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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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September 18, 2009
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 64 Years In The Tampa Bay Area .............. oun I SEE STORY ON PAGE 4-A TAMPA RESIDENTS HOST ANNUAL FAMILY REUNION During the Labor Day Weekend, the City of Tampa was the host city for the Brock Family Reunion. Mrs. Ann Porter and her children, who are the only branch of the family residing in Tampa, served as the hosts for this year's events that included a picnic on the beach, a formal banquet, and completed the weekend with a day of worship. Family members serving as hosts shown in this photograph are from left to right: Sean Anderson, Stan ldlette, Paul Sheehy, Ill, Dr. Paul Sheehy, Jr., Debra Sheehy, Ann Porter, Karen Porter, Dianna Quin, and Anthony Quin. (Photograph by LOMAX MciNTYRE). Woman Critical Attar Stabbing SEE PAGE 23-A Activist Pastor Is Luncheon Speaker SEE PAGE 2-A Auto Fee lncreas Concem State Rep SEE PAGE 7-A Man Rams Car. With Kids .Inside SEE PAGE 22-A


8 N u:i ,.... a: w al == w to.. w (/) > < c a: u. 0 a: I.L 0 z c( c (/) w ;:) .... w > w c w l: (/) ::::; m :;:::) c. z i= w ..J ..J :;:::) m w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 ..J I.L -Feature Communitv Changing Pastor Is CDC Luncheon Speaker BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Several years ago, an orga nization was founded to help alleviate poverty drug abuse, a nd physical deterioration in East Tampa. The Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc., (CDC of T a mpa, Inc. ,) has helped to offset poverty, provide employment, provide youth services and improve the general appearance of the communi ties On Tuesday, September 29th, the CDC of Tampa Inc., will hosts its 17th Anniversary Luncheon at the Hyatt Regency, downtown Tampa, at 11:30 a.m. Rev. Dr. DeForest "Buster" Soaries, Jr., is the keynote speaker. The theme for the luncheon is "Homeownership: Promotion and Preservation During Hard Economic Times." "BUSTER" SOARIES ... Keynote speaker at Anniversary Luncheon A native of New York, Dr. Soaries is the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey. His pastoral ministry focuses on spiritual growth, educational excellence and economic empowerment. A pioneer of faith-based community development, he MS. TONI WATTS ... CEO, CDC of Tampa, Inc. has been instrumental in several family-oriented programs ranging from helping families become foster parents to helping children find adoptive parents He has also worked to provide new homes for low and moderate-income residents to own, job readiness programs, youth programs, and creating a foreclosure prev e nti o n strategy that helps homeowners avoid losing their homes Since his youth, Dr. Soaries has t a k e n an active role in bringing about change. As a college student, he led a campaign against drug use on campus that resulted in his being kidnapped at gunpoint from his dormitory room by drug dealers. Dr. Soaries earned a B. A. Degree from Fordham University, a Master of Divinity Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from United Theological Seminary. After finishing college, Dr. Soaries began his ministry in Montclair, New Jersey and has served churches in Harlem, New York, Kingston, Jamaica and Trenton, New Jersey. He lives in Central New Jersey with his wife, Donna and twin sons, Malcolm and Martin. Ms. Toni Watts, Chief Executive Officer for the CDC of T a mpa, Inc. said "We're very fortunat e to brin g down Dr. Soarics who i s working creatively, es peciall y during these economic tim es, when p eo pl e are being force out of their homes due to foreclo sures. Th e State of Florida is No. 2 in th e nation in foreclo sures One of Dr. Soaries' accomplishments that he will discuss is his program to help people remain in their homes even after the homes have gone through the foreclosure process. He has been success ful in this endeavor. Ms. Watts said, "I was unaware as to the large number of people who have been foreclosed on, yet are still liv ing in their homes. They have not been forced out because the banks don't know what to do with the homes and don't want them to become vacant. The goal is to eventually help the people regain ownership of their homes. I'm excited that he is going to share this information with Tampa." For All Your Seafood Delights, Call In Your Order To Avoid The Wait! Now Cooking ThursdaySaturday Fresh & Smoked Mullet Trout Special Discounts For Snapper *Shrimp Sheap Head Chu!ches, Family Reumons And L1ve Blue Crabs Large Orders. 813.900.6327 ronwatsona rtstud io.con1


Feature 'TI :tl 0 }< Readers Respond To on The Record' Comments Recently, President Barack Obama made a comment referring to Kanye West as a "jackass," in the presence of ABC news reporter Terry Moran. Moran released the comment but also wrote, "Now that's Presidential," which left many wondering if it was a mistake. ABC news apologized for releasing the information and said that it was released before the editing was com pleted. Some readers share their opinion on whether reporters should respect their interviewees by answering the following question: "Do you think reporters should respect a person's right to make 'off the record' comments?" Ms. Ann Porter said, "I think a reporter should be wise and thoughtful to their public and fans. A professional must take pride in their own profession and think about others who are aspiring to become as good." "Once you commit an ethical sin against the public good you become a target to be judged. It canresult in your success or failure. I think a reporter should respect off the record comments and serve the public good." Dr. George Foxx said, "Yes, I think if a comment is made off the record then it should remain off the record. Otherwise, if the reporter knowingly, for sin ister or sensational reasons make the off the record remarks public, then the reporter should be called out." Ms. Chris Dingle said, "I feel that reporters should have and follow a professional code of ethics/conduct not to print or use anything that is given to them 'off the record.' If they feel compelled to use the information then the reporter should keep the source con fidential." "However as a veteran reporter Terry Moran should have known better. Just the comment of 'now that's presidential' leads me to believe that Mr. Moran deliberately leaked the comment. I guess he was a McCain supporter." Howard Harris said, "I agree with President Obama's assessment of Kanye West and I think reporters should respect off the record comments." "However, President Obama knows that micro phones are always aimed at him to catch the least faux pas (blunder) on his part so that something that passes as "sensational" can feed the 24/7 news cycle. Alas! My President pulled a boner." Keto Hodges said, "In an age of Twitter-journalism and pervasive technology no comment is really off-the record. That said, if sources cannot make statements off-....... ,,.,,.,: Ofti: e.e Of Dougla; s KETO HODGES the-record to members of the media, some of those sources of sensitive news stories will decline to speak to the media (a la the Valerie Plame case)." "In this instance, the ABC reporter who overheard the conversation between Pres. Obama and the CNBC reporter tweeted the comment supposedly without 'editorial consent.' That statement could be ABC's way of covering itself. Fortunately, President Obama has bigger issues to be concerned about." Billy Wheeler said, "Yes, reporters should respect 'off the record' com ments in much the same way as they retain the right to conceal 'confidential sources' of information. There should be a mutual respect and relationship of trust between interviewer and interviewee And with-BILLY WHEELER out a doubt, (as much as possible) a person's word should be their bond." City Editor Iris B. Holton can be contacted at (813) 248-1921 or by e-mail iholton@flsentinel.com m [D m :tl ..... (X) 1\) 0 0 ID 'TI .-0 :2 0 )> en m z ::! z m .-1 OJ c: ..-!!I z "'D c: OJ .-en :::1: m 0 m < m -1 c m en c )> z 0 "TT :2 0


0 Feature ai .,... a: w m :; w Commissioners Vote To Pav Kevin White's Sexual Harassment lawsuit Bill ti: w CJ) > < c a: LL >-< c a: LL 0 z c( c CJ) w ::') w > w c w :::z::: CJ) ::i m ::') a. z i= w ..J ..J ::') m ...:. w z i= z w CJ) c( c a: 0 ... LL KEVIN WHITE On Wednesday, "the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners voted 5-1 to settle a lawsuit filed against one of their own, and has plagued the board for more than two years. Last month, a jury ruled in favor of a former employee who sued Commissioner Kevin White for sexual harassment. The jury unanimously voted in favor of Alyssa Ogden and awarded her $75,000. She had sought $145,000. Commissioner White claimed he terminated Ogden because she was incompetent. She accused him of firing her because she rebuffed his repeated advances During the trial U. S. District Judge Richard Lazzara stated that Commissioner White, and the county were equally responsible for the settlement. Attorney Claire Saady, outside counsel hired to represent Hillsborough County in the lawsuit, asked that the county be released from the lawsuit, but her request was denied. At last week's Board meet ing, the commissioners voted on a motion by Commissioner Jim Norman to pay Ogden and her attorney a total of $10o,ooo, and to possibly appeal to separate the county from liability. However, Commissioner Rose Ferlita stated that the board ALYSSA OGDEN should pay the bill and move on. On Monday, Judge Lazzara issued an amended order stating, "the court has scheduled oral argument to address the county s attempt to be released of their responsibil ity in the suit." The order states, "After careful reflection on the evi dence and testimony elicited at trial and the parties' submis sions, the Court now concludes that oral argument is wholly unnecessary." Kevin White did not file a renewed motion for judgment for a new trial. Judge Lazzara again denied the request to severe the par ties and ruled that they were equally responsible for the judgment and Ogden's attor ney's fees. The board voted 6-o not to file an appeal. Had it been filed, it would have sought to remove Hillsborough County from the lawsuit as a defendant. It would not have affected the jury award to Ogden. The commissioners voted 5-1 (with Commissioner White abstaining) to pay the $75,000 judgment and to negotiate a settlement of more than $2oo,ooo in fees for Attorney Ron Fraley, who represented Ogden. Commissioner Ken Hagan voted against paying the settle ment. ALLEN TEMPLE A.M.E CHURCH 9:00 14M CHIMCH Sc:Hoot. 14M IJNin DAY SIIRVICE 4:00 I'M ALlDI 1'E-..e: CHIIUCH MMSCitoatc-can" Commissioners also decided to enter into discussion with Commissioner White's attorney and obtain additional information about recouping money from Commissioner White. The fees connected to the lawsuit total nearly $500,000. Hillsborough County Attorney Renee Lee said, the overriding factor is the board wanted to settle this law suit because it is a distraction from other issues, such as severe financial issues. It keeps taking their attention away from those issues. Attorney Lee said she expects everything to be settled within the next few weeks Commissioner White hired Alyssa Ogden, 24, as one of his two at-will adminis trative aides in April 2007. She was terminated in November 2007. America 1iusts 2115 E. Hillsborough Ave. Store (813) 237-3741 OPEN 24 HOURS Pharmacy (813) 237-3743 we Now Accept Prudential Healthcare Plans liMO -PPO -POSJ & Cl NA The Common Cold School & Sports PhJSiCIIS Other Minor Illnesses Gallon Milk $2.19 Northern Balhroom nssue 9ROIIS $4.28 Dozen Eggs 99C .. Jul.: 8 Pl. Paper Towels $5.00 18laoz. d Ink Jet Cartridge II rv 081811811 2/$6.00 Blat*& lrCIIIr 12.99


Columns FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 202-140) 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa Florida 33605 (813) 248-1921 Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and Amalgamated Publishers, Inc., New York. 1990-94 CP Timelnternational POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa, FL W.W Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) Founders C. BL VTHE ANDREWS, JR., CHAIRMAN S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BL VTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Subscriptions-$44.0Q-6 Months Both Editions: $87.0Q-Per Year Both Editions. Opinions expressed on editorial pages olthis newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers, do not necessarily rellectlhe editoriel stance ol The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher. IIane Castor Makes Hlstorv I First, let us say farewell to Tampa Police Chief Stephen Hogue. Chief Hogue's announced retirement caused many observers to wonder who Mayor Pam Iorio would tap to continue the post of Tampa Police Chief. Just the other day, the Mayor introduced the City's newest law enforcement executive. We stand in line to welcome and congratulate Jane Castor as Tampa's newest Police Chief, and the first woman in the City's history to be given that opportunity. A 25-year veteran, Chief Jane Castor formerly as Tampa Assistant Chief of Police for Operations. A mother of two and a graduate of the University of Tampa, Castor had long been considered one of numerous rising stars in the police department. Mayor Iorio reiterated that fact when asked by a local reporter why the mayor had seemingly refused to conduct a national search to replace Hogue. MayQr Iorio replied sternly-but-cordially that she could not have found any better candidate anywhere else in our nation than the individual she finally picked to do the job. Just Sav No To Florida onshore Drilling You would think by now, they would have given up. But while Floridians are distracted by events surrounding health care reform and the need for apologies from tennis star Serena Williams, Grammy winner Kanye West and South Carolina Congressman Joe ''You-Laa!" Wilson, a few state legislators, a bevy of lobbyists and a slew of big oil interests have been busy beavers gnawing at the State of Florida to open offshore oil drilling 10 miles off the coast of our state. To make matters worse, unless Floridians who oppose drilling for oil off the Eastern Gulf of Mexico speak up, our beaches will no doubt be faced with soine of the environmental issues and potential catastrophes currently faced by Texas, Mississippi and Alitbama. Florida's three Gulf state neighbors have had to deal with empty oil drums and tar balls the _size of golf balls on their beaches. Meanwhile groupers and other local fish have become so contaminated by mercury from the drilling muds that they can no longer be sold or eaten. Add to this catastrophe contaminated sea water by chemicals used in the drilling process, the specter of frequent oil spills {memories of Alaska's Exxon Valdez incident) and a growing loss of tourism. Long before Bluesman Muddy Waters sang about the sands of Gainesville, Florida's beaches had been ranked among the prettiest in America. Thus, oil drilling off our shores would not only impact our environment, but would threaten our economy as well. What with the Gulf being "Hurricane Alley" {Hurricane Katrina 115 oil platforms and spilled 7 million gallons of petroleum into the Gulf in 2005), oil drilling would become a nightmare-cometrue. What shall we do? Call our representatives. Tell them, "JUST SAY NO to offshore drilling!" Bullies End Up In Jail Or Dead B ullies are generally peo ple who want attention, but they don't know any way to get it except by bullying people. A question I have always had about bullies is whether or not they know that they are bullies. Bullies come in all colors, sizes, ages, sex degrees. Some people try to bully everybody while others try to pick on those they know they can bully and get away with it. I've got a message for bul lies. I want bullies to read this column and read it good. Nothing good happens to bullies. They either end up in jail or they end up dead. They should also understand that not everyone will stand to be bullied. They will either kill a bully or die trying. So, bullies, know that you'll either end up in jail or end up dead. They end up in jail for injuring or killing one of their victims or they end up in the graveyard because one of their victims killed them. Either way, the result is not good for a bully. Another thing about being a bully is that nobody likes a bully. Bullies don't have friends. Yes, they have some hangers-on who really-don'tlike-you-bully, but they become a footstool to keep you from bullying them. Bullies don't like to be by themselves. The reason being is that bullies don't really like themselves. Bullying people gives bul lies a feeling of superiority over those that they bully. But, don't take my word for it, check the records and see how many people are dead An Old Man Clears His Throat 0 nee asked if his family may have had any African heritage, former President Jimmy Carter in his customary way cleared his throat, and with his preacherly Georgia drawl said since his family owne-d slaves, there could have been some possibility of so-called race-mixing, way back then. But because even back during the Carter tration, the world tottered on total oblivion, President Carter's words were quickly and thankfully glossed over. Years passed: Other presidents ascend ed, and descended. But just here, recently, a bit heavier in the jaw, still possessed with that patch offrizzy hair and that wide pugnacious negroid. nose, the old man from a Georgia peanut plantation stepped to the mike and cleared his throat, once again. And this is what he said. Said former president Jimmy Carter, "I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a Black man, and that he is African American." Then he stopped speaking, cleared his throat once more for emphasis like Southern gentlemen often do. And the television camera did a quick and studied close-up of this African-looking white man, once president of the most powerful nation on the face of the earth-When a president of the United States speaks, the world listens! President Jimmy Carter spoke. What did he say? Many would say he spoke the truth. To the great chagrin and outrage of countless negrophobes and Limbaugh wannabees, a white man whose power con tinued to be legendary stood before the world and chastised his own people. CNN reported it. The New York Times, St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune and even the Christian Science Monitor published it some where in the folds of its pages. Americans sipped their morning coffee and discussed it over broken toast and Strawberry jelly. But what did. it mean? What did Jimmy Carter's laconic words mean to a hardbitten American populace who since the end of the Civil War-had grown used to saying one thing, yet, thinking another thing when it came to voicing their opinions about whether they were still .., :::tJ c because somebody scared of them killed them. Check the number of bullies who are in -o jail because of their bullying. Parents, help your children 3: shed their bullying ways. As soon as you discover that :::tJ they have bullying tenden-...... cies, get them some psychi-! atric help. In the long run it will save your child, your family and somebody else's family a lot of grief and heartache. You may even save somebody's life, including that of your child. Many bullies last as long as they do because the people they prey upon are afraid to report them. they just suffer the abuse of the bully in silence. This should not be. People who are being bul lied should report the fact to a parent, a teacher, a minis ter, an adult responsible per son or the police. Bullies need to be stopped as soon as they get started. One thing is for sure, people who make a habit of bullying 'TI people either end up in jail or 6 dead. :a Bullies don't live to draw g social security. You can make 0 book on that. m z -f RACIST or whether they had moved on to a higher, "kind lier" socio-political evolution ary plain? "HELL, WE JUST ELECTED A BLACK PRESIDENT, DIDN'T WE? THAT OUGHT TO MEAN SOMETHING, SHOULDN'T IT?" Yes, it ought to mean more than something. It ought to mean that the United States of America is finally catching up to its dreams as toyed with in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. When a group of dreamers, masons, malcontents, revolu tionaries and Southern slave owners got together and wrote, "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal." z m r-1 m c: r r-!!l z c: m r-c;; ::z:: m c m < m -f c: m tn c !( )> z c Should they have been censured right there and then 'TI for not having added :a "women," "Blacks," "Native i5 Americans," "Latin Hispanics" or countless other unnamed future constituents? Damn the imperfection of the dreamers, but do not damn the potential of the dream, some might say. So, what shall we say about Jimmy Carter? He told the truth! And America better listen! An old man who himself might well have been America's first, se:cond or fifth Black president -if rumors are correct stood before the light of day and spoke like Moses to a bard hearted constituency. He said to White America, to Black America, to LatinHispanic, female and gay America, "WE'RE NOT THERE YET! WE'VE STILL GOT A LONG WAY TO GO!" In God's name, here's hoping America listened!


0 0 N CX) ,.. ct w m w .... c. w (/) > < c a: LL c ct LL c z < c (/) w ::::::1 .... ii: w > w c w l: (/) :::; m ::::::1 c. z t= w ..J ..J :':) m ..,!, w z t= z w (/) < c a: 0 ..J LL TheV're Alwavs soRRYI' I am sitting here watching Serena Williams apologize on Good Morning America for telling a line judge at the U. S. Open that she was tempted to take a tennis ball and "shove it down her f----throat!" On the Jay Leno Show, Kanye West gave a solemn apology for disrupting the MTV Video Music Awards by jumping on stage, snatching the microphone from country singer Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech and proclaiming that Beyonce made, "the best video ever!" Two superstars making potential career-ending remarks on the same weekend One in the heat of competition. The other in alleged support for the wife of a friend/mentor. Both were vilified and criticized by members of their respective professions. Were they wrong for their actions? Considering what's expected of them, yes. Should they be remorseful? It depends on whether or not they meant what they said. Is the backlash warranted? Not in the least bit. Granted, neither one of Adoption these episodes could pass as an example of proper etiquette. But I can't help but wonder if Serena and Kanye would have been exposed to such con tempt had their skin complexions mirrored the targets of their angst? Don't get me wrong. They each could have handled their situations better. But why does it seem as though high profile Blacks are constantly forced to explain themselves for their miscues, while their white counterparts face half the scrutiny as their nefarious deeds get overlooked (i.e. Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's Las Vegas rape case). I mean, John "The Brat" McEnroe built a legacy off of having temper tantrums and berating tennis officials. But no one can tell you the last time he uttered the phrase, ''I'm sorry." And when it comes to Kanye's behavior, if it were India.Irie or Jazmine Sullivan who he grabbed the microphone from, would there have even been an issue? A person would have to be Civil/ Personal Injury Immigration Bankruptcy Probate Guardianship Wills Call Us We Can Help (813) 254-8717 F. Kemi Oguntebi Attorney At Law 109 N Armenia Avenue Tampa, FL 33609 The hiring of a lav.yer Is an ill)p0!1ant decision that should not be baSad solely upqn a-:!vertisements Before you decide. ask us !0 ser.-d you FREE WliUer: klformath1 about oui qualific.ations and expenenre! WARREN DAWSON 221-1800 14&1 TIIDPa Park Plaza @Nebraska Ava. & Scan St. blind n o t t o see the contradic t ions. U. S. Rep Joe \Vilson still hasn' t apologized to Congress for calling the President of the United States a liar" to his face on national television last week. Businessman Avoids losing House To Scam Yet, Kanye is in crisis management mode trying to prevent his music from being boycotted. And Serena is showing all of her 32's every chance she gets to avoid a pos sible suspension, all because they had the nerve to do the unthinkable .... Upset white folk. And that's the most troubling part of this ordeal. It is not Kanye's or Serena's actions. It is the inevitable aftermath that gets me every time. It's the public castrations I hate. The head bowing, hat squeezing, "I's sorry suh!" apologies just kill me. We saw it with 0. J. Simpson begging for mercy. Michael Vick groveling for a job. Chris Brown puppy-dogging for Larry King. And, even New York Giants receiver Plaxico Buress felt the need to apologize for accidentally shooting himself in the leg. What was that all about? I imagine it's the curse that comes with being Black and famous. You can climb the lad der of success all the way to the top. Just remember, when you slip and fall, prepare for a little tap dancing and boot licking when you hit the bottom. Write to Clarence Barr, II 43110-018, Bennettsville F.C.I. P. 0. Box 52020 Bennettsville S.C. 29512 or email cbarr2@oasisnovels.com. MICHAEL SCOTT GARY ... Charged with organized fraud and grand theft BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Retired businessman and former County Commissioner Rubin Padgett has been the owner of rental property for many years. After the last tenants moved from his house on N. Oregon, Padgett remodeled it and then boarded it up. Padgett said he was contacted about the purchase of the home last month by Michael Scott Gary and agreed to a purchase price. Last week, Gary was arrested and charged with grand theft and organized fraud in connection with the deal, after Padgett learned that Gary had rented a room in the house to a student and was portraying himself as the owner. ''CALL RICKY'' AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY Or Email : callrickywilliams@gmail.com Available 24 Hrs./Day FREE Consultation WORKER'S COMPENSATION ATTORNEY State & Fed. W. C. Claims Certified by MichifJan State University All Job-Related InJuries Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination ATTY. RODERICK FORD FREE CONSULTATION! {813 J 223-1200 (Except For Pure Title VII C.tses} .220 E. Madison Street Suite 1207, Tampa, Fl33602 VISit Us On hne At: www.FORDLAWFIRM.ORG (Fonner U .S. Army JACC AUomeyJ Jl(,:t u, J. LAW RUBIN PADGETT ... Tampa businessman According to a Tampa Police Department spokesperson, Gary was arrested last Thursday. Gary entered into an agreement with Padgett to purchase the home and was supposed to give Padgett $5,000 in good faith. However, Gary never gave him the down payment. Padgett, who is well known throughout the Tampa community, currently serves on the Tampa Housing Authority Board. During an interview, Padgett, 78, said Gary contacted him in August and told him that he had served in the military and was going back to school at the University of Tampa. "He told me that he really wanted to buy the house and I gave him a purchase price. I told him I wanted cash and he that was not a problem. I also told him I was going to sell it, 'as is' and he agreed." "A couple of weeks later, he asked if he could turn on the utilities and get the key so that the mortgage company could come out, and I gave him the key." Padgett said time passed and he had to go out of town, but contacted Gary and was told that Gary planned to close on the house within weeks. Padgett said they agreed to meet. According to P;idgett, he found out about Gary's scheme when a contractor who installed a new hot water heater contacted him because of an unpaid bill. Padgett called police and went to the home, where he learned that Gary had not only moved into the home, but had also leased a room to a University of Tampa student 11s well. Gary had also bought a new refrigerator arid range for the house. Padgett said he was trying to help. "I don't have a problem helping people as I always have." Gary was released from the Hillsborough County Jail after posting a $2,ooo bond. The investigation is continuing.


