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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 65, no. 70 (April 23, 2010)
Tampa, Fla. :
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April 23, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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C e l ebrating 65 Y ears In The Tanzpa Bay Area l SEE STORY ON PAGE 2-A BOYS & GIRLS CLUB HOSTS SPRING BLING Recently the Wilbert Davis Boys & Girls Club hosted their Annual Spring Bling and invited other clubs from throughout Hillsborough County to participate. Additionally, youngsters from Tampa Parks and Recreation along with many parents were on hand for the occasion. Among those in attendance shown from left to right are: Teena Williams, Ms. Barbara Norton, Kyawna Seay Rhiannon Chapman Ms. Kayren Lovett, Di rector of Wilbert Davis Boys & Girls Club, and Angelina Mavtatos. (Photography by BRUNSON). Student Wins State Science Competition SEE PAGE 3-A Police Shoot Home Invasion Suspect SEE PAGE 24-A Black Community Census Returns Low SEE PAGE 3-A WorkForce Cuts Top Exec Jobs ,S.F.E PAGE 6-A .,.,


or---------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 Features C'.l M N ...J a: 0.. ct c om savs Shooting as Sell Defense a: u. BY LEO B. CREWS entinel taffWriter Kathy Vickers is upset be cause s h e feels the reporting of a s hooting incident that involv ed her son and his father was not accu r ate. Vickers said p o l ice and so m e m ed i a so ur ces m a d e it sound lik e th e s hootin g w as in r e tali a tion for an incident that tarte d in the Roble s Park Publi c Housing Complex "Jahid Muhammad, Jr. i s my 15y earold son and he was in Roble s Park with a friend and his older cous in who grew up in the area. His cousi n was talking to a grou p and later rode off on his bi cycle and my son and his friend walked away My son is not familiar with Robles Park and he and his friend walked to a dead end. When they c turned to go back that's when a: they were met by a group of u. teenagers who threatened them. ct Vickers said one of the boys in the group struck her son c and his friend. Others joined en in and three boys were beating her son and his friend. 1-"My son and his friend ran > a: w > w c w :I: en :::::; m 0.. z i= w ...J ...J m I ...J w z i= z w en ct c a: 0 ...J u. JAHIDAMOS MUHAMMAD, SR. ..... woman says shootings were in self defense. and as they were running, he spotted his d a d Jahid Muhammad, Sr., riding by. He told his dad what hap pened, and he had another al tercation with one of the boys that attacked him and his friend earlier while his father was there." Vickers said her son, hi s father and the friend left and nothing else happened The father took his son home. Vickers said later her daughter r ceived a call on her cell phone warning that a group from R ob l e Park wa heading to my son ': grandmother's hou e on Tampa Street. l y son's father had j u s t l eft a n d I w as n't ab l e t o w a rn him Lat e r I h ea r d a b o ut tl1e s ho o t in g I reall y don t under tand how this wa retaliation by his father when an armed group went to his mother' s house lookin g for trouble. It s hould have been se lf defense. "All Jahid, Sr. was doing was protectin g his motl1er 's house and the peopl e there. He never went out looking for trouble." Vickers s aid the family is seeking a criminal attorney to look into the way this incident was reported and make sure witnesses were interviewed. A lot,of people saw what happened, and know that the group went to the house on Tampa Street looking for trou ble. Any citizen s hould have a right to protect themselves. The shooting left Earl Burke with a leg wound, and John Tention in critical con dition. Surveillance Cameras Upset Some North Tampa Residents The"EyeOn Torn between their desire to see crime drop in their commu nity and having their privacy invaded some residents in North Tampa are outraged over the placement of 20 surveillance cameras in th e area. The cam e r a are r e mot e ly op erated by Hillsborough County Sheriffs deputies, and are mounted on utility poles at var ious location s. The cameras are in a tinted dome, and a box with the Sheriffs Office star on three sides for added visibility will sit on top of the cameras. Each box will be fitted with an amber strobe light to draw at tention to its purpose and posi tion. The camera s, called "E y e On Crime, will be in an area bard e r d by B ar Av nu Fowler Ave nu Bru B. Down Boul vard, a nd N -bras k a Avenu R e id n ar invit e d to c h k out th 1 a tion of ach a k qu stion Th cam ra ar wir I a nd will b e monitor d by d puti s at th District I Offic e, 141 2 North 20111 Street. D puti will also b e ab l e to ace ss th e ca m era feed s from laptop comput ers in tl1eir patrol car Th e cameras can zoom, pan and monitor a 360 d gree fie ld of view The camera s will monitor only public areas, s o resid e n ts have no fear of having th e ir pri vacy invad e d acco rding to th Sheriffs Office. AF. S B 0 .1 LLC. 8875 Hidden River Pan

:::D Student Wins State Science Competition M m ENGI EERI G F R or; !=LORiDA Jasmine Roberts proudly displays the MVP trophy presented at the Florida State Science & Engineering Fair held in Orlando recently. She will represent Florida during the summer. Black Communitv Census Returns low BY GWENDOLYN HAYES Sentinel Editor Marilyn Stephens, Assistant Regional Census Manager from the Atlanta Region was in Tampa on last Thursday to try and encourage residents of the area to return their census forms. "It's not too late to return the forms," she said, although the mail-in deadline was Friday, April 16th. Ms. Stephens was accom panied b y Ms. Felecia Harvey, Media Specialist for the Atlanta Region Census Center. Ms. Stephens said there are some pockets, especially in the East Tampa community, that have been slow to respond to the Census. "The return rate in East Tampa is at so% right now. We'd liket_o_ get it up to at least 67.:70%," she said. Ms. Stephens said she also wants the African-American community to know that their data is protected. "The infor mation is sealed from other agencies. The government, creditors no one has access to that information. The indi vidual can access it, if they needed for something involv ing their children or legal pur poses, but absolutely no one else has access." She adds, however, that if the forms are not returned, there MARILYN STEPHENS are areas that stand to lose out on various services over the next 10 years. For instance in healthcare, services for sen iors, infrastructure and the availability to about 170 different programs. Because this is the first cen sus of the 21st century, Ms. Stephens emphasizes the im portance of returning the form. Starting May 1, 2010, census workers will start knocking on doors. "They will ask the same 10 questions that are on the forms that came in the mail. We're just asking the residents to cooperate and give the infor mation," she said. The census workers can be identified by their badges and they will also have cards that the individuals may call to ask if the person at their door is a census worker. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor For several years one Tampa teenager has been a contestant in the Science & Engineer ing Fair, locally, regionally, statewide, and internationally And, she has been successful, adding new trophies each year. This year, Jasmine Roberts was a competitol' in the Florida State Science & Engineering Fair held April 7th through the gth. This year, she captured First Place in her category of Medicine anti Health. She was also presented the "Best Of Science Fair Projects" MVP. Award. This marks the first time that a Wharton High School student has won the prestigious award More than 850 students competed in the event. The first place award was $1,250. Jasmine is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Justus (Minnie) Roberts, Sr. A member of Bible-Based Fel lowship of Temple Terrace, Jasmine is an nth grade stu dent with a 5-4 grade point av erage. She enjoys playing the piano, spending time with her friends, going to the movies and reading. The enterprising young lad y won two awards during the Regional Science & Engi neering Fair held in Tampa in February. During that compe tition she won more than : Jasmine's focus is on finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. She is the first student in Hillsborough County to conduct surgical proce dures in the Regional Science Fair competition. Her project is entitled, "The FJTicacy of Gene Cell Therapy Using CD 11b+ Monocytes Traruifected With ProteaseAs A Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease. F For the pa t thr y ar she has focu d on this illn and hopes to be in tnutl ntal g in finding a cure She r dit o Ms. Carmen Austin, at Wharton, and Dr. Marcia Gordon at the University of South Florida, ns her mentors. Jasmine and her parents were in Birmingham, Alabama April 16th -18th, for the Association of Health Professions Schools (AMHPS) 24th Annual Sym posium. During that competi tion, Jasmine won the First Place prize of $1,500. Next month, Jasmine will represent the State of Florida in the Intel International Science Fair in San Jose, California. This summer, Jasmine will complete an eight-week internship at the National InHealth (NIH). "TT end of the internship, she 6 will present her findings to the :::D NIH scientific committee. en m AUTO ACCIDENT REFERRAL SERVICE z ::t z m News Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $1 0 000 For Loss Wa es And Medical Care ... IRIIProttJssional lenlictJJ J l Personalized Service -Support and Help from the beginning to the end Attorneys -An Attorney will come to you at home or work -No Recovery, No Fee Investigators-If there is a dispute on how the accident occured Transportation Available. Auto Repair -Body Shop -Medical Care Provided Pharmacy -Free Delivery Specializing In: Car, Bus, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Slip & Fall, Pedestrian lncidents, Loss Wages, Wrongful Death And More ... Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Free: 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A Day I 7 Days A Week r;-m c: r r-gJ z ., c: m r-Cii :X: m c m -t c: m en c )> z c ., :!l c m w I )>


N Crime Watch leader savs Ne Residents Causing Problems > ct BY LEON B. CREWS C Sentinel StaffWriter a: u. Ms. Ullie Howard has called West Tampa home for 30 years. She re cently lost her hu sband, and has taken on the role of being h er community's Crime Watch representative. Ms. Howard said things are out of control and something has to be done. Most of the new residents are on Section 8 and I think they s hould be screened more carefully before they are allowed to move into these houses. The new people have brought all kinds of problems with them and they harass people who have been here for decades. They feel they can do what they want and they don t care who they disturb or hurt They don 't want to abide by the rules of the commu nity. Ms. Howard said the new residents also have no respect for the law. Because I have a close relationship with the police and they occasionally visit my home, I get cursed, threatC ened and intimidated. These parents ii: have no control of their children and u. 0 allow them to ride mo-peds up and Z down the sidewalks late at night. They < have loud parties and have no problem invading your privacy or violating your property by parking in front of w our house or in the driveway." Ms. Howard said it's difficult for a:> police to catch these acts, because the w residents know when the police are > coming. W Just before the police arrive, everyC w :I: en :::::; m ::J a.. z i= w ..J ..J ::J m I ..J w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ..J u. < I ..:I' w C) ULLIE HOWARD 1/ ; thing gets quiet, and they all go inside their harri es. As soon aSt the police leave, they come out and start it up all over again, including the threats and intimidation. Ms. Howard said what's really up setting to her is she has an 84-year-old neighbor who is caring for her termi nally ill husband. She has a drug house on both sides of her home. She s gotten so tired of it, she's moving. She s a.Iso concerned about her sick husband and what will happen to him if things get worse. "I don't blame her or any of the other residents who have been forced out of their homes. But, I'm not going any where, and I want all of us who have something vested in thjs community to unite in a show of strength. That's the only way we will let them know we aren't going anywhere, and we' aren't going to allow them to do what they want at the expense of the people who care about West Tampa." The Hean 01 East Tampa Front Porch Communitv Projects Th e Heart of East Tampa Front Porch Council Inc announce up coming community events. The regular monthly board meet ings are h e ld at the Front Porch Of fice, 1920 E. Hill sboro ugh Avenue, 2nd floor Suit e G, every econd Th day, 6 :oopm. Applications are current l y being accepted for board memb ers. Int er ested individuals ple ase call Johnetta Goldsmith at 813-7284607. Other upcomin g eve nts are: The Health y Smiles Program funded b y th e Offic e of Minority Health and MORE HEALTH Inc. will provide th e East Tampa Front Porch community and leaders train the trainer training on oral health. The training will be held at the Front Porch Office Call 813-7284607 for space availability for the next session. Community Engagement and Out reach Core (CEOC) USF/Moffitt Sci ence Tour for high school students interested in careers in science, bio logical research, and health programs will take place at H. Lee Moffitt Can cer Research Center on Friday, May 7th, 2010 from 8:30 a. m. -3 p. m. If you have any questions please contact the coordinator of this pro gram, Miranda Holloway at 419-320-8049 (cell), or office (813) 974-7039 JOHNE'ITA GOLDSMITH Rela y for Life is the American Can cer Society 's sig n ature fund rai ing event. This r e la y is specifically d signed to impact the East Tampa community and its minority mainly African American, r esi d ents Honorary Co-Chair s for this event are Les Miller and his wife, Councilwoman Gwendolyn Miller. The Heart of East Tampa Front Porch team in the fight against cancer is May 14-15 at Young Middl e Magnet School. To join our team and for more information pl ease contact Janelle Keyes, ACS Staff Contact, 813.319.5917 or Janelle,Keyes@can cer.om. If you have any questions re garding these projects, please contact Johnetta Goldsmith, Chairperson, The Heart of East Tampa Front Porch Council 813-728-4607 Officers are Evangeline Best, vice-chair, Joe Mc-Fadden, second vice-chair, Debbie Lawson, Treasurer. If You Answer YES To Any Of The Questions Below I Can Help! FRED HAYES Realtor 111 Future Home Realty Do You Need A Short Sale? Is Your Mortgage Upside? Do You Need To Save Your Home From Foreclosure? Do You Owe More Than Your House Is Worth? Do You Need Loan Modification Do You Need To Sell Your, Hom In A Buyer's Market? Do You Want To Buy A Home Or Foreclosure Property?


Local FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN !USPS 202) 2207 21st Avenue Tampa F lorida 33605 (813) 248 Published Every T ue sday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co .. Member or NatiOna l Newspaper Publi shers Ass oCiation ( NNPA ) POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To Aorlda Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Period i cal Postage Paid At Tampa FL C. Blythe Andrews 1901-1977 (1945) W. W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (1977) S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROUER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscriptions$44 .()()-6 Months Both Editions : $87.QO-Per Year Both Editions. Opinions expressed on ectnonat pages ot IIUs newspaper by Columnists or Guest Writers do not necessarily renect the ectnorial stance ot The Floridll Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher Goodnight, Ms. Dorothv What no historian of the American Civil Rights era has yet to honestly discuss, is the often thankless struggle of Black women in the Civil Rights Movement. For the most part, Black women were in the background. They planned and marched and posed for pictures. But by and large, they were either seen and not heard, or they were left at home while their men took center stage in an often sexist crusade. Indeed, the truth of the Civil Rights Movement too often rendered Black women as second-class citizens. But that was not so, with Dorothy Height. Her name was Dorothy Irene Height. She sat three seats down from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and watched him stand nervously to address thousands outside the Lincoln Memorial, at Washington, D.C. She marched with Martin, planned with him and every other major Civil Rights leader during the Civil Rights 6o's. But even before then, Miss Dorothy, as many would lovingly call her, was a force to be recognized. Mentored by Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune, and graduating honors from New York University, Dorothy Height would stand in no man's shadow. Her words and wisdom guided a nation toward greater equality and justice. In the words of President Obama, "She was the godmother of the Civil Rights Movement." But we would say, "She was an architect for a future America." Just the other day, she left us; picked up her things, packed her bags and made the transition from: life to eternal life. What more can we say, other than "Goodnight, Miss Dorothy! We'll see you, in the morning!" Maninlee Anderson Remembered And how can we forget Martin Lee Anderson? How can we forget the memory of a 14-year-old boy, beaten, kicked and pummeled to within an inch of his life; who had ammonia-capsules stuffed up his nose to revive him, and all of this was done by state-employed boot camp detention guards? You tell us. How can we forget? The child died. Or don't you remember? His death was blamed on a sickle cell trait. Martin Lee Anderson met a brutal end, which has further been confused by the Justice Department, recently refusing to pursue civil rights violations or other charges against the boot camp guards and the nurse who murdered him. Not even a charge of child abuse was leveled against these so-called public servants. So, how can the world forget? That the culprits of this child's death will be allowed to live in complete freedom. It is more disquieting to think other children most surely await the same treatment from prisongUards and the Justice Department. Justice is supposed to be blind. But it is not supposed to be stupid. We will never forget Martin Lee Anderson. And you -...: ..-. Mt. Pleasant chool Connects The Dots ::c 0 > > "0 ::c r-BY RANDY KINSEY M t. Pleasant Middle School subscribes to the philo sophy that education is a connection between the school, the home and the com munity For that reason, Mt. Pleasant has started a pro gram called The:. Dots. The program hired certified teachers to work with Mt. Pleasant students after school The teachers provide tutoring homework assistance and counseling in the student's home. The teachers work with the children, with the parent s permission. Parents must be at home when the teacher is present. Home visits by the teacher are pre-scheduled and approved, The teacher also works with the parents to effedi\'ely lx in\'ohed in their child's educa tion. Mt. Pleasant. which serves 6th, 7th and 8th graders, is in th e first year of the program and it is working w ell. The program '"ill be in effect next school term also. Parents are in1pressed "Connectiag.The bots." Teachers at Mt. Pleasant bethat tutoring leads to bethas a conference period every day. One day a week, all teachers use a conference period to tutor students in their classes that need extra help. This program is called 'in school tutoring' and students look forward to these sessions. The administration and faculty of Mt. Pleasant Middle School places a lot of emphasis on reading. Every student fl.) 0 takes either bnsir rending or _. 0 advanced rending. Tht school has a computer lab where much of the reading is taught by computerized reading pro grams In the school's efforts to con nect all of the educational dots, the school takes its stu dents on a number of educa tional field trips throughout the community. Role models from the com munity are brought into the school to talk to the students, to try to help them set goals, to instill self confidence and to try and complete the circle of dots that all must be present in order to provide children with the best education possible. The school will for the first time present a summer reading, math and science acad, emy. 5 :xl 6 )> en m z m Hineparts And The Countv Mavor r;m c: r r-g) I t was Friday morning, and I had just settled down, at my favorite greasy spoon to enjoy a wholesome helping of biscuits, sausage and gravy, when in popped Hineparts (that's J. Algonquin Hines, but the peo ple call him Hineparts for short. And what did Hineparts do, but make his way to my table, slide in on the opposite side and imme diately pick an argument with me. "Why don't you ever order ossin-fay with a side order of floy-floy sauce?" Hineparts snapped. "Be cause there is no such thing as ossin-fay with a side order of floy-floy sauce, I coolly responded. Hineparts gave me a look, which said, "You one of them Negroes what thinks he knows everything." But Hineparts did not say that. Instead, he said, "You know what?" What? "I think I'm gonna run for County Mayor! "County WHAT?" I bolted trying hard not to choke on my bis cuits and sausage. "N egro you heard COUN1Y me! I said MAYOR!" Hineparts growled, as he poured himself a cup of cof fee. "Well, what happened to you and your campaign for County Dog Catcher?" I asked. "Forget about that! snapped Hines. Hineparts glared at me for response. But I wouldn't touch that one. Instead, I changed the subject. "So, what made you think about running for County Mayor?" "Well," said "H.P," "I thought about runnin' for City Mayor, but there's a rumor goin 'round that former Mayor Dick Greco gonna run again. So then I thought about runnin for County Commis sion, but I know too many people would be up in that place. There s ol' Kevin White. I used to play cards with him. And I hear Les Miller might run I used to shoot marbles with him, when we was kids. But I looked around and I thought, Who don t I know z real good that I could run against and not worry about seein them on a Sunday m morn in'? So, I picked County C Mayor!" "Well, current Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio may be m running for County Mayor," < Icautionedr ''GOOD!" Hineparts -1 huffed, and then continued, c: "Have you ever met Pam m Iorio? I have READ about 0 Pam Iorio, but I have never MET Pam Iorio! Besides, ain't that the name of a cookie?" "That's 'Oreo,' fool (I mean) Hines!" Hineparts just rolled his eyes and laughed, "Well, it's all the same to mel" "So, don't ask me about runnin' for dog-catcher, no IJlO'," grinned Hineparts. "From now on, just call me 'J ALGONQUIN HINES, COUN'IY-MOUNTY! Then he leaned back in his seat and said, There IS s uch a thing as ossin-fay, too!" I just looked at Hineparts and shook my head )> z 0 'T1 :xl 6


An unronunate Truth Last week when th e s tory hit the news about a ? yearold girl being raped by sev eral y oung men between the ages of 13 and 21 at a neigh borhood party in Trenton, New Jersey, everyone seemed to be overcome by a feeling of outrage and disbe lief The fact that it was the vic tim's 15-year-old stepsister who, not only allowed the incident to transpire, but accepted money from the seem e d almost unimag in able. No one could believe ,t h;it something so ph ys ically r psychologically destructive could happen to a child while a close relative looked the other way. But the ugly truth is that it' s not so uncommon. > individuals who wanted to For years I've come in contact with a number of women who've confided in me the fact that they were the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of male rela tives. The details of their a: u. c z c( c (/) w :J ... w > w c w ::r::: (/) ::::; m :J a.. z ;.;I ...J :J m ..:. w z j:: z w (/) a: 0 ...J u. participate in the rape,_ Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal Injury Cyp115s Point Office Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 101 Tampa, Florida 33618 (813) 386-5730 Former Hillsborough CoWity Prosecutor-DepuTy Chief State & Fed. W. C. Caims Certified by State University All Job-Related In uries *Change Trea":ing hysicians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination BANKRUPTCY Stop Foc-Kh REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW s t ories w ere all too similar. The inappr opria t e con tact w o uld begin a t a Young age a nd n ormally w ould n t e nd until th e perpetrator e ith e r died becam e in ca r ce r a t e d for a n unconnect ed offe n se o r by c h a nce. th e victim was r e mo ve d from within clos e reach of h e r mol es t er. Very seldom, did any of these incidents end with the tormentor being brought to justice. More often than not, the issue would be swept under the rug. A dirty little secret locked away in a vault and never brought to the attention of the authorities or more importantly, to the attention of gossiping neigh bors. The dignity of the fam ily had to be preserved, even at the expense of shattered innocence. I never understood how members of a family, partic ularly the female matriarch, could overlook such tragic circumstances in a futile effort to keep a perverted relative's reputation from being tarnished. Having a daughter, I can only imagine what I would do if something. of that nature happened to my own. Blood relations may prevent me from taking the life of the person responsible, but when it was all said and done, he or she may wish I would have. There was a time when the subject of pedophiles conjured up images of middleaged white males wearing trench coats and dark shades. But recently, with the accounts like the one in New Jersey and the many horrific tales I've heard from more than a few sources, I've come to realize that these. monsters come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. You really canit trust any one anymore. First cousins, uncles and, now sadly, even older brothers have to be monitored as closely as new boyfriends and girlfriends for that matter. Our children are being stalked at every turn. And itis up to us as parents to protect them from whatever threat presents itself, regardless of whose direction their little fingers begin to point. Write to Clarence Barr at: Clarence Bar.r, II, 43110-018 F .C. I. Bennettsville P .0. Box 52020 Bennettsville SC 295.12; Or by email at cbarr2@ oasisnovels. Workforce Slashes Jobs Of Top Black Execs JUUESANON ... Sr. V.P. and Innoations Officer BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Friday, (today), approximately 20 employees will complete their last day on the job at Tampa Bay WorkForce Alliance. Earlier this month, an entire department was eliminated. Ed Peachey, Interim President of the embattled agency referred to the layoffs as re-organizational and said they are not related to cur rent investigations and alle gations of wrongdoing at the agency. The positions elimi,. nated are upper management positions, as well as cuts in the Communications, Business Services, and Workforce Services. Among those laid off are: Ms. Julie Sanon, Senior Vice President and Innovation Officer; James Blount, Vice President of Semce Support; Ms. Carol Brinkley, Vice President of WorkForce Services and Consumer Affairs; and Tom Stewart, Vice President of Workforce Solutions. The affected employees will have an opportunity to be rehired for other positions. CALL R IC JAMESBWUNT ... V.P. of Support Services CAROL BRINKLEY ... V.P. Workforce Services Those include: Director of Planning and Development, Director of Employer Services, D'irector of Programs, Director of MIS, Director of Customer Services, Director of Communications, and Director of Youth Services. There are positions avail able as Project Director (2), Marketing Coordinator, CommuniCations Consultant, Business to Business Executive, Business Development Consultant, Recruiters, Communications Assistant, Program Coordinators, and MIS Coordinators. AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY ( 813 ) 892-8193 Or Email: Available 24 Hrs./Day FREE Consultation t4The of Out Speakihgfor ltserp-1 Selldlld&llktin AIIQIIIQO (813) .248-_1921


Local Citv Plans Chemical, Electronics Collection On Saturday, April 24'\ the City of Tampa, D epartment of Solid Waste and Environmental Program Management will hold its semi-annual House hold Chemical and Electronics Collection. The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the vacant parking lot on the south si d e of Bird Stree t (Exit I -275 at Bird Street). The co ll ection will allow r esidents the opportunity to safel y di s pose of unwante d chemical s and e lectronics free of charge. Material s that wi ll be accepted at the collection site include: paints and sol vents; used motor oi l ; automotive products; poo l chemical s; mercury-containing d evices, such as flor escent light bulbs and thermometers; lawn, garden, and household chemicals. E lectronic s that will be accepted include computer monitors, printers, CPUs keyboards, televisions, DVD players, VC. R's and cellular phones. The City will not accept a n y explosive, radioactive or biomedical wastes at the collec tion site. Only residential waste will be accepted. Anyone Wishmg to obtam more information about the collection day can call (813) 348-1111 or visit the website www.tampagov.net/solidAnyone wishing to obtain more information can contact Ms. Tonja Brickhouse, Department of Solid Waste and Environmental Program Management Director, at (813) 348-1151, or via email at tonj a.brickhouse @tampagov.net. "The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself' (813) 248-1921 Easily manage your cash flow with a full suite of online business banking services SunTrust can help you spend less time managing money while giving you more control over it. With a few clicks you can track cash flow in rea l time, transfer funds between business and personal accounts and even manage payroll online, freeing you to focus on your business. Visit a nearby branch call 877.450 .1529 or go to suntrust.com/business. Recipient of nine Greenwich Excellence Awards, including Overall Banking Satisfaction and Treasury Management Overall Satisfaction SUNTRUST Cash Management Fina nci n g Solutions Ret irement Solutions Lfve Solid. Bank Solfd Sun Trust Bank Member FD I C 2010 Sun Trust Ban ks Inc S un Trust and Live So li d Bank Solid are federa lly re g i stered service marks of SunT rus t Banks Inc :::D c > > "0 :::D r(,.) 0 ..... 0 r-0 :::D c > (J) m z ::f z m r;m c: rr-z "tJ c: m c (J) ::z:: m c m < m -t c: m (J) c > z c :xJ 8


