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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 65, no. 41 (January 12, 2010)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
January 12, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Ct It buaing 65 rear In The Ttunpa Hay. \ rea 1 I I __.,. ............. -SEE PAGE 3 TAMPA TEC H COSMETOLOGY DEPT. HOST HAIR AND FASHION SHOW The Cosmetology Department at Tampa Bay Technical High School held its Beautiful American Princesses (B. A. P. S.) Ha i r and Fashion Show just before Christmas. Thirteen assisted with the hairstyles from the themes: Rock Star, Galaxy, Titan Pride (School Spirit), Fairy Tales and B. A. P. S. Students who assisted included Raven Gentle, Jessica Cliatt, Shonique Williams, Rhea Jones, Kierra Brown, Sophia Heron (instructor), Tatyana Mitchell, leshia Cliatt, Alicia Killins and Ronecia Speights. Students not shown: Wendyse Casmir and Jasmine Chester. (PHO TOGRAHY BY BRUNSON) DAACO Program Is Option To Prison SEE PAGE 2 TOBA To Host 30th King Breakfast SEE PAGES '. Weather Blamed In 10 House Fires SEE PAGE 11 SEE PAGE 17


0 c; Features N ,..... HOD To Decide On Funding For Encore Proiect LEROY MOORE BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Tampa Hou s ing Authority S e ni or Vice Presid ent and Chief Operat i ng Officer Leroy Moore, said th ey 0 s hould pe r ece i ving word from a: HUD within a week on th e U. funding for the Enco r e InfraC s tructur e project. Enco r e is the r edeve lopm ent proposed for th e Central Park 0 Village property (J) Moore sa id the HUD grant is $38 million. Tampa Houst-ing Authority and the c ity a re > partners in the grant and $28 ffi million would be set aside for > w c w J: (J) :::; m Q, z tu ..J ..J m I ..J w Encore and the remaining $10 million used by the city for reclosure purch ases. It's been three years since residents were relocated from the property, and we've seen the worst from an economic perspective," said Moore. Moore said the central Park property has been sectioned off into 12 parcels, with T.H.A. i= z w (J) ct c a: 0 ..J u. Highland Pines Community TaskForce Highland Pines neighborhood meeting will take place on Thursday, January 14, 2010, a t the Highland Pines Community Center, 3002 Star Street The meeting will begin promptly at 6:3 0 p m., followed by the Crime Watch meeting at 7 p m The guest speaker will be Rev. Sims of Telling Th e Truth Ministries. Please attend and bring a friend. Betty J. Bell, Highland Pines Community Task Force, Inc chairperson. An artists' rendering of the Encore that will occupy the Central Park site. de ve loping 5 of the p a rcels One of the parcels has been transferred to the School Dis trict for the construction of a new school, and we will retain one for construction of our new offices. Four are being sold for private sector develop ment. Funds generated from the sale of the parcels will help our projects on the five remaining parc e ls Of the five remaining parcels, Moore said one will contain a grocery store, and others will contain a hotel, office condo/rental units, and the last is the property that St. James Episcopal Church sits on. That site will house the. African AmericaryHistory Mu seum. In The 2010 Martin Luther King, Jr .. Special Edition Friday, January 15, 2010 Call Now While Spaces Are Available! Betty LaVora & Tommy Are Waiting To Assist You @ 813-248-1921 Or Stop By Olir Office 2207 E. 21st Avenue Tampa, Florida New DACCO Program Is Alternative To Prison BY L ON B CRE\\ cnlinc l taff\\ ritcr D.\ C 0 is proud t o an n ou nce a n e w program th at will give judges an option from se ndin g cert ain of f e nd e r s t o pri so n Car y Hopkins -Eylcs, Di r ec t o r o f Criminal Justice Prog r ams f o r DA CO, said th ro u g h s timulu s d o llar s, they h ave crea t ed a Pri so n Diver i on Pr og r a m Anyone w ho i s n t a v i o l e nt offender or can't ge t out o f th e sys t e m can now be se nt t o this program b y a judg e inst ea d of getting prison time." Unfortunate ly, th e program will not appl y to those w h o h ave a lr eady b ee n sentenced. Hopkins-Eyles said the di ve r sion program gives judges another option, and th e judicial system has been inform e d about it from top to bottom. "Judge Ronald Ficarrotta i s the o n e who s h owed t h e fir s t ....... i 11 tc.'rL'St i 11 g<'tt i 11g this 11g. .tlo11g 1\'ith Judge Dnnicl Perry. "ThL' fi11:1l chcisin11 : till re:;t 1\ith tlw judgt t s t o ''lwtlwr :1 defendant shnuld bt t'nt t o tlw program I Iopkinsy lcs snicl th )Sl who arc divrrll'd t o th e pro g ram liv e in 11 I A fH ility f o r up t o 30 da y -:lS an acijus t m e nt 1 rioci. Duri n g th n t tin \., ... they do an valuation oft h e in dividual t o d t rmin e their n eed "W e a l so h IJ th e m w ith th ir community se r v i e h o ur s, g t th e ir G ED, a nd w a o ffc r A n g r Manag m ent I a s s." Hopkins-Eyles said they are a l s o working on other a l t r nativ e services that would work a l o n g with th e state's r e-entry program in h e l ping ex-fe l o n s get adjusted and find e mploym ent. For more information abo ut thi n e w div r ion program call (813) 6218 781. Did You Know That ..... Medicaid Provides Coverage For Denture Patients, Including Annual Relining & Surgery In ration For Your Dentures? Call And Schedule Your Appointment Today!!! (813) 623-1014


Features ...... c m (/) Quarrel Over Dog Leads To Fatal Shooting 0 )> .-<. c... )> BY IRIS B. HOLTO:\' Sentinel City Editor O n e m an di e d an d a n o t her was injure d i n w h a t p o l i c e h ave d e t e rmi n e d t o b e a qu arre l inv o l v in g a d o g Th e s h oo t i n g t oo k pla c e o n Thurs da y eve nin g in th e P a lm Rive r s ubdivi s i o n o f Hill s b o r o u g h C o unty A cco rdin g to poli ce, o n Thurs da y d e puti e s r e s p o nd e d t o 5718 16 '11 Ave nu e, S o uth in r e fer e n ce to a ve r bal co nfront atio n over a d og. The two men involv e d in th e argum e nt l eft the sce ne H o w ever, at SAO p m., on Thurs day police rec e ived another c all to the sa me address in r e f e r e nc e to a doubl e s h o oting. Up o n arrival in vestigators discovered that George Wesley Kearse, 24, and his friend Corey David Brown, 23, had been shot. Both men were transported to Tampa General Hospital, where Kearse died of his injuries. Brown was admitted to a local hospital in stable condi tion No additional informa tion on his condition was available at press time. GEORGE WESLEY KEARS E .. was fatally shot Ms. Debbie Carter, o f th e p e rson( s ) in vo l ve d in s p o k es p e r son f o r th e Hillsth e s h o otin g h as n o t been r eb oro u g h County Sheriffs Oflea se d b eca u se it i s a n o n gofice sa id th e n a m e or n a mes ing inv es ti ga tion. Sh e furth e r Teen To Honor Michael Jackson With Concert B Y GWENDOL YN HAYE S S entine l Editor Brittany Perkins, a 2009 g rad u ate of Alonso H i g h Sch o o l has p ut to ge th e r a con cert tl)a t \.vill pay tr i bu t e to Michae l Jackson, be nefit the Foo d B an k a nd cel ebra t e t h e Mart i n Lut h e r King, J r H o l i d ay. Th e co ncer t will be h e l d on Friday, J a nu a ry 15, 201 0 (the ac tual birthd a y of Dr. Martin L uther K i ng, J r.) a nd will b e h e l d a t t h e Eve n t F ac t ory 7 5 6 5 W Hill s bo rou g h Ave., T a mpa 7 p.m. B eca u se o f a d e sir e to serv e t h e hungry and l ess fortunate, Britta n y chose Am e r i c a' s S e cond Harv est of Tampa Bay a s th e ch a r ity to b e n e fit. I n a d dition to a tax-deduc ti b l e d o nati o n a ttendees are also a ske d to b r i n g canned goods a nd non pe r ishable food it e ms. Brittany's m o t he r Ms. Marsha Perkins Cowan, said Brittany has been work ing since Octobe r saving mon ey from car washes and individ u al sponso rs Thus f a r she h a s raised $2,000 of the $ 2 5 0 0 need e d to rent the fa cility w h e r e the concert will be held Ms. Cowan say s she is so proud of Brittany for the s teps she has t aken to host such an eve nt. S h e h as bee n face d with some o b stacles, but s h e h as no t let that sto p her des ir e S h e sa y s t hese obs t a cles are s m all compar ed to the fait h that she has," Ms. Cowan explai n ed Brittany is curre n tl y a student at H ills b oro u gh Commu n ity College and received a 2 3 GPA for the most r ecent grading period. I n a d ditio n t o h e lp i n g Ame r ica s Second H arvest she is also a B ig S is ter with the B ig Siste r Volunteer Mentor Pr o gram and an active me mber at F aith Outreac h C enter in Town N C ountry. A lo n gti m e Michael Jackson f a n Brittany has r e cruite d l o t s o f l oca l ta l e n t s in ge r s d a n ce r s, actors to perform F ri d ay night. Sh e also has co n firma t io n that Cesar De La Rosa of American Idol will b e the r e a nd so will Michael Jackson i mper sona t or, Danny Ware. For a dd itiona l in forma tion con t act Brittany at B ri t t any P erki n sso@yahoo.co m or call (813 ) 469-2001. 5ta lt'd th:ll t he S heriff:-. Of fir ,, i t h tht l l ilbborou g h St: ltt' Attornt:'\ s Offirl' t n dt'IL'r m in e if c h : 1rge s ,, ill b e filt>d in th e Pastor Speaks Rev. \\allan Bowers. p:1s t o r of St. l\la ry ;u\13a pti s t Chmch s aid ''l'\'t kn o wn George all o f his life. I knew his pare nt s hdo r e 1w was h o rn and I ha\ e IW\'e r kn o wn George t o start a co nfr o ntati on. George has n e e r s h o wn any s i g ns o f c ru e lt y t o animals or an y thin g lik e that. I wa s n t th e r e but fro m what I unde r s tand wh e n th e sh oo t e r ap proa c h e d Georgc, Geogc rai se d his arm and s aid l e t' s talk abo ut thi s but h e shot him anyway. That's what I ve been told.' I do believe it is more to this story than what has been printed in the n e w spaper. George was just a great athlete. Sports were his hobby and his life. I have problems concerning this situation a nd believing what I'm reading," Rev. Bowers said. A longtime Tampa resident, Kearse was the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Paul (Brenda) Kearse. His father was active in the Hills-z h o r u ug h Cuu n t\ Sl'lll> o b : 1 s : 1 c n wntor u n til Ill' l wc : l llll' dis-)> :D : l hl, d :1nd his m l tllt'r Mrs. -<. Brenda Kearse, is a rt tired ;;:; H ills b o r ough C o unt) p r inri -p :ll. Mrs. Ken rsc is ru r -:Ill administrator with o till' P ulk Count y S c h ool Dis -t riel. Aflt'r graduating fr o m 13lake High Sch o ol. Kenrsc e nr olle d at Gard n it 1 ior C oll e);e in Garde n C ity, Kansa s in 200 .. 1, o n n footb nll s ch olarship. H e co mpl e t e d hi s educ ati o n th e1e :tnd \ vn s curre ntl y a s tud e nt at 13t n e di c t Colle g e. in Columbus, S outh Caro lina as a Phys ical Th e rap y maj o r H e wa s h o m e on bre ak fro m college at th e tim e o f his d eath, his pa stor, Rev. Bowes said "Hi s parents w e r e v e r y in stnune ntal in g e tting him to pursue his education and k eeping him guid e d H e ce l ebrate d th e N e w Y ear with us. "George was a very friend ly, outgoing person. He was always willing to help anyone he could. And he loved foot ball," Rev. Bowers said. Funeral services for Kearse were incomplete at press time. Harmon's Fu neral Home is in charge of handling arrangements. r 0 ::c a )> (/) m z :j z m r I OJ c r r g] z "0 c OJ r en :::t m 0 m < m ::c -< -i c m (/) c )> z a


