c: )> Tampa Police have charged five teenagers with robbing a 13-year-old Tuesday evening. Police said the victim was surrounded by 5 teenagers to scare him into giving them his Portable Play Station Player. The victim ran, but was caught by the suspects. Police said the suspects hit ::D < the victim in the face before taking the Play Station. The victim suffered minor injuries to his face and eye and no medical attention N 0 0 U) was needed .:-Charged in the theft and attack were: Charles Watts, 12; Carlos Lopez, 15; Kendrick Franklin, 14; Stephen Bo Krug, 14, and Luis Rene Echevarria, 13 suspects Souuhtln Theft "TT 6 Tampa Police report that on. Tuesday night, two men were robbed of cash at gun point. Po.lice said Michael Deeran, 21, and Brandon Hoogvelt, 28, met two men in response to an ad from Craig's List for the sale of a set of tire rims. The suspects reportedly stalled for time until they got the victims separated. At that point, one of the suspects allegedly pulled a gun on one of the victims and watked him back to the second victim and demand-::D ed money. The second suspect. acted as a .lookout, 0 police said. m The victims -handed over "$4,000 in hundred dollar bills and the suspects fled. ':"" The suspects are des-cribed as Black males, one r r-5'2" to 5'3" tall, 130 pounds, !!I and appearing to be z between 18 and 19 years "0 old. The second suspect is j described as 5'5" to 5'6" tall, rweighing 115 pounds and having short dreadlocks m c m < One Man Killed During Police Chase m ::D < -4 c: m (J) c -TYRONE DUDLEY died form injuries sustained in a vehicle crash. ST. PETERSBURG-St. Petersburg Police report that one man is dead and another in jail after the car they were in fleeing police crashed on I-275 Tuesday night. Tyrone Dudley, 2 6, was pronounced dead after he was e j ec t e d from a car dri v e n by Tommy Walls, 24. Police arrested Wails on charges of p ossession of crack cocaine, fleeing or e ludin g with serious bodil y injury ( death), drivin g w i t h a r e v oked li cense and f our probat ion vio l atio n s TOMMY WALLS facing several charges, including fleeing or eludirtg with serious bodily injury .(death) -Police said an officer trie d to pull over a vehiCle at 38th Avenue, and 34th Street for a stop sign violation. Instead of stopping, the vehicle did a U. turn. Officers said they did not chase the car, but a l erted other officers in the area. Walls drove onto 1 -275 and witnesse s told police the car was going fast with its li ghts off Just be_fore the 5th Avenue, North e xit, the car hit a guardra il and s id t' swipe d a vehicl e b e fore it cra s h ed. )> z c "TT ::D c


0) 0 0 N r-: N > a: <( ;:::) a: m w LL >= <( c i:t LL c i:t LL c z <( c U) w ;:::) .... w > w c w :I: U) ::::; m ::J Q. z i= w .. ..J ..J :J m ..J w z i= z w U) <( c ii: 0 ..J u. JUST ANNOUNCED! When America Needs It Most! \ .... .. APR' Financing lor 60 Months for qualified buyers ON MOST BUICK-PONTIAC-GMC MODELS Quieter, more interior room and better highway fuel economy than Faster 0-60 and better highway fuel economy than a BMW ssoiu 2009 BUICK ENCLAVE -2009 PONTIAC GS GT S2,250 Cash Backl'-. -53,000 Cash Backl' 2009 PONTIAC G6 s2,l50 Cish Backl' With an available EPA est. 33 MPG highway, G6. offers better highway fuel economy than Toyota Camry LE or Honda Accord OR got0AP RFinancingfor60months. ,,, OR gotOAPRFinancingfor60months for Qualified Buyers' fi -71 for Qualified Buyers' r OR got APR for 60 months 70 for Qualified Buyers Best-in-class interior space and better highway fuel economy than any 8-passenger suv2 -320 horsepower and better highway fuel economy than Toyota Sequoia3 The 315 horsepower Sierra offers better highway fuel efficiency than Toyota Tundra1 -, 2009 GMC ACADIA 2009 GMC YUKON 2009 GMC SIERRA 1500 EXT. CAB sa,ooo Cash Backl4 54,000 Cash Backf OR DOL Flnandngfor60months OR ODLAPRF1nandngfor60months OR 7DIPI for Qualified Buyers' -70 for Qualified Buyers' for Quahfle,d Buyers .. : .. -. ..... ., wrthSJ,l52 Finance wtth S&;013 -... .-. '' .. ,. .... ; -' -. ": : .. ': ..... .''"'-' ,, ', : _, -.. .. -limited warranty.-_.-::. :: .. <--. :: :: .. : .. --' .Plus Roadside Assistance/Courtesy Transportation. ,, -. ',:.:.---:i.; .' Whichever comes first. See dealer for details. ._ -. -;" .. YOur. Local : ;,>)(;::t.:; :.: .xa .... ; _-: :-:'F ., _.:,,.,,. ........ .. ..... 411 -. : mM_c__ : .t.)_ -_.. -_ .. -: -::<.-: .' .. _;:. ;. '-:' s2,250 Cash Backl' lolt, j,;. -: '-:payment. is $16.67 for.evefY $t:ooo financed. Example down payment: 21.4% 17.2% for Acadia, 10:5% for wHI nol qualify. Talle delivery by 312/09. Not availabla with some other offers. See dealer for details. **Based on independent testing; EPA est. MPG: Enclave (fWD) 24 hwy; Lexus 23 hwy. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distributkm, tEPA estimated 33 mpg highway G6 Sedan with available Sport Package l, 31 mpg hwy Camry/Actord. I#EPA Est. hwy 24 MPG G8 GT, 23 MPG hwy BMW fl50i. 1EPA est. MPG: (2WD) Sierra 20 hwy, Tundra V818 hwy. 2Based on EPA est. MPG (fWD) 24 hwy. Cargo and load capacity limited'by weight and distribution. Based on 2008 GM Mid Ulility Crossover Segment Excludes other GM vehicles 'EPA est. MPG: Yukon 20 hwy; Sequoia 19 hwy. 4Take delivery by 3/2/09. See dealer for details. !Savings compare 0% APR to a Bailkrate, Inc. na!ional average bank loan rate .. .. .' ..


Sisters Taking Ch8fiiij-aOd loving It "Hello Divas!" was the greeting call on Valentine's Day 2009 as approximately soo women gathered at the USF medical complex for a local getaway called "Sisters Take Charge ofYour Health." Most of these women heeded the call to wear red to signify heart health and the prevention of the number one killer of women today heart disease. It was an exciting venue hosted by a group of health experts who go by the name of Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. (HNC). The simple idea of loving and taking care of yourself first was the focus of this event and so many attendees -who may have been stressed, faced with prior DR. GWENDOLYN GOLDSBY GRANT Keynote Speaker health challenges and life changes were thrilled to be apart of it. Since launching their first health seminar in 1995 in Orlando, FL, three women -Roniece Weaver, MS, RD, LD, Fabiola D. Gaines, RD, LD and Ellareetha T. Carson, RD, LD, with the help of family, close friends and associates have transformed and enlivened what it means to be healthy and health conscious in the minority community. Today, these women, along with a select group of Board members help to gov ern the HNC organization. The Board of Directors and founding partners of HNC are all involved in numerous educational and professional organizations and have published books and health guides such as "Slim-Down Sister" I.h.g Soul Food Cookbook", and the Soul Food Pyramid The USF medical department through their 2009 Ms. Herma White an Ron Pittman, State Farm Insurance representatives. Ms. Kathanell Griffin, Ms. Alfreda Guion, and Ms. Brenda Boyer were among those attending the "Sisters Take Charge ofYour Health" event. sponsorship of "Sisters .. in Tampa, has displayed its obvious and on-going commitment toward educating the community and recruiting aspiring individuals into the health profession. Sisters: Take Charge! by far HNC's most wellknown event, is a proven full day health and wellness seminar that feeds the mind, body and spirit. This year's event featured health screenings and advice by USF faculty, graduates and medical students, community exhibitors, prize giveaways, and a variety of health workshops focusing on revolutionary medical treatment alternatives, exer cise, weight loss, financial fitness, mental and spiritual renewal. Special guest and Denver Nuggets NBA player -Chucky Atkins shared a Soul food cooking demonstration with samples of Jambalaya and Banana Pudding for all to taste. Keynote Speaker and renown psychologist, Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant was awe-inspiring as she motivated those in atten dance to make right choices that lead to love and respect for oneself and of others. If that wasn't motivation enough, then no doubt the two 15-minute intense workouts led by 52-year old African-American exercise trainer and enthusiast, Jeanette Gray, gave renewed hope to all that life at any age can be happy and healthy! Eleanor McCoy is a Distinguished Toastmaster and an employee of AAA Auto Club South. She has served the Tampa community in various capacities over the past 15 years as a volun teer, Chairperson and Board Member of: It's All About Kids, the Tampa Firefighters Museum, 'the Tampa Organization of Black Affairs, and, the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, to nameafew. Ms. Deirdre R. Crutchfield, and Ms. Eunice Johnson Mays are shown with the keynote speaker, Dr. Gwendolyn G. Grant, center, at the event. Among those attending the "Sisters Take Charge of Your Health" event were: Ms. Machelle Ms. Sheryl Cusseaux, and Ms. Zsa Zsa Cusseaux.


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MS.SHANN MS.SHANN. Happy birthday to this beautiful PisceS. From a host of family and friends, wit4 love. KENNEDY GREEN JACQUEZ, KENNEDY AndTONYATA wishes are to our littie divad Miss Kennedy Green, who wdl .turn 6 on '1\Iesday, March 3r Kennedy will celebrate all weekend with a slumber party at the Embassy Suites, a limo ride and'dinner at Red Lobster. Happy birthday, Nani. We love you ": Your .parents, Jacquez and Tonyata, Meechie,' Nana, CoCo and godparents RONNIEAndJAZZMA Happy birthday to our mother on her special day, 2-28 09. LOve, your kids: :: ; KHARIWATSON MS. REMYNISS Happy birthday, Ms. Remyniss, party tim e :Hhppy 1st birthday to Miss Khari Watson. Love always, mom and dad, Dina and MeMe. 'She Completes 'Me' MR. And MRS. DAVIS Happy birthday wishes go out to the best thing God sent me. I love you, Boo, enjoy your day. Love, Bac and kids. WALTER Happy birthday, Walter, "19 Y'all get at me-Walter Pinckney, 08037747, 520 Faulkenburg Road Tampa; FL, 33619. It's My Sister's Birthday The Real Bust It Baby 2 -27 Spec i a l 23rd birthd a y s hout out goes to The Real Bust It Baby, 2 27 Fr om, The R eal Goonette. ., c > D. J KRUNK KID Come party with me and my celebrity friends this Sunday at Temple Lounge, 7th Avenue. Everybody gets in free until12!!! Happy Birthday, Mom (March 1st) 85 Years Old EUNICE F. And FAMOUS T. FLOYD Happy Anniversary (March 2nd) 58th Anniversary Your children, IDldreth H. Fleming, Carol K. Brown anci Theodore.V. Floyd. Now Registering lorVPI ; .; 'Quality Csre When You Are Not There" APPROVED VPK PROVIDER Reverend W.D. Sims Pa1tor 3716 E. Lake Ave Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 621-5038 "Train up a c hild In the w a y he s hould g o : S o when he I s old he w il l not depart fr o m II P roverbs OJ :::c c: )> N 0 0 CD ., r 0 c )> en m z -f z m r:OJ c: r r m -f z c: OJ r Cii :::J: m c m. < m :::c -< -f c: m en C ?<. )> Z c .,. c


g. All About You C"'l Hey, I'm 60 a: ct ::> a: m w u. <( c a: u. MARY GIBBONS GREENE Happy birthday, mother From, Angel, Noble and Marie. We love you c a: u. c z ct c en w :::::: t-> a: w > w c w :1: en :J m :::::: a. z i= w ..J ..J :::::: m I ..J w z i= z w Happy Birthday LEE FRANK WILKERSON 3-t-66 en For all of you who forgot about me, just keep looking a: over your shoulders. 0 Iloveyou ..J u. Rainbow Ministries Church Of God In Christ 1804 W. Waters Ave. Ste. B Tampa, FL 33604 813-933-2404 Joseph B. First Lady: .Missionary Cheryl Green Weekly Worship Schedule Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Sunday Morning 11 A.M. Monday Mol'llin' 9 A.M. W ednesday Nipt Worship Prayer Service 7 P.M. Bible Study 7:30 P.M. Saturday Morning Prayer Warriors Service Every Second Sat Of Each Month Fulfilling The Visum Through Faith EREKAAnd SHANNEL Yes, it's '09; and these divas are ready to shine. Wishing each other a happy birthday. Ereka, 2/28 and Shannel, 3/4TIONAH MAREE PRATT Nana Viv's beautiful princess is celebrating her 3rd birthday today, Feb. 27th W e ch e rish you in every way and even more on your special day. Love, godmommy, Wannie, Teta and Papa, Birthday Notices And Other Announcements Deadline: 1 Week In Advanc e Call: 248 For More Info PA.NDRA JONES We are pleased to a nnoun ce that Pandra Jones will be graduating from Devry University with a Bachelor's in Technical Management with a major in Human R esources, Friday, February 27th, 2009. The commence men t an d ce l ebration will be held in Orlando, FL. Isn't She Lovely TASHA L. CARNEGIE Happy birthday to the most be auti ful person in the world, m y mother, Tasha L. Carnegie, who will turn "37" on M arch 2. I l ove you mom. Your daughter, Alexis Green. A lso, shouts coming from your mother, Pat Bunkley and your best friend, Lisa Pitts. May God bless you to see m a ny m ore. Happy Anniversary PASTOR And MRS. CHARLES (SHON) DAVIDSON February 28th Proverbs 18:22, "Whoso findeth a wifefindeth a good thing dnd ob tainethfavor ofthe Lord! I thank the Lord Jesus for allowing me to find my good thing m y jewel, 11 years and cou nting. I love you. Your husband. JOSIE GREEN Happy brithday and congra tulation s for making paraprofes sional of the year. DEJA'NIQUE (Left), JOE (Middle), DEJA'NAE (Right) and TOSHIMI (Sitting) Happy 17th birthday, Deja'nique and Deja'nae Frierson, we are proud of you, Love, Joe and mommy.


lord, Give Me A New Heart! There are many people in need of a heart transplant. Their current heart is not able to keep up with the physical demands the body requires. Because of their previous lifestyle their heart has been damaged and unable to function at one-hun dred percent. Oftentimes people find themselves in need of a spir itual heart transplant. The purpose of needing a new spiritual heart is so that you can begin to follow the com mands and decrees of God. In this week's lesson, in Ezekiel 11:14-21, God speaks to Ezekiel about giv ing the people a new heart. Before giving them the new heart, God gives them back ground about their current condition. Some of the Israelites have been taken away captive and there are some who are left behind. Those who are left behind have words to say about those who are taken; "They are far away from the Lord; ;-and-their land is ours for a posses sion." This is thought of people who have struggled together and are also re lated. It is an unfortunate thing when people who are sup posed to look out for one an other, want to take advantage of each other when going through trials and tribulations. The church should not be a place where people gloat because someone has fallen or their sins have found them out. God says to them that al-. though they have been scat tered among heathens and are living in other countries, He will .Still be with them and will be a sanctuary for them (vs. 16). Oftentimes your disobedience will cause you to be chastised by God and taken captive by your enemy. Sometimes the way you live and the choices you make will cause you to be put in some uncomfo rtable situations. While your actions and be havior may deserve the pun ishment, God is still merciful. He says,. that al. though you are taken cap tive, He will be with you. Although you caused the : problem, He will still be a place of refuge for you. God will still give you a time and a place that you can worship and serve Him. Even in their captivity, God was still there. He promised to bring them out. He gave His word that He would bring them back home to their own land. No matter where you go and why you have gone, God will bring you back home. Though you may live in the land of your oppressor, God will still bring you home. the commands of God. 22 c God welcomes all those indi viduals who messed up, ran away, went astray, or was just rebellious and left to come home. God recognizes why you make the choices you make. God understands why you sin and fall short. In God's eyes it is a heart thing. Your heart may not be right. You do what you do because you have a heart condition and you need a heart transplant. With this new heart trans-;H plant you will be able to do OJ what the Lord commands. When God gives you this new heart you will see as He N sees and hear what He speaks. When you get a new _:g heart you have to make some lifestyle changes. The things you used to do are no longer comfortable for you to do with your new heart. The church must get a new heart. The church must make sure that it is living and seiving according to the new g\{idelines and instruc tions of having a new heart. God is performing heart tra"rispfants .. and heart is available for you. Get yours today and. see how much your life will be better toGod says, "I wilrgive them a new heart and a new spirit, I will take away the stony heart" (vs: is). It is tliis heart of stone that keeps in dividuals from loving God with all fneirheart. It is this heart of stone that keeps you from trusting God with all your heart. The stony heart makes it impossible to obey morrow! New Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church "A Super Natural Church Composed Of Super Natural People w 7401 So. Kissimmee St. Port Tampa FL 33616 (813) 837 0129 Office Hours: Tues. And Thurs. 10 A.M.-6 P.M. The an 3t Ministers Of God Ministries 1512 E. Columbus Dr., Tampa, FL33605 Pastor Charles Davidson, Senior Pastor Saturday, February 28, 2009 (Men $peaking_Out) 1 P.M. -3 P.M. DR. H. L. BURCH The Way Of The Word Ministries Jacksonville, FL Is Located At 15th & Columbus Slightly Pass 15th On The left Of Columbus Dress Down Men And Women; let's Just Be Freel New St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church 1006 South 50t h Stree t *Tampa, Florida ,-----..,813-242-6268 Sunday Morning Church School@ 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship@ 11:00 A.M.. Thursday Night Youth Bible Study@ 6:30 P.M. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & Bible Study@ 7:00P.M. r-0 22 c CJ) m z -f z m r- OJ c: r rm :::! z ., c: OJ r-c;; ::1: m c m < m :::D < -f c: m CJ) c z c :::D c C') m U"' I .,


