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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 65, no. 75 (May 11, 2010)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
May 11, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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05 rear In fhe /{un pa Hay. \ rca ....... ., .... ner SEE STORY ON PAGE 15 36-YEAR CAREER CELEBRATED AT LUNCHEON A retirement luncheon to celebrate the 36-year career of Mrs. Phyllis Lawrence was held at the Colonnade Restaurant. Mrs. Lawrence retired from the State of Flotida Department of Juvenile Justice as a Juvenile Probation Officer Supervisor. Family and friends who her at the luncheon are from left to right: Elder Joseph Reed Jesse Lawrence husband; Mary Morris, aunt; Kaya Lawrence, daughter; Martha Thompson, mother; Phyllis Lawrence, honoree; Sharon Thompson, sister; Kennedy Green niece, Tonyatta Thompson, niece; and Essie Chaney, beautician. (PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRUNSON) Blacks Awarded -1% Of City Contracts SEE PAGE3 Young Mom Talks About Bullying SEE PAGE 2 Kidney Recipient Earns USF Degree SEE PAGES Teen Jailed For Shooting


0 -Feature Bolivina Process: Teen Mom, 15, Just Wants To Be Heard CJ) w :::) t-By Gwendolyn Hayes Sentinel Editor Gwendolyn Jones i s the mother of a 1-year-old daught er, Selena. She's a student at Robinson High School hasaspirations for the future Her mother, Micftelle Jones, brought her to the office of the Sentinel so that she could be heard. So many. times when young people try to talk, adults cut themoff. Just in case the person she spoke with in the office illdn't have a listening ear, she put her comments in writing. The young lady who hopes to attend college so that she11 be prepared to take care of her child, says she 's not an angel-. she' s done some things that were un called for Now she wants to talk about the teen vi olence -bullying -in the world toda y especiall y in Tampa schools. She has sat-at ATOSS for 10 days, five days and eight days for inCidents that she says she didn.'t commit. GWENDOLYN JONES "Authorities in school say just walk away from the situation. Come to us and report everything. Document what goes on. In this new-age generation, you can't always walk away from the situation You can a be walking home or in a store, or wherever and that a: person and their gang will come bothering you. Do u. you walk away and they're two feet behind you? At that point you have to defend yourself. 0 z Q en w ::::) .... > a: w ril d w OJ: CJ) :) a. 2! ..J -1 ::J r:a ,j w z ffi C3 m 0 ..J LL.: "That's called bullying and I feel there's a lack of protection in the school and the communities. AUTO ACCIDENT REFERRAL SERVICE News Alert The Rorida Law States That You May Be Entitled TO $1 0,000 For Loss Wages And Medical Care ... 1811 PrtlhJssitJRal SIJIVictJI Personalized Service :. Support and Help from the beginning to the end Attorneys_ -An Attorney will come to .you at home or work -No Recovery, No Fee Investigators -H there is a dispute on how the accident occured Transportation Available Auto Repair Shop Medical Care Provided Pharmacy -Free Delivery Specializing In: Car, Bus, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Slip & Fall, Pedestrian Incidents, Loss Wages, Wrongful Death And More ... Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813-495-3702T Toll Free: 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A Day /7 Days A Week ur OTn.Tnun Speaking for I-rself"' # Seattl .el Bulletin "When there's a fight, it's recorded and they put you on "You Tube." But what about our futures? I want to become a nurse or medical assistant for a nursing home with the elderly. I've got my goals planned out -I want to be somebody, and not only that, I have my child to look after. M e out th e re fightin g is not going to mak e it "But wh e n I do report it, th ey g et ki k d out of school and their oth e r so-c all e d frie nds do th ir dirty work. That's just harassm e nt and I'm r e all y tired of it. But I'm not th e only one that thi nonsens e af fects. It also affects my parents and others. Even the quiet ones, the ones who make straight 'As' have to go through this bullying process. "It's really unnecessary drama. Nowadays it's about who goes with whom, who's up to date, who's wearing this or that. Why does it really matter? I really was going down th e wron g ro a d a nd if it wasn t for my moth e r guiding and c oachin g m e th e right way I would probably be in jail becaus e that's where the unnecessary drama is leading "Children shouldn t have to feel unsafe or ashamed when they go to school. You never know what the child is already going through at home. Someon e who's not happy with him or herself gets pull e d down even more. That can lead to s uicid e, cutting themselves or even nervous breakdowns The children who are bullying others need a self check to see what they need to do to stay focus e d on themselves, not who's going with the boy next door. "Maybe we need more inspirational activities in the communities. We have to pray and have faith because the fighting isn't getting us anywhere but in trouble. fighting doesn't resolye anything. "Another thing, we're always hooting and hollering about who won. Both lose because the ones who are higher up (someone with edueation) are shaking their heads in shame because of the foolishness when you can be out doing something active or pos itive. we:re all unique in our own way." Sol Davis Pnn 5205 N. Lois Ave Tampa, FL, 33614 (813) 353-360


..... c 4th Suspect In Manslaughter Case Identified ULYSSES A. GRANf ... Wanted for manslaughter Tampa police hav e identified a fourth man wanted in con nection with the death of a man whose bod y was found in a dump ster l ast month. Three others were arrested la s t week. According to police 28-year-o ld Ulysses A. Grant, w ho is listed with an at large address is known to frequ e nt the West Tampa area whe re the victim, James Toney, was found Blacks Awarded Few Of Citv's WMBE Dollars BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Last month the City of Tampa Business Development pr ese nt e d a l e ngthy report to members of City Counci l during a workshop. The r epo rt s how s that African America n s received l ess than 1 % of th e $264,655,93 0 awa rd ed during a two-year period. Gregory K. Hart, Manager of th e Minority Busin ess D eve lopment Office for th e City of Tampa said that while the chart s how s that Blacks received little money, the y faired better than it a ppears. The r e port represents a compilation of all contracts awar d ed during 2008-2009. It shows that Blacks r ece ived 0.86% or $2,2 82.493 ; wh it e women received 1.68 % or$4.4 52 ,793; Hispanics received 2-49 % or" $ 6 592 562; Asian Americans received o.n% or $290,078; and white men rec eive d 94.85% or $251,048,004 GREGORY HART Manager of Minority BliSiness Development nies who cannot bid on greater thai) $2oo,ooo, and the fact that tbe city does not consistentl y have brick and mortar type p rof ect s all played rol es. Hart state d that the report; a l so d e mQn s tr a t es th e a mount of dollar s that w ere actually 0 s: I\) 0 .... 0 On April 6th a passer-by observed the feet of Toney, 56, protruding from the dump s t e r and called police The dumpster was loc ate d behind the old Station Bar on Main Street. Blacks r ece ived a lower percentage when all of the contracts are considered regardl ess of value. But, in Sheltered Mark e t Program Black s received 26%. When we had projects valued at $200,000 or le ss, we set tho se aside for the Sheltered Market Program,so -thatthe. smaller companies can bid against their This gives a greater fair share of putting them in a favorable positionl:c>" tom-= pete, Hart said. ., awa rd e d to contractors as oppos e d to prom ; r-i ses m a de. "A lot o f tim es, agencies report value o f th e contracts awarded fn proj ected participation In stead of operating in th e spec : ulativ e, this r e port t ells what:Bla.ck firms act u The Medical Examiner 's Office determined that Toney had b ee n beat e n and that was a contributing cause of his death Police arrested Keontrye R. Williams, 23,.Jarvis Troupe, 24, and Renell M. Little, 17, ha v e been arrested in connection with manslaughter. Williams and Troupe are being held at the Hillsborough County Jail without bond. ally r ece ived. -:;z; with infoqnation on Grant is asked to contact the Tampa Police Department at (813) 231-6130. He further stated that the effects of the_ downed economy the fact that many compa-Hart said even with Black&ii q ::! not have the capacity t6liaiidf,'fh e city tiie s to partner them with larger firins : This them the opportunity wpartjei'pate as well as to gain experience." -r-r The Gulf Oil Spill Response. How to find out more. Where to find help. How to volunteer. Since the tragic accident on Transocean's Deepwater Horizon rig first occurred, BP has done and continues to do everything possible to respond to the situation. BP has taken full responsibility for dealing with the spill, and is mobilizing its full resources to fight against it in the Gulf of Mexico. More than 2,500 of BP's operational and technical personnel from around the world are working with many federal, state and local government agencies, local communities and industry experts. Using hundreds of vessels, they are involved in efforts to protect the shore of the Gulf coast, to contain the spill offshore, and to stem the flow of oil from the sub-sea well. Staging posts to help protect the shoreline are in operation at six critical areas, supported by command posts in Houma, Louisiana; Mobile, Alabama; and St. Petersburg, Florida. Thousands of volunteers are being trained to help with the cleanup. We are grateful for the support of the many volunteers, federal, state, and local government officials, and emergency responders. We are determined to leave nothing undone in the effort to stop the flow and minimize any potential impact. \!:l 2010 BP Products North Amefica Inc. For current information on the spill and response plan, please go to the following websites: www.bp.com/gulfofmexicoresponse www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com For assistance or information, please call'thollowing 24n hotlines: To report oil on the shoreline: (866) 448-5816 To report impacted wildlife: (866) 557-1401 To make spill-related claims: (800) 440-0858 For volunteer information: (866) 448-5816 z .., c: OJ r c;; % m c m < m 3! -t c: m en c ):lo z c ., :!! c


0 Editorials/Columns FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ( USPS 202-140 ) 2207 21st Avenue Tampa Florida 33605 ( 813) 248-1921 Published Every Tuesday and Friday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETlN PUBUSHING Co ., Member o f National Newsp a per P ublish e r s Association (NN PA) POSTMASTER: Send Add r ess C h ange To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa FL 33601 Periodical Postage Paid At Tampa FL C. Blythe Andrews 1901-1977 (1945) W .W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (1977) S KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscript i ons $44 .Q0-6 Months Both Edi t i ons : $87.QO-Per Year Both Editions Opi nions ex pr essed on edi t ori al pages of lh i s newspape r by Co l umn ists or Gu est W rit ers. d o no t necessarily reflect the ed i t orial stance of The Aorlda Sentinel Bulletin o r t h e Publisher. IFinallv, Her Cabin In The SkVI I n her prime, she was hailed as "the most beautiful woman in the world." As a movie c star, her credits included such films as a: Panama Hattie, Meet Me in Las Vegas, I u.. c Dood It, Two Girls and a Sailor and a bevy of z other pictures now lost to popular memory.