0 ,.... 0 N N ,.... Columns FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN >-1 SPS 2 2-1 a: 22 072 stt.. e ue a3360 S t 8 FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co. z s 1 990 9 .! C P T 1 e-:.I nter nat1cna l Barack Obama's advantages were that he was "a lighta: skinned African American, with no Negro dialect, uriless he wanted to have one." In other words, Obama was W a "high-yalluh" Black man who spoke "Proper." Reid regarded his words as simply a backwoods observation, ::I: an observation hf! nevertheless, recanted, later. But Reid's verbal impropriety did indeed, conjure up m the question "What is meant by "SPEAKING PROPER?" K Ask any Black grandmother, aunt or retired English z teacher. Either of them would readily tell you, "speak-wt-ing proper" (or speaking proper-ly). That would mean _. no "dees," "dems," or "dose." ... no "I is" when one ..I meant "I am." In other words, "speaking proper" was a sign that the individual was truly educated. Therefore, in Senator Reid's opinion, our newly invested President had fully overcome what, to many of his counterparts i= couldn't. Z Reid's words -though forgiven by President Obama -loom as a warning and observation to any Black who <( continues not to believe that the way one speaks holds 0 sway over one's future. a: 0 _. u. More Class-Time I A pproaching middfe of.the school year America's children reminds us of President Barack Obama's call to increase the length of time America's children spend in school. No doubt, in a few weeks, many parents will be surprised by the mid-term grades some of their children bring home. Indeed, some parents may even come to believe that perhaps, our Black children can benefit from spending a few extra hours per week in the classroom. Based on America's rank in reading, science and mathematics scores, American schools rank 6 behind Finland, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Gennany and the Czech Republic. In consequence, President Obama believes more hours spent in the classroom will boost student perfonnance and make our children more competitive with our global counterparts. Following the same line of thinking, perhaps Black children shQuld spend more hours in the classroom to Did Bill Gates Mean Charter Schools, Tooil I heard th a t th e Bill Gat e s F o undati o n gaw a $ 100 milli o n d o llar educ ati onal g rant t o th e Hills b o r o u g h C ountY S choo l s y s t e m I a m n o t what th e mon e y i s f o r but I h e ard so m e thing about impr o ving tea c h e r s and th e way e ducati o n i s d elive red t o stud e nts I don t know how the sch ool district int e nds to usc th e money; I do know that c hart e r school s hav e no s a y s o in how the mone y will b e used I told that charter school s would T he next time you h a ve the opportunity to travel to the North Florida area near Tallahassee (hope fully after it's warmed up), plan on taking a 35 mile sid e trip off Interstate-to to the Apalachicola National Forest to visit the British Fort, also known as Negro Fort, African Fort and Fort Apalachicola in Franklin County Negro Fort is one of the re minders of the close relation ship that existed between runaway slaves and the Semi nole Indians during the late 1700s and early 18oos. When Florida was under Spanish control during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, slaves escaped from the Car olinas, Georgia and as far away as Tennessee and Mis sissippi to live with Seminole Indians, who were them selves runaways. Ex-slaves farmed land and cultivated crops in com munities close to Indian In turn, the Seminoles allowed them to live there or within the tribal community, even intermarrying, for one third of the ex slaves' crops. In essence, Blacks were te-nant farmers and owned their own cattle and other bt' included in whatt '\'Cr i s de cide d whe n it was de cided H o w will c hart e r schoo l s be in clud e d ? H o w much they will b e includ e d and what will b e availabl e fro m this grant. I ha,e n o ide a For those who mav n o t kno w c h a rt e t s choo l s ar e publi c s chools that exist with th e au thority of th e Hills borough Count y School Dis tri c t s I have been told th a t Mt. Ple a s ant Middl e S c hool would b e in clud ed by the Dis trict Superin tendent a pe rson I have the farm animals Because of their knowledge of Engli s h, Fren c h and Spanish ex slaves al s o served as int erpreters and intelligence agents for the Seminoles A few months befor e the end of the American R e volu tionary War British Major Edward Nicholls recruited Seminoles and ex-slaves to join the Corps of Colonial Marines and to fight against America Major Nicholls led the construction of a seven acre fort on an Apalachicola river bank called Prospect Bluff, which served as the British headquarters for negotia tions between the Black and Indian communities Heavily stocked with cannons, guns and ammunition, the fort provided safety for neighbor. ing and flourishing planta tions owned by Blacks and' Seminoles. When the British with drew from the area, they gaye the fort, including the ar tillery and military supplies, to the nearly 400 Blacks and 30 Choctaw and Seminole In dians. Thus, the fort became known as "Negro Fort." A Black man named Garson and an unnamed Choctaw chieflaunched raids n t itktll in. help hut w n n tkr. if Bill Gates was talkin g .1huut d : lrter sdwo l s in his g enc m1lS gr:1nt. I cnn t ht'lp hut Wllll dcr 1f he w : 1 s t.dking :lhllut srho11 l s then wlHl i s rtpr,scntin g the inlt' rt'st o f h a rll'r sd! O t lls dming thL'S t t :liks :1nd llt'):.ll liatitltl s I haw been told that otw' s int, r, st is bes t serYtd when that person is SLnll'd nt the table I n 'ali7.c that $100 milli o n dollars is a who l e lnt of Any time th\)re is an qppl)rtu nity to make ow lt'arhers bet t e r and an y tim e then' is nn o pp o rtunit y to improv e llllr e ducational d elivC'ry tn om stud e nts Mt. l'leasant i s all cars and intC'res t ed. With us it isn't about money. It is about providing th e b e st e ducation pos sibl e for our c hildr en. o n plant atio n s a c r oss th e G e o r g i a b orde r At l ea s t Boo runaway s l a v es e s c ap e d t o N e g r o F o rt whi h h a d b e com e a b e acon o f h o p e t o South e rn s lav e s Th e r e f o r e N e gro Fort b eca m e known a s a threat to th e ins titution of South e rn slav ery a nd had to b e e radi c at e d In 1816, General Andrew Jackson built F o rt Scott near the Florida Geor gia border as a det erre nt to runaway slave s and as a b ase to launch attacks on N e gro Fort and oth e r Blac k town s in Florida. Using Cre e k Indian s to aid in the attack, General Jackson attacke d N e gro Fort in July 1816 and d e stroy e d the fort killing 300 m e n, women and children when a hot cannon ball ig nited the fort s ammunition supply Records reflect th e explosion was heard 100 miles away. Of the 30 sur vivors, 28 were returned to their Georgia slave owners and Garson and th e Choctaw chief were executed. The fort 's destruction le d to the First Seminole War in 1817. That same year, General Jackson rebuilt the fort and named it Fort Gads den The fort closed in 1863, as a result of an outbreak of malaria You never know what treasures lie off the beaten path of history. Harambee! copyright (C) 2010 African American Insight by Joanna Tokley boost their perfonnance and make them more competitive with their classmates. Certainly, it wouldn't hurt. Whether America opts for longer school days or for a longer school year, community-based and religious organizations serving Black children would be well suited for providing extra hours of mathematics, science and reading instruction to Black youth. Most definitely, the academic performance and high dropout rate of our children deserves drastic measures, not in the future, now!


Tod ay's Bir thday---Pay attention tori ual in the coming year. There may be a few very imp o rtant e,en t s in ,our life. H owc, er, as vou attend t o ordinarY rituaL each da,, you come o the value of c h eerful g reet ings careful tion for work or school, a nd other commonplace actiYities. Capricorn (Dec. 2 2J a n 19) H a ,e a serious comersa tion with you rst::lf. :--.lo one else has t o be im ohed. Once that's done, gather the neces sary materials to reach vour goal. A q u arius (Jan. 2 0-Feb. 18) D o n t try t o d o e,e thin g your se lf Y es, i t would be g reat it. you cou ld. It's b e tter t o s h are with a t l eas t o n e p erso n w h o appreciates your point of iew. Pi s ces (Fe b 1 9 -M arch 20) --A n e w person brings oppor tuniti es tha t a r c rig ht up your alley. I s it altead \ a d o n e dcaP with yonr p a rtner t o work ou t the d e tail s A r i e s (March 21Apt i l 19) --A p e t pr o j ec t is jus t about ready t o be roll e d out. Ada pt th e s tru c tur e t o e ach ap p l icatio n you h ave in mind. Party l a t er. Taurus ( A pril 20-May 20) -Y ou ma y struggle t o da y to find the rig h t words t o conv i nce o th e rs L ess pr ess ur e ge t s be t t e r results. I maginat i on insp ir es co-wo rk e r s Gemini (May 2 1 -June 21) --An y effor t you mak e a t work h as a positive l o n g -t e r m i m p ac t o n your career. Love b l osso m s b e h i n d th e sce n es, w hich could distract. Cance r (Ju.pe 22-July 22) --Cho o se o n e or t wo p eo p l e o s p e nd your tim e with tod ay. You ca n 't s atisf y eve r y o ne, so do n 't try. I ns t e ad, p l ea se y ourse l f It' s cont ag i ous. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) A frie nd o r cowor ker clo n es y our efforts, do u b lin g y o ur work. Th a t' s a hu ge r elief, b eca u se th ere s m o r e th a n y ou d pl a nn e d Sh a r e a cel ebra t ory dinn er. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) T ake ca r e o f your se lf Pr e p a r e c o m fort food t o t ake with y o u t o wor k or sc h ool. T ack l e a res p o n s i bility early You ca n com p l e t e it easily n ow Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) -Opp01tunities a b o und for cle ver m a n age m ent of wor k an d co-work ers F o r b es t r e s ults, s h are th e e m otio n s b e hin d a n y rig id id eas Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) --You'r e hom e fr ee if y ou t a k e th e c r ea tive pa th a nd allow c h a nge t o occ ur o r ga ni cally A l ove d o n e p rovides two o r th ree b r illi a nt i deas. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec. 21 ) -F l ex your m e nt a l mu s cles fir s t i n pri v a t e th e n a m o n g frie n ds Everyo n e's i m ag in a tio n is i n th ird g ear. D o c u m e n t all i deas for th e fu SOAP OPERA SPOILERS All M y Children Gr eenlee pull s th ro u g h a o p e r a ti o n roo m cris i s A d a m rece i ves b a d h ea lth n ews. .. J a k e and Ang i e a r e co n f u se d b y th e r es ult s of T revo r a nd Maris s a 's DNA t es t s J a k e ge t s hi s h a nds on a piece o f David' s h a ir. -As The World Turns .. Alis on f ac es sho c king a ccus a ti o ns Sim o n a nd K a tie m a k e out. J a n e t is di stres s e d to di sc over ho w sick h e r d a u g ht e r is. Hold e n a nd Moll y h ave se x The Bold And The Beautiful K a ti e a nd Bill r ec on cile. Br oo k e a nd T ay lor do b a ttl e in d e fe ns e o f the ir d a u ghte r s .. S teffy is di s ple ased with the ne w intern a t Forrester Cr ea tions .. Sand y makes an emotional confession to Whip. Days Of Our Lives Vivia n t e lls V i ctor that Carl y h a s a d a u g hter EJ get s t oge ther th e ra n so m m o ney., Phil and Mel se t -a weddin g da t e : Na th a n 's m o m com es t o to w n f o r Mickey s fun e r al. G eneral Hospital .. Kristi n a falls b ac k int o Kiefer s arms. D o m i nic a nd L u l u are okay! .. R obi n a nd P a t rick kiss an d make up S teve o ffers E l izabe th so me advice. One Life To Life B lair an d Eli have sex o n P olice Comm i ssioner Lowell's desk. Tea disco vers her exhu sba n d is ali v e David confronts Kim Mitch taunts Viki Charlie J essica and Na t alie The Young And The Restless Victor r eturns to Ge noa City Adam' s s e cr e ts m ay soon b e discove red T he truth com es o u t a bou t D ai sy an d R y der Cane re c eives a s u rp ri s ing offer from Jill and T ucker Ptomincnt matr o n s a t t e n d n g a Yclutidc Tea arc : Inez Johnson, Rosa llnn i s Corrine Sumlin, Ida Stevens, W illi e Baldwin, A lbCI t a Blake and J D J udge. LaShawn Green, Lisa Allen, Nicole Oates and Sandra Thomas pose d for this photo at the Airport Hilton Hotel for the Young People Willing Workers of the Church Of God In Christ, Jurisdiction Southwest Florida 1985 Queen' s Banquet., At the New Salem M. B. Church Anniversary were: Vivian Quiani Whaley, Sylvia Taylor, Reva Taylor, Rev. Harry L. Harris, Fannie Rodgers, Murtel Mitchell, Ann Drayton, Rev. C. C. Drayton and Lillian Cusseaux. I Attending a Soft Style Show were: Ted Manuel, Rosa Carswell, Ruby Barnett, Letha Wright, Ola Williams and Mary Sanford. -" N N 0 -" 0 "T'I r 0 en m z m &; c z ., c m r en J: [g m en 0 ?( 0 "T'I ;;c 0 ?(