0) N > a: :::) a: m w LL <( c a: LL c a: LL c z <( c (/) w :::) t-> a: w > w c w .:I: (/) :::i m :::) a. z j::: W ..I ..I :::) m I ..I w z j::: z w (/) <( c a: 0 ..I LL m I CD w ALLEN TEMPLE A. M. E. CHURCH 2101 Lowe St. Pastor Worship Activties: Early Worship 7:45A.M. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study 6:45 P.M. Tuesday "" ... .,.. i'l-...... ... FIRST MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH OF HIGHLAND PINES 471 1 21st Ave. REV. Pastor Prayer Meeting & Bible Study Wednesday 7 P.M. Sunday School-9:30 A. M. Morning Worship -1 o:-55 A. M. Church Van (813) 627-0338 TEMPLE CREST CHURCH OF CHRIST 8309 N. 40th St. Tampa, FL 33604 914-7525 Sun. Morn. Bible Study 9:30A.M. Sun. Morn. Worship 10:30 A.M. Sun. Evening Worship-6:30 P.M. Mid Week Bible Study Wed-7:30 P.M. Everyone Welcome FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF LINCOLN GARDENS 4025 W. Palmetto St. 879-1351 REV. ANTHONY GREENE, Pastor Sunday School -9:30A.M. Morning Worship-11 A.M. Prayer Service & Bible Study Wednesday-7:30 P.M. "To Know Christ And To Christ Known" PEOPLE FOR CHRIST NEW FRIENDSHIP GRACE MARY MISSIONARY MOUNT OUVE. MINISTRIES M.B. CHURCH BAPTIST CHURCH A. M. E. CHURCH 1 0511 Main Street Thonotasassa, Florida 3107 E. Lake Ave. -4127 3901 N. 37th St (813) 248-377 1902 W. LaSalle St., Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 254-6278 OR.THOMAS L: HADDEN, Ill Sunday School REV. H. L. DANIELS, Pastor Weekly Activities 9:30AM. Sunday Church School 9:30 A.M Morning Worship 11A.M. Morning Worship 10:45 A.M Bible Class 4:30 P.M Evening Worship 5 P.M Bible Study (Wednesday) Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7 P.M 7P.M. Bible Study 7:30 P. Worship .Location Office Location: Bfal!m Alfano : Georgetown Office Park Conference Center 1307 w. Fletcher Ave. 1606 N. McKinley Dr. : Tampa, FL.33612 Tampa, FL 33612 -.: -. S!,JNDAYS : First Fruit Worship Setilice7:3o A.M Momirig Celebration SetVice 1-1 :oo AM. .THURSDAYS Voice Of The Word Bible Study 7:30P.M. BROWN MEMORIAL CHURCH-'OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E. 27th AVE. (813) 248-5690 (813) 241-690 WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday School ..... 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship .... 11 A.M. Sunday Evening Worship 7 30 PM-... .... '.... : Morning Prayer (Tuesday Friday) .... 9 A.M. Wednesday Night Worship ..... 7:30P.M. BISHOP MATTHEW WILLIAMS Pastor "A Chlich wtiare The LOve Of God Flows And The Holy Ghost Is In Full Control." Pastor Early Morning Worship-8 A.M. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship-10:50 A.M. Bible Study, Wed. -7 P.M. R C. GIVINS, Pastor: MRS. ROBERTA T. GIVINS, First Lady 9:30 A. M. -Church School 11 :oo A. M. Worship THE PUBLIC IS INVITED B ible StudyWednesday 7 P .M. ST. MAlTHEW M. B. CHURCH 3708 E. Lake Ave., Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 628-0752 *Website: www.stmatthewchurch.org Email: rsims@tampabay.rr.com Break Of Day Worship 7:45 A. M. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Prayer Service Wednesday 7 p.m. Study of the Bible Wed. 7:30 8:30 p.m. Praise & Worship Service .. Wed. 8:30 9 p.m. Children & Youth Bible Study Wednesday 7 8:30 p.m Saturday Prayer service & Bible Study 10a.m. Youth Bible Institute 12-4 p.m. Teen Night Friday before the 2nd Sunday 7-11 p.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PROGRESS VILLAGE -8616 Progress Blvd., Tampa, FL 33619 Church Office: (813) 677-1948 Pastors Office: (813) 672-0389 Academy Office: (813) 677-5988 Fax: (813) 672-0514 E-Mail: fbcopv@tampabay.rr.corn OR. SAM MAXWELL, SR., Senior Teaching Pastor AduiVChildren Worship Times 7:30A.M. & 10:55 A.M. 4:!!:i!Jiii!ultt Sunday-9:45A.M. -Adult & Youth/ Children Tuesday 11 A.M. -Adult Wednesday-7 P.M.-Youttv Children 7 :30 P.M. Adult A Campus For Faith Bible lnstttute Growing The Church For Global Change (Acts 1:6, Rom. 1:8, 1 Thes. 1 :B) GREATER FRIENDSHIP M.B.CHURCH 3325 E. Emma St. Sunday School-9:45a.m. Morning Worship -11 a.m. Evening Worship -5 p.m. Prayer Meeting Tuesday-7:30p.m. Visitors Are Welcome! I' FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COLLEGE HILL 3838 North 29th Street, Tampa 248-6600 REV. EVAN BURROWS Senior Pastor Early Worship 7:50 a.m. Sunday School-9:45 a.m. M6rning _Worship-For Transportation Call. SISTER BARBARA MCGILL at621-1155 Tuesday -6:30 p m. : Bible Study 7:30 p.m. : -. :. Visit eM Website or E-Mail us: info@fbcc!:l.org Jesus Is The wav ;_ The Truth And The ..


Church Directory NEW MT. ZION. M. B. CHURCH, INC. 2511 E. Columbus Dr. (813) 248-8101 or (813) 247-3899 REV. WAllER J. WILUAMS Pastor Early Morning Worship-7:55A.M. Sunday Morning Worship-9:30A.M. Morning Worship -10:55 A M Wed. Family P M Dea. John C. Lovett, Chairman Board Of Deacons 29TH STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST HAROLD RODRIQUEZ-MINISTER 3310 N. 29th St. TAMPA, FL 33605 OFFICE & FAX (813) 242-4572 EMAIL: rornello@verizon.net Sunday Bible.Ciass ..... : ......... 9 :1S A.M. Morning Worship .... ,. .. .......... 10:30 A.M. Evening Bible Class .............. 5:00 P.M. Evening Worship ................... 6 :00 P M .. Wednesday Night Class ...... .7:00 P .M. Personal Work: 1st Sat.. ... 1 0-12 Noon ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL 3401 E. 25th Avennue,Tampa, FL (Comer Of 34th St. & 25th Ave. ) Phone : (813) 248-3737 Or (813) 248 -3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline: 248-HELP Bishop Eddie Newkirk, Sr. Pastor WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday: 8!00 A. M. Spiritual Enrichment 9:45A.M. Sunday School I Orientation -10:45 Worship Service (Youth Church 2nd And 3rd Sundays) Tuesday: 12:00 Noon Prayer w/B_ ible Study Wednesday: 5:30 P. M Free Tutorial 6:45 P. M. Adult & Youth Mid Week Service Email Us-At ... stjniinistnes@ a91.com '" Mission Statement: A Church of the i nner city reachingout to the community by ministering to the wholeman. ., Outreach Ministry: : NOAH COMMUNITY, INCJ HOUSE OF LYDIA BISHOP EDDIE And PASTOR AUDREY NEWKIRK MOUNT PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002 N. Rome Avenue (Corner of Rome Ave. and Spr u c e St.) P.O. Box 4724 Tampa Dr C.T. Kirkland, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail : MtPieasantMB@ aol.com Devotion By Mt. Pleasant Praise Team EARLY MO.RNiNG. WO.RSHIP AT. 7:45)\_ M SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30A.M. MORNING .WORSHIP-11 A. M. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM -F amily Series Hour (B T.U ) 6 PM-Lord s Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM-PrayerService'. 7 PM General Bible Study 7 PM Bible Study TAPE MINISTRY Order On Line At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org HERITAGE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH Hillsborough High School 5000 N Central Ave. Tampa, FL 33603 REV. DELORES CAIN, Pastor Sunday Morning Worship Service 8:00 A. M. Bibl e Study Tuesday 7 :00P.M. New Mt Silla M B. Church 5702 E. 32nd Ave. Tampa, FL33619 New Testament M. B. Church Of Thonotasassa, Inc. 11530 Walker Road Thonotosassa FL 33592 ( 813) 986-3971 (813) 610-1252 REV. JOHN D. ANDERSON, JR. Pastor Weekly Services: Sunday School 9 :30A.M. Sun. Morning Worship* 11 A.M. Wed. Night: Youth Prayer Service And B i b l e Study Thurs. Night: Prayer Service And Bible Study S aving T h e S i n ner s And Educating The Beli(fNers I Can Do A ll T hings Through Christ Who Strengthens M e -Phil. 4:13 ST. JAMES AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH 5202 86th St. Tampa 677-2411 Sunday Worship Services 7:45A.M. & 11 A.M. : l l B Church School 9:30. A.M. each Sunday Bible Study 7 P M each Wednesday Ta k e Progress B lv d to S 85th St. turn North go to Ash Ave t urn E f ollow t he c u rve to the l e ft ( S 86th St.) and the church i s on the right. REV. JOE GAY, Pastor College Hill Church Of God In Christ 64 1 4 North 30th Stree t 8 1 3-239-31 6 1 Growth Sharing God s Love Worship Opportunities SUNDAY Sunday .School 9 :30A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M YPWW 6:00 P.M. Evening Worship 7 :00 P.M. TUESDAY & FRIDAY Evening Service 7 :00P.M RE-BIRTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1924 East Comanche Ave. Tampa, FL 3361 0 (813) 238-8911 Welcomes You To An Exciting Place To Worship Electrifying Praise, Powerful Teaching & Preaching 10A. M. EVefY Morning PASTOR ZACHERY And MRS. HUDSON LAURA STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST 131 0 East Laura Street P lant City, F L 33566 ( 8 13) 752-2858 William Kerrlson, Minister Sunday Morning B i b l e Study .......... 9 A.M. Morning Worship Worship ... 10: 15 A.M. Everiing Worship ....................... s P.M. Wednesday Morning Bible Study ............. 10 A M Evening Bible Study .................... ? P M Remember the Sabbath day by keep ing it holy. Si x days you shall labor and do all your work but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant or maidservant, no r your animals, nor the alien within your gates. For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth the sea and all that is in them but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy Exodus 20:8-11 NIV ::c 0 }< m m ::c c: l> ::c -< 1\) 1\) 0 0 CD \


c a: LL. c z < c (/) W ;::) .... > a: w > w c w :::t: (/) :J m ;::) a.. z t:i ..J ..J ;::) m ...:.. w z i= z w (/) < c a: g LL. eslgnof : Hait"'Studio 81u-u1 .. Specializing In All The Latest Styles. Also Press-N-Curl Local Step Competition The Wilbert Davis Boys and Girls Club in East Tampa was the site of the 5th Annual Step Competition on Friday, January 30th. There was competition between high school, middle school, and elementary schools as well as community centers. Music was by Rock-It-Rod DJ Service There was an autograph signing by "Kristall." (Photos by Micbeal P. Floyd) Middle School -Genevieve Myers, Rakeal Lewis, Ajari Ebony Moore, Kaleena Tramble, Ebony Gantt, Adaja McWhite, Cardierre Harris, Erielle Sertino, Kyra Shane-Peeples. High School. Jatesia Mingo, Venecia Brown, Jazmyne Brown, Jessica Blue, Jasmine Johnson, Arnicia Jacuson, Alexis McClenton, Ra'Leyah Parks, Nila Spencer, LeQuisha Day, Brianna Harrison Alexia Thoml>son. "Soul Steppers," Tani Bastre, Takisha Kirt, Morteria Walker, Mya Porche, and Denanisha Mitchell. "Theta Phi Beta," Rikel Stubbins, Darrien Powell, Key Andre' Thompson, Davina Jones, Erica Adams, Rabiah Hubert, Jr., Princess Jones, Coach Kesha Sanders, Justice Monroe, Loren Moultrie, Coach Alex" J

Local February Birthday Celebrants Happy birthday wishes are extended to: Kelli Owens, Lula Powell, Cynthia Roberts, Sandra FrenchRose. (Lithonia, GA), Vanessa Wilson, Rose Allen Smith, Carlton Lise and Jewel Hammond. Happy birthday to Mr.Leslie "Les" Jackson, who celebrated his special day on 2-21. "Les" enjoyed a great day with family and friends. Ms. Mary Moore enjoyed an early celebration of her special day at a party in her and Mrs. Ernest Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Davis (Alice) Livingston, and Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel (Sarah) Tilhnan. Uplifting Prayers Let us pray for everyone, but especially: Rich Bradley, Mildred Moore, Beulah Coles, Victoria Brown, Mozell Debose, Lula Philon, Lillie Mae Thomas and Archie Mae Wright. Seeing clearly now, Mrs. Gertrude Snyder is home after recent eye surgery. honor at Robles Park, with Sympathy family and friends on SaturOur sincere sympathy is exday, 2-21 Ms. Moore's spetended to Ms. Doris "Pat" cial day was 2-25 Porter and family, who reHappy birthday to Mr. cently loss their mother. Dwight E. AndersQn, forCondolences are also sent to mer Villager, who win cele-the Marshall family in the brate his special day on 3-4, loss of their mother and with family .. and friends m grandmother, Mrs. Drusilla Jacksonville. Wyzell Marshall, who was Anniversary Celebrants Happy anniversary to Mr. funeralized Saturday, Febru ary 21, 2009, Rev. Phillip Jen-kins, officiated. ''What do you say about a CD that talus you from raunchily to cheek-to-cheek romantic? Meg Henley, Pine River, MN First: "I Need A Freak" Now: "Primitive" you can caU ... ..,. .... a come btZCk becaiUe thu 13 11 come back hit baby/ Tony Mar1hall "Banana" Bedford, OH "Dk Pt1111l from, Primitive 13 AWESOME/" The strings sound very nlce. IIDve it/ NUdd Nicole, Miami FL I I lcnew th/3 gfiY. -ChrU Mavrot, Broadview Bts, OR The PRIMITIVE CD 13 awuomel I feel some songs can be IUedfor tmytltlng, even a movk score or a TV theme song. Suubllle M. Marrero, North Caronna Available @AWESOME SOUNDS on Roate 301 SENSUOUS SOUNDS SYSTEMS, Buc:b Blvd & Tile BP STATION Eut Baub Blvd. Our deepest sympathy is website www.lupusflorida.org. Reunion Cruise tended to the entire family of Cabins are limited, so call ;:H the late Mrs. Celia Kitchen. First Baptist Church Of soon! For information about OJ Mrs. Kitchen was a long Progress Village News the cruise scheduled for June time VillagE:r for over 40 Every third Saturday of the 11-14, 2009, call' Debora l> years. month between 8 a.m. and 12 Barr Howard (813) 417-Neighbors and friends exnoon, the church gives away 6654. press condolences to the donated clothing, toys and 1\) ilyof the late Mrs Dorothy household items at 8616 -Thought For Today g Mallard, who passed away Progress Boulevard (between "Don't wait for your ship to co on 2-21-09. 78th St. and Faulkenburg Rd) come in, swim out to it." Our deepest sympathy to the entire family of the late Mr. James "Boe Boe" Warren. Mr. Warren passed away on 2-21-09. Funeral ments are pending Community Hour Of Power Prayer Band The Community Hour Of Power Prayer Band meets every Thursday morning at 10:30 a. m. They are a group of God s children gathered on one accord to learn the Word of our Father. Come and share, everyone is welcome. 2nd Annual Lupus Walk The 2nd Annual Lupus Walk will be held Saturday, June 6, 2009, from 9 a. noon at Tropicana Field (home of the Tampa Bay Rays). For more information, con tact, Michelle Morales at (727) 742-8005 or visit the Free Classes Scripture (Rev. 1:18) Free Exercise and Nutrition I am he that liveth; and was Classes are being offered on dead; and behold, I am alive Wednesdays from 6 -7 p.m. at for evermore, Amen; and Winston Park, 7605 Destin have the keys of hell and of Drive, Greater Palm River death. Point : The classes will provide hi. F. Y. I formation to help reduce the keep President risk of obesity, diabetes and Barack Obama and his fam asthma. They will also provide ily in our daily prayers as he exercise options and healthy tries to bring change for cooking options. everyone. For more info, call liz Remember our service men Gutierrez at (813) 628-9539. and women who put their My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry Inmates ean request a FREE lives on the line daily. ;!! : Remember the helpers in the 0 kitchen: Thehna, (813) 6 7 1 .. 3614, Family Deli, (813) 671-J> Bible and greeting cards by writing to: My Brothers 2 Keep Ministry, P. 0. Box 4618, Tampa, FL, 33677-4618. Progress Village Family And Fri.ends 1541 or H. 0. P.; (813) en 238-5221. Call your news in to Iradean 'London-.Biggs at (813) 677-6071. Be blessed! Yes We Can! :::! z m r I OJ c: r r !:!1 z c: OJ r c;; ::z: m c m < m :c -< -1 c: m en c l> z c


0 Ricipes ,.: N >-:J a::: al w LL > < 0 LL >< 0 a::: LL.. 0 >< 0 en w > a::: w 0 w :I: en :J al :J 0.. z I= w ...J' ...J :J al I ...J w z I= z w en < 0 0 ...J LL al I 0 'r"'" w 0.. CHEESY PEPPERONI POPCORN % cup nonfat Pannesan cheese 2 teaspoons garlic powder Y4 teaspoon dried oregano Y4 teaspoon dried leaves % teaspoon dried basil leaves 1/8 teaspoon dried sage black pepper, to taste 12 cups air-popped popcorn % cup turkey pepperoni, cut into bite-size bits Olive-oil cooking spray DIRECTIONS: Combine Pannesan cheese, garlic powder, oregano, basil, sage and pepper in a small bowl; mix well. Place cooked popcorn and turkey pepperoni. in a large bowl; spray lightly cooking spray. Sprinkle popcorn and pepperoni with cheese mixture and toss to coat evenly. If hunger strikes and mealtime is hours grab a whole grain snack such as popcorn to feed the need for delicious nutrition. Compared to many snack foods, popcorn is low in calories and with so many ways to dress up popcorn, snacking will never be boring again. POPCORN BAR If you're still 'old-school' pop your popcorn on the stovetop. When the kern.els pop, pour in enough popcorn to cover the bottom of the pan, one kernel deep, cover the pan and shake to evenly to. spread the oil. When the popping begins to slow to a few seconds apart, remove the pan from the top. The heated oil will the remaini kernels. TOPPING OPTIONS: Popcorn salt & pepper, assorted herbs & spices, nuts, cheese crackers, pretzel sticks, dried fruit, grated cheese, chocolate chips, cinnamon, brown sugar or nutmeg. DIRECTIONS: Set out a large bowl of popcorn. Put smaller bowls with various popcorn : fixings around the big bowl of popcorn. Let each person fill a paper bag or other container with popcorn and top or mix with their desired flavorings. Enjoy! CINNAMON-SPICE 6ERRY POPCORN 3 tablespoons brown sugar 3 tablespoons light corn syrup 1% teaspoons cinnamon Y4 teaspoon ginger %teaspoon nutmeg 1/8 teaspoon cloves 1 % tablespoons light margarine % cup Craisins air-popped popcorn DIRECTIONS: Combine brown sugar, corn syrup, spices and margarine in microwave-safe bowl; cook on high heat for 2 % minutes or until bubbly hot Add Craisins to popcorn; toss with hot sugar mixture until well coated. Cool .mixture before serving or .store in airtight container. CRUNCHY POPCORN lRAIL MIX !'1 s- 1 5 cups"popped popcorn 3 cups whole grain oat cereal 1/3 cup raisins. 1/3 cup peanuts (or other nuts) 1/3 cup sunflower seeds %cup(% stick) butter or margarine 6 tablespoon brown sugar 2 tablespoon light corn syrup : : DIRECTIONS: Stir together popcorn, cereal, raisins and nuts in large microwavable bowl; set aside. Combine butter, brown sugarand corn syrup in small saucepan. Heat until boiling; cook for 3 minutes, stining occasionally. Pour over popcorn mixture, stining to coat evenly. Microwave 3 minutes, stining and scrapping bowl after each minute. Spread onto greased cookie sheet; cool. Break into pieces and store in airtight container.