Horoscopes/ soaps HOROSCOPES Today's Birthday--Your inner wisdom ,,;11 pro\ ide insights that you ca n test in practical ways. Your sense of where t o make changes may move deeper int o your subconscious, ye t your effo rt s achieve practical measurable results. Tune up the volume on in tuition. Aries (March 21-April19)-Although tod ay may feel stressful, energy will flow creatively if you remember to breathe. R esu lts aren't immediate l y apparent but are worth waiting for. Taurus (April 20-May 20) -Every instruction you give see m s like criticism Actually, yo u re excited b y the possibiliti es but want to mak e detailed refinements. Gemini (May 21-June 21) -Ungrounded id eas have been floating around at work. As yo u draw th e m in, yo u see how th ey fit together. Take stoc k and share th e m with co-workers. Cancer (June 22-July 22) -On one hand, yo u want to b e the leader and th e life of the party. On the other, y ou d be just as happy go ing your own way. You get to choose. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)-You're tempted to play those slot m ac hines today. Not a good idea. Instead, wax enthusiastic at work. Take creative risks rather than financial ones. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -You hear things straight from the horse's mouth. You also can gather information from dreams or meditation less direct, but equally revealing. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) -The balance tilts in favor of careful spending. Everyone wants to get more stuff, but do you really need it all? Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)-If you could charge money for all the love going around right now, you'd be wealthy. You understand the needs of others, and they respond in kind. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)-The work you do today contributes greatly to a career goal. It seemed like something was missing, but now you've got it and you make it yours. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -You re aware that you're r ea dy to advance to the next stage. There are still nagging details to be resolved in order for you to move forward. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)-An investment in home and family today is worth the effort. An older person suggests a gift that satisfies practical needs and also provides pleasure. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)-Count yourself among the fortunate. You find out early on what's needed to please your boss. You have all day to figure out the logistics SOAPS OPERA SPOILERS ALL MY CHILDREN -Marissa accuses Scott of betraying her; JR may turn his back on Annie ; Madison succumbs to David s black mail. David grows suspicious of Greenlee; Colby remains at odds with Liza ; Amanda fears what her future might hold. Tad makes a surprising discovery; Madison begins to work Ryan; Greenlee has a shocking revelation AS THE WORLD TURNS -Dusty secretly provides for Janet; Margo convinces Tom to take Craig s case; Liberty snoops through Gabriel's belongings. 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DAYS OF OUR LIVES-Melanie advises Nathan not to rush into a relationship; Nicole goes undercover at a poker game; Will walks in on Sami and EJ as they are about to kiss; Arianna tries to dissuade Brady from going after his attackers. Vivian suggests to Chloe that they work together; Carly has a puzzling encounter with Hope; Nicole comes face: to-face with Dr. Baker; Victor and Maggie bond at the hospital. Daniel reels over Chloe's actions ; Carly warns Vivian to keep her claws retracted; Nicole forces Baker s hand; Arianna and Brady fight over Nicole meddling in their lives ; Hope ad vises Ciara never to rely on a man. GENERAL HOSPITAL-Jason turns to an unlikely source for help; Johnny s pleased b y the turn of events; Lulu makes a desperate appeal to Sonny. Carl y plans to make Dante s life a living hell; Michael's new journey begins ; things don t go Elizabeth's way. Carly is out for revenge; Jason' s pushed to the limit ; Jax and Dante are desperate to help Michael. ONE UFE TO LIFE-Rex may find the answers he' s looking for ; Todd and Hannah square off ; Cole has doubts about Starr. This may be the end for Starr and Cole ; Blair may spill Tea s secrets to Todd; John and -Marty mourn their loss. Todd clashes with Cole; Roxy urges Natalie to fight for John; Tea finds an unlikely friend in Blair. THE YOUNG AND THE RFSTLESS -Jana' s condition tests Kevin s devotion ; Patty tells Jack he' s too late to save Emily. Victoria confronts J.T. about Mac; Lily and Cane are faced with an impossi ble choice. Phyllis and Daniel meet Tawny (Andrea Evans) ; tensions escalate in the Wmters' fight to sav e Lily's life. fictures From The Fast Attending an awards presentation for'the Gaspar Scouts Dtst'iictwere: Jose Grinan, Louis Jones, Carmen Grinan, Rilla Bell, Dr. and Mn Barnes, and Sylvia Grinan. Open house at Dr. D. E. Smith's Dental Office featured: Mrs. John A. Green, Mrs. Lottie Henderson, Mrs. Ella Martin, Mrs. Nathalie Smith and Mrs. Nellie Blythewood. In this beautiful photo of a Thorn Thumb wedding taken at Greater Bethel are: Minister James Howard; Groomsman, Perry Miller; Best Man, Mr. Williams; Groom, Waymond Tanner; Bride, Carrie Clarke; and Maid Of Honor, Karen Sanders. c "TT r-0 :c m z z m r-CJJ c: r rm ::::! z c: CJJ r-(i) m c m < m :c -< m UJ c < )> Z c "TT :c c


0 -0 Standing (L-R): Step, Marlon, Ken And Chrissy. 9 t u. a z i t:-: IE w ;,. tal, fB ::1: U) ::i Ill ::3 a.. Kneeling (L-R): Kal And John Happ y birthday We love you." KAL, POOK And CHUCK Z Through good and bad, y all stuck with me. One love t= Shout out to my #1 p artner (RZR), don t know where I would be w ..J without y ou. S To all others, be safe No love lost! lXI ...:. w z t= z w en c:t e a: s ..J u. Happy birthday! From : Ms. Liz. KAL Streets are a playground of gossip. Without talk some wouldn't be happy or content with Do your homework before dragging others through the mud, trying to cover your own dusty foot prints. I've been 100 with everything in me and I'll be this way until I die. Save that talk for the ones that love to listen, and do me a favor, "be" real or "be gone! If the shoe fits, put it on! May 20, a new beginning for a new me. Standing: Kal And Tonya. Kneeling: Jen Happy birthd ay t o m y sis t e r s, Tonya, Lori and Jen; m y n e p hews, Lil Dip; my so n "Bear;" dau g hter, Ke-Ke ; an d my b a b y co u sins, Myra. RIP Lori a nd Jen, w e m iss you Local Dance Addresses Programming For Middle School Youth Some of the middle school students who attended the dance. Nu Upsilon Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority sought to address the nee d for more programming for middle school youth by providing a Middle School Dance on April16, 2010. The sorority' s national program, Z-HOPE -Zetas Helping Other People to Excel -has focused its programmatic thrust on assisting youth to excel. The organization chose middle schoolers due to the lack of programming available for the group and the lack of attention the age group gets. The organization hosted its first middle school dance in partnership with the Bo ys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay Wilbert Davis Club in 2009. The organization also worked with Jennings Middle School to provide school supplies and last y e a r conducte d e ti quette classe s at the Wilbert Davi s Boy s & Girl s Club This year, the organization hosted its second Middl e School Dance for youth with a DRESS to IMPRESS theme no athletic g ear, jeans, sneakers or t-shirts allowed In addition to an Ups cal e Event for Middle Schoole r s a Mr. and Miss Nu Ups ilon Zeta was crowned based on personality and popular vote The 2010 Mr. and Miss Nu Upsilon Zeta were Anthony Krouse and Tiayonna Pringle. The organization seeks to continue efforts to provide programming to all youth through its Z-HOPE initiativ e and its female youth auxil iaries of Pearlettes ages 4 -7 ; Amicettes -ages 8 13 ; and Archonettes-ages 14-18


... -.._ .... .. -. ., For,.pe ople with Medicare and Medicaid: CareNeeds (HMO). The only card you'll need! C ... areP\us CareNeeds046HM0 HEALTH PLANS. IN'-\ 234567*0 l P CP: Robert e (80840) P C P Telephone. Issuer: MPA RxBin: 610649 TA RxPCN: 0320 Card Issued: 01/01/2010 Prcscnp 0 CMS Contract#: H 1019-001 The benefits of both Medicare and Medicaid. The ease and convenience of a single card. If you're on both Medicare and Medicaid, now you can put both those cards somewhere safe-Because now there's CareNeeds (HMO), the convenient new health plan from CarePius, that offers you more benefits at no extra cost. ONE CARD IS ALL YOU NEED TO COVER. BENEFITS LIKE: $0 for Generic drugs $0 for Hospitalization $0 for Primary Care and Specialist office visits You may qualify to enroll in CareNeeds (HMO), and you can sign up anytime of the year-So call for more information today! 1-800-220-8704 {TTY: 711) $0 for Preventive Screenings $0 for SilverSneakers fitness program and much more! ...... arePius HEALTH PLANS, INC. Keeping the health in health care. www.careplushealthplans.com Medicare approved HMO plan. Thi s plan i s avai lable to anyone who has both Medical Assistance from the State and Medicare Premiums, co-pays, co-insurance and deduct i b les m a y vary based on the level of help you may receive and you should contact CarePius Health P l ans, Inc. for further details. The benefit i nform a tion provided herein is a brief summary, but not a comprehensive descri pt ion of availabl e b e nefits Addi t ional i nformat ion about benef its i s available to assist you in making a decision about your coverage. Thi s i s an adv ertiseme nt; for more i nformat ion contact the plan. H1019 -MK-P121 0310 APVD 0 3 /18/10 -I c m en 0 )> _-< )> -< 1\) 0 ..... 0 r 0 J:J c > CJ) z m r I m c r r z "'0 c m c CJ) :I: m c m < m J:J -< -t c m (J) 0 > z 0 J:J c