; Local N N .,..... > a: z V i s i o n will b e h eld J a nu al)' .... 1 9th-2 1 s t, a t Woodlan d pro,ide s th e o pp o rtun ity f o r n e ighbor t o come t o ge ther t o s hare thei r ideas o n im pro e m e n t s f o r the i r neighborhoods tha t will m ake th e m m o r e li, able and s u s t a inabl e T e rr ace Park 6410 N. 32 nd Stree t fr o m 6 p.m. until 8 p .m. Th e community i s invit e d t o atte nd t o discuss and resolve s p ec ifi c pl anning i ss u es. C o mmunity Pla nnin g Anyone wis hin g t o o bt a in m o r e inf o rmati o n a b ou t th e m ee tin g c an c all (813 ) 2 7 48405, or visit th e w e bsit e a t www.t amDa g o v.n e t /l dc. Follow Us On Twitter. com/ FLSENTINELB Monday, January 18,2010 at 6:45A.M. Hyatt Regency Downtown Tampa .. For Reserved Table of 10 Call (813) 874 NO Tickets Sold At Door Keynote Speaker Angela Gittens, Director General Airports Council International World -Geneva, Switzerland Purchase Tickets at the following Downtown: Law Offices of Delano S. PA 501 E. Kennedy Blvd.-Suite 760 (813) 221-4454 West T Ray Wi!Hams Funeral Home 301 N. Howard Ave. (813) 253-3419 La Tanya's Hair Studio 2942 W. Columbus Drive (813) 253-2282 East Tampa: Miracles Barber & Beauty Academy 10224 North m street (813) 972-2895 North Tampa: Bible Based Fellowship 4811 Ehrlich Road (813) 264-4050 Brandon: Sista RiseN' Shine 213 E. Robertson St. (813} 662-ooo2 lu, .... ro1 ..... i-..fn..IW!M Ml\1 .,_., 1 gaji.D1Wit:ll.ll TOBA To Host 30th Annual Dr. Manin luther King Jr. leadershiP Breakfast Th e Tampa Organiz ati o n o f Black _.\Ha irs ( TOBA) ,, ill b e h os tin g its 30th Annual Dr. Martin Luthe r Kin g, Jr. L eade r ship Br eakfas t o n M onday, January 18th, at the Hyatt Regen c y 211 N orth Tampa Stre e t Downtown Tampa a t 6:45 a.m. The guest speake r for this year's event i s Ms. Angela Gittens, Director Gen e ral of Airpo rt C o unci l Internatio n a l (ACI) Worl d, h eadquarte red in Ge neYa, Switzerland Prior to h e r appointme nt at ACI, Ms. Gittens was an Exec uti ve a t San Francisco International and. the General Manager of Atl antaHartsfield a n d M iami International airports. Ms. Gittens, is a lead e r in a n organizati o n representing approx im a t e l y 1,700 m e mber airpotts opera tin g in 177 countries and World-wide ACI Regional Offices in Washington D. C.; Brussels, B e l gium; H o ng Kong, C hina; Cas ablanca, Morocco; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ken Anthony, former Board M ember of the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority and TOBA said, "Ms. Gittens brings a n internatio n a l / MS. ANGELA GITrENS g l o b a l perspective of the soc i a l politi ca l a n d eco n o m i c impa c t of a ir trav e l o n o ur lives, in a n eve r c h a n g in g world in whi c h the United States of Am e ri ca plays a m ajor rol e." Individual ti c k e t s for thi s event are $30.00 a nd $sao for Corporate Tabl es which can be purc h ase d a t th e fol lowin g lo cat ion s : St ewa rt & P e r so n PA (8 1 3) 22 1 4454 ; Miracl es Barbe r & B eauty Academy ( 8 13) 972-2895; Ray Willi a m s Fun era l H o m e (813) 253-3419; Bible-Base d Fe llow s hip (813) 2 64 -4050; Lat a nya' s H a ir Studio (813) 253-2282; a nd Sis t a Rise N' Shin e (813) 662 -0502 For m ore inform at ion call TOBA a t 813 874 8622 o r go to: t oba n e tw ork.o rg USF Celebrates New Omal. i Yeshitela Collection The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library and the Florida Studies Program o f the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg are hosting an evening of conversation with Uhuru Movement leader Omali Yeshitela to herald its recent acquisition of a special collection of Yeshitela's writings On January 21, Special Collections Librarian James Schnur will conduct an interview before an audience with Yeshitela discussing his life and work, in a special e vent starting at 6 p.m., in the USF Campus Acti vities Center,-at 6th Ave South and 2nd Street. Schnur will pre sent a dis play of the collection, which includes recent publications as well as h istori c and out of-p rint writings b y the prolifi c politic a l th e orist. H e will the n take the s tage with Yeshitela t o share v id eo clips and interv iew the controversial St. P etersburg n ative who has achieved international recognition. As the Poynter Library's Special Collections Librarian, Schnur is determined to that the direct first-hand accounts of life and struggle by community leaders and residents are preserved for futur e gen erations Omali Yeshitela was born and raised in St. Petersburg, once worked for the St. Petersburg Times and was sentenced to 5 years on the F1orida chain gang for tearing d own a raci s t mural from City Hall. After work ing t o register Black voters throughout Florida in the 1960s, he built the Uhuru Movement with community centers and eco nomic self r elia n ce in stitutio n s in sevU.S. c iti es. H e founded The Burning Spear Newspaper, and has written several books and innumerable pamphlets on the struggle for African liber ation. He has also been the f eatured speaker at events at the United Nations, as well as at national conferences in South Africa, the U K., Spain, Sierra Leone, Kenya and regularly addresses university audiences and com munity meetings throughout the U .,,.-The program is free and open to the public. The Campus Activities Cent e r i s located at 6th Ave. S. and 2nd St. in downtown St. Petersburg. For more infor mation, call 727-873-40 94.


HARRJEr MCKENNON LOGAN Happy b irthday to m y m o th er. I hope all o f your future w i s h es and d ream s come true. Enj oy thi s day th a t h as b ee n give n t o you. Lov e your d aughte r, Tracy. Happ y birthday Dominique. From: your mother, Dwanda; grandmother, Shirley; and all your family We love you! The Hardy and Caldwell families recently attended the graduation of our son, grand son, brother and nephew, Johnny Dupree, III, from boot camp. The ceremony was held at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. 50th Birthdav Celebration Birthd a y h o n o r ees .:\1esa Simpson and \\'anda James c eleb rat e d the ir splci al e ent with many family members. friend s mel o th gues t s. The y co n s ider it G o d s b l es s in g th a t the, have endured th e journe v th ey \ t t ran'l<.'d that ll'd up t o th Pir soth The even t was h eld a t th e W es t End Pa, i lli o n o f G r e: lt e r Tampa. (Photos by Frederick Hurris) Charles and Mesa Simpson, Wanda James and Robert Jacobs, Jr. Birthday Wanda's sister, Ondria and John. 1745 W HILLS TEL 813-443-4628 0 )> c... )> z c: )> ::c -< -4 1\) 1\) 0 -4 0 '11 r 0 :::D c )> (/) m z ::::t z m r I m c: r r g] z "'D c: m c (/) ::z: m 0 m < m :::D < -t c: m (/) c )> z 0 'TI ::2 c


0 0 N Loc.al N .,..... >a: z BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor first publication o f a Tampa au thor ha s been added t o an international w ebsite e ntitl ed 'Books o f Soul. Th e purpose of the website i s to pr ovi de a forum for r eaders t o locate n e w book s b y and about Afric a m Ame rican s. Th e w e b s ite also provides information on soo n-to-be-rele ased books The featured book "Grown Fo kes Bidness," was written b y Ms. Bonny d Hall-Crews, a Tampa na tive. The website also features a n interview with Ms. HallCrews. Th e daughter of the late Mrs. Geraldine Hall Streeter and the late Mack 0 Hall, Sr., Ms. Hall-Crews a: sai d she was inspired to write LL the book after the death of her 0 z .... > a: w > w c w :z:: en :J Ill :::> a.. z i= w .J .J :::> Ill I .J w z i= z w en

Local m C/) 0 <-Men Of Vision Members Honored BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Recently, St. J oseph 's Ho s pit a l paid a s p ec i a l ti ib ut e t o its o lunteers b e tw ee n th e ag es of 5 and 1 8 y ears o ld. Thi s year, four llle mb e rs o f Me n o f V i sion were a m o n g th e h onorees. Th e eve nt took p l ace on a t St. .Joseph s H ospita l a nd th e yo ungst e rs we r e nomina t ed for the awards. Th e yo uth s were recognized for th e numb e r of hours voluntee r e d a t arious lo cations throughout the year. niZ t '( l f o r thPir c ommitnwnt C t o c ommunit1 St'l'\ it't:' i n tlwir 1wighbo rh ooci and h n 1 f' g o n t' ...... abm e n nd to h e lp ..!'> th e ir ft>I!0\ 1 brothe r s Ea c h m embe r loggt>ci ....., 0 m o rt> th a t 7 5 hours of co m munit y Sf' tYice s duri n g th e ca l P n rlar year. a l o n g with maintaining n n 3 0 g rade poi nt : wemge. Sin ce 1996, th e Kids Are Heroe.-; Program h as r ecog ni zed m o r e th a n 1.000 c h i l dre n b e tw ee n th e ages 5 a nd 1 8 fr o m H erna ndo, Hillsborough Manatee, Pasco, Pin ellas a nd Polk Cou nti es. Ross Anderson, found e r and s p o ns o r of Men of Vision said, We req uir e that they volunteer once a month as a grou p at places such as Metropo lit a n M ini s tri es. But these guys stmie d going on the ir own to volunteer on Saturdays. I'm very proud of them." Dcvantc Robinson, James Elaissaint, President of Men of Vision, and L"lmar Woods, Vice Presidcnt of Men of Vision, are sho\\-11 with their found and sponsor, Ross Anderson. Wilden Cajuste, who was also rccognized, is not shown in the photograph. Ea c h yea r a p a n e l of j udges selects the award re c ipi ents. Th e pan e l co n s ist s of both curre nt a n d past p ediatric pati ents o f St. Joseph' s C hildr e n' s Ho s pit al. The students were recog nized b y grade level in three ca t eg ori es, K-5 6-8 a nd 9-12. Anderson didn't h ave any students in the first ca tego ry. However Widens Cajnste, a n 3th grade stu-dent at Van Buren Middle School was chosen. Wildens was unable to attend the banquet. The other Men of V i s ion members w ho were honore d were: Devante Robinson, who is a junior at Hills borough High School ; James Eliassaint, who is a sophomore at Tampa Bay Technical High School ; a nd Lall)ar Woods, w ho is a sophomore at ,Je ff e rson High School. Th e "Kids Are Heroes" awa rd s Pmgram is an annua l sponsored by St. Joseph's Children's Ho s pit al. The youngsters we r e recogPla ye r s from the Tampa ;I! Bay Lightning parti c ip a t e in Kids Are Heroes as spokes 0 c h ampions, a nd a id the )> pati ents in the judging CJ) ::I process .. z -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------m Master Plan Meeting To Be Held At Ybor HCC The Ybor Cit y Campus of Hillsborough Community College will be holding a campus Master Plan meeting on Thurs.day, .Jan 28th from 1-4 p .m. in the Ybor Room The public is invited to attend the meeting Campus President, Dr. Shawn H. Robinson, said at this meeting, they invite community indi viduals who hav e a connection to the school to share what they think and where they need to go E very 5 years, we hav e an update of our Master Plan, and every to years, w e install a ne w plan Right now, w e 're in the update stage. DR. SHAWN ROBINSON Dr. Robinson said at the meeting, they will discuss what they can add in the way of programs or other services. "After the meeting, the suggestions are incorporated as appropriate into the master plan or incorporated into campus planning docu-ments." Dr. Robinson, who has been president at the Ybor Campus since September 2007, said he' d like to see more of the infrastructure to increase classrooms and parking. "Increasing classrooms m _ay not be that difficult but because of our location, w e may not be able to provide additional parking. We're also the only campus without a student services build ing." Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (83) 248-0724, or emailed at lcrews@flsentinel.com. Tampa Workforce Alliance ScholarshiP APPlication&., BY IRIS HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Tampa Workforce Alliance w ill accept scholarship applications until Feb. tst. Eligible applicants can be a warded one of the following tuition plans: a 4-year University Tuition Plan that co vers 120 semestet credit hours in a state university; a 2 + 2 Tuition Plan that co vers 6o credit hours in a community college and 6o credit hours in a uni versity as an undergraduate. This scholarship may also be applied to vocational or technical schools ; a 2year Community College Tuition Plan that co vers 60 credit hours at a community college; or other trade school. Students interested must currently be enrolled as a high school senior in Hillsborough County or who hav e obtained a GED during 2009-2010 school year; must be accepted into an institution of higher learning; must submit two letters of recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor, or someone in the community; must hav e a minimum of 2 0 GPA must submit high school transcript copy of GED; and meet the income criteria. Applicants will be required to write a sao-word essay and provide proof of residency To apply visit www.workforcetampa. com. Once the application has been completed, it must postmarked no later than February t, 2010 to: WBWA Scholars; Tampa Ba y Workforce Alliance 5701 E. Hillsborough A v e Suite 1419 Tampa, FL 33610. For more information call (813) 930-7629. Scholarship award recipients will be noti fied before April 23, 2010 Shekinah Harvest Breakthrough Church Presents REVIVAL REVIVAL REVIVAL J anuary 8, 20 10 Evangelist Marvin McDaniel J anua ry 15 2010 Pastor James Kennerly Ch a ng ing World's Family Worsh ip Center January 22. 2010 -Pastor Harold Jackson For Your Glory Harvest Ministries Pastor Deano Ellam Souls-R-Priority January 29, 2010-Pastor Bernard Mlngledorf Abundant H arv e s t Intern a t i on a l Fellowship M i nistries F6r More lnfonnation {813) 766:-7679 January 2010 Services Start@ 7:30P.M. 8822 N Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33004 "Dinner Available After Each Serv ic e Website: shekinahharvestorg First Missionary Baptist Fellowship Association 21st Century Leadership Workshop Theme: A Healthy Church In An Unhealthy Society January 14-16, 201 0 Host Church: New Grace Mary Outreach Ministries 299 1 Hh Street North St. Petersl:rurg, FL 33705 Dr. Larry D. Billue, Sr., M. Div Pastor 1st Vice Moderator Held At: New Harmony M. B. Church 2811 N 17th Stree1Tampa, FL 33605 Dr.1Aaron Munfora : Th.D.-Pastor/Moderator For Additional Information Con tact Sis. Linda Edwards 813-389-3776 M issi onary Betty Munford 813-241-8953 Dr Larry D. Billue Sr., M Div 727-565-3199 Registration: $20 Per Adult Breakfast (1/16/1 0 8 A.M.) Gift Bag, Workshop Material And Knowlec;fge January 14, 2010 (Thursday @ 7 P.M.) Travelers Rest M. B. Church -Rev. William M. Green, Pastor St. Petersburg, FL Jantiary 15,2010 (Friday@ 7 P.M.) New Grace Mary M. Ef. Church Dr. larry D. Bilue, Sr., Pastor-St. Petersburg, FL (Featuring Sister came .BIIIue) January 16 2010 (Saturday @ 8 A.M. :. 1 P.M.) Workshop Session Instructors: Rev. Ron Gibson, Pastor, Gethsemane M. B Church.; St. Petersburg FL Sis. Gloria Moore-New Hope M B. Church Dr. T. W. Jenkins, Pastor-Tampa, FL Dr. larry D. Billue Sr., M. Div Pastor New Grace Mary M. B. Church-St. Peter sburg FL Sis. Juanita Billue-New Grace Mary M B Church Dr. Larry Billue, Sr., Pastor-St. Petersburg, FL r;m c: z '"D c: m c C/) ::I: m 0 c! rn c ?( c ., ;::!;! c ?( '"D m co


