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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Tampa, Fla. :
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May 4, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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Celebrating 65 rears In The Tanzpa Bay Area I arson -SEE STORY ON PAGE 3 GEORGE EDGECOMB BAR ASSOCIATION SCHOLA RSHIP BANQUET The George Edgecomb Bar Association held its 27th Annual Scholarship Banquet on April 26, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Tampa. The theme was "Law in the 21st Century: Enduring Traditions, Emerging Challenges." The keynote speaker was Warren Ballentine, Esquire, a Chicago native. Balentine s Series, The Warren Ballentine Show, is syndicated in 20 markets, and is one of the highest-rated urban talk shows in the nation. Special persons honored at the banquet were C. Martin Lawyer, Ill, (2nd from left), who received the Diversity Award and Robert J. Samuels (2nd from right), who received the Francisco Rodriguez Award. Henry G. Gyden, Esquire, First Vice President George Edgecomb Bar Association and Kamilah L. Perry, Esquire, President, George Edgecpmb Bar Association, made the pre sentations. (Photo by Julia Jackson) USF Dean Responds To AHack On Student SEE PAGE 3 Couple Senes Health leads Of Community SEE PAGE 2 Family Of Five Escapes Fire SEE PAGE 2 Ex-Stripper May Get Plea Deal SEE PAGE 2


or--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------?"" Features Two Adults, Three Children Escape Fire That Destroved Home Five people narrow l y escaped the fire that destroyed this home. Early Sunda y morning Tampa Fire Rescue unit s were called to a fir e a t 2109 East Wilder Avenue. A fir e inve s tigator report e d c that Joshua Lester, 24, was a: sleeping when he was awakLL. ened about s:20 a.m by the heat of the flames. < Lester discovered that the en dosed back. porch was on c fire and quickly awakened en Sabrina Alston, 35, and her w :J. three children. ..... > a: w AU five escaped-without injury. It was also reported that tWo dogs and a pJlppy also got out of the h o me However, the pupp y had inhaled s moked and die d lat e r at a veterinar ian 's office. Tampa Fire Rescue spokesman, Capt. Bill Wade, said the family was lucky to escape, because they did not have a working smoke detector. The fire completely destroyed the home and its contents. The family is being assisted by the American Red Cross with clothing and temporary shel ter. The cause of the fire has not been detetmined. c w J: en :::J m :J a.. AUTO ACCIDENT REFERRAL SERVICE z i= w ..J ..J :J m I ..J w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ..J LL. News Alert The Aorida Law States That You May Be Entitled TO $1 0,000 For Loss Wages And Medical Care ... FREE PnlltJssional StJIVictJ! Personalized Service -Support and Help from the beginning tothe end Attorneys -An Attorney will come to you at home or work -No Recovery, No fee Investigators -H there is a dispute on how the accident occured Transportation Available Auto Repair -Body Shop Medical Care Provided Pharmacy -Free Delivery Specializing In: Car, Bus, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Slip & Fall, Pedestrian Inci dents, Loss Wages, Wrongful Death And More ... Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813-495-lJ021 Toll Free: 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A Day /7 Days A Week Former Stripper Mav Get Plea Deal On prosecut ors ac cepted a plea deal for Christy Yamanaka. a for mer striper charged with bank fraud for o n a home loan application with a former appeals j ud gl'. Yamanaka. -IQ. e nt ere d a pka of guilty a day after sht' wa s charged "ith th e offensl' that cos t Thomas Stringer, Sr. hi s seat and hi s l aw li cense. Pro secutors Stringer applied loan in gQQ to $350,000 house in for Yamanaka. alleged for the buy a Hawaii CHRISTY Y AMANA.KA Stringer r e portedly took money from Yamanaka t o make the down payment, then wrote th a t none of it \\1\S borrowt'd Stringtr. a former Stcnnd District Court of :\pptnls judge. w as se nt e nct d to s u per.ist"

-i Features c Dean Responds ToAnackOn USFStudent VANITY SHI ELDS .. Still fears f o r h e r safety DR. KEVIN BANKS USF Assistant Vice President and Dean For Students responds BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Friday after the article about the fight on the campus of the University of South Florida was printed an offi cial from the university con tacted the Sentinel. Dr. Kevin M. Banks, Assistant Vice President and Dean For Students said that he wanted the public to know that information pertaining to the students is confiden tial but the school has taken some action. I can t get into specifics but onc e the incident was brought to our attention we have taken some action They are y oung adults and we do talk to th e m about taking per s onal r es pon s ibility. Ms. Jeannette Shields, mother of Vanity ShieldS, the student who was attacked said, there was a hearing and that one of the alleged attack ers Tanisha Saint Fleur can t return to the campus. However Ms. Shields said she was not satisfied with the instructions given to the others. "They are talking about con fidentiality but I think w e hav e a right to kno w e v ery thing. "The y didn t change her roommate and th ey told the TANISHA SAINT FLEUR .. expell e d o ther two girl s and my dau g ht e r t o avo id eac h o th e r Sh e' s not handlin g this ve ry well. Sh e used to be v ery a c ti ve and now she s having problems sleeping," Ms. Shields said. Ms. Shields further stated that although the incident occurred early Tuesday morning she wasn t contacted by anyone from the school until Friday afternoon. The incident took place a week ago when Vanity Shields was reportedly dragged from h e r room and beaten by three other students. All four are 18 years old and freshmen. Campus Police Lt. Meg Ross said the incident was reported at 12:45 a.m., Tues day. The three suspects, iden tified as Tanisha Saint Fleur, Sarah Cornell, and Candace Flores, are al leged to have gone to the room of Vanity Shields to confront her. Vanity's current room mate is the former roommate of Saint Fleur, police said. Lt. Ross said police have not determined the reason for the confrontation. Tanisba Saint Fleur is alleged to have entered Shields' room without permission and dragged her into a common area of the dorm. Saint Fleur is also accused of breaking Shield's prescrip tion e y e glasses during the fight police said. Shields was transported to University Community Hos pital where she was treated for her injuries and released. Saint Fleur was arrested and charged with burglary of dwelling with assault or battery battery, and criminal mischief. She was released on a $2 ,500 bond. Flores and Cornell were charged with battery and given citations to appear in court. Police Seeking 'Person 3: Ollnterest' In Homicide ; ANDERSON LE R OY EVELYN .. Bod y found i n T h o n o tosassa Ear l ier th i s year, the bodies of two p eop l e wer e found within minu tes a p a rt On e b o d y was found in Plant C i ty and the oth e r in the Thono tos a ssa are a and both are being investigated as homi cides. The men were identified as Caleb Bruce Rife, 19, whose body was found inside a home in Plant City. The other person was 33-year-old Anderson Leroy Evelyn, who was found in Thonoto sassa by a passer-by Last week, detectives with the Hillsborough CountY Sheriffs Office released pho-f\.) 0 .... 0 PERSO N O F INTEREST Hillsboro u g h County S h eriff's O ffi iss ekin g a P e r son oflntcrcst in the murd r cnse tograp h s of a p erso n of in te r es t i n th e Evelyn case T h e p e r s on i s d esc rib e d a s a w hit e o r His p a ni c man b e tw ee n th e ages o f 25 and 40 years old H e i s 5 6 --5 9 and weighs 180 to 220 pounds He was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt jeans, white athletic shoes with black trim and a green hat. The man was also driving a white GMC Jimmy with a possible yellow tag on the front. Police said that during the course of the investigation, > Make ordering easy for th e ve h ic l e was pa rk d i n a C ircl e K pa rkin g l o t n ea r th sce n e o n th e d ay o f th mur d er. Surv e ill a n e vid o a p ture d a pi ctur f th e m a n poli ce would lik t o qu stion. Evelyn' s body w a di c v -e r e d in a wood e d a r ea on 0 F ebruary 8111, at approxi -:!! mately 4:30 p.m Hi s body was found on Taylor Road en between Skewl e e Road and m Pruitt Road, about 40 yard s off the roadway Z It appeared that Evelyn had upper body trauma. The m investigation into the murder is continuing. r-gj z c m c (/) ::z: m c m < m -i c: m (/) c ,. z c "T1 :!! c


0 Editoria ls/Columns FLORIDA SEN TI NE L BULLETIN ( US PS 2024 0) 2207 21st A venue Tamoa F lond a 33605 ( 8 3 ) 248-1921 P ublished Every T uesday a nd Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., Member of NatJonat ewspaper Pub lish ers Assoc tatiOn ( NNPA ) POSTMASTER : Send Address C h ange To: Flori da Sentlnel Bulleti n P O Box 3363 Tampa FL 33601 Penodical Postage Paid At Tampa, FL C Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) W W Andrews 1 8 7 4-1931 (1919) C B lythe Andrews, Jr. 1930.2010 ( 1977) S KAY ANDREWS PUBLISHER C BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT / CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES EDITOR IRIS HOLTON CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS CLASSI FIED MANAGER Subscriptions-$44 00 6 Months Both Editio ns : $87 00-Per Year Both Edi t io ns Opinion s expressed on editorial pages of this newspape r by Columnists or Guest Writers do not necessarily reflect the editorial sta nce of The F lori d a Sentin e l Bul leti n or the Publishsr The Next Florida Catastrophe; C loridians from Key West to the Panhandle are a: bracing for the results of the horrendous U. Louisiana oil spill. But the oil spill might not be the C only thing that will shake this state to its core. Looking :i at what could be far worse for the State of Florida, is a law that has just passed in the State of Arizona. c With a Latin Hispanic population of approximately 2 en million, Arizona has decided the federal government w ::J wasn' t acting fast enough on the state' s immigration problems. So, it enacted a bitter bill of its own, allowing police agencies throughout the state to detain and quesW tion possible Latin-Hispanics regarding their immigraGj tion status. C World response was swift and scalding. Arizona's govem or was called everything from a protege of Hitler to en the Anti-Christ. But the stinging reality was that a state :::l with 29.2 percent of Latin Hispanics could successfully m ::J initiate such a Nazi-spirited piece of legislation. C. The State of Florida has a population of approximately Z 4 million Latinos, 20.1 percent ofits overall population. (ii What '!Ould happen if our legislature turned rabid :j enough to court and claim an immigration bill similar ::J to that of its Arizona counterpart?: m All hell would break loose, no doubt! Could it happen? irl Would it happen a bill that could catapult Florida into Z becoming a police state? With the Republican led legis!z lature pulling the recent stunts against teachers and W women, a racial profiling bill is really not too faren fetched. <( c a: 0 ..... u. Black College Enrollment Dvinu I t didn't make the front page. Few people cared that for the past ten years, the number of Black students entering colleges and universities has been dwindling, slowly and steadily. In Florida, Black college student enrollment dropped to 14 percent in 2008, as opposed to 17.5 percent in Even though Black politicians, educators and editorialists begged and demonstrated against such political capers of former governor Jeb Bush's "One Florida" plan, in 1999, his plan and other plans like his, were adopted. Now, look at us. nough Mr. Bush brags that Florida's minority araduation and college enrollment statistics would ba-we.been far worse had he not stepped in with sizetache .hoes, we know better. Florida's oyerall education fi;gaa:ea are allegedly better than California and loss of Black graduates too great ..,...... -Pel....., we can forgive former governor Bush, but llr M:rnotfo:rgive decimation of Black student'J."'lls. : wn Education has always been the -CJ Without it, $e door to our rightful fuPresident bama A Source 01 Pride all it playing the race card. Call it whatever you want. I call it racial pride which is something Black peo ple don t hav e e nough of. I don't know about the res t of Black America, but m y chest swells with pride every time I see, think of and h ea r President Barack Obama. It adds to my imme n se pride in being Black. Pres Obama is a hand some, well dress e d Black man. H e is very i nt elligen t articu l ate and impressive. T h e man stands tall and exu des se lfcon fidence He can be stern, yet l ikeab l e whe n th e occasion arises. With all of these mag nificent c h arac t e r is ti cs, mos t im p o rt a ntly, Pres. Obama is a B lack man I am Blac k Barack Obama i s Black a nd as Preside nt of th e Uni t e d S t a t es, h e i s th e m os t p owerfu l m a n in th e world. I magine Governor Charlie Crist in a bid whist championship, without a partner. He's playing against his party rival, Marco Rubio (Jeb Bush in disguise) and the Republican Party of Florida (also Jeb Bush for real). Crist makes his stay here bid and leaves the GO? to run in the U.S. Senate race with no party affiliation. Crist leads in a three w ay r ace, so wh y not? The R s never liked the guy and were stomping him to death trying to drive him out of the race. They very effectively created quite the nightmare for them selves, because Crist won t be bullied. He has a long memory and he holdS a grudge. As it stands now, he has outflanked the Bush brigade handily. Crist's a planner. He purposefully took on Democratic icon -Bob Graham, ran lost and went to the next step. He was a state senator, education attorney gen eral and then governor. Jeb Bnsh was not a Charlie fan then, or now. It did not go un noticed. after Crist w as sworn in as Gover nor he began ridding the state agencies of Busbies and Bush contract consultants. Recentl y Bush passed the contro v ersial teacher tenure bill SB6 and Crist v etoed it, e n dearing himself t o abou t 2 milli o n teachers an d their fam Those are not my words, but rather the words of politicai types the world over. Why shouldn't Black p eop l e be proud? The man mingles with the rich the powerfu l kings, queens, princes, dukes dictators prime mi n isters, ambassadors, e l ected govern ment officia l s and the average citizens. What is so refreshing is that he is comfortable with all of these people. No B l ack man has ever experienced this before. Lar ge crowds s h ow u p to h ear hi m speak He e l ectrifies these l arge crowds as t hey c h eer h im widely Alr eady, President Oba m a is being p lace d in th e c omp any of t h e greates t o r ato r s of all ti m e I ask you Black fol ks, w h y s h o uldn t we b e proud of President Barack Obama? T h o u g h President Obama h as a w hit e moth e r a nd a ilies who vote. The Republicans backed off the Medicaid overhaul and the crazy voucher amendment be cause Crist could have humil iated them again with a veto that could not be overridden. Crist just signed into law tougher graduation standards that will replace Bush's che rished FCAT, the hallmarked plan to undermine public schools while placing Black children in a chokehold Mainstream media has stopped calling Crist a lame duck, because clearly he's driv"' ing the train. the Florida Republican Party implodes amid a revolving scandal that touches all Crist's enemies. Rubio had one of the infa mous party credit cards, and is under scrutiny. He looks wor ried on national these days because the have huge problems With its expenditures, and tax issues There's also a court battle underway mer PartY Chairman over his contract mon eymen are enraged by t,he ex ecutive director who paid his own consulting firm : nearly $sook in fees. The Florida Dep art:nient of Law Enforcement (FDLE) i s in v estigating. There are those "forensi c audits rumbl in g forth, And Crist joine d Alex the De m ocra tic candi -Black he it>Clnnd his lwfon he rnn for prt.sidt>nt. during hi. run for tl1e prt>. idency md after ht got eleeted. It is impor t an t to rwtt that the broth er is m trried to a beautiful Bla k w o man. who is just n intellig ent and just ns articulate a h e is. His wife, Michell O bnmn is as class and a First Lady like as any oth r First Lady that h a ver grn ed th Whit Hou se h too, is a ou of pride for Bla k p pl on trary to what cr.iti may -uy Pres. Obama is do ing a good job. The man in h erited an America that was in deep trouble in all kind of ways. Especially the economy. P res. Oba m a i s s lowly, bu t sure l y I ading America back to the path of p r osperity. Not only do s t h i s ma n look presid e n tia l but h e acts pres i denti al. Let us r e m ember t h at even Jesus cou l d n ot and did not p l ease every body. I am p r oud of Mr. Oba m a, a nd all B l ack America s h ould be, too H e is a perfect exam p l e of t h e h eig h ts w e can ac hieve a n d the magnifice n t job th at can b e don e w h en g iven th e c h a nce. d a t e for governor, a nd s u ccess full y calle d for a n ou tside in vestig ation S o now th e FBI, IRS a nd e v ery o t h e r in vest i ga tive arm o f th e f e d e ral govern ment i s in s t a t e GOP bu s in ess lookin g for a n s w e rs. R e port e dly, l as t wee k t h e FBI was que s tioning lobbyi sts a bout contribution s c onn ecte d to bill s pas se d b y th e R e publi ca n legi s latur e ... a nd s o forth Meanwhile Democratic Chairwoman Karen Thurman has be e n quietly as se m bling an aggressiv e s taff that actually trigger e d inv es tigations starting with the downfall of R e publi c an Speaker Ray Sansom. Thurman wa s a state s enator and Congre p swoman with s trong and long s tanding r e lation ships. The Party fundrai s ing has increa s ed and Thurman will pound her fis t and g e t what she wants politically In sharp contrast to hi s r e publican counterpart, new Exec Dir. Scott Arceneaux has made frugality an art form. But more importantly the new direction mearis the Democ rats take the Black vote very seriously Blacks vote democratic So -95% of the time and their place at t4e political table is a lock. Those odds have been winning el ections the last decade with the same strength as voters. We have to remember that the D's aren t the only ones paying attention. So no bluff ing allowed this election cycle. Stay tuned. Gayle AndreJVs is a former member of the Capitol Press Corps adjunct Journal ism instructor at Fl.oridn. A & M University She is a Corporate & political consultan t i n Tallahassee


