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Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
n Vol. 65, no. 90 (July 2, 2010)
Tampa, Fla. :
b Florida sentinel Pub. Co., Inc.
July 2, 2010
African American newspapers
African Americans
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
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t Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
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Celebrating 65 Years In The Tanzpa Bay Area ........... ree SEE STORY ON PAGES 3-A & 23-A PEACE BAPTIST CELEBRATES PASTOR S ANNIVERSARY Peace Missionary Baptist Church celebrated the second anniversary of Pastor Albert Gallmon and Mrs. Wilma Gallmon. There were s everal guest participants. Rev and Mrs. Gallmon are shown with family members. left to right are : Rev Gallmon, their daughter. JoAnna, Mrs. Wilma Gallmon, Mrs. Betty Gallmon and Rev Gallmon's uncle, Deacon Isaac Gallmon. (Photo by Julia Jackson) Diab tic Episode Leads To Crash SEE PAGE 4-A Comedian To Ho t Workshop SEE PAGE 13-A Reality Host VotiD Ends Saturday SEE PAGE 3-A ifricatz tick is straight n d tvhil still young. iiiiif


0 c; Features N women suner Consequences In Police Slavings BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor ff: During th e las t 12 yea r s, 3 Tamp a women hav b e n l inked t o the d ea th s of six police offi cers killed in th e lin e of du ty. In tw o of the case th eir male counterparts have e nd ed th e ir own liv s, leaving the wom e n to uffi r the con equ n c of th e ir actions. In the third incident, the male uspect i the s ubj ec t of an int ense, nationwide man hunt. Early Tue d ay morning, 22year-o ld Cortnee Nicole Brantley b came th third woman in thi growing trend At app roximat ely 2 :15 a.m., Tue day Officer David Curtis co nduct ed a routine traffic stop on a 1994 red Toyota Camry becau the t ag wa not vi ible M Brantley was th driver and Donta Morris, 24, was th p nger Th r t opped a t th e inte rs ctio n of 50th tr t and 23 rd Ave nu e B o th Ms. Brantley a nd Morris provided Officer Curtis, 31, with their co rr ect ide ntifi caC t ion A warrants check r eveal d a: that an active warrant for Moru.. c z < c C/) w ::l > a: w > w c w J: C/) ::J m ::l z tu _, _, ::l m ..:, w z ris was in th e compu t r Officer Jeffrey Kocab, 31, wa called a bad-up th officers att mpted to ar M orris on th warrant, h i alleged t o hav pulled a h a nd gun and fatally hot th offi rs in th b d. er th h ting. M wa also r cov r d and im pou nded Aft r 7 h ours of int rrogation, M s Brantley wa rei ased However h e can s till be charged. Other w C/) Automobile Accidents < c a: 0 _, u.. All Serious Injury Claims Wrongful Death Nursing Home Abuse Medical Malpractice Slip & Falls abu e in th d ath of h r son who di d at the hands of her b yfriend, Hank Earl Carr. h won't b released from prison until 2016. Ms. Bowen' son, 4-year-old Joey Benn tt., was brought to a Tampa Fir tation on the morning of May 19, 1998 The child h d n hot in the h d. h told officials it n acrid ntal hooting involving her boyfri nd Hank Earl Carr. The child died and Carr flee!. He"' caugh t a nd t.ak n t o the police tation for question ing D tectiv Ricky hilde.rs and Randy Bell t ook arr back t o walk throu gh the ne of th e hooting rr' hands" re uffed in front a h rode in th back of CORTNEE BRANTLEY .. Could po ibly face criminal charg jacked a Ford Ranger. Carr drove north on I -275 into P asco County and exited on State Road 54-He saw Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Jam Crooks on the exit ramp. Carr walked up to Trooper Crooks and shot him as he talked to his supervisor. Carr drove to Hernando County, where be took the clerk hours, Carr r eleased the ho stage unharmed and committed s ui cide. Three yea r s later, on July 6, 2001, Officer Lois Marrero clied while chasing two bank rob bery suspects into an apartment complex. Officer Marrero, 40, was a 19-year veteran of the Tampa Police DepartmenL The couple, identified as Nester DeJesus and his girl friend Paula Guiterrez, ran into the apartment complex where DeJesus shot Officer Marrero, ambush style. He and Guiterrez ran into an apartment and took a hostage The standoff en ded when DeJesus committed suicide. M.s. Guiterrez, who was 24 at the time, was arrested and charged with first degree murder. She is currently serving a life sentence at Lowell Correctional Institution P lice S8ek Brother Of Murder So ect Th Tampa P olice Department are currently searching for Dwayne Daniel Callaway for questioning They would like t o talk t o him about his brother Dontae Morris. Morris 24 is currently the ubject of a nation "id manhunt. He wanted for the murders of Tampa Police Offi David Curtis and Jeffrey K b \\ re fatally wounded after a traffic rris was th p n er. Morris al-th y a t1empted to arrest him DWATh"'E DANIEL CALLAWAY n n u tanding' rrant for misdemeanor' ;orthl check. I a \\ 21, is also wanted for two coun of violation of proba tion (dom tic batt ery). The Law Office Of Angela B. Wright, 0 sotiMCANORS AOGitESSIVE IIIOllON PRACllCE 80HO HEAMtOS WMRANTS I VtOI.A110NSJlJCEHSE $USf'EHSK)HS. PROBAllON vtOLAllONS 1 CERllFIED EXPERT CRrMINAL TRIAL AITORNEY 300 Fl. S (813) 277-0068 "* ........ "* "* "* .. State Representative Betty Reed Reelected Unopposed Thank Youl Thank Youl Thank You I I m hum led b our loy I support and trul hono d to h e th opportunity to contlnu re enting ou i n 2 011 and 2 0 12. u for


Ms. Renee Roundtree, Ms. Wislande MRose" Louis-Paul Dodson, and Ms. Delores Keen are shown standing beside the m emorial honoring Officers Jeffrey Kocab and David Curtis. The women discovered the officers lying on the ground and Clllled for help after the fatal shooting early Tuesday morning. (Photograph by Cherylene Levy). BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Sh o rtl y afte r 2 a m., Tuesday morning a gro up of people r esi d in g in th e High l a nd Pin esGrant Park area h ea rd tw o gu n s hot s a they were abo ut to exit th e ir home At th e tim e. they didn't know th e g un s hots had fat ally wounded Tampa P ol i ce Officers David Curtis a nd Jeffrey Kocab. Ms. Renee Roundtree said aft e r bearing th gun hots, be looked out of th window and saw the poti cars wi-th th light on. "After I saw th police cars I felt Uke it wa alright to com outside. When we saw th e offi cers I was thinking someon had knocked hlm out. Th r wasn t a lot of blood, i t wa lik e h had been hit in the mouth." Ms. Roundtree said that th way the officer had fall n, a passing car would not hav di sco-v red th m. "A drlv T w uld have n th car and thought they w r insid om o n 's hou .8 Ms. Wislande "Ro Louis-Paul Dodson said ft r the di scovery was mad h checked the officers puls es and both were alive at th tim Sh sai d h talk to th m a nd tri d to k ep th m calm, but th e couldn t respond "After I ran up th e r e, th a t' s wh e n I r ealized it was two offi cers in s t ead of o n e. The way th ey f ell, th e maller officer (Officer Kocab) had fall e n into th arm of th e h eavi r (Officer Curtis) o ne. l"m from New York and l"vr see n g un sho t 'ic tim.s before and b 'cau s e o f my m ed ic.1l back gro und I tried t o kcrp them ca lm. Ms. Dodson s.aid the offiiTr; had fallen in n low nrr.1 off thl th district wh hold again. h st. ted that it t ook h lp about 16-1 minut to arri Ms. K n said h i ill In b Saturdav Is Last Dav To Vote For RealltV Show Host Spot DR. PHYLLIS TUCKER-WICKS Thi s Saturday, July ard, I t h e deadlineto cast a vot of upport f o r Dr. Phyllis Tuck r W1cks as h e competes to becom a r -ality show host. Th cont t is being ponsored by talk show diva and qu n Oprah Wln-frey. Dr. Wicks want t o ho t h r r 1111 how and h ow what r eal l goes on in the I a s room "l'm grat eful for t11 outpouring of lov and upport I gott n from ducators liiJ o r th country as n as ltlz n ," Also competing from Tampa i s Christine Moore. To Vol for Dr. Wicks and -hristln Moor g t o Oprah. om. A ordlng t o th w bslt Dr. Wicks Is seco nd In vot with 7.454.725 Dontae Morris Is Suspect In 3 Other Murders ficials con tinu e to sea r c h for s u s p ecte d doubl e-co p killer, Donate Morris, Tampa P olice Chief Jane Castor announced th a t Morri s i s a s u s pect in a n o th e r murde r On th e night of May 1 8 th Derek Anderson, 2 1 was s hot t o death in L-----.J---th e parkin g lot of th 1(, n n th Court Apartments o n 43rd Street. f-ami l y m mbers s aid Anderson wa s returning from v i s iting a friend when h was s hot. A n ighbor tri e d PR to reviv e him but he was pronounced dea d wh n he arrived at the hospital Latasha Williams, Anderson's aunt, said the new s of Morri being a s u pect in her nephew's killing is nothing new wrv heard thi for a whit It was brought t o ou r attention rig ht afte r Derek was killed, and we told th detective s. I th ink so m o f our yo un ge r family members may ha ve heard of him, but none of us actually knew him There were four people we suspected of killin g Derek, and Morris was one o f the m. Williams said a t th a t time, aJI Morris was t o them was a name. Rumors also have c ircul ated that Morris "'-as in v olved in th e murder of a fitn trainer. but that h r1. not been confirmed by law e nforcement offi cia l s. Daphne Steven.o; the i s ter o f another homi cide 'ictim Rodney Jone -.said th ey have no t heard about Morris being u.spectcd in Jones's d ath. "Wc\-e n r heard o f him before. and his name h as nc cr bt."'t:'n up i n nny 0 we've had with th e detective s." ..... 0 Jones, a fitnes s trainer, was ... Oontae Morris. sought for the murder of two s hot to death May 30, 2010 after le av ing the Cotton Club in West Tampa. Murder Suspect In Jail When Checks Passed police officer s is The Duval County State Attarsuspected in his n ey's Office sai d someone opened murder. a c hecking account at a Jack-so nville bank in April 2008, using Dontae Morris' name, (with the correct spelling), his correct date of birth, and his correct social security number. -Three checks were passed at 3 Jacksonville Publix Supermarkets on the dosed account in April 2008 and a fourth was passed to another merchant in July 2008. However records show Morris began serving a 2-year 3-month prison sentence on March 25 2008. H e was released from prison on April 4 2010. Suspect Has Not Contacted Family 'TI r-0 ::D A massive manhunt has been underway for Don-0 tae Morris since early Tuesday morning. Accord-)lo ing t o a source, Morris's father died when he was en a youngs t e r and he was his father's onl y child. He i wry dose to his grandparents but they have not heard from him. Z Police haw go n e to th e homes of immediate fam-I;! ily members. friends and acquaintances since the CD hooting \\ithout success. C Morris report edly dropped his cell phone as h e fled the scene and police found it during the in-m z liga t ion. "0 c AUTO ACCIDENT REFERRAL SERVICE CD r-u; :I: News Alert: The Aorida Law States That You May Be EntiUed To $1 0 000 For Loss Wages And Medical Care ... PersonariZ8d Service -Support and Help from the beginning to the end Attorneys -An Attorney will come to you at home or work -No Recovery) No fee Investigators -H there is a dispute on how the accident occured Transportation Available Auto Repair -Body Shop Medical Care Provided Phannacy -Free Delivery Specializing In: Car, Bus, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Slip & Fall, Pedestrian Incidents, Loss Wages, Wrongful Death And Mora ... elle B. Patty Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Free: 1-866-352-4200 Available 24 Hours A Day I 7 Days A Week m 0 m < m ::D < -4 c m en c ,. z c 'TI c


0 ,... eatures Fatal Accident Anributed To Diabetic Episode '"':) Early las t Thurs d ay m o rn C ing, Tonya Brown was t a k a: in g h e r g r anclcla u ghte r LL Deasia Brown, t o a clay ca r e Stephon Jones, M s Brown' s bro th e r said his sis t e r s uff e r e d a di a b etic e pi sode whil e tra n s p o rtin g Deasia, a nd th a t' s wh a t ca u se d th e ac c id e nt. c a: LL c z < c (/) w :::J > a: w > w o w % en :::i m :::J a. z :::J m w z w "' C a: 0 u. cente r A ccording t o th e Flo rid a Highw ay P a trol Ms. Brown ran a r e d lig ht a t th e int e r sec tion of U. S. 301 and 19'11 Av enue, e nt e r d th e g r ass a r ea of th e ro a d struc k a dit c h th e n struck a billboard trail e r She and Deasia w e r e ho s pitali zed a t Tampa G e n e ral Ho s pit a l. Ms. Brown was pro n o un ce d d ea d a t th e h o pi t a l and Deasia, 4, i n ow ex p e ted t o r cov r f r om her in j uri e Tonya Brown, 52, was b o rn in C in c inn a ti O hio. S h e i s a g r aduate of Withr o w Hig h S c h oo l a nd atte nd e d Commu nity Coll ege of S o uth N eva d a and Flo rida M e di ca l Pr e p wh e r e s h e c ompl e t e d h e r tra inin g as a Certified Nurse Assi s t a nt. Jones a id his ister m oved t o Tampa to jo i n h r daught r, TSgt. De'Li a Brown, who had r cent l y return d from a TONY A R. BROWN Adventist Church Ave. (At 32nd St.) July 5-9 7:30 P. M. Saturday, July 10, 2010 Baptism 5:30 A. M. -Clearwater Beach Sunday, July 11,2010-11 A.M. Worship Service 0 Mt. Calvary Seventh Day Adventist Church BROWN MINISTRIES, INC. 2010 Family Trip Schedule July 2010 1at Saturday Trip July 3 2010 Monthty $25.00/Paraon ChUdrenl$12 50 Lawt e y C !. ............. .... ..... .... ....................... Lawtey, Fl N ew R i ver C I. & Wa s t ) .. ................... Ralfonl Fl Flori d a Stale Prison & W C ...................... Raiford. FL U n ion C !. .............................. .................... R aiford FL No. F L Recep Ctr. (East & W t ) ......... L ke Bu tl er. FL B aker C .............................................. Sanderson FL Columbi a C I. Annex & W ork Camp .... Lak e Ci t y FL Lake City Correotlonal Faci l ity ............... L a ke City. FL Gai n esville C I. & Wort< Camp ..... ...... ... Gai n esville, FL 2nd SATURDAY TRIP -July 10 2010 Monthty $25. 00/Person ChRdren : $12.50 t>eparture : 5 :00A. M Ham ilton Annex & Work Camp ................... Ja p r, FL Mad iaon C f & W ork Camp ..................... M di on Fl Jeff r on C 1. ........................................ M onti flo FL FCI Tall a h .................................. Tall ha see. FL 3rd SATURDAY TRIP July 17 2010 Monthly $2S.oo/Person Children : S12.50 Oepartur : 5 :00 A M Tay lo r C I & W ork Camp .............................. P rry, FL W akulla C !.. ...................................... Cr wfordville FL L an caster C I. ............................................ Trenton FL C ro s s City C I.. .... ....... ....... ..................... Cro City, FL Mayo C !................................................. FL 'ttl SATURDAY TRIP Juty 24 2010 Qu.artef'ty $50 00/P rson Children : $.25. 00 Quincy Ann .. ... _Quincy, Ft Ged den Coff Faci\ty .......................... Gad n. Ft Liberty C.I. ............................................ ... B tol. Fl R iv r Junction WO!it C mp ........ Chattahoocheoe Fl Appalec:h C l ....................................... s ds, Fl C I.. ........................................... Fl Gnacevitr. Wort< Camp ...................... G ain vii Fl 5th SATURDAY TRIP Juty 31, 2010 Quarter1y $50 .00/Peraon Chllctr.n : $25.00 Departure : 2:00A. M Holmes C t ............................................ Bootfay, Fl Northwe I FL R oeptioo Center .... .. ..... Chipley Ft Caryvill Work C.mp ............................ Caryville Fl Bay CF .................................................. Pan ma, Fl Gulf Forutry C mp .......... .......... W wahitchka Fl Gulf C I. & Work C m ................. W ahitch a FL C lhoun C I. & Work Cemp ............ Blountstown, FL Fnanklin C I ........................................ Cerm H Fl c h a n ge of duty s t atio n fr o m Korea. "Sh e s t eppe d in to support h e r g r andda u ghte r w hil e De'Lisa se r ve d h e r country. De'Lisa was sc h e dul e d to b e d e pl oye d to Af g hani stan on July 6 th and w as in th e process of planning her weddjng when the a c cident occurred. Ms. Brown volunt eered to serv e during Hurricane Kat rina 's reli e f e fforts on the g r ound in N ew Orleans. Th e re, s h e rece i ve d numerous accommodatio n s fr o m Glo bal Risk olutions an d the W ac k enhu t Corpo r ation for her efforts that we r e directly led to exp e diti o u s p ro cessing of nu m e r o u s claims o f the s tri cke n r es id e n ts. Sh e a l so worke d for Bank of West N evada in Las Vega s and both th e Wackenhut Corporation and the U. S. Postal Service in Cincinnati. Ms. Brown has two daughters, Carla Renee Brown and De'Lisa, three grandchildren, and three sib lings. A private service will be h eld in Tampa for Ms. Brown, but the memorial service will be held in Cincin n a ti as r e quested b y Ms. Brown. Young Entenainers Unite To Change Their Communities (L-R) Bo representing Progress Village Gary Brown representing Clair-Mel City; Tom G. representing Palm River; DIP representing Sampson Park and Ed representing Greed Ridge. BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Entertainers Tom G. with Bo Gary Brown, DIP, and Ed hav joined fore to try a nd mak a rufF renee in their t care going n ur y ung running around with and out of contro l this can t g o on," Tom G said Tom G. and his friends de cided to address the violence by h o ting events e very first Sund ay o f the month begin n ing this unday July 4th at Wm ton Park on Palm River Road and Destin Driv-e. The event will begin a t 4 p.m. and will feature all kinds f activiti in clu ding jumpers for th kid entertainment, food a DJ, and thi und ay the vent will culminate with a i fire rks bow. Com visit the network wh re .och show focuses on great ways to communiCate wfth God. Where: ProQrus Viii. SDA 1m Flower AY&. Date: Monday -Saturday ... July 12-7, 201 6 P M -8 r.M. Contact: Mc:aurun Peterkin 813-7!58-8630 Plan 1o and fun ... J


editorials/Columns FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USP S 202 1 40) 22 07 2 1 s t Avenue T a mp a Florid a 3360 5 (813 ) 2 48 1 92 1 Publi s h e d Ev ery Tues d a y and Frid a y By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co., M e mb e r of N a tion a l Newsp a p e r Publi s h e r s A ss oci atio n (NNPA) POSTMASTER: S e nd Addr e ss Ch a n ge T o : Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P O Box 3363 Tampa FL 33601 P e r i odi ca l Pos t a g e Paid At T a mpa, F L C Bly1he Andrews 19011977 (1945) W W. Andrews 1874-1931 (1919) C Bly1he Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (1977) S KAY ANDREWS PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS Ill, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER GWEN HAYES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON CITY EDITOR BETIY DAWKINS ADVERT1S ING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS CLASSIFIED MANAGER Su bscrl pt ions$44 oo-6 Months Both Ed i tions : $87 ()()-Por Ye r Both Edtbons Opinions expressed on e

0 T"" ''" lr p e n e nce p am, e artac e N l o n eliness a n d f ru s t rati o n A n d e v e n tho u g h w e bottl e up :::::1 t hese emoti o n s, w h i l e mask-...., ing t h eir effec t s o n our p s y -c h e, if our p illows could t a l k C t h e y wo ul d p robabl y expose ff: u s for t h e wate r h eads w e o ft e n are The Manliness Of Tears Many h a v e s p e c ul a t e d tha t Chris Brown's action s w e r e par t of an orc h estrate d at t e mpt to wi n sympathy vo t e s and t o ge t back in g o o d g races with hi e tra n ge d f a n s But, I s t r o n g l y disagree. Lik e everyon e e lse in A m e rica w h o wat c h e d the B .E.T. Awa rds how und a y ni ght, I w a bl own a w ay b y Chris Brown' s t ribut t o M i c hael Jackson. An d a l o lik e everyone e lse, I was s hock e d b y wha t happen e d n ext. Whe n Chris Brown a p pear e d t o have a n e motion a l breakdown during hi s p r f orma n ce o f Jackson's s o n g, "Man In the Mirror," I cringed in e mbarra s m ent for him. Eve n a m y t a s t e b u d wer e s t ill oured b y hi s t r e a t 0 m e n t of Rihanna a year a g o a: m y h eart went out t o the g uy u.. W h a t I witne e d o n tha t c z tage wa s som ethi n g all too < f a miliar. A n d a s muc h a s I was t e m p ted to join i n o n th C clown Chris Brown., moveffi m ent tha t grew durin g t h e days tha t f ollowed, I coul dn't bring myself to p articipate without feeling like some kind of hypocrite. W That is because I've bee n fi} t o the place w h e r e Chris ::z:: Brown w ent emotio n al l y en that night. The only difference ::i CD is that his feelings w ere :) broadcasts to the entire a. z 5 -J :) CD -J w z w world w hil e I h a d the comfo rt o f solitude Fo r rn a t m e n t ears lik e the o n e h e r e v e a l e d a r e tric tl y f o r b i d d e n in p ubli c. They are r serv e d f o r the pri vacy of b athroom cJo ets and d a rk den tha t al s o act a s d e i g n a t e d cry a f e ty z o nes. W a r r a i d t o n er I t th m e u w a t. w uck it up. And wh e n the go in g get unbearabl e, w 'r e s upposed t o M takc it l ik e a man." T o bre a kdown in s u c h a d m o n t ra t i v fas h i o n w o u l d be con id e r e d a first-degr e a a u lt on what w e p e rceive a the e e nc e of our m anhood. Beca u m n a t I a t in the o p e n ar uppo d t o b s t r o n g a o x e n and as h a rd a g r a n i t e. But o m tim und r tr m h a t and p ev n th m t lid rock begi n t o crack. W e all have breaking points (som e endure more tha n others} And any man who savs h e doesn 't.lacks the ca pa city t o ke-ep i t rc

Local Mom. Caring For Ailing Daughter Asks For Stolen Car's Return TOCCARA BRADWELL On Halloween 2008, Toccara Bradwell was out enjoying herself. Her mother, Gloria Dixon, said Toceara (known by everyone as Nikki), kept falling down, and she became concerned because her daughter doesn t drink. When she went home, she complained of being di zzy. I took her to see a doctor in December 2008, and the y found a tumor on her brain s tem. Since then, her health has gotten worse, and now s\te's paralyzed, going blind, ahd has developed other health problems. Ms. Dixon said her daughter, now 27, has undergone several procedures, bot noth ing has helped. Making matters worse is the fact she gave birth to her first child, Jasmine, about 5 months before she was diagnosed with the tumor." Ms. Dixon bought a car and a wheelchair to get her daughter back-and-forth to her visits with the doctor. On occasion, they leave the wheel chair in the car, which is what happened last week. But Ms. Dixon couldn't. have pre dicted what else would hap pen. "Last week, the car was stolen with the wheelchair in side. That left me with no way to get NUdd to the doctor or pick up her medication. "I've managed to get another wheelchair on loan, but the car is a real necessity, and I would like to get it back. I want to appeal to whoever took the car to please bring it back." The car is described as a 1998 grey 4-door Nissan Sentra. The car has a damaged rear bumper on the driver's side and damage to the front grill Ms. Dixon said s he bought the car about 6 weeks before it wa s s tolen Th e tag numb e r i s 809318 Feel at ease knowing that you've got your daity flnances unde-r control. W n it comes to rna finding the righ t balaoce. SunTrust can help wfth thifl1l from ( lance I so you n t ffectt el ve automaticall and t To nd out mo about how you n tay 1n con t rol of your finances. visit suntrust.com/sotid II 800.SUI-ITRUST or top by n b nch to s k Wlth a Sun Trust re-pres ntatlve. -SUNTRuST Lfve Solid. Bank Soltd. "T1 :II c c.. c "-> "-> 0 0 "T1 r-0 :II I CJ) m z z m l tD c: r rm z ., c tD c CJ) :I: m c m < m :D < ..... c: m CJ) c )> z c "T1 :II c