'TI State News :a -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 l< State Representative Concerned About Recent Vehicle Fee Increases m BETIYREED State Representative State Representative Betty Reed, concerned about the recent increases in motor vehicle registrations and driver license renewals, stated, "Many Florida residents are shocked by the new fee hikes and I share those concerns. These new fee hikes will affect large numbers of Floridians and are detrimental to our economy." Earlier this year, Rep. Reed, along with other Florida House Democrats voted against raising these fees. Unfortunately, the majority of lawmakers decided to increase these costs despite the financial challenges facing families and businesses during the recession. "If the state does not alter its' methods soon there will not be many people left to tax, said Rep. Reed. "These new fees are dispro portionately going to hurt middle-class families who are already strapped in a bad economy." Rep. Reed went on to say, "as if a whole host of new and additional fees weren't enough, I'm also upset that some people received unsatisfactory treatment when they visited government offices to renew ta.gs and licenses. It's not acceptable to me that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles' computer system was so easily overwhelmed by the rush of people renewing their tags." Because of this outcry by Fioriai'arlS, riew legfslatiori has been filed for the 2010 legislative session that will repeal tliese new fee hi'kes. The proposed s .eeks to replace these new fees with a more modest series of increases to help Floridians manage during these tough times. "The> Voice t4' Our Cont.n>urtitv Spec1king .for Itself" 13) 248-1921 Stay on top of your business cash flow with Sun Trust Online Cash ManagerSM. Befng able to manage your cash flow effectively fs critical to the success of your business. That's why SunTrust offers tools like Online Cash Managers"' that allow you to see all of your accountS and balances at once, fn real tfme, so you can choose the best tfme to make payments. And if you need to transfer funds between buSiness checking accounts and of credit, you can do ft instantly online-without the paperwork. To learn -roore, call 866.587.1780 or speak to your Sun Trust banker. -... : ... ......... ... ,.,\ .. \ ,._.;.,,. : ,l,;!,.: .,.._._ .-* ... .., Visit suntrust.comlbustness to leam more about the viealth of onltne educational resources available to you, Including weblnars, advice, business solutions and more. SUNTRusr Cash Management financing Solutions Retirement Solutions Ltve Soltd. Bank SoHd. Sun Trust Bank, Member FDIC. e2009 Sun Trust Banks, Inc. Sun Trust is a federally registered service ma_rk of Sun Trust Banks, Inc. Uve Sold. Sold. ,II. a service mark of Sun Trust Banks, Inc. m 3: m m :a ...... N C) C) CD 'TI ,.. 0 :a g tn m !i z m r;m c: ,.. r-Z .,;. c m !: tn % m a m 2 m a ,.. z c a ., ,... Ci) m ,...


m K Sl. Mark Missionary Baptist Church 7221 s. Sht-rrill Street co ,.. a: w CD ::2: w .... a. w en c a: LL c a: LL c z < c en w ::J .... > a: w > w 0 w :X: U) :J ID _::J z tu ..I ...! ::J ID ....:. w z t= z w en .a: 0 ..J LL 9750 Rockhill Drive Thonotosassa, FL, 33592 Rev. W. L. Jackson, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 a. m. Morning Worship 11 a. m. Prayer/Bible Study Wednesday 6:30 & 7 p. m. (813) 610-2462 (813) 716-8796 Port Tampa, florida 33616 (813} 839-5263 Pastor /Teacher N!iuilding ()n A nan Sunday Sdtool -9:30A.M. Slutd.1y 1 0:55 A.M. Wednesday Night Prd)'er Service & Hible 6:30 P.M. Rest Missionary Baptist Church 1vill be hosting a .. -_ ... ... Banquet o./Appreciation < honoring our Beloved Pastor For Our -PASTOR'S 7TH ANNNERSARY Saturday, September 19th At The Barksdale &lnior .McFarland Park <4. 5p. m. Tickets: $25 adults Cbildt-en 12 and under $15. ChairpeJson: Darleue Johnson : 813-637-2270 ot 813-610-8549 Sunday, Sept. 20th ** l1 a. m. Annlwrsaty Cdebrntion Coutiuuc.s 4202 W. Nassau St. (;nest Speaker: Rev. Ebner Wilson, New Minishy or Tampa Divine Destiny International Ministries Invites You To Celebrate Our Pastor's 1st Appreciation Service Theme: "Anointed And Appointed" Emmanuel Tabernacle Church 1110 E. Yukon St., Tampa, FL 33604 Bishop W. L White {Host Church) "Praise The Lord. Praise The Lord, Pastor o My Sour -Psalm 146 Katura Knight Come Out And Let Us Praise The Lord Together; For Your Blessing Is In Your Praise The Faithful5, st Pete & The True Disciples -Tampa EXciting Gospel Warriors Tampa For More Info Contact John Miller (813) 626-5601 Local West Tampa Communitv leader Reveals Painful Past BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Everyone that knows Mrs. Ruth McNair, knows her to be a woman of deep reli gious principles. As leader of the West Riverfront Neighborhood Association, the people of her community always feel comfortable coming to her with their problems. Little does any of them know that the pain of a cruel past still haunts Mrs. McNair. On October 27, 1934 in Marianna, Florida, Claude Neal was lynched by a white mob after he was removed from jail. In a book written by James McGovern (Anatomy of a Lynching: The Killing Of Claude Neal), it chronicles how Neal was tortured by a mob in response to accusations he raped and murdered a white woman, Lola Cannidy. Mrs. McNair is the niece of Neal, and the oldest of five children belonging to Ruby Lee Williams. Mrs. McNair said she never met her uncle and only knows what she's been MRS. RUTH MCNAIR told as far as his lynching is concerned. What she does remember is what happened later. "Our mother abandoned all five of us, and we believe it's because of what happened to her brother. "She became very abusive and an alcoholic. When I was 5, she left us and headed for Blountstown, Florida." Mrs. McNair said they were later taken to Blountstown by their grand mother to be reunited with their mother, but she didn't want them. "We ended up in New Harmony M. B. Church NEW LOCATION: 2811 N. 17th St. Tampa 33605 Phone For A Ride (813) 531-4799 Greenwood, Florida with an aunt. "We were passed around a lot until we moved in with our great grandmother, Hattie Smith. Living with her, we had to work the fields, because she couldn't afford to care for us. Because we worked all the time, we weren't able to go school regularly." Mrs. McNair said because they were abandoned, she never knew much about her maternal relatives. "Our mother was found dead laying across a bed in 1960. A couple of years later, my brother, Willie Junior Smith, died in a shootout. "What happened to Claude had a devastating affect on my mother, and caused us to be abandoned and abused." Mrs. McNair said today, they are still trying to locate her brother, Bobby Wilson. "My last contact with him was in the 1950s and I was told he was heading to California. I did find his son, but he has no idea where he is. It's painful having a fami ly member you can't find, just to see if he's alive or dead." "I've gone through some hard times through the years, and I thank God for finding me and protecting me. Being the oldest made it tougher to deal with every thing that was going on." Mrs. MeN air does stay in constant contact with her brother, Orlando Williams, who lives in Gainesville, Florida. James African Methodist Episcopal, Church of __ -.. roaress Tampa, Flori __ da Theme: "[Men] .. God hath not alven us and of a sounamlnd." 2nd Tin'IOU11Y. 7:45 a.m. Speaker Reverend Henry E. Green, Jr., Presiding Elder, Tampa District, West Coast Conference, Eleventh Episcopal District, The African Methodist Episcopal Church Everyone is invited to Spencer Albert, Chair, Dr. Alonzo T. Gay, Sr., Founder and Overseer, Acts Ministries, Inc., Winter Haven, Florida spiritual experience. Saffore, Co-Chair


Local ., :::0 c }< Hubbard Ministries Line 01 Deborah Presents Women's Empowerment Conference PASTOR JOSEPHINE HUBBARD Women from across the nation are joining with women in Tampa Bay October 1 3, 2009 to attend this conference, according to Conference Host and Ministry Founder, Pastor Josephine Hubbard. This conference is presented by Hubbard Family Ministries Line of Deborah at Keeney United Methodist Church, 7736 Destin Drive, Tampa, 33619. The Conference theme is "Let There Be Light" Genesis 1:3. Participants will receive Biblical information, training and impartation designed to enhance their spiritual and natural gifts, and empower them to serve effectively through God's power in the church, the market place and in the world. "The unfolding of God s Words gives Light. (Psalm 119:130) Speakers include, Visionary Rosemary Saffold, Igniters of the Fire and Gatekeepers on Duty Ministries, Seaside, CA; Dr. Deborah Graham, Glory and Fire Ministry and Prayer Connection, Tampa; Rebecca Totilo, Bride of Christ Ministry, St. Petersburg; Rev. Dorisalene Hughes, Bethel A.M .E. Church/ Fifth District Prayer San Diego, CA; Pastor Patty Sodmont, Bay Word Kingdom Communities, Tampa; Prophetess Kimberly Brown, All Soul's Kingdom International Ministries (ASK) and Women in Waiting, Dr. Belinda Mays, Albany, Georgia; Mother Dorothy Martin, Sacramento, CA; Evangelist Effie Wiley, Eldorado, Arkansas; Pastor Barbara Gainer, Living in Christ Ministries, Tampa; Pastor Rookmin Bach, Rivers of Life Church and Dr. Rosemary Johnson, Blessed Hope Bible College, Tampa. HFM Daughters of Deborah team members: Minister Mary Ann Kirton, Miami, Fl., Minister Sondra Jubeark, Minister Ruth Anaiah, "Behold, how good and /1ow pleasant it is for brethren to dl'le/! together ill unity!" PSALM 133'1 The Hillsborough Community Mass Choir( will be ho$ting First Annual Men And Women"s Day Program Saturday, September 19, 2009 3 P. M. New First Union M. B. Church 3707 E. Chelsea St., Tampa, FL 33610 45th Pastoral A_ppreciation Banquet Saturday, Sept. 19th, 6:30p.m. Speaker: Rev. Dr. T.W. Jenkins, Ptlstor. New Hope M.B. Chureh Mistress of Ceremony: Sis.. Barbara Wright, Pn!sident. SeniOi' 'Nom9n'a Auxiliary, Prog18881ve M & EState Convention Pre-Anniversary Service Sunday, Sept. 20th, 3:30 p.m. Greater Friendship M.B. Church, Rev. M. Murray, Pastor Climax Services Sunday, Sept. 27th 11 a.m. Family & Friends Honoring Pastor & Sis. Daniels 3:30 Mt. Olive M.B. Church, Rev. Dr. C.P. Pastor Minister Theresa Powell of Tampa, along with women and men at Keeney United Methodist Church are assist-shops scheduled Friday SaturdaY and includes lunch on Saturday at a local restau rant. Mail to Hubbard Family Ministries, 4623 W. El Prado Blvd., Tampa, FL 33629. "C 1st and Friday Oct. 2nd are rrl free and open to the public. For additional information m ing in the conference imple mentation. call (813) 831-5114. Rev. Ronald C ...... A $25 registration fee is requested to attend work-Evening Services scheduled 7 p. m. on Thursday Oct Hubbard serves as the CXI Pastor of Keeney United N Methodist Church. g Over the > cretely visiting, listen Area churches (parti Manatee Counties). C! ""'!;ll'j'O been dis in Tampa Bay nellas, Polk, Pasco and As of today, the church choirs, pastors and. choir directors who have been named as semi-finalists (The Sweet Sixteen), in alphabetical order are: -34th Street Church Of God Tampa, FL Rev. Thomas Scott, Pastor John Ware, Choir Director/MM _Beulah Baptist Church Tampa, FL Dr. James Favorite, Pastor Richard Guess, Choir Director/MM _Bible Based Fellowship (Carrollwood) Tampa, FL Dr. Arthur Jones, Pastor Corey Edwards, Choir Director/MM -Brown Temple (COGIC) Tampa, FL Bishop Mathew Williams, Pastor Peter Hensfield, Choir Director/MM _Dade City (COGIC) Dade City, Fl Elder Mitchell Davis, Pastor Shirley Harvey, Choir Director/MM _First Baptist Church Winter Haven, FL Rev. Clifton Dollison, Pastor Latrlcla Bennett, Choir Dlrector/MN _First Baptist College Hill Tampa, FL Rev. Evan Burrows, Pastor Elvira Pinder, Choir Dlrector/MM _Jerusalem Baptist Church Mulberry, FL Rev. Nathaniel Hill, Pastor Chad Edwards, Choir DlrectorJMM -New Mt. Zion Baptist Church Tampa, FL Rev. Walter Williams, Pastor Mamie Taylor, Choir Dlrector/MM _Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church St. Petersburg, FL Rev. Clarence Williams, Pastor Carlton Burgess, Choir Dlrector/MM _Prayer Tower (COGIC) St. Petersburg, FL Elder Clarence Welch, Pastor Ricky Welch, Choir Director/MM _St. John Prim. Baptist Church Clearwater, FL Elder Ben Adams, Pastor James Reed, Choir Director/MM _st. Paul Baptist Church Lakeland, Fl. Rev. N. S. Sanders, Pastor Betty Sanders, Choir DlrectorJMM _Mt. Olive Baptist Church Bradley Junction, FL Rev. Eugene aa1,., .... ,. .. r. P11.t" _St. John Progressive Church Tampa,FL Rev. Bartholomew Banks, Pastor Sandra Jones, Choir DlrectorJMM _West Coast Ctr. for Human Dev. sarasota, FL Bishop Henry Porter, Pastor Dr. Marlea Watkins, Choir Director IMM During the next several weeks the Judges will continue to listen, evaluate and compare the semi-finalists with an objective to determine the finalists (The Final Four). Once The Final Four is selected, there will be an actual face-to-face per formance competition to determine the Florida Gospel Choir Idol 2009 for the Tampa Bay Area and to award honors. The Judges are interested in your opinion. Please select and email your four fi nalists to gospelchoir1 @aol.com, or you may use the ballot above indicating with the numbers 1-4 your vote for the Final Four. Please mail your ballot to the Judges at Florida Gospel Choir Idol Competition, P.O. Box 5496, Tampa, FL 33675-5496. CJJ m z ::! z m r I Ill c rrm ::! z "tJ c m r-cn :::1: m c m < m :::0 -< -1 c: m en c l> z c ., :!:! c


CJ) Local co ..... a: UJ III ::::: UJ 1-Q. UJ (/) a: u. 9 a: LL. c z <( c (/) w :J I-ii: w > w c w :z:: U) ::::i .al _:)._ a. z ...1 ...1 :J al ..:. w z i= z w U) a: 0 ...1 LL. Doctor Focuses On Preventative Measures BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor It ha s often been said that an oun ce of orevention i s worth a pound of .cure. And, that is the philosoph y of Dr. Faith Felder, a physician who targets adult patients. Dr. Felder said better health is achievable through prevention. "I encourage my patients to have their yearly examinations. My message is prevention, it's very important. It is beautiful how God designed us. We can maintain good health by eating properly, getting rest, exercise, fresh air, and having a connection to a higher power, whatever your God is, have a good con nection. It really makes a dif ference." Dr. Felder realizes that evervone does not have access to medical insurance. However, she stated that everyone should pay attention to what is going on with their bodies and have yearly check ups. "The primary care doctors see everything first. Sometimes, you can catch an illness before it becomes a problem. That's the idea." Remaining on the cutting DR. FAITH FELDER ... focuses on preventative measures edge of technology, Dr. Felder has designed her office to accommodate the needs of'her patients. She offers a website with information about the office, insurance, services offered, and a biography of herself. She also offers her patients the opportunity to make or cancel appointments on line from the comfort of their homes. In addition to annual comprehensive physical exams, well woman checkups, and prostate exams, she focuses on arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, high choles terol, diabetes types 1 and 2, lung disease, heart disease, and thyroid disease. Recently, Dr. Felder added a weight loss management and counseling program for her patients. Born in the Bahamas Dr. Felder, 40, was raise d in New Jersey. After <:ompleting her educational requirements, she and her husband, Edward Felder, settled in Tampa. She is the mother of 3 children and of the Seventh Day Adventist faith. Dr. Felder enjoys spending time with her family, and playing the piano. However, she may very well add another segment to her busy life. "My passion is flying and I hope to get my pilot's license soon, but we'll see." Certified by The American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr. Felder attended colleges in Alabama. She earned a B. S. degree in Chemistry graduating Summa Cum Laude, from Oakwood College, in Huntsville. She continued her education at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, in Birmingham, where she earned her Doctor of Medicine degree. Dr. Felder then enrolled at Carraway Methodist Medical Center, where she completed Internship and Residency And Worship By: Pneuma < Celebrity Judges: Chapta (Formerly ([) E. Reese .(former Manager Of Mysticale & T-PEiih). .. Come And witness Who Will Take Home: 1st Place $500 ... ..... .. .. $300 3rd Place $200, Trophies And i Sep,ember 19, 2009 poors Open @ 6 p.m. } n ? Sb.ow @ 7 p.rri. Sharp! $1o 5 Years And Under Free -For Information Call: Krunk For Christ* (813) 312. King Cobra Enterprises* (813) 244-0848 -Poet's life Has Changed over Past 8 Years BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Spoken Word poet, LIFE, is a vcrv outspoken man o n ISSUeS regardn g r a c e relations and society in general. Prior to the birth of Black On Black Rhyme, LIFE was the 26-year-old single father of a son and dawghter, ages 5 and 4. He was working with a commercial construction com pany as a bricksman, building area Wal-Mart and Target stores. "My hands were full of calluses, my hair was in bad shape, and my clothing left much to be desired. I was crude

Local BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Dina Williams was known by everyone as a woman of great energy and as a pharmacy technician, a woman always willing to help others. In her spare time, she loved traveling to Daytona, Florida especially to sponsor her labor Day Celebration. On June 21, after a lengthy illn ess in h e r battle with kiJ n ey cancer and h eart failure, Ms. Williams pas se d away in Lif e Path Hospice. She was 45 The mother of two was well known in her .Jackson Heights community, and never turned her back on any one. Her daughter, Tanesia Judkins, said it was hard for all of them when her mother was ill. "Watching her die and not being able to help her was very painful. "To have her honored means a lot to me and my brother, Preston. She was a very outgoing person, and helred changed the lives of a l o t of p eople, c\e n whe n she was real sick.'' k:, far as Life Path Hospice is concerneu, Ms. Judkins saiu she owes them all a big thanks for what they did for her moth e r in making her last days as comfortable as possi ble. I also owe a big thanks to the organizers for Krunk For Christ for suppmting us and appreciating all the good things my mother did without expecting anything in return. "Michelle B. Patty and King Cobra Enterprises will donate a portion of the pro ceeds from the Krunk For Christ event to Life Path Hospice in the memory of Dina Williams. Choir ComoatRion Heats Up The Board of Directors of the Florida Gospel Choir Idol Competition are ecstatic about the response they have received from gospel music enthusiasts in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Pasco and. Manatee counties since the Sweet :Sixteen (16 semi-finalists) for their upcoming event in Tampa. Two local choirs concerned that they were not included in the Sweet Sixteen have expressed a determination to find out who the preliminary judges are. The identity of the judges however, to the organization, remains a well-kept secret to insure fair competition. A pastor of one of the churches, who was included in the Sweet Sixteen, attrib utes the 'selection of his choir to the extended rehearsals required by his Minister of Music. The names of the choirs chosen as the final-fow along with the date, time and place of the face-to-face competition will soon be announced. '.Rainbow. Ministries COGIC 1405 Park i St Seffner, FL 33584 .. Friday, September 18th 7:00 P.M. Wear your gold, silver; bronze or black attire BeJty Smith Minister Michael Jenkins, II Mistress of Ceremony: Missionary Tempress Solomon Colfege Hill COGIC Special Musical Guest: Minister Ebou Howard and the Minstrels of Wpr:ship KEJYOote Speakers: Gold: Sister Nicole Douglas Silver: Evangelist Kathy Floyd Bronze: Sister Mattie Jenkins Black: Evangelist Estella Love .., ......... ... ., ..... .., .... 4 ..... .... In the meantime the group would like to thank the many members of the various nominated churches who have clipped the ad/ballots from the Florida Sentinel Bulletin and mailed them in to support their favorite choirs. You may do the same. Siniply clip the ad/ballot from today's paper and mail it to Florida Gospel Choir Idol Competition, P. 0. Box 5496, Tampa, 33675-5496 or you may send a list of your top four choices to gospelcltoirt@aol.com. Copies of the ballot can be made from the ad. The judges will accept legible photocopies NEW MT. ZION M. B. CHURCH, INC. 2511 E Columbus Dr. (813} 248-8101 or (813} 247-3899 REV. WALTER J. WUIAMS Pastor Early Wa'ship :55A.M. Sunday Maning Waship :30A.M Mooling Worship :55 A M. Wed., Family NigJt 7 P.M. Dea Joon C. Lovett, Chairman Board Of Deaoons (t-Christ United Methodist Church 3304 E. Columbus Dr. "Love One Another" 118th Anniversary Celebration Sunday September 20, 2009 9:30A.M. Lunch Will Be Served. Mistress Of Ceremony: Eve Brockington Of Greater Mt. Moriah P.B. Church REV. RICHARD WOODBURY B. Aron Wilds, Pastor Member, New ProgreSs M. B. Church BODY &SOUL DANCE CENTER ......... ,.u Up A Spirit Of Excellence In Dance Ministry" BSDC NOW Offers Professional Dance Training For All Ages In Ballet, Pointe, Modem Jazz, Contemporary, Urban Praise, African Dance & Warfare, Flag Worship, Mime & Movement, Combo Classes And Mommy & Me Classes NOW ENROLLING!!! (813) 398-7080 Classes Located At Walton Academy For The Performing Arts 4817 N. Florida Avenue Tampa, Florida 33603 www.bodyandsouldancecenter.com Tanika S. Walton. ARTISTIC DIRECTOR A Gospel Musical Program Sunday, September 20, 2009 4:00P.M. St. Paul A. M. E. Church 506 North Harrison Street Tampa, FL 33602 MINISTER ISAAC RUFFIN Master Of .Ceremony BROTHER BILLY WHEELER Muslc.lan Romero Watson Alberta Jackson Kandace Nunn Liturgical Dancers Church C:holrs Soloists Praise Pa. ntomh:nlsts Gospel Groups & Motel All Proceeds Will Benefit The Sarcoidosis F oundatlon For Adell! Brllv VJIH'C'Ier 1\t (R I l) 74(l.qq.:R Or By f llLlil AI o''iH'r l'rl:lmp.l r y 1hnn cnm .... ... _; .. ,.,_ ............ "' .. ................ :.. .... ""' ..... ..-... ....... .. ., rQ en. m z -4 z m r;m. c: z "tJ c: CD c en :I: m c m m c c ., ... ... >


en 0 0 N tiS .,... c ii: u. c z w .. c w -. :z:: en _:::i Ill A. Birthday Greeting H8PPV Binhdav My brother, my'friend. We were connected from the day we met and God created a friendship that will last the test of time. God loves you and so do I. The original "i5th" Gene, your brother, your friend. Blake Class Of 1963 A special meeting for all members of Blake Class of 1963 will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009, 4 p. m. at the West Tampa Library. Your attendance and input is important as plans will begin for the upcoming reunion in 2010. '++9+++9+++9+ oLL -vo uR CHILD TODA"' .\ >. .. --n At Mt. Pleasant Middle -School 1906 North Rome-Avenue -. rampa, FL 33601 : Of -Rome And Spruce) ,-_ '_.: --\''_ --:.. : -. .. -.Our 7th -Year A Grade "B" Public Charter School: boys and girls in grades 6th, 7th and 8th. Certified College Traine_ d Teachers. Acumculum tailored to meet the needS-. Qfthe students. f -variety of extra-curricular .. : : : ::)-. .\. -"''-i"""'' .. ".: : ... -:. : ......... : no alternative: school : and: welcome to visit out school and take a tour. .. .. .. .-. -. .-: Smail size classes. . . ........ .. -. more information, please-ca11 (813). 253-0053' We al(of oUt -: -DJa' ;_ -">":: : 1:;,'11; Blake Class 011966 The Howard W. Blake Class of 1966 will meet Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009, 6:46 p. m at the Wig Boutique, 2452 Brandon Blvd. (Brandon Mall) The class will be discussing the trip to Miami, Nov. 14-15, 2009. Please call Joe (Chip) Abrams, (813) 237-1113, James (Pop) Martin, 7664447, Ernest Martin, (727) 239-2266, Vera Beckham Cassen, (813) 684-1999, or Arnold (Daddy Bo) Watson, (813) 453-6887. Beverly Nelson Bellamy (813) 661-4709, is the class reporter. Scholarships For Veterans The Springfield College School of Hu,man Services Tampa Bay Campus will award tuition scholarships to veterans on a first come, first serve basis, The veterans must apply for admission arid qualify for acceptance into the school's bachelor's and master's. degree programs. The U. S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Will provide matching scholarships as pait of The Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program. Veterans : are' eligible who have served 36 months of duty after September io, 2001 For full details on additional qualifications and infonnation on the school, please call (813) 936-2800 ot 724-2778. Support The. Florida Sentinel ,Advertisers Pastor: ELDER JOSEPH B. GREEN Ftrtlt MISSIONARY CHERYL GREEN Weekly WonhtiSehedulc S1Uiday School-10 A.M. Sunday MOrntns WorShip N u:ao A.M. MOnday MolJllna Prayer., 9 A.M. Wednesday Nfsht Worship Prayer $eni('IO '1 P.ltf. Bible Stud)'.'T'-30 P.M Sallirilay Moming Prayer Wmtor. Bmiee-Every Second Sat. OfEadtMond1 "FIJfillilll{ 'rite fli!Um TniTJIJg/1 failh www.rain.bowministrit'll. Wtl.!.c:om In The Spotlight MIA MICH ELLE When you look th is gorgeous, It's easy to under .. stand why the phones at Spotlight. headquaoers have been ringing off. hook to 'see Mia Michelle again. Only the. erlous and confi dent people are anowed in her circle, but .. think Mia Michelle doesn't know how to' have a good This youo9 la(jy-.has a : tQ .. : good inusic; soft' and i romance. If you are a man ing Mia Michelle, you need to .. man must be handso me, self-reliant, ,&net has. his life and. future under Congratulations to Mia Michelle this week's Spotlight > BY THE Has ever seemed g1881'18r oo th6 other. $;de.'Of the v/jij,' ,. come jump the ferlc8 with i.Js. and lett see if it is greener: or jl,lf# t!,rfett ppJ CQ..Spansored By: "The Studies GroUp; Wr;Hen by: Stewart. :.