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Be prepared to answer questions Vu-go (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) If you're able to harness your power, you coul d get very lucky today. Forge ahead for cefully, but keep in mind that the devil is in the detail s. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) Messes that work well a t h o me don' t get yo u far at work today. Accept responsibility and do your work in solitude. Let others party if they want. Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21)-Take advantage of your position now. You're well plac e d to voice your opinion and ex p e ct others to accept it. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Today 's challenges are easy to meet, as you have a wealth of ideas. Apply practical measures to difficult, abstract problems. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -You need your emotional strength to withstand the bombardment of conflicting desires. Just because some folks want to address details don't exclude flights of fantasy. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Group efforts provide a rig orous challenge today. Some parties want to curtail spending. 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Barbara and Henry participate in a dance contest; Vienna hopes Casey will get her pregnant; Luke questions Reid s intentions. BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL-Taylor and Stephanie sug gest that Brooke retire as a spokesmodel ; Jackie is devastated by Owen and Bridget's betrayal; the results of the paternity test are revealed. Aggie learns that Bridget's pregnant, and she tries to raise Nick's suspicions about the paternity; Jackie asks Bridget to lie to Owen about the test results to test his commitment to his mamage to her. Jackie comes to a realization about Owen s love for her; Jackie makes a demand of Bridget regarding her marital indiscretion with Owen; Aggie admits to Oliver that she hopes Owen is the father of Bridget's baby. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Brady throws Nicole out after she pushes too far; Hope finds Baker as he's about to skip town; Stephanie realizes something is wrong with Philip; Chloe accuses Carly of trying to ruin her relationship with Daniel. 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Nom goes to bat for Cole; Tea's in turmoil; Rex out on a mission With Gigi by his side. THE YOUN(J AND THE -Amber' s choice threatens her marriage; Phyllis is attacked. Jana bas a medical emergency that could cost her her life; Jack tricks Patty Nick and Phyllis are reunited; Aml>er fears for Eric's safety 1cturc5 1 rom 1 nc 1 a5t m ng a moment to pos or hoto from the past is Mrs. Rut rown and Miss Cynthia Shaw. s es or e camera m hoto from the pastwas Mrs. Be riffin and Mrs. E. 0 3: N 0 ..... 0 ., r-0 ::D I m z m r-m z c: m c J: m 0 m < m -t c: m )> z c ., ::D B


--.;;;;;L;;.;;;oc;_;;;.;:a;;;..L;.._ ______________________________ 'Looking Good For Jesus:' Fashions For All Occasions DARLENE And TYRONE H a p p y birthday a nd con g r a t ulatio n s are in o rd er. May s th i s his day a n d o n Jun e 18t h 2011 will b e our da y w h e n we b eca m e o ne. H a pp y birthday, Ba e F rom your finacee, Darlene. Genesis \\'o r hip Center ho ted a Fashion F o r All Occa event. Looking Good For J e u s, a t the Eddie Newki r k Life C ente r. Elde r Alfonzo Broughton i s th e pa s tor. Olwyn Watson, pre sided Program p a rticipant in cluded: D esti n y P raise Team Tony Jordan, Deacon Duane Colson, Phyllis Wright, Derrick Tillman, Yolanda Colson, Elder Earlene Sermons and Pastor Broughton. Mo d e l s included, Church Attire : Tanya Miller, Rogenia Glean (mode l e d in o th e r sce n es), Charles Samuel (mode l e d in othe r sce n es), Mother Carole Fields, Evangelist Jewel Davis ( m o d e l e d in othe r sce n es), Richard Scott, Jr. and Jason Warren. Cas u a l Attire: Lottie Pickens, Brittney Johnson, Shykiah Byrd ( m o d e l e d in othe r sce n es), Adrianna Harrison, Taylor Miller, Franchon Brown, Tanya Miller, Bernadette (Buffy) Green. Modeling in the scene for formal wear were: Sharon Mathis, Nisa Spinks and Brittney Robinson. The 4th mode lin g scene was for Young Men In "Serving The Community Since 1974" Denture Reline *** ____ I 850D!F : ____ ..._ _______ _. Call And Schedule Your Appointment Today!!! (813) 623-1014 L'rban Attire .They in cluded. B e rtram Sampson III, Minis t e r Jer o d Taylor, S a m Smith and son, Sam Smith, Jr .. Patrick Williams, Chris Brown, Andre Maxwell a nd Charles Maxwell. Derrick Tillman did a Lit u rgica l D ance a t h e p r ogram contin u ed H os t esses for d inn e r we re: Paulette Freeman, Carolyn Dyal, Belinda Wilson, Monica Jones and Cicely Randolph. (Photos by Julia Jackson) Louis and Itsel Hudson attended lh showcased fashions for all occasions Enjoying the fashion show were Paulette Free-Fashion show g uests: l'wila Hickman and man and Darlene Williams. Jean Massey. These models are Rogenia Glean, Evangelist Jewel Davis, Carole Fields, Brittney Johnson, Nisa Spinks and Shykia Byrd. This group of young people includes Charles Samuel Sharon Mathis, Tonya Miller, Chris Brown, Adrianna Harrison, Richard Scott, Jr. Patrick Williams and Taylor Miller.


Local Renee ashington amed Director 01 Recruitment F1orida A&M University (FAMU) recently named Renee Washington as its newest director of recruitment. Washington, a FA1\1U alumna, said it feels good to be back home. ul am so excited," said Wash ington. UI love FAMU and I have always been loyal to this university. I feel it's the best historically b l ack college or university any student should want to attend." Washington is a three-time FAMU graduate. She received he r bac h e l o r 's in m a n age m e n t a n d m arke tin g in 1983; a m as te r 's degree i n a ppli e d socia l scie n ces i n 1988; a nd a m as t e r 's o f e ducatio n in 1 9 9 4 She ha s h eld th e position a s director of freshmen year expe rience program in the FAMU School of G e neral Studies and as the registrar of the F AMU College of Law from 2002-2007. From 2007-2009, Washington was the faculty counselor for Hillsborough Community College: Ybor City Campus. Washington says her wealth of experience, enthusi-RENEE WASHINGTON ... leaving HCC headed to F AM as m a nd knowledge f r o m h e r p r evio u s p os i t i o n s will h elp h e r b e tt e r serve in th e c urre nt po s iti on. I plan to have a wider terri tory going to more high s choo l s," Washington said of her plans. I also want to initi ate the Just One Project where alumni and employees recruit one student to attend FAMU per year. It 's not difficult or time consuming. It will help with retention and accounta bility. We are out there getting the best and the brightest. It is not about 'I,' it's about us." East Tampa PartnershiP looking For Advisorv Comminee Members DEBORAH LAWSON The East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership (ETCRP) is seeking applicants to serve on the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). Six (6) term positions are open The ETCRP will hold elec tions on September 14, 2010. The CAC Board consists of 13 members with a minimum of four residents, one business owner one property owner one not-for-profit repres enta tive and several at large mem bers. All interested parties are encouraged to apply. Applications are due at the City of Tampa Clerk s Office by 5 p. m. on Friday, May 14, 2010. Applications are avail able at: http://www /tarnpagov.ne t/dem economic and ur ban development/files/E M1._Tampa_Advisory _Application. pdf Office of the City Clerk, 312 E. Kennedy Blvd., Third Floor Tampa, FL 33602. East Tampa Development Office, 3808 N 22d Street, 'TPD Substa-tion ill, Tampa, FL 33610. Deborah Lawson and William Wheeler are co chairing the Ad-Hoc Nominat ing Committee. For further information con tact Mrs. Lawson at (813) 621-7511, Ext. 57400, or William Wheeler at E813) 248-9948. Additional committee mem bers are Johnetta Goldsmith, Barbara McGill, Sam and Brenda Mobley and Bell. ,. c m CJ) St. Peter Claver Appoints School Board 1\) 0 ..... 0 The St. Peter Claver Catholic School Board: seated left to right, Luella Carrington, Molb rt Scrivens, Dr. Cora Dunkley, Sr. Maria Babatunde, Belinda Wil on, Ruth Bell and Dolor M In-"Tl r Stlplding, Rev. AI Gallrnon, Sonja Garcia, Mike Jenson, Wilma Warren Fr. Hugh hikaw Ma:try 0 Pinheiro, Frances Sykes, Harold Jackson and Myron Jackson. :D Members not pictured, Deacon John Alvarez, Richard Gonzmart and urti toke 0 Father Hugh Chikawe, Pastor, St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, has established the 2010-2013 School Board through several new appointments. The Board is charged with promoting an effective program of religious, in tellectual, physical, cultural and s ocial education for the formation of students of St. Peter Claver Catholic School. Parish and community members include: Deacon John Alvarez, Ruth Bell, Luella Carrington, Dr. Cora Dunkley1 Rev. AI Gallmon, Sonja Garcia, Richard Gonzmart, Harold Jackson, Myron Jackson, Mike Jenson, Dolores Mcintosh, Mary Pinheiro, Curtis Stokes, Frances Sykes, Belinda Wilson. St. Peter Claver Board Consultant ar Joe Capitano, Jr., Monsignor Laurence Higgins, Freddie Solomon, Wilma Warren. Officers of the Board are: Sonja Garcia, Pres ident; Mike Jenson, Vic e Pr sident, Harold Jackson, Secretary. Sr. Maria Babatunde is Principal; Molbert Scrivens i Chairperson, Pastoral Council. )> CJ) m z m r I tD c: r r gJ z The sch9o l is currently accepting applica tions for admission to th 2 10-2 11 ch I "'D c year. Scholarship aid is available. Pl ea e call m 813.224.0865 for additional information. r (/) Further, the school is building its alumni :::r::: database. m 0 Voice of Our Speaking for Ir.selfn m < m :D -< c: m CJ) 0 )> z 0 ., :D 0