Local N u.s. Senate Candidate Appears On Radio Talk Show A Reception For 5th Grade r s ..., >"' ex: c a: u. c a: u. c z ex: c CJ) w > a: w > w c w :I: CJ) :J al ::> a. z i= w -1 -1 ::> m -1 w z w CJ) ex: c a: 0 ...J u. Btst wt5hts /tJr a sit happy Cfth tJ( Ufy -DulJ Lard.J 6atntt tx Poli11caladvert' ment paid for nd approv d by Oi Gr co, Jr r County Court Jud Group 10 CONGRESSMAN KENDRICK MEEK .. Running For S Senate seat. Florida' newest and hottest talk show, The Michele B. Patty and King Cobra Morning how, is attracting a lot of new listen rs Last aturda .. Congressman, Kendrick Meek was their guest and v.rhat started out as a 15 minute interview, turned into a 45 minute question and answer session. The how i broadcast li eon WWBA 820AM, and you can view the how on 82oWWBA.oom. The how' host said they received calls from St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Apollo B each and other areas from listeners eager to talk to n man Meek. Min line \1\fitb what kind of bow we wanted to broadcast, we re more than o erjoyed Congressman Meek accepted our invitation said King Cobra. w uld lik local politicians to also take advantage of our forum to an_ wer questions and get to know the public better. Mini t r Patty aid he wants thi bow to be the voice of peopl from aU over Florida not just those living in Hillsborough County. ha, very little upport in the political arena these and they need to know what' going on, how it affect UHc'm. and what tJ1ey need to do.-


Youth From local Ministrv Get Tour 01 Buccaneer Facilitv 1\) 1\) 0 ..... 0 r 0 For the second straight year, Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver, Mich el Clayton, has been ctively involved with Bible Truth Ministries and Project H.O.P.E.. en This year, along with Tyrone: Keys of All SportB Community Se:rvices, youth from the: ministry and Middleton High School were treated to a tour of m the new Bucc:aneer facility. Z Sha.riA Jenkins, a spokespeT'SOn for the mlnistry, said this w an end-<)f-the-year surprise for the students. ::::j "We: had about 14 youth take: the tour and they really enjoyed themselves. They got to me-et some: of the other Bucs, watched their practice sessions, toured the entire complex, and had lunch with some of the pl y rs. This is a photo of the youth and their ch perons who toured th Buc n r f cility. They are (front row, left to right): Emanuel Grandberry, Willie a:J Clay, Sr. and Jay Thomas. Second row: Stephen Scrivens Willie C1 y, Jr &n Smile)' Mich eJ Clayton, Vasti Hall, Dominique Edge, Jamari Johnson, Judy Shepherd, florence Torres, Alexis Cannon,l'yrone Keys Erica Grandberry, muel Grandberry. Sterling Ortiz., Frankie Grandberry, and Sharla r Jenkins. m ::::j we ruoub t{A to tudlf FX"' cvw! a do/ft4. z "C c:: a:J c (J) ::t m c m < m ::II -< -I c:: m (J) c l> -< l> z c ::II c


0 Local Former Mental Health Care Emplovees Allege Discrimination BY LEON B. CREWS Sentine l S taff Writer Fo .ur form e r M e ntal H e alth Car e Incorporated e mploy ee s and one employee hav e file d actio n ag ainst the agency a l leging discrimination and the creation of a hostile work e n vironme nt. Tamera Fryer, Chardc Barnett, Shamille Black, Ruthie English and Steven Thomas have conta cted the Tampa-Hillsborough NAACP, and the Equal Employm ent Office, alleging they are being discriminated against and their workplace h as turned into a ho tile work environ ment. Fryer, Barnett, English a nd Thomas all e th ey w r all t rmina t e d with out ca u Black, till mpl oy d with th agency said he e xp e ct to b e C terminated a s well or will r ea: sign. Ruthi E n g lish and Ta m a r a Frye r In th h ard Burn tt, und t v o n Thomas. All five p e opl said th e ir z compl aints urround the a ce( tion of one p a rticular supe r Afri ca n America n unde r h e r s up ervi ion h ave indi ca tions o f di crimina ti n h e h as c mpromi s d th d ec i s i o n s of c (/) w :J > a: w > w c w J: (/) ::J CD :J ll. z tj ..J ..J :J CD ..J w z t= z w U) c( c a= 0 ..J u.. vi or. "In our opinion, her supervi ory practice hav e been in timidating, une thi ca l deceptive, unfair, and dishon est. Her decision to fire four th r mana ria l s tuff, \ hi c h h a r c ult d in j o p a rdi z in g th e treatm e nt of m nta J h lth eli nts." Th e form e r e mplo y said Councilwoman Mary Mulhern Tampa City Council, District 2 th e r w a n o i n ve li gatio n pri r t o th ir t r m i n a ti o n W I w as t rmin a t ed cause I all ge dl y didn t d o wh a t I was t o ld t do I a l s inquir a ut a n th r e mpl oy and th a t w used a r easo n to t e rmin a t e m e." Ba.rnett, who i pregnant, said she was terminated due to being unprofessio nal to clients a nd in uhordinate Sh!' s aid s h e also acc used of s lecp ing on duty. All o f the fom1er employees said their complaints are about a whi t e female supervisor who has onl y been on the job for two months and im mediately came in targeting Black employees she talks to u with no re-Candy Olson t I ...... Cwtoly ..._. ...... o.tot t FYI Road Construction Actlvitv For June 28-Jutv 4th East T a mpa has been a dve r se l y imp acted b y th e various road proj ects goin g on, a n d motori s t s fin d the m se lves con sta nt l y d e tour e d onto side s t r ee t s that also are hav i n g wor k done. 13e low i s an u pda t e on t h e wat e r p i p e line project as well as r oad clo s u r es a n d d e to u rs i n East Tam pa Pip eline ins tall ation i s cont i nuing on 18th Avenue from 24th Street to 27th Street. Pipe l i n e i n s tallation activities will begin on Cass Street from Neb r aska Avenue to J effe rs o n Street. Road clo s ures a nd d e tour s : North 29th Street from 38th avenue to Palifox Street is open to local traffic only. 1 8th Ave nu e from 15th St reet to 1 7th Street i s open to local traffic only 18th Avenue from 17th Street to 19th Street i s closed. 18th Avenue from 20th Street to 22nd Street is closed. 18th Avenue from 22nd s treet to 29th Street i s open to local traffic only. Cass s treet from Nebraska avenue to Jefferson Street: both eastbound trav e l lan es are closed. One westbound lane i s open to local traffic only. Have A Safe And Happy 4th Of July From United States Senate Candidate Dr. Belinda G. Quarterman-Noah, Attorney. I am Florida's Fair Tax candidate for the U S Senate, so once I am elec ed I will wori< to ensure the swift passage of the Fair Tax, which wfll put more money in your to spend, save or invest! Please visit my website at www.belindanoahforsenate .com to find out more about my campaign for United Stales Senate. You may also contact me at senatomoah@yahoo.com or a Than you tor your supportj CIRCUIT JUDGE, GROUP 4 lof Cirtuil Cooo Group (


LocaiE:vent Rogers Familv Reunion This weekend 1\) ROGERS FAM ILY 1\) 0 ..... 0 r 0 :::0 0 One of the things ch;c I ader, Hallique Ransom cherished was the gathering off mily. Th 4th of July weekend, the d cendants of Minnie and Garfield De oe (G. )> D.) Rogers, Sr. and his 16 brothers and i ters \\ ;11 b h eld a t the Ernb uit Hot I niv rsity o f South Florida Campus. Tampa. The theme of the reunion is (J) m "Bridging Generntions.'" z In the old entral v nue day wh n African A m ri n.. did not h ve m n y options for locations t o take l h ir famili f o r fun. G. D Rogers Sr. was one of the entre-::::! preneurs to opernte the Roge r Pyr mid H o t e l ; donated th I nd u ed for Rog rs P rk: nd grew the busin of the ntral Lif Insura nce, Comp.any. Z m Many of hi d ndants ar well known ommunit II Brown, J m R.nnsom nd M nny 'Brj nl. r ctivitie plann d includ Frid y, b rb -cu t Ft. turd y. food F :flt1 Lunch nd turcin}"t hanqu t v.;th an island th m e Come and say hello to [o th many famil and friends\ h o will be tt ndlng. C For information reg rding acHviti c II M Delbrn Enjoy a Safe 8ndependence (}jay Hills ugh County Dhttict I. appy July 4t On tbi you a nd bapp lnd pend nc D I a k tb t you moment to m mb r all tho e who bav d ft nd tb v ry fr dom tb t W DOW njoy. od 81 m ri CONGRESSWOMAN KATHY CASTOR (0) A PRINCIPLED VOICE FOR OUR COMMUNITY t for your rcommuni Forqu pi as prJ t l tio m ::::! z 'tJ c m c C/) m 0 m < m :::0 -< -i c m C/) 0 )> z 0 :::0 0


Local C\1 How Do You Celebrate Independence oav;J BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer a: You can always t ell when u. th e 4th of July (Independ e n ce Day) i s getting close, b eca us e all of th e fir e work s booths start appearing out of nowhere. You can also t ell b y the amount of traffic on th e roadways and th e battl e for grill s pace at parks all over the area. c This year, Independe nc e Day will b e on a Sunday, but for a lot of people, that will not change th e ir traditional plans. A few people were asked bow they celebrate th e 4th of July. Below are th eir response s State Representative, Betty fE Reed: "Us ually I'm in a pac ,rade somewhere. But if I'm not I'm with my fantily. It's a > day we all get together, and we1J extend it into Monday ffi thjs and just keep on :J 1COO. kmg. t-Tampa Housing Authority > Media R e lations Dir ector, Lillian Stringer: '' I always spend that day with family and friends. Usually, we get some fireworks, e njo y good food, and k eep in mind the f ac t that we re celebrating In dependence Day and what that mean s. It' a tradition with our family." Ea t Tampa D v e lopm nt Manag r, Ed John on: I alway d it with my family. Ill h ead to Miami Beach over the weekend to join my daughters and we'll hav e a family reunion. It a time of the year we always look forward to." Hill borough hool Di -trict i tant uperint nd-e nt Lewis Brinson: "W try t o find a pia t o ath r and cook. It' al th peri time to sit back and r e lax and give so m e thought to the up co ming work week." West Tampa CDC Manager, Michael Randolph: I mo tly spend it working on behalf of the community. I know that ounds corny, but that' what I' ve always done. Ev ry n el tuffing th e ir fa but I u th e tim to work n ari u pr j When yo u're working for poor people, you g t no time off.8 Sickle Cell of F1orida Director, Frank Reddick "I11 be in Atlanta with my family. My cou in and oth r family members in Tampa will joinin m on m y road trip. W 11 all pitch in on th cook ing and 111 be at m y co in' h ba' ng a good tim a: w > w c w CJ) CD ::J a.. z w ...1 ...1 ::J CD ..J w z w CJ) < c a: 0 ...1 u. We handle all Social Security and vet ran disabil ity claims Let us get you the benefits you deserve at no cost to you unless we win Michael te1nberu &Assoc ates 4925 lnd epend n c Pkwy., Suit 195 Tampa FL 33634 (813) 2211300 ssalway r s com v tclaims com IN THE SPOTliGHT DESIREE Imagine ha\ing a long day, you're tired, and coming home to this week's Spotlight feature, Desiree. This young lady is guaranteed to lighten up your day and make you forget all the problems that came along Y>ith it. Desiree is an exciting young woman who enjoys being around positive people who arc going somewhere in life. Her spirit and en pcrsonaJil) always attract people close to her. but she knows when to put her guard up. Desiree Y>iU soon be someone so popular. she ";II join the first name recognition club. Rut fo r now. we"lljust say the man in her life must be strong, M 'curc in himself. and not afraid to step out on faith. Congratulation.., to Desiree u this week's Spotlight feature. If you're intrrrstN:I in being in the Beaut) Cnlimited or Spotlight. pltn .. t Mnd your infonnation and photo. includ ing n contact numht' r tn: jjobnson@'Osentinel.rom. . . . .


Local Popular Comedian To Host Stand-Up Comedv Workshop BY LEON B CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Th Pat I on ervat01y will hold a stand-up om dy wor hop by p pular om -dian Ranney Lawrence, on Monday Jul 12th and 19th from 6:30 p.m. to :30 p.m. T h e wor k s hop w ill assis t stude n ts of vari o u s e xp e r i e n c e l eve l s t o d eve lop t h e pa th t o th e i r own b r a instorming wdtin g, and dev loping p r o e mpow e ring t h m to mak t h b t usc of th ir tim away from th e ir mi orop hone Lawre nce, a nativ e of Winter Ha en, F lorida, ha be n t aching th I a inc 2004, but to k a br ak in 200 N \ I'm r a d t go. I try t g i th tud nt in th w rk hop in sight into th hould and s hould nots Ev n more imp rtant, I a k them w hat th ey do for the rest of th w k after th y p rform. 1 want t kn w how much lim t h y p nd cr ating and r ad ing ." Lawr nee a id th r ar o many dift r nt a pect of co m e dy, a n d h ow y o u work o n yo u r craft awa y from th e microph o n e i very impor tant. A com dian do s n t jus t wa l k o u t th r and do co m e dy. Th r c's a l o t of w rk b -hind it." '"I'm happy mor Afri a n Lawrence sai d h e gives the students co nstru ct ive criti cism, and hopes they a r e strong enough to accept it. "I want them to l eave with no misconceptions about b in g a com sian and what it take I'd rather have them hate m now than di cover later what I was telling them was t r u e." Of Julv Special Prof onal Half Braider AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING MICROS Kl KY TWlST OOOY PlAITS C L<>CI CJ) m z -4 z m r- Ill c rrm z "0 c Ill !: fJ) m c m < m ::0 < -4 c m CJ) c )> z c "TI c


Where Will leBron Plavil The bigg sport today i s wb r e will super-tar NBA pI a y r LeBron Jame pla ? The an wer to the que -tion will LEBRON J m n. Th fr ag n period ha tarted and ju t about very BA t ea m ha s an y on James. It app ar that LeBron's ar clo r to a champion hip th a n a ny of th oth r t am Rumor s hav e it that James is I aning toward Chicago becau e the team i young and very talented. James would provide th l ea d rship, expe ri e nc e and up r talent th y n d to win th h a mpi on hip. all > old t am, th lev land avalier th hi cago Bull 0: th N w York Kni k th LL Dalla Mav rick nd th C Miami H at ar th e top n t e nd rs for landing LeBron. > Th Heat, who may los guard Dwyane Wade, en appears to be out. Cleveland down the road t-from LeBron s hometown, ft eem to have the dg W Cleveland i like home it i iij where LeBron ha play d, c they have the moo y and th Th w :t: en :::l m AUTO ;::) Q. z :) m I w z t= z w en C a: 0 LL 6112 North Rorida Ave. 1-888-417-2258 'WE FINANCE" Wlllll rntlf-lll 50+ YEARS SAME LOCATJON APPLYONUNE VIEW OUR INVENTORY WWIUICIITIS1'III H & S SWIInaona' Tool Compeny PRECISION MACHINING TOOLING ENGINEERING CNC Programmer -Leading-edge Defense & Aerospace contract manufacturing company has a position for a qualified Programmer wtth 5-1 0 years experience programming complex, precision machined components. Must have demonstrated knowledge of tooling, fixture design, aerospace materials and CAD/CAM systems. Salary commensurate wtth capability. Email resume to human.resourcesOhsswansons.com, fax to 727-388-0765 or apply to : H & S Swansons'Tool Co. 9000 68th Street North, Pinellas Park, FL 33782 DPWEOEIAA Philad e lphia. Don't read to o mu c h into th ese c h a n g s. Woods is s till associated with th e tournament, mo s t of the pro-TIGER ceeds still go WOODS to the Tiger Woods Foundation and Woods' name is expec t ed to b restored n ext year. The r ea on th e tournament was move d from Congressional i s b eca use the U. S Op e n will be held there n ex t year and the course i s already being turned into a U. Op n GolfCour e. Wood i in the fi ld this year and th t urnam nt will r turn to ongr s iooal in 2 12. Upton Benched For Lack Of Hustle The Ray put B. J. Upton...--.......... on th b nch for a f w da f r a lack (( rt B.J. UPTON Chad Jones' Condition, Splrtts. ImproVIng C HAD JONES NE\1 ORLEANS -The father of New York Giants rookie saf t y had Jones sa 'S hi s son is in good spirits and that hi s injur d left leg and foot are looking better. In a state m nt released by LSU, AI Jones says a long healing proccs is only the beginning, but adds that "everything i s positive right now'' with Chad Jones' recovery from a serio u s auto wreck early Friday m o rning. The 2 1 -car-old Jones, who won national titles in football and baseball at LSU was the Giants' third-round draft choice in April. Jason Stokes To Anend Football camp In Virginia WILLIAMSBURG, VAJason Stokes, 6th grade student at Liberty Middle School -Tampa, has been invited and will b e attending the nation 's top prep football all-star camp, Football University's Top Gun, at the Warhill Sports Complex in Williamsburg, VA from W ednesday, July 21 to Saturday, July 24 Jason Stokes was invited to Top Gun because of his outstanding performance as a running back at Orlando Camp. He will be joining the nation's other top running backs in hi s class and train with former NFL players and coaches. About 900 prep football athlete have been invited. Top Gun i the culmination of Football U niv e r ity' 28-camp nationwide tour, gathring the most elite performer from across the United States and allowing them to displa their abilities togeth e r on one tage. Football niversity has an impr i e aJumni list that includ me of the top colleg e football players in the nati n uch as 2008' s o. 1 pro p c t and current Ohio tal Buck y Terrelle Pryor 2009' No. 1 p pect Bryce Brown and 201 o. 1 prospect JASON STOKFS Ronald Powell, as well as U. S Army All-Americans, Football University Youth All-Americans, and hundreds of Division I players. Being a part of Top Gun means that these playe rs are the best at their respective positions. Jason is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis {K8.trina) He's active with the Tampa Chapter of Jack and Jill Football University is created and produced by the founders of the U. S. Army All-American Bowl. More details on Football University can be found at www.foot:baJlUnjyersity.or&. b-NFl Quanerback's Son Drowns In Hot Tub F onne r NFL sta r Randall Cunningham' s 2-year-old son was found dead after apparentl y drowning in a backyard hot tub at his Las \ <'gas home, authorities said Th e child was discovered at 4 :30 p .m. Tuesday by a woman and severaJ children at Cunningham's house. Las V gas police Officer Marcus Martin a department spokesman, said the death appeared to have been an accidental drowning, but authorities were still investi gating. Cunningham 47, is an ordained minister and pastor of a church six blocks off Las Vegas Boulevard that he runs with his wife, Felicity. He was out of town when Christian Cunningham, the youngest of four children, was found The woman r emoved th boy from the water and attempt d to perform PR Las Vegas police Lt. Dennis Fl.vnn said. The c hild was pronounced dead less than an hour later at St. Rose Dominican Hospital Siena campus in nearby Henderson, Nev. Cunningham, a fleetfooted quarterback, played for 16 years in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles, Minn sota Vikings Dallas owboys and Ba'ltimore Ravens. He retired in 2002 as the career leader in rushing yards among NFL quarterbacks with 4,928. Tb Eagles last year added him to th team s honor roll.


Ce lti cs coach Doc Rivers has d eci d e d to the stav with the t eam for the 2010-i 1 sea son, a leagu e ource con firm e d T h e news wa s first r eporte d b y Th e Boston Hem/d. Rivers, who coached the Magic for four full season s before taking over the Ce l tic s in 2004, wa con idering taking a leave from coaching to spend tim witb hi fhmily Th elti lo t t the Lak e r after ev u gam in the 201 0 Final two ye 'lr aft r Bo s ton defeat d LA for Rive rs' firs t NBA champion hip a s a coach H e has a 280-21 2 record over six sea ons with th Ce lti cs. Stoudemire Opts Out Of Phoenix Suns Contract PIIOENIX Amarc Stoudemire has o pted o ut of the final year of hi s contract with the Phoenix uns t o becom e part o f a n illu tri o u li t of fr ee agent thi ea o n Agent Happy Walters aid the five-time All -tar mad the move W edne day a fter talk with un own r Robert Sarver fail d t o r e ult i n a n agreem nt o n a contract ext e n io n Th I a t year of Stoudemire' contract wa worth about $ 1 .7 million. "l opted out of m y contract with PH:X," Stoudemire said on hi Twitter areount. Can t wait to see what lies ahead I had a blast with my teammates las t season. What' Next!! Walters said the uns remain in the picture but th 6 foot-10 249-pound pow r forward wants to what d e v elops on tb fr ag nt market. Stood mir has been with the Suns s in ce h e was drafted out o f h I th ninth pi ck ov r aJ!. in 2002. Walters aid h and Stoudemir m e t for thr e hour with arver and un oa h Alvin G ntry in Los Angeles o n Tuesday ni ght. Stood m_ir want a n -tract with th maximum mon and I n glh th NBA allows but Walt rs said if it all w ork out, h mi ght tnke I to sta in Phoeni than h e w o uld L wh rc Crawford Still Out Of The lineup CARL CRAWFORD ST. P ETERS B URG-Tampa Ba y Alltar l eft fie ld e r Carl Crawford r e m a ins o ut o f the lin eup due t o a sor e l eft s houl der. rawford wa s o n the bench again for unday's gam e aga in t Ari zo n a, with hi s tatu for a two-ga m e seri that tart d Tuesday night a t Bost o n unce rt a in H e hurt the hould r m aking a throw W edne s day VIkings Preparing For Peterson Holdout: Edwards To Avoid Suspension Already b c t b y contract di -pules and a s u p e n i o n the ,Je t s could hav o n e le s headac h to worry about this fall Wide receiver Brayton Edwards i s lik I t o 'Scnpe a FL s u s p e n sion t mming from n punc h h e thr \ last O c tober in a level and ni g h t club. Edwards, who c h n m a k r again s t a part promot r and c los fri nd of L Bron Jam s prompted the BrO\ n s t o trndr him t o th J e t s just do s l a l r pl ead d n o ont s t in ,January and wn s g iven n 180-day s u s p e nded sent nee n nd fin e d $ 1 ,ooo. Chris Henrv Had Chronic Brain lniurv 1\) MORGANTOWN, W.VACincinnati B e ngal s receiv e r Chris Henry s uff e r e d from a chro ni c brain injury that may have influ e n c e d his m ental state and behavior befor e he di e d last winte r W es t Virgi ni a Univer sity research e r s said Monday. The doctors had done a microsco pi c tis s u e a naly s i s of H enry' brain that showed h e s uff e r d from chronic traum atic e n cephalopathy. eurosurgeon Julian Bai.les and California medical examiner Bennet Omalu, co-director of the Brain Injury Resear c h Institute at WVU, announced their find-r---------------------, g CHRIS HENRY ings alongside Henry's mother, Carolyn Henry Glaspy, who called it a "big shock" because she knew nothing about her 26-year-old son 's underlying condition or the disease. 0 Tiger Looks To Defend ChampionshiP At AT&T National :"\ EWTOV\TN Q ARE. P a -D f nding c hampion Tiger \\ oods head a talented field thi w c k in the 6 2 million :\ T T ational at Aronimink olf lub near Philadelphia. \\ oods i coming off a tie for fourth a t the pen hampion hip a t P ebble Bea h If Lin TIGER WOODS aJ c h e didn' t go back on his word. In an effort to make up for his m ab enteei m Woods orga-0 oized another party. He allegedly brought along his m manager ... and anothec w oman. Elin was" angry, to a our e "But they put a ide th ir differences for the good of their daughter when a big cake rolled in ." c:


0 c; Entertainment N N ::::> ..., 0 a: Jackson Sells 35 Million Albums Since Death LL. LOS ANGELES -Michael Jackson has so ld an es tim a t e d 35 million albums wo rld wide in ce hi d ea th acco rd ing t o Billboard a n unpre c e d ente d r e pons t o a mus i cian pa s ing Whil e a hockin g numbe r of b e lov e d mu ici a n h ave uf f e r e d untime l y de a th s ove r th e l ast two decades -Nirvana' s Kurt Cobain Jeff Buckley, Notoriou B.I.G., Tupac hakur, aliyah, TL Li a Left E e Lop a nd ELH tt mith, to n a m e a f w -non h ave r es o nated with audi n e quit lik e th e King of Pop The mu ic sales a r e o nl y part of a worldwide Jackson phe nom e non that h a includ ed rington e tick t a nd home video al for th ony Picture cone rt film "Thi I > It," publi bing r v enue and 'C more, gener ting a r port d billion dollars in ov :rail grosses since the singers death. Q Jackson's label, Sony Z Music, is counting on it -per 4( Billboard, the company h a promi ed th e Jackson es t a t $200 to 250 millio n in a multi-year deal tha t will include th r e lea e of 10 album counting I a t year' 7his I s It" oundtrack and in luding a n upcoming Nov mb r di c of unr 1 d m t ria l and a re u in 2011 of 1979' c l i c iff The wau. What Jac on bad in tb vaults, and what form the future releases w-ill take, remains mysterious 0 (/) w w > w Q UJ en :::l m ::::> 0. z _, _, ::::> m I _, UJ z F= z w en C a: 0 _, LL. Joe Jackson Whhdraws Bid For Estate Sdpend LOS ANGELES, Calif. -Michael Jackson's father is withdrawing hi reques t t o receive more than 15,000 a month from his late son's estate. A court filing ays Jo Jackson i droppi n g hi s bid to receive a monthly allowanc e in f avo r of pursuing a wrongful d ea th l awsui t ov r hi s son 's d ath. Joe Jackson fil d a lawsuit in f deral court o n Frida agains t Dr. onrod Murray, who has b n c harged with involuntar mans l a u ght r in th s ing r' s death. Th Jackson f a mil y patriarch was omitt d from h i will.i.am's Bentlev Burglarized wiU.i.am Poli ce a r e investigating a bu r glary surrounding will.i.am o f th e Black Eyed Peas after h e a lert e d authorities tha t thieves broke into his luxury vehicle. will.i.am, r a l name William Jam Adam calle d polic Monday to report that piec of jewe lry had be e n t ake n out of hi s B e ntle y while it wa parke d outside his Holl ywood H ills home. Bowwowls Belnasued BOW WOW Bow Wow is now facing I ega) trouble after taking cash for h is two concerts, but not performing. Bow Wow bei n g ued b a con e rt promot e r wh o ai d that h e t oo k a so.ooo i n it ial d posi t f t o ecure h is presr Brian Gould Method Man Pleads Guiltvlo Tax-Evasion Charge NEW YORK -Hip-hop star Method Man pl eade d guilty to a tax-evasion charge Monday, writing a check on the spot for the final $40,000 restitution payment after owing about $106,000. The forme r Wu-Tang Clan m ember was arrested Oct. 9 on charges he failed to pay state and p ersonal income taxes. He pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted failu r e to pay tax. H e was sentenced to a con ditional discharge, whic h mean s the arrest will be purged from his record if be tays out o f trouble. ''When h e found out about the tax iss u e b e hired someone and immediately corrected it," defense attorney Peter Frankel said. "He took care of it quickly like tbe METHOD MAN good member of our community be is. Tbemusician, actor and artist, whose real name is Clifford Smith, failed to file tax returns for 2004 through 2007, prosecutors said. The most be owed for one year was $32,799. las Behind On Monuaue Pa1111ents For Kells Although they've been legally divorce d ince May the court p roceeding between N as and Kelis are still o n oing. Th couple marriage was t rminated May 25th and w-as ordered to pay hi e trang d wife nearly 3 o in pou al up-NASAndKEUS on the ix-figure upport ayment and i on a pay m nt plan to catch up. Kelis lawyer Laura Wasser beli ves the rapper makes 244 26 a month. \ Nostalgia Nlusic Entertainment, LLC DJ Marvelous You Back Down Memory Lane -:Reaclitne Out 'T'o 'T1ie True OG: ScliooCers Olnn r P rt1 Priva P rtl s Socl I Call (813) 394-3316


Entertainment :tJ Khia Gives ExPlicit Fat Joe Cleared Oprah Regains Her Crown on Celebritv 100 List LOS ANGELES Pants-less pop stars, lat eni ght warriors and sexy vampires spic ed up the fame game last year, with Lady Gaga, Conan O 'Brien and 'Twilight" supersta rs Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson joining the Forb e s Celebrity 100 list for the first time But despite their impres ive debuts (Gaga hit the li t in fourth place), Oprah Winfrey is the year's big winner. After being ousted by Angelina Jolie on last year's list (Jolie dropped to No. 18 this year), the Queen of all Media takes back her crown on Forbes' annual ranking of the world' ultrafamous. Winfrey earned $315 million over the pa t 12 months. The talk-show host choked up when announcing that this coming season of her flagship chat fest would be her last. The news helped the self-made billionaire gamer more press mentions than any other member of the Celebrity 100. The Rest Of The Best Beyonce Knowles climbs two spots to No. 2 on this year's list raking in $87 mil-lion over the course of the year. Her 90-plus date global tour grossed more than $85 million bolstering a portfolio that includes album a l e h e r Hous e of Ocr on fa hion lin e and a l ew of ndorscm ent deal r a n gi n g from Nintendo t L' real. In at No 3: dir tor James Cameron. Thank to the box office ucce s of "Avatar," the man who once declared himself '"the King of the World" pulled down a hefty $210 million over the last year. Rou nding out the lis t' top five : golfer Tiger Woods. Despite personal and profcsional setbac k s thi yea r h e still managed to earn $105 million between June 2009 and June 2010 Russell Simmons Wins Bame Against Cap on Debit card Fees Russell Simmons won a battle on Capital Hill after the Hip-Hop impresario took on supporters of the financial refonn biJl's regu lation of debit card fees. The mogul who owns UniRush, the djstributor of his "Rush Card" debit cards, appeared in D.C. earlier this month to lobby for "interchange fees", fees that he believes if taken away will hurt low-income people who are often purchasers of his Rush Card. According to Simmons the cut on interchange fees would force him to charge Ws customers more and ultimately profit big name companies like WalMart and Best Buy. lnterchan.ge fees which occur between banks and retailers have long been thought to be more beneficial to retailers than to big banks. After meeting with the HipHop head, lawmakers apparently saw eye to eye. with Simmons and on June 21 S enator Durbin of Illinois announced that he would exempt pre-funded d bit products, including the RushCa.rd, from the fee lim its. Simmons' Rush Card is described as a "bf'tter alter native to banks" and has an estimated 2.5 million ustomers. RelationshiP Advice: plain Sex Is So Boring' KHIA Tampa native Khia is back in headlin es for her off-color remark This time the Florida rapper i s contributing to VIBE for a ex co lumn Th "My Neck, My Back" connoi s ur pr viously gave plicit d t ai l o n h r ex lif e t o. Now h back with h r serond t of tips and di hing out advice on how to deal with a man that lacks "control in the bedroom According to Khia a man should have enough discipline" to control himself when he' with his partner. The f e mcee also tell VIBE that communicatio n i.s key. W st oast vet Snoop Dogg show d his romantic sid with tb e best gift to give a woman who has rything. In a video dedicatiQD to his wife, Snoop allowed fans to get a sneak peek into the gift that keeps on ... reminding: a half sleeve tattoo of his wife on his right arm. Snoop who beamed proudly as h showed off his new tattoo, expressed his love for Mrs. Broadus via video : "This is for my wife, the true Boss Lady," Snoop said. "You are always with me baby on my right side, because you are my right hand following m e where r 1 go." Fat Joe an d hi s ento urage have been c leared of all c harges after a 33-year-old woman in W isconsin claimed s h e "found herself" inside a limousin e with Joe on Sunday after a performance and was "inappropriately touched" by him and memb e r s of his staff. Joe had denied th e cha r ges from the jump as Hip-Hop Wir e d previou sly reported. A statem e nt released by his attorney Dawn Florio read: Joseph Cartagena, known as Fat Joe, and others have been officially cleared b y the Madison Wisconsin Police Department of any wrongdo ing Fat Joe had no contact with, and never spoke to his accuser. He was questioned for a few minutes at his hotel room and was n eve r detained by th e police FAT JOE Making a false claim of a sex ual nature in order to extqrt money is one of the most horrific accusations because it not only tarnishes reputations but has the potential to destroy families. Mr. Cartagena wholeheartedly thanks hiS family, friends, and fans for their continued support, loyalty, and words of encouragement throughout this ordeal.


0 ..-0 N N :::> > a: LL c a: LL c z < c en w :::> .... > a: w > w c w X en ::; m :: z :: m ..J w z i= z w U! C a: 0 ...1 LL The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -The vampir and were wo lv join tog ther to a B ella (Kri ten t wart). For th t en fan don t mi it. (2 hrs./10 min.)[***) Grown Ups-Could hav e b n funnier tarring Adam andler and hri R till made $41M. [ th] Knight And Day-N v r mi aT m rui movie. You can b t h oing to bring th action. [***112) Jonah Hex-Thi w st rn r c ive d bad r vi w but I p r so nall y e njo y d it.[* ... ] Toy Story 3 -You co uldn t ge t a better se nd off for Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Co. A nd y l eave for coli ge a nd hi mom donates the toy to ada care. (2 hrs long) [***112] Karate Kid Excellent fe I good I drama tarring Will Smith's son, Jaden, and Jacki e Chan. Adult a nd kids will l ove thi one. Will and Jada produced th movi No. 1 at b x offic $57M. ["** plu orne] The A-Team-1980 TV s how get a r mak with more action and n w stars. Quinton Ramp ag J acks n pi y Mr. T' rol a "B. A. Baracu (2 h lon g) [f2] Get Him To The Greek -Hil ario u s com dy bout th music industry. Diddy was good in thi role. Definite! not for kids. [***lh ) Killers -A hitman (Ashton IGtcher) fall in lov e with a carefree computer expert (Katherine Heigl) Corned f action packed. [* ... th] Prince Of Persia-The ands OfTime: Jack Uenhaul plays a princ e in thi high adventur and action film Th nJ downfall i th e actors r mblin th P TSian ra uld ha been a classic. Enjoy d it! [ .. *th] RATINGS -Very Good 1 Good 1 Average 1 Wa i t For Video TAMPA PORT AUTHORITY REQUEST FOR QUAUF1CAT10NS RFQ NO. Q-014-10 TPA PLANNING SERVICES The Tampa Port Authorfty (TPA) Ia aolidting Request tot QuaJiftca1ions (RFQ) from qualtfled Respondents interes1ed In providing Ptanning Servklee to asais1 in updating celtUl key elements of the current strateglc plan All Interested firms shall obtain a copy of the solicitation Instructions and Submittal Documents and submit a complet .ed response to the Tampa Port Autholity 1101 Channelside Dri\19, -4th Floor Tampa, FL 33602 Submittals are due by 1;00 p.m .. W!dottdu. July 2l. 2010 R esponses will be opened at 1 :00 pm on the same date TPA will hold a MANDATORY PRE-QUALIACATION TELECONFERENCE on Monday, July 12, 2010 at 2:00p.m. TPA will only accept proposal aubmltted by firm participating In the mand.tory teleconfwence. See Section A Paragraph 1.1 of the eoUctt.uon for teleconference atalle. Submmals shall Include a letter the Firm's Interest and comple11on of the RFQ Documents, including a V endor's Questionnaire Firma tailing to submit the required RFQ Documents may be deemed non-responsive to the RFQ. The RFQ Is available through the DemandSI411t System (www.demandatar .c om) or through a link on the TPA web site (www .tampaport.com). TPA encourages the use of registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent posalble on projects and has a goal of nine percent (9%) SBE participation TPA will consider SBE participation when evaluating the submitta l s Question s concerning this AFO should be dir ct d to Donna Casey, TPA Procuremen t Department, t (813) 9055044, or m II at dcas y@tampaport .com or faxed to (813) 9056050. ALL MY CHILDREN-Amanda finds Damon 's incriminating photos; Colby has good news about her futur e; Madison a nd Ryan grow clo se r. Tad may inve s tigate his own son; Damon may go to New York with Colby; after punching Paul, Tad is taken down to the station AS THE WORLD TURNS -Alison decides to leave her past in the past; Vienna is followed. Henry con t emplates hi reasons for marrying Vienna ; Barbara gets into serious trouble. BOLD AND TH BEAUTIFUL-Amber Moore returns to town at the request of Whip, who has an xciting id ea for h e r fu ure; Oliver is n t able to get through to Steffy so he immediately warns Brooke; Hop i unknowing l y t aunt d b y t effy about her r e lation ship with Oli ve r A desperate Brooke makes a 111 offi r in exc h a n g for t effy's il n ee; Jacki e g i ves Amber words of advice about love and business; Bridg t ; t phani warns Rid g that h is relationship with Brooke may soon be on the line. A Y UR -N upda t availabl GENERAL HOSPITAL-Dant e becom es s u s picious of a homeless man; Sonny reviews the car-bomb plans; P a tri ck and Lisa p erfo rm surgery. pinelli locat es Franco s mothe r ; Maxie receives roses from someo n e; Sonny ma y mak e it tim to sa ,e Kr istina. ONE LIFE TO LIFE-James draw Sta.rr into a passionate kiss; Tea collapses; Bo and Nora make a s hocking di covery J ica may tell Brody about her e ncounte r with Ford on prom night; John arrests Hanna h; Todd may n eed to protect his two daughters. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS-Ronan's secrets run deep; R yder is up to his old tricks Chloe is not happy with Chan 's living arrangements; Adam s act isn t fooling anyone. Today's Birthday -Aim high! Th' year you achieve more if you set goals that seem out of reach. Th n ud, wa and means to m ov forward Following big dreams can be as easy as allowing the plot to unfold without interfi nee.. Don't I incidental stress deter your from your objective. Can r (Juo 2.2-July 2.2) -Begin the day by seeking a solution to a financial question. Explore un-lLSU I a nu nnd yo u find rs that f y both your ,,. alJet and \13lues. Leo (JuJ 2.3-ug. 2.2) -m oo n pulling th strio regarding money matters. A healthy at-titud would be t o allow them the reiru. as long as reserve the right o f final decision Viryto (A u g. 23-Scpt. 22) Y ou begi n t o w onder if en!l)' One ideas "ill fit into one fini bed project. 1\C'('p any id .'1$ rcrno 't'd from th mix f orth futu re. Librn ( pt. 2.3-0ct. 22)-If there '' il! C\-er a d a y t o read som e around this is iL hare a mile ''ith \ 'CI)'Oil you m t. R mo' cri ti cis m from th e com'CTS3tion Scorpio (Oct. 2.3-Nov. 21)-H m n t where your heart is right now That part of yo u has gone on' cntion. inn sunny locale Keep you r mind focused on today' tasks. Sngit1nriu. 21)-a po t ential \ t!Catlo n ite. lmagineyourselfthere, ""ith fam lh o r co mp.1n10n' Sh;m.' 'ision hefore confinn reservations. Capricom (Occ. 22-Jan. 19)-I. rather dull, as tackle questions from the financial drpartmrnt. Y ou S('(' th r p o tential for the future. Budget t o et th re. Aquarius (.Jan. 20-Feb. 18)-lmagina t i n gets inspired by a dream o r meditation symboL se it to d l o p s t ry t row th park. Read it t o a friend before publishing. Pisces (Feb. 19March 20)-niqu ideas face an uphill battle '"'ith a controlling person. Don t plan o n g ttin g -e.rythin g u want. tie for what ) u nee

, brothers and sisters, Bishop Willie and Evangelist Mercedes c... McCall, and Rev. David and C Shirley Jones; as mothers in the Lord, Tamara Smith and Sis. Frances Williams; as nieces, ..!'l Kamara (Oliver) Crawford and 1\) Teze (Leonard) Jackson; as nephews, Gerard and Marlon 0 Jones; and a hos t of other relatives and friends including, Charlesetta Arline, Valerie Wilson, Vernjce (Tony) Diggs, William and -Nathaniel Sims and family, the Richardson family, the Nunn family, Jackie Preston, Stephanie Grant, Car-MRS. FRANCES D. FINCH Homegoing services for Mrs. Frances D Finch, of 4606 15th Street, who pa. ed away Wednesday, June 2.3, 2010, will be held Saturday, JuJy 3. 2010, at 2 p. m. at Aiken Funernl Home, 2 o8 E. Dr. M rtin Luther King, Jr. 81 d ., Mlnlst r Leroy Chatman, offici ting. Mrs. Finch wa born F bnt-ary 13, 1952, in Lyons, rgia. h e wns eduented at \ nyne ount)' Train School in Jes sup, Geor;ia. und hud been employed as a Certified ursing Assistant. She enjoyed reading novels, and with famjJy and friends. She was preceded in death by: her parents, father. John \V. Lanier; mother, Maggie Lanier; and brother, Geor1;e H Lanier. She leaves to cherish her memories: on. Dewayne Sims, Sr.; three brothers, Willi T. Lanier and Shirley of Je up. GA, James F. Lanier and Hattie of Tampa, and John W. Lanier of Tampa; six sisters, Johnnie L Johnson of Odum, Georgia, Eva J Cochran and Sammy, Jr. of Tampa, Earlene Ray of Odu.m, GA, LorettJa Bell of Chicago, n., Mae R. Grant and James of Jesup, GA. and Claudia A. Gardner of VidaJln, Gi\; gnandson, Dewayne Sims, Jr. (Telia L WiUiams); special nephews, Wayne and Henry Lanier and Antonio McKenzie; goddaughter, Irma Green; godsistel", Deloise Ray: a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, othel" relatives and a host of orrowing long-time fri nds; close friends, Vera Hicks. Matthew Britton, Doug and Unda WiiUa.m.s and Eth I Mae Williams; and pedal thanks to th.e Sherral P rry fa m lly. Tb viewing will b held Fri day evenlng from sS p .m. The famlly and fri nds ar asked to meet at the chapel for the service at 1:45 p.m. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME alkensfuneralhom aol.oom MR. CRAIG LEE THROW Homegoing services for Mr. Craig Lc Throw, of 12210 North 16th treet who pus.sed nway Monday, June 28, 2010 will b e held nturduy, July 3, 2010, at 11 a. m. a t The enter for Manif tation burch, 3102 Lake Av ., Dr. Mn.rk Jones, pa tor, officiating. lnt rment will be h ld in R t Hnv n moria! Park m t ry. mig us born F bru ry 14 1984, in an:t.>ota, FL II wa faithful m mb r of Th nt r for 1 nlf tatlon, her h e wa.'i n dancer fur the dunn. ministric rulg wu.'i preced e d in dcuth by: hi aunt. Pamclu Tbro''; and grandfather. Geof'Ke Brown. lie leave to cherish his memories: moth r, Tummy Throw ofTampu; fathe r Greg Brown of S rasota, FL; gl" ndMr. nd Mrs. Jerry nd Vern Byrd of rnsota. J-"1.. : brothe r Jerry flodo. Jr .. of Tampa; nunt Vercretor n nnd Thumbelin Fo.'iter of T mp ; uncles. Timothy TI1ruw of tl ntn, GA. and Jphonso ason ofT mp. ; cou.'ins, a u rice Throw. Dondl Throw. L.ati s. b \ illi m Theoi.'i Throw, Allen John..r>on. Timothy J Throw, Dontaviou. Throw. Teanna Throw nd Pre ious Bradley; and a hos t off mily, friends and church f mily. The vie-..;ng ;11 be h eld Friday evening from sS p m The family and friend11 rc a .dtcd to me 1 at the church for the icc. t \.IK.EN f1JNF.RAI. HOME aik n-_lifun l"'llhom ol.com Family Owned & Operated Everett-Derr & Anderson Funeral Home 5 I 17 North 22nd Street Tampa, Florida 33610 813-237-5775 Personalized Funeral Services Shipping & Cremation ()(If' I ;tllllh ( ;Ill \kL t Yu11r I ;11111 h .., '\L'L'd-.. CRI I ru PR1c Uf:M..IIIO'I ES JOliN HARMO N LFD.813 626-8600 JAMES HARMO N 6002 N. 40 th S treet Tamp a, F lorid a 33610 MR. GEORGE WASHINGTON JACKSON tr. Geor1;e W hington Ja k-on of 3923 berry treet who pa.-.se d n Friday, Ju.n 25, 2010, at his resid nee, will be h eld nturdny, Jul 3 2010, at 11 a. m. t Ho T mpl ME hureh, 3 29 15tl1 tre: t T mp witl1 P or T rry f 1 -lory, offi I ling. 0 I COli Uro. e-org 'W hing ton wn.'i horn Apri l 22. 1<)22, to the l nte EJckr Julin I> llu Juck.-.nn-Chuncc nnd Dencon Samuel J nck'K>n The family mu\ ed from \\'ayrt boro. Georgia. to St. Pet rsbur1;, in 1923. where Geor1; attended public schooL. lie w s inductc ed away June 25. 2010. "-ill be hel d aturd y. Ju.l y J. 2010, at 2 p.m. at t. John Progres.si\ M. B hurch. 2504 hipco Ave.. Rev. Dr. S.a.rtholom w B .anks pastor. offi i.ating. and RC'\ Clyde Le-wi.s., ulogist. YliJI be in Rest Ha,en I P rk. Paulette w a m ember of the t John Prog:res h-e M B urch for O'o>er 25 )'l!arS-. where !ihc sen C'-<1 in the Choir. her Board Palace Byrd Circle and the t John Grief be also e n ed as a director for Ar>ITAGS Grief and Los.." R c urcc Center. and for a number of c .ars he !'cn C'-<1 as President o.f the John Ken n eth Court Resident Council. Inc. he at1ended Lorn Elementar') Booker T. Washington Jr. Hilt"h and Middl ton Sr. Hi.gh Schrnll She was a grcat cook and got joy from cooking and oth('rl'. Her great wa haring the Word of Cnxl .,.;th tho. .. e who did not know .lc' IJ.'i. Paulette wa IH'C't'CA'l a n d ne1lhews; as rie Hodges, Gloria J Edwards, Alvis Wingo, Lois Flournoy, Eloise (Cleveland) Ttsley, Millie Roberts, Derylene Allen, Cherlyene Levy, Diane Wmgfield, the Meteye family, Lavitrice Wilson, Valerie McQuay, AMTAGS Ministry, Doshia Hart, Debra Bunn, the Smith, Ballard and Gon.z.alez family, Pastor Banks and the St. John Progressive M. B. Church Family, Pastor Coney and the Spirit of Truth Church family. The viewing will be held at Harmon Funeral Home on Friday, July 2 2010, from s-8 p. m. Family wiD recei e friends from 6-7 p .m. Friday evening. HARMO BURIAL MR..LWYD E SESLER r-0 JJ c l> en m z ::! z m r-1 CD c rrm ::! z ., c CD !: Homegoing senices for Mr. en Lloyd E. Sesler. who passed :I: away on Friday. June :z.s. 2010 m will be held on Saturday, July 3, C 2010. at 11 a m. at 24th Street m burch of God, 1 OJ E.ast 24th < treel. Tampa. 336o5. "'ith RC'\ m Harold Scott, pastor. official-?J ing. interment "ill be made in -t Rest Haven Memorial Park C Cemct e:r\' m preceded in death by: en his mother. Cb.ristine Sesler C Bing; and h-\'0 isters, Carol esJ.er and Glenda Sesler. ""' Mr. esler was born Febru-l> aT:\' 2.3 1953. in Tampa, where Z he attended Hillsboi"Qugb C County Public Schools and worked as a longshoreman for JJ m-er 2.2 years. Uoyd was an out-C going and caring person who wi.ll be missed deeply. ""' He lea\-es to mourn his passing: his daughte.r. Lanita Sparks (John); a son. Carnell Sesler; hi father. Uoyd Sesler. Sr. (Cai"Qlyn.): fi"-e bi"Qth rs.. hristuphcr esl r. Syh te.r Watkins., Gregor) Watkin Uoyd Sesler and Ren Sesler: tweh e i te.rs. Vanessa ester James Ricky), Stephanie Sesler. Melinda Seward ('\\layne Pamela Sesler Kincy. ama Roberts (Calo Gail Vann. Ruth.y Lo\\o-e (Vernon Laverne Brookins. Kimberlv John on (Chari ). Felecia Robin on (Da,id Cai"Qlvn (Oble and Vi"ian St>-ler. He is aLo unh-ed bY a host of aunts. unci niece nephc\\. cousins and many friends. \IUtation for 1\tr. Lloyd Sesler will be hel d Friday e \-ening from 5 p. m. until 8 p. m. at Harmon F\mera.l Home, 500.2 N 40th Street, Tampa. 33610. Fantily \\ill friends from p. m. in the clta.pel. ..,. Friends atte.ndlng the C) going enice are a l.."ed to a -m embl at th church at tOI4,') a '""" "' A HARMON BURIAL