___ CA3 ___ 1 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ (") N ...J a: a. Etiquene Class Teaches More Than Good Manners < c BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor a: When p eop l e h ea r th e word u. .. Etiquet t e," th ey automati cally think of manners. H ow eve r a l oca l exp e rt says th a t e tiqu e tt e is far m o r e th a n just good m a nn e r s Kristin Shields, Devin Morrow, Kurtis Boyd, Kole Boyd, Kennedy Warren, Sydney Morrow, Lauren Shields, Jessica Berg, Camille Benson, Taylor Young, a nd Makayla Williams. c a: u. c z < c (/) w :J .... > a: w > w c w (/) :J m :J a. z tu ...I ...I :J m I ...I w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 ...I u. < I ao Ms. Tia Young, f o und e r a nd director of th e Tampa Etiquette Academy, b e lieve s that internal characteristics such a s high morals, va lu es, s tandards, and e thics all fall into the et iqu e tte category. On Sunday April nth, a group of Tampa yo ungster s e njo yed dining at Roy's Restaurant. The students who e njoyed the outing were: The stude nt s enjoye d a s t e p by s t e p three -c o urse m eal. Th e youngsters l e arned how to plac e their order, the u se of prop e r utensil place ment, and how to retrieve dropped uten sils. Ms. Young said, Eti quett e a nd manners are s im ply learnin g th e rules that govern society and making thos e around you feel com fortable. I teach proper eti-New Saint Matthew M. B. Church Drama Ministry 'Biblical Based, Original Productions with a Contemporary Twist' Presents .. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ... So HELP ME Goo! Not your EXPECTED Outcome (Jesus does not come into the court and state I AM ALIVE) Written and Directed by Jackie Mills Brown Where: N _ew Saint Matthew Missionary Baptist Church 1006 South 50th Street Tampa, FL 33619 When: Good Friday, April2, 2010 *7:00pm For Information contact: Jackie Mills Brown@ 813 245-8655 Admission: FREE! HERITAGE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH Saturday, April24, 2010 5 P.M. PRAISE FEST SUnday, April25, 2010 4 P.M. DEDICATION CEREMONY Rev. T. Dewitt Smith -President, Progressive National Baptist Convention Rn.Or.W. James Favorite Prssideot Southeast Region P.N. B C w Peace be t o this house from God our heavenly Father e, Peace be to this house from the Son, who is our peace Peace be to this house from the Holy Spirit the Comforter Youngsters who recently participated in the Tampa Etiquette Academy enjoyed a :J-course meal at Roy's Restaurant. Shown from left to right are: Kristin Shields, Devin Morrow, Kurtis Boyd, Kole Boyd, and Kennedy Warren. Shown on the back row from left to right are: Sydney Morruw, Lauren Shields, Jessica Berg, Camille Benson, Taylor Young, Makayla Williams, and Etiquette Instructor, Mrs. Tia Young. quette and social skills in an effor t to bring back the lost art of good manners." She further stated that dining es tablishments be some parents are reluctant to cause they are unsure of how take their children out to fine the children will behave. GRACE MARY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH FamilY Conference 3901 N 37th Street Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 248-3779 ELDER DR. THOMAS J. REED, Pastor Theme: Keeping The Family Stable In Unstable Times 1 Corinthians 15:50; Psalm 18:1-3, Psalm 62:6-8 Friday, April23, 2010 6-10:15 P.M. (Movie Night And More) How eve r she feels that onc e the child has been taught th e proper way to behave in pub lic along with guidelines in advance, parents can alleviate that worry. In addition to teaching about proper use of s ilver ware, Ms. Young also teaches proper table conver sation, good posture, proper chewing; and keeping elbows off of the table. One other area that Ms. Young fqcuses on is what is appropriate at the table and she said electronics are a big "no-no." This is the second year that Roy's Restaurant has partnered with the Tampa Etiquette Academy tore-enforce the lessons they were taught. ST. MARY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1840 State Road 60 East Plant City (Bealsville), Florida 33567 ** (813) 737 The St: Mary Missionary LJGI.o\. .. Family Cordially Invites You Aireciation Service,'"' -: Re r.:.SHafter f. Scott And First Lad!!. Sister fvalina THEME: "A Shepherd Called And Anointed To Oversee The Flock Of God"


Local Emplovee Retires After 35 Years Of Public Service Youngsters Participate In Clean Up During Spring Break MRS. VERNITA CHESTER BOONE ... Retiring after 35 years BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor As a youngster, Ms. Vernita Chester attended the public scllools of Hillsborough County. After completing mid dle school, she moved to Compton California, to live with relatives and it was in that city that she completed her high school education and graduated from Compton Junior College. Ms. Chester returned to Tampa and m,et her husband of 38 years, Willie Boone, III. Once the coupled decided to remain in Tampa, Mrs. Boone sought employment with the City of Tampa. She hired as a Clerk Typist II in March 1975. Now, Mrs. Boone's upcoming re-24 Years Of Service Feed Our Children Ministries, Inc. P.O. Box 290415 Tampa FL 33687 ( 813 ) 784-1021 FeedOurChildrf:!fl.org PASTOR MOSES BROWN tirement is bringing 35 years of dedicated public service to th e comm unity to an e nd During h e r t e nur e with th e city, Mrs. Boone ro se through the ranks and was promot e d to Senior Administ r ative Assis tant in DPW P arki ng Division. Her duties and responsibilities included being responsible for month parking in garages and city-owne d J ots, th e parking ci t ation units, a nd the ge n era l parking administrative s t aff. Mrs. Boone said she d e cided the time h ad come for her to spend time doing some things that s h e n eve r had time for before. ''I' m goin g t o s p e nd more time with m y hu s b a nd an d daughters (Kimberly and Nicole). I'm also goi n g to participate more in churc h (New Hop e Missio n ary B a pti s t C hu rch) activiti es, I plan to traveL I've already s igned up for diff ere nt se nior citizens ac tivities. I'm also going on a cruise in September and an other cruise next y ear. I'm just going to enjoy m y freedom. She plans to also take classes enhancing her computer skills. Mrs. Boone also plans to travel with her husband, who retired last October Her daughter, Kimberly Boone, said her mother 's work ethics and dedication became evident two years ago She was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2007. "After her surgery, she began the chemotherapy and radia tion treatments in January 2008 and never took a leave of absence. She took her last radi atio n treatment in December 2008. That year was tough for her. But, we re so thankful that she's in remission," Ms. Boone said. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor During the month of Febru ary, m e mbers of Men of Vision, In c., decided to ce l e br a t e b y a doptin g a median The y d e cided on the intersection of N. 22nd Street and E. R ow l ett Park a nd officially adopted it through the Mayor's B ea utifi cat i o n Pro g ram 's Adopt-A Median On Monday, April 12th th e first day of sp ring br ea k th e youn g men r etu rn e d to th e to participate in th e ir seco n Q clean u p of the a r ea. Th e youn g m e n participatin g in the eve nt were: Gabriel Paulino, Alex Codio, Michael Christie, Kamrio Mosley, Eddie McCall, Lamar Woods, (Chapter Vice Pr es id ent), JoMarcus Harris, (President of Men of Vision a t Steinbrenner High School) Devante Robinson, Rufus Moore, Dontavious Simms, Renaldo James, (Chapter Secretary) Nawayne Dixon, Wilden Cajuste, (Chapter Middle School Presi dent), Christopher Webb, Devanta McCall, James Eliassaint (Chapter President), Lamar Woods, (Chapter Vice President) and Javante Hall, (Sligh Middle School President). Ross Anderson, teacher at Van Buren Middle School and founder of Men of Vision, Inc., said the intersection ofN. 22nd Street and Rowlett Park was chosen because it serves as a gateway for two communities that have rival gangs. "Men of Vision hopes that businesses along this stretch of road will assist in making this area com fortable and safe for residents to bike and walk their dogs. Men of Vision emphasize indi-Members of Men ofVision took a few moments from their clean up to pose for this photograph. Shown on the front row or : Laml,\r Woods Chapter Vice President, Gabri e l Paulino, Ross Anderson, founder Men of Vision, Inc, Javante Hull, ligh Middle School President, Michael Christie and Alex Codio. Shown on the second row are: James Eliassaint, Chapter President, Christopher Webb, Nawayne Di-xon Renaldo James, Chapter Secretury, Rufus Moore, Devante Robinson, JoMarcus Harris, President of the Steinbrenner High School C hapter, Dontavious Simms). Wilden Cajuste, Chapter Middl e School President, Eddie Kamario Mosl ey, and Devonta McCall. vid u a l r es pon s ibilit y as th e b as i s of p e rsonal s u ccess, com munit y improv e ment and gro up ach i eveme nt. Anderson sa id with the h e lp of Alfredo Valentine a nd Spring Show (I Saie Parldng lotidl of endty vandont ... ..,.. live Music & Entertainment fleatfial SaturdaJ 24, 2010 1o:ooam :oopm Abundant Ufe Worship Center N.13th St., Tampa, FL 336o4 present themselves in Concert You will not want to miss this spectacular celebration as they praise the name of Jesus in Song and Adoration. This awesome Choir was n omina t ed for the Hoodie Award in 2008. Bring a friend and sha r e i n the spiritua l explosio n! If you mi ss it, you will miss a bless i ng! BE THERE!H! C) m cp .:I>


BY IRJS B. HOLTO:'Ii Sentinel City Editor Mor e th an 4 decades ago, six people discove r ed they shared th e sa m e vis i on. They joined forc es and established a church in a newl y d e veloped African American community In January 1960, Mrs. Sallie Holmes and Raymond Scott realized their shared the same vision and began making s t eps to bring St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church into existence. They were joined by their spouses, Mrs. Van Scott and Ellisworth Holmes, as well as Earl O'Neal and his wife, Mrs. Rosa B. O'Neal. The church was organized in February 1960, and located in Progress Village, where it has remained since its inception The surviving family mem-MRS. VAN SCOTI, LEFf, AND MRS. SALUE HOLMFS bers are Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Scott, and Mrs. O'Neal, who is no longer a member. On Sun., April 25'\ at 11 a.m., the church will recognize Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Scott as founding memb e rs who have given more than 50 years of dedicated service to the church. Rev. Michael Price, Sr., and the entire congregation of St. James AME Church will pay special tribute to Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Scott. Both have continued to be in strumental in the growth of the church and are still providing spiritual, emotional, and finan cial assistance. i HiP Hop Moms In Town At a recent taping of ------, z the Motown Maurice < Show, the mothers of three popular rappers 0 were in twon for the en w event. Shown (L-R) are: 'i Tampa native, Sharon w Thompson, Aliyah > "Mama Pain" Najm w 0 (mother of T-Pain); H. w Loraine Smith (mother of Ne-Yo); Jacida Carter :J (mother of Lil Wayne); and Tampa native, Gloria o.. 'taylor. z tij ..I ..I :l rQ ..I w Z i= z w en I C a: 0 ..I LL Pastor Michael Bryant Greer South Carolina Speaker Stepping Into Our Breakthrough"-laaleh 30:21 April 22, 2010 ---April 25, 201 0 Propttetess Gan Bethel April22nd 7p.m. ProDhet Ronald tochran April 24th 7p.m April23rd 7p.m. April 25th 4p.m. WOMEN'S DAY CELEBRATION Mt. Pleasant A. M. E. Church 9703 Gunn Highway P. 0. Box 533-Odessa F[. 33556 (813) 920-0859 Pastor, Rev. Delores Washington Sunday, April 25, 201 11 A. M. Speaker Rev. Virginia Priest Lake M. B. Nashville, 4 P.M. S Rev. ......... Mt. Olive AME Plant City, Chairperson: Sis. Ella MninrhiA::att Presiding Elder-Rev. Henry Green Aa For Me And My Hou.e, We WID Serve ThO Lord. -Joshua U.15 Wednesday, April 28 2010 @ 7:30pm First Baptist Church ol Uncolf'! Gardens Talent & Fellowship Night Thursday, April 29 2010 @ 7:30pm Guest Speaker Rev T. D. Leonard, Pastor Mt. Tabor M'. B. Church, Tampa, FL Friday, April 30, 2010 @7:30pm Guest Speaker Rev. E. Jones, Pastor Galilee M.B. Church, St. Petersburg, FL May 2, 2010@ 11;00am ""'"'"1r .. r -Rev E. KenCirlcks,, Pastor Mt. B. Church, Bradley, fl Sunday, May 2, 2010 @4:00pm Guest Speaker -Rev E. Garnett; Pastor SpringhiJI M. B Church, Tampa, .Fl


' Local :::n 0 Tampa Alumni Chapter Of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternitv, Inc. Wins 'Chapter Of The Year' Award N Left to right are: Lesley "Trey" Miller, Ill, Jeremy Burns, Paris Thomas, Vice Polemarch, Cedric McCray; Chapter Polemarch, Edwin Narain; Senior Grand Vice Polemarch, Randy Bates, Esquire; Grand Board Member, Thomas Battles, Province Board Member, Lesley "Les" Miller, Jr. and Minister Xavier Johnson. Honor is first in local Chapter's 82-year history. On Sunday, April 11, 2010, the Tampa Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was awarded the Medium-sized Chapter of the Year by the Southern Province. This is the first time the Tampa chapter has won this award in its 82-year his tory. The award was presented by 'the Province Polemarch, Ronald Range to Tampa Polemarch, Edwin Narain at the 6oth Southern ProVince Council meeting in Jack sonville, FL. The award was for the chapter's outstanding collective and individual accomplish'ments in the 2009 calendar year. "This award is validation of the hard work our members have put in over the past year. It is an outstanding accom plishment that we are honored to receive considering the strong work all Kappa chapters do within our region, Narain said. The Tampa Alumni Chapter has 55 active members. Annu ally, the chapter engages in ac tivities that support the less fortunate. In 2009, the chapter gave over $6,500 in college scholar. ships, assisted the NFL Youth Education Center in its back to school drive, and donated meals andturkeys during the holiday season to needy fami lies. The chapter also mentors 29 young men through its Guide Right program that aims to prepare middle school and high school'aged boys for college and professional ca reers. The chapter will be the host of the Polemarch's Retreat June 11-13, 2010 at the Grand Group Gets Endorsement From Housing Authoritv BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer The Tampa Housing Author ity YouthBuild Program has pledged their commitment and support to the Taptpa Heights Junior Civic Association on their efforts to renovate an abandoned church into a com munity center. The church, formerly Faith Temple, is on the corner of Palm Avenue and Lamar Street and has been abandoned for several years. Tlie church was purchased by the Florida Department of T r ans portation as part of the expan sion of the I-275 intet'State-system. Patrick Sneed, Executive Director of THJCA, sa1d they have agreed to provide THA YouthBuild with the blueprints for the project. "THA will provide PATRICK SNEED a list of jobs that YouthBuild trainees will be able to assist with through the The building will be known as the Tampa Heights Youth De velopment and Community Center when the project is completed, and Labor Ready will be a top partner in providing the and technical support. 0 Hyatt Hotel. The fraternity's Grand Polemarch, Board of Directors and senior leaders \\ill be in the Bay area for lead -ership training ant! work-shops. Get a Private School Education At Minimum Cost! Strong Christian Environment qasses Kth Grade Small Class Sizes 1 Utilizing ABeRa Curriculum Hot Nutritious Meals After SchOOl Available Must Meet to Q.uali ti. r-0 :::n 6 )lo CJ) m z m r;-m c: ,... ,... z "tJ c: m c CJ) :::1: 21 m < m -1 c: m 0 0 G) m """ """ )>


Deacons Assoc i at ion ofTampa Bay E>irthda;l IN THE SPOTLIGHT sponsors A Benefit Program For 0:: a.. ct 0 a: u. c a: u.. c z <( c en w ;:::) .... ii: w > w c w J: en ::i m ;:::) Q. z Iii ...J ...J ;:::) m I ...J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ...J u.. At Evening Sta r Tabernacle Church 3716 E Par i s St. Rev Jerome Gr iffi n Pasto r Dea. Fred Short, President Dea. Milton Wade. Reporter AGAPE MINISTRIES COGIC Elder A. L Wingfield, Pastor-Founder 5112 N. 34th St.** Tampa, FL 33610 {813) 232-4273 7th AnnuallOO Women In Hats (Prize For The Prettiest Hat) Sunday, April 25, 2010 4:30 PM WALKER WILUAMS Speaker Theme : 'BUILT TO lAST' Keep your Faith strong Without Faith, nothing Is possible. With It, nothing Is *Hat Drawing & Gift Drawing The Burgess School Of The Arts Reqister Nowl For Our 6th AnnuaTYouth Artists Summer Camp Begins June 14th and continues 8 weeks culminating with a nee. Rubin A. Lee. \\'. Stak Tampa. H .. JJOlH). !lapp\ 1 NAACP Meeting To Discuss Education On Saturday April24'h, a t 10 a .m., th e NAACP will h ost a m eet in g a t Marshall l'vtiddl e School. The m ee tin g \ Viii h e h e ld in th e Multipurpose Roo m 1 8 South Maryland A v e nu e, Plant C it y. Th e m ee tin g i s open t o par ents, stude nt s and the com munity at larg e Th e topic s of conversation will b e Advanced Placement Performance Dual Enrollment, Scholarships, PSAT, SAT, and ACT testing. Ex-Tuskegee Airman, Retired FAMU Dean Dies WILLIE E. JENKINS Retired Florida A&M administrator Willie E. Jenkins, who attended the Inauguration of President Barack Obama as one of the surviving members of the Tuskegee Airmen died. He was 85. A native of Petersburg, VA, Jenkins was a parachute rigger for the Tuskegee Airmen, the all-Black contingent of 1 ,000 pilots and 15,000-ground crew who trained for World War II in Tuskegee, Ala. Jenkins taught in the ROTC program at F AMU from 1959 to 1963. He returned to FAMU as the Dean for Univer sity Development from 1968 to 1986. In that role, Jenkins helped establish the FAMU Foundation the Florida Clas sic football game with rival Bethune-Cookman and the school's relationship with dozens of corporations that provide internships, jobs and funding to F AMU business students. As a Tuskegee Airman, Jenkins recei ved a Congres sional Gold Medal in 2007. CHARDONEE A bold new face comes to Spotlight this week, and her name is Chardonee. The 22-year-old Virgo stands 5'9" tall and says her favorite stars are Beyonce, Christina Aguielera, Lady Ga Ga, and many more. Chardonee's hobbies are singing, dancing and modeling, and in the future, she just wants to finish school. Chardonee's philosophy of life is "life is how you make it." When it comes to the man in her life, said. she wants one with ajob, car, and money. Congratulations to Chardonee as this week's Spotlight feature. If you're interested in being in the Beauty Unlimited or Spotlight, please send your information and photo, including a contact number to: iiohnson@flsentinel.com.


Local Organization Seeks To Empower Young Girls Students involved in the Women of Distinction Program at Steinbrenner High School shown on the front row arc: Chantelle Navarro, Tavanda Cannon, Natasha Joseph, Ms. Maria RamosPcrson, Women Empowering Future Leaders Secretary; M s Tina Bivins, Women Empowering Future Leaders Vice Chairperson; Ms. Desiree Sands, Women Empowering Future Leaders Chairpe r son; Ul yanna Harris, Derrickiaka Thompson, and lmani Brown. Shown on the back row arc: Susanne Wilson, Cislyn Edwards, Nakeeba Ryan, Vitoria Jackson, Bianca Burton, and Kristin Forte. Young ladies who are not shown in the photograph are: Charliseya Davis, Victoria Qunitero, Joeslkis Rodriguez, I sabella Fernandez, Shantealle Christie, and Chavin Hall. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor A group of young ladies attending Steinbr enner High School are learning more than academics. These y oung ladies are also learning the 1 art of preparing to become future leaders. They are part of an organi zation known as the Women &i& Hillsborough County of Distinction, a program operating under the guidance of Women Empowering Future Leaders (WEFL). The organization is a service program in which the young ladies are being groom e d to make a difference in the commun,ities in which they live. The members of Women of Distinction are: Chantelle Public Meetings oldie Charter RevleW .Jioaard to d..._ aD to the HolDe Rule Cbarter. The 2010..2011 Charter Review Board Is holclilg a series ofmeelln9s throughout the year to conduct a comprehensive sludy of all phaaes of County government The Charter Review Board is also considering proposing changeJ to the Hlllaborough County Home Rule Charter. The Charter Review Board Is appointed every 5 years, per a mandlita by the Hilllborough County Home Rule Charter. EaCh County Commislloner appoints two members from their cfiStrict, none or whom can be an elected official. AI rMetinga art at e p.m. unJesa otherwile noted and are held in the 2nd lloor Board Room of County Center, 601 E Kennedy Blvd. In Tampa. AI meeti1g facillies are ADA compliant. P ublic comment is welcomed at aH meetings: Friday, Apri 30 (9 a.m. ) Monday, May 3 Monday, May 24 Monday, June 7 Monday, June 21 Monday, July 1 2 Friday, July-30 (9 a m ) Monday, Aug. 16 Monday, Aug. 30 Monday, Sept. 13 Monday, Sept 27 Monday, Oct 11 Friday, Oct. 29 (9 a m ) Monday, Nov. 1 (1 p .m.) Monday, Nov. 29 Monday, Dec. 6 Monday, Dec. 20 Monday, Jan. 24,201 1 Monday, Jan. 31' 2011 For more information about the Charter Review Board, go to www hH!sl!or o ugbcoyntv oralcharterreyleytboard or call the Coqnty Pubflc Affairs Office at 813-276-2640. (TTY: Para al8 13-2n..S275. HIUSBOIOUGH COUNTY Navarro, Tavanda Cannon, Natasha Joseph, Ulyanna Harris, Derrickiaka Thompson, lmani Brown, Susanne Wilson, Cislyn Edwards, Nakeeba Ryan, Vitoria Jackson, Bianca Burton, Kristin Forte, Charliseya Davis, Victoria Qunitero, Joeslkis Rodriguez, Isabella Fernandez, Shantealle Christie and Chavin Hall. Ms. Amber Seay, a teacher at Steinbrenner High School, is the organizationis sponsor. Women Empowering Future Leaders who are working with the young ladies are: Ms. Desiree Sands, Chairperson; Ms. Tina Bivins, Vice Chairperson; Ms. Maria Ramos-Person, Secretary; and Ms. Yolanda Gadson, Treasurer. Founded in 2009, Women of Distinction is designed to provide knowledge and skills in leadership development, spiritual growth, networking and support infrastructure, financial empowerment and community outreach and engagement. goal is to provide the skills needed to be successful in all aspects of life Women of Distinction is a sister organization to Men of Vis i on created b y Van Buren M iddle School educator Ross Anderson. Anderson said "They approached me about forming an organization for y oung ladies. I served as the liaison until they were able to get a sponsor. Tampa Bav Sarcoidosis Suppon Group 'Meet And Greet' join thl' group as thl'\' lLarn n wn a b out th e ri s k factors. the s ;mp t oms. the treatments m ail abl e and h o w t o h elp those afflic t e d with thi s disease. S arc o i dos i s i s a mull i -sYs t emic disorde r tha t c an affe c t o r g an s throu g h o u t th e b o d y th o u g h it m os t ofte n a ffects th e lun gs. Whil e th e d i s e a se can affect almost anyon e t h e cau se i s unkn own. Thl m os t l'lllllll\ Oll trLnt -mL' llt i s pn dn iso n r a n d in Sl'\'l'rl' CaSl'S, o r gan t ru n s plant s arc th e o n l y mean s of s urvi val. The gro up will g athe r a t th e College Hill Br a n c h Pub l ic L ibrary. :.!( H ) 7 E. Dr MLK BlYd., Tampa, fro m 4:JO p m.-6 :oop. m F o r 1 iwr e i n f o rma t i on, con tact: Ms. Emma Carroll, ( 8 1 3) 240 :!59 0 Request for Proposals East Tampa Community Redevelopment Area RFP Disposition of Historic Houses The C ity of T ampa and the Community R e d e v elopment Age n c y of the C ity of T ampa (collecti v ely, the 'City' ) g i v e notic e pur s u ant to Part Ill, Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, of their request for submission of proposals for residential rede v elopment of two ( 2 ) h istoric houses (the "Project") as her e i n refe r ence d The Proje c t is currently located at 2314 East 12th Avenue and 2609 North 17th Street, Tampa Florida The Proposer shall have an option of paying cash or obtaining a Purchase Money Deferred Payment Mortgage ( "DPL" ) from the City with a requirement to meet certain lerms and conditions that are ident i f ied in the proposed Land Sales Agreement (the "Agreement"). The City will not approve a DPL for the purchase of the Project if the Proposer currently has an outstanding DPL with the City in the amount of $100,000.00 or more from either the Interstate Historic Preservation Trust Fund or to the purchase of an historic home under FOOT Phase II. Upon acceptance of the Proposal, the Proposer will be required to aceept the Project in its "AS IS" condition, obtain a Certificate of Compliance and rehabilitate the Project to the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating H istoric Buildings within a period not to exceed 5 years from the closing on the sale of the Property and In accordance with the proposed Project site plan. Proposals must be consistent with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations governing the Project location and address the Proposer's plan for the Project. A City of Tampa Project ProPosal Form and proposed Land Sales Agreement and other information applicable to the Project may be obtained by accessing the City of Tampa website at www.tampagov.net. Department of Growth Management and Development Services, Real Estate Division or by calling 274-8915. All proposals shall be submitted within 30 days after the date of the public notice or no later than by Friday, June 4 2010, 4 :00p.m. to the City of Tampa, Purchasing Department 306 E J .ackson Street-2E, Tampa, FL 33602. (Note: Section 163.380 of the Florida Statutes requires proposals to be submftted within 30 days after the date of the public notice) Mark the outside of the sealed envelope "RFP Disposition of Historic Houses". Submissions must include sufficient infonnation and evidence of legal and financial capabi lity to cairy out the terms of the Proposal: A signed Land Sales Agreement must accompany the Project Proposal Form at the time of subniission of the Proposal. Failure to meet this criteria wiD eliminate the .Propoaal. Proposer must be able to close within 45 days of ctQaing of the proposal period The City of Tampa Real Estate Divisloi1 does not pay any Real Estate brokerage The payment of any said fees wiD be the sole responsibility of the Proposer \ Aflet the submittal deadline; all proposals are subject to the "Sunshine Law" pursuant to applicable state law In selecting a proposal the City is not bound to make the award on the basis of the highest monetary offer. It is the City's goal to strengthen the mission and stability of the residential community. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, either in whole or in part, with or without cause, waive any i nformality of any proposals, cancel this request for Pfoposals, and to make th e award in the best interest of the City subject to City Council approval. ..., ::0 0 )> "'0 ::0 r-1\) (.,.) I\) 0 .... 0 ..., r-0 :::0 (/) m z ::! z m r-1 m c: r r-g) z ., c: m r-c;; :::z: m c m < m -4 c: m (/) c c 'T1 :!:! c


