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September 8, 2009
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 64 Years In The Tampa Bay Area ..,_---.._,. .... -- I Will IriS SEE STORY ON PAGE 8 39-VEAR CAREER IN EDUCATION COMES TO CLOSE A Retirement Celebration for Ms. Shirley Parker was held recently at the DoubleTree Hotel. Her 39-year career in education came to a close. She ended the years at Howard W. Blake High School, where she was the track and cross country coach and IMPACT teacher. Joining her at the retire ment celebration were her sisters, from left: Evelyne Keaton, Ruthie Wilson, Mary Flemming, honoree Shirley Parker, Ollie Burgin, Cynthia Keaton and Juanita Cannon. (Photography by BRUNSON) County To Kickoff Census Campaign SEE PAGE 10 Man Charged With AHempted Murder SEE PAGE 17 Buffalo Soldiers Host Golf Tournament SEE PAGE 13 Neighbor Saves Woman's Life SEE PAGE 3


0) g Features "" ai a: w m :E UJ t: w 0 >"' ic( Pastor Appointed To Countv's Anordable Housing Advisorv Board Reverend Albert GallW mon, Jr., Pastor of Peace Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, was recently appointed to serve on the Affordable Housing Advisory Board. The term is effective through August 1, 2012. Pastor Gallmon received the notification of his appointment from Ken Hagan, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. Rev. Gallmon has some experience in affordable housing, having served while a resident of Minnesota. "My goal is to speak up for poor .people who need good, affordable housing," he says of his role. He also wants to serve as an advocate for fami-lies and especially senior citiC zens. ii: "There are single parents u. who can't find affordable, C adequate housing and these Z hotels and motels are not cone( ducive to family living," he further explained. Rev. Gallmon explained that w there's a link to proper housing and a great education. children are more apt to fc go to school and learn when they're in safe housing." w With budget constraints and 0 w :z: 0 ::i m Q. z ffi ..1 ..1 m ...:. w z w 0 c( c a: g u. REV. ALBERT GALLMON,JR. rising taxes, Rev. Gallmon says there has to be compas sion and consideration for the senior citizens, many of whom are losing their homes to taxes and have to move to unfamiliar, unsafe housing. "Our seniors are important to the community and we have to make sure they are not left out on the streets," he said. The purpose of the 20-member Affordable Housing Advisory Board is to advise and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners and Affordable Housing Officers on issues affecting housing development, and to assist the County in developing programs. Did You Know That ..... Medicaid Provides Coverage For Denture Patients, Including Annual Relining & Surgery In For Your Dentures? Call And Schedule Your Appointment Today!!! (813) 623-1014 Bias lawsuit Against Citv Set For Mediation BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor A lawsuit against the City. of Tampa filed by a woman terminated for incompetence and being without leave is set for mediation. The mediation will take place on Thursday, September 10th, at 9a.m. Ms. Kamara Crawford who filed the lawsuit in feder al court, contends that the basis for her termination was a result of racial discrimina tion, disparate treatment and wrongful termination. She contends that at the time of her termination she was under the care of a physician and was being treated for Major Depressive Disorder and Acute Anxiety Disorder. Ms. Crawford alleges that white employees were allowed to receive full pay and benefits by working from home while out sick, but she was not afforded that same MS.KAMARA CRAWFORD opportunity. She alleges that a white female used the "N" word "in the presence of the public at large, employees, staff, and management." However, her job was protected and she received an "Outstanding" job rating. Ms. Crawford also alleges disparate treatment of racial ly biased and motivated actions and non-actions because she was treated dif ferently from white employees. According to the lawsuit Ms. Crawford said she was on a doctor-approved medical leave at the time of her termi nation. She also disputes the allegation of incompetence, citing her 12-year work histo ry with the city that produced 11 "outstanding" evaluations and one "excellent" evalua tion. Ms. Crawford is requesting back pay and benefits, compensatory damages, court costs, punitive damages, and other forms of relief. At the time of her termination, in 2007, Ms. Crawford, who has an A S. degree, a B. S. degree, and an MBA, was employed as an Urban Planner II with a salary of $30 per hour. The law firm of Thompson, Sizemore, Gonzalez & Hearing is representing the City of Tampa. Ms. Crawford is represent ing herself. Congresswoman castor Works To Protect Seniors Through -Health Care Relorm Medicare Advantage mar keting abuses have affected many seniors, prompting Congresswoman Kathy Castor to take steps to protect the elderly from these deceptive practices through the health care reform effort. Last Tuesday, Cong. Castor returned to Acorn Trace Apartments to tell seniors that she was grateful that they brought this issue to her attention and to tell thel that she is working to prevent the advertisements and scams that target them and coerce them into signing up for plans that aren't in their best inter est. "Because of these stories, the salesmen coming on the grounds without permission, I really want to thank everyone here for providing me with the inspiration to do this," Castor said. "My amendment will enhance the oversight and the penalties and give the power to the states to regulate mar keting tactics." Castor visited the senior housing complex in 2007, and it was then she learned that KATHY CASTOR Congresswoman Medicare Advantage sales agents used aggressive mar keting tactics, unlicensed bro kers and misleading sales pre sentations to enroll seniors in these private plans without them fully understanding the potentially adverse consequences of joining. Often, seniors were unaware they would lose their traditional Medicare and could lose access to certain doctors and provide11. "They tried to lure seniors to sign up for private Medicare Advantage plans," Castor said. "Oftentimes, they targeted seniors with dementia. Fortunately, we're going to address these deceptive prac tices." Castor's amendment protects the health care reform legislation and restores power to the states to oversee marketing tactics. Castor's amendment returns to the states, authority to investigate and regulate deceptive Medicare Advan tage marketing practices. It requests that state insurance (through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and in consultation with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and plan sponsors) to draft marketing guidelines for Medicare Advantage plans. The amendment was approved by the House Energy & Commerce Committee, on which Castor serves, and is now included in this major health care reform bill. She will continue fighting for this provision as the health care reform legislation takes shape. AARP representatives joined her. Highland Pines Community Task Force Highland Pines neighborhood meeting will be on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at Highland Pines Community Center, 3002 N. Star St. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30p.m. and the Crime Watch meeting starts at 7 p. m. Please plan to attend and bring a friend. Betty J. Bell, Highland Pines Community Task Force, Inc.


Features ffi en Parents Obiect To Their Children Watching President's Speech BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer The School District Of Hillsborough County, as well as some area public schools, have recei v ed angry and threatening phone calls from par e nts. The source of their anger and rag e is on Tuesday, Septemb e r 3th at noon, President Barack Obama will d e liver a national address to th e students of America During the address, the President will speak directl y to the nation s children and youth about persisting and succeeding in school. He will also challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning. Florida Republican Part y Chairman, Jim Greer, is condemning President Obama's alleged use of tax pay e r dollars to indoctrinate America's children to his socialist agenda. Hundreds of area parents have read Greer's statement, and have demanded that their children not be allowed to lis ten to the speech. School District spokesper son, Linda Cobbe, said they have told their schools to feel free to show it to students. "If parents don't want their children to see it, that child v.rill be put in another part of the school until the broadcast is ov e r." Woman Credits Neighbor With Saving Sister's life MRS. EDWARDENA WILLIS ... Dialysis Patient ERIC R. SMALL ... Credited With Saving Neighbor's Life For t:J Years BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Several years ago, Mrs. Charlotte McBurney moved into her East Tampa home on Lindell Avenue, and the family has remained a part of t hat community for the past 57 years Others, including .. the Small Family, are lo11gtiii i e residents of the m ea as wdC In fact, Ms. Eujetta McGhee and her :younger sister, Mrs. Willis, remember Eric Small as a child growing up in the house across the street from them. On several occasions, Small, who is now 38 years old, has offered to help his neighbors and invited them to call on him at any time But the sisters never realized that his kindness and willingness to help would become a life saver. Recently, an incident took place that could have easily ended tragically for the fami-ly, if not for the efforts of their neigl1bor Ms. McGhee recalls the event that took place on the afternoon of Sunday August 23rd "My sister was in the car and was about to go some place with m y mother The graft in her leg burst aild she starteJ hemorrhaging "Sh'e: saw Eric outside and starte auditors noticed irr e gularities as th e y attempted to reconcile the non-sufficient funds account. That resulted in an investigation that is ongoing. Ms. Parker is a 29-year employee of Hillsborough County Public Schools and has worked at Erwin the entire time en m z :::! z m r;DJ c rr-!!1 z


en 8 Editorials & Columns C'\1 co a: w CD ::!: w w C/) >"' <( 0 C/) w .... FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140 ) 2207 21st Avenue Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248-1921 Publ ished E very Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of National Newspaper Publ ishers Association (NNPA) and Amalgamated Publishers, Inc., New York 1990-94 CP T i m e lntern ational POSTMASTER : Send Address Change T o : Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Per iodical Postage Pa id At Tampa FL W .W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) Founders C BLYTHE ANDREWS, JR. CHAIRMAN S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Subscript ions-544 00-6 Months Both Editions : 587.00-Per Year Both Editions Opinions exp ressed on editor ia l pages of this new spape r by Columnists o r Guest do not necessari ly reflect the editqrial stance of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the ;>ublishe r President Obama's Speech To Children Opposed Enough is enough! What's next, President Obama's sneezing, opposed? Indeed, we don't remember American parents ever being upset and keeping their 0 children home from school or turning off their television ii: sets 18 years ago when then President George H. Bush gave U. a nationwide address to schools in 1991. Likewise, we don't remember American parents rising up <( in anger, years ago, when tens of thousands of children were allowed to stay up late at night, to watch "The Wizard 0 of Oz!" So, we find ridiculous the idea that many parents CJ) are outraged that President Barack Obama will be gh.ing a motivational speech to school children today, at noon. t-According to the White House, President Obama's speech > will focus on children staying in school, doing their homeffi work, making good grades, a speech designed to promote > the value of education. W With the poor performance of American children in our ffi schools and with a nearly 33 percent dropout rate, what :Z: could be wrong with the President of the United States CJ) w an_ ting to give the nation's school children a motivational :::; a:1 message? What could possibly be disturbing about our Chief 0. Executive serving as a role model and providing inspiration Z for. keeping millions of American children -especially millions of Black children-in school? ...J Plenty could be wrong, say Republican opponents. ...J Claiming political indoctrination, without even giving the a:l President an opportunity to explain that the speech will ..J focus on education only, Republican bloggers and so-called "Conservative" malcontents claim Obama will use his i= speech to "indoctrinate students on his healthcare and Z global policies." POPPY-COCK!!" w CJ) Yes, we must indeed, protect our children, but NOT from <( our President's pep talk! 0 a: 0 ...J u. Television, Video Games And Student Performance! We know it's early in the school year. But if your children experience poor school performance and have no learning disabilities, you might want to take a look at how much time they are spending watching television, movies and playing video games. According to a study published in the American Academy of Pediatrics Journal, middle school students who watch television or play video games during the week perform worse in school than children who do not do so. The Pediatrics Journal study also found that children, especially boys, whose parents allowed them to watch Rrated movies, also performed worse in school. We remember the beginning of the television-video-game revolution. Even then, experts and prognosticators warned American parents about possible dangers their children faced due to continuous use of such hand-held gadgets as Game Boys, 1-Pods, PSP's etc. Overwhelmed by their own problems, many parents refused to listen or downplayed such warn-ings. W What we recommend is obvious. Parents, curb your chilC) dren's use of and interest in television, movies and video games during school time. Your children will thank you. Benjamin 'Pap' Singleton: Father 01 Black Nationalism B efore there was Marcus Garvey who led the Back to Africa Movement" and Floyd l'.IcKissick who founded the "Sou l City" (all Black town) ventu-re, there was Benjamin "Pap" Singleton (1809 1892), the pioneer of Black nationalism. Singleton was the leader of the "Great Exodus" of thousands of Blacks from the South in the late 187o's to Central Kansas, and late in life, started one of the first back-to-Africa movements in America. According to PBS, Singleton was born in Nashville, Tennessee to a slave mother and white father. At age 37, Singleton escaped to Canada in 1846 through the Underground Railroad, and later settled in Detroit, Michigan where he established a boardinghouse that frequently sheltered run away slaves". After the Civil War ended, Singleton returned to Tennessee and worked as a cabinetmaker and coffin maker. Believing racial vio lence by the Ku Klux Klan and the failure of political leaders to bring about equality for Blacks would never give Blacks a chance to have nor mal lives, Singleton began an effort to form an all-Black town by attempting to get Blacks to buy up large tracts of farmland. When white landowners refused to sell Blacks land at fair prices, Singleton and a Black minister, Columbus M. Johnson, decided to found a Black settlement in Kansas to establish economic indepen dence for Blacks After forming the Edgefield Real Estate and Homestead Association, Singleton and Johnson selected several sites in Kansas to build colonies. First settling in Cherokee, County (Singleton Colony), then Morris County, Singleton and Johnson bought land and encouraged more than 2400 Blacks to emigrate from the Nashville area to the Kansas settlement called Dunlap Colony near Dunlap Kansas, in 1878. In spite of a harsh winter living in dugouts, the Black settlers survived and developed a thriving community. Thereafter, the year 1879 became known as the year of the "Great Exodus," when more than 50,000 Blacks fled west to Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois. Certainly, the withdrawal of federal troops from the South, Singleton's move ment, the return of segrega tion laws and terrorist attacks on Blacks by the Ku Klux Klan America Needs A Foreign Policv Change I t is time America learns that it can no longer be the big brother, the pro tector, the chastiser, and the provider for most other coun tries in this world. It is too expensive, too deadly, too time-consuming, and it is not a good way to make friends. The new policy should be to shut down on wars, bring our soldiers home, keep our money in America and be a member of the United Nations and not be the United Nations. We can start our new with both Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's get out ofboth of those countries. We need to make our country safe, strong, and able to very effectively defend ourselves. We need to stop med dling in the_ affairs of other countries, especially of the countries in the Middle East. These countries are warring nations. Waging war and fighting is what they do. Heck, these countr:ies have been fighting each other even before the Crucifixion. America has spent a large part of its history trying to reform nations and bring peace to the Middle East. America is no closer to achieving this goal than it was on the first day they tried. Politicians are always referring to countries that don't like us very much. Maybe if we stayed out of their business and stop trying all contribut e d to the massive migration of poor Blacks from the South at that time In spite of not being associated with the Singleton inspired exodus, the Dunlap Colony tried to help as many of the migratory Blacks as possible. In doing so, the Dunlap Colony collapsed under the financial burden of helping so many people Finally, in 1880, when the Presbyterian Church took control of the Dunlap Colony, Singleton severed ties with the colony. Referred to as "Old Pap" in later life, Singleton formed the Colored United Links (CUL) in 1881 in an effort to build Black owned business es, factories and schools by combining the financial resources of all Black people. Within a year, the organiza tion fell apart and Singleton formed two other movements, one in 1883 that proposed Blacks migrate to the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus and the second in 1885, the United Transatlantic Society (UTS) that proposed Blacks relocate to Africa. Of course neither venture succeeded in relocating anyone to Cyprus or Africa. In 1889, the elderly Singleton called for a section of Oklahoma Territory to be reserved as an all-Black state. Thus, Singleton was among the first Black Americans to envision an America where Blacks owned land and busi nesses, developed successful industries and controlled their destiny. And now you have another piece of the puzzle called Black America. Harambee! to boss them around they wouldn't hate us so much. It is worth a try We should supply soldiers, resources, and money to fight in any war outside the borders of the Uniterl States in proportion to what other countries provide Again, we should be a member of the United Nations and not try to be the United Nations. We need to understand not all nations want to live onder a democracy. We need to learn that not all countries want to be like the United States. We need to learn to live our lives and let other countries live theirs. It is time for a United States foreign policy change. The world has changed so until many countries no longer fear us or respect us. Countries that once saw the United States as proud, con quering heroes now see us as just plain old bullies. President Obama, let's get out of Iraq. Let's get out of Afghanistan. Let's bring our brave young men and women home. The show needs to be over.