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0) 0 0 C\1 co .,... a: w Ill :lE w 1-a.. w C/) c a: LL. c a: LL c z <( c C/) w ::::: 1-w > w c w ::c C/) :J m ::::: 0.. z i= w ..J ..J ::::: m ..:. w z i= z w tn a: 0 ..J LL Sports Bucs Hit The Road To Face 'T.O.' And The Bills RAHEEM MORRIS Coming off a disappointing defensive showing in their 34-21 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will seek to redeem themselves this Sunday when they travel to Buffalo, New York to face the Bills. The Bills took the New England Patriots to the wire in their opening season loss, and a disgruntled Terrell Owens was seen leaving the field and later the locker room without speaking to anyone. Buccaneer starting center, Jeff Faine will be out with an injury, and Sean Mahan, TERRELL OWENS who the Bucs re-signed, will step in to take his place. The Bucs also released defensive end Maurice Evans and signed defensive end Tim Crowder. Head coach Raheem Morris said he expects a much better game from his defense and offense. The Buccaneer defense ranks 24th in rushing, 30th in passing and 30th in total yards allowed. The Bills defense ranks 9th against the rush, 32nd against the pass, and 26th in total yards allowed. Kickoff will be at 4:05 p.m. at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mavweather And Marquez Set For Saturdav FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. vs. JUAN M. MARQUEZ NEW YORK--Boxing is coming back to the big screen. Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s eagerly anticipated showdown with Juan Manuel Marquez on Sept. 19 will be showcasedJive in about 170 theaters nationwide, promot ers announced Monday. The fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will also air on HBO per-view Saturday night. Richard Shaefer of Golden Boy Promotions said he'd been considering theater feeds for several years, ever since a trip to the movies with his kids. Unaware that live boxing has a long history on the big screen, Shaefer's children asked him whether it was possible today. Ochocinco Plans lambeau leap GREEN BAY, Wis. -Attention, Green Bay Packers fans : Chad Ochocinco could be headed for a grandstand near you. The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver says he'll do a cele bratory "Lambeau Leap" if he scores in Sunday's game at Lambeau Field. During a conference call Wednesday, Ochocinco said he's looi

::XJ Sports Wade lawsuits Mav Be senled soon DWYANEWADE MIAMI --Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade's legal team hopes that talks beginning Wednesday help him resolve legal disputes that could otherwise be an off-court distraction if they drag into the season. The mediation session could ultimately result in settlement of several lawsuits claiming he wrongly walked away from outside business ventures. Without a quick resolution to the legal proceedings -or their postponement until after the season-the team argues Wade could be risking injury by focusing on them instead of training. Wade and his lawyers are set to begin talks with former partners suing him over a failed chain of sports memorabilia restaurants and a charter school operation for inner-city kids that opened successfully despite Wade's absence. The lawsuits claim combined maximum damages against Wade in the neighborhood of $150 mil lion. With the NBA season around the comer, it's clear the Heat want to avoid legal distractions for Wade, their franchise player and last year's leading NBA scorer. In the schools case, the Heat say Wade won't be able to stay in shape if he's tied up in legal proceedings for weeks during the season. Vandals Caught In McKelvin ease LEON MCKELVIN ORCHARD PARK, NY-Buffalo Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin is so far willing to forgive and forget after two male teens admitted to police that they defaced the player's front lawn. Hamburg police Sgt. Thomas Best-said Wednesday night that McKelvin is refusing to press charges against two 16-year olds, who said they were the ones who spray-painted a message and an obscenity across the grass in front of the player's home shortly after the Bills' season-opening 25-24 loss at New England on Monday night. Best said it'll be up to the Erie County district's attorney's office to press charges against the two suspects. Best declined to release the names of the two teens because of their age, but noted they both live near McKelvin's home in suburban Buffalo. The vandalism created headlines across the country, was the topic of disussion for numerous sports talk radio programs, and led to several Bills players questioning their privacy and security as they returned to practice to prepare to host Tampa Bay on Sunday. While McKelvin said early Wednesday afternoon he didn't want anyone arrested for what happened, receiver Terrell Owens had a far more defiant reaction. "Once we make it to the playoffs, tell them to do his lawn again," Owens said. "You just attribute that to ignorance." Linebacker Kawika Mitchell had guessed that the vandalism was caused by "a bunch of kids," but still noted how NFL players are concerned about their security after Redskins safety Sean Taylor died of a gunshot wound following a botched burglary attempt in November 2007 at his Miami-area home. "It's extremely dangerous when someone is going to come to your house and do anything that's going to affect you," Mitchell said. McKelvin shrugged it off, saying he still considers Bills fans to be the greatest. "Right now it's all about Tampa Bay," he said. Obama Rallies For Chicago's Bid PRESIDENf BARACK OBAMA WASHINGTON President Barack Obama staged a homecoming-style Olympic rally at the White House Wednesday, saying the whole country is rooting for his hometown of Chicago in its efforts to host the 2016 Summer Games. "Chicago is ready. The American people are ready We want these games," he said to applause from the Olympians, Paralympians, local school children, politicians and other supporters in attendance. "If you choose Chicago, I promise you this Chicago will make America proud, and America will make the world proud," Obama added. The International Olympic Committee will choose a host city during an Oct. 2 meeting in Copenhagen. Obama will not attend the meetings, instead sending First Lady Michelle Obama to lead the U.S. dele gation. Chicago is in a tough competition with Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Tokyo. In recent years, national leaders have traveled to the roc meetings to help seal the deal such as Tony Blair for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and Vladimir Putin for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. The president said that while he loves Washington, Chicago has been his home for nearly 25 years. He called it a "city of broad shoulders and big hearts and bold dreams, a city of legendary sports figures, legendary sports venues and legendary sports fans." Month Of Scpll:mber Seeking Eyelnsh Extension Tech Please Call For More Info. Call Now For Appointments Walk-los Welcome (813) 770-1138 .$1J .If \\ .... ( I'"" ...... ,., I I' :'HI h. Ikhill z c ::XJ 6


0) g Entertainment C'll aS .,... a: w m w 1-a. w CJ) c a: u. Jav-z Is More Than A Rock Star At 9/11 Concen JAY-Z Rapper Jay-Z did it his own way: headlining a star-studded concert at Madison Square Garden. The 39-year-old Brooklyn native performed to a soldout crowd Friday night for his "Answer the Call" concert, which paid tribute to the police officers and firefight ers who died responding to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. NEW YORK --Since the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11, many people u. have helped rebuild New 0 York City in different ways. z The Pledge of Allegiance kicked off the show, followed by "The Star-Spangled Banner" infused with an elec tric guitar. Jay-Z continued with his own New York anthems including "Empire State of Mind," "Where I'm From," a song about his upbringing in the Marcy housing projects complex, and "Brooklyn Go Hard," a collaboration with alternative singer, Santigold. < 0 CJ) w ::;) 1-ft w > w 0 w :I: CJ) ::; m ::;) a. z :i ::;) m ..:. w z i= z w CJ) a: g u. DREW-Z'S MOVIE REVIEW I Can Do Bad All By Myself-Tyler Perry comes through again with this tear-jerker drama starring Taraji P Henson [****1 Whiteout-A so so whodunit thriller with a disappointing ending. [**Yz 1 Shorts-Over-the-top comedy. Wait for the video. rYz1 Gamer-Waste of money. Not for kids under 18. (*1 Final Destination -You know the ending to this tired franchise. A grisly waste of time. Still, No. 1 at box office -$27 .4M [*Yz 1 Inglorious Basterds Director Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) delivers an Oscar-Worthy (Nazis) World War II drama starring Brad Pitt (Lt. Aldo Raine) and Chnstopher Waltz as (Nazis Col. Hans Landa). Masterpiece!Well-written/violent. [****] G.l. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra: Action-packed. Fun and entertaining. MustSee![****] The Perfect Getaway: A suspense/thriller that will have you guessing until the end. Enjoyed it! [***Yz1 Aliens In The Attic-Your kids will love this movie. (***1 The Collector-Unnecessary torture at the highest level. If you don't have a stomach for torture, pass on this one. (*1 Orphan-There's something wrong with the orphan, Esther. A psycho little girl gets busy on families who love her. Very good horror movie. Enjoyed it! No. 4 at box office-$14M [****1 The Ugly Truth -This comedy starring Gerard BuUer cmd Katherine Heigl was surprisingly funny. This is a movie your wife or girlfriend would love. No. 3 at box office -$27M [*** Yz1 .. GForce Kids only. Fell asleep on this one t:Jo. 1 at box office -$32M [j Haf!Y Potter and The Half-Blood Prince -:-Nl.Q_urs and 40 minutes of Depp plays John of,action! [**j ft:OW'idii; Bettt.Cooper-Tilts oomedy:was average,YQu qan pass on this one [j Ice Age 3-Kids will love this one 1***1 Transformers: Revenge Of The "Fallen -The Ultimate in special effects and action. You definite:;t miss this one. No. 1 at Box Office-$201M and $303M Worldwide. The Proposal-Sandra Bu lock comes through in this well-written comedy atx:>ut an office romance between the boss and assistant. Worth Seeing! No. 1 at Box Office -$34M [***%) Land Of The Lost -This oft-beat comedy starring Will Ferrell was pretty funny. [*j The Taking. Of Pelham 123 -Denzel and John Travolta deliver a powerful suspense/thriller. Worth Seeing! [***'.h) Imagine That-This movie is Eddie Murphy's best family comedy in a long time. Didn't do well at box office. Enjoyed it! [***%) Drag Me To Hell A loan officer refuses to give an old woman a loan to keep her house. The woman puts a curse on her. This movie will have you jumping horror movie. ij The Hangover-A group of men goes to Las to have a bachelor party. Surprisingly funny. No 1 at box office $44M Up -Pixar/Disney deliver another excellent animation that adults and kids will enjoy. [****] < Night At The 'Museum -Ben Stiller tries to save the museum pieces from D moving to federal storage. Fell asleep on this one. No. 1 at box office -,... $53M.[*%) -RATINGS ... -Very Good I -Good I .. -Average I -Wait For Video L.A. Cops on Leave In Rihanna Probe RIHANNA LOS ANGELES --Two police officers have been placed on leave as part of a probe into who leaked a photo of pop singer Rihanna's battered face after she was assaulted by her former boyfriend Chris Brown, the officers' attorneys said Friday. Rebecca Reyes and Blanca Lopez were "assigned to home" with pay, pending the outcome of criminal and administrative investigations into how celebrity Web site TMZ.com obtained the graphic photograph, which showed Rihanna's face and mouth with multiple bruises. Reyes' attorney Ira Salzman confirmed his client was assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department's division that handled Rihanna's beating but said she had not sold the picture. Cosbv Asks Detroit Students, Parents To Get Active Robert Bobb and Bill Cosby, spoke at the Detroit Public Library. DETROir:--Bill Cosby says Detroit residents must take responsibility for improv ing their city and schools. The 72-year-old actor, come dian and activist taped a public service announcements at the Detroit Public Library's main branch. The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press reported that Cosby encouraged children to stay motivated and focused while having fun in school. He told them that "books are more fun than toys. Cosby also urged p;ueuts to challenge their cbildren. He spoke in support of Detroit Public Schools, the library and Wayne County Community College District. Cosby went door to door with DPS Emergency F'mancial Manager Robert Bobb on Sept.1. Vickie Winans 'Gets over' Her Troubles On New CD LATHRUP VILLAGE, MI -IfJames Brown was the hardest-working man in show business, Vickie Winans should at least merit some consideration for the title of hardest-working woman. The gospel star is out with a new album, which she pro duced and recorded at home for her own record label. She also performs 175 to 200 shows a year, hosts a new comedy show on Black Entertainment Television and owns a Detroit-area bou tique. Not to mention she doesn't have a manager or agent. "You can pick up the phone and call me," Winans said. The 55-year-old has endured many personal hardships since her last CD in 2006, including the loss of her mother. The new record's first single (and title) "How I VICKIE WINANS Got Over" is a testament to how Winans' faith has helped her overcome tough times. It was released in late August and by September had reached No. 1 on Billboard's gospel album sales chart. Winans, who is divorced from fellow gospel luminary Marvin Winans, also recently opened a retail store that carries jewelry, handbags and other accessories, plus a wig salon. West Takes Time For 3rd Apolouv ourinuleno Debut LOS ANGELES --Kanye West used Jay Leno's prime-time debut Monday to offer another apology for ruining Taylor Swift's night at .the MTV Video Music Awards and to say he's going to .take some time off for reflection. West said he knew he was wrong the moment he handthe microphone back to when he was bathed in boos. He had interrupted S'fitl: Sunday night as sh.e a best female video awtard for "You Belong With Mt;," arguing that Beyonce's "Si[lgle Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." was more deserving... ''lt was rude, period,"West sajd. He posted a second apology to sWift on his blog on Monday, and told Leno he wanted to apologize to the music star in person. West took a long pause when Leno asked what his mother would have said about the incident. West was very to his mother, Donda, who died in November 2007. He said yes when Leno asked whether his mother would have given him a lecture. "So many celebrities, they never take the time off," he said. "I've never taken the time off to really you know, just focus on music after : : : I : KAN'JE,,'WF.$1' ''j :-;, .. !. music and tour after tour. I'm just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else's hurt. My dream of what awards shows are supposed to be, 'cause, and I don't tiy to jus tify it because I was just in the wrong. That's period. But I need to, after this, take some time off and just analyZe how I'm going to make it through the rest of this life, how I'm going to improve."


Entertainment Michael Jackson Rules At MTV Awards NEW YORK --More than two months after he died, Michael Jackson ruled at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards as some of the industry's biggest stars, led by Janet Jackson and Madonna, paid homage to the "King." Janet Jackson then recreated the dance moves from her only video made with her brother, "Scream," as a vast screen behind her played the original. Brand, a British comedian who appeared in a top hat, also spoke for the late pop giant, saying: "Tonight is cated to the great Michael Jackson." Los Angeles coroners say Jackson's death is being treated as a homicide, but prosecutors have not filed charges so far. Jackson Tribute Moved To London, Postponed VIENNA, AUSTRIA --An outdoor concert in Vienna that had been billed as the major global tribute to Michael Jackson has been moved to London and postponed until June, organizers said Friday, saying they needed more time to put together the show. Event promoter Georg Kindel and Jackson's Janet Jackson performed during the Michael Jackson tribute at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. brother, Jermaine told reporters that too many top performers had scheduling conflicts, and they blamed the media for stirring up a nega tive atmosphere. Friday's announcement came at the end of a turbulent week of reports that suppos edly confirmed artists includ ing Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown and Natalie Cole couldn't make the event. Many invited artists had scheduling issues, and "maybe we underestimated these issues," Kindel said. "The purpose for this show is to give something back to the fans ... we have to do this right," Jermaine Jackson said, at one point using a tis sue to dab at one of his eyes. All 'Housewives' Update The Sept. 7-14 issue of JET magazine includes : an interview with the ladies of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." The show's newcom er, singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss of the former R&B group Xscape, says she has been pushed to her limits in this new season. "I felt jabs taken at me, and I just didn't know where it was coming from. But, then at the end [of taping], N eN e and I bumped heads," reveals Burruss. "i'm not used to somebody loud-talking me like that, and there was this switch inside of me that just flipped out." Meanwhile, cast member Sheree Whitfield was hit with a lawsuit from one of her speed dates. A recent episode showed George Page telling a corny joke during a fiveminute encounter with the Atlanta divorcee, during which equally corny music and sound effects play in the background. Also, ridicules Page in her on-cam era interview. In the lawsuit, filed last week in State Court in Chicago, Page he never autho rized Bravo to air his image and was even assured by pro ducers that he would be edited out of the show. He is suing Bravo and parent company NBC Universal for at least $5o,ooo for infringing on his Right of Publicity and for causing him "emotional dis tress." Whitfield may have patched things up with fellow cast member Kim Zolciak since tugging on her wig earli er in the season, but the aspir ing country singer now finds herself in a cybe: beef with a reality star from a different network. Oprah Winfrev, TVIer Perrv Push Film precious' TYLER PERRY And OPRAH WINFREY TORONTO --Lee Daniels has an Oscar-winning movie to his credit, but he still needed some big-time help to draw attention to his latest film about a girl who overcomes crushing abuse. He got it from Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry: The two are executive produc ers of "Precious," which had a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend. Winfrey said she was happy to help bring more attention to the film. "Everyone needs someone to help them navigate," the TV talk show host explained. "I had Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones, Sidney Poitier and Maya Angelou who I look to. You can't do that on your own. Someone has to show it to you." lionel Richie Becomes A Granddad For Second Time LOS ANGELES ---Lionel Richie became a grandfather for the second time Wednesday morning. His daughter, Nicole Richie, and her boyfriend, Joel Madden, had a little Sparrow -not in the trees, but in the nursery. The couple named their newborn son Sparrow James Midnight Madden. Nicole Richie says on her Web site that the 7 pound, l4 ounce baby boy was born early Wednesday. Sparrow is the second child for she and Madden. Their daughter, Harlow, will be two in January. Nicole Richie, 27, became a clothing and accessories designer after starring with Paris Hilton on "The Simple Life." Madden, 30, fronts the band Good Charlotte and runs the DCMA Collective clothing line with his twin brother, JJ 0 lil wavne And lauren london Welcome A Babv Bov (/) m "0 -4 m s: tiJ m :a There must be something about the combination of Lil Wayne, announcements and awards shows. The Cash Money rapper memorably revealed the birth of his second child dur ing the 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards, during a rambling acceptance speech. And now right before the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, it's been confirmed Weezy is officially a father for the third time. "Lauren London and Dwayne Carter welcomed their healthy baby boy into the world on 09-09-09," the rep said in a released statement. "Everyone is happy and well." Speculation that London was pregnant by Lil Wayne had swirled for months. The two had appeared courtside together at basketball games in the past, but neither pub licly spoke about a relationship. In July of this year, London attended a party hosted by Diddy and Ashton Kutcher and pho tos from the event showed a very pregnant London for the first time. Last month, Wayne con-firmed the news when he appeared on Los Angeles LIL WAYNE And LAURENWNDON radio station Power 106 and admitted the actress would ...... 1\) 0 0 U) be delivering his child. Wayne has two children from two previous relationships -a daughter with his former wife and a son with a college student. This is London's first child. A Los Angeles native, London's credits include the movies 5 "ATL" and "I Love You, Beth :a Cooper" with Hayden Panettiere, along with cn appearances in videos by m Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams. Z As of press time the name of Wayne and London's son is not known. m r;tiJ c r r !!l Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers Become A Licensed Barber, Cosmetologist Nail Technician Or Skin Care Specialist Braiding Certification Braiding Technique Class Call To Set A Class! m ""' c m (/) 0 > z c ., :a 6 Computer & Laptop Repair & Sales Free Di nostics


co ,... a: w Ill :2 w .... a.. w Cf) > ct Cl a: 1.1. c a: LL c z <( c U) w :: t-> a: w > w c w :::1: U) :::i m :: Q. z ... ... :: m ...:. w z i= z w U) <( c a: 0 ... LL <( I 00 ,... w (!J MS. MARLO L. GIBSON Homegoing services for Ms. Marlo Lakiesha Gibson, formerly of Tampa, who went on to be with her heavenly Father on September 10, 2009, in Atlanta, GA, will be held Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 2 p. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. M. L. King, Jr. Blvd., Rev. Donald Yeoman, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Marlo was born in Tampa, on July 2, 1978. She graduated from King High School, class of 1996. Marlo was an aspiring model and promoter and also worked in retail. She was an active member of Greater Fairhill Resolution Church, Atlanta, GA and a faithful member of Tribe of Juda and the clothing ministry. Marlo had a heart of gold and made a positive effect on the lives of everyone she met. She loved life and lived it to the fullest. Marlo was preceded in death by: her father, David Gibson; -stepmother, Susie Gibson; and best-friend, Felisha Hienes. Marlo leaves to cherish her beautiful memories a devoted and loving fantily: her mother, Stella "Frances" McDuffy (Flea Market Lady); big brother, Joseph Demetric Smith; sisters, Evelyn Vaulx and Ericka "Muffy" B. McDuffy; uncle and aunt, Moses and Joyce Steele, Atlanta, GA; fiancE, Gregory Hood; a host of nieces and nephews, Quentin and Gregory Vaulx (Furball), Demetric, M., Tyrell, Joshua and Noah Smith; nieces, Demi Davis and Jessica Marie Valdez Smith; half sister, LaDawn Gibson; cousins, Rochel Jones, Anita Steele and Sherry Gibson; best friends, Chavonne Stephens, Leardis and Carol James; close family friends, Tomasitta Burgos and Raquel Prince; and a host of friends from Tampa and Atlanta, including the Perez family, Miley family, Hienes family, Janice Christian and family, and Garringer family; and many more sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from 5-8 p. m., Friday evening. The family will receive friends from 5-6 p.m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the chapel for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME www.aikensfuneralhome.net MR. JOE KENNETH KENNEDY Homegoing services for MrJoe Kenneth Kennedy of 1310 E. Osborne Avenue, who passed away from his home to his eternal home on Sunday, September 6, 2009, will be held on Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. M. L. King, Jr. Blvd., Rev. Beverly Lane, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Kennedy was well known throughout the Tampa Bay area. He was the owner of Floors Complete Services, FCS Distributing Co. and J & J Lawn Services. During the Prime Time of purchasing homes in Progress Village, Mr. Kennedy was the top Realtor that sold more than half of the houses in that community. In the City of Tampa, he was known for renting and selling houses. He served in the U.S. Army and fought in the Korean War and was honorably diticharged. He was raised up in the church and was of the Methodist, Pentecostal and later Baptist faith. He was a member of the Masons, 33rd degree; American Legion, Post 167, and member of the Harram Shriners. He retired from his businesses and worked as a Security Guard for Securitas Security. He was preceded in death by his parents, sister and other family members He leaves a loVing family to remember his fond giving and loving support: super care giver and aunt, Eugenie Shular; sons, Garett Kennedy and wife, Joey Kennedy and Rose and Theodore Kennedy; daughter, Jacqueline Kennedy and daughter; aunts, Ruth Mitchell, Mary Ponder, Daisy McCray and family; uncle, Leroy Mitchell and Bernice, Albert Mitchell, Jr. and wife, Barbara; nieces, Aundria McLendon, Janice Fitzgerald and Eboni Burns; nephews, Jareem and family, Reginald Montgomery, Jeffrey (U.S. Air Force), Emery, Randy Victor, and Eugene Washington; cousins, Patricia and family, Blossom Walker and family, Gary and wife, Kim and family, Elizabeth Futch and family Laura and Bernard, Cassie and Daniel Hoyt and family, Leroy Allen and wife, John J. Williams, Jr. and family, Ryan Montgomery, Ron Montgomery, Curtiss Wilson and family, Norma Pitts, Sue Ferrell and family, Kent and Johnnie and family, Sylvia and family, Connie and family, Sheila and Victor and family, Nell and family, Homer and family, Rita and family, Morris, Timothy and family, Lillian Pittman and family, Marie and family, Albert McCarthon and family, Rhonda Pinkerton and family, Regina and family, David McCray and Lois and family, Albert McCray, Deborah McCray, Derrick, David and Carlton, Angela, Carol, Edward, Mino, Recia. Ramon. Sidney, Lashawn. l\lichelle and son, :\,1. Tanielle. Brittanv, the Fleming's family. Carolyn 1\lonroe. Barha1a Jean, Jean Birl, Otis Birt. Blossom, Baby Sis l e 1, Zeron, J 1. (M otltc Monica), Deshard, Ashley, Zaria, Zatian, Gary Presley and family; friends, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert \Vilson and family, Sandy Ba1ton, Jr. and Mac and family, \\'illic, Reggie Burns, Dol Strawder and family, Martha Kennedy and family, the Hughes family, the entite staff of MICU at VA Hospital, LifePath Hospice, Ruby Team, Mary and many more that he was surrounded with; and friends at Securitas Security Services, USA, Inc. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from 5-8 p. m., Friday evening. The family will receive friends from 7-8 p. n1. Family and friends are asked to meet at the Chapel on Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MRS. DOROTHY MAE STILLINGS (SALLY) Homegoing services for Mrs. Dorothy Mae Stillings "Sally" of 11710 Bradley Rd., Thonotosassa, who passed away on Thursday, September 10, 2009, will be held Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, 9750 Rockhill Rd., Thonotosassa, Rev. W. L. Jackson, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Orange Hill Cemetery. Dorothy was born in Tampa, on November 7, 1960, to Annie Lou and Arthur Cobb. She attended the schools of Hillsborough County and graduated from Tampa Bay Vocational Technical High School. She was a bus driver for the Hillsborough County School Board for 10 years. Dorothy was preceded in death by: her father, Arthur Cobb; and brother, Rea Cobb. She leaves to cherish her memories: husband, William Howard Stillings; mother, Annie Cobb; 2 children, Lavares Everett and wife, Delorea, and Eugene Everett; 4 sisters, Rosa Wooden and husband, Otis, Annie Haywood, Rebecca Johnson and husband, Charles, Sr., and Barbara Cobb; 4 brothers, Jessie Bateman and wife, Willie Pearl of Americus, GA, Bennie Cobb and wife, Gloria of Americus, GA, Morel Cobb, Sr. and wife, Jacquelyn, and Willie Cobb, Sr.; 7 grandchildren, Markayla, D'Zani, Euqayla, Eunaysia, Jahiem, Aayana and Tatiana; devoted niece, Jacqueline Everett and husband, Albert, Jr.; motherin-law, Ruby Dean Stillings; 2 sisters-in-law and 4 brothersin-law, Ruby Davis and husband, Stanley, Edna Roberts, Roosevelt Stillings and wife, Diane, LaMarkus Stillings and wife, Marget, Eddie Stillings and Clarence Stillings; devoted friends, Mrs. B., Benita Cabrera and Debra Kennedy; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and other sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from 5-8 p. m., Friday evening. The family will receive fl'icnds from 6-7 p. Ill. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church on Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME www .aikensfuncralbome.net MR. CHARLIE C. SUTTON Homegoing services for MrCharlie C. Sutton of 1402 E. Louisiana Ave, who passed away, Thursday September 10, 2009, will be held Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 1:30 p. m. at Highland M. B. Church, 3410 E. North Street, Rev. Julius L. Wynn, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Charlie C. Sutton was born on December 24, 1941, to Savinar "Peggy" Lincoln and Willie C. Sutton. He attended Highland Missionary Baptist Church and loved going to church. He was preceded in death by: his mother, Peggy Lincoln; stepfather, Abraham Lincoln; sister, Alice Churchill; and father, Willie C. Sutton. He leaves to cherish his memory: wife, Shirley Sutton; stepchildren, Billie O'Neal and Leroy O'Neal; brother, Hubert Sutton; nieces, Belinda Bostick, Tampa, Dawn Lester, Tampa Tonya Howard and Dejon Leftwich, Tampa; nephew, James Cannon, Tampa; cousins, Thomas Hill, Sr. and Ruby Roney of Tampa; a devoted brother-in-law, Joseph H. Churchill; sisters-inlaw, Zoy Hart and husband, Henry of Tampa, and Geneice Tyler and husband, Clint of Tallahassee; and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from 5-8 p. m. on Friday evening. The family and friends are asked to meet at Highland Missionary Baptist Church for the service on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME www.aikensfuneralbome.net EASTSIDE fFNER \L H03IF. I\C. 2301 N. Nebraska Avenue Tamfu, FL 33602 (813 J 224-9557 1/0iiNDJ<:IJ ON J(.-\JTII .. HOME OF AFFORDABLE PACK:\GES" U.."a<-un Hob\rt L Stcwn\, Ownn-MRS. JACQUELIN YVETTE PIEREIRA The funeral service for Mrs. Jacquelin Yvette Piereira will be Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 1 p. m. at The Church Of The Living God, 1102 S. Tyler Street, Plant City. The interment will follow at The Garden Of Peace Cemetery, Plant City. Mrs. Jacquelin Yvette Piereira of 1321 East Laura Street, Plant City, passed away Tuesday, September 8, 2009, at South Florida Baptist Hospital. She was the daughter of Merlyn Evans Vickers and the late Joseph Vickers. She was born in Plant City on June 16, 1949 Jacquelin attended the public schools in Plant City and graduated from Marshall High School, class of 1967. She also attended Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. She was converted at an early age and was a faithful member of The Church Of The Living God in Plant City. Mrs. Piereira was employed as a Medicaid Transporter and also worked for the State of Florida as a caseworker in the Department of Children and Family Services from which she retired. She leaves to cherish precious memories: her children, Maria Salter-Climes (Dwayne) of St. Petersburg, Lenatlo Piereira (Lakitha) of Lancaster, TX, and Dondria Piereira of Plant City; mother, Merlyn Vickers of Plant City; six siblings, Carolyn Sykes and Cathy Ann Wiggins (John), both of Plant City, Milton Vickers (Robin) of Upper Marlboro, MD, Daryl Vickers (Felicia) of Valrico, Eugene Vickers (Stephanie) of Edgewood, MD, and Sharyl Farmon of Tampa; aunts, Evelyn Lampkin of Plant City and Deloris Washington (Ernest) of Tampa; uncles, Lawrence Evans, Robert Clayton (Mary Joyce) and Frank, Smith, Sr., all of Plant City; grandchildren, Khari and Isis Climes, Samyria Piereira, DeNeja Piereira, DaRique Piereira and Dondric Piereira; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and many devoted friends. -Public visitation will be Friday, September 18, 2009, from 6:30-8 p. m. at the Charlow Funeral Home, 1010 E. Laura Street, Plant City, 33563. Family Owned & Operated Everett-Derr & Anderson Funeral Home 5117 North 22nd Street Tampa, Florida 33610 RA\'MOl\'D ANDERSON 1 F D 813-237-5775 Personalized Funeral Services Shipping & Cremation Our Fatnilv ('an l\kd _\'our Fan1ily's


