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Florida Sentinel Bulletin
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African American newspapers ( lcsh )
African Americans ( lcsh )
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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 65, no. 89 (June 29, 2010)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
June 29, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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65 Years In The Tampa Bay Area ............. I ras SEE STORY ON PAGE 3 Gourmet Gents Honored For 18 Years Service The National Coalition of 100 Bl ck Wom n h fd It s 18th Annual Gourmet Gents : A Culinary Affair' on Sunday afternoon at Stlawrence s Higgins Hall For 18 years. some of the m n h a v e be e n providi ng th ei r peclal d lshe to support the h.Jndraising event In addttl o n to present Ing scholarships, the organlz tlon recogniz d the men who have been wtth them tor the past 18 years. From left to right they are: Walter Bethea Bob Buckhorn, Marvin Knight, Phillip Au tin Don Lee and Joseph Bunts. (Photography by B R UN S ON) Woman, Critical A r etting Off Bu SEE PAGE 3 SEE PAG E 2 ud n I Honor Charter Review Board Wants Public Input SEE PAGE 2 {ricatl rf r p r e i o us t han our hildr 11 a r e t h e hildr n four c hil d r n.


or--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------c; Features N 0'1 N w z ::::> ...., Student's Determination Pavs Oft: He Makes Principal's Honor Roll 0 f:3 Throughout ell'mentary ::::> sc hool. Vontcrio Duncan I-ha s always achiend H o n o r R o ll or Hi g h H onor Roll. Although h e d es ir e d t o, h e n eve r made the Principal's Honor Roll. In his sth grade yea r his d esire to ac hi eve Princip al's Honor Ro ll inc reased H e wanted t o do s o. even if for o n e gradin g period. After applying g r e at effor t s in his various assi gnments and upo n approaching th last weeks of that school y e a r Vonterio was con fident that h e h a d met hi s d es ir ed goal. When r eport cards went out, h e h a d missed th e Principal' s H o n o r R oll by :! points. whic h resulted in another II igh Honor Roll. VONTEHIO DUNCAN A It lwu g h h e was g rateful t o achieve the hi g h honor roll. h e ended hi s e l e m e n -11. tary school year feeling C defeate d and knowing hi s goal went unfulfille d Especially since some of hi s a friends who had set out t o en accomplis h the same goal he had successfully I-achieved. After summer, Vonterio began to look forward. He w says, "I would think to fn myself p erhaps I can try :I: again in the 6 th grade. I'd h e in a new len (middle school). new school. and a lll'W yea r ... maybe I ran d o it thi s \Tar' .. Vuntcrio e nt l'red his n ew school year with a focused vers e o f scripture give n t o him b y his mother (Philippians 4:13 -I can do all things th ro u g h C hri s t whic h strengthe neth me. K.JV) a s hi s n e w scripture t o carry him through the chool yea r a nd heyond After r e n C \\ i n g hi s mind to that verse, prayer and practical application Vonterio's mi s s i o n tumed pos sible the very first en :J m ;::) a. z ...J ;::) m ...J w z w en C a: 0 ...J LL. Denture Reline Call And Schedule Your Appointm nt Today!!! (813) 623-1014 semest e r -he made the Principal's H o n o r Roll. Amazingly, hi s success did n o t s top th ere! H e ac hi e ved the Principal's Honor Roll EVEKY grading pe r iod. li e a lso received ce rtifi ca t e s o f academic excellence and conduct in Language Arts, M ath. Readin g. Geograph y a nd the 6 th grad e teachers team c h oice ce rtifi ca t e. Vonterio w as also a warded O ut s tandin g Student for 2010 (Mulrenna n Middle c hool ) for Math and Science. All of Vonterio's classes were either advance o r hono r advance classes. H e n ever m issed o n e d ay of school and h e \ a n e \' e r t ardy t o a n o f hi cla ont rio w a indu t e d into the ational Junio r H o n o r ety. onterio i the son of Dann and icki ont rio w ants t o an ntrepre n eur and b e the fir t frican Am ri a n t o own a vid gam d igniog mpan. ditor Gw n Hay s can b reached at (81..3) :248-19:21 or mail d at Chaner Review Board wants Public Comment On Countv Auditor And Countv Mavor Issues The 2010-2011 Hill bor ough County Charter Review Board is holding two public hearings to receive public comment on two propo ed change to the Hillsborough County Home R ul barter. Eliminate the po ition and functions of th County Internal P rformance Audito r R peal th provision that cnum rat tb to powers ed county mayor two publi bearings he1d at 6 p m. in the 2nd Floor Boardroom of ounty C ent r 601 E K ennedy Blvd. Tampa on: Tb R oluti n to eliminate th IP position can r vi w d at: www, hillsboronah county.ou/charterre-JAMES TOKLEY JOSEPH ROBINSON viewhoard / 2010 / rPAResolut ion .pdf The Resolution regarding the veto power of the County Mayor is being revised and will be posted on the Charter R eview Web site. The 2010-2011 Hillsborough County Charter Review Board has been meeting in 2010 to conduct a comprehen ive study of all phases of County government. Any changes to the Hill borough County Home Rul Charter would go before voters for approval in ovember 2010 and/or ovember 2012. All meetings and public hearings are tel vised b Hillsborough Tel vi ion n on Bright Hou chann 1 622 or rizon FiO or mea t bl chaon 22. Dir ct a ce barter R vi availabl b i itin www,billsborOtlibcounty.or&.


-1 Grandmother Killed, Child Chess Team To Compete In Nationals 'Serious' After Accident TONY A R. BROWN .... pronounced dead at th ho.opital a ft e r uccid nt that left her granddaughter "serious. Accordin g t o th e Florida Highwa y Patrol, a 52yea r -old woman wa killed in an accid en t Thursday mornin g and h e r 4 -yea r -o ld g randdaughter injur e d FHP p o k e per o n Sgt. Larry Kraus, reported that a car driven by Tonya R. Brown. 52, of Ru s kin, was travelin g ast o n 19th Av nuc toward th e int rscc tion o f L '. S 301 with h r 4-y ar-ol d granddaughter, Oeasia. Kraus r port d that M Brown for unknown r a on f ailed t o op at a sign at th e in t e r sectio n a nd trav I d through th e intersecti n into the northbound Jan es of 301 e nt ering the grass Th e chicle continued acr the gra s t riking a ditch fter that colli ion, the vehicle co n tinu ed un til i t tru k a billboard trailer 300 feet off the roadway Ms. Brown and her granddaughter w r e trans p o rted to Tampa G nernl ll os pit a l wh ere Ms. Brown was pronounc d d ad. D asia \vaS n dmitt d t o th Eldertv Woman CriUcal After Exhlna Bus m I\) treet and E. Columbus Dri, e. Lincoln Tamayo has rved as the Head of School ince it opened in 2003. en m z ::! z m r:m c: rr !!1 z ., c: AUTO ACCIDENT REFERRAL SERVICE m c en % m c News Alert The Rorida Law states That You May Be Entitled To $1 0,000 For Loss Wages And Mallcal ear.._ Investigators -If there is a disputa on how the accident ocand m < m :D < -1 c: m en c ,. z c "TT c CountV's Section 8 Walt list Realsuatlon To Close TemporariiV Call Michelle B. Patty Local: 813-495-3702T Toll Free: 1-866-352-4200 ., Available 24 Hours A Day /7 Days A Week Cio)


0 Editorials/Columns m N w z :::::> .., >-"' <( c en w :::::> FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (US PS 2 02-1 40) 220 7 2 1 s t Aven ue. Tampa F l orida 336 05 (81 3 ) 2481921 Publi s hed E v ery Tuesda y and F r iday By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., M e mb e r o f N ationa l N e w s p ape r Publis h e r s A ssoc iation (NNPA) POSTMASTER : Send Addr ess Cha n ge T o : Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P .O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 P e riodi ca l Pos t age Paid At Tampa, FL C Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) W W Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C Blythe Andrews, Jr. 193o-2o1o (19n) S KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscnpllons $44 00-6 Months Both Ed r uons $87 00-Pet Y at Both EdiiJOOS OponklnS exp whom are infected b y men. And m o t s hockin g of aJI, a: the death rate of Black m a l e Floridian i n tim w > higher than that of their whit c unt rpart w 0 Ye t for o m undetect d r a o n mnny I w r eligious and civic lead h uvc n t be n mov d. light it be tha t HIV I AlD i s till con sider d b y m s1 of u to :J be a gay/lesbian disea ? ould it aJ o be that th taboo m of homo exuality in the Bla k n ighborh d c m :::::> a. pounded by the hame of ither b in inf c t d b y Z HIV/AIDS or having a family m mb r r fri nd who tj has been infected continu to be m re personally un.J tenable than most Blacks can bear? 5 Either way we look at it, Black m n w m n and chil-m dren are dying from an unbi d di whJch uld rrl be lowed if not stopped if mor 1 would onJy Z open their ey their doo and th ir mind And where hould such a positiv olution begin? w It hould begin wh re it h alwa begun I en c( 0 0 .J LL Florida Voters About To Be Bought 0 nee upon a time, there was a law again t buying votes. Based on th latest political nts vote-buying has reached pandemic proportion ally in the SunshJne State. BUllonaires using their own doD are busily b\Q'ing up name recognition and mark ting strategies. And what's worse, their personal glut of th mark t i a_p. pearing to be winnJng vot r In fact 2010 ms 'o be the year ofbUllonaire candidates, at least in CalifornJa and Florida. Consider former Bay EO and billionaire M g Whltman running for governor of CalifomJa. h ga more than mllllon to h r campaign treasury. For her troubles, she won th R publican primary 1 tion, earlier this month. Former H wJtt-Packard CEO Culey Florin a just rec ntly gav-mor than $5 mllllon Giber own cash to clinch th California Rr publican U. 8. Senate prlma.ry election. And clos r to home, our own deep-pockets billionaire Jeti"Did I Do : That?" Greene (D) hu pent mllllon a w k and CJ feU.. eoantry-boy milllo.nalre Rick "Let Bygon be B>e Scott (ll) has poured in more than $13 mll-Minimum Wages For Illegal Immigrants Th e r e i s an idea that i s b eginning to float around that m a kes it mandatory that empl oyees pay ill e gal immigrants minimum wages. Now, before w e go off and begin to call the idea a lot of dirty n a m es, l e t u s look at the idea clo e-up. There jus t might b orne l ogica l expl anation to th e idea. Fir t of all why do yo u think employer s hire illegal immigrant ? The r a on i easy t o und rstand. Ill ega l immi g rants work c heap. 'Th y a c pt wag b low th minimum. It isju t th a t p l ain and simple. Empl oy rs know th a t it is crim t o mpl oy il l ega l immigrants, y t th y take th chanc I f they g t away "ith it, in the long run it av them money. Ev n though they ave m o n e y, th y ha\'e t o look over thei r shoulders everyday in fear of b eing bus ted. Ask yourself: would they take that chance if they had to pay a t least minimum wage? Es p ec i a ll y if they knew that they could and would b e randoml y checke d from time to time. I f an employe r had to pay everybody that the business employed minimum wag es, they wou ld hire workers who a r e l egal rather than ill eg al immigrants. Some say that the r e i a catch to this proposal. Opponents of this philosophy ay u c h a law would onl y serv e to bring more illegal ali n into this country. There is no doubt about it. 1inimum wages to illegal immigrants would be appealing to other illegal immigran But this ge us back. to an-Black vacauons In Florida: American Beach other conversation that i s running rampart all over the country. T hat i s, America needs t o do m o r e to patrol our b orde r s and keep illegal alie n s from coming to America under any kind of condition. Mind you now I say illegal immigrants and not those who enter this country legall y. There is a difference. There are those that believe and openly say that illegal immigrants are part of the reason for the high employment in America. The more pressure we put o n employers not to hire ille gal immigrants, the more American citizens we can put to work. Details of such an arrangement need to b e worked out and refined to the letter of the la w, and it is worth looking in to. Some s a y such a proposal could encourage more illegal immigrants to come. Likewi e, such a proposal could cause more immigrants to lea e the country on their own because they can' t get any work. In order to make sure that s uch a law would work., America must come dovro hard on employers who do not obey the la w. rented cottages the hotel o r their ummer homes. Fulltime r ideo enjoyed a bu tling eco nomy by owning r tauran nightclub bathhouses hotels and other ources of entertainment and enjoyment for visitors to the town One of the more popular clubs Evans Rendez vous featured well-known musicians uch as Billy Eckstine, lllcy Charles, Louis Arm-trong and Ca.b Calloway. ta 1 uch as Zora eale Burston Joe Louis, Ossie Da'ris and Hank Aaron were frequ nt vi it rs to American ch "W-ell. l'"W-o vents in 1964 marked tb beginning of the end for American Beach. First, Hurricane Dora destroyed many h m and businesses ful l wed b y passage of the Civil Rights Act. Both -\"!lmts caused Bla to ch vacation des-tinati ns cl to home and at long forbidden to lion for tel vision sound byteS personal appearan -which just ntly gained both m n th-1 din th polls. Meanwhil-th question remains will Ftorlda voters be swayed by cash or compe' t nee?