0 T"" 0 N lo a: Second Annual Holidav Tree lighting Ceremonv Held :i :-.!e mb e r s o f an E as t T a mpa ...., Revitaliza ti o n Partn e r s hip :\ es > theti cs & B eau tifi ca ti o n Sub ..... 0 a: u. 0 z < 0 en w :::> Commi tt ee held th e ir Se co nd Annual Tr ee Lighting Ceremony o n Frid ay, D ecembe r 11th. The eve nt was h eld a t th e Tampa Police Dis t rict III Office, 3808 N. 22nd Stree t from 5:30 p .m. until 7 p m Ms. Denese Meteye James, East Tampa Revitaliza tion P artnership Aesthetics & Beautification Sub-Committee Chairperson said, "It was a huge success. Our efforts were bring the community together in an at m os ph e r e o f r un ,1110 s o cia con ne c t t on. Tom Helgeson and hi s s taff o fC!-12:-.1 Hill prese nted bicn: les to 110 pr e \ious l y chosen y o ung s ters r es iding in Eas t Tampa. Th e yo llng s t e rs also t oo k pa rt in s in g in g Christmas ca r ols in h o n o r of th e occasio n Thi s yea r Santa was on h a nd for the event a nd presented youngsters with b ac kp ac ks filled with school supplies to every child in attendance. City Councilwoman Gwen Miller presented the East Tampa Revitalization Partner-..... Among those attending the Second Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony > at the Tampa Police Deparbnent, District III Substation were: Ms. Dea: nese Meteye James, Mrs. LaTasha Ratliff, Captain Roosevelt "Rocky" Ratliff, Ms. Sammecia Bagley, and Ernest Coney, Jr. w 0 w :X: (/) :J m :::l a. z i= w ..J ..J :::l m ..:. w z i= z w (/) < 0 a: 0 ..J u. 0 "'"' w (!J This group of youngsters took advantage of the free book bags conu .. ,iniin..-school supplies being given away at the event. shil-l A es t he ti cs S.: Beautifi c : ltion SubC ommittee during City Counc i l with a commendation Mark Huey, Economic De\ el op m e nt Administrator for th e City o f Tampa also prese nt ed th e orga ni zatio n with a Pr ocla m a ti o n on b e half of the Mayor at the c e lebration Cemmittee members Betty Wiggins, Cal Worthington, Cathy Byrd, Laura Fuller, Nellie Bythwood and Denese Meteye James were all honored to receive these presentations. (Photographs by BRUNSON). City Council Chairperson Rev. Thomas Scott was in attendance at the Second Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony held at the District III Police Substation. Antoine, Jeffery, and Derek attended the Second Annual Tree HlWt,i.P..R Ms. Tatiana Denson and Ms. Sylvia Brinson were among those who attended the Second Annual Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony last month. Ms. Shannon Edge, City of Tampa Director of Neighborhood and Community Relations, Ms. Van Best Chairperson of the East Tampa Community Revita lization Partnership, Ms. Ca .rlo Jackson, Neighbor hood Liaison, City of Tampa Neighborhood and ommunlty R lations, and City Councilwoman Gwen Miller attended the Tr e Lighting Ceremony at the Tampa Police Deportment Di stric t III Substation. Ms. Denese Meteye James, Chairperson ofthe Aesthetics & Beautification Sub-Committee of the East Tampa Revitalization PaJtnership, Frank James, Jr., Tonya, and Kalis attended the Second Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Ms. Allison Edgecomb, left, a Hillsborough Cour(t)I:Assistant Principal, is shown with Henry "Shake" Washington, Arc.a 4 Director, Hillsborough county School District, and Mrs. Edgecomb, Hillsborough County School Board member attended the Second An-nual Tree Lighting Ceremohy. Among those attending the Second Annual Tree Lighting ceremony were Jose Valentine, Alexandria Jacobs, and' C. J. Toselli.


m 0 Finance Seminar Kicks OH Cold Weather z 2010 Black Heritage Festival Leads To 10 Fires v Celebrating Tampa Bay's Heart and Soul BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor The Tampa Bay Black Her itag e Festival kicks off Thurs day evening, January 14, 2010, with a finance seminar at the University Area Community Development Center Complex, 14013 N 22nd St. There is no admission fee for the 6:308 :30 p. m event, however sponsors of the event would lik e for those who attend to regi s ter by today Tuesd ay, January 12, 2010. The topic for discussion will be Preparing Your Business For Funding: Steps To Secure Business Lending. Speakers will be representatives of JP Morgan Chase Bank--Janine S. Salmon, Area Manager For Business Banking and Linda Larimore, Specialty Finance Officer for Florida. They will share information about what small business owners and m anagers can l oo k f o r as they start their bu si nes ses, how s mall busines ses can qualify f o r c r e dit from financial insti tutions credit options for small bu s inesses, and business strategy to get credit. According to Nancy Norris, Vice President of Public Affairs, this is Chase 's first time participating in the Heritage Festival. "We have some her itage' people who can share in formation with the group." The workshop will have everyday language aimed at small busi nesses. She added that there a re other Business Insight Semi nars coming to Tampa for clients and prospects. William (Bill) Trotman, a Senior Personal Banker with Chase, a Black Heritage Festi val Board Member, Corporate Liaison and Event Coordinator for the financial seminar, said this is the third financial semi-DARYL DAVIS nar in a continuation of Sur vival Series for Small Busi nesses To RSVP to Trotman today, please do so at william trot man@chase com or call (813) 866-0499Also kicking off on Thursday evening will be the Lecture Se ries at the University of South Florida Daryl Davis, Grammy Award-Winning pi anist; will be the featured speaker, 7-9 p. m. in the Mar shall Center on the Tampa USF Campus This is the 10th anniversary of the Tampa Bay Black Her itage Festival. For a schedule of other events and the Street Festival Saturday, January 16th, go to www.tampablack heritage.org. Tribute To Honor Those No Longer With Us On Friday, January 15th, Compound Promoters and Club Nouveau will present "I Wonder If Heaven Cotta Ghetto ." The event will be the first of Compound Pr.omoters and the city's first annual Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend R.I.P. party. Organizers said they came up with the idea a year ago, and after that it was simply a matter of getting all the informa tion from the community. "This is a cleaver way to unite us outside of the normal club setting,"_ said one of the organ izers who wants to remain anonymous. "We want people to come out with a different spirit and pay tribute to those from the area who aren't with us anymore. We want this event to reach out to Tampa, St. Petersburg, and anywhere else where there have been fallen soldiers." The final hour of the event will consist of R.I.P. songs "This will be an entirely inno vative event, and the first of its kind, said one of the organiz ers. "People who died in the hood deserve this tribute, and we can't forget them simply be cause they aren't around anymore. "We h_ave to thank the people for providing us the names, so if any were left out, consider this tribute for them as well." The event will start at 9 p.m. arid everyone is asked to wear their R.I.P shirts. All hoods are asked to close all traps for this event, and come to honor the brothers and sisters who paid the ulti-pri_ce .,. ;,' For nioremf0nb.ation or VIP, please call (813 ) 229-5959. Club Nouveau is located at 1701 North Franklin Street, just north of the downtown area BY IRI S B. IIOLTO :'\ Sentinl'l City Editor lli lbburuu).;h l'tlllllt\' firt lllt 'll t u It'll in rdL l'l'lll t t o firt ':' t hi:-; 1\'t' t 'k. i\ !:Ill)' uf t ill' haw ht't'll reht cd t o the cold 1\' l :tth e r th a t i s e xpect e d t o colltinut for th e maj o rity o f th e w ee k Captain Bill Wade, o f th e City of Tampa Fir e D e partment s t a t ed that fir e m e n respond e d to thr ee fir es o n Sunda y in ref ere nce to h ea t ers. Firem e n respond e d to 8117 N 19th Stre e t s h o rtl y befor e 3 a m., on Sunday in r e f e rence to a fir e Upon th e ir a rriv a l offi cials d e t e rmin e d that Emanuel Sims, 64 awoke to the sound of his smoke alarm He discovered that the other bedroom in the home was on fire. Firemen determin e d that the space heater in the other bed room was too close to the bed linens and set the bed afire. Sims, who was alone in the home, was not injured. Dam age was estimated at $6o,ooo to the wooden structure. At approximately 10:35 a.m., firefighters were called to a house fire at 3609 N Dart mouth Avenue Upon arrival, they learned that the home owner, Ms. Patricia Alchediak, was at home when the fire started in the fireplace Investigators stated that the mortar between the chimney bricks in the fireplace had failed and heat from the fire place ignited wood in the walls and attic. Ms. Alchediak was not injured and damage was es-{Jill: ltl'd .It .thlHI( $:2:;,\lll\l. 1\.) Fi rt nlt n 1\'l'I'L' nut i fi, d u f : 1 o ..... r.tll f p r : 1:-.:'i:-.t.lll n :lt 1:2:3-1 p m o :tt :2t )IC) F ll11mphn-' Strt 't' l Uffic i :tls dc!t'rmint d that 1.. Thomns Luw. 7 :2, a nd his frit n d \ Vuync Dunluu, -16, w e r e inside the h o m e wht n tht air conclitillnin g tlllit1 1-;\IJ.lght fir e and i g nit e d the w oo d n s tru c ture. Firem e n lis t ed th e c ause of th e fire as a failur e of h eati1 g coils inside th e unit Th e dam age \Vas es tim a t ed at $6o,ooo, officials said Captain Wade s tat e d that many of the older wood e n hom e s are not e quip to handle the electricity r e quir e d to oper ate space heaters. "T1 "You need to make sure that b you have a working smoke :IJ alarm and that you keep the C heaters away from children who may becom e injured and m away from anything that can ignit e," Captain Wade stated z Captain Ray Yeakley, of th e m Hillsborough County Fire De-m partment stated that firemen in c: his area recently responded to about 7 fires No one was in -jured in the blaze, but, on e dog Z died. "C "It's important to make sure c: that your smoke alarms are working properly. But, every c;; family needs to have an escape ::t: plan to exit the home that you practice at least once or twice." m Captain Yeakley stated that < even with working smoke alarms people sometimes panic -< and that's why it's important to c! have an escape plan that every-m one in the house is familiar )> z c c (813) 248-1921


