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May 12, 2009
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 64 Years In The Tanzpa Bay Area urder For Tow al Begins c Dri ar SEE PAGE 3 RESIDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS SWORN IN The Officers of Bethune High Rise and Robert Shimberg Estates (also known as The Sanctuary) of the Tampa Housing Authority were sworn in recently. Those taking the oath were: seated, Julio E. Nunez, vice president, Bethune High Rise; Alma Washington, treasurer, Bethune High Rise and Helen Willis, secretary, Bethune High Rise. Second row, Laura Bell Harris, president, Bethune High Rise; Tralenee Boynton, Charlesetta (CeCe) Estelle and Gerogia Martinez, vice president, all of Shimberg Estates. Tampa Housing Authority officials standing in the rear are: Stephanie T. Brown-Gilmore, Director, Program and Property Services; Ricardo L. Gilmore, Esquire, Housing Authority Counsel; and Elizabeth Pena, Administrative Assistant. Jerome Ryans is President/CEO of the Tampa Housing Authority. (Photography by Brunson) 4 Teens Jailed On Bullying/Rape Charge SEE PAGE 15 Young Producer's Show Wins Award SEE PAGE 3 NAACP Selects Guest Speak For Banquet -SEE PAGE 2 Tribute To Honor Popular Phannacist iiiiiiiifl SEE 2


a> Features N' ..-c a: LL c z < c (/) w :J .... > a: w > w c w :I: (/) :::i m :J a. z i= w ..J ..J :J m I ..J w z i= z w (/)

Features Young Producer's Show Gets Award New and upcoming producer, Krystal Brown, recently received an award for her Public Access show, "Street Buzz." She received first place for Entertainment at the Tampa Bay Video Awards presented by the Tampa Bay Community Network She also receivec the Rising Star Award for her documentary, "The Making Of My Canary Yellow Pumps." "This my third year pro ducing shows. I am really a comedy writer, and I ve recently ventured into music and entertainment videos. ''I'm also working on a reality show, "My Future Baby Daddy." I'm hoping to develop a movie script by the fall." Ms. Brown said this has been a lifelong dream for her. "I performed a lot in high school and my grandmother kept me into the arts. As I got old er, I continued to pur sue that interest "After graduating from the University of Florida, where I studied Business -Administration and Mass Krystal Brown (left) and Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin Beckner. communications, I got a job with the state. I got bored and started working with the Tampa Bay Network and the rest is history Ms. Brown's show has been airing on Public Access television for two years, and this year, she's developing a new format that will include local artists and a system where you can vote for the music videos on her show. "My ultimate goal is to be an entertainment superstar. I love entertaining people and bringing something dif ferent to the arts. I feel com fortable working behind or in front of the camera." Ms. Brown said she's a producer by profession and a writer and artist by passion. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at il, II (813) 248-0724, or e';, mailed at lcewsflsentinel.com. Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA Welcomes New Group Vice Presid.ent The Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA welcomed Michael D. Brown, Sr. as its newest group vice president. In his new role, Brown will serve as executive director of the Bob Gilbertson Central City Family YMCA, and will also oversee Tampa YMCA Community Initiatives, The First Tee of Tampa Bax youth golf programs, and YMCA diversity and inclu sion priorities. The Central City YMCA will host a meet and greet .. event with Brown on Wednesday, May 13 from 7-9am, nam-lpm; and s-?Pm. YMCA members and comMICHAEL D. BROWN, SR. murtity residents are invited to attend Having been both a volunteer. and staff member for the YMCA over the last 21 years, Michael brings a wealtJ:t ;of ,a11q passion for servant leader ship to his new role. He has ,spent the past four years as Vice President of Operations for 'the YMCA of Metropolita n Dallas, and has extensive background in both branch operations and com m unity d ev elopment. "Michael Brown is a tremendous addition to our staff t ea m, and will provide inspired leadership to the Tampa YMCA's community development efforts," said Gene DeManincor, chief operating officer for the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA. -1 c m CJ) 0 Trial Begins For Tow Truck Driver }< 3: ..... !" N 0 0 CD Trial Begins For Tow Truck Driver On Monday, a motion hearing was held in the trial of Donald Montanez. Montanez, 47, was charg ed with second-degree murder in 2006 for the fatal shooting of Glen Rich. On January sth, Rich was among other patrons having a good time at the Sugar Shack Lounge on Hillsborough Avenue near 56th Street. As Rich partied, his car and others were being towed away by PPCI Incorporated Towing Company, owned by Montanez. According to reports, Rich went to the impound lot to retrieve his car and as he was driving away, Montanez fired at him through the passenger win dow. Rich, who was 30 yeas old, died 12 hours later at a local hospital. Montanez was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the shooting. Attorneys for Montanez continue 1 o say their client acted defense s Rich DONALD MONTANEZ was trying to hit him and other employees with the car as he was attempting to leave the impound lot. ., However, prosecutors say r Montanez was illegally towing the cars from the club, and fired at Rich through the passenger win-en dow, an indication it was not in self defense. :::::! In March 2007, Governor Z Charlie Crist announced that Senate Bill 612 would be m called the "Glen Rich Act," written to regulate tow truck 1 companies. He alleged that -Rich wouldn't have been killed if his legislation had been in place earliex:. c: r r m :::::! z c: tD r-lfkhelleB. u; ::r::: m 0 m < m Referral Service (813) 495-3702 1-866-352-4200 -1 c: m CJ) 0 )> z 0 ., ::c 0


Q) g Editorials & Columns N c a: 1L c z <( c en w :::;) .... > a: w > w c w :I: en :::i m :::;) D. z i= w .J .J :::;) m I .J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 .J 1L FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ( U SPS 202-140) 2207 21st Avenue, Tamp a F lo rida 33605-(813) 248-1921 Publi s hed E very Tuesday and Fr iday B y FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Membe r of National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and Amalgamated Publ ishe rs, Inc., New York 1990-94 CP Tim e lnternational POSTMASTER : Send Address Change To : Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P O Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Peri odica l Posta ge Paid At Tampa FL W W Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) Founders His Game Is over C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR CHAIRMAN S KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR KEITH GEORGE, CIRCULATION AND PRESS DIRECTOR Subscriptions-$44.00-6 Months Both Editions : $87 00-PerYear Bo _th Editions Opinions expressed on editorial pages of this newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers, do not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher Bullies In The Locker Room What occurred at Columbine High School ten years ago, when two teenagers with automatic weapons took vengeance on fellow students, is a sad consequence when parents are not aware of their children's physical and emotional hell. But Columbine isn't what we want to talk about, today. What we want to discuss is our surprise at Hillsborough County Schools Superintendent Mary Ellen Ella's surprise. She recently said she was surprised when she discovered a 13-yearold boy who had been gang-raped, had stoically refused to rat on the ones who victimized him. We're referring to the teenager whose middle school cohorts took it upon themselves the gruesome prank of sexually molesting him with first a broom stick, and then a hockey stick. We are told the boy's assailants had been teasing him unceasingly, for weeks. Tit!S; were on the same flag football team together. So, theiir"access to him was easy. Supt. Elia concluded, "We have to figure out a way that our kids know that they have people who care about them. [and] There is always somebody at the 'school that the kids will relate to. The big issue," said Ella, "is that the student didn't do this." L ast week, in a fit of anger, a young man allegedly tossed an infant out of the window of a speeding car. The child died from his injuries. After police arrested Richard McTear, he cursed at the media and when asked a question, he responded, "It's a dirty game. It's a dirty game." Amazingly, the crime was so horrid that it made national and international news. It was the topic of newscast, talk shows, and other forms of media. It placed the city of Tampa in the worst light. But, it automatically launched McTear into infamy. His name will forever be associ ated with some of the worst crimes in the history of city, if not the state. One might think that the young man would have been remorseful and would have attempted to hide his face at the time of his arrest. to have an Even as he turn before the judge in First Appearance Court, he acted as if the process bored him. But, what he has yet to realize is that his game, whether it was dirty or not, is over. If convicted, his future will never include the freedom he once knew He will either be sentenced to death or life in prison There is no defense for killing an innocent baby. And, those convicted as child killers have few friends and supporters. His crime is so atrocious that he had to be placed in isolation at the jail for his own protection. It would be interesting to see just how long he maintains that smug attitude when the. reality of the trou ble he is in finally sinks into his brain. I'm sure that fac;ade of bravado will vanish in the twinkling of an eye. There will come a time when he will wish he could turn back the hands of time and undo what he has done. But, unfortunately, no amount of "I'm sorry" is going to restore the life to that little baby. So, he will have to spend the remainder of his life pay ing the consequences of his actions. His future does not look bright because at the ripe old age of 21, his dirty game is over. We beg to differ. The big issue is that bullying in America's public schools is an issue that America has seemingly chosen to ignore or underplay, for the past century. Blacks Need To Broaden Expectations How many of you have seen or felt the horror of schoolyard bullying, first-hand? Nevertheless, on issues of bullying and snitching, our school system says it's surprised. Alert: COBRA Discounts For Laid-Off Workers I t is common for Blacks to say that President Obama is not addressing the needs of Black peo ple. I wholeheartedly agree that the president must be held accountable to Black people, as well as other races of the United States. But Black folks need to broaden their expectations and M ost laid-off workers know they have the right to expand what we call the continue their group health insurance coverage Black-,agend f by paying the cost of the premium under a 1 have a question: do Blacks federal law commonly known as COBRA (Consolidated need a Black agenda? We Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). However, reports want what,: all other indicate that few laid-off. workers are aware that part of AmeriCans don'twj:!? It President Barack stimulus plan will pay up to ,, .O:.t.4.tour gtra-P. to -live the 65 percent of the cost of the premiums for the first nine American dream, to enjoy .the months of unemployment. And few people in charge are. blessings and prosperity of telling anyone, either. Effective .. February 2009, -v ,-America, the land of the free and requiring to workers for and the home of tl parts of the premiums already paid, employers are We want to be able to drink required to refund or credit workers who have paid from the vault of opportuni-more than 35 percent of their health insurance preini-ty, we want to abolish denied urns. And now you know the rest of the story .. at least opportunities and while we part of it, anyway. are not ashamed of our For, there's more to what is becoming one of employ-Blackness don't we want to ment's best-kept secrets. Workers for companies with be judged based upon the more than 20 employees are eligible for COBRA assis-content of our character and tance, under .the stimulus plan. In fact, depending upon the profoundness of our abil-individual state laws, "limited COBRA" coverage may be ities, rather than the color of granted to workers of small businesses with fewer than 20 workers, as well. Moreover, workers will be given an additional 6o-day period after being laid off to sign up our skin? In short, our agenda should be to get the playing field leveled, to be given equal opportunities, and given a chance to sit at the table of power. Those things are whispered about in our soci ety, but not fully embraced. Unfortunately for so many Blacks, the African American agenda is about welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, free healthcare, and other such gift wrapped services. When you address these issues you are addressing the thoughts of so many Blacks. When the president attempts to improve our public education system, is he talking to Black people also? What about all the efforts to create jobs that pay a livable wage? Is that a part of the Black agenda? President Obama has made ijealthcare for all people a top priority. You reckon he is talking about Black folks, too? It is well documented that Mr. President is trying hard to get financial institu tions back into the business of lending money and financing cars, homes and other needed projects. If that is not a part of the Black agenda, it should be. President Obama is working day and night to improve bt,n' economy. I have no doubt'that an improved economy will benefit Blacks. What do Black people care about the wars in the Middle East? Let' us not forget that Black loved ones are fighting in that wk They are putting their lives on the line 24-7 in an effort to keep us safe and free. Finally, the President is supporting social changes thatwill lessen racism and discrimination. Black folks, if this isn't addressing your issues, I don't know what is. Let us remember what James .Brown, -the Godfather of soul said, "I don't "Want nobody to give me nothing. Open up the door and I ;ll get it myself : 'l:t for coverage if they have missed the original sign-up W deadline. 'Sounds like a sweetheart deal to us! However, if you've been laid off between September 2008 and April 2009, your employer should have sent you a notice by April 18th advjsing you of another 6o-day opportunity to sign on for COBRA. In fact, workers laid off through December 2009 will be eligible for this coverage. You say this is the first time you've heard anything about such coverage. Whether laid-off or not, don't stop until you discover what might save you and your family in a pinch.