Pictures From The Past Attending a Lil y White function are Dea. N. Hunte r and Rev. Johnathan Brown. Jenette Garvin is dressed to impress in this photo from the past. Miss Vera Goodwin looks lovelyin this photo from the past. -4 c m fJ) c l< fJ) m m aJ m ::0 s 1\) 0 0 U) ., Attending a party in honor of Dr. Jackson were the honoree and his wife. Dr and Mrs. A. R. I Jackson and their daughter, Gail. At the Aristocrats Dance in this photo were Harold Jones, Horace Sutton, and Earnest Sutton. Dillard Booker;, Mrs. Johnnie King, and Lorenzo posed for this photo during a party. fJ) m z -4 z m r;m c r r z "'tJ c aJ r c;; ::c m c m < m -4 c m fJ) c z c ., ::0 6


0) Local co a: w Ill :: w 1-a. w (/) c (/) w :::> 1-c a: LL. c z < c (/) w :::> t-w c w (/) :::i m :::> c. z -I -I :::> m I -I w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 -I LL. Commissioners Assure Residents Street Proiec. t Will Continue BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer During last Wednesday meeting of the Bo ard of County Commissioners, some North Tampa residents addressed commissioners about the 22nd Street Phase II project. The project in North Tampa is infrastructure improvements along 22 nd Street between Fletcher Avenue and Bearss. Due to a budget shortfall, County Commissioners had halted Phase II of the project and withdrew the remaining $9 million that had been set aside. Don Grantham, P-astor of University Baptist Church, told commissioners the removal of the funds is dis turbing to all of them. "For the past 18 years, we've worked tirelessly to improve the conditions of the university community. Since the early 1990s, our congregation has been actively involved with civic and public leaders to the infrastructure, living conditions and overall well being of our communi-ty." Pastor Grantham said they were disappointed to learn the funding for completion of the project had been struck from the county budget. "We feel a lot of planning and work has already been in vested in Ph ase II. We've been told the e n gineering plans are complete most of the l and needed obtained, and $4 million of the $13 million has been invested. It's hard for us to understand why th e remaining $9 million has been deleted. I hope this is not a sign the county is reneging or backpedaling on their commitment to our revitalization efforts." Randy Edwards, representing Gamma Zeta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, said he thinks the safety of their fellow citi zens has been ignored in all of this, especially the children. Commissioner Jim Norman said he has already requested a meeting be set on the issue. "Ms. Bean (County Administrator Pat Bean) is going to work with our county attorney's office, Victor Crist, University Mall, and everyone else to see if there's any cost saving opportunities that would lower the cost of the project. "We will take another look at the project on September 1oth. We want to get the second phase done. A lot of senior citizens will be affected by this, and the board recognizes the importance of completing the project. WARREN DAWSON 221-1800 1467 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & scan St. The of a lawyer 1s an Important dec1 s 1on that should not be based sole, y upon ad\ert sements Before you _decide ask us to send you FREE vmtten mformat1on about qual.f1cat1ons and expenence' CitV Of Tampa To Hold EEO Training Register bay September 10 to attendfree seminar James W. Jones, Esquire, Law Offi ces of Cynthia Sass, PA; Manuel Zurita, Field Director, EEOC Tampa Field Office; Attorney Yvette D. Daniels, Esquire, Law Offices of Cynthia Sass PA; a nd Attorney Roderick 0. Ford, Esquire, of Roderick 0. Ford, PLLC Law Offices. The City of Tampa Community Affairs Division and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will present an Equal Employment Opportunity Semina r on Thursday, September 17, 2009. The seminar will be held at Ragan Park Community Center, located at 1200 East Lake Avenue. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the program will be from 8:30a.m. to noon. This event is free and open to the public. RODERICK FORD To register, please call Cheryl Beall or Rebecca Cortes at (813) 274-5835 or e-mail cherlylene.beall@tam pagov.net. If you need spe cial accommodations during the seminar, please specify your request at the time of registration. Seating is limited and registration is required to guarantee seating. The deadline for registration is Thursday, September 10, 2009. Employees that would like to learn more about discrimination are encouraged to attend this half-day seminar. Presentation topics will include discipline and discharge, intake procedures and mediation, racial and hostile work environment, and ADA laws. A question and answer session will fol low each presentation. The presenters for the seminar are Attorney Artist Sees Religious Aspects In Carvings Tony Blair is shown displaying two of the canes he created. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor When one thinks about an artist, the image that usually comes to mind is an easel, paint, and brushes. However, as in the case of Tony Blair, the word "artist" takes on a different meaning. Blair creates unique carvings of canes, staffs, and sculptures for necklaces But, he does not restrict himself to working with wood He uses whatever material available at the time he becomes inspired to carve. "I can work with practically anything, including sandstone, toilet tissue, and wood. Blair is a Tampa native and attended the public schools of Hillsborough County The soyear-old father of one daughter, Tonisha, has worked as a laborer and his most recent job was a cook. But you won't find any technical school or facility designed to nurture budding artists on his resume. In fact, it wasn't until about 5 years ago that he realized he possessed the talent to create new items through carving. Blair said, "I took a stick one day and just started cutting. When I finished, it was a staff with a snake going around it." He didn't immediately associate the religious aspect of his creation with the Biblical story of Moses asking Pharaoh to release his people. "It was later that I began to see the religious aspects of it. Most of my carvings are inspira tional. I have no formal training, this is some thing God taught me." Of his work, Blair said it makes people think or focus on a different aspect of life. Since beginning his new hobby, Blair said he has created about 100 canes and staffs, some of which he has sold. Blair is unlike others who are established sculptors. He doesn't specialize in working with any single type of wood. In fact, he said, as he walks the street he m11y see a tree branch on a trash pile that catches his eye That piece of wood may become his next carving. He is also unique in his tools of the trade. Blair said the tool he uses most often is a box cutter. vVhen not carving, Blair loves fishing, but he especially love being around people. He doesn t know what the future holds for him as a sculp tor, and he's not really concerned about it. He simply plans to continue using the gift that God has given him. Howard High Class Of 1966 The meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept 8, 2009, 6:45 p m., at 2452 W. Brandon Blvd Call Vera for directions (813) 684-1999 The class is getting ready for its holiday party, December 18, 2009. The class is also exploring the idea of a trip to Miami when the Bucs play the Dolphins (November 15th). This will be our only fundraiser of the year. Please attend the meeting so we can discuss the ideas more. Beverly Nelson Bellamy, Class Reporter.


Local Appreciation For Tver Temple Pastor c m en c en m "'tJ Tyer T e mple United M etho di s t Church h e ld an appreci a ti o n pro g r a m t o r ecog nize th e 4th a nniwrsal) for it s pastor, Reverend Geraldine Christopher. The g u es t s p ea ker was retired e duc ator, Mary Bryant. (Photos by Julia Jackson) m From left, guest speaker, Mary Bryant; honoree, Rev. Geraldine Christopher and her husband, John Christopher; and the Mistress of Ceremony, Gail Raddick. Irene Meteye and Ted Allen at the 4th anniversary celebration for Pastor Geraldine Christopher. Recent graduate, (2009, Bethune-Cookman), Shantell Mosley and her sister, Marseal Mosley. Charmettes who supported Pastor Christopher's 4th Anniversary were, from left, Dr. Julia Barnes, Dr. Margaret Fisher, Ruby French, Dee Williams, Irene Harris, Donna Douglas, E. N. Cusseaux, and Jacqueline Wilds. Leila Mosley was among the visitors to honor Rev. Geraldine Christopher. m :::c 00 I\) 0 0 U) r-0 :::c en m z :::! z m r;m c r r-z "'tJ c m r-c;; ::r: m 0 Rosalie Brown gave the prayer over the offering. Carl Bryant played the sax-ophone before his mother m spoke. Little Miss Margaret Jackson attended the service with her grandmother, Dr. Margaret Fisher. (813) 248-1921 Light Of The World Deliverance Church, Inc. Everybody Is Somebody And Christ Is ALL!" 2009 Youth Fellowship Meeting September 9th -.. 7:30p.m. Nightly September 12th 6 p. m. Theme: Moving Forward I press toward tl1e mark for the plize of the IJigll calling of God in Christ Jesus. Phil. 3: 14 Triumphant Holiness Church Of God In Christ Jesus Our Lord United Holiness Church Of Deliverance Center New Bethel Temple Of Deliverance By The Word Faith Church, Inc. New Hope Holiness Church, Inc. Energized Faith .. And More ... "Jeremia/1 said i t was like fire sl7ut in my bones. There's praise in the inside, we can't keep it to ourselves! Light Of The World Deliverance Church, Inc., 4701 N. 15th Street, Tampa Founder : Apostle J. L. Jones & Co-Fou Evangelist/Prophetess R. M. President: Elder Richard L. r'"'''"'" Coordinator: Min. Katina E c m en c )> z c ::!:! c Members of the Youth Department of Tyer Temple UM Church. MISS /Til!