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can The Ravs Do A Repeatil The Tampa Bay Rays had a fantastic season last year. The question is, can they do a repeat? The answer is, I don't know. The Rays play in one of the toughest divisions in Major League Baseball. Rest assured. the Yankees, the Red Soxs and the Toronto Blue Jays will be better. The Rays have basically stood pat. There are some glaring questions that -need to be answered. The first question is, will an unhappy B. J. Upton and a disap_pointed catcher, Dioner Navarro contribute as much.' as they did last season? Both of these young men are pros. But, both of them feel that they are underpaid. A second question is, will the Rays miss .the departed pitcher, Edwin JacksQn, clutch hitter, Roco Ballda and. designated hitter; Cliff Floyd? All three of these players contributed heavily to the Rays' success. Then there is the question as to wl}.ether the Rays' young pitching staff can duplicate last season's success. Spring training bas begun. We won't'have lorigto wait to get. the answers to some of the questions that plague the American League Champions. Colts Cut Harrison The Indianapolis Colts cut Hall of Fame receiver, Marvin Harrison this week. The departure with Marvin was a salary cap move for the Colts. To keep the super receiver would puta $13 million plus salary cap hit on the Colts. Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning said that #88 will be sorely missed. As for Harrison, he had nothing to say: He didn't even attend Specializing in the management of chronic medical illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. We accept Weticare, Universal, Citrus, United Healthcare and others! To schedule an appointment, call: (813)870-3767 .. 4710 HABANA AVENUE, #707, TAMPA, FL 33614 Take Of Your Feet... They Have To Last A L1fet1me! Sheehy Ankle & Foot Center And Surgery Of The Ankle And Leg Foot Pain Nail Deformities Ankle Pain Corn & calluses Heel Pain Sports Medicine Wound Care NEW Medi-Pedicure Bpnions Available PAULL. SHEEHY, JR.D.P.M., P.A. JJoard ( 'erttfled Acodem.r Of Ambttlalory Fool & Ankle Surge1y 813-872-8939 wwwTampaFootDoctor.com 4200 ..\rmenia *Suite 5 trnrncr of..\nncnia ,\: l'>ahcl :! Snuth of :\ILKl the press conference. Harrison hopes to sign with another team, possibly as early as today. I guess you might say that is footbalL Knicks Marbury Gone Veteran point guard, Stephon Marbury of the New York Knicks is on his way to the Boston Celtics. Marbury, the grounded and unwanted point guard, reached a buyout agreement with the Knicks last Tuesday. He had already reached an agreement with Boston. Marbury hasn't played since last season and was not going to play for the Knicks eve r again. As a matter of fact, the Knicks were paying Marbury to stay away from the team and the Madison Square Garden arena. The move is good for all parties concerned. Now Marbury has a chance to finally win a Championship ring. The Mt. Rushmore Of Sports The Mt .. Rushmore of Sports is a brand new sports recognition where the state with the most noted professional athletes in several sports resides. The first winner of this designation is the State of Illinois. Illinois won with Michael Jordan in basket ball, Ernie Banks in base ball, Walter Peyton in foot. ball and Michael Ditka in footbalL Illinois beat out Pennsylvania with Joe Paterno,. Wilt Chamberlain, 'Roberto Clemente and Mario California competed with Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson, John Wooten and Jackie Robinson. Alabama ;, ed out the fop four with Bear Bryant, Bo Jackson,_. Hank .Aaron. and Willie. Mays.. -'11 lJ c N.Y. Giant Star To Host Sportslest '11 m m lJ c )> Former Tampa Bay Tech and West Virginia University football player, Kay Jay Harris, will be hosting a Youth Sportsfest beginning Friday March 13th at 7:30 p.m. and ending Saturday, March 14th. Harris, who is a member of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants arid college team .mate of Chris Henry and Adam "Pac Man" Jones, is a 3rd year running back and said he's very excited about this event. "I;ve wanted to do this for a while. After our Super Bowl victory, I felt this was the perfect time for this event. I hope to do it every year." Harris said the.-goal for. :the Sportsfest is keeping kids fit. "Nike has also been a big supporter. Kids need to be more active and this is more than just a football camp. Everyone can come, this is a great opportunity for kid_ s to advantage of the need to stay in shape. Harris said they have targeted more than 150 youths to take part hi his inaugural program. "Since my focus is fitness, I definitely have a to give them. So many kids today aren't as active as they need to. be. KAY JAY HARRIS They have so much attitude, they don't see what it really takes to be a successful athlete. A positive attitude can take you a 1\) 1\) 0 0 co "'T'' longway." r On Friday, March 13th, 0 the Sportsfest will kick off c)> with a Celebrity Basketball Game and Silent Auction. On Saturday, March 14th at 9 z a.m., a youth 1.5 mile m r;-cross-country race will fea-m ture students from grades ? 1 through 8. Then at 1 J;; p.m., there will be a free :j youth football and cheer Z 'tl c m r camp. For more information about the Sportsfest, call (813) 235-5656. Reporter Leon _B. Crews can be reached at (813) '248-0724, or emailed at lcrews@flsen tinel.com. c;; :::z:: m c m < m -t c m en c .. brick by brick, block by block, callous hand by callous hand together ordinary people can do. )> z c '11 extraordinary things PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA Do You Want To Share Your St'ory? Do You Want More Information? 3) 21 0-0513. nja (813) 277-4587 Re .becca Francis House 446-9274 Telesia c C) m ..... Co) I m


0) 0 ...: C\1 a: w > w c w :I: en ::::i m ::J D. z i= w ...J ...J ::J m ...:. w z i= z w en a: g LL 11:1 I "'t ,... w CJ Sports U F lineman Faces Date-Rape Charges CARL JOHNSON. Florida offensive lineman Carl Johnson is fac ing an allegation of multiple date-rapes. Johnson, a 6-7, 350-pound rising junior .who is expected to start at tackle, was arrested Feb. 16 for violating a temporary restraining order filed by an ex-girlfriend, who claims Johnson dateraped her three times from September November. On Tuesday, Johnson had his hearing pushe d back to April 7, at the request o f his attorney. The Orlando Sentinel, citing court documents, reported that the ex-girlfriend claimed to have experienced "regular" physical and emot.ional abuse, including shaking, biting and hitting, during her relationship with Johnson .. The petition also states Johnson said that a goal in life was "to shoot and kill someone." After being informed of the accusations, Johnson told the ex-girlfriend that he had plans to "go upstairs and get his gun." When she told him he could go to jail, he said I don't care, at least it would be for something good." Florida coach Urban Meyer has not commented publicly on the case. STARKES ROOFING, INC. Residential & Commercial Leak R epain; No Job Too Small Or Too Large 2 0 Years Experience 5 Years Establi shed In Semiilole Hdghts Co nununity :\o11 Takin;: .\pplkaticms Fnr Drh-cr"s l.kcnsc Required. DARRYL STARKES Roofmg Contractor License# RC0067277 Licensed -Bondt:d-Insured 1802 E. Mobile Avenue (813) 477-0108 Tampa, FL 33610 Fax: (813) 236-7325 Fred Tavlor To Bills, FRED TAYLOR Former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor has visits scheduled to the Bills and Patriots this week as he looks to join a different NFL team for the first time in his career ; Both have a need for extra depth at running back. The former UF Gator and Belle Glade native has played in Florida his entire f ootball career, unfortunate. ly, nothing boosts recruiting like the subtle charms of February in Buffalo and Boston. Marburv Finallv Panswavs With Knicks STEPHON MARBURY NEW YORK -The New York Knicks are free of Stephon Marbury, and the troublesom e point guard is free to join a playoff contender. Marbury was waived Tues day by the Knicks ending a turbulent five -year stint i n which the f ormer All -Star couldn't l ead his hometown team to a single playoff victory. The fearri released a ment saying an agreement between the' Knicks and Marbury had been, reached, but did not disclose financial terms. Knicks president Donnie Walsh has said the team and Marbury have been trying to work out a buyout. Walsh's hope was to get something for Marbury in a trade, but with Marbury's salary of close to $21 million this season and a d ivisive p ersonality, h e kne w a deal was improb able. Marbury would be eligi b l e to play in the postseason for any team that s igns him because h e was waiv e d by M a rch 1. Police: White. Strikes Victim With Belt. Titans running back LenDale White was allegedly_involved in an altercation during an i nci dent earlier this month in Denver, but on Monday the city' s district attorney refused to prosecute the case. The Denver police department said the case has been reviewed and "is closed According to a police document where an aggravated assault offense was reviewed, the incident took place on Feb. 14 in Denver when White and other parties were involved in a verbal altercation after a minor vehicle accident. White then allegedly struck Leslie Joe Hoch, a white male. "The verbal argument turned physical and (White) began striking LENDALE WHITE and shoving the victim," the offense report said. According to the report, White, listed as an unknown suspect, "began striking the victim with a belt and belt buckle" before the parties got in their vehicle and fled. Hoch required hospitalization for lacerations, the offense report stated. Colts Announce Harrison's Release INDIANAPOLIS Marvin Harrison can play wherever he wants now. In he will always be a Colt. Team owner Jim Irsay on Tuesday grudgingly ho.nored' Harrison's requElst to be released, a move that official VVednesday. Team official s turned the news conference to announce Harrison's release -the receiver didn't attend --into an e motional tribute to one of the most identifiable players in the frapchise's Indianapolis era. They took turns recounting storiesthat stretched back mote than a decade. Irsay's halting words at the start and team pi-esi dent Bill Polian's red-' I dened eyes at the end were indicative of how hard it was to iet go :of one of the :best receivers in NFL-histocy "I've always treasured the time I've had with him because I respected him so much as a person," Polian said. "H e worked so hard at his craft, he was always so prepared and he did every little thing he could to win. And he did it with quiet Marvin Harrison caught 1,102 passes for-14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns as a Colt. 1 dignity1 superb profession alism andwith a sense of' contribution to the team, that really fs second to none." Irsay saw the announce ment as more of a temporary goodbye than a permanent farewell. He l plans to "'induct Harrison into the team's Ring of Honor after he retires, and expects Harrison to return to the city where hebecame a star. Irsay also wants to re-sign Harrison again, one a.,..lll80, he can leave the game as a Colts player; I Su


Sports Raiders To Release Walker The Raiders will likely release Javon Walker before his $5 million March 3 roster bonus comes due If so; Oakland will have parted three-fourths of its 2008 spending, with only DT Tommy Kelly remaining. Gibril Wilson and DeAngelo Hall were already jettisoned. Walker caught 15 passes in eight games before his season ende'd in November due to ankle surgery. The move will JAVON cause a $3.33M cap hit, but AI Davis realizes (a year. late) tha:t Walker has left. Charges Dropped Against Vilma Charges against Jonathan Vilma's who was arrested in in Miami are being dropped. Vilma had made it known that he would fight the of resisting arrest, reckless driving, and obstruction of justice. Prosecutors did not give a reason for the charges being dropped. Vilma is expected to be resigned by the.Saints afte'i( .. March 1. '. JONATIIAN VILMA Mannv on Burner Giants GM Brian Sabean said Monday that the idea of Manny Ramirez,joinirig his club is currently on the ''back burner." The Giants probably aren't willing to beat the one-year, $25 million offer that is on the table from the Dodgers. With other players in camp, there's no reason to buck up for Manny. said the teain would rather add a corner infield bat. Once again, the Dodgers sit alone as bidMANNY. RAMIREZ .J deis. for the 36-year-old slug-. ger's .Oden won't Need surgerv Blazers coach Nate McMillan says that Greg Oden's knee will not require surgery, and he's been told by team doctors that it won't be a lorig-term issue. However, Oden did not play Wednesday against the Spurs, and had to prove to McMillan that he could run at Thursday's practice in order to have a shot at returning Friday. Regardless of whether he plays, the good news is that Oden says the knee-is "a lot GREGODEN better than a couple of days ago," put he and the are clearly exercising HurJs:Shootinu : : :vmee Carter is noted VC "hurt the elbow ... :just i7.0 points on 40% ",-.i. ori his shooting hand" recent .. .shooting over .the past 12 :. ly. He missed one game in ,games. --. ,. early February with a hyper-Carter described his recent extended elbow, and owners playas "terrible", though NetS can only hope that it doesn't coach Lawrence Frank lir\.germuchlonger." McNabb contract Extension On Hold There are reports that Philadelphia QB, Donovan McNabb may hold off on discussing an extension until he sees upgrades to the roster. McNabb J;llet with team OCr:IZMS.COM :: :-: '"' "' officials for "several hours" last week to discuss his Week 12 benching and desire for Philadelphia to upgrade at offensive tackle, running back, and wide receiver. The contract talks are now reportedly on hold. It remains to be seen if the Eagles use their considerable salary cap space to please MeN abb, but there are indications they may not. '. 15"&16"-$795 l7;' 19 $895 : : : 20" $1095 22'' $1695 24" 2695 ... ; 9370 N. FLORIDA AVE. FL ... OPEN MON. -SAT. 9-6 .. "11 :::c 0 "11 m ar :::c c: )> :::c -< N N 0 0 CD "11 r 0 :::c 0 )> (/) m z ::! z m r m c: r r m '::! z 'tl c: m r (i) :I: m 0 m < m -4 c: m (/) 0 )> z 0 "11 :::c 0 ..... U1 I Ill


0) g Local Entertainment N ,...: N > a: a: w > w c w :I:" en :::i m ::: a. z j::: w ...J ...J ::: m I ...J w z j::: z w en a: 0 ...J u. m ch ,.. w Pre-Valentine's Partv H .eld At Manilla The Manilla Live was the place to be -to celebrate Valentine's. A Pre-Valentine's Day Party was held and well attended by a lively (Photos by Julia Jackson). Ms. J and "Q" were among those attending the PreValentine's Day Party at the Manilla Live. RICKIT. 3602 7th Avenue* Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 I Keys Made Latex Flat White Paint ............. $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Paint.. ........ $14.90 gal Roller Pan Set ........................ $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes .... .......................... ea. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! Super Bowl Reggae Night Super D Promotions hosted Super Bowl Reggae Night at Bulls Club on Fowler Ave. The house was filled and were they jumping! (Photos by Julia Jackson) Reggae artist Spragga Benz had the club jumping. Ms. J, right, and Rodger Bentley at Bulls Club. Friends Gather, For -Binhdav Panv Family. members and: friends to help one 'lady born {meier the sign of Aquarius Ms. Sherri Curry brought her birthday iD. grand style at Tampa Live! (Photos by Julia_Jackson). MS. SHERRI CURRY Birthday Celebrant Among those in attendance at the birthday party were Pauline, Charlie Mae, Judy, Michelle, and Candis. Judy, Louise, Phillicia, Cindy, and Lisa were on hand to help Ms. Curry celebrate her natal day. '. Monique and Judy were on hand to help Ms. Sherri Curry, center, celebrate her birthday. Party gang boomers helped Sherri celebrate.