Horoscopes Toduy's Birthday-Surround yourself with dynamic, a sse rtive people. You h e n etit from the ir demons tralt:'d abi lit y to c hall e ngt:> their limits and go for th e go ld. Maybe you ge t some of th e c a s h and yourer tainlv learn valuable l esso n s hy watching s u ccessful p eople at work or play.' Cancer (June 22-July 22) Th e storm troope rs art> at ta ck in g vour base of operai ion s An a s so c iate com es to th e r esc u e with a m es sage fro m home. You'll w e ath e r th e s torm Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)i\ t lirs t it seems lik e yo u r e th e foc u s of all th e attention Do you have so methin g in I ee th'? C h eck th e mirror a nd relax They hav e their own prob l ems Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. :.!2) All S \ S tem s ;m go, if \ O U ;1gret' \\ilh t he g r o up anal\ sis. If di sagrL't', vou ha\'t' an uphill battle convii1ring th e m otlwrwise. Compromist'. Libra (Sept. 23-0et. :.!:.!) Y ou\t spent tim e fig urin g ou t a mul titud e o f dl'lails. Choose a direction, and tell t ilt' gro up wh;l l ou want from thtn1. No bla me. Scorpio (Oct. :lJ-Nov. 21) !Iran \ ourstlf! Y ou n approached by every dir ectio n for athiee a nd hdp. Y ou may ha\t t o put own project on h old f o r a day or two. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dcc. 21)Social ac ti, itie s t ake all o f spa re tim e If you w a nt a moment t o yo u rself. se t your alarm t e n minutes ea rlv Remain flex ible. Capricorn (Dee. 22-Jan. 19)The d eepe r your medi t ation t akes you th e m ore profound your spi ritual growth. Allow o th ers t o handlt mundane details t o d ay. Aquarius (Jun. 20-Fcb. 18)Someone to hear that th e\ n loved Inspir e t hem with imaginative choice s. Tlwn you both a l i gh tful exJXrience. Pisces (Feb. 19 -Mnrch 20)-t o want t o l w b;trk on th e job t oday. Too bad There 's work to he done. Lighten the m oud by going o ut t u lunch. Aries (March 21-April 19)-You ha\'l' all sorts of cool idea-.. b ut no t hing quite comes t oge ther. Build the part o f the that you can and wait f o r developments. Taurus (April2o-May 20)Everyone around o u i s w o rkin g like c razy t o co mpl e t e projects. Your work i s more subtle tod ay. (;d l'x-hind clo ed doo r s t o a void di trac tion s. Gemini (May 21 -June 21) -You hav e plenty of idea:-. bu t ge tt ing th e m into th e right fomwt may bto tri cky. Oitr h t he lin ar l p p r oach and think o utside th e box Soaps ALL MY CHlLDREN-Bian ca want David t o tnk c th f, II: Erica may think that David would try t o kill h r: Angi co nfid e in .Jnkc Shocking news is co nt ained in Pnlm er's \\ill : Anni and Sco tt defend themselves t o JR: Erica may be serious nbou t mall)i ng Jackson ngain. David is thrown out of Wildwind ; JR beat Annie to th pun ch: Opal insists Erica and CaJ b honor Palm e r 's ,\; hes AS THE WORLD TURN -Kati bribes soh 'viii n o t xpose Vi nna; M g threat n to kill Emil Barbara tri es to ron,inc(' Henry not to go through his wedding ; som think Paul w e nt t oo far to expose th truth. Luk tak a stand f o r R d : Bnrbarn ove rhca!"!' some int resting infonnation. BOLD D THE 8 L -t ffy senses th rc l'l mo t o Brook and liv s t ryst: St phani pmJ sa d e I heh n tlw F or r rs and th Logan that would n efit both fomilit' s: Olinr Brook that t ffy i s onto th ir r t. Brook e ond lh r plot out h ow to maintain th ir s r t : t ph n i s put on th spot by Pam who co n front s him abou t his tru lings for h r: t ph n iv s word obout a n unde irable option for an arly r priE!' Pam wonders if tephe n' s feelings for h r a r g nuin ; St ffy taun ts liv r ooout how Hope react when s he learns aoout hi s cret: Brook t II Ridg s he's co n cerned about Steffy's ndetta again t h r DAYS OF 0 R LIVES Sami and Raf e o t o ee on another; the Hortons share more rn mori o( Alice: Hope ov rh an-no di scuss ing Arianno' s possibl inn n ; MaggiE> i s sad about lia I a -ing; Mad eUn run into Kat ; Kimber! and han hnw an argum nt. Car l y make s it cl ar to hi that sh nnot be sil need : E.J. R afe and Sa m i kissing ; S t pbani explai n s h r fears about Philip to Kayla; R a f e share a r union with Aria nn a a nd Gobi; Kat makes no pmmi to k p Mad lin 's s c r et. EJ believ Sa mi f I more than s h 's ,vilJ ing to admit ; Melanie asks Philip if h e want anoth r child ; S h a n e tri to r eso lve thing!! with Kimberly Rafe a ks Arianno t o dump E.J as her lawy e r ; Nicole t ells Bak r s h e's worri d EJ h as evid n c agai n s t her. GENERAL HO PITAL Jason d monds o gun; Luk warns Sonny again hi s kill r p i on Patri k ond U o spend tim tog th rat th -bo pi tal Dant and Lulu ma g a han to b a mak ups ; Steve and Epiphany br k bad n ews t o Liz; Luk tri tog t E th a n to stay away from Johnny. Jam Franco repri hi s ro l as Franco ; Luk may be able to prot hi s own s on ; S t ve lift P a tri k 's u s p n s ion at th hospital. ONE.LIFE TO LIFE -John and Natali work tog th r ; Bull t ak Nate bos tag ; O a nl shoc ks Todd wh n s h a k! him f o r h lp. Gigi I s hiding som ething from R ex; Starr and Jam cras h th e stolen ca r ; Todd may give Dan I what s h 's asking for Todd tal< matt rs into hi own hands; Hannah may t II Col th truth; Ford talk s to o m t riou s call r THE YOUNG AND niB RESTLESS'-Phyllis' t estimony hurts Nick; Emily asks h e r broth r to sac rifl hirn s If Emily and Ja k conn ct; Victor Introduces shocking vid n hloe's mov could up et Chane ; Abby atches Ashley with Tuck r In this photo, John Evans accepts an award in recogn.ition of 23 years of services in the Engineering Department of the Fire Department. Presenting the award is Fire Chief Ken Ayers. Looking on is City Councilman Doug West. tt mting a 1984 ity and Eddie L. Burn ll. uncll meeting were F1 ie Wilson Belle Minor In thi photo from th p t (1 ft to right ted): garet M.yl Mrs. Calhoun and Mrs. Juanita Taylor. Abraham Brown, Joe L. John on and h rl Ra,.y. c z m 1'\.) (0 1'\.) 0 ...... 0 'TI r-0 ::D I fJ) m z ::j z m l tD c: r rm ::j z "0 c tD r-(i) % m 0 m < m ::D < c: m en 0 > z 0 'TI ::D 0


0 0'> Happv Haoov Birthdav, Johnnv, 6-291 5 Birthdav ""') 0 (/) w ::> 1-OTIS HARRELL llappy hclatcd bi rthday, Otis. MR. And MRS. BOYD h "l'n though w e are separated. time has made us hoth s tronger and even mort' l"l>lll11litted t u our lo\ "l'. i\lay you have l o t s more t o come. \\\ \ "ll\\" t o llt'\ "L'r It-t anything or anyone come hetWt't'll what Cod put toge ther. love you, Duke. Fifteen year.; strong and for l'\ "L'r. llappy birthday. Ba' l.o,e. your wifl'. Jackie Boyd. c uwe, your family. a: LL c z c (/) w ::> 1-> a: w > w c w J: (/) :J m :J a. z tu ...J ...J :J m w z w (/) ct c a: 0 ...J lL. CD w CJ Happy Father's oav l.ALA And TA YO Happy t s t D ty W e wish you many more. Love you alway Love. LaLa Here and Don-tavia! l\ loun t C alvary junior Acaden1y -Sth gr,tde NOW REOISTERINO FOR THE 201 0-2011 SCHOOL YEAR WE OFFER: 1. Bible-ba ed in tru ti o n 2. Caring, I ing, ce rtified t e hers Hig h vaJue at an affordabl rat 4. Florida Prid e h o larsht 5. Computer lab with int rn t and n tw rk 6. A afe drug free en i nm nt f r tudent 7. Extracurricular a tivitic 8 Challenging a ademl program 9 Personal attention given to tudent l 0. Out tanding tudent J 1. Hot, nutrltiou meal dail 12. Fully a redited urri 13. maJJ I lze 14. Before and after hool program IS. Reading and math I b 16. Mu i (String En emble) Training minds, heart and h nd produ tJve ervi e Call today for a registration packet 813-238-0433 3111 East Wrlllder Avenue Tam a Flo da 33610 Sororitv Inducts 5 New Members The Nationa l Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Alpha Omicron Chapter inducted 5 women into the chapter. The induction ceremony and celebration was held at the Marriott Westshore. The 5 women welcomed to the chapter were, left to right: Angela Thornton, Toni Gibson, Phyllis Gi llian, Shirley P arker and Erika C. Jester. .... .,ic I>. Roberson is Prc.o;ident and Pearl C. Coffee is Reporter. Gibbs Junior College Alumni Association Celebrates 53rd Anniversarv Gibbs .Junior College Alumni. ociation. Inc., celebrated its 53rd Anni,ersary o f the founding of th..: junior college 28-30. 2010 a t the Hilt o n St. Petersburg :\go lf tournam nt wa held a the lnnisbrook Resort And Golf Club. The picnic was he.ld at Holmes !'ark al-;o in. t. P r t er.;hurg. Th theme wa!> "Ou r Roots. Our Legacy. Our Future.-:\tr. and Mrs. Sernmic Thorn (seated). M.r. and Mrs. Bernard P rt-er. Da,id Gary and Dorothy Paige. World's Greatest Dad Tampa Park Apartm nLc;. Inc held a Fath r's Day ont c;t for it resid nt.!. R id nt..s could nominal a futh r. grandf ther. uncl or anyon who mbodied th spirit of father. The "inner. how Yer. h ad to be a resident f Tampa Park Apartm nts. 111 cont s-t wa s pon ored by th Becom B tterYou" pro-gram at the mpl Th person wrote a n say of 2.50 word or I .-plaining how thi p ecia l man ha po i tivel affected the ir liv 111 2010 winn r i Herman Wi111ams. He\ nominated b hi daught r Ev 0. William. 11ti is what h wrote: s a dad, you giu 111 your lo your aduic and support. a nd that mak m f ee l truly cared for ... As afri nd, you gi m your tim and your und rstanding, and that makes m fo I truly important in your life ... You' r a r ally good man -my dad and my .friend .... Dad, I'm n o t aying I'u bee n an easy child tu rai e ... I'm just saying my life has be n asy be? Tampa Park Apartm nts staffer. Deloi"'CS Girven presented the winning prize: a watch cuJJUnk and so cash to tb winner, H rman WllHams. (Photogra.phy by BRUNSON l /..ing out form and trying top uld From y ur daugh r William