E Local Kidnev Transplant Recipient Receives Doctorate From USF 0 CJ) w ::l .... BY L E O N B CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter In 2005, Pastor Julius Wynn was diagnosed with a bad kidney. The news af fected him psychologically and because he had to go on dialysis he wasn t able to at tend classes at the University of South Florida for his Doc torate degree. I n 2008, Pastor Wynn re ceive d a kidney transpl ant. The kidney was donated by Martha Kitchen, a member of Pastor's Wynn' s ch u rc h High l and Miss i o n ary Bap t is t C hu rc h B ec au se o f Mrs. Kitchen's s a c rifi ce, Pastor Wynn marc hed thi s pa s t Saturday and r e c eive d his Doctorate m Education Leadership. Pastor Julius Wynn stands with Martha Kitchen, who donated the kidney that kept him going. I feel truly blessed and it's 0 been a long journey. At one ff point while I was in school, 0 my health issues forced me to Z request an extension. ' lli: w > Lil 0 w J: ...J m :J c.. z i= w ...J ...J ::l m I ...J w z i= z w CJ) 0 a: 0 ...J u. FREE! I'I'EMS FREE! Saturday, May 15, 2010 ** 8 a.m. -12 noon FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PROGRESS VILLAGE 8616 Progress Blvd. (Between 78th St. and Falkenburg Rd.) *Food Clothing* Toys Some Household Items FREE! ITEMS FREE! GR1\CE iVli\RY A1. B. CHURCH ELDER DR. T. J. REED AND FIRST LADY MARY REED Pastor's Anniversarv Theme: "Guided By Integrity! 'How Am I Doing, Lord'?'' Genesis 20:1-6 Wednesday. May 12. 2010 7:30 P. M. Friendship M. B. Church, Clearwater Pastor Lee And Congregation Thursday, May 13th 7:30 P. M. New Testament M. B. Church Pastor Anderson And Congregation Friday. May 14,2010 7:30P.M. First Lady's Night St. John Progressive M. B. Church Pastor/President Banks And Congregation Sunday. May 16.2010 3:30P.M. St. John Cathedral Bishop Eddie Newkirk And Congregation Pastor Wynn said what's next for him is to continue his dream of teaching at the University of South Florida. Currently, he's an adjunct professor at St. Petersburg College, teaching ethics and diverse population classes Five years ago I didn' t have the vision I have now. Thanks to God s grace I am what I am. "The members of Highland M.B. Church have been outstanding in their support of me throughout this journey. Bob Buckhorn Announces 2011 Run For Mavor's Seat Highest Priority t o be job creation Lon gti m e com muni ty stal .... art and former city council ma n Bob Buckhorn, Monday annou nced h is in t e n tion t o r un for Mayor of th e City of Ta m pa. "1 firm l y believe t h at creat i ng jobs a n d m ovi n g th is econo m y forwar d requires m ore than j u s t v i s i o n it re q ui res a depth of kn ow le d ge a nd a p ass i on for th e job," sa id Buckhorn. W e n ee d jobs n ow, and I intend to t ackle tha t i ssue h ead o n, said Buckhorn. You c a n count on that. It will be my highest priority. Buckhorn's career in pub lic service has been a natural evolution for him. His father was a journalist with United Press International, and Buckhorn was educated at Penn State holding a BA in political science. He is currently the president of a con. suiting firm Buckhorn P artners, p ializ in g in p u b lic p o licy and publi affairs and i s a politi a l a n a l y t r BayNews9. Buckhorn's community involvement is also exten sive. In addition to 8 years on City Council and 8 years as the assistant to Mayor Sandy Freedman, he cur rently serves as Mayor Iorio's appointee to the Tampa Sports Authority. In 1989, he graduated from Leadership Florida. Groundbreakinu Ceremonv For Encore Program Planned The groundbreaking ceremony for Encore Housing Project will be held on Tuesday, May u'". at the property site, on Governor at Cass. Upon completion, the project will have a newly constructed residential and business community. Encore replaces the public housing project formerly known as Central Park Village Called Middleton For Middleton Class 011958 The Middleton Senior High School Class of 1958 will hold a business meeting on Friday, May 14, 2010, 5:30 p. m. at the Sector 3 Police Office, 3808 N. 22nd St. For more information, please call (813) 420-1441. Rose Pearl Gambrell Jones, reporter, John Shipp, president.


Milita!] News Local Three Airmen Graduate From Basic Training Mavor Iorio To Host Town Hall Meeting In Ybor Citv Mayor Pam Iorio will h os t her S t'cond town hall m ee ting of t lw \'t'a r on \\' ednesday. :.!b. :.!UlO. The meeting will be h e ld at Philip Shore Elementary M ag net School of th e Arts. 1908 E. 2nd Avenue, in th e m edia ce n t e r from 6 to 8 p m ..... ernnwnt m ore nreessihk t o ..... Three former Tampa r esi dents r ecently gradua t ed from basic military training at Lack! and Air F o rce Base in San Antonio, T exas. The so ldier s have com pleted an intens ive eight-week progr a m that included training in military discipline and s tudies, Air Force core values, physical fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills. Air Force Airman Amity N. Brogdon i s the daughter of Jerry and Donna Brogdon of Tampa. Airman Brogdon is a 2009 AJRMAN AMITY N BROGDON g radu alt' of Kobinsnn l!igh School. Air F orce ReserYe Airman Brittany N. Bennett i s the daughter o f Tamera Farr. o f Tampa She g raduated from Alonso High School in 2008. Air Force Airman 1st Class Brandon L. Jones i s the son of Kelly Jones. H e i s a 2004 graduate of Jesuit High School. Airmen who comple t e basic training earn four credits toward an associate in applied science degree through the Community College of th e Air Force. All t ow n hall meetings arc free and open to the public and are organized t o make city gov-Tampa's rt'sidcnts. City ad -N ministr tors and department rL'present 1tin s will be anil-0 able t o answer questions on 1.1 variety of t opi For additiona l infonn l tion cont act eighbor h ood & ommunity Relations Mnnagl'r Shannon Edge n t (8 1 3) 2 7 4 7835 or via e m 1il a t sluw: Soldiers Return From Deplovmentln Afghanistan New And Beginning Farmer Training onered The Hillsborough County's Agriculture Industry Development Program has partnered with the Florida West Coast Resource Conservation & De velopment Council to provide a free agricultural business development training seminar for new, beginning and aspir ing farmers. nich es; detail of what it takes to get starte d; easy-to-use business d evelopment strategies; proven marketing strate gies; and critical considerations. Army 1st Lt. Nicholas M. D'La Rotta has returned to Fort Richardson, Anchorage, Alaska after being deployed to Afghanistan for one year. The soldier is one of 3,500 members of the 4th Airborne Brigade Combat Team (Air borne) 25th Infantry Division stationed at Fort Richardson While deployed in Afghanistan, he was decorated with the Com bat Infantry Badge and Bronze Star Medal. 1st Lt. D'La Rotta, an execu tive officer, has served in the Sign up for Energy Planner, lind rec .. ve a tree Home Energy Audit and eight energysaving light bulbs. t:,..-I r .... military for three years. He is the son of Maximo G. D'La Rotta, of Tampa, and Susan L. D'La Rotta, of Mitchell, SO. The lieutenant received a bach elor's degree in 2007 from North Georgia College and State University, Dahlonega. Navy Cmdr. Cameron H. Fish is returning to the U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis, MD, after being deployed to Afghanistan to serve in support of Operation Enduring Free dom. Navy Cmdr. Fish is a com mand chaplain with 27 years of military service. He is the son of Jean L. Fish, of Wilmington, Del., and the brother of Allison F. Dolan Malden, Mass His brothers are Todd H. Fish, Kennett Square, PA, and Jonathan D. Fish, of Tampa. The commander graduated in 1977 from Alexis I. DuPont High School, Greenville, Del., and re ceived a bachelor's degree in 1982 from Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. Jackie Hines Energy Analyst The seminar, titled "So You Want to be a Farmer?," will be held Thursday, May 2oth, 5:30 p.m., at the SouthShore Li brary, 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin. The seminar will include information on the fol lowing topics: Local food Want to lower the cost of your electric bill, save energy and take control? Speakers include Karen Dakin, owner of Dakin Dairy Farms, and Sarah Crane, 0 manager of Geraldson Com-:!':! munity Farm. e To register contact Sarah Crane, Agricultural Program Manager, Florida West Coast Resource Conservation & De-:! velopment Council, at ( 941) ifi 961-7060. For more informa-tion, visit www.FarmerTrain-z "'0 c: OJ c fJ) :t m c m < m :IJ -< c: m fJ) c )> z c "T1 :IJ c Our energ y analysts are ready to show you how with our free Energy Planner"' program Take advantage of lower electricity rates available most of the day and save even more by controlling appliances with an advanced thennostat installed free by Tampa Electric You 'll also rece ive a compl ete Home Ener gy Aud i t, e ight energy-sav i ng light bulbs and recommendations on how to help maximize savings Sign up at tampaelectric.com/energyplanner o r cal l 813.223.0800 i n H ills borough County, 863.299.0800 in Po lk County or 1.888.223.0800 in all other counti es (select Home Account then Energ y Sav i ng Program s to reach Energy Management Servic es) Energy Planner i s designed for s i ngl efamily homes (multifam ily, mobile and manufactured homes are i nelig i ble ) To complete a free Energ y Aud i t visit tampaelectric.com/saveenergy.


oloca Nl-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.,... Navv Captain Ends Career At Tampa's MacDiiiBase On March 19th at Baysh ore Office s Club at MacDill Air Force Base, United States Navy Ca pt ai n and n a tiv e of San B e rn a din o, CA. Bruce H. Curry e nd ed hi s 29-cn year milit ary career with a formal Nava l r eti r e m ent ser.rice. The se r. ice w as co mpl e t e with Navy tradition a nd rega li a. (Photos by Mcintyre) w ::> 1-c u. c z c( c en William White and grandson, Exum Lee, III. w ::> 1-w > w c w J: (/) :::i m ::> Q, z i= w ..J ..J ::> m I uj Ruby Rogers attended the retirement celebration for Capt. z Bruce Curry. i= z w en a: 0 ..J u. Joseph And Kathryn Mitchell. Ms. Selma WorthingtonDaughtry. Willie King Sheila King and Dri King. Troy and Janice Collier were among guests. John Warren. President, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Familv. Anornev sav Man Wronutullv Convicted On Thursday, April 1, 2910 a jury found Willie Patrick, III guilty of committing a home invasion, aggravated b attery and aggravated assault. The crime was reportedly committed at 2607 East Columbus Drive Family members say Patrick is innocent and the jury was not only tainted but the entire case was not pro s e cuted properly. According to Patrick's mother, Annie Patrick, on April 30, 2009, the family woke up to celebrate Willie's birthday. "There was an SUV that wasn't running properly so we rented a car early that morning and had the SUV towed to the shop." Ms. Patrick said no one in the famil y knew that a crime had been committed a 25 minute drive away from where the y were. Two days later two y oung boys, ages 3 and 7, were in the house and a friend was watching television. The mother of the boys was stand ing outside next door She saw the SWAT Team surrounding th e hou se with gun s and assault rifles drawn and ready to kick in the door. Ms. Patrick said the woman screamed and that probabl y stopped the SWAT WILLIE PATRICK, III Tea m from kicking in the door After they did get inside the home Ms. Patrick said the y immediately ordered Willie to the ground He did not resist. He got on the ground, but the SAT Team still pointed their weapons to the back of hi s bead in front of the two littl e boys. "The y took him into custod y for questioning and held him for 21 days before charging him." The famil y is alleging n o DNA was taken of Patrick and no other s u spects were so ught for the crime. "Evid ence found at the scene of the crime did not belong to my so n," said Ms. Patrick. "They charged him based on the word of one of the vic tims. The other victim could n't say my son did this. Ms. Patrick said a l t hou g h everythi ng pointed to her son being inno cent, h e was prose cuted and found guilty. Patrick's Attorney, Jana Howard, sai d s h e's sure the recommendation will come back asking for probation from the Department of Corrections. "He has no felony record and no real criminal hi s tory However, it is in the judge's discretion for se nt e n c ing. H e i s sc h e dul ed for se nt e ncing on May 21st." Howard said s h e do es feel it wa s a wrongful conviction. The only p e r so n who iden tifi e d him was the victim who was shot. He did not get a fair trial. I think the jury played a hug e role in th e case. One of the jurors wrote the judge a letter asking to b e released from jury duty because h e felt h e was se lected b eca u se h e was a Black man with drea d l ocks Before that, the jury consisted of five women and the one mal e." Howard said s he 's already filed a m otio n for a new trial. "There's no doubt in m y mind that Willie Patrick, III was wrongfully convict ed. Reporter Leon B. Crews can be reached at (813) 248-0724, or e-mailed at lcrews@jlsentinel.com