MS. SAQUANDA TAMIKASIMON Homegoing services for Ms. SaQuanda Tamika Simon of 5709 E. 30th Avenue, who passed away Tuesday, September 8, 2009, will bd held Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 1 p. m. from New Saint Matthew Missionary Baptist Church, 1006 S. 50th Street, with the Rev. Alec F. Hall, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Ms. SaQuanda Tamika Simon was born on October 19, 1978, to Arlean Jackson and Robert Stuart. She gave her life to Christ at the early age of 12 years old. She was baptized by the late Rev. G. E. Edwards of St. Matthew M. B. Church, where she was active in many areas of the Youth Department. She attended the local schools in Hillsborough County, graduating from Brandon High School in 1996. After graduating from high school, she went on to attend the University of South Florida for 2 years. She furthered her education by attending Galan College for her RN Certification. She was employed by South Tampa Nursing Home and the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, while pursuing her Master's Degree. She was united in marriage to the late Roger Simon and from that union 2 children were born. SaQuanda was preceded in death by: her late husband Roger Simon; grandfather, Henry Jackson, Sr.; great grandmother, Gertha Woodruff; uncle, Henry Jackson, Jr.; aunt, Iris Jackson; and great grandmother, Lillie B. Stuart. She leaves precious memories with: 4 children, Sharecee Simon, Ashanti Simon, Cedrick Salter, II, and Cy'recia Salter; mother, Arlean Jackson (Joseph Binaco); father, Robert Stuart, Sr.; 3 sisters, Lindoria Farris (David), Shevaris I. Stuart and Daneishaia M. Stuart, Hampton, WA; 3 brothers, Robert Stuart, II, Robert Carr, Jr. (Rebecca), and Ossian Bates, all of Tampa; grandmother, Mae Jackson, Tampa; aunt, Deborah Jackson; 4 great aunts, Fannie Copeland, Molly Jackson, Mamie Manning (James) and Betty Coleman Morris, all of Tampa; 2 uncles, John Henry Jackson, Tampa, and Earl Stuart (Nancy); 2 nieces, Denayja Lamour and Daivina Lamour; cousins, Patricia Randall (Reggie), Angela Lewis (Alphonso), Shirley Golden, Linda Copeland, Cheryl Copeland, Deborah Hines, Donald Myles (Rhonda), Plant City, Ronald Brewer (Terry), Theresa Durant, Dorian Mason {Greg), Andria Williams, and the Gay and Boone family, all of Tampa; best friend, Tomieka; and other sonowing rclatives and friends: and special acknowledgement to the :\"ew St. Matthew M. B Chmch family and Pastor Alec F. Hall. The viewing for 1\Is. SaQuanda Tamika Simon will be held Friday, September 18, 2009, from 5-7 p. rn. at Everett -Derr & Anderson Funeral Home, 5117 N. 22nd Street. Family and friends are asked to meet at the church on Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 12:30 p. m. "EVERETT-DERR & ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME" MRS. MURRIE LEE BOSTICK Homegoing services for Mrs. Murrie Lee Bostick of 3011 E. Giddens Ave., who passed away Thursday, September 10, 2009, will be held Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 11 a. m. from Everett Derr & Anderson Funeral Home Chapel, 5117 N. 22nd Street, with the Rev. Quantai Washington, Pastor of First John Missionary Baptist Church, officiating. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Mrs. Murrie Lee Bostick was born May 18, 1929, in Louisville, AL, to the late Johnny Walker and Lemon Burke. She moved to Tampa over 50 years ago, and was the loving and devoted wife of the late Earnest Bostick. She was preceded in death by: 2 daughters, Patricia Bostick and Dorothy Ousley; 2 sons, Joseph Bostick and Robert Bostick. She leaves to cherish her memories: daughters, Mary Bostick, Florine Bostick and Veronica Bostick; sons, Billy Bostick and Willie Bostick, all of Tampa; a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren; sister, Ollie Mae Marshall, Haines City, FL; 2 daughtersin-law, Evelyn Manley Bostick and Sylvia Barr; son-in-law, Willie Ousley; a host of nieces and nephews; special friend, Doretha Stephens; and other relatives and friends. The viewing for Mrs. Murrie Lee Bostick will be Friday, September 18, 2009, from 6-8 p. m. at the Everett -Derr & Anderson Funeral Home, 5117 N. 22nd Street. Family and friends are asked to meet at the funeral home on Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 10:30 a.m. "EVERETT-DERR & Ai .... DERSON FUNERAL HOME" MRS. DORA BELL WELLS Homegoing services for Mrs. Dora Bell Wells, who passed away on Thursday, September 10, 2009, will be held Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 11:30 a. m. at Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witness, 1901 E. Giddens Avenue, with Walter K. Reed, Sr., elder, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Mrs. Dora Bell Wells was a native of Macon, Georgia. She was a long time resident of Tampa. She is remembered as a great cook -best known for her biscuits. Mrs. 'Neils was preceded in death by: her husband of 46 years, Mr. Preston Jackson Wells who died in 1992; and her son, Mr. Hillery Wells who died in 1990. She leaves to cherish her memory: 4 brothers, Ulysses, Romie, Julius and Eugene; sister, Ms. Clara; 5 daughters, Corine McMillian {Alexander), Ethel McMillian (William), Marie Townsend (Ronnie), Virginia Florence (Michael), and Otha Dejesus (Hector); 2 sons, Roger Wells (Carolyn), and Moses Wells (Nicol); 29 grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren and 1 great, great grandchild; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and other sorrowing relatives and friends. Visitation for Mrs. Dora Bell Wells will be held Friday evening from 5-8 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street, Tampa, 33610. Friends are asked to assemble at the Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah's Witness, Giddens Avenue and 19th Street at 11:15 a.m. A HARMON BURIAL ........... .................. ................ 1 I I I I I CRISIS PR1C JOHN HARMON LFD.813 626-8600 JAMES HARMON LFD ___ 5002 N. 40th Street Tampa, Florida 33610 MR. SULLIVAN SYLVESTER FIELDS Homegoing services for Mr. Sullivan Sylvester Fields, who departed this life on Monday, September 14, 2009, will be held on Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 2 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home Chapel, 5002 N. 40th Street, Tampa, with a local minister officiating. Interment will be made in Abraham National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois. Mr. Sullivan Sylvester Fields was a native of Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Fields graduated from Fenger High School in Chicago. He then joined the Air Force in 1957 as an Airman. After recervrng an Honorable Discharge he was employed with Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and retired in 1998. Mr. Fields was preceded in death by: his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Marvie) Fields; and two brothers, Gregory and Thomas Fields. Sullivan leaves to cherish his memory: his only loving child, Deborah Fields Bates (Joseph); three grandchildren, Jenae, Justin and Jalen; great granddaughter, Jori; three stepdaughters, Aurtis (Michael), Stephanie and Wendy; cousin Yvonne; nieces; and his extended family in Tampa, including Rodney and Tonya Miller; and a host of family and friends. Services in Chicago, Illinois, for Mr. Sullivan Fields will be held Tuesday September 22, 2009, at 10 a. m. with military honors through A. R. Leak Funeral Home, Phone (773) 846-6567. A HARMON BURIAL SISTER DOROTHY lViAE NELSON JONES Homegoing celebration for Sister Dorothy Mae Nelson Jones of 2607 23rd Avenue, who passed away Sunday, September 13, 2009, will be held Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 2 p. m. at Highland Avenue Church of Christ, 2800 North Highland Avenue, with Evangelist Darryl Beasley, officiating. Interment will follow in Memorial Park Cemetery. A resident of Tampa, Sister Jones was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County. She was a faithful member of Highland Avenue Church of Christ and was employed as a housekeeper. She was preceded in death by: her parents, Perry Nelson and Lillie Belle Davis; grandmother, Victoria Nelson; and grandfat!ter, Jeff Nelson. Cherishing her life: a dedicated and affectionate son, Mr. Coleman B. Bell, Sr. Tampa; granddaughter, Michelle Y. Brooks; and grandson, Jason -n ::0 0 en m ""0 -f m OJ m ::0 ..... _CXI 1\) 0 0 CD 11 r-0 ::0 0 )> en m z ::! z m r-1 OJ c: r rm G. Bell, Sr., both of Tampa; great grandchildren, Stevie Brooks, Jr., Dortia Brooks, Jason G. Bell, Jr., Jayla Bell, Ryan Arline and Marshavia Myrick, all of Tampa; goddaughter, Beverly Arline (Michael) of Jacksonville; a host of cousins, other relatives and the Highland Avenue Church of Christ family. m ::! z ""0 c: OJ r-u; :I: m 0 The family will receive ::0 friends Friday, September 18, -< 2009, from 6-8 p. m. at -f Highland Avenue Church of C: Christ, 2800 North Highland rn Avenue. 0 Friends are asked to assem-)> ble at the Church at approxi--< mately 1:45 p. m., Saturday, )> September 19, 2009. Z Arrangements entrusted to 0 RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL -n ::0 HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. 0 earth 1ias No That Cannot "A Family Friend In Their Time Of Need" 4605 N. 34th Street (813) 239-3101 JIMMY JACKSON ... Owner C) m .....


O'l 0 0 N > c:t 0 a: LL c a: LL. c z < c (/) w ::: .... > a: w > w c w J: (/) :::i m ::: a. z tu _. _. ::: m I _. w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 _. LL. Funerals MR. IAMARCUS W.LARRY Tampa, passed away, September 7, 2009. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Covenant Baptist Church, 4610 E. Hanna Avenue, with Pastor/Teacher Carnell Upshaw, officiating. Interment will be Monday, September 21, 2009, at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, FL. Larry was a lifelong resident and native of Tampa, born on 12, 1955 He was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County and was a graduate of Jefferson High School. VV. Larry, Jr. enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 18 and was stationed in Germany and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He returned to Tampa and later married Sarah E. Larry was employed at the U.S. Postal Sen-ices for 20 years before retiring in 2005. He was preceded in death by: his mother, Laura V. Allen; and his uncle, Raymond Larry, Sr. He leaves to cherish his memories: a loving and devoted wife of 35 years, Sarah three children, LaSharn (John), VV. Larry, III and Armando D. Larry (Takisha); three grandchildren, Danyel L. Burnett, Pervis S. Riley and Armando D. Larry, Jr.; father, LaMarcus VV. Larry, Sr. (Bobbie); three brothers, Amando D. Larry, David F. and Dwuany Cannon; aunhes, Anna Echols and Pauline Grant; uncle, Carl Larry; nieces, Amanda Larry and Tatiana Larry; special cousins, Lilly Bell Robinson, Larry (Mooke), Royceann Branch, Odell Allen, Sonya Allen, Sherry Allen, VVayne Allen, David Allen, Glynis Alexander-VVest and Vanette Kelly; special friends Willie Johnson, the Austi.,; family, Reggie and Baron and Ralph Honeywell; and a host of sorrowing loved ones and friends from all over. The remains will repose after 5 p.m. today, September 18, 2009, at Ray VVilliams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue, and the family will receive friends from 7-8 p. m. at the chapel. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. MR. EDDIE MCGRUDER, JR. Eddie Jr. of 1814 E. 13th Avenue, passed away Friday, September 11, 2009. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, September 19, 2009, at 11 a. m. at Ray VVilliams Chapel, 301 N. Howard Avenue, with Pastor O'Neil Salmon, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Park Cemetery. Mr. McGruder was a nativ

Funerai/Memoriams MR.CEDRICK RAY WYNN Homegoing celebration for Mr. Cedrick Ray Wynn of Tampa, who passed away Wednesday, September 9 2009, will be held Saturday, S eptember 19, 2009 at 11 a. m. at Highland Missionary Baptist Church, 3410 North Street, with the pastor, Reverend Julius Wynn, officiating. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. He leaves to cherish fond memories with: his mother, Mary Frances Wynn; father Albert Lee Wynn; sister, Denise Wynn; brother, John Rice; four nephews and three nieces; uncle, Charles Wynn (Mollie); aunt, Lydia E. Harrison; several great aunts and one great uncle; a host of cousins and other relatives and fl'iends. Born in Tampa, Cedrick attended and graduated from Peters Exceptional School. The remains will repose from 5-9 p. m., Friday, September 18, 2009, at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 10:45 a.m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilson-funeralhome.com IN MEMORY OF JAMES DOWLING I have a bond that no man can take away. I am your mother and your friend. I love you. Denise. IN MEMORIAM JAMES KELLY, SR. DEWAYNE KELLY, SR. You both left us, as you answered the call from the Almighty God, with the comfort and assurance in knowing that someday we all will be together again forever. We miss and love you still. R.I.P. We will always love you. Your family, the Kellys. L BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM ALMA HOLLOWAY 9/19 I I The grandchildren of Alma Holloway invite family and friends to attend the Highland Avenue Church Of Christ, 2800 N. Highland Ave. on Sunday, September 20, 2009, at 10 a .m. to hear why she held onto God's Unchanging Hand. After all she had been th!'ough, she still had joy. All are welcome. Larry, Ronnie and Linda Holloway. MISSING YOU MERCEDESSWIFf HARRIS October 25,1924 -September 17,2008 It's been a year since you've been gone, I've never felt so all alone. You had to leave to meet our Father, now it seems that life without you is much more harder. At times I often sit and ponder on the many memories we've shared with each other. It is then that I realize, you are not far away, for you are sitting in the kingdom of our Lord, watching over our family each day! With loving memories: your children, grands, and great grands. The Harris, Brown, Jones, Swift Family. t BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM MIN. ENNIS AGEE, Ill 9/20/50-6/7/09 You are missed as we continue to celebrate your life and legacy. We know you are where God created you to be, in His presence, dancing with the angels. Love always. The family. IN MEMORIAM John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son ... So that we could be saved and grow in the spirit and love of Christ. You are my friend I love you. 'Gene' JAMES DOWLING :::0 0 }< (/) m "'C -1 m CD m :::0 ..... 0) I\) 0 0 () r-0 :::0 0 )> CJ) m z :::! z m r-1 CD c: rr-!!1 z "'D c: CD r-u; :I: m 0 m < m :::0 -< -1 c: m (f) 0 )> z 0 :::0 c


0') 0 0 N co Memoriam/Cards Of Thanks ffi IN LOVING CARD OF THANKS MEMORYOFI 1 MY MOTHER. w C/) c a: u. CLARETHA JOHNSON Born: 4/23/32 Died: 9/12/04 Mrs. Claretha 'Cat' Johnson departed on 9-12-04. It has been 5 years. If I could climb to heaven I would bring you back, but it was not my doing. God knows best. We love and we miss you. We will meet again. Love, children, grands and great grands. 'Earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal.' MRS. FANNIE HOLLOWAY The family of Mrs. Fannie Holloway sincerely gives thanks for the many acts of sympathy shown during our bereavement. Your visits, phone calls, food, cards, resolutions and flowers were highly appreciated. Thanks to: Elder Theotis Lane and members of New Salem P. B. Church, all program participants, College Hill COGIC, Elder Charles Davis, pastor, The Center Of Manifestation, Dr. Mark Jones, Pastor, for services rendered in her beautiful homegoing celebration. Special thanks to: Mother Ann Porter, Deacons Napoleon and Mrs. Hester, Willie and Mrs. Monroe, Pedro Peace, Mrs. Evergreen Neal and Rev. Eugene Johnson, for their love and support through the years. Always thanks to Mr. Wayne Bright, and the pro fessional staff of Wilson's Funeral Home. With love and God's blessing to all. The family. FUNERAL HOME lXXl N. 29th St Tampa, FL33605 (800) 605-3350. (813) 248-6125 VNNJ.WJlsonfuneralhome.com Wayne l Bright CARD OF THANKS JAMES EARL HILL The family of James Earl Hill wishes to extend their sincere gratitude and thanks to family and friends that said prayers, sent cards, emails, flowers, baskets, prepared food, callec or stopped by. Thank you for your words of comfort and gestures of kindness. May God richly. bless each of you and your families. CARD OF THANKS MS. REGINA IVY ARTIS The family wishes you to know that you are greatly appreciated for all that you have done. No deed has been too small and no deed has gone unnoticed. A special thank you to: Springhill M. B. Church family, Pastor Eugene Garnett, First Lady Katie Garnett and Harmon Funeral Home. May God richly bless each of you. The Family. STEPHEN LEWIS JONES It is with deep appreciation that we express our thanks to everyone for the comfort and kindness shown to our family during the passing of our beloved Stephen Lewis Jones. With faith in our hearts, we reach out for God's hand and accept what He sends, though we may not understand. For our Father in heaven knows what is best and if we trust in His wisdom our lives will be blessed. l'or we always remember that whatever betides us we are never alone for God is beside us. May the power of the Lord's blessings be with you. Earlean Jones and family. Crime GEORGEW. KENNEDY The family of the late George W. Kennedy extends our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the many acts of kind_ness shown to us during our time of bereavement. Special thanks to: Mt. Olive M. B. Church, Rev. Dr. C. P. Epps, New Mt. Zion M. B. Church, Rev. Dr. Walter Williams, Mary May's Ministry and \Vilson Funeral Home. May God continue to bless all of you. Love, the family. t Man Sought For Ramming Car With His Children Inside ST. PETERSBURG St. Petersburg ..---------., Police are looking for man they said intentionally rammed his car into another car that was carrying his chil dren and their mother. Teico Atkins 26, was driving a vehicle on August 26th when he struck 25-year-old Shaneka Nicole Arnold's vehicle, police said. The impact damaged her car and Arnold's four children were in the rear seat at the time. The ages of the kids are 7year-old twins, 4, and 2 Atkins is the father of three of the children, police said. Arnold reported ly told police Atkins chased her for L...---TElCO ATKINS ..... being sought by police for ramming car with his children inside. several blocks until she saw a police cruiser and starting honking her hom, causing Atkins to flee. RESHAPING PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA .. ,...-------------------.. ,/ Presented By Rojas "-_ Lose 2 to 3 Sizes In Minutes!1! While Losing Weight & Making BIG Money!!! No Gimmicks No Surgery No Diet No Exercise www.llost3DressSizes.com i i I I Hosted By Ardyss lrrtamatlonal Future Presidents: lrla & Glgl Rojas FREE Gas Vouchers To Thefinrt Ten Guest To Arrive! i 1 TueSday, 22, 2009 Doors Open At 6:30 P.M. Meet And Mingle At 7:00 P.M. Presentation At 7:30 P.M. \ \ 7211 N. Dale Mabry Hwy Suits 203 1 '-,,, ... / "An Appointment With Ardyss Will Change Your Life"


,. Crime Victim Critical After Stabbing Incident KETHESSA FORDOMS ... recovering in a local hospital from a stab wound. Tampa Police are looking for a man they said stabbed a woman during a domestic dis pute. According to reports, at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Kethessa Fordoms, 31, and Charles Freeman, 24, were involved in verbal argument at the Central Court Apartments, 2510 North Central Avenue. Police said the argument N. 56th Street, Ste. 13 FL 33617 Office (813) 988 CHARLES FREEMAN ... being sought for stabbing woman during argument turned physical, Freeman grabbed a knife, and allegedly stabbed Fordoms in the back. Freeman then report edly fled before police arrived. Fordoms was transported to a local hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. A warrant has been issued for Freeman on charges of domestic violence and aggra vated battery. Open 24Hour5 7 Days A "We'll Get You Out Quick ... So You Won't Have To Sit" Darrell Ingram Own or A Reward Is Offered To Anyone With Information Leading To The Arrest Of ANTON CRAWFORD Contact Bridgett's Bail BODOlS Andy iiiir:JAnyone with information is asked to contact Detective l. Richardson at (813) 394-2063. Reward Offered To Anyone With Information Leading To The Arrest Of AN 'BOODlE' MCCOGGlE State Seeks Death Penaltv In McNeal Trial ::rJ 6 (/) m "'C -f m ::: m m Startin g Tuesday, \,j tness after witne ss t oo k the st:md to tcstif\ in th e trial of Derrick MeN eal. MeN eal was charged with first-degree murder after he dron a truck into a group of people stand ing in their front yard on July 4, 2005. McNeal struck and killed 2-year-old Demontaye Simmons be fore fleeing the a r ea after the incident. MeN eal h as never denied h e was behind the wheel of the truck, but said he hit the child after ducking underneath the dashboard of the truck to avoid being shot. Prosecutors are saying shots were fired at McNeal after he crashed through the fence and struck the toddler. According to testimony, MeN eal and his estranged girlfriend, Tosha Dav care Operator Arrested Again Dorothy Ann SampsonMonroe, the day care center operator who made headlines in June, was arrested Monday after she failed to appear in court on a driving under he influence charge. Sampson, 48, operated the Just For Kids Day Center before she was charged with abusing children in her care. Sampson-Monroe, now being held on $10,000 bail, h as been arrested more than a dozen times, including a 1 991 drug conviction that landed her in prison for tw o years. DERRICK MCNEAL ..... facing the death penalty if he's convicted. Montgomery, had been arguing, and an angry MeN eal got behind the wheel of a truck on the 4th of July and drove to the residence in East Tampa to confront her. When MeN eal saw her standing in the front yard :D with other adults and c hild-_. ren, he allegedly dwve the truck through a fence trying to hit Montgomery. Several witnesses have taken the stand and recalled the incide nt, positively identifying McNeal as the person who was driving the truck. According t o the State Atto rn ey's Office, th e trial will go into next week as more witnesses are scheduled to testify If convicted, the State Attorney's Office said they are recommending the death penalty. 1\) 8 <0 McNeal's attorney, insists r his client did not intentionally 0 run down the child, and that :D the entire incident was the result of his client being shot en at as he approached the m house. Police Arrest Two After Pursuit z m r I m c r r m -f Tampa Police have arrested a man and woman after a pursuit Thursday morning. FREDDIE WHITE LASHONDA ROBINSON z 'tJ c m r c;; ::t: m c Police were looking for sus pects after an armed robbery Wednesday. Based on surveillance video of the robbery, officers recognized the suspects and the vehicle from previous encounters. At 7:40 a.m., officers started their search for the vehicle. Fifteen minutes later, officers spotted a silver Mercury Marquis at the Antigua Motel on Hillsborough Avenue near 13th Street 29th Street. m The suspects bailed out of < the car and officers arrested them without incident. The -< vehicle was reported stolen 2 from a relative of one of the m Thre e officers followed the vehicle in an undercover car. At 22nd Street and Hanna Avenue, a pursuit was initiated that ended at 2913 North suspects. Freddie White, 30, and LaShonda Robinson, 28, were charged with aggravated fleeing to elude and armed robbery. Police said additional charges are pending. FOUR WHEEL ALIGNMENT 'A_ft9S ..-UpTolO" USED TIRES 225-60-1& tg,oor From i ; Pw Tin, & S.'MJ & tvc OIL CHANGE >' ._; j MOST CARS GREAT DEALS: 205/40/17 215/35/18 225/40/18 245/35/20. 255/35/20 265/35/22 265/30/22 295/30/22-24'-26'-28' AND MORE! OPEN FROM 8A.M. TO SP.M. 7 DAYS A INCLUDING SUNDAYS (/) c )> z c :D c G) m 1\) (1.) I )>


a: w m :::!: w w 0 ic( 0 a: u. b a: u. 0 z < 0 0 w :::;) 1-> a: w > w 0 w ::J: 0 ::J m :::;) Q. z i= w ..J ..J :::;) m .!I w z i= z w 0 < 0 a: 0 ..J u. Ken serves on his neighborhood Family Support and Resource Center's (FSRC) Council to make a real difference in his community, while his daughters Kaleigh and Jaelyn enjoy the FSRC's many toddler classes that help them learn, grow and build friendships with other children. Funded in part by the Children's Board of Hillsborough County, FSRCs are warm, inviting places that offer a variety of free services like educational play groups, mentoring, mobile health services, job skills training and much more. Children's Boa rd HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Dreams Worth Growing www.DreamsWorthGrowing.com Call or visit the Family Support and Resource Center near you today! Brandon 1277 Kingsway Road Brandon, FL 33510 Phone: 813-740-4634 Central Tampa 1002 E. Palm Ave. Tampa, FL 33605 Phone: 813-204-1741 North Tampa 1401-A E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33612 Phone: 813-558-1877 Ruskin 20114th Ave. South East Ruskin, FL :33570 Phone: 813-641-5600 Town 'N Country 7520 W. Waters Ave., Ste. #8 Tampa, FL 33615 Phone: 813-356-1703


NAACP Hosts Back To Schooi/Stav In School Event The Hillsborough County Branch NAACP hosted its Annual Back To SchooVStay In School Event at Howard W. Blake High School Auditorium on August 15. The theme was "Climbing To The Top The mistresses of ceremony were Lenika Mitchell and Angelia Oliva. Other program participants were: Julia Flowers, Barbara Ardley, D. Flowers, Adrian Johnson, II, Dorthenia Jackson, Pat Spencer, Lewis Brinson, David Friedberg, ACT-SO dancer, Marcus Border, CMBC Praise Dancers, mime group, All In The Family and Brenda Jordan, Chair of the Education Committee. (Photos by James McAllister) NAACP Committee members from left, Pauline Grant, Dr. Carolyn Collins, Dr. Sam Wright, Brenda Jordan, Dorthenia Jackson Evelyn Larry and Pat Spencer. School District officials in attendance were: Jerry Jackson, Area VI, Sherrie Sikes, Area V. Valerie Orihuela, Area I, Henry "Shake" Washington, Area IV, and George Gaffney, Area III. ACf-SO Dancer Marcus Borders with Salina Suarez, Jeana Ortb:, Keeyawna Darrell, Tyra Striker and Tysia Dixon. CMBC Praise Dancers, Evelyn Larry, Director; Invi Grayes, Jazsmin McCaslin, Ironee Grayes, Julie Crawford and Freemon Grayes, IV. Bucified Bert with Norris, Mriah, Mickia, Alicia, Ayanna and Earlishia. Tina Young, Project UNK Coordinator and John Glenn. Christine Outten, Arlandryia Alford, Arlexus Gordon and Sarah Atkinson. Left to right, Sarah Harrell and Dr. Carolyn H. Collins, both of the NAACP, Mary Lou Whyte and B. J. Smith, both of School Health Services.