Making This Right Beaches Claims Cleanup Econo mic Investment Environmen al Res oration Heal th and Safety Wildlif e Looking For Oil Cr ws ar c I or e dea up t e G ul e are co o i ed o 24 ours a day, 7 days a wee a: d a S ore C l eanu sessme a e C l eanuo e o s are be in g coordi a ed om 17 stag g a'eas m Lou s ana M ssss pp, labama a d F londa 0 er 33,000 people a r e tn dIn 8 tO If yo s orl on t mam on-cal l. pronounc Our commttm ut we Wlll m n ca ll 1-8 48-5816 a d we'll send a team to dean 1 up. he ctles depends on e stze o e a ec ed r m u dreds. and Coast Guard, our ea a resu l t. 1 mas 'II h r for a lo Q as tt t ousands o ta ma no a l rs e la s t rs For information vi i t : bp .com pwa rhorrzoore pon e com faceboo .com/bp m ric To port Otl on th hn (86 I ,8 58 1 6 To report imp c t d wildllt9 : (86 l 57 1 0 1 wt r com/bp _am rtca Tome 0 0858 youtub com /bp www. flonda ulfre on com 0 2010 OP. E&P c m (f) c c.. c z m 1\) (f) m z z m r-1 Ill c rr m z "'0 c Ill c (f) m c m < m ::0 -< c m (f) 0 )> z c ., ::0 0


c; Loca NJ-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------en N w z ::::> ..., c (/) w ::::> 1-Missionarv To Haiti Makes 55th Mission Trip True t o h e r word following th e January 12. 2010 ea rth quake, Mother Ruth Hodges i s returning t o H ai ti for a three-week s t ay. W hil e conv e r s in g with Ethel Shaw recentl y and b eing aske d when s h e woul d r eturn t o Haiti, Mother Hodges l a ughed and said. "Whe n yo u provide m e with a ticket." Ms. Shaw wrote a check for $500.00, and plan nin g tarted th a t day. H e r itine r a r y includes D elmas in Port-au-Prince, Leogan e (which wa 90% de troyed by the earth quake), Barbancourt (which i a t nt city wh re hundreds are till living sin e th earthquake), and Croix-d Bouquets (whe r e eight fami -lies are living under tarp and 0 tin structures). If Ganthier i where Mother C Hodges will spend a few day with Reverend > Verdieu Simeon. It wa h e who picked her up at the air (/) port on the day of th ea rth quake and safely tran ported her to hi home. Mother Hodg at the concert h ld to raise funds for this trip. Mother Hodg i vi itw ing earthquake survivors and taking medicine food up-0 plies, toiletries, and infant needs to these families. 0 Transportation po es a ::J problem for R verend Simeon. He informed Q. Mother Hodge by telephone before h left that w tb r i no car a ailabl for u and th ar still in r pau. Oil In L ne &rl Bodg will r m mb r Z go d fri nd with whom h w (/) C it 0 u. worked in ce 19 9 and think of her I in the rthquak Man oth r of h r fri have I 2 to man a family. t will provid pir itual comfort nd donation from our church fri nd in July 5-9 -7:30 P. M. Saturday, July 10, 2010 Baptism 5:30 A. M. Clearwater ch Sunday, July 11, 2010 -11 A. M. Worship Service 0 Mt Calvary SeWilth Day Adventl Church 1h re are probabl three more trips to H aiti that I am planning for the near futur h m fol h rlott Church Plans Familv Conference "Wlwre We Com e From" is th e th eme of the famil y con ference b ei ng s pon so red b y Firs t Mount Carmel AME Church, Rev. Frankie S. Fayson, III, Pastor The conference wi ll be h eld Saturday, July 10, 2010, 9 a. m -2 p. m. at B ethe l AME Churc h 5001 Cumberland Dr., Tampa (3361 7), Rev. Beverly Lane, P as t or. Th e th e me is the title of an original song written and produced several years ago by FayzoMac Productions, Inc. Rev. Payson III and Kevin McLean, Sr. (now a former member) were owners/producers. LaKay Payson was the lyricist and Bryant Payson, II w rote and performed the rap. -rhe theme was selected to r emind African American families of our great African heritage, consisting of kings and queen and the great contributions that African Americans have made to the building of America, w states Mrs. La.K.a.y Payson chairperson along with Mrs. Mae Jon oo-chairperson. Workshops that will provide information for the family will b pre ented by Dr. Pbylli Tuck r \! ick Henry 0 Brien Dee fe:rritt-Bell, Dot ettl am 0 endine Bryant Fay on II, R v Cathy Fa n-Johnson and Dr. Pbiletba Tucker-J n. Oth em REV. FRANKIE S. FAYSON ,ID Children ages 10 and up are invited to the conference, however, they should be accompanied by a parent or a dulL Other features of the con ference include door prizes free lunch and entertainment by Heaven's Special Blessings, and a praise dance group from St. James AME Church that performed during Progress Village's soth Anniversary. It is suggested that African attire or bold and/or earthtone colors are Vv"Orn to create an Abican atmosphere. 1his is not just an African Methodist Episcopal event! All of Tampa Bay is invited to attend. The registration deadline i July 3 2010," states Mrs. Fayson. For more information, please call 2.36-41 5


-1 Airmen Complete Basi c Training Atlackland AFB Several m embe r s o f the U. S. Air Force, from the Bay A r e a re comple t e d basic training classes r ece ntly. Thes' indi viduals will continue with the ir milita r y careers in thei r c hosen areas of speciality. The airme n comple t e d an inte n s i ve 8-week training course and earned four c r edi t h ours toard a n Assoc iate's in Appliced Science Degree thro u g h the Community College of the Air Force. In additio n t o learning about military discipline, the group a lso compl e t e d training in Air Forc e co r e va lu es, physi ca l fitness, and bas i c ware fare principles and s kills. They completed the ir r equirements a t Lackl and Air Force Base, in San Antonio, Texas. Air Force Airman Carl D. Davis is the son of Carl Vann. He graduated from Robinson lligh School in 2007. Air Forc e Airman Trevor T. Klingenschmitt graduated from Sickle High chool in 2006. H e i th son of Ms. Michelle Klingenschmitt. ir F o r e Airman Raphael 0. Medina i the son of Longino Medina and Ms. Martha P e rez. Medina is a 2009 graduate of Pasco lligh Scho I in Dade ity FL. Air Force Airman 1st I a s hristoph r M. M ndcz is the son of Miguel and Maria Mend z II graduated from i ckl s Hi gh ch olin 2 04. Air For Airman P eter A. TagJiarini gradual d from uit High chool in 200 He i th on of D borah K. and Peter A. Tagliarini. Air Force Airman Aaron Wood gradual d from Laur I High chool Laurel, MD, in 2005. H i th n of Rodn y Wood of Laurel, MD, and de a Mo e of Tampa. AJRMANCARL D. DAVIS AJRMAN TREVOR KLINGENSCHMTIT AIRMAN PETER A. T A LlARINJ AJRMAN RAPHAEL MEDINA AIRMAN AARON \ OOD c z m 1\.) 1\) 0 ...... 0 "T1 r-0 :lJ 0 Local E:vent --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------m Honored As A Communitv Champion H aJth ar of Ages 5 -17 9 camps June 14 August 13 A REGISl'RA llON INFORM A llON M rth 2 II runtl l full Op.n R 1m don rll moms, ag z :j z m r-1 aJ c r rm :j z ., c: Ill c C/) m 0 m < m :D -< -t c: m 0 > z 0 "T1 0


E Local N (1) N w z :::> ..., Teacher's Goal Is To Help Through Tutoring 0 w w :::> I-0 a: Ll. 0 B. JEAN MANN BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor loc a l educa t o r has h e r ight s set o n making urc the youth of Hill borough ounty are able to do their b t in the cia sroom. While o th r s ar m a kin g plan for umm r vaca tion h i preparing to tutor. B. Jean Mann say h r goal Z i to see that students excel in the cia room and on the tan-4( dardized tests they mu t take. 5} Not only tudent but s he'd w also like to see their teachers succeed as well. > A Hill borough ouoty M e rit ffi Teacher, M Mann xtend> ing her servi to t ch who W must take tb Florida T ch 0 w :I: (/) Certification and/or subject area exa m She has tutored several teacher s who passed th e exa m on the first try. Many of th e s tudents s h e tutored have done the same on th e ir first a t tern pl. Ms. Mann also warns parent s to prepare thcir childre n for th e up coming changes in the curriculum. "S c hool s a r ex p ec t e d t o im plement a "rigorou s" c urri c u lum in all class There will be n e w roll ge and car r readi n s s tandards, a w ll as K 1 2 grade l eve l s t andard s," s h e ex plain e d "Evaluation criteria for t eacher and admini trators has c hang d as well for th e 2010-:w 11 schoo l term," she added. Ms. Mann' tutoring service s arc available for student w h o arc b low grad lev I in rending, language, mnth; p r te s t taker; inappr print b -havior in school or di like h ool; unorganized ; lack study kill ; failed F T, AT or ACT; on g r a d e level but want t o advance kHI ; and need t e taking kill b e ncourag paren to join their child PTSA during the school ear. B Jean Mann Tutorial rv-n b reach t ( 13) 4 4-7175 Friends Tell Their Storv Through Motivational Speaking BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Editor Linda Brantley and Shawn Saxton arc fri ends with simi lar p e rsonal and pro fessiona l b ackgrounds. They have s tori es to tell and th ey are doing so throug h motiv a tional speakin g e n gage m e n ts, educatio n a l workshops and commu nity outreac h The women want t o s h a r e some of their lif experie n ces t o h e lp o ther women who m ay be trugglin g with some of the same or similar c h allenges Both were born and raised in ingle parent, inner city hom Ms. Brantley, born in Tampa, w rai d in the Colleg II ill Hom Public Housing mpl x h e is the moth r of two nnd grandmother f on Ms. nxton was born and rai cd in New York 'ty. he is th moth r of 3 and also the grandmother of one. Both have a child in college Profi ionally, M Brantley i employed with the Florida partment of Juve-nile J ce tb Senior Social nice Counselor and Treatirector of a Level 6 mod l risk bo f ility be med 'ate deg minal Justi SHAWN SAXTON AND UNDA BRANTLEY and Huma n Se n rices. Sh e has a Bachelor' degree in Criminal Justic and a Master's degree in P ychology. Ms. Saxton' profession has led her to currently being employed with Goo m I _, w z i= z w (/) < 0 0 _, Ll. 3608 N. 15th(comerofLake) 813 .. Q\lf\ '.t \t ; ;; \.! '.l.Jn..'ht ... ct,. -------. Ex-Pro Baller Establishes Foundation To Assist Children Former l'FL player Ricky Reynold. has startt-d the Ricky Foundation to pro,;dc all 'l' can to children ";th disabiliti and disea s so they can have a Iter fu tu hat he' t lling everyone b runs into a" h seeks th upport o f th community. 'With th assistan of Tracy Yu R ynold is in th process f estabU hing a board forth foun ati n And h in th process of t blishing a 501 (c) 3 organization. Draft d b th Tampa Ba Bu cca n rs in 198 Reynolds nded hi care r with th ew ngland Patriots in 1996. Although the foundation will help hildrcn with disabiliti nnd dis ases, R ynolds says hi s emphas i s will l on Si I ell An e mi a. Wh ? o one knows about it so it g l s no support: it's mos t common among African Am ri n s and Hi spanics 1 out of 12 African Am ricans has a Sickl L1 trait, me b ing o n of them; and th r i n o cure o children ha to 1i with it all th ir V. tth ptember being ickle Cell Anemia A.\rv-areness Month the Ricl. y Reynolds Foundation i planning a fundrai er to tart making a difference in the lives of these children. He' s looking to the community and organizations to support the effort. As far as providing additional help for the children Reynolds says its important for parents with ickle oell traits to understand the ri k of pa ing it on. Teachers al need to be made a' rare of the ymptom that will be di -played by th students in their classroom. The foundation al plan to t up a cholarship fund to give award to hild n with acad mi a ti v ments nd provid umm r mp r m children. P r additi nal infommti n nth th