0 follo "ing familie : th e Cotton. Mc-Cray. \\' a t son. Harris Langston and Rodrig uez due to t he pa ing o f their lon"d ones. local Resident Writes Christian Romance Book M N ...J a: a. <{ c a: u. April Birthdays The flowe r thi s month is the Sweet P ea and the birth s t one is th e Diamo nd H appy birthday: Loranna Andrews, Gayle Harris, A u drey Hunt, Leroy Marshall, Jason Hill, Derek Wiggs and Bernice Watkins. Christine Hill celebrated her So'" birthda y on Sunday, April u'" with family and friends. She prepared a feast an d r ece ived m a n y gifts. She i s wished man y more b y fami ly, friends and other r e l atives and her grands, Maurice and Bridget Lockhart and their son, who travelled from South Carolina to join the celebration. Special wishes for a happy birthda y to Donshay Inmon, c who celebrated another year of a: life on April14, 2010 May God u. continue to bless you with many more! < Also celebrating their natal day this month are: Wilma c Burns, Sharlene Jones, (f) Omar Passley, Alice MeCarty, Dennis Maxwell, 1-Curtis Wilson, Jr., Randy f[ Robinson, Alicia Fleming, W Luster Grayson, Patricia irl Johnson, Javon Live ingston, Lillie Thomas, W Daniska Wilkerson, Keila President, T-Anna Watson, :J Anthony Palmer, Jimmie Lee Barnes, Danisia Q. Thompson, Terence z Cottman and Arlinda S. tu ...I ...I :::l m Amos. Mrs. Ruth Brown-Hires has plans for celebrating her speci,al day on 4-27 with family and friends. Happy birthday to Mrs. Peggy L ise, who enjoyed her special day with her child r en, grands a nd g r ea t grands on 4-9-2010, a t Th e Epiphany A rm s Club H ouse. Happy Anniversary Happ y anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen (Debbie) Griffin. Uplifting Prayers For The Sick And Shut-In Please uplift th e following in y our dajl y pra yers, far a nd near: Lillie Mae Thomas, Eloise Leeks, Charlotte Dukes, Willie Wright, Henry Sanders, Robert Dorsey, Marjorie Guest, Tonya Simmons, Cathy Kirsey, Isaiah Baity, Sr., Ben Plair, Sr., Willie Mobley, Charles Guilford, Clarence and Della Vickers, Homer Hemmingway, Mary Allen, Rev. Abraham Brown, Archia Mae Wright, Earl Jackson, David and Alberta Shedrick, Jimmy Lewis, Hazel Mitchell, Marie B. Benson, Donald White, Mozelle DeBose, Johnny Lawton, Roy McCoy, Ida Boykin, Eloise McCoy, Alice McCarty and GwendolaSmall. Condolences Condolences are extended to Mrs. Donnie Mosley and family of High Springs FL, due to the loss of her aunt. My deepest sympathy to the Our is extende-d t o t he Collins family in th e pass ing of th eir sis t er, Mrs. Dorothy Lewis o f Ft. Laud er dale. Sh e w as funer alized Thur sda y April 22, 2010. I know y ou miss th e m and may eac h of you see k the Lord for comfort, g uidance and stre ngth duri n g thi tim e of b e r eave m e nt. Hour Of Power Bible Prayer This is a g roup of God 's chil dren gathered together on one accord to l earn the word of our Father. Meetings a r e h e ld every Thursday morning a t 10:30 a. m Everyone i s invited to attend! First Baptist Church Of Progress Village Every third Saturday of the month between 8 a. m and 12 noon the church give s away do nated clothing, toys and hous e hold items at 8616 Progr ess Blvd. (between 78'" St and Faulkenburg Rd ) Gregg Temple A. M. E. Church Gregg Temple A. M E. Church, 4603 42"d Street Tampa, 33619, Rev. Timothy Morrow, Pastor. Durin g the Men's D ay the 11 a. m. speaker was Dr. Deon Johnson, not Dean Johnson. Gregg Temple needs clothing and shoes to replenish their community closet. Call (813) 621-4239-Progress Village 50th Family Reunion The reunion will be held June 11-131h, 2010. For more in formation check out the Re union Website at www.progressvillagefami lyr e union.com or call Tony Parker at (813) 843 -6739 Progress Village Middle Magnet School Progress Village Middle Magnet School, 8113 Zinnia Drive will ho s ting their 50th anniversary on April 24, 2010. The reception will be held from 1:30-3 p.m., Tours will b e held from 2-3 p. m and the Pro gram will be held from 3-4 p. m. F. Y. I. Let us keep President Barack Obama and his family in our daily pr"ayers as he tries to bring change for everyone. Remember our service men and women who put their lives on the line daily There s a new helper in Shu Lon 's Kitchen formerly Family Deli, (813) 7419760. Call y our news in to lradean London-Biggs at (813) 6776071 Be blessed! Yes we can Ms. Yvonne Grant has liw'd in Tampa nil of her life She resided in the B e lmont H e ights area until her gradua tion from high school in 1977. Afterwards, s h e m o v ed ou t on h e r own to another are 1 of Tampa. "Ta mp a ha s h e n wd always will b e h ome for me,"' says Ms. Grant. Ms. Grant i s m os t e x it e d a b o ut th e much a nticipat e d r e l ease of h er se lf publi b e d Christian R omance eries When a ked how th e writing of thi s series of Christian Ro manc e Books came about, all Ms. Grant ca n say i "But God. I never wou ld h ave thou g ht in a million years that I would b e writi n g any books, l e t a l one Christian Rom ance books," Ms. Grant says with a smile. "Truth b e told the series of books a l most did not come about." The initi a l series of Christian Rom a nce books will b e unde r Adari Romances a nd will be the R esto ration Series. The first bo ok in the R esto r atio n Series i s tit d Lou 8 yond M QSUI' -It's About Faith ." Th r will b a tota l of 7 book s in this firsts -ri H r pr b k r I ns igning i thi w k nd April 24th, 4 6 p m at Kili, 5731 E. Fow l er. Ms. Grant i pr ntly a full tim e student at IADT, pur suing a Bac h e lors Degre in Fashion Design and M a rketing. Going back to sc h oo l at age so gives me t h e opportunity to ful fill a lif e l ong dr am whi c h i to get a c oll ege degree, ay Ms. Grant. Voice your opinion Hot -Line# {866) 977-4820 For advertisement or sponsorship opportunities Call Cobra Enterprises 244--0848.


Movie R..eviews MOVlE REVIEWS Death At A Funeral-A hillarious co m e dy /drama s tarri ng C hri s R oc k 1artin Lawr e nce and Tracy Morgan. Must See! [***I /2] Date Night-Above av e rage comedy s t a rrin g Tina Fey a nd Steve Carrell. [**1/2 ] Why Did I Get Married Too-B e tt e r than th e first. Must See![**.,..,.] Clash OfThe Titans-Hi ghly disappointed. Looks lik e a TV mini series! [**] How To Train Your Dragon -Kids will lo ve thi s Dr ea mw o rk s a nimation. [****] Diary Of A Wimpy Kid -No t r eally impresse d with thi s one ... d e finit e l y wait f o r th e video. [**] Alice In Wonderland-Alice r eturns to wonderland as a t ee nag e r to find out s h e h as to s l ay th e qu ee n Tim Burton' s f antasy film m ay b e too dark for kids. Made $116M! [***] Brooklyn Finest-Dir ector Antion e Fuqua (Training Day, The Shooter) puts togeth e r this police drama starring Don Cheadle, Richard Ger e and Wesle y Snipes.[***] Cop Out-Bruce Willi s and Trace y Morgan team up in this police buddy movie. Pretty funny. Enjoyed it! [*** 1/2] The Crazies-A virus turns the locals into murderous maniacs. Chaos at the highest level. [*** 1/2] Shutter Island-A Martin Scorsese 's horror movi e about aU. S Marshall (Lenardo De Caprio) inv es tigating a mental institution Worth Seeing. [****] Valentine's Day-A comedy I drama starring many stars including Jamie Foxx that is surt,uuJ. Wo(flnan -The wolfman gets busy on the locals. Not for kids. Nice twist at the end! [*** 1/2] Percy Jackson and The Olympians -Nice special effects. Kids will love thi s movie. [*** 1/2] From Paris With Love -John Travolta with his new bald look and goatee, is a perfect match for this action packed fun fill e d movie. Don't mis s this one, it's r eally goo d. [ .,_.,. 1/2] RATINGS **** Very Good I *** Good I ** Average I Wait For Video .. TBA ST ST. PETERSBURG. FL eAftiS OIPaN AT 2PM SHOW1'1ME 4PM TO PURCHASa TICIOTS LOG ON TO& WWW.FUNKFEST201 O.COM ORDER BY PIIOIII -877-548-3237 OR @ CLUII CHANNaL RADIO STATION LOCAno AT 4002 GANDY BLVD. FL POR MORE INPOitMATION VISIT! WWW.FUNKFESnAMPABAY.COM OR CALL 704 0 .ITIIIIMYPIP .,. HUlon ... _..,_ 5oa sAnd Horosco es ALL 1\" CHILDKEN. IR ronk.ssl'.S l'\ lrything t o Adam : Annit s t arts t o unr avel; Tad a nd Angie l"llmL' th ro ugh for Dam on Adnm \\'an t s Hrooke to giw th e m a chance ; A nnie blnckm1ils .JR; Dnvid n nd G reenlee pla n t o b e a force t o be reckoned with AS THE WORLD T URNS H olde n disa ppoint s M olly one.:' agai n ; Luke tries to get R eid t o l oosen u p in Texa s Roc o's wake nnd f un eral bring s drama t o th e Ciccon e h o u se h old; Gabrie l s urpri ses Lib e rt y ''ith a n i n c r e dibl e gift. BOLD AND THE BEAliTIFULDonna )!.oes back t o Eric t o r ec o ncile. th e n )!.i ves him a n ultim a tum : Owe n a nd .Jacki e pa1ticipn t e in a n o th e r Caba n a Boy" photo s h oo t a nd J ack i e n otices th a t Owe n i s acti n g differe ntl y th a n h e did in previo u s h oo t s Er i c i s dumbfound e d th a t Donna turn e d t o Bill for comf ort, a nd Bill co m es t o Donna's d e fense St effy overtly flirt s w ith Oliver a nd r e mind s him o f their kiss ; Eric a nd Stephani e's famil y r e j o i ce in th e idea th a t their p are nt s m ay reunite. DAYS OF OUR LIVES-H o p e run s into a familiar f ace at a poker ga me ; N a than insists on talking to M e l anie about th e ir f ee ling s for one a noth e r ; Chloe l ea rn s so m e mis inf o rmation from a nurse ; E.J s ugg ests to Sami that s h e a nd th e kid s mov e in with him. Philip and C hlo e com fort eac h other ove r mis t a k e n b elie fs; Sami t ells Raf e o f E.l's ideo a nd R a f e goe s off on h e r ; Stefano tri es t o get to know Will b y playing a gam e of c h ess with him; Hop e m ee t s with th e pok e r player nnd r e v ea l s h e r sec ret agenda. 0 GENERAL HOSPITAL-Thing s aren t looking good for Sonny; ::D Dante find s proof of Mic h ael's guilt; Luk e's certain H e l e na h as an evil plan in th e works. Dante m ay r evea l the truth about Mic ha el; Sonny hopes h e's gotten through to Dante; Skye turn s to Luk e for h e lp ONE LIFE TO LIFE -John promi ses M arty he 'll un cove r the z truth ; N a tali e's grateful for Brody 's s upp01t ; Laylajumps to the wrong :::! conclu s ion. K elly m ay get th e a n swe r s s h e's loo king for ; Natalie's h ea rt -broken b y J o hn 's l ac k of faith in h er; Langston falls for Ford 's manip -r ula tion. m THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS-Patty bla m es h e r misca r -p riage o n Phy lli s; Sarah allows Laur e n a phon e call. Emily's b r o th e r r thr ea t e n s P a tty 's sec r et; Laur e n a nd .Jana d ev i se a call for h e lp. ____ ...._._---HOROSCOPES z ., c: tD c f/) ::r: m c m < m Today' s Birthday--Ste e r your craft through agitated emotional -t w a ter s thi s year b y focusing on the practical d e tails. Release e motion s ffi in privat e when p oss ible. Cool down befor e m a king d ecis ions. Heal dif -fJ) ficult relation s hip s with compa ss ion for all ( es pecially yourseiO. C Taurus (April2o-May 20)-You almost hav e all th e per so n a l d e tail s fig ur e d out. There's o n e l as t thing : You h ave t o l e t everyo n e in )> on th e pla ns. Z Gemini (May 21-June 21) -To wr a p yo ur mind aro und a prob-C ., e m l e t your thoughts wander where the y may. Take note. Then for-::D mulate a solution. 6 Cancer (June 22-July 22) -If you k ee p your eye on the prize and adjust your demands to suit the group, progress will be made with out additional stress. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)-Just about anything you do today will work out nicely Consider balancing public appearances with a private financial conversation. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Someone stresses out over faulty communication equipment Resort to old-fashioned telephones. They may be retro, but they still work Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) Talk over any major decisions with co-workers. Devise a plan that reduces stress while accomplishing the desired changes Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) The beauty of having good luck today is that others find you especially clever. They don t realize just winging it. Keep them in the dark. Sagittarius (Nov. 21)-Responsibilities take you into a public forum where you analyze confusing situations and make re commendations based on experience. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)-Everything remains on an everi k e el. You'v e scoped out the details in advance and know exactly what needs to great? Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb. 18)-Don t get agitated if some things don t go your way. View issues as opportunities to gain ground or grow a new skill. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)-You wis h y ou could have it your way, and yo u re tempte d to ignore an older perso n s instructions. It w ould be much eas ier to adjust your d esi res to suit otflf}rs today. C) Aries (March 21-Apri119) -As carefully as you have defined m ea ch responsibility y ou discover that s ome people did not take notes. Review details privatel y to s upport the whole team_-.-. '$>


0 -____________________________________________________________________________ M N ...J a: 0.. c a: LL c a: LL c z c en w ::;:) 1-> a: w > w C w J: en ::::i m ::;:) D.. z .... .... ::;:) m ...:. w z i= z w en a: 0 ...J LL Panicipates In DeBanolo Familv Foundation Event F o rm r s t a nd o ut footb all playe r a t Arm woo d High a n d F n o w a m e mb e r o f th e T a mpa Bay Bucca n ee r s, Jarriett C. Buie, was invit e d t o p artici p a t e i n th e D e B a rt o l o F a mily Foundatio n 2 010 7t h All St a r Charity G a la. H e was a ce l e bri ty gues t a l o n g with Jim Leavitt, Jon Gruden, Warrick Dunn, Ricky Waters, Gary Sheffield, Steve Marriucci, Brad Culpepper, Michael Clayton, a nd m a n y o th e r s. Th e eve nt wa s h e ld at th e A La Cart e Event P avilio n Th e D e Bartolo Famil y Found a ti o n i s a n o n-pr ofit corp o r atio n c r ea t e d by th e m e mbers of th e Edward J. DeBartol o Jr. f a mil y to b e n efit l oca l co mmuniti es Th e Foundatio n annua l awa r d sc h o l a r s hip s to high chool s tud e nt s, pro vide s g rant s to individ u a l s and orga ni zatio n a n d pre se n ts th e Spirit of Hum anity Award h o n o rin g n o n-pr ofit, g ra root s orga n i za tien If .1 Left to right, Steve Marriuccie, Jarriett Buie and Jon Gruden. Jarriett's coach while at USF, Jim Leavitt. Hardy Robinson, brother of Jarriett Buie With 11 Picks, Bucs Aim To Plug lots Of Holes TAMP A -Tampa Bay's Mark Dominik i s frank about the importance of this year s draft to the rebuilding of the Buccaneers. With the third pick overall three in the top 42 and a total of 11 over seven rounds, the second-year general manager is under pressure to r e verse the team' s trend of unproductive selections. Coming off a 3 1 3 se ason in which they broke i n a rooki e c o ac h a n d q u arterba ck the Buc s ha ve glaring needs for help on the defensi v e line and playmakers on offen s e particu larl y at wide receiver Nebraska' s Ndamukong Sub and Okl ah oma s Gerald McCoy, the top defensive tack l es in tb,e draft both could be available at N o 3. Eith e r w ould fit into what coach Raheem Morris w ou l d l ike to d o on defense Tampa Bay hasn t w on a playoff game since the championship season Spoto Senior First To Sign 4-Year ScholarshiP BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter In 2006, Spoto High School op e ned its door s for th e first time. A m ember of its first graduating clas s, Jamarius McGraw, has the honor of being the first boy' s baske t ball player to sign a sc h o l arship to a 4-year institution, Benedict College in South Carolina McGraw h e lped lead the Spartans to their first winning season and a 16-7 record. He will graduate on Honors Court at Spoto June 8 2010. McGraw, a 6 '5" forward, said he feels he's earned this honor with his hard work and maturity McGraw said he visited the campus a month ago and was immediately impressed, especially with the coach, Fred Watson I thought he was very laid back and very knowledgeable about the game. I give my high school oa h Eric Baooks a I t f r dit f o r d v I ping m y s kill H 1 t m play h oo t in g g u ard in hi g h h o l o th e tra nsition would b s ign a 4 year Spoto. "I appreciat e all of th upport I 've gotten from my teachers and my par nt Shien and Lynn Pate. I'm looking forward to getting started." McGraw averaged 10 points, 4 rebounds, 4 ass i sts, and 2 blocks a game. He also said his primary focus i earning his degree in engineering or as an anesthesio logist. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers


Sports ::o 0 Steelers Reacquire Bvron lehwich BYRON LEFTWICH And BEN ROEHUSBERGER PITTSBURGH --The Ste e l e r s reacquired quarterback Byron Leftwich by dealing a seventh-round draft pick to Tampa Bay, a s i g n they expect Ben Roethlisberger to be s u spended for the start of th e season. Leftwich backed up Roethlisberger in 2008, when the Steelers won the Super Bowl. He knows offensive coordinator Bruce Arians' sys tem and could be ready to play Sept. 12 when the Steelers open against Atlanta. The Steelers play three teams that didn' t make the playoffs the Falcons, Bucs and Titans plu s d i i s i on rival B altim o r e i n the ir fir s t f our ga m e s a p e r i o d that could s pan a ny Roethlisberger s u s p e n s i on. Big Ben To Be Suspended For 4-6 Games While the l eag u e s d ecision i s not yet offic ial the NFL i s prepared t o send a m essage t o Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers quarterback will be s uspended for 4-6 games du e to a violation of the l eag u e s personal conduct policy, leagu e sour ces t o ld FOXSports.com. The puni s hment will esse n tially be a conditional suspen s ion based both on any new information that arises surrounding Roethlisberger and also his b e havior moving forward after speaking to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell la s t week in New York. Woman Accuses Colts Before AFC Title Game ERIC FOSTER INDIANAPOLIS --A 22year-old hotel receptionist has filed a lawsuit against Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Eric Foster, claiming he sexually assaulted her in his room before the AFC Championship game in January. The complaint accuses Foster of luring the woman into his room at the University Place Hotel in Indianapolis on Jan. 24 before the Colts played the New York Jets under the pre tense that there was a main tenance problem. Once she was in his room, Foster exposed himself to the woman, touched and groped her, and forced the woman to engage in deviate sexual acts," the complaint alleges. In the suit, which was filed April 13 in Marion County Circuit Court and seeks unspeciJied damages, the woman accuses Foster of sexual assault, battery, fa l se imprisonment and intention al infliction of emotional dis tress. The woman decided to sue Foster after -prosecutors declined to file charges against him. Campus police interviewed the woman and Foster and reviewed surveillance videos and the alleged crime scene. Eagles Get Sims. L .ions Get Scheffler. Broncos Pick ERNIE SIMS PHILADELPHIA Looking to upgrade thei r lin ebac k e rs, th e Philadelphia Eagles a r e hoping former first-round pick Ernie Sims can b e a so lution. The Eagles acquired Sims in a three-way deal with Detroit and Denver on Monday. Philad e lphia dealt a fifth-round pick to the -Broncos, who are sending tight end Tony Scheffler and a seventh-round pick to the Lions. Vikings Re-Sign Backup QB Jackson TARVARIS JACKSON EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -The Minnesota Vikings resigned backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson Monday as they wait for Brett Favre to decide if he will return for another season. Jackson was a restricted free agent who was given a one-year tender worth $1.176 million. He served in a backup role to Favre last season and appeared in eight games. The fifth-year team veteran has 19 career starts with 21 career touchdowns passing and four rushing. A second-round pick out of Alabama State in 2006, Jackson became the Vikings' first-string quarterback in 2007. He started all 12 games in which he appeared, miss ing the other four with a ety of injuries : strained groin, broken finger and a concussion. He also has had knee problems during his career. He struggled in his only playoff appearance, after the 2008 season, going 15 for 35 for164 yards in a loss to Philadelphia. McNabb Open To T.O.In D.C. \\"as hin g t o n Redskins 4lla r t e rb al'k Donovan McNabb h as en co u rage d th e t e am ::; staff t o conside r s i gning freea gent wide recei\'Cr Terrell Owens. despite the a c rim o ny th a t marked their time as Philadelphia Eagles t eamm a t es a ccordin g to multipl e so urces. Coach Mike Shanahan said the Redskins a r e n o t actively pursuing Owens. A team source said the R edskins hav e mad e up grad in g th e ir wid e r ece i ver posi tion a hi g h priority, but pre fer to avo id bringing Owens into their locke r room if TERRELL OWENS And DONOVAN M C NABB another solutio n can be found. On Tuesday, McNabb denied approaching the Redskin s a b out hi s former teammate, but multiple sources co nfirm e d the sub j ect ha s b ee n discussed. Woods Commits To Quail Hollow Tiger Woods has committed to pl ay in the Qu a il Hollow Championship, April 29-May 2, at Quail Hoilow Club in Charlotte, N.C., he announced Thursday. It wiii be the second event of the year fo1. who tied for fourth last week in the Masters Tournament. Woods has always enjoyed playing at Quail Hoilow, one of the top courses on the PGA Tour. He won the tournament in 2007. TIGER WOODS )> ""D :D I N w 1\) 0 ..... 0 r-0 ::D 0 > CJJ m z m r-1 m c: r r-z "C c: m r-(i) :::1: m c m < m Earlier this week, Woods also committed to the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links from June 17-20, The last time the tournament was held there in 2000, he won -1 by a record-breaking 15 strokes. CJJ z WALL 10 WALL ... HOP, OlD SCHOOl.., an; R&B & FEBGAE NlaHT WfTH DJ SMI'' I Z IJ DJ 8MOOJH 2417 HOTUNE: (813) 221-3582 802-806 E. WI-lTING S't DOWNTOWN TAMPA Dlr8ct Conlaclll: 813 732-GM3 483-1W1'Zl 230-80158 IXXlR8 OPEN@ 1CJ>M 18 & UPWEI..COME "'OEIIATIOII UIIDERGROUIU' c > z c ::D c Q m ..