8 Local ffi 50+ students stricken President Obama With Swine Flu Virus To Urge Students common symptoms of the To Succ I I d ..... A Hillsborough County illness include: a fe, er High School student has greater than 100 degrees been st1icken \\ith the H1N1 Fahrenheit sore throat flu \irus, more commonly cough, body aches: > <( c .... IX LL. c z <( > ct c (/) w .... kno"n as S\\ine Flu. headache, vomiting and Dr. Gwen Luney, diarrhea. Assistant Superintendent of The Hillsborough County Student Senices and Health Depa1tment does Federal Programs for the not recommend that peaHillsborough County School pie \\ith flu like symptoms District said as of last go to local emergency rooms Friday, there were more or doctors offices, unless than so confirmed cases of symptoms worsen, or you the flu. haYe chronic health prob" Those numbers change !ems such as asthma, dia-eYei}"day. Confirmed cases betes, heart disease, metaare those that have been bolic conditions, neurologic confirmed by a health pracand neuromuscular disortitioner. It is confirmed by a ders or are pregnant. blood test," Dr. Luney said. Individuals who are The most recent cases of experiencing flu like sympthe H1N1 Flu involving stutoms should remain home dents at Blake High and the until they are free of ha,ing newly constructed a fever for 24 hours after Steinbrenner High Schools. they stop taking any type of According to the fever reducing medications r-++++l(:r .. -__ ,--;;-;;;--::0--,Q-w J: <> (/) .... ..J aJ 0. z .... .... w ....1 ....1 aJ I ....1 w z 1-1 .... z w (/) <( c .... IX 0 ....1 LL. ENROLL YOUR CHILD TODAY! At Mt. Pleasant Middle School 1906 North Rome Avenue Tampa, Fl 33607 (Corner Of Rome And Spruce) A Gr.ade "B" Public Charter School serv1ng boys and girls in grades 6th, 7th and 8th. Certified College Trained Teachers. A curriculum tailored to meet the needs of the students. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Limited Free School bus transpor tation. No tuition, no alternative school and parents are welcome to visit our school and take a tour. Small size classes. -For more information, please call (813) 253-0053 believe that all of our children are Dtamonds. Some a little unpolished but co will polish them up and make them w shme! <( 0. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Tuesday September gth at noon, President Barack Obama will deliver a speech welcoming Amelica s students back to school. However, some Republicans are condemn ing the proposed speech and accusing the President of ha\ing ultelior motives. President Obama plans to encomage children to take personal responsibil ity for their own education to set goals and to not on!; stay in school but make the most of their educational opp01tunities Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer has accused the President of using taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate America s children to his socialist agenda As a result of the contro versy the White House released the text of the President's speech Monday. The Hillsborough County School District has recei v ed calls from parents who are against their children listen ing to President Obama's speech. The students whose parents object to them hear ing the speech. But, some parents don't have a prob lem with the planned speech and shared their opinions. Carl Davis said, "I'm not goii1g to tell my son not to listen to the president's speech. I think it's com mendable that we have a President who is concerned enough about our youth to take the time to encourage them." Davis' son is a fresh man in high school. Jane Mc-Gregor, the mother of an elementary school student said "My son was involved in the election process and I wouldn't dare take this away from him. I feel it is Yery important to get young children involved in the politics and what's going on in the world around them. They need to be informed so that they can n1ake intelligent decisions." Dr. Phyllis TuckerWicks said, "With regards to President Obama addressing the children to stay in school on Tuesday, I am saddened that there are so many people 'vvho will not allow their children to watch the broadcast. Some have accused him of indoctrinat ing our children and are simply making statements that have no validity. "The president will be making his speech available Monday to .all who wish to \ iew it prior to the actual presentation. ''The president speaks of UNIVERSAL healthcare for ALL. When President Bush went to Booker Elementary School to read to the children, no one objected, and look at the state in which he left the country. We need to pray, trust God, and join together in unity, all of which the devil is conslantly trying to tear down. It's a shame!" Jackson, the mother of twin teenage daughters who are in high school said, "I have two daughters who are very good students. I don't have a problem with someone emphasizing what I'm already encouraging at home and that is to do their best." Ms. Stephanie Brookins said, "There is still a lot of racism going on in Amelica. I don't believe there would be this much controversy if it were a Caucasian president giving a speech to the children. It wouldn't be a problem, but because he's Black, they don't want their children to hear his speech." Ms. Brookins has three grand sons in elementary school. Ms. Chris Dingle said, "I think it's imp01tant for students to be involved in the political process. If v,.e start getting them involved while they are in school then maybe more of will become involved in the process and become active registered voters in the future. "I also believe that President Obama should be praised for taking an interest in our children. President Obama is a ent and I believe that his encouraging children to do is no different that what he tells own chil dren. I think it is a great idea." Matt You_ng said, "As a concerned parent, I don't have a problem with the president re-enforcing what I tell them at home, which is do the right thing for the right reasons, focus on your education and focus on your future."


Local Expressions Otlove For Deacon Charlie Ball The concert celebration to honor Deacon Charlie Ball was held at his home church, St. John Progressive Mis sionary Baptist Church The choir loft was filled with singers anq the pews were filled with parishioners, family and well-wishers. The theme of the evening of gospel music was "A Celebration of Life Through Song, A Concert of Songs, Hymns and Jubilees." The live recording featured Deacon Ball as the guest artist. (Photos Julia Jackson) The Mass Concert Choir that performed with honoree, Dea. Charlie Ball. Another daughter, Barbara Jean Ball-Bell attended the service. Making the offering appeal was Deacon William Ford. Rev. David Jones gave the devotion Jii"Ciy:::-. Great granddaughter of the honoree, Taylor Watson gave the welcome address. Grandson of the honoree, Steven Nunn. Jarvis Glover, one of the ush-------.. Inez O'Neil shared expressions oflove. Deacon Isaac Gallmon led the devotion with 'Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee.' Olivia McNeal Fatherly, left, read a proclamation from the Hillsborough County Commissioners honoring Deacon Ball, right. c m (/) 0 (/) m "'tJ m :!: III m :::c


8 Local N a5 Reading Teacher Shares Advice For Students And Parents C/) Now that students hav e C settled in school for the C/) w :::J .,_ 2009-2010 scho ol year, Exceptional Education teacher, Betty J. Mann says her students' scores continue to exceed the school district. She has advice for students and parents to get them off to a good school year. I run my classroom like a Fortune sao company," she says. "There is structure, procedures (methods of doing something), policies (rules and consequences), teacher-directed explicit instructions (activate prior knowledge to connect with 'new skill') and guided pracC tice," she explains. ff: Ms. Mann also encour-C z w c w ::J: C/) :J m :::J 0.. z i= w ..J ..J :::J ages her students to mentor each other. Teaching 8th grade Math and 7th and 8th grade Reading at Sligh Middle Magnet School, she encourages them to ask their neighbor, 'what is an algebraic expression?' The student answers and she tell them to turn to the other neighbor and ask the same question. "This is an informal assessment of new skills while having lots of fun." BETfYMANN "I am a continuous learner and have high expectations for my students. I operate a no nonsense classroom. If the student. is a behavior problem, I will be calling day and night until I reach somebody. I go to work for one purpose and that is to teach my students." Ms. Mann is proud of the product from which she came and the educators (most of whom are deceased) whom instilled in her the impor. tance of education: Dr. Frankye A. Berry, Pop Lester, H. B. Helen O'Neil, Mama Curtis, Flossie L. Geathers, R. Brady, Marie Sheehy, Mrs. Brinson, Mrs. Mims, John Henry Evans, Mr. Turner, both Mr. Greens, Mr. Baker, Mr. J. W. Lockhart, Mr. A. J. Ferrell, J. C. Williams and Mrs. A. Hamilton. Ms. Mann leaves a mes sage to parents and teach ers : "All students can learn! If they can rap, remember their girlfriend and boyfriend's '7' digits, they can learn their math and reading skills. Encourage your child; provide a safe, supporting and loving home for them. Please visit your child's school and monitor his/her homework, projects and tests due dates." "Children are one of God's precious gifts to mankind. Handle with care!," she con cluded. A local parent who had her son enrolled in a 6-week tutoring class with Ms. Mann described her as 'awesome.' "I don't know how she did it, but in 6 weeks my son went from a 2nd grade reading level to 6th grade. He had to be test ed before he could get promoted and the teachers at the school were amazed," the parent told the Sentinel. m ..:.. w z i= z w C/) Countv To KickoH 2010 I. s. Census Campaign C a: 0 ..J LL. Hillsborough County's Complete Count Committee will kiCk-off the local Census 2010 outreach effort on Monday, Sept. 14, at 10 a.m. at the University Area Community Center Complex, 14013 N. 22nd St., in Tampa. Tbe County's Census 2010 Website, -slogan and logo will be unveiled, and the Census 2010 public service announcement produced by Hillsborough Television will be made available. April 1 is Census Day the day everyone living in the United States should com plete the 2010 Census form and return it to the United States Census Bureau. An accurate census count is vital for the Tampa Bay area. The data collected helps determine how much o of the S300 billion in feder-,.. w al funds the county will (!) receive. The planning of if infrastructure, such :1s BERNADINE WHITE KING U.S. Census District Office, Atlanta, GA schools, public transportation, highways and roads, and senior centers is based on data derived from the U.S. Census. The census totals also determine how many seats Florida has in the House of Rep rese n ta ti ves. The Sept. 14 kick-off will feature a spe cial presenta-tion from the Hillsborough County Head Start program, as well as a number of special guests including Bernadine White King, from-the U. S. c-ensus District Office in Atlanta; Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio; Plant City Mayor Rick Lott; and Temple Terrace Mayor Joe Affronti, Sr.; Hillsborough County's part ners on the Complete Count Committee. Commissioner Rose Ferlita will introduce eight honorary chairs who will head the sub-committees of the County's Complete Count Committee. For more information, contact Joyce Russell, Hillsborough County African American Liaison, at (813)276-2637, or Sandra Sroka, Hillsborough County Americans With Dis abilities Act Liaison at (813)276-2742 Graduates From Basic Training A ir F orce A irm a n 1 s t Class Kenneth L. Washington g radu a t e d from basic milit ary tra ining a t Lackla nd Air Forc e B as e San Antonio, T exas Th e airman completed an intensive, eight-week program that included training in military discipline and studies, Air Force core val ues, physical fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills. AIRMAN KENNETH WASHINGTON Airmen who complete basic training earn four credits toward an associate in applied science degree through the Community College of the Air Force. Washington is a 2005 graduate of Sickles High School, Tampa. fi" Sentinel Bulletin :::::-:: ::: !-: (813) 248-1921 Equal Employment Opportunity Training Seminar: Employment Discrimination II What Every Employee Should Knowll Thursday, September 17,2009 8 a.m. 12 p.m. Ragan Park Community Center 1200 E. lake Avenue Tampa, Florida 33605 Topics: Discipline and Discharge Intake Procedures and Mediation Americans with Disabilities Act, as Amended Racial and Hostile Work Epvironment Presenters: Attorney James W Jones, law Offices of Cynthia Sass, PA Manuel Zurita, Field Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Field Office Attorney Yvette D. Daniels, law Offices of Cynthia Sass, PA Attorney Roderick 0. Ford, Roderick 0. Ford, PLLC Law Offices Presented by the City of Tampa' s Division of Community Affairs and U S Equal Opportunity Commission. Thi s event i s free a n d open to the public and pre registration i s encouraged. To register for the seminar, please call Cherlylene Beall or Rebecca Cortes atl8t312745835 or emai l chedylene beal!@tamoagov net. The registration deadline is September tO, 2009. Paid for by the City ofTampa with funding provided from the U S EEOC. N