5 Local N N ,.... c a: LL c z c en w ::::) t> a: w > w c w ::c en ::J m ::::) c.. z i= w _, _, ::::) Ill ..:.. w z i= z w en c a: 0 _, LL MoHin Hosts 4th Annual Business Of Biotech Conference Moffitt Cancer Center \'.ill host its Fourth Annual Bus ine ss of Biotech : Vision + Drive Innovation" Conference from 8 a .m. to 1 p m on Feb. 1st. The confer ence will take place in the Vincent A. Stabile Research Building, 12902 Magnolia Drive The keyhote speaker for the conference is Dr. Garry Nolan, tenured professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine The conference began four years ago as a celebration of Moffittis 20th anniversary. Venture capitalists, life science companies, angel investors and oth ers \\ill gath er to discuss lessons from the front line s of biote c hnolo gy. Breakout ses sions \\ill focus on the following topics : Rol e s of the Company Founders; "Raising Capital in a Sluggish Economy;" "Technology Licensing: Viewpoints from Academia and Industry;" and "Exploring the Medical Devices Industry in Tampa Bay." The event is free, but reser vations are required because seating is limited. To register, go to /biotech2o 10 or call t-888-MOFFITT. NEw CLIENTS ONLY. Ofkrgoodfor2fli9Tu Prtpal1lioft Oily 11fid with oib e r ofrm. EI]limJ m ary .lfi, l!JIO Parade Marshals Announced For Dr. Manin Luther King, Jr. Tampa Parade J ENNIFE R HILL HENRY "SHAKE" WASHINGTON Come and join the celebra-,. P ARAlD&,TAMPA c W .. day not a dlaY o w ww.mlkj r pamdc-.com ti o n a t th e 22 nd Annu a l Dr M artin Luthe r Kin g, Jr. P a r a d e in Ta mpa. St arting as a symbo li c w alk from St. P a ul AME Chur c h t o th e Hill s b o rou g h C ounty Courtho use, the p a r a d e has continue d t o g row a nd impr ove in qu ality a nd cont e nt The 2010 p a r a d e will again m ove down its n e w para d e rout e in Eas t Tampa on Dr. M a rtin Luth e r King, J r B o ul e v ard; starting at 15th Str eet. A large crowd is expect e d to line th e parade route, which ends at Mid dl t o n H i g h c hool. T h e 2010 Gra nd Mars h a l s a r e M s Jennifer Hill, Br oa d ca s t M e teor o l og i t N w s C h anne l 8 a n d Mr. Henry "Shake" Washington, Hill s b o r o u g h County Sc h oo l s A r a Direc t o r Ar e a IV A ppli ca ti o n s f o r th e 2011 p a r a d e will b e availa bl e o n th e p a r a d e w e bsit e on M a r c h 2 0 2010, www.mlkin:>a : r a d e.c om 2011 para d e e ntry d eadline i s Nov embe r 1 3, 2 010 Frank Bell i s P a r a d e Cha ir Meeting To Feature overview 01 Housing Rehabilitation Program BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter On Tuesday (today) at 10 a.m., the Eas t Tampa_ Community R evitalization Partnership will hold their monthly m eeting at Ragan Park, 1200 East Lake A ve nue, at 10 a. m ETCRP Ch airpe rson Evangeline Best, s aid th e m a in topi c of dis c us s ion a t this meeting will b e a pre sentation b y Sharon West, City of Tampa Hou s ing and Community De velopment Manager "Ms. West will present an o v erview of th e hi s to ry and p rogress of the H o u sing R e h a bilit a tion Progra m a nd w h e r e it s going," s aid Ms. Best. Som e funds that had been anticipated to help residents EVANGELINE BEST ... ETCRP Chairperson with code enforcement is s u e s are no longer avail able and Ms. West wni talk about a lt e rn a t ives and other w a y s to h e lp r es idents meet their ne e d s Als o primary goals of the ETCRP will be discussed, SHARON WEST ... City of Tampa Housing And Development Manager primarily tho s e of each s ub committee, to determine wh ere they're going. Als o recommendations will b e presente d to each c ommitt ee and suggestions from the committee chairpersons will be reviewed


Entertainment Ex-Michael Jackson Adviser Sues Fox News F. MARC SCHAFFEL LOS ANGELES--A former adviser t o Michael Jackson s u ed Fox News o n Thursday for copyright infringement, claiming thl! l:able channel aired portions of an interview with the singer's ex-wife without proper payment o r permission The lawsuit in federal c our< b y producer F. Marc Schaffel seeks damages from F o x for airi n g por ti o n s of the 2003 inteniew with Debbie Rowe afte r Jackson's death in June. The filing state s the int enie w made up a s ignifi c ant amount of Geraldo Rivera's Jul y 5 s how. Schaffel, who o n c e sued Jackson and won a judgm ent agai n st him own s the copyright to the Rowe inter view. Portions of the interv iew were aired on the Fox network in 2003 as part of a special intended to bal a nce out a damaging intervi ew aired earlier that yea r Suge Knight sued For Child Support SUGE KNIGHT Suge Knight is the latest in Hip-Hop to be hit with colllt papers The former CEO of DeathRow Records being t ake n to court for chi l d support Tammy Renell Hawkins is asking for child support payments for their four-year-old child, Taz Maree Knight. Hawkins will not receive much ho weve r and will lik e l y only r ece ive S312 a month for the child. The paym ents are so l ow becau se Suge i s expected to earn just $ 1,20 7 a month. This i s not the first time Suge's been t ake n to court for child support. In May of 2009 his ex-wife Michel'le Touissant, who was also involved with Dr. Ore, took him to court for spousal and chil d support payment s. She sought $40,000 in s up port for herself and h e r child and asked the court to use Death Row 's est ate mone y to cover the bills. Promoter Faces Prison Time For Making $25 Million In Fake Shows MIKOWADY A promoter in Arizona is facing prison time after being indi cted of creating a Ponzi scheme and making over $25 million by booking fake con certs for a number of artists including 50 Cent Mary J. Blige, U2, The Rolling Stones and Jamie Foxx. 34-year-old Miko Wady was charged with 37-counts of wire fraud and money laundering and appeared in front of a federal judge Thursday. According to court documents, between 2004 and 2007, he used $3 million dol lars paid to him b y investors to live a la vis h lifes ty le. He is believed to hav e on l y actually promoted around 10 concerts in the three year period. Aft e r police discover e d the scam the total amount owed to his 140 victims totaled around $2 5 million. If convicted of wire fraud he could receive up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The transactional money laundering charge carries a 10 y ear sen tence and a S250 ,ooo fine as well. Halle Berrv And Bovtriend Bypass Airpon Une HALLE BERRY MONTREAL --Can adian police say it was wrong for o n e of th ei r officers t o whisk Halle Berry, her model boyfri e nd and baby throug h airport security. Poli ce Inspector Jimmy Cacchione sai d it was the personal initiative o f one offi ce r and n o t som ething the departme nt s u pported. Paula Abdul Will Be Back In 'AHuuewav' RANDY JACKSON And PAULA ABDUL Since Paula Abdul left American Idol" back in A ugust, fans have been spe c ul ati ng what her next mov e might be. Some are still clinging to the idea that she'll make a triumphant return to "Idol" (highly unlikely, since the ninth sea son kicks off next week) while others are hoping rumors about a job on Simon Cowell's U .S. ver s ion of "X Factor" are true. What does Randy Jackson want for his former colleague? Well, h e doesn't know where Abdul will end up, but he's pretty confident she'll l and on her feet. I know that she's gonna b e back in something in a hu ge way, because she's mad talente d," he said whe n asked Friday (January 8) about the X Factor" r eports. "The thing that I always say about this genre or about anything on the music/entertainment side is 'Ex pect the unexpected.' You n ever know. -I c m (/) Kevshia Cole Confirms Pregnancv,Addresses Familv Conflict 0 c... l> z c l> JJ -< ..... Keyshia Col e has caus t 'd quite a stir o n blogs in the past few months by k ee pin g mum whil e pictures of her sporting a gro,, in g bab\' bump appeared on line. T h e singer, hO\H'ver ro n tirmed o n ( January 8) bot h h e r p r c g n a n c by Cleveland C avalie r s ba ket ball playe r Daniel Gibson a nd h e r up co min g marriage t o him in a s t a tement that also included seari ng r e marks abo ut h e r r ela ti o n s hip with her es tr a n ged family. Cole's mother, Frankie Lons, a p o pul a r r ea lit y-TV star on BET r ecently told Atl anta radi o station V 100 th a t h e r d a u g ht e r was a lr ea d y marrie d and did so t o a v o id h a vin g h e r c hild b e born o ut of wedlock. In h e r s t ate m e nt th e sin ge r announced s h e n o long e r i s in communication with her moth er. "To all m y frie nd s and fans, it' s tim e that I clear th e air," Cole explained. "It's not a secre t that I h ave n t b ee n in contac t with my mothe r Ftankic, and my s i sters, Neffc a nd Elite a nd I n ever wanted to a ir ou t our diff ere nc es to the publi c While I won't go into d etail h e r e I find it necessary to I t yo u g uys know I d eci ded t o top communica ti o n with th m b e a u se I was at a point in m y lif e \ Vhcre I n eeded se r nit y a nd p eace t o m ove forward. I\) I\) 0 ..... 0 Ple a se know I l ove m y f ami, l y very mu c h but it was tim e rto l e t it go. Y o u g u ys nrc u witness to a l o t of w h a t wa 0 h a ppening from watc hin g on l> a ir and on line. Now th a t I am (J) becomin g a mom m y p ass ion for having a lovin g a nd p eace-ful hom e for m y c hild i s m y Z # 1 priority. Co l e didn't dir ct l y addr s m h e r moth er's int crvi w in th e C s tat e m e nt, but s h e did id e nti -fy "co nstant false r eports" m tha t a r e inte rf e rin g with h e r :::! life, whic h in cludes h e r attempting to bal a nc e plan-c nin g a wedding, pre p a rin g for ID the birth of h e r c hild and fin' i s hin g a forthcoming a lbum. :I: m 0 Mariah carev Justifies Rambling Speech m < m JJ -< c m en 0 LOS ANGELES --Mariah Carey jokingly blames her loony acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival awards on director Lee Daniels. "T h e thing is me and Lee \1adn't seen each other in a long time, and then h e was presenting my award, so he starts off immediately with inside jokes," Carey said backstage at the People's Choice Awards Wednesday night where she was named favorite R&B artist. Carey gave a long, rambling acceptance speec h after being named Breakthrough MARIAH CAREY Actress for her performance in "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire on Tuesday. Daniels directed the movie. The video of her speec h wa s one of the most popular on the Intern et, and l ed to jokes at Carey's expense For All Your Seafood Delights, Call In Your Order To Avoid The Wait! )> z 0 'TI JJ 0