__ N ...J a: a. c a: u. c a: u. c z c en w :::) 1-: w > w c w ::J: en ::::i m :::) a. z Gangstarr's Guru loses Banle With Cancer GURU Hip-Hop fans, we're sad to report t h at we've l ost an oth e r legend as Gangstarr's Keith "Guru" Elam lost his fight w i t h canc e r on Monday. The veteran 1C was 43-years old Guru first made his pres ence felt as part of th e group Gangstarr with DJ P r emie r in 1989 with th e r e lease of thei r fir s t album No More Mr. Nic e Guy. Th e pairing of the Boston MC a nd the Texas producer yielded the smash "Mamjest" <:is Guru spit enlig hten lfiii. l yrics. .o t Afte r Gangstarr ca lle(f W qui ts a r o und 2cm<:f arte r fin a l r e lease T h e Owne ri, Guru h ea d e d out on a s olo ex p edition with producer S o l a r and r e leased his las t effort Guru B.o: Lost & F ound in 2009. Moniuue's Brother Admits To Molesting Her As A Child GERALDIMFS to the light a s was the case for the family of comedienn e /actress Monique. Shortl y a fter revealin g her motivation in her acting for Precious and e xposing the sexual abuse endured within her family, her brother, Gerald lmes, c a m e forw a rd to speak with Oprah and admit for the fir s t tim e, tha t he molested hi s y oung e r si s ter. i= w "I' m not a monster, I'm her :I older b r other. The estranged relationship now has come to a point where Monique prefers that her brother cease all contact with her in the future. ffi Everything that is done in the dark will eventually come w z i= z w en C a: 0 ...1 u.. I co ,... w (!) Kelis Seeks Rush On Divorce FromNas NAS And KELlS Afte r reac h ing a settl eme n t o n c h i ld s up port a n d spo u sa l support payments, Kelis is officially rea d y to termin a t e h er ma rri age from Nas. Nas was facing a c ont e mpt of c ourt c h a rg e b eca u se h e owed Kelis $ 2oo,ooo in b ac k e d child support for thei r s o n, Knight. T h a t c harge was droppe d h o wever aft e r h e p aid her $ so ,oo o in s upp o rt p ayme nt s in a d d i tio n t o a po rti o n of h e r l ega l fees, acco u n tin g expe n ses a nd s p o u sa l s upp ort to t a lin g close t o $300,000. Now s h e's fil ed cou r t p a p e rs aga in thi s tim e t o exp e dit e th e t e rmination o f h e r m a r r i age Sh e as k e d for a r u s h in th e di v orc e se ttlem e nt. Kelis filed the p a p ers b e c a u se sh e f ears that th e final proceedings could take y e a rs to sort out and she wants to r e sol v e all other issues at "a later time. Talib Kweli Laptop was Stolen But Has Been Retrieved TALIBKWELI Reflection Eternal/ Blacksmith CEO Talib Kweli found himself a victim over the weekend after someone stole his personal belongings. According to the emcee via Twitter, someone broke into Jean Grae's dressing room while the duo was performing in Melbourne, Australia. While away at the concert the thief entered the dressing room and stole Kweli's laptop and cell phone. Fortunatel y, the hotel were Talib was residing was able -to provide footage of the thief entering and then leaving the dressing room. Odd thin g i s that the thief w as later ide n ti fied a s an Australian man, who is a fan of both Jean Grae and Talib Kweli Although Talib received his laptop and cell phone, Talib did state that the thief kept his New York Yankee" fitted tho. 50 Cent To Track His Slave Roots In Upcoming VH-1 Documentarv 50 Cent has team d up with \ H 1 t o give fans a g limp s of his family his t ory. The ""Rock Doc," whi h i being produce d in conjunction with 50 Cent and Roadside Entertainment, i part of the substantial new prog r amm i ng VH1 i u nveil i n g for 2010 whic h wa inspired by the networks viewers. T h e VH1 R oc k Doc k titl e d so' s Roo ts, w ill feature 50 Cent as h e h ea d s t o th e dee p S o uth in sea r c h o f his famil y's s l ave lin eage so' s Roots will a l so s h owcase the Qu ee ns-new programmi n reflects a tu dy VH1 con d u t e d t o gai n i n sig h t in to w hat vie w ers of the n etwo r k actu a l l y wan ted to see. Khia Drops aeen A Bad Girl' Music Video S o m ay b e thi s w as th e r ea s on for th e unre l e nting, a nd almo s t se n se l ess verb a l a bu se towards fe llow fe m a l e r a p pers e sp e c i all y Nicki Minaj. It looks like Khia has forc e d enough attention to h erself that sh e could a ctu ally r e vital ize her rap car eer and drop a video KH1A


Sports :o Coolio's Being Asked Young Jeezv Drops ] For Child Suppon Trap Or Die 2: The Movie Pavments coouo It seems as though Coolio just can't find an escape from legal troubles. Fresh off having a bench wa rrant for hi s a rrest dismi sse d m o r e fina n c i a l i ss u es a r e kn oc kin g o n th e f orme r r appe r 's d oo r as hi s b a b y's moth e r is demanding that h e start paying child s upport. With documentation stating that h e earns just ove r $1,300 a month, the woman is telling the rapper to pay her $300 monthly for his one-year-old son, Christopher Kal El Ivey Bellesi. Much deeper than making payments, the woman says that it has become a necessary step at this point. -Steve Harvev Hit With $21 Tax lien From The IRS STEVE HARVEY Seems like funnyman Steve Harvey has an issue with the IRS that's no laughing matter. The IRS filed a $2,159,204 lien against his company Wonder Love, Inc. Harvey's lawyer Ricky Anderson says the comedian was unaware of the lien and stated, "He' s certainly unable to give any comment. He s got competent tax counsel in Chicago that handles all of his tax affairs." Steve Harvey also recent ly struck a deal with BET to air his "Steve Harvey Show" on the network's new sister station Centric. Set to air later this year, Steve will offer relationship advice on the show and interview other entertainers and celebrities. LLOYD BANKS Acc ording toG-Unit's Uoyd Banks, his r eturn, and the positive r e ception, has stirred his old offices of Interscope Records and they are trying to get the rapper back on the team. Contemplating making the move back, Banks stated that the only way he would leave the independent route and move back in who be if the label issued an apology and mad e it known that they would never doubt him again. Jav-z Returning To Saturdav Night live It's _been almost 10 years since -rapper J ay-Z made his debut on the show "Saturday Night Live", but it seems that he will finally make his return. Expected to appear on the Mother's Day episode, Jay is set to make his second perfor mance, with the set airing on May8. K ee ping prom o tion high for his ne w n ap m Die :! mix t ape Young JeeZ ) is r e l eas in g a traile r f o r th e upcomin g pro j e ct. The tra il e r features a n unre l e a sed ong titl e d "1)ap Or Die 2 : R eloade d and comes courte s y of Atl anta's myn Decatur Dan who capture d th e rapp e r in th e s tudio f o r a candid look behind th e s cen e s Don Cannon is also featured in the video confirming YOUNGJEEZY his replace m ent of D.J Drama. 1\) 0 ...... 0 T.l. savs New Album Will complete Trilouv Already comparing his upcoming project, King Uncaged, to 2Pac's All Ey e z On Me, T.I. is continuing to build his return to rap to being a momentous occasion With the story starting back in 2007 the rapper is stating that his next release in August will put an end to the trilogy. Connecting with Rolling Stone, the King of the South spoke on his best friend' s murder inspired a story that started with T .I. us. T.I.P and the process after "From there the schizophre nia of it all led to an unfortu nate chain of events that left me incarcerated with federal T.I. 0 :0 en m z =' z m r-1 m c: rr-z "'D weapons charges, which &i inspired Paper Trail, and rnow, people are waiting to en hear the end of the story. c m < Ice Cube Introduces His en While the 90's era of West Coast music tries to remain a dominant force, there will ICE CUBE come a time when rapping will no longer be an option for the likes of Snoop Dogg and other prominent rappers from the golden age. Although Ice Cube is show ing hostility towards some of the new generation and isn t too concerned with helping to mold any of the new artists, he is; however, ready to bring in s .ome heat with his own new talent. c )> z c :0 c Keeping things in the fami-"'0 ly, Cube looks reAdy .to pass l) the torch down to up and m coming rapper OMG, who also happens to be his son. }>


0 0 "' M Funerals/Memoriam "' ...J a: Cl. vember 16, 1929, in Tampa. Sylvester, Stephon Morrison &:D and Gary Hicks, II; great ..J grandchildren, Allen, Arthur, W Aaron, NikKetta, Neylay, King Z Zion, Kevin, Stephen, Kareem, i= Seandrea, Trevion, DeAndre, Z K'niyah, Wileacia, W annaisha W and Jaylan; brother, Alonzia en Jones Giles; siste.rs-in-law, < Richardean Davis, Florida Mae C Davis, Dorothy Davis and Beta: tie Giles; sorrowing relatives, 0 Willard, Alice, Carolyn and AnLt gela Davis, and the Davis, Lil-< I 0 N w <( lie, Joyner and Balkman families; special friends, Mary Filmore, Ella Dawkins, Robert and Helen Morrison, Herbert and Luella Carrington, Elnora Boone, Ralph and Beatrice Malone, Alicia Black, Jocelyn Carpenter and Vmcent Sampson; and a host of sorrowing e:\ :tended family members, friends and the St. Peter Claver Church Family. The visitation will be held at Aikens Funeral Home from s-8 p. m., Friday evening. The catholic wake service 'viii be from 6-7 p. m. at Aikens Funeral Home. The friends are asked to meet at the church on Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL H OME MR. ERNEST SIMMONS Oi ROYAL, JR. Homegoing services (6 '1\{r. Ernest Simmons Royal, Jr. of 1106 W Arch Street, Tampa, who passed away on Sunday, April 18 2010, will be h eld on Friday, April 23, 2010, at 1 p.m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Glenn Jones, officiating. Interment will be in Florida National Cemetery. Ernest Simmons Royal, Jr. was the son of Dallas and Laura Grant of Lake Butler, Florida. He served in the United States Army, World War II veteran. He was resident ofTampa, for so years. He leaves to cheris h his memories: 4 nieces, Diane Grant of Lakeland, Laura Grant of Dallas, TX, Brenda Grant and Linda Jones, both of Lakeland; 3 nephews, Leroy Grant, Jr., Austin, TX, Frederick Grant and Grant, both of Winter Haven; goddaughter, Julia Wright and husband, Van, the son he never had; he also had a host of friends NA Group, which he enjoyed sharing his life with. The family and friends are a sked to meet on Friday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME www.aikensfuneralhome.net IN MEMORIAM BARRY A:. TON Sunrise: May 4 1974 Sunset: Apri119, 2008 It's been 2 years since we laughed and joked together and told you ho" much we love and miss you. There isn't a day that goes by that we don' t think about you. Love, mom and family MRS. SYLVIA D. YOUNG Homegoing services for Mrs. Sylvia D. Young of 3104 E 29th Avenue, who passed away Wednesday, April 14 2010, will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 12 noon at New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 3201 E Lake Avenue, with Rev H L. Daniels pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Sylvia D. Young was born July 4 1948, in Tampa. She was a graduate of Middleton High School, Class of 1967 Mrs. Young accepted Christ as h e r personal Savior and was baptized at age 13. She met and married the love of her life, Isaac Young, Jr. on November 12 1971 and to this union two children were born. In her spare time she enjoyed studying God' s Word, spending time with family and painting. Mrs. Young was employed by Hillsborough County School Board for 32 years. She was a member of New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, where she faithfully served as u Sunday School teacher, a member of the Adult Women Mission, and a member of the Deaconess Board. Mrs. Young was preceded in death by both of her parents and three siblings. She i s survived by: her loving husband and caregiver, Isaac Young, Jr.; daughter, Alicia Young (Tyrone); son, Isaac Young, III; stepson, Wilard Henry (Marania); grandci,.Hdren, Kenecia Bell, Kenny Bell, Sylvia Bell (namesake) and Darnell Delvin; step granddaughter,. Karen Henry; sister, Annette McHayle; aunts, Bessie Lee Baker and Annie Grace Baker of Conyers, Georgia; nieces, Yolanda Brown, Faye Brinson, Tameka Ellison, and Sheniqua Ellison; nephew, Kishande Warren and Mark Wilson; a lifelong friend, Marde Johnson; and a host of great nieces, nephews, cousins and other sorrowing relatives and friends. The viewing will take place at Aikens Funeral Home on Friday, April 23, 2010, from s-8 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the Church for the service on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME www.aikensfuneralhome.net MS. ROBERTA WHITE Funeral services '1-vi ll be held for Ms. Roberta White on Snturdny, April24, 2010, at 10 u. m ut The Garden Of Pence, located nt Wes t Spencer Street, Plant ity, FL. 33S63. Ms. Roberta White, a native of Selma, Alabama, and longtime resident of Plant City, departed this life for eternity on Tuesday, Apri113, 2010. As an avid church servant, she accepted the Lord at an early age. She was a member of the Emmanuel Seventh Day Adventist Church, where she met and married Leopold White. She Iuter began to regularly attend services held at Gilmore Seventh Day Adventist Church, located in Lakeland. She will be remembered as a hurd worker who was always willing to lend u helping hand. She was preceded in death by: her mother, Josephine Smiley Lawson; father, Willie Edward Mitchell; brothers, William l,lnd Roosevelt Smiley and Clarence Washington; daughter, Josephine Davis Argo; granddaughter, LaMecca MinterMoore; and beloved nephew, William Smiley, Jr. She leaves to mourn: four sons, Clarence Davis, Israel Davis, Joseph (Victoria) Davis and Wayne Patrick White; four daughters,_Linda Ruffin, Delois (Larry) Spillman, Celia (Terry) Rhines and Jasmine White; ten grandsons, Tywund (J'von) Minter, Clarence Davis, Jr., Portiar Argo, Israel Davis, Jr., Cadreml Davis, Joseph Davis, Jr., Jacob Davis, Joshua Davis, Kia Rhines and Amarri Rhines; eight granddaughters, Jasmine Davis,. LaKeiya (Taddeus) McNeal, Syleigh Fuller, Darnisha Washington, Chantel Vickers, Chantez Carter, Portera Argo and Jaidyn Rhines; beloved nieces, Beatrice Smiley and Beverly (Fred) Simmons; a host of great grandsons, great granddaughters and cousins; devoted and beloved friends of the family, Douglas (Pearl) Hunter and Briah Coffee; a host of extended relatives and friends that have gone unnamed, but never onnoted. Services of love entrusted to CHARLOW FUNERAL HOME, 1010 E. Laura Street, Plant City, FL,33563. 'Earth no sorrow heaven can not heal.' Family Owned & Operated Everett-Derr & Anderson Funeral Home 5117 North 22nd Street Tampa, Florida 33610 RAYMOND ANDERSON LF. D 813-237-5775 Personalized Funeral Services Shipping & Cremation ( )ur Fan1 i lv Can Your Fatnil\ "s Needs r------------, Ray 1 : Williams I Mr. harlc Gnrdn r ,Jr. of 3610 E n s l 33rd Av nu pn, s d nwuy nturdny, Apri11 2010. A grnveside s rvi will b condu ted Monday April 26, 2010, at 1 p. m. at Floridu Nn tionttl Cemetery in Bushn II, FL, with Reverend Calhun offi luting. Entombment will follow immediately. Mr. hurl s Gnrdn r ,Jr. was 11 nutiv ofFioridu und 11 r sid nt of Tnmpu for 67 y ur .H nttended Bluke High hoot. II served in th U. Army for 22 years und r tlr d u s u Mus t r Sergeant. Although h wunt d to make u car er In th Mlliblry, his illne s for ed him tor tir N vertheless, h e was proud to s rv his country even ufter h hnd r tired. His deep vole, jok s, und ever present cam ru in hi hund will be greutly missed. Mr. Gardner wus prec d d in deuth by: his parents, Lillie und Charlie Gardner; und 2 sisters, Willie Mne and Elsie. He lcav s to ch rish his m m ory: his loving nod curing wit;, Luuru Ga.rdner and frunily, Sonya Salter, Paul Scale, and David Scale; grandchildren, James Salter, Katey cal Austin Albright, Dustin ule and Deven Seale; and 3 sisters, Ella Johnson, Phyllis Dixon, and Mattie Ruth Hogue. THERE WILL BE NO PUBLIC VIEWING. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners, 301 N. Howard Ave. t 2301 N. Nebraska Avenue Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 224-9557 FOUNDED ON FAITH "Home OfThe Brst Package Deals"


Funerals/Memoriams MR. JEFFREY LENELL NILES Mr. Jeffrey Lenell Niles of 2208 N. Grady Ave., passed away Friday, April 16, 2010. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 11 a. m. at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, 4025 West Palmetto Street, Rev. A. W. Greene, pastor, with Rev. Wallace Z. Bowers, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. J effrey L. Niles was a native of Tampa, and a resident of Tampa for 56 years. He attended A. P. Leto Comprehensive High School and was a graduate of the University of Florida where he became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity in 1973. He was a member of St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church and served on the Deacon Board. He was employed as a Business Response Representative at Verizoo. He leaves to cherish his memory: brother, Fredrick (Sherlie) Niles; sister, .Phyllis Niles; nieces, Nichole Rhoden and Chelsea Niles; grand nephews, Rodney Rhoden, Jr., Shannon Edwards, Jr. and Caiden Edwards; aunts, Lucille N. Franklin and Geneva Niles; cousins, Gilbert Franklin, Ronald (Sandra) Jalen, Wilbert, Wtlbert, Jr. and Walter (Vivan) Niles, Karen and Carlton Cooper, Karla, Bria, Maurice and Nyah Moore, Andrea (Precious) and Andre Franklin, Ja'varis Jackson, Andrea .,'ranklin and fiance, Tyrone Mitchell, Tydre Mitchell, Greg (Brendolyn), Greg, Jr. (Sabina), Alexis and Aliyah Currington, Anika (Michael) Davis, Fredrick Dean and family, and Charles and Linda Williams of New York; goddaughter, Lenise Brewster and family; godsister, Audrey Myles and family; special friends, the Logan and Wiggs family, the Stephens family, the Smith famil y, the Honeywell family, the Copeland family, the White Family, the Pressley Fam ily, Adriane Hicks, Helen Smith and Family, Fontaine Marion and Family, Reginald Nickson and Family, Miriister and Sister Gray Elder Welch and Family, Rev. W. Z. Bowers and the St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. A. W. Greene and the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, Verizon employees, and the Department of Corrections; and a host of other family, relatives and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p. m. today, Friday, April 23, 2010, at Ray Williams Funeral Home 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. MR. OSCAR FRENCH, JR. A celebration of life for Mr. Oscar French, Jr. who passed away Sunday, April18, 2010, will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 4 p. m. at Beulah Institutional Baptist Church, 1006 W. Cypress Street, Tampa, Rev. W. James Favorite, pastor, officiating. Interment will be held on Monday, April 26, 2010, at 10 a. m. at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, FL. He was the first of four children born to the union of Patsy and Oscar French, Sr. in Greenwood, FL. After serving in the United States Army, he moved to Florida where he worked as an educator in Orange and Hillsborough Counties for 35 years. After retirement, French, as he was affectionately called, enjoyed traveling and playing golf. He was an avid supporter of his alma mater, Florida A&M University. He leaves to cherish his memories: a loving and devoted wife, Ruby; a stepdaughter, Tasha McCray Williams and husband, Kevin of Orange Park, FL; brothers, Robert French and wife, Gail of Tallahassee, and James French and wife, Twila of Maryland; sister, Wilma Fields of Maryland; and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Stone's Memorial Funeral Home. from 5-8 p.-m. on Friday, April 23, 2010. The family will friends from 7-8 p m Fnends are asked to assemble at the church at 3:45p.m. on Saturday, April 24, 2010. Arrangements entrusted to Stone's Memorial Funeral Home, Edward W. Stone, Jr., L. F. D. "A FANNIE B. STONE TRADITIONAL SERVICE" BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM JAMES SMILEY, JR. Your memory still lives on in our hearts. The Smiley Family. A Family Friend In Their Time Of Need" 4605 N. 34th Street (813) 239-3101 JIMMY JACKSON ... Owner MRS. MICHELLE L. QUICK-COHEN WILSON Homegoing service for Mrs. Michelle L. Quick-Cohen Wilson of Riverview, FL, who passed away on Wednesday, April 14, 2010, will be held Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 11 a. m. at Rivers of Life Ministry, 301 Lakewood Drive, Brandon, 33510, Reverend Curtis Swafford, pastor, with Pastor Carothers Billingsly, Jr., officiating. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Michelle leaves to cherish memories of her: husband, Marcus K. Wilson, Jr.; children, Fredrick Cohen, III, Fredricka Cohen, Jadea Wilson and Marcus K. Wilson, III; her parents, father, Glenn Quick, Sr. (Sherryl) of Tampa; mother, Bonita Ross (Bobby) of Orlando; grandmother, Frances Underwood of Tampa; sister, Latasha Quick of Orlando; two brothers, Micheal Quick of Tampa, and Glenn Quick, Jr. (Shakena) of Orlando; five aunts, Ammie Smith (Raymoo), Annie Pittman (Anthony) ofTampa, Phyllis Braxton of Savannah, GA, Natalie Jacob of Fort Myers, FL, and Janice Phillips of Cleveland, OH; two uncles, Robert Phillips and Freddy Phillips; two devoted friends, Lionettae Williams (Ricardo) and Camille Williams, both of Tampa; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives, sorrowing friends and students. Michelle was born June 22, 1978, to Bonita Ross and Glenn L. Quick, Sr. in Tampa. She graduated from King High School, Class of 1997 Michelle furthered her education by attending Hillsborough Community College, Phoenix and Everest University where she received her Associates, Bachelor and Master degrees. She entered her teaching profession in 2005 where she taught at Booker T. Washington, Webb and E isenhower Middle Schools as a Math teacher. She received a certificate from the Bible Institute of Ormond Beach. Michelle was a devoted wife and mother. She was a faithful member of Rivers Of Life Church. Michelle was a role model to everyone who had the pleasure of being in her presence. The viewing of the body will be held on Friday, April 23, 2010, from 5-9 p. m. at Wtlson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street, Tampa, 33605. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 10:45 a. m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wi]son-funeralhome.com MINISTER HAROLD JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ Homegoing celebration for Minister Harold Joseph Roo{ Tampa, who passed away Saturday, April 17, 2010, will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 11 a. m. at 29th Street Church of Christ, 3310 N. 29th Street, with Minister Haywood Brooks, officiating. Interment will follow in Res t Haven Memorial Park Cemetery with Military Honors Harold was preceded in death by: his father, Mario V. Rodriguez; mother, Mary E. Morris; brother, Romcllo Rodriguez; and sister, Mary L. Hammonds. He leaves to cherish many loving memories; his wife, Deborah J. Rodriguez; 3 daughters, Tasha Rodriguez, Tangela Rodriguez and Toya Rodriguez; brother, Eric Morris; 4 sisters, Lenetha Bethel (William); Ferda Owns; Brenda Moultrie and Mary Middleton (Herman); uncle, Joe Brown; 2 aunts, Ruth Jacobs (Herbert) and Anna Jones (Johnny); 15 grandchildren; nieces, nephews, cousins and a host of other relatives friends. Minister Harold Rodriguez was born on October 27, 1951 in South Carolina to the parentage of Mario and Mary Rodriguez. He attended school in Tampa (Hillsborough County), and graduated from Howard W. Blake High School, Class oft970. He served a short time in the Air Force. He later married Deborah Henderson on June 7, 1986. He attended Florida School Of Preaching in Lakeland. He gave 14 years of devoted service as Minister and Teacher at the 29th Street Church of Christ. The remains will repose from 5-9 p.m., Friday, April23, 2010, at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street. Friends arc asked to assemble at the church at approximately 10:45 a.m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www. wilson-funeralhome.com IN MEMORIAM BOBBY BELLAMY, SR. April 26, 2000 A decade ofmemories.and a decade of feeling our loss. We miss you. Your Family. CRISIS MR. WILLIAM HENRY SHARPE JR. Homegoing eel bration for Mr. William H nry Sharpe, Jr. of Lutz, FL, who passed away Friday, April 16 2010, will b e held Saturday, April 23, 2010, at 2 p. m. at University Baptist Church, 2121 131st Avenue, with the pastor, Reverend Don Grantham, officiating. Interment will be mad on Monday, Aprll26, 2010, at11:30 a.m. at Florida National metcry, Bushnell, FL, with Mllltnry Honors. Bill leaves to cherish fond "TT memories of him with: his b au-r tiful wife, Parthenia G. Sharpe; 0 son William Henry Sharpe, Ill :::D (Nicole); daughters, Monica C Scott, Sonica Sharpe, Veronica )> Sharpe and Jessica Plaskett CJ) (Dwayne); grandchildren, Lyzaria Lanai, Sherita, -t Dashawn, Denise, Eric, Erika, z Warren, Renee, Kyron, m Kaleaqwea, Kachyla, Jerral, r;Dwayne, Jr. Davon; great aJ grandchild, Taeviah; sisters, C: Charlotte Sharpe Davis and Carita Shores; nieces, Corvette ITJ Nelson, Tonya Nelson, Vonita :::! Summers and Shawn Davis Lise Z (Michael); nephew, Marvin "tJ Davis (Shanice); great nieces C: and nephews, Ja.iran, Morgan, Javon, Brian, Brandon, Courte-en nay, Malik, Cadejah, Marcus and :X: Taneashwa. r (Te-Te). m Bill will be missed by a host of C other family and friends as 'well. m Mr. Sharpe was born in Cov-< ington, Kentucky, on April 6, m 1943, to the late William Henry Sharpe, Sr. and Ramona Pinkins -t Sharpe. He was married to the c: love of his life, Parthenia G. m Sharpe for over 41 years and to CJ) this union five children were g born. < Mr. Sharpe served in the )> Armed Forces, Navy Branch and Z received his honorable dis-C charge in 1964. He r elocate d to "TT Tampa, where he worked for :::D Hillsborough County as a C Telecommunications Computer Specialist. Bill had a passion for playing the drums and was the drummer for his church, University Baptist Church. The remains will repose from 5-9 p. m. and the family will receive friends from 5-6 p. m., Friday, April 23, 2010, at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 1:45 p. m., Saturday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilsoo-funeralbome.com HN HARMON LFD.813 626-8600 lAMES HARMoN LFD JO 5002 N. 40th Street Florida 33610 C) m N ..... I )>