0 Loca Nl-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'l:t :E Pilgrims Rest M. B. Men Coming Together c The m e n o f th e Co)]ege Hill Church Of God In Chris t p re e n ted a new and exciti n g e\'ent r ece ntly -Church To Host Revival ffi The Tripl e H Confe r e nce at th e College Hill Confe r e nce Cent e r ::::> The event was conceived as an effort to brin g t oge th er m e n of all ages. 1-Elde r F r eddie Fluc k e r Conference Coordinator s h a r ed that th e purpos e of th e conf erence w as not to atte mpt to t ell anyone how to run their h o u se h o lds, simpl y an offer of assis t a nce in s t a bili zing th e community through the d eve lopm e nt of healthy, stronger relationships in their day to day living. c a: u. 0 z c( 0 en w ::::> I-f:[ w > w 0 w ::1: en ::J m ::::> Q. z t= w ..J ..J ::::> m I ..J w z After a h e arty breakfast Bishop Matthew Williams, the conference presenter, spoke of th e role that men play within their homes, churches and the commu n ity a t large Wh ile us in g biblical analo gies he p r ese n te d good, clear i nformatio n th at th e participants cou l d put into a c tion in th e ir f a mili es an d r elatio n s h i ps. It i s th e d es ir e of th e m e n of College Hill along with their Pas t or Elder Charles Davis, to play a vital rol e i n the d e v e lopment of stronger families within the community. It is their belief that only with strong families can there be a remedy to some of the existing problematic areas in this city. (Photos by George Streets) Earlie. Williams, Donnell and Leland Clayton. BISHOP JAMES H.HOWE.LL ... Guest Evangelist Pilgrims Rest M B Church, 4202 West Nassau Street, Rev. Dr. linda C. Reese, Pastor and the Elder Elliott McBride, Assistant Pastor, will host a Revival, May 10 -May 14, 2010. The Evangelist for this Revival is Bishop James H. Howell, Sr. Pastor of Cathedral of Faith Church. There will be 2 nights of Hour of Power, Monday and Tuesday from 7 p.m 8 p.m. During this Hour of Power there will be Intercessory Prayer, Corporate Prayer and Prayer of Deliverance "The vision is to claim victory in the war on communities. We have encountered far too many unsolved homicides, drug arrests, violence and uncaring attitudes and seem-REV. DR. LINDA C. REESE ... Pastor ingly unconcern It i tim to pursue, prevail in fasting, prayer and standing firm in faith, believing that God i ready and capable to chang e our communities to a plac e where we can feel safe and our youth will embrace the position of change," states Pastor Reese. We are encoura gin g a ll neighboring pastor and churches to partner with thi vision." The Evangelist chosen for this revival is an anointed, spirit-filled person, centered messenger with a life chang ing message. He employs th e essence and necessity of REVIVAL. We encourage and invite the public to come and be blessed !z Men in this group are, front row: Ryan Boyd, George w Elpheage, William McCullough, Sr., Fred Broxton, Robert en Davis, and Bishop Carter. Second row, Leland Clayton, Sol < Davis, Sr., Elder Charles Davis, Freddie Flucker, Eddie 0 Mathis, and Kenny Sirmans. a: 0 ..J LL BISHOP JOSEPH B. lE, SR. The Lord's House Ministries Service Time: SUndays 1 P.M For lnfonnation Or Prayer, -Call: 1-Bn-882-PRAY (7729} Faith Cathedral Service Time: SUndays -10:30 A. M. Mondays -7:30 P. M. For More Information, Call: (813} no-2624 One Clmh One Chikl of Florida, Inc. i s a private, oooprolit corporotioo ded'ICOied k> lXllewide odopion promolion:for Alrican ArneOCon h a recocpzed leOOer, One C1mh CK.e CMd d Flooda, Inc. needs yoor help in praying for te aisis ol.457 Alrican Ametioon children in need of adoplion. 1M fRff Adoplioo Pra,oec 8reakfasl is a Wolf Mill k> inbm cluches Jhe oppalJnily to partner will One CJmh One Child cl Fbrido, Inc. pan,. cluches a Uosl: will a bod: of briel inlonooion on eoch of h! ch&ien b be F*xed in h! duth, enauage tnenilers kl consider odoplion orwl refer mesled ides b One CiKxd1 0ne ChlcJ otflorida, 1nc., od be paid o sad 'd1too m iier!5led bniy successllly Jelemd b One Oudt One CMcl d FhicXI, Inc. !<, odoplion. Cost FREE C! I CJne invites you lo its FRE E WHEN: friday, llo( 7 2010-7:45 om. llooouglt Kid l


Local YoungMan Receives Honor From Buccaneers Standing in this photo with Labrawn Saffoldd are (lrR) Doug WiUiams, Tyrone Keys, and All Sports volunteer, Coach Tim Frost. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer In 2003, 16-year-old Labrawn Saffold was dri ving a car with his n-year-old cousin and two others inside on I-275. As they approached Sligh Avenue, a tire blew out and the car went over a guard rail. Saffold's cousin was killed and he lost his ability to walk. During his 3-months in the hospital, Saffold had to put his life into perspective and decided to do something to give back to the community. After graduating from King High School Saffold enrolled in Hillsborough Community College where he got the idea of becoming a mentor for kids. Last week, Saffold was selected as one of five people to be recipients of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Quarterback Award, an award that's given to people who are dedicated to community service. Saffold helps oversee and execute the "Quest For Real Life Success Program, an initiative designed to prepare students for college and career opportunities. He also volun teers at Joshua House and All Sports Community Service Inc. All Sports Founder, Tyrone Keys, said he met Saffold four years ago through a for mer All Sports student. "He's faced extreme odds and prevailed. He's traveled all over the country with me and never complains. He s very dedicated and an inspira tion to so many He is a per son you can really count on and sometimes he forgets he's in a wheelchair. Saffold said he's honored to be one of the five people selected for the award. "I got a chance to meet Doug Williams, have dinner at One Buc Place, and tour the facility I also was awarded $2,000 and I immediately donated it to All Sports." Saffold has been accepted into the business program at Florida State University and will graduate this weekend from Hillsborough Community College with an Associate Degree in Mass Communications. Area Chapter 01 Public Administrators Named 2009 Chapter 01 The Year CHAYfER OF THE YEAR The National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) announced the NFBPA Tampa Bay Area Chapter as the 2009 Chapter of the Year The announcement was made at the annual r enee, Forum 2010, ending on April 28th. "This recognition is reflective of the outstanding leadership and community commitment demon strated by our chapter members," said Dr. Cynthia Johnson, Chapter NFBPA is the nation's premiere association of Black managers and executiv with a growmg and proud reputation for strengthening the capacity of state and local public sector profe sional in a multitude of disciplines. Gui ded by principles Qf quality and excellence, NFBPA supports inclusive public policie and spon sors an impressive array of training programs and networking activities, while responsibly pur uing a relevant and timely mission. With over 2,500 members and nearly so chapters across the nation, NFBP A_ affords an ab l e opp o rtunity to become part of an extraordinary network of Black pubhc sector professionals "achieving excellence in public service "-> 0 ..... 0


oLoca 'O:t Church Gets National Historical landmark Recognition 0 (/) w :::::::> 0 a: u... 0 z <( 0 (/) w :::::::> > a: w > w a w J: (/) ::i m :::::::> l. z i= w ...1 ...1 :::::::> m w z i= z w (/) C a: 0 ...1 u... BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor On Friday, Apri l 2nd, at 12:30 p .m., the site of Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Church became a National Historical Landmark. A large crowd of former and current members were on hand for the joyous occa sion. The theme for the event is "If You Sow It, God Will Grow It." Mother Ann Crawford Porter served as the Mistress of Ceremony. Rev. Dr. Theodis Lane, pastor of Greater New Salem Pri miti ve Bapti s t Church, gave the Invocation, followed by a hymn from Deacon Willie Monroe, of St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church. Several people extended greetings including: Rev. Thomas Scott, Chairman of the Tampa City Council; City Clerk Shirley FoxxKnowles, who represented Mayor Pam Iorio; Rev. Eugene Johnson, of the Florida Progressive PrimitiYe Bapti s t Church : Dr. Alfred L. Early, Assistant P as t o r of B e ulah Baptis t Institutional Church.; former City Councilman Bob Buckhorn; and Fre4 Hearns, of the Association of the Study of African American History. Soloist Ruby Mack, of Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Church sang, and Gwen Miller, City Council Chair ProTern, made the presentation of the Historical Marker, which was followed by Rev. Lane Mothers of Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Church who attended the dedication ceremony from left: to right: Jeanne Meeks, Thelma Green, Ruby Mack, Estelle Johnson, Naomi Jones, Leola Brown, Maggie Hagin, and Lillie Walton. Murvine Pringley, left, and her daughter, Kathy Pringley, center, are shown with Mother Thelma Green at the dedication ceremony Mother Maggie Hagin is .shown with her daughter at the dedication ceremony. 6 P.M.7 P .M. COCKTAIL HOUR DONATION $35.00 ATIIRE-SEMI FORMAL Timothy Lane, left, and Th.eodis Lane, Jr., were among those. in attendance at the marker dedication ceremony for Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Church. REV. ISAAC LANE Dr. Bob Kerstein, City of Tampa Historian, provided research for the project to name Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Church as a historic landmark. deliYering th e benediction. Greater New Salem Primitive Baptist Churc h is one of Tampa's earliest churches ca tering to the reli gious needs of the African American community. It came into existence in 1905 as a vision of Rev. G. S. Crawford, pastor of Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church. Originally organized in a one-room build ing on 9th Street, Rev. T. Guley was named as its first pastor From its incept_ion, the church has continued to redefi ne itself, with Rev. W. M. Scott served as th e se nior p astor for n early 40 years. During th e mid 1960s, th e church was among the buildings razed as a result of the city's first Urban Renewal Program. Under the leadership of Rev. Richard H. Howard its members located property at 1605 N. Nebraska Avenue and purchased it for their new church home, which was completed in March 1969. (Photography by BRUNSON). Deacons Board of Greater New Salem Primitive Ba)Jtist Church who attended the dedication ceremony were: Council Rudolph, Rev. Eugene Johnson Ernie Mayes, William Johnson, and Willie Monroe. First Lady Wanda Lane, center, is shown with Mrs. Gloria Marshall, left, and her daughter, Sonya Phi Delta Ia Health Forum Satarday, May 8, 20W 506 East Harrison Street, Downtown Tampa Tampa, FL 33602 IDe. Phi O..ta Kappa Sorority, Inc. wtdd like to ll'l't1te YCAJ 1D pridpate In CIS nJJal FoNn eYent This Is the time 1D learn about dseases 1hat face 1Dday's youth nlwornen. c:ontact gjrley Keetcn Parker @ (813) 453-5380 1D reserve a seat The lrst 25 atmldea wll receive a actNty Ktt. Lunch Provided