Entertainment lena Horne Dies AtAge92 LENA HORNE WASHINGTON Ent e rtainer Lena Horne, a show-stopping beauty who battled racism in a frustrating effort to become Hollywood's first Black leading lady and later won acclaim as a singer, has died at age 92. Horne died on Sunday night at New York-Presbyterianj Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan, a hospital spokeswoman said. She dec lin e d t o give the ca u se of d ea th Hori)e w e nt to Holl yw ood in th e lat e 1930s and while she never became a major movie star, she is credited with breaking the ground for black actresses to get bigger roles in Hollywood. Horne had a stage persona that was mysterious e legant, haughty and sexy and it helped her become an enchanting nightclub performer who made "Stormy Weather" her signature song. Known as the "Negro Cinderella" early in her career, she was as complex as she was beautiful. Arizona Judge Denies DMI Permission To Leave DMX ARIZONA --An Arizona judge has denied the troubled MC permission to leave the state and take part in Dr. Drew Pinsky's "Celebrity Rehab. X is curr e ntl y locked up in Pho enix, A rizona for violating probation b y failin g a drug t es t and is expe cted to remain b e hind bars for th e n e xt 6months. Pinsky had offered DMX acceptance into his clinic in California and record his pro gression during the show. A according to a rep for the Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona, the judge rejected the rapper's petition for one reason he's already doing really well in the Arizona court-appointed sub stance abuse program which ends early in July. Will Smith Signs For 'Men In Black 3' WILL SMITH LOS ANGELES --Will Smith has signed on to star in "Men In Black Ill," a third film in the hit franchise about s ecret agents responsible for policing extra-t e rre s trials on earth, Columbia Pictures announced Friday A statement said the new film to be released in 3D, would hit cinema screens in North America on May 25 2012, with Smith reprising his role as the alien-hunting AgentJ. While Smith's participa tion in the film has been confirmed, negotiations were ongoing with Tommy Lee Jones, who played Smith's partner Agent K. ron Man 2' Blasts Past Original With $133.6M LOS ANGELES -Tony Stark piloted to the top of the box offic e but not th e record book s "Iron Man 2," the sequel starring Robert Downey Jr. as Marvel's gadget-happy billionaire superhero, earned $133.6 million domestically on its opening weekend, according to distributor Paramount Pictures' estimates Sunday. The opening rocketed past the original $98.6 million debut in 2008 and landed the record as the fifth-biggest opening week end Diddv Inks Deal With Macv's E W YOR K -""I t rt:>allv ope n ed m y e:es t o th e possibiliti es. T h ey're di spla:i n g Tommy rig ht up th e r e with Ralph Lauren. Findin g eve r y ave nu e p oss i bl e t o keep building his empire, Sean "Diddy" Combs has partne r e d up with M a cy's CEO Terry Lundgren to sign a n e xclu siv e d eal with Mac y 's. Now having a distribution deal with the department store, Combs will have yet another outlet to showcase his Sean John brand in men s sportswear. During a press event Wednesday, the man behind Bad Boy stated that Sean John has done more than $1 billion of business at Macy's, and we plan to do a couple billion more." Starting exclusively at 400 stores, they hope to ext e nd it out to all stores, according to Chief Merchandising Officer Jeff Gennette. DIDDY By Spring 2011, Sean John m e n s sportswear will only be featured in Macy's. Diddy reflected back on his history /upbringing with the store before he became known as the mogul in the shiny suit. I got my start at Macy's when I was 16, selling shirt s and ties," Combs told Thf! Post in an interview, adding that he had work e d at the New Rochelle, NY, s tor e "To come full circl e lik e this i s a dre am come tru e Kan Williams Facing $280,000 Tax Lien CALIFORNIA --Katt Williams can' t seem to catch a break, especially now that the famed comedian has reportedly been cited for owing the government over $200,000 in back taxes. Katt Williams' name in the headlines has been nothing short of tumultuous, with the latigh act being arrested in Novembe r for burglary and trespassing. KAITWILLIAMS Following that initial arrest he was detained by police at a Georgia Wal-mart' in December, faced a $230,000 lawsuit later that month from a former assistant and faced a $1 million lawsuit in March for an all eged dog attack. Now Williams i s being sanctioned to pay the gov ernment an estimated $28o,ooo in unpaid tax es The Detroit News reports that IRS officials filed a demand against him for $284,419 on 15 March at the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds. His manager has since released a statement saying, "Mr. Williams will pay all debts owed to the IRS." .... .... N 0 ..... 0 6 en m z ::::t z m r;-..-g) z c: IXJ c (/) % s ITI < m : < m i'J) c c Support The lorida Sentinel Advertisers """"


o---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Woods Withdraws, Mav Have Bulging Disk 0 (J) w => TIGER WOODS PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL. -Dresse d in his Sunday red shirt, Tiger Woods bowed his head and sat in si l ence in front of his locker. He was s upposed to be on the ninth hole at The Players Championship. In another 0: stunning twist for someone u.. whose life used to be so pre-0 dictabl e, Woods withdrew suddenly with neck pain that ::?'; he fears might be a bulging a disk. UJ Woods was so frustrated that he slammed his golf shoe to the floor while taking fi questions from three rve been through it," Woods sai d o f pain h e fir s t felt b e f o re th e Mas ters 1 can' t play throu gh it anymore." Woods said h e did not know what caused the injury, only that "playing doesn't h e lp it." He took 10 questions before going into a physical therapy trailer for 37 minutes and leaving the TPC Sawgrass I knew his neck had been bothering him but Tiger doesn t ever make excuses, so it was hatd (hard) to tell just how bad it was," swing coach Hank Haney said in a text message said. "Having said that he won the US Open on a broken leg and if he couldn't play anymore toda y it must be pretty bad." This is Woods' first withdrawal from a tournament since the Nissan Open at Riviera in 2006, when h e narrowl y made the cut and withdrew from th e final two rounds because of the flu. He also withdrew from the 1995 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills as a 19year-old amateur because of a wrist injury from hitting out of deep rough. reporters. Wl-----------------------------------------0 w :z:: C/) ::::i m => Q. z i= w ...I ...I => m I ...I w z i= z w en a: 0 ...I LL. Gil ben Arenas Released From Haltwav House For Felonv Gun Charge GILBERT ARENAS Washington Wizards player, Gilbert Arenas was released from a halfway house this morning after completing his one month sentence stemming from a felony gun charge. Arenas, who plead guilty to felony gun possession in January, was ordered to spend a month in a halfway house after he reportedly brought two guns to the Wizards locker room. In addition to his one month stint, Arenas was also sen tenced to two years of proba tion, a $s,ooo fine and 400 hours of community service that can't be performed at basketball clinics. A-Rod Ties Robinson ALEX RODRIGUEZ BOSTON -Alex Rodriguez tied Hall of Famer Frank Robinson for seventh place with 586 career homers when he hit a so lo shot off Lester in th e fourth. It's good," Rodriguez said. I' ve said a lways that when I retire I'll look back on those things." Pavton: Saints Have No Interest In Ex-Raider Russell JAMARCUS RUSSELL METAIRIE, La.--Saints coach Sean Payton says he doesn't think now would be the right time for New Orleans to bring in former LSU star JaMarcus Russell. .Russell was a popular college player in Louisiana, putting together a highlight-filled LSU career that led Oakland to make him the No. 1 overall draft choice of 2007. But Russell struggled with the Raiders, who released him on Thursday after thee sea sons. Payton says it's newswor thy when a top draft choice is released after only three seasons and that players like Russell often get a second chance in the NFL. Support The Florida Sentinel Advertisers Lebron, Howard Unanimous 111-NBA Picks NE\\ YORK --LeBron James and Dwight Howard w re unanimou choice for the All-NBA Team while Kobe Bryant received 119 of 122 vot s from writers and broadca t ers. James was a unanimous pick for the second straight season and made his fourth all-NBA Team. The Cleveland star won the MVP award for the second year in a row Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade completed the first team Thursday. Durant led the NBA in scori ng for Oklahoma City with a 30.1 average, and James was second at 29.7 LEBRON JAM And DWIGHT HOWARD Howard 1 d th l u in rebounding with. n 13.2 averag and also av rag d 18.3 points. Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, Amare Stoudemire, Steve Nash and Dcron Williams w e r selected to the seco nd t eam. Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bogut, Joe Johnson and Brandon Roy were third -tea m picks. l.T. Admined Paving For Sex, Thought She was 19 NEW YORK--Disgraced gridiron great Lawrence Taylor admitted paying for sex at a suburban Holiday Inn where police say he raped a 16-year-old runaway, federal prosecutors said Friday in a criminal complaint against the girl's alleged pimp. The papers filed in federal court in Manhattan refer to Taylor only as "Client-1." In the paperwork, authori ties claim the Pro Football Hall of Farner told police following his arrest last Thursday that he had taken a car service from Newark International Airport to the hotel north of New York City to meet "Victim -1." Taylor told investigators that after "engaging in sex acts" with the victim, he paid her $300 in cash, the complaint says. The man charged in the complaint, Rasheed Davis, had told the Giants legend that the girl was 19, the court papers say. Man Accused Of Arranging Taylor Tryst With Teen NEW YORK --A prosecutor says the government is investigating leads that a man who authorities say set up football star Lawrence Taylor with a 16-year-old runaway had forced other young women into prostitu tion. Federal prosecutor Amanda Kramer made LAWRENCE TAYLOR the revelation Friday at a hearing for Rasheed Davis, who was held without bail on a charge that he engaged in the sex traffick ing of a child. Davis attorney Sabrina Shroff had said her client lived with his mother and was a lifelong New Yorker and should get bail. Lawrence Taylor Loses Nutrisystem Endorsement Deal Looks as if things are con tinuing to get worse for former NFL star Lawrence Taylor. Taylor who was charged May 6th with third degree rape and patronizing a pros titute has reportedly lost his endorsement deal with weight loss manufacturer Nutrisystem. According to TMZ, Nutirsystem states that due to the severity of the charges they will no longer be using Taylor as a spokesman.