0 "'"" l Church Family; and a host of other sorrowing relativeB and => friends, including Bridgett De--, laughter. >=' The remains will repose < after 5 p. m., Friday, July 2, C 2010, at Ray VVilliams Funeral a: Home, 301 N Howard Avenue. LL. Family and friends are asked MR.CIJNTON SIMMONS, Ill Homegoing ervi for Mr. Clinton lmmons, III, who passed away on June 29, 2010, will be held aturday, July 3, 2010, at 1 p. m. at New Gre t r Friendship MB burch, Rev. Madi on Murray, pa tor, P -tor H rbe:rt Ro b II, offi i t lng. lnt rm nt will b m d In R t Hu en m t ry. Mr. linto n imnwns, Ill u.'l n nutive uf lbuny, GA. und grew up und utt ndcd public school. s in Tumpu. H wus u faithful m mb r of lnspiru C tiona I PruL e and orship enter, Inc. under Pustor Her b rt Ro hell and Evangelist Stephanie Rosh e ll. a: u.. c z < c (/) w ::::> 1-> a: w > w c w (/) ...J m ::::> Q. z tu ...J ...J ::::> m ...J w z w (/) < c a: 0 ...J u.. lr. immon III was pr ced d d ath by: hi p .m. A HARMON BURIAL SIS. FLETCHER LEE ANDERSONEDWARD MS. BETIY LEE ALLEN BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM I mJ you so mu h our lo always be m mbered. and thoughtfuln Your moth r Fran W Pa co ; broth r Mtcha I Pa (Veronl a); th Tolb rts and WlUlams; and oth r family and fri nds. MR. JAMES OLIVER DELAUGHTER Mr. Jam Oliver Delaughter of Tampa, made his transition to his heavenly home on Sunday, June 27, 2010. Homegoing rvic will be nducted aturda July 3, 2 tO, at 11 a m. at The Word of r aod Truth Mi.nistri 3001 s t Hanna Avenue, Dr. Thomr L Dori r p. 'lor with Dr. urt L. McKay, officiating_ Int rm nt will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Mr. Jam 0 laughter w a native of Tampa, and later moved to Ro ton, .MA. He returned to Tnrnp.a in 1999. wh re he ided until his dem to assemble at the church at approximately 10:45 a. m. on Saturday morning, July 3, 2010. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, RhodeB & Northern, Owners. MRS. DOROTHY LEE DAVIS CUSHNIE HEARN Mrs. Dorothy Lee Cusb.nie Hearn of 4424 North 48th treet, passed away J nne


"T1 ::::0 c.. c: Ms. Nanette A. Williams of 4610 N. Armenia Avenue, pa ed away Friday, June 25, 2010. FUneral service will be conducted aturday, July 3 2010, at 11 a. m. at Ray William Memorial Chapel, 301 N. Howard Avenue, with Brother Joseph Jones. officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Pa.rk. Ms. Williams was a retired Certified Nursing Assistant, having worked in Tampa and Miami. She leaves to cherish her memory: a mother, Ruby A. Williams of Tampa; two brothers, Elronza Williams of Tampa, and Desmond Spells of Augusta, GA; two sisters, Sharon Williams ofTampa, and Renee Webb of Rochester, NY; nephew, Elronza Wi11iams, Jr. of Tampa; four aunts, Norma Williams Hawk of Avon Pa.rk. FL. Mary Mallory-Gerllt.'l (Bill) of Port Orange, FL. Hurdle Wright of Staten Island. NY, and Joyce WiUlams of Bradenton, FL; 2 uncles, Roosevelt Williams of Columbu .r1, GA. and Henry Williams (Pe.arl) of Staten Island, NY; a life companion, Nonis Head of Tampa; and a hoet of other sorrowins relatives and friends. The remains wiD repose after 5 p. m Friday, July 2 2010, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arransements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes It Northern, Owners. OUR 44TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY MELVIN (TIGHTMAN) HARDRICK You won' t cook the coons, po urns, rabbits, goph rs or turtles that you always put on the grill on this de. Co-workers, friends, n I -bors waiting for that bar--cue. Grands and great grand chlldr n getting into ev ry thing, you br ak a swlt h and they catt r and you ran behind them, laughing, because you never hJt them. The only one you could catch was CoCo. You would a n xt tim you nev r hit any of th m i admlr d your relation hlp with those klds. W all ml you on this day. Remembering you today. Loving wife, MariLouls chlldren and grands. MR.MAYLORD D 0 Homegolng eel bration for Mr. Maylord 01. on "Jame Willis raham" of Tampa, who passed away Saturday. June 26, 2010, will be held Saturday, July J, 2010, at 2 p. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel. 3000 N. 29th Street. Re\' rend W. 0. Sims will pre, Ide nnd Mr. Bobhy \ right will deliver the: eulogy. Interment will fol low In Res t Jluven Memorial Park emctery. Maylord OL on, the son of Haywood rah m and Queenie Boney, was born in Duplin County, North Carolina on the 6th day of cptember in the yea. r of our Lord 1943. HI mother and father preceded him in death; as well a .'i sister Hanna. h Wlllinm. 'i; and four brothers, Otis William Ot:thorn Graham. Thoma.'i Williams. r. and Eroy W11liams. Maylord W1L'! called hom to be with the Lord whll rcs'tlng peacefulty In hL sleep on atur day, June :r6. :1010 In Tampa. He leaves to cheri h m morie of i)im: daughter. onja Emanuel of Tampa: 2 p-andc:hlldren, Alyssa Singleton and Markell Hall, both ofTampa: 4 sisten, Jac.lde Newldrk, Mary Williams, Veres..g WilliamsChasten (Richard) and Shcila Harvey (Eddie), all of Hill. NC: :r uncles. Roland Boney and Donald Crooms. both of Rose Hill. N : 4 aunts, He.len Boney of PhUad lphia. PA. and !'ttjetta rooms. Mary Brown and M07..ella B<>ney. all of R IIIII. NC: and a hot of loving nephews. and other relathes and friends. The remains will rcpo c from s 9 p m .. friday. July :r. :1010. at Wilson fun raJ Home. friends arc asked to a m ble at th funeral home at appro:dmately 1:45 p m .. Saturday. A WILSON SERVl E www.wilaon-funeralhomc.com HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORETHA (RITA) REDDING 6 /30/44-/5/2005 b n 5 yenr but It Ilk ye terdn We ou more tl1an words an n Lov alwa.ysl your hlldrcn and grandchi dren. MR. ALEXANDER FREDERICK H PBURN Hom going celebration for Mr. Alexander Frederick Hepburn, formerly of Tampa, who passed away June 18, 2010, in Hollywood, FL, will be held aturday, July 3, 2010, at 11 a. m at St. Jame House of Prayer Episcopal Church, 2 708 N. Central venue, with the pastor, Reverend Erne tein 1 1emlster, officiutlng. lnt rment will fol low in Memoriul P rk me I ry. L e O to cherish m emories of him ure: nlc Jd.a ears and fam.il y, Ow yne, Dwight, Ginn, Ginette inger, Ashley, Pauline, Elon and their children; And.rea Pompey and famIly. Trevor a .nd Anna and their children; eronica Ra.inln and famity, Rodney, tuart. Eugene, Lance and Adrienne; Aples Me Nell and family. Sonia. Kendra. Darrell and grandson; Arlene El l is and family, N-man. Lynnctte. Margo. Randy. Nashad, Byron and their children: Donna Taylor and family. Godfrey. OelJmond. Demond. Edrick.a. Ot:m tric and Ot:\ an lac: and Dcnl'ioe Taylor and fam ily. T Omar. Tex. Jr .. Ot:nnl"i and Leanna; nephews, Le:roy Richardson and fam.Uy Ann.a Mae. Paulette. Levett"e An tlonette. Nadla. Perry and Omar and their children; Edwllrd Ferguson and famlty. Ida. Tucson a .nd children; Rodcridc Taylor and his dau.&hler; Patrick Taylor and f11mll y. Orpah and daughter. FamU and friends in the Ba hama th W'h y ly. a") r. Lamon. Scars. Oemerittc. Nicholas and Saundt en m z ::! z m r;m c: r r m ::! z ., c: m r u; :::z::: m c m < m ::::0 < c: m C/) 0 )> z c "T1 ::::0 c


0---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------T"" Memoriams c a: u.. c z < c en w .... > a: w > w c w :X: en :; m ::;) a.. z ..1 ..1 ::;) m ..:, w z w en < c a: 0 ..1 u.. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM DAVID N. SMITH July 2, 1949-June 7. 2008 A!Jfor man, his day are a grau: as aflou r cif tltefl >/d, o h eflotJris h eth. PSALM 103: 15. Your days arc tern n ll y t hcd in our h arts. Wlf children and gntndchildren. BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM Sunrl!! : pTil u. 19110 un.sct! Jun 14. 1989 M o m w an m w you so muc h Our h arts a full oflo and joy knowing GOO has you In H ltt care Continue to rest In pea With lov YiRIJ' famiJ : 1\fr Jo ph r., JCJ8q)h Jr .. Ulyss Mary, 81111 nd Unda: (tTandchllciren and rdatl' HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND LOVING MEMORY DAVID ANDERSON June 30, 1940-.July 4 :1.004 Its msju s t Ilk yest erday you left. M y h eart can still feel the pain. Your wife, Lavonn And rson; children, Reginald, Fredricka and Fr dreanna; and family. IN LOVING MEMORY DOROTHY GREGORY MCDOWELL ov mb r 2 1929 -Jun 20,2003 ..on e, but never forgotten. Momma. You are ye'l missed b y your f mily nd n il thot knew nd loved you. From our children: Judge Barb r J Mobley, u rti.s 1cDowell and M e ll E u -g nc t c:D

Crime 'TI ::c c Manhunt Underwav For Suspect In Double Police Slaving c.. c BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor For more th a n 48 hours, a 24-year-old man who i s th e subject of an int e n se, nation wide manhunt has luded poli ce. H e i s wanted in con nection with the deaths of two Tampa Police officer who were shot during a routine traffic stop that turn d deadly early Tue day morning. According to police, at approximately 2:15 a.m., Tuesday, Officer David Curtis, 31, ob erved that th license plate on a 1994 R e d Toyota Carnry was not visible. He got behind the vehicle at N. 50th Street and E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd Officer Jeffrey Kocab, aJ o 31, was his backup unit The vehicle topped at the intersection of N 5 th Street and 23rd Avenue. .Ms. Cortnee Brantley, 22, wa reportedly driving the v hiclc and Dontae .Morris, 24, was the passenger, police said. After the offic e rs learne d that a n active warrant existed for .Morris, they attempted to make an arr Morris i alleged to ha e pull d an unlUl wn calib r hand un the offic r att mpt d t arre him Morri all ge dl y shot bot.b officers at c l o c range. H fl d on foot. Ms. Brantley fled in th ve hicl police sai d Thrw ar<'a r id nt h ard the guo hot and aft e r g oing out ide, aw th e men on th ground and ca lled for h lp Officer Kocab wa pronounced dead hortly aft r arriving at Tampa G n ral Ho pita!. Offic r Curti who wa 'pia don lif upport, was pronouoc d d ad at 8:30a.m ., Tu sday. Police laun h e d a m assiv DONTA MORRIS ... accused offat.ally shooting two police officers manhunt throughout the state. They hav e al o obtained warrant for Morris for 2 co unts of first d gree murder and 1 count of a Jon in po ion of a firearm untl tip c n rning wh r abouts of th tw o u pc t began pouring in and one tip I d police t o tb Bri to\ B y Apartm nts com pl ex Tue day morning. Ms. Brantley, who was reported l y in ide of an apartment at the compl wa take n into cu y without incid nt and tb vehi I wa r cove r d h \ r I aft r h u rs famjJy lssu s Plea n Tu da' aft rnoo n. R v. WiJJic Dixon o nt n t d th rltin e l n b h a lf f Couple Arrested In Connecuon With A Dozen Robberies CLEARWATER Clearwat r Polic r port that from June 20th to June 29th, Ricky Fields, 24, and Stephanie Malatesta, 23, target d six Hispanic males in th C learwater area to rob. In each case, police said th cou pie located a si ngle Hi spanic male walking or riding a bicy cl e and .Malatesta all g dJ pret nded to h av car troubl to lure the victims to the vehi cle. The victims were e n d with a fir ann and, their prop rty taken. On June 29th officers and detectives responde d to a s irn ilar robbery. An officer l ocal d the s u s p e t s v hi I and r qu es t d assl lance. Officers r spond d and initial d a traffic s top D t tiv s r eport that Fields and Malatesta re both arr st d and fi r pli a firarm was found Ins ide th ir v hi I a long with stol n prop rty from fi victims. ea rwat r d tecti s work ing with Tampa Polic e d e t ec tiv s w r ab l to onn ct th e coup\ to a total of 1 2 rob b r! s In th area that o c urr ed s ince Jun 1 st. ... Driver of the car stopped by officers local television station and read a statement from the family In the statement, they d th ir condolences famili s of the lain r nd app aled to Morris to u rre nd r. Press Conference n Wedne day morning, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio and Police Chief Jane Castor held a pr confer-nc Chief Castor aid Dnag rramcker Gets 20 Years n Tuesda a f d raJ judg en t need a Plant man to ear in pri on for drug traffi k NATHANIEL. ing HARGROVE A jury found Nathaniel Hargrove, 44, guilty on Marc h 31 ton four counts of di stribution of crack cocain H fac e d a minimum ent n c of 10 y ar b caus of prior drug o nvictions, ac ording to the S Attorne 's Offic How er, Hargrove s 2S ear criminal histor that in ludes bntte ri s, burglary, grand th ft di tribution of oth r drugs and other off-en s, o n v in c d prosecutors to a s k th judg for n n intrea d sent nee TPD OHicers at Idlewild Baptist CbUJ'dl, on North Dale Mabry Friday, .July 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The funeral will be held at 10 a.m., Sat:urday at location. About The Officers wife is 9 months pregnant with their first child. Reward Offered The reward being offered for information leading to Morris' arrest has climbed to $10o,ooo and may go even higher. It is the largest reward ever offered in the death of a f\) f\) 0 ..... 0 Officer Curtis was married and the father of 4 sons, ages 8 months, 5 years, 8 years and 9 years. Prior to joining the Tampa Police Department, be was a jail d eputy for t.he Hill sborough County Sheriffs Office. He had worked for Tampa Police for 5 years. police officer. ;!! Officer Kocab was a former Plant City Police officer who bad joined the Tampa P olice Department 14 months ago. He was married and his .. 1 .... .. -...-, Anyone with informaiton 0 leading to the arrest and con-viction of Morris is asked to call Crime Stoppers at en 73-TIPS. .... z m r-1 m c r rm ::! z ., c m c C/) J: m c m < m ::c < .... c: m en c ,.. z c Flat White Paint #204 .............. $35.00 i 5 Interior Semi Gloss White #14-510 ..... $14.90 I Gal. 2 ack 9" Roller ...................................... $1.50 3 P int Brushes ........... .......................... 99 LIMIT 2 WITH THIS AD ONLY!!


0 ,... 0 C\1 C\1 :::l ..., > cs a: u. 0 a: u. 0 z c( 0 en w :::l > a: w > w 0 w en :::; m Q. z -1 -1 m ..:.. w z w en c( 0 a: 9 u.. c( -.--"': --.-.-. :-J .,.._ ..... ,.I \ .), .;;. 4 (' ..... '.tl&' .... Making This Right Beaches Claims Cleanup Economic Invest ment Environmental Restora ti on Health and Saf e t y Wildlife For i nformation visit : bp corn For ass i stance please call: deepwuterhorilOnresponse com To repOft 011011 th e shorehne (8661 1118 5816 faeebook. comibpamorlca To MP<>rt im pacted w i ldlife : !866 1 557 -140 1 twitter. com/t)p america youtube com/bp To make s p,ll retat ed clmms ( 800) 1110 0858 www. f lon dagullr s poose. com I s m f rom Lov1Sf8fl8 8nd I .know our be9ches am OUf home, our w.Yy of i fe llfl d our Welihood Protecling the coast 1Ind cJeaning up lhe b68dles is \1l!fY personal t o me. Keith Seilhan. BP / \ i w e hwc a n u ll re soons 1 b 1 h1V o r h e deanu p m t e Gul f W e ere commi tted to aaom g you formoo lookJng For Oil Crews a r e c 1 n 1 g G ulf Coast be

Tampa Metropolitan Section-National Council Of Negro Women Hosts Annual luncheon The annua l Dr Mary McLeod Bethun e Lunch e on and fundrai se r o f Tamp a M e tr o S e ction N a tional Council of Negro Women (NCNW) was held at the Hilton Tampa Airport West s hore. The th e m e was "Harn e s s ing Interge nerational P o w e r ." Sp ecia l e mphasi s w as pla c e d o n th e long e vity of Dr. Dorothy Irene Height, NCNW-National President Emeritus. Electa D. Davis, President of Tampa Metro gave a tribut e in recognition of Dr. Height's longevity with NCNW Minister Isaac Ruffin provided music while Bishop James Howell, Sr. Pastor of Cathedral of Faith Church, gave both the invocation and grace The Mistress of Ceremony was Carrie M. Williams. The guest s peaker was Rev. Dr. Bartholomew Banks, Sr., Pastor of St. John Progressive M. B. Church and President of the Progressive M&E Baptist State Convention of Florida Antonia Barber, 1St VP and Program Chair introduced the Mistress of Ceremony and guest speaker. Shirley Foxx-Knowles presented a Proclamat ion from the City of Tampa. Joyce Russell, African-American Liaison for Hillsborough County, gave greetings from Hillsborough County NCNW members and guests e njoyed dancing b y H e au e n S ent .. a nd a solo by Vanessa Banks. S pecial gu es ts included th e Honorable Charlene Honeywell, Middle District of Florida Presid e nt Electa D. Davis a nd Past P reside nt Lucille Morris p rese nted specia l r eco gn i ti ons Th e r ec ipients for fiscal year 2009 I 2010 were Joyce Russell, Legacy Lif e Membersliip; Kay Berrien a nd Carolyn F. Watson, Lif e M e mb ers hip s. Josephine Townsend, Educa tion Committee C h a ir g ave seve r a l prese nt atio n s. Jennifer Wright, N CNW m ember, ga ve a $2,ooo.oo scholarship through the Educ a tion Committee to recipient Gina Akins, a n h o n o r gra duat e s tud e nt o f S pot o Hig h Sc h ool. Tw o oth e r s tud e nt s r ece ived Excelle n ce A w a rd s. They wer e Jasmine Doby a nd Victoria D Pittman, Ta mp a B ay Tec h LaSwa Howard and Jasmine Woodard of Des tin y's Pr omise Y o uth Gr o up wer e a w a rd e d specia l ce rtifi ca t es The T a mp a M etro Sec tion o f NCNW fina l m o nthl y is Sa tur day, .July 1 0 th a t Lee Davis NSC, co m e r o f 22nd St. a n d 26th Ave beginning a t 10 a m Gloria W. Davis, Publi city C h air; EJecta D Davis, Pr eside nt. (Photos b y S y lvester Harris) J enni fer \\'right right, the S2.ooo t o Gin u AJcins, center. Mrs. Joseph i n e Townsend. l e n Educatio n C hair, assisted with presentations. Past NCNW Presid ent. Bertha M. Kemp. right. a n d her h u s b and, Hilrie K emp. J o yce Russell, Legacy Lif e Membe r and S h irley FoxxKnowles, C lerk C ity o f Tampa. N C N W m emhe rH, Rented from l eft, J onnn H n r r l li, B etty M iller, Josephi n e Townsend: R t andi nR, G eraldi n e R c llllii n n c l Mury Forhc H Wlllln mH. TI1e of the Tnmpn Section of the :Na tion a l C o uncil o f Negro \\1orne n Guc:-s t Speaker. Re\" Or. Rarth o lomew Banb: seated, left to right. Carrie \Valker William s of sol oil'i t Yane a Bank.'i: a n d Bishop Jame. 'i H. Howell. These Award recipients arc: l e ft to right, V ictoria Pittman. Jasm i n e Woodard, Jasmine Doby Gina Akins. Mariah Ray and LaSwa Howard. From l e n tn riRht nrc: Antn n in Burher, t s t Vice President; Geraldi n e l'wine. Past E llctn 1>. lln\'is. Prt's l d cnt: and the H o nornhle C harlene H o neywell