Roland Park School Holds Open House Man y Hillsborough Coun ty schools held their Annual Open House Ceremon y prior to the be ginning of the new school year During this time, parents and students had an opportunity to meet the teachers before the school year be gins One school that participated was Roland Park K 8 School. (Photography by Julia Jackson). Christopher, Sheila, Endia, and Eris Lovett were among those in attendance at the Open House at Roland Park K-8 School. Ms. Tanya Delgardo and Ms. Lynette Garnett were among those who attended the Open House at Roland Park K-8 School. Lee Davis Center Hosts Back To School Clothing Giveawav Lee Davis Center held its back to school clothing giveaway recently (Photography by BRUNSON) Antonia Barber, manager Lee Davis Center, with members of Destiny's Promise, youth organization of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW): Taylor, Fatima, Belinthia Berry, Destani and Dejah Jackson, Benisha Jackson, Keke Green, Daisy Johnson, Darryl Shepherd, Carolyn Hilery and Emoni Hilsman. Courtney Harriette, Dion Smith and Allen McKinzie at the Lee Davis Center back to school event. Shawnesha Renard, Deanna Hayes and Cheryl Gibbons, Senior Case Manager. Debra D. Williams assisted with the clothing giveaway. Betty Knowles and Linata Collins participated in the back to school event. SUPPORT FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ADVERTISERS Ashley James with Morqavious Sapp at the Lee Davis Center event.


g Entertainment N a) a: w D :: w ti: Manv Wept During Jackson's Funeral w en >"' < c en w ::J 1-c a: LL c z <( c en w ::J 1-w > w c w :I: en ::J D ::J a. z GLENDALE, CA --Paris Jackson wept as she stepped into the mausoleum where her father, Michael, was to be entombed. Katherine Jackson, over come by sorrow, turned back when she was faced with her son 's final resting place. On a sultry Thursday evening, amid a sea of white flowers and with a bejeweled crown placed atop his casket by his children, the King of Pop was given an intimate, private version of the lavish public memorial held shortly after his death in June. The funeral at Glendale Memorial Park was simple but touching, Gladys Knight's performance of the hymn "Our Father" (The Lord's Prayer) soared in the vast mausoleum and moved ..J ..J ::J many to tears. D When it was over, many of the 200 mourners hugged z each other. Among them t= were Elizabeth Taylor, ffi Jackson's ex:.wife Lisa en Marie Presley, Barry Bonds and Macaulay 0: Culkin. 0 The Rev. AI Sharpton, it who gave a eulogy at the public event and at Thursday's service, also extolled Knight's earlier performance of His Eye is on the Sparrow. "Gladys Knight sang her heart out. Now we prepare to lay him to rest," Sharpton posted on his Twitter account during the service that was held outside and then within the marble mausoleum. The mourners followed the crowned, lushly flowerdraped casket as Jackson's five brothers each wearing a bright red tie and a single crystal-studded glove car ried it into the_ mausoleum. The 11-year-old Paris cried as the group entered the imposing building and was comforted by her aunt, LaToya. Paris and brothers Prince Michael, 12, and Prince Michael II, 7, known as Blanket, began the service by placing the crown on their father's golden casket. They were composed through most of the hour-and-a-half ceremony. As it ended, Katherine Jackson appeared extremely weary and had to be helped to her car. lfsABovFor lave Diggs And ldina Menzel TAYE DIGGS And Wife, !DINA MENZEL LOS ANGELES --Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs are new parents of a baby boy. A publicist for the actors said Walker Nathaniel Diggs was born Wednesday. "Mother father and son are all doing well," Jessica Kolstad s aid. _Walker is the first child for Diggs and Menzel, both 38. The couple wed in 2003. They met on the Broadway production of Rent in 1996. Diggs currently stars on ABC's "Private Practice." Menzel starred in Wicked on Broadway and in the 2007 filrri. "Enchanted." She also has made guest appearances on "Private Practice." Rapper Gets 75 Years For fatal NJ Robberv MAXB HACKENSACK, NJ --Rap artist Max B and his stepbrother have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms for a deadly robbery at a northern New Jerse y hotel. Max B whose real n ame is Charly Wingate was ordered Thursday to serve 75 years. He was convicted in June of felony murder, -armed robbery and other offenses in the s eptember 2006 robbery in Fort Lee. Co-defendant Kelvin Leerdam received a life term plus 35 years after jurors found he fatally shot one of the victims. Prosecutors say the defendants and Wingate's ex girlfriend who took a plea deal and testified against them -plotted to rob two men she had recently met Wingate and Leerdam, both from Harlem in New York City, went to the victims' hotel room and demanded money before Leerdam shot one of the men. Former Del Jam Exec leaving Warner Music NEW YORK--Warner Music Group on Thursday a nnoun ced the resignation of executive vice president Kevin Liles, the one-time president of Def Jam Music Group known for his work with artists like Jay-Z, LL Cool J, an d Kanye West. Warner Music said Liles wo uld remain w ith the com pany in a consulting role, but would step down from his day-to-day duties He plans to "pursue his own entrepreneurial opportunities," the company said in a statement. Liles joined Warner Music Group from Island Def Jam KEVIN LILES Music Group in 2004, and helped take the company public the following year. Whitnev Houston Comeback Album Headed To No.1 WHITNEY HOUSTON NEW YORK --Whitney Houston struggled with her voice during her much-hyped comeback performance on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday. But industry prognosticators don't expect the diva to trip up on the charts next week. "I Look To Yoll -Houston's first album in seven years is expected to seil upward of 200,000 copies during the week ended September 6, which should easily enable it to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart when rankings are release'd next Houston would do well to suppress any loud cheers so that she doesn't hurt her famous pipes. During Tuesday's performance for 5,000 concert-goers at Central Park's Rumsey Playfield, she apologized for her v oice. 'I'm sorry. I did 'Oprah.' I've beeri talking so long ... I talked so much, my voice," she attempted to explain. "I shouldn't be talking, I should be singing," she said before breaking into ''I'm Every Woman," the last of her three-song set. tracks performed Included "Million Dollar Bill" and the album's title track, during which Houston choked up. Tvler Perrv, Winans Featured In TBS Film Special TBS has announced that Tyler Perry will host a one hour special on the network to promote his new film, "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," which hits theaters on Sept 11. Titled The Tyler Perry Show," the program will air Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 11 p.m. ET /PT and feature "revea ling conversations" with the film 's stars Taraji P. Henson, Adam Rodriguez, Gladys Knight and Pastor Marvin Winans. The special was taped at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta before a studio audience. Henson is Skyped in from China, where she talks about working on the movie, "Kung Fu Kid with Jaden Smith. Rodriguez talks about his role on "CS I: Miami;" Knight discusses her strong faith, and Winans and Perry talk about Madea's creative interpretation of the Bible. In addition, Knight will perform "Need to Be" and Winans gets the audience on their feet with "Jus t Don't Wanna Know ," both from the movie soundtrack. "The Tyler Perry Show" will follow two new episodes of Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns."


BuHalo Soldiers To Host JAMES BLACK Keeping Black history alive is the purpose for which the Bu"ifalo Soldiers exist. In a spirited undertak ing to carry out that mission, the Woods & Wanton Chapter, Florida's only certi fied unit, is lining up golfers for a "shoot-out" at MacDill Bay Palms Golf Complex. Local teams are register ing to compete in the first annual charity golf tournament. Historic Golfer James Black, who lists being a former director of Golf at Tampa's MacDill Air Force Base among his cred its, is the featured profes sional. Black, who is living history himself, will lead the field of golfers on Sunday, October 18. The shotgun start for the 2009 James Black Golf Tournament is set for 1 p.m. Both adults and youths are welcome to participate. Indiyiduals and teams who want to play can get registration information by calling or emailing Joey Henderson at (813) 8922981, Bflosgolf@hotinail. com, or George Shaw at (813) 39i-2493, shawgeorge45@yahoo.com. Black readily agree<;! to help Tampa's 9th and 1oth (Horse) Calvary of the Buffalo Soldiers to raise funds to support community services projects and acade mic scholarships for youths. Black's two sons, James, 16, and Norman, 12, will be in the field of adult and youthful players who will make up teams for the event. As part of his storied history, Black recounts that as a young man, he worked as a self-taught caddy and played with mismatched clubs until Arnold Palmer presented him with his personally endorsed golf bag and a set of new golf clubs. The record book shows that while Tiger Woods shot a 67 in the first round of his PGA Tournament in 1997, Black lists as one of Howard W. George S. BLAKE vs. MIDDELTO Ticket Locations: The Hope Center -Monday -Friday 3:30 P.M. -7:30 P. Middleton High School In Front Of The Main Office 3:00 P.M. -4:00 P.M. At The Plant City/Middleton Football Home Opener September 11th 7:30P.M. Blake High School -1701 N. Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33607 Contact Jessie Salters 813-272-3422 Florida Sentinel Office -2207 E. 21st Ave. Monday-Friday 8:00A.M.5 P.M. Tickets Are $8.00 Per Person -t c:: m CJ) his accomplishments the shooting of a 67 in the first round of his first PGA CJ) m Tournament 33 years earlier in 1964. During that decade, Black was one of 13 Black m 3: tD m :::c pro golfers to earn the pres tigious PGA Tour Card. A Black History Month ESPN feature this year, reported g that Black earned "as much as $4 million 'hustling' golf in the '6os because he wasn't able to earn much on the (PGA) tour." In his retiring years, Black is known to have an effortless swing; he calls it the conserver of energy. At the end of the tournament, he will share reflections and give autographs to players and guests at the awards dinner that starts at 5 p.m. Partriering with The Bay Area Brotherhood, the Buffalo Soldiers are assured of the participation of retired professional athletes from the Bay area. To com-., ply with security protocol, b the general public and teams az are required to register with picture ID by Oct. 12. CJ) Lonnie Reddick is m president of the Woods & Wanton Chapter of the z Buffalo Soldiers. J!! I tD c:: r rm :j z ., c:: tD r-u; :I: m c m < m :::c -< -t c:: m CJ) c )> z c ., :::c c