RONARTFSf EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -If Ron Artest criticized Lakers coach Phil Jackson on Twitter he isn't exactly own ing up to his tweets. Five disjointed grammatically challe nged messages a pp ea r e d o n Artest's lat es t Twitter pa ge lat e Thurs day night expressing fru s trati on that Jackson had s pok e n t o th e media abou t Artest's pla y before talkin g to th e vet e ran forward p e r so n ally. B ut Artest wouldn' t say w h e th e r h e had written th e tweet s w h e n asked Friday before the L a ker s departe d for Utah, where they'll pla y Game 3 of their second-round playoff series with the Jazz on Saturda y "I'm never upset at m y coach," Artest claimed, before challenging reporters to quote the tweets precisel y -and then refusing to talk about them altogether Rookie Of The Year; Ravens' Kindle Admits Prediction was Premature RAY LEWIS OWINGS MILLS, Md. -Sergio Kindle now realizes that making the jump from college football to the NFL is no easy task. On the day h e was drafted in the second round by the Baltimore Ravens Kindle bo as t e d I'm getting Rookie of the Year." After taking a glance at the Baltimore playbook and tak ing a good-natured pop to th e helmet from Ray Lewis dur ing th e t ea m 's minicamp thi s weekend, the former University of Texas line backer backed awa y from hi s draft-da y assertion. When I said that it was just an exciting moment for me, getting drafted. My head was in the clouds, Kindle said. "First of all, you' ve got to learn the playbook, get on the field and then perform well to get Rookie of the Year Serena Advances At Madrid Serena Williams survived a slew of unforced errors to advance to the third ronnd of the Madrid Masters. MADRID --Serena Williams won the longest match of her career, playing 3 hours 26 minutes in defeating Vera Dushevina of Russia 6-7 (2), 7 -6 (5), 7-6 (5) to reach the third round of the Madrid Masters The top-seeded American looked set to close the match when she broke serve to go s-2 up but squandered the lead and then trailed 4-0 in the decisive tiebreaker. She saved a match point before going on to win. Williams left the court for treatment when ahead 3-2 in the third set. She returned with a strapped right thigh and does not yet know the extent of the injury. Williams wasted three set points in the first and then faced a match point on her serve when trailing 6-5 in the second, but held on despite a slew of unforced errors. ADAM 'PACMAN' JONES NEW YORK --The Cincinnati Bengals have signed troubled free-agent cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones, the team said Monday The signing carne six days after Jones, who has not p l aye d a full season in the NFL since 2006, worked out with th e B e n ga l s. Cincinnati did not announce te1ms of the ag r ee m ent, but Jones r epresentative Ray Savage said it was for two years Judge Orders Wade's Ex To coon SIOHVAUGHN WADE CHICAGO --A judge in Chicago says if basketball star Dwyane Wade's wife doesn' t show up for her divorce hearing, she will order law enforcement to take her to court. At the hearing Monday morning, Cook County Circuit Judge Marya N ega said the contentious breakup involving the Miami Heat guard and Siohvaughn Wade was "beginning to spiral out of control." Wade attended court Monday morning but his estranged wife did not appear. The judge delayed the hearing until the afternoon to give Siohvaughn Wade time to get to court. Lawyer James Pritikin plans to argue that Dwayne Wade be given physical custody of their two children. TIANA Just in case you missed her Friday, Tiana is a 5'6" Aries and says her favorite stars are Mariah Carey, Morris Chestnut, Erykah Badu and Chrisette Michelle. Tiana's hobbies are writing music, going to the gun range and traveling. In the future, Tiana plans on pursu ing her modeling career and to work hard on her new company, Bad Girl Entertainment. Her philosophy of life is: "Live life to the fullest and keep it real" The man in Tiana's life must be intelligent, humorous, outgoing, adventurous, honest, have nice teeth and good hygiene. Congratulations to Tiana as this week's Beauty Unlimited feature. If you're Interested in being in the Beauty Unlimited or Spotlight, please send your Information and photo, including a contact number to: jjohnson@flsentlnel.com 3602 7th Avenue* Tampa, FL 241-2301 or 247-3719 Keys Made 79 And Latex Flat White Paint.. ........... $5.99 gal. Oil Outside White Paint.. ........ $14.90 gal Roller Pan Set. ........................ $3.49 ea. 3" Brushes ................................. 99 ea. LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!! N 0 _. 0 'T1 r-0 ::0 c )> C/) m z m r;m c: r rm -t z "0 c: m l en ::z:: m 0 m < m m C/) 0 )> z 0 ., :!'! -<


c) ?"'" 0 the YoungAt -Heart Seniors' Outreach Ministry of St. Lukt :\. :0.1. E Chun:-h. The remains will repost on < Thursday. !\lny 1 : 4. 2010. fnm s -C B p. m and the family will re-ffi cci\'e fritmis in the chapel from :::l 8 p. m. t-Friends are nskcc-d to nssemble MR. TRAVIS DASH ON TOLBERT Homegoing services for Mr. Travis Dashon Tolbert of 2628 Yukon Cliff Dr., who passed away Thursday, May 6 2010, will be held Friday, May 14 2010, at 1 p .m. at St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, 2504 Chipco St., Pastor, Bartholomew Banks, with Pastor Ernest R. Howell, Jr., of Grace and Truth Fellowship, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Travis was born November 7, 1979, in Tampa. He attended C Glorious Christian Academy 1986-1993 and was a graduate a: of Armwood High School, class U. of 1998. He was last employed C by Merck Pharmaceutical. Z Travis was a member of < Grace and Truth Fellowship and B.L.A.S. Ministries, where C he served as a musician. He was (}) also a writer and composer and W played the drums, organ, and :::l keyboard. t-He was preceded in death b y : his grandmother, Mrs. Doris w Dean Tolbert;, and grandpar> ents, Mr. artd Mrs. Albert (EiizW abeth) Tim. C He is survived by: loving parW ents, Nan A. Tolbert and John :I: T. Tim (Velma); brothers, (}) William J. Walker, Jr. and wife, :::; Pamalia, Johnathan A. Walker, Ill and Michael A. Tim; sisters, Jacenta D. Walker, Joy C. Walker and Tin C. Tim; great aunts, Jonnie L. Harrelson, Julia BenW net, Marie Wise and husband, -I Johnny, Rutha M. Harris, Ethel -1 Harris and Flarria M. Cross; :::l aunts, Jan K. Abrams and busband, James, and Doris P. Mack -I and husband, David; great unW cles, Willie Tim and wife, z Ben ice, and Joe N. Watkins and i= wife, Blanche; uncles, Reginald ffi Tim, Gregory Tim and wife, Pa(J) tricia, Anthony Tim and wife, < Annette, and Patrick Tim; C nieces, Brianna Walker, a: Ja'niyah Walker, Somer 0 Bryant, Le 'aisha Tim, Jahmati -I Tim and Symphany Tim; U. nephews, Lagarius Walton, Jamarcus Hall, Jaylon Howell, Knowledge Howell and Xaveon Bell; special friend, little brother, Ernest R. (Ricky) Howell, III, The Youth Group of Grace and Truth Fellowship, best friend, Courtney Hicks, B.L.A.S. Ministries, Terrance Betts, Jerry Williamson, Todd Gaffney and Teresa Lewis; a host of cousins, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. The viewing will be held at Aikens Funeral home on Thursday, May 13, 2010, from 3-7 p m. The family will receive friends from 4-7 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church for the service on Friday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME www.aikensfyneralhome.net MR. ANDREW WILLIAMS Graveside services c elebrating the homegoing of Mr. Andrew Williams, who passed away on Sunday, May 9, 2010, will be held Thursday, May 13, 2010, at 10 a. m. at Unity AME Church, with a local minister officiating. Interment will be at St. Mary's Cemetery, 1013 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, East, Seffner, FL. Mr. Andrew Williams leaves to cherish his memory: a brother, a sister, a host of nephews and nieces, cousins sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law and friends. Family and friends attending the graveside services are asked to assemble at graveside at St. Mary's Cemetery at 9:45 a. m., Thursday. A HARMON BURIAL. IN MEMORIAM HENRY JONES June 23, 1942 -May30, 2004 Granddaddy, you are my grandfather and my best friend. You taught me the meaning of life and you cannot be replaced in my heart. I have no regrets because you were truly a grandfather to me. You helped to supply all of my needs and you will be greatly missed. With love, your grandchildren. Harmon Funeral Horne John W. Hannon. L.FD James Harmon, L F. D 5002 N 40th St-626-8600 ............ o.nn 31111."-'l,....'lllllpe,R.-Ph: (813) 253-3419 Fa: (813}251-412 MRS. MURIEL WALKER MANNING Homegoing services for Mrs. Muriel Walker Manning, formerly of Walnut Street, West Tampa and E. 18th Avenue, who passed away on Sunday, May 9, 2010, at a local rehabilitation center, will be held Friday, May 14 2010, at 11 a. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. W. James Favorite, Pastor of Beulah Baptist Institutional Church, officiating. Interment will follow at Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. She was pr:!ceded in death by: her parents; her husband, of 44 years, John H. Manning; and five of her nine siblings. Mrs. Manning is survived by: 2 brothers, Charles Walker of Tampa and Mordecai Walker of St. Petersburg; 2 sisters, Curtiss Walker Wilson, Tampa, and Mary Walker Scott of St. Petersburg; nieces, Colleen Shannon (Ralph), Atlanta, GA Linda Arenas, Tampa, Colleen Porter, Chicago, IL, Gail Arnold, Tampa, Victoria Pinder (Earnes t III) Tampa, Bernardette Brooks, St. Petersburg, Julia Orr (Eric), Atlanta, GA Verna Love (La1-r y ), Denver, CO and Lillian Wilson Longs, Tampa; nephews, Bishop A. J. Richardson (Connie), McLean, VA Herbert Richardson (Angela), Tallahassee, Robert Walker (Susan), Denver, CO Calvin Walker, Jr. (Dorothy), Denver, CO, Clarence P. Wilson, Jr. (Sanjo), Tampa, Andrew Walker, Atlanta, GA, and Wyatt Walker, Tampa; several grand and great grand nieces and nephews; a host of cousins, other relatives, and friends among whom are, the Walker, James, Rembert, Kemp, King and Morris families. She is also survived by several special friends including: Dr. and Mrs. Glinton Darrien, Cora Williams, Lovie Jordan James, Geraldine White, Arnold and Doris Dubose, Julia Edwards and Minister Carnell Upshaw. A native of Ft. Valley, Georgia, her family came to the Bay area in the early 20s, residing briefly in Port Tampa before moving to the Keystone/Citrus Park community where she and her nine siblings were raised. She attended the one teacher Citrus Park Colored School, Booker T. Washington Jr. High and graduated from Middleton High School, Class of 1936. During WW II, Mrs. Manning worked in a New Jersey government military uniform factory, returning to Tampa in the late forties. She received a B. S. Degree in Home Economics from Florida A&M University and was employed by the County public schools for 27 years as a lunchroom Manager at Booker T. Washington, an Institutional Foods teacher at Leto High, and a sixth grade teacher at Dunbar Elementary. At Beulah, she served as a Deaconess, a choir member, a Sunday School teacher, Culinary Team member and with the Women' s Home Mission. nt the funcrnl home on Friduy 111 approximutel y 10:45 n. m. "A WILSON'S SERVICE" www w ilson-funernlhonu:.com HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY MARC ROBERT STRODE 'BUMMA' To Marc, son, brother and father. It' s been 6 long months since you were taken away from us. There's not a day that goes by that we don' t love, miss and wish you were here. Love, mommy, Jessycah Calisse and A'mari. IN MEMORIAM DOROTHY F. KNIGHT 5/12/41-2/27/04 Sadly missed since God called you home. Joseph, Sr., Greg, Joe, Jr. and Darryl. HELEN E. PORTER MONO Memorial services for Helen Mood, who passed away April 2 2010, at Fairway Oaks Nursing Home will be held May 13, 2010, from 11 a. m. -1 p. m. at Thonotosassa SDA Church. CHERYL PERRY In loving memory of our mom! Happy Mother's Day Ch ryl Perry, gone but never forgotten. Love always, Keila and Quitlta, grandkids and a hos t of family and friends. MOTHER'S DAY MEMORIAM JACQUELYN H. KING Happy birthday and Mother's Day. You are sadly missed, but you are never forgotten. We love you and we miss you. Your mother, Delores Foster; children, Kimberly and Kolbe Reeves; and grandchildren, Alex, Ashley, Amber Warren and Kolbe Reeves, Jr. NICOLE BROWN 11/5/1986-5/9/1987 Whenever I am troubled and lost in deep despair, I bundle all my troubles up and go to God in prayer. We lost you so many years ago but you are still truly missed by m .any. Love always, your mother, Nettie B. Brown and family