; N N ...... 0 a: u.. 0 Z a: w > w 0 w :I: CJ) :::; 'Ill ::l 0.. z ..J ..J ;:) Ill ..=. w z += z w CJ) ( a: 0 ..J u.. USF Made Right Move To Fire Leavin JIM LEAVITf BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer (An Analysis) or truth is irrelevant now that he s gone. What's disturbing i s it took the reported incident Over the past three years, of Leavitt assaulting one of whispers on the University his players to finally get the of South Florida campus university to take a closer have been about how long look at him .. would it take for the athletic Leavitt bad developed a director and President, superiority complex, feeling Judy Gens haft to send he could say and do what he head football coach, Jim wanted because he had Leavitt packing done so much for the The school had shown school. His assistant coachdeep respect and loyalty to es should get the credit and Coach Leavitt as the perhaps one ofthem will get school's first football coach, a chance to be the new head and his early success. coach. it soon became USF waited far too long to apparent the team had get rid ()f Leavitt, and started a trend of starting although some of his players off fast, and slow tried covering up for him, Leavitt compiled a 94-57 that was done out of fear of record and was earning losing their scholarships $12.5 million on a 5-year Let s take a step back and contract. see where the football proWhen the school was able gram will go now that to attract some big recruits, Leavitt is gone. After all, it seemed the program other college coaches have would get national recogni-been let go for doing a lot tion and join the University less than Leavitt. of Florida, Florida State, Racially insensitive coach-and the University of Miami es at Kansas and Texas Tech among the state's elite. were given the boot, and However, it quickly Leavittshouldbeno. excep-became apparent that tion. Lea.vitt lacked sometbing. !! 9se,r eye pn; as the team habitually foldthese so-called liigh:.profile ed the second half of the coaches and not be so will-season. It also became apparent that when big games came along, Leavitt was also outcoacbed, even with the abundance of talent he had. Some allege Leavitt was bated by his assistant coaches, and was particular ly bard on hili Black coach es. Whether that be fiction ing to forgive them when they fail. Let's start looking deeper and find out what's really going on, and expect more out of them. Especially if they're earning the kind of bucks Leavitt was pocketing But, it's not over yet. Leavitt has hired an attor ney to appeal his firing. Plaxico Burress Denied Work Release PLAXICO BURRESS Plaxico Burress can't see m to get a break. The former New York G i ants wide"receiver was d e ni e d accepta n ce into a work r e l ease prog ram tha t would have cut down his tim e on hi s two-year prison s e n tence. Burress plead gui l ty in August to crimina l weapo n s possession after he accidentally shot himself in the l eg inside a New York nightclub in 2008. Burress' work release appl ication was denied by the New York Department of Correc tional Services because of the severity of the crime ... he didn t have a con cealed wea pons permit. Barrv Bonds' Son Charged NIKOLAI BONDS REDWOOD CITY, CA San Mateo County prosecutors have charged Barry Bonds' son with five misdemeanors after he allegedly threw a doorknob at his mother. : Chi'e f be'puty District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said Thursday that 20year old Nikolai Bonds faces charges of battery, false imprisonment, vandalism, making threats to an officer and obstructing an officer. Menlo Park police say Bonds threw the doorknob at his mother Sun Bonds, and spit in her face during a Dec. 5 confrontation. Officers also said Bonds blocked his mother from leaving and destroyed property worth $400. The 45-year-old Sun Bonds, the home ru n king's ex-wife, was n 't injured. W agstaffe said Bonds could face up to two years i n jail. He is scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 12. Rice, Smith, Among Pro Football Hall Of Fame Finalists E\\. Y ORK --If c er t" o players seemed like locks t o make the Pro Footballllall of F a m e in their first of eli g i b i 1 i I J e r r y R i c c a n d Emmitt Smith would be the choice Rice r etired as th e fL's caree r r ece ivin g l eader, and Smith fini s hed as the top rus her. T hey w ere a m o n g 1 7 finalists a nn o un ced Frida y for the H all of Fame includ ing two senior n ominees. The voting for entry into the s hrin e by a mb r panel will take pia e Feb. 6, the d 1 y b e fore th e u p r Bowl. Th Clas of 2010 will b e indu t d in Augu s t in a nt o n hio. McNabb's Future With Eagles Murkv After Humbling loss ARLINGTON, TX --After another seaso n e nd ed in the playoffs for Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphi a Eagl es, a famil iar question expects to lin ger in th e offseason What is McNabb's fut ur e with th e Eagles? I say it every year," McNabb s a id after Philadelphia lost to the Dallas Cowboys 34-14 in the opening round of the playoffs Satvrday night I want to be here and don't want to be anywhere else." The nth-year Eagles quarterback had his contract restructured this past sum mer, but didn t get an exten sion past the 2010 season. While Philadelphia has made the playoffs eight times with McNabb, the Eagles DONOVAN MCNABB haven t won the Super Bowl t rophy that has long e lud ed th e franchise. Because of those post seaso n failures, the question h as come up several times whether the Eagles need a new start with someone other than McNabb. Ex-Bu.ckeve Joe Montgomervsues For Defamation COLUMBUS, OH --A former tailback has sued O hio State, claiming a falsely reported medical condition affected his ability to collect benefits later for football related injuries. Joe Montgomery, an Ohio State pla yer from 1994 to 1999 who went on to play for the New York Giants, says an 11-year-old uni v ersi ty report stating he suffered from high blood pressure and bay fever was used by the NFL to den y him work ers' com pen satio n last year. The s uit filed in the Ohio Court of Claims, alleges he brought the erro r to the university's attention in July and o fficials refused to JOE MONTGOMERY adjust the report. OSU spokesman Jim Lynch said the university di sa gree s with the claim s in the lawsuit and i s working with Montgomery and his attorneys to resolve the mat ter.


Sports Andre Dawson Elected To Hall Of Fame ANDRE DAWSON NEW YORK --Andre Dawson got up at 6 a m and went to the gym. Befor e going back h o me, he took a detour from his usual routine on the day Hall of Fame voting is announced "I went by a cemetery to visit my momand also my grandmother," he said. "It's the fir t time l had done hat. I just felt a little bit more optimistic about this year, and l just \,anted to s hare a few things at that grave site. It m ean t a l o t t o me t o get out the r e." Dawson's f aith was r e w arded a few h ours l a ter W ednesday, wh e n h e was elected t o the Hall in hi s ninth try. H e wa s the o nl y player honored, as Bert Blyleven fell five votes s hort and Roberto AJomar fin ished eight shy. Dawson receiv ed 420 of 539 votes in results announced by the Baseball Writers' Association of America, 15 more than the 75 percent necessary to gail) election. The eight -tim e AllStar outfielder was 44 votes short last year. Mavweather Blames Bout Collapse OnPacauiao FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. LOS ANGELES --Floyd Mayweather Jr. blamed Manny Pacquiao for the collapse of their prospective bout on Thursday, claiming the Filipino boxer refuses to accept a reasonable compro-mise on drug testing concerns. Mayweather dlso says he 's still ready to sign a deal for the fight, which was slated for March 13 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas before Pacquiao promoter Top Rank declared it dead on Wednesday. Mayweather (40-0, 25 KOs) made his first public comments about the negotiations in a written statement that began with Mayweather saying he's "thoroughly disgusted" by Pacquiao's representatives' attempts to blame him for the collapse of what's likely to be the richest bout in boxing his tory. Magic's caner Has 'Mild Separation' In Shoulder VINCE CARTER ORLANDO --Vince Carter's injured left shoulder got a quick test early Saturday morning, and it wasn't from the Orlando Magic's trainers. Going through an airport in Washington for the team's flight back to Orlando, a secu-nty official asked hi m to raise nis hands to be screened. Carter couldn't lift his left shoulder, which trainers later diagnosed as a mild separation," putting his return as day to day. But he was still able to make light of the situ ation. "It was funny. He didn't know He's like, Sir, you got to put your arm up,"' Carter recalled. Carter doesn't expect to miss much time. While he was out of the lineup against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday night, Carter said his shoulder is mostly sore. He went through some basketball motions Saturday and is already undergoing treatment. Vick Experiment Done In Phillv; MICHAEL VICK Eagles -perhaps many Eagles are DOA. And one of those departing could be Michael Vick. The Eagles hold a S5 million option on the quarterback for next sea son. Vick n eve r became the fleet-footed force so many envisioned in Andy Reid's wi. de-open offense. Reid and his staff devised very little for him. Carroll, Seahawks 'Verv Close' PETE CARROLL SEATTLE--Pete Carroll is about to sign a contract to return to the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, according to a league official with direct knowledge of the coaching search. The official, who requested anoqymity because the team isn't detailing the search, said Sunday night the charismatic coac h of Southern California has "not signed but (is) very close." Rangers Reach One-Year Deal With Guerrero .... VLADIMIR GUERRERO ARLINGTON, TX -Vladimir Guerrero 1s switching sides in the AL West. Guerrero has agreed to a one-year contract with the Texas Rangers, opting to stay in the same division where he helped the Los Angeles Angels to five titles in the last six years. BEAUTY UNLIMITED RAQUEL The Beauty Unlimited feature this week is the very lovely Raquel. This youhg lady never needs an introduction, because her popularity. is known all over. Raquel is careful to always surround herself with only the good people, and is not afraid to have a good time. Sheis also careful enough to not take anything to the extreme. Raquel said she will soon be a name everyone knows, and has dreams of nothing but success in the future. When it come to the man in her life, Raquel said she deserves only the best and that means he must be handsome, secure in himself, respectful, have a sense of humor; and not be afraid to speak his mind. Congratuiations to Raquel as this weekis Beauty Unlimited fea ture. r, 01" 3 3602 7th Avenue* Tampa; FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 I Keys Made 79And Latex Flat White Paint.. ........... $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Paint.. ........ $14.90 gal Roller Pan Set. ....................... $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes ................................. 99 ea. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! -1 c m CJ) 0 c... )> z c )> ::0 -< ., r-0 ::0 CJ) m z m r;m c: r rm -t z "'C c: m c CJ) :I: m 0 m < m -t c: m CJ) 0 )> z 0 ., 0 .... (11


,.... 0 N N ,.... c a: u.. c z <( c en w :::::1 .... > a: w > w c w :I: en :J m :::::1 a. z i= w -' -' :::::1 m I -' w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 -' u.. Memoriams/Card of Thanks IN II CARD OF MEMORIAM THANKS DEA. A. J. MATHIS December 1 1924 -January 7, 1991 M iss y ou! Wife, Emma; daughte r Tawanda; and others. IN MEMORIAM _EDDIE J. SMITH, SR. You are sadly missed and not forgotten. We will always cherish the memories of the good times we enjoyed together. Love forever, the Smith families. Flt (R 13) 23 l-OS2 l l ""We L.liti fme mx.lc..au:..Uil,y:ft!'n."it.:c:-.. Hartnon Funeral Home Harmon, LF.D. James Harmon, L F D 5002 N 40th St. 626-8600 FUNERAL HOME our Business Is Service 3101 N 1!Jtl St. Tampa, Fl 336m (800) 605-3350. (813) 248..17125 www. wil,on.funeralhome.com MR. DAVID HENRY STEW ART The family of Mr. David Stewart would like to thank Bethel AME Church, Good News Baptis t Church, Virginia, New Dawn Restoration Center, Mr. S. Mobley, Ms. M. Dennard and all of the friends who showed us acts of kindness during the loss of our loved one. Thank you. The family of David Stewart. EVERETI-DERR &ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Cletta Von Goodman, Tampa. WILSON FUNERAL HOME D'Angelo J. Jackson, Tampa. Mr. Michael Jermaine Gardner, Tampa. Ms. Paige C. Obi, Valrico. National 12And14-Year-Oid Girls Rob Bank Police are on the hunt for two Ol)io te en girls after they say the pair robbed a bank and escaped police despite their use of heli copters and police dogs The girls entered a bank Tuesday afternoon and handed a note to a teller demanding money and implying that they would hurt bank employees if they did not cooperate. The teller also made sure to give the duo "bait money which has serial numbers and can be tracked if spent. After taking the cash, the two escaped without problem Check Us Out On Facebook And Follow Us On Twitter@ twitter. com/ FLSENTINELB Crime Police Search For Man Who Evaded Arrest T a mpa Police are s till searching f o r a man af t e r a n inc i de nt earl\ Friday m o rning t ha t e n ded with a chicle c r as hin g a t so' h S tr ee t n ea r Colum b u s Drive. Acco' rdin g t o police Courtney Moore, 23, a nd h e r friend were l eav ing th e Gold Club, 5400 Eas t Adamo Drive, whe n a co-worker as k e d th e m for a rid e The y l eft th e club a nd were stopped b y a T a mp a Polic e DUI unit. After th e initial contact the driver, h e fled with one of the two women still in th e back seat. The other woman h ad gotten out of the ca r prior to him driving off. National An officer potted th e vehicld driYing 1\i th n o light s and as i t passld him h r could sec a \\' O m an in th e vrhiclr with hl'r legs h a n ging out of th e ar. The office r said it app e ared s h e was tryin g t o get o ut o f th e car a nd h e could h ea r h e r screamin g Th e officer activat e d hi s e m e rgency e quipm e nt bu t th e Y e hicl e continu e d to drive off. The offic e r l ater dea c tivat e d hi s e mergency equ ipm e nt and saw the vehicl e travel west on Street. The vehicle then turn e d on Ashley Str ee t and th e woman finall y jumpe d from the car on Whiting Str eet. An officer found her lying in th e middl e of the road with multiple ab ra s i ons Firl' rl' s p n n hd tnd tr a n s p o rtld tlw w o m a n t o a l oca l h os pit tl. th e r poli c unit s sp tt d th e v hie! travelin g th e wrong wny o n l -4 and th hide left th roadwn in th nr u of soh S t rc t and l 4 The u spec t fle d th e s e n e aft e r c ra s hing th e v hicl e a nd a searc h was initiated negntiv r es ults The s u spect wa only d escrib ed as a Black m n l e, nd th e veh icl e is a 4 door 1991 Blac k Jagu ar. The driv e r i s b e ing so ught on charges of fals e impri so nm e nt batt ry, flee ing to e lud e DUI, a nd not having a valid driver 's license. 2 Teens Die After Falling Through lev Pond GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. Aut h o riti es h ave identifie d two t ee n s w ho died afte r b eing trapped und erwater for m o r e th aT) a n h our in a n icy pond. Channe l 2 Action News reporter Ashley Hayes h as l ea rn e d that th e third t ee n was r e lea se d from Gwinnett M e dica l C e nter in good conditi o n It h a ppened at about 2:58 p .m. Saturda y in th e 2800 block of Daniel Park Run in Dacula. Lyn spoke with investiga t o r s a t th e sce n e w h o t old him that th e thre e children, ages 13 to 15, were pla y ing on th e frozen pond and f e ll through the ice. He said on e te e n mad e it out OK, but th a t the other two got tra pped underneath the ice and were in the water Nickel Sells For$3.1MAI Orlando Auction ORLANDO --Hang on to your extra nickels, because they may be worth something one day, possibly millions of dollars. That's the case for one ex tremely rare Liberty Head nickel from 1913. It sold Thurs day night in Orlando for more than $3.7 million The coin has a rich history from being owned by King Farouk of Egypt to being featured in an episode of Ha waii s-o. JACOB BULLOCK AND MARVENS MATHURIN for mor e than an hour. Ruthledge said all three t ee n s wer e tran s port e d to h os pit al. Two of th e boy s who got trapp e d in th e water were un r es ponsiv e and uncon sc ious when help arrived a uthoriti es said. Th e victims hav e b ee n identifi e d as Jacob Bullock and Marvens Mathurin, both e ighth graders at O s born Middl e School. The s urvi ving t ee n h as b e n ide ntifi e d as Alex Paul. Fir efig ht e r s say jus t b eca u s metro Atla nta and north g i a i s ex p e ri e ncin g freezin g t e mp e ratm : es a nd th e r e's i ce on wat e r do es n ot m ea n it i s s t able for p e opl e to walk on Man Released From Prison Aner Sentencing Error Discoverv Marchello Bitting walks from the Forsyth County Jail surrounded by family and friends. WINSTON-SALEM, NC -A the discrepancy. According to man in prison for nine years the students' discovery, Bit-was released Friday afternoon ting was sentenced to not be after students at Wake Forest released until based on University discovered an error inaccurate information that he in the man's sentencing. was on probation in South Marchello .Bitting, 38, Carolina at the time he was arwas convicted on attempted re ste d armed robbery charges in The students argued to 2000, but walked away from Forsyth County District Attar-the Forsyth County Jail a free ney Jim O'Neil that the sen-man. tence was miscalculated for The release came after stu-dents in the Innocence and the crime O'Neil agreed and Justice Clinic at WF1J pored filed a motion to the court and over records and discovered a judge d eci ded on a rele ase.