Local rn Derrick Brooks Charities 4th Annual Miss Tampa Bav Youth Pageant DL'tTick Brooks C harities Youth A uxili a ry h e ld its -1th annua l !iss Tampa Bay Y outh PagL'a nt at the A r e a Community Center. O v n g u es t s o f famil y and fr i ends ca m e o ut t o support the cnnt. The contestants performed var i o u s tal ents. T hi s th e m e was "Color E rpl osio n : Col o rs of Hop e and Insp i ratio n ." Co nt es t a nt s w e r e asked t o challe nge th emse h' es in choos in g a co lor tha t r epre sents them and defi n e the meaning of that co l o r in direct r e l a ti o n t o Hope and In spira t io n T h e Miss Tampa Bay You t h Pa gea nt is a direct ex tensi o n of the Rit es of Passage Pr og r a m In orde r to beco m e a contest ant the young l a di es ha I to b e p a rticipant s in the program and meet specific requirements. The R i t of Passage program i s designed for fe male's age 7 t o 1 8 year The purpose of the Miss Tampa Ba y Y outh Pageant i s to pro"ide m embe r with an opportunity t o: improve character by building elf e t em, learn discipline by followin g rul s and uide lines. work tog thc r a a team, di play individual talent and win priz and award The M iss Tampa Bay Youth Pageant consists of three divi s i o n s. Littl e l\liss, .Junior Miss and !\!iss l';tnlpa Bay Youth. Co n gra tulati o n s t o our win lll' r s : Littl e Miss, Reagan \Viison Junior !i ss, Sc1ena Gtant and l\liss Tampa Bay Youth. M

0 -SP-_o_rt __ s ____________________ ______ ____________________________________________ __ en N w z :J ..., 0 en UJ :J t-NFL Draft Pick Chad Jone s Seriouslv lniured In Car Crash l.Sl two -sport star, Chad Jones who was drafted by the New York Cian:s in April was in a serious car accident l'a rly Friday morning. Jones underwent s u rgerv Friday for a broken left leg and ankle follow i n g t h e single -car crash. Jones is in critical condition in I..Sl Public h os pit a l in N e w Orlean s Jones' a ge nt sa id th a t th e 1 year -o ld player w as a l e rt and w as s till in surge ry in th e early aft e rn oo n New O rleans' WWI.-T\' r e p o rt e d Jones s uff e r e d .. a f racture d left leg and had arte ries and nerves cx p osec l, ''and tha t doctors CHAD JONES w e r e try in g t o r es t o r e hlood flo w int o Jones foot. Th e ca u se o f th e cras h i s s till n o t d ea r Jones, a safe ty, w as d raf t ed i n the : p d round of thl' Fl. Draft. 0 a: u.. 0 z Tiki Barber savs He's Too Broke' For Divorce Tiki Baber, the forme r C New Y ork Giant and NBC corre p ondent who made :J headlines for l eaving his t-pregnant wif e for an intern is in headlin es again, thi s time UJ for claiming that h e 's too for divorce c Barber's wife, Ginny filed UJ for divorce from th e football m star after. his affair with 1\:IK ::i intern Traci L ynn CD Johnson. Following news of the affair, z he was terminated from hi s $300,000 position with the UJ news outlet when his bosse s :j cited a hidden morality that says employees ..J cannot be invo l ved in public w scandals. Z Ginny who was eight months pregnant with twin w CJ) C a: 0 ..J u. Panthers' Smith Apologizes For Having Fun' S TEVE SMITII CHARLOTTE, NC -An apologetic, but d efiant Steve Smith expressed regret for breaking hi s left f o rearm pl aying fla g foot ball, w hil e a lso taking s h o t s a t c riti cs w h o question e d th e C arolin a Panthe r s r eceive r 's judg m e nt. Smith acknowledged h e ha d hel'n a regul a r parti c i pant in an ad ult flag foo t ball kagut' ;1t a Ch;lrlottl' !It was injured Sunday wht n hL :-.lipped and usl'd hi s left am1 t o brarl' hi s fall. Smith hr,,kl' tht same arm. hut in a different spot. at the end of last season. la ence Taylor OfficiallY Charged With Rape R y l o r h a harged with -year-old riminal utors ay h e paid a 16-ear-old gi rl who wa \ orkin g a a pro, lilute 300 t o h ve e with him. but Taylor till claim, tha t h e n eve r had ,ex' ith the Vick's Panv Mav Be last Straw In Phil IV M i c hacl V i c k has always known h e was on thin i ce w ith th e Ea g l es. So wh e n V i c k's publi c b irthday party ende d with someone being s hot o n e of hi s co-defendants in the dog fighting tria l no less it certainly s p elle d the beginning of the end f o r Vick's time with the Philadelphia Eagl es. Andy R eid i s a n o n o n sense coach, the Eagles h ave a n o n o nsense front office and no n o nsense ownership Lawyer: Vick Not Involved In Shooting After His Birthday Party BE AC H. Va.Michael Vick was n o t innJI\'ed or presen t w h e n a s hooting took p lace outs id e a ni ghtclub wher e he had celebrated hi s birthday, h i l;:mYe r said Frid a Larry \\'oodward. o n e of the Philadelphia Eagles quarll'rhacks in hi fe-dl'ral dogfigh ting case. said \ 'ick w a. nt a t the clu b when the hooting took place j u t after 2 a.m. Frid ay. At a footl all camp h e i holdin g a t H a mpton ni\'ersity, Vick was asked M ICHAEL VICK b y a reporter Friday afternoon whether he had any comment on the incident. UWatch what you do. Pick and choos e your friends ca r e fully. You just can' t put y o urself in vulnerable situati o n "Vick said. Quanis Phillips, one of the co-de f endants in the f eder al d ogfighting case tha t landed Vick an 18-month federal prison sentence was hot. Phillips, who w a s s entenced t o 21 m onths in p r i o n f o r his rol e i n the dog fig h ting o p e r a t ion. was admitted t o Sentara V i rgini a B each Ge n e ral Hos pi tal. NFL p o kesman Greg Aiello aid the league i s looking into the shooting. takers' ssistant Sha o Inca s' Coaching x


Florida Stale will rl'lire the j ersey of formn S eminole and Tampa llay Buccaneer star linebac k e r Derrick Brooks at its foot ball gam e again s t Clemson on Nov embe r 13th. Brooks was a two-time consen s u s A ll -A m e ri can at outside linebacker for the S eminoles wh e r e hi s bl e nd of s peed and athleticism set a n e w standard for the position. He starred at FSU from 1991-94 l eading FSU t o its first national titl e as a junio r and earning first team AllACC honors a s a sophomore. junior and senior. H e was n a m e d the ACC Pla ye r of the Year in 1994 and was a final i s t for the Butkus, Lombardi and Football Writer's Defe n s iv e Player of the Y ear Award in both 1993 and 1994. Brooks was j u s t as h i g hly r egarded off the field earn ing first team Academic All America honors in 1994 and winning an NC AA Postgraduate Scholarship. In additi o n he was committed t o public service causes throughout his eminole ca r eer. Brooks carried hi s excellence both on the field and as DERRICK BROOKS a citi zen into hi s lik e l y Hall of Fame career a s the NFL's Tampa Bay BuccanL't' r s all lime l eading tackle r. I I c wa s v o t e d t o 1 0 consecutive Pro Bowl s ( 11 t otal) and at the time o f his r etire m ent had m a d e an N FI. -Ieading :!OO co nsecutiv e s tarts. lie led his b e loved Tampa 1\ay team to the Super Bowl Champ io nship in :!OO:!. :\s a profl'ssional. Brook.o; has been thl' recipient of St'\"e r a I prestigious a w ;1 r d :-., including tht :!ooo \\'alttr Payton/ Fl. :\lan of th e Year a ward. the 2003 Bart t arr ward. and the 2004 Bryon Whi zzer" White Award. and the 2008 .JB :\ward through th e 'Fl. Players nssociation. Judge Finalizes Divorce 01 owvane Wade CHICA' GO An Illinois judge bas finalized the contentious divorce of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, though the messy fight isn't over. Cook County Judge Marya ega announced her widely expected decision during a brief bearing Friday. Wade says be's relieved th e proceedings with his wife, Siobvaughn, ar over. iobvaugbn Wade attorney, however, says he'll appeal on the grounds that the judge finalized the divorce before financial issues and custody issues involving the couple's two sons have been resolved. NEW YORK -John Wall is beading to Washington, and a record number of Kentucky teammat ar following him to the BA. Wall went to the Wizard with the No. 1 pick in tb NBA draft Thursday and four more Wildcats were among the top 30 selections, making them the first school ev r to put five players i n th first round. After falling short of the Final Four even with all that talent around him, Wall is JOHN WALL ready to b l p W hington boun c back from a -on that was mb--ing o n tb court and in th lock r room. WALT HARRIS OWINGS Mll.l.S, Md. V e teran cornerback Walt Harris agreed to a one-year deal with the Baltimore Raven s o n 'l11ursday. Harris has played 1 3 years, although he missed last season whi le recovering from a knee injury. lie has for four different NFI. tl'allls, mos t rccl'ntlv t h L' S a n F r a n c i s c o 4 l) l' r s from :!Oo6-:!ooH. Thl' ]:Jyear-old Harris wa!> naml'd to thL P ro B owl i n :! o o 6 \, .hen he had a career-h i!!,h e ight in terceptions. NBA Star lebron James To Release Headphones Une ERIKA Welcome to our weekly Beauty Limtted feature, as we showcase Erika this week. Erika loves spending time with peopte who are going somewhere in life, and she can be either the driver or passenger on that journey Although she s young, Erika has aspirations and dreams far beyond a person of her age and experience. But don t make the mistake of selling her short because she'll quickly set the record straight. When it comes to the man in her life Erika said he must be assertive handsome goal-oriented and respectful. Congratulations to Erika as this weekfs Beauty Unlimited feature. tf you 're lnt re ted In being In the Beauty Unlimited or Spotlight please send your Information and photo In cl uding a con ct number to: UQJilrul2fll,:gni!ID.1mttl..2QDl r ..... i i.,. ............. iililtl iiiH" U ll UUilllUI it 'TI r-0 :II 0 )> (/) m z ::j z m r-1 aJ c r rm ::j z ., c aJ c (/) :l: m c m < m ll < -4 c: m (/) 0 )> z 0 '11 :!! 0


,.-ntertainment Comeback Night At BET Awards: Joe Sues Murrav For Wrongful Death z Chris Brown, Debarge 0 J.OS : \ NC ELES -It w a s Th e 2 1 -yc a r o ld r eturne d t o th e s ta g e late r t o apol ogize t o hi s fan s fi] lomeback ni ght at th e BET :::::> -\wards 1-Kanyc West o p e n e d Sun-day' s s h o w in his fir s t TV ap p earance s in ce dissin g Taylot Swift at last year's MTV V ideo Mu s i c \wards. T.l. made a triumphant return t o TV for hi s fir s t p erformance s in ce b e ing r e l e ased fr o m prison in D ec .. And 1980s hit m a k e r E l DeBarge blaze d bac k onto th s t 1 gc t o p l a y o l d hits and the titl e tra k fr m hi s new a l bum in 1 6 yea r s. But m o t une xp c t d wa s Chris Brown, who offe r d an motiona l tribut t o Michael Jackson. Th embattl e d p o p s t a r h a m o tly k p t a l o w profi l in cc p i adin g g uilt y t o f I ny a -sault for h '