Funerals Lrime ffi BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM JENNIFER JOHNSON It's your day, happy birthday. From, Jenyice, Rachel, Shawlett and Alma. We love you and miss you. IN MEMORIAM GREG PARKS No Mother's Day or any other day has been the same since you left your earthly home. I'll always remember and never forget your last words to me on that day as I walked out the door, "I love you, Mom!" The family would like to express their sincere appreciation and gratitude for all acts of kindness extended to them during their bereavement. Your thoughtfulness and concern have been a source of consolation and strength. May God bless you. The Family, Ellison and Charles. MINNIE P. CHARLES Plant CitV Teenager Charged In Store Robberv, Shooting .\I ULRERRY-Polk County d eputie s arrest e d a Pl ant City teenage r Friday on charges of r o b b e r y a nd atte mpt ed murd er. According KIMANI JAMES t o deputies around 1:15 a.m. Friday, Kimani James, 18, a nd another perso n drove a truck into the front of an Ace Hardware store in Lithia. Once inside, they allegedly smash a glass case and took nearly 30 handguns. After that offense, deputies report the duo walked into the Circle K Convenience Store on State Road 6o in Plant City with guns that were allegedly part of the arms stolen at the hardware store. Deputies report that James and another person went inside the store, committed a robbery and shot two female clerks in the arms as they made their getaway. Due to surveillance photos, James was identified. James is being held without bond on charges of two counts of attempted murder, two counts of armed robbery, and grand theft auto. Arrest Made In Drive-Bv Shoounu Death ST. PETEOn May. 3, 2010, St. Petersburg Police offic e r s responded to 4561 20th Avenue' WALTER LEE South in CONLEY-reference to OWENS a person shot. When they arrived, officers found Tremell Mitchell, 22, lying in the street with a gunshot wound to his upper body. He was transported to Bayfront Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. An investigation revealed there was a ph ysical alterca tion at the residence where Mitchell was s hot. After the argument, police said Walter Lee ConleyOwens, 24, fired several shots at th e opposing group, striking Mitchell who was standing with the group. Owens was later id e ntified by seve ral witnesses. Owens was arrested at his residence and charged with second-degree murder. H e is being held in the Pinellas County Jail with his bail set at $500,000. CJ) suspect In Senner Murder Arrested 0 _. _. Hills b o r o u g h C ounty Sh eriffs a man Thurs day ni g ht in th e s h oo tin g d eath o f a Seffner man Acc ording to reports, Isaiah Ridley, 23, was charged with first-degree murde r with a firearm and two count s of armed robbery with a firearm. Deputies sai d Ridley plot t e d to rob two men a nd asked his girlfriend to arran ge th e crime. At 3 a. m. Thursday, Julio De La Torre and Omar Portilla-Castro were in a car with a woman on a dirt lane near Highway 92 and Highway 579 in Seffner. Deputies report that a man came out of the woods and began firing a gun. De L u T < r r c. 54. w as k i I I c d PortillnCnstro, 36, was not injure d but was forced t o the ground a nd robb ed. Ac ording to RIDLEY a rr es t reports Ridley ha denied being th gunman. Authorities a lso reported that Ridley's girl friend was the woman in the car during the robbery. D e puties said the girlfriend admitted she knew about the robbery, but she did not think he was going to hurt anyone She was not arrested or charged. Couple Face Child Abuse Charges On Friday at 4:30 p.m., Tampa Police report that a 2-year-old girl was brought to a health clinic with a swollen stomach. The clinic personnel immediately requested the child be transported to Tampa General Hospital for treatment. A hospital physician noti fied the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Child Protection Investigator of possible child abuse injuries. The child had sustained a severed pancreas caused by blunt trauma to the abdomen, two rib fractures, a burn mark in the shape of a fork on her right knee, bite marks on her buttocks and thigh, and several scratches on her neck. PENA ISIDRO MORALES "'C c: The child underwent a1 surgery at Tampa General Hospital and is reported to be :::z: in critical condition. m Isidro Rosario, 26, and C Carolina Pena, 22, are both !;2 being held without bond on m child neglect and aggravated child abuse charges. They were identified by police as m caring for the child when the en injuries occurred. C WARREN DAWSON )> z c "T1 0 1461 Tampa Park Plaza @ NebraSka Ave. & Scott st. -:: .. .. : : ; s 3"' ... : ::::: ..... 3: s .. : .. :: '"C: : : .J:: .. :::.;: :e,.,..t:""'= : : .. :;: :: .. : :.; ; .. c.: .. .. r .. : .. .. : ; .. :: !. .. ::: .... C1l


0 .,.. 0 N _. w z i= z w en C a: 0 _. LL. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING A public hearing will be held by the Land Use Hearing Officer pursuant to Hillsborough County Land Development Code, beginning at 9:00 A.M., May 28, 2010 at the Board Room, 2nd Floor of the County Center, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, to hear the following requests Copies of the applications, department reports and legal descriptions are available for public inspection in a master file maintained by the Planning and Growth Management Department and the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners All interested persons wishing to submit testimony or other evidence in this matter must submit same to the Hearing Master at the public hearing before him/her. The decision of the Land Use Hearing Officer will be filed with the Clerk within fifteen(15) working days after the conclusion of the public hearing ANY PERSON WHO MIGHT WISH TO APPEAL ANY DECISION OR RECOMMENDATION MADE BY THE LAND USE HEARING OFFICER OR THE GOVERNING BODY REGARDING ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT THE FORTHCOMING PUBLIC HEARING OR MEETING IS HEREBY ADVISED THAT THEY WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, THEY MAY NEED TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS IS MADE AS IT WILL INCLUDE THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH SUCH APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. Additional information concerning these requests may be obtained by calling the Planning and Growth Management Department at (813) 276-2006. VARIANCE REQUESTS Petition VAR 09-0621-TNC, Barbara Monteagudo requesting a Variance to allow Community residential home within 1 000' of another for property located at 7918 Woodvale Cr zoned RSC-6. Petition VAR 1Q-0438-LU, Marvin L. & Nivia L. Holton, requesting a Variance tci allow more than 3 lots on easement & to setback requirements. Petition VAR 1o-o454-ER, Zlana & Toretha Raglns requesting a Variance to setback requirements for property located at 2102 Colson Rd., zoned ASC-1. Petition VAR 1o-o467-CW, Linda Ippolito requesting a Variance to the fence requirements for property located at 3211 Ehrlich Rd., zoned RSC-4. Petition VAR 1()-()468-SFN, Lakewood Pointe LTD requesting a Sign Variance for property located at 4026 Lakewood Or. zoned PD. Petition VAR 1Q-0470-PR, Fountains @ Falkenburg LHC II, LLC requesting a Sign Variance for property located at W/S of S Falkenburg Ad, 600' S/0 Camden Field Pkwy., zoned PD. Petition VAR 1 0-0471-USF, Victory Christian Center, Inc. requesting a Variance of minimum lot size for Cemetery for property located at 15115 N 19th St., zoned AS-1. Petition VAR 1Q-0480-NWH, James M. Amrhein requesting a Variance to Wetland setback requirements for property located at 11007 Blaine Top Pl., zoned PD. Petition VAR 10-0484-KO, Jim Elder requesting Variances to the Accessory Structure and setback requirements for property located at 17922 Simms Ad zoned ASC-1. Petition VAR 1Q-0485-CW, Lloyd Garmon requesting a Variance to the fence and setback requirements for property located at 16137 Armistead Ln., zoned ASC-1 Petition VAR 1 Q-0493-PR, Hector Torres requesting a Variance to the setback requirement for property located at SIS of Hartford St., 1/4 mi W/0 Maydell Dr zoned AI. Petition VAR 10-0503-SFN, RTG Furniture requesting a Sign Variance for property located at 11540 E. US Hwy 92, zoned IPD-1. Petition VAR 10-0536-APB, Alphonso M and Concetta C Craig requesting a Variance to the setback requirements for property located at 6305 Cocoa Ln., zoned RSC-6. Petition VAR 10-0545-APB, Michael S. & Jan Frtz requesting a Variance to the setback requirements for property located at 1335 Jumana Loop zoned PO. Petition VAR 10-0551-TNC, Hector Leon requesting a Variance to the setback requirements for property located at 6549 W. Hanna Ave., zoned RSC-9 Fax 24n to: (813) 248-9218 HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsborough County will receive sealed bids and/or proposals for the following until the stated date and time when they will be publicly opened JUNE 08, 2010 2:00 P.M. ITB-S-0157-0-2010 PEST CONTROL SERVICES Information on these and other Requests for Bids, along with Bid/Proposal results may be accessed at www.hillsboroughcounty.org/procurementservices. This Is a Hillsborough County Governmental Purchasing Council Bid. Minority and women owned firms will be afforded a full opportunity to participate in these matters and will not be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color or national origin Questions regarding the above projects may be directed to Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, Department of Procurement Services, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd 18th Fl., County Center, Tampa Florida, 33602, (813) 272-5790, during regular business hours. NOTICE OF INTENT TO SOLE SOURCE FILE NUMBER: S8-P..0158-0-20101BG PURCHASE OF Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometer Repair & Maintenance For the Water Resource Services Department Hillsborough County intends to recommend the award of a sole source purchase agreement for the purchase of Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometer Repair and Maintenance to Thermo Electron North America, LLC in the amount of $35,850.00. This procurement is considered a sole source for the repair and maintenance of an Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometer which is an analytical instrument used to perform metals analysis in the Water Resource Services (WAS) Environmental Laboratory that provides operational support and determines compliance with and drinking water regulations. Only Thermo Electron trained field service engineers are certified to perform routine repairs and maintenance. Contractors who believe they can meet or exceed the above stated requirement must provide convincing technical data sufficient to support their position. The Hillsborough County Department of Procurement Services must receive replies to this notice not later than close of business on May 18, 201 0. After this date, an award will be made. Responses to this notice will be used to determine whether bona fide competition exists. Send written responses to the Hillsborough County Department of Procurement Services, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., County Center, 18th Roar, Tampa, Rorida 33601, Attention Barbara Green, Sr. Procurement Analyst or FAX to (813) 272-6290. For further information call (813) 272-5790. GET NOTICED ......... Place Your Ad In The Business Directory Contact LaVora For More Information @ (813) 248-1921 Email: ledwards@flsentinel.com Invitation to Bid Beach Construction is soliciting bids for Bid C-0182-0-201 o, "South County Potable Water Re-pump Station". DW/DMBEs are encouraged to bid this job. Please call 352-335-5556 or fax 352-335-5665 to request more information regarding the scope of work and for assistance obtaining plans and specs. Competitive sealed bids will be received by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Brooksville, Florida, and publicly opened at the specified time for: RFB 1010-MONITOR WELL CONSTRUCTION WITH DUAL ROTARY DRIWNO -OPENS-JUNE 3, 2010 0 2:30 P.M. MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE; MAY 21,2010 0 9:00 A.M. (SHARP) AT THE BROOKSVILLE SERVICE OFFICE, CONFERENCE RQOM "A" & "B", Bldg. 4, 2379 BROAD STREET BROOKSVILLE, FL 34604 BIDDERS ARRIVING LATE OR FAIUNG 10 HAVE REPRESENTATION MAY NOT SUBMIT A BID Bid Specifications may be obtained from the District's Internet website at http://www watermaHel'll.org/procurernent Or from the Purchasing Office, Southwest Florida Water Management District, 2379 Broad Street, Brooksville, FL 34604 6899 or by calling 352-796-7211, extension 4133, or 1-800-1476 (Florida only) or TOO ONLY 1-800-231-6103 (in Florida). The District reserves the right to reject any or all bids/proposals received with or without cause Malcolm K. Wilson CPPO,MPA Purchasing Manager FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ACCEPTS VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT VIA PHONE