3111 W. Martin luther K ing Blvd. Suite 100 tampa Florida 33607 Phone: 813-409-1442 Fax: 813-418-7658 Email.: theresa@jpcoy.com WWW. J 505 East .Jackson St. Suite #303 Barrister's Building Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 387-7724 BANKRUPTCY Stop Foreclosure & CNdltor's H rassment REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW Adoption Immigration Civil/ Personal Injury Bankruptcy Guardianship Probate WiHs Call U s W e C an H elp F. Kemi Oguntebi Attorney At uw 101 N AmMn l Av nue Ta.mpa, FL 33.609 OFFICE OF PATRICIA DAWSON, Criminal D e f e nse, FarnHy Law & Personal Injury ypres Point Omce Park 10014 N. Dal M1bry Hwy, ult e JOJ Tampa, Florida 33618 (813) 386 5730 FoJtner H ill borough Out\ty Prosecutor-DepuTy hJef Students Help With Haiti Relief Enon BY IR1 B. HOLT O N ntin 1 ity Edltor Although i t has been ix m onth si n ce a deva tating ea rthqu ake tru ck the coun try o f H aiti, on the island of Hi paniola. H oweve r prior to th nd of school, a group of lem ntar tudent t ch and admini t rators oil t d it m f r a H ai ti R Ji f n rt Muhammad Th donation were prese nt d to Dr. Guerrier as he prepares for his next tri p t o Haiti. H e i a physician and of H aitian descent, who fr equent) vi its Haiti pro \riding fr ee medical services t o children and families in need Aft e r th earthquake t chers, tuden and par-n began askin what they could do to help. ing the n d to coordinate thi und rtakin M Marl ne a 4th grad teacher and chool p ychologi Dr. Mack took charge of the proj ;e r the next vera) month tud n teacb-r and parent promptly brought in finances (1 r med ical uppli non-perishable goods, a nd cloth es. Ea ch da y since the start of this fundraiser numerous bags of cloth es, canned goods boxed goo ds, and bottled water were stored in several loca tio ns throughout the school "Dr. Guerrier and State Representative Ronson wer e g reet e d b y cheer ing parents, teachers staff and tudent holding banner s The chool drum line and tep team also performed. "'Dr. Guerrier and State R p. Rouson were given Certificates of Appreciation for their outstanding service to H aiti "Dr. Mack said. As the two visitors toured the chool campus tu.dents tood outside their cia -rooms and sang "We Are The orieL"


All About You Haoov Binhdav TOMV#1Aunt TAMMI E BELL-M ICKENS And J AM I S O N JR. H appy birthday t o m y Tee-Tee. I lov you, Auntie Golden Anniversarv MR. And MRS. JOH (BOBBIE) B GL John and Bobbi Bag) y c e l ebrate d th i r G old n Anni ve rsary w i th a very inti mate vow r e n ew a l c r mon at the Chap I of Flow r s in La s Vegas N evada, on Jun 1 7th a t 5 p m (PST). Th c r m o n y was vi w d liv b family and fri nds via th intern t Mr Bag) y's broth rand s i s t r in law, Charli and Matti Whit a compani d them on the trip. Th y attend d Th National Diamondback Pharma Alumni oun il" s 40th Anniv r sary onv nti o n and had m a n e xciting xp ri -nces whil in V ga s. Many ongratulatory cards and a il s w r r i v d including a n I gant gr tin g from President and Mrs. Obama. John i s a retired TE 0 mploy Bobbie i s a r tir d nurs e and h ild ar provid r Th y ar th par ents of on son Michael. Happy Birthday, Bobby R. Young kip and wm it has b n lik a i tnam W a r this ar n th mino tab! with ou and all our hir d h Jp. kip, ou and our II p hon call s King Duck i s h r om on Will. II King Duck Wins. I P S S ou h o g u sat Junior a l and Erni a l I Domino H a ll wh r vond rfulthing ar happ ning. Smith-Nixon Union (L-R Seated) GROOM, KEVIN NIXON And BRIDE JOLYE SMITH. (Standing) REGGIENIXO ALABAMA, (FATHEROFTHE ROOM) CAROL ONEY (MOTHE R OF THE GROOM), DEVERN SMITH (MOTHER O F THE BRIDE) "T1 :0 c c... c "T1 Villa e rena ( outside Atl anta, GA ) provided an elegant setting for the nuptials of Joly e 5 rnith to Kevin L. ixon. Jolye1 o riginaU y from Tampa, was given awa in marria.ge by her mother, DeVern Smith, in 52 plac ofh r father th e lat e David N Smith. H r s i t e r Courtney Smith-ina, was the matron of honor. Along with nephews, Joshua and icolas ina r vin as ring bea r e rs Z :::1 z m 'look Who's 2 JAMAREO D MO TRIE Julyl Happ r birthda to nr n and g r and n. \ ho will b c I brating hi big day on Jul 3 a t I Lop z Park. with hi s famil and fTi nds. Jamareon, yo u are uch a joy and sun, hin in our lifl'. w e tlh nk G o d for bri n g in g yo u to u Love your fnmil : dadd (Doland), mom (Ther sa), broth r (Shain), i s t r (Shay), n a n a (Li a) granddad (Dale), T T ( i rra) g r andpar llts, Mr. and M rR. Ri hard Moultri Mr. and Mrs. Willie Williams, and Mr. and Mrs. W ill i Grant). Fa pr1ngnn1 t m1 c r-1 m :::1 z "'0 c tD c: C/) m c


Stavstrong TEDDY And MELIA TEDDY trong baby Don't I t thi ituation bring out the wor t in you becau as long as I'm by your id and th e t emptation i b n ath u o u will mak it. God ble s yo u and h appy Fath r 's D ay. Love, Melia. Congratulations Parent : Melis a Newton cc nd Joseph Cousin u. Grandmother: Gladys C Cousin Church: t. John > Pr ogre ive MB Church ( I am o proud of m y en granddaughter, Jaqueena Cousin for making th .,_ Principal Honor R o ll. h attend d Edi o n W Elem ntary hoot in the > w 4th grade. e r ec iv d th Happy Anniversarv And 40th Binhdav MR. And MRS. JIMMY (TERESA ) TERRY B e t wishes go out t o Mr. a nd Mr Jimmy (Ter a) Terr who clebratc 11 years of marriag and al o Ter a 4 th birthday today! Love, the famil Happy 27th Annlversarv ) C Citizen hip ward, h W e.njoy going t o c hurch H appy annin. rsary t o Mr. ( unday c h ool) a n d wa. a and 1r!'l. harlc ( w n ) Girl cout at the hurc h \\ il on. W e celebrate 27 Sh e lik es t o read boo a nd years today a. pla y games on the computsaby. if God mad any-Z thing hcttcr than you. H e r tij Keep up the good work kept it t o Him If: _, Love. harl CD I _, w z t= z w en ( cc 0 _, LL. Mt. Pleasant Standard Sued Mlddle School Is now enrolling 6th -8th graders limit d 1111n port don provided mel! I Mr. PlCjlqnt provides a uf nurtutlnaand disciplined k rn l n a en vi nmcnt 110 your child Clm v full demlc pot e:totlal. bulkl!ttlr&ll.llrh 11. boyw naa f4 t tudcnr ment and clubt lbat driven tudent Enrollment Request Form Ple-lorm lfld tnlll l Off (81 25).0 1 81} to: Ml PleiiNfll Middle School 1908 Nof1h flame Averw T.,..,., Fl. 33607 PU;A PRINT r!KI9 -------GuM<'Ian Name------------------------------CMy _____________________ Z ip Code--------eMIIIft ,,..,_<>---------------------------------------.. ,_ ,.,., ..... ," ........ .... rJ 1 Congratulations EARTHA-VICTERIA ROCHELLA WILLIAMS Philippian 4:13-I can do all things through Christ ... Eartha-Victeria Rochella Wtlliarns graduated from the Uni ,crsity of ou lh Flo rida wilh a Bac h e lor of Arts Degree in Political ci nee We pray for God t o continue to bless yo u \'lith your futu r ndeavors and many opportunities that await you. \\ e are proud o f yo u!!! Lov e, Your family. Twins Turn 18 Twi ernecia and Everquicia Tayior celebrated their 1 th birthday a t a party at the Grant Park Rec Center (Ph t graphy b y BR SON) Birthday party guests includ BrownandA haBall y


church Dlrectoru GRACE MARY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 3901 N 37th St (813) 24S-3n9 NEW FRIENDSHIP M.B. CHURCH 3107 Lake Ave. 248-4127 RDER l1IOIIA5 J. REED Pastor W eekl y Activities Early Morning Worship -8 A M SIJlday Church Sc:f'ool 9 .30 A M Sunday School -9 30 A.M. Morning Worshp 10 45 AM Morning Worsh ip 10 :50 AM. Bible Class 4 30 P M Bible Study Wed. 7 P M Evening Worship 5 P M THt PUBLIC IS INVI TED Wernesday Prayer Meeting 7 P M Bible Study 7 30 P MOUNT PLEASANT M.B. CHURCH 2002 N R ome Avenue (Corner of Rome Ave. and Spru ce St. ) P.O. Box 4724 Tampa Dr C.T. Kirkland, Pastor Tel : (813) 253-5714 Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mai l : MtPieasantMB@aol .com Devotion By Mt Pleasant Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7 :45A. M SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30A.M. MORNING WORSHlP -11 A. M 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PM-Family Series Hour (B.T.U.) 6 PM-Lord's Supper (Communjo(l) TUESDAYS 6 PM Prayer Service 7 PM -General B bfe Study 7 PM Youth le Study TAPE MINISTRY Order On Une At Web Site Or CaJI Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch org 2313 E. 27th AVE. (813) 248-5690 (813} 241-6902 WEEKlY ORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday School ..... 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship .... 11 A.M. Sunday Evening Worship .... 7 : 30P M Morning Prayer (Tuesday-Friday) .... 9 A M Wednesday Night Worship .... .7:30P. M k'u' h I O\ C'! IP'll' 1 ... I iiH'rh! GREATER FRIENDSHIP M.B.CHURCH 3325 E. Emma St. Sunday School 9 : 45 a m Mornmg Worship -11 a m Eve ning Worship -5 p m Prayer Meeting Tuesday7 :30p. m Vis1tors Ar e W elcome! lt. Marx MISSionary uapustlinurcn 7221 S. Shemll Street Port Tampa. Flouda 33616 (813) 8395263 RRST BAP1lST CHURCH Of PROGRESS llA For Transport 'on C II (813) 486-7890 a Cia nee ort, Deacons Mini t COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH 14801 N. 15th Street Lutz, FL 33549 Mailing Address P .O. BOx 273757 Tampa, FL 33688 RH. DELORES J ES CAJa, Pastor Sunday Morning Worship Services 7:45A.M. & 11 AJI. SUnday School-10 A.Jf. ld-Weei Worahlp Tuesday 7:00 P 3838 N 29th St. Tampa FL 33610 (813) 248-6600 .... _a.-' 01 C OUEGf Hew Testament M. B. Church Of Thonotasassa, Inc. 11530 Walker Road Thonotosassa, FL 33592 (813) 986-3971 (813) 610 1252 REV. JR. Weekly Services : Sunday School" 9:30A.M. Sun Morning Wcxsh p" 11 A M Wed. Night Youth Prayer Service And Bible Study Thurs Night : Prayer Service And Bible Study 'Saving The Sinners And Educating The 86{1fJV8(5 ., Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. -PhiL 4 :13 New Heritage Christian Worship Center, Inc.. The Place Of The Blessings! Worship -Sunday 12 P. M. a.DER OlANO COSTON 813-425--5299 7 40:2 N. 56th st. Bldg. 700 Suite 790 Tampa. R. 33617 ask hcwc.otg http://www.nhcwc.org c.. c: .!'l 1\). 0 ..... 0 r-0 :D 0 )> (J) m z -i z m r-1 CJ c: r rm -i z \l c: tiJ r(J) :I: m 0 m < m :D < -i c: m c.n 0 )> < )> z 0 :D 0


Sunda 0 C\1 C\1 ..., >-<( c a: LL. c a: LL. c z <( c en w >a: w > w c w :l: en :J m Q. z tu ...J ...J :;) m ...J w z J= z w en <( c a: God Knows Best Most of us live our dai l y li ves based upon t i me. O u r actions are based upon time. We h ave certain thing we do in the morning and there are activitie re o l ved for the evening. Depending on who you ar and what you BlSHOP ClAYTON FERGUSON, JR. And PASTOR & ELDER DOROTHY FERCUSON Sunday School 10 A.M. Sunday Worship Services 11 A.M. Evening Service 6 P.M. Wednesday: Bible Study 7 P M Friday Youth Evangelist Night ?P.M. want p eo p l e to e d e t er mines whe n yo u do what. It' a ll about time. Pau l ta lks to the p op l e in Thes a l onica about tim e as r ecor ded in 1 Thessaloni a n s 5 :1-11. Paul' di cusion about time ha m r to do with piritual thing than arth l y v nts. H ay to them do not b one rn d about time and dat (vs. 1). Their concern Rainbow Ministries 1405 Street Seffner, FL 33584 813-3813937 ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL 3401 E. 25th Avennue, T ampa, FL (Comer Of St 25 Ave. Phone: (813) 248-3737 Or (813) 248-3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline: 248-HELP BIIIIGp Eddil St. Pastor WEEKLY WORSH SCHEDULE 0 it Sanlay: 8:00 A M Spiritual Enrichment 9 :45A. M Sunday School/ Orientation 10:45 Worship Service TUISday: (Youth Church 2nd And 3rd Sundays) 12:00 Noon Prayer w!Bible Study Wednesday: 5 :30P M Free Tutorial 6 :45 P M & Youth M!d '. eek Service Email Us At: stjministries @aol.com Mission Statement: A Church of the inner city reachlngout to the community by ministering to the wholeman. n Outreoch Ministry: t\OAH COMMUNrfY, lf\C./ t-OJSE OF LYDIA for dates and Limes had to do with when Christ was com ing. Many p eo p l e were ea gerly wail i ng a nd trying to antic i pat e when Chr i st woul d r e t u rn But Pau l to l d th e m th e r e was no n ee d to write to th e m about dates and tim e Tim e was not important be cause th e comi n g of th e Lord was going to b e like a thief in th e night (vs. 2). Th e exac t date and tim e of His coming i s not important. Whi l e so me are sayi ng "peace and safety", destruc tion will co me upon them s udd en.ly (vs. 3 ) P eop l e a r e livin g lif e as though they hav e s cur d eternal p ace and th e re is no n d to tay watchful of their oul. Pau.l ay about people liv ing like that, destruction will NEW FELLOWSHIP M. B CHURCH O F TAMPA 912 EASt F rtNnkJ .. H612 -Gomef" Of 9Ul And F lrbenla 1 Sundlsy School -9: 3 0 A. M. Mom ng Wonh p -11 A. M. ?nlyer Servk:e 7 7 :30P.M. Bfbl Study-7:30..8:30 P M The UNITY M.B. CHURCH 311 (813) 248-5955 Sunday School A. M o m ng Worship 11 A.M. Blb .. Study TUes. P M THE PUBLIC 15 INVITED come upon th e m s udd enly as labor pains on a pregnant woman and th ey will not b e ab l e to esca p e (vs. 3b) The t i m e that doe s concern the be l iever i s time re l ated to light and darkness. Bel iever s live i n l i ght and not in dark n ess. When you live in light it do es not s urprise you when He comes (vs. 4). When you live right you can say He can come now, tomorrow, or next week. When He comes does not matter because you are ready! As a believer you are not asleep, but always alert (vs. 6). Those who get drunk get drunk at night ( v s 7). God did not appoint for anyone to suffer, but to re ceive sa.lvation through our Lord J esus Christ He died so that we all (those who are awake or asleep) may live to gether (vs 9 10). God de s ires for us all to be saved. He saved the ones live in the l ight and wil l save those who live in darkness. One of every bel i ever's daily goal sho u ld b e to encou r age one a n other. P aul says to them encourage one anothe r and buil d each other up (vs. 11). The church must en courage one another. It should be there to buil d someone up mentally, emo tionally, and spiritually If people are not walking in the light, encourage them. If they have been knocked and torn down by the activities of darkness build them up! ew Harmony M. B. hurch NEW LOCATION : 2811 N 17th S l Tampa 3 .3605 Phone F o r A R i d e ( 8 1 3 ) 531-4799 Abundant Life Non-denominational Church 412 assau Stree1 Tampa, Florida ( 813 !)., ndantl 1 have-mt tha t th y tnl ht h ellftt ... m ABUNOAHTl -S J hn t0 :10


FYI School Board Schedules Two Public Hearings On Class Size Requirements The Hill s b o r o u g h County Sc h oo l Boa rd h a c h edule d t wo publi c hearin g s t o discuss t h e schoo l di tri c t' s pl a n t o meet th e 2010-2011 r equire m ents of F l o r ida's class s i ze a m endme n t. The hearin g sch edule d o n July 20 and A u g u s t 10, at 5:30p.m will take pl ac e i n th e a u d it orium a t th Raym ond 0. S h e lt o n Sc hool Admi n ist r ativ e Ce n t e r ( R OSSAC) a t 901 E. K e n n e d y B l v d ., Tampa. An a m endment t o F l o rida's Co n stitutio n approved by vo t e r i n 2002, r equire sch oo l distri cts t o restric t the numbe r o f tudent i n classroom D u r i ng the j u s t -com p i t e d school y ar, distri c t w r r quir d t m t t h e r es tri c t i o n s ba d o n c h o l wid av rag s. I n t h u p oming school year chool d i tric t w ill be r quir d t o 111 t a m o r e s t ring nt clas s r m-by-cla sro 111 tand ard. T h e cla room cap a r a follow : 1 tud n t for g r a d P re-K -3, 22 tuden ts for g r a d es 4 8 and 25 students for grad 91 2 These hearin gs are to inform the publi c o f th e s t e p s th e Sc h oo l Board and Superintendent have take n to e n sure the di s tri c t will co mpl y with the Con s tituti o n PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE NOTICE O F INT E NT TO CONSIDER COMPREHENSIVE PLAN TEXT AND MAP AMENDME T S Notice is here by give n t hat pursuant t o Chapter 9 7-351 Laws of Florlda ( 1997 ) as amended : C h apte r 163 P art II F lori da Stallrtes that the Hillsborough County C r ty County Plannmg Commiss ion i n t ends to consrder teX1 and map amendments t o the Fut ure o Htllsborough County Comprehensive P lan for U n incor porated Hrllsb orough Cou nty f o he purpose o a ng a A -Shaded area in Unincorporated Hillsborough County I I I recommenda ton t o e B o ard o Cou y CommLSS o ners at a u he hearmg The text a n d map amendments H a ect land loca ed 1n the map and as dascnbed herean The Plann 1 ng CommiSSIOn may cons tder a erna IVe proposals whch may affec1 all or parts of the l and 1 dentifted T i me : 5:30 p.m. Date: Monday July 12, 2010 Place : County Center, 18" Floor 601 E Kennedy Blvd Downtown Tampa All members of the public and in ter&sted p r1ies may appear t t he \ Pub lic Hearing and be heard as t o any and all ma tt ers p ertinent to the adopt ion of the amendmen t s t o the Future of Hillsborough Comprehensive Plan for U n i n c orpo ra ted H il lsboro u g h County Comments ma y be made orally at the hear i ng o r i n wr iti ng if s ubmitted on o r be f o r e the hearin g date If an y pe rso n decides t o appea l any dec ision made by t h e P lanni n g C o m miss ion wi'lh respect t o any ma H er considered at the forthcom in g pub lic hea r i ng they are hereby a dvise d t hat they will need a ve rbatim record of the proceed i ngs The record i ncludes the test imon y a nd e v idenc e upo n w hich such an appe I to be based A CPA 10-15 Future L!M Uu M1p chtnae. lnt ers t a t e 4 Gre n Tec h Corridor (Related to CPA 1 0 14)-P r oposed map a mend men t t o s t a b lish a n economic Development Overlay i n a s p ecific are a along the 1-4 corri d or 30-11 b!DSIIf. S effn er Man go Comm unity PlanProposed Text amendment to the Livable Communities E leme n t t o inc lude t h e vis ion statement goals and str a teg i es of the Seffner M a ngo C o mmunity Plan t o the Liva b le Commun ities Element. s;cea lQ-12 S:C2mmwoilx It&t SibiDSIII Bran don Commu nity Pla n Proposed Text amendment t o the Liva ble Communit ies E l e ment to i n cl ud e the v ision statement goals a nd str a t egies o f the B rand o n Community P lan. CP! 30-14 future L!nd Uu Text change lnter s t a t e 4 G reen Tec h Corri d o r ( R e l a ted t o CPA 101 5 ) -Pro p ose d text a m e ndm ent to est a blish o f a land u se o v er l a y entitl e d Economic Development Overlay tha t w ill enable dev e lopment o f selected a reas i n the 1 4 corridor for t a rget i ndu s tr ies The pr o po s ed amendment s t o the Comp rehensive Plan m a y be i n spected b y the p u blic o n e w e ek i n a dv a nce i n the o ffi ce o f the H ills b oro u g h County CityCo unt y Planning Com m ission 601 E K e nne dy Blv d 1 8 t h Floor Tampa F l orida, 33602 bet ween the hours o f 8 :00 a m and 5 :00 p m., M o n da y Thursda y except hol idays o r o nline a t www.theplannlngcommlsslon. org For mo r e inf ormatio n p l ease cont c t Rob rt 8 Hunter. FAICP, Ex c u tiv Dir c t o r 1 813. 272 5 40. All m e eti n g fecllltf es are s cc essible In accordance wflf1 the Ameri c sn s wtth Di ebilltie A c t Plea e con t act Lynn Merenda Community R letton s Coordinator at 813 273 3774 K342. for any adcftlonal ne ery accom m o d ations a t lea t t h ree buSine dsy prtor t o the meeting Communi News :rJ Highland Pines News SL Peter Claver Because of his love of golf, Joe Sykes was presented a golf trophy b y the group. St. Pet e r Cla ver Council of Catholic Women held their annu-a l Fath e r 's Da y dinner on June 19, 2010 at the Parish Hall of c... c: !< 1\) 1\) 0 ...... 0 the church. Approximately 70 people were in attendance. D e li c i o u s food and prizes were given to every father. The g r a nd pri ze winn e r was Joe Sykes. The Council Of Catholic W o m e n o f St. Peter Claver have some of the best cooks in r-T ampa. 0 :!! omcen 01 The Month z m r;-; aJ c: r rm z "0 c: m c en % m c m < m R ebecca Jones and Officer Jason DeGagne. :rJ < Th e Di trict Ill Eas t T a mpa P olice De p artment has two o f the hard t workin g Crime P re\"e n tio n employees. They are m courteous. creativ organ ized infonnative, and i n l ved w;th the community act ivities. Jason DeGa,gne and Rebecca Jon s are t w o f everal fi n o f f icer o f Di trict III. l> n o u are our Spotlight Officers o f th e Month. z c CommuniiJ Cleanup H ig hl and Pin i s having a cleanup on July 10 2010 at 9 a m (Saturday) We need 2.5 children to p a rti cipate in this cleanup. \\ e will be pi cking u p bottles, can s and paper o nly. Contact Betty J. Bell o r Pastor E. Sims at 3002 Star Street. PraverWalk Praye r W a lk in the Highland Pines Community i s cheduled f o r Jul 20 2010 a t 5:30 p m W e v.rill meet at 3002 Star S t r t The P o li ce will a compa n y u s. Our spiritual advisors are Pastor Lane, F i rs t M. B burch f H ighland Pin es and Pastor E Sims o fielling the Truth Mini tri es. You a re invit ed t o p a rti ipa Task Force Meet :!! c Hig hl and Pin es ommunity Tas k Force ln meeting date in Jul y i s the 8th a t 6: o p m T hi m ting ,rill b h e l at tit Q u ality lnn 4955 nst 1 th \"Cnt\ a n d l 4. ur spe< k r will h e Floy d Walter s H is topi v.rill b 1edicnre /l\ft edicni :u t d b e n efi t. I f u a t e a s ni o r ron disabili ty, pl ase plan n att ending this meeting. Grant Park, a k Park, Roinbow .....,. It 'tght s 1 \ a s t ern H eig h ts a n d Northv i cw Hill s are i mited. tO