or--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------..-0 N ("') N -I a: Q.. <{ 0 a: u. 0 a: LL 0 z < 0 ffi ::l 1-> a: w > w 0 w :I: en :J m ::l Q. z t= w _. _. ::l m ...J w z t= z w en < 0 a: 0 _. LL Funerals/Memoriams MR. CHARLIE BIRLTHOMAS Homegoing celebration for Mr. C harli e Birl Thomas of Tampa, who passed away Friday, April 6, 2010, will be held Saturday, April 23, 2010, a t 2 p. m. at Souls Harbor Church of God, 5308 East Columbus Drive, Pastor Lonnie Stewart, officiating, Pastor Richard Johnston, Eulogist. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery with Military Honors. He was preceded in death by: his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Lizzie) Thomas; two sons, Samuel Thomas (Sparkey) and Robert Easley; 2 daughters, Lizzie Mae Thomas and Vivian Thomas; 2 brothers, Hawthorne Thomas and Henry Thomas and sister, Laura Yeoman. His memory will be cherished by: htS loving kids, Cora Butler, Eleanor Turner and Moses, Charlie Thomas, Jr., Eartha Thomas, Charles and Linda Thomas, Laura and Leon Willis, Clem Brown, Willie Tyson, Carmen Thomas and Martel, Annastovia Davis, Tommy Jones, Joyce Davis and Lewis and Synita Kendricks; grandkids, Sandra Thomas, Samuel Thomas, TwiJa Turner, Harlem Turner, II, Harlem Turner, III, Kiwanna Alexander, Christy Turner, Charles R. Thomas, Jr., Chris Thomas and fiance, Treciece; Lizzie Thomas, Lowe, Charlie Thomas, lli, Antonio Davis, Steven Freeman, Deroo Thomas, Tiffanie Thomas, Shannon Thomas and Robert, Marquis Thomas, Tanesha Maxwell, Shantiara Maxwell, Martel Nealey, Zharia Thompson, Barbara Butler, Kayla Butler, Cashara Butler, April Anderson, Joyce Mitchell and Harold; LaShay Willis, Clem Brown, II, Kierra Brown, Teddy Brown, Janaellya Brown, Janae Brown, Omar Barker, Sharita Sanders, Escue Jones, Betty Ann Jones, Timothy Jones, Tommy Jones, Tiffany Jones, Beneka Tyson, Lachela Tyson, Willie Tyson and Letras Tyson; 73 great grandkids; niece, Vivian Gibson; and 2 nephews, Ruben Yeoman and Reginal Thomas. Mr. Charlie Thomas was born February 3 1924, in Smithville, Georgia, and was a resident of Tampa, for over 7 5 years. He was a member of Souls Harbor Church of God. Mr. Thomas also served in the United States Army. The remains will repose from s-9 p. m. and the family will receive friends from 7-8 p. m., Friday, April 23, 2010, at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street. Friends are asked to assemble at the church at approximately 1:45 p.m., Saturday. A Wll.SONSERVICE" www.wilsonfuenralbome.com MR. CLYDE C. DAVIS, SR. .. A celebration of the life of Mr. C l y d e C Davis, Sr., who passed away o n April 14, 2010, will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 10 a. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street, with Reverend Henry Hunter, officiating. Mr. Davis was born on December 11, 1930, in Caryville, FL, and moved to Tampa over 40 years ago. He retired in 1994 from Cargill Chemical Plant where he had worked for 23 years. Mr. Davis is survived by: his wife of 40 years, Lillie Mae; a son, Charles; daughters, Betty Davis and Susan Dempsey; 2 stepsons, John and David Coy, a stepdaughter, Linda Coy; 2 brothers, John Lewis and Hardy Davis; sister, Rose Stallworth; many grandchildren, great grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews. Hours of visitation for Mr. Clyde C. Davis, Sr., will be Friday evening .from s-8 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home. The family will receive friends from 5:30-6:30 p. m. Friends attending the homegoing services are asked to assemble at Harmon Funeral Home at 9:45 a. m., Saturday. A HARMON BURIAL. IN MEMORY OF OUR MOTHER MRS. MINNIE LEE WINGATE 11/22/43-4/23/09 It's only been 1 year now since you have been gone away from your family and friends. We all miss and love you so much, but we know God has put you in a better place. Love always. Your son, daughter and grandkids. <{ ; MR. CHARLES EDWARDDIX Mr. Charles Edward Db:, 61. passed away on March 3 2010, in Tampa. A memorial service will b e h eld Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 4 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street, Tampa, 33610, Rev. Larry Troope, officiating. C harles was born May 25, 1948, in Midway, Georgia. Charles attended the public schools of Hillsborough County and was a member of the H. W. Blake High Sc"hool graduating class of 1967 He was preceded in death by: his maternal grandparents, Charlie Roberts and Helen Clinton; paternal grandparents, James Dix, Sr. and Corinne Dix; uncles, Charles Stevens, William (Bill) Williams, and Leo J. Roberts. Charles will be sorely missed. Charles is survived by: a loving iomily who will cherish many wonderful memories of him: daughter, Charla L. nixHernandez (Armando), Thonotosassa, FL; mother, Charlie Mae Brumfield, Tampa; father, James E. Dix, Jr. (Ora), Worchester, MA; uncles, Albert Roberts (Bessie), Miami, and Nathaniel Dix, Boston, MA; aunts, Alice Dix, Boston, MA, Eva Mae Roberts, Riceboro, GA, and Leona Williams, Savannah, GA; sisters, Martha Dix Crouch, Wesley Chapel, FL, Barbara Dix Isaacs (Wenford) and Joyce Dix, both of Tampa; brothers, James E. Dix, III (Carolyn), Spring flill, FL, and Michael Dix (Mildred), Tampa; grandchildren, Quentin and Christopher Dix, Armando and Reynaldo Hernandez, Thonotosassa, FL; nieces, Michelle Mboya, Wesley Chapel, and Mia G. Dix, Denise Saltmarch, Shanon Hatcher, Erin Harper, Aliz Wimberly (Lance), Monique Blakely (James), Kimberly and Valerie Petermon and Kareem Gooding, all of Tampa; nephews, Dan Cusseaux, Jr. and Marques Crouch, Tampa, Terrence Crouch, Tall Kayf, Iraq, Robert Moore, Jr. (Janine), Athens, GA Darrin A. Cogmon, Tampa, Curtis Harper, Jr. (Tenneil), Riverview, FL, James E. Dix, IV, New Port Richey, FL, Damon Dix (April), Milton, FL, Daniel Dix (Sandra), Charles C., Charles D. and Michael Dix, all of Spring Hill, FL; and a host of sorrowing great nieces and nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends. A HARMON BURIAL. MRS. WILLIE MAE PATRICK H o megoing services for Mrs. Willie Mac Patrick. who passed away on April 15, 2010, will b e h eld Saturday, April 24, 2010, a t 1 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home Chape l 5002 N. 40th St., Tampa, 33610, with Rev. Jumes M. Marion, Sr., pastor, officiHt ing. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery, 4900 E Chelsea St., Tampa, 33610. Mrs. Willie Mae Patrick was a native of Savannah, Georgia. She was educated in the public schools of Chatham County, Georgia. She was a resident of Tampa for 55 years. Mrs. Willie Mae Patrick was prece ded in deatlt by: her husband, Mr. WiJJieJ. Patrick; und 2 grandchildren, Nuthan Johnson and Angela Johnson. She leaves to cherish her memory: son, Nathaniel McClendon and wife, Deborah; 3 granddaughters, Janice Morrell and husband, Lucious, Windy. Hunter and husband, Anthony of Savannah, Georgia, and Veronica Frazier of Tampa; grandson, Ricky Napper and wife, Tameshia, Tampa; great grandchildren, Sergio Hooper, Reisheena Cotton, and Shaday Cotton, of Tampa, Ras Haro, Bavondra, Rickeya, Ricky, Jr. and Knowledge Napper, all of Tampa, Sami Napper, Winston and Laurenashley Hunter ofSa.vannah, Georgia; great, great grandchild, Shakiy Hooper of Savannah, Georgia; special friends, Shirley Ivery, Diane Gilbert, Thelma, Clifford J. Hills and wife, Vera, Stephanie Hills and Clifstonia Hills; and a host of other loving and sorrowing relatives and friends. Visitation for Mrs. Willie Mae Patrick will be held Friday eveiling from s-8 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home. The family will receive friends at the funeral home from 7-8 p. m. Friends attending the home going service are asked to assemble at the Harmon Funeral Home at 12:45 p. m. A HARMON BURIAL. in funeral services for over 70 years. Ray Williams Funeral Home Rhodes & Northern, Owners 301 N. Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 Ph: 813) 253-3419 Fax: 1-4912 Email: Funeral ser i s for Mr. .Jesse L. Wntklns who passed uwny on April 20, 2010. wUI b e h eld Fridny morning, A1>ril 23, 2010, n t 11 u. m. nt Hurmon P u nerul Home, 5002 N. 40th S t. Tnm1>11 33610 Eld r Wnllue Bnttle of Prog"r ss Vlllug' cventh-Oay Adventist hm h officiating. lnterm nt will f ollow in Res t Haven Memorial Park Cem etery, 4615 E Hnnna Av enue, Tampa, 33610. Mr. Watkins was employ d witlt Cargill Fertiliz r, Inc. for 46 years before r tiring in 2002. Survivors includ : n loving and very devoted wife, Marguerite Watkins; children, ,J n nifer Lee and husband, Wilton Lee, Jr., Sandra Watkins, .Jesse Watkins and Cornelius Sellers; grandchildren, Wilton Lee, Ill, Trenton Lee, TyDurreia, Jordan Watkins, Travis Lee, and Jude Watkins; u sister, Vinnie Pickett of Golumbus, Georgia; a hos t of nieces und nephews, special nephew, Gregory Pickett of Tampa; and other relatives and friends. Visitation for Mr. Jesse L. Watkins wiJI be held Friday morning from 10-11 a. m. at Harmon Funeral Home. BIRTH DAY MEMORIAM JADA E. BARNER Happy birthday, Jada. God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered, "Jada come with Me." With tearful eyes we watched you slowly fade away. Although we loved you dearly, 'we could not make you stay. Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday. But there is an ache within our hearts that will never go away. (What we wouldn't give to hear that laugh again!) Sadly missed by: your son, Jaylon; mom, dad, sisters, brothers,nana,aunnesand uncles.


., IN MEMORIAM CARD OF WE APPRECIATE YOU MAY THE LJFE I LIVED SPEAK FOR ME BUCIFIED AND OLE IS ALIVE FOREVER FOR THE NEXT GENERATION IN MEMORIAM FREEMAN MALONE April 24, 1969 Your love was unconditional and always about God and family. We miss you, Dad. Your Family. REMEMBERING OUR LOVED ONES DEACON HOMER T. PATRICK, SR. February 1, 1916 -April 25, 2000 During this time each year, we say, "What a gift it was to have you in our lives." "What a precious part of our memories, you will always be." Your children and their families. IN LOVING MEMORY OF DEA. NATHANIEL PRESTON, JR. 2/23/30-4/21/99 "The man who walks with God always gets to his destination." Remembering you and grateful for all that you left behind. Jackie and Natalie. BIRTHDAY. MEMORIAM RUTH BLACK These past 9 months have been hard without you here, but as a family we have made it. That's what you always taught us, to be a family. So, on April 21, we want to say happy birthday and we love and miss you. Love, your daughter, Gloria; your sons, Bubba and Jimbo; your grandkids and great-grandkids. t THANKS \\' e the f of tht lrlt'. Best. Sr .. would like to r NICOLE CAMPBELL SMALL Perhaps you sent a love l y card or sat quietly in a chair. Perhaps you sent a funeral spray, if so we saw it there. P erhaps you spoke the kindest words, as any friend could s: y. Perhaps you were not there at all, just thought of us that day. Whatever you did to console our hearts, we thank you so much whatever the part. Special thanks to: New Hope M. B. Church, Word Alive Church, House Of Prayer Church and Life In Christ Church. The Small, Branton and Campbell Families. CARD OF THANKS LYDIAW. RODRIGUEZ The family of Lydia W. Rodriguez would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for every act of care and concern shown during the illness and passing of our loved one. Words cannot express our gratitude. Special thanks to: Tampa General Trauma ICU Unit, Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church, Rev. Dwayne K. Gaddis, Pastor, and Beulah Baptist Church, Rev. Favorite, Pastor, and Ray Williams Funeral Home. thank fur tlw ttll'phont call,, cards of t 'nndnlttH' t', 1\l food. 'is its rnd flnnd o arrangt'llll'nts reni' td thu-c; ing out time ofhert'll\t'lllt'lll. Special thanks to: the Strel'l Church Of (;od with the Rev. Dr Thomas Scott. Pastor: orthsidt Baptist Church First M. II. Church of Highland Pines. J\11. Olive AME Churc h and Aikens Funeral Home. The Best and Mathis fam il y. KELLY BEST, SR. CARD OF THANKS The Pinkncys would like to thank: Mt. Zion AME Church family and Rev. Dr. Kelly, St. Mark M. B. Church and Rev. Matthews, New Bethel Progressive M. B. Church and Rev. Webb, other church families and friends, and Aikens Funeral Home for their support and prayers. 'Ibe family thanks everyone for their prayers, cards, flowers and synlpathy during our time of bereavement. The Pinkney Family. ROSA LEE PINKNEY "The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Irself,, ftve bJgrmsoDs tv consider Wilson J;'uneralllome: _We can' t afford to provide less than iinpeccable service, or to leave you with less than thelJest impression possible. .-.. 2 You're not just our client, you're our boss. "* dontlose sight of who we're working for. e : After all, you're the one we answer to. 3 We arrange funerals, we don't sell them. It is our responsibility to honor your wishes and respect your budget 4 We like meeting families, not goals. Uke you, we are a pan of this community supporting our neighbors when they need us. 5 We spend time with you. fining tribute is important to you, and you don t deserve to be rushed. FUNERAL HOME :m> N. 29th St Tampa, FL m!i (800) 605-3350. (813) 24S-6125 www.wilson-funeralhome.com ., r 0 :IJ c )> en m z m r I OJ c r r z c OJ r c;; ::t m c m < m :IJ -< -i c m en c )> z c c C) m N w I


0 c; Crime N C") N ...J cr: c.. OHicer Shoots Home Invasion Suspect Q a: u.. HMGREEN ... shot by police On Tuesday morning, Tampa Polic e r es ponded to a home in vasion at 113 South Willow Aven u e According to reports, two armed m en broke into the home. One occupant was s l eep ing on a couch in the a: living room when h e heard a u.. noi se, polic e said He first thought was it was his room< mate, but quickl y di scove red that two men were breaki ng in. The roommate woke up w shortly after. Police said the suspects pointed .guns at the two W men, demanded money and Gj after the victims complied 0 the suspects fled An officer saw the suspects running and chased them to ..J m Gray Street. One suspect, Tim Green, 32, reportedly z headed west on Gray Street i= and the second man kept running on Willow Avenue. ..J ::l ALTON MARCHMAN ... bitte n by dog The offi ce r reportedly or d ered Green to s top and put his h ands up, but instead Green allegedly pulled a h a ndgun out of hi s waistband a nd pointed it at th e officer. The officer t h e n pull e d out his weapon and shot Green. Green was hospitalized. Th e second suspect, Alton Marchman, 27, was s potted b y a police helicopte r hiding on the ground between two buildings at Gray Street and Willow Avenue. Police dogs were released when Marchman refused to come out, and he was bitten on the leg Green and Marchman were both charged with robbery /home invasion, being felons in possession of hand guns, and obstruction. Both are being held without bond on the charges. 1 ..J w z i= z w en ( 20 Arrests Made In Drug Roundup a: 0 ..J u.. DERRICK DONTE COLEMAN WILLIAMS ST. PETERSBURG-On Saturday, April 17th, members of the St. Petersburg Vice and Narcotics Unit, along with members of the Street Crimes Unit, Gang Intelligence Team, and other units conducted an operation within the Weed and Seed area of Child s Park. The operation targeted street level dealers that were < wante d on outstanding war-' rants. A total of 20 arrests w weremade. Arrested in the operation Coleman, ALICIA ADRIAN MCMILLAN MIDDLEBROOKS 39; Donte Williams, 31; Alicia McMillan, 45; Tommy Baggett, 53 ; Adrian Middlebrooks, 37; Dealtae Franklin, 18; Steven Ross, 20; Paul Woods, 27; John Baker, 26 ; Eric Duckworth, 28; Joseph Acquan=edda, 35; Elve Campbell, 47; Michael McTier, 49; Antonio Williams, 28; Samantha Addison, 28; Kenneth Baker, 31; Elizabeth McTier, 6o; Latoya McClendon, 28, Richard Viera, 22, and Darius McCullough, 17. PawnShop Robber Charged FREDDY RAVELO Tampa Police arrested a man Tuesday th ey beli eve d robbed a pawn s h op a t g un point orderin g eve r yo n e to the floor w hil e h e forc e d the manager to ope n the safe On Apri l 12th police said Freddy Bienvenido Ravelo, 21, entered th e Cash America P aw n Shop at 9631 Nebra s ka Avenue. After taking money from the safe, polic e said Ravelo ordered another employee to open the regist e r. H e reportedly took that money and threw out the dye pack befor e leav ing. Fingerprints left at the scerie led detectives to Ravelo. Detectives got an arrest warrant and started conducting surveillance at his house in the 13,000 block of Taliaferro About 4 p.m., officers saw Ravelo get into a car, and followed him until they arrested him at Fowler and Nebraska Avenues After securing a search warrant for Ravelo's house, detectives found the clothes and backpack worn during the robbery, as well as the. gun that was used. Four Teenagers Rob Bar Tampa Police are still searching for four teenagers who robbed a bar early Thursday morning. Police said two of the teenagers were armed as they robbed VIP Liquors and Lounge on Armenia and Sligh. According to reports, the teenagers walked into the bar just before 1 a.m. and ordered patrons and employees to the floor. The gunmen ordered employees to open the register and safe before taking cash and fleeing. N o shots we r e fired and no one w as injured. Officials are examining sur veillance video as they contin ue to the Former Bovtriend Charged In Woman's Murder ELFLETER BOLDEN .... murde r e d by ex-boyfriend ST. PETERSBURG St. P eters burg Police announced that a suspect was arrested Tuesday for the murde r of Elfleter Bolden. The U. S Marsh a l's Fugitive Task Force arrested Oliver Samuels, 30, in Hialeah. He was charged with fir s t d e gr ee murder. On April 18th, officers re spo nded to the 5700 block of Lynn Lake Driv e in reference to a murder in which the victim, Elfleter Bolden, 33, was beaten and run over with a vehicle. Bolden was pronounced dead at the scene Detectives said the murder was a domestic dispute .. churg d with ftrst-d gr murder between Bolden and Samuels. According to poli a fami l y m mb r aid amu I s and Bolde n brok up a month ago. Samuels i s a Jamaican citiz n Bolden was visiting one at the Lynn Lake Apartment a nd wa I avi n g when s h w as confront d by Samuels. Police said Samuels b eat Bolden with an object and drove over h r with his 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo sever.al times before fleeing. Samuels will be extradited from Miami and wiH b e h e ld without bond in the Pinellas County Jail. custodians Charged With Then POLK COUNTY -Winter Haven Police report that two men wlio worked as custodians at Winter Haven High School have been accused of stealing projec tors laptops and printer s Police said after a two-year investigation, charges were filed against Deryl Feacher, 33-Desmond =Simpson, 64 had been pre'viously charged in the case. According to reports the two men stole $84,585 worth of technology. Both now face of dealing in stolen -DESMOND SIMPSON property and grand theft. Both Feacher and Simpson were employed at the school when the thefts occurred. Detectives said they used their positions to gain access to the stolen equipment. UNCLE SANDY 10, 19, 24 Your key to freedom lies in your power to control your thoughts'37, 38, 39


Sherin's OHice Hosts 11th Annual Black Historv Celebration Th e Hill sbor o u g h County Sh eriffs Offi ce h e l d its 1 7t h Annua l Blac k Hist o ry C e l ebra ti o n during Black llist o ry i\l onth. T h e ewnt was held a t niwrsity Are l >mnntnit. D e ve l opment Cente r 140 1 3 N 22nd Stree t. The the m e was "Trailblazers of Our Childre n 's Future Committee m embe r s w e r e D eputy Velma Glover Ms. Lor etta Bush !\Is Hazel S t ephe n s M s Verdell Reaves. and Carlos Jr. The h o n o rees w e r e: Dr. Kevin Sneed, PHAR.i\1 D D ean o f the ni\ers ity of S outh flo rida, Sch o ol of Pharmacy; former FL Quart rbnck Doug \.Villinms; Dr. ll. Lee G reen Ph D., H Lee M o ffitt Canc e r Cen t e r and R esea r c h I nstitute H ealth Ou tcomes and B eha\ i o r Program: a nd MaryS. S riven, U ni ted S t u t es D istri I Ju l ge ( I h o t ogrn J h b y BRUNSO N ) Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee is shown with the four individuals his department honored during the 17th Annual Black History Celebration. Shown from left to right are: former NFL quarterback, Doug Williams, U.S. Judge Mary Scriven, Sheriff Gee, Dr. Kevin Sneed, Dean ofUSF School of Pharmacy, and Dr. B. Lee Green, Ph.D., H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Health Outcomes and Behavior Program. Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee is shown with Tampa Police Department Chief Jane Castor. J. D. Carlton, of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Department is shown with Judge Lisa Campbell. Zoya Whitehead and Veronica Parker were among those in attendance at the 17th Annual Black History Program hosted by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. A m ong those attending the 1 7th Annuul Rin c k llis t o t-y l't'OKturn hos t e d b y t h e S h e t i f P s Office wete llillsbotoug h ounty it cuit Court Judge P aul Jeske, l eft, D eputy Vclmu Glovet, and f o t m .,. N F L play ct Doug Williams Adrian Brown, Phaedra Walker, and Deonta Flowers attended the Annual Black History Program. John Jones, Jr., Ms, Rhonda Jones, and Ms. Verden Reeves attended the Black History Celebration. This group ofladies was among the attendees at the 17th Annual Hillsborough County Sher-Black History Program sponsored by the Hillsborough County iff's Office Master Detectiv e Sheiiff's Office. Shown seated from left to right are: Ms. Clemmie Fredia Green is shown with Perry, Ms. Norene Copeland Miller, and Ms. Betty J. Wright. Eddie Adams, Jr., candidate Standing from left to right are: Ms. Belinthia A. Berry, Ms. Antonia for Congress; Barber, and-Ms. CordelBatchelor: --,


0 ,..... 0 "' (") "' ....J a: a. 0 a: u.. c a: u.. c z <( c CJ) w :::> .... > a: w > w b w ::I: CJ) ::::i m :::> 0. z t= w ..J ..J :::> m I ..J w z t= z w CJ) <( c a: 0 ..J u.. m I C"'l w Adoption Immigrat i o n C i v i l / Persona l I n jury Bankruptcy Guard ians h i p Probate Soc i a l Secu rity Wills Call U s We Can Hel p F. Kemi Oguntebi Attorney At Law 109 N Armen i a Avenue Tampa FL 33609 (813) 254-8717 BARBARA]. PITTMAN Practicin g Law In: Crimin a l Defense Fam i l y La \\' Per s o n a l Injury Allo m e v & Counsel o r AI La w C ypress P o in t Office Park Dale \lab ry, u it e 101 Tampa, F l orida 33 6 1 8 { 813 ) 269-9706 Fax:{ 813 ) 960-0641 Tbc: bmna ol 1 b""'Y" 11 .,, unportant det-1.aoo lixlld u Q C be ba.-.cd upon : advc r usrncu.ts Before you Made, ask us to you ( n c wnltm about OU' cp.ahfic:auous md apcncncc LABOR & Ei\IPLOY:\IENT LA\VYER EMPLOYMENT DISCRI MINATION WORKERS' COMPENSATION CIVIL SERVICE I UNION GRIEVANCE BANKRUPTCY -Chaptr r 7 ($500 Plu s Cos ts) The Law Office Of Angela B. Wright, P.A. Nat iona l Criminal Defense College Florida Assoc. Crim i nal Defense Lawyers National Assoc. C riminal Defense Lawyers Practice Federal And State Courts EXPERIENCE MATTERS Over 20 Years E x perience FELONIES AND MISDEMEANORS AGGRESSIVE MOTION PRACTICE BOND HEARINGS WARRANTS TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS/LICENSE SUSPENSIONS PROBATION VIOLATIONS CERTIFIED EXPERT CRIMINAL TRIAL ATTORNEY 300 N. FRANKLIN ST., TAMPA FL 33602 SERVING BAY AREA COUNTIES (813) 277-0068 Email : wri ght@abwrightlaw.com www. ab wrig htlaw com WARREN DAWSON 1461 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & scou St. .. c' J 4.',!; s ::; : s : .. :oo:J: S"': .. : d -:: :); tase: : : e 1 a:ife'1 s:-e,:s -,. .... "' ....... """' ... I -....... "' .. ., .. ,.. ............ .: .... ....... "'"'"' ., .... ... ,. ........ "''"''"''" Feature Zetas Present Historical 'Blue-Ice Weekend' ANTONIO BROOKS ir Debonair Contestant CALVIN JOHNSON Sir D ebonair Contestant WILLIAM BELL Sir Lord Contestant WlLUE BELL, Ill Sir Lord ont tant ontcstnnt Th e yea r was 1980, when Zeta gave birth t o h andsome Sir D ebonairs Men Of To m orrow, in th e Gasparilla Room of Curti s H ixon Con vention Center. T h e l a t e Michae l A. Rodriguez, Jr. was crow n e d the 1 s t Sir D ebonair. Jeffery Rhodes was the 2nd runner-up and Claude "Speedy" Adams was 3rd runne r-up The remaining 1980 Sir D ebonairs have accepted a n invitation to b e re-introduced during the Blu e-Ice W eek end" presenta tion. The others were Lionel Bryant, Michael Kennedy, Curtis Lane, Donald Latson, Jessie Rollins, Darrell Turner, Kelvie Gibson and Lee Bryant and Jimmy Keel. Bas ileus F. Michelle Lemons, M. D. and th e sorors of Beta Sigma Ze ta Chapter a nd their a u x ili a ri es are busy finali z in g p l a n s to c 1 -ebra t e 30 y a r of introducing young m e n to th e Tampa B ay community. T h e Blu e-Ice W ee k e nd will b e h e ld at the Tampa Airport Hilton Hote l 2225 N. Loi Ave., on Saturday, April 24th (9 p. m ) a nd Sunday, Ap ril 25th (Sir Debonair-Sir Lord s:30 p.m.). Sir D ebonair 2009, Paul Anderson, III a nd Sir Lord 2009, Emanuel Johnson, will take their last stroll before relinqui shing the RoY,al Throne.' Thi s yea r 's contestants are Michael Davis, John Hendrick, Antonio Brooks, Calvin Johnson, John Edwards, Willie Bell, William Bell, Cameron Sutton and Eric Banks. The Zeta s w ill c I brat Major Gerald Hon yw II of th e T ampa Poli 0 part m nt, Oistti t 3 as thi a r s r ec i p i nt of Z t a s Oi t in guis h e d Humanitaria n Award Th r will a l o b a a lu t a nd pr s ntation of t h M n f D i s tin c tion who rv e d as r o l e model s to th e M n of th 21st Century Z t as Betty Kinsey and E ll a C usseaux a r e chairing thi s yea r v nt and F. Michelle Lemons, M. D., is the Basile u s Thi s charitable b e n e fit is d e s ign e d to fund c h o l ars hi ps for d eserv in g students and for community service proj ec t s. Tick e ts for the 2 e vents m ay be purchased from any m e m ber of the sorori ty, contestants, or at the door. A P GIBBS, ESQ MATTHEW KOCHEVAR. ESQ THOMAS E PARNEll, ESQ ERJC M MOORE, ESQ PERSONAL INJURY AND WRONGFUL DEATH AUTo; TRUCK, MOTORCYCLE OR BOAT ACCIDENTS. SUP AND FALL, MEDICAL MALPRACfJCE. ALL SERIOUS IN (813) 975-4444 1-SUU-/11 -)452 7 2 2 E F LET C I I I I Z A\' L TA 1\l P A. 1 L 3 J () I 2 vV \V \V C I B [)SAN D P A R N L L C C ) /V1 OUR FIRM IS RATED BY MARTINDALE HUBBELL THE HlGHEST RATING FOR LEGAL ABILITY AND ETHICAL STANDARD WORLDWIDE. 17le H iring If A I.awyu I s A n I mportant Desiclon Thai S hould /Vol B e Based Solely Upon Advmi.Jement. Before You D ecidie. Ask Us To Send J&v FREE Written lnfornwtion About Our Q11ol/ficot i ons And Expe rience