Pictures From The Past 1 ,. Judging a rap group in this photo from the past Gerrard Jones, Jim Hammond, and Marzuq Al-Hakim. In this photo are: W. M. Gordon, Lee Davis, and Linell Dupree. Beverly Dixon has Ernest Hill in her sights in this photo form the past. Pitching in at a car wash for the Alphas,are David Adlam, Daryle Myles, Peter Jackson, Manny O'Bryant, and Leonard Oliver. In this photo from the past" are: Marietta Fuller, Gladys Anderson, Dorothy Wright, Irene Renfroe, Hattie Jones, Mary Louise Brocks, Clara Evans, Willie Mae Lundy, and Rosa Lee Douglas. ..... 1\) 1\) 0 0 CD ., r 0 'l:l CJ) m z ::! z m r;m c: r r m ::! z "tt c: aJ c CJ) ::I: m c m < m -t c: m CJ) c ):> z c ., :0 c C') m U1


en Local Events N' School District Hosts Facilities Division Forum >=" The School District of Hillsborough County Facilities (J) Division/Office of Supplier Diversity in conjunction with the Hillsborough County Branch NAACP held the 2009 Facilities 1-Division Forum on April 29th at Middleton High School. c a: LL. c z The forum was designed for small businesses seeking to do business with the Hillsborough County Public Schools Facilities Division (Photography by Brunson) w c w :z:: (J) ::::; m ::::) a.. z ...J ...J ::::) m ..:.. w z t= z w (J) <( c a: 0 ...J LL. "The voice. ofou;eornm .unity Speaking for ltse/jn Did You Know That. ..... Medicaid Provides Coverag' e Fhr Patients, Annual Relining & Surgery In For Your Dentures? Call And Schedule Your Appointment Today!!! (813) 623-1014 Jason Mims and Enrique Colon of Positive Spin. Yanina Rosario, Mary Grant and L. Thomas Robinson. Ed Felder of Supplier Funding Corp. and Darlene Johnson representing Bank of America Stassa E. Warren and Alalia C. Thomas. Kanara Lee of Hill Mailing and Printing. Kronk For. Ch. rist Crusade A live performance was held on a recent Sunday afternoon outside the Sub Shop down-to"'P.-. The restaurant served more than 100 people attending the crusade. Some of the performers were Majestique du Messenger, Sicily, Gospel DJ KFC, LOKO and .. Flourney, mime dancer. event was sponsored by the General Assembly Church. Assistant Pastor/Coach K. L. :MUldrow said this event will take place again in the summer. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Bishop Frai:J.ces .. of Gene.r,a hAssembly Church, attended the Krunk For Christ Crusade. LOKO, also kno'rn as Lelll'ning Knowledge On A Regular Basis was one of the performers. DJ known as:'Kerineth M. Muldrow, at the crusade. Rick Smith and Michael "Majestique" Bingham attended the crusade. Mime Dancer Quentine Flourney enthused the crowd.


Birthday Greetings Happv Belated Mother's Dav MIKAYLA, TAMARA And JEREMIAH Thank you Mom for who you are in our lives. You play so many roles with great talent. Mom, you are our hero and role model; we love you and pray that you had a blessed Mother's Day. Love, your kids, MiKayla and Jeremiah. JASON Happy birthday, Jason, May 7, 2009. Love, family and friends. We love you. Happy Binhdav Gabrielle to Months sYearsOld c: m (/) c ., r-0 ::D Birthday wishes from, mommy, daddy, your grandpar-ents, family and friends. We love you! z z m r;ID c: ,.. ,.. z ., c ID ,.. iii % m c m < m c m (/) c )> z c '"n ::D c


0') g local C\1 C\1 ?"" Church Hosts Pastor's 6th Appreciation Banquet a Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ held its Pastor's 6th Appreciation Banquet on April 25 2009. Dr. David and Sister Patrona Criswell cn were honored for faithful years of service. The mistress of ceremony for t h e program was Pocahontas Davis. Also on the program were Kierstyn Whitehurst, Deacon Walter Waitress, Pastor Judge and Friends, Pastor Franny Mitchell (New Inspiration t-Church), and Triumphant Angels (Laura, Kierstyn, Angel and Andrea). (Photos by Julia Jackson) Dr. David Criswell ands Sister Patrona Criswell were hon-ored for 6 years of faithful service as pastor of Triumph Church and Kingdom of God in Christ. c a: LL. c z w c w J: CJ) :J Ill ::I a. z i= w ..J ..J :::1 Ill I ..J w z i= z w CJ) a: 0 ..J LL. As They Install Their Newly El TONY B. HARRIS And FIRST LADY LAURIE HARRI Sunday, May 17, 4 P.M. Rev. Fletcher Lawson, Jr. And St. Mary M. B. Parrish, FL In Cha Come And Praise The Lord With The Sr. Adult Choir Of First Baptist Church Of College Hill!! 3838 N. 29th St Tampa Come And Witness aCid Time" Hymns Being Sung And Played In A "New Fashioned" Way, Along With Metered Hymns Being Sung As In The Days Of "Yore." Your,Presence Wiii Be Greatly Appreciated. Don't Miss lt!!!!l SIS. ELVIRA PINDER Minister Of Music NT REV. DR. EVAN BURROWS Sr Pastor BRO. WINDELL ROBERSON Choir Director Elder James Moore gave the invocation. Dr. Pocahontas Davis of Washington, D. C. was the Mistress of Ceremony Althea Johnson attended the Pastor's Appreciation Banquet. Mary Morris and Faye Burgess attended the anniversary banquet honoring Dr. David and Sis. Patrona Criswell. The Praise and Worship Dancers, Triumphant Angels: Laura, Kierstyn, Angel and Andrea. Minister Leola Shulen and Deacon :M. C. Shulen were among the guests at the Appreciation f( h-._:J,).r. and Patrona Criswell. -1-.. Triumph Church and Kingdom of God in Christ Choir sang several selections.


Church Event Church Anniversarv Gospel Program Mrs. Mary Blake hosted a gospel program at her church, Mt. Sinai Holines s Church, Chelsea, o n Apri l 26th to celebrate the church's anniversary Several groups partic i pated. (Photos by James McAllister ) Ushers for the program were: Atavia Blake, T radia Clarke, Sara Romeo and Aaron Cooper. Tradia and Tango of the 'I Love New York' 1V show. BISHOP PRESTON BISHOP MICHAEL TOOGOOD CARTER BROOKLYN, NY CINCINNAll, OH MAY 13lli & 14lli 2009 MAY 15TH 7:30P.M. NIGHTLY AT 7:30 P.M. MAY 16TH 1:30 P.M. BISHOP JOHNNY WILLIAMS TAMPA.FL MA'I 1Ernt, 2ooa 11:00A.M. The HoUde OJ' God hip Center 811 E. 131st Ave. Tampa, FL 33618 (813) 9n-3222 The pastor and first lady of Mt. Sinai Holiness are Pastor and Mrs. Willie Henderson. The master and mistress of ceremony were Brother Neville and Elder Joanne Williams. Mrs. Johnnie M. Stenson attended the gospel program at Mt. Sinai Holiness Church. Mrs. Essie Griffith was presented with the Gospel Warriors' latest CD. Mother Ramsey attended the gospel program at Mt. Sinai Holiness Church. The Warriors were among the invited guests. PASTOR'S ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION PASTOR ALEC F. HALL May, 17th At 1 lA.M. & 4 P.M. Sunday Church School @ 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship@ 11:00 A .M. -Thursday Night Youth Bible Study @ 6:30 P.M. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & B(ble Study@ 7:00 P.M. .. Rope. C>f :slin=otrGommunitY etiurctl .3910 East Conover: = Tampa, FL 813-236-8353 Elder. Robert E. Benn, Sr., Pastor. Invites Fellowship W ithtl!IS'"'As We-'Gelebtate 0ur 33rd Church Anniversary Celebration Sbnday, May 17, 2009 11:00 A.M. ELDER ROBERT E. BENN, SR., Pastor 4:00P.M. Guest Church & Pastor REVEREND DR. ERNEST BOONE, Pastor Great Commission Baptist Church Glorious Church: The Concept 0t Unity" I Corlnthlads 12:12 14 ..... 1\) 1\) 0 0 en m z :::! z m r-1 m c: r rm :::! z "tt c: m r-Cii :I: m 0 m < m :0 < -4 c: m en c )> z c "T1 c


0) Sports Raiders Bolster Backfield, Sign Russell LORENZO NEAL And GARY RUSSELL ALAMEDA, CA --The Oakland Raiders have bolstered their backfield by signing fullback Lorenzo Neal and running back Gary Russell. The team added the two backs in time for the start of the mandatory mini camp Friday. draft, so they s ign ed Neal. He is considered one of the best blocking backs in the game. The 16-year veteran spent last season in Baltimore Russell spent two sea sons in Pittsburgh, rushing for 98 yards and three touchdowns He also scored the first touchdown for the Steelers in the Super Bowl wi n against Arizona. The Raiders were unable to find a fullback in the Coach Tom Cable also says receiver Javon Walker recently informed the team he underwent knee surgery and won't be .ready until training cai:np. Walker missed the second half of last season with an ankle injury. c a: LL. c z <( c (/) w 1-rz: w > w c w :X: (/) NBA Admits Refs' Error Cost Mavs DALLAS --The NBA with a second left that gave the Nuggets a 106-105 victory and a 3-0 series lead. Broncos Sign RBWalker DARIUS WALKER ENGLEWOOD, Colo -The Denver Broncos have signed free agent running back Darius Walker. Denver announced the deal on Friday. Walker signed with the Houston Texans as a free agent in 20 07 and played four games, rushing for 264 yards on 58 carries and catching 13 passes for 81 yards. He dresse d for five games with the Texans last season but did not play before joining St. Louis' practice squad for a week on Nov 4. He rejoined Houston' s practice squad on Nov. 25, finishing the season with the Texans. With Back Spasms-:J m a. z i= w ..J ..J m admitted officials were wrong when they didn't call an intentional foul the Dallas Mavericks were trying to commit before Denver's Carmelo Anthony made a gamewinning 3-pointer Saturday. Dallas_ had a two-point lead and a fo -ul to give when Den:ver inboundedthe ball with less than 8 "At the end of theiflj}allasDenver game this ffi ening, the officials missed an intentional foul committed by Antoine Wright on I -111111111111 Carmelo Anthony, just:-__ prior to Anthony's three-! -point basket," Joel Litvin, i -.-_ NBA president of league l and basketball operations, said in a statement issued by the league about two hours after the game. ...:. w z i= z w (/) a: 0 ..J LL. seconds left. Antoine Wright was clearly trying to foul Anthony, and bumped him twice. But the whistle never blew and Anthony swished a 3-pointer from in front of the Dallas bench "It's a shame the game had to come down to this, but that's the way it goes in the NBA sometimes," Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said. 241-2301 or 247-3719 --_ I Keys Made 79 And .--Flat White Paint. ............ $5.99 gal. Oil-Outside White Paint.. ........ $14.90 gal Roller Pan Set.. ....................... $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes .......................... ; ...... 99 ea. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! -:., LAMARODOM HOUSTON --Lakers forward -Lamar Odom left in the third quarter against Houston with back spasms after a hard fall and will not return. -Odom was injured when he drove into the lane and collided with Shane Battier and landed hard on the court. He remained face down for about a minute writhing in pain before slowly rising to his knee' s, getting up and making his way down the court. He was called for a charge and -was given a technical after jawing with an official over the call. A Lakers official put ice on his back and wrapped it with a bandage before he went to the locker room He had two points and six r ebounds in about 25 minutes. Yao-less Rockets WhiP takers HOUSTON-With Yao Ming out, the Houston Rockets had no chance to beat the Los Angeles Lakers Right? Wrong. Aaron Brooks scored a career-high 34, Shane Battier sank five 3-pointers and added 23 and the Rockets l:)eat the Lakers 99-87 ori S_ynday to even their Western Conference semifinal -at two games apiece. "I think eve ryon e hut us got the memo that we weren't supposed to show up today without Yao," Battier said. Luis Scola had 11 points and 14 rebounds as the Rockets got exactly the team effort they needed after_ Y ao broke his left foot in the Lakers' win in Game 3 Game 5 is Tuesday night in Los Angeles, and anyone who thought the Rockets were finished without their best player only needed to watch the first quarter on YAOMING Sunday, when Houston built a 29-16 lead. The Rock ets n eve r trailed and led by as many as 29 before the Lakers made the score respectable toward the end. "I'm not surprised," said Battier. "It almost sounds cliche, but we're a resilent group. We talk about bouncing back. Through adversity, through lineup changes, through trades, through injuries, we've never quit and we've never stopped believing." Kings To Interview Eddie Jordan About Return SACRAMENTO, CA -The Sacramento Kings plan to interview former coach Eddie Jordan about a possible return to the club he briefly coached in the late 1990s. Jordan was fired by the Washington Wizards last November early in his sixth season with the club after 197 victories and four playoff appearances Jordan had his first head coaching job in Sacramento from March 1997 until 1998, when he was fired by the Kings after going 33-64. He was replaced by Rick Adelman, who led the Kings to eight consecutive winning seasons and playoffberths. The Kings confirmed their long-rumored interest in interviewing Jordan in a blog post on their Web site late Fnday night, saying president 9f basketball operations Geoff Petrie hopes to speak with Jordan early next week. Sacramento fired interim coach Kenny Natt last month after the club finished an NBA-worst 17-65 during a season in which they fired coach Reggie Theus early in his second year. The Kings are looking EDDIE JORDAN for their fourth coach since firing Adelman in 2006, but they have the best chance, of winning the top pick the May 19 draft lottery. The post written by spokesman Troy Hanson also addressed reports about Louisville coach Rick Pitino's rumored interest in their coaching vacancy. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers


S ports Dawson Stops Tarver, Retains Titles Chad Dawson (right) punches Antonio Tarver during the sixth round of their match. LAS VEGAS --Chad Dswson successfully defended his IBF and IBO light heavyweight titles Saturday night, unanimous ly outpointing Antonio Tarver in a rematch of their October fight. The undefeated Dawson, who looked lackadaisical at times in fighting off several impressive combinations from the 40-year-old Tarver, had winning scores of 116-112, 117-111 and 117-111 from the three judges. Unlike their bout last fall, when the fast-handed leftbander dominated in a 118109, 117-110 and 117-110 victory, Saturday's fight at the Hard Rock Hote1 and Casino produced plenty of back-and-forth action from start to finish. "He put up a hell of a fi.ght," Dawson, 28-0 with 17 knockouts He defi nitely took me off my game. My hats off to Antonio Tarver." Dawson landed most of significant punches in the final four rounds, including a flurry of punches at the end of the ninth round -arguably his most impressive round. Tarver was the clear aggressor, throwing 749 punches to Dawson's 677 But the 26-year-old Dawson had a 62-14 advantage in punches that connected with the body and connected on 31 percent of his punches. Tarver only landed 16 percent of his punches. "He push. ed the fight and took me off my game plan," Dawson said. "He threw a lot of punches, but I was catching mm;;t of them. Patterson Wants To -Plav For Title At UK Patrick Patterson told Kentucky Friday he has withdrawn his name from the NBA draft and will return to the Wildcats for his junior season. Patterson's deci s ion has the potential to catapult Kentucky and n e w coach John Calipari into the 2010 nation' a l title race. Patterson, a 6-foot-9 forward, is arguably the top returning forward in the SEC after averaging 17.9 points and 9.3 rebounds for Billy this past season. Patterson was projected as a first-round pick in the June 25 draft. The NBA's deadline to withdraw from the draft is .June 15 Patterson was second on the team in scoring behind junior guard Jodie Meeks, who also declared for the draft. Meeks is considered be a borderline first-round pick The Wildcats are also in the running -with PATRICK PATTERSON Duke, Miami and Florida for the top point guard in the country, Word of God Christian Academy's John Wall of Raleigh, N.C "I want to help Kentucky compete for a national title, and even more than that win its eighth national championship," Patterson said in a statement released by the school. "I'm also really excited about playing for coach Cal and developing my game in the dribble drive offense." Jets Interested In Pacman Jones ADAM 'PACMAN' JONES Cornerback Adam 'Pacman' Jones still wants to play in the NFL. Whether or not somebody wants him remains to be seen. The Jets have expressed interest, according to someone close to Jones, but are waiting things out Jones' agent Worrick Robinson said he hopes to get his client signed by training camp and wouldn't discuss which teams are interested. When asked if the Cowboys, Jones' last employer, have requested a return engagement, Robinson said no. Serena Exits Madrid.Open After Re-iniured leg SERENA WILLIAMS MADRID --Serena Williams withdrew from the Madrid Open on Monday after aggravating a right-leg injury in a firstround match against Francesca Schiavone. The secondc 'ranked' Williams retired after los ing the first set 6-4. "I was "just really'hindered. My movement was hindered as a result of an injury I've been struggling with for some time," Williams said A downcast Williams said she had made too many commitments with her schedule this year and was paying the price. "I'm trying to compete and do my best, and it didn't work out," she said. Williams would not comment on the e xtent of the injury or whether it would keep her out of the French Open, which begins May 24 BEAUTY UNLIMITED MILDA While it's hot outside, cool off with this : week's Beauty Unlimited feature, Milda can definitely make you feel comfortable in the heat and she also enjoys hanging out with .. her friends. In the future, Milda wants to be a model or actress, while also entertaining professional opportunities. When it comes to the man in her life, Milda said he must be strong, secure, respectful, handsome, and has goals in his life that are realistic and attainable. Congratulations to Milda as this week's Beauty Unlimited feature. c m C/) c 3: ..... 0 0 <0 ., I'"" 0 :D C/) m z ::! z m r;m c I'"" I'"" !!I z "'0 c m I'"" Ci5 :I: m c m < m c m en c )> z 0 ., :D c ..... .....


0) g Entertainment N N T"" c a: LL c z .a: w > w c w :I: en ::::i m :::) a. z i= w ...J ...J :::) m I ...J w z i= z w en 0 ...J LL Jurv Clears R--pper Snoop Dogg Of Man's Beating '.' ., SNOOPDOGG SANTA MONICA, CA A civil jury says Snoop Dogg didn't hit a man who came up on stage during a 2005 concert near Seattle. The rapper wasn't in court Friday when the jury's verdict cleared him of civil assault and battery claims. The jury did find that Richard Monroe Jr. suf fered serious injuries during the concert and awarded him $449,400 in damages to be paid by a record label anothe r performer a nd ot h e r s invol ved in the concert. The damages awarded we r e substantially lower than the $22 million Monroe sought when h e sued the rapper in 2006. Jurors found that Snoop Dogg, whose real name i s Calvin Broadus, doesn't personally owe Monroe anything. During two weeks of testi mony, jurors were repeated ly shown a video of a melee that Monroe said left him unconscious, badly bruised and nearly naked. Monroe's attorney, Brian E. Watkins, said jurors did believe his client's contention that Broadus' people were involved in a savage beating. "We're very pleased that the jury found that this incident was not something to be taken lightly," Watkins said. star Trek' Beams Up $72.5 Million In First Weekend LOS ANGELES -The new "Star Trek" movie beamed up an estimated $72.5 million in North American ticket sales its first weekend in theaters, dominating the box office and re-energizing a 40-year-old science-fiction franchise. That figure far surpassed the opening grosses posted by any of the previous 10 "Star Trek" films, even when adjusted for inflation, and kept up a robust for the second we&-of ill Hollywood's summer moviegoing season. Combin e d with $4 million grossed from Thursday evening's preview screenings, "Star Trek" tallied $76.5 million in U.S. and Canadian receipts through Sunday, according to its distributor, Viacom Inc's Paramount Pictures studio Last weekend's top box office entry, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," still ranks as the biggest film opening so far this year, with $85 million in its first Friday-through-Sunday tally. But the launch of "Star Trek" slashed deeply into "Wolverine's second weekend of business, sending the adventure. Michael Jackson Sued Bv Former Publicist For $44 M MICHAEL JACKSON It's a good thing Michael Jackson has booked those 50 concerts in London, because the King of Pop's former publicist has just sued him for $44 million. According to a Reuters report, the singer's exspokesperson, Raymone Bain, filed suit on Wednesday against Jackson over claims he failed to pay for her services. The breach of contract civil suit was filed in Washington, D.C., by Bain, who represented Jackson during his 2005 trial on chl.ld sex abuse charges -he was ultimately acquitted -and then later managed his pusiness affairs. Bain said in a that the suit wa:S : filed with "deep regret," as Jackson is sbzi'!eone whom she has "grieatly admired and respected." But Bain, who has legal training, explained, "Unfortunately, Mr. Jackson has elected not to honor the financial obligations of our contractual relationship, despite my numerous attempts to ami cably resolve this inatter. I am sincerely disappointed in Mr. Jackson's failure to honor his obligations." After seeing him through the molestation trial -by of the most difficult periods in the troubled singer's recent history Bain was appointed general manager of the Michael Jackson Company, which handles his business affairs. Bain claims in the lawsuit that she was first hired to be Jackson's spokeswoman in 2003, and by 2006, she helped manage aspect of his life, !"rom travel and security to scheduling meetings with record producers and arranging his housing and emergency refinancing of the huge loans required to sustain his lavish lifestyle. Nick Cannon Fires Back At Eminem over Mariah Carev Dis Who is probably the only person in the world who can erase a smile off the always good-natured face of Nick Cannon? One guess. He's known as rap's Mr. No-Holds-Barred: Eminem. Cannon has taken major offense to a leaked record from Em's R elapse, Bagp ipes From Baghdad, in which Em raps about taking Mariah Carey "back" from Nick Cannon. (Carey has denied Eminem's claims that they dated for six months.) "Nick Cannon better back the f--up," Em warns the actor/musician on the track. "I'm not playing, I want her back, you punk." Later in the song, Em leaves a parting salvo: "Nick Cannon, you pr-, I wish you luck with that f-in' whore." -Cannon had a millions things to say in response on his blog on Friday. "A mediocre (at best) Eminem record that sounds like it was written NICK CANNON And MARIAH CAREY in 2001," Cannon blogg e d "At first, I thought it was old material that had been dug up from when dude 'fantasized' about having a pretend fling with Mariah. .. But all of a sudden I hear my name in the verse! My first reaction was like, 'This is his new sh-? Wow, that's too bad'." Cannon said that Eminem's insults amounted to "racist bigotry "She has had enough difficulty in her life dealing with racial and ethnicity issues," he wrote. "Believe it or not, Mariah is the same racial mixture as our beloved president, Barack Obama (Black Father + White Mother= BLACK). Winfrev Collects Honorarv Degree, Speaks At Dukil DURHAM, NC -Oprah Winfrey talked about courage, making wise choices and helping others during a commencement address Sunday at Duke University, which gave her an honorary degree. During her 25-minute speech beneath overcast skies, the talk show host told the 4,400 graduates and their guests that "one of the best ways to enhance your own life is to enhance else's" and to "stand proudly in your own shoes while you help others stand;in theirs.". "How can I help somebody else move to higher ground? That is success. That's it. That's why we're all alive," she said. She also emphasized the need to make wise choices daily, saying, "Each of us has to stand in our own shoes. Wil_ l you stand in them in humility and compassion and courage? Every day will give you a chance to make that choice." Duke President Richard H. Brodhead presented Winfrey with an honorary doctor of humane letters degree. OPRAH WINFREY KFC Amends Free Chicken Deal After Oprah Promo LOS ANGELES --The Oprah Winfrey-fueled free giveaway that caused pandemonium this week at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants has been amended due to what the fast-food chain called an "overwhelming response." Roger Eaton, president of KFC in the United States, said restaurants would no longer immediately redeem the free coupons for its new grilled chicken nieal after Oprah's chat show promotion caused long lines around the nation.