Sports aS a: w m :E w Freeman Will Be Buccaneer Backup w en c en w ::J .... RAHEEM MORruS On Sunday, Tampa Bay Buccaneeri head Raheem Morris officially named Josh Freeman as the team's backup quarter-0 back. Freeman will be listed fE behind starter Byron c Leftwich on the depth Z chart. <( Freeman was given the number two spot after the C Bucs sent Luke McCown en W to Jacksonville Saturday. Second-year quarterback, Josh Johnson moved up w to the number three spot. > Freeman had a rocky pre W 0 season, completing only 45% w of his attempts with one touchdown and three picks. ::J Morris said he believes m the added responsibility will ::J a.. help speed up Freeman's Z transition as a professional as the Bucs continue to pre _. pare for their season opener S against the Dallas Cowboys. m Also the Bucs released ..:. w z t= z w en a: 0 _. LL. JOSH FREEMAN kicker Matt Bryant, even though his 83.1 field goal percentage in four seasons is the best in franchise history. Bryant injured his right hamstring in practice last month and did not kick in the preseason. The Bucs also waived safe ty Steve Cargile, tackles James Lee and Anthony Ala bi, linebacker Bo Rudd, cornerbacks Kyle Arrington and Darrell Hunter, defensive tackles Rashaad Duncan and Chris Bradwell, center Rob Bruggeman, fullback Jameel Cook, defensive ends Louis Holmes and Jarriett Buie, tight ends Jason Pociask and Ryan Purvis, running back Kareem Huggins, and receivers Patrick Carter, Cortez Hankton, Marcus Maxwell and Mario Urrutia. 3602 7th Avenue* Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 I Keys Made e. 79 And Latex Flat White Paint.. ........... $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Paint.. ........ $14.90 gal Roller Pan Set.. ....................... $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes .................................. 99 ea. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! Bucs Fire Offensive Coordinator JEFF JAGODZINSKI TAMPA-Former Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski was fired Thur s day as offensive coordinator of the Tampa B a y Buccaneers, who have been unhapp y with the progress of their passing game. First-year coach Raheem Morris offered a vague explanation for the abrupt move on the eve of the team's preseason finale against the Houston Texans. Quarterbacks coach Greg Olson was promoted to Jagodzinski's role and will take over playcalling. "I have a lot of respect for coach Jags, and what he did and the effort he put into his work, but we're at the point now where we need to be more precise, we need to be more detailed and we need to have mo r e direction on where we're going to go," Morris said. Jagodzinski was hired in January, three weeks after being dismissed by Boston College for pursuing an NFL head coaching job. Ex-Spurs Forward Bowen Retires BRUCE BOWEN SAN ANTONIO TX Former San Antonio Spurs forward Bruce Bowen, long regarded as one of the best and most tenacious defend ers in the league, retired from professional basketball on Thursday. The 38y ear old w ho w on NBA championships with the Spurs in 2003, 2005 and 2007, announced his sion during a n ew s con fer enc e in S a n Antonio. It 's a jo y ou s o c c a sion f or me to b e a ble to have pla y ed this long in the NBA," s a id Bowen a fter com p letin g 12 f ull seasons in the league. ''I'm no sp r ing chicken. I'm mor e like a rooster now I could s till compete a t a high le vel but there is a lways the end of the road I have been thinking about this o ver the past fiv e y ears and each year it put more thought in m y head that ma y be the time is nearing I alwa y s wanted to leave on m y own terins and I've been fortunate enough to be able to do that now. Patriots Trade sevmour To Raiders F O XBOROUGH, M as s F ive-tim e P r o B ow l d e f e n s i ve l i n e m a n Richard Seymour h as b ee n tra d e d f r o m the N ew E n g l a n d P atrio t s t o the O a kl and R a id e r s, g i v in g th e re build i n g fra n c h ise a vet era n s t a lwart up front. Seymour i s in the fin a l year of a con trac t p ay ing him $3 7 million this seas on. In r e turn the P a tri o t s r ece ived a fir s tro und d r aft c h oice in 2011. "From nearly the day h e arrived in 2001, Richard Seymour established him self as one of our premier players for nearly a decade," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Sunday. "His presence has been felt as a forc e on the fie ld a respect ed m a n off it and a multi year champion." RICHARD SEYMOUR The 29-ye a r-old Seymour was drafted by the Patriots sixth overall in 2011, and started 105 of 111 games over eight seasons. He made 460 tackles and 39 sacks, and in 2002 was selected to the first of five consecutive Pro Bowls. Also, QB Jeff Garcia was cut by the Raiders. Chargers' Merriman Arrested; Girlfriend savs He Choked Her SHAWNE MERRIMAN SAN DIEGO -San Diego Charger s linebacker Shawne Merriman was arrested Sunda y a nd accus ed of chok ing a nd restr a ining his girl friend realit y TV s t a r Tila Tequila, as she tried to leave his Southern California home Tequila, 27, signed a citizen's arrest warrant charging Merriman with battery and false imprisonment, S a n Diego County Sheriff's Lt. Gary Steadman said Deputies responded about 3:45a.m. to Merriman's house in Poway, north of San Diego after a woman called to say she was choked by the player and physically restrained when she had tried to leave, according to a Sheriff's Department statement. Merriman, 25, was taken into custody. Authorities declined to s a y wh ether h e h a d posted bail or been relea s ed pending an after noon news conference. Tequila was taken to a hospital. Her condition was not immediately available. Vick Eligible For Week 3 NEW YORK --Michael Vick got the green light for full re i nstatement in the NFL on Thursday when commis s ioner Roger Goodell said he could play later this month instea d of waiting until October. Vick, recently signed by the Philadelphia will now be able to play i n the Sept 27 game at home against the Kansas Cit y Chiefs. It would be his first regular-season game since he was sent to prison for his role in operat ing a dogfighting ring. The former Atlanta Falcons star was released from federal custody July 20 after serving 18 months of a 23-month sentence. "I've been doing everything MICHAEL VICK I could, just trying to do all the right things and make sure I just stay on course," Vick said. "I'm happy with the decision.


Sports GriHev Open To Plavinu Another Year KEN GRIFFEY JR. OAKLAND, CA --Ken Griffey Jr. sure seems like someone who wants to stick around the Seattle Mariners for another season. "If it works out for both sides, I'm fine," Griffey said before the Mariners opened a four-game series against the Oakland Athletics on Thursday night We'll figure it out at the end of the year. We'v e still got 30 days." Griffey is as happy as he's been in years, back where he began his 21-year big league career in 1989 and is still beloved despite leaving for nearly nine seasons v.rith the Cincinnati Reds He believes he can still produce. While Griffey won't go as far as to say he's leaning toward play ing in 2010, he'd be game for another year in Seattle if the situation was right for both himself and the club. And as long as his body holds up, of course. The 39-year-old Griffey returned to the lineup as the designated hitter batting in the cleanup spot against Oakland after missing six games with inflammation in his left knee. He entered with a .221 batting average, 14 homers and 43 RBis. Griffey said he has always waited until the end of a sea son to evaluate things and make decisions, discussing the future with his wife and kids, too. And this year won't be any different, even when he faces constant questions about whether this year might be the last in his deco rated career. Woods on A Roll, Except For His Puninu TIGER WOODS NORTON --Tiger Woods created a slight stir Thursday morning on the TPC Boston when a Nike representative approached him on the first tee carrying two putters. One was the Scotty Cameron model that Woods has used in 72 worldwide victories and 13 majors over the last 11 years. That's the putter he was using when. he missed one crucial putt after another on the back nine at Hazeltine to lose the PGA Championship, the same one in his hands when he missed a 7-foot birdie putt on the final hole last week at The Barclays. The other putter that Rick Nichols brought him was a Nike model. Woods studied it with a meticulous eye, leaning the putter on its toe as he looked down the shaft. Is the world's No. 1 player so frustrated that he is willing to finally change putters? Is he fed up with missed putts that cost him a chance to win the last two tournaments? Not quite. Woods was only checking the alignment of the grip on his backup putter. He prefers it to be 1 degree to the right, which slightly closes the blade on impact. This grip was too square, and the glue had already dried before Woods could twist it where he wanted it. He has several_backup putters, which hardly any one ever mentions. "That's because I haven't needed it," Woods said. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers Lebron Open To Shon Term Deal With cavs LEBRON JAMES AKRON, OH --Police halt traffic so the King can pass. Speeding downhill and through an intersection where the traffic signal glows red, LeBron James rolls onto a long bridge overlook ing a lush Ohio valley of tree tops glistening in the morn ing sun. The city that raised him now trailing behind, James separates from the pack. Alone. At last For a rare moment in a whirlwind summer, James is free nothing in front but open road. He rises from his bicycle seat and pumps the pedals harder, as if he wants to escape the perpetual spot light. Faster, faster. But soon he squeezes the brakes and steers around orange pylons and makes a U-turn. Then, along with close pal Chris Paul, the All-Star point guard from New Orleans, and hundreds of other riders in his annual charity bike event, James, one season from possibly leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers as a free agent, heads back toward the place he will always call home. Akron. The Rubber City he made bounce again. "It's made me who I am," he says lovingly. BEAUTY UNLIMITED SAMANTHA This week, the Sentinel's Spotlight is shining on Lady Samantha. Samantha is a fun-loving young lady Who enjoys making the most out of everyday. The philosophy that she lives by is "Life is what you make it." So, she maintains a positive attitude about life. There are many things that Samantha plans on accomplishing, but for the moment she is concentrating on becoming a model. Congratulations, Samantha the Sentinel's Spotlight is shining on you! Se Habla Espanol All Insurance! 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c a: LL. c z < c en w :::1 .... > a: w > w c w :::z:: en ::::i D :::1 D. z i= w ...J ...J :::1 Ill I ...J w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ...J LL. IN MEMORIAM ROSEBUD THOMAS "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and 'bring you home again." You are missed and loved by your beloved husband, Rev. Harold Thomas, Sr: ; your beloved daughter, grandchildren, brothers and sisters; and a host of nephews and nieces. BIRTHDAY MEMORIES FRANK SCOTT lri memory of Frank Scott on his birthday, September 9th. It has been seven months since you left us, although it seems like yesterday. You will forever have a place in our hearts. Wife, Annie Scott; children, grands and the rest of your fainily. U!t our twnilv takern1e of)uur fiunily ""' urethe key'tou fint>WKiqualit y,..Yice-Harmon Funeral Home John'\\'. Hannon, L F D Jatnes Harm.on, L. F. D 5002 N 40th St. 626-8600 FUNERAL HOME Our Business Is SeiVice" 3000 N. 2!JII Sl Tampa, FL 3360J (800) 605-3350 (813) 248-i125 www. Ylil$on.funt.ralhome.tum National Strav Bullets Kill And Wound At HBCU A student a t historica ll y Bla c k Sp elman College w a s shot and killed by a stra y bullet early Thursday on the campus of another nearby HBCU, Clark-Atlanta University. Gunfire broke out during a fight at ClarkAtlanta, killing Jasmine Lynn, a 19year-old sophomore from Kansas City, Mo., and wounding an 18-year-old student from Clark-Atlanta Neither Lynn, a psychology major at Spelman, a histori cally Black woman' s college, nor the 18-year-old, whose name has not been released, were involved in the alterca tion, police said. Police have JASMINE LYNN not released any information regarding suspects in the case according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Just this week, President Obama proclaimed this National Historically Black College and University Week. Football Star Tackles Girl With Gun On School Bus MISSISSIPPI A Mississippi high school foot ball player is being hailed as a hero for saving a school bus full of elementary and high school students from a gun: wielding girl. Kaleb Eulls, 18, says h e tried to keep the gun-wielding girl's focus on him and away from other students. Surveillance camera footage on the Yazoo county school bus on Tuesday captured 18-year-old Kaleb Eulls tackling the 14-year-old girl while the children evacu ated the bus. Eulls mana ged to wrestle the .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun from her, Yazoo County Sheriff Thomas Vaughan told CNN. Eulls was asleep with headphones in his ears when the 14-year-old girl rose from her seat with a weapon in her hand, he told CNN's "American Morning." "One of my sisters woke me up and said, 'Kaleb, the girl has a gun, he said. Watch Eulls describe what happened Twenty-two children ages 5 to 18 were on the bus to Linwood Elementary, Yazoo County Junior High and Yazoo County High schools when the incident began, Vaughan said The girl started pacing the aisle, shouting and pointing the gun, threatening to shoot those she accused of teasing EVERm-DERR & ANDERSON FUNERAl HOME Mrs. Irene Miller, Tampa KALEBEULIS her, Eulls said. At one point, the bus driver calmly called her up to the front and attempted to talk her down But sh e returned to the middle of the bus and resumed shouting most of which is inaudible on the footage, except for the com ment "Don't talk to me. That's when Eulls, a 6-foot-4-inch 255-pound high school senior who has verbally committed to play for Mississippi State University after graduation, went into action "I just tried to get her to focus directly on me, just point the gun at me, so I would know _she's not pointing it at anyone else besides me," he said. "And in a split second, I guess she just looked off the bus or flinched or blinked, and I knew that would be my only chance, and I just went at her." The defensive end and quarterback,_ recognized as one of the best players in the state by The Clarion-Ledger newspaper in Jackson, tack led the girl to the floor and took the gun from her. After I got the gun loose, I told my bus driver that I had it, and I ran out the back of the bus with it and disarmed it he said. For The First Time In 35 Years, Atlanta Could Have White Mavor The city th a t became a post c ivil rights movement emblem of th e political power held by African-Americans could have a White mayor for the first time in a generation -a pos sibility that has some in the Black community scrambling to hold on to City Hall. Atlanta Councilwoman Mary Norwood, who is white, is one of the front-runners for the Nov 3 election, along with City Council President Lisa Borders and state Sen. Kasim Reed, both of whom are Black. All three have bristled at a racially charged e-mail circulated by a Black leadership group for Norwood's defeat before a possible runoff If the Black candidates split the African-American vote, Norwood may find her self in a runoff. "I suspect we will see high levels of racial polarization, said University of Georgia political science professor Charles Bullock. "This e mail may have been used to promote turnout, to get high er levels of participation from the Black community. But it could also spark higher levels of p a rticipation in the White MARY NORWOOD community. It's a scare tactic Atlanta, which has billed itself as "the city too busy to hate," elected Maynard Jackson as its first Black mayor in 1973. Blacks :who had won the right to vote less than a decade earlier rallied behind Jackson, who forced the city's white business elite to open their doors to minori ties and adopted strict affirmative action policies. His election solidified the voting power of urban Blacks, and the city has elected Black mayors since. And while Blacks have been the majority population and voting bloc in the city for decades, the demographics have changed in recent ye a rs. Designer Handbag Saves Shooting Victim From lniurv BALTIMORE, MD -Employees at Kennedy Kreiger will be briefed by city police Thursday, two days after a shooting that injured one worker and barely missed another The shooting followed an argument between teenage girls that simmered all afternoon before escalating to a life threatening situation on the corner of Madison Street and North Broadway. 'The fight escalated and at some point the suspect in the case appeared at the scene and brandished a weapon and opened fire without warning ... we later arrested that suspect after we were able to gather information from wit nesses City Police Detective Donnie Moses told ABC2 News. Bullets were flying everywhere. One of the giils involved in the fight had. a bullet pass through her pants leg without hitting her. T w o women who were just leaving the Kennedy Krieger Institute had bullets that found a mark. One woman had a bullet graze her thumb. The other had a bullet hit her cherished hand bag, a TIMOTHY GASKINS, SR. Vera Bradley original "The victims in this case had absolutely nothing po with the initial argument the fight or anything to do with this the only had a gun shot wound to the tliumb and the other, her purse was struck," Moses said.