Funeral/Memoriam II MRS. JUANITA MARIAROBY Mass of the resurrection for the repose of the soul of Mrs Juanita Maria Rohy of 3 725 E. :\8th Avenue, who passed away \Vednesduy. June 23, 2010, will b e held 'Wednesday, June JO, 2010, at 11 a. m at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, 1203 North Nebraska Avenue, "';tlt Futher Hugh Chikawe, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Garden of Memories em tery. Mrs. Roby wa b rn May 15, 1930, in ampa. he enjoyed watching her oap operas, and always trying to keep peace and helping oth-ers. Mrs. Roby and her husband were the owners of the original Caldonia's for 51 years. She was preceded i.n death her parents, Earl and rie Elliott; son, Earl A. Y ung; and granddaughter, Juanetta Young. She is survived by: her loving hu band, Arthur Roby; children, Ronald A. Young. Cheryl M. Jackson and Michelle M. Roby grandchll dren, Yonce C. Jon (Alan) MN, Andfta N. YoungTownes (Ge:rald), Anthony J Keel, ..Ashley J. Young, Alysya J. R. Stepbaun N. Jackson, Azana M. Banks Solana A. Banks Samariah Jackn and Jaylen M. Roby; great grandchildren Cbrl oph r Q. Gil1ard Earl Q. Town Armond C. Town LTya Jon Kam Jon Jahbri Q. Jon ldre K. Jon Aliyah M. Jon adla M. Ked Myana nd Johnathan T. rey; a b of eowdrut and &i ncb and devoted frl nd.s Lanier, Olivia Darby Eddl Slmpson Gwendolyn Hewitt and Linda Mandrell. The viewing wiD be held at Aikens Funeral Home from 4-7 p. m., Tuesday evening. CathoHc wake 8el'vi wiJJ be held from 6-7 p. m. Family and frlend8 are uked to meet at th church (or the 8el'vice. AIKEN JilJNEKAL HOME www.alkcn#vnj:ralho.mc.oct IN MEMORIAM LAKESHA HICKS On June :JO, 200CJ, 11 llt.'nuti held h e r fragile hund and guided her tolhl' Lund. We still remember the glowing smile on her fuce, then she traveled on to a much better p luce. s we look upon n shining slur, w know she' s still smiling und w know she's not fur. -on but ncv r De ply mi your moth r, Linda llid(.. 'i; .'itepdad, Doug)as W11Hnm.'l; family and friends. I I cl rtll()ll Funeral Home John W Harmon. James Harm L D 5002 N 40th 626-8600 HOME .Our....._ ........ 3111._ ZP tl fl ,_., -t Non-Profit Founder Denies Rumors Of Investigation .JAMES EVANS .. Founde r of Tumpn Uny At"I H.Ie r n yof l lopl', lru: rumors of Last week, James Evans, founde r of th e Tampa B;ty i\cadtmy of I lope, In c., s tepp e d down as head of th e organization after 1 4 years o f seni ce. Since then, allega tion s of National Jamaican Drug Lord Appears In NY Court ;:Irs. Juanita Maria Rob Tampa. Mrs. Fran Fin h Tampa. Mr. Jack Ot\ Tampa. M wrongdoi n g h ave circulate d througiHHit th e community. One n111lor states that th e r e i s a criminal investigation in vo l v in g Evans underway and possibl y coverage b y a l oca l n ews program s lat e d to air at 5 p.m on Monday s t eppe d down s impl y h ecause c.. it wa s time for new leadership for th e o rganizati o n. m I l e a l s o prov ided contact 1\:) informati o n for Chuck Win-.!D shift, C h airman of the Board of Dir ectors for the Tampa Bay Acad emy of Hope, Inc. Efforts I lowever, when contacted h v the Sentinel Evans stated that th e r e i s n o truth t o th e rumo r s and that h e to reach W inshift were uns u ccess ful at press time. The Sentin e l will have a f o llow-up article on Friday. Kellogg's Recalls Cereal That Could Make People Sick 'T1 r-0 :II 0 Kellogg Co. is voluntarily recalling about 28 million boxes of )> Apple Jacks, Corn Pop Froot Loop and Honey Smacks cereals. (J) Only products with the following the use-by date are m included in the recall. Z K llogg is that a a waxy mel! and flavor is coming from lh packag lin rs that could make people iclc J. Adaire Putnam, K Uogg pok woman said about 20 peopl complained about lh mell including five who reported nausea and vomitin Putnam that the potential for serious health problems is low ::::1 z m r-1 m c: r rm ::::1 z Consum can contact tb Kellogg Consumer Response Center at from a m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time. m Ex-Detroh Mavor Indicted On Federal Fraud Charges Bab girl Julianna -Ia Ru kin. MJ'ili. PauJ tte And n alri ffi 8 tty All n 361 Ufton t. c (J) :l: m 0 m < m :II -< c: m (J) 0 )> z 0 'T1 0


m N w z ::::::> ""':) 0 (/) w ::::::> 1-Driver Charged With Pot Possession After Tranic Stop Tampa P olic e c harged a man with marijuana posses s ion and possessi o n with intent t o d eliv e r o r s a l e aft e r a traffi c stop Sunday night. Poli ce r e p o rt that an offi ce r stoppe d a v e hi cl e at F o w l e r and Club Drive f o r n o tag light. Whe n the o fficer approach e d the vehicle, h e r e p orte d m elling m a ri j uana. Othe r office r s responded and d e t a in e d the occ upant s o f th e ve hicl e A subsequ e n t sear c h o f th e vehic l e reveal e d 1 7 baggies of m a rijuana packaged f o r sal e, police sai d. Timothy J. S tewart, 27, TIMOTHY STEWART was charged in the offense a n d i s being held under a $4,000 bond. c a: u.. c z < Two Chicago Teens Found Dead, Naked On Railroad Tracks c CJ> Two Chicago teen were found dead after police ay 1-t hey were kidnapp d, stripped naked and hot xeW cution style. Gj Polic found the b di of c 17-. ar-old ant W ol m a n and 1--ycar-old J: en Ibitoye Olayinka lying :::J face down on railr ad m Authoriti believ th pair ::J n. wer kidnapped late unda Z night and thrown into th trunk of a car b for the :j d o u ble homicide. ::J B o th boys suffered multipl '9 gunsh o t w unds t o the head uj and back but po li ce h ave t z \nd I B ITOYE OL \ Y I :-;KA meon trunk into a ______________________ ____ w en <( c a: 0 ..J u. Courthouse Capers CURTIS THOMAS, 33, battery domestic violence DARRYL W ILLIAM 21, of burglary too RODNEY CHAIRES, 19 possession of burglary tools EDWARD WINTON 22., P<>S>Sel!i:si. on of a con trolled substa.n ce ANTHONY MOORE., 21, possession of burglary tools LAMONT MOORE, 31, possession of cocaine with intent to seD RICKY GREEN SS. posse:ssi on of cocaine 4th of July Holiday Collection Schedule I n oos.rvanu o the 4th of July Ho li day oo Mooday,Ju S 010 there wil l not be any residen al c oli on St'rvices induding ho\nehold rbage, yard waste recycling and ue box recycling services. Restd ntia l coiiKtlon services w1ll resume on your next regularty scheduled co IKti n d a Obs r eel Hot d ys: 0 UfVIc; PfOVkkd New Y, r s Day MLK Day Sprln D y (Good Friday) M mori IDa If the holldo fu son : Monday __. Thursday Tu sd y __. Friday Thursd y __. Mond y Frld y --+-Tu.td y


Classi-fied s NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEAR I NG As a result of being unable to eHect uat e certified mail notic e to v i olator s o f the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has sch eduled a publi c h e aring on Jul y 7 20 1 0 at 9: 0 0 a.m. to hear the below listed cases which are in violation of the City of Tamp a Code Information l is ted below des c ribe s the case number property owner{s) violation address, code section violated, and legal de s cription of subjec t property in that order Th e hearing will be held i n City Council Chambers 3rd Floor City Hall 315 E Kennedy Blvd., T ampa Florida AHected prop e rty owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations Should anyone hav e any questions re garding these cases please call the OHice of the City Clerk at {813) 274-7286 Please note that if any person decide s to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing they will n eed t o ensure a verbatim r ecord of the proceedings is made wh ich record includes the testimony and evidence upon wh ich the appeal is to be based CASE II 09-09220 M OORE, ZANDA C. 1020 E. C RENSH A W ST., TAMPA, FL SECT IONS: 1949 19-50 AND 19-231 EVELYN CITY LOT 217 170020 0000 CASE II 09-23865 WILLIAMS, VERONICA 3204 E FRIERSON AVE., TAMPA Fl SECTIONS : 1 9-47. 1949 1950, 1 9-232, 19-238. AND 19-231(15 ) BELMONT HEIGHTS LOT 14 BLOCK 4 155251 .0000 CASE I 09-23941 MINETT TODD RICHARD 10019 N. BROOKS ST., TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19-47 AND 1 9-50 CASTLE HEIGHTS 1ST ADDITION LOTS 39 AND 40 BLOCK K 1 143714 0000 CASE I 09-24692 ROBINSON RITA 1811 E. KNOLLWOOD ST., TAMPA FL SECTION : 19-50 AIVERBEND MANOR LOT 6 BLOCKW 149529 1000 CASE I 09-24865 HUNT RHONDA M., LIFE ESTATE HUNT PAUL LAVARDIS & BRANDEN R. 3213 N. 48TH ST., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 19 -231 UCETA PINES LOT 107 158195 0000 CASE I 09-24917 HUNT, RHONDA M., LIFE ESTATE HUNT, PAUL LAVARDIS 3213 N. 48TH ST., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 19-49 UCETA PINES LOT 107 158195 0000 C A S E II 09-25670 LAWRENCE O SCAR & LAWRENCE, KIMBERL Y MICHELLE 3401 E KNOLLWOOD ST TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 1946, 19-49 AND 19-50 RIVER GROVE ESTATES ADDITION LOT1 BLOCK 11 1 5 1334 0000 CASE II 09-2568.5 DAVENPORT CHRISTINE 8207 N 18TH ST., TAMPA FL SECTION 1949 HENDRY AND KNIGHTS ADDITION TO SULPHUR SPRINGS LOT 15 14958 2 0500 CASE I 09-25734 STARKS MELANIE & SISTRUNK GREGORY 3218 N 50TH ST., A/8, TAMPA. Fl SECTIONS : 19-49. 19 AND 1 9-234 UCETA PINES LOT4 158147. 0000 CASE I 09-26624 WALKER WILLIAM AND MARTHA 1511 E GIDDENS AVE., TAMPA Fl-SECTIONS : 19-49 1958. AND 27-124 SPERRY GROVE ESTATES REVISED PLAT LOTS 6 AND 7 BLOCK 5 157291.0000 CASE I 1()-()1158 REYNOLDS RICHARD 1732 E. LAMBRIGHT ST., TAMPA FL SECTION : 19 EMORY HEIGHTS LOT37 150874 0000 CASE I 1()-()1180 HENSLEY, SHEILA M. AND DE LA BARRA JORGE L. 8001 N 13TH ST TAMPA, FL SECTIO N : 19 49 SULPHUR SPR ING S ADDITION LOT 9 AND W 5 FT CLOSED ALL EY ABUTTIN G ON E BLOCK 58 146902 0000 CA S E II 1 Q-01483 CELESTIN, ACELLA 1015 E 24TH AVE. TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19-46 19 47. 1 9 1 9, AND 27 129 BELVEDERE PLACE LOT 3 BLOCK 3 1 86500 0000 CASE II HHl1491 DUBOIS, JACQUES F., AND ALLEN MICHAEL 4114 E. COMANCHE AVE., TAMPA FL SECTION : 19-49 BELMO T HEIGHTS 0 2. PB 12. PG 88 LOT 623 152474 0000 CASE I 1().{)1697 BALLESTER CARLOS 8418 N 9TH ST., TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19 SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDITION E 50FT OF LOT 10 AND E 50 FT OF N LOT 11 BLOCK 13 1 6325 5000 CASE I 1().{)1733 MENDOZA ANUEL 1013 E 15TH AVE .. TAMPA FL SECTION : 19 26 MERRIAMS LOT 6 BLOCK 2 AND N OF ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON 198296 0000 CASE I 1().{)1881 PRAMNARCE DAYWAN 8606 N 17TH ST., TAMPA Fl SECT ION : 19 OAK TERRACE REVI SED PLAT OF LOTS 289 AND 290 AND E Yi1 CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON 145684 0000 CASE I 1().{)1914 LOVETT, ADRIAN M. 1804 E. SlTKA ST., TAMPA FL SECT ION S : 19-49, 1 9 AND 1934 FER N CLIFF S 70 FT OF LOTS 93 AND 94 149826 0000 C ASE 111().{)1952 DAV ILA, JAVIE R 3703 N. 51ST ST., T A MP A F L SECTI ONS : 19-46, 19-49, 19 19-56 19231 AND 19-232 GRANT PARK LOT 14 BLOCK 8 158866 0000 CASE I 1 ().{)2045 MORAlS, TONYA A 6106 N 23RD ST., TAMPA FL SECnONS: 19-46 19-49. 19 AND 19 BROW MASO ADDITIO TO SEMINOLE HEIGHTS LOT 4 151380 0000 CASE I 1().{)2158 DEONARAIN DHARMA C., AND DEONARAIN SUSHILA 910 E.. WATERS AVE TAMPA Fl SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 19-56 SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDITIO LOT 18 BLOCK 14 AND E Yi1 CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTlNG THE REO 146339 0000 CASE I 1 ().{)2205 HOLLOWAY RONALD .. AND HOLLOWAY ROSALIND 6810 N 18TH ST., TAMPA FL SECnONS: 19-49 AND 19 RIVERBEND ANOR PART OF LOTS 11 AND 12 BLOCK 0 DESC AS FOL LOWS : FRO NE COR OF SAID LOT 12 RUN 2 ALG E BDRY LIN E OF SAID LOT 12 ALSO BEING W R/'N LINE OF N 18TH ST 1 35 95 FT FOR POB THN S 87 95 FTTO PT OF CURVE WITH RAO OF 6 .64 FT CHO BAG S 66 OEG W 12_1 0 FT TO PT OF REVERSE CURVE RUN THN ALG ARC OF CURVE WITH RAO OF 433 .09 FT CHO BAG N 5 OEG W 1 16 08 FT ALSO BEING NLY RIW LIN E OF HILLSIDE OR TO PT ON W BOAY OF SAID LOT I 11 RUN THN N 03 OEG E ALG W BORY OF LOT 1 1 40.42 FT RUN THN S 73 OEG E 109 .5 4 FTTO POB 149459 0000 NOTIC E OF REQU E ST FOR QUALIFI CATIO NS Hillsborough Community College is accepting submissions for the following: RFQ # 2545-10 ArchitecturaVEngineering Services Renovation/Remodeling of Select S paces Ubraryllearning Resources Building Ybor City Campus Due Date : 07/ 20 / 2010 before 1 :00 p .m For more i nformation p l ease visit our website at htlp:J/wwvd'Ccfl_ ed!Ndaoladmin--andfina.nceldepar1mentslpurchasing _aspx and d i ck on "Current So licitati ons." Ucensed fnsurance Agent (CS R) Desired Background Check And Drug Test Required Please Call (813) 31 o-8608 For Details New M i n istry Looking For Musician For Sunday Morning Worshi p 9 :00a.m.-10:45 a m Contact (813) 3oo-4415 Pastor Essie Sims (813) 900-0522 Deacon Theo Whttehead Adonal ed cal Staffing Executive Suite Next To Storage 1503 S. US Highway 301 Tampa F1 33619 (813) 712-4136 Fax (813) 938-4258 All 12 Hour Shifts AN Medsutge No Specialty $35 00 $44 00 AN Speci lti s 0.00 $48 00 LPN $25 .00 $30 .00 Need 1 CNAs For St Pete $13.00 CRTT 8.25 -. 00 ART $30 00 $36 00 PTA$33.25 PT -$5,. 00 c: m en 0 l < c... c: z m P\) f\) 0 ..... 0 ., r-0 ::73 0 )> en m z :j z m r-I aJ c: rr-m :j z "D c: aJ c rn % m 0 m < m ::73 < .... c: m en 0 )> z 0 ., ::73 0