Memoriams JENNIFER May 12 is your day. We all miss you and love you. No day passes that we haven't thought of you. We struggle daily with the loss of you. From, your sisters, Rachel and Shawlett, and Mom, and your daughter, Jenyice. Love always. I MOTHER'S DAY MEMORIAM I VIOLA HIGHTOWER Happy Mother's Day to our mother, Viola Hightower. Words cannot express how much we miss you and wish that you were here. We celebrated this day by visiting your grave, a place that you have left long since, but it's all we have. We honor-you. From, your kids,.Boo, Tamara, Damion and Rob. Happy Mother's Day. rhe Voice of Our Cotnrnunity Speaking for Itself" .;: .. r 1 ,, r; ... Pli. 18131 232-8125 Fux ( 8 13) 231-0521 Harmon Funeral Horne John W. Hm-mon, L.I;'.D. James Han-..on. L. F D 5002 N. 40th St. 626-8600 FUNERAL HOME "Our Business Is Service" 3000 N 29th St *Tampa, Fl33605 (800) 605-3350 (813) 248-6125 www.wilson-funeralhome.com MOTHER'S DAY MEMORIAM MARY LEE JONES Happy Mother's Day Mom. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM, WE L OVE AND MISS YOUSOOOO MUCH QUINTIN EVERE'IT 5/12/72-9/29/05 You will always be treasured in our hearts, Felicia, Q. E., Quint, Rat, Dre, Chad, Zee, your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law and other family members_ AIKENS FUNERAl HOME Mr. Paul Orinda, Tampa. Mrs. Beulah Robinson, Tampa Mr. Willie Charles Walke. r Jr. Seffner. EVERffi-DERR &ANDERSON FUNERAl HOME Mr. William Norton, 4202 E. Powhatan Avenue. -1 Local Mavor Decides Against Running For Senate Several we e k s ago, U. S Senator Mel Martinez announce d t h a t h e would not seek r e e l ectio n next year w h e n hi s term e x pi res Sin ce th a t a nnoun ce m ent, th e re h as b ee n sp e cul a ti o n th a t Mayo r P a m Iorio would c ampa ign for the office Howeve r in a statement r e l ea s e d on M onday, M a yor Iorio sta t e d that she d o es not plan to seek the office Sh e said completing her term as mayor while simultaneously campaigning for the office would short-change the citi zens of Tampa; Mayor Iorio To Host Town Hall Meeting In North Tampa MAYOR PAM IORIO Street, next to Copeland Park. All town hall meetings are free and open to the public and are organized to make city government more accessible to Tam,pa s residents. City administrators and department representatives will be available to answer c l> Mayor Pam Iorio wHI host her second town hall meeting of the year on Tuesday, May 12, 2009. The meeting will be held at Shaw Elementary School in the multi-purpose room next to the cafeteria from 6 to 8 p.m. Shaw Elementary School is located at 11311 North 15th questions on a variety of top-"11 r-ics. For additional information, please contact Neighborhood & Community Relations Director Shannon Edge at (813) 274-7835 or via e-mail at shannon. edge@tam pagov.net. 0 :::tJ c l> w m z ::! z m r-1 m .s.t.a.te._ ________________________ FAMU Master's candidate To Intern At The White House ::! z "tt c: m c w ::1: Andrea Turk will serve as m ANDREA TURK ... To Intern At The White House TALLAHASSEE--This summer, Florida A&M University (FAMU) student ___ _j -HARMON .... FUNERAl HOME Michael Mullins, Tampa. STONE'S MEMORIAl FUNERAl HOME Mr. Yves Alexis, Tampa. Mr. John A'very, Tampa. Ms. Mary Palmore, Tampa. WilSON FUNERAl HOME. Ms. Sheila King, Tampa. an intern at the White House for the Department of Management and Administrative Services. "This internship will provide valuable and relevant work experience, validity and an enhanced exclamation point to my resume," Turk said. "I will have the opportunity to represent historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU), and show the nation that F AMU and other HBCUs produce top-tier students. I want to show that FAMU produces individuals that have the potential to affect and. implement, effective policies on local state, and national levels of government:" Turk is a master' s of applied social science with a concentration in public administration student from Gaines v ille She is expecting to graduate during the August 2009 summer commence-ment ceremony .,.wt' %t?' 'Bill"* Ill 4 Suhscdhc Toda)"! Sentinel Bulletin "" .,,, ,, ,., "' \ c m < m :::tJ < -1 c: m w c l> z c ., c


0') g National N c-J ,... Ron Sims sworn In As HOD's Deoutv Secretarv :lE WASHINGTON -Ron >=' Sims was sworn in last week C!i as the Deputy Secretary of en the U. S. Department of W Housing and Urban Development. Sims was unanimously confirmed by the U. S Senate on May 6, 2009. As the second most senior official at HUD, Sims will be charged with manag ing the Department's day to day operations, a nearly $39 billion annual operating budget, and t h e agency's 8,500 e mploy e es "President Obama, Secretary. Don oN an, and Congress have all voiced a clear expectation that HUD can and must now step up to unprecedented levels of leadership in America's national recovery," said Sims. "I am ready to help Secretary Donovan to bring transformational change to HUD. This organization must work HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan (R) administers the oath of office to Deputy Secretary Ron Sims last Friday as Sims' wife, Cyan Topacio, holds the Bible. c a: LL c z rted told the victims to lie on the ground where they were robbed. The suspects then split up and drove off in both vehicles. The victims reported the carjacking and deputies responded to the scene. Later, two suspicious vehicles were seen at an apartment com plex. Deputies responded and positively identified the vehicles as the ones involved in the carjacking. The suspects were also seen and when deputies approached, they ran. One deputy confronted the three suspects and ordered them to stop. Two of the suspects complied and were arrested. The third suspects was tracked down later and arrested. The suspects were also seen and when deputies approached, they ran. One deputy confronted the three suspects and ordered them to stop. Two of the suspects complied and were arrested. The third suspect was tracked down later and arrested. They were in possession of the i terns stolen from the victims. Also, a handgun was recovered Charged in the offense were Robert Lee Bassett, 16, Jason Davis, 16,. and Dezmond Henry, 15 losing sleep at night wondering how you can Are you currently : Behind on Payments 1 Unable To Sell Y,our Home Facing Foreclosure Unable Facing a Hardship CurrentiY: Jn t\n 91>1ion ARM Owe More Than Your House ls .CUiyently,Worth. You Are The devastating effects th.e: Not mortgage meltdown have Alone! with little or no choice but to lose thei We work directly with your mortgage lender to obt8,tf1:oru f 'ciCmore-of the following: Lower Your Interest R'ste :Defer Past Due Balances Forbearance Short Sale Securing Payments Principle Balance Reductions Deed-In-Lieu Of Foreclosure KEEP YOUR HOME '''11"'' D0fl.i'T WAIT ..... CALL ME TODAYI ASK ABOUT OUR HARDSHIP DISCOUNT Financial Gr-oup .. .. Rn1> Corey Lassiter Clear Image Financial Group 4035 Tampa Rd. Ste. 6000A Oldsmar Fl 34677 classiter@cl. earimagefg.com www clearimagefg com Ph: 877-940-1477 Cell : 813-326-6141 Fax : 727-298-8422


Crime Four Charged With Bullving, sexuanv Battering 13-Year-Oid RANDALL MOYE LEE MYERS Last Wednesday, deputies from the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office arrested four Walker Middle School students. Deputies said an investigation revealed that between March 15, 2009 and. May 5,2009, at various times, a 13-year-old male student was continually picked on and harassed by four students. On April 30, 2009, two of the students 1 allegedly held the victim down on the ground while the other two sexually bat-RAYMOND PRICEMURRAY DIEMANTE ROBERTS tered him with a broomstick and a hockey stick. Arrested were Randall Moye, 14, Raymond A. Price-Murray, 14, Lee Myers, 14, and Diemante Roberts, 15. All were charged with sexual battery, and false imprisonment Sheriffs spokesperson, Debbie Carter, said all of the juveniles were transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center where they will be held for the mandatory 21 days 31n Custodv, 4th Being Sought For Human Trafficking KENYATTA CORNEWUS EDWARD JoNES COLIN DYER being sought CORINNA SHAFFER by authori-ties. piNELLAS COUNTY -The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office, the Clearwater Area Human Trafficking Task Force, the Clearwater Police Department, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement were all involved in a two-month investigation that resulted in the arrest of three people who allegedly operated a human trafficking operation. Several victims have been identified. Officials said this is believed to be the first domest1c human trafficking case in the area and maybe in the entire state. The investigation began with a tip. Investigators said the suspects allegedly physically and menta:Ily abused the victims as well as deprived them of their identifications, money and general freedom. Arrested at different locations Saturday were Kenyatta Cornelous, 38; Edward Jone.s, 47, and Corinna Shaffer, 24 A fourtlvw.xspect, Colin Dyer, 36, is being sought. Investigators said the victims were forced into prostitution and were dancers at clubs in the area. Detectives also believe there may be more victims, who were too intimidated to report the crimes Woman Charged With Child Neglect SARAH MARIE SWANSON On Sunday, Tampa Police officers responded to 5055 South Dale Mabry #213 on a report of a small child running through the parking lot naked. When officers arrived, they found a 3-year-old child roaming the parking lot without any clothing on. They located his apartment and found the door standing open, but nobody was inside. The living conditions within the apartment were poor, with soiled clothing and trash on the floors of every room, police said. Investigators determined that the mother had left the child unattended while she went to exercise for over an hour. Sara Marie 25, was arrested and charged with child neglect. The child was placed into protective custody. 20 Arrested In Drug And Gang Roundup PINELLAS COUNTY -The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office Narcotics detectives arrested 20 of 41 suspects sought in the Baskins Street level drug and gang round up Thursday night. Of the 20 arrested, 8 were identified as members of the Baskins Street gang known as Young Souljas. All were arrested on a variety of drug charges. Identified as dlllg dealers were Donald Harris, 51; Demarius Hill, 24; Alonzo McCray, 33; Naji Dennard, 36; Tyronda Bascomb, 28; Justin Wade, 20; Gerald Mansfield, 19, Dietra Barber, 27, Joseph Wilkins, 56; Tajuana Dixon, 32; Cordarious Smith, 25, and Dale Baldwin, 18. Gang members arrested were identified as Ailtonio Towns, 18; Johnny Marshall, 23; Lenwood Hall, 18; Brandon 18; Dedrick Redding, 17; Gary Ladarios, 20; Savone Brown, 14, and Deontay Dampier, 19. -4 c: m (/) suspect Charged With Anempted Auto Burglarv c :: ... I\) On Sunday, Tampa Police officers were using the department's gym at 411 North Franklin Street after their shift. As they were working out, one of the offi cers reported seeing a Black male peering into the win dow of a black Jeep Cherokee, and then trying the door handles. The TPD gym has dark tinted glass where people inside can see out, but you can\ see in. Apparently, the vehicle was locked and the suspect moved to another vehicle, trying the door handles. It became apparent to the officers that the vehicles did not belong to the suspect and he was trying to burglarize them. The officers grabbed their identifications and gun JAMAL LENNON belts. At that time, the suspect was approaching another vehicle, tryin,g the door handles. The officers ran outside and caught the suspect at Twiggs and Tampa Street. Arrested and charged with attempted auto burglary was Jamal Lennon, 24 I\) 0 0 CD "TT r-Two Face Stolen Prooenv, Burularv Charues 0 :::D g (./) m z -4 JASEM MASWADA Tampa Police arrested two people on stolen property and burglary charges Thursday night. Police said during the month of April; an investi gation was initiated involv ing the sale of stolen property to an employee of the BP Station at 1-4 and 22pd Street. A confidential informant was used to target and identifY. an employee of the store. As a result of the initial an addi tional subject was identified who has possibly been committing multiple in the area. On May 2nd, an officer acting in an undercover role met with Derrick Nelson, 55, and said he was interested in buying yard equipment. Purchases of stolen property were made from Nelson and the location from which he was committing his offenses was identi fied. The officer met again with Nelson and returned with him to the location of his previous offenses. Other officers positioned themselves inside the business prior to Nelson's arrival. As DERRICK NELSON z m r;m c: r r-z c: m r-c;; :J: m c m < m Nelson was in the act of -4 c: committing the additional m burglary, officers arrested cn him. C On May 7th, J as em Maswada, 24, an employee > of the BP Gas Station at 1-4 and 22nd Street, allegedly "TT purchased a television from a:! a confidential informant at C a price below its market value. Maswada was followed to his home and arrested. As a result of an interview and investigation of Maswada, several items were recovered that were believed to be stolen. They included two laptop comput' ers, a video camera, a Rolex watch, and a shotgun. Immigration Custo,ms officials were notified o Maswada's arrest. Maswada was charged with dealing in stolen property and possession of marijuana. Nelson was charged with burglary and grand theft. Maswada was released into federal custody on. a firearm violation charge. C) Nelson is in jail with his m ... bond set at $4,000. CJ1