-i local Entertainer NAACP Names New Youth s: Visits FAMU campus Council Chairperson Tom G. stands with FAMU students around a pool near their campus in Tallahassee. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Tom G., local hip hop artist and entertainer, traveled to Tallahassee. recently to perform for the students of Florida A&M University. I especially wanted to perform for the students from Tampa to show them support and lo v e. They need to know we haven t forgotten them, so I decided to bring a little piece of Tampa to Tallahas see. Tom G. said about 700 people came out and it was fantastic. ''I've done a lot of shows in Tampa; and the crowds have been great. I really appreciate the love I get from my hometown peeps, and I want them to continue to support me on my journey. Tom G. said he's complet ing his latest CD and with the summer coming he promises to be everywhere he can to spread the good word and en courage other aspiring artists to keep working hard. This is a no-quit business. You can' t get discouraged and quit. You have to use every setback as motivation to work harder. That's my mission. FREE EyeJ)row Waxing With Any Hair Extension Service FREE Eye Lashes With Color Services BY IRIS B HOLTON Senti n e l City Edito r The l-lilbb orough County Branch of the :"\:\:\CP recently se lected a Tampa en trepreneur as its new Youth Chairperson. She tills th e position pr e \ i ous l y h e l d by l'vi-. Ms. M i c h e ll e E Walke r is th e foun de r a n d Exec utive D irec t o r o f Mira-cles Outreach Community Develop-ment, Inc. Ms. Walker r e c e i v e d h e r B ac h e l o r of S c i e nce D e g r ee in Human S ervices fro m Sprin gfie ld University. She ha s also earned certificates in v ariou s areas of youth development and training. She is also a cer tified Life Skills Coach, Work shop Facilitator, Program Developer, and former Teen Pregnancy Instructor at Mid dleton High School. "The NAACP was looking MS. MICHE LL E E WALKER ... New NAACP Youth Council Chairperson for someone who was willing to work with the youth and I said that I would do it," Ms. Walker said She further said, I want to make our youth aware of what is going on, not only in the community, but in the nation. Last Saturday we participated 0 in the \\'alk nnd I just c=; \\ant to makt' tlwm n\ulrt' nf what"s going tlll. slw pl1ns to intmdulT the to sp'lkas who will discuss such top -it'S as education. tinanri II awar ness. entreprl'lll'Ul'. h i p and Africa n A m erican h is t o r y In 2004. Ms. Wulker wns o n e of four wom e n r Progniz d as "'Di t i n g uish ed Busin s W oin n. A m o ti va t o r with s e r n l yea r s o f xp rie n c M s Walker a l s o p l a n to o ntinu e ncour agi n g th t e n ag r a n d y oun g a dult s t o b m o r f o cu se d on obtainin g a n qu ca tion and caree r and to b li v e that they: can accompli s h the ir goals The NAACP Youth Council meets twice a month on Tu s days. Their next sch e dul e d meeting is (tod ay) M a y 4th ;!J Sh e will serv e in thi s capacity 0 for two years :!! 0 Student Crowned Prom King At Blake High School > en m z m r:m c: BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Eac_h year high school students have the opportunity to select their royal court for the annual prom. Once the contenders have -been nominated, the seniors cast votes during their respective Eng lish classes. This year, the student pop ulation at Blake High School voted for 4 young men competing for the title of Prom King. They also had to choose between 16 young ladies who had visions of becoming the Prom Queen After the final votes were counted, the winners were Ms. DodJDy Jean as the 2010 Prom Queen and Sheldon Valesco as the 2010 Prom King. Sheldon is the son of Remelle Johnson and Delmas Valesco. A member of North Bay Missionary Baptist Church, he is also the grandson of Katherine Burns, formerly of Tampa, who now resides in Ashville, North Carolina. A graduating senior, Shel..: don is in the top 20% of his graduating class and recently -made the high honor roll. He is a member of AVID at school and was recently rec ognized as the Most Improved Student in AVID After graduation Sheldon plans to attend Johnson & W ales Uni v ersi ty, Miami Campus, as a Business Ad ministration Major. When not working at Busch SHELDON VALASCO ... Crowned Prom King at Biake High School FREE Synthetic Hair Human Hair Available Gardens, wh e re Sheldon has been employed for the last three years he enjoys basket ball, shopping and talking to his friends. The Prom was h e ld on April aJ 23rd at the Bayanihan Art s Center. The theme wa s "A J: Whole New World." m Michael McFarland and Shawn Rosier w e r e the < runners up for Prom King The runners up for -< Queen were Destiny 2 Bermudez and Kavonnha m > z c "TT c


or-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------______________________________________________________________ ___ Boxer Dreams 01 Being Tampa's First World Champion c Donald "Wrecking Ball" Woods and Coach John Brooks. a: u. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer ct Since opening his doors c more than a decade ago, ffi Coach John "Saw Pretty" :::: Brooks has seen a lot of .... potential chani-pions. come and, go, both mare and female. W As the founder of Brooks C it has been the dream 'of' Coach 0 Brooks to give the people of :::l m Tampa their first home grow.n world champion. He thinks he's found him in Donald "Wrecking Ball" ..J Having just celebrating his ffi 17th birthdax, Wr.ecking ..!J Ball has won the PAL Title W at 132 pounds and 'is the state's Platinum Champion. z Heis also won a couple of local tournaments and won a ct silver medal at the Golden 5! Gloves last month in Punta a: Gorda. 9 Beginning this Friday and U. finishing up Sunday, Wrecking Ball will be competing in a state 'tournament that will bring in the best amateur fighters in Florida. "Wrecking Ball will not be fighting locally anymore or sparring because he's pro gressed so fast," said Coach -Brooks. The fact that he's a south paw also makes it difficult to find opponents for him to spar with or fight." This past Saturday at the Gold Rush Fitness Center, Wrecking Ball displayed his skills against a professional in a sparring session. He dominated the first two rounds of the session before being slowed down hy a body punch that dropped him to the canvas. "1be first thing I told him was to get up," said Coach Brooks. "I told him if he wants to be a champion, theri he has to have the heart of a champion. Champions get knocked down, but the great ones always get ilp." Coach Brooks expects only the best from Wrecking Ball, and said he will take his time in preparing him for his oppor tunity to turn professional.-"He's not quite ready yet. There are still some rough edges that need to be polished. I expect him to fight at welterweight when he does become a professional, and he Will be the city's first home grown world champion. \ N .... w I -:!... -44The Commurnty Itself, (813) 248-1921 Middleton's Track Team Excels In District Regional Competition From left to right: Head Coach Joe DLxon Nikkyo Williams, Coach Lnrry Williams, Frnnk Charles, Maurice Campbe ll Arthur Casey, and Willie Clny. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Middleton High School boys track coach, Joe Dixon, is a proud man. His team is rais ing cane, and two weeks ago at the District 9 track meet, they finished first in the 4X8oo event in a record 8:11 seconds. A standout member of that team is Arthur Casey, who earned the honor of being the District Champion by winning the Boo meters in 1:59-90. Th e Tig e r 4X8oo t e am con sists of Casey, Willie Clay, Nikkyo Williams and Frank Charles. "We went to the R eg ional s in Naples, Florida last Wednesday," said Coach Dixon. Unfortunately, we didnit perform as well, because they had tired legs But, we were the only school in Hillsborough County to place fourth at the meet. Arthur Casey won the Regional title in the Soo meters and we'll be going to the state meet in Winte r Park this aturday and his 4X8oo team will compete in that m eet Coach Dixon said Maurice Campbell broke the school record in th long jump at the di trict m et, and at the Regional m et, Theodore Shellman brok e the school record in the s hot put. This was his first year as a shot putter. Coach Dixon said they are now preparing for a track banquet and need help from the community to help them celebrate their great season. Tune-Ups Computer DiagnoStics & Repairs AIC Foreign & Domestic Alignment Brakes C.V Transmission Service & Used Tires And Morel


Soorts ----------------... a.... BEAUTY UNLIMITED c Still-Unbeaten Mavweather Rocks 1n Tamna 2 Moslev In Non-Title oerense Supertight Floy d May weathe r Jr. lande d 208 of 477 punches on Saturday, with Sha n e Mosley only connecting on 92 of 452. L A S VE G A S --Floyd Mayweather Jr. r e b o und e d from a c lo se call in th e second round to dominate Shane Mosley in a unani mou s 12-round decision on Saturday in their _welterweight fight. Boxing's biggest bo x office draw remained undefeated in 41 fights, but not before giving h is fans and his corner a scare when a right hand to the si de of his head buckled his knees a minute into the second, and he had to grab Mosley to avoid goin g down. Mosley landed another. right later in the round, but the rest of the night belonged to Mayweather. Fighting before a starstudded crowd that included Muhammad Ali, Mayweather never came close to dropping Mosley, but l ande d s o many m o r e p un c h es that the outcome wasn t in d oubt past the middl e rounds. He had an answe r for everything Mosley tried to do landing right hands to the head see mingl y at will as the fight progressed. By the end of the night, Mayweather had put so many rounds in the bank that the qnly question was whether he would stop Mosley or b e content to win a lopsided decision. Two ringside judges scored it 119-109 for Mayweather, whi l e the third had it 118110. Mayweather made Mosley look every bit his 38 years as he landed sharp punches to his h e ad domi n ating a fighter w h o had vowed t o turn th e bOI.' ;._. th e fight of th e d e c a de. Man Gets StiH Sentence For Murder of NFl's Darrent Williams Willie Clark, 26 was sen tenced to life in prison plus 1 152 years Friday for the 2007 shooting death of Denver Broncos player Darrent Williams. The member of the Crips street gang was eligible for the 1 ,000 plus years behind bars because he had two prior felony convictions and was convicted of 16 counts of attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault. As previousl y reported be was found guilty of murder ing the NFL pla yer when be attempted to leave a New Year s E v e celebration Prosecutors sa y Clark and several other gang members became enraged at the pref-DARRENr Wll..LIAMS .. inset WILLIE CLARK erential treatment William s and other players were receiving and got into an altercation inside a club. \ VARRE SAPP And GERALD M CC OY TAMPAG erald McCo y doesn t want t o become th e ne:-..i \ Varre n Sapp. The third-pi c k in th e NFL draft will happily settle for m aking a nam e for him self as h e tri es to fill a hol e that' s existe d on Tampa Bay 's d efen s ive l i n e since Sapp l eft t h e Bucca n eers s i x seasons ago. Sapp want s t o h elp McCoy b eco m e a s t a r And n o t jus t McCoy, Sapp a l s o wants to r eac h out t o Brian Price -the 303-pound tackle out of UCLA selected in the second round to play alongside the 295-pound McCoy. Sapp, a seven-time Pro Bowl selection with the Bucs, met McCoy and Price and watched tape of both b efore the Bucs made the tandem their top two picks. He believes both have the abi lity to be impact players in the Tampa 2 defensi ve scheme that coach Raheem Morris revived l ate last season. Rvan, Holmes Clear Up Flight Ordeal REX RYAN And SANTONIO HOLMES New York Jets coach Rex Ryan spoke to receiver Santonio Holmes, who was the su bject of an incident report filed Thursday night when a flight attendant reported he did not follow her instruction on a plane to Pittsburgh. Holmes told his coach that it was a misunderstanding. Holmes told Ryan he was sleeping in the b ack of the plane as the flight attendant woke him and aske d him to turn off his iPod. He told Ryan that he did but didn t take out his earbuds Holmes e v en took the ear buds out and asked a woman sitting next to him to confirm the re was no sound coming out. When the plane landed Holmes was asked to wait to speak with police officers who didn' t file charges and considered the matter closed. MARIA As this week's Beauty Unlimited feature, we decided to give you another look at Maria is an 18-year-old Libra that stands 5'9" tall and enjoys listening to Rihana, Beyonce and Mary J. Blige. hobbies are painting, soccer, coking and modeling. Maria hopes to finish college and be very successful in the future. Her philosophy of life is: "everything happens for a reason and nothing is perfect, so just make the best of life." Maria's vision of man in her life is one who has something going for himself and is respectful. Congratulations to Maria for reappearing as this week's Beauty Unlimited feature. If you re interested in being in the Beauty Unlimited or Spotlight, please send your information and photo, including a contact number to: jjohnson@flsentinel.com. 3602 7th Avenue* Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 Keys Made 79And Up Latex Flat White Paint.. .......... $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Painl ......... $14.90 9al Roller Pan Set. ....................... $3.49 ea 3" Brushes ... ea. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! "T1 r 0 :IJ CJ) m z m r a, c: rr z "0 c: a:l r-(j) :::t m c m < m :IJ -< .... c: m en c )> z c 'TI c