, JJ SYLVESTER And ANITA Happ y birthday, Boosie. Love, your husba nd Slim Daddy. Happv Birthdav, Daddv' BAM BAM and WARIA I want to send a birthday shout out to the #1 sexiest mechanic in Tampa Wesley L. Brown, b.k.a. Bring It To Bam. Bam turned the big 40 on Thursday, 4/22/2010. He will be cele brating his birthday tonight 4 / 23 / 2010 with famjly and friends at the Ponderosa. Happ y birthday Daddy. Love you always, Waria. Birthday & Anniversary Parties Family & Class Senior Class Photo Sessions Now 1"" GREEN SC.REEN 813-361-1212 2705 E. Martin Luther King Blvd. Suite B Tampa, FL Also Offering Photo Restoration & Photo Enlargements Yeah Big Sis we' re holdin g it down a nd we' r e just fine over h e re! Happ y birthday Littl e Bro! TYRONDA Representing the April babies all month long, you feel me ? Tarantula. JASMINE NEAL Happ y 13th birthday. From grandma and famil y and we love y ou MRS. KIM AndY AHNI Happ y birthda y to m y diamond prince s, Ms. Iyahna. You aid if you had one wish it wou ld b e to h ave a bro th e r Your wish ca m tru e W e l ove you Yahni Pooh. From, m o m and Lil Marquise. SHADAVEYA a.k.a., MS. DAE-DAE Happy birthday to the world 's greatest daughte r who will be turning 21 years old on April 25th. Happy birthday, "Ms. DaeDae." Love Pastor Gregory and Kimberlee Hill. "The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself" > "U JJ r-1\) 0 ..... 0 r-0 JJ c > en m z m r;m c: r r-z "'D c: m r-Ci) ::z:: m c m < m c: m en c > z c :::D c


0 I About You! N (") 'Happv Birthdav' a: Q. c:t c a: LL. ALICE BLAND 4/23 Mrs. Bland is a member of New St. Matthew Baptist Church a nd th e mother of Amos (Charmin) Castillo, Jr. and Paula (Charles) Watts. She's a l so a grandmother a nd great grandmother c .a: LL. c z c:t c en w ;:) t-> .a: w > w c w ::z::: en ::; m ;:) D.. z i= w ..J ..J ;:) m ..:. w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ..J LL. Happv Birthdav 'SLY GUY' Why "y'all" tripping. I'm just fine." KLEE And DRIA Sending birthda y wish es to my best friend, Klee. Klee will be celebrating her special da y with family and friends. Happy birthday. Love, Dria and family. Free M Bro LIL SIS LOVES YOU Still Standing MS. FELICIA And DRIA Sending birthday wishes out to m y favorite moth e r Mrs. Felicia, who will be celebrating her specia l da y with famil y a nd frie nds. Happy birthday. Love, Dria a nd family Representing WICK CITY But we're holding it down in Tampa. Free that boy, "Sly Guy." Congratulations To Our Mom Mommy, we are so proud of you. You took your focus off how others see you. You de cided what you wanted, you were determined to make it happen. You made the deci sion no matter how hard things got, you would not quit. Congratulations on receiving your Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Also, congratulations to Ms. Felicia House on receiving your B. S. degree. Love, the boys.


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It is quite diffi cu lt t o t ell p eo pl e that they a re giving exc u ses when it co me s to doing things for God through th e ir work service, and worship in c hurch Most people reall y b elieve that they ha ve l egitimate REASON(S) for not doing what they have been a s ked to do Luke writes in hi s r eco rd ings in chapter 14:15-24 that Jesus t old a parable about people givi ng exc u ses. Jes u s must hav e th e r e wo uld many peb e today who wo uld give e:xr cuses when it came to dom bu si ness andllffairs This dialogu e opens IIEITER IETHD MISSIOUIIY 8APnST CIUBCI 1Hli.IIIIWIIIILT-.R.Uie2 [8111229 sundav SChill ______ 1:15am. lernlnt WershiP ................. ......... 11 am. Praver service, Tuesday. ________ 1 pm. awana Bible SludV. Tuesday _&:31 pm. c a: Bible SIUdV, Tuesday ....... 1 PJII. REV. OSCAR JOHISOI,JR.J u.. c z w c w J: en :::::i m ::::: Q, z t= w -1 -1 ::::: m I -1 w z t= z w en

Events Around Town Tampa Police Department 'First Motorcvcle Ride For Education' Held Hosts Annual Black Owe n Y oung principal of High chool, and his staff held the "Fir.;t nnu I 1ot rev 1c Ride For Education" as a fundraiser for the chool. The e\'ent is po sibly the first time th 1t 1 Hillsb r -H -I c I b ough County chool ha sponsored a motorcycle ride for education. IS orv e e ra IOn Charles Fleming, General Director of taff De\'elopment for t he llillsborough ounty Dist ric t The Tampa Police Department held their 22nd Annual Black His tory Celebration during Black History Month at Ragan Park Community Center, 1200 E. Lake Avenue. The theme was "Beyond The Call Of Duty: Community & Police Working Together For A Better Tomorrow." Members of the 2010 Black H istory Committee are: Major Gerald Honeywell, Lydia Pizarro, Janelle McGregor, L. C. Armstrong, Deirdre Joseph, Ida Walker, Beverly Harvin, Detective Sonja Wise, Captain Rocky Ratliff, and Jevon Harvin. Ernest Hooper, co lumnist with t h e St. Petersburg Times, was th e Mas t e r o f Cer e m o n y Th e h onorees of thi s yea r 's pr ogram were: Dr ess for Success Ta mp a B ay ; Community Stepp in g S t o n es; a nd T h e H.O.P .E. Center. ( Ph o t og r aphy b y BRUNSON). Dress For Success: Tracey Hightower, Janice Dula, Wendi Hird, EUa Williams, and Katie McGill attended the 22"d Annual Black History Celebration sponsored b y the Tampa Police Department. Members of the Tampa Police Department who attended the Annual Black History Program shown from left to right are: Ricky Brown, Detective Curtis Smith, Jr. Willie Lucas, and Rev. Prentiss Davis. The H.O.P.E. Center's Daniel Dean and Suzette Dean were among the attendees at the Annual Black History Program. CAPTAIN ROCKY RATLIFF Major Gerald Honeywell is shown with Detective Sonja WISe at the Tampa Police Department's Annual Black History Program. School was the honorary lead rider, and Prin ipal Young aL o rode hi_ motorcycle dnring the('\ nt. The Ride for Education began at the chool, t raveled through East T IIlli n. his t ri Yb r i t y. nnd c=; then took a scenic rou t e through Tampa Bay. It ended back nt thL school. r 0 JJ 0 > (/) m z m r I Victor Harden, Dwayne Dennard, and Dr. D Wtlliams were among those in attendance at the motorcycle ride. Jose-Rodriguez, Cathy Waters, and Phyllis aJ Brewer were among those taking advantage of C: the weekend outing. I= Beta Sigma Zeta Chapter Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Invites You To Their Historical "Blue-Ice Weekend" Tampa Airport Hilton Hotel 2225 N Lois Ave. Blue-Ice Ball Saturday, April 24, 2010 9 P.M. 30th Annual Sir Debonair Sir Lord Presentation Sunday, April25, 2010 5:30P.M. Featuring "Men Of The 21st Century Highlighting The Evening Special Salute To Role Models Presentation Of Honorary Role Models Zeta Distinguished Humanitarian Award Crowning Of Sir Debonair/ Sir Lord 2010 Refreshments Proceeds Will Benefit Scholarship & Community Service Projects Attire: Dressy Donations: Saturday BLUE ICE BALL $30.00 SIR DEBO AIR PRESE T ATIO $15.00 z c: aJ c (/) J: m 0 m < m JJ -< -t c: m (/) 0 > z c JJ 0


o M1cros Full Head Sew-In Local N M Starting@ $99 Starllng@ $79.00 N _J a: a.. a: w > w c w :X: (/) ::::i m ::::: a.. z i= w ..J ..J ::::: m I ..J w z i= z w (/) ( a: 0 ..J LL. Re l axer W I Flat Wrap Qu i ck Weave Stattlng@ $4o.oo NGIE (813) 37 @ 7227 N. Nebraska Avenue Walk-Ins Welcome 813.962.8822 813.215.3710 13914 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, Florida 33613 "In God We Trust" Gospel Beneti Program For Haiti I Marie Miller and Mary Blake are u s ing th e ir co n tac t s in the go p e l community to present a gospel program to benefit th e residents of Haiti. Th e country has be e n d evastated si n ce an earthquake struck on January 12, 2010 killing more than 200,000 and injurin g man y more. Th e pro g r am will b e h e ld at St. J o hn Cathe dral 340 1 25t h 1 Ave Bishop Eddie Newkirk, Pastor, o n Sunday April 25, 2010, 4 p. m. Groups have been invited fro m Quincy, T a ll a hassee, Ocala, St. Pete, Bartow, Lake l a nd a nd Tampa. Among th e g r o up s that have alread y co n firme d their atte nd a n ce a re: Kendrick and the Evanettes of MARY BLAKE Quincy, Gospel Warriors, Traveling Stars, Rev and the True DJsciples, Brothers of Harmony, Rev. James Davis and the Angelettes, Inspirational Voices, Gospel Links, nite d Washington Familv .Celebrates 10th Reunion BY SYLVIA PRATHER Freelance Writer The 70th Washington Family R e uni o n tak es place on Friday, April 30th through Sunday May 2nd in Tampa. Family spokesperso.n Mrs. Cynthia "Kokomo" Leavell said, "It all started when m y greatgrandmother and founder, Mrs. Julia Ann (Griffin) Washington, a resident of Sulphur Springs, took steps to bring family members together." On Mother's Day May 12, 1940, kin folk, met in Mrs. Washington's backyard for their first reunion. Also born out of this initial fe llow s hip was a commitment t o contin ue the tradition annuall y From 1940 to 1946 the fami l y met on Mothers Day until understanding and em brac ing the need to a ll ow everyone to be with their re spec-FORAPPOINTMENT CAll: MAl@ 247-1033 NEWYORKSlYLE MRS. CYNTHIA LEAVELL "Ms. Kokomo tive mothers on that special occasion. Always placing God and strong family values at the forefront, in 1947 the m eet ing date was cha ng ed to the first weekend in May. Thi s marks 70 continuous yea r s the Washington fam ily descendents have kept their r e union spirit alive. Activities on Friday include a meet and greet at th e host hot el. On S a turd ay a cook ut and outdoor activiti s are sch eduled at a lo ca l park. Saturday evening, famil y m embers will hav th opportunity to showca their artistic ab ilities during a talent s how. Th e allin clu s iv e Sunday Family Fest b e gins with a praye r brea k fast founded by the late Delouris "Pumkin" Streeter, well known in the Tampa Bay area for h e r beautiful gospel s inging and piano playing. Mrs. Leavell said, Ther e will always b e disagreements among u s but we try to a bid e by our ongoing family reunion motto as a guide The motto i s Proverbs 15:1-2, answer turn s away wrath but grievous words stir up anger. The tongue of the wise uses knowledge right, but the mouth of fools pours out foolishn ess."


At-Risk Program Draws Anention Beautv Of A Woman JJ Of FAMU Research Program Hosts 1st Annual BY IRJS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor ea rly a thi s summer. V\ ere l oo kin g to decrease the num b e r of minoritie in th e Juve nil e Ju tic e S y tern a nd t o k ee p th e m from going back We r e very excited abou t the opportunity t o work with him," Dr. G ray Ray said Praver Breakfast In 1996, a form e r profes s ional f oo tball pla ye r focused hi s a tt e ntion on at-risk chi l dre n hopin g t o mak e a diff e r e nc e in their liv es. H e created a program that i s dedicated to not onl y helping the youngs t ers, but th ei r pare nts as well. R ece ntly, J a mes Evans, founder of th e Tampa Bay Academy of Hop e, Inc. was contacted b y Dr. Phyllis G ray Ray, Executive Director of the Juvenile Jus tic e R e sea rch Institute. JAMES EVANS .. Founde r o f Tampa Bay Acad e m y of Hope, Inc Evan s stated th a t he was humbl e d that the institute wou l d se l e ct his program as a model. Since its inception the Tampa Bay Academy of Hope h as served d isadvantaged and at-ri s k youth between the ages of 12 a n d 1 8 w h o live i n socioe co n o m ically depr essed comm uni ties wi th i n H illsborou g h Cou n ty D r G ray Ray said i n a l etter to Evans, We are extremel y i m p r esse d wit h your mode l a n d wo uld l ike t o evaluate its effective ness f o r n o t o nl y Florida, but a l so n a ti o n wid e impl e m enta t io n." Durin g a t e l e ph o n e inte r view, Dr. Gray Ray sa id "H i s p resentati o n intrig u e d u s We d like to conduct our r e search using his program as a model. O u r institute is new and our p rim ary focu s i s o n the ove rrepresentati o n of m i nori ti es in t h e J u ve nil e J u stice Sys t e m with a n emphas i s o n Blac k m a l es in s p ec ifi c Sh e further s t a t e d tha t Evans' p r og r a m serves as a n excellent m o d e l a nd th ey h o p e to b egi n workin g with him as T h e p r ogra m t argets sc h oo l atte ndan ce, b e h avio r aca d e mi c ac hi eve m e n t sel f es t ee m service and lead e r ship thro u g h p os iti ve r einfo r ce m e nt. T h e p a r ents a r e a l so r equire d t o t ake a n ac ti ve r o l e in the prog r a m Staff Members: Wanda Wimbus h Founde r Aspiring Evangelis t Tonia Walker-Singleton, Cynthia Thomas, Min i ster Erma Muldrow, Kawanza Moranc ie, Omaria M e rae; f! and not in photo, Erika Wimbus h and Pastor C h arlesetta Ar-0 line. JJ B eauty o f a Wom a n (BOW) Min istry, h eld the i r 101 Annu a l P ray r Breakfas t a t th e Hyatt P l ace Hot e l in Ta mpa B u sc h Gard ns o n atur day, Ma r c h 6. T h e t h e m e f o r this eve nt was "Un de r ta ndin g th Pow r of Praye r P art 1," by l earning t o pray the r i g h t P r ayer for t h rig h t s i t -c )> (/) m u atio n Z Words of Wisdom wer e g iven by Sis ter A.J;ln a B Wilkinson P r aye r of R epenta n ce, Minister Erma Muldrow, Prayer of Thanks -m g iving, Minister Jacque Leeks, Prayer of I n terce s ion a nd Pray e r C: of P r a i se a n d Adorat i o n b y Fo und e r /Aspiring Evange l ist lonia F= Walker-Singleton. m ::1 z Head Start/ Early Head Start Now Accepting Applications Hillsborough Cotmty Hillsborough County Head Start/Early Head Start is a proud recipient of Federal Stimulus Funds for program expansion to serve 400 additional infants, toddlers, children and expectant mothers. Build a family, You may be eligible for this program if you: Are employed at least 25 hours per week or enrolled in school/job training full time Arehomeless Are a military family Receive public assistance (SSI, TANF or Subsidized Child care) Meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines for income Have a child who has been diagnosed w i th an i mpairment affect ing the child's abi lity to learn Additionally, eligibility for Head Start program: Have a child w h o was 3 years old befor e September 1, 2009 Additionally, eligibility for Early Head Start program: Have a child between 6 weeks and 23 months Additionally, eligibility for Expectant Parent Program: Are a pregnant mother in her 1st or 2nd trimester. lllad Start i ... pll' z c ., JJ c C> m CD I .. aJ


f\eci es N M N ...J cr: Cl. c a: LL At? CJrv ... TEA From Tonia Turn e r Tea can always be enjoyed as a simple, sooth ing cup of com fort. But with so many flavors and varie ti es avai lable, tea lo vers are discovering en tir e l y new ways to enjo y their favorite brew. c a: LL c z <( c (/) w => 1-> a: w > W Berry Fruit-Te(MPdpl' Freeze Time: 4 hours 2 cups boiling water & 1/2 cup sugar 4 Bavarian Wild Berry Pyramid Tea Bags 1 cup chopped strawberries DIRECTIONS: Pour boiling water over tea bags; cover and rew 5 minutes. Remove tea bags and squeeze. Stir in sugar until (f) ssolved; let cool slightly. ::::i m Combine tea with strawberries in medium bowl. Evenly pour nto 8 (4-ounce) paper cups (or popsicle molds). Freeze until alz ost firm, about 1 hour. Insert wooden ice pop sticks into centu ers; freeze until firm. To serve, press firmly on bottom of paper ..J ...1 up to remove. => m ..J w z z w (/) I r3 a: 0 ..J LL m I 0 ,.... VARIA TIVNS For Island Mango & Peach Fruit-Tea Pops, use White Tea with Island ango & Peach Flavors Pyramid Tea Bags and 1 cup chopped peaches. For Green Tea & Mandarin Orange FruitTea Pops, use Green Tea 'th Mandarin Orange Flavor Pyramid Tea Bags and 1 cup blueberries. For Black Pearl Fruit-Tea Pops, use Black Pearl Black Pyramid Tea ags and 1 cup mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries and/or strawerries). For Harvest Strawberry & PassionfruitTea Pops, use Red Tea with Harvest Strawberry & Passionfruit Flavor Pyramid Tea Bags. 3608 N. 15th (Corner Of LalleJ For All Your Seafood Delights, Call In Your Order To Avoid The Wait! Now Cooking Thursday-Sat urday Fresh & Smoked MuJiet Trout Special Discounts For Churches, Banquets, Snapper *Shrimp Sheap Head Family Reunions And live Blue Crabs large Orders. Chill Time: 2 hours 4 cups boiling water 12 Tuscan Lemon Flavored Black Pyramid Tea Bags 1/2 cup sugar 3 cups pineapple juice 1 cup orange juice 2 cups raspberries DIRECTIONS: Pour boiling ater over tea bags; cover and rew 5 minutes. Remove tea bags nd squeeze. Stir in sugar; chill In large pitcher, combine 2 cups chilled tea with remaining in redients; chill. Meanwhile, in 2 ice cube trays,* arrange 3 raspberries in each ompartment. Pour remaining chilled tea over berries. Freeze 2 ours or until solid. To serve, pour punch into large pitcher or owl. Add tea ice cubes. Serve immediately. *If you don't have ice cube trays, use mini muffin pans or a 6up ring mold. VULCEVE LEC TEA POPS 1/2 cup boiling water 4 Vanilla Caramel Truffle Pyramid Tea Bags 1/2 cup sugar 1-1/2 cups half and half DIRECTIONS: Po uFb oiling ater o v er Tea Bags ; brew 5 minutes. Remove Tea Bags and queeze. Stir in sugar until dissolved. Add half and half; let cool. Evenly pour into 8 (4 -oz. ) paper cups or ice pop i:nolds. Freeze ntil almost firm about 1 hour. Insert wooden ice pop sticks into enters; freeze until firm. To serve, press firmly on bottom of paper cup to remove.


2 ::J A ,.., ..:, J : Publix. 1 WHFRF SHOPPING I S A PlEASURE Shrimp .................. 499tb Farm-Raised, Previously Frozen 31 to 35 per Pound SAVE UP TO 4.00 LB Publix Deli 99 Choice of Breast or Thigh and Wing or Drumstick Choice of Two Sides. a nd a Roll, each (free Pint of lemon Essence Water With Purchase.) SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE A Healthy Blen d of Whole Grains Handmade Throughout the Day, From the Publix BDkery, 16-oz loaf SAVE UP TO 1.00 699_ Ribeye Steak Bone ln. Pubilx P1em1um Ct!l ll f led Beef. USD A C ho1 e SAVE UP TO 3.90 LB {Bone! s lb 799) High in Fiber, Folate, an d Vit amin C, 16-oz pkg. SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE (32oz pkg ... 4 .99) Kellogg's Cereal ... ...... ...................................................... ... Free florida Sweet Corn ....... .................................................................... -50 Assorted Variet i es. Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Com Pops Apple J) ::D 0 l> "tJ ::D r-1\) w 1\) 0 0 "T1 r-0 ::D 0 l> CJ) m z :j z m r;a:l c:: ..-z ., c:: IXJ r-c;; ::t: m c m rii -4 c:: m CJ) c ?< )> z c "T1 c ?< C) m .... .... IXJ


N Citv To Host g: Exams, c 1earun g & Fillings 2nd Annual & Bridges Commun-IIV Children's Health Celebration Planned Pa rtiaJs & Dentures ff: Well ness Fair 0 a: L1. 0 z < 0 C/) w ::;:) .... >a: w > w 0 w ::I: C/) ::::i m ::;:) D. z t= w ...I ...I ::;:) m ...I w z t= z w C/) I a: 0 ...I L1. m I N ,... ANGELLA TOMUNSON, DOS PA GAlL C MCOOf.:ALD DOS MPH WaJ -4ns & Welc orne Most I nsurance .Aa:epted Seruor Onzen Dtscounts Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N. Boulevard (1 Blk South Of W. Dr. MLK Blvd.) www.tomlinsondentalcare.com Take Care Of Your Feet... J'hev Have J'o f i t s A Sheehy Ankle & Foot Center And 'iurg c ry r ll I he I ool \nklc &. Le g Foot Pain Ankle Pain Hcd Pain \\' ountl Care !\ail Dcfm mitic s Com & Calluses Spot t s \1cd i ci n c i\E\\' \lcdi-Pcdicurc -\\'ailahlc PAULL. SHEEHY, JR., D.P.M. P.A. /Jo a u f ( ,.,tt/1t1d I .n/, 1 ( 1 / lmhttldto'. loot c \ loklc Confidence Begins \Vith A Beautiful Smile! lmpo u\l' '"'" "milt-\\ ith 'traighh'r lt lh I nlln h 111111-. ( lf 11.-anlifnl 'mil,. .. F1 tctHIIv Pcsunal Care Most Insurance Plans Accepted Zero Down Payment Plans Available Flexible and Affordable Monthly Payments Family Discounts BRACES FO R AD U LTS AND CIU LDREN William F. Marsh, DDS PA Pcrferred OrthodontiNFIDENT 4505 North Armenta Ave Suite 101 w Tampa. FL 33603 Visit Our Website At: www.tampaperio.com (813) 354.a707 TL'mpk Tnral'L' will ho:-;t its S eco nd -\nnual Community l Vellness Fair o n Sat urday. : \ pril ::q The e \ e nt will take place at th e Fam ily R e creatio n Co m p l ex. 6610 E. Driv e, f r o m 10 a.m t o 2 p m The eve nt is f r ee a nd o p e u to the public. No recreation m embe r ship i s r equire d Mo r e tha n 30 bus in esses, o r ga nizati o n s a nd vendors will b e o n h a nd t o provide info r m a tion o n fitness h ea lth stress management, weight manage m ent, m enta l h ea lth ca r e and oth e r t o pi cs. H ealthcare workers from Tampa General Hospit a l will be offeri n g f r ee c h o l es t e r o l, diabetes a nd b lood-pressure sc r ee nin gs The event a l so offe r s a r e a r es id ents an opportunity t o l ea rn about t h e fitn ess classes, exe r c i se prog r a m s and oth e r health-re lated ac tiviti es of fe r e d at the Fami l y R ec r ea tion Complex. The event i s hoste d b y the Temple Terrace Lei sure S e rv ices D epartment. For more information call (813) 506-66oo. BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Friday, (today), a Childre n' s H ea lth Aware n ess Ce l ebra ti o n will b e h e ld. T h e event w ill take pla ce a t It' s All About Kids, 2 105 U ni ve r sity M all, fr o m 5 p m t o 7 p.m. Th e H ea lth Aware n ess Cel e brati o n will f oc u s on f our di s tinct a r eas of c hildr e n's h ea l th w ith h a nds-on participati o n a nd int e r actio n Th e f ir s t a r ea will discuss t h e importance of cxe r i se Thi s segntent will f oc u s o n t h e n ee d f o r c hildr e n to exe r c i se to s ta y h ea lth y a nd d evel op pro p erly. Th e seco nd area i s d iet and nutriti on whe r e childre n w ill l ea rn about a prope r di e t a nd h ave t h e opportunity to eat som e fruit s and vegetab l es. They will a l so learn about th e rol e certa in foods play for m a intainin g goo d h ea lth SCHOOL PHYSICALS lllllllllllllillillii Optimal Health Care for the Whole Family STEPHEN A. WILLIAMS, M.D., P.A. Board Cert ified Pediatrician 714 W. MLK Jr Blvd Tel: 813 223-6222 Tampa FL 33603 Fax : 813-223-6020 www kiddlemd com marketamerica.com/drstevens Invest in a healthy future. Visit USF Health's Morsani Center and find a healing space where patients come first. Morsani offers world-class health care combined .......-ith VIP treatment for our patients. You ......-ill be amazed by how much you can accompfJSh in just one viSit. You can see your doctors get X-rays or an MRI. and get lab work done -all on the same day. at the same place. Carol & Frank Morsanl Center for Advanced Heoltheare 13330 USF Laurel Drtve Tampa, FL 33612 Services We Offer Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Ear, Nose & Throat Br e a s t Health Women's Health Neurology Ambulatory surgery center Diagnostic imaging center On-site Pharmacy For Appointments. Call (813) 974-2201 IJJJ#f HEALTH The third a r ea t a rg e t s e m o ti o n s At thi s station, young s t e r s w ill! a rn the meaning of e m otio n s a nd h ow t o hand l e the m Th e final area foc u s s o n h yg i e n e, t eaching childr '11 prop r h yg i n e techniqu s Jare d Roth, onn cti o n s R epresentative w ith It 's All Abo u t Kids In c sa id "T h e event i s a ge n e r a l w ell n ess festiva l w ith h a nds-on ac ti viti s T h e hildr n w ill a l so b e given books." Ms. Michelle Bain i Lhc autho r o f 1 '/wmiJs Up Johnnie." Ms. Buin, a long w ith Buzz will make a p c i a appearan ce at th e eve nt. The event is t h e r s uit of a partne r s hip b e tw ee n Sunshin e State H ea lth Pla n and It 's All About Kids, Inc Space i s lim it e d Roth a l so state d that on Saturday, It's All About Kids, In c., will sponso r a baby s how e r for yo un g ex p ectant mothe rs in the area. T h e mothers will be g i ve n useful inform ation p e rtaining to th e ir health after the birth of the ir c hild as well as on domestic vi olence. Th e organi zation is expecting 15 to 20 pregnant women to attend the baby showe r For more information co ntact Roth at (813) 352-4045. Sexual Health OIWomen And Girls The national spotlight in recent weeks has focused on one of the major challenges for our nation --the rising rates of .sexually transmitted disease s. This concern is even greater with the emphasis on STDs because of high level s for Black women and girls. Sexually transmitted dis eases are quietly rising among Black women and girls. And the reasons are many, including the fact that women may not co nsider sexual health an important part of o v erall well ness. April is STD Awareness Month and National Minority Health Month.