., Entertainment :2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 DiddV Boards Train For Movie, Album Release DIDDY LOS ANGELES -It's official: Diddy has boarded music train. The king of hype has taken the art to a new l ev el, announcing plans to release the high-concept album Lq.st Train to Paris this fall, a would-be "electro-hip-hop soul funk" masterpiece that culminates in a love-seeking Eurail journey from London to Paris. "I'm ushering in a new movement called 'train musk,' the rapper turned wannabe-serious : actor said "Last Train to Paris is deeper than any of the stuff I have made. It's a profound love story. It's me with my shades off. It's the truth." It's also coming part and parcel with a movie version of the albuni, starelse?-Diddy himself. Trapped in the Closet's got nothing on him. Combs told MTV News this week that the album will not be a solo effort, instead will be a group endeavor comprised of Diddy and two as-yet-. unnamed female bandmates. The' arc will follow Diddy's character as he tours overseas and finds the woman of his dreams only to lose her, find her, lose her again and, (spoiler alert?) find her a final time. "We get together, she's attached to my hip ... l tell her to come to New York, Miami, all the places where I get it poppin', where I really do s-t," he said. "You know how men pop s--t like men do sometimes when they're trying to make a woman fall in love." The duo a misunderstanding and parts ways again. "So, I go on tour, and I'm in London," the storyboarder extraordinaire told MTV News. "!'get a tip that she's in Paris, and 9:45 p.m. or something. It's one of the foggiest days in London, so I can't take my plane. I can't drive, the road is shut down. The only way I can get there is the last train to Paris. T -Pain Cancels Guvana Show After Threats GEORGETOWN, Guyana --R&B singer T-Pain has canceled a concert in 'Guyana after receiving what a promoter calls ."credible death and kidnapping threats." Kerwin says perormaiice for Carnival celebrations was called off e-mail and phone threats from an unidentified source. Police Commander Leroy Boilers reporters that authorities will inves tigate. __.... T-Pain would have been one of the best-known U S. singers to perform in the South American nation in years. Legally named Faheem N ajm, his stage moniker is short for "Tallahassee T-PAIN Pain" in reference to the Florida city where he was born. He is credited with popu larizing s)rnthesizer-assisted vocals in R&B, and recorded the albums "Rappa Ternt Sanga" and "Epiphany., Ne-Yo Spoke To Rihanna About Fight Wants To Talk To Chris Brown ., m III ::D c: )> When Ne-Yo found out about the allegations of violence between Chris Brown and Rihanna, he knew he couldn't get the story from a third party. Concerned for both his friends, the singer wanted to speak to them personal ly. On Monday afternoon (February 23) a stillstunned Ne-Yo offered his thoughts. "I wanted to talk to them before I made a comment," he said about the muchpublicized incident that occurred several hours before the Grammy Awards on February 8. Brown turned himself in to police during the awards show and was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats and released. I spoke to Rihanna. She says she's fine. She didn't go into detail about what happened. I understand it's a painful situation; I didn't push." Like so many of NE-YO Rihanna's fans, friends and family members, NeYo .said he was griefstricken after viewing the recently leaked photo of a bruised and apparently battered Rihanna shortly after her altercation with Brown. "I saw the picture," he said solemnly. "That just really-that hUrt me to my heart, man. Again, I still don't know. what hap-. pened, 'cause i haven't had the opportunity to talk to Chris yet. But to take it to that level really hurt my 1\) heart. All I can say is, I'm -'""" praying for both of them. They're both in my prayers .I haven't had a chance to talk to Chris yet. I just wam:ia sit down and talk to that dude and just explain if he doesn't understand: 'That's not something that's excusable, bruh. You have to get a little smarter about whatever it is going on in your relationship. You have to get a little smarter about how you handle cer tain situations.' Still, Ne-Yo refused to be Brown;s judge. and jury. "I'm not going to cru-: cify him," Ne-Yo said. "I'm ilot going to do that. That's still my homeboy at. the end of the'day. For it to go ., to that level was w rong. I 5 won't say who was ::D sible. I won't pick no sides. I'm just saying it was (J) .wrong [that] it had to hap-pen like tpat, and. I'm -4 praying for the both of Z m them.'' ':"" III c: r r m :::! z "tJ c: III c (J) ::1: m c m < m ::D -< -4 c: m (J) c )> z c ., ::D c G) m ...... '""" I III


m r----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Entertainment 0 0 N ---------------------------------------------------------------------------C'\1 ll: a: m w LL > ii: LL 9 a: LL c z c:r: c C/) w :J .... ll: w > w c w ::1: C/) :::i m :J D.. z j: w ...J ...J :J m .!I w z j: z w C/) ( a: 0 ...J LL OJ Khaled Wants HitsNot Beet-As President 01 Del Jam South DJKHALED BROOKLYN, NY When DJ Khaled speaks about himself, three words usually come into play: love, hits and energy." The recently appointed head of Def Jam South Records said that he refuses to let controversy -whether between 50 Cent and Rick Ross, or anyone else distract him. "I don't deal with nega tive energy, it's a waste of my time and my time is valuable," he said last week in New York of his upbeat nature. "I keep neg-ative away and stay posi tive Khaled's name has been in the middle of the ongoing verbal battle between Rick Ross and 50 Cent. 50 accused Khaled of inciting Ross to start the beef, and the back-and-forth escalated last week when Fif made a video called A Psychic Told Me ." In it, 50 threatened Khaled's moth er; the video has since been removed from 50's Web site. Khaled declined to address the situation, say ing that he wants to focus on music. "At Def Jam, we promote music," he added. "We promote hit records. That's what I respect. I'm always going to the music; Rick Ross is gonna represent the music If controversy comes with it, it comes with it. And boy, 'Magnificent'-Rick Ross featuring John Legend, that's Ricky Ross' first single -it's a monster. It's gonna be on and poppin'." Subscribe "l'oday! .. ft Sentinel Bulletin Ex-NBAStar Barklevon To Jail CHARLES BARKLEY SCOTTSDALE, Arizona --Ex-NBA star Charles Barkley will serve five days in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of drink driving, according to an American radio station. Barkley, who was arrest ed on New Year's Eve, also pleaded "responsible" to a third charge of running a red light, said radio station KTAR. The 45-year-old Barkley was sentenced to 10 days in jail, but only will have to serve five if he completes an alcohol awareness programme. He also was fined $2,000 0 Barkley had a blood-alcohol level of .149 percent, nearly twice the legal limit of .08 percent in Arizona. He will begin serving his sentence March 21. Barkley was a member of the gold medal-winning Team USA Olympic squads and was voted into the American Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006. Dr. Ore Song 'Topless: Apparentlv Featuring T.l. And Nas, leaks It's "Crack a Bottle" all over again. Fans are so thirsty for Dr. Dre's Detox that they are bootlegging tracks before the Doc even gets to lay down his vocals. On Wednesday (February 18), another Dre song hit New York airwaves. DJ Envy played a song called "Topless" that sounded like it was supposed to feature Nas and T.I. when finished. The song obviously not mastered or fully recorded and released without Dre's permission sounds fresh out of the studio. Tip starts the song with a reference to the Doc. "It's the D.R.,' Tip raps. "Made the West side worldwide, no PR/ Gangsta-rap god, I'm the end all, be all/ California love from the Bloods to the C-Dogs." The King of the South's rhymes go on to suggest that Dre's track record is unblemished. "Face it, you'll never be greater than the Doc, ask 'Pac," he raps. Tip was recently in the studio with Dre during Grammy weekend. There's no question about DR.DRE Nas' raps on the record He explodes on the beat with vintage Nasty Nas lines: "Your skin's a travelling bag of your existence/ Yours is shabby and scabbed while mine's glistening/ Vivid on my skin how many continents I visit then/ You can journey with me to different places by listening." Dre's Detox LP has been promised for years now. A few weeks ago, the song "Crack a Bottle" hit mixtapes, and people wondered whether it would be on Detox or Eminem's upcoming Relapse The track will actually be featured on 50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct. Hendrix Estate Wins Vodka Trademark Dispute SEATTLE --A company that promoted "Hendrix Electric" vodka is paying $3.2 million tb the estate of rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix, which claimed the spirit infringed on the Hendrix trademark and was created in poor taste A federal judge last year sided with Experience Hendrix, the company that controls the trademark, in determining that Seattle businessman Craig Dieffenbach ah.d Electric Hendrix LLC didn't have permission to use the tnal was schedUfed for this month to determine how much Dieffenbach should have to pay damages. Instead, the sides negotiated an agreement by which Dieffenbach and Electric Hendrix would pay $3.2 million U.S District Judge Thomas Zilly entered a judgment for that amount last week and ordered Dieffenbach and his companies to stop selling and marketing the vodka or any other products branded with the Hendrix name. JIMI HENDRIX. .. "This judgment recogriizes our family's long-standing ::, ] artistic viswn," Jimi's stepsister Janie Hendrix, said in a written statement. Leon Hendrix, the younger half brother of Jimi Hendrix, was Dieffenbach's business partner in the vodka enterprise. He was written out of the $80 million Hendrix estate by his late father, AI Hendrix, and Dieffenbach, a Seattle developer and Hendrix fan, financed his unsuccessful court battle to gain a slice of the money.


Entertainment Banle Erupts over Film Rights To Tupac's Bio TUPAC LOS ANGELES -Film production company Morgan Creek is in a legal turfwar with the estate of Tupac Shakur. The Rick Nicita-topped production house has sued Amaru Entertainment, the company run by Afeni Shakur, the late rapper's mother and executor, alleging in a Los Angeies Superior Court filing that the company has backed out of an agreement to sell his life rights for a. film adaptation. Negotiations between Morgan Creek and Amaru began in November for life rights that would form the basis of the untitled project Life rights and collaboration with an executor are not always necessary with a public figure like Shakur, though they would be essential if the filmmakers hope to include music, as they would in this case. According to the complaint, a written contract was in place for life rights, with Morgan Creek claiming that Amaru is "refusing to honor and perform a contract of a production of the film based on the life of Tupac Shakur." The company seeks damages and other relief. But late Wednesday, Amaru's lawyers denied the existence of a deal. ''There is no agreement with Morgan Creek, there never was, and there -dever will be," said Amaru attorney Skip Miller, adding that the court filing is an attempt to force his client's hand. Miller said negotiations for a biopic on the controversial rapper were under way at several studios and that Morgan Creek attempted to sabotage those talks with threats of litigation. "They have scared away Paramount, Fox and others, and we are going to sue them. and recover millions (in damages)," Miller said. Halle Brings The Pavne To New Flick HALLE BERRY LOS ANGELES --No Payne, no gain for Halle Berry. The Oscar-winning thesp is bringing a little extra sparkle to the story of a jewel thief, signing on to star in Who Is Doris Payne. According to Variety, the heist flick will center on the tnie-life tale of the international bauble bandit whose criminal acts spanned five decades. No start date has yet been set for the flick. AI Green Classics Find New Home At Blues label ALGREEN NEW YORK -If it's up to Fat Possum president Matthew Johnson, the classic '70s recordings of R&B legend AI Green will soon be seducing a new gen eration of listeners. Johnson recently licensed the entire Hi Records catalog, which includes such classics as "Al Green Gets Next to You" and "Call Me," as well as. albums by Ann Peebles, Syl Johnson and longtime Green collaborator Willie Mitchell. The first three releases under' the deal will be reinastered versions. of Green's "Greatest Hits," "I'm Still in Love With You" and "Let's Stay Together," which will be in stores March 31. Hi Records general manager and vice president Don Wilson said he liked what Matthew Johnson. brought to the table. "He was quite convincing and the terms were favor. able," Wilson said. "I didn't want to go back with EMI, who had previously licensed the catalog. They reissued a big portion of the AI Green catalog, but I think Fat Possum will take the opportunity to go deeper.'; T.l. Goes Back To Coon -To Talk To Teenagers ATLANTA--A month from beginning a yearlong federal prison sentence, rapper T.I. was in court again Friday, but this time he wasn't in .the hot seat. The 28-year-old performer, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., spoke to dozens of high school stu dents -half serving juvenile sentences -gathered at the Georgia Supreme Court. hard, stay in school and do what is necessary to get what they want in life. "Education is more important than any rna terial thing T.I. you can have," said Harris, who only has a high school diploma. "The things you do not have in your life, the things you do not have in your possession, will be a reflection of the things you have not learned." ., m m l:J c: )> l:J -< 1\) 1\) 0 0 co ''You can see from me that nobody is too rich, too famous, too cool, too goodlooking or too young to make a mistake and pay a price for it," said Harris, dressed in jeans, a gray hooded sweat shirt and a blue knit hat. "More important than the mistake you make, though, is what you are able to take away from that mistake. How can you use that mistake to ensure you will never make a similar mistake again?" He told them to work He warned the teens from high schools across metro Atlanta to learn from his mistakes, which include a 2008 federal firearms con viction that will send him to prison for a year starting next month. His appearance was-part of 1,000 hours of community service he must complete under that sen-;!! tence. 0 MOVIE REVIEW Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail-Comedy/drama starring Tyler Perry as Madea. No. 1 at the Box Office-$41 M. [***] Friday The 13th-The same as before. Fifteen victims to slash and two to survive. You pick who will survive. Blood and guts. No. 1 movie-$42M The Confession Of A Sffopaho/ic -A light-hearted comedy and love story about a young woman who is addicted to shopping. Your daughter will love this one. (***] The International -A crime thriller starring Clive Owens. Worth seeing! The Uninvited-A teenage girl thinks the nanny killed her mother to marry the dad. A serious twist at the end. Worth seeing!. Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans -This movie traces back to the feud between the vampires and werewolves. Good special effects. If you like blood and guts, th1s one is for you. Paul Blart: M all Cop -A single dad tries to make ends meet as a security guard at a NJ mall. Pass on this one. [**] Taken-A retired CIA operative's daughter is kidnapped (taken). You can't miss this one. Action-packed. (****] Notorious -A hip-hop movie about the life and times of rapper Biggie ... Marley & Me -This movie is about a family and an out of co.ntrol dog. Surprisingly very good. A definite tear-jerker. [****] Gran Torino-Clint Eastwood plays a prejudice Vietnam vet who is forced to change his ways. Pretty good. [***] The Unborn -A woman cursed by her unborn twin. Had the potential to be scarie1, t _: fell sh"rt. ] Yes Man -Jim Carrey stars in this light comedy about a guy loves to use the word "No. Enjoyed it! [***] The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button -Brad Pitt (Best Actor) and Taraji Henson (Supporting) should get an Oscar for their roles. Very good movie, different, but a little too long. (2 hrs. 47 min. ) [****] Slumdog Millionaire-Worth Seeing! Golden Globe Winner (Best Picture) Valkyrie -Based on a true story, Tom Cruise is a Nazi colonel who launches an attempt on life. Enjoyed it! Bedtime Stories -Adam Sandler is a hotel handyman who realizes that the bedtime stories he tells his sister's kids are coming true. Kids Loved it! [***] : .seven Pounds-Will Smitt] stars in this intense drama about an IRS agent with serious secrets. A defii'lite tear-jerker. The Day The Earth Stood Still-This remake was a dud. ACcidentally fell asleep on this one. Disappointed. [**) Four Christmases -Pretty good comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and -:A must-see movie .about' _-lab.e'f Introduced Etta James, Little Walter and Chuck Berry to the world. (***] Transporter 3 -Action-packed movie starring Jason Statham. Worth Seeing! [**1 .. Twili ght -A genUen:ran vampire falls in love with the new girl in tQwn. .A love story! No. 1 mov1e at box office -$70.4M. Pretty good movie minus the b lood and guts. (***] Bolt -An animated movie starring a dog (John Travolta) who thinks he has superpowers. The obsessed hamster (John Walton) saved this movie. The kids loved it! !'***] Of Daniel Crai9 suffered a broken ann and 2 stuntmen d1ed film1ng th1s mov1e. Enough sa1d! Rollercoaster. of action, No. 1 at box office -$70M. r*i RATINGS **** Very Good I *** Good I ** Average I Wait For Video !! en m z -t z m r:m c: r r m ::! Z "a. c: m r c;; ::t m c m < m l:J -< -t c: m en c )> z c ., l:J c