<'1 :::J ""') < c a: u. Belated Birthdays B e l a t ed birthda y wishes a r e b e ing se nt to : Stephanie Wright, Devin Cole a nd King Waters. Also, a special wish is se nt to Taiania Rose, whos e birthday was June 26th who s wished man y more! Belated birthday wis h es a r e also e..xt e nd e d to T. J. Williams. Happ y belated birthd ay wis h to Mrs. Mary Hobley, who ce l ebra ted another year May God continue to bless you with many more days of your life!! Belated birthda y greeti n gs go out to Mr. Kevin B. son, former Villager, who cele brated hi n atal day, June 23 rd H appy belated birthday t o Mr. -Elton Butler, who c I brated C hi pecial day Jun 22nd with ff famil y and friends c z < c en w > a: w > w c w :X: en ...J m :::J 0.. z i= w ...J ...J :::J m ...J w z i= z w en < c a: 0 ...J u. July Birthday Th e birth stone thi s month i the Rub y and th e flowe r i th e Larkspur Happ y birthda y t o th e following celebrants : Jashawn Calloway, Jashaw A. Calloway, Frank Milton Griffen, Ashley Harris Forster, Breanna Hudson, Minister George Harris, Brandi Harris Foster, Tavares Anderson, Willie Parker, Jr., Judy Pritchard, Robert Leeks, Barbara Toye Thompkins (Capital H e ights MD), Ronald Gene Walker (Mem Oak l a nd CA), Deshontie Jones, Wayne Owens, Mary Allen, Mattie Mills, Harry Roberts, Jr., Twiman Keith Robert, Carina McNair, Antonio Deakwon Simon, Bef\iare "BJ" McClendon, Jaquisa Oliver (Alaska), Ankwon Brandon Simon, Shane Evander Anthony, IV James Earl Hill (Me m ), Chelsea Rigsby, Da'Sean Antonio McLendon, Hones Laniya Bisbee, Sandra McNair, Carl H eym, Jr., WiJliam J D emps, Adrian Morgan. Carlo Watson, Marcus Colon, Clar nee Jones, Ill, Kenneth MUls, Delores Fo ter, Kendra Mosley, Horace Reeves, Jr., Patrick Thompson, Jr., Alvin McNair, Ill, Najah Rosalind E. Drew, Paula Jennings. Na. n Grable, Steve Fenske, Otto Contreras, Melvin Gunn, Ernestine Glenn, Maggie Adams, Jackie Lewis, Johnnie Mae Capheart. WUma Rhodes and Mol"lnick. Gloria Me-Progress Village's soth Year Celebration Reunion Progr ess Village's soth Y ea r Cel e br a tion R e union was h eld at th e Embassy Suite s Palm Rive r o n Friday, June 11, 2010, a t 7 p m Th e hard working committ ee m e mb ers w e re: Tony Parker, Richard Ba.rr, Twanda Bradley, Pam Colleton, Rubin Lockett, Delaney Pittman, Helrie Kemp and all of those great se llers of tick e ts and shirts including : Sandra, Jackie, Rose and other s Th e program was great. It b eg an with th e Richard Barr introdu c ing o f th e M as t e r of Cer e mon y -George Nix, Radio P erso nality ; Invocation -Tony Parker; Welcome /Occa ion -Twanda Bradley; Proclam atio n -Comm. Kevin White; and Cedric McCray introdu ced o f m us i cal g u es t -Bernard "BK" Jackson. H umanitaria n Award presen t ations followed Pam Col-teton p n t Mrs. Fran P with th 2 I Award. Th program conti nu ed Mrs. Barbara Smith, wife of the peak r, Dr. Walter Smith (fo rm e r FAM P resident ) was introduced. The t opic: "One Community, One Dream Dr. Smith ga tru h i t ory for th begi nnin g of P rog tllag t o dat An th r mu i I lcct:ion nd red b Bernard .. BK'" Jackson. Sharon Jackson mad a ABM s pecial pr ese nt a tion to o n e of th e first t eac h e rs of Progr ess Vill age School ; Delaney Pittman acknowl e dged a s p ec i a l guest a nd clo s ing r emark<; were mad e by Pam Colleton and Tony Parker. Saturday, June 12th a picnic a t Progress Village Park was h eld. Th e seniors were in the comfort of the insid e at the center playing Bingo and staying cool. Families traveled from miles away from various states to return home for this great oc casion. Sunday, June 13th, Church Services were held at St. James AME Church Rev. Michael B. Priee, Pastor in Progress Vil lage Th e theme was : Let Us Praise God For so Years Of To geth e rness As A Family." Invocation by Elder Tony Parker. The message by Rev. Michael Priee made emphasis on Renewing Your Mind ." Seed time : Bro. Richard Barr and Bro. Ruben Lockett. Mim e presentation b y Tony Parker, Jr. Altar Call and Remarks b y Sis. Pam Colleton. Wha t a wonderful three day ve nt to acknowledge so Y ears for Progress Vi.Uage.. Sick And Shut-Ins Let us keep the sick and shut ins in our da ily pra yers are : Mary Hunt, Geneva Lucas, Charlotte Dukes, Hazel Mitchell, Elouise Leeks, Chester (Gay Papa) Miles Mattie Mills Ullie C. Bryant, Thomas Lake, Ben Brown, Emmie C. Henry, Ella Lee Inmon, Marie B Benson Leila Felder-Moss, fMSM WHOLE CHICKEN 99 lB CHICKEN WINGS Imogene Richardson a nd Mozella DeBose. Sympathy Our s ympathy is sent to Jennifer Scott of Fox 13 Traffic Department and her famil y due to the recent loss of her mom, who was under the care of hos pice. Deepest sympathy is extended to Mrs. Katherine Morgan in the passing of her brother in Tallahassee. His funeral will be held today (Friday), July 2, 2010. Let us keep Katherine in our prayers as she travels up and down the highways Condolences along with the St. James Church families to the Taylor, Wilda Williams and Pendelton families in the pass ing of their loved one, Ms. Dearlo "Dee Dee" Fabray, who was funeralized Saturday June 26 2010 She will be greatly missed by those who knew her. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Williams, Anderson, Brown, Vmson and White families in the loss of thei r loved on e, Mr. Donald White., who was funeralized on June 26th. F. Y.l. Let us keep President Barack Obama and his family in our dail y prayers as he tries to bring change for everyone.. Remember our service men and women who put their lives on the line dail y. Call your news in to lradean London-Biggs at (813) 677-6o 1. Be blessed Yes we can FAMILY BUNDLE #1 FAMILY BUNDLE #2


& SBIOR CII1ZBIS 58fa DisCOunt E 2 N 2 11$21 u 2 5 1111111111 Ev.v Wedlesdal ... Ill 55 ...... 111111 ........ EIGHBORHOOD SUPE T 4015 E. Hillsborough Tampa, FL OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! MON-SAT 7-9, SUN 7:30-8 PHONE 62&-7586 WIC Vouchers Accepted Visit Our Hot Deli Postage Stamps Florida Lottery Money Orders SAVE -.E M YOUR TOTAl FOOD -.a. AT 11&11 Not All Items Available In All Stores 5 lb pk9. Hot or M ild u c1e Johns oked Sausage Fresh, Jumbo Pact TUrllev Necks OGRAPHICAL E ... PICK5 Pick Any S Specially Marked Meat Packages For Only $ &9 JJ c c... c 1'\) 1'\) 0 ..... 0 r-0 :II c CJ) m z z m r-1 OJ c rrm z "'C c OJ !: CJ) :I: m c m < m JJ < c m (/) 0 z 0 JJ 0


Kecipes C\1 C\1 ::::> -, c a: LL. c a: LL. c z r-> a: UJ > w ,._ c 0 UJ ;;; J: ,.... en :::i CD ::::> a.. z w ...J ...J :::> CD ...J w z HAVE A SAFE 4TH OF JUL .! I I ... 'lo M I L N l/\ I LIRNlR Celebrate the 4th of July with a fabulous finale .... throw some ribs, chicken and burgers on the grill and add a delicious dessert that everyone can enjoy while watching the festive fireworks! WAVE YOUR FLAG CAKE 4 cup fresh strawberries 1 pkg. frozen pr pared pound cake, thaw d, cut into 14 slice 1-t/3 cup blueb rri divided 1 tub whipp d topping thaw d DIRECfi ON : lie 1 cup lrawb rri halv r mammg trawberri Cover bottom of 13x9-inch d i h with ca k lie pread' hipp d t pping ove r the t o p of the cake lice d. Aran ge tra" b r r y halv e and remai n i ng bl u b rri n whipp d t opping t o r m b l a flag. K p r frig rat d unti l r a dy to rY r--------------------------------------------, I I I I I I l I f P b I HAVE A FUN FOuRTH I We"re pleased It let yeu know that your ne1ghborbood Publix U I X \\'ill be open regular busmess hours thts Sunday. July 2010. P rk p ren c:i Pubhx Pork AJ14 JturJI. Fun FLJ'IOf C S AV E UP T O 1 .00 LB 99 II> (Mesqwte Seasoned lb 2 d9 ) ...J LL. CD 0 ..... 12-oz con AVE UP TO 10. 2 ON 4 :


::0 SMOKY BOUR.BON RlBS 2 s labs baby back ribs 1 cup Smok-y Bourbon Barbecue Sauce Dry Rub 1/4 cup dark brown sugar 4 teaspoons garlic salt 4 teaspoons chili powder 2 tea poons salt 1 tea poon black pepper 1 / 2 tea poon c lery alt 1 / 4 tea poon r d p pp r 1 / 4 tea poon cinnamon 1 / 4 teaspoon white pepper Liqui d Seasoning 1/2 cup apple cider 1/4 cup apple jelly t/ 4 cup honey 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 t ablespoon dry rub mix (above) DIRECT! : R e mov e membran fro m ba c k of rib lab In mall bm l mbin dry ru ing r clients and mix w IJ. R rv n tabl p n rub t r the liquid ea oning mixtur n r u l y appl dry rub onto front and back id of rib Buj}d a charcoal fir f r indir kin g dd a small aluminum pan to the v id id f th grill and fill it halfway with wat r. Wh n har al grill reache 25 F plac rib m atid up n rill rat and cook v r indir ct h at f r n hour and 1 mmutes. Remov rib from grill. Pia down on i own d ubi d aluminum f il quar ix liqwd easoning in a mall b wl. P ur 1/2 up liquid over each s la Th n ti htly wrap and al a h I a with aluminum f iJ. Pia wrapp d rib ba k nth grill for on h ur at 25 F R mo rib fr m grill and discard foil. Bru s h m ky B ur n Bar u Sauce on both sid s of rib Pia rib ba k n rill for 15 rninut H 'n h, 1,, \ 1 r. "'n"'f ..\t Hrll'f I ,\ ,, (, p BBQCHICKEN vegetable oil, for grates 2 tablespoons paprika 2 tablespoons chili powder coarse salt & ground pepper 1 chicken cut into 10 pieces 2 cups Barbecue Sauce 01 RECTIO S: H eat grill to m e dium. Lightly oil grates. In a small bowl, combin e paprika chili powder, 2 teaspoons salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper; sprinkl e pice rub all over c hi cken. R eserve 1 cup barbecue sauce in small bowl for se rving. Keep r emaining sauce in another bowl for basting. rill ch i cken turning often, until cooked through, 15-20 min. (if browning t o quickly, mov e to cooler part of grill). During finals min. of cooking, baste ch i cken with barb cue sauce. Serve chicken with reserved sauce. TERJYAKI BURGERS Burg r (b ef turkey or chicken) t/4 cup Teriyaki auce 2 tablespoon onion powder 2 table poon garlic powder IRECTIO : Marinat 4 burge r in the Teriyak:i sauce onion powder and garlic pm d r for 15 minut D o n t worry about exact measurements h r ou ju t' ant to mak ure th a t both ides of the burgers are well at d and nic ly aturat d. rill r k until d ir d 1 e l of preparedn is done. ., r-0 ::c c I CJ) m z ::! z m r-Ill c: r rm ::! z 2117 W. Main S treet 813-253-2602 813-4 5 4-29 06 BUY 5 LBS. GET 5 LBS. FREE 4.99 CHICKEN GIZZARDS 5 LBS fOR sa.------NTS 00 GREE N P HI L LI ES GRAP E WH ITE OWL S TRAWB E RRY FRESH NECK BONES GROUND OR PIG FEET BEEF BUY 5 LBS. GET 5 LBS. FREE 4.99 3 CIGARILLOS FOR 1 SWISHER BLUNT "'C c: OJ l en m 0 m < m ::0 < c: m C/) 0 z 0 ., 0


______________________ __ N' :::> ""') c a: u. c a: u. c z c( Q en w ... rt w > w c w % en :::i m :::> Q. z w ..J ..J m ..J w z w fl} a: 0 ..J u. Health Department warns Residents Of Mosquito-Bone Disease Part2 The Hillsborough County Health D epartment r eminds residents and visitors to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes that m ay cause e nc ephaliti disea e. To reduc e the risk of being bitten mosquitoe DOH recommends that individua l s remain dilig ent in the ir p e r sonal prevention e ffort s. These should include the ;<5 D s" for prevention: Tips On Repellent Use: Always read label directions carefully for the approved usage before you apply a repellent. Some repellents are not s uitabl e f o r c hildr e n Products with co n centrations of up t o 30 p e r ce nt DEET a r e generally r ecomm e nd e d. Other effec tiv e m osquito r e p elle nts, as r eporte d b y the CDC in April 2005, contain Picaridin or oil of l emon e uc a lyptus. Th produc t ar ge n e r ally availabl e a t l oca l ph a rm ac i Look for ac tiv ingr dicnt. li t e d on th e product label. App l y in sec t r e pell e nt to expo ed s kin, or onto clothing, but not under clothing In protecting children read label in structions to be sure the repellent i s age-appropriate Infants should be k ept indoors, or mosquito netting should be used over carriers wlll'n quitoc s ar present. STEPHEN A. WI LIAMS, M.D., P.A. Board Cec1ifted Pediatrician 714 W MLK Jr. Blvd. Tel: T8f11)8, FL 33603 Fax:813-223-6020 PAX HERBAL U.S.A. The New Face Of African Herbal mmun orum "COME AND LISTEN'' Do You Have Diabetes, Hi&h Blood Pressure, Hip Cholesterol Level, Kidney Problems, ADHD, Impotence, Prottate Problems, Aller&ia Or Asthma? Are You Tired Of Getting Sick? If So, A Seat To Answer These Above Question By Calling (813) 228-7272 Place: St. Peter Claver Church (O'Keefe Hall) 1%03 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, Florida 33602-3044 g Date: Saturday, July 10, 1010 it Time: 9 A.M. Untilll A.M. Natural wavs To Fight Your Hav Fever The r e a r e a f e w n atura l a l t e rnative s upplements th a t will h e lp your h ay f eve r symp t o m s and m ay b e eve n h e lp t o pre v e nt th e m from r eoccur ring. Quercetin -might possi bly h e l p to inhibit th e r e l ease o f hi s t amine without the s n eez ing and other symptoms th a t co m e with alle r g i es. Butterbur -contains p etas in e, i s as effec tiv e as an a ntihi sta min e but without the drowsin ess. Stinging Nettles -has compounds tha t h elp to enhance th e bod y's res i stance to th e e ff ec t s of pollens and mold s. Thi s extract inhibits the inflammation that causes seasonal allergies. Othe r alternatives you might want to try are: brome-lain, ginkgo, goldenseal licorice, milk thistle and lo cally produced' honey. Al so, by keeping your home and office free from dust, mold and even pet dander will help. You might want to try irrigating your sinuses with a neti pot or saline spray, which works well for people suffering from allergies, and sinus problems. Could It Be COPDil Coughing a nd short of breath? F ee lin g a littl e more tir e d than u s u a l after a da y of walking'? These could b e ymplo m s of chronic obstruc tiv e pulmonary disease (COPD), a progressive lo s of lung fun c tion that affects millio n o f A m e ri ca n s. The m o t common ympt o m i s h ortne o f breath, w hi c h i s ubtl e n o u g h for m t peopl e t i g n ore. Ignoring th e ea rl y ign s m ea n s that many people onl y see their doctor when the disease has progressed, and more chronic and bothersome COPD symptoms e t io. Occasionally COPD com on very sudd e nl y that' usually because a patient ha been ignoring symptoms. Common of COPD arc: Hot flashes Take Black Cohosh If ha, ing hot fla s hes due to menopause. try this h erb. it mi g ht help. he Health The benefits of green te.a consumption continues to grow. Another perk is that it may protect against glaucoma and other eye diseases. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that the antioxidant'i in the tea are absorbed into the eye lens, retina and other eye tissues. Improve Your Thinking To improve your thinking skills add omega 3-fatty acid which is found in fish and its oil. Thi s seems to be quite rel evant for middle-aged adults. AJso reading to Alzheimer's patients can help them better interacteven after verbal ex changes have become difficult. Listening to familiar music can engage Alzheimer patients and listening to book appears to a similar effect. Cough. Coughing up sputum. Sputum is the thicker mucus that is made in your lungs. Wheezing Tightness in the chest Body pains. Nearly 25 percent of COPD patients report generalized aches and pains. Diffi c ult y s leeping Heart failure Swollen legs or feet Weight loss Loss of muscle strength .. A bluish tint to your lips or fingernails if you are not getting enough oxygen Although it might be tempting to talk yourself out of worrying about a few episodes of feeling short of breath, don' t. Anyone who feels short of breath to contact his or her doctor for a breathing function test called spirometry, which can be done in your doctor's office. People who are at risk for COPD should be even quicker to dial their doctor These include current and former smokers and the rare people who may have inher-ited a risk for emphysema from their parents.. AHOIUA Ta.IN80M. DOa, M QM. c. MCOOtW.D. ooa. .... V'Mtb & &16g&de6 Wl!llcol e Moll-..a""*'t**d Slrior<:::brt DilcoLnls Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N Boulcv:1rd, SL'l ,:n C'f \". [ l r r,1[ K Si\ 0 \'.,-.. '.1 I .. L -..' .. I HHIPala WouadCve .......


National NYPD OHicer Files Lawsuit Against Sean Bell Estate A ew York poli ce officer involve d in 2006 shooting d ea th of unarme d Sean Bell ha file d a counte r s uit against Bell's es t a t e claiming that h e was injure d b y th e hu sband to-b e b fore hi s death Officer Michael Carey filed the suit in a Brookly n federal court las t we e k and says that he "s uffered severe leg injuries" after an intoxicated Bell got b ehind the wheel of a car a ft e r leaving his bach lor p arty on hi w dding da Ac ording to Carey hi I g SEAN BELL And FIANCEE was injure d whe n Bell c rash e d into hi vehic l e b for th e officer go t out and fir d a hot. Bell who w a unarm e d was gunne d d wn in a barra c o f fifty bull t th t w r pra ed into hi vehicl Man Arrested For Having Sex With Horses A 3 7-year-old Georgi a m a n i in police c u stody aft r authoritie say a n ighbor caught him having sex with his horse and had to lit e rall y peel him off' one of the animals. B yron Chris t ophe r Jordan of Covington, Georgia was arrested Tuesday after the horses' owner wa tol d that Jor dan was in h is stable sexuall y abusing bi animals. The owner tol d police that Jordan was naked from the w a i t d wn wh n h e witn e d him abu three a ni mal hopping ff one and running to another each time he tried to BYRON c stop him. JORDAN According to the owner, h e h a d to literally pry him off the third and final hor e to d etain him until police arrived. Jordan wa b charged with b lony io Georgia Transvestite Prostnute Gets life After Stealing Bras DARNELL WILSON A man U1a t told autho riti es h e s t o l ov r 100 bras to up P rt h i car c r as a transvestit e pr titut was nte n c d to in pri n Darnell Wit on was arre t d aft r b ing cau g h t tealing bra from a K o hl c lothing tor in D e o t o County, Mi issippi B for e b e in g capture d th e If d scrib d "trnn v s t i t c prostitute" l e d polic o n a h igh s p d c hase, goin g 8o mil s p r hour in ru s h hour tra ffic b for b ing topp d by authoriti who u c d piked trip to blow h is tir The p udo woman of the night was gi e n th ree consecutive life nt e n unde r the M i ippi habitual ofl nd r law whic h ay tha t felony arr t in th t a t e ca n b combined with felony in oth r t a t t o d fin th d a habitua l off nd-Pregnant 10-Year-Oid Leads to Sex Charges For 3 NEWTON COUNTY Ga G e o r g i a Bureau of Investigation and Newton County S h eriffs Offic e official s arrest e d t wo m e n in connection with the sexu a l m o l estation of a pregnant 10-yea r -o ld g irl. D e pu ties l earne d from work e r s with the D e partment of Famil y a nd Childre n Services that the 10-year-old girl had been molested for several year Poli ce c h arged Danny Lee Arnold, 19, and h is brother, Thomas Marcus Arnold, 21, with child molestation, incest. c ru e l ty to children and DANNY AND THOMAS ARNOLD sexual battery Thomas Arnold faced an additional charge of aggravated sodomy. Whil e investigati .ng the case GBI agents also arrested the aunt of the Arnold brothers, Lisa Arnold on incest charges. Agents said they found evidence that she had sex with her two nephews. NY Woman Claims Cops Knocked Eve Out A Que n New York w o man claim tha t police knocked her eye o ut. According t o Jacqu e line Dervain, the cop were called after a call wa s made tha t h e r daughte r's ex boy fri end wa threatening h r Th 66-year-old woman a that p o lice walked in, yank ed h r off o f her bed and tossed her into a doorknob, causing her eye to fall out. NYPD disagree however and say she pulled D KR.VAIN out a l2-gauge shotgun and warned, obody's going to leave here tonight!