0 ?'"" ntertainment v 0 (/) UJ ::> t-DiddV Visits Lil wavne In Jail DIDDY And UL WAYNE While Lil Wayne contin ues serving his 12 month sen tence at New York's Rikers Island prison, his time behind bars is continuing to be docu-mented 0 A prison guard says she a: LL was fired from the facility for C reportedly spying on the YM founder in April. > That woman, Amelia Ne-._ 0 gron, plans to file a lawsuit en against the city of New York w ::l 1-> a: to clear her name. Now the latest in Lil Wayne's prison news is that he was paid a visit by Diddy. Diddy visi ted Weezy at the prison's Eric M. Taylor Correctional facility Wednes day Diddy did not have pri vate transportation to the facility and was bused over on the prison's public bus Diddy's visit was report edly l imi t ed to one hour. w > w c w :I: en :::i m ::l Bobbv Clears Up oeath' Rumors D. The net was bubbling with rumors that New Edition w member and Whitney Housj ton's "King Of R&B" had passed away ...J Calling into Atlanta radio W station V-103, Bobby Brown spoke with radio host z Ryan Cameron to clear up the f?IDOrs. When asked how c:( the rumors started, Bobby 9 stated, "I rea lly couldn't tell ya. I ...J beard about it and brushed it LL off, but I think Twitter is getting out of band. People were calling my phone and asking BOBBY BROWN me am I ok so I started to wonder. I'm just thankful, but I got everything to live for." 813.247.5128 Ervllah Pleads Not Guiltv To Disorderlv Conduct Erykah Badu appeared in a Dalla s court room We dn es d ay t o plea d n o t g uil ty to a c ha rge s h e faced following h e r controv e r s ial "Window Seat" video. Badu was charged with disorderly conduct after a wit ness came forward complain ing of the singer stripp in g naked in front of a crowd of people at Dallas' Dealey Plaza where President John F. Kennedy was killed. If convicted of the misdemeanor Badu will be forced to pay a $500 fine. Badu reportedly picked Dealy Plaza as the l ocation be cause it's one of the most popular places in the city." Nellv's Murdered Bodvuuard was His Cousin NEL LY In a tragic o c currence the bodyguard of rapper Nelly was murdered recently. Michael Johnson, 36 de scribed as being the St Louis native's left -hand man", was shot multiple times outside of a home Now under investigation there have been no arrests in connection to the murder, but authorities are on the bunt for the suspect and obtain some type of motivation for such a fatal attack. Currently, they are retracing Johnson's movements of the last 24 hours in order to find where be was and what could have led to the shooting As it relates to the ongoing search, the rapper has refused to comment on the incident in volving one of his closest body guards. Nelly has since responded via Twitter about the shooting of his cousin: "Contrary to some rep()rts micheal johnson wasnt my bodyguard! he was my cuzzen and my friend!! I will always luv n miss u MJ!!!!! Katherine Gives Grandkids The Boot Jackson ha appar e ntl y had e nough of taking car of grandkids and wants them out. The Jackson family matri arch has given ex-daughter-in law Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza and her four children until : the end of the week to va cate the property. Oaziaza, w h o is living on the property with her kids b y both Randy and Jermaine ices. Although Oaziaza and h r brood must vacate, Katherine isn't kicking th mouton the stre t. She i s r l ocating th family to a condo owned by th tat in San F rnando Vall y. 'Thriller' Is Voted Most Influential Pop Video Michael Jackson's video for "Thriller" was voted the most infl u e ntial in pop mu s i c hi story, according to a poll r e l eased l ast Monday The s urv ey, commiss ion ed by MySpace, int erviewed mor e than 1,000 music fans. They made their choice from a list of 20 videos Thriller, is credited with breaking down the MICHAEL JACKSON boundaries between mu s ic and film making industry. Wonder, Cosbv Get Honorarv Degrees Stevie Wonder, at the lectern, basks in the applause of a crowd assembled on Oberlin's Tappan Square for the conferring of honorary doctorates on Wonder and Camille and Bill Cosby, at right. At center is Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov.At left is musician and Oberlin graduate Leon Dorsey, coordinator of jazz studies at the University of Pittsburgh. OBERLIN, Ohio-Stevie Wonder was performing on an electronic keyboard and harmonica before a crowd of about 700 as he and Bill Cosby and Cosby's wife Camille, were awarded honorary doctorates at Oberlin College in northeast Ohio. Motown great Wonder s a ys: "It is exciting to be at this col lege, the first northern college to accept African-American s." The schoo l with a hi story of tolerance and activism first ac cepted black students in the 1830s Earlier Friday, Wonder had performed with Oberlin musi cians for local school children Cosby also gave a performance on campus.


Funerals BABY CARLEEY AH BERNICE DAVIS Homegoing celebration for baby Carleeyah Bernice Davis of t2202 N. sth Street, #303, Tampa, who passed away Thursday, April 27, 2010, will be held on Tuesday, May 4, 2010, a t 11 a. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2 708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., with Bishop Austin, Pastor of Ministry of Spirit and Truth International officiating. Interment will be in Rest Have n Memorial Park Cemetery. Baby Carleeyah was pre ceded in death by her great grandfather, James Rogers. She leaves to cherish her memories: her father and mother, Carlos Dwayne Davjs, Sr. and Regina Johnson Davis; brother, Carlos Dwayne Davis, Jr.; grandmother, Denise Rogers; great grandmothers, Bernice Rogers and Yvonne Colbert; grandfather, Antonio D. Davis, Sr.; aunts, Catreece D. Davis, Regina Nelson and David, Dorothy Coleman, and Mardric Quarles and Chandra Williams; uncles, Antonio Davis, Jr. and Bernard Rogers; cousins, Roderick K. Park, Jr., Brittany Coleman, Peggy Lavend e r and Nellie Lavender; and friend, Demetra Jackson. The visitation will take place at Aikens Funeral Home on Monday, May 3, 2010, from 2-5 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the funeral home for the service on Tuesday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME www.aikensfimeralhome.net (813) 232-8725 l708 E. DR. MARTIN LtJTHER K1 G, JR, BLVD. TAMP&_ FL 33610 Ph. li13J !32 -8125 Fu (813) 231-0521 Let our 6unib' taloe care of)UU.r fiunlly. e are the laeytn a fine andqualilyservice HarJll(lll Funeral Home John W. Harmon, L.F.D. James Harmon, L. F. D. 5002 N. 40th St. 626-8600 WOODARD, JR. Homegoing services for Mr. Ruffin Woodard, Jr. who passed away on May 2 2010, wiJI be held Thursday, May 6 2010, at 11 a.m. at Harmon Funeral Home Chapel, 5002 N. 40'h St., Tampa, 33610, with a local pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Res t Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Woodward was a native of South Carolina and a longtime resident of Tampa. He was employed with the Hillsborough County School System and retired after 25 years of service. Mr. Woodward was precede d in death by: his mother, Anna Sanders Woodard; father, Nicholas Woodard; brothers, ,Joseph, Moses and Ferman Woodard; sisters, Cornelia Sanders and Elizabeth McCutcheon. He leaves to cherish his memory: sisters, Alice Madison and Dora Madison; a daughter; nieces, Diane Amon and husband, Joseph and Barbara Hummings; a host of other sorrowing family members and friends. Hours of visitation for Mr. Ruffin Woodward Jr. will be held Wednesday evening from 5-8 p. m. at the funeral home Friends attending the homegoing service are asked to assemble at the funeral home at 10:45a. m. A HARMON BURIAL. .... c m (J) 0 Local Mrs. Richie Belle artin, Centenarian, Passes -< .&>. 1\) 0 ..... Mrs. Richie Belle Martin, along \\ith family and friends celebra t ed her 100th birthday on October 27, 2009. with letters of congratulations from the Governor of th e sta t e of Florida, President of th e U nit e d States, a nd many other dig nitaries. On Monday, April 19, 2010, she p asse d away in Palm Coast Florida Mrs. Martin se r ved as li brari a n at Middl e t o n S e nior Hig h School for more th an 25 yea r s a nd was a m e mb er of Gamm a Th e t a Omega Chapt e r of Alph a Kappa Alpha Soror ity, In corpo r a t e d for mor e than 40 yea rs. She was a m o n g th e fir s t so-year m e mb ers cele br a t e d b y th e chapter. In 2007 a t th e 54 th South Atla ntic R eg i ona l Confere nce MRS. RICHIE BELLE MARTIN of Alpha Kappa Alpha s h e was conferr e d the sta tu s of ''Dia mond Soror," a rare a nd hon ore d dis tinction of 75 years of service to th e soro rity Mrs. Martin i s a g raduat e of Florida Agricultural a nd M echanical College find H a mpt on In s titut e IH' reig n ed IL th e Lt 1i .. Fam e !C in 1932. a nd i a hart r m m ber f B e t a Alph h a pt r of Alpha K appa Alph orority, Incorporated a t th univ rsity ince 20 02, th m mb rs of C hi Delt a Om ega Chapte r of Alpha Kapp a Alpha hav b e n h e r con s t a nt ca r e-g ivin g a nd l oving s upp ort t am. Interm e nt w as h e ld on M o n day, April 26, 2010, at G r n wood e m e t ry m Tallahass ee, Florida. Mrs. Martin was prece ded in d ea th b y h e r hu s b a nd Nicholas Martin. h e i s s urviv ed b y h e r nephew Art Robinson an d man y adoring m e mb e r s of Alph a Kappa Alpha Sorority In o rp o r a t d 0 'T1 .-0 :D 0 National 1 Million People 5 Month Old Overdoses On Heroin, m Join Facebook Mother Gets 30 oavs In Jail Group Praving For The moth e r of a s-m o nth -Obama's Death o ld baby that overdosed on 6 heroin ha s b ee n sentenced to A contro versia l Fac e book gro up that calls for people to pray for the death of President Barack Ob"ama has reached over 1 million members on the social networking site The name of the group sug gests that God should take away" President Obama much like he did Patrick Swayzie, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. 30 days b e hind bars for chi ld c Marilyn R. Fischl of Springfield, Virginia received her sentence for supplying the drug to two friends that were babysitting her son. Prosecutors say when Fischl left her infant with the pair; they snorted lines of heroin with the s-month old nearby. After doing the drugs they left the child unattended and returned to find him with th e wrapping paper of the drug in MARILYN R. RISCHL m .-(J) :X m 0 m < m his mouth and his eyes rolling in the back of its head. rn The young boy was taken to c a hospital where doctor s said he was having an overdose. The child s urviv ed and Fischl Z was arrested 0 'T1 :D 0 H liSTS Members o f Kappa Alpha Psi Suspended For Hazing AmEN'S FUNERAL HOME Mr. Ezell J. Berrien, Jr. Tampa./ Baby Carleeyah Bernice Davis, Tampa. Mr. Eddie Fountain, Sr., Tampa. Mrs. Rosaland Christine Madir, Tampa. EVERETT-DERR &ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME Elem Hart, Sr., Tampa. HARMON FUNERAL HOME Ruffin Woodard, Tampa. INTEGRITY FUNERAL SERVICES Mark David Moore, Tampa JACKSON FUNERAL HOME Sis. Caroline C Squash, Tampa. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME Ms. Sharhonda Brown, Tampa. Mr. William King, Tampa. STONE'S MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME Mr. Lucarne Joseph, Tampa. WILSON FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Bridgette N. ParhamJackson, Tampa. Mrs. Charlie Mae Walker, Tampa. Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity at Wayne State University have been sus pended now that a young man has come forward claiming that he was beaten so severely his urine turned red and he was hospitalized for two weeks from kidney failure. The University's chapter has been s uspended indefinitel y now that 21-year-old Eric Walker is speaking out saying that he was beaten for weeks b y m em bers of the fraternity at an off campus location. He says the last straw how ever carne March 1 when mem bers of the organization from different schools around the state came to a house and beat him Walker claim s he was pad-ERIC WALKER dled and hit s o hard in the chest and back that he turned purpl e and his urine was red. He also says he was made to eat dog food Following that beating he was hospitalized for two weeks after s uffering kidney failure. C) He has since transferred m s chools.