> cs: c a: LL c z < c CJ) w :J 1-ft w > w c w :r: CJ) :J m :J c.. z i= w ...J ...J :J a:l I ...J w z i= z w CJ) < c a: 0 ...J LL a:l I 0 C'-1 w 0 j Ask Deaona! Is an advice column known for its fearless approach to re.ality-based subjects! Dear Deanna! I walked away from a long marriage, a new home and a family because I wasn't happy. My husband and kids took me for granted and walked over me. I did all 1 thought was necessary such as counsel ing, hiring babysitters for the kids and losing weight. No one appears to be part of the problem. Your children don't have a choice but to fall in line because they don't pay any bills. Provide a list of your needs and wants and present them to your husband so .you can get on the same page. If he's willing to accommodate the important things on your list then you have a chance of restoring your marriage and regaining personal balance and footing in the househol?. in the family has noticed or carec Ask Deanna! can be heard every about my pain, or cries for help or Sunday on KTYM AM 1460 a t attention. Now that I'm gone, igncir-3:00pm in Los Angeles, CA. in g everybody, they don't know what to do and are begging me to c ome home. What do I do? Dear Torn Wife: -. Torn Wife St. Louis, MO You need to have a major discuss ian with your husband who Today' s Birthday --You'll have conflicts with authority fig ures this year, so be prepared. You feel compelled to tell the truth as you see it, and the establishment won't always agree. Be a teacher, not an antagonist. Your odds of suc cess are higher. Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email: askdeanna1 @yahoo.-com or write: Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Bev erly Hills, CA 90211 Website : www.askdean-na.com : C ontact: ( 3 10) 600-9729. Coax a person who' s holding back to get out there with you, on the edge. Make this an experience you can talk about for years. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You're under pressure, true, but that doesn't have to bother you. Some of your best work comes after everyone else has gone to sleep. The urgency of the situation Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) helps to clear your head. Apply for that promotion or betteq Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) job. Conditions are right to have Relax and let somebody.you t r ust more money come in your directake good care of you. Let t hem tion. Can you put yourself in the fuss over you and bring you things r i ght place to make that happen? and tell you what to do. If you Your participation is required. don't have a person like this in Aries (March 2 1-April 19) your life, you can find one at your OK, you can push hard now. Get nearby salon or gym. your point across. People are lisScorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) tening." You and your te&m can You may find yourself feeling e m accomplish the impossible if you porarily overwhelmed. That h a p-believe in your cause, and hurry! pens just before you r emembe r Taurus (April 20-May 20) who you are. You're capable of You have a lot to think about, amazing things, remember? Kic k t h a t' s for sure. Don't get stuck in into high gear. t h e past. Use what you've learned Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) to make a wise choice about your. -A fascinating conversation fyture. There's no going back. could last long into the night. If Gemini (May 21-June 21) something else develops fror:n this Your support group is enthusiastic, friendship, so much the better It bel ievin g you can do anything. looks like you've found a perso n You may not be quite so sure of you can respect and depend on t hat, but you do respect their judgCapricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) :ment. So take the chance. With Domestic matters demand your their help, you'll do fine. attention and just about all of your Cancer (June 22-July 22) -A time. The outcome is good, so person in a position of authority is don't worry about it. Just reorgaon a rant. It's best not to argue nize your schedule to have m o r e n ow. Listen and watch instead. If time at home( ,_. you agree with the new policies, Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. -18) y o u might even benefit. If you Aquarius is a scholarly sign. T hat's don't, you'll know where the others because YOJJ. get s o p a ssiona tely s tand '-. : involved irvfhe s ubj e cts y o u r e Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) -The studying. -You imagine you c a n wor l d is your playground and you change the world with your disc o v shoul d be enjoying every minute. eries, and maybe you can. CHECK OUT THE NEW BULLli'YJUP I SOUGHT. I FJSURE IF YOU t...ET YOUR WIFE WHIP YOU. THEN WHY NOT MEP ALL MY CHILDREN: Forced by Zach to choose love or hate, Kendall's heart led her back to him, and they made love, which crushed Reese. Reese later defied Zach, refusing to leave town, but fell during their confrontation and was horrified when the bandages were removed from her eyes. Krystal signed David's prenuptial agreement with out reading it, and married him in a sparse cere mony. JR rejected Amanda and started drinking when David revealed all of her misdeeds, but afteq being scolded by Tad, JR promised to protect Amanda and the baby. Aidan shared a kiss with Annie, who might not be as well as she claimed. Brot was finally able to be intimate with Taylor Coming: Kendall's ties to Ryan threaten her mar riage. AS THE WOR L D TURNS: Before Elwood could tell Luke and Noah about Rex's overdose, he was hit by a car, and they found Elwood's body. Mark took Alison hostage, revealing he's the killer, and intended to frame Matt for the crime. After Matt saved Alison from being killed by Mark, Casey admitted he was wrong about Matt. Luke and Noah saved Mark from falling off a bridge after he had assaulted Kevin ,... just as the police arrived. Jade was stung when Casey confessed that he still has feelings for Alison. Henry remained uncomfortable with his decision to allow Vienna to become an egg donor for Katie. Craig and early got drunk and had sex. Paul was intrigued by Lucy's return home, given how much she hates her father. Coming: Parker and Liberty rebel against their families. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Believing that Ridge won't be searching for them, Rick and Steffy became intimate. However, Ridge was unable to sleep and set out to find his daughter. Brooke warned Rick just in time so that he was alone wh e n an arsonist made an attempt on his life. Marcus confessed his deeply held anger about his breakup with Steffy to Donna. Rick's many ene mies weren't pleased to see him back at the office, including Owen and Thorne, whose hatred of Rick led them to team up. The police questionec Marcus and later found evidence pointing to the culprit. Brooke warned Rick to keep his secret from Ridge but Taylor revealed it, leading to an explosive faceoff. Coming: Regrets may come too late. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Will accused Chloe of b e ing the reason his father almost died, but latecj offered guarded support when Lucas and Chloe intended to make a fresh start. Rafe met EJ, and made it clear what he thinks of the DiMeras. Afteq EJ witnessed a kiss between Sami and Rafe, she t old EJ that she loves Rafe, prompting EJ to ask Roman to get Rafe reinstated in the FBI. EJ and Philip wanted nothing more to do with Melanie, who was comforted by Brady. Stefano instructec one of his henchmen to learn more about the con vent. Max and Chelsea gave in to a passionate kiss. Bo kept his word and told Hope about the vision he had of her making love to another man. Coming: Nicole's je.alousy sends her into an emotional frenzy. GENERAL HOSPITAL: As Jason apprehended Sentinel's Top 1 5 Albums 1 The Rebirth ........................ ........... Bobby Valentino 2. Testomony: Vol. 2; Lov e & Politics ........ lndia.Arie 3. lntuition .................................................. Jamie Foxx 4. A Diffe rent Me ... ; ......... ........................ Keyshia Cole 5. BOBs & Heartbreak ......... ................. .... Kanye West 6. I ... Sasha Fierce ....... .... ... ..................... Beyonce 7. 'lear Of The Gentleman ...... .... : ......... : :.Ne"Vo B. Paper Traii .............................................. ; ....... T.I. 9 Ryan Leslie ............................. : ............. Ryan Leslie 10. The Point Of It All ............... : ... Anthony Hamilton 11. J e nnife r Hudson ...... ; .......... ; ...... Jerinifer Hudson 12. Fearless .. ..................... : ............. Jasmine Sullivan 13. Da REAList. ..................................................... Piies Anthony, delivering him to Raynor, Sonny risked his own life to save Claudia and dismantled the bomb Anthony had attached to her Sonny and Claudia's rel at i ons hi p rose to a new level, with Claudia admitting to Johnny that she now has real feelings for her husband .. Spinelli went on the run after Raynor maintained his threat of prison and was surprised to find Winifred on his plane. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman spied on Spinelli. Lulu did not get along with Ethan. Robin lied to Ethan saying that she has no children Later Patrick and Robin got into a huge fight after he overheard her tell Sonny she's going back to work full time. Coming: Robin's problems spiral out of control. GUIDING LIGHT: Buzz and Alan had a shoving match that landed them both in the hospital with chest pain. Buzz told Grady that if he admits dri ving the car that killed Tammy, everyone will for give whatever else he's done and Alan will rot in jail. After Grady told Daisy he'll testify against Alan to be with her, Doris charged Alan with Tammy's murder. When Lizzie saw Grady's tattoo, she real ized he's the kidnapper, and hysterically phoned Beth, unaware that Phillip picked up. the call. Phillip and Grady faced off on a cliff as Phillip told Grady he's Lizzie's father. With Dinah's help, Mallet got a baby, while Shayne was thrilled to find Lara's music box in the package Dinah sent him. Natalia burst into tears after revealing to Olivia that she slept with Frank. Coming: The emotional rollercoaster takes a toll on Daisy. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Cole kissed Starr, who responded but refused to be with him until he kicks drugs. When Cole later saw Starr kiss Schuyler, he spun out of control and sped away, with Matthew as his passenger. Blair stood up to John about wanting Marty out of the way when he challenged her about the smear campaig n against Marty. After unloading her anger dur i ng a call from Todd, Blair faced a threat on her l ife when an unwelcome visitor arrived while she was in the shower. Roxy told someone at a long-term care facility that Rex thinks his father is dead and their secret will stay buried. Stacy grew increasingly interested in Rex. Knowing that Bo is his father, David still accepted Dorian's pursuit of Clint's 1 money. Coming: Gigi is not blind to Stacy's maneuvers. .; YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Phyllis noticed stealing a picture frame and told Nick, but Sharon had no memory of it. When Doris wit nessed another theft, she told Sharon to see a doctor, but Sharon refused. Nick realized Sharon overheard him telling Phyllis that he and Sharon are through, and he raced to see Sharon, giving her an intense kiss. Amber freed Kay and Esther from the motel, and they all fled moments before the bomb Clint planted exploded. Unaware that Adam is losing his sight, Heather was hurt by their earlier encounter at the prison and dismissed the fact that something is wrong with him. Ashley told Victor she's pregnant, news that stunnad Nikki. When Cane announced he's suing for fullcustody of DeJia, Chloe and Billy said they're getting mar ried. Coming: Are Kay's troubles finally over? Sentinel's Top 1 2 Singles 1 Blame lt. .......... ; ...... ... Jamie Foxx Featuring TPain Turnin Me On ...... Keri Hilson Featur in g Lil Wayne 3. Diva ....... ............... : ............................. ; ;; .. Beyi).nce 4. R ockin' That Thang ......................... 5. She Got Her Own .... Ne-Yo Featuring Jamie Foxx Fab. QIC?!J,;;,, c .. 6. H e artle s s : .............................. .............. Kanye West 7. Beep .......... BobbyValentino Featu ring Vung-Joc B. Just Like Me ... .............. Jamie Foxx F e at uring T. 1. 9 ,/-sing le Ladies (Put A Ring Q r lt) ... .-.... : .. ? Beyonce 10. M .ad : ........... .... .. L ............. ;; ... ; ....... ; ............... Ne-V 1 1 Ain't I ; .. -Vung L'A. Featu. ring Young Oro & T. I 14. Tha Carter III .................. ; ........................ LII Wayne 1 5 onmyradio ............ : ............ ...... Muslq Soulchild -12. Pop Champagne ............ Jim Jones & Ron Browz Featuring Juelz Santana


POLK COUNTY NEWS First Lady, Mrs. Dorothy Ewing, New Bethel AME, Lakeland, looking swellegant in her African Attire on Sun., Feb. 8th, 11 a. m. service. Maranda Dedicated February 15, 2009 at New Bethel A.M. E. Church, little Miss Maranda Ghent's dedication to God ceremony we performed by Rev. Pearce Ewing. Among family members were: mother (far right), Laqueta Davis; grandmother, linda Davis; great grandmothers, Lucille Clark and Glendora Walker; uncle, Ken Davis, II; godmother; and a host of other relatives, not shown. Picture From The Past Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (1990-2009). Deceased Brothers are: John Sanders (seated-tst from left), J.P. Moore (seated-3rd from left), Eddie Postell (4th from left), and James Paramore (2nd row-3rd from right). Other Brothers are still looking. good! ., r-0 l:J en m z z m r-1 m c: r r-z ., c: m c en :::t m c m < m l:J -< c: m en c )> z c ., l:J a C) m N ..... I m


en g Polk County News N 1"N > a: <( :;:) a: m w IL. >"' <( c a: IL. c a: IL. c z <( c U) w :;:) .... ii: w > w c w :::r:::: U) m :;:) D. z ...J ...J :;:) m ..!J w z i= z w U) <( c a: 0 ...J IL. m I N N w CJ MLKSpeech A Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Speech was delivered on January 21, 2009. The Honorable Judge Alton R. Waldon, Jr., a Lakeland.native was given the honor of delivering a speech in celebration of the birth and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The historic speech by Judge Waldon, Jr. was held in St. Albans Veterans Hospital in St. Albans, New York. His brother, Paul Waldon, who resides in New York was born in Tampa and moved to New York in his early youth. Their sibling, Mrs. Barbara Strong-Holman resides in Luncheon New Bethel A.M.E. Church, 2122 MLK, Jr. Ave., will be hosting a Women's Day Luncheon on Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 12 noon. The speaker is Rev. Valerie Henry from Allen Chapel A.M.E. Cnurch, Sanford, FL. For information, please call (863) 687-1994. Family And Friends Day New Mt. Zion's Family And Friends Day was held on Sunday, February 15, 2009. It was a spiritual success with' an overflow of family and who witnessed one of the largest gatherings at New Mt Zion's 11 a. m. service. 'J'he winning family was the Davis family of which. Sis. Mary Davis is the chief elder. Approximately 75-100 Davis family members participated and they were declared winners by a landslide, winning out over other participating families. Also on board was the Lane family, the Scott fam ily, the Brooks/Hamilton family, the Weakfall family and the Bennett family. The. Davis family received the prestigious, "Family Of The Year Trophy," which was presented by Dr. J: S. Hardie, Pastor. The chief messenger for "CALL Rl the glorious grand occasion was Dr. Albert Phillips of Sarasota. Verbal orchids to the outstanding committee who skillfully coordinated the activities. They are: Sisters Beverly Boatwright -President, Emma Brook Vice President, members Monica Brooks, Velma McCalpin, Betty Lazard, Dorothy Williams, Judy Fields, Shenequa Harley, Pauline Lyons, Stacy Johnson, Lizzie Brown and Merlete Clayton. The speaker, Rev.Dr. Albert -L. Phillips is the Pastor of New Bethel M. B. Church, Sarl:j.sota The theme was: through the years, on the promise of God." Black History Month. Black History is celebrated at Greater St. Paul M. B. I. Church. Black History Month is celebrated annual ly in the U. S. during the month of February. Greater St. Paul took the opportunity to recognize two of its very own community individuals for outstanding contributions made in the city over the years. Those individuals being: Dr. Roberts and Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Roberts was recognized because of her outstanding service with the City of Lakeland as Library Assistant and her untiring efforts to assist students in whatever capacity was needed when they came to the library. It was noted how she has accumulated over the a wealth of Black History which is displayed along the walls in Harmony Baptist Church Fellowship building during the month of February. She was featured in the Ledger for her noted display. Dr. Roberts was saluted for his contributions in Education; holding several positions with Polk County Schools as teacher, coach, principal and being the first Asst .. Superintendent of Data Processing Office, 1st Area Asst., superintendent, and lastly Deputy AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALl RICKY Or Email: callrickywilliams@gmall.com RICKY E. WILLIAMS Available 24 Hrs./Day FREE Consultation Superintendent. Today in Northeast Lakeland an elementary school bears his name: N. E. Roberts Elementary School. We are honored and indeed proud to give both of these individuals recognition during our celebration of Black History .. Dr. N. S. Sanders, Pastor. Academic Scholarship. Washington Park I Rochelle High Schools Alumni Association, Inc, will be opening the application process for its 2009 scholarship that will be awarded in June. The Academic Scholarship requirements for nominating a graduating senior for the Annual Edward W. Murray Scholarship will be available in the Office of the Career I Guidance Counselor and/or College and Career Facilitator at Lake. Gibson High School, Lakeland Senior High School, Kathleen High School, George Jenkins High School, McKeel Academy ofTechnology, and the Harrison Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, on or after February 20, 2009. The deadline for each high school to return all nominating materials is April 30, 2009. Col. Austin is president. Weekly Hello Hello to the following Sentinel readers: Ms. Kassandra Black, Stanley Hawthorne, Stacie Williams, Gloria Moore, Bro. Alexander, Mary Robinson, Florida, Mai Griffin, Florida M. Hinson, Sadie. Birt, Mrs. Paul H. Jackson, Reggie and Denai Ardis, Mrs. Mary H. Bunch, Trea and Gladys Williams, Carolynne Mather; Sonji Coney, Chuck and Tonia Oldham, Evangelist Carolyn Williams, Joyce Clayton, Annie Phyal and Ms. Stubbie. Get Well Wishes Get well George Cox, S'r: who is now home after a week at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. George a faithful usher at New Bethel AME Church, where the pastor is Rev.Ewing. Also, happy February birthday wishes go out to George. Gloria's Things & Other Things Always do right. This will gratify some people astonish the rest. Mark Twain There is no cure for birth and death, same to enjoy the interval. George Santayana BAMSNews Berkley Accelerated Middle School a/k/a BAMS, Jill 'Bolender, Principal, will' host its Open Enrollment for the 2009-2010 school year. Applications will be accepted March 2-6, 2009 and can be picked up at BAMS, 5316 Berkley Road, Auburndale Congratulations to the following students who will represent BAMS Flag Football Team: (Jr. Varsity) -Carinaud Antoin, Tyler Banks, Lane Davis, Hagan Dowdy, Michael Gervase, Menelik Graham, Coltan Grant, Chase Hovious, Andrew Jordan, Michael Kincaid, David Laureano, Walker Richards, Clayton Steele, Peyton Whitehead, Calab Wingo and Dylan Wright; (Var:Sity) -Nathan Byrd, Mat-t Colghovne, Jerry Will Davis, Noah Dodd, Hunter Dowdy, Cody Green, Daryle Henry, Elmo Stephens, Brett Taylor, Lennis. HenTy, Austin Ledford, Ausiin Matthews, Detroit Pettus and Bradley Seagers. -. A Celebration Held Citadel of Life Cathedral in Plant City, Florida, Pastor Gloriece Alexander, Sr. Pastor, held _its annual Church Celebration Services on February 16th-19th and February 22nd, 2009. This occasion marked Citadel's first year in the City of Plant City. Other chur-ches are located in Orlando and Inverness. Pastor Alexander and her husband, Pastor Wallace Alexander have been busy reaching out to those who are in need of a new life experience. The theme for this celebration was Experiencing the Kingdom of God. Pastors and their congregations who fellowshipped with the Citadel family were: Pastor Carl McKay, St. Luke Independent Church, Plant City; Elder Thomas Faison, Jr., Pastor of Church of God by Faith, Bartow an'd'Britt Chapel.' Church of God by Faith, Polk: City; Pastor Shelton Faison, Living Hope Worship Center, Polk City; and Bishop Larry Chester, Citadel of Life Cathedral. Among the well-wishers and supporters for these ser vices were: Bishop Larry and First Lady Toni Chester, Pastor Tammy and Minister John Langley, Captain Daryl Wilson and The City of Plant City Police Department, Dehavelyn Callender, Mark Callender, Jason Callender and Kyoko Callender, Joseph Clark, Velma Clark, Rachel Clark, Jessica Alexander, Jeremiah Alexander, Kaleb Alexander, Elder Arthur and Sister Libbie Florence, Wilene. Adkins, A.M. Arain, M.D of The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, and .Physicians Weight Loss Centers. AMomentOf Black History In honor of Black History Month, Shaw-Nuf Talk salutes the historical butions of some of our African-American heritage. Booker T. Washington became the President of the Tuskegee Institute in 1881. In 1921, Bessie Coleman, an African-American woman, earned the honor of becoming the first African American Pilot. During the 1936 Olympics Jesse Owens gained internatioQal recognition after winning four gold medals in Track and Field. In 1960, Wilma Rudolph became the first American woman ever to win three gold medals during one Olympics. Ralph Ellison's novel The Man was published in and .won the National Book Award in: 1953. In 1939, Marian Anderson was denied the right to sing at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC; however, she .later performed at the Lincoln Memorial in front of 75,000 people: Happy Birthday! Shaw-Nuf Talk extends belated Happy Birthday. wishes to Lakeland Lady Sylvia London who celebrates her natal day on February 29th. Hope you have a great natal. day! May the Lord bless you with many, many more birthdays! Shaw-Nuf Shout Out This week's Shaw-Nuf Shout-out goes out to Lakeland Lady Virginia Mister. Virginia a/k/a Mrs. Mister is a Teacher Assistant with the Lakeland Housing Authority's (LHA) 21st Century Community Learning Center.'s School Program. She)vas elected as LHA's of the Month -December .She is known 'for always being willing to help out in any area where she is needed. This writer also notes personality and .beautif\41 smile. Congratulations, Virginia! Thanks for all that you do! Keep up the great work! Talk To Shaw-Nuf Shaw-Nuf Talk wants to hear from you. Share your exciting news and/or photos of your celebrations, special birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family reunions, church or community events, etc., with the readership of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin and Shaw Nuf Talk by sending an email to: shawnuftalk@yahoo.com or calUng (863) 513-8437.