Heafth Smile! Help For African Dark Circles canker Sores lupus AHects l> lAnd Take Your Americans Who More African Vitamin OJ Want To Quit Americans R e c ent re search on Vitamin D will put a s mile on your face and gives you one more reason to make sure you're getting enough of this important vita min. People with higher blood levels of Vitamin D may be less likely to develop gingivitis -a form of gum disease that causes gums to swell and bleed. Vitamin D is already known for its role in calcium absorption and bone health and it may also help maintain a h ealthy immune system that fights inflammation. Food Choices For Hormone Balance Try these: whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits. Reduce: meats, eggs and dairy (avoiding fatty foods). l\l o r e than :w percent of Afr i ca n-Am e r i ca n s smok e, Afr ica n-A m e rica n s s u f fer f r o m lung ca n ce r in hi g h e r r a t es than whit es and find it harde r t o quit than all othe r ra c ial populations. "Smoking' s impact on African Am ericans is dangerou sly deep," said public health expert Cheryl G. Healton, DrPH, President and CEO of Legacy. Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death in the United States and among African-Americans. It is estimated that as many as 30 percent of African-Amer ican deaths from cardiovascular disease are a result of tobacco use. In addition, African-Americans, particularly men, have experienced lung cancer at nigher rates than whites for many years. Smoking habits, socioeconomic differences, and the metabolism of tobacco carcinogens may play an important role. Quitting smoking is one of the single most important lifestyle changes one can make for a longer, better life. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable premature death in the United States. Did You Know That. .... Medicaid Provides Coverage For Denture Patients, Including Annual Relining & Surgery In aration For Your Dentures? Call And Schedule Your Appointment Today!!! (813) 623-1014 d clion roo t. n llo doek root. lic orice ro ot. bt u J o ck r oo t. red clo \ er asnd prickly ash ba rk Glaucoma There are several nutrients that help to lower or normlize intraocular pressure in glaucoma, like : Vitamins A, C and E. Also herbs and plant compounds like: rutin, Ayurvedic herb and ginkgo have therapeutic benefits. Stress and hormonal changes can c ause canke r sores. Did you know licoric e can h e lp to heal the sore'? Try using a licoric e-base d mouthwash or gel four times daily. If you can't find these products try steeping a tabl e spoon-of dried licorice root in a ,cup of sin,unering water for 15 minutes. Strain, let cool to room temp, then rinse your mouth with the tea. 1\) : \ fril' an -:\mcriean \\'l)!lll'!l o ca n take :-;tcp:> t o pro tcl' l o 1 h c m:;clw:; frnm 1 c ondition th 1t di.sproport ionnt cly affert:> wom n of color : Lupus. The di s en s c i s a s e riou s nn tional health probl m uff c l ing one of e v ry 200 Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Nin e t y percent of those with the con dition are women and it i s three times more common among minority women. African-American women ar encouraged to talk to their doctor about lupus.


N ("') N ...J a: a.. < c Calling All Sir Debs And Archonenes Christ The Church Banquet Speaker a: The B e t a Sigma Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi B e ta o r o rity I nc The r eg i tratio n f ee for t h e c rui se spon so r e d by hri s t Th e Church during it conference i s so. Rev. James B errien >f c w Bl'th '1. Parri h FL. w ill bt' th s p ea k e r for t h Apprec ia t i n 1 3:\nq u et. They will be h o n rin g Rev. \V. D. im Pa t o r of t. Mnt t h w I. B hur h luring t hi s e v e nt. u.. will ce l ebrate 30 years of ir D ebo n air prese nt atio n on Sunday, c a: LL c z < c en w ::;:) ..... w > w c w ::z::: en :::J m ::;:) c. z tu -1 -1 ::;:) m -1 w z z w en I a: 0 -1 LL April 25, 2010, 5:30p m. a t th e Tampa Airport Hilt o n The sorority is ca llin g all former ir D e b co nt e tants and Ar chone ttes t o please co nt ac t th e m at (8 13) 8 70-0546 o r (813) 872-8809 so that th ey ca n be r ecog ni ze d at thi s hi t o ric event. Ano t h e r pric e wa s l i s t e d in t h e ad. HURRY IN FOR Th b mque t w ill b h l d a t Blaise A lfan o pri l 2 4 th p.m. Kameal Walkeri th pre id nt of t h hildr n md outh 1ini t ry th a t will b c h ai r i n g th anni r a r y. THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL VALUES Prices v a l i d 4/22/1 0 -4/26/10 unless o therwise no t e d $1747 each D iscount taken at time of order. Offer applies to product only. Excludes Pella 750 Designer Serieswildowsand pati o doors. Offer valk f 4/18110-4126110. See store for details. 1/2" X 4' X 8' 4-Piy 2" X 4" X 92/8" Kiln5/4" X 6" X 8' Standard Sheathing Plywood Dried Whitewood Select Treated Decking 1121210 111 2247 116003 Pricing and selection for canmodty may V'iii'J due to mal

Militar.Y News Soldiers Graduate From Basic Training Three m embers of the U.S. Army recently graduated basic training Army Pc. Eric T Calbreath completed basic o mbat tra ining at Fort n, o lumbi 1. S.C. Durin g the nin e-wee k training courses, he s tudi e d th e Army mis sio n. hi s tory tra dition and core Yalues ical fitnes basic comb \I kill w aponry, armed and unarmed combat, rifl e marksmans hip, chemical warfare and bayonet training, basic first aid, and other areas of militar y training. Pvt. Calbreath is the son of B art Khan, of Tampa, and Ann K orda of B o uld er, Colorado. Pvt. Calbreath is a 2001 graduate of Whart n Hi g h 1. Army Pvt. Jarvis W Pope and Army Pc. Jonathan Solano gradua ted from Basic Combat Training at Fort ill, Lawton, Oklahoma. Durin g th e nin e-week training cour e, the soldiers studied th e Army mission a nd received in struction and training x r i i n drill and r m ni rm hi t ry, co r e value s an d traditions, physical fitness, first aid, rifle marksman hip, weapons u e, armed and unarmed combat and oth r areas of military training. Pvt. Pope i s 2005 graduate of Middleton High School. He is the on of J erry Pope, ofTampa, and Barbara Canty, of Miami. Pc Jonathan Solano i s the son of Luis Solano of Tampa, and brother of Shelly Solano, of B elleville J. Pc Solano i s a 2005 graduate of Leto High School. I LOOK FOR POWERFUL VALUES ALL OVER TOOL WORLD -5 DAYS ONLY 4/22/10 4/26/10 fiU330!'f.1!t1 P now sag was $109 2-Piece 18-Volt NiCd Cordless Combo Kit Includes 1/2' dii Vdriver, 6-1/2' circular saw 1-hour charger and 2 batt eries #37894 Includes 1/2' drii Vd!iver 6-1/2' c irc ular saw reciprocating saw flashlight and 2 batteries #36099 NEW LOWER PRICE! 4-Piece &Volt NiCd Col'dless Combo Kit Includes dril/driver @)KOBALT 3..P ott 20-Drawer Ball-Bearing Rolling Tool Cabinet Pro f essional lool o rganizer Fu ll ex l ension heavy-duty ball b earing drawer s li d es #25 8 14 7 an d 11258180 Tools not included. While supplies last was.-saon rng saw aid pivoting T head flashight 1179897 Lithium on Cordless Combo Kit Includes ""0 :c r 1\,) 0 ..... 0 'TJ r 0 :c 0 > en m z m m c: r r z ""0 c: m r c;; :J: m c m -t c: m en 0 ?< > z c 'TJ 0 ?< ..... C{1 m


Nabona N Civil Rights Activist Spelman College Awanled$1M Technolouv Grant Dorothv Height Dies At 98 c ct: u.. c DOROTHY HEIGHT Civil rights pion eer a nd the longtime head of the National Council For Negro Women Dorothy Height passed away at the age of 98. The NCNW made the announcement confirmin g that th e ir former leader died of na t u ral ca use Ms. Height wa a t th e f o r e f ro nt o f th e civil rights movem ent a l o ngside Martin Luther King Jr. as th e only w o m a n o n s t age durin g hi s r e v e r e d M I Ha ve A Dream" s p ee ch whil e pu s h ing for racia l and g ende r equality. She was the President of the ational Council For Negro Women for 40 years before giving up her title in 1997 The 4 million member group has members in 34 nation a l and 250 communi tyba se d organizations and was founded b y Height's mentor Mary McLeod Bethune. DR. BEVERLY TATUM One of the mo s t e lite ins titutions for Black women in the country is receiving a huge grant from ExxonMobil $1 millio n to put towards scholarships for women int ereste d in pursuin g t ec h nology r e l a t ed degrees. T h e hi s toricall y Blac k col l ege mad e th e announceme nt Fri day sayi n g t h at si,x women will b e eligib l e for the schola r s hip s whic h will cove r their tuition fees bo oks, s uppli es a nd room and board. Rush limbaugh Blames Volcanic Eruption On ffi Healthcare Passage Speaking on th e grant th e President of Spelman College Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum says th e grant will h e lp the institution pre pare women for careers in math a nd sci e nce. WhiteMan Disguises Himself As Black Man To Rob Banks ::::> > ct: w > w 0 w X en :J m ::::> Q. z i= w ...J ...J ::::> m ...:. w z i= RUSH LIMBAUGH jock's latest asinine statem ent h e blames President Obama and the Democrats passing of the healthcarE; reform bill for the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokul volcano in Iceland Ash from the eruption has shut down airports overseas for several days now and even blocked the President from attending the Polish President' s funeral over the CONRAD ZDZIERAK A frantic chase for a bank robber hitting several banks and businesses came to reveal shocking results ffi Rush Limbaugh is never en one to bite his tongue espeC ciall y when it comes to anyii: thing and everything related 0 to President Obama and his healthcare r eform bill. According to Rush it's "God speaking" citing the fact that more airspace has been affected by ash from the volcano than after 9/11. He also mentions that since the "earth has opened up" he hopes it's a rebirth and not an Armageddon. Conrad Zdzierak, 30, fooled many after donning a mask that made him look as though he was a Black man when in fact he is white. m I CD .,... w In the conservative shock Finally being captured, the man was arraigned last Thursday on six of aggravated robbery and is currently being held behind bars on a $3 million bond. Household & Apni24 ... ,20IO 9 a.m. -2 p.m. In wacane parldna lot on ehe sOIHh sjde of ard se. (exH 1-275 ae ...... RESIDE.TIAL WASYE oL Y Safely dispose of old chemicals, paints and solvents, automotive products, household cleaners, pool chemicals, mercury thermometers, fluorescent bulbs, lawn & garden supplies, and electronics, including computer equipment televisions and VCRs. City of Tampa Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management www. TamoaGov net/solidwaste Call ( 813 ) 348-111 1 for more information Inmates Made To Wear Pink At Georgia Jail Inma tes a t a G o r g i a jail h a \' b ee n trea t d t o a slig ht c h a n ge in d eco r The entire jail ha been p a int e d lim e g r e n and h t pink and th traditional o r a ng e jump uit ha\ b n trade d in for ones in pink a nd gr ee n as ell. Sheriff Bobby McLemore says he mad th decision to c h a n ge the co lor sch e m e at the B e n Hi ll County jail to better co ntrol the t empe r a m nt of the inmates. W e have had ver y few f i ghts, t empe r s don' t flar e h a lf as bad as th ey used to this r eal l y worked." Sheriff McLemore says he go t th e idea afte r see in g how som e of the jail cell s wer e overwhelmed with graffiti and how unrul y so m e jail f m a l e inma t s ar m a d t w a r lim g r n jump ui to mat h t h e lim g reen int rior of th ir tion. "It was more depressing but the pink re ally doesn' t make it as much as a prison. HIV Predator Who Infected More Than 50 Women Released According to New York police, Nushawn Williams who wa s dubbed the "HIV Predator," was released from prison April 16th after serving more than ten years in prison for statutory rape and reckless endangerment after authorities discovered that he had sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl and infecting her with HIV. After his arrest in 1999, women came forward most in their teens claiming to have had unprotected sex with Williams. According to the Washington Post, Williams had identified 48 sexual partners NUSHAWN WILLIAMS to Chautauqua County health officials Of those 48, 41 were eventually tested. Thirteen turned up positive, six got pregnant -and at l eas t one baby wa s born HIV positive 3602 7th Avenue* Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 Keys Made Latex Flat White Painl. ........... $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Painl. ........ $14.90 'gal Roller Pan Sel ........................ $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes ..................... ............ 99 ea. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!'!


c y : Celebrating 43 Years! On Sa turday, April 1 7, 2 0 1 0 Minister J erome Fortson P a s to r and the m embe r s o f P ra ise a n d D eliver a n ce T e mpl e Churc h o f Go d b y F aith ( COGBF ) Pla nt C ity, Flo rida Minister Jerome Fortson, P as t o r recentl y h os t e d th e ir 43rd Church Annive rsar y The cho se n them e f o r th e cel e br a tion wa s BUILD REPAIR RESTORE District Father Elder Thomas Faison, Jr. served as the Master of C e r e mon y Th e Praise and Deliverance T e mpl e (PDT) Praise Team ope n e d the service with songs o f praise. Distric t Superintendent Elder James E. Williams, III, r e nd e r e d th e Prayer. The sel ected scripture Psalms 133 was read by Minister Anthony Landers. Mother Saretha Ragins extended a warm welcome to the guests and shared the History of the Church. Mother Marvene Berry introduced The Messenger, Dt. Rudolph W. Berry, Pastor of Lake Hamilton COGBF Other program participants were: Britt coGBF, St. Petersburg Mission-COGBF, PDT Youth Choir, New Divine COGBF Young Adult Praise Team, Victory Temple COGBF, Little Rock COGBF and The Fortson Sisters. Elder James Williams, III, District Superintendent gave the Special Remarks before the clo si ng remarks and the b e n e diction was rendered b y Minister Fortson. Among the members an d guests who joi n ed in this spe cial day of celebration we re: Mother Lillie Willi"ams, Mother Ollie Mae Smart, Mother Margaret Faison, Mother Chola Little, Mother Regina Phillips, Mary McElrich, Ann Fortson, Jill Glass, Nora Burroughs and son, Samuel, Deacon AI Smith, Patricia Smith, Judy Thompson, AI Smith, III, Brian Smith, Ashley Smith, Myrtice Landers, Deloris Landers, Mark Nash, Albedean Nash, Juanita Jones, Beatrice Guzman, Merissa Landers, Minister Fred Seay and AprilSeay. Birthday Greetings Special wishes tor a Happy Birthday to Miss Dollie Johnson o f P l a n t Cit y as s h e c e l e b r a tes 7 1 y ea r s o f lif e o n Ap ri l 28th; a n d t o Eugenia Gainers of Lake l a n d w h o w ill c e l e br a t e a n o th e r n a t a l d ay o n April 29 th May th e Lord continu e t o bless you with m a n y m o r e birthd ays Happy Anniversary Th e miracl e of love i s given to u s to give to on e anoth e r ... happy annive r sary to Truman and Margo McGill as the y c e lebrate ano th er yea r of wedde d bliss o n Apri l 23rd and to Samuel and Teresa Swann, of Lakeland as they c e l ebrate thei r first year of w edded bliss o n April 25th May the blessings of the Lord be upon e ach of the se unions Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out T hi s week' s Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out goes out to th e Gospe l Tones w ho celebrated their 25th R eunio n on the evening of Saturday, April 17th The host-site of this s pe c ial ce lebration was PDT Church of God by Faith in Plant City. On the VIP gospel songs treat li s t were: Elder Thomas Faison, Jr., Pastor Wallace Alexander, Pastor David Moody, Pastor Jimmy Weems, Pastor John Hollman, Minister Jerome Fortson, Elder. Sam Stevenson, Maverick Lawrence, Henry Lee Foster, Julius Hargrove, Willie Robinson, Alvin Kitt, Freddie Washington, Jo.e L. Gay, Jr., Andre' Bivens, Randy Rentz, J:ames Grayes, Clint Walker, Reverend Iva Wilkerson, Bishop Ransom Moreland, Jr., Leon Redden, Richard Groover, Charles Groover and James 'Jazz' Bouie. Keep on praising and worshipping Him in song and with your instruments. May you continue to flourish in the favor of the Lord. Talk to Shaw-Nuf Shaw-Nuf Talk wants to hear from you. Share your exciting news and/or photos of your celebrations special events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family reun ions church or commu nity events, etc., with the readership of the Florida Sentinel Bull etin and ShawNuf Talk by sending an e mail to: shawnuftalk@ yahoo.com or calling (863) 513-8437-Resident Celebrates 70th Binhdav r 1\,) w 1\,) 0 ...... F ami l y a n d frie n ds of Margaret Louise Faison, o f P lan t C i ty. cam e t o g e t her a t th e P lk Strl't'l 0 Recr ea tion Cent e r i n Bart o w t o cel e brat e a \ cry s pecial occasi o n ... h('r -oth b i r th d ty. Th e coo rdin a t o r of thi s m e m o rabl e e Y e n t was h e r da u g hter Tassi e Faison. B e wt iful m c m o ril' s s h a r e d by famil y a n d frie n ds, so ngs, d elicio u foo d m d s peci a l r e m ar k s b y th e b i rth t h y c c l cbnnt w e r e all a p a rt of th e even i ng. (Photos b y ShawNuO Zikiria Campbell enjoyed celebrating her great grandmother's birthday. These cuties attended Margaret Faison's 70th birthday celebration. A special birthday cake displayed photos of Marguret Fuison and her son, the late James J -Rae' Faison. Margaret Faison is shown with her daughter, Tassie Faison. New Divine Host100 Men And women In Black And White r 0 CJ) m z m r I CD c r r "'0 c CD r-c;; :t m c m On Sunday, March 21st m e mbers and guests gathered at New Divine of.God by Faith < (COGBF), Lake Wales Elder Freddie Hird, pastor, for th e conclusion of th e ir annual too Men & m Women in Black and White The chosen theme was 'Can You See Minister Anthony de Shazor served as Master of Ceremon y m The Speaker of the Evening was Minister Jerome Fortson, pas tor of Praise & Deliv era nc e CJ) Temple COGBF in Plant City. Minister Fortson's message was entitled 'Do You See, What I See? < His scriptures of reference were: II King 6:15-17, John 4:34-35 and II Corinthians 5:7. Minister Fortson delivered The Word. LaDora Richardson rendered the Welcome and Occasion address. The Lunsford Sisters blessed the congregation with anointed songs of praise and worship. c c .... Shown left to right are: awesome guitarist Andre' Bivens, ...,. Mother Saretha Ragins and Minister Jerome Forts. m


0 T'"" 0 N M N ...J a: a. -' a: UJ > UJ c UJ :I: (/) :J m :J Q. z t= UJ ...J ...J :J m ...J UJ z t= z UJ (/) ( a: 0 ...J LL. m co T"" -ass HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsborough County will receive sealed bids and/or for the following, until the stated date and time when they will be publicly opened. MAY 11, 2010-2:00 P.M. ITB-P-0175-0-2010/CK STUMP GRINDER Informat ion on these and o t her R equests f o r Bids, along with B i d /Proposal results may be accessed at www. hillsboroughcounty .org/ procur ementservices This is a Hillsborough County Governmental Purchasing Council Bid. Minority and women owned firms will be afforded a full o pportunity t o participate in these matters and w ill not be subject t o discrimination on the basis o f race, sex, color or n ational origin. Questio n s regarding the abov e project s m a y b e directed t o Hillsborough County Board of Commissi o n ers, Department o f Procurement Services, 601 E Kennedy Blvd., 18th Fl., County Center, Tampa Florida, 33602, (813) 272-5790, during regular business hours. NOTICE OF ACTION BEFORE THE FLORIDA CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY LICENSING BOARD IN RE: The Practice Of Contracting Craig Pavlik d/b/a CACO Construction Company, Inc. 1330 Heather Ridge Blvd. And 1665 Chaplene Ct. Dunedin, FL 34698 CASE NO .: 2008018284 LICENSE NO.: C48772 The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has filed an Administrative Complaint against you, a copy of which may be obtained by contacting Jamie Duran Service of Process Unit Department of Business and Professional Regulation 1940 North Monroe Street Tallahassee FL 32399-2206, (850) 488-0062 If no contact has been made by "you concerning the above by April 30, 2010 the matter of the Administrative Complaint will be presented at a hearing pursuant to 120.57(2), F S before the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act p ersons needing a special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the individual or agency sending n otice not later than seven days prior to the proceeding at the address given on notice Telephone : (850) 257-6097 ; 1 -800-955-8771 (TOO) or 1-800-955-8770 (v), via Florida Relay Service .. GET NOTICED ... Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora For More Information @ (813) 248-1921 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OFTHE 13TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Case No.: 2909-16230 Div: F FREMONT REORGANIZING CORPORATION f/k/a Fremo nt Inv estme nt & Loan a C a lifornia corporation (Plaintiff) vs. DAVID H. FOSTER and all unknown parties claiming by through under and against the above named Defendant who are unknown to be dead or alive whether said unknown are persons heirs devisees grantees or oth er claimants ; UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF DAVID H. FOSTER ; CENTRAL CITY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION; NATIONS CREDIT FINANCIAL SERVICES CORPORATION; TENANT 1/UNKNOWN TENANT and TENANT II/UNKNOWN TENANT in possession of the subject real property (Defendants) NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to the Final Judgment/Order entered in the above noted case that I will sell the following property situated in Hillsborough County Florida described as : LOT 4, BLOCK 3, TIMBERLANE SUBDIVISION UNIT 1, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF, AS RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 49, PAGES 65 OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA. at public sale, to the highest and best bidder for cash, at 2:00 p.m., on the 2nd Floor Rooms 201/202, in the George E Edgecomb Courthouse at 800 East Twiggs Street Tampa Florida 33602 on April 28. 2010. The highest bidder shall immediately post with the Clerk a deposit equal to five percent (5%) of the final bid The deposit must be cash or C?Shier' s check payable to the Clerk of the Court. Final payment must be made by 12 : 00 p.m. next business day ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS AFTER THE SALE. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the individual or agency sending notice not later than seven (7) days prior to the proceeding at the address given on notice. Telephone (904) 257-6097; 1-80Q-955-8n1 (TOO) or 1-800-955-8770 (v), via Florida Relay Service. Dated this 25th day of March. 201 0. PAT FRANK CLERK OFTHE CIRCUIT COURT By: /s/ LORI DAVIS-CROSS DEPUTY CLERK REQUESTS FOR QUALIFICATIONS Comp t i t iv s I d qu llfl tlon will be r cei v d by t h Southw s t F l orida W a t r M anag m n t Dis t ric t B roo ksville Florida. tor : RFO 010 10 QUALIFICATION FOR MINIMUM FLOWS AND LEVELS CONSULTANTS NONMANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE/SITE VISIT : May 5 2010 at 10:30 a.m at the Tampa Service Office Governing Board Room 601 U S. Hwy 301, Tampa Florida 33637-6759 and publicly ope n ed on June 8 2010 at 2:30p.m. RFO 01110 PLANNING PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND/OR INSPECTION SERVICES FOR HURRICANE DEBRIS REMOVAL PROJECTS. Responses will be accepted on an ongoing basis through March 31, 2013. The Reque s t for Proposals may be obtained through the District's Int erne t w ebsite a l hltp : //ww w W o l or M a n e r o org / procu r monl und er V iew our s olicitation s on DemandStar' or Alt ernate Vie w of our Current Solicitation s Southwest Florida W a t er Management District Procurement, 2379 Broad Street Brook s ville, Florida 34604 6899 ; Procurement @ WaterMatt e r s org ; 352-796-7211 ext. 4132 ; or in Florida: 1 00 -4231476 TOO ONLY 1-800 -231-6 103 Ellen F Cuarta Contracts Administrator Jobs 4 USA/Felons Looking 4 Work & Can't Find Any? 1 ,OOO's Of Money Making Jobs & Opportunities Available 16 -65 Start Today No Experience Felons Welcome For More Information And Location Call (813) 965-7991 View Our Website @ www.flsentinel.com