0) g Local N co ,.... a: w m w Future Miss B-CU Coronation Set For Sept. 27, 2009 The Hillsborough County W Chapter of Bethuneen Cookman University the ages of u and 15 will be presented to the community. B-CU alumni, supporters and friends are invited to the meetings on the third Thursday of each month at the College Hill Library, 2607 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., at 7:30 p. m. National Alumni Associaa:: tion will host its 29th annual fundraiser, "Future Miss B-c CU" Coronation on Sunday, September 27, 2009, 4 p. m. at Ragan Park Auditorium. Four young ladies between Practicing Law In: The contestants are: Criminal Defense Family Law Personal Injury Attorney & Cou11selor A.l Law Cypress Point Office Park 1 0014 N. Dale Mabry. Suite 101 Tampa, Florida 33618 (813)269-9706 Fax:(8l3)960--064l yrx1 ll-Tiu::rlinlmmrim .al"'Xn 1-----------------------------------------c z c en w .... 1i: w > w c w % -_U)_ :J m a. z ..J ..J m ...:. w z i= z w en a: g OFFICE OF PATRICIA DAWSON, Criminal Defense. Familv Law & Personal Injury Cypress Point Office Park 10014 N. &.de Mabry Hwy, Suite lOl Tampa, Florida33618 (813) 386-5730 Fonner Hillsborough Cotmty Prosecutor-Deputy Chief EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION WORKERS' COMPENSATION ClVlL SERVlCE I UNION G:RIE\'1\.NCE BANKRUPTCY -Cimpter 7 ($500 Plus Com) BANKRUPTCY a Creditor's Harassment REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW (813) 387-7724 Ms. Amelia Pomare Davis. Young Magnet Schoo 8th grade Christ A r i a n Pomare is years old an attends B Area Church Christ. She the daughter Henion and Albe Christa volunteers at a daycare. S n,,.,.,.,,.,.,,,.,,,"enjoys dancing, stepping, traveling a shopping. Her professional goal is t a Pharmacist or Cosmetologist. A. P. GlSSS, ESQ MATTHEW KOCHEVAR. 'ESQ THOMAS E. PARNELL, ESQ P.ERSON.AL I.NJU.RY.AND W.RONGFU.l DEATH AUTO, TRUCK, MOTORCYCtE OR BOAT ACCIO'ENTS. SLIP AND fAll, ORMED ....__,.e,._ I t (813) 975-4444 1-800-711-5452 722 E. FLLTCII LR J\VL T!\J\,1P;\ FL 3JC) 12 \V\VVV.C I B BS!\ N D P ; \ RN F l LCO ,\/\ OUR RM BY MARTl.NDALE-HUBBELL, HE lGHEST RATING fOR LEGA.l.ABIUTYAND ETHJCAI. STANDARD. WORtDWlDE. 'l'lu! II iring If .. t J:P.wyer is An lmportantlh:.i.-i

JAALAHAnd JA'KIMA JAALAH, ARCHIEITE And JA'KIMA JAALAH, JA'KIMA, ARCHIEITE And OSCAR (J. R.) ERRDAISHA Errdaisha will be 10 years old on Sunday, September 2oth. Her celebration will be this whole weekend with a sleepover party at the Hyatt with mom and 5 good friends. A birthday shout goes out to our baby girl, Kima, who is celebrating her 12th birthday with family and friends. With much love, Archiette, J. R. and Jaalah. Happy birthday, Daisha. We love you. Mom, Antonio, Keeo'sha, Que and Solandia. It's Showtime Tampa LILLIAN 9-17 Yes Tampa. I'm back {)nce again celebrating my 26th birthday extravaganza at Club Mirage -on my birthday, Thursday (17th). So, all and everyone is invited. I would love to thank everyone for being there for me through tough times. Ladies, I'll see you all this weekend for the "Grande Bash" of South Beach, Miami. xoxo ELEXIS HARMON What's understood doesn't have to be explained. Happy 4th birthday, Elexis. She will be celebrating on Sunday at Rowlett with family and friends. Love always; mommy. CHARLEST. BELlAMY, JR. 'YUNG' ROCKSTAR' Charles, Jr. will celebrate his 13th birthday on Sunday, September 2otli with family and SCHOOL PHYSICALS Optimal Haanh Care for the IMiole Family STEPHEN A. WILLIAMS, M.D., P.A. Board Certified Pediatrician 714 W. MLK Jr. BlVd Tel: Tampa, FL 33603 www.kiddlemd.com Accepting New lmartcetarnEtrica .com/drstevens Patients 0-21 v...,.,...,.,,,.,,,,, BERT Is there anybody lonely?Yes! It's that time again! Go Bert, it's your birthday! Come walk the red carpet with me! Sunday, September 2oth at the Station Bar, 5 p. m. -until! Also, happy birthday to Miss Colleen. Congratula tions. Happy Birthday, Jeno MOM (FACUNDA), MICHAEL, SHERIA, JETTA; KIDS IN FRONT, KIERA (KIKI), TAUREAN, JENO (KNEELING) AND DENNIS From your family with love. Birthday Notices And Other Announcements Deadline : 1 Week In Advance Call: 248-1921 For More Info BODY &SOUL ----..... ... DANCE CENTER 'Ratslng Up A Spirit Of Excellence In Dance Ministry" BSDC NOW Offers Professional Dance Training For All Ages In Ballet, Pointe, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Urban Praise, African Dance & Warfare, Flag Worship, Mime & Movement, Combo Classes And Mommy & Me Classes .. NOW ENROLLING!!! (813) 398-7080 Classes Located At Walton Academy For The Performing Arts 4817 N Florida Avenue Tampa, Florida 33603 www.bodyandsouldancecenter.com Tanika S. ARTISTIC DIRECTOR ...... J N 0 0 CD ., r-0 ::u g CJ) m z -1 z m r;m c r r-gr z ., c: m r-u; ::z:: m c m < m -1 c: m CJ) c ?< )> z c ., ::u 6 .. ?<


O'l Happy Birthday Happy 50th Birthday w CD ::E w a. w (f) 0 a: u. 0 a: u.. c z < c (f) w .... > a: w > w 0 w l: (f) :J m a. z t= w ..J ..J m I ..J w z t= z w (f) < c a: 0 ...J u.. MIRIA.."'\IE And BILLY Hap p y birthda y t o m y go r geo u s hu sband, m y l over a n d my very bes t friend M ay God continue to bl ess you with m a n y m o r e I love you Mrs. Williams. Birthday Girl CYKERIA WILLIAMS Happy 2nd birthday to Princess Cy From, mon and dad. We love you and wish you many mor e 'Happy Birthday' POOCHE And JA'KIMA I'm not a perfect mother, and this I know is true. I always wanted perfect, the bedroom and the plates, I never really took the time to stop and appreciate; I always took the time to tell you I love you. One day you will see that all the thing I've made you do, is why one day you will thank me. Your happiness is my only concern though you don't think so at this time, just remember no mater what, a mother's love never dies. Love, Pooche. Happy birthday1! -COLLEEN 9-19 Never s l eep o n a G I' m se ndin g a be l a t ed s h o ut o ut t o Bert o n h e r day, 9-1 9, m y aces. Celebration Of Love JON BOI And GO-GO Eighteen stron g 5 l o ng. Happ y a nni versary Jon Boi and Go-Go! W e l o v e y'all. From your f a mil y 'I Do, I Do' DEMETRIA And ELEXJONES It s b e en a mom e nt it final ly happened on 7/23/09. I became Mrs. Elex Jones. What God joins together, let no man put asunder. KAY RICHARDSON -POWELL God h as ke pt you f o r such a tim e as thi s W e l o v e you. Your family. TASHA, b.k.a., THUMPER Happy 26th birthday to our baby girl. Lov e Bro. Michael Jackson and the l a te, Sis. Sylvia Jackson. 'Jones Family' DEMETRIA JONES, ELEX JONES, JERONLE JACKSON, COUNTESS KELLY, ELEXIS JONES And E'MYA JONES


., Church Directory GRACE MARY MISSIONARY ....--N-EW--FR-1-EN_D_S_H_IP-----. 29TH STREET HERITAGE CHRISnAN New Testament M. B. en BAPTIST CHURCH M B CHURCH CHURCH OF CHRIST COMMUNITY BAP11ST Church Of Thonotasassa,lnc. m 3901 N. 37th St 248-3779 11530 Walker Road :!1 3107 E. Lake Ave. 248-4127 HAROLD RODRIQUEZ_ MINISTER CHURCH Thonotosassa, FL 33592 m ELDER THOMAS J. REED Pastor Pastor Weekly Activities Early Moming Worship8 A.M. Sunday Church School 9:30 A M Sunday School-9:30A. M Moming Worshi p -10:50 A.M. Bible Study, Wed.7 P.M. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED Morning Worship 10:45 A.M Bible Class 4:30P. M Evening Worship 5 P.M Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7 P.M Bible Study 7:30 P. BROWN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E. 27th AVE. (813) 248-5690* (813) 241-6902 WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday School ..... 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship ... A.M. Sunday Evening Worship .... 7:30P.M. Morning Prayer .... 9 A.M. Wednesday NightWorship MATTHEW ..... 7:30P.M. "A ChiWch Where The Love Of God Flows And The Holy Ghost Is In Full Control." MOUNT PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002N: Rome Avenue .;(Corner of Rome Ave. and Spruce St.) Box 4724 *Tampa Dr C. T. Kirkland, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 *Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@ aol.com Devotion By Mt. Pleasant Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7:4_5A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL* 9:30A.M. MORNING WORSHIP-11 A M. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 Family Series Hour (B.T.U. ) 6 PM-Lord s Supper (Communion) TUESDAYS 6 PM -Prayer Se!Yice TPM -General Bible Study 7 PM -Youth Bible Study .. TAPE MINISTRY Order On Line At Web Site Or ,Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBGhurch.org 3310 N 29th st. TAMPA, FL 33605 14801 N. 15th Street (813) 986-3971 a: oFFICE & fAX (813) 242-4572 Lutz, FL 33549 (813 ) 61-125 2 m EMAIL: romello@verizon.net Sunday Bible C lass ............... 9:15 A M Morning Worship ................. 10:30 A.M. Evening Bible Class .............. 5:00 P.M. Evening Worship ................... 6 :00 P.M. Wednesday Night Class ....... 7 :00 P.M. Personal Work: 1st Sat.. ... 1 0-12 Noon FIRST MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH OF HIGHLAND PINES 4711 21st Ave REV. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study Wednesday-7 P. M. Sunday School -9:.30 A. M. Morning Worship-10:55 A. M. Church Van-(813) 627-0338 REV. JOHN D. ANDERSON, JR. Pastor Weekly Services: Sunday School 9:30A .M. Sun. Morning Worship* 11 A.M. REV. DELORES JAMES CAIN, Pastor Wed. Night: Youth Prayer Service And B ible Study Sunday Morning Worship Service 8:00 A M : Bible Study Tuesday 7:00P.M. Thurs. Night: Prayer Service And Bible Study Saving The Sinners And Educating The Believers I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. -Phil. 4:13 ST. MATDIEW M. B. CHURCH 3708 E. Lake Ave., Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 628-0752 *Website: www.stmatthewchurch.org Email: rsims@tampabay.rr.com Break Of Day Worship 7:45 A. M. Sunday School 9:30a.m Morning Worship 11 a.m. Prayer Service Wednesday 7 p m study of the Bible Wed. 7 : 30 8:30 p.m. Praise & Worship Service Wed. 8:30 -9 p .m. Children & Youth Bible study Wednesday 7 8:30 p.m Saturday Prayer Service & Bible study 10a.m. Youth Bible Institute 12 -4 p.m, Teen Night Friday before the 2nd Sunday 7-11 p.m. REV., W. D. SIMS, Pastor Welcomes you to our GREATER FRIENDSHIP. M.B.CHURCH 3325 E. Emma St. Annual Women's Day Program Sunday, September 20,(2009 11 A.M Sis. Barbara Wright Speaker Progressive M&E State Convention Pres. for Senior Women Sunday 'J:'HlA.M. Wed. Night Bibl!' Study7 P.M. \\orning \\'or,hip i1 A.M. I hur. Youth Bible Study (dJO P.t1.\. 100() Soulh 50th Slnel Florida 33619 Hl) L-+1-G:lbB htlp://w"'-'\\.nsrmnbccom ypww -6 :00 RM. : Eveniilg Worship ... 7:00 p.M,. l'UESOA'l( & FA1DA Servt:ce RM .. Sunday School -9:45 a.m. Morning Worship -11 a.m Evening Worship -5 p.m. Meeting Tuesday7:30 p.m. Visitors Are Welcome! "' DR.THOMAS L HADIOEN. Sun'diW Sctiool i Morning Worship .... ... HA: M Bible study (Wednesday) 7P.M. "" r-0 :::u 6 )> en m z -4 z m r;aJ c: r rm ::1 z "0 c: aJ r-c;; :::t m c m < m c! m en c )> z c ., :::u 6 l :1 G) m Cfl. m_{ \ : ;


en their sins Ezra says that the and I repent." rebuild and repair the house sins are higher than their He further acknowledges of the Lord" (vs. 9). heads and the guilt reaches the past consequences of sinKnowing this beloved, you :E up to the heavens (vs. 6b). ning against God. Their curshould always be willing to w The sins committed by God's rent situation is a result of work with God and not li: people are great. It grieves sinful disobedience. against Him. Although your God and hurt Him when His Sometimes you are where situation may be uncomfort->"' people willfully disobey His you are and going through able, God has not forsaken icC 1...-----------------------, commands. what you are going through you. You may get punished U R I G d f AB part of the community because of the chastisement and be delivered into the u. tOU epen 0 org1ves Ezra knows that he too will of the Lord because of sinful hands of some mean people, c a: LL c z icC c (/) w 1-w > w c W :J: (/) ::::i m a. {J ife is an interesting c::J_ journey that everyone must live. While on this journey there will be decisions to be made and consequences to bear. Sometimes you might find yourself doing right and other times doing wrong. Ezra 9:5-11, 15 captures the life experience of a rem nant of the Children of Israel who survived and had been taken into captivity. This lesson shows the decisions of the people and there consequences, the actions of a compassionate priest, and the forgiveness of a loving God. The issue here is that the people have begun to marry and enter into relationships with the people who worshipped other gods. God had instructed not to enter into such marriages with them. As Ezra hears about the action of the people, he becomes ashamed and dis graced (vs. 6b). AB a priest he knows the magnitude of their actions and certainly the consequences. To show the magnitude of Tuesday-Biblical Workshop 7:30 P.M. Friday-Testimony & 7:30P.M. ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL 3401 E. 25th Avennue,T ampa, FL (Corner Of 34th St.' & 25th Ave.)j Phone: (813} 248-3737 Or (813} 248-3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline: 248-HELP Bisllop Eddie Newkirk, Sr. Pastor :.! a WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE I 9 SundaJ: 8:00 A M. Spiritual Enrichment --:',,,_1':. u. 9:45AM. Sunday School/ Orientation 10:45 Worship Service w CJ (Youth Church 2nd And 3rd Sundays) 1 12:00 Noon Intercessory i,; PrayerwJBible Study WadnesdaJ: 5:30 P. M. Free Tutorial EmaH P. M. AduU Youth MidWei.>k Se!vice !,: stjministries@aol.com Mission Statement: I wholeman! HJUSE OF LYDIA 1 ._.E .... Aitl PAIRII MIHIEY llWIRI 1 feel the consequences of behavior. but God will still let you find their actions. Although you It is evident that Ezra does kindness. did not commit the sinful not want to suffer further Ezra concludes his petition act(s), as a member of a because of sin. Ezra speaks and prayer to God by saying, community of faith you can to let the people know that "Lord we are standing in our still feel the consequences of they are still alive by the guilt, and because of it not the wrong choices of others. grace of God. In this he also one of us can stand in your Ezra moves quickly into reminds them, they are just presence" (vs. 15). repentance on behalf of the a remnant. Although you are guilty of people. He gives you a les-AB you live your life today the sin, you can still talk to son on true repentance. He you must remember that God. We know that we have acknowledges their wrong. there are some who sinned sinned, but above our sin, He goes back even further and lived sinful lives who are Lord, you are righteous. We and says they have been dead. You may be chastised, are a remnant, just some-wrong from the time of their but you are still here. He thing left over, but Lord you forefathers (vs. 7). could have let you die, but are everything. When you repent it is good He gave you another chance. No matter what your sin is, to just be real with God. Hear the words of Ezra, you can repent to God. Don't try to act like you "Though we are slaves, our Someone needs to hear this didn't know that what you God has not deserted us in message today. Tell someone were doing was wrong. Own our bondage ... He has that God is righteous enough up to it. "Lord I did it, I Q.ave shown us kindness ... and to forgive; all they need to be been doing it for a long time, has given us new life to is willing to repent. FIRST BAPT1ST CHURCH OF PROGRESS VILLAGE 8616 Progress Blvd., Tampa, Fl33619 Church Office: (813) 677-1948 Pastor's Office: (813) 672-0389 Academy Office: (813) sn-5988 Fax: (813) 672-0514 E-Mail: fbcopv@tampabay.rr.com Senior Adult/Children Worship Times 7:30AM. & 10:55 A.M. 4:!!:11Jiii!IIIJ't Sunday-9:45A.M. -Adult & Youth/ ChUdren Tuesday' 11 AM. Adult Wednesday-7 P.M. -Youth/ Children P.M. Adult A Satel!ite Campus For ;::aith Bible tnsti.!U!e -crowing TheGhuuh For G!obal Char'>99' {Acts 1:8, Rom. 1:8. 1 Thes. t8} RST BAP1IST CHURCH OF COLLEGE HILL 838 North 29th Street, Tampa 248-6600 REV. EVAN JJUR:ROIIS Senior Early Worship-7:50a.m. Sunday School -9:45a.m. Morning Worship -10:50 a.m. For Transportation Call SISTER BARBARA MCGILL at62H155 Uesctay Prayer Service -6:30 p.m Bible Study-7:30 p.m. Visit our Website or E-Mail us: .fba:h.org info@fbcch.org BAPDST CHURCH 1211 M.Jaftersaa St. TIIIIPI.ft. 33&1t2 (813) 229 SundavSCheal. ___ 1:15am. ltrnlng worshiP ............ ... ?" ....... -11 a.m. Praver Service, TUesdaV.-----1 p.m. IHbla StUIIV, TUtSdaV---&:IIPJD. Bible SIUdY, 711.11. I Can Ia AII ThmUs '1hr111f1 GhltstWIIIcll llrenGihanalh C:1S Of Jesus Christ Presents 3 Night Invasion With Terry Weems FL Thursday, Sept 17th Saturday, Sept. 19th 7:30 P.M. Nightly 4711 N. 40th Street Tampa, FL Further Info: 813-833-5686 E. Huff Host Pastor Greater Bethany M. B. Church 5814-58lh Sbeet: Court-Tampa, FL 33619 Rev. Clyde Thompson, Pastor Celebrating Their Church 36th Anniversary sullday 4:00 P.M. September 20, 2009 Speaker: Elder Harry L Hanis (Native Tampan) Pastor Of Poe's Memorial M. B. Church -Eustis, Rorida


., 6 :zJ tn m z m r:m c r r gJ z "D c m r u; ::z:: m c m < m -t c m c ,.. z c .,.. :zJ 6


8 Local N co .,.... a: w m == w fa. w Staueworks Theatre Has 3 More Davs OI'Mv Children! Mv Alrica!' Stageworks Theatre has ( three more days of tions for "My Children! My fE Africa!" The dramatic performance is on display at the Shimberg Playhouse at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Performances are at 8 p. m. on Friday and Saturday and 4 p. m. on Sunday. My Children! My Africa! by Athol Fugard examines the power of learning and the potency of words, ideas and hope in a time of heightened political and social unrest. Mr. M., a dedicated Black teacher in a segregated township, is determined to pair his most gifted student with an enthusiastic white schoolgirl in an English literature competition. As the drilling for the competition advances and growing public resistance leads to school boycotts, friendships become colored by impassioned debates, and the three characters struggle to find understanding amidst South Africa's racial and social divides. The issues of peaceful and debate versus violence as a means to produce social change continue to raise questions that endure today, despite the collapse of the LEROY MITCHELL AND JOSHUA GOFF apartheid system. The cast: LeRoy Mitchell, Jr. (Mr. M.) returns to Stageworks Theatre and playwright Athol Fugard in this production of My Children! My Africa! His first appearance in an Athol Fugard work was in Stageworks Theatre's Master Harold and the Boys (Sam). Since then he counts numerous productions of Master Harold and the Boys and My Children! My Africa!, along with A Lesson From Aloes. Leroy Mitchell, Jr. is a member of Actor's Equity Association. Joshua Goff: (Thami) is a Stageworks Theatre resident artist. Most recently, he has been seen in Stageworks Theatre's main stage productions of Lobby Hero, Frozen, The Miser and Medea. He has toured for 5 years in Stageworks Theatre's "African American Greats" program for public secondary at-risk schools and is currently in a three year tour of Pow!r Play, an energy conservation play commissioned and sponsored by Tampa Electric Co. He is also an artist/coach in the Stageworks Theatre YEA Anger Management workshops for at-risk and DJJ youth. Last year Josh was also seen in Jobsite's Embedded. Dahlia Legault (Isabel) another of Stageworks Theatre's resident artists recently appeared as one of the four leads in Stageworks Theatre's highly acclaimed Shining City. She is a soon-to-be graduate at the University of South Florida, where she has played a variety of roles, to include Petrucchio in Taming of the Shrew and her' most recent role, Amelia Young in Bobby and the Chimps. ''The \viet! of Our Community .. Speaking for Itself' (813) 248-1921 Column Diantond Dust BY NY' ASIA.TAYLOR School News My name is Ny' Asia Taylor and this is my last year as a Mt. Pleasant Diamond. School has been exciting for me at Mt. Pleasant, and I am glad my mom chose this school for my middle school experience. The teachers work hard to help students become successful. The teachers also work hard to make sure the students get the knowledge they need to shine in the classroom and in life. I am glad I came to Mt. Pleasant! We have a lot to look forward to this year, and we hope that you will support Mt. Pleasant i.n its efforts. Congratulations to the newly elected officers and representatives for ML Pleasant's Student Government. The officers and representatives for the 20092010 school year are: Ajani Kimbrough, president; Jocelyn Raiford, vice-pres ident; Ny'Asia Taylor, secretary; Khalia BerryParham, treasurer; and Rocky Saint Louis, sergeant-at-arms. Class Representatives: Sameer Haber, Shayla Houston, Archie Smith and Briana Williams. Parents and students of Mt. Pleasant S. B. Middle School, the intramurals application has to be completed before participation in any sport. Students, make sure you have your physical if you want to play! Tryouts for Girls and Boys Basketball happened earlier this week. The Diamonds will travel to Dowdell Middle School to play their first game on Wednesday, September 23, 2009. Game time is 6:oo p.m. (girls followed by boys). Please come out and support our teams. ParentTeacher Conference night is scheduled for Monday, September 28, 2009, 4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. We want all our parents to come out and meet with the teachers. Parents help the teachers and us by getting involved in our education. Mt. Pleasant S. B. Middle School is still accepting enrollment applications for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Please call the school at 253-0053 for more information. We are not a private school, not a church school, and not an alternative school. We are a traditional public school. Tuition is free! Go Diamonds! Clarnour Images Wigs & More /'Quick High Fashion Hair'/ ..... :-.. .. ..: .. .; : ._._ .. ._. "The 8alon Where You Arrive Ordinary And Leave EXTRAORDINARY" <::>< Relaxers Sew-Ins Eyelashes Waxing & More