Crimes Second suspect Arrested In Triple Murder BY IRIS B. Sentinel City Editor !'"lin ill Y o rl-;. .t l t)\ car-old man w ; t!lttd i n lon nc-ct io n ,, i th the triple n111rde r in Brandon a f ew days b e for e C hrist lll< I S T h e : ,u s p ect ,, a s arre s ted on h iday night. Acco rd ing t o a press release, members of the York P olice Department and the U.S. M a r s h a I s 0 f f i ce r e c e i \ c d information that Estaban Mcrchan wi\s in their juri s dictio n A SWAT team arrested Estaban around 10:15 p.m. He was charged with aggravated battery with a d e adl y weapon in connection with an attack on Ralph Arroyo. Arroyo, 21, was the lone s urvivor in an attack during the early morning hours of Dec ember 29th while at 507 Oakwood, in Brandon. Vincent Thomas, 22, (who liv ed at the home), and Tony Black, 22, of Brandon, and Rafael G. Guadalupe, 21, of Lutz, died at the scene. At the time of the murders witnesses told police the four victims were in the backyard when the suspects arrived at the residence in a red Cougar. Five suspects reportedly went to the backyard and a confrontation between the victims and suspects took phice. The vehicle was later abandoned in Orange County, police said. Those statements led the Sheriff's Office to identify .. being held in O s ceola County Printcss Earl "Dollar" Jackson and Mcrchan. Police have n o t r e l ease d th e i dentity of the oth e r thr e e occ up a nt s o f th e v ehicle Accordin g t o th e a rr es t affid a vit f o r Jackson, Jackson allegedl y approache d Thomas and Black whi l e they w e r e in th e r ea r sh ed. At som e point, Jackson allege dl y a tta c k e d B l a c k wit h a knif e s tabbin g him in th e rig ht shou lder and neck ar ea. "At this time, Thomas attempted to assist Black and was s h o t by Jackson. Jackson i s said t o h ave th en turned the gu n on Black and shot him as well,"t h e aff idavit sta t ed. Police sai d that as Jackson atte mpt ed to l eave th e backyard s hed, h e and the co defendants came into contact with Arroyo, w ho was si ttin g in a car in the driveway. Jackson alleged l y o rd ered Man Wanted For sexual Banerv VANO RD STEVEN RUTHERFORD HATTEN ... arrested for .. wanted for sexual battery sexual battery A 27y ear-old man is being sought b y police in connection with a sexual battery. A SI ,ooo reward is also being offered for the suspect b y Crime Stoppers of Tampa B ay According to police bot)1 the Hillsborough County Sheriffis Office and the U. S. Marshalis Service Fugitiv e Task Force are seeking the whereabouts of Steven Rosha Hatten. On O c t ob e r 2 6th, the vic tim of a sexu a l battery re ported that s h e was a tt acked by four Black me n w h ile in t h e area of N. 15th Street and E. 127th Avenue. Two of the men Vanord Rutherford and Steven Hatten, were identified through the National DNA data base. Rutherford was arrest e d on December 31st on an active warrant. He was charged with sexual battery with physical force or injury A warrant was also obtained for Hatten, but h e remains at large. Hatten is d e scribed as a Black 27 years of age; 6'o 240 lbs black hair, and brown e y es An yone with information regarding the identity and whereabouts of this suspect and who wants to be el. igible for a cash reward is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-8oo-873-TIPS (8477), r e p ort anonymously online at w w w .erimestopperstb.com o r t e xt "CSTB plu s your tip to C -R -1-M -ES ( 2 74637). Rutherford is being h eld without bond. The investiga tion is continuing. ESTABAN ... mrestcd in Pennsyhania A t-royo o ut of the \ ehicle a t g unpoi n t a n d a co-d efe ndant p r od uced a k nife. Arroyo was s t abbed i n the neck Jackson i s a lso all ege d t o have b egun s t r iking him a b o ut th e f ace and h e ad with the hand g un Both Jackson and Merchan alle g e dl y knock e d Arroyo to th e ground w h ere h e wa s repeatedl y punche d and k i ck e d. Jackson wa s charged with two counts of first degree murder, agg r avat ed battery with a firearm, and aggravated assault with a firearm. Police said Merchan, (whose last known address was in Kissimmee), is a m em ber of the "Bloods ga ng. Merchan i s being h e ld in York, Pennsylvania, and police have not determined w h en h e's goi ng to b e extradieted to Hillsborough Cou nty. Fight Ends With Stabbing LAROYBRIM ... stabbing vi.:tim in critical condition THMARQUE SANDERS .. charged with aggravated battery Tampa Police arrested a man Friday on a c harge of aggravated battery. Tampa Police said Thmargue Sanders, 25 Laroy Brim, 24, and a woman were hanging out together at Sanders' apartment when Brim was asked to leave. Police said that resulted in a fight between the two men. During the fight, Brim rep o rtedl y punched Sanders seve ral times. When the fight reached the kit chen are a o f the a p artment, polic e s a id Sanders a rm e d h i m se l f wit h a knife a nd s t abbe d B rim sev eral times Suspect sought In Shooting GREGORY HARRIS .. hospitalized with gunshot wound dul'ing obbcr-y L as t Wedn esday, II illsbo r o u g h County S h e riff's d e pu t i es reports tha t Otis Harrell, 22, calle d Gt cgory Hanis, 3 1 a nd a s k e d him f o r a ride Hartis picked Harr ell up at th e M c D o nald 's a t 220 5 F l e t c h e r Avenue. A c c o rding t o r e port s, v h e n Harrell go t in t o Hat'l'is's v ehicle, h e produced a h a nd gun and trie d t o rob him. OTIS HARREl.!. .. being sought fo s hooting Hnnis W he-n ll a r r i s did n ot com p l y with h i s d e mand s, llnrr ell s h o t Hanis in th e s i de a n d fle d Harris was h os pit alize d a nd i s r e port e d t o b e in s t able conditi on. A warra nt h as b ee n i ss u e d f o r Hnnell's arres t e d o n c harges o f arm e d r obbe r y a nd aggrava t e d b atte r y with a d e ad l y w ea p o n Buccaneer Plaver Charged With Domestic-Violence -I c m U> 0 }< c.... )> z c )> ::D -< 'TI I 0 ::D 0 l> en m z .... z m r:ID c I I m ::! z "0 Tampa Bay Buccaneer safet y Jermaine Phillips was arrested Sunday and charged with choking his wife. c in the li ving m room area when:J: According to a report, Phillips' wife awoke him at 4:35 a.m. t o a s k about a phone number s h e found on hi s ce ll phone. The couple reportedly argued and were Phillips {g allegedl y m choked his < JERMAJNE PHILLIPS wif e. Phillips, 30, is being h eld vyithout bail o n a charge of domes tic battery by str a n gu lati o n WARREN DAWSON 221-1800 14&7 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & scott St. The hinng of allYrfer is ln tmporbn! dE-ttstOn that should not be b3sed solely upon Before 10u dec1de .l$k us to 'JGU FREE about qua::f:eaitor.s m ::0 -< -1 c m en 0 l> z 0 'TI ::0 0