Kut -NUp Now H iring Licensed Barbers Styl ists And Brai ders Low Booth Rental And Great Atmosphere Call (813) 404-5667 Qual ity People Looking For Qua lity Jobs Quality Companies Look ing For Quality People Contact Specialized Labor Services (813) 754-4664 Or (813) 754-9800 Ask For Ms. Kim Work From Home Easy Work Great Pay For Details Send $5. 00 & Self Addressed Stamped Envelope To: Brenda James P.O. Box 292295 Tampa, FL 33687 Drivers: COL-A: Super Southeast Regional Oppty s w / Good Home Time! Healthcare Benefits! Requires CDL-A w/1 Yr Recent Exp LinkAmerica 866-403-0507 www.LKAM.com Child Care Teachers Needed To Work With Two And Four Year Olds Applicant Must Have 40 Hour Training Experience And Reliable Transportation Please Call (813) 626-6836 To Schedule An Appointment Cleaning Serv ice Seek ing F loor Techni cian W ith Clean Background To Strip, Wax And Buff Experienced Janitorial P erso nnel Needed Also Call (813) 458-4183 Or (813) 352-8252 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities FOOD SERVICE AIDE ( REDUCED HOURS ) $8 70 / HR LEGAL SECRETARY ( LITIGATION ) LIBRARY AIDE $33,696 $15 828 LIBRARY TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANT II $22 ,131 MANAGER (ELECTION WAREHOUSE & SUPPORT SERVICES) $40 768 MULTI-TRADES Ill $34,361 PARATRANSIT MINIBUS OPERATOR $22 ,131 SENIOR CASE MANAGER (LIMITED DURATION) (REDUCED HO\JRS) $19 60/HR SENIOR SOCIAL SERVICES SPECIALIST (LIMITED DURATION) $31, 512 See our web site at http : //www. hccsb org or visit our office at: 601 E Kennedy Boulevard 17th Floor Tampa FL. Preference in initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vets AAIEEO Employer PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Edition -Thursday @ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition -Monday @ 12:00 P.M. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PR ICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD Homes For Sale S89K Ready To Move In! We Pay Closing Cost Call (813) 221-4457 Hot Buy Investors -4 Properties Great Income Owner Retiring Call (813) 416-6183 Or (813) 630-Q839 Kenny Condo For Sale $16,900 Cash Offers Only!!! Waterside Island 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath Gated Community Fishing Gym, Spa Pool, Racquet Ball (813) 481-2395 (813) 447-7674 East Tampa Business And Civic Association Price Reduced 2208 East 22nd Avenue 1145 69th Street 1219 East Cayuga 3 Bedroom/2 Bath With Single Car Garage Up to $60 000 00 Available In Down Payment Assistance (813) 248-3977 USF Area Spacious Townhouse 2 Bedrooms/1 % Baths CHA, Utility/Laundry Room Private Patio Rent $750.00 Deposit $100.00 Section 8 OK (813) 968-1168 2918 East 21st Avenue 3 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath Home $1 200 00 /M onthly Includes An Efficiency CHA WDH Depos it-N egot i able Rooms For Rent Also Available Call (813) 495-9757 Temple Terrace Townhouse For Rent 2 Bedroom s/ 1 B ath Section 8 OK Call (813) 404-5667 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Or Efficiency For Rent $600.00-$900. 00/Month ly Plus Deposit Includes : W ater, Lights Cable W asher And Dry er Call (813) 785-1030 West Tampa Available Now!! 5 Bedroom /2 Bath 4 Bedroom /2 Bath Central H eat/ Air Washer / Dryer Hook-Up Call 1800-344-4216 1 & 2 Bedroom Duplexes And Rooms As Low As A $150 00 Deposit Utilities Included Call V&V (813) 259-4663 www. myfinancialconnections.com Westchester Condominiums 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Available Now Section 8 OK Gated Pool WDH Screened Patio Tiled Floors Call (813) 960-8490 USF Area Spacious Remodeled 2 Bedroom Townhome A/C Carpet Tile WID Hookup Fenced Patio $775.00 Includes Water Sect ion 8 Welcome Call 813-220-3633 2 Bedroom/1 % Bath Townhouse Rent To Own Or Ow n For Less Than Ren t Small Down Payment O wner Financ ing Bert (813) 969-3970 0 1H1MiUI WE RENT HOMES Starting $525 00/Monthly 1 5 Bedrooms Av ilabl Call 813 221-4457 Section 8 Special 3 Bedroom s/2 Baths Central Heat/ Air F e n ce d B ac kyard $1, 1 00. 00 / Monthly Call (813) 968-1168 8203 North Alaska 3 B edroom/ 1 Bath Hom e Central Heat And Air W asher/Dryer Hook Up $800 00 / Monthly Call (813) 453-0123 House For Rent 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bath s New Paint New Carpet New Appliances Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 404-8622 Or (813) 965-3637 Available Immediately 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Hous e Central Air And Heat Washer/Dryer Included Fenced Corner Lot Section 8 Welcomed (813) 900-3042 2109 E. 23rd Avenue 2/1 Newly Remodeled House-WDH CHA Fenced Yard And Carport Rent $ 800.00 Deposit $ Call Janda (727) 320-7310 East Tampa 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Plus Den WDH Corner Lot Totally Remodeled $1, 1 00 00/Monthly Plus Deposit Section 8 Accepted (813) 601-3101 S U PPORT THE FL ORID A SEN TINEL B ULLETIN ADVERTISERS :0 r 1\) w 1\) 0 0 "'T1 r 0 :0 c )> C/) m z :::t z m r I m c r r z ""D c m r C/) ::t m c m < m :0 -< -i c m C/) c )> z c "'T1 :0 c


"' 0 ..-0 N M N ...J a: <( c a: u.. c a: u.. c z < c CJ) w :::J > a: w > w c w J: CJ) :::::i m :::J 0.. z i= w ..J ..J :::J m ..J w z i= z w CJ) a: 0 ..J LL m I 0 N w (!) 3 B edrooms / 2 Bat h CHA, Fenced Yard, WDH $1, 1 00 00 / Month ly $1 000.00 / Depos i t Or Sect ion 8 3 Bedroom Voucher W ill Negot i ate (813) 900 6926 1712 W Walnut Street 4 / 1 Ne w l y R e m o deled House WDH C H A F ence d Y ard, Drive way Rent $1 500 00 Depos i t $ 800 00 Call Janda (727) 320-7310 Jackson Heights 2 Bedroom / 2 Bath Home Newly Renovated Concrete Block Carport $925.00 / Rent $500.00 / Security Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) 293-2677 Section 8 Only 2712 N. Stallone Drive 3 Bedroom / 1 Bath Block Home WDH Alarm System Fenced Backyard Carport Pat i o Garage No Pets $1 230.00 / Monthly $600 00 / Secu rity Negotiable LaShawn (813) 841-2921 West Tampa Houses For Rent 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom Or 4 Bedroom $650-$1, 050 Per Month Newer Kitchen Appliances Baths Central A i r Most Have Washer / Dryer Hookups Sect i on 8 Vouchers OK Most Pets OK Available So See Today Call Patrick 813-254-5338 1708 East !de ll Stree t 4 Bedro om/2 Bath Home Section 8 Welcome Call ( 813 ) 727-6782 Several Homes Ava i lable For Rent 2 -5 Bed r ooms S t art ing At $ 5 9 5 00 / M o nt hly Investors Choice Rea lty 727-580-9184 2921 East 24th Avenue 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath CHA WDH Sect ion 8 Welcome $ 850 00 / Monthl y $500 00 / Deposit Call (813) 482-6232 Ybor City 3 & 5 Bedroom Homes As Low As A $500 Deposit Section 8 Wel comed! Call V & V (813) 259-4663 www myfin a ncial conne ctio n s.co m 3414 East 9th Avenue 4 Bedroom / 2 Bath $1 200 00/Monthly $1 ,200 00 / Deposit Negotiable Section 8 Only Available Now!!! Rev. Tyson (813) 770-2003 Darrel (813) 735-5295 West Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $775 00/Monthly Both Homes Remodeled Block Construct ion With Tile Floors Throughout 0 Deposit With Section 8 Voucher Must See (813) 61 0-8256 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE Hom e For Rent 4 912 83rd Street CHA 4 Bedr oom 2 B aths Custom T ile Throughout S1. 200 00/Monthly S ection 8 A ccep ted (813) 661-4292 Jackson Heights 2 B edroom / 2 B ath Home Newly R enovated Con c r ete B lock C ar p ort $ 9 25 00 / R e n t $ 500 00 / S ecurit y De p osit Sect ion 8 Welcom e (813) 293-2677 Single Family Homes 3 Bedroom/2 Bath CHA WDH 6 Bedroom/2 Bath WDH Fenced Section 8 Welcome Bert (813) 969-3970 40TH & Hillsborough River 4 B e dr oom/ 2 B ath Home Newly Renova ted $ 1 350 00/Rent $500 00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call: (813) 293-2677 West Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $775.00/Monthly Both Homes Remodeled Block Construction With Tile Floors Throughout 0 Deposit With Section 8 Voucher Must See (813) 61 0-8256 Section 8 Only 2712 N. Stallone Drive 3 Bedroom / 1 Bath Block Home WDH Alarm System Fenced Backyard Carport Patio Garage No Pets $ 1 230 00/Month l y $ 600 00 / Security Negot i able LaShawn (813) 841-2921 Email Your Ad To: I edwards@ flsen ti nel.com 3 4TH & Osborne 2 B e dro om/2 Bat h Carport New ly Renova ted $900 00 / Ren t $500 00 / Depos i t Sec t ion 8 Welcome Harold (813) 293 2677 11.1 AfJ 41 ;1 ;1 ;:; II NAPFE Towers S enior H o usin g 1 B e droo m R e nt B ase d On Incom e Close To Shopping Centers Public Tra nsportation Security Patrol Water / Sewer /T rash Included 813.977.1663 TAMPA PARK APARTMENTS "A Great Place To Call Home" 2 Bedroom And 3 Bedroom Apartments Sect ion 8 Available Come In And Place An Application Today! Open Saturday 10:00 a .m.-2:00p.m. TAKING APPLICATIONS ONLY! Also Look i ng To Locate Or Re-Locate Your Business, Give Us A Call We May Have The Space You Need Tampa Park Apartment, Inc. 1417 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa Florida 33605 Telephone (813) 229-1845 Telecommunications Relay Inc. TTY 1-800-955-8771 Voice 1-800-955-8770 Spanish 1-877-955-8773 A vaila bl e Imme d ia t e ly S tudio A p rtm n t U tilit i s lnclud d Sec t ion 8 A g 62+ E H O C a ll ( 813 ) 8 7 0 1830 E xt. 22 (TTY) 1-800 955 8 77 1 Conven ient Ybor C ity 1 B e droom/ 1 B a t h Apa r t m e n t Jus t R e mod e l e d Ne w F l oors, Fres h Paint $725. 00 / R e nt Inc lud es All Ut i l i t ies $500 00 / De posit 813-245-1998 125.00 Move In First Month Free Excelle nt R e nt a l His tory R e qu i r ed 2/ 1 Dupl e x 21 06A West Beach Street H a rdwood F loor s C e ntral St a tion Alar m Sy s t e m $575 00/Monthly (813) 235-6353 Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPLICATIONII Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances New Ceiling Fans $525.00/Monthly Water & Trash lncludedllll Very Low Deposit! 813-244-4551 First Month Rent Free & $50.00 Moves You In Excellent Ren t al H i story Requ i red Good Neighbors 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment, Central A/C Central Station Alarm System $ 550 00/Mon t hly The Security Depo::;it To Be Paid A t $50 00/Monthly For 6 Months 21 02A Beach Street Call (813) 238-6353


., ::D c > "0 ::D r-N Apartment For Rent Section 8 Tenants DUPLEX Section 8 Ready East Tampa Area (,) 4603 26th Street 0 Security Deposit 9902 North Hyacinth St. 6214 48th Street N 0 Room s F or R ent .... Apartment A & B 0 2 Bedroom / 1 Bat h 3 Bedroom / 1 Bath 3 / 1 CHA W I D Hook-up Clean And Drug Free $550 00 / Monthly Central Heat/Air $750 00 / Month 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Please Call $200 GO/Deposit Washer / Dryer Hook-up $300 GO/ Deposit Duplex (813) 597-5221 Near Everything Section 8 Accepted Central H / A WDH Call (813) 317-8024 Call (813) 546-7782 Ron (813) 92Q-1085 Call (813) 626-0331 Rooms For Rent (813) 690-6664 North Tampa And Near Bus Line Temple Terrace Area Move-In Specials! 2617 E. 32nd Avenue $100 00 And $125 00 Angie's Apartments 2 And 3 Bedroom Section 8 Only 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Weekly 0 Deposit 3 Bedroom/2 Bath WDH Apartments 2 Free Months Duplex + Deposit $50 00 0 Deposit WID Hook-up Central H/A Accepting 2 & 3 Phone 813-234-9339 No Application Fee 0 Deposit Washer/Dryer Hook-up Section 8 Welcome No Application Fee Bedroom Vouchers $800 00/Rent Section 8 Welcome Large 3/1 CHA WDH $300 GO/Security Near Ybor & Downtown 813-931-1730 New Paint Quiet Area Millie (813) 931-1850 Call (813) 626-8208 Clean, Furnished Rooms ., r-WEST TAMPA (813) 789-3879 For Rent With Share Bath 0 2 & 3 BDRM APTS $125.00 Move In On Bus Line Sulphur Springs $115 00 $125 00/Weekly Water & Sewer Included Excellent Rental $115 .00-$125 00/Deposit en Section 8 Welcome m $492 00 $529 00 History Required 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex West Tampa call (813) 314-2472 Tampa Presbyterian First Month Free z Central A/C, WDH m Village 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Rooms For Rent r-(813) 253-0008 $850.00/Monthly Furnished Rooms I Burglar Bars Ill (TTY) 1-800-955-8771 Deposit Negotiable Newly Remodeled For Rent c: 3023 N. 48th Street #A r-Full Kitchen, Furnished r-.t:i;r $580.00/Monthly Phone (813) 728-7510 $80.00-$1 00 00 Some Available With g) (813) 453-3741 Central Heat & Air z 813-238-6353 Weekly + Deposit And Cable "'0 c: 2041h East Selma Ave. Grant Park Call (813) 476-8748 Strictly No Drug Activity Ill Available Immediately" r-Section 8 Accepted Allowed u; 1 Bedroom/1 Bath 1 Bedroom Apartment ::::t Ybor Heights m Upstairs Garage Utilities Included 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Call (813) 965-5931 c Apartment $579 00 Per Month WDH, CHA, New Carpet Large Furnished Rooms m < $500.00/Monthly $700.00/Monthly $140 .00-$150 00/Weekly Clean Rooms m Age 62+ EHO $500/Deposit Includes Water Deposit Plus Security lnYbor City .... Available Immediately Call (813) 87G-1830 Plus Deposit Plus 1 Week Rent Includes All Utilities c: m Section 8 Accepted Ext. 22 Cable TV, Laundry And Cable en (813) 417-3455 c (TTY) 1-80G-955-8771 Single, Drug Free From $120.00/Weekly Call (813) 786-8670 1Ar Must Be Employed Or $475.00/Monthly > Approved For County $1 00 00/Deposit z USF Area Section 8 Call (813) 247-4724 c ., Section 8 Accepted 813-245-1998 ::IJ 8 Ybor City 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 2/1 Apartment 2910 E. Columbus Drive Near Ybor & Downtown Duplex CHA WDH For Rent WDH CHA $850.00/Monthly Clean Furnished Rooms Rooms/Apartments New Carpet Tile Very Nice Water Included 1 Week Free 2 Bedroom/2 Bath For Rent $650.00/Monthly $600 00/Deposit With Share Bath Includes Water Updated Apartment In Quiet Building Plus Deposit Washer/Dryer Included Call (813) 877-9192 On Bus Line No Drugs Allowed $850 00/Rent Or (813) 877-3406 $115.00-$125.00/Weekly VIsit: 2913 N. 15th Street (813) 417-3455 Sestion 8 Welcome $115.00-$125 00/Deposit $125.00 Move In Call Henry Jacob Real Estate, Brkr. Call (813) 314-2482 (813) 727-o151 Section 8 Renters First Month Free (813) 258-3200 Excellent Rental 2 Bedroom AFFORDABLE LIVING History Required Apartments For SENIORS, 55+ 2/1-Duplex LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS Electric, Water, Near Downtown 21 06A West Beach Street EMPLOYMENT And Sewer, Great Views Hardwood Floors, Central Station Included From $398/Monthly APARTMENTS DUPLEXES Utilities Included Alarm System On Site Laundry $575.00/Monthly ROOMS FOR RENT 813 253-2868 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Monday Friday (813) 235-6353 LEASE OPTIONS ETC. Call To See 8:00 am 4:00 pm I If You Qualify ADVERTISE IT IN THE 12t Fax 24nTO: m 813-975-0258 FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN N (813) 248-9218 ...... I Ill


0 N (") N ...1 a: a.. ..... >-a: w > w c w :I: (/) :::i' m ::::> 0.. z j;: w ...1 ...1 ::::> m ...I w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 ...1 LL m I N N w (!) Rooms Fo r Rent $125 00 Per Week Air Conditioned And Clean Call (813 ) 62 48540 Rooms For Rent Super N i c e Single Ind i v i duals P refe rred $ 1 25 00/Week l y Call (813) 784-0508 For M o re Information Near Ybor & Downtown Clean Furnished Rooms For Rent With Share Bath On Bus Line $115 .00-$125 00/Weekly $115 00 $125 00 / Deposit Call (813) 846-9535 Near Ybor & Downtown Clean Furnished Rooms For Ren t With Share Bath On Bus Line $115 00 $125 00/Weekly $115.00 $125.00/Deposit Call (813) 314-2472 Rooms For Rent Near Ybor City Clean Quiet A ir Conditioned Older Adults Preferred $99.00/Weekly Call (813) 690-3320 Or (813) 516-1559 MLK & Central Area $11 0 00/Weekly 1 $t And Last Week Plus Deposit CHA Cable Telephone Drug Free And Mus t Be Employed (813) 663-0335 West Tampa South Of 1-275 Near Armenia Furnished $100 .00-$1'2S:OO/Weekly Includes All Ut i lities Cable & Personal Fr i dge Call ( 813 ) 545 -8074 EMAIL YOUR ADS TO: Fo r Ren t Rooms/Apartments 1 Week Free In Quiet B uilding No Drugs A llowe d V isit: 2913 N. 15th Street Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Clair Mel Area R oom For R ent Pr i v a t e B a throom S hared Kitchen And Living Room $ 120 00 $ 1 7 0 00 Depos i t Varies Call (813) 545-9139 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Years Of Age & Old er Must Have Steady Income $1 00 00/Weekly $1 00 00 / Depos it Jim (813) 237-1810 Beverly (813) 235-7934 Jeanette (813) 230-6776 Ybor Heights Large Furnished Rooms $140.00 $150 00/Weekly Deposit Plus Security Plus 1 Week Rent Cable TV Laundry Single Drug Free Must Be Employed Call (813) 247-4724 Furnished Rooms $475.00/Monthly $ 120.00/Weekly AJC, Washer Cable Utilities Included Kitchen Phone On Bus Line No Deposit (813) 505-5400 Special Value University Area And Near Downtown For Any Size Room $100 00/Weekly Or $300.00 / 1 st Month Limited Time Special Near Busl i ne 30 And 9 Must Be Emp l oyed (813) 384-0387 Rooms For Rent Single Individuals P referred $ 125 00/Weekly Call (813) 784-0508 For More Information Room For Rent A ge 5 5 A n d U p P referred $100 00 $12 0 0 0 /Weekly P l us D ep os i t E le ctr i c And Wat e r Included Call (813) 241-4158 Near Downtown/Busline Or Busch/Nebraska Clean Quiet Large Furnished Rooms Washer / Dryer CHA Cable Must Have Job And Drug Free (813) 493-2401 Tarpley s AJC LLC Sales & Service New & Used Financing Available Call _(813) 238-7884 Lie #1815130 RUDY'S REPAIR SERVICE Complete Air Conditioning & Heating Service On All Makes And Models Call (813) 620-1866 LIC # CAC 1814465 African American Labor Law Attorney Workers Compensa tion Employmen t Disc rimin a tion Labor Union Grievances Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223-1200 www.fordlawfirm.org l edwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax 24n To: (813) 248-928 F iling B ankruptcy? Chapter 7 Or 13 $500 00 Up Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford (813) 223 1200 www.fordlawflrm.org $500! Police Impounds! Hon d a s Ch e vy s Acur a s Toyota s Etc From $5001 For Listings Call 800-366-9813 Ext 3695 $0 Down! Cars From $29.00/ M onth ly l 36 Months@ 8 5 % APR Police Impounds For Listing Call 800-366-9813 Ext K456 Shop Avon Online Today! Checkout Code: aflad12 www. youravon.com/sylviabeacham Sylvia Beacham Avon Independent Sales Representative (813) 506-91 08 B eds Twin $ 6 0 00 F ull $65.00 Ou n $75. 00 K i n g $ 110 00 Up Bunk B e d s $ 1 5 0 00 Call (813) 310 -0991 Doors W indo ws, R a lls A/C Cages Gat es G e n e r a l W eldi n g & R e p a ir s We Pick Up Scr a p M e tal For More Information Call Carl (813) 495-3172 Work From Home Eas y Work Great Pay For Details Send $5.00 & Self Addr essed E nv e lop e To: Brenda James P .O. Box 292295 Tampa FL 33687 THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY POR OVER 65 YEARS


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Completely Furn i shed Colors Gold And Red His And Her Bathrooms Small Pantry Sound Room And Kids Room We Have Two Offices But One Will-Be Made Available To The Pastor If Interested Please Call 813-770-1138 Or 813-477-1530 (Lease Agreement And Deposit Required) Paralegals On Call Foreclosure Child Support Divorce Bankruptcy Soc ial Security Student Loans Evictions Contracts & More Call (813) 317-5287 Or (813) 295-4489 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling Ca rp e ntry, Roo m Add iti ons Roo fing, D ryw all P l u mbing Cer a mic Tile S i de w a lk s Patios A n d Haulin g Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lie #022650 S & H Pai n ti ng & Co ntractin g Complete Home Repa irs Exper ienced Staff L ice nsed Electr i cians Carpenters Roof ing, See Jobs wwvv.shpaint ingcontracting.com Harvey (813) 412-9318 Insured/Lie# 199701 OGUN Road Side Angel Why Pay $70 0 0 -$100 .00 T o Unlock Your C ar? Jus t Pay $ 1 5 .00 Cash O n l y Call Me (813) 507-4016 Offering Sister Locks At An Introductory Rate Special Call 813-433-6328 For Details Ms. D's World Of Beauty 3720 % Dr. MLK Blvd. Special Buy One Get One % Off Includes All Services Try Our New No Cap Quick Weave (813) 247-4368 Grand Opening Diovalique World Of Beauty & Barbershop Has Booth Rental Available $75 00 Weekly For The 1st Six Months Call: (813) 374-9375 Or (813) 841-9990 Michelle @ Gallery Salon 648 Oakfield Drive (813) 300-0404 Servicing Brandon, Valrico And Seffner $45 00 $ 100 00 $ 100 00 $ 15 00 Rel axer Micros Sew -Ins E y e lashes Other Services Available SUPPORT THE FL ORID A S E TINEL BULLETIN ADVERTISERS Micros Short Hair S65 Micros Long Hair S85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 Weaves $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567-1429 Tree Braids $60 00 Sew-In $60 00 Sew -In w / Mirco s $75.00 Mirco s Box Plaits Corn R ows $100 00 $50.00 & Up $40 0 0 Call Nicole (813) 727-0512 Stylist Needed Call (813) 621-5914 Braids By S e rina Call (813) 495-0649 Micro s Kinky Twi st Sew-Ins Long Pla its Body Plaits Bobs $90 00 $80 00 $50 00 $ 100 00 $75 00 $60 00 Licensed Professional Licensed Professional Braider Kinky Twist $45 00 All Braid Styles $25 00/Up Dreads/Retwist $35 00 Body Plaits $55 00 Fish Bones With Knots $35 00 And More Chazz (813) 325-7656 American & Beauty Grand Re-Opening @ International Flea Market 11309 N. 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