Polk County News Annual Martin luther King, Jr. 2009 Celebration Held ., lJ c ., m tD lJ c: On Monday, January 19th, New Testament End-time Holiness Church and Living Hope Ministries, Inc. hosted a Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration in l> Polk City. Katrena Faison served as Mistress of Ceremony. There was food, fun, love and music provided by Sam Miller. On the list of poetry and musical guests were: Jerrice, Stephanie, Quianna, Arlene, 11:28, Laura Bozeman, Cynthia Ware, Young Providence & Quianna, Laura Bozeman, The Holy Ghost Girls of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Emmanuel Sattel! and Roc of Oasis Community Church. (Photos by Shaw-Nuf) Sattell performs at the 2009 MLK 'event.!.: Praise Dance Team, The Ghost Girls performed to Kurt ... ranldin's Down By The Riverside. A. P. Gl BBS, .ESQ MATIHEW KOCHEVAR. :tHOMAS .E. rARNELl. EliQ PERSONAL INJURY AN.D WRONG FUl DEATH AUTO, TRUCK. M()TORCYCLE OltBOAT Ac;CIDENTS. SUPAND fALL, NURSING HoME NEOLECf OR: MEDICAL MALPMCflCE. All"SERIOUS INJURIES. (813) 975-4444 t.--800-711-5452 \ \ \ V \ \' .l I l H) '-1 ;\ N I ) 11 1\ R N E l l C: 0 OUR FIRM {S RATED ''AV" BY MARTlNDAlE-HU'SBEU, THE HIGHEST RATING FOR LEGAL ABILITY AND ETHICAL STANDARD, WORLDWIDE .. lliring I$ !;lll}IJ/c/ Not Be 8au4 SaMy Uprlli Adlll!l"'iletrrl!nt. Be}iJfr Yt111 Dr:cidl.,, Ask CJ. Tt1 Send Jllu FREE 'lf'rium lnformiHitJII 0111' QuulijiciHiiJIIS A.fd F.tperitma. ... ..... --:-:::::. ... Adya Torres shows off his lady-bug during the festivities. 1\) 0 0 co .. 0 :!! g en m z .... z m tD c: r r m :::j z "tt c: tD r u; ::::c m c m < m lJ -< .... c: m en c > )> z c ., lJ c m 1\) w I m


c cc LL c z <( c UJ w :::;) 1-> cc w > w c w J: UJ ::; m :::;) a. z 'i= w ..J ..J :::;) m I ..J w z i= z w UJ <( c a: 0 ..J LL _BE FREE Living happily ever after begins with making the right today. If you use tobacco, quitting is your best bet for good health now and in the future, as well as pushing "till death do us part'' off as long as possible. Contact the Quitline today for free counseling, information and tips to help you succeed. BE HEALTHY. BE HAPPY. BE FREE Caii1.:.877-U-CAN-NOW or visit FloridaQuitline.com. C Florida Department of Health


Tampa Chapter 01 The links Sponsors Read-In / The Tampa ofThe Links, Inc. hosted *ts 3rd annual African American Read-In during the 2nd week of February. ages from ele-mentary school to college level through the written words of African American authors. The Read-In was chaired by under the Services to Youth Facet of the organization. Link Sonja Garcia is the facet chair. For the 3rd year, the group sponsored its signature event at Sheehy Elementary where Fontaine Marion is prip.gpaJ. Over 30 guests age appropri-ate books to each class at Sheehy. Books were also read within the college classes at HCC, spearheaded by Link Sandra Helen Wilson Hannah. \A group also read at Vw;t Buren School. Link Janice Carter Collier is president. (Photos by Jerry Brunson) LinkS, Inc. members seated.l tor.: Rhodes, Evelyn Betlnuie,: Janice Carter Collier, chapter president, Marsha Lewis Brown, Read-In chair, and Ellie Gilder. Back row: MargaretteSpears, Sonja Garcia, Services to Youth Facet chair, visting Link, Valerie Wilson Reed of Chicago, Patricia Miles, Maisie Reddy, Terry Taylor, Frances Sykes, Patricia Palmer and OzePher Wilds. Tampa Chapter of the Links members with the Royal Jewels. The Jewels is a selected group of young ladies at Sheehy who are sponsored by the chapter. The monthly meetings entail different activities from etiquette to field trips. The Links, also sponsor a group at Van Buren Middle School. '. -The Tampa Chapter of the Links, Inc. reached out to community leaders to participate in their 3rd Annual Read-In. The Read-In is a national initiative to promote the reading of African American literature in every setting possible. The readers were: Dr. David Stamps, Bruce Taylor, I.V. Spears, Jerry Bell, Asst. Chief Tom Forward, Judge Perry Little, James Ransom, James Tokley, Hiram Greene, Curtis Stokes, Dr. Maurice Harvey, Les Miller, Joe Sykes, Ken Anthony, Dayle Greene, Dr. Bruce Miles, Atty. Fred McClure, Atty. Alex Hall, Albert Lee, Major Flossie Lomax, Lt. Comm. Mike Jefferson; Nathaniel Hannah, Walter Niles, Ernest Hooper, Richard Briscoe, Linda Miles, Andy Miles, Gene Black and Dr. Sam Wright. .. .. Links Teresa Brown, Valerie Wilson Reed Stamps. -Sheehy principal, Fontaine Marion with Link President, Janice Carter Collier. Dr. Paul L. Sheehy, Jr., has been a major supporter of the school named after his father, Dr. PaulL. Sheehy, Sr. This marks the 3rd year he has participated in the Read-In. Former State Senator, Les Miller reads to a class. Retired Judge Perry Little b.S read to the young people at Sbeehy.for the past 3 years. Dr. H. Bruce Miles takes time to read to the class. Fifth Third Bank V .P. and NAACP president, Curtis Stokes reads to a class.


C) 0 0 N ,..: N > a: <( ::J a: m w lL. >=<( c a: lL. c a: lL. c z <( c (/) w ::J 1> a: w > w c w :I: (/) ::::i m ::J 0.. z t= w ...J ...J ::J m I ...J w z t= z w (/) <( c a: 0 ...J lL. Congratulation to our Girls Basketball team for winning Class sA District 8 championship and first round Regionals. Parents who wish to view the 2008-2009 No Child Left Behind School Accountability' Report (SPARs) can do so by speak ing with an administrator or logging on to the school's website and click the link located on the home page Dates To Remember March 4th Early Release Beta Club 2nd period Career Clubs meet during 3rd period Honors Clubs 7th period Key Club -8th period March 6th End of 3rd quar ter Until next time, Titans I promise to keep it sweet and sincere. If there are any ques tions or comment feel free to email me at kaysell21@yahoo.com. Smooches To My Sentinel family, mommy, dad, Jazmin, Ms. Johnetta, Nene, Smiley, Kiante, Kelis, Jerome, Delono, Mrs. Gloria, Briana, Auntie Dieon, Brandi, Tiara, Quil, and Nirmin. Giving Artists A Chance To Make It To The Next Level In The Music I Artists' Transition To Gospel Came Easv OTIS "CHAPTA" YOUNG BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Otis "Chapta" Young was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Miami. He's always been surrounded by the cream of the crop when it came to music and entertainment. He actually started his own company at the age of18. "That evolved into a record label in 2001, and a release of a hit song; 'Get Krunked Up.' I also did a remix with Lil' Kim." Although Young was enjoying some success, a few years later, he went through a transition and took his music in a different direction. "I made a spiritual choice to try and reach people through God. "It was hard to leave friends you grew up with but artistically I was moving in a different J direction." For the past 5 years, Young has been involved in Gospel and has had to teach himself how to do a lot of things he had delegated to others in the past. Now, I have total coritrol over the business and I wear an assortment of hats." "My new album, 'Pretty Ugly,' pretty much reflects today's society and all the internal con flicts people go through." Young said he's been amazed at how young people have been drawn to Gospel music, espe cially .when it's presented in a format they can identify with. .. "At every Gospel event I've been a part of, I've noticed that young people love music, and if that music is coming to them in a way they can identify, they will be drawn to it. They have felt diawn to Gospel music, so we plan to keep it H com mg. Young has been a part of the "Krunk For Christ" events that continue to grow in popu larity among young people all over the area Stars Come Out At.Night Super stars were stepping out at night to Club Vinoy in St. Pete during the Super Bowl week e nd. (Photos by Julia Jackson) "The Bus," Jerome B _ettis was among the on the ... Bruce Miles poses with his cousin, Taz Miles and Jeff Thomas, Carl Stewart and Vic Rogers, all of the Detroit Lions.


Local "'" Mother Defends Her Famous Son Phyllis Dukes will be the first to admit that the best thing that happened to her son, professional baseball player Elijah Dukes, was him being traded to the Washington Nationals by the Tampa Bay Rays. "While he was here, he never got any support from the media, the community, or a lot of people he thought were his friends No one ever wanted to sit down and listen to him, and every time an al legation came up, everyone jumped on it and automati cally said Elijah was guilty. Ms. Dukes said the latest incident involving a paternity issue turned out in favor of Elijah as tests proved he wasn't the father of the child. "No one was interested in waiting for the test results to come back. They automati cally said he was guilty and started blasting him again He never got any peace in Tampa, and that's a shame "Every athlete that came from. Tampa dreams of play ing for his or her hometown team Elijah felt the same way He just didn't know he would be targeted by the media when his marital prob lems became public knowl edge." Ms. Dukes said she's proud to announce her son has moved on and is progressing well in Washington "He's a different man now. He's content and happy, and can do what he does best and that's being a great baseball player. "Tampa never showed Elijah any love. Even today after he's gone, the spot:ts talk sta tions talk about him nega tively. I don't want my son to be a villain in his hometown. It's not fair to him or his fam ily." Ms. Dukes said Elijah comes to Tampa often, but is always under the radar. She also said he never addresses the local media. "I've told him from now on, I'll address the media for him. I don't want microphones or cameras in his face. I want them to leave him alone and allow him to live his own life. "Elijah isn't in Tampa any more for the media to pick on him, and that's a good thing. A lot of people aren't aware of all the things he's done in PHYLLIS DUKES Tampa to give back to the community. He wants it that way, because he just doesn't want the attention of the whether it be good or bad." Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at lcrews@flsentinel.com. }< "T1 m aJ ::c c:: )> :::u < N 0 0 CD "T1 I""' 0 c )> en m z -t z m r;m c:: I""' I""' !!I z c:: aJ I""' u; :::1: m c m < m :::u -< -t c:: m en c )> z c ::c 6


mr---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 0 N ,..... N c( :J IX: m w LL >= c( c LL c LL c z c( c en w :J 1-w > w c w en :J m :J a.. z j:: w ..J ..J :J m ..J w z j:: z w en c( c 0 ..J LL NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that WACHOVIA BANK NA CUSTmEE FOR COLUMBUS TAX SERVICES LLC lt1449 the holder of the fo l lowing certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued lhenlon T1le certificate number and Year of l11uance :, the description of the property, and the names In whi ch II was assessed are as fo110w11: Folio No.: 021701 0000 Certificate No.: 11443-44 File No.: 200t-Z25 Year of Issuance : 2004 Description of Property : SOUTHERN COMFORT HOMES UNIT NO 1 LOT 22 BLOCK 15 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 35109 SEC TWP-RGE: 31-2B-1B SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In wh ich assessed : LEO CABRERA EST OF Sa i d property being i n the Coun t y of Hillsbo r ough S t ate of Florida Unless such Certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certifiCate shall be sold to the h i ghest b i dde r at the J ury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, BOO East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (B13) 276-6100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated th ls..2ZIHI day of Fabruarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Cieri< NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that MIDGE MACHADO 184 the holder of following certificate hu filed said certificate tor a tax deed to be laaued thereon The certifiCate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property and the names in which it was assessed are u follows : Folio No.: 032563.0000 Certificate No. : 83723-03 File No.: 2001 Year of lsauanc:e : 2003 Description of Property: SUN CITY LOT 23 BLOCK 27 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 17121 SEC-TWP RGE : 24-32-16 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed: NORMAN C. MENDES JR. Said properly being in the County of Hillsborougll State of F l o ri da Unless such certificate shall be redeemed accord i ng to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest b i dder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street. Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10 : 00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (613) 276-B100 ext 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this Z2nll day of Eebruarv 2009. Signature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Cieri< PAT FRANK Cieri< of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida PAT FRANK Cieri< of Circuit Court of Hlllsboroug_h County, Florida If you are a parson with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are antltlad, at np lo yo.u, to. the provision .of cert.lln astiisianc' a : 'Pie ... contact the Chlrli'i ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 276-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to tha'date the service Is needed ; If you are heariJ19 or voice Impaired, call 7 1 1 NOTICE OF APPUCATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ROBERT CLAYTON ln293 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certlficate number and Year of Issuance:, the desc ri ption of the property and the names In which tt was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 056117 5422 Certiftcale No.: 117406-06 F i le No : 2009-230 Year of Issuance : 2006 Description of Property: SUNDANCE UNIT 5 LOT 24-B BLOCK C :PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 4f!139 .. SEC TWP RGE : 3232 19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(sJ in wh ich asn:a'Md :: ':. ESD.A INC : ''. : Sai d p roperty be. lng t h e County Hillsborough Slate of Florida Unless such acCor ding to law t h e .. prop.erty descr i bed In such certificate sha ll be sold to the h i ghest b i dder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E EdgacomiJ Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Stree t, Tamps FL 33802 o n the 2nd day of April, 2009 at 10:00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 278 6100 ext 4809 to verify sale locatlofl). Dated th i s Z2nll day of FlbrulrV 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Cieri< .. PAT FRANK Cieri< of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain aSIIatanca. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior' to the data the service Ia needed ; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. 1 contact the Clark' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-B100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICAnON FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ROBERT CLAYTON ln293 the holder of the following certificate has filed s11id certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance : the description of the property, and the names in which tt was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 082197 0000 Certificate No : 117972-08 F i la No.: 2009-231 Year of I ssuance : 2008 Description of Property: S 116 36 FT OF N 392 .91 FT OF W 100FT OF E 625FT OF NE Y. O F NE Y. SEC-TWP-RGE : 2B-28-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) I n which assessed: MARY OUTLAW CAMPBELL LIFE EST EUNICE SAILS VALERIE SMITH Sa i d property be i ng In the Count y of Hillsborough, S t ate of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property descr i bed In such certificate s hall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, BOO East Twiggs Street. Tampa EL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10 : 00 A.M (NOTICE : Please ca n (613) 276-8100 ext. 4B09 to verify sale l ocation) Dated this Z2nll day of Eebruarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Cieri< PAT FRANK Cieri< of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain aulstance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coo.rdlnator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Is needed; If you are hearing o r voice Impaired, call711. s f TAX DEED NOTICE OF APPUCA TION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that MIDGE MACHADO 184 the holder of the following certificate has filed aald certificate for a tax deed to be Issued th.eon. The certificate number and Year of luuance: the description of the property, and the names in which it was uselled are u follows : Folio No. : 032Mt.0010 see FOLIO 32Mt. 002cr Cartlflcate No.: 83173-03 File No. : 2001-227 Y .. of !nuance : 2003 Description of Property: SUN CITY LOT 18 BLK 69 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 17/21 SEC-TWP-RGE : 24-32 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) i n which assessed : REBECCA C ROSS ROBERT H VISSA Said property be i ng in the County of Hillsborough. Slate of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, BOO East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10 : 00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (B13) 276 6100 ext 4B091o verify sale location) Dated this Z2nll day of Februarv 2009. Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Clerk PAT FRANK Cieri< of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain aulstance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two worl