Cnmc Judge Hands Do n StiH Sentences In Home Invasion Shooting w :::J RONALD GODWIN ... sentenced to life in prison On Frida y Circuit Judge William Fuente gave s tiff sentences to two men who were involved in a 2008 home invasion that left the victim a quadriplegic On August 30, 2008, Christopher Clabeaux C was the victim of a home CC invasion, robbery, and LL shooting that involved three men h e knew. <( Police said Ronald Godwin, 21, Johvan Paul, C 21, and Benjamin Bryant, ffi 22, grabbed Clabeaux's girlfriend outside his Citrus > Park apartment and forced ffi her to ring the doorbell. Gj JOHVANPAUL .. sentenced to 40 years in prison Clabeaux te s tified that h e had two other friends at the apartment and was in the bedroom when he heard a noise. He reported seeing three men with their faces covered coming toward him, one of them armed with a gun. Police reports indicate Clabeaux tried to close the door, but Godwin pushed it open. Clabeaux recog nize d Godwin, and shouted his nickname of Pooh. That's when Godwin fired the gun and Clabeaux fell Godwin, Paul, and Bryant took marijuana and c w ::E: en ::::i m :::J Q. Mother 0115 Jailed For Contempt 01 Coon z i= w ...J ...J :::J m I ...J w z i= z w en <( c a: 0 ...J LL ANGEL ADAMS Adams is the mother of 15 children who had been home less until an organization found her a s ix-bedroom house for her and the children. Last Thursday, Judge Sheehan asked Adams if she was pregnant. Adams replied no comment," and was found in contempt. The judge asked her once again Friday, and got the same response Her next hearing is scheduled for May 27th. Circuit Judge Tracy Sheehan ga\(e Angel Yulee Adams two chances to 'answer last Ad '" ; 37, refused and the juoge bad her The children were again taken into custody and are being housed at A Kid's Place. According to records, Adams has appeared in court 30 times in the past 21 months on issues concerning her children returned to jail. UNCLE SANDY ... It's hard when 14, you feel like 5, a stranger 17 in your own houseS. :::.. I .J ::.: 4 ..: J I.:> .. .. The Voice o.f Our Cornn'ZUniry Speaking for Itself" (813) 248-1921 BENJAMIN BRYANT ... accepted plea deal, will be sentenced 5 / 13 cash, stepping over Clabeaux's body on their way out. The shooting left Clabeaux a quadriplegic Judge Fuente sente nced Godwin to life in prison, and Paul received 40 years before h e will be r eleased on a suspended life sentence. As part of a plea deal, Bryant testified in the trial and will b e sentenced May 13th. Police said Clabeaux and Bryant were childhood friends, and he knew Godwin and Paul from the neighborhood. suspectAnacks. Woman For Not Giving Him Spare Change LEROY JOHNSON On Sunday, Tampa Police said Leroy Johnson just wasn't going to take no for a;n answer. Police arrested Johnson, 53, on charges of robbery arid obstructing an officer. According to police reports, Johnson approached a woman and asked her for change. When she told him she didn' t have any, h e:'': allegedly punched her in the face and pushed her to the ground Police said when Johnson tried to take the victim's purse, she held on to it He then took a cell phone and fled on a bicycle. He was later found at Comanche Avenue and 36th Street. Police had to use a taser to get him under control. Johnson is being held on $ 2 ,500 bail on the charges. orehouse Students Claim 911 Hung Up On Them After Being Robbed, Cariacked Four tudents at Morehou e College are making h adlin after claiming that 911 hun g up on th m wh n th y all d pleading for h lp aft r b ing robbed and carjack d. The carjacking took place Sunday a t a gas tation near Atlanta s Atlanta University Center. The Atlanta police d epart m e nt h as au dio of th e phon e calls and refutes the student's claims that they wer e unre sponsive. APD says they answered four phone calls from one of the students, but could not understand what the victim Mor hou s mpu p 1i save th e m and b li ve with out th eir h elp th y wou l d 'v been killed. Two men h ave b en a rr st d in connection with th e rim NYPD Eves Video In Times Square -Bomb Plot NEW YORK Polic e inves tigating a terror attack that could have set off a deadly fireball in Times Square focused Sunday on finding a man who was videotaped shedding his shirt near the SUV where the bomb was found. Police said the gasoline-and propane bomb was crude but could h ave sprayed shrapnel and metal parts with eno u gh force to kill pedestrians a nd knock out windows on one of America 's busie s t streets, full of Broadway theaters and r estaurants on a Saturday night. A larg e amount of fertilizer rigged with wires and fireworks was found with the bomb, but police sa id it was not the ammonium nitrate grade that can exp lode. The surveillance video s how s an unid e ntifi e d whit e man apparently in his 40s slipping down an a ll ey and taking off a shirt, rev ea ling another underneath In the sa me clip, h e's seen looking back in t h e direction of the smoking vehicle and furtively putting the fir s t s hirt in a bag, Kelly sa id. T h e homemade bomb w as made l argely with ordinary items, including three barbe cue grill-size prop ane tanks, two s-gallon gasoline containers, store-bought fire works and cheap alarm clocks attached to wires. WARREN DAWSON 221-180 1461 Tampa Park Plaza @ Nebraska Ave. & Scott St. Tre hinng of ala'l."jer ; an important deCI S IOn that should bmd scl e i uoor M': Befoe JCU ask us to sen a j'JU FR:: 11r111en ,r,f:;matlon 2C?1<: q"J and ;xp:r ence:


-LEGAL NOTIC IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 13th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Case No.: 10005772 DB50 2009-1 TRUST (Plaintiff) vs. JOHNNY L. JACKSON, JR., et al. (Defendants) NOTICE OF ACTION TO: Johnnie Broner State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. As Subrogee C/0 John Monsanto as VP-Operations 7401 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Winter Haven, FL 33888 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action for foreclosure has been filed against you regarding the subject property with a legal description to-wit: LOT 12, BLOCK 19, ENGLEWOOD EASTERN PORTION, ACCORDING TO PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 4, PAGE 69, OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA. and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any to it on Gary I. Gassel, Esquire, Plaintiff's attorney, whose address is 2191 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida 34237 ( ) within thirty (30) days from the first date of publication. (X) on or before the ll1 day of June. 2010. and file the original with the clerk of thi s court either before serv ice on the Plaintiff's attorney or i mmediately thereafter ; otherwise a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. ATTN: PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY WHO NEEDS ANY ACCOMMODATION JN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING YOU ARE ENTITLED AT NO COST TO YOU TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR AT 813 272-7040 WITHIN (2) TWO WORKING DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS DOCUMENT IF YOU ARE HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED TDD AT (813) 272-6169 OR FLORIDA RELAY SERVICE AT (800) 955-8.770 D ated th i s 23rd day of April. 2010. PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COUR T By: / s / SARAH A. BROWN DEPUTY CLERK GET NOTICED .......... Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora For More Information @ (813) 248-1 921 Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax 24/ 7 to: (813) 248-9218 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 13th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Case No.: 2010-CA-Q1715 ARCH BAY HOLDINGS, LLC SERIES 2009B (Plaintiff) vs. MICHAEL E. HIGHSMITH, et al. (Defendants) NOTICE OF ACTION TO: Michael E. Highsmith Unknown Spouse of Michael E. Highsmith 4201 E. Knights Griffin Plant City, FL 33565 Tenant 1/Unknown Tenant 4201 E. Knights Griffin Plant City, FL 33565 Carey F. Highsmith 4201 E. Knights Griffin Plant City, FL 33565 Tenant 11/Unknown Tenant 4201 E. Knights Griffin Plant City, FL 33565 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action for foreclosure has been filed against you regarding the subject property with a legal description, to-wit: THE EAST 277.5 FEET OF THE WEST 1102.5 FEET OF THE SOUTHWEST 1.4 OF THE NORTHEAST 1/4 OF SECTION 1, TOWNSHIP 28 SOUTH, RANGE 22 EAST, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA; LESS RIGHT OF WAY FOR STATE ROAD S-582 OFF THE NORTH SIDE THEREOF. and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any to it on Gary I. Gassel, Esquire, Plaintiff s attorney whose address is 2191 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida 34237 ( ) withi n thirty (30) days from the first date of publication (X] on or before the 1st day of June, 2010. and f ile the original with the clerk of this c o u r t either before service o n the Plaintiff s attorney o r imme diately thereafter ; o t herwise a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded i n the Complaint. ATTN: PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY WHO NEEDS ANY ACCOMMODATION IN ORDER TO PART i CIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING YOU ARE ENTITLED AT NO COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR AT 813 272-7040 WITHIN (2) TWO WORKING DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS DOCUMENT IF YOU ARE HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED TDD AT (813) 272-6169 OR FLORIDA RELAY SERVICE AT (800) 955-8770. Dated this 22nd day of April, 2010. PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT By: /s/ SARAH A BROWN DEPUTY CLERK T H E FLORIDA SE N TINEL BULLETIN THE VOI CE OF OUR COM M UNITY FOR OVER 65 YEARS Work From Home E as y W o rk G rea t P ay For D e t ails S e nd $5 00 & S e l f Addr esse d Stamp e d Env e lop e To: Brenda James P.O. Box 292295 Tampa, FL 33687 Quality People Looking For Quality Job s Quality Comp a nies Looking For Quality Peopl e Contact Specialized Labor Services (813) 754-4664 Fax Resume To (813) 754-9800 Ask For Ms. Kim Customer Sales Associates $7.90 $9 50 Hourly Work At Home! Event Coordinator $9.00 $11.00 Hourly Depending On Experience 772-882-5771 Email Resume To advocateforbu siness@ yahoo com Email Any Questions To: afsbollc@aol.com Devine Designs By Renee' Hair Salon www d e v i n e d esignsb y renee co m Now Hiring H i ghly Mot iv at e d Lic e n se d St y list Braid ers A nd B a r bers Call Renee (813) 936-3470 (941) 462-0188 Email devinedeslgnsbyrenee@tampabay .rr.com For Additional Information FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE ...... c m CJ) 0 )> _-< ?< .$:>. 1\.) 0 ...... 0 r-0 :::0 c )> CJ) m z :::! z m r-I m c: rr-z "0 c: m r-en :t: m c m < m :::0 -< -t c m CJ) c ?< )> z c :::0 c ?<


c a: u. c z < c (/) w :::: .... > a: w > w c w ::I: (/) :::i m :::: a. z i= w ...J ...J :::: m ...J w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 ...J u. LEGAL NOTIC NOTICE OF INTENT TO SOLE SOURCE FILE NUMBER: SS-P-0178-0-201 0/JM Purchase Of Geographic Information System Platform Software Maintenance For the Information and Technology Department Hillsborough County intends to recommend the award of a sole source purchase agreement for the purchase of a Geographic Inform a t ion System Platf orm Software Mai ntenance to Environmental Systems Research Institut e Inc. in the amount o f $2,000,000 .00. This procurement is considered a sole source due to the fact that the ESRI GIS platform softwar e and platform software mai ntenance is only available through Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. Contractors who believe they can meet or exceed the above stated requirement must provide convincing technical data sufficient to support their position. The H illsborough County Department of Procurement Services must receive replies to this notice not later than close of business on May 11, 2010. After this date an award will be made. Responses to this notice will be used to determine whether bona fide competition exists. Send written responses to the Hil lsborough County Department of P rocurement Services 601 E Kennedy Blvd., County Center 18th Floor Tampa, Florida 33601, Attention Jock McGiathery or FAX to (813) 272-6290 For further i nformation call (813) 272-5790. CORRECTION LANDSCAPE, HARDSCAPE & AESTHETIC LIGHTING MAINTENANCE REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATION-BASED PRICE PROPOSAL TAMPA-HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY EXPRESSWAY AUTHORITY The Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway A u thority ("Author ity") requests qualification-based price proposals ( "RFP" ) from qualified firms to perform Landscape Hardscape and Aesthetic Lighting Maintenance activities (the Project' ) for the Authority s B randon Parkway and Meridian Avenue Gateways Interested firms must have an established reputation for experience reliability and ability to provide services as required Firms wishing to be considered shall submit a price p r oposal package consisting of one (1) original and six (6) copies of their proposal and one CD in pdf format by mail or hand delivery to the Authority at 11 04 East Twiggs S treet S uite #300, Tampa, F lorid a 33602 by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 subject to any extension of the deadline as provided for in this request. The Authority is an equal opportunity employer and its Small Busine ss Enterprise (SSE) policy strongly encourages the solic i tation and utilization of SBE firms in its procurement and contracting activities For a copy of the SBE policy or inf o r mation regarding SSE certification please see THEA s website at www. tampa-xway .com. The RfP package, which prov ides additional instructions scope of work, schedule of events, and other i nformation related to the Project will be available on the Authority s website at www.tampa-xway.com on Monday May 3 2010 by 9 :00a.m. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8.00 1 -20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EAC H ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE I S EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD NEW PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Ed ition -Thursday @ 12:00 P.M. Friday Ed iti on -Monday @ 12:00 P.M. Homes For Sale $89 K Ready To Move In! We Pay Closing Cost Call (813) 221-44 57 Hot Buy Investors 4 Properties Great Income Owner Retiring Call (813) 416 -6183 O r (813) 630-0839 Kenny U.S. Government Homes For Sale All Ar eas O f Tampa And Hillsborough County Free List Of Homes Thomas L. Luft Realty (813) 634-4050 (813) 495-7481 East Tampa Business And Civic Association Price Reduced 2208 East 22nd Avenue 1145 69th Street 1219 East Cayuga 3 Bedroom/2 Bath With Single Car Garage Up to $60 000.00 Available In Down Payment Assistance (813) 248-3977 2 Bedroom/1 Y2 Bath Townhouse Rent To Own Or Own For Less Than Ren t Small Down Payment O wner F inanci ng Bert (813} 969-3970 USF Area Spacious Remodeled 2 Bedroom Townhome AIC Carpet Tile WID Hookup Fenced Pa tio $775 00 Includes Water Section 8 Welcome Call 813-220-3633 1 / 1 $495.00 / Monthly Busch & 46th 2/ 2 25 $800 00/Monthly Fletcher & 42nd All Include H20 Call 813.376.8787 West Tampa Available Now!! 3 B e droom / 1 Bath 4 Bedroom/1 Bath Central Hea VAir Washer / Dryer Hook-Up Call 1 800-344-4216 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Or Efficiency For Rent $6 00 00 -$90 0 00/Monthly Plus Deposit Includes : Water Lights Cable, Washer And Dryer Call (813} 785-1030 1 & 2 Bedroom Duplexes And Rooms As Low As A $150 00 Deposit Utilities Included Call V&V (813} 259-4663 www.myfinancialconnections.com USF Area Spacious Townhouse 2 Bedrooms/1 Y2 Baths CHA Utility/Laundry Room Private Patio Rent $ 750.00 Depos it $100.00 Section 8 OK (813} 968-1168 2918 East 21st Avenue 3 Bedroom / 1 Y2 Bath Home $1,200. 00/Monthly Includes An Efficiency CHA, WDH Depos it Negotiable Rooms For Rent Also Available Call (813} 495-9757 EMAIL YOUR ADS 24/7 TO: ledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax To: (813) 248-9218 Section 8 Special 3 Bedroom s/2 B th s Central He V Air Fenc e d Backy rd $1,1 00 00 / Monthly Call (813) 968-1168 Home For Rent 4912 83rd Street CHA, 4 Bedrooms /2 B th s Custom Tile Throughout $900 00 / Monthly Section 8 Acc e pted (813) 661-4292 South Tampa 3/4 Bedroom Home Centra l H eaV A ir Large Fenced Corner Lot Section 8 Ok (813) 949-3482 99th Avenue 4 /2 Fenced Yard Central A/C $1 ,25 0 00/Monthly $600 00/Depo si t Section 8 Welcom e Call (813) 690 3320 Jackson Heights 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Newly Renovat ed Concrete Block Carport $925 00/Rent $5 00 00/Security Deposit Section 8 W e l come (813) 293-2677 Move In Special $1,000.00 Tampa Heights La rg e 3 Bedroom/1 B ath Block Home WDH CHA, Garage $700. 00/Depo sit Sect ion 8 Accepted Call (813} 453-5690 West Tampa 2 Bedr oom/1 Bath Home $ 775 00/Monthly Remodeled Block Construction With Tile Floors T hroughout 0 Deposit With Seqtion 8 Voucher Must See (813) 610-8256