Crime Man Charged With Anempted Murder LESLIE JONES ... Shot Three Times A 39-year-old man is being held without bond for attempted murder during a shooting at an East Tampa apartment complex. The shooting took place Thursday night in the 3800 block of Jackson Court. According to police, Leslie Jones, 18, and several others were playing dice in the Jackson Court Apartments shortly before 8 p m., Thursday. The man, identified as .Johnnie Lee Jordan, Jr., is said to have approached the group with his gun already drawn and the group dispersed. Jordan is alleged to have chased Jones yelling for him to "get down" while fir ing the .45 caliber handgun. Police said approximately ten rourids were fired as Jones attempted to flee. Jones was struck in the wrist, foot, and thigh while JOHNNIE JORDAN, JR ... Being held without bond on attempted murder charge running through the com plex as the suspect fired the gun. At some point, Jones collapsed behind a house near the cornet of Lindell and 32nd Street. He was transported to a local hospi tal where he was treated for injuries in which &e is expected to recover. Jordan was reportedly identified as the suspect by witnesses who positively identified him in a photo pack. Witnesses also told police Jordan allegedly said "I got that.:." as he left the area. Jordan was later arrested outside his residence with out incident. He is being at the Hillsborough County Jail without bond. He is charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery with great bodily harin, and possession of cocaine. UNCLE SANDY 3, s ; 27 "When it. seems that you have reached the end of your. .rope, 12 r 13, 19 tie a knot in it and keep holding on 40, 47, 49:' llllr:1Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective l. Richardson at (813) 394-2063. Reward Offered To Anyone With Information Leading To The Arrest Of 'BOBBIE' MCCIGGlE Suspect In Cheerleader's Murder Surrenders DANIEL WILLIAMS surrendered to deputies for the shooting of Jazmine Thompson. JAZMINE THOMPSON ... shot to death while sitting in a car with three other girls. MANATEE COUNTYAn 18-year-old male sunendered to Manatee county deputies Friday night. Daniel Floyd Williams was being sought for the shooting death of 17-year old high school cheerleader, Jazniine Thompson. Thompson died Friday night after she was shot while sitting in a car with three girls, two of them classmates, near southeast High School. Deputies said Williams approached the car and struck up a conversation. The conversation became heated, and deputies said Williams started waving a gun around. The gun went off, with a round striking Thompson. When emergency person nel arrived, Thompson was pronounced dead. Williams surrendered to deputies at 10 p.m. and was charged with second-degree murder. Thompson was the second Bayshore High School student shot to death in Manatee County. Last month, DeJuan Williams was shot after he discovered his younger sister had two boys in the house without permission and confronted one of them in the backyard. -4 c m CJ) c Teenager Charged With Rape In Ybor Garage CJ) m m 3: aJ m :::D Th e T a mp a Polic e D epartment ha s arreste d a 1 7 year-old in connection with a s exu a l battery that took place in Ybor City According to police, Javon Cooper was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder, attempted sexual battery and aggravated battery with great bodily harm. On August 19th, at approxi mately 2 :45 p.m., a 38-year old woman was attacked in the Fernando Noreiga Ybor City Parking Garage, 2010 N 13th Street. The woman told police she was opening the driver's door of her vehicle when she was grabbed from behind by a man who began strangling her. The woman said she was in fear of her life and pretended to pass out but he continued strangling her until she lost consciousness. The woman further stated that when she awoke, she observed the sus pect running away. She also realized that her pants and underwear had been removed, police said. She reported the attack to police and was transported to a local hospital, where she JAVONCOOPER Charged in garage attack was treated and released. Based on the victim's description of her attacker, police observed a man fitting that description at the inter section of Nebraska Avenue and Estelle Street last week. He was about to board a bus when apprehended. Police said the man, identi-! N g co fied as J avon Cooper, was uncooperative with detectives and was arrested on outstanding warrants for 2 counts of burglary, grand "11 theft, and auto theft. r-Last Thursday, Cooper was 0 also charged with the attack that took place in the garage. He was arrested and trans-CJ) ported to the Juvenile m Assessment Center, police said. z m Grand Jurv Indicts Man Accused Of Killing OHicer r;aJ c r r-!!I HUMBERTO DELGADO, JR. ... Accused of killing a Tampa Police officer Last Thursday, a grand jury indicted a Tampa man accused of fatally wounding a Tampa Police officer. He was indicted on the charges of first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, carrying a concealed weapon, and depriving a law enforcement officer of means of protection. On Wednesday, August 19th, shortly before 10 p.m., veteran Tampa Police Cpl. Mike Roberts was on routine patrol in the Sulphur Springs area, when he observed a man-pushing a shopping cart filled w'ith items. Corporal Roberts approached the man near the intersection of Artie Street and Nebraska Avenue. At some point, the suspect began to struggie with Cpl. Roberts and the officer attempted to use his taser. The suspect broke free and ran across Nebraska Avenue, with Cpl. Roberts in pur-z suit. "'tJ The two men continued 5j fighting and the suspect rpulled a handgun and began en to pistol whip the officer. The ::::1: man is alleged to have theri lB fired one shot striking Cpl. m Roberts on the right side of < the chest, an area not protect-ed by his bulletproof vest, -< police said. -4 Witnesses told police they ffi observed the suspect run CJ) back to the shopping cart after Cpl. Roberts had been shot and remove a large can -)> vas bag. Sgt. Mumford did Z not pursue the suspect, but attempted to provide assis-:::c tance to Cpl. Roberts. Cpl. c Roberts was transported to Tampa General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 10:50 p.m. After the shooting, police brought in a K-9 unit and tracked the suspect, later identified as 34-year-old Humberto Delgado, Jr. Delgado surrendered with out incident. Police recovered 4 guns from the shopping cart Delgado had in his posses sion. Three were handguns and one was the Rifle. Police receipts for the purchase of the guns. They were bought in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Cpl. Roberts, 38, joined the Tampa Police Department 11 years ago. "tt During his tenure with the l> department, he served in patrol unti l 2005. At that ..... time, he became a K-9 officer. -...!


O'l 0 0 N CIO a:: w al w a.. w (/) 0 (/) w ::::> c a:: LL c z < c (/) w :::::> .... w > w c w ::I: (/) :::i m :::::> ll. z i= w ..J ..J :::::> m ..J w z i= z w (/) < c it: 0 ..J LL 00 ..... w (.!) NOTICE OF ACTION BEFORE THE FLORIDA BOARD OF ACCOUNTANCY IN RE: The Practice Of Accounting Michael Behrens 23437 Shining Star Drive Tampa FL 34639 CASE NO.: 2007-060199 LICENSE NO: : AC 35465 The Department of Business and Profess i onal Regulati on has filed an Administrative Complaint against you, a copy of which may be obta i ned by contacting, Sarah Wachman, Agency Clerk, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, 1940 North Monroe Street, Suite 33 Tallahassee, FL 32399-2203, (850) 921-0342. If no contact has been made by you concerning the above by SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 the matter of the Administrative Complaint will be presented at a hearing pursuant to 120 57(2}, F S before the Florida Board of Accountancy In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing a special accommodation to particlpate in this proceeding should contact the individual or agency sending notice not later than seven days prior to the proceeding at the address given on notice. Telephone: (850) 257-6097; 1-800-955-8771 (TOO) or 1-800-955-8770 (v), via Florida Relay Service. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD, AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT PROJECTS REQUIRING ARCHITECTURAL, ENGINEERING, AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES The SCHOOL BOARD OF H ILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Florida announces that profess ional architectural engineer ing, and construction management services w ill be required for the follow ing projects : Requirement Construction Site Description Arch Engr CM Start Complete Budget Bloominadale Renovation X TBD TBD $15 200 000 Gaither Renovat ion X TBD TBD $15 200 000 Multiple Sites Convert classrooms X X Jun 2010 Aug 2010 $1,680 000 to reading labs Mult i ple Sites Convert classrooms X X Jun 2010 Aug 2010 $1,680,000 to reading labs Plant Classroom Addition X Jan 2010 Aug 2010 $2 660,000 {16 CR) Erwin HVAC Renovation X X Jun 2010 Auq 2010 $4 191 603 Northwest HVAC Renovation X Jun 2010 Aug 2010 $1 144 000 Ferrell HVAC Renovation X Jun 2010 Auq 2010 $2 550 758 Tampa Palms HVAC Renovation X Jun 2010 Aug 2010 $2 649 081 Yates HVAC Renovation X Jun 2010 Aug 2010 $2,770,828 Stewart HVAC Renovation X Jun 2010 Auo 2010 $2 805 437 Trapnell Connect wastewater X Jun 2010 Dec 2010 $1,056,000 to utilitv Mann Roof replacement X Jun 2010 Aug 2010 $1,484 560 Any applicant interested in providing the required services shall make appl i cation by submission of the materials prescribed in the Project Information Packet. The Project Information Packet, add i tional project information and the weights associated with each qualification and evaluation criteria can be obtained by contacting the School District's Construction Office at (813) 272-4112 or via the Internet through either the District's Vendor Bid system or at http :/1168.254. 1 35/aspmenu/news_pages/news aspx All mater i als must be submitted to the Hil, lsborough County Publi c Schools Procurement Department, 3rd Floor, 901 E. Kennedy Boulevard Tampa, Flor ida 33602 by 3:00 p.m. on September 24, 2009. Avon Representatives Needed All Areas! Call 813-832-4282 Or E-mail AVONLADYGEORGIA @ YAHOO COM Cutting It Low Barbers & Braiders Wanted GO/Parsons -Brandon (813) 217-2462 THE SCHOOL BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA MARYELLEN ELlA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Receive $8,000 Tax Credit From The IRS (Must Be In Home By November 30, 2009) Newly Renovated Home Only $77,800 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths ; Double Fenced Yard; Stainless Steel Appliances ; Ceramic Tile ; In H Downpayment And Or Closing Costs Assistance Available. Call Now 813-601-6077 HUD Homes! 3/2-$199 00/Monthly! 4 Bedroom Only $215 00/Monthly! 5% Down 15 Years@ 8% Listings 800-366-9783 Ext 5490 Contact LaVORA@ (813) 248 1921 To Publish Your Classified Or Legal Advertisement