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, thai HEARTWOOD 4 LLC #5022 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate tor a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance :, the description of the property and the names in which tt was assessed are as follows : Folio No .: 165219 0000 Certificate No .: 128211-06 File No .: 2009-235 Year of Issuance : 2006 Description of Property: RIVERCREST S 101 FT OF LOT 280 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 10/10 SEC-TWP-RGE : SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) i n which assessed: ROSA A GUTIERREZ Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unless such certifiCate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 2Znd day of Febrvarv 20Q9 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS DeputyCierfl PAT FRANK Clerfl of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are 1 person with 1 disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you ara entitled, at no coat to you, to tha provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 271-8100, extension 4205, two worfllng days prtOr to the date the aervlc:e Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711 : NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that LOUISE W CROSLEY t1701 the holder of the following certificate has flied said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certifiCate number and Year of Issuance : the description of the property and the names In which It was assessed are as follows : Folio No .: 188980 0000 Certifocate No.: File No .: 2001 243 Year of Issuan ce: 2001 Description of Property: BAKER'S ADDITION E % OF LOT6BLOCK 1 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 01/04 SEc-TWP-RGE : 17-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : WILLIE C. KING Said property being In the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless IUCh ciu1iflcale shaU be redeemed according to law the prQperty described In such certlfic8te ahall be SOld to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouaa, 800 Eaat Twlgp Street, Tampa, FL 334102 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10: 00 A M (NOTIC E : Please call (81 3) 2768100 ext. 4809 to verily Mia locallon) Dated this 221111 day of Ftbryli'Y 20QI. Slgnlture by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Clark PAT FRANK Clark of Circuit Court of ... bonlugh e-ly, floflda H you are a pareon with a dlaablllty who naada any accommodation In order to pantclpalil In thte procaedlng, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain aulstilnc:a. Pleaaa contact the Clarfl'a ADA Coordinator, 101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, axtenalon 4208, two worfllng daya prior to the datil the Hrvic:a Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that PPTS DG CORP #6752 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number arid Year of Issuance: the description of the property and the names in which H was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 171426 .0000 Certitic:ate No. : 126551-06 Fila No.: 2009-237 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: APPEL'S SUBDIVISION LOTS 1 AND2 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 22137 SEC-TWP-RGE : SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed:WISSAM AL KHOURI Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgac:omb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale Joc:atlon) Dated this 2Znlf day of FabOrarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS DaputyCierfl PAT FRANK Clarfl of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida H you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Pleaae contact the Clark' ADA Coordinator, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 271-8100, extension 4205, two working daya prior to the data the service Is needed; If you are hearing or voice impaired. call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HER.EBY GIVEN, that SAUTERNES V LLC 12289 the holder of the following certificate has flied said certificate for a tax dead to be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance: the description of the property, and the names In which it was assessed are asfoUows: Folio No .: 181709.0000 Certfficate No.: 128051-06 Fila No. : 2001 244 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: CAIRO SUBDIVISION LOT 3 LESS S X-WAY BLOCK 3 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 03140 SEc-TWP-RGE : SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Nama(s) In which assessed : BEHRENDT iNDUSTRIES INC Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Uniasl such cartilk:8ta ahaH be radaarnad according to law the property described In such certlflcata lhall be SOld to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouaa, 800 Eaat Twlggl Street, Tampa, FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2001, at 10:00 A M (NOTIC E : Piaan cal (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale JocaUon). Dated this 2ZIIII day of Fabrulrv 20QI. SJtnature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Clark PAT FRANK Clark of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Flortcla If you are a paraon with a dlaablllty who neecla any accommodation In order to participate In thle proc:aadlng. you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain aaalstanc:e Pleaaa contut the Clerk'a ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 271-8100, extanalon 4208, two working daya prior to the data the aarvlc:a 18 naaclad; If you are haarfng or vok:almpalrtd, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that SAUTERNES V LLC #2289 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance: the descript ion of the property. and the names in which tt was assessed are as follows : Folio No. : 175551.0000 Certifocate No.: 126988-06 Fila No .: 2009-231 Year of Issuance: 2006 Description of Proparty: EAST BAY ADDITION LOT 3 AND E 32 5 FT OF LOT 4 BLOCK 11 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 04/108 SEC-TWP-RGE : SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Narne(s) In which assessed : ANGELA DUNCAN WAYNE DUNCAN Sa i d property being In the County of H illsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the p r operty described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33802 on the 2nd day of April, 2001, at 10:00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale loc:ation) Dated this Z2ml day of Februarv 2009 SJtnature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS DaputyCiarfl PAT FRANK Clarfl of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a peraon with a dlaability who nelda any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain aaalstance. Plena contact the Clerk'a ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida, (813) 271, axtanalon 4205, two worfllng daya prior to the date the service Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711 NOTICE OF APPUCATION FOR TAX DEED ,.OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PPTS KA CORP 16128 the holder of the following certifiCate has flied said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certifocate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property, and the names in which It was assessed are as follows : Foroo No : 198121 0000 Cartilic:ata No .: 128303-08 File No.: 2001-245 Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: CUSCADEN A W LOT 1 LESS N 5 FT FOR RD & E 5 FT OF LOT 2 LESS N 5 FT FOR RD PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 05113 SEC-TWP-RGE : 18 29 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Nama(s) in which aasessad : ANITA NIEVES-DIAZ Sa i d property baing In the County of Hlllaborough, State of Florida Unlau IUCh certlllcata shaH be radaarnad according to law the property described In IUCh certificate shall be aokl to the highest bidder at the Jury Audllortum, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouae, 800 Eaat Twlgp Street, Tampa, FL 334102 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10:00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify aaJa location) Dated this 2ZIIII day of FtbruiJrv 20QI. 11gnatutt by: ROBERT E ,IIORRIS Deputy Clark I"ATFRANK Clark of Clrc:ult Court of Hlllaborougtl c-ty, Florida If you are a pareon with a dlaablllty who neecla any ac:c:ommodatton In order to partk:lpate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provtelon of certain aaaletanca. Plaua contact the Clerk'a ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278, extenalon 4208, two working daya prior to the data the aarvlc:a Ia needed; If you .,.. hearing or voice Impaired call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PPTS ER CORP #6789 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate tor a tax deed to be issued thereon. Th e certificate number and Year of I ssuance :, the description of the property, and the names in which It was assessed are as follows : Fo li o No.: 181227.0000 Certificate No. : 127410-06 Fila No .: 2009-240 Year of Issuance: 2008 Description of Property: BENJAMIN S 5th ADDITION E OF LOT 14AND LOT 15 BLOCK 3 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 02176 SEC TWP-RGE : SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in wh i ch assessed : RICHARD K. EDGEWORTH Said property being In the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property descr i bed in such certificate shall be sold to the h i ghest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33502 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 1 O:OO A : M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale loc:ation) Dated this 2Znd day of Februarv 2009 Signature by: ROBERT E MORRIS Deputy Clarfl PAT FRANK Clarfl of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a peraon with a disability who neacls any accommodation In order to participate In thla proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain aulatanca. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, axtanalon 4205, two working daya prior to the date the service Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that PPTS IB CORP teen the holder of the following certifocate has filed said certifiC&te for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certifiCate number and Year of Issuance:, the description of the property and the names In which H was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 191849.1038 Cert ifiCate No.: 128378-06 File No .: 2009-246HX Year of Issuance : 2008 Description of Property: RAINTREEE VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM NO 1 2 BLDG 6 UNIT 11808-D PLAT BOOK/PAGE : CB10/51 SEC -TWP -RGE : 10.26-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : MARIA T THOMAS Said property being In the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Untaas such certificate shill be radaarnad according to law the property described In such certificate shaU be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouaa, 800 Eaat Twlgga Street, Tampa, FL 334102 on the 2nd day Of April, 2001, at 10:00 A M. (NOTIC E : Please c:an (813) 2768100 ext 4809 to verify aala JocaUon). Dated this 2ZD11 day of Ftbn!lly 20QI. Signature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy Clark PAT FRANK Clarfl of Circuit Court of Hlllaborough County, Florida If you are a paraon with a dlaablllty who neecla any accommodation In order to participate In thla proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provlalon of certain aaalstance. Pleua contact the Clark' ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278, axtenalon 4 208, two working daya prior to the date the aervlca Ia needed; If you are hearing or voic e impaired, call711. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, tha t SAUTERNES V LLC #2289 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificat e number and Year of Issuance : the description of the property and the names in which tt was assessed are as follOws : Folio No .: 188893 .0000 Certificate No : 128008-06 Fila No .: 2009-242 Year of Issuance : 2005 Dascrlptlon of Property: SANDER'S AND CLAY'S ADDITION LOT 9 BLOCK 13 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 01132 SEC TWP-RGE : SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Narne(s) In which assessi!d : RONALD ZINCK TRUSTEE C/0 SHARP LAND TRUST Said property being in the County o f Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed acco rding to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 2nd day of April, 2009, at 10: 00 A M (NOTICE : Please ca ll (813) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale Jocatlon). Dated this Z2ml day of Februarv 2009 SJtnature by: ROBERT E. MORRIS DaputyCierfl PAT FRANK Clark of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida If you are a parson with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you; to the provision of certain aaslstanca. Please contact the Clarfl'a ADA Coordinator, 801 E. K&nf'!edy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, axtenalon 4208, two working days prior to the data the service Is needed; If you are hearing or vok:e Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS Hillsborough Co mmunity College is acCepting submissions for the following: RFQ # 2491-09 Architectural/Engineering Services for Remodeling of Existing Space to house the Automotive Mechanics Program Due Date : 0312512009 before 1 :00 p.m. For more infonnation, please visit our website at: www.hedl.edu/daoladrnin-andfinanceldepartmentslpurchaslng .aspx click on Current Solicitations NEW WAGE SCALE CNA'S $lading Pay 7 -3 $10 00 $11. 00 3-11 $11 00 $12 00 Great B_enefits, 401 k Pleasant, Courteous Work .Environment LTC Experience Required Apply In Person Health Care Center Of Tampa 1818 E. F letcher c }< m m ;;o c )> N ..... N Q Q CD C) m (,ft 0


c 0:: LL. c z c( c en w ;::) .... w > w c w :::t: en ::J Ill ;::) a. z w ..J ..J ;::) Ill I ..J w z z w en 0:: g LL. Notice of Public Hearing A public hearing will be held by the Zoning Hearing Master, pursuant to Hillsborough County Ordinance 92-05, beginning at 6:00 p m., March 16, 2009, at the Board Room, 2nd floor of the County Center, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa to hear the following requests Copies of the applications, department reports and legal descriptions available for public inspection in a master file maintained by the Planning and Growth Management Department, the Board of County Commissioners and the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners. All interested persons wishing to submit testimony or other evidence in this matter must submit same to the Hearing Master at the public hearing before him/her. The recommendation of the Zoning Hearing Master w ill be filed with the Clerk within fifteen (15) working days after the conclusion of the public hearing. The review of the Zoning Hearing Master's recommendation by the Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough County shall be restricted to the record as defined in Hillsborough County Ordinance 92 -05, unless additional evidence and/or oral argument is permitted pursuant to the terms of the ordinance ANY PERSON WHO MIGHT WISH TO APPEAL ANY DECISIO.N OR RECOMMENDATION MADE BY THE ZONING HEARING MASTER OR THE GOVERNING BODY REGARDING ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT THE FORTHCOMING PUBLIC HEARING OR MEETING IS HEREBY ADVISED THAT THEY WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, THEY MAY NEED TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS IS MADE AS IT WILL INCLUDE THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENC E UPON WHICH SUCH APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. Additional information concerning "these requests may be obtained by calling the Department of Planning and Growth Management at (813) 276-2058. SPECIAL USE REQUESTS Petition SU 09-0226-EGL, filed on 12/5/2008 by Jorge Ramos, of 275 Bayshore Blvd. #904, Tampa, Fl. 33606 ph 813-545-1936, requesting a Special Use Permit for a Community Residential Home and a variance to the setbacks The property is .67 ac and is presently zoned RMC .12 (R) It is l ocated in all or parts of Section 34 Township 28 Range 18 or NE corner of N Lincoln Ave. & W. Lambright St. Petition SU (AB}, filed on 1/6/2009 by Valencia Lakes Property Owners Assn. Inc., represented by Sean McArdle, of 4927 Sapphire Sound Dr., Wimauma, Fl. 33598, ph 813-477 -9235, requesting a Alcoholic Beverage Permit-11-C with waivers-Beer, wine and liquor for sale and consumption on the licensed premises only to and their guests The property is 2 5 ac and is presently zoned PD-MU (89-97) It is located in all or parts of Section 5 Township 32 Range 20 or 16003 Valencia Club Dr Petition SU 09-0326-USF (CT), filed on 1/9/2009 by T-Mobile South, LLC, represented by Lauralee G. West in e, Esq. ,' of 800 Tarpon Woods Blvd #E-1, Palm Harbor, Fl. 34685, ph 727-773-2221, requesting a Special Use Permit for a Communication Tower and Facility' The property is 3.18 ac (Tower Parcel 1,960 sqlft ) and is presently zoned ASC-1. It is located in all or parts .of Section 32 Township 27 Range 19 or 15801 Livingston Ave. Petition su 09-0356-BR, filed on 1/2112009 by Immanuel Lutheran Church & School, represented by David Geidel, of2149 Kings Palace Drive, Riverview, Fl. 33578, ph 813-751-7967 requesting a Special Use Permit for a School. The property is 8.08 ac and is presently zoned RSC-6. It is loeated in all or parts of Section 3 Township 30 Range 2o or 2913 John Moore Rd. .. Petition SU 09-0358-TH, filed on 1/22/2009 by Gary C Brown; of 114 S Oregon Ave, Tampa, FL 3360?, ph 813-494-6607 requesting a Special use Permit for anAccesspry Kitchen The property is 17.08 ac and is presently zoned ASC -1. It is located in all or parts of Section 10 & 11 Township 28 Rang e 20 or 11865 Ft. King Hwy. REZONING REQUESTS Petition RZ 09-0350-PR, filed on 1/20/2009 by Michael & Sheree Letchi.vorth, of 5S21 Causeway Blvd., Tampa, Fl. 33619, ph 813-628-0061, requesting a zone change frpm ASC-1. to Ct The property is .61 ac and is located in all or parts of Section 34 Township 29 Range 19 or SiS of Causeway Blvd ., 750' W/0 Maydell or: .. 'Petition RZ. 09-0355 -E R, filed on 112112009 by Julie F RiOs, of 3840 Tan ner Rd. Dover, Fl. 33527, 'ph 813-967-4826, requesting a zone change from ASC-1 to The property is 2 .7 2 ac and is located in all or parts of Section 34 Township 28 Range 21 orW/S. 'of Tanner Rd. 250' S/0 Sumner Rd. :. Petition RZ 09-0 364-EGL, filed on 112212009 by Ramco Investment' inc., represented by Judy James, .of 325 South Blvd.,Tampa, Fl. 33606, ph 813-254-7157, requesting a zone, change from RMC-20 (R) t6 BPO (R) The property is .72 ac and is lo cated in all or parts of section 28 Township 28 Range 18 or N/E comer of Clearview & Hamilton Ave. I MAJOR MODIFICATION REQUESTS Petition MM 09-0177-USF, filed on 11120/2008 by Salvatio':' Army, represented by Judith .L. James, Esq of 325 S. Boulevard, Tampa, Fl. 33606, ph 813-254-7157, requesting a major modification to amend condition regarding fence, add existing truck repairs as an allowable use; option to construct 2,000 ft. building, add access point an d increase auCtion space. The is 12.14 ac and is presently zoned Planned Development (08 86). It is located in a ll or parts of Section 1 Township 28 Range 18 or NW cor of E. 138th & Nebra ska Ave. .. Petition MM 09-0225 -E L, filed on 12/4/2008 by The Richman Gr.oup F l orida, In c., represented by Michael D. Horrier, AICP, of 14502 N Dale Mabry Hw)r #200, Tampa, Fl. 33618, ph 813-962-2395, requesting a major modification to allow multi-family development. The pf-Qperty is 20.22 ac and is presently zoned PO (05-1632) It is located in all or. parts of Section 29Range 20 or NW cor of Cl8wis Ave. & E : M L .K Blvd. : .. .. .. : Petition MM 09-0259 -ER filed on 12/18/2008 by Mr. J.W. repres.!'nted by. Michael D. Homer, AICP,'of 14So2 N Dale Mabry Hw. #200, Tampa, Fl. 33618, ph S13-9e2 2395, requesting a major modification to allow enclosed, covered and open storage ;The property is 49:36 is presently zoned PO (90-127)."lt is Jocated in all or p arts of Section 29-To\vnship 28 Range 21 or N/S of U.S. Hwy.92, 100 SWof Moores Lake Rd. Petition MM 09..0260-EL, filed 12/18/2008 by Bricklemyer & 'solv es, 500 E Kennedy Blvd. #200, Tampa, Fl. 33602, ph 813-223 3888, requesting a major modification to modify parcel lines, clarify uses & add light industri a l as appro v e d use. Tlie property is 5 1 ac and is presently zone d PD-C (88-197). It is locat ed in a ll or p a rt s of Section 6 T ownship 29 R imge 20 or SIS of U.S Hwy 92 20' W/0 BaptistChurch Rd. HILLSBOROUGH TRANSIT AUTHORITY IFB B108207 :; Exterior Painting and Minor Body Repairs of Transit Buses The Hillsborough Transit Authority (HART) will be accepting Bids on IFB B108207-Exterior Painting and Minor Body Repairs of Transit Buses. The IFB documents will be available for download from HART's website at www.goHART.org after 10:00 A;M., on February 24, 2009. The documents can be located under the Purchasing Section. All inquiries pertaining to the specifications or any questions in reference to the proposal must be directed to: Laura Jean Flowers, Purchasing Agent, Hillsborough Transit Authority, 4305 East 21st Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605, (813) 4494658 or e-mail at flowersl@goHART.org Additional deadlines and requirements are provided within the IFB posted on HART's website. It is the responsibility of the proposers/bidders to review the documents posted in their entirety Be A VIP Party Guest At Special Events Call (813) 244-0848 For Detailed Information HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities CHILD CARE LICENSING INSPECTOR (LIMITED DURATION) $31, 512 CHILD CARE SPECIALIST (NON STANDARD HOURS) (LIMIT E D DURAT ION) LIBRARIAN YOUTH SERVICES $27,83o $35,8 38 LIBRARY ASSIST ANT $22,131 PORT SECURITY OFFICER it $30,659 SYSTEMS ANALYST (SQL DATABASE) $53 ;435 See our web site at http://www.hccsb .org or visit our office at: 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor, Tampa, Fl. Preference in initial apt. w ill be given to eligible vets & e ligibl e spouses of vets AAIEEO Employer Avon Representatives Needed All Areas! Call 813-832-4282 Or E-mail AVONLADYGEORGIA@YAHOO .COM Jobs For USA/Felons (813) 965-7991 Orientation Monday's 1 : 00 P M March 2, 9 16, 23 A11d 30th Downtown Library Ashley & Cass E very Wedne sday 12:00 P M THA 1803 Howard Plant High school south Tampa. .. .. .. Rent To Totally 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Garage Good Credit Bad Credit No Credit (813) .-:. .. PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday. Edition ..... .... .... Friday @3:00P.M Friday Edition ........ .. .. ; .... Tuesday@ 3:oo: P.M: CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE : $8.00 1 -20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH T IM E YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD


Military Veterans No Down Payment Special FHA Programs Own A Two, Three, Four Bedroom Home Many Areas Prices & Sizes Free Pre-Qualifying Walter Brewer Midland Realty (813) 766-2033 Bank Owned 4-2 Near 56th And Sligh $69,900 4-2.5 In Ruskin $150,000 Qualifies USDA 100% Financing Available 3-2 In Temple Terrace $99,000 Home Run Real Estate Inc. Ainsley Daux (813) 493..0912 Wholesale Properties To The Public Great "Fixer Upper" Deals www.rehabbe..Superstore.com Kenny Rushing 6 Bedroom/5 Bath Bank Foreclosure! $55,000! Only $445/Monthly! 5% Down -15 Years At8%APR For Listings 800-366-9783 Ext H489 Own A Home From 0 To 3% Down We Pay Closing Cost And Down Payment Assistance Easy QualifY Call Now Many Homes To Choose From (813) 369-4131 I #'fl'i i' ;f.'''i i'': I Progress Village Starting Bid $60,000 Sold To Highest And Best Offer!!! Open House Saturday, February 28th & Sunday, March 1st 12 P.M.-5 P.M. Call (877) 730-SOLD X181 For Details And Directions Need Information On Down Payment Assistance Need Information On Short Sales And Bank Owned Properties Please Call Ainsley Daux Home Run Real Estate Inc. (813) 493..0912 RHERSEMORTGAGES Questions & Answers "T1 c "T1 m IJJ ;;a c: > N N 0 Question: How long is the entire process to reverse a g gage? Answer: Between 4 and 6 weeks from start to finish. Question: Will proceeds from a reverse mortgage affect my social security or medicare? Answer: No If you are a 62 or older homeowner call our office today! ALL Mortgage QUESTIONS MAY BE MAILED TO: Y. Anthony, Licensed Mortgage Broker Apex Lending, Inc., P.O. Box 21472 Tampa, FL 33622 Condo For Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $700.00/Monthly 201 Thorn Tree FOR RENT .. ; Water Side Condo 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Gated With Security $38,500 "T1 r-0 ;;a --------.. 11 dMi Brandon call813.770.3987 Phone (813) 447-7674 c > en m z ::! z m r-. NEW HOMES!!! Move-In Ready!! 1310 N. Grace St.'* 104.17N.Annette St. ,._::. 6218 38th Street : -Many Other Locations Available! We Have Many-Programs To Help Youi Get Into Your Dream Home!! Visit Our M -odel Today At: ... ll,MfE,R,tCAN 3705 Hillcrest Circle -HrolUtSJIJN!G c CALL NOWI!I G'o'R1PTOlRfA,TfbOINII (813)218 3729 e:-.; www.amhousmg.com 1510 Margaret Street Only $910.00 Mo. 1 0814 Alafia Street Ooly $949.00 Mo. 10911 Lantana Drive Only $649.00 Mo. CALL TODAY! 915_-0522 Today! www.OOOdown.com .. .lfS that E-Z! ';,1 ,, I .... .. ... (8 13) 248-1921. To P .ubiish Your Classified or:: ; '. ?' ,. ,. Legal Advertisement In .. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin :. .:. Email: ledwards@flsentinel.cc).m .. Or Fax 24lJ To (813) 248-9218 East MLK Area Spacious 5 Bedroom/2 Bath 1,450 SF Lease Option $:1;395.00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome Call For Info (813) 220-8658 Rent To Own Lease Option Heights Totally Remodeled 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Good Credit, Bad Credit ,. No Credit .. .. Sulphur Spring Area 2 Bedreom/1% Bath Townhouse For Lea se Gated community A Low $720.00 SeCtion 8 Welcomed security Deposit $30o.oo $25.00 Application Fee Call (813).7 40-0384 3 Bedr:oqm/2 Bath .Apartment .. 4 Bedr0ori11 2 Bath Home Hook-up Central Heat And Air Section 8 Welcome 2, 3, 4 Bedroom Homes And Apartments New Paint, CHA, Washer/Dryer Hook-up Fenced, No Pets Section 8 OK (813) 949-3482 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments 2 & 3 Bedroom Homes Fenced Yards WDH/CHA Move In Specials References Requjred (813) 267-4488 YborArea Shared Home For Rent 3 Bedrooms Ideal For Family $850.00/Monthly $850.00/Deposit Rooms Available Also (813) 416-6388 USFArea Spacious, Remodeled 2 Bedroom Townhome AIC, Carpet, Tile WID Fenced, Patio Water Included $775.00 Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 849-3265 Call813-220-3633 Sulphur Springs Nice 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home W/CHA $900.00/Monthly 1 IJJ c: r rm ::! z 2 Bedroom/1 BathDuplex $500.00/Monthlv ffi (813) 503..S3_21 r-u; :r: m 2312 #A N. M?rgan St. .. ,,, < 3 Bedroom/1 Bath m Duplex. -:. ::= .: Quiet Tanip Heights : : .. Conc.:ete;_ CHA' : rn c $880.00/Monttlly .. z c W/S/G Included. ::, section a oK ... "TI 1 : Also Avaliable $600.00 r,.: (s13> ):. ':, seminole : __ :. : : .. :. 3 CHA ; \: : : ', .:.: Section 8 ACcepted .. << $1;ooo.oo Call 813-326-6141 SUPPORT THE R.ORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN : ADVERTISERS .' :.