0 T"" 0 N N T"" 0 0:: u. 0 z < 0 (/) w ::> w > w c w :t: tJ) ::i Ill ::> 0.. z w ...J ...J ::> Ill ...J w z z w (/) c( c 0: 0 ...J LL co .... w (!) f Classifi NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATORY AS TO STUDENTS The Paide i a School o f Tampa Bay. Inc. admits students o f any race color, national and ethnic ori g i n to all the rights, pri vileges, programs and activi ties generally accorded or made available t o students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administratio n of i t s educ ationa l po:icies, ad-' missions policies scholarship and loan p rogram s and athleti c and other school administered programs INVITATION TO BID Compe t i t iv e se ale d bids w ill be receive d by the Southwest F lorida Water Management D i strict Brooksville, Florida and publicly opened at the specified time for : RFB 1006-TAMPA SERVICE OFFICE BUILDING NO. 1 EMERGENCY GENERATOR OPENS FEBRUARY 4, 2010 @ 2:30 P.M. MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE ; JANUARY 21,2010@ 10 : 00 A M (SHARP) AT THE TAMPA SERVICE OFFICE, GRACE HOPPER ROOM BLDG. 2 7601 HIGHWAY 301 NORTH, TAMPA, FL 33637 BIDDERS ARRIVING LATE OR FAILING TO HAVE REPRESENTATION MAY NOT SUBMIT A BID A MANDATORY SITE TOUR WILL BE CONDUCTED IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETING. Bid Specifications may be obtained from the District s Internet website at http : //www watenmatters o rg/procurement oq from the Purchasing Office, South west Florida Water Management D i strict 2379 Broad Street Brooksville FL 34604-6899 or by calling 352-796-7211, extension 4133 or 1-800-423-1476 (Florida only) or TDD ONLY 1-800-231-6103 (in Flo rida) The District reserves the right to reject any or all re ceived with or without cause Malcolm K Wilson CPPO,MPA Purchasing Manager THIS COULD BE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT EMAIL : ledwards@flsentinel.com LEGAl. !\OTIC IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Case No.: 09-21816 DIVISION : "C" HERITAGE BANK, as CUSTODIAN for the SAM P BULLARA, JR. IRA ACCOUNT, (Plaintiff) vs. STANLEY SOUVENIR and MINERVE E CASSEUS-SOUVENIR, husband and wife, BETTY ANN DRAY MARIA JIMENEZ, and TOM P. MARTINO, INC., PROFIT SHARING PLAN, (Defendants) NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, pursuant to a Uniform Final Judgment of F oreclosure entered in the above captioned case, I will sell the property situated in Hillsborough County, Florida, described as: Lot 60, Block 3, TIMBERLANE SUBDIVISION Unit No. 2, according to the map or plat thereof as Recorded in Plat Book 50, Page 16, Public Records of Hillsborough County, Florida Property Address: 7107 Harbor Hills Court Tampa, Florida 33615 at public sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, on the 2nd Floor of the George E Edgecomb Building Rooms 201/202, located at 800 East Twiggs Street, in Tampa, Florida at 2:00 P .M., on Febryarv 10. 2010. ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF THE US PENDENS MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing a special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the individual or agency sending notice not later seven (7) days prior to the proceeding at the address given on notice. Telephone (904) 257-6097; 1-800-955-8771 {TOO) or 1-800-955-8770 (v), via Florida Relay Service. Dated this 21b day of Janyarv. 2010. Barbers Needed For Busy Growi ng Establishment! Supreme Styles Barber Shop 8643 N. Nebraska Avenue (813) 443-5741 HON. PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: l:f EPUTY CLERK Experienced Daycare Professional Wanted Apply At: Kidz Cove Learning Center 208 West Frances Tampa, Florida Call (813) 314-9600 Notice Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuan t To Section 865 09 Florida Statutes NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the under sig n ed des i r i ng to engage in bus i n ess under the f ic t i tious name of Unjversjty Area Bulls, lo cated a t Maroon Peak Prive, i n the Co unt y of Hillsborough, in the City of Ruskjn, F l orida 33573 i nt e nds t o register the said name with the Divi s io n of Corporations of the Flor ida Departm e nt of State Tallahassee F l orida Dated at Tampa Florida. t his 12th day of January. 2010 Sole Owner(s) Regenia W Battle INVITATION TO BID Competitive sealed bids will be rec eived by the Southwest Florida W a ter M a nagement Distri ct, Brooksville Florida, and publicly opened at the s p ec ified time for : RFB 1007 -AGGREGATES LAKE TARPON OUTFALL CANAL (RIP-RAP RE-BID) OPENS JANUARY 22, 2010 @2:30P. M Bid Specifications may be ob tained from the District's Internet website at hllp : //www watermallers org/p r o c ur e m e nt or from the Purchasing Of fice, Southwest Florida Water Management District, 2379 Broad Street Brooksville FL 34604-6899, or by calling 352-796-7211 extension 4133 or 1-800-423-1476 (Florida only) or TDD ONLY 1 800-231-6103 (in Florida) Th e District reserves the right to reje ct any or all bids/proposals re ceived with or without cause Malcolm K Wilson CPPO MPA Purchasing Manager (CSR ) D s1red Please Call (813) 310 8608 For D etai ls Seasona l Rental Available Now! 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ROOMS FOR I Rooms For Rent Ava ila ble Room For Rent S i ngle Individu als Preferred In Ybor Heights A t: S 125 00/VI/eekly 1000 East 26th Avenue Call ( 813 ) 7840508 Please Call For More Information ( 813 ) 494-3343 Room For Rent Large Rooms For Rent $100 00 Per Month West Tampa Area Plus Deposit Must Have Reliable Male 55 And Up Preferred Source Of Income Phone (813) 241-4 158 Utilities Included $1 00. 00/VI/eek l y East Tampa Area Call (813) 850-4491 Rooms For Rent Furnished Rooms Clean And Drug Free $450 00/Month l y Please Call $115 00/VI/eek l y (813) 597-5221 NC, WI D Cable Utilities Inclu ded Sulphur Springs Area Kitchen Phone, Food Room For Rent Transportation Available Close To Transportation On Bus Line $ 400 00/Monthly (813) 505-5400 Plus Security Includes Utilities/Cable Available Immediately Call (813) 842-7902 Josephine's Home West Tampa Away From Home South Of 1-275 Assisted Living Facility Near Armenia 2 Beds Available Furnished Call Sharon Butler $100 .00-$125 00/Weekly (813) 972-1057 Includes All Utilities .Lic#AL11483 Cable & Personal Fridge Call (813) 545-8074 MLK & Central Area RUDY'S REPAIR $130 00/VI/eekly SERVICE 1st And Last Week Plu-s Deposit Complete Air Conditioning CHA Cable, Telephone & Heating Service Drug Free And On All Makes And Models Must Be Employed Call (813) 620-1866 (813) 663-0335 LIC #CAC 1814465 Busch Gardens Area Plant City -Fair Grounds Furnished, CHA W I D Cable $500! Police Impounds! All Utilities Paid Next To Bus Lines Honda's Chevy s Quiet Neighborhood Acura s Toyota 's, Etc $120 00/VI/eekly From $500! Private Entrance For Listings Call (813) 478-1286 800-366-9813 Ext 3695 AUTOMOBILE $0 Do wn! Cars From $29 00 / Monthly' 36 Months @ 8 5 % APR Pol1ce Impounds For Listings Call 800-366-9813 Ext K456 Beds Twin $ 60. 00 Full $ 65. 00 Queen $ 75. 00 King $ 110.0 0 & Up Bun k B eds $ 150 00 Call (813) 310-0991 C C.'s Carpet Cleaning 1 3 Rooms ONLY-$24 95 No Hidden CHARGES! Also Available Mobile Car Washing And Pressure Washing (813) 325-4330 Pro Carpet Cleaners Inc. Deep Scrub Clean Rooms-$15 00 24 Hours Daily 1-877-477-WASH (9274) Appt. (813) 526-5790 Habla Espaiiol (813) 305-6746 Deep Shampoo (813) 305-5186 ***NOW HIRING*** Individuals With Carpet Cleaning Experience (813) 305-5186 (813) 526-5796 1-877-477-WASH (9274) Affordable Childcare North Tampa Area 1 And 2 Years Old Call (83) 971-5720 Or (813) 507-5317 Follow Us On Twitter.com/FLSENTINELB And Check Us Out Facebook Or Visit Our Website @ www.flsentinel.com -t c m U> 0 l> _-< c... )> z c DNA Tes ting STOP THE PAIN! )> :;o Paternity Test -< NBC P i n M nag m nt _.. We Come To You1 Of Tamp IV IV Resu lts In 3 Days 740 2 North 56th Street 0 _.. Legal Or Personal Test ing Suite 865 0 Payment Plans Tampa FL 33617 24-Hour Service (813) 914 -7246 Monday Saturday nbepnnnutnogomenl ortlll,,pa "' DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928 2753 Dlmservices91 @yahoo .com Now Serv ici ng Nationwide Auto Insurance Plu s 1-888-651-5777 3503 E Hillsborough Ave. Low Down Payment! Speak With A Licensed Age nt To Get Instant Coverage Residential And Get Licensed R eins t a t e d Commercial Complete As Low As $11 9 00 'TI Electrical Service r Tag Or Sticker 0 Breaker Panels And As Low A s $58 .99 :;o 0 R eceptacles W e Also Off er SR22 And )> CJ) Lights, Outlets FR44 And Title Service m z Service Upgrades (813) 234-6325 :::! z Call Rufus (813) 310-8608 m r Electric Contracting We Offer Tax Services I OJ (813) 348-6148 c: r-r Lie #ER13013733 m :::! z "tt We Buy Junk Cars c: OJ Trucks And V ans c CJ) Credit Issues Or Unwant e d Cars :I: m Foreclosures Evictions Top Dollar Paid 0 m Identity Theft Free Towing < m And Much More! Call (813) 410-0061 Got Legal Questions?? .... -f c: We Got Answers!! I Buy Cars m CJ) In Any Condition 0 Call V & V Now (813) 2594663 Perfect Not So P.erfect )> Title No Title z www myfinancialconnections com 0 No Problem Any Shape!! 'TI Top$$$ Save Your Home 0 Call (813) 335-3794 We Can Reduce Your Mortgage Payments We Work With Government Programs For Junk Cars Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Everyone Qualifies Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Call (813) 919-0838 Junk Metal/Appliances For FREE! 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 Lisa K Productions THIS COULD BE YOUR Presents ..... ADVERTISEMENT "Finding Me" CONTACT LAVORA A Gospel Play @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING Febr uary 6 2010 YOUR ADVERTISEMENT -: EMAIL : C) Call (813) 775-5567 ledwards@!lsentlnel.com r:n 1\,) ....


o r---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------..-0 N N ...... >a: <( :::> z <( ....., 0 Cf) w :::> 1-0 a: LL 0 z <( 0 en w ;::::) 1-> a: w i1i 0 w :I: en :;j CD ;::::) a. z w ..J ..J ;::::) CD ..J w z z w en < 0 a: 0 ..J LL We B uy Junk Ca r s And Trucks CALL J R ( 8 1 3 ) 966 3 50 1 Junk C a r s We Bu y Jun k Cars Trucks A nd Vans Call { 813 ) 784-8339 We D o B est For Less MAC DADDY Lawn Service Haul i ng And Clean U p Phone {813) 245-9761 For Rent -Hyde Park Small And Medium Size 0ffice Suites And Cubicles $150.00-$650 00 Per Month Water Electric Internet And Janitorial Services Included Call V & V Now (813) 259 : 4663 www myfinancialconnect i ons com We Take Over Mortgage Payments Investment Properties Commercial Properties And Pr imary Property Etc Call Now!!! 813-919-0838 813-526-6756 Models Wanted! Call i ng All Lad i es Actors Dancers Amateurs Welcome Your Chance To Get D i scovered! Please Submit A Photo And Contact Information To: D i g i ta i Ascent Re cord s @gmail com 11 ; 'UJ;' ;i '" IMd ';il Looking For A Property Management Company? ? We Ha v e Great Rates And Servi ce Ca ll V & V Now { 813 ) 2594663 www myfinancl a lconnections com We T a k e Ove r Mortgage P aymen ts! We Take O ve r Propert y Taxes! We W i l l B uy Your Hou se! B ehind I n P roperty T axes ? We C a n Help We Assist With 1st Time Home Buyers! {813) 526-6756 Florida's Tru-Professional & Da Brown's Enterprises 229-3822 (813) 516-2008 Office Remodeling Roofing Painting Clean-ups, Trees Landscaping And Sodding Residenti

I tr.:l__.__,;;;' \IVHIDDEN BROWN P.L. ATTORNEYS AT lA\.V MIAMI -TAMPA Uonll \totion.ot \ ooLotion< Ctiminal Defen se & A uto .\crltltot< :\l o lorndr -\n; /\'k>lrnl Crin"' 272 2200 <;u l.Hflt.rt 7lt.ll S!'-... ,..ll,J S,t f k P.tt'Jo.:J 5-tJI::l:--L."p..tl .Ju.") .: t a..1\l') LAXhS:':, ::iTt :,.crC! t:"ot.J Arrested aud Concerned About Your Legal Rights? C all Tany a Dugree (813) 418-5253 l't:Hu Avnilablc With NO CREDIT CHECK Posi-Con\ iction Proceeding > 5.:-aling Ctiminal and 3111 West M.L.K. Jt: Blvd. Suite HlO, Tampn, FL 33607 of a lawyer is an important deco;oon lhal should not be based adversemeo!'S decide ask u s ;o send cREE .,..Titten ,.,f-:1mation abou l and BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY Chapter 7 Liguidation Wipe Out Bad Debt! Get Rid Of: 1. Judgments 2. Liens 3. Bills 4. Unsecured Debts ANGELA B. WRIGHT, P. A. Crim.'lo11 om.no.. ActidaAssoc Crirrii"..J LMW;-t Practice Federal And State Courts EXPERIENCE MAnERS Over 20 YeiiiS Experience FELONIES AND MISDEMEANORS AGGRESSIVE MOTION PRACTICE BOND HEARINGS WARRANTS TRAFFIC VIOLATIONSI\..ICENSE SUSPENSIONS PROBATION VIOLATIONS M soARo cERn FlED EXPERT cRIMINAL TRIAL ATTORNEY 300 N FRANKLIN ST .. TAMPA FL 33602 SERV ING BAY AREA COUNTIES 277-0068 Email : GEORGE E. SHAW BAIL BONDS Hillsborough County (813) 391-2493 Polk County 328 Dorsett Avenue (863) 678-0772 l:ake Wales, FL 33853 State & Fed. W. C. Claims Certified by State University All Job-Related InJuries Change Treating Physicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C. I Race Discrimination ATTY.ROOERICK FORD FREE CONSULTATION! (81 3 ) 223-1200 (&c..pt For VII Ca .. l 220 E. Madison Sutte 1207, Tampa, FL 33602 Vasit Us: Online At : www. FOAOLAWflRM ORG tformrr U.S Asmy JACC Att orney) IIgotiate For }(m !b S top Liens .'lnd Lev_vs SentlneJBulletin ((The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself" (813) 248-1921 SUPPORT THE FlORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS To Advertise In The Business Directory Call LaVora Or Betty At 813-248-1921. DEADLINE For Placina Business Directorv Ads Is FRIDAY AT 3 P.M. ..... 1\) 1\) 0 ..... 0 'TI r-0 ::xJ c )> CJ) m z ::::t z m r I OJ c: r r z "'0 c: OJ r en X m c m < m ::xJ -< -1 c: m CJ) C )> z c ., c


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 V \\\\. 1_\ t: H \ "\ l I I I:-.; A I;\ C I IS I".; I..(. (I \I Check Out Our Newly Enhanced Website: www.flsentinel.com Now With On-line Adve And More! ',, Call Who? Call A Reliable Source A-A-A Florida Bar Compliance Since 1996 24 Hours 7 Days A Week Injured In Accident? ACCIDENT VICTIMS All Accident & Injury Claims AUTOMOBILE BIKE I BOAT I BUS ANIMAL BITES WORKER COMPENSATION j WRONGFUL DEATH NURSING HOME INJURIES A-A-A Attorney Referral Service 1-800-733-5342 -To Advertise In The Business Directory Call LaVora Or Betty At 813-248-1921 .-DEADLINE For Placing Business Directory Ads Is FRIDAY AT 3 P.M. 


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