Need To Know Reverse Mortgage FAQ's Q. H I take out a reverse mortgage, will my SSI or Medical benefits be affected? A. No, a reverse mortgage will not affect these or most other means tested benefits as long as the monthly cash advances are fully spent every month and not accumulated. Programs do vary by state, so it's advisable to check with the local area agency on aging. We also recommend that you consult your financial advi sor. ALL Mortgage QUESTIONS MAY BE MAILED TO: Yolanda Y. Anthony, Licensed Mortgage Broker Apex Lending, Inc., P.O. Sox 21472 Tampa, FL 33622 "Don't count the days, make the days count." Muhammad Ali Empowered Greetings to the People. Starting today make your days count as I EMPWOER YOU to EMPOWER YOURSELF to Take Control as we focus on ... Step 2: Take Control. Take by from .the heart;" if you say something long enough, you will act on it. Be it positive or negative. 5. What you say will determine what you will do. Be it positive or negative. 6. Things you do over and over again become habits; Habits are recurrent, often unconscious patterns of behav-ior performed by or ::D c Ask Deanna! Is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based subjects! Dear Deanna! argue a lot and there's no inti macy. I'm ready to end the relationship because I see him as a lazy, trifling man and I'm not supporting him anymore. What do I do? already had children with him and you weren't married. You CJ) should've had warning signs m before now and there s no use complaining. He's not helping you financially, emo-m tionally or spiritually so it m won't matter if you're together or not. In order to save the s relationship, simply demand N that your freeloader get a job g and pull his load or get out. CD My boyfriend has been a stay-at-home dad for too long. When he lost his job I was a team player committed to keeping things together. He helps with the kids, but I still cook and clean. It's been over a year and J'm tired. We Melissa M. Benton Harbor, Ml Rehabilitation Of Owner Occupied Residences Using Government Assistance For home owners living in the city of Tampa, St. Petersburg or Hillsborough Pinellas and Polk I have some great information to share with you. If you are looking to make improvements to your home where you are presently living, our Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email: askdean na1 -yahoo,com or write: Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Website: www.askdeanna.com YOU CAN MOVE IN NOW! VACANCIES FOR IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY 2 AND 3 BEDROOMS AVAILABLE HARDWOOD FLOORS CEILING FANS CENTRAL AIR AND HEAT OSBORNE LANDINGS APARTMENTS 3502 E. OSBORNE AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA 813-236-.3144 OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY 9 A.M. -1 2 NOON TUESDAY-FRIDAY 9 A.M.-5 P.M:... SATURDAY 9 A.M. -1 P.M. DANIEL WILKINS, MANAGER ... .;_ :; -. .... .... 0 :!Z c )> CJ) m z ::! z m r;m c .... .... gr z "tJ c m .... iii :I: m c m -1 c m en c )> z c '11 ::D 6


., 0 0 N Recipes co ..... Q ii LL Q Q rn w _[!_l ___ (f{IJJ!Ii(jfl;-f/fi;-0;-MJJJJ:(; / ./ / -; to 2 teaspoons fresh ( thyme leaves l 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 tablespoon butter or margarine 1 tablespoon olive or vegetable oil 1 teaspoon finely chopped garlic 1 bag frozen broccoli, cauliflower and carrots ( I I I l l tftoL6elwd iA bade tJee!nM W 6e mn.Mitu3, hem 6 ---... .. .. .......1 DIRECTIONS: Mix thyme, salt and pepper; sprinkle over chicken and set aside. In 12-inch skillet, heat butter and oil over medium heat. Cook garlic in butter mixture 1 to 2 minutes, stirring frequently. Add chicken. Cook uncovered 8 to 12 minutes, turning once, until light golden brown on both sides. Stir in frozen vegetables. Cover; cook 6 to 8 minutes, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are hot and crisp-tender and juice of chicken is clear when center of thickest part is cut. I : > .. !... .................................. ...... : ...................................................................... ,.; .... l l L __________________________________________ ______________________ ___________________ ...; _____________________ ..,....--------I l ............ __ w Q w :::1: rn ::i -m ::l 0.. z F w ..... ..J ::l m I i;.J w z r:: z w rn < ii o ,;.,J LL } -... .WeAceept: Florida 33619 Jiiml w i I EBT II WIC I UESDA\*;;SEI'lEIIBEin THRU MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2009. RIGHTS RESERVED. NO SALES TO DEALERS. TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS. PRICES GOOD WHILE QUANTrriES LAST. AAINCHECKS .., .. -; .: -.':;. ._-.... _:;-.:.. "'l.'


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C'l 0 0 ('1,1 CX) ,... a: w CD :E w .... a. w U) > <( c a: u.. c a: u.. c z <( c U) w :::) ... w > --W c w :::z::: U) ::J ID :::) a. z ..J ..J :::) ID w z t= z w en <( c a: 0 ..J u.. ID I N ..... w e, Accepting New Paf1ents. lndudlng Ch!ldren Exams, Cleaning & Fillings Cosmetic (Bonding, Veneers) Crowns (Caps) & Bridges Partials & Dentures Extraction Implant Restorations GAIL C. MCOOHA1.0, DOS, MPH Walk-Ins & Emergencies Welcorre Most Insurance Accepted Senior Crbzen Discounts Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N. Boulevard (1 Blk South Of W. Dr. MLK Blvd.} www.tomlinsondentalcare.com Have A Great Smile!! Marsh Orthodondcs Braces For Children & Adults Affordable Monthly Payments Quality Personal Care Family Discounts ORTHODONTICS New Patients Welcome Complimentary Initial Examinations William F. Marsh, D.D.S., P.A. (813) 238-3384 4119 N. Taliaferro Ave. {MLK at 1-275 N.) Tampa, Fl www.marshsmiles.com It IS 011r omce policy that lhe pallent and any other parson responsible for payment has a rtght to refue "' pay. cancel payment or to be reimbursed far pl!)'f!lerT! lor any other examination or ttealment which i& petfonned H a fli5Ult of and within 72 hours of reopcnding to the for 1M fr.-.e. cfiscounled-fee or reduced ree serNice examlnatlcn or :raatment Sh "c." Office I ,oca tion: X I \\ I >.-. \ II h: B h d. S t e 1 0 I Ta 111 p a. F I. (X IJ) S 72-H9J9_ Bunions Sports Medicine NEW Medi-Pedicure Available PAULL. SHEEHY, JR., D.P.M., P.A. Board Academy V.f-4-mbulacory Foot & Ankle Smgery 2123 W. Dr. MarOn Luther King Blvd Suite 102 Tampa. Florida 33607 1703 Palmetto Ave. Plant City, Fl 33S63 We Aceepl Most Insurance Plans Health News Prostate Cancer: The Benefits Outweigh The Discomfort BY DR. L. GORDON Hillsborough County Health Dept. B oth my father and my uncle (his brother) were diagnosed with prostate cancer and eventual ly died as a result of this dis ease. As far as I know, they never discussed the problem with each other and I would go so far as to say that they initially made efforts to hide the problem from each other. It is my experience that this would rarely happen if two sisters had cancer or some other health problem. They would be sharing the details on how they were diagnosed, comparing notes on care and providing good or bad advice on addressing problems or concerns related to the situation. This observation may sound trivial, but it is at the heart of one of the dilemmas related to prostate cancer. In general, men hesitate to talk about their health problems; they are late in seeking help and rarely seek out support. This is especially true when it is something as sensi tive as an illness affecting the sexual organs. September, all of September from the 1st to the 30th is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the point I would like to emphasize is the importance of screening. As in the case of many diseases, early detection will impact care and potential out comes. Most men know what .-;creening involves, which is why they are so squeamish. It involves a digital rectal exam and a blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA). While I am sensitive to the discomfort with the rectal examination, it really is no worse than what women experience when they have their gynecological exams. The bottom line is that the benefits of screening greatly outweigh any discomfort you may experience during the examination. If you have abnormal results, other tests will then be recommended. Treatment, if you have prostate cancer will vary and depends on a variety of fac tors. You have many options for care especially if detected early. These options may include active surveillance, what we call watchful waiting, surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy or some combination. My own father lived for many years following his diagnosis with a treatment combination, excluding surgery and radiation that he was fairly comfortable with. It is important to note that certain factors may put men at increased risk for prostate cancer. Among the most important of these risk factors are age (over 65 years), family history and race. If you get nothing else from this article, at least understand the importance of screening. I want to encourage healthcare providers to be forceful in making recommendations for prostate cancer screening, and I encourage family members to assist in follow-through with the doctor's recommendation. I am not advocating that we start nagging the men in our lives, but sometimes our men need some additional "prodding". Do it with love and sensitivity. Did You Know ... Every three minutes, an American man finds out he has prostate cancer. This year alone, almost 218,890 men will be diagnosed with the disease and more than 27,050 will die from it. Prostate cancer is nearly 100 percent survivable if detecte early. But there are often no early warning signs or symptoms. The only way to detect the disease in its early stages is through a simple blood test (PSA) and a digital rectal exam (DRE). Men are often reluctant to be screened for the disease. Bu early detection saves lives. So get checked. "My Baby" What's up everybody; this is Barbara Jean from East Tampa. I have lived in Tampa for the last 14 years, I have 4 kids and all of them live with my mama. I have been "hitting the pipe" for the last 13 years, and it wasn't until I found out 1 was pregnant with my 4th child that things got worst. Not only was 1 pregnant but I found out I had full blown AIDS! I don't know how I caught It, because I was out doing drugs and trlckin', but I knew I had to make some changes. After I had my baby I put myself In treatment, it was hard at first because my baby's daddy was still using and I wanted him to ba a part of our life. But with help and a few relapses I have managed to stay clean for 5 years. I only have sex with a condom and I won't have It any other way. I don't want anyone to go through what I've been through. 1 may have missed all the "baby with my kids but hopefully through mistakes have learned a valuable lesson. brick by brick, block by block, callous hand by callous hand .. together orrJinary people can do extraordinary things PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA


Health N Are Electronic Cigarenes Sater Than The Rest;J Something has to be done to stop people from starting and continuing to smoke ciga rettes. The age of smokers in African American communi ties is getting younger and younger and over 5 1 million African American adults smoke. Additionally alarming is that African American males are the hardest hit out of any other ethnicity by smoking related illnesses, mainly due to their preference for men thol cigarettes. Also, African Americans get the most second hand smoke out of any other ethnicity. There are no butts about it, being a smoker is a real drag since puffing away is becom-Are You Allergic To YourOHice ... literallvil Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day is hard enough. Who needs the added stress of sniffling and reaching for a tissue every five minutes? Are your allergies worse at work than anywhere else? If so, the copy machine toner or chemicals used at your job may be the culprit. In fact, there are many products in today's workplaces that might cause allergic reactions. Most of the things that pollute the air indoors and could trigger allergy symptoms in an office come from adhesives, carpeting, upholstery, manufactured wood products, copy machine chemi cals, pesticides and cleaning agents. These things can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have been known to trigger allergy symptoms. Offending Air Inside and Out It's not just what's lurking di rectly inside the workplace that might start you sneezing and wheezing. Outdoor air can also pollute your indoor space. Car exhaust, plumbing gas and waste fumes from bathrooms and kitchens can compromise office air through badly located air in take vents, windows and other openings. Try the following to help reduce invisible allergens and irritants: Use an air purification system near your work area. Keep potted plants nearby. A couple of examples are snake plants and ficus. If you're in an office, these healthy plants will help to remove some of these in door chemicals to provide a cleaner, breathable area. If you still can't get allergy symptoms under control at work, it may be time to visi t a doctor. ing socially unacceptable. People who smoke are ostra cized and widely criticized. More specifically, smokers often receive stares and glares of disgust, plus complaints and lectures from almost everyone under the sun who are nonsmokers, including total strangers. Laws have also forced smok ers to cough up even more dough to support their habit, leaving many with burn holes in their pockets. As if that weren't enough, smokers are coughing up phlegm, as well as, wreaking like a chimney. Yeah, it can still be a thrill to find the naked man on a pack of Camel cigarettes. But, like Buddy Guy sang, "the thrill is gone away ... when it comes to smoking "cancer sticks," despite all the health risks for smokers who are ad dicted and feel they cannot live or function without ciga rettes. The burning question is if electronic cigarettes, a.k.a., 'E-Cigarettes, the latest craze to possibly help smokers, can be a safe substitution to smoking? Electronic cigarettes look and taste like traditional ciga rettes, but they are battery op erated. They are filled with liquid nicotine and are free of killer tobacco and tar, and they release a vapor or fog, imitating the appearance of STRENGTH IN NUMBERS real smoke. The electronic cigarette makers claim they have no carcinogens, and no first or second hand smoke effects. Although they are marketed as a way to curtail an addiction to nico tine they still produce similar addictive and psychological effects. Be aware that electronic cig arettes validly is still be tested. So, if you smoke, please don't lose hope for being freed from your addiction. Remem ber, heavy smokers and ones "HOW WE FOUGHT OUR BATTLE AGAINST BREAST CANCER AND WON" )} I'll never forget finding that lump in my breast. When I was told it was Stage 2 breast cancer. I knew I couldn't fight this battle alone. My husband Donald and our two girls were with me from the beginning, until the wonderful day 1 was told 1 was cancer-free. Moffitt understood how Important they were to my treatment and recovery, and helped us adjust to the changes occurring within our family because of breast cancer. They treated my disease through a comprehensive approach called Total Cancer Carew, and gave me therapies specifically tailored to me and my cancer. My family, our faith and Moffitt Cancer Center. They helped me win. Tiffany Lott, breast cancer survivor Hear Tiffany's story at lnsldeMoffltt.com/PatlentStorles who've smoked longer than you have been able to quit for good, so why can't you? Lastly, if you have any desire to start smoking, just know it is es sentially like putting one's mouth around an exhaust pipe and inhaling--so not cool. :II c l< en m "C -4 m m m JJ r-0 JJ c )> en m z m r;al c: rr-!!l z "C c: al r-u; :c m 0 -m < m -4 c: m en c )> z c ::D 6


O'l Read All About It co ..-a: Y l .9 rp Jl rit .1 L. 7i: ')(' IlL b Ill> HOROSCOPES ByLindaC.Biack LU CD LU ta.. Today's Birthday --Join an en-You don't have to explain your a ctions to a n y one. Hide out and rest ; you'll need the energy. thusiastic group that shares your core beliefs Find something you can get riled up about ; there are C lots of great causes out there f:E You can make a huge differ-c a: LL. c z <( c CJ) w :::) 1-> a: w > w c w :I: CJ) ::i lXI :::) a.. z i= w ..J ..J :::) lXI I ..J w z i= z w CJ) <( g a: 0 ..J lL ence even in your hometown Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) Your friends come to the rescue just in time. They won t let you miss this opportunity. All ends well. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) --A lucky break helps you out of a jam. Watch for it ; it's not going to come up and shake your hand Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) --You're tempted to spend down your savings That's not a good idea Don't stretch yourself to the limits. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Postpone business decisions until later today and/or tomor row By then you 'll know what to do. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb. 18) The r e s a way to be more effi cient, and you can find it. Keep thinking about it while you're do i ng your work Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)-Aries (March 21-April 19) -List e n carefully to a lo ved one's story, even if you've heard it be fore The gift is in the attention you're giving Taurus (April 20-May 20) Coached by a loved one, you 're moving along quickly on a household project. Once i t's done you'll be able to relax. Gemini (May 21-June 21) -You can finally afford something you've saved for and wanted for a long long time Cancer (June 22-July 22) There's plenty in reserve, so keep it the r e Don't even talk about it. You're too willing to go over budget. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) There seems to be some confu sion Keep going for the b i g prize A lucky break works in your f avor Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) --By working extra shifts, you could bring in extra cash Develop other talents, but don t quit your day job yet. To Houston Ready ......................... .................................. Trey So BLACKsummer'snight ........... ..... .. ...... .. ........ ....... Maxwell Lady Love .......... .......................................... ....... LeToya Rebelution ... ............................... ...... Pittbull 6. Lose' s Way (Soundtrack) ................................ .... Fabolous 7. Turn Me Loose ....................................................... Ledisi The E.N.D ...................................... The Black Eyed Peas I Get Around ............................... .......................... K'Jon 0. Epiphany ....... ... .. Chrisette 1. Jeremih .................... ........................................ Jeremih 2. Relapse ................... Eminem 3. Broad Street Bully .................................... .. Beanie Sigel 4. Category F5 ...... ..... .. Twista 5. Now 31 ................................................ .. Various Artists 16. Imperial Blaze ......................................... ........ Sean Paul 17. Uncle Charlle ......................................... .. Charlie Wilson 18.1 Am .. Sasha Fierce .. ....... ... ............. ............... Beyonce 19. A Man's Thoughts .......................................... Gin ,..,;,n,. In A Perfect World ....................................... Keri Hilson 1. Pretty Wings ................ .............................. ........ Maxwell 2. Break Up ........ Mario Featuring Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett 3. Successfui ............................ Drake Featuring Trey Songz 4. Throw It In The Bag ......... Fabolous Featuring The-Dream 5 Best I Ever Had ..................................................... Drake 6. Last Chance .................... ; .............................. G .inuwine 7. Wasted ................................. Gucci Mane Featuring Plies 8. Run This Town ................. Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West 9. Under ........................................................... Pieasure P 10. God In Me ..... Mary Mary Featuring Kierra "KiKi" Sheard 11. Ego ................................................................ Beyonce 12. Trust ............................. Keyshia Cole Duet With Monica 13.1ce Cream Paint Job ....................................... Dorrough 14. Obsessed ........ ...................................... Mariah Carey 15. LOL :-) ........................ ...... Trey Songs Featuring Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy Tell'em 16. Every Girl ................................. .. ............. Young Money 17. Number One .................... R. Kelly Featuring Keri Hilson 18. On The Ocean ...................................................... K'Jon 19. I Need A Girl ................................................ Trey Songz 20. Bad Habits ....................................................... Maxwell All My Children -As h e assure s her that noth ing happened between his son and Madison Randi advises Jesse that she's going to file for di vorce Jess convinces her to go find her husband and talk to him before she acts As she leaves Madison approaches the top cop and boasts that Randi's marriage will never l ast. Jesse gets in her face and warns that i f she leave his family alone, he'll end her threats perma nently. As the World Turns Liberty resents it when she comes down to the kitchen and finds her mother chatting with a priest about her pregnan c y She blasts her for trying to force her hand but the priest reminds her she was baptized and can't have an abortion. Brad overhears his upset daughter an proudly announces that no one is going to force his daughter to do anything. Once the priest leaves Brad agrees to help Liberty but Janet quickly challenges him Though Jack urges Parker to stay out of Liberty s "situation" for now, he gets a text from her and meets her at the libra!"';. There he assures her that he wants to help and suggests that they can raise her baby She points out they 're not in love and claims she does n't want a baby nor does she want to be married The Bold and the Beautiful At the Cafe Russe Bill welcomes Executive Vice President Justin bac to L.A. and thanks him for the great job he's doing in New York Justin asks him about the new woman in his life and Bill claims that Kat i e actually likes him He hints that Katie might be helpful to him for more reason than one Justin re minds his boss that he knows Forrester is r i pe for a takeover and pushes him to act in spite of Katie. Donna advises Katie that she's no longer concerned about her belng interested in Bill and suggests that her boyfr i end and Eric may one day be friends Days of Our Lives Leaving Chloe's room Kate runs into Stefano who guesses she is up to something and offers his help She orders him to stay away from her. Adm i tting he can't get in to see Chloe anymore, Daniel tells Natha and Melanie that Chloe needs another dose of the medication so Nathan will have to adm i nister it. When Nathan hesitates, Melanie offers to do it. Pointing out the foolishness of the idea, Nathan agrees to help Daniel. General Hospital Grateful that he saved his life, Spinelli is there when Johnny wakes and ex plains that he was shot numerous t imes. Johnny sister and then warns that if he doesn't sur vive he wants him to seek Jason's help keeping Claudia safe Thanks to Spinell i Claudia learns that her father engineered the attack on the ware house which resulted in her brother being shot. She responds by slapping Spinelli and then run ning to the prison to threaten her father. After sur gery, Jason tells Spinelli that Johnny will make a full recovery Guiding Light Reva lectures Jonathan about returning to life in Springfield and insists that he attend Billy and Vanessa's wedding Confirming he's asking her on a date James invites Daisy to the wedding. Frank decides to invite his online chat pal to the wedding but Blake claims she has plans At the hospital Ed advises Alan he can go home later. Unaware Jonathan is secretly watch ing, Alan confides to Alexandra that this was the best gift. Thanking him for saving her dad's life, Emm a and Olivia assure Alan that they are happy being with Natalia and he responds that being happy is all that matters One Life to Live Kim and Stacy's joy is short lived when Rex asks her doctor when Stacy can have a paternity test performed. When Rex asks when the end of the first trimester is, Stacy pleads with Rex to forget about this because of the dan ger it poses to their baby The doctor explains there is none but Stacy turns on the charm and sends the doctor out. Encouraged by Schuyler Gigi shows Rex the home pregnancy test box and wonders why Stacy would need it after she s al ready pregnant. Schuyler ask Stacy if they had sex the night she came over and is relieved to hear they didn't After Brody is stabbed Bo saves his life by shooting his attacker's gun out of his hand Meanwhile, in another part of the ware house, Serge i gets the upperhand on John but eventually John shoots Sergei. The Young and the Restless J.T. updates Mac, Billy and Traci about Patty kidnaping Colleen. Though he promises to help find them, Billy feels bad because he suggested Colleen go to the cabin. Meanwhile, hearing the police Patty holds Colleen's mouth shut while keeping the gun close by an forces her to remain quiet. As Daniel taunts Deacon with the key to Tom's safety de posit box, Kevin argues with Jana about it. JUSTFO; KIDS answer appears All the first letters have been entered A. Perfonner (5) A. In front {5) A. Atmosphere (3) B. Tub (4) B. Sandy shore (5) B. Flying insect (3) B. Large (3) B. Snake, constrictor (3) C. Taxi (3) E. Not difficult (4) F. Pieces of Information (5) F. Gradually disappear (4) G. VIsitor (5) H. Joyous (5) Lllmb (3) R. Small piece of cloth (3) R. Tear (3) S. Wooly animal (5) S. Halt (4) T. The whole amount (5)


, ]J POLK COUNTY NEWS c CJ) m '1::1 BAMS Sports Teams As the school year begins, Berkley Accelerated Middle School in Auburndale, Jill Bolender, Principal, has selected this year's players for its soccer teams: Girls Varsity Volleyball: Sydney Bailey, Shannom Dees, Morgan Chesnicka, Arika Grimes, Keri Grimes, Susannah Harwell, Morgan Hampton, Savannah Smith, Summer Thomas, Madi Payne, Veronica Nieves, Hannah Duling, Kara Quintanilla, Alainna Whatley, and Kaitlyn Fulbright. Girls JV Volleyball: Amanda Burdette, Ashleigh Lanham, Cassidy Culbreth, Alexis Ritchea, Taite Powell, Jada Binns, Sydney Smith, Jenny Merritt, Cara Szanyi, Crystal Duffey, Kayla Sheffield, Diana McQuaig, Meredith Manson, Madelyn Walsh, Sydney Gervase, Samantha Gervase, Candace Rhoda and Savannah Lawson. Boys Varsity Soccer: Matt Arnold, Logan Brown, Lane Davis, Will ))avis, Michael Gervase, Colten Grant, Sean Horrigan, Andrew Jordan, Ryan Jouppi, Mike Kincaid, Austin Matthews, Logan Parrish, Kyle Quintanilla, Joel Schmieg and Calahan Warren. Boys JV Soccer: Robert Bramble, Matt Brown, Menelik Graham, Dylan Harris, JC Henderson, Cody Hopkins, Chase Hovious, Jake Jordan, Chance -Lowe, Caleb Maynard, Keith McCall, Eric Newquist, Adam Pyle, Elijah Sample, Aaron Stephens, Clayton Steele, Peytom Whitehead and Caleb Wingo. Congratulations to each of you! GO BAMS!!!! Historically Lakeland The Munn Park Historic District is a commercial district in the heart of down town Lakeland. It contains the oldest and most concen trated collection of commer cial vernacular architecture. It has been the focal point of business, social, political and entertainment activities since the inception of this community. Polk Students Win Awards During the recent 2009 Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) national leadership conference, held in Anaheim, California, thou sands of students from all over the country, competed in a wide range of business and leadership activities. Four students from Polk County received awards. Shawn Jones and Hallie Webb, students of Ridge Career Center in Winter Haven, received second place awards in the digital-video production competition. Bianca Mulaney, a sopho-3602 Avenue* Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 79 And I Keys Made Oe Latex Flat White Paint.. .......... gal. Oil Outside White Paint.. ........ $14.90 gal Roller Pan Set. ........................ $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes ................................. 99 ea. THIS AD ONLY!! more at BartO\\. International Baccalaureate, recein'd a ninth place award in the word processing competition. She is the local FBLA president for the 2009-10 school year. T. J. Konkol-Bennett, a 2009 graduate of Bartow High, received a "Who's Who in FBLA" award for his outstanding contributions to FBLA at the local, district and state levels. Seven other Polk students also competed at the conference and were part of the Southern Region voting delegation at the con ference. They were: Pranali Dalvi and Alyssa Ren of Bartow International Baccalaureate; Eric Konkol-Bennett and Sabab Osmani of Bartow High School; David Schwartz of Gause Academy; Frank Palencia of Lake Gibson High School and Shreya Patel of Lake Wales High School. FBLA-PBL is a business education program in middle schools, high schools and post secondary programs for students to develop vocation al and career competencies. Happy Belated Grandparents Day! Happy Belated Grandpa rents to all grandparents everywhere! Birthday Greetings Shaw-NufTalk extends belated happy birthday wish es to Mary Brinson of Lakeland who celebrated another natal day on Sept. 8th and a happy 1st birthday to Master Ja'Kobie Antwan Terry, the son of La'Monica Shaw of Lakeland. He celebrated his first birthday on Sept. 12th. May each of your natal days be filled with joy, peace, love (and gifts!) and may the Lord continue to bless each of you with many more natal days. Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out This week's Shaw-Nt.if Shout-out goes out to the staff of Girls Incorporated of Lakeland, as they roll into their 2009-2010 after school program: Ms. Kay, Ms. Wendy, Ms. Mabelle, Ms. Kathleen, Ms. Anita, M.s Antonisha, Ms. Shamille, Ms. Belinda, Ms. Pam, Ms. Stacy, Ms. A'Launda, Ms. Sheila and Ms. Jodi. -f m These ladies are providing homework help to girls and :D young ladies and teaching a; them about and the impor-1\:> tance of eating health, build-g ing strong/healthy relation-> ships, creative dance, singing, leadership, art and so much more. But most of all, the girls are learning to be STRONG, SMART and BOLD. Thanks ladies, for all that you are doing to help our young ladies to be all that they can be! Talk to Shaw-Nt.if Shaw-Nt.ifTalk wants to hear from you. Share news and/ or photos of your celebrations, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family reunions, civic groups, social clubs, religious organizations, and community news etc., with the readership of The 5 Florida Sentinel Bulletin l:J with Shaw-Nuf Talk by C sending an e-mail to: > shawnuftalk@yahoo.com or m calling (863) 513-8437. Shaw-Nt.if Talk will share z your exciting news with the m readership! r;m c: rr-!!I z