0 ,... 0 N m N L1J 3 ..., 0 (/) w ::> .._ Cl a: u... Cl z Cl (/) L1J ::> .._ > a: L1J > w c w (/) ....J m ::> ll. z tj ....J ....J m ....J w z w (/) a: 0 ....J LL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING July 7, 2010 HEARING CONTINUED CASE # 1 0-02464 FREEMAN, FLOYD JR 6216 N 38TH ST., TAMPA FL 10--1 9 C RANDALL 'S ADD I T I O N TO BELMONT H E I G HT S S : L O T 1 1 AND N : LOT 1 5 1 52962.0 100 CASE# 10-02518 DBM OF TAMPA LLC C/0 REG AGENT RAJ J HARJANI 1202 E COLUMBUS DR. TAMPA, FL S E C TION S : 1 9-46. 19 AN D 1 9-50 ALA MEDA L O T 1 LESS PART FOR RD DESC AS BEG AT S W COR RUN N 11 FT SELY 50 09 FT TO PT ON E BDRY 8 FT N OF SE COR S TO SE COR AND WTO BEG AND S 1:> OF CLOSED ALLEY ABUTIING THEREON BLO CK 1 186991 0000 CASE II 10-02570 MEJIA, RAMON VIRGILLIO 1508 E WATERS AVE TAMPA, FL SECTION S : 19-50 AN D 19-47 OAK TERRA C E REVI SED PLAT OF LOTS 53 AND 54 AND S '-: CLOSED A LLEY ABUTIING THEREON 14 5 596.0000 CASE I 10-02599 WART1COVSCHI JUDITH 8422 N. SEMMES ST., TAMPA FL SECTION S : 1 9-46. AND 1 9-49 OAK TERRACE REVI SE D PLAT OF LOTS 71 AND 72 AND E CLOSED ALLEY ABUTIING THEREON 145605.0000 CASE # 1 0-02620 CASE # 1 0-03769 RODRIGUEZ JORGE BULLOCK, VALERIE 9409 N. 13TH ST., TAMPA FL 3109 E. 24TH AVE SECTIO N 1 9 -2:33 TAMPA FL FAIIl V IEW TERilACE SECT I ONS 104fj LOr t.l OLOC I < :3 A N D 1 0-232 0000 LITTLE C UBA LOT 1 BLOCK 2 CASE II 1 0 027 5 5 BROWN LORETTA AND BROWN JAMES 1504 E SEWAHA ST., AlB, TAMPA FL SECTION : 1 9-23 1 FAIR V IEW TERRACE LOT 9 BLOCK 1 3 147 174 0 1 00 CASE II 1 O-Q3296 HILAIRE, REGINA 8615 N 16TH ST TAMPA FL SEC TION S 1 49. AND 1 9 23 4 OAK TERRACE REVI S ED PLAT OF LOT S 2 1 1 AN D 2 1 2 A D w I CLOS D AL LEY AB Til G THEREON 1-15 53 0000 CASE II 1 CHJ3298 LOCKLY ERNEST ESTATE OF 4217 E CLIFTON ST TAMPA FL S ECTION S 1 9-56. A D -232 CLIFTON PARK UNIT 2 LOT 1 BLOCK 1 1 52946 1 002 CASE II 1 0-0 3 53 1 RANDALL, REGINALD 0 3008 E 28TH AVE., TAMPA FL SECTION : 19 49 19 AND 19-56 JACKSON HEIGHTS LOT 9 BLOCK 1 3 173848 0000 CASE I 1 0-03664 W1LCOX, LINDA 922 E 14TH AVE. TAMPA Fl SECTIONS: 19-46 AND 19-49 FRANKLI N PLACE S 160 FT OF E 79 FT OF LOT 1 BLOC K 1 1 98397 .0000 1 7 < 1 792.0000 CASE II 10 04518 ROBINSON ROBERT L. 1702 E BIRD ST., TAMPA FL SECT ION 1 9-23 4 HENDRY AND KNIGHT S ADDITION TO S ULPHUR SPRif'.JGS LOTS 113 A ND 114 A ND W Y2 C L OSED ALLEY ABUTII NG THEREON 14 65 4 0000 CASE II 1 O-Q4584 FRANCIS DELROY 1218 E PALIFOX ST.. TAMPA FL S E CT I O S 1 4 9 A D 1 -2 3 EBRA SK A HEIGHTS LOTS 2 A D 22 BLOCK A D S ': CLOSED ALL E Y ABUTII G THEREO CASE II H H )5479 M ARIANI. MARK AND MARIANI. KATHRYN 8003 N KLONOYKE ST., TAMPA FL S E CTIO S 1 -50 A D J 7 SULPHUR SPRI GS ADDIT IO LOT 8 BLOCK 59 AND W CLOSED ALLEY ABUTIING THEREON 146917. 0000 CASE I SANCHEZ. ERIC M 8007 N KLONOYKE ST TAMPA FL SECTIONS: 19-49 19-50. AND 19 SULPHUR SPRINGS ADDinON LOT6 BLOCK 59 AND W OF CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTING THEREON 1 46915. 0000 INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT S AID HEARIN G SHIRLEY FOXXKNOWLES CITY CLERK HOMES FOR SALE/RENT DUPLEXES APARTMENTS ROOMS FOR RENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, LEASE OPTIONS ETC. CONTACT LaVORA@ (813) 248-1921 Fax To: (813) 248-9218 Or E-mail: ledwards@flsentinel.com w TO ADVERTISE IT IN THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN HILLSBOROUGH TRANSIT AUTHORITY IFB-5346CG SPRUCE STREET SIDEWALK Th e Hill sbo r o ugh T ransit Authority (HART) will be accepting Bid s f o r materials. equipment and labor necessary to install ap pr oxi mately 2 200 feet of sidewalk on t he South s ide o f Spruce Street. The BID doc uments will be availabl e for download from HART' s website at www goHA R T.org after 11 : 00 A M on Wednesday, June 24 2010 The docu me n t s will be l ocated under t he Business O pportunities se c tion All inqu i r i es pertai n ing t o the Sta t e m en t o f W ork o r any quest i ons i n r eference t o the B i d mus t be d i rected i n writing to : Rut h S ampedro Contract Speci a l i st H illsborough Transit Author i t y 4305 East 21st Avenue Tampa Florida 33605 ( 813 ) 449-4619 or e-mail at sampedror@goHART.org. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES B.f.QUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS H1llsbor ough C o unty w ill rece i ve sealed b i d s and/or proposal s for 1 e olio un til he sta ed date and t i me when th e y w ill b e pu 11cl op ened JULY 27 2010-5 : 00 P M RPs-S-Q235-0-2010/LP MISCELLANEOUS PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SERVICESSMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (SBE) SET ASIDE Th1s pro1ec t 1 s subjec t to the prov1 s ton s of th e Htlls borough County Small B usmess Enterp n se ( SBE) Program and has been set-asi de for b i dd in g by H ill sboroug h County regis1ered SBE finns only B ids trom finns not registered by H ill sborough County as an SBE wi ll not be accepted lnfonnation on these and oth e r Req u ests for Bids along WTth Bid/Proposal results m a y b e accessed at www. h ill sboroughcounty orgfprocuremen tservices M i nority and women owned finns will be afforded a fu ll opportunity t o participate i n th ese m atters and w ill not be subject to discrim i nation on the basis of race sex, color or na ti ona l o ri gin Questions regarding the above projects may be di rected to H illsborough County Board of Commissi oners Department of P rocurement Se rvices 601 E. K ennedy Blvd., 18th A., County Center T ampa Aori da 33602 ( 813 ) 272-5790 duri ng regular bus i ness hours H It S Swansons' Toot Company PRECISION MACHINING TOOUNG ENGINEERING CNC Programmer -Leading-edge Defense & Aerospace contract manufacturing company has a position for a qualified Programmer with 5-1 0 years experience programming complex precis!on machined components Must have demonstrated knowledge of tooling fixture design aerospace materials and CAD /CAM systems. Salary commensurate with capability Email resume to human resources O hsswansons..com fax to 72 7 -388-()765 or apply to : H & S Swansons Tool Co. 9000 68th Street North Pinellas Park, Fl 33 7 82 DFWEOE/AA


HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PROCUREMENT SERVICES REQUESTS FOR BIDS AND/OR PROPOSALS Hillsb orough County will r e c eive sea l ed bids and / or proposal s f or the following, until the stated da t e and tim e when the y will b e pub licly opened. JULY 14 2010 2:00 P M ITB-P-0230-0-201 0/JM BEARINGS Information on these and other R eques t s for Bids along with B id/ Proposal results may be access e d at www hillsboroughcounty org / procurementservices. This I S a H illsborough County Governm e ntal Pur c hasing Council B1d. M inority and women owned firms will be afforded a full opportunity to partic i pate in thes e matters and will not be subject t o discr imi nat i on on the basis of race, sex, color or national origin Quest ions regarding the above projects may be directed to H illsborough County B oard of Commiss i oners Department of Procurement Services, 601 E Kennedy Blvd 18th Fl.. C o unty Center Tampa Florida 33602 (813) 272 5790 dunng r e gu l ar business hours Avon Representatives Needed All Areas! Call 813-832-4282 Or E-mail Work From Home Easy Work Great Pay For Deta ils Send $5.00 & Self Addressed Stamped Envelope To : Brenda James P.O. Box 292295 Tampa, FL 33687 3 Bath Condo Washer / Dryer Hook -up Community Pool Section 8 Only Contact Teasee (813) 5()6..4394 emple Terrace Ralntree Condo 2/2 Free Cable TV Water, Garbage Paid Tenn is Court Swimming Pool $800.00/Monthly $800.00/Deposlt (813) 385-2298 Town Home 3 Bedroom/2 5 Bath 1 Car Garage Fenced Back Yard Section 8 Accepted $1 .1 00 00/Monthly Call (813) 956-5607 2 Bedroom/1 Yl Bath Townhouse Rent To Own Or Own For Less Than Rent Small Down Payment Owner Fin ncing Bert (813) 96g...3970 Sec1ion 8 Welcome 3 Bedroom/1 Bath WDH CHA $800 .00 /Monthly Alto Available 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Efficiency Call (813) 293-8431 Lease Option Single Family Homes 3 Bedrooml2 Bath CHA, WOH 8 Bedrooml2 Bath WDH Fenced Section 8 W e l come Bert (813) 969-3970 FOR AEN Gann & Gann Rentals Call For R e nt (813) 229-8696 Or (813) 373-2515 2129 Main Street 2909 Jefferson Street Apartm en t 806 Floribraska Ave. R oom For R ent South Tampa 4 Bedroom/2 Bath Condo 2 B edroom/2 Bath Town -N-Country 3 Bedroom/2 Bath P ool Large Fenced Corner Lot CHA Section 8 Ok (813) 949-3482 2409 19th Avenue 2 Bedr oom/ 1 Bath H ouse For R e nt E l ecl nc, Water And Cable Included 3 Bed roo m s/2 Bath CHA Fenced Yard WDH $1. 100 onthly $1 000 00/Depos r t Or Section 8 3 Bedroom Voucher Will Ne ot i ate (813) 900-6926 Progress VIllage 8315 East Dahlia Avenue 4 Bedroom/1 Bath Big Uving Room/Bedroom s WDH CHA 985 00/Monthly $700 00/Deposit Call (813) 789-0760 Exeitllent Locatton 3503 East 11th Av nu 2 Bedroom/1 8 th All Appll nce s AJC, W as her Hook up And More All This On A Large Shaded lot $600 00/Monthly Drive By Mutt Show Proof Of Income HOMES FOR REN RENTTO OWN Mov e-In R eady! Call Bridgette 813-221-4457 Several Homes Available For Rent 2 5 Bedroom s Starting AI $595 00 / Monthly Investors Choice Realty 727 -58Q-9184 Single Family Home For Rent 4 Bedrroms/1 Bath $1 200 00/Monlhly $500 00 / Security Deposit Section 8 Ready Call (813) 451-9201 99th Avenue 4 / 2 Fenced Yard Central AJC S 1 250 00 onthly $600 00/Depos i t Sect i on 8 Welcome Call ( 813 ) 69Q-3320 Ybor C tty Area 1903 East 17th Avenue 2 Bedroo 1 Bath Utility Room Den WDH CHA, Fenced $750 onthly (813) 242-Q816 (813) 919-2341 rant Park Freshly Painted Tile Aoors Throughout 1 ,200. 00/Monthly Negotiable Plus Deposit Section 8 Welcome (813) 31o-o1n 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom Or4 Bedroom 650-$1,050 Per Month N ew r Kitch n App li nc s Baths Central Ai r Mos t Have Washer/Dryer Hookups Section 8 Vouchers OK Most Pets OK Av aila ble -So S TOd yl Call Patrick 813 .. 254-5338 Progress Village Completely Remodeled 3 Bedro om/ 2 Bath Home Corner Lot Completely Fen ced Sect ion 8 Welcome $ 1 175 00 / Monthly Ben (813) 843-8859 11.14 f) 41 ;8 ; 1 i: i I Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit 3 Bedroom/1 Ba th Central Heat/A i r Washer / Dryer Hook-up Near Everything Call (813) 546-7782 Ybor Ctty 2912 East Columbus 212 Apartment $850 00/Monthly With Washer/Dryer Updated Very Nice Section 8 Welcome Jacob Real Estate Broker (813) 258-3200 Senior Housing Rent Based On lnoome Mary Walk.er Apartments 4 912 East Unebaugh Ave. Tampa FL 33617 Accepting App li cations For A One Bedroom Unit Office Hours Monday Friday 8a.m.-4p .m. (813) 985--8809 OFACE (813) 988-3663 FAX marywalker verizon .net (813) 876-7223-Hispanic Servioes, a non-profit agency that provides translations.. 1-80()..955.8771 (TTY) 1-80()..955.8773 (SPANISH) Sponsored By: The Tampa Jewi h Federation ADVERTJSaiENT CONTACT LA \ORA (113) HB-11121 FOR DETAILS ON PlACING l'OUR ADVERTJSSIEHT ----i c m C/J 0 c... c z m 1\:) _

0 ,.... 0 N 0') N w z :::> ..., 204112 East Selma Ave. 2 B e droom Ap a rtm e nt s St a rting @ $ 49 9 00 W a t e r Inc lud e d 0 1 Bedroo m / 1 B ath Up s t a ir s Gar age 0 a: u.. 0 z <{ 0 (/) w :::> 1-> a: w > w c w :I: (/) ...J CD :::> Cl. z tu -1 -1 :::> m -1 w z i= z w (/) -a: 0 -1 u.. 0 N w a: A par tment $500 .00 / Monthl y $50 0 / Deposi t Available I mmediately Sec t ion 8 A ccepted Call (813) 786 8670 30151h N Sanchez St. (Off 21st Avenue) Cozy 1 Bedroom Rear Apartment $500 00 / Monthly $200 00 / Deposit Includes W / S / G 1 Off 1st Month R en t Ca ll ( 813 ) 7 0 4-3 370 Un i v e rsit y Area Loft Apart m e nt Gated Community Swimming Pool Laundry Fac ility And More $450 00/Monthly Move-In Spec ial C all ( 8 13) 318-1523 Very Spac ious 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Apartment $550 00 onthty $500 00/Depos i t WDH ,NC New Tile/Carpel D i scount On Cable C a ll ( 8 13) 298-2499 Firs t M onth Free SSO .OO M ove I n Excellent Rental History Requ i r ed 2 Bedroom/1 Bath W r lh Central Station Alar m 21 04 # 8 W Be a ch S t ree t $.550. 00/Monthly Security Deposi t Of $300 00 Can Be Paid At $50 00 Per Month For 6 Months (813) 238-635 3 On Sit e L a undry Call 813-975-0258 Available Imm ediately" 1 Bedroom Apartment Utilit ies Included $579 00 P er Month Age 62+ EHO C a ll (813) 870 1830 Ext. 22 (TIY} 1 800-9 558 77 1 N APFE Towers Sen1or Hous1ng 1 B edroom Rent Based On Income Close To Shopping Centers Pub lic Transportation Security P a tr ol W a ter / S e wer fT rash Inc l u ded 813.9 77. 1 6 6 3 TTY 7 1 1 Apartment For The Elderly P l ant C ltyT o wers & P l ant City Living Center Appllc tion Avail bl At : 103 W h o n e y St. PI n t C i ty FL 33563 Or 405 E D mon St. Plant City FL 33563 One Bedroom A p t Rent Based On Income 8 a m -4 p m (813) 752-5116 (TIY) 1-800-955-8771 ED ... Place Your Ad Online With The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Contact LaVora @ (813) E -mail: I edw ards@ flse ntin el.co m La rge 1 Bed r oo m V ery C l ean Move I n Specia l $200 00 Ott 1st M ont h $5 00 00 / Monthly W / S / G I ncluded Renta l Refer e nces Requir e d (813) 267 4488 Sulphur Springs Nice, B eau t iful N ewly Rem odeled 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment $550 00 / Monthly $250 00 / Depos i t W a t er Included C all (813} 298-8245 AFFORDABLE LIVING For SE IORS 55+ ear Downtown Great Views From $398 on hly Ullhlles Inc l uded 813 253-2868 MondayFriday 8 :00am4 :00pm Busch Gardens A rea BAD CRED IT? No Problem FREE APPLICATION II ew ly R e n ova ted 1 Bed roo 1 Bath w A p h ance s N e w Ce1li n F a n s SS25. on t h l y W ter Trash Included II Very Lo Depos1t1 813-244--4551 M anhatta n P ace 4 0 33 South M anhatta n Tamp a FL 33611 Currently A ccepting Appli c tions For Studios 1 Bedroom And H a nd ic pp d A ce sible Ap rtm nts With S ctlon 8 Subsidy Rent B s d On lncom (813) 831 7115 TTY 1-800-95S-8n1 Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit 3 Bed r oom/ 1 B ath Centra l Heat/ A ir Washe r / D ryer Hook-up Near Everything Call (813) 546 7782 Duplex For Rent Near Busch Blvd. Clean 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Section 8 Welcom e Ca ll ( 813 ) 628-8169 S ecti on 8 Duplex OUiet 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Washer / Dryer Fenced Yard 1919 E 137th Ave $650 00/Monthly C all ( 8 1 3 ) 956-5607 S ecti on 8 Only 4 Bed room/2 Bath Duplex 1 ce Area DH. CHA e Pamt T 1le F l oo r s SO Depos i t Ca ll John ( 813 ) 78-'9--38 7 9 Duplex Fo r Rent Near Busch Btvd C l ean 2 Bedroo 1 Bath $5 7 5 onthty P l us Depos i t Sec hon 8 elcome Call ( 813) 628-8169 Tampa H e ghts Dup lex 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Washeli ryer Hoo -up 00 Plus S curity D posit C a ll ( 8 13) 2 249040 Sulphu r Sp r ngs S ction 8 Welcome roo 1Bth I D po it N Phon (813 ) 72 8 751 0 (813 ) 453 -3741 Section 8 Only 0 Deposit A c c e pting 2 & 3 Bedroom Voucher s Lar ge 3/1 CHA WDH New P aint -Qui e t A r e a (813) 789-3879 6214 48th StreetApartment #A 2 Bedr oom/ 1 Ba th Du p l e x Centr a l Hea t A n d A ir W a sher/ Dry er H o o k-Up Call (813) 626-0331 Section 8 Welcome 3 Bedroom Dup lex Clean NC, New Pa int Tile W I D Hook-Up $850 00/Monthly 8304 Mulberry Apt # B No Depos i t ( 813 ) 238-6100 2 Bedroom Dup lex WDH Tile F l ooring CA&H P aid Water And Sanrta tion 1 0009 # A N 14th Street (Off Linebaugh) Sec tion 8 YES $700 00/Monthty $350.001Secu ri ty Call(813 ) 986-3205 ( 813 } 31()-8598 D u p l exes North Tampa 2 Bedroomtt Bath $575 onthly $400 .001Deposit 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 700 on I $500 eposit Tile Throughout CHA Ava il a e o Section 8 ccepted 8 1 3-8 7 6-4582 A m For A nt Pn t Bath m h red Kitch n And Living A m 120 00 175 .00 oe i t V n can (813) 545-S139