Notice Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant To Section 865.09 Florida Statutes NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the under s igned des i ring to engage i n bus i ness under the fic t i tious name of Minnie's Preschool Center, located a t 1609 East Louisiana Avenue in the County of Hillsborough, i n the C ity of Tampa Florida 33610 intend s to register the said name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Department of State Tallahassee Florida Dated at Tampa. Florida. this 7th day of May. 201 0. Sole Owner(s) Chrlscatina Ellison INVITATION TO BID Competitive sealed bids will be rece ived by the Southwest Florida Water Management District Brooksville Florida and publicly opened at the specified time for : RFB 1011 -MONITOR WELL CONSTRUCTION TO 2,230 BLS OPENS-JUNE 4, 2010 @ 2:30 P.M. MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE; MAY 21,2010 @ 11 :00 A.M (SHARP) AT THE BROOKSVILLE SERVICE OFFICE, CONFERENCE ROOM "A" & "B", BLDG. 4 2379 BROAD STREET BROOKSVILLE, FL 34604 BIDDERS ARRIVING LATE OR FAILING TO HAVE REPRESENTATION MAY NOT SUBMIT A BID Bid Specifications may be obtained from the District's Internet website at http J /www watermatters of'\Vprocurement or from the Purchasing Office Southwest Flor i da Water Management District 2379 Broad Street Brooksville FL 34604-6899 or by calling 352-796-7211 extension 4133, or 1-8(}()-423-1476 (Florida only) or TDD ONLY 1-800-231-6103 (in Florida) The District reserves the right to reject any or all bids/proposa l s received with or without cause Malcolm K Wilson CPPO ,MPA Purchasing Manager Notice Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant To Section 865.09 Florida Statutes NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the under s i gned des i ring to engage in business under the f i ct i tious name of Rain Or Shine Roofing, LLC located at 3608 East Lambright Street in the County of Hillsborough, i n the C ity of Tampa. Florida 3361 0 intends to register the said name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Department of State Tallahassee Florida Dated at Tampa. Florida, this 7th day of May. 2010. Sole Owner(s) Cydell L. McGhie Customer Sales Associates $7.90-$9.50 Hourly Work At Home! Event Coordinator $9 00 -$11. 00 Hourly Depending On Experience 772-882-5771 Email Resume To advocateforbusiness@ yahoo. com Email Any Questions To: afsbollc@aol.com Devine Designs By Renee' Hair Salon www devinedes i gnsbyrenee com Now Hiring High l y Motivated Licensed Stylist Braiders And Barbers Call Renee' (813) 936-3470 (941) 462-Q188 Email devinedesignsbyrenee@ tampabay. rr .com For Additional Information CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $8 00 1-20 WORDS AND 50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD OVER 20 THIS PRICE IS EACH TIME YOU PUBLISH YOUR AD NEW PUBLICATION DEADLINES Tuesday Edition -Thursday @ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition Monday @ 12:00 P.M. 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Month Newer Kitchen Appliances Baths Central Air Most Have Washer/Dryer Hookups Section 8 VoucheFs OK Most Pets OK Available So See Today! Call Patrick C) m 813-254-5338 -'-""'


0 -0 N --:=: Several Homes Section 8 Special Available For Rent w 2 -5 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths Central Hea t/ Air Fenced Backyard $1, 1 00. 00 / Monthly c a: u. c z < c en w .... > a: w > w c w l: en ::J m Q. z w ...J ...J m ...J w z j:: z w en < c a: 0 ...J u. co ,.... Starting At $595.00/ Monthly Investors Choice Realty 727 -58Q-9184 House For Rent 3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths New Paint, New Carpet New Appliances Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 404-8622 Or (813) 965-3637 Jackson Heights 2 B e droom / 2 Bath Home Newly Renovated Concrete Block, Carport $925 .00/ Rent $500.00/Security Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) 293-2677 East Tampa 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Plus Den WDH, Corner Lot Totally Remodeled $1,1 00 00/Monthly Plus Deposit Section 8 Accepted (813) 601-3101 Call (813) 968-1168 34TH & Osborne 2 Bedroom / 2 Bath Carport Newly Renovated $900 00/Rent $500.00/Deposit Section 8 Welcome Harold (813) 293-2677 Sulphur Springs Large 4 Bedroom / 2 Bath Block Home Central H/ A Fenced $900.00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 503-5321 3414 East 9th Avenue 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $1,200.00/Monthly $1,200.00/Deposit Negotiable Section 8 Only Available Now!!! Rev. Tyson (813) 770-2003 Darrel (813) 735-5295 Homes For Rent -Section 8 Welcome 1203 East 15th Avenue 3 Bedroom / 1 Bath New Floors And Air Conditioner Ceiling Fans Every Room $975 00/Monthly 1002 East 14th Avenue 3 Bedroom/1 Bath-Washer/Dryer Hook-up, Dishwasher Wood Floors Fresh Paint Ceiling Fans Every Room $1,1 00 00/Monthly 1404 East Palifox Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath-Beautiful Home, Screened Porch Washer/Dryer Hook-up, New Air Conditioner $850.00/Monthly 1702 East Osborne Avenue 6 Bedroom/4 Bath Beautiful Home New Flooring Washer / Dryer Hook-up Paint And Air Conditioner Call (813) 777-3057 For Detailed Information Contact LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 To Publish Your Classified Or Legal Advertisement In The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Email ledwards@flsentinel.com Or Fax (813) 248-9218 South Tampa 3 / 4 Bedroom Home Central Heat/Air Large Fenced Corner Lot Section 8 Ok (813) 949-3482 Available Immediately 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath House Central Air And Heat Washer/Dryer Included Fenced Corner Lot Section 8 Welcomed (813) 900-3042 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bath CHA, Fenced Yard, WDH $1 100 .00/ Monthly $1 ,000.00/Deposit Or Section 8 3 Bedroom Voucher Will Negotiate (813) 90Q-6926 Ybor City 3 & 5 Bedroom Homes As Low As A $500 Deposit Section 8 Welcomed! Call V & V (813) 259-4663 www.myfinancialconnections com 1712 W. Walnut Street 4 / 1 Newly Remodeled House WDH CHA Fenced Yard, Driveway' Rent $1, 500 .00 Deposit$ 800 00 Call Jonda (727) 320-7310 Move-In Ready Section 8 Only 2712 N. Stallone Drive 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Block Home WDH, Alarm System Fenced Backyard Carport Patio Garage No Pets $1 230 00 / Monthly $600 00 / Secur i ty Negot iabl e LaShawn (813) 841-2921 SCPPOR T T H E FLORIDA I SE.VTJ.YEL BCLLETI .Y 'Ill A D VERTISER S WE RENT HOMES Starting @ $525 00/Monthly 1 5 Bedrooms Available! Call 813-221-4457 Home For Rent 4912 83rd Street CHA 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths Custom Tile Throughout $900 00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted (813) 661-4292 11.1; '' ;1;' a:il Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Central Heat/Air Washer/Dryer Hook-up Near Everything Call (813) 546-7782 WEST TAMPA 2 & 3 BDRM APTS Water & Sewer Included $492.00 $529.00 Tampa Presbyterian Village (813) 253-0008 (TTY) 1-800-955-8771 Ciil" Very paclous 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $550 00/Monthly $500 00 / Deposit WDH AJC New Tile / Carpet Discount On Cable Call (813) 298-2499 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment Just Remodeled New Floors Fresh Paint $ 725.00/ R ent Includes All Utilities $500 00 / D eposit 813-245-1998 Section 8 Renters 2 Bedroom Apartments Electric, Water, And Sewer, Included On Site Laundry Call To See If You Qualify 813-975-0258