mr--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 0 N c L1. c z <( c U) w :::::1 .... w > w c w J: U) ::i m :::::1 a. z i= w ..J ..J :::::1 m ..J w z i= z w (!) <( c 0 ..J u. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsborough County will receive sealed bids and/or proposals for the following, un.til the stated date and time when they will be publicly opened MAY 29, 2009-2:00 P.M. T-0192-09(BG) SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE RENEWAL **** MAY 29, 2009-2:00 P .M. T-0191-09(BG) SECURITY AWARENESS INITIATIVE **** JUNE 02, 2009-2:00 P.M. T-0193-09(BG) ARCSIGHT LICENSE AND MAINTENANCE **** JUNE 08, 2009-2:00 P.M. S-0152-09(JSW) EARLY HEAD START CHILD CARE HOME EDUCATIONAL PARTNER SERVICES **** PLEASE NOTE: THE ABOVE BIDS ARE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY GOVERNMENTAL PURCHASING COUNCIL BIDS. **** MAY 28, 2009 2:00 P.M. P-0199-09(RM) AERIAL PLATFORM LIFT WITH UTILITY BODY EQUIPMENT **** Some or all of the above bid{s) may have Pre-Bid Conferences lnformatlo.n on these and other Requests for Bids, along with Bid/Proposal results may be accessed via the following : (1) the Internet at www .hillsboroughcounty.org/procurementservices, or (2) by coming to the Department of Procurement Services office located at the address listed below Minority and women owned firms will be afforded a full opportu nity to participate in these matters and will not be subject to dis crimination on the basis of race, sex, color or national origin. Questions regarding the above projects may be directed to Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, Department of Procurement Services, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 18th Fl., County Center, Tampa Florida, 33602, (813) 272-5790, during regular business hours INVITATION TO BID Sub bids requested from W/MBE Subcontractors and/or suppliers Tampa International Airport Reclaimed Water Tampa, Florida Bid Date: May 26, 2009 'r Letters Of Interest Due By: May 19, 2009 Sub bids due no later than May 21, 2009 Trades/Services Requested: Hauling, Dewatering by Wellpointing Only, Jacking and Boring, Electrical, Erosion Control, Testing, Fencing, Masonry, Painting, Metal Roofing, Survey, Sod, Asphalt, Misc. Metals, Maintenance of Traffic. Kimmins Contracting Corp. 1501 2nd Avenue Tampa, FL 33605 Contact Person: Tom Harrington Email Address: tharrington@kimmins.com Web Address: www.kimmins.com License No. CGC061458 Equal Opportunity Employer REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) DOCUMENT NUMBER P-007-09 EMPLOYEE BASIC TERM LIFE & ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT BENEFITS The Tampa Port Authority (TPA) is soliciting proposals from firms/individuals interested in providing Employee Basic Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Group Insurance Coverages. All firms interested in becoming qualified to participate in this RFP shall obtain a copy of the RFP Instructions and Submittal Documents and submit a completed response to the Tampa Port Authority, 1101 Channelsi<;le Drive, 4th Floor, Tampa, Florida 33602 Submittals are due by Monday, June 1, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. Responses will be opened at 2:00p. m on the same date A MANDATORY PRE,PROPOSAL TELECONFERENCE will be held Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. Proposers not participating in the mandatory pre-proposal teleconference will be precluded from submitting a proposal for this project. See Section A, Paragraph 1.2, of the RFP for teleconference details. RFP Submittals shall include a letter indicating the Firm's interest and completion of the RFP Documents Firms failing to submit the required RFP Documents may be deemed non-responsive to the RFP. The RFP is available through a link on the TPA web site( (V-iww.tampaport.com), and from the DemandStar System (www.demandstar.com). ;/1 TPA encourages use of registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms' to the greatest extent possible on TPA projects, and has a goal of nine percent (9%) SBE participation. TPA will cOnsider SBE participation when the proposals. Questions concerning this RFP should be directed to Donna Casey of the TPA's Proauement Department, at (813) 905-5044, or at deasey@tampaport.com, or faxed to (813) 905-5050. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Competitive sealed bids will be received by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Brooksville, Florida, and publicly opened at the specified time for: RFB 0919-TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES OPENSMAY 27,2009@ 2:30 P.M. NON-MANDA TORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE; MAY 18, 2009 @ 10:00 a.m. (SHARP) at SOUTHWEST FLORIDA WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT, DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS OFFICE, GOVERNING BOARD ROOM, LOCATED 2379 BROAD STREET, BROOKSVILLE, FL 34604. Bid Documents, Specifications, and Drawings may be obtained from the District's Internet website at http : //www watermatters org/procurement or from the Purchasing Office, Southwest Florida Water Management District, 2379 Broad Street, Brooksville, FL 34604-6899, or by calling 352-796-7211, extension 4133, or 1-800-423-1476 (Florida only) or TDD ONLY 1-800-231-6103 (in Florida). The District reserves the right to reject any or all bids/proposals received with or without cause Malcolm K. Wilson, CPPO, MPA Purchasing Manager Steven M. Long C.P.M., CPCM, CPPO Contracts Manager Handy Man Or Woman Needed In Jackson Heights Area Older Person Preferred $8.00 Per Hour Call (813) Home For Sale! Full Renovation 2009 2003 East 20th Avenue Tarnpa,FL 33605 $115,000 813-221-4457 CruzTrademarks.corn I:: FOR ALL YOUR LEGAL OR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING NEEDS CALL LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 Email: ledwards@flsentlnel.corn


111 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on May 13, 2009 at 9 :00 a.m to hear the below listed cases which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code. Informat ion listed below describes the case number, property owner(s), violation address, code sec tion violated and legal description of subject property in that order The hear ing w ill be held in City Council Chambers 3rd Floor, City Hall, 315 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases, please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 27 4-7286 Please note that if any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing, they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. CASE # 08-24057 WHITE, ROXANNE 11102 N. DIXON AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : FOREST MANOR SUBDIVISION LOT 27 AND N Y:z OF CLOSED AON SOUTH 95100 0000 CASE# 08-24180 UGRATE, JORGE J. 2704 W. MAIN ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 27-77 TABLE 4-1, 19-26 19-231, 19-232 19-46, 19-47, 19-49 AND 19-50 MAC FARLANES REV MAP OF ADDITIONS TO WEST TAMPA LOT 1 BLOCK 49 179595 0000 CASE # 08-24278 BARBA, KENDRA K. ELLIS KELLI A. 1201 W. HUMPHREY ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-49, 19-56, AND 27-129 EL PORTAL LOTS 1.AND 2 BLOCK 18 98659.0000 CASE# 08-26180 MENDEZ-VAZ, SHERLENE 1726 W FERRIS AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 19-49 PLAINFIELD E 3Q FT OF LOT 6 AND W 45 FT OF LOT 7 BLOCK 35 LESS PT DESC AS COMM AT NW COR OF. LOT 7 RUN ELY 45 .08 FT S 100 FT TO POB THN S 60.98 FT TO SBDRY OF LOT 7 W 75.04 FT N 60 .37 FT AND E 75 FT TO POB 105452 0000 CASE# 08-27181 MCNEMAR, RAYMOND A. THOMPSON 4101 N. SUWANEE AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19-46, AND 19-50 LESLEY S PLAT W 80 FT OF LOT 4 BLOCK 14 166199.0000 CASE# 08-26187 PEREZ, LEONEL LIF.E ESTATE PATRICIA PEREZ DiAZ 2601 w SAINT CONRAD ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-46, 19-47, AND 19-49 VILLA SAINT LOUIS E 22FT OF LOT 16 BLOCK 11 180034 0000 CASE# 08-27185 HODGE, HOLLY 314 W. GENESEE ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-46 19-49, 19-50 AND 19-231 MEADOWBROOK LOT 332 165731 0000 CASE# 08-27314 WHITE LUTHER AND CHERYL SOLOMAN 4201 W. ARCH ST TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-56, AND 19-231 CYPRESS ESTATE LOT 24 LESS E 4 FT FOR ST BLOCK 4 111112.0000 CASE# 08-28046 PARSONS CHARLES B. PARSONS DEBORAH L. 4803 N LAUBER WA., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-56, 19-46, 19-47 AND 19-49 DREW PARK RE PLAT OF LOTS 7 AND 8 BLOCK 63 108501 0150 CASE # 08-28069 TOME, JOSE A 8423 N ARDEN AVE TAMPA, FL SECTION: 27-77 TABLE 4-1 SULPHUR SPRINGS LOT 8 AND W Y:z CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING ON E BLK 51 99414 0100 CASE # 08-28082 PEREZ, PABLO FIGUEROA, ELIZABETH 7804 N PACKWOOD AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-47 19-49,AND 19-50 WILMA WEST LOTS 71 LESS N 50 FT 101484 0100 CASE# 08-28417 WINDHAM, NEVILLE A. 700 BELT CT., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19-47, AND 1949 BELT COURT LOT 17 LESS RNIJ FOR SR 93 95458 0000 CASE # 08-28677 VARGHESE, MATHEW VARGHESE RAYMOL 5604 N LINCOLN AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-50 TRACT BEG 700 FT N OF SE COR OF SW Y. OF SW Y. AND RUN N 75 FT W 250 FT S 75 FT AND E 250 FT TO BEG 1 02980 0000 CASE # 09-00021 PAYNE, GERALDINE 6904 N. HOWARD AVE TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19-26, 19-27 AND 19-231 GROVE PARK ESTATES E 100 FT OF S 36 FT OF LOT 9 AND E 1 00 FT OF N 37 FT OF LOT 1 0 BLOCK 19 102509.0000 CASE # 09-00088 JOHNSON, RONALD 8320 N. BOULEVARD., TAMPA, FL 1946, 19-47, 19-49 19-50, 19-233 AND 19234 WILMA LOT 5 & E Y:z CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING ON W 101345.0000 CASE # 09-00422 VALECIO, WILLIAM L. 2718 W. UNION ST. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19-238 19-233, 19-234, 19-46 1947, 19-49 AND 19-50 MAC FARLANES REV MAP OF ADDITIONS TO WEST TAMPA LOTS 5 AND 6 BLOCK 46 179536.0000 CASE # 0900804 PARKINEN, DERREK J. 803 W SITKA ST TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19-46 19-47, AND 19-50 PURITY SPRINGS HEIGHTS NO 1 LOT 36 BLOCK 1 100724 0000 CASE# 09-00844 CASE # 09-01370 DE LA ROSA, LOGENDIO RAMIREZ, GLEDYS 7405 N. COARSEY DR., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-47, 19-49, 19-73, 19-76 AND 19-77 GROVE PARK ESTATES LOT BEG AT NW COR OF LOT 1 AND RUN SWL Y ALONG WL Y BDRIES OF LOTS 1 AND 2 72.85 FT E 116.52 FT NELY TOPTON N LINE OF SAID LOT 1, 112 .33 FT E OF NW COR AND W TO BEG BLOCK 8 102312.0000 CASE # 09-01384 SMAGOWlCZ, JOSEPH 8505 N BOULEVARD, TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 13-43 AND 13-45(a) (2) CASA LOMA SUBDIVISION LOTS 29 TO 32 100302 0000 CASE # 09-01393 HENDERSON, ROBERT T Ill HENDERSO 4111 W SAN LUIS ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 13-43, 13-45(a) (2) MARYLAND MANOR REVISED PLAT LOT 17 ANQ W Y:z OF LOT 18 BLOCK 36 124327 0000 CASE # 09-02982 BERNS STEAK HOUSE INC. 2121 W WATROUS AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTION: 13-45 H J WATROUS ADDITION TO WEST HYDE PARK SUBDIVISION W 54 RATTAN, PAWAN K. Y:z FT. OF LOT 15 702 W COLUMBUS DR., TAMPA, FL 186155.0000 SECTIONS: 19-236 AND 19-237 RIDGEWOOD PARK LOT 1 LESS RD RNIJ BEG AT NE COR RUN W 10FT S 45 DEG 10 MIN E 14.10 FT AND N 10FT TO POB TOGETHER WITH LOTS 2, 3, 6, AND 7 BLOCK A 183355.0000 CASE# 09-01094 VARGHESE, MATHEW VARGHESE RAYMOL 5702 N. LINCOLN AVE., TAMPA, Fl SECTIONS: 19-49 AND 19-231 COMM AT SECOR OF SW Y. OF SW Y. RUN N 775FT W 30 FTMOL TOW BDRY OF LINCOLN AVE AND POB 212'0 Fr N 426.81 FT E 220FT S 426 29 FT POB 102972 0555 CASE # 09-05042 PARSONSON, GREGORY R. PARSONSON, TRICIA D. 3121 W. HARBOR VIEW AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTION: 13-43 TIBEITS ADDITION TO HARBOR VIEW LOT 11 128257 0000 CASE # 09-05048 Dl MARIA TREE SERVICE LLC (NON-OWNER) 4436 W. BAY VILLA AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 13-43, 13-45(a) MARGARETANNESI:JBO'IViSION REVISED LOT 5 BLOCK 7 130208.0000 INc ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286 .26, FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 64 YEARS REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Competitive sealed qualifica tions will be received by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Brooksville Florida, and publicly opened at the specified time for : RFQ 006-09 Debris Removal Contractors. Responses will be accepted on an ongoing basis through April 30, 2012. RFP 008-09 Professional Engineering and Scientific Consultants/Staffing Services for Project Support, Evaluation, and Related Work. Responses are requested to be submitted by June 9, 2009 at 2:30 p.m. may be obtained for a fee from the District's Internet website at http://www.watermatters.org/procurement or purchased from the Purchasing Office Southwest Florida Water Management District, 2379 Broad Street, Brooksville, FL 34604-6899, or by calling 352-796-7211, extension 4132, or 1-800 423-1476 (Florida only) or TDD ONLY 1-800-231-6103 (in Florida) Respondents requesting packages through the District will be charged copying and shipping/handling costs in accordance with District Policy 13-2 Administrative Fees The District reserves the right to reject any or all responses received with or without cause Steven M. Long C P M., CPCM, CPPO Contracts Manager VETERANS PROGRAMS No Down Payment Own A Two, Three, Four Bedroom Home Many Areas Prices & Sizes Free Pre-Qualifying Walter Brewer Real Estate Broker 766-2033 Gibsonton Sbedroom 3Bath $169,000 Approved For USDA 1 00% Financing Bank Riverview 3-2 $99,000 Bank Owned Nortt) Tainpa Well Kept Town Home $31,900 Ainsley Daux Home Run Real Estate Inc. (813) 493-0912 ..... N N 0 0 CD "'T1 r 0 ::!! c > en m z ::! z m r a; c: r r m -4 z ., c: al r en :I: m c m < m -4 c: m en c > z c "T1 :::0 c