Birthday Greetings Shaw-Nuf Talk extends happy birthday wishes to Mark Johnson, of Lakeland, who is celebrating another natal day on today (July 2nd). Happy 10th birth day to little Miss Christian Dickerson, of Lakeland, who will celebrate her special day on July 3rd. Happy birthday to Minister Fred Sears, of Tampa, who will celebrate his special day on July 4th! Happy birthday to Coach Mozell Axson, of > Lake land who will celebrate his natal day on July 6th! a: Belated birthday wishes are u.. extended to Elzra 'Tony' C Small (June 18th) of Lakeland, and Sherman > Dickerson (June 25th) of < Haines City. Shaw-NuJ Talk hopes that each of your W days are were filled with the desires of your hearts! May > the Lord continue to bless ffi yo u with many, many more > birthdays! Happy Anniversary Wishes for a happy anniver sary are extended to Charles and Brenda Shaw, of Lakeland, who will celebrate their third year of marital bliss on July 7th. May the Lord continue to bl ess thi s union! Talk to Shaw-Nuf Shaw-Naif Talk wants t o hear from you. Share new s and/or photos of your cele brations, specia l events, community events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, fam ily reunions, class reunion s, etc., with the readership of the Florida Sentinel Bull etin with Shaw-Nuf Talk by sending an e-mail to: shawnu(talk@yahoo.com or calling (863) 513-8437. Shaw-Naif Talk will share your exciting new with the readership! BOARD CERTIFIED C Rl M I NAL TRIAL LAW OFC: 81 3-204-9070 EMERGENCY: 81 3-431-6069 JOE A. CAIMANO, Esq. RlCO OFFENSES ARMED DRUG TRAFFICKING, TRAFFICKING, DELIVERY, POSSESSION MURDER, MANSLAUGHTER SEX CRJMES/ ClllLD ABUSE THEFT,ROBBERY,BURGLARY ALL OTHER FELONY OFFENSES &VOPs JOE CAIMANO IS LICENSED TO PRACTICE IN THE STAT AND FEDERAL COURTS OF FLORIDA 501 E. JACKSON ST., SUITE 308 Tampa Florida 33602 Office: (813) 204-9070 emergency: (813) 431-6069 To see recent ctorles go to the ebsfte: www.yourtampalawyer.com you Cree writun mformabOn w I: (/) ::i al :::::> a. z w _J _J :::::> m I _J w z w C/) a: 0 _J IJ.. Dr}


NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, th at TARPON IV LLC 12n0 the holder o f the following certificate h as flied said certofica t e for a tax deed t o be ossued t hereon Th e certifica te number and year o f I ssuance the descri ption of the and the n ames In which o t was assessed are as follows Fol io No.: 102073.0000 Cartl!icate No. : 14375Hl7 Ale No .: 2010-514H.X Year ollssuance: 2007 Onc:t1ption of Property: LORRAINE ESTATES LOT 9 5 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : 25118 SEC TWP ROE 26-28-t 8 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name( s) In which assessed. RONALD A. LOFGREN Sa id property betng on the County ol Hillsbo I be oold 10 rho hoQf>ost at the v Audilotlum. 2nd F loor 04lorve E Courlhouso 800 Eut 'TWiggs T-. FL 33002 on 1t1oo UJlll ..., ol AI (NOTICE 1"--C8l (8t3) 27&-11100 U1 4809 to -wy ..,. loaitlon) P0 cost to you. to 1t1e pnw!sion ... ,.t_ ........ cont8c1 1M Clertl s ADA Coonllf\lrtor. eo-1 E. K8nnedV B lvd .. r.....,. nones.. ( 113) 27&-e I 00 .,.,.ion 4205. two ( 2 ) d8ys prior to ltle d8te the ..-nc. le Med8d: If you ..alee LlcenHd Insurance Agent (CSR) Desired Background Check And Drug Test Requ ire d Please Call (813) 310.8608 For Details Work From Home Easy Work Gre a t P a y For Details Send $5 00 & Self Addressed Stamped Envelope To: Brenda James P.O. Box 292295 Tampa, FL 33687 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that TARPON IV LLC 12n0 t h e holder o f the l ol l o wmg c rtohcal o h a s t i led said certJhcn t e t or a tnx dOOd t o bo iuu9d theroon The rtll to nu mber ru>d yeru ot las unnco th o 0 0<* to you. to ltle CCH'll ltle C*"'ll ADA Coonfinelet. 101 E BMl.. T..npe Florida. (Ill) 21'64100 _.._ QOS. two Cll _,. priOt to the at. !tie ..-nc. le you -'-1nt Ot woe. il'l1pMwcl. C8ll 7ll. donal Executive Suite Next To Storage 1503 S. US Highway 301 Tampa, Fl33619 (813) 712-4136 (813) 938-4258 Fax All 12 Hour Shifts AN M eds urg e No Spec ia lty $35 00 $44 00 AN Specialties $40 00 $48 00 LPN $25 00 $30 00 Need 13 CNA s F or St. Pete $13 00 CRTI $28 25 $34 00 ART $30 00 $36 00 PTA-$33.25 PT -$51 00 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that VERONA V LLC 12773 the holder of the following ce rt r tlcate has hlod S8Jd cer1Jfocate lor n lax dOOd t o be ls5ued thereon The ce rtlh c atn number a nd yea.r ol ofiSUance, the descnp ron ol the ptoperty and the names in whlc/'o h w as assessed are as lollows : Folio No : 1 04 730.0000 Car11flcato No.: Fie No.: 201 0-5111HX Year ol ll>$lJatl08 2007 HAMNER'S MAlOAY B FIRST AOOITION TO RENIAAH LOT 3 BLOCKS PLAT OOOK/PI'.GE 2'61 t 26 SEC-lWPAGE 35-29t8 SUBJECT TO ALL OOT'STANOING TAXES Name(l) '" assessed DAVID M.. BARROW Sa.rd pn:oe<1y being '" the County ol State ol Aorida Unlelot liUd'l oenlfocal o lihall be ..:x:ordng 10 'lhO pn:oe<1y described "' ad> be 5lOid 10 the hooghe$1 llooOCkW Ill lhO .by 2nd Floor a.orvt E Edo8oomb Cou-1houM. 800 East TooiQ9$ T-.. R. 33802 on lhO ZZm1 ,_., ot ..1!G 2111 II 81 10;011 A.M. (NOT1CE PIM:M Clll (1113) 27lHII 00 811. 4809 to sale 10c81ion ) 0. !his lm..., ol..llnl 2010 II you- wllh diubillty wtlo ....... ...,. ........ ,.,oocloootioo. In Of'dw to m tt11s ,._.,in!J. you entMed. IIC no 0<* to you. to ct.. pnM-' certlhcale $hal be sold to the higha5l bidder t lhe .by Audilotilm, 2nd Aoor. George E. EdQaoomb Courthoua, 800 Easl TwiQgl R. 33602 oo lhO Z2DII dlly ol July 201(1 81 10;011 A.M. (NOTIC: Pleae Clll (1113) 276-6100 811. 4809 to Ale loca1fon ) Dilled this lm dlly ol..llnl 201Q By: ROBERT E. MORRIS o.pury an II l'O" ... wllh dlub8y wtlo ,_.,. ,., -.nodlillon In Of'dw to in this p!GCIIi:lllg, you entftletS. 81 no co.t to you. to 1M ol C8rt8ln "'-com.ct 1M a.tl'll ADA CooulinMOf, 1101 E. K8nnedy Blvd., r....,. Florida, (113) ----GOS. two (2) WOttdrtg d8ys priof to e.. ... 1M..,.. Is MeCied; you -'-tnv Of .... .........C811111. $500.---.. It 8012 Alpine Avenue 3 Bedrooml1 5 Bath $900.00/Monthty 8503 N. Temple Avenue 311 -$800. 00/Monthly $400. 00/Deposit Section 8 OK $40.00 Non-Refundable Application Fee $100.00 Grocery Gift Csrd With Signed Lease Call (813) 416-0484 Serious lnqulrle Only! :a c c.. c: _!\) 1\) 0 .. 0 r-0 :a en m z :::! z m t;" aJ c: r r-z ., c: aJ r-c;; % m c m < m :D < -t c: m en c ,. z c -n :D 6


or---------------------------------------------------------------------------------,.... 0 N N :::> -, c a: LL. c a: LL. c z < c (J) w :::> > a: w > w c w :J: (J) :J ID = Q. z tii ..J ..J = ID ..J w z w (J) C 0 ..J &&. -w A; NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, tha t TARPON IV LLC no the holder o f the lctllow l ng ce rtificate has flied said ce rlil lcate lor a t ax deed to be Iss ued th ereo n Th e certificate number and year ollssuance. the d esc r iptio n of the prop e rty and the n ames I n wh ic h 11 was assessed are as l ollows : Folio No.: 107647 0000 Certificate No.: 144048--07 File No.: 201Q-520 Year of Issuance : 2007 Description of Property: DREW PARK RE PLAT OF LOTS 15 AND 16 BLOCK 3 PLAT BOOK/PAGE 29170 SEC-TWP-RGE : 04 29-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Name (s) i n which assessed: ANN BALLARD HOLDINGS INC Said propeny be ng In County of H illsborough, S I ol Floml accOo 2:alHI day ol July 201 o at 1 o oo A.M (N OT IC E PleaM call (813) 276-8100 ext 4acJ9 10 1111rlty sale location) D led this Jal day ol Juot 201 Q 1.T FRAN Clark 01 The Cln:uh Cout1 Hllfaborou11h County. Floo Media .,..., eceommodll1lon I n ordlw to pertlcfpete I n ltlla ptOCMdfng you are ""'"led. at no eo.-t to you. to the provlston o1 certain .s.sl.st.anc eontllc:1 th Clerk' ADA 601 E. lo Meets .,..., In ordlw to pertlcfpeta In thl a procMe provf"k>n o f certaJn ,._...h11la:nc.. .._. eoniJtcl the C ADA CoornlnatO<. &01 E. l(enn.dy Blvd. T IIITIJMI Florida. (1'13) 7TW I 00 4.20$. two (2) WOfltfng drfl priof to tha ckl the If yoo .,..., eccommodootion In ordlw to pat11dpoote tr> IIII o you are ..., d. oj no coact I o to ltM p<'O'ftolon of oetUln au.bu.no. ... oon1Jtc1 ,,.. C o ADA Coord.lnolO< 601 e. Kanotctt' BM1.. T..._ Florida. fl'll} 7TW100 -.Jon 4.205. two C2l WOiidng da')'s p<1ot lo ltM 0... the ..me. yo condiCIII shaJ be redeamod aooordong 10 law. ptopeny doscribod ., wd'l oortJilco 0 bo 50id 10 the bodOOt ftl thO Jury Aud4ot'ium 2nd FloOr, GootQe E EdQOCOmb a5a Twws Street Tampa.. FL 33602 on lhe 2:alHI day ol Juty 201 0 at 1 0:00 A.M ( NOTICE Please cal (813) c1. 48011 sale location ) Dated ;)'a! ol Junt 2010 PAT FRANK a.tl 01 The Circuli Court H.lllsborough County, Florld8 By. ROBERT E. MORRIS Deputy a.tl If yoo .,..., eccommocietloo I In order to perttdpata n 1.1\ you ..m:tlted. .. no c:o.t to you. to tha poroYto.lon of carta n anl s:tanc& oont.cl liM Cltrl<' a ADA Coordi na-tor 601 E. l(ennedy BM1.. Tempa Florida, <-13 ) 00 -slon 4.205. two (2.) wor1dng drfl priOt 1.0 the 0... tha ..w:. .. needect; If yo celtlfic:ate shaD be 50id 10 lhe hlgle5l bidder at lhe Jury Auditorium 2nd FloOr, G80fQ8 E.. EOgecomb Courthouse, BOO East Twiggs Street.. Tampa. A.. 33602 on the Z2D!I day ol July 2010 at 1 0;00 A.M. ( NOTICE: Please cal ( 813 ) ext. 4809 10 wrily sale loca!ion). Dated this ;)'a! day ol June 201 0 PA.TFRANK a.tl 01 no. Circuit eo..n H: llsborough County, Florida By. ROBERT E.. MORRIS DeputyCWk "yo

J:J NOT IC E OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, tha t TARPON IV LLC t2no tho h o ld e r o l tho follow i ng certifica t e has flied said cert ifica t e for a tax deed to be Iss ued thereon The certificate numbe r and year of Iss uance. the descr i ption of the p roperty, and the names I n wh ic h I t was assessed are as follows : Folio No. : 1 1 1 133 0000 Certrfica t e No : 144249-07 File No.: 2010..525HX Year of Issuance : 2007 O..Crlptlon of Property: CYPRESS ESTATES LOT S 2 I AND 22 BLOCK 6 PLAT BOOK/PAGE : I t/85 SEC-TWP RGE : 16-29-18 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTA N DING TAXES Name ( s) I n whlch assessed: ANDREA REDOING ANGELICA REDOING EDWARD REYNOU>S BENJAMI N REYNOLDS Said property being In I County ol Hillsborough Slate ol Rot Unless such cer1lfk:a be rudeemed accotding to law lhe property described In such certificate shal be sold to hlghesl bidder t lhe .AJry Aud1orium. 2nd Floor, Gecllge E Edgecomb Courthouse 800 Easl Twiggs SlnMit Tampa. FL 33602 on the una day oe July wo tp ;oo A.M. (NOTICE. P caft ( 813 ) 276-8100 ext 4809 to verify sale location ) PAT FRAN Clerk Of The C lreu Cour1 Hlllsbo

0 .,... 0 N N :::> ""') c a: LL. c a: LL. c z c( c (/) w :::> .... > a: w > w c w X (/) :J ID :::> 1:1. z tu _, _, :::> ID _, w z w (/) C a: 0 _, u.. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, TARPON IV LLC !h e h o l c l o r o l th a lollowtn g certJhc u t c h a s h l ucl smd cert ifi c ate tor n t nx deed t o be 1Ssu od thereon The cerl lflc a t e numbtH nn e year o l J ssua11ce t he desc np t 1 o n o l tho property, and U1e m mws n1 whtc h 11 wns assessed are a s t allo w s F o lio N o 116697. 0000 Cen r llc,llo No 144 533-07 Frio N o 201()-532 Year o l Issuance 2007 Description of Property: BEL W IL L OTS I 2. AND 3 LESS AD A; W PLAT BOOK/PAGE 12129 SEC -TWPRGE 22-29 1 8 SUBJECT TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES Namo(s) i n whoch assossed GEORGIA MAYNARD TRUSTEE Said property being I n 100 Coonty o l H lllsbotough, Slate o l Florida Unle M suc h c ertifica t e snan oo rodeom;xl accol'ding 1 0 la w lh4J property descnbod In suc h cortt flc t Shall btl 50kl to tho h ighest bidder t th e Jury AudiiOtlum. 2nd FloOt George E Edgecomb Courthouse BOO East TWiggS Street. Tampa. FL 33602 on thl d.-.y of at 10:00 A.M ( OTICE Please call (813) 276-8 100 oxt 4809 to venty sale locatiOn). PAT FAA K Clerk 01 The C ircui t Court Hillsborough County. Flortd.a By ROBERT E MORAIS Deputy Chlrl< If you an a penon with a dls.blllty who nHds any accommOuanco 2007 Dcscr ipllo n o l Properly: IOOJI SOH O A CON OO MINI U M UNI f A tl OLDG A-:1 AN D AN UNDIV INT IN COMM O ELE M NTS PLAT OOOK!PAGE C O 1 9 214 S EC -TWPRGE 26-291 8 SUBJECT TO All OUTSTANDING TAXES Nama( a) In whk:h o ... M<>on ol cert ln autsmnc P conl...:t lhe Cle0' ty 1>0.ng on 1ho County ol S14 ol FIOOM IIUdl cet!lhCAI JII\AI be r-..od IKOltdonQ o U.W. !he pod on IIUdl cet1lfica.lo -be loOid 10 t-oq>es1 bOMif I !he .).}l:y Audltonum 2nd Floor GoBor-Qo E EdQOc:OmD Counhouse. 800 Eas1 T""'QS TA1r4>4. Fl 33602 on tl>e lltl a:.1 neE PloaM cal (813) 00 e:t1 4809 10 _.,.,. locatoon) 9y LAURE I 0 L' E RRI Oe1JVTY ca.n ff you ..,., person wiUI .. dlubility wt>o nats any KCOmrnc>da:Uon In order to partidpot on lhi o you enl led. 31 no to you lo IN! prorio.;oo of ce<1#ln stance Pt.nl...:-1 the C ... s A[)A Coordlnalot. 601 E. Kennedy Blvd_ Tampa. Florida. {81J) 2 6-8 100 rtension lWO { 2 ) wor1dng dlly's priof to the the Is ff you ..,.. l'>earin!l 0< caD 711. University Area Loft Apartment Gated Commun i ty Swi mm i ng Pool Laundry Facility And M ore $450 00/M o nthly Move -In Specia l Call (813) 318-1523 AFFORDABLE LIVING For SE NI ORS 55+ Near Downtown Great Views From $398 / Monthly Utiliti es Inc lud ed 813 253-2868 Monday -Frld y 8 : 00 am -4 : 00 pm IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 13TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Case No.: 2010-CA--003524 DIVISION D PLATINUM BANK (Plaintiff} vs THOMAS B HARMON AND THOMAS G BRAMLETTE (Defendants) NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE NOTICE tS he r eby g i ven pursuant to a Un i for m Judgment of F orec l osur e dal ed June 23, 2010 entered i n Case No 2010-CA--003524 D ivi s i on D of lhe Ci rCUit Court of the Th i rteenth Judicial C ircuit in and for H ill sborough County, F lon da 1n favor of the Plain t iff, Pl a tin um Ban k and against th e Defendants Thomas B Harmon a n d Thomas G Bram l ette th e Plai n tiff Will sell t o the h i ghest and best b i dder for cash on the 2nd FLOOR OF THE GEORGE E EDGECOMB BUILDING ROOM 201/202 located at 800 EAST TWIGGS STREET i n TAMPA Florida on Auguat 6. 2QJO. at 2 :00 P.M the fo llowi ng described real property as set forth i n the Un if orm Ftnal Judgmen t o f Foreclosure : Lot 15, Keystone Reserve Subdivision, to the map or plat thereof recorded In Plat Book 97 Page 15 of the public records of Hillsborough County, Florida. a/k/a 18701 Hlllstone Drive, Lot 15 Odessa, FL 33566 ANY PERSON CLAIMING A N INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS FROM THE SALE. IF ANY OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF THE US PENDENS MUST FlLE A CLAIM WITHIN SIXTY (60) DAYS AFTER THE SALE. ATTN : PERSONS WITH DISABIUTIES. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DlSABIUTY WHO NEEDS ANY ACCOMMODATION IN ORDER TO PARTlCIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDlNG YOU ARE ENTTTLED AT NO COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVISION OF CERTAiN ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR AT ( 813 ) 2720.W WITHIN TWO WORKING DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS DOCUMENT IF YOU HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED TOO AT ( 813 } 272-9169 OR FLORIDA RELAY SERVICE AT (800) 955-8770. ESS my hand and the seal o i s Court on June 25 2010. North Tampa And Temple Terrace Area Angle s Apartments 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath WDH 0 Deposit N o Application Fee Section 8 Welcome 813-915 : 9787 Ybor lty 2912 East Columbus 212 -Apartment $850 00/Monthly With W h r fDry r Upd t d V ry N i S ti n WI m Jacob Real Estate Broker (813) PAT FRANK CLERK OF THE CJRCUrT COURT BY : ALEXIS DE LA ROSA Deputy Clerk 2 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $499.00 Water Included On Site Laundry Call 813-975-0258 prlngs N ice Beautiful N ewly R emodeled 2 Bedro 1 B th Ap 550. 0 W t r In lud i t Call (813) '298-8245


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of b e ing un able t o effectua t e c e rtifi e d m ail noti c e t o vio l a t o r s o f the City Co de, n otic e i s h ere by giv e n that a T a mpa Municip a l Cod e Enf o r ce m e nt H earing M as t er h a s sc h eduled a publi c h ea rin g on July 14, 2010 a t 9:00 a.m. t o h ea r the b e low list e d c a s e s whi c h are in viol a tion of th e City o f T a m pa Co d e Inf o r matio n lis t ed b e l o w d esc rib es the case numb e r pr o perty owner(s), viol a tion a ddr ess, c od e s e ction viol a t e d a n d l e ga l desc ripti o n o f s ubj ec t pr o p e rty in th a t ord e r The hearin g will b e held in City Council Ch a mbers 3rd Floo r City H all, 315 E. K enne dy Blvd T a mp a F l o rida. Aff ec t e d prop e r t y owners will be given the opportunity t o di sc u ss th e all e ged v io l a tion s Sh oulda ny o n e h a v e a ny qu es tion s reg ardi ng these c ases please call the Office of the C i ty Cle r k a t ( 813) 27 4 -72 86. Please note th a t if a ny p e rson d e cid e s to a pp ea l a ny d ec i s i o n m a d e by the Co d e E nf o r ce m e nt H ea rin g Ma s t e r w i th respect to a ny m a tter cons i d e r e d a t the m ee tin g or h ear in g t he y will n ee d to e n s ur e a v e rba t im record of t he procee d i n gs is m a d e which re c ord i nclud es the t e st i mony a n d e v i d e n ce u pon which t he appeal is t o be ba s ed CASE # 09-20546 SIMPSON MILDRED C 2941 W BEACH ST., TAMPA FL S E C TION : 19 -231 GHIRA LO T S 9 AND 1 0 BLOCK 23 1 80249 0000 CASE # 09 21130 WEST TAMPA ENTERPRISES LLC C / 0 WENDY ROBBINS REG AGT 2009 N ARMENIA AVE TAMPA FL SECT I ONS : 1 9-23 1 19-236 1 92 37 1 923 2, 1 94 6 1 94 7 19-4 9 AND 19-50 MAC FARLANES REV MAP O F ADDITlONS TO WEST TAMPA LOTS 1 2 AND 1 3 BLO C K 39 1794t9 .0000 CASE I 09-23500 RUFF l N CYNTHIA L BROWN LARRY 2 108 N HOWARD AVE TAMPA FL SECTI ONS: 1 9236, 1 9-237. 1 9-46, 19-4 7 19-49 AND 19 MAC FARLANES REV MAP OF ADDITIONS TO WEST TAMPA N 22. 8 FT OF S 75.23 FT OF E 53. 3 FT OF LOT 2 4 BLK 36 AND N 1 9.77 FT OF S AID L O T 24 BLK 36 179338.0000 CASE I 09-24689 CHRISTEN MARISA 7309 N DARTMOUTH AVE ., TAMPA FL SECT IO NS : 19 2 6 1 9-27, A N D 1 956 HA MNER S W E ALB I MAR L O T 16 BL O CK 1 161968.0000 CASE # 09-25542 KNIGHT MARVIN R 2113 W MAIN ST., TAMPA FL S E CT I ON S : 1 9-236 1 9 237 1 9 -23 8 19-46 1 9 47 19 49 AND 1 9 50 MA C FARLANE S REV MAP OF A DDITION S TO WEST TAMPA LOTS 7 AND 1 2 E h OF LOT 13 BLOCK 5 178792 .0000 CASE # 09-26025 ALLEN, JOHN AND ALLEN, PRISCELLA 2130 W CHERRY ST TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19-231 19-46. 1 9-47, 1 9 49 A ND 1 9-50 M AC F A RLANES REV MAP OF ADDITIO S TO WE ST TAMPA E A ST OF LOT 8 BLOCK 30 179223.0000 CASE 111(}-{)1 457 LEVY AUDREY 105 S HABANA AVE., TAMPA1 FL SECTION : 19-27 B UN G A LO W CITY LOT 7 BLOCK 1 116897 .0000 CASE I 1Q.-0174 9 SEN J SSE NETTl 114 N AMELIA AVE TAMPA FL S EC T ION S : 19-232 1 9-233. 1 9-234 1 9 -46. 19-4 7, 1 9-49 AND 1 9 50 MUNRO AND M C INTOS H S ADDITION E OF LOT 5 BLO C K 6 1 9 831 .0000 CASE 111(}-{)1958 RAMOS MARIA AURORA 2320 W CLIFTON ST TAMPA FL S E CT I O N S : 1 9 46 19 47 1 9 49 AND 19-50 HAMN ER'S MARJORY B FIRST A DDIT I ON TO RENMAH LOT 2 1 BLOCK 5 1 04744 0000 CASE II 1 (}-{)3163 CROPPER ROBERT G 151 8 W PATT ERSO N S T., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 1 9 233 WILMA SOUT H LOT S 73. 74 & 75 & '.! CLOSED ALLEY ABUTTl G ON S 101598 .0000 CASE I 1 Q.-032 7 6 SHEPPARD n A NN A AND S HE P P ARD BR I A N 2225 N RIDG EW OOD AVE. T A M PA Fl. SECTIO S : 27-77 TABLE 4 1 1 9-46 1 9-232 RID GE OOD PARK LOT 6 BLOCK E 183417 .0000 CAS E I 1 G--03494 F ONTANEL WA N DA 711 0 N RO ME AVE. T AMPA Fl. SECT IONS : 1 LORRAINE STATES LOTS 1. 2 3. AND 4 102018 .0000 CASE I 1 Q.-0378 5 BELSCH E S SHAME K R AND BELSCHES S TE PHANIE 2714 W BEACH ST ., TAMPA Fl. SECTIO N S : 1 -49 AN D 1 50 MA C F ARLAN ES REV MA P OF AOOf T I O N S TO W EST T AM P A LOT 4 BLOC K 25 179133.0000 CASE # 1 D-04894 WELLS VALERIE HOPE 209 W POWHATAN AVE., TAMPA FL S E C TION S : 2 7 12 9 WES T SUW ANEE HEIGHTS LOT 16 BLOCK 34 164 361.0000 CASE II 10-0 5075 HERNANDEZ. GERTRUD I S AND HERNANDEZ EDUA.RDO 2 7 16 W. LOUISIANA AVE TA MPA, FL SECTIO S : 19-47 A D 19-232 GRE ELLE GARDE S SUBDIVISIO LOT 8 BLOCK D 107499 .0000 CASE I 1 Q.-056.39 CHAVARR I A V I C T OR 7000 N COARSEY DR. TAMPA. Fl. SECTIO S : 19-46 19-47 19-49 AND 19-50 GROVE PA.RK ESTATES LOT 9 BLOCK 40 LESS Am FOR HU PHREY ST 102597 .0000 C ASE I 1 ()-{)6375 CABAL LERO O MAR AND CABALLERO AUDREY 2 103 W PO WH A T AN AVE ., TAM P A, Fl. SECnO S : 1 AND 1934 HA NER S ARJORY B RE AH LOT 41 BLOCK 2 1 04396.0000 CASE I 10-08103 FRANKUNS TRE SERVICE ... NON-OWNER" 3 101 S OMAR AVE. TA MPA, F L CODE SECnON : 13 ( A ) AN D 1 3 SU N SET P ARK L O T 3 1 BLOCK 30 1 21959 .0000 IN A ORDAN CE WI T H T H E AM ER I C N W IT H D SAB I LITI A T A N D S T l N 2 8 6 2 6 FL A IDA STATUE P ERSONS WI T H DIS A B I LIT I ES N EED IN G SP E C IA L ACCOM ODAT I O N TO PARTI C IPAT E I N TH I S ME E n N G SHOULD CONT A C T T H E C ITY CLE R K S OFF I C E AT L E AST FOATY E I G HT (48 ) HOUR S PRIOPA TO TH E DAT E OF THE M E ETI N G I NTE R ESTED PART I E S MAY APP E A R A N D B E H E ARD AT S A I D H E AR IN G SHIRLEY FOXX KNOWLES CITY CLERK To Publish Your Email: aed r ega Advert sement In The Florida entanel Bulletin Contact LaVORA @ (813) 248 -1921 ledwards@flsentlnel.com Or Fax 24n To: (813) 248 -9218 PUBLIC NOTICE OF JUSTICE DEPARTMENT PRECLEARANCE SUBMITTAL CONCERNING POLLING SITE LOCATION CHANGES AND POLLING SITE NAME/ADDRESS CHANGES Th e H i llsbo r ou g h C o u nty Superv isor of E lec t i o ns s ub m i tted t o the U n i ted S tates A ttorney Gen eral a r e q ues t for preclearance concerning polling s i t e l o c at i on ch a n g es for 3 7 pre ci nct s p o ll i ng s i te name c hange s for 7 p rec i ncts and po llin g sit e addre s s changes for 7 pr ec i n ct s on June 25. 2010 A copy o f the subm i ss ion i s a v a il ab l e f o r pub li c i nspect i on ( an d copying if reques t ed ) P ubl ic com me nts to the subm i ss i o n are invi ted tor the cons i dera tion o f the A t1omey General P lease contact the Su pe rvisor of E l ect t ons OHi ce a t ( 813 ) 272-5850 16th F l oor of the County Center 601 E ast Kennedy Boulevard Tampa FL 33602 if you w ish t o i nspect or obtain copi es of th e precle a rance subm ission. The submission is avatfab l e for i nspection a t th e S upervi sor of E lecti ons O ffice during normal business hours If you wish to submit commen ts to the Department of Justice, the address i s : Chief Vo ng Section Crvil R i ghts D ivi sion Room 7254-WB, Department of Justx::e 950 Pennsylvania Ave., W Washtngton, D C 20530. The enve l ope and fi rst page should be rna ed: Comment under Section 5 of lhe Voting A' ts ct.. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY C r VIL SERVICE N ew Employment Opportun ities OFRCE ASS I STANT II ( D A T A ) (R ESTR I CTED ) $24 752 PLAN T MAINTENANCE M E CH ANI C II $27 9 7 6 PROGRAM ASSISTANT (PART TIME ) ( UNCLASSIFIED ) $1 O .OOIHRD. O.Q SENIOR COMPUTE R OPERATOR $31 512 PECIALI T II AAIE E O Employer "T1 :Il 0 c... c 1\) N 0 ...... 0 "T1 r-0 :Il 0 l> CJ) m z ::1 z m r-1 I1J c rrm ::1 z "t' c I1J c CJ) % m c m < m :Il < .... c m CJ) 0 l> z c ., :!2 c C) m