EGAL Notice of Public Hearing A public hearing will be held by the Land Use Hearing Officer pursuant to Hillsborough County Land Development Code beginning at 9:00 a m., September 25 2009, at the Board Room 2nd floor of the County Center 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa to hear the following requests Cop i es of the applications department reports and legal descri pt i ons are available for public inspection in a master file maintained by the Planning and Growth Management Department and the Cler k of the Board of County Commissioners All i nterested persons wishing to submit testimony or other evidence in this matter must subm i t same to the Hearing Master at the public hear ing before him/her. The decision of the Land Use Hearing Officer will be filed with the Clerk within fifteen ( 15) working days after the conclusion of the public hearing ANY PERSON WHO MIGHT WISH TO APPEAL ANY DECISION OR RECOMMENDATION MADE BY THE LAND USE HEARING OFFICER OR THE GOVERNING BODY REGARDING ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT THE FORTHCOMING PUBLIC HEARING OR MEETING IS HEREBY ADVISED THAT THEY WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE THEY MAY NEED TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS IS MADE AS IT WILL INCLUDE THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH SUCH APPEAL IS TO BE BASED Additional information concerning these requests may be obtained by calling the Department of Planning and Growth Management at (813) 276-2058 VARIANCE REQUESTS Petition VAR 09-0454-TNC, Yosman"y Cuella r request i ng a Va r iance to allow a community residential home within 1000' of another community residential home for property located 6021 W Paris St zoned RSC-9 Petition VAR 09-0544ER, First Baptist Church of Midway, Inc, requesting a Variance to buffering/screening and setback requirements for property located 2902 Midway Rd, zoned AS -1. Petition VAR 09-0760-RU, Jack & Doris Castillo, requesting a Var i ance to buffering/screening and setback requirements for p r operty located 516 SUS Hwy 41 (Tamiami Trail) zoned C -G. Petition VAR 09-0902-NWH, Thomas K Zander, requesting a Variance to the wetland setback requirements for property located 7403 and 7405 Seagull Way zoned RSC-6 Petition VAR 09-0903-LU, James E Lynch, requesting a Variance to the scenic corridor, fence and setback requirements for property located 16230 Livingston Ave, zoned ASC-1. Petition VAR 09-0905-SR, Maurice S & Karen Greenwood, requesting a Variance to easement requirements for property located 14912 Lone Pine Way, zoned AR Petition VAR 09-0933-CW, Susan Marie Young, requesting a Variance to fence & setback requirements for property located 13325 Lake George Lane, zoned POH Petition VAR 09-0947-LU, Joseph 0 & Sally K Menendez, requesting a Variance to the accessory structure and setback requ i rements for property located 19016 Hanna Rd, zoned ASC-1 Petition VAR 09-0957-USF, Tampa Korean First Methodist Church;, requesting a Variance to the setback and buffer/screening requirements for property located 1317 Sinclair Hills Rd, zoned AS-1 Petition VAR 09-0960-SR, Jonathan & Cynthia Boden, requesting a Var i ance to the temporary mobile home requirements for property located 10117 Allen Rd, zoned AM Petition VAR 09-0961-RV, Charlene Kjeer, requesting a Variance to the easement/flaglot and accessory structure requirements for property located w/s of Monette Rd, 1/4 mile n/o Winn Rd, zoned RSC-2 Petition VAR 09-0963-BR, Morse Operations requesting a Sign Variance for property located 11020 Causeway Blvd, zoned PD-MU Petition VAR 09-0988-ER, Stephan Wand David Langford Monn requesting a Variance to the buffering/screening, easement and setback requirements fo r property located 4912 Sydney Rd, zoned AS-1. 5 Bedrooms/4 Baths Bank Foreclosure! $34,900! Only $405.00/Monthly! 5% Down 15 Years At 8% Listings 800-366 9783 Ext H489 LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EBPM Corporation 2 3, 4 Bedroom Homes And Apartments New Paint, Ceramic Tile Carpet, CHA, WDH, Fenced No Pets Section 8 Ok (813) 949-3482 EMPLOYMENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT .... APARTMENTS DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN 2009 23rd Street (Ybor City) 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $750 00/Monthly 1219 E. Palifox 3 Bedroom/1 Bath $1,000/Month l y Fenced Backyard With Utility Shed (813) 985-4758 (813) 504-1645 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ADVERTISERS Notice Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant To Section 865.09 Florida Statutes NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of Learning Space located at 5202 Whiteway Drive, in the County of Hillsborough, in the City of Temple Terrace, Florida 33617 intends to register the said name with the Division of Cor porations of the Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, Florida Dated at Tampa Florida, thi s 8th day of September. 2009 Sole Owner(s) Nadine Burnside 2 Bedroom Central Heat/Air Fenced Yard, Patio Washer/Dryer Hook-up Water Included Section 8 Welcome (813) 962-8600 HUD HomE's! 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths $199 00/Monthly! 4 Bedroom Only $215 00/Monthly 5% Down 15 Years@ 8% ; Listing 800-366-9783 Ext 5649 FAIR GROUNDS AREA 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Cement Block Family Room Screened Patib Excellent Condition Great Neighborhood No Section 8 $795 00/Monthly 813-286-0780 The Haven Of RCS Is Looking To Fill The Position Of Delta Coordinator. Location : Clearwater, Flo r ida Serving Pinellas Knowledge Of Domestic Violence & Primary Prevention A Plus BS Required MS Preferred Experience Teaching Middle School Age (11-14 YOA) Required Drug Free Workplace Level II Background Check Required Fax Resume To Chris At 727-461-4702 Or Email To Christ i ne.warwick@rcsp i nellas org Jackson Heights 2 Bedroom/1 Bath House Fenced Yard $585 DO/Monthly $350 00/Deposit Call (813) 482-2234 Furnished 3 Bedroom/2 Bath With Pool, CHA Washer & Dryer Included $950 00/Monthly No Deposit Call (813) 223-1490 Busch Garden Area Nice 2 Bedroom/1 Bath New Carpet, New Pai nt $600 Monthly + Deposit Includes Water Section 8 Welcome Call 510-366-4600 Palm River Area 5811 12th Avenue 4 Bedroom/2 Bath WDH CHA Large Yard 3 Years Old Section 8 Welcome (813) 621-7493 Sulphur Springs 2/1 Home Remodeled New Everything Washer/Dryer Included Very Nice $750 00/Monthly $400 00/Deposit Section 8 Preferred (813) 690-3320 c m Cf) 0 Cf) m ""C m m m ::0 co N 0 0 CD "T1 r-0 c )> Cf) m z ::! z m r-I m c r-r-m z ""C c m r-en ::I: m c m < m c m Cf) c )> z c "T1 2!! c G) m ..a. CD


0) 0 0 N co a::: w Ill :!: w I-a.. W en >-" <( c en w ::::::> I-c 02 u. c z <( c en w ::::::> .... w > w c w J: en :J Ill ::::::> a. z i= w _. _. ::::::> Ill _. w z i= z w en <( c 02 0 _. u. 0 N w (!) Sulphur Spring Area 4/2 Central A/C WID Hook up 8420 North 18th Street $900 00/Monthly Call (813) 610-4518 340 3 N. 48th Street 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Section 8 Welcome Available October 1st Call (813) 713-4055 Or Darrel (813) 735-5295 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Central Heat And Air Washer/Dryer Hook-up Carport $750 00/ Monthly $500 00/Deposit Call (813) 877-9192 Or (813) 877-3406 Ybor City And West Tampa 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes As Low As A $500.00 Deposit Section 8 Welcomed Call V & V (813) 259-4663 www. myfinancialconnections com West Tampa 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Completely Renovated Block Home Must See! Av ailable Now Section 8 Welcome Rent Negotiable (813) 610-8256 Sulphur Springs 512 Block Home Huge Living Room WDH, CHA Fenced Backyard $900 00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable Serious Only Call (813) 957-1117 Available Immediately MacDill & Spruce 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Very Large Fenced Lot Two Utility Rooms Section 8 Only Available Now (813) 240-8108 2806 33rd Street 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook-up Fenced Yard Section 8 Accepted Call Joe@ (813) 545-5518 Ybor Area 4 Bedrooril/2 Bath Home Newly Renovated, CHA WDH, Near Schools And Busline $925.00/Monthly $800 00/Security Call (813) 505-1860 3301 East 27th Avenue 4/2 Corner Lot 6 Car Parking Near Schools $1 200 00/Monthly $ 1 ,000 00/Security Section 8 Welcome Mike (813) 244-0658 $215.00/Monthly! 4 Bedroom/3 Bath HUD Homes! 5% Down 15 Years @8% For Listings 800-366-9783 Ext 5492 West Tampa 4/2 Remodeled Home Tile Floors, New Kitchen Bathrooms Central A/C Must See Section 8 Welcome Rent Negotiable Available Now Call (813) 610-8256 Tampa Home For Rent 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths 2609 Genessee Street Section 8 OK Call Leib Or Denise At (813) 689-6595 Sulphur Spring Area 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Central A/C, WID Hook-up 8415 North 18th Street $750 00/Monthly Call (813) 610-4518 Section 8 Only 2712 N. Stallone Drive 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Block Home WDH, Alarm System Fenced Backyard Carport Patio, Garage No Pets $1 ,230 00/Monthly $600 00/Security Negotiable LaShawn (813) 841-2921 Move In Special! 1 Bedroom/1 Bath For Rent $485. GO/Monthly Available Near USF And Mall Call 81.3-778-2776 Sulphur Springs Apartment 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, No Pets $575 .00 $600 00/Monthly Water Included Call (813) 810-7725 Or (813) 996-7725 Move-In Specials Section 8 Accepted 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Apartments, CHA $625.00/Monthly & Up Monthly 0 Deposit Call (813) 972-1560 For All Your Legal Or Classified Advertising Needs ..... Call LaVORA @ (813) 248-1921 Emailledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax 24/7 To (813) 248-9218 $215.00/Monthly! 2002 E. 142nd Avenue 4 Bedroom/ 3 Bath HUD Homes! 2 Bedroom/1 Bath 5% Down, 15 Yers Apartment, CHA @ 8% APR $650 00/Monthly No Application Fee For Listings No Credit Check 800-366-9783 Ext 5492 Call (813) 244-9335 Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit SECTION 8 (3 UNITS) 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, WDH Apartments Near Everything $695 00/Monthly Call (813) 546-7782 Includes WSG Non-Smokers Cinnamon Cove Near Everything Apartments Call 813-239-6199 12401 N. 15th Street Starting At $425 00 1 & 2 Bedroom On-Site Laundry And Apartments Convenient To Everything Starting At $500.00 Call (813) 971-5254 Tile Floors Walk In Closet Busch Garden Area Ask About Our Nice 2 Bedroom/1 Bath 2 Bedroom New Carpet, New Paint Close-Out Special" $600 Monthly + Deposit Includes Water Sec 8 Welcome CALL Call 510-366-4600 813-975-0258 Sentinel Bulletin AVAILABLE AT THESE LOCATIONS New Tampa Area Shell Gas (Bruce B Downs Blvd./Skipper Rd. ) Sweet Bay (Bruce B Downs Blvd./Highland Pkwy. CVS Drugs (Seffner & Valrico) 625 W. M .L.K. Jr. Blvd. (7) 2502 W. Hillsborough Ave. (7) 5502 E Fowler Ave. (7) 4001 E. Busch Blvd. (7) 2911 E. Fowler Ave. (7) 715 W. M .L.K. Jr. Blvd. (S) 2725 N MacDill Ave. (7) .611 S Howard Ave. (7) HESS EXPRESS Busch Blvd. (By Bush Gardens) Florida Ave. I Linebaugh Ave. Sweet Bay Super Markets (Brandon, Seffner. Riverview & Valrico) 6929 U S Highway 301 N. (R) 2535 W Brandon Blvd. (V) 1101 E. Bloomingdale Blvd. (B) 1247 Kingsway Blvd. (S) 11230 E M .L.K. Jr. Blvd. (S) 205 E. Alexander St., Plant City 597 S Wheeler St., Plant City Wai-Mart (Tampa & Brandon) 949 E Bloomingdale Ave. (B) 2701 E Fletcher Ave. (T) 1111 0 Causeway Blvd. (B) 12808 E Brandon Blvd. (B) 1601 W Kennedy Blvd. (7) 8885 N. Florida Ave. (7) Coin Box Locations HARTLine Terminals (University Area) Livingston Ave. (West Tampa) Hime and /MLK Blvd. (East Lake Area) 56th Street Orient Jai l Orient Road Falkenburg Jail, Fa!Jikenburg Rd. River Pines Apts., 40th Street Centro Place, 21st Ave./15th St. JL Young Apts. Nebraska/Bird St. Epiphany Arms Apts., Hanna/22nd Univ. Comm. Hosp., 30th/Fletcher St. Joseph_ Hosp., MLK!Habana Tampa Gen. Hosp. by McDonalds Presbyterian Village-North Blvd.