WE RENT HOMES Starting @ $525 00 / Monthly 1 5 B edrooms A vailable! Call 813-221-4457 Several Homes Available For Rent 2 5 Bedrooms Starting At $595 00 / Monthly Investors Choice Realty 727-580-9184 House For Rent 3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths New Paint New Carpet N e w Appl i ances S ection 8 Welcome Call (813) 404-8622 Or (813) 965-3637 2921 East 24th Avenue 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath CHA WDH Section 8 Welcome $850 00/Monthly $500 00/Deposit Call (813) 482-6232 3 Bedrooms/2 Bath CHA, Fenced Yard, WDH $1,1 00.00/Monthly $1,000.00/Deposit Or Section 8 3 Bedroom Voucher Will Negotiate (813) 900-6926 Move-In Ready Section 8 Only 2712 N. Stallone Drive 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Block Home WDH Alarm System Fenced Backyard Carport Patio, Garage No Pets $1,230.00/M_pnthly $600 00/Security Negotiable LaShawn (813>" 841-2921 Progress Village 4 B edroom/2 B ath C ar p ort U tility R oom C en t r a l Heat/ A ir Fenced Pati o Deposit Requ ired Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 982-1332 Ybor City 3 & 5 Bedroom Homes As Low As A $500 Deposit Section 8 Welcomed! Call V & V (813) 259-4663 www myf i n a nc i alc o nne c t ions.com East Tampa 4 Bedroom / 2 Bath Plus Den WDH Corner Lot Totally Remodeled $1, 1 00. 00/Monthly Plus Deposit Section 8 Accepted (813) 601-3101 3414 East 9th Avenue 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $1,200.00/Monthly $1,200 00/Deposit Negotiable Section 8 Only Available Now!!! Rev. Tyson (813) no-2oo3 Darrel (813) 735-5295 West Tampa Houses For Rent 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom Or 4 Bedroom $650-$1,050 Per Month Newer Kitchen Appliances Baths, Central Air Most Have Washer/Dryer Hookups Section 8 Vouchers OK Most Pets OK Available So See Today! Call Patrick 813-254-5338 34TH & Osborne 2 B edroom/2 B ath Carport Newly Renovated $ 900 00 / R ent $500 00 / Depos i t Section 8 Welcome Harold (813) 293-26n Available Immediately 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath House Central Air And Heat Washer / Dryer Included Fenced Corner Lot Section 8 Welcomed (813) 900-3042 Sulphur Springs Large 4 Bedroom / 2 Bath Block Home Central H / A Fenced $900 00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 503-5321 1712 W. Walnut Street 4/1 Newly Remodeled House, WDH CHA Fenced Yard, Driveway! Rent $1,500 00 Deposit $ 800.00 Call Janda (727) 320-7310 Very Spacious 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $550.00/Monthly $500.00/Deposit WDH, A/C New Tile/Carpet Discount On Cable Call (813) 298-2499 40TH & Hillsborough River 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Home Newly Renovated $1,350 00/Rent $500.00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Call: (813) 293-26n Contact LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 To Publish Your Classified Or Legal Advertisement In The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Emailledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax (813) 248-9218 Large 1 Bedroom Very Clean M ove In Sp ecial $ 200 00 Off 1st M o nth $ 500 00 / Monthl y W / S / G Included Rental References Required (813) 267-4488 Move In Special Near Busch Gardens Security Deposit Or Credit Check Large 2nd Floor 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath WID Hook-Up From $650 00 $695.00 Water Sewer And Trash Included Section 8 Welcome 813-417-9575 Large Attractive 4 Bedrooms/1% Bath Apartment On Second Floor With Bonus Room Carpet And Ceiling Fans In All Rooms Eat-In Tiled Kitchen And Tiled Bath Yard Fenced On 3 Sides Front Porch Laundry On Premises Section 8 Accepted $1, 200 00/Monthly Plus Security Call (813) 973-2341 3015 Y.z N. Sanchez St. (Off 21st Avenue) Cozy 1 B e d room R ear Apart m ent $ 500 00/Monthly $400 00 / Deposit Includes W / S / G (813) 98Q-3789 (813) 506-3973 Convenient Ybor City 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath Apartment Just Remodeled New Floors Fresh Paint $725 00 / R e nt Includ e s All Utiliti es $500 00 / D e posit 813-245 1998 Section 8 Renters 2 Bedroom Apartments Electric, Water, And Sewer, Included On Site Laun9ry Call To See If You Qualify 813-975-0258 m en 0 1\) 0 ..... 0 'T1 r-0 ::0 en m z :::j z m r;m c: r rm :::j z "D c: m en J: m 0 ?J c: m en c )> z c


c CJ) UJ ::> .... c a: LL c z < c CJ) UJ ::> .... > a: UJ > UJ c UJ :I: CJ) ::::i m ::> c. z i= UJ ..J ..J ::> m ..J UJ z i= z UJ CJ) a: 0 ..J LL Section 8 T en ants 0 Security Deposit 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Central Heat/Air Washer / Dryer Hook-up Near Everything Call (8 1 3) 546-n82 North Tampa And Temple Ter r ace Area Angie's Apartments 3 B edro o m/2 B a t h WDH 0 Depos it No Appl i cation Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-931-1730 2041h East Selma Ave. 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Upstairs Garage Apartment $500 00/Monthly $500/Deposit Available Immediately Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 786-8670 Available Immediately" 1 Bed r oom Apartment Utilities Included $579 00 Per Month Age 62+ EHO Call (813) 870-1830 Ext. 22 (TTY) 1-800-955-8771 Ybor City 2910 East Columbus 2/2 Apartment $850 00/Monthly With Washer / Dryer Updated Very Nice Section 8 We l come Jacob Real Estate Broker (813) 258-3200 Apartment Fo r Rent 4603 26th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $550 00 / Monthly $200 00 / D eposit Call (813) 317-8024 TAMPA PARK APARTMENTS "A Great Place To Call Home" 2 Bedroom And 3 Bedroom Apartments Section 8 Avai l able Come In And Place An Application Today! Open Saturday 10:00 a.m.-2:00p.m. TAKING APPLICATIONS ONLY Also Looking To Locate Or Re-Locate Your Business Give Us A Call We May Have The Space You Need Tampa Park Apartment, Inc. 1417 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa, Florida 33605 Telephone (813) 229-1845 Telecommunications Relay Inc. TTY 1-800-955-8771 Voice 1-800-955-8770 Spanish 1-877-955-8773 LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EMPLOYMENT HOMES FOR SALE/RENT APARTMENTS DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN A vaila ble I m med iate ly Studio Apartment Utilities Included Section 8 Age 62+ EHO Call (813) 870-1830 Ext. 22 (TIY) 1-soo-955-sn1 USF Area Section 8 Accepted 2/1 Apartment WDH CHA New Carpet, Tile $650 00 / Monthly Includes Water Plus Deposit (813) 417-3455 NAPFE Towers Senior Housing 1 Bedroom Rent Based On Income Close To Shopping Centers Public Transportation Security Patrol Water/Sewer/Trash Included 813.977.1663 AFFORDABLE LIVING For SENIORS 55+ Near Downtown Great Views From $398/Monthly Utilities Included 813 253-2868 Monday -Friday 8:00 am 4:00 pm Studio Apartment "Available Immediately" South Tampa Area Age 62+ EHO Utilities Included Section 8 Call (813) 87Q-1830 Ext 22 Ask For Samantha (TTY) 1-8oo-955-8n1 Move-In Specia l s! 2 And 3 Bedroom Apartmen t s W I D Hook up 0 Deposit N o A pplica t ion Fee S ec t ion 8 Welcome Millie (813) 931-1850 125.00 Move In E xc elle nt R e nt a l History Required First Month Free 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath Burglar Bars 3023 N. 48th Street #A $580 00/Monthly 813-238-6353 WEST TAMPA 2 & 3 BDRM APTS Water & Sewer Included $492 00 $529 00 Tampa Presbyterian Village (813) 253-0008 (TTY) 1-800-955-8771 Busch Gardens Area BAD CREDIT? No Problem!! FREE APPLICATION!! Newly Renovated 1 Bedroom/1 Bath New Tile Floors New Appliances New Ceiling Fans $525 00/Monthly Water & Trash lncludedl!!l Very Low Deposit! 813-244-4551 Move In Special Near Busch Gardens Security Deposit Or Credit Check Large 2nd Floor 2 Bedroom/1 Bath WID Hook Up From $ 650 00 $695 00 Water Sewer And Trash Included Section 8 Welcome 813-417-9575 UPLEXES Section 8 Only 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Duplex N ice Area, WDH, CHA N ew Pain t Tile Floors $0 Deposi t Call John (813) 789-3879 Sulphur Springs Sec t io n 8 W e l co m e 3 B edroom/ 1 Ba th D up lex Ce ntr a l A/C, W D H $ 8 5 0 00 / Monthl y D e posit N e got iable Phone (813) 728-7510 (813) 453-3741 DUPLEX 9902 N Hyacinth St. 3/1, CHA W/D Hook up $750 00/Month $300.00/Depo s it Section 8 Accepted Ron (813) 516-2605 (813) 690 6664 Grant Park Section 8 Accepted 2 Bedroom/1 B a th Dupl e x CHA N e w C a rp e t $ 700 00/Monthly Includ es W a t e r Plu s D e po si t (813) 417-3455 1 0117 North 1Oth Street 2 Bedroom For The Price Of 1 Beaut i ful Hou s e Like 2 Bedroom Duplex Private Fenced Yard Section 8 0 Deposit Gisela (813) 264-9660 (813) 486-2504 Approved For County Section 8 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex CHA WDH $ 800 GO/Monthly Water Included $ 600 00/Dep qs it Call (813) or (813) 8n-3406. Chepk Us Out On Facebook And Follow LtS On Twitter.com/FLSENTINELB View Our Website @ ww.flsentinel.com