a:: w m :1 w tD.. w UJ ii2 LL. c ii2 LL. c z c( c UJ w t-w > w c w X UJ :::i m D.. z j:; w .... .... m .... w z i= z w UJ ii2 g IL. Classifieds IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 13th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, STATE OF FLORIDA Case No.: 08..013211 'DIVH LANSOOWNE MORTGAGE FUNDING, LLC A Florida limited liability company, (Plaintiff) vs. ROBERT WAITE, Individually, CYNTHIA WAITE, Individually, CAPITAL ONE BANK, et. al., (Defendants) NOTICE OF JUDICIAL SALE BY THE CLERK NOTICE IS H EREBY GIVEN that pursuant to an Order of Final Judgment entered in the above styled cause now pending in said Court, I will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash at the George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 E. Twiggs Street, 2nd Floor, Rooms 201/202, Hillsborough County, Florida 33602, at 2:00 p.m. on October 29. 2009 the following property: LOT 1, BLOCK 23, LIVE OAK PRESERVE PHASE 1 C, VILLAGES, 3/4/5/6, ACCORQING TO MAP OR P LAT TH, EREOF RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 99, PAGE 1 OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA. Property Address: 20626 Longleaf Pine Avenue Tampa, Florida 33647 ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN THE SURJ:)LUS FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN SIXTY (60) AFTER THE SALE. ATTN: PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY WHO NEEDS ANY ACCOMMODATION IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR AT 813 272-7040 WITHIN lWO. WORKING DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS DOCUMENT IF YOU ARE HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED, TDD AT (813) 2727-6169 OR FLORIDA RELAY SERVICE AT (800) 955-8770. Dated this lib. day of September, 2009. PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /s/ LORI DAVIS-CROSS DEPUTY CLERK FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 13th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, STATE OF FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Ca8e No.: 09-CA-016051 FREMONT REORGANIZING CORPORATION (Plaintiff) vs. DAGOBERTO PEREZ and all unknown parties claiming by, through, under and against the above named Defendant who are unknown to be dead or alive whether said unknown are persons, heirs, devisees, grantees, or other claimants; UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF DAGOBERTO PEREZ; CHRISTINA PADRON; CITY OF TAMPA STATE OF FLORIDA; TENANT 1/UNKNOWN TENANT; and TENANT II/UNKNOWN TENANT, in possession of the subject real property, et. al., (Defendants) NOTICE OF ACTION TO: DAGOBERTO PEREZ 2616 W. SAINT JOSEPH ST. TAMPA, FL 33607 UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF DAGOBERTO PEREZ 2616 W. SAINT JOSEPH ST. TAMPA, FL 33607 CHRISTINA PADRON 4553 W. FERN STREET TAMPA, FL 33614 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action for foreclosure has been filed against you regarding the subject property with a legal description to-wit: THE SOUTH % OF LOT 17 LESS THE NORTH 50 FEET THEREOF, W.E. HAMNER'S ROME AVENUE ESTATES, ACCORDING TO THE MAP OR PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 26, PAGE 46 OF THE PUBUC RECORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA. and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any to it on Gary I. Gassel, Esquire, Plaintiffs attorney, whose address Is 2191 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida 34237 [ ) within thirty (30) days from the first date of publication. [X) on or before the 12th day of OCtober, 2009. and file the original with the clerk of this court either before ser vice on the Plaintiffs attorney or Immediately thereSfter; other wise a default will be entered against you for the relief-ciemanded In the Complaint. ATTN: PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY WHO NEEDS ANY' ACCOMMODATION IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF THE cOURT ADMINISTRATOR AT 813 272-7040 WITHIN TWO WORKING DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS DOCUMENT IF YOU ARE HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED, TDD AT (813).2727-6189 OR-FLORIDA RELAY SERVICE AT (800) 111-8770. Dated this-. hi ; w. 2QQ9. .. PAt' 'fRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /s/ SARAH A. BROWN DEPUTY CLERK HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities CHILD CARE SPECIALIST (NON-STANDARD HOURS (LIMITED DURATION) ENVIRONMI;NTAL SCIENTIST II $27,830 (LAKES & STREAMS) $40,768 ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST II (LABORATORY) FIRE MEDIC I $35,838 $43,929 FIRE MEDIC TRAINEE (FIRE FIGHTER) $29,852 FIRE MEDIC TRAINEE (PARAMEDIC) $29,852 GENERAL MANAGER I (SOCIAL SERVICES) REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING MECHANIC Ill SENIOR LIBRARY ASSISTANT $46,238 $34,361 SENIOR PLANNER (AFFORDABLE HOUSING) SYSTEMS ANALYST (SQL DATABASE) $46,238 $53,435 See our web site at http://www.hccab.org or visit our office at: 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor, Tampa, FL. Preference In Initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vetS. AAIEEO Employer THIS COULD BEYOUR ADVERTISEMENT CONT:ACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERnSEMENT


NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that VERONA VLLC #2773 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance the description of the property, and the names in wh i ch it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 0511228.0250 Certlficate No.: 137270.07 File No.: 2009-381 Year of Issuance: 2007 Description of Property: STONECREEK TOV'.tlHOMES LOT 15 BLOCK A PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 1081231 SECTVIIP-RGE : 04-27-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : MOBLEY HOMES FLORIDA LLC Sa i d property j)e l ng In the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law, the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the h ighest b idder at the JuryAuditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa FL 33602 on the 15th day of October, 2009, at 10 :00 A M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 3111 day of Augyst 2009 PAT FRANK Clerk of Court of Hillsborough County Florida By: LAUREN D MERRITT Deputy Clerk If you are a peraon with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain a11latance. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 278-8100 extension 4205, two worldng days prior to the date the service Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711." NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED J NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that fARPON IV LLC. t12770 the holder of the following certificate has filed said l:ertlflcate for a tax: deed to be Issued thlinson. The certificate number and year of lasuance, the description or the property and the names In which It was assessed ana follows: Folio No. : 010422 : 0000 Certificate No.: 137734-07 File No.: 2009-388 Year of Issuance: 2007 Description of Property: N 105 Fr OF S 315 .FT OF W 210 FT OF N % OF SE Y. OF NW Y. LESS RR RIW SEC-TV\IP-RGE : 1D-28-20 SUBJECT TO ALL TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : ES T OF ALBERTA C. GREEN ; 1-G : ; : Said property belrlg Iii the Counly of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be red.!181ned according to law the Pf!!perly :ciesc rlbed In such certificate shaJf be t sold to the highest. bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, 'George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East "T:wlggs Street Tarr)pa, FL 33602 on the 15th day of October 2009, at 10:00 A .M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 278-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 2IJil day d Auayst, 20QI PAT FRANK Clerk d Court d HDisborough County, Florida By: LAUREN D. MERRm Deputy Clerk If you are a penon with a disability who needa any accommodation In order to partlclpatll In this procaedlng, you are entitled, at no coat to you, tO the provision of certain aaslatance. Please contact the clerk's ,t;DA Coordinator, 101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (113) 278-1100 extanalon 420S, two working days prior to the datil the aervlca Ia Medecl; If you are heutng or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that VERONA VLLC #2773 the holder of the following certifiCate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon. The certifiCate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names I n which it was assessed are as follows: Folio No : 059228 0366 Certlficate No.: 137303.07 File No.: 2009-382 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property: STONECREEK TOWNHOMES LOT2BLOCKC PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 108/231 SEC-TVIIP-RGE : 04-27-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : MOBLEY HOMES FLORIDA LLC Said property be i ng In the County of Hillsborough, State of Flo ri da Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold t o the h ighest b idder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 15th day of October, 2009, at 10:00 A.M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this Blb...liiX of Augyst 2009 PAT FRANK Clerk of Court of Hillsborough County, Florida By: LAUREN D. MERRITT Deputy-Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain a11lstanca. Please contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 278-8100 extension 4205, two working days prior to the data the service Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED N6TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 the holder of tha following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property. and the names In which It was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 080425.0100 CertifiCate No.: 137735.07 File No.: 2009-387 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property: S 178 5 FT OF N 406.72 FT OF W 112 FTOF SW% OF SE Y.OF NW Y. LESS W 20 FT THERE OF ..... S 42FT OF N 406 72 FT OF E 128 FT OF W220 FT OF SW% OPSE Y.OFNW% SECTVIIP-RGE: 1D-28-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In wl)lch a5sessed:-; _::o -Said property be i ng In the County of Hillsborough, State ofFlorida ; be t redeemed : acccihllrig to faw property described. In such cartiflcate shall be sold to the h ighest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor; George E Edgecomb 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa, FL 33602 on the 15th day of Odober, 2009, at 10 :00 A .M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 278-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this 2mb day of Aygyst, 2Q08 PAT FRANK Clerk of C i rcuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida By: LAUREN D. MERRITT Deputy Clerk lf.Y--jl.person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain aulstance. Plene contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, I (813) 278-8100 extension 4205, two working daya prior to the date the : service Ia needed; It you are hearlnia or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that VERONA V LLC #2773 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in wh i ch II was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 059228 0362 Certificate No.: 137306.07 File No. : 2009-383 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property: STONECREEKTOWNHOMES LOT 5 BLOCK C PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 108/231 SEC-TVIIP-RGE : 04-27-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : MOBLEY HOMES FLORIDA LLC Said property being in the County of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the h ighest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 15th day of October, 2009, at 10 : 00 A.M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale locat i on) Dated this 3111 day of Aygysl 2009. PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County Florida By: LAUREN D. MERRITT Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of cartaln assistance. Please contact the Clerk' s ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two working days prior to the data the aervlca Is needed; If you are hearing or voice lmpelred, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 the holder ofthe following certifiCate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon. The certificate number and year of issuance the dascrlptlcin of the property and the names In which It was assessed are as follows : Folio No : 081058.5224 Certificate No.: 137829.07 File No. : 2009-390 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property: T I MMONS ESTATES PLATTED SUBDIVISION LOT 12 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 82/61 SEC-TVVP-RGE : SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed: RONALD MYLES '''Sai d property being In the County or: Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such .certificate shall be accorciJng _to law ,th, e (1roperty described In such certificate shall be 'sold to the :highest bidder at. the Jury' Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs $treat, Tampe, FL 33602 on the 15th day Of October, at 10 : 00 A.M. (NOT I CE : Please call (813) 278-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale locetlon) Dated this 3111 day of Aygust.2Q09. PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida By: LAUREN p. MERRITT Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability i ,who needs any accommodation In order to pa'rtlclpate In proceadlng, you .gre 8f1tltled, at no coat to you, to the rov"'on of cartaln aulstant;e. Please ontal:t the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, io1 E: : Kennedy Bhid. Tampa Florida, (113) 278-1100 extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certifiCate for a tax deed to be i ssued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 059228.1774 Certificate No.: 137352.07 File No.: 20011-384 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property: LIVE OAK PRESERVE PHASE 1C VILLAGES 3/4/516 LOT 25 BLOCK19 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 99117 SEC-TVIIP-RGE: 06-27-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Nama(s) In which assessed : KETANT ETZER Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certlflcata shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 15th day of October, 2009 at 10:00 A M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-81 oo ext. 4809 to verify sale locat i on). Daled this 3111 day of Aygyst 2009 PAT FRANK Clerk o f C ir cu it Court of Hillsborough Counly Florida By: LAUREN D MERRITT Deputy Clark If you ars a person with a disability who need s any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Clark's ADA Coordinator, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 276-8100 extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 the holder of the following certificate has filed sa i d certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The certificate number and year of Issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assassed ana as follows : Foli o No : 081287 0100 Certificate No.: 137858.07 File No : 2009-391 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property: TERRACE HIGHLANDS LOTS 5 AND 6 BLOCK 13. PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 22167 SEC-TWP-RGE : 18-28-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In assassed : DANIEL KHARGIE YVETTE KHARGIE .... Said p r operty being In the County' of Hillsborough State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the prQperty described In such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Straat Tampa FL 33602 on the 15th day of October, 2009, at 10:00 A M (NOTICE: Pleaae call (813) 278-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this 2IJil day d Aygyat 20QI. PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of By: LAUREN D. MERRm Deputy Clerk If you are a person With a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In thla proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to. the provlalon of aselstance. Please the Clerk's _ADA C00rdlnato{, 101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (113) 278-1100 extenelon 4201, two. working daya prior to the date the service Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, caH711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 lhe holder of the following certificate has filed said certlfiCIIe for a tax deed lo be Issued thereon The certifiCate number and year of Issuance, the descriplion of the property, and the names In which was assessed ana as follows: Folio No.: 058238.0375 Certificate No.: 137355.07 File No.: 2009-385 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property: BEG AT SW COR OF PEBBLE II! CREEK VILLAGE UNIT 3 PB51 PG32 RUN S 00 DEG 48 MIN 35 SEC E 8 43 FT TO S BOY OF N% OF SEC 7THN ALGSD S BDY S 89 DEG 59 MIN 01 SEC E 2789 35 FT TO SW COR OF PEBBLE CREEK VILLAGE UNIT NO 5 PB60 PG37 THN N 00 DEG 38 MIN 18 SEC W 40 87 FT TO SE COR OF SO UNIT 3 THN S 89 DEG 21 MIN 42 SEC W ALG S BOY OF UNIT 3 2789 17 FT TOTHEPOB SEC-TVIIP-RGE : 07-27-20 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which assessed : DES PROPERTIES LLC Sa i d property being I n the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa FL 33602 on the 15th day of October, 2009, at 10:00 A M (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-81 00 ext. 4809 to varlfY sale location) Daled this 3111 day of Aygyat, 2009. PAT FRANK Clei1< of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida By : LAUREN D MERRITT Deputy Clerk If you are a parson with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain ualatance. Please contact the Clerk'l ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 2711-8100 extension 4201, two working days prior to the date the service Ia naaded; If .you are hearlngor voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The cert ifi cate number and year of Issuance, the description of the property ; and the names In which assessed ana as follows : Folio No : 080757.0200 Certificate No : 141284-07 File No .: 2009-393 Year of Issuance : 2007 Deacrlptlon of Property: SW Y. OF NW Y. OF NE 1/4 LESS N 433. 8 .FT & LESS W 188 9 FTTHEREOF AND LESS E 131. 20 FT a:! c C/) m "'0 ..... m m m ..a. N 0 0 CD r-0 C/) m z ..... z m r-1 m c: rrm -t z "'0 c: m r-c;; :1: m c .;:Q ...... c: Cl c )o z c SECTVIIP-RGE: 08-28-21 SUBJECT TO All, TAXES Name(s)ln which assessed : MICHAEL E : BUYTAS' ALBERTA P BUYTAS Said property being -In the County Of Hillsborough,-Stat_e of Florida Unless ,.certificate irhalr'ibe redeemed according to law the property described. In such. certificate ahall be sold to the hlgheat bldderat the Jury Auditorium, 2nd' Floor, George E Edgecomb Courttiouae, 800 EastTwlgga Street ; Tampa, FL 33802 on the 15th day of October, 2009, at 10:00 A.M.. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 278-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated thll Zllb day d Aygyst, 20QI. PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court d HillsborOugh County, Florida By: LAUREN D. MERRifT Deputy Cleitt If you are a person with i ileede any In order to partlclpateJ n this pioclledlng, :you are entitled, at no .coat to you, to tile provl-.lon. of cartalil ualatance. Please con-. )it tact .the Clark's ADA COordinatOr, 801 E. -Kennedy Blvd., Tamp' Florida, (113) Ul 271-1100 extension <4201, two working m daye prior to. th date the aervlce Is _. needed; If you are harl!lg or voice .... lmpalred,cau111; m


CJ) 0 0 N r.ti ...... 0::: w CD ::i w .... D.. w en >= < c 0::: u.. c i: u.. c z <( c en w :::;) .... w [ij c w :::c en :::i m D. z ffi ...J NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 the holder of the following certifiCate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names i n which was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 080903.0100 Certificate No : 141315.07 File No.: 2009-394HX Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property : W 306 FT OF E OF N Y. OF NW Y. OFNW OF NWY. OF NWY.LESS W306 FT AND LESS RD RNoJ SEC-TWPRGE: 09-28-21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : ANTONIO MANRIQUEZ JESUS M.MANRIQUEZ Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described In such certiftcate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury AudHorium, 2nd Floor, George E Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 15th day of Oc1ober 2009, at 10 :00 A.M. (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this Blb day of August 2009 PAT FRANK Clerk of ClrcuH Court of Hillsborough County Florida By: LAUREN D. MERRITT Deputy Clerk If you are a pereon with a disability who naeda any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost tci you, to the provision of certain uslstance. Pleasa contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, IQ1 E. Kennecly Blvd. Tampa Florida, (113) 271 extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the service Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. ...J t'r=-----------, m ...J w z i= z w en II. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that VERONA V LLC #12773 the holder of the following certificate has flied aald certlllcate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon. The certificate number and year of laauance, the description of the proparty, and tha names In which It was UIIIIed are u followa: Folio No.: 013338.0000 Celtllk:ate No.: 141550.07 File No.: 20ot-3H Year of lasuance: 2007 Description of Property: LOT BEG 348 FT SAND 310 FTW OF NE COR OF NWY. OF SE Yo' AND RUN W 48.8 FT S 294 FT E 48.6 FT AND N 294FT TO BEG SECTVo.f'-RGE: 33-28-21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) In which Ulllled: MICHAEL J.BROWN Said property being In the County of Hihborough. State of Florida. Unlell IUCh certificate shall be redeemed according to law tbe property deacrlbed In auch certificate ahall be aold to the highest blddar at tile Jury Auditorium; 2nd Floor, Gaorge E Edgecomb Cowthouaa, 800 Eaal Twlgga Street. Tampa, Fl. 33802 on the 15111 day of October, 2009, at 10:00 A .M. (NOTICE: PleMe call (813)278-8100 ext. 4809 to verIfy .. loc:allcin). Dated thiiD day of Aygyat, 2001-. PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Courl of Hllllborough County, Florida By: LAUREN D. IIERRm Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who naeda any accommodation In order to participate In thla proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, 1o the provision of certain ualatance. Pleue contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (113) 271 extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the aervlce II needed; If you are hearing or volca Impaired, cell 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 the holder of the following certifica t e has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon The certiftcate number and year of issuance, the description of the property and the names in which was assessed are as follOws: Folio No.: 083073.0100 Certificate No : 141523.07 File No.: 2009-395 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property : COM AT NE COR THN S 89 DEG 52 MIN 35 SEC W 575 FT TO POB THN S 00 DEG 37 MIN 00 SEC E 1 .82 FT THN S 00 DEG 37 MIN 00 SEC E 18.18 FT THN S 00 DEG 37 MIN 00 SEC E 230 FT THN N 89 DEG 55 MIN 32 SEC W 206 .36 FT THN N 51 DEG 26 MIN 59 SEC W 224 .30 FT THN N 07 DEG 01 MIN 15 SEC W 82.95 FT THN N 89 DEG 52 MIN 35 SEC W 334 FT THN N 00 DEG 29 MIN 23 SEC W 25 FT THN N 89 DEG 52 MIN 35 SEC E THN 723 .42 TO POB SEC-TWP-RGE : 32-28-21 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in which assessed : COSEY COLEMAN RERNITRAL L. JOHNSON Said property being i n the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 15th day of October, 2009, at 10 :00 A M. (NOTICE: Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location) Dated this Blb day of Aygyst 2009. PAT FRANK Clerk of ClrcuH Court of Hillsborough County, Florida By: LAUREN D MERRITT Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In this proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain aulstance. Pleue contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 278 00 extension 4205, two working days prior to the date the sarvlce Is needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call 711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION l'nR TAY rn:l'n NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #12770 the holder 1lf the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be Issued thereon The cerllflcate number and year of Issuance, the description of tha property, and the names In which It was assessed are as follows: Folio No.: 083348.0100 Certificate No. : 141558.07 File No : 2009-397 Year of Issuance : 2007 Deacrlptlon of Property: N 90 FTOFE300FTOF W 830 FT OF S 320FT OF NW l40F SE Y. LESS E 38 FT THEREOF .... S 294 FTOF E 20FT OF W530 FT OF NW Y. OF SE Y. LESS RD RNoJ SECTVo.f'-RGE : 33-28-21 SUBJECT TO AU. OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s)ln which aueaaed: IRMA IBARRA FLORES Said property being In the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida. Unless au .ch certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property deacrlbed In auch certificate shall be aold to the hlgheat bidder at the Jury Auditorium, 2nd Floor. George E. Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street. Tampa, FL 33802 on the 15th day of October, 2009, at 10:00 A.M (NOTICE : Pleasa call (813)278-8100 ext. 4809 to verify Hie location). Dated this 2U1 day of AYIIyiL_ 20QI. PAT FRANK Clark of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida By; LAUREN D. IIERRm Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needa any accommodation In order 1o participate In thla proceeding, you are entitled, at no coat to you, to the provision of certain aulstance. Pleue contact the Clerk's ADA Coordinator, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida, (813) 278-8100 extension 4205, two working daya prior tq the date the service 18 needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC #2770 the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed fo be issued thereon The certificate number and Year of Issuance : the descripti on of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows : Folio No.: 155374.0000 Certificate No.: 147273.07 File No.: 2009-294HX Year of Issuance: 2007 Description of Property : BELLMONT HEIGHTS LOTS 1 AND 4 BLOCK 11 PLAT BOOK/PAGE: 0004/0083 SEC-TWP-RGE : 05-29-19 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name(s) in V/hich assessed : DAVID WILLIAMS Said property being In the County of Hillsborough State of Florida. Unless such certificate shall be redeemed according to law the property described in such certificate shall be sold to the highest bidder at the Jur y Auditorium, 2nd Floor, George E. Edgecomb Courthouse 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602 on the 1st day of October, 2009 at 10 :00 A M (NOTICE : Please call (813) 276-8100 ext. 4809 to verify sale location). Dated this 1Q1b day of September 2009 PAT FRANK Clerk of Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida Signature by: TERESA L. CLARK Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation In order to participate In thla proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provlalon of certain ualatance. Pleasa contact the Clerk' ADA Coordlntor, 801 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida, (813) 278-8100, extension 4205, two working daya prior to the date the aervlce Ia needed; If you are hearing or voice Impaired, call711 Avon Representatives Needed All Areas! Call813-832-4282 Or E-mail AVONt.:ADYGEORGIA@YAHOO.COM Leaders Wanted Supervisors, Managers Directors Free Training (No Experience Necessary) 100% Commission Great Compensation Plan Call Iris 813-967-1649 Editor/Proof Reader Needed Must Have Knowledge Of MS Word And Word Perfect. Needed For Commentaries And Reports. Send Resume To Editing Now P.O. Box 5778 Tampa, Florida 33675 Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) is seeking proposals from qualified firms that have the capability to create, plan and execute marketing, advertising, promotion, community education and public relations programs for the accomplishment of the Authority's strategic goals which include improving understanding of the role of HART in the community, increasing use of HART services, and marketing HART as a consumer-oriented and community responsive organization. HART Request for Proposals (RFP) 1703C will be available at HART's WEB site www.GoHART. org on or about September 18, 2009. This is a re-issuance of cancelled RFP 109045 NOTICE TO DESIGN-BUILD FIRMS AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY Design-Build services will be required for the following project: CARGO SERVICE ROAD, TUNNEL AND RELATED WORK HCAA PROJECT NO. 8505 09 SRT A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held in the Marriott Airport Hotel Ballroom, located at Tampa International Airport, Landside Terminal, third level, on September 30, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. Sealed bids will be received in the Service Building front office located on second leveVred side, Tampa International Airport, until 3:00p.m October 22, 2009, at which time all bids received will be publicly opened and read aloud in the Authority Boardroom, located in the Landside Terminal, third leveVblue For more information and to receive automated e-mai l notifications of future business opportunities, please visit our website at Www.tampaairport.com; Quick Links, Airport Business, Jobs 4 USA/Felons Services. Employment 13 To 65 Attorney Hotline Criminal/Accidents Court Ordered Community Service Hours .. Food Bank EST/SAM's Club Go Green Trash To Treasure (813) 965-7991 Quick Closing For cash Waterfront Condo Gorgeous Views 1 Bedroom/1% Bath Beautiful Spacious WID, Gated, Gulf Access Boat Slip Available Lots Of Amenities Close To Everything $75,900.00 $50,000.00/Dowrt Owner Will Finance (813) 968-1168 PUBLICATION DEADLINES .. Tuesday Edition-. Friday@ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition-Tuesday@ 3:00P.M CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 -1-20WORDSJ\ND 50 FOR EACH ADDI"fiONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOUR AD IS PUBLISHED Email Your Ad To: ledwards@flsentlnel.com Fax Your Ads 24n (813) 248-9218