c 204Y.z East Selma Ave 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Upsta irs Garage Apartment $500 00 / Monthly $500/Deposit Available Immediately Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 786-8670 Available Immediately" 1 Bedroom Apartmen t Utilit ies Included $579.00 Per Month Age 62+ EHO Call (813) 870-1830 Ext. 22 (TIY) 1-800-955-8771 $125.00 Move In Excellent Rental History Required First Month Free 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Burglar Bars 3023 N. 48th Street #A $580.00/Monthly 813-238-6353 Large Attractive 4 Bedrooms/1112 Bath Apartment On Second Floor With Bonus Room, Carpet And Ceiling Fans In All Rooms Eat-In Tiled Kitchen And Tiled Bath Yard Fenced On 3 Sides Front Porch Laundry On Premises Section 8 Accepted $1 ,200.00/Monthly Plus Security Call (813) 973-2341 Apartment For Rent 4603 26th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath $550.00/Monthly $200 00 / Depos it Call (813) 317-8024 TAMPA PARK APARTMENTS "A Great Place To Call Home" 2 Bedroom And 3 Bedroom Apartments Section 8 Available Come In And Place An Application Today! Open Saturday 10:00 a.m.-2:00p.m. TAKING APPLICATIONS ONLY! Also Looking To Locate Or Re-Locate Your Business, Give Us A Call -We May Have The Space You Need. Tampa Park Apartment, Inc. 1417 Tampa Park Plaza Tampa, Florida 33605 Telephone (813) 229-1845 Telecommunications Relay Inc. TIY 1-800-955-8771 Voice 1-800-955-8770 Spanish 1-877-955-8773 LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS EMPLOYMENT APARTMENTS DUPLEXES ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LEASE OPTIONS ETC. ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN North Tampa And Temple Terrace Area Angie 's Apartments 3 Bedroom/2 Bath WDH 0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-931-1730 Large 1 Bedroom Very Clean Move In Special $200.00 Off 1st Month $500.00/Monthly W / S / G Included Rental References Required (813) 267-4488 USF Area Section 8 Accepted 2/1 Apartment WDH, CHA New Carpet Tile $650 00/Monthly Includes Water Plus Deposit (813) 417-3455 "Available Immediately" Studio Apartment Utilities Included Section 8 Age 62+ EHO Call (813) 870-1830 Ext. 22 (TIY) 1-800-955-8771 Ybor City 2910 East Columbus 212 Apartment $850.00/Monthly With Washer/Dryer Updated, Very Nice Section 8 Welcome Jacob Real Estate Broker (813) 258-3200 Thonotosassa (301 & Fowler) Quiet, Nice Yard & Patio 1 Bedroom WDH Window Heat And A/C Water Included Use 1 Bedroom Voucher Section 8 Special $500.00/Rent $1 00.00/Deposit (813) 968-1168 3015 Y.z N Sanchez St. (Off 21st Avenue) Cozy 1 Bedroom Rear Apartment $500 00/Monthly $400 CO/ Deposit Includes W / S / G (813) 98G-3789 (813) 506-3973 NAPFE Towers Senior Housing 1 Bedroom Rent Based On Income Close To Shopping Centers Public Transportation Security Patrol Water/Sewer/Trash Included 813.977.1663 AFFORDABLE LIVING For SENIORS, 55+ Near Downtown Great Views From $398/Monthly Utilities Included 813 253-2868 Monday-Friday 8:00 am 4:00 pm Studio Apartment "Available Immediately" South Tampa Area Age 62+ EHO Utilities Included Section 8 Call (813) 870-1830 Ext. 22 Ask For Samantha (TIY) 1-800-955-8771 Move In Special Near Busch Gardens Security Deposit Or Credit Check Large 2nd Floor 2 Bedroom/1 Bath WID Hook-Up From $650.00 $695.00 Water Sewer And Trash Included Section 8 Welcome 813-417-9575 Move-In Specials! 2 And 3 Bedroom Apartments WID Hook-up 0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome Millie (813) 931-1850 Luxurious Water Front Apartment On Historic Hillsborough River Mature Applic ants Only Section 8 Accepted Call Mr. Prater (813) 298-3297 9a.m. -5 p.m. Monday Friday DUPLEXE Grant Park Section 8 Accepted 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex WDH, CHA, New Carpet $7do :CJ01Monthly Includes Water Plus Deposit (813) 417-3455 West Tampa 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex CHA WDH, Utility Room $725 00 Monthly $350.00 Deposit 2102 Palmetto Street Call (813) 223-5214 Sulphur Springs Section 8 Welcome 3 Bedroom/1 Bath CenP:al AJC, .WDH $850 00/Monthly Phone (813) 728-7510 (813) 453-3741 THI YOUR ADVERTISEMENT CONTACT LAVORA @ (813) 248-1921 FOR DETAILS ON PLACING YOUR ADVERTISEMENT m (/) 0 1\) 0 0


0 ,.... 0 N -,.... ,.... c a: LL. c z <( c en w :;:) 1-> E: w > w c w :::z::: en :::i m :;:) D.. z l&j ..J ..J :;:) m ..J w z p: z w en E: 0 ..J LL. Section 8 Only 0 Deposit Accepting 2 & 3 Bedroom Vouchers Large 3/1 CHA WDH New Paint Quiet Area (813) 789-3879 2603 N. 29th Street Near Columbus & 29th St. 2/1-Duplex AIC, Blinds Washer Hook-up $525.00/Monthly Call (813) 61Q-4518 2 Bedroom/1 Bath 4-Piex CHA WDH Owner Pays Water, Sewage, Garbage $700 00/Monthly Section 8 Accepted Call (813) 453-0123 Section 8 Only 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Duplex Nice Area, WDH CHA New Paint Tile Floors $0 Deposit Call John (813) 789-3879 DUPLEX 9902 N. Hyacinth St. 3/1, CHA WID Hook-up $750.00/Month $300.00/Deposit Section 8 Accepted Ron (813) 516-2605 (813) 690-6664 West Tampa 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath Duplex CHA WDH Utility Room $725.00 Monthly $350.00.Deposit 21 02 Palmetto Street Call (813) 223-5214 Sulphur Springs Area Master Bedroom With Own Bathroom Very Clean Close To Transportat ion $600 00/Monthly Plus Security Includes U ti lit i e s/ Cab l e Available Immediately (813) 842-7902 Rooms For Rent $125 00 Per Week Air Conditioned And Clean Call (813) 624-8540 Room For Rent Central Heat & Air Drug Free $1 00.00/Weekly $1 00 00/Deposit Call (813) 786-4155 Room For Rent Central Heat & Air Drug Free $1 00 00/Weekly $1 00 00/Deposit Call (813) 786-4155 For Rent Rooms/ Apartments 1 Week Free In Quiet Building No Drugs Allowed Visit: 2913 N. 15th Street Call Henry (813) 727-0151 Rooms For Rent Near Ybor City Clean Quiet A i r Conditioned Older Adults Preferred $99.00/Weekly Call (813) 690-3320 Or (813) 516-1559 "LOOK" Special SSI, Fixed Income Big Rooms For Rent Various Locations $375.00/Monthly Includes Cable TV $25 00/Key Deposit (813) 325-6499 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Years Of Age & Older Must Have Steady Income $1 00 00/Weekly $1 00 00 / Deposit Jim (813) 237-1810 Beverly (813) 235-7934 Fax 24flTo: (813) 248-9218 MLK & Central Area $11 0 00/Weekly 1st And Last Week Plus Deposit CHA Cable Telephone Drug Free And Must Be Employed (813) 663-Q335 Rooms For Rent Near Ybor City Clean Quiet Air Conditioned Older Adults Preferred $99.00/Weekly Call (813) 516-1559 Or (813) 690-3320 Near Busch And 46th Clean Rooms To Go $80 00 And Up/Weekly CHA, No Bugs No Drugs Allowed Call Mr. Prater (813) 298-3297 9a.m.-5 p.m. Monday Friday Only Fixed Income Room Special $350 00/Monthly Includes All Utilit ies Washer And Dryer On Premises 101 0 E. 22nd Avenue R. B. (813) 770-2025 1516 E. Columbus Drive Annie (813) 247-1844 Brick Home Fully Furnished Belmont Heights 3 Rooms Available Quiet Area Fenced Yard $400.00$450 00/Monthly Security Deposit Negotiable Call Peter (813) 476-8496 Or A.C. (813) 447-3312 Special Value University Area And Near Downtown For Any S ize Room $1 00 00/Weekly Or $300 .00/1 st Month Limited T i me Special Near Busline 30 And 9 Must Be Employed (813) 384-0387 Available Room For Rent In Ybor Heights At: 1 000 East 26th Avenue Please Call (813) 494-3343 Rooms For Rent Move-In Special $350.00 Everything Included No Deposit Call (813) 863-7183 Trlna Or Fred Clean Rooms In Ybor City Includes All Utilities And Cable From $120 00/Weekly Or $475 00/Monthly $1 00 00/Deposit 813-245-1998 Rooms For Rent County Setting Seffner $90 .00-$140 00 Includes A/C Cable Stove & Refrigerator Near Busline Call Mr. Austin (813) 484-1902 Ms. Sara (813) 270-4047 Busch Gardens Area Plant City Fair Grounds Furnished CHA WID Cable All Utilities Paid Next To Bus Lines Quiet Neighborhood $120.00/Weekly Private Entrance (813) 478-1286 West Tampa Rooms For Rent Newly Remodeled Full Kitchen Furnished $80 00-$100.00 Weekly + Deposit Call (813) 476-8748 Room For ent Age 55 And Up Preferred $100.00$120 00/Weekly Plus Deposit Electric And Water Included Call (813) 241-4158 Near Ybor & Downtown Clean Furnish e d Room s For R e nt With Sha r e B ath On Bus Line $115.00 -$12 5 00/We e kly $115 00 $125 00/D e po s it Call (813) 846-9535 West Tampa South Of 1 275 Nea r Armenia Furnish e d $100.00 $125.00/Weekly Includes All Utilities Cable & Personal Fridge Call (813) 545-8074 Near Downtown/Busllne Or Busch/Nebraska Clean, Quiet Large Furnished Rooms Washer/Dryer CHA, Cable Must Have Job And Drug Free (813) 493-2401 Sell your stuff. 813-248-1921 The Florida Sentinel Bulletin


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\IVHJDDEN BROWN P.L. AtTORN L:YS AT l AVV .\\ lA,\\ I -l At\\ I' A BLI0Ul.IIC Oients Call SUPPORT THE FlOR1DA SENTINEL ADVERn5ERS To Advertise In The Business Directory Call LaVora Or Betty At 813-248-1921. DEADLINE For Placina Business Directorv Ads Is FRIDAY AT 3 P.M. 1\.) 0 -A 0 ., r-0 ::u CJ) m z ::! z m r-eb c r rm ::! z "'D c m r-c;; ::t: m c m < m -1 c m CJ) c )> z c ., ::u C


0 ..-0 N .. ..-c a: L1. c z < c en w ::J >a: w > w c w :I: en :J m ::J a.. z i= w ..J ..J ::J CD I ..J w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ..J L1. BUSINESS DIRECTORY LARMON FURNITURE www.lannonfumlture.com We Finance Everyone* No Credit Necessary Why Rent When You Can Own For less? Locations Ybor City E. 7th Ave. Town & Country 7566 W. w.tera Ave. Caner Of 7th & 14th St. ecrr-6f & Hanley 813-247-4711 813-249-8600 www.larmonfurniture.com .&. I .3-7 7 "'n 1-16x20 Wall Portrait 24-10x12 StorybookAlbum 100-4x5 Bridal Album FREE Engagement Session FREE PHOTO CD FREE Wedding Video UNLIMITED Time & Location $7f)f).f)f)+ Tax www.gpwedd1ngs.com Limited Time Only TIMES PHARMACY 2210 East Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL 33610 {Hillsborough & 22"d By AMSCOT) (813) 237-6900 If You Have No Insurance Call Us For Assistance SIMPLY TAX Our Tax Season Never Ends, And Neither Does Yours Twelve Months Of Preparing Returns, Responding To IRS Notices, Amending Returns, Filing W-7 Applications, Or You Name It! Our Professional Accountant Works Directly With The IRS To Reduce Penalties A n d F ines. Our Customers Include Businesses, And Independent Contractors. Give Us A Call Today! (813) 333-6773 3502 N Nebraska FL 33603 NEW ROOFS& ROOF REPAIRS Residential & Commerical 813.238.6191 REEVESROOFING Gassett's Gyros Seafood And Soul Food FooO for ilie Soul* CateringAvailable Hot SteaKs, Pies, f Cooolers, CaKes, fnea : C nicKen, rresn risn, ana mucn more I l Ave. ; R no1ij f : 1 A Blow Out Special Free Eyebrow Arching With $99 Sew In Auto Accidents DUI Defense Foreclosure Defense A-A-A ATTORNEY REFERRAL SERVICE 1-877-508-5222 Florida Bar Compliant Since 1996 YOUR RELIABLE SOURCE NOT OWNED BY LAWYERS NO CHIROPRACTORS JUST HONEST ETHICAL HELP


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