ROOMS FOR REN l111 1-1 :11:'11 i;N'1 $500! Pol ice Impounds! Successful Cl eani ng Honda's, Chevy's Services Group, LLC Acura s Toyota' s Etc Specializing In From $500! Residential Homes For Listings And Small Call 800-366-9813 Busin ess Offic es Ext 3695 Ask About Our Discounted P rice s Porschesha (813) 389-6662 Beds Twin $60.00. Full $65. 00 All You Need In Queen $75.00 Computers And More King $ 110 00 & Up Bunk Beds 150.00 Repairs As Low As $29.99 Call (813) 310-0991 Websites Starting @ $249 .99 Call (813) 728-5046 For Information Work From Home Easy Work-Great Pay For Details Send $5.00 & Self Addressed Future Leaders Stamped Envelope Achievement Center To: Brenda James 5204 E Sligh Avenue P.O. Box 292295 (813) 899-2310 Tampa, FL 33687 6910 Karin Court (813) 850-1455 24 Hours I 7 days Pick-Up Available Cleaning Service Marilyn's Family April Special*** Home Daycare $75 -3 Bedroom/2 Bath If Your House Is In A Fuss Now Accepting With Dirt And Dust Ages 0 13 Years The Queen Of Clean Breakfast Lunch Is A Must!!! And Snacks Provided Call Today Call: (813) 237-8033 813-506-5944 Lie I FTA430861 Sell your stuff. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin -1 c: m (/) 0 1'\) 0 ...... 0 "TT r-0 lJ 0 > (/) m z :::J z m r-I Dl c: rr-m :::J z "'D c: Dl !: (/) :::1: m 0 m < m lJ < -1 c: m en c > z c "TT lJ c


c a: LL c z <( c en w ::::l .... ii: w > w c w X: en ::::i m ::::l Q. z i= w ...J ...J ::::l m ...J w z i= z w en ( a: 0 ...J LL 5 S t a r OJ Serv i ces We Do All Events Corporat i ons Wedd i ngs Schools Etc Best OJ In Town Hands Down Call Today! 80()-619-4695 www.ceegodj.com DNA Testing P at e rnit y Test We Come To You! Resu lts In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservlces91 @yahoo.co m Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-5777 Residential And Commercial Complete Electrical Service Breaker PanelsAnd Receptacies, Lights, Outlets Service Upgrades Call Rufus Electric Contracting (813) 348-6148 Lie #ER13013733 Low Price Services Haul i ng Lawn Service Clean-Ups Concrete Additions We Do It ALL! We Also Have Licensed/Insured Electricians -(813) 965-0578 Fax 24/lTo: (813) 248-9218 Or Email: /edwards @ffsentinel.com Handym a n Services ( Best Prices ) Electrical Drywall P lumbing Tile Etc Call Today For A Free Estimate (813) 843-8857 INSURANC Insurance Plus Need A Break On Insurance ? G et Lic ense d Reins t ated As Low As $119. 0 0 Renew Tag Or Sticker For $58 .99 We Also Offer SR22 And FR44 Title Service (813) 988-2857 (813) 310-8608 I Buy Junk Cars Up To $500.00 & Up Free Pick Up Of Old Appliances And Metal Call Eric (813) 764-3968 CASH For Junk Cars And Trucks Running Or Not Call Lorenzo (813) 843-8857 We Buy Cars In Any Condition Paying Top Dollar! $500.00 Minimum You Called The Rest Now Call The Best! Subject To Vehicle Condition Don't Delay Call Today (813) 362-6635 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1 ,500.00 For Junk Cars, Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk MetaVAppliances For FREE 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks CALL J .R. (813 ) 966 -3501 Junk Cars We Buy Junk Gars Trucks And Van s Call (813) 784-8339 We Pay More W e B uy Junk Cars $250.00 -$ 1 000 .00 Mention This Ad For A n Extra $20 .00 24n -Free Towing (813) 410-0061 I Buy Cars In Any Condition Perfect Not So Perfect Title No Title No Problem Any Shape!! Top$$$ Call (813) 335-3794 "We Do Best For Less MAC DADDY Lawn Service Hauling And Clean-Up Phone (813) 245-9761 Miracle Grow And Landscaping Mowing Trimming, Sodding, Planting And Designs Pressure Washing Available Mention This Ad For $25.00 Discount Call (813) 523-1031 Need A Massage? Headaches Tight Muscles Stressed $40 00 1 Hour $65 00 90 Minutes Monday -Sunday 1 0:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. Call Today 813-506-5928 MA43333 Wood a rd Brothers R e s i denti a l Remodeling Carpentry Room A ddi t ions Roofing, Drywall Plumbing Cera m ic Tile Sidewalks Patios & H auling Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lie tro2265 0 ACM Home Rep pir Services Pain ting Car p e ntry, Roofing P lumbing & More Ed (813) 531-0499 English Ariel (813) 477-4195 Se Habla Espanol Lie #230203 OGUN Road Side Angel Why Pay $70.00-$100.00 To Unlock Your Car? Just Pay $15.00 Cash Only Call Me (813) 507-4016 Check Us Out On Facebook Micros Short Hair Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 WOOoleS $45 Call For Appointment (813) 567 1429 Solo Hair Design 14938 North Florida Ave (813) 244 1899 Wrap Set s 2 For $60 .00 Ret ouch W i t h Sty l e 2 For $80 .00 Quic k W ea v e R e l a x e r Up Do $5 0 00 Micros Tree Br a id s S e w -In, Kinky $100 00 Dazzling Diva Designs By Deltra Call (813) 41D-0475 Relaxers Starting @ $50 00 Sew-Ins $90.00 Glue Free $50 00 To $55 00 Shampoo & Basic Set Starting @ $35.00 Up Do's Starting @ $40.00 Sentinel Bulletin AVAILABLE AT THESE LOCATIONS New Tampa Area Shell Gas (Bruce B Downs Blvd./Skipper Rd ) Sweet Bay ( Bruce B Downs Blvd./Highland Pkwy.) CVS Drugs ( Brandon, Seffner R i verview & Valr i co ) 5909 U S Highway 301 S (B) 625 W. M L .K. Jr. Blvd (T) 2502 W H ills borough Ave (T) 5502 E Fowler Ave (T) 4001 E Busch Blvd (T) 2911 E. Fow ler Ave (T) 715 Brandon Blvd (B) 715 W M L.K. Jr. Blvd (S) 2725 N MacD ill Ave (T) 611 S Howard Ave (T) Sweet Bay Super Markets ( Brandon Se1fner Riverview & Valrico) 6929 U S Highway 301 N (R) 2535 W Brandon Blvd (V) 11 01 E Bloomingdale Blvd. (B) 1247 Kingsway Blvd (S) 11230 E M .LK. Jr. Blvd (S) 205 E. Alexander St, Plant City 597 S Wheeler St, Plant City Wai-Mart (Tampa Brandon & Seffn e r) 11720 Dr MLK Jr. Blvd (S) 949 E Bloom i ngdale Ave (B) 2701 E Fletcher Ave (T) 11110 Cau se w a y Blvd (B) 12808 E Bra ndon Blvd (B) 1 601 W K e nn edy Blvd (T) 8885 N Florida Ave (T) Coin Box Locations HART U ne Term i nal (Un i ve rsi ty Area ) Liv i ngston Ave HART U ne Term i nal ( East Lake Area) 56th Street Orient Jail Orient Road Falkenburg Jail Fatilkenburg Rd. 24 Hour Laundroma t. MU

SALO May Specia l Relaxer Serv ice $60 00 Which Includes A Free Wash-N-Set On Your Rebooked Visit Call (813) 325-4100 For An Appointment With Ryan Tree Bra i ds Sew-In Sew -In w / Mirco s $60 00 $60 00 $75 00 Mirco's Box Plaits Corn Rows $100 00 $50.00 & Up $40 00 Call Nicole (813) 727-0512 Stylist Needed Call (813) 621-5914 Devine Designs By Renee' Hair Salon www devlnedeslgnsbyrenee com Now Hiring Highly Motivated Licensed Stylist Braiders And Barbers Ms Ang i @ After Hours Cre 'ations Salon ... Relaxer Start ing @ $35 00 Wash & Sets $15 00 And Up Call 813-388-3770 For An Appointment Grand Opening Diovalique World Of Beauty & Barbershop Has Booth Rental Available $75 00 Weekly For The 1st Six Months Call: (813) 374-9375 Or (813) 841-9990 I Will Buy Any Honda, Toyota Nissan Acura, Lexus, lnfiniti ; VW BMW Mercedes Any Car!! I Pay Top$$$ Call (813) 335-3794 Cash In 3 Days For Your House Call Today !!! 1-888-443-DAYS 1-888-443-3297 Ill i # # ':liJ I!.] I: GfJI Steel Buildings Discounted Priced To Sell 24 X 30 -12 X 25 Will Deal www.scg-grp.com Source #1 BS (352) 505-4558 Spiritualist Healer Advisor True Woman Of God Can Help You On Love, Marriage, Business Call Now For .Your Blessing-(813) 775-5872 Susan s Physic Reader And Advisor Spiritual Work And Cleansing Helps All Matters In Life Crystal Oral Palm And Physic Readings (813) 850-3165 Reverend Emma Rosa @ Ybor Arts Studio 2702 East 7th Avenue Saturday May 1 2010 12 Noon 6 : 00 P M For Physic Readings (813) 868-4879 (813) 677-6314 Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spiritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells, Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 Phone (813) 506-9239 Home Phone ONLY $9 95 + Tax & Fees If You Recei Fr School Lunch Food St mps M edic id Public Housing SSI Sec t ion 8 ( TANF) (LHEAP) Call 813-546-269 2 813-222-0195 Across From McDonalds @ MLK & Central Get Collect Calls On Your Cell Phone Orient Road & Faulkenburg Jail Only $2 25 Per Call f! Ill:''' dl a ;tt9 fi1 B kJI Angel Ferguson s Word Processing "Processing Words Is What We Do Business Cards, Brochures Pamphlets, Invitations And Customized Greeting Cards www. angelfergusonswori:tproceulng com Call (813) 230-7134 0 )> en m z m r I m c: r J;; ::! "'0 c: en :::c m 0 m < Call Renee' (813) 936-3470 (941) 462-0188 Email devinedesignsbyrenee 0 tampabay.rr.com For All Your Legal Or Classified Advertising Needs ... m :D -< For Additional Information We Rnance Everyone* No Credit Necessary ARMO FURNITURE www.Jannonfumiture.com Locations Ybor City -1324 E.. 7'lh Aw. Comer Of 7th & 14lh St Town & CountrY -7556 W. Waters Ave. & Hanley 813-247-4711 813-249-8600 www.IJrmonfurniture.c om Contact LaVora @ {813) 248-1921 NEW ROOFS& ROOF REPAIRS Residential & Commerical 813.238.6197 REEVESROOFING m en 0 )> z 0 :D 0


0 ..... 0 N > c:t: ::::E > c:t: c en w ::> ..... c a: LL c z c en w ::> ..... > a: w > w c w :I: en ::::i m ::J Q. z t= w ...J ...J ::J m ....:. w z t= z w (J) c a: 0 ...J LL a \VHil)()fN BRC)WN P.L \ I I () R :\ I Y '\ : \ I l. \\\. \\i\\\' Criminal Defense & Personal Injury S.dqAMMh o.u. emu. SexOtJ- (813) 272-2200 D V UBUI l402 East 7th Avenue Tampa FL 3 3602 l'rcc lnkwmat100 C onocrruljl (Jilaliiicallons & I:Jq>cnenoe Anllabk Upoo R.:quc:sl Tbe lilrut Uf AnAl laney Is An importoni!Xasi o n Tlwt Sblifi=fr,n. CY ATTORNEY Chapter 7 Liguidation Wipe Out Bad Debt! Get Rid Of: 1. Judgments 2. Liens 3. Bills 4. Unsecured Debts LAW OFFICE OF TIFFANY S. CRAIG Criminal, Family Personal Injury & Immigration 2208 E 3rd. Avenue Tampa, FL (8 13).247-1460 Hillsborough County (813) 391-2493 Polk County 326 Dorsett Avenue (863) 678-0772 Lake Wales FL 3 .3853 Certified by State University All Job-Refated In uries Change Treating ysidans Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination LAW OFFICE OF CHE LOPARDO, P.A. ATTORNEYS AT LAW TAMPA. FLORIDA FELONY TRAFFIC DUI MISDEMEANOR BOND I ROR MOTIONS $249 VOP $249 to $949 Excludes Costs (Transcripts, Subpoenas, Etc.) FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION (813) 350-7923 PAYMENT PLANS I VISA I MASTERCARD The Mlllg of an a O AHoc.. Qlrnn.al o.teme LAwyers P ractice Federal And State Courts EXPERIENCE MATIERS OVer 20 Yea-s Expetience' FELONIES AND MISDEMEANORS AGGRESSIVE MOTION PRACTICE BON D HEARINGS WARRANTS T RAFF I C VIOLATIONS/LICENSE SUSPENSIONS PROBA TION VIOLATIONS CERTIFIED EXPERT CRIMINAL TRIAL ATIORNEY 300 N F RANKLIN ST., T AMPA F L 33602 SERVING BAY AREA COUNTIES 81 277-0068 "CALL RICKY'' AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY 8 9 3 -L -------. Or Emai l : callrickywilliams@gmail.com Ava i lable 24 Hrs./Day FREE Consultation YOLANDA Y.ANTHONY License d Mortgage Rmker 1499 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa, Florida 33605 Phone: (813) 223-6151 Fax: (813) 221-8229 y olandaintpa aol.com \d\ ocate For Srnall Business ()\\ ncrs 3 Locations Available 1-866-951-7771 Existing Clients Call 1-800-870-7185 www.advocateforyourbusiness.com SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL ADVERTISERS To Advertise In The Business Directory Call LaVora Or Betty At 813-248-1921. DEADLINE For Placina Business Directorv Ads Is FRIDAY AT 3 P.M.


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