West Tampa Rooms For Rent Newly Remodeled Full Kitchen Furnished $80 00 $100.00 Weekly + Deposit Call (813) 476-87 48 New Tampa Area Private Room And Bath Male Preferred $500.00/Monthly Includes Utilities No Smoking Or Drinking Call (813) 988-4575 Clean Rooms In Ybor City Includes All Utilities And Cable From $1 00.00/Weekly Or $400 00 / Monthly $100 00/Deposit Call 813-245-1998 West Tampa South Of 1-275 Near Armen ia Furn i shed $100 .00-$125 00/Weekly Includes All Utilities Cable & Personal Fri dge CaJI (813) 545-8074 Furnished Rooms For Ren1 Single Perso n Free Gable A/C And Heat $100 00 Per Week No Deposit Call (813) 562-3848 Rooms For Rent Near Ybor City Clean Quiet Air Conditioned Older Adults Preferred $99 00/Weekly Call (813) 516-1559 Or (813) Fair Grounds Area Furnished, Cable Washer/Dryer CHA Close To Bus Lines Utilities Paid (8 13) Nice Neighborhood Large Furnished Room Private Entrance And Private Bath Older Male Preferred Call (813) 238-7034 Large $125.00/Weekly $125.00/Deposlt Small Room $115.00/Weekly $115 .00/ D eposi t Older adults Preferred Must Be Employed Or Receiving Benef its No Drugs Or Kids Allowed 813-431 1310 SIMPLY TAX Our Tax Season Never Ends And Neither Does Yours Twelve Months Of Preparing Returns Respond1ng To IRS Notices Amend ing Returns Filing W 7 App lications Or You Name It! Our Pr ofessional Accountant Works Directly Wrth The IRS To Reduce Penalties And Rnes Our Customers Include Individuals, Bus inesses And Independent Contractors Give Us A C II Tod yl (813)333-6773 3502 N. N braska Avenue Tampa, Ff 33603 Sales & Service New & Used Financing Available Call (813) 238-7884 Uc 11815130 Complete Air Conditioning & He tlng Service On All Makes And Models Call (813) 620-1866 UC iCAC 18144e5 The AIC Man Repairing All Makes And Models Of Central And Window Air Conditioners Free Service Call With Repair (813) 874-COOL 2665 Lie RA 13067455 $5001 Pollee Impounds! Honda's, Chevy's, Acura's Toyota s Etc From $500! For Listings Call 8()()-.366-9813 Ext 3695 SO Down! Cars From $29.00/Monthly! 36 M onths @ 8 5 % APR Police Impounds For Listing Call 80D-366-9813 Ext K456 New A.nd U ed Automobiles We Rnance Everyone Gets Approved SSOO.OO Down Call Domonlc Lewis (813) 1-aoo-.n4-2004 Exten ion 35 Is Hav i ng A Party Or Event ? Hug Discount umited nme Offer" B I ving And ReceMng Sanqu t H lis (813) 389-0852 Or (813) 443-5565 Twin Full Ou n King Sunk Beds $60. 00 $65. 00 $75. 00 $110. 00 & Up 150 00 C II (813) 31o-o991 Work From Home Easy Work Great Pay For Details Send $5.00 & Self Addressed Stamped Envelope To: Brenda James P.O. Box 292295 Tampa, FL 33687 9; 111;(9; I g.] ;(Ji i Jl Church For Sale Temple Terrace Near USF Centrally Located Exceptional Well Maintained Multi-Purpose Can Be Used As Daycare Church Temple 4 100 + SF, 0 .84 Acre 50+ Parking Lots With Access From Front And Rear Of Property Zoned RSC-6 $359 000 OBO REA Welcome (727) 481-7924 (813) 454-9437 Ronshal s Home Access.o rtes Sulphur Sprtngs 1304 East Busch Blvd. (Busch & 13th) Great Prices Starting At 1 00 Brand : Name Clothes Shoes A ccessories Etc For The Entire Family Spend $20 00 Receive Free G i ft Paternity Test We Come To Youl A ults In 3 Days L I Or Person Ill sting P ym nt PI n 24Hour S rvic Mond y -turd y DLM..,DNA Ti tlng rvlc (813) 928-2753 Residential And Commercial Complete Electrical Service Breaker Panels And Receptacles Lights, Outlets Service Upgrades Call Rufus Electric Contracting (813) 348-6148 Lie .-ER13013733 SW Model60 Sta inl ess Steel 357 Cal 3 Barrel NIB $585 00 R i fle Rugger .44 Mag Sem i Automatic $595 00 Call (813) 863-4107 W.S. F Enterprises (813) 369-2480 Remode lin g Repairs E l ectrical P lum b in g Drywa ll, S tucco, Roofing Construction C l eanups Hauling And ore Res i dentia l & Commercial Uc IOGC061605 -i c: m CJ) c l< r_ c: z m 1\) 1\) 0 ..... 0 r 0 ::D CJ) m z ::f z m r:m c: r r z "0 c: m r u; ::t m c m < m ::D < -i c: m C/) c ,. z C ::D IWlliiiiiM'htIMII g Need Health Care? Pre-Exis 'ng Condition? ..... All .Accepted..,.. Hi h Blood Pressure Di bete Ca r Arthritis Pregnancy Affordable Monthly Payments (813) (81 3)


0 ..-0 N m N w z :J .., > w c w en :::i m ;::) Q. z ffi -I -I ;::) m Insurance Plus Need A Break On Insurance ? Get Licensed R einstated As Low As $119.00 Renew Tag Or Sticker For $58.99 We Also Offer SR22 And FR44 Title Service (813) 988-2857 (813) 310-8608 Junk Cars We Buy Junk Cars Trucks And Vans Call(813)784-8339 We Buy Junk Cars And Trucks CALL J R. (813) 966-3501 :yMore We Buy Junk Cars $250 .00-$1,000 00 Mentio n This Ad For An Extra $20.00 24f7 Free Towing (813} 41().()()61 Paying Top Dollar $500 .00 Minimum You Called The Rest Now Call The Bestl subject To Vehicle Condition Don't Delay Call Today (813) 362-6635 For Junk Cars Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We Pick Up Any Junk MetaVAppliances For FREEl 7 Days A Week (813) 695-2438 SUPPORT THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN ADVERTI ERS W.S.F Enterprises (813) 369-2480 (813) 919-0161 L andscapi ng Zeroscape Sodding, Tree Jobs Plants Sprinkl ers. Hauling Cleanups Lie IICGC061605 We Do Best For Less" MAC DADDY Lawn Service And Complete CleanUp We Haul : Debris Limbs And Furniture Phone (813) 245-9761 Offlces For Profe:salonal Service Busines.a 500 SF Suite $445 00/Monthly $400 00/Depos i t Utilities Not Included 7901 N. Nebraska Ave. On Hillsborough River Banquet Halla Having A Party Or Event? Huge Discount umited Time Offer" Believing And Receiving Banquet Halla (813) 389-0852 Or (813) 443-5565 S & H Painting & Contracting Complete Home Rep irs Experienced Staff Licensed Electricians Carpenters Roofing, See Joba www.shpalntingcontracting.com Harvey (813) 412 lneurtdlllct 1 "701 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling Carpentry Room Additions Roofing Drywall Plumbing Ceramic Tile Sidewalks Patios & Hauling Call Eli (813) 325-4643 Lie #022650 Da Best Restaurant Delicious Food At Recession Prices Da Best Restaurant Presents ... $1.99 Breakfast Eggs Grits Choice Of Meat(s}, B iscuit Or Toast You' ve Tried The Rest Now Try Da Besr 5803 40th Street (813) 374-2323 Why Pay $70 00 $100 00 To Un l ock Your Car? Just Pay $15 .00 Cash Onty Call Me (813) 507-4016 Quid< Weave Relaxer Up Do $50.00 Micros Tree Bra i ds Sew In Kinky Twist $100.00 l:lcensed Professional Braid r Kinky Twist $45 00 All Braid Styles 2 5 00/Up Oreads/Retwist $35 00 Body Plaits $55.00 Ash Bones With Knots $35 00 Serloua Call ra Only (813)325-7666 A Woman's Worth Hair Studio 1043 West Busch Blvd. (813) 374-0361 *Relaxer Special* $55 00 Relaxer/Wrap Quick Weave Caps By Tasha www.awomansworthhalnstudlo.com Braids By Serina Call(813)495-0649 Micro s $90. 00 Braids With Bun $30. 00 Sewlns $50. 00 Long Plaits $100.00 Body Plaits $75.00 Bobs $60.00 Ucensed Professional 4TH Of Juty Special Micro s Onty $100.00 Weave (Whole Head) $50.00 Calf Lorraine A Licensed Professk>nal (813) 817..&063 1921 E. Fletcher Across From Krystal's Next To Jerk Pit Michelle 0 Gallery Beauty Salon 648 Oakfield Drive (813) 300-0404 Servtclng Brandon Valrico And S&tfner s 45.00 $45.00 $100 .00 $ 15 .00 Speclal Relaxer Up Do Sew-Ins Or Rece i ve 40 Off Service Wh n You Bring A Friend Oth r Services Available p Micros Short Hair Micros Long Hair $85 Kinky Twists $65 Box Plaits $40 We

M THEA GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayers And Gives Luck! Don't be discouraged i f others have failed. I can help you overcome bad luck, evil influences spells unatural conditions surrounding you. Has your loved one changed? Are you in distress? Wha tever the problem I can help in one visit satisfcation! CALL ME TODAY! 813-677-2971 4927 83rtl Street Free 30 Days Home Phone Service For Public A ssisted Hous e hold s 813 546-2692 813-222-0195 Across From McDonalds At MLK & Central Get Collect Calls Orient Road & Faulkenburg Jail On Your Cell Phone Only $2.25 Per Call V\1 1-1 I D [) E N B R Vv N I, 1 \ I I ORN I y \1 I,\\\' \\1\\\l 1\\\f'.\ riminaJ D P onaJ Injury 813)272-2200 Protect Your Furniture With Plastic Coverings Custom M ade For Chairs Living Ro om And Dining Room Furniture Free Estimates (813) 223-2834 (813) 468-7074 Home Weddings R ecept ion s Or Renew Vows Accommodations Up To 50 Guests Betty Coleman Wedding Hostess (813) 90{}-{)671 Or {813) 228-9576 lfi.'N ;1 1 ; ;'N ff1 I: [ Angel Ferguson' s Word Processing We Specialize In Tools To Enhance Your Bus i ness Bus in ess Cards Brochures Business Forms Etc www.angelfergusonwordprooessing.rom 813/23D-7134 For All Your Legal Or Classified Advertising Needs Contact LaVora @ (813) 248-1921 c: m (J) c c.. c: z m I\) c.o I\) 0 _. 0 r-0 JJ c > (J) m z z m r-1 Ill c: rrm z c: Ill c en ::z: m 0 m < m '::0 < c: m fJ) 0 ,. z 0 JJ 0


0 ,_. 0 N O'l N w z :::::> """) Cl (/) w :::::> t-c a: LL. c z < c C/) w i:C w > w c w :I: C/) ::::; m ::) a.. z ti ...1 ...1 :::::> m w z w C/) < c a: 0 ...1 LL. BUSINESS DIRECTORY I AUT0 ACClDENT HELPLINE GEORGE E. SHAW BAIL BONDS Hillsborough County (813) 391-2493 Polk County 328 Dorsett Avenue ( 863 ) 678-0772 Lake Wales FL 33853 .... ,. ,_ .. _.. .. ) "CALL RICKY" AUTO ACCIDENT HELPLINE: Injured? Need a Doctor? Lawyer? CALL RICKY Or Ema il : callrickywilliams@gmail.com Available 24 HrsJOay FREE Consulal!on LARMON FURNITURE wwwJarmontumitwe.com We Rnance Everyone* o Credit ecessary Why Rent When You can o For Less? Two Locations .,;;;;;;;;;;;iiiiiiiiiiiij;iiiiiiiiiiiij;iiiiiiiiiiiij;iiiiiiiiii-4 Ybor City -1324 E. 7'lb Aw. lj & O:lrrw Ollfh 1 4Jh St O:lrrw & I*IWy 813-247--4711 813-249--8600 \ 'IW\' I Iarmonfurmlure com .. ... \'" -.. -. "f'':


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