mr-----------------------------------------------------------------------------0 0 N c i2 u. c z < c en w :::> .... w c w ::1: en ::::::i m :::> D. z i= w ..J ..J ;:) m ..J W z t= z w en < c 0:: 0 ..J u. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsborough County will receive sealed bids and/or proposa l s for the following until the stated date and time when they will be publicly opened. MAY 27, 2009-2:00 P.M. T-0189-09(JM) VICON CCTV EQUIPMENT ** MAY 26, 2009 -2 :00 P.M. T-0183-09(JM) RUGGEDCOM ETHERNET EDGE SWITCHES MAY 26, 2009-2:00 P.M. T-0188-09(JM) NAZTEC TRAFFIC CONTROL EQUIPMENT .,... .. MAY 26, 2009 2:00 P .M. T -019509(JM) CORETEC _ENCODERS MAY 29, 2009-2:00 P.M. T-0177-09(BG) REAGENT KITS AND INSTRUMENTS PLEASE NOTE: THE ABOVE BID IS A HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY GOV ERNMENTAL PURCHASING COUNCIL BID. **** Some or all of the above bid(s) may have Pre-Bid Conferences Information on these and other Requests for Bids, along with Bid/Proposal results may be accessed via the following : (1) the Internet at www.hillsboroughcounty org/procurementservices, or (2) by coming to the Department of Procurement Services office located at the address listed below Minority and women owned firms will be afforded a full opportunity to participate in these matters and will not be subject to discrimina tion on the basis of race, sex, cqlor or national origin Questions regarding the above projects may be dire'Cted to Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners Depar.finent of f;lrocurement Services, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 18th Fl., County Center, Tampa Florida, 33602 (813) 272-5790, during regular business hours. 6 Bedroom/5 Bath Bank Foreclosure! $55,000! $445/Monthly! 5% Down -15 Years At8%APR For Listings Wholesale Properties To The Public Great "Fixer Upper" Deals www.rehabbersuperstore com Kenny Rushing 813.675.7040 800-366-9783 Ext H489 ,....---------lll:''*'hiJUHM -1 Home For Salel Full Renovation May 2009 520 East Street Tampa, Fl 33603 $85,000 813-221-4457 CruzTrademarks.com 1 '.Need lnforl}'lation Regarding Down Payment Assistance, Bank Owned Propert ies :Qr Short Sales Call Ainsley Daux Home Run Real Estate Inc. (813) 493-0912 GET NOTICED ...... Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora For More Information @ (813) 248-1921 Email Your Ad To: ledwards@flsentinel.com Fax 24n TO: (813) 248-9218 V&V First Time Home Buyer Seminar May 16th 10:00 a.m. .12:00 p.m. 30 Peop l e Occupancy Call Now For Ticket Info (813) 259-4663 www.myfinanc i alconnectlons.com ; 1i0ii!A1i1Ai'B11 Sulphur Spring Area 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Townhouse For Lease Gated Community A Low $720 00 Section 8 Welcomed Security Deposit $300 00 $25 00 Application Fee T Call (813) 740-0384 FOR REN 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment $650 00/Monthly .... -' r 2 Bath -House .. $785 00/Monthly Call (813) 493-0912 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Townhouse All New Appliances Washer/Dryer Included $1, 100 00/Monthly Section 8 Welcome Available 7/1/09 Call (813) 373-6382 Sulphur Spring Area 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Townhouse For Lease Gated Community A Low $720.00 .. Section 8 Welcomed Security Deposit $300.00 Fee Cal! (813) 740-Q.384 Special No Deposit No Credit Check No Application 3/2-CHA Washer/Dryer Included $700.00 2/1-CHA $595 00 (813) 244-9335 Condo For Rent Seminole Heights 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath 3 Bedroom/ Bath $700 00/Monthly CHA, Garage 201 Thorn Tree Washer/Dryer Hook-up Brandon Section 8 Accepted $1,000 00 Per Month Call813.770.3987 Call 813-326-6141 2301 5th Avenue 204 East Selma 5 Bedrooms/2 Baths CHA, WDH 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath $1 ,400 00/Monthly WDH, CHA, Fenced $900 00/Monthly "LOOK" Also Available $900 00/Deposit Big Rooms 4 Rent Section 8 Approved Call (813) 325-6499 Call (813) 786-8670 2002 North 60th Street Move In Specials! Spacious 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Central Heat & Air 1-2 Bedrooms Homes Quiet Location From $500 00/Monthly! $1, 150.00/Monthly Section 8 OK Call 813-221-4457 www.trademarkleases.com (813) 900-5891 3007 44th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Central Heat And Air 5 Bedrooms/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up Central Heat/Air Carport Washer/Dryer Hook-up $750 .00/ Monthly Tile Floors $500 00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call_ (813) Call (813} 241-2341 2105 East El.licott Sulphur Springs Area 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath 2 Bedroom/1 Bath WDH, CHA CHA, WDH $900 00/Monthly N. Semmes Street $900 00/Deposit $600.00/Monthly Section 8 Approved $200 00/Deposit Call (813) 786-8670 (813) 610-4518 Temple Terrace $205/Monthyl 8705 Mandarine Place 4 Bedroom/3 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Foreclosures! $900.00/Monthly 5% Down $400.00/Deposit 15 8% APR Section 8 Welcome I No Pets F o r L i stings Call 800-366-9783 .. Mike (813) 244:-0658 .. { Ext. R592 ,-;. ,. _:,_ I ; HUD Homes! 8217 N. Hillsborough Ln. 3 Bedroom/2 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath House $199 00/Monthly Fenced, Garage WD Hook-up, Tiled, Porch 4 Bedroom Only Quiet Area $215 00/Monthly Section 8 OK 5% D owrr $850 00/Rent 15 years@ 8% $425 00/Depos i t Listings 1-800 366-9783 Call Robert Extension 5649 (813) 361-0344


c m CJ) MacDill & Spruce 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Very Large Fenced Lot Two Utility Rooms Section 8 Only Available June 1st 2009 (813) 240-8108 Sulphur Springs Huge 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Totally Remodeled New NC, Windows, Floor $950.00/Monthly $500. DO/Deposit Please Call (813)-382-7015 Belmont Heights Area Section 8 Accepted 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Block Home Large Yard, Very Clean CHA, WDH $ 1 050 .00 Monthly Plus Deposit Call (813) 453-5690 HUD Homes! 3 Bedroom/2 Bath $199 00/Monthly 4 Only $215 00/Monthly 5% Down 15 years@ 8% Listings 1-800-366-9783 Extension 5649 Section 8 Rental Progress Village 8315 Allamanda Avenue 3 Bedroom/1 Bath NC, Fenced Carport Washer/Dryer Hook-up Available Now $650. 00/Deposit $850 00/Monthly .... Call Ed (727) 542 : 7293 HOMES FOR RENT Move In Specials! 3-4 Bedrooms Homes From $700 00/Monthly! Call 813-221-4457 www.trademarkleases.com 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Central Heat And Air Washer/Dryer Hook-up Car p ort $750.00/ Monthly $500.00/Deposit Call (813) 877-9192 Or (813) 877-3406 Clair Mel 3 Bedroom/2 Bath House CHA Fenced Backyard 1 Car Garage $1 ,000.00/Monthly Security Negotiable Section 8 OK (813) 770-7749 Progress Village 3 Bedroom/1 Bath New Central NC New Kitchen, Bath Granite Counters, Tile Roof Bamboo Flooring, Lease Option Available!! Section 8 Ok!! Call For More Details (877)730-7653 Ext. 181 Ybor City First Month Free 2/1 -House 919 E 11th Avenue $125.00 Move In Excellent Rental History Required $575.00/Monthly Including Water Central NH (813) 238-6353 RATE $8 00 1-2o woRDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD PUBLICATION Tuesday Edition ...... Friday @ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition .. ..... Tuesday @ 3:00 P.M. 5813 12th Avenue South Section 8 Only 4 Bedrooms/2 Full Baths Fenced Backyard CHAAnd WDH Call (813) 621-7 492 Tampa Home For Rent 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths 2609 Genessee Street Section 8 OK Call Leib Or Denise At (813) 689-6595 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Home, West Tampa Quiet Central Heat/Air, Large Bedrooms Laundry Room Section 8 OK 813 245-7009 Sulphur Springs Area 3 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA WDH 8306 N. Hillsborough Ln. 8016 N. 14th Street $850.QO/Mo'nll1'fY Each $300 ooloe p6 sit Call (813) 610-4518 3201 North 45th 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $1 ,200 00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable Available Now (813) 713-4055 (813) 770-2003 Rev. Tyson Ybor City. 2007 North 23rd Street 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Home CHA, WDH, Privacy Fence $950.00/Monthly Plus Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 504-1645 985-4758 Section 8 Busch Gardens Area 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, Washer/Dryer Dining/Living Room Patio, Fenced New Appliances Tile Cabinets & Appliances (813) 340-2127 East Tampa Bungalow 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Clean & Quiet $700.00/Monthly Plus First & Last Month Rent Includes All Utilities And Internet (813) 248 -9888 Senior Housing HUD SECTION 8 Rent Based On Income Mary Walker Apartments 4912 East Linebaugh Ave. Tampa, FL 33614 Accepting Applications For A One Bedroom Unit Office Hours Monday Friday 8 a m.-4 p m (813) 985-8809 Mary Walker Apartments Prohibits Discrimination Based On Race, Color, Rel i gion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, Or National Origin ".A,Great Place To Qa/1 Home And Run Your Business" [ impa Park Apartments 1( s Conveniently Located In Ybor City, A Short Walk To The Downtown Central 1 Business District And A Trolley Ride F r om The Excitement Of Channel Side With Its Colorful Entertainment And Dining Options. Tampa Park Plaza Has Available Large Space To Accommodate Most Business Types. Looking To Locate Or Re-Locate Your Business, Give Us A Call -We May ) Have The Space You Need Are You Interested? For Application fnfon'nation Please Contact Tampa Park Apartment, Inc 1417 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa, Flor i da 33605 Telephone (813) 229-1845 Florida Telecommunications Relay Inc. TIY 1-800-955-8771 Voice 1-800-955-8770 Spanish 1-877-955-8773 RENT $199/Monthly 3 Bedroom/2 Bath 5% Down 15 Years@ 8% For Listings Call 800-366-9783 Ext. 5492 University Area 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Gated, Pool Laundry Facility $525 00/Monthly No Deposit Upon Approval Call (813) 318-1523 412 W. Frances Ave 402 W. Amelia Ave. One Or 2 Bedroom Burglar Bars CHA WDH $550 .00 To $600 .00 Plus Deposit (813) 391-7046 Grant Park Apartment 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Central Heat And Air Only $750 00/Monthly No Security Deposit For Section 8 (813) 310-9660 Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPLICATION!! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances Central NC $550.00/Monthly Water & Trash lncludedllll Very Low Deposit! 813-244-4551 Historic District Tampa Heights Cozy 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath With Study 307 East Frances Avenue Apartment #A Remodeled Inside And Outside $800 00/Monthly $600 DO/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call Us At (813) For An Appointment c }< J: -N N 0 0 CJ) m z :::! z m r-m c r rm :::! z "ti c DJ r-c;; :I: m c m < m c m CJ) c )> z c 'T1 2;! c