Grant Park Area 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Central A/C, WDH $700 00/Monthly $400 00/Deposit Phone (813) 325-8387 Nice Area Section 8 Only 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, WDH Receive $200.00 Cash With Signed Lease 0 Deposit (813) 789-3879 Hyde Park North Cute 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Apartment Quiet Neighborhood Central A/C $700 00 307 North Freemont Ave. Call (813) 966-3926 Sulphur Springs Section 8 Welcome 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Central A/C Washer/Dryer Hook-up $800 00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable Phone (813) 728-7510 Section 8 Rental 2 Bedroom Duplex Washer/Dryer And Water Included 1 Bedroom Voucher Accepted $650 00/Monthly Call 813-956-5607 Sulphur Springs Section 8 Welcome 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Central A/C Washer/Dryer Hook-up $800 00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable Phone (813) 728-7510 DUPLEX 1504 E. 138th Ave. 3/1, CHA W/D Hook-up $795 00/Month $500/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Ron (813) 920-1085 (813) 690-6664 10007 N 14th Street Apt#A (Off Linebaugh) 2/1 -Duplex CHA, W/W Carpet, WDH Section 8 Welcomed $350. 00/Deposit Call (813) 986-3205 (813) 310-8598 Duplex North Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Tile Throughout, CHA All Appliances Included $700.00/Monthly $400. 00/Deposit Available Now Section 8 OK Phone (813) 917-0645 Room For Rent Central Heat & Air Drug Free $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Call (813) 786-4155 Rooms For Rent Clean, Quiet Air Conditioned Older Adults Preferred $400 00/Monthly Call (813) 516-1559 Rooms For Rent Single Individuals Preferred $125.00/Weekly Call (813) 784-0508 For More Information GET NOTICED ..... Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora @ (813) 248-1921 For Detailed Information And Rates Fixed Income Room Special $350 00/Month Includes All Utilities Washer And Dryer On Premises Call Annie (813) 247-1844 Room For Rent Hillsborough & Himes AJC, Cable, Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $85.00 Deposit $110.00 And Up Weekly 813 598 4262 Clair Mel Area Room For Rent Private Bathroom Shared Kitchen And Living Room $120 .00-$170.00 Deposit Varies Call (813) 545-9139 Ybor City Area Rooms For Rent 2 Bathrooms, Large Kitchen Patio/Parking Available $75.00-$100.00/Weekly Deposit Negotiable Call 813-770-0375 2709 17th Street North Large Room $125. 00/Weekly $500.00/Monthly Small Room $115. ootweekly $470.00/Monthly Cable And A/C 813-431-1310 Busch Gardens Area Plant City Fair Grounds Furnished, CHA WID, Cable All Utilities Paid Next To Bus Lines Quiet Neighborhood $120. 00/Weekly Private Entrance (813) 478-1286 3634 Northbay Street Nice Rooms For Rent All Utilities And Cable Included Call (813) 217-2462 Roommate Wanted To Share 2/1 Home Near Hillsborough Ave. And 40th Street $380 00/Monthly Plus % Electric Leave Message (813) 233-6089 II' I ;'41 H 1 i [.]:I I: 'II Tarpley's A/C (813) 238-7884 Sales & Service New & Used A/C's 100% Financing Available No Payment Or Interest Until2010 LIC# CAC1815130 $500! Police Impounds! Honda's, Chevy's Acura's Toyota's, Etc. From $500! For Listings Call 800-366-981j Ext 3695 $0 Down! Cars From $29 00/Monthly! 36 Months @ 8 5% APR Police Impounds For Listings Call 800-366-9813 Ext K456 Like New Used Cars And SUV's Low Miles We Specialize In Low Money Down Good Or Bad Credit Call (813) 649-8275 Beds Twin Full Queen King Bunk Beds $60. 00 $65.00 $75.00 $110.00&Up $150 00 Call (813) 310-0991 C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1-3 Rooms ONLY-$24 95 No Hidden -CHARGES! Also Available Mobile Car Washing And Pressure Washing (813) 325-4330 THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 64 YEARS Sell your stuff. 813-248-1921 The Florida Sentinel Bulletin m en c en m "tJ -1 m 3: tD m ;;a 01) N 0 0 U) ., I 0 ;:!! c > en m z ::::! z m I I tD c: I I m ::::! z "tJ c: tD I c;; :::1: m c m < m -1 c: m en c > z c ., ;;a c


Q) 0 0 N co 0::: w m :E w .... D.. w en < c en w :::> .... c i2 LL c z .... w > w c w :I: en :::i m :::> D.. z ;::: w ...J ...J :::> m ...J w z i= z w tn i2 0 ...J LL I DNA DNA Testing Paternity Test We Come To You! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservices91 @yahoo. com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 Large Warehouse With Double Lot And Over 8000 Square Feet 20 Parking Spaces + Seller Motivated Call Now For More Information (813) 259-4663 www.myfinancialconnections.com JUNK CAR I Buy Cars In Any Condition Perfect Not So Perfect Title No Title No Problem -Any Shape!! Top$$$ Call (813) 775-5990 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1,500.00 For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal/Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 We Buy Junk Cars Or Unwanted Cars Top Dollar Paid Free Towing Call (813) 410-0061 "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service Hauling And Clean-Up Phone (813) 245-9761 For Rent Small And Medium Size Office Suites $450.00 $630 00 Monthly Water, Electric And Internet Included Call V & V Now (813) 259-4663 www myfinancialconnections com Up To 3 Months Rent-Free 864 Square Feet Commercial Space For Barber Shop Or Retail For Person With Solid Business Plan May Help Finance Some Fixtures Rent Negotiable 2409 East Lake Avenue Space #B (813) 238-6353 PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Edition -Friday @ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition -Tuesday @ 3:00 P.M. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOUR AD IS PUBLISHED Need A Massage? Headaches Tight Muscles Stressed $35.00 -1 Hour $65 .00-90 Minutes Monday Sunday 10 : 00 a m .-8:00p.m. Call Today 813-506-5928 MA43333/MM22555 Roach Problem? We Rid Your Home Of Roaches And They Stay Gone! Monthly Contracts Available Call (813) 224-0948 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling Carpentry, Room Additions Roofing, Drywall Plumbing, Ceramic Tile Sidewalks, Patios And Hauling Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lic#022650 Bright Taskman Repair (813) 843-2943 Home Repairs : Drywall Windows, Doors Pressure Washing Floors (Ceramic/Wood) Carpet Cleaning Fencing (Chain Link/Private) Etc. Lie# 224144 Rim Repair Broken, Split Or Cracked Rims The Best Rims At The Best Price Call Today 813-458-1684 SALO Cutting It Low Barbers & Braiders Wanted GO/Parsons -Brandon (813) 217-2462 Nubian Knots Booths For Rent Stylist, Braider Or Barber $75.00 A Week Call: (813) 258-2855 Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 Weaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 African Braids Up To 40% Off Specializing In All Styles Let A Professional Braid Your Hair Call: (813) 458-2809 Silky Twist Special $90 00 With Hair Micros $80 00 Done By Skilled Licensed Professional Call Rho (813) 507-7540 (We Be Jammin) Want To Sell The House? Owe Too Much? Foreclosure? Need Expert Help Fast? Call Mike 813-601-1767 www. BanksAcceptLess com Keller Williams Realtor Sister Dora Helps All Problems Removes Bad Luck Evil, Reunites Lovers Lucky Numbers By Phone 1-800-780-4772 Botanica 11th Heaven Readings That Are Honest And Firm ... Candles, Oils, Incense Etc ... Sold Here Sis Harvey (813) 286-7500 Credit Cards Accepted Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 Phone (813) 506-9239 Home Phone ONLY $16.49 +Tax & Fees If You Receive Free School Lunch Food Stamps, Medicaid Public Housing SSI, Section 8 (TANF), (LHEAP} Call 813-546-2692 813-222-0195 Across From McDonalds @ MLK & Central Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone Orient Road & Faulkenburg Jail Only $2 25 Per Call Trash Cleanup Tree Trimming, Removal, Or Any Other Hauling Cheapest Rates No Job Too Big Or Small Including Furniture Removal (813) 285-4674 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE


BUSINESS DIRECTORY \IVHIDDEN BROWN P.L. /\TTOH.N l YS !\ y lAW r\\IA\\1 IAr\\P:\ BuDd Motlunr Auto Aidents Criminal & Motorc:ydeAccldents F'rud!Tbeft Personal Injury BoatingAccldents Homldd('(VIoleotCn-272 2200 WrongfuJJ>e;afiiC.I:llms {813) -402 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602 Fr..,lnfumlaticn Conoening Qualifications & E: Se! You Free \\fritten lnfcrmolioo. National Criminal Defense College FloridaAssoc.Crimlpal Defense Lav.iyers "' National Assoc. Crimihal Defense .Lav.iyers Practice Federal And State Courts 'Over 20 Years Bond Reduction Hearings FeloriiesAnd Misdemeanors Serious Drug Aggressive Motion P.,_cti<;e Constitutional VIOlations 041 Defense/Tral!ic.Charges VIOlation Of ProbatiOn & Community Control Al'restWatrants .seat Or EXpunge .Criminal History JI'{I _ALEAATTOU ,, .. ::rtVINU BAY AR co NTIES Education Law Family Law Personal Injury Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Credit Card Debt Negotiati!)n Entertainment/Contracts Law Brenda L. Walker ATTORNEY AT LAW State & Fed. W. C. Claims Certified by Michipan State University All Job-Related InJuries Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination LAW OFFICE OF CHE LOPARDO, P.A. ATTORNEYS AT L A W -TAMPA, FLORIDA FELONY TRAFFIC DUI MISDEMEANOR BOND I ROR MOTIONS $249 VOP $249 to $949 Excludes Costs (Transcripts1 Subpoenas1 Etc.) FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION (813) 350-7923 PAYMENT PLANS I VISA I MASTERCARD The hinng ot an attorney is an important dec i sial !hat should not be baSf'd sokoly upon advertisement!< Before you deeide, ask us to send you free 'Millen tnfoonalion abovt our qualifications and expertence. LAWQf'fJCE Of TIFFANY S ....... Criminal, Family Personal Injury & Immigration 2 208E,. l"L AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Ooctor? Lawyer? CALL. .. ________ ................................................... ..,....._............__ : (813) 892-8193 Or Email: callrickvwiiUams@gmaH.com Avail;tble 24 l:if"S.!Day FREE Consultation CII.-\IH.ES GREE\E 1'. \ \tl.:m Bond Motions Felony Misdemeanors Traffic Warrants V Personal Injury All IRS Matters Over 20 Years Experience Do Not Face The IRS r:uuD B. 11 llciDtosh, LLC Enrolled Agent !AetAs Your Power OfAttomey And Tfil/ Negotiate For You To Stop Liens And Levys 813-389-4215 Fax: 813-984-8324 Email: -t c: m en c en m m tD m ::IJ N C) 'TI r-0 ::IJ en m z m r;tD c: rr-z "'0 c: tD r-cn ::t m c m < m -t c: m en c )It z c 'TI ::IJ B N w


0 0 N CIO 0::: w m :::i w .... ll. w CJ) >'" < c CJ) w :::: .... c LL c z < c CJ) w :::: .... w > w c w X CJ) ::J m ll. z i= w ...J ...J :::: m ...J w z i= z w CJ) < c 0 ...J LL Chapter 7 Liguidation Wipe Out Bad Debt/ Get Rid Of: 1. Judgments 2. Liens 3. Bills 4. Unsecured Debts $500.00 Plus Filing Fees & Costs FREE CONSULTATION Downtown Tampa Call (813) 223-1200Tampa www.fordlaw.org (727) 209-0814 Clearwater/St. Pete an ilrlpo$111 decision tllat should not be based to send FREE written infonnalion about ._9:,,. CZ/uu" i/'-Toll Free: (866} 394-8038 Office: (727) 906-9693 Cell : (727) 492-6317 Ucensed Insured, Bonded fCB-c060567 CONSTRUCTION EORGE E. SHAW BAIL BONDS Hillsborough County (813) 391-2493 PolkCounty 328 Dorsett Avenue (863) 678-0772 Lake FL 33853 "The Salon Where You Arrive Ordinary And Leave EXTRAORDINARY" Monday Friday 9 A.M. -7 P .M. Saturday 9 A.M. 5 P.M. 1901 West Sligh Avenue Tampa, FL 33604"5813 Salon Number: 813-936-3470 www.devinedesignsbyrenee.com A-A-A Clip& saVe Injured In Accident? ACCIDENT VICTIMS All Accident & Injury Claims AUTOMOBILE BIKE I BOAT I BUS 1 ANIMAL BITES WORKER COMPENSATION WRONGFUL DEATH I NURSING HOME INJURIES A-A-A Attorney Referral Service 1-800-733-5342 Florida Bar Compliance Since 1996 24 Hours 7 Days A Week


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