,;:lampa 1\ Housing REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FY2009-04 FOR LONG TERM/SHORT TERM/LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE In accordance with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Handbook 7460 .8 REV -2, Florida Statutes and with other applicable laws, the Tampa Housing Authority (THA), pursuant to the laws of the State of Florida with a principal address of 1529 W. Main Street Tampa, Florida 33607, formally requests competitive proposals from qualified, responsible firms interested in providing Group Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability Coverage and Group Life/AD&D Coverage. Submittal of Proposal Proposals shall be received until 2 : 00 p.m. (prevailing Tampa, FL time) on Monday, September 28, 2009 at 1529 W. Main St., Suite 213, Tampa, FL 33607. Proposals received after this date and time will be rejected. Copies of this Request for Proposal are available on line at www.thafl .com or by contacting the contracting Office at 813-253-0551, ext 390. Any/all questions regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing to the attention of Mr. Nicholas Dickerson, Contract ing Officer ; Written inquiries may be submitted either by fax to 1 (813 367-0760) or by email to nicholasd@thafl.com. THA w!ll accept written questions until 2 :00-P .m. (prevailing Tampa, FL time). Wednesday, September 23, 2009. 5 Bedrooms/4 Baths Bank Foreclosure! $34,900! Only $405 00/Monthly! 5% Down 15 Years At 8% Listings 800-366-9783 ';, :Ext H489 : For Sale 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Block Home Built 1995 CHA, Carpet, Fenced Sprinkler Owner Will Consider Financ:ing $89,000 can (81: a) Recenre $8,000 Tax Credit From IRS (Must Be In Home By November 30, 2009) Newly Renovated Home Only $77,800 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths ; Double Fenced Yard; Stainless Steel Appliances; Ceramic Tlle; Downpayment And Or Closing Costs Assistance Available. Call Now 813-259-4663 Ext. 120 East Tampa Business And Civic Association 2208 East 22nd A venue $60,000 00 Available In Down Payment Assistance 3 Bedroom/2 Bath With Garage (813) 248-3977 HUD Homes! 3 Bedroom/2 Bath $199. 00/Monthly! 4 Bedroom Only $215.00/Monthly! 5% Down 15 Years @8% Listings 800-366-9783 Ext5490 Recently Remodeled 3/2 Home Stainless Steel Appliances $77,800 Owner Will Assist With Down Payment And Closing Cost can Now For More Information (813) 259-4663 www.myfinancialconnections.com Owner Financing Lake Frorit Complex 2 Possible 3 Bedrooms 1Yz Bath, CHA 1 CarGarage Screened Lanai Quiet Culdesac Swimming An d Recreation Center $165,000 00 $50,000 Down (813) 968-1168 EBPM Corporation 2, 3, 4 Bedroom Homes And Apartments New Paint; Ceramic Tile, Carpet, CHA, WDH, Fenced, No Pets Section 8 Ok (813) 949-3482 2 Bedroom Central Heat/A i r Fenced Yard, Patio, Washer/Dryer Hook-up Water Included Section 8 Welcome (813) 962-8600 Section 8 Welcome Brandon Area 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Beautiful Home Oversized Enclosed Patio Immediate Occupancy Also Available 3/2 Townhome (813) 503-0493 4/1. 5 Home 3202 N. 45th Street $1,250/Monthly 3/1 Home 4207 S. Sandalwood Cr. $1,000/Montly Block Homes Freshly Painted Professionally Cleaned And Immediately Available Section 8 Preferred (813) 690-0338 2/1 For Rent 2009 23rd Street (Ybor City) 2 'Bedroom/1 Bath $750.00/Monthly 1219 E. Palifox 3 Bedroom/1 Bath $1,000.00/Monthly Fenced Backyard With Ut i lity Shed (813) 985-4758 (813) 504-1645 SulphurSprlngs ._.. ; J 2/1 Home Remodeled New Everything Washer/Dryer Included Very Nice .. $750.00/Monthly $400.00/Deposit Section 8 Preferred (813) 690-3320 FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING NEEDS Seminole Heights Cute 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Nice Area, CHA, WDH Fenced Yard, Carport $850 00/Monthly Available Now! Call (813) 610-8256 South Tampa 4901 South 82nd Street 3 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, Fenced Yard Internet Connection $400 00/Deposit $750.00/Monthly (813) 476-4437 Ybor Area Home Large 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA. WDH, Fenced Very Secure 1302 E. Columbus Drive $765 00/Monthly $700/Deposit 813-961-0666 Fairgrounds Area Large Newly Remodeled 4/2 Fenced Backyard On Bus Line SP.c:tinn 8 Ok $1,250 00/Monthly $500. 00/Deposit 813-220-3633 East MLK Area 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Charming Lots Of Windows $1, 150/Monthly Ready For October Move-In Section 8 Welcome ., c en m m 3: m m ::0 -J N 0 0 CD ., r-0 en m z -t z m r-' m c r rm ::::! z .. ., c m r-u; :c m c m -t c m en c )It z c ., ::0 6 (813) 220-8658 .._ _________ .. ,! 1 Fair Grounds Area ;. .. :' ;; : : Family Room Screened Patio Excellent Condition Great Neighborhood No sections $795 : 00/Monthly 813-286-0780 (i) m CALL LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax 24n (813) 248-9218 .... CD a.


0') 0 0 N o:i 'II"" w m ::E w .... fl. w en >;' < c LL c LL c z c( c en w :::;) .... w > -w c U.l :::z::: en :I m :::;) fl. z i=-w ....1 ....1 :::;) m ....1 U.l z i= z w en 0 ....1 LL 3403 N. 48th Street 2806 33rd Street 4 Bedroom/2 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Section 8 Welcome washer/Dryer Hook-up Available October 1st Fenced Yard Call (813) 713-4055 Or Section 8 Accepted Darrel (813) 735-5295 Call Joe@ (813) 545-5518 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Centra[ Heat And Air 2010 North Mac Dill Washer/Dryer Hook-up 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Carport Very Large Fenced Yard $750.00/ Monthly Newly Remodeled $500.00/Deposit Section 8 Only Call (813) 877-9192 Available Now Or (813) 877-3406 (813) 240-8108 4215 East Curtis Street Built 2007 8512 11th Street 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath $1,050.00/Monthly $900.00/Monthly $900.00/Deposit $400. 00/Deposit Water Included Call (813) 944-3927 Ext. 1 Section 8 Accepted Or (813) 299-3527 Call (813) 335-0076 Sulphur Springs (813) 885-5226 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 3301 East 27th Avenue .. .. Remodeled 4/2 Comer Lot North Brooks Street 6 Car Parking Section 8 OK Near Schools $685.00/Monthly $1,200.00/Monthly Contact Dennis $1 ,000.00/Securitv (813) 407-8439 Section 8 Welcome HUDHomesl Mike (813) 244-0658 3 Bedroom/2 Bath 3 Bedroom/1 Bath $199.00/Monthly Remodeled Home 4 Bedroom Only For Rent In $215.00/MonthiY. Sulphur Springs 5% Down Section 8 Ok 15 Years@8% North BrGoks Street $685. 00/Monthly Listings 1-800-366-9783 Contact Dennis Extension 5649 @ 813-407-8439 SPECTACULAR! STUNNING! Block Home In Immaculate Condition! 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths Section 8 OK Call John At (813) 309-9988 Discount Management, Inc. '9 GET NOTICED ...... Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora For w e, More Information@ (813) 248-1921 $205 00/Monthly! Foreclosures! 5% Down 15 Yrs@ 8% APR For Listings 800-366-9783 Ext R592 505 West 129th Avenue 4 Bedroom/1 Bath Home Washer/Dryer Hook-up CHA, Fenced Yard $850 00/Monthly Call Iris 813-967-1647 Large 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath Home For Rent In Seminole Heights Nice Home, Nice Area Section 8 OK $1100.00/Month Contact Dennis @ 813-407-8439 8217 N. Hillsborough Ln. 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Porch, Fenced Yard Garage $850.00/Monthly $400.00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Robert(813)361-0344 YborArea 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Newly Renovated, CHA WDH, Near Schools And Busline $925.00/Monthly $800.00/Security Call (813) 505-1860 Sulphur Springs 4 Bedrooni/2 Bath Central Heat & Air Fenced $900.00/Monthly $500.00/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 503-5321 Ybor City And West Tampa 3 & 4 Bedroom Homes As Low As A Deposit Section 8 Welcomed( Call V & V (813) 259-466:$ www.myfinancialconnections .com Tampa Home For Rent 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths 2609 Genessee Street Section 8 OK Call Leib Or Denise At (813) 689-6595 Furnished 3 Bedroom/2 Bath With Pool, CHA Washer & Dryer Included $950.00/Monthly No Deposit Call (813) 223-1490 Clair Mel 3 Bedroom/2 Bath House CHA, Fenced Backyard 1 Car Garage Security Negotiable Section 8 OK Call (813) 770-7749 Progress Village 7901 Dahlia 4 Bedroom/1 Bath Central Heat/Air Fenced Yard Washer/Dryer Hook-up $900.00/Month $700.00/Security Call (813) 610-8062 2002 E. 142nd Avenue 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment, CHA $650.00/Monthly No Application Fee No Credit Check Call (813) 244-9335 Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit 3 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, WDH Near Everything Call (813) 546-7782 Busch Garden Area Nice 2 Bedroom/1 Bath New Carpet, New Paint $665.00 Monthly+ Deposit Includes Water Section 8 Welcome Call 510-366-4600 Move In Special! 1 Bedroom/1 Bath For Rent $485. 00/Monthly Available Near USF And Mall Call813-778-2776 Move-In Specials Section 8 Accepted 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Apartments, CHA $625.00 And Up/Monthly $0 Deposit Call (813) 972-1560 Upstairs Apartment First Month Free $125.00 Move-In Excellent Rental History Required 3 Bedroom/2 Bath 3625 Potter Street #B A/C, Gated Entry $650.00/Monthly Water Included (813) 238-6353 s .e/1 your stuff. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin


1, 2, And 3 Bedroom Apartments For Rent Clean And Affordable Please Call (813) 610-4319 Or (813) 610-4206 For Availability Sulphur Springs 2 Bedroom/1 Bath CHA, No Pets $575 00 $600.00/Monfhly Water Included Call (813) 810-7725 Or (813) University Area Loft Apartment Gated Community Swimming Pool Laundry Facility And More $475.00/Monthly Move-In Special Call (813) 318-1523 River Pines Apartments SENIOR CITIZEN COMMUNITY independent living for 55+, quiet park-like setting, shopping, transportation, social activities, riverfront living Efficiencies and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $38o : oo per month : (813) 985-4419 Cinnamon Cove Apartments 12401 N. 15th Street Starting At $425 00 On-Site Laundry And Convenient To Everything Call (813) 971-5254 Ybor City Area Fully Remodeled 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Conveniently Located Central Heat And Air $500.00/Monthly Plus Deposit (813) 318-1523 Move-In Specials Section 8 Accepted 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Apartments, CHA $625.00/Monthly & Up Monthly 0 Deposit Call (813) 972-1560 Presbyterian Villas. Senior 62+ Community Rents-$313.00 Small $350.00 Large Apartment Plus Electric. Amenities Conveniently Located On City Bus Line. Maximum Income Apply Equal Housing Opportunity TOO 4011 S. Manhattan Avenue Tampa, FL 33611 Call For Application 813-839-5331 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Starting At $480.00 Tile Floors, Walk In Closet Ask About Our 2 Bedroom Ciose-Ouf Special" CALL. 813-975-0258 .... / CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL wORD O'JER20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Ediljon -Friday @ 3:00 P.M. Friday Edition -Tileaday@ 3:00P.M. SECTION 8 (3 UNITS) 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartments $675.00/Monthly Includes WSG Non-Smokers Near Everything Call 813-239-6199 $215.00/Monthlyl 4 Bedroom/3 Bath HUD Homes! 5% Down 15 Years @8% For Listings 800-366-9783 Ext 5492 Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPLICATION!! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances Central A/C $525.00/Monthly Water & Trash Included!!!! Very Low Deposit! 813-244-4551 Sulphur Springs Section 8 Welcome 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex CentraiA/C Washer/Dryer Hook-up $800.00/Monthly Deposit Negotiable Phone (813) 728-7510 Unfurnlsh.ed 2 Bedrooms/1 Bath CHA, Fenced Yard Private Driveway Freshly Painted, Carpet Conveniently Located Section 8 Only Phone (813) 516-1669 Section 8 Rental 2 Bedroom Duplex Washer/Dryer And Water Included 1 Bedroom Voucher Accepted $650.00/Monthly Call813-956-5607 Sulphur Springs 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Quiet Area $500 00/Monthly $300 00 Deposit Call (813) 503-5321 West Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex CHA, Utility Room, WDH, $725.00 Monthly $350.00. Deposit 2104 Palmetto Street (813) 223-5214 Section 8 Only 0 Deposit $200.00 Sign On Bonus Accepting 2 & 3 Bedroom Vouchers ( Large 3/1 CHA, WDH New Paint Quiet Area (813) 789-3879 DUPLEX 1504 E. 138th Ave. 3/1, CHA, W/D Hook-up $695. 00/Month $300/Deposit Section 8 Accepted .. I Ron (813) 920-1085 (813) 690-6664 Tampa Heights 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Spacious Duplex $800.00/Monthly Newly Renovated Section 8 OK Utilities Included Can 477-7734 Sulphur Springs Area 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex ... $675 00/Monthly $300 00/Deposit Water Included Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 335-0076 Or (813) 885-5226 West tampa .. : 1712 Albany .. Sulphur Springs 8524 Smmes "' 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplexes CHA,WDH Water Included Call (813) 810-4319 .., ;;a 6 en m ., -4 Hyde Park North m 1: IJJ Cute 2 Bedrootn/1 Bath m ;;a Duplex Apartment ..a. Quiet Neighborhood N Central A/C 0 0 $675.00 CD 307 North Freemont Ave. Call (813) 313-0829 Tampa Heights New4-Piex 3 Bedrooms/1 Bath Central Heat & Air Extremely Nice $1,050 00/Rent Section 8 Accepted (813) 477-7734 .., Duplex r 0 a! 2 Bedroom /1 Bath Refurbished Kitchen, u; Washer/Dryer Hook-up m z -4 Quiet Neighborhood z Deposit Negotiable m r-I Section 8 Welcome aJ c: r-Call (81 503-0493 m -4 :z ., 1-275/Howard Exit c: IJJ 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex r en $700 00/Monthly ::z: m $700.00/Deposit c m Water Included < m No Pets No Smoking --4 (813) 685-3208 c: m en 10007 N 14th Street c Apt#A )lo (Off Linebaugh) z c 2/1-Duplex .., ;;a CHA, Wf\N Carpet; WDH a Section $350.00/Deposit ; .... !. I 1' .. Call (81:;s) 986 : i !Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiJ .SUPPORT TBEFLOJq. m ; DA. siiNTINEL':JJULLE t..J< ADVERTISERS ;


Q) 0 0 N 0:: w m ::IE w Roommate Wanted .... Q.; To Share 2/1 Home ).:" Near Hillsborough Ave. And 40th Street ff: $380. 00/Monthly Plus % Electric Leave Message (813) 233-6089 c LL c z c( c U) w :: -.... w > w o w :z: U) :J m :: a.. z ffi ...I ...I :: m I ...I w z i= z w U) 2 ii2 g LL Room For Rent Central Heat & Air Drug Free. $125. 00/Weekly $125.00/Deposit Call (813) 7'86-4155 Rooms For Rent Clean, Quiet Air Conditioned Older Adults Preferred Call : New Hyde Park Rooms $100.00 Move-In Special A/C, Cable --Washer & Dryer Must Be Drug Free : & Employed (813) 293-1090 Room For Rent Hillsborough & Himes AIC, Cable, Phone Beds Kitchen; Ceiling Fans $85.00 Deposit $110.00 And Up Weekly 813 5984262 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30; t .. tS"Ot Age & Older ...... --ustHave Steady $120.00/Weekly $120.00/Deposit jim (813) 237-1810 Genrite (813) Polete (813) 410-5422 Ms. York (813) 242-2815 Available Room For Rent In Ybor Heights At: 1000 East 26th Avenue Please Call (813) 494-3343 Rooms For Rent Single Individuals Preferred $125. 00/Weekly Call (813) 784-0508 For More Information For Rent Rooms/Apartments In Quiet Building No Drugs Allowed Visit: 2913 N. 15th Street Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Or Larry (813) 382-6055 West Tampa Rooms For Rent Newly Full Kitchen, Furnished $8o.oo-$1oo.oo weekiy + ,beposi F Call (813) 477-7734 Large Rooms For Rent $500.00/Monthly Deposit Utilities, Telephone Access Cable And Internet Access Call: Ybor Heights large Furnished Room For Rent $110.00-$140.00 Per Week + 1 Week Rent Call (813) 247-4724 Room For Rent Central @ 1-275 A/C, Cable, Phone Queen Beds, Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $85.00 Deposit $100.00 And Up Weekly 813 5984282 Room For Rent Den Included Central Heat & Air, Cable Drug Free $150. 00/Weekly $150. 00/Deposit Call (813) 786-4155 Yj)or City Large Furnished Room For Rent -AIC Single Occupancy SSI, Some Disability $500.00/Monthly Call (813) 988-1055 After 5:00 p.m. Room For Rent Hillsborough & Himes AIC, Cable; Phone Queen Beds Kitchen, Ceiling Fans $85.00 Deposit $110.00 And Up Weekly 813 5$8-4262 Efficiency And Furnished Rooms For Rent Single Occupancy Strictly No Drug Act i vity Allowed Call (813) 965-5931 Or (813) 247-3581 Near Downtown/Busllne Clean, Quiet Large, Furnished Rooms Washer/Dryer, CHA, Cable, Phone Mus. t:Have Job And Drug Free (813) 270917th Street North Large Room $125.00/Weekly $500.00/Monthly Small Room $470.00/Monthly Cable And AIC 813-431-1310 Contact LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 To Publish Your Classified Or Legal Advertisement In The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Clair Mel Area $100.00 Move-In Special University Area Room For Rent Private Bathroom CHA, Cable Shared Kitchen And Washer/Dryer Living Room Must Be Drug Free $120.00-$170.00 & Employed Deposit Varies Call (813) 293-1090 Call (813) 545-9139 Fixed Income Room Special 1516 E. Columbus Drive Tarpley's A/C $350. 00/Month (813) 238-7884 Includes All Utilities Sales & Service Washer And Dryer New & Used A/C's On Premises 100% Financing Available Call Annie No Payment Or Interest (813) 247-1844 LIC# CAC1815130 Busch Gardens Area Plant City Fair Grounds Furnished, CHA Filing Bankruptcy? W/0, Cable Chapter 7 Or 13 All Utilities Paid $500.00 & Up Next To Bus Lines '-Quiet Neighborhood Call Attorney $120. 00/Weekly Roderick 0. Ford Private Entrance (813) 223-1200 (813) 478-1286 www.fordlawflrm.org SentineiBuJletin AVAILABLE AT THESE LOCATIONS Shell Gas (Bruce B. Downs BlvdJSkipper Rd. ) SweetBay (Bruce B. Downs Blvd./Highland Pkwy {Seffner & Valrico! '625W:M.L.K:'J1. 2502 W. Hillsborough Ave. (7) 5502 E. Fowler Ave. (7) 4001 E. Busch Blvd. (7)' 2911 E. Fowler Ave. (7) 715 W M.L.K. Jr. (S) 2725 N. MacDill Ave. (7) 611 S. Howard Ave. (7) 949 E. Bloomingdale Ave. (B) 2701 E. Fletcher Ave. (7) 11110 Causeway Blvd. (8) 12808 Brandon Blvd. (8) 1601W. Kennedy Blvd. (7) 8885 N Florida Ave. (7) Coin Box Locations HARTUne Terminals (University Area) Uvingston Ave. (West Tampa) Hime and JMLK Blvd. (East Lake Area) 56th Busch Blvd. (By Bush Gardeos) Florida Ave. 1 Unebaugh Ave. Orient Jail, Orient Road Jal.l, Faulkenburg Rd. ;

African American Labor Law Attorney *Workers' Compensation Employment Discrimination *Labor Union Grievances Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawfirm.org $0 Down! Cars From $29.00/Monthly! 36 Months @ 8.5% APR Police Impounds For ListingCall 800-366-9813 ExtK456 $5001 Pollee Impounds! Honda's, Chevy's Acura's Toyota's, Etc. From$500! For Listings Call 800-366-9813Ext 3695 Like New Cars, Trucks AndSUVs Low Miles We Specialize In Low Money Down Good Or Bad Credit Call (813) 649-8275 Beds Twin $60.00 Full $65.00 Queen $ 75.00 King $ 110.00 & Up Bunk Beds $150.00 Call (813) 310-0991 C.C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1-3 Rooms ONLY-$24.95 No Hidden CHARGES! Call (813) 325-4330 Top Notch Computer Service & Recording Studio Repairs, Upgrades, Virus Control, Also Customized Music And Recording "Service You Can Trust" Call Tony (813) 695-7813 Or (813) 241-9050 DNA Testing Paternity Test We Come ToYou! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservices91 @yahoo.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 FOOTSOLDIER FLEA MARKET 6811 EAST Broadway Tampa, Ff.. 33619 (68th And BroadWay) : NOW OPEN Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7:00 a .m. 3:00 p.m. Concert Grand Church Piano 9' "Samick" Black, Good Condition $6,000.00 Call (813) 248-6600 Large Warehouse With Double Lot And Over 8000 Square Feet 20 Parking Spaces + Seller Motivated Call Now For More Information (813) 259-4663 www.myfinancialconnections.com Plumbing Services Installation, Repairs, Tiling And Painting Upgrade Tubs, Sinks, Etc. Custom Plumbing Sewer Repairs Reasonably Priced Call Hank (813) 325-2147 Bright Taskman Repair (813) 843-2943 Home Repairs: Drywall Windows, Doors Pressure Washing Floors (Ceramic/Wood) Carpet Cleaning Fencing (Chain Link/Private) Etc. Llc#224144 Old AJpllance Removal We Remove Refrigerators Stoves, Washers, Dryers A/C Units And More $24.00 Service Fee Call (813) 447-7674 LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EMPLOYfJIENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT .................. APARTMENTS Dl.J.PLEXES : :. ........ ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com Auto Insurance Plus 3503 E. Hillsborough Ave. Low Down Payment! Speak With A Licensed Agent To Get Instant Coverage Get Licensed Reinstated As Low As $119.00 Tag Or Sticker As Low As $34 99 We Also Offer SR22 And FR44 And Title Service Call (813) 234-6325 (813) 310-8608 Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks CALLJ.R. (813) 966-3501 We Buy Junk Cars Or Unwanted Cars Top Dollar Paid Free Towina Call (813) 410-0061 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1,500.00 For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk Metal/Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 "We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Se.-vlce Hauling And Clean-Up Phone (813) 245-9761 Flying Freely A+ Lawn Service Cut, Edging And Trimming Call (813) 842-2752 For An Estimate .. Wayne's Lawn Care Leaf Removal Tree Trimming, Landscaping And Pressure Washing Lawn Mower Repair Available Call (813) 735-4973 Injured In An Accident? Lawsuit Pending? Need CASH NOW? Non-Recourse Advance Call Albert (800) 390 3657 For Rent Small Offices $450 00 A Month Water, Electric & Internet Included can v & V Now (813) 259-4663 Up To 3 Months Rent-Free 864 Square Feet Commercial Space For Barber Shop Or Retail For Person With Solid Business Plan May Help Finance Some Fixtures Rent Negotiable 2409 East Lake Avenue Space'#a ... ; (813) 238-6353 HOME REPAIRS Carpentry, Sheet Rock, Doors, Locks, Windows, Ceiling, Painting; Tile, Room Additio n; Remodeling, etc. Great Prices For Everyone Kenny (813) 416-6183 Or (813) 630:.0839 Lie #2170004117 ::!! c (/) m ., -1 m !!1: OJ m :::a ... N 0 0 CD r-0 ::!! c :. (/) m z -1 z m r-I OJ c r-r-!!1 z ., c ID !: (/) ::1: m c m -1 c m (/) c :. z c :::a c .. Ci); m N w I OJ


c i2 &&. c z c( -. S & H Painting & Contracting Complete H(lme Repairs Experienced Staff Licensed Electricians Carpenters Roofing, Decks & Ramps Harvey (813) 412-9318 lnsuredlllcl199701 Woodard Brothers ResldentJal Remodeling Carpentry, Room Additions Roofing, Drywall Plumbing, Ceramic Tile Sidewalks, Patios And Hauling Call Ell (813) 325-4643 Ucl022650 Barbers & Braiders __ SitA_!ound The Shop .. .. AuthOI'idd Sister Locks ;; =!';:' : '.It% Ms. Dee's World Of Beauty 3720Yz Dr. MLK Blvd. Call For Salon Specials (813) 247-4368 Nubian Knots Booths For Rent Stylist, 'Braider Or Barber $75.00 A Week Call: (813) 258-2855 Natural Hair & Braids Micros, Kinky Twist, Body Plaits, Etc. $85.00 And Up (813) 312-8883 Or (813) 850-6699 Micros Short Hair $65 Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 WefNeS $45 Call For Appolntrrient (813) 567-1429 ', Braids & -Kinky Twist $85.00 Micros $85.00-$130.00 Re-Twist $45:00 Inter Locks $75:00 Up Do -$45.00 Start (813) 244-1899 Salon Rochelle (813) 985-o485 904Yz E. J.ten,Y Quick Weave. *SPECIALS* .. : 27 Piece $50.00 Sassy aob$45.oo i -_ -I Duby Wrifp $50.00 -: Want To Sell The House? OWe Too Much? Foreclosure? Need Expert Help Fast? Call Mike 813-601-1767 www.BanksAcceptLess.com Keller Williams Realtor Sister Dora Helps All Problems Removes Bad Luck Evil, Reunites Lovers Lucky Numbers By Phone 1-800-7'80-4772 Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores-Lost Nature Advise on LoveJMaftiage .. Business -ss:oo .. Phone (s13) MOTHER GRIFFIN _Offers Spec/a/Prayers And Gives Luck/ Don't be others have failed. 1 Can help you I OVerCOme bad luck, evil spells_ or unnatural conditions surrounding you. Has your changed? fe you in distress? Whatever the problem, 1 -can help in one visit satisfaCtiOn! .. -: ME -T()DAYI_ _971-. REVj(ENNEPY_ FAITH-HEALER : Guaralrtets .Help : Has pu(, peif :on 'youl :.-' luck? oo .ypu have thatget :Doyou have a strange slckn&s$ th:at .. .. yQur nerves _yo4J '?o you s.tep forward at'id ten step$ Do-: you want a loved one retumed >tO you? Do you feel lonely you lost ygur tQ an


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