Q') 0 0 N N ..... c LL c z w c w :I: U) :::i m :::J a. z w ..J ..J :::J m ..J w z z w U) < c o ..J LL Floribraska & Nebraska (Off 1-275) 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath WDH, CHA $600 00/Monthly + Security Deposit Section 8 Accepted Contact Jackie (813) 404-3758 First Month Free $125 Moves You In First Month FREE Excellent Rental History Required 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Burglar Bars, Central NC 3023 N. 48th Street #B $595 00/Monthly (813) 238-6353 New Port Richey Southgate Senior Apartments, 62 + 1 Bedroom/$435 .00 Minimum Income Required $1,500 .00 Adjacent To Southgate Shopping Center (727) 847-1110 EHO Sulphur Springs Apartment 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, No Pets $575 .00-$600 00/Monthly Water Included Call (813) 810-7725 Or (813) 996-7725 Ybor 2910 East Columbus 2/2 Apartment$850.00 With Washer/Dryer Updated, Very Nice Section 8 Welcome Jacob Real Estate, Brkr. (813) 258-3200 West Tampa 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments With Carpet Cable Outlets Central NC & Heat Appliances Water & Sewer Included $480.00 $589 .00 Tampa Presbyterian Village b (813) 253-000f1: TTY Sentinel Bulletin AVAILABLE AT THESE LOCATIONS !Tampa & Seffner) 625 W. M .L.K. Jr. Blvd. {7) 2502 W. Hillsborough Ave. {7) 5502 E. Fowler Ave. {7) 4001 E. Busch Blvd. {7) 291 1 E Fowler Ave. {7) 715 W M.L.K. Jr. Blvd. {S) 2725 N MacDill Ave. {7) 61 S Ave. {7) Busch Blvd. {By Busch Gardens ) Florida Ave. I Linebaugh Ave. S hell Gas -. (Bruce B Downs Blvd./Skipper Rd. ) Sweet Bay (Bruce B. Downs Blvd./Highland Pkwy. Sweet !Brandon, Seffner, Riverview & Valrieol 6929 U S. Highway 301 N {R) 2535 W Brandon Blvd. {V) :1101 E.' Bloomingdale Blvd. {B) 1247 Kingsway Blvd. {S) 11230 E M .I;:.K. Jr. Blvd. { S) 205 E. Alexander St., Plant C ity 597 s Wheeler Plant (Tampa & Brandon) 949 E. Bloomingdale Ave. {B) 2701 E Fletcher Ave. {7) 11110 Causeway Blvd. {B). 12808 E. Brandon Blvd. {B) 1601 W Kennedy Blvd. {7) 8885 N Florida Ave. {7) Coin Box Locations rfAR1'Lfne 'Tetminals {University A rea) Livingston Ave. {West Tampa) Himes and MLK Blvd. {Eastlake Area) 56th Street Orient Jail, Orient Road Falkenburg Jail, Faulkenburg Rd. River Pines Apts. 40th Street Centro Place, 21s t Ave./15th St. JL Young Apts., Nebraska/Bird St. Epiphany Arms Apts., Hanna/22"d Uriiv. Comm. Hosp., 30th/Fletcher St. Joseph Hosp., MLK/Habana Tampa Gen. Hosp. by McDonalds Presbyterian Village-North Blvd. Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit 3 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA WDH Near Everything Call (917) 796-7400 Cinnamon Cove Apartments 12401 N. 15th Street Starting At $425 .00 On-Site Laundry And Convenient To Everything Call (813) 971-5254 Recession Special!! Section 8 -0 Deposit 0 Application Fee $100.00 Walmart Gift Card Upon Move-In 1 And 2 Bedrooms Nice Apartments Private Tenants Call F QLpecials 81 2114 W. Union Apt B 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Includes Water/Sewage $600.00/Rent $300 00/Deposit Call (813) 846-6657 Ybor Area Clean, 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, Fenced Front .. And Deposit Negotiable (813) 454-8487 '' li.J 10117 North 10th Street Beautiful House Like 2 Bedroom Duplex Private, Fenced In Yard Section 8 -0 Deposit Call Gisela (813) 264-9660 (813) 486-2504 2112 W. Union Apt. #A 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Includes Water/Sewage $600 00/Rent $300 00/Deposit Call (813) 846-6657 Nice Area Section 8 Only 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath V t CH.A,: WDH Cash With Signed Lease 0 Deposit (813) 789-3879 Move-In Special $550.00 First 6 Months Very Spacious 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $650 00/Monthly WDH,NC New Tile/Carpet Call (813) 298-2499 8721 12th Street Sulphur Springs 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $550 00/Monthly WID Hook-up Section 8 Welcome (813) 264-0698 Grant Park 3413-B 53rd Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath WID Provided, Security Bars, Fans $600 .00 /Monthly $600 .00 Deposit Call 310-922-5957 Tampa Heights' 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Large Rooms WDH/NC $600.00/Monthly Water Included +Deposit Call (813)' 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Grant Park Central HeaUAir Storage Room Private Parking Section 8 OK Call 813 245-7009 West Tampa Duplex 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath $350. 00/Deposit $700 00/Monthly New Kitchen/Paint Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 852-1522 USF Area Duplex 2 Bedroomi1 Bath Washer/Dryer Section 8 -1 Bedroom Voucher Accepted $775 00/Monthly Call 813-956-5607 1620 B East ldell Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex $675 00/Monthly $300 00/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 335-0076 Or (813) 885-5226 Fully Furnished Newly Remodeled Rooms Air Conditioned Washer/Dryer Single Occupancy Phone (813) 863-6467 West Tampa South Of 1-275 Ne.ar Armenia Furnished $125 00/Weekly Includes All Utilities Cable & Personal Fridge Call (813) 545-8074 FOR VOUR CONVE NIEN ,cE:.-rHE i=LbR1oA sEt.tnNEL BULLETIN :ACCEPTS VISA ANiERICA N EXPRESS, AND CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE


c: m C/) Room For Rent $100 00 Per Week No Deposit Call (813) 506-2303 3634 Northbay Street Nice Rooms For Rent All Utilities And Cable Included Call (813) 217-2462 Rooms For Rent Single Individuals Preferred $125. 00/Weekly Call (813) 784-0508 For More Information Ybor City Area Very Clean Rooms For Rent With Private Entrance Senior Citizen Discount Call (813) 244-7388 Room For Rent Cent_ral @ 1-275 AJC, Cable, Phone Queen Beds, Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $85.00 Deposit $100.00 And Up Weekly 813 598 4262 Ybor City Area Rooms For Rent 2 Bathrooms Large Kitchen Patio/Parking Available $75 .oo-$1PO.optweekly Deposit Negotiable Call 813-770-0375 Rooms For Rent Clean, Quiet Air Conditioned Older Adults Preferred $400. 00/Month ly Call (813) 516-1559 Or (813) 690-3320 Ybor City Rooms For Rent In Private House Prefer Femaie Students $500.00 \:>er Month Electric, Cable Internet Included Call 267-259-7487 Fixed Income Room Special $350.00/Month Includes All Utilities Washer And Dryer On Premises R. B. (813) 770-2025 Or (813) 247-1844 Furnished Rooms Or Efficiencies For Rent $550.00-$650 00/Month ly Plus Deposit Includes : Water, Lights Cable, Internet Washer And Dryer Call (813) 785-1030 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Years Of Age & Older Must Have Steady Income $120. 00/Weekly $120.00/Deposit Jim (813) 237-1810 Genhte (813) 326-2871 Polete (813) 410-5422 Sell yo'ur stuff. 813-248-1 921 The Florida sentinel Bulletin I*' I ;'1 :I.]' i [ .]:I I :ttl RUDY'S REPAIR SERVICE Complete Air Conditioning & Heating Service On All Makes And Models Call (813) 620-1866 LIC #CAC 1814465 Tarpley's A/C (813) 238-7884 (813) 541-5010 (Cell) Sales & Service New & Used NC's Financing Available On Time Service LIC# CAC181530 I Buy Or Will Consign To Auction Old Coins, Gold Or Costume Jewelry FL UC #AB43-AU141 Rob Hennessee (813) 626-2341 $500! Police Impounds! Hondas, Chevys, Acl!r Toyotas, Etc. From $ -56'0! For Listings Call 800-366-9813 Ext 3695 $0 Down! Cars From $29. 00/Monthly! 36 Months @ 8.5% APR Police Impounds For Listings Call 800-366-9813 Ext K456 Beds Twin.\\. $60.00 Farr--$ 65.oo Queen $ 75.00 King $110.00 & Up Bunk Beds $150.00 Call (813) 310-0991 Contact LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 To Publish Your Classified Or Legal Advertisement In The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Crosstown Car Rental 813-352-7559 Low Cash Deposit Cars Starting @ $160 .00/Weekly Must Be 25 Years Old With Valid DL C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1-3 Rooms ONLY-$24.95 No Hidden -CHARGES! Call (813) 325-4330 DNA Paternity Testing Legal or personal testing available. _Results in just 3 DAYS. No Collection Fees in Tampa. NO BLOOD! Payment options available Testing Solutions N. Florida Avenue (813) 915-0000 DNA Testing Paternity Test We Come To You! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday -Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservices91 @yahoo.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651 -5777 Residential And Commercial Complete Electrical Service Breaker Panels And Receptacles, Lights, Outlets Service Upgrades Call Rufus Electric Contracting (813) 348-6148 Lie #ER13013733 Flowers For The Lady Mother's Day Special $50.00 Arrangement 1 Dozen Roses $30 00 Carnations $25 00 Flowering Plants Ms. Lady (813) 375-0187 flowersforthelady@yahoo com 3 Month Old Pit Bull Puppy With Shots And Accessories Call (813) 476-2929 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl c !: ..... N N 0 0 CD "T1 r 0 c ):to C/) m z ::! z m r I tD c: r r m We Buy Foreclosure ::! Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Ad In The Florida Sentinel. www.rehabberssuperstore.com 813.675.7040 Auto Insurance Plus 3503 E. Hilisborough Ave. Low Down Payment! Speak With A Licensed Agent To. Get Instant Coverage Get Licensed Reinstated As low As $119 00 Tag Or Sticker As Low As $34 99 We Also Offer SR22 And FR44 And Title Service Call (813) 234-6325 (813) 310-8608 JUNK CAR I Buy Junk Cars Vans & Trucks Also, I Buy Impounds Or Vehicles At Mechanical Shops Call Pete (813) 625-3399 c: tD c C/) :X: m c m < m c: m C/) c ):to z c "T1 c G')