0'1 0 0 N ,..._ N < 3905 E. Powhattan House For Rent ::l 0:::: Ready Now m 5 Bedrooms/2 Baths w LL Call Tyrone 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths >=" < 1-800-890-7639 Section 8 Only c ii: (718) 781-6934 1213 12th Avenue LL 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Call (813) 621-7493 Very Large Fenced Lot Section 8 Preferred Two Utility Rooms Palm River Area Section 8 Only Available May 1st 2009 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Call (813) 240-8108 Garage, CHA Washei"/Dryer Hook up Sulphur Springs Area Fenced Yard : 3 Bedroom/2 Bsth Home Call (813) 244-6649 Central HeaUAir Sulphur Springs Area c '. And More ii: 8109 North Brooks St. 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath LL c CHA, Fenced Yard z Call (813) 610-4518 < ,I WID Hook-up $1, 100 00/Monthly $205/Monthy! c $1 ,000. 00/Deposit f/) 4 Bedroom/2 Bath w ::l Foreclosures! Sect i on 8 Accepted 1-5% Down (813) 900-6926 w 15 Years@ 8% APR > 3391 East 27th Avenue w c For Listings W Ext. 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath :::z::: f/) 6 Car Parking, Comer Lot ::;. Progress Village m Near Schools :::::) 4912 83rd Street $1,200 00/Monthly z : $1 ,000 00/Security t=;' 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths w Back And Front Yard Section 8 Welcome ..J ..J $1 :::::) Mike (813) 244-0658 m Section 8 Accepted l ..J 2 Bedrooms/1Bath w Call (813) 661-4292 z i=' 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 1401 East 97th Avenue z w Den; CHA 2705 East Cayuga 0 c Washer/DrYer Hook:-UP 908 East Humphrey c ii: Fenced Yard CHA, WDH 0 $250 00/Deposit $600.00 $800.00/Monthly ..J LL ,..,1 Section 8 Only .. (813) 453-0123 .:. Kenny 4 16-6183 Or (813) 630-0839 West Tampa 5909 81st Drive Cute 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Progress Village Remodeled Horne 3 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA. Tile Floors Inside Laundry Large Yard Fenced Yard Near School/Shopping $795 00/Monthly $975 00/Monthly Section 8 Welcomed DepoSit Negotiable (813) 231-2974 Phone (813) 810-8258 .. Riverview Home 8819 Flshlake Road $1 ,300.00/Monthly 4 Bedrooms/1% Bath Includes Basic Cable CHA, WDH 2 Story Fenced Back Yard 3 Bedrooms/3% Bath Section 8 Welcome 2 Car Garage $1,500. 00/Rent Wood Floors Throughout $1,500.00/Deposit Entire Home Available co Section 8 OK Jonda Solomon w (813) 239-0800 C) (813) 784-0928 Or (727) 320-7310 a.; 5813 12th Avenue South Section 8 Only 4 Bedrooms/2 Full Baths Fenced Backyard CHAAndWDH Call (813) 621-7492 3414 East 9th Avenue Available Immediately 4 Bedrooms/2 Bath Den CHA, WDH $1 ,200. 00/Monthly Deposit Negot i able Call (813) 770-2003 Or (813) 713-4055 4/1 -Highland Pines $950 00/Monthly Busch Gardens Area 3/1 Available April Sect i on 8 Welcome Thomas Luft (813) 634-4050 (813) 495-7481 Must Seem 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $800 00/Monthly $600 DO/Deposit Includes Garbage Disposal Washer & Dryer Wood Floors, Large Yard No Pets (813) 610-4319 1410 27th Avenue 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Newly Renovated Ceramic Tile CHA Ceiling Fans Washer/Dryer Included Large Yard $775 00/Monthly (813) 505-1860 2604 East 19th Avenue 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths Wall-To Wall Carpet Central Heat & Air Washer/Dryer Hook-up Fenced Yard $750.00/Monthly $500 00/Deposit (813) 777-6919 THIS COULD BE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT 1616 East ldell Street 1007 28th A venue 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath East Tampa $650 00/Month l y 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths $300 00/Deposit New Refrigerator Section 8 Accepted New Stove Call (813) 335-0076 $920 00 Per Month (813) 885-5226 Call (813) 451-7185 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Section 8 Housing $11,000! 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath 5 Bedroor.ri/4 Bath CHA, New Kitchen $25,500! New Bath Very Clean More Homes Available Fenced Yard L,istings Call Call (813) 382-6470 800-366-9783 Ext. 5649 Or (813) 505-7724 3310 East North Bay 3/2 $1,075 .00 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $650 : 00/Deposit A/C Units Carrollwood Spacious Yard 5/3-$1, 750.00 Section 8 Welcome $700 00/Rent Clearwater $700 DO/Deposit 3/1 $750 :00 Available $750.00/Deposit Jonda Solomon Section 8 Ready (813) 239-0600 (813) 5o5-54oo Or (727) 320-7310 :, .. Contact LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 To Publish Your Classified Or Legal _f. .. ->.t"' The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Email Your Ad To: ledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax 2417 To (813) Sentinel Bulletin AVAILABLE AT THESE LOCATIONS : Shell Gas (Bruce B Downs BlvdJSkipper Rd) SweetBay (Bruce B. Downs BlvdJHighland P!My. !Brandon. Seffner. Riverview & Valrico) 5909 U. S Highway 301 S (R) 625 W. M.LK. Jr Blvd. (7) 2So2 W. Hiilsborough Ave. (7) 5502 E. Fowler Ave. (7) 4001 E. Busch Blvd. (7) 2911 E. Fowler Ave. (7) 715 Brandon Blvd. (B) 715 W. M.LK Blvd. (S) 2n5 N MacDill Ave. (7) 611 S. Howard Ave. (7) .,::$-::ttii:iU.Jii;N.,itlfli=:: !Brandon,. Seffner. Riverviaw.& Valrico) 6929 U. S Highway 301 N (R) 2535 W. Brandon Blvd. (V) 1101 E. Bloomingdale Blvd. (B) 1247 Kingsway Blvd. (S) 11230 E. M .LK. J r Blvd. (S) 205 E. Alexander St., Plant City 597 s Wheeler St., Plant City (Tampa. Brandon & Seffner} .. 11720 Dr. MLK Jr: Blvd. (S) 949 E. Bloomingdale Ave. (B) 2701 E. Aetchei Ave. (7). ; ;: 11110 Causeway Blvd. (B) 12808 E Brandon Blvd. (B) 1601 W. Kennedy Blvd. (7) 8885 N Florida Ave. (7) I' Co1n Box Locat1ons HARTLine Terminal (University Area) -Livingston Ave. HARTLine Terminal (East Lake Area) -5611 street : Orient Jail, Orient Road Falkerlburg Jail, FaUikenburg Rd. 24 Hour Launctomat, MLK/Aorida .. VA Hospital, 56" Sl/131stAve. River Pines Apts., 4011 Street Centro 21st AVfi./15" St. JL Young Apts., Nebraska/Bird St. Epiphany Arms Apts. Hanna/22nd Univ. Comm. Hosp., 3011/Fletcher St. Joseph Hosp. MLK/Habana Tampa Gen. Hasp., by McDonalds


4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Fenced Yard Washer/Dryer Hook-Up Call (813) 748-2945 Tampa Bay Area Beautiful Homes Available 1 To 5 Bedrooms Move In Today! Call (757) 638-9777 Section 8 Preferred Palm River Area 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Garage, CHA Washer/Dryer Hook-up Fenced Yard Call (813) 244-6649 Section 8 Preferred 6204 50th Street 3/2 Country Home Big Bedrooms Like New Condition Big Fenced Backyard $1 ,300.00/Monthly $800 00/Deposit Pets Accepted (813) 917-6035 $199/Monthly 3 Bedroom/2 Bath 5% Down 15 Years@ 8% For Listings Call 800-366-9783 Ext. 5492 Tampa Area Large 1 And 2 Bedroom Apartments Well Maintained $480.00 And Up Rental References Required Call (813) 267-4488 Cinnamon Cove Apartments 12401 N. 15th Street Starting At $375 00 On-Site Laundry And Convenient To Everything Call (813) 971-5254 Large 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment Tile Floors, CHA $590.00/Monthly Includes Water Section 8 OK Call (813) 230-8968 "A Great Place To Call Home And Run Your Business" Tampa Park Apartments Is Conveniently Located In Ybor City, A Short Walk To The Downtown Central Business District And A Trolley Ride From The Excitement Of Channel Side With Its Colorful Entertainment And Dining Options. Tampa Park Plaza Has Large Space Available To Accommodate Most Business Types. Looking To Locate Or Re-Locate Your Business, Give Us A Call -We May Have The Space You Need. Are You Interested? For Application Information Please Contact Tampa Park Apartment, Inc 1417 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa, Florida 33605 Telephone (813) 229-1845 Florida Telecommunications Relay Inc. TTY 1-800-955-8771 Voice 1-800-955-8770 Spanish 1-877-956-8773 Sell your stuff. 813-248-1921 The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Grant Park Apartment For Rent 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Central Heat And Air Only $715 00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 310-9660 Floribraska & Nebraska (Off 1-4) 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WDH, CHA $600.00/Monthly + Security Deposit Contact Bobby (813) 453-5823 4 Bedrooms/1% Bath Large Apartment All Appliances Laundry On Premises Section 8 Only $1 ,200 00/Monthly Plus Security Call (813) 973-2341 Ybor Apartments 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $595 00/Monthly InCludes Water Deposit Required Conveniently Located (813) 318-1523 Or (201) 819-5265 College Park University Mall Area Remodeled $0 Security Deposit For Section 8 1 Bedroom From $525.00 2 Bedrooms From $729.00 3 Bedrooms From $995 00 Immediate Occupancy (813) 325-7118 Apostles Village Of Brandon, Florida A New HUD Subsidized Community For Individuals 62 Years Of Age Or Over. Apartment Features: All Units Are 1 Bedroom Full Bathrooms With Tub Or Walk-in Shower Appliances (Stove Refrig) Individually Controlled Heat & Air Conditioning Emergency Call-Light System Water, Heat And Garbage Removal Wheelchair Accessible Parking APPLY NOW CALL: 888-323-3038 0 402 West Amelia Avenue Very Clean 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Burglar Bars A/C Carpet, Tile $550.00/Monthly $50.00/Deposit Call (813) 391-7046 Senior Citizen Special 55+ 0 Security Deposit 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $725.00 University Mall Area Large Unit W/D Hook-up DIW, Ceiling Fans, CHA Se Habla Espana! Call Marian (813) 832-9557 Red Oaks 1 Bedrooms $400 .00-$450 00 Water Included Quiet Complex Seniors Preferred Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 325-5216 For More Info 2508 -12th Avenue Apt A Ybor City 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Remodeled, CHA $600 00/Monthly $600. 00/Deposit Seniors Preferred Application (813) 986-9431 New Port Richey Southgate Senior Apartments, 62 + 1 Bedroom/$435 00 Minimum Income Required $1, 500 00 Adjacent To Southgate Shopping Center (727) 847-1110 EHO River Pines Apartments SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY Active independent living for 55+, quiet park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities, riverfront living. Efficiencies and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $360.00 per month (813) 985-4419 lledwards@flsentinel.com I First Month Free Must Have Excellent Verifiable Rental History $125 Moves You In Newly Remolded 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment 4005 N. 34th St. #H Tile, Carpet, CHA $595 DO/Monthly Includes Water (813) 238-6353 Nice Area Section 8 Only 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, WDH Receive $100.00 Cash With Signed Lease 0 Deposit (813) 789-3879 Temple Terrace Duplex 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Included Large Backyard, CHA Conveniently Located $750 00/Monthly $300.00/Deposit (813) 766-3607 Tampa Heights 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Spacious Duplex $800 00/Monthly Newly Renovated Section 8 Ok Utilities Included r-0 0 )> C/) m z -1 z m r-1 m c: r rm -1 z "'D c: m r-c;; :l: m 0 m < m -1 c: m C/) 0 Call (813) 477-7734 l> z Senior Citizen Special 55+ 0 Security Deposit 1(-. 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $630.00/Monthly Private Home Like Duplex WDH, CHA, Ceiling Fans Large Fenced Patio Se Habla Espana( Call Marian (813) 832-9557 Nice 2/1 Duplex Quiet Area -5 Minutes South Of University Mall Near Major Roads $580 00/Rent $300 00/Deposit Tenant pays Water And Lights, No Pets Section 8 Welcome Call (813 ) 0 ::0 0 ;g G') m CD 0


0 ii: 0 z c( 0 tn w ;:::) 1-w c w :::c tn :::i m ;:::) D. z Move-In Special No Security Deposit Refurbished 2 Bedroom Duplex-Fenced Yard Section 8 Welcome (813) 503-0493 West Tampa 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Duplex CHA, Utility Room, WDH, $725.00 Monthly $350.00 Deposit 2104 Palmetto Street #A (813) 223-5214 Grant Park Duplexes 3 Bedroorn/2 Bath CHA, WDH $500 00/Deposit $900 00/Monthly Includes Water, Sewer/Trash Section 8 OK (813) 960-1579 Adran Management Inc. I ill d 1111 Large Rooms For .. --West Area t= i w Must Have : -Reliable Source Of Income ...J ...J ;:::) m I ...J w z t= z w tn c( o ii: 0 --...J 0 I 0 ..... w (!) c.; Utilities Included $100.00/Weekly Call (813) 850-4491 Sulphur Springs Area Room Fo r Rent Close To Transportation $400.00/Monthly : Includes Utilities/Cable Available Immediately Call (813) 842-7902 From $120 00 Weekly Or $500 QO/Monthly $1 oo. 00/Deposit Fri dge, Bed Dresser CHA Quiet Area Single Oecupancy 55 Years And Older Preferr ed (813) Busch Gardens Area Plant City ... -. Fair. Grounds CHA, WID, Cab l e All Utiliti es P aid Next To Bus Lines Quiet N e ighborhood $14o .oo!We _ekly Private E ntr a n ce (813)478..:1286 Room For Rent $100.00 Per Week + Deposit Air Condition Kitchen Privileges Call (813) 285-8147 Ybor City Area Very Clean Rooms For Rent With Private Entrance Senior Cit iz en Discount Call (813) 244-7388 For Rent Rooms/Apartments In Quiet Building No Drugs Allowed Visit: 2913 N.15th Street Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Or Larry (813) 382-6055 CablelV, NC $150.00 Per Week Utilities Included $100 00/Deposit Efficiency Also Available $165 00/Per Week Call Grady (727) 851-3341 Room For Rent No Smoking, No Orugs Or Illegal Activities CHA, Cable 1V Background Check $120.00/Weekly $100 00/Deposit Call (81 433-3835 2928 N. 18th Street 55 Years And Older Preferred $120.00/Weekly $120 00/Deposit Cail Jim (813) 237-1810 Gennte (813) 326-2871 Polete (813) Busch Gardens Temple Terrace Area Imm ediate Move-In Special Clean Cable 1V Tiled F loor s No Deposit $125 00/Weekly Devin (813) 516-1550 Ybor Heights L arge / F urni s h e d Room s l:)tiliti es /L a undry Facilities Included Kit che n U se $110 $140 W ee kly Deposit + 1 We ek R ent Call (813) 247-4724 East Tampa Area Rooms For Rent Clean And Drug Free Please Call (813) 597-5221 Available Room For Rent In Ybor Heights At: 1000 East 26th Avenue Please Call (813) 494-3343 Rooms For Rent Near Bus Line $100.00 And $125.00 Weekly + Deposit $50.00 Phone 813-234-9339 Rooms For Rent Huge Rooms Wireless Internet Access Cable Air Conditioning Call 813-732-5459 Rooms For .Rent Nice And Clean CHA, Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125. 00/Deposit Call (813) 624-8540 WestTampa Rooms For Rent Newly Remodeled Full Kitchen, Furnished $80.00 $100.00 Weekly + Deposit Call (813) 477-7734 Room For Rent Hillsborough & Himes NC, Cable, Phone Queen Beds, Kitchen Ceiling Fans $85 00 Deposit $110 00 And Up Weekly 813 598 4262 Temple Terrace Area Room For Rent Access To Entire Home Wash e r /Drye r Avail ab l e Now Fe m a l e Co ll ege Student Pref e rr ed Call (813) 787-6652 Room For Rent YborArea NC, Cab le, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fa n s $75 00/D e po s it $100 00 And Up W eek ly (813) 317-9872 Rooms For Rent Nice & Clean CHA, Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Call (813) 786-4155 lli'hd-i!i@;JiM#:'il Tampa Area Furnished Share Apartment With Cable ; Internet, Microwave, Washer & Dryer Electricity, Phone $150. 00/Weekly $600 00/Monthly $100 00/Depos i t Ms. Florence (813) 732-0990 RUDY'S REPAIR SERVICE Complete Air Conditioning & Heating Service On All Makes & Models Call (813) 620-1866 LIC #CAC 1814465 Tarpley's AIC (813) 238-7884 Committed To Excellence In Sales & Service New & Used NC's Same Day Financing Available LIC# CAC181530 REM Air Conditioning Service On All Makes & Models Inst allation Of Replacem e nts On Central Systems Financing WAC Same Day Service 813-248 5877 Lie # CAC 009430 $5001 Police Impounds! 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