0 .,... 0 N N ::::> ..., > < c a: LL c a: LL c z c:( c en w ::::> ... > a: w > w c w rf/) :; m ::::> z ::::> m w z w en a: 0 LL LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hear ing Master has scheduled a public hearing on July 21, 2010 at 9 : 00 a.m. to hear the below listed cases which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code Information listed below describes the case number property owner(s) violation address code section violated, and legal description of subject property in that order The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers 3rd Floor City Hall 315 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa Florida. Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274 7286. Please note that if any person decides to appeal any decis ion made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based CASE II 09-22451 TORRES, ANGEL 706 E. ADALEE ST., TAMPA FL SECTION : 19 -231 ROBLES SUBDIVISION NO 2 W 47 Fl OF LOT 1 AND 3 13 FT OF LOT 2 BLOCK 6 1828 1 2 0000 CASE I 09-25053 ALLEN, DIANE JUNE 1002 N. HABANA AVE. TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 1926 AND 19-231 WEST NAPLE S S 6 FT OF E 45 FT OF LOT 6 AND ALL OF LOT 7 BL O CK 12 AND E CLO SED ALLEY ABUTIING ONW 180793 0000 CASE t 09-25139 LARKJN JOHN W Ill TRUSTEE 14TH STREET TRUST 8620 N.14TH ST A & B TAMPA, Fl. SECTIONS : 19-26 AND 19-27 ORANGE TERRACE LOT 3 & E CLOSED AUEY ABUTIING THEREON BLOCKS 145538 1000 CASE t 09-25431 CORCES RONALD JAME. S AND JUDY N. 1017 E. FERN ST ., TAMPA Fl. SECTION : 19-231 PALM SUBDIVISION REVISED MAP LOT 7 BLOCK 4 171172 0000 CASE t 09-28306 SANCHEZ PATRICIA TTE OF 3809 E RENELLJE Cl TRT AGR 2-21.()8 3809 E. RENELLIE Cl. TAMPA ,FL SECTION : 19 26 BEL MAR UNIT NO 2 LOT 111 122343 0000 CASE I 1 ()-()()200 MAROULIS, GEORGE AND THALIA T 804 S IDLEWOOD DR. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 1 9 19-4 9 BEACH PARK SWLY 1 FT OF LOT 7 A ND LOT 8 BLOCK 3 113444 0000 CASE I 10-01301 ZOLLO, FRANK M. 2403 E. 10TH AVE., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 19-56 TURMAN S EAST YBOR LOT 6 BLOCK 7 189171.0000 CASE 111CH>1446 MATUS, ALBERT 9 W SPANISH MAIN ST., TAMPA, Fl SECTION : 19-231 BAYSHORE ESTATES NO. 2 W17FTOFLOT5 A DLOT6 BLOCK 4 114179 0000 CASE t 1<>-02247 RODRIGUEZ, JUUA A. 3919 W FIG ST., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 19-231 KINIGHTS ADDITION TO NORTH BON AIR LOT 21 116009 0000 CASE t 1CH>2615 MUELLER CHRISTOPHER D 2915 W SAN JOSE ST., TAMPA Fl SECTI ON : 19 PALMA CE IA PARK LOT 12 BLOCK 29 125857 0000 CASE I 1CH>2749 G L G MAGNOUA OAKS LLC 2207 SAXON ST ., TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 1 9 46 19 49 AND 19-50 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 T042 LOT 5 BLOCK 39 190971 0000 CASE I 1CH>3139 BROWN, DIAJUANA 3413 E 10TH AVE ., A/8, TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 1 9-46 AND 1 9-50 EAST BAY ADDITION LOTS 1 2 AND 3 BLOCK 10 175537 0000 CASE I 1 CH>3682 ROSSITER STEVEN D., AND ROSSITER SANDRA K 122 S HOWARD AVE., TAMPA FL SECTIO S : 20 5 -15( 4 ) (18) OSCAWANA LOT 11 BLOCK 7 184124 0000 CASE I 1 CH>3753 TAYLOR LAURA 4109 W VASCONlA ST ., TAMPA Fl. S E C T I O :27-129 MARYLAND MA OR 2ND UNIT E OF LOT 16. LOT 17 AND W 5 FT OF LOT 18 BLOCK 53 1 24556 0000 CASE I 1G-03832 JONES. JOANNA N AND TOKLEY JAMES E. 2118 W CARMEN ST TAMPA FL SECTION : 19-56 BENJAMIN S 4TH ADDITION LOTS 6 AND 9 BLOCK 6 18143 7 0000 CASE I 10.00966 AMERICAN BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS INC GONZALEZ PILOTO J C RA 4936 W MELROSE AVE TAMPA Fl SECTION : 19-50 STONEY POINT S UBDIVISION A REPLAT LOT 1 8 1 21129 0000 INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING SHIRLEY FOXXKNOWLES CITY CLERK CASE II 1 CH>3991 HERNANDEZ, DANIEL AND NETTLETON-HERNANDEZ LAURETTA 4017 W. MONTGOMERY TE., TAMPA FL SECTIONS : 19 -46 19-49 AND 1 9 232 BAY BREEZE W 24FT OF LOT 41 AND LOT 42 BLOCK 4 137102 0000 CASE I 1()..04326 TOAL, FRANK M AND BURKE JANICE AM 4511 S. CLARK AVE. TAMPA FL SECTI ONS : 19-49 19 AND 19-232 MANHATTAN MANOR N O 3 LOT 23 BLOCK 3 129688 0000 CASE I 1 ().{)4553 SVORAI YIZHAO AND SVORAI MIRlAM 4801 W. SUNSET BL, TAMPA. Fl. SECTION : 13-234 SUNSET PARK LOTS 46 AND 47 BLOCK 20 121834 0000 CASE I 1 G-04770 GLG MAGNOUA OAKS UC CJO GARY GAUTHIER REGISTERED AGENT 2205 SAXON ST ., TAMPA. Fl. SECTIONS : 19-46 1 9-236 AND 19-237 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO 40 AND SSTO 62 LOT 6 AND E 5 FT OF LOT 7 BLOCK39 1 90972 0000 CASE I 1().04775 GLG MAGNOUA OAKS LLC C/0 REG AGT GARY GAUTHIER 1000 S. 22ND ST., TAMPA Fl. SECTIONS : 19 -46, AND 19--50 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO W 45 FT OF LOT 7 AND ALL OF LOT"'8 BLOCK 39 190913 0000 CASE# 10-04814 YORE PETE 2408 W. CYPRESS ST. A/8 TAMPA FL SECTION : 19-49 WEST PINES REVISED MAP W Y.z OF LOT 3 AND LOT 4 LESS W 20 FT THEREOF BLOCK 1 168310 0000 CASE# 1CH>5139 PEREZ, LEANDRO MIGUEL JR. 2604 W CLEVELAND ST. -N-, TAMPA Fl. SECTION : 19-233 PARK CITY LOT 2 BLOCK 4 116797 0000 CASE I 10-05552 VAN ATTA EUZABETH ANN 4734 W IOWA AVE. TAMPA, Fl. SECTIONS : 19-49 AND 1 9-50 GANDY GARDENS 7 W 14 FT OF LOT 8 AND E 55 FT OF LOT 9 BLOCK 4 131858 0000 CASE I 1().{)5577 WELDON LUEITA 3604 W. PAXTON AVE. TAMPA Fl. SECTION : 19-49 CLARICE PLACE LOT2 BLOCK 6 133481 0000 CASE I 10-06165 PAGE ROBERT W C/0 MB REALTY SERVICES 6027 S. 2ND ST. TAMPA, Fl. SECTION : 19-50 NUNEZ SUBDIVISION LOT3 135561.0016 CASE I 1G-06178 FACtON, BYTMA AND FAClON, TANYA 2602 E. 10TH AVE. TAMPA FL SECTION : 19-56 GARYTOWN LOT 1 4 AND LT 15 W 1 2 5 FT FOR RO BLOCK t2 189086.0000 THE FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 65 YEARS



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1011 E. Bougainvillea 2/1 For The Price Of One Quiet Property Beautiful Duplex Fenced Yard Sect ion 8 0 Deposit (813) 264-9660 Section 8 Tenants 0 Security Deposit 3 B edroom/ 1 B ath Central Heat/A i r Washer / Dryer Hook -up Near Everything Call (813) 546-n82 2 Bedroom Duplex WDH, Tile Flooring CA&H Paid Water And San i tation 10009 IIA N. 14th Street (Off LJnebaugh) Sect ion 8 -YES $700 00/Monthly $350 00 / Secur ity Call (813) 986-3205 (813) 31 D-8598 I1;'Il1f11 ; 1 !J:i 11 Near Downtown/Busllne Or Busch/Nebraska C lean, Qu iet Large Furn ished Room s Washer/Dryer CHA, Cable Must Have Job & Dru g Free (813) 493 -2401 For Rent Rooms/Apartments In Qu ie t Building No Drug s Allowed VIsit: 2913 N. 15th St. Call Henry (813) 727 0151 New Tampa Area Private Room And Bath Male Pr e f e rr e d $500.00/Month ly Includes Utilitie s No Smoking Or Drinking Call (813) 988-4575 l ean Room s lnYbor City Includes All Utilities & Cable From $ 1 20. 00/Weekly Or $ 4 75.00/ Monthly $ 1 00 00/Deposlt 813 245-1998 ROOMS FOR REN Nice Neighborhood Large Furnished R oom Priv a t e Entrance And Priv a t e Bath Older M ale Pre f erre d Call (813) 238-7034 Clair Mel Area Room For Rent Priv ate B a throom Shared Kitchen And Living Room $120 .00 $175 00 Dep osi t Varies Call (813) 545-9139 Rooms For Rent Busch Gardens Fair Grounds Area Furn ishe d C able Washer / Dryer CHA Close To Bus Unes Utilities Pai d (813) 478-1286 Seffner Area Country Setting 1 Week Free $1 00 00 Move In $75 00/Weekly Ms Jackson (813) ( 413) -563-2263 West Tampa South Of 1 N e r Armenia Fum shed $100 00 125 00/Weekly Includes All Utilities Cable & Personal Fridge Call (813) 545-8074 Rooms For Rent Near Ybor City Cle n, Quiet A ir Condition d Old r Adult s Preferr d $99 00/We kly Call (813) 690 3320 Or (813) 516-1559 For Any Size Room $100 00/W kly Or $400 00 / 1 t M o nth Limit d Tim Sp c ial N e r Busllne 30 Mus t mploy d (813) 384 0387 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Years Of Age & Older Must Have Stead y Incom e $ 1 00. 00/Weekly $ 1 00. 00 / Dep osi t Jim (813) 237-1810 Beverly (813) 235-7934 Jeanette (813) 23D-6n6 Large $125 00/Weekly $125 00/Deposit Small R oom $115 00/Weekly $115 00/0eposi t Older adults Preferred Must Be Employed Or Rece iving Bene fits No D rugs Or K i ds A llowed 813-431-1310 I' I ;1{:1 ,] ii [.]:1 I :til Tarpley s A/C LLC Sales & Service e &Used Financing Available Call (813) 238-7884 Uc 11815130 RUDY' REPAIR SERVlCE Comple t A ir Condi oning H tlng Service On All M And odels C II (813) 62()-1866 UC fCAC 181 5 Filing Bankruptcy? Chapter 7 Or 13 500 00 & Up Call Attorney Roderick 0 Ford (813) 223 1200 www. fordlawflrm.org workers' Comp n s tion *Empl oym nt Di crl m i n li o n or Uni o n Gri v nc C II Attorn y Rod rick 0 Ford (813) 223 1200 www.fordl wflrm.org $500! Police Impounds! Honda's, Chevy s Acura s Toyota' s Etc From $500! For Listings Call 800-366-9813Ext 3695 SO Down! Cars From $29 .00/ Monthly! 36 Months @ 8 .5% APR Police Impounds For Listing Call 80()-366-9813 Ext K456 New And Used Automobiles We Finance Everyone Gets Approved $500 00 & Up Bad Credit OK Oomonlc Lewis (813) 1-aoo-n4-2064 Extension 35 Banquet Halls Having A Party Or Event ? Huge D iscoun t "Limited nme Offer" Believing And Rece ivi ng Banqu t Halls (813) 389-0852 Or (813) 443-5565 Twin Full Beds 0 00 65.00 Qu n 75.00 K ing 1 10 00 Up Bunk B ds 150 00 C II (813) 31D-0991 w M t I For Mo Inform tlon C II C rl (813) 95-3172 Jones Family Childcare Home Infants-13 Yrs Old Gold Seal Accredited Monday Friday Temple Terrace Area Call (813) 985-Q353 Uc # LHC432058 DNA Te.sting Pate rnity Test We Come To You! Resu lts In 3 Days Legal Or Persona l Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services (813) 928-2753 Dlmservices91 @yahoo.com Now Servicing Nationwide 1-888-651-<5777 Residenti al And Commercial Complete Electrical Service Breake r Pane l s And Receptacles Ughts O utlets Service Upgrades Call Rufus Electric Contracting Uc IER1 WModel60 Sta inless Stee l .357 Cal. 3 Barre l NIB $585 00 R ifl Rugg r Mag m i Autom tic 5 00 Call (813 863-4107 DJs Home H m (813) 418 5 -n ::c 0 c.. c !:( "' "' 0 ..... 0 -n r 0 ::c c lao C/) m z z m r:m c r r !!l z -o c m r a; ::c m c m < m ::c < c m C/) c lao z c -n ::c c


0 ,.... 0 N N ::> ..., c a: LL. c a: LL. c z ct W.S.F Enterprises (813) 369-2480 Remod e ling R e p a irs Electrical Plumbing Drywall Stucco Roofing Construction Cleanups Hauling And More Residential & Commercial Lie fCGC061605 Insurance Plus Need A Break On Insura n ce? G et Licensed Reinsta ted As Low As $119 .00 Renew Tag Or Sticker For $58 .99 We Also Offer SR22 And FR44 T itle Serv ice ( 813) 988 2857 (813) 310-8608 ffi I' o ,., s;: 1: B'hf.i a; at > a: w > w c w % 0 :l m ;::) 0.. z _, _, ;::) m _, w z w 0 Need Health a re? Pre-Existing Condition? All Accepted H i g h B lood Pr essure D iabe 1 es Cancer A rthrttls Pregnancy Affordable Monthly Payments ( 813 ) 443-5565 (813) 389-0852 ( We Buy Junk a: Cars And Trucks 0 CALL J R (813) 966-3501 We Pay More We Buy Junk Cars $250 0 0 -$1, 000 00 2 4 n Free Tow i n g W e P a y Wh a t W e Sa y (813) 410.0061 We uy ars In Any Condition Pay ing Top Oolla r l $500 0 0 M inimum You Called The Rest N o w Call The Best! *Su bject To V ehicle Condition Don t D e l a y C all Tod a y (81_3) 362 663 5 Junk Cars W e Buy Junk C ars Trucks And Vans Call (813) 784-8339 We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Up to $1 ,500.00 For Junk Cars Trucks Vans And Motorcycles Running Or Not We P ick Up Any Junk M e taVAppl i ances For FREE l 7 D a y s A Week (813) 695-2438 W S F Ent erprise s (813) 369-2480 L a nds c ap ing, Z e r osca p e S o dd ing, T ree Jobs P lants Spr inklers Hau ling C lea n u p s Uc C G C061605 "We Do Best For Le as MAC DADDY Lawn Serv ice And Complete Clean-Up We Haul : Debris U mbs And Fumi1ure Phone ( 813 ) 2 45-9761 Tree Tr imming And Law n C are D isco unt s For Church s/ S e n iors Garage Park i ng Lot And Ap rtment Cle n-up Available Call 813-44 77674 Or 813-526-6142 L a nd For L ease Come r Of 15th & Fletcher H igh V Isibility Grea t Loca t ion For Any Type Of Function For Appointment Call (813 ) 57g..()9()2 500 SF Sui t e $445 00/ M o nt h l y $400 00 / 0 po It Utllltl N ot lnc l ud d 790 1 N N ebras k a Av e. On Hill sborough Riv e r Da Best Restaurant Delicious Food At Recession Prices Da Bes t Restaurant Presents ... $1.99 Breakfast Eggs Grits Choice Of Meat(s) Biscuit Or Toast You've Tried The Rest Now Try "Da Bes r 5803 40th Street (813) 374-2323 Woodard Brothers Residential Remodeling C arpentry, R oo m Add i t i ons Roof ing, Drywall Plumb ing, Ceram i c T il e S i d e walks Patio s & Hauling C a ll E li ( 8 1 3 ) 325 -4 643 Lie S & H Painti ng & Con tra ct i ng Comp l ete Home Repa irs Experienced Staff Licensed Electricians Carpenters Roofing See Jobs www shpa ngoontractiog oom Harvey ( 813 ) 412-9318 lnsured/Ud 19970'1 Call For Appointment (813 ) 56 7-1429 Brai d s By Se rl n a Call (813) 4 95-0649 Micro s 90.00 Braid With Bun $30 00 Sew Ins $50 00 Long Plaits $100 00 Bod Plaits $75 00 Bobs $60 00 Licensed Professional Kinky Twis t $45 00 All Braid Sty l es $25 00/Up Or ds/Retwis t $35.00 Body P l ai t s $55 00 Fish Bone W i t h Knots $35 00 Serious C alle r s Only (813 ) 326 7666 Solo Hair Design 14938 North Florida Ave. (813) 244-1899 Quick Weave Relaxer Up Do $50 00 Micros Tree Braids Sew-In Kinky Twist $100 00 A Woman s Worth Hair Studio 1043 West Busch Blvd. (813) 374-0361 *Relaxer Special* $55 00 Relaxer/Wrap Q uick Weav e Caps B y T asha www.awomansworthhalrstudl o .com M i chelle @ Gallery Beauty Salon 648 Oakfi eld D ri ve ( 813) 3()0-()404 Serv i c ing Brandon, Valrico A.nd Seffner $45. 00 $45 00 $100 00 $ 15 00 Spec i al Relaxer Up Do S ew In s E yel as h es Or Rece i ve 40 % Off S ervice When You B ring A Fri e nd Other Services Ava i lable Max i ne Brown Helps All Problems Removes Bad Luck Evil Reunites Lovers Lucky Numben By Phone 1-.888-839-9888 1"'512 .. Reading s By Susan And S l rgay Spiritual Work And Cleans ng Helps All Matters In Life Crystal Oral Palm A n d Physic Readings (8 1 3) 850-3165 R 1m Card Re der Spln t u I Cl ansing Removes Bad Lu Evil Spells R store l N ature Advis On Lo rri H lth And Busin Spec l I R d i n g $6.00 Phon (8 1 3) 5 0&923 9 GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayers And Gives Luck/ Don' t be discouraged if others have failed I can help you overcome bad luck ev i l influences spells unatural conditions surrounding you. Has your loved one changed? Are you in d i stress? Whatever the problem I can help i n one v i s it. Sa ti sfcation CALL ME TODAY! 813-6n-2971 4927 83rd Street Free 30 Days Home Phone Service For P ubli c A ssi s ted House h o l ds 813-546-2692 813-222-Q195 Across From McDonalds At MLK & Central Ge t Coll ec t Calls Orient R o ad & Faulk e n b urg Jail O n Your Cell P hon e O nly $ 2 25 Per Cal l -UPHOLSTERY Protect Your Furniture With P l as tic Cove rings Custo m M a d e For C hairs Living R oom An d Dining R oom F urniture Free Es timat es (813 ) 223--2834 (813) 468-7074 Home Weddings R eceptions Or R enew Vows Accommodation s Up To 50 G uests Betty Coleman Wedd ing Hostess Or (813 ) 228-9576 We Specialize In Tools To E n h nee Your Bu lne Busm Cards Brochu Bu in Forms Etc. 8131230.7 134


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