0 0 N c 0:: LL c z < c en w :::) t-w > w c w :I: en ::::i m :::) a. z i= w :::) m N N w (!) Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 I Buy Cars In Any Condition Perfect, Not So Perfect Title No Title No Problem Any Shape Top$$$ Call (813) 775-5990 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1 ,500.00 For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal/Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service Hauling And Clean-Up Phone (813) 245-9761 Small Offices $450.00/Monthly Water, EleCtric Arid Internet Included Call V & V Now (813) 259 4663 www myfinancialconnections.com Up To 3 Months Rent Free 864 Square Feet Commercial SpC!ce For Barber Shop Or Retail For Person With Solid Business Plan May Help Finance Some Fixtures Rent Negotiable 2409 East Lake Avenue Space B Call (813) 238-6353 SUPPORT THE F.LORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ADVERTISERS DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSE! We Buy Foreclosure Homes Cash In 3 Days See Our Ad In The Florida Sentinel. www.rehabberssuperstore com 813.675.7040 I''''! 1:1J1: t., 44':VII UNIQUE FASHIONS ONLINE Designer Fashions At Affordable Prices Convenient Shopping From Home Or Office www.uniquefashionsonline com Learn How To Create Wealth Investing In Real Estate : Rehab For Profit L ., Build With \ Build A Positive Cash Flow Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 Weaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 American Braids & Beauty Mother's Day Special Relaxers $45 00 Wash-N-Set $25 00 Dubby Wrap $35.00 Sew-Ins $80.00 & Up Senegalese Twist $150.00 & Up Long Plaits $150 00 & Up Micros $125 00 & Up (813) 310-0965 (813) 369-2511 (813) 389-2216 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR ljOUSEI .. Jl Cash In 3 .D.'axs For Your Vacant Lands, Lots Or Acreage. Rental Business Must Have Fair Credit Must Have Cash To Close Serious Inquiries Only __ Our Ad In The : T .u lfiQ[J_ da Sentinel. Call Kenny Rushing 813.675.7040 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling Carpentry, Room Additions Roofing, Drywall Plumbing, Ceramic Tile Sidewalks, Patios .. "d ... :: And flauling Call Eli (813) .. u1 .. ,, .Lie S & H Painting & Contracting Complete Home Repairs Experienced Staff Licensed Electricians Carpenters Roofing, Decks & Ramps Harvey (813) 412-9318 Insured/Lie# 199701 .;; ill t_,:!!l..!i ,, "'' .www.rehabberssuperstore com 813.675.7040 JAMAICAN WEST INDIES FATHER SAMUEL Known Around The World As The BEST! lfl Can't Help You, It Can't Be Done. Specializing In Court Cases, Jinx Removal From The Body, Restores Health, Happiness, Peace, Love And Einances : Remember, -;-! ........ ,. "With God All things Are Possible ,.:.-! .. .\ .. / If You Truly Want Blessed Come .. If You Are Feeling Down And Depressed Call Me At (407) 841-2787 THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 64 YEARS Physic Kendra Helps In All Matters Love And Health Candles, Oil, Healing Kits Call (701) 200-4157 Sister Dora Helps All Problems Removes Bad Luck Evil, Reunites Lovers Lucky Numbers By Phone 1-800-780-4772 Sister Grace Palm, Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5 00 Phone(813)506-9239 Home Phone ONLY +Tax & Fees If You Receive Free School Lunch Food Stamps, Medicaid Public Housing SSI, Section 8 i (TANF), (LHEAP) Call 813-546-2692 813-222-0195 Acrqss From McDonalds @ MLK & Central Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone Orient Road & Faulkenburg Jail Only $2 25 Per Call Trash Cleanup Tree Trimming Removal Or Any Other Hauling Cheapest Rates No Job Too Big Or Small Including Furniture Removal (813 285-467 4 New Church In Tampa Needs Building 50-1 00+ Capacity Lease/Rent/Buy Option Call Pastor Don Crumbly 813-767-4043 813-684-2075 DON'T LET THOSE OTHER GUYS STEAL YOUR HOUSEl Cash In 3 Days For Your House See Our Ad In The Florida Sentinel. www.rehabberssuperstore com (813) 675-7040 Dave's Well Drilling And Pump Service Also Tree And Limb Removal Call (813) 986-0125 (813) 410-3507 (Cell) Ask For Dave FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIF.IED : ADVERTISING NEEDS CA.LL._:LaVORA @ (8 13) Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax 24/7 (813) 248-9218 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THip PRICE IS : EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Edition Friday @ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition -Tuesday@ 3:00P.M.


. BUSINESS DIRECTORY -. ""HIDDEN BRO_WN P.L.. ATTORNEYS AT LAW MIAMI -TAMPA Bond '\lo tions Pro b a ti o n VIolatio ns C1imin a l Defe n se & Dl"llg Offen,.,, p I I Frautl!lht ft e1 SOna flJUI'}' H omlcidc/VIolul s Moton: y clo Accid e nt s Uo:lling Arcident \\' rou g ful D ea th C l aim. m t 402 East 7th A v enue Tampa, FL 33602 Fn:e Jnft'nnallt 'll Ct'IICCIII!IIg Q u ,1litica 1 w ns & :\v.ul nb!c L!p('IL R cque::.L O f An Ano mey J;:; :\HimpN1a.nl DecJ swn T hat S hf\uld NC"' B e Based S o l e l y U p 011 Adverti se m e nts Bt!f0 r e Y P u DecJde. Ask U::. T 0 Sl!nd )\111 Fret! \Vnllcnlnft nn atJ.C"n & COl'NSELORS AT LAW 1112 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33602 info@jjhlaw.net JOYNER & JORDAN-HOLMES 813.229.9300 PERSONAL INJURY WILLS & ESTATES BUSINESS REAL ESTATE MEDIATION The hiring of a i s a n important de<1 S 1on and should n o t be based upon ad evert1se m e n ts Bef ore yo u decide ask us to send you fr e e writte n tnform a tton about our qualtficauon and e x penenc e COMPETE FOR A JOB EXPUNGE OR SEAL YOUR CRIMINAL HISTORY (813) 277-0068 BOARD CERTIFIED EXPERT CRIMINAL TRIAL ATTORNEY 30Q N FRANKLIN ST, TAMA FL 3 3 602 SERVING BA\ AREA COUNTI E S WWW. ABWRIGHTLAVV.COM ATTY. 220 E. Street# 1207 Downtown Tampa www.fordlawfirm.org i of a lay,yer is an irnportant decidA ask us lo send $500.00 Plus Filing Fees & Costs FREE CONSULTATION Call (813) 213-1200 Tampa (727) 209-0814 Clearwater/St. State & Fed. W C. Claims C e rtified by State Univ e r s ity *All J o b R e l a t e d InJuries Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C. I Race Discrimination ATTY. RODERICK FORD FREE CONSULTATION! (813) 223-1200 (Except For Pure Title VII Cases) 220 E. Madison Street Suite 1207, Tampa, Fl33602 V1sit Us On line AI: www.FOROLAWFIRM.ORG (Former U S. Army JACC Attorney) LAW O"FFICE OF CHE LOPARDO, P.A. ATTORNEYS AT LAW-TAMPA, FLORIDA FELONY TRAFFIC DUI MISDEMEANOR BOND I ROR MOTIONS $249 VOP $249 to $949 Excludes Costs (Transcripts, Subpoenas, Etc.) FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION (813) 350-7923 PAYMENT PLANS I VISA I MASTERCARD The htnng of an ts an trnport3nt d&.:tSIC:1 :.hat shO!Jid not be-upon o dvertlsements B efor e y ou d e c.d e ask us t o send you free mformattor. abo u t our qu31iftca:Jans and expenence Arrested and Concerned About Your l,egalJRights'! : Call Tanya Duorec r.A: (81.3) AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Paym.:nt Plnns /wmlahle With NO CREDIT CHECK Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY Or Email: callrickywilliams@gmail.com Available 24 Hrs.!Oay FREE Consultation Administrative Rep. (SSI. Workman's Comp) Civil Rights Restoration Professional Proposals Civil & Criminal Cases (Small Claims ; 3.850 Relief etc.) Legal Research Professional Administrative Writing Foreclosure Copyrights Phone: (S13) 300-7702 Email: barristerrunner@gmail.com Marzuq AI-Hakim Paralegal Cirise Taviere -Paralegal/ Judicial Investigator WARREN DAWSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Personal Injury Wrongful Death Criminal Law 221-1800 Offering Early Childhood Education Courses ... ....... NORENE COPELA:.'ID MILLER, M.S. Assistant Of Recruitment And Admissions School Of Human Scn'iccs-Tampa Campus Emml: ncopela.ndmiller @ spfldcol edu All IRS IV1atters Over 20 Years Experience Do Not Face The 1RS Alone R. E. Mcintosh, LLC Enrolled Agent I AetAs Your Pol'.:er OfAttorney And Will Negotiate For Yvu To Stop Liens And Levys Fax: 813-984-8324 Email: orldnet.att.net To Advertise In The Business Directory Call LaVora Or Betty At 813-248-1921. DEADLINE For Placing Business Directory Ads Is FRIDAY AT 3 P.M. 'TI r-0 :::0 c )> en m z -1 z m r-1 IIJ c r rm -1 z "'tJ c IIJ c en ::I: m c m < m -1 c m fg )> z c 'TI :::0 c G> m 1\J w


0 0 N N .... c 0:: u.. c z < c en w :::::> 1-w > w c w :I: en ::i m :::::> a. z i= w ...J ...J :::::> m ...J w z i= z w en < c 0:: 0 ...J u.. E. SHAW BAIL BONDS Hillsborough County (813) 247-5092 Polk County 328 Dorsett Ave. (863) 678 0772 Lake Wales, FL 33853 Toll Free 1-877-437-2663 --qa ,_q;,. Jfou." Toll Free : (866) Office: (727) 906969 3 Cell: ( 727) 492-63. 1 7 Professional H Ins, New Yo* Life (Jompany Licensed Agent 3ld9W; or:; :Martin Luthe. r :King BlVd. Suite 300 Tampa, .Fl. 33. 607 stcrowell@anewyorldife .com REEVES BU1LD1NQ1 PLUMB1NG & ROOF1NG C01'1TRACTOR COMMERCIAL ROOFING REMODELING REPAIR HOME REHABILITATION RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING ADDITIONS CONCRETE SLABS For All Your Construction Needs ... Call Reeves 813-238-6197-l.c moP.d & C:CC.1326e6 0 C F C0255 8S-CBC:125.1478 CONSTRUCTION Construction Management Residential Commercial \:'@.;::;:,:;;:;? & Additions & Financing Available Llnnrf\\IC>n for Rehab Pmt'tr>'lm 99.9% Accurate O ff ice '"'''"o .... ,,." <;:alllQday & Schedule t! I! 1-888-651-5 777 :Sen..,. .. itJel. .B ulle: on .. .... :. ..... .. ., .. ..: ......... (8.13) ,248 Oip Injured fn ACcident? 1ACCIDENT VICTIMS1 I AU Accident & 1 Injury Claims I. AUTOMOBILE I BIKE/BOAT /BUS 1 ANiMAL BITES .WORKERS 1 COMPENSATION I. WRONGFUL DEATH NURSING HOME I INJURIES I AAA Attorney 1 Referral Service : 1 733-5342: 1 24HOURS7DAYSA WEEK 1 L _______ _l SERVICES : Business Administration NOTARY: Authenticate Signatures/Oaths For: Marriage Ceremonies Wills Power-Of-Attorney Signing Agent Etc. FREE NOTARY FOR: Permission Forms For Youth Anyone Living In Subsidized Housing Elderty 65 And Older Anyone Conducting Business With Tamara' s Secretarial Service More Services Available